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Name: 20200130_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 30, 2020
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In this passage, Alex Jones discusses various topics including the dangers of being watched, the role of corporations in society, the coronavirus outbreak, and the importance of self-sufficiency during times of crisis. He criticizes powerful individuals and corporations for suppressing knowledge and pushing for human activity to be made illegal. Jones also shares information about the coronavirus from Tucker Carlson's show and emphasizes the importance of basic public health measures. Additionally, he discusses his film "Endgame" which talks about elites exploiting the population through contrived bio-crises. He promotes self-preparedness, prayer, and supports importrestore.com. The author highlights the predicted mass pandemics and calls for global government as a solution to the crisis at hand while also discussing Matt Bracken's views on unified propaganda from governments and Trump's response to the World Health Organization (WHO).

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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
You are being watched by other humans, by the AI, by the surveillance, and by the fallen angels marooned on this planet with us.
And by the big guy, truly omnipresent, sees all.
You are being watched.
Everyone's being watched.
You're being watched from the heavens.
You're being watched interdimensionally.
You're being watched at the subatomic level.
God knows every atom that makes up every hair on your head.
That's right.
Oh, they say I'm crazy.
Just a little touched.
Like Narls Barkley says.
I was crazy, but not because I didn't know, because I knew too much.
All right, I've got a good handle on what's going on with the virus now.
I really have pressed my mind, and that's why yesterday I was going a lot of different directions.
I wouldn't call it floundering as much as Tasmanian around trying to just look at all the information, but there's a clue in everything.
There's a congruency that runs through all of this continually.
And so I'm going to try my best to just calmly, which we all know what that means, walk through this as best I can and then sounding board it off of you.
Tell me what you think.
We can have that big college of discussion here on air that the system has struggled so incredibly hard to make sure can't happen.
The knowledge of the crowd, the knowledge of the town square, but the people come together to get answers and suss things out.
They don't want that.
They want the big corporate globalist on high.
Men can have babies.
Mothers and fathers are bad.
You can't say the word woman on the side of a bus.
In L.A.
or London, because some people don't identify as a woman, and the word woman hurts them!
First it's the N-word, now it's woman.
They want to hand down their most ridiculous crap to train us to accept it.
That if they serve up a big ol' steamin' pile of dog crap and tell us it's Dutch chocolate, Blue Bell, we go, yes sir, and start eatin' it with a helping of flies on top.
Instead of pecans.
That's all any of this is, is building a world where human activity is illegal.
Probably want to retire Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog, and have an AI robot do it.
PETA is a eugenics cult run by Dr. Peter Singer.
On record.
Who says parents have the right to kill children to age three, and then once it's age three, well, we kill whoever we want.
The bioethics boards will decide whose life has value, and who will live, and who will die.
It's called playing God.
And statistically, if you study eugenicists of the last century and the century before, they were the ones that always ended up in mental institutions, rotting on the walls in their own crap.
Because they are demented and they are mentally ill trying to play God.
The imperfection is the perfection.
They are not going to perfect us.
All right, I'm going to stop preaching here.
And when I come back, I'm going to do the best job I can to tell you what I know is going on with the virus.
We know, I know what's going on with it.
Now that doesn't mean I have all the answers and the total projection of where it's going to go precisely, but we know, we know something very, very important that I'm going to lay out when we return on the other side of this break.
I'm Alex Jones.
Remember, the only way this transmission gets out is your word of mouth.
Those precious local radio and TV stations.
And you spread the word about Band.Video and NewsWorce.com forward slash show.
We'll be back.
We are broadcasting worldwide.
On this Thursday, January 30th, 2020 transmission.
Now let me make this statement.
Paul Joseph Watson wrote an article that links to a respected medical company computer projection system.
And it predicts 183 million people will be infected by February 29th.
I know you're saying, Alex, that's fake news.
There's not 29 days in February.
Unless it's leap year.
See, stuff's a little weird this year.
And 2020.
So it's projected that this coronavirus would have infected 183 million people.
Now, if that's an accurate report, and they're just going off the numbers they have, and if you put that together with the Lancet study that was a rush study, and that had a smaller group than they wanted for the study because it's an emergency, there's an 18% fatality rate.
Well, I don't believe that, because they're studying people that were in hospitals they know had it.
But let's say it's 1%.
1% die.
Let's just speculate.
That's a lot of people out of 183 million infected.
And I'll tell you this, obviously more are infected right now than that, if this follows historical models.
Just like Dr. Pucinich said, this virus has been here probably for months.
There's been a lot of really bad pneumonia-type stuff, and this virus, what's so dangerous about it is it mutates so quickly in so many different ways.
And that's why there's fundamentally fear of it.
Because it's so active.
And I'm not a medical doctor, I'm reading what they're saying, I'm watching, I'm studying it.
And I think Tucker Carlson last night had a guest on, a medical doctor who I think in three minutes summed it up best.
But I'll get to that in a moment.
Let me right now tell you what I do know.
The League of Nations and the UN and these systems were set up In the name of stopping wars and stopping the spread of infectious disease and coordinating during huge crises.
Sounds great, makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?
Except powerful corporations then use those bodies to pass international laws that benefit them and not the general public or anybody else and are very draconian and make the robber barons of 120 years ago look like choir boys, look like Boy Scouts, look like the Apostle Paul.
They are just completely sociopathic on the good end and psychotic on the other.
I mean, just, you name it, out of control, think they're God, think they're invincible, get away with murder, do the most cold-blooded stuff you can imagine, like Bayer Pharmaceutical.
This came out in the court trial saying, yeah, we've infected about 2 million people, we estimate, with the factor VIII, with hepatitis A, B, C, and HIV.
And the head said, screw them, we don't need hemophiliacs, we're doing them a favor.
Yeah, how about somebody walks up to you and jabs an ice pick through your eye?
I'm not saying do that, but, oh no!
That's a CEO!
That's a president!
That's a... Well, you just killed a bunch of people, jerk!
And it just goes on and on, so I don't trust these people, okay?
I know where these pharmaceutical companies came from.
I know who they are.
Bunch of mad scientists who recruit more mad scientists.
And I'll tell you, it's a bunch of British and German mad scientists set this whole damn thing up.
Don't blame Germans, don't blame Brits.
I'm just saying, that's where patient zero of these lunatics came from.
And I'm now digressing.
Here it is in summation.
They have a planetary government in place.
The red phones for nuclear weapons, earthquakes, all that.
That makes sense.
But it always gets abused, and they treat the public like idiots.
You give people garbage, they become garbage.
You give them a high-tech, complex stratum of information, they become more intelligent.
It's just a fact!
But we're fed the most dumbed-down garbage to lower the communication systems.
But I digress.
What we know is that whether it's the Russians, or it's the Chinese, or the Mexicans, or the United States, or the Germans, or the Brits, or the Colombians, or the Qataris, It's all the exact same propaganda, the exact same statements, and they're all in lockstep.
And I look back about a month, they've been lined up together.
That's not normally done that way.
So this is a test of world government and a test of the international system for a giant communicable outbreak.
It's been pre-conditioned, it's been pre-prepared with the Netflix shows and the vaccines already ready, folks.
They just gotta put it in a solution.
And again, that's Bill and Melinda Gates again.
And you add all that together, we know this is staged.
Does it mean it's not deadly?
Does it mean it's not super deadly?
Does it mean we know how many are gonna get infected?
Nobody knows that but God.
But this is big.
I'm not sure exactly what's going on, but it's staged.
It's like walking into a furniture store and there's a bowl of fruit on the table.
You're in a furniture store.
A, at 50 feet away, you're like, that's plastic fruit.
Just because you know you're in a furniture store.
You walk over and you can see it's plastic.
Now, do I know what type of plastic it is?
Where it got made?
I know it's plastic fruit.
This is plastic.
This is synthetic.
Now, within that statement, do we know exactly what's going on?
Are the people dying?
Is this a real tragedy?
Yes, but gut level and the way the Chi-Coms are working with the UN and the US and everybody else, this is a pre-programmed global drill and they already knew this was out and going around killing people three or four months ago and they decided to go ahead and activate the drill or somebody released this on purpose to do it.
But either way, this is all contrived.
And I don't think anybody can disagree with that if you just sit back.
Same question.
Oh, really?
Are you a biologist?
Are you a botanist?
How do you know that banana is plastic?
And I'm like, you can see the damn thing's plastic.
Your eye is so good that even the best fake fruit or best fake plants, you just know they're not real.
Well, this is ridiculous.
It's like a drawing of a banana.
It's so fake.
It's not even a plastic banana.
It just reeks of BS, up one side and down the other, with all the final icing to know it's fake.
That it's all coordinated like a ballet.
I mean, this is like watching Top Conductor.
And that's why people are so scared, because they're looking at this and they're going, wait, this doesn't look like anything we've seen in a response, where the response is it's the end of the world, but the PR is everything's fine.
That's what's scary.
So we're going to open the phones up today and take massive calls.
I did have guests lined up for today, but I had them moved.
Matt Bracken will be in in the fourth hour.
He's got a lot of interesting things to say.
But I'm going to be here.
I think Owen's been super sick with some kind of respiratory issue.
He was in the D.C.
jail for having a piece of tape over his mouth at the Capitol in this wonderfully free country.
Uh, and so he, I think he should be back.
Owen's tough.
I mean, he barely got out of bed two days ago.
We had folks go check on him.
Uh, but, um, it's a fan.
I went and checked on him.
So there is a lot going on here.
We're going to be breaking it all down.
And I'm going to play this report when we come back from Fox News.
I think in three minutes with Tucker Carlson, it's, I think, the best summation.
You know, Tucker, you just are getting somebody that's smart and that has had a lot of experience in the world and who is now in a position he can finally do his own show.
I hated the old Tucker Carlson, the one that had to sit there and put a little neocon libertarian, you know, patted on the head.
I don't even call him a neocon, but in a conservative world run by neocons, he had to survive.
But now you see a guy who has his own show and does whatever the hell he wants, which is a real rarity.
I can tell you, he doesn't do it easily.
I know some of the behind the scenes, not from him but from others.
Well, maybe from him too, but the point is he gets persecuted a lot for just really saying what he thinks.
And most of the time it turns out to be accurate, doesn't it?
Because it's common sense.
We have it, the globalists don't.
Because they're a bunch of mad scientists, and they're the enemy of humanity.
They tell us they are.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Totally open phones, ladies and gentlemen.
Totally open phones all day, right through the war room tonight.
I may even just stay until midnight tonight.
There's so much to brainstorm with you.
I need to brainstorm with you.
I need to hear from you.
I need the intel.
You need the intel.
We need each other.
That's not a patronizing statement.
That is a pro-human future.
Alex, 877-789-2539.
It's first-time callers, long-time callers.
Disagree, agree.
877-789-2539. It's first-time callers, long-time callers, disagree, agree. We're having a big
discussion about this virus and the unprecedented response.
I don't think you need me to tell you that they're shutting down flights from all over the
world in and out of China.
I don't have to tell you that Thailand has been honest and said that they can't contain it and that it's spreading out of control.
That's the type of government I would like to have.
A government that just tells me what's going on and that then I can get prepared.
Or at least tell me what they think's going on.
And I gotta tell you, that's the big $64 trillion question.
Why is the United States, of any major power, the most sluggish to stop flights out of China coming to the U.S.?
Is it because they know the virus has already been all over the U.S.?
Which, you know, I don't even know why I held off on this, but it's because I didn't have all the pieces yet.
And so I did want to tell you two days ago that individuals in and around the White House have stated to individuals that they know it's all over the U.S.
and it's escaped containment because it was already here before any containment could be attempted.
They are going to start screening people to come in from China that show signs, but it incubates so you don't know.
8 to 10 days.
Most people don't have any fever for 8 to 10 days.
You can be shedding it, and no one knows.
You can get it through your eyes.
I think that's really where the fear is, at the end of the day, that this is so easily transmittable.
We don't really know the real death rate of it.
The Atlanta study is too small.
It better not be 18%.
That's biblical proportions of a death.
I bet it's less than 1%, but who knows?
But they know it is very communicable.
We know that now from independent labs.
Because I'm not going to believe anything out of the United Nations.
And Trump doesn't totally run the CDC.
I don't believe what the CDC says.
They tell you vaccines are safe and effective.
And then in their own internal CDC documents that came out in 2002 on ABC News, back when they still did their job sometimes, that they had minutes that Congress got where the head of the CDC said, my God, I'm going to tell my children don't vaccinate our grandchildren.
They'll kill us if they've learned we've brain damaged millions.
Autoimmune response, blood on the brain.
You know, if a honeybee stings you and you swell up, you can die.
What the hell do you think happens to a baby giving them frickin' shots, man?
It's not rocket science.
Some people are violently allergic to the damn things.
That's what it is!
You know you're allergic to peanuts.
You know you're allergic to cat hair.
I'm allergic to cedar.
Oh no, there's nothing going on!
We're just going to inject all this in your baby, so... We're going to take your calls today.
I want to hear from folks, get their take on what they're seeing or what's happening to them and their families.
But I really think the best thing I can do is play this clip where Tucker Carlson had a medical doctor on, a frequent guest of his show, What is the coronavirus and why is it so deadly?
Dr. Mark Siegel knocks it out of the park.
Here it is.
Now that we've cleared up that misconception, what is the coronavirus?
How do you get it?
How serious is it?
What are the symptoms?
One man who knows is Fox Medical contributor, Dr. Mark Siegel, and he joins us today.
Doctor, thanks so much for coming on.
So describe, if you would, what it means to get the coronavirus.
The coronavirus is a virus in mammals, different kinds of mammals.
And it goes from one species to another.
This particular strain, and it's a single strand of genetic material, that mutates all the time, that changes all the time.
And that's why it can go from being the common cold to being quite deadly.
The way humans get it, and we talked about this before, is by being in close contact with animals.
And then it hops into humans, and then it can start to accelerate and go from human to human.
The symptoms you get, Tucker, are fever, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath.
Sounds like any respiratory virus, right?
And that's the problem.
We don't know yet how deadly it is, but it looks like Because of all of the cases in China that weren't reported, and I believe that there were a lot of mild cases that were never reported, that it may not be as deadly as feared.
And over here in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control has done a fantastic job isolating those who have it, checking those who came from Wuhan, including the 200 now getting off the plane in California today, and Every day that goes by without those people spreading it to other people, the more relieved I am that maybe it's not as contagious as feared.
Gosh, I hope that's the case.
Now some have died, over a hundred according to the official Chinese accounting of it.
How do they die without being morbid?
I think it's an important question.
What is it?
What kills you about the coronavirus?
Very important question, and like with SARS, which was the previous one that we're worried about because SARS killed almost one out of ten people that have it, it's usually pneumonia.
It's shortness of breath and cough, and you develop pneumonia.
Now, the good news there is that almost everyone that has died from this so far has been elderly, Not all.
There was a young person, a teen that died from it, tragically.
But most are elderly or have some kind of chronic condition where they're predisposed to this virus doing the worst.
So again, it may be that it's not as deadly as feared.
What I'm disturbed mostly about is that over in China, they don't seem to have done what we're doing over here.
Isolating people.
Seeing who they're in contact with.
Making sure that we track it.
Testing people for it.
That's how you contain it.
A vaccine is in the works, by the way.
I spoke to Dr. Fauci of the NIH last night about that, but that's about a year away.
A year away?
It's about two or three months away from going into trials.
I'd say it's about a year away before we could actually use it in people.
But it looks promising.
We have to contain this with basic public health.
But I have to tell you, the idea of people walking down the streets, Tucker, with masks on is absurd.
Because with five cases in the United States, they shouldn't be thinking coronavirus.
They should be thinking flu, which has infected 20 million this year so far.
20 million versus five.
Thank you for the perspective on that, doctor.
Great to see you tonight.
Thanks, Tucker.
So, minus the vaccine talk, because people want to have a solution.
Like, you got a house fire, you want a fire department.
