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Air Date: Jan. 20, 2020
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In a monologue, Alex Jones discusses a gun rights rally in Virginia where supporters protested against proposed gun control legislation. He accuses Governor Northam of being a racist conspiracy theorist and claims that the laws are part of a Soviet-style takeover backed by Michael Bloomberg and George Soros. Jones warns about the dangers of disarming citizens and compares it to historical events where governments took away people's guns before committing atrocities. He urges Americans to wake up to what is happening and not let a civil war happen but criticizes the lack of background checks for immigrants brought into the country through sanctuary cities. Jones also discusses totalitarianism, censorship, and attempts by Democrats to centralize power over various aspects of American life. He highlights the dangers of giving corporations and governments too much control over information and individual freedoms. In this broadcast, Alex Jones covers various political issues such as voting systems, control of power in the United States, protests, and the importance of preserving rights while encouraging listeners to support InfoWars products to combat globalism.

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Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
If tomorrow all the things were gone, I'd worked for all my life, and I had to start again.
We're good to go.
Parking garages and putting up fences trying to block people.
So this is really epic and it just basically got started.
And more and more people are pouring in.
Thousands and thousands can't get in.
We're going to be here today live covering the aftermath of the parade.
The laugh doesn't start today.
But I haven't seen any Antifa.
We've been all over this thing trying to find protesters, trying to find anti-gunners and they just really don't exist.
We're told Antifa's gone undercover though and maybe we're
We're good to go.
Welcome on this January 20th, 2020.
I'm David Knight, your host, and that was Alex Jones.
He and the crew are there live in Richmond, Virginia at the State Capitol.
And that is where the governor, that black-faced totalitarian conspiracy theorist, who's trying to sow fear and discord, trying to panic the people, and many people looked at what his motives were with this.
I mean, is he just trying to do this for political gain?
Is he trying to set up a false flag?
Or is he just doing what Democrats always do?
That is, call everybody that disagrees with him racist, racist, racist.
Well, you know, this is the guy.
Who is famous for blackface.
And he is projecting his racism and his paranoia on peaceful protesters.
And it's been very peaceful.
Remember that?
There he is.
I mean, that was only, was it?
It wasn't even a year ago, I think, that his yearbook came out.
Four pictures!
And at first he said, that's not me.
Then it is me.
And it's like, well, I finally looked at it.
And that was put up in 1983.
I mean, he's, his college yearbook.
A page dedicated to him, and he really wasn't sure what was on it.
I mean, it's got four pictures.
Him standing in front of his Corvette.
Him standing there either in a Ku Klux Klan hood or in blackface.
I don't know that it was ever resolved as to which one he was.
But I guess the question is, when we look at this, would it be allowed?
They have questions that some people had about whether or not Virginia might enforce their anti-mask law.
And evidently Antifa isn't there so we don't know.
So the people who show up to support their constitutional rights are not afraid of having their face exposed.
They're not afraid of using their name.
Last night, as we had on the Sunday Show, Alex was there and he was talking to some people who were there in advance.
Not too many people were there last night because today is the protest.
They pick, by the way, they pick Lobby Day
To be the Martin Luther King holiday, because people have time off of work.
Most of us have to work for a living, and so they picked a holiday to do that, and they've done that since 2003.
It has always been peaceful.
There was no indication that it was going to be otherwise, except in the imagination of this racist, conspiracy theorist, paranoid Governor Coon Man.
Creating a state of emergency there.
Calling people they cannot legally carry, even though that is legal.
And as I said yesterday, you've got to ask yourself, who are the rebels here?
And what are they rebelling against?
We've had for 400 years here in America the idea that you're allowed to carry firearms for your own defense and it's enshrined in the Constitution.
These people are trying to overthrow that.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
History is happening right now.
Governor Northam is publicly funded by Michael Bloomberg.
He is publicly funded by George Soros to come in and get a bunch of anti-gunners elected to turn the state blue and then to begin gun confiscation.
The bills are close to passing for taking all the semi-autos, shutting down the gun ranges, stopping hand-to-hand combat training like boxing and jiu-jitsu.
I mean, this is a full-on Soviet-style takeover.
And then when you come out and protest, they call you a terrorist and say you're gonna kill the police, and everybody says the KKK, when it's Northam that dresses up in KKK outfits and all this other stuff.
These people are just out of control, that now have seized control of the people's house through election fraud and through lying, but...
Humanity is awakening, and there are probably five times as many people outside building up, just tens of thousands all around us, because they put fences up and make you go through these tiny checkpoints.
One entrance, one exit, which again violates all the codes, all the state laws, all the city laws, so you don't have stampedes like at Mecca and stuff.
But the governor is endangering everyone to try to intimidate people to not coming and having big numbers in a rally.
But Virginia and other Americans stood in defiance of this monstrous individual and his cohorts in the mainstream media.
And so this is really a big deal.
And we salute and thank all Americans for exercising not just their Second Amendment, but their First Amendment.
Because the establishment wants to intimidate us.
They want to work with big tech to suppress our speech.
But it's critical to let these individuals know.
That as they try to engineer this civil war, we're not going to go the way other countries went.
We're going to go the way America started if they continue to try to disarm us and trigger a civil war.
Hitler took the guns.
Stalin took the guns.
Mao took the guns.
Fidel Castro took the guns.
Hugo Chavez took the guns.
And if they ever really try to take the guns, 1776 will commence again.
And I said that to Piers Morgan back in...
We're good to go.
Like the other civil war we had in this country, it will be over the right of self-defense and the right of the First Amendment and free speech, and the right to not be governed by globalists.
And Americans will come together and will defeat the deep state if there is a civil war.
But we don't want to have that civil war.
We want Americans to wake up to what's happening.
There's a news chopper.
Or is that the police chopper up there?
And again, we'll see how the mainstream media tries to frame all of this.
There's another big issue to how this civil war is unfolding and how the globalist deep state thinks they're going to bring up America.
I'm not against people that live in other parts of the world.
We have the most open society on the planet.
But the sanctuary cities, over 800 cities, bring people in with no background check, no nothing, give them driver's license and let them vote and then make them clients of the Democrats for the welfare and tell them you will vote
And you will do all of this or we'll basically kick you out.
You're a new permanent underclass or a new form of slavery.
So I'm not against those poor people, but they're being used as a weapon and being brought in to displace Americans of every race, color, and creed to create the giant sucking sound that was talked about by Ross Perot.
And if you think wages have gone down before, they'll go down even faster.
So that's the globalist plan.
No borders.
No wall, no USA at all.
The globalists don't even want the country to exist.
And the Democrats work for the globalists, they work for the chi-coms, they work for others, and people need to understand that you need to choose America.
It's not like there's Democrats and Republicans now.
We've had a libertarian, nationalist, populist takeover of the Republican Party, partially.
So instead of having one party where the Democrats and Republicans the last 50 years really worked together behind the scenes, we now actually have a president who's trying to be the president and trying to look at each policy as how it's going to be for the people, not what special interest group it is.
And that's why the whole power structure's pissed off and been trying to remove Trump.
But three plus years in, they fail.
And this Senate trial's going to fail.
And he now is really becoming the president.
Despite all their obstruction, it's garbage.
And that's why they're so scared and now just want to trigger some type of civil war or civil insurrection because they know America is awakening and they know America is beginning to win and they know Americans are coming together and that scares the hell out of the New World Order.
And that's why I salute everybody that's here.
You are amazing.
That's what it comes down to.
All right, that's Alex Jones in Richmond, Virginia, at the impromptu FEMA camp that was set up by the black-faced totalitarian, Governor Coonman.
And I call him a totalitarian.
That's what we need to start calling these people.
Somebody isn't a totalitarian if they want no restrictions whatsoever on central power and if they believe that that all-powerful
Omnipotent central government should control every detail of our lives.
That is what these people are.
That is what the Democrats have become.
It's not simply about the guns.
Yes, that is very important.
And it's good to see that on this Martin Luther King holiday, as they have set this up as Lobby Day, the Virginia Citizens Defense League has, since 2003, this is the 17th one they have done, they've always had peaceful lobbying of people.
About these particular issues and this year...
We had the blackface totalitarian conspiracy theorist try to project his racism and his paranoia and his talk about violence.
He projected that onto peaceful protesters.
He was the one who was talking about violence.
Just understand that.
These are the people who are on offense and what they're doing is very offensive.
They're trying to overthrow fundamental freedoms that this country was founded on.
Freedoms that we enjoyed before this country was founded.
Freedom is that we created this government to protect.
In the Declaration of Independence, we made it clear that the purpose of government is to protect the rights that we have as human beings, as God's creatures.
And this government is not doing that.
So we have a lot of people who are coming to Virginia and talking about this, and I think a lot of this fear-mongering was trying to get the turnout down.
I think?
And I say that this is not simply about firearms.
These people are totalitarian because every detail of your life, they want to remove your choice.
And I'll give you some examples of what these newly empowered Democrats want to do.
Of course, we know they don't support the right to life.
Before he became famous for his blackface episodes, Northam was famous for explaining and demonstrating to the rest of the country what has been going on for a while
With so-called comfort care.
A child that survives an abortion, you set them off to the side and you just let them die.
You know, Terry Chavez style.
And they oppose free speech, they oppose a free press, they oppose the free exercise of religion, they oppose your informed consent.
We have two bills, as I pointed out yesterday,
that have been introduced in the newly Democrat legislature.
And again, this is the first time they've had a Democrat legislature in Virginia since 1994.
And the Democrats today are not the Democrats of 25 years ago.
These are full-on authoritarians.
For example, two of these bills, one of them, HB 1489, will extend the controversial HPV vaccine mandate
From females to males.
And it will add a 7th grade booster.
You know, because we want to make sure that in our brave new world schools, that all of the 7th grade kids are sexually active.
That's why we start talking to children in kindergarten, 1st and 2nd, 3rd grade, about what gender they want to choose to be.
Because if they can make a decision about gender at that tender age,
Then, you know, they can consent to sex, and we can remove the statutory rape laws.
And then we have another bill, HB 1090, that we'll talk about when we come back.
You will not believe what's in these bills.
And we have Adam Schiff, who is one of the leaders in censoring information about vaccines, and he wants social media to step up that censorship.
These people are totalitarians.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back, we have a story at Infowars.com that's been linked to by the Drudge Report showing Alex Jones and the caption is, Alex Jones storms Virginia and Battle Tank to support the Second Amendment.
And that is what they're doing and we have a lot of reports from Alex Jones and the crew there at the site of the peaceful protest.
It is a lobbying event.
People who are not happy about the fact that the Democrats want to destroy every aspect of our right to keep and bear arms.
And we're talking about universal registration.
That's what's behind universal background checks.
We're talking about the red flag gun laws.
We're talking about even banning indoor shooting ranges.
There's not anything that these people haven't put on their legislative agenda.
But I want to just pause here for a second before we get into the bullface, blackface totalitarianism to explain to you that I'm not using the term totalitarianism as a hyperbole.
This is by definition.
What these people are.
All power centralized to one spot in every detail of your life.
All of your freedoms taken away.
Not just authoritarian in one aspect, but across the spectrum.
I was just talking about vaccines.
The same legislature has got two bills set up.
To require more vaccines.
One of them is going to add 10 more vaccines, mandatory, to the total of 69 doses of 16 different vaccines.
And it will replace Virginia's authority over school vaccine mandates with the federal government's authority.
Gardasil is a part of both of these vaccine bills, in spite of the fact that it has a terrible record of adverse events.
And it is a very, very small number of Virginians that have been diagnosed with meningitis, but they're going to mandate that as well.
And they point out, actually I got a letter from a guy writing one of his delegates there in Virginia talking about this.
He points out,
But the bill will also subject kids in the near future to any of the 264 vaccines for various conditions that are now being developed.
And if they are approved by the FDA and recommended by the CDC, the biggest seller of vaccines is the CDC.
So if they recommend that.
Doctor recommended, you know, we used to, when I was growing up, doctors recommend you smoke cigarettes.
Remember that was a selling point for certain brands.
More doctors smoke this brand of cigarette than the others, and so they recommend that.
Well, the CDC, I don't know what they're smoking or what you're smoking if you're listening to these people.
In 1980, the cost to fully vaccinate a child was $17.
And now the cost to fully vaccinate a child has gone in 40 years from $17 to $3,000.
That's a lot of money for big pharmaceutical companies, right?
And you've got a doctor's organization is now suing Adam Schiff.
See, this is not simply the state of Virginia.
That's why you've got so many people there in Virginia that have shown up to protest this totalitarianism.
Because this is Democrats across the country.
And it happens from the state level, local level, all the way up to Congress.
Adam Schiff is now being sued for his attempts to censor debate when it comes to vaccines.
This is a doctor's group.
The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons has filed suit against Adam Schiff.
They say he has abused government power and infringed on their free speech rights because they want to talk about vaccines and whether or not they're safe.
And whether or not they're effective.
Early last year, Adam Schiff contacted Google, Facebook and Amazon, told them to de-platform or to discredit anybody
That he disagreed with about vaccines.
You see, this is how censorship is set up.
Working with Google, Facebook, and Amazon.
Just as little Marco Rubio said when they had the hearings right after Alex Jones and InfoWars, the first people to be simultaneously de-platformed by all of the big Silicon Valley tyrants.
They didn't want to talk to Alex Jones.
Instead, they wanted to talk to these people and say, you're going to censor who we say, right?
We already saw that.
And then two months later, you had 800 different news sites, smaller sites than InfoWars.
The common thread was that they pushed back against the military-industrial complex and the police-surveillance state.
Didn't matter what their political affiliation was.
Most of them were Trump supporters.
But it didn't matter.
They were purging anybody who opposed their agenda.
And that extends to information about vaccines.
