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Name: 20200129_SpecialReport-2_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 29, 2020
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But then we saw the sales over the last weekend just skyrocket.
And then I got some calls, not just from our main supplier, My Patriot Supply, but I got calls from all over the country.
Different companies trying to get me to endorse their product or become sponsors suddenly.
Well, over a long period of time, the last 12 years, I've worked with My Patriot Supply, who's become the leader.
Because I want somebody who's got quality products that get delivered right on time.
So here I am saying, this isn't a pitch, but if I'm going to pitch food, I'm going to pitch it.
But that's only part of the equation.
Because I'm straight shooting you.
Yes, I'm pitching you food right now.
I can't help it.
I'll be honest right up front.
But that's a side issue to the fact that I've been working with these folks 12 years since they began with a philosophy of high quality food at low prices.
But the reason I've got them on is
I don't know.
Well, with 2020 and the establishment trying to trigger riots and with what's happening in the economy, it's always smart to have storable food.
That's why I promote what I already personally believe in and live by, being self-sufficient.
If you aren't self-sufficient, if you don't have food and water and basic communications and control of your family, you're not free.
You're a slave.
So yes, I'm selling storable food, but that said, let me bring on
Keith Bessemer, who is the president of My Patriot Supply.
Now, I've known Matt Redhawk, who is a very shy person since he started the company.
They've been a sponsor for 11 years of their 12-year history.
But the real reason they're here today is not even to sell you food.
They're selling it out faster than they can get it.
It's to break down the fact that I gave them a call.
A few days ago when I said, I'm getting calls that the food's selling out and they're gearing up for some big emergency.
Do you know about this?
Can you tell me if there's been big governmental buyers coming to you?
And they said, listen, it's no secret.
We've had the General Services Administration, which I should have said up front, coming to us trying to buy up everything we've got, because all the other major food distributors are either sold out or close to selling out.
So, he joins us now, other than me pontificating all day, because obviously I want you to get storable food, I want you to be prepared, I want you to be self-sufficient for whatever's coming down the pike, but the story
Of how the U.S.
government is trying to buy up the food supply and what's happening with this coronavirus, that's the big issue that's front and center.
So this is 70% news story, 30% selling food because it's so crazy.
So, Keith, thanks for coming on with us.
Again, I just straight shot the audience that, yeah, I'm selling food, but as a father, as a patriot, as an American, as somebody concerned about China, the information you have that I called and solicited from you is what's really crazy for me.
Glad to be on, Alex, and good to speak with you once again here.
Matt is in travel right now, is in the air.
He has travel commitments today or else he would have been on.
He's been visiting with our suppliers to make sure that we've got all the materials to make the meals and package the foods and get the things out to both your viewers and those in your store and your shoppers and the folks at MyPatriotSupply.
But you're right.
This started in November.
I started getting emails, phone calls from different people from the government, basically, trying to get us into a system where you can get GSA contracts to work with the government on making large purchases of storable food.
And we've always said no.
We will never do that.
We will not sell to the government of my Patriot Supply.
But they keep calling, Alex.
They keep emailing.
As recent as yesterday, I'm getting phone calls going, would you go into the system?
You get into the system, so that we can see, they want all the information.
How much food can you make?
Where are your warehouses?
How big are the warehouses?
How fast can you get more raw materials to make food kits?
They want this information.
And we just said, no.
And they keep calling, Alex.
Why do you think that is?
Because I'm always selling startable food.
I believe in it.
You guys are great.
But now, it's different.
I mean, they're like really pushing hard.
What does that signify to you?
Well, it tells me they know something that we don't.
And that's typical, I'm guessing.
You know, FEMA's gonna, you know, buy a stock up for something.
And, you know, be it, you know, the control, I guess.
We don't want to do that.
My Patriots apply.
We serve as Americans.
We want to work direct with Americans to help them prepare.
We don't need some go-between-in-between that's preparing for something in the future that they know and they control.
Well, that's really it.
So, again, I began to get calls weeks ago, why aren't you promoting swearable food by other parties?
I said, well, we've got the best group, MyPatriot, and people go to mforestwar.com, it drops ships within an hour, and it funds our operation.
You know, we've already been with them over a decade, that's who we're with, but okay, but you know something big's coming.
And I've just kind of been punch drunk with the coverage of the trial of President Trump and all the other news, but now it's suddenly hit like a ton of bricks the last few days.
It certainly has.
The sale of food storage has been off the charts.
