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Air Date: Jan. 15, 2020
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In this episode of The Alex Jones Show, various topics ranging from political conflicts between nations to personal health supplements and survivalism are discussed. The host talks about ongoing conflicts between five nations, recent events in the Middle East, neocons shaping current events, his personal health and well-being due to InfoWarsLife supplements, and announces the March for Life event. He also discusses possible gun confiscation orders from superiors, how veterans and military personnel have been warned about this situation, and encourages listeners to support InfoWarsLife products. The speaker also addresses recent news articles about Jeffrey Epstein's trafficking ring, emphasizing the importance of remembering one's oath when faced with difficult situations and calls for unity against those trying to destroy America. Finally, he encourages people to vote in all elections, thanks his listeners for their support, and warns that if one is effective in taking on the globalists, they will be attacked by those who oppose their cause.


From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
292 days left until the 2020 election this November.
It's Wednesday, January 15th, 2020.
And we're alive.
We're human beings that have a destiny.
If we take our destinies in our hands and don't let others govern our destinies.
I was thinking about how Friday and Sunday and the last few days we broke those videos at InfoWars and banned our video that showed the UN's top scientists admitting vaccines are killing people and they've been covering it up and that their own doctors think vaccines are bad.
And then all those other top scientists for 20 hours agreeing.
We posted the video and now it's about 600,000 people watched it on Bandai Video, but the real story is that Google and Twitter and Facebook are blocking people trying to even link to the raw UN video itself on the UN site.
They're signed on to pure evil.
But we already knew that, didn't we?
We already knew that Google and Apple and all of them are moving to China and have endorsed the most evil authoritarian regime the planet has ever seen.
And that that's a benchmark for what they're shooting for, as the UN openly adopts the Chinese Communist Global Social Credit score
Officially two weeks ago as a planetary control system tax and control operation.
But humanity is waking up and their attempts to suppress the truth, I believe will fail.
Because time and time again throughout history, evil has looked like it's going to win right up to the last moment.
And that's finally
When the people awaken out of their slumbers to the challenge yet again.
And I think about our ancestors and all they've gone through to bring us to this point.
And the great human saga, the march to the stars and beyond.
And deep in my heart I know in the end the technocrats will fail.
But many billions will die in the process.
And on the other side, we'll look back and ask, how did we ever let evil get this far?
And we'll have to look in the mirror and realize it was because of us all these bad things happened.
Because good men have to stand down to let evil triumph.
But it will be because of the actions we take now that we rectify that and one day can stand before the creator of the universe.
And hopefully measure up enough to go to the next level.
Yes, reality is way more epic than anyone could try to put into words.
And here we are on the precipice of choosing the direction of our civilization forever.
I have to say yet again that InfoWars is 100% been the tip of the spear.
And again, I don't say that to say, oh look, we're the tip of the spear.
Aren't we great?
It's actually a great responsibility.
In fact, it was Paul Watson about four years ago.
That began to really expose the incel movement as being the mass shooters.
Others on the internet had pointed it out, and then Paul magnified it.
Infowars magnified it.
Drudge linked to our stories.
And now the FBI and the Texas State Police have come out and said, actually, almost every mass shooter has been an incel.
Involuntarily celibate into the occult.
Driven by an ideology of hatred for humanity and depopulation.
And of course, Satanism.
Now, it isn't that Infowars had some magical crystal ball.
It was that we were tracking who those people were.
And of course, law enforcement knew this as well, but the ADL was still in control and was telling us it was all Christians that were the enemy and gun owners.
Well, now all that's been thrown to the side and law enforcement's openly publishing the truth.
And the truth is, it's Antifa, leftist, in-shell, needle dicks that are the problem.
We'll be back.
Five nuclear-armed states must work together to neutralize the threat of global war, says Vladimir Putin during an annual State of the Nation address that took place just hours ago.
We're going to be playing part of that speech coming up and reading some of the Russian and English translations.
That's what's going on on the planet Earth.
Remember, there's not just the United States.
But an entire planet struggling against corporate tyranny that is establishing systems of communist control and divide and conquer over populations.
Well, the governor of Virginia has done exactly what we said he would do.
First, he declared an emergency.
Inside the Capitol and said, you can't have guns there when there's going to be a large pro-Second Amendment rally.
And then he said, now I declare it on the Capitol, the Capitol grounds.
And I predict he's going to declare a bigger emergency.
And we've got some of those newscasts coming up for you here in just a moment.
Despite massive protest, Virginia Democratic gun control bills go full steam ahead past first hurdle.
Remember those headlines from InfoWars and Natural News a few months ago?
Here's one from December.
Virginia governor plans to use roadblocks and UN troops to seize guns.
They're actually talking about using the UN and using troops.
And then every time we go, oh that's crazy, that's dangerous, they go, oh we don't mean that.
So they're just getting you in the habit of hearing that term, emergency.
And then the emergency begins to expand.
And you're like, why would they want to pick a fight with gun owners?
Why would they be so insinuary?
Well that's the whole point.
And then we learn from the Bernie Sanders campaign operative that they're gonna burn down
Milwaukee, at the DNC, where in full wars will be, where I will be, if Sanders doesn't get the nomination, and then if Trump wins, they're going to burn it there.
And the fires will spread from that summer of rage across the nation.
There will be an overthrow of the government.
Law enforcement will be under communist control.
And they will then arrest white males and put them in re-education camps.
And of course some will have to be killed and the police will have to be killed until they learn to submit.
Turns out this individual's been arrested for all sorts of things and lives in his mother's basement.
Some folks live in their mother's basement, take care of their mother, but it's just...
With these guys, the same thing always applies.
And we have these Texas Domestic Terrorism Threat Assessment, a big old thick report that we scanned through this morning, an unclassified version.
And I pretty much agree with everything I did read.
I've only read maybe 20 pages of the 41 scanning over it, because I just learned of it this morning from NationalFile.com.
Those guys are on the job, let me tell you.
And so we basically post everything the National File comes out with.
We appreciate them letting us do that.
The great Tom Papert, that's one of the owners of it.
And so that is a big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big deal.
It's a huge deal.
Texas government forewarns incel rebellion says incels are emerging domestic terrorism threat.
And then they go through chronicling almost every mass shooting is the same ideology.
Leftist, anti-human, they want to depopulate.
They hate women because women don't like them.
And then the thing the media advertises for them to do is go out and kill people.
And so the guy at the Walmart was not a right-winger.
He was an incel, leftist, radical environmentalist.
The guy in Ohio the same day, devil worshiper, actual member of Antifa, huge Bernie supporter.
He's got so crazed with the demonic evil, he just wanted to go kill.
And folks with a gun stopped him.
You see the incel types and the other antifa folks killing their wives and saying I'm doing this so Trump will take the guns from the Republicans so we can kill them all!
They don't even think through the logic of them being honest.
We're gonna kill people with guns so we can take your guns so we can kill you.
They're even being honest about it now.
Just lay down your weapons and we're gonna kill you.
After we torture you in a re-education camp.
This is the mainline Democrat policy now.
No borders, no wall, no USA at all.
Trump's mad for saying America exists.
They're now eating their own.
Bernie Sanders turning on women supposedly, we're told, but really it's all just a made-up thing from Pocahontas, who's a congenital liar, saying that he told her once women can't win the presidency.
This is them eating their own.
It's all coming up when I start the next segment.
But I want to go to some Caitlyn Bennett here.
I want to feature our great reporters more and more here on air.
She's followed a bunch of incredible reports at Band.Video in her section, going viral now.
But this is what we're up against.
Anti-Trumpers can't find what on a map.
They can't find Iran on a map.
This is illustrating the vicious dangerousness of these
Willfully ignorant morons who can't find their ass with both hands.
So here's part of that report, and we'll be back.
I'll go right through the systematic plans of the Governor Northam in the deep state to try to trigger a civil war in Virginia coming up in the next few months.
I'll be in D.C.
this weekend and next week for the trial of the President in the Senate and in Virginia on the 20th there.
So we'll be covering it all live here, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you all for your support, but I wanted to show you what Caitlin Bennett's up to.
We have a map here.
We're wondering if people can point to Iran on the map.
I'm gonna say... I don't know.
I was close.
I don't know.
Does this matter?
This one?
I don't understand why this matters.
We all know the left have become foreign policy experts overnight.
We're here in Toledo, Ohio at the Trump rally to see if leftists can even point to Iran on a map.
It's right here, by the way.
What do you think about what's going on with Iran?
Well, that scares me also because I feel Trump has a mental illness and he's narcissistic.
I feel that everything he is doing is for his benefit only.
I think a lot of other people feel that way and I think anyone who works in the mental health field
Is aware that he has a narcissistic personality disorder.
All right, well we're doing a little quiz.
We're asking people if they can identify Iran on the map.
That's you, you do that because I can't.
I won't find it.
Yeah, and I won't find it, yeah.
Right there?
That's Saudi Arabia.
Well, I got Saudi Arabia.
I was close.
I think that there's no way a sitting president should be able to assassinate someone like that without passing it through anything.
I think that
War in the Middle East, spending trillions of dollars in war in the Middle East is pointless and evil and dangerous, especially when it's not only endangering American lives and soldiers, it's wasting our money and it's endangering lives in the Middle East.
Can you tell me where Iran is on the map?
Oh no, absolutely not.
Can you guess?
I can guess.
So... That looks like... It's um... Somewhere around there.
You pointed to the water.
I did?
No, I pointed to the countries.
I am against our current policy in Iran.
And I am for peace.
And I think that the Iranians have acted with restraint.
So, cool.
The Iranians have had restraint, is that what you said?
intelligence sources say there is new evidence that Iran shot down a civilian passenger jet in its own airspace, killing many of its own citizens.
The social engineers know they're losing.
One of their only gambles, gambits, is to try to trigger a civil war in America.
And we know from WikiLeaks, we know from their own internal documents that we have received, we know from the terrorism reports coming out from the state of Texas,
That they are trying to trigger that.
And we knew Governor Northam was going to try to declare an emergency.
We knew he was going to try to hype it up like people with guns are coming to get him.
And so he'll have to have a law enforcement response.
Then they stage a false flag or they provocateur an action.
Jesse Smollett style, but on steroids.
And then they say, look, the gun owners are the evil terrorists, they're the white supremacists, and they run the same operation we saw the Democrat-controlled state police did a couple years ago in Charlottesville.
Here's the local news reporting on the emergency the governor's declaring.
11, an emergency ban on guns at Virginia's Capitol.
Good evening, I'm Sarah Diamond.
I'm Josh Smith.
The Associated Press reported within the last hour that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam plans to declare a temporary emergency tomorrow, banning all weapons, including guns, from Capitol Square in Richmond ahead of a massive rally that's planned next week over gun rights.
The AP says that's according to two state officials who were briefed on the plans but not authorized to speak publicly about them.
Governor Northam reportedly will announce these plans at a news conference tomorrow afternoon and cite what his administration thinks are credible threats of potential violence and extremism.
Well, this comes as Virginia lawmakers are considering several gun control measures across the Commonwealth after Democrats won control of the Virginia General Assembly.
And the Democrats said, we're going to call out the military, we're going to set up checkpoints.
Hell yes, we'll take your AR-15s.
Well, they repeated what Beto said.
We reported on all that in the last few months.
Everybody else got upset.
And even listeners were like, Alex, this is going to be more hardcore than you're even saying.
Why aren't you making a bigger deal out of it?
And I was just not wanting to escalate things and hoping the deep state would back down.
But more and more, it becomes very clear they're going to try to pull something in Virginia.
And it all starts basically on the 20th.
They're going to try to put provocateurs into the crowds.
They're going to try to stage something so we can declare a larger emergency and begin gun confiscation across the state in an attempt to trigger a civil war.
So I want to open the phones up for law enforcement, for the military particularly,
To give us your take on what needs to be done to stop this, because obviously they try to go out and confiscate guns federally.
As a nation, we have to stand up to that.
If a governor's trying it and people are like Mahatma Gandhi and turn them in, they won't be able to start their civil war.
But they'll just provocateur it, maybe have a sniper shoot some anti-gunners.
I mean, this is their playbook.
And they're failing on every other front.
They already sent somebody to try to kill all the patriot Republicans at their baseball game.
They're saying be violent to Republicans.
They're saying kill Trump and his family.
They're saying kill me.
They go to Tucker Carlson's house.
And now the FBI and state police in Texas have put out reports saying they're Antifa incels planning terrorism nationwide to usher in a collapse of the government and trigger a civil war.
It's all here.
And you got the Bernie Sanders operative saying the exact same thing.
We've got the old Weatherman report saying the exact same thing.
This has always been their playbook.
Doesn't mean it's gonna succeed.
In fact, it has a long shot at it.
But people better know this is real.
And I'm just gonna say it.
We have a good governor, a great governor in Texas.
But if the Dems turn this state blue, and they're close to it, and they tried something like this and wanted to have a big riot, and wanted to blame it on President Trump, and they came to take my guns, at this point, I would turn them in
Knowing they were wanting a civil war.
Then that would trigger such a political movement, the state would wake up and go back red.
And I'm not telling people turn your guns in in Virginia.
That's a decision you've got to make.
I'm simply saying we need to try to fix this peacefully.
We're winning politically.
That's what they want to overturn the chess table and trigger a war with law enforcement that's being ordered to go out and take the guns.
And I can tell you, 95% of the police and law enforcement I know, national studies show that too, it's over 90%, are totally pro-gun and understand that more guns means less crime and they totally get what's happening.
But the globalists, when they're in control of the blue state,
Can march the police off to war.
And that's what we're trying to start, is a Bunker Hill, 1775, Lessington Concord, when the Redcoats got ordered to come take the guns.
And the local English military had warned them not to try it.
But remember what the captain at Bunker Hill said, he said, we don't want a war, so don't shoot first, but if they come for a war, then they're gonna get one.
And that's what happened and that's how America was born.
They got their act together in 1776.
Issued the Declaration of Independence and towards Washington marched off and you know the rest is history.
So we came out of an attempt to take the guns.
Do we want to go ahead and just have that war now while Trump's the president?
This is all about overthrowing him, getting civil war going.
We don't want civil war.
So a guy marched up to Beto in a staged photo op and said, you can take my gun if it saves people.
Well, take my guns from my cold dead hands.
If there's an organized federal takeover that has a chance of really disarming us and all this, we're going to have to organize with governors and others and understand we're going to have to fight it like 1776.
But we don't let them start the fight prematurely.
In fact, we try to bypass this whole thing and fix things politically.
That's why we have the First Amendment.
It comes first.
But this is an incredible time.
James O'Keefe is also scheduled to join us coming up.
And Syrian Girl will give us an update.
And Mike Adams.
And I really want to take your call.
So we're only opening the phones up for law enforcement, particularly in Virginia or the D.C.
But all over the country, to give your take, active duty military.
In the first round of calls, and I won't make you sit on hold a while.
James O'Keefe's scheduled to come on the next segment, but he usually pushes it back some, so we'll be going to calls next segment of James in here.
As soon as he leaves, he's usually only on about 10 minutes or less, we will go to your calls.
And the toll-free number for you to join us, ladies and gentlemen, and we'll get you right on air.
And you know, you'd think I would have memorized this new number by now.
Guys, put it on screen for me, thanks.
But I'm just so used to
So used to the old number, 877-789-2539, and I know that number, 877-789-Alex, 877-789-2539, for police, for military, for active duty.
What is your take on this?
What would you do if they ordered you to go take guns?
I mean, especially if you're in Virginia.
I mean, this is an attempt to start a war.
And so, it's easy to go, they've come for the guns, it's gonna start here, let's get it going!
We're winning politically.
The left is self-destructing.
Just like Trump's going to win out of this Senate trial.
It's going to blow up in their face.
But notice they want a civil war to start during that Senate trial next week.