As a matter of fact, Karen Bhatia of Google told Adam Schiff, we have put a lot of effort into curbing misinformation on our products, from better search ranking algorithms to improving our ability to surface authoritative content.
Boy, is that an Orwellian euphemism.
To surface authoritarian content.
We would call that Edward Bernays or style propaganda, right?
So Google has gone full Gerbils.
Surface authoritative content.
This is content coming from the authorities.
And we need to, I think, get rid of that word.
I think there's a lot of power in words.
You need to understand.
We need to start calling these people totalitarians.
We need to stop giving authority to corporations and governments working together.
That is fascism by definition.
I just defined for you what totalitarianism is.
And now we know what fascism is too, right?
We've seen it in operation now for a couple of years.
A little bit longer than that if you're paying attention.
But to surface authoritative content, to have tougher policies against monetization of harmful or dangerous content.
Who will decide what's harmful or dangerous?
Of course they will.
They will decide if you are hateful.
They will decide if you are racist.
And they specifically said
Under YouTube's advertiser-friendly content guidelines, we are and have been demonetizing any anti-vaccination content under our long-standing harmful or dangerous advertising policy.
Our approach is to reduce the spread of information about vaccines.
And then when you look at climate, the same thing with that.
We have YouTube demonetizing and hiding any video that debates the science behind climate change.
That's why I say these people are totalitarian.
Every detail of your life.
Do not question the official story.
Do not question science.
Science advances by questioning.
Science advances by skepticism.
And they want to calcify it.
This is the nature of these people.
And I'll give you one more example before we go to break and then we come back we'll take a look at what's going on in Virginia.
We have reports from Alex Jones.
We have a Christian charity CEO
Come out and say that religious freedom must be a baseline human right for our global trade partners.
And so I would ask about that.
What about us?
What about the United States?
Shouldn't we embrace those values that we tell these other people they have to embrace?
You see, we have already embraced in this country the principle of intolerance, and now it is being put into practice across the board.
This last Friday, President Trump
met with various religious leaders of the National Religious Freedom Day and he said liberals have a growing totalitarian impulse.
Yeah, he's absolutely right.
Absolutely right.
A growing totalitarian impulse to shut down the free exercise of religion.
Just as they want to shut down every other one of your human rights.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Welcome back.
I'm David Knight here in Austin.
Alex Jones is at the Second Amendment Lobby Day.
It's been done every year since 2003 by Virginia's Citizens Defense League.
I think is what the organization is.
And Alex is live there right now.
Let's join Alex Jones.
At the Virginia demonstration, or protest, or lobby, whatever you want to call it, let's go to Alex Jones.
We're going out right now.
They're broadcasting it out through the radio show.
Alex Jones, you're fucking awesome!
All right, they're headed somewhere there.
There's a large crowd.
Alex said that there is still about 50-60,000 people there, even though the governor has done everything that he could to try to scare people into not showing up.
And of course, it's pretty cold there as well.
So, as I said earlier, these are not sunshine patriots.
These are winter soldiers who are marching for their rights.
Let's go back to the video feed.
I can hear you, I'm good.
Everybody just get right here and come up.
While we have the shot in the background, the big crowd.
Go ahead.
Why are you here today?
This is awesome.
This is about we the people, not about me.
This is awesome.
This is exactly why we're here.
To see everyone unite as one banner.
To free them.
And this is the battle right here.
We're here to join with everyone else.
And the people out there in cyberspace, this is important to LTR, they got to share these links, share what people really did here today.
Because the media is going to lie about all this.
Only you can Paul Revere it.
Only you can get it.
One thing I want to make sure everyone knows, it was completely peaceful out here.
None of the hype, none of the media, that everything had spread, that showed there was going to be violence or anything like that, none of that happened at all.
The crowd was out here, it was beautiful.
And all the media hype saying we'd be violent was a damn lie again!
Another hoax!
Police say we gotta keep moving because the backflow, we're backing stuff up.
Hey, what if we go right up here?
We can walk up here, we can walk up there, but when we stop, it's lockdown.
Let's go in here then.
As he pointed out, it's been totally peaceful.
The people who have tried to incite violence have been the Democrat politicians in suits.
Again this is a live feed.
Alex Jones in Richmond at the Capitol.
A large crowd there.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, that's Alex Jones explaining to the crowd how the mainstream media can spin that.
And of course, they've been doing that to the people who said we're going to show up and talk to the legislators here about this slew of bills that they propose to take away our Second Amendment rights.
And as I pointed out, there are bills to take away other rights about your free speech, about your informed consent when it comes to vaccines, about your parental rights and so forth.
You know, one of the laws that they already have, that we haven't heard anything about in the run-up to this demonstration here on Lobby Day, we haven't heard anything about the anti-masking law that they have in Virginia.
And isn't it interesting, because that is the hallmark of antifa.
The fact that they show up wearing masks and then start beating people with sticks, sticks with nails and them and so forth.
Isn't that interesting they haven't said anything at all about that.
The law reads, it shall be unlawful for any person over 16 years of age to, with the intent to conceal his identity, wear any hood, that'd be, you know, kind of like the Ku Klux Klan hood that Governor Kuhn man was pictured with, or to use any other device to conceal his face.
That would be like the black face.
We don't know which one he was.
I think still we don't know.
So, and it was an effort to conceal.
I mean, he was trying to conceal his identity, I guess, you know, for about 25 years, 35 years.
He was saying, it's not me.
It's not me.
I never saw that.
It's not me.
And so the question is, if they're so concerned they're going to issue a state of emergency,
And say, well, these people who have shown up for 17 years, always peaceful, we think it's going to be a full-on kickoff, a civil war.
We're not even going to let people bring in toy guns, baseballs, or softballs anywhere around the Capitol.
And they're going to limit travel and so forth?
Why wouldn't they come out and say, oh, and if you show up wearing a hood, because this is what Antifa does everywhere, and if they're concerned about another Charlottesville, where protesters are going to get attacked by counter-protesters wearing hoods, that would be the anti-First Amendment, the Antifa people.
Why wouldn't they come out and say, if you show up with a hood, we're going to arrest you?
They never said anything about that, Governor Blackface.
That's absolutely amazing, isn't it?
That he wouldn't talk about that.
Is it okay if you show up wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood?
Because evidently it's okay with the Democrats.
They not only didn't take Northam out of the office of governor, and you even had the Democrat Attorney General Haring say, well, I think you ought to step down.
He didn't!
And the Democrats are so happy with him that they elected a full slate of Democrats.
Now, there's more to that, and we'll talk about the chaos in elections.
How most of the, a large part of these seats in Virginia, anywhere from a quarter to 40% of them in the House and the Senate, were not even contested by Republicans.
That's one of the ways that the Democrats got control of this.
But when I look at what is happening there,
I've talked many times about the corporate plantation that is being prepared for all of us.
It is a UN agenda.
UN Agenda 2030.
They say it's to protect the environment.
But it is a corporate plantation.
The company town.
They're bringing back that whole idea, the company town, that they used to do around coal towns and so forth.
You know, the I load 16 tons of what I get, you know, that type of thing from Tennessee Ernie Ford.
And we have corporations like Google and now at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, Toyota, saying, yeah, we're going to create our own towns.
We're going to run them.
We're going to control everything about that town.
And of course, the key part of that is to control your transportation.
But when you look at the military's goals to control people, they want to make sure that they can control your ability to shoot.
They want to make sure they can control your ability to communicate.
And they want to be able to control your ability to move.
Do you see what they did here at the Lobby Day in Virginia?
They shut down people's ability to communicate, hoping that they wouldn't show up.
Putting up a massive FEMA fence at the last minute with only one opening in it to try to corral people there.
Try to stop them from speaking and communicating to each other, to the press, to their elected representatives.
They want to shut down your ability to shoot and they want to shut down your ability to move around and communicate.
Total control.
And that is what is being done at the company towns that are being established.
They call them smart cities.
Yeah, they're smart cities for fools.
And I hope they're not fooling you.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Welcome back.
We're just talking about the fact that the governor, who seemed to be so fearful, or sowing fear at least, about the threat of violence, didn't want to say anything about the fact that Virginia already has a law.
See, there's a law that says that you're allowed to peacefully carry weapons, and yet there is a law that says you're not allowed to wear a mask to try to conceal your identity.
If you're concerned,
About a clash between people who support the Second Amendment and Andy Favre.
And of course we were told, oh, don't worry, the Seven Hills Andy Favre people, it was a Vice story that went out and got picked up by a lot of conservative news outlets.
I said, look, they support the idea that we ought to have firearms.
And they understand the racist history of firearm prohibition here in America.
So they're on board with these people.
They want to be with them.
But then at the same time, we showed you,
Now they put out a hit list of people from Infowars and other reporters.
That same group, the Seven Hills Antifa.
So if you want to make sure that you're not going to have a conflict like that, perhaps, you would at least say, we are going to enforce our anti-mask law in Virginia.
But they didn't.
And that's where we are with Governor Blackface.
Remember, it was about a year ago.
I'm not the person in that photo!
And then finally he does admit, well, I did at one point in time, I did wear blackface so that could be Michael Jackson.
You know, because it's an honor.
It's an honor to wear blackface to honor a pedophile.
Many people who went to school with him said they were at a loss to explain how this could have been a mix-up.
You know, how did they get a picture like this?
Only one of four pictures on his yearbook page.
And they said it was really kind of strange because you know it's just an error I'm sure, just a mix-up, but we all had to submit our own pictures into the yearbook.
And so Alex Jones is filing reports there at Richmond and he has some comments about our own Governor Blackface Northam and his concentration camp.
Let's play a video clip number 10.
We're going to put a more lengthy detailed report together, but we're getting this out while the march has only been going on for about an hour.
The police are starting, under orders of the governor, obviously under his declared emergency, to kettle in the crowd of at least 50,000 people that's in the streets that refuse to go into the tiny containment zone that's only about a third of the grounds of the Capitol.
The larger crowd goes down the hill and then the streets up to a fence.
You can't see about 90% of it there.
And again, there's large crowds all in the streets down below.
But I have
A gentleman who's been a police officer, been in the military and worked a lot of these type of things, and he was bringing down how dangerous this is by design with one entry point and one exit point and the type of crisis it could cause if there was a stampede.
We were going back through, out of the grounds, and trying to get through the crowds of tens of thousands.
It was pretty frightening.
A lot of children in there being crushed together because slowly the state police are crunching down the containment zone.
Yeah, so we just got back from the Capitol Grounds and I have to say I've done a lot of events over the last 30 years and this is probably one of the most unsafe setups that I have seen.
They literally put the exit point and the entry point together
And they're literally perhaps five to six feet wide.
And you've got 50,000 people corralled into a very small area.
So if there was any kind of emergency, literally no one could get out.
They're literally trapped inside that fenced in area because it would just be mayhem.
So Governor Northam, he needs to absolutely be ashamed of himself for
Again, ladies and gentlemen,
Alright, that was Alex Jones talking about how they have set up a very dangerous situation.
As he was talking to it might be the same person that he was talking to last night saying this would not be allowed in any public venue by the government to say that you're gonna put tens of thousands of people into an area that's got a very tiny opening and the rest of the if something happens people can't get out.
Panic situation.
And so they have done everything that they can
To not only demonize people, but also to rebel against our long-standing rights, traditions, our laws, our Constitution.
They are the aggressors!
Yesterday I was pointing out the radical rhetoric
of this one legislator, his name is Mark Levin, and he was essentially echoing Eric Swalwell, saying, yeah, you know, we have the ability to use the military against anybody that we wish to take their guns.
Mark Levin, a guy who is a Harvard and Yale graduate, he is an authoritarian, totalitarian Democrat in a suit.
Saying, if you think your AR-15 will do diddly against the full might and power of the U.S.
military, you need to talk to somebody who has served there.
And I said yesterday when I talked about that, I said, well, you know, maybe this Harvard-Yale lawyer who's now a Democrat, threatening people just like Eric Swalwell, talking about full-on gun confiscation like Beto O'Rourke,
Maybe he ought to talk to the people in the military who did serve in Afghanistan and Iraq about how asymmetric warfare works out.
You have a long history of that.
The Nazis confiscated the guns.
The Nazis corralled people into a small area, the Warsaw Ghetto.
And eventually, the people there were able to use a weapon, a hammer, to get a pistol.
They used a pistol to get more pistols and guns.
And they were able to tie down a Panzer tank division for a long time until they burned the entire city down.
But they haven't been able to contain it.
In a country.
They haven't been able to do this in Afghanistan or Iraq.
And I don't think that any of us want to see a sustained asymmetric warfare.
Except for these Democrat politicians.
They really do want to have this.
It's absolutely amazing to me that they continue to push this type of situation because it empowers them in the same way that taking away your home, taking away your food, taking away your car, taking away your speech, taking away your informed consent and your firearms.
All of that empowers them.
That's why they are totalitarian, taking away every freedom, every bit of property that you have, and putting everything into central control.
Virginia gun sales have been soaring as rumors of civil war and martial law spread like wildfire.
Who is spreading those rumors?
The Democrats and the mainstream press.
But we have one individual, another Democrat, Senator John Edwards, saying, you know, a lot of people don't really understand what assault weapons are.
It's going to be very difficult for us to figure out how to get these, but we're studying it and that's all I can say.
Yeah, it is nonsensical.
They don't have a definition of what an assault weapon is.
They really don't know.
But we know.
What our rights are.
And we know, even though we're told by Democrats and we continually have CNN and others, people like retired General McChrystal on, talking about, well, these are military weapons and they should not be in the hands of citizens.
That is not what the Constitution says.
And I'm not even talking about the Second Amendment.
We need to go back and look at the body of the Constitution.
Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15.
Look it up and read it!
For yourself!
The government, the Congress, has the duty to provide for organizing, for arming.
They should be providing this to the militia.
