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Name: 20200127_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 27, 2020
2260 lines.

The speaker discusses various topics related to global events and technology including conspiracy theories about Bill Gates potentially funding, taking and patenting the novel coronavirus; concerns about the impact of the virus on major manufacturing hubs in China; news about AI deciding which photos you can keep and which emails you should delete to save the Earth; Prince Charles posing with Greta Thunberg in Davos despite a lack of concern for environmental issues in the past; potential survivalist camps; an opportunity to get into the blockchain market without speculation through leasing digital mining equipment; the Alexa Pure Breathe air filtration system as an effective tool against dangerous toxins and viruses in the air; criticism of Nancy Pelosi's leadership; concerns related to the coronavirus outbreak and encouragement to stay informed and prepared; promotion of various InfoWars products such as air and water filtration systems, vitamin D3 and K supplements, and storable food supplies; his strategy in fighting against law firms seeking to railroad and shut down InfoWars; and various topics related to the coronavirus pandemic including its alleged connection to bioresearch labs, Bill Gates' involvement, and potential consequences if the virus were to spread in the United States.

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Here we are, Monday, January 27th, 2020.
Here we are, Monday, January 27th, 2020.
280 days precisely left until the 2020 election.
Never a slow news day as we accelerate towards the singularity, the quickening, end of days,
the beginning of a new age, depending on how you look at it.
The battle of the gods, good or dharma wrong, the apocalypse.
But as we sit here, in the year 2020, our future destiny governs The fate of untold billions of people into the future if we simply take that destiny in our hands.
Well, we always knew John Bolton was the secret weapon against Trump.
And the New York Times this weekend, to overshadow the beginning of the Republicans' defense, They're finally able to put on, after four months of propaganda and disinformation, that, oh, something happened in this room.
It all happened in this room.
That's the name of the book.
You can make a lot of sick jokes about it, but the cover of the book is an oval for the Oval Office, and John Bolton was in there.
And he supposedly can corroborate what no one else heard or no one else saw.
But, of course, He and a few others are really what the whistleblower is.
They're just moles inside lying.
The room where it happened, is that the room where he got that ridiculous mustache?
I mean, we know he helped when they attacked Iraq for the second time in 2003, and we know they helped cook up lies about WMDs.
So we know that happened in that room.
And we know the New York Times helped put those lies out.
So yet again, the New York Times and John Bolton have teamed up together to give us another hoax, another lie.
But even if the president said, we're going to withhold the aid unless they go after corruption, that wouldn't be a crime.
In fact, that would be, that would be the law on foreign aid.
But the president worried about corruption in Ukraine.
The president making sure the law was followed.
That is transmuted into a crime by alchemy.
So we have the second day of the Republican defense.
They had a few hours on Saturday, but we're gonna have another day and a half now.
Reportedly begins the next few hours.
We'll cover a lot of it here live.
I watched it on Saturday.
It was extremely powerful.
And it was also very frustrating, because I was sitting there watching Jay Sekulow and others put on an absolutely truthful on-target defense, and to see truth, total truth, because I followed this in-depth, just absolute down-the-line truth, Versus what Schiff has been doing.
It's just ridiculous that they've gotten away with this many hoaxes.
And I just wonder if they're not punished somehow for their crimes, what the new ones will be.
And then I started getting a headache.
Because there they were showing the old FISA court two plus years ago that came out and said that there was fraud going on against the President, against America.
Then they were talking about crossfire hurricane that we broke.
Infowars broke the FISA memo when no one else would cover it.
William Benny called me up, former head of the NSA, the head of technical, actually the guy that ran it, called me up one morning and said, hey, I got a call from somebody that says nobody's willing to pick this up.
But you should.
It's been out for a while.
Here it is.
I'll come on.
And it was the total bombshell.
Zero coverage by anybody.
Total zero coverage.
Except here.
It's just incredible.
But now it's being talked about in Congress.
Remember a couple years ago, Devin Nunes, back when he was still in control of the committee, before we lost control in 2018, and Nancy Pelosi again, and he kept saying, I'm gonna release the FISA memo.
And I'm like, wait a minute.
Isn't that the same memo that William Benny, former technical head of the NSA, called me up years ago and said, hey, some folks are very interested in this getting out and no one will touch it, even though it's an official inspector general of the courts.
And the courts released rulings saying we were given fake intelligence.
We were lied to.
That broke on InfoWars.
And when we broke that, no one picked it up.
Not our detractors, no one, because it was real.
And they didn't know what to do.
And again, it's not about going, oh look, we were right again.
It's about saying how frightening is that, that so many times we have to release stuff here when no one else will.
Because if you do release things like that, the deep state comes after you.
And of course, Mr. Benny had just met with the president and had been meeting with others from
the White House quite often at that point and ongoing. So they could understand how the president
was being spied on and how the NSA really works. So Trump could reverse engineer it and try to get
control of the bureaucracy. And not just believe what he was being told by the head of national
intelligence and others who he later replaced. And think about that. You can go back to the
interview two plus years ago.
William Benning.
InfoWars releases the Nunes-FISA memo.
And people went, wait, this has been out a few months.
You didn't release it.
Yes, we released it in the news.
We made a big deal about it.
We dropped smoke bombs on it like the military does to say where the target is.
We said, look, here it is.
Oh, you found the big jewel in the crown of the idol.
But, you know, the people that put it there thousands of years ago, they originally had it, so you didn't find this lost city, you didn't find the ruby, because technically the people that built this found it.
And it's not about me complaining that we didn't get the credit or the attention.
It's that that's the Jedi mind tricks I see in the media all the time.
Oh, well, I mean, this isn't new.
This is...
This is old!
And the White House called William Binney and asked him to call me and put it on air.
And Binney said that on air!
He said, yeah, some folks in the government called me and said, hey, they should get out, call Alex.
So the former head of the NSA that ran, famous whistleblower, totally respected, one of the most famous code breakers in history, comes on the show with total credibility, And it was stopped dead.
Total discipline by the media to have no coverage, other than a few right-wing outlets going, oh, well that's old news!
And then daring not touch it.
That's why I say, when you're in the position I've been in, at this nexus point, between government, media, and corporations, you see stuff nobody else sees, and you learn how this stuff works and how it operates.
There it is, early January of 2018, a little over two years ago, M4's released a secret FISA memo.
Did you notice Nunes kept saying it was secret?
Well, that meant the redacted parts, but now they've released most of the redacted.
But there's Crossfire Hurricane, right there for you, the whole deal.
Now, Saturday, finally, Jay Sekulow got up there and talked about how criminal it was, how illegal it was, and how the courts said it was criminal, and went to the White House, and couldn't even get to the President because the neocons were keeping him away.
And so, One arm of the White House, and to hopefully get it on this show, to hopefully have the Secret Service, who sometimes brings the President's stuff, get it to him.
That's how crazy this is.
That's why you saw panic headlines everywhere.
Chief of Staff battles to keep InfoWars off the President's desk.
Kelly's main mission is to stop InfoWars from getting to the President's desk.
And now Jay Sekulow is talking about it.
So the good news is they failed to stop all this coming out, but InfoWars has to stay on air because most of the time it's us that get a story that nobody's covering and get it out to the world and break through the electronic Berlin Wall.
Drudge Report a lot of times amplifies What we're doing, if Drudge can go research it himself and confirm it's accurate.
But see, Drudge can't even touch something like that at that point, because who knows if it's real?
You know, we've been so demonized and so attacked, that it's an act of courage to even promote us in a lot of circles.
Because as George Orwell said, in a world of universal deceit, tell him the truth is a revolutionary act.
So I'm going to get William Benny back on the broadcast in hindsight to look at this because imagine how they're able to turn all this around to John Bolton saying it happened in this room.
What, Bolton?
Did you have sex with kidnapped kids in a room or something?
Or did you finally trim off that obnoxious mustache you've got?
I mean, what happened, Creepazoid, in the room?
He's the big bombshell guy.
The Republican's defense is overshadowed by the huge book proposal he's floating around.
And he's ready to testify and come in as the big star and say the president told him, I want quid pro quo.
As if anyone believes a man who helped develop the WMDs and Iraq lie with the New York Times.
Oh, and who's he working with again?
The New York Times in another fraud.
This time not to take us to war and spend trillions of dollars.
To remove our president trying to keep us from going to war.
And we warn the president not to get anywhere near John Bolton.
The president didn't listen.
Now the president says, I don't want any never Trumpers and any neocons and anybody ever work for Soros.
It's a litmus test.
I'm the president.
And if I find out you work for any of these groups, you're not getting near the White House because they will pledge allegiance to the president.
They will pledge allegiance to the constitution.
They'll do it all day long.
But all they do is work against this country.
And we know they do.
The neocons presided over the sellout of the country to the shy comms and others.
And so beautiful things are happening, but also frightening things are happening.
And the defense of the president's about to start back up, and we're going to be going to large pieces of it.
And the parts we don't get to will also be aired, obviously, during the war room today with Owen Schroyer and Savannah Hernandez and others.
And of course, David Knight, weekday mornings at 8 a.m.
You'll find it all at Band.Video and Infowars.com, word slash show, as well as on satellite for radio and TV.
And the only way we reach new people is you.
But you can now see the panicked attacks to get us off air.
Because we were exposing the Soros moles by name and getting them removed.
We were exposing the crossfire hurricane.
We had a big enough bullhorn That's why they had to indict Stone and put him under investigation, so they could then tell the President, don't talk to Stone.
It'll look like obstruction, because Stone was advising him every day.
So that's another reason they came for Stone with Russiagate, and started subpoenaing him, was because they had to stop that conduit, that nightmare scenario, where Roger Stone and Alex Jones were warning the President on a daily basis.
Think about that.
But now Trump knows we were right.
And so now Trump has advisors that demand News Wars articles and Daily Wire articles and Summit.News articles get to the President.
And I can tell you the President is very, very thankful for this broadcast and very, very thankful to the viewers and listeners that make it possible.
I can tell you specifically that the President has Thank us, thank our reporters, thank reporters we sponsor.
White House gets that with deplatforming.
They understand what we're doing.
And the President thanks the audience here at InfoWars for keeping InfoWars on the air in its critical mission.
And we're stepping up to the plate with your prayers, spreading the word about the broadcast, the articles, the videos, and purchasing products at InfoWarsStore.com.
We come back the latest on the coronavirus that's definitely shaping up to be a monster.
Stay with us.
When one man dies, it's a tragedy.
When 10,000 die, it's a statistic.
That's what Joe Stalin said.
And it's really true.
Thousands and thousands have really died.
Tens of thousands are clearly infected with the coronavirus.
And there's a multinational Cover up of that going on.
I'm going to cover it in great detail next segment and it's now being confirmed that this coronavirus was being weaponized and studied in labs in the United States, Canada, Europe, China, you name it.
And that the CHICOMS got caught stealing it out of labs.
And so the big takeaway is Why are all these labs around the world weaponizing viruses, quote, to study them, or, oh, in case it ever mutates, they've got the weaponized virus and they can make a vaccine out of it?
Because the cover for bioweapons production is research into countering bioweapons, and that's how Russia, China, the United States, the UK, that's how all these nuclear powers and biological weapon powers have gotten around it, is research.
Defense research.
It's not defense research, and it's madness.
And any pathogen this deadly, you shouldn't be doing it in an underground base, like out of some Resident Evil movie.
Well, guess what?
They do it at places like the University of Texas in Galveston.
Level four facilities that are not in level four containment areas.
So that's all coming up.
Next segment.
Now, everybody wants me to talk about Kobe Bryant.
And at one level, if I do that, it's giving in to pop culture.
But if we can use pop culture As a way to get people to think outside the box, it's one of the most successful ways that we can reach out to folks that aren't into politics and aren't aware of what's going on.
And so it is very important.
And it's very, very sad what happened.
And we've seen some people say some really nasty, mean things trying to get attention that I don't agree with, but I defend their right to say it and to do it.
So in the final segment, of this hour, we're going to get to the situation with Kobe
Bryant because it is important.
And the responses to it are important. There's a lot of facets to it. It's a Rosetta stone.
And then there's also attacks on helicopters and civilian use of those.
So it also goes into the mindset of media hype. Helicopters are one of the most
successful safe conveyances out there.
We have the statistics.
In fact, we'll go over some of them.
But because you have a lot of famous people, that when they do have a crash, happen to be on them, because it's a rich man's game in many areas, most cases, it is a bigger deal because it's somebody famous that died.
Even though when famous folks die in automobile accidents or motorcycle accidents all the time, then it's just a footnote.
Nobody calls for banning cars.
And again, I would say that they were operating the helicopter improperly.
So, I'm going to get into that coming up in the final segment and have some different angles than you're going to find most people covering.
But I got to tell you, you got the trial of the President ongoing, the Republican defense that starts up in about 35 minutes.
You've got this coronavirus, obviously a bioweapon, obviously man-made, obviously souped up.
That's what we were saying weeks ago.
Now I've got mainline news saying it.
That's coming up next segment.
Viruses just don't overnight mutate into something this deadly and then just pop out of nowhere.
That's not how they work unless they have been artificially altered.
And now with gene editing, technology that's been released to the world, We're in the wheelhouse of biological Armageddon.
Human clones are old news.
Human-animal hybrids are old news.
And it just shows that the leash has been taken off of any type of restraint.
We shouldn't be creating gene-edited babies.
They shouldn't be releasing Genetically engineered bacteria into the food supply.
We shouldn't be injecting the public with live viruses that have been genetically altered.
We shouldn't be doing a lot of things we're doing.
We shouldn't be rolling out 5G.
In fact, I had a Wall Street Journal article that was in my stack yesterday that I didn't get to.
Can somebody find that Wall Street Journal article?
Because I wanted the stack back, but I didn't get that back.
So I had a big 5G rollout that had the same flavor and sound as a drug commercial.
Like where it tells you all the horrible side effects, but then they've got happy people hopping and Dancing around in the background.
It's the physical newspaper.
Physical Wall Street Journal.
They're all physical, I guess.
It's the classic newspaper style newspaper.
I know for young people, a lot of young folks don't even know what those are now, literally.
Most people don't even make phone calls anymore and talk to people.
They send text messages because they prefer not to have human interaction.
We're also going to be getting into some of those studies that are coming out on that front.
Speaking of studies, ladies and gentlemen, I've talked a lot about this.
The UN's own study that came out in 2007 was the last time they had a big global study on that.
Found that over 2 billion people had neurological disorders and mental disabilities because of iodine deficiency.
