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Name: 20200124_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 24, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses the deceptive nature of mainstream media and its historical use of gun control to disarm minority groups. He highlights recent protests in Richmond, Virginia against proposed gun control laws that would disproportionately affect minorities. Jones argues that these laws are a form of white supremacy and urges viewers to defend their rights. He also promotes various products available at InfowarsTore.com such as health supplements and survival camps. In other speeches, he discusses the dangers of vaccines, social media manipulation, loss of privacy, and the need for individualism and spiritual awareness while promoting his online store and streaming platform."

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are broadcasting worldwide.
We're not supposed to be on the air right now when the globalists make their move to establish world government using manufactured biological crises.
We've been predicting this for a long time.
My film, in-game blueprint for global enslavement lays out this exact scenario we're now witnessing.
Big article was written last night that we're printing right now by Kellen McBreen at InfoWars.com.
We're good to go.
I do not support in any way, shape, or form Governor Northam's and the Democrats' gun control.
What I also don't support is the fact that every news piece you've seen on this this weekend, they've always brought up the issue of race.
Richmond, Virginia is on high alert this morning before a gun rights rally that local authorities fear could turn violent.
We're seeing threats of violence.
Virginia's governor has declared a state of emergency.
We're seeing threats of armed confrontation and assault on our capital.
Now, armed gun rights supporters from across the country, including some from the far right, are planning to sweep into Richmond on Martin Luther King Day.
Spreading their hate-filled ideologies.
They claim white supremacists are crawling the nation, that all gun owners are racist, and that people are planning to kill law enforcement in Virginia, when conservatives and patriots have never even acted like that.
At a gun rally before.
The neo-Nazi group that advocates violence against minorities.
Far-right extremists.
Several hate groups.
Militia groups.
These militia groups.
Far-right militias.
Militia groups.
Our militia.
White supremacist groups.
White supremacists.
A white supremacist group.
White supremacist group.
A white nationalist group.
No white supremacy!
No white supremacy!
F*** Nazis.
They want to paint Trump supporters as neo-Nazis and white supremacists.
As though it's nothing but white rednecks and hillbillies out here who care for the Second Amendment.
When actually, black Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, Americans in general care about the Second Amendment.
These white politicians... Hell yes!
We're gonna take your AR-15, your AK-47.
...in leftist-run cities want to take away black women's rights to protect ourselves.
That's what they do.
I just think it's ridiculous.
It's like a mascot.
They put you in front.
And then they run their agenda on the back.
When you look at the history of gun control, it was used to take away guns from minorities and the black men and women who just wanted to protect their family.
If anything, you would want black men and women to be able to protect their families from anybody trying to break in.
It all started with them taking away our guns.
You can't protect yourself if you're under... Okay, it's fine for the police to protect you, but what if they can't get to you fast enough?
A bunch of gang members storming into a jewelry store.
Shots are fired right there.
The woman behind the counter opened fire.
Oof, are they running fast.
Listen, if they steamroll the 2nd Internet, they'll steamroll everything else.
Simply, we just want to hold on to our rights to protect ourselves.
We're definitely here to show this unity because the media will play and act like we don't deal with each other very well.
We won't come together, but you can look around.
I've seen people from all walks of life today.
I'm here because I love this country, and if the Democrats are able to do away with the Constitution, a temporary ban on the Constitution?
Come on.
Never heard of.
Everyone should be terrified of that.
You need to be prepared to accept what's yours at all times.
United we stand.
White, black, Hispanic, Latino, Mexican, whatever.
United we stand.
Are you willing to lay down your life to protect the Second Amendment and your right to carry?
Why wouldn't I be?
I mean, that'd be the perfect thing to give my life up for.
It's something my family would be honored about.
I'd love to die for my freedom.
Would you be willing to lay down your life to protect the Second Amendment and your right to carry?
That's why I'm out here.
The Weimar government passed a government registration law in the name of public safety.
After Adolf Hitler seized power, the registration list was used to disarm the Jews and political opponents of the Nazi Party.
Stalin took the gun!
The Communist Party decreed that the people surrender all their weapons, and later, surrender their knives.
20 million people were killed.
Mao Zedong said that the government must command all the guns so that no guns can ever be used to command the party.
65 million were killed.
And if you try to take our firearms, 1776 will commence again!
After America gained independence, the people were bestowed with the Second Amendment to defend their freedoms from tyranny.
The founders would have likely found the Federal Reserve Bank alone to be despotic, let alone the deep-rooted corruption and tyranny we are steeped in today.
Today, there is open talk of gun confiscation.
Hell yes!
We're gonna take your AR-15!
When the governor of Virginia threatened to strip his people of their constitutional right, over 22,000 people showed up to protest.
16,000 were armed to the teeth.
The spirit of the Second Amendment has nothing to do with sport.
It is an equalizing force for the individual soul which thrives only in a free society.
And the only people who want to take it away are tyrants and fools.
Virginia was a victory, but the swamp runs deep and the danger is real.
A pivotal year like 2020 comes only once in a lifetime.
And we all need to give it everything we have.
The leading Democratic candidate has been staffing violent radicals calling for a communist revolution in America.
Whether or not their candidate wins.
So if Trump gets re-elected, what?
The city's burned.
The time to act is now.
Help yourself and help your family.
Support the InfoWar at InfoWarStore.com.
And we will continue to fight for individual freedom and the spirit of 1776.
1776 will commence again if you don't back down!
You will not take away our firearms and you will not silence us!
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
Infowars.com is tomorrow's news today.
This program contains language and sequences some viewers may find disturbing.
The nation and all of our freedoms hang by a thread, and the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to scum!
We're beholden to scum!
Russian scum!
Please listen.
If you don't, if you won't, if you fail to understand, then the same incredible terror that's menacing me will strike at you!
The function of all life is survival.
They're coming!
They're coming!
They're coming!
They're coming!
Listen to me!
Help me!
You're next!
You're next!
We're in danger!
Please listen to me!
It's something terrible!
You're next!
The seed is planted.
Terror grows.
Elizabeth, wake up!
We'll get you when you sleep!
Sit up!
Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
All of a sudden they're growing like parasites.
Is it contagious?
It looked right at me.
You need to get out!
You're looking at it as if it was human.
I'm not human.
Now, the classic fear begins to grow.
We're being cornered!
In a modern masterpiece of science fiction.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Therapists in the U.S.
say they are seeing increasing numbers of patients with what they call Donald Trump Anxiety Disorder.
Trump Anxiety Disorder.
Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Trump Derangement Syndrome is clinically real.
It doesn't merely affect individuals, but entire political parties, rendering them unrecognizable.
One minute, they're perfectly normal.
The next, rapid.
The veneer of civilization is evaporating quickly.
Families and culture are collapsing.
And godless leftists are behaving just like zombies of modern war.
You can't trust your mother.
Get the hell out of here!
Get the f*** out of here!
Your best friend.
Next door.
Psychologist Dr. Stuart Bassman says for his clients it started the morning after the election.
Doctors are seeing patients suffering from Trump anxiety disorder.
A number of people are manifesting what I would call post-traumatic stress disorder.
An overpowering fear that President Trump represents the end of the world.
Pray, it doesn't happen to you.
Land of the dead!
White nails.
But here's the good news, chumps!
You think you're gonna assassinate Trump, or shoot down the independent media, or bully a bunch of us that are going along with you?
I'd like reserve power.
That's not wrong for being willing to have a fight.
We're wanting one at this point.
And only the dumbest morons buy into your SJW globalist George Soros droppings.
Emergency reserve.
Hillary Clinton and the New World Order and Michael Moore.
Go back to Haiti where you came from.
We're awake and you're not putting this bat in the coma.
You got that, Jack?
You're done.
It's over.
Get him back.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
I don't want to interrupt, then I'm leaving.
You've been doing great, Owen.
You're going to finish up with these calls within Gregory's.
And, of course, Harris and Smith are going to take another hour of calls.
The crew's volunteered to do it.
So we're here, live covering this, hoping everything de-escalates.
So the live coverage continues.
Everybody spread those links.
The Globals are hacking us, trying to shut this down.
Don't let them win.
Let me tell you, everything's straight shooting here.
No BS.
See, I don't have some Machiavelli manipulative view.
With me, it's all straightforward attack.
That's the real power!
Don't act so surprised, Globalist.
You didn't think you could silence the American people, did you?
Join Bandot Video, and I will complete your training.
Together, we can overthrow the Emperor and restore the Republic.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, I went ahead and aired some special reports and some old pieces we put together likening the left to a horde of zombies because I thought it would really set the tone for the rot that we have spreading across the planet.
The rot of
Aimlessness, the rot of people living hypnotized, watching entertainment all day, the rot of IQs dropping and brainwaves dropping, and every indicator being that humanity is in the process of dying right now.
Now, humanity is in the process of waking up to the fact that we're being sucked into a spiritual, physical, cultural, environmental woodchipper.
But reading all the news and all the information, this is probably one of the first times that I just physically could not go on air at the start of the broadcast.
And, you know, there really just comes a time when the world's just going to have to be judged.
And if I tell you what I really think about things, it's because I respect you.
We're not going to get away with aborting billions of babies and not valuing human life and watching China, the model of where people don't value human life, and watch that become the global standard for multinational corporations who are beyond soulless and not have a total collapse of civilization.
And so that's where all this is going.
Just a few weeks ago, we had an image up on screen.
Maybe later we'll put it up.
But it was of an astronaut standing in the middle of a U.S.
People said, oh, what a pretty photo!
But they missed the point.
It was a world made uninhabitable for humans.
A 12 monkeys scenario, because if you look at that image we put together, it shows particula in the air, alien particula that was created artificially that made the world uninhabitable for humans.
And now they're driving around in China with giant fumigators, pumping out chemicals, hoping to kill the virus.
And the government is using it for a police state authoritarian enforcement drill.
And, you know, really the big takeaway from this is, InfoWars, analyzing the Globalist program,
Has absolutely with films and articles and guests and PowerPoint presentations, thousands of times detailed exactly what you see beginning to unfold in China with the coronavirus.
And the fact that Bill and Melinda Gates a few months ago had a big drill for something similar to this that would kill 65 million people starting in China.
And people being put in these containment pods and
Being wheeled away.
And that this would be used in Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's own words.
Here's the article right here by Kellan McBrain.
To bring in world government.
And you know, I made a film a long time ago.
Time sure flies.
I guess 13 years ago.
Called Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement.
And what's it say on the back?
They want you dead.
And I explain everything in the film, and it's a three-hour film, and we sold a couple hundred thousand copies of it, and I put it out for free on Google Video, and it got over 50 million views on there before Google got rid of Google Video.
And it's got about 10 million views on different platforms on YouTube.
But the point is, is that if you watch this 13-year-old film,
It lays out how they would use contrived bio crises, epidemics, to bring in world government.
Now, I didn't need a crystal ball to see that.
They said they'd do that.
And just remember, the same Bill Gates secretly meeting with none other than Jeffrey Epstein,
Running a quote secret alternative world government project.
That's the Wall Street Journal.
Now what's interesting is there's a big article out today.
I got a lot of calls on it because it's in the physical paper.
I guess on the front page of the business section.
And it says Amazon Prime Video gives amateur
How to Conspiracy Theory is a stage.
Then it goes on to say, oh, questionable films.
You can't have a book or a film that's questionable in the marketplace.
It's just not allowed.
Somebody up there says no.
So it says Amazon took down the Alex Jones film, Endgame, for violating community standards.
Now, when you watch Endgame, it's all their words, their plan.
They're smart cities, they're control grids.
And then the bio-crises they'll trigger, each one bigger than the last, as the noose tightens around your throat.
For world government.
And how they say they'll use it for world government.
Pretty important information.
And the film starts out exposing Hitler and eugenics, and those organizations sterilizing poor white people and blacks in America, and the Tuskegee experiment.
And so that's what violates community standards now, you see, because the film's too powerful.
Even the Wall Street Journal says, yes, it convinced the people that watched it, who didn't even know what it was, they thought they were looking for the Avengers endgame.
But why is this so important?
Why was it taken down?
Well, it was taken down for a lot of reasons, but you see, this film inspired
The Avengers Endgame.
I mean, I talked to the people involved.
They contacted me.
They said, oh, you're gonna really like this movie.
It's about exterminating everybody.
That's about killing everyone.
So see, you make a film, it inspires a movie by the same name, and it inspires Dave Mustaine albums, everything else, and then it gets taken down for a thought crime.
We'll be right back.
So, the coronavirus that's been patented by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's sub-directive and the real-life Umbrella Corporation had a drill three months ago where 60-plus million people died when a corona-like virus gets out and spreads destruction around the world.
But don't worry, in the drill, out of it comes the understanding of planetary government
And world forced inoculation programs.
Now, we've been reporting this since last week.
And we've been having experts on, like Mike Adams and many others, and playing historical clips of the co-inventor of the polio vaccine, admitting that they knew it had SV40 in it that causes cancer and leukemia.
Cancer virus.
Now, did you know chickens come from eggs?
Fertilized eggs.
Raindrops come from clouds.
But did you know that almost all cancer comes from viruses?
And that that's well known in the scientific field of virology for about 80 years.
They were injecting rats
Gosh, that's a hundred years.
Wow, I'm getting old.
Back in the 1920s, they had certified studies of injecting viruses from rats that had tumors into other rats and growing the same tumor, and they had discovered that it was viral!
And I could play you the top scientist admitting that, played it yesterday!
But you see,
That's too real, isn't it?
When I tell people there's cancer viruses in those vaccines, they go, cancer doesn't come from viruses.
It's like saying dying from bullet wounds doesn't come from bullets.
This little spike I have here.
It's the type of spike they'd use in the old days when a horseman in armor fell down.
They had lots of ground troops running around with a hammer and a spike.
And you hammer this through the armor into their heart.