The militia is not a dirty word.
Standing army is a dirty word to the principles that America was founded on.
When they talk about organizing and disciplining, that's what they mean by a well-regulated militia.
You know, the Democrats will look at that and say, yeah, we ought to have a lot of laws.
No, not that kind of regulation.
Organization and discipline and equipping us.
Not organizing and training and arming ISIS, but organizing and equipping American citizens to defend this country.
But no, they want to have a civil war here.
They want to have a regime change here in America, just as they do in every other country.
That is what is so concerning.
about these totalitarian Democrats.
Folks, we've got a lot of crew in Richmond and the thing that makes that possible is your support.
Makes this program possible, makes a program that I have three hours before this program and I thank Tony Arterburn for doing a great job hosting that this morning in my absence.
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Take a look at the specials that we have at InfoWarsStore.com.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back.
We have the mainstream media, New York Times, NBC, continually screaming racist.
And, you know, I don't think that they're doing anybody a favor.
As a matter of fact, what they're doing is they're making that term a joke.
And here on Martin Luther King Day, we should not be making that a joke.
I don't support real racism.
But when you label everybody that you disagree with a racist, without any proof, you undermine the term.
Stop using this in a careless way.
NBC News, the Virginia Second Amendment rally is a white nationalist rally.
No question about it.
Sunday, NBC News reporter Ben Collins told everybody that it's going to be
He tweeted out, he said reporters covering tomorrow's white nationalist rally in Virginia.
I'm absolutely begging you.
See, that's it.
It's a white nationalist rally.
Verify information before you send it out tomorrow.
Maybe he should have verified whether it was a white nationalist rally before he put out that fake news at NBC.
Anyway, even if it's a very sensational rumor that you heard from a cop, you know, even if
The Democrats tell you that it's a white nationalist rally?
Maybe, Ben Collins, you ought to verify that before you embarrass yourself on Twitter and before you denigrate the term racist.
Don't become a hero in neo-Nazi propaganda circles with made-up stuff.
Yeah, that's right.
Stop throwing that under the bus.
We have in another article from NBC, Ben Kessler does the same thing.
Talking about Richmond residents fearing another Charlottesville.
And this is how he opens up his article at NBC.
As gun right activists, white nationalists, and militia groups prepare to rally, residents are praying.
See, everybody is at the mercy of these aggressive people.
No, the aggressors are the Democrats and the mainstream media.
New York Times smearing a Trump supporter as a white nativist as they endorse
The woman who lied about being a Native American, Elizabeth Warren.
They endorsed her and Amy Klobuchar.
And they just can't stop themselves from lying.
I want to go to Alex Jones.
He looked at the rally there and one of the reports that he filed, he's talking about how the journalists are calling everybody fascists and racist.
Here's Alex Jones.
InfoWars is reporting live all day at Band.Video and InfoWars.com for its last show.
You guys ready?
I'm rolling.
You ready?
Yeah, I'm rolling.
There is no way to know how big this is, but the police we've talked to have estimated 50,000 or more.
There's just streets all around, four or five streets back, with just huge crowds of people in every direction.
And that's what the Democrats are telling people to shut down the
Parking garages and putting up fences trying to block people.
So this is really epic and it just basically got started and more and more people are pouring in.
Thousands and thousands can't get in.
We're going to be here today live covering the aftermath.
We pray the left doesn't start anything, but I haven't seen any antifa.
We've been all over this thing, trying to find protesters, trying to find anti-gunners, and they just really don't exist.
We're told Antifa's gone undercover, though, and made provocateurs, something they've also put out a hit list on InfoWars reporters and other journalists calling us Nazis.
So once we're Nazis, we've been dehumanized to be attacked.
These are the true fascists, truly dangerous, evil people.
InfoWars is reporting live all day at Band.Video.
So help us spread the links so that Patriot gun owners can't be framed by Governor Northam.
People can learn what we're really saying and what the people are really doing.
So stay with us.
Alex Jones here to tell you about how you can help spread liberty worldwide.
And we're going to take a quick break.
We're going to be right back.
Take a look at how they are not only framing people, but slandering people.
You know, we saw Nick Sandman get a settlement, but that is nothing compared to what they're doing to tens of thousands of people now.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Welcome back.
I was talking about how a week ago at another peaceful rally, a lobby,
against these bills.
You had a much, much smaller crowd than we have today, but both of these have been peaceful so far.
Nobody has been attacked by Antifa.
I haven't seen anybody in masks, but of course Governor Northam was so worried about any violence there.
He has not talked about the fact that there is, on the books, a law against wearing a mask, especially under a situation like this.
But he hasn't mentioned, to try to keep something like this from happening, that if you show up wearing a mask, you'll be arrested.
No, no, no.
I think he'd like to see that happen.
I think he'd like to see a conflict like that, especially after they corral everybody into this massive, fenced-in area with a very small opening.
But we'll wait and see.
The people there have been far more peaceful and adult than the Democrats in that area.
And of course the Democrats, after last week's much, much smaller lobbying, or if you want to put it as a protest or a peaceful redress of their grievances with the Democrats who want to overturn centuries of Constitution, common law, and culture.
They withdrew their bill to ban AR-15s.
And they said, well, they're going to come back.
We've got to get rid of those assault weapons.
It's a very complicated thing.
And to which we say, you keep using that term, but I do not think you know what it means.
Well, one guy who does know what it means is a Portsmouth, Virginia, councilman, Nathan Clark.
He participated in his city's Second Amendment sanctuary vote.
And as they were voting as to whether or not there were going to be a Second Amendment sanctuary city in Virginia, he showed up carrying his AR-15, just so that the Democrats would be able to see what an assault weapon looked like.
The Virginian pilot reports that two liberals, Councilwoman Shannon Glove and Vice Mayor Lisa Lucas-Burke, hyphenated last name, were critical of Clark's decision to bring his gun to the vote, and they asked him to apologize for doing so.
They were offended.
They thought that it was very hateful, I guess, for him to do that.
Another councilman, Bill Moody, defended Clark, saying, I do not believe.
That Councilman Clark needs to apologize for exercising his right as a law enforcement officer to carry his weapon to a public meeting.
Well, you know, he is a law enforcement officer.
That is his weapon as a law enforcement officer.
It's not necessarily his right as a law enforcement officer.
Yeah, he does not have any less rights than anybody else does.
But, you know, he has that right.
And it's not as a law enforcement officer.
It's not as a councilman.
It is as a citizen.
As a citizen, he has that right.
He says, I can appreciate liberals knee-jerk reaction, said the other councilman defending him.
But if they have a problem with the law,
They should use the system they now control to change it, except they didn't control it.
The council there...
In Portsmouth, Virginia, passed the Second Amendment sanctuary resolution by a vote of 4 to 3.
And again, as you've got 136 as the most recent count that I've seen, jurisdictions in Virginia have declared themselves to be sanctuary cities.
West Virginia legislators have passed a resolution inviting them to secede.
Because, you know, if you don't want to be slaves, you can go somewhere where they have a little bit more respect for people's rights.
I would love to see 136 different areas leave Virginia and you could have Governor Kuhnman there at his state capitol wondering around looking at his FEMA fence and wondering where everybody went.
So we also have some Virginia County Supervisors getting some backlash, some public backlash, and Prince William County Supervisors there.
The area was a Republican-controlled area.
They passed a constitutional county declaration December the 10th of 2019.
A Democrat board chair, Ann Wheeler, proposed another resolution and the vote on the matter was suspended because of public backlash.
So what they wanted to do was they wanted to overturn that, the Democrats, because, you know, nobody should be allowed
To have an informed choice, nobody should be allowed to have free speech, free exercise of religion, or the ability to defend themselves.
I want to play for you in North Carolina, because the good thing about this is that it has raised people's awareness of the totalitarian aspects of the Democrats.
And I hope people do understand that this is not simply about guns, but it is about every detail of your life that they wish to take away your freedom.
Your choice, your informed consent.
That's why I talked about the mandatory vaccine laws put out by the same cabal of totalitarian Democrats in Virginia.
But it's not just the Democrats in Virginia.
It's the people like Adam Schiff who are demanding.
That's right.
But we have, we won't get into that just at this point in time.
Let's stay on the Second Amendment.
We have a North Carolina Sheriff's Deputy.
The guy's name is Tripp Kester.
He is in Davidson County.
There they were also debating a sanctuary county and he had this to say.
Let's play that clip.
My name is Tripp Kester.
As you can see, I'm here.
I just want to personally... Could you pull that mic up a little bit?
Is that better?
I just want to personally and publicly go on record supporting this resolution before us this evening.
You know, guys, it's simple, like a lot of them have said.
The Constitution needs no explanation.
It's been in force for several hundred years now.
It's easy to understand.
It says what it means.
It means what it says.
And the last time I read the Declaration of Independence, it specifically reminds all of us that we're endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, which means God-given.
Among these, life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness,
And that governments were instituted among men specifically to secure our God-given rights.
And it says when government becomes destructive to these ends, meaning when they go above and beyond trying to secure our liberties and trying to take them, it's the right of the people to alter or abolish that government, either by voting or ultimately, God forbid, to use our Second Amendment rights to protect ourselves from tyranny.
And I'm just asking all of y'all
To unanimously join our sister counties of Wilkes, Surrey, Stokes, Lincoln, and Cherokee and get on board with this thing and publicly demonstrate to us.
That you're willing to uphold and honor the same oath I took when I put my hand on God's Word and held my other hand up to Him and swore that I'd give my life to defend that Constitution.
And I'm not trying to be disrespectful, but regardless of what y'all do or don't do, I'm not going to enforce an unconstitutional law.
I'm going to protect the people of this county regardless of what's done here.
So I'm just praying.
I've been praying about this thing all week, that God would touch y'all's heart and say, hey, let's get on board.
Let's do the right thing.
Let's let these people know that we're here to support them and we're not going to allocate any personnel, finances, resources or facilities to infringe on their liberties.
Thank you.
Alright, that's a law enforcement officer who takes the law seriously.
He's not there to overthrow it.
Which is what we're seeing from the Democrats.
I mean, when you go back and you take a look at DACA, for example, that was one of the chief law enforcement officers of the country.
Obama's Department of Homeland Secretary, Janet Napolitano, saying, I'm not going to enforce immigration law.
And then Obama puts it out, yeah, this is our executive order.
Because, you know, he's above her.
He's actually, the president is actually the chief law enforcement officer.
That's why if you have a political figure like Joe Biden who is bragging about corruption, it should be investigated.
President Trump has not only a right but a duty to do that, whether it's to his advantage to do that or not.
But, you know, when you have a law enforcement officer who says, I'm not going to enforce what is law,
Then the courts are now saying, well, President Trump can't have a law enforcement officer who does enforce immigration law.
Because we've got one judge somewhere who says that.
That's why, folks.
We have to.
We have to destroy judicial supremacy, because it is the basis for these criminal plans that they have.
When we come back, we're going to talk about how do these people get elected, and how do they think they're going to win the next election.
It's part of the impeachment clown process, but there are other things involved as well.
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
This is Greg Reese reporting for InfoWars.com in Richmond, Virginia, for the annual
Second Amendment rally.
This year is much different because Governor Ralph Northam is not only threatening to kill babies after birth, but he's also threatening to take everyone's guns away.
So we have thousands of people that have showed up to defend our Second Amendment here in Richmond, Virginia, the capital of the Commonwealth.
And what I've heard so far is that they're only letting in mostly the anti-gunners into the
Makeshift cage they built around the Capitol that they're keeping Guns out of there's a line wrapped all the way around the block to get into this Cage, there's only one entrance.
There's a metal detector So no one's allowed to have weapons in and from what I've heard They're controlling the amount of people in so that they can have more anti-gunners in there than not I am now inside of this
We're good to go!
Pro-constitutionalist, pro-freedom state, always has been.
It's one of the oldest states in the Commonwealth, the Commonwealth of Virginia.
This year, it's much bigger than it has been traditionally every year because of Governor Ralph Northam's threats to confiscate people's guns.
I never thought I would live to see the day when the U.S.
politicians were going to openly call for gun confiscation, but we're there.
And so we are now inside of this Capitol.
You can see the fence all around me.
It's a strange feeling.
And illegal laws were passed by the governor to prohibit people from carrying weapons inside this fence line.
And that goes against the Constitution.
The Virginia Supreme Court actually backed it up.
So we have thousands of people outside of this fence that are carrying legally, which is kind of the point of this rally and always has been, but everyone inside of the paddock here is disarmed.
I believe people were allowed a blade shorter than three inches, so maybe not completely disarmed, but we're looking for the anti-gunners.
I've yet to see them.
I hear they're, I understand that they're here somewhere.
But all I've seen so far is hundreds and hundreds of patriotic Americans that are fed up with the madness.
All right, that's Greg Reese and he was reporting what it was like to be in the FEMA cages that have been set up by the governor.
A very dangerous, provocative situation.
Of course, you have to go through a metal detector.
They have stepped up their efforts to ban and confiscate guns.
So you have people who go there every year to peacefully lobby.
They have stepped up their efforts as well.
And so they tried to discourage anybody from going there.
But we have a lot of reporters on the scene.
And we have Alex Jones there live and he is on the line right now.
Well, David, you know, I've been on air 25 years.
I've known you, what is it, eight, nine years?
How long you been working on that for, David?
Yeah, coming up to eight.
And we've all done a lot of amazing things.
Thanks for listening to our support and thanks to, you know, our own initiative.
But I got to tell you, what happened with Virginia and what the governor tried, what the deep state tried, and how he declared an emergency and said we were going to shoot cops and we were, we were racist and, you know, tried to demonize people.
Obamacare totally blew up in his face.
The police department's now estimating 50,000 extra people came in.
They tried to put a cordon all around it for five, six blocks, some areas 10 blocks away.