Minus that, it's good to have the balance of saying, compared to other things going on currently right now in the U.S.
many areas, it's not a big deal.
So, why is there this giant unprecedented response?
And that's the big question we're going to be wargaming all day here together.
I don't want to make light of this because I have seen pneumonia in hell kill most of the people I love.
I mean, I started really getting down to brass tacks.
My grandmother died of pneumonia.
My uncle died of pneumonia.
My cousin died.
I mean, so many people.
You don't need me to tell you.
You've dealt with it.
That's what I've always said.
Pneumonia is far more deadly than the flu.
And the flu vaccines in their own studies don't protect you.
Listen, I can read the literature, the art, the inserts that come with it.
If vaccines worked, I'd be lined up around the block to get them.
Think I want to die?
But they don't, almost all the time.
They lower your immunity, they screw you up, and Americans and others are living less than we used to.
We have the highest level of babies dying.
Okay, we've got loaded phone lines, and I want to start going to your calls in this segment.
I look out over this news, and it's just, it's insane.
But we've got TVs in basically every room and hallway so we can see what's going on.
One will be on the Weather Channel, one will be on C-SPAN, one will be on CNN, one will be on Fox.
You know, one will have our own feeds on it and rebroadcast feeds just so we can have eyes on what's going on, what's happening.
Satellite feeds, we've got whole rooms just TVs and satellite feeds coming in.
So this is a real situation center.
Talk about a threat fusion center.
This is an organic Texas operation powered by America and the world against the new world order.
It's you.
You did this.
So, good job.
I just keep going back to that.
What people power can do, what the real grassroots can do, not AstroTurf, but the real thing.
Nobody knows the real thing.
There's nothing else like it.
You can smell it.
Because you're it.
That's not an ass-kissing event.
That's a fact.
You need to be saluted for raising your children and working hard and Putting boots on the ground on this planet to build the future.
We've had a lot of problems.
We've been given all this great power and all these atheists and all these Satanists and all these globalists who before didn't believe in God, but as they see the technology and the artificial omnipresence and as they get down to the atoms and as they get down to the genetics and they get into the universe, an artificial force at least five times stronger, Of course it's five times stronger.
Everything's in fives and threes.
Is artificially holding this in place.
And they say, oh, it's a simulation.
That's the big thing in Silicon Valley.
And when they go take their drugs at Burning Man, they come back and say, there's an oppressor that's oppressed us, this dimension.
We're gonna create a new reality and come with us.
Heard of that before, right?
Read about that before.
And you say, oh, that's just a book.
No, it's not just a bug.
Not just a bug.
It's what's going on.
The good news is the devil's real.
Because you know what that means?
It means God's real.
But I'm digressing.
I'm going to stop the preaching.
These are the times I preach.
The media is attacking us for conspiracy theories.
That means questioning.
You know, InfoWars and Natural News said a week before what the projected numbers would be by now and we're pretty much dead on.
So see, mainstream media just wishes they were real boys and not wooden boys like Pinocchio.
They wish that they put their boots on in the morning and were the captains of their own ships.
But see, they're not Matt Drudge, they're not Tucker Carlson, they're not Alex Jones.
And I'm sorry for them that they're not.
I want them to be real boys.
But you gotta have courage to become a real boy.
That's how that works, see?
Children understand that.
Do adults understand that?
Oh, look.
The Wuhan coronavirus is an exciting opportunity for conspiracy theorists.
That means people that question the received knowledge, especially when we don't know what the hell's going on, and oh, the worst part, callers too.
Oh, you call, they let random people on the air, and then millions hear them.
We can't allow that.
I mean, that's not elitism.
That's that American system, and we're not going to put up with that.
See how that, whoa, you're all going bankrupt.
And who is it just gave up on you?
Warren Buffett told us that the sky's blue and that newspapers are a losing commodity.
Right after newspapers assisted big tech in butchering free speech and butchering competition, the globalists now say, oh, by the way, Now that you, you know, helped us shut down all the competition, now that you're not needed at all, here's your pink slip.
Get out and don't let the door hit you on the ass.
And everyone can work at the New York Times now.
All the failed, they all go there.
They don't get paid.
They're just given titles of senior this or something that titles like nobility.
But everybody hates you.
Everybody despises mainstream corporate media.
Because they're a joke.
Nurse in Germany charged with attempting to kill five babies.
She wondered why she got into nursing to play God.
So you gotta watch those people.
It's not that all the medical people are bad.
It's that there's a certain type And they tend to rise in the ranks because they're callous and they cover things up.
And that's how you get mad scientists.
Like Bill Gates.
Who comes from a long line of them.
He's the biggest serial killer on the planet, in my view.
People say, well, you ought to watch your ass.
Well, I think I better not.
Because I'm just a projectile fired by God at the enemy.
My job is to be destroyed upon impact.
And I think we're doing a really good job burning into the enemy, aren't we?
And making sure when our kinetic energy fully expends itself, there's a big, giant, flaming hole in the globalist underbelly.
So, that's real.
That's not think tanks, that's not dolled up crap, and PR firms and teleprompters.
That's the soul.
And not afraid to die, because it isn't death.
Those aren't words, that's truth.
Next segment I'll go to your calls, but I'm gonna do this now.
I am very sad about this virus and very sad about the bioweapons and the things that are going on, but it is an opportunity for people to take advantage of the products we have and do what's right and be self-sufficient.
It's all about that.
Just because I say you should go work out doesn't mean I'm perfect either.
Just because I say you shouldn't eat trans fats doesn't mean I don't eat them sometimes.
Just because I say, hey, if you don't want to get too much sun, you'll get skin cancer, doesn't mean I don't do it.
When I'm up here, I'm talking to myself, it's like I'm talking to you.
In fact, this show is really me preaching it myself, saying you need to be a better person.
But I'll tell you this, I almost kicked myself in the ass last week when I'm like, on the phone, trying to wrangle an even better deal for myself than what we sell the food at, because that's a set price.
They're like, yeah, don't you know everybody's selling out?
You should be promoting it.
You know you already have record high sales of food.
And I'm like, I didn't even pay attention to that.
Because that's the marketing program around here.
It's just really whatever I'm thinking about, whatever I'm doing.
So let me walk right over here real quick for TV viewers.
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Grasshoppers don't.
Grasshoppers die.
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Piss up a rope.
Had too many bad experiences early on, and yes, you know, 20 years ago, Lister's got burned by some companies.
I didn't know.
I learned.
That's what this is about.
And by the way, I'm not just some little wimpy person groveling to you, telling you I'm bringing you the best deal out there.
That's for me.
I metaphysically need to treat you like I need to be treated, and then boom, I get it all right back.
With me, it's religious not to screw you over and do the best job I can.
Doesn't mean I'm perfect, but I'm busting my ass to deliver to you reality and the bona fides.
And I'm telling you, you need to get this storable food, and it funds the Infowar, you can eat the insurance, 360 win.
I don't know how bad this is gonna be, we just all need to be prepared, period, and this is a good exercise.
All right, we're going to your phone calls here in about 60 seconds, but here's the breaking news.
Senator calls for immediate shutdown of all flights from China to the U.S.
That should have happened days ago.
If this is anywhere as deadly as they're saying.
Here's another headline NBC News.
Coronavirus spreads for first time in U.S.
CDC says.
Now again, I told you two days ago that on the West Coast they know it's already broken containment and it's spreading.
And now you have the CDC saying that today.
Tomorrow's news today, by the way, that's not rocket science.
Obviously, you know that.
I mean, I'm stating things here that are completely obvious, but I got this.
And separately, Mike Adams got this information that this is what the federal government's doing and preparing and has already set up.
Trump doesn't want to create a panic.
So again, is it really killing 18% of people like Lancet studies says it may?
Obviously not, I don't think so.
Is there something else that's been released that we don't know about and they're just saying it's this?
That could be in the cards.
Because this response is big.
And governments legitimately are acting tremulous.
Very scared.
I'm just picking up that.
I know you're picking that up.
Around military bases, you've heard the calls, we've confirmed it.
The military, the officers are buying up all the stuff.
Is that just because they're already in that readiness mindset?
Or is it more?
I mean, I think it's more.
I think we know it's more.
So I want to go to your phone calls, but there's an InfoWars.com article, How Viral Pandemic Benefits the Globalist Agenda.
Excellent article there, breaking all that down.
There's a lot of fun news I want to cover, like Tennessee State Rep.
Files a bill to officially designate CNN as fake news.
West Virginia offers Virginians to secede to the state and have their counties secede.
You can do that legally.
It's actually a great idea.
Just have the, it's like 90-something percent of the counties, almost every county, is Patriot, so they can just vote and say, I tell you what, you can have little Los Angeles or little San Francisco up in northern Virginia, a little toilet bowl, and everybody that works, the farmers and the engineers and The blacksmiths, everybody else, we'll all just come right over here to West Virginia.
Because that's how that's really supposed to work.
A lot happening, ladies and gentlemen.
Beijing struggling to meet Trump trade demands amid coronavirus outbreak.
Got that report up on InfoWars.com by Kit Daniels.
Controversy erupts at where Chief Justice Roberts shuts down Rand Paul.
Whistleblower question.
I know we have that video.
We're going to get to that for you.
I saw Senator Blumenthal that's quarterbacking the lawsuits against us for Hillary Clinton.
That's on record.
He got up there and said we should censure Rand Paul.
I'm going to cover it after we go to calls.
We should censure him because you can't say it was Blore Zane.
So in a trial, you can't say who your accuser is.
Blumenthal's a lawyer and he's a damn liar.
Again, that's like saying 2 plus 2 does not equal 4.
Rand Paul is bad.
He said it equals 4.
We're like, but it equals 4.
It's the Inspector General can't say who a whistleblower is when it's in that process.
But when you give interviews to the New York Times, and you put out disinfo, and you get the President of the United States indicted, the President doesn't get to face who said this.
This is a war against common sense by a bunch of dirty, corrupt lawyers attempting to gutterot.
Due process in this country.
Strangle it!
Slit its throat!
And now they're saying that they want Rand Paul's head.
And they're mad at Paul because he says Eric Ciramama, who's just one of the people spouting BS.
The whistleblower is a It's a cut out term for the globalist deep state liars that construct BS behind the wall of secrecy.
That's why I've almost gotten rid of nondisclosure stuff here that any business has, or any, especially media companies, so people don't expose sources and things like that.
And because people use the nondisclosure to lie from behind.
Oh, I can't tell you the horrible things we saw.
It's a nondisclosure.
Jones swings off the chandeliers and he has swastika shoes on.
I mean, this is the type of stuff.
And you're just like, why is it so outlandish?
Because it's gotta be.
People don't believe stuff that's not outlandish from the establishment.
But that's such a whopper.
That's crazy.
It's like saying a man can have babies.
It's just not true.
You'll be fired from most corporations or systems if you don't agree with that.
Okay, I said I'd go to your calls.
But that's the type of stuff that's going on right now.
And that's the type of stuff the Democrats are doing.
It is outlandish.
And now, of course, he got caught lying.
We have that clip, too, coming up.
Just don't get me started on Schiff, man.
He said, I don't know who the whistleblower is.
Earlier, he said he did.
He's a complete liar, under oath, lying in the Senate.
Roger Stone's set to go to prison on February 20th for the sentencing.
And this guy sits up there, he's got a Pinocchio nose that goes around the world in less than a second.
All right, I'm gonna stop there.
He even looks like a Chuck E. Cheese animatron, doesn't he?
Like, he's not real.
You got Bloomberg, like, shaking the dog's head, and you've got all this other... Hillary looks like a robot.
I mean, what the hell's going on with these people?
I'm just going to say this very, very quickly as well.
Everybody is buying up.
The immune gargle.
Because this is 15 parts per million nano silver that's patented and yesterday I showed you classified secret restricted government documents from Congress about the nano silver from the nanotech company that develops this for the Pentagon, you name it.
They're big listeners.
We're the only people that are allowed to private label their products.
And in fact we've made new products.
This was made with them and my dad who's a retired dentist.
This is the big super blue Silver Immune Gargle.
It's got it all in there.
It's so good for you.
And then you gargle with it.
You can drink it if you want.
And it's powerful.
It's what's called Immune Gargle.
You got the big bottles, the teeny bottles, the middle-sized bottles.
And despite the fact that current sales rates, we're going to sell out of this in about a week and a half or so, I'm going to keep it.
Massively discounted.
40% off.
I'm gonna keep the immune gargle.
All sizes.
40% off.
Get them all together.
50% off.
And it will sell out.
Just like the...
Vitamin D3 ish and the fish oils gonna sell it too. That's one of the best sources of vitamin D3
There's the ultimate fish oil and I get lung cleanse plus 40% off and start feeling the difference as well
That's a good frontline and that's what I'm personally doing
It's what my children are personally doing and it's why so many other folks are sick and we're not knock on wood
So good lord keeps me in the fight That's the real reason I'm not sick.
But God helps those that helps themselves.
Honor S. Thompson said, you know, trust in God, pray to God, but row away from the rocks.
The better one saying is trust in God, tie up your camel.
Hey, we trust in God, but God gave you the sense to tie that camel up.
So if you don't tie that, you've got to do the basics and God will take you the rest of the way.
That's been my experience.
And the older I get, the more I learn, man, the stuff in this Bible, it's all true.
Some people don't know how to read it because they don't have the ability to read it.
God just doesn't give the average person the ability to read the Bible.
And I would always hear that and go, I mean, once I found, I was like, whoa!
I mean, once you do have that, then it's totally different and you get how it begins in a progression as man learns and it's at those levels as well.
It's very sophisticated.
And I'm going to stop right there.
I said I'd go to your calls and I didn't do it.
You can feel the energy, it's off the charts right now.
Something big is afoot, something big is moving, and the coordinated governmental systems all working together.
When I watch the Russian propaganda news, and all information is propaganda, they made propaganda a dirty word.
There's black propaganda, There's gray propaganda and there's white propaganda.
That's if you want to use those definitions.
Black propaganda is saying Alex Jones lost a lawsuit for a book titled Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.
Didn't write the book.
Not in the book.
Total hoax.
That's black propaganda.
White propaganda is saying, I sure love my mama, and boy, she sure cooks really good Christmas dinner.
Which is true, but I pat her on the shoulder and thank her for it.
She likes that, and she's really a great cook, makes the best rolls.
That's true, but it's propa, means propagating.
It means what you're proselytizing.
Propaganda comes out of proselytizing.
A preacher proselytizes.
The preacher tells you what they believe, what they stand for, who they are, and then they're promoting a certain worldview.
So you've got to practice what you preach as well.
And I practice what I preach, ladies and gentlemen.
I practice it religiously.
Because the more I practice it, and the more I do what God wants me to do, the better everything gets, the stronger I get, the more intense my vision gets, the more manly I become.
It's incredible to get closer to God.
And that's why the enemy's so fallen and look like wind-up toy animatrons, because these are slaves.
They have turned themselves, and they're not physical slaves.
Some people that are physical slaves are the strongest, because they know they've been captured and are in a system that's oppressing them.
But when you don't know it, and you think you want the system, you think you want Hollywood and want the power of the system, and you go to it, you're like a fly caught in a spider's web.
And so you're worse than a slave.
You're a delusional fool who's had their soul stolen.
And that's why they laugh and fly over country about how dumb the white people are on CNN, because they've reduced themselves to black KKK channels.
So sad.
All right.
I will go to your calls when I come back in two minutes.
Stay with us.
All right.
I can't wait to hear from the callers in War Game what you really think's happening here.
Obviously, it's huge.
It's big.
What it's doing to the economy is over the top.
Wilbur Ross thinks it might help the economy.
We're going to talk about that too.
The circus in the Senate has now turned into intimidating people and saying maybe Rand Paul should be arrested.
Maybe he's a criminal.
That's what Democrat Senators are saying.
I've got the video clips.
I'm getting to that later.
We're going to your calls right now.
We got Danny.
We got George.
We've got Brad.
