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Name: 20200109_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 9, 2020
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In this passage, Alex Jones discusses various topics such as impeachment, corruption, spiritual battle, President Trump's actions against globalist elites, recent events in Iran, red cities and towns in America, pedophilia allegations involving high-profile individuals, political climate in Colorado, anti-gun activists meeting in Beijing, Trump calling out Obama for insinuating treason, left's radical stance and censorship, dental care, Hollywood portrayal of him, advice for those attending a gun rights rally in Richmond, his family's experiences during the Vietnam War, globalist attacks on Americana, international affairs such as Iran's actions and the Ukrainian jet incident. He also promotes blockchain data centers and supplements for good health, warns gun rights rally attendees about potential dangers, and advises caution not to be portrayed negatively by mainstream media or used for deep state globalists' agenda.

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
One of the leading constitutional experts in the country is Jonathan Turley.
He's a classical liberal, I really respect him.
And he's pointed out that the impeachment against President Trump is the real crime, the way it's been conducted is textbook tyranny and very dangerous to the rule of law.
And I've had him on many times over the years and we used to talk about how Congress was trying to hand war powers to President Bush and then Obama that aren't in the Bill of Rights or Constitution.
We're talking about major wars, major invasions, and saying that the President can just decide to do that without Congress, and that is not the case.
To declare war is to declare a major adversary and what you're going to do with that war.
But since the time of nuclear weapons particularly, and even before that, if there are ICBMs fired or cruise missiles, or a boat coming into a harbor that's got an atomic bomb on board, the default position is the commander-in-chief and the military can make those chain-of-command decisions.
And it goes back to when George Washington was president.
He made military decisions on a routine basis about the borders and about troop deployments and things like that without going to Congress.
And they had big debates pressuring The president to join with the French Revolution, which he would not do, saying it's corrupted, out of control, and not like our revolution.
And they tried to hand him those powers verbally.
And Washington said, no, you're gonna have to debate that in Congress and all the rest of it.
You're gonna have to give me the order to do that.
And if you try to give me the order to do that, I may not go along with it.
And of course, they wanted him to join With the French to fight the British in Canada after he was president.
He didn't do that.
So you can get constitutional lawyers on, you can talk about it all day long.
But the president striking someone who's already on a terrorist list and
who is a military target, who is admittedly been behind directing
Shiite militias and attacks on Western allies and forces for decades.
To say that he's not going to do it, that that is illegal like Nancy Pelosi's done.
And try to talk about that being another article of impeachment is a complete fraud.
The President, just minutes ago, responded to that.
We're going to come back from break and play with what the President said.
We're going to get into what Nancy Pelosi had to say.
And then meanwhile, whenever the Vice President was calling them to talk about what was happening and about the missiles being fired, Pelosi wouldn't even take the phone call.
So yes, it's good to notify Congress, and Congress should weigh in on new fronts that are opened up.
And Congress should weigh in, I believe on pulling troops out of areas as well, because that's the people's house.
And then the President executes the laws, but the laws are clearly on the President's side, just like he can control our borders.
That's in the Constitution.
Because they know that laws move too slowly.
A president has the power to completely shut the borders if the president wants to.
An appeals court has overturned a lower court saying that Trump couldn't use military funds to build the wall.
Of course you can spend military funds.
Our military spends on average four times a year, look it up, on building fences and barriers in Afghanistan than we spend on the damn walls here.
So why the hell can the military build walls all over the world with the Army Corps of Engineers but We can't build Jack Squat here with the military.
The only place the military's supposed to be at a federal level under the president is on the damn borders unless the governor's asked the president to come in.
Again, that's just how the country works.
It's called the federal system.
People are like, oh, federal means it's all federal.
No, federal means the separation of state and federal.
We'll be back.
This is huge.
Stay with us.
So much more.
They're starting the impeachment trial next week, it looks like.
Stay with us.
Some very, very healthy things are happening right now in our country and the world.
And yes, it's very gross on the surface when you discover all the bad things and they get brought to light.
It'd be like if you were going out to an old cabin that was grandma's in the woods.
It's just been given to you in an inheritance.
You go there and you pull back the stove and stuff, and there's big rat's nests and things, and there's cockroaches everywhere.
It's gross, it's a problem, you gotta clean it up, but you're there and you're fixing it.
I'll use another analogy to what's currently happening.
I was in D.C.
like 10 years ago, walked up and was videotaping the front of the building, and a guard jumps out, a federal guard, and he goes, why do you die?
And I jumped and hit my leg on the foot of the column that was about two and a half feet tall and it cut through my pants, cut my leg, and about a week later it was burning and itching and hurting and I'd put some topical iodine on it and colloidal silver and things and it kind of went away and then pretty soon my legs swole up.
This is about two weeks later and I went to the doctor, they x-rayed it and they said, The one area in the body is the sheath over the shin doesn't have nerves and also doesn't have enough white blood cells and this is why people get their legs chopped off.
You have gangrene growing inside your leg and we're going to have to cut it open and I had them do it local because it was just some points they cut open and they drained off about 10 ounces of pus and put me on a bunch of antibiotics and injected me with antibiotics and The burning pain in my leg, though, went away in minutes with those antibiotics.
I mean, literally like 30 minutes later, I was feeling the pain subside.
But as the pus was pouring out, just gushing out, they were filling containers with it.
My leg was swollen, but not that much.
I was like, where's it all coming from?
And if you saw that, you would think... I always joke the Supreme Court bit me.
It really did.
What a dirty, evil building.
It's just crazy, because I've never had an infection like that.
In the old days, they just sawed my leg off before antibiotics.
A couple million folks got their legs sawed off in the Civil War alone.
World War I as well, but I'm digressing into history.
It looked horrible, but thank God I finally found out what was happening.
I took it serious, and it was way worse than I thought.
And it looked terrible at the point of the problem being fixed.
And so, it could have been demoralizing to see all that pus pouring out.
But the doctors are like, it's good news, we caught it on time.
And it was all the way rotting from the middle of my shin, all the way down into my foot.
It had opened up channels all the way around my skin, on the pad of my foot.
It was eating, eating it all.
Now, I'm going to stop talking about that gross story, but that's how America is.
We've had all this rot underneath the surface, And we lance it and pus comes out.
And we go, my God, we're horrible.
We're terrible.
This is disgusting.
But at the end of the day, the corrupt evil forces that have been creating the rot are panicking.
They don't know what to do, and they know that humanity is awakening.
And let me just give you some examples of this.
Pelosi was going to try to hold up the impeachment and bring forward new articles.
That's failing.
And Graham is saying the word is they're about to capitulate, and the trial will probably start next week, which will exonerate the president.
Here's another example.
Pics of Clinton aboard Epstein pedo plane with sex slaves emerge.
Now this is old news for us, but it's huge news for everybody else, and I'm getting flooded with phone calls and text messages and people saying, I apologize, you're vindicated, you're totally right.
How did you know about this?
How did you understand?
Well, because it was actually public information.
New York Times reporter claims IP address hacked to download child porn, Paul Krugman.
Twitter promotes pedophilia openly.
We're going to get to all that today.
But the point is, it's disgusting to learn about all this.
But the good news is the process of rectifying it, like the infestation in the Catholic Church, rotting its leg off, we now know about it.
The infestation in the Boy Scouts, we now know about it.
The Democrats openly wanting our guns, we now know about it.
Big news on that front.
The Islamic conspiracy with the Democrats to take over what's left of the West, we know about that.
Now we're awake.
And it's not the traitor within sneaking around secretly, whispering in the corridors.
Now the enemy's banners are out in the open because they were making their move, but patriots like you, specifically.
Many of you have been in the Liberty Movement before I was born.
Know more than I know, literally.
It's not patronization.
You are the salt of the earth.
You know who you are out there.
You identified the threat.
You understood it.
You cared when others slept.
You were the watchman on the wall.
You were the sentinels.
And now... We are the main movement worldwide in resistance to the globalists.
Because all the other ideologies are fake!
There's the satanic world government anti-human project and there's the pro-human project of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
Those are the systems.
And we are effectively bringing forward the real counter to this satanism.
And that doesn't mean I'm some holy vessel and I'm holier than thou.
Because I sit at the crossroads of this fight and it is exhilarating, it is horrifying, it is Quite frankly, very tempting whenever you're focusing and covering evil that it can literally jump into you.
I wouldn't call it possession, but it's almost like picking up the gleam of the evil on your soul.
And it's spiritual warfare is what it is.
And I'm humble, but I want everybody to know I come off as very arrogant, because it's not arrogance, folks.
It's courage.
And it's because if you're going to go into a fight like this, you better go into it 110%.
And all you're getting from me is what I really believe and what I really stand for.
And I am a wild man.
And I want to apologize sometimes if I come off like a complete maniac, because I am a maniac.
I'm not a maniac if I'm doing laundry or cooking dinner or swimming in the swimming pool or taking a hike.
I'm a nice man.
