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Name: 20200129_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 29, 2020
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The Alex Jones Show discusses conspiracy theories about the coronavirus outbreak, including the severity and motivations behind it. The show promotes preparedness for emergencies and discusses concerns about the credibility of official sources. Callers share their experiences with the virus, including empty store shelves and potential exposures. The speaker emphasizes isolation as a key factor in combating the pandemic, questioning the credibility of official sources."

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's Wednesday, January 29th, 2020.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
InfoWars is here on air during this global crisis in defiance to the New World Order who wanted us off the air long before they triggered what they've launched.
Now, everybody can smell a rat.
Everybody deep down knows that this is serious.
Is it a serious hoax?
Meant to dive the world economy?
Or is it a real super deadly bioweapon meant to implode the economy and kill tens of millions of people and usher in a planetary world government as the response to the crisis?
When you look at the background of the globalists saying they're going to use
Global pandemics to make people accept and stay in a world government.
And you now see that unfolding.
You see all the preparation and the censorship of anyone exposing the UN and Bill and Melinda Gates in the last few years.
In the last three or four months, there's been completely draconian censorship level crackdowns.
Remember, six months ago, CNN said, oh, Facebook's now banned positive mentions of Alex Jones and others.
And CNN said, next, they're going to start censoring private text messages in the WhatsApp that Facebook had bought.
It's now official.
Facebook admits they're doing it.
It's not just Alex Jones.
Now it's Jordan Peterson.
Next, it'll be Joe Rogan.
You say, but Joe Rogan's played ball.
He's been friendly to the system.
They know that Joe, deep down, is a patriot.
I can tell you he is.
But they don't need me to tell them that.
And they know he's got more power than they do.
Just like Infowars has more power than they do.
Because you have more power than the globalists.
We are the people.
But that's why this is all happening, ladies and gentlemen.
It's AI, live time, watching everything you do.
This is surveillance.
This isn't just private companies doing what they want.
This is the new communication system.
Imagine if the FBI broke in on your phone call with AI listening to it and said, you can't say that in live time.
They can now.
Almost all the calls are now digital.
Live time can break in.
I told you this decades ago, because they were theoretically talking about the plan.
Now it's here.
But again, they're implementing all this ahead of this release.
And they're going to use this release as a beta test for bigger controlled plagues they plan to release in the future.
That's undoubted, and that's the thesis of my film Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, that was taken off of Amazon.
Three weeks ago, for violating community standards, it predicts the globalists staging worldwide pandemics, incrementally expanding how deadly they are for full control.
And I show you where they met, and even show you the documentation of their operations.
So, this is what we're laying out, this is what we're breaking down today, and we're going to be going over all of it.
In great detail.
How deadly the virus really is, we're not sure.
How far it's spread, we're not sure.
But we know the complete lockdown of China...
And now all the flights in and out of China are beginning to be totally cancelled.
That has already begun.
And the secret evacuations, not just the ones that are on the news, of U.S.
State Department people, corporate individuals, military, out of China proper, not just out of that particular city, shows you this is serious.
Now I can tell you the virus has been in the United States for months.
And I've had medical doctors on that work inside
The military inside Special Operations Command, Pachinick's heavily attached to that.
He can tell you also, he's joining us again today, this has already been going on.
And they know that it does kill some people.
So why are they now hyping it all up?
It's hurting the economy, and that's what this is really about.
And it's going to standardize control at a globalist level, saying they need global government to respond to a crisis like this.
So, we know this is contrived.
We know it's a real virus.
How deadly, we're not sure.
We know it's spreading.
We know they're covering that up.
We're going to work through it all today and break it down.
This is a vital transmission.
Please spread the live links to the show and tell everyone.
It's January 29th.
2020 on this live Wednesday edition.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And we didn't just start playing air raid sirens as the panic over the coronavirus expanded.
We've been playing it for the last six months, every day.
Saying 2020 hits, everything's going to change.
You're gonna see incredibly good things, you're gonna see incredibly bad things.
Newtonian physics, metaphysics, the Bible, history, common sense.
For every action, there's an opposite and equal reaction.
And energy is not destroyed, it can just simply be put into another form.
And evil's making its move against humanity right now, but humanity is awakening and responding and
You see, everything the Bible talked about in times of great political and cultural change, when evil's been making its move, the earthquakes, the volcanoes, the swarms of locusts increasing, all of this is part of what's always happening on our planet, change.
But historians in Rome, and historians, Jewish historians, Chinese historians, pointed out, you know, even the legalists that didn't even really believe in God in China, they weren't
They said, we notice when there's big political change, there's also earthquakes and volcanoes and storms and tsunamis.
And in every case in history, people notice that it always lines up.
You'd think, well, 2020 is just a number man has created.
Okay, but it's all based on the Earth orbiting the sun and ties into the basic mathematics of the universe.
But here we are in 2020, and no one can doubt, 29 days in, all hell
...is breaking loose.
And China is on lockdown.
Flights from around the world are being restricted or totally cancelled.
They are either hyping this as the hoax of all hoaxes to plunge the world economy and to establish world government as the answer to the crisis, which the UN and Bill Gates are admitting they plan to do.
Or it's far more deadly than they're saying with the response we've seen.
And we do know a lot of people died from it.
We do know the numbers are much higher than they've been saying.
And we do know there have been cases here in the United States for months.
And now the number of dead and dying is so high in China that their own people say, you're covering it up.
It's not 6,000 that are infected.
It's not a couple hundred.
132 that are dead.
With the Wuhan coronavirus.
It's much, much, much bigger.
And now they're projecting a 5% negative growth rate for China.
China on average has about a 10% growth rate.
If China has a negative growth rate, that will take the world into a major recession, to put it lightly.
And the globalists said, if you ever try to pull out of our world government, there will be biological crises that will make you stay in it.
You can pull that up.
We've written articles about it.
They constantly run their mouths.
That migration crises, economic collapse, and biological weapons and other diseases will be the reason they bring in world government.
Coronavirus, China has quarantined 50 million people.
Experts worry that might backfire.
That's NBC News.
Plane carrying U.S.
evacuees from China amid coronavirus outbreak diverted to California airbase.
We're going to play part of that Fox News report next segment.
Virus cases in China again surging.
Coronavirus evacuation flight lands in Alaska.
Other evacuation flights land around the world.
Countries evaluate evacuation of citizens from the virus epicenter completely.
State Department orders U.S.
employees in Wuhan to evacuate due to coronavirus.
And they have the genome of this thing.
Bill and Melinda Gates have patented it two years ago.
A whole group of different sequences, a different variety of this virus.
But for some reason that's not being transmitted into the databases.
So when the virologists test this at hospitals and research labs, they don't even know how to identify it.
That's being done on purpose, and lab owners and others have been speaking out about this, including Mike Adams, but not just Mike Adams.
And he's done an incredible job so far on being restrained but accurate.
It's crystal ball level, but he is, you know, speaks fluent Chinese and has businesses over there, and his wife's from Taiwan.
He's a great American.
But he'll be hosting the fourth hour today.
Dr. Steve Pacino is going to be back on with us.
We're going to be laying all of this out.
But here's the bottom line.
This is not the only crisis we're going to face this year.
We're going to face economic problems that come from this and uncertainty.
We're going to face military crises.
We're going to face cultural and spiritual crises.
We're going to see the UN further throw third world populations at borders of the West and attempt to break the West in a massive cloward and pivot maneuver to then bring in a worldwide call for a planetary Marshall Plan.
Remember that.
I said they'd call for a Marshall Plan in Ukraine.
A Marshall Plan in Iraq.
It's the term they always use.
A corporate global takeover.
You're going to be hearing for a worldwide Marshall Plan six months from now.
And so this is how the globalists are going to counter nationalists.
This is how they're going to counter patriots.
Now I'm going to stop right there.
I've been playing air raid sirens
Every day, on air, for 3, 4, 5, 6 months.
And I said on air, I'm doing that to note to everyone that the times have changed.
We've gone into a red level crisis.
Because humanity is awakening to the threat.
Because the enemy is going to strike back.
We're in the fight now.
And so, it's critical that patriots be self-sufficient.
And it's critical that patriots be aware of what's going on.
So you notice,
I didn't just start selling storable foods this week during this crisis.
I've always been selling storable foods because it's insurance you can eat and it's because I believe in it and I believe we should be self-sufficient.
It's the grasshopper that dies during the winter.
It's the ants that go on and live into the future.
So I'm sitting here last week
Ordering my family more storable food so I can take care of people around me, and ordering even more storable food here to the office.
I have enough storable food for several hundred people for six months here at the office in a warehouse.
Some of it I bought five years ago, some of it I bought two years ago.
It's all there.
I just bought more.
So in case we have to shelter in place and stay on air during a crisis, and I thought, wait a minute, if I'm buying food,
I better call our main supplier who is the best, highest quality in the country.
We just drop ship to them every day.
You go to the head of the line when you do it with us.
We're their biggest seller.
My Patriot Supply and their Ready Hour Infowars line.
That is their highest quality, best and lowest price.
And they said, yeah, we're surprised you hadn't called us.
We're seeing record sales and institutional groups are trying to buy it.
And FEMA just tried.
To buy from them again so they had another federal office call up and try to get them to give them everything.
And they've got Matt Redhawk, the founder and owner, flying all over the country right now.
Trying to secure even more food.
And I'll just tell you, at current sales rates, they've got two weeks of food.
Everyone else they know is sold out.
All the other big suppliers.
But the others, most of them are not reputable.
They will tell you they've got the food, and then they will sit there on your money.
They deliver in seven to ten days.
Not because they don't have the food, but because they have to package it and they're running 24 hours a day.
They've got food coming in 18 wheelers for the two-week mark, but they're not counting that as if they have the food until it's in their facilities in Utah and three other states.
So these guys are Patriots.
They've been our big sponsor.
They're 12 years old.
They've been with us for 12 years because I knew they were about the lowest prices, high quality, and having food when they say they do.
You need to get your orders in now, so that in case things do get bad, you get the food delivered to you.
Because this coronavirus won't peak in China for two to three months, and then if it is going to peak here, it'll peak in the middle of the summer.
So, I'm just telling listeners, ladies and gentlemen, I believe in having firearms and water filtration, and knowing how to kick somebody's ass if I need to.
I also believe in having storable food for my family and having the guns to protect it.
And I'm just telling you right now, not just for this, but everything.
I always go with what I do.
So I'm ordering food.
That's my marketing plan.
It's just what I'm doing.
Oh, time for me to tell people to buy food.
I'm buying it.
See how that works?
I'm not sitting there going, oh, coronavirus, better get this.
I'm buying food and going, there's trucks pulling up at the office with food.
Why the hell am I not telling the audience to buy it?
Which you are doing.
Lights out in China.
Only got a few days of food supplies in Wuhan.
Maybe a few weeks in other areas.
And all the flights in a few days out of China will be ceased.
Already British Airways and many other airlines are 100% ceasing flights.
But American airlines and others are just cutting back most of them as not to create a panic.
And so I had an idea a few days ago, and I really appreciate the lead producer Daria having the same idea because I tend to forget things that I want to do on the show, and that's open the phones up so it's not just old Alex Jones up here flapping his lips to people inside China.
Americans, Chinese, I don't care.
Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea.
Russian border with China.
I think you've all got skin in the game more than the rest of us.
I'd like to get your take on this.
Merchant Marines.
People that are going to the South China Sea.
People that have family over there.
That's who I want to open the phones up for the first round to make sure you can get in.
Then, once we get those calls,
We've got to be disciplined listeners or this won't work.
We won't be able to get to the people that call.
Everybody calls in.
If you live in China or you live in the surrounding area and you have critical intel on this or you want to comment on what you're seeing, we're getting a lot of emails from folks that are in China as well that want to come on the show.
So you'll see that here.
You'll see that on the war room.
I'm undoubtedly going to be up here this week at night doing special live reports with witnesses inside China, people on the ground.
That's all being lined up right now.
So we get the intel on what's really happening.
Because it is people inside China, Americans, Brits, Chinese, you name it, that are getting out the videos showing.
It's far worse than they're saying.
There's way more sick people and way more dead people.
And of course we know that.
The response to SARS with the hysteria in the media was much bigger than this.
There's not the hysteria in the media, but there's the clampdown going on and the cover-up of how much of this is already in the United States.
And again, you get to a point where you learn information and then
It's not that it's too dangerous to put it out.
It's not that I want to be proven right later.
It does get to the point of maybe Trump's right not to tell people how bad this is right now because of some timeline and they don't want hysteria to set in and just want people to incrementally get ready to have a lot of dead people around because we don't want to crash the stock market.
But then you want to warn people at the same time as well.
But look, I'm going to think about it some more.
This is not a cliffhanger thing.
I just, I'm usually very decisive and I don't know what to do because I've got a lot of sources that are very, very good.
And they know that it's broken containment on the West Coast.
And because they never had containment up when this has already been going on in China for months.
This has been incrementally building for months.
It's far bigger exponentially than they say.
The virus has been out longer.
It is strengthening in its mutation as Xi Jinping has said.
And this just looks really, really bad.
And I can tell you that the Pentagon is mobilizing and that they're already getting set up to identify the cases as they come into hospitals.
And in most cases, you're not going to be told that this is what's going on.
That's why they're not putting forward the gene sequencing to the labs so they can even be able to identify it.
And I think the right thing to do is tell people now before it really starts spreading and killing a bunch of people so people know what to expect.
I always tell my crew, give me the bad news right now.
I want the bad news.
I can't stand people that hide bad news.
I want to get out in front of things.
I want to know.
I want to know now.
Every time we lose, it's when I didn't get the information soon enough.
And usually it's because we're just so busy and so much info is coming in.
I want to open the phones up for people in China or surrounding areas.
I'm going to give the number out.
It's 877-789-2539.
Dial your country code.
But most people overseas can just call the toll free.
But if you can't, your country code or our country code and then 1-512-646-1776 or 877-789-AlexJonesShow.
I don't know.
And then boom, we get like 10 calls from Virginia State Police, local police, get incredibly accurate information.
And got a sense that almost all the police were totally upset and didn't like what was happening and were with the people.
And I got there and met them and they loved us.
And it was true!
It was good to not let the system blame the police.
It's not about kissing the police's ass.
It's that they are being ordered to do this by the system, and the system's trying to set it up where we have a clash in the future with the police, instead of if there's any clashes, which I hope there aren't, it's with globalists.
The kingpins, not the police that are fellow citizens, stuck in the middle of this BS.
But that's just an example of what I was talking about.
Share those links.
People are ready to hear the truth.
We're analyzing this crisis like no other organization.
Infowars is going to go into
Caller mode.
Taking your calls on this incredible world we live in and all the insane things that are happening.
Now the deep state globalist Democrats are trying to remove the President of the United States with all of their fraud while this crisis of the coronavirus is out of control and set to devastate the economy and now that news is just rolling in.
And all these major airlines canceling flights in to China, the evacuations that are taking place.
This is a big deal.
And the question is, how big will it get on the cost of life and of the economy?
Because the Chinese on the ground say a lot more people are sick and dying.
I hope that's not the case.
That's what the people are saying on the ground.
They say there's a government cover-up.
Then the government's locking down major cities.
Now it's over 50 million people and not just Wuhan.
Are they trying to create hysteria or is it really, really bad?
Because the media is trying to play down the severity, but the crackdown and the response is the biggest we've ever seen.