Now see, if I walked up and I stabbed you in the heart with this,
They'd say, how did the person die?
Well, a big spike got driven through their heart.
But when you die of cancer, or your mommy dies of cancer, or your daddy dies of cancer, or your son or daughter, while we don't know all the kids are getting all this cancer, when that happens, no one's ever gonna say, oh, it was viral cancer.
You can get it from radiation, too, breaking up the DNA chains and causing mutations.
And you can get it because you've gotten old and they've divided so many times the telomeres start having malfunctions.
But the main cause of cancer, it's not disputed in just mainline textbooks.
Everyone that goes to school for medicine knows that.
But see, you're not supposed to know that.
You're just supposed to be told, oh, our genetics are all breaking down.
That's why cancer is tens of thousands of times more common in children, thousands and thousands of times more common in adults.
It's all a fact, because we're being murdered with it.
And I played the co-developer of the Salk vaccine.
Saying they knew they were injecting Americans and Russians as part of a Carnegie endowment for medicine and the Rockefeller Foundation and the UN and good little Russians and good little Americans rolled their sleeves up and all took the same one and died later down the road.
And now China is part of the World Health Organization, this whole thing.
You know, we played you just a few weeks ago, the head of the UN Science Board, saying we're giving people death.
We're killing people.
We're covering it up.
But then, you try to post that video on YouTube of them at their official conference in Switzerland, Geneva, Switzerland, where the World Health Organization is based, in their official chambers.
And YouTube says it violates community standards.
Just like my film exposing the eugenicist in Hitler, my anti-Nazi film, a real anti-Nazi film.
Want to know where they came from?
Who they work for?
What their plan is?
What their endgame is?
Jeff Bezos' Amazon says you don't get to stream that and watch it, even though it's been on there six, seven years.
This is a 13-year-old film now.
Because it's too powerful.
It's too accurate.
It's too real.
So we can open the phones up.
We can take calls.
We've got Mike Adams coming on.
Owen's court hearing is in about 20 minutes, if it's on time, in D.C.
So I would guess the next hour we'll have Norm Pattis, my lawyer that's there with him, and Owen on the broadcast, arrested for wearing tape across his mouth inside the Senate foyer.
Not in any of the Senate buildings.
Everybody else was allowed to hold up signs and do stuff and yell and scream, but he can't because, well, they've ordered the police to arrest him and they follow orders.
Just like Salk says to the scientists, and they have the interview, to PBS in Boston, that's what we heard yesterday.
He asked Salk, he said, well, this is terrible.
He said, well, we're not going to stop the efficacy of vaccines.
This is all just obfuscation.
Besides, there's too many Russians.
And then the scientist goes, but we killed Americans too.
And he goes, and then when you read the Carnegie endowment,
And it talks about how the two groups that the globalists were threatened in the British Empire model that set it up, it was going to be Americans and Russians, that if they ever got together, that could be a force with a land bridge and all over the world, and with American ingenuity and Russian ingenuity and all the borders that Russia has with the world, that teamed up with Russia, the United States, would be able to set its system up worldwide.
So the globalists sent in 100,000 former Russians,
A lot of Jewish Russians.
And overthrew the Tsar.
And then you know what happened over in Russia and the tens of millions tortured to death and murdered and the Christians killed.
And the same leftist groups and systems are here today.
And they plan to do it again.
But the globalists don't like stand-up fights.
So they're going to kill you and your children.
They're going to put fluoride in your water that even Fox News admits is deadly poison.
And they're going to shoot you up with vaccines with time-released viruses and mutagens and things way more advanced than what they used to do.
And you're going to like it, and you're going to pay them all your money while you die, and then you're going to go bury you and yourself and your family, and you're going to salute the New World Order.
There's the Fox News article for me.
Scroll down, it says, fluoridated poisons.
Because they call over 300 poisons fluoride under U.S.
law when they dump it in the water.
There it is!
110 million Americans at least affected toxic levels thousands of times what they thought, but they're not allowed to count fluoridated poisons under the law.
So as long as you mix lead and mercury and arsenic and anything else you want with liquid acid called hydrofluorosilic acid, it binds with it and then by definition whatever's in the cocktails called fluoride.
And it's a good gift to you and your family.
Cancer, low IQ, low sperm count, deformed children.
But it's liberal!
And Tim Cook's gay, so it's okay!
As long as Tim Cook's gay, it's A-okay.
He can have slave factories, forced abortions in China, he can work with the Chinese Communist government, the big world government project, they're all part of the one-child policy, but he wears a nice little bowtie at the Golden Globes, and so it's okay.
It's so li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li-li
But the facts are, the technocrats running things are the most inbred psychotic control freaks, and are the worst examples of humans on this planet.
Historically speaking, and from every other perspective you could look at.
And they use the excuse of being guardians of the Earth, that had to do all these terrible, horrible things for the good of it, as the pretext to just carry out psychotic activity.
Their real worldview is, is that they're going to be super scientists that discover the secrets of the universe, and that they'll be able to transcend their human form, merge with silicon, become gods, and build unlimited worlds.
And that the planet is nothing but a yolk, or nothing but energy from which they will spring an egg.
And there's some truth to that.
The planet is a launch point for humans given to us by God to work with and to build with as a test.
But they're cutting off humanity from their destiny and from their real potential.
So that the establishment can steal the future and try to control it for themselves.
And really, at the end of the day, that's the endgame.
That's what it's all about.
And that's who they are.
And that's who they say they are in thousands of articles, books, and statements.
The compendium of the publicness of this anti-human, post-human project is staggering.
So people ask me, how do I take
The daily attacks and lies.
And for whatever you see happening in Fort Worth, there's probably 10 times more happening beneath the surface.
Well, because I realize that we're all under attack.
And that giving into this system is the surest way to be destroyed.
And so our only hope is to stand strong and try to alert people as best we can.
And you know, I believe in humanity.
We've put out the warnings.
People have responded.
Because you think just like I do and you believe humanity as well.
But I gotta tell you, Bill and Melinda Gates and the UN, this whole globalist project, their fingerprints aren't just all over this coronavirus.
Their response, their preparation, their patenting of it, just everything they do and their previous statements use outbreaks to force world government.
And their nefarious activities with Jeffrey Epstein, blackmailing and buying off the scientific community.
This is a eugenics cult.
And how do they get all the scientists on board?
They recruit them, they give them money, they give them power, and then they compromise them.
And Jeffrey Epstein was a front man for the science program of the globalists, and the science officer, Bill Gates, as far as my research can tell, is
The planetary head of the operation.
He's the chief dude.
He's the man.
He runs the whole thing.
And that's it.
And his daddy was one of the chief science officers of the program.
Look it up.
Bill Gates has been on PBS.
And talked about how we need to depopulate the earth.
It's come out that they have secret meetings at universities with Epstein, just as the manager, with all these billionaires to talk about how to depopulate people.
And then he's patented through a subgroup this coronavirus, and then you see the response, and they have a tabletop exercise three months ago of killing 60-something million people, and then they go, that's okay, because it brings in world government.
So here's the deal.
I could have sold out to these people a long time ago.
When it's off-record, I have off-record meetings with some of these people.
I don't talk about specifically who I talk to.
John Harmon heard the head of the Kissinger Group in a phone call because he was on during breaks telling me, you need to join us, this is stupid, you need to be part of the elite.
In fact, you even know how this works, you need to be with us, you need to come to New York.
He just said, you're just a fool.
I can't believe you.
This is a foregone conclusion.
I said, why'd you come on the show?
He goes, well, I thought you'd listen to reason.
John Harmon was in there.
John, turn your mic on.
We need to use those mics more often.
I didn't just put them there to be vestigial.
And he's been running the board and answering calls for me for 15 years, 16 years.
He heard Rothkopf about 13 years ago in three different breaks have this conversation.
He heard that one of the heads of one of the war colleges, Thomas Barnett, talk about world government, how I need to accept it and we'll never defeat them, and how the Pentagon supports world government.
Armin, you there?
I am.
Yeah, tell folks about what you heard Rothkopf say.
Yeah, during the break, Rothkopf literally was trying to reason with you and ask you to basically join up with you guys.
And it was just kind of surreal.
Yeah, I mean, it's, uh, it's, it's just, um, when it all sinks in, I mean, you actually go to that, uh, he, he was asking you straight up, like, join up with us.
And it was just, I don't know, not much to say.
It's just, um, but it really happened.
I wish it was on air, but, um, during the breaks, that's, that's when all the, um,
Uh, interesting conversations actually took place.
Remember Thomas Barnett?
Yes, I remember that.
Yep, absolutely.
From the Pentagon, saying you'll never defeat us, and cackling like a witch when I said America would defeat them.
Do you remember when we had the head of HARP on, and then the army of the Air Force colonel came on and said, no, no, no, this is classified?
His lawyers were in on the conversation.
They just popped in.
And again, this is totally real.
They pop in and say, hey, go ahead and join up with us.
Come up to, I think it was Alaska, and have a meeting with us.
And it was just like, whoa.
I'm just the sound guy.
I'm just sitting there running different shows at the network.
Well, I'm just giving people an example that I'm not playing games.
I mean, I've been in Hollywood in a 40-story building when the billionaire says, look, Lucifer loves you, Alex.
Join with Lucifer.
I mean, people just don't know how real this is.
And until they're there and see it, they don't know.
It's absolutely true.
These people are into some shady stuff.
Well, I want to tell the listeners of yours something.
See, most people are looking to sell out.
And so, that's not what fulfills folks.
And I know our listeners are people that don't want to sell it, they get it.
They just need to understand that to everybody else that's sold out, it's stupid to them that we haven't sold out.
So that's why they persecute us and try to find what it will do to make us just give up.
And the answer is nothing.
We're not joining with
You're evil.
We're not signing on to hurting innocent men, women, and children because my soul is on the line.
Don't they get that, Harmon?
Um, I don't, I think they've made the decision to join up with some bad people.
And, um, they're going to support that because, I mean, that's where their paycheck's coming from.
They get into just some dark stuff.
And, uh, they turned away from the light, essentially.
And that's how it works.
And you can't get higher in the club unless you do worse and worse stuff.
It is a club.
You gotta get on your knees, ladies and gentlemen, and you gotta be dominated.
And they make jokes about it in shows like Team America, but, you know, now Gary, get down there and do your job.
It's not about sex, Gary.
Well, no it's not.
It's about power, it's about control.
And if you think getting on your knees in some boardroom and crawling up between the legs of some fat CEO is bad enough, folks.
It's not worth it.
It's a lot worse than that.
It's a lot worse than just getting on your knees.
So people better decide whether they're going to be with this system or not.
As for me, I love the persecution.
They can turn the heat up to a thousand, I don't care.
Because at the end, they're the ones that got to face God Almighty and God's real and they know it.
It's not worth it.
You join up with the bad people, it gets worse and worse.
It starts off with just small stuff and then it inches up, inches up.
Eventually they're offering you sex with a kid or whatever.
Some just sick stuff.
And if you don't do it, well, oh sorry, now you lose your job.
Or you get off.
And that's why they want our guns, because they've got stuff playing so horrible for all of us, they know we're going to finally fight back.
So, I'm just telling everybody, they're putting a digital straitjacket and handcuffs on everybody.
Just like when they grab a kid, they handcuff them in a basement.
And it's the same thing.
And they literally want to handcuff you and your family.
Take away your farms, take away your God, take away your guns, take away your mobility, take away your culture, so that they get you in that spiritual dungeon so they can literally torture the living hell out of you, and we're not going to let them do it.
All right, Harmon, thanks for coming on the show and relaying.
I know he'd like to go on air, shy guy, but that's him getting guests on the phone for years.
Just some of the examples are like, I want to talk to Alex, you don't know why.
Listen, Alex.
Now, now, now, the DARPA people weren't that bad.
I mean, they had a heart like, meant well, but it is... We are back live.
Mike Adams is coming up to run through the fact that we have the coronavirus in Chicago.
I have a report I haven't even gotten to.
I probably should have given the writers an hour ago.
Now I can't find it.
You guys print me off the...
Ice report about the coronavirus on the Texas border.
That might have been big news.
We were going to break.
That's the problem.
I'm just such in the midst of so much incredible stuff that I didn't even get to that.
Let's air, though, a few minutes of what just ended is Trump at the March for Life speech, 11 minutes long.
We'll just play part of it now because no other previous president has gone to the marches for life.
So that's a good thing Trump's doing.
Another promise he's been keeping.
Here it is.
We're here for a very simple reason, to defend the right of every child, born and unborn, to fulfill their God-given potential.
For 47 years, Americans of all backgrounds have traveled from across the country to stand for life.
And today, as President of the United States, I am truly proud to stand with you.
I want to welcome tens of thousands.
This is a tremendous turnout.
Tens of thousands of high school and college students who took long bus rides to be here in our nation's capital.
And to make you feel even better, there are tens of thousands of people outside that we passed on the way in.
If anybody would like to give up their spot, we could work that out.
You have a tremendous group of people outside.
Thousands and thousands wanted to get here.
This is some great success.
Young people are the heart of the March for Life.
And it's your generation that is making America the pro-family, pro-life nation.
The Life Movement is led by strong women, amazing faith leaders, and brave students who carry on the legacy of pioneers before us who fought to raise the conscience of our nation and uphold the rights of our citizens.
You embrace mothers with care and compassion.
You are powered by prayer and motivated by pure, unselfish love.
You're grateful, and we are so grateful.
These are incredible people.
To be joined by Secretary Alex Azar and Kellyanne Conway.
Thank you.
And thanks also to Senators Mike Lee and James Lankford, who are here.
Thank you, fellas.
And representatives Steve Scalise, Chris Smith, Ralph Abraham, Warren Davidson, Bob Latta, John Joyce, Lloyd Smucker, Brian Fitzpatrick, and Brad Winstrup.
Thank you all.
