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Air Date: Jan. 28, 2020
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This video discusses the rapid spread of the coronavirus around the world and its potential to become a pandemic. The UN World Health Organization has recognized this threat and authorities in China have taken measures such as quarantining an entire city in Wuhan. Cases have been confirmed in multiple countries including Thailand, Japan, South Korea, and the US. There is currently no vaccine for the virus yet since it's new which raises concerns about its potential mutation into a more deadly form. However, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation claim they have a vaccine ready that could save us from this synthetic crisis caused by synthetic pathogens deliberately created by Communist China in collaboration with Cobra - an organization planning to trigger race war, mass shootings, bombings, and blame them on those loyal to America. Scientists worldwide are racing to develop vaccines against the disease by building upon data gathered during previous outbreaks of similar coronaviruses like SARS. The speaker promotes Alexapure Breeze air purification system, vitamin D3 with vitamin K, Heart and Body Extract, Knockout by InfoWars Life for heart health support respectively. He also discusses the importance of iodine intake for combating fluoride intake which has negative effects on health. The speaker criticizes Bill Gates and UN for their involvement in vaccine dangers, rigged pandemics, and population control. Lastly, he mentions a blockchain data center equipment leasing program as an alternative investment opportunity.

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This should be the highest level of alert at the WHO.
And yet they have not determined that.
They haven't announced that yet.
Remember how quick they were to announce a phase 5 and phase 6 pandemics when it was a hoax in the years past with bird flu and so on?
And now when this is really spreading, they're not announcing it.
So it really makes you wonder.
Am I right to say the global pandemic is here?
I mean, it's exponential, it's large numbers, and it's all over the world.
Isn't that the definition?
It is!
It's a global pandemic.
And by the way, the media in America is now complicit in the cover-up that may cost millions of people their lives.
The media will get people killed.
Right now, flights from China are arriving in U.S.
cities every hour of the day to Los Angeles, Boston, New York.
Flights are arriving to Vancouver and Toronto and Canada.
Flights are going to London and Moscow and places all over the world.
This is happening right now.
It is spreading around the world.
So even if China has their draconian lockdown and their military-enforced quarantines, other countries, it's already too late, Alex.
That's the big message today.
This is already broken containment.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
I don't want to go home!
I don't want to go home!
What did you do?
What did you do?
The five of you only look at the people of Wuhan.
You have four shifts a day, and you want us to go to work in the city of Wuhan?
We don't want to live!
Look at yourself!
Now to growing concerns about the deadly coronavirus officially hitting the U.S.
Here's what we know.
Chinese authorities are effectively putting a quarantine on an entire city.
There is heightened concern all across the world, including here at the U.S.
Officials here in Wuhan have designated nine hospitals as treatment centers, including this one right behind me.
There is no vaccine.
The virus is new, so no one knows exactly what it can do, and there's always potential for it to mutate.
They are putting Wuhan, the city limits, under a lockdown.
Wuhan in China now on lockdown as the country struggles with fear of a pandemic.
Desperate measures to try and contain the deadly coronavirus.
More than 11 million people who live in that city now kept from leaving.
Further cases have also been confirmed in Thailand, Japan and South Korea.
Outside of Asia, the virus has now reached the US too.
Screenings are already happening at airports around the world.
Heat sensors checking for a fever and medical workers on standby.
When you arrive from the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak, this is what awaits you.
The city is now controlling people going in and out of the city.
Then also, local tourist groups are being banned from leaving.
The government does not want this infection to leave.
Officials in California, Tennessee, and Texas now testing patients for possible infection.
Checkpoints are everywhere, measuring the temperature of the few drivers still on the streets.
This is a city in the grip of a deadly disease.
A city of 11 million people with almost no one on the streets.
Hospitals in the epicenter of the outbreak are overwhelmed with patients.
But intervention from the top is likely not enough to stem the spread of the coronavirus.
They've got giant chemical fumigators driving around pumping massive amounts of chemicals, really antiviral pesticides is what they are, into the air to try to kill the virus they believe is airborne.
Brought to you by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Reminding you and your family to take all of your vaccines.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Tuesday, January 28th, 2020.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
The coronavirus is now a global pandemic by the UN World Health Organization's own metric.
They've not announced that yet, but it is spreading across the world.
And we've confirmed Bill and Melinda Gates and their sub foundations do have a vaccine ready.
And are set to be global superstars that save us from this synthetic crisis.
The whole thing has been pre-programmed and prepared.
They are rolling out their operation now.
Just a few days ago they said it was a conspiracy theory that the patented virus they have is a vaccine.
Now they're saying, oh no, they can roll it right into vaccine production next week.
Scientists around the world are racing to develop a vaccine against the disease.
Chinese researchers were able to quickly identify and share the genetic sequence of the new coronavirus, allowing scientific research teams to get to work right away.
They hope to build on the data and research gathered during the 2003 outbreak of the severe acute respiratory syndrome or SARS.
The disease is also caused by a form of the coronavirus.
The research teams are pursuing several different approaches, with global health agencies hoping at least one treatment will be ready for human trials within a few months.
The new virus is not as deadly as MERS or SARS, but scientists fear it could mutate into an even deadlier and more contagious variant.
Evidence mounts that the coronavirus is a synthetic pathogen.
Well, the coronavirus is now a global pandemic and we have high-level sources inside the government and in industry that have told us we're working on publishing a story, working with Mike Adams and others right now, triple confirming that they believe it's broken containment on the West Coast already and are preparing to try to somehow roll that news out slowly so it doesn't create larger panic
Chinese students coming back after the New Year into major West Coast cities were not identified that they had it before they were able to spread it to unknown numbers.
It's believed that you're now going to see an exponential growth rate of the virus.
But don't worry that you've got your first cases in places like Germany and Europe and that now the Chinese government is saying they believe there's 300,000 cases.
Oh, we were fake news a few days ago saying 45,000 cases when the Hong Kong Scientific Institute at their major university said that in the models they have with computers.
That was conservative.
Now we have articles up on Infowars.com that link directly to the Chinese government announcements saying, oh, now it's 300,000, they think, with Xi Jinping calling the virus a demon.
Isn't it interesting that the coronavirus has been heavily studied by the Chinese Communist government, by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and through a sub-foundation that Bill and his father fund.
Two years ago, they patented the coronavirus for use in a vaccine, and now they may be able to rush it into production to protect you and your family.
Aren't we just blessed and lucky?
Just last week, the media said there is no one working on a vaccine.
It's a conspiracy theory.
There are sites out there saying that there's government groups and others that have vaccines secretly developed, and that this has been staged to push vaccines on the public.
But now?
NBC News, J&J scientific officer pretty confident they can create coronavirus vaccine as outbreak widens because they've got a bunch of patented viruses of it that have been patented for use in a vaccine.
So you just mix it all up and there it all is.
China curbs travel to Hong Kong as projections show 300,000 might already be infected.
This morning, China's top health official shared some grim statistics and says they believe it could be as high as 300,000 right now.
So they're starting to be a little bit more honest because the word is it could be millions.
If you look at Hunan, a city of 11 million people, there's a lot of ghostly footage out there where it is a empty, barren space, like something out of I Am Legend or Omega Man or Vincent Price, The Last Man on Earth.
But again, I don't believe this is the big one.
They need to have a virus that's deadly but not ultra deadly to get everybody under world government, everybody used to being forcibly inoculated in quarantines and shutdowns, and these systems of total control.
Just footage from three or four days ago shows people all over Hunan.
Now I sent footage to the crew this morning.
We'll play next segment for you.
And it just shows incredible ghost towns.
And U.S.
and British citizens have gone out and shot footage as well.
And it's just empty.
Yeah, there's some of the footage.
And they go to the markets that are normally crammed full of people.
You might see five people.
That's what's shifted from just a few days ago, a city of 11 million people, to now it's a ghost town with the food running out.
Let me just do this right now.
Let's just pull back from this.
Bill and Melinda Gates had a giant drill of 65 million people dying from a virus escaping in China three months ago.
Then they fund and help develop a TV show for Netflix, a docu-series that I'm gonna be breaking down
Coming up in the third segment, that Cash Billimonigans is the saviors of the Earth, financing vaccines for a worldwide pandemic of flu, they predict, that will kill hundreds of millions, and of course, other vaccines like coronavirus.
So, they even have TV shows on Netflix coinciding with all of this unfolding, and they have the vaccine ingredients and the pathogen
The genetically engineered virus already waiting in the wings.
It's simply incredible.
And they try to hide the fact that they're deeply involved in the production of the show, but at the end of the show, you learn that they've been there all along, and had chosen to pick this maverick scientist to develop this wondrous, one-size-fits-all flu vaccine that everyone needs to take, and that bad people that won't take the vaccines, they're the problems.
We're all gonna be taught the incredible fear of the coronavirus, and cities locked down, and checkpoints, and all of this incredible information.
And then we're taught that the saviors
Are the United Nations and Bill and Melinda Gates.
And there's massive internet crackdowns by Google, Facebook, all of them, ahead of this the last few months, banning everyone that criticizes vaccines.
Major consumer groups, major medical groups, major studies are being blocked.
Ahead of all this, they've been silencing dissent and blocking the videos of the UN head scientist saying there's a cover-up of vaccine safety and that mainline doctors
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This is all just a reminder where the economic crises, and with the election looming, and the global is trying to cause a civil war and race war,
I don't know.
One day, I cracked the code and got into the Matrix.
25 years ago, the enemy's plan was actually public.
To establish a world government and then use incremental bioweapon releases that the planetary state will claim are naturally occurring to corral and control the public and then finally launch the depopulation while themselves posing as the saviors trying to defend humanity.
But out of the other side of their mouth, Bill Gates and the globalists admit they want to euthanize the old people.
They put up equations talking about bringing the human population down to zero to save the Earth at TED Talks, and the crowds cheer.
When other top scientists talk about airborne Ebola coming to cleanse us of the Earth, like the villain out of 12 Monkeys, they're giving standing ovations.
But then they say, don't question their vaccines.
Don't question what they want to put in our body, despite the inserts saying they can kill us and all the adverse reactions and the skyrocketing autism and cancer!
And the UN's own head scientist saying there's a cover-up!
When people like Bill Gates tell you, my dad ran Planned Parenthood and I want to exterminate people and there's too many people, we should roll up our sleeves and take whatever he wants to put in our bodies.
So the definition of a pandemic from Merriam-Webster dictionary, you can also go to the major medical sites, occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting an exponentially high proportion of the population.
What's exponential mean?
Well, it means that the pathogen
Is exponentially, logarithmically doubling every time it's able to replicate and spread.
So are you prepared for the global pandemic?
Because it's here.
And it's already the Chinese government reporting infecting as many as 30,000 people a few days ago.
Now they're saying 300 plus thousand now.
And you've got major universities in Hong Kong saying that there's a cover-up on just how bad it is.
And now you've got Xi Jinping saying it's a demon out of control.
But here's a world map that's up to yesterday on what's happening.
There's not new information loaded in until the UN decides to put it out there.
So remember, these numbers are way lower than they are.
And as you see, that is a map if you're a TV viewer of the planet.
That is a map of Russia and Asia.
With China right there in the middle, and there you see the United States.
And you see Canada.
And then of course you go over, you see Germany.
Let's see if they've updated it.
Let's go to Western Europe.
And they've updated it.
We've got France.
We've got Germany.
We've got other areas when you pull back.
Now remember, this is all with 8 to 10 day incubation period.
Many of the people that have it don't even have a temperature, so you don't know.
Perfect carriers.
With a, according to Lancet's own study, which thank God used a very small, had 44 people, they said they needed 60 something.
They said it's not complete, but it found a massive infection rate and above a 15% death rate.
So remember, we reported, Mike Adams reported, 44,000 now infected, weren't University of Hong Kong researchers, in the South Hong Kong Post.
But now, oh, the media said, that's disinfo, we've got a blacklist, Natural News, we've got a blacklist, InfoWars, gotta block our sites, that's in the news, we're putting out disinfo!
When we link, and have a Chinese translation, he speaks Chinese, has businesses in China, his wife's Taiwanese, when he just translates and links to the,
Major newspaper, he's bad!
But today, the Communist Chinese government came out and said their projections are as high as 300,000 right now.
That report, up on InfoWars.com.
But the head health official in China came out and said that.
Here we are yesterday.
Analyst says cases of coronavirus possibly 10 times higher.
An official number.
And now we learn it's way above ten times higher.
That Infowars wasn't fear-mongering.
Infowars was actually conservative.
That said, there are seven and a half billion people on this planet.
And in China, you've got a lot of rundown people and a lot of pollution.
And whenever these viruses break out there, they have a higher kill rate in China than they do in other parts of the world.
Still, it's a terrible thing.
But it's the response to it and the vaccine they've got in the wings
I've got articles here where they're saying, oh, Google and Facebook are blocking liars, claiming that this was made in a lab and that they've got a vaccine for it and it's part of a larger plan.
Who wouldn't speculate like that with the long histories of secret testing on the public by this government and others?
And the tainted vaccines and the things they've been caught adding and SOC admitting they put cancer viruses in it and said, ah, there's too many people anyways.
I can play PBS interviews if you want to see them, you know, film.
Of the scientists talking about it, I mean, this is PBS!
In 1987.
This is all public knowledge.
Back when I was a child, there was vaccine debates like, well, the swine flu vaccine did kill about 50,000 people, but maybe it was still good because maybe a million would have died from the flu.
In the 70s.
Back then, it wasn't even debated that vaccines were killing people.
They just said, well, it's worth it, you know, if you add it up.
Now they just go, no, it never hurt anybody.
It's a lie.
Take it, take it, take it.
And then look at this.
We've got a stack of news right here with Bill and Melinda Gates' sub-foundation, with Bill and his dad at it last year getting awards.
You type in Bill Gates and his father and photos of them in front of the foundation getting awards for it are there for funding the creation of the vaccine pathogen.
That's what you need for the vaccine.
Patenting it for coronavirus.
And then they run the simulation three months ago and then they've got a Netflix show being promoted everywhere called Pandemic that comes out right on time.
So, it's a pandemic when it's growing exponentially.
