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Name: 20200131_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 31, 2020
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In this InfoWars episode, Alex Jones talks about the effectiveness of nano silver against coronavirus according to a letter from American Biotech Labs. He promotes SuperSilver Immune Gargle and Whitening Toothpaste containing nano silver. Former Congressman Bob Barr criticizes Schiff, Nadler, and Pelosi for their delusional narcissism and urges Trump to act against them. The podcast emphasizes being prepared for potential crises by having control over food and water supplies, and promoting various Infowars products. It also discusses the measles outbreak due to parents' choice not to vaccinate children and trusting medical professionals, as well as the Gates Foundation's focus on vaccine development and its impact on population growth in developing countries through reproductive health services and education.

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Well, the United Nations is working with the globalist client state of China to standardize worldwide martial law policies.
Personally, I think myself and the Director General have never seen the scale, commitment of an epidemic response at this level, in terms of all of government involvement across all of the different arms of government, with tremendous support being poured in to Wuhan and Hubei.
From the central government with a highly organized emergency management structure.
The challenge is great, but the response has been massive and the Chinese government deserves huge credit for that response and for the transparency in which they have dealt with this.
A case in point in terms of one of the clusters of infection that we're currently
Working with Germany to investigate it was the lab in China who contacted Germany to tell them that they had a return case It was positive.
So China is not only helping to manage the cases in its own country, but it is actively reach And it just goes on we also have video of the director-general the UN saying similar things and praising China as the model That's all coming up if you're a TV viewer
You may be asking yourself right now why I have such a triggering image in here.
Like I was thinking this morning, I woke up at like 3.30 in the morning, how much I hate Adam Schiff.
And how just looking at him made me start screaming on air yesterday because he just forces himself into our lives for years.
And he says I'm a tool and work for the Russians, so does Rand Paul.
Now they're saying arrest Rand Paul.
And then I come in here and they put him up here on the big screens.
Coming in here and seeing this incredibly triggering image.
That son of a bitch, Schiff, pisses me off.
And I probably shouldn't even have that up there.
But what the hell is wrong with that piece of crap?
And how the hell is such a piece of garbage ruling over us?
Sick of it!
And by the way, that's a normal response to a bug-eyed, pervert, child molester like him running our country.
Piece of crap.
Seriously, I was thinking how much I hate him at 3.30 in the morning.
He's a detestable person.
And look, he works for the Democrats at the top, so he doesn't just look like a pedophile.
I bet all the tea in China, all the tea in China, that that guy is a pedophile.
Now Brian Stelter, if I was casting someone as a pedophile in a movie, there's only one person that, on the bill, as a top star, as a pedophile, you know, if you had a movie about a pedophile that kidnaps kids and keeps them in basements and tortures them and eats them,
Stelter or Schiff?
Because when you really get down to it, I don't know.
They're both the most creepy, ugly, sick, demonic, filthy, make-your-skin-crawl pieces of garbage that rape America, rape the truth, want our children, want our guns, and are quarterbacking the psychic gang rape of the planet!
I told you I'm gonna reset.
I'm gonna come back.
This is not part of the show you just saw.
It's a little screw-ups in here and Schiff can't handle it.
Can't handle it.
Can't handle it.
No, I would cast him as the pedophile kidnapper master.
Not saying he is, just saying he looks like it.
I mean, my God, he makes my skin crawl.
God Almighty!
Matt Brackett's coming up.
He's got huge, super breaking news.
Oh, double trigger!
Get it off!
Change the background!
Seriously, get it down!
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live on this January 31st.
2020 broadcast.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to be here live for the next four hours in the war room with Owen Schroer is coming up.
This broadcast very existence is again in defiance of the globalist tyranny.
This is the day that many believe the president will be acquitted.
I thought they'd probably get the votes for witnesses, but it looks like they don't have the votes as of right now.
They are finishing up their closing arguments and Trump could be acquitted today.
And Trump, of course, has said this is a good time for our country because the country's waking up, and I tend to agree with him.
But if the globalists don't get in trouble for all the crimes that Pencil Neck, Adam Schiff, and others have committed, they're just going to keep committing them.
Look at this headline, Democrats Demand Rand Paul's Arrest After Senator Asked About Obama's Holdover, Eric Sirimala, who is one of the people making false testimonies.
The transcripts and all the other witnesses, it doesn't match.
The President's indicted!
That's what impeachment is, and he can't face his accuser.
So that's all coming up.
We've got all those clips, and we'll be following the vote, all of it.
If it goes through tomorrow, we'll be here covering it.
Obviously, we have a live Sunday show, 4 to 6 p.m., that I'll be hosting.
So we'll be hitting it from every angle.
There's so much other incredible news as well.
You've got what's happening with the virus.
Coronavirus UK to quarantine citizens returning from Wuhan in secure facility.
Pilots flight attendants demand flights to China be stopped as virus fears mounts worldwide.
Coronavirus drone army deployed to spray disinfectant across China.
I tell people 20 years ago they were going to use drones for law enforcement and crowd control.
Oh, you're a conspiracy theorist.
They're like Washington Post headlines.
Now it's, oh, the drone armies are saving us.
China accused of burning bodies in secret.
So now we have the last man on earth, Vincent Price, come home for real.
Haunting pictures show dead man left lying in the street of deserted coronavirus ground zero.
China virus cases may be undercounted with even 3,000% surge.
Wow, that's Bloomberg!
That's exactly what we were reporting a week and a half ago here on air.
But oh, we're the conspiracy theorists that the Washington Post and Vice have to all report on how bad we are.
So, we'll be looking at all the different angles of this.
Wary of irking China, Trump offers rosy take on virus threat.
Well, I hope the president's right.
Who declares international emergency over coronavirus outbreak crazes communist China?
And really what it is is a planetary drill for world government and forced inoculation.
That is all coming up as well.
Who demands gratitude and respect for Chinese dictator's coronavirus response?
Who orders countries not to engage in stigma or discrimination in response to coronavirus outbreak?
And CNN says that white people are the problem.
I'm not kidding.
It's an Infowars.com article with their tweets and reports.
CNN is angry that white people are trying to stop the coronavirus spreading.
Yes, it's white people's fault.
And all these haunting videos of the complete ghost towns.
We're going to be going over all of that today.
The true number of coronavirus victims is far larger than you're being told.
Look at those numbers.
As I mentioned, The Washington Post and others.
Experts debunk fringe theory linking China's coronavirus to weapons research.
And so, we're going to play Senator Cotton, who's gotten classified briefings on it, saying we need to look at Wuhan, which develops bioweapons, and as that being a possible release point, that there's an ongoing cover-up.
But you know, he is a far-right fringe lunatic, according to Jeff Bezos' Washington Post.
So we're going to talk about
The response to this and the hysteria and what would happen in America or in Europe or other areas if you had lockdowns and people being welded into their apartment buildings and blockaded and what happened during the Spanish flu that killed between 30 and 50 million people.
How the Chinese are pretty docile and heritable.
And they say that themselves.
Probably the most servile culture in the world under the Chai Koms.
Very sad for them.
But what will happen if there's something like that here?
And they try to tell a city, shelter in place.
No one's there to help you and you can't have any food.
Looting and burning would begin within hours.
We all know that.
It would look like Devil's Night in Detroit wrapped into The Purge for real.
And Matt Bracken is a great author, researcher, former Navy SEAL, terrorism expert.
He's been predicting this for a long time, that it's going to break out somewhere in the world like this.
We're going to see this type of hysteria.
So we're going to talk to him when we come back on the other side of the break.
And again, it's almost over.
Democrats know they've been beaten again.
Trump insists he isn't worried about impeachment.
This is a happy period.
Sanders surges.
Biden plateaus.
That's why they're getting ready to go after Sanders.
They already stole the nomination from him a few years ago.
Now they're back to do it again.
The same leftist authoritarian.
So that's all coming up.
I'm going to say this.
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Different types of bacteria and viruses living in their mouths.
This is the patented nano silver that the U.S.
military uses.
Okay, nobody else has this but the big company, the big nanotech company.
Look, I've got the documents here.
I'd ask...
Tim Frugier actually this morning, as I saw it in my stack and it got moved, to bring me those documents back over.
I don't see those, the restricted documents that we can now give you because Congress released them on the company that produces this for us and what they said about SARS, which is again the coronavirus, same family that it's been proven to knock it out.
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Ladies and gentlemen, something big is afoot.
I told you last week and over the weekend that storable food companies have had FEMA and other federal agencies call up and buy all their storable food up.
That really happened.
And that they are preparing for a major pandemic here in the United States.
And then obviously, the virus is much worse.
It's been spread much further and much more widely.
And that's why Trump can't really do a bunch of quarantining or block everything at this point because it's already here.
And we're already seeing a lot of deaths from pneumonia.
And we know that.
And so the question is then, what is the UN and what is China up to?
I want to talk with Matt Bracken, next segment.
He's going to join us now on another subject, about the breakdown of society, because he talks about this, and I've studied this a lot, and I know he's absolutely right, and everything the globalists have done is about making the climate, politically and economically and culturally, perfect for a societal breakdown.
We are soft, we are hand-to-mouth, we are
Absolutely domesticated compared to just a few generations ago.
And I'm not putting everybody down.
I'm an idiot too when it comes to the stuff that my grandfather, especially my dad's dad, could fix or do anything.
And they were all into being able to do that.
And they had fun doing it.
And they knew how to do all sorts of stuff.
And they were business people too.
The Hank Williams Jr.
song is, my dad taught me to live off the land and his dad taught him to be a businessman.
But no, rural folks are farmers and people are business people too.
And just that common sense, street smarts, is gone.
Compared to what it was.
And it's scary how domesticated people are.
We'll talk about that with Matt Bracken next segment.
But I wanted to get to this because we've got the horrible Adam Schiff up behind us.
Very triggering to me.
I'm not kidding.
I got very upset when I came in here and saw him.
What is wrong with him?
The crimes he's committed, the things he's done.
And him and Jerry Nadler fighting over who can make the closing statements last night.
We've got some video of that.
And Trump, I believe, will get acquitted.
I figured they'd have the votes for witnesses, but now it looks like they don't.
We're going to follow that as it unfolds.
John Roberts saying, oh, we can't read the name of the so-called whistleblower, Eric Shiromala.
So now you can't face your accusers.
I mean, this is getting out of control.
Matt, so where do you see it going?
What do you think is going to happen?
I think it's a really great sign that it ended with disunity by the
By Nadler and Schiff, you know, and you can tell that Nadler was trying to reign it in because he had blown it so badly in his his last closing argument when he, you know, was accusing the senators of treason if they didn't call for witnesses.
But I think that a real wild card in this is Romney because Romney is not his own man.
Romney is a CIA stooge.
You know, they put him in.
He's run by a guy named Kofor Black.
Who is a close confidant of Brennan, who is actually still running the CIA from the outside.
The top three at the CIA are all Brennan mentees, acolytes.
People are still hoping if they can get rid of Trump or vote him out, the old order comes back in.
You have to understand about the CIA, you're never ex-CIA at that level.
So, Kofor Black is sort of the Rasputin.
He's of Mitt Romney.
So whatever Kofor Black and John Brennan tell Mitt Romney to do, that's what he's going to do.
So he could actually flip the vote either way.
He's not an ideological person like Collins.
She's confused and she's, you know, a dingbat.
But Mitt Romney is going to strictly follow orders.
And we don't know how he's going to fall down.
Then the next thing is, if it is a 50-50 tie.
And in this era, I mean, it always looks like we're on the cusp of amazing things.
If it's
If it looks like it'll benefit the deep state to call witnesses, they will.
And if they don't, if they're going to cut their losses because they're afraid that if they do call witnesses, this can drag out for months and turn into, you know, Eric Caramello being interviewed, Sean Misko, Abby Grace, both Vindman brothers.
You know, this is a plot that's clearly hatched up in the National Security Council by the Obama holdovers.
So, so, you know, if all of these people are called in to testify and they have to take the fifth,
Then the Republican lawyers are going to just lay out the conspiracy around them.
You know, if they take the 5th, that'll look terrible.
I've been trying to get a straight answer on this.
How long until we find out if they're going to have that vote and whether he's going to get acquitted today or whether they're going to drag this into next week?
I think it's going to go till tonight.
Also, just for a moment, if you can indulge me, I want to give a shout out to the Appalachian Battalion of the Mossy Oak Militia.
And, uh, this is our, this is our secret, uh, one of our secret ritual recognition signs right here.
You can get a picture of that.
This is the Mossy Oak Militia.
Anyway, I'm wearing, I happen to be wearing this today.
So anyway, it's kind of an inside joke among, uh, people that like to shoot in the woods.
Um, but yeah, anyway, haven't been doing enough a lot lately, but pretty much, you know, enough, I got the brass all over the table and, you know,
I understand.
I'm reloading.
But anyway, the vote comes tonight, and it's a poker game, and Justice Roberts is one of the potential kingmakers if it's a 50-50, and whichever way the deep state tells him to go, that's the way he's going to go.
Well, it's certainly a big day today and we're going to be watching it all.
In fact, I'll probably just end up staying up here late tonight and doing a special broadcast if I can get the crew in here because this is history happening right now.
We're going to go to break here in a few minutes and come back and talk about this virus and why we've seen this unprecedented response.
I know you want to get into the technicals of how dangerous it could be during a lockdown or similar things here and how riots would probably break out in many cities.
That's all been pre-programmed by the media and the culture.
But from your own research, do you think it's man-made?
Do you think it escaped from a lab?
Do you think it's a natural mutation?
Why is it being hyped up?
I mean, gut level, what do you think this virus is?