And I have to say, and I look at it and I see it exactly, we have many, many more politicians in the audience, but if you don't mind, I won't introduce them all.
All of us here today understand an eternal truth.
Every child is a precious and sacred gift from God.
All right, you know, I should have thought to tell the crew to go past Trump's pleasantries, as he always does, and then get in the real meat of what he was about to say.
So we're going to come back from where he just started there about 30 seconds ago for a few minutes on the other side.
And then Mike Adams is going to be here with us to go down the latest developments that are huge, like this.
still accepting packages from Wuhan, China, despite coronavirus quarantine.
No wonder the US is one of the only countries that's had outbreaks as well.
We have to start valuing life again.
If we don't value the life of babies and the unborn, we're not going to value the life of our elders or ourselves and other people aren't going to value our life.
And once that safety net
of real compassion and real love and understanding that building a more complex civilization where we take care of each other builds economies of scale and that parents having at least 2.2 children is needed to have a pro-human future and not have collapse.
And then you look at the left and the technocrats claiming their virtue and their morality and how much they love humanity and how they're going to create this new golden age.
But then everything they do is systematically an anti-human system.
So President Trump, in the last three years, is the first president in history, since Roe v. Wade, to actually go to the pro-life march, where our reporters are right now, we have live feeds at Bandot Video, and give value to children.
And say, these are humans that are being killed.
If you don't give them value, well then it's babies after they're born.
Look at Governor Northam.
We're gonna break down the big developments with the coronavirus that's gone from being frightening to being clearly...
Together we must protect, cherish, and defend the dignity and the sanctity of every human life.
When we see the image of a baby in the womb, we glimpse the majesty of God's creation.
When we hold a newborn in our arms, we know the endless love that each child brings to a family.
When we watch a child grow, we see the splendor that radiates from each human soul.
One life changes the world, from my family, and I can tell you I send love, and I send great, great love.
And from the first day in office, I've taken historic action to support America's families and to protect the unborn.
And during my first week in office, I reinstated and expanded the Mexico City policy and we issued a landmark pro-life rule to govern the use of Title 10 taxpayer funding.
I notified Congress that I would veto any legislation that weakens pro-life policies or that encourages the destruction of human life.
At the United Nations, I made clear that global bureaucrats have no business attacking the sovereignty of nations that protect innocent life.
Unborn children have never had a stronger defender in the White House.
And as the Bible tells us, each person is wonderfully made.
We have taken decisive action to protect the religious liberty.
So important.
Religious liberty has been under attack all over the world, and frankly, very strongly attacked in our nation.
You see it better than anyone, but we are stopping it.
And we're taking care of doctors, nurses, teachers, and groups like the Little Sisters of the Poor.
We are preserving faith-based adoption.
And to uphold our founding documents, we have confirmed 187 federal judges who apply the Constitution as written, including two phenomenal Supreme Court justices, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.
We are protecting pro-life students' right to free speech on college campuses.
And if universities want federal taxpayer dollars, then they must uphold your First Amendment right to speak your mind.
And if they don't, they pay a very big financial penalty, which they will not be willing to pay.
Sadly, the far left is actively working to erase our God-given rights, shut down faith-based charities, ban religious believers from the public square, and silence Americans who believe in the sanctity of life.
They are coming after me because I am fighting for you, and we are fighting for those who have no voice.
And we will win because we know how to win.
Ladies and gentlemen, that is why they want President Trump out.
That's part of the speech he gave just a little while ago at the giant Right to Life, pro-life rally in March that no other president has ever attended.
He promised he would.
He has attended every march now.
The big one's in D.C.
every year.
And he's done what he said he would do with the executive power to protect life.
He's going after cities now that are using taxpayer money to pay for abortion as well and winning.
So, Trump's not perfect, but when it comes to pro-life, he's really delivered, and that's central, is valuing human life.
InfoWars, this audience, was the critical group that took Trump over the top.
We're the core operating system of what Trump is trying to do, and that's why the globalists want to take us out.
That's why, when you buy the great products that you already need, that are excellent, at InfoWarsStore.com,
It is funding the tip of the spear.
And a lot of folks call themselves the tip of the spear.
And I'm sure they are in their area, and we salute them.
We are the tip of the tip.
We're under the most attack.
I'm not a victim.
I'm a target, like Tommy Robinson says.
But I can tell you, your financial support is needed now more than ever, with only 280 days left in the election.
They are ratcheting up the attacks behind the scenes at incredible levels.
And it's money that's able to fend that off and build the new infrastructures and ensure that we continue on, not just through the election, but into the future.
But the year 2020 is here, so I want to just encourage all viewers and all listeners to step up to the plate, like President Trump and myself have done, and buy the products, spread the word about the shows, share the articles and the videos, because that's the only way it's going to happen.
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You can get the vitamin D3 and iodine at InfoWarsStore.com right now at 40% off.
We knew that 2020 was going to be eventful, but we're only 24 days in and it's bad.
Now studying the globalists and even making a film about it, Endgame Blueprint for Global Enslavement,
We show the white papers and quotes where the United Nations, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, IBM, the Cold Springs Harbor, Eugenics Research Institute in New York, as well as the Jeffrey Epstein Globalist Combine that we name, 13 years ago, have set up a secret world government.
That's their words, not mine.
A secret
World government, ladies and gentlemen.
Think about that.
And then I've got somewhere here, the Wall Street Journal.
Here it is.
That's what I was looking for.
Here it is.
Amazon Prime Video gives amateur how-to conspiracy theories a stage.
It goes on to say, Jones claims there's a world government.
Well, that's out in the open now, and how Amazon took the film down.
But the reason I mention that is, we talk about how they plan to have smaller bioweapon releases that aren't as deadly to get the global control system in place, and then have bigger releases than tightening the grip of global control.
Dearing the larger depopulation events that happen, and then the deep state globally pretending it's the savior, while it's actually organizing the operation.
Just like they're overriding the environment, poisoning it, genetic engineering, bio-sludge, putting poison in the water, while they claim to be the guardians, saying those of you that don't let us control you, you're the bad guys for carbon dioxide.
Because they're building a world that's uninhabitable for humans.
They're terraforming it for whatever reason, to where the atmosphere doesn't even match up to what is what we need.
And you can speculate all day about the final 2 plus 2 equals of what's running this.
The Bible says it's a fallen entity here that wants to kill us so it has the planet for itself.
Whether you believe that or not, that's what the globalists say.
They're ascending, but they have to see us die first.
They have to depopulate the Earth first before they're rewarded.
So joining us for the rest of the hour is Mike Adams to get into the coronavirus, to get into the poison in the water, they're now admitting in Fox News, the bio-sludge, how it's part of the master plan, and the incredible persecution that he and others are under with these secret courts taking websites down right now.
So this is an incredible atmosphere we're in, Mike, and we'll walk through it all, but
Now they admit what you were saying a week ago, what I was saying a week ago, after I followed your lead, because I respect you and your researchers, that they're already covering up how big this is.
The hospitals are already collapsing over there.
They're letting it spread.
They're letting packages still be shipped to the U.S.
That's at TheNationalFall.com and InfoWars.com, and this is out of control.
And, oh, even the New York Times is, oh, Bill O'Reilly Gates, three months ago, thank God, they war game this exact scenario.
They've got an answer for us, Mike, world government.
So when we report this a week ago, we're bad and evil.
But when they report it, it's a good thing, Mike Adams.
Right, it's insane and I've got bombshell after bombshell to lay out for you here, even though my own network has been severely compromised the last few days and we're way behind.
Me personally, I've been studying the situation, so I've got a lot for you here.
Let me just get right into it.
Number one, realize that the globalists, they know that the most likely fatalities in their simulations of 65 million people dead will be liberals in cities.
So, the globalists are willing to massacre their own leftists, which, by the way, is consistent with that Project Veritas video documenting that Bernie Sanders supporters who said they want to mass-execute liberals.
So, understand that anytime you release a bioweapon, an engineered virus like this, it's going to impact the cities.
The second bombshell here, I should be writing stories on this, but again, I'm trying to recover from all the attacks.
The second bombshell is that the conditions in liberal cities such as San Francisco, where citizens are allowed to defecate on the streets, and that feces is swept into the sewer system, swept directly out into the oceans, where it's swept back up onto the beaches.
Those conditions are ideal for spreading coronavirus.
Now, you might think, well, this coronavirus is a respiratory virus, but guess what?
Doctors in the hospitals in the Wuhan province are now reporting that there are infected patients who are showing symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting and have no fever.
No fever!
That's another bombshell story, Alex.
There are asymptomatic, in other words, no respiratory symptoms.
Carriers of coronavirus now confirmed in China, which means they will not be detected by the current symptom lists and by the information that hospitals and doctors and the CDC has.
It also means there are infected patients who are slipping through the net right now.
Even though we have three confirmed in the United States now, three, you know, patient zeros, you might call them, there are likely hundreds of people who are infected in the United States and have not yet been exposed.
I've got more bombshells for you, Alex.
Do you want to
You want to jump in or you want me to keep going?
I want you to keep going, Mike.
Okay, all right.
So we know that it can be spread by feces, most likely.
So if it's spread by feces, then we've got another major problem because of the bio-sludge issue.
You know, you and I have talked about this.
We've sounded the alarm on this.
Human sewage is collected in every city in America.
And then it's spread on farms as fertilizer.
They do not destroy the viruses in that so-called fertilizer.
And guess what?
In fact, that's where most of these viruses we know breed is in feces slurries.
I don't know if you recall, but in my bio-sludge film I released a couple years ago, I interviewed a top EPA virologist who was fired from the EPA.
His career was destroyed.
His lab was shut down.
And he warned about this exact scenario.
He said the bio-sludge vectors could be used to spread biological weapons very easily because anything that you dump into the sewage system, anything you dump into a storm drain, will be distributed by the city to farms.
And school playgrounds and fields all around the city, and that is happening right now.
And by the way, Mike, I don't want to interrupt you because I know you've got hours of incredible intel, but let me just back up here.
Let's go through this slowly.
We have to go to the next hour.
If you can, we'll do it, but let's walk through this.
In China, they've got giant chemical fumigators, you can roll some footage of that, driving around in Hunan and other areas, pumping massive amounts of chemicals, really antiviral pesticides is what they are, into the air to try to kill the virus they believe is airborne, okay?
Now, meanwhile, we have what the left celebrates, just like city council members in Portland, Oregon say, pooping is freedom.
Pooping everywhere is a fun thing they do.
And I'm not joking, folks.
It's serious.
And the needle's everywhere.
So every leftist city is an open sewer.
So is Austin now.
Everyone's moving out of the downtown.
It's collapsing.
Feces everywhere.
Needles everywhere.
It's a joke.
They call it, you know, downtown buildings that stink in one particular building because these places stink so bad.
So you're not just saying this.
The left opens our borders, lets everybody come in, gets rid of all health screening, and then just lets everyone open air crap everywhere.
So we're just a prime place for this to hit is what you're saying.
Well, right, and you're arrested in San Francisco if you serve plastic straws, but not if you defecate on the street.
So, think about the priorities of liberals and also the open borders policies, as you just mentioned.
This is the ideal situation for the spread of infectious disease in America, and I believe that that software model that predicted 65 million deaths globally probably did not account for these conditions of filthy liberal cities that are already collapsing.
Let's talk about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation wargaming this three months ago and patenting the virus and everything else on the other side with Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com.
I haven't gotten to this yet.
We're under the greatest attack ever as well, just like Mike.
I have a big announcement on that when we come back.
All right, we're back live.
I'm going to have Mike Adams host this segment and probably most of the next just because I'm going to jump in and interrupt if I get the microphone on.
So I'm going to turn the microphone off and just
At the start of the next hour, I had an investigative journalist, John Rappaport, joining us.
I have been the subject of deep state attacks that are next level, and I was asked by the FBI
And folks with the Central Intelligence Agency, at this point, to not get into this on air.
There's different factions in both groups, obviously.
You heard John Harmon earlier talk about years ago, the head of the Kissinger Group, on the phone with me during break, saying, join us.
World government's good.
You're going to be part of the elite.
You're already the elite of this.
And then, you know, the Pentagon people doing it over the phone.
I mean, that's just what he's heard on the phone, OK, when I'm talking to guests.
You ought to see it behind the scenes.
They basically told me, you stop now or you're dead.
And this isn't just like a death threat over the telephone.
It's like, listen, you need to do this.
It's the best thing for your family.
This is the way it is.
Now, only reason I bring that up is you're gonna see incredible lies in the media about me in the next few days.
And it's gonna be horrible.
But the good news is nobody buys it.
Like when they planted the child porn on us.
Folks, I'm not sending child porn to Sandy Hook families.
Give me a break, okay?
Everybody knows that's crap.
But it isn't about Alex Jones.
I'm just a canary down in this coal mine.
But they have canaries, so when the methane goes up a certain high, canaries die before humans do.
Canaries can't handle any gas.
So when a canary falls over, miners get out, okay?
Well, the canaries are dead right now.
I mean, the equivalent we've gone through, most people,
It's like a Star Trek analogy.
Spock's stronger than humans, so he can handle radiation longer, but he's dead already.
And Captain Kirk's trying to go in there and go, you're not saving him, he's dead already.
And I don't say this as a victimology, I'm proud of what we've done.
But most, nobody else can handle this.
We knew this was coming, we built for it, we've handled a bunch, but we're dead already, okay?
You just need to understand something.
That the fact that they're doing all of this right now means they're going for broke against the president and everything else, and this is for real.
So, and the coronavirus obviously is a prepared simulant for a cover for other stuff because they always have something else that's really doing and they got the virus.
I mean, you can see all the stuff going on, but I mean, it means we're now game time.
The ball's been kicked off.
This is it.
It's 2020, new world order, toe-to-toe with humanity.
Mike Adams, you take over this segment next, and I'll be here watching, but you'll bring us out of break and you'll bring us back in the next segment.