You're talking about it.
We're seeing it.
We're running four lines constantly, 16 hours a day to ship at our multiple warehouses across the country.
We're doing everything we can possible to get food storage to Americans, to the patriots out there.
But we're seeing the outer limits of this.
You know, Matt's been visiting with the suppliers and we have convoys of semis on the way to our production facilities with all these raw ingredients need to make foods.
That's like the rices and the potatoes and the veggies and the sauces and the pastas and such.
And it takes about 90 days from the day we say, hey, give us a truck full of rice to when it's ready in a package to ship to the customer.
So we've pulled forward all these contracts that we have, all these purchase orders from 90 days forward to say, get it to our facilities now so we can supply folks.
But the outer limit is in the next two, maybe three weeks,
You know, we're not going to be able to ship food much longer here, and we're going to be like the others.
I guess that, well, the others are selling to someone else.
We're selling direct to Americans.
And that's really the truth here.
People are asking me, hey, you know, there's food's been sold out.
Hey, you know, government's buying it up.
Why aren't you covering this?
Then I call you guys and I go, yeah, it's insane.
Lines of semis.
Most people are sold out.
We're still offering at this price.
People should order now to make sure they get it within, I guess they ordered today, within seven to 10 days.
You're being honest that you're close to being like all the others.
You're not like all the others when you guys run out of food or have a wait you tell people the others are famous that's why I use you guys you have great food high quality of fair price and I don't like listeners that pay for something and then don't give it the
I've been through that a few times.
I won't go through it again.
That's why you guys are my sole sponsor.
And so, yes, it's true.
Like everything we promote here, it's the real McCoy.
And if they order with you, they will get the food.
You have it in supply.
You have it in pipeline.
How many days can you hold out until you've got to push that date from 7 to 10 days out?
Well, I'd say we're all good for about the next two weeks here, Alex.
You know, you put the order in, the staff is working, they're going to get it out as quickly as possible there, and then it's some shipping time to get to wherever in the United States here.
But three weeks?
Now we're in a guessing game.
We're always selling storable food.
Why now is there this giant shortage that we're reporting to you?
Why is there this institutional run on food with the General Service Administration
Calling our big sponsor, My Patriot Supply, and Keith Bansimer, and saying, we want everything you've got.
That's really the big story here, is that, wow, there's a run on food.
The Chinese shelves are empty.
China exports a lot of food as well, not just imports.
What happens when other countries can't ship?
What happens if this thing does become a over-the-top pandemic?
So I believe in storable food for patriots so that we're not dependent on the system.
That's just a default.
We're always promoting food.
We're not promoting high-quality, storable food just a day or vitamin D3 just a day.
We're doing that all the time.
But what does it signify when the U.S.
government's quietly, not just contacting MyPatriotSupply, but contacting everybody trying to buy up the food?
Well, it shows that this thing is already out of control in China.
It could get out of control here.
And it's not just food that people need.
They need to get right with God.
Keith, talking to your suppliers, talking to everybody, why are they so panicked?
What do you really think is going on right now?
It's definitely the chatter about the coronavirus there, Alex.
I mean, that's what we're hearing.
That's why people are making a purchase here.
I mean, the word quarantine, that's a big word.
Look what's happening to those millions of people in China there.
And move that word quarantine to a city in the U.S.
means you don't leave your home.
It means stores are shut.
It means you can't get out.
And how much food is sitting on the sidelines.
That's what Americans are thinking right now.
I think so.
You know, saying, would you go into the system?
Will you get all that information entered into the system?
Tell us about what you can do for us.
So why do you think, why do you think the Deep State, FEMA, the GSA is contacting you?
I mean, obviously, because they're worried about a big crisis, but why are they pushing so hard on what you can supply?
Well, you know, you know, control the information, control the food supply, you control the people.
I mean, that's it really comes down to a very simple equation.
And you watch it in a microcosm around the world, and you pray to God it just doesn't come to us.
Last week, I guess it was last Tuesday or Wednesday, I was like, I better get some mask.
For viruses.
I better get some more storable food for my neighbors.
I already have quite a bit from you guys.
And then when I call, they're like, OK, well, normally it ships the next day, but right now it's 7 to 10 days.
And that's when I was like, wow, why aren't I promoting this to my own listeners?
Because there's almost a guilt, even though selling foods and insurance policy you can eat, there's almost a guilt during a crisis that, well, I better not sell something that even FEMA is buying up because I'm being opportunistic.
