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Name: 20200119_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 19, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses the planned false flag operation by the globalist deep state to turn the American people against gun owners and President Trump. He encourages viewers to stay vigilant and document any suspicious activity, as this is a maximum alert situation. The deep state's plan to make their move during the trial of President Trump, and that they will try to censor truth from getting out. Jones believes the patriots will defeat this globalist operation as America is fighting for its life, and history is happening now.

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Tomorrow's news.
We have comments from Washington Post and other people trying to link the people who are showing up to redress their grievances with the Democrat majority.
You know, this is the first time they've had a Democrat majority since 1994-95 in Virginia.
And folks, this is not the Democrat Party of 25 years ago.
They have become radical authoritarians.
And so we're going to be talking to Alex later in the program.
He's there in the area.
He'll be giving us an update.
Of course, we do have an update at Infowars.com.
Scenes from the Virginia Capitol.
We have militarized police arriving in Richmond.
As I point out, take a look at this picture of this armored vehicle.
It looks like it's a bulldozer with an armored outhouse in front of it.
But they call it a Rook.
A Rook armored SWAT carrier.
So I guess it's a Rook to take out all the pawns.
Or maybe it's a Rook to assault your castle with.
Because that is your home.
Your castle.
They are assaulting your very rights and it's not just the guns.
I mean that is very important what they're doing but we have to understand the Democrats have a very wide agenda that's not being talked about.
We've got two bills that have been introduced to inject mandatory vaccines into education and into everything else in people's lives.
We have bills that have been put up
To change the way the Electoral College works there in Virginia.
To allow the governor of Virginia to serve two terms instead of one.
Virginia is the only state, I believe, that allows the governor to only serve one term.
I think that's a good idea.
And they want Ralph Northam.
Governor Coonman.
The guy who dressed up in blackface and he didn't do it.
As a joke, he didn't do it to honor anybody.
It was perhaps the most racist.
We've had a lot of people who I think have been mischaracterized because they dress in a Halloween costume.
I don't think that was a mischaracterization of Coon Man.
But nothing the guy does.
Whether he talks about killing kids.
By setting them aside over, you know, just comfort care is what they call it.
And of course, what people did not realize until the governor of Virginia mentioned it was that that has been a standard of quote-unquote care for children that they tried to abort and then managed to survive the attempt to murder them, tear them apart limb by limb.
They stick them over on the side and then let them die.
And they call that comfort care.
Now, that was something that came out during the Gosnell trial.
The jury that was selected for the Gosnell trial was absolutely stunned.
Even though they were pro-abortion, they had to support Roe v. Wade in order to be selected as a juror.
And so, in the same way as Ralph Northam explained to the rest of America what standard practice was in many states already,
People couldn't believe it.
They thought this was something new in Virginia.
What is going on in Virginia is not just about Virginia.
It'd be bad enough if it was limited to that.
But the mandatory vaccinations, the messing with the Electoral College, legalizing voter fraud, all these different aspects are happening now in Virginia.
And they're coming from the Democrats.
Last week, we had Roger Scruton, a conservative out of the UK, passed away.
A lot of people are looking at a lot of his work.
I'm not that familiar with his work, but I saw one thing where he was spot on.
And what he said was, totalitarianism, we're not talking just about authoritarianism here, we're talking about totalitarianism.
It means that there's no restrictions on the central government's powers and everything, everything, every detail of your life,
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
And now this has become a national emergency, a declared state of emergency in Virginia.
And we had the group that Virginia Citizens Defense League and Gun Owners of America filed an appeal that went all the way to the Supreme Court.
Trying to say the governor of Virginia is trying to create an emergency out of nothing.
And many people, including state representatives, are worried that there is a false flag that is being set up here as well.
But let's talk about what happened at the Supreme Court.
Uh, when the governor issued his order on Wednesday, as Gun Owners of America says, the unconstitutional order, and I think that it was, I think what he's trying to do is to shut down the First Amendment as well.
You know, Democrats, uh, everywhere, in every aspect of our life,
They will tell you what you can say, what you can do, and this is just another example of it.
They said, remarkably, the Virginia Supreme Court did not reject our arguments on their merits.
But they declined to rule.
Asserting that there was insufficient evidence to determine whether the circuit court had abused its discretion.
So what they're saying is, we're not going to hear this because, you know, regardless of the merits that you've got here, we're not going to talk about judicial supremacy.
And that is the key issue here, folks.
We have got to stop appealing to the judiciary for everything.
I talk about this frequently on my show here in the mornings.
Just like Cato the Elder said after every speech, regardless of what the topic was.
Oh, and one more thing.
Carthage must be destroyed.
Well, the enemy of the American Republic is not some foreign enemy.
It is the federal judiciary and the idea that judges will set in judgment of everything that people do in their own private lives, every detail of our lives.
That they will define when life begins, they will define what marriage is, they will tell the president whether or not he can overthrow or overturn an executive order from the previous president.
I mean, if Obama's got the authority to put in an executive order saying he's not going to enforce immigration law.
Why is it that Trump is not allowed to say, well, that was what he said with his executive order.
Now I'm going to have an executive order saying we are going to enforce immigration law.
You have one federal judge out of hundreds or thousands that will come in and say, well, you can't do that.
And then everything stops for years.
This is judicial tyranny.
And it comes from the idea of judicial supremacy.
And here again, in this order, coming from the Virginia State, well, we're not going to say the circuit court.
Doesn't have authority here.
Of course they have authority.
They're never going to challenge anything that any judge ever says.
And there are ways that we can do this peacefully.
We can challenge them with nullification.
We can challenge them with state nullification.
We can do it at the county levels.
That's what all of this sanctuary city stuff is about.
I think that is a very, very positive outcome.
We have sanctuary cities for the Second Amendment that have sprung up all over Virginia.
A lot of different jurisdictions.
And of course, even here in Texas now, we have three cities
That have declared themselves sanctuary cities for life, saying we are not going to, because the Supreme Court at one point in time decided, well, okay, you can kill, if you want to, any baby in the first trimester, and we're not going to allow you to protect that baby's life.
You can protect it in the second and third trimester if you want, but not in the first.
Just arbitrarily cutting the baby in thirds like that.
And so you've got three areas here in Texas saying we're going to be sanctuary cities for that.
That's the way you do it.
You nullify, based on the 9th and 10th Amendment, you nullify these power usurpations by the federal government.
And it's typically the judiciary.
The federal government is not above the state and local governments.
And the judiciary is not above the other branches of the government.