Now they spend all the time they can trying to put the bad halogen fluoride and its other sisters, bromine, bromide, chlorine and everything, but not ever telling you how important it is for neurological, for your sex life, just for everything, for your fertility, how important iodine is.
and how it's a game changer for adults and children. Now we have the pure good high quality iodine that
no one else has. We have the best atomic iodine from deep earth crystals there is out there.
It's X2 totally pure. Have to have a DEA license to even have this at the factory and facility
before it's put into this form because it's pure iodine.
You can do a lot of stuff with that.
We also have X3 because some people cannot absorb the pure iodine by itself.
It needs to be added with other types of clean iodine that's good iodine, but a different type of it that has been bound.
Potassium iodine and sodium iodine, small amounts of that are added to X3 as well.
A lot of folks like X3 better.
A lot of people like X2 better.
The point is, X2 had been sold out for a long time.
It's now back in stock at 40% off.
You can get X2 and X3 together.
For 50% off and get free shipping on that combo and see which type you like.
But believe me, you notice our information's game-changing.
You notice that we know what we're talking about.
Well, on this iodine situation, for your skin, for your heart, for your mind, for everything, you owe it to yourself to try it out and see what the effects are.
For most people, it takes about three weeks, and then you'll start kind of detoxing, feel like crap for about a week, and then after that, it's incredible.
Experience today at InfoWarsTore.com.
We have been hot on the trail of the ongoing global crisis that is the coronavirus outbreak.
It has a very high death rate for this type of pneumonia-like virus.
It's in the same family as SARS.
And we've seen the UN, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, all over this like flies on you-know-what.
Like white on rice.
And of course now it's coming out that most experts believe it's a engineered bioweapon.
And that's in the medical reports.
You don't just have viruses suddenly mutate out of nowhere that are this deadly.
It almost always takes time.
And now it turns out, surprise surprise, here's the CBC, Chinese researchers, Escorted from infectious disease lab amid RCMP investigation.
Believing that this woman and her husband and an unknown number of other students from China were removed from Canada's only level 4 lab on July 5th amidst an RCMP investigation and what's been described as possible policy breach.
A level 4 virology facility is a lab equipped to work with the most serious and deadly human and animal diseases.
So just have folks from China.
Students in there.
No big deal.
I mean, you should have an underground base, people guarding it with machine guns.
That makes the Arlington Street Lab one of the only handful in North America capable of handling pathogens requiring the highest levels of containment, such as Ebola.
Clue is a prominent virologist who helped develop the Z-Map, a treatment for the deadly Ebola virus which killed more than 11,000 people in West Africa.
Meetings at the lab staff were told researchers are on leave for unknown period of time.
They're told not to communicate with them.
And it goes on to say that it's being investigated as espionage.
And here's the headline.
Did China steal the coronavirus from Canada and weaponize it?
And that's what scientists and a lot of experts are asking.
We're going to table that for now and come back to it.
But China scrambles to contain strengthening virus.
Oh, it's getting stronger.
Virus death toll in China rises as U.S.
prepares Evacuation from China.
Dow drops 400 points as coronavirus fears rise.
Travel stocks slide.
Could this be the little trick to make the market go down to hurt America?
It's gonna hurt China too, but also the US.
Draconian travel curbs needed to halt the spread of the virus, scientists warn.
That's Yahoo News and AFP, but you notice, ladies and gentlemen, that Our borders are still wide open and when folks are coming in and untreated from Ebola areas, we're told not to check them or it's racist.
But all these other countries have sealed their borders.
Philippines should deport 500 Chinese people to prevent spread of coronavirus.
Those that have arrived in the time that it could take for it to incubate,
those that could have it hidden in their systems, which is a totally normal move, but we're told no, no, no.
Continuing, Mongolia closes border with China amid coronavirus spread.
Well, no borders, no walls, no China at all.
No Mongolia at all.
You're not supposed to have borders.
Those are evil, bad things.
Just ask Bernie Sanders.
France evacuating citizens from virus hit Wuhan.
But why would you need to leave?
You don't need to leave a place.
You don't need to have borders to protect you.
You don't need seawalls in areas that are hit by tidal waves.
No, you don't need Any airbags in your car?
You don't need a door on your house?
This is ridiculous.
And very racist, too.
I think we should pay for everybody in China to come here and get free health care.
And take kids that have it and put it in schools with our children.
That's what we do with TB, that's drug-resistant, and all these other diseases that are exploding here.
I mean, we do that.
So we should bring folks over here.
So Canada's reporting more cases, other countries reporting more cases, the U.S.
reporting more cases.
Revenge of the Twelve Monkeys, Nature Science Journal, warned about pathogens escaping Wuhan Level 4 biolab before coronavirus outbreak.
Isn't that interesting?
And now they're saying that the same virus was being worked on at that Canadian facility.
But hey, it's okay.
We don't need any borders or walls.
We don't need a Philippines, or a Japan, or South Korea, or Mongolia.
They should all just open their borders up.
Lancet reports a 15% death rate people being infected with the virus.
We hope that study's off.
just reporting it just reporting it ladies and gentlemen We'll continue to track it as it unfolds.
But GZPing says China is in a great situation.
Fears mount the virus is man-made, bioweapon, major manufacturing hubs shutting down in China amid virus outbreak.
Yeah, they're shutting down, but not us.
We're still shipping stuff in from China, as of this morning.
From Wuhan!
No borders, no wall, no USA at all!
No borders, no walls, no USA at all!
There you go!
So, I know I haven't talked about Kobe Bryant much today, even though it's the big story.
You know, we can look and see what articles are getting the most traffic on InfoWars.
The three or four Kobe Bryant articles and videos are getting half the traffic on InfoWars right now.
And I understand I should give the people what they want, A lot of listeners are like, don't cover it, it's pop culture.
No, it's important.
Because we can get people that only care about pop culture to tune in by covering it.
And then they learn everything else.
Plus, Kobe Bryant's an interesting person, it's an interesting story, has a lot of facets I want to cover.
I've just been Doing my job, I think, in covering the trial of the president and covering the stock market in trouble because of this.
And as I said last week and as I've said yesterday, The globalists have said they want to crash the US economy.
And Trump just won the trade war with China.
We've been at war with them for decades by design.
Trump just said no more white flags and made them engage in major concessions and made business open in America again.
And then like night following day and day following night, You got Bill and Melinda Gates running tabletop exercises of 65 million dead with coronaviruses, and you've got them funding the development of a vaccine and patenting this coronavirus, and you've got Chinese researchers all over it, and it's clearly a bioweapon, it's been weaponized, and here it is.
And the excuse is, oh, we've got to create weaponized versions in case someone else does, or in case it mutates into this, and then always.
You know, the last four releases of SARS that killed a lot of people were out of Chinese labs!
I mean, that's in the Lancet.
That's in... We have articles on Infowars.com linking right to it.
I mean, that's a fact!
So, these labs don't keep us safe.
These labs make our lives very, very dangerous.
You know, Russia had bioweapons releases on the... Kopka, if I say it right, peninsula and other areas, that killed a lot of people.
The U.S.
has had bioweapon releases that kill a lot of people they tried to cover up.
We had a sodium reactor blow up as big as Chernobyl back in the 50s in California.
No one was told until 1987!
Look it up!
So, who knows what's going on that we don't know about right now.
Who knows?
I don't know.
I just know this stinks beyond heaven.
This is ridiculous what's going on.
And this virus is deadly, and it is spreading, and it is here, and the borders are still wide open.
We'll be right back.
Alex Jones here, back live.
I'm going to address the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and his young daughter and others yesterday while flying through fog in a helicopter in Calabasas, California.
And I'm going to start with a symposium a few days ago in Florida on human trafficking with the widow of the late Senator John McCain, where she says everyone knew That he was a monster.
Everyone knew that Jeffrey Epstein was doing all these terrible things to young girls and children.
But everyone was scared.
So you knew, but you were scared.
But your husband helped bring in Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Libya and in Syria that enslaved hundreds of thousands of women and children.
And he helped cover up the DynCorp operations and child kidnapping.
And helped defend the Clintons and their crimes.
So it sounds like Cindy McCain's very naive about just who her late husband was.
Because the whole currency of D.C.
is on pedophilia.
And as she says, they all knew it.
And everybody's like, wow, you knew it.
You didn't say anything.
And she says, everybody knew.
Well, you know who knew 15 years ago?
Alex Jones.
And I only raise that point to say this.
I'm being deplatformed.
I'm being sued.
I'm being attacked.
They're running dirty tricks against me every day.
And the left thumps their chest and says, Alex Jones is bad.
He deserves to be destroyed.
It's open season on him.
The average leftist in the street.
When I exposed all of this and the blackmail rings with the Clintons, Hillary, her first job with a law degree was to go to the Dixie Mafia in Arkansas, where the Chicago Mafia that her dad was high up in, actually ran their operations.
And she represented Dixie Mafia criminals, who would grab children off the streets and torture them to death.
And rape them until their cervixes were smashed through, and they could never have children, had to have their uteruses taken out.
Yes, men raped little girls so hard that they tore their insides out.
I've had the women here, sitting next to me.
They also smashed their faces in, crushed their noses in, broke their jaws.
Those are specialty.
And Hillary's on tape laughing and giggling about it because when you want your daughter to go to the fast track, you send her down to represent child rapist.
And then her whole life has been the same thing.
That's what she does.
And I've interviewed women On this show, that report that Hillary Clinton raped them.
By Kathy O'Brien.
And I didn't know 20 years ago if Kathy O'Brien was accurate, but later, pieces of what she said came out and turned out to be true.
And then I learned from a totally separate person, one of her stories corroborated,
who didn't even know who Kathy O'Brien was, another woman who was brought to the satanic rituals and was in the
middle of it.
I'm gonna stop right there. Let's just say when you know this stuff, you watch TV and see people
on it, it gives you a chill up your spine.
So, oh, back to Kobe Bryant, sorry.
Sorry, back to Kobe Bryant.
Kobe Bryant had a 19-year-old woman come up to his hotel room, however many, was it 15 years ago, longer?
And then they were never sure who said consensual, The whole thing got dropped, and he's not had a bigger history around that.
The point is, though, you saw Kavanaugh being railroaded.
You see how the left weaponizes it, how Hollywood weaponizes it.
And then when, oh, Meryl Streep wants to give a standing ovation for Roma Polanski, who drugged and raped a 13-year-old girl.
I'm not going to get into the details of it.
They support that.
So, CNN comes out about Coley Bryden, I've got the articles right here, and says, oh, he's a rapist!
Even though he was never convicted of it.
When they are the ones on CNN that have been covering up for Jeffrey Epstein and the industrial level information.
I get why Ari Shaffir Who I know, well, many years, came out and said, oh, look at Hollywood that, you know, is covering up for Kobe Bryant, the rapist.
I'm glad his helicopter crashed and all this stuff being shocking, saying, look, you know, you guys are celebrating this rapist.
He's trying to jump on the bandwagon.
You've seen it at the Golden Globes and other places where tearing down Hollywood's pool.
And at a certain point, that's healthy and that's good.
But the angle of making fun of somebody right after they're dead with their child when they were not convicted of the rape, It's disgusting.
But he has the right to say it and should not be deplatformed over it.
All I'm saying is CNN and others are saying Kobe Bryant rapist.
I've got the articles and videos right here.
And there's a backlash to that.
They can't help their Me Too movement on that.
Because they use that saying all men are rapists and dividing the sexes against each other.
Cover up their real operations, the Satanism, the pedophilia, the true evil that many of the CNN executives we know are indeed involved in.
And the ritualistic trauma of the children of some of the hosts you see on CNN.
That was 17 years ago.
And so CNN, right after he dies with his daughter, Brings that out and tweets that out, hoping to be the center of a new controversy, just like Ari Shafir, Shafir just did, who I'd like to get on the show.
It's easy to make a point like that at that point and be the big national, you know, individual.
But what's harder to do is to actually get into what really unfolded and what's happening and how Cindy McCain is talking about how they all knew about Jeffrey Epstein, and that means the Clintons, and did nothing, but there are the Clintons at your husband's funeral worshipping him.
So she's now trying to play the savior here, but now it's a big controversy because people are like, wait a minute, you all knew?
Think about that.
That's the big story.
That's the big issue, and the full video is up on InfoWars.com.
We all knew John McCain's widow comments on Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking charges.
Here it is.
Everything, um, you know, we, we, it hides in plain sight.
Epstein was hiding in plain sight.
We all knew about him.
We all knew what he was doing.
But we had no one that was, no, um, uh, legal aspect that would go after him.
They were afraid of him.
For whatever reason, they were afraid of him.
All of a sudden, someone said, B.S.
We're not afraid of you anymore and what you're doing is not only wrong, it's illegal, it's, you know, all those things.
It's like a house of cards now.
It's going to start tumbling, believe me.
And these guys, if they don't leave the country, number one, they're going to get caught.
And not only will they get caught, but they're going to be made examples of.
And that's exactly what we should be doing with these guys, especially.
In my opinion, if, you know, I know there's questions, but Epsi's a chicken shit for doing what he did.
He should have faced the music, that one.
He should have.
We had to delay the end of that for station.
She says that Jeffrey Epstein is a chicken bleeper for killing himself.
So she goes along with the official lie that he killed himself.
And don't worry, the people that did it are going to be made examples out of, even though she admits she was an accomplice and she knew all about it.
So CNN's not going to call out Cindy McCain.
They're going to call out People out there like Kobe Bryant, after they're dead because they can't defend themselves, 17 years after the case against them was dropped.
And they're going to call him a rapist.
Because that's going to cover for the real rapists that are out there.
The people raping our minds, raping our culture, raping our health, raping our children, literally and metaphysically.
We come back, I'm going to get to the cartoon that came out a few years ago that foreshadowed Toby Bryant crashing in a helicopter.
He survived the fictional example of that.
And then I'm going to finish up and move on into the live coverage of the second day of the Trump defense.
It's powerful.
We'll be going in and out of that, opening the phones up and then getting to all the other news.
And there is a lot of it as it breaks and unfolds.
Please remember, the way we reach new people, ...is tell folks about the local AM and FM stations you're listening to, or the local TV stations.
It's so important to do that, and it's so important to send out the live feed from Band.Video and Infowars.com forward slash show in your email, and on your text messages, and on your Facebook, and on your Google, and all those other areas.
It's so critical to get that live feed out.
This is the forbidden transmission.
Only you can carry it forward.
Well, the second day of Trump's defense after four months of one-sided kangaroo court behavior is about to begin.
The Democrats have been trying to block this.
The mainstream media has not been covering it.
Stephanopoulos got caught on a hot mic directing them during coverage over the weekend to not show it.