No, we're not being opportunistic.
We're the people that warned up front about this.
And this is an insurance policy people should eat.
Everyone should go to InfoWareStore.com because we just...
I mean, we prepare for a hurricane, right?
You see what Americans do when a hurricane's approaching one of the Gulf Coast states.
And so people run and prepare in stores days in advance.
Same thing is playing out here.
It may come to pass.
It may not come to pass.
We certainly hope it doesn't.
But it doesn't hurt.
To be prepared.
That's what my kids, you know, ask me.
You know, Dad, should we be stocking something?
I say, you like to eat?
You know, well, of course they do.
So, you know, well, there's nothing wrong with having a little food storage at the ready so that you don't have to deal with the chaos when it's, quote unquote, too late.
There's nothing I'd like more than this coronavirus to end in China, end here.
Not big, not be a big problem.
I just see all the preparation going on and I hope we're wrong, and I hope this isn't needed.
But I'm absolutely excited to get people thinking about being prepared for economic collapse, war, all of it.
I'm not excited about those prospects, but I'm very excited about getting people to think about being independent, because once you start that mindset,
Of being self-sufficient and being independent, you're not under the system's control.
It's like magic.
We've got to get to the point of being independent.
Even if we just mentally think about what does that mean, that's that big step, like the Chinese say, that leads to a thousand miles.
It certainly does.
And, you know, Alex, if you stop and think about it, we are all preparers in some way, shape or form.
We prepare for retirement with 401ks and IRAs.
We prepare with medical insurance in case there's a hospital disaster and you got the big bills coming for that.
We prepare for fire by having smoke detectors.
We've got car jacks and spare tires in our car, jumper cables here preparing for that day when maybe the car is not going to be working the right way or the wheel blows out here.
I mean, I carry a gun in my glove compartment.
I'm not looking for a fight, but it's there in case I need it.
Exactly, exactly.
So food preparation is the same thing.
It just makes common sense.
So have a little extra on the store shelves for whatever the emergency is.
It's coronavirus or the day the power goes out.
Power goes out in your home.
Any day, any moment, any time.
You're asking yourself the question, well how long?
Right away?
In an hour or two?
You're fine.
What if it's a week?
What if it's a month?
That's what you're prepared for.
You're ready, so you don't have to worry about those things.
Well, that's right, Keith.
The whole system is based...
I don't know.
We have the full MyPatriotSupply system.
We send them orders every hour during the day.
It's what's drop shipped.
But then that supports this operation.
The only way you lose is not being prepared, not funding the InfoWar.
So please go to InfoWarStore.com today.
We have the full catalog.
But like you said, that's the real reason I wanted to get you on.
People say, Jones, you always sell food.
You always say, buy it.
Why are you now saying, get involved in this?
It's because I know from other people calling me
You guys didn't even contact me.
In fact, I know you got to go and it's, you know, you've got a lot going on.
You got a lot to manage, but we got to go to break here.
Do five more minutes with me because we haven't even talked in person about this.
I know I talked to Matt and a few others, but you guys didn't contact me.
So, I mean, I've got literally like 15 other food companies contacting me and I just said, okay, what's your background?
You got a big supply?
They're like, well, actually we don't.
I'm a father.
I've got to be in charge.
I'm trying to prepare for the future.
You know, I've got a little armored redoubt outside town.
You know, four or five acres with a gun safe and food.
Because I'm not living in fear.
I'm living empowered.
Like I've got a big bumper on my Ford truck.
I've got a gun safe right over here and I know how to use the guns.
I'm not living in fear.
I'm living empowered.
But I did miss the boat on this one.
And I've got to say, My Patriot Supply, I'm proud to say missed the boat on it because they're not even out there promoting things.
They're one of the biggest, most successful herbal food companies in the country.
We private label it because I got a better deal.
We're not in a crisis to sell their food.
It's all drop shipped every day from them.
So it just says InfoWars Select on it, but it's their whole catalog.
InfoWarsTore.com, same price, funds their operation.
Hope you'll buy it there.
We're here in the middle of all this.
It's bigger than just buying food or having a firearm or trying to buy some property out town.
It's the idea of during the Great Depression in 1929 to about 1938 or 1939, major universities estimate 17 million people starved to death.
And you had about 87% of people that were rural,
About half of them that were self-sufficient.
So we're talking 40 plus percent that were totally self-sufficient.
