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Name: 20200118_SpecialReport-2_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 18, 2020
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Are you saying, I mean, what, a hundred times smaller?
At least a hundred times smaller than the original plan back in the inauguration of President Trump.
At least a hundred times smaller.
Don't get his face on camera.
Are you rolling?
Yeah, I'm rolling.
Okay, well we got our police officer escort here.
We're not going to show his face or anything, but we've got several nice police officers.
So I was just saying, will you repeat to me your estimate of the original Women's Soros March, the day after Trump's inauguration in 2017, I guess that'd be January 21st, versus this one today.
And just please go ahead and tell them, sir.
I'm looking right now from that time frame, from the inauguration to now.
Are you saying, I mean,
What, a hundred times smaller?
At least a hundred times smaller than the original plan back in the inauguration for President Trump.
At least a hundred times smaller at this point.
Because that's what I saw was, I mean I was here, we flew out that night.
It took us an hour and a half to get to the airport just because
We were like 5-10 miles away and there was these huge hordes of pink hats everywhere.
Every major street was just... And now, I'm like, oh is this a group meeting the march?
People are like, no that's the march.
I mean, that was tiny.
It's very small.
Very small compared to those numbers a few years ago.
Here's Lee Stranahan, big syndicated talk show host.
He's worked for Breitbart.
He's worked for Huffington Post.
A real centrist, I'd call you.
Just a populist.
He was here with us three years ago, three and a half years ago on the day of the inauguration.
Every city, it was probably five million people.
You couldn't drive five, six miles without seeing... No.
They were everywhere.
This is not even 1-100.
No, not... Here's the thing.
So I have an office about a block up the street from here.
I now know this area well.
In 2017, you could not walk on the streets.
Everybody, there was no traffic on the streets.
It was filled with people.
I mean, when I say it's not 1-100th, I'm being polite about it.
Yeah, I was saying maybe it's 1-20th, but when I got here, it's not even 1-100th.
I mean, any side street looked like this.
You literally could not walk anywhere for about six blocks, at all, because it was crowded with people.
There was no traffic at all.
When I say 1,100, I'm being polite about it.
And think about this, Alex.
This is what's so weird to me.
In the middle of an impeachment, right when President Trump couldn't be impeached, you'd think they would get the biggest crowd ever.
Isn't it interesting that in the middle of impeachment this is all Soros can muster at this point?
I think that tells you the mood of the American people as opposed to the media perception.
But they want us to believe.
They want us to believe, I think, we're more divided than we are.
And they want to believe that Soros controls America's women.
And so, I mean, it's not working anymore.
And so the whole illusion is beginning to implode.
The entire illusion is beginning to dissolve.