They told companies to close all the parking garages around it, not just so people couldn't be shooters in their garages, but parking garages a couple miles away so people couldn't find parking.
But there were at least 50,000 people.
Northam shut down at least 80% of the grounds of the Capitol.
So there was a tiny sliver where people could be.
That was standing room only, to the point of, I had my wife with me, and I just said, we're going to get out of here.
Because it was one entrance and one exit, and the fact that it was starting to sardine in there, and the gates had only been open about an hour and a half, we got out of there.
And then saw gigantic masses of people, every angle, every street probably had 5,000, 10,000.
I mean, when I say 50,000, that's what the police are saying.
It was massive, and of course the press is going to try to cover that up, but the real issue here is, is that everything Northam tried blew up in his face.
Just like Russiagate has failed, just like Ukrainegate has failed, just like them trying to set us up with child porn failed, and the FBI said we were the victims.
The globalists do not have the power to act with impunity now, but they still operate like they're in total control.
And I use the analogy
Of 1945, the last two weeks, the Russians had gotten into Berlin with a three million man army.
The Weimar was completely collapsing, and Hitler was in his bunker, still believing he was giving orders to armies that did not exist, and no one wanted to tell him that, you know, even the officers that basically committed suicide or were dead, and that they had failed.
They had fallen.
We had the head of the SS,
Heinrich Himmler, he had already run off and tried to meet with the Allies, make a secret peace deal.
You know, they wouldn't let the Russians in, but the U.S.
should know that.
So once they grabbed him, they made him commit suicide with cyanide.
But the point is, is that it's that same thing where they're in their bunkers, they're in their Hollywood systems, they think the propaganda is working because they used to have us asleep.
They thought we were intimidating.
I make this point all the time.
They thought they were intimidating us when the average person was asleep.
That's why the propaganda worked.
But now that people are awakening, none of the propaganda works.
And I've just got to tell you, I'm so proud of the listeners and the viewers that made this possible because I can tell you every person we talked to was an InfoWars listener and was a supporter.
And to see our listeners and our supporters that are the InfoWars coming out here peacefully when they violated every federal, state, zoning, fire marshal law, OSHA, you name it, under Northam's executive order.
I think so.
InfoWars, they're covering it.
That's going megaviral.
Dread Report linking to it.
We're getting traffic to the servers.
That is the highest we've ever recorded right now.
And this is just one little thing InfoWars is part of.
We're just a blade of grass in an ocean of souls that want freedom.
And there were so many Hispanics, blacks, and Asian patriots there.
There were so many active-duty military there wearing masks so they wouldn't get in trouble.
There were just so many good people and the spirit of these people and how alive they were.
Now, they were standing up when they were told, don't come here, you're a terrorist, you're a white supremacist, don't come here, you're going to die.
And they stood up to it.
And it was just a beautiful thing to see, David, the system's attempts at suppression fail and blow up in their face.
What's your view on this, David?
Well, yeah, that's exactly what we've seen.
We've seen that kind of projection, that kind of slander, and it's not just in Virginia.
It's at every level of the Democrat Party.
It's not just the East Coast.
They're doing it in Washington State, to Matt Shea as well.
You're domestic terrorists because you support the Second Amendment.
We're going to be right back with Alex Jones in Richmond, Virginia.
We've got to take a break.
Stay with us.
Lee Greenwood.
Lee Greenwood.
And God bless.
I'm going to play part of this song because when I was growing up, I'd hear it in high school and I liked it because I love America and I was proud of my country and I knew history.
I knew it was special.
But also about the problems in America.
So I saw it as kind of arrogant and kind of somebody bragging.
Not even what Glenn Greenwood was saying.
Just as a man or somebody becoming a man, I may come off as confident sometimes.
But I don't like being arrogant, and so I didn't want to be boastful about America.
But then as I got older, I realized why my family cared about America so much, why they cared about Texas so much, was because they realized it was under attack, and that people were trying to take it over and set up something a trillion times worse.
And now that I realize what people have really fought and died for, that's not just talk.
That's being persecuted for America, being persecuted for freedom, being lied about, being attacked.
It doesn't make me feel like a loser.
It makes me love America even stronger, because now I begin to understand what it's really all about, and the dream of what America could be, the true renaissance, compared to what these other systems are based on, being royalty, or being communist.
You know, Antifa and Soros, the communist clan, they want to empower people, but they're anti-free speech, they're anti-gun, they're anti-free market for the average person, and they're all these super-rich billionaires like Bloomberg and Soros and the rest of them,
That literally want to create systems that make us totally dependent on them, where we have nothing and they have everything.
The President Trump doesn't say that.
He wants us to be prosperous.
He wants us to be successful.
He's certainly not perfect.
I've got some big problems with him I'm about to be talking about soon.
But I just want to play part of this song, because if we don't have a country, if we don't have a republic, who are we?
And who are they that are telling us don't have a country?
And that we're bad and even exist.
That's the question we need to answer.
So I want to play part of one of the most beautiful songs out there.
And then as it ends, make some final comments.
I want to have David Knight take over.
He's doing a superlative job.
And the big coverage we're going to have from DC with Owen Troyer, Savannah Hernandez, Millie Weaver, Kaitlin Bennett, myself, and others tomorrow.
And Owen and the rest of the crew are going to stay here throughout the trial.
Let's go ahead and just play this beautiful song that the globalists absolutely hate.
Here it is.
If tomorrow all the things were gone, I'd worked for all my life, and I had to start again.
With just my children and my wife.
I thank my lucky stars to be living here today.
Cause the flag still stands for freedom and they can't take that away.
And I'm proud to be an American Where at least I know I'm free And I won't forget the men who died Who gave that right to me And I gladly stand up next to you And defend her still today Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land God bless the USA
From the lakes of Minnesota To the hills of Tennessee Across the plains of Texas From sea to shining sea From Detroit down to Houston And New York to L.A.
Well, there's pride in every American heart And it's time we stand and say
I'm proud to be an American Where at least I know I'm free And I won't forget the men who died Who gave that right to me And I gladly stand up next to you And defend her still today Cause there ain't no doubt I love this land God bless the USA
As we finish this song here, think about it.
It's talking about family.
It's talking about God.
It's talking about America.
It's talking about at least, you know, we have the flag and, you know, and it still stands for freedom and they can't take that
We're good to go.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is such a fight.
There's so much going on, it's so serious.
And I'll just be point-blank honest with the audience.
I would not be here if you weren't supporting us.
I had a business plan to sell out most of the supplements and high-quality products, but knowing that DNA Force Plus and that Living Defense would be back in stock by the middle of January,
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I think so.
We're good to go.
I don't know what's going on.
We're good to go.
By the end of the election or next year, the Infowars is not going to see us on the road or as effective or all the crew we've got.
And I just don't want to bow on the face of the enemy attacks.
I want to continue
And you see us busting our butts.
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I really appreciate you all.
It's been a great day.
David Nye is going to take over on the other side for the rest of the transmission.
And War Room coming up with Owen Schroer and Savannah Hernandez on the road.
You are the resistance.
Please spread the links.
You are the Paul Revere.
You are victory.
Welcome back, I'm David Knight here in Austin and we've been following our reporters and Alex Jones in Richmond taking a look at the peaceful demonstration, lobbying if you will, of more than 50,000 people there on Martin Luther King Day because they always choose that for Lobby Day because that's the day that people have off from work so that's an opportunity for them to
Go talk to their legislators, but they don't want to have any free speech, and it just hits me as the height of hypocrisy That on Martin Luther King Day You know one of the most famous quotes of Martin Luther King was that we were going to judge people on the content of their character and not the color of their skin and it who do we have shutting down our civil rights and
None other than Governor Coon Man Northam, the guy that we should be judging on the content of his character and not on his black face or his Ku Klux Klan hood.
You know, when you look at the people who are real racist, calling everybody racist, projecting his racism,
He's projecting his and other Democrats' ideas.
We're going to have to use the National Guard to confiscate people's guns.
Well, if you think you're going to be able to do something with that AR-15, you better talk to people who are in the military and have been in Afghanistan and so forth.
It's like, well, why would we have to use our AR-15 to keep our rights to defend ourselves?
You mean you're implying that you're going to attack us like Eric Swalwell did?
You're saying that you're going to do gun confiscation like Beto O'Rourke and Eric Swalwell both?
I don't know.
As to how they control the media, that they can continue these baseless accusations of white supremacists, racists and so forth, and violent people, and you see that none of that is true.
As a matter of fact, we have the New York Times, as they come out today, endorsing, and it's the first time they've done it, they just can't make up their minds.
The Democrat field is just so rich.
That they have to come up with two people, and so they came up with Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren.
The New York Times endorsed either of them for president, and as part of this, they smeared a Trump supporter from Queens, New York, as a white nativist, as they were endorsing these two totalitarians.
Amy Klobuchar, and especially Elizabeth Warren.
They said, well, you know, we want somebody who's kind of, you know, reasonable, and then somebody who's radical.
Well, you know who the radical is, don't you?
The radical liar, Elizabeth Warren.
The Indian.
The liar.
And they talked about President Trump's brazen corruption.
We're going to find out about brazen corruption tomorrow, as a matter of fact.
Tomorrow, the book Profiles in Corruption is going to be released, and I'll give you kind of an overview of it tomorrow.
You know, there's not a single
Anonymous source, but he's got more than a thousand documented Sources for what he does none of them anonymous, you know, that's the way the Washington time a Washington Post and the New York Times They all run with anonymous sources told us this and that but they went on to describe as they were endorsing Foca honest they referred to President Trump as racist and
And as the supporters, as quote, bigoted, outpouring, licensed by the Trump campaign.
Now, where do you get your licensing for that?
Where do you sign that licensing agreement to be a bigoted supporter of President Trump?
That's absolute nonsense.
As they talk about this, remember that the guy that they focused on, going back to November 3rd, 2016, just before the election,
There was a rally in North Carolina, and there was a man who came down from Queens.
His name was George, but most people referred to him in the press as the epic Trump guy who brought the rally to a standstill.
Everybody referred to him as the epic Trump guy.
And they're portraying him as a racist.
Is he a racist?
As they point out in this Breitbart article, they said the man was not shouting anything about race or nativism.
He was just a supporter.
Many media outlets interviewed him.
And they said while he was clownish and boisterous and yelling Trump for president in a booming voice, he said nothing at all about race.
See this is what all of the mainstream press and the Democrats continue to do.
And they continue to do this and they get away with it.
You hear this massive echo chamber.
of the mainstream media because they are effectively funneling down free speech, your free speech, on social media as well as the free press that has grown up on the internet.
They're in the process of shutting that down.
And I would argue that they already have more control over public discourse and information and what you see and hear.
Than they did back in the days when they just had the three main networks that got their talking points from the CIA.
We just had last week, exposed in the UK, documents showing that Reuters as well as the BBC were being paid by the British government, by British intelligence, just like you had Operation Mockingbird here.
But what was this guy doing that they said was right?
He shouted Trump for president.
We love you, Trump.
Lock her up.
And at one point, he also yelled Italians for Trump.
Well, is that racist?
Oh, it must be.
If this guy's from Queens and he's Italian, he must be a racist.
This is the way these people think.
And yet, if you've got a governor of Virginia
Who chooses out of four pictures, one that has one guy in a Ku Klux Klan hood and the other one in blackface.
No problem at all.
And nobody calls him on this?
On Martin Luther King Day?
We're just supposed to accept his racist projection?
You know, since Robert Berg died.
The long-term senator from West Virginia, who was actually a high-ranking Ku Klux Klan member.
He didn't just play one, he actually was one.
You know, you have Ralph Northam playing one as he's in college.
I mean, he's not even in high school doing this.
But since Robert Byrd died, and of course he was eulogized by the Clintons and all the people who were in the Democrat Party, there is no higher profile racist
And yet, he gets away with projecting this onto people who aren't racist at all.
That's why I said at the beginning of the program, President Trump on last Friday, on National Religious Freedom Day, he talked in his speech about the growing totalitarian impulse of liberals.
And that is absolutely what we're seeing here.
As a matter of fact, it's not just the Democrats.
We have people like this in the Republican Party.
The Lincoln Project that has George Conway, Kellyanne Conway's husband.
I talked about this at length in the morning show, which is three hours before this show begins.
I talked about the people behind it, and I said besides George Conway, every single one of these people were the most radical people within the LGBT movement.
The co-founder of this group had been part of the Log Cabin Republicans.
And she was demanding in New Hampshire that they criminalize anybody talking about the power of Christ to get somebody out of the gay lifestyle if they so desired.
But you can't talk about that.
We're going to make that a crime.
And when the New Hampshire Republicans refused to do that, she resigned from her being on the board of the New Hampshire Republican Party.
She got out of the log cabin Republicans.
Because a lot of time the Republicans said, hey, President Trump doesn't have a problem with gay marriage, let's just take the win and move on.
She said, no, we've got to push this further.
They want to criminalize us.
Absolutely intolerant, and intolerant about every aspect of your life.
They are the totalitarians, the left are.
But it's also people in the Republican Party, like the Lincoln Project, a big group who, in their first video coming out, was what?
It was attacking people who were Christians because they supported President Trump.
And at the time, I pointed out, and even the Babylon Bee said, had a satire article.
A guy who was a Trump supporter, he said, hey, look, I don't really, I just want to vote for somebody who isn't going to criminalize my Christian faith.
And that's what the Democrats want to do.
They've already passed the so-called Equality Act.
President Trump said in a speech a week ago, in public schools around the country, authorities are stopping students and teachers from praying, from sharing their faith, or following their religious beliefs.
See, under the First Amendment, that's called free exercise of your religion.
He had with him at the White House, Joe Kennedy, a high school football coach who was fired because he silently prayed on the field.