I think at a huge pandemic like this today, you know, it almost is a moot point, whether it's natural or man-made, because we'll never really know the truth.
There's never going to be a record that comes out that everybody believes.
You know, there's always going to be, you know, theories that are competing.
So I would say, you know, sure, it could be snake to bat to man, or it could be, you know, the Canadian bio,
Research lab to Wuhan biochem lab or research lab, and then it gets out, you know, it infects somebody in the lab and they go home and it gets out that way.
But I don't think we'll ever know definitively unless there is a chance if they can, if they take this virus apart and they can see that there are spliced in sections that are absolutely impossible to have occurred in nature, you know, kind of like a Frankenstein virus, then we might know.
But that's way down the road.
But the problem is the very same groups that are doing the testing are groups that have called for population control and have been caught in secret experimentation before.
We're going to look at every angle of it.
The UN has said it's a global emergency but doesn't want travel restricted.
But most countries are restricting travel.
So why hasn't Trump done that yet?
We'll answer that question as best we can on the other side.
It's Friday.
We're live.
Stay with us.
Matt Bracken is our guest and I was listening to him yesterday talk about during the fourth hour how dangerous it would be to have a Great Depression today or a Spanish Flu type pandemic that killed between 30 and 50 million people.
The numbers vary.
And how criminals and other groups would definitely use that to have what you saw during the Los Angeles riots on a mass scale.
And then if you try to have people shelter in place for
We're good to go.
Other than, you know, gang stuff, people fighting, and, you know, some theft, but very low crime rate.
It went down during the tsunami and the crisis that came together.
And there's a lot of great Americans, and we come together as well, but there's also a lot of wild folks that would take advantage of it.
We'll talk about that with Matt Bracken, but a drudge siren, ladies and gentlemen.
Just went up, we're linking it at InfoWars.com, but DrugReport.com links to the New York Times, the same New York Times that worked with Bolton to make up lies about WMDs in Iraq.
Well they're back again.
A known, certified liar that backed Trump's policy before with Ukraine and said Trump was doing great on Voice of America interviews he did.
And said that they were fighting corruption in Ukraine.
Well now he's got a book and millions of dollars and the known, certified criminal liar, why the hell did Trump hire him?
We warned him, is trying to sink Trump right now as they try to get witnesses, which will be Bolton.
And all the rest of them.
Trump told Bolton to help his Ukraine pressure campaign.
Book says, oh, oh, he said help Giuliani with his contacts and that Giuliani was looking into corruption.
We've got Ezra Levant coming on who shot the most incredible undercover video.
I mean, it's like beyond a movie with senior.
Royal Mountain Police in suits and ties saying you're guilty, you're going to go to prison because you wrote a book about Justin Trudeau.
I mean, it's incredible.
He's on next hour.
And we've got such huge news right now.
But this is big.
They're saying, arrest Rand Paul, arrest me.
Don't say Eric Siromala.
You can't face your accuser.
And they tell him, they go, oh, who made the complaint about your book is secret.
But you criticized Trudeau during an election.
He goes, that's totally legal.
He reads them the law.
They go, no, it's not.
And it's just unbelievable.
So there's such tyranny, such authoritarianism taking place.
And I'm reading this New York Times article.
Mr. Trump told Bolton to call the president, who had recently won election as president of Ukraine, to ensure Mr. Zelensky would meet with Mr. Giuliani, who was planning a trip to Ukraine.
So the president wanted his lawyer to meet with someone.
My, I've never heard of such.
The crime is this.
Obama, Biden, Soros, Schiff, Bolton, Pelosi, Kerry, Romney, Clinton, they all used the billions a year going into Ukraine since the Cold War and after to launder the money back to themselves.
It's the watering hole.
People always talk about how the U.S.
sends aid to Israel that comes back.
Absolutely, I don't like it.
I'm not anti-Israel, but that's corrupt and wrong.
The amount of money sent into Ukraine is even more than Israel.
And that's the watering hole of these people, and that's why they're so pissed.
And so our president is indicted in a trial, will be removed right now, because Bolton
This is a death match because Charimella is just a symptom.
Charamella went on the airplane at least once with Joe Biden to visit Ukraine while Hunter was on the board of Burisma making, you know, a million a year.
So Charamella has a stake in this.
If Biden goes down, Charamella goes down with him.
So they've been trying to come up with a way after the collapse of the Russian collusion hoax.
You know, the Ukraine thing is just another attempt to throw the dogs off the trail
By doing a preemptive strike against Trump, put Trump on the defensive, instead of them having to answer for, you know, what did Charumella know about all the dirty, corrupt dealings that the Bidens were doing in Ukraine?
I mean, it's preemptive.
It's like a backfire, a counterfire.
I just want to ask a question for people watching them on the TV screen right now.
Would anyone let any of those people babysit your children?
Would you let Brennan get anywhere near you?
Yeah, and some of them are still on the National Security Council.
So, Trump, you asked a few minutes ago, why did Trump hire Bolton, one of the
The most effective weapons that the deep state used against Trump from his election on was to warn national experts, subject matter experts, do not work for Trump.
If you work for Trump, you'll be blackballed from elite society.
So he had to take what was left over, and Bolton was definitely a retread leftover.
That's why he wound up with people like Papadopoulos, who's way smarter than they thought he was,
But a guy like Papadopoulos was a lightweight, obviously, to be considered as one of Trump's foreign policy experts.
It just makes the point that Trump was being starved of any, you know, legit leaders.
He wound up bringing poison pills aboard like McMaster.
All the mid-level, even high-level that might have been good were threatened off of them.
Everybody gets targeted, harassed.
Anybody that gives the president good advice comes under attack.
They didn't want our guest or info getting the president.
That's been all the news.
And so, but then like, oh, but these people will help.
And then they were establishment.
They were authorized.
They came and pledged allegiance to Trump, but really were stabbing him in the back the whole time.
Stabbing him in the back, and Bolton, McMaster, others like that, they're overtly backstabbing him now, but even during their tenure, they were helping people like Vindman and Charimella with their leaks against Trump.
So Trump has been, for all that he's done, imagine what he could have done if he wasn't hip deep in Cobras and Vipers.
Which is what he's had to deal with.
So he's, you know, got the Democrat enemy out in front of him and he's got all these backstabbing lying rhinos behind him.
But don't they get the optics?
Everyone hears the President's in trouble for going after corruption.
And then Hillary was using Russians and millions of dollars to create a fake trail on Trump.
Everything they say Trump did, they did.
I mean, this has really backfired on them in a massive way.
I hope so.
I hope it comes out in the election.
I'd make a comparison between Brexit and then, you know, the resistance of the British elites dragging it out, refusing to go along.
That backfired.
And then Bojo gets elected in a landslide.
And it's not that the Tories are great, but the Labour got punished.
And I see the initial election of Trump being like Brexit.
Hey, we voted for our guy.
And then he's just resisted and fought every step, backstabbed.
And in November, I think a lot of Democrats are going to come out and vote against the Democrat Party, just like they slammed Labor.
And that's what Trump needs.
Trump needs to have the Senate, the House, you know, and the Executive with loyal people by next year.
Hopefully no more of these facts.
And I said this when they passed Brexit four plus years ago.
I said, they're going to fight it for years.
They're going to drag it out.
But then it's going to blow up in their face and cause even bigger rebellion.
I see the exact same pattern here.
When we come back, though, let's talk about fly on the ointment.
This virus.
Why the UN is supporting China and their draconian measures.
What would happen here if they tried to quarantine cities the size of Wuhan that don't even exist in this country?
I mean, that one city is bigger than any city we've got.
Bigger than New York.
Bigger than LA.
Matt Bracken is our guest.
We'll be right back.
By the way, listeners,
We'll track all this as it unfolds.
I intend to open the phones up later as well.
I wouldn't even have a guest on like Ezra Loren.
He's a great guy.
Dearing news like this.
But what happened to him is so crazy.
Because he's got a hidden camera.
And they're like, you're guilty.
You wrote a book criticizing Trudeau.
You want to come clean with that?
And he just tears the hell out of them.
That's videos on Infowars.com as well.
We're going to come back and talk about the time bomb that is the leftist cities, the blue droppings across the red landscape of America.
Alright folks, Alex Jones here back live.
Matt Bracken's our guest.
I keep trying to get to the main reason I had him on, the coronavirus, but things keep breaking and this just broke.
Mar-a-Lago gate crashed, shots fired.
That's being reported by WSVN 7 News.
Had someone try to ram through and shots fired.
There have been an incident at Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump's property in Palm Beach, or his winter White House.
Florida, according to a local news report involving gate crashing and shots being fired.
WSVN News 7 reported the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office sources said there was an incident at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach.
It just happened 30 minutes ago.
Someone ran the northern checkpoint near the property.
The deputies fired at this person.
The journalist said on the air.
Secret Service officials have fired at the person as well.
The person, who sources believe is a woman, was still able to get away.
Officials are saying the person ran from the scene and is still out there.
And is there somebody off their medication?
That's happened before.
Or is it a psycho trying to kill the president or trying to attack him?
I mean, I physically have had people, you've seen it, attack me.
So a Fox News host, everybody.
Tucker Carlson's basically moved to Maine.
It's serious.
And as Trump doesn't get convicted in the Senate, as he wins re-election, we hope, and it looks like that's where we're going with 276 days out.
That's what they thought with Hillary as well, so it's classic to be overconfident.
They're going to get more aggressive, more radical, more out of control.
What do you make of this, Matt Bracken?
I think it's an indicator of what I call the social boiling point.
You know, the social temperature is rising and people who are emotionally labile, they become more and more easily triggered.
I can tie this to the coronavirus thing in this sense.
When I talk about, you know, cities imploding, I'm not saying it's because of a pandemic.
It's just almost anything that would disrupt the modern infrastructure can lead to a total implosion of our cities.
You mentioned before, you know, China, they're very docile, and Japan, they also follow orders, kind of more like America in 1918 during the Spanish flu.
When you look at the pictures from the Spanish flu era of just, you know, hundreds of cots lined up with people that are dying in cots that are just like, you know, a couple feet apart, all up and down in barracks and hangers.
They didn't panic and freak out.
You know, the overall American social temperature was low there.
Americans were very, very stoic in the old Roman sense.
Very stoic, and there was unity.
There was a war, so there was censorship.
There were no alternate theories about things.
But if you can put it in water terms, or human terms, we're 98.6 and water boils at 212.
Let's say that in 1918, or maybe in Japan today, the social temperature is fairly low.
So when you throw in something like a 50 degree raise,
They can compensate and deal with it, like the Fukushima reactor meltdown.
People didn't even loot stores.
But in the United States, we're so close to the boiling point that you throw a 50-degree raisin and the pot boils all over the kitchen, and once that happens, all bets are off.
Because what we saw in the Spanish flu in some cities, like in Philadelphia, it came right to the edge of total societal collapse.
And that's in the religious, unified, social harmony compared to today of that era.
And it almost came close to a collapse.
So I would say that as far as the coronavirus goes, as long as the mortality rate is 2 or 3%, I think we can weather it.
It's out.
It's going to spread.
But it's going to be, I hope, like a really terrible flu.
But if it mutates and it gets up to a higher realm,
Then forget it.
You know, the Spanish flu had a 10 to 20 percent fatality rate.
People got it and died the same day, their lungs filling up with fluid.
And what happens then is, and it's much worse in urban areas and compact areas like military bases, on troop ships, things like that.
It just spreads like a nuclear bomb, you know, like a chain reaction.
When you have a 10 or a 20% mortality rate, there are not enough gravediggers.
There are not enough, you know, the doctors are all sick.
And everything just, you know, the disease runs wild, but there's nowhere to bury them.
There's nobody to bury them.
The food supply stops.
We got to the border of that with the Spanish flu in 1918.
But if it happened today, it might not take as much because of a mortality rate, because
Our society is so close to already boiling over.
In Jacksonville, near where I live, there are stores now, you can imagine, that have a policy they do not allow more than five people in the dollar store.
Because crowds of kids come in and just loot the place every day.
This is nothing like America of 1918.
You know, we're already at that flash mob, you know, ready to go crazy.
People aren't self-sufficient.
A lot of people feel entitled.
Everywhere the news is white people are inherently bad.
By the way, most minorities are really nice, cool people, but it's weird white people trying to program them to attack whites, to further destabilize things during a crisis.
I mean, this is being done by design in a giant cloward and pivot on steroids strategy.
Yes, and Alex, you mentioned race.
Nobody in 1918 would have thought that this was a bioengineered weapon designed to wipe out this or that race.
But you can bet that there will be every kind of rumor or theory that this is a racially engineered bioweapon.
And even if that doesn't happen,
Poorer people, minorities will feel like, they'll be told, they'll hear rumors that all the supplies are going to the rich white neighborhoods and we're getting nothing.
You know the Democratic Party on the left, Obama got caught in Kenya with his cousin, also in Egypt, but also here with the whole Trayvon Martin thing they kicked off.
It's not about who's right or wrong.
It came out, as you know in documents, they were trying to foment a race war and literally trying to get us all to kill each other.
It didn't work, Vin.
You know, if there is a regular virus or a contrived virus, whatever it is, the deep state is going to try to use it against Trump and against America.
And I think that's why Trump's been so restrained in not having countermeasures, because he doesn't want to add to the hysteria.
I'm not saying that's a good or a bad thing, but what do you think, Matt?
Well, if it stays within that, like, two to three percent mortality rate, then no matter how, it spreads great.
I mean, it's not as bad as measles.
Measles can float in the air like in an airport for hundreds of feet and land on a surface and infect you long after.
But this is not as deadly as the SARS virus, but it spreads a lot more.
But if it stays at a 2%, we can ride it out as long as the social cohesion holds.