Not letting you hear what they're saying.
That's how one-sided this is.
And even if the president was guilty of the stuff they've made up, not giving him a fair trial means he must be acquitted.
Well, he's totally innocent.
It's ridiculous.
So we will get a feed of that for you once that kicks off.
Getting back into Kobe Bryant.
People watch folks on TV for many years, and they get to feel like they're family.
People get sad when people die.
And it's good to celebrate fellow humans, and it's good to celebrate athletes, but we should also celebrate our own families, and our own achievements, and then realize that When our neighbor dies, it's as big a deal as Kobe Bryant dying and that's how Hollywood controls us by hypnotizing us and believing what's on the screen is more real than what's happening around us in everyday life.
But realizing that life is short and that we're all equal and that we're mortal.
...is also a powerful moral to all of this, but those attacking Bryant, within hours of him dying as a rapist, just to get headlines, are CNN.
I mean, CNN's like a cuss word now.
It's like a, you just describe it.
You don't have to say bad things about CNN, just say it's what CNN is.
But I don't think they should be censored for it.
I think it's their right to jump on that bandwagon if they want to make themselves look like they're exposing abusive women when what their main job is is covering it up just like Sidney McCain was just doing.
Eerie cartoon depicts Kobe Bryant helicopter crash in 2016 comedy Central Cartoon.
That's Sumner Redstone.
Early depicted basketball legend Kobe Bryant crashing in a helicopter.
Here it is.
Oh, s**t!
It's Kobe Bryant!
Help me!
Just pass me the trophies and we'll pull you out!
And of course that wasn't the only show to predict Kobe's death.
It was done on other programs as well.
Kobe's gonna end up dying in a helicopter crash.
Folks said on Twitter.
Well, that's pretty easy to do.
It's like saying, oh, I bet somebody dies in a car accident, and it ends up happening.
Car accidents are one of the main causes of death.
And I'm not part of the helicopter industry.
I don't own a helicopter.
I've been up in them quite a bit.
I just know the statistics.
And it's one of the safest forms of travel out there, unless you're flying in fog.
And then you know what happened to Stevie Ray Vaughan as well.
Very, very sad.
You know, I guess I could try to get His brother on, I'm good friends with, to talk about his brother and talk about this now in hindsight, what he thinks people should know.
But at the end of the day, we're all just mortal.
And one day we'll shake off this mortal coil.
And the day you're born is the day you start dying.
So to live is to die.
And to have a child is to give them life, also give them death.
And to give them all the pain that comes with life.
But that's the animating contest of liberty.
That's what it's all about.
Because think of all the good things in life versus the bad.
And it's trying to stay away from living on the edge.
Trying to stay away from risk.
Trying to stay away from adventure.
Makes it a living death already.
Every study, every statistic shows that.
So, I'm not out there in high-risk situations for no reason.
I go out and do high-risk things because it's what needs to be done as an example of liberty.
And I'm not going to let the globalists and anti-fund communist scum that threaten us keep me from taking the field because to do that is to get on my knees and I never will.
Kobe Bryant's off in the wild blue yonder.
We hope he meets his maker.
And I hope you one day meet your maker as well and don't go to the wrong place.
We'll be right back with a trial of the president.
They are saying a prayer right now ahead of the second day of the Republican Defense of President Trump, or the White House lawyers' defense of President Trump for only the third time in history.
We're watching the trial of a sitting U.S.
president when what they charged him with isn't even crimes to begin with.
Obstructing Congress when it's the right and the duty of the executive to stay separate.
Abuse of power, some nebulous thing that can't even be proven.
Truly amazing.
So we're going to go to some of that live here in just a moment.
And then meanwhile, we knew it was coming.
The Democrats are now calling for special police units to be set up at the state level that blue cities control to go out and target right-wingers in thought crime.
Dim lawmakers in Connecticut proposed new police departments specifically for fighting far-right extremism, says Freedom of Speech.
Unfortunate, the same groups are running the lawsuits against us, openly saying for America to quote, survive, info wars must be shut down, close quote.
That's Senator Blumenthal, Senator Murphy, all of them.
Just unbelievable information.
We're going to get to that coming in right now.
You've got the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court giving admonishments here before the second day of the trial begins.
Let's go ahead and go to that live feed.
The Sergeant-at-Arms will make the proclamation.
Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye.
All persons are commanded to keep silent on pain of imprisonment while the Senate of the United States is sitting for the trial of the Articles of Impeachment exhibited by the House of Representatives against Donald John Trump, President of the United States.
Mr. Chief Justice?
The Majority Leader is recognized.
As the Chaplain has indicated, on behalf of all of us, a happy birthday.
I'm sure this is exactly how you'd plan to celebrate the day.
Well, thank you very much for those kind wishes, and thank you to all the Senators for not asking for the yays and nays.
And for the information of all the Senators, we should expect a break every two or three hours, and then at six o'clock, Thank you Mr. Chief Justice.
Members of the Senate.
Chief Justice, I yield the floor.
Pursuant to the provisions of Senate Resolution 483, the counsel for the president have 22
hours and five minutes remaining to make the presentation of their case.
The Senate will now hear you.
Mr. Seculow.
Thank you, Mr. Chief Justice.
Members of the Senate.
What we've done on Saturday is the pattern that we're going to continue today as far
as how we're going to deal with the case.
We deal with transcript evidence.
We deal with publicly available information.
We do not deal with speculation, allegations that are not based on evidentiary standards at all.
We are going to highlight some of those very facts we talked about very quickly.
On Saturday, you're going to hear more about that.
I want to give you a little bit of an overview of what we plan to do today in our presentation.
You will hear from a number of lawyers.
Each one of these lawyers will be addressing a particular aspect of the President's case.
I will introduce the issues that they're going to discuss and then that individual lawyer will come up and make their presentation.
We want to do this on an expeditious but yet thorough basis.
Let me start with, just for a very brief few moments, to take a look at where we were.
One of the things that became very clear to us as we looked at the presentation from the House managers was the lack of focus on that July 25th transcript.
And that's because the transcript actually doesn't say what they would like it to say.
Now we've heard, and you will hear more about that in the days ahead.
We know about Mr. Schiff's version of the transcript.
You heard it.
You saw it.
I want to keep coming back to facts.
Facts that are really undisputed.
The President, in his conversation, was clear on a number of points.
But so was President Zelensky.
I mentioned that at the close of my arguments earlier, that it was President Zelensky that said, no pressure.
I didn't feel any pressure.
And again, as this kind of reading of minds of what people were saying, I think we need to look at what they actually said, and how it's backed up.
It is our position, as President's Council, that the President was at all times acting under his constitutional authority, under his legal authority, in our national interest, and pursuant to his oath of office.
Asking a foreign leader to get to the bottom of issues of corruption is not a violation of an oath.
It was interesting because there was a lot of discussion the other day about Lt.
Vindman, and one of the things that we reiterate is that he himself said he did not know if there was anything of a crime or anything of that nature.
He had deep policy concerns, and I think that is what this is really about, is deep policy concerns, deep policy differences.
We live in a constitutional republic where you have deep policy concerns.
Let's fade this down for a moment.
We've all heard this a hundred times in the last four months.
We know Trump did nothing wrong.
But what Sekulow is getting at here is really deep.
I hope he spells it out clearer.
The deep state thinks it's America and thinks it runs our lives and thinks that if we elect a president that doesn't do what they want and doesn't let them run a big money laundering operation out of Ukraine for $5 billion a year that we're bad guys.
That's it.
It's literally a Harvard and Yale mafia.
I've got a Don Lemon clip where they're making fun of dumb Americans.
They say Midwesterners don't know where Ukraine is on a map.
And they all three sit there and laugh at dumb Midwesterners.
What the hell does that even mean?
I've been around the country, but Midwesterners are hardworking, smart people.
But again, it's the elitism.
These people think that 97% of the country, geographically, doesn't like them.
I've got articles on the demographics here.
Bloomberg's reporting on it.
All right.
So is Yahoo News.
Homesteaders run for the hills to flee U.S.
And it's how all these big leftists and billionaires and others are fleeing, believing a collapse is coming.
What I'm getting at here is, I feel sorry for New York and San Francisco and LA.
There's a lot of good people living in those places.
I don't just look at them all as elite scum because a bunch of globalist criminals run it.
But when you see the disdain these people have, they believe they own us and they don't.
Yeah, they found a Reuters article.
Let's put that back on screen, thanks.
Homesteaders and catastrophists run to the hills to flee U.S.
And it's an article saying people are scared of tyranny.
They're scared of the breakdown in the cities, the corruption they see, the taxation.
And that, shockingly, it's a wide section of political beliefs But see, even as the big cities collapse and reach their tentacles out towards us, they still laugh at us and hate us because we don't want to be in the grasp of these globalists and their new order system.
We don't want to take our five-year-olds in and have them sit on the lap of a big, fat, obese man in a hit-the-clown outfit so he can rub his abdomen on them.
We don't want to just suck in the 5G and roll over and die.
During the break, I was watching some of the Senate defense the President, and they're just pointing out how the Democrats ordered the Senate to do the trial a certain way, and are still trying to dictate things, and how that's unconstitutional and an abuse of power in the Constitution.
That's what Professor Turley, who's a liberal, said.
This is what's illegal, the way they've done the whole thing.
And now they're trying to tell the Senate what to do.
That's why I said they should have just no-billed it and said, no, we're not even having the trial, had a vote to not even have the trial, because that legitimizes it.
You don't get to trial if it's proven that the prosecution planted evidence or didn't follow due process.
It's thrown out!
And we knew that once they got the trial going, they'd launch a bunch of fiascos.
We knew John Bolton was the chief torpedo, and now he's crawled out from under a rock.
The guy that helped lie about WMDs with the New York Times 17 years ago.
And now he's back with the New York Times with a new fiasco.
It's kind of like Brian Williams got caught saying he got shot down in a helicopter and the whole thing was a lie.
They just took him Off as the main anchor for a few months and he's back full time reporting on how Infowars is fake news.
I mean, if I ever said I got shot down in a helicopter and it wasn't true, you'd be done with me forever.
You should be.
I mean, if I told you that, you know, I'd been on a Mars mission and I hadn't been, you'd know I was a damn liar and there's no value to me.
But they think you're an idiot.
But they know you're not an idiot.
They know you want the truth.
You want justice.
You want hardcore information.
That's why they block InfoWars.
It's why they're trying to censor everybody now, because they want to make us watch them.
And I'm going to tell the vile pukes at CNN and NBC and all of them, you'll never get an audience again.
Everyone hates you.
Hollywood is hated.
The system is hated.
And you're a stinking joke.
I want to get back to some of the trial, but I was already, this is synchronicity, I was about to say, is this synchronicity or is this serendipity?
because it's crazy.
I was about to cover this article. What you saw right as we were going to break
how all of these elites are Are running to the hills.
That's a big article out of Reuters.
And then, Tim Frugge ran in here during the break, and he told me some very interesting information.
So I'm just going to stop.
Right there, because now that I think about it, I want to talk to Tim again before I announce this.
So I'll do this towards the end of the hour.
Let's go back to Ken Starr.
We are living in the age of impeachment.
Let's see what he's saying in the defense of the president right now.
The firing of a special prosecutor, as he was called, Archibald Cox, by President Nixon.
Government would now be better, more honest, greater accountability.
And the Independent Council would be protected.
But the word impeachment haunts that dissenting opinion.
And it's not hard to discover why.
Because the statute, by its terms, expressly directed the Independent Council to become, in effect, an agent of the House of Representatives.
And to what end?
To report to the House of Representatives, when a very low threshold of information was received, that an impeachable offense left undefined, may have been committed.
To paraphrase President Clinton's very able counsel at the time, Bernie Nussbaum, this statute is a dagger aimed at the heart of the presidency.
President Clinton nonetheless signed the reauthorized measure into law, and the nation then went through the long process known as Whitewater.
Resulting in the findings by the office which I led, the Office of Independent Counsel, in a written report to the House of Representatives.
That referral to Congress was stipulated In the Ethics in Government Act of 1978.
To put it mildly, Democrats were very upset about what had happened.
They then joined Republicans across the aisle, who for their part, had been outraged by an earlier independent counsel investigation.
That of a very distinguished former judge, Lawrence Walsh.
During the Reagan administration, Judge Walsh's investigation of what became known to the country as Iran-Contra spawned enormous criticism.
You know, I'm gonna make a call here.
I think listeners think this is like watching paint dry.
Because this is the Senate.
Hearing the technicals of impeachment itself and how this doesn't reach the threshold, this whole thing's a fraud, it's a dangerous direction for our country to go because the bureaucracy is just going to try to hamstring and remove the presidency by everything but name only.
Making it ceremonial where it cannot be its own branch of government to balance out the other two if they empower the threshold to be so low.
They need to be attacking the Deep State.
They need to be exposing Crossfire Hurricane.
They need to be putting up front the story of how this is to meddle in the election and is a criminal fraud.
Not going through technicals of how this is not legally to the threshold.
Because the whole thing has been about the Democrats grandstanding, like they're in charge and they're the good guys and they're fighting evil and Trump is illegitimate.
And then you've got a bunch of lawyers going in, being lawyers again, countering a completely illegitimate, fraudulent PR move with a bunch of pure legal theory, which I'm sure in the austere body of the U.S.
Senate We'll have them acquit the president, but it will only encourage the Democrats to pull this scam again, which they've said they're planning to do if Trump gets re-elected.
They need stinging defeat.
They need to be rebuked.
They need to be punished.
And that's what Trump said over the weekend in a tweet.
He said, when is Schiff going to be punished for all the obstruction of things and the lies and the fraud and reading fake transcripts and doing all this crap?
And Schiff goes, oh, you're threatening me!
And then Schiff says, Trump said he'll put their heads on pikes so they don't do what he wants.
Never said that, never did it.
Then people said, oh, that'd be a threat if he said that.
It's a figure of speech.
The Democrats are trying to get me arrested in Connecticut for saying, put somebody's head on a pike.
And that was a nebulous person.
I said, whoever sent us the child porn, I want their head on a pike.
These people are monsters.
Ladies and gentlemen, we've got some really Important news to cover right now.
This weekend, I saw the headline, N95 virus masks shell out across the United States.
And I've been told that by folks when I was buying some extra ones just last week.
They were running low.
I also noticed that storable food prices were spiking, but we kept ours at the lowest you're going to find anywhere at InfoWarsTore.com.
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I noticed that the N95 virus masks have sold out across the United States.
I noticed that storable food prices were spiking.
