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Name: 20200123_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 23, 2020
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Rob Dewey reporting on location from our nation's capital, where just downstairs in that main building there, the Rotunda, Owen Schroeder was arrested for peacefully protesting.
In fact, you can go find images of this at his Twitter channel, AllIDoIsOwen, but let me read you the sign that he was holding.
He was holding a sign, and he had tape over his mouth.
The tape said, censored, over his mouth.
And then, tech companies banned me from social media.
Democrats are trying to ban me from the Capitol.
Learn more at Ban.Video and at All I Do is Owen.
So that's what he did.
He was standing there at the same spot where just a few days ago we had filmed a whole giant group of Remove Trump protesters.
They were all standing there with their shirts on that spelled out Remove Trump.
They were holding their fists in the air.
They were also being silent.
Owen was doing the exact same thing they were doing.
A cop came over and warned him.
You can watch the video at Ban.Video.
See the exclusive video there.
I came over and gave him three warnings and then they arrested him.
And you have to ask yourself, was it worth it to get arrested for that?
Well at some point some people are going to start taking a stand to this because he went to court, there were no orders issued at the court yesterday where it said he could not come back to the Capitol or he had to stay so many feet away from everybody or he couldn't protest.
None of that was said.
It was all being pushed to next week.
So next Tuesday was his court date.
For the infraction that happened at the House Representative Impeachment Hearing.
So now we're at it.
Owen's been arrested.
He's being processed.
We got another couple hours to wait to see if he'll be granted bail or if they're going to keep him in custody.
We have his legal counsel has been notified and we are working on this situation as we speak and we'll give you updates as they occur.
Rob Due reporting for InfoWars.com.
This is Savannah Hernandez for Action 7 News.
We had a long day here in Richmond, Virginia, covering the gun rights rally here.
And of course, like with everything we got up early, we came straight here and we did not have time to eat.
But luckily for me, I have my InfoWars protein bar that kept me going all day long.
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It helped me to get through this whole entire protest.
There was a lot of action.
There was a lot of interviews that we got today.
So, again folks, InfoWars Live Protein Bar is what funded this whole trip too, allowed me to go to the Women's March, allowed me to be here in Richmond, Virginia, giving you this on-the-ground coverage that you're not going to see anywhere else, getting you the truth of who's really out here today.
This has been Savannah Hernandez for Action 7 News.
Tomorrow's news.