If it gets up 5, 8, 10%,
I think all bets are off because it'll start affecting the transportation infrastructure if supermarkets don't get resupplied with food.
Stay there.
I've got to go to break.
We've got Ezra Lamont coming up and a lot more and we're following the Senate trial and all this new Bolton stuff and shots fired at Mar-a-Lago.
We're getting more on that when we come back.
We've got more coming in right now.
Stay right there.
Matt Bracken.
Do a little bit more time with us.
By the way, listeners.
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These people are patriots.
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And it's insurance you can eat.
The only way you fail is not taking action and protecting yourself and your family.
All right, let's just dispense with even the intro.
Alex Jones here back live.
Matt Bracken, during the short break, is shaking his head.
We have him on the show a lot.
He's a great contributor.
I never seen him do that.
What's breaking?
What are you seeing now?
We have breaking shots fired outside Mar-a-Lago.
Somebody reportedly tried to crash through the gate.
The Secret Service and police shot him.
I mean, what the hell's going on?
They got away.
Here's the headline.
Mar-a-Lago gate crash shots fired.
Bolton's dropped a bunch of little new propaganda
Poodle bombs, and they're acting like it's the end of the world there.
Will the president be acquitted today?
We're going to be covering more of this when we come back.
We've got the video of what happened in Mar-a-Lago, so we'll have some of that next segment.
But in closing, breakdown of society.
Why do you think the drill is so big?
Why are they acting like the virus is so deadly?
Why do you think Trump's responded this way?
Other key points.
So far, the disease does not appear to be that deadly.
Not that we can trust any figures coming out of China.
So, there could be a cover-up going on.
Once it gets into other countries, like Italy, this cruise ship, if this has a high mortality rate, then they'll be dragging bodies off that cruise ship like you can't believe.
That's right.
They won't be able to cover it up long.
No way.
I was smiling during the break.
I was listening to Cobra.
And it occurred to me that if, if, um, for, you know, if they managed to complete the shutdown... Cobra!
You're listening to Cobra.
Good, Matt.
I could have a good job for you at a partnership at Cobra Industries with my good friend Destro and Baroness.
Alex, you and Owen, you and Owen can make a complete side living.
Maybe better, Hollywood.
You and Owen doing voiceovers.
That's it.
That's it.
You can shut down the store and fund it off of voiceovers.
Hey, you know, I'm not bragging, but I was actually on the road to being like a top voiceover guy.
I mean, I was voicing major trailers, stuff for films, TV ads, insurance company commercials.
But as soon as it went, wait a minute, you're the Alex Jones criticizing Obama.
Right when Obama got in.
I mean, I made one year $890,000 because I was in the half-tarp, you know, the whole Screen Actors Guild whole deal for voiceovers.
And so it would go through that and a lot of this place got built on voiceover money.
But that's what happened.
As soon as I criticized Obama, like a spigot, the jobs went off.
So, yeah.
I had no idea, but it absolutely does not surprise me.
Does not surprise me.
And you and Owen together, I mean, goodness.
He's good too.
Yeah, and he can sing too.
But as far as this virus, it's kind of a good test for maybe, unless it mutates, I think we can ride this one out, unless it mutates to a higher mortality rate.
At two or three percent, a society can ride it out.
It's not like Ebola just wiping, nuking entire villages.
But this one will spread.
You know, there's sort of a thing, there's like a paradigm.
You have lethality versus mobility.
This one has great mobility and transmissibility, but not high lethality.
If it mutates to a higher lethality, then all bets are off.
But for now, I think we can just afford to study it.
And I'm glad that Trump hasn't hit the panic button on it.
There's something I wanted to say before.
The whole anti-vaxxing thing.
If there was a big pandemic, you can bet that they would outlaw talking about vaccines except to say, you know, salute and take your vaccine.
They would call it national security, a national emergency.
That's why I think this may be staged.
For six months, there's been a total war on people even questioning vaccine efficacy, and there's been a total shutdown.
And if there's a real pandemic and people are really frightened, it'll be like 9-11 bringing in the Patriot Act.
If you want to get rid of the First Amendment, you need to get people to think there's something so bad that we just can't allow people to say, don't take a vaccine.
Even, let's just hypothetically say, they created the greatest vaccine in the world.
It was 100% effective and no risk.
There are going to be people that doubt it.
Well, they'll just say, you may not doubt it because of the national... Well, there's also like Orthodox Jews and people that's against their religion.
And in World War I, they arrested thousands of people for just slightly hinting that the war was wrong in the teens.
So we have a history in this country like Alien and Sedition Act.
We have a history of doing this.
Matt Bracken, thank you so much for the time.
I really appreciate you joining us.
All right, when we come back, I'm going to cover the latest breaking news in Mar-a-Lago, the latest on the virus.
Thank you.
And this is a short little special report by Greg Reese on this Chinese city, where this all started, is the first testbed for 5G and 6G.
There are strange facts surrounding the coronavirus outbreak of 2020.
In 2018, the Peer Bright Institute was granted a patent for the coronavirus.
The Peer Bright Institute is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
On October 18th of 2019, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, along with John Hopkins and the World Economic Forum, hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic simulation in New York City.
The simulation, which was held just three months ago, was based on the coronavirus.
They concluded that it could kill 65 million people and decided the solution was to have a vaccine within months of an epidemic.
The same week that the coronavirus makes headlines, Netflix releases the docuseries Pandemic, How to Prevent an Outbreak.
Wherein the solution is vaccines, and the trusted hero is Bill Gates.
Meanwhile, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation fund Innovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
to develop a coronavirus vaccine.
It's weird, right?
Or am I just a conspiracy theorist?
What about this?
5G, an emerging technology upgrade that has many countries concerned about its impact on human health.
Experts from all over the world warn of the dangers of 5G.
In 2018, it was reported locally that Wuhan would be the testbed city for full 5G network operation in China.
The article went on to say that it would be fully operational by 2020.
And on Halloween of 2019, they turned it on.
Scientists warn that 5G causes flu-like symptoms.
What is also interesting is that when trying to share the link of 5G being launched in Wuhan, Facebook blocks you from doing so because it violates their community guidelines.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Tomorrow's news, today.
There was an article
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Last week saying, meet the real Umbrella Corporation.
And I'm not a huge Resident Evil fan.
I am a fan of that Asian-European chick, whatever her name is.
But I've seen a couple of them.
And it's about an evil corporation that's called Umbrella, but really it's the Red Cross of the secret societies.
And so whoever wrote it was really smart because, you know, the Red Cross is actually the oldest operating intelligence agency, continual operating secret society that's ever been.
There are some that are older, they're just not continually operating.
And everybody's like, yeah, this is like the Umbrella Corporation.
And then my buddy Shane Steiner sent me this, this image.
If you're a TV viewer, you can see it.
And it says Umbrella Corporation.
Overhead shot if we could, that'd be awesome, thanks.
And the actual research laboratory where this happened has the exact same symbol, but instead of red and gray, it's green and gray.
I mean, it's the exact same symbol.
And I'm like, okay, that's got to be a joke.
And then Corona translates to Raccoon City, and that ties back to the movie.
And I went and looked this up, and again, I miss a lot of stuff.
People are always asking, why aren't you covering this?
Why aren't you covering that?
I just see a Zero Hedge article, read a little bit of it, and like, hey, this is really an evil corporation, and they've done bad stuff before, and it's just like the resident evil corporation.
But I didn't even pay attention to the photo they had on there and the underwriting under it.
I thought it was a joke.
No, they really have the same symbol as the Resident Evil Umbrella Corporation.
What in the world is going on?
I mean, it's not just close.
It's dead on.
In fact, it's the same symbol.
If you look at it in night vision view, it's just in night vision view.
It's the exact symbol.
And by the way, that's the symbol of a lot of secret societies, some good, some bad, but that particular one is Nazi lore, the Iron Cross, all of it.
Why would the CHICOMS in a known lab connected to the government and bioweapons development, that's, in fact, queue up.
Senator Cotton, please.
Why in the hell would they have that symbol?
Now, I've got to look it up.
I spent like 10 minutes this morning and couldn't find when they got that logo.
But it appears the company and the logo comes after Resident Evil.
So why would you pick the Resident Evil symbol of the evil global corporation?
This is big, folks.
This is big.
Because the globalists are obsessed with putting their fingerprints on it.
Just like anybody, a good guy, bad guy.
Special Forces, you can say we're the good guys, we're the bad guys in Vietnam, depending on how you look at it, but they'd leave an ace of spades when they killed somebody in their mouth.
We're at the scene, so you know who did it.
Well, where this came from, a lot of experts believe, and shadowy groups tied to the U.S.
military and tied to thefts in Canada of a coronavirus genome,
They also claimed
For almost two months, until earlier this week, that it had originated in a seafood market in Wuhan.
That locals had contracted it from animals in, say, bat soup or snake tartare.
That is not the case.
The Lancet published a study last weekend demonstrating that of the original 40 cases, 14 of them had no contact with the seafood market, including patient zero.
As one epidemiologist said, that virus went into the seafood market before it came out of the seafood market.
We still don't know where it originated.
Could have been another seafood market.
Could have been a farm.
Could have been a food processing company.
I would note that Wuhan also has China's only biosafety level 4 super laboratory that works with the world's most deadly pathogens to include, yes, coronavirus.
And he calls for shutting down all flights to the U.S.
If it's as deadly as Landsat's saying, up to 15% death rate, which I don't believe, then you better damn well shut down flights from China.
Now, I would not preempt the coverage of the trial of the President.
And the gate crasher and shots fired at Mar-a-Lago, and the coronavirus, and your phone calls, that's what I'm really wanting to take.
Because you just bring up angles I wouldn't have thought of.
Or a lot of times I already thought that, then later I'm like, oh, wow, I forgot to say that.
I think, you know, we're thinking the same thing here.
We're getting something done here.
In a big brainstorm session, that's what this is.
There's not talking points coming down from on high.
We're trying to suss this out.
Some listeners get confused, they go, wait a minute, you got one guest saying this, and the other goes, yeah, we're not a cult, man.
It's like when they depose me on Sandy Hook, they go, well, one of your hosts says they thought it happened, but others were questioning.
And I go, yeah, man, we're not a cult here.
We question everything.
Cults tell you don't question.
You should question InfoWars, you should question yourself, you should question the government, you should be engaged.
And I'm out here preaching at you, I'm telling you what I need to do.
But I've got to get Ezra Levant on because I already admired him because I know about the work he's what he's been through and he's super smart.
But man, I watched this video this morning.
I watched it twice.
I mean, this is like the real Perry Mason.
He's the Perry Mason when he runs into these federal police that are trying to put him in jail for writing a book.
Wait until you see this.
Well, Wolf, right behind me is Mar-a-Lago, and I'm not sure if you can hear, but there are multiple helicopters over the location.
Now, we have just heard from the Florida police.
They say a vehicle and suspects are currently in custody.
So the way that they describe the situation is essentially the Florida Highway Patrol was following a black SUV as it barreled towards two security points outside of Mar-a-Lago.
It broke through both of those security points before eventually officials launching fire into that vehicle.
Now, again, the vehicle then
They were eventually tracked down and again this vehicle and these suspects are currently in custody.
We have reached out to Secret Service.
We know of course President Trump is supposed to be here later today.
He's spending his weekend here in Mar-a-Lago.
This is a developing situation but you should see the kind of security presence that's around us right now.
Streets blocks away from Mar-a-Lago are completely shut down and we talked to one eyewitness who was at Mar-a-Lago when this occurred.
He said he heard about eight
We are back live, ladies and gentlemen.
I am your host, Alex Jones, and there is a lot of breaking news, obviously, unfolding.
This could have just been somebody that was going the wrong way and not paying attention.
They could have been drinking and could have been driven in and driven out, and then you do that in a secure area like that, you're going to get shot at.
That's sad, but there's going to be collateral damage in a climate where they're saying Trump is literally Hitler and having a nation is Hitler.
And then the only person with any connection to Hitler we see is George Soros, who literally was a Nazi collaborator and said it was the best time of his life.
And then he finances a whole network saying Trump is Hitler.
You can't make this up, ladies and gentlemen.
You cannot make this stuff up.
So there's that.
You know, sometimes you see something and
It blows your mind.
And that happened to me.
I woke up at 3.30 in the morning last night with all the stuff going on, drank some coffee, took a shower, went and walked around the local golf course that's next door, came back about 5 a.m.
and sat down with an iPad, had another cup of coffee, and I went to InfoWars.com and saw a Kellan McBreen article he put out like, yep, last night I'd missed.
I mean,
I don't have enough words to describe how these senior, former federal police, now attached to another federal group, 30-year veteran Royal Mounties in their suits sit there and act like something out of a movie about the old Soviet Union or Nazi Germany.
I mean, it's, it's, or, or it's, it's like that scene when
Mr. Anderson and the First Matrix meets the Agent Smith.
I mean, I watched this and it's horrifying.
And then I went and read like hundreds of comments on YouTube.
I sat there.
And then, you know, my kids start waking up, come in at like 6.30, I'm making them breakfast, and they're like, what are you doing?
And I'm reading the comments, everyone sees what it is.
Like the new Soviet Union, it's insane.
And here's the thing, you watch, they're going to charge him, you can smell it.
They say, you're guilty.
You want to walk that back?
You just admitted you're guilty of writing a book during an election.
And Ezra Levin's like, well, I've got the law here.
That's totally legal, right?
They go, you're going to jail.
This is America with cops in a room trying to hotbox somebody.
But it's over a book and it's like a sick parody, but it's not!
This is...
Kevin Blackface Trudeau.
Like, what's up with dudes in blackface trying to take our freedoms?
