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Name: 20200127_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 27, 2020
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A hundred years ago, a deadly influenza virus infected hundreds of millions of people.
Somewhere in the order of 50 to 100 million deaths.
When we talk about another flu pandemic happening, it's not a matter of if, but when.
The next pandemic is going to start and we just don't know where or how, but we know it will.
That poses an existential threat to us as a species.
Three months ago, in October of 2019, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation held a drill where they simulated the death of 65 million people from the imminent outbreak of a deadly virus coming out of China.
Then, that real virus suddenly appeared.
Now we learn the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded another shadowy organization who patented the very coronavirus for a vaccine two years ago.
Then we learn that a film has been in production for the last six months, a mini series, a docu-series for Netflix titled Pandemic, where Bill and Melinda Gates are the heroes at the end because they finance this intrepid scientist who's looking for a cure to all flu and a unified single vaccine.
We're making a vaccine that could treat all future versions of flu.
This vaccine could eradicate influenza as we know it.
Bill Gates is the chief science officer of the private corporate world government, working with John P. Holdren and others to carry out and execute this covert sterilization depopulation plan.
Their operations are in memos like State Department Memorandum 200 and others.
It's actually part of a stated planetary goal.
They need you to be ignorant and unaware of this for their operation to succeed.
Even the head UN scientist and her colleagues came out in December and said vaccines are killing people, that the cover-up is imploding, and that the front-line medical workers know the vaccines are hurting people and are not buying into the propaganda anymore.
We really don't have very good safety monitoring systems in many countries and this adds to the
Thank you very much.
That's how, but in most cases, there's some obfuscation at that level.
The first accusation is it is the adjuvant.
And yet without adjuvants, we are not going to have the next generation of vaccines.
And many of the vaccines that we do have, ranging from tetanus through to HPV, require adjuvants in order for them to work.
I give courses every year on how do you develop vaccines?
How do you make vaccines?
And the first lesson is
While you're making your vaccine, if you can avoid using an adjuvant, please do so.
The major health concern which we are seeing are accusations of long-term effects.
We have a very wobbly health professional frontline that is starting to question vaccines and the safety of vaccines.
When the frontline professionals are starting to question, or they don't feel like they have enough confidence about the safety,
To stand up to it, to the person asking them the questions.
I mean most medical school curriculums, even nursing curriculums, I mean in medical school you're lucky if you have a half day on vaccines.
That's why you see Bill and Melinda Gates funding and financing and casting themselves as heroes in this mini-series being pushed by Netflix and others.
Trying to terrify you into accepting forced inoculation in the name of protecting your health, when in truth, vaccines have been proven to lower immunity in most cases, to be filled with cancer viruses and other pathogens, and to be a scourge from the technocrats, from the eugenicists in the last 60 to 70 years.
When you pull back and you see all of this happening, then you realize that
Bill Gates leads a double life.
He tells you that he wants to save the earth and save humans and that vaccines are the answer to make us healthy and live longer.
But then he openly goes around bragging that we've got to reduce world population, that his father headed up Planned Parenthood and was involved in shadowy government operations for depopulation with Henry Kissinger, and that we need to have equations cutting off carbon so that humans see our population numbers dwindle.
So you've got a thing on the left, CO2, that you want to get to zero, and that's going to be based on the number of people, the services each person's using on average, the energy on average for each service, and the CO2 being put out per unit of energy.
So let's look at each one of these and see how we can get this down to zero.
Probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near to zero.
That's back from high school algebra.
But let's take a look.
First, we've got population.
The world today has 6.8 billion people.
That's headed up to about 9 billion.
Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, healthcare, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.
One issue that really grabbed me as urgent were issues related to population, reproductive health.
But did you come to reproductive issues as an intellectual?
When I was growing up, my parents were always involved in various volunteer things.
My dad was head of Planned Parenthood.
It was very controversial, uh, to be involved with that.
This is what he's been saying on record and he's involved in these productions where he's cast as the hero that come out right on time so that we can learn to submit to the vaccine industry, despite their secret courts and their secret coverups and all the billions of people that have been damaged by it.
This is part of a larger global depopulation plan and it's part
I don't know.
Behind closed doors on this New York campus, a secret gathering of some of the world's most powerful people.
Gates, Buffett, Bloomberg, Winfrey.
It was like, well, the new Superman and Wonder Woman.
The super rich friends.
Together with others at the meeting, including George Soros, Ted Turner, David Rockefeller, they're worth more than 125 billion dollars.
That much money, that much power around one table.
It begs the question, what were they doing?
What were they scheming?
Total world domination?
Bill Gates is on record saying he wants to sterilize you.
Bill Gates is on record saying he wants to depopulate the earth.
Bill Gates is on record supporting this his whole life and working with his family and others to execute this plan.
It's up to you to research the facts and to decide whether you want to stand up against this and whether you want to live or you want to die.
The problem's so widespread, the World Health Organization is calling the refusal to vaccinate one of the biggest threats of 2019.