And President Trump said, tragically, there is a growing totalitarian impulse on the far left that seeks to punish, restrict, and even prohibit religious expression.
It would have been unthinkable many years ago that something like that could happen here in America.
He called the right to pray a very important, powerful right, and this is something that has been ignored since 2003.
Even George W. Bush
Didn't do anything to protect our free exercise of religion.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Welcome back.
We just had a story go up on InfoWars.com about patriots exposing a provocateur.
That was trying to promote violence at this rally in Virginia.
And of course, that's exactly what they have been trying to project on people.
But with 50,000 people there, even without their firearms, because as I've said many times, you know, a polite society is an armed society.
And that's true if you're having a lobbying group or a protest or whatever you want to call it.
If people are armed, they are polite.
That is a fact of human nature.
But even though they remove the arms from people, even though people are concerned about provocateurs, nothing has happened.
As a matter of fact, as one guy yells, hey, want to start a revolution today?
Want to hop those fences and kill that guy?
And the people around him shut him down very, very quickly.
Let's play a video of this encounter.
Patriots Expose Provocateur Promoting Violence at the Second Amendment Rally is the name of the article at InfoWars.com.
Let's play that video.
You want to start the revolution today?
Heck yeah!
You want to hop those fences and kill that guy?
You're making a speech about people rising up.
Why would you say something dumb like that?
Are you conservative?
I'm libertarian.
You're libertarian?
And that is not how we are.
Tell me what you think about what this guy's doing.
I think what that guy just said was absurd.
We don't believe in going and killing people.
This is a peaceful rally.
We're here to stand with the people.
He agrees, sir.
You said something so extreme, and that's exactly what the left wants.
I'm here peacefully.
I was trying to call him out on what he was trying to stir up.
I'm not stirring anything up.
You did.
I wasn't trying to stir up anything.
Well, I'll tell you what, whether he was trying to stir it up or not, the governor of Virginia, Mr. Coon Man, has actually been the one who's been trying to stir this up, projecting his racism, projecting his conspiracy theories, projecting his threats of violence, he and the other totalitarian Democrats, onto other people.
The people who are there are peaceful.
It's the Democrats in suits who are trying to overturn centuries
of established traditions that have guided our country and are embedded in our Constitution, the very Constitution that they swore to uphold.
And you know, folks, just as that North Carolina deputy was saying before, you swear to uphold the Constitution, that gives you your authority.
And when you thumb your nose at the Constitution, you don't have any authority anymore.
You just lost it.
You've just shown that you are unfaithful to it.
I was talking about
Religious freedom day that was last Friday, President Trump talking to people like Tony Perkins, who's with the Family Research Council.
Remember, this is a group that was labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center simply because of their religious beliefs.
They believed in the definition of marriage that has been there for not centuries, but millennia in all cultures, that is defined as part of their Christian faith.
One man, one woman.
And because of that, they were labeled by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group, and they had an individual who tried to carry a gun in and shoot people.
And I think he did shoot the security guard, but not fatally, as he disarmed him.
But Tony Perkins was there and he said, believe it or not, this kind of federal guidance, which President Trump is talking about, they are going to
Tell the federal bureaucracies that, yeah, you are going to be able to have the right to pray and to exercise your religion, just like it says in the First Amendment.
You don't lose that because you go to a school.
You don't lose that because you are a government employee.
You can still exercise your religion.
And we're not going to let people be censored.
That hasn't been talked about.
Since 2003, and remember George W. Bush was president from 2001 to the beginning of 2009.
Tony Perkins says, believe it or not, this kind of guidance...
To support the First Amendment is supposed to be updated every couple of years and it's been almost two decades and no president has.
So this morning for the first time since 2003, districts across America are about to get a lesson in students' rights.
And to ensure that schools are listening, local agencies will have to promise to abide by this before they get any more federal funds.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I was just talking about President Trump last Friday.
Talking about religious freedom and how they're going to send out guidance, first time since 2003, send out guidance saying you're not going to stop people's religious freedoms in school.
If you take action against people, like that football coach who was with him who was fired because they had prayer with the football team.
If you penalize somebody for the free exercise of religion protected in the Constitution, we're going to take funding away from you.
And that's exactly what should be done.
But we look at a Republican congressman, Greg Stuba, is a Florida Republican congressman
And he pointed out that not a single Democrat voted in favor of a bill that would protect women's sports from biological males who claim to be transgender women.
It's another example of the hypocrisy of the left presenting themselves as champions of women's rights and yet allowing people
To completely shut down women's sports.
A Florida congressman recently introduced a bill that would have banned schools from using Title IX federal funds to support women's sports if biological men are allowed to compete with them.
He said, it's fascinating that we're in a place where you have to file bills to make it clear that women are actually going to be competing with women and in women's sports.
And he added that Democrats, every single one of them, came down on the side of transgenders who identify as women that day and then want to be able to compete.
And it wasn't that long ago, if you remember, when we had the debate about gay marriage and so forth.
Everybody was talking about the gay gene.
Well, I think there's a gay gene.
And we're looking for the gay gene.
And it's all about the way that God made me, says Boudier.
God made me this way.
Pence, you're a bigot.
Well, if there is a gay gene, and it is biological, then why are we now throwing that under the bus?
We're no longer concerned about some kind of a biological connection to sexual orientation.
Now, it is a decision when we talk about transgenders.
Because they're searching for the gay gene, but they won't look at the genitals.
It is biological, it is objective, and it is binary, but they won't do that.
They say, well, no, it's just a preference.
I have a, I have gender fluidity, and I have a preference here.
This is characteristic.
Of the kind of 2 plus 2 equals 5 hypocrisy of the left.
They can present any kind of double speak, double think to you and you just have to fall down and do whatever they say or you are accused of being hateful and a bigot.
He went on to say, how can people who pretend they're feminists, that they're carrying the torch for women, support something that hurts girls?
Yeah, it's no longer objective.
This is objective.
You're hateful if you push back on this.
No, now it is subjective.
Now it is subjective, and it is non-biological.
And again, not a single Democrat supported women's sports to try to protect them.
I mean, it's to the extent they even have a NASCAR event.
Which is a women's F1.
I mean, we're talking about driving race cars.
That isn't anything that really ought to have anything to do with physical capability, right?
And yet they have a separate event for that.
Because when it comes to sports competitions, it is very clear that men have a tremendous advantage.
And every time they do this, sometimes it's been done by one individual who wants to make a point.
Doesn't really identify as a woman, but says, hey, yeah, for the purposes of this competition, identifies a woman, and then he trolls him and says, see, I was able to sweep all of these events.
But the Democrats will not stand up for the rights of women.
Another example of their hypocrisy.
We had President Xi and the Chinese decided that
And of course, you know, last week we had the announcement of the first phase of the agreement between the U.S.
and China.
We had absolutely not a single scratch, reported the Wall Street Journal, to the economy here.
The Chinese tried to play the card.
They knew that farmers supported President Trump, so they tried to enact agricultural tariffs because they thought that would hurt President Trump or the farmers.
That did not work.
President Trump looked at the situation and said, well, you know, we have about an $800 billion trade surplus with them.
We're holding all the cards.
And sure enough, he got them to come around.
And it didn't hurt President Trump's approval with farmers either.
As a matter of fact, it's hit a record high in spite of the efforts of President Xi to try to hurt President Trump.
The Farm Journal Pulse poll
Which just came out, reports Breitbart.
Featured responses from 1,286 farmers.
There was approval rating of 83% for President Trump.
And I think President Xi could only aspire to something like that.
As a matter of fact, over the weekend, there was a humorous article that came out about President Xi going to Burma.
And, um, essentially engaging in a kind of, um, you know, the Chinese have been going around with their Belt and Road Initiative, and they've been massively subsidizing infrastructure and other things in other countries.
We, on the other hand, unfortunately, have not been pursuing peace and trade with people, which is the idea of the founders.
Instead, we decide that we will threaten them with military action or regime change.
You would kind of think that the authoritarian communist Chinese, who really are fascist though, I mean the people in Hong Kong call them Nazis, call them fascist, and they really are correct.
Because what we see in China is really kind of a corporate fascism.
It is a merger of corporations with the government elite.
As a matter of fact, the government elite own
I don't
And some of the people there evidently were not happy with it, and they hacked the announcement.
When you look at the translation into English, the Burmese have a very interesting character set.
There's a lot of circles.
Almost everything is a circle with a strange, if you have a screenshot of that, yeah, right here.
I hadn't seen that before, but somebody in the translator of that
When they translate that Burmese language to English, every time they translated President Xi's name into English from Burmese, they called him Mr. S-hole.
Crap hole, if you will.
As President Trump used that phrase.
And so they referred to the President of China as Mr. S-hole.
of Xi Jinping walking next to Barack Obama right there you can see the two and because he was shorter and heavier than Barack Obama people put up Winnie the Pooh and Tigger and then they started referring to Xi and basically making fun of him satire and ridicule using Winnie the Pooh and so the Chinese government reacted by banning
So I retweeted that and I said maybe we should start calling President Xi Winnie the Pooh Pooh.
Winnie the Pooh.
And we could also though I do feel sorry for him.
I have to extend my condolences and say many saddenings for this extinguished gentleman.
That's the way things roll when you are an authoritarian dictator.
Just remember that who was on first, she is on second, and we don't know who's coming after these guys, but I'm sure that they will be exactly like their predecessors.
Meanwhile, we're talking about food in Puerto Rico.
They found, as you saw last couple of days, a massive stash of food that was set aside by that corrupt government.
President Trump was right.
They sent the relief and they said, you have to deliver it to the people.
Well, they weren't delivering it.
They were hoarding it.
They were stealing it.
And when we come back, we're going to talk about the book that's going to be released tomorrow, Profiles in Corruption, talking about our corrupt politicians here.
It's not just in Puerto Rico.
Yeah, we have them here.
They're called Democrats for the most part.
We've got some Republicans as well, mostly Democrats.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back.
I'm David Knight.
Filling in for Alex Jones who is monitoring the situation in Virginia.
So far it has been very peaceful even though we have 50,000 people there.
Nobody has issued any threats other than Democrats in suits.
Nobody has done anything racist other than the governor of Virginia himself on this Martin Luther King Day.
And yet, there's all the implications of domestic terrorism and so forth.
We had the FBI do their show arrests, saying, oh, look at this, we found some guy who's an illegal immigrant from Canada, and we think that he was going to go to Virginia?
You need to see Richard Jewell.
That's why they shut that movie down so quickly.
You need to understand, this has been a tactic of the FBI since its inception with J. Edgar Hoover, this organization.
And we'll take a look also when we get into the impeachment updates.
We'll take a look at what's going on with General Flynn.
One of the first indications that the Democrats were going to use slander and legal action and the FBI to try to shut down the Trump administration from day one.
We've never had anybody in the administration immediately purged and purged over a non-crime setup framed.
I talked last week to Matt Shea in Washington State.
Matt Shea is being targeted by the Democrats in Washington State, trying to expel him out of the state legislature.
A very popular six-term representative who is a conservative Christian who supports gun rights and so forth.
He actually helped to make sure that justice was done when the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Land Management were trying to wrongfully convict the Bundys.
There was a BLM whistleblower, Bureau of Land Management whistleblower, who talked about the crimes of the FBI, talked about what the people there were doing criminally to them to try to confiscate their land.
And as we had previous trials where the judge there had covered up exculpatory evidence, evidence that would have shown that not only were they innocent of the charges, but it was a government
That was committing the crimes, you know, kind of like what we're seeing in Virginia, right?
Except it really happened there.
They really did have their false flag effort.
Well, we had a BLM whistleblower, but they were trying to suppress that.
Matt Shea played a big part in releasing that information.
So this is payback.
This is payback, and this is the same type of tactic that we see being used against President Trump.
As I said before, these people are totalitarian.
They want no restrictions on central power.
They recognize no legal authority, and they are determined to micromanage every detail of your life, and to take every last freedom, right, and piece of property that you have.
Let's talk about corruption, however, because, you know, as we see Joe Biden essentially plunging in the polls in Iowa, there is a book that is coming out tomorrow, Profiles in Corruption.
Not Profiles in Courage.
Remember that book about JFK?
This is Profiles in Corruption.
And this book is going to be, I think, Peter Schweitzer, who did Clinton Cash in the past,
It has 1126 end notes and not a single unnamed source.
Very, very well documented.
As a matter of fact, the book has 83 pages of source material.
83 pages of source material!
Evidence, documents, including foreign and domestic corporate and legal records, tax liens, lobbyist disclosures, property records, White House visitor logs, federal bankruptcies, and federal criminal trial records.
If only the Department of Justice would do this for the Clintons.
I've had Charles Ortel on my program many times talking about
The corruption with the Clinton Foundation, how they haven't filed any of the requisite paperwork that needs to be filed by a charity, how they have flaunted
Every, and it's clear, I mean, you know, they just haven't filed, it's like not filing any of your tax returns or whatever.
There's no question about the fact that they have not filed any paperwork that is needed at both the federal and the international level in order to operate as a charity.
And they just keep going.
So hopefully this is going to shine some light on what's going on with Joe Biden.
But as I said, when all this stuff began,
That has now turned into the impeachment process.
I said, you have to understand the principles under which the Democrat Party and the mainstream media operate today.
First of all, the Democrats can never commit a crime.
Secondly, you will be prosecuted if you expose their crimes.
I mean, that's the rules under which we operate today.
This HarperCollins book, which will be released tomorrow,
Again, the title, as you probably know about, Profiles and Corruption.
It is at the top of the list on Amazon, so it's highly anticipated.
It will be coming out tomorrow.
HarperCollins has kept Profiles and Corruption under a strict embargo.
It will reportedly expose how five members of the Biden family, the Biden five,
Scored tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer money and guaranteed loans.
