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Name: 20200116_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 16, 2020
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In the passage, Alex Jones discusses the efforts of globalists to sabotage humanity. He warns about a second Charlottesville event and encourages fighting back with God's help. He also talks about battling the deep state and supporting InfoWars through their store. The passage then shifts focus to a custom Wi-Fi router for privacy, advising listeners on safety measures for an upcoming protest in Richmond, Virginia, and addressing coverage by media outlets like Media Matters. Finally, it provides advice on preparing for and surviving violent protests, including bringing specific items, legal preparation, and using walkie-talkies.

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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Well, I gotta tell ya, this Beastie Boys song is the best way to start the broadcast today, because everything the Globalists are doing is sabotaging
The human body, the human cells, the human mind, the human soul.
Just textbook, down the line, the most vicious, most devastating attacks they can carry out against us that they can get away with, they do.
But never too big of a frontal attack to get us awake and on our hind legs ready to fight.
We have to find our spirit and awaken and not lay down to these people.
And that's why they hate this broadcast because we are awake.
You want to put something on my tombstone?
I am awake!
You're not going to sabotage our species anymore.
You're not going to stand in our way, Satan.
Get behind us in the name of Jesus Christ.
Try that on for size, Satan.
Because it's not arrogance.
I'm not a man that's powerful.
The God behind me is powerful.
And I've turned myself over to that God.
And the devil's throwing everything it can against me.
But my God is God and cannot fall!
I fall, it's God's plan.
I live to be 100, it's God's plan.
Turn it over to God!
God's gonna handle it!
But that doesn't mean we lay there in the ditch and think God's gonna march out and do it.
God put us here to do it through us.
We are the hand of God.
All right, let's lay it out here.
You can feel the energy.
They are definitely going to pull Charlottesville 2.0.
It's going to be squared.
It's going to be much bigger exponentially.
Orders of magnitude.
And we're going to be there on the front lines.
You can feel, to use a Darth Vader quote, a disturbance in the force.
A big one.
And all I feel is victory.
They used to run false flags when they had the presidency.
And they ordered Delta Force to stage the bombing of a federal building.
And they ordered Delta Force to stage the 1999 events in Washington State and Seattle.
But they don't have the military.
They don't have those units that can carry out false flags of the President's order anymore.
And by the way, when Clinton ordered all that stuff, it was the beginning of the end of the deep state.
So, they're gonna have their dirty little foundation turds out there.
Trying to pull something off, trying to trick people into a mass shooting.
They got mentally ill wind-up toys, drugged up, probably in comas right now.
They're going to turn back on and try to roll out in D.C.
and in Virginia, and probably places we didn't think of.
But everybody's got to be on maximum alert right now, in the next few weeks, especially next week, with the trial of the president to start Tuesday.
So they know what they're doing.
They've done it before.
They're not going to get away with it this time.
I'm going to be there.
You're going to be there.
And we're going to be watching their every move.
And the police are there watching.
And the FBI is there watching.
Not at the top.
And it's not a cliche to kiss the police's ass or the FBI.
Everybody knows I used to be on their ass before I had deeper understanding of what was really going on.
Just like America is where the battle is for good and for evil, we have both here because we are destined to decide the destiny of the planet.
There's good and bad coming together in the fight here.
Just like there's good and bad in the government and good and bad in the military and good and bad in law enforcement.
But there's something about the real world and tragedy that kicks the...
Fake brave out of these things, and where real people are there.
And I'm telling you, we almost have control of the government again.
We the people.
And the new world order doesn't know what to do, and everything they do fails.
But they're going to try to take the president out next week.
So it's time to hit our knees and pray to God.
And that it's time, like the wind in sails, God's will, to fill up our hearts with strength and discernment to move forward.
We are go.
Planet Earth is go.
Set for launch.
And the enemy's making their move.
Ha ha!
They won't stop launch.
Launch began a long time ago.
Trump's just making it official with Space Force.
We see the Earth from here.
You got it.
You got it.
You got it.
That connection.
To God.
That means everything.
Not the Ferraris, not the helicopters, not the money.
That's all just icing on the cake to consciousness.
And connection to God.
And connection to that divine spark gives us.
We don't worship.
The creation.
We worship the Creator.
Made in the image.
Ready to launch.
Launching now.
And the globalists want control of humanity to warp us into their tools and their slaves.
Not gonna happen.
In fact, all their attacks on us may mow down billions.
But it's going to make a large remnant of us even stronger.
Because when you decide to overcome their attacks, when you decide to make their venom into wine, they fall.
All right, let's break it down.
Well, I was sure of it before, but
There's no sure of it now.
It's a hundred percent.
The nasty, CHICOM-funded, anti-American trash is making its move on America.
And we could kick the hell out of a British empire that had never been defeated because it was our country and they were pushing us around and they knew we were in the right.
They didn't have the providence or the will or the discernment or the bill of the deed
That was the old globalist empire in control of that.
And those were people fleeing England and Scotland and Ireland and Germany and the Netherlands to come here and build a new Atlantis.
Didn't mean they were perfect angels, but they believed in humanity.
They believed in getting rid of feudalism.
They believed in getting rid of slavery.
They believed in empowering their fellow humans.
And it was that idea that so threatens the Satanist.
Satanists claim they're all about the individual and empowerment.
They're all about selfishness!
They're all about betrayal!
What they're all about is weakness.
The devil is a cosmic loser, a piece of filth!
Like an adult that trips toddlers as they run down the hall and tells themselves how smart they are.
And everybody knows that misery loves company.
So, if there was any doubt about what's coming up next week, now it's all in crystal focus.
And it's Trump's to lose.
And it's the American people that are going to be the deciding factor.
The governor came out in a disgusting 26-minute press conference and laid out the blueprint.
They always pre-program with the script they're about to roll.
And you've seen all the pre-scripting with Biden's campaign and the media and the lawsuits against us for pointing out that Deep State was colliding groups a few years ago in Virginia.
In Charlottesville, I have, I am so honored to have the CIA suing me and the entire law department of Georgetown University shaking with hate at us because we exposed that was a synthetic operation.
So now, see, when you sue me, I don't run away, I run towards you.
That's, see, I'm a heat-seeking information warfare missile.
And where you run is where I follow.
I go towards the fight, not away from it, because that's the only way to get these people off our children.
It's a real pleasure.
And I don't say that for effect.
You need to get to the point, folks, where it's a real pleasure as a man to be able to stand up to these pedophiles and devil-worshippers when these innocents can't do it.
That's why it's a sick abomination when you call in and tell me I'm a hero or I'm something special.
It's like saying I'm having fun eating pecan pie and vanilla ice cream in July with my grandma.
You're all born for this.
It's not heroic to stand up for life or what's right.
Like I tell you, it's like sucking air into your damn lungs.
It ain't heroic.
It's about living.
It's about doing the right thing.
And that's what we're built for.
Instead of spending our lives bowing down and being a bunch of cowards.
I'm gonna tell you right now.
There's no doubt that they're gonna try to kill Trump next week.
I'm telling you, it's so damn dangerous next week.
But everybody better have their eyeballs wide open!
And I'm not talking about just your eyeballs, but your gut.
And that's your spirit.
And that's getting orders from on top.
You go with that, you'll never go wrong.
Man, I started going with my gut 100%.
It's unbelievable.
There's nothing like the six cents.
There's nothing like the...
And the enemy knows we all have it, and that's why they're so scared.
So they try to trick us with all the fear they pump us full of, when our sense, our spirit, knows they're bad.
It's scared of them.
Not even scared, it's enraged, and wants to attack them.
Wants to get them out of our world.
And then they tell you, oh, that rage you have, it's because those are black people.
Or that rage you've got is because it's those white people over there.
That rage you've got is because it's those Russians, or this or that.
Well, what it is, is that spirit of evil.
It's not humans that are a problem.
I talk about China all day.
There's no greater victims than the Chinese people.
A smart, powerful, ancient civilization, but in shackles to a high-tech slavery.
And you got a thousand movies about blacks being slaves, and it doesn't take away from what they went through.
Take away, that makes you stronger.
Not a good thing makes you stronger.
And it's the same thing here.
But the Chinese people aren't being put through something that makes them stronger.
It's scientific to make them not even see what's hitting them and to suck them dry.
And you can see them spiritually closed, shut down, being fed on by these metaphysical spiders.
And we need to free them.
We need to free everybody.
And that's what I want to do.
As a primitive man, I see people saying I'm bad for what color I am, and that's how we developed ourselves, and I understand tribalism, and I understand how powerful it is, and I totally understand where people come from.
Black racist, white racist, Mexican racist.
Because people mess with you.
I get it.
Because people are tribal.
If you're at some WASP country club, they're all fighting with each other over who's richer and in what clique.
That's what humans do at a low level.
I want to unify people around Jesus Christ and real power.
Not because we want power, but because power is what we need to do to build a bigger universe that God set us out to do.
And missions God has prepared for us and ready, we've just got to be tested here.
Because there's nothing worth anything in the universe that hadn't been fought for.
And that's all this is.
And I can tell you folks, I've seen the other side.
I've seen it cleared and day.
I've spent more time than you can imagine on the other side than I've spent here.
And I can tell you the devil's real, God's real.
And these pathetic servants of evil look like jellyfish slugs because they are.
They're dead already.
They don't have a spirit anymore.
They've been destroyed.
They turned their free will over.
They got tricked.
Just thank God every day you're not one of them.
And pray to save the young to not be ensnared by the enemy's operations.
I'm going to cover the news and the plan for martial law straight ahead.
Only the Holy Spirit can overcome the enemy.
Pouring through the space-time continuum into our planet, through our souls.
Electrochemical transceivers broadcasting the spirit of God through every dimension.
We are back live!
America is fighting for its life right now.
And America is winning.
But America is bleeding.
And the enemy comes for our weak, our young, and our defenseless.
And you can feel them cry out to God constantly.
And it creates a psychic rage that if not acted upon, you will commit suicide, your body will fall apart, you will get cancer, because your body empathizes with the death and the torture of the children and the innocent, and wishes to join them, because
Your body, your cells have empathy and are disgusted with you for not taking action!
You don't become weaker standing up for the innocent.
You become stronger.
You don't become weaker getting close to God.
You become unbelievably powerful.
And the enemy fears that power.
There's no doubt that the enemy's making its move.
And there is no doubt that we're only here because our ancestors were so strong and prepared.
They prepared in law.
They prepared in science.
They prepared in their spirits.
They prepared in their very will and action.
For the time that is now coming for us to escape the attempt of the enemy to destroy us.
Because right when we become technological, that's when the enemy comes in and tries to seduce the human species and destroy us.
But we have to decide to destroy ourselves.
We have to make that deal.
And so all this other trappings, all the other confetti, means nothing.
And as people get in touch with God, they're not going to care about Hollywood anymore.
They're not going to care about acting cool anymore.
They're not going to be under the dominion of the enemy.
And I just can't help but preach at times like these because it's at times like these when the political and spiritual and cultural lines, the planets align.
In 2020.
And what is about to happen right now is such an incredible moment that the word epic doesn't serve it because it's overused.
It's like when you really talk about Hitler, or you really talk about Stalin, or you really talk about Genghis Khan, there's so much talk about this person's Hitler, this person's Genghis Khan, that there's not really Genghis Khan.
Roasting babies on spits.
For no reason.
But just to be evil.
And to feed that energy of destruction.
So, there's polar opposites in the universe.
Total destruction of life and life.
And people have to make the decision.
Do you serve life?
Or do you serve death?
And people think they're taught death is powerful.
All the guys in the motorcycle gangs, even the military, skulls, skulls, skulls.
But that skull is just what's left over of a human.
Real power is life.
The most scary patch would be a family.
A military with a family on their arm.
Wow, that would... A military that had that.
That would be the strong grip.
Because there's no reason to kill people unless they're hurting innocents.
There's no power in killing them.
A real power is having the will to do whatever it takes to stop it and to die if you need to.
And once you cross that point, one thing they really get good in V for Vendetta is that V recreates, clearly for a person that's probably his daughter, they never make it clear, a concentration camp.
And the torture, and a re-education camp.
And then, they say, you need to betray people or we're gonna blow your head off.
And she says, blow my head off then.
And at that point, she's free.
That's why they have to attack him for us.
That's why they have to lie about us and lie about you.
That's why they have to continually say we're losers and that we're dishonest and we're not real and we're failures because they fear the fact above all else that we're not followers like they are.
And that we don't feel powerful when we see a bunch of soulless
People hunched over drooling.
It makes us feel weak.
You see, Satanists and corrupt people like Tim Cook, when you see him in that bowtie at the Golden Globes where he's not being this little fake wimpy guy, but the mean corporate guy that runs slave camps and suicide nets and forced drugging and the real operations actually tearing humans apart.
He's there with all those other demon peacocks, you know, just raging with his evil will to do bad and not tearing me a jerk.
He thinks that's powerful.
To do whatever he wants and stomp on little people.
You talk about being cut off from God.
God hates Tim Cook.
You know Tim Cook when he goes to hell, which is just a dimension.
Tim Cook is going to be in a jail cell for eternity with himself, a jail cell he built.
And his burning hatred for humanity is going to be the fires of hell that he created.
Because the truth is, God didn't create hell.
It's the one thing God didn't create.
It's what people with free wills did, who decided to turn against God.
In fact, the only original thing in the universe, outside of God's consciousness, is hell!
And that's why Christ went to hell, to prove God himself could come to our level and do it.
To take the keys to hell and death!
And say, Satan, you created all this.
You created the sin and destruction and the knowledge of evil and doing perverse, destructive things to innocents.
And you tried to pervert all this goodness.
Well, guess what?
I'm going to march straight in after I take on every crime and every sin and feel every single drop of it because God's got eternity to just stop the watch and go, I'm taking every bit of it.
No painkillers.
I'm taking every bit of it that ever happened, did happen, and was going to happen.
Because that's justice.
Because God created us.
And if God could have guilt, it's that to have other sentient beings to spend eternity with, God had to give us the power to be real.
And to choose.
And so that meant there were those that would choose to create the things you see Hollywood creating and the things you see all of them doing.
It's a giant, sick, disgusting joke and everyone should thank themselves every millisecond.
They're not Tim Cook, who is a slave.
Who will be imprisoned for eternity in himself, in his selfishness and his cutoffness that he thinks is so powerful, screwing everyone over, smashing people under his thumb, grinding his heels into those children.
You built hell.
You are hell!
And you are going into that black hole, Tim Cook.
You are damned to Hades.
I don't want to interrupt, then I'm leaving.
You've been doing great, Owen.
You're going to finish up with these calls within Gregory's.
And, of course, Harris and Smith are going to take another hour of calls.
The crew's volunteered to do it.
So we're here, live covering this, hoping everything de-escalates.
So the live coverage continues.
Everybody spread those links.
The Globals are hacking us, trying to shut this down.
Don't let them win.
Let me tell you, everything's straight shooting here.
No BS.
See, I don't have some Machiavelli manipulative view.
With me, it's all straightforward attack.
That's the real power!
Don't act so surprised, Globalist.
You didn't think you could silence the American people, did you?
