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Name: 20200129_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 29, 2020
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The story of how the US government is trying to buy up the food supply and what's happening with this coronavirus, that's the big issue that's front and center.
So this is 70% news story, 30% selling food because it's so crazy.
So, Keith, thanks for coming on with us.
Again, I just straight shot the audience that
Yeah, I'm selling food, but as a father, as a patriot, as an American, as somebody who's heard about China, the information you have that I called and solicited from you is what's really crazy for me.
Glad to be on, Alex, and good to speak with you once again here.
Travel right now is in the air.
He has travel commitments today or else he would have been on.
He's been visiting with our suppliers to make sure that we've got all the materials to make the meals and package the foods and get the things out to both your viewers and those in your store and your shoppers and the folks at My Patriot Supply.
But you're right.
This started in November.
I started getting
Emails, phone calls from different people, from the government basically, trying to get us into a system where you can get GSA contracts to work with the government on making large purchases of storable food.
And we've always said no.
We will never do that.
We will not sell to the government of My Patriot Supply.
But they keep calling, Alex.
They keep emailing.
As recent as yesterday, I'm getting phone calls going, would you go into the system?
You get into the system, so that we can see, they want all the information.
How much food can you make?
Where are your warehouses?
How big are the warehouses?
How fast can you get more raw materials to make food kits?
They want this information.
And we just said, no.
And they keep calling, Alex.
Why do you think that is?
Because I'm always selling storable food.
I believe in it.
You guys are great.
But now, it's different.
I mean, they're like really pushing hard.
What does that signify to you?
Well, it tells me they know something that we don't.
And that's typical, I'm guessing.
You know, FEMA's gonna, you know, buy a stock up for something.
And, you know, be it, you know, the control, I guess.
You know, we don't want to do that.
My Patriots apply.
We service Americans.
We want to work direct with Americans to help them prepare.
We don't need some go-between, in-between, that's preparing for something in the future that they know and they control.
It does creep me out that I didn't think about this until I called you guys.
And then the operator was like, yeah, you're glad you're calling.
My goodness, we usually ship the next day, but it's like five days right now.
By the time I got Matt on the phone, which took three days, you guys are like, we don't even know when to promote this because
Maybe a month more.
I mean, let's just say you've been a little bit concerned about what's going on.
It's kind of scared you a little bit.
Well, when we saw last week and we went into full motion saying, hey, this is going to get a little bit bigger.
So, you know, let's make sure we've got the pipeline filled so we can serve and we can deliver like we do each and every day.
Other points in the few minutes we've got left that you want to impart to the listeners, because I'm all about empowering people.
I'm all about putting high-quality food in their pantry so they have a backup of their self-sufficient, but this is definitely, talking to Matt today and you today, this is a record level, isn't it?
It is.
It is at this point here.
We're talking about a lot about food today here, Alex, but you know, the first thing you got to think about is water.
You can live, you know, barely more than three days without some fresh purified water.
That's why we've got the Alexa Pure Pro water filtration system.
It's gravity powered, so the electricity could be off and it's going to work just fine.
You know, start there.
Make sure you've got that.
Make sure you've got the good clean
You know, drinking water, and then you can use that in conjunction with preparing hot meals with the foods that we here at My Patriot Supply have.
So it's really a one-two punch.
That's what we do as a company, and that's why we appreciate your partnership, because you understand it too there, Alex.
Oh, I do.
I mean, we're promoting Alexa Pure, which third-party groups go, my God, this is like in the top two or three out of hundreds of gravity-fed filters.
It's one of the highest rated.
Yeah, again, this is where I buy my water filtration.
It's where I buy my storable foods.
And yeah, I'm not ashamed of it.
It funds this great crew that busts their butt around the country and on air exposing the globalists.
We're selling high-quality food.
We're selling high-quality water filtration.
I just kind of feel like an idiot that I missed the boat for like two weeks.
It's been the biggest run on food ever, and I'm not even promoting it on air so that my audience gets it and so I can find my operation.
I feel like an idiot, kind of.
Yeah, well, Alex, it's not too late.
There's plenty of time for folks.
We've got the inventory.
They can get into the queue.
And that's what I want listeners to know.
I'm always seeking out straight shooters.
I'm like, neurotic about it.
I'm totally OCD.
And what you and Matt Redhawk say is what is happening.
I've dealt with this with companies that were reputable a few times and then suddenly it'd be six months, people get their food or problems.
Same thing with water filters.
That's why for over 10 years, I just love the fact that during regular times, people get great food and water filtration, you name it.
And during bad times, they get it.
And that scares me, though, that you're saying two, three weeks and you're out of food.
The most banned network in the world.
Let's just pull back from this.
Bill and Melinda Gates had a giant drill of 65 million people dying from a virus escaping in China three months ago.
Then they'd fund and help develop a TV show for Netflix, a docu-series that cast Bill and Melinda Gates as the saviors of the Earth, financing vaccines for a worldwide pandemic of flu, they predict, that will kill hundreds of millions.
And, of course, other vaccines like coronavirus.
So, they even have TV shows on Netflix coinciding with all of this unfolding.
And they try to hide the fact that they're deeply involved in the production of the show, but at the end of the show, you learn that they've been there all along and have chosen to pick this maverick scientist to develop this wondrous, one-size-fits-all flu vaccine that everyone needs to take, and that bad people that won't take the vaccines, they're the problems.
So, we're all gonna be taught the incredible fear of the coronavirus.
And cities locked down and checkpoints and all of this incredible information.
And then we're taught that the saviors are the United Nations and Bill and Melinda Gates.
We have had sources through the big food industry and through several major food suppliers that institutional groups, governmental groups, corporate groups are buying up all the food and that the food prices, raw food prices are skyrocketing.
Well, that indeed is now happening and you're now seeing that in the news today.
And storable food is selling out everywhere.
Most of the big storable food suppliers are already sold out because they sold out to big institutional groups.
MyPatriot that puts out InfoWars Select, that's their entire line of food, there's an InfoWars sticker on it, still has food.
They're still able to guarantee delivery within seven to nine days.
Other people will tell you they can do that.
I can tell you most of them won't, but that could change at any time.
That means if you get your order in now,
You will get it within seven to nine days and they've got it fresh.
They're packaging it right now as fast as it can go off the line.
But if you wait, then it might be 10, 15, 20 days.
We don't know because already a lot of storable foods are being bought off the shelves here.
The gas master and the antiviral master selling out and people are preparing.
People are concerned.
People know what's going on.
I personally have been taking vitamin D3 with vitamin K or winter sun because that's the main reason the body breaks down to viruses is a deficiency in vitamin D3 or vitamin K. And yes, I was already promoting this a month ago because it's winter time before this even happened.
We are selling out of our vitamin D3 that's organic and high quality winter sun.
I'm going to keep it at the discounted price, I guess, until it sells out because that's the right thing to do.
But it's pretty scary that that's happening.
And again, you go to mfulworthstore.com.
I think?
I think?
We're good.