We'll be on the ground in D.C.
and just miles away in northern Virginia where the Revolutionary War kicked off as well.
Kicked off in Boston in the north and Virginia in the south.
And it's just insane.
877-789-ALEX is the number.
Your calls are coming up.
James O'Keefe on the same story.
The left wanting to trigger civil war, martial law, and burn down every major city.
How do we stop that?
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide and James O'Keefe of Project Veritas is going to be joining us here in just a moment.
The governor of Virginia has declared an emergency.
They are already passing the laws through the process to ban and confiscate all semi-autos, as well as ammunition, banning gun ranges, you name it, as well as self-defense classes of all different types.
Those bills are proceeding in the new Commonwealth legislature there in Virginia, and the governor
I think?
Some type of civil unrest that leads to civil war in the region and martial law saying that President Trump is to blame and then removing him while the Senate is in session next week with the trial of the president.
All the planets are aligning right now and our intel was the governor was planning this and now you see it's beginning to unfold.
This is a Jesse Smollett type false flag but a billion times bigger.
I believe they're not going to be getting away with it.
You notice that we also have the new Project Veritas bombshell videos with this operative for Sanders right out of the Weatherman handbook saying we're going to put people in camps, we're going to be violent, the only way to deal with Trump supporters is violence.
You have the Texas Domestic Terrorism Threat Assessment saying in-cell leftist Antifa are the main terror threat and they track how all over the country it's been Antifa in-cells carrying out almost all of the mass shootings.
Joining us is James O'Keefe of Project Veritas with just another incredible bombshell.
Ties together.
More even coming of the Democrats planning civil unrest starting at the DNC, spreading across the country.
We're not just hearing it from this individual.
We're hearing it from a lot of them in the past as well.
So this is really something, James, it looks like that is at the core of what they're planning, James.
Yeah, Alex, I mean, this tape is maybe the most shocking statement you'll ever hear from a political campaign ever.
This guy's a paid field organizer in Iowa.
He's one of the top field organizers, again, paid by the campaign, currently, we understand, still employed by the campaign, which is really extraordinary.
In this tape, he's praising Soviet gulags.
He's saying that he's on board for gulags.
He's up for shooting people who are against the revolution.
He wants to, and this is probably the most shocking thing you'll hear in this tape,
He wants to denazify people through Bernie's public education funding.
So he's saying that that's the whole point of funding free tuition in college and schools to change people's behavior.
He also says, I'm going to quote him in this video that we just released today, there are things that are more important than the rule of law in the United States.
So these are the sorts of things that we might suspect.
That these people believe, but they're really coming out full bore and revealing who they actually are to our undercover reporters there in the state of Iowa, Alex.
And in the same breath, he explains, we need re-education camps, using the old Soviet term.
Then he says, you know, Stalin did a good job.
People actually like these.
This is how we teach, you know, uppity people to bust rocks 12 hours a day.
They're actually good places, but I will shoot people.
But he goes, so that's what the colleges are, is re-education camps.
That's why it needs to be free for everybody.
So he's admitting what you and I and others have said, is colleges are phasing themselves in to open-air re-education camps.
Yeah, I mean, it's what we suspect.
This is the mission of what we do.
These people have these really in deep beliefs and they don't express them outwardly.
But he says kind of what we all suspect and it's a failure of our public education system.
People don't understand what gulags even are.
It's amazing to me.
Gulags were trending on Twitter because of the expose yesterday.
Not everyone knows the horrors, the psychological horror
The terror of a gulag and and how they would force people to confess to crimes They didn't commit this guy says we need to send wealthy people to gulags to break rocks.
He even says they had quote Conjugal visits in gulags.
I mean and you might say well, this is one crazy guy.
It's one isolated incident Well, first of all Alex as a result of what has been revealed so far Almost all of Bernie Sanders campaign people in the state of Iowa have taken down their Twitter accounts They've locked their Twitter accounts
In reaction to this expose.
So that has, that is a reaction.
It's having impact.
And second of all, Alex, if you know Project Veritas, you know our modus operandi is to release one tape, draw them into saying that it's one person, low level, whatever, isolated, and then reveal more.
So we're hoping for a reaction today from the Sanders campaign.
We have our people camped outside of their offices.
We saw one of your reporters, Owen, was actually asking CNN as they walked into the debate,
Whether they're going to ask Bernie Sanders these questions, and Alex, they did not ask Bernie Sanders any questions about these tapes last night.
Well, in fact, we then saw through the windows.
Anderson went, got the police, and then had him basically thrown off campus saying CNN rented the whole campus.
They admitted they do get public funds.
They admitted they actually only rented the auditorium.
They admitted anybody else could be there, but they said no reporters that weren't authorized.
I mean, that's their definition of journalist and my response is people say, well, where's the media on this?
I say, listen, if they don't want to report the news, I mean, this is newsworthy, by the way, when you have a paid top field organizer in the state of Iowa praising the Soviet Union and saying that we need to have a conspiracy to murder police before the Milwaukee Convention, well, guess what?
If the media is not going to report that, then we're going to report that and we will become the media.
These videos got
I don't know how many 5, 6, 7 million views in the last 24 hours.
Everyone is talking about them and I got them right where I want them, Alex.
We got one guy.
And there are more tapes, more employees.
Please do say this is isolated, Bernie Sanders and your campaign staff.
I hope they say it's isolated.
The only thing they can say is that it's isolated.
And then when they say that, my next question to them is going to be, what are you going to do when I show more Kyle Jureks in your campaign?
What's then the move going to be?
What are you going to do about it?
And it appears, Alex, the move is they're going to take down all of their Twitter accounts.
So this is the first presidential campaign
An American history where they take down all of their social media in response to some of the things that they actually believe in.
Well, you know and I know, because we're on the ground dealing with this, that mainline left at these universities now talk like this.
They say it to my face, your face.
They're all over the place saying, we're going to put you in camps, we're going to re-educate you.
Obama had it put in the Army Field Manual in 2010 to prepare re-education camps, even use the Soviet term.
And then you have Hillary talking about fun camps.
Larry Grathwald infiltrated the weathermen that then trained Obama.
And they were there talking, saying, we're going to put 50 million people in re-education camps and kill 25 million of them.
And these are the leaders of the Weathermen.
This came out in federal court.
So this is really who these people are.
Violent Marxist-Lenist revolutionaries foaming at the mouth, salivating for this.
Well, and that's what they're going to say.
They're going to say, we don't actually believe in these things.
This is a crazy guy.
But I think you hit the nail on the head.
It's him saying you're not going to get Bernie to say gulag, quote gulags, but like all aboard for gulags.
There needs to be reeducation for a significant portion of society.
That's the intention of gulags.
If you're going to fight back against the revolution, he says, we're going to remove you and put you in Siberia where you will learn the effing value of like being a comrade.
That's what it has to be.
Kyle says, quote, I'm an anarcho communist.
I'm as far to the left as you can possibly get.
He says, quote, I didn't even count Justin.
Justin, me, Derek, Daniel, Jessica, we're all further left than democratic socialists.
So he's saying that we're all this.
This is how we identify.
You've got to go in a minute.
Obviously, more big bombshells to drop.
Can you give us any hints?
Yeah, I mean, I think the stuff coming out is even more shocking.
We're looking for a reaction from the campaign today.
We do believe that we will get one.
I think we'll get one today.
And as soon as we get that reaction, Alex, their response, of course, there's nothing they can say.
But as soon as they respond, then we're going to announce the next one, probably released early next week.
It's going to be a series, expose2020.com.
Sign up, get our videos, expose2020.com to see the next one that's about to drop.
Listeners, go to the events, go in, get in the front row and bring it up.
Don't let them shut this down.
They're not responding because they know it's their ethos.
Bernie went to the Soviet Union and praised it.
Venezuela and praised it.
He is absolutely a Stalin, a Mao in the offing.
James O'Keefe, we salute you again and Project Veritas.
God bless you, my friend.
Thank you.
See you soon.
There goes James O'Keefe, always on fire.
All right.
Welcome back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Well, the Liberty Movement, patriotic, loyal, smart, common sense Americans, have held off the globalist operation for a long time.
And now we've retaken the presidency.
And our kin, fellow travelers of liberty, countering the globalist fellow travelers of communism, are winning elections all over the world and turning the tide.
So what do the deep states do?
The Chi-Coms massively increase funding of media operations, not just here but around the world, to propagandize the population against their own countries.
And then they try to look at different racial and ethnic groups to play off those groups against each other.
And that's what's happening right now.
By holdouts, embeds, molds of the Democrats and neocons.
I'm going to your phone calls, Joshua, Brady, Michael and others.
Sir, for three years in Virginia, he's in Washington right now, serve as a police officer, couldn't get a better caller to be able to talk about the governor saying that he's declared first an emergency at the Capitol, then the grounds because the people are coming with guns, introducing the idea of a civil emergency.
Right as the President's trial will undoubtedly be taking place next week in D.C.
We'll be there covering both.
That's how critical this is.
Basically, my whole main crew is going to be there.
We're going to have 15 people there.
We're going to go to your calls in one minute.
I just want to say that it takes a lot of money to do this.
We are expending our backup reserves to do it.
We are going to have a security team of quite a few people up there, including police officers from the locales.
I'll just leave it at that because this is a major threat area for everybody.
Okay, I'm just going to leave it at that.
We need to fund our operation.
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I'm going to go to your calls right now.
I appreciate folks calling in 877-789-2539 for law enforcement, military.
I could easily get up here and act tough and say, well, it looks like 1776 part two, Lexington, Concord, they're coming for the guns and the war is going to start.
And they're going to find Politico police that are dumb enough and the state police that the Democrats have handpicked to go do this.
Because they want to start a civil war.
So if there was ever an organized federal move, they were really taking guns and have the army out.
I'm sorry folks, we got to go to war.
And I'm not looking for that, but I'll go to war.
That's not our government.
That's criminal.
It's un-American.
The country was born out of gun confiscation.
And the fight against it.
But the Democrats are trying to start something here.
I know our people aren't going to sit there if the cops come and take your guns and shoot a bunch of cops.
You've already got your guns out, whatever you know.
The police know.
Almost every county is sitting there with the people.
They'll deputize everybody.
The police aren't our enemy.
The globalists want to make it that way.
We're smart enough to not let this happen.
They want to start a civil war.
But clearly the deep state's doing it.
It's confirmed now.
I'm going to be there.
I know you're going to be there.
They're going to try to provocateur stuff.
How do we stop it?
What are they going to pull?
What do the police think?
We're talking to you right now.
Thanks for calling.
Joshua in Washington served as a police officer in Virginia for three years in Richmond.
Couldn't have a better person to tell us what you think.
What do you think?
I'll be honest with you, Alex.
I have more than a few friends still there that are in law enforcement, some that are retired.
I was born and raised in Virginia.
I worked for a police department there in the city of Richmond for three years, and had the sense to get out.
I'm a recovering Democrat.
Had been all my life up until the last stages of Barack Obama, and I just saw the writing on the wall and figured I needed to take another course.
I wasn't happy with things that were going on, but this has really got me worried.
I grew up in the era of Governor John Dalton, who was a great governor for the state of Virginia, and I look at this guy now, and it's not even close.
Not even what I knew growing up as a kid.
I'm really just concerned with everything going on right now.
What do you think?
Clearly they're trying to provocateur something.
A. Do you agree with that?
B. How do you think we de-escalate this?
That's why I'm on air saying, hey, let's not start a shooting war.
The listeners will be like, what do you mean you'll turn your guns in?
I'm not saying turn our guns in.
I'm just saying, how do we not let them trick us into this?
I don't think there's a way we can, honestly.
I mean, we can do the best we can on our end, but at the end of the day, there's always going to be those people out there that are going to try to do something to make everybody look bad.
Richmond's always been a battleground.
We know this through history.
But yeah, I'm really concerned with things right now.
Yeah, both of America's big internal wars started in Virginia, and that's a fact.
And I have descendants from my family, at least 12 that I know of, that fought in the Revolutionary War.
Pretty familiar with the way wars are and family members that have served in the military.
But yeah, this has really gotten me concerned.
And then we see what's going on in Indiana.
They're trying to pass bills saying anything that tolls a bullet more than 10 rounds is going to be considered a felony.
But again, too many friends that are back there right now, currently serving still, or retired, that are going to be there on the steps in Richmond.
And I hope for the best.
I really do.
If I could find a way to be here, I would.
I'm currently still serving on the West Coast in FEMA Region 10, but it's really gotten me concerned because I don't think there's anything that we can do or say that's going to change the fact that one or more people are coming over there and trying to start something.
Well, I want to be clear.
The Deep State, the Soros people are going to have provocateurs on the ground.
They may false flag a group of anti-gunners to then paint all pro-gunners as terrorists.
That's not going to fly.
But clearly they know Trump is winning.
They know America is realigning and waking up.
And so I'm not saying if there's ever real gun confiscation we go along with it.
I'm saying we have to fight it.
But we have to fight it politically now, really hard to not get to that point.
And I'm just saying they're trying to pick Virginia as a place to start this.
That's clear.
And so I'm just asking, how do we somehow not let this happen?
I wish I had the answer for you, Alex, because everything I could possibly give you as a possible answer is something that there's going to be a counter to.
And I just think at the end of the day, there's going to be people there that are going to try to start something.
I don't believe they're going to be involved.
And the Patriots side of things, I just think there's going to be people there knowing that there's going to be passionate people there, knowing there's going to be Patriots there to try to initiate something like you've been talking about.
Now there's no doubt that they're so desperate because they're losing politically that this is what they're going to try.
And that's why I'm going to be there.
And we're going to be in D.C.
as well as long as we need to be.
This is a very historic time.
Thank you very much for the call.
I'm going to go to break and come back with all the other callers.
All right.
Michael and Dale and Brady and Willard and Tom.
We have active state police in Virginia.
Wow, that's a huge call.
We're going to go to Willard the minute we... In fact, let's just... Well, I've got one minute.
Willard, don't hang up.
We're going to be back in two minutes.
I'll go right to you and then to Tom and everybody else.
And these times in history happen.
Well, we're going into one right now.
And there are a lot of powerful forces that think they can use this country's openness to take us down.
And if Americans just woke up and the Chi-Coms and others are funding Hollywood to do this, no one would go along with this.
But you've got a bunch of idiots in these colleges that don't even know what the three branches of government are, who fantasize about some communist takeover, as if they're going to be in charge of that.
Our tolerance of the left and corruption has led us to this point.
I believe, through action, political action and prayer, that we're gonna be able to derail this and have cameras to expose the deep state if they try to pull something.
But let me tell you, this is a time for everybody to be as awake as they can be.
Stay with us.
All right, I'm not gonna recap.
I'll do it again at the start of the next segment.
About what's happening in Virginia.
But the governor's declared an emergency.
The Democrats are saying there's going to be a civil war there.
They said it first.
We're like, really?
And then now it's clear what they're doing.
They want to do this during the Trump Senate trial to try to have some shooting between the left and right to then paint gun owners as terrorists.
That's that's my view.
That's what pretty much everybody's come to consensus of.
We're taking uncensored calls from police officers.
Got a call from an officer that works on the West Coast that did work in Virginia in
Now we have Willard, active state police in Virginia, on the subject of what's coming.
What's your view on, your expert view on this, Willard, and thanks for calling.
Well, Alex, first of all, the people shouldn't be voting in counties to declare sanctuary cities.
They ought to be arresting this guy.
Obama's running this program.
I got people all over the place, friends, cops, military.
Obama's running this thing, and, uh, Obama's still running our government.
There's people in high places in the government, and, uh, they're told to do what- to ignore Trump, or they'll indict them, and- and the people are just scared, and people are just frustrated, but I tell you this, Alex, if they go ahead and go along with this, I'm gonna run with it, because, uh, the American people are stupid for putting up with it.
But no, I'm not going to go door-to-door confiscating.