Join Bandot Video, and I will complete your training.
Together, we can overthrow the Emperor and restore the Republic.
You know, I remember the gun confiscation questionnaires.
They were given out by George H.W.
Bush and by Bill Clinton at classified levels.
So to recreate it, a smart conservative think tank in like 1995 had the military do the questionnaire as the way to get the classified questionnaire out and to cause a system-wide debate about it.
And I was so unsophisticated back then when I had like
Three-star generals and stuff.
It was only because I had a show.
It wasn't that I was that important.
There was nowhere to get stuff out.
So you got like retired three-star generals calling you up and former deputy FBI directors, you know, all this kind of crazy stuff.
They're like, you gotta do this, you gotta do that.
They're like, yeah, the military and the police, they be telling me how they're planning to turn them against the people, how they're planning to do all this.
And they call me back six months later and go, it's not the police, Senator Badd.
It's how they're trying to, the program, it's the program.
I said, well, you should just come on air, General Parton or the other.
I mean, I'm like 25 years old and I don't know what.
I'm like, the police, the police are bad.
No, no, it's not the police are bad.
They're training the police for an authoritarian takeover.
You gotta warn the police.
That's the thing about trying to wake up young people.
They got all the strength, they got everything, but they just don't... Even if they're listening, they hear what you're saying, but they only get one part of it.
And it just took a long time to figure it all out.
And of course, the police got problems.
They're a manifestation of us.
We're a fallen country and a fallen world.
But yesterday, we're taking all these calls, and it's different than having the actual
Document, which we've showed was on the news 20 years ago and Obama did it again.
I don't like 13 years ago.
This was about 10, 11 years ago.
Right when he got in office.
2010 when they were officially asking, will you take guns?
Will you break up families?
Will you?
Then they put out manuals saying we're going to do this like it's well, it's I've got my orders here.
As if they ever thought that would get everybody on board with it because it was official army manuals.
It's like having Beto go, I'm going to confiscate the guns.
And then every Democrat candidate, like 11 others, go, yeah!
We want to confiscate all the guns!
And we'll kill you, you know, we'll use nuclear weapons on you.
Folks went, whoa, this is exactly what my grandpa or my neighbor told me.
And who were those grandpas?
Because it's not about kissing butt, it's about the people that knew.
And they were always like, oh that's just your crazy old uncle over there.
And you know, the crazy old uncle was like a CIA assassin.
I'm not talking about my family, just in general, you know.
It's like, oh yeah, that's the crazy old uncle.
He says this is how the country works and everything.
Because they knew they were there.
And they always thought they were doing something for a good reason until they found out the compartmentalization.
Because they followed the orders until it got to a certain point.
And then it was like, holy hell!
It's about vampires and blood drinking and screwing little kids?
Because the average person is hit with that and just says, there's no way this could be true.
And then you break through the wall and it's all you find.
You're like, what the hell's going on here?
That's their cult.
That's their bag.
That's what they do.
And our denial of this is what allows it to happen.
You think I want to cover children's toys with little blonde girls with genitals that they're giving kids to screw them up?
Pedo dolls?
No, I don't want to cover that.
You need to know that children are being hit with that.
You think I like sitting here constantly studying evil and what they're up to?
You think I like it?
No, I don't like it at all.
But there's a reaction that happens when I face it and I deal with it, I get closer to God.
And I only look at it long enough to know what's going on and assess it.
I'm gonna tell you right now, folks.
Everybody needs to understand that if you don't fight this, just as sure as the sun came up this morning, when you stand before God, God's gonna say, I don't know you.
And how heavy is that?
I don't know you.
You're not a man after my own heart.
You're not a woman after my own heart.
I don't know you.
Because if you know me, you wouldn't be standing there putting up with this.
Because let me tell you something, God hates people that know evil's going on and don't fight it more than the people doing it.
There's a sick form of respect that God has for people that are consciously evil and do bad.
God hates and wants to destroy them.
But people that know what's going on and actually have a connection to God, that's like nerve endings up to God.
And God is just like,
What, you know this is wrong?
You don't like torturing children?
You don't like drinking their blood while they beg for mommy?
You don't like inventing new evils, but you don't do anything?
I am gonna really turn you over to yourself, you damn coward.
I said I wouldn't preach anymore.
I'm just so sick of these people.
I came here today, and I'd already been researching last night and this morning, and I had hundreds of articles and video clips.
I just can't even look at it anymore.
I mean, it's enough to read the transcript of what Governor Northam said, because it's an exact script.
He's following the exact script.
We already saw them pre-programming, and now it's an official script, which means they're going operational.
And we gotta just sit here and wait for them to commit a mass shooting or a bombing and blame it on us.
And it's not getting blamed for it.
They're going to blame me.
They're going to blame you.
They're going to blame every gun owner.
It's, it's that we know they're doing it and we can't stop them.
I mean, I mean, that guy is such, he's perfect.
He's perfect for Satan.
He is a science officer in the new world order.
That is a specialist in keeping babies alive while they get the orders in before they take their organs and tricking mothers and doing it.
I mean, and he brags about how he kills babies after they're born and calls it keeping them comfortable with that degenerate fake southern accent that makes me want to vomit.
And then of course he's running around in KKK outfits and all that stuff.
It's like whatever's inappropriate, whatever's sneaky, whatever's weird, whatever's dirty, whatever's filthy, he's into it.
Because what he is, is a controller.
He's sold out.
He's all about getting poor white people to hate poor black people.
And that's all he does.
And now, we're going to teach him here in Virginia.
We're going to get them all killing each other.
But his little Virginia stunt didn't go over too well.
He didn't really carry out what they wanted a few years ago.
So they're going to do it up real nice for everybody.
And the globalists are threatened by the South.
Strong, hard-working people that actually care about each other.
Black, white, old, young.
You name it.
And they're so scared of that, and they're so scared of that rural community, and they're so scared of that Christianity, so they want us all killing each other.
Paul Fentanyl doesn't give a damn what color yard's coming to kill you because the Chi-Coms are shipping it in there.
Do you remember that next time you hear a black racist or a white racist, one of these people, shooting their mouth off about, oh, this person's doing that.
Remember, it's the globalists shipping that Fentanyl in to kill you and your family.
It's killing millions now.
And Trump's trying to stop it.
They're trying to stop him from stopping it.
All right, I'll play him.
I'll give the number out.
But it was just so amazing to hear those military and police people call in who got those training manuals and then the gun confiscation plans.
I mean, it's in the news that happened.
But to hear how they all turned against it and how it woke them up, that's so beautiful.
It's just the constant frustration is why can't everybody see?
And why do we have to go through this?
And why does evil even exist?
Conscious, willed force wants to hurt innocents.
And it's because the universe is free will.
Freedom has a cost at every level.
Freedom comes with great responsibility, because freedom is power.
And power, full circle, is responsibility.
But it's responsibility that animates our synapses.
All right, I'm going to play some of the governor.
And I'm just going to explain this again.
I know the listeners know this, but all I could do is be an emergency beacon.
This is the assault.
This is the attack.
You can see it.
You can smell it.
They'll try again.
And I think they're going to fail next week.
But while the Senate trial, the president starts Tuesday, we'll be there live covering it from Capitol Hill.
Can you imagine?
We got to be there.
While all of that is going on,
Just south of there in Virginia, where the Revolutionary War kicked off, there in Boston, Massachusetts, twin places, and where the Civil War started, the deep state is obsessed with history repeating.
They don't have omnipresence, but they've learned history repeats.
And so if they can try to make history repeat, they've learned that's a lucky number.
And so they're betting, like a craps table, everything on Virginia and Charlottesville Square.
And the governor is running around flapping his little vampire bat wings.
You talk about a pecker wood, man, that guy's just... I'm not gonna go into that guy.
How weak he is, how pathetic he is, how evil he is, and the fact that he's ruling over everybody and pissing on dead children, selling their freaking organs!
And the reason I'm mad is, my cells
They got it all set up where he's the victim.
If we stand up for kids, he's killing.
We're the bad guys.
So we got to sit there and watch him salivate and literally get an erection while he's talking about, we kill them all, we keep them, we keep them calm, we get their organs and everything.
The man is an abomination, but here's the thing.
They'll make an attempt on his life.
I want him to live a long time in a prison cell.
I wish no harm upon Governor Northam.
And they know that we're pissed.
They know it's a natural response.
And they want to stage it to say the natural response to a guy just rubbing himself, like play that demon devil worshiper, met a devil worshiper, vampire.
The person identifies as a vampire, coven witch leader, a man.
Dressed like a woman, but notice now, it's not a woman, they say a woman is a vampire.
It's a dude with a shaved head, with fake fangs, with a baby, rubbing blood on them.
You're like, well, first you're a man that's a woman, now you're a vampire that's a woman.
It's all about that mind game.
Let him identify he's a vampire that wants to kill babies.
And then he's just rubbing blood, the dead baby on him and just... You want to see it, that's the bottom of the rat hole, right there.
You wanna go down the rabbit hole?
That's what's at the bottom.
That thing right there.
A creepy psycho!
But if he calls it an art project, everyone at the bar stands around because it's deviant and destructive and they're already so dead, the only glimmer they get in that black hole of hell is a little ray of God's hate hitting them.
They could have God completely joined with them and experience things they could never imagine.
But they just want God's hate.
And that's why they have Comedy Central shows that go, I killed my daughter.
I killed my baby.
I loved it.
I had power.
It was a little girl.
It was gonna have a great life, and I feel powerful.
I murdered it because I'm a selfish piece of garbage!
I am Governor of Virginia!
I don't know.
I mean, it's literal Hellraiser!
It's not Linda Blair in a movie!
It's the real world!
And she squats down like she's taking a dump when she talks about how she killed her child.
The psy-opers go, and then squat like you're taking a dump at the metaphysical image of it's a piece of crap.
You know who's gonna be flushed down the galactic toilet?
It's you, lady.
It's Michelle Wolf.
You're damned to hell, because you made hell.
You built hell.
There's a place for people like you, lady, and you built it.
So the governor... Governor, look, man, you ought to keep me comfortable.
Yeah, you're gonna be kept real comfortable, son, let me tell you.
God's gonna keep you real comfortable, because he'll give you free will.
God'll say, you wanna be cut off from me?
You're done.
You like oxygen?
You like this planet?
You like everything you got your mama took care of you?
She didn't chop you up, Northam!
But you're a big man when you come into that baby feeling big, playing God, huh?
That's what it's all about, they all play God, huh?
Mmm, I put fluoride in their water so they can make them gums, so I can manage them.
Because you're so damn dumb, you need to poison everybody so you can feel big?
Oh, that's so powerful, oh my God.
They love going into the mall and seeing half the kids mentally retarded for the damn shots.
It's way worse than what they say.
I mean, half the kids out there are freaking already dead, basically.
Great job, man.
You're a really cool guy.
Blowing out their transmitters with nanotech freaking stuff they've had 30 years, eating their synapses that connect electrochemically to the big guy.
You're going to be cut off from God with that little move, buddy boy.
And if you think you're cutting those kids off from God, you're wrong.
It's you that is going to be eternally torn into pieces.
But I wish you a long, healthy life, like an exhibit in a museum of what a piece of bullying, filthy, arrogant trash is.
You know, there's nobody dislikes plugging more than me.
The products are great.
If you like fighting tyranny, and you like standing up, and you like getting great products, go to inforestore.com.
I'm going to leave it at that, okay?
I mean, seriously, because I bang my head up against the wall to fund this place, and I'm not complaining.
You know what?
I just have learned I got to give it to God.
And if we're going to get the funding to expand and stuff, I mean, I'm not, I don't have any worry going to Virginia, going to DC, going anywhere, people coming after me and death threats and all that stuff.
Because I mean, it's all in God's hands, literally.
I'm a little selfish.
I go, listen, God, if they shoot me with a high-powered rifle, I don't want to be paralyzed or, you know, vegetables.
Just make sure their aim is really good.
Because I don't want to die.
It's the opposite.
I love life so much.
I just am ready to die.
And you understand, I will never commit suicide.
I don't want to die.
I just, let me tell you, my flesh says if you get killed, who's gonna take care of your children?
God's gonna take care of that.
You're gonna take care of that.
Because I've realized the only way I can stay sane, and it happened to me about 3 a.m.
last night, is not just to say that I gotta turn everything over to God.
Because even though I say on air, you gotta turn over to God, but all of us try to do it ourselves.
We can't do it, folks.
And I gotta tell you,
When I really turned it all over to God, the depth of my vision that I already thought was super intense and it was driving me crazy because it was torturing me.
I know you feel the same way as good people.
When I finally just said, I just, it's like a person in the ocean for swimming for a hundred miles, finally hitting land.
It was just like, Oh God, I'm turning it all over to you.
Whatever happens, it's all in your will.
And just thank you for what you've done.
And that's what matters.
And it's all about free will.
God's like, what can you handle?
And the minute I made that decision, it was not even the discernment got turned up.
It did.
But it was almost like, well, it was like, you don't even need to look at that stuff anymore.
It's all right.
You already seen it all.
You just gotta turn it loose and you gotta take action.
And you gotta let me take control.
And you gotta be satisfied, son.
Cause that's all God wants.
Like the song from Eric Skinner, where all his mother wants is for him to be satisfied.
And that's the message, is satisfaction is God.
Is that relationship, not with some dirty church and some devil behind the pulpit, but you and God.
That's real.
And that's all that matters.
That's all that matters.
Nobody out there should commit suicide.
Nobody out there should feel bad about yourselves.
You are in contact with God.
Hey, how are you guys doing?
So you guys are out here students for Bernie.
I'm curious, did you see the Project Veritas video of the Bernie Sanders campaign manager calling for violent revolutions and beating cops?
This is absolute bullshit.
Well, it's right from his mouth.
I mean, it's undercover footage.
How can you say that's BS?
I don't care.
It's Veritas.
And seeing that you're in for wars, I'm going to have to ask you to please leave.
You're going to ask me to leave?
Okay, well, I'm not going to leave because I'm just trying to hear from Bernie supporters.
I already talked to a couple.
You guys are out here campaigning for Bernie.
Do you think it's a big deal that he has campaign managers calling for violent revolution in Gulags?
It could come from anybody.
CNN could play it.
Just because it's Veritas doesn't mean it's not real.
It means it is real.
I don't know the context.
I don't know what happened, so I'm not going to talk about it.
I'm honestly here to try to get people out to caucus and inform them on Bernie's policies.
We're not really here to debate about this right now.
Okay, but don't you think that's a big issue?
A campaign manager calling for a violent revolution in the street?
I mean, do you disavow political terrorism?
Would you disavow political terrorism?
That's not the issue.
We don't know what happened, so we can't comment on it.
I just told you, Project Veritas got undercover video of Bernie Sanders' campaign manager saying that there's going to be a violent revolution.
Would you like me to play it for you?
It wouldn't matter.
So you don't care.
Do you disavow terrorism?
So do you think Bernie Sanders should fire this campaign manager?
I don't know.
I don't know the context.
Would you like me to play you the video?
So you don't want to see it?
In the middle of a training.