In Virginia, and I'm going to stop there because there's limited time in this segment.
As we're going to get to this, and the whole climate, and they're calling for Rand Paul's arrest for exposing the fake whistleblower, and sending the President to be able to face his accuser.
What I got from this is what I already knew.
Whether it's Europe, or Canada, or the US, or Australia, or anywhere.
The left are communist authoritarians, and they've decided to do this, and they're taking over, and they want to put us all in prison.
And I have empathy for you, not because I'm a candy ass, but because I'm in the same boat.
And like, we need to push back.
And I love what you said to them.
Hey, I'm not looking for trouble, but you're damn right I did that.
You bet I published a book.
Because I'm a free person, and that's in our Constitution.
Look at you.
You are shameful.
It's like Oscar-level, but it's beyond that, because it's real!
They really are trying to put you in jail.
They've really banned your TV network when it was one of the top-rated deals.
I mean, you've already been effed over by this authoritarianism, and now they want you to fear them?
I mean, these people are a joke.
Now, I'm ranting.
We'll get to it next segment, but I said I'd get to it next segment.
What do you make of the general climate, though, and Trump and the left and their drooling desire to put us in prison?
I'm doing it now.
Well, look, it's part of the same thing to ban a book or to impeach a president.
What are those?
Those are using the power of the authoritarian state to undo the natural will of the people.
In my case, I wrote a popular book about Trudeau.
Well, the government was going to squash that by prosecuting me.
In the case of Trump's impeachment, he won the election fair and square.
He looks like he might win again.
So use the power of the state to stop it undemocratically.
It's also what happened to Brexit.
For three and a half years, they managed to foil the will of the people.
Today, finally, Brexit is happening.
So all of these are cautionary tales.
Don't give up your power to a authoritarian.
But all of them give us a little glimmer of hope, too, that if you fight hard,
You might win in the end.
Well, I mean, I've got to say it.
I watched the video twice.
It's up on Infowars.com.
It's also on your site.
I know you've got a lot of sites.
What is the best site to go find the video?
Well, we have a special page for it called SaveRebelNews.com.
And I'll take your cue about timing, but there's one clip.
I sent your producer a few clips.
One of them is so incredible.
So I'm summoned there.
I mean, you tell me if we want to... I don't know what you want to talk about now on your timing.
Well, we're going to break up in a minute, but yeah.
You know, I go down there.
They take me to a high security location.
They tell me no videotaping.
Well, I'm not going to listen to them because I know if they're telling me I can't tape it, it's because they're saying things they don't want shown to the world.
So I have on me a concealed camera, James O'Keefe style.
And I'm so glad I did, because I don't think people would have believed it if they didn't see it.
When we come back from the break, I'll show you the most terrifying thing I said to them.
Show me the complaint against me.
I'm ready to meet the charges.
They said, we're not going to show you the complaint.
I said, is it a secret?
Well, I'll let you show how that goes.
We're going to come back.
We're going to get to it all with Ezra Levant because there's such huge news breaking, but this is the authoritarianism.
These people are dangerous.
And I've read about stuff like this in Nazi Germany and Russia, but now you're seeing it in Canada, folks.
It's unbelievable.
You're guilty of publishing that book.
And they're guys in sharp suits.
And they're on a power trip.
They're enjoying this.
The full video is up on InfoWars.com and it's just insane.
Everybody knows they're doing this in Europe.
Everybody knows they've hired the former Stasi to help suppress nationalists and patriots and people just promoting freedom.
But now in Canada, they've been persecuting the press and shut down his network on national TV that was popular, taking away his license.
This is what goes on and now they're trying to do that here in America.
And so you're like, oh, it's a private company, you know, let big tech censor you.
Well, now it's Royal Mounted Police coming in suits and ties, calling you with a letter.
You go in and meet with them.
And it's right out of a cop movie, but they're not asking if he sold cocaine or if he money laundered or if he kidnapped somebody.
No, it's about the book he wrote.
It's incredible.
Here's a few minutes from the intro.
Today we're here about Rebel News Network.
Oh, I know that.
And I'm just asking you to confirm that not a single other loving book of Trudeau is being investigated.
No, because I'm not a censor like you.
I'm not a bully and a censor.
I'm not a bureaucrat looking to justify my budget like you.
I go out and earn my living every day, fella.
You call in authors to grill them about a book criticizing your boss.
Think about who you are.
We call the director of Rebel News Network Limited.
Yeah, who happens to be the author of the book.
I think there's going to be a chapter about you two fellas in the next edition.
Do you have any more questions there?
Certainly do.
All right, let's just stop there.
Ezra, the best way to do this is just let you take control for this segment and part of the next.
You've got a bunch of clips here.
You've got a lot to say, and we're honored to have you with us.
But again, they're trying to use campaign finance law, just like Democrats have said, ban Drudge, ban Alex Jones, use campaign finance law.
We're under speech.
We're not under campaign.
Sure, I support Second Amendment, pro-life, things like that.
And I'm a Republican when it's for President Trump.
I hate a lot of the Republicans, but if I want to publish a book around an election, I can.
Well, Canada's put laws in place, and maybe you can briefly explain that, but you're reading them the law and they're saying, sorry, you're a criminal.
He says twice.
Well, just you take over.
Go ahead.
I mean, in Canada election law, there's a special exemption for books and the promotion of books.
I mean, I've written, I don't know, almost 10 books or so, I'd have to count.
Some of them are bestsellers.
So the book is clearly protected under our laws, and yet they still brought me in.
Here's the crazy thing.
There were 24 books published about Justin Trudeau, our left-wing Prime Minister, the same time as mine.
But I was the only author that was brought in.
So that's not a coincidence.
I thought, well, should I even go there?
But I knew that I could get them to admit things if they didn't realize I was videotaping them.
So I asked them a basic question.
Let me start with this one.
Let me show you how Kafkaesque it is.
I went to Ottawa, this high security location.
They took me into a windowless room.
There was these two 30-year veterans of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
I'm not sure their status now.
They wouldn't give me their business card.
So I don't even know they're, you know, technically who they're working for.
I know we were at the Elections Canada head office, high security, and I said, all right, can I see the complaint against me?
Let me ask your producers to roll that clip.
It's called, um, uh, see the complaint.
I, this is how we started and it just got crazier.
Take a look.
Here he is asking for the complaint.
The complaint against me.
The letter that you received?
I presume that you're investigating based on a complaint.
Oh, this is still part of the investigation, so we'll have to, once the investigation's been, uh...
The Commissioner will have to make a decision.
At that point, he'll have to decide if that is releasable or not.
It's not something that usually is released, no.
So it's a secret complaint?
It's not a secret complaint.
It's just a complaint that's part of the investigation.
And to keep the integrity of the investigation right now, you'll understand that we can't share everything that we have.
Oh, I don't want everything that you have.
If I'm here to meet a complaint, but you won't show me the complaint,
How can I possibly meet the complaint?
How can I possibly respond to something that you won't show me?
Well, I think the letter was quite clear on what the infraction is alleged, and this is what we want to clarify with you.
Well, did you generate the complaint, or was it from an outside party?
No, we didn't generate the complaint.
Okay, so someone... We did not generate the complaint.
So someone external to your office generated the complaint?
That is usually the case.
Is that the case in this case?
Yeah, we did not generate the complaint.
Okay, was it the Liberal Party that generated the complaint?
We can't go into that, sir.
So you won't tell me who the complainant is?
Is that the secret?
Yeah, not at this point.
So at what point do you tell me who this official is?
The commissioner is the ultimate responsible person for the investigation and how this is decided.
So how do I know what conduct has been complained about if you won't tell me?
This is Kafka-esque.
Can you make that point for the folks who haven't read Kafka?
That's a famous novel of a nightmare future scenario where someone's on trial but they're not being told the crime they committed.
Or you can't face your accuser, just like President Trump can't face your accuser.
And when a senator says the name of Eric Saramala, the Chief Justice shuts him down.
I mean, again, it's just everywhere.
The attacks on free speech.
Now they're calling, Democrats are, for the arrest or censure, Senator Blumenthal and others, of Rand Paul.
The point is, these are authoritarians.
Well, listen, the lesson I hope your viewers take from my experience here in Canada is never give up your First Amendment, and to ensure that, never give up your Second Amendment.
I should tell you that in Canada and Europe, we don't have the First Amendment and the Second Amendment, and it shows.
And the fact that many Americans have lawful firearms, that
On the mind of legislators, they would never try certain moves on Americans, because at the end of the day you have a tool to push back against tyranny.
In Canada, all we have is our persuasion and our attempt to convince people, but the other side doesn't care about
I don't know.
Uh, who, you know, are dressed nice and look like FBI agents, look like Royal Mounted Police, and they're enjoying messing with you and enjoying running over people's speech in a book you wrote that was number two on Amazon.
And they know why they're there to try to scare you.
These are dangerous people, in my view.
I mean, I mean, this is the closest things to Nazis I've ever seen in Canada, I'll tell you that.
I'm not saying they're Nazis, but men in suits, oppressing speech, trying to digitally burn books, and you're facing years in prison if they charge you with this for campaign finance fraud.
I mean, these guys are a menace, and obviously Trudeau gave them the order.
They're a menace.
You've already had courts rule when Trudeau's tried to bar your reporters that he broke the law.
He's the criminal!
Well, it's a big battle.
Let me know if you have time for another clip, because there's one more that might be of interest.
Oh, you've got a bunch.
When we come back, we've got another segment.
I'm going to play these.
I just... The video made my blood pressure go up, because, I mean, I watched it twice, and the arrogance of these men.
Let me just ask this with a minute to break.
Is the average federal police officer that arrogant in Canada, or are these special commissars, special guys they picked?
Well, I was trying to find out who they were, and like I said, they wouldn't give me their business card, so I sort of took a picture of their ID cards, and then I Googled them, and these guys, 30-year veterans of the RCMP, they worked on counter-terrorism matters.
One of them worked for Interpol, organized crime.
I think those are legitimate policing duties.
So for them to be assigned to an officer... Well, that's what I'm saying.
They sent real... You can tell.
These people are trying to put you in prison.
I mean, I watched it.
I'm just like... And it's like, I don't even hate these people, but it's like at a deep level, like, this is dangerous.
These are dangerous people.
This is what evil looks like.
These are bad people, man.
Oh my God.
Just stay right there.
I mean, folks, you've got to watch the full video.
It's on InfoWars.com.
It is sickening.
I've got all this huge news, but I'm doing this because it is archetypal of everything we're facing.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I don't even understand what I've been accused of doing.
I don't understand who accused me.
I don't understand when.
So this is a, frankly, this is a star chamber that is illegal.
I'm here because, really, I wanted to ask a few questions about what you're going to do if I don't give you documents.
You wouldn't answer.
I wanted to ask who complained.
You wouldn't answer.
I wanted to see the complaint.
You wouldn't answer.
Um, I wanted to check you guys out, learn a little bit how many folks are on the file.
You didn't really answer, but I can count.
Um, I guess my message to the Commissioner is, um, I don't even know who it is, to be honest, um, but that'll change.
And, um, I guess my message is every
Every ounce of energy I have, every dollar I have and can raise, every trick of the trade I can deploy, I will deploy to smashing this law.
And I think you know that's true!
I think we'll have books, and billboards, and TV videos, and lawn signs, and we'll do all sorts of crazy things in defense of free speech and freedom of the press.
And we'll do it all!
And it's not what I really want to do.
I want to live my life and do my journalism.
But if you guys are going to put me through a trial because I wrote and published and promoted an election book during an election, I'm going to do everything I can to show you and the country that's not Canadian.
You're being un-Canadian by summoning an author to your offices.
You're being un-Canadian, and you need a reminder.
Now we're playing what Ezra Levant said, and he was in there for about 45 minutes.
He's put out 20-something minutes of it.
He's putting out the rest, I'm told, soon.
But they're jerks, okay?
He's just playing what he responded to, and I think that's good because he was very eloquent.
And it was beyond tears to my eyes this morning when I heard him after, like, you know, you're guilty.
So you want to probably walk this back and do what we tell you right now.
And he says, no, you know what?
You're guilty.
It's pathetic how you follow orders.
You're the ones.
What level of orders won't you follow?
It's like
A Perry Mason or Kill a Mockingbird moment, but this is real.
The stuff Hollywood made about tyranny, I'm watching it and I looked up the law.
You're facing years in prison for this and they're clearly...
You're like, well, you can leave now if you want, but you need to answer our questions.
And yeah, we're going to come get you.
Are you going to come to my offices and raid me?
And they're like, yeah, we want to know about your employees.
We want to, like, this isn't about your book.
And then later it's like, it's the book.
It's about the book.
I mean, they're lying.
They're changing what they're saying.
And they are enjoying it.
It's one thing if they followed orders and were like, we're here to ask you this, sir, just please answer.
That'd be bad enough, but they are loving it.
I mean, they are so pompous.
And just, it's disgusting.
You know, they asked me a lot of strange things.
I mean, I predict, Alex, that there will be probably
1,000 books this year about Donald Trump and the election.
Not all of them will be published by big-name publishing houses, but these days there's a lot of amateur authors.
Well, quantify that.
There were dozens of books pro Trudeau, and it's totally legal to publish a book.
They're claiming you're doing campaign finance.
And you're like, here's the law!
They say it all.
I'm not!
I'm a media person!
Yes, I don't like Mr. Blackface!
And they're like, well, you're going to jail.
Well, and that's the thing, is of course the books are published during the election, because I want to... They're like, why did you do that during the election?
You're like, for the election.
He goes, we got you, sir.
That's a crime.
You're like, dude, what are you talking about?
That's what, it's insane.