We have to understand that or we're going to continue to lose ground.
As a matter of fact, we talk about nullification in Virginia.
We now have, as of just the last day, and this has happened since November the 6th,
We've had 136 counties, towns, and cities declare themselves to be Second Amendment sanctuary counties in Virginia.
That's called nullification.
Peaceful nullification.
You have sheriffs saying we're not going to arrest people.
As a matter of fact, if need be, I'll do a background check on these people and I will make them deputies so that you can't take their guns away.
So that is the important thing.
Where is this going to end?
As we see, I talked about it in the last segment, the story that we have at InfoWarsStore.com showing the military equipment that's moving in in a lot of places.
We also have the stories that you'll find at InfoWars.com.
Pictures of what they're doing in terms of adding chain link fences.
They're rapidly building chain link fences.
As a matter of fact, they have a big rectangular area one way in and one way out.
That's it.
Only one opening.
They have a corral for you.
And we've seen this type of thing.
As a matter of fact, when I first came here back in 2012, that was, you know, presidential election year.
And every single convention that the Republicans and the Democrats have, both parties, when they have their presidential nominating conventions, they will have law enforcement corral people far away from the venue site.
Put people in cages.
Literally put you in cages.
And you can exercise your free speech in their designated free speech zones.
And that was the first report that I did when I came here to InfoWars.
Talking about free speech zones.
Within a couple of years, I was at the Bundy Ranch.
And you had the BLM out in the middle of nowhere.
Created a fenced-in area, and then put up, had a professionally printed sign that said, free speech area.
And somebody wrote a handwritten sign and put it on it, said, free speech is not an area.
And you better not let them infringe on your rights.
You know, they like to... That's the way the Second Amendment is set up for a reason.
There you go.
Had like a silt fence out there with a sign.
You can see what that is.
The First Amendment, as well as the Second Amendment.
Second Amendment, they realize they're not going to come in and just pass a law and say, turn in all your guns.
Because that will create a civil war if they try to do that.
It'll create a civil war if they try to do that in Virginia.
They figured the way that it would happen would be by a gradual process of infringement.
You know, taking the fence between you and your neighbor, and your neighbor moves that fence a couple of feet, and you leave it there for a certain period of time.
In most jurisdictions, they will say, well, you accepted that.
And so now, that additional foot that he's moved his fence onto your property, that's now his property.
And they're not only fencing in and infringing on our Second Amendment rights, but now they literally do it at every convention, Republican or Democrat.
Going back to the 2016, that free speech zone they had in Cleveland backfired.
They had to pay out $325,000 to people for harassing and arresting them because they weren't in their little free speech cages.
Well, we're not going to let free speech be put in a cage, and we're not going to allow the Constitution to be overthrown.
We're going to tell you more about what's going on in Richmond.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Welcome back.
I'm David Knight, and Alex Jones is in Virginia.
He was in the Washington, D.C.
area yesterday.
With the Women's March, joining them in their protest of masculinity with his pink hat.
No, he's not gone to the other side.
But he was just, you know, trying to support them, of course.
I mean, you know, free speech and all that.
No, I think the best way that you oppose some of these issues is to let them talk.
Just let them talk.
And then, of course, we can offer our point of view.
But that is not something that they are willing to do.
And we're going to talk about the free speech aspects of this rally and other areas where they are trying to take our free speech away.
We're going to talk about the militarization there and the compartmentalization of free speech.
And we're going to talk about the aspects as to whether or not there will be violence.
Is there going to be an insider
Anti-fog group and we've had reports of that.
Now we've had a lot of mainstream press reports talking to one particular anti-fog group and say we're not like all the rest of the anti-fog groups across the country, especially on the West Coast.
We're not like those guys who show up with poles and nails on the ends of them and start whacking people.
We're not like that at all.
No, no, no.
We support your right to free speech and we support your right
To have arms.
And perhaps they do, because they made some interesting statements about how racist gun control laws have been in the past.
You have to understand, the real racists, the real authoritarians, are the ones who want to take away your guns.
They also want to take away your speech.
So perhaps that particular group is on board with that.
But that doesn't mean that there aren't other groups.
And the fact that you have
Reports of other groups that are being bussed in from other areas, other Antifa groups.
That's not being covered by the mainstream media.
They're trying to tell everybody, yeah, if there's any Antifa there, they're there to support the gun protesters.
Well, we'll wait and see about that.
I've got more to say about that, but I want to, before we get to those two aspects of it, I want to talk about the aspects of elections.
You know, we have the Supreme Court is about to rule on
I think
Are not just authoritarian.
In other words, they don't want to just dictate aspects to your life.
They are totalitarian.
They don't want any restrictions on anything that can be done at the level of central government.
Just look at what Elizabeth Warren and the Democrats were talking about last week.
And they didn't get questioned on Elizabeth Warren.
Well, I'm going to tell everybody that you can't build a home unless I approve of your building plans.
They've got to be net zero and so forth.
And then I'm going to hand out $50,000 to every one of you students if you got a student loan.
And I don't need any permission from Congress to do this.
I can do it by executive order.
We've seen Kamala Harris say, within 100 days, if I haven't had the Congress enact gun control, I'll do it myself.
With executive orders.
So these people are not only authoritarian, they don't recognize the rule of law, they don't recognize any constitutional restrictions on their actions.
But they also want to control every detail of your life.
They are totalitarian.
And they do this by changing the rules, moving the borders, moving the boundaries.
And of course, one of the things that they want to get rid of is the Electoral College.
I said this week in the morning show, I said, think about the fact as Iowa, there was an article where it was on Politico and they were saying,
The Democrats are very concerned about the fact that they're going to report actual vote totals in Iowa, because it could allow more than one Democrat to claim victory.
You could have the person who wins the most delegates, and then you could have the person who won the popular vote in Iowa.
They could both declare victory.
And I said, it's not like that didn't happen before.
Throughout the primary cycle four years ago, when you had Hillary and Bernie,
It was a regular feature that Bernie would win the popular vote and then Hillary would get all the delegates.
Or he would win, you know, 45% of the vote and she would get 75% of the delegates because of the superdelegates.
And I point out, how hypocritical is it that we've now had Hillary for four years whining about the fact that she didn't win the Electoral College delegates?
When she won the nomination by using a delegate strategy to shove Bernie out.
Now this was something, when you look at how she got superdelegates, the fact that the DNC was millions of dollars in debt.
And the Clintons, with their slush fund called the Clinton Foundation, patently illegal.
They violated every rule for charitable foundations.