It's growing exponentially.
Just last week, they told us there was 2,000 cases on Thursday, then 3,000 cases supposedly on Friday.
Now, we're told, oh yeah, conservatively, 300,000.
Of course, it's way higher than that.
There are hundreds of videos of people just dropping, doctors dropping, all sorts of, and this isn't some normal type
Pneumonia that kills you over a week.
These people are, once it hits, are dying very quickly, having convulsions.
To create all the fear, but don't worry, they've got the solution.
Global government, forced inoculation, Bill and Melinda Gates and the UN over the world.
If you wanna live, do what Bill Gates says.
Roll up your sleeves, there's something special in the shot coming for you and your family.
All right, here's what's gonna happen.
I'm gonna lay out this news as calmly as I can, then I'm gonna get to a special report.
On Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and how they've got their fingerprints all over everything in a ridiculous way.
It's like that exploding ink that they put when bank robbers come to the bank and say, stick them up, put the money in the bag, and they put the exploding ink in it.
Bill Gates and the UN and the deep state have just purple ink all over them.
It's unbelievable.
And the censorship of everyone that's exposed vaccine dangers and rigged pandemics and population control and secret experimentation has been astonishing the last six months.
There has been a purge of everyone that has legitimately talked about this.
And they are busy pulling down videos of Bill Gates saying, I believe we need to depopulate the earth.
My dad ran Planned Parenthood.
There are too many people.
They are pulling these everywhere.
They're pulling videos of the head UN scientist saying, we have a vaccine damage cover-up and a crisis.
So their own people are going on record to cover their ass when this all comes out, but then big tech, who's buying into big pharma, is covering it up.
On a planetary scale.
So this is a big, big, big deal.
And by the definition of pandemic, I added the point about exponential because that's what they really call a raging pandemic.
When a pathogen is just exponentially growing, the definition was occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population.
An outbreak of a disease that occurs over a wide geographic area and affects an exceptionally high proportion of the population, a pandemic outbreak of a disease.
And you can pull up the quotes from Bill Gates and the UN and all these groups saying, we're going to use outbreaks to establish world government.
We're going to use migration flows, outbreaks, economic crises, and war to bring in world government whether you like it or not.
And just this week it was at Davos that George Soros said, we're going to stop nationalism.
Nationalism is evil.
We're getting rid of it and we're going to stop Trump and call him a bunch of names and call him a fascist.
This is so transparent what's going on and you have a history.
All right.
Is German.
And I'm not knocking German people in general.
Hell, I'm probably more German than anything else.
That or Welsh.
But I got a lot of German on different sides of my family.
Germans are great people.
But Germany invented most of the modern pharmaceuticals and the chemical tech in the last 200 years.
And if you look at Bayer and the rest of them, they're the folks that created Hitler.
And so you saw what Hitler was doing with medical tyranny.
And their Nuremberg defense, you can go read the Nuremberg transcripts online.
There's thousands of pages of it, but books have been written on it.
And the Nazis got up and said, we got awards from the Rockefellers and Margaret Sanger and IBM.
We had agreements with you.
We had a treaty.
They'd say, oop, adjourn, that's classified.
And they would take Herman Goering in the back and shove cyanide in his mouth.
The head of the SS had these agreements too.
That's why they, as soon as they got Heinrich Himmler, he was doing a secret peace deal before Hitler even got killed.
He wanted to stop it before the Russians took over.
The minute they grabbed Himmler, they killed his ass.
Because Himmler's like, I've got the agreements with the King of England right here and the US government.
They're like, no you don't, buddy.
So I'm not saying the US was bad.
I'm saying this criminal scientific element.
It goes back to Sir Francis Galton in the 1850s, was adopted by the British Royal House for the British Empire as a system of covert mind war and chemical and biological war and brainwashing and everything you know today comes out of it.
And you go, but you just said they were German.
Well, technically the entire British Royal House is German.
And then they're not even German, because the original bloodlines are Hungarian and Romanian.
Because that was the crossroads over a thousand years ago, where the real power was at that time, battling the Islamicists and holding the line.
And so Vlad the Impaler, the House Seal being a dragon, all that, that's a real person, folks.
So the House of Windsor, the Saxe-Coburg Gothas are the House of Dracula, literally.
That's why Bram Stoker wrote a book about it, where there's a count, and he's royal, and he's Dracula.
So they're throwing it in your face, and you look at this global map, it was the British who had control of China before the Japanese went in there.
And so the U.S.
was in a covert war against the Japanese for at least two years with the British before they even attacked Pearl Harbor.
I'm not defending the Japanese, this is just history.
We were already at war with Japan when they stuck attack Pearl Harbor.
In their mind, they had no choice, but my point is China's belonged to the globalists for hundreds of years, and the globalists put the Chai Koms in power.
So let's pull back and show the whole world.
The globalists are using the Chinese people against America and against the world, but they're captives.
That's why they let China buy up most of our debt.
That's why they let China buy up Hollywood.
Because it's an authoritarian state that will do as it's told to do.
And Trump is trying to change all of that and have a new global balance based on trade and freedom and justice, not on this deep state globalist model.
That's why they're so pissed.
A pro-human model, not this 170-year-old British Empire model.
And so that's the reality here.
That's how the real world works.
So, yes, this virus is deadly.
It's not like SARS and things that were just to hype up and scare people and only killed a few hundred.
This has already killed thousands and thousands.
The videos are pouring out.
The Chai comms can't contain it.
The censorship isn't working.
And it does have a high kill rate.
Hell, if it's 5%, it's devastating.
Landsit says it can be high as 18%.
Let's say it's 1%.
It's going to be really, really bad.
And I haven't made this announcement yet because I don't know how to make it.
But if you go to InfoWars.com and you see the live feed headline, it's official.
This is now a global pandemic.
Coronavirus is now a global pandemic.
But what does it say right after that?
officials believe that the virus has already broken out of containment on the West Coast in major cities.
Like Seattle.
They believe it.
Now, I'm saying believe it.
That's not really what they said.
They said something else.
I'm just saying I hope they're wrong.
So I'm saying they believe.
They believe it's broken containment with Chinese students that came in after the Chinese New Year.
And they're preparing for massive emergencies to enter, trying to figure out how to announce this to the public.
And I don't want panic.
But they were saying it's fear-mongering and panicking last week to say 40-something thousand at it.
Now the Chinese government today said 300,000 probably did.
And that's just in Wuhan.
So, this whole thing is out of control.
Will you be praying about it?
And I tell you, there's no silver bullet to all of this.
But I personally have been
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We'll be right back with a special report proving what Bill Gates is really up to.
The globalists have told us that they're going to use controlled pandemics to take control of the planet.
And they have a long history of releasing bioweapons and creating public health scares.
Every major Western government, the Russians as well, the South Africans have been caught developing race-specific bioweapons to wipe out certain races of people.
This is all mainline science, mainline literature.
Just like I tell you, 25 years ago they'd made human-animal clones.
That was in major scientific journals.
It just wasn't popular news.
Now you notice it's everywhere.
Gene-edited babies, human-animal hybrids, it's all there.
I'm just telling you what is known fact.
Think about this.
Bill Gates is the head science officer of this global corporate system.
He's in the weather control, the genetic engineering, he runs it all.
He's the guy the elite have decided, because his dad headed it up before, to be in charge.
He's the science officer of this nightmare cult.
And the video that exposes it all is posted right now on InfoWars.com.
Here it is.
Please share it.
A hundred years ago, a deadly influenza virus infected hundreds of millions of people, somewhere in the order of 50 to 100 million deaths.
When we talk about another flu pandemic happening, it's not a matter of if, but when.
The next pandemic is going to start and we just don't know where or how, but we know it will.
That poses an existential threat to us as a species.
Three months ago, in October of 2019, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation held a drill where they simulated the death of 65 million people from the imminent outbreak of a deadly virus coming out of China.
Then that real virus suddenly appeared.
Now we learn the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded another shadowy organization who patented the very coronavirus for a vaccine two years ago.
Then we learn that a film has been in production for the last six months, a mini series, a docu-series for Netflix titled Pandemic, where Bill and Melinda Gates are the heroes at the end because they finance this intrepid scientist who's looking for a cure to all flu and a unified single vaccine.
We're making a vaccine that could treat all future versions of flu.
This vaccine could eradicate influenza as we know it.
Bill Gates is the chief science officer of the private corporate world government, working with John P. Holdren and others to carry out and execute this covert sterilization depopulation plan.
Their operations are in memos like State Department Memorandum 200 and others.
It's actually part of a stated planetary goal.
They need you to be ignorant and unaware of this for their operation to succeed.
Even the head UN scientist and her colleagues came out in December and said vaccines are killing people, that the cover-up is imploding and that the front-line medical workers know the vaccines are hurting people and are not buying into the propaganda anymore.
We really don't have very good safety monitoring systems in many countries and this adds to the
Thank you.
While you're making your vaccine, if you can avoid using an adjuvant, please do so.
The major health concern which we are seeing are accusations of long-term effects.
We have a very wobbly health professional frontline that is starting to question vaccines and the safety of vaccines.
When the frontline professionals are starting to question, or they don't feel like they have enough confidence about the safety,
To stand up to it, to the person asking them the questions.
I mean, most medical school curriculums, even nursing curriculums, I mean, in medical school, you're lucky if you have a half day on vaccines.
That's why you see Bill and Melinda Gates funding and financing and casting themselves as heroes in this miniseries being pushed by Netflix and others.
Trying to terrify you into accepting forced inoculation in the name of protecting your health, when in truth, vaccines have been proven to lower immunity in most cases, to be filled with cancer viruses and other pathogens, and to be a scourge from the technocrats, from the eugenicists in the last 60 to 70 years.
When you pull back and you see all of this happening, then you realize that
Bill Gates leads a double life.
He tells you that he wants to save the Earth and save humans and that vaccines are the answer to make us healthy and live longer.
But then he openly goes around bragging that we've got to reduce world population, that his father headed up Planned Parenthood and was involved in shadowy government operations for depopulation with Henry Kissinger, and that we need to have equations cutting off carbon so that humans see our population numbers dwindle.
So you've got a thing on the left, CO2, that you want to get to zero.
And that's going to be based on the number of people, the services each person's using on average, the energy on average for each service, and the CO2 being put out per unit of energy.
So let's look at each one of these and see how we can get this down to zero.
Probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near to zero.
That's back from high school algebra.
But let's take a look.
First, we've got population.
The world today has 6.8 billion people.
That's headed up to about 9 billion.
Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.
One issue that really grabbed me as urgent were issues related to population.
This is what he's been saying on record and he's involved in these productions where he's cast as the hero that come out right on time so that
We're good to go.
Behind closed doors on this New York campus, a secret gathering of some of the world's most powerful people.
Gates, Buffett, Bloomberg, Winfrey.
It was like, well, the new Superman and Wonder Woman.
The super-rich friends.
Together with others at the meeting, including George Soros, Ted Turner, David Rockefeller, they're worth more than 125 billion dollars.
That much money, that much power around one table.
Bill Gates is on record saying he wants to sterilize you.
Bill Gates is on record saying he wants to depopulate the earth.
Bill Gates is on record supporting this his whole life and working with his family and others to execute this plan.
It's up to you to research the facts and to decide whether you want to stand up against this and whether you want to live or you want to die.
The problem's so widespread, the World Health Organization is calling the refusal to vaccinate one of the biggest threats of 2019.
A healthy child has the ability to build up immunity naturally.
I know that what I do is important to my patients, but what am I doing to myself and my family?
Within one month, the virus can spread throughout the country.
A month after that, widespread throughout the world.
The next pandemic is going to start.
We just don't know where or how, but we know it will.
So now when you see propaganda,
Thank you.
You need to understand this covert operation is deadly, is real, and is happening now.
And only by you becoming informed and warning others can we stop this nightmare before it's too late.
Stay with us.
Shower number two.
Look, I don't want to create a panic.
But at the same time, I don't want to hold back information from you.
And I have extremely powerful information.
And then I was talking to Mike Adams.
He has the same information from another high-level source.
Because this is going on big time.
You can't contain at the highest levels what they know about the coronavirus.
And the fact that, obviously, the biggest destination of foreigners isn't from Mexico now, it's from China.
China's the main group coming here.
They're flooding in back and forth all over the country.
And the government knows that it's already broken out.
Because before they even knew about this, people had it and were coming over here to the West Coast.
And so they're preparing to deal with that.
We'll be talking about that more.
But Nigel Farage has his own morning TV radio show.
He's talking to a big journalist over in Asia.
And this is some of what they talked about this morning.
I'm fine, Nigel, and let me wish you and your listeners a belated Happy New Year.
Well, thank you.
Now, Paul, we've spoken before when you, as a foreign correspondent, about the protests, etc.
Now, I spoke this morning, Paul, to a family member who lives in Hong Kong, and he said the whole place is absolutely deserted, and there is a genuine, he felt, a genuine sense of fear.
What's your reading of how Hong Kong is viewing this?
Well, I've been here nearly a year with members of my family.
I cover the whole of Asia-Pacific area for the world media, as you probably know.
And there are things I can tell you that this terrible virus is likely to go apoplectic, you know, apoplectic, I get the word right, very shortly.
They're trying to cover it up.
People in Hong Kong are really angry with Carrie Lam.
I hope they don't throw me out for saying this, because that
Well, Paul, they might well do.
I don't mind.
I'm so pleased you're on the line.
We've tried to speak today to expats in Wuhan, etc, and they were all very, very, very concerned about coming on the radio and talking to foreign media.
So your feeling, Paul, is this is worse than they're saying, yeah?
Much worse.
And there's never been a case, it's almost like a laboratory experiment, which has gone wild.
You know, like a military thing.
Now, I'm not being melodramatic.
Like you, I've been in the media all my life.
Someone has to tell the truth.
I'm British, I want to tell you and the British people the truth.
This border here in Hong Kong, because it's
We're good to go.
Yeah, that's what I heard.
But if people are stuck at home, from what we can make out in Wuhan people are stuck at home.
And you've absolutely confirmed what I got from my family member earlier on this morning.
There comes a point after a couple of days where people have to go out and buy food and things like that.