What are you training for?
So, but let's say, you know, you're canvassing and someone brings up the issue that Bernie Sanders' campaign manager called for gulags and violent revolutions.
So, do you disavow political terrorism?
Do you think it's a good idea to put Trump supporters into re-education camps?
I don't want to talk.
What about you, sir?
I'm not gonna talk anymore.
No, you guys aren't very good at your job.
Yeah, hi, you're filming, I'm filming too.
If you're out here canvassing, I mean, are you just expecting uninformed people to come up here and embrace socialism?
Is that what you expect?
No, I'm gonna talk to people who are actually honest.
Okay, what did I say that's not honest?
Your entire attitude, but I'm not going to talk.
Our time is better invested elsewhere and I'd rather you- Where?
Where else?
No one's talking to you.
Nobody's here.
Well, we're training right now and then we're going to go and talk to people on campus.
We're going to find people.
Don't you think your trainees should be informed about Bernie Sanders' campaign calling for political violence?
Did you hear about this?
We have no comment on these questions.
Please, can you let us back to our training?
So, just ignoring the facts is not going to make it go away.
Can you, no comment, can you please excuse us?
Okay, so you guys don't like talking politics either, even though you're out here, you know, campaigning for Bernie?
Politics to honest people, which you are not.
What if I ever said this dishonest?
Doesn't matter, you're from InfoWars.
What is InfoWars said this dishonest?
Name one thing then.
Uh, gay frogs in the wall.
You mean Atrazine?
The chemical runoff from uh, from pharmaceuticals and chemicals we put on plants?
Have you heard of Atrazine?
I'm gonna call public safety to ask you to leave us alone.
Am I threatening you?
I don't want to talk to you anymore and you're not... How am I being an asshole?
You guys are out here at a political event but you can't talk politics.
You know what your problem is?
You guys are all uninformed.
That's your problem.
You're uninformed, you have no idea what's going on, you don't know what's going on in the Bernie Sanders campaign, you have no idea what's going on in politics, and as soon as someone comes in front of you who has an idea, you want to silence their free speech and act like it doesn't happen.
Okay, so this is your average Bernie Sanders supporters.
They have no clue about the Bernie Sanders campaign.
They're out here promoting socialism, but they don't want to talk politics even though they're out here campaigning for Bernie Sanders.
So I'm going to give you guys one last chance to make yourselves look good here.
So why do you support Bernie Sanders?
I'm not going to mention that, but...
I'm not going to talk about that, but I'm going to say that we're not advocating socialism, but I kind of wish we were, because I am a socialist, and it would be good for this country.
So Bernie's not a socialist?
You want socialism?
What country has an example of socialism you'd like to bring here?
Apparently I can't talk about that, so... I thought you were the trainee?
Are you the trainer?
If you want to talk to the... So wait, are you the trainer or trainee?
If you want to talk to the Bernie Sanders campaign... And that girl's thinking about one thing.
She's like, I'm with the wrong person.
Sorry, he's already taken.
You have done well, Lord Vader.
Do what must be done.
Can you imagine raising children like that person right there?
We're for socialism and we can't say that.
He doesn't even get it.
He says, I'm a liar!
I'm a fraud!
Right to your face and doesn't even get it!
Look at this person.
Look at this individual.
But we're not individuals.
We are.
But we're not.
The globalists seek to create an omnipresence so that they can enforce their will through the omnipresence, which is the inverse of God, who has omnipresence, to enforce free will.
Who do you think is going to win that cosmic battle?
But it is sad for those that don't dial into it.
You look at Bandon Video, which has got massive traffic now, and the site looks great.
Works good, except when there's like, you know, 200,000 people on it or something, sometimes.
And so we're working on it.
We're not Google.
We're not Apple.
We don't got any slave factories in China.
But, I mean, I just look at what Owen is churning out like a machine.
Like a machine gun.
With unlimited ammo and barrels that never melt.
And I just go to his channel on there and I'm like, this is solid gold.
But you understand something?
Owen's work is like a tree falling in the forest that no one hears.
Doesn't make a sound.
So, I'm gonna explain something.
Do an overhead shot, please.
You can have
sperm and you can have the egg and there's a whole potential universe there a man and a woman that information going in to detonate this incredible consciousness and what's going to begin in that transceiver that's going to pick up the interdimensional spirit loaded into it but that's a detonator
But if there's not a womb, and there's not a person, and there's not an infrastructure to take care of this, there's not a planet to take care of this, it can't go to its next level.
It needs a sun, it needs a moon to perfectly hold it in orbit, make sure all conditions are just right.
But this isn't gonna be strong.
in his development unless something attacks it.
It's strong.
That's the same thing with Owen Troyer or any of our reporters.
The ball doesn't move down the field without you.
So when I sit here and I tell you you're important,
Everything, everything we do doesn't have an effect unless you care about it, unless you promote it.
And I want to explain something.
It's not like you promoting the show is a sublevel of this.
It's the top of the pyramid.
It's easy to want freedom and want justice.
And you've got to have people that are willing to be demonized and attacked to do it.
That's like getting air when you've been underwater.
People who haven't experienced the truth don't know that.
It's our job to show them.
But the ball doesn't go down the field without you.
And you're like, yeah, Alex, we get that.
I know you get it because you understand it.
I'm not talking to you.
Let me explain this to the listeners.
I know you already know this, but the prodigal son is one of the most important parallels and masterclasses in the Bible.
You know the story.
Rich landowner owns a big farm, big ranch, plantation.
And his second born son comes to him when he turns 13, 14 years old as a man and says, I want my inheritance.
The father says, I respect you so much.
You're my son.
Here's a third of everything we got.
He runs off for a decade.
Parting animal.
All the fake friends.
All the sex.
All the everything.
Blasted out of his brain.
He finally comes back half naked.
Doesn't know who he is.
A crazy homeless person.
And they get him and they bathe him and they feed him for a week.
Get him back halfway normal.
And the oldest son who's running things for the old dad comes in.
He says, man, that guy's a freaking loser.
And you are
Throwing this huge party for him and killing the red heifer, the best beef we've got, and doing all of this, honoring him.
The father says, you're worth a thousand times what he is.
I don't need to give you that.
You've got everything.
You're my firstborn.
You're the one that performs.
Nothing against folks that aren't firstborn, but that's the parable of it.
That's our family.
Just a little bit of who you are is so valuable that he came back.
And that's what we've got to understand here, is that this broadcast is not for all of you that know as much as I do or more.
And I know you know that.
We've got to get to the lost sheep.
That's who God wants us to get.
And I love to say, oh, just focus on the leaders and just don't worry about the dumb, dumb public.
Man, can anybody sit here and watch these people fall to the brainwashing?
And I get it.
I can't go out in a crowd with these leftists going, F you and your family, we're going to kill you, and not start calling them, you know, pieces of filth and scum.
Because they are.
I mean, that's what they follow.
They are trash.
You are what you eat.
And they're so dumbed down.
I've tried to talk to them.
I've tried to be nice.
That's what they really spit on you.
So I'm not Christ-like.
I mean, I'll say it.
I'm Christ-like, I'm willing to die for freedom, but man, I can't sit there and be nice to people like this, and I don't know how to be nice to them.
So I'm admitting all this to you on air.
How do we do this?
It's just that I know that we have to sit there and tell the truth, and we have to talk to
The most unintelligent people, because they've still got a spirit, and how we treat them is how we treat ourselves.
And not treating the general public like they are amazing, because they are still connected to God, they are amazing, is what allowed them into that state.
We, who are leaders, have to animate them.
We're like the nuclear fuel rods going in that create the reaction and cause the steam.
We have to energize them.
Their failing, their fallenness, is a reflection on those of us
That are connected to God.
And so, the essence of Satanism is looking down on dumb people.
Because a Satanist has some knowledge of God and the real world and power, and decides to use it to screw people over.
And so, you want to be the opposite of that.
You want to treat people, it's like garbage in, garbage out.
Well, you know, the medium is the message.
They dumb the communications down and make them not make sense to screw people up.
We have to give people complex thought.
We have to, we have to state things in their real esoteric form and then bring them out of the esoteric and the hidden so that they understand it.
We have to give people
The master class up front so they can then pick up the pieces they get at the subconscious and spiritual level.
They already know all this because they were made by God.
We're not talking to the cerebral cortex program, poison, dumbed down facsimile.
We're talking right to the spirit and it knows.
And we're saying you need to wake up.
You need to activate.
You need to resist.
And it starts with that relationship with God.
Because we can talk about this all day long.
No matter what's happening to me, no matter what's going on, I can instantly
As I'm constantly in contact with God, but I can absolutely, 100% charge into God.
Just absolutely pours in.
And there's no experience like it.
There's no drug like it.
There's no sex like it.
There's not your first born child being born in front of you like it.
When you dial into God, the only thing you keep asking is, why doesn't everybody want this?
Why doesn't everybody have this?
And it's because, ladies and gentlemen,
They have been slowly and manipulated from birth to be shuttered and not experience it.
And Satan spends all his time trying to hide this from them.
That's why the Illuminati says they're illuminated.
They're not.
They're darkness.
We are the true illuminators.
I want to apologize to the listeners, but I've got to put the fuel rods in.
I gotta show you the enemy.
I don't want to look either, but I'm going to look.
Because that's what the children face.
That's what they see.
That's Brian Stelter.
That's the enemy right there.
That's not a human.
That's a demon.
God, look at it.
Look at that predator, man.
Wow, he doesn't even know what it is.
And we are letting it hurt us.
We are letting it run rampant.
But that's what the enemy can muster.
Notice they can't get any powerful voices.
They can't get any strong people.
They can't get anybody charismatic or dynamic.
Because the cells of those people, they could be black, they could be white, they could be Asian, they could be Hispanic, they could be old, they could be young.
The cells of good people resonate with God.
You can't even join that.
You can just be tricked into serving it by telling you it's the moral authority.
Put it back on screen real quick.
The reason I raise that is if you walked into a car dealership and a dude walked over like that, you'd hide your children.
Look at this latest photo.
HBO teams with CNN's Brian Stelter for documentary about the rise of fake news.
And you can guess who's going to be starring in that.
Look at the officious, flippant, practiced air of power.
A woman would see right through that.
That is a man with zero power.
And we need to point that out because this is a puffed up creature of Jeff Zucker whose job is censoring people and all this.
He has like a hundred thousand viewers on the show.
He's a joke, but that's the devil.
He's got the system.
He's got the whole weapon system because he metaphysically
Forget Needlecock.
He doesn't have a dick.
And I'm sorry to use that analogy, but it's a family show.
This guy wants to rule you because he's a nobody.
I mean, what type of nobody?
Because it's not just in one photo.
He gets up on red carpets at all these events where the Peacocks come in when no one's even there.
And they, like at restaurants or anywhere, there's, you know, there's red carpets everywhere.
And there's like a thing, they go, oh, I'm powerful.
It's like a ritual about I've arrived.
I have the corporate seals behind me.
And I'm a hero.
No, Brian, you're not a hero.
Best part of you ran down your mother's ass crack, and we all know it.
Delay that.
I'm out of control.
I'm just being honest.
I can't help it.
That's the enemy right there.
And you destroy him with the truth, and he thinks you're weak, and he thinks he chose the right side.
I mean, that is an abomination.
A walking, talking demon.
How about your babysitter?
Maybe you should run a daycare service.
Hey, I bet he'd be good to kid... Hey, who wants to drop their kids off at Brian Stelter's house?
You think the kid's safe over there?
That is a psychotic filth!
You know, from time to time, I will look at Stelter because I want to know what the devil looks... Let me tell you, if anybody... That's it, folks.
That's... That's... In Satan's army, that's what generals look like.
Fake, empty slaves.
And he's blind as a bat, man.
He's tone deaf.
And he ain't Beethoven.
He doesn't have any feeling.
He doesn't have anything.
He is literally the bottom of the universe.
He is the scum of the earth.
He is a absolutely destroyed soulless piece of trash.
And I don't say that to victoriously declare it.
I'm saying get away from it!
Get behind me, Satan!
Let's get as fast as we can.
Let's take our children and race to the other side of the universe from that.
Because at the next level, you're going to find out what's really going on, folks.
And I'm telling you, it's already a race.
A bomb was detonated.
This is a weapon.
And God has spread out live as fast as God can.
Because we think of God as invincible and omnipresent, and God is if we believe in God and stand up.
But let me tell you, the bomb
The bomb doesn't think, it just destroys.
It carries out the destruction of children, period.
It's its primary mission.
It's all it does is kill life.
And they see children as the potential of the future and they attack, attack.
And that's why they're powerful, is because it's a program.
It's not a soul.
Now let's talk about another demon.
One that actually, you know, is a doctor involved in keeping babies alive and harvesting their organs.
You know, if the clown bites little kids off, little arms off, you know, oh, that's scary.
How about somebody that actually does it?
When we come back, but don't get the number off.
We have another guest joining us.
We'll, we'll, we'll, we'll, we'll, we'll look at Northam.
No, we won't show him physically.
You talk about your wife, or the hottest girlfriend you ever had, and you're like, I don't know, she's so hot, I don't know.
Oh, baby.
You know, it's like the young turkish guy who talks about having sex with dogs.
He gets that look on his face like he's having an orgasm.
Northam, when he talks about cutting babies up, because there's so much money, and it's the power, and he says, I'm getting money killing.
Back in the old days, we had to kill babies down in basements.
Oh, look at this.
The government shouldn't get involved.
It's pre-war.
It's outrageous!
But, now he's up there having an orgasm.
A satanic orgasm.
About the whole martial law thing they're gonna blow up.
So we'll play that when we come back.
And let's open the phones up again, and I went right to your, Shady, good job.
Some people held it whole for an hour, they had like 20 calls, but your police, your military, no matter how good you are, I'll just give you a minute and a half so the next person gets on, I promise I'm going to be disciplined.
No matter how good you are, one time in my life I'm going to be disciplined.
I used to be 20 years ago.
The martial law plans, the gun confiscation manuals you've been given, that's all public, but when people hear you talk about it, and how real you are, that resonation, that humanizes the military and the police, and that humanizes us, and that makes us not have this war that the globals think we're going to have together.
That's so important.
Everybody knows, and it's not bragging, you should know the enemy knows this, that Infowars is the spirit of the people.
You're the best people that love America.
I mean, you love God.
You really are.
And we're not boasting when we say that.
We need to recognize that the elect of God that love justice and love freedom and aren't hypocrites and aren't fakes.
Listen to this show.
The people around the world that love God, they could be in Mexico, they could be in Brazil, they could be in South Africa, they could be in Libya, they could be in Iran, they could be in Japan, they could be in New Zealand, they could be in Russia, they could be in Ireland, they could be anywhere!
But we love God, and that unifies us!
It isn't about the color of our skin, but the spirit we have.
And that spirit knows beautiful music, it knows children, it knows love, it knows good food, it knows beauty, and it is how we come together.
Satan seeks to divide us.
We're not gonna unify under some globalist computer, we're gonna unify under Christ.
Well, we better not interview this next person.
Because if we interview her,
We might get the social credit score that's now here, we might get banned on Facebook.
