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Name: 20200201_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 1, 2020
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The magnitude of the HIV virus delivery system being added to an airborne pneumonia is beyond Stephen King's stand.
And that's what's admitted.
Mainstream media admits that the Indian University is right that it has the HIV delivery system in it.
They're just saying, oh, it's not man-made.
Whether it's man-made or not, this is news of biblical proportions and it's confirmed.
So why is all of Big Tech suppressing this information?
We're going to answer that question right now.
I read an article last night or yesterday afternoon about 5 p.m.
from Zero Hedge and it was so shocking that I went into the office
and did like three hours of research and it was so incredible I couldn't even make myself get on air because I had to make some phone calls to a virologist I had to do a bunch more research and now here I am on Saturday night and I'm just gonna say it I dropped the ball I was trying to tell listeners that hey this coronavirus probably isn't that big a deal it's a big UN drill
That's why you're seeing this overreaction and I still hope that's the case, but Zero Hedge got suspended on Twitter for posting this article and then linking to the scientists that are in the major scientific paper published two days ago by one of the most prestigious, it's in the top two or three,
Colleges, Kusuma School of Biological Sciences, Indy Institute of Technology, New Delhi.
And this big report that's got scans of the virus, the RNA breakdown, the proteins, I mean, this is it.
And so, Zero Heads got suspended for writing about this, but then I found all these other mainstream articles going, yeah, it's true.
Here's the bombshell, that part of the HIV virus is part of this.
But they say, but that's no big deal, that happens a lot.
I spent hours, it's never happened before.
The scientists are on record believing that HIV's been engineered because it's not a normally behaving virus.
I'm not a virologist, I'm going off what they're saying.
And so they point out in this major study that they've scanned it, they've looked at it, and it's welded in.
It's as phony as a $3 bill.
And then Zero Hedge gets taken down as fake news.
So I spent, like I said, hours yesterday, hours today.
Obsessed on this, going into the studies, going into articles and just dozens of big mainstream reports going, hey, yeah, it's got part of the AIDS virus in it, but that's no big deal.
It's not man-made.
What does that mean?
It's got a protein enablation system, basically a weapon, where it can plug in to the mucous membrane of the body.
And then it carries everything else it's got, and it's that part, that exact signature, that blueprint.
Like a 57 Chevy, you see a 57 Chevy, your eyes know that's a 57 Chevy.
You see a Marilyn Monroe, that's Marilyn Monroe.
You see Michael Jackson, that's Michael Jackson.
You see Kobe Bryant, that's Kobe Bryant.
You see Donald Trump, you go, that's Donald, I mean, your eye knows what it is.
The computers are 100%.
And the fact that this virus has this, the scientists are clear.
No way this came out of some grocery store or some weird, you know, animal sales place with the Chinese eating weird bat soup.
Not that that's healthy.
And so that's the takeaway here is that you should go read this study for yourself and you should ask yourself, why is Twitter?
Why is Facebook?
Why is Google trying to block this?
Because it's the Indians that 20 years ago
They went and showed how it was giving people cancer and sterilizing people.
So I'm not some Indian file here that just worships Indians.
I just keep noticing their scientists don't give a damn and we'll put the truth out.
And they've done it again.
I mean, it's been so many times since the Indians.
Because they're smart.
Everybody knows that.
And they're whatever.
They're not under control.
Everybody knows about Indians.
They're not even on their own government's control.
I'm not an enemy of Modi.
It's just he doesn't run them either.
And they're telling you that this virus has all the hallmarks of being engineered and it's got a 2020 Hellcat wired into a 1957 Chevy and it's just fake.
It didn't come out of mama's backyard.
It didn't grow on a tree.
It's synthetic.
And the articles everywhere trying to counter it are like, oh, no, no.
Well, sure, you could have part of the AIDS virus in it.
The HIV virus that reportedly causes AIDS.
That's the exact system that plugs in.
That's the exact system that allows it to bridge in.
And it's got that.
And I looked it up.
It's not a common virus.
It's an extremely rare virus that most engineers believe has been tinkered with.
And now the HIV virus is part of this and the media is admitting that, but going, fake news.
It's not a bioweapon.
Yeah, it's got part of the AIDS virus, HIV virus, that allows it to transmit, but just don't worry about that.
And that's why you've seen hundreds of microbiologists murdered the last few years, run over, shot in the back of the head, everything.