I noticed there were reports that food prices in general were going to be going up because of the crisis in China and surrounding areas and with how deadly this coronavirus is.
Then I started seeing headlines like this one, Homesteaders Catastrophists Run for the Hills to Flee U.S.
That's out of Reuters.
And I'm sitting back looking at what's happening in the stock market going down and all the rest of it and knowing how deadly this virus is.
And then all of a sudden, Tim comes walking in and he says, Wipe his brow just like I just did.
We just talked to Matt Redhawk, his longtime friend and the owner of My Patriot Supply and a Patriot.
And I said, let me guess.
They're running out of storable food.
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But without going on forever, It's just another sign of how serious everything is because
they were telling us, well, because we have an agreement with them, hey, you can't have that
sales price at that level anymore because we're having to go out and buy food at much higher
And so that's where in the supply chain, you get the news that this is really serious.
And so during the break, I went and found out more about how institutional buyers,
big corporations and state connected groups are buying from our supplier and from other suppliers.
And that's why the other ones have run out and aren't even able to ship for folks.
But we are within 7 to 10 days.
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And I just don't know why the average American doesn't know how important it is to have borders, or how the left portrays it that way, that any type of border control or any type of screening from countries that have diseases in them is a bad thing.
Latin America has incredible diseases pouring into the U.S.
It's hurting the American people, hurting race, color, and creed.
It's causing massive crises.
In the local medical systems and bankrupting many of them and driving up healthcare prices.
And we all know this.
As if it's not bad enough having to pay for hundreds of thousands of sex change operations, which aren't sex changes when they cut your tally whacker off.
You're just a psycho.
All of this, ladies and gentlemen, is completely out of control.
And we're paying for millions of abortions every year.
Taxpayers are.
Thank God Trump's just cut the funding of that down to zero.
That's something real old Trump did again.
It's just crazy, and I don't want to say I'm overwhelmed, but the crises that are starting to unfold are so serious, and they're all interconnected, and you just know that 2020 is going to be one insane year.
So I would just tell listeners, you can always eat your insurance.
Hope you never need it.
This stuff's really good.
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You see the shipping starting to come to a standstill out of China.
Even if you're not buying food that comes out of China, which I recommend you don't, when they stop shipping, that means other places will up their shipping and other supply chains will run down fast as well.
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I'm going to say this again.
Half the public was self-sufficient.
During the Great Depression.
90% of folks live in the country.
A little bit more than half of them were completely self-sufficient.
Today, about 87% live in the city, and a very small percentage of those in the country are self-sufficient.
So maybe 5% of the public is self-sufficient.
If we have another Great Depression in this country, and if supply chains break down, it is a recipe for mega-death.
17 million people, it's estimated, by major university studies starved to death during the Great Depression in this country, and that's when people...
We're self-sufficient and there was a food base and an agricultural system and folks knew how to skin a buck or run a trot line.
They don't today.
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Okay, we'll come back with the latest breaking news and what's happening in the Senate.
Just over the weekend, we reported that the cases of coronavirus could possibly be 10 times higher than the official number.
Now it's being confirmed, Wuhan coronavirus update, 44,000 now infected, warned University of Hong Kong researchers, and this article from Natural News links to mainstream news in Hong Kong.
Of course, it's way worse than they've been saying.
You've seen the people dropping dead and falling down, and the hospitals totally jammed, and dead bodies lying in the corners, and all this craziness.
This is big.
With major cities completely locked down.
Residents left in Wuhan, which China quarantined to stop the coronavirus, are desperately stockpiling food and fuel, leaving empty shelves and prices skyrocketing.
Wuhan coronavirus lockdown.
We've got enough food to last 10 days.
That was four days ago.
Last week, there I was ordering Mask and more food.
And I didn't even come on air and do it myself.
Because there's that feeling of like, well, I'm pushing it during a crisis.
Of course we should promote this during a crisis.
It's all the more reason to get prepared and get ready, ladies and gentlemen.
I hope this thing peters out, but it doesn't look like that.
It looks like it's going to get really, really bad, and people need to have water filtration.
They need to have storable food.
We've got the very best units out there.
And as I told you, I got this call 30 minutes ago, confirmed it.
From our great food supplier that produces the InfoWars Select Food line, the entire line of MyPatriotSupply, and they said, man, it's the worst ever.
All the other big suppliers they know have sold out, can't get food.
They are buying ahead a ton of food, but the prices have skyrocketed, and that's in the news as well.
If you lock it in now, You will get the food within seven to ten days, and the price won't go up.
But he said that it may, by tomorrow, be longer if your order gets in later until you get it, and we may have to raise prices yet again.
So it's gone back to regular price.
It's still a great deal.
He was calling us to say, listen, surprised you didn't call me the last week.
You're selling a lot of food, aren't you?
And I'm like, yeah.
Talking to him during the break.
Well, we're having to buy out now.
So you can sell out of that food at that price if you want, but we're having to buy out now because it's all basically been sold out and other people aren't able to do this.
So you're going to have to raise prices.
I said, well, I totally understand because we had the lowest prices of the entire My Patriot Supply System.
But that's how I worked it.
So take advantage of this now at MFORSTORE.com.
If you get your order in now, it'll be there within seven to 10 days.
And he doesn't think he'll have to raise prices for Four or five days and hopefully this thing isn't as bad as it looks like because again, that's what I'm really concerned about is my family personally.
Again, I was going to go on vacation next week with my children.
I was going to work some during it, but.
Looks like that may not happen now.
That's how bad and how serious this is.
And at a certain point, I've just gotten overwhelmed.
People are like, hey, you're pretty relaxed with all this going on.
It's just stuff's gotten so insane.
I'm just giving it to God.
And God's saying to me, you need to get prepared.
You need to get ready.
So again, Infowarsstore.com.
Get your Alexa Pure.
Water filtration system highest rated out there.
Not just because we're in a crisis, but because we're already in a crisis of how poison the water is.
Everyone should be doing it, and your purchase funds the operation.
I'm done plugging.
You know, I talked about this last segment, and then I've got all this news, and I was planning to go to the trial, and got a special guest coming up, and now all I'm thinking about is the coronavirus.
I personally can't get it out of my mind.
So that's why I'm kind of having trouble today talking about other topics, is I'm very, very distracted right now.
In fact, we have a guest coming on who's very smart, very pretty, and that's always nice, I'll be honest, when I'm here on air is to talk to a nice, lovely lady, who's running against a very evil lady, Nancy Pelosi.
And then I'm very tempted just to cancel that or move it because I want to open the phones up on coronavirus.
We'll at least get her on for one second, but then we'll open the phones up for coronavirus.
I think this is gonna be really bad, folks.
It's already bad if you're in China.
Because my gut level feeling, I feel exhausted by it.
Because when I think about it, it's like, ugh, like, something you don't want to face, you know what I mean?
But something nagging, and like, I was asking myself this weekend, like, why aren't you pushing storable food during this crisis?
You know, people always need a reason to get ready, that's when people buy food, I just didn't want it to be real, you know what I mean?
Because you've probably noticed we haven't been very alarmist even though the headlines have been very alarmist and have been confirmed and now it's pretty much a bioweapon.
Even mainstream news is saying that and we're like, is this the sucker punch against Trump in America?
Because this is already hurting the US economy.
In fact, let's look and see.
Where the stock market is, last time I checked it was down 400 points or whatever.
You start getting thousands and thousands dead a week from this, and it keeps spreading, and it's got an infection rate as high as Lancet says?
I mean, folks, Lancet came out in a study, an emergency study they did, and they said that it has a super high infection rate and death rate.
I've got a whole folder on it, actually, right here.
And it just makes me ask the question, how bad is this going to get?
Look at this headline, Nobody Can Leave, Trapped Wuhan Residents Stock Up, Coronavirus Victim Writhes Around and Shakes Uncontrolled in Hospital Trolley, Coronavirus Victim, and it goes on, 56 Million Quarantined in China as Evidence Mounts Government Plot.
Coronavirus hits 15% fatality rate, 83% infection rate for those exposed.
Lansing emergency study.
We just, that's got to be wrong though.
I mean there's just no way.
Hopefully it's because the sample rate is so low of who they looked at that that's skewed.
I mean it's got to be.
be. 15% fatality rate. 83% infection rate.
New research casts doubt the coronavirus started in Wuhan food market.
Of course it did.
It started in a bioweapons lab.
Look, yesterday it was 1,300 cases.
I forgot to give you this headline.
Now they're reporting it's 40,000 cases.
That's coming out of Hong Kong.
Here it is.
44,000 cases, excuse me.
I mean, this is just ridiculous.
And you know, deep-seatedly, it's not even exhaustion I'm feeling, it's anger so intense that it just makes me feel sick.
You know that type of anger that's so far down in your gut, in the pit of your stomach, that it's the type of anger where you just would be a killing machine if you actually got in a fight?
That's how I feel right now.
I'm so sick of the sick freaks I don't know if you joined us at the start of the show, but we went into all the mainline news.
Chinese researchers being thrown out of labs in Canada, where they had this damn thing.
Bill and Melinda Gates funding a group to create it.
It's obviously been souped up and it's weaponized, and they never get in trouble for it.
I mean, you know how many secret tests that elements of the U.S.
government did?
Because it's not the whole government.
It's the scientific dictatorship that Eisenhower warned about.
He didn't just say the military industrial complex.
He said the scientific technological elite in control of the advanced research laboratories that then became DARPA.
Are in control of the military industrial complex.
It's not the military he said was bad.
It's the people in control of it at the scientific level.
Because right at that time, they were coming to him with internet systems, and everyone will have handheld computers, and we'll interface with a machine, and it'll control civilization, and Eisenhower was like, you're gonna build a post-human world?
They're like, sir, we have to, or the Russians will.
And he's like, that's ridiculous, we'll just have moratoriums.
We're gonna build a human future.
Eisenhower gave speeches about this before he died.
Most of it was classified, so we couldn't get into specifics.
He just said there's some crazy people in the advanced weapons research labs that have got some really dangerous ideas.
Well, folks, I think we've lived to see those ideas come to fruition, haven't we?
And now those ideas are having babies.
And it's called a post-human world and worshipping AI gods.
The only place I find that's the Bible in a book called Revelations.
So, yeah.
It's crazy town.
And China has no rules.
I mean, I remember TV pieces out of China 20 years ago about cows that produce human milk.
And, you know, I remember having guests on 25 years ago where they have goats that are part spider in the U.S.
And people didn't believe me!
I don't blame you!
That's crazy!
That should be illegal!
You know how dangerous it is?
splicing all those genes?
Well it sounds like the perfect script for a horror movie.
A virus with no vaccine and no cure kills thousands of people.
Five billion people died in 1996 and 1997.
in 1996 and 1997, amongst the entire population of the world.
Only about 1% of us survived.
More reports of flu cases along the border, but officials are saying they aren't connected.
Surely there's very real and very convincing data that the planet cannot survive the excesses of the human race.
And I actually think the world will be much better when there's only 10 or 20% of us left.
Dr. Eric Bianco.
But most frightening was the fact that in a crowd of over 1,000 prominent scientists, local newspapers reported that 95% of those in attendance gave Bianca sustained standing ovations every time he extolled the virtues of mass culling microbes and man's destruction, and went on to laud the virtues of Ebola because it would kill 90% of the world population quickly.
The World Health Organization said on Tuesday the Ebola death toll jumped by almost 200 in a single day to at least 2,296 and is likely to be higher than that.
The head of the U.S.
Centers for Disease Control confirmed Tuesday that West Africa is in a desperate situation, but that there is still hope that the outbreak can be reined in.
A top German virologist has caused shockwaves by asserting that it's too late to halt the spread of the Ebola virus.
In other news, the CDC is receiving reports of a possible flu outbreak in San Francisco.
If the symptoms were first detected in Philadelphia on December 27, 1996, that makes us know that.
It was released in Philadelphia probably on December 13, 1996.
And it was seen sequentially after that in?
San Francisco, New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Kinshasa, Karachi, Bangkok, then Peking.
Rome, Kinshasa, Karachi, Bangkok, Peking.
That's some trip you're taking, sir.
Is this all in one week?
One of the two Americans infected with the Ebola virus has arrived in Atlanta from Africa for treatment.
The Massachusetts doctor arrived at the Nebraska Medical Center just before dawn this morning to be treated for Ebola.
And right now, his or her blood sample is on its way to the Centers for Disease Control.
A new ability to wage war is formed from the blood of an infected person.
There you see?
Also invisible to the naked eye.
It doesn't even have an odor.
This Ebola outbreak is unprecedented and has become the deadliest on record.
Ebola is now an epidemic.
You start to get a sense of the rapid escalation now we're seeing of the virus.
Imagine a virus, the most terrifying virus you can, and then imagine that you and you alone have the cure.
Without specific drugs or a vaccine for Ebola, the only thing doctors can do for those suffering from this disease is treat their symptoms.
That's a report that we put out years ago, and we're going to repost it to Bandai Video in the next few minutes.
I'm going to give it a new name, but just look for that.
I'll make it the featured video right in the center of Bandod video.
Remember the big hubbub bringing one person or two or three people in that had a bola?
Now we bring in people by the thousands from the Congo, and they're not even screened or checked, and they've confirmed in the Caribbean Ebola's been brought in.
Trying to get an epidemic going, so they don't have to stage one.
And then the head UN scientist says, vaccines are killing people, we've been covering it up, we haven't even done any studies, Big Pharma does that secretly, and the doctors think we're hurting people.
It's just amazing.
But this situation with coronavirus, evidence isn't mounting that it's man-made.
It's unbelievably obvious that it's man-made.
So we'll have more on this, the Senate trial, like watching paint dry, and so much more.
Infowars.com, tomorrow's news today.
I've been looking, but I still haven't seen any reportage on restrictions from people from China to the United States.
Other countries, Like South Korea, Philippines, Mongolia are absolutely closing their borders and saying nobody from China can come in.
That's the smart move with the University of Hong Kong, highly respected, reporting 44,000 now infected.
We've posted that at naturalnews.com story to infowars.com.
I hope you'll share it.
Nearly 44,000 people already infected by the Wuhan coronavirus warned academic researchers from the University of Hong Kong over the weekend.
The official number of infectious claimed by the Communist Chinese government is only 2,900, revealing a desperate effort to cover up the true numbers and lie to the world about a dangerous, deadly pandemic.
University of Hong Kong academics on Monday estimated the number of patients in Wuhan has reached 53,590 by Saturday.
Including those in the incubation stage of the virus, which includes pneumonia, reports the South China Morning Post.