You know, imagine someday in the future there's this big thing called the internet and you communicate on it, but if you say you like the President of the United States in America, you get banned.
That's not dangerous!
That's just a private company!
Watching everything you say and do and teaching you to lick boots.
And I'll say this.
People come to me constantly.
It's like a Chinese water torture.
I was like, what's on your mind, Chris Tonto Peranto?
And he said, I really liked your show.
I don't do other interviews anymore.
He said, just don't talk about Benghazi.
I said, let me guess, because people ask you about it 500 times a day, and he goes, yeah, I just can't talk about it.
Especially because they haven't given the dead guys any awards, their families, anything, and they've taken our security clearances and treat us like crap, and Trump is doing nothing about it!
Oh, it's a private company, the CIA.
We just hung you out there to die, and you didn't all die like you were supposed to, so you don't get your security clearance and your money.
We don't just not give you an award, we zip down our pants and piss on you and your families.
And I said, man, I'm getting pissed just talking to you about this during the break.
He goes, I don't want to get into it.
I said, no, just get into it.
Because we're not here in a cult worshiping Trump.
Just like I'm not worshiping myself.
I'm pissed at myself not doing enough.
So is Owen Schroeder.
And look at him kicking ass.
Because that's where you get stuff done.
And that's when you win the game.
And this isn't some football game.
This is our families and the whole shooting match we're talking about.
So if you're not fired up, just go serve Satan and get on your knees.
And inside you want to be a Brian Stelter.
So I got up this morning and I saw this InfoWars.com article and I went and saw the stories about it.
Dental assistant.
I was a dental assistant once.
Talk about nepotism.
My dad got me a job with a dentist.
Six months, made good money doing it.
It was minimal training.
But dental assistant fired for expressing support for Trump on Facebook.
Yeah, that's how this works.
And then we as a group don't feel threatened by that, but another American?
I mean, that's like, that's like taking a big old knife, big old dagger and just cutting a finger off.
We better not talk about how we like Trump.
We'll get fired.
Well, you might as well shove that right in your heart then.
Because what they did to her, they did to me.
And that's not some patronizing thing about how I'm a big, sweet, bleeding heart.
I'm not a bleeding heart.
I'm building nations.
You're building nations.
We're men.
And when people are fired because they support the president, duly elected, we got a problem in this country with a bunch of damn authoritarians.
She's got a name, Robin Pollack.
Wrongfully fired, don't go fund me.
The left will give millions to one of their pedophile chief spies or whatever.
Turns out most of these people that testify against Trump are pedophiles.
Well, of course they are.
That's the club they're in.
Oh, but a young woman gets fired.
Oh, we're not going to raise any money for her.
Conservatives have to start not stepping up to the plate.
How about fighting for your life?
How about just putting the fight up?
I know our listeners, the folks that are putting the fight up, that's why they're scared of you.
They're scared of folks putting the fight up.
But you understand what I'm saying?
Folks, fighting is not heroic.
It's survival.
It's not heroic to fight.
And I'm asking listeners for a default position for her and for InfoWars and for yourself.
Because if we don't get pissed about somebody losing their job because they support the President of the United States, and if we don't see the people that fired her for that as a threat to everything decent, and little Hitlers in the making, little Stalins in the making, little Mousetongues in the making, then we don't deserve the birthright that we've been given!
I'm gonna stop right there.
Dental assistant fired for expressing support for Trump on Facebook.
Dismissed after posting, Make America Great Again 2020.
You know, I've noticed there's one group they persecute more than anybody.
It's women.
They could be black.
They could be white.
They could be a beautiful yellow bone woman.
They could be Hispanic.
They could be whatever color they are.
They support Trump.
System comes down on them just like black people.
And they say, hey, we own your ass!
You are on the Democratic Party plantation.
You don't support Trump.
So she joins us now.
South Milwaukee dental assistant where the Democrats are planning FEMA camps for everybody.
This is kind of her own little FEMA camp.
She's, you know, fired.
She was fired from her job after a single person complained about a pro-Trump comment she posted on Facebook before attending a January 14th rally in Milwaukee.
Robin Pollack posted a Make America Great Again 2020 in response to a news story after his upcoming visit.
Wow, she went to a political rally.
She saw the president.
She said she supports him.
You know, I better stay away from her because if I have her on, they're going to get mad at me.
Folks, that's the creed of slaves, but that's how they operate with them for worse.
And that's how stupid they think you are.
So, thanks for coming on on short notice.
I guess you're not on your lunch break, you're fired.
We will have you a few segments, you're a real sweetheart.
Just whatever you want to add, whatever you want to say about what's happened to you.
Oh gosh, I just feel like the First Amendment is just completely thrown out the window.
You can't even say anything without being blasted nowadays, so.
Tell us what's not in the news.
I mean, what happened to you?
Why you like Trump?
You've got the floor.
I mean, I like Donald Trump because he's real.
He's just blasting everything that everybody just threw out the window.
He's bringing it back in and just making, you know, everything.
He's making America great again.
And then I get slammed and fired from my job because a person wrote a review on my Works Facebook page, giving them one star.
I got fired for it and I asked him, I said, why am I being fired?
And they said, well, because we can't be getting bad reviews on our page.
And I said, okay, well, what does that have to do with me?
And then at the end of the day, she was like, well, because we just can't be getting bad reviews.
She really didn't give me a reason.
So I went and did my own research on their Facebook page and I came to find out it was just one review.
And this person pretty much called me a racist because I posted on news media.
Actually, it was the night before the rally, just to clarify that.
And, um, I posted on the news media just saying, make America great again.
And, you know,
You sit there and you watch all these people just slander our president and stuff, and I just sit there and I was just supporting our president.
Well, I know as a conservative or as a patriot, you're not litigious, but these leftists are so dumb.
I'm proud of him.
You don't fire somebody for something they do that's totally legal outside of work.
So you've got a total wrongful termination.
And I know we're not vindictive as conservatives.
We need to start fighting back, okay?
So you need to shoot the hell out of these people.
Tell us about this dental office so nobody gets close to it.
I mean, honestly, you don't really have anything bad to say from them.
They're great people and stuff, but I just... See how that works?
They'd put you on the street.
They'd throw your ass... I get it.
I'm the same way.
But see, you don't fight like they do.
But this is the red terror.
You understand?
Hitler first got rid of Jews and others' jobs.
Then he put them in ghettos.
He dehumanized them.
Then he took them to forced labor camps.
Then he killed them.
It's a formula, darling.
And I'm not talking down to you.
I'm just telling you, you're a good person that just isn't American.
Well, I'm a mom, so... And a mom.
Oh, so a mom!
So we're gonna throw a mom out of her job.
How many children you got?
I have one three-year-old.
I just love how you're like...
You're just talking nice about the people that tried to throw you and your children down your childless street.
I mean, I'm not putting you down for this, but I'm saying, we got, as conservatives and as other Christians, we've got to stop.
Christ turned the cheek at one point when they were trying to set him up and kill him.
But there's other times he said, buy a sword.
I'm not calling for violence.
I'm saying, these dirtbags.
They've experienced the leftist rage mobs, the intimidators.
It was Alex Jones two years ago.
Now it's a mom who said, I want to make America great again.
And they said, your ass is fired for loving your country.
That's evil.
That's tyranny.
We need to recognize that as the fraud it is.
And we need President Trump to do something about it and say it's wrong.
I'm going to shut up, though.
I want you to have the floor when we come back.
Stay with us.
It is mind control.
Tell Americans.
I can't support the president?
You know, I don't have to wind myself up to get upset last second.
People are like, whoa, you're really upset.
Yeah, man.
A mother, done nothing wrong, a dental assistant, with a three-year-old child, is fired because one complaint on Facebook?
That is just a nation of cowards, a nation of weirdos.
Remember just a decade ago, the colleges were like, the most offensive speech is protected.
Now, in 2020, it's just a reign of terror everywhere.
And the media tells you if your husband's a Trump supporter, divorce him.
They don't even know who their kids are, what's going on.
That's vicious.
That's so aggressive that words don't even describe it.
So you're a nice lady, you're well-spoken, but you're being timid because I know I'm a little bit of an aggressive bull here, but I am pissed.
So let him have it.
And I know you're being a kind person, and I'm not trying to make you be a mean person.
You got fired for supporting the president saying, make America great again, and they admitted it was one person that complained.
That's super evil.
That's so un-American.
It's the polar opposite, 180 degrees.
I mean, we need to point that out as the plague.
That's like, that's like cancer.
I mean, this is, so you're like, oh, I'm kind of timid.
I'm sorry.
You know, we're fired.
I still like him.
I don't know why.
I, you know, no.
Who are the men in your life?
Because you need some people to literally stand up to these folks.
And it just shows how this nation has been, now women are fired with children for their views.
I'm ranting here.
Again, Demo says it fired for expressing support for President Trump, putting on her Facebook, Make America Great Again 2020.
Please, please, please, please, Robin Pollack, tell folks what's going on here.
I need to be quiet.
Well, I honestly, I just, I didn't think that it was going to go this big.
I just wanted to support my president and have my freedom of speech and stuff.
And you know, on there, people are just slamming him left and right.
And I'm just sitting there and I'm like, well, mega.
That's all I kept saying is mega, make America great again.
And they didn't like it.
You know, there were a few other posts and stuff that I kind of talked back.
People were saying, well, why don't they go to work?
Why are they, you know, sitting outside the night before the rally and stuff?
And I'm like,
They probably have PTO time.
They probably want to, you know, retire or whatever and stuff.
That's their life.
That's their choice.
If they want to sit out there, let them.
I'm just so sick of people slamming our president.
How dare you say it's okay that retirees sit outside and try to value a president that wants to make the country great?
They don't like the glorification of freedom.
And they want to tell you, no, no one is going to agree that Trump is bad.
America is bad.
It's a cult.
Words don't describe it.
You understand, this is the most hardcore tyranny.
If we read this in a textbook from Hitler, we wouldn't believe it.
I mean, Hitler allowed more free speech than these people did.
And I mean, I got slammed and, uh, the, you know, the review didn't even have my name on it or anything.
So it came back to me that the office managers called me.
She said, we need to terminate you.
And I wasn't even in the office.
She said that they took care of it in house.
They didn't take care of it in house.
They called me on the phone and fired me over the phone.
And when I asked why she said, Oh, because of a bad review.
And I was like, okay, was it linked to me at all?
And she was like, well, no.
And then I went back and I looked at the reveal.
Have you seen the Bible quote?
I forget what verse or what book.
The wicked flee when none pursue.
I mean, imagine the left.
It's from King James Version, Proverbs 28.1.
The wicked flee when no man pursueth, but the righteous are bold as a lion.
The way the left, like, oh, we got one complaint.
Fire you.
They ought to move to North Korea.
I mean, honestly, I just was in speech, I was speechless, like all day Tuesday.
I just didn't know what to say.
And my friends were like, that's not okay.
They can't just fire you because of a review.
And then the review didn't have your name in it or anything.
And then they're going to pinpoint it onto you because you're a Republican.
And I was like,
Well, what do I do?
I was like, I don't know what to do.
And they're like, you need to make this go big.
So I made a post.
I'm not going to tell this story because I don't want to hurt groups.
But there's a big, major national publication and the founder of it, you know, he talked to me, he apologized for what was going on.
They're even telling major publications, hey, you've got to go after Alex Jones.
We're going to go after you.
And it's not like I go, oh, no, more people are attacking me.
I'm like, wow, more major groups are cowards and selling out, you know?
And it's just like, wow, you're a coward, too.
I mean, where are their instincts?
I mean, imagine you're not even a human.
They fire you because you said, oh, there's your baby.
Bring your baby in here.
He wants to see you.
He said he's got a loud voice, Mama.
He heard your voice.
Say hi.
Hey, what's your name, buddy?
That's awesome.
You love your mommy?
You love God?
Yeah, you know God loves you.
You look just like your mommy.
I know, we get that a lot.
Let me talk to him some more.
What do you want to do when you grow up?
I'll be like Spider-Man.
He wants to be like Spider-Man.
You know what Spider-Man's motto is?
With great power comes great responsibility.
You know, you have a lot of power.
Yeah, and Spider-Man shoots webs.
Spider-Man shoots webs, he says.
Spider-Man sees the webs before he shoots them.
Knowing what the web is, when you watch this ten years from now... Yeah, right?
Knowing the web is the web.
So what's your favorite thing about your mommy?
What's your favorite thing about mama?
Oh, he says I like pink.
Mommy is mommy's life, isn't she?
Who's your best friend?
She loves you, you know that?
She protects you.
Okay, bye.
I know you've talked enough.
Thank you.
Give mommy a kiss.
All right, I'm ranting here.
This is a powerful interview.
What job are you getting?
I mean, how do people contact you?
Obviously, it's probably a dental office that's for free speech in Milwaukee.
I mean, they haven't burned it down yet, as the Bernie Sanders folks want to do.
Well, according to one of my Facebook posts, I was called a Trump clan, and that's okay.
I can be a part of the Trump clan.
I'm fine with it.
To one of the responses and stuff.
I was like, just like the Bernie Sanders clan and the Obama clan.
Well, they take every word.
Like, they want to change the name of a hall that's Lynch because somebody got lynched.
Like, the Irish name's bad.
A clan-ish means a tribe or a group or a family in Scottish.
So exactly.
Now they're trying to even demonize the word clan because the KKK said we're a family.
So now there's the KKK using a Scottish name for family.
Now we can't use it.
See how they attack language?
Oh yeah.
Well, anyways, I'm a dental assistant.
I've been a dental assistant for almost nine years.
I feel like I do my job thoroughly.
I always have dentists come back and say to me that, you know, I go above and beyond.
I'm not trying to throw my resume out there or anything and stuff.
But yeah, I would like to be back as a dental assistant, but in an office where I'm not going to be criticized for
My religion or my politics or anything like that.
But I don't bring that into the building or whatever.
I leave it at the door.
And if people want to talk about it and stuff, I can agree with them or disagree with them and I don't care.
But I, you know, like they said to me, pretty much they were like, Oh, did you do this on company time?
Did you do this while you were on the clock or anything?
And I said, no, I was sitting on the couch.
Minding my own business, watching my TV show, and just scrolling through Facebook, reading, you know, articles and whatnot, and posting my freedom of speech.
And you committed a thought crime.
Have you been taught?
How about you apologize to Zuckerberg and the people that reported you?
Why don't you bow to them and say, can my son have food?
You want to bow to them?
No way.
No way.
No way.
I'll be fine.
I'm good.
I'm a strong woman and stuff, and I'll get through this.
Um, at the end of the day, you know, I'm still going to support my president.
He's done a fine job and, um, let's make America great again and keep it great, you know, and keep it on going for years to come.
And the reason why I fight so hard for this is for my little one, because it's like, what is his future going to be like?
Is he, you know, going to be slandered for, you know, what he says when he's older?
And it's just, it's just unbelievable.
I have no first amendment anymore.
And it's very, very disturbing, you know?
Well I had a feeling that once I got the cork out of the bottle you'd start really talking a lot.
Do one more little segment with us and get back to your son.