I've talked to Charles Ortel many times.
He's gone over and says, look, you have to file these.
He's coming at it from an accounting basis.
Nothing other than an accounting basis.
They've never filed the paperwork that they're supposed to file to be able to do this legally.
Anybody else would have been shut down by the IRS.
But not the Clinton Foundation.
So they take all those millions of dollars, and she pays off the debt of the DNC, and she essentially owned it, lock, stock, and barrel.
And the people who were Bernie supporters understood that she had robbed him of delegates.
That's one of the reasons why.
It wasn't the Russians that hacked them.
It was a whistleblower.
A disgruntled Bernie supporter.
Who released that information to WikiLeaks.
And so she got everybody off on a red herring.
Look, it was the Russians who hacked me!
It wasn't disgruntled people because I stole the popular vote away from him using delegates.
But now her strategy and the Democrats' strategy for the last four years has been to say, we're going to get rid of the Electoral College.
And that is now going to be coming up before the Supreme Court.
And again, we're going to allow, going to allow the Supreme Court to have the final say in this?
I don't think that that is the right way to proceed.
But we'll just have to see what they're going to do in Washington State even.
The State Supreme Court in liberal Washington State has said that electors could be fined for not following the popular vote.
The National Popular Vote Movement is trying to make sure that all these people will change and throw away the votes in their state.
Talk about throwing away your representation.
But when we look at what happened in Virginia,
Vince Agnelli in Virginia contacted me and said, you need to understand what's going on in Virginia.
There were 43 races where the GOP failed to even have a candidate.
That amounts to 37.5% of the choices for the Senate, the races for the Senate, had no Republican that they could choose. 37.5%.
And in the House, they had 28% in Virginia had no Republican choice because they had more than 43 races where they didn't run a candidate.
They only put up 72 candidates.
Now you've got a lot of people on the Republican side are looking at this and saying the Democrats have become so authoritarian, so totalitarian in this move about gun control, not even talking about vaccines because mainstream media is not going to talk about the vaccination rules that are coming out of Virginia as well.
But they're saying they have overplayed their hand
And they've done it to the extent that it's going to backfire and Northam is going to make Virginia a red state.
Except they didn't run nearly 40% of the Senate races.
They didn't even have a Republican candidate.
You can't win if you don't show up.
If you don't participate.
And see, the thing I look at with this that makes me very concerned about it
Is the idea that many of us think that this is a spectator sport.
That we can just set this thing out.
That all we have to do is make sure that we get the right president elected and then everything will just take care of itself.
We don't have to worry about the state legislatures.
We don't have to run for office ourselves.
We don't have to get on a jury and nullify outrageous laws or mandatory minimums.
If they're going to be applied, we'll say, well, are you going to put a mandatory minimum on this?
I'm not going to convict that person because that violates the Constitution.
I'm going to stand up for my fellow citizen on a wide variety of issues.
All right, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Welcome back.
You know, we have all the mainstream media.
We have Vice talking about how, you know, not all these anti-fog groups are bad.
We have one group called Seven Hills, Antifa Seven Hills in California, and Vice talked to them and said, you know, these people, they're on the same side as the people who support the Second Amendment.
They quoted Antifa Seven Hills spokesperson called James, no last name here, and that should concern you folks.
When somebody doesn't want to give their full name, when they wear a mask,
They're afraid of being identified.
What are they trying to hide?
I don't do this broadcast with a mask.
I put my face on social media.
I put my face on the broadcast.
I'm not ashamed of what I have to say.
Why are these people hiding behind anonymity?
Anyway, he said, I think it's been pretty important for us to focus on the fact that gun control in America has a legacy of racist enforcement.
Well, yes, that's true.
And I said, in just the last segment, I said, you know, we can always hope that maybe these guys really do understand the purpose of the Second Amendment.
Maybe they do really understand that the Second Amendment is not a white supremacist thing.
That gun control is a white supremacist thing.
Or just a government supremacist thing.
A tyranny thing, if you will.
Because it doesn't have anything to do with skin color.
It did.
I mean, you have different groups, and that's the way the Democrat Party's always worked.
They've always
Sided with one group and pitted it against the other.
That's the one thing that is consistent about the Democrats.
But you know as Henry Kissinger said, we don't have permanent allies.
We have permanent interests.
Their interests are permanent power.
And so they will switch sides.
And they're switching sides now.
Because of demographics.
And they want to aid the demographics to make sure that white people are in the minority.
And so they're coming after white people because that's what they've always done.
When black people were in the minority, they would use black people as the scapegoat.
But anyway, this Antifa 7 Hills person says, like taking guns away from black people because black people were perceived as a threat to property and the sanctity of the state.
Well, that's not why they took it away.
But nevertheless, there was, as New American points out, there were a lot of laws that went back to the 1830s and a lot of them continued through the Jim Crow era of the South into the 20th century.
You had laws like one in Georgia from 1833.
It shall not be lawful for any free person of color in this state to own, use, or carry firearms of any description whatever.
You see, the founders of this country knew that if you take away people's guns, you can enslave them.
That was what it was really about.
It was about slavery.
And that's why this week when we had people from West Virginia
You had state elected officials in West Virginia put together a resolution and offered anybody in these 136 different jurisdictions
We're good to go.
But folks, all of this narrative that's being put out by Vice, and it was picked up by the Drudge Report, and we've seen articles from the Daily Caller, we've seen articles from Breitbart and so forth, New American, I don't buy the fact that even Antifa Seven Hills
Supports the Second Amendment, or any kind of freedom.
They are as authoritarian and as dangerous, and I think they will be as violent, as any of these other Antifa groups.
And we've seen it primarily on the West Coast.
They say, we disagree with the people on the West Coast.
And yet, they have published a hit list.
The same group that's telling us that they want to march alongside.
This has just come out.
Rob Dew tweeted this, and this just came across my desk.
Antifa Seven Hills.
has published a list of known fascists and sympathizers that will be in Richmond.
So, come after these people.
It's a hit list.
These people say, we're going to march alongside the people who are in support of the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms.
And then they put out a hit list.
Guess who's on it?
Well, we've got Alex Jones.
We've got Owen Schroer.
We've got Mike Adams.
We've got Jacob Ingalls, who's with the Gateway Pundit.
We've got Patrick Howley.
And I am offended that I'm not on that list.
I'm telling you that Antifa is Antifa.
They are true fascists.
They are not against fascism.
They're Marxists, as you've seen.
You know, they're Marxists, they promote violence, and yet they are being lauded, they are being celebrated, as I said in the last segment.