What they're going to do, they'll probably go away quietly and just have people like me pull you over and grab your guns and put you in jail.
And you know, you're right.
The American people have put up with this.
Texas is about to turn blue.
And I tell good old boys, that'll never happen.
Yeah, BS.
Yeah, well, I talked to a neighbor of mine and he kind of sees what's going on too.
And his philosophy is just to
Just act like his guns got stolen so he can bury them in the backyard.
Well, that's not going to get anything done.
And no, I'm not telling everybody to go up there with arms and start shooting more.
What I'm saying is people need to stop voting and start arresting.
And I'm law enforcement and I'm going to follow the law even though if the law is wrong, I'm going to follow it until people wake up and start arresting.
This guy should be arrested.
Not only should he be arrested, our family fathers would start lining us up right now and start shooting us for letting them get away with this.
You know, some stations don't carry this first five minutes.
Please hold, because I want you, as a state police officer in Virginia, to explain to people what you're saying.
Because, Chief, I've done a lot of research, so I know when somebody knows what they're talking about.
And I just got chills when you talked about Obama running this, because in my research in this a few months ago, we noticed the DNCs involved, but that Obama specifically organized the Trayvon Martin response, when they kept saying the cops were killing innocent people, trying to get martial law going.
Hey guys, pull me from yesterday's stack.
The article about 2015 Obama plan martial law in Maryland, and all that, and the FEMA camp plan.
So when we come back, I want you to specifically talk about what you're being told by others, obviously hirers up, I'm guessing that, hey, this is being run out of the deep state.
It is.
And that's the critical last piece, because I would have expected incremental civil emergency.
And then as soon as one or two people get killed, whether it happens by accident or they stage it,
It's going to be an emergency statewide, and they're going to then activate the leftists to burn cities down and start killing police everywhere.
Try to get police to line up behind the deep state and say, well, it's your fault.
You said something else that absolutely put the cherry on top.
You said they're threatening all these other people in the government, not just police leaders.
That's why Trump's got to start arresting.
That's why the Justice Department's got to move.
They're not just going to stage a Russia game.
They're not just going to state this Ukraine crap.
They're not just going to try to get riots going.
They're going to keep bullying and harassing and suing and death-threatening and paying people off to do criminal stuff to people that support Trump.
I can take it.
In fact, I don't enjoy pain, but I do at this level.
I mean, I'm on fire.
This does not scare me.
But a lot of people just don't go with it.
They go the other direction and curl up in a ball.
That's what he's telling you is going on.
They're threatening people ahead of this throughout the government in Virginia.
I don't want to interrupt, but I'm leaving.
You've been doing great, Owen.
You're going to finish up with these calls within Gregory's.
And, of course, Harris and Smith are going to take another hour of calls.
The crew's volunteered to do it.
So we're here live covering this, hoping everything de-escalates.
So the live coverage continues.
Everybody spread those links.
The Globals are hacking us, trying to shut this down.
Don't let them win.
No BS.
Let me tell you, everything's straight shooting here.
See, I don't have some Machiavelli manipulative view.
With me, it's all straightforward attack.
That's the real power!
Don't act so surprised, Globalist.
You didn't think you could silence the American people, did you?
Join Bandot Video, and I will complete your training.
Together, we can overthrow the Emperor and restore the Republic.
Ladies and gentlemen, couldn't be more epic, the attempt to start 1776 Part II by the Deep State.
They know Trump's winning, they know that the political system is realigning against the Democrats and they're America hating garbage.
So now, they're trying to start a war in Virginia, where the Revolutionary War started.
Started there and in Boston.
They're trying to trigger American gun owners to get into a shooting war with the police.
Now the governor has declared a state of emergency ahead of demonstrations next week in the Commonwealth's capital.
I will be there.
At the same time, just 35 miles from where the capital is there, the federal capital in the District of Criminals is going to be running the
Trial of the President.
The planets are aligning.
Willard is a current state police officer, and I want him to walk through what he just said last segment, some stations don't carry it, about Obama's behind it, he's being told by hires up, they're threatening the hires up in government, that you'll all be indicted down the road when the deep state takes over and Trump's removed.
This is a plan.
This is a move.
They've been trying it before two years ago in Virginia, in Charlottesville.
So it's on, ladies and gentlemen.
Willard, please lay this out for folks.
Well, first thing, like I said in the beginning, you know, voting is over.
It's time for arresting.
And people have the power.
You don't have to get your guns out to go arrest these people.
Enough people show up up there.
We can get this done.
And a lot of people are not paying attention.
Obama is running this thing.
And this is from the people I know in government who's telling me this.
They're all been threatened.
I mean, look what they're doing.
They're trying to arrest President Trump in front of the whole world.
They done got all the people that helped him get a voter arrested.
And people are just sitting back and saying, well, we'll hide up under our city council.
Well, that's not going to work because the word is going to go out and you're going to get arrested and you're going to go to jail and they're not going to come.
The people that are going to do door to door, I don't think it's going to happen.
But they do have foreign, we do have foreign people in our police department.
And a lot of people are like, where are these people coming from?
And a lot of people don't know, Bill Barr is Bill Barr and none of these people are going to do nothing.
They're all part of the deep state.
That's why it's taken so long for these arrests to happen.
And these voting machines, these voting machines are what, these people get falsely elected and they say, well the people voted for this and so now we're going to take their arms.
This is the big test case.
There is bills all over this country and they're ready to dump them as soon as this thing, if it doesn't come off the hinges,
They're going to go ahead and force these other states, and you're going to see there's a bunch of sleeper cells all in this country.
And it's sad, and I hate to see it, but like I said, if they pass the law, I'm going to arrest you, and I'm going to charge you, and I'm going to do what they told me to do.
I'm not going door to door.
That's for the other people.
But if you get pulled over and you got these guns, I'm going to arrest you, and you're going to go to jail.
And I don't want that, but the people need to wake up and do something.
And you don't have to be armed to do something.
And let's expand on that.
The Texas Domestic Terrorism Threat Assessments put out a huge report on the number one terror threat, 48 pages long, and it mirrors what the FBI came out and said, that the main threat is leftist Antifa, ladies and gentlemen, and that they are going out doing the majority of the mass shootings consciously to blame the Second Amendment.
You now have this man kill his wife, saying he wants guns to be taken now, this Democrat,
This is what these people are doing.
You have the Bernie Sanders campaign operatives saying, oh, Sanders supports arresting people, putting them in FEMA camps if they're white males or don't turn their guns in.
They say we're going to use violence and kill the police.
We're going to confront Trump supporters violently.
We're going to burn down all the cities.
I mean, these are quotes.
And Sanders won't even decry this guy, but his campaign's locked down all their Twitter accounts in that state because they're all making similar comments.
These are classical communist planning their overthrow.
Texas government forewarns incel rebellion, says incels are emerging domestic terrorism threat.
Incel rebellion!
Wanting human depopulation and hating women because they don't like them.
They wear black outfits.
They are anti-human.
They are anti-gun.
They are big environmentalists.
They're Antifa members.
Going back to you, Willard, what is the sense of, or have you guys talked about, obviously if the deep state's running this, it's a test case,
The governor first said, yeah, we're going to take the guns, take the ammo, shut down the gun ranges, all of it.
But then he goes, oh, it's not going to be that bad.
But then now we see these really bad bills to register, to confiscate, the semi-auto, to ban, massive bans.
I mean, D.C.
level type stuff progressing very fast through the statehouse.
What's the word on the progression of this, Willard?
Well, what we hear in Alex is they're just going to push this bill.
They're going to pass it.
But they're not going to force it right away.
They're going to do it in increment and they're going to they're going to until they can get their people in certain counties and certain cities and they're just going to just keep letting this thing brew and brew and brew until they got their people in place.
And then they're going to bring it.
The military's not going to do it.
It's going to be the U.N.
that's going to come in in military uniforms to do it.
And they'll do that during a civil war invited in if Trump was removed.
Hillary and others have said that.
But let's expand.
They want to cause a civil insurrection now, though, in Virginia to kick this whole thing off.
That's what I'm saying.
I'm not talking about long-term, their gun confiscation plan.
I'm saying they're trying to be provocative now in Virginia, the deep state is, to try to trigger something.
Well, they are.
They're trying to trigger stuff.
You know, we arrest these Antifa guys left and right, okay?
We catch them drunk out of their mind, and they're trying to burn stuff down and bomb stuff and everything.
And they are.
They're just trying to see how far they can push this thing, and then it's going to quiet down.
And then they're going to come later.
That's what we're getting.
By the way, Soros has elected hundreds of DAs and sheriffs.
Politico says he's taking over the law.
Yeah, that's what's going on.
And that's what I just said.
They're putting people into these counties, these sanctuary counties, and then when they get enough of them in there, then they're really going to hammer people.
And people just are not paying attention.
And one more thing, Alex, I'll show you, I know what I'm talking about.
Bill Barr's not going to do nothing.
The word is, from the people I know, Bill Barr's not going to arrest nobody.
They'll go after Sharky Page and, you know, it's going to be quiet.
We're good to go.
He's got him.
That's why he's not talking about him anymore.
And this is what I was told.
Giuliani's paralleled Bill Barr.
So when Bill Barr don't deliver by this election, Bill Barr's gone, Giuliani's in.
Giuliani said he's ready to go.
Trump has to act, because here's the thing, they keep taking shots at the president and missing, but you don't let them keep taking the shots.
I know they want to stabilize things, and I want stability too, but the globalists are destabilizing.
They're the danger.
The destabilization is letting them keep having more shots.
The president and the Pentagon and everybody, this is not a normal threat.
This is a foreign CHICOM funded threat.
We need
Direct action by people in the government that are patriots, directed by the President, and the leadership of the globalists need to be dealt with.
They need to be eliminated.
I'll just say it right out there on air.
This is a job for the President.
They're not going to do it, Alex, because they've all been threatened.
They saw what happened to Roger Stone and everybody.
They're not going to do nothing.
No, I get it.
That's why they do stuff to me and everybody else is to intimidate everybody.
But people better be scared of not taking action.
More calls straight ahead.
Thank you.
Stay there, everybody.
Don't hang up callers.
Okay, it's the InfoWar, I'm Alex Jones, and I just spent 20 minutes with one caller, but people understand why I did.
He's active state police, and was breaking down what we already know, the deep state is in control of this.
They want to cause some type of big incident.
They did that, obviously, at Charlottesville, colliding the two groups together, and try to then blame the president for that.
And they want to say, oh look, we're right.
It happened in Virginia again.
It's a no-brainer.
Now he's declared an emergency.
I'm going to move through these calls as quickly as I can so you don't have to hold too long.
Tom in Texas, thanks for holding.
You were a police officer from Virginia Beach.
Give us your take.
Tom here from Virginia Beach.
I'm now staying and residing in Houston, Texas.
I'm in the security industry here.
Retired in early
Let's just say about 10 years ago or so.
I have extensive training in civil disobedience, that sort of thing, and Virginia Beach, and was involved in some very
Interesting things back in the 90s, but Virginia Beach.
Sanctuary City.
Interactions with.
Subjects coming up from the border, that sort of thing and the Virginia Beach firearms with the firearms here in Virginia.
I'm finding that.
If you're law enforcement, you're supposed to interact with the.
I understand that a lot of things are going to.
Happen here soon.
Well, what are your colleagues saying about Virginia?
Because to me, it looks like a plan for, again, embarrassing the president, creating a civil war.
That's what Bernie's people want, too.
That's their Hail Mary, but it's all they've got.
I think that the embarrassment of the president is foremost on their agenda.
I think they are going to try to take him out of office.
And I believe that... I left my number with your peers there.
If they want to get back in touch with me, please do so.
I've got... I'm trying to keep my focus.
I was involved in a lot of forming of... Well, I've got a lot of guys here that are former federal police.
Military and things like that.
So what I'll do is, while they're all going to be in Virginia, we've also got some of the guys driving the truck up there, so I'll give them your name and number, sir.
I appreciate your call.
I understand you don't want to say a lot on air.
Look, the Democrats want to start something in Virginia, and they want to start stuff in D.C., and we know they're making their move.
And most of the FBI has problems, but they're not communists.
They're not globalists.
So Trump obviously, I'm sure, has FBI task forces down in Virginia right now.
And there needs to be a lot of on-the-ground surveillance of the left and of Antifa.
And I can't believe George Soros is still walking around and not in prison because these people are terrorists.
I mean, in fact, guys, you bring me the stack yesterday.
I was asking for that.
The 2015 plan for martial law in Maryland, the other stack on the
Civil internment camp stuff, because I just want to show that to everybody here on air when we come back from break, so that people can know we're not just making this up.
So Obama had all this set up, tried to trigger race wars, it didn't work.
Now Trump's in, they're trying to do it again.
There it is on screen.
So this is their playbook.
And we're like a football team that has the other side's playbook.
And we're basically helping them
If we don't stand up against this and say no.
Okay, let's go ahead and talk to Brady in Virginia.
Active Navy on gun confiscation.
What's your view on this, sir?
Thanks for calling.
Yeah, Alex, of course, man.
I mean, it just comes down to the simple fact people have got to wake the hell up.
I mean, with Blackface, you know, he's trying to enact these state of emergency policies for Capitol grounds.
People have got to realize that's no joke and this could, you know, potentially set
And I would like to think that the citizens of this state wouldn't take any of that if it came down to it.
But to be honest, I'm not real sure how it would all play out.
And let's just boil down what this is.
You know, the illegals are used as pawns.
We get it, they're leaving horrible places.
They're not the enemy, though they are being used as a projectile.
Thousands of cities say, we don't arrest illegal aliens even for drunk driving, they're above the law.
They bring them in, they give them a driver's license, and then they tell them, vote Democrat.
So that is just bringing in a foreign group to vote as a bloc that you control to take people's guns.
Because anytime they want, they can selectively prosecute those illegals.
So the Democrats are a mafia importing a permanent underclass that they control, that they dominate, that they rule.
And so that's it.
Dr. Kim Schott, please.
Thank you.
Interment and Resettlement Operations, FM3-39.40.
Here it is.
That was under Obama.
Preparing Martial Law.
Talks about internment camps and re-education camps.
The Soviet term.
Leaked U.S.
Army document outlines plan for re-education camps in America.
Here's the Soros, Alexander Soros plan.
Funding action groups trying to get African Americans to riot.
Led by white college professors and others.
Dressed in black in disguises.
To then trigger a race war to blame.
We're good to go.
Infowars and this audience got around the media, and so I'm going to be in DC, I'm going to be in Virginia, I'm going to be in their face.
I think everybody should go to Democrat events that are live on TV, legally shout them down with their plans for martial law, their plans for gun confiscation.
I think we should, in information war, get very aggressive to stop physical war.
To stop their plan for martial law, we've got to get very aggressive with our mouths, and with our keyboards, and with our feet, going to the Capitol and going to their offices and letting these sacks of garbage know.
Well, that's the thing, Alex.
This whole state of emergency plan, the whole reason they're enacting that is to try to provoke some sort of reaction.
Because you know, at the end of the day, they're going to try to use our rallies and our actions
I think so.
Just like last time when they created the crisis, they're suing me because I dared question it.
They want to tell you, we're going to attack you if you question these events.
You're just supposed to let us have the narrative and put out what we want.
Well, guess what?
No, we're not going to do it.
And InfoWars will be there in defiance of your tyranny.
Thanks to the good graces of this audience of activists supporting us.
So, InfoWarsStore.com brought to you by you.
InfoWars and the Restoration Republic brought to you by you.
You are the Infowar.
God bless you, Gary, or Brady.
More calls, Minuteman.
Mark, Dale, Michael, your calls on the other side.
Stay with us.
We are back live, broadcasting worldwide in defiance of the globalists and their edict to silence the American people ahead of the New World Order's takeover!