Makes me start sweating.
So I said I want to get callers from China or surrounding countries, people that live inside China.
We got hundreds of people calling in, and they're like, hey, Sam's Club is empty of food, and they live next to an Air Force base, and you see it being mobilized.
Those are the type of calls coming in.
Those are great calls.
But I need the lines to be open so that when 20 calls are coming in a second, we can get to the people that are calling from China.
So please, right now,
Just folks from China, inside China, inside Wuhan.
We're getting emails from folks that want to come on.
It's the middle of the night over there right now.
We're contacting them.
We're going to get them on the broadcast and on the war room, but probably this show today.
But I need to keep those phone lines open to people calling us from China or border states with China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, people very, very close.
877-789-2539, 877-789-2539.
Let me just mention, while we're looking at those calls, some of the other news that is unfolding.
It's just insane.
When I get in this mode, people say something like, why do you start sweating sometimes on air?
It's when I've got a thousand thoughts going through my head and I don't have public speaking fear.
I don't have anxiety when it comes to being in the public, but it's the opposite.
It's that I need to be in an office just cogitating about all this.
That's why I want to take the call, so we can just brainstorm what in hell is going on here, because this is a big move by The Globalist.
We see all the synthetic pre-preparations for it, and all the pre-programming, crescendoing into a grand finale, perfectly with this.
The Netflix shows, and the tabletop exercises, and the world government announcements, and the demonization of the anti-vaxxers, and the censorship grids going into place, and
The economic war going on, and all of it, you look at it together, you know, this is engineered as hell.
Now, what is the attack, though?
Because while we're watching this, it could be something else.
But make no mistake, they've had articles in NBC News and places saying, wow, we went and tracked with computers, and we know why the stock market went up one day, because Alex Jones said this.
And it's true.
Any big prominent show that people think is credible, that is credible, can have a big effect.
And I know the stock market's a bubble, but I don't want to pop it because we'll go into a depression.
We have to have new innovations, new technologies, whole new economies is what can not even prop up a bubble, but stabilize it and actually make it work.
And I'm not for bubble economies, but we're in one now and doing something else is a thing of the past.
It's kind of like, again, I've given this analogy a lot of this old Labrador Retriever we had.
And by the time he was like 12, he couldn't get up, couldn't walk, hip dysplasia.
And the vet said, well, we can give him Depo-Medrol, steroid, anti-inflammatory, but it'll end up, you know, messing up his joints and things, or maybe giving him a heart attack or whatever, in a couple years.
Well, I said, so we're gonna kill the dog right now, or keep him alive comfortable a few years?
Shoot him up.
And then the vet wouldn't give me more of it in about a year.
I said, oh, he's already getting the main dose of it.
But let's go ahead and put him down.
And I said, but the dog's comfortable.
So I just went to another vet and got double.
Just gave him the dog and he lived three years happily.
And he had a big giant heart attack with me laying next to him on the carpet and lived to be 14, 15 years old.
The point of telling that story is, America is that dog, and the world economy is that dog.
So we can just get this big, fat, juicy depression and war going right now, and war in the streets, and the EBT card's not working, and just-in-time delivery, and the breakdown of society that'll make the Great Depression look like a cakewalk.
Or, we can innovate out of this, because there's one way to get out of a bubble, other than a depression.
I was trying to eat a breakfast taco during the break and a little piece of jalapeno went down in my lung.
Boy, that is painful as hell.
So I don't see any callers from China.
So I'm going to think about this and when we come back from break, I'm going to give the number out.
For military, for people that have been in China recently, for folks that have experienced or seen their family die from pneumonia-like illnesses that we know are basically coming out of China and that are being covered up.
We're going to open the phones up for law enforcement, for military, for people that want to give out information.
And we're getting calls about food sold out, being jerked off the shelves.
At Sam's Clubs and Walmarts everywhere, and we're seeing that in the news, and that makes me ask the question, why did InfoWars only start telling you that yesterday when I knew that before?
And it's this pre-conditioned, pre-programmed thing of, oh, I sell storable food, so I don't want to tell people that it's being sold out everywhere.
When we've been selling storable food since I got on air because I believe in it.
It's all these fly-by-nighters that'll sell you crap.
So I was thinking we ought to be proud of the fact that we're telling people to get ready.
And then hopefully, it's not as bad as they're saying, it's not as bad as it looks like, and everything gets turned around.
But yeah, that's an important call because we've got callers calling in saying that a lot of places have their bulk foods that have been bought up.
You've got confirmed cases now all over the world.
This thing is going to be in every country.
In the world.
And now, shutting off flights to China is too late.
And I gotta tell you, Dr. Steve Mnuchin is a smart guy, and he's hooked into a lot of folks.
He said Trump needs to appoint a Surgeon General now.
He needs to make a big deal about it, and not come out and panic folks, but say, we're ready, we're prepared, and we're gonna deal with it.
Ignoring it.
When the news comes out that it's serious, when this thing is already so out of control politically, I mean, the response is huge.
The panic is already there.
And it makes it worse that they're not saying, oh, everything's fine, it's no big deal, but oh, by the way, everything's locked down.
When we know the coronavirus is here, we need to hear from the US government.
We need to hear from diverse research groups and backgrounds about this.
But instead, we learn they're not sending out the genetic code of the virus.
All these research labs all over the world, it's being held back so that people can't identify it.
Well, that's not good.
Who's making that decision?
The CDC?
The World Health Organization?
Trump needs to get on this now.
Because if the world economy goes down because of this, it's not his fault, he won't be blamed.
But if he has a sluggish response, when everybody else is having a huge response against this, then that could really be used against the President.
I know they've got him transfixed with the stupid trial
I'm just brainstorming here on air.
What do you think?
And I'll just open the phones up then, but I'm not going to have time to talk to most people long.
I'm just going to move quick through your calls because I need to hear from the people.
I want to hear from you.
I need to hear from you bad.
I want to hear from you.
Therapists in the U.S.
say they are seeing increasing numbers of patients with what they call Donald Trump Anxiety Disorder.
Trump Anxiety Disorder.
Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Trump Derangement Syndrome is clinically real.
It doesn't merely affect individuals, but entire political parties, rendering them unrecognizable.
One minute, they're perfectly normal.
The next, rapid.
The veneer of civilization is evaporating quickly.
Families and culture are collapsing.
And godless leftists are behaving just like zombies of modern lore.
You can't trust your mother.
Get the hell out of here!
Get the f*** out of here!
Your best friend.
Next door.
Psychologist Dr. Stuart Bassman says for his clients, it started the morning after the election.
Doctors are seeing patients suffering from Trump anxiety disorder.
A number of people are manifesting what I would call post-traumatic stress disorder.
An overpowering fear that President Trump represents the end of the world.
Pray, it doesn't happen to you.
Lads, I'm gonna die!
White nails.
This is reality.
This isn't fantasy.
We are seeing a cultural, spiritual degeneration.
And every time it happens, civilization collapses back into the jungle.
Or back into the sand dunes.
Or sinks into the swamp.
We're live broadcasting worldwide.
I see a lot of incredible sounding calls and humans here calling in.
We've got Rhett in Florida, military police near Air Force Base.
Store shelves going empty.
We're going to talk to him first.
Then David in Tennessee travels to China for business frequency virus topic.
Anthony is going to be right after Rhett.
And this is huge.
Wife is from China.
He has flu symptoms.
CDC is refusing test.
Mike Adams owns
One of the only big top labs that's in Texas.
He's got all the connections to this intel.
That's what he's saying days ago.
That's really scary right there, folks.
John's a healthcare provider in Ohio, possible local case of coronavirus.
And like I told you, the last time I knew this many people sick from pneumonia and dying from it was when my uncle, my dad's uncle, and my cousin all lived on the same ranch, family ranch in East Texas.
They all died the same month.
We were at three funerals.
Cousin died, my uncle died, my great-uncle died.
They all died about a week and a half out from each other.
I was living basically in East Texas at that point.
And there was nothing in the news about it, but everybody was like, gosh, everybody's dying of this pneumonia.
The doctors told me, no, the CDC is covering up what it is.
So you can bet when they're hyping something like it's the end of the world, it's not.
When they're telling you everything's okay, but the flights are all canceled, and this stuff's going on, you know there's a problem.
And this stuff acts a lot faster than normal pneumonia.
We're going to go to your calls here in just a moment.
A lot of you that are watching us on television right now are going to ask, what are these big black plastic
Tote containers, you know, a tote container like that probably cost you 10 bucks at Walmart, just the container.
Well, that's my Patriot supply.
I've had that as a sponsor for over 10 years, been around 12 years.
They've become the leading, they're in the top two or three, horrible food company out there because they deliver on time.
Because they have high-quality food that's very, very affordable.
And I'm not going to sit here and go through this big red folder I've got right here, because I want to go to your phone calls.
But I've got the side-by-side comparison of their food and the quality versus all the other competitors.
They are the most inexpensive food of any of the major groups out there.
It's high-quality, and they deliver it when they say.
I'm going to tell you again, they're like me.
They're neurotic about being honest.
I had their CEO on interview last night, haven't aired it yet.
I talked to the owner, and they just said, we can't help it, but just go ahead, I guess, tell people.
They got two and a half weeks of food in right now at current sales rates, but it's exponential.
They've got 18 wheelers and food coming in from all over the US, but they don't count that until it's in their warehouses and been certified and everything.
So they got two and a half weeks of food.
That's at current sales rates.
It could be gone in two days at this level.
You get your order in, you get it.
There's a window that's closing.
Do you imagine if the store shelves are already getting cleaned out in a lot of areas, especially around military bases because they know what's going on, that what's it going to be like in three, four, five months when this virus peaks here?
And we hope that's not the case.
So yes, I'm always selling horrible food.
I'm saying you need it because of the election and what's going on in the world and how we don't live on farms anymore.
And I know how to skin a buck and run a trot line.
But let me tell you, if I lived out in the woods, there wouldn't be many deer left pretty soon.
That's about all I know how to do is shoot and kill deer.
I know how to gun them and do all the rest of it.
I know how to keep it.
But I'm not like a mountain man or a hillbilly like my ancestors were.
I mean, my dad knows how to do everything still.
Electricity, plumbing, whole nine yards.
He grew up on a farm.
I don't know hardly any of that.
And I'm like an astronaut compared to my children.
I'm like a master engineer.
I've been a bad dad in many ways.
But it's the way the world works now.
I'm here on air.
I can't teach him all that stuff.
Yeah, we've skinned some bucks.
We've run some trot lines.
They didn't teach me, you know, how to climb through the attic and run electricity and AC, DC and all that like my dad did.
So, everybody needs storable foods.
This is the best you're gonna get.
You can find stuff that costs four or five times more that tastes gourmet.
This just tastes good.
And it's got good nutrients and it lasts a long time.
Let me show you one more thing and I'm going to your calls.
These suckers are heavy.
I mean, it's like I'm doing a workout right here.
Picking up one of these is
You might want to have your husband do it.
This is jam-packed.
These guys aren't playing games.
And you open it up like this, this is food for, this is my food that was getting delivered, extra stuff.
You gotta get it open.
As soon as I do this on air, I can't open it.
It's like the pickle jar.
And you get in here, and it's just full of all this delicious food that's absolutely nutritious and hasn't got additives and crap in it.
It's just jam-packed, folks.
It's so heavy.
You don't go to the grocery store and find containers like this.
It's all, like, little skimpy things ripping you off.
And this is way cheaper than the grocery store and better quality.
They've even had vice shows, and they go, let's look at what Jones sells.
They go, gosh, this is actually good food.
Wow, this is good coffee.
Yeah, what do you think we're doing here?
This is what I use.
This is what I do.
Even if I was an evil person, I want to sell good stuff so you like me.
But you leftists cannot figure that out.
You think treating somebody
Like you want to be treated as weak.
You think it's dumb to have empathy.
Just like you aren't in position to sell storable food with the biggest company in the United States and be the biggest distributor for them.
Because you don't have foresight, leftists.
You're idiots!
Sorry, I'm talking about leftists right now and the idiot's advice and all of them.
You're morons!
And if stuff ever hits the fan, you don't know how to tie your shoelaces or wipe your ass or kick ass.
I could take on 50 of you leftist crap heads.
Anyways, and it's not because I'm tough, it's because you're a joke!
I'm going off on a leftist rant, I apologize.
Change.org has an actual petition to change the name of the virus from the Wuhan virus to the Kung Flu virus.
We put that on screen.
You realize, and of course the left's making big jokes about it, the left's online laughing about everything, because they've never lived in a crisis.
They're all glow-in-the-dark little chicken necks who think it's all funny.
My and my family intend to be prepared.
So I'm done.
I promise.
I'm going right to your calls.
Rhett and Anthony, please don't hung up.
I don't know which call is more important.
What about the store shelves, the military base, or the things they have, the flus, and the CDC won't test it.
We're going to hit your calls.
When we come back in two minutes, I promise, and I'm going to shut up.
But just have your points, and I'll move to the next person.
The point is, is that my patriot
He's not going to raise prices now.
We just send them the orders digitally every second they come in.
It goes right into the feed.
You get the best deals with us.
They sell for even more to distributors, but I've locked it in.
Had to raise it a little bit because they've got to be able to buy food forward.
But this is the best deal you're going to find at Infowarsstore.com.
And yes, the money that comes in funds this operation to keep us in place.
And I've got a little warehouse
Across the street from me with food from my own office, firearms and everything because I believe in being prepared.
I'm just selling you what I've already done and you know to take action because the food is already running out because this could be the big one.
Go to InfoWorksStore.com and get your ready hour food now.
Oh, we can see for miles and miles and miles.
I'm Alex Jones.
Live coverage of whatever the hell's going on in China and the huge cover-up going on with the massive clampdown we see.
So, Rhett is in Florida.
Military police near Air Force Base says the store shelves going empty.
Rhett, thanks for calling.
Thanks for holding.
Tell us what you're witnessing.
Hey, former military police with the Army.
What we're noticing is on Monday night, we went to actually just go stock up on water because we're supposed to be stocked if anywhere we're in Florida.
And when we went into Sam's Club, we actually noticed that the waters, all the pallets, Donsani, Member's Mark, all the different brands, the only thing that was left was the equivalent of one pallet.
When we went in, also, when we were standing there, there was two military guys standing there loading up an entire cart.
I'm talking up to the top of water.
And then they were quietly saying, I think that's enough right now.
Let's go ahead and get this out of here.
When we walked through the store, dog food was gone.
Strikeaway matches were gone.
We're good to go.
It's not, it's not just us that's noticing it.
It's also other business owners that we know, people that own flower shops that were actually going to Sam's Club today and yesterday, who actually said that state of water is missing.
And they noticed it too.
It looks like Hurricane Michael, but it's not as loud.
So it's not like you're seeing big red flashing lights.
Say we're here to take everything.
It's like they're just quietly
Things are just quietly just disappearing and they have disappeared.
So when you get on the fans club app, you can actually look and see when you get on a Walmart app and you look at strike away matches, for instance, in this area, they're even out on the actual Walmart and fans club apps.
That's something that we noticed.
It's not paranoia.
It's just looking at it and putting... Well, you just said that perfectly.
I'm just noticing this the last few days because I call the food distributors.
They go, yeah, we're surprised you didn't call.
Everybody's selling out.
Institutional government buyers.
And I had the CEO on yesterday.
I haven't aired it yet.