Nobody is concerned.
About Antifa groups that are traveling to this peaceful assembly to redress their grievances, which is what they've done every year.
Lobby Day from the Virginia Citizens Defense League.
VCDL, I think is the name of the organization that's put this together.
And they pointed out, they said, look, this is not, we don't want you coming here to threaten anybody, but you know, carrying your gun to show that you are a gun owner, that's a legitimate thing.
It is legal to open carry in Virginia.
And as I've said on the morning program, I said, every time I've been at a protest or rally where people openly carried,
You know, they slung rifles over their shoulders, or they had pistols in holsters or whatever.
There was never a problem.
It was, they were always the most peaceful demonstrations we've ever had.
Why is that?
Well, it's because an armed society is a polite society, as Robert Heinlein said.
And this was something that went back to the Civil War.
I've talked many times about how a British officer
Colonel Arthur Fremantle of the Coldstream Guards came to the U.S.
during the Civil War to look at fighting tactics, and he said, I've never seen a society like the South, where everybody is armed.
And I've never seen a society where everybody is so polite!
Robert Heinlein, the science fiction writer, just distilled it, said an armed society is a polite society.
If you are Antifa, you're not going to come up and whack somebody in the back of the head unless you're just suicidal.
I mean, you might do that.
People do, just like we saw with the church shooting here in Texas.
Guy pulls out a gun and starts shooting.
He didn't think, I think, that anybody had a gun there.
I guess he thought he was going to get away with it.
But there might be some people who would be suicidal, crazy enough to do that, but they're not going to get too far.
But most people are rational enough that in an armed society, they're not going to pull something like that.
That was the point of the quote-unquote Wild West.
The Wild West was not nearly as wild as Baltimore, Chicago, or Washington D.C., any of these gun control areas.
You didn't have that type of violence.
Yeah, you had people who would
Have a shootout on the street or something like that.
And you would have highway robbers who would ambush stagecoaches.
But they typically didn't have the kinds of violence that we see here, preying on unarmed people.
And when they did something like that, the sheriff called out the power of the community, posse comitatus, the posse.
We take care of that type of thing.
Right, Alex Jones is going to be joining us coming up in the next hour.
He is in the Virginia Capitol and we're going to continue to talk about what is going on in Virginia and it is about more than the Second Amendment.
It's about more than just having firearms.
If you don't understand and appreciate individual liberty and if you think
Like Elizabeth Warren or Andrew Yang.
He has a plan for every tiny detail of your life.
These people don't support your choice, your freedom, in anything.
They call themselves pro-choice?
No, they're going to shove vaccines into your arm in uncontrolled numbers.
And that is a part of the new Democrat legislature's agenda in Virginia as well.
I have two vaccine bills that are just as outrageous and people ought to be demonstrating against them as much as they are all of these different gun control bills.
I mean, they want to shut down all indoor shooting ranges.
They want to have universal gun registration.
That's what universal background checks are about.
That was a U.N.
arms trade treaty that they tried to create a crisis and get that pushed out.
It's what the gun walker program was about, the Fast and Furious, which even the New York Times called a false flag.
All of those were to push a U.N.
arms trade treaty.
And the goal of the U.N.
arms trade treaty was to make sure that every gun owner and every piece of equipment and piece of ammunition was registered.
And that is a prelude to confiscation.
All right, before we go to break, I just want to remind you of the specials that we have at InfowarsStore.com.
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Well, we're told by Vice that these Antifa Seven Hills people, they're good guys.
They understand the Second Amendment.
...isn't about white supremacy.
As a matter of fact, they realize that gun control has been used by racist Democrats in the 19th century and especially in the 20th century, even during Jim Crow, to come after black people.
So they said, all right, we're going to make common cause with these people.
We're going to march alongside of them.
As Vice reports, the case of Antifa, Seven Hills, they believe they've got more in common with working class white Virginians, regardless of their political bent, than they do with many of the moderate Democrats who helped their party win control of the legislature in November for the first time since 1994.
Oh, well, see, there you go.
So, um, Vice said that they see this as an opportunity to extend an olive branch.
We're good to go.
Put out a hit list.
Pictures and information.
Known fascists and sympathizers.
People like Owen Schroer, Mike Adams, Jacob Ingalls, Patrick Halley, and others.
Many others.
So much for an olive branch.
Can you believe this?
Can you believe the narrative that's being put out there?
We should never take anything that Antifa says at face value.
They're not anti-fascist, they're anti-FA, First Amendment.
They will try to kill you for your speech.
So how in the world are they going to support your Second Amendment rights?
Absolute nonsense.
Alex Jones is going to be joining us probably in the next segment from Virginia, talk about what he sees there on the ground.
He didn't make, I didn't make their list, and Alex didn't make their list, but I guess they figured that Alex wasn't going to be there.
They figured Owen would be there, so they put him on the list.
But we also have a state representative
Who came out and was very clear that she believes that this is a setup.
We have State Senator Amanda Chase out of Virginia.
She says, does the Patriot Act ring a bell?
Does the National Defense Authorization Act ring a bell?
If people show up wearing any kind of a uniform or a patch or any other symbol on their clothing signifying they belong to a militia and something goes wrong, you could and will be held as a domestic terrorist.
If anyone steps out of line, all it takes is one person and it may be a government plant.
It could be somebody from this peaceful anti-fog group.
Or it could be somebody from one of the other anti-fog groups that don't even pretend to be peaceful and in agreement about the Second Amendment.
They could show up.
Anybody could show up wearing a MAGA cap.
And they could attack Democrats who are carrying gun control signs.
And it would be on.
It would be a false flag, and that's what everybody is very concerned about.
But beyond the false flag aspects of this, I mean, we don't even have to get to that if we look at what Ralph Northam has done.
Now, Ralph Northam has created the Tinderbox situation.
The mainstream media is saying that it is people who have shown up like they do every year since 2003.
So for the last 17 years, these people who are supporters of the Second Amendment have shown up for Lobby Day at the Virginia State Capitol.
But this year, it is a tender box.
This year, it is a show of force.
This year, we should be very afraid.
This year, we should have a state of emergency.
And we have a Democrat delegate, Mark Levine,
Who says the muskets of our founding fathers also did not contain 30 bullet magazines.
Hey, you know, Mark, you know what they did have at Concord and Lexington and at Goliad when you had Santa Ana come there?
They had cannons.
They didn't just have muskets, they had cannons.
And if you read the Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15 says that you ought to be helping us to learn how to use these.