But all they're here to do is test us and make us be the men and women we are and not submit to their evil.
It's always the fight between heaven and hell.
If you look at the fruits of the globalists, it's all pure death.
Did you hear the earlier callers?
Police officers, currently, state police in Virginia, others, saying it's about the sanctuary cities.
It's about the illegals voting.
It's about all the major cities defying the law, shipping in the illegals, signing up for welfare, skimming money off the top.
And now this just broke.
The federal judge, Washington Post, temporarily halts Trump administration's policy allowing local governments to block refugees when the UN brings them in illegally, dumps them in their towns.
The federal judges are saying, the few local governments saying no to this, can't do it.
Even though it's all illegal, it's already going on.
It's a replacement migration, but years after the refugees show up, 90% in Europe don't ever have a job, they stay on welfare.
About 60% here in the U.S., they're bringing in permanent classes of people that are designed in the policies never to get a job and to be in ghettos that the Democrats control through the welfare system and skim the money off of.
A slave population they administer and they control.
And the Islamists tell the Europeans, open your gates or we will kill you.
It is unbelievable.
In Germany, TV shows designed for 10-year-old girls tell them, get your Muslim husband by 14.
Muslim husbands are the best.
And they have shows showing girls that wear hijabs and show 14-year-old girls with their 25-year-old husbands.
And judges have ruled pedophilia is legal for Islamics in Sweden and Germany and in Denmark.
They are allowed to have sex with underage girls and even children.
They're even allowed to run sex slavery ops because it's their culture.
They are gods.
You've got to advertise, hey come here, rape, pillage, and it's of course over 90% military age men pouring in with George Soros running the ships, bringing them in.
Italy for a while fought it, but they removed their president.
And now it's on.
This is how 21st century war is fought.
And they know the West has big hearts, and they show us the few images of the few little kids in photo ops.
Turns out they stage those.
Now let's go to your phone calls.
All right.
He's Army.
Rangers in Texas.
He wants to talk about gun confiscation.
He's a new caller.
We'll get to him soon.
Minuteman is National Guard on gun confiscation.
We'll go to Minuteman first.
Minuteman's been holding the longest than the others.
Minuteman, thanks for calling.
You're in Virginia.
What's your view on this, sir?
Hey, Alex.
How you doing?
Man, I'm watching foreign multinational powers try to break the country up.
Yeah, I see that.
I see that.
I listen to you every day, and I'm glad, man.
You're the only one that's out there speaking the truth.
I really appreciate you.
I do want to plug one thing.
I love that shirt.
Mass murderers agree.
The Second Amendment doesn't work.
Gun control doesn't work.
It was Hitler, Stalin, and Mao on it.
I get comments on it all the time.
Every time I wear it, it's one of my favorite shirts to wear.
That's the first InfoWars shirt.
I designed that when I was, like, 25 years old, back when
Photoshop will take like five minutes to like even render a photo.
So yeah, that's a that's a classic.
Thanks for the support.
But it is the classic t-shirt.
And on the back it says politicians love disarmed peasants.
Could speak mass, move mountains today, Alex.
I'm being dead serious.
People take pictures with me with that on all the time, because I'm a big guy.
And they're like, oh man, thank you for wearing that.
I really appreciate it.
And I wanted to bring up about, yes, two days ago, Alex, about the gun confiscation and everything that's going on.
They had the voting two days ago, and they passed all those things about
All those are in the general assembly.
And right that same day, there was an active shooter hoax at a middle school.
And if you try, you can look it up, try to share that and put it on screen.
But it was pretty much a student set a text in saying it was an active shooter on a middle school.
And then and then
Beginning of this month, we, as the National Guard members, and I want to share this as well, please, to the public, do not blame us for the governor and what he's doing, because not all of us agree with what he's doing.
I've even said it online, on my personal Facebook, to others, that if I ever get activated to take the rights away from my fellow Americans, you might as well just lock me up, because I'm not doing it.
I'm not.
I will step down.
Put me at Leavenworth.
I don't care.
But we got a letter, an email from the Adjunct General saying that for our protection and our families that we need to be careful how we go to drills and even going in public.
And we can't even hardly wear our uniforms anymore.
And so again to the public, just please don't blame us.
Oh sure, well that's the deep state trying to spin it like we're enemies of the military.
The American people know that if the deep state successfully kicks off a civil war, the police and military, we just go around you, you wink wink, and you know, you take your uniform off and join us, and we'll just take care of business real quick.
We're not going to have a big civil war where we all line up and kill each other like idiots.
This isn't a civil war.
This is firing enemies in control of the media, the universities, banking, and other areas, that if they want to start it, we're going to finish it, and they're going to get removed.
Exactly, and I've been saying this for a year, Alex, to my co-workers, because I work day job at a correctional facility.
I say this to my co-workers, that if another revolution, 1776, is going to happen, it's going to happen in Virginia.
Donald Trump has been doing everything he can to modify and talk to everyone to get us out of
He just signed the trade deal with China.
He's trying to do everything he can.
Everybody's saying, no, he's just bowing down.
No, he's not.
He's actually being a man and stepping up and not giving things to little babies around the world and telling them to grow up.
You're absolutely right.
And the deep state that's been busy selling America off thinks they're going to remove him.
Notice all this is kicking off while they're about to have the trial of the president next week.
Most definitely.
And Alex, I wish you would come down to Richmond because I will take off work that day to come see you.
Sir, I'm coming.
I'm coming.
I'm going to be there.
I'm going to be in D.C.
this weekend at the Women's March, and I'm going to be there in Virginia, sir.
Okay, I'll try to see you then.
I'll be wearing my 2A shirt.
God bless you, sir.
We're going to be driving around in the armored vehicle.
You'll see me and you'll hear me coming.
All right, there he goes.
We're going to go to break, and then I'm going to cram in all these calls when we come back.
Very exciting.
I'm doing a decent job of going to calls, though.
We're going to go to Dale first, and then Mark, and then just through the calls as you come in.
Getting a lot of great calls from law enforcement, military, police, National Guard right there, where the Democrats said, where he's the National Guard, take the guns.
The National Guard came out and said, no, you're not.
So, it's crazy how they're trying to make us kill each other, and it's stupid.
But it's all they've got.
So we'll go to break and come back with your calls on the other side.
You know, there's a whole movement to to keep nationalists, conservatives, patriots away from each other.
The big thing is they say the Tea Party is racist.
The media always said that.
Trump was able to break that lie.
And now you see what's happening in mass, all these great minorities who are
I don't
The leftist media.
We built with this audience, the Liberty Movement, that's challenging the globalists.
So I'll be in Virginia.
I don't need to be up on the stage up there.
I'm coming with the people to stand against the gun grabbers and bring a message to the governor and others.
That's where the real fight is, is inside that Capitol, not outside.
Another big reason we know that
They're planning something big in Virginia.
Biden's been making, for the last year of his campaign, the centerpiece of it.
Charlottesville, and saying Trump loves white supremacists, and Trump killed this lady, and all this made-up garbage.
So, now he's got ads out saying he's coming after the NRA.
And they've introduced a bill that's moving through really fast to shut down the gun ranges there.
So we're gonna go right back to your calls after I play Joe Biden saying he's coming after the Second Amendment and the NRA and then what Pelosi had to say.
Children went to school today learning how to duck and cover because they may get shot in school.
Talk about a troubled soul in the country.
Assault rifles!
Magazines holding 40, 50, 60, 100 bullets.
There's no room for them in America.
We have to go out and take on the NRA and beat them.
I've beaten them twice and I will beat them again.
I'm Joe Biden and I approve this message.
But again, it's Sunday morning.
Let's be optimistic about the future.
A future that will not have Donald Trump in the White House.
One way or another, ten months from now, we will have an election if we don't have him removed sooner.
But again, he will be impeached forever.
Now, I'm going to go to your phone calls.
And when I start the next hour, there's a bunch of other news we haven't hit that's breaking a lot of it.
We have Trump signing the trade deal with China.
I have comments on that.
We have Owen Schroer confronting a whole bunch of globalists on video.
We have Putin saying five nuclear-armed states must work together to de-neutralize the threat of global war.
Again, five nuclear-armed states must work together to neutralize the threat of global war.
That's all on Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
And the only way these videos and articles and material get out is when you share them.
And I know you know that, but just remember that.
And Bandot video is exploding.
It's growing exponentially.
And a lot of videos get a quarter million, a half million views.
But we want to use the platform to get it out to people that don't know what's going on.
Like the UN report admitting that vaccines are killing people and there's a cover-up.
That is so bombshell.
A smoking gun.
When transcripts came out of the CDC in 2002, admitting that they're covering up vaccine damages and autism, it was a huge national story and people still point that out.
That's because back then the press wasn't as controlled as it is now.
Big tech is a lot of level of censorship untold.
So the goal is get outside the Infowars audience.
You are the resistance.
You are the front line.
Where you can say, look at this Band-Odd video from Band-Odd video.
Here's the UN head scientist saying this.
That's a big deal.
That is so important.
Then I'm also going to speak about Trump.
And how he understands how the media really works and how they control people and Trump's secrets.
So put a note on the screen for me, guys.
They don't have a teleprompter, but sometimes I tell them to put a note on screen of when a guest is coming on or when I forget something or when I made a mistake and I say the wrong date or something, they'll put it up on screen occasionally.
So just remind me to get into that at the start of the next hour.
Let's now go to the calls here.
Let's talk to who is up next here.
Dale in Michigan, then Mark in Texas.
Dale, thanks for holding her on the air.
Alex, keep up the good work.
Thank you, sir.
I'm trying.
Two things.
Heller, D.C.
It's a Supreme Court ruling that the individual has the rights.
vs. Heller.
So just like troops were sent to Little Rock, Arkansas in Brown v. Board of Education and the desegregation laws, Eisenhower sent 1,000 U.S.
troops to enforce that law.
Trump could send U.S.
forces to enforce this D.C.
v. Heller ruling in Virginia.
Bill Barr, he could send a letter to the governor, cease and desist.
And that should be the end of it.
But if he doesn't, then the troops is the second measure.
You're absolutely right.
When Little Rock wouldn't let the little black girl into school, we saw the military police get her in there.
Also, how come Trump doesn't use the NDAA or the terrorism laws that Bush signed into effect to go after some of these deep state criminals that have violated the Logan Act?
As Trump said, Kerry violated the Logan Act.
Where's the Department of Homeland Security on that?
All of this is happening because good men at the Department of Justice at the top talk, but they do nothing.
They allow the deep state to continue to try to remove the president, to try to start civil war.
They have all the documents, all the internal stuff that should send Alexander Soros to prison.
But because Soros is hooked into the deep state and funneling millions of taxpayer money back to people in the deep state, that's how it works.
He gets taxpayer money to the State Department.
He then funnels it back to the private groups.
So since there's those giant payoff arms going on,
That cancerous group is still fighting to stay in control.
Absolutely, absolutely.
I'll leave you, Collins, with this.
The Constitution is a piece of paper.
It's the natural rights that it represents that is most important.
Thanks, Alex.
You're right.
The Constitution, Bill of Rights, doesn't give us our rights.
It's an example of those put down in law that you shall not infringe.
And they're walking all over it.
And they know there's an alignment of the people waking up across the board.
They know their race war stuff's not working.
So they're just flooding us with a bunch of, you know, the poorest of the poor who they can control and then make a vote.
We don't even know what they're doing.
It's very cold-blooded, very, very evil.
We're gonna go to, as I said, Mark here in a moment, but I need to say this, we won't be here on air.
We're fighting as hard as we can, and I'm putting a ton of money, which I'm proud to do, into being at all these big events around the country.
You notice our crew's out there with security all over.
We're busting our butts, as I pledged to do, but it takes a lot of money to do this, and we need a lot more to hire more camera people, more reporters.
You know, and to pay for the plane tickets, and to pay for the security, and to pay for all of it, and to have the editors and people, and the journalists to look over everything and get this out.
Because all the big stuff we have breaking, we have to digest it, we have to then get it out.
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Okay, let's now go ahead and go to Mark in Texas.
Do yourself
Thanks for calling Work Law Enforcement from New York to Texas and the Army and you want to comment on the situation.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
Yeah, Alex.
So basically, the guy before you really took away a lot of what I wanted to say because my attitude is this.
I don't work there anymore, but people in law enforcement do not obey orders to disarm American citizens.
And that means don't make traffic stops and confiscate firearms.
The law is the Constitution.
Not what some dummies or some anti-Americans in some state legislature and some governor tell you.
Now, as far as Trump goes, Alex, I got a lot of problems with Trump, okay?
I pretty much jumped off that train the first time he bombed Syria off that false flag.
He shouldn't be farting around there in the Middle East now with Iran and all that.
I was totally against killing General Soleimani.
He should be worried about this country and what's going on right now in Virginia.
And I don't trust the man because it's very simple what he has to do.
Just like the guy said before, this is a violation against the Constitution.
Back in Arkansas, they were violating black people's rights as American citizens.
They're violating the 13th and the 14th amendments.
He sent troops in there, and to LBJ's credit, back in Alabama, he sent troops in to enforce the rights of the people there.
All he has to do is make it clear, first of all, federalized the National Guard in Virginia.
Second, if they try to confiscate guns, all you got to do is send in a few thousand American troops.
Get them out of the Middle East.
We don't belong in the Middle East.
Get him out of NATO too, by the way.
No, I agree.
Instead of the Democrats trying to get troops to take guns, I agree.
This is a basic right.
We have a Supreme Court ruling, just like the Supreme Court ruled that black kids could go to school.
Well, the Supreme Court has said you can't take these guns.
And so, absolutely, then it's up to the executive, when a state's out of control, if you believe in the federalist system, to say no.
So bingo!
And just like our rights are being violated by big tech combines in league with Communist China, they're helping the Chi-Coms round up their own people.
Why is Trump not acting against all the damn censorship?
You're right.
I need people to go to Trump rallies and bring this up.
And we've got Operation Win 2020 I'm going to finally tell you about today.
I haven't gotten to where we're a week behind launching this because I've been so busy, but we're going to get it done.
Thank you, Mark.
Michael, Michael, Ranger, your calls are straight ahead.
Stay with us.
I'm going to tell you what my gut is on Trump.
And what's happening with the Second Amendment, the First Amendment, all of it, the next segment?
We have Syrian girl popping out at the bottom of the hour on the latest in the Middle East and Trump saying that better not hurt any of the protesters.
What that really signifies?
And so much other breaking news.
The Putin comments.
This will be a jam-packed third hour.
Let's go ahead and go to your calls.
And let's talk to Michael in New Hampshire.
What do you make of the governor of Virginia declaring an emergency in and around the Second Amendment crisis there?
Hi, how's it going, Alex?
How you doing?
This is the governor that says he keeps the babies comfortable after they're born to take the baby, and this is the guy that's in blackface or in a KKK outfit.
I mean, this is crazy.
I think it's beyond lunacy.
Talking to the points earlier, it kind of coalesced with all the other earlier callers.
Oh, I see that.
You're a Marine on gun confiscation.
Sorry, go ahead.
Yes, correct.
So, it's a pleasure to speak with you, by the way.
I've been a supporter for years.
I love your products, especially the iodine.
Yeah, so what I was hitting on was a couple of things.
Mainly to refocus, mainly over a compilation of what all the other callers have kind of confided in, was first of all, the original state police, when he called in and he said he wasn't willing to go against what any laws were passed to enforce, he just was going to arrest you based upon the laws, I think that's a huge part of the problem.
This is an asymmetric operation that's going on and I think
To remind people of the asymmetric operation where they're poking at one area as opposed to doing one behind the doors in a law setting, setting that precedent then to bring in other outside entities.
And when I'm talking to the active duty military, especially in the reserve or in the National Guard, they have to understand that all of the warning signs will be very apparent coming through their channels.