But when I sit here and I study this every day and I fight it and I face these people and I confirm how evil they are at point-blank range, then I can't help but start baring my teeth.
Because we are in the presence of evil, ladies and gentlemen.
And if you're in the presence of a bunch of vampiric, devil-worshipping, child-molesting demons, how are you going to behave?
A lot of people are going to grab their crucifix and curl up in the corner.
I'm not doing that.
And I don't act like this to try to act tough.
I can't help it that in the presence of this enemy, I feel savage fury and God's destructive anger.
I feel vengeance!
But God's always there saying, vengeance is mine, but you get in the presence of God, all you feel is vengeance for all the innocent that have been stomped, and destroyed, and sucked dry, and their future stolen, and their innocence destroyed.
I'm gonna stop preaching.
But the spirit of God is so strong in the planet right now, because the enemy spirit is strong.
For every action, there's an opposite-equal reaction, and it's just gonna leverage up now.
And you're going to see incredibly good things, you're gonna see incredibly bad things, It's just one hell of a time to be alive.
I mean, I've got dozens of bombshell stories here.
The View endorsed Richard Spencer, the leading white supremacist in the U.S.
I mean, I'm telling you, these people, like the Bible says, are being given over to strong delusion and are going completely insane in front of us.
But they're throwing off all that psychic insanity.
And you think, oh, it's because they're failing.
And it is.
But when evil starts going down, it activates its own people to go crazy and try to bring the system down itself and us with them because we're all psychically connected.
And so they want their insanity to spread to us.
So they're detonating themselves like psychic suicide bombers.
And we're feeling it.
But we've just got to tie ourselves to God, ask for peace, and just Try to de-escalate in our own selves so that we don't explode like I'm about to.
Believe me, I'm not lecturing you.
I'm telling you what God's telling me and what I've got to do is just get in that quiet place of the most high or we'll get destroyed with the evil.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
298 days until the 2020 election.
We have cleared the decks of guests and starting in the last segment of this hour, we will go to your phone calls on any of the issues I'm going to cover, any topics you want to cover, any news stories you want to bring to our attention, you agree, you disagree.
First-time callers, long-time callers, people that agree, disagree, you are all welcome, but I want first-time callers to be able to call in now so they get at the front of the line, and then long-time callers and others, if you want to call in after we take the first round of first-time callers, you are absolutely welcome to join us.
I'm going to give the number out at the start of the next segment, so don't start your engines yet, and I just can't wait to hear your amazing calls and your perspectives.
When I talk about the Great Awakening that's happening, and it seems horrible as we discover the bad things that are going on.
It'd be like if you have a skin cancer on your back, and you discover you've got skin cancer, but it's like, hey, it's okay, they can cut it off really easy, 99% operable.
That's a good thing!
It's the same thing, like, whoa, you're really deficient in B12, that's why you're having these medical problems.
Take B12, you're gonna be fine.
When there's a solution to a problem, Don't you want to know the solution?
So many times in life and in media, and people have learned that around here with me, I just want to know the bad news right now.
I want to know the worst of it.
I want to know the worst case scenario so I can do something about it.
But so many other people, they want to sweep it under the rug and just imagine that everything is okay.
And what does that do?
Well, it's that attitude of, so what, that brings down civilization.
It's the problem of the third world.
What's set the West apart is that we try to build systems, control those systems, control our environment, and build a system for humans, a pro-human future, not a future based on conquest and destruction.
So I've got Trump's speech in response to Pelosi in the war power situation.
I've got Pelosi's response.
We're going to get to that at the start of the next segment, but let me just go over The news I'm going to hit when we start the next hour.
Because what I'm going to do is I'm going to come in, hit a few stories, take a few calls, hit a few stories, take a few calls.
A lot of people are like, oh, really?
What's the big deal?
Bill Clinton flew hundreds of times, we now know, on the Lolita Express without Secret Service.
But he's on there 40-something times on the logs.
And you're talking girls as young as 14.
Some of which had been purchased from their parents in Eastern Europe when they were 12 years old.
12 year old girls.
My middle daughter is 12, turning 12.
On Valentine's Day.
Can you imagine your parents selling you from some place like Moldovia and You're put on a DynCorp jet.
That's how they did all this, those congressional hearings.
And then they fly you to Jeffrey Epstein.
So people keep asking me, oh, how'd you know about Lolita Express and about little St.
John's in the Caribbean and all of this?
The truth is, when I start thinking about Oh yeah, we did talk about Epstein 13 years ago, but why'd we talk about him?
Because he had chartered DynCorp aircraft running kids all over the damn world, not just the ones they had on his jet.
Let's liken the poor little girls, main little girls, to peanuts.
This guy had peanuts on board his Alita Express, but he's a peanut farmer.
Just in one county in Florida, he was recruiting up to 200 girls a year that they knew of in one county.
He had farms all over.
The man was a tycoon of farming underage girls.
That's what he did at an industrial scale.
And the ones they had in front of the Secret Service and the ones they had at the airfields were all 16, 17, 18 who'd been grabbed when they were 10, 11, 12 years old and trained.
And that's why you got Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey and all this scum on board the aircraft because that's what they're doing and that's who they are.
But it's come out in the Caribbean around little St.
John's in the nearby islands that there were little kids being brought in And you know, the little Caribbean kids, nobody knows where they go.
And a lot of them end up dead.
So I'm just going to explain this again.
They're murdering the children.
They've got the Eastern European women to lure other girls.
And that's what they do.
And that's come out.
The reason I'm not covering this at the start of the show and the reason I always kind of start covering something and then stop is I go, wait a minute.
I shouldn't just go from memory on this.
I've got a big folder we put together a month ago from past research about that thick somewhere here in the office.
We can find it.
And it's, we've got congressional hearings with the Dine Corps information.
We've got them admitting it.
We've got Donald.
Rumsfeld being asked by Congress people about thousands of women and children kidnapped and flown out by DynCorp alone and how they only got a small fine.
And he says, yeah, they're allowed to operate, they paid their fine.
Do you understand that the media is covering this up?
Thousands, 2,000 Haitian children out of tens of thousands that were taken out of Haiti by the Clintons, by their foundation head, ended up dead.
And I could sit here and show you the AP report, but AP got no coverage.
AP put the report out three years ago.
We went there with Gary Haven.
billionaire philanthropist who was doing daily food deliveries there after the hurricane and broke all that
information and basically forced the AP story out.
So people go oh man you've been vindicated.
Bill Clinton's on this airplane with underage girls.
Give me a break, folks.
I don't want to be vindicated.
I want to stop these people.
The very groups running this are financing attacks on us and attempts to shut us down and dirty tricks everywhere.
Because this isn't just Catholic priests raping little boys, which is terrible.
This is kidnapping children all over the world.
And the market for little girls is I would say 20 times that little boys.
Now you just remember that.
They told you about the Catholic Church stuff because they were blackmailing the Catholic Church and got their devil Pope in using that blackmail.
And that's why all his top people are now getting busted because the other groups are coming after them and exposing it.
And I'm not even here to defend the Catholic Church.
I'm just saying that's one little subset of this cult.
So I'm gonna pull some of those articles and show you the articles.
Hell, I should show congressional clips!
And that's how I knew about Jeffrey Epstein because he was the one running some of the aircraft.
He had girls that worked for him, who ran companies for him, that do run companies for them, that were kidnapped out of Europe when they were 10, 11, 12 years old.
Or bought from their parents.
That's how sick this is.
We'll be right back.
President Trump, just about 35 minutes ago, was responding in a press conference to the idiocy of the impeachment.
And of course, the idea that the president cannot order someone killed in a war zone who has been on a terrorist list for 25 years.
And who we know has killed thousands of U.S.
That's not debatable.
They celebrated in Iran.
They pioneered the IEDs and even some IEDs with depleted uranium in them to even be able to pierce the Abrams tanks with the heavy armor and the reactive armor.
And so whether you like the strike or not, The squad and Pelosi and the Democrats have come out and aligned themselves and Time Magazine has aligned themselves with Soleimani.
And it's now emerged why Trump did this.
It's clearly the Iranian mullah was afraid of Soleimani's power growing.
Iran couldn't make back channel deals with the United States.
Trump was cutting off the deals that Obama had set up and the Ayatollah's father was put in by the CIA.
They're not really controlled by him today, but they green-lit.
The Iranians knew Soleimani was going to be killed.
And they also called an hour before and told the Pentagon they were going to launch missiles at that base as kabuki theater so that they wouldn't have an uprising in Tehran.
And I had Steve Pucinich on and his face kind of blushed when I brought that up because he's got a lot of Pentagon sources and he said that's basically the word of what's going on but he doesn't want to embarrass the Ayatollah.
That's why I said I did this to stop a war, because the Quds forces are taking over the Middle East.
And you want to get out of the Middle East?
Then you need to have them stop, and then have NATO be brought in, be invited into the Strait of Hormuzh and other areas for security, and then we don't pay for it anymore.
Just like Trump wants us to be energy independent, the biggest exporter in the world, we are now.