Well, today, we're not 90 percent rural or 87 percent rural.
We're almost 100 percent urban.
And of the people that are rural, very few are salt-sufficient.
So again, we all know that ant saves food in the old parable.
The grasshopper doesn't.
So it's that simple equation.
Everything the globalists do is about making you dependent on them, hand-to-mouth, paycheck-to-paycheck.
But, moving to a rural area, or close to a rural area, or being self-sufficient, or even having a redoubt, or even having supportable foods, that is a major plus in some type of Bernie Sanders communist overthrow.
So, Keith Mansomer is the president of My Patriot Supply.
I've been a big fan and supporter of the owner of My Patriot Supply for more than 10 years, Matt Redhawk, who's too humble to come on the show.
I tried to get him to today, but just at the time we have left,
Talk about what's happening with other storable food companies.
The fact that they sit there and have a limited supply, wait till there's a crisis, sell out of it, and then get people to buy the food they don't have in stock.
You're selling food you've got in stock that you're freshly packaging now.
So that's why, during this crisis, I'm proud to be promoting that.
You know, all the orders that come in today, and if or store and such, we've got the product.
It might take us a little longer because of the sheer volume of what's happening, you
Eight, nine times normal, you know, capacities and such to get it out the door, but it's going to be delivered to you.
That's not the story that we're hearing from customers that are calling us and chatting and emailing and social media and all.
They're saying, you know, look, these other guys, I just went and checked them out and they're saying they might be able to ship it next week.
And then, you know, it's going to take a couple of weeks after that, and I might not see something for two to three weeks.
That's not the company we built at My Patriot Supply.
But you're being nice.
The inside baseball is, they're sold out.
They can't even get the food.
You and Matt set up, that's why I chose you guys, the infrastructure in a real crisis.
You guys have that reach at least for a few weeks.
You're being honest about that though.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's exactly why we have multiple warehouses and we've built, you know, the company for this moment.
It's, you know, it's that moment of awareness.
You know people are going to say, hey, now I need it.
I need it now.
Well, let me ask you this.
Why was I contacted by over a dozen companies?
Wanting me to do and you guys are my main sponsor.
I'm busy.
You're busy that that says something you didn't even contact me You're just too busy supplying the food you didn't contact one of your best distributors that shows your your focus Not even on sales.
That's why I begged you to come on You're like literally focused on fulfillment talk about what you're doing right now to make sure it all gets fulfilled Absolutely, so you're making sure that we've got you know plenty of the raw materials to make make all the foods and
Continue to kid them and get the meals and put them in the heavy-duty four-layer packaging.
But we're running four lines to ship out across these multiple warehouses.
The staff, Alex, is working 16 hours a day right now for heaven's sakes.
But they know it's all hands on deck.
This is the time to serve America.
That's what we're doing.
We're serving direct to Americans.
Let those other guys sell to the government contracts.
That's what I'm pointing out is you guys are so busy you didn't even call one of your biggest distributors.
I mean, you're busting your ass.
But talk about that.
It's not that we're against the government, but why are you guys, whenever the government tries to buy it up, saying no?
No, because that's our mission.
Our mission is to help Americans direct.
They know where to come.
They can come direct to us.
They don't need to have somebody distribute emergency food.
You're not about the control of government.
You're about the power of the individual.
You nailed it on the head there, Alex.
It does creep me out that I didn't think about this until I called you guys.
And then the operator was like, yeah, you're glad you're calling.
My goodness, we usually ship the next day, but it's like five days right now.
By the time I got Matt on the phone, which took three days, you guys were like, uh, we don't even want to promote this because maybe a month more.
I mean, let's just say you've been a little bit concerned about what's going on.
It's kind of scared you a little bit.
Well, when we saw it last week and we went into full motion saying, hey, this is going to get a little bit bigger, so let's make sure we've got the pipeline filled so we can serve and we can deliver like we do each and every day.
Other points in the few minutes we've got left that you want to impart to the listeners, because I'm all about empowering people.
I'm all about putting high quality food in their pantry so they have a backup of their self-sufficient.
But this is definitely, talking to Matt today and you today, this is a record level, isn't it?
It is.
It is at this point here.
And we're talking about a lot about food today here, Alex.
But, you know, the first thing you got to think about is water.
You can live, you know, barely more than three days without some fresh purified water.
That's why we've got the Alexa Pure Pro water filtration system.
It's gravity powered.
So, you know, electricity could be off and it's going to work just fine.