And that they cannot, and they have to interpret what's lawful and unlawful, and going back to the basics of what they've been trained to do, their general orders versus what's constitutional and non-constitutional.
And that comes down to the small unit leadership, and I hope that they hear that, because it's extremely important.
Do me a favor, because I know what you're talking about, and the listeners are smart, but a lot of them haven't been in the military or studied this.
Explain to people just the fact that you're having to have discussions
At what unit and above level about this shows where the country is and then explaining to them, you know, the nature of the chain of command, what orders are lawful, what aren't, how this outside forces are trying to trigger a domestic conflagration for destabilization.
At a certain point, law enforcement needs to know they're not really getting orders from a legitimate government when they're given unconstitutional orders.
That's an unlawful order and not to be followed is what you're saying.
That's a better way of saying it.
Well, that's not a better way of saying it.
You're smart guys.
At your level, talk about what's being discussed because that's another bellwether.
From what I've heard being discussed, a lot of disinformation is coming through in terms of what's being propagated on a company or battalion or higher level as a policy versus what's been instilled or trained on a lower small-scale unit leadership.
Orders are coming down, they'll just be coming down as a matter of fact as opposed to what you're supposed to be doing on a more rudimentary basis.
So they're priming, you could say, the ideology to just go along with it.
And that's where when that state police officer said, well, if they just pass the law, I'm going to enforce it.
That's the ideology of the asymmetric psychological operation going on.
And that's the Nuremberg defense and it doesn't hold up.
And I understand his point was flippant that I'm sick of the citizens putting up with this.
So it's your problem.
You need to get your ass in gear and stop this.
And I get what he's saying, but you're legally and lawfully right.
That the Nuremberg defense doesn't work, and there are manuals given to Marines and to members of the Army when they graduate boot camp explaining that they need to know that a lawful order is lawful, they need to study the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and that they need to not follow orders that are unlawful.
Say if your captain says, line up these women and children and blow their heads off, you don't do that, you turn and shoot him in the head.
And then it goes from there, from legal orders down to stuff where you kill whoever gives the order.
And that's what this country's built on.
You want to add anything else or are you done, Michael?
The only thing else I have to add is that I think refocusing on the fact that what's going on across the country, and especially to the President of the United States... Stay there, we're back in 60 seconds.
You're a smart guy, I want to hear your view.
America is fighting for its life.
And when I finish up talking to Michael, Michael and Ranger, I'm going to give you my take on what's really going on with Trump and some other really important issues, but I'm going to Virginia.
And I'm going to D.C.
right next door.
We're going to be there this weekend and next week.
And we're doing it because history is taking place.
And we need everybody to understand that you need to be in Virginia.
And you need to be in D.C.
Both or pick one.
Take the kids out of school.
Do whatever you got to.
Because this is about stepping into the real world.
And look, I don't put folks down to go have demonstrations in front of capitals and then that's about getting media attention.
But the media is going to ignore you, but you've got your own independent media.
It's about going into the halls of Congress and into the state houses and going and finding who's voting to take your guns and going to their offices and telling them, hey, I don't like what you're doing.
Whether you're from Virginia or not, this is a national issue.
And letting them know, I know you guys are trying to kick off a civil war.
And knowing who they are, so you run into them at a pizzeria that night, you go, hey, I told you, State Rep, I'm serious.
You don't run them out of there, like Maxine Waters says do to us.
You just let them know.
And so what we've been doing is leading by example.
Comes out that Bernie Sanders, a bunch of people on his campaign, you know Veritas has got that.
Well, they're shutting down all their Twitter accounts for Bernie Sanders.
They're locking them down.
Talking about how they want to arrest everybody and redistribute the wealth and how they're going to kill people and all this stuff.
You need to go to the Bernie Sanders events and just get in his face.
And believe me, it might be a little scary the first time you do it, but you're going to feel good after you do.
And then you're going to want to do it more.
Because our acquiescence to this lawlessness has brought us to this point.
And if we don't start getting aggressive with our mouths, the NWO is going to trigger a violent race war in this country.
Because that's what the Chi-Coms and the New Order want, is a collapse, so they can come in and buy it up for pennies on the dollar.
They want a radical takeover of this country to finish their world government.
And so, that's why the fight here is so intense.
This is big stuff going on.
We're very close to winning the hearts and minds.
That's why they try to pick those of us that are leaders and destroy us to tell everybody, hey, you see what happened to Alex Jones or what's happened to Roger Stone?
You sit down and you shut up or you'll be the same.
You should instinctively, politically rise up against that when someone threatens you.
The threat is bowing to that.
It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
The truth is when you stand up for what's right, you end up living in a free, prosperous nation of men, not of cowards.
So the default position when people are saying, hell yeah, we're going to confiscate your guns, hell yeah, we're coming for you, is to get in their face.
The governor acts like he's scared of people coming with guns to get him.
No, they just have the guns openly carried to show we are the people.
And to exercise that right and to demystify it.
He declares an emergency to make it look like it's criminal.
So he can declare a bigger emergency once they trigger a crisis.
And now they admit that's their plan.
So it's all materializing, ladies and gentlemen.
But your word of mouth with a chain reaction about Band.Video and Infowars.com forward slash show, those links to live feeds can exponentially via text message and word of mouth, even outside of the censored YouTube and Twitter and all that, get to everybody, which is starting to happen.
So we have a countervailing narrative of what really goes on.
Because if they stage something, they're going to try to cover up what happened.
They were able, with an Antifa operative,
Shot all those folks at that Walmart in South Texas to cover up he was anti-fund, a big anti-human leftist.
It's now in the state police report that just came out.
They were not able to cover up the Pennsylvania guy was a Delaware Spur anti-fund.
Well, now the state police issued a big report in Texas showing how all over the country, it's almost exclusively this group.
These guys are literally demon-possessed, activated to go out and do this.
And they say there's about to be an uprising by him.
Texas DPS, domestic terrorists prefer unarmed crowds.
Close quote.
That story, with the live feed of the show today, needs to get out to everyone you know.
These are the definition of evil cowards.
All right, let's go to Michael in New Hampshire finishing up as a Marine.
You were getting out the fact that
You guys are having a discussion about this, and is it officers telling you that, hey, you need to really look at the orders that come down and make sure they're lawful orders?
To my own awareness level, it would be just in the small unit, more of the lower, more of the NCO staff, NCO base.
You don't really would hear that coming from any officers, and that's just kind of the way the structure works.
At least in the Marine Corps, the small unit leadership would be well aware of this.
I don't know, and I can't speak to any of their branches, but speaking on this to any of them, especially in Virginia with the National Guard... Sir, what I'm speaking to is the officers should be talking to the NCOs and ordering them to come talk to you.
They absolutely should.
Well that's probably while they're talking to you, you just haven't been told that.
But what I'm saying is, are the other units you know saying that they're being told this?
Because clearly that's an order.
I've heard it inaccurately from some, and in different ways they've said similar things, but not out in the open.
Sure, because you know Trump has signed that order getting the Marines ready to deal with civil unrest in the United States.
That would only happen if everything went to hell and there was an internal civil war.
And like I said, when it comes to this, I think refocusing the fact that when the President of the United States is dealing with one issue, you know, the asymmetric operations that have been going on since the Arab Spring, to me at least, from my own apparent being able to see it, it's all over the place and it's being hit with, like you said, a goldfish mine where they're training people to go from one fire to the next fire and not realizing that if you look five to ten years ago,
It's just a new story being written off the old story and no one remembers what's happening.
That's right.
It's the same globalist octopus on record creating the refugee centers, training them, breaking down the borders, setting up the sanctuary cities, shipping in the fentanyl, trying to stage the race wars, having Hollywood and the media promote race wars, have the Democrats come out and say confiscate guns.
First it's one guy, then it's all the candidates.
Then suddenly they try to pass laws that take the guns.
Then they declare a civil emergency.
Then they stage an event to say it's all Trump's fault while the trial in the Senate against him is taking place.
You can see it all coming together.
And if we simply see that it's not isolated fires, but one enemy howitzer laying down the salvos, then Americans can unify and understand this is an external attack.
No enemy can take us down with a frontal assault only by Treasury.
I believe that to be true in the deepest parts of my soul.
That's why folks call in all the time on the street.
They go, man, how you taking it?
We really appreciate you.
You know, you're just a hero and all this other stuff.
And I appreciate your support, folks, but there's a takeover of our once free nation by really nasty globalists that see Chi-Com systems as the model.
And they're trying to turn everybody against each other.
And it's admitted in the WikiLeaks and documents that we got from people's families that FBI confirmed were accurate of Antifa trying to trigger a race war with Soros funding it.
So again, I'm going to explain something.
If I'm going down the road and it's icy and I run off the bridge and go into icy water, and I try to get my kids out, and I get out, I'm not a hero.
I like me.
I like my kids.
Well, America's run off in the icy water.
And we're being told, just sit there.
Everything's okay.
It's a nice ice bath.
No, we're going to get the hell out of this vehicle.
Or we're going to die trying.
And this is it, folks.
This is the move against the country.
And there were a lot of people in the system that thought this was crazy, so they kind of parlayed and organized and used the movement we'd already built to get Trump in.
Because I believe that if we fought this and exposed this, we have a big enough grassroots movement to take over the Republican Party to then block the globalists when they made their move.
I've been saying that for 20 years.
We did it, together!
We're in a much stronger position now than we were 20 years ago.
We've just got to complete the attack on the globalists politically and expose their treacherous evil asses.
And explain, it's not special to fight this.
Americans shouldn't want to be under CHICOM-programmed rule.
We shouldn't want to take implantable microchips.
We shouldn't want pedophiles teaching five-year-olds in school.
We shouldn't accept this.
We should reject it.
And I believe you will reject it.
And even if they kick off a civil war, a fiery one, we're going to win that too!
So, let's work hard in the info war right now to avert that.
If the real thing kicks off, you know who the globalists are, go get them!
America and the world is a wire!
Hillary Clinton is going down!
Hillary Clinton is a Chinese communist agent, a criminal, and that's just the way it is!
America is a white and fighting bird!
America will never let go!
Alright, that's a few months ago.
Hillary got confronted repeatedly inside.
Very powerful without Epstein, the rest of it.
Big tech's moving mountains to try to block that information coming out.
It's like they're trying to block the fact that the UN lead scientist said that they've covered up vaccine deaths, injuries, the majority of their doctors think vaccines are bad, and that the public is becoming enraged because they've been stonewalling.
But still, you get the videos out at BandOnVideo.
It's life-saving.
So, that truck is already with security guys driving to Virginia.
And we'll be there legally and lawfully and peacefully throughout the weekend, throughout next week, back and forth between DC, covering the trial that's pretty much assured to be starting next week.
They're passed and handed on the articles now to the Senate.
That's going on right now today.
I wanted to say something about Trump.
They've had the deep state.
And the entire corporate media write thousands of articles, some of which were published in hundreds and hundreds of newspapers apiece, to get Trump to come out against him full force.
In a belief that if the president ever came out against him full force, that would turn his main base off against him.
And that would turn me against the president.
Well, only the president
Violating his promises would turn me against him.
And I know he's not perfect, so I'm happy with a lot of what he's done.
But I'm very upset about letting the big media combines, working with big tech, censor and silence millions and millions of Americans with AI, watching them in real time and letting third-party groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, ADL, and Snopes into the computer programs to watch people at the device level.
That level of Big Brother surveillance is just criminal.
That's what the tyrants are doing is bum-rushing us with devices all listening to us and watching us and the cloud and the Apple system looking at all your photos and sharing them and all the things they admit they do.
Look at how we've allowed ourselves to be trampled on.
When I pull back from this though, Trump never betrayed InfoWars in that every time they attack Trump and say, you better say you hate Alex Jones, Trump doesn't deny InfoWars.
He starts tweeting InfoWars videos and articles out, enraging them even more to the point now when he tweets an InfoWars article or video, the media doesn't even pick it up.
They just get pissed.
So Trump's signaling there that, hey, I support you guys.
And so, Trump understands how the media will pick somebody, demonize them, and get everybody to then turn their backs on that person, so that when they pick the next person, nobody stands up for them as well, and pretty soon everybody's left alone.
So Trump has stood by Infowars, in our sources in the White House, and the things Trump's done.
To a point, not sticking up for the First Amendment and allowing big tech cartels to censor and mask.
That's been a betrayal of the American people and of Trump himself.
As they persecute us and as they try to take the guns, that's going to enrage you and wake you up even more and get you into action.
And he knows you have the real power.
So he believes we're completing a political realignment against the globalists right now.
As long as he can stay in power, it will only invoke them to be more radical, more crazy, more out of control, causing, again, an even bigger wake up.
And so far, when it comes to a big wake up that's very deep and across the board, yes, it's happening.
I just don't know how long the American people can hang on.
And I just think it's very risky to let the Democrats in the deep state keep trying, especially when they're funded by the shy comms, to cause a giant race war that could get out of control.
So I really think Trump's waited too long, and it's overbaking the brownies here, or overbaking the pie or the bread.
I mean, it's done.
Even from that Agalian dialectic, it needs to stop.
This is out of control.
And they're trying to impeach him, and now they're trying to remove him.
He's in a criminal trial in the Senate.
I mean, that's the equivalent of it.
And it's very dangerous.
But I'll say this.
We just called up some of the pro-gun groups in Virginia and said, hey, why don't you come on the show?
And they're like, oh, oh, you're Alex Jones.
That's controversial.
We don't want to be associated with that.
Associated with who got the president elected.
Associated with the First Amendment.
Not even getting the instinct of who cares what the media says about you.
They say you're a bunch of white supremacist terrorists.
I don't need to be loved by the couple of organizers of a rally, who are going to sit up there and talk to a crowd, but the media is not going to pick up a damn word you say.
It's you that has the power of what your message is, not how you let them put you in a box.
So, it's the amateur nature of a lot of political activists, and then they look at somebody who's been very, very successful with our audience that gets it, rebooting America,
But we're always being led by a bunch of political novices who, again, see someone being attacked and demonized.
And so they back away from him.
Well, they tried that with Trump, saying he's a rapist and saying he's a KKK member.
But people knew it was bull, stood with the president.
It made it even more powerful.
So they've tried to do what they tried to do with Trump to me.
And it's not been successful with smart people of every race, color and creed across this country.
But it has been successful with a lot of the libertarian or conservative movement of people that are getting politically active and trying to organize things that they really believe that if the media is attacking somebody, you better not get near them because that means you'll get attacked.
They don't get the fact that if you're effective, you're going to be attacked and you should embrace that.
And the real leadership of America and people that want freedom and justice get that and understand that.
Oh, Alex Jones has been sent child porn!
In the Sandy Hook case.
Yeah, because the globalists are scared.
And they admitted it was an unopened email to our company that the establishment subpoenaed, gotten, found, and showed hidden scans of it to try to... But people went, that's bull!
It's Jones exposes the pedophiles!
So it goes back to when people come and say, how are you taking it?
I'm like, how are you taking it?
Our country's being taken over.
I'm fighting.
I expect to get attacked.
It's the way people want to have their cake and eat it too.
Fight the globalists, fight for freedom, fight for justice.
But then someone who's been a general in the fight for decades and whose army of activists have taken us to victory, these people don't even have the instincts to sign on to that because they think it's all about them being political leaders and viable for whatever.
When it's not even going to matter in the future if we don't change things and stop over-calculating and stop trying to be politicos and stop trying to polish our image and roll our sleeves up and expose that the Democrats are chi-com, enemy-funded, and are literally trying to bring the entire country down and are trying to trigger a civil war.
And the average conservative activist around the country can't even get their act together.
Meanwhile, the main groups that have financed Trump and had some of the biggest fundraisers for him for six months have been trying to get me to go on speaking tours and do these big events.
And I was so busy, I said no until I realized, wait a minute.
The big smart Republicans that helped get Trump in, they know where the Liberty Movement's going.