So people can't live in self-imposed quarantine forever, can they?
No, I'm eating chocolate biscuits and whatever's left in my coffee.
I went to seven food stores in two days.
They're all closed early.
And when I went to McDonald's, which is terrible food, I hope I'm not saying anything about any sponsors.
Well, it's all a matter of opinion, Paul.
It's all a matter of taste.
All right, folks, we're going to go on a break.
That's just the flavor of what's going on there in Hong Kong.
And we've got the big breaking news from China and from places like Seattle when we come back.
Ladies and gentlemen, the quickening is here.
This is just some of the news that's on Infowars.com.
Video, John Bolton reportedly seen wandering around Qatar.
What would the former National Security Advisor be doing in the Middle East when he's supposedly star witness to bring down Trump?
And then footage, I'm going to air at the bottom of the hour.
I was in there watching C-SPAN.
It wasn't on Fox because they're talking over it during the break.
And there was a press conference with Schumer
Saying, maybe Trump's a Russian's agent, maybe he works for the Chinese Communist.
Maybe he works for this or that.
I mean, this has reached next level.
But he's saying, we're getting him out of there one way or the other.
So now they're saying, any action of the President to talk to anybody is espionage.
Because they're the ones in bed with the shycomps.
Everything they're guilty of, they've got to project on President Trump.
And the media will repeat it.
So now Schumer,
Roll that out.
That's being posted to InfoWars.com right now.
We'll play it, bottom of the hour.
Then we've got stuff like this breaking.
From Jamie White, InfoWars.com.
Bombshell video.
Two more!
That's up to five?
Bernie staffers promote extreme action and property destruction.
Putting people in camps, you name it.
That's all coming up.
We've got Palestinian leader rejects Trump's offer to discuss deal of the century peace plan.
I have a whole stack of reports of white people being attacked everywhere by groups of black people and the media trying to cover it up or praising it.
So that's the race war they're trying to start.
We need to come together, folks, not kill each other.
This is insane.
Meanwhile, major universities are now going to make US students, starting with Missouri, wear trackable chips.
And track everywhere you go to attend the university.
I mean, this is beyond 1984, beyond what the CHICOMs are doing.
It's all coming up.
I don't think there's ever been a more important time to have Mike Adams on.
He's an engineer.
He owns a major testing lab.
He's a big author.
He's got businesses in China and Hong Kong.
His wife's Taiwanese.
He speaks fluent Chinese.
And he's got the sources over there.
He's been spot on the last two weeks, intensely reporting on this.
That's why he's being hacked.
He's being blocked.
They've done federal injunctions in California against him.
His name's not even on the paperwork.
They're just doing it, trying to shut him down because they're so scared right now.
They're making their move.
They're pulling the same stuff to us behind the scenes.
I'm not going to make us the story because things are so serious, but we're seeing escalations we've never seen.
Last week, I said maybe they're getting ready to kill Trump or crash the economy.
I hadn't put two and two together with the virus.
This is it.
Global pandemic, ladies and gentlemen.
Now listen, the first patient zero was in Seattle, Washington.
Tens of thousands of Chinese students come back from the Chinese New Year and they came back in the last two weeks.
Eight to ten day incubation.
Many people don't show signs of fever when they have it.
And so I have sources, and I was talking to Mike this morning, he contacted me separately, and we're not saying this is happening, but clearly when you've got thousands of people coming back, some of them are going to have the virus.
It's now showing up in Germany, it's showing up in France, it's showing up all over.
If it spreads so fast, even through the eyes, it's going to end up breaking out on a larger scale.
I think that's a safe bet.
I think I'd say about a 99% chance that we're going to see thousands of cases in the U.S.
If it doesn't happen, great.
But the global maps are clear.
So Mike Adams is a scientist.
He's reading what the scientists are saying.
He was saying two days ago 44,000 projection by the Hong Kong University.
Now the Chinese government this morning said 300,000 is the projection currently.
And it's a ghost town in cities of 11 million people, where you can normally not walk down the street.
So Mike Adams is here with us for the next three segments.
We're going to cover the virus right now and the response to it, the vaccine in the wings, all of this.
Mike Adams, thank you of naturalnews.com.
Thank you for having me on, Alex.
Let me give you the updates right away.
Number one, last night news broke that this virus can be spread through casual contact.
It doesn't require any exchange of liquids or even aerosolized liquids such as saliva.
You can catch this virus by shaking someone's hand or just touching someone in a casual way, in a social way, in a business way, shaking hands.
So that means it can live a while outside the body?
Absolutely, absolutely.
The second thing to realize is that every one person is infecting two to three people.
So the exponential growth of this is either squared or cubed.
Now when you do the math on this, for epidemiologists will know this, but if you have one person giving it to three people,
Then you have to, in order to stop this from spreading, you have to stop about 75% of transmission by forcing people into quarantines.
You have to close society.
You have to shut it down and send everybody home.
China is already closing schools until March.
In that region.
And if they start sending everybody home from all the businesses, all the factories, all the production centers, China is going to suffer major economic impacts.
And I want you to imagine too, and for your audience, Alex, what if the United States government eventually tells the truth about this and tells people to stay home?
Who runs the power plants?
Who runs the water treatment plants?
Who runs the telecommunications infrastructure?
Who responds to your 911 calls?
If people are forced to stay home because that's the only way to stop the spread of this, society ceases to function.
And separately, we already know.
From multiple sources now that this outbreak is uncontained in the United States along the West Coast.
It is uncontained.
They don't have this under control.
And I've even been sent a document that shows that the PCR genetic sequencing libraries are being pushed out in panic mode by the CDC.
They still don't have a grip on the exact gene sequence of this.
They keep
Shipping out updates, and it's a statistical match that isn't a hundred percent.
So there's still a lot of wishy-washiness on the lab side of this, of how to identify whether a person has it or doesn't have it.
By the way, just while I've been sitting here today, more red dots are popping up in India, and in Australia, and in Europe, and all, I mean this is, this looks like something out of a movie.
Well, a human-to-human transmission in-country is now confirmed in Taiwan and in Japan.
Looks like Canada as well.
And of course, Germany has a patient now, but not in-country transmission in Germany yet.
But this is already, this should be the highest level of alert at the WHO.
And yet they have not
Am I right to say the global pandemic is here?
I mean, it's exponential, it's large numbers, and it's all over the world.
Isn't that the definition?
It is!
It's a global pandemic.
And by the way, the media in America is now complicit in the cover-up that may cost millions of people their lives.
The media will get people killed.
And the same media that pushes transgenderism, what are they going to do next?
Push transviralism?
Like the cure is to self-identify as a person who doesn't have the virus?
Hey, we don't need hospitals in California.
Just be a transviralist person.
Just pretend you don't have it.
They don't believe in biology, Alex.
How are we supposed to sound the alarm on something that's real when you have an entire left-wing media that does not believe in biological reality or genetics?
How are you supposed to deal with this?
And when they get infected, are they going to pretend they're not infected?
Or will they have a wake-up call?
And by the way Mike, you've been harping and so have I for more than three weeks that this could be a bioweapon release to bring down the global economy as a way to counter nationalism.
And the globalists have said bad economies will hurt nationalists and hurt Trump.
Xi says China fighting demon virus has contagion spreads.
I've got the reports here where mainline analyst groups are saying this could cause a global depression.
So this is really getting serious.
This will put Trump's re-election at risk because it puts the U.S.
stock market at risk.
However, my current analysis, Alex, is that this was a bioweapon, yes, but it was accidentally released in China, accidentally got out of the lab.
In other words, infected monkeys
A bit or scratch the science workers there who took it home.
Just like a movie.
And by the way, Lancet reports they've done this four times before with SARS, which is the same family.
They've had four incidents before with SARS.
And SARS, by the way, shares 80% of the genome of this coronavirus.
So it's very similar in terms of its genetic analysis.
But coronavirus has the added attribute of being able to spread during the incubation period, which means people who don't even know they have it are spreading it to others, family members, friends and co-workers.
This is way worse than SARS ever could have been.
Which we would always explain is a hoax, is hype, is to get the pharmaceutical industry an excuse to pheromone or get you to take vaccines and get a bunch of research money.
Now, though, it's got Bill and Melinda Gates' fingerprints, U.N.
fingerprints, all over it, and they want it to really, really get bad, I guess, until they make that announcement or until they have the vaccine ready.
We'll talk about it with Mike Adams on the other side.
Tell everybody you know, tune in now.
This is vital.
So, we know the first confirmed case in the United States.
Last week was in Seattle.
I have sources in industry that have talked to all the big storable foods company heads and institutional buyers started
Early last week buying up all the food they had.
Then it exploded and by Friday basically everybody was sold out except a few suppliers that are amongst the biggest like My Patriot Supply that we private label from, literally.
Other places are telling you they're gonna have storable food but they're already sold out.
My Patriot is boxing and making it as fast as they can as it's fresh.
When you get it through InfoWareStore.com that helps five
We're good to go.
Not just us, but other folks.
Obviously, they can't say who the customers are, but it's governmental and things like that.
It's corporations.
And I said, let me guess, the West Coast.
And they said, yeah, of course, West Coast.
And they said, Seattle.
Well, obviously, that's the first place.
One of the biggest Chinese cities, you know, here in the United States.
That's where all the students are at.
This is extremely disgusting what's going on.
And the fact that it is being played down when they hyped up all these other events that weren't big shows that when it's not a real threat, they hype it up to create fear.
But when it is a real event, now they're trying to shut everything down and they've been caught suppressing so far and have been proven lying.
I don't want to hurt the economy.
And I don't want to even see China hurt, and the Communist Chinese.
But reality is reality, and as the Chinese people revolt, that's in the news, and say it's all a huge lie, a lot more are dying, there's a cover-up, we've got reports on that, as the same thing happens in Hong Kong and surrounding areas, that's going to hurt overall confidence.
Mike Adams, you're a smart guy, even Mainline News is saying now,
That it looks like the virus may have been stolen by CHICOMS out of a Canadian lab.
Some of the same people were involved, it turns out, in weird stuff with Ebola.
I mean, this sounds like a movie script for a horror movie.
What do you really think's going on here?
Well, isn't it interesting that what we were saying three or four or five days ago that was immediately called fake news by the mainstream media, now they are reporting and confirming.
So, we weren't fake news, we were ahead of their news.
As usual, right?
InfoWars is tomorrow's news today.
But look, right now, flights from China are arriving in U.S.
cities every hour of the day to Los Angeles, Boston, New York.
Flights are arriving to Vancouver and Toronto and Canada.
Flights are going to London and Moscow and places all over the world.
This is happening right now.
It is spreading around the world.
So even if China has their draconian lockdown and their military-enforced quarantines, other countries, it's already too late, Alex.
That's the big message today.
This is already broken containment.
This is out of control in the United States.
We're just not getting the truth about it yet.
The numbers are still relatively low.
It roughly takes about a week for the number of infected patients to double.
But the denialism now, especially among the left-wing media, this biological and genetic denialism
The science illiteracy among the left-wing media is going to make this pandemic worse.
So as this spreads and people start dying, it literally will be the fault of the left-wing media for not telling the truth up front.
Mike, let me ask you this, though.
Let me ask you this.
Malaysia, North Korea, now South Korea, the Philippines, they're either totally stopping all flights or quarantining people and kicking people out that just arrived in the last 10 days because they can be viral carriers.
That's common sense.
Why in Hades has Trump, who did travel restrictions from six Islamic countries, where they said we'll blow you up and don't have real passport rules and let terrorists get on flights, that's totally normal.
It's reasonable.
Why isn't Trump saying, no, sorry, no Chinese coming into the United States while we see how bad this is for, say, a week or so?
It's a huge question.
And my criticism of the President on this issue comes from two different vectors here.
Number one, the President, he's a very successful business person, a very intelligent person, but he does not have experience in epidemiology or virology or laboratory analytics or, you know, healthcare issues.
That's not his area of expertise.
So he's relying on experts who are no doubt lying to him.
And they could be telling him everything's okay, so when this goes south, he gets the blame.
That's exactly right.
And since he doesn't have the background in this area, he doesn't know how to ask the right questions or demand the right evidence.
It's not a criticism of his intelligence.
No one can be an expert in everything.
And he's very successful in his own way, you know, in many ways.
But he's being lied to.
No question about it.
And secondly, I think that Trump is very much concerned that any loss of faith in the stock market
We're good to go.
And pull in their investments and stop leveraging and so on.
And right now this bubble market is such a bubble, just as Gerald Salenti reports, you know, on your show frequently, the bubble is vulnerable to fear.
So fear must be controlled, which means right now they're going to have to cover this up for a long time, even as the infections get worse.
That's the story.
And China wants to cover it up for the same economic reasons, by the way.
China has a bubble in its own way, and it's involved in trade war negotiations with the United States.
China depends on factories running to keep the exports going.
And America depends on people showing up and going to work to keep everything running.
You know, society breaks down very quickly if people stop going to work, if they're told to stay home.
I mean, think about this.
A 15% fatality rate sounds bad enough.
But if society stops functioning, the fatality rate across the board will be much larger than 15%.
And we know everything the globalists have been doing is trying to trigger that.
So, if you're saying that SCICOM's had this in a lab and let it out, which is more and more people are saying probably what happened, they've done it before, that would then cut Bill and Melinda Gates and the whole deep state out of this.
You see all them with their tabletop exercises.
They're Netflix shows coming out, all the pre-programming banning, all the people exposing these labs and vaccine dangers the last six months.
There's been a big build-up to this that makes me think it's a lot bigger than just an accident in a lab.
Well, as I mentioned yesterday on your show, Alex, I believe that they were working on this strain and they were not yet ready to release it.
They probably needed a few more tweaks to make it even more deadly, but it got out before they were ready to release it.
I don't believe they would have released it in China on purpose.
I think they would have released it in Africa or perhaps in North America or Mexico or someplace like that.
Exactly, because China's not going to want to get the blame of this.
I think China, their long-term goal as a strategic weapon would have been to send an infected human, like a suicide mission, a viral kamikaze if you will, into Los Angeles or New York City and release it there just by walking around and shaking hands.
You know, touching doorknobs, touching handrails.