I taped it last night at like, you know, eight at night, nine at night.
In fact, I should just go ahead and probably start airing some of that interview later.
I was playing a player in the war room and he talks about the U.S.
government agency, the main procurement agency above FEMA.
There is something else that's kind of, just something to look at.
We have Kratos, Lockheed Martin, Boeing.
We have MAG, Aerospace.
We have a lot of defense contractors and people who basically are what we would consider spooks, you know, spook contractors.
What we noticed is, is not only has Special Forces people that we know that weren't supposed to deploy until the end of the year, they're gone.
They just up and left over the last few days.
I mean, just they're like, hey, we had to leave out.
Then on top of that,
When we actually go down in some of these areas and you see the parking lots where these defense contractors used to have a ton of cars in there, and normally they're packed.
Like today, they're thin.
Parking lots are about a quarter to a half full right now.
And part of that's the buildup in the Middle East with Iran, the 20,000, but that's not going to cause that where you're at.
Exactly, this is bigger.
And that's actually the information I have that I haven't released yet, and I just
I keep trying to decide whether or not I should release this information, but God bless you, sir.
Thank you for the information, Rhett.
All right, we come back.
Anthony in Detroit.
White was from China.
He has flu symptoms.
CDC is refusing to test.
That's exactly what Mike Adams was confirming a few days ago.
Back in 60 seconds.
Please stay with us.
200 Japanese citizens evacuated from Wuhan arrived in Tokyo Wednesday morning.
Meantime, the United Arab Emirates just confirmed the first case of coronavirus in the Middle East.
The disease has now been detected in at least 16 countries.
In China, where the outbreak began, the death toll now stands at 132.
With nearly 6,000 confirmed cases.
KPIX5's Betty Yu is at SFO where one major airline is taking drastic action tonight.
Already, United Airlines has suspended 24 flights between the U.S., including here at SFO, and Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong between February 1st and 8th due to what they say is a significant decline in demand.
Meanwhile, CBS News is reporting that the White House is considering suspending all flights between the U.S.
and China.
Tonight in the International Terminal at SFO.
It wasn't hard to find travelers returning or leaving for flights wearing face masks.
Everybody's kind of nervous.
Yeah, and people are buying masks.
Where did you just come from?
From Taiwan.
Federal health officials here in the U.S.
are expanding screening for the virus to 18 major airports and two land border crossings.
What we ask is that anyone who has traveled to China within the last 14 days to watch carefully for symptoms.
And if you've traveled and you develop fever and respiratory symptoms like cough or shortness of breath, we ask you to call your provider.
While there are no reported cases of the new coronavirus in the Bay Area, Santa Clara County's Public Health Department has formed two quick response teams just in case.
Abby Alfonso is leaving for the Philippines tonight for a month.
I think it's just important that everyone takes extra precautions, especially around crowded places like airports.
It's never too bad to be safe.
Even though we've seen...
So they start out by saying, oh, there's just lack of demand.
That's why they're not going to China.
While British Airways and all the rest of them basically are saying they're ending all flights to China as virus spreads to Middle East, Europe and onward.
No cases in Russia yet.
Japan's got cases.
It's all over.
is getting more and more cases.
The U.S.
We're on to your calls right now.
I just want to point out that
This is either some big worldwide health UN drill, and they've decided to hype a real virus but make it a huge deal, for a drill for a mega outbreak down the road.
And they've decided now to create fear to push vaccines, which we know they brag and say they're going to do with pandemics.
And they've had an over response while saying it's not a big deal to test the public.
Or this thing is a lot worse than they're saying.
And I've experienced these new designer pneumonias because I hardly ever get sick.
I haven't had a fever in over four years.
But six years ago, when my uncle and my dad's uncle and my cousin all died, because they all lived on the same three ranch houses on top of Hill or Family Ranch.
I just ignored it.
And was coughing and wheezing for several months.
When I finally guzzled a super dose, like three bottles of a little silver, which I'm sure was not good for my liver or kidneys.
Yeah, I mean, a lot of it's not good for you folks, but desperate times deserve measures.
And it finally went away.
My dad was really sick.
And I went and poured, aggressively, bottles down him.
And my mom's like, that's dangerous at that level.
What are you doing?
It doesn't say that on the bottle.
And I just said, I'm usually really nice to my mom.
And I said, Mom, shut up.
I said, he's been taking antibiotics, everything, it's not helping him.
And I poured three bottles down him as well over three days.
He pissed green, but he lived.
So, all I'm telling you is, is that people need to be prepared, and they need to be ready.
And something big's going on.
And I think everybody can feel it, everybody knows it.
And it's about crashing the economy, we know that.
And that's a whole other subject I'll get to later.
We're gonna go to your calls.
There's so many amazing calls here.
I mean, look what people are talking about here.
Jim, friends in quarantine in China has Intel and virus.
Jim, we're going to go to you.
Victor, General Caller on Hospitals Act of Preparedness.
John, is healthcare provider, hospital local case of a possible case of coronavirus.
Alex, delivery worker to all major stores, shortages.
That's a key call.
These are all key.
Anthony, Detroit, wife is from China, has flu symptoms.
Go on to him first.
Praise the Lord, Alex.
Yes, sir.
I recently went to China for the American New Year's, so that was December 28th.
We came back on the 1st or the 2nd.
My wife then traveled back to Beijing and then came back here.
So this stuff's been going around since October, from what I know.
And basically, I came down with flu symptoms.
First, my throat started scratching.
I woke up one morning, I could barely breathe.
So, I go ahead and set a schedule with my doctor, who refuses.
He said, we can't even test for it here at the doctor's office.
They said they couldn't take a sputum sample, which just sounded ridiculous to me.
But, either way, so then I went to another emergency clinic after that, and then they did the test there and sent it off to the CDC.
I just got word back that they will not move on with any tests if you have not been to those regions.
Therefore, if anybody travels from China and then passes the virus to somebody else, they will not test that person.
And so basically it's just going to let it go rampant.
I even have the call on record and talking with the fellow from the CDC.
And I mean, it was just, it's just wild.
And he even agreed with me.
He's like, they're just going to let it go crazy.
You know, I'm like, yeah, I mean, he was suggesting that, that that's what would happen if, if we go about it in the route that they're going about it.
So, I just wanted to call in and let you guys know what's going on.
I figured it would be a good thing to know.
Well, I'm not an engineer and I don't own a major testing lab, but when Mike said that, I looked it up and I even saw an article about it.
Mike Adams, who's host of The Fourth Hour.
They're not sending out the code, because they can, you know, test viruses now very quickly with computers.
They're not sending its breakdown so people can't test for it.
Why the hell would the CDC be doing that?
Because they don't want people to know the virus is all over the place, like Pachinik said.
And by the way, he didn't just make that up.
He's almost dead.
Like, where's Pachinko?
He can't come on, sorry.
He finally got on.
I was like, damn, he looks 10 years older.
Head's all shaved.
And he almost died from what he believes is the same virus out of China.
Because he was meeting with the Chinese on that.
So, and I know there's a lot of stuff in Asia, believe me.
He sent me photos when he was in North Korea.
People say, that sounds like hype.
No, no.
It's already been here for a while.
And I think it's already building exponentially.
And I think that's why there's... What do you gut-level things going on here?
I mean, you got really sick from it.
You think it's real.
I mean, I think it's real what they're doing.
I think that they're just going to try to let it go rampant.
I mean, instead of trying to take care of the situation, which blows my mind.
And then they'll blame Trump.
I'm sure they will.
Because you know they're telling him everything's fine, but suddenly you hear he wants to cancel all flights.
Remember how they bitch when he cancelled flights from six countries that don't even have passport programs?
They literally are just run by jihadis.
They have dirt airways.
So the people take off from that country on a dirt runway, fly into another, and then get on with a passport issued by their imam that he wipes his ass with.
Sorry, it's true.
And then they're here.
And Trump said, no!
You're not flying from caveman world here, and the judges tried to block him.
Remember that?
I wonder if judges would block Trump now if he banned all flights from China, which I think is imminent if the president's doing his job.
Well, it's just wild what they're doing with the government right now.
It just blows my mind, you know?
It's like a soap opera or something.
It's crazy.
The government is in a state of civil war.
Yes, sir.
It's the government in a civil war with Globalist versus Americana.
Thank you so much.
All right.
God bless you.
We only went to one caller in that segment because I had to play that clip.
I promise we'll take at least three callers when we come back.
And these callers are amazing.
ER nurse on virus.
Hospitals are preparing.
Grace, A.J., health worker, viral phenomenon spreading locally.
Travels to China on business frequently.
The next caller we're going to go to is Jen in Utah.
We come back from break.
Friend is quarantined in China, has intel on virus.
Can't wait to talk to Jen and others.
Everybody stay there.
I'm going right to your calls.
But remember,
We're not up here saying we know exactly what's going on.
We just know that this is not normal what's happening, and there's a lot of crazy stuff going on, and we saw a lot of pre-programming for this in the media before it happened.
People ask how I predicted 9-11?
They were pre-programming it right before it happened.
I mean, it's like when a new Chevy car, new Camaros coming out, you see the promos.
I mean... Before there was Cybertron, there was the Cube.
I'm excited.
We're now live in 2020.
And the grid the globalists built to control us is going to be nothing more than a projection system to empower humanity in the end.
The new frontier, interdimensional.
All right, let's go back to your phone calls, because they're gonna throw curveballs at us, and they're testing our response to this.
It's obviously synthetic.
It's obviously a bioweapon.
What curveballs are they gonna throw?
This is an attack on the world economy.
That's the prime result we get out of this, is that, in my view.
We're taking your calls right now.
Jen in Utah gave us the number.
For a friend quarantine in China and all circuits are busy.
And China reportedly is basically incrementally cutting the Internet off because they don't want video and streams of what's happening getting out and suddenly Facebook is blocking Alex Jones and Jordan Peterson's
Names, text messages, and it's going to expand from there.
The AI is in place, and there's videos of the panicked buying at the grocery stores as the society breaks down.
Let's fade up some of the audio of this, because the Chinese are pretty famous.
Not as much as the Japanese, but at not misbehaving during crises.
So now you've got women fighting over vegetables in China.
Those are pretty orderly people.
You can look down on them for that, but they're hard-working and tough.
That's why it's sad that global's having these robot slaves, because they're dangerous as hell, under their global's control.
They're building a frickin' high-tech army against us.
Robot army, you name it.
Those people are good.
You take the average spoiled rotten American.
There's a lot of badass Americans.
There's a lot of incredible Americans.
Black, white, Hispanic, old, young, you name it.
I mean, we've got it.
But let me tell you, I didn't know you could stack crap so high when I go to universities and places.
I mean, they look like servile, soul-sucked creatures.
All right, I said I'd take your calls, and I'm ranting.
I'm ranting right now.
I'm sorry.
Jen in Utah, tell us what's happening.
I wasn't just attacking Americans, I'm just saying if we have a big real crisis here, you think the Chinese are misbehaving?
One week of the EBT card stuff not getting delivered, are there to be no food with those EBT cards?
And the liquor and the cigarettes aren't there?
Every city will burn!
Because the left has pre-programmed people to do that, and they're to blame.
And the fact that we've let them behave like this is dangerous.
So we've sowed the wind, and we're going to reap the whirlwind.
I mean, I think the writing's on the wall for 2020.
All of our foreboding, all the dread, I think you're going to start seeing why that's the case.
I'm sorry.
Jen in Utah, your friend's in quarantine in China.
We were trying to call her.
Thanks for giving us her number.
It's all circuits are busy.
Yeah, Alex, are you there?
I am.
Thanks for calling from Utah.
Tell us what you know.
I have a friend, Travis, who he's been living over in that region for several years.
He traveled from Thailand and flew into Wuhan, China.
The next day, the travel ban was put into place.
He immediately, from his messaging text to me,
He immediately went to the embassy.
They told him that they had no plans or ideas to evacuate anybody, including themselves.
And then his next message read, I can't get through to the Beijing embassy.
Wuhan's embassy is acting stupid like they don't know.
And then the next thing he says is, I'm okay so far.
The embassy tells me nothing.
Next one is, the embassy workers left.
They left us here.
I thought they were supposed to be the last ones to go.
But see, people aren't honorable in our government.
At least at that level, it's just filled with scum.
That's terrible.
So the embassy's evacuated, leaving U.S.
And then he just wrote me, like, while I was on hold with you, and you guys were trying to get a hold of him,
He said my hotel friend Tony just notified me his boss died of it tonight.
One of the other bosses reopened the hotel that has been closed because of the virus.
They are to house and feed 300 doctors and nurses there.
Wow, because there's some people online saying people dropping down and bashing their brains out is fake.
It's not.
You can watch those videos.
It's not.
No actor can just drop and then hit their head on the pavement.
No, that's real.
Anybody seen that happen knows what's real.
And the fact that he's saying he's there in the hotel says people that work there are dead.
That is, that is, I mean, that's amazing.
Real human communication.
We can text you the hotline number and maybe he can get through on a circuit and in fact we'll put you on hold a minute and give you that number and hopefully he can get through to us but we're all circuits are busy right now.
Right and it's really weird because he just cut off my message early that we've been communicating on I mean daily several times a day.
The one thing he did say and I would like to say is that he says
I like Trump to death, but when he said China has it under control last week and praised President Xi and said what a great relationship they have, I was pissed.
Well I understand, but you know if Trump says this is a crisis, the stock market will tank and then they'll be able to remove him.
So I get where Trump's at, but I think he's behind the curve.
He needs to get out ahead of this.
It needs to be nuanced because this is serious.
Right, I am, but they've piled so much other BS on him, but this needs to come forefront.
These are American citizens who are stuck in countries who are going to die.
I mean, he wrote a goodbye letter to his three young daughters because he doesn't think he's going to get out.
Well, listen, I'll hold you over on one of the calls, but what is he saying?
It's like he's saying the hotel manager who died, who died?
One of the owners of the hotel
I don't know.
Don't hang up, because we've got to get your friend on the line.
Stay there.
Folks, I'm telling you, this is not looking good, okay?
We're just a show, and this lady's calling in, and then her friend, they're at the hotel, it's all quarantined, people are dying, I mean...
Yeah, this response is massive.
We hope this isn't a big deal, okay?
But you can feel it.
It doesn't feel good, does it?
A new hope.
Nationalists and patriots and pro-humans, pro-free market, anti-communists being elected all over the world.
But Bill and Melinda Gates and the UN say the specter of global pandemic will train us to worship world government.
I have not even gotten into the news of what's happening during the trial of the president.
But it's so fitting that the dinosaurs in the federal government are transfixed
With the idiocy of the president conducting foreign policy when it's all based on quid pro quo.
And they're trying to paralyze him where he can't even engage in any communications.
And Schumer came out yesterday.
I saw it live, made a big deal about it on there.
Senator Paul's never blown up like this.
He goes, he's probably a communist Chinese agent.
We know Hunter Biden.
We know Burisma.
We know Joe Biden.
Did it in front of everyone and bragged about it.
Hiking their leg like a dog pissing on you.
And there's not a word out of these criminals.
And of course it turns out that
The star witness against the president they're trying to roll forward is on the fetid tit of the Ukrainian cash machine as well.
That State Department gives the Ukrainians, then the Ukrainians give back to John Bolton, back to Hillary.
It's how it works.
Foreign aid is about, here's a bunch of U.S.
money, give it back to us.