Lead researcher and Dean of HKU's Facility of Medicine, Gabriel Leung, said his team estimated there were 25,630 patients showing symptoms in Wuhan.
The number would double in 6.2 days according to mathematical modeling based on infectious figures worldwide as of Saturday.
Importantly, the Wuhan coronavirus is now known to be infectious during its incubation period, which means that people are spreading the pandemic even before they realize they're sick themselves.
According to recent analysis published in the Lancet, family members of victims exposed to coronavirus showed no symptoms for eight days before finally being diagnosed with full-blown symptoms.
Some just dropped dead on the street.
Additionally, about 2% of those infected show no signs of fever or respiratory distress, meaning they're able to pass right through airport screening Measures.
Here are the official Chinese government numbers.
And then it goes into the equations and how they come up with that.
That's how many there currently are.
And it goes into the Lancet study and the infectious rates.
You might want to go read that story.
And then you learn that Bill and Melinda Gates were funding, taking it and patenting the virus.
And you learn that Some chi-coms got kicked out of the university up in Canada that has level 4 facilities in it, believed to be spies going after the coronavirus that was known to be held in that facility.
Major manufacturing hubs shutting down in China amid virus outbreak.
That's just some of the news on those fronts.
Meanwhile, if you want to save the world, Cut back on email if you want to fight global warming.
That's Bloomberg News reporting that.
That's right.
And they're saying that you shouldn't save all those emails and all those photos.
Those are bad for the earth.
So AI is going to start deciding which photos you can keep and which emails you get.
See, it's reading everything to save the earth, monitoring everything in real time.
Prince Charles, meanwhile, and we should pull this article up, flew, because they have a nice graphic, 16,000 miles in just 11 days before proudly posing with Greta Thunberg in Davos and saying how bad and how evil it is to have a carbon footprint.
But see, that's for you, not for them.
But of course, carbon dioxide is a good thing.
Plants breathe it.
They put out more oxygen for us.
It's called the carbon cycle.
She's not worried about genetic engineering and human clones and genetic super viruses.
In fact, Prince Charles' father said he'd like to come back as a particularly deadly virus to wipe out humanity.
He told Reuters that.
He was asked again, but an Autobahn Society repeated the statement.
And of course he was fighting for the Nazis.
Prince Charles's father, but he was allowed because he was the Duke.
He was allowed, but he was actually the prince of Cyprus.
Little king.
His dad was allowed to switch sides in the middle of World War II.
There's pictures of Prince Philip in his Nazi uniform with Hitler.
And then, of course, he had his buddy, the king of the Netherlands, Prince Bernhardt.
He fought for the Nazis, too.
But he got to switch sides.
Yeah, there he is.
There's, uh, old Prince Philip.
Marching up ahead there, past that's Herr Hitler.
Uh, why don't we pull up the, uh, Edward VIII with Hitler.
That's always a nice photo, too.
That's the King of England.
We're always told he, uh, He stepped down as the King of England because he married a woman from America.
Yeah, right.
The King could do whatever he wanted.
It was because Hitler was starting to lose World War II.
He had a plan.
Now there you go.
That's the King of England right there to the left.
Had a deal with Hitler.
Told him to launch the attack.
They were going to set up a 10-country thing called the European Union.
Hitler even designed the blue flag with gold stars.
Hitler also designed the symbol of the Olympics.
And he also designed the Volkswagen's body.
He also designed the Autobahn.
He also designed German submarines.
Yeah, I mean, he would give the basic design.
He wanted the shape.
They would have to comport to him.
The Volkswagen, nothing against the car.
The classic bug, Hitler drew that.
And gave it to Albert Speer, the Ministry of the Interior, had to do that.
But meanwhile, let's punch up Fox News right now, if we can.
There's Adeld Nadler being handed their impeachment pins at the signing ceremony for the impeachment, though she said it was a solemn, horrible thing, but she acted like, I mean, look at these losers.
And now we've gone back to Jay Sekulow.
Which is interesting, when he talks, he usually has something good to say.
Doesn't make me want to jump off a cliff like Ken Starr.
Let's see what Sekulow's talking about.
My colleague, the Deputy White House Counsel, Mike Papura, will be joining us in a moment to discuss more of the facts, to continue the discussion that we had on Saturday.
But let me just recap very quickly what was laid out on Saturday.
The transcript shows that the president did not condition either security assistance or a meeting on anything.
The PAW security assistance funds aren't even mentioned on the call.
Second, President Zelensky and other Ukrainian officials repeatedly said there was no quid pro quo.
Alright, let's stop again.
This is like a nightmare, Groundhog Day.
We know this.
I understand they're putting on their defense.
But you know the Democrats are winning.
No, they're not going to win getting Trump out this time, but sucking all the air out of the room, making us talk about this all day, and crippling the President.
Like, oh, the President can't talk about corruption.
The highest crime in America is saying that Women only have babies.
And the other highest crime is saying that the president can go after corruption.
I mean, the things the left gets us to do, and how they tell us all this crap, and then because they say something's illegal, it's supposedly illegal.
What a load of horse pucky!
Let me get the number out to talk about China crisis.
What do you think it is?
How bad is it going to get?
What are you doing to prepare for it?
Who should be held accountable for cooking up these viruses?
The whole trail going back to Bill and Melinda Gates.
I mean, it's all there.
What does your gut, what is your brain, what is your spirit tell you?
877-789-ALEX 877-789-2539 Wide open phones.
Alex 877-789-2539. Wide open phones 877-789-ALEX.
But we're specifically talking about the virus.
I really want to pick your brain.
I respect your views.
We have a guest popping in.
She's running against Nancy Pelosi.
And then after she pops in, we're going to take your phone calls a little bit in the next hour.
Then Gerald Cilente takes over.
I feel like I should be at home getting ready for this virus.
What about you?
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Alright, she's with us for a couple of segments, then I'm going to open the phones up and take your calls on what you think about the situation with this already out-of-control virus and the Communist Chinese trying to cover up just how bad it is.
We now have the article out of the South Hong Kong Post with their major universities saying they estimate 44,000 cases of it, conservatively way higher than what the Chinese Communist government is saying.
Deanna Lorraine obviously is not a stranger to folks that are aware of who the Patriots are out there.
She's been on, you name it, Fox, CNN, Newsmax, The Blaze.
She's been on Infowars with Owen Schroer and his show and when Tom Papert was filling in.
So I really appreciate her coming on for her views on what's happening with the trial in the Senate.
the election coming up with only 280 days, and her running for Congress against the Crypt Keeper
herself, Nancy Pelosi.
So, Deanna4Congress.com.
Again, I'm not going to go over her entire background, but she's running in California's 12th District.
She invites anyone to join her in the fight of the millennium to take our country back.
So, very, very exciting.
Thank you for joining us.
Thanks, Alex. It's so great to be here.
Where do you want to start with what Pelosi's leading right now in the Congress,
or your campaign, or what's happening with this virus?
Where do you want to start?
I mean, Nancy Pelosi, she is the Wicked Witch of the West herself.
I mean, she is like Satan incarnate.
She's leading us down a terrible path of destruction in America, and it's insane to me that she would have any support in any voters whatsoever.
Especially in San Francisco, which is the district that she's most destroying.
Let's talk about San Francisco and why you decided to run and really how bad it is.
Because I don't think people realize until you go to Portland or you go to San Francisco or you go to L.A.
or now much of Austin, I mean, these used to be nice places.
They are S-H-T holes in many areas.
You know, it used to be charming.
You'd go there, you'd have some clam chowder at Fisherman's Wharf or something, ride the trolley car.
Now you're riding the trolley car to a S-H-I-T hole.
It's so bad.
I mean, there's so many areas that are just littered in trash.
And needles and feces.
The number one thing that you find over there is hyperdermic needles.
They're everywhere.
And there's feces everywhere.
The poop map is absolutely real.
And the homeless people, there is just so many homeless people.
And you literally don't know if certain people are dead or alive.
People have to step over them.
They're right in the middle of your walkway as you're walking to Starbucks.
I mean, people are suffering.
Veterans are suffering.
And it makes me so outraged, again, that these people, these veterans, these Americans that are our brothers and sisters, are suffering on the streets, and Nancy Pelosi is focused all her attention on impeaching the President.
She's focused all her attention on these asinine issues, not only on impeaching the President, but other issues, like what gender pronoun that we should be using, or giving free healthcare to illegal immigrants.
What about Americans?
What about our suffering?
What about our well-being and prosperity?
Nope, she doesn't care.
What is the method?
Is there any method to the madness?
No, there's absolutely no method to the madness except for this is intentional.
You know, President Trump always calls her and the Democrats the do-nothing Democrats.
That's one area that I disagree on with President Trump.
They're not do-nothing Democrats.
They're do-destruction Democrats.
There's a plan in place and it is to destroy America from within.
Not only from the outside, right, politically and with legislation, but culturally.
They're destroying our culture so that we will be a culture, basically, that we're dependent on the government.
We're no longer dependent on our families or our relationships because the relationships and families are broken.
The left and their policies are ensuring that they're broken.
We're no longer relying on our country, our patriotism, our pride in this country, on the American values that made our country so great, like personal empowerment, personal responsibility.
No, it's to create disorder and chaos so that we will then rely on the government and be a country of socialism.
And I'm just not going to stand for it, not under my watch.
And I don't know how anyone could.
This is why I'm so passionate, why I threw myself in the fire to run against Nancy.
Because how could you not?
Every word out of her mouth is a lie.
How could you watch her and see her betrayal to the American people, her betrayal and utter crapping on the Constitution, and not just want to kick her ass?
I'm not going to do that physically, but I'm going to do that in this battle.
I threw myself in the fire because I have to fight.
We have to fight.
We cannot just wave the white flag of surrender.
As conservatives, we have to show the country that we're here, and we're going to fight these people, these political monsters.
Deanna Lorraine, I know this.
We need you in Congress bad, and you're taking on the biggest head of the Hydra yourself right now, and I want to talk about that again.
Yeah, she is the head of the snake.
She certainly is, but let's go back to what you just brought up.
I harp on this, but I should go back and do a bigger report on it.
They successfully changed the subject from what's in the WikiLeaks to the fact that, oh my gosh, somebody got them and leaked them.
Hillary is in there talking to major university heads about psychological warfare and demoralizing America and creating racial division.
That is so criminal.
That is so evil.
And that's what they're doing.
And the only way you can conquer a population is either to sell them to adopt what you're doing, which the globalists haven't done.
Or break their will.
And if you look at everything the Democrats in Hollywood are doing, it is to make us hate ourselves and break our will.
And it's causing epic levels of suicide, depression, you name it.
But other people, it's not breaking their will, it's causing people like you to emerge, and that historically happens, who wouldn't have run for office unless they saw the true assault, a true statesman, a true person taking action, not for power, but because it's the right thing to do.
I think they're summoning people like you.
Oh, 100%.
I never dreamed that I would be a politician.
You know, if you were to ask me, would you imagine doing this two years ago?
Hell no!
I'm not someone who ever dreamed of being a congresswoman or anything like that.
I'm just an ordinary American.
But I'm deeply concerned and passionate about America, about my country I grew up in, and I cannot stand the direction that it's going under Democrat leadership.
I wrote a book, it caused me two years ago to write a book called Making Love Great Again, and the book is all about the rabbit hole, taking people down the rabbit hole and red-pilling them to wake up to the lies of destructive feminism, destructive progressivism, and how it sneaked into our culture, the entire plan, How intentional it was to break down our American values, to break down the family unit, to create fatherless homes, to create disorder out of law and order, and to have a generation of people who succumb to moral relativity instead of a shared sense of morality.
And look where we are today, right?
Divorce is rampant.
We have fatherless homes.
That is the number one cause of things like mass shootings and homelessness and crime and drugs and mental illness.
You know, men and women aren't even marrying anymore or procreating anymore.
Christianity is basically a dirty word now, and it's disappeared from our conversations and our culture.
And we are at a crossroads right now.
Do we want to keep going down this road?
We can clearly see the impacts of how leftism has destroyed our country, our culture, our relationships, our families.
And what are we going to do about it?
You know, it's ridiculous.
It's actually immoral to not talk about it, to deny the impact that leftist ideals and values have had on our culture.
That's why I wrote the book, and that's why I'm going on.
Diane Lorraine is on fire.
Super smart, super smart.
When we come back, I'm going to get her crystal ball view on what's about to happen in this election and so much more.
Stay with us.
Deanne Lorraine is our guest for another segment.
Then I'm going to host a little bit of the next hour, taking your calls on the out-of-control coronavirus being reported by major publications, 44,000.
Not what the Chinese government is saying, around 3,000.
A very high fatality rate.
Looks like it was probably man-made.
We'll be covering that more after she leaves us.
She's running against Nancy Pelosi, one of the major kingpins, if not the major kingpin, who is allowing California to collapse into hellish squalor while they point their finger at us, telling us what we need to do.
Just amazing.
A, I want to promote your campaign, and I think you've got a shot at winning, but regardless, you're going to be able to be in the debates with her, you're going to be able to confront her.
I mean, I think she's really, really weak.
I mean, if I think the evidence is mounting that election fraud is the reason the Democrats are able to take control of California, and I think the backlash I'm seeing around the country is going to end up being even bigger in areas like California.
What are you seeing on the ground?
Well, on the ground I'm seeing two things.
I'm seeing, you know, people that think that she's just awesome, that she's their hero for going after President Trump, and there's sadly a lot of people in San Francisco and in liberal communist California that think that way.
They're so indoctrinated, they're so brainwashed, and they just believe everything the news tells them.
So there absolutely is that category of people in San Francisco and in California, and that's unfortunate.
There's also massive voter fraud here in California.
But then there's a lot of more moderate Democrats, there's a lot of no-party preference individuals, independents, and of course the Republicans that are just so darn sick of seeing her, so sick of this ass-backwards priorities that she has.
You know, with the President, while California is just decaying away, That they say, you know what, we need someone new.
A, we need someone younger who isn't senile.
And number two, we need someone who can actually work for the American people.
And they are feeling like I'm a breath of fresh air in that way.
So there's hope there.
There's absolutely hope there.
We just need to win over the more moderates, the ones that I call them the souls that are savable.
The souls that are savable, I'm reaching and I'm getting to and they're excited.
Well, the Republicans need to get behind you big time because, I mean, you're really well-spoken, you've got great things you're saying.
How much support have you seen from the Republican establishment, or have they just given up on California?
It's almost laughable.
It's sad, but the rhinos are real.
I mean, they are so real.
And sadly, the establishment rhino Republicans, they have been threatened by me, actually.
They don't really want me.
They haven't supported me.