That's how you spread this.
That's all it takes.
So, again, this is a deliberate bioweapon that I believe has been accidentally released.
And China is about to pay a serious price for playing with God.
Mike, do one more segment with us.
And then I'm going to get to the latest on the trial and open the phones up.
I will.
Oh, Dr. Steve Pachetnik is coming on.
I should have said something about that.
Wow, so big broadcast left today and then the war room today.
If Owen Troyer was able to, he was not able to go to D.C.
He got sick in the D.C.
jail, came back to Austin's real sick.
So he's supposed to be in court again yesterday, didn't able to make it.
Let me know if he'll be able to host the show today.
If not, maybe I'll be there.
Stay with us.
Well, a lot of folks are making jokes about the coronavirus.
We've got a big article on InfoWars.com.
And you can laugh at it.
That's your First Amendment right to do.
I believe you have the right to say it.
A lot of folks think if I criticize people that I'm violating their speech.
No, that's called countering it.
But this one really does say it all.
When the year of the rat starts with a plague, Emperor Palpatine says, Ironic.
Some of these are really, really well done.
But still, there's a sick feeling about it because
Well, this has already killed a lot of people.
It has a high infection rate.
And you notice that they're trying to play it down.
I've got big articles and reports where the Chinese people are revolting en masse, saying you're being lied to.
We need help.
It's much worse.
People are dropping dead.
This is out of control.
And we know a large part of the city that this supposedly broke out in
Has fled all over the world.
And so it's it's not speculation to say there's going to be cases expanding here in the United States around the Western world.
The question is how will the system respond?
Will they try to cover it up?
Are they going to say if you report on it that you're putting out this info and causing a panic?
Because we're already seeing big tech sell that narrative.
We're going to go back to Mike Adams here in a moment and cover the waterfront with him and then I'm going to hit the latest in the next segment.
Chuckie Schumer, we put out like a one minute video at Infowars.com, but there's like five minutes of it.
In fact, we should probably just back it up in there, and not just the little clip we have, but play the whole thing in context.
Bolton, in this book he supposedly has, this transcript he's hawking around to see who will buy it for the most money, I guess, says that maybe Trump's a Chinese spy.
So just, oh my gosh, Bolton said so!
Trump's in league with the Chi-Coms.
Yes, yes, ladies and gentlemen.
So, it's not Trump that has Chinese spies as his Senate aides and things like Dianne Feinstein, but it doesn't matter.
They're just gonna move on to the next big thing.
Pretty amazing.
Now, the reason I promote colloidal silver, the reason I promote our immune gargle, the reason I promote super silver wound gel and super silver toothpaste is because
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Okay, Mike, thanks for holding while I was ranting.
You'll probably have to stay into the next segment with me.
I just went off on a jag there.
But what do you think some other things, briefly, because you're an expert in this, naturalnews.com.
What are some other things people can do to boost their immune systems against something like this?
Yeah, I can stay one more segment if you need me.
Immune protection is absolutely key to this.
And understand that most people are immune compromised.
And we published stories before that taking routine flu shots, for example, makes you more susceptible to future infections.
So if you've been getting a lot of vaccine injections, you have not allowed your immune system to function and strengthen itself and practice the immune response.
So you are actually in a weakened state.
In other words, literally, you can quote me on this, people who take vaccines are more susceptible to being infected and killed by coronavirus.
That is absolutely true.
And the research, you know, supports that.
But people also, they're nutrient deficient.
And they're on medications that are actually causing nutrient depletion.
A lot of people don't know this, but major medications deplete your body of nutrients and minerals, such as magnesium and zinc and B vitamins and vitamin C and so on.
Your body actually has to expend nutrients in order to neutralize and eliminate the toxic pharmaceuticals that you're taking.
So if you're on a lot of medications, you are also immune compromised and you're very vulnerable to this.
And by the way, people out there, you know, I know that leftists like to mock you, Alex, for supporting nutrition.
I mean, somehow the left has become anti-nutrition.
For those who are into denialism about nutrition and infectious disease and biological reality and genetics, it's going to get really very real for them the day that they get diagnosed with coronavirus and they have a 15% chance of dying and a 12% chance of permanent heart damage for the rest of their lives and secondary infections and so on and so forth.
You cannot deny the reality of epidemiology.
And those who are engaged in denialism are going to suffer quite extensively.
One more thought.
I know we're going to break in a minute, but China is currently consuming 100,000 full-body biohazard suits per day.
Per day.
That's according to reports out of the Epoch Times and the South China Morning Post and others.
100,000 suits a day.
The Chinese manufacturers can only manufacture 30,000 suits a day, which means they're going to run out of suits, and they're going to have frontline healthcare workers that have no protection suits dealing with infected patients.
That's going to cause another whole new wave of this virus spreading across China.
And that's going to cause wholesale panic.
It's coming.
Well, let's talk about good scenarios versus bad scenarios and other key points with you.
Then, Dr. Steve Pachinick, who I had coming on about Bolton and everything, will obviously get into this as well.
Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com.
We really appreciate him being here with us.
Listeners, it's key to get the truth out now to everybody.
It's key to look at the facts.
I think InfoWars has done an excellent job so far with our guests and others of being very, very accurate about what's happened to this point.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Mike Adams is our guest.
He's the health ranger, he's an engineer, scientist, owns a research lab, is a publisher, and he's got employees in Hong Kong, in Taiwan, and does business there as a publishing company.
What's the word you're getting from them there?
Because they're claiming 4,000 infected, 106 dead, but now the Chinese government's saying as many as 300,000 could have it.
What makes this virus so special?
How bad do you think it'll get on the drastic end versus a good scenario?
Gut level, what are you projecting?
Well, let's first talk about how China is covering up the number of infections.
And this is reporting that came out of the Epoch Times.
We've covered it since at Natural News.
The Epoch Times has a source, a frontline insider, who tells them that China is creating artificial scarcity in the availability of diagnostic testing kits.
In order to make sure that you know people samples aren't taken from patients that might be infected now according to that report only 10% of the requested kits are being delivered which means that if China is saying right now I think 4,600 roughly people infected
The real number is certainly 10 times higher, which would put it at 46,000, which is consistent with the 44,000 projection that was put out a couple of days ago by Hong Kong University scientific researchers.
So in every scenario here, if you look at the reality, it looks like there's at least 44,000 people infected, and that was several days ago.
So the real number is probably now much, much higher, closer to 90,000, 100,000, perhaps even higher.
The other thing to realize, Alex, and I can speak on this because we do microbiology tests in our globally accredited laboratory.
We test for microbiology.
They are using PCR gene sequencing technology in order to detect this virus.
That technology is slower than you might think.
A PCR replication can take about 30 hours per sample.
The backlog of samples is no doubt enormous by now.
Sample prep is a very manually labor-intensive process.
And even once you finish the sample prep, you put them into what's called 96-well plates.
The plates go into the gene sequencing instruments.
The instruments return a statistical analysis of the genetic code, not a yes-no answer.
You then have to interpret those data to find out whether there is a match for the proteins in the library
The software library that's being distributed by the CDC.
And the CDC, I've been given documents showing that they are panic-updating those libraries now almost every day because they haven't quite nailed down exactly what's the gene sequence for this coronavirus.
So there's all kinds of gray areas here.
There are delays in lab testing.
There's no such thing as a kit that just tests in five minutes like a pregnancy test.
Doesn't exist.
For the coronavirus.
So people, the numbers you're getting out of China are one-tenth the reality, and the numbers you're getting from the CDC are most likely three to four weeks behind schedule.
Understand the importance of this.
If the CDC says there are 10 people, let's say, in America, that's 10 people weeks ago.
What's actually happening now, they won't know for a few more weeks.
And I, again, I can speak to this as an owner of a multi-million dollar analytical laboratory facility that's ISO accredited.
We're not being told the truth.
There's no way they can be running these tests in a timely manner and turning them around quickly.
It's not happening.
There are going to be a lot more infections that are diagnosed in the days ahead, Alex.
And as you said earlier, when they had all the SARS and bird flu hysteria that was way over exaggerated, we said that then.
And when there's real pandemics, we found, going back six years ago, all over the country, the reports from listeners, my own family lost three people in one town.
The hospital doctor said, oh, this is some super pneumonia virus.
They're covering it up.
We've never seen so many dead.
There were articles here and there around the country, mainly at the South and places like Texas.
But all the way up into Illinois, people knew, hey, they're covering something up.
There's a lot of funerals going on.
So when it's real, I've noticed they cover it up.
When it's not, they hype it to get power.
And that's what scares me, concerns me, motivates me to get ready, is that they're covering this up so much.
You've nailed it, and it's the liberal cities along the West Coast that are the most vulnerable to this for reasons, you know, a filthy lack of public health, feces in the streets, mass homelessness, needle sharing.
But when you combine that with the now science denialism of the left-wing media,
That tends to provide the propaganda to the residents of left-wing cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles.
You are really creating a perfect storm situation for a worst-case outbreak in those areas.
Now, you ask me, what's the best case?
Well, the best case is that they get this contained.
They isolate everybody.
They put everybody under orders, go home, stay home for weeks.
Nobody spreads it.
And then this whole thing is done in two to three weeks.
Now, if you think that's going to happen, then you believe in magic.
Because there's no way that's going to happen.
It's not going to be the best case scenario.
How bad will it get?
We won't know for sure until we continue to monitor this over the next several weeks.
Remember, it takes about a week for the number of infected people to double.
So, every week is a doubling of the seven days, and then seven days, and then seven days.
Which is interesting, by the way, from Bible scholars, because, you know, you talk about seven seals and the seven signs.
You know, I'm not an expert in that area, but they keep telling me this repeated number, 777, has a lot to do with sort of end-time scripture.
I'm sure you have other guests who could speak to that more, in a more informed way than I could.
Well, we know this.
The globalists have said they're going to bring in world government using bioweapons, and that each bioweapon will get worse.
And the earlier ones are just tests to get us ready.
And so we're going to be watching all this very, very carefully.
But the preparation of the UN and the deep state for all this has been very, very creepy.
And we'll just have to track the whole thing as it unfolds.
Mike, in closing,
Because it is growing exponentially, we know that, depending on their low numbers or the high numbers that are out there.
How long would it take at current rates, just ballpark, do you think, for it to really be something they're having to cover up in the U.S.?
Three weeks, four weeks from now, or how long?
Probably they could cover it up for the next two months, I would imagine.
You know, the Hong Kong researchers estimated that this would peak in China by early May, and at that time there would be 150,000 cases per day, which you couldn't even diagnose.
There's not even the lab bandwidth to do that.
And that's why they're racing building all these hospitals.
That's right, that's right.
I think?
June, July, August, sometime around there.
And the left-wing media and the CDC could cover this up for a couple of months, I believe.
And they could say it's something else.
Or they could blame climate change.
You know, oh, people are getting sick because of climate change.
You know, whatever.
It's Trump's fault.
It's insane.
They don't follow any rules of science anymore.
They don't believe in science.
They've now announced officially that Trump may be a Russian spy or a Chinese spy.
They said who knows he just when he talks to foreign leaders it's wrong and the president talking to people is espionage.
I'm gonna play the clip when we start the next hour and then Dr. Steve Puccini joins us.
Mike Adams at naturalnews.com.
Thank you.
You're doing an amazing job.
Thank you, Alex.
Chinese government keeping coronavirus infection numbers artificially low by limiting supply of medical testing kits.
That's the new article at naturalnews.com.
We also have it posted at infowars.com.
And please remember, listeners, they're hacking us around the clock.
They're hammering us.
They're trying to shut us down around the clock right now.
You see the demonization stories in the New York Times.
Articles last night saying, should I be arrested for questioning Sandy Hook.
So now they've moved on to, well, maybe he'll just be arrested.
Uh, and bizarre, weird filings in courts against me, uh, that are fraudulent going on, just like Mike Adams in bankruptcy courts and stuff.
Just, just random stuff is really crazy.
And people putting out on the internet where I live and saying, go get me.
Um, I mean, the deep state, as I've been saying the last few weeks, is moving quick and fast and being very aggressive, not just with me, but with a lot of other folks.
So I said, something big's about to happen, something big.
I think it's probably the virus and what it's going to do to the economy.
And I kind of get why Trump's not hyping it up.
But at the same time, if they don't contain it, which I don't think they can do, then once people learn it's been covered up, they're going to get pissed.
I think the president and others can't wait on this.
And you say, well, we've had big outbreaks before, and there's going to be preparations and things that need to happen, and this could end up happening here, or here's the good end, here's the bad end.
But I just think this putting it off, this waiting, this waiting with something that looks like it's going to be this big is dangerous.
What do you think?
You know, I know they're just going to have open phones today on the war room with Savannah Hernandez and Tom Papert.
He was in D.C.
jail for having a piece of tape over his mouth, and Owen's very sick right now in bed, so I'm sure he won't be hosting that.
And I'm tempted to just co-host with him as well, or obviously come in here tonight with more of the Senate trial and cover that, because I haven't even gotten to all the other news yet.
When we come back ahead of Pachinik, I'm going to play this clip.
It's been posted on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
I haven't even thought of the headline.
Chuckie Schumer announces new hoax.
Chuckie Schumer says Trump may be a Chinese agent.
Well, yeah, I mean, he might be a moonbat from Pluto.
I mean, he might be a Lucky Charms elf.
It's not an elf.
Lucky Charms guy's a leprechaun.
He might be a Lucky Charms leprechaun.
I mean, it just never ends.
And I think about how we've all been vindicated on the Russiagate thing.
When do these people get in trouble for being a pack of lying criminals?
Alright, Dr. Steve Pachinick's coming on.
I wanted to get him on about Bolton.
And now this weird video of him supposedly in the Middle East, but Chuckie Schumer just had a press conference.
About 45 minutes ago.
And he was just up there saying, Trump could be working for these people.
He could be working for those people.
We don't know when he talks to world leaders.
So remember when he would meet with Putin in public and he'd shake his hand?
They'd go, he shook his hand!
It's a proof he's a Russian agent!
He can't meet alone with the Russians!
I mean, they'll see the big board!
Like it's Dr. Strangelove.