They get this is the future.
They're smart enough to want to enforce.
But the very grassroots we awokened, a bunch of them are trying to be the new politicos.
What a joke.
I'll be there in the armored vehicle.
The whole crowd will come over to me.
All the media will cover us.
You're fools!
We're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
I want to just say one more thing about what I talked about last segment.
This isn't about me.
You understand?
I'm always saying, don't go to rallies, go into the capitals and talk to the politicians yourself, and go at their meet and greets out in the field and get in their face.
Or run against them, and then be on the podiums and in the debates against them.
That's how you are most effective.
It's good to have rallies too, and then to have our own media and report on them.
But the mainstream media isn't who you care about.
They're going to distort you.
So Trump doesn't ever deny InfoWars and Trump says he likes InfoWars and Trump tweets InfoWars when the media tells him not to because he understands not being bullied by the media.
But then we're just trying to get people on to promote their Virginia rally.
And they're like, whoa, whoa, whoa, you know, Alex Jones, you're too controversial.
It's amateur hour.
I don't need to be up at your podium, dummy.
I can go in front of a press conference or have it at the Capitol with 50 cameras.
They all turn on to me.
It's like Satan showed up to these people.
It's that you don't have the instincts.
And I'm not attacking the leaders of the thing.
There's a bunch of groups and things.
I'm just talking about amateur hour in general.
So President Trump likes him for worse.
President Trump tweets it.
But the people that think they're going to stop gun confiscation in Virginia, at least the ones organizing stuff, are like, ooh, Alex Jones.
And again, it's that amateurism.
That continues to let the mainstream media have this power when they have almost no viewers to intimidate people.
You know how CNN takes people's sponsors up?
They call their sponsors and go, you're a sponsor of this.
We're gonna do a report if you don't drop this group.
It's torturous interference.
Oh, yes, CNN!
When Chick-fil-A got boycotted, they doubled their money!
Now they start bowing, they start losing money.
It's just a joke!
Syrian Girls popping in.
If Ranger and Michael and James can hold until the end of the hour, I will get to you.
I respect your calls, but we've got to get to this guest.
I really want you to hear what you have to say about the gun confiscation.
If you've got to go, I understand.
And then I'll host a little bit in the next hour with Matt Bracken, who's really been a warning of this and has been central in exposing how they'll plant a false flag.
And it's unfolding just like he said it would.
It's going to be hosting in the next hour.
So please spread the word on that, because everything is about getting the word out here.
We're good to go.
Thanks so much for having me on.
So just an update.
Trump obviously has signaled that if any of the demonstrators get hurt, we may do something.
I think that's good on the surface.
That might encourage the opposition groups to launch attacks now to get Iran to attack them.
And now we're kind of drug in by that.
And I think that's what we've seen Restart and others kind of say.
Well I think they're not going to do anything directly against Iran because last week Trump actually did the right thing in not escalating further when the US base was attacked.
So I think that if a US base gets attacked and they don't want to get
Directly involved with a war with Iran.
Like that's their cause's belly right there.
So I don't think we're going to see any of that.
But like last week, I think I told you guys that Iran would retaliate without question.
But I think the important thing to talk about now, I think, is that Trump was set up.
I think that now we've learned that, as Esper said, all that false intelligence about imminent threat was bogus.
And actually Trump said that, well he didn't say that, there's an article that's come out by Business Insider that said that he's been saying that he was pressured into this attack by like Lindsey Graham and other GOP senators because he had impeachment hanging over his head.
So the people who have been responsible for this debacle are actually Lindsey Graham and Nancy Pelosi.
So who's the driving force behind this impeachment?
So they're kind of good cop, bad copping him.
The neocons are pressuring him into war.
And actually, you know, in October, I made a video on my channel saying that I believe impeachment was a form of blackmail that they're trying to use against Trump.
Because at that time, at that very same moment, in October, was when he was trying to pull troops out of Syria.
Suddenly this impeachment thing is hanging over his head.
And then we had, as you mentioned, the Secretary of Defense kind of throw Trump under the bus.
But now Obama's former National Security Advisor, James Jones, says Trump is right.
So there is a lot of weirdness going on.
And as you said, some of the Democrats behind the scenes have been pressuring with the neocons for Soleimani's death.
Now they're talking about impeaching Trump for it.
Yeah, that's right.
It's a setup.
He's the fall guy.
They pressured him into it and now all the consequences that happened since, they're trying to make it his fault.
Obviously, where did the false intelligence come from?
It didn't come from him.
So, at the end of the day, this is a debacle because they
You know, they probably told him that Iran wouldn't retire.
Probably they were expecting, as Pompeo was tweeting, that they're going to de-escalate and they're going to negotiate a new deal.
But that's exactly the opposite of what anyone could see.
Anyone who isn't a neocon
Could see that it was going to end up escalating.
And the possibility of World War III was on the table.
And I think that's why Trump decided to de-escalate and not retaliate.
He realized it was all, you know, a lie.
And it's interesting now that we have Putin talking to the United Nations about how the nuclear powers need to come together to neutralize the threat of global war, which is what we're facing.
Putin earlier today gave a speech, five nuclear-armed states must work together to neutralize the threat of global war.
Here's some of what the leader of Russia had to say.
It's time to understand our responsibility and the example must be set by the founders of the UN.
Five nuclear states have the responsibility to maintain the sustainable development of the mankind.
These five nations must start with the measures of getting rid of the preconditions for the global war, coming up with approaches to come up with stability.
How do you think the Deep State is going to come at Trump next?
And what's the word on the Middle East?
What's coming out of Persia?
Well, you know, these protests that are going on, the driving, as I told you guys during the Arab Spring of 2011,
At that time we were being fed the stuff about democracy, but of course it turned out to be the Muslim Brotherhood, which is what I told you guys in 2012.
So at the moment they're telling us that these protests in Iran are about women's rights and democracy, etc.
But really the driving force behind it is this group called the MEK.
Which in 2012 was delisted off the terrorist group list that the State Department has.
So pre-2012, pre the Arab Spring, these guys were designated a terrorist organization just like the Muslim Brotherhood.
And what they are is like an extremist communist cult.
So like just because, you know, a theocracy that forces people into
You know, wearing a headscarf, it's a bad thing, doesn't mean like this communist cult
Is a good alternative.
We need to really become more cynical about really what's happening in Iran.
Obviously, it's related to current events.
Obviously, the State Department and the neocons, they don't want the Iranian regime or government to be in power.
And they are very skilled at, you know, putting a lot of money into these people.
All right, Syrian girl.
Thanks for the update.
We'll be back with more calls and then Matt Bracken.
All right, I'm going to take calls from James and Michael who've been holding.
One's Army National Guard on the gun confiscation topic.
Same thing with Michael, Army on gun confiscation.
Appreciate them holding.
But Syrian girl, I wanted you to be able to finish up.
What do you think Trump should do about what the neocons are up to and what's happening with Iran?
You know, I think Trump first and foremost needs to name names.
He needs to name who's been responsible for, you know, coming up with the false intelligence and pressuring him.
Lindsey Graham, Nazi Pelosi, the impeachment.
Also, he can take the opportunity now because Iraqi parliament has requested for U.S.
troops to leave and the neocons are threatening them
Financially, because they want so badly to remain in Iraq that they won't respect the democracy that they supposedly set up.
And they're trying to say that they're going to cut their access to the Fed in order to sell their oil and add sanctions on top of that.
All this crazy stuff.
Trump has the opportunity now to use that fact that Parliament is asking for a US troop withdrawal to pull troops out.
I feel like he's saying that just so he can
Humiliate the people around him that want to be in Syria because he does want to pull out.
So I think that what he needs to do is defend himself and not be the fall guy on the Soleimani assassination by naming names and perhaps making more statements about possible pull out from Iraq and Syria as well.
Thanks for your perspective.
I've got to say, though, you've been vindicated with the deep state, both Republican and Democrat.
Some of them trying to say Trump, you know, is a bad guy and Trump lied about this stuff.
And then it comes out that they did give him that intelligence.
It's just so Machiavelli how they operate.
Syrian girl, thanks for the time.
Thank you so much for having me on.
Thank you.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, I want to take a few final calls here and then I'm going to try to
Take a five-minute break at the start of the next segment to play some gun confiscation clips.
There's a lot of things I want to say.
It's not that I'm tired.
I've just read so many articles, looked at so much news that I want to just take a break for five minutes and get refocused to say some things I've got to say here on air.
Because it's now not just an intellectual or political thing that's theoretical.
There's no doubt that there is a large number of really serious criminals in this country working with multinational corporations, the communist Chinese, to take this country down.
And they're the ones that have escalated the threat level.
They're the ones on the continuation of force scale that have brought us to this.
I'm not somebody that likes violence or somebody that wants physical conflict, and I'm not in a position to lead it, and I'm not going to be involved in it offensively.
Everybody knows I just state my intentions.
That's my secret weapon is just straight shooting.
I am what you get.
We're starting to get to a point that as a citizen who's sworn an oath publicly to defend my family and your family and our honor, that we need to be very peaceful and very focused and very active right now.
And then we have to understand that if we don't bust our ass to get these people's face and really let them know we're watching them, that
The Chi-Coms and the globalists know they can sit this out.
They think they can.
And so they are intending to start a shooting war in the country.
And there's a good chance it's going to start.
So we better start having a discussion about what we're going to do.
So that's that.
And if the president would have arrested some of the deep state, gosh, he's got plenty to do it.
And let the chips fall where they may.
If they try to bring out some dirt on some of the Trump people, nobody's going to care.
As long as he's pro-American and it's not screwing kids or something, we're going to support him.
People understand we need action now, okay?
Enough talk.
And I'm not saying it's my pay grade to say what we should do.
I don't think the President knows.
We're all above our pay grade here.
It's just that we're not in normal situations now.
The Democrats are a bunch of insane meth heads who are minions and are paid for by the globalists.
So they're not even leaders.
So the real people running this are sitting back thinking they're insulated.
And they're not insulated.
And they need to know they're not insulated.
And so push is coming to shove.
Alright, James in Virginia.
James is next.
No, no, no.
Michael's been holding longer.
Michael in Ohio.
Army on gun confiscation.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Thank you for taking my call, Alex.
It's an honor to speak to you.
I'm a veteran of the United States Army and I served under President Obama, unfortunately.
And how I came onto your show is we were starting to get slideshows from the top from this company called the Southern Poverty Law Center.
And I turned to my buddy and I was like, dude, they're telling us what to believe.
I'm like, this is going against our religion.
Dude, this is some Alex Jones type stuff.
I was like, the 9-11 conspiracy guy?
And he's like, dude, he's right.
He's like, listen to him with me after work.
And the more I listened to him, the more I was like, wow, this is really bad.
And then it wasn't but a couple weeks later, we started getting, um, like surveys or censuses to try and see like what we would do as soldiers.
And one of the questions was, would we go and confiscate weapons from the American people?
And we were like, oh my God, he's, he's absolutely right.
And we tried to tell people about this and no one, no one would cover it.
No one would talk to us about it or anything.
And we tried to raise the alarm about this, but our response as a unit, as a whole, like your previous caller was talking about, we were told that if we ever got that order, whoever gave it to us, our lieutenant or our company commander, we would have them removed by any means necessary.
But this is absolutely real what is happening.
We were at the beginning stages of it, and they realize that they can't use the military as their pawns, and that's why they're doing this U.N.
Because the same stuff is continuing to go on.
It's just behind the scenes because Trump is president now.
Wow, Michael, I really appreciate you holding for so long to say that.
I want you to be able to spend a few minutes with us and then we'll get to James, too.
But to flesh out, because I remember there was the questionnaires under Clinton.
People couldn't believe it and turned out it was real.
The ones under Obama, I remember that was what, two, three years after he got in was the ones we learned about.
Then they had the threat assessment saying gun owners and veterans were the number one threat because when they assessed the veterans and got back, well not even the veterans, the active duty non-commissioned officers, it was something like 98% said no, in fact we'll shoot who gives the order, which is what you're supposed to do in this country.
And until a few decades ago they taught that in the military, that if you get that order you kill who gives it.
And so their attempting to turn you against the American people is what
Woke up military and law enforcement.
The attempt of the Southern Primary Law Center and ADL and all these creepy groups to come in and do that is what finally made the military and police go, wow, Alex Jones is right.
And that's what made our show get even bigger.
Well, suddenly they were all tuning in because they knew we told the truth.
We'd been given that by officers in the military before it ever got to you.
So I was warned by the military because obviously the officers didn't have a way to get it to you.
Then I got it to you.
And then I got the credit and the hate.
And it's not about credit.
People need to know the chain of how this happened.
And so it's deadly dangerous right now.
What do you make of what they're attempting in Virginia and other areas?
And what do you think Trump needs to do?
Because I'm not somebody that wants this to be a shooting war, but what are we going to do if the Democrats start one?
I think what they're trying to do, where the whole UN thing, job application, spread like wildfire, what they want is they want us
To be baited into an incident where they can set up some kind of red flag so that they can, the governor of Virginia, can set up his martial law and shut everything down.
But the thing is, like, people have to understand, where is the White House?
You know?
So if he shuts down Virginia, and they do this Trump impeachment thing, and you get a couple wildcard Republicans,
That turned code at the last second and Virginia's completely shut down.
We don't have access to do anything.
Stay there.
I want to come back to you and go back to the questionnaire when it happened.
This is historic.
We've got these calls years ago.
It's been in the news a few times, but people need to hear it from somebody that experienced it.
Don't hang up.
Back in two minutes.
But I just want to say something here, folks.
This is really happening.
I can't believe it, but it's really happening.
And behind the scenes, if you knew what was going on, you'd know how dangerous it is.
You heard that state police officer who talked to the higher-ups, and they're all getting threatened.
When this goes down, you do what you're told and we'll indict you.
So they've got the blue cities that are already lawless under U.N.
They're already breaking the borders.
They're trying to break the economy.
They're trying to take the president out.
And the president, I respect the president and I think he knows what he's doing with what he's got.
Because he's got moles all under him.
He hasn't got even partial control of the executive.
We can't expect him stuck on a beachhead under attack.
To be perfect, but he needs to rhetorically come out in these speeches and talk about the deep state and talk about Virginia and get ahead of it because Biden and all of them are betting all their marbles on it months ago telling you they're going to strike in Virginia.
And history does repeat itself.
This country was born in Virginia and Boston and in the Civil War started there too.
We'll be right back with the fourth hour.
You probably noticed the last year or so the music's gotten a lot more dramatic here.
Well, air raid sirens are a good archetypal image of incoming crisis.
Another big article just broke at ZeroHedge.com.
We'll post it to InfoWars.com.
Epstein traffic girls as recently as 2018.
Some as young as 11.
New reports come out, of course.
We were broke two weeks, three weeks ago that his brother's still running a company recruiting young women that look like they're 15 years old and by the woman given immunity, in the last case 13 years ago, she's involved in it.
The media knows, we'll not touch it.
Lennon Guardian made one mention of it.
Had you inside, it says we've covered up vaccine deaths, the doctors are turning against us.
Zero coverage.
Except for people that know about this show and Bandai Video.
We're gonna finish up with Michael and James here and then it's Mike Adams today who's one of the only other people other than Matt Bracken covering Virginia before it got big.
He is an expert on it.
It's Bracken's tomorrow.
So I misspoke earlier.
My day's switched here.
There's a lot of stuff going on.
But Michael, finishing up, go back to the time, the place if you can, the questionnaire you got about confiscating guns and what that was like.
Yeah, I was with 10th Mountain Division in Fort Drum, New York, and it was about 2009 or 2010 when this questionnaire came out, and to say that we were shocked that this was even a question that was being asked.
I mean, because there's a reason when you take your oath that it's the first thing that you do.
That's your first thing that you do in the military, is you take your oath of enlistment.