You've got the floor.
Break it down.
All right, I'm going to start with the context of just a little segue from what Alex just said.
When I first became aware of Alex Jones and Infowars maybe 15 years ago,
I remember my first thought, which might be the first thought of many people, was that things couldn't possibly be as bad as what Alex is saying.
That was my first thought.
Couldn't possibly be that bad.
What's he talking about?
Now, 15 years later, whatever it is, after having lived through this myself and been the subject of these vicious attacks and been an investigative journalist and running an infrastructure, running a team of editors and writers and
Covering these things, I'm here to tell you something today that maybe even InfoWars listeners might find shocking.
Excuse me.
The truth is, it's way worse than what Alex has ever been able to articulate.
And he's done an incredible job, and he's trying to sound the alarm.
And the things that are happening in our world today, the corruption, the fraud,
The maliciousness, not just the lies, but the demonic force of total destruction.
Destruction of logic and reason and life and humanity.
These forces are so evil and they've so successfully invaded and taken over every institution from the media to government to education and Hollywood and so on that I'm here to tell you
It is way worse than what Alex has ever said.
In fact, it's way worse than anything I could have ever communicated.
And I just have to apologize right here live on air.
I've failed to accurately sound the alarm.
I've been too reserved.
I've been too intellectual.
I have not been able to communicate to you the degree of trouble that we are in as a human species.
We are, to say we are so screwed doesn't even begin to scratch the surface.
We are targeted for extermination.
There is a total wipeout of humanity that's being planned, that's being engineered, it's being rolled out before your very eyes.
The censorship aspects of this are just the surface layer.
That's just to stop people from talking about it so that the attacks can succeed more rapidly and more completely.
The attacks on Alex Jones and the attacks on myself and others are just a small part of the overall plan.
And the viciousness of those attacks tells you the desperation of those who are behind this.
That they've pulled out all the stops.
There's nothing they won't do from the impeachment of Trump in the Senate, the lies of Adam Schiff.
To the CDC being taken over by the vaccine industry and the vaccine industry deliberately lacing their vaccines with infectious diseases.
I mean, I'm here to tell you one of the bombshells I need to cover today, and I'll describe it in more detail, is that all of this coronavirus situation, this is just the first wave, folks.
The second wave of the pandemic begins when the coronavirus vaccine begins being administered.
And we will come to learn that that vaccine contains live virus.
There will be live virus in the coronavirus vaccine.
And it will set off a firestorm of the second wave.
This has already been planned, already engineered.
We know the playbook.
And like I said, it's way worse than anything that Alex could have explained or that I could have explained.
I've failed to explain all this.
I've failed to sound the alarm.
If we had succeeded, there would be millions of people marching in the streets today against the criminal CDC, against maybe Congress or at least the corrupt Democrat House.
There would be millions of people marching to demand control of our borders so that we don't have infectious diseases just running across the borders and infecting Americans.
There would be people marching in front of the Fed to demand honest money and an end to the fake fiat currency system that's silently stealing all your wealth and all your productivity every night as you sleep.
Your money is being stolen through debasement of the money supply.
I can't sound the alarm enough and in a sense I almost feel, I feel numb to it.
It's so insane every day, day after day, that in order to even function in this environment,
I have to turn it off.
I have to turn off these elements that should have us screaming.
Begging for God to intervene.
Begging for humanity to wake up.
And yet, we can't.
Because just to deal with this, we have to alter our own circuitry, so to speak.
Just to be able to talk and function.
Because the truth is so nightmarish.
It's so horrific.
It's such a nightmare.
What can we do?
As a human race?
I'm here to tell ya.
It's over for humanity.
There will only be lone survivors.
The strategy must now shift.
You can be a survivor.
We can help you survive.
The information here at InfoWars and what I do can help you survive.
I'll give you some practical things in the next segment.
But, maybe it's an astonishing statement to hear from me, the Health Ranger, but
It's over for humanity as a whole.
The masses will be slaughtered.
The depopulation agenda cannot be stopped.
Do you understand?
Do you effing understand?
I'm not going to use profanity, but you need to be thinking in those terms.
Do you understand?
You are targeted for termination.
All of humanity is targeted.
There may be lone survivors.
Now our job is to help you be one of those people.
I'll have more on the other side.
This is Mike Adams with InfoWars.com.
Stay with us.
This is Mike Adams continuing with our emergency broadcast today.
Thank you for joining us.
I'll be with you during this segment and the next segment.
I believe we have, if I understand correctly, Rappaport coming on in the next hour to talk to us about this accelerating infectious disease pandemic.
Now, in the last segment, I mentioned that I believe it's over for humanity.
I think that humanity is being targeted with so many vectors of destruction that
In my assessment, the bulk of the human race will not survive this.
Now, there can be lone survivors or small groups of survivors, and I think that that's the strategy we have to get to now.
And just the fact that you are tuning into this broadcast means that you are a survivor.
You have a survivor mindset.
You're not part of the sheeple class that just walks off a cliff because everybody else is doing it in front of you.
You question, hey, wait a minute, isn't that a cliff?
Maybe we shouldn't jump off that cliff.
You know, you're different from the masses, thank God.
Because the masses are committing suicide and they're going to go along with this global suicide, this coronavirus bioengineered weapon system that is being deliberately released after having been developed as a weapon against humanity.
Now, where to even begin?
Let me cover some basics about this outbreak.
Number one, a doctor from the Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University is now saying that
Carriers of this disease may have no fever whatsoever.
So that means that people can carry this and spread this disease without being identified as having coronavirus.
So that means that the doctors and hospitals and the CDC officials
are wrong or let's say at least not fully informed in their assessment of who might be infected.
That means infections are going to slip through the cracks.
We're already reading stories of multiple patients being scanned in California for whether or not they carry this virus and it's said that they don't have it according to the officials.
But what if they're not looking for the right symptoms?
So a second point here is that
One way that I believe that you know that this is a real pandemic is because the WHO is trying to downplay it.
So whatever the WHO does, the World Health Organization, it's the opposite of reality.
When the bird flu virus was a non-pandemic, they declared it a stage six pandemic.
Understand, carefully, when the Zika virus was a made-up virus, I mean it was a made-up pandemic, just to funnel billions of dollars to vaccine companies.
We were told that that was huge!
We were told, I mean, do you remember a couple of years ago?
We were told that babies were going to be born with shrunken heads all across Florida and Louisiana and Mississippi.
The hot, humid regions of the Southeast United States.
Babies were going to be born with shrunken heads.
You remember those news stories?
That was all over the media because of the Zika virus.
And we all better run out and get Zika vaccines, and we better have emergency Zika vaccine research.
And sure enough, Congress, if I remember correctly, they approved, I think it was $2 billion for Zika virus vaccine research.
Turns out there were no babies born with shrunken heads in Florida.
There's not an epidemic of shrunken-headed babies in Florida.
Never happened.
It was all made up.
But today, they're saying, oh, the WHO says, quote, it's not the time to declare an emergency.
Even as a real emergency is happening, in my opinion, the number of people infected in China, according to estimates, could be upwards of 100,000, maybe 200,000 people.
It's hard to know at this point because it's so difficult to diagnose the symptoms.
The symptoms are very diverse.
Sometimes vomiting, sometimes headaches, sometimes conjunctivitis, sometimes diarrhea, sometimes fever and coughing, but it varies.
So we don't even know how many people have it.
We do know that 23 million people are quarantined in China.
23 million people are quarantined because of the multiple cities that are now under quarantine.
And as the video is showing you on your screen, if you're watching, the hospitals are being overrun.
People are dropping dead in the streets of China, especially in Wuhan province.
The hospitals are overrun.
The supplies have run out almost everywhere in China.
The food supplies, and this is a critical issue for all of us to get, the food supplies are wiped out in those cities because of the quarantine.
And if you are not yet prepared with a backup food supply in the United States, and you live in any major city or near a major city, then you're crazy.
Because the quarantine, when it happens, what immediately follows are incredible shortages of food supplies and medical supplies.
And anti-retroviral medicines and, you know, just masks.
Just masks and biohazard suits.
All wiped out.
You know, the latex gloves.
We use them in our laboratory every day when we're prepping samples for analytical runs for glyphosate and heavy metals and so on.
We buy gloves.
We may not be able to get them if this continues to expand and explode all across the world.
So, thinking about supplies is one of the key things for survival.
As this spreads,
If you don't have supplies, which may include plastic sheeting or just sanitizing chemicals, like bleach.
We knew, by the way, years ago that bleach killed Ebola virus.
If you sprayed surfaces with bleach, like a bleach water mixture, and put it in a spray bottle, you could spray down the surfaces and it killed Ebola virus.
And then what happened back then?
Well, the media and the government
They said that, oh, don't talk about natural cures for Ebola, don't talk about colloidal silver, don't talk about these essential oils, don't talk about Chinese medicine.
I think one formula is called the minor blue-green dragon formula.
It's a Chinese medicine formula.
It turns out it's full of all these antiviral molecules that have now been proven by science.
But that was from, I think, 2,500 years ago in Chinese medicine.
They knew how to deal with that.
But today, pharma has taken over China.
And so, these outbreaks are occurring, and even in China, almost no one is allowed to practice Chinese medicine anymore.
Same thing's true in Taiwan.
Same thing's true in Hong Kong.
Western medicine has taken over, so the natural cures are being wiped out.
Or even criminalized.
There will be takedown orders.
You know the censorship takedown order that I've been talking about the last couple of days that hit natural news?
Make no mistake, when this pandemic gets large in the United States, there will be takedown orders and censorship orders to take offline and ban any account of anybody who talks about a natural cure for coronavirus.
Why is that?
Why will that be happening?
Because they can't have people curing themselves.
They can't allow people to survive the onslaught.
They, the globalists who engineered this, who funded it, who ran the laboratories, they want to kill as many people as possible.
Their own software simulations run by organizations funded by Bill and Melinda Gates show 65 million deaths will occur globally.
From a very similar strain of coronavirus.
And I think that their software models vastly underestimate the conditions of filth in our cities.
And as we talked about before, the bio sludge, the recycling of human feces and putting it on farms.
I mean, just on that point alone, we could do an entire show.
I mean, imagine the food shortages that will occur in America.
If the food supply is found to be contaminated with coronavirus.
And it will be.
Because this virus is going to be spread through feces, it's going to end up in bio-sludge, it's going to be distributed by the cities, onto farms, onto food crops.
In Washington State, they just legalized dumping dissolved humans.
Down the drain.
I'm not even making this up.
It's recycling.
Instead of cremating a dead person or burying them, they can now dissolve them with chemicals and literally flush them down the municipal sewage system.
Dead people will be in the bio-sludge.
Dead people who may have died from coronavirus.
Do you understand?
I'm trying to get you to connect the dots here.
Put the pieces of this puzzle together.
Dead people who may have been killed by coronavirus will be in the bio-sludge.
The bio-sludge will be spread on the food crops, the orchards in Washington State.
And then what happens?
Massive new wave of outbreaks from people eating the food that's infected with the virus.
Well, it's just contaminated with it, just covered with filth and viruses.
And then what will that cause?
The media will say, well, you've got to go get vaccinated.
They'll pass mandatory emergency vaccine orders in Washington, in Oregon, in California.
Emergency vaccine orders.
Everyone will be required to get vaccinated, essentially at gunpoint.
This is just what
Governor Northam did in Virginia with the emergency vaccine.
Oh, you can't carry a gun.
Mike Adams, stay there.
Stay there because that's exactly where I was going next.
All of this is pre-programmed by Bill and Melinda Gates, who are the science officers for the eugenics operation that's on record.
And this is the huge planetary plan.
But the good news is even the head UN scientist admit there's a cover-up, vaccines are killing people.
So there's a rebellion within.
They admit the majority of doctors are, quote, becoming wobbly and don't believe the vaccines are good.
So as you said, as blatant as all this is, as open and naked as it all is, is an attempt to normalize it and break our will.
So we can't give up faith and hope, but I agree with you.
I almost started the show saying...
At a gut level, I just want to run off the country with my family and build a Redoubt and find like-minded people.
It's not going to work like that, though.
But at a primitive level, we would try to pull back away from this to a safe zone.
There's nowhere to run until we're a Type 1 civilization.
We must stand here.
We must fight.
There is no surrender.
You know, I really wanted to take calls today.
But because of the breaking news and the guests we have, we're not.
But I am coming in tomorrow, 100%.
We're good to go.
Launching right now.
Of course, there's a well-established now for over a decade.
Sunday show 4 to 6 p.m.
This broadcast has been here from 11 a.m.
to 2 p.m.
now to 3 p.m.
for over 22 years.
25 years total on 26 years almost on air.
I was saying, you know, they've had patented cancer viruses since the 1920s, um, 80 years ago.
And I'm like, that's a hundred years ago.
I mean, time is just flying.
We're in 2020 here.
And, uh, Mike Adams, I want to get into the attacks because you understand.
It's not like you're going, oh, I'm under attack.
This is terrible.
You know, you, you see the scale of the attack.
That's what empathy is.
Empathy is not some goody-two-shoe thing that biology built in that we're these weird leftists.
They want us to have false empathy and do what they say.
The real empathy is a nerve ending that, okay, Alex is under attack.
Mike Adams is under attack.
Another site's under attack.
Those are good people doing good work.
I'm under attack.
That's a nerve.
And so, it's not some goody-two-shoe empathy thing.
This is real, and people need to understand that.
It's very difficult for anyone to truly comprehend the scale of what's happening to you.
And to myself and it's it's the attacks on you, of course, are on an epic historic scale.
Only the attacks on President Trump could be compared to the attacks on you.
And in fact, it may be even worse on you than on him.
And I know that you can't even talk publicly about some of the details that would be the most shocking because of the legal action that you're involved with.
And so it's it's set up.