That's what the IMF and World Bank are.
And Trump's like, we're not doing business this way.
We're going directly in, straight shooting, corporate business.
And the globalists are like, no, you're not doing that.
And he's like, yeah, we're doing it.
We're doing it.
There's nothing more Americana than to say we're going to have straight up laissez-faire capitalism.
You know, they always demonize laissez-faire capitalism for things they do that isn't laissez-faire.
But I'll tell you the type of laissez-faire I don't like.
Trump shut down first seven, then six countries.
Because they didn't have passport systems, and I agree with that.
You don't have runways and planes, and we're going to accept your passports from your imam, and you literally are a famous terrorist?
And federal courts tried to block them, took a year for Trump to win the Supreme Court, now those judges are resigning?
Don't let the door hit you on the ass.
But then, we've got coronavirus that, you know, lands at studies, killing 18% of people that get it.
My dad dies from that, I'll be upset.
My mom dies, I'll be upset.
I love them, but they're old.
My wife dies, I'll be pissed.
One of my kids dies, I'm gonna hold people in government responsible.
That's an assault on me and my family.
So, the president better stop watching the stupid trial that's obviously the left hand going, look over here, the magician, look at my beautiful assistant, while they are stabbing us with the right hand.
Better seal those borders now, regardless of what's going on here, because like night follows day, they are going to blame this on the President.
And you know what?
He waits more than 48 hours?
He deserves it.
Because I'm not in some Donald Trump cult.
I'm in Jesus Christ cult.
And I love America.
And I'm going to leave it at that.
Go back to your calls.
Getting back to where you are and your friend over there, what you were telling us.
I mean, this isn't some Netflix outbreak movie.
This is the real world you're talking about right now.
Other points you'd like to add?
Well, he said, I want to know how to reach Fox News.
I laughed and said, you need to call Alex Jones.
He has tried both numbers.
It just beeps and drops, beeps and drops.
So I'm going to keep trying to get a hold of him.
And I have I have your numbers.
I've given you his number.
Hopefully he can get online and let you know his last things to me.
The last thing he said to me is.
I feel this is a cover up in many, many ways.
Thanks again for your caring help.
Not very many people are worried about us over here.
And I told them, God bless.
This is a cover-up.
It goes beyond China.
And just if we can pray for the people there, pray for our country, and be good Americans.
That's all.
Just be good Americans.
Wow, Jen.
There's nothing more real than reality.
Thank you so much for being a listener and giving this information.
God bless you and stay in contact.
This is so real right now.
At the hotel where her friend is staying, the manager died.
They're full of people.
There's sickness everywhere.
That's real intel in China.
You can tell that, but it's real.
This cover-up's big.
And when I learned from callers and my sources, I mean, I knew this last week and I was like, okay, I'm not going to go with that because, you know, you just, you live around these crises so much you get where you don't take them serious anymore.
Like I told you last week, I'm sitting there going, okay, I'm ordering storable food from my house and the office.
Wait, maybe I should promote this to the audience.
And then they're like, yeah, we're selling out.
What the hell?
We haven't heard from you, but we figured you'd call us.
Yeah, everybody else has sold out.
It's insane.
And then you hear people, yeah, I'm at the military base.
They're grabbing all the food.
The public doesn't know what's going on.
Something big is happening right now.
I don't think you need me to tell you that.
And we could talk about all day exactly what's going on.
I don't think any of us know.
But this is an attack on the economy of the world.
And they want us to be hit flat-footed.
And I don't intend for that to happen.
I don't intend for that to happen.
Hey, Mr. Jones, how are you doing today?
Yes, sir.
The reason why I'm calling is that I do deliveries down from Key Largo all the way down to Key West.
I've never seen so many Chinese people out here.
I don't know if they have a travel season.
I don't know what's going on.
No, they've evacuated, brother.
Man, I'll tell you what, people are freaking out out here.
Everybody, every time I go to a store, I see them in the store, I hold my breath for like two minutes.
I'm scared, and all the people that are in the store are just like, they look like deer.
Oh, I never go to Starbucks because they're anti-gun and anti-cop, but I went in one because they got good coffee and I was tired the other day, and there was like five Chinese dudes looking all paranoid and one with a mask in there.
I mean, yes, that's what you're seeing.
Yes, sir, and all the Walgreens, CVS down here are out of map.
They don't have no face masks.
They're out.
So what do you think's going on?
Man, I don't know, man.
It's just so scary.
You know, I see them and I'm scared.
You know, so everybody out here is scared down in the Keys.
But you're a delivery driver.
You're a person that lives on the road and you're saying nothing against Chinese folks, but I mean, no, I agree.
It's like, I know there's a lot of Chinese in Austin, but my God, they're all over the place all of a sudden.
Well, they're not out here that often.
You know, I'm always down here in the Keys.
It's so rare to see a Chinese person down here in the Keys.
It's rare.
You know, they're not out here.
You know, it's just white and Hispanic.
That's all you see down in Keys and Key Largo, Marathon.
That's all you see.
So when you see a Chinese person, it freaks people out.
Everybody's freaking out.
And you're saying they're buying up the mask?
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
They're buying.
There's no mask in no store down in from Key West all the way down to Key Largo.
There is no face mask at all.
What do the store managers think?
Oh man, they're freaking out.
I was just talking to one earlier down in Key Largo, and he's just like, whoa, you know what I'm saying?
Like, there's so many of them here.
That's what everybody keeps saying.
There's so many, there's so many.
I told my wife, I said, you need to keep the kids, you know, they need to go to school and home, and we don't need to because, I don't even mean the Chinese, but I mean, I walk around the grocery store, I was like, what's up?
Suddenly, I'm having to live in China?
I haven't made a big deal about this yet, but yeah, you're saying that.
Yeah, man.
We're running.
People are running from the aisles.
You see them?
And they just see them in the aisle.
They start walking real quick.
I'm telling you, I'm holding my breath.
I hold my breath for two minutes.
No, I did the same thing.
It's scary.
And the Chinese folks look at me like, yeah, they get it.
Oh, my God.
I don't know what's going on.
This is huge.
Thank you, Alex, for your call.
All right, we're coming right back.
We're going right to your call.
Stay with us.
This is insane.
This is insane.
All right, we're going right back to your phone calls as fast as I can here in just a moment, but I want to just slow down for a second.
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So they're saying they have two weeks of food at current sales rates.
That could change any day because it's just exponentially growing.
They're refusing to sell to FEMA and the Office of Budgetary Planning and the purchasing.
I mean, the Pentagon tried to buy it all.
They're not against the military.
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The others are selling out of it.
But let me show you this.
This is the type of stuff I get here.
Then I'm going to go to your calls.
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Bad news inside the body.
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We have this product that my dad
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I'm going to keep it at the sales rate it is.
Immune gargle is the name this has had for three years.
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And this is from some of the top labs in the country.
They just call it colloidal silver, but it's really nano silver.
So you're getting the very best there is out there.
Let me shut up and go to the calls.
Let me just show you this though.
Because they went ahead and called us last night and they said, look, because of this going on, we want you to go ahead and release this secret information.
Now they were authorized because this has been congressional defense department hearings.
To release this classified information.
This is classified about this product.
The Defense Department is using this.
Special Forces is using this.
This is private label by us, but this is, this is, this is the top lab.
Look at this.
This is Texas A&M University System Health Science Center confidential and the Pentagon finding
In 2013, no, no, 2003, 11-13-03, that the NanoSilver that they created, because it's a nanotech company, is effective against the SARS family of viruses, which this particular virus you're currently seeing right now, the coronavirus, is in that family.
So I'm showing you information that only Congress had, and the owner of the company, Andrew C. Von
Eckenbach was a big listener of the show.
She said, go ahead and authorize the showing of this.
Staff Action Officer.
So, that's the Department of the Army.
And you've got the owner of the company, a separate person.
You've got Andrew C. von Eckenbach, MD, Commissioner of Food and Drugs, Food and Administration, to the owner of the company, who I'll show you right here.
I got that mixed up.
The point is, I mean, this is the stuff I've got.
I mean, you understand, I don't just go get, like, some silver product and sell it to you.
I go and say, who's the very best?
And we call them and, like, they're like, F you, whatever.
Some of them are calling, oh, the director loves you.
Oh, here, let's talk to the Pentagon.
And they're like, oh, yes, General.
And so that's what this is.
So this is the head
At that time of the whole project for the Army trying to figure out how to treat wounds and stop viruses and stop infections, Andrew C. von Eckenbach, MD, Commissioner of Food and Drug and Food Administration, with a letter certifying through the defense operations at the University of A&M that they have certified that this takes out SARS.
The nano-silver that's in this.
And the nano-silver that's in this.
And I'm not bragging, folks.
It's just what we do.
I mean, just like our information is explosive, we don't play games.
That's all I'm telling you.
And so, it's simple.
I fund our operation Promoting Freedom, promoting products that I already use and I already believe in.
We got Dr. Steve Pachinic coming up, and we got so much more to cover.
I've gotten really interested in this, because I knew they were suppressing it.
Now they accept that silver and nano-silver and stuff in all the hospitals is their big savior now.
Antibiotics aren't working.
I was 25 years ago, they were like, the FDA would arrest you if you promoted this.
Now it's like, oh, it's the savior, because it is!
I've lost family to this.
All I care about is keeping us on the air to defend the Second Amendment and everything else.
Then there's like this guilt.
I'm like, I've got the best horrible food.
I'm guilty to say it.
I'm bad to tell you we have the best silver.
No, we're not bad.
We're good.
We did our homework.
We're badass.
Thanks to you.
We're badass.
I mean, we're awake.
We're alive.
We're focused.
It's just true.
It's like Dale Earnhardt.
He wasn't bragging when they called him the intimidator because he kept winning all the damn races.
It's just what it is.
But all glory goes to God.
We're in the position with the best durable foods.
We're in the position with the best silver products.
Because I don't like burying my family members.
And I'm sick of it!
And all I know is 2020, 29 days in is insane.
I'm gonna stop ranting at this point.
I can't even keep track of it anymore.
And I bet you my dad, I'm on his ass all the time, even though he's old, I need his help.
And it's the truth is he got us the best silver sponsor.
He got us all the contracts, like the Pentagon's best silver.
I mean, we've got the best stuff, folks.
Because if I've got something really good, I learned there's something better, I go to that.
And to me, that's not even hard to understand.
If I was a restaurant, I'd want to get the best ingredients, have the best food, because I want you to have a great time, I want you to love me, I want you to come back.
The left, though, their religion is about effing people over.
We're not doing that, folks.
When we promote something, it's a passion for us, and it's a war, and it's a total commitment.
And I feel like a disrespectful jerk.
You've heard the incredible callers we've had.
I've got like 20 of them right here.
Dusty and Sean and John and Victor and David and AJ and Grace and Martin and I've just disrespected you but there's no way.
That's why I'm thinking about doing like a three hour a day commercial free podcast that's on satellite and radio but no ads because the radio stations want 15 minutes ads an hour.
And I get it, they have to have those, but I don't want to go to break.
I don't want to have ads.
That's all for the networks.
I don't want you to sit on hold.
But I've got to say what I've got to say.
So here's what's going to happen.
You're going to get a chance to talk to Steve Pchenik, who is a very interesting character.
Because we're going to take your calls while he's on.
And before he gets on, I promise we're going to go to break.
nurse on virus hospitals preparing.
Health worker viral pneumonia spreading locally.
You know, that's what this is.
David Dennessy travels to China for business.
These calls are all incredible.
Wife is teacher on university's Chinese students.
They arrested the big Harvard professor, the Chinese spy.
I mean, I told you!
It was like two years ago I was talking to this.
I don't know if I should break this news or not, but it's not going to matter because it's all about to break soon.
That's good.
Because there's sometimes I don't need a person to break things.
Dr. Steve McChinney is joining us.
We'll take calls with him.
Mike Adams is going to be taking over as well.
Obviously stuff is so crazy.
I'm going to need to come in and do some special broadcasts that are commercial free just to get your calls on record.
So let's try to get to some of those calls right now.
Should I just go to who's been holding the longest?
Because I'm not trying to choose whose call is most important.
Student, Miami University students being tested for it.
Healthcare provider, possible case of coronavirus.
General Collar Hospital's lack of readiness.
Wife is teacher, University of Chinese students.
Is a pandemic possible related to coronavirus locally?
Nursing homes on lockdown locally.
ER nurse on virus.
Hospitals are preparing.
Healthcare worker.
Let's talk to AJ in Ohio.
AJ, what do you know and thanks for calling.
Hi Alex, thanks for taking my call.
I'll make this fast so you can get to other callers.
But yeah, I oversee in Northeast Ohio two nursing homes.
And here we've, in the last month, one of my nursing homes has about 70 or so patients.
And in the last month, we've lost five people to pneumonia, which turns to sepsis.
Very quickly, and they pass away relatively quickly now.
We'll take the time we need, this is important.
Start over, so describe this, this is a big deal.
You're saying you're seeing higher than normal rates of people dying from pneumonia?
Yes, and half of them, two-thirds of them have gotten the Prevnar 13 pneumonia vaccine as well.
You're saying you see just a correlation?
They get the vaccine, they die?
I'm not saying that, but I am saying that it seems to be ineffective.
Now, could they be spreading it through the vaccine?
I do believe that that could be a possibility.
Well, there are hundreds of studies, anybody can look these up, that vaccines lower immunity to other pathogens.
They may work on the pathogen, but they lower immunity.
Each shot, 50% in a Canadian study, with flu, to the next flu virus.
Yeah, I believe that was University of Toronto, if I remember correctly.
Yes, 10 years ago.
Now, that being said, also, I'm seeing an epidemic.
Now, I've been in the healthcare business for a long time now, and I've noticed that the crowd of people that I'm getting into my nursing homes are actually a lot younger in age.
We're getting 30-year-olds, 40-year-olds, 50-year-olds that are getting cellulitis and abscesses, and it's like, to me, it seems like the return of leprosy.
I'm watching these people, their skins flaking off their body.
I've never seen anything like this, Alex.
It's very frightening.
And I myself have gotten this, if you can't hear my voice, I've had this sinus infection that's been giving me a powerful sinus headache for two weeks now and I've been snorting colloidal silver like, you know, a Colombian with a bag of cocaine.
What they're doing, the deep state is on record.
They're releasing soft kill weapons so you can't tell who hit.
And there's no doubt what you're saying.
Neurological disorders.
People are getting Alzheimer's at 35 now.
So what you're saying is on record.
Yeah, and uh... You're saying now your nursing homes are full of... I'm sorry?
Sorry, your nursing homes are full of young people.
Oh yeah, I got a guy here 45 years old with cellulitis and abscesses all over him, his skin's flaking off with dermatitis and all this.
This isn't right, Alex.
This is not normal.
And that being said, I had kind of an epiphany while I was waiting on hold here, and you said that you were thinking that it's a possibility that this could be a test run for a future pandemic.
And I was kind of thinking, what if it's not a virus at all that's going around?
Think about where they have the 5G weapons systems at right now.
What if this is a test on the 5G weapon systems over in China and they're telling us it's a virus?
I mean, people are dropping in the streets... That's my gut!
I was thinking that last night.
You just said it right there.
It's... Who the hell knows what's really going on?
And that's what I get... I think it's something else and they're telling us it's this.
That's just what my subconscious mind is more powerful than my conscience is telling me.
...being in my nursing homes with the younger and younger people that are coming in here.