You know, I don't know if we have time, but there's one clip your producers have called, did you think about the timing of the book?
And if we got time, maybe it's interesting to watch it, because they're implying... Yeah, that's clip three.
Did you think about the timing of the book?
Here it is.
...knowledge that you would have or not have of the Election Act, the Canada Elections Act.
When you are planning the book, and you, the new third party rules, because I believe there's some comments on your site as well about that, did you give any consideration of saying, maybe I should register as a third party for this circumstance, or maybe I shouldn't, because of my interpretation of what I'm going to do, or did you
Not make that determination.
Tim, I appreciate the question.
Yeah, I absolutely did think about that at great length.
Do you want to share any of those thoughts?
I'm sure some of them.
I mean, I thought the day I register with the government to write a book is the day we no longer are the True North strong and free.
And if Elections Canada's commissioners are stupid enough to prosecute me for writing, publishing, and promoting a book about an election during an election, then that's an important fight to have.
Because we need to roll back these pencil-necked bureaucrats and their blackface boss.
And we need to remind them that we're still a free country.
So I thought about it long and hard, Tim.
And folks, playing clubs can't even do it justice when you see the stuff they're saying to him and how he responds.
But I can't listen to their voices, so we're not going to play it.
If you want to go watch it, it's at Infowars.com and the article.
You need to spread it, but...
This is real tyranny, ladies and gentlemen, because I've read the Canadian law.
And it's like, oh, of course, if you're just a citizen or a group and it's your speech, you can publish a book any way you want.
But if you're a political group and it's a political publication by the party or by a third party as an action group, you got to tell us.
They're trying to get him to say, yes, I'm a political action group and opt in to go into jail.
And they're telling him, you're guilty, buddy.
You admit you did this in the election.
No crap, Sherlock.
Of course I don't like this piece of garbage and I'm doing this.
It's my speech.
The Magna Carta 1215.
That's still in charge in Canada.
Common law.
And it's just outrageous.
It's not tiptoeing towards North Korea or Communist China or Nazi Germany or Mao.
It's here.
And again, the enjoyment.
These guys look like they are on cloud nine when they're looking at you.
They are enjoying this because they're superior to you.
You're superior to them in intellect and justice and will.
But it's obvious.
Because I know your story, all the great work you've done, how you've been persecuted.
You don't make a big deal about it.
We've been persecuted too.
And it's not like we're victims.
I see this, and I just am saying to humanity, we're not putting up with this.
This is BS!
Well, you know, it's funny, you mentioned earlier that my book hit number two in the Canadian bestseller list, and I was pretty proud of that.
But yesterday, after we published these hidden videos, my book
We're good to go.
By what they saw in this video.
It was trending in Canada.
Oh, that's the good news.
Total revulsion.
Michael's the number one.
Number one, congratulations.
I haven't read your book.
We need to sell it.
It's amazing.
I know you've got to go, but we've got to go to break.
Come back and do five more minutes on where you see all this going.
And we have former Congressman Bob Barr joining us, who ran the impeachment, started the impeachment against Clinton to give us his expert take.
You couldn't do better on a day like this with the president.
And we'll have the latest.
Are they going to go with witnesses?
We don't know yet.
We're checking.
Shots fired at Mar-a-Lago.
Speaking of funding, that's a lifeblood.
An intellectual pit bull like Ezra Levant can stay in the fight.
He'll win the fight.
But he's got to have oxygen.
He's got to have oxygen.
If he doesn't have oxygen, he's got the spirit to fight.
But he's, the spirit's willing, okay, but the body's weak.
He will not be able to fight.
And I know they've decimated him from where he was, going to the very top.
And they said, nope, you're done.
You know, he invested everything he had.
Same with us.
They're trying to wrecking ball us, because they're trying to wrecking ball you.
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All points of the compass are then covered.
Take action.
Our number three, straight ahead, stay with us.
Twitter has just rolled out a massive voter suppression program.
Everything with them is inverted.
They say, oh, we're going to stop voter suppression.
So if you criticize someone politically, if you're a conservative or nationalist or patriot, they call that suppression.
So arguing with someone is censoring them.
So then they censor you.
The left's always like, oh, don't censor me when I'm arguing.
Me arguing with you is not censorship.
But see, disagreeing with the left is, then they suppress you.
Ezra Levant, again, we can't do justice here in the time we have to the footage.
And again, the fact that these are a federal police, a federal body, they call you there with this letter.
You go there.
You're a very professional, better named lawyer, I've heard.
They're all secretive and just act very, very bizarre.
It's amazing.
Other comments about where this is going and how many years in jail, because he tells you you're guilty.
And I was looking at the statutes.
I mean, you could spend years in jail, according to them, saying that you're a political action group violating campaign law when you're a publisher that wrote a book.
Yeah, I've never seen any other author be summoned in by the police except in tyrannical regimes.
You know, he asked me why I didn't register my book with the government.
I think we played that clip there.
When I was a kid, I learned that in the Soviet bloc, typewriters in the country of Romania that was under the Soviet domination... Weren't registered.
That's right.
And you know what?
You had to not only tell the police you had it, but you had to do a typing sample, because you know each typewriter is slightly different.
It's like a fingerprint the way those metal keys strike.
So they would keep a sample of how your typewriter typed in case they were to find some illegal samizdat, some illegal propaganda.
They would know whose typewriter it came from.
I don't believe in registering books with the government.
Or typewriters, or whatever the media of the day is, but these guys apparently do.
Well, again, I watch Body Language, and...
Those guys are arrogant and dangerous.
I mean, I think they're the clear and present danger, and Trudeau's a danger, and the left everywhere.
This isn't like in a vacuum.
Everywhere they're doing this, Europe, the U.S., universities, and they just do it like they have the right because they know best.
And damn it, you published a book about the Prime Minister that's a bestseller and exposing him, so we're getting you ready for criminal charges.
And I think they're arrogant enough.
Ezra to do it, but just like them trying to block Brexit only blew up bigger, them trying to crush Trump only blew up bigger, the tyrants are following the same dead end right down a black hole.
Thanks to you, the few good men that have courage.
And I do admire you.
You've got the spirit, brother, and I thank you.
Well you're very kind to say it.
You know, let me make one observation.
In Canada, we have groups like the ACLU.
Up here, it's called the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.
We have something called PEN Canada.
We got Canadian Journalists for Free Expression.
We got the Canadian Association... Let me guess, they're all missing in action?
I haven't heard from one of them.
I can assure you if the shoe were on the other foot, if it was under our former... Chickens with their heads cut off.
Chickens with their heads cut off.
Well, you know, they keep saying Trump is...
He's at war with the media, he's rolling back press freedoms.
No, no, he's only speaking back against them.
Sorry, go ahead, you're right.
Yeah, that's all he's doing is talking back and they don't like it.
Here in Canada we have true government restrictions on journalism and authors and complete silence from the left.
In fact, I've got to tell you, I've had more interest from American talk radio hosts than from Canada because even our media has learned to be submissive.
And I have a streak of independence in me.
The left are only clients for islamicists and globalists who they're bringing in to be their client groups to dominate us.
We're being enslaved.
And western values are being completely overthrown and we have to just admit it.
Well listen, we'll keep fighting up here as long as we can.
We have so much culturally in common with America because we both come from the same tradition of the Magna Carta as you said in the UK.
I regret that we didn't stand firm.
We didn't get the First Amendment style protections put in our Constitution when we were born.
So keep yours, Alec.
Thank you, sir.
Please come on soon.
Just about the news and what's happening.
I want to get you as a mainstay.
Thank you so much, Ezra Ravon.
Incredibly powerful video up on Infowars.com.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
We'll be back with Bob Barr.
Okay, we're back live.
And again, if you were just with us last hour, no one in the middle of the Senate trial coming to the head of the president and shots fired at Mar-a-Lago and giant viral outbreak and UN global emergencies and China secretly burning bodies and mass fire graves would spend three segments, four segments with a journalist
But I know the stuff they've done to Ezra Vant.
And he just keeps beavering on.
But it's like, it's... I got violently angry yesterday when I saw senators saying we should maybe arrest Rand Paul.
These are dangerous people, okay?
Not Rand Paul.
He's the one trying to stop wars.
And I just want them off our back, man.
I just want these globalists off our back.
And I know you do as well.
I just respect you as listeners.
I mean, you're so frickin' precious, man.
You're the people that actually care.
And you're so humble.
You're always like, oh, Alex, thank you, thank you.
Do you understand, for my children, how important you are?
The future we're building together.
I mean, we're together.
Black, white, old, young, you name it.
They want to tell us come together under the unification of the globalists while they're doing nothing but stirring us up against each other.
We need the natural, real unity of common sense and God that brings us together.
But I mean, I'll just, I'll just, I'll just spell it out here.
I am blown away by how evil the deep state is and how sick they are and how filthy they are and how lying and stupid.
And then it hits me.
These people have been winning for a long time.
They have been absolutely dominating us, and so that makes me feel like a wimp.
Because I don't have something to prove, but I also am not going to lay down.
And again, there's a lot of guys that can kick my ass, okay?
But I remember being a little kid and getting off the bus in like 6th grade, 5th grade, and kids were 3 or 4 years old, getting on me and beating me up and stuff.
Until that moment when I just got angry and picked up, you know, a rock that was on the ground and, yeah, basically put the kid's eye out.
And their parents got mad, like, well, your 15-year-old, 16-year-old shouldn't be trying to beat up 11-year-olds.
But they don't have the killer instinct, folks.
We do.
That's why they're bullies and scum.
Those of us that have it don't need to abuse the power.
We've got it.
Much voltage as we need, God will give it to us.
And every time the enemy stands up and tries to take us on, they find out that, oh, we weren't acting powerful.
We weren't trying to run people's lives because we didn't need to do that.
We already had the power.
And what I'm getting at is, we have allowed these people to do this to us.
And so it's our fault.
If you want to know who's to blame, look in the mirror.
And I'm saying that myself.
I've made a lot of mistakes.
So when I preach this stuff, it's what I think we ought to do.
And I think you agree with me.
It's not me up here on some damn high horse like some glitterbug preacher acting like he's perfect and he's got all the answers.
God's got all the answers.
And right action will prove those answers and will make you stronger.
And that's a path we've all got to walk.
Anybody telling you they got it all figured out, they got a one-size-fits-all, and they got it all right, they better watch that person.
That's a cult leader right there.
There's no cult here except the cult of Jesus Christ.
And people say, man, you just more and more you preach.
It's it's it's not all I got.
It's everything.
It's it's expansive.
It's real.
And the enemy runs from it.
That name is real.
And you could just be a scientist and wonder why the hell these people run from it.
Why they're so scared of it.
I get obsessed with silly stuff like this.
I got this lav mic on so I can walk around.
I haven't been walking around today.
There's a lot of news to cover.
I didn't really get to a lot of calls today.
We've got Bob Barr, who actually initiated the impeachment against Bill Clinton, coming up.
I couldn't think of a better guest in this whole constellation of news.
I want to get Robert Barnes back on as well.
I was saying, get Barnes on, get Barnes on, but I must have mumbled over the phone.
So they got Bob Barr, but see how...
Sometimes God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.
Because I want to get Barnes back on too.
He's always so busy.
But Bob Barr, oh that's really great.
Oh I'm glad.
Are you mad we actually got Bob Barr?
I'm like no I'm glad you got Bob Barr.
In fact, you should have thought of that.
We should get him on.
He started the impeachment and you know got that initiated in the House of Representatives and got punished by the political establishment for it.
So that's coming up.
Something big's about to happen, and I'm not sure it's this virus, but we need to have our bases covered with the virus.
And, you know, I said I would talk about this because it's such big news, and we'll go to a break and come back with a guest, so I'm going to do it right now, because this is an important decision for all you out there to think about and decide what you're going to do.
But can I get an overhead shot, guys?
I want to show you something that I've been authorized to show you.
This is in Congress.
This is 13 years ago.
And this is the company.
And when I got this information four or five days ago, I said, listen, are you sure you want me to do this?
Because you've got Department of Defense contracts, you've got a lot of others, and they might mess with you.
And I'm like, no, no, you know, we're the owners.
We like what you're doing.
We've got a partnership with you.
We want people to know how important this is.
How the Department of Defense and congressional reports say that this product, NanoSilver, has been found to knock out SARS.
Well, no crap, Sherlock.
Of course it does.
Viruses, bacteria, you name it.
Nobody's selling 16 ounces of nano-silver that's patented.
This is the top company in the U.S.
that we're, not even a private label, this is something they developed with my dad.
The Immune Gargle.
Ridiculous name, but that's, it's a technical, medical name and you can, you can drink it and it's all, it's, it's, it's...
That's what my dad, who's an oral surgeon and dentist, named it.
So, that's what we're going to call it.
But Super Silver Immune Gargle in three different sizes is selling out, but I'm still keeping it at 40% off.
Despite that, 50% off and you get all three together because we're not going to raise prices during a crisis.
We're not going to gouge people.
But here's the deal.
Department of the Army, Headquarters, United States Special Operations Command, Tampa Point Boulevard.
And it goes into Andrew C. von Edenbach, Commissioner of Food and Drug Administration, and they go on to say that with antibiotic resistance and all the rest of it, we have found that this particular type of nanosilver is effective against SARS and a whole bunch of other stuff.
Then it goes on here.
The Texas A&M System Health Science Center.
And it says confidential.
They don't want this type of stuff out for a lot of reasons.
And it goes over the fact and says, Dear Secretary Ridge, and they go on to say the Office of Homeland Security, John B. Connolly building.
So that A&M is running a whole secret project for the government.
And they say this particular nano silver we found in our trials, secret trials, with American biotech labs was very effective.