They've got a fourth dimensional warfare, fifth dimensional, sixth dimensional, where they know they do this.
I do this.
They do this.
And then I can't do it because
People always act like that.
Maybe Trump... Why can't Trump do a lot of stuff?
I think he's looking out on responses.
I can't calculate out like that.
Maybe he's smarter than we are.
Well, I can't know the state of mind of the president except that I know he loves America.
I know he hates the deep state.
I know he's... Oh yeah, their hate, the Satanist hate of Trump is real.
So let's talk about that.
Why do they hate Trump?
Because that's the answer to the riddle.
Trump is defending humanity.
You know, a lot of this breaks down to whether you're on Team Humanity or Anti-Human.
Because it really is.
Are you on Team Humanity?
Are you on Team Depopulation?
And why are they on Team Depopulation?
And they tell us why.
It's really macabre.
Please don't forget, folks.
I want to stay in the game here.
And of all the things you can do, I'm not being patronizing to Christians.
I'm a Christian.
The prayer is number one.
I love God.
It's paramount.
It's the coin of the realm.
It's everything.
You're saying to God, I want this.
And if God agrees with what you're doing, then God makes the connection.
That's what that is.
That's why only the prayers God wants to answer are answered.
But you have free will.
You've got to ask.
And if God's already wanting to give it to you, and you've got to say, I want it, then you get it.
You see what I mean?
Christ uses the example of the
Bridegroom and you know the bride.
You've got to want it.
God's ready to give it to you.
But you've got to open up that channel.
But I'm just telling you right now here ladies and gentlemen that your prayers, your word of mouth are
Not key.
It's the key.
It's the lock.
It's the doorknob.
It's the door.
It's the house.
It's the hill.
It's the realm.
It's the planet.
It's the solar system.
It's the galaxy.
It's the multiverse.
It's the universe.
It's the mind of God.
It's everything.
Your will, your action is king.
Aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals.
Soylent Green, ladies and gentlemen, is made out of people.
But now, children are literally being passed through the furnace in order to fuel hospitals in the UK.
They're being sacrificed on the altar of efficiency and prosperity.
What is the secret of Soylent Green?
The powdered flesh from dead babies.
Some people believe they can cure disease.
Because of its enormous popularity, Soylent Green is in short supply.
Remember, Tuesday is Soylent Green Day.
The supply of Soylent Green has been exhausted.
You must evacuate the area.
The federal court ruled that the shareholders of PepsiCo, Big Bilderberg Group Company, are not allowed to know what they're using the baby parts for in the flavoring, but we already know.
So enjoy the flavor!
We're going to get the real solution, which is going to be a combination of death penalties and sales taxes.
I'm consistently pro-death.
I'm for assisted suicide.
I'm for regular suicide.
I'm for whatever gets the freeway moving.
...is spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient, would it be better not to lay off those 10 teachers and to make that trade up in medical costs?
But that's called the death panel, and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
They told me to say that they were sorry, but that you had become unreliable.
Is this the kind of society that you want to live in?
Any kind of society that would do this to its children will do it to its senior citizens.
It will do it to its dissidents.
That kind of society will also eventually turn on its police, on its army, on its prison guards, on the quizlings and the collaborators who make that possible.
This is nothing but a suicide cult.
The scoops are on their way!
The scoops are on their way!
I repeat, the scoops are on their way.
You will find out why Soylent Green means life.
You will find out why Soylent Green means death.
We've got to stop them!
That is the secret of Soylent Green.
Soylent Green is people!
Next thing they'll be breeding is like cattle for food.
You've got to tell them.
So, Mike Adams, finishing up with the coronavirus and the prediction of where this is going.
I see it from SARS, as we predicted in-game, as a scale-up to train us for drilling, to train us for world government.
And of course, Bill and Melinda Gates say that as well.
And it's definitely big, it's definitely bad.
How big do you think it's going to get?
How bad is it?
Well, we know that part of the agenda here is indoctrination training and also quarantine training.
Whether or not this is the big kill virus or some other future virus is still unknown.
This death rate, fatality rate from this virus is not yet high enough to kill a billion people, but it could kill tens of millions as projected in the software.
But it will most certainly provide the precedent for a total police state lockdown of the United States and every major city in America.
And that agenda is really a pretext agenda to make sure that they can declare emergency orders and just blame the coronavirus, just like they blame climate change for everything and say, we have to stop using combustion engines.
We have to stop farming with diesel powered tractors.
They blame climate change for that.
So coronavirus will be the go-to blame object to say, you have to give up all your rights.
You're not allowed to speak online because you're speaking out against the CDC.
You're not allowed to use natural medicine because it's not approved by the CDC.
And that if you use natural medicine, you might spread the worsening virus.
I'm telling you, Alex, you know how they do this.
They're going to use this as a pretext for every major narrative and every
Well that's it, I mean we don't just sit here and make up stuff and then it comes true.
We know it's all formulaic with them and again it's like they're aliens that want to sabotage human development.
They poison everything, they kill the earth while saying they support it.
They sabotage all clean human development.
Like a pack of gremlins.
Whatever they are, whatever these globalists are, they're just super bad.
But the thing is, they work in coordination because they're getting a transmission, Mike.
Just as a scientist, as you are, I just scientifically look at what's the equations and it's like, this is an anti-human force, like you said.
What do you call them?
They're the anti-humans.
Whatever you want to call globalists, they call themselves humanists, you notice, but they're not, they're the opposite.
Yeah, they're the opposite.
Just like the mainstream media gets talking points every day, which is why they sound identical when they're covering this impeachment trial.
They sound identical.
They use identical words and phrases every day.
And, you know, you've demonstrated that over the years with video compilations.
But the same type of thing is happening to the globalists and the CDC and the FDA and the drug companies.
They get orders.
They're told what to do.
They're told, hey, manufacture this vaccine and put live viruses in it.
We're going to start a second wave.
And by the way, it's all compartmentalized.
Just like you'll have good cops guarding a Bilderberg group meeting from the media, they're being enslaved by it as well.
The head UN scientist is like, we're killing people, we're covering it up, this is wrong, we should fix this.
And they're like, we aren't allowed to do tests.
Even the head UN scientist doesn't know what's going on.
She says, corporations just tell us what to do.
Well, that's right.
And every scientist who's a whistleblower is eliminated from the system.
Not just eliminated.
Thousands of scientists have been run over, shot, killed.
That's who they really target.
Because if they can't buy you with underage girls or money, like Bill and Melinda Gates are doing through Epstein, that they ran Epstein, that's confirmed now.
That's mainstream news, folks.
They will kill your ass.
They will.
The former EPA scientist who I interviewed in my BioSludge film, in his book, he documents
How the CDC and the EPA were involved in sending a SWAT team of armed federal agents to his house at night, dragged him out of his house.
This is a scientist.
This is like a geeky science guy dragged him out of his house and said, if you don't shut up, we're going to kill you.
It's in his book.
This is what they do.
And anybody who's opposed to the system or blowing the whistle on the system is threatened or eliminated.
Well, let me write this for you, though.
Trump is a beachhead.
And I can tell you, and it's not about kissing their ass, but the police and the military and the actual killers now know they're supposed to be replaced by now by machines and robots and drones.
That's why, oh, Bezos wants billions of drones to deliver stuff.
No, they're not meant to deliver.
They're meant to get you used to them.
They're watching your house.
They're watching what you do.
They're in telling everything about you into the AI for when it makes, Skynet makes its move.
That's why they're so mad about endgame.
And I'm not just saying that, folks.
That's high level.
The military finally gets, wait, Skynet's taking over.
It's in slow motion.
We're about to be eliminated.
So every person I talk to who's talked to everybody else says the globalists already have armored redoubts in New Zealand, Kauai, Hawaii, and Tasmania.
Australia, they believe it'll be like a year-long global war.
They want to stop nukes.
They're going to have special forces go in to take over the nuke bases in Pakistan, everywhere.
They've got global elites have a deal, like a moon raker, how they're going to eliminate everybody.
And how they're going to stabilize nuclear power plants during it.
But I've talked to the people.
The fact is, the minute all these people are in some red doubt,
I don't
In fact, those who are in the most denial of this, the leftists, the liberals,
They are the ones who are going to be the first victims of it.
It's their cities that are ripe for coronavirus infections or other pandemics that are released and bioweapons.
No, no, I agree with you.
You've got to do five more minutes and I know Rappaport's coming over.
He'll be in the middle of the next segment.
You've got to get into the attack on your site and these injunctions and how criminal it is on somebody else's lawsuit.
You're not even involved in a shadowy Obama judge.
But did you just hear what I said, Mike?
I know you talked to a lot of the same people.
The military, and everybody gets that the Skynet takeover is real, but it's incremental, and that it didn't happen like it was supposed to, and they all understand now what's happening, and the humans are guarding the globalists, so if the globalists ever try this plan, they're all dead.
I mean, I just said the biggest secret ever.
That's not bluffing.
Everybody knows I don't say something unless it's real.
You understand, on my soul!
You're all dead, Globalist, you do this.
You're dead!
No, it's not slowing down, it's getting pound for pound.
All right, Mike Adams in closing.
We're going to go to John Rappaport here, investigative journalist with his take on things.
The attack on you and what you've learned, you've sent me the documents, you've sent the judge what's happening in California in a court case you're not even involved in, taking down all these sites that are talking about the coronavirus.
And it's really illustrative of how the system has escalated things to a level of just brazen criminality, showing that they're going for broke because they would normally go to jail for this or get in major trouble.
I know you're filing a criminal complaint today with your lawyers.
This is just insane lawlessness, but they're testing to see what they can get away with because big financial backers have told them, do it.
No, it's the internet kill switch.
It's here and we've been hit by it.
It's a test case against us and even as your own attorney Norm said yesterday,
Federal statutes require parties to be given notice and to be given an opportunity for a hearing.
We were given none of those opportunities.
We were taken down by a temporary restraining order that had nothing to do with us in the original case.
What they did, what they're doing, Alex, is they're recycling and hijacking old California bankruptcy cases involving other people who have nothing to do with us.
And we now learn that they filed this TRO, they reopened an old case, they filed the TRO,
At the last hour of the last day of the year last year, so it was actually December 31st.
So they did it so law clerks wouldn't even review it.
It's corporate level mega espionage.
And it says, we have the documents, it says no hearings.
No hearings.
Blatantly illegal, blatantly unconstitutional.
We also know, by the way, we now have names of some of the other infrastructure providers who are being hit by this.
It includes CloudFlare.
It includes hosting companies like Bluehost.
And it includes email service providers such as Hushmail.
And by the way, Hushmail told this judge, go F yourself.
By the way, Hushmail said we're not going to comply with this ridiculous order.
So good on Hushmail.
But other infrastructure providers are in fact complying with it to sabotage.
But let's go further.
Courts have never done this in modern history.
This is beyond banana republic.
This means...
They believe there's a takedown of Trump.
I guess that means they were told the Senate trials there were going to remove Trump, and they see the Democrat Confidence Act, so they believe that they could do things that are unprecedented.
I keep going back to that.
It means they're going for broke.
It means they're just committing crime openly.
Well look, and for three days I haven't been able to cover coronavirus on my own website because I've been scrambling around, you know, calling lawyers and doing these other things.
So they have delayed.
They have... Which shows you a lot of big powerful groups have put a lot of marbles on corona.
Oh yeah, doesn't it though?
Doesn't it?
Because I should have a dozen articles out by now, but I don't because of this.
So, look, they can take you down or interfere with your business operations.
Well, that's because they've got maps, Mike.
They know that you are Mercola in health news nine times out of ten that changes the game.
You're badass.
I mean, it's true.
I mean, you literally are like a Super Bowl champ, you and Mercola and a few others.
And so they're like, let's take them out.
And of course, you go check Mercola and others.
I know they're getting suppressed too right now.
I mean, and that's why we're... I haven't made a big deal about it, but people see cloud flare in front of us is the highest level of protection.
The giant denial of service attacks and everything else are levels like, like ten times bigger than the Himalayas.
Like previous attacks, the biggest one was like... I mean, so it's like not even...
And like you said, you've gotten numb.
I don't mean that to be mean.
I can only operate to be numb.
Because the attacks are coming in so fast, that it's like I've become like a robot myself.
Like, fight back, fight back, but just... At a certain point, I used to care.
I did this because I cared.
Now I did it because I default, set the position, and rammed it into overdrive.
But now I have become... I'm just telling the listeners, I've literally become a robot in this fight.
Alex, and the last thing, I know you've got other guests coming up, last thing to mention, you know this big explosion in Houston.
This chemical plant exploded.
Entire neighborhoods have been destroyed.
The police are telling people to look for body parts up to a mile away, okay?
Look, we talked about sleeper cells being activated.
I don't know if that's what this is, but this could be payback for the Soleimani strike.
This could be Islamic radical extremists' sleeper cells activating.
We need to see if that's the case.
But Houston was one of the key targets, so it may be happening.
We need to research further.
Well, there's no doubt that that's a target, and we should cover that.
All right, Mike Adams, amazing job.
Please join me on the Sunday show, 4 to 6 p.m., and I'm doing a Saturday show as well.
Thank you, sir.
All right, well, joining us now, and I appreciate him holding as we got behind here, is Jon Rappaport, great patriot, filmmaker, investigative journalist, NoMoreFakeNews.com.
He's been under denial-of-service attack as well.
And he's here with us to talk about the big picture.
And then we'll drill down in the time we have about what's happening.
Because intellectually, I can see that things are exponentially, by orders of magnitude, more insane.
But then at a spiritual level, I don't want to say I'm Polacks at this point, but that's what Mike said.
He's almost... I started... I couldn't go on air for 20 minutes today.
Because I'm in here doing hours of research before... And then... My...
I just can't believe we're putting up with this.
But I see the seduction.
I see the incrementalism.
But I just, I'm now coming to the point of like, we're in a state of war.