The militia is not a dirty word.
A standing army was a dirty word to the founders.
Welcome back.
I'm David Knight here in the studio at Austin, but we have Alex Jones at the State Capitol in Richmond as we have the governor and the mainstream press try to ramp this up into a crisis.
Thank you, Alex.
What's going on there?
Well, David, a great job you and the crew today with us on the road.
We got a little bit later than we were supposed to be at the start of the show.
You guys pulled it out when I dropped the ball.
So really appreciate you guys getting that done.
But we're here tonight right in front of the militarized
We're good to go.
Hell yes, we're going to ban all of your gun shops.
Hell yes, we're going to ban all of your shooting ranges.
And hell yes, we're going to take them from your cold dead hands.
So the people say, we're going to have the same gun rally we've always had.
A Martin Luther King Day.
And they go, oh my gosh, they're racist.
But no one is buying it.
Just like the Russia hoax.
Just like the Ukraine hoax.
Just like all these other hoaxes about Trump and America and Infowars, we the people, David, as you know, are not buying this.
And so, again, we're going to be here tonight, tomorrow, and then in DC for the trial of the president.
But they want to have something to embarrass the president and to stoke division in America ahead of the trial that starts Tuesday.
So it's all perfectly timed.
We know why Pelosi held back on the articles of impeachment, that machine rush, you know, getting them passed, because they're trying to time all this together.
And they have Antifa, the Soros-funded organization, the local chapter.
It's on Infowars.com.
I think?
We're here ladies and gentlemen.
This is another Hail Mary by the left to create a huge hoax, just like they did in Charlottesville two years ago.
There's all these white supremacists and all this collusion, and they want to project any pro-gun civil rights as if it's racist or bad.
And they also want to project again onto Republicans and President Trump that they're extremists who need to be disarmed.
But I really don't see the public buying it.
At the last survey I was funded,
Women's March.
They had about 1 20th of what they had at the first big one in 2017.
The D. C. Police came out and said 101.
This was at least 100 times smaller.
Despite Soros putting out over $100 million to try to fund this march, they only had less than 30,000 people at it, ladies and gentlemen.
So folks understand the deep states of fraud.
They know that it's a hoax that Trump is a white supremacist.
They know it's a hoax, all the stuff, that he's a Russian agent.
And so now they are clearly saying, they even have state senators here in Virginia.
They have mainline analysts at the FBI say they believe that the Democrats in Deep State are going to try to provocateur something tomorrow.
And Antifa has said they're going to dress up as Trump supporters officially and may even attack other leftists in some type of staged event.
Alexander Soros, the secret documents we got two years ago, planned to try to trigger martial law in Maryland with Antifa dressed up, trying to then incite
We're good.
Oh yeah.
Well, you know, Alex, you talked about how George Soros funded these other marches and how they had a much smaller group than was expected to show up here.
I think that even if they don't have some kind of a false flag attack here, I think all of this fear and uncertainty that's been sown with this state of emergency and all these preparations and all the media talking about this, I think a major part of
You're absolutely right.
Well, that's it.
Whether the left's able to stage an attack by having Antifa publicly infiltrate the Make America Great Again pro-Second Amendment patriots here fighting for their basic God-given rights and civil rights of every race, color, and creed that care about the entire first ten of the Bill of Rights,
Even if they're unable to actually stage violence, which they're hoping for, which we're here to expose and fight against and pray doesn't happen, they've still created a state of fear and demonized those that are for the Second Amendment and the First Amendment, as if gathering for redress of grievances to an out-of-control, tyrannical governor.
You know, Blackface Northam and all the rest of this.
You know, when he's not keeping babies alive for their organs, he's dressed up in blackface.
This is a compromise crazy person and this is how he changes the subject from all the horrible things he's done is pulling this stunt we've confirmed from high-level sources that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and the deep state are still running and controlling so yes that's why they went ahead and did it because again
Again, they need the distraction.
They need to create the fear ahead of the Senate trial, the President, and they're crossing their fingers and hoping something bad happens.
But I think there's so many patriots out here and so many good things.
I mean, look, Antifa all look like child molester methods.
They've all got legs about that skinny.
And so if they try to hide and act like, you know, good old boys, whether they're black, white, old, young, they're not going to fit in.
They don't bathe.
I mean, literally, we'll be able to smell the Antifa people if they're here.
I mean, seriously, so I don't think it's going to work, but could they have somebody shoot into a crowd and then have responsibility taken, you know, by supposedly a militia or something?
But none of the real militias, none of the real second amendment folks are anti-law enforcement or anti-police.
Military and police are some of the most awake groups out there.
So the idea that right-wingers and nationalists and patriots are coming here to kill police as the governor and others have had emergency press conferences is a total fraud setting the way for the false flag
Well, you know, Alex, Antifa, Seven Hills, they were the ones that were interviewed by Vice, and they said, look, they're reasonable people, and they just, you know, they want to make common cause here, and they're against these gun control laws that in the past have been racist, and yet, you know, we've got the list here of that same group.
Putting our reporters out as known fascists and sympathizers.
But the other aspect of this, Alex, is the people who are the real rabble-rousers, who are really out there making terroristic types of statements, are the suits in the Democrat Party.
People like Eric Swalwell, people like Beto O'Rourke, people like Mark Levine, who is a Virginia delegate.
I've got a tweet here from him.
This is a guy who, you know, in this picture, he's got a suit on.
He's a Harvard, he's a Yale graduate from both those places.
And he says this, the muskets of our founding fathers also did not contain 30 bullet magazines.
And if you think your AR-15 will do diddly against the full might and power of the U.S.
military, you need to talk to somebody who has served there.
Again, making a threat.
That's like Swallow's Well.
Swallow's Well.
Well, I was saying he'll use nuclear weapons on American gun owners.
Talk about a Hitlerian or Stalinistic tyrant on steroids.
You're absolutely right.
So when we come back, there's a lot of patriots already out here at night.
And so I think we should probably just bring them up to this hot mic uncensored and get what some of the folks think.
And if they disagree with us, we'll put them on air as well.
This is David Knight hosting the Alex Jones Show.
I'm going to do a few more segments here live with David.
He's got more coming up.
And then tomorrow morning, he'll have a guest host hosting his show.
He'll be hosting my main show from 11 a.m.
Central in the War Room from the ground.
to 3 p.m.
And we're going to continue on.
And then the trial in the Senate of the President, David.
This is a crazy time.
Oh yeah, absolutely.