We've got Robert.
We got Justin.
We got Joshua.
We got Pastor Sam.
We got Jerome.
We got Lyle.
We got Doug.
We got a lot more.
Let's talk to Danny in Oregon.
Danny, you're on the air.
Thank you for calling.
Hey, Alex.
Good to talk to you again.
So, you know, I wanted to chat about the impeachment trial with the You know, nobody seems to be, I guess, everybody's just tired of talking about it, but you know, tomorrow's when they decide whether or not to go ahead with witnesses.
We've got Mitt and Romney.
And you know they're going to go ahead with witnesses.
They all love it.
They're going to have witnesses, I'm predicting.
Right, I mean, it's... Oh, but no one can say the name of Eric Siromalo!
The president's indicted, but the guy that made it up, we can't... I mean, just 101 you face your accusers.
But those damn dirty Democrat deep state lawyers, the very ones trying to shut us down, the very same trash, literally are telling everyone that you don't get to face your accuser!
How freaking dangerous are these people?
I agree.
I got a lot of personal anger at frickin' Blumenthal.
He quarterbacks the whole, he says, America's survival depends on taking Alex Jones off the air.
What type of authoritarian crap is that?
You un-American slimebag!
And he also goes around, he's a combat veteran, Vietnam, the Marines.
He literally ran the Marine toys That's what he did.
program at the Senate. He was a senatorial fluffer. His job was getting on
his knees in front of senators. That's what he did in the Marines because they
like Marine uniforms. That's what he did. Sorry, go ahead.
I'm serious.
You know, it's the time to get angry.
You know, it's the time to take action and do something.
People who are containing themselves... He's like Brian Williams saying he got shot down in a helicopter!
He's a frickin' lying snake!
And now he wants Rand Paul arrested!
F you, Blumenthal!
Go to frickin' hell!
Ah, you'll never beat me!
And you'll never beat America!
Go ahead, I'm gonna stop.
That's okay.
You know, like I said, it's time for people to get upset.
Yeah, these people tried to plant frickin' child porn on me, man.
They want to destroy me, they hate America, and I'm sick of them!
I'm sick of them as well, Alex.
You know, thank God that you're still on the air.
Oh, I'm gonna run TV ads in Connecticut about how he is a stolen valor piece of crap.
You piece of crap, Wimbledon.
Sorry, I'm letting stuff out of the bag here.
I'm letting stuff out of the bag here.
I shouldn't be doing that.
Well, also, you know, like I said, everybody's, you know, we know the witnesses are coming and it's fine because Trump's going to not be removed regardless of the current trajectory.
It's all a giant distraction campaign by the Democrats.
It's a double purpose.
You know, they want to cover their tracks because they have a lot to lose.
And the same thing with the Russiagate, you know, the Russiagate, Spygate, all of it is just one thing.
Oh, that son of a bitch is always saying I'm a Russian agent too, man.
Oh, God.
And again, it's not what he's doing to me.
It's that he's such a piece of crap on America's back.
I want that monkey off our back.
Don't you?
You know, we can just hope and pray that this will all come crashing down on them.
And it is.
It is.
It's just taking a while.
It's, you know, It's like when you drain the swamp, you're going to have a bunch of nasty swamp creatures flopping around gasping for air, and that's what we're seeing right now.
Trump needs to stay focused on the tasks at hand, and just, I really, I've got to say I've given him a lot of credit when he does kind of just ignore what's going on with the impeachment.
The little bit of time that he is able to do that, like the March for Life, for instance, I mean, I love Trump.
I love Trump.
It's like wanting your own right arm to be more strong, though, when you need to get pissed.
Like, get these people off me, Trump!
We got Black Sunshine.
We got George.
We got so many other people holding.
I'm going to race through your calls now as best I can.
Let's go ahead and talk to Lyle, then Doug, and others.
Lyle, thanks for holding from Idaho.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing, bud?
Man, I tell you, I am charged up like a high-powered tension wire right now.
Well, you know, we must live in parallel universes because in terms of the scorched earth policy, we can get so bogged down in the minutiae of a lot of this crap that, you know, it's just want to go splash and burn.
But for me, for the macro view, I mean, first of all, what you were talking about earlier is that, you know, this is a war against good and evil.
And I encourage all our listeners, and I do myself, read Ephesians 6, 10-18 every day,
putting on the armor of God, because that's really where we get our power from.
And in terms of, you know, what's going on with this virus and kind of the broad view,
I've been listening to Dr. Steve and Mike and all you guys the past few days, because
I've been working.
I'm an oil field worker in the Rocky Mountains, so I listen to you guys as I'm roaming around
location doing stuff.
I'm kind of at odds whether this was mistakenly let out early or not.
That's in question, but... Mike Adams is right most of the time.
He thinks it was, it is a bioweapon, it's obviously been engineered, but he thinks it did escape.
The Chinese have a big history of letting this stuff out.
And so, you know, this, in terms of, once again, the macro view, this kind of sets up On a societal and a global level to allow these monsters like gates or whatever to roll out these vaccines in the future with live viruses with impunity.
You know, and I think that whether this was intentional or not, I think long term, that's one of the areas they're going.
And then secondly, the only point I wanted to make was I think an added bonus for these monsters.
Is that we're already, as Celente has pointed out many times, We're in a global economic slowdown.
We've kind of been insulated from it because of QE 5 or 6 or 7 or whatever.
Oh yeah, they're totally inflationary.
But it's like using a defibrillator on somebody.
I don't think Trump has any other choice.
People can academically say he's wrong to do it.
It's the world we're in.
There's a global devaluation happening.
We have to make sure the dollar's on top when all these others go down.
And I'm not saying I like that, but let me tell you, I don't want my kids starving to death in a frickin' civil war.
Oh indeed.
So I think one of the added benefits for the globalists in this whole set of events is that they want to see our economy impacted to the point where it will somehow
And that's the answer.
Trump's not responding and hasn't blocked the flights yet because he doesn't want them
to say he's the one that caused the panic and he thinks they're trying to set him up
with this virus.
But then I see the coordinated systems from every major company, I mean usually company
and that's what they are.
Russia is lockstep with this coronavirus propaganda.
Whether it's true or not, they're lockstep.
Well that means some emergency system has been activated where they're all going off a central script.
That only happens when they activate the global governance, global pandemic emergency systems.
They admit they have, they're just not telling folks it's been activated.
So that tells me that we're in world government right now.
I appreciate your call.
And that's really the big announcement here, is we're in world government right now.
You can say, well, that's the reason we're in a crisis.
Yeah, yeah.
But the same world government says no borders, no walls, no USA at all.
Think about that.
It's borders that, like, cells have a membrane or plant cells have a wall.
They're there for a reason.
And they're trying to take away that simple thing.
Like, walls make good neighbors.
Fences make good neighbors.
Because you know what?
There's a million reasons you got a fence.
It's not that you hate your neighbor.
You have privacy.
Maybe you want to piss on the flowers in your backyard.
Maybe you're arguing with your wife.
That's why we have this show.
We have who we are.
And we want to go out in public.
We do it.
That's why everything in the universe has its nest.
It's why clownfish go back in the coral and come back out.
They want their little place.
And the system's telling us, you don't get that privacy.
It's that individualism.
And I know I'm stating super obvious things here, but that's what they're assaulting.
They're assaulting that.
Let's go ahead and go to Johnny in Denmark.
Regular caller, always makes good points.
Then we'll go to Doug Jerome and others.
Go ahead, Johnny.
What's on your mind right now with this coronavirus?
Yeah, hi again, Alex.
Yes, third time I'm talking to you.
It's a pleasure.
And my compliments to your guest hosts, all of them, doing a great job.
Tom Papert and Harrison Smith.
Yeah, that's right.
Yeah, I don't know if you listened to my call in the war room yesterday, but I was making the point that First of all, the analysis on interpol wars of the coronavirus spread is light years ahead of what's in the MSM mainstream media, which isn't saying much, but in this case it is.
Because it's very interesting, and it's to your credit that you brought on And again, we're not getting some corporate order.
You know, Mike Adams for the case of this is something we need to worry about and Steve
Pchenik for the case of this is something we don't need to worry about.
They're both very intelligent, very qualified people and I can see why each of them thinks
that they're right relative to the other.
And again, we're not getting some corporate order.
You watch CNN, it's all, everyone agrees because they're told.
I don't know what's going on exactly, so I'm going to have different people on just like
I really want to hear what you think.
Yeah, again, as I said, that's to your credit.
I really appreciate that.
And you know what keeps me on about 10 hours a day?
Thanks for putting up with us.
But that's the way everything used to be.
Everything is just a free-for-all.
That's what we should have a free-for-all and then figure it out together.
That's how we figure stuff out.
And here's what I figured out.
Mike Adams makes a very good case.
I mean, he may be, except maybe for people with esoteric information who have been spreading this thing, the world's leading expert on the literature that's out there about that.
His analysis is superb.
He does work 15 to 18 hours a day.
Yeah, I mean, not only this, but the fact that he speaks fluent Chinese and he has connections in China and reads the Lancet.
Oh, and by the way, it's 15%, not 18%.
I know, it's some kind of like spread rate, 18%.
I'm sorry, I get things wrong.
Yeah, 15% of the 83%, so it's 12.5% of the total population, if that's the case.
But as you repeatedly pointed out, the sample size is small.
So, Mike did a very good job of covering the literature that's out there in a very academic way.
What do you think of what Pachinko was saying?
I mean, he still works for the government, so he'll say a lot of things when he thinks it's important.
When he disagrees with the government, he'll come and attack the government.
And I respect that, but when he agrees, he will then parrot the line.
I think we saw that happening yesterday.
Not sure about that.
I don't mean that meanly either.
I'm saying when he disagrees with it, he will disagree with things.
And he's very bold.
But when he agrees with something, he'll proselytize it.
And I think that's what we were saying yesterday.
Yeah, I think the thing with Steve is he doesn't have as much specific knowledge about this particular coronavirus.
Maybe about coronaviruses generally, but about this coronavirus, Mike just trumps him in terms of knowledge.
However, the problem is, it's an epistemological problem.
Sure, based on the best official literature that's out there, Mike has done the best analysis, and maybe taken in the most information.
However, Steve's point, though, I don't think he articulated it so well, as I mentioned to Harrison yesterday, is that he's the old gunslinger.
He's seen all this before.
And I'd like to make a parallel, as I did yesterday, and also the day before in the War Room, to the AIDS virus.
It came out, it was...
I'm old enough to remember.
I'm 55 and a half hundred years old.
Remember, because of Infowars products, I don't sound it, but I am.
I haven't been sick in more than 14 years, since at least as early as 2005.
So, you know, I'm in very good health.
And actually, that's one of the points.
The good news for the average person is don't worry too much about it, regardless of whether it's engineered or what or not.
Just take care of your health.
Well, that's right.
God gave us things that'll protect us.
Okay, I got you two calls.
More coming up.
Stay with us.
All right, we're talking to the crowd.
We're talking to the evil humans who don't want a post-human world, who don't want a global pandemic to wipe out the world's population, and who believe in our species and believe in God and believe in our children.
Now, there's so much on the trial.
It's really heating up.
And later in the next hour, I'm going to get to it.
They're calling for Rand Paul's arrest on TV.
Senators are calling for him to get in trouble for saying the name of the godlike whistleblower.
Because they can't say, you coordinated with Eric Ceremolla, didn't you?
Because Schiff's already said he didn't, even though earlier he said he did.
I mean, they're caught in serious crimes, OK?
Normally, if this virus thing wasn't so big, I'd be all over this.
We're going to get to it next hour.
I want to at least get to this first bank of calls.
But the backdrop is really that.
A bunch of lying, out of control, crazy mad scientists with a bunch of corrupt lawyers working for them who are trying to invert reality and train us to accept total disinformation.
It's just not working.
And they're getting more desperate and they're trying their old tricks.
They're just turning the volume up and it's not making people submit to them.
It's driving people into a rage.
And maybe that's what they want is to get violence going because they know they can't win politically regardless they're going to lose.
It might not be very comfortable for those of us at the tip of the spear in this process, but the pain kind of feels good, doesn't it?
We're running into these people.
We're colliding.
We're banging heads.
Believe me, they're hurting a lot worse.
I was never into masochism, but now I am.
I finally get the religion of that.
Not physical pain, but spiritual.
Because it's literally what animates us.
It's what makes us rise to the occasion.
And it's what fuels the resistance.
And to see humanity awaken out of the coma is a beautiful thing.
To see those still in the coma, like zombies walking around, is very, very sad.
We need to get them out of the trance.
We need humanity to awaken.
That's the answer.
But the backdrop is, The globalists are everywhere saying humans are bad, get rid of us, we need to wipe out humanity, we need a super virus.
That's everywhere in pop culture now.
Back when I made Endgame, it wasn't.
I was like, look at this transcript of this document and here's their statement here and this is really scary, isn't it?
The world leaders want to kill us and set up this new system.
Now they're like, kill yourselves, it's illiberal, don't have children.
They're like, we have like six kids and you know, jumbo helicopters and jets.
Those are the people hyping up all the viruses and patenting the coronavirus and scurrying around, casting themselves as the savior.
Bill Gates with a Netflix show that just came out last week, two weeks ago, about the global end of humanity and mass death.
Oh, but he'll save us with a shot because he wants you to metaphysically accept it and My name is the Count Dracula.
I moved in next door.
Would you let me come into your home for dinner?
So I am invited.
I am a guest for dinner.
I'm going to be enjoying this.
I don't like the fish that's on the menu.
I like something red meat.
That's more of my liking, my darling.
I mean, they need you to take your kids into them.
Just like in every culture, you had to bring your children to the high priest so they could gut them or throw them into a furnace.
And it's back again.
Should I take your calls?
But I think what I just said is important.
We got Lou, we got Penny, we got Doug, we got Pastor Sam, we got everybody here.
MRS, Storable Food, at the Trump rally, and Trump and the coronavirus.
Penny, the pandemic, government hiding things.
Let's go to Penny in Florida, then Doug, and then Pastor Sam.
Go ahead, Penny, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hi, Alex.
How you doing?
We're in the thick of the war now.
I'm totally charged up.
It's beyond fear, beyond anger, beyond apatheticness.
I'm pretty charged up.
How are you doing?
Well, I'm kind of freaking out for many reasons.
Let me first give you a little bit about my background.
I've been listening to you, believe it or not, since 1999.
I would start out on an AM radio station and I have Also, bought so many products from you, it's insane.
Well, you're the reason we're on air.
Good, good.
Well, I'm glad I could help.
I mean, literally, it's like this is a child you had.
When someone's been supporting us that long, you are InfoWars.
Well, thank you.
I believe I am.
No, don't thank me.
I'm thanking you, mama.
Been supporting us 20 years, 21 years.
You built the damn thing.
Yeah, well, I'll tell you what, we need to keep doing what we're doing because I just can't believe how many people are asleep.
I mean, they are fast asleep and I try to wake people up and they, you know, you know how they act.
Well, they're lazy.
They think they're getting ahead because they don't care.
They think not caring is of value.
They don't understand caring is like lifting weights.
It makes you stronger.
They just don't get it.
They think empathy is painful, because it is painful.
But that's enslavement, leaving the body.
Well, you know, I was in the military.
I am a veteran.
And I also worked for a major aerospace company back in the 80s.
And I and myself were the first two people to ever sue for fraud a major I was not going to remember this.
Tell folks the case.
I just have you on as a guest.
And after everything was said and done, and I mean we got him.
We got him with so much evidence, you know, false fine tests and bubble fine.
It was one of the most lethal bombs there was at the time.
Tell, tell, tell, I was not the guy to remember this.
Tell folks the case so they can look. I just have you on as a guest.
Tell folks the case.
It was the MX missile. And Northrop made the MX missile.
You exposed the MX Missile and Northrop Grumman.
I remember all that.
You do?
Let me get your full name and number because I want to get you on as a guest.