I appreciate your call.
God bless you, brother.
More calls in under Steve McHenry.
Straight ahead.
Stay with us.
It's clear that this thing is designed to sabotage the economy.
Is it hype?
Is it real?
I think it's in between the two.
And I don't want to be the guy they pin on, oh, you created hysteria, but now they've got the military flights coming in, not just the ones you hear about.
They got a lot of people dying from this.
Like Steve Pchenik said yesterday, he's a doctor, medical doctor.
A lot of people have already had this.
And I opened the phone number up.
We've got nurses calling, doctors calling, people with boyfriends in China.
Who are American citizens that are on lockdown with the hotel manager dead and all these medical workers inside.
It, it, it looks bad.
And like Steve Pchenik said yesterday, it's true.
Trump has got to not have them say he was hit flat-footed.
He's got to appoint a certain general that's a virologist or a crisis manager.
He's got to go ahead and say, everything's okay, but this, you know, we'll handle it.
We handle World War II, we handle whatever.
We got to handle this because we're all focused on this ridiculous show trial in the Senate.
And I made a big deal about it yesterday.
So did Senator Paul.
I mean, now they're saying Trump's a Chinese agent.
I mean, this with no evidence, this is, this is sabotage.
I want to go through calls with Dr. Pachinick while he's here.
He's a very busy guy.
And again, he was involved in the founding of Delta Force, co-wrote books with Tom Clancy, did the TM David Accords, did so many other big things since then.
It's a lot of trouble on my show in general.
And people always see the stuff I do, and I'm not bragging, I'm just saying how the world works.
There's doers, and then there's people that sit on the sidelines, and there's those that claim they were the doers.
I've learned in my life
I don't want to be gross here, but it's like a woman that puts out and likes it, she's like having sex constantly and loves it.
And there's women that act like they want sex, they don't.
So it's kind of like in politics or life, there's people that do stuff, there's people that don't.
So Pecheneg always says this stuff on air and listeners are like, this guy, he said he did this, he said he did that.
What's crazy is I went and looked it up, he did it.
So, you know.
I don't want to compare him to, like, you know, Marilyn Monroe or something like she did in Hollywood, but you're either doing stuff or you aren't.
And I'm in the arena, Pacino's in the arena.
I want to... These calls are insane.
I want to go to those too, but...
This, look, I don't want to cause a panic, obviously, but the Pentagon's buying up all the food.
China, they're shutting down the flights.
We're getting calls, there's dead people all over the place.
Doc, I get it.
Pneumonia is bad.
It's bad every year.
They never hype it up.
Pneumonia is much worse than flu.
They always say flu is the biggest killer.
Pneumonia is, I know pneumonia is bad.
It kills a lot of my family.
So I get that you're saying it's normal, it's okay, pneumonia is really bad.
I get millions dying a year is normal.
My point is, why are they hyping it now?
And why is the White House so subdued?
What do you and your prime projection sees going on here?
And who was behind the like, hyping it, but saying they're not hyping it?
It's very nuanced.
Okay, let me start by saying that I heard what your last caller said, and I respect what he is.
I'm not here to
Deny or claim anything.
Number one, this is not biological warfare.
I wrote a whole novel on biological warfare 20 years ago, predicting what would happen.
The truth of the matter is... Because why would the Chinese attack themselves?
No, they... It's not something the Chinese want to do.
It's... Again, you've got to remember, you're granting to the leaders of most countries powers and capabilities that they don't have.
Trump is effective in what he does, but he can't be totally effective.
No, no, I totally agree.
The average world leader just goes around pontificating.
Let me explain what this virus is.
The bats of China and all over the world carry the coronavirus.
They happen to carry many, many diseases.
They're one of the few mammals in our
A hierarchy which can live with multiple viruses and diseases and they transmitted very quickly to humans.
We in turn as mammals cannot carry many viruses.
What's happening now with all due respect, number one, this is not biological warfare.
Number two, this is not weaponized.
Number three, we already have the genetic coding on this virus.
And the reason we have it now, and we didn't have it in SARS, is that we're moving very fast.
As much as I said, I still... I want to hear all that.
I don't want to... I want to believe that Bat Soup did this.
Well, it's not a question of theory, it's a question of that's the reality that bats carry from China and we have it here in the United States.
So why are they shutting down the flights?
Why the hysteria?
It's not hysteria.
What's happening is
The airlines do not want to be part of the vector that transmits the actual virus.
That's reasonable.
That's part of public health service.
When I said, look, we need a public health service plan, whatever is happening, and guess what?
As a result of your show, Azar showed up, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, but more importantly, there's a young... Do you really think us calling for Trump to take action had an effect?
Because they're not saying they may shut down all the flights.
No, no, no.
It had an effect and I'll tell you why.
For personal reasons, the gentleman who trained me at Cornell University Medical College and is now the director of the Institute of Infectious Diseases and Allergies is Anthony Fauci.
You cannot corrupt Fauci.
Let me tell you, this is an excellent clinician.
He's been there 30 years.
Fauci stepped forward and clearly said the following.
What I said yesterday, I didn't influence him.
He said, look,
We broke down the genome in 24 hours.
We never did that before.
With a SARS virus, it took us three months to figure out what is the genetic makeup of that virus.
Now we broke it down.
We know exactly what the makeup is.
Now we can develop that vaccine within a few days to a month.
The problem is, if we go through the clinical trials, which are animals and humans, we have to shorten that.
And having been in that business with my last company, I would suggest to Tony Fauci and others that you cut out the dog elements, you speed up the clinical tests and go into phase two and three because it's so important.
In other words, what you did without realizing it, what we had done was to bring forth Azar and Tony Fauci to explain to the country, this is what's going to happen.
We don't need to panic.
Number two, with all due respect to you and my respect to me as Marilyn Monroe,
I, there is no financial effect on it.
I do day trading and I would have told you yesterday, Tuesday afternoon, we had a problem and today the markets are roaring up for one simple reason.
America cannot be, you know, it's the notion of the Republic, what we said very clearly.
When the worst things get around the world, we get stronger.
I get it.
I'm not a medical doctor like you, but I know that I can get a little bit of a bad thing.
My body learns how to defeat it.
I know vaccines are real technology.
I want good vaccines.
The history of corruption and problems in all of this, that's where people have issues.
They go, oh, you're against vaccines.
No, we're against, you even, I saw retweeted, when we put it out, the UN head scientist saying they're covering up problems with vaccines.
We need to fix those problems.
Okay, let me get into it.
You know, Johnson & Johnson, these corporations are going in to make vaccines.
I'm not as interested in the manufacturing part as I was in the fact that we have a de novo model, a paradigm.
In other words, when Fauci says to you publicly, and I know him because he trained me for years and we were friends, and he's an excellent clinician and researcher, this is not a man who you can corrupt, trust me.
And he basically said exactly what I said.
Within 24 hours we know the genome, within a month we will probably have the vaccine, but it'll take us a few more months because we will do the clinical trials.
What I'm suggesting now, and believe me they listen to you, is that they cut out the animal part of the trials, part three, and then even part two, and right go into the clinical trials right away.
That's an unusual expedition.
This is not about making money because
The spotlight is on every corporation that can make money.
They're not interested at this point in making money.
They actually failed in developing drugs that were so expensive, quite frankly.
I don't understand.
I'm a serial medical doctor getting into technical stuff.
Why is there such hysteria then?
Hysteria on one side, but saying, oh, it's not a problem on the other.
What do you really think is going on?
The real dynamic, with all due respect Alex, it's always a dyadic relationship.
When we say there's corruption, we also have the anti-porn, we have the opposite of the corruption.
The hysteria is not generated by the central government.
Trump hasn't said anything, he's still talked about
The Israeli deal and NIH and HHS.
But the people are organically pissed.
I didn't generate this hysteria.
All right, you talk about a character.
We got Dr. Steve Pchenik, who has been involved in everything you can imagine in the U.S.
government, but I think he's a good guy on the Patriot.
And he's here selling us on a vaccine we all need for this.
And I want to explain something.
I'm not agreeing with him just to agree with him.
Vaccine technology is real, if it isn't full of cancer viruses and adjuvants and toxins and cover-ups and secret vaccine funds.
They always go, you don't believe in science, you're against vaccines.
No, my grandmother, who died a few years ago at 92, her doctor told her, you got it from the vaccine.
And she just toughed it out and was in her iron lung for a while and then still lived on.
But my mother, when she was three years old, washed her in that iron lung.
That was traumatic.
So I always learned about the vaccine, did that to my grandma.
So they say, oh, well, the problems are outweighed by the benefits.
But separate from a vaccine, Dr. Pachetnik, and then Mike Adams is popping in.
I promised all the callers, God bless them, they're amazing.
We're gonna get to them with you.
Separately, why are they hyping it up so big if it isn't a big deal?
I want to believe you.
Why are they acting like it's the end of the world?
Is it some global world health drill to get folks ready for something?
Is it a vaccine drive?
I mean, you're hooked into a lot of, you know, smart folks.
I know that.
What do you think's really going on?
Let me add what, again, remember, you and I understand there are what appears to be contradictory forces in everything we do.
On the one hand, I'm telling you that there is a vaccine that could stop this virus.
On the other hand, I told you that I treated it with antibiotics and I'm fine.
I went through this.
Thirdly, and most importantly, and why I said there is a condition where I do not approve the vaccines, and that's when these are young kids and you're giving them 22 or 23 or 30 vaccinations for measles, mumps, and everything.
That's where I disagree.
I mean, I don't stalk you, but I've seen you tweet our stuff exposing vaccine danger.
That's correct, but let us, let us not throw out the baby in the bath.
No, no, I get it.
I get it.
I get it.
Like kids are getting too many, but clean vaccines could be good for adults.
That's correct.
Now, by the time, let me make another prediction.
By the time the vaccine is out, I will guarantee you this virus will be gone.
The coronavirus will be gone.
It will be contained.
Some people will die as a result of whatever their immune system is and that we cannot prevent.
So what is the hysteria then?
I don't know where the hysteria is coming from.
Well China is locking down and the flights being cancelled.
I mean this is way bigger than like bird flu hoax.
But listen, when we had Ebola, we had the same thing.
Well, no, no.
Ebola was far more lethal and we had to put in military soldiers overseas.
What's happening now is what I said before.
There are standard procedures for an outbreak.
Of any type of flu or problem that standard procedure is you do not become a vector.
In other words, you do not facilitate the carrying of that virus to other countries.
And because we have such fluid mobility, we didn't have it in 1918 when 20 million died.
1919 when another 20 million died.
This is not going to happen now.
What we have now is sanitation.
What you said yesterday is correct.
Sanitation is what did it, not the vaccine.
So why is Trump waiting?
Not to create a panic?
I think Trump was focusing on something else.
I would have loved for him to step forward and say, look America, we don't have a problem.
Oh, that would have overshadowed the fake trial.
Be presidential.
Say the military is going to take care of it.
Because that's the military's job.
The left acts like the military is fascist.
The military involved with the border and infectious diseases is their job in the Constitution.
I understand, but what I told you last time, I was part of something where we deployed to Liberia and Sierra Leone to stop Ebola.
This time, we have deployments into China to bring back people who will be isolated because they might be carriers.
That's not hysteria.
That's just a common practice.
Hysteria would be if we shut down everything, nobody's going anywhere.
No, I get it.
Mike Adams has breaking news.
Stay right there.
CDC diverts flights of American evacuees to military base.
California's coronavirus pandemic spreads.
Mike Adams.
Smart guy.
Steve Buschenik.
Mike Adams, what do you have?
Thanks for having me on, Alex.
Fascinating discussion listening to both of you.
I don't mean to take much time.
You've got important callers as well, but the CDC has diverted a flight in California to a military air reserve base.
This flight was of the evacuees from China, up to 240 Americans.
They were screened in Alaska.
The flight was supposed to land in the Ontario International Airport in California, where they were going to be quarantined.
Instead, they were diverted to this military air reserve base, and now it's not clear whether they're going to be quarantined or just released into the public.
Furthermore, it's now confirmed, these are statements from the Pentagon.
We've got the links in the story.
The U.S.
military has activated its Defense Threat Reduction Agency, DCRA, which has been working alongside the CDC as a... So that standard procedure, that's good.
What about the Chinese coming in on other flights would be my question.
We already had this a few days ago, Mike.
You were just saying it, that was in the news.
They already are ready for a whole major scenario on the West Coast.
Yeah, the point is that publicly, we're being told this is no big deal.
Behind the scenes, everything is being deployed for this.
And by the way, Ebola, yes, it's more fatal, but Ebola can't spread very much because it doesn't have an incubation period where it's infectious.
This coronavirus is far more, has a higher transmission capability than Ebola ever, ever could imagine.
Mike, I'll co-host with you next hour and take calls.
We'll cover it then, thank you.
Sounds good, thank you.
And I promise callers Angel and Sean and Dusty and Mike and John and Martin and Keith and David and Grace, we're going to you.
Steve Wojcicki, I saw you shaking your head.
What do you want to say about that?
That's not true.
Ebola is far more lethal.
I mean, with all due respect to Mike, I mean, we have the deployment.
I think the transmission
Now, let me say this.
I said yesterday we would deploy military.
And we are deploying it.
The reason they're going to a military base is very simple.
We can control, in the military, the environment around the individuals.
We can select whom we want.
We should have the military in the morning.
That's good.
That's my point.
It is.
This is not hysteria.
This is standard operating procedures when you don't have a public health service that came to the forefront.
This is exactly what I said yesterday.
We're using our soldiers.
DOD listened to what you said.
Fauci listened to what she said.
And in fact, this is not hysteria.
What's happening is we have control of this system.
We brought in the people who might have been infected in Wuhan because we have embassy officials, including operatives and all types of individuals, but we don't want them transmitting it.
Outside the system.
This virus is not lethal.
Mark Lyons is wrong.
The number of people that have had this compared to the number of deaths... Okay, I want to believe that.
What is the genesis of the hysteria?
The genesis?
I don't see the hysteria.
Quite frankly, I do Bay Trading.
Before I came on your show, the markets kept going up.
If we would have had hysteria and we would have had a panic, I can guarantee you on Tuesday afternoon, within an hour and a half, we lost 400 points.
That's not what's happening in the markets.
And instead, the markets are saying, you know what?
We don't give a damn about why China.
I want to be clear.
Because I get the text messages, I get the calls, like, Alex, you're saying it's a big crisis, and I understand it's not.
I don't know what's going on.
I'm not getting talking points from somebody, and then I go and regurgitate those.
I'm a real person.
Like, I make the decisions here.
I call and go, hey, get Dr. Pachetnik on.
And then I get guests on.
He's a smart guy.
And then he comes on and says whatever he's going to say.
That's why InfoWars is popular.
It's not a cult.
We get guests on, we get callers on, we don't scream what you're about to say.
It's real.
It's a real human discussion, which we're supposed to happen.
And sometimes I'm like, well, I kind of agree with that.
I'll even be of a dual mind on something.
I don't agree.
That's what freedom is all about.
I want to take a bunch of calls, Dr. Puccini, because they've been holding Grace and Sarah and David and Keith and Martin and John and Victor and Connor and Angel and Sean.
We'll get to a lot of them now, some in the next hour when I co-host with Mike Adams.
I get it.
You don't want a crisis.
You don't want to panic.
You just dealt with a very deadly type virus.