This report is that the coronavirus, like the SARS, same family virus, Homeland Defense, put out the data that our product could kill that one.
See the above letter from the Director of Homeland Security, the Secretary, Dr. Carlton, ex-Surgeon General Air Force, is a brilliant man who came up with the model hospital system, mobile hospital system.
We only received a copy of it because our testimony before Congress on malaria, and it was included in the addendum of the testimony.
We never received a good copy, but we did get a copy, and it's worth reading.
And it goes on.
So, I mean, look, it's the grace of God that stuff like this happens.
My dad was killing himself still doing dentistry and managing a bunch of companies.
Like seven, eight years ago, and I said, Dad, I need you to come in and manage supplements.
We need to put on our own, put out the best.
And you've brought stuff.
He's done research scientists as well, does some things.
I said, we need you to bring us really the best stuff and help certify everything.
And he did it.
And then he brought us the folks that are in the super silver toothpaste, the super blue toothpaste.
It has the nano silver.
This is the top company, folks.
And they're like, no, just say who we are.
Dr. Keith Moeller, CEO, American Biotech Labs, LLC.
They're the only ones that have approved
That's the big one.
Over-the-counter, super silver womb gel.
Do not take this internally.
This is super, well, let's just say what it is, poisonous to bacteria and viruses, which means it ain't too good for you, but it's better than dying, right?
So this goes on the hands and things.
It's a protective shield.
If you get cut or something, or your micro scratches, it seals it in.
But all the other products, they're all discounted right now during this crisis.
Well, we're really blessed to have former Congressman
Bob Bart joining us.
He helped initiate the impeachment of Clinton.
There was so many crimes the Clintons were committing, but they could nail them down on that one.
And we couldn't have somebody better to lay out his view on this whole fiasco and what he thinks is about to currently happening, what Ambassador Bolton is up to, who extolled on U.S.
That's right.
Who's got a long pedigree of work in industry and the CIA before that and in Congress as a lawyer.
What is front and center?
I mean, what would you call this?
Because when I look at Schiff and Nadler and Pelosi, I see
I see something more frightening than even pure evil.
It's delusional narcissism, making fools out of themselves, but never stopping.
And then Trump's Justice Department, which you also work for right now, at a high level, never reacting to their crimes, is enabling it to get even more crazy, like toddlers acting out, but these aren't toddlers.
So I'm getting more angry at Trump.
Quite frankly, that I'm getting at Schiff and people, just because he's not going after these people.
I don't want some big clash inside the government, but we already have it, don't we, Bob Barr?
Or am I wrong?
No, you're not wrong, Alex.
And there are so many different aspects to this.
There are so many things going wrong.
It's like, you know, taking your car to a mechanic and the mechanic says, look, your
Air system isn't working, your fuel injections aren't working, your exhaust system isn't working, your spark plugs aren't working.
There's everything wrong.
But what we have to do, I think, is not lose sight of the short-term goal here, and that is to get rid of and put a stop to this nonsense in the Senate, and then tackle these broader and deeper issues that you've identified, the deep state itself.
Short-term problem here is for Mitch McConnell to keep the Republicans in line and many of these Republicans are always looking for ways to go over to the other side.
Mitch has a job here to at least keep a majority in line to stop this nonsense so that we can then move on and tackle these other more important systemic problems with the government.
Well, as a former federal prosecutor, and again, I'm not going to go over the whole pedigree, somebody that ignited the legitimate impeachment of Bill Clinton, what are you seeing here as an expert that we don't see?
I'm really not seeing anything that you and the vast majority, I think, Alex, of the American people see, and that is a Democrat majority in both the House and the Senate.
That are so blinded by their hatred, their sheer hatred for Donald Trump, that they have lost sight of their responsibility.
They have lost sight of history.
They have lost sight of the American people.
They have lost sight of everything.
And they have this tunnel vision focused on Donald Trump in the crosshairs of their efforts.
Hopefully, hopefully Mitch McConnell can keep any other
Republican squishes from going over to the Democrats so that we don't open this up in ways that it should not constitutionally be open.
And that is for witnesses and new evidence so that we can stop this now and then hopefully move on to defeat the Democrats with their House majority in the fall, reelect the president, and really attack these systemic problems that are the deep state in Washington.
You know, define that because people say, oh, Bob Barr, he's former CIA.
What are you doing?
Well, there's a lot of good.
The CIA is bigger than Coca-Cola.
That just means clandestine operations in the government.
We need people that have been in the CIA.
They can tell us what's going on and help decipher that.
Obviously, and Trump has been at war with corporate elements, governmental elements using the cloak
Of different U.S.
intelligence agencies to operate, and we have the FISA Court.
You're a former prosecutor.
The FISA Court said they illegally did this, so I'm not even saying, oh, the CIA giving them a pass.
I'm giving the facts that this is illegitimate operatives and networks inside government using the apparatus for their own political attempt to coup against the president.
Is that accurate?
It's accurate.
You've really put your finger, Alex, on two very, very important aspects of what we need to be concerned about here.
One is the unholy relationship between corporate America.
And the government itself.
The government, there are restrictions, often not followed, but there are restrictions on information the government can obtain and use.
If they use the FISA report properly, that serves as a limitation.
But one way that the government gets around those limitations is to use corporations to do its work for it in gathering
Databasing and then sharing information.
So that's one serious problem that we have here.
The second is now we have an opportunity with the abuses of FISA that have come that we've known about now that have come to light publicly.
What we now need to do is try and fashion a majority of members in the House and the Senate to make some real reforms to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
There's legislation pending.
My worry is that as soon as we move past impeachment and then have the opportunity to focus on reforming, really reforming, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and the courts, that the government will prod out all of the national security people and say, oh, we can't make any reforms, it's national security.
That's what we have to really be working on.
FISA has to be reformed because it's a backdoor now that the government can drive a Mack truck through.
Yeah, if Obama and Hillary and a few others and people like Brennan are willing to use that against the candidate, the nominee, and then the elected president, and then the sworn in president, they'll go after anybody.
That takes some big huevos to start shooting at POTUS with a spy grid.
It does.
I mean, if the U.S.
And that shows they've gotten way too big for their britches, right?
So how do we, when we come back, how do we reform?
Because I know you've seen every angle of it, and Bob Barr is our guest, libertyguard.org.
How do we deal with that?
And what do you predict comes next?
Because if Trump and the Justice Department don't vote on these people somehow, then what will their new attack be?
Because I've already enjoyed, I love the fact that Tulsi Gabbard is shooing
Hillary, for all this money, for calling her a Russian agent.
Hey, they did that to me, and they took bank accounts away.
They almost shut us down.
I mean, they used national security apparatus to come after us by that designation.
And so, I'm glad to see people pushing back, because if I'm anything, folks, it's not a Russian agent.
But anybody that opposes tyranny is called one.
I think they bit off more than they can chew.
Bob Barr is our guest.
We'll come right back.
We'll talk about the whistleblower, Eric Surimala, as well, and the calls to arrest Senator Rand Paul.
Yeah, let's hear from the president right there.
This is the president giving his view.
Washington Democrats have spent the last three years trying to overturn the last election.
I'm not, why am I not worried?
I should be worried.
You know, remember Nixon?
It was like a dark period, right?
A very dark period.
It was like, oh, you think about it, right?
And with Clinton, it was not good.
They say that with Johnson, that was a long time ago.
None of us remember, but they say it was a very dark period.
This is a happy period for us.
Yeah, they're calling it America's Nightmare, and then they go, oh, it's terrible, we didn't want to do this, and then Pelosi's handing out pins at signing ceremonies.
I'm actually going to be honest with people, because I don't usually get scared.
And I don't like to even use that term.
I'm really concerned, Bob Barr, former congressman who helped initiate the impeachment of Bill Clinton, that we're being too confident here, and that we're not looking for the real problem, and that while we're looking one direction, it's the other, and they're telling Trump he's assured of victory, just like we heard Hillary was assured of victory three and a half years ago, with the election fraud, and the censorship, and everything the establishment's done, going after the president.
The real place they can try to get him is election fraud and manipulation that we know goes on.
And so I see him saying, yes, it is a great period.
No one's buying, and I know what mainstream media says anymore.
There is a major political realignment towards nationalism and freedom and free market systems worldwide.
I think nobody denies that.
But still, the behavior of the creatures of the deep state
These toddlers, these babies, these people that were given power and expect they're invincible, their Frankenstein, you know, is not that smart, but he's dangerous.
He can pull your head off.
And they're kind of just stumbling around and no one ever stops them.
Oh, that's Frankenstein.
He's full of crap.
Well, he'll still twist your head off.
So what I'm getting at here is, I guess I could have said it very simply is,
It's not about vindictiveness, but the danger of what the Democrats have done and the hoaxes and the illegal spying and the crimes.
When is the Attorney General that shares your name going to do something in your view?
That's a good question, and I wish there were a clear answer to it one way or the other, but I don't know.
One thing that I do know, in addition to the accuracy of what you've just noted, Alex, is the fact that the real
One of the real problems that we're facing is Google and other social media.
Adam Schiff was talking the other day that, well, if we don't remove Trump now, we can't be assured that the election will be fair.
That's not the danger.
The real danger lurking in the area of swaying voters and influencing voters and voter suppression
Robert Epstein!
I think?
I have not seen any evidence in the last six or seven months since he testified that people in the Congress are serious about doing something about that problem that he identified.
I totally agree with you, and I went and looked at what Twitter announced months ago that made it official today.
The headline is, Twitter users can now report voter suppression misinformation.
Well, their definition is, and here's the form,
Anything someone doesn't agree with, or if someone says it hurt my feelings, it's like a university, you're now suppressing them so you're banned and it will only be done against Trump supporters.
But again, they call it stopping voter suppression when they're the ones doing it.
This isn't just a company doing what it wants.
This is AI, real-time, beyond anything the Soviets could dream of.
Oh, the technology that we have, and it is constantly being upgraded, is something that George Orwell could only have dreamed about.
When you look at, for example, the way Google and other lesser search engines, the way they manipulate
And how they react.
And they're paid to do it.
They're paid to do it.
Billions of dollars off of it.
And Congress, I'm not in favor of censorship and it's not a matter of censoring these companies.
It is a matter of recognizing what they're doing.
And saying, okay, you're going to deal with all of this data in your manipulation of people who use search engines.
We're going to open that up in the same way that the federal government opened up technology and telecommunications.
That's my next question.
I know I'm talking over and I apologize, but you've got such knowledge on this.
This isn't, this isn't, okay, big tech can do what they want or they're a private company.
They're in there.
It's on record saying the Republican Party's official affiliation is Nazis.
Google did that for months until they got caught.
Okay, and then Sundar gets up and says, we've never manipulated one search result.
I can call Google, okay, and I can pay them to make me the top search for whatever I want.
And I can do it where it doesn't even say it's an ad.
So the fundamentals is they're lying in front of Congress, telling us a baboon's ass isn't purple.
I'm not quite sure about, I haven't looked at a baboon's anatomy lately, but I think you're probably right.
This is what they do.
There are study after study, and I would encourage people to go back and look at Robert Epstein's testimony before Senator Cruz's subcommittee this past summer.
This is serious business, and that's the real threat.
They can sway, that is the search engines can sway,
Tens of millions of votes by the way they rank and by the way they manipulate search engine inquiries.
I know I'm ranting here, sir, and I really appreciate you being with us.
I got sipped by Mike Cernovich two years ago, the secret Google documents, where they were paying $15 million to one company to down rank us.
So they weren't even doing it their own search thing.
They were just having another company attack us.
Who paid for that?
That's obviously governmental, stay behind networks, Obama put in place.
And then Google said, no, those are real documents.
We made a mistake.
That's a whole congressional investigation!
But again, they demonized me, and not about me, it's what they did.
They demonized me to go, oh, Jones is fair game, and then they set the precedent that you can have the most dangerous game, hunt Alex Jones.
Nobody stands up for me.
You did, and a few others did.
We appreciate it.
And then the precedent's set for everybody, and that's what's so dangerous.
And the American people need to wake up to it and demand that their representatives in the Senate and the House do something about it now, or come election time,
It is.
We're going to be on the losing end of this manipulation of voters.
Have we heard yet, are they going to allow senators to have guests or have witnesses?
Do we know yet what's going to happen?
We don't know yet because there are, as you know, two or three of these squishy Republicans that are always more interested in appearing to be so nice and nonpartisan and fair to the Democrats that that becomes the overriding factor in whether or not they decide to prolong this problem.
No, we don't.
Impeachment debacle.
So we still don't know.
We saw last night that Senator Lamar Alexander thankfully said, I see no need for witnesses and new evidence.
Susan Collins, not unexpectedly, says she wants them.
We're waiting to see, I guess, if Lisa Murkowski in Alaska.
Listen, I've never understood this.
Why an Alaskan, Alaska Senator.
Alaska is a great state.
It's a conservative state.
Uh, and yet they have a senator that, uh, is so squishy on these things.
So apparently we're still waiting on- Alright, Bob Barr, one more segment.
Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
Alright, Congressman, former Congressman Bob Barr is here.
He helped launch the impeachment of Bill Clinton.
People always ask, why didn't they go after Clinton for the missile secrets and all the rest of it?
Because that was all shrouded in national security and you couldn't get other Republicans on board, but you could on him lying.
You could on the other issues that were going on.
We are seeing the fall of the House of Clinton with the Epstein stuff.
We are seeing, really, Hillary's power debate.
She is going to control the
...convention coming up, and something they could have a broker convention.
She's just delusional enough to try it.
She has intended to run again, but I don't know if she'd actually pull that off.
Just in general, what is your feeling about the state of the republic, your state of the union, Bob Barger?