And in addition, the book is said to contain never-before-reported bombshell revelations about Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker, Sherrod Brown, and Eric Garcetti.
Now, by the way, you know, as I mentioned before, we just had the New York Times endorse Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren.
Such a rich field of wonderful candidates that the New York Times just could not choose among them.
So they picked two people.
And both of them are going to be part of this profile and corruption.
We already know about the long list of lies from Elizabeth Warren.
And again, why is it not disqualifying when you have people like Elizabeth Warren saying you're not going to build a house in America unless it is to my specifications?
Where does she get the authority for that in the Constitution?
The 9th and 10th Amendment make it clear that Elizabeth Warren cannot tell you how you can build your house.
The federal government doesn't have that kind of power.
Certainly not the executive.
She's, last week before the debate, she's out there promising every millennial
That you can get $50,000 free if you just vote for me.
Talk about outright bribery.
Mencken was right.
An election is an advanced auction of stolen goods.
And she says she doesn't even need to have Congress.
All the Democrats have been talking about how they're going to hand out free cash to people who went into debt to get a worthless college degree.
Even if it is worth something.
They're going to give them a, you know, get-out-of-debt-free card.
And yet she upped it last week and said, I'm not even going to go to Congress.
Just like we had Kamala Harris say, I'm going to give you 100 days, and if the Congress doesn't enact major gun control, I'll do it by executive order.
You can't do that.
The Congress can't do that.
If they want to get rid of the Second Amendment, they have to get rid of that amendment.
You know, we've already had alcohol prohibition once upon a time.
The progressives had enough respect for the Constitution that they passed a constitutional amendment to prohibit alcohol.
And then they did another one, the 21st, to get rid of the 18th.
But the 9th and 10th Amendment says she doesn't have the authority to hand out $50,000 checks.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back.
As we look at what's going on in Virginia, one of the questions that we should ask ourselves is, how did these people get elected?
And there's a couple of interesting backstories to this.
We can look at the map of Virginia, and you can see, as Alex Jones is going to explain here in a report, you can see that with the exception of a few urban areas, most of the state was red.
And we see that repeated at the national level.
And it's part of why the Democrats have made such a big deal out of getting rid of or altering the Electoral College or replacing it with something like the National Popular Vote Compact.
And yet, if we go back and we look at how Hillary Clinton became the nominee, we see that she, in many cases, did not win the popular vote, but she won the delegates.
How did that happen?
Don't look at that information, as that information was released by people who were disgruntled within the Democratic Party, people who felt that Bernie Sanders had gotten the short end of that.
You know, he would get about the same number of votes, or in some cases get more votes than she would, but she would get the vast majority of the delegates, and so she won the nomination.
People who were not happy about that released that information to WikiLeaks, and so she came up with a fiction of
Russia got the information.
Don't look at the information about me and how I bought the Democrat Party that was in debt for millions of dollars.
Don't look at that.
Look at my fairy story about Russia.
That was the red herring that she drug across that.
But first, let's go to Alex Jones, video clip number nine.
Alex Jones explains the map of tyranny versus freedom in Virginia and then we'll talk about how these Democrats got control.
They say a picture tells a thousand words.
Alex Jones.
And here we are at the big Second Amendment rally in Virginia where they're almost passed bills to confiscate the firearms and they're set to pass them in just the next week or so.
Second Amendment sanctuaries.
The ones in green are the sanctuaries.
There's only a few counties that are leftist, globalist controlled.
Where they then bring in foreigners illegally, put them on welfare, the Democrats then skim about half the paycheck, and keep them as slaves.
So think about this.
This is how Bloomberg and Soros come in and take control.
94% of Virginia, locality state, no more gun control, which is enslavement of the people.
91 counties, 12 cities, 22 towns, almost all the sheriffs.
That's from Virginia Citizens Defense League and that's mainline news.
You can look that up for yourself.
That's what this comes down to.
And that's why they're attacking everybody and trying to push the sanctuary cities because they can bring in foreigners who will vote as they're told because they're basically slaves at that point.
I think?
Sometimes it would take six months to get an answer.
And so that's why we set up the system that became the apple of the world's eye, was to get around things like this.
But it's not a perfect system.
We're going to go back live now to David Knight and the Alex Jones Show.
Please remember, the only way these feeds get out, local radio you're listening to, local TV you're watching, is when you tell people about it.
It's just so paramount.
And the only way we get the streams out at band.video and infowars.com.com.com.com.com.com.
But again, it's our core audience that's growing.
That's great.
We want to reach people that aren't aware of what's happening, so they understand that we're not here at a giant KKK meeting.
We're not here at a meeting about killing police like Governor Northam said.
It's Governor Northam who dresses up in KKK outfits.
That's right, and where's Blackface?
This is Martin Luther King Day.
It's just absolutely amazing to me how all of this is coming together on this particular day.
I have a listener in Virginia, Vince Agnelli, and I really appreciate him sending me this data about how the Democrats get into power.
You look at that map, and again, that map that Alex was holding up,
Showing all the green areas where they had declared themselves to be sanctuary cities for the Second Amendment.
And by the way, that is constitutional, right?
These are people saying we support the Constitution.
The Constitution is already, you got the Second Amendment is there, right?
When you have a sanctuary city or a sanctuary state to say we're not going to enforce immigration law,
Which has been delegated to the federal government.
That is not legitimate.
But it is legitimate to say we are going to stand with the Constitution, with the oaths that we took to the Constitution.
So, you know, you saw the map as I was talking about how did these Democrats get in power?
You know, we got the vast majority of the state is red.
It's by the concentration of population into a few urban areas.
But it's also, the other part of the story, which Vince has sent to me, is the fact that we have all of these, I would call them Soviet districts.
Not Soviet districts simply because the Democrats won them, but I would say Soviet districts because these are districts in which you have only one candidate that you can vote for.
That's right.
Only one candidate.
Now think about this.
You know, the early days of the Republic, the first 80 years or so before the Civil War, we had a multi-party democracy.
It wasn't very hard to get on the ballot.
And we had a lot of different parties, but that all stopped after the Republican Party and Abraham Lincoln took total control, essentially, of the government after the Civil War.
And it wasn't until the early part of the 20th century that the Democrats became competitive.
But the two of them made sure that there's only two parties.
And in many areas, like Virginia, the Republicans even failed to put up any candidates.
Nobody runs!
And so to give you an idea how this breaks down, let's just take a look at the House, the Virginia House.
Because both the House and the Senate turned over to Democrat control for the first time in 24 years.
But you had 28% of the House districts had no GOP candidate for 2019.
2017, about the same, 25%.
Two years earlier, 25%.
Two years before that, 22%.
Two years before that, 26%.
So they're not running in anywhere from a quarter, typically about a quarter of the districts.
They're not even putting up a Republican candidate.
When you look at the Senate, it's even worse.
In 2019, 37% of the Senate districts had no GOP candidate.
If you don't stand for election, you can't win.
You gotta show up, right?
You gotta show up.
But all this goes back, I think, to the kinds of games that are played by both of these establishment parties to make sure we don't have a free and open election, to make sure we don't have a debate.
You know, when we start talking about censorship, I saw this because I worked with independent third-party candidates in North Carolina, and I know how they use ballot access.
To control your choices.
And I know how they use so-called private entities like they did in North Carolina.
They would use the State Journalist Society or some kind of association of journalists and say, look, it's a private organization.
They can determine who gets into the debate.
So even if you jumped through a lot of hoops that the Democrats and Republicans never have to jump through to get onto the ballot, even if you spend a lot of time and a lot of money just to get on the ballot,
These two parties would turn this over to an independent, so-called private organization that would do their bidding, just like we see with internet censorship.
And they would say, well, we don't want to, it would just be too confusing to have three candidates up there on the stage.
And they make sure that even if you qualify and you jump through all the extra hoops, you still don't have your voice heard.
That's basically where we are in the United States.
And the ballot access rules for political parties and for candidates are pretty restrictive in Virginia.
Nevertheless, it shows that there is a great lack of will on the GOP part to recruit candidates to help them to get on the ballot.
And again, you know, it is the party itself that is not putting out much of an effort.
When we come back,
We're going to take a look at the other game that is rapidly approaching again.
You know, the Democrats have said, well, you know, Hillary Clinton won the election.
No, she didn't.
No, she didn't.
As a matter of fact, Hillary Clinton didn't even win.
If you don't play by those rules, Hillary Clinton didn't win the nomination.
If you want to go by popular vote, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Welcome back.
I want to talk about the Democrat strategy that is going to be coming up in this next election.
You know, they've even had concern.
As I look at this, you know, the Democrats, speaking out of both sides of their mouths, as I said, if Hillary Clinton wants to complain that she didn't win, or that President Trump didn't win because she got the popular vote, then she didn't win the nomination.
So we need to go back and take a look at how the superdelegates were allocated in the DNC, and that's what she doesn't want you to see.
That's why she created the first
Fake narrative that came out and was sold for the first three years or so of the Trump administration Now they have this new spin about impeachment.
We're going to tell you What the plan is to defend President Trump coming up in just a few moments, and we're going to take a look
At where they're moving in order to try to game the system.
Understand, the Democrats can't win in a straight up vote.
You see this happening in Virginia.
You see this happening with a map that shows that most of the state has declared itself to be a Second Amendment sanctuary area.
Counties, sheriffs, and so forth.
And yet, they continue to pursue this.
Talked about how they play the games to get into power.
And how they're trying to do this on a national level.
Again, if you go with just a straight up national popular vote, that will mean that a couple of cities
We'll be determining who the winner of the presidential election is.
And again, it's something just like the control of free speech, the people who are in power, the power elites, the Democrats and Republicans, controlling who's on the ballot and who you're going to hear in a debate and doing it through an independent so-called private entity.
And they're now doing that to control free speech on the Internet.
But I also saw in North Carolina how you could use a system where people were elected by regional representation in the county that I lived in.
They had the county commissioners selected by geographical area.
And the liberals who came in were concentrated in one corner of the county that was adjacent to a liberal university town.
And they wanted to lock up the property rights of people whose families had been there for centuries, in many cases.
And say, no, you can't farm like this, or you can't sell this farm, or whatever.
And they, because the power was allocated on a geographical basis, they couldn't do that.
So the first thing that they did was to go from a selection of county commissioners by region to just a flat-out popular vote.
Once they did that, because they had a concentration of people in that one little area, they selected all the county commissioners and then they removed people's property rights.
And that's what we have to be concerned about.
We've got John Cusack saying, we've got just 10 years to destroy capitalism or it's going to destroy us.
They've got to get their smart cities and their UN agenda through by 2030.
And what's going to be the end result of this is that we're going to have a government-corporate partnership to make you a slave on their plantation.
You won't own a single thing.
And just like we're seeing in Virginia, they're going to control your speech, they're going to control your movement, and they're going to take away your firearms.
That is the plan of these people.
Everywhere you go.
And that is the plan for 2030.
They may tell you it's about saving the environment, but no, it's about putting themselves in a position of totalitarian power.
And so it's very important, folks, that we try to keep the First Amendment alive.
You can see this in Virginia.
You can see the lies that are being sold to you by the Democrats and by the mainstream press.
And how important it is for us to be there to show you the truth of what's going on.
The massive size of the crowd and the peaceful way in which they are conducting and exercising their constitutional right to redress their grievances, to lobby their legislators on this holiday.
And that's why we're there.
And we need your support, folks.
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After many people blew the whistle, even you saw the water coming out of the public water supply, how dirty it was.
They were very slow to do anything about it at the state level, at the local level.
And the government is not going to be there to proactively help you.
They're not even going to tell you when they know about it.
And that's what we saw in Flint, Michigan.
And even after they allocated $390 million to clean up that water supply, they spent half of it on other programs to promote their own pet projects instead of cleaning up the water.
You have to understand that things that are this important
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It's like keeping your kids' minds clean.
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Alright, let's talk about how they are going to be moving to control the Electoral College.
We have the National Popular Vote Compact, and part of that, and we've had about 20 states sign on to that,
It's to say that all of these states are going to allocate their electors as part of the Electoral College after and on the basis of the national popular vote.
And not only are we going to see a concentration of power into the cities, but it will be the most corrupt cities.
You know, places like Chicago, which is legendary for having thrown the election to JFK.
You don't think they'll do that today?
You don't think they can do that even better with electronic voting?
Even though they don't have the cybersecurity issues worked out in Iowa, they are going to go ahead and press ahead with their smart app for voting for the Iowa caucus.
So you should be very concerned about the integrity of the vote in certain regions.
And that's one of the reasons that we would want to maintain the Electoral College and its geographical aspect.
New Hampshire, which is largely Republican,
...has now decided they've got another approach to this to try to push back against the National Popular Vote Compact.
Which, by the way, in many of these states, if you've got, let's say, Nevada, I think they joined it, along with California, if the National Popular Vote goes to candidate A, but in Nevada, the majority of the people voted for candidate B, their votes just get thrown out.
Their votes get thrown out.
That's what these people in these states have voted for.
Now in New Hampshire, they decided that they would take an approach where they would release the percentage of statewide votes that were cast for each candidate, but they would not put out the numbers.
They're trying to put a monkey wrench into this attempt to game the system.
The Democrats keep losing elections, and so they keep turning to the courts and lawsuits.
And the kind of actions like you see from Governor Coonman Northam.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Welcome back, I'm David Knight here in Austin as we have Alex Jones and many of our crew at the peaceful protest of tens of thousands of people, as Alex was saying.
Estimates are that they got the crowd that they expected of 50,000 or more people in spite of the fact, and I think this is an important part, in spite of the fear-mongering
By Governor Coonman, telling everybody it was going to be violent, you know, lock your shelter in place.
And we even had a Democrat legislator who said, I'm not going anywhere.