And the craziest people seem to be the ones wearing the suits because they're the ones making the most incendiary statements and threatening the violence of the military against people who are using their constitutional rights to redress their grievances as we have the Democrats on the offense trying to take away the protections of individual rights that have been in place for centuries.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I just want to ask you a question.
This is a rhetorical question.
Who is it
That is rebelling against the Constitution they swore to uphold.
It's the Democrat suits, isn't it?
Who's out there making incendiary statements and threatening mass violence?
Those same Democrat suits.
Who is on the offense?
The Democrat suits.
And who is on the defense?
Well, we got Alex Jones in Richmond, Virginia.
And he's standing there with a lot of people who are there to peacefully redress their grievances.
And he's going to talk to them and get their opinions.
And of course, they want to exercise their free speech.
to protect their other rights.
My name is Amy Straub.
I'm a straight racist.
I'm a lesbian.
I'm a lesbian.
I'm a lesbian.
I'm a lesbian.
I'm a lesbian.
I'm a lesbian.
I'm a lesbian.
I'm a lesbian.
I'm a lesbian.
I'm a lesbian.
I'm a lesbian.
I'm a lesbian.
We're not, we're... You know, suddenly Democrats take over, we're confiscating your guns.
And they said everything, they're just gonna take the bullets, they're gonna... They took out 20 years to ban the Minor Party.
The minute they got in.
The minute they got in.
The 16th bill to go in was his.
Alright, well thanks for talking to us.
I hope tomorrow's gonna be peaceful.
I know we're gonna be peaceful, aren't we?
Sir, tell us who you are.
My name is Greg Barron.
I'm here in Richmond.
But, um, so, what she said, make it short.
No, we're not going to take this.
We're not going to have it.
What's going on here?
And again, for TV viewers, I didn't bring out my stick mic.
I've got my earbuds, hit another out of her even at night the day before, so I've got to get close so they can't hear me.
So I'm not trying to get in his face.
Love you, brother.
Why are you here?
You're awesome, sir.
What's your name?
And that oath goes to the grave.
It doesn't go when you get out.
If I didn't come here and fight this and stand for this here in Virginia, then I'm going to be fighting it in North Carolina.
And again, we're not, we're kind of ragtag here with our crew, which is bigger than this mainstream media.
And I heard the mainstream media was playing some games earlier.
Sir, tell us what you witnessed.
Where are they going?
This is definitely asinine.
They don't understand our own faith.
And he stares at the Commonwealth Field every day.
And tell folks what that means in Latin.
In other words.
Death to tyrants.
Us people, us Americans, us Indians are fed up with this.
And we're going to do everything we can to take back our state.
They can go to North Korea or China or anywhere where everybody's disarmed.
When the seal of the state says we're going to destroy tyrants, what do they think they're doing?
Why do you think they're so arrogant and did it right away?
Well, it's backed by Soros and Bloomberg because they want
That's right.
And they want Antifa and others to be able to bully us and not have us armed.
And Soros is buying off all the attorneys.
God bless you, brother.
And again, give them the state motto in Latin and translate it one more time because that's powerful.
What does that mean to you?
Absolutely beautiful brother.
Thank you.
What's your name?
What do you make of this?
Um, it's the first step.
Um, what they're trying to do- It's a big step!
Yeah, they're chipping away at our liberties day by day.
Uh, well, every day there's uh, there's Brown McClaw.
And if we don't come here right now, and put an end to this, the next thing you know is this the Brown that they have right now.
It's gonna be high-stakes, low-stakes, poor-stakes, and everybody-
People are saying, hey Alex, thanks for being here and standing up for Virginians.
Look, I love Virginians, everybody else.
I'm standing up for my family and all of our rights.
We're all in this together.
That's why I wore this hat, join or die.
That's the whole point.
They're coming for all our freedoms.
Like you said, this is a big beta test and a big fat go for it all and see if we'll take it.
For us and for who's here now, it's for everybody.
And all I gotta say?
Deaths and tyrants.
And we don't want any violence tomorrow.
We're saying death to their tyranny.
If they come after us, they try to take our guns.
As a tyrant, he is tyrannous.
You guys want to jump in here?
Come on in here, brother.
Where are you from?
What's your name?
Bill Wicker.
So what's your take on what's happening while you're here?
It's another step towards a one world.
It's all happening.
From a biblical standpoint, I won't get too deeply into it.
I mean, it's not told to happen.
All we can do is stand up and
And not take it sitting down.
That's the test.
Yes, sir.
God bless you, brother.
Why are you here, sir?
What's your name?
I'm from Acomet County, Virginia.
What do you make of this?
These Bloomberg, Biden, Democrats, Westenberger, Constitution, laws.
They think they can get away with it.
But we're waking up and we're seeing their lies.
We've got a guy who wants to openly advocate for the murder of babies.
I'm comfortable.
And you're right.
Bloomberg and Soros have bought hundreds of sheriffs, hundreds of district attorneys, and hundreds of state legislators, and they're bragging that we're just going to buy up all the politicians.
Our county attorneys are being pursued.
Our township attorneys.
Bloomberg's got a separate organization going after them who sits next to the Board of Supervisors.
And those Board of Supervisors, when they're having their meeting, they'll lean over and they'll ask this guy's opinion.
That gets swayed towards
So they're mafia down here bullying everybody.
That's right.
Literal, literal mafia.
And by the way, Bloomberg's hated.
Just imagine, anybody across the country, how would New Yorkers spend a billion times telling you what to do?
We're going to go to break here in a few minutes.
Audio good back there at the headquarters?
Yeah, we can hear you fine.
It's dropping off a lot when you get off center with the other people.
All right, all right.
Well, tomorrow we'll have a stick microphone out here, but stuff's going well and it's amazing.
Ma'am, come on over here and tell us where you're from.
Oh, hi.
I'm Erica Jones.
I'm from Omaha, Nebraska.
To me, it's a human rights issue.
Once we display our right to defend ourselves, they dehumanize us.
And it is a first step to taking over and
Ridding humanity, actually.
It's got a right to self-defense.
And, um... We took the guns.
Hitler took the guns.
Stalin took the guns.
Mao took the guns.
And if you try to take our firearms, 1776 will commence again!
I don't know who said that.
Hey, are they gonna take our guns?
Are they gonna take our free speech?
Are we slaves to the Chai Kong-funded globalists?
Are we slaves to this horror media?
No, America's awake and it's rising!
And the globalists are failing!
Alright, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
And remember, we had on the come and take it flag a cannon.
We'll be right back.