Meanwhile, Obama's on tape saying, hey, as soon as I win re-election, I can do a lot more.
Be sure and tell Vladimir.
I will tell Vladimir.
So this is how they're trying to paralyze everything.
Well, now they're just saying the president can't even operate as the presidency.
The bureaucracy is just saying he talks to anybody it's treason.
And so this is what Schumer was just saying.
Now, it seems like every day some new revelation
Emphasizes our request for relevant witnesses and documents in this trial and gives it momentum.
There's been a steady drip, drip, drip of information.
The truth leaking out in one explosive article after another.
In that sense, this is reminiscent of Watergate.
Emails were released over the Christmas break showing that the delay on military assistance was placed 91 minutes after the President's July 25th call with President Zelensky.
Emails from Michael Duffy revealed that he had, quote, clear direction
from the president to continue the hold on military assistance and yesterday the New York Times reported on several stunning chapters from Ambassador Bolton's book including the admission by Mr. Bolton that he was ordered by the president to continue freezing military assistance to Ukraine until it was announced the political invest until it announced the political investigations he was seeking
The details from Ambassador Bolton get to the very heart of the first article of impeachment.
The same New York Times story places Mick Mulvaney at the center of this plot.
He's a more important witness, probably, than Bolton.
And the emails from Duffy and Blair, the two other witnesses we seek, are even more relevant as this information comes out.
So I understand why Leader McConnell and President Trump
Wanted a very short, incredibly rushed trial.
Because the longer it goes on, the more likely that new evidence and more new evidence will come out that further implicates the President.
Now just look at the other New York Times report last night about Ambassador Bolton's book.
Several members of the administration had concerns about the President's dealings with autocrats.
Particularly Xi of China and Erdogan of Turkey.
Did the president have financial interest at stake when he was talking to Erdogan, Orban, Xi and others?
Maybe his kids had some economic interest at stake.
And did it impact our nation's foreign policy with those countries?
Those questions are not the subject of the President's impeachment trial.
But this report should be a warning sign to any Republican in the Senate.
If you vote with the White House to suppress and cover up evidence, the odds are strong that the truth, the truth, will eventually come out.
In a few weeks or a few months, do my Republican colleagues want to pick up the paper and read that one of the witnesses they blocked had crucial information about the President's misconduct?
That the documents they voted to hide turned out to shed real damning light on the truth?
At this point, how can Senate Republicans not vote for the witnesses and documents we are seeking?
Well, Bolton famously making up the WMDs for the New York Times.
Now he's back doing it again.
But you heard him.
My gosh, the president talking to anybody is treason.
He's just not allowed to.
And who knows what could be going on.
This from the very same leftists that have sold this country out of the CHICOMs and others.
Everything they've done, like Dianne Feinstein, basically a CHICOM officer, is now what they're blaming Trump and our military and the American people with.
These people are unbelievable.
Well, the political establishment in this country that's allied with the shy comms and the globalist model really thinks the American people are ignorant about basic systems.
And they're betting all of their chips on that.
Because now they're openly trying to cripple the presidency, absorb a branch of government for the bureaucracy, and say the president can't talk to the Turkish leader, he can't talk to Xi Jinping.
The left's usually
Worshipping the Communist Chinese leadership.
But now Trump, if you just joined us, we'll play the clip coming up again, a short piece of it.
It might be a CHICOM agent.
We just don't know.
We've got to have this trial go on forever.
So I wanted to get Dr. Steve Pachetnik on because he knows Ambassador Bolton and is aware of their neocon ways and warned Trump at the time.
I remember he was on a couple years ago.
He was like, what the hell are you doing, Trump, bringing Bolton in?
We exposed Fiona Hill, all of them, Soros and globalist operatives.
Now there's video on Infowars.com of John Bolton reportedly seen wandering around Qatar.
But here's the thing.
Politico says, oh, he is there, says his spokesperson, on personal business, so it probably is him.
What is he doing walking around?
What kind of weirdness is he involved in?
I know Steve Mnuchinik was here a month ago and he said, listen,
Um, you better not make up stuff about the President and engage in this deception.
It'd be good for you to go overseas and hang out.
Uh, maybe you should tell him the weather's nice over there.
But Dr. Steve Pachinick joins us, co-wrote a bunch of books with Tom Clancy, ran a lot of different black ops operations out of the State Department and other agencies.
Doesn't need any introduction, stevepachinick.com.
Thanks for joining us.
Wow, what a crazy time to be here watching the media and the Democrats say that if the President
Tells people what color placemats to have in the dining room that it's somehow an abuse of power.
What the hell's going on here?
What you see is what I've said a long time ago.
It's pretty much the death knell, not for the president.
It is for Congress.
It is for the Senate.
It is for
Our Congress people.
The reason for that is what they're showing you is that through a series of processes, they came up to a reality that had no correspondence to what really happened.
The President of the United States can do whatever he wants.
If the worst thing he did is he's delayed
The export of weapons, big deal.
We had Bolton who was in charge of creating a war in Iraq, Afghanistan, along with Cheney and Bush and Schiff was behind this and Schumer and they all supported war in Iraq and Afghanistan and in Yemen where thousands are dying.
It becomes a farce.
As I've said before, Bolton has been known for three administrations to be a pathological liar, a pathological coward, a man who will send us to war but at the same time will refuse to serve us in war as he did in Vietnam.
I think?
When you put out that kind of information on a public book, which has received 2.4 million, I can assure you I could never have published that book under even a Clancy franchise.
And the reason for that is it should have been cleared by the National Security Agency and all the intelligence agency.
And that is a
So the normal screening process in law was not followed, but a lot of world leaders are afraid to talk to Trump now because it's paralyzing that they can't even talk candidly or tell him classified stuff because the Democrat operatives are all there writing down fake twisted notes and then use the secrecy to leak disinformation, then they don't get in trouble.
And so it's basically a total penetration of national security and no such thing as any form of privacy that a normal family would enjoy inside their own house.
Now the Oval Office is literally a giant fishbowl.
Well, let's put it this way.
Number one, Trump keeps counsel to himself and to Ivanka and to Harry Kushner, and for the most part, one or two other people.
I'm not sure that... No, no, I agree, but I'm saying the Democrats would like to put out that idea that you can't deal with Trump so that confidence is lost in him and America.
Well, that's fine.
They can put out whatever they want.
But President Xi appreciated what Trump had said about transparency in China, about the fact that Xi had done an appropriate seclusion of different areas, and he tied off Hunan and Hubei because of the flu epidemic.
But more importantly, Erdogan will not change his attitude to Trump because he received $6 billion.
President Xi will not turn his attitude away from Trump.
Putin is laughing his way into the Kremlin.
He thinks this is a joke.
What's really happening at this particular point is the absurdity of our representatives and how little they really do in a time of need.
Right now, we have a world epidemic.
Is it going to affect America?
Maybe yes, maybe no.
Has there been a Surgeon General appointed?
Has public health service officers been appointed?
I haven't seen any.
I haven't seen any.
Has Schumer ever said anything about any national security issue other than what they think is a national security issue, which is really not a national security interest?
Yeah, the crisis is they can't sell off America anymore to the highest bidder.
So them making total fools of themselves, as even mainline polls show, they don't seem to get it.
I totally agree.
What's wrong with Schiff and Pelosi and Schumer?
They don't get what clowns they are?
No, they literally think in their world they have achieved the apex of success.
In other words, remember what they really do.
They just sit there and they talk to one another and create committees upon committees.
And they decided that for this one final time, they're going to impeach a president, whatever that really means.
And they thought Nixon was the model for this.
They're wrong.
Number two, there is no national security problem we had with the Ukraine or even what Trump has done.
Number three, they're becoming so irrelevant that they really cannot admit the fact that there is no position anymore for you, Schumer.
You're not relevant in a world where we're doing quantum encryptions.
We're working at a rate that's algorithmic, and you are not relevant.
Neither is any one of your representatives.
Pelosi's finished.
The mob is finished.
The Italian and Jewish influence in Congress is finished.
We're on to another type of reality, and that reality is called business.
The business of foreign policy is what Trump understands, and he will continue to make deals with China, which he has, phase one.
He will go into phase two, and then eventually, I predict, he will make a deal with North Korea.
So now what you see is Trump keeps going on despite all the impediments, which, by the way, is really feeding Trump's need to achieve more.
What they don't understand, and they're not very smart,
When it comes to the dynamics of Trump is that the more you come up against him, the more he will do to achieve success for other people.
So the trials and tribulations of putting together a hotel in New York City took him eight years, but he did it.
He put it on there.
He did Wilma Memorial when Koch couldn't do anything.
So the more you fight against him as a Democrat, you really self-destruct.
Trump would have taken them into the table.
Trump would have taken them, you know, in and let them have a seat in all this, but now they've made themselves enemies.
I'm not, you know, the point that's coming out, Alex, is what you said.
They're not relevant.
He doesn't need them at the table.
He doesn't need them for anything.
He doesn't need them for an approval of a treaty.
He doesn't need them for him to say to the publishers of Bolton's book,
You've violated national security.
Here are the issues.
We're going to sue you.
And there's no relevance to the veracity.
So what's happening is the presidency becomes more important in a way that's interesting, not in a way that we've known in the past with the Mitt Romneys who are ineffectual.
We've got to go to break.
Let's come back.
Let's come back in just a few minutes to talk about what's going to happen to Bolton.
Stay with us.
All right, Dr. Steve Pachinik, a really smart guy, is our guest, and he's the consummate individual that's seen things from so many different angles.
He's been a medical doctor, psychiatrist, run psych wards, been in the military, done secret operations, regime change, Camp David Accords, I mean, you name it, he's seen a hell of a lot of stuff.
That's why he was the main source guy for Tom Clancy.
Everybody's like, who's this guy?
He's getting all this from.
Well, it's Dr. Steve Pachinik, and we really appreciate him coming on the show.
And he's been very visionary about things.
He'd come on this show
18, 19 years ago, I guess early 2002, February 2002 when he first came on and said, Bin Laden's really dead, they're gonna roll his dead body out later, he's on ice.
And he'd been in the CFR and been this big monkey, but he resigned out of it saying, you're obsolete.
Everything's going to move out of the East and West Coast.
It's going to move to the center of the country in the South.
And we're going to have to innovate.
And the EU is going to fall.
And the whole New World Order is going to go down.
And I'm like, wow, this guy's really too optimistic.
I said, maybe 20, 30 years from now.
But no, he's been saying that about 15 years.
And it's really happening.
So when he puts a good face on it,
I don't
It might be a Chinese agent when they're the ones up to their eyeballs in Chi Com money.
It's just insane.
So let's get more into this.
You are a psychiatrist.
You don't want to violate the Goldwater rule and diagnose them from afar, but I think just in general diagnosing their group psychology, mob psychology, kind of Hitler in the bunker, delusionalism, what would you call this?
What it is, it's predictable.
It's called what Jerry Post wanted to say and Dr. Lee wanted to say about Trump, that he had malignant narcissism.
In fact, it is Schumer, Pelosi and the Democrats who have a very serious problem of narcissism, meaning that their sense of self-worth is so inflated
That they don't realize they're really entering into the self-destruction of their own position and their own party.
And it's a wonderful thing to see, because Trump just increased the velocity at which these people will basically fall apart.
He will get re-elected, there's no question about it.
Thank you.
We can say there's self-delusion, but there's so much self-delusion because they have nothing else to do.
Nancy Pelosi is basically what we call an idiot savant.
We had to teach her on this show that we are a republic, not a democracy.
So she went back and read all about the republic.
Schumer's an idiot savant because he has nothing else to do.
They went to the best schools, they wanted to be the best
Positioned people in the world, and they are nobody!
They're not really relevant to our treaties, they haven't served our country, and so what they're seeing is the death knell.
They hear it, and they have nothing else to do but scream, yell, reach out, grab whatever they have, like children, and hold on to it, and then eventually they will die a very quiet death.
Can I ask you your next prediction?
Because you've been dead on so far.
Frighteningly so.
When I go out in the streets, I probably shake 200 hands before somebody drives by and says, F you Russian spy or something like that.
But now, I go out in huge crowds and really no one anymore says, F you Russian spy or F you this or that.
Leftists kind of have their mouths open and don't know what to do.
So I see a collapse in the piranha-like hatred of their minions and their useful idiots just on the streets of America, out there with the people, and a real confidence in America and even
Polls show racial division is at all-time lows.
Everything they tried, it's having the opposite effect.
People, it seems, the knowledge of the street is accelerating and people are getting it.
And again, I see their own foot soldiers absolutely now not knowing what to do and wanting to join us, quite frankly.
Well, you hit it on the head without being, you know, vainglorious.
You have been very modest, but thanks to you and the alternative media, what's ironic is the alternative media, and I've said this 17 years ago, is going the mainstay in media, because when you see the New York Times, they're going to talk to you about
The very simple nuances of the words of the impeached.
Nobody reads that nonsense.
When you see Hollywood, nobody's watching the Oscars.
Nobody watched the Golden Globes.
Nobody gives a damn about the Grannies.
That's antiquated.
With Schumer, with Pelosi, anything from California, including the state itself, is not relevant.
They're losing 340 people a day into areas like Florida, Texas, Carolinas, where we don't have any taxes.
So they're like somebody in 1920 that owns a horse buggy factory, and is confident that the automobile is just a fad, is going to go away.
They are still betting on the horse, and they think that their time is just now coming.
Well, you hit it on the head.
It's not only they're betting on the horse, they're riding the horse, they're feeding the horse, and then what they're doing, and they don't even understand it, is they're beating the horse.
Now you hit it on the head.
They're beating their own horse so that eventually they're falling, and the horse is dying, and they tried to do this with our country, but fortunately people listen to you.
I don't mean to be aggrandizing towards you, but I thought of that and knew you'd finish the metaphor.
We didn't set that up.
That was cool right there.
We didn't.
We think alike, but honestly... Well, all we're doing is talking about what they're doing.
That's what they're doing.
How long can they beat the dead horse?
They, as long as they have the next few months and then at the end you will see that they are finished.
And then people like Mitt Romney who are draft dodgers and religious hypocrites makes the Mormon Church look terrible and he's a Mormon elder and he's disgusting.