I remember that they were, like the launching, or was it the MIRV technology, the guidance, it was basically, it was fake missiles in the silos.
Sorry, start over.
Oh yeah, there was all, they falsified tests, the job that I had.
I walked around every department.
I was in a kind of job that took me everywhere.
So I got to talk to a lot of people.
And for folks who don't know, that was the big Reagan-era intercontinental ballistic missile.
Yes, it was.
So I could go on and on with that, but I will talk more about that at another time.
But what I do want to talk to you about is that because of all the fraud that I've seen in my life, I know what the government Does and how they act and how they're liars and how they don't care.
It's all about money.
It's all about power.
So we know that I live in Florida and I'm close to all the this is going to get to the pandemic thing.
I'm close to all the you know, Universal and Disney and all that and I'm supposed to go to Universal tomorrow and I'm like scared to death to go.
I really am.
I think you should go with your gut.
See, that's the thing.
I'm concerned for my children and I'm feeling real concern.
Call it fear.
In the past would follow my gut.
I always follow it now, and I think this is something big.
I don't know if it's gonna be the economic collapse that causes.
I don't know if there's something else out there, but I fundamentally am concerned as well, and I think everybody is.
Stay there.
Don't hang up.
I want to hear more from you.
What incredible listeners.
That's why we got to give each caller time here, because they're just amazing.
Benny, don't hang up.
And get Benny on as a guest.
I remember the whole...
See, when I was younger, back when all that MX Missile stuff came out, I was a little kid, that's what I was into.
So I was reading newspapers about MX Missiles and watching the Lair News Hour, and so that's just what I've always been into.
And, uh... So, that's why I know about that.
But we'll be right back on the other side with Penny, Lou, Doug, Joshua, Justin, Letitia, Brad... I just keep watching.
And watching.
And waiting.
For the President of the United States to block flights From China into the United States.
But Trump is really a very practical person.
He, at neurotic OCD level, won't do something if it's too late.
And that's really the truth.
The virus is all over the planet.
So the question is, why are they acting like it's so deadly?
Maybe it is.
I'll tell you one thing.
We're going to find out, aren't we?
It's kind of like having a child growing up that has a lot of potential.
Wonder what they're going to be.
Wonder what they're going to do.
There's something about that kid.
Other times, you kind of know what's going to happen with the child, don't you?
Not a lot of potential.
But sometimes they amaze you.
Sometimes the child you thought was going to be the golden child turns out to be the disappointment.
The child you thought wasn't going to have the potential had all the potential.
Well, this virus is a bad sign.
It's not good, is it?
We've got to ask ourselves, how bad is it going to get?
Why are they responding like this?
What's really going on?
I have some good news here in a moment, though.
Powerful video that's on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com that needs to be shared around.
And I'll just leave it at that.
But to finish it up with a penny.
Who was saying she was an MX missile whistleblower.
I remember all that, Penny.
I think I remember even you on the news, going from my memory, because things back then are almost photographic.
The things I see now, I don't have photographic memory anymore, but old stuff I pretty much do.
But that's amazing.
But saying what you're seeing in Florida and why you're concerned.
You know, I listened to the show yesterday and you had Pachanik on, you had Mike Adams, right?
And I was listening to everything everybody was saying, and I just don't know what to think.
And I wanna go to Universal Studios, 'cause I have a ticket with my adult daughter,
and we were gonna go as a Christmas present to me, actually, and we're just thinking, should we go or not?
I don't think you've gotta worry.
I mean, of course, if one person's out of a job, it's a depression for them.
But if you're out of a job, it's a depression.
But if it's not, it's a recession.
It's the same thing.
I don't think the virus has spread that widely other than China at this point.
I mean, it's already out there.
There's a lot of other stuff out there as well.
And so I think driving your car to Universal is going to be more dangerous than you going there.
But if you saw a Chinese who speak Chinese and are coughing on you, I would definitely go the other direction.
I personally was not going to go on a short vacation just because of this.
The more I think about it, I think I will because it's going to take a few more weeks for it to build up.
Other than a plunge in the economy, other than Other unforeseen things, but I don't have all the answers.
I don't know.
And so I'm kind of on the fence about, was I going to go on this vacation?
I mean, already there's so much news.
I'm bringing the crew with me now.
It's for like part of a week, just so I'll, I'll do the show now every day.
Uh, because I need to recharge a little bit before we go into the full campaign mode.
I'm gonna work seven days a week and I'm like making excuses for going on vacation.
I've canceled like four vacations.
My wife is really sick of it, but, uh, I promised her and the baby, she's almost three, that the
other children will be in school, stay with my parents.
That was, I'm digressing.
Thank you, Penny, and I'll probably get her name and number because I want to get her
on as a guest if she will.
And I think Penny is emblematic of all of us.
I mean, this is a huge response, but they're saying it's no big deal.
And everybody else is canceling flights out of China to their country, but not Trump.
So that's the big blinking red light.
What does that mean?
And in my view, what does it mean that the propaganda is all so unified?
Russia is saying exactly what China and the U.S.
and everybody else are saying.
They're lockstep.
Russia has, I should have added, closed its entire 2,600-mile border with China.
Time to shut down travel between China and the U.S.
That's what Senator Tom Cotton said, who's a very smart senator.
I'm always impressed when I watch him in Senate hearings actually knowing what he's talking about.
And so, yeah, that's common sense, though.
So, I'm a big Trump-ophile, as everybody knows, but I'm sure the orange one has some reason for this.
I guess we've got to just sit here and see it materialize, but I mean, I know it is.
They don't want to panic the markets.
That's what's kind of redundant.
Let's get to some good news, then back to your calls.
They're going to celebrate.
Coming up in a few days, the Brexit party.
Paul Watson's going to be there with Nigel Farage and others.
I'm not bragging for Paul, but Paul's, it's kind of cool, he's in the inner circle of that revolutionary group.
It's like, Paul knows George Washington, because our revolution here came out of England.
People came here from England and Scotland and Ireland and Germany and the Netherlands and other places to get away from oppression.
And of course, we set it back up here as well.
We're not perfect, but we were trying at least, and so we had some better things than other nations.
The EU is a tyranny.
They're not undemocratic, they're anti-democratic.
That's a perfect way of saying it.
They're authoritarian by design.
They didn't just slouch towards corruption, they want it.
They want the classic evil, real McCoy, grim reaper of civilizations.
I mean, they're bad dudes that have just turned over to evil.
Because it's easier to be like that and just not care about anybody.
Except you die inside.
But for these zombies, these undead, whose souls are vampiric, their bodies die, but they are vampires, they can't see that.
Because they can't see the light.
See the metaphor?
The light destroys them, because they've already turned themselves over to darkness.
And so he just lays it out.
And by the way, last week they banned having your flags in the EU Parliament.
The EU Parliament's ceremonial, but it didn't matter.
It became the bully pulpit to expose the whole authoritarian new Soviet Union that it is.
Literally hiring the former Soviet chief to run it.
Exempting themselves from taxes that they put on the people.
I mean, just classic, over-the-top stuff.
You just can't even... It's just like, what?
They're doing that?
So they said, we're banning EU sports teams having nationalist names.
They gave them five years to change their names.
That was last year.
Now, they have said that you will not have flags.
And the German Federal Council passed this bill giving three years in prison for denigrating the EU flag.
That's just out.
This is dangerous.
So Nigel Farage went in there when they banned the flags and they waved them.
So let's hear what he just had to say.
Here it is.
And I can promise you, both in UKIP and indeed in the Brexit Party, we love Europe, we just hate the European Union.
It's as simple as that.
So I'm hoping this begins the end of this project.
It's a bad project.
It isn't just undemocratic, it's anti-democratic, and it puts in that front row.
It gives people power without accountability.
People who cannot be held to account by the electorate.
And that is an unacceptable structure.
Indeed, there's an historic battle going on now across the West, in Europe, America and elsewhere.
It is globalism against populism.
And you may loathe populism, But I'll tell you a funny thing.
It's becoming very popular.
And it has great benefits.
No more financial contributions.
No more European Court of Justice.
No more common fisheries policy.
No more being talked down to.
No more being bullied.
No more Guy Verhofstadt.
I mean...
I mean, what's not to like?
I know you're going to miss us.
I know you want to ban our national flags.
But we're going to wave you goodbye.
And we'll look forward, in the future, to working with you as sovereign.
Well, that's incredibly powerful.
You hear they cut his mic off.
The control freaks just cannot stand it.
You know, they've tried to kill him six times.
I know the inside base policy with that.
Um, plane crashes, you know, the French police confirmed they sabotaged the brakes and the lug nuts on his car.
And when he, when he said he was retiring, that was to give the EU a chance to back down.
They didn't.
So that's, that's George Washington material out there.
That's the real deal, ladies and gentlemen.
And, uh, They tried to kill him over and over again.
And I haven't reached that lofty status yet.
I mean, they are so afraid of Nigel Farage.
And he's so real.
Let me tell you a little secret.
It's about you, again.
He comes on this show.
I can twist his arm and get him on.
They attack him big time in the national news over there when he does.
And he'll tell you half the support of UKIP.
Going back 20 years ago, he'd come on the show, was from this show.
They didn't have any media over there, but they had a huge listenership, still do in England.
We were higher rated there on Alexa than we are in the U.S., and it was this audience.
You summoned Nizel Farage.
He'll tell you.
They wouldn't have gotten there without you.
Help them have their revolution.
They helped us have ours.
It just, history keeps repeating.
Just like 1776.
That wasn't a fight against the British.
It was a fight against the Crown.
The tyranny of that time.
Now it's the EU.
Ha ha!
Man, this is powerful!
This is amazing!
We're gonna go back to your phone calls.
And then I do need to get into the trial of the President and other breaking news.
But this coronavirus is really just a watch and wait thing.
The response is over the top.
Except by the United States.
So we'll try to figure it out with the callers, with the listeners.
The toll-free number is 877-789-2539.
We'd love to hear what you're seeing in your area.
We have a lot of folks that have called us or sent us emails from China saying they want to come on the show.
We're trying to line that up right now in the last day.
So look for that to be happening.
But you can just feel it, you can see it.
It's the year 2020.
It's going to be wild.
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Okay, let's go ahead now and take a call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Sam in Las Vegas and then Pastor Sam and Doug.
I'm gonna get to everybody, but Sam in Las Vegas, go ahead.
It's an honor, sir.
I've listened to you for a long time.
AM 670 in Las Vegas announced about approximately an hour ago that One of our hospitals here has a suspected case of the coronavirus that the guy that's in the hospital is under quarantine and he has been here in Vegas about 10 days.
They announced it just very nonchalant and none of the local talk media, nobody's covering it.
They made one announcement and that was it.
Well I don't want to scare people but Paul Watson's got the big article up on Infowars.com where they've got this big medical science computer crunching company that's respected and they said 183 million people infected by the end of February and I was looking and I said, that's the 29th of February?
February is 28 days, but this is leap year.
So I was looking at it.
And if you believe the Lancet study that's 15% death rate, I was saying 18, excuse me.
I mean, if that's anywhere near true, this would be just super devastating.
Just from the fear factor in the economy and obviously all those sad deaths.
So, what do you think's going on?
Well, everybody knows this is a bio weapon.
Is that what everybody's saying?
everybody that I've spoken with, they all know it.
All right, go ahead. Yeah, that's all I had.
I just wanted to put that out there.
You may want to check with the Clark County Health Department and see if they've released a statement.
But I'm sure your team will be all over it.
Thank you, Alex, for everything you do.
Thank you.
God bless you.
Man, I just hope this isn't really super deadly.
I'm hoping that nobody dies.
It's just like, really?
And then why is it Trump stopping the flights from China?
Because that's going to be the vector to bring it all in.
I'm just going to keep asking that question because Russians closed their borders with China.
They banned the flights yesterday.
Now this is just ongoing.
So I'm just asking the question.
Let's go ahead and talk to Pastor Sam, who actually helped Owen out when he was out on the road in Iowa.
Pastor Sam, what do you think's going on?
You suggested it, Alex, that China had declared war on the United States.
and that Trump perhaps ordered a biological attack as a counter-strike.
I've looked into that and thought about it some more, and I've become...
I think that this is really viable. You know, it was China that was pushing us
to go in and destroy Iran, which is the last country in the way
of their Belt and Road Initiative.
If you look at the map, the other side of the world, you know, it's easy for an American to forget about, but up against Russia, you've got the Caspian Sea and the Aral Sea, and the only thing in the way of them bulldozing all the way to the Mediterranean is Iran.
And even if they had a revolution, and the Persian people took power, it'd still be a sovereign nation with a strong military that China couldn't totally push around.
So they needed to be a failed state.
I just see that global war has already begun.
All the news that has not been reported.
The nuclear detonation in the South China Sea, which to me looked like a nuclear death charge.
Everybody forgot about that.
Other attacks.
The decapitation strike of the Taiwanese generals.
Or maybe that was just a 1 in 10 gazillion accident.
No, I think it was a decapitation strike.
Just cut the head off of the Taiwanese military.
A nation that we're treaty bound to defend.
So I think this is race specific and that's the question that I have not been able to find an answer to.
Hold on, let's come back and talk about that.
The only reason that can be true is it's tit for tat in war.
China's hit NUSH with fentanyl and it's killed millions.
And so yeah, the Chinese genome is so similar you could have a race specific just for them.
Well, something big's going on.
I don't think anybody doubts that at this point.
And yeah, things are not going as they normally would with this virus and the numbers they say have been infected, the numbers that are dead.
The response is way bigger than that.
And confirmed infected coronavirus carriers now shedding virus without That's a new Lancet study.
New Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com article.
It's up on Infowars.com.
Coronavirus spreads for the first time in the U.S.
CDC says.
Senator calls for immediate shutdown of all flights from China.
Senator Cotton and Pastor Sam says, is this part of a war with China?
Because China has been in a covert war with the United States, targeting our civilians with fentanyl.
I remember a caller saying I bet Trump hits him with a bioweapon like six months ago.
We had a caller say I bet Trump hits the Chinese with a bioweapon for this.
I remember that call. And I'm not saying that's what this is.
The caller brought it up, but it is intriguing. And who knows?
Good morning.
There was a 28% increase in coronavirus cases overnight in China.
Make no mistake, though, they aren't new cases.
Just what China is willing to admit.
It's much worse.
Senator Cotton's dialed in.
What do you think, Pastor Sam?
We're 96 hours now into the 82nd Airborne being officially in Colombia, training with Colombian paratroopers for airfield seizures on Reuters.
Now, I had broadcast already that the whole reason that the 82nd deployed to the Middle East
was so that they could deploy secretly and come unannounced when we come into Venezuela,
which the president has promised to do, Elliott Abrams has promised to do, the signs are there.
All the world leaders have begged for us to come in and help this nation and to clean out the rat's nest
that is the source of the migrant invasion, the corrupt government, the overthrows,
the massive destructive riots and everything else that's wrong with the Americas,
it's coming out of those dictatorships which have made that bed in Venezuela.
So that's where the president's gonna fight.
He's gonna free the hemisphere.
That's why we're pulling back from these other fronts.
But China, China, China.
This is why the other nations couldn't do it.
Peru can't go in and liberate Venezuela.
China will stomp their guts out.
So they need their big brother to come in with the big stick.
And we've still got it.
And Trump knows how to walk softly and carry a big stick.
And let me tell you, even if he won't pull the trigger on the really, really horrific things, the prophets will.
We will prophesy destruction.
And let's just say there's some words said over the swamp after Owen and I both got arrested in Washington area for going in there just to observe and report.
But no, that can't be allowed.
A man with a microphone that's uncontrolled, they got to stand up against that?
Well, they're going to have to deal with God.
And any swamp creatures that are hiding behind big blocks of marble might just get cleaned out by the hand of God.
We'll see what happens.
But yeah, I mean, God could have launched the bioweapon.
I just, I think it's quite a, it clearly has been souped up, if it's as deadly as they even think, halfway as bad.