And they see me as an outsider.
I'm not part of the club.
Well, I'm a real patriot.
Actually, I'm an ordinary American.
I'm trying to do something bold to save America.
But no, they want people that are in that establishment club.
So it's really the real conservatives, those that are outspoken about supporting Trump, those are the ones that are behind me.
How do we get you elected?
By the way, and you can follow me on Twitter, by the way, Deanna4Congress.
That's Deanna4Congress.
There's a lot of action on Twitter.
I post and tweet a lot.
Do you want to follow my campaign there?
Go to my website at DeannaFORCongress.com and you can donate there, you can help me, you can participate in my campaign.
I definitely need a lot of funds to go up against this political Goliath.
For sure.
And that helps a lot with ads, with attack ads, billboards in San Francisco.
Wouldn't you like to see a big billboard attacking Nancy?
There's a lot we can do, but it definitely requires funds, and it definitely requires support, and as much media as possible to get my name out and to get the word out.
Yeah, that's what it takes.
And we can do this!
What it takes is action, just like we saw in Virginia.
People, when they get excited, they can change the world.
People need to get excited again out in California.
But regardless, just running, if you're well-spoken like you are, just is the equivalent of tens of millions of dollars of free publicity to counter their lies.
And if California doesn't start fighting back, it's never going to be able to regain the state.
But you can do it, and we can keep states like Texas and Virginia from going blue or staying blue.
But we just have to find that fighting spirit.
Well, we have to fight.
I mean, that's America, right?
America was built on that fighting spirit.
And I feel like we've been too passive.
We've just been laying over and letting America become socialist one city, one state at a time.
And that's not going to happen.
I mean, one of the guys that is running up against me is a far, far left socialist.
The AOC, basically duplicate.
And that's scary.
It could be either me or this guy who doesn't think that Nancy is far left enough.
Those are the kinds of people that are running right now.
And you don't want to look back in three years from now and say, man, I wish I ran.
I wish that I supported someone that was a true patriot that was running.
We can save ourselves.
We can save our country.
But we've got to fight.
We've got to throw ourselves into the fire and not wave the white flag of surrender.
We will not let this country become a socialist country.
We would never have President Trump in office if we just didn't support, if he didn't throw himself in there.
We can make miracles happen, but we've got to work together.
We've got to support patriots.
And the impeachment trial, I mean, what a way to just, you know, rip up the Constitution and cheapen impeachment.
The entire impeachment process is totally cheapened now.
It's useless because of Nancy Pelosi sending us down this clown show, wasting our taxpayer dollars, wasting our time.
It is funny because it looks so theatrical and faked and staged, but it's not funny because it's at the expense of the American people.
You're right.
I also see the media saying, oh, Trump's invincible now as a new tactic so that Trump is overconfident, doesn't worry about election fraud, and what Professor Robert Epstein and others have warned him about.
This isn't just companies censoring.
This is companies using AI to block people communicating and to block candidates' information in real time and even block Trump's campaign ads.
It's just outrageous.
I'd like to see action out of Trump.
What are you asking Trump to do to fight back against the racketeering?
Well, you know, I'm asking him to speak up, first of all.
I mean, he's been speaking up a lot about it and saying that there's election fraud, you know, saying that there's, you know, there's corruption going on in the whole process.
But, you know, I need him to take a little bit of a bolder stance and actually have action behind those words.
He, you know, if he doesn't do anything about it, we can have what happened to us at the midterm elections, right?
In 2018, when I believe the election was stolen from us in many different ways and in many districts, and they suddenly just found votes, you know, these are the kinds of things that will happen if he doesn't put a very hard stance on it and do something, take action, take legislation.
And same with, you know, even this impeachment trial, I don't even know why Mitch McConnell is entertaining this clown show.
We actually have so many better things to do, and I think that if we can take a bolder stance on it, instead of just talking about it, that would be better.
Well, I agree, and I've been watching the Republican response.
It has been piss poor, and just more of these old lawyers walking around, glad-handing each other, while they're facing a CHICOM Globalist-funded assault through the media on America that's foreign and that's treasonous!
Americans have their speech, but when the Chi-Coms own most of Hollywood and are financing
all this race war crap, and Pelosi's working with MS-13, calling them all God's children,
and the Democrats we know are raking money off the top of drug dealing, it's just we've
got cancer in this country, and we're either going to break it up or it's going to take
And I think that's why the Democrats are so arrogant.
They see how they have broken the back of these blue cities.
They see the despair.
They see the pain.
They see the corruption.
They see Soros putting the DAs and the judges in and the sheriffs in, and they really have
a plan to take over with the sanctuary cities and the rest of it, and America has to wake
up, mobilize, put people like you in Congress, and absolutely take things back.
But the spirit you have is infectious.
So we're very, very excited.
People should visit your website, DeannaForCongress.com.
And we really appreciate you, Ms.
Lorraine, for being on with us today.
For God, family, and country.
Those are the things we need to bring back so much.
We can do this, but we gotta work together.
We can't sit on our behinds.
We've gotta fight.
Boy, I bet the Libtards don't like that slogan you've got on your shirt.
God, family, country.
Oh, they hate it!
It's funny, my shirt and my slogan, they're just walking triggers.
It makes them scream and cry.
Oh, you shouldn't put that in your campaign slogan.
It's too bold.
Well, guess what?
God is not a dirty word, and that's exactly why we're in this position we're at right now in our country.
We gotta bring it back, and we gotta be bold about it.
Well, if you don't win for Congress, you need to be a talk show host.
You're awesome, and God bless you.
We'll talk again soon.
Thanks so much, Alex.
God bless.
Thank you.
That's an awesome lady right there.
Alright, you're awesome.
Your calls are coming up.
There's some good news inside the bad news.
It's well known that the Chinese all Billion three hundred plus million of them are malnourished on average and they don't get the nutrition they need.
And so that when you see deadly viral outbreaks there that kill a lot of them, it's very sad that's happening.
But the good news is people in the West and people in free market countries have a much better diet.
Also, in the West, we tend to get more sun and value it.
In Chinese culture and Japanese culture, it's seen as lower class to have tan skin.
They're not into tall, dark, and handsome.
Nothing against super white skin.
I like brown skin.
I like tan skin.
But white skin can be pretty too.
The point is, it's not healthy if you don't get any sun.
And so, as bad as this is, and you've got major universities over there reporting, Hong Kong saying it's gotta be at least 44,000 that have it, very high death rate, and that this thing is out of control.
The good news is, God gave us things like vitamin D3 that's winter sun.
The only other way to produce vitamin D3 is getting sunlight on your skin or taking it under the tongue.
And I was sitting there last week thinking, man, I've been taking my winter sun.
I'm an idiot.
And I got to remember to get my children to take it.
But they were luckily already habituated and weren't taking it.
There's one reason they're not getting as sick as much as a lot of other kids they know.
A few drops under the tongue every day.
Tastes good.
Totally natural.
Vitamin D3 and vitamin K together.
And it tastes good.
No additives to make it taste good.
Just like true B12 tastes really good.
People go, hey, what's the sweetener in this?
B12, when it's organic, tastes sweet.
Unlike any sweeteners you've ever tasted.
I wouldn't really call that sweet.
It's more of a little bit of a sweet taste.
But both those products are at 40% off right now.
I'm going to have to raise the price of it when we get it back in because I can't just always sell
at that price. But because of the fact that you do have this pandemic breaking out and the rest of it,
I do want to get as much of this out the door. It will sell out in the next week or so at that price.
So get your Wintersun and M4Square.com.
Support the InfoWare and be healthy and hope the virus doesn't become a big problem over here, though it has made its way over here, and hope because we're not perfect, but because we do have better constitutions here, whether we be black, white, old or young, that it will not race through the population as fast.
Also, our genome is much more complex here in the United States and diversity Does create resistance to diseases.
When you've got the population that almost has the exact same genetics, and the Chinese are the most homogeneous group on earth for any large population, their genetics are the most close to each other, that also causes viral spread very, very fast in the studies as well.
It turns out our diversity is a strength here in the United States because we are so diverse, whether it's the white population, black population, or people that have mixed or whatever.
That's just another scientific fact.
So, it's really bad in China, definitely super bad news.
I mean, this is terrible.
And it looks like it's going to get a lot worse, we pray that in the case.
And I'm just trying to convince myself of why things aren't going to be as bad here.
And those are some mitigating factors.
So there's the good news and the bad news.
Very sorry for the Chinese.
Separately, then I'm going to your calls.
You notice last week, I'm not up here going, get your storable food because of the outbreak.
I was still hoping that it wasn't as bad as it looked.
I was just hoping it was hype.
It wasn't.
Sure enough, I get the call that, hey, you got to raise food prices back to at least the regular level because we're having to buy more of it and other food companies have run out.
We just private label at the factory with my Patriot Supply and I have a special deal that I get the best price anybody has.
Well, that deal is over right now because they are 7 to 10 days for delivery.
They have food on hand.
They're having to buy more now and the price has gone up for them.
And so, they have had to go back to their regular prices that are still amongst the best you're going to find.
So, you order it at InfoWareStore.com, they just slap an InfoWare Select sticker on it.
It's the exact same fresh, high-quality food, very well stored.
But everybody should have storable food regardless.
But the fact is, institutional buyers, major corporations, are buying it up from them, and they're buying it up from everybody else.
And so most of the other big suppliers are out and can't even get more food.
Because China supplies a lot of the world with food.
They also import a lot of food.
So just because we don't import a lot of Chinese food doesn't matter.
Because once they shut down and once their shipping breaks down, that then runs out the supplies of people in surrounding areas.
And so that's another reason the food prices are going up.
And the stock market also has taken a big plunge today.
So it's just gut level.
Good to have insurance you can eat.
Hope you never have to use it, but going on camping trips or giving it away to the homeless or whatever.
This is quality storable food, so I just simply eat the storable food when it starts getting close to being bad.
But it lasts 25 years, folks.
So again, I gave a bunch to homeless after I was about 6, 7 years old one time, and I've still got the rest.
And I've also given family some of the storable food.
So it's an investment that you're going to be able to use one way or another with all the inflation and economic things.
That's the real reason I have storable food is not the virus, but is the fact that it's the economy.
If Trump doesn't succeed in innovating with a bunch of new technologies and getting us out of this bubble into a new developmental renaissance expansion, There's going to be a mega-global depression, and no one can deny that, and it's going to be hellish.
You've got a large population in the West that's completely spoiled rotten, and they're black, they're white, they're old, they're young, and they're a bunch of out-of-control zombies.
And you can imagine what the homeless and all the rest of these heroin heads are going to do if the heroin ever gets turned off.
It's a time bomb.
So that's why people should have horrible foods.
But regardless, everyone's moving on it right now.
We've sold more storable food in the last three days than we sold six months previous.
And I guess it's because there I was ordering more food last week, not even thinking, well, if I'm ordering more food as a backup, because I'm so concerned, why aren't I saying this on air?
And I just...
Didn't go there, but I'm going there now.
So I would get your food purchases locked in right now.
Okay, let's go ahead and go to your phone calls.
We've got Patriot, we've got Aaron, we've got Jefferson, we've got Dylan, we got Jeremy, we got Danny, we got Bart, we got Jimmy, we got Chris.
Let's go ahead and talk to Bart in Georgia.
Bart, thanks for calling and thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Hey Alex, I just wanted to tell you that you are being live streamed on the Bart Fine channel on YouTube and I have two points to make.
I predicted this bioweapons attack when I was on the war room.
It was the Alex Jones Show with Owen Schroer about two weeks ago.
And the Democrats want to put us into martial law.
It's the only way to disarm the people by disabling the Constitution.
Number two, Trump needs to put the military on the borders and stop all flights from China.
You're absolutely right.
And that's what Philippines and other areas are doing.
That's the first thing we need to do.
Let's go back, Martin.
Let's go back to your prediction, because I don't remember the call, but I believe you and I'm sure you did it.
I've said on air that one of the wild cards would be a bioweapon release to hurt the economy and hurt Trump and hurt nationalists and then have a global response for global government.
Bill Gates just came out and said that last week.
Well, I'd like to add one thing.
Based on testimony of a Soviet-era defector, there was a smallpox insect virus, weaponized smallpox virus that the Soviets had.
Where's the virus now?
Well, there's tons.
I mean, look, with the gene editing software, The stuff they had in Russia and the U.S.
50 years ago was like a caveman, you know, that knows how to make fire compared to a nuclear bomb.
I mean, the stuff they've got now is just nightmarish.
And the fact that they've got level four bioweapon labs at universities and are letting foreign Chinese students in, who of course now they think ran off with the virus.
What the hell?
That's where spies' main target is!
They've got things in facilities they shouldn't even be making, period.
Thank you, Bart.
I appreciate your call.
Yeah, you can see this coming from a thousand miles away.
Let's go to Patriot in California.
Patriot, you're on the air.
Hey, thanks for taking my call, Alex.
And real quick, whoever you had on there against Nancy Pelosi.
God, family, country.
That's a great slogan there.
It's actually something I've lived by and I thought that was kind of our... Oh yeah, that lady's very well spoken and she's pretty, but by pretty I mean she has a glow.
She's certainly... I mean, I'd love to have hers to replace Nancy Pelosi, my goodness.
But you heard the Republican bluebloods won't even back her.
Because the Republican bluebloods are a bunch of trash.
You know, there's a lot of things going on right now in that power struggle in the Republican Party itself.
You're right about that.
You know, I want to talk about this coronavirus, what you guys are touching on, and something that people aren't paying attention to is the islands of Hawaii.
Now, Honolulu specifically, they have a lot of flight from China directly back and forth from the island, and I've been looking into it, and they are trying to sound the alarm.
They have no advanced screening at their airport, and they are trying to actually deport Chinese students and citizens back to China from the island because If an outbreak starts on an island like that, there's nowhere for them to go.
Those are American citizens that are the direct target of this virus.
Hold on, stay there.
Let's talk about that.
We'll be right back with hour number four.
We are back live.
We are broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And yes, I've noticed that they're not really screening anybody coming in out of China, into Hawaii, into San Francisco, into Seattle, into L.A.
Because we're not supposed to screen people.
We don't do that.
We bring people from the Congo here illegally and just the local media worships it in San Antonio and says it's so good to do.
Yeah, there it is.
There it is in the star advertisers at Honolulu Airport, not among five screening certain passengers for virus.
So there you go.
But don't you worry, TSA is going to fondle your testicles to make sure Bin Laden didn't hide in your pants.
But oh, when Trump tries to stop people from six Muslim nations that don't even have any real passports and that say they want to blow the U.S.
up, he's the bad guy.