And all the members of the military need to remember that that is first for a reason.
And this attempt to wipe the Constitution across the ground, we need to remember that.
Not just the Home Service members, but all veterans as well.
That oath doesn't expire just because you get out of the military.
That is an oath.
That is for life.
And to see these things working, like being an active member of the military,
You're going to be torn of what is the right thing to do, but you need to go back to your oath and remember that's the first thing for a reason.
The good news is, though, you say this really woke up your unit.
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, we were kind of looking at our sergeants and our team leaders and our squad leaders when we were getting this.
Like, is this serious?
Like, is this a joke?
We even asked our first sergeant.
And they kind of, the further up we went, the more it was kind of like, it's just a questionnaire.
They're just asking.
And I was like, why are they asking though?
This shouldn't even be talked about.
And we all agreed that we were going to sign it the same way.
And if we were ever given these orders, we would remove whoever gave us this order by any means necessary.
And by any means necessary means, by any means necessary.
And you're absolutely right when you say it every day.
The answer to 84 is 1776.
Well, everybody's gonna get a chance to test their mettle here soon, one way or another, because the Justice Department is not rounding up these groups.
Because the CHICOMs are so deeply embedded in us.
I guess it's like trying to remove a giant tumor off the heart.
There'll be no heart left.
And I don't know how you go in and remove these people when they're so dug in.
But it's just anybody that's been a member of Trump or anybody that's been a neocon, anybody that's worked for Soros at a high level and made New World Order statements, anti-American statements, just needs to get the hell out of this country.
They're the ones trying to break the nation, trying to destroy it.
And they are enemy combatants.
They've declared that the country is their enemy.
They've worked for foreign powers against it.
And now they're trying to cause a civil war.
And I'm just sitting here saying, hey, why the hell are we putting up with this?
That's all.
And we really have to show up.
As a poll, it's not just, you know, it seems to me like the general thing is like Republicans go out and vote for the president, but we need to vote in every single election because the president needs as much of our help as he can get and just voting for him to be reelected, it's not enough.
He needs people all around him to help him.
Well, that's right.
The Democrats are involved in election fraud.
So you've got to get like five people you know that have ever voted to wake up to go register and to vote.
And everybody's got to run for office, whether it's city council, you name it, to get in the debates and get in their face.
I'm telling you, they're going to take everything from everybody and bring us into total hell if we don't get extremely aggressive now.
Thank you, sir.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, I have a few other items I want to add before Mike Adams takes over on the Virginia subject and so many others here in the next segment.
Believe me, I'll be having my lunch and listening to him when I take a break because he's extremely informative and has good foresight on what's coming up.
I'm going to say it again.
I'm going to be in D.C.
for the Trump trial next week.
And I'm going to be in Virginia, about 35 miles away in Northern Virginia, in that historic area, covering the Democrats and the governor declaring a civil emergency already and all the rest of it, really trying to stop any violence being kicked off.
But you know, they stage it, they'll blame me.
That's okay.
People are like, oh, you're getting attacked.
That's the whole point.
Is if you're taking on the globalists and successful, they're going to attack you.
All these political movements that claim they're patriot or liberty-based that are afraid of any criticism really should just hang it up if they can't handle that.
If you're effective, you'll be attacked so that other cowards don't join you.
And that's why Trump understands when they say, deny Alex Jones, say he's bad, Trump will tweet out an InfoWars video or article.
Trump gets it.
And I know our listeners get it.
But that is, again, something we have to understand.
They stage a massacre and blame it on the Patriot movement.
You can't go, I don't want to be associated with the Patriot movement, I'm hanging it up.
Nine times out of ten, it's going to be a false flag.
Don't go with their narratives.
This is a war.
These are known liars.
James in Virginia, you're on the air.
God bless you, sir.
Thanks for holding.
What's your view on the situation?
Yeah, Alex, I've never gotten a chance to talk to you, but listen, I've been a fan and a customer for 20 years and I only recently retired from the Virginia Army National Guard.
Well, thank you for your service and your support, sir.
You know, I know you don't like fans making schmoozing or whatever, but listen, man, you were the one that gave me the idea to sit my soldiers down before I retired and have a class on the oath of enlistment
And the Constitution of the United States.
Because whenever I ordered something from InfoWars store, it came with a pocket Constitution.
And so I bought more by myself and I handed them out to each of my soldiers.
And I made them sit there with their eyes glazed over and listen to why the Constitution is so important to each and every service member relating directly to the Oath of Enlistment.
And I've stayed in touch with a handful of those soldiers, and some of them didn't want to hear it.
I got laughed at for years for being the conspiracy guy with the InfoWars sticker on the back of his truck, and that's all fine with me.
I didn't care about that.
But I've stayed in touch with some of these soldiers, and I can tell you within the last six weeks,
Those questions have come down the chain of command about would you be willing to knock on doors and confiscate weapons, and the answer was a resounding no from the people I know.
Well, sir, that's beautiful.
And, you know, part of the not having extra money around here is we can't put those free pocket constitutions anymore because the price went up in the packages.
That's how lean and mean we've gotten here.
But we do still sell them at cost.
And we put bumper stickers in every deal there.
But I know that the oath of enlistment, all of that is absolutely key to stopping any tyranny.
And it's people like you doing what you did.
Yeah, I can just tell you that it went down from the upper chain of command to the platoon sergeant level in at least two units that I know of.
And the question was very specific about what are your feelings and would you be willing to follow orders to go door-to-door.
And the soldiers, without question, said that they would not go along with that.
And the platoon sergeant said to his soldiers, if we are ordered by the governor to report, we will not leave the armory.
We will sit here in the armory
And we will not leave.
And so, I mean, that was their answer.
How long ago was this?
This was last month.
Well, I remember the state legislators shot their mouths off and said, we've been talking to the head of the State Guard, the National Guard.
We're going to confiscate guns when we pass this.
And so the military got that call, the National Guard did, so they had to ask that question.
But now what you're saying is, is confirming what we saw on the news just three weeks ago.
The National Guard in Virginia said we will not participate in what the governor is talking about.
Think about, though, that we've been brought to that point.
These leftists are that crazy, but they're not.
They want to escalate things, and they want to trigger some type of confrontation.
What do you think, James?
I agree 100%, and I can tell you one thing for sure, Alex, sitting here in the state of Virginia right now, not only am I looking forward to seeing you on the 20th, this state is wide awake.
The repercussions of the actions of this filthy governor have not yet been felt on an election day.
This state is wide awake.
We're not going to take it.
We're going to show up, and we're going to seek to be peaceful.
But I'm going to be riding on a bus.
I'm hoping to see you when I'm there.
I'll be there.
They originally, they originally were only expecting about 10 buses.
And I'm told now they're expecting over 100 buses.
And I'll be on one of those buses.
And everybody on my bus, on my dime, is getting a free pocket constitution, because that is my way of spitting in the eyes of the globalists.
And I'll just hand them out till I run out.
Well, James, that's beautiful.
We're going to be bullhorning and interviewing people and rushing around.
Can't wait to shake your hand.
God bless you.
Thank you, Alex, and be blessed and have a safe day.
You too.
And that's what I wanted to say in this segment.
I thought I'd be done with calls by now, but that's what I wanted to say is just what he just said.
I wasn't chewing out people that are scared to be associated with Infowars.
Because it hurts him four wars when you do that.
It isn't about me.
It's about the attitude.
Do you think that that sergeant who just called in, who years ago educated those men, felt bad or felt small when they laughed at him?
But he knew he was doing the right thing, continuing an American tradition of the NCOs, talking to the troops about America and the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
And if we ever got a King George here, what we'd have to do to fight that tyrant?
Or a governor that's a tyrant?
Or a group of governors that are tyrants?
That's gone on from the start of this country!
And sure, the young men had watched mainstream media, they heard you're supposed to laugh at that!
You ever hear about this stuff, about tyrants and world government and gun confiscation?
Remember Obama's speeches?
We ought to find him where he said,
Don't listen to people that talk about coming tyranny and gun confiscation and a new world order.
That's all lies, that doesn't exist.
But now their stealth mode didn't work, so now they're out in the open.
We're coming for your guns, we're coming for your kids, world government.
We're gonna put you in a FEMA camp, a re-education camp, if you don't do what we want.
See, now they're out in the open because they know they're losing, but they hope the fight they start with us, they can somehow organize it with the media and convince those of us that stand up for ourselves, convince people that we're the bad guys, that's not going to work.
So it's about doing the right thing, even though at the time, people that are ignorant laugh at you, because you know later they're not going to be laughing.
And then later it's not about, oh you were right, thank you, you're great!
You think that last caller thinks he's a perfect person?
Or it's about him?
He was doing his duty as an American.
Because he knew he was right.
He's been proven right.
We've been proven right.
But it's not about that now, it's about the fact that everything we've talked about is now staring us dead in the eyes.
And it thought when it made its move it would have assurance of victory.
Now it's got bad footing, it's bleeding to death!
And we've got a really good shot at winning, but don't you think that that enemy we've got cornered may be holding its guts in and bleeding down both legs, but that demon is still dangerous.
And so if we don't expect really bad things to happen, we're going to be hit flat-footed.
The globalists were arrogant.
They got hit flat-footed.
Now they're hitting us hard.
They know they're in trouble.
And now we got to finish the job.
Cut off the fentanyl flooding in.
Cut off all the pedophile and devil worship.
Get God back in our lives and this country and the world will turn around just like that.
I know the churches are all bought off telling you it's the end of the world.
Bow down to Satan.
We're not going to do it.
Mike Adams has taken over and I'm going to Virginia.
I'll see you in Virginia!
On the Alex Jones Show, thanks for joining me.
Mike Adams here with more analysis of what's happening in Virginia, as well as a story that I just posted.
I didn't even have a chance to tell the producers there at InfoWars.
It's got a near-complete transcript of this left-wing lunatic captured by Project Veritas Action.
And a new analysis here, it's shocking, this left-wing communist lunatic who wants to carry out mass executions of both conservatives and sort of centrist liberals.
Anyone who's not radical left-wing communism, he says they should be killed and essentially, you know, thrown in a ditch.
That's essentially what he's calling for.
Excuse me, the new transcript that's out shows that this guy is an eco-fascist who sounds exactly like...
He sounds like AOC.
He uses words like she uses.
He keeps saying, like, like this, like, you know.
From the transcript, from the video today, he says, quote, like, we're here to preserve the planet, to preserve people, he says.
This was part of his strategy for mass killing.
Quote, we don't want to effing have to, like, eliminate people, right?
Sounds just like AOC.
But if people are gonna try to fight back against the revolution, he says, like, when you hear about, like, so, like, atrocities committed by, like, in Cuba, by, like, Fidel and Che, like, killing people, like, those people who were actively, like, they were, like, anti-revolution.
Doesn't this sound just like AOC?
They were fighting against the revolution!
And if you guys were in a war and you encounter people
That we're fighting against you.
What did you do to those people, right?
The same holds true in a revolution, he says.
The same holds true.
He goes on to talk about...
How they, the radical left-wing communists, that they are going to save the planet, and they are going to save humanity.
But in order to achieve that, they have to carry out mass killings and run gulags for the survivors.
He says, quote, that he's, quote, all aboard for gulags, like, I feel there needs to be re-education for a significant portion of our society, he says.
And he goes on and on like this.
It sounds, again, exactly like a radical left-wing eco-fascist or an eco-terrorist.
Some elements of this sound to me like Greta Thunberg.
And it sounds like AOC and it sounds like others who are these radicals on the left who now justify this mass violence against humanity by saying that they are the ones who are going to kill the enemies of the planet, they are going to save the Earth, and they are going to save humanity.
Now think about this rationally for a second, folks.
What authoritarian communist nation in the history of the world has ever been good for the planet or good for humanity?
I mean, look at communist China, one of the most polluted countries in the world.
So polluted that a lot of their exports are contaminated with heavy metals.
It's horrible.
There are rivers.
You can't even bathe in the rivers without practically committing suicide from toxic exposure and pollution.
Communism does not equal taking care of the environment.
Communists destroy the environment and they destroy humanity.
Look at the history of genocide, of democide against humanity carried out by communist regimes from Joseph Stalin.
And the Stalin Revolution to Chairman Mao and the Communist Revolution and the Cultural Revolution and modern day Venezuela or even North Korea which maybe is not strictly communism but it certainly is the type of authoritarianism that communists like to put into place.
These philosophies of communism, of radical left-wing ideology, that are anti-free market, that are anti-individual liberty, that are anti-freedom, anti-constitution, anti-second amendment, anti-free speech, these philosophies lead to the destruction of human societies.
There is no other outcome that you can achieve.
Even when you take a country like Venezuela,
I had unlimited wealth under the ground.
It's like pots of gold under the ground.
All they had to do was drill into the earth and get the oil and sell the oil and they could practically build a utopia.
And yet, because communism is so bad, radical left-wing socialism slash communism, it's such a horrible philosophy, they managed to destroy that nation to the point where people who have PhDs and master's degrees and advanced university education are dumpster diving for food.
And those are the ones who haven't yet fled Venezuela to other countries.
Communism or communist ideologies have destroyed a nation that was one of the leading, rising examples of first world abundance and first world education and civil society.
Venezuela was on the rise toward that goal and now they have been utterly destroyed.
The economy destroyed, liberties destroyed, gun rights destroyed.
And that was one of the first mistakes they made, by the way, was giving up their guns.
And this is why, and I'm going to talk about Virginia today here,
This is why the people of Virginia, God bless you, you're doing exactly the right thing.
Do not give up your guns ever under any circumstances.
Any order to confiscate your guns is an illegal order.
Any conspiracy to take away your guns and to steal them, frankly, is a conspiracy to commit felony crimes of mass theft.
And the fact that the government itself is committing those conspiracy crimes and felony theft crimes, that doesn't
Nullify the crimes.
They are still the criminals.
Governor Northam is a criminal.
And we'll get to that more in the next segment.
But we still have a few minutes left here.
Let me read you some more of what this insane Bernie Sanders supporter, well, I don't know if you can call him insane.
This is, there's a lot of people like this.
He talks about how they work with Antifa and how they work with DSA, the Democratic Socialists of America, and they work for Bernie Sanders.
This individual who I've been quoting is on the Bernie Sanders campaign payroll.
And you gotta thank Project Veritas and James O'Keefe, truly one of the most amazing journalists of our time.
In fact, in my mind right now...
James O'Keefe and Owen Schroer and many other people on the InfoWars crew like Caitlin Bennett and so on.
These are the real journalists of our time.
They deserve national recognition for their efforts.
It's amazing what they are doing.
I mean, the courage of Owen Schroer and what he's been doing.
It is, sometimes it's the highlight of my day watching Owen, what he's doing out there in the field.
And I know Alex feels the same way.
He's got to be proud of InfoWars.com.
And the InfoWars reporters, what they are doing, this is real journalism.
This puts the Washington Post to shame.
This makes a joke of the New York Times.
The real journalism is happening in operations like Project Veritas and InfoWars.com and a few other independent media outlets.
It's amazing.
And that's why your support is absolutely important.
And I think Alex mentioned earlier, I was watching the show today, he's got the new fish oils back in stock at InfowarsStore.com.
There is nothing better for your cardiovascular health than taking healthy, clean, lab-tested fish oils.
And that's what they've got.
They've got mercury-free fish oils, they've got the cleanest
We're good to go.
And I've said this before, and now people are waking up and realizing it.
They want to kill you.
They are planning to kill you.
They want Bernie Sanders to win the White House, and then they are going to launch a massive killing, mass executions of all Trump supporters if they can get away with it.
Now, I think they will fail.
I think they will fail for, I don't know, 556 reasons, 5.56, or maybe 308 reasons.
Or maybe 338 reasons.
338 Lapua Magnum.
They're going to fail because Americans will fight back.
But much more straight ahead here on the InfoWars Show.