And then you got Bill Gates involved, scurrying around.
I don't know.
I just, I just hope and pray that, well, why, the only reason Trump wouldn't block it coming to the U.S.
is if it was race specific.
And we're going to find out on that really, really quickly.
And of course, they have race-specific weapons.
So, but I mean, would Trump sit there and kill Chinese-Americans?
I know they're hitting us with fentanyl and that, so it's like, oh, you're going to target civilian populations.
That's what you do in the military.
If somebody targets your civilians, you target theirs.
I mean, that's how the threat continuum works.
That's military doctrine, that that's on the table.
And that's what you do, tit for tat.
So they've been hitting us with chemical weapons, so Trump hits them with a bioweapon.
I know Trump is neurotic about hating drugs, but he's also a germaphobe.
I don't know, that's pretty bold.
I don't know.
You think Trump would do something like that and then have the leaks?
I just don't think he'd do that.
I'm not saying you're wrong, Pastor Sam.
It's just, it's quite a thought.
And that's why we're taking calls.
Wow, that was amazing.
All right, more calls straight ahead on the other side.
But first, why are they so scared of the film Endgame?
We'll be right back.
They're driving around in China with giant fumigators pumping out chemicals hoping to kill the virus and the government is using it for a police state authoritarian enforcement drill.
Governments need to be willing to do things that are out of their historical perspective or for the most part it's it's really a war footing that we need to be on.
You know really the big takeaway from this is InfoWars, analyzing the Globalist program, has absolutely, with films and articles and guest and PowerPoint presentations, thousands of times detailed exactly what you see beginning to unfold in China with the coronavirus.
And the fact that Bill and Melinda Gates, a few months ago, had a big drill for something similar to this that would kill 65 million people starting in China.
How much control of information should there be?
And by whom?
And how can false information be effectively challenged?
And what if that false information is coming from companies or from governments?
We're at a moment where the social media platforms have to step forward and recognize the moment to assert that they're a technology platform and not a broadcaster is over.
They in fact have to be a participant in broadcasting accurate information and partnering with the scientific and health communities to Counterweight, if not flood the zone, of accurate information.
Because to try to put the genie back in the bottle of the misinformation and disinformation is nigh impossible.
One thing we haven't spoken about, and I'm wondering whether it's time to talk about this, is a step up from the part of the government on enforcement actions against fake news.
And, you know, I made a film, I guess, 13 years ago, Called Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
Communist China is the model planned society for the new world order.
China has received more United Nations awards for its policies and form of governance than any other nation.
And what's it say on the back?
They want you dead.
And I explain everything in the film and it's a three hour film.
Predatory elites have always rationalized their oppression by claiming that they are superior and have the divine right to rule when all they really are is a gaggle of ruthless psychopaths parasitically feeding on the host population until their cancerous movement causes the collapse of the host.
And we sold a couple hundred thousand copies of it.
I put it out for free on Google Video, and it got over 50 million views on there before Google got rid of Google Video.
And it's got about 10 million views on different platforms on YouTube.
But the point is, is that if you watch this 13-year-old film, it lays out how they would use contrived biocrises, epidemics, to bring in world government.
They are promising to deliver an invincible tyranny that will dwarf their past exploits.
In the days of World War II, there were sovereign nations and armies to stand against Hitler's final solution.
Once world government is in place, no one will be able to stop the New World Order's plans for global population reduction.
For those immune to psychological programming, Hundreds of FEMA camps have already been built throughout the United States.
In their quest for population reduction, no method is off the table.
These dark builders intend to release a string of man-made bioweapons plagues, each one worse than the last.
Amazon Prime Video gives amateur how-to conspiracy theories a stage.
Then it goes on to say, oh, questionable films.
You can't have a book or a film that's questionable in the marketplace.
It's just not allowed.
Somebody up there says no.
So it says Amazon took down the Alex Jones film, Endgame, for violating community standards.
Now, when you watch Endgame, it's all their words.
They're playing.
They're smart cities.
They're control grids.
And then the bio-crises they'll trigger, each one bigger than the last, as the noose tightens around your throat.
For world government.
And now they say they'll use it for world government.
Pretty important information.
And the film starts out exposing Hitler and eugenics, and those organizations sterilizing poor white people and blacks in America, and it's a skiing experiment.
And so that's what violates community standards now, you see.
Because the film's too powerful.
By the way, the film has been reposted to Band.Video.
And I think I'm gonna also do an updated version just where we stop and start and do updates on how it all came true.
Because it was already being done.
So it didn't come true, it just rolled out.
It's like when McDonald's first came out in the 50s, it was one of them.
And so I was like, I was at a place that was called McDonald's.
I ate there.
The food was really fast.
And then McDonald's a few years later came to your town.
Well, that's what the globalist system is.
They beta test that they have it, and then it's not a McDonald's.
It's a New World Order.
It then comes to you, comes to your doorstep.
That's why you can't go out.
I mean, nobody wants to run to Idaho or Utah or someplace in the Rockies more than me.
Nobody wants solitude and to be around nobody but my family.
I mean, I like people, but I like solitude even more.
Let's just say there's choosing when I want to be around people.
I'm actually introverted.
But to be left alone, I must be extroverted.
You understand?
Everybody's always balanced.
Imagine how extroverted I am.
I'm super introverted.
But we can't run, folks.
We can't just hand everything over and then just wait 10, 20 years.
I'm not doing it.
So it's not that I'm going down with the ship.
This is the only ship we've got.
This whole planet.
There's nowhere to run.
This is it.
There's not a life raft.
There's nothing.
This is it right here.
Our children, their future, but also everybody that fought like hell before us to build this planet.
Tough people, hardworking people, serious people, focused folks.
They believed in their children.
They believed in themselves.
They believed in God.
We can't let them down.
You understand?
We are those people.
I'm not letting them down.
And it is.
It's beyond magic.
Magic was just things people knew, but they didn't understand.
Technology is indistinguishable from what would be called magic.
Obviously, Clark said that 70 years ago, and it's even more true today, isn't it?
And the future's here, it's just not evenly distributed.
I forget who said that, but it's even more true.
A lot of folks have said that.
They can't even figure out who said it first, but...
This is the animating contest of liberty.
And you can feel the big challenge.
You can feel.
That's why everybody's buying up all this horrible food.
That's why the store shelves are going empty.
That's why the Pentagon's doing all this stuff, because beyond all the things we see, you can really feel.
Maybe it's not this virus, but subconsciously, spiritually, everyone feels a big threat.
And so then you see a virus, everybody over panics, because you know It'd be like if you knew the mafia was sending hitmen to your house.
You knew they were coming in about an hour.
Well, you're getting out of your house 30 minutes later and you see an SUV drive by, you know, you think, oh God, that's them.
Even though that's not them, you jump because, but, but see, that's not the hitman.
We know the hitman's coming, but are we jumping at shadows before it gets here?
What else is it?
While we're watching this, while we're over here looking at this, what else is going on over here?
That's what we've got to be asking ourselves.
What's going on down here and over there and around that way?
That's what we've got to start thinking about.
So the news is so intense and so over the top.
I'm just obsessing over the virus because it's key.
We all know that.
The meltdown in the Senate and then calling for Rand Paul to be arrested and just, I mean, these people are out of control and they're desperate and they're hitting the panic button.
And so we look at that and go, these people are out of control.
Yeah, because a drowning rat looks pretty powerful when it's down in a bucket squeaking and squawking and flapping its arms around.
And, you know, I just can't wait for people like Senator Blumenthal to burn in hell.
For all the crimes he's committed against this country, and what a sack of devilish filth he is.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
I've gotten a lot of great calls, and they're amazing, but I'm going to host someone in the next hour, and then Matt Bracken takes over, but I've got to take at least four calls during this nine-minute segment.
So let's go to Doug in Connecticut, neighbors from Asia.
Go ahead, Doug, thank you.
One of the reasons I called is that I think it was like the day after this broke out.
He had Mike Adams on.
He had a family member talk to people in China.
And my neighbor's wife is a Filipino and has friends and family in China.
And she concurred on everything Mike said, but it was worse.
She was told that they basically locked down the entire Wuhan place and whatever supplies and people they had in there were left.
Nothing in, nothing out.
So that's the news I got.
I just wanted to share it, whether it's good, bad, or indifferent, you know?
That's confirmed, too.
And they've got robots that have people quarantined, and the robots deliver them their food.
I mean, this is just crazy.
Talk about science fiction.
Yeah, this is bad, man.
You know, I was just listening to Nigel Farage before talking about globalism and populism.
It's even bigger than that.
This is good versus evil right here.
And this isn't, say, a big plague that wipes a ton of people out.
Sooner or later there's going to be something.
There's going to be something.
So whoever's not prepared by now, you better get that way.
And something you said a long time ago, and I knew it was simple but it was effective what you said, you better choose what side you're on and you better have a relationship with God.
Because we may be defenseless against something like this if it hits.
You know what I mean?
No, you're right.
And they just showed me footage from Wuhan.
Talk about sensational.
We know that they have these container buildings they're bringing in on 18 wheelers that are little tiny cells with bars in the windows.
Now it's official.
They are welding the door shut on the apartment buildings and then hammering wood around the seals and then basically condemning the buildings to death.
They're sealing them into death tubes.
I mean, you can't make this up.
And so, whatever the hell's going on, this is a big wake-up call of how we are hand-to-mouth Paycheck to paycheck.
I mean, again, I know how to skin a buck running trotline and I've got some horrible foods and weapons.
Still, 90% of the public's not self-sufficient or more.
That's like an... If people think army ants will go through the jungle and just clear out acres a day with not one leaf left. Humans are like giant
bipedal piranhas.
And again, they've got Pentagon and other studies. Within 10 days, almost everyone becomes totally
psychotic criminal. Within 15 days, cannibals in a breakdown of civilization without food and water
at the levels needed. And now again, 10% or so of them study, they kill themselves.
People either kill themselves or they become demonic piranhas.
And so can you imagine what will happen, we should be having that discussion, if this kind of stuff happens here?
Because the Chinese, say what you want about them, they got high IQs, and you know, they're a very diverse group of people when it comes to some people are super, you know, outgoing, but you know, the stereotype's true, very, very introspective, you know, not extroverted.
So imagine how they're going to be behaving.
Imagine what spoiled rotten, and I'm not putting America down, but come on, let's be honest on average.
Imagine how spoiled rotten Americans are going to behave if this starts happening here.
You try to lock anybody up in an apartment building here, well that it's shut, you're going to get your head torn off.
I mean, people will go crazy.
I know I would.
So what do you think?
Yeah, that's barbaric.
That's medieval barbaric what they're doing over there.
They don't have any respect for life, neither do the globalists that we're dealing with.
And by the way, we're showing footage of them grabbing women off the street and they're fighting back in China.
So you talk about police state, man.
It is melting down fast.
I was in Korea for a year and I can speak from that that Asian countries are far more disciplined and harder core in a sense than we are.
So you know what?
If it comes here, I can't say that we didn't deserve something to get rid of the weak.
And I've had a relationship with God my whole life.
I'm one year older than you.
We got the same amount of kids.
I've already had discussion.
I did not hang up on you.
Uh, you there?
You're saying something good when he called it.
I guess your phone cut.
Um, the footage coming in is like beyond a World War Z. If you're a radio listener, you're lucky you're not seeing this.
I mean, this is insane.
I'm starting to see.
I decided to come here today and play that Tucker Carlson clip up front and say everything's okay.
And Whatever this is, people are just dropping, like, this is not regular pneumonia, folks.
Whatever this is mutating into is not good.
This looks fake though right here.
The other footage you can tell us, you just know when you look at something like plastic fruit, you know, it's fake.
This, that's real footage, obviously.
The other stuff's real.
And some of the people on the ground, it's real.
But this next footage is fake.
I mean, I was a betting man.
I mean, everybody knows what's fake and what's real.
Why the hell would that?
Looks fake to me.
The way her arms are laid out, the way he is.
Just like I said to those kids being nerve gas was fake.
Turned out the kids were alive later and said they were paid to do it by the UN and the White Helmets.
I mean, you could tell it was fake.
You know, he's like, you know, the kids want to, then like opens his eyes, stops, then keeps going.
I mean, you know, it's fake.
Go back to that.
It's not as fake as the chemical attack.
That was 100% like bad acting.
But this just, first look, my subconscious, my spirit goes, fake.
Like, why would two of them be laying down beside each other like that, too?
What the hell is going on here?
Unless it's 5G.
In fact, where's my articles?
I know Greg Reese is doing one on that.
I had one.
Wuhan was the province where 5G was rolled out.
Now the center of the deadly virus.
You know, I said I'd take four or five calls in this segment.
I'm only taking one, but let's go to another caller here.
This is on the longest now.
Let's go ahead and talk to... Who's been on the longest here?
That'd be Rob... No, Bob in Tennessee.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Praise God, Alex.
Bob Sisson here.
How are you?
I've got a bad... It's not even a feeling of dread.
It's like we're already in a fight, so I feel energized, but I've learned what that means.
It means that my gut tells me some bad stuff's going down.
It may not be this virus, but something's going on.
Well, let me give you some good news.
I've crossed paths with you three times in the last couple of months.
I was with Dr. Alan Keyes in your green room, and I gave you a book by Mark Grennan, and it says, Imagine a World Without Disease.
And the good news, but it's not the really good news.
The good news is that there is a cure for all disease, and we're going to talk about it on your show today and announce it.
But that's not even the real good news is the living God, whom I spend a lot of time with, has authorized me to say on the air, miney, miney, teckle, you farson.
Do you recognize those words from the scriptures?
I'm not a big scholar like you are, but I know this.
I want to get Alan Keyes back on.
He's reached out.
I don't know why that hasn't happened.
I'm mad at the producers, but we want him on on a regular basis.
I wanted to be able to host the fourth hour sometime if he wants to, and it was great meeting you.
So, was that Latin?
Was that Greek?
What was that?
That's from Scripture.
You know, we have a saying of the handwriting is on the wall.
Well, 2,500 years ago, the living God appeared on this planet and wrote that on the wall of the palace in Babylon.
That's right.
Today, he is saying that to the deep state and to Big Pharma.
Miney, miney, your days have been measured, and they're over.
You have been weighed in the balances and found wanting.
You've been judged.
Yes, yes, I did know that King James Version.
I just didn't know when you were doing it in another language.
Let's come back to you, Bob, and we'll finish up.
We got to get to everybody else.
Stay with us.
All right, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
Insane stuff has been going on in the Senate.
I'll get to that next segment.
Rand Paul, Senator, tried to say the name of Eric Surimala to Schiff, and Roberts cut him off.
Then he tried to hand the question forward.
That got cut off.
And we've got Blumenthal, who literally quarterbacks, and says on the National News, Murphy, his minion, said it too.
So did the other Senator out of Washington State.
These two are out of Connecticut.
To save America, we must take Alex Jones off the air.
Talk about putting lipstick on a pig.
To save America, we've got to take a talk show host off the air.
Well, that doesn't sound too American to me, because if I'm full of crap, people aren't going to listen.
No, the problem is, buddy boy, you don't like that we're unfiltered, and I literally tear my guts out trying to just tell the exact truth.
To the point of family, and people just say, can you just not be that truthful?
I just tell people stuff, because it's just what I do.
And I know you're the same way, and I'm sick of the system saying I'm a liar, and I'm a conniver, and I'm a schemer.
The best gunslingers shoot from the hip.
And when I was like 13, 14 years old, and I didn't think about it.
It wasn't even a confidence, I just knew it.
I could have a revolver on my hip out at the ranch, and 50 yards away, shoot a knot on a tree every time that I didn't think about it.
The other day, they handed me a bow and arrow on the deal, and they said, shoot that thing across the warehouse, and I hit about one inch off the target.
Tried it the next time, but thought about it, was about two feet off.
And, you know, that's the thing about Luke Skywalker and the Death Star.
Don't think about it, just do it.