And this is totally insane.
How would you quantify where we are right now, John Rappaport?
Well, as you said, Alex, it's all about the attacks.
To try to make you and others spend all of your time defending against these various attacks.
So that you can't go about your work in the same way that you were doing before, because you're fending off all the time.
Because they've seen what the threat of free speech is really all about.
There's no doubt about it now.
You know, they understand.
We've got this thing called the internet.
All right, let's see what happens.
Yeah, well, what happens is
For the last 15, 20 years, all of a sudden people are waking up and they're saying, well, if I can actually communicate to large numbers of people about what's going on, rather than, you know, in the old days, when I used to give lectures back in the 80s and 90s, there was a group that would come in there, a couple of people, and they would, they would tape it, audio tape, and they'd make copies and they'd sell them.
And then I would get a letter from somebody in Bulgaria six months later saying, I heard your tape on viruses and fantastic news and whatever, you know.
So all of a sudden now it's instantaneous.
And they're seeing that they themselves are getting overwhelmed.
The enemy is getting overwhelmed.
So they have to strike back and they have to destroy.
They see humanity's making the right decision when given the opportunity.
That's right.
So we say to you, all right, let's try free speech out and see what happens.
And lo and behold, what does happen?
People wake up.
People begin investigating on their own.
I remember you could say this was the dawn of the Internet back around 1996, 97.
The Oklahoma City bombing, when citizens in the city got together and formed, under State Representative Charles Key, their own citizen grand jury.
And all of a sudden, you had smart people.
Not just smart people, brilliant people, investigators that went out way beyond... And exposed that Bill Clinton blew that building up with the CIA and FBI to blame America.
They just found out so many secrets and conspiracies and plots and so forth.
They had the names!
I've interviewed the police, went public to them.
We'll be right back.
I just got a text message a minute ago.
60 seconds ago.
We are in the heart of the resistance.
It's true.
It's not a title.
It's not a brag.
It's a distress signal.
We're in the fight.
We've already seen incredible victory.
The enemy is attacking.
If you duplicate what we've done and build on it and expand, we're going to win.
Whatever happens, does.
We did the right thing.
We had big victories against the globalists.
I can tell you that right now.
And as soon as we get Norm Pettis on the line, constitutional lawyer has been there doing a great job.
We will give you the news on Owen Troyer that just came out minutes ago.
And I know that
John Rappaport of nomorefakenews.com.
We'll do a few minutes with him.
We'll understand.
Owen arrested for peacefully putting a piece of tape over his mouth in the Senate foyer.
But going back to John Rappaport, and we'll hold it a little bit the next hour, Dr. Nick Bagach, I know we'll be able to hold.
Owen's not on his yell yet.
I'm told we'll have the announcement here in just a moment.
John, the gestalt.
Obviously, this is ridiculously transparent for those of us that have been studying it.
But that's the fact about any mid-globalist rollout, is it's planetary, so it's very standardized, it's very slow-moving.
But once you hit the point of event horizon, or implementation out of beta, it becomes lightning fast.
The depopulation program, what's really being put in the vaccines, the UN coming out and admitting it's killing people, there's a cover-up, which I saw as a cry for help.
The gestalt prime computation, where are we right now, and where are the globalists?
Two things.
One is, they want to try to push you into doing something that you would never do.
Whatever that is.
Something so outrageous and outlandish and illegal that they would then be in to pounce on you.
It's like, OK, how much pressure can we put on this guy to get him to do something that he would never do where there is no longer any possible doubt of guilt and so on and so on?
I mean, that's one of their traditional tactics.
And the other thing as a culture, the bigger picture.
What they're trying to do is to say good is evil and evil is good.
This is a way we're going to ultimately confuse your mind, heart, spirit, soul, consciousness, everything.
We're going to show you the opposite of everything the way it actually is and convince you that this is so.
So everything you thought was good actually turns out to be evil and everything you thought was evil actually turns out to be good.
What do you know about that?
This is now the brave new world and isn't it wonderful?
And though at every level and every operation, every covert op,
Every cultural operation, this is what they're doing.
They're turning everything upside down and inside out with that premise in mind, that they're going to totally bury the population in its own moral, ethical, spiritual, emotional confusion by turning everything around 180 degrees from the way it actually is.
Why do they fear, let me ask you this, and we've got Norm Pasolam, we're going to go to him, continue with you, General Ramport.
Why, because it's not about bragging, and I don't totally trust Trump either.
He's had problems.
Why do they fear Trump?
Why do they fear Infowars?
Why are they trying to shut you down right now?
Why do they fear Mike Adams?
Well, because there's truth there.
Truth is more contagious than any virus.
Truth spreads.
People say, well, he just said this.
That's true.
He just said they're trying to make America into part of a new world order, globalism, whatever you want to call it.
Well, every time I look around, that's what I see too.
So they fear self-evidence.
Yes, exactly.
Where, how could you possibly deny what's being said?
You know?
Now we're giving these guys a free platform to say these things?
So naturally they're going to be afraid, especially when the numbers begin to expand exponentially and you've got millions of people listening to you and watching you and Mike Adams does and other people as well.
Of course they're going to do that.
They're going to say, my God, you know.
This is spinning out of control.
We had no idea this was going to happen.
Yeah, because self-evident truth spreads.
Final vote with Nadler saying you're the tyrant, that huge viral event, but he's there in the foyer of the Senate.
There's all these Democrat demonstrators.
They're constantly yelling, screaming, holding up signs.
He puts tape over his mouth.
They arrest him for that.
And Norm Pattis, famous constitutional lawyer, very honored to have him.
He got on a train when it happened yesterday, raced down.
It raced down today.
He was there.
Owen is not in jail yet, so I don't know the details, but I'm told some good news just happened.
Norm Pattis, tell us what's happening.
Yeah, it is excellent news.
The rule of law won today.
I mean, the First Amendment won.
The government decided to quote-unquote no pay for the case.
In other words, although Owen was arrested,
I think.
He had a piece of duct tape over his mouth that said censored, and he was carrying a sign that said, Big Tech tried to censor me, now the Democrats are too, and then he alerted people to banned.video, where you can see truth spoken.
Capitol Police came and warned him to knock it off.
He said, what about the people who were here protesting earlier on behalf of the impeachment?
Why didn't you arrest them?
It was a tense standoff.
They arrested him in handcuffs and took him out of the building at about 12.20 yesterday, I believe.
He was held overnight in a metropolitan jail.
He has not yet been released.
It'll be an hour or so by the time the deep state processes its paperwork.
But he will be free and we won.
So it's a good day.
A good day for the First Amendment.
A good day for Owen Schroer.
A good day for the resistance.
I agree.
What is the answer to the question?
Who gave the order?
Because they let people protest out there all the time.
Why did they go after his silent protest when the Democrats are there every day running around?
Code Pink's in the committee hearings flailing around.
Jane Fonda has charges dropped every week against her, literally.
Every week she's there for folks that don't know on Fridays.
She gets arrested all the time.
Who gave the orders of the police to do this?
Because look, it's not about kissing the police ass.
They were ordered to do this.
There is a law in place.
Why were they selectively enforcing norm?
I don't know, and I suspect one of the reasons the case was dropped is we were going to find out an answer to that question.
So there is a statute in the District of Columbia that prohibits demonstrating in that building.
Whether Owen's conduct constituted a demonstration or not is unclear.
We were going to challenge that on facial ground, saying that the statute's unconstitutional in that context.
Press is defining speech as demonstration.
Demonstration is a big group blocking a road.
Let's talk about that.
Keep going.
Reasonable minds can disagree about that and will.
That's why there are so many books in a lawyer's office.
The more interesting question to my mind is, why was this law selectively applied?
And so we were gathering information, and I don't know if all of your viewers have yet seen the videotape of the removed Trump folks where Owen confronted folks two days earlier.
That was far more obvious than anything that Owen did, and none of those people were arrested.
So our first set of tasks on discovery in the course of litigation would have been to find out who gave the order for his arrest.
The fact that the case has been dropped means now that no one will ever be forced to answer that question unless Owen decides to bring civil litigation for false arrest.
And you know, that's a topic that he'll have to decide and whether that's worth doing.
Well, I was going to say this.
It's where the InfoWars audience was more important than Alex Jones or Owen Schroer.
And folks, I'm not kissing your ass.
I want you to get this through your head.
Everything is energy credits.
You bankrolled us.
I can send a top lawyer.
You bankrolled us.
I can put Owen there.
Your money did all this.
You understand that?
Go to Infowarsstore.com.
I want that money for war.
I want that money to fight tyrants and pedophiles.
Give me your money and I swear I'll wage eternal war.
Stay with us.
You know, my dad's dad died when I was five years old.
Maybe six when I was in the first grade.
And I remember growing up and thinking how beautiful my mama was.
And how good my dad was.
I remember when I'd see my grandfather, I was just a child, but I was like, man, that's a strong man right there.
That's a good looking man.
I mean, he was a strong guy.
Texan all the way, part Comanche, like beautiful brown skin, big blue eyes, 6'3", I mean, looked tougher than John Wayne, man.
And when he died of cancer and I was at his funeral when I was six years old, that hit me really hard.
And I only mentioned something like that because people expect him for wars to be strong and hold the fight.
But I got to tell you.
Strong, but not that strong.
And I can tell you that I sit up here and ask for your support all day long.
I don't like even asking for support.
But it just comes down to the fact that if you don't support us, we're not going to be here.
Everything the enemy does is about suppressing these guests and the information, the stories we cover.
I'm just gotta be the guy that's willing to try to tie it all together and get the people in line to take action and then pay the bills.
So there's a platform to get this done.
And I know God appointed me for this.
I know it's my mission.
And I'm willing to go all the way.
And I'm not scared of the devil or the new world order, but I'm scared of giving out.
And I'm far from that, man.
I can feel my RPMs rammed up to full.
I feel like I'm invincible.
But I'm not an arrogant person.
And I know that it's you that's the wind in the sails.
So I'm just telling you at this crossroads, everything they're doing is about suppressing we the people.
And God works in mysterious ways, but God works through men and women.
Go back to John Rappaport.
John, I'm going to shut up now.
Get into the virus.
Get into the world.
Get into where you see things.
Get into the impeachment, the trial.
Just pour it out, John Rappaport.
You're a sage.
You're a smart guy.
I respect you.
I'm not kissing your ass.
You're an amazing person.
I love you.
Where are we now together?
Because I don't want our strength to be for nothing.
I want people to realize that our strength is only here now.
And if people don't take the example of it, and if they don't expand on it and become greater than us, then it's all to fail.
The Satanists want the power to them.
We want the power to dissipate.
We want to overcome this evil.
We believe in the collective of humanity, but the individualism of the spirit.
How do we telegraph that, and how are we strong?
Strong, certainly.
By starting with the individual, Alex.
Knowing what you need to do.
Knowing where the fight is, what the fight is, and the best way to do it.
Best way to carry on the fight.
One of the things that struck me right from the beginning, when I started working as a reporter in 1982, seems like a long time ago now, was
There was all these people running around saying you've got to have this injection in your body and that injection in your body and so on and so forth.
That always seemed completely insane to me and that was one of the ways that I got into what is the struggle all about.
I'm talking about vaccines of course and vaccinations and destroying the health of the body.
Outside groups saying you must let us put something in you when we already have all our ancestors and what we are together.
You know, what do you think the history of the human race is all about?
It's about survival.
It's about men and women choosing each other, injecting each other and creating a life form.
How satanic is some company shooting something into you to change your genetics and we're just supposed to trust them?
That's satanism.
And when you, when you, at least for me, when I started to look at that and think about it,
It just seemed completely insane and preposterous that people would allow this to happen.
That was 15, 20, 35 years ago.
I should add this, not to kiss your asses, for instance, people know the timeline.
You have been a pioneer in warning about vaccines.
Yeah, because it started for me in college, actually.
1957, 58.
I was in college and all of a sudden this thing came down the pipeline called
The Asian flu one winter.
I had no idea what they were talking about.
Everybody's got to get a vaccine.
Everybody's got to get a vaccine.
Otherwise, people are going to get sick.
And I thought to myself, I'm not getting any vaccine.
I'm not going to get sick.
Are they crazy?
What are they talking about?
I mean, I don't know why I reacted that way.
I didn't get sick.
Other people got sick.
And I started to develop this feeling
These medical people are doing something violent, strange, perverted, and they're trying to make it sound as normal as possible.
And it's covert.
And it's completely covert.
And so that was my way in to seeing how evil could become the norm.
And people would stand up and salute it.
And of course, now we've gotten to the point where
You're a complete pariah if you even begin to talk about information like this, and you can get banned and de-platformed and who knows what else and all.
Well let me say something about Trump, and I got this from people very close to Trump, I'll leave it at that.
Barron was, had waited a little longer to get the vaccines.
He was about two and a half.
He got the rounds.
He had convulsions.
He went from being this great smart boy to like not being able to talk.
That's why Trump was like, whoa, this is bad.
He said we should give less of them or study them.
But that's what it comes down to is that we have to recognize that you cannot trust this system and what they're putting into us.
And we have to say no.
Yeah, absolutely.
And that's, you know, that's what's happening as more and more people are waking up.
But it's all hanging into balance.
It is.
Can you believe, though, that we're here?
I mean, we built the infrastructure.
We built the network.
We're here in defiance of them.
What comes next?
I mean, people say, oh, how are you handling the attacks?
How am I handling it?
I'm connected to everybody.
Not as some goody two-shoes.
I'm connected to you.
I'm a human.
It's not like I'm a hero fighting this.
I'm battling for life and oxygen trapped under ice.
This is not some heroic effort.
It's a selfish effort.
I think people need to get that.
It's not like some heroic effort to fight evil.
It's selfish.
This takeover is anti-human, John.
That's right.