Just by taking the ball and chains off.
So, very sophisticated 3D chess, 4D chess, and Trump's done it and so far it's been a master stroke, unlike anything we've ever seen.
And I don't like endorsing military action because it usually goes bad, but this is pretty amazing.
Just like Trump's getting us out of Syria, Afghanistan, this is the real deal, at least so far.
But the Democrats trying to trap him and say you don't have the power to build a wall when that's in the Constitution.
It's not even a law, it's in the Constitution, the Supreme Law.
I mean, it's written into the code.
And the appeals courts ruled Trump's right on that.
So they're trying to basically take any power the presidency has away.
Because in the past, presidents have been puppets for a long time.
So here's what President Trump just said about an hour ago or 45 minutes ago or so.
And then we'll get to Pelosi and what he was responding to.
Here he is.
There probably was none or maybe we know who the second whistleblower was.
Maybe we do.
But he never showed up.
All of a sudden they don't talk because they were really unexpectedly met with the actual conversation, the exact conversation.
So, yeah, if we do that, I would like to have those people plus others testify because it's the greatest hoax ever perpetrated.
On the United States government.
This has gone on since the day I came down the escalator.
This isn't just here.
This isn't just the Ukraine hoax.
This is the witch hunt.
This is the whole thing with Russia that turned out to be a total fabricated plot.
The ones who are guilty are the Democrats, the DNC, and all of the dirty cops that were involved that we caught.
Mr. President, I'm sure you saw Mike Lee's comments.
Did your national security team really say that it would be wrong for Congress to debate military action on Iran?
So here's what happened on that.
I had calls from numerous senators and numerous congressmen and women saying it was the greatest presentation they've ever had.
Mike and Rand Paul disagreed because they want information that, honestly, I think is very hard to get.
It's okay if the military wants to give it, but they didn't want to give it.
And it really had to do with sources and information that we had that really should remain at a very high level.
Could we individually maybe give one or two of them some information, possibly, if we can do that?
I get along great with Mike Lee.
I've never seen him like that.
But other people have called and they've said, It was the best presentation they've ever seen.
And let me tell you what was the best.
Forget about presentation.
The result.
We killed a man who killed many, many Americans and many, many people.
Thousands and thousands of people.
And when I go over to Walter Reed and I meet these young, incredible folks, mostly, it just seems mostly men, but also women, where their legs are gone, their arms are gone.
In some cases, both the legs and the arms are gone, and the face and the body is badly damaged.
And frankly, five years ago, they couldn't have lived.
And today, they can live because of the wonders of medicine and the wonders of Walter Reed and the people over there, what the job they do, the medical doctors.
But I will say this.
We caught a total monster, and we took him out.
And that should have happened a long time ago.
We did it because they were looking to blow up our embassy.
We also did it for other reasons that were very obvious.
Somebody died.
One of our military people died.
People were badly wounded just a week before.
And we did it.
And we had a shot at him, and I took it, and that shot was pinpoint accurate.
And that was the end of a monster.
Then, and that was really, that was the second attack.
It was not, we didn't start it.
They started by killing one of our people and wounding, badly, other of our people.
So that you call retribution.
Ukraine, if you look at what happened with Ukraine, that's a hoax.
Well, this is a hoax too.
Iran went in, and they hit us with missiles.
Shouldn't have done that, but they hit us.
Fortunately for them, nobody was hurt, nobody was killed, nothing happened.
They landed, very little damage even to the base.
Alright, so the President goes on from there, and I'm just going to tell you, And I was already saying this before it came out in the news.
I said, they called and said the missiles were coming.
Just like Trump called Russia and said the missiles were coming a couple years ago because the hawks were going to make Trump stay in Syria.
Well, now that's not happening, is it?
And Russia's coming in and NATO's coming in as a joint force to police it.
Trump's doing exactly what he said he would do.
And so it's kabuki theater, ladies and gentlemen.
And Soleimani was not playing along with it.
And he's dead.
And this show is about the reality of the world.
It's not about how we want it to be.
We're trying to make it the way we want it to be.
This is what's going on.
And the Quds forces were running Iran and they were starting to run the mullahs and
the mullahs were very scared of Soleimani.
And that's why you're seeing all this.
That's why you see the Ayatollah flipping out in front of everybody like he's upset.
You know that it was telegraphed, hey, we're going to take him out, new policy, and you guys want to make some deals.
And now Trump says, hey, let's make a deal now that Soleimani's out of the way.
He's told you what they're doing.
And it can only be done because President Trump's in command.
Before it was all these globalist boards and Iranian Quds Forces paying off Kerry and his family and Hillary's girlfriend.
Not the case anymore.
Here's doddering Pelosi, siding with Iran, siding with the Quds Forces, and trying to act like Trump's power grabbing.
Here it is.
Many of your members have raised serious concerns about the timing of the strike against Soleimani, the administration's justification.
You've been briefed.
Do you think that the administration misled the American people about an imminent attack?
I think that it's very unfortunate that right now, because I was briefed in the Gang of Eight and I was briefed in the What did he call it?
Demeaning and worst classified briefing that the Republican senators ever heard yesterday.
So at this point, in terms of what is in the public domain, difficult to address some of what they contended.
However, I will say this, because I was informed by phone calls I mentioned to you earlier I think I did anyway.
That when I was briefed by the Secretary of Defense... We'll be back with more of this and then I'm going to shift gears into the latest.
Alright ladies and gentlemen we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host Alex Jones here live on air because of you and your support in defiance to globalist tyrants.
Now let's hit it right now.
The Democrats and the globalists have an agenda and a mission to disarm the people so that they can turn the entire country into models of South Side Chicago and the worst areas of D.C.
with massive crime, narcotics that the globalists control, the homeless laying around dying on fentanyl.
They can't stand the fact that in red cities and red towns and red farms and red ranches In the heartland of this country and all the points between.
From North Carolina to South Alabama and little towns all across this land to quote Hank Williams Jr.
And so instead of just creeping around denying that they want our guns, I'm going to play a compilation here in a moment.
They're now out in the open.
Because they want to desensitize us to the idea of gun confiscation, and they want to set up confrontations in places like Virginia to trigger a civil war.
And that's now confirmed.
That's their ballgame.
Democrats admit to national gun confiscation plan.
Incredibly powerful report that went out yesterday afternoon to Band.Video and Infowars.com.
And I'm asking the crew if they can have that posted as the featured video on Band.Video so everybody can find it easily and share it.
And hopefully others can post this on YouTube and Facebook and Twitter because it doesn't have the evil Alex Jones on it.
Maybe it won't get blocked.
But that's how these videos get out is you posting them, folks, and you sharing them.
And I know the main listeners know that and do that, but we have new listeners every second.
It's just so critical.
Our message will win.
That's why they're censoring it.
So we just get past the censors, we win.
That's the whole mission.
You're everything.
InfoWars kind of just created the ball.
But you're the field, you're the players, you're the whole thing.
You're the game.
You're the whole shooting match when you carry the info across the finish line.
So, look at these latest articles.
It's official.
Colorado's red flag gun confiscations begin.
Kellan McBrain article, InfoWars.com.
Whole bunch of examples of legal, lawful people with no criminal record have done nothing.
They just take their guns.
Virginia Democrat introduces new gun and ammo bans to kick off the year.
Registration, ammo bans, gun, shooting range bans.
It's just unbelievable.
Well of course a bunch of crooks want their quarry, their slaves, disarmed.
And America knows that!
And so they're just throwing down the gauntlet out of real desperation.
But still they're dangerous.
And still they're going to try to wind up.
Crazy people to go out and copycat the media, hyping up mass shootings, but thank God more and more citizens are armed and ready and are shutting these terrible events down.
It's a sickness of the mind.
It's evil that we contend with.
The gun is just a tool, and I know you know that, but it's just such a fight right now.
So let's, but let's play this very important compilation.
Some of these clips you've seen, some you haven't, but really nobody's put them all together that I've seen in one place.
And so this is only like three minutes long, but it's critical.
It is so important.
It'll wake up so many people that we just don't let Beto and Hillary and Obama say, yeah, we're going to take your guns and then move on like that's normal.
We have to remember that that's who they are and that's what they want.
Because notice they said, oh, we're going to take your guns, and oh, we never said that.
We're not going to take your guns.
That's psychological techniques.
Because they want to normalize it to young people and others.
Here it is.
If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them, Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in, I would have done it.
When they give us that inch, that bump stock ban, we will take a mile.
You've heard people say, you'll have to pry my gun from my cold dead hands.
We have introduced an assault weapons ban.
I'm talking about a ban on assault rifles.
If you listen real close, you can hear the people in power shaking.
It's not enough to simply have a catchy ad on a Monday and then only do it every Monday.
We need to do this every day of the week and just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.
We say no more!
I'm the guy that originally wrote the assault weapons ban that became law.
A gentleman just walked up to me in his picture and he says, I have an AR-15.