Turn off the targeting computer.
Because your brain's a bigger targeting computer than that targeting computer.
And you've all got that, too.
I'm not telling you these stories to go, oh, Alex, you're Superman.
I'm not.
I'm just like you.
And everything this system does is to suppress the fact that we do have the living God in us.
We're jacked in and have God's discernment.
But can we handle it?
And it's like the Garth Brooks song.
Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.
It's totally true.
And this is the time to pray, because something begs afoot.
We knew 2020 was going to be crazy, and you're just going to see it's like seals being opened.
It's just boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
It's going to be incredible, and it's going to be bad, but it's also going to be good.
And in the process of world government only lasting an hour, And then it falls.
But you're going to see it, and the moment it's built, it starts collapsing.
So let the little roosters sit up there and crow how powerful they are and how great they are.
They're cut off from God, and we shouldn't even be happy about that.
It's sad that Hillary Clinton is such a demon-possessed creature.
It's sad that Blumenthal is a husk of a man.
He's a demon, not even a human in there.
Don't sit there and look at them and be like, look at that scum and feel good.
That's a human we lost.
Look at those eyes.
Look at Tim Cook.
That's not a person.
You know plastic fruit when you see it.
That's not human right there.
That's a psychotic.
That's an avatar.
That guy's like a driverless car, folks.
Oh, but there's somebody driving.
And it ain't them.
And thank God, we're not with the devil.
That's just every moment, I'm just, thank you, God.
Because I've experienced and I've seen the emptiness of the Satanist.
And I just cannot believe that they have no idea the power of God.
But then you, when you jack into that power, you're just like, you're not in a power trip anymore because you are now in the power.
You're just like, oh, power!
It's all there, completeness, absolute beauty, everything.
You're like, what the hell?
Why are they not with this?
Because they don't know, ladies and gentlemen.
I have felt the satanic energy.
I have had it come through me.
And God did that as a test when I was young so that I could measure it and know it.
And also see that it's failed and weak so that later when I really experience God's real power, I would know the difference.
It's not even comparable.
Mindless, will to power, and rage to hurt people.
That's all it is.
The only power Satan can give you is to tear innocents apart.
That's all there is, is just a rage against God's gracious.
You think that's power?
That's not power!
That's weakness!
I'm gonna stop preaching, I'm sorry.
Bob, real fast, and I love you, and I want to get Ambassador Keyes back on.
I don't know why that's fallen to the cracks, and we love him.
Finish up your point, and we'll have you back sometime, but just, I gotta get to these other callers.
Dr. Keyes and I were in Uganda one year ago today, and we were curing malaria in two hours.
We have a documentary.
But we were curing AIDS and everything else.
Chlorine dioxide.
Mark Brennan, the author of the book that I left with you, people need to look him up.
I've heard about that before.
The only question is, how do you get it into the blood, into the cells?
I've heard about that before.
The only question is how do you get it into the blood, into the cells?
But that pretty much wipes out a lot of communicable stuff.
No, you just activate it and drink it.
I drank some just a minute ago getting ready for the show.
I've got a box of it here to ship to China.
It will cure the virus in no time.
It's, it's...
Hey, listen, 25 years ago they'd arrest you for selling colloidal silver.
You go in hospitals now, they've got all the companies, they're spraying it everywhere.
I mean, I know there's a lot of stuff that really works.
It's kind of like Raiders of the Lost Ark, where they're going to hide the Ark and it's a whole warehouse of hidden stuff.
That's a metaphor for how much amazing stuff is out there.
But anyway, tell your people, go to Genesis2Church.is.
Look at that stuff.
It's going to become very famous.
It's going to be all over the world.
God has given us that to cure all disease.
No questions asked.
Praise God.
Thank you for the time.
Well, thank you very much.
And by the way, man's producers, when are we going to get Keys back on?
Because I've been wanting to get him on and I'm like, usually I say, get this person on, we get them on.
Can he come on or what's going on?
He sends me text messages, so okay, I'll call, okay.
So we're gonna get him, okay.
He's great, I wanna get him on every week if we can get him on.
Okay, enough of that, enough of me.
I'm a babbling parrot, aren't I?
Let's go to Leticia in New Mexico.
Leticia, you're up next, thanks for holding.
Hi, Alex.
How are you?
I'm pretty freaked out, quite frankly.
Well, I am too, but I got my storable food, so I feel good about that.
And also, I was going to ask you, for the water purifier, which one is better?
The Alexa or the ProCure?
They're apples and oranges.
There's thousands of chemicals out there, and we just went out and found out Well, what we did with the ProPure, we went out and said, OK, what's the highest rated for a good price?
Because there's some that are even higher rated, but they're like three times more.
And it depends on the type and how they do it in the test.
This filter will be better at this, better than that.
The point is they all cut basically everything down to 99.999.
Some things are non-detectable.
And so you're trying to look at the test and figure out which one's better.
It's apples and oranges because the numbers are so, so tiny.
But these tests and spectrometers and things are so accurate that they can pick stuff up down to the molecule size.
But a lot of things are non-detectable, which means, wow, you know, the super expensive million-dollar equipment can't find it.
And so there's really apples and oranges.
I know that they understood how important it was in their mission at MyPatriotSupply when they got really successful about five years in.
To go out and produce what they believe was the best, most affordable water filtration system.
And so that's the big one we promote.
But ProPure is just as good, in my view.
And that's why we have both of them.
I mean, look, I'll sell 10 brands if they're top of the line.
But stay there.
I'm going to come right back to you, Leticia.
We're going to go bam, bam, bam.
We got to go quick because it's just, we've got John Rappaport, I think, is coming up.
He's coming up, right?
We've got Rappaport popping in?
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Reality is epic.
Reality is fathomless.
You see those red dots popping up all over the world?
Why are they hyping this up?
They cover up plagues.
There was a virus Killed three of my family six years ago.
What was that nightmare year?
2014, December into January.
Three people I loved a lot died.
My mom's brother was really a cool guy.
Looked like Popeye.
Dead in a doornail.
His son dead in a doornail.
And across the street, My dad's older cousin called him an uncle, another patriot, amazing guy.
Both of them are really cool people who weren't defined by the army officers and the secret stuff they did for this country, but were defined by being Christians.
They went home to meet God.
And I watched them cover it.
The callers were calling everywhere.
Everybody's family was dying all over the damn country, but really the Midwest and Texas and the South.
I talked to doctors.
They said, yeah, it's a really deadly virus and that there's a CDC cover-up.
So, they covered that up.
I lost three people, just like you lost people.
Pissed me off.
Didn't hear a damn word out of the CDC or the National News.
Now they're running around like it's the end of the world.
I don't know.
I just know that it's contrived.
The Russians are saying exactly what the French and the Chinese and the U.S.
and the Canadians and the Australians and the Mexicans are saying.
They never do that.
They're on the same page and that's what concerns me the most.
Some really sophisticated calculus going on here.
The Chi-Coms funded the move against Trump through Hollywood, but it was the globalists using China as a base that really did it.
And they wanted to embarrass the President of America during this period.
And then this virus shows up that embarrasses China.
And it is a bioweapon.
It's definitely been engineered.
It's out of nowhere.
It's extremely mutagenic.
It's a scary virus because of how communicable it is alone.
And the fact that it is mutating fast, that's confirmed.
Russia's closed its borders with China.
You know they've got cases in Russia.
Russia just won't announce it.
So I don't know.
But I know this.
There's a disturbance in the force.
You can feel it.
That's just George Lucas's cheesy name for the spirit.
Everybody knows it's true.
The question is, what is it?
John Rapport will be popping in to continue with your calls right now.
Leticia, virus active in the USA.
We said that two days ago.
That's not rocket science.
It's confirmed.
We got Vice attacking us.
Oh, they claimed the virus is out in the U.S.
and broke the containment.
Well, two days later, it's confirmed.
Again, Vice, a moron, a monkey could tell you that.
Yeah, well, this monkey, I've noticed that people around me, They have to code the flu.
It's lasting a month, not just a week or... And that's what I'm noticing.
Are you seeing increased long-term respiratory stuff?
That's what I'm seeing in Austin.
Yes, I am.
Pisses me off.
What do you think's going on?
What's your gut tell you?
Well, it is here in the U.S., and I believe that we just got to be prepared, and I just wanted to share Psalm 91 with you, okay?
Go ahead and read that.
It's pretty comforting.
We should pull up that song and scream.
Thank you, Letitia.
Thank you.
You know, it's like when Kobe Bryant died.
Say he's a good guy, say he's a bad guy.
So many women have falsely accused people that when real women have stuff bad happen to them, people don't believe it.
But it didn't matter.
It was a guy we all knew, and he was a good-looking guy, well-spoken, had a great, you know, family.
And he's dead!
So it touches us, because we get, hey, we could be dead.
And that's why I thought people making jokes about it, you know, was sick.
They've got their free speech.
I'm just saying.
Because, you know, that makes me, when I fly with my children, more scared.
Like, because I'm not scared of... I'm not scared of dying.
At all.
In fact, it's a problem I have.
That I'm reckless.
But my children, though... I've had this spiritually...
Make the decision that even if they come after them, I'm not backing down.
And it's not a form of guilt, but if I have guilt for anything in my life, it's that my children have to be drug into this, for this fight.
But you know what?
The globalists drug them into it, not me.
And it doesn't make me mad that the globalists are lying about me and trying to plant child porn on us and doing all the crap you see in the news every day because it's hurting me.
It hurts me that these people exist and haven't been defeated and crushed.
I don't want them off my back because they're on my back.
I want them off my back because they're on all of our backs and it's pathetic that we have let this go on and it makes me feel ashamed that I haven't been strong enough or worked hard enough So people like Blumenthal can do these evil things and get away with it and think he's so frickin' powerful and he's invincible!
He's not!
And God Almighty, in the name of Jesus Christ, will serve him justice!
It is gonna be done!
And then I watch that snake slithering around, lying about Rand Paul, saying he's a criminal.
You're the criminal!
You're the enemy!
Not Rand Paul, a good, decent man.
Anybody can see that and knows Rand Paul's a real man.
You're not!
You're not even a man, Blumenthal!
You're a damn demon and everybody knows it.
By the way, my anger is not of weakness.
It's of strength.
Like a volcano.
And they know it, too.
And it's a spirit they don't like.
It's a spirit that will overcome them.
It's a spirit that will defeat them.
It's a spirit they will never dominate.
No matter how much poison they put in the food and water, no matter what they pull, God will defeat them!
And their 1984 system is going to burn.
Your system is going to burn.
I'm gonna stop.
The big stuff's happening on the planet.
You can feel it.
You can see it.
And I'm not going to belabor this, but it's like a horse and carriage.
We've got the best durable food.
We've got it in stock.
It's high quality.
Seven to ten days, because they got the food.
They got to package it to get it to you.
We're partnered with MyPatriot.
They're in the computer system.
And they're partners with us.
I'm gonna leave it at that.
And they're getting the orders as they come in live time.
Okay, so.
And they're not wimps either.
They're proud to be with us.
I mean, I'm not gonna get into the lore of it.
They had a whole corporate attempted takeover.
Because they were supporting us and they defeated the takeover years ago.
They've been through the espionage, the attacks to be with us, okay?
They don't want that even said.
It's not a secret, but I'm just going to tell you.
That's who you want to spend your money with.
And hopefully you won't need this.
The point is, it's like something you're supposed to do when you've got the storable food and the guns.
And it's like knowing how to use your fist.
Like, I'm not looking for trouble, just like you're not.
But you get to fight.
You're gonna have a fight with me.
You start a fight with me, you're gonna be in a fight.
It's the same thing, you see.
Same thing with the food.
It's like having blood in your veins, and you know you're not dependent.
And it's that type of move, having that base covered, then all the other things.
That's how God works, I've learned.
You do the basic things.
God says, make provision, get prepared, have things laid away, so that you aren't dependent.
It's like Moses.
And the whole dream, and the seven years of plenty, the seven years of famine.
Or was that Jacob or somebody?
I can't remember.
Remember it all runs together.
It's unbelievable.
Jeremy, Aaron, Joshua, John, and Michael.
We'll get to Ollie before this ends.
And we got John Rappaport coming on too.
And people ask why I get tears in my eyes all the time.
It's not even a sadness thing.
My brain gets turned on so high that I can't even talk at a certain point.
And my daughters will see me at night before I go to bed, and I'll start having tears that start flowing down.
And they're like, why are you crying?
And I'm like, it's like, I don't know, it's endorphins.
It's my, it's God saying, okay, reset, did a good job.
And I just don't think average people have experienced the Holy Ghost.
And if you haven't experienced it, you need to experience the power of Christ, because that's all there is, folks.
That's all there is.
And at the end of the day, it's that relationship that matters.
They can take the body, don't let them take the soul.
It's only a matter of hours until the President declares a national emergency.
Because the World Health Organization that the United States runs, or the group that runs, the U.S.
runs, has declared a worldwide pandemic emergency.
That's breaking right now.
John Rappaport's coming up next segment.
There's DrugsReport.com.
Who declares emergency?
And we'll be going over that with him.
And all I'm saying is whether this is hype or not, when the Russians are closing borders and days ago British Airways is stopping flights, what is Trump doing?
Either he knows it's a hoax, which I don't think it is, the media will say, don't say it's a hoax, don't say it's a... No, that's out of context.
John Rappaport's a smart cookie, we'll talk to him in a moment.
Aaron, Jeremy, Joshua and John, I appreciate you all holding.
Joshua's been holding the longest, thank you Joshua, you're on the air from Pennsylvania.
How you doing Alex?
Uh, something begs afoot.
How are you doing?
I'm like a jumping jack here.
I'm out here in Pennsylvania, and by the old ladies at work, it's my day off.
I'm here with the old brown best, ready to go at a moment's notice.
It's an honor to talk to you.
It's an honor to talk to you, brother.
So you're sitting back, listening to the show, knocking back a few with the old lady?
Not even a question.
She loves you too.
She's not here.
But the whole point is, I want you to know, In my heart, it's an honor.
What makes it so serious with you is that I can get ahold of you.
And it makes it beautiful.
No, you know it's real.
You're here, we're real.
What are you going to lay on us, brother?
16 and God forbid I've got a hold of Troy boy.
I've got a hold of you.
It's real.
This is real.
That makes my heart pump at heart.
Oh, yeah.
No, there's real things in the universe.
Just like you, brother.
We're real.
We're real.
I want all your viewers to know that this is real.
You know, this is not a joke.
And you know, online, they say the callers are fake.
Oh, I back in the day when I first caught you in 16, it was on YouTube.
And I watch you and this and that and they shut you down.
But this is not, I want everybody to know this is not a joke.
I get ahold of, and it's something weird, these, my little fat fingers.
I feel something weird.
I hit the button.
I call you and you guys answer.
It's astonishing.
I can't believe it.
We're people, brother.
This sounds like a simple point.
This is a big point.
John Rappaport, I didn't find out what he's about to say.
I just respect him.
People go like, you're not going to pre-interview me?
You're not going to?
Like they sued us and said, where are the orders from the secret group?
Where's the money from the Mercer's?
And the judge is like, I know you're being ordered and commanded.
No, I'm not like you.
I'm real.
I'm commanded by the Holy Spirit.
One more thing I wanted to say is I always ask Owen, I told him I'm a bar manager out here in Pennsylvania, but at the moment I always keep asking him for a job since I got a hold of you.
I would love to come down here.
And brother, I guessed it, it's not bad you're having a few on your day off, bar manager day off, we know what's going on.
We love you brother, call us back again, alright?
Alright, let's jam in.
I don't want to cut John and Jeremy and Aaron short, so I'll get to all you guys, but we've got Rapport coming on, so you can talk to Rapport, too.
And Matt Bracken knows how this is.
We love Matt Bracken.
But I preempt him a lot, so we're going to preempt a few segments, maybe post the whole thing with him, but we'll bring him in.
Wild Horses couldn't drag me away from this.