Pneumonia we know is much worse than... People always hype up flu to meet pneumonia.
I've seen it's a really deadly one.
I hope you're right.
I'm just asking why there's such a freak out in China.
What do you think's happening?
The freakout in China is not a freakout, it's the way the Chinese work from a centralized committee.
In other words, Xi has never been in one of these problems before.
This is what he knows, this is what he does.
When you have 19 cities, or 30 cities in China, and you have 119 million people in one city, 21 million in another city,
You have to close them down very quickly because this January, and this is what was not emphasized,
The Chinese New Year was intended to bring everybody from the major cities back to the rural area.
What Xi did, he said, that's it.
We're not moving.
You people are not going to your hometowns.
And within a week, you will remain where you are so that we can maintain some sense of order and containment on this epidemic.
Instead, what would have happened is literally hundreds of millions of people would have spread that virus all over China.
Not only for Hunan and Hebei, you would have had Shanghai, Beijing, and it's already there.
I get it.
How communicable and how deadly is the virus?
It is highly communicable.
It is not highly deadly.
Given the numbers of thousands of people who have it, you've had about a thousand or so who died.
We don't know exact numbers, but I had it.
I treated it.
And I'm a living proof that a man over 60 can have the virus, get sick.
So what was that thing six years ago that they covered up in the U.S.?
Because callers called in all over.
They had, like, dead bodies everywhere.
Did you hear about that six years ago, whatever that was?
That was the Ebola.
What we did was, in fact, to make sure that you did not know about it.
It was a totally different problem.
Fauci was not in charge.
We didn't have a public health service.
We didn't have a Surgeon General.
I was asked what we would do.
We sent over 3,000 soldiers into Sierra Leone, Liberia, to reconfigure the entire capability in those countries and make sure that those people who had the far more lethal
Far far more lethal Ebola element and make sure it was never coming into the States.
We did lose seven people.
I'm asking like six years ago, I get Ebola was going then, there was a really bad pneumonia six years ago too.
Well, they could have been SARS or MERS.
There's always a flu and when the flu is not contained and we normally don't give antibiotics, that's really the standard procedure.
Yeah, explain to me.
I've read that.
How does antibiotics counter a virus?
Because it's not constantly a virus.
It's what we would call a primary atypical type of virus.
So it uses bacteria to spread the virus?
It's in between a virus and a bacteria, because I've been doing this for 40 years, treating the so-called virus.
The virus uses bacteria to spread, so if you kill the bacteria, it can't spread.
No, no, no, no.
I'm not sure these are always viruses genetically.
They transmute very quickly, because otherwise, how does the antibiotic work on what I'm doing?
And it's effective over 30, 40 years.
So they're saying it's viral, but you're seeing antibiotics work?
It works for me.
It worked for me for over 30, 40 years.
So what I'm saying is that clinically, we don't normally see the pneumonia on the x-rays.
We don't normally culture them out and spew them.
But clinically, guys like me who are trained
In the ways of medicine, we take our antibiotic doses and guess what?
It goes away.
And we don't, we get a pneumonia, but the pneumonia cures itself as a result.
The antibiotic suppresses biological stuff to begin with, so the virus can't spread in a suppression.
You poison the body.
The antibiotic is a type of chemotherapy, so it suppresses biological activity.
That suppresses viral flow.
Not exactly.
Well, it's an interesting theory, but no, I believe that the virus that we're talking about doesn't remain in a viral stage, or at least within its transmutation.
But it's got to have a bacterial carrier to jump into, if that's your theory.
Well, I don't have a clinical theory.
I'm just, I'm giving you the clinical output of what I've done for 30 years, and I know very well I just got the coronavirus.
Hey, I know they treat viruses with antibiotics and it works.
So that's what I'm saying.
What is viral theory then?
Viral theory is exactly that.
Viral theory.
I'm not a theoretician, I'm a clinician.
And I believe in what I know clinically has worked on me and my children and others.
No, I get it.
Antibodies work on viruses.
So what the hell's going on?
Well, because the purity... Look, the medical profession has their own heuristic models, meaning they have their own kind of theories.
Do I buy into them?
What I buy into, I'm a clinician.
I buy into theories that work.
Well, that's what I am.
I'm a clinician.
Basically, what works is what has happened and what effectively has created a cure rate or a positive outcome.
I'm not interested in the theories because those are all secondary.
I'm result-based, have always been.
As I said to you yesterday, did I know we would have military deployment?
Nobody told me, but I knew we would have it.
And I knew we would take out the people from China, from Africa, any country.
No, I get it.
We can't figure out the minutiae, but throw it against the wall.
What works, go with that.
That's exactly right.
That's why I said to you, we are a formidable country.
We're not in a panic mode.
We are far stronger than that.
We're not China, we're not even Europe in this way.
And that way we can contain what we're concerned about.
You got to remember, these are people we sent to Hunan to represent us in the business administration or counselor or intelligence.
For the most part,
I don't have a public health service.
You haven't seen it.
I haven't seen a surgeon general.
So what I have is Tony Fauci, head of NIH.
I have Azar, head of HHS.
But more importantly, I have Esper, who's deployed military soldiers over the world with Trump's approval.
And I know from my previous experience with military soldiers that I can effectively cordon off any kind of a virus or whatever Ebola epidemic because we've done it in the past.
Now, is the military trained for that?
There are units that are trained for this type of situation.
Would I have preferred a Surgeon General to come out?
Yeah, but we don't seem to have one.
Thank you for coming on The War Room yesterday, and my show, and please join us, stevebuchanek.com, your new book, which you never tried to promote.
It's excellent, I actually read it a few months ago.
People are like, God, this sounds like craziness.
No, you can look this up, he did all this stuff.
It is the book, American Warrior in Crisis, Tales of a Political Psychiatrist.
Thank you, Dr. Buchanek, we really appreciate you, and please join us anytime you can.
I will.
Thank you.
All right, I know I've got 20 callers that have been patiently holding on average 51 minutes.
I can see that right there on the screen.
And I'm gonna take all your calls before the next guest host takes over.
So, I'm gonna try to shut up and just go to you when we come back.
But a lot of callers are calling in.
I'm getting text messages, well, you're promoting vaccines.
I've always told you.
I'm not just in line with Pachetnik, I agree.
Vaccines are real technology, like a combustion engine.
But you need clean gas in that tank to make that stuff.
I don't want salt water in there.
And there's salt water in these damn vaccines.
It's come out the globalists have like, quote, clean vaccines for themselves.
I want the elite to take the same vaccines I take.
You know, there's a strange form of guilt about being right.
I promote and sell products that I know I use, that I believe in.
I promote this immune gargle that my father, an old surgeon and dentist developed, that's got nano-silver, not just colloidal silver in it, that you can gargle, you can even drink, that is documented to destroy bad bacteria and viruses.
I'm still keeping that massively discounted.
I think it's 40% off right now, despite the fact that we're going to sell out of this within a week of current sales rates.
Because, metaphysically, I can't charge you full price on something during a crisis like this.
I must treat you like I treat myself.
It's like a vampire has to trick you to let him in.
Well, I have to treat you like I am, or I become the vampire.
We've got it in three different sizes.
It will sell out very quickly because... I just had Dr. Steve Pachetnik on, who's a really interesting guy.
I mean, he's done the things he said.
He was involved in overthrowing governments and assassinations.
I mean, he's the real deal.
And he has his own agenda.
Everything's fine.
We're gonna handle it.
That's his job to say that.
And you know what?
I've got three daughters and a son.
And I sure hope that's the case.
But it's 2020.
And I don't see that as the cards we've been dealt.
And you know what?
No one will be happier than me when I'm proven wrong.
I will celebrate the fact I'm wrong.
Something begs going down.
So you've been holding for over an hour.
Grace and Sarah and David and Keith and Martin and John and Victor and Connor and Angel and Sean.
Two sh... We got a Sarah and a Sean.
We never... I'm gonna go to your calls right now, but I'm gonna leave it at this.
I don't sell storable foods to you and colloidal silver and iodine because I think a crisis is coming and then once it comes, we are selling out of all of it.
I sell it to you because I had a group 10 years ago for two years ago.
Alex, you gotta promote iodine.
It's the good halogen, all the bad ones.
It's the big conspiracy.
It'll make your skin clear.
Alex, it'll make your sex life better.
But you gotta have the real, you gotta... And I'm like, and finally I take it and I'm like, what the hell?
God, I wish I would have listened earlier.
And so all I'm telling you is about stuff I already know.
I'm not a leftist that sells you something because it makes me powerful.
I sell you something because it worked for me.
The globalists don't promote things that work because they don't want you having those answers.
I'll tell you, if you can get real Himalayan salt, not all that has it, but real Himalayan salt has ancient deep earth iodine that's almost as good as ours for like $10 a bottle.
So don't buy ours.
Just... If you go out and you get Himalayan salt, it's the real Himalayan salt.
Two, three weeks in, you start using that on your eggs in the morning, and your hamburger at night, or whatever you're doing, or your salad.
You're gonna feel... This stuff's incredible!
So listen, don't get it from me.
Get it from Himalayan salt.
It's got it as well.
It's a little more bound, it's about a third as strong, but so what, just crank the tube.
Just, please, please get it for yourself.
Because it's, it literally, I was already so awake and I was already powerful, spiritually.
But man, when I finally got on iodine, it was like I stuck my dick in a light socket.
And I'm sorry, I've got a family audience, but sometimes these are the only words I've got.
I am more virile taking all of our products, because these are superfoods, than I was when I was 15 years old.
And I was a badass at 15.
I mean, I was a murder machine.
And I'm at 45, about to be 46 in just a couple weeks.
I can tell you that if I didn't take clean fish oil, and if I didn't take clean iodine, and if I didn't do this, I wouldn't be... This is the stuff God gave us.
You think the drug companies gave us something?
Like, my crews are great.
You know, Tim Frugier, we don't do much marketing.
He's like, hey, food's the big hot seller and you need to promote that.
Please stop.
Food's great.
It's a backup in an emergency.
But your brain, your transmitter to God,
It wants fish oil.
It wants iodine.
It wants turmeric.
And man, I mean, I remember, I was never a big drug guy, but like in high school and stuff, I mean, I spoke pot.
I did this or that a few times.
This, that what you happens with things that God gave us, it doesn't happen in 10 minutes, like a sort of cocaine or something.
It happens over time, but what you get from it is so incredible, is so empowering, is so amazing, that I'm just like, wow, why didn't somebody tell me about this?
Because let me tell you, a group would come by, I already told a few of his products like 10 years ago, they're like, you need iodine.
And so he talks, and I go, you know, here's the big thing, you're going to get sick in three weeks when you take it.
He kept like a drug dealer, you take this, you take this.
And I took it.
And nothing's been the same.
Everything I was became twice as strong.
I'm stronger at 45 than I was at 18.
And I was a badass at 18.
I'm not bragging, it's just a fact.
I don't think people figured out I'm not BSing here.
And so all I'm saying is, God knew we would come under attack.
So don't buy my iodine X2.
Go get real Himalayan salt and see what it does.
I told you I go out to your calls and I'm done.
But I'm all about solutions.
And I get Pachinic, you know, wants to stabilize stuff.
And that's totally reasonable.
You know, there's no way to just pick who the best caller is.
That's why I just respect these callers so much, and I've disrespected them by making them hold, and I apologize.
Who's been holding the longest?
That would be John in Ohio, healthcare provider, possible case of coronavirus.
John, thank you for holding.
Go ahead.
I appreciate you.
How are you?
Hey, Alex.
Man, I'm hiring the kite on life, brother.
Hey, I wanted to let you know, so Miami University here in Oxford, Ohio, according to WLWT Channel 5, we have a possible student with the coronavirus.
Now, my concern with this is, are we going to see this with all the universities throughout the United States?
Are these going to be the breeding grounds?
You know what I mean?
You're the boss.
I'm listening to you.
What do you think's going on?
Obviously, there's a cover-up.
And I'm not trying to be mean to Trump, but the more he waits, if this is as bad as they're saying, I'm getting pissed.
Well, I mean, you know, we're dealing with, you know, the Chinese basically hijacking our education system already.
So is this a cover-up?
Oh, major indictments happened today?
And, you know, Cheney, he had some good points.
You know, I mean,
And the most important thing is, as you've been promoting it, the thing is we need to make sure that we need to take our vitamin D and vitamin C. In my clinic, I always push crystal vitamin C with a little bit of baking soda to make it sodium ascorbinate.
You know, and that's actually a basic version.
I know, why does Pauling win the Nobel Prize for that?
What does that combination do to vitamin C?
Make it a bioavailable or what happens?
So our body, you know, if you look at it this way, the body pH runs between 7.35 and 7.45.
So we run a little bit more on the basic side of, you know, neutral.
So when we start making things a little bit more basic,
It's a little bit more easily or more bioavailable when we put it in the more basic form, which is really one of the reasons why we have this huge push for alkalitic water, because our body uses it faster.
Gut level approximation.
You sound like a smart guy, John.
What the hell's going on?
Is this a hype?
Is this hysteria?
Is it real?
What do you think?
You know, I mean, honestly, you know, I mean, it's a little bit, to me, it's a little bit of both.
You know, as a health care provider, I've been seeing a lot of flu move through.
Believe me, I've seen it too.
Our office has been like, we can barely stay on air.
I mean, Owen's tough and he's in bed right now, really ill.
It's been crippling, please, people.
My next door neighbor, I mean, her daughter has been down for 10 days.
It's incredible.
And so, you know, my thing is, are we dealing with something where we're kind of mopping the floor and taking care of the low life, quote-unquote, where, you know, people who just really can't get good health because they don't have good health insurance and or
You know, um, good lifestyle, you know, behaviors.
No, you just said it.
All the tough people sit at home and battle it out.
And all the cokeheads and drug addicts and meth heads, they just sop up the hospital's energy.
In my bones, I feel a major attack.
I just go with my gut.
I think something big's happening.
All right, we'll be right back.
Thank you, John.
More calls straight ahead.
I don't have the crew.
To go back six months ago, three months ago, a month ago, but you all heard it.
You already knew it.
Am I kissing your ass?
It's just true, we already know it.
That the bio attack would be the way to counter the economy.
And I sit here during the breaks, I just lean back and I just get in my spirit and I go, what is this?
It's an attack on the world economy.
Whether this virus is as deadly as they say it is or it isn't, that's what this is.
And I've got this tendency to not be arrogant, because I'm not arrogant.
But then my spirit says, stop holding back.
Just tell them what you think.
They tune in, because they respect you.
And I respect them.
So I'll just tell you.
This virus is dangerous.
It's not that deadly.
This is a very communicable virus, as Dr. Petchenik said.
But it's not that deadly.
This old saying, like, if your neighbor's jobless, it's a recession.
If you're jobless, it's a depression.
It's very real if it's killing your family.
But there's pneumonias rampaging.
They always hype up flu.
It's pneumonia.
So it's real.
But is it what they're saying?
No, it's for a reason.
And we've got to suss out together what that is.
They want to embarrass Trump and say nations didn't deal with it and there may be some other thing they're about to release.
That's my, the gut is just stalled.
It's not speculation.
It's your subconscious best guess.
But then if you consciously try to analyze the subconscious, you're like, I don't know why.
But I've learned it's never wrong.
So that's where I am right now.
You can see the pre-preparation for this crisis.
You can see it.
So you know it's fake.
Does it mean the virus is fake?