I'm not going to become a martyr.
I'm going to lock myself up.
And I think they were hoping to intimidate.
They created that cuddling, essentially a hazardous area there, a big fenced in area with only one tiny opening to get in and out of it.
That was a recipe for disaster, especially if anything happened.
Also, I'm not saying we're going to use the Virginia law against not wearing masks in public, which is a tactic of antifa.
They didn't talk about that.
Instead, they called all the people who were going to be there.
They explicitly said, especially on NBC and other places, they called them white nationalists, white supremacists, racists, and so forth.
And I want to play for you a clip that we have as part of an article up on InfoWars.com.
A man at the Virginia gun rally interrupts a live MSNBC broadcast as they were feeding their live feed of lies.
And most of this we can't play for you on air, but we'll give you the idea of what he was being called by these people.
Who is
News organization, I'll put that in air quotes, had been calling white nationalists, white supremacists, and racists without any basis whatsoever.
So here is the clip of the MSNBC lying broadcast from the rally being interrupted.
Yeah, the background noise, which we had to filter out as well, but it didn't get filtered out on that broadcast.
And if you want to hear the uncensored explicatives that we had to delete, you can go to the article that we have up at InfoWars.com.
And you can see what they were calling him, and quite frankly, I think it's well deserved, although I wouldn't necessarily use that language.
We are going to be taking phone calls coming up in this hour.
I'm going to be doing the fourth hour of the show today.
That number is 877-789-2539 if you want to join the show.
I do want to talk a little bit about
Again, that is 877-789-2539.
I was talking about how the Democrats are intent on getting rid of the Electoral College.
Maybe they don't realize that we got rid of the Electoral College as soon as the Republic began.
Because what we have with the Electoral College today absolutely bears no resemblance to what is in the Constitution.
I've talked about this with Richard Proctor, who comes on every couple of weeks on the morning show with me.
And we talked about how the original design of the Electoral College, as well as the number of representatives that would be sent to Washington from the different states, how they would be apportioned based on population, that was one of the
Hottest debated items, you know, is it going to be 30,000 people, or is it going to be one representative for every 30,000, one for every 40 or 50 or whatever, and you can see that in the Constitution today.
They spent a lot of time arguing about that.
They set a number, they put it in the Constitution, and they promptly ignored it, and have ignored it ever since.
They just pass laws and ignore what is in the Constitution.
Of course, we've done that with the war on drugs and many other things.
We're going to talk about a novel plan coming out of Harvard to give the leftists total power.
This goes beyond the national popular vote and the elimination of the Electoral College.
This is something coming out of Harvard.
These people will not stop until they come up with a scheme to keep them in power.
The establishment corporate media told us this would be Charlottesville 2.0.
But it wasn't!
It wasn't.
You came here and exercised beautifully your First and Second Amendment, and you showed why an armed citizenry is a polite and orderly and almost crime-free society.
So we salute Virginia for awakening to the globalist pirates!
The state of our union is strong!
And Trump's about to get four more years to route out the Chai Com and Globalist and Hollywood operatives.
So America was near death, but she's coming back, thanks to God and thanks to your action.
We salute you!
And this is the USA that patriots are taking back over, not the globalist USA.
So I'm live on radio and TV, got a feed going to all over the country.
Anybody who wants to come in here, 30 seconds a minute, make a comment live on air.
Please don't cuss words, I know most of you aren't, but please come tell America why you're here and what you think
We're good.
That's Alex Jones in Virginia, and the live rally there.
He's inviting people to come and speak up, and I'm doing the same thing online to our callers.
If you want to call in and join the program and have your say, that number is 877-789-2539.
That's 877-789-2539.
Let's go to our first caller, Dave in Pennsylvania.
Thank you for calling, Dave.
Hey, Dave.
How you doing?
Go ahead.
Doing good.
I'm very proud of Alex Jones and everything he's done for this country in the past 20 years.
I live in Pennsylvania.
I support the Second Amendment to the fullest.
And what Alex is doing, and Owen, is momentous.
This is the absolute critical time that we need to be on our toes amongst this impeachment BS.
I don't know how they are letting this get by.
I don't know why Hillary isn't in prison when she broke laws.
I don't understand what America is doing and what we have to do to get their attention.
There are 50,000 people in Richmond, Virginia right now protesting and showing that they want to keep their guns.
What is going to happen if they do not listen?
Oh yeah, well they won a civil war.
As a matter of fact, we've had people try to build their nomination for president on that very thing.
We had Eric Swalwell do that.
We had Beto O'Rourke come out and say, yeah, we're taking all the guns.
But Eric Swalwell was saying, yeah, we're going to have a war with you, with our military.
And we've seen the same thing from a Virginia representative, a guy who is a graduate of Harvard and Yale, and they have absolutely no respect
For the rule of law, the Constitution, and they don't want peace.
They would love to have a civil war.
Look, they want to destroy this country.
And Dave, you have to understand that.
But the plan is to destroy this country by hook or by crook.
They can do it gradually or they can do it with a civil war, but they want to destroy this foundation so they can rebuild their socialist utopia that they think it's going to be.
It'll be a utopia for them.
It will be hell on earth for everybody else.
But that really is the plan.
They would love to see everything erupt into a long, protracted civil war because that's exactly how these people get and stay in power.
I think it's very clear.
And you talk about what is going on with Hillary Clinton.
You know, I thought for the longest time, well, you know, Trump has got a problem with Jeff Sessions.
Jeff Sessions went off the rail.
He was very solid when it came to the immigration issue.
He had had situations in the past where he lectured Leon Panetta about the fact that he would have to get a declaration of war from the U.S.
Congress, that he couldn't just talk to his allies at the U.N.
and NATO and decide what they're going to do and then maybe inform Congress.
I've played that clip many times on my program.
And Jeff Sessions said, that's not the way the Constitution works.
You know that.
You are a congressman and so forth.
I mean, he looked good until he got to become the head of the Department of Justice.
And then as Attorney General, he went soft.
Soft on crime and soft in the head.
I don't know what happened to Jeff Sessions.
But it was a difficult situation for Trump to try to get rid of him.
I don't understand, however, why now that he's got Barr, nobody in the Department of Justice is doing anything about the crimes of the Clintons.
It's absolutely amazing to me, the kind of corruption that's going on there.
And we have General Flynn, attorney, his attorney, Sidney Powell.
I don't know.
And again, from the very beginning, it was Vice President Pence and Nikki Haley and these people, part of the deep state, they set him up along with the FBI.
And as she pointed out in her interview, she said they threatened to indict his son to get him to plead guilty.
And that the judge who is overseeing the case is withholding evidence that would show that he is innocent and many other documents.
So she's going to be, she is a fighter, and she said it's going to be epic when this comes out next week.
And I certainly hope that's going to be the case.
All right, let's go to some of our other callers.
Thank you, Dave.
Let's go to Javon in New Jersey.
Go ahead, Javon.
Thank you for holding.
Hi, David.
It's a pleasure talking to you.
I just wanted to say, you know, this is very powerful that 50,000 people came out for one common cause to protect the Second Amendment.
Now, what if 50,000 people all across the United States fought for the same common cause simultaneously?
What impact could we make on our government?
What kind of impact could we make on our country if we're all fighting at the same time?
That's how we're going to change things.
That's how justice will be served.
I think we need to look at this because, you know, this made me happy that, you know, now, you know what?
I believe in America now, but for us to come out like this and nothing go wrong, you know, so far, thank God, you know, we could really change something.
And I think we need to really examine this day and realize that the power is in our hands.
God is looking at us.
What are we going to do as a nation, as a country?
Yeah, absolutely.
That's why I mentioned at the beginning of the program how the Democrats across a wide variety of issues no longer support freedom or informed consent on anything.
It's not just the Second Amendment.
These same Democrats in Virginia
Have got several bills set up to mandate vaccines to take away your informed consent as an adult and to take away your parental rights for education.
And it's not just the Democrats in Virginia.
This is happening across the board.
We even have President Trump's FDA talking about doing things like that.
So I don't think that the solution is even to be found in Washington.
I think the solution has to be done at the local level.
And I'm most impressed
Not only by the 50,000 people that have shown up today peacefully doing this, but I'm even more impressed by the growth of the sanctuary city movement in terms of supporting the Constitution.
And we've now had three sanctuary cities for the unborn declared here in Texas.
It's at the grassroots level.
Utilizing the 9th and 10th Amendment.
Utilizing jury nullification, I think.
That's what's going to get us our freedom back.
I think it's very important for people to understand that, as Thomas Jefferson said, we're not going to be carried to a state of liberty on a feather bed.
Instead, if we just sit back and do nothing, like I pointed out earlier in the program, we had between 28% in the House side of the races had no Republican candidate.
It was a given that the Democrats were going to win.
In the Senate, it was 37%.
If we don't participate, we will be carried off, but it's not to a state of liberty.
It's to a state of slavery.
We got a lot of callers on the line.
We're going to try to get to all you guys.
When we come back, stay with us.
We'll be right back.
I'm David Knight.
All right, you just saw a scene there from the violent rally in Virginia.
The Democrats and the mainstream press were lying to you.
That is not happening there.
We do have a lot of callers on the line, and we're going to go back to them in just one second.
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We were absolutely blown away.
Hey, thank you so much Mr. Knight.
That's a great honor to talk to you.
Well, thank you.
I'm just calling.
I listen to you every day, man.
It's nice to get up and listen to you with your nice, metered and measured news delivery.
And then Alex comes on and just yells at me.
It's an excellent dichotomy.
I love it.
Yes, exactly.
So, but yeah, you're speaking about the electoral college and obviously it's something that's very important here in Nevada.
We kind of a minor cosmo, the whole nation.
Um, we've got two large counties, Washoe and Clark.
I live in Washoe County with Reno, and then Clark's obviously Vegas.
And our governor was essentially elected just because of Vegas.
Everybody else, not even my county, voted for the, uh, the Democrat.
But Vegas pretty much elected him.
And, uh, and then they passed all these laws, you know, like the red flag laws and all that kind of stuff that actually just went into effect on the 1st.
But we did have one of those, uh,
I think so.
He even vetoed that.
He said, no, we're not going to give up our sovereignty to the big cities.
I thought that was actually pretty cool, even though he is a diehard leftist.
Even though it worked for him.
Yeah, that's good.
Well, you know, that's the thing.
I don't understand.
It's really not a national vote compact.
It's a suicide compact.
Because you absolutely cut yourself off from having any influence whatsoever.
And he knows, and here's the raw power calculation that that governor is going through, even though he knows that he used the big city to get elected.
He also knows that if he signs on to this, there will be absolutely no reason for any national candidate to come and campaign there in the state.
And they're not going to have any kind of leverage on them to get any kind of projects put into Nevada at all.
And so basically he's slitting his own throat.
By doing that.
So it's not that, you know, he's looking for, you know, he wants to keep things representative or democratic or whatever.
He just wants to make sure that he's got some leverage with whoever it is that's campaigning at the national level and isn't cut off completely.
And it is a suicide compact that these people are putting in.
You know, the amazing thing about it, and I didn't get to it before, I'll just mention it real quickly.
Out of the Harvard Law Review,
They've come up with a scheme, Spencer.
They have a plan as to how the Democrats can get power.
They'll take the District of Columbia, tiny District of Columbia, and they will divide it into 127 neighborhoods.
They'll make each of those neighborhoods a state.
And then they will be able to use the Electoral College to wipe out
The election.
This is on New American.
There's absolutely no limit to the kinds of schemes that the Democrats will come up with to rig the election.
I mean, it's kind of like the derivatives schemes that are constantly coming out of Wall Street and the various bankers.
But this is actually put in the Harvard Law Review.
They call it Pack the Union.
You know, kind of like what FDR wanted to do with the Supreme Court.
They just packed the Union.
We'll have 127 neighborhoods of District of Columbia and then we will turn them all into states and then we can control the Electoral College.
It's absolutely amazing what links these people will go to and how they strategize for this.
Thank you so much, Spencer.
Thank you for listening.
Let's go to Charles in Michigan.
You wanted to talk about the Second Amendment.
Go ahead, Charles.
Yes, sir.
I wanted to say I'm very glad to see all these patriots running there in Virginia, running to support their brothers.
They're standing up for their rights, patriots from all across the nation.
I also wanted to mention that I am running for 9th District U.S.
House of Representatives here in Michigan against Andy Levin.
Good, good.
Thank you for participating.
I was just talking about the fact that in Virginia you had nearly 40 percent, 37 percent of the state Senate races ran unopposed.
You had Democrats elected and it was 28 percent in the House.
Very important to get involved.
A primary candidate for the GOP here in Michigan are in the 9th District.
So I'm the only candidate as of right now.
Okay, well good, good.
Tell people what your website is.
My website is www.langworthyforcongress.com.
You can go there and check it out.
It's still a work in progress.
I'm not very tech-savvy, so I'm doing the best I can.
I could use any donations, any kind of help.
Any volunteers from the local Michigan area, please go on there and donate your time or your money.
It would be much appreciated.
There's also two other very strong patriots.
Dave Dudenhofer, who's running in the 13th Congressional District against
We're good to go.
All right, that's good to know.
We got some Second Amendment supporters and especially somebody running against Rashida Tlaib.
Maybe, yeah, there we go.
Stop socialism.
That's a good slogan right there.
And she is the poster child for that.
Thank you so much and good luck to you, Charles.
Let's go to Slavic in Missouri.
You want to talk about the Second Amendment.
Go ahead.
Hey David, hey I just want to thank you first of all for being a very sane voice in this insane Illuminati New World Order, you know, society that we live in and I just wanted to mention that you know how like we're so pitted against Antifa and all these Asian provocateurs and I know that InfoWars listeners know this but you know I just wanted to remind people I guess Hang on, hang on, we've got to take a quick break.