Because I want you to just let it go.
Talk about what it's like to be a normal person working and then the thought police are on there and they find out who you are and they find out where you work and then they stalk you and then they make a complaint and you're fired and then you're just like, I don't want to go after my employer and I just trust you.
You're right.
God loves you.
I'm trying to find an attorney that's perfect for the situation, and I've had a few people contact me, but it's like, it's a very, very fine line because Wisconsin is that state where they can fire you for anything.
Not good at cause, but they can't do it in a discriminatory way because of your political views.
The point is, it doesn't matter what the lawyers say.
They need to be punished.
Yes, it is.
Totally committed.
I want to do a better job, but I just do the best I can.
But I'll tell you, some heads are going to roll.
Somebody's heads are going to roll.
And I got a good idea.
It's not going to be mine.
If that's what they want, we'll give them what they want.
But let's be real careful.
It's like that line in that movie Colors with Robert Duvall.
Let's run down there.
Let's walk down there.
Because that's what we're going to do.
But Trump is creeping down there.
Maybe he's right, maybe he's wrong.
But we summon Trump.
He dances to our tune.
I dance to your tune.
Not to the establishments.
All right, in closing, we have the thought criminal, Robin Policon, who lost her job in Milwaukee for supporting the president on Facebook, just saying, make America great again in 2020.
In the three and a half, four minutes we have, other points you want to relate to the public.
We just appreciate you speaking out because countless others get hit on the head with a hammer and they just go away forever and learn how to submit, but you didn't.
Well, I mean,
I was kind of speechless.
I didn't know what to say.
I was like, well, on to the next.
And I said that to my friends.
And then another thing that they pointed out, they're like, we need to like this person that wrongfully like blasted you and made you lose your job.
They were like, you need to put him on blast too.
But he's like gone completely MIA.
His name is William.
Do we know who this turd blossom is?
His name's William.
He lives in two rivers, which is like two hours north of Milwaukee.
So he doesn't even live in the Milwaukee area.
Someone's creeping around making sure women lose their jobs for supporting the president.
He's a wonderful person.
He's a real person.
He's got a record, a long record and stuff.
Oh, he's a bully.
He bullies women.
I'm surprised.
What a real man.
It's a real man on our hands here.
Yeah, he's got a couple of virtual conducts and stuff, and he's... I feel like he's a manipulator and stuff, in a way, you know, and just does whatever he feels like, and just, hey, I'm gonna go ruin this girl's life.
I privately did message him after the fact that I got fired, and I saw his name, and I went online, and I messaged him, and I said to him, I said, I want you to know, for your actions, and what you did, and your review, it got me fired.
Well, his response back to me was, make America great again.
And then he blocked me, so.
Well, he sounds like a real tough guy.
Uh, yeah, I think he just hides behind his computer and just doesn't really want to be an advocate for anything.
Does he not get metaphysically?
Because if I got a woman fired for a job for no reason, I'd like, I'd fear, I'd feel bad.
I'd be scared.
Not of her, of God.
Like, like screwing women over for no reason is like really bad luck.
These guys don't get why they're such losers, man.
Yeah, I don't, I mean, my friends are, you know, they, the one thing that they, that
Is being said, it's a lot about the dental office and stuff, Precision Dental, and blasting all them, when at the same time, they should be blasting this guy too, because if he never made that post or review, I'd still be at work!
And I'd be at work right now, so... No, you're saying, you're saying, why go after Precision Dental when we should go after and expose this, this un-American, this anti-human, this anti-free expression, this wannabe slave master?
Well, I think that we should go out there both.
It's a big deal, you know.
I was wrongfully fired because of his reveal.
You know, and it's... It's my right as an American to be able to freely speak the way I want to.
And they don't want you to exercise that, and they punch you in the nose.
But they're allowed to do it themselves.
And then when a
You know, a Trump supporter that is all 100% about him.
Hold on, we're back in 60 seconds.
I want you to finish that thought.
We have another guest joining us.
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
Stephen Wilford is one of the heroes, he won't call himself that, of what happened a few years ago in Texas at a church shooting.
A mass shooting that did happen and we're going to be breaking that down with him and going over it and getting his context on what happened at this latest church shooting where another patriot took out this individual in less than six seconds and just got the big award from the
Governor, which I totally agree, he needs to get, we need to honor people that do this and volunteer to do this because criminals and crazy people are targeting schools and churches and it's absolutely terrible.
So we'll talk to him here in just a moment.
I was finishing up with a dental assistant fired in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for expressing support for Trump on Facebook.
And so, you were making a point in closing when we ran out of the break, so please continue and finish up what you were going to talk about that, Ms.
Well, my point is this, is that at the end of the day, we all should be able to still be Americans and be able to have our freedom of speech no matter where we are.
I understand that, you know, in a business, you need to be professional and, you know, especially in like the medical field and stuff, and you can't rant and rave.
You know, when I'm outside in my own world and I'm not, you know, associating myself with my, you know, professional life or anything like that, I think that I should be able to be able to have that voice, to be able to speak, to advocate for people and to have my beliefs and to be able to support the president.
So it's just really disturbing that this is how our country has became.
And I, you know, my mother, she's elderly and stuff, and she grew up in the, you know, the late fifties and forties and, um,
She, you know, that was her time and she's like, times have changed completely.
She goes, because they've all thrown God out the window.
And she goes, if we brought God back into the window, our country would be thriving.
And the one thing I love about Donald Trump is like, he's, you know, backing everything that we've thrown out the window, bringing it all back in and nobody likes it.
And if you say something about it, it's like the end of the world.
Well, you're right, but it's not that nobody likes it.
It's that the media is creating a perception nobody likes it.
That's why you got fired from your job for saying you support the president, because they want to intimidate you to keep your mouth shut, but you're not doing it.
You're speaking out, and I really, really appreciate you joining us.
Where can people get in contact with you, I guess, before you're deplatformed or whatever's going to happen?
Hopefully that doesn't happen, and more persecution.
How do people contact Robin Pollack?
You can email me.
My email is robbie8433 at gmail.com.
They can email me.
I do also have my Facebook page right now still up and a lot of people have messaged me and I've tried to respond to people as soon as I can.
I was up till like 5 in the morning this morning talking to people.
Sure, give people the handle for that.
What's it on your Facebook?
Robin Pallack.
That's my name.
It's on, you know, it's all over the media as it is right now, but.
I don't understand.
Well, please join us again with an update.
We really appreciate you standing up for free speech.
It was great meeting your son on air.
Thank you so much for having me.
All right.
Thank you.
We'll talk soon.
We've got our next guest on and I just want to get this out right up front here.
The state police have put out a report, we put these reports out years ago, saying that incels, people that are into post-humanist movements, environmental movements, and into Satanism, and into involuntary
Celibacy are almost every mass shooter.
And mass shootings happen, and they're real, and Sandy Hook happened, and Parkland happened in 2018, and all that.
And in Parkland, I said that happened.
I didn't just cover the media like Sandy Hook seven years ago, and people questioned it, and then they edited tapes to me.
I said that happened.
I said the police stood down, which later was confirmed.
We had students on the day after.
You saw them on Skype.
And CNN went, oh those are fake students, those aren't real.
They did what they said I did.
So we try to get guessed on sometimes.
You know, I've had some of the Parkland parents on who write books and stuff are great people.
And they're like, I'm told not to come on here, but I'm going to do it because I've seen your show and you're a good guy.
I've talked about Sandy Hook one-tenth of one-hundredth of a percent.
But the media runs stories every day.
Jones is attacking Sandy Hook families.
Jones is saying it didn't happen.
And then a Democrat, Hillary, put out an ad with edited tape of me quoting what folks said and me saying, yeah, they staged babies and incubators didn't die.
And they've staged, you know, Jussie Smollett stages stuff.
They just staged, ABC News just staged that thing saying that Trump blew up or let them blow up a Kurdish city.
It was Knob Creek shootout.
It's okay to question.
But every time we have mass shootings now, they change the subject from the heroes that stop it and cut back on the number of dead to saying that they're crisis actors and it didn't happen and all this.
And then they say, I'm saying it currently.
I never even said it the way they said I said it.
But they steal your identity, and then they say you're this person.
So we were getting this guest on, and he said, listen, I don't know who you are, but my wife does, and she said this Sandy Hook thing.
So I just, any chance I can, I want to explain.
That's not my identity.
I never sent people out to their families.
It's a lie.
And it's the media saying that in my name over and over again.
But that's not why we got him on.
He's willing to say whatever he wants.
I know that one of the same crazies that came to our office and threatened us and is obviously schizophrenic, came and attacked them and said that they were making stuff up, people didn't die.
No, real shooters are going out shooting people.
It's real.
And there's crazy people.
And there's a state police report, there's an FBI file on it, and
All this stuff is 99.9% of it is 100% real, okay?
And I want to say that because if I think something's fake, I'll tell you if I think it's fake.
But I've learned not to play devil's advocate and go, well, these folks are saying this because of this, this, and that.
They'll take that clip out, they'll put that on the news, and they'll say that.
So I'm done talking about it.
Everybody says, God, you're on the news every day about this.
People walk up in the store and they go, stop talking about those kids and how it didn't happen!
And I've had people actually kind of slug me in the arm and I'm like, whoa!
Notice I got a beard now.
That was years ago out of context.
I'm like, listen, that's a media lie.
I want to talk about what happened up by Dallas and Fort Worth.
I want to play that clip when we come back.
And I want to talk about how good people with guns is the answer.
Because jihadists run over folks with cars.
We don't blame the cars.
The media does.
They say, you know, a truck attacked people.
No, a jihadi did it.
But we know not to blame the trucks.
We blame the person.
Well, we don't blame the guns.
And so the media has really changed the subject, I've noticed.
Like they came out and said that I said nobody.
There was a few articles saying that at the Walmart last year and in Ohio.
I was reading their Facebooks and Twitters where they said they were incels that loved Satan and loved Bernie Sanders.
But see, that's how they change the subject.
So they want me off the air so I can't point out who's really doing this.
And so I didn't used to understand all this.
I mean, we all grow, we all learn.
And used to, I didn't realize how big my show was.
We're going to go to break and come back with our guests.
I'm just getting this off my chest because he was asking about the other day.
Everything's out in the air now.
There's nothing secret here.
None of it.
And I used to follow what the Internet thought, you know, because the Internet's like, we don't believe this happened.
Here's this anomaly.
We blah, blah, blah.
And then years later, I found out, well, I think that did happen.
Those anomalies were false.
The minute, though, I went and said, hey, stop saying I'm the Sandy Hook guy.
I think it happened.
I barely talked about it.
They went, oh, you lied about it.
You said nobody died, and you lied about that.
You knew that to make it my identity when I hardly ever talked about it.
So I want my identity back, and I want listeners to understand it's not about me.
It's about how they change the subject.
So if my guest wants to talk about it, we've got a break in one minute.
We'll come back to him.
But let's not talk about that.
That's a lie.
That's not real.
Let's talk about
The fact that it's men and women, but mainly men, all across this country that every week are stopping shooters who are psychotic demons who go into churches, that's satanic see, and go into stores to kill people for no reason but they want attention.
So let's get his spiritual view on that as well, why they're attacking churches, but I know when he comes on he'll get news articles.
A man that stopped killer goes on Sandy Hook denier.
It's a weapon.
And when he experiences it, he'll then figure it out.
He's a plumber.
But people say, oh, he's a plumber.
Plumbers are the smartest people around.
They know how stuff actually works.
They get jobs done.
He'll then understand what I've been through, not as a victim.
I'm not a victim, but he'll understand what I've learned so others don't go through it.
Because let me tell you, you gotta be run over by this media before you figure it out.
So a real hero who stopped a mass killer before he killed more people, Stephen Wilford, straight ahead.
Please stay with us.
A couple weeks ago, up in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, a crazed, mentally ill, homeless person who'd been helped for years by individuals came in and
We're good.
We saw somebody who started shooting at the individual and drove him out of the church, then another man ended up taking him down.
Texan of the Year finalists, Southern Springs Heroes, Steven Wilford and Johnny Lagendorf.
Stephen Wilford joins us, because we always learn about the murderers.
We always learn about the killers.
We always learn about the Harris and Kleibels.
We always learn about the Jeffrey Dahmers.
We always learn about the... We all know their names.
We know Ted Bundy's name.
We know John Wayne Gacy's name.
And I hate to say their names, but we all know those names.
But we don't know...
The names of people that just quietly stand up against these murderers and stop a lot more people getting killed.
So I wanted to get him on just about the world and what he sees happening and where he sees all this going.
Stephen Wilford, we really appreciate you as a fellow Texan coming on the show and I know people, you know, told you the propaganda about us and that's why I set that up earlier with the truth of what happened so you would know and others would know.
But separate from that, not distracting from what's happening and what you've done and what others have done, what would you like to get into first?
We appreciate you coming on.
Well I guess what I have to do first is business.
Second Amendment Foundation is sponsoring me today and that would be saf.org and I would like to also promote my website, stephenwilford.com.
Where do you want to start?
Will it happen with you a few years ago?
Or this newest event?
Or some leftist saying, why are people armed in Texas?
That was the big, you know, CNN was like, why are people armed in a church?
Without even saying, will you stop the crazy person?
I'll tell you the only thing that will stop a shooter is when a second gun arrives at the scene.
And it doesn't matter whether it's another gun in the hands of a police officer or another just individual like myself.
That's what stops a shooter.
It's just another gun coming onto the scene.
I appreciate Jack Wilson and his team.
I would also like to recognize the two men that lost their lives that day also.
They're just as much heroes as Jack Wilson is because they confronted the shooter and they occupied him.
Talk about that because people see the headlines.
I remember reading that.
That's important.
Tell folks what happened.
Well, the two guys first, they were watching the shooter because they have a safety response team at their church.
And they already had identified him as a, we call him JDLRs, just don't look right.
And the guy had on a wig and a fake beard and a trench coat.
And they were watching him.
And when he became aggressive, the two guys that got shot first, they were engaging him.
They, he was able to get a shotgun out and shoot and kill them both, but they engaged him enough that he didn't shoot any other innocents.
And then Jack Wilson was able to step up and make an amazing shot across the room.
So those men that died were like the Marines that jump on the hand grenades.
Yeah, they were.
They were, they were honorable men that understood they're going to protect
Their church, their church community, their friends, their neighbors.
And they stepped up and they took bullets for them.
And that's honorable thing.
Because that's an office they agreed to do.
That's what's honorable means you honor what you're going to do.
Yeah, they they they stepped up, they put their lives on the line and ultimately they lost their lives.
But I will say,
Those men woke up in the arms of Jesus, and that's not a bad day.
Well, I tell you, it brings tears to my eyes because I think about how selfish Hollywood is.
Have you seen the videos that they're pushing all over Hollywood of having women talk about how much they enjoyed killing their children and then they go, I know they're babies and I like killing them and I'm powerful.
It's the opposite.
You don't want to talk about yourself.
It's the opposite of those men that died.
These people, their selfishness, they wear it like it's a crown when really it's a big, like Jesus said, it's a big giant boulder tied around their neck.