You know, start there.
Make sure you've got that.
Make sure you've got the good clean
You know, drinking water, and then you can use that in conjunction with preparing hot meals with the foods that we here at My Patriot Supply have.
So it's really a one-two punch.
That's what we do as a company, and that's why we appreciate your partnership, because you understand it too there, Alex.
Oh, I do.
I mean, we're promoting Alexa Pure, which third-party groups go, my God, this is like in the top two or three out of hundreds of gravity-fed filters.
It's one of the highest rated.
Yeah, again, this is where I buy my water filtration.
It's where I buy my storable foods.
And yeah, I'm not ashamed of it.
It funds this great crew that busts their butt around the country and on air exposing the globalists.
We're selling high-quality food.
We're selling high-quality water filtration.
I just kind of feel like an idiot that I missed the boat for like two weeks.
It's been the biggest run on food ever and I'm not even promoting it on air so that my audience gets it and so I can fund my operation.
I feel like an idiot, kind of.
Yeah, well, Alex, it's not too late.
There's plenty of time for, you know, folks.
We've got the inventory.
They can get into the queue.
And that's what I want listeners to know.
I'm always seeking out straight shooters.
I'm like, neurotic about it.
I'm totally OCD.
And what you and Matt Redhawk say is what is happening.
I've dealt with this with companies that were reputable a few times and then suddenly it'd be six months, people get their food or problems.
Same thing with water filters.
That's why for over 10 years, I just love the fact that during regular times, people get great food and water filtration, you name it.
And during bad times, they get it.
And that scares me, though, that you're saying two, three weeks and you're out of food.
A lot of you that are watching us on television right now are going to ask, what are these big black tote containers?
You know, a tote container like that probably costs you 10 bucks at Walmart, just the container.
Well, that's my Patriot Supply.
I've had that as a sponsor for over 10 years, been around 12 years.
They've become the leading, you're in the top two or three, horrible food company out there because they deliver on time, because they have high quality food that's very, very affordable.
And I'm not going to sit here and go through this big red folder I've got right here.
Because I want to go to your phone calls.
But I've got the side-by-side comparison of their food and the quality versus all the other competitors.
They are the most inexpensive food of any of the major groups out there.
It's high quality and they deliver it when they say.
I'm gonna tell you again.
They're like me, they're neurotic about being honest.
They got two and a half weeks of food in right now at current sales rates, but it's exponential.
They've got 18 wheelers and food coming in from all over the U.S., but they don't count that until it's in their warehouses and been certified and everything.
So they got two and a half weeks of food.
That's at current sales rates.
It could be gone in two days at this level.
You get your order in, you get it.
There's a window that's closing.
Can you imagine if the store shelves are already getting cleaned out in a lot of areas?
Especially around military bases, because they know what's going on.
That what's it going to be like in 3, 4, 5 months when this virus peaks here?
And we hope that's not the case.
So, everybody needs storable foods.
This is the best you're going to get.
You can find stuff that costs 4 or 5 times more that tastes gourmet.
This just tastes good.
And it's got good nutrients and it lasts a long time.
Let me show you one more thing and I'm going to go on your calls.
These suckers are heavy.
I mean, it's like I'm doing a workout right here.
Picking up one of these is
You might want to have your husband do it.
This is jam-packed.
These guys aren't playing games.
And you open it up like this.
This is food for... This is my food that was getting delivered.
Extra stuff.
Gotta get it open.
As soon as I do this on here, I can't open it.
It's like the pickle jar.
And you get in here, and it's just full of all this delicious food that's absolutely nutritious.
It hasn't got additives and crap in it.
It's just jam-packed, folks.
It's so heavy.
You don't go to the grocery store and find containers like this.
It's all, like, little skimpy things ripping you off.
And this is way cheaper than the grocery store and better quality.
The point is, is that my Patriot is not gonna raise prices now.
Infowarsstore.com, we just send them the orders digitally every second they come in.
It goes right into the feed.
You get the best deals with us.
They sell for even more to distributors, but I've locked it in.
Had to raise it a little bit.
They've got to be able to buy food forward.
But this is the best deal you're going to find at InfoWareStore.com.
And yes, the money that comes in funds this operation to keep us in place.
And I've got a little warehouse across the street from me with food for my own office, firearms and everything, because I believe in being prepared.
And you know to take action, because the food is already running out.
Because this could be the big one.
Go to InfoWareStore.com and get your Ready Hour food now.