He's Bain Associates, a corrupt institution.
Went to MIT, which I'm now ashamed of as a school, and there he is saying, oh, I think we should have witnesses.
Who the heck are you, Romney?
You're the most corrupt, ineffectual, cowardly American I've known on the level where you were governor of Massachusetts.
You ran to Utah.
You're such a prostitute of the Mormon Church.
It's disgusting.
Even the Mormon Church doesn't want you.
And I have respect for the Mormon Church.
Because they've developed people like Brent Scowcroft and John Huntsman, and he has to compete against Huntsman, who's worth far more billions than he is, and was our ambassador to China and Russia.
Mitt Romney is nothing.
As his wife said to me in response to what you and I said, he was a draft dodger, she said, oh no, he had a very hard mission in Paris as a preacher, really, during the Vietnam War.
He was exposed to all of the French
A coup de tromance while we were, you know, in combat.
When you tell people about the show, the live feeds, the local radio stations, however you're listening, when you spread the word, it isn't just helpful, it's absolutely critical.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am not an opportunist.
I'm a trendsetter.
My goal is to promote the lifestyle and freedom and things that I think are great, up against the tyranny that the globalists promote, because I believe you're going to want to buy in to having a free, open, truly
Constitutional, renaissance-based system, or the American system versus the CHICOM system, or the EU, you know, return of modern nobility models, or all those old systems we rejected.
And so, that's what Infowars promotes.
For the last few months I'm saying, hey, our great vitamin D3 is known in all these big studies to really be antiviral and very strong and the equivalent of getting sunlight in the winter.
It's getting sun that helps boost your immunity and it's people that have the deficiencies that are open to this stuff.
And again, knock on wood, I haven't had a fever in over four years and it's because I take fish oil every day that also has some of the best sources of natural vitamin D3.
So yes,
We still have our vitamin D3 with vitamin K, 33% off, even though it's very close to selling out.
I'm gonna keep it there till it sells out.
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Quite a bit.
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So if you're worried about the flu and you're worried about all this stuff, notice we're promoting this all the time.
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I hardly ever get sick.
I'm not like opportunistically now saying, hey, you need to get this because of the outbreak in China.
We're selling a hell of it because people know I've been promoting it and getting it.
See, that's trendsetting.
And it's not much trendsetting to know that fish oil is good for you.
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Big old juicy fish oil.
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Well this is the natural way to get it without the sun.
Now going back to Dr. Steve Pachinick of StevePachinick.com.
You've got the floor of the next, this segment, what we have left of the next segment, looking into the crystal ball, other angles you want to cover, but first, Bolton.
You knew he'd be there, star witness, months ago and again a month ago.
You said, hey, you ought to get out of the country.
I don't think that was a threat, just a friendly thing.
Whatever you meant by it, now there's this video, looks like him, political reports he is actually in Qatar.
What do you make of that and what Bolton supposedly
I don't know.
He has none.
The real issue here, Alex, as you know very well, number one, when I came on the show and I warned him, you're not going to testify.
I got all kinds of problems from upstairs in my intelligence community, but I was telling them, you know, cool it.
Number one, Bolton will eventually be found to be a liar and a pathological liar and corrupt.
The key issue here is not Bolton, my friend.
It's what I said all along about Trump.
Either he's going to order William Barr to force Simon & Schuster, which is a corrupt publishing company.
I was with them.
They're incompetent.
They're losing money.
It's going to force Simon & Schuster to cease and desist the publication of that book, return the $2.4 million, or they will be brought into court.
Right now I have not seen William Barr do one thing, one arrest on the Epstein case, an arrest on Bolton, an arrest on any of the neocons who've been involved, and Barr is compromised.
I'm saying now if William Barr cannot act as a
We're good.
Bolton and Simon and Schuster, the head of it, Barr should resign.
As I said before, he never did anything in the Epstein case.
I've said before, he's highly compromised, worked with George Bush.
And this man, Barr, who thinks he's so smart, it was his father who hired Epstein for the Dalton Day School for the women.
And he was the one who converted, no offense, from Judaism to Catholicism.
Now he sees Jesus.
Well, that's good for him.
But he better see the writing on the wall from people like me who are saying, you're incompetent.
You haven't done your job.
And if you can't do it, get the hell out of the office.
And stay away because you are now on notice that you did nothing with Epstein.
You made up the most nonsensical stories about a man killing himself in the cell by himself.
Secondly, Pompeo is getting hit.
I got to give him credit for having hit the NPR lady and said this was inappropriate.
So that means that Trump has to back up Pompeo.
He has to get rid of the attorney general and he's got to start cutting down on the number of people in the State Department, in the White House, in the intelligence community.
I haven't seen it.
I haven't seen anything since the last time we talked that he's any tougher.
Any firmer with his ideas about what has to happen in the United States?
And secondly, we have a Corona virus coming in.
For the most part, we will be safe.
I can guarantee that.
The reason I can guarantee is because I treated a patient a month ago was really the first case of the Corona virus before it was ever reported of a gentleman who met with a Chinese individual and got the pneumonia.
And was treated with high doses of antibiotics and I am to know this individual very well because that individual happens to be me.
And I was the first case to have it in the United States and now I'm saying to the Public Health Service and the Attorney General, get your act together.
It's not coming outside of China.
You already have Chinese students in every major university who have been contaminated and you haven't gone through the major universities at Harvard, Princeton,
Gainesville University of Florida, Florida State University, they all have Chinese students who have been infected or have come out of it.
Well I was about to say, I mean I have no doubt that a lot of weird pneumonia comes out of there and you may have gotten that and I'm sure you're right, I mean you are a doctor.
What I'm saying is obviously there's a lot more of it going on than we even know about.
Get into what happened to you, because I know you were sick a while back.
What happened?
Well, what happened is a month and a half ago I had... No, no, because you were on and looked good and then you came on.
I said during the break, not to you, I said, man, he looks like he almost died and your head was shaved.
I mean, you look better now, but what the hell happened?
What happened is I got the pneumonia and it turned out to be a week and a half after I met a Chinese student who came out of Gainesville.
And didn't speak English too well, came from the Wuhan area.
There was no notice of the coronavirus but fortunately I'm a pretty good doctor.
I'm a board examiner.
So I did what I normally do.
You don't get an x-ray, I don't get a sputum because most doctors are not clinically adroit.
So I did and took a lot of antibiotics, about 3,000 milligrams of it.
Took me a week and a half, a lot of fluids, rest, bed rest and then I'm fine.
Hold on, I want to hear more about this, because I remember when you were super sick and couldn't come on a month and a half ago, and you came back on, I was like, wow, he really looks like he's been, you know, sick, and then you said, yeah, I've been sick, but I'm okay now, now you look better.
And I want to talk about that idea.
Trump shouldn't create a panic, but I agree, he should have a Surgeon General by now, and they should say, we're looking at this, and so if something is really bad, then they don't look like they were caught flat-footed.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
You know what Dr. Steve Pachinick said was pretty amazing earlier, but he said hundreds of those things here on the show that turned out to be true.
People are always like, this guy says he was in that operation and this operation and that one, and you go look it up and he was.
And a lot of times the feds come after him when he says stuff on the show.
Cause I didn't know he was going to say that John Bolton stuff, he's been called in the federal court, you name it.
I know when he said, hey, maybe the first case, potentially yes, because I remember when he was really sick, he wouldn't say why a few months ago.
But that's what I haven't seen this much pneumonia-like symptoms.
I'm not a doctor like him.
Since my uncle and my dad's great-uncle and my cousin all live on the same ranch, three houses up on the top of our ranch family hill, you know, the old family place.
There's three, well actually four ranch houses, but they lived in three of them.
They all got it.
They all died in a couple weeks.
And when I talked to the doctors there in East Texas, it was in Palestine, is the nearest big hospital about 30 miles away.
They were like, yeah, Alex, this is a big cover-up by the CDC.
It's some kind of really bad pneumonia virus.
There's people dying all over the place.
They were wheeling dead people out while I was there for the week.
My uncle died.
And, man, he got it, and he said he couldn't breathe, went to the hospital, and he was dead a week later.
He was in a coma.
A day
I mean, obviously, if they're saying it's a pandemic now, it's much worse than they've said.
If you were sick a month and a half ago from this, it probably was the same thing or some similar type virus.
Why does so much of it come out of China?
I know that one time I interviewed you when you were in North Korea.
I mean, you go all over the place, took photos and sent them to me from there.
Why does so much stuff come out of China?
It's a good question.
Number one, let me assure your audience and the American audience, we're not pandemic.
We have control this.
This will be controlled.
I don't want everybody panicking.
Number two, Alex knows this.
I have supported him, but I also support what he says with regard to prevention.
I think all that you're saying is correct.
Take the vitamin D, take the fish oil, stay healthy and you're less likely to get a pneumonia because the key element of getting pneumonias or coronavirus is the immunity system.
So as long as your immunity system, even if you're 60, 70s or you're young and you're in good shape, you take your vitamins, you work out, you stay healthy, that virus is not going to be lethal.
So that's number one.
Number two,
The fact that we don't have a Surgeon General and a Public Health Service is disturbing and let me get into what happened.
Years ago when we had the Ebola epidemic, I had to sit down with a former friend of mine and ask this individual who was the former Assistant Surgeon General of the United States, do we have a Surgeon General?
The answer was no.
Do we have a Public Health Service that can stop the Ebola from coming in?
I said, will you have a problem if I order General Dempsey and others to send over 3,000 U.S.
Army soldiers into Liberia and Sierra Leone?
The answer was no.
That's what we did.
And I thank our military.
I thank General Dempsey, who was chief of staff at the time, and our army and our military officers who
We're good.
There's a very talented individual who's the head of the National Institute of Infectious Disease and Allergies, Anthony Fauci.
He was my resident.
He's talented.
He correctly said that we can break the genome, meaning we can have the code of that virus, but it will take us, he correctly said, a year to have a proper vaccine.
We don't have that one year, but we do have antibiotics and the reason why I'm proposing it is
You're not going to see the pneumonia on an x-ray.
You're not going to spew it in and out.
It becomes what we call in medicine, I'm getting a little technical, primary typical pneumonia.
Because I've had it in the past and I've traveled all over the world, you don't often see it.
Doctors miss it and they say, no, we don't treat viruses with antibiotics.
Well, it mutates very quickly and you can treat it with antibiotics.
My point is simple.
Do not panic.
We have everything in control.
Now, President Trump, get your act together, assign somebody as a Surgeon General, and create a public health service, or appoint the Secretary of Defense, ASPR, to mobilize military so that we have a convenient way to control what comes in and out of our country, and at the same time, without getting panicked,
Go to the various universities and assess how many Chinese or Oriental students we have.
Not to deport them, just simply to know what's going on.
And to assess them.
Can I throw this in?
Because it's the right thing to do.
It's the President's constitutional purview to protect the borders from plagues.
I mean, that's even in the Declaration of Independence that the British weren't letting us do that.
And it also looks good for reaching out to China, offering them help.
And at the same time, if there is a bigger problem here, then people know that Trump got ahead of it.
If he doesn't, they're going to point out, hey, you didn't appoint a new Surgeon General.
You've been derelict.
You know they're going to attack him on this and then try to derail the economy.
I totally agree that this is something the president needs to get out ahead of, not to create a panic, but just to say, hey, just in case there's an issue,
This is what we're doing, and we're going to start screening everybody coming in.
I mean, I was reading the news yesterday.
Out of Hawaii, they're not even screening people at most airports flying in from China, from the mainland to Hawaii, or to Seattle, or to LA.
That's insane!
I'm not a medical doctor like you.
That just sounds insane to me.
Well, it's a problem, but you hit the problem right on the head.
And why it even makes the impeachment sound more bizarre is that Schumer and Pelosi have no understanding, not an idea, an iota, of how they're responsible for what's going on in terms of this epidemic because they're wasting our time, attention, and incredible amounts of money, which we should be putting into the health services, into the National Institute of Health, into the public health services,
And like you said, it's not just the money, it's the focus.
Everything is, talk about narcissistic, focusing on Schiff, week after week, month after month, babbling the same garbage out.
I hear it and I tune out.
No one's watching it!
It's unwatchable!
It's malignant narcissism.
What Post and Lee wanted to say about Trump is what you have about these people.
But let's not talk about them.
Let's go on to the other issues.
You're correcting your approach to the audience.
It is not a panic.
It is not terrible.
It can be dealt with very effectively.
It's now time for Trump to appoint a Surgeon General and to mobilize a public health service or mobilize DOD and let them act as a public health service officers.
Other than that, there will be no panic.
The markets are fine and we're not in the danger zone.
I happen to have had it.
There are others who will get it.
They won't know exactly what it has to do, but it's very common.
And now we have to talk about other matters.
So let's talk about Bolton.
Why is Bolton a problem?
Because he's the epicenter of non-accountability.
He has been a liar, deceitful, cowardly, went to Yale.
We have William Barr, again, who has done nothing.
I've had before him Mueller who did nothing.
I had Comey who did nothing.
So the Boltons of the world, underscore,
Do you think he's out of the country so that he can't be subpoenaed but can act like he wants to be and is just gonna let the book cowardly stand for him so he can attack the president?
It's not even relevant to me.
I could care if Bolton were alive or dead, because Bolton isn't the person himself that I'm interested in, is what he's represented over the years.
You have the Zalmay Khalilzad, you have the Richard Perls, you had the Wolfowitzes, you had all these guys who are neocons and said, we got to get a war, and now nobody was held accountable.
The Muellers were never held accountable.
The Comeys are not held accountable.
The Bars.
So I don't care.
Bolton flies into the stratosphere.
He's not a relevant individual.
It's what he represents.
Are you going to indict Simon & Schuster?
That's what I want to know.
I know when I had books, I had to clear it through my lawyers at Warner Books, at Berkeley Putnam.
I was at Simon & Schuster and I found it to be a disaster of a book.
And you sure as hell weren't talking about secret White House conversations.
Dr. Pachinik, stevepachinik.com.
Please come back on The War Room today if you can.
Owen's super sick.