This is the problem with our country nowadays, when we stop valuing lives, and even the most innocent lives in this country.
Unborn babies, they're innocent, they're beautiful, they're God's gift to this country.
They're total potential.
They are the blessings that God gives us, and we have to stop aborting
Those children and they wonder, you know, because when we were in high school, we came to school with guns in the racks in the back of our trucks.
What's the difference between then and now?
Because we didn't have Satanism.
We were good people.
The difference is now is we have no value in life when we can take the most innocent and abort them.
We are not valuing life at any either end of the spectrum because now we have in some states assisted suicide for the elderly.
There you go.
That's a perfect example.
Those two men right there are heroes just as much as Jack is.
And they're not black.
They're not white.
They're patriots.
They're Americans.
They're Christians.
They are.
They are.
And I feel for their families.
And I pray for their families.
But what a legacy.
What a legacy they've left.
Their families know what's important in life.
And again, they woke up in the arms of Jesus, too.
What do you think is driving these Satanists?
Like, the state police report says they're Satanists.
I mean, that's what they are.
What is going on with suddenly Satanists just popping out attacking churches?
I mean, this is crazy.
Well, you know, God... The Bible talks about this being a fallen world.
And it is.
It's a fallen world, and you can't stop evil from starting.
But I can tell you, men like Jack can stop it for the duration of it.
You can't stop its birth, but you sure as hell kill it.
That's right.
You can stop it from continuing.
And I encourage anybody to go out and get trained to carry a gun.
And that's why they hate the Second Amendment is just like Chicago or DC.
They want to have their reign of terror upon us, don't they?
They don't like me because I grabbed the very gun that they say is evil.
I grabbed an AR-15 and ran across the street.
They think the gun is evil and it's not the gun.
I defend my community with my firearm.
Well, you don't like to talk about yourself, but let's go back to that day two years ago, almost three years ago, when we come back with Stephen Wilford.
And Stephen, we're going to go to break here in a moment, but give that website out again when you come back on the other side.
We really appreciate you.
It's just amazing.
It's just amazing how they turn heroes into bad guys.
I don't know if you saw the news, folks.
The folks that shot the bad guy were bad to have guns up by Dallas in White Settlement.
We're going to go back to our guest here.
And I almost feel guilty that I'm not harping more on what the left and the globalists are trying to cook up in Virginia.
I hope and pray everything they do fizzles out.
The civil war they're trying to start doesn't go the way they want it to go.
And I just burn with desire to try to figure out how to stop them.
I know you burn with desire.
You're either on fire or not.
There's no in-between.
And we're awake.
We're on fire.
And you look at those that aren't on fire and you wish they could join you, but they just don't know what it's like.
But the man that's on fire is Steven Wilford.
You know, I've seen him a few times in the news.
He's the guy that first stopped the shooter and ran him out, and then he got killed by another patriot that we talked about earlier.
Johnny Langendorf here in Texas.
And back when they did it, and back when this just happened a few weeks ago up in White Settlement, the media
Focused on two things.
Why are people armed in Texas and white settlement?
Well, white just means the guys that found the town was named White.
In England, they just changed the name of a town from White Cliffs.
There's White Cliffs on the beach too.
See those ships coming in, like, oh, the town's White Cliff.
You know, when you see it, you see White Cliffs.
Kind of like, you know, Oak Grove, or names come from Big Fish.
First time somebody got there and named it, they called it Big Ass Fish, but they meant Big Fish or White Fish.
But that's how they try to change the subject because they want you to hear about the mass shooters and you can type this in.
Media promoting mass shootings causes mass shootings.
They've got hundreds of university studies that are hyping it and glorifying the shooters, who are always these incel, devil worshippers.
State police report.
And I'm just so proud of the state police getting that report out.
Our own Paul Watson spearheaded the last five years exposing incels, and it's very exciting.
Going back to Stephen Wilford.
Stephen, I could ask you a million questions, but
You've got the floor.
You just take over.
What do you want to say about America and about the world and about people blaming folks that take out the shooters saying, well, you're the problem?
I mean, I'm sure you've seen that.
How they think that upside down logic is going to work when these very same Democrat politicians have all got bodyguards and live in armored fortresses?
I want to mention again that I'm sponsored today by Second Amendment Foundation and you can go to
And I love those folks.
I'm glad because we've got to support the Second Amendment.
You're right.
How do we do that?
That's a good place to start.
Just go to SAF.org and find out who they are and support them.
They're a large organization committed to backing the Second Amendment and our freedoms.
And I want to talk a little.
You mentioned it.
What's happening in Virginia?
I'm speaking on Monday in Virginia, and they're hoping to have 100,000 people there in Virginia.
And it'd be quite a crowd to be able to speak and be honored to speak to Virginians.
And Virginia is where it all started.
It's Virginia, the founding fathers.
Talk about that.
We always talk about Boston, which is amazing as well.
But let's talk about how it started in Virginia.
But George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, they were both born and raised in Virginia.
That's right.
Virginia ignited the revolution.
Virginia ignited the revolution.
The Declaration of Independence was formed in Virginia.
The Constitution
Was written in Virginia.
Virginia was one of the most important states there was, and blood was spilled of many patriots in their streets and in their farms and stuff, fighting for the freedoms that we enjoy today.
And we cannot let that go.
We cannot let our freedoms go away.
There's been too many patriots throughout history.
I totally agree, and we're told America's not exceptional, blah blah blah.
Why does everybody want to come here?
We were founded by exceptional people, the only folks to ever beat the British Empire.
Not Napoleon, Hitler, nobody could beat it.
We beat it.
We're it.
And it's not like we're bragging.
We're just saying, hey, we're not playing games.
And we need to rediscover that greatness.
Why do they run it down?
Because they fear it.
Tyrants fear the red, white, and blue.
Lexington and Concord, the British were coming, and they had several hundred troops, and they were coming to get a cache of weapons.
And they were met by Patriots, around 2,000 or better, that just organized in the last minute.
They called them Minutemen, and they grabbed their guns, and they met them and said, you're not coming to take our guns.
And yet the same thing is happening in Virginia right now, where the governor is saying, we're going to outlaw your guns.
We're going to outlaw your guns and we're going to come to your door and we're going to get them.
And there's going to be a hundred thousand patriots that are at the lawn of the Capitol.
And right away, the governor went around, declared a state of emergency.
So that he could turn around and say, oh, now we won't let you bring your guns when you come to the Capitol.
And he is calling for the state police, he's calling for the Capitol Police, and he's calling for the Richmond Police to stand together in riot gear to stop citizens, good guys with guns.
He's not worried about the evil people with guns.
He wants to stop citizens.
Good people, good law-abiding citizens with guns from coming on to the Capitol.
And if you turn around and you strip the citizens of their guns and then somebody radical from the outside comes and starts shooting, that's what the Second Amendment is all about.
Your ability to protect yourselves.
That's right.
Good having the capacity to defend itself.
And try to shoot at the politicians.
But I'm going to tell you... Oh yeah, they're already phrasing it as that.
They may stage a false flag.
Which is why I'm not saying Sandy Hook was staged.
We have to look at every event.
It could be provocateur.
I believe Sandy Hook happened.
But they... The left could provocateur.
They could have a leftist go out there and incel and start shooting people and say he's with us.
How do we deal with that?
I'm going to tell you that
We aren't the aggressors here, but if they come to our doors to take our guns, you don't come into my home unless you are the aggressor.
And you're not going to come to my house and just expect to remove my guns without a fight.
Now I understand Americans want to recreate 1776.
Sorry, go ahead.
We're politically recreating it right now is why they want to start a fight in Virginia.
Does that make sense?
Keep going.
You said you don't come to my home.
I apologize.
Repeat that.
I'm sorry.
I interrupt you.
If you come into my home or if you come into my neighbor's home with violent men and expect to do your bidding, expect me to protect my neighborhood.
I always will.
Let me say this, my friend, Stephen Wilford, one of the heroes that took out the shooter up in, uh, stopped the shooter up here in Texas.
Um, I get big rowdy points with a lot of folks if I say, oh, gun for my gold, dead hand, we're ready for war with the redcoats, all that.
And I get you.
They're coming for guns and houses.
People have a right to say no to that.
It's unlawful.
The Supreme Court's rule it's wrong.
DC versus Heller.
I get it.
You're, you're in the legal right side.
But I'll tell you, I mean, if they came to my house to confiscate my guns, I'm not going to have a shootout because I know it's a political deal.
They want to, they said special officers.
They're setting me up.
They want the war then.
I don't fight wars on my enemy's terms.
I fight them on my terms.
And I don't interrupt my enemy while they're destroying themselves, to quote Napoleon Bonaparte.
So I want to ask you that question.
Yes, they're starting to fight and they're coming with the guns.
They're just saying it.
And the straight up response is, well, we're going to fight that.
Well let me tell you, the patriots aren't going to shoot the cops coming to get the guns.
They're going to stage that.
So let's talk about the real politique.
In the final segment of this hour, I have Matt Bracken who has wrote a book about this years ago happening in Virginia.
Just as Europe was attacked for 600 years before it fought back against the Islamic invasion, humanity will rise.
It's already beginning to happen.
We have to have the will to not be buffaloed and just driven into fear like the wicked and worry about what people say about us, what they lie about us.
Who cares?
The enemy lying about good men and women is a badge of honor.
And people need to learn that.
I know a lot of folks already get it, but when you're being lied about, when you're being attacked, if somebody's being attacked in the media, you might want to
You might want to actually check out what's happening.
Because most of the time, nine times out of ten, that person's good.
Here's an example, though.
She's tried to cover it up.
She's tried to get away with it.
I mean, she's been incredibly corrupt.
Shaved by the U.S.
military when she was a little girl in Somalia, the most hellish country on earth.
There's a place in the world that's ass-backwards.
That's it.
So sad.
Investigators with ICE FBI reviewing criminal allegations against Ilhan Omar.
Report says, that's Daily Wire, it's up on Infowars.com, the Ayatollah says Iran, energy more uranium than before 2015 deal.
We've got a 45-year-old man caught with child pornography, says he identifies as an 8-year-old girl, so it's okay now.
I mean, this is the sickness teleprompter.
Twitter, MSN reporters keep saying wow.
I think so.
Oh no, I don't.
I don't like to get into conspiracy theories and stuff and why things happen.
I want people to know that they need to stand up and stand against tyranny altogether.
And we don't need to be the aggressors here.
We don't need to be the ones to start this.
No, I agree with you.
It's not a conspiracy theory.
People should go out there.
They should be there.
I agree.
We shouldn't let that intimidate us.
I 1,000 million percent to infinity agree with you.
I'm saying the left is famous for staging stuff.
I go out to events with Democrats.
They'll have guys in wheelchairs come up and punch me in the back or pinch me or whatever, trying to get me to hit them because they're in a wheelchair.
Antifa puts women out front when they're blocking entrance to an event so they can say you attacked a woman when you try to go through a line.
I'm just saying, I'm going to Virginia, I'll see you there, I'll shake your hand.
I'm saying, why do you think the governor and the Democrats are so boldened or emboldened, so brazen, I don't want to say brazen, I said boldened, so emboldened to say they're coming for our guns?
After all these years of sneaking around secretly, wanting to do it, their own documents admitting it, now why are they out in the open?
What's your spidey sense tell you?
They got elected.
They got elected.
And I was talking to somebody and they said that 30% of Virginians weren't born in Virginia anymore.
Instead, they're migrating down from D.C.
and Maryland and other states.
You know, they cause a problem.
You know, they vote and they swing liberal in their state.
When it's hard to do business and stuff, then they move to another state.
They're coming to Texas.
That's right.
After they've crapped their nest, they go to the next nest and start pulling their past down.
Don't come to my bed and mess in my bed and do what you did in yours.
Your bed's uncomfortable to sleep in anymore because of what you did.
Do you want to bring your business to Texas because we have lower tax rates and you want to employ people in Texas?
That's great.
But don't bring your attitudes that you have that destroyed your state and bring them into my state and expect the same thing.
By the way, you're politely, gentilly saying that on the air.
I'm in Austin, so you're lucky where you're at.
I drive a big Ford truck.
They walk over and literally say, why do you have four children?
Why do you drive a truck?
They get in my face.
I mean, these people are crazy.
I mean, they're crazy.
Tell them it's none of their business.
That's what I tell them, yeah.
But I mean, you wait till you run into libtards where you're at, man.
It's scary as hell.
I mean, they are bossy.
They think they own your brain, brother.
It's like, you know how the universities ban free speech and stuff, right?
Well, that's what it's like in Austin now.
And I'm not, you know, I'm not, the old statement's not bragging, but I mean, my family on both sides was involved in founding the state of Texas.
People ask, why am I in Austin?
Well, because my family was here when it was Waterloo.
But I mean, it's California now, bro.
It's bad.
Austin's just far east LA.
That's a good way to put it.
Austin is east LA.
So what do we do about that?
We have to start taking our state back.
We have to start voting these guys out.
We have to start taking our state back.
We've got a San Antonio City Council and stuff that thinks that they can change the Alamo.
They want to get rid of it and say it sucks and Santa Ana dictator was a great guy and turn it into a racist monument when a third of the folks there were Mexican?
They want to take down the Cenotaph.
They want to change that.
180 something people taking on 3,000 people and fighting to the death and killing over a thousand is pretty tough.
I mean, nobody can piss on that.
I mean, nobody.
Well, and what I think is the
The point is here is I don't think that a city council should be able to go in and change the Alamo.
The Alamo should belong to Texas.
And the question is why do they want to go?
It's not even Mexicans or Hispanics that want it.
It's leftists that hate that symbol and want to wipe their ass with it.
The problem is they try to make it looking like the Texas-Mexican War was a Hispanic versus
White War, and it wasn't.
What about Juan Seguin?
It was about being able to own land and not being a peon.
And again, that's what they call it in Mexico.
When you're a serf, you're a peon.
It just means slave.
Juan Seguin was a Hispanic general that fought for the Texican side.
You know, what the Alamo was about, what the revolution was about, is
The Mexicans wanted to settle Texas, and so they gave you a plot of land and said, make it into a farm and clear it out, and we'll give it to you, and you can settle Texas.
And then at some point, they said, you know what?
We're going to take your land back.
You know, after you put blood, sweat, and tears in it, and maybe your father died helping to build that farm and stuff, and you've made your life there.
And then they said, we want the land back.
No, that's true.
But the Texicans said, you're not getting it back.
I agree.
But Andrew Jackson did see it was coming 15 years before.
And it was, I mean, because there was a few missions and that wasn't being held.
It was, let's just say it.
People were brought in from Tennessee and Alabama to wipe out because the Comanches were killing all the Mexicans.
And they said, well, these guys will kill the Comanches.
So that's what happened.
We killed everybody and we got the land.
And that's it.
So, that's how it works.
And all the Comanches were these little sweethearts.
They were feared by all the other tribes.
They wiped everybody out.
They killed men, women, children, you name it.
We came in, we wiped them out, and that's how Texas got born.
Did you know that there were 12 Virginians, sorry, 14 Virginians that died in the Alamo?