So it's all just political correctness.
It's a suicide pact.
Finishing up Chase the Patriot, it's just crazy.
We need action now.
Yeah, and you bring up what's going on with the Ebola from the Congo and directly from San Antonio, you can look this one up as well.
Portland, Maine is the main drop-off where they are busing people in by the hundreds, even the thousands over the last year or so.
It's the breakdown of our border.
And if a country doesn't have a border, it's not a country anymore.
Thank you, sir.
a certain extent they invited Michelle Malkin to come and speak and they
canceled her and tried to blackball her from coming and speaking in their local
college. That's where this is crazy Alex. They're not screening people and look
I'm all for legal immigration. People want to come through the right way.
That's all good but this is not what we're seeing. It's a breakdown by the
United Nations everything. It's the breakdown of our border and if a country
doesn't have a border it's not a country anymore. Thank you sir. Great points. All
All right, let's go to Jeremy in Texas.
Go ahead, Jeremy.
Hey, Alex.
There's no doubt that this virus is actually a market virus designed to harm Trump's economy.
I think the writing's on the wall.
The Chinese people are super easy to control, the easiest in the world.
And what better time than right before the election to have some, you know, macabre of a virus roaming around the earth where they can shut down, quarantine Texas, take our guns.
I mean, it's just the perfect little Rosetta.
Well, that's right.
There are a lot of amazing Chinese people and they have high IQs, but they operate like robots and the Chinese state brags about it and it's very dangerous.
Now, are we going to actually believe the Chinese media?
They're going to be starting the narrative for us.
You know, I thought we didn't believe fake news, but all of a sudden we're supposed to follow Chinese commie media.
We have three or four videos, a guy falls over, hit his head, a nurse is crying.
I'm supposed to buy that?
You're absolutely right, sir.
And it's turning out everything the shy commies are telling us is complete lies.
But if you say the Chinese government lies, our controlled media will say it's fake news.
We must believe the communist Chinese.
Xi Jinping is going to stop Trump, The Washington Post said.
And real quick, actually, last week you said you're looking for mottos.
You know, Tom Hanks says, there's no crying in baseball.
Well, there's no hiding in InfoWars.
So all of you people that are out to get us because we're in the Liberty Movement, there's no hiding in InfoWars.
So, yeah, absolutely.
Xi Jinping wants to come after Trump.
Everyone's pissed off at Trump.
Trump's dealing with a time bomb right now, like as you mentioned with, you know, cutting the heroin off from the heroin addicts.
Well, taxation is kind of that heroin from the heroin addicts.
Why can't Trump just end the Federal Reserve and bring troops home?
Why did he send 20,000 more troops into the Middle East because of Iran?
No, you're absolutely right.
Incredible point.
Anything else, Jeremy?
Yeah, can I plug my new book real quick?
Millennial common sense, the philosophy of liberty, and the cure for life.
Millennial common sense, philosophy of liberty, and the cure for life.
And that's 812 pages, book of war.
It's not politically correct.
You're not going to find a lot of quotes on it.
Send me a copy.
Make sure I get it.
Send me a copy saying give this to Alex Jones.
Thank you, Jeremy.
And if you can see right here, here's the markets.
We've got Dow down 398 points.
S&P down 46 points.
NASDAQ down 159 points.
And you've got some of the other indexes right there.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Tomorrow's News Today.
More calls straight ahead in 60 seconds.
Hong Kong University is reporting, according to the Hong Kong Post, that they estimate there's 44,000 now infected.
The way they hyped up SARS when it was not killing a lot of people years ago was a little telltale sign that they were getting the infrastructure in place and using this in the future as the type of virus to take control.
And I totally agree with the callers that this is the way to go after the world economy and the way they believe to get Trump out of office.
Because they know with an economy that's better than it was that they don't have a chance of beating him even with a major election fraud.
He's so popular right now.
I said it months ago.
I said one of the curveballs is snookering him into a war or some type of bioweapon release.
And this thing clearly is weaponized.
Taking your phone calls right now.
Dylan is in Arizona.
Says he went to Home Depot and they're sold out of the antiviral mask.
That's being reported.
We're going to send a reporter there and see if that's the case here.
What did you witness, Dylan?
Hi, Alex.
Yeah, so I've actually been pretty worried about this coronavirus thing because I live in Mesa, Arizona.
We're only three miles from ASU.
And there's a pretty high population of Chinese nationals that go to school here.
So I was kind of always watching it.
Yesterday, I just kind of had a feeling it was going to be a news day after that Kobe thing.
Then there was the rocket in Iraq.
And I just knew it was coming.
I went to Home Depot.
And I saw these two Chinese nationals there.
They didn't speak English, as far as I could tell.
And they had the masks on, and they went in the store and they emptied the shelf.
They bought about 12 cases of these masks.
They completely emptied the whole store out.
And so I talked to the... Yeah, they're shipping them back to China.
Yeah, that's actually what he told me.
I was talking to the Home Depot associate.
He said that they're shipping them back to China, and that not only that, That the import duties are being completely ignored, is what he heard.
That they're not inspecting the boxes, they're not charging import duties, they're just waving them through, you know?
So, it's pretty crazy, you know?
I kind of wonder if this is going to blow over or what.
I wasn't really that worried until I saw that.
I always thought, since we were at ASU, we might have one of the early states, and then it came out a couple hours later.
First confirmed case in Arizona, the fifth state, I think we were.
So, it's gotten me a little worried, you know?
I'm a little worried as well.
In fact, I'm worried a lot because...
This has Bill and Melinda Gates fingerprints all over it.
They had an emergency exercise, I'm sure you know, three months ago with 65 million dead.
They've talked about using a virus like this to bring in world government.
Now it turns out they funded the company that patented this virus a few years ago.
And so, and now they're saying Chai comms may have stolen it out of a lab in Canada.
And that's CBC reporting that.
So it's getting really weird, my friend.
Yeah, it's kind of ridiculous, you know.
I mean, we were told it was from the bats, but maybe that wasn't the case.
Maybe that's just to hide what it really is.
Oh, they're now admitting it wasn't from the bats.
You're absolutely right.
Thank you, Dylan.
Okay, these are all great callers.
We've got to move quick here.
Who is up next?
Let's talk to Johnny in Denmark.
Johnny, thanks for holding.
I didn't notice you were in Denmark.
I would have gone to you earlier.
Go ahead, Johnny.
Hi, Alex.
I hope you remember me.
I remember you.
I do.
You called in.
You're a big customer.
Thank you, sir.
Yes, I claim I'm your biggest customer in Europe until I'm shown conclusive evidence to the contrary, I'll continue to claim that.
19k US in your store last year alone.
You're amazing, we couldn't fight the globalists without you, sir.
Oh, and when I see you and Owen and Savannah and a lot of you doing what you're doing these days, it's all going to a good cause.
Oh, believe me, we had a better strategy than to battle these giant Democrat law firms who admit they want to railroad us and absolutely shut us down.
But with your support, We are having whole other infrastructures, just going to leave it at that, and we are fighting them and they can't stand it.
That's why they put the fake news that we're losing when it's not true.
And so, God bless you.
Well, now that you mention that, before I get to my intended subject, I've just been sort of dying to tell you, maybe your lawyers, it's probably because you seem to have competent lawyers, Bob Barnes and others, but if they haven't If you're going to sue companies like, let's say, Facebook and Twitter, who sort of trade on the equivocation of being a platform when it suits them and being a publisher when it suits them, sue them both in criminal and civil court, right?
So they can't slip away.
So if they say they're the one, then you get them in the other, right?
because they can't be both.
And Mark Zuckerberg, who's supposed to be this genius, as Steve Pichetnik points out,
he's just a front man for the NWO.
When he did the one thing, it seems, that was out of his own will
and went to Washington and came, he was a publisher, he made such a horrible blunder,
it could bankrupt him and Facebook.
And as a matter of fact, I'm a member of a Facebook group
called Facebook Censorship Class Action Lawsuit, which is actually gonna pursue
a $1 trillion class action lawsuit against Facebook.
Before anyone dismisses that as exaggeration, Sure, give us your name and your info.
Look, I appreciate your call.
Here's what's happened.
million people who have been damaged an average of $10,000 a piece, which is not
hard to imagine. That comes out to a trillion dollars. And if your lawyers
want to talk to me, put them on the phone with me because I'm actually a decades
experienced legal paraprofessional and good enough to know that you know Barnes
and a lot there are good lawyers. So I'd be happy to talk.
Sure, give us your name and your info. Look, I appreciate your call. Here's what's happening.
They don't care. I've seen the documents with Natural News.
They're not even in a lawsuit for a bankruptcy court in California.
They're just added their names just put in there and then the judge orders their website taken down.
Well, I just learned that similar thing was done to me.
Put into bankruptcy When there's not even a connection, and it's the same deal.
This is what has happened.
InfoWars is not in bankruptcy, folks.
The Democrats just file stuff like this so they can run the headline, and then I've got major newspapers calling up going, hey, you're going bankrupt.
And I go, excuse me, because somebody just files a bankruptcy claim.
But they do that to, I mean, to run the type of stuff we're witnessing.
It is unbelievable.
How desperate the deep state has gotten and the things they're planning, the things they're doing.
They don't care.
They're going for broke.
It's frightening.
Let's go to John in Florida.
John, thanks for holding her on the air.
It's nice speaking to you finally, Alex.
Boy, you are a hard guy to get a hold of.
Well, I'm honored to talk to you, brother.
What's on your mind, John?
Well, we have a couple different things, but I want to bring on up the corona situation first.
The bottom line is that, you know, we're putting to the side a little bit too much Bill and Melinda with their patent and also the vaccine for this coronavirus.
We know what they did in Africa.
We know the thousands, maybe millions of people that they've injected with all different types of things.
I just wanted to bring up one thing.
Everybody is saying that this disease is started via contact with bad animals.
China is right now, for the past couple years, they have what is called the African black swine flu that has killed off over two-thirds of the swine population in China.
That's where it all came from.
Just a thought, Alex.
What's your thought on that?
You know, I don't know, sir.
I just know that China, in many ways, is a hellhole.
And it's the model of the New World Order.
And it's who the Washington Post says they hope, quote, defeats Trump and defeats America.
And they go to Davos and praise it because the elites can do whatever they want there.
And the people are treated like animals.
And it's very, very sad.
And I just know that if the numbers, even their numbers, and what they say, the amount of people dying from this virus, the CHICOM say 2% die.
That's thousands of times more deadly than the average flu.
This is again a coronavirus attacks the lungs mainly.
If that's true, and the numbers coming out of Lancet is above 50% death rate, Lancet's respected.
But I just refuse to believe that.
Because if that's really what's going on, this is a galactic-level cover-up, and when the truth of it comes out, it could easily tank the world economy into a full-blown depression.
So, I just, as a father and as an American, I know we're in a bubble, I know it's all BS, but when they pop it, it's gonna hurt.
So, I don't know, buddy, what do you think?
Well, you know, Alex, again, everything is so hidden today.
We don't know, you know, sometimes we think we've got all the players, you know, put in line with the depopulation and all of the other things that, like, Bill Gates has discussed in the past, and you have to still keep all of those in your mind.
I agree.
God bless you.
Patty in Texas!
Ask the question.
Coronavirus, same bio-research lab as Ebola.
Yes, some of the same labs.
That's the whole point.
As you start looking at this, and it's just, you've got to be kidding.
And Chinese being kicked out of labs that are level 4 that have it for saying they believe they're spies and they stole it.
And that's how they got it and that's why they're freaking out because they look at the coronavirus and it was a lab manipulated and created in a lab, they think, in Canada.
That's mainstream news right now.
And then you find out four separate times SARS got out of labs in China.
That's in Lancet.
What the hell's up with the CHICOMS, man?
They're all obsessed with masks and everything and they're over there constantly fiddle-jacking with all this stuff.
Talk about playing with fire.
It's like these mad scientists are like a bunch of gremlins or something.
Running around trying to kill everybody.
You know, all these science fiction movies, you found out the villain's some crazy mad scientist.
And I used to watch it as a kid and go, why is it always a mad scientist that's the villain?
That's because the people that wrote the comic book stuff, I later even found out, we're reading about this stuff in real science.
And the type of crazy people there are that are scientists!
Some of the craziest people I've ever met are scientists.
And they're obsessed with control.
Like all these eugenicists, all these globalists.
Again, I have covered events where they have scientists get up and say, we need to kill 90% of humans, thank God Ebola's gonna go airborne, and the people clap for three minutes, some cry.
That was the Texas Academy of Sciences for Dr. Eric Bianca.
That was on the news.
And then his graduate students started attacking me, defending him!
Saying, thank God he wants to kill the humans!
We're bad!
He's too liberal!
We need to kill everyone!
And you hear that and it sounds crazy.
It sounded crazy when I put Endgame out 13 years ago.
Not crazy now because you turn on the news.
Humans are bad.
Think God will probably kill each other.
NBC News.
Soon the age of humans will be over.
Thank God.
Big Tech's got a plan for the post-human world.
We're like, you're a bunch of psychotics!
Stop it!
Carol Celente's coming up.
I want to go to all your calls, but... I just know this.
It turns out this is lab-made, which it is.
And anybody that I know gets hurt by it.
The vaccines, the globalists, what they're pushing, the 5G is an attack on me and my family.
And I'm not going to take physical attacks much longer.
Doesn't mean I'm going to cook something up.
I'm just saying the laws of the way the world works is that all this soft kill scientific garbage sneaking around doing this stuff.
When I know people personally whose children died from vaccines, I had family hurt by vaccines, crippled for life.
The doctors told my grandmother, the polio shot gave it to her.
I've had enough!
I'm not taking the secret experimentation.
They didn't just shoot up poor black folks with syphilis, folks.
They just got caught doing that.
And black people are worth just as much as white people.
I don't bring that up like, oh, it's not just the black folks.
My point is, is that it's happening to everyone.
And I'm tired of it.
Get off my back!
But these scientists don't want a straight-up fight.
They want to creep around.
Instead of walking right up to you and stabbing you right in the heart.
They go, oh, I've got a vaccine for you.
Oh, loving.
And then you die five years later from the cancer virus as they injected you with.
Or you fight it and spend a million dollars or half a million dollars beating the cancer.
Takes half your life off.
But that's OK.
Because Tim Cook's gay.
That's insane.
Everything's insane.
Tim Cook has slave factories in China on record, but it's okay because he hops around and goes, I mean, it's just fun to do that sometimes, isn't it?