Does it mean it's real?
Does it mean we don't know?
We see the pre-preparation.
They can't help that.
That lets us know it's a major move.
I think that's undoubtable.
I don't think you can debate that.
I don't think anybody watching or listening doesn't get, hey, something's wrong here.
This has been cooked up.
It's easy to know it's cooked up.
What's hard is to know what it is, though.
Think about that.
It's easy to know something is BS, but what is it?
That's the question.
Okay, so who's been holding the longest next now?
Let's go to Victor in Texas.
Victor, thank you.
We'll go to Grace, Sarah, David, and others.
Victor, what do you think's going on?
Thanks for holding.
All right, Brother Jones, I got me seven bids for 1,000 people.
Currently, this is a study that I saw.
Seven beds for a thousand people.
No strain.
No strain on the hospitals.
When that demand increases, this is where the weak, this is a weak link.
It was a multi-headed deal.
This is a POTUS buster.
This one right here is also, is a ping destroyer.
This is to try and get accessibility to 227 tons of gold that China has.
You have no workers in China.
I tend to disagree with Dr. Steve, because if there's no workers, there's no production.
No production, there's no money.
And a shutdown of China will create a global depression, and I don't want to be the one that says that causes the panic, but what you said is true.
So lying is something I won't do.
I agree.
Gut level.
I'm really concerned.
The economy dipped, and then here's the thing.
I don't know.
Silver and stuff that you have.
The canary in the in the coal mine.
Hold on, Victor.
Look up.
Don't hang up.
No, I mean, it's true.
But I think it's a good guy.
But he came on and told us about don't worry, a vaccine is coming, which shows they think this is going to be serious.
Stay with us.
Victor in Texas, you've made a lot of great points.
I got the esoteric angles.
What's your prime projection, your bottom line, Victor?
The very first thing we've got to look out for is the first death that occurs in the CONUS.
All right.
When it happens here, this is when everything is going to break out.
The first death, we haven't seen it yet.
My target date, I look at the 15th of February.
And like I said, that will be the canary.
Victor, what's your background?
You sound like a really smart guy.
I'm just retired and really tired.
I got a lot of time to do research.
Pastor Sam said something a couple of nights ago that really was very, very interesting.
In another show that I listened to, he said that, was this a race-specific bioweapon?
And this is why we need to see, if we see the first death, then we know that we're in trouble.
If we don't see it, then we know that it was geared for the Asian people.
Now, the thing is that when, when you can't know this because the HIPAA, the HIPAA law, they won't release that information out to the public.
And this is a- No, you're right.
Because most of these viruses do, are CHICOM specific.
And you see, and then there's another thing that people don't really realize.
Everybody blames it on the Jews.
Okay, I have no hate against them.
But the Kaidan is a very elite Mossad group.
And I believe they had something to do with it.
You know, they were smiling at Xi Jinping.
And when they got in there, they were the ones that caused the release.
I don't know how they did it.
I don't know these things.
I just see
I just see the overall picture.
They were the ones that did it, and now this virus was not released in Brazil like Mike said.
They jumped the shark over there, but it was intentional.
They did it on purpose because they need to get to the 227 tons of gold that China has.
Alright, brother.
I appreciate you.
Very interesting.
Thank you.
Okay, who's been holding the next longest here?
That'd be David in Tennessee.
David, thank you so much for holding.
We really appreciate you.
Please tell us what you think about this.
Well, hello, Alex.
My first time caller.
I've been a listener for about three years.
Thank you.
And yeah, it's been a pleasure to, I was always kind of half awake, consider myself fully awake, but through your show and in a certain event, such as Las Vegas and Epstein, et cetera, come full circle.
Yeah, Vegas was incredible, wasn't it?
Yeah, it was nuts.
And I just want to say, for the past eight or nine months, I've been using your products and Brain Force Plus, Ultra 4, Ultra 12,
And Turboforce.
Those really re-energize my life, help me get off of big pharmas.
They're game-changing.
Almost no one puts out real pharmaceutical-grade stuff.
We do.
I mean, I want you to want to buy it again.
Plus, I mean, I metaphysically cannot screw you over.
You understand?
I can't sell out.
It's not like I'm Mr. Goody Two-shoes.
I just cannot do it.
So the products are the best we can get.
I'll just say also the krill oil has been amazing, just like you said.
And also my 10-year-old son... Yeah, what happened on krill oil?
Because that stuff is hallucinogenic.
Like, I think like three of them before bed?
Yeah, well I'll tell you this.
I got honor roll for my son because he's really smart but he deals with ADHD.
So instead of putting him on drugs, I put him on honor roll and he cannot get enough of that stuff.
I have to ration him out.
He wants to take three or four of those things a day.
I'm like, well...
I'll let you take three.
Let's not use the whole bottle.
Let's take two or three.
Who would know that the very essence of a fish in the beautiful ocean, our brain just drinks it up, man.
Yeah, it's fantastic.
Well, I used to live in Tokyo for eight years, and I got a lot of fish oil there.
Of course, you got to be careful eating raw fish and everything.
Well, it's mercury filled.
The difference is ours is mercury free.
Got to supplement my diet here.
But yeah, what I thought about today, I travel often on business to East Asia, including China.
But most recently,
I lived in Taiwan and then in Japan for eight and a half years, and I'll tell you, if this gets out in places like Japan, it's a game over.
I'm not saying that it will.
It does look like the death rate is lower than it might have been, but I think it's a serious issue because if you look at places like Japan, everybody trusts the government for everything.
You've got 10 plus million riders on the metro, a city of 37 plus million in Tokyo.
I just heard the news recently where 200 Japanese
We're evac'ed back to Tokyo.
We've got a bus driver that has contracted the disease from people from Wuhan.
Clearly it's out there.
It's a time bomb.
The question is, is it a hoax?
Or is it as deadly as they say?
Because if it's deadly as they say, this is 2020.
This is the takedown of nations.
This is the global crisis.
This is the big enchilada.
Thank you so much, David.
Grace in New York.
Grace, ER nurse on virus hospitals preparing.
Thanks for holding.
I really thank you for that.
Hi, I just wanted to call you.
Go ahead.
I'm an ER nurse here in New York.
Thank you.
And we are getting ready.
They have given us a whole bunch of PPE to wear and we have set up different areas in our triage area.
And we are just screening people and first checking to see if they've traveled anywhere.
And then trying to separate them.
We think we've had cases, but we don't have the test in yet.
So we can't tell 100% if.
We're just diagnosing if we've had any cases.
Are you elaborating?
Because Mike Adams owns a diagnostics lab and I checked it.
I respect Mike, but I checked it.
They're not sending the genetic code of the virus out even though they have it for the labs to test.
Can you speak to that?
From my understanding is that we don't have the exact test for it.
We've just been diagnosing as viral pneumonia.
So we don't know if that's what it is, but we've been isolating those patients.
So speak your mind, because you're the expert, but are you seeing an increase in what you call viral pneumonia?
Speak to that please.
Respiratory problems.
We were told not to go within four feet for a prolonged period next to these patients.
And we wear an N95 duckbill mask and usual PPE so we don't contaminate other patients.
So we suit up almost like Ebola, but not quite.
If the patient is to be confirmed, I haven't seen one yet, we would put on a full, like what you would see on TV, like a hazmat suit with a respirator on it.
And then we would have to decontaminate coming out of the room because it is easily spread, especially with the elderly and children we're looking out for the most.
So what would I say about this call?
Nurse talks about coronavirus training in the U.S.
So we did, when Ebola was a big deal, we did all kinds of training.
We would have every shift, they would have like a pretend patient come in and we would suit up into the whole costume that you see.
And then we only have, most hospitals only have like three or four isolation rooms in the ERs for it.
So they have a standby tent set up that we can spring up pretty quickly if a lot of confirmed cases come in or suspected cases come in.
But we're not fully set up where we can take hundreds of patients by any means.
It's kind of frightening, that part is.
And a lot of doctors and nurses are starting to call out.
So, you know, the healthcare staffing is an issue as well.
Gut level, what are the staff saying?
Do they believe the coronavirus is in your area?
Or are they thinking it's coming?
Or they think this is just training?
We've had it already, yeah.
We think that they've isolated some patients once they went up to the ICU.
In these negative pressure rooms, they're called, and they think that we have it, we just haven't gotten the full test to confirm yet.
So, New York nurse believes coronavirus is in the big album?
Yes, absolutely.
I wouldn't be shocked at all if they said that we've actually taken care of it.
Well, let me ask you this, and hold music guys, I want to get this answer.
I don't like, they hype it but then they say it's no big deal.
Gut level, what do you guys, is this really a serious virus?
Is this hype or what is this?
It's very scary because you don't touch anybody to get it.
If you do touch somebody, you can get it, but it's just breathing the air.
Usually, something like this is transmitted through droplets in the air, but because it's just straight up air,
That's scary because it's so easy to catch it.
It's so easy.
I'm worried even going from patient to patient because I can get it on my clothing or if I don't cover everything completely I can actually carry it into the next area.
So this could be the big one.
Thank you, Grace.
More calls straight ahead than Mike Adams.
You're amazing.
All right, folks.
Everybody can feel in their bones that big stuff's happening.
Is this thing a hoax?
Well, it's a hoax to plunge the stock market.
Or is it a real bioweapon?
Is it manufactured?
If I told you I knew the answers, I'd be lying to you.
But at a gut level, you can see all the other things that are going on.
All hell is breaking loose.
I'm taking your phone calls right now.
Mike Adams is about to take over.
The war room's coming up.
You know, I don't just say this.
I just gotta get the crew together to do it.
I need to come in here and probably do some three or four hour commercial free shows and just take calls because I'm not kissing the caller's ass.
I feel criminal making them hold.
These callers have been incredible.
I mean, they've been in Hunan.
They've been, I mean, at the military bases.
They've been, and you hear how you hear them.
You just know it's credible.
I mean, plus we have the data, but it's just like, whoa, this isn't some Netflix horror movie.
This is the real world.
So you've got my commitment tonight and tomorrow when I come in here?
I'm not going to listen to myself talk.
I'm going to take calls from the minute the show starts tomorrow on what you're seeing around the world and what you think is going on, because you are human.
You are the intelligence.
You are the resistance to this globalist system.
Sean, Angel, Martin, and Sarah will finish up with you guys before we end this hour.
Sarah is law enforcement officer, pharmatech on vaccines.
Sarah, God bless you.
Give us your take on things.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, honored to speak with you today.
Can you hear me all right?
I hear you.
Crystal clear.
All right.
Yeah, so long time listener.
I've been listening to you for a long time.
Sorry not to take too long.
No, you're not.
Just stick right into your mic.
It was clear and it broke up.
You've been holding for an hour.
Take your time.
Tell us what's happening.
Okay, well I just wanted to let you know, so I am working law enforcement in Florida here, and we just got a report yesterday that a school had closed down because of a possible exposure.
Interestingly, this school has connections to a United Nations program in Yale University.
We're still waiting to hear back on results.
Of whether the students have tested positive, but as of right now we have one full school that is closed down.
I work in the Miami area.
Wow, so that is international news.
You've been holding for an hour to say that.
You're saying as law enforcement in Florida, there is a school shut down potentially because of this right now.
That is incredible.
Yes, that's correct.
And I found it interesting that it has ties to the United Nations and Yale.
That's huge!
We've got plenty of time to talk to you.
Specifically, can you tell us what school district so we can look into it?
Yeah, so the school is located in Palm Beach, which is about 45 minutes north of Miami.
It's called the Benjamin School.
They had a Chinese student come from
I think so.
It freaks me out how the callers are like 99% accurate.
She just called in, it's already in the news.
So, sorry to interrupt you, please continue.
No, no, that's fine.
So, I personally work in the Miami area, so as you know, we are hosting the Super Bowl.
So, not only is law enforcement super heightened right now about all the security issues, but we have tens of thousands of people coming in from all over the world.
Oh, it's a recipe for disaster.
It really is, yeah.
And like you said, you know, I think this is something really fishy.
I mean, we definitely don't know what they're planning.
What do you think, though?
What are people, because I don't know, what do you think is going on?
You know, I think that, you know, as of right now, a lot of people aren't too concerned in this area, from what I've heard.
But I think that, like your other caller said, once somebody dies here in the U.S.
or once we start seeing a number spike,
There's going to be immense panic.
I mean, as you guys were reporting, all the N95 masks are selling out.
You know, people are starting to gather all their supplies.
Miami is just a soup pot, basically, for festering this disease with everyone that we have constantly coming into our borders and international flights, and then, of course, with the Super Bowl.
So I ordered a bunch of N95 masks myself the other day, just in case.
But I think it could be, you know, like you said, a recipe for disaster.
In closing, and I appreciate you Sarah holding it, talk about this.
Talking to other colleagues, what do they think is going on?
You know, a lot of them, I think, are trying to hold back on their fear of, like, this could be, you know, a pandemic.
So I think they're trying to laugh it off and talk it off because they don't want to accept the fact that this could be something super serious.
And I hope they're right, by the way.
I don't need to.
And I know I don't have a lot of time, but I'd like to talk to you either offline or with one of your crew.
But I have information regarding how Novartis, a pharmaceutical company that produces vaccines,
Has been relabeling the ones that they don't use, and they relabel them.
And so people are getting vaccinated with the flu vaccine and other vaccines that are years old, which also is, I believe- Well, that's huge.
I know they do that because whatever the new vaccine is, it never covers the latest mutation.
But you're saying, well, guys, here's my problem.
I've got such a thin crew.
My biggest frustration is we can't respond to incredible intel like this.
So yes, Rob Dew is obsessed with this.
He really cares.
He's interviewed a lot of people who have victimized.
We'll give you your name and number to Rob.
I'll call you two today.
Sarah, I promise you're amazing.
God bless you.
Thank you, Sarah.
Get Sarah's name and number and let's talk to them.
Because I had my pediatrician for my children.
I've got three children.
I've got four children.
Three of my first wife and one of my new wife.
This guy owned the big pediatrics clinic in Austin.
He owned like, all over the town, like 10 clinics.
And he comes to me, it's more today, more than 10 clinics, and he goes, we're putting cancer viruses in these, we're giving them the simian virus 40 in the polio.
And I go, well that's been illegal since 1972.
And he goes,
You know that?
He goes, exactly.
He goes, we shouldn't be giving oral anyways.
We're giving children cancer virus that causes cancer.
And I said, I know.
And he, this is a big guy.
He grabs you by the arm and he goes, you don't tell anybody I told you that.
And I went, dude, I already know that.
And I said, get your, get your arm up my hand.
He backed off, but it wasn't a tough guy moment.
He like said it as a human to me and then got scared right after.
And that guy is the biggest owner.
He was the biggest owner of pediatric clinics in Austin.
And man, he was a big guy.
He grabbed my arm and he said, you better not.
And I said, I pulled back and I said, man, you just told me that.
I said, I already know that.
And I actually don't want to act up, but I said, I'll beat your ass, man.
Let's go.
He backed, I mean, because I'm not going to take some dude doing that.
You know what I mean?
Like, okay, you want to, I'm not backing down on the globalists.
You want to fight?
But it was a big old fricking rich millionaire doctor.
He's like, oh god, we're giving them cancer viruses.
And I'm like, well that's BS.
He's like, grab mine.
He goes, you better not tell anybody.
And I said, you better get your hand off my arm, man.
He's like, oh really?