Because they don't want people that are able to identify what's going on to be around.
And that's done ahead of the biotech.
I don't know who's behind it.
I don't have all the answers, obviously.
And I've, as a father, have been hoping this isn't as bad as some are saying and playing it down on air.
And my listeners are like, hey, dude, are you covering up?
What's going on?
I'm like, no, I don't want this to be bad.
I've had family die of pneumonia.
I take this stuff seriously.
And I will not sit there and be part of hyping something up that isn't serious.
But the response to this has been unprecedented.
It's a huge world government chi-com drill, the UN worshiping it.
That's bad enough.
So I'm like, oh, it's just a drill.
It's not that bad.
Don't worry.
And then all of a sudden I see this and they're blocking Zero Hedge and saying Zero Hedge made it up and I go read the actual paper and all the articles going, well, it's true, the Indians scanned this and it does have the HIV virus part of it in it.
Just the delivery system, no big deal.
And I'm not a virologist.
I'm just reading what the virologists are saying, and mainliners are like, yeah, this is really looking bad.
They see the Washington Post and BBC and AP and Reuters.
Anybody questioning this is man-made will be banned off the internet.
Well, if I was wrong, I should be allowed to question that.
That's just the public's right to have their opinion.
So they're really scared of this.
And just a few other points and I'll end this special report.
New coronavirus in China is treated with HIV meds.
When this first broke, people sure as hell were saying, oh my God, they're going to treat it with those AIDS drugs that are known to kill people.
I'm like, oh, come on, man.
It's not that.
And then boom.
CNN, they're all reporting, oh, don't worry, the coronavirus is treated with AIDS drugs, but it has nothing to do with AIDS or the virus, HIV, even though it's in the genetic code, the RNA of it, and they admit that, but it's fake news and say it's man-made, even though top scientists are saying this is synthetic.
And you know, folks had a lot of courage in India at this major, you know, top scientific university to come out and say this.
And I just think that you deserve and your family deserves and they deserve, you actually read it and then look at the footnotes because I didn't just believe their footnotes.
I went and checked it all.
And I was like, whoa, there's only one protein that's in the HIV virus folks.
And this is it.
It has nothing to do with bird flu, nothing to do with Corona, nothing to do with SARS.
They've taken a pneumonia virus and put HIV in it.
Because HIV doesn't replicate well in the body, but it will take over your white blood cells, your T lymphocytes.
It'll kill your defenses, but it doesn't replicate, doesn't spread well.
HIV just got added to a super communicable airborne pneumonia virus and I just want Bill Gates and all the globalists to know something.
Anything happens to my family or anybody I care about, I'm holding you personally responsible.
You understand?
Because you're on record saying you're gonna
Reduce the world population to having TED Talks laughing.
We're going to reduce this number to zero to help the Earth and the number they light up as the humans.
I mean, you know, you're saying you're going to kill me and my family!
And you think you're going to creep around and do it?
With whatever the hell this is?
And I'm not saying that's what this is.
I'm not saying a duck that's yellow and quacks and gets in the water is a duck.
All I'm saying is, you guys think you're going to run some soft kill stuff on us?
It's not going to go the way you think.
Because we recognize what this is and this is dangerous as hell.
I don't have all the angles figured out.
And I was hoping to put this to bed and literally tell my audience on Friday, I don't think this is a big deal.
It's just a big drill for world government.
But then I spent five, six hours studying it and other universities are confirming, oh, we looked at it too, it is HIV, but just don't worry about it.
And then I went and looked up this type of virus.
It has nothing to do with it.
It'd be like an antelope, you know, from,
New Mexico suddenly is part, you know, Himalayan tiger or something.
It's ridiculous.
It's ridiculous how obvious it is.
And so what does that mean?
That they put something out like this that's basically got a license plate on it, a weapon number, who it is.
It'd be like I went and killed my neighbor and I left a video of me saying I was going to do it.
It's ridiculous.
Is it a false flag to set some other group up?
I don't know.
I'm just saying this looks really, really bad.
And airborne HIV in the pneumonia virus that's mutagenic is super dangerous.
That's my report for this Saturday.
I'll be back tomorrow on the Sunday Show, 4 to 6 p.m., covering all this.
Whatever you do, please do your own research.
And please realize we're trying to suppress anybody asking questions, and that's always dangerous.
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