This is David Knight in the studio here in Austin.
Welcome back.
We have Alex Jones at the Capitol in Virginia, right there in Richmond, in front of the state capitol.
He was just talking to a lot of people who were there to peacefully redress their grievances, to defend, as that last lady said, their human rights.
And they're being portrayed as radical, as dangerous, as representing a state of emergency.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
We'll go back to Alex.
Alex, what else do you see there at the Capitol?
Well, again, it's something right out of pre-Civil War iconography, as TV viewers can see it.
It doesn't look like a Capitol like the U.S.
It looks more like the White House or a big Greek monument.
But when you really think about how they denied they wanted to confiscate our guns,
Despite the fact that in all these other countries, the globalists have taken them.
In all the cities, the left controls, they've taken the guns.
But now they've gone to, hell yes, we want to take your guns.
Because they want to then paint everybody that's pro-gun as some type of terrorist.
And then have the media say we're terrorists, hoping some violence happens.
I know I keep repeating all of this, but you can see how this is the day before.
Trump is going to be in trial.
Who is an American patriot president?
Not perfect, but anti-globalist.
The system is pissed.
So I'm going to walk around and just give folks kind of a tour out here.
You've got the establishment,
We're good to go.
Because they know that the gun culture is taking hold and the average leftist is getting guns and waking up and crimes going down in areas where the public's armed.
So they're in a crisis to get us back under their control because not everybody is a nine-month-old baby or a baby that just got born that a vampire like Northam, who was over harvesting children's organs, and that's what he does.
He's a Joseph Mingala.
That Joseph Mingala can bully a baby.
And talk about how he severs them in pieces and sells their organs.
But he can't get full-grown men and women, whose full desire as just a monster, and as a minion of Bloomberg and Soros and others, is to disarm the people here.
So, they set up, again, a checkpoint.
And I guess the Capitol's closed right now, but you see it right over here.
So that tomorrow, folks are going to have to pass through
The gate right up here.
And by the way, it's been in the news.
Veterans, people with their legs and arms blown off, with no criminal records, are suspect because they're veterans.
Some of them who've got, you know, a family and a state police, you name it.
But the state police are not the enemy.
They're being ordered by the globalists to come up and say, taking photos of the Capitol is a potential terrorist act right now, even though this is historic.
The idea of exercising our speech is evil.
So of course they want our speech, number one, and they want our right to self-defense.
So they've got this emergency declaration that they've put in, first the Capitol, then the Capitol grounds, that no one can have firearms.
Again, to get you used to the idea of governors declaring emergencies and taking the guns.
Pursuant to Executive Order No.
49-2020, a state of emergency has been declared to exist from January 17-21, 2020.
So that's for four days.
Possession of firearms and other weapons in the Capitol Square during the period of emergency is prohibited.
All persons entering Capitol Square during a period of emergency are subject to screening.
Any person may decline to be screened and return to city streets.
It's about denying your Second Amendment and denying your First Amendment at the same time.
Knives, scissors, needles, razors,
Slingshots, spring sticks and batons, metal knuckles, blackjacks, nunchucks, throwing stars, knives, stun guns, tasers, shields, helmets, toy guns.
But it's Antifa and the left that come and
We're there, funded by Soros, to collide into those defending the monuments in Charlottesville, where they tried to demonize Trump and tried to create a civil war then.
And that's all they're trying to do again.
Hazardous materials, fireworks, torches, and other flames.
That's in case the hired KKK members, you know, the feds have come in.
They got softballs and baseballs on that list as well.
That's right.
That's right.
Drones, UAVs, and laser pointers.
So this, give TV viewers a shot of that.
Because this is what we're dealing with and this is the idea that we can't even have softballs, we can't even have baseballs, softballs, anything.
Well it's a FEMA camp, right?
It's a FEMA camp.
They've turned the state capitol into a FEMA camp and they make the rules and they can be as arbitrary as they want.
They can outlaw baseballs.
David Knight's totally right.
Totally right for the folks from under streams.
We're not here to start a war.
They're the ones offensively, as you said, David, coming to take our guns.
And if you look at this almost medieval-looking classic architecture building here, and then behind us, it's right in the middle of this city.
And the only way we're here, the only way we're on air, the only way I can bring the security and Owen and all these reporters is money.
And we're burning through it really, really fast.
I want to thank the listeners for their support.
We're redoubling our efforts, working even harder for ourselves and for you and your families.
We salute you all.
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And that explains, we're not here calling for violence.
None of these patrons are calling for violence.
This is all Bloomberg Soros, globalist funded, to come in here and literally disarm the state and totally enslave it as part of the globalist takeover, literally, of the state surrounding the District of Columbia, which the globalists think they've already captured.
This is a multinational war by these powerful forces to take over and literally reverse what America is about.
America was founded on the British trying to come and take the guns.
We're one of the few countries that still has these rights.
And so, if people want to go live in tyranny, they should.
But America was founded on these principles, and we have multinational forces that say America was never great, and it was never going to be great, trying to take it over because they know it has been great.
The little bit of freedom we've had compared to other nations made us the apple of the world's eye.
So, David Knight's got a few more segments.
There's so many incredible bombshell videos that Owen Schroer, Savannah Hernandez, Millie Weaver, Caitlin Bennett are filing daily, and others at Band.Video.
Only way they get out is when you share the links.
And you know what?
You've been doing that.
You've been sharing the links, and the site is just exploding.
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And that's how you or Paul Revere's just as important as Drew and Rob Do and the rest of the crew here bringing you this information is you sharing on Twitter, on Facebook, on your email, on your
We're good to go.
So again tomorrow we'll be here starting 8 a.m.
with David Knight back there at the station doing a great job covering what's happening there and then the trial of Trump in DC.
Welcome back I'm David Knight here in the studio in Austin and we have Alex Jones in the FEMA camp that the governor of Virginia has created around the Capitol there and he has some breaking news Alex.
That's right David I just left you were about to take over and finish up at a fabulous job and I
We're good to go.
Anybody knows, fire marshals wouldn't allow that.
If you've got a high school football game that's got 2,000 people at it, you've got to have at least three or four exits for each side of the field and for each side of the stadium.
And so we're expecting 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 people here.
They are confirming that down the road, I guess on 9th Street you'll tell us, they're going to choke it down to one lane to try to keep folks from getting in.
The AstroTurf didn't show up for Soros at his anti-woman march.
Patriots are going to stay in the cold.
It's a beautiful day tomorrow.
We're going to love it if it was sleeting and snowy.
But get here early and don't let it stop you.