A healthy child has the ability to build a community naturally.
I know that what I do is important to my patients, but what am I doing to myself and my family?
Within one month, the virus can spread throughout the country.
A month after that, widespread throughout the world.
The next pandemic is going to start and we just don't know where or how, but we know it will.
So now when you see propaganda pieces like this, you can see it through the lens of truth.
For yourself and for your family's own safety, health, and future, please research what I've said here today and find out it's far worse than I can even tell you.
If you want to live, if you want to have any future, you need to understand this covert operation is deadly, is real, and is happening now.
And only by you becoming informed and warning others
Can we stop this nightmare before it's too late?
Just over the weekend, we reported that the cases of coronavirus could possibly be 10 times higher than the official number.
Now it's being confirmed.
Wuhan coronavirus update 44,000 now infected warning.
I don't know.
This is big, with major cities completely locked down.
Residents left in Wuhan, which China quarantined to stop the coronavirus, are desperately stockpiling food and fuel, leaving empty shelves and prices skyrocketing.
Wuhan, coronavirus lockdown.
We've got enough food to last 10 days.
That was four days ago.
Last week, there I was, ordering mask and more food.
And I didn't even come on air and do it myself, because there's that feeling of like, well, I'm pushing it during a crisis.
Of course we should promote this during a crisis.
It's all the reason to get prepared and get ready, ladies and gentlemen.
I hope this thing peters out, but it doesn't look like that.
It looks like it's going to get really, really bad, and people need to have water filtration.
They need to have storable food.
We've got the very best units out there, and as I told you, I got this call
30 minutes ago, confirmed it from our great food supplier that produces the InfoWare Select Food line, the entire line of MyPatriotSupply.
And they said, man, it's the worst ever.
All the other big suppliers they know have sold out, can't get food.
They are buying ahead a ton of food, but the prices have skyrocketed.
And that's in the news as well.
If you lock it in now, you will get the food within 7 to 10 days and the price won't go up.
But he said that it may, by tomorrow, be longer if your order gets in later until you get it.
And we may have to raise prices yet again.
So it's gone back to regular price.
It's still a great deal.
He was calling us to say, listen, surprised you didn't call me the last week.
You sell a lot of food, aren't you?
And I'm like, yeah, talking to him during the break.
So you can sell out of that food at that price if you want.
But we're having to buy out now because it's all basically been sold out and other people aren't able to do this.
So you're going to have to raise prices.
I said, well, I totally understand because we had the lowest prices of the entire MyPatriotSupplySystem.
That's how I worked it.
So take advantage of this now at mfulmorestore.com.
If you get your order in now, it'll be there within seven to 10 days.
And he doesn't think he'll have to raise prices for four or five days.
And hopefully this thing isn't as bad as it looks like, because again, that's what I'm really concerned about is my family personally.
And at a certain point, I've just gotten overwhelmed.
People are like, hey, you're pretty relaxed with all this going on.
It's just stuff's gotten so insane.
I'm just giving it to God.
And God's saying to me, you need to get prepared.
You need to get ready.
So again, M4WarsTore.com.
Get your Alexa Pure water filtration system highest rated out there.
Not just because we're in a crisis, but because we're already in a crisis.
How poison the water is.
Everyone should be doing it.
And support the M4 in your own family.
Now to growing concerns about the deadly coronavirus officially hitting the U.S.
Here's what we know.
Chinese authorities are effectively putting a quarantine on an entire city.
There is heightened concern all across the world, including here at the U.S.
Officials here in Wuhan have designated nine hospitals as treatment centers, including this one right behind me.
There is no vaccine.
The virus is new, so no one knows exactly what it can do, and there's always potential for it to mutate.
They are putting Wuhan, the city limits, under a lockdown.
Wuhan in China now on lockdown as the country struggles with fear of a pandemic.
Desperate measures to try and contain the deadly coronavirus.
More than 11 million people who live in that city now kept from leaving.
Further cases have also been confirmed in Thailand, Japan and South Korea.
Outside of Asia, the virus has now reached the US too.
Screenings are already happening at airports around the world.
Heat sensors checking for a fever and medical workers on standby.
When you arrive from the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak, this is what awaits you.
The city is now controlling people going in and out of the city.
Then also, local tourist groups are being banned from leaving.
The government does not want this infection to leave.
Officials in California, Tennessee, and Texas now testing patients for possible infection.
Checkpoints are everywhere, measuring the temperature of the few drivers still on the streets.
This is a city in the grip of a deadly disease.
A city of 11 million people with almost no one on the streets.
Hospitals in the epicenter of the outbreak are overwhelmed with patients.
But intervention from the top is likely not enough to stem the spread of the coronavirus.
They've got giant chemical fumigators driving around pumping massive amounts of chemicals, really antiviral pesticides is what they are, into the air to try to kill the virus they believe is airborne.
Brought to you by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Reminding you and your family to take all of your vaccines.