What do you think the whole medical program... Listen, people have their own experiences on this new film, Vax 2.
It's all about people's stories, mothers, fathers, children.
We had our son vaccinated and now look what happened and it's never going to be the same again.
Here's another story, the same thing, another story, the same thing, another story, the same thing.
Thousands of people speaking up and that's just the tip of the iceberg, believe me.
And these people, these doctors, many of them know what's going on.
And they have a spiritual choice to make and most of them are making the wrong choice.
They're unwilling to stand up and be counted.
They're just like, you know, androids moving ahead and vaccinating more and more children.
Even they know the destruction.
That is occurring.
Even though they understand... And that's my next question.
What do you make of the head UN scientist and all the adjuncts saying it's a cover-up, it's dangerous, we gotta do something.
In December, we cover it, you cover it, no one else covers it.
How bombshell is the head UN scientist admitting all this?
Yeah, exactly.
To themselves, right?
And what's their big takeaway when you look at all those quotes from that video?
The big takeaway for them is
We have front-line professionals now, meaning doctors, that are wobbling in their support of vaccines because they don't know what to do.
And this is a serious problem.
And they don't believe it.
They think they're bad.
The doctors think it's bad?
Yeah, because they're freaking doctors!
And they're waking up!
You see?
And from the World Health Organization point of view, the real problem is, how do we keep our thumb down on the head of the population and our own doctors long enough- So this wasn't a mea culpa, this was a desperate alert that Bill Gates isn't listening and they're literally- Exactly.
This was not a mea culpa by any stretch of the imagination.
This was them sending a warning to themselves.
Saying, the jig could be up.
If we don't stop this, we're all gonna get exposed and we're all gonna go down.
So you better line up with us, because if we go down, you're going down.
It's the old story.
It's like Ron Barron saying, if Clinton tries to expose me, I'll bring them all down.
It's the same thing.
What shows we think we're desperate, folks, it's because we're about to go over the top.
We're about to plant the fag at Imogema.
We're going over the top now.
Alright, John Rappaport, NoMoreFakeNews.com is here with us in defiance of tyranny.
John, let's get metaphysical here in the next two segments before the next host takes over.
What is spiritually happening?
Let's go down the rabbit hole from your deep research.
You're a great investigative journalist for decades, an author, a filmmaker, a great artist.
I mean, you're an amazing guy.
Everybody can see that.
We know that.
The cosmology.
I'm brought up a Christian.
I have spiritual experiences.
Others good and evil, but I'm kind of, you know, the church, whatever.
But then I get higher level.
The globalists try to buy me off.
They try to get me in the occult.
I realize it's real.
At least the way they see their perspective is real, like this template's real.
What is it though?
What's happening on the planet?
Who are they?
What are they trying to stop us from realizing?
Let's really get to the deep secrets here.
At the bottom of your soul, at the top of your focus, who you are, what is the imprint of the universe in your conscious, sentient mind?
What is this?
You know, I have to start off in a very simple way.
People know what the right thing to do is.
You don't have to show them or condition them.
They know inside what's right and what's wrong.
And this is not just a little petty little thing that we're talking about.
You can go out as big as you want to on this into the entire universe, right?
To know that
When you see something that is so pathologically evil, spiritually evil, that is motivating and animating people to destroy other people, and you can see it, if you just stand there and you do nothing about it consciously, then you become part of them.
So consciousness is right action?
It's choosing God or destruction?
Yeah, it's choosing, just in my own language, the right thing.
Spiritually right thing to do.
There is no getting away from the spiritual issue.
Consciousness is will.
Consciousness is not material.
It's not like saying, well because I've got this money that I have to have.
I've got a big mansion, a castle.
I killed a million people, but it's okay.
Everyone says I'm powerful.
Right, and then if somebody comes along and says, well, we can take that away from you unless you keep doing evil things, or stand by and let us do them, and then the guy with the mansion says, hey, do anything you want to.
I mean, look at it on a small scale, cosmologically speaking.
Look at Hollywood.
Look how many cowards there are in Hollywood, who would appear on the screen to be the greatest superheroes in the world and so on, but then you approach them on an issue and you say, well, what do you think about this?
Don't you realize that's evil?
And yeah, but... They roll over instantly.
I can't say anything.
Why can't you say anything about it?
Because then I'm going to lose my position.
I'll never get work in this town again.
Yeah, so?
So what?
So how do you live with yourself in the meantime?
And of course they have no answer for that, but the answer is drugs, lowering their own consciousness, pretending they're somebody else, making up all kinds of excuses and so on and so forth.
Becoming robots.
And that's a cult!
That's a cult.
It could be gigantic.
It could be a hundred million people and so on.
So, you know, it could be more or it could be five people, but it's the same principle.
I'm not just saying this.
Stay there, John.
We've reached the high plateau here.
This is what it's all about.
You're going to serve somebody like Bob Dylan said.
Who are you going to serve, folks?
Who are you going to serve?
What cult are you going to join?
You're going to join a cult.
Be advised that there are cults to join.
Or you can join.
Alright, John Rappaport's our guest, and Dr. Nick Begich, another great patriot, another great mind, about to take over, about where we are as a crossroads.
You know, there are people like Dr. Begich, who's super smart, smarter than I am, and he already knows the endgame, and he's so confident that he's zenned out.
And I can do that too.
I have made the decision, like nuclear fuel rods shoved in, that I'm gonna feel the whole deal.
And that's what I'm doing.
And I appreciate the listeners and viewers keeping us in this position.
John Rappaport's here.
We're talking about the nature of evil, the nature of the world, the nature of where all this is going.
They're not even talking about atheism now.
They're not even talking about all that.
They're just racing past saying computers are God, get rid of humans.
And you're seeing so many people fall away from reality and the spirit, but so many coming towards it.
What is this collision?
What is this event?
What is this time we're in, John Rappaport?
Well, I think that collision is exactly what you're talking about.
It's a collision between the spirit and matter, between the people that are materialists
What can I gain?
What advantage can I have?
How can I get ahead?
And that's all there is.
There isn't anything else.
That's all there is.
And that kind of thing.
And these are people who turn into robots and people who make robots that turn into robots, you know, mechanical, made of flesh, whatever.
And then there are people who see that they have some kind of a spiritual choice to make and a
journey to go on that involves doing what they know is the right thing.
This is what happens when people tune in to you.
Regardless of what you're talking about, regardless of what position you're taking on what issue and whatever and whatever, you push people to figure out, without even trying, what is the right thing to do.
You know, this is what people are hungry for.
Someone who is saying to them, you have to find out what the right thing to do is in your soul.
Because the Satanists don't even want people to know there's a decision.
There is no decision.
There's only joining up in the big cult.
Oh, that's what the globalists in front of my crew, Rothkopf, they said there's not even a choice.
Oh, money, power, why wouldn't you?
Because my soul recoils from it, and then the poison that comes out the end of when they get power, there's not good stuff coming out of it, John.
Which is all that matters!
Which is all that matters, exactly.
And then you start doing evil things.
And then you say, well, I want to turn around and go back, and then the fellow cult members say, no, no, no, you can't turn around.
It's too late.
You crossed the threshold.
That's what it means when you join up.
You crossed the threshold.
You're now in this with all of us.
We're all doing this.
You say, well, I didn't know that when I came in, it was going to involve doing evil and letting other people just do evil.
And they say, well, we don't call it evil.
It's actually good.
And we can explain why if you want to, but you can't turn around.
You're now joined to the hip with all of us.
That's right.
And that is what happens to these people.
And then we look at these arch-evil people and we see them for what they are.
They are committed now.
They have to be committed to doing evil, not just on a material level now, but on a spiritual level, because they've gone so far they don't see how they can turn back.
You can turn back, but you have to make a stand.
You have to say, no, that's it.
Well where it leads is absolute defilement when in my experience being good and virtuous and loving
Like, material things are just tools to be free.
It becomes a joke.
Like worshipping a can of soda, or a, or a, or a, it's, everything is ethereal, everything is thought, everything is what you stand for, everything is being good, and they don't even know that, so they wage war against what's honorable.
The man, the woman, the family, the archetype, the program, the original code.
Exactly what happens.
The operation is
To get people to forget that they have a choice, that they know what's right, that they can do what's right, that they have a spirit, and that that is far more important than any momentary... And let's explain this, because this is the secret to it all in my view.
The devil, the system tells you, you could be powerful, you could be amazing, you could have all these dreams.
It puts a mirror in front of your face that interdimensionally looks back through your entire potential and forward.
It shows you your soul and says, I will give you your soul if you follow me.
When that great vision it's giving you is the potential you already have, that if you give it to Satan, you lose!
You're already made in the image of God.
You're already divine in God's will.
You already have all this potential and it's tricking you to give it power to control you because you believe that it's given you that vision and that power when God made you that way.
Didn't give it to you, made you.
You're free will, you're made.
Like, you're there.
You're a made man, you're a made woman, and they're trying to steal that power, and that's the most frustrating thing, is watching people shine away their birthright, and everything they've got to these midget gremlins that are older than us, and they're there and placing themselves in front of our vision.
They want to sell you back to you.
Nothing could be more insane or ridiculous.
Say that again, because the way you just boil it down, the way they sell you back to you, back to you, just like that's what you were saying.
In essence, you see, you don't already have it.
We have it, and we can give it to you, and then you have it.
And you're saying, well, you already have it.
That's right.
So their trick is to convince you that you don't have spirit, power, knowledge of the right thing to do, and a great vision of what you can do in this world and other worlds.
No, you don't have that, they're saying.
But we can sell it to you, we can give it to you, and if you're tricked,
Then you buy it, whereas it's already there.
You already have it.
It's already you.
That's what you are.
There's no way to get out of that if you recognize it.
That's what you've already got.
So how do we spread that to others?
Well, by one, we keep saying it, saying it over and over again in different ways to wake people up to that fact.
I'm sure that this conversation is waking up more than a few people who are getting... No, I agree, but God is free will, so how do you open yourself up to God, but not to bad stuff and just say, because if people open yourself up to God, I could instantly just...
I think you recognize that you're you.
You're an individual.
You're not existing by virtue of the fact
That you're hooked up to other things and people and so forth.
That's not the source of your existence.
You don't need Facebook, Goldman Sachs.
You need you.
You need you.
If you start there, you're going to go on the path.
There's nothing that's going to stop you because that's where it leads.
It's only when you, just like you said, it's only when you start saying, no, I'm actually, you know, I'm Pepsi-Cola, I'm Coca-Cola, I'm the little, the house, I'm the car, I'm the this, I'm these other people that are robots, and we're all, that's the source of my existence.
You know, then you're a goner.
But if you know that you're you,
Just you, as you are, then you can't not go on.
Well, that's it.
I mean, they thought they'd take things away from me, but those are nothing.
John Rappaport, you've got to come on more than once every six months.
Please come back on next week.
We love you.
You're a beautiful soul.
We love you, John.
We love John Rappaport.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you so much.
There's such a quickening now.
We're coming closer to God.
Those that aren't with God are falling to the devil right now.
Such a beautiful time, but also a painful time.
Best of times, worst of times.
Dr. Nick Begich takes over.
All right, Dr. Nick Begich, scientist, filmmaker, author, is taking over right now.
But I want to tell you something real quick here.
While they're trying to impeach the president, all hell's breaking loose around
You heard about Mike Adams and thousands of other sites, not hundreds, being taken down by bizarre illegal secret court orders that we're finding out are totally fraudulent.
Now why is that so important?
It's not about Mike Adams getting natural news blocked.
It's only up on a backup server.
Mike will tell you that.
If they shot me in the street today, that means they're going for broke.
It's a canary in the coal mine.
So the fact that all this hell is breaking loose
Shows they're going for broke.
So I haven't made a big deal about this, but let me just do an overhead shot for TV viewers, please.
We have some of the biggest servers in the world on a system called CloudFlare.
And listeners have been asking the last few days, why does it say checking your browser?
Because we've got to put this big service in front of it.
That's the highest level of defense.
Because there's denial of service attacks and other attacks happening that are 20 times any previous attack.
That's the number.
But it's not just us.
It's everybody.
So while the trial of this president's going on, and while this biosystem's whirling out, and while all this is happening, this is going on, not just to us, but basically anybody that's pro-human.
Not about liberal, not about conservative now, it's about pro-human future, anti-human future.
Love versus hate.
As Dr. Nick Beggins always says, we shouldn't give in to hate, we shouldn't give in to fear, we should give in to love, and not be afraid, because that's how they try to control us.
But, Owens-Froyer got arrested for just putting a piece of tape over his mouth at the Capitol.
Other people could protest.
The judge dropped it.
So there's some good in the universe as well.
It's just, and he'll be on the war room, I'm told, he's getting out of jail right now, coming up here in about 40 minutes, war room, Owens-Froyer, so please tell folks about that.
This is the world we're in.
This is what's happening.
This is the crossroads.
And a lot of good things are happening.
A lot of bad things are happening.
But I just wanted to let folks know that we set up our own audio and video streaming.
We set up our own servers.
And we spent a lot of money doing it.
And it's you.
When you see us still standing in the face of this, when everybody else is going down, that's you.
You stood up to the fight.
You stood up to the attack.
Again, that isn't fanciful words to make you feel important.
When you buy products at InfoWareStore.com, you are important.
You're getting great products that are good for you and your family.
Books, films, supplements, water filtration.
Anything I sell is because I know it's good for you.
Why wouldn't I sell something that was good?
We're good to go.
I'm in love with humanity.
I'm not a narcissist.
I'm a humanist.
And not in the leftist term.
The modern humanist is the anti-humanist.
The people that claim they control humanity know I want to set humanity free because its potential is limitless.
And the pioneer of this is Dr. Nick Baggage.
Dr. Nick Baggage, take over and God bless you, my friend.
Hey, thank you, Alex.
It's always my pleasure to be with you.