Again, I just go off the energy levels.
The energy level, spiritually, for me, is like never been higher.
I don't know what the hell's going on, but metaphysically, spotty sense is never wrong, and it's like... And see, that's the problem, is I'm not afraid, I'm not even having anxiety now.
This is the feeling I've got when You're in a fight for your life and you feel pretty damn
good when you're in that fight. I mean you're got a guy swinging at you or a guy pulls a knife out tries
to stab you take it away from you.
I mean it's like I feel really good right now but in a comedic way it's really sick you understand
because because it's just like and I think everybody picks up on that.
So it's not, is it the virus?
Is it them trying to remove the president?
What is it?
What is happening?
What is about to unfold?
John Rappaport will be with us in 60 seconds to give us his approximation of that that I respect and your approximations as well.
InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com and NoMoreFakeNews.com.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
We all felt more alive when Kobe Bryant died last weekend on Sunday afternoon.
Felt like a hundred years ago, doesn't it?
And you kind of feel that guilt, like, why am I happy?
I like Kobe Bryant.
I feel bad.
But you're not happy he died.
You're happy we're still here.
We've got children.
He's got children.
We're moving forward.
We're still alive.
What matters is the species.
No one will say, in fact the media might spin it, Jones says he's happy Kobe Bryant died.
That's not what I said.
But it's that weird feeling when you're burying the grandparent, or the parent, or somebody else, and it's been horrible, and it was terrible, but you know they're with God now.
After they die, the pain leaves.
A lot of it leaves because you know they're in a better place, but you also know they're still alive right here.
My grandfathers, my grandmothers, they're right here, right now, and I got children.
That tree, that old tree got struck by lightning.
There's 20 trees around it and it's its babies.
And that's God's circle of life.
That's the beauty of it.
And you buy into that, you buy into yourself, you buy into reality.
And now the Satanism doesn't matter anymore.
The selfishness of believing it's all got to be about you and you've got to dominate reality.
You've got to be God because you're afraid to die when you never die.
John Rappaport, I feel the energy, the crew feels it, the callers all feel it.
I don't know if it's this virus, the economy, the Senate trial.
Something big's happening in the first month of 2020 here on January 20th.
Do you agree with me?
And what is it?
Well, I've been following all of this business with the grand epidemic of all times.
And as people know, I've researched fraudulent epidemics for years, exposed them one at a time.
Every one of them was going to end the species forever.
We wouldn't be here talking about it if they really were true at the time.
And so, yes, I have my grave doubts about this one, too.
But the thing that I don't doubt, and this is what people have to realize, is the hammer every time is the vaccine.
And this is major because at least two experimental vaccines are being rushed into production, possibly within the next 90 days.
And neither of these has ever been tried openly on the public before for public use.
They're both experimental.
The entire planet will be a guinea pig.
They're going to stand back and see.
And one of these, I'm going to boil it right down, one of these is the big challenge is the immune system of the body goes haywire and starts attacking itself.
War against the body by the body.
That's called the adverse effect of the RNA vaccine that is being rushed into production in the United States.
The other big one is the DNA vaccine, which is also being rushed into production.
And this one, as confirmed on March 15, 2015 by the New York Times, alters the genetic makeup of every person who takes it.
They don't have to put in secret bioweapons and all kinds of... Just the vaccine itself, DNA vaccine, admittedly, permanently, alters your DNA genetic structure.
They have another name for that, it's basically cancer.
And so what you're saying is, they go, look at the left hand, don't look at the right hand, or don't look at the right hand, look at the left hand.
The hammer is the vaccine, and they metaphysically explain this, because this is deep.
I know you've studied this.
I've read some of your books.
You've got a great insight on this.
It's true.
They need us to bring our children and ourselves and do it.
Metaphysically, they need us to give our children to Moloch.
And the Bible says, give not your children the fires of Moloch.
Why do they need us to acquiesce and to come to them?
Well, because it amuses them, basically, Alex.
I mean, I can't think of any other reason beyond that because they're evil.
Because it cheers them up to see what they would consider Complete idiots bringing themselves and their children to be destroyed.
I mean, it's as simple as that.
That's how they get their kicks.
It's the ultimate power trip that you'll bring your daughter or son to be thrown into a fiery furnace or to give them stuff that admittedly can kill them, but we lie to you.
Yeah, we don't even have to force you to do it.
You know, yes, we can mandate it and so forth, but really what we're looking for is you volunteer, you go along.
And the other big thing that I've got to give you... I've got to interrupt you.
Back that up five seconds.
This is a fascist film made by the father of fascism, Mussolini and Hitler.
A devil works for... put it on screen for TV viewers.
Notice those are real naked children they've got up there on screen and they're having to comfort them and get them to not fight back and agree to be thrown in.
Notice the priest is comforting the children who are really crying and little two-year-olds in front of this giant crowd, a boy and girl.
are about to simulate the murder of and the word is actual killings went on that
was not fake rituals they were killing him behind the scenes which again is
Bohemian Grove the same repeat sorry John I just want to say as above so
below what you're just saying right there is in evidence they see us as
children and they want us in the final moment to say he's like you're going up
you're going up and to get the kids don't cry don't cry and have their own
parent murder them absolutely absolutely then you sorry okay so the other big
point that I want to get to here which is very vital is isn't it funny isn't
it strange and some people would say very fortunate that all of a sudden this
quote outbreak happens in a country that has one of the most if not the most
brutal regime ultimately in the world where they can lock down 40 million
people overnight and they can put on all kinds of repressive restrictions
This is all a giant Marshall Law drill beta tested.
Boom, boom, boom.
A giant planetary thing.
And here's the deal.
China is being positioned as the icebreaker, okay?
The psychological icebreaker, because no time in human history has ever 40 million people been quarantined all at once overnight.
So people are standing on the sidelines, including The head of the UN who is bowing down today in tweets to the Chinese premier for his quote interventions and measures and so on and so forth to say
People all over the world are saying, boy, aren't we lucky.
Isn't this fantastic that it happened in China?
John Rappaport, you have just nailed it.
That's what I said this morning, but you've said it better.
This is a giant global government drill in China, the most controlled place, to sell everybody on planetary martial law for future real outbreaks they're going to bring forward.
So, in the U.S., okay, a state of emergency.
All right.
Well, China did it, so we have to do it, too.
We'll do it differently, sure.
Okay, people can't travel here, don't travel there.
We're going to vaccinate all these people over here and stay in your houses and we're going to cancel some concerts, sporting events, whatever.
And if you're an anti-vaxxer, you need to be arrested because you're creating fear about the solution.
You're bad.
Yeah, of course.
If, you know, if suddenly they say everybody here has to get the vaccine, then somebody shows up and says, No, no, no, no.
Don't do this.
Then, you know, he could get a visit.
Knock, knock, knock on the door.
Yeah, you bet.
Which they've been reprogramming and censoring all the anti-vaxxers in the biggest blitzkrieg we've ever seen.
I mean, orders of magnitude a hundred times bigger.
I mean, it's been shut everybody down.
Major global drill.
Test case.
sign all these secret documents against InfoWars and crazy hell breaking list folks.
We're not making a big deal about it because it's about the show and fighting the globalists,
but it's like we're under attacks, burning buildings, you know, they're coming over the
top right now.
We're just at the broadcasting, which shows us, like I said a few weeks ago, I don't know
what's about to happen, but the censorship, the attacks have never hit this level.
Something big's coming and now here it is.
Major global drill, test case.
all over the world saying, "Well, you know, China broke the ice."
We've never seen anything like it.
Isn't it wonderful?
They're clamping down.
We're going to have to do the same thing.
And so Germany decides, England decides, whatever, somebody in Africa decides.
Other countries start following suit.
And of course, one of the biggest winners in all of this is the World Health Organization because They're the medical enforcement arm of the United Nations, and they rule the medical world, which means everybody.
They can say to a country, you're not going to clamp down on people.
You're not going to institute an emergency and lockdown and quarantine.
Well, we're going to bring economic sanctions against you.
We're going to tell people they can't travel to Yes.
I mean, that's exactly it.
This is the ultimate collectivist nightmare, you see.
the power of world government to crush the nation-state. We must all come
together and maybe that's why Trump's waited to jump into the hysteria because
he understands what's happening. Yes I mean that's exactly it. This is the
ultimate collectivist nightmare you see. But they've been preparing us for the
groundwork groundwork where we're all glued together in one giant cheese glob
of humanity.
There are no individuals, no free choice, no nothing like that.
Forget it.
And now we have the medical emergency of all time, so everybody must be as one and get the vaccine.
And shut up.
Oh, and then that'll fix the problem.
And now see it all.
We can all have seizures like Barron after we get our shots.
We'll be right back.
Is this planet a giant sanitarium?
Welcome to where time stands still.
No one leaves, and no one will.
Welcome to where time stands still.
No one leaves, and no one will.
John Rappaport's our guest.
Got some calls I'm gonna get to coming up.
Matt Bracken, I'll call us with him, get his perspective.
So, John Rappaport, I hope you'll co-host some movie next week, because I just love you to death, and nobody's nailed it in a 10-minute, 10-and-a-half-minute segment like you just did.
That was it.
I called the producer this morning at 7 a.m., and she answered, and I said, I think this is a big drill.
She goes, yeah, no, I mean, I'm watching Foreign TV, all the different channels, and she said, I'm seeing the exact same thing.
You never see that.
And I said, yeah.
And so, everybody feels this is big, because it is.
The rollout of this is big.
The vaccine and what they're going to do is big.
And how they admit this vaccine, which they've already got ready, obviously, they say, oh, it's not ready yet to make you beg for it.
And then right when coronavirus peaks in China in three months and five months here, oh, oh, please, oh, give it to me!
Meanwhile, they know there's a bunch of other pneumonias and flus killing people and they just hype up each event.
This is a PSYOP.
And so now I'm kind of like, why is Trump not declaring an emergency?
Why is Trump not blocking things?
It's so deadly.
And then I think maybe because he doesn't want to add to the hype, maybe because he's not in control of this and he knows.
It's a larger plan.
Let's unwind that because I think we're getting close to the problem here, John, which I'm not kissing your ass.
It's just like to hear you lay it out.
My whole brain with all the facts I have go ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.
That's it.
And sure, I could hype up fear of this virus all day to sell storable food.
People eat storable food anyways for 2020 and all the craziness.
In fact, more than ever.
But I want to believe that this virus isn't as deadly as they're saying.
But what I do know is Whether it's really deadly or not, the response of what we're seeing has NWO written all over it.
Is that accurate?
You bet.
And here's what I think about Trump.
He knows, or he's being told, listen, if you don't declare an emergency, the kind of emergency that the World Health Organization wants you to declare, guess what's going to happen?
There's going to be five new cases announced here in the state of Washington, and then 17 in Nebraska, and then 60 in New Jersey.
And they're going to just keep building these announcements, true, false, doesn't matter, until you're against the wall.
You're in the corner.
You look like the guy who just refused to save lives.
And so you better do it now.
You've got to declare it soon, very soon now, on some form or another, because Otherwise, they're just going to roll over you.
And that's the way they do it.
Build up the number of casualties.
Okay, we just discovered this.
No, there's more here.
There's more there.
What are you going to do, Mr. President?
We found 16 travelers who are going on planes.
We don't know where they are.
What are you going to do?
You should have done this months ago.
What's the matter with you?
You're a killer, etc., etc., etc.
And when you start doing this in a medical arena, Man, people really respond.
Really respond.
No, I totally agree.
As a father, I'm like, well, the Russians are blocking their borders and all these other countries.
Trump, why aren't you doing it?
But now we start to see the wisdom of Trump.
He's figuring out that during the trial, they're pulling this.
A bunch of planets have aligned, John.
During the trial.
During the trial.
So, if during the trial he decides to hold off on this long enough, and the trial goes on long enough, he's going to be put into a fantastic squeeze play.
I mean, it's just the walls are going to close in.
Because declaring an emergency is not going to do anything.
It's already here.
We know it's been here.
Yeah, I mean, true, false, fake, real, whatever, the emergency is a fait accompli.
They've already declared it World Health Organization.
So why is Trump holding back?
Because I kept saying, why is he doing it?
And people are going to ask, well, why at the start of the show were you upset maybe with Trump?
And now you're not.
I'm sussing it out.
There's no one giving us orders here, folks.
Just like you're figuring stuff out.
This is a real discussion.
Yeah, because maybe he's being told by somebody, hey, listen, this is not real.
This is not what everybody says it is.
This is a planetary drill.
Basically what's happening that China is doing.
Just what we're talking about here.
I mean, it's possible that somebody close to him is saying that to him and is saying, don't follow suit.
Don't bring down the hammer.
Don't suddenly say, for example, everybody's got to take this vaccine.
You know what happens when that happens, right?
From personal experience, don't do it.
And so he's holding back and holding back and holding back.
I don't see how he's going to be able to hold back much longer.
I mean, he's going to have to say something.
He's going to have to say, all right, so... I was about to say, the silence is deafening right now.
Yeah, absolutely.
Everybody else has already declared an emergency.
The U.N.
has, and the President of the U.S., the biggest destination for Chinese on the planet, has said nothing, while they're welding the apartment building shut in China.
Yeah, I mean, he's...
People love Trump.
They hate Trump.
I don't care which it is.
I think the guy, it's a simple answer, is he's suspicious.
You know, he's sitting in the White House and he's looking at all this and he's suspicious.
No, that's it.
He doesn't want to join the Satanist Club.
He's his own man and he knows they're a bunch of liars so he's watching this closely.
I mean, who wouldn't, you know?
Except the tool of the operation.
Somebody who's totally in on the operation from the get-go and is given direct orders on what to do.
Anybody else is going to sit there in the White House, in their house, and they're going to think, what's going on?
What's happening?
Isn't it amazing that this happened in China?
Where they can suddenly quarantine 40 million people overnight?
And this is a drill?
And the congruency of all the countries off the UN system.
This is the planetary Rockefeller system.
It's all the exact words, the exact same order.
This is the big first planetary drill ever.
I mean, it's never happened before.
I don't care.
I mean, you know, quarantines actually go back a long way in history.
for various reasons and trumped up ideas and this and that, where you would get your enemy, whoever the enemy army is,
and you would put some kind of a quarantine on them, and everybody would be afraid to go near them.
I mean, this is not a new thing here.
And let's expand on that.
How are they going to counter the end of globalism, the global awakening?
The UN has said, and Rockefeller, they all said, we'll use pandemics.
And now we're seeing the response.
Now we're seeing, oh, we stopped it with inoculations a year from now.
Oh, and finally, world government came together.
But some of the nation states, you can hear the NPR voice, or Yeah.
This is what happened to them.
on PBS, but some countries didn't, like President Trump, and then it got out of control.
And you can see them trying to scrimp this whole deal.
Yeah, this is what happened to them.
You know, the ones that stayed on the outside and refused to join the world community.
Because then the globalists will release bioweapons in those countries and say it's this.
That's how you launch a bio-attack, is you have the simulation, but then those that don't submit you release a real attack.
Sure, why not?
You've got to attack the ones who stay on the outside.
We just did it again, Rappaport.
That's why the guests, the callers, all of us together, all of our coming together, two of us on earth, God makes it so in heaven, we just did it again.
You're right.
Global drill, first world government drill, and Trump isn't part of that, so he's not included himself yet.
We'll be right back with John Rappaport.
You know, this virus has sucked a lot of the oxygen out of the room.
They're trying to get Rand Paul arrested.
I've got all those clips.
Blumenthal, all of them, for saying who the whistleblower is.
That's totally legal.
You're supposed to face your accuser.
We've got Democrats saying, oh, the Western states and the flyover, they're all a bunch of idiots.
White people are dumbasses.
And it's white dudes with a black dude saying, I'm trying to cause a race war.
I mean, it's just...
Flagrant and over-the-top sickness.
And it's all CHICOM funded.
Through the Globalist.
The Globalist runs China.