And I will turn this in if it means saving the lives of our kids.
Hell yes!
We're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.
We're not going to allow it to be used against fellow Americans anymore.
Do you think Trump is responsible for what happened?
I said, well look, I mean obviously he didn't pull the trigger, but he's certainly been tweeting out the ammunition.
I'm incredibly saddened and it's very hard to think about this.
I'm tired of hearing people all they have to offer is thoughts and prayers.
In my faith, people say faith without works is dead.
So we will find a way.
But the reason we have a problem right now is we've let the corporate gun lobby frame this debate.
It is time that we have bold actions and a bold agenda.
Over 90% of the American people think we have to get assault weapons off the street.
And we have to get buybacks and get them out of their basements.
Everyone up here favors an assault weapon ban.
Everyone up here favors magazine limitations, which, by the way, would have made a huge difference.
We can ban the weapons of war.
It's about ending the sales of assault weapons into our communities.
Those weapons of war were designed to kill people as effectively and as efficiently as possible.
They should belong on the battlefield and not in our communities.
But I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals.
By the way, you can't own the following weapons, period.
They cannot be sold anymore.
Like, if you're gonna take people's guns away, wait till you get elected, then take the guns away.
Don't tell them ahead of time, which, by the way, that's what people like me think you're gonna do.
So there you go, Democrats admit to National Gun Confiscation Plan.
I'm going to give the number out now to take your calls in the next hour on any of these subjects and topics.
The war powers, the Iran strike, the economy.
First round is first time callers.
877-789-ALEX, 877-789-2539, again 877-789-2539.
If you're in Australia, wanna call in about the record fires.
Whatever it is, whatever topic, it is a free-for-all today.
Now, the big official sale, it says up on InfoWars, is final hours.
It said that for a day.
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All right we are back I'm going to be going to your phone calls for the next two hours.
Gavin McGinnis is going to be popping in with a lot of breaking news and analysis as well later in the next hour but I'm going to your phone calls at the start of the next segment.
But I was doing a little plug at the end of the last hour, and I was sitting back thinking about game-changing things that we've developed that are really amazing that I haven't talked about, that I haven't really given the credit that's due to them.
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toady of John McCain and has some serious problems in my view of being a
military industrial complex minion That Eisenhower warned us about, but he's been real accurate the last few years on telling us what's coming up in the Senate.
He predicts Senate will take up impeachment trial next week.
That's in the Hill newspaper, also topofdrugsreport.com.
Pretty big deal.
Coming up in the last segment of this hour, I'm going to play a archive clip from Congress more than a decade ago, breaking down DynCorp and Admitted sex trafficking of kidnapped women and children.
And Donald Rumsfeld admitting that.
They've removed this off YouTube and everywhere else.
It's a very low quality clip.
Somewhere we've got a really good clip of it, but I can't find it.
But we're going to play this and get into the new Epstein information that's all over the news of him with sex slaves.
That's being published in major newspapers.
Pics of Clinton aboard Epstein-Pito plane emerge after they all, of course, denied it.
And that ties into New York Times reporter claims IP address hacked to download child porn, Paul Krugman.
And look, just because Paul Krugman looks like what I would think a pedophile would look like, that does not mean he's a pedophile.
Just because he works and serves for the New York Times that tries to cover up stories about pedophilia doesn't mean he's a pedophile.
Just because I wouldn't let my kids get near him does not mean he's guilty.
Because they're constantly trying to plant child porn on people to blackmail them and control them.
But at a gut level, I don't trust Paul Krugman as far as I can throw him.
That ties into this.
Twitter gives platform to pedophiles to discuss the finer points of raping children.
I'm not joking.
It's mainstream, out in the open.
So that's why people like Ricky Gervais and Dave Chappelle are exposing it because it's now mainstream to expose these monsters.
That is all coming up at the end of this hour.
But I want to go to your phone calls.
Also, The View yesterday praised arguably the most popular, most well-known, doesn't mean he's very popular in reality, probably a globalist false flagger in my view, but that of course is Richard Spencer.
You know, it's okay to punch a Nazi guy that they always say, but I don't agree it's okay to punch anybody for their speech.
He has come out against Trump and The View has praised him for that.
Talk about being tone-deaf and stupid.
Very bizarre.
That's coming up as well.
Also, man who impersonated Missing Boy after watching 2020.
It's two years in prison.
Well, you can't ever question a victim.
Nobody's ever in a conspiracy of a false flag.
Nobody ever claims they're a victim when they're not.
Of course, most of the time, they are.
So, without further ado, Southern Stranger Matt Cole.
Jasmine and Bob and Josh and Jessica, we're going to your calls.
Let's go to that caller in Germany.
Am I pronouncing it right?
Yes, sorry.
Can you hear me?
That's a very pretty name.
Yes, Jasmine.
It's almost like Charlemagne.
Go ahead.
No, it's not.
It's not like that.
It means symbol of love, I think.
Well, it's good to have you here.
What's your take on the spread of pedophilia in Germany?
I see that's what you wanted to raise.
Yes, right, because of course I've been following your news and the media about all this pedophilia stuff and today I entered a message board called Jodel in Germany and yeah, I was shocked because there was a It was an idiot who said, and I quote, it's really frightening how media treats pedophilia.
All the time, sexual predators are called pedophiles just because they raped a child.
And I thought, boy, boy, oh boy, what the fuck is going on in this freaking country?
And yeah, I've been trying to discuss and Trying to find out what the hell's wrong with these people.
Well, Nambla and the U.N.
and Hollywood are coming out like gay people would come out of the closet.
And so that's why you've seen also allies to it.
We're not saying they're pedophiles, but the lawyer for Sirimala, the whistleblower, the fake blower, the hoax blower, you know, goes to theme parks.
He goes, I like to go to theme parks.
By myself, and he takes photos like a trophy hunter would with, you know, an elephant behind him of little kids.
And then he brags that he gets pedophiles, national security clearances.
That's his specialty.
And so you go, why do they do that?
Well, I mean, it's just rubbing our noses in it.
They want you to know and they use the national security apparatus to maintain control of
civilization and society.
A very, very nasty group of folks that are into that and those that are Renfields that
cater to it.
The most frightening thing about this discussion and this message board was that about 20 or
30 persons came on, different persons, and started discussing and the majority of those
people were on the side of the parapluys.
And I was like, boy, you cannot do this.
You cannot rape a child and then say, you cannot call this person not a pedophile.
Well, ma'am, let me guess.
Were you on Twitter?
Were you on Facebook?
No, no, no.
I hate Twitter and Facebook.
I'm not on these platforms and I'm trying to get my family off.
Well, let me just tell you, a lot of those have bots.
In fact, most of the people on Facebook are bots.
And they'll come in and peer pressure.
And actually, there's a big article from nationalfile.com.
Also, Big League Politics has one similar.
Twitter allows pedophiles to discuss child sex on their site and recruit children.
And they've got all these terms that they have for wanting to have sex with children.
And they have little script teases with toddlers dancing around.
It's not pedophilia if you're having sex with an underage child.
If this child is older than 14, I mean, come on, it's still a child.
Well, that's not the way they normalize it.
They'll take some 16-year-old who has a 14-year-old girlfriend.
I don't think that should be illegal because, you know, they're teenagers and that's statutory rape.
That's contributing to the length of a minor.
That's not pedophilia.
But then they try to normalize, oh, let's have sex with 16-year-olds, which is normal in some cultures.
And in some, 16-year-olds do look like they're 25.
But then, Nambla wants it down to 3-year-olds, you see, just like they want to be able to euthanize babies up to age 3.
They're saying you're not a person until three, but at three, you can make your own decisions to have sex, whatever.
Well, that's asinine.
We know that's not true.
So what they're doing is they're killing the age of consent.
They're saying that California passed a law where they can inoculate ten-year-olds if They decide above their parents, or 10-year-olds can have abortions.
And so that's what this is about, is the state coming in, like you see in Germany, with the public schools teaching that grandparents are evil swine, because they're not paying their carbon taxes.
My grandmother is an evil swine, I love you, get a fun bag!
I mean, I'm sure, have you seen that latest video?
Yes, I mean, my sister, I showed it to her, she works at the kindergarten, and I told her, please, Please don't let these children sing this song.
I will come there and I will tell them how disrespectful it is to call your mother an Umweldsau, how you say it here.
Because... Swine.
Yeah, swine.
Umweldsau is where I'm from.
No, but I actually then in this chat room today I had this discussion with another kindergartner And she basically told me that she was with those pedophiles and that they are also just victims and that they don't want to do this and that they can be helped.
But we'd have drag queen story time paid for by the German, Swiss, Dutch, Swedish, not Swiss, Swedish, Canadian, US, Australian government.
Big fat men dressed like clowns bringing crying kids in and making them sit on their filthy laps.
Jasmine, you should do screenshots of that forum.
You should start your own blog.
You should expose it.
But they're talking about arresting people that criticize the preference to have sex with children.
After all, it's just another preference according to the godforsaken filthy left.