Or if you can't, come back on my show or that tomorrow, because I know you've got more to say.
Paul Joseph Watson's about to take over from England.
But again, stevepachinik.com.
His new book's out there as well.
So thank you so much.
I look forward to speaking to you again soon, and glad you got better.
All right, thank you.
All right, folks.
Paul Watson's coming up.
I've got five more minutes where I've got a few things to say, and then I'm going up in a helicopter in a little while to do a live feed to show folks aren't as dangerous as they're saying, and then I'm going to be back in studio later.
But powerful broadcast today.
Great job, crew.
Fourth Hour coming up.
Stay with us.
Okay folks, this just broke.
Things are really getting crazy.
Tsunami warning issued for Jamaica and the Cayman Islands and Cuba after a magnitude 7.3 earthquake.
That is a big one.
The coast of Jamaica, Cuba and Cayman Islands could face hazardous tsunami waves following a 7.3 to 7.6 earthquake in the Caribbean Sea, warns the U.S.
Geological Survey.
That is just absolutely wild.
The Ring of Fire is on fire more than usual, but that's not even in the Ring of Fire.
That's in the Caribbean Sea right in the middle of it.
2020 has unprecedented volcanic activity, tectonic activity.
It's just crazy.
Paul Joseph Watson is scheduled to be taking over here in about five minutes.
Let me just say this now.
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I would have storable foods because 2020 is a very dangerous year.
The bubble is so huge and could pop.
I hope it doesn't, even though it's fraudulent, it's incredibly dangerous, and it'll cause...
Well, you don't need me to tell you what'll happen if this giant bubble pops.
And the globalists are trying to pop it to kill nationalism and hurt the liberty movement.
You've got all the economic crises they're trying to create on top of this virus that's out.
Then on top of that, you've got all the wars the globalists are trying to stir up and start openly.
You've got all the race war they're trying to start.
You've got the 2020 election.
It's an insane time.
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A total 360 win.
Paul Joseph Watson takes over in T-minus 60 seconds.
And we are live as the coronavirus continues to spread.
Headline out of BBC News, coronavirus Hong Kong to slash border travel as virus spreads.
More than 100 people have now died.
The infections have surged to more than 4,500.
That we know of, because you can trust the Communist Chinese government to tell you the truth.
In every single scenario.
They didn't lie about the SARS outbreak for months and months, did they?
So you can trust them.
So it continues to spread.
More deaths.
More infections.
Closing down of borders.
But you know what's more concerning about a potential coronavirus pandemic that could kill tens of thousands of people?
What's more concerning than that?
What's more worrying?
What's more fearful?
Is racist bat memes.
Yes, it took the mainstream media, it took the progressive media a good three or four days to pick up on this and they are usually quite slow but finally they're now starting to react to the trolling that the most concerning thing about the coronavirus outbreak is not the potential mass death but the racist memes.
We have a story and by the way
In that trolling we've basically cornered progressive media outlets into defending this, that you're seeing on your screen right now, into defending people munching on bats.
We have to understand when we talk about bats, they haven't stripped the meat off and carefully prepared it and cooked it, which would be disgusting, because bats are known vectors for diseases.
Bats were to blame for the Ebola outbreak in Africa,
Bats were to blame for the SARS outbreak in China.
That's what it was traced back to.
We've not only forced them into a corner to defend that.
Oh, and by the way, Chinese people also eat bat poop.
They think it cures eye disease, as I pointed out in my video from a few days ago.
A good way of avoiding disease is probably not to eat literal crap.
Probably not the best idea.
I'm not a doctor, but I will feel confident in giving out that advice.
Of course, Chinese people also eat 10 to 20 million dogs every single year.
According to the progressive media, we need to accept that.
The main concern here is racism, despite the fact that Chinese is not a race.
People eat disgusting stuff in countries all over the world.
Chinese is not a race.
Of course, we've seen the videos.
Worse than the bat soup videos.
I've seen videos over the past few days, in fact I've lost my appetite completely since Thursday.
I've seen videos of people in China just walking into like reptile pet shops, scooping out reptiles from tubs and just biting their heads off.
And if you oppose that, you're bigoted, you're closed-minded, you're racist.
We have a headline here out of foreign policy.
There you see exactly what I'm talking about right there.
Just literally scoops it out, bites its head off, rips its organs out.
There's a video of frog sashimi, I think it's called, where literally they just pull out the frog's intestines while it's still alive, let it sit in a bowl and then eat it while it's still alive.
We've seen videos of people eating live baby mice, dipping them in sauce while they're still wriggling around fully alive and shoving them in their mouths.
That's progressive.
If you oppose that, you're bigoted, closed-minded and racist.
We have a headline here out of Foreign Policy.
It says, don't blame bat soup for the Wuhan virus.
Because again, racist memes are more of a concern.
Racist memes target Chinese eating habits, but the real causes of the coronavirus are more mundane.
Says, as news of the Wuhan virus spread online, one video became emblematic of its claimed origin.
It showed a young Chinese woman, supposedly in Wuhan, biting into a virtually whole bat.
Nom nom nom, as she held the creature up with chopsticks.
Media outlets from Daily Mail to RT promoted the video, as did a number of prominent extremist bloggers.
Such as Paul Joseph Watson, their source for me being an extremist is Facebook, so if Mark Zuckerberg says you're an extremist, that's it.
Judge, jury and executioner, you're an extremist.
Twitter users blame supposedly dirty Chinese eating habits, in particular the consumption of wildlife for the outbreak, said to have begun at so-called wet market that sold animals in Wuhan, China.
There's just one problem, the video wasn't set in Wuhan at all.
Now they're claiming that this video that started the bat soup meme was the video out of Palau, I think it's pronounced, don't know about the exact pronunciation, the Pacific Island nation, which showed a host of a travel show eating a bat.
She later had to apologize on orders of the Chinese government for eating this bat on this travel show three years ago.
That's completely incorrect!
The video that started the batsuit meme is the one you just played right there.
It's a different woman.
Apparently, according to foreign policy, which is very concerned about racist memes, they think all Chinese people look the same because they've got the wrong video.
That video that you're seeing right now is what started the batsuit meme, not the one of the travel host apologizing.
That video was popularized on Twitter a couple of days later, so that's immediately factually incorrect.
It continues.
Sampling the bat was simply an addition to the well-trodden canon of adventurism and enthusiasm for unusual foods.
Yes, you should salivate with enthusiasm as you're chomping down into the wing of a bat that's barely being cooked and just plonked on a plate.
It's a corpse.
They don't even strip the meat off.
That's disgusting.
That's gross.
No matter what race, nationality of person is eating it, and in no matter in what country, it's gross.
That's an objective fact.
Again, the reason they're doing this is they're all moral relativists.
They're all cultural relativists.
If they can justify anything, they can justify any evil.
No, you have to have standards, you have to have judgment.
Some cultures are better than others.
The article continues, at a time of heightened fear over a viral pandemic, the Plough video has been deployed in the United... deployed?
Like some kind of warfare technique.
No, people were laughing at it because it was funny and disgusting.
In the United States and Europe to renew an old narrative about supposedly disgusting eating habits of foreigners, especially Asians.
Images of Chinese people or other Asians eating insect snakes or mice frequently.
Yes, that's disgusting!
Scooping up, look, scooping up baby mice with chopsticks, dipping them in sauce while they're wriggling around and alive and shoving them in your mouth and chomping down.
That's disgusting!
No matter who's doing it, don't eat food that's still alive.
Can we at least agree on the basic premise not to eat mammals that are still alive?
Says this time there was another old racist idea that the dirty Chinese are carriers of disease.
Well SARS broke out because of bats being sold at these very same illegal food markets.
That's a fact.
There's many Americans long believed that, as New York Daily Tribune wrote in 1854, Chinese people were uncivilized, unclean, filthy, beyond all conception.
Well, some cultures and some countries have better sanitary conditions than others.
That's also a fact.
A lot of Indian people poop in the streets.
The UN literally has to
Launch multi-million dollar campaigns to tell Indian people to not crap in the streets because children were getting malnutrition from the diseases that that caused.
That's not a racist trope, that's a fact.
Today those same ideas have often been transferred to other groups such as South American refugees, yet they still persist in the way some Westerners think about China.
These prejudices could fuel fear and racism.
So it goes on and on and towards the middle of this article it says, as it turns out, after making an entire argument that bat soup or this meat from exotic wild animals sold in these markets which have now been shut down, the premise is that that's not true and it has nothing to do with the coronavirus outbreak.
It says, as it turns out, the market may not have been the cause of the outbreak at all.
Deadly coronavirus outbreak did start at the wild animal meat market in Wuhan, where snakes, rats, beavers, foxes, wolf cubs and peacocks are caged and slaughtered to order tests confirm.
The deadly Chinese coronavirus outbreak began at wholesale animal market in Wuhan City, experts have confirmed.
Scientists from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said test-proof humans caught it from animals at the Hunan Seafood Wholesales Market in Wuhan.
So they don't know exactly what mammal or reptile or whatever the hell they were eating there caused it, but we do know that the SARS outbreak began from bats.
Bats are vectors for disease.
Bats caused the Ebola outbreak in Africa where people eat fruit bats.
All we're saying is Chinese people eat some pretty dodgy stuff.
They literally kill and eat 20 million dogs a year.
They dump bat corpses in soup.
They eat bat poop.
They eat live baby mice.
They eat live frogs with their intestines splayed out.
That's not healthy.
That's dangerous.
It's gross.
It's disgusting.
And to point that out is not racist.
Don't go away.
We'll be back.
Now, I don't want to late to the point here, but
We have literally trolled the media into defending people who pick up live baby mice who are wriggling around and shrieking, dipping them in sauce and chomping down on them.
We've literally done that, which is hilarious.
But there's another article here.
UK schools warn to watch out for xenophobia as coronavirus spreads.
Again, this is the UK Boarding Schools Association, so they've got a lot of people in enclosed spaces in classrooms in schools.
Many of them Chinese, some of them presumably who have travelled to China for the Chinese New Year and are now going to be coming back into the UK and other countries.
Are they concerned about potential victims of the coronavirus being infected and being in these enclosed spaces within classrooms?
Are they warning the students to take precautions over that?
Maybe wear face masks, maybe wash their hands, maybe not eat bat soup?
They're telling them not to be xenophobic because it's worse to be dead than to be called racist.
The UK Boarding Schools Association is more concerned about mean words on the internet than the outbreak of the coronavirus, warning its students that any expressions of xenophobia against Chinese people will not be tolerated.
Despite the fact there have been no such recorded instances of xenophobia by the association,
It issued new instruction that its members should be watchful for prejudice against Chinese pupils by others, be it online or in person.
They're saying stay alert for any signs of xenophobia, even though there have been no instances of that.
Chris Menahan comments, what does it say about the West that our authorities appear to be more concerned with stopping the spread of xenophobia than stopping the spread of a global pandemic which could kill millions?
Again, thank God, courageous school authorities have their finger on the pulse.
They're not too concerned about people potentially coming back from China, potentially being infected within closed spaces.
They're more concerned about mean words on the internet.
In fact, one of the Blue Checkmark Brigade on Twitter tweeted, had a few people tell me how the coronavirus is due to people eating whole bats in soup.
For one thing, not true.
Kind of is true, because it came out of that meat market where they sell bats and snakes.
Second thing, get used to the idea that people eat different stuff to you.
And as you can see on screen there, somebody has posted an image of what some Chinese people eat.
And that includes 20 million slaughtered dogs who are tortured, who are kept in cages, who are tied up in mesh bundles.
At these meat markets which are now finally being shut down by the government.
So this is what the Blue Checkmark Brigade on Twitter are telling you to get used to.
No, I don't think we should get used to that.
People talk about foie gras in the West and stuff like that.
Yulin Dog Meat Festival.
I think that's on a different level.
So, no.
We do exercise judgment, we don't engage in cultural relativism, and some foodstuffs are definitely better than others, but of course the main concern is racist bat memes amidst, you know, 100 people dead, what is it now, 5,000 people infected, but those racist bat memes, man, gotta shut them down.
Meanwhile, talk about shutting things down.
This is a headline out of Fox News, Silicon Valley scrambles to stop coronavirus misinformation.
They've basically set the premise that everything coming out about the coronavirus from official sources must be true and can't be questioned, despite the fact that China literally lies about its own GDP.
Oh, but they never lie about this.
The coronavirus's rapid spread worldwide is forcing big tech to confront the equally viral proliferation of misinformation in the form of outright falsehoods and half-truths about the outbreak.
It says Facebook, Google and Twitter have all struggled in different ways
to contain medical misinformation, in particular around vaccines in recent years.
So it goes on to say how they're vigorously shutting down information about the coronavirus outbreak because we can trust Chinese Communist Party overlords to tell us the truth.
Even though, as this Zero Hedge article outlines, they've lied about the quarantine procedures out of Wuhan.
We've been hearing now for the best part of a week
That Wuhan is in complete lockdown, in complete quarantine, and specifically that they've shut down the transport, the rail network, the buses, that they've shut down the airport.
Turns out that's not true.
Zero Hedge headline, hundreds of virus-carrying planes headed for US, London, Paris, Vancouver, and it goes through a list, and in fact I've got up here the
Departure flights leaving Wuhan International Airport, and there's literally pages and pages of flights leaving that airport.
They have not shut down the airport.
There are flights going, most of them granted, are within China.
Shanghai, Beijing, etc.
Of course, then those individuals are just going to get on flights from Shanghai, Beijing, flying to London, flying to San Francisco, flying to LA.
They've got flights going to Bangkok.
This airport has not been shut down.
Article states there's no lockdown in China if you're wealthy.
Check out this Beijing flight schedule for today.
Here's the Wuhan flight schedule for today.
Beijing departures.
25 flights on a single page.
How easy is it to escape Wuhan?
You can still catch a flight from Wuhan to Anchorage, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, Singapore, Taipei, and countless cities in China, including Beijing and Shanghai.
Wuhan departures tomorrow.
Tomorrow there are four flights from Wuhan to Singapore, three to Taipei, two to Bangkok, three to Tokyo, three to Paris, which I believe has already had an outbreak or suspected at least, six to Hong Kong and three to San Francisco.