You know, and when we think about all of this happening in the world right now, I mean, we've got the impeachment hearings.
We've got the virus breaking out in Asia.
We have people moving across the lower portion of the Mexican border.
I mean, it's like we have the Middle East exploding and all different factional breakups that are... 2020 isn't disappointing.
No, it's like Armageddon right now, the beginning of it, at least in my perspective.
You know, you think about sort of what's happening and going back to when you and I first started working together.
I was thinking about that a little bit today.
And as I was listening to John and you ending up the last segments, you know, the whole conflict between the material and the spiritual or the, you know, or the non-material.
And when I think about, you know, sort of what's happened with the Internet, with speech, with everything, you know, the idea is track not just you and me individually, but everything, you know, where everything is and where you are at every moment.
You know, and I go back to the writing and the stuff we were doing now 20 years ago, and we were talking about this then.
You know, looking back at the book Earth Rising, you're the only place left on the planet you can get hard copies of it.
The book Earth Rising had a whole section on the end of privacy, which is really where we are today in this beginning of this next decade, and clearly predictable, not
From some esoteric perspective, but absolutely from the facts and what the science showed and what was in the open literature.
And Earth Rising had 650 sources in it, documenting sort of where this was all headed.
And it dealt with biometrics, facial recognition, all of the systems you hear about today.
And this was just before
We're good to go.
Thank you.
That book sort of took it the next step, and we had a whole section again on privacy.
You know, just looking back on it, what did we talk about?
We talked about ID systems for human tracing.
We talked about tracking through GPS your mileage and your distance and your location everywhere you go, everywhere you stop.
Everyone else who's next to you and now we have really what has become what we talked about then as data valence and we talked and spoke in the European Parliament about data valence in 1998-99 and by then they had already taken this issue up and in the early part of the century began moving in a direction to really make sure we weren't screwed down too awfully tight in this area.
In fact,
It's the one place where they say you can still opt out.
I doubt that really, but the point of the matter is what was supposed to liberate has in fact captured and imprisoned through the digital gulag, if you will, because when you think about information warfare, which is really going back again to Earth Rising, there's a section called
Information war, right?
And it's a multi-dimensional war.
It's not just about hacking into people's computers and stealing their data, which is what a lot of the media points to.
It's the media itself as a weapon in the propaganda wars of the 21st century.
And now, where we're at is exactly in that place.
You know, we're headed into the info wars because we're in the midst
Of a war.
The war for your mind.
The war for the future.
The war for the next generation.
And it's you and I who'll decide.
Because you're the tip of the spear.
This is Dr. Nick Begich and we'll be right back after these really important messages.
And remember to support the InfoWarp.
And welcome back.
I'm pleased to be here today, sitting in this last hour of the Alex Jones Show.
You know, talking about where things left off in the last hour and kind of picking that up, which is really where I wanted to go today, is talk about the contrast between really consciousness and the human spirit against materialism and the surveillance system.
And how they've really worked to separate us and to sort of parse us out in a way that's not only counterproductive, but is counter-human, counter-creation.
I think what Alex was trying to say in that last bit, you know, this idea that the dehumanizing, the reducing us to consumer or taxpayer or some other label, left, right, pink, green, whatever the story is,
Is designed to divide what is in fact we are indeed individuals as John Rappaport was saying in the last hour as well.
And that's the power that we come from is that individual power point of individual choices that we get to make in the context of our relationships with others that we're also connected to in a very deep
All right.
All right.
Social surveillance, okay?
Not media, social surveillance.
Because it's more about extracting the data from us.
Google and Facebook being the evil twins, the brothers in arms of the global system of capturing your data.
And when you overlay on that the other systems that now exist,
You put a microphone in your home with computers, with cell phones, with these devices.
Devices, as they're called.
Another phrase to kind of limit the view of what they are.
I mean, what are they after all?
They're surveillance equipment.
That masquerades as telephones and PCs.
How about that?
Or they're both.
Let's say that.
I think that's fair enough, okay?
And there are a lot more than that as well.
And all these... And automobiles with all the electronics built in.
Something we talked about again in 2000 was that all that electronics would eventually track everywhere you went, every place you stopped, and everyone in close proximity to you.
And then you get a real
View of who you are that's bigger than anything ever contemplated or imagined in history.
And we're there right now.
Okay, we were talking about where we were headed 20, 25 years ago now.
But we're here now, 25 years later.
We've arrived in the moment.
And we're all here together in this moment.
Making individual choices in this moment.
About what we're going to do.
And we can't do it in fear and anxiety, although the world, you look the world coming at us in the way it is generates a fair amount of that.
And think about this in the.
I think so.
If you will, and that's what then pushes out into destructive creation in the world, this materialism that we fall into.
And social media is in fact a lie.
It is social manipulation.
It strips you of your time and your true relationships and guts you of your opportunity to make a difference in the world.
This is what social media has done, and I turned it on for a couple weeks in the course of doing a campaign here in Alaska just to see, you know, if you could do something with it.
And I can tell you, I turned it off and then made sure it was off.
And if you signed up for something, don't take offense.
I just shut it off.
I wanted the experience of it so I could speak more about it.
And within days, I was getting a couple hundred inquiries and just an overwhelming amount of conversations that there was no way to deal with, nor would I want to.
And I thought, you know, people are that distracted.
How could you ever have a conversation with anyone face-to-face?
In fact, for a couple of college classes, I read where they had had the entire class shut them off, you know, but actually only 12 would do it out of 30 for a couple of weeks.
And what they found was exactly that, that they that the whole outcome, the whole framework became different.
The way they dealt with each other became different.
Their level of empathy increased and compassion.
A lot of things changed.
Because they've been dealing with each other as little blips on the screen as opposed to personal relationship, looking each other in the eye.
Even doing that became a bit of a challenge in the first few days because people weren't used to looking at each other in the eye.
Think about that for just a moment and then let's talk about the propaganda side of this and how that works.
And how the effect of getting a population to do something that just seems like so ridiculously out, so crazy.
How do you get an educated, smart mass of people to do something so out of this world?
You know, like what happened in Germany in the late 1930s.
Well, let me tell you, the first step in that is to get you to disconnect from the truth, to get you to first shut up,
And then begin repeating something that you yourself know is untrue.
And when you do that, this is in the modern term, not the 1930s term, this is called political correctness.
By withholding your truth and then not speaking it, and then at some point perhaps even because you feel the social pressure to actually say what you don't believe in,
We're certainly not opposed to it when it's in your face.
This is a dangerous place to be because what happens then is the consciousness, the part of you that tells you right and wrong, good and evil, begins to shut down.
And then you begin to declare more political correct speech and embrace more silence and more tolerance, which is a form of self-hatred.
And if you think back on what John and Alex were saying in the last hour about the individual, this is not a very good place to be.
And if you believe that you're creating the image and likeness of God, then self-condemnation at that level is maybe
Blasphemous, even, you know?
I mean, maybe it's really the wrong way to approach it.
Certainly, recognition of your weaknesses and how to improve is a part of our game plan on Earth, but driving ourselves into the dirt as the highest creation is not really, I think, the proper outcome, nor is it how we should treat one another in the dialogue.
And what a lot of social media does is allow us a higher level of general disrespect and then provides information
To agencies of major corporations, globalists, governments, and others, to manipulate us in mass.
And that's what's been happening in the Info Wars.
When you think about Cambridge Analytical, which I'm going to get to a little bit in the next segment, 68 countries were manipulated, their elections manipulated, is what they're saying by Cambridge Analytical.
And here's what we know about big data, and we've said it forever.
Once you have the data, you have a profile of people that's so refined, so perfect, it's almost metaphysical what they can predict about you and the information can be fed back in.
And the more you're in that system, the less individual liberty and freedom that you have.
This is where we are in the beginning of 2020.
We need 2020 vision, a new vision for this next century.
Welcome back.
It's good to be with you this Friday afternoon.
Most of the world and headed towards noon in my part of the world.
Next couple of weeks I'm going to be gone.
I'm going to be traveling actually to Asia, which may be the wrong place to be going right now, but that's where I'm going to be.
I'll be back after the 8th of February and I'm looking forward to being back.
You know, when I think about this whole data valence issue and how it's evolved and what's happened over the last 25 years, you know, Cambridge Analytica got a lot of notoriety and then they spun off into a new company.
I think so.
These and others that make it readily available to commercial and governmental interests.
And this is the situation is, it's your data.
It's your information.
And this is part of the new revolution, the digital revolution that also needs to take place right now.
And it's to recapture control of our individual identity in terms of how it expresses itself in the world.
And we should not be subject to this level of surveillance.
It should not be allowed.
On any level, and I've said this before, it's not only should be forbidden, but the corporations that are engaged in it, their boards of directors and their officers ought to be held legally accountable and criminally accountable so that if there's criminal convictions for human rights violations, they go to prison.
So if you want to serve on these boards or be those officers and you are extra vigilant rather than not vigilant at all and doing just the opposite of taking all that data and selling it or using it and making it available in a way that essentially robs us of our privacy.
Which is the gateway to manipulation of every single social and political and cultural outcome.
And this is what media has become, is the vehicle through which you can foster a very narrow set of beliefs that you can then hold in common across the worldwide population.
And now they're shutting down free speech.
They're shutting down the ability to hear these messages and others on a wholesale basis and using the danger of information terrorism as the excuse.
And this is the danger, if there ever was one, is words, you know.
Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.
You know, we used to say that when we were little kids.
I don't even know if they say that anymore.
But that was a statement about the freedom of speech that was sort of embedded in us as children.
Sticks and stones will break our bones, but words will never hurt me.
Words are meant to entice, to excite, to engender, to generate emotion.
That's what words do, whether we like it or not.
And if you're too much of a cupcake, snowflake, or flake to take it, well, change the channel.
I mean, it's as simple as that in the 21st century.
You know, it's, yeah, you can say things and how you say things does matter, no doubt.
But I can tell you, I can tell you this, that you have the right to change the channel.
And certain uses of language that violate certain thresholds, you know,
Um, you know, it's called libel and slander.
You gotta write a recourse.
If you're a public figure, you don't, you know, unless someone is maliciously trying to defame you, which is a very high legal standard, almost impossible to prove.
Um, so free speech is important to protect as a fundamental.
Social media, if we're going to have it, it needs to be restricted in this sense.
The data collection needs to end.
And it's not a case of you opting out or opting in, where you go, oh, I signed the agreement.
It's all good.
They can take my data and use it.
What I'm proposing is that as a matter of law, that they're not allowed to ask you to opt in or out.
And you're not allowed to agree or disagree.
It's just not an option.
No one has the right to ask you to give up your liberty.
That's the option.
No one has a right to ask you to give up your liberty, your privacy, your individuality, or any aspect of who you are, unless it truly tramples over the right of someone else in a way that's clear and absolute, and not by words, or by religion, or by gathering together in assembly.
Or by any of the fundamentals that make us free people, what we consider the foundations of our democracy in this republic.
The idea that we the people individually and then collectively as cells in one body determining outcomes of our government and our society and our cultures and that's being taken away and media used as the vehicle, the gateway into your digital doorway as every one of our homes has been kicked in.
Uh, consistently for the last 25 years.
25 years!
If you were 15 years old when Alex and I started talking about some of this and were paying attention, you know, you're 40 now.
You know, a generation has grown up in this world of surveillance without any perception of what it is to be without it.
That's where we are now, in this century.
We're at the gateway again of a different kind of world order that's already anchored in a digital war that we've already profoundly lost.
And needs to be now regained, lost ground by legislation, by penalties for those that would exploit our private information or any information for that matter.
Aside from perhaps that that's legitimately collected in a financial transaction like you do a credit card transaction, for instance.
You can dispute that for six months, so I would agree.
Everybody gets to keep the data until the dispute period is over.
Some things are two years.
Okay, I agree.
But how that data is searchable, accessible, usable, that is not a matter of public record, I think should be greatly constrained.
And that individuals should have absolute authority.
Of their information, the way it's being collected, manipulated, and used should be strictly forbidden.
Because to use information this way, to manipulate political outcomes, is the worst of the worst.
It's what we predicted in Earthrise and the Revolution, Earth Rising 2, over 20 years ago.
You know, when we look at what has happened in this period of time, and where we are now,
Why I believe so strongly, I mean, continue to speak on these issues is I believe that the bigger revolution is yet to come.
You see, in the midst of all the chaos and all the trauma you see in the world is also the transformation because nothing begins without the birth pains of this type of human interaction, if you will, that we're seeing around the world today.
And I think that's
At the same time demands a higher level of awareness and consciousness as we begin to recognize that being driven by the flesh, by the material, is really the wrong answer.
And globalists are obsessed with this.
You know, the idea of RFID on every object in the world to track everything in the world.
And then the idea of tracking every individual in the world.
And then the idea of hooking all of those things and people and
All of that together and then you have a profile that is indeed esoteric but it's managed by man.
And so it's the opposite of what we are.
It is the absolute opposite of what we are.
And this is why data valence and surveillance is so destructive.
And for a moment I want to talk about what we are.
We've only got about a minute left and I want to talk about the idea that as spiritual beings
As our folks for a moment.
We have the potential to overcome our fear and our anxiety and allow our higher levels of awareness and consciousness to kick in.
That's the science of it, ladies and gentlemen.
You have to have that for the brain to connect properly to the emotion, link into what you are as a spirit and for you to manifest differently in the world.
Has to be done in a spirit of calmness and awareness and yet still have the emotional charge that
Generates the action.
That's why across the spectrum, we all have a different way of approaching this, to change the perception and the reality.
And what we also know is when minds and people come together under common ideas and common philosophy, things change.
This is the Imporal Wars.
This is about change.
And you're the tip of the spear and the tip of that change in the 21st century.
If we're going to change it, it begins now, in this moment, with each of us taking a step to reclaim our individual sovereignty.
Don't act so surprised, Globalist.
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