I respect you, and the listeners respect you.
I mean, is the state of the republic strong, or is it in flux?
The most difficult task I have, Alex, at the beginning of every day when I get up is to remain optimistic about the United States and our future.
I refuse to give up the optimism that is at the foundation of this great land of ours.
It's becoming more and more difficult when you look at, for example, right now in the Senate, you have Senate Republicans who
We're good to go.
The White House lawyers, who I think have done an excellent job so far, now want more time to prepare their closing argument.
What in the heck do you need more time for?
You need to shut this down.
The whole thing was fraudulent, so it's more grandstanding.
So, that may prolong this.
Get this thing voted on, move on, let the President present himself to the American people in his State of the Union and remind us what a great country we are, how important it is to move forward and lay out some legislation that the President should be supporting that will get a handle on what he knows better than anybody else are the abuses by the deep state.
I totally agree and I began the interview this way and I'm going to end it this way, Bob Barr.
He's a great guy.
I love Trump.
He's the real deal.
He's just Americana, not left or right.
He's not out to get the country.
He wants to be president.
And the deep state's mad that it's not ruled by committee.
We've actually got an executive that's doing the will of the people.
I'd give him an A-plus on effort and being a true blue guy.
It's not that I've been put to the ringer by these people and I haven't really gotten to experience the deep state's teeth.
It's that it's going to happen again and again.
I'm all for getting in a fight, but not we win each time and then we let them line up again and attack us when they're committing crimes.
I just really think that we need, I go back to that, everybody waits for that action because it becomes a dereliction of duty.
There are things that can be done.
Trump has to do it.
The Senate has to do it.
Ron Paul has to do it.
And if we don't this year,
I think we have an excellent chance of retaking the majority in the House, but it will be for naught unless we use the power of the majorities and the White House to attack the deep state.
I mean, we heard the former acting CIA director, Don McLaughlin, a few months ago saying, thank God for the deep state.
The left knows how important it is to retain those positions and to fight any type of reform and Silicon Valley is with them.
We need to get this thing back on track as soon as this impeachment is finished, both legislatively and through the administration's executive powers.
But think about how profound that is.
Even though they're dug in, it's now admitted they're there.
As you said, they go on C-SPAN with Brennan and McLaughlin and say, thank God the intelligence agencies through Congress are removing the president as if they're the electorate.
The arrogance of criminals, in my view, the arrogance of them announcing that.
I aired that clip probably 50 times.
People are like, stop playing the clip.
It was so incredible, the admission that we're a rogue group of the government, like a banana republic, like Venezuela, and we're going to overthrow an elected president for made-up crap.
That was absolutely amazing, and you're totally right.
So, as negative as some things are, I believe the optimism, Mr. Barr, as you said, Congressman Barr, in that at least it's out in the open now, that there are bureaucrats that are too big for their britches, and I believe that will be their undoing.
It needs to be, and it needs to begin in earnest this year.
It can't be put off any longer.
We need to do it this year, Alex.
No, you're right.
You're right.
I know you've got a lot of sites and a lot of stuff you're doing.
What is the best site for folks to find all things Bob Barr?
Two things, Alex.
Yes, LibertyGuard.org.
Thank you.
They can go to BobBarr.org or the Law Enforcement Education Foundation, which I had to support our men and women in blue.
And as you know, that's critical because the left's trying to take them over and turn them into political police commissars.
You're doing such good work.
Thank you, Bob Barr, for everything.
Appreciate you.
Always a pleasure.
Always a pleasure, Alex.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm going to host the fourth hour and we've got a special guest coming on.
All right.
I'm not a victim.
I'm a leader and I'm a target because of it.
But believe me.
The enemy is launching on every front right now against humanity.
They are behind the scenes just doing unbelievable stuff.
And that makes me know we're over the target.
So I'm not like, oh my God, this really sucks.
No, I want to fight with these people.
I'm under attack.
I just want you to know that the reason the president doesn't have more support is they threaten everyone around him.
I mean, we're talking sex operatives, infiltration, grab their bank accounts, people threatening to kidnap the kids.
I mean, it's beyond any movie you've ever seen, okay?
You just saw a Canadian Royal Mounted Police saying we're going to put you in prison for a book you wrote against Trudeau.
I mean, these people are unchained.
They have no chivalrous
And by the way, chivalry is what powerful people do because they want some rules on themselves.
They want to get rid of the chivalry.
They want to start going down that line.
They're going to reap the whirlwind.
But I got to tell you something from the bottom of my heart.
We're living in incredible historic times.
And I just.
When listeners call up and they say, Alex, thank you so much for what you're doing.
They could put a gun to my head, I wouldn't stop doing this.
Because this is like getting oxygen.
You understand that?
I'm not a huge skin diver, but I've gone down to about 80 feet and come back to the top.
Some people can really go down like 1,000 feet and do it, because it compresses your blood so that you have more oxygenation.
But it's coming back up, you've got to watch out for it.
But I've gone down about 80 feet, skin diving.
And down there, man, like a minute, whoa, everything's so bright, everything's so clear.
And then you come back up, you're like, ah, I need air.
And I start using the whole skin diving analogy, but... I don't even know why I was using the skin diving analogy.
I'm not going off talking points here, but this is like... Oh, it's coming back up at the top and getting air.
I mean, I'm like somebody that went down 80 feet, and I'm coming back up with my flippers, and I just want to get that air.
You know, because my blood's not under pressure.
I'm at 30, 40 feet down, and now my brain's going, whoa, you don't have air, dude.
So me fighting tyranny is not some heroic effort.
It's air in your lungs.
It's air in your lungs.
It's not like some heroic thing to suck air in your lungs, or love your children, or somebody walks up and punches you in the face to kick their ass.
That's not heroic!
That's the thing about fighting, you know.
You don't want to get in a fight with some big guy starting a fight with you.
But you know, as soon as they take a swing, or as soon as they connect, you're like, you know what, I'm gonna beat your ass.
And then it starts, and there's something so satisfying when that bully
It's hit really hard and then rallies again and you knock them down again and all of a sudden they go, yeah.
And your foot goes right in their face and rakes their nose and teeth out.
And I don't want to be like that, but I'm telling you, don't thank me for this.
This is everything.
This is the animating contest of liberty.
This is what it's all about.
I wouldn't be anywhere else because I love you and I want to be with you in eternity.
I don't want to go with Satan.
I want to go with God.
And I'm not gonna put on some fake, candy-ass, Bible-thumper BS up here.
I love Jesus, and that's it.
Jesus made me, and that's it.
And I love God, and whatever God does through me, it happens.
But, I just go out the spirit, and God didn't want me to stand up there and tell people how pious I am all day, or sit there and tell people how I read this many books of the Bible, and I memorized this, and I'm, God wants me to get up and take on the new world order.
Because if you know one thing about God,
God hates cowards.
No one knows who originally said that, but it's true.
God hates cowards.
And God loves people who are default positioned to not have fear and who are committed to God's will.
But our flesh is imperfect.
So to be able to line up with God is a process of flame.
And you've got to be put through the fire of hell
To separate the metal from the chaff.
What it's all about.
All right.
Big fourth hour straight ahead.
All right.
You know, I took a lot of calls this week, and I really want to come in here Sunday, and I will be here Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
But there is a lot going on, and we're going to be here tracking it.
The war room's coming up.
Obviously, this virus is already here in the United States, and
It's a big deal whether it's a exaggerated situation or whether it's really as deadly as they're saying.
I think it's clear that it's killing some people.
And it's a big UN world government drill.
But I'm really excited that a lot of people get what's happening and realize that this is important.
In fact, we got some time left before this next guest joins us.
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That wins a war, politically or militarily, that doesn't have food backing it up.
And so, that's what we're talking about here.
Napoleon went into Russia, he ran out of food, he failed.
Hitler went into Russia, he ran out of food, he failed.
So, you know, Adam Schiff wants us to defeat the Russians, we need lots of food to do that.
No, we need to defeat the Adam Schiffs of the world.
Because if you don't have food, they control you, ladies and gentlemen.
I believe it was portable food 20-something years ago.
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Great, the Chinese need food.
I get it, they're shipping over there.
That's great.
We are selling food to the American people, and that's the message and the mission of Tim Redhawk, the founder and the CEO that's coming on with us next segment.
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I think so.
The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.
Well, getting storable food and firearms is more than the single step.
I'm always promoting water filtration and storable foods and the best storable foods and the best water filtration.
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Well, we're not sure how fast it'll get there.
So the news story is there's a panic.
Well, with 2020 and the establishment trying to trigger riots and with what's happening in the economy, it's always smart to have storable food.
That's why I promote what I already personally believe in and live by, being self-sufficient.
If you aren't self-sufficient, if you don't have food and water and basic communications and control of your family, you're not free.
You're a slave.
So yes, I'm selling storable food, but that said, let me bring on
Keith Bessemer, who is the president of My Patriot Supply.
Now, I've known Matt Redhawk, who is a very shy person since he started the company.
They've been a sponsor for 11 years of their 12-year history.
But the real reason they're here today is not even to sell you food.
They're selling it out faster than they can get it.
It's to break down the fact that I gave them a call.
A few days ago and I said, I'm getting calls that the food's selling out and they're gearing up for some big emergency.
Do you know about this?
Can you tell me if there's been big governmental buyers coming to you?
And they said, listen, it's no secret.
We've had the General Services Administration, which I should have said up front, coming to us trying to buy up everything we've got, because all the other major food distributors are either sold out or close to selling out.
So, he joins us now, other than me pontificating all day, because obviously I want you to get storable food, I want you to be prepared, I want you to be self-sufficient for whatever's coming on the pike, but the story
Of how the U.S.
government is trying to buy up the food supply and what's happening with this coronavirus, that's the big issue that's front and center.
So this is 70% news story, 30% selling food because it's so crazy.
So, Keith, thanks for coming on with us.
Again, I just straight shot the audience that, yeah, I'm selling food, but as a father, as a patriot, as an American, as somebody concerned about China, the information you have that I called and solicited from you is what's really crazy for me.
Glad to be on, Alex, and good to speak with you once again here.
Matt is in travel right now, is in the air.
He has travel commitments today or else he would have been on.
He's been visiting with our suppliers to make sure that we've got all the materials to make the meals and package the foods and get the things out to both your viewers and those in your store and your shoppers and the folks at MyPatriotSupply.
But you're right.
This started in November.
I started getting emails, phone calls from different people from the government, basically, trying to get us into a system where you can get GSA contracts to work with the government on making large purchases of storable food.
And we've always said no.
We will never do that.
We will not sell to the government of my Patriot Supply.
But they keep calling, Alex.
They keep emailing.
As recent as yesterday, I'm getting phone calls going, would you go into the system?
You get into the system, so that we can see, they want all the information.
How much food can you make?
Where are your warehouses?
How big are the warehouses?
How fast can you get more raw materials to make food kits?
They want this information.
And we just said, no.
And they keep calling, Alex.
Why do you think that is?
Because I'm always selling storable food.
You guys are great.
I believe in it.
But now, it's different.
I mean, they're, like, really pushing hard.
What does that signify to you?
Well, it tells me they know something that we don't.
And that's typical, I'm guessing.
You know, FEMA's gonna, you know, buy a stock up for something.
And, you know, be it, you know, to control, I guess.
We don't want to do that.
My Patriots apply.
We serve as Americans.
We want to work direct with Americans to help them prepare.
We don't need some go-between, in-between that's preparing for something in the future that they know and they control.
Well, that's really it.
So, again, I began to get calls weeks ago, why aren't you promoting swearable food by other parties?
I said, well, we've got the best group, My Patriot, and people go to m4store.com, it drops ships within an hour, and it funds our operation.
You know, we've already been with them over a decade, that's who we're with, but okay, but you know something big's coming.
And I've just kind of been punch drunk with the coverage of the trial of President Trump and all the other news, but now it's suddenly hit like a ton of bricks the last few days.
It certainly has.
The sale of food storage has been off the charts.
You're talking about it.
We're seeing it.
We're running four lines constantly, 16 hours a day to ship at our multiple warehouses across the country.
We're doing everything we can possible to get food storage to Americans, to the patriots out there.
But we're seeing the outer limits of this.
You know, Matt's been visiting with the suppliers and we have convoys of semis on the way to our production facilities with all these raw ingredients need to make foods.
That's like the rices and the potatoes and the veggies and the sauces and the pastas and such.
And it takes about 90 days from the day we say, hey, give us a truck full of rice to when it's ready in a package to ship to the customer.
So we've pulled forward all these contracts that we have.
All these purchase orders from 90 days forward to get it to our facilities now, so we can supply folks.
But, you know, the outer limit is in the next two, maybe three weeks, you know, we're not going to be able to ship food much longer here.
And we're going to be like the others.
I guess that, well, the others are selling to someone else.
We're selling direct to Americans.
And that's really the truth here.
People are asking me, hey, you know, there's food's been sold out.
Hey, you know, government's buying it up.
Why aren't you covering this?
Then I call you guys and I go, yeah, it's insane.
Lines of semis.
Most people are sold out.
We're still offering at this price.
People should order now to make sure they get it within, I guess they order today, within seven to 10 days.
You're being honest that you're close to being like all the others.
You're not like all the others.
When you guys run out of food or have a wait, you tell people.
The others are famous.
That's why I use you guys.
Because you have great food, high quality, a fair price, and I don't like listeners that pay for something and then don't give it delivered.
I've been through that a few times.
I won't go through it again.
That's why you guys are my sole sponsor.
And so, yes, it's true.
Like everything we promote here, it's the real McCoy.
And if they order with you, they will get the food.
You have it in supply.
You have it in pipeline.
How many days can you hold out until you've got to push that date from 7 to 10 days out?