Because that's the point we've gotten. A bunch of psycho, secret scientist, engineer nutcases
that see us all as animals and them better than us.
Because we never stand up to them.
Well, guess what?
You're going to get stood up to Jack.
I think where he's been, folks.
I mean, he's gone.
Patty in Texas, thanks for holding on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
I want to start with the Ebola outbreak in Liberia a few years ago.
There were two labs that were right in the middle of where the outbreak happened.
One lab was being funded by Bill Gates.
The other lab was the U.S.
Army Research Lab, and the woman that was in the Canada-Winnipeg lab that was just caught stealing the coronavirus and giving it to China, she worked for that lab, that U.S.
Army Research Lab.
So I think that that's all connected, and I don't think for a moment that this is not this is not engineered to have been either used by China
against their enemies or they're killing their own people off. It's not
an accident, it's not something by a food market. This is all weaponized.
And they use it to control and set up the framework for world government and
China signed on to the global sea population plan even had one child policy
killing more than 50 million of their own girls. You're absolutely right and I've
seen that news that the Ebola outbreaks were linked to the same person and
and linked to the other lab and what's crazy is the African news they say
listen we're being injected with this Ebola.
We know it's coming out of the UN labs and they've even attacked some of the labs, as you know.
So the Africans have figured it out.
It's the same people involved.
It's the exact same labs that are involved.
So I don't know if what has happened to the Chinese scientist, the woman scientist and her husband.
But she's the one that's involved in all of it.
She's at least one of them.
And we're talking about a 12th monkey type scenario here, potentially.
Great points.
Anything else you'd like to add?
No, if this thing breaks out in the United States, we're going to have a lower death rate.
We're still going to have a very high death rate, but lower than the Chinese.
I think that if it comes here, it's going to be used to invoke martial law.
You sound like you know what you're talking about.
Are you a nurse or something?
No, I come from an oilfield family and I've had some dealings with the Bushes and the Clintons from way back starting in the 1970s.
So, I've been following this for a while.
Pat, you sound like a really smart person.
Can we get your name and number?
Maybe call you back tomorrow and we take calls?
Sure, no problem.
Because I've got to say to all the other callers, I got Gerald Cilente waiting in the wings.
I want to hear what he has to say.
He's taking over.
Everybody here, get their number.
I'm going to cover this again, start of the show tomorrow.
I promise you, don't let me forget tomorrow.
We're going to call all these folks back that want to call back on tomorrow.
And we got Gerald Cilente taking over right now.
He's got a lot to say about all this.
We'll get his trends research and what he sees unfolding.
Please stay with us.
Gerald Cilente, straight ahead.
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
A lot going on, a lot going on.
The coronavirus.
Goodbye, Rosie, Queen of Corona.
Wow, this is big.
How big is it?
Some 60, 80 people died already.
60, 80 people died already.
Each year, 1.35 million people are killed on roadways around the world.
They're making a big thing out of this, and now they're comparing it to the SARS virus.
So here's from the New York Times, the toilet paper record.
They go on to say that the government blah blah blah blah ominous similarities with the outbreak of SARS or severe acute respiratory syndrome in late 2002.
You know how many people killed from this?
800 people.
800 people.
It's nothing.
In a world of what?
7.7 billion people?
But they're making this a big deal.
And they're saying this is why the equity markets are down.
On the air now, down almost 400 points.
It's not why the equity markets are down.
The equity markets are going into some kind of correction.
They've been flying up so long.
They get adjusted.
But they're blaming this thing on a much bigger, I believe, crisis than it is.
And you know, one of the earlier callers I heard mention about the swine flu.
It's wiped out some 60% of the pig population in China.
And that's spreading around the world as well now.
I mean, that's a lot.
I mean, all the pigs that are dead.
I mean, compare that swine flu to coronavirus.
There's no comparison at all.
And they're saying that one of the ways that this is transmitted from animals to humans.
Hey, how about all those poison pigs?
Could there be a population, a connection between those two?
Because they do eat a lot of pork over there in China.
And, you know, as they mentioned, In these different places, they have live animals.
So could it be a transporting of these diseases?
And again, to me, these diseases come about through big agriculture, where you have these huge firms that are raising millions of animals, whether it's pork, or chicken, or beef, or whatever.
Could there be a connection between all of the fake food that they give these animals, all the injections that they shove into them?
I won't eat, I don't eat shrimps anymore.
You know, because I know most of them are farmed.
So I don't eat farm food.
I mean, I like real farm food, but not fish farms.
Because they do everything they can to keep these things alive.
They don't care how healthy they are.
They just want to sell them.
So maybe these diseases are being spread because of Big Ag.
It's taken over the world.
You know, we may be in the beginning of the new Black Plague.
And it's not only going to come from this.
It's all that high-tech heroin.
You have people addicted to their handhelds.
And now the 5G cell towers, they're going to be on telephone poles, lampposts, rooftops near your house, across the street, up the street, down the street.
Radio frequency radiation is real.
The studies come out.
They're forgotten about.
So to me, this coronavirus could be very deadly.
But again, the numbers Are we inflating the reality?
And very important to note that the people that are dying are mostly elderly people.
Or I shouldn't say elderly, chronically ill people.
That's a fact.
So you read about what the symptoms are.
You get a cough, sore throat.
Runny nose.
Yeah, it's like a bad flu.
And it hits those that are chronically ill the worst.
But again, when they compare this to the SARS virus, and only 800 people were killed, how could they make that a big deal?
That's not a lot of people.
That's, yo, that's like they do with this measles stuff.
You know, when I was a kid, people got me, kids got measles, chickenpox, and mumps.
Did some die?
Yeah, very few.
Out of the whole population.
But, now you gotta get injected.
And these arrogant people, big pharma payoff Lousy little boys and girls called doctors who get paid by Big Pharma to tell us what they want us to tell us.
It's perfectly, perfectly fine to have a child come out of a mother's womb and start injecting it in with a bunch of chemicals.
And we have facts and proof that The combination of these chemicals, all added up and divided by 12 and multiplied by 17 is just fine.
You know, save it.
You know, they stopped it from happening over here in, in Joisey, across the river.
Where, um, the people protested against forcing them to get vaccinated.
New York, with the low lives that we got over here, they, they're forcing it through.
So you can't get a religious exemption or doctors.
You know, when I was a kid, you know, autism, you know, nobody had autism.
We had crazy kids, a couple, you know, that couldn't function, but not like now.
I have a, I have a second cousin, two of them, both children born at the same time.
Severe autism.
And I'm a baby boomer.
I'm the first of the boomers, man.
You know what they call the baby boomers.
The war was over, World War II, and guys wanted to come home and have a good time with their ladies.
So babies boomed.
I may get arrested for that and get, you know, censored.
So anyway, there were a lot of kids in my class.
And we didn't have this kind of thing.
Just like we didn't have obesity like we have it now.
Think about it.
Think about it.
People eat junk food, they swallow junk news, and they're dumbed down in school with junk information.
Can't understand why society's going down so low.
I mean, just think about it.
The teachers, when I was a kid, had us hiding under a desk in case an atom bomb went off.
And don't look at the flash!
Don't look at the flash!
And they're doing the same thing now.
Having these kids all going through these drills in case somebody comes in and tries to kill.
They're worthless.
But they put fear into you.
And that's what this is about.
Fear and hysteria.
That's what they sell.
It's only going to get worse.
So what's going on in the markets today is very important.
Because we also saw oil prices go down.
They're under, now, $60 a barrel.
What does that mean?
A lot.
And when we come back, we're going to tell you what it means, And what's next?
See you in a few.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And remember, please do all you can to support Alex Jones, because you know what one of our top trends for 2018 was?
Censorship 2018.
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So do what you can.
Again, talking about coronavirus.
And you know, people talk about climate change.
Forget about this climate change.
I don't want to hear about this.
We're going to be dead before that happens.
The way they're poisoning us.
drinking water widely contaminated with forever chemicals.
There's a report from Reuters.
You're not getting this from a left-wing group.
And by the way, you're also going to want to buy those Infowar water filters because the facts are all here.
And we're talking about investing a little bit of money To help save your life so you don't go down needlessly by drinking poison.
The contamination of U.S.
drinking water with manufacturing made quote forever chemicals is far worse than previously estimated.
With some of the highest levels found in Miami, Philadelphia, and New Orleans.
Talking about a hundred and ten million people.
110 million people.
Oh, watch out for coronavirus.
Okay to drink that poison water.
It's fine.
Yeah, you remember Obama and Flint, Michigan crisis?
Water crisis happened.
We're going to fix this, folks.
Yeah, he gave them the folks all right.
Still haven't done anything.
So remember, do what you can.
This thing is serious.
You know, to make sure your water is filtered.
And this is on, and then again the lines that they use.
Far worse than previously estimated.
They're always lying to us!
You name it, they're lying.
So, this is really serious.
So do what you can to eat healthy, stay healthy, stay on top of the game by getting in the best shape you can physically, spiritually, and emotionally.
Because this thing's going down.
The chemicals are used in products like Teflon, and Scotchgard, and in firefighting foam.
We have Newburgh Airport over here, Stewart Air Force Base, it used to be an Air Force Base.
So they do all this training with this foam?
Yeah, the water over there is all polluted.
So, that's what you're looking at.
So you want to stay healthy, and the way you can do it is with a lot of these products.
I want to move on to the economy.
Well, before I do that, I'll tell you how they keep lying to us.
Air Force plane crashes in Central Afghanistan.
And they go on to say the Chief of Staff of the U.S.
Air Force, General David Goldfein, confirmed, blah, blah, blah, blah.
We don't know the status of the crew.
Here's another thing I'll share with you.
Every time I've been through this, which unfortunately has been a number of times, the first reports are always wrong.
Always wrong.
So we have to make sure that we have the facts right.
And as soon as we have those facts, I promise you, you will... We will get them to you.
You know what that is?
We get nothing.
Speaking to reporters at Pentagon Press Briefing, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said today that he was, quote, aware of the situation, nothing to report at the time, and From the U.S.-Afghanistan spokesman, Sonny Leggett, he said in a statement that the cause of the crash was under investigation and there was no identification the crash was caused by enemy fire.
I mention this because out of the news, totally gone, long time forgotten because it happened so long ago, about a month ago, the Afghan papers came out.
The Afghan papers to tell us How the Pentagon, how the White House, how Congress has been lying to us continually about what's going on in Afghanistan to keep us believing that they've been making progress when it's only been going downhill and stealing all our money or the military industrial complex.
You keep slaughtering people around the world.
Hey, could you imagine if that money went to clean water?
Get real, Salenti.
We got people to kill.
Could you imagine if this water was clean and we didn't have these problems because that's where we put our energy, rather than the some $6 trillion, $8 trillion spent so far in the war on terror?
And what a terrible mess it is.
Iraq, Yemen, Syria, one place after another, Afghanistan.
Now, you see what's going on with one country after another, Lebanon.
One of my top trends is the New World Disorder.
That's the headline of the Last Trends Journal.
This thing's out of hand.
People are taken to the streets.
You saw that new study that came out from the Oxfam report.
We got 26 people, got more dough than half the world's population.
You got a couple of... Could you imagine Bloomberg, B.S.
Bloomberg stopping frisks?
Yeah, the cops will stop you if your color's too dark and they don't like the way you look under him.
Stop... You talk about freedom?
Constitutional Bill of Rights taken away by Bloomberg?
The blowhard who supported what he did right up until he announced he was running for election on the demo craps?
He was fine with it.
Anyway, he spent already over $220 million on TV and other ads.
$220 million.
million dollars on TV and other ads.
Two hundred and twenty million dollars.
Could you imagine if they gave two hundred and twenty million dollars to occupy peace?
The only peace movement in the world with an action plan to bring home the troops, secure
the homeland, put the troops to rebuild our rotted infrastructure, force these little
slimers in Congress to vote to go to war.
Article 1 clause 8 of the Constitution, which they have not done since World War II, and
have a referendum on each state ballot where we the people will tell them how to vote.
Can you imagine if these billionaires put their money into peace?
Eh, grow up, Solanti!
We got money to steal and people to cheat.
Oh yeah, you saw that guy.
It made a big deal out of it.
Wells Fargo ex-CEO is banned for life.
His name is Stumpf.
Agrees not to work in industry again and is fined $17.5 million over fake accounts that screwed millions of people out of billions of dollars.
The word justice in America, forget about it.
They spell it wrong.
It's just us.
Take off the I-C-E.
Because the big, how many, how many felony charges does JPMorgan Chase have against them?
What is it, four?
Three or four?
I think there's a new one that just came out?
Felony charges!
Hey, where were you?
You didn't have your signal light on.
Get out of the car, stand on your head, repeat the alphabet backwards, and they get tough with you and take you to jail and you can stick their fingers up you know what.
Hey, what did Jamie Dimon make last year?
31 million dollars.
31 million dollars.
But, not for the big guys.
They get a free ride.
So, thank you very much for tuning in, and we'll see you very soon.
Don't act so surprised, Globalist.
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And I saw the headline, "N95 Virus Mass Shell Out Across The United States."
And I've been told that by folks when I was buying some extra ones just last week, they were running low.
I also noticed that storable food prices were spiking, but we kept ours at the lowest you're going to find anywhere at InfoWars4.com.
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I noticed that the N95 virus masks have sold out across the United States.
I noticed that storable food prices were spiking.
I noticed there were reports that food prices in general were going to be going up because of the crisis in China and surrounding areas and with how deadly this coronavirus is.
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It's just another sign of how serious everything is because they were telling us, because we have an agreement with them, hey, you can't have that sales price at that level anymore because we're having to go out and buy food at much higher prices.
And so that's where in the supply chain you get the news that this is really serious.
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They always do what they say they're going to do.
Unless there's an earthquake or something in Utah.
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And I personally have been buying more gas masks.
I personally have gotten extra water filtration.
I personally have ordered more storable food just last week because I've been able to take care of not just myself, but my neighbors.
Because believe me, hungry, starving neighbors are not a good thing to have.
And so, it's simple.
You better hide your food, or you better have extra.
Because just because you live out in the country doesn't mean you're going to be safe either if society breaks down.
I'm going to say this again.
Half the public was self-sufficient during the Great Depression.
90% of folks lived in the country.
A little bit more than half of them were completely self-sufficient.
Today, about 87% live in the city, and a very small percentage of those in the country are self-sufficient.
If we have another Great Depression in this country, and if supply chains break down, it is a recipe for mega-death.
So I suggest you get the Alexa Pure Water Filtration System at m4restore.com.
It's still discounted, don't know how long.
They've got a good supply of those for now.
And you get your storable foods now while you can.
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