I did hear that, yeah.
That they sacrificed their life for the fight for freedom for Texas.
It's actually beautiful.
There's a big Japanese memorial there, too, because the Japanese had a deal where like 30 samurais held off like 500 dudes and all died, but held them off to the next army.
It's the same story.
It's 300.
It's Gallipoli.
I mean, it's, this is the stuff.
And that's why, and Texas is that perfect melting pot.
It's why it's the six flags over it.
And everybody tries to put that down because people are scared of that.
Let's do five more minutes with you and then Matt Bragg is taking over.
I really feel like, you know, I'll just be honest with the audience.
I enjoy the shows when nobody calls in and plugs in the products.
And I enjoy the shows.
I barely plugged today.
We'll go bankrupt and shut down if I keep doing this.
But I don't like asking for help.
It's like, it's fundamental with me.
That in my whole life, I can do whatever I want and fight whoever I want and win, but I gotta ask for your help.
And I don't feel, I just, it's not that I'm even mad asking for the help, I just don't like begging and just constantly doing it.
It's the one part of my life I hate.
Literally, I forget about everything.
Just buy the damn products, folks.
They're excellent and we're delivering.
I mean, if you can't tell this is the real deal, what is?
Just buy the products and I'll declare total war.
America and humanity stands on some big shoulders.
You can feel the energy.
You know, I've not really talked about Virginia a lot today because I'm about to be there.
And the Democrats are planning something really nasty.
You can feel it.
But when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord lifts up a standard against it.
And that standard, when a satanic killer came to kill people, was Stephen Wilford.
And of course, Johnny Lagendorff.
We really appreciate him joining us to talk about what happened at that attempted massacre in Sulphur Springs.
It would have been 50, 60 people, or more, they estimated, but not just the five.
They would have stopped him.
What do you want to say in closing?
And I really appreciate you joining us today, brother.
I guess I want to say stay vigilant.
Get out there, get trained, be ready.
You never know when you might be needed.
You know, the left thinks they're going to have gun confiscation, but almost every police officer I talk to is awake, and almost everybody I talk to in the military is totally awake.
That's why the deep state can keep trying their tricks all day, but they just don't have any juice anymore.
Again, I want to wrap this up, I guess, by mentioning Second Amendment Foundation and saf.org and stephenwolford.com.
I speak to churches and help them set up... Oh, that's invaluable.
Talk about that.
Talk about how churches... Oh, it's dirty to have guys with guns.
Christ said, sell your cloaks and buy a sword.
That's the answer.
Good people with guns.
Tell us about that.
I go and I help churches and religious organizations set up safety response teams.
And I speak with them.
I fly all over the country to do it.
You can book me to speak.
You can come.
And I just, I guess this is my calling now, and make people aware that if Sutherland Springs with a population of 600 people, if it could happen there, it could happen anywhere.
And if you think you're going to just shoot at flat targets,
You're not going to confront a active shooter.
You need to be a little bit more trained than that.
You need to have a team together that will work together that sees these threats just like Jack Wilson did.
And he was able to stop threats so quickly, him and his team.
And I can't say enough good about them and what... Let's be clear.
Spiritually, having men and women armed and ready is literally a deterrent to this evil.
They target things they think are disarmed.
Like the state police report, they target unarmed crowds.
The answer is arm the crowd.
Just remember that Jesus said that he will leave the 99 and go out and look for the one sheep to bring him back.
The sheep.
For Jesus Christ, He loves the sheep.
And when He leaves the 99 to go look for the one, it's the sheepdog.
I agree.
You probably won't listen to the show, but I started the broadcast with that.
Is that... It's... The prodigal sheep... It's the same story with the prodigal son.
No, I'm talking about when Jesus said... No, no, no, no, I know, but I'm saying, the lost sheep parable, I'm saying the prodigal son, it's the same thing is what I'm saying.
But when he leaves the 99 to go look for the one, just remember, be the sheepdog that takes care of the 99 while he's gone.
Because when he comes back, he loves his sheep and he wants them to be all together when he comes back.
I totally agree.
All right, Stephen Wilford, look forward to shaking your hand in Virginia next Monday.
We're getting into D.C.
Thank you so much.
I got a final segment to break some things down that Matt Bracken takes over.
Stay with us.
Newswars.com only exists because of you.
Because of you.
We can end this destructive conflict.
Manipulate scientific data.
Take over.
World government.
Shut down infrastructure.
Give everything to China.
Look at this person.
Hitler took the guns.
Stalin took the guns.
Mao took the guns.
Fidel Castro took the guns.
Hugo Chavez took the guns.
And I'm here to tell you, 1776 will commence again if we try to take our firearms.
Doesn't matter how many lemmings you get out there on the street begging for them to have their guns taken.
We will not relinquish them.
Do you understand?
You have done well, Lord Vader.
Man, Dave Mustaine told me like six years ago, he goes, I want you to write my next album.
And I was like, you're joking.
Not that I'm just too busy.
It's Dave Mustaine that wrote Kill Em All.
He wrote this song.
Then the album came out.
It was all InfoWars.
So he wrote it.
You see the four horsemen ride.
So choose your fate and die.
You must choose your fate.
You've been dying since the day you were born.
You know it's all been planned.
A sinner once, a sinner twice.
You need no confessions now.
Because now you've got some company.
Lock up your wife and children now.
It's time to wield the blade.
All the jokes, all the games, are almost over.
Now, reality begins to set in.
The Great Animating Contest, and America, who they believe was asleep, is awake.
He's awake, and it's now.
Drawing its bleed.
Not to attack, but to defend.
You can feel the spirit, as never before, rising!
It's unstoppable!
But, if the public can be deceived by staged false flag attacks, if they can stage a mass shooting and have us buy into it, and have us cower and not challenge the event when it happens, they could snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
With it in every way, like Pelosi.
See, evil decays.
Not God.
It's regenerative.
And now there's nothing you can do.
Ha ha ha!
We've been planning a long time for this.
A man's got to have a code, a creed to live by.
I wonder who said that.
You gotta have something.
You gotta serve something.
Like Bob Dylan said, and I don't serve Satan.
In fact, Satan is a joke.
A lot of people are scared to take on Satan.
They want to hide behind God.
The truth is, God fights Satan through us.
We're the fingers, or the hand, or the will.
And we're meant to get chewed up in that fight.
And when you take that on and stop caring anymore, that's when you truly live.
Here they come, the four horsemen.
Alright, I'm gonna leave it at this before Matt Bracken takes over.
I can sit here and I can worry all day about what's going to happen in Virginia.
And I can sit there and beat my brains out.
And I can sit there and get upset and yell at the crew.
The crew's like, man, you're as happy as pumpkin pie today.
What's going on?
Because I woke up at about 310 a.m.
last night.
I worked till about 1 a.m.
So I'm going to sleep about two hours.
And I just woke up and I've never felt the Spirit of God so strong.
And folks, this isn't some fake Bible-thumping crap here, or some fake preacher tries to tell you about what they saw down the road when they saw a real preacher.
This is the real deal, okay?
This isn't something in some seminary or taught by some glitter bug.
This is the real deal.
So I can't stop spouting God and Jesus Christ, because that's all I'm thinking right now.
I mean, I got all these articles, all these videos, all this incredible stuff to cover, and I just keep getting closer to Jesus every five seconds.
I mean, it's just closer and closer and closer.
And let me tell you, that doesn't happen unless we're about to face the crucible.
They're trying to impeach the president with this trial.
They're trying to remove him from office.
They're trying to create this illusion that America is discredited and we're broken during this critical fight.
So they've got their indictment.
Now they want to have the conviction.
And they've got lined up Virginia and D.C.
and other events for false flags.
We're going to be there on the ground.
But they can strike other places.
And it's the awareness of how the media is all lined up and how Joe Biden
So Charlottesville 2.0 is what he's running on tells you they're locked and loaded.
They're going to have foreign assets.
They're going to be using cut out groups.
You name it.
They are badly coordinated, and they are confused, and they are scared.
You read those stroke emails and text messages, well he didn't do anything, we're gonna get in trouble.
They are, they've got the dumbest of their dumb to launch this attack.
And if we pray, and if we're vigilant, and if we're informed, and if we're involved, and if we're on the ground, and if we put the skin in the game, if that road rash, where it all comes down to that,
Put the skin in the game.
That's where the rubber meets the road.
We're going to win this thing.
But you've got to pray today.
You've got to pray right now.
You've got to pray tonight.
You've got to pray tomorrow morning.
You've got to pray this weekend.
You've got to pray on Monday.
You've got to pray on Tuesday.
Because the planets have aligned for the trial of our president in the Senate.
And their false flags that say we're all white supremacist and all this stupid ass crap, when they know full damn well Christianity is the unifying force, even if you look at it politically, to not destroy the planet and kill each other.
Come together under Christ, come together under love, come together under justice, come together for the children, come together for that ethos, and anyone opposing that is a piece of trash!
And, like that poor woman I had on earlier, two hours ago, fired from her job,
And as a dental assistant for saying, make America great again, 2020.
That's what we're facing, is intimidators like that.
And so George Orwell said, freedom is the ability to say two plus two equals four.
That's right, is to say men don't have babies.
And everybody tries to come to America because they had an idea to empower people, not that we're the place that oppresses people.
And they use our strength against us.
And I'll just say this in closing because I didn't do it already for three hours.
Our products are kick-ass.
I mean, I metaphysically can't bring you a product that isn't the very best out there.
I mean, I go to these companies and I go, I want turmeric, even though it's sold out right now.
I want turmeric at the highest level.
And they go, well, the highest level known is 85%.
Well, I want higher.
Well, okay, we got a formula 95%.
We tested it with outside firm.
Listen to what the FDA does on the label as tumor, but it's a tumor extract.
Same thing with vasobeads.
We go around, we do our testing, we study.
Because, man, I cannot give you anything that... I mean, if I'm not going to sell out to the New World Order, you think I'm going to sell out to sell you crap?
They could put a gun to my head and say, we want you to lie to somebody.
And I'd say, pull the freaking trigger, because I am not for sale.
Already sold out to Jesus.
It's done.
So, it's simple.
If we had twice as much money, we could do a hundred times more.
It is just exponential.
We've got the platform.
I'm busy just keeping the platform in place, which pisses me off because I could do so much more.
Again, I just mortgaged my house because I parked a bunch of money in there over the years to make sure I could fund things because I don't trust banks.
I pulled that out.
I'm just busy spending all my time trying to hire camera people, reporters, where to send folks.
I'm not bitching.
But I don't, a full-time talk show host, full-time general, trying to hire folks who want to take action, trying to hire people that will have will and want to go out there, you know.
So, we need your financial support.
And if you like what you see...
Then just buy the products at Forrestore.com and sign up for AutoShip.
Make that commitment.
Put the ring on so that you can cancel anytime for free.
You get the coffee, get the fish oil, get the products.
Bunch of big sales right now, but it isn't about how we got sales.
It's about investing in your future, which you need to do right now.
As for me, I'll be there at the top of that armored vehicle, facing down those Globalists, bigger than Dallas, just hoping they take me out, because I love Jesus and I'm ready to win.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Okay, I'm on for the rest of the hour.
And if you're wondering what I'm going to be mainly talking about today, let me give you a clue.
That's where I went to school in Charlottesville at UVA.
And I wasn't there for the 2017 Charlottesville festivities.
And I'm not planning on being in Richmond this Monday either.
I have a pre-existing major social obligation that's been scheduled for many months involving a lot of people.
And frankly, you know, I don't think that I don't think it would benefit anybody by my being in Richmond.
I think I'll be better off watching from afar and staying out of the what some people are calling the kill box.
You know, the kill zone, the L-shaped ambush, the buffalo jump.
Sort of like a purple bug zapper light for moths that just can't help it.
Frankly, you know, I don't want to rain on anybody's parade at this point.
If you're going, you're going, right?
And over the rest of the hour, I'd like to talk about some of the ideas that I have for making it as successful as it can be, or as it might be, or as we hope it will be, because certainly there are a lot of things that can go seriously haywire there, on many levels.
And I'm going to talk about some of these risks, but I'm also going to talk about some ideas, some backup plans, some alternate plans, sort of like a quarterback calling an audible.
You know, in a football game, the way that defenses are so good and adaptable today, no offense can go up to the line of scrimmage and just say, this is the play, we're running this play.
If you see that they're reading you and they're lined up to just nuke that play,
You don't go with that play.
The quarterback calls an audible and changes the play to adapt to the defense that he's seeing right then.
And that's the attitude to take to Richmond if you're going to Richmond.
For example, if you think, I'm getting into Capitol Square for sure.
Well, they've already stated that the Capitol Square, that's like the about six block area right immediately around the Capitol.
That's going to be a gun-free zone, a weapon-free zone.
And that means they're going to go through, like, one gate, a very long line, and a magnetometer, and, you know, like a football game table for your bag check.
That's only if you're trying to get into that small capital square.
Now, that capital square, it could hold a few thousand people if they let everybody walk all over the grass, at the most.
But I've seen estimates of anything from 10,000 to 100,000 people showing up.
Let's say it's 30,000.
That leaves probably, you know, 25,000 people who don't really have a realistic chance of getting into the Capitol Square for lobbying purposes.
Because that's going to be like the mother of all cattle call lines to go through the baggage and the metal detectors.
So don't necessarily plan
That you're going to get into Capitol Square.
And that's the only place right now that's gun-free.
So if you adapt your plan and you say, you know, I'll be satisfied just being on the outside periphery of the Capitol Square with 30,000 or 50,000 other Second Amendment supporters.
In that case, you don't necessarily have to be disarmed.
But you have to know in advance, I'm not going to get through any metal detector.
I'm not planning to get into the Capitol Square.
That would be like trying to put woodstock inside of a tennis court.
It's impossible.
It can't work.
The numbers wouldn't allow it to work.
Now, folks should plan also that there will be major street blockages, and they may not be announced in advance.
Partly because of just the confusion of the events, the police reacting on the fly as they see the numbers building, or it could be more for nefarious reasons to try to steer Second Amendment people toward the Mayor Bloomberg, Everytown gun grabber groups for a clash, which is what they did in Charlottesville.
So you don't plan that you're absolutely going to have a certain route from your car to the event because you might get to a street and there's a line of police barricades and you got to go many blocks around.
So up on the screen right now I put up an example of a printed map and I would recommend everybody
Print your own maps at different scales and mark other routes on them.
You'll notice that downtown Richmond area, it's primarily surrounded by highways.
That's an impassable barrier for a pedestrian.
If you're driving into Richmond, all of the highway exits are going to be primary.
If they are up for this, they're going to do the checkpoints right there.
And I don't mean necessarily pulling every car over.
But they are going to have them slowed down and under close, close observation.
They have been putting up cameras all around downtown Richmond like crazy over the past week.
So, if your goal is to get to the Capitol Square area and you don't want to be hassled, think about a route that takes you through surface streets.
You know, but you're going to need to print out your own maps.
Don't plan that you're going to be running around looking at your 4-inch smartphone trying to navigate, you know, under these confusing and potentially dangerous situations if there are antifuzz or if somebody shows up to do something terrible there and causes a stampede.