We'll be exposing it coming up.
More calls straight ahead.
Please remember, the only way these feeds get out to warn the world...
Is by sharing the links at man.video because Big Tech is there protecting pedophilia because it's their religion.
You heard the last caller from Deutschland talking about being on a forum, mainline forum, and there's a defense of pedophilia going on.
That's because the religion of this dark force is destroying innocence.
We're getting to the bottom of the rat hole right now.
They're being exposed.
And so they're in a race, as it comes out, what they've been doing to children to normalize it.
But it's not just about sex with children.
It's about kidnapping them, hurting them, putting them in bondage, selling them.
So we all know it's wrong with sex traffickers that oppress women, right?
The left would never defend that.
Oh, no.
But children, oh, now it's a good thing.
These are evil.
Evil things that get a thrill out of promoting destruction.
All right, Matt, Cole, Bob, Josh, Jessica, Mark, Michael, let's go to Jessica in Idaho.
Jessica, thanks for holding.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you for taking my call.
I just wanted to say thank God for you and InfoWars.
My husband and I found the David Knight Show, actually, while we were living in Portland, Oregon.
The more we listened to it, the more and more everything just made sense.
We actually started taking your supplements every day.
The DNA 4s, Brain 4s, Turbo 4s, every day.
We love them all.
What have they done for you?
A lot of my brain fog has gone away.
I kind of have a Just, I don't know, like, not a clear thought, track of mind going on.
I lose my memory a lot when I'm in the middle of...
Just conversations and stuff like that, so that's actually gotten a lot better.
I'm able to focus a lot more and recollect what I'm saying.
I'm so focused now that I actually annoy people around me because I'm popping krill oil and, you know, taking Brain Force Plus.
And I really appreciate your support.
We probably shouldn't spend too much time on that.
You were calling in about they're coming for the guns.
Isn't it amazing?
They're now out in the open admitting it.
Yeah, we have a lot of family actually that are really liberal and democratic.
My husband and I both.
They always ask us why we don't support any Democratic candidate.
How can we support Trump?
How do we not support any other candidate?
We always say, how are we ever going to vote for a candidate that's openly saying they're going to take our guns?
One example I love that you guys use on the show a lot is That what slave is or was able to own a gun.
And they're not.
We refuse to be slaves to evil globalists.
We're not going to let that happen.
And you're not a bad person, so you can have a car.
You've never run over somebody.
There are people who run over folks with cars.
There are people that stab people with knives.
Kill them with baseball bats.
You can still have a baseball bat.
So exactly, why are you bad?
Because somebody else did something bad.
Yep, exactly.
And what right do they have to tell us after so many years and years of Able, owning a gun and able to own guns.
Are we now going to be stripped from them?
There's some agenda.
There's something going on.
Oh, the Democrats run the local drug gangs.
Pelosi's heavily involved with MS-13.
She said that.
They tell MS-13 when ICE is coming to bust them.
The Democrats are running these criminal operations.
Yeah, and we're not gonna vote for it.
We are highly against it.
We try to tell everybody around the town just as much facts as we can without sounding too preachy or anything like that.
But we do get across the people we are trying all around the town here to give out supplements to a family that can't have kids.
I gave them iodine and female force.
I bought it for them for Christmas.
Yeah, so we're just hoping that we get a call eventually saying they're going to have a kid.
Yeah, we're just trying to get the word out.
That's the number one cause of infertility is fluoride, the bad halogen blocking the good halogen.
That's just a fact.
But getting back to David Knight, isn't he a national treasure?
I mean, he really does his research.
In fact, he's really bust his butt to do it.
I told him, David, you don't need to get here at 3 a.m.
to get ready for five hours.
I said, why don't you get ready for three hours?
I mean, that's how hard the guy works.
And you can tell.
He's really factual.
He's really spot on every time.
We agree with everything he says.
He's just a really wholesome guy.
And yeah, we support all you guys.
And my husband loves David Knight.
Well, when you think Ashton Treasure, you think David Knight, Jessica.
God bless you.
Thanks for the call.
If I was going to get deplatformed for the things they made up about me or the stuff they took out of context, I've done some pretty flamboyant, wild stuff, okay?
If I'm thinking it, I'm just gonna say it.
That's how truthful I am.
It's to a neurotic level, okay?
People are like, please stop.
Because sometimes things just shouldn't be said.
David got de-platformed everywhere just because he has a show here.
Classy, smart, gentlemanly, family man, engineer that we recruited.
And he's just, he got de-platformed all over and he doesn't deserve that.
But see, that's how evil these people are.
Thank you so much for the call.
Let's go now to...
The gun grabbing that's going on, the red flag laws going on all over the country and massive examples of gun confiscation that we'll get to a little bit with Gavin McGinnis next hour.
Josh in Colorado, you're right at the epicenter of it, aren't you?
Yes, Alex.
God bless you.
Thank you for what you do.
I know you hate that, but you know, we're all here inspired because of you.
No, no, no.
It's not that I hate it.
It's just that I want to hear what you have to say.
I love you too.
You're awesome.
Colorado is essentially where people from Illinois and California are collapsing into.
I was born and raised here and the entire state is being taken over by Democrats.
Essentially, they're out in the woods.
They pollute.
It's awful.
They're essentially destroying the original Coloradans out here.
The miners, the hard working, the lumbers, you know, and now they're coming for our guns.
So essentially, people, we need to wake up.
To what is happening in the belly of our country, where the fresh water comes from.
You know, it's the only state and union that has the Illuminati eye on its state seal.
Telluride, Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Aspen, they have completely taken over the rest of the red of Colorado.
We are, we're collapsing essentially.
And I'll tell you what's amazing is that Texas is going the same way as Colorado and it's in statistics.
Liberals, leftists, are way higher statistics to steal, to not give to charity, but to tell you they give to charity, way higher statistics to pollute, to leave garbage, to be lazy, and to lie about you, to bear false witness, and when they flee California, another state they wrecked, Then they come to Colorado, they come to Texas, and they don't even change their mindset, and they immediately start telling you how to live and what to do.
It's just, we need to start standing up to the locusts who are not Californians.
They are the children of locusts from all over the world who went there wanting to be movie stars.
Well, if you go somewhere wanting to be a movie star and you're that empty, They're just chumps and so once they figured out they chewed
that state to the bone, now they're coming like locusts that land on us and we really
need to organize against them politically and let them know what trash they are.
The most frustrating thing Alex is that they're trying to shut down mining out here.
Miners take care of the land.
They reclimate the land.
And these liberals... Sir, they always come in and listen... They poop and pee everywhere.
They trash.
It's terrible what they're doing to the land.
Listen, let me tell you, Josh.
They always come in.
They work for the CHICOMS.
They shut down any American industry for a while, then they open it back up later.
They know what they're doing.
They are a criminal group of maximum evil.
I've got the article here listing what they're doing in Colorado.
It's incredible.
The gun confiscation has begun.
President Trump must act now.
There it is.
It's official.
Colorado's red flag gun confiscation has begun.
It chronicles a bunch of sickening examples.
Please get the article out.
We need to have the humility that Christ gives us.
And I know I need to pray for that.
Because I get so angry that I don't have the strength to overturn these globalists and they just make me sick.
Their spirit wanting to dominate us.
My human flesh wants to overthrow them and crush them.
But vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.
We have to focus with strength and courage Stand up to the evil, but not overheat and become what we're fighting.
And I'm talking to myself.
The way Ellen Schroer, now three weeks ago, stood up during the fake impeachment hearings, that resonated worldwide because it was the Emperor's New Clothes.
And the Emperor's New Clothes, the three-year-old, says the Emperor's wearing no clothes.
No one else would say in a parade that the Emperor's butt naked.
So I'm not likening Owen to a three-year-old.
But it is the Emperor's New Clothes.
He's saying the obvious.
He said it boldly.
He said it succinctly.
He said it in a focused way.
Strengths, but not hate.
It was perfectly done.
And now you see that happening everywhere.
And now their impeachment has imploded.
Now they're going to have the trial next week.
And what will the deep state do to try to distract from that?
They'll have selective coverage.
We'll be here covering it all live if it indeed starts next week like Lindsey Graham is saying with only
298 days left Until the historic election
My biggest problem is when I get attacked When I get lied about and when I see how effective we've
been instead of getting afraid I I
I just get wild and just want to fight so hard that it's like revving a race car engine too high.
And we have to find a balance between not being in a coma, but
not being a Tasmanian devil.
But we do have to call these people out and we do have to get in their face and
just say, hey, I don't hate you.
You're out of control though.
We need to have that authority in the way we do it.
But the most important thing is we have to take action.
Doesn't mean we're going to be perfect.
We're not going to have holes in one every time like Owen did.
By the way, it turns out, you notice there weren't any guests in there, the seats were all empty because Nadler was violating the rules and not even allowing the public in, but Owen looked so sharp and was so confident, not in a fake confidence, but a mission-oriented confidence, he walked right in.