So it's not the Chinese fault, by the way.
Matt Bracken's here.
We always appreciate him.
In fact, I hope he'll come on the main show tomorrow and give us his views on things.
And we've also got, of course, General Rappaport riding shotgun in three calls, I swore that I'm going to take, so we'll get to those.
But Matt, what is your approximation of this?
I think Rappaport knocks it out of the park.
I'm seeing unified propaganda out of these governments saying it's horrible, it's terrible, shut everything down.
A planetary drill.
But I'm not seeing that out of Trump, and I'm wondering why he's held back with the World Health Organization.
That's the UN, for those that don't know, coming out and saying it's a global pandemic, a big emergency, the cases are growing exponentially tenfold, all this insanity.
With all of this going on, what is your approximation while the president is on trial?
Talk about planets aligning, I mean, and what's coming next during this, Matt?
Well, we have very bad data, first of all.
There's nothing that we can really trust about the numbers.
You know, there's this number called the R-naught, the R-zero.
It's how many people an infected person will infect before they either die or they're cured.
And that's been all over the place.
And you can't believe it.
You know, no matter what, you can't believe the figures coming out of China.
If it's really a two to 14 day incubation period and you can transmit it before you're even symptomatic, Then it's all it's probably all over the world already.
But we're going to have to wait and see, you know, in our own in our own communities, how it's spreading in our own countries, because, you know, it's it's getting big in Philippines.
It's there's been human to human proved transmission in places like Korea and Germany, where people that have never left Germany have caught it from a worker who came back from from China without any symptoms.
So, yeah, we're gonna have to wait and see, but something that John mentioned before, you know, the history of quarantine is actually, it's an Italian word.
And during the Black Death in the Middle Ages, a couple of Italian cities, they were very mercantile, you know, they were port cities like Milan and Venice and Genoa.
They put up quarantines where ships had to stay at anchor for 40 days.
And then... That's right.
The flag was a black spot on a white flag.
And they could only come in after the 40-day period.
That actually worked.
During the Spanish Flu of 1918-19, Philadelphia was really lagging in any kind of precautions, and they suffered a really bad punishment from Spanish Flu, worse than most.
And San Francisco got out ahead of it with quarantine, closed all the military bases before there were even breakouts, things like that.
And San Francisco at a much lower rate.
Something important to learn from the Spanish flu, because it's probably the closest approximation of what maybe a worst case would look like, is that the death rate can vary very widely, from like 2% to 20%.
Depending on the mutation?
Well, and depending on how a community is hit and what kind of precautions they have, you know, you can get overtaken to the point where there aren't enough medical people to take care of the patients and the patients are just stacked up like a giant.
Why do you think there's so much...
Lockdown and hysteria compared to other things we've seen before.
I mean, and the U.N.
and all this unification of the governments and what they're saying.
I mean, is it because it's so incredibly horrible or is this like a global government drill like John Redbult was saying?
Two things about why they may know that it's really horrible.
One is that, whether it's a natural, you know, snake to bat thing, we're used to, humans are used to swine to bird to human.
And it mutates at each stop and then becomes human to human.
But the more far out it is and unrecognizable to humans it is, the more dangerous it is.
So something that's snake to a bat, which is reptile to mammal, this is like an alien from another galaxy, not only another planet, compared to a swine to bird to human, which is what we've handled.
So if it really is, but then a lot of people think it came from Canada to the Wuhan bio facility and they've engineered parts into it.
So either way, I think that the world leaders that are getting the classified briefings, they're getting the holy Sierra, you know, drill and they may know with this thing having a 2 to 14 day incubation.
And people traveling around the world.
You look at the... I recommend everybody watch some Spanish flu documentaries.
They're great on YouTube.
And learn how overwhelming it can be to a community.
And that's even trying to do quarantine.
Sure, but then global government will be the savior.
Let me ask John Rappaport what he makes of this.
I just see the pre-programming ahead of this, crescendoing right up to its release, and now I see all this concerted unification of governments, telling me that they've activated some type of big global crisis.
I mean the UN just said that, I said it from the start of the show, but obviously this has already been activated before they announced it.
Start over, sorry they didn't have your mic up, go ahead and start over.
I started saying back in the 1980s, look, The biggest source of collectivism on the planet, long term, is going to be medical.
This is what you have to watch out for.
They fly no partisan flag.
They say they are not left or right.
We are the healers.
This is the out front PR.
This is the way the cartel works.
This is the Rockefeller modality.
This is what they've been doing forever.
as they research on birth control and sterility vaccines.
They bought out American medicine.
They killed Western medicine for folks that don't know.
Exactly, so, you know, this is yet another one of these deals because what is it that collectivizes people
more than anything else?
You give them a threat, they can't see the invisible terrorist,
little tiny enemy that's lurking and it's going to get in you
and you're gonna fall down the street and die.
And we have to do this.
We all have to come together.
All nations of the world must be as one.
And we are the World Health Organization leading that call.
And then everybody comes together.
I mean, this is the pattern.
This is the way you form a world government.
This is collectivism at its most basic and terrifying to people.
This is how they respond.
This is the operation.
This is the drill.
This is the leading edge of other nations shining in.
We're going to declare a state emergency.
This is Joseph Mengele's wet dream.
Matt Bracken, let me ask you that question.
The dark side of the dark side.
The virus is terrible, that's dark.
But what's the dark side of the dark side?
This gets beyond anybody's control.
If you learn from history, if you learn from previous pandemics, Like in 1918, they weren't exactly ignorant.
They had public health.
They had better public health than we have today in the sense that there were public health nurses and so forth.
They could quarantine houses.
The country in 1918 was very different than today.
It was unified and patriotic.
There was wartime censorship.
They could order people and people obeyed the orders.
That America is gone.
Now we're disunified.
People are already at each other's throats.
There's no trust.
You wouldn't trust a vaccine.
You wouldn't trust government orders.
You might think it's, you know, NWO.
Stay there.
You're getting something key.
Whether this is real or contrived, what is the response during hysteria?
When most people aren't self-sufficient and are cutthroat.
That's a good question for both of you.
Then we'll jam in a few calls, I promise.
Aaron, Jeremy, and John, the final segment.
Then the War Room is coming up.
And I want to invite Mike Adams on.
I want to invite Matt Bracken on.
I want to invite John Redford on during that and take calls as well.
So three hours more live coming up after we finish this next segment.
Cracking the Code.
Producing the human talking point.
A blueprint.
Not programmed by some globalist getting transmissions from the bad guys.
We're getting transmissions from the big guy.
And we've already pretty much figured out what's going on.
And you know, we're pretty much always right.
Because we are you.
We are one.
But we are all individuals in our spiritual decision to be with God.
So the collectivist would enslave the individual, would enslave the mass.
We empower the individual, we empower the mass.
That's the real permutation, the real equation of God's force.
But you've got to ask for it.
I got good news!
Mike Adams, who's busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest, is going to be hosting the first hour of the War Room in T-minus 10 minutes.
Then, Jon Rappaport's going to take an hour break.
He's going to be back loaded for bear with this big U.N.
announcement of the global pandemic that we told you headline yesterday was that.
It's a worldwide emergency pandemic.
From their perspective, already had that two days ago.
Mike Adams had separate people tell him what they're getting ready for on the West Coast.
Maybe he'll tell you what he knows.
He advised me not to go with what I had two days ago, and I respect him.
So I took that countenance.
I mean, there's not much more I know from those sources.
I probably need to get on the telephone.
That's something I probably should do.
I can get a hold of people if I need to, and it's not like they have all the answers either.
Your phone call, what you're seeing in your area, is just as important as what the president knows.
That's why the president demands the Secret Service every note he's given, everything people hand, like up to 10 boxes.
In fact, the left makes a big joke.
White House elitists don't like it.
Trump sits there while he eats on Air Force One flight and they'll bring in all these boxes.
He goes, oh, and then he just digs through it and just, oh, run.
He'll sit there at midnight with a switchboard talking to people because he wants the intel on the street.
So when I go, I want your calls, I want your calls, I'm not just saying that to make you feel important.
I want your calls, which we're about to go to for you holding.
By the way, they don't ask for it, but each one of these folks gets a free t-shirt or a bottle of X2 or X3, whatever they want.
Just get their name and number.
We're going to go to them, too.
I appreciate them holding for two hours.
The problem is having 20-something phone lines and more calls come in, you end up holding.
You know, one person's been holding an hour and 53 minutes.
That's not right, but I got the 30-something calls, so just the way it is.
So you hold, it's your deal.
I still, as a Texas hospitality person, I would not want to be treated like that.
So I'm feeling guilty that that's how I operate.
I'm not doing that to go, oh, I'm kissing your ass.
I'm telling you, that's how my psychology works.
You get why I do these things.
I literally feel like a piece of crap for three people being on hold for an hour.
but we'll get to them hopefully.
Closing comment on this Matt Bracken, we'll invite you back on tomorrow if you can do it.
Closing comment John Rapoport, and if you wanna come back on Bracken during the war
and we've got record listenership right now, I'm tempted to come back at six, I'll be here,
maybe just do all-nighters or something 'cause the callers commercial free need to be heard.
You're a Navy SEAL.
You're a cop-type guy.
You go off what you've got, and you're like, hey, you know, we'll have panic.
We'll have breakdown of civilization if this is as bad as they say.
You're covering what you know is real and what you can deal with.
I'm asking you to be theoretical.
Gut level, what do you think this thing is?
I think that it's legit in terms of a real pandemic.
I don't think that it's, you know, just a faked out thing that like China's, like, you know, China will just volunteer to shoot off one of its feet with a shotgun for the NWO.
I mean, imagine 50 million people under quarantine.
This is a terrible thing.
But they killed 50 million girls under Rockefeller orders.
But right, but with an economy that's still functioning.
It's like, cut off your hand, okay?
Because it's infected, cut it off.
They're not doing this out of, you know, following orders from some cabal.
I think that has credence.
And so a little thing told me maybe people are pissed and it's a bio weapon because of them hitting us
with fentanyl.
You know, I don't, what you're saying to me goes to the point of trust.
In 1918, when a terrible pandemic hit, people would have believed what they read in the paper or heard from the president.
Today, nobody believes anything.
No, you're right.
The real variable is the time bomb.
You're right, Matt.
Come back.
You're right.
The time bomb.
You should come on my show.
Start the show tomorrow.
What will happen in an outbreak here?
We won't behave like China.
Our weakness is we'll go completely insane, which is also our strength.
Well, there's a great Black Pigeon Speaks is now going under Felix Rex video a couple days ago about how it can end civilization.
It's not the plague that will kill us.
The plague is just the trigger.
It's the breakdown in food supply.
If people just say, I'm not going to work because 10% of the people are sick with this thing, then nobody drives the trucks, the food doesn't get delivered, three days a week in our cities with no food, and they blow up.
Can you join me at 11.05 tomorrow then to do a couple segments on the dark side of the dark side, the dark side of the rainbow, how bad this could get just with a societal breakdown.
Can you do that tomorrow?
Sure, you bet.
Alright, Matt Bracken will start the show, because I get what he's saying.
Thank you, Matt.
I've got to jam in three calls, I swear to do it.
Ravaport's coming up in an hour, an hour into the war room.
Ravaport, real fast, how about the dark side of the dark side, as I keep saying?
What could this do to the economy?
Obviously a weapon, obviously pointed, I think, really not at America, but at the whole world in general.
Yeah, on this point I would say that and I agree.
You know, you can do this a number of different ways.
Emergency, state of emergency, stay in your houses.
People stay home from work for whatever reason.
You don't have trucks on the roads, you don't have food deliveries, this and that.
You can engineer states of emergency in all manner of ways that break down the ordinary details of everyday life so that people are under the gun.
You bet.
And this has been done.
But the United States will drop atomic weapons on you.
And so, I mean, my point is, could this be a bioweapon that's very specific as a message to China?
I mean, they've been, I'm not endorsing that, but I'm just saying the United States will do things nobody else has done.
But I don't think it's a bioweapon.
But, you know, that's a whole other discussion.
That's a whole other discussion.
Alright, well talk about, what are you going to cover when you take over in one hour?
I'm going to cover the history of other epidemics, so-called epidemics, that were not true, and what the clandestine operations were all about, and how they clamped down exactly as they're trying to do now, only Now is much, much, much bigger.
Thank you.
Bottom line, there's a big move afoot.
And enemiesforeigndomestic.com, nomorefakenews.com, be sure and check both those sites out.
Thank you both gentlemen, look forward to speaking to you soon.
Thank you. - Thanks.
All right, war room's about to begin, but I swore to go to your calls and I'm gonna do it.
I appreciate Aaron and Jeremy and John holding this long.
So let's go to Jeremy in Texas.
You got one minute, go ahead, Jeremy.
Hello, Jeremy, how's it going, brother?
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, this is a Bilderberg measles party.
There is no pandemic until all the sheep line up for the vaccine.
No, you're right.
that because Chris Lydell, HR McMaster, and Wilbur Ross all met in Chantilly, Virginia
for Bilderberg in 2017.
That's a Paul Joseph Watson article.
It stated that Bilderberg thinks there's still a chance, but pressure on Trump forced him
to back down on his America First policy.
And while you have Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross today saying that coronavirus is a good
thing, the dos Equis virus, because the general public's out searching for a Corona beer virus
while this is going on.
And what is the incentive- No, you're right, Ross is saying it's good.
It's a good and loving thing, yeah.
It's a good loving thing and so what all But what's the incentive and motive in China?
They have Hong Kong going on now.
There's already been video released of a gentleman screaming, saying, I'm not sick, I'm not sick, while they're shoving him in the back of a vehicle.
And while China is also releasing all this video, look at all this new quarantine technology we've got.
And again, they're starting the narrative.
And this is an opportunity.
This is the collectivist dream.
This is not a collectivist nightmare, it's a collectivist dream because the world leaders are
saying, "Hey, you want power? You're gonna get power."
Now look at this evil thing we did.
Don't you want the flow of money to hurt all the people?
Well, you have Harvard epidemiologists saying, "This is thermonuclear pandemic."
Again, it's not a pandemic until you get the vaccine.
This is to imply that there's advanced mutation.
There hasn't been advanced mutation.
It's blowing up in China because it passes through the air, and they're all...
They're all in powers and it just breathes across their heads.
It's already been admitted that temperature...
Jeremy, I think you've called before and we've gotten your number for that caller show I'm
going to do soon, which I'm going to do, hell, maybe tonight we'll start it.
Have I gotten your name and number, Jeremy?
No, sir.
Well, you're damn smart.
Smarter than I am.
Get that guy's name and number.
Yeah, folks, what you feel is a big threat is that this is evil.
There's something behind it that's dangerous.
That's why people do need to be prepared and do need to be self-sufficient with firearms,
But I really agree with what all our guests have been saying.
I think this is... How am I going to go?
I just did Jeremy.
I got Aaron here and I got John.
Oh my God.
Aaron in Kentucky, real fast, go ahead.
Hey Alex, don't feel bad about keeping us on hold this long.
This information is way too vital for us to complain about.
You're doing a great job over there.
If you need anybody to help you fill in or sit in on that or keep this information going for 24-7, let me know.
I'm more than happy to help you out with that.
No, I think we should just have a person that sits here and takes calls like Washington Journal.
That's what I want to do.
Well, I mean, the people have the information, just like yourself.
You're a guy just like us, Alex.
We're all people.
We're all humans.
We're trying to get information.
I tell you what, I'm not going to short shift you, Aaron.
Or John.
Stay there.
War Room's coming up in two minutes.
They're going to go right to you in the first five minutes.
Tell them, don't air a tape.
Have Savannah, whoever's hosting, if no one's so sick, go right to them, get them out of the way, and then we're gonna have Mike Adams with the breaking news.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
Click the Owen Schroer live feed or click network feed.
You'll find Owen Schroer coming up in two minutes.
Thanks to all the stations.
Pray for peace, pray for justice.
God bless you.