And I said, yeah, I'm about to stomp your ass on the ground.
That's not talk, man.
That's what we do.
But I don't want to beat his ass.
I want him to go public.
And I'm so close to saying his name.
I'm that close.
Because he didn't proviso it before.
Mike Adams is about to take over with your phone call.
Stay with us.
All right, Mike Adams has taken over naturalnews.com and then we've got the war room that I'm going to be hosting because Owen is sick.
We hope it isn't the coronavirus, 3 p.m.
Central in about 30 minutes.
But I swore to take these calls.
So real fast, Sean in Florida, paramedic, possible related info, coronavirus locally.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, great to hear you.
Like I said, I am a paramedic in Florida, and I've been doing your... Can you hear me?
Yes, sir.
It got really quiet.
Oh, wow.
I've been doing iodine for about a year now, and when I was doing my due diligence trying to figure out the ins and outs of it, I came across a study that in 1945, that was a study with mice and the effects of iodine and the... I believe it was Spanish influenza, but I'm not sure.
They put them in a box with basically nothing but influenza, but a dab of iodine on their nose.
None of them got sick.
So for about a year now, as part of my standard procedures, all I do is I put a little inside my nostrils every day in the morning.
I haven't had even a twinge of like a throat tickle in over a year now.
Iodine is magic, brother.
I mean, it's the building block to so much of the body.
And I have seen some of what you're talking about in studies.
It's really incredible.
What is your view on the related info on the coronavirus?
Honestly, you know, we're all gearing up.
I mean, we're carrying Tyvek suits and SCBA now, and we disinfect the ambulances between patients way more diligently.
I do really believe that this is probably going to blow over, kind of like Steve said, but you can hope for that, but you've got to plan for it, and everybody is gearing up, and it's just going down that route like that.
Well, thank you for the intel, Sean, and thanks for holding.
Mike Adams is about to take over.
Let's go to Martin in Ohio, a student at Miami University.
Two students are now being tested.
We keep getting calls from Florida, Florida, Florida.
Real quick, Martin, what's going on?
Yeah, I just wanted to provide, I can provide some confirmation and further details on what John was saying earlier.
So, the details on that is they sent out, I'm a part-time student at Miami, they sent out an email to the entire, like, university yesterday.
Saying that two students, one presenting to the Student Health Center with symptoms and being with them from China, they met the qualifications to be screened for the coronavirus.
So they sent those tests to the CDC.
They're waiting on those test results to come back now.
But that one student who had the symptoms, along with his roommate, who's also Chinese,
I mean, I know Miami's got about 7% of their student population is Chinese international students, and I know we have some from Wuhan.
So that's not all that comforting.
I'd like to ask the administration about it, but they don't really talk to me.
They're not my biggest fan because they kind of know who I am.
Martin, thank you so much for the call.
Thanks for holding.
Angel, and then Mike Adams takes over.
Angel, General Caller, CDC hasn't released any statements.
That's a good point.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, I'm down.
I'm a Desert Storm veteran, 1991 disabled veteran.
And they haven't been really talking much down here in Atlanta about it.
Because I mean, I've been listening to you for about 14 years.
And, you know, Alex, you nailed it on the head.
With Dr. Pachanek, I'm 50-50 on that.
And I'm more with you on your side, but I feel, I mean, I'm asking you the question.
Could you also think this is a test and they're testing us to see how we react to this, to these situations?
The flu and we have the coronavirus now?
That's what I think.
I think it's a globalist test.
That's what I've said.
And, you know, this is the whole thing that I'm saying because I worked with some Africans from Sierra Leone for about 10 years at a tire shop.
And even back then when the Ebola did break out, they were still sending people in because they were taking, bringing people to the shop as soon as they got off the airplane.
And I'm literally about less than four miles from the airport straight down the road.
So, you know, I wanted, you know, I had told a lot of people I wanted to try to be a reporter for you here in Atlanta.
So that way I can get everything taken care of and get all the news out because the CDC down here, it just seems like they're not really trying to concentrate on what's going on or any prevention procedures or anything we need to carry on.
Well brother, God bless you.
Let's get your name and number.
Thank you, sir, for holding.
Mike Adams, who was supposed to be on the whole hour, I appreciate him holding, takes over right now.
For the rest of the segment, the next, naturalnews.com.
And I'm going to be hosting the first of the War Room with Owen Schroer, Infowars.com, Portslice Show, Bandai Video.
Mike Adams, take over.
Well, incredible callers today, Alex.
And in fact, if you hadn't taken all the calls on the board, I was going to insist that we do as well, because the callers are bringing in remarkable information from all over the United States.
Now, my phone has been ringing.
People are texting me and demanding that I correct Dr. Pachenik's misinformation from the last hour.
I respect Dr. Pachenik.
He's highly intelligent.
He has done more in his life than most human beings ever will.
Not attacking him personally, but
This is not his area of expertise.
And what he said on the show an hour ago was incorrect information, and I will logically and scientifically lay out the corrections to that information in the next segment here.
But what we need to be aware of here is the callers today.
We had one caller who called in and said the CDC is not testing secondary infections of people in the United States who did not travel to the Wuhan province.
This is absolutely key.
As I said yesterday on the show, the CDC is backlogged for weeks on testing these samples.
And there was a nurse in New York who called in the show today and said that they're not even being provided the testing kits.
China is artificially keeping the numbers low by creating scarcity of testing kits.
That's been reported by the Epoch Times and South China Morning Post, as well as Breitbart.com, by the way.
Everything that I tell you here is rooted in sighted news, scientific studies, biological reality.
I don't stand here and have to invent anything, because it's all in the media.
It's just that most people don't do the research.
But what these callers are saying here is that the situation in America is far worse than what's being officially announced.
There are far more than five or six people who are infected right now at this moment.
And it's hitting the universities.
It's the returning students from the Wuhan province.
And when they infect other students, those students in those universities are not being tested by the CDC because the current rule is no testing for people who did not travel directly to Wuhan province.
Or Wuhan City, in a larger province.
So think about this.
Given the high transmissivity rate of this virus, we know that according to the Lancet, 83% of those who are exposed to this are infected.
We know that it can be spread through casual contact, such as just shaking hands or touching a surface that someone else touched.
Another healthcare worker called into the show today and confirmed that.
It's spread through the air.
It doesn't have to be droplets.
It can just be, I think she said, regular air, where there's an infected patient in the room and then there are new people getting infected.
Because of this, mark my words, there are right now in America, American students who are infected with this coronavirus, who are not being tested, and who are not even yet aware that they have symptoms.
Because this is a symptomless incubation period of up to 14 days.
And during that period, unlike Ebola, during that period with coronavirus, you can spread the disease to other people even when you yourself are not aware that you have it.
And that's a huge difference with Ebola.
Ebola has a very high fatality rate.
In fact, it's so high that no one survives long enough to spread it.
This is a key point to understand when you look at microbiology or virology or epidemiology.
High fatality rates do not create a bioweapon because it kills people too quickly to spread it.
And Ebola symptoms are very abundant.
You can't miss it when someone is bleeding out of their eyes.
You can't miss it.
But with coronavirus, the symptoms are not present.
And we know from the Lancet study also that 2% of those who are infected show no symptoms of fever, no symptoms of respiratory distress, which means they can move right through airport security and pass through the screening that's being put in place all over the country.
2% of those who are infected will pass through airport screening.
That means this is not being contained.
Now, there are many other facts that you need to be aware of.
We've covered some of it yesterday, but I have new information today.
I've got one more segment coming up here on InfoWars.
Stay with me.
This is Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.
I'll bring you those facts after this short break.
We will cover the information that you have not yet been told.
We'll be right back after this break with all those answers and more.
All right, we're continuing here on the Alex Jones Show.
Mike Adams, and thank you for tuning in.
This is the final segment for today.
And then Alex takes over at the War Room with Owen Schroyer out for today, I believe, due to sickness.
Now, as I mentioned in the previous segment, I'm going to cover what I believe was bad information given to you by a previous guest.
But look, I want to mention, I have the greatest respect for Dr. Steve Pchenik.
He's a highly intelligent person.
He is a patriot.
And the way that you know that the news here on InfoWars is real is because sometimes guests disagree.
But none of us can be experts in all areas.
And Dr. Pachenik is an expert on U.S.
history and political coups in foreign countries and the way the military and the deep state work to accomplish their specific goals.
He's an expert in all those areas.
And I'm not an expert in those areas.
I don't challenge him to a debate over the history of political coups.
I'm an expert in these areas of lab analytics.
I am a scientist.
I'm a published scientist in these areas.
I understand microbiology.
I have millions of dollars of lab equipment that I run every day in an ISO accredited laboratory.
And when I heard Dr. Pachenik speaking, he was giving out a lot of
Just, I'm sorry to say, but just bad, not true information about how things work in microbiology.
So I feel a duty to correct that.
Not an attack on him.
Not challenging his intelligence.
He's a brilliant guy in many other areas.
But when he said that he had coronavirus, and he said that he had treated it with antibiotics, and that he had successfully overcome it with antibiotics, right there, that's a major red flag.
Every doctor in America knows that you can't treat
Viral pandemics with antibiotics.
It doesn't work.
And the reason it doesn't work is because viruses are not living.
Viruses are not bacterial strains.
They're very, very different.
And Dr. Pichinik also said that he thought this was, what are my notes here, in between a virus and a bacteria.
Well, again, my apologies to everyone for pointing this out.
It's just that it sounds like transgenderism among the liberals who think that boys can become girls and women can become men.
If you think a virus can become a bacteria, I'm sorry, what is that?
It means you don't have baseline knowledge of basic biology and virology and epidemiology.
Viruses and bacteria are completely different.
Viruses are dead.
Bacteria are living.
Bacteria have cell membranes and cell walls and nucleoids and cytoplasm and they have means of mobilization.
They swim around.
They respond to the environment.
They are full functioning living creatures that are just a single cell.
Viruses are nothing of the kind.
Viruses are just fragments of RNA and DNA surrounded by protein.
Sometimes glycoproteins, for example.
And they are not living.
And they do not respond to antibiotics.
So, when someone says that you can beat coronavirus with antibiotics, I'm sorry, that's very dangerous misinformation.
And it's not true.
It's not true, even the CDC would tell you that.
Even a doctor, a mainstream doctor would tell you that.
This has to be beat.
Through antivirals, and they come from the world of natural medicine, and also from pharmaceutical medicine, there are antivirals.
Many of them are based on natural medicine.
But also through quarantine and isolation.
Isolation is the key to beating this pandemic.
And that's why China has 56 million people under quarantine.
That's why flights are being cancelled now by countries all over the world.
To stop bringing it in.
Isolation is the only way to beat this.
Now, let's talk about lethality versus transmissivity.
A bioweapon that would be, quote, ideal for depopulation would have relatively low lethality and very high transmissivity.
Why is that?
Because they want people to be able to carry it and spread it to others.
High transmissivity is the key to a successful biological weapon.
And the lethality of this coronavirus at 15% is not low.
Everybody who's been saying that that's low doesn't know anything about microbiology.
Low would be 1%.
Coronavirus strains of viral infections and even bacterial infections such as bacterial pneumonia and so on, the lethality rates are typically less than 1%.
So for the Lancet to publish a 15% fatality rate is red alert, alarm bells ringing in the minds of all epidemiologists who know what they're talking about in this area.
It's a very high rate of lethality for this class of virus.
Very high rate.
And with the high transmission rate,
It's the perfect bioweapon.
It can spread combined with the very long incubation period during which no symptoms are shown by many people.
So it is what's called an asymptomatic but infectious carrier classification of a viral strain.
That is actually the perfect design for a biological weapon that can wreak havoc around the world.
So this is not going to blow over with no effects.
And to state that the stock market is up today and therefore there will be no economic impacts is simply misinformed.
We've already had confirmed stories from CNBC and mainstream media that Apple's supply chains are now breaking down in China.
As people are told to go home, don't come to the factory, stop working.
The tech industry, over the next few months, is going to face major economic consequences from this coronavirus outbreak.
In China alone, even if it never multiplies in the United States of America, the tech industry will face major consequences.
Furthermore, researchers from Hong Kong University, based on their software modeling, have already told us this won't peak in China until late April or early May.
At which point, according to their models, there will be 150,000 new patients per day who are infected with this virus.
After which, it will start to dwindle.
So yes, this will peak, and it will wane.
That is for sure.
The question is, how many people will be dead during that time, and how much economic impact will it have during that time?
And when you've got 150,000 people a day, based on the current models,
In May, in China, as a possibility, if they don't contain it, the economic impacts are going to be devastating on a global scale.
And that's what Alex has been warning about.
What are the long-term economic impacts?
You can't look at the stock market today and say everything's going to be fine in May.
This is not contained yet.
It's not contained in China.
It's not contained in America.
It's already overtaken SARS in terms of the number of infections and number of fatalities.
And today, breaking news, is the World Health Organization is now meeting in order to reportedly declare this to be a global pandemic.
So, if the WHO declares it to be a global pandemic, what's that based on?
Well, it's based on the fact that it's spreading from person to person in multiple countries outside of China.
That's the criteria.
They should have declared it yesterday or the day before, but they will likely declare it very, very soon.
And China just declared that you will serve seven years in prison if you report on the coronavirus from an independent point of view that is not in alignment with official sources.
They will throw you in prison for seven years.
You want to tell me that's not serious?
You want to tell me that China isn't desperately trying to control the information about this?
You want to tell me that this isn't spreading?
How did it get into Japan?
How did it get into China?
I mean Taiwan, excuse me.
How did it get to America if the screening programs work?
How is it already being reported from the callers to this very show?
Very likely in New York.
Very likely in Miami.
Very likely in Seattle and Los Angeles and all over the country.
How is that happening if the screening works?
The truth is the screening doesn't work.
Why was a flight secretly diverted by the CDC yesterday to a military base in California?
The March Air Reserve Base in California received a flight of hundreds of Americans who were evacuated from Wuhan, China.
Last night, it was supposed to land in the Ontario International Airport in California, but it was diverted at the last minute.
So that the military could have control over this and now there are statements issued from the Department of Defense and the Pentagon and so on.
Why is China announcing an expansion of 100,000 new hospital beds in the Wuhan area if this is only affecting a few thousand people?
Why is the CDC not treating secondary infections in the United States?
Why do we know that China probably stole this from laboratories in Canada using Chinese spies?
And these labs in China have a history, a documented history, of four previous accidental releases of SARS.
Four previous accidental releases, as documented in the Lancet and Nature science journals.
So we know that they are not good at containing the bioweapons that they are working on.
You put all these facts together,
And you have on your hands a very lethal bioweapon that I believe was accidentally released.
But it's being deliberately engineered to be a weapon against humankind.
And that's why it has this targeted transmission rate and targeted lethality rate
The quote, perfect combination to spread undetected as a stealth virus.
And yes, it is a very big deal.
And it's going to get worse.
Mark my words, the number of infections and deaths over the next week will be larger than they are today.
I'll bet anybody a million dollars on that fact.
If I had a million dollars, I would bet that.
So this is going to get worse.
InfoWars is the cutting edge of bringing you accurate, scientific-based information.
Well-sourced information on this.
Do not be... Do not be lulled into a sense that this is no big deal.
Now, it will blow over eventually.
But what happens between now and then is up to you.
Stay informed.
Keep watching InfoWars.
War Room is up next with Alex Jones.
Thank you for watching.
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