Well, I'd say we're all good for about the next two weeks here, Alex.
You know, you put the order in, you know, the staff is working, they're going to get it out as quickly as possible there, and then it's some shipping time to get to wherever in the United States here.
But three weeks?
Now we're in a guessing game.
And, you know, we don't know how much
More of the sales are going to increase, the demand for emergency food storage in the last couple of days here.
You know, Friday was one number, and then that number doubled on Sunday.
That number doubled again, well, it's doubling today.
Okay, Keith Messimer, the president of My Patriot Supply, in my view, the best triple food company in the United States.
That's why I have him as a sponsor.
I want you to get what you pay for and come back again.
If I get into obsessing over telling you, yeah, I'm selling you terrible food, it misses the whole story.
We're always selling storable food.
Why now is there this giant shortage that we're reporting to you?
Why is there this institutional run on food with the General Service Administration calling our big sponsor, My Patriot Supply, and Keith Bansimer and saying, we want everything you've got.
That's really the big story here is that
Wow, there's a run on food.
The Chinese shelves are empty.
China exports a lot of food as well, not just imports.
What happens when other countries can't ship?
What happens if this thing does become a over-the-top pandemic?
So I believe in storable food for patriots so that we're not dependent on the system.
That's just a default.
We're always promoting food.
We're not promoting high-quality, storable food just today, or vitamin D3 just today.
We're doing that all the time.
But what does it signify when the U.S.
government's quietly, not just contacting MyPatriotSupply, but contacting everybody trying to buy up the food?
Well, it shows that this thing is already out of control in China.
You get out of control here.
And it's not just food that people need.
They need to get right with God.
Keith, talking to your suppliers, talking to everybody, why are they so panicked?
What do you really think is going on right now?
It's definitely the chatter about the coronavirus there, Alex.
I mean, that's what we're hearing.
That's why people are making a purchase here.
I mean, the word quarantine.
That's a big word.
Look what's happening to those millions of people in China there.
And move that word quarantine to a city in the U.S.
means you don't leave your home.
It means stores are shut.
It means you can't get out.
And how much food is sitting on the sidelines.
That's what Americans are thinking right now.
I don't know.
You know, I'm getting voicemails, you know, saying, would you go into the system?
Will you get all that information entered into the system?
Tell us about what you can do for us.
So why do you think, why do you think the deep state, FEMA, the GSA is contacting you?
I mean, obviously, because they're worried about a big crisis, but why are they pushing so hard to know what you can supply?
Well, you know, you know, control the information.
Control the food supply, you control the people.
I mean, it really comes down to a very simple equation.
And you watch it in a microcosm around the world, and you pray to God it just doesn't come to us.
Last week, I guess it was last Tuesday or Wednesday, I was like, I better get some mask.
For viruses.
I better get some more storable food for my neighbors.
I already have quite a bit from you guys.
And then when I call, they're like, okay, well normally it ships the next day, but right now it's seven to 10 days.
And that's when I was like, wow, why aren't I promoting this to my own listeners?
Because there's almost a guilt, even though selling foods and insurance policy you can eat, there's almost a guilt during a crisis that, well, I better not sell something that even FEMA's buying up because I'm being opportunistic.
No, we're not being opportunistic.
We're the people that warned up front about this.
And this is an insurance policy people should eat.
Everyone should go to InfoWareStore.com because we just...
I mean, we prepare for a hurricane, right?
You see what Americans do when a hurricane's approaching one of the Gulf Coast states.
And so, you know, people run and prepare in stores days in advance.
Same thing is playing out here.
You know, it may come to pass.
It may not come to pass.
You know, we certainly hope it doesn't.
But it doesn't hurt to be prepared.
That's what my kids, you know, ask me.
You know, Dad, should we be stocking something?
I say, you like to eat?
You know, well, of course they do.
So, you know, well, there's nothing wrong with having a little
Food storage at the ready so that you don't have to deal with the chaos when it's quote-unquote too late.
There's nothing I'd like more than this coronavirus to end in China, end here, not big, not be a big problem.
I just see all the preparation going on and I hope we're wrong and I hope this isn't needed.
But I'm absolutely excited to get people thinking about being prepared for economic collapse, war, all of it.
I'm not excited about those prospects, but I'm very excited about getting people to think about being independent.
Because once you start that mindset of being self-sufficient and being independent, you're not under the system's control.
It's like magic.
We've got to get the point of being independent.
Even if we just mentally think about what does that mean, that's that big step, like the Chinese say, that leads to a thousand miles.
It certainly does.
And, you know, Alex, if you stop and think about it, we are all preparers in some way, shape or form.
We prepare for retirement with 401ks and IRAs.
We prepare with medical insurance in case there's a hospital disaster and you got the big bills coming for that.
We prepare for fire by having smoke detectors.
We've got car jacks and spare tires in our car, jumper cables here preparing for that day when maybe the car's not going to be working the right way or the wheel blows out here.
I mean, I carry a gun in my glove compartment.
I'm not looking for a fight, but it's there in case I need it.
Exactly, exactly.
So food preparation is the same thing.
It just makes common sense.
So have a little extra on the store shelves for whatever the emergency is.
It's coronavirus or the day the power goes out.
Power goes out in your home.
Any day, any moment, any time.
You're asking yourself the question, well how long?
Right away?
Okay, an hour or two, you're fine.
What if it's a week?
That's what you're prepared for.
You're ready, so you don't have to worry about those things.
Well, that's right, Keith.
The whole system is based on people being dependent on the system and not self-sufficient.
So everything we can be to be self-sufficient is a big plus.
And if people can be self-sufficient and get the best high-quality, storable foods at the lowest price, while funding information that promotes freedom in general, that's a 360 win.
Infowarstore.com, folks.
We have the full MyPatriotSupply system.
We send them orders every hour during the day, so it's drop-shipped.
But then that supports this operation.
The only way you lose is not being prepared, not funding the InfoWar.
So please go to InfoWarStore.com today.
We have the full catalog.
But like you said, that's the real reason I wanted to get you on.
People say, Jones, you always sell food.
You always say buy it.
Why are you, you know, now saying get involved in this?
It's because I know from other people calling me
You guys didn't even contact me.
In fact, I know you got to go and it's, you know, you've got a lot going on.
You got a lot to manage, but we got to go to break here.
Do five more minutes with me because we haven't even talked in person about this.
I know I talked to Matt and a few others, but you guys didn't contact me.
So, I mean, I've got literally like 15 other food companies contacting me.
I just said, OK, what's your background?
You got a big supply?
They're like, well, actually, we don't.
You guys do is why I chose you many years ago because I want my listeners to get a good response.
So they treat me like I want to be treated.
A number of countries and foundations are coming together to look at making vaccines in advance of an epidemic so that we can have
Platforms that are very quick to make new vaccines.
And so we're far more ready than we were when the Ebola epidemic hit.
And so that's a big contribution.
It's a response to the fact that the vaccine didn't get done for Ebola until after the epidemic was gone.
What's being announced is $460 million that will be given out in grants for specific
I think?
RNA, DNA type vaccines that you might literally in a period of months be able to create something new instead of the many years that it takes now.
When our foundation first started up, it was focused on reproductive health.
That was the main thing we did because I thought, you know, population growth in poor countries is the biggest problem they face.
You've got to help mothers who want to limit family size have the tools and education to do that.
That's the only thing that really counts.
This equation has four factors.
A little bit of multiplication.
So you've got a thing on the left, CO2, that you want to get to zero.
And that's going to be based on the number of people.
The services each person's using on average, the energy on average for each service, and the CO2 being put out per unit of energy.
So let's look at each one of these and see how we can get this down to zero.
Probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near to zero.
That's back from high school algebra.
But let's take a look.
First, we've got population.
The world today has 6.8 billion people.
That's headed up to about 9 billion.
Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.
This vaccine work is the biggest program for the Gates Foundation.
And that's because it is so impactful.
It's incredible value.
It utterly changes the country to have the newest vaccines.
We also have had great support from the vaccine manufacturers in terms of continuing to get the prices down.
And so that makes all of this possible.
We also have ambitious goals for getting vaccine coverage up.
It's wonderful that it's up at 80%.
But Gavi, working with key partners in particular,
WHO and UNICEF can get that even higher.
And so today gives us resources that will go into that.
Going back to 2000, that's when GAVI was first established.
Within five years, they had gotten Hepatitis B, Haemophilus Influenza, Hib and Yellow Fever out to lots and lots of people.
The world is willing to step up
And make sure that all the kids who need these vaccines will get them.
Vaccines are now getting out to children far, far better than ever before because a group called the Global Alliance for Vaccines, GAVI, has raised money to buy these vaccines on behalf of the poor kids.
We are much closer today to achieving the goal of universal coverage.
I think today will go down in the history of global health.
It's a very important day.
Right up there with the time that UNICEF first committed to universal vaccination.
Right up there with the original creation of the Global Alliance for Vaccines.
Well, it's amazing how Asia, including most large countries there, have gotten extreme poverty down quite substantially.
So as you say, Africa is going to have a very high share of the people in extreme poverty.
And in fact, the births in the world are shifting towards Africa.
It's a quarter of the births today, but over the course of the century, it becomes half of all the births in the world.
So we need to really double down, take the positive examples from Asia, what was done there in terms of health and education, and go to even the toughest parts of Africa,
I think?
Is an opportunity because if you do invest in those people, their open mindedness, their productivity, you know, being in as they come into working age, it can be a fantastic thing.
But the challenge to get these health systems to scale up, to get the food systems for nutrition to scale up, and then the educational systems to not only have the access,
But the quality as well.
That's not going to be easy.
We're going to have to have donor resources, stay very generous, and the local governments figure out how to raise domestic resources and then run these systems.
So Melinda and I wondered whether providing new medicines and keeping children alive, would that create more of a population problem?
What we found out is that as health improves, families choose to have less children.
The population growth goes down as we improve health.
What's at stake is really very large, and that is whether we can raise the money so that all the children of the world
Get the vaccines that the children in the wealthier countries like Germany and the United States get.
This includes a vaccine to stop the main cause of diarrhea, a vaccine that stops the main cause of respiratory disease.
Well, anyone who's been out to see populations getting AIDS drugs or
Communities getting malaria bed nets.
They'll be very sympathetic to these things.
But the politicians, and particularly the voters, very few of them have actually seen it in action.
And their image of aid goes back to several decades ago where it was more about buying friendship than it was about putting the money where it could have the most impact.
It's not
One political term, you know, that we can get these things done.
But if you think in terms of 10 or 15 years, we'll be able to see immense progress.
Why aren't we getting vaccines out in Africa for diarrhea, for respiratory disease?
Why don't we have a vaccine for malaria?
Those are the things that I push forward.
I wouldn't say I get angry, but I'm really impatient that we're not moving as fast as I'd like.
Okay, so we are experiencing a measles outbreak in 22 states because parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children for whatever reason they may have.
And much of your foundation work has been getting vaccines to developing countries.
How do we fix it right here in this country?
Yeah, I believe that vaccines are fundamental.
To life.
We know that the reason so many children now survive to their fifth birthday is because of vaccines.
So the women I meet in all over the world in developing world countries, they'll walk 10 kilometers in the heat to get a vaccine.
They'll tell you how important it is to save their child's life.
So here, I think when people start to remember that we used to have measles and it's a needless thing for a child to have measles or to die from measles,
That is, that's untenable.
And if somebody's immune system's down because I didn't get my kid vaccinated for measles, you get sick, that doesn't make any sense.
Or somebody like this young lady here who's having twins.
My dog had to get shots to get groomed.
He had to get all the shots done and I'm thinking that's an imbalance in life.
If animals have a rule to get them in a spa, why should kids go to school without being vaccinated?
It's just poor information.
The thing that makes me crazy about this is a lot of these adults who have decided not to vaccinate their kids have been vaccinated.
You know, they have those, you know, at a certain age you have this mark that looks like a baby vampire.
And we've forgotten, we have a short memory, and what I would say to parents is talk to your pediatrician.
He or she has the real information and trust their point of view.
They are medically trained and they will tell you to have your child vaccinated.
Parents don't want to vaccinate their kids?
No way!
One question that I think a lot of viewers would actually have for you is, have you ever had the thought to just give it all up?
Yeah, they were trying to shut me down about 15 years ago and messing with me and saying Jones is all about money and attacking my family and stuff.
And I said, you know what?
I'm going to get big now because I guess I've got to do this job to defeat the Globalists that have already become so prominent.
I thought I'd just be a talk show host and kind of contribute to fighting them.
I said, watch this.
That's when I really expanded into all the big stuff and went from bringing in $5 million a year to bringing in $40 million a year.
You know, fun things.
That's the gross amount.
And I put it back in, put it back in, put it back in.
We're really on a mission.
Thanks for watching.
Don't act so surprised, Globalist.
You didn't think you could silence the American people, did you?
Join Bandot Video, and I will complete your training.
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And I'm not going to sit here and go through this big red folder I've got right here.
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But I've got the side-by-side comparison of their food and the quality versus all the other competitors.
They are the most inexpensive food of any of the major groups out there.
It's high quality and they deliver it when they say.
I'm gonna tell you again.
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They got two and a half weeks of food in right now at current sales rates, but it's exponential.
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So they got two and a half weeks of food.
That's at current sales rates.
It could be gone in two days at this level.
You get your order in, you get it.
There's a window that's closing.
Can you imagine if the store shelves are already getting cleaned out in a lot of areas?
Especially around military bases, because they know what's going on.
That what's it going to be like in 3, 4, 5 months when this virus peaks here?
And we hope that's not the case.
So, everybody needs storable foods.
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Picking up one of these is
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