I'll be back.
We're going to cover Virginia in this segment.
And as you're aware, Virginia is looking like the epicenter of the next civil war in America.
The most likely scenario, and Alex earlier today was spot on with his analysis of the scenario,
They're going to stage a false flag attack on Virginia law enforcement personnel or an attempted attack on perhaps the governor or lawmakers in Virginia.
They're going to blame it on gun owners so that they can designate gun owners to be terrorists.
When that happens, then the governor is going to expand the emergency order that he already gave.
Which prohibits firearms on the Capitol grounds, the state capitol there in Richmond.
And he's going to expand that to the entire state, and he's going to run the roadblocks, the road checkpoints, that we reported on weeks ago.
It was only us in the independent media.
We had sources that leaked to us that this plan was being discussed by Governor Northam in Virginia, who is a criminal traitor to America, a baby killer, and a racist, by the way.
If you want to know who that guy really is,
He's a horrible human being, and I'm not even sure that he's all human.
He is a horrible entity.
We'll say it that way.
He kind of looks almost human, but maybe a little more human than Hillary Clinton at the moment, but I don't think he's all human.
In other words, he's an evil, demonic entity, or at least that's the kind of influence that he's got, or he's lost his mind, something like that.
He's like a psychopath who managed to get into the office of the governorship.
And as part of his psychopathy, he has been planning and conspiring to pull off this massive false flag against gun owners in Virginia.
So the way this is going to shape up, possibly on January 20th, which is called Lobby Day,
They're going to be, according to a caller earlier, going to be over a hundred buses of gun supporters coming in to peacefully and lawfully protest against the gun confiscation orders or gun confiscation laws that are trying to be put forth by the Democrat lawmakers in that state.
That is a ripe opportunity, and Alex himself understands this and has explained it, it's a ripe opportunity for
The radical left to stage violence.
And what they're doing specifically is they're putting state troopers and law enforcement officers out there on the front lines to act as bait.
And they know that if they can kill, and again this is their plan, not the gun owners, this is the radical left and their operatives,
And they're covert black ops people.
If they know, if they can kill some state troopers and kill some police officers, or kill anyone in law enforcement who is pro-Northam, you know, pro-Democrat, then the media, it'll be nationwide news, and they'll say all gun owners are terrorists.
End of story.
Now remember that when a radical Muslim hijacks a van or steals a van and runs over people,
It's never the fault of all Muslims, of course.
In fact, we're reminded by the news that you, oh, you can't condemn all Muslims.
In fact, it wasn't even a Muslim.
The van did it.
It was the van that ran over people.
And you'll see headlines in the media, oh, van attacks pedestrians, or van runs over people, like there was no driver.
This is a magical spirit van or something that has its own mind, like a Stephen King novel or something.
This van started up and just ran over people.
You're never allowed to blame Muslims, but if they can convince you that one gun owner or one Trump supporter or one InfoWars fan with a bumper sticker opened fire in some way, even in self-defense, then they can paint all gun owners as terrorists and that is exactly what they are going to do.
This is their plan.
Even if they have to stage it, fake it, doesn't matter.
They've done that before.
They're going to do it again.
The idea is to cause escalation.
And so for this reason alone, I need to urge everybody watching here.
Yes, it's your right to keep and bear arms.
It's a Second Amendment right.
At the same time, we all need to be on the watch here very carefully.
Watch out for provocations that try to sweep you into being caught on camera.
They will stage CNN cameras all around this false flag event, and then they will initiate something to try to get gun owners to pull out their guns and shoot back in self-defense, and then CNN will edit the video to make it look like you were the aggressor.
If you pull a gun and you fire a gun, especially if it's an AR-15, if it's a rifle, oh, especially a homemade rifle or a 3D-printed rifle, have no illusions.
CNN is going to catch you on camera.
They're going to edit it.
They're going to lie.
They're going to distort the whole story.
And for all we know, they may throw a bunch of dead bodies and dump them out of the back of a van that they have staged to make it look like more people died than actually did.
This is the kind of thing they do from time to time.
They will stage everything.
They'll stage the whole scene.
They'll edit it.
They will lie.
As Alex says, they're at war with America.
They are deceivers.
There's nothing they won't do.
There is no rule of journalism that they follow anymore.
They don't have any standards.
They don't have any ethics.
They don't have any morals.
If they have to go out, literally, if they have to go out and themselves murder 30
Children in an elementary school and put them in a van and dump them on the scene so they can have a picture of a Second Amendment supporter opening fire and then they can piece all that together and say, oh my god, these gun nuts.
They killed a bunch of kids.
They will do that.
I have no illusions.
They will do that.
They've done it.
It's not the first time that false flags have been used in war throughout world history, just so you know.
So you need to be vigilant here.
You need to practice discipline.
I've said this before about the coming civil war.
Whoever opens fire first, loses.
Whoever shoots first, loses.
Hope you understand that.
Hold your fire until the last possible moment, but if they're coming for you, if they, the enemies of America, the traitors, if they are committing acts of violence against you, or attempting to, at some point, I understand.
I understand we have no choice but to act in self-defense.
But make sure that is the very last option because they are setting you up.
Mark my words, this is coming.
A major false flag event is coming.
Now, roadblocks, roadside checkpoints.
This is again a bait operation.
They're putting state troopers out there, law enforcement out there, hoping that they get shot.
And they're going to have, you know, special cameras added to the police vehicles probably to make sure that they can for sure capture somebody, you know, shooting a police officer.
That's the goal.
So if you are a state trooper or you're a police officer in Virginia, understand you are being put out there as a sacrificial lamb of sorts.
You are being thrust out there with the hopes, the Democrats hope that you are shot and killed because they want the narrative that follows.
And that's why we all have to be extremely vigilant right now about all of this.
Bottom line, here's the good news.
The Democrats cannot win unless you choose to surrender.
They cannot win if you refuse to turn over your guns.
If you continue to gather peacefully and lawfully, and make your voice heard, and make your numbers visible, and you abide by the law, and you demand the rule of law, and yet you are willing to hold onto your guns at any cost, ultimately, probably, even willing to put your life on the line to defend your Second Amendment rights, then they, the Democrats, cannot win.
They cannot defeat that.
They can only win if they can convince you to surrender your guns.
And that, my friends, that's the whole point of the Second Amendment false flag operation.
They want a false flag so they can convince the gun owners of Virginia that, oh, I must be a bad person if I own a gun.
I'm going to turn them in, just like they convinced a lot of people in New Zealand or Australia many years ago.
They have to convince you to surrender your guns.
That's the only way they can win.
Once they do that,
Then they know they can carry out the mass killings that are being described by this person caught on video by Project Veritas.
Mass murder is the goal.
It's just like the Third Reich.
It's just like Nazi Germany.
First, they convince the Jews to give up their guns.
And then they can carry out the mass roundups.
And here, get on the railroad cars.
We have a food camp for you.
You're going to be taken care of.
Don't worry.
You're going to have showers.
Everything's good.
And you get on the railroad car because you gave up your guns because you wanted to be a good citizen.
And guess what?
They drop you off in a giant oven or a giant Zyklon B shower chamber.
Guess what?
It's not clean water.
It's toxic deadly gas created by a pharmaceutical company, by the way, IG Farben.
There you go.
Don't be fooled.
Never give up your guns.
Not under any circumstances.
Anyone who demands that you give up your guns is a criminal traitor to this nation and should be, in my opinion, arrested, prosecuted, and tried under the rule of law.
Not just by vigilante citizens, but under the rule of law, they should be prosecuted and tried for crimes against America.
You can achieve victory if you refuse to surrender.
Much more straight ahead.
We'll be back here on Wars.
Alright, final segment on today's broadcast here, followed by War Room coming up next.
Look, there's a great new video that we just posted this morning onto Band.Video.
It's called The Era of Treason.
It's only five minutes long, but it's really good.
Check it out on Band.Video.
We post a video there every single day.
We parallel post, of course, on Brighteon.com.
And also, we've got good news for those of you who are looking to do live streaming.
Our R&D team on Brighteon, I worked with this morning.
They tell me we're about six weeks away from being able to launch live streaming capabilities on brighteon.com.
So imagine uncensored live streaming capability.
That's coming soon to that independent video platform that we built.
The number one user is InfoWars and Alex Jones, but we have a lot of other users coming on there.
I do know that some prominent nonprofit groups are also going to be using that live streaming functionality.
Also, I haven't yet been able to verify this, but I've heard a rumor.
I'm not going to name the name, but I've heard that some other independent video platforms out there are now starting to ban vaccine videos.
I'm not sure that's true.
We're trying to check it out.
But I just want you to know that Vaccine Truth videos are always welcomed on Brighttown.com.
And I know also Band.Video covers that as well at Infowars.com.
They cover that, you know, especially over the last few days.
You've seen all these videos come out.
World Health Organization scientists caught lying.
It's incredible.
Like this one MD, the chief scientist of the WHO.
I can't even pronounce her last name.
She's an Indian woman.
Her name is too complicated to remember.
I'm sorry.
But she had put out a propaganda video with the WHO.
At the end of November last year, and in the propaganda video, she says, oh, vaccines are risk free.
We can treat disease without risk.
The safety systems are awesome.
I mean, I'm paraphrasing, but this is what she says, basically, that everything's great.
Vaccines are the best thing in the world for solving disease.
And then you cut to the actual leaked video.
From the World Health Organization, and I think Dell Big Trees organization HiWire helped get this video, at least that's my understanding, but the video leaked.
InfoWars covered it a couple days ago.
We've covered it at Natural News as well.
In this leaked video, she says, oh my God, the safety systems don't work.
It's long-term, like adverse effects for vaccines.
We're not communicating clearly.
We don't have a safety net.
It's just, and that's only five days later.
So this woman, she blatantly lies.
She lies about vaccine safety, and she is just like all these other experts at the WHO, the United Nations, and so on, the CDC, the FDA.
Not only are they lying to you, but I mean, they deliberately are lying.
They know that they are lying to you.
They conspire in their own minds to misinform the public about vaccines, and it's only the independent media that is covering this, like InfoWars or Natural News or what have you.
And I have a question, by the way.
Will the tech giants now unban all our channels now that we have been proven correct by the testimony of World Health Organization scientists, right?
Since we were banned for questioning the safety of vaccines, well now, gosh, these WHO scientists are admitting that vaccines aren't safe.
They don't have safety tracking systems.
One scientist was on there saying,
We don't even have barcodes on the vaccines.
We can't even track if there's one bad lot.
We can't even track who that went to.
We have no clue.
They're admitting all this!
So can we have our channels turned back on now?
I'm wondering since we were proven right.
Is there an apology?
To Alex Jones, who has been right about vaccines for years, apology to myself or Dell Bigtree or Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
or any of the other activists, not just activists, but journalists and investigators and analysts out there who have been right about this issue time and time again.
Where's the apology?
Oh, it's nowhere to be seen or heard from.
And the mainstream media isn't covering these lies by the WHO scientists.
Imagine that.
So there's still a blackout on this news.
Who could have ever imagined that that would happen?
Oh no, what a coincidence.
They just happened to blackout when the scientists get caught lying about vaccines.
All right, let's move on to preparedness here for a second.
There is some crazy stuff coming to America.
You're probably already aware of that.
I'm getting some other pieces of information not yet confirmed that I can't talk about of crazy stuff maybe happening in the Midwest soon.
We have volcanoes exploding in the Philippines, as you know.
We have the whole ring of fire, the San Andreas Fault.
We've got
Ground-penetrating radar planes flying over, like patterns over parts of eastern or southeastern California, for example.
A lot of crazy things happening, not just the Senate trial for Trump's impeachment vindication, not just the civil war situation in Virginia, not just the fact that reportedly the vast majority of the government
Like the top government lawmakers in Russia just resigned under Putin?
I'm not even fully aware of all the details of that yet.
But look, things are happening that are pointing to a massively chaotic... This is going to be the year that you will wish you had your prepper supplies together.
And I was recently talking to a person I know in the Philippines who lives just 30 miles from this volcano.
And I said, well, you know, the volcano is going off and there's a big alert now that it's going to blow.
It's going to be some severe situation.
Lava flows into the city, you know, into Manila.
It's part of the warning.
I said, well, good thing you have a water filter there, right?
Because, you know, contaminated water is the biggest problem when infrastructure fails.
And you have dirty water and people get sick and then they have diarrhea and they die because there are no medical services.
And he says, oh, well, I actually don't have a water filter.
I said, are you kidding me?
You live near a volcano in Manila.
In a country that is known for losing the power grid, by the way, in a country that the roads are so jammed you can't even move out of the city on a good day in less than three hours, imagine an evacuation order in Manila.
You're going to go nowhere.
There's no such thing as evacuating Manila.
But the same thing, or much the same thing, is true in major U.S.
cities like Los Angeles.
How can you evacuate L.A.?
How do you evacuate even Chicago or Houston or Miami?
Because you can't go east from Miami, you know, and in L.A.
you can't go west.
You got ocean to the west and desert to the east.
Where do you go?
People are not prepared, even when they live in danger zones.
And it's mind-blowing to me
That here you are, you're on a planet that is always shifting and moving.
You're in a geopolitical situation that is changing every single day.
The risk of World War III is very real.
The risk of civil war, domestically, is very real.
The risk of North Korea launching a nuke or an EMP weapon is very real.
NASA says the risk of a solar flare happening is about 12% every decade.
That's a very real risk, and that would shut down a lot of electronics and crater the power grid.
You got these radical left-wing socialists that want to engage in a mass killing revolution to overthrow the whole country.
How could you not own
You know, a water filter, an emergency backup radio, emergency first aid, iodine supplies, an AR-15, a pistol, you know, 5,000 rounds of ammo, and just on and on and on.
How could you not own these things, given that you are living on a planet that is about to suffer mass chaos?
And I know that most of you watching or listening, you have these supplies, because you've been prepared for a long time.
But you are living in a society where most other people do not have these supplies.
They don't have food.
They don't have, you know, dental floss, which can be used for a lot of things, or duct tape, or aluminum foil, or just Vaseline, by the way.
You can put it into cotton balls, and it's used as fire starters to start fires when the wood is wet.
Mike, if I could just jump in here for a moment, because I've been watching you the last 40 minutes or so, and you're just completely dead on, just in closing.
You're pointing out that humans have become domesticated.
During the Great Depression, 90% of us were rural, about half of them were completely self-sufficient.
Now we're 90% urban, and only about half of the 10% that are rural are totally self-sufficient.
So if we have a collapse that happens every 50 to 100 years, it will be next level.
I don't
And then others called and confirmed that.
And then it was in the news that they asked him and they said they wouldn't be part of it three weeks ago.
So everything that your sources told you a month ago has now been confirmed, Mike.
And so we're going to have those clips out on Infowars.com as well.
But this is just massive that the Democrats are trying to do a gun confiscation and the military saying, no, that was in the news.
But now we're getting from on the ground what happened where the military said unanimously in the National Guard.
We're not going to follow those orders.
We're going to stay in barracks.
So this is huge.
They're making their move on the country right now, folks.
And Trump, you know, not having the Justice Department take these folks out when they're criminals is only encouraging their next move against all of us.
And yet we tend to live in a society where the people around us are completely unprepared, so they will panic psychologically because they didn't see what's coming the way your audience has, Alex.
You know, your audience has the benefit of knowing all of this in advance.
Yes, this audience is the brain trust.
Your audience is the brain trust.
It's a fact.
We're not bragging.
We better get the word out now.
They want to shut down before this big event, but thank God we're still on air.
Mike, the documentaries you're putting out, Britea on Olive, we're so honored to have you over at Band.video.
People should click on the Mike Adams tag and share all of those.
God bless you and thank you so much, Mike.
Thank you, Alex.
Don't act so surprised, Globalist.
You didn't think you could silence the American people, did you?
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