And Drew has a confident bearing as well, so they just walked in like they own the place.
That's why in all the tapes we play, we never really play the clip where they're walking in.
And John C's pan like they own the place.
And we've always got the footage, you know, shot from their cameras, but the footage of them from the front when they're walking in is really powerful.
Maybe someday we'll play that again, but... This is a great time of awakening.
And you hear the callers talking about all the pedophilia coming out and the rest of it.
They're in a race they can't win.
They're never going to normalize it.
It's a bridge too far.
And when it comes out, all the child trafficking and how it's a huge business, and now Epstein was just a manager, it's going to bring the deep state down.
They're not going to survive this.
It's bad enough when you've got an old creepy priest doing this stuff to kids, but when they're putting them on airplanes and flying them around and they're dying and stuff, I mean, this is right out of a Satanism Hollywood movie, because Hollywood's telling you what they're really into.
All right.
We've got a bunch of callers here.
Who's been holding the longest?
That would be... Matt in Texas, then Francisco in California.
Matt, welcome and thanks for holding.
Alex, it's an honor to speak with you.
I appreciate you taking the time.
I appreciate you.
So, we're talking about guns.
I just wanted to throw out there, just a few months ago, China held a meeting in Beijing
with anti-gun activists from the United States.
They come up with a little gem and it is called, for anybody who wants to look it up, the U.S.
Human Rights and Democracy Act.
So they brought people from the United States, these anti-gun, these Bloomberg-backed clowns
over there.
And you can read the article on AmericanMilitaryNews.com, it's all there.
It's out everywhere.
But there's no holds about it.
They're being very blatant, very brazen right now.
Everything going on in Virginia, everything going wrong in Colorado, happening everywhere.
Indiana, Kentucky, with as close as Texas came to turning blue, you can believe we're watching very closely.
But, you know, another thing to remember, anybody who cares to give an ear for a few seconds, if it wasn't for American Guns in World War II, Alex You and me would be having this conversation in German right now.
Well, America's been asleep, and the globalists think we're weak, but they've bitten off more than they can chew, and people really are waking up, but now we've got to take it into action.
We've got to start saying no to the system, and suing the system, and having injunctions, and blocking them, and saying no, and going into the city councils, and going into the school boards, and just saying you're not doing it.
I mean, they're teaching anal sex in Austin to five-year-olds.
They make Austinites pay for abortion on demand, taxpayers.
It's sick, it's evil, it's domination, and it's wrong.
Thank you, Matt.
Francisco in California.
You're on the air, Francisco.
Hi, Alex.
How's it going?
Good, brother.
Okay, so what I wanted to bring up was when Trump made his statement the day after the missile strikes from Iran.
Brought up the last administration and the pallets of cash.
Not too many people seem to be talking about that, you know, practically pointing the finger at Obama.
Kind of, you know, given that insinuating that treason practically, you know, from the last administration.
Um, and I, I don't know, I haven't heard anybody really talk too much about that.
I'm sorry, my audio's breaking up.
What were you saying there, Francisco, at the end?
Oh, it was about just that nobody really talked about that fact that practically calling out the Obama administration for treason with, you know, the missiles that were used in the Palace of Cash.
Oh, absolutely, sure.
So it was a rhetorical statement, absolutely.
Yeah, just giving out, letting the whole world know practically that Obama's in the crosshairs, probably.
All right, I appreciate your call.
Thank you.
All right, let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Bree in South Carolina.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
First of all, thank you so much for having me on your show.
Thank you for calling.
I just wanted to talk about the medical freedoms and vaccines and how much it makes me so sick because I have an eight-month-old at home and he's my first child.
I can't even imagine, you know, somebody coming into my house and trying to take him to vaccinate him.
And then the fact that they're throwing out homeschooling, a ban on homeschooling, because that's what I was going to do.
But I mean, I still plan on doing it, but it just it makes me so sick.
Well, they're saying they own your children.
I mean, that's what the definition of slavery is, is that they've got big professors out.
Stories up on Infowars.com.
In fact, can you guys print that for me?
I didn't get it in my stack.
They've got big professors saying, get rid of single-family dwellings.
Well, that's out there already zoning in Europe and starting to zone in blue cities here.
This isn't coming.
This is here.
This isn't coming.
This is here.
This isn't coming.
This is here.
And it's amazing how many, like, I'm a millennial, I guess you could say, and it's just amazing how many people my age just totally fall for it.
And when I try to show them information, factual information, they think it's biased, or they just think I'm crazier, you know?
Hold on, Brie, I'm going to come back to you, but first I want to get into this whole latest Epstein information that goes right to the bottom of the rat hole.
We'll be right back.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, tomorrow's news today.
Ricky Gervais is still the top story in the country.
Look, talking of all you perverts, it was a big year It was a big year for paedophile movies.
Surviving R. Kelly.
Leaving Neverland.
Two Popes.
Shut up.
Shut up.
I don't care.
I don't care.
Many talented people of color were snubbed in major categories.
Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about that.
The Hollywood foreign press are all very, very racist.
And he went on and on to tell them, You're not interesting, you're not original, you read off scripts, and you're stalking children's theme parks by yourselves.
And he went on and on from there in just a three-minute clip.
Now, that's to their face a rotting evil edifice with Meryl Streep and people who are praising Famous directors that have been convicted of raping little girls after they drug them.
Roman Polanski and others.
But she'll lecture you all day about how masculine men are bad and how families are bad.
These are monsters.
These are degenerate scum.
And they're a window into the real world.
So I'm going to play a clip here.
From a hearing more than a decade ago with Cynthia McKinney, who's a Democrat, who's a liberal, who had a lot of courage.
But that is the issue.
Asking Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and I guess this was... How many years ago was that?
It's like 13, 14 years ago now.
Time's just flying.
About DynCorp and children that have been Grabbed overseas, put on planes, and disappeared, some of which end up dead.
So you see, that's what's really at the bottom of the rat hole for these globalists.
But here's some of the articles out today in fullwars.com.
Pics of Clinton aboard Epstein-Pito plane emerge.
And we'll show you that article, maybe show you some of the really creepy photos of Bill Clinton with sex slaves.
Again, the story's on.
Look at Bill Clinton looking just like a vampire.
One of those sad women.
Many of which were grabbed at 12, 13, 14, 15 and then paraded around for photos in front of the Secret Service by the time they were 18.
President and the pimp.
But it's bigger than being a pimp.
It's a lot bigger than being a pimp.
It's about the trafficking of these children.
These videos have been taken off YouTube.
And if you put it up on YouTube, any of these congressional hearings, where they had whole hearings about DynCorp and the UN and sex trafficking, and thousands of women and children per country, some of them three-year-olds, gang-raped, their heads blown off.
I mean, we've got to dig around somewhere in our archives.
Which aren't archives at all, might be in a hard drive somewhere.
To find those whole hearings, or we should go into the C-SPAN archives.
C-SPAN's got a good archive now.
And search these out and get it from C-SPAN itself.
Maybe we'll order the HD from them.
In fact, we will!
And so, let's go over some of these articles for you, because people ask me, they say, How'd you know about Epstein 13, 14 years ago?
Because he was in news articles.
He was named being involved in this and then involved in all these secret eugenics groups and world government boards.
15, 16 years ago, but they were saying it like it was a good thing.
Here's the New York Times.
placed immigrant children with traffickers report says, knowingly.
Hillary Clinton and DynCorp, the untold story of the 15 year old belly dancer.
Epstein connection to CIA and DynCorp and the airplanes they were running together.
He wasn't just doing this.
I liked it earlier, too.
Having underage girls on his plane was just the tip of the iceberg.
And that's like a peanut farmer having peanuts on their plane.
He's farming these girls worldwide.
Big articles on that.
Aircraft number shared by Jeffrey Epstein, DynCorp, the State Department, and the CIA.
You can read all these articles going back 10, 12, 13, 14 years.
This was all out then.
People say, oh Alex Jones broke all this, Alex Jones knew all this.
This was all out there then.
That the currency these shadow groups that have taken over our government operate in is kidnapped women and children.
Stolen art, drugs, snuff films.
There's a lot of DW.
tries to cover up peacekeeper sex abuse scandal.
military contractor dying court accused of enslaving American employees in Kuwait.
And it goes on and on.
Sex scandal still haunts Dyncor.
That's 2002.
That's 18 years ago.
This is all real stuff.
This isn't speculation.
So that's why the media is covering this up because Obama and Hillary and all of them are involved in bringing the kids in from all over the world and just loading them on buses that just disappear into the hinterland.
to investigate charges of multiple child rapes by DynCorp employees in Colombia.
And it goes on and on.
And used to you'd have this in Reuters and AP and the London Guardian.
Now they won't even report on it.
Because they're protecting it and that's all come out thanks to Project Veritas undercover video.
So that's how sick this whole group is.
And that's why Hollywood's trying to normalize pedophilia.
And I guess kidnapping kids out of their backyards because they know it's all coming out.