But the safety issue alone of one entrance and one exit, pretending like there's this great danger in here because citizens have got guns.
Well, we've always had the guns.
I'm a very big advocate of disbanding the military.
Yes, sir.
I'm losing it across this country.
I was a caller recently.
I was at the back of the
We're definitely not supposed to be there, so I came here to stand up for the rights of Americans.
So I came here with no support, and I did some investigation to try to give myself a safe situation.
I came here by myself, spoke to the law enforcement, and they said that one entrance, one exit tomorrow is on 9th and Grace.
It's kind of, uh, it's really frightening actually.
A narrow corridor.
And they're, they just passed legislation and they completely disarmed everyone.
And no one there will be armed.
You can, only thing you can have is a black man.
And we're going to be literally surrounded.
And, you know, and all the people that go and do lobbying and senators and everyone else is going to be there.
I'm glad to be here.
It's amazing to be with you guys.
And I'm just, be careful because whatever they're doing, it's kind of catchy.
Alright, God bless you brother.
We're going to talk to you again more.
We'll do better tomorrow with a good handheld microphone and everything.
We're always just, like 10 years ago we had it all perfected, live feeds, we just like changed stuff, always do it different.
But that's the fun part about InfoWars.
God bless you brother, I appreciate it.
It doesn't matter, we're kicking ass and we're here.
We're covering it all live at Great Points.
I'm glad you raised that.
So again, let's get this one other fellow, don't want to be on camera, over here to give his take on the former law enforcement military on choking people down like this.
It's really violating local fire codes, state fire codes.
Undoubtedly, they have 10, 20,000 people choked through one checkpoint in and out.
I mean, I think that's illegal.
It just shows other stuff that's going on.
Yeah, absolutely.
So walking around and looking at the setup here, it's a huge public safety concern because if anything happens,
And they've only got one exit for 10 or 15,000 people.
It's irresponsible to set it up that way.
So whoever set this up wasn't thinking, and it's obvious they did this in great haste as a response to Governor Northam's knee-jerk reaction of issuing this emergency declaration of a state of emergency.
And the whole thing is poorly planned out.
And we're all going to try our best to be safe tomorrow, but people need to understand if something happens that they need to remain calm,
What else you wanna add about it?
Everybody be safe tomorrow.
I encourage people to come out.
Exercise your Second Amendment.
Be aware, obviously, that they're going to put restrictions on where you can carry and where you can't.
If you do go inside, remain calm.
But by all means, we need as many Americans out here as possible to stand up against this jerk.
And it's key for everybody to post on as much social media as you can to share InfoWars.com links.
NewsWorks.com links to live band video links because everything they're doing is about suppressing our message to silence us so they can then distort who we are with the straw man.
So we have to stand up as Americans and for freedom and justice and unity and why we're the greatest nation on earth.
That's what the globalists want to get rid of.
We have to be who we are and speak up, or they will steal our identity and speak for us and say we're a racist nation, we're a hateful nation, we're a bad nation.
When they're the globalists, any nation they take over, they absolutely enslave and destroy.
So, I'm going to throw it back to David Knight to finish up.
I know the David Knight Show is at 8 a.m.
We've got a guest host, I believe.
This is all live coverage, if not, I'll host it in the morning.
Let me know, guys, because we've got a skeleton crew right now to have most of our crew here, and then David's going to be hosting
That show live with different live feeds coming in, live coverage of us, just up to the minute.
And then we're going to have live coverage on Tuesday with David Knight of the beginning of the Trump trial in the Senate with myself, Owen Schroer, in the Capitol on the ground in DC.
Just north of here.
And then it's going to get even crazier.
We're just going to continue on right through the verdict and everything.
Live coverage.
But none of this means anything if you don't share the links.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
I want to thank all the great patrons here tonight.
The answer to 1984 is 1776!
And I salute the great Infowars crew.
We're going to be kicking ass for you tomorrow.
Back to David Knight to finish it up tonight.
Let's pray for justice.
Here as these tyrants try to create a civil emergency, I believe they will fail.
God bless.
All right, that's Alex Jones there at the Northam FEMA camp.
That's what we ought to call it in Virginia.
You know, who is the conspiracy theorist here?
Well, it's actually Governor Northam.
He's the one who says that, hey, all these people are trying to come here and shoot the place up.
And of course, it's the Democrats, as I pointed out before, the Democrat suits.
People like Mark Levine, who is a Harvard Yale graduate, a Democrat there in the state government.
I think?
I don't know.
We understand who the rebels are here, right?
The people who are rebelling against the Constitution.
The people who are trying to overthrow what we have had in this country, the rights that we've had in this country for centuries.
It's the Democrats.
It's the Democrat suits.
But they want to tell you that these other people are the ones who are dangerous.
It's these people like Mark Levine, people like Eric Swalwell.
Oh, we got nuclear weapons and they're legit.
You're going to find out about it.
Or these other people, the other Virginia delegate who said, well, we've got to use the National Guard against these people.
We've got to use the full force of the U.S.
Maybe nuclear weapons.
Better work than the rest of these people.
They're the ones who are trying to take away our human rights.
And it's not just the firearms.
They have two bills in Virginia, House Bill 1090 and House Bill 1489.
Both of them would take away your freedom, your health freedom, your informed consent.
They would take away your parental rights as well.
And these have also been introduced.
See, it's not just the guns.
We have, for example, what's in these bills?
Well, we've got an HPV vaccine mandate.
That will extend that mandate from females to males.
That's the first one, 1489.
It'll add a 7th grade booster to the adverse event prone Tdap shot.
It'll say that from the age of 12 months on, you've got to get chickenpox shots.
The other bill will add 10 more vaccines to bring it up to 69 mandated doses of 16 different vaccines.
And it will move the authority for that from Virginia to the federal government.
And even worse, this bill will subject children to any of the 264 vaccines in active development once they are approved by the FDA and the chief marketer of these vaccines, the CDC.
That is all about the money and the power.
This is why we need to understand these people are tyrants.
They want no restrictions on the power of central government, and they want to extend that power into every detail of your life.
You need to understand what words mean.
Militia is not a dirty word, but authoritarianism is.
That's it for the broadcast.
Join us tomorrow morning.
I wanted to talk about Super Silver whitening toothpaste because I hadn't tried it except for maybe the last week and a half.
And I told Alex, I said, man, this is the best toothpaste I've ever tried.
He's like, well, what are you doing just sitting in here telling me?
You got to get up there and tell people.
Tomorrow's news.
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