So, I would recommend everybody actually, you know, physically print out some of your own maps at different scales.
Have extras for other people.
It's going to be pretty crazy, especially if any of the worst outcomes happen.
I read a link to an article today in The Hill.
It says that the FBI already arrested a couple of neo-Nazis planning on going to Richmond for dangerous, violent reasons.
Now, I don't trust the FBI.
I don't know if the story is legit.
But certainly the FBI is very much on the ball.
The SAC, the Special Agent in Charge of Richmond, is a domestic counterintelligence expert, the guy David Archie.
He has been studying this.
He is on the lookout for any dangerous actors coming from out of state, hence federal, from out of state into Richmond.
So you're going to want to be very careful, as well as what they're talking all about,
Alt-right, dangerous, neo-Nazi, white, nationalist militias.
But this is also like blood in the water for other types of sharks.
If you think about somebody like James Hodgkinson, who was motivated to go from the Midwest to attack the Republican baseball practice, imagine people like him, you know, losers that are trying to give their life meaning and do something in service of the revolution.
What would be better than coming to Richmond to cause trouble?
And they might not be very well thought out.
It might be a clever false flag, but it might just be some loser yanking out a pistol.
Anything can happen in a highly charged atmosphere like this because this is going to be getting massive national exposure and people are coming from all over the country.
And we're going to talk some more about Richmond on Monday when we come back from the break, because there's a lot to talk about.
And I have some more ideas about things to do, not just things not to do.
All right.
Now, I mentioned that if you don't think you're going to be able to get inside of the of the Capitol Square itself, which is all fenced off with temporary cyclone fencing now.
And trust me, every inch down there is
Is on cameras.
If you aren't sure, you'll be wanting to talk to people, have communication with folks that are ahead of you in line.
But if it looks like you're not going to get in, and you do decide to carry a concealed weapon, which I know some people are considering this to be a big part of the issue, is just the fact that Northam made this a gun-free zone on his own say-so by declaring a state of emergency.
And there's a debate raging right now whether that's legal or not.
But trust me, between now and Monday, that's not going to be hashed out.
And you're not going to win a debate on the sidewalk, you know, with a cop in riot gear about whether or not it was a legal order for you to carry or not carry a pistol.
But that's up to you.
But I will say, and this is a lesson from the Twin Peaks, Waco, Texas Twin Peaks disaster, if for any reason
I mean, a truck backfires.
If people start pulling out pistols, you have to be aware that on top of the buildings all around this area, these are like six, eight, ten floor buildings with flat roofs and parapets.
In other words, you know, perfect sniper headquarters, not just hides, but like sniper jamborees.
They're going to have every inch of every downtown street covered with spotters and snipers.
For any reason, somebody starts pulling out pistols, think about what happened in Waco at Twin Peaks.
As soon as the bikers pulled out the pistols, the snipers unloaded.
So, really that's a very bad idea.
If you think you're going to get hit by some antifa or something and you need your pistol, think about the fact that if you pull a pistol, you are going to be in the crosshairs and somebody's going to have about two pounds of pressure on a trigger
Ready to go.
So, think long and hard about that.
And so, people would say, well then, why in the hell would you want to go to a situation like this?
Well, for a lot of reasons.
There are many patriots that consider this a necessary evolution, a necessary event.
Good, bad, or ugly, they've got to go there to show the flag.
That not to go to Richmond would be a form of surrender.
Another point of view is that, you know,
Paul Revere did not lead a march into Boston to protest British gun control.
He waited, and then at Lexington and Concord, when the British were strung out, when they were far from their power base, that's when they had the battle.
And then they, you know, attacked the British all the way back to Boston.
So they waited for the enemy to come onto their territory and into their favorable circumstances.
But then people will say, but Matt, before that,
There was the Boston Massacre.
That's when some Bostonians started throwing snowballs at the Redcoats to rile them up.
And for that, they were shot.
So some people would say, well, before you have Concord and Lexington, you have to have the Boston Massacre.
There are, if you can believe it, even people, and some call them accelerationists, there are people that think, for example, that Charlottesville was, quote unquote, a necessary first step.
That in order to get our country to the boiling point, to where the so-called Boogaloo starts, when it's a free-fire zone and we're taking score and taking out our enemies to re-establish liberty in this country or whatever form of government people prefer, they think we need to throw a brick into this boiling pot and just make it overflow.
So if you're going to Richmond for perfectly legitimate, peaceful reasons to assemble and defend your Second Amendment rights, you need to be aware that there are lunatics, or maybe they're not lunatics, they just have that point of view.
They say, there's an acronym, there is no voting our way out of this, that we're past that point.
You know, look at Virginia.
It was the keystone state of the Confederacy, the Army of Northern Virginia.
And in the last decade, it's gone blue.
How did that happen?
A demographic shift brought on by open borders and illegal and legal immigration, where both of those groups of immigrants vote 70% for Democrats.
So as this mass immigration continues,
State after state is going to turn like Virginia.
So the accelerationists believe we're better to get this fight going sooner rather than later.
And so if you're going to Richmond for perfectly peaceful reasons, please understand that there are people that would like to see Richmond turn into Charlottesville x Twin Peaks at Waco.
That is, you know, the clashes on the street as well as shooting.
Which would all be blamed on the Second Amendment crowd.
The national narrative in the mainstream media will be that gun owners who support the Second Amendment are dangerous lunatics and the smartest thing to do is pass gun control like Governor Northam wants and disarm those crazy dangerous lunatics, those rednecks, those white nationalist rednecks.
If you look at liberal media, Media Matters has a couple stories up today.
One is about InfoWars, mentioned, of course, Alex and also myself.
And they have a couple of stories on the Richmond.
If you read the comments, their perception of Second Amendment supporters is white racist rednecks.
So whether or not you think that, well, this will be different from Charlottesville, because that was about the Robert E. Lee statue, and this is about the Second Amendment.
To our enemies, it's the same thing.
They're going to portray it as white, racist, crazy gun nuts who came to Richmond and then there was a massacre.
It won't matter if it's a false flag.
It won't matter if it's some James Hodgkinson loser that shows up with an SKS.
It won't matter if a truck backfires and a sniper who already has three pounds on the trigger lets one off by accident and something
Out of Twin Peaks that you should ponder and consider is when you're dealing with common police law enforcement, not just .308 sniper rifles, but also many cops would just have their tactical carbine and 5.56 with a scope on it.
You can't tell who fired what because it's not like CSI where they're going to pull a pristine little magic bullet out of somebody and match it to a particular law enforcement rifle.
Forget that.
That's out the window.
If there's a number of police, like in Waco at Twin Peaks, if there are a number of police sharpshooters, snipers, firing 5.56 high-velocity rounds, they're either going to go through the person or be in fragments, and there won't be enough to determine which rifle it came out of.
What does this mean?
It means that it makes it kind of easy for the cops, once the shooting starts, to just participate.
It's called sympathetic shooting.
It's what happens when, you know, three or four cops all approach a suspect.
If anybody shoots, it's very likely that all of the cops will empty a magazine.
Because there's shooting going on and you just keep shooting while the shooting is going on.
And if it's 556 or if it's even 308 hollow points, you can't tie a particular
Casualty to a particular police rifle.
So it'll just be swept under the rug like Waco Twin Peaks.
Oh, well, it was not our fault.
We were trying to save lives.
It was those crazy gun nuts down there.
And if somebody hadn't pulled out a pistol, then he wouldn't have shot him.
And then all these other people shot everybody else.
I'm telling you, Richmond has the potential to be a highly dangerous area.
Not saying don't go, but I'm saying know what you're getting into.
Please know what you're getting into.
Now, there are some things that you can do to at least bring all the tools that you can to this party.
And when we come back from the break, I'm going to go into some of the tools and the tricks of the trade and the tactics that you'll be able to successfully employ to make the best out of your day in Richmond, if you're going.
And we'll be back in just a couple minutes and talk about that.
Okay, last segment, and this is where I give you some of my ideas, some tricks and tools for a successful Richmond.
I already talked about maps and the value of printing some of your own maps, because when you do that, it won't be subject to you goofing up with your slippery fingers and suddenly losing what you're trying to find on your street view.
And the next thing you know, you've lost your situational awareness.
A big printed map where you've already lined out your access routes, that's going to be doing you a good job.
If you put it inside of a Ziploc baggie, it won't matter if it's against your sweaty body or if it's raining.
You can have, you know, four or five maps.
different scales, fold them in half, put them inside a ziplock, it'll really help to avoid getting herded into a cul-de-sac or getting trapped by a police line against some obstacle.
Now, while we're talking about police lines and obstacles, a handy thing to bring along that is completely legit to own and possess anywhere is a pair of wire cutters.
Or even like the lineman tool, which has like a square pliers at the end and then a nice big side cutter.
Because with them, you can get through the temporary fencing very easily.
I'm not saying cut an entire line of chain link, but where they're just joined with like coat hanger wire.
You know, where these sections are just, it's very easy and flimsy.
You cut two or three pieces of tie wire,
Open the fences, pull the fences apart, and you're through.
As opposed to just being herded up against in a pile.
Think about Las Vegas.
Most of the casualties occurred where people were being just smashed up against those temporary fences.
So if you can, if you have the ability to make your own exit by going to a place where the people are not, and just opening a gap in the fences with your wire cutters, you're golden.
Another thing you can do with wire cutters, especially little dikes, the nippers, small ones,
You can practice cutting zip ties.
So if you happen to find yourself with a pair of nylon zip ties, but then you can run away, if you have a little pair of wire cutters in your back pocket, you can practice at home cutting yourself out of zip ties.
And then, of course, you can then cut a bunch of other people loose.
Under any conditions for something like this,
Bring a little pair of binoculars, little 8x20s.
They don't take up much room.
They weigh almost nothing.
But they allow you to see several blocks away with great clarity.
So instead of walking into some kind of a trap, whether Antifa or law enforcement, you can study it from 300 or 400 yards away and decide, nah, I ain't going up there.
You know, they're searching everybody and putting them on a van down there.
But the binoculars will help you get that situational awareness way in advance.
Along with the optics is thermal optics.
And I know a lot of hunters and preppers do have thermal optics today.
Day or night, they work.
And if it's cold out, they work even better because the bodies are, you know, people are much warmer than a Richmond winter day.
You can actually, depending on what people are wearing, you can see if somebody is carrying a weapon.
By the black blob or depending on whether you have white or black hot.
But you can often tell if somebody's got a weapon underneath their clothing with the thermal.
You can tell a lot.
It's almost like x-ray vision to a certain extent when you're scanning people with your thermal.
So if you got a little, if you got a thermal scope, maybe pull your QD, your quick detach, bring it off your carbine, bring it down.
They can't fault you for having a thermal optic.
Let's see.
Of course, you know, your smartphone, your cameras, record everything that you can and consider having a means to upload it immediately so that even if, let's say, something bad happens and you wind up being herded into detention along with an entire mob of people.
That's what happened to Twin Peaks.
They just arrested every biker there.
Million dollar bail.
Well, they're going to take your smartphone.
So it won't do you much good.
All the proof you had on it, when you get it back, it might have been hammered.
So if you can upload images as you're going, as you're streaming, like Periscope, something like that, get the images out live or store them off out of your camera so that even if your camera is taken from you, the evidence will still be out in the Internet available.
Depending on where you're parking, obviously the bus thing is a whole different story.
But depending on where you're parking, consider leaving security at the parking lot.
Even the cavalry, dismounted cavalry, they left horse holders.
You know, usually an old guy.
Or a wounded guy.
But you can't just leave 20 cars parked somewhere with Second Amendment stickers on them and not expect them to be vandalized or have cut tires.
Especially if people think, wow, all these cars are probably full of guns today.
So consider leaving security back at your parking lot.
I would absolutely, if you have a lawyer or some legal preparation, the potential exists for large-scale arrests.
And it won't matter what you did or didn't do.
If you're in a crowd between this corner and that corner, and everybody is herded down there to be arrested because they said it's an unlawful assembly and they gave you five minutes, and in four minutes they said you're all under arrest.
Things like this can happen, like in Charlottesville or in Twin Peaks.
So, what do you do if you're arrested?
Do you have a lawyer?
Do you have a lawyer's card?
Maybe have some stuff in your wallet and some stuff not in your wallet, in case your wallet happens to be taken when you're arrested.
You can't rule out things like pepper spray being employed, so I would absolutely bring some kind of mask and eye protection.
They can't fault you for masks and eye protection and water, which you'll be drinking anyway.
But if you have to do an eyewash or if you have to do any eyewash for anybody else, you know, you'll need the water and other preparations for that.
I'm not saying anything bad is going to happen here.
You know, maybe everything will work out just beautifully.
I'm just saying that there's a lot of really nasty potential and
You know, I know that the Virginia Citizens Defense League, their heart is in the right place.
I do not fault them for this.
They want to stand up for their rights.
I get it.
You know, everybody wants to protect our Second Amendment rights, but some ideas that are good ideas, they just don't scale up.
You know, you can't take a kid's lemonade stand and say, I'm going to be like McDonald's and make it a national franchise.
Some ideas do not scale.
And the VCDL annual lobby day, where they have maybe a hundred guys, you know, wearing jackets and ties, assigned to bird dog the legislators, that worked great.
And what I've seen is, well, it always worked in the past, so it should work fine on Monday.
That concept is not going to scale.
If you've got 30 or 40,000 people or more or less, nobody knows.
It's all wild cards at this point.
If you have that many people flooding downtown Richmond in this high security environment, you know, where the governor's already talking about these credible threats of violence and armed drones and all kind of crazy stuff, in that environment, you can't
Nobody can tell that it's going to turn out all right, because the last times with a hundred guys it turned out all right.
You just can't scale this and proof it out.
You have to look at better examples that would be like, you know, things that happened in Portland, Oregon, where they attacked the buses.
You know, a bus is a very vulnerable target in a downtown city, and you cannot even rule out that there are bad actors on the law enforcement side, the Peter Strzok types,
And I'm not saying that the superintendent of the Virginia State Police or anybody like that has bad intentions, but think of how many levels a bad actor can do terrible things just by, at the last minute, changing where the buses have to go to put them into a dangerous area, or leaving the buses in a vulnerable position, or making it so that it's too far for people to safely walk.
They've got to go through an area full of their enemies.
There's just so much room for mischief in this whole environment that I'd be very cautious going there.
I'm not saying don't go there, but take some of the stuff that I've suggested, the binos, the wire cutters, take them.
If you have some walkie-talkies of group that you're not relying on cell phone, which could be jammed, some walkie-talkies can be helpful, just in case they do jam the cell phone signals.
Nothing can be ruled out.
And I look forward next week to talking to you about how nothing happened.
It was completely peaceful and the legislatures all changed their mind and there's not going to be any gun control.
No more confiscation talk in Virginia.
I look forward to talking about that next Thursday.
And I hope we're not talking about anything really rotten that happened there.
But I'll see you next week and we'll do an after action report.
And discuss what actually happened.
Till then, we're all just guessing.
And this is Matt Bracken, and see you next week.
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