Hang on, we'll come back to you Slavik.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, and today is a time to tell the legislators in Virginia you're not getting rid of the Second Amendment.
I mean, they're not even talking about repealing the Second Amendment.
They're just talking about ignoring it.
And taking your guns.
That was Orange Warrior there with the crowd in the Virginia rally.
And of course he's going to be coming up in a half hour live.
He'll be hosting the War Room live from that rally coming up in a half hour.
I want to get back to our callers.
We had Slavik in Missouri.
We just turned it over to him and then we had to go to a hard break.
Let's go back to Slavik.
Sorry about that.
Go ahead and continue with where you were, Slavik.
Yeah, thanks, David.
I appreciate it.
Yeah, so I was saying that Unifor's listeners know that, you know, in Germany, you know, the communists and fascists were pitted against each other on the street.
And, you know, it's just the same repetition.
Antifa are just funded by the Rothschilds, you know, and so those works of the Rothschilds, you know, the James Bond movie Spectre was made based on George Soros, as Alex talked about.
And so people need to really be careful with
Always you know going rah rah yeah we're going to take that on Tifa because what it does is it pits Americans to the right side and the left side and Alex is going to be really good at calling those sides out and then all of a sudden Trump gets elected and he goes in for Trump but even I got snookered by Trump because like you always challenge Trump and I love that about you David because
You don't put yourself in the box.
You stand up for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
Well, I've been down that road before.
I was young when Reagan got elected.
I had very high expectations for him.
He had made great speeches.
He had some great proposals.
He was going to get rid of the Department of Education and so forth.
It needed to be gotten rid of.
Instead, he grew it.
He nurtured it into adulthood and many other things that happened during the Reagan administration.
We support principles and we support policies and the individuals who get elected.
If they don't support those principles, it may not be that they are betraying us, it just might be that they're getting a lot of resistance.
And if that's the case, we need to get on their side and back them up and push them because the other people are pushing in the other direction.
But if they have betrayed us, we owe them no loyalty either.
So I don't want to follow any political party.
I'm not interested in following any individual.
I'm interested in the principles of liberty.
That's the one thing that I want out of government.
The rest of the stuff I can do on my own.
David, you're absolutely right.
You know, I just want people to really focus on the fact that they need to take out the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the DEA.
The Founding Fathers would never recognize this nation based on what it has become.
We have become a national security state and Mises.org, you know, released an article.
You guys put an InfoWars and I read that and I was like, oh my goodness, Americans don't understand how we are a police state and 9-11, a false flag job by CIA and Mossad was done.
I think so.
And they will be hurt by the National Security State because Trump still supports the military and that's her complex.
And he has to because she'll be assassinated if he calls out the New World Order Illuminati cartel.
Yeah, well, I've heard, you know, major talk show hosts like Rush, you know, others say, look, the FBI has never done anything like this before.
It's like, are you kidding me?
The FBI has been this way from the time they were created by J. Edgar Hoover.
We had, you know, we had Truman say they're trending toward a Gestapo.
You had Nixon talking about how they had blackmail files on everybody.
And just look at what they did before this rally.
Oh look, we found three people that are like a white Al-Qaeda.
They call themselves the base and so forth.
This is why I think, Savik, I think this is why the Richard Jewell film, which again, Clint Eastwood was spot on with that.
And the timing was perfect.
And the mainstream media did everything they could to shut that down and so did Hollywood.
I tried to see that movie and I couldn't find it.
You know, the movie theater's around here.
So, I mean, it just disappeared.
It perched out of there.
They have a lot of power.
We totally miscalculate how much power these people have to shape the narrative.
Whether it is the news, or Hollywood, or the Democrat politicians, and Republican politicians.
A lot of these people now, who were criticizing the FBI, now, and these intelligence operatives, as we saw this situation with Iran, and they're trying to push a war.
Now these people are credible.
All of a sudden.
I mean, we have to understand where this whole thing is coming from, and this is why I constantly talk about geospatial intelligence, how the internet was planned by the DARPA people, J.C.R.
Licklider, the psychologist, who talked about using it to manipulate the
Public opinion.
And once it became practical in the late 1990s, these people came out of the woodwork.
The CIA openly created a venture capital firm to make sure that they owned these people who would do their bidding.
And now what we have is a private-public partnership.
We're good to go.
Except through God, because there is no way that we have, you know, the odds against us, the technology that they have, the stranglehold that they have on information, how they're tightening that down.
I mean, it's really a big task in front of us, and we need to humble ourselves before that.
But I know in the past, as Benjamin Franklin and others have said,
That as they started the Constitutional Convention, they said, you know, we better open this up with a prayer because there's absolutely no way we would have prevailed in this struggle if it hadn't been for God.
And we better acknowledge that.
And we better acknowledge that as a people.
Thank you so much, Slavic.
I got a lot of callers on.
I want to get to the rest of these people who have been holding for a while.
Let's go to Minuteman in Virginia.
Thank you for holding, Minuteman.
Were you there at the rally?
Yes, I was, David.
Thank you, man.
Thanks for taking my call, and I've listened to you for a long time, and you're great, man.
I love listening to you every single day.
Well, thank you.
Thank you.
I was there at the rally.
I got to see Alex.
He came up to me.
I was actually wearing his shirt.
I was the only person wearing his shirt.
The 2A Mass Murders Agree at Gun Control Works.
And that was awesome.
He actually came up to me and we took a picture and everything.
I was actually the only person wearing this shirt.
And everybody was just like, hey, can I take a picture with you?
Can I take a picture with you?
And I'm like leading people.
Hey, go to InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com.
Get the shirt yourself.
Well, great.
I mean, hey.
Thanks for doing it.
Hey, I tell everybody.
No problem.
I saw Harrison do it.
It was awesome, man.
The mass turnout of everybody there.
It was amazing.
I talked to veterans, I talked to former veterans, I talked to young adults that were younger than me.
I mean, I'm 30 years old, and these kids were like 18 years old.
And they listened to Alex, and they listened to Owen, and they were looking for him too.
But anyway, it was a great day.
And to quote Edmund Burke,
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
And I'm going to put in women as well.
Men and women do nothing.
And that was a great day.
I am so glad that you and other people were not frightened off.
By the many different tactics of the Governor and the other state organizations that tried to make everybody afraid.
They put out that fear, that uncertainty, that doubt.
It's like, yeah, we're going to be labeled as domestic terrorists.
There might be violence.
They're corralling us in this area.
But people showed up anyway.
I'm so glad that so many people stood up.
We'll be right back.
Oh, hey, David, it is a honor to speak to you.
Well, thank you.
And I hope your health is doing well.
I pray for you, pray for the whole InfoWars crew every single day.
Thank you.
I was at the rally and you know what?
I've never seen so many smiling faces, so many
Oh yeah, always good.
We're good to go.
But what I did find was a speech by a woman who I'd never heard before, a woman named Phyllis Schlafly, and I listened to her and I immediately, you know, ordered about 12 of her books, and I had never heard her ideas really
Communicated, except for by you.
You know, someone talking about the Constitution, someone talking about... And she just knew the law and she knew the Constitution so well.
She talked about judicial supremacy.
She talked about, you know, becoming... Which we must end.
Yeah, absolutely.
You know, Phyllis Schlafly has been around for a long time.
And she put together a book with Charlotte Isobey.
You know, Charlotte Isobey went to the Department of Education.
I just mentioned that.
You know, we had hoped
I heard about that, and the other book is, of course, John Taylor Gatto.
Oh yeah.
Teacher of the Year.
Yeah, New York.
Um, so I really gotta just say, um, I love the fact that you expose folks to great reading.
I immediately got that Rose Wilder Lane book.
The, um... Discovery of Freedom?
Freedom of Freedom.
That's right.
Um, and Bob Proctor's amazing book, which I'm going through.
And I want to tell you, going to this rally, I went on a bus, uh, full of people from my county here, and, you know, this was the jumpstart of
My civic involvement, you know, I met a lot of people on this and a lot of people, you know what, a gentleman on the bus, he was handing out the, um, the citizens, what's it called?
The citizens, right?
Citizens law book rule book, which you guys used to give, um,
And I, you know, I hope that you guys still have it on the store.
I couldn't find it anywhere.
But so many people do not know about the things that you guys are talking about.
You had that amazing guest on with the family
Gosh, what was it called?
Dwight Mitchell, the Family Preservation Foundation, I think is what it was, talking about knowing your rights, you know, because the government is stealing your property without even finding you guilty, not even charging you with a crime, but they're doing it to your kids at an even higher percentage rate.
It's absolutely amazing.
So now that I'm connecting with these people, they have these Facebook groups I hadn't heard of, and these folks had not heard about jury nullification, they hadn't heard about, you know, the civil asset forfeiture stuff, so I'm going to be communicating all of the stuff that you guys share, all of those amazing videos you have on Band.Video, because you guys really break it down for folks who
You know, some people, frankly, don't like to read, or aren't great readers, or don't just take the time.
They look at something like the Citizen's Rulebook and might get turned off, but the amazing content that you guys are putting out, and, you know, Brighteon, oh my god, you know, the Health Ranger.
Mike Adams.
All of you guys are doing such a tremendous job getting this word out and I'm just going to make it my duty to hand out more of these Citizens' Rule books, explain some of the stuff that you guys are talking about, share those links to those videos.
I saw those amazing videos on, you know, the Family Preservation Foundation.
Oh yeah.
There's a gentleman named Richard Kornforth.
Well, I tell you, it's very encouraging to hear you and to know that you've been awakened, that you're making connections with people there.
I think that's one of the most important things.
People have to understand that it's up to us at the grassroots level.
We cannot have a savior that we're going to send to Washington that's going to fix everything.
Even if the guy had unlimited amounts of energy and was the smartest guy on earth, the bureaucracy in Washington has gotten so large, it's going to take a massive grassroots level to fix this.
We can't send a savior to Washington.
And I think the healthiest thing that can come out of all this is the sanctuary city movements for the Second Amendment and so forth, where people realize they're going to have to do things
At the local level, and it sounds like you've connected with people to do just that.
Thank you so much for the encouragement, Raul.
And let's go to our next caller, Ken in Virginia.
Go ahead.
Thank you for holding, Ken.
Yeah, Mark.
Mike, it's great to talk to you again.
We met in Branson a couple years ago at the Michael Austin Six Conference, but the one before that.
Oh, yeah.
I'm the Patriot Music guy that writes the Patriot Redfield for some Patriot music.
Oh, good.
I wrote the parody for the CDDL that they used, you know, that the President asked me to write for him, and I used that at the opening.
And then I wrote, I sung an original song that I wrote, I believe, in the Constitution, you know, to open the event for the speakers.
That's cool.
But while I was there waiting, because I got there about 8 o'clock, and, you know, they didn't start speaking until 1045, so I'm walking around taking videos of everything from the inside.
And I go down to where the fence is right above, right at the bottom of the hill, where it's fenced off for everybody that can't, that doesn't have any firearms is allowed, you know, in that fence.
So I'm in the fence with everybody with no firearms.
And I'm looking down at the entrance, down below the fence, where the legislators are walking in and out of the building and shaking hands with the people with all the guns.
They're literally right next to them.
Most of them unescorted.
Just walking back and forth, shaking hands, you know, with the people with all the firearms, you know, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 feet away, depending on how far they are away from the fence.
Back and forth the entire time.
So, I don't understand why there was a state of emergency if they really felt that there was that much of a threat to the legislature or the governor.
Why are they down there walking with the guys with the guns, and we're up on the hill with no guns?
Yeah, it was a slander, it was a setup, it was something that was put out by the Democrats and the mainstream media, and probably the people who were shaking hands with individuals, those were probably the Republicans that are in the state legislature.
But yeah, it was a baseless lie, and they vilified 50,000 people, and now all of them don't have to be told by us or by President Trump.
That's right.
That credibility, that trust, if they ever had it, for a generation.
Thank you so much, Ken.
I want to get to some of the other people, because we've got a lot of people who have been holding here for a while.
Let's go to Battle Flag in Missouri.
Go ahead, Battle Flag.
Thank you for holding.
Thank you for taking my call.
It's hard.
They can't steal the election when nobody runs.
We've got to think locally and act locally.
You guys should get Brian McClanahan on.
Part of the Abbeville Institute.
And, you know, I follow a lot of the gun channels, the YouTubers that know what happened at Charlottesville.
And the reason I called was about all these people being called white nationalists.
Praying for your health as well.
You're our modern Walter Cronkite, although we know Cronkite was corrupt.
Yeah, I understand what you mean.
I'll take the compliment side of that.
You get a lot of them.
My wife loves listening to you when she can.
Being a white nationalist, peaceful separation, that's not hate.
You know, the busing.
They've forced busing.
The government's been involved with that.
The people have segregated themselves in the big cities.
That's not white people's fault.
Yeah, yeah.
I agree.
I agree.
You know, it's so deep and we're out of time.
I wish we had more time to talk.
And I apologize to the many callers who are on hold, but we are out of time.
That's it for today's broadcast.
History is happening.
A consortium of powerful forces are attempting to overthrow the American Republic, but humanity is awake and is fighting back.
There is no way to hype up how big this is.
The third time in history they're trying to remove a sitting president with an actual trial in the Senate starting in just 48 hours.
And then meanwhile the left's claiming that a bunch of gun owners are going to kill cops with no evidence of it just a few miles away in Virginia.
We're going to have teams covering both events
And we are having record traffic to Bannon.video and InfoWars.com for this last show.
Thanks to the viewers and listeners for spreading the word.
You are literally the modern Paul Revere when you take action and when you speak out and when you spread the word.
It is just as important as what we're doing here on the street.
So tune in, spread the word, and share the links, and witness America stand up to the deep state, try to trigger a civil war, and remove our president.
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