So those flights have not been shut down.
We look at what happened with the SARS epidemic back in 2002.
And it says the viral outbreak was genetically traced to a colony of cave-dwelling horseshoe bats in China's Yunnan province.
The media says it's a conspiracy theory that there's any link between bats and virus outbreaks.
It says the SARS epidemic started in Guangdong province, China, in November 2002, where the first case was reported that same month.
The patient died soon after, it goes on to talk about that, but then it talks about how despite taking some action to control it, Chinese government officials did not inform the World Health Organization of the outbreak until February 2003.
So it took them three months to even inform the WHO that there was a SARS outbreak in China.
Oh, but you can trust them on everything else.
This lack of openness caused delays in efforts to control the epidemic.
And it goes on to talk about spreading to other regions.
It goes on to talk about the origin of the SARS outbreak.
The phylogenetic analysis of these viruses indicated a high probability that SARS coronavirus originated in bats and spread to humans either directly or through animals held in Chinese markets.
These very same markets that have now been finally shut down by the government.
Meanwhile, Vice, Vox,
Foreign policy are all saying that it's a racist conspiracy theory to even dare suggest that the coronavirus in 2020 has any link to bats.
Daily Mail reports coronavirus alert in Birmingham, England as medics in hazmat suits quarantine suspected victim after he was sent home by GP despite revealing he had just returned from Wuhan and in fact
They're saying that in these pictures there are other medical professionals not even wearing any protection whatsoever.
The picture shows one individual wearing a hazmat suit.
But again, I guess hazmat suits are racist right now because you can't even suggest!
That this could be related to bats in any way imaginable.
That is a racist conspiracy theory.
Anyone who puts that out is being xenophobic, and that's more concerning than a potential global pandemic.
Don't go away.
We are live, and I'm going to talk about Stephen King.
He got cancelled by the woke Witchfinder generals last week.
He's desperately trying to prostrate himself to get back in their good graces.
We'll talk about that, but now I'm going to play a segment from a video which just went up.
You can watch the full video at summit.news.
About why Western women have stopped having babies.
Gonna roll the clip right now and come back.
Here it is.
For women who want kids, the sooner the better.
90% of eggs gone by age 30.
No eggs.
By the time a woman hits 30, nearly all of her ovarian eggs are gone for good.
According to a new study that says women who put off childbearing for too long could have difficulty ever conceiving.
The study found that women have lost 90% of their eggs by the time they're 30 years old and only have about 3% remaining by the time they are 40.
Make sure you do not overcook it.
It's common knowledge that women have more difficulty conceiving as they age, but this is the very first study believed to quantify the number of eggs lost, and it shows that the decline is more rapid than previously believed.
Scrambled eggs.
In Britain, the percentage of childless women has doubled in a generation, and for the first time, more than half.
54% of American women aged 25 to 29 are childless.
As are nearly a third, 31% of women aged 30 to 34.
Hey yo, egg check!
No eggs!
America's in an egg shortage crisis you may not even have known about!
If only you knew how bad things really are!
1,200 childless American women aged 25 to 45
There's a party in my pussy Something great is going on!
Big doubt.
No eggs, man.
You don't have any eggs.
The hyper-sexualization of our abortion-on-demand culture is brainwashing girls to swap life-affirming monogamy for rampant promiscuity.
The number of STDs in America has reached a record high, with 2.4 million reported cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis in 2018.
In David Cronenberg's 1975 movie Shivers, a mad scientist creates a parasite that makes the residents of a high-rise residential tower
Act like sex-craved carnal animals.
The motive of the scientist was to use a combination of aphrodisiac and venereal disease to turn the world into one huge mindless orgy.
And in our world, the entertainment industry is that parasite.
Our culture is that one huge mindless orgy.
I'm munching on red pills all day.
Have you ever noticed how these same entertainment and media corporations that harp on about respecting women and opposing objectification and misogyny literally groom underage female celebrities into superstar status, then begin salivating about the prospect of sexualizing them
Right before they're about to turn 18.
Then relentlessly exploit them for the next 20 years by hyper-sexualizing everything they do for the consumption of teenage girls.
What message does that send?
What role models do teenage girls have?
Who aren't scantily clad hoes, twerking around to canned pop songs written by computer algorithms owned by Sony, UMG and Warner.
Billie Eilish says she may want to show her body and look desirable in a music video after she turns 18.
The Bad Guy singer said in a new interview that she wanted the option to show her body when she turned 18.
An about-face from her previous statement saying she purposefully wore baggy and oversized clothes
To hide her body from would-be body-shamers.
Gee, I wonder what male corporate executive at the biggest music company in the world convinced her to do that?
Have you ever noticed how corporations relentlessly virtue-signal about how much they respect wamen?
About how it's imperative to get more women in the boardroom?
And how it's crucial to help women overcome objectification by adopting affirmative action policies that help them obtain powerful positions in society?
Simultaneously engineering society and building platforms that encourage the exact opposite.
Platforms that incentivize women to behave like thots whose only value comes from being objectified by men.
What is Instagram?
It's a virtual red light district for women to parade themselves lewd and half naked for the approval of thirsty dudes.
What is TikTok?
It's a platform marketed to teenagers which incentivizes underage girls to act like burlesque dancers in strip clubs for the viewing pleasure of sex crazed teenage boys and literal pedos.
Which in turn incentivizes the girls watching to mimic that behavior and chase the same dopamine high.
Hey yo, egg check!
What is OnlyFans?
What is Premium Snapchat?
Virtual prostitution meat markets where men pay women to sexually degrade themselves.
E-prostitution is killing traditional courtship and romance.
If women behave like prostitutes online, men are going to treat them like prostitutes in real life.
And that's not wife material.
The other day this girl was like, hey Sam,
You're like a really nice guy and uh... I really like what you do.
Your videos and stuff.
Do you wanna like... Do you wanna hang out sometime?
So you can steal all my money?
I'm gonna get her actual virgin.
And is it really making you happy?
That 56% increase in suicide rates amongst 10 to 24 year olds between 2007 and 2017 coinciding with the rise of social media, is that not enough?
The age of the ethos of socially indoctrinated girls and young women to think that it's normal to be intimate with the entire world.
It's not.
You're only supposed to be intimate with your relationship partner.
You're only supposed to send sexy pics to your boyfriend.
You're not supposed to share them with the entirety of Simp Nation.
And if you do that, you're not a content creator.
You're basically a sex worker.
Is it any wonder that doctors are now on TikTok telling 12-year-olds to get STD treatments without their parents' knowledge?
Listen, before you call me a misogynist, I just did a 15 minute video in which I explain how men are partially to blame for all this.
Men who support their girl doing OnlyFans have big dick energy!
Little bitch!
Come and give me face!
Men who support their girl prostituting herself to other men...
Big Dick Energy?
You misspelled cook.
Why are you all posting the empty egg carton underneath 18 year old girls?
Like, I like the enthusiasm, but I don't think you get the meme.
Because it's a warning and a prediction.
Without intervention, the ethot is biologically predestined.
To become eggless.
Social media and Symptom is radicalizing an entire generation of Zoomer girls to eschew traditional monogamous courtship and pursue degenerate hedonism.
Stop chasing beta books.
Stop chasing clout.
Get off the internet and find Mr. Eggman.
That is empty egg carton!
Full video up on InfoWars.com.
Gonna come back after the break, talk about Stephen King after being cancelled for daring to suggest that art should be considered on its merits and not on the phony merits of diversity.
He's genuflecting and apologising once again.
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Now, we had an article a couple of weeks ago now about Stephen King, the author,
In which he put out a tweet, the headline is Stephen King Savaged by Woke Mob, for saying art should be judged on quality, not diversity.
How dare he?
He said, quote, as a writer, I'm allowed to nominate in just three categories, best picture, best adapted screenplay, and best original screenplay.
He said, for me, the diversity issue, as it applies to individual actors and directors, did not come up.
That said, I would never consider diversity in matters of art only quality.
It seems to me that to do otherwise would be wrong.
So all he's saying is that art and the performance of actors, the work, the skill of directors should be judged on its quality, on its merit, not on the skin color of the person performing or directing, or the fact that they have a certain genitalia.
Now in 2020, that's apparently an extremist position.
Because he immediately got cancelled by the woke Witchfinder Generals.
He apologised and now he's apologising again.
Headline out of Sky News, Stephen King Oscars are rigged in favour of white folks.
He's having to pay his penance now he's had the Inquisition.
He's having to genuflect and give it up.
Stephen King has acknowledged the Oscars are rigged in favour of white people after coming under fire for previous comments about diversity.
Remember, diversity just means no white people.
That's what it's come to mean in today's culture.
He said, writing an essay for the Washington Post, the author said that while progress has been made in terms of the Demographic Academy Awards voters, it is still not even within shouting distance of good enough.
Well, here we have a list of black actors and actresses in Oscars over the last 20 years.
I tweeted this.
10% of best supporting actor winners are black.
20% of best supporting actresses were black.
15% of best leading actors were black.
This is Oscar winners.
5% of best leading actresses were black.
When you do the percentage, you come up with 12.5%.
So that percentage is almost directly in line with the percentage of black people in America.
It's in line with the demographic.
So no, there's no Oscars so white.
It's a complete myth.
The fact that King is having to prostrate himself by telling what is at its heart an absolute mistruth or lie only goes to show the power that these woke imbeciles wield over culture.
To the point now where you've got an institution like the BBC where there's a big debate over whether the license fee should be cancelled.
Mandatory license fee in this country.
If you don't pay up they come and knock on your door and intimidate you and take you to court.
There's a debate about whether that should go to a subscription model.
The fact that it isn't a subscription model here in the UK with the BBC, the state broadcaster, means that they don't just put the propaganda... I mean, you accept it with the BBC that everything's going to be left-wing bias across the board in terms of news and current events and debate shows, and it always is.
There were routinely articles pointing out that if they had a
Debate about Brexit, the panel would be 5 to 1, Remainers to Leavers, or in some cases completely Remainers.
There was no ideological balance, there was no ideological diversity.
The problem is, woke, imbecilic propaganda is now woven into literally every BBC production in terms of drama, even in terms of things like sports coverage.
So it's not just in the news, it's not just in current affairs or debate shows,
They put the woke propaganda into things like Charles Dickens plays and stuff like that.
They literally insert it into absolutely everything on a dramatic level, on a fictional level.
That's why the license fee has to be completely abolished because it's this tyranny of wokeness that they've inserted to socially engineer people because no one trusts them anymore in terms of their news and current affairs output.
Which is a shame because
You know, there are a lot of talented people who work there who still produce great content.
But again, this goes back to the argument with art, specifically in art galleries and in theatres.
If you don't interweave a woke, progressive message in your art, it's not going to get featured, it's not going to get reviewed, it's going to get trashed.
And the people who refuse to do that, there was a film recently by Guy Ritchie called The Gentleman,
Because they had a couple of edgy jokes that were slightly racial.
Very milquetoast.
It got absolutely panned by the critics.
We saw that with Joker.
We see it on Rotten Tomatoes with basically every movie that's popular with the punters, with the people going to see the movie, but then it gets trashed by the woke journalists, by the woke film reviewers, because it either goes against the woke narrative or refuses to even play the game in the first place.
That's why you have a show like Dave Chappelle's Comedy Special.
Where it gets something like 95% approval from the viewing audience, but then gets about, what, 50-60% from the critics, because he dared for about two minutes of his comedy special to say something not so nice about transgender people.
Again, it was quite milquetoast, but because he dared to do that,
The reviewers trashed his special, some of them at least.
So that's why you have the huge disparity between the critics' reviews and the audience scores on websites like Rotten Tomatoes.
And now Stephen King, because he dared to go against the narrative, to go against the woke grain, prostrated himself, apologized.
Now he's having to apologize again.
Hasn't learned the lesson.
Basie is actually 23% to 99% on Dave Chappelle's comedy special.
Again, emphasizing how this woke army of Witchfinder generals are completely out of touch with reality.
No one wants to listen to what they say.
Meanwhile, in Europe, headline, police investigating murder of pro-migration Finnish woman by her migrant boyfriend.
Yet another case of this.
Of course, we had the tragedy of the two Scandinavian backpackers back, I think it was last year now, or even late 2018.
It was on the cusp of the year.
They went to Morocco for a hiking trip in literal ISIS territory on their own as two women.
Ended up getting beheaded.
Absolute tragedy.
But then the Facebook posts of one of these victims were traced back and she was on Facebook virtue signaling about how people are being mean to Muslims and you shouldn't judge Muslims and you shouldn't be bigoted, you shouldn't be xenophobic.
We've had many other cases where literal immigration activists get kidnapped by migrants because in many cases they let them into their home
They get raped, they get murdered.
Now it appears like we have another similar case.
Police in Finland are investigating the murder of a woman killed by her migrant ex-boyfriend after making pro-mass migration posts on social media.
She was reportedly killed by Hassan Alkina, who is a Palestinian asylum seeker.
Again, this is in Finland.
Some people claim she was beheaded, that's not being confirmed, but from the photos you see blood oozing out from underneath the door of the apartment.
Reportedly they had an argument, she was trying to leave him, he wouldn't let her, so he killed her and then again reportedly committed suicide.
The source of the claim that the woman had made pro-mass migration posts on social media was a Finnish commentator called Tina Wick, who said that the woman wrote that white men are
Crappy, another word for that.
So basically she did a mass virtue signal on social media about how mass migration was wonderful, about how white people were terrible.
She had a migrant boyfriend, they had an argument, he killed her, then committed suicide, now she's dead.
Yet another tragedy, but perhaps yet another example of cultural relativism, and we're going to see a lot more of that given the amount of mass migration flooding into Europe.
That's going to wrap it up for the show.
News coming up next is War Room with Owen Schroyer.
Breaking news at Summit.
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I'm going to say this again.
Half the public was self-sufficient during the Great Depression.
90% of folks lived in the country.
A little bit more than half of them were completely self-sufficient.
Today, about 87% live in the city, and a very small percentage of those in the country are self-sufficient.
If we have another Great Depression in this country, and if supply chains break down, it is a recipe for mega-death.
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