And it's all been coming out from Infowars and President Trump and others.
And that's why they always go, oh, Trump met Epstein a few times at parties.
Oh, it's Trump's the one involved.
No, Trump's not involved.
If I found Trump involved in any of this, I would never have supported him.
Trump never came up in any of this.
Are Republicans involved?
You bet they are.
And this is evil.
So here's some of the clips from the congressional hearings, where Rumsfeld didn't deny that they'd been caught doing this, that DynCorp had, and had had some of their contracts taken, but had that reinstated.
Here it is.
Mr. Secretary, I watched President Bush deliver a moving speech at the United Nations in September 2003, in which he mentioned the crisis of the sex trade.
The President called for the punishment of those involved in this horrible business.
But at the very moment of that speech, DynCorp was exposed for having been involved in the buying and selling of young women and children.
While all of this was going on, DynCorp kept the Pentagon contract to administer the smallpox and anthrax vaccines, and is now working on a plague vaccine through the Joint Vaccine Acquisition Program.
Mr. Secretary, is it policy of the U.S.
government to reward companies that traffic in women and little girls?
Thank you, Representative.
First, the answer to your first question is no, absolutely not.
The policy of the United States government is clear, unambiguous, and opposed to the activities that you described.
The second question, Well, how do you explain the fact that DynCorp and its successor companies have received and continue to receive government contracts?
I would have to go and and find the facts but there are laws and rules and regulations with respect to government contracts and there are times that corporations do things they should not do in which case they tend to be suspended for some period there are times then that that the under the laws and the rules and regulations for the that uh... passed by the congress and implemented by the executive branch that corporations can get off of So that's a good Democrat.
She got really demonized in right-wing media and stuff.
But boy, is she great compared to the Squad?
And that was all admitted.
They're not generally not barred in perpetuity.
This contract, this company was never in the penalty box.
If you could proceed to my second question, please.
So that's a good Democrat.
She got really demonized in right wing media and stuff.
But boy, is she great compared to the squad?
And that was all admitted.
They had other hearings all about that.
And who also does a lot of the private CPS work around the country, DynCorp to this day.
So, Laura Silsby worked for the Clinton Foundation high level, got caught smuggling kids out of Haiti, got...
A few years in prison for it, now she secretly, under a new name, runs the Amber Alert System.
Look it up.
You cannot make this up.
If you want to continue to see hardcore reporting like this that's changing the world, buy the products at InfoWarsTore.com.
That's how we built this operation.
It's how we stay on the air.
And it's how we fearlessly fight for all of our futures together.
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That's why I've extended it now.
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Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.
Huge nationwide protests erupted once again on President Donald Trump's second weekend in office.
You are not my boss! You are not my boss!
When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.
When America is united, America is totally unstoppable.
Donald J. Trump is now President of the United States.
And most importantly, we will be protected by God.
From the front lines of the Info Room, it's Alex Jones.
All right, Gab McGinnis is going to join us for a couple of segments to talk about the bizarre behavior of the squad.
Then I'll continue on with your calls.
But I held Bree in South Carolina over because she got cut short.
It was just about a minute and a half call.
And she was talking about vaccines and how they're trying to bully everybody.
Now they're pushing them.
And of course the inserts say they can kill you, but on the news they say that's a conspiracy theory.
So I want you to be able to continue your points, Marie.
Thank you.
Um, yeah.
Basically, I mean, I just wanted to throw that out there because I was listening to the David Knight Show this morning and I don't think he was taking any calls.
But I think it's really important and I feel like they're just sweeping everything under the rug and slowly trying to take it from us.
And it's scary, but at the same time, like, I will die before somebody takes my rights and medical freedoms for my child.
Well, especially with the long history of Big Pharma, the U.S.
government, and others adding things to vaccines in secret experiments, and the Tuskegee experiment, and all the rest, and then they have liability protection for these companies.
It's insane.
Brie, thank you so much.
Let's now go to Matt in Ohio wants to talk about the Epstein case.
Bill Clinton with the sex slaves, the photos out.
This is really unraveling quickly.
The pedophiles are trying to normalize pedophilia, hoping it just becomes some new, you know, thing like the trans movement.
But it's not going to work, because so much of it is kidnapping children and murdering them on top of it.
What do you make of all this, Matt?
Well, I just wanted to say real quick here, and this really ties into some ways to To raise funds for the InfoWar.
If our fellow InfoWarriors aren't hip, they need to check out Rob Dues' The False Flags, Jeffrey Epstein's Didn't Kill Himself music video.
It is amazing.
And that was just a quick suggestion for you and your crew.
I hope that you guys continue making inroads through the music, and you have been over these last few years.
And just one quick suggestion is to consider doing like a seven inch single club or a vinyl version Of some of these tunes that you're doing, because it really is the new punk rock.
You're absolutely right.
People aren't going to buy CDs.
We've tried that with the great music we produce, but collector's items, vinyl is a form of art.
The sound has been proven to be better, because again, it's not digital peaks and valleys.
It's rolling.
It's organic.
It's like cellulose versus digital.
And that is a really great idea.
What do you make of all the upscene stuff coming out?
It just makes me sick and I'm just, I really, I'm just really looking forward to, you know, people being held accountable.
And a couple quick, quick comments real quickly.
You'll be, you'll be thrilled to know I'm driving through a big city, say here in, in Ohio, and what should I see on an abandoned billboard sign?
But somebody had spray painted, yes, you got it.
Van dot video.
It ruled seeing that over the horizon.
Uh, another quick, uh, quick idea is maybe do more music related stuff.
Not only with, like, the False Flags project that Rob Dew is on.
But I loved that old school interview that you did with Professor Griff, or that interview that was done with you and KRS-One.
Oh, all those incredible archives, 5 billion views erased off of YouTube.
We don't even have the crew, but we're trying to have an archivist go back and post all that to Bandot Video.
By the way, folks, you have been doing your job.
Bandot Video, which is free of course, which we have the word out, is exponentially growing in viewership every month.
It is just exploding.
We routinely get videos with half a million, a million views, 300,000, 200,000.
That's incredible.
And I'm very glad to say that I was part of the 132 and also the vote for Barbara Lee's amendment.
But I think that the point of that is that that is the same war that we're dealing with today.
We never solved any problems with AUMF.
AUMF, we left 4,000 plus, maybe 4,400 dead, and over 60,000 who came back injured in some
And the war never ended.
As I recall the language in AUMF, it deals with hostilities in Iraq.
It doesn't deal with an incident or a dislike or someone in a car coming in from the airport.
That is the danger.
of not acting and I do think with our leadership, meaning the leadership of CPC, that we'll
come together around specific answers.
I'm incredibly saddened and it's very hard to think about this.
So I mean that is the land of unconfirmed...
We came, we saw, he died.
Did it have anything to do with your visit?
No, I'm sure it did.
I have two words for you.
Predator drones.
You will never see it coming.
You think I'm joking?
[silly noises]
Yeah, McGinnis is our guest, doesn't really need any introduction as the great folks over at censored.tv or free speech TV as it's also known in the colloquial.
And I'm really glad to be able to get him on.
I've been wanting to get him on for about a week or so.
And I said, what do you want to come on about?
He finally came on.
He said, I want to get into We just played some of Ilhan Omar laughing while they're up there talking about dead troops and just cracking jokes and just the bizarreness of the left across the board worshipping this general and just all of this craziness.
So Gavin, good to have you on with us and I gotta say that is an awesome looking jacket.
Can you see that it sparkles?
It's definitely...
Definitely slick.
I like it.
It's a little bit gay, but sometimes some of the best fashion choices are you just sort of dip your toes in the pool without jumping in.
I don't know.
I mean, blue velvet, you pull it off.
I don't know.
I'm not gay.
It just feels good.
Well, I mean, I think Elvis might wear something like that.
I don't think Elvis.
I think Elvis was known for liking the ladies.
It's called peacocking, my friend.
Liberace went a little too far.
He jumped right into the pool.
But of course, Liberace wasn't gay.
I have Tacky Theodoracropolis, the guy who runs Tacky Mag, the Greek tycoon.
He came up to me once at a dinner party and he goes, Gavin, he slaps you on the back and he goes, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if Liberace still liked pussy, he'd still be with us!
Oh my goodness.
You know, you started Vice Magazine.
You've basically rolled with a lot of the cultural elites.
Was pedophilia always like their favorite thing or why are they all over the place promoting pedophilia right now?
I've got articles where Twitter is saying it's okay to talk about wanting to have sex with children and all the rest of it.
Why do you think that's such a big story right now with all this new Epstein stuff coming out?
I remember in the late 80s and early 90s in the punk rock community there was some very out there esoteric dudes who were trans and they'd have like sneakers on and a slip and some lipstick but this hair and they'd have these anarchist workshops and they would talk about sexuality And how, you know, even children have sexuality.
And inevitably there'd be a slew of single mom punks who were, you know, trailer trash who had kids when they were 15, 16.
And they would just pop a gasket and go ballistic and drag him out of there by his heels.
So, I think it's always existed in the weirdo scene, but it's always been esoteric and it's always met with an immediate backlash.
The strange thing about now is we've been giving these nuts so much freedom, so much I don't know.
on the rope that they've just gone off the edge of the cliff and now pedophilia
well I mean if they don't molest children then they're not child
molesters they're just pedophiles I mean you got to be more open-minded it's a
disease and you go that's a great indication of where we are as a society
when pedophiles are I don't know kind of possible speaking of the devil I don't
want to bring these subjects up This is what's being taught in schools now.
This isn't just here or there.
This isn't just at some meth-head art gallery like you're saying.
This is happening not in some corner of Amsterdam or the village in New York.
This is in elementary school.
Government saying we want to teach children how to masturbate.
It's really all about power.
It's about control.
It's about saying your children don't belong to you.
And that's why they're now pushing forced inoculations.
Where do you stand on that?
Well, before that, we get to the forced inoculations.
There was a sometimes there's a sentence in the news that I just want to tattoo on my chest because it just sums up the problem perfectly.
It's just this this incredible sentence that is like a nuclear bomb.
And there was a drag queen story time.
This may have been in Austin.
I can't remember where in Texas it was, but this parents were against it.
And the teacher said, let's be honest.
A lot of parents don't know what's best for their kids.
Sometimes it's up to the community to raise their kids.
And he was talking about his school administrators and their decision to have Drag Queen Story Hour at their school, not library.
And you realize that's really what this is all about.
The state wanting to raise our kids.
Here in New York, de Blasio is saying we should have after school programs so they're there till 7pm.
Let's take these young kids that would love to be out there outside throwing a ball around.
Let's get them stuck in a desk and indoctrinated.
We'll pay for their breakfast.
We'll pay for their lunch.
We'll take care of their immunization.
We'll make sure the parents don't know.
We'll make sure there's a movement.
Remember, this was last year where they said if a boy wants to be a girl at school, he can do that and we won't tell the parents.
He can have a secret life as a girl and we won't tell the parents.
They're going above our heads and that's That's what globalism is.
As soon as you can strip the parents' power, then the state controls everyone.
And let's go back.
If they could put that photo of the elderly man in a clown outfit.
These people look scarier than Rob Zombie's Devil's Rejects.
The scariest looking narratives Hollywood can come up with.
I see the video.
It's like nightmare It the Clown demon creatures.
And now the new thing is the children ride horsey and lay on top them.
The mothers are obviously all getting off on the sickness of this.
I mean, my God, where are they going next?
How did we wake up in this alternate dimension where people that are scarier looking than It the Clown are being given, in some cases, unannounced to parents, access to elementary students on career day?
Well, it's really the decay of education in general, where we're living in an epoch of mental obesity, where people are incurious, and they'll just take any narrative you throw at them.
So that enables powerful people to come up with a Trojan horse, like, I'm Antifa, I'm anti-fascist.
Oh, okay, that sounds good.
Or, you know, gay kids feel terrible about themselves and they get bullied, so we should make them feel okay and so they don't kill themselves.
And you go, oh, yeah, that sounds pretty good.
So they start with that reasonable concept, And then they start pushing it and saying, let's give them hormone blockers.
Let's have bizarre perverted drag queens in there.
And the ultimate agenda is not stopping gays from being bullied or preventing fascism.
The ultimate agenda is to destroy the concept of normal.
So these weirdos, like the guy I started this discussion with in the slip and the sneakers, so those weirdos can feel normal.
They're all perverts.
Mika Rhodes, one of the head guys in Portland's Antifa, was just freed, no sentence at all, for raping several couples, underage couples, boys and girls.
This is what they're ultimately Oh, and all the time they'll have some character who looks like the Joker caught doing crimes.
It'll be an ugly dude.
They go, it's okay, he's trans.
Who died and gave these people all the keys to the city?
Because you're like a meth-head devil worshiper that dresses like a clown?
You go in a restaurant or a store and they go, hey, you guys come over.
It's ma'am!
It's ma'am!
I mean, it is the inmates running the asylum.
Yeah, we've always had inmates.
We've always had weirdos.
But it's only since Trump that they've become mainstream.
And I think the impetus is they hate Trump so much.
Trump derangement syndrome.
Hold on, stay there.
Gavin McGinnis, stay with us.
If men dressed like goblin vampires and space aliens calling themselves drag queens can have their will of your children, then the globalists can get away with anything.
And that's what's happening.
And it's really weird, like, San Francisco has this giant human feces problem, so does Portland.
And then it turns out, it's even on the newscast, it's like a sacrament.
People go, oh, it's so great how in Portland we defecate wherever we want, city councilwomen say, and big fat men crap everywhere.
It's like demonic three-year-olds or something have invaded.
I want to shift into the really demonic three-year-olds.
Ilhan Omar, the squad, all their bizarre laughing and giggling and siding with Iran and that's why you're on today, Gavin.
But what do you sum up this craziness?
And like I've been asking when you've been coming on the show for years, what is peak craziness?
Is there any peak craziness?
Because we go out on the street and cover leftists.
They're just becoming more insane.
How about there's a horrific hellhole called Somalia?
And they have these warlords who have taken over the country, are killing their own people.
We send them aid, but the warlord keeps all the aid and the people starve.
So we send in Black Hawk Down, we send in military specialists to go in there and take out these warlords and get the aid to the people.
There's a little girl there, a little 11-year-old girl, Ilhan Omar.
We take her back as a refugee and set her up.
She gets to be in a Muslim community.
No real push to assimilate.
You can keep your language, keep your culture.
Hey, marry your brother and bring him in.
And you know what?
We'll get you elected.
You can be in office.
And what's your takeaway from that?
America sucks.
9-11 was someone doing something.
You want to talk about war?
I'm the one with PTSD.
I've had it really rough.
And while you talk about all the other soldiers, including the ones who saved me and brought me here, I'm gonna chat with my friends and smirk and laugh.
She is an ingrate immigrant.
She is an immigrate.
And this mentality is becoming all too common.
Well, I've made the points that she and others, they hate America so much.
You go back to Somalia and they'd probably be killed or raped within hours.
And the news is like, Jones hopes Ilhan Omar is raped.
I didn't say that.
I said, you're fleeing that culture that's so hellish.
And then you always come here and lecture me how you're superior.
And I've got to bow down to you.
And it's insane.
Her smirking and strutting.
And like you said, she never worked a day in her life.
Total welfare her whole life.
Now she struts around.
With a tiny little head telling us what to do?
She's so smug.
She's like a smug little bird in a headdress who laughs in the face of the country that saved her life.
It's like Colin Kaepernick where he's left on the road by his black parents, a white family picks him up, and the takeaway is white people suck, America sucks.
You know who's to blame for this?
It's us.
Americans, the left, our schools indoctrinate our children, tell them America sucks, tell them it was a country built on slavery, stolen from the Indians, and eventually that permeates the entire country until immigrants come here and they go, how should I act?
What will make me normal?
And they go, oh, this is America?
So what you do here is you crap on America and say it sucks and laugh when they talk about our veterans.
I'll do that.
I want to be normal.
We've normalized this ingrate attitude and the immigrants are picking up on it.
And now they're trying to one-up each other and talk about how much America sucks and it was never great, it'll never be great.
And instead of immigrants coming here wanting to be part of the nation and making it stronger, some are converting to this.
But a lot of them are beginning to revolt to it.
How do you see this playing out in the next 298 days?
The election, Trump's to win, Trump's to lose.
What's your forecast?
Well, Middle America's pissed off.
The Rust Belt has had enough.
And though Ilhan Omar types dominate the screen, they dominate social media, they dominate the news cycle, you look at Twitter and it's all her attitude.
They're 80% of the media.
They're only about 10%, 10 to 20% of the populace.
The rest only care about their family, the safety of their kids, and jobs.
And these people, these left-wing lunatics who are pro-pedophile, obviously don't care about any of that.
They care about no borders, no wall, no USA at all.
And that's a losing strategy.
So we're going to see an absolute landslide.
And heads are going to explode.
You know in that movie, The Kingsman, at the end all the elitist heads explode?
And there's these sort of brightly colored heads.
That's what it's going to be like when Trump wins in November.
It's going to be absolute implosion.
You thought that the last election was bad.
Everyone is going to be like that chick screaming, no!
I dread it.
I want you to do one more segment with us because I want to get into How the Democrats could grab victory from the jaws of defeat.
I'm going to start getting into it now.
We've got about three or four minutes left.
But first off, I'm a big fan of Censored.TV.
I'm a member and I really like it.
And I just love what you're doing because we're not supposed to exist anymore, much less thrive.
And I know you're adding more shows.
It's successful.
Tell us about that.
Well, it's become the only option.
You know, we've been pushed out of social media, we've been cancelled, and so we have to build these pirate ships, as Adam Carolla calls them, and have layers and layers of encryption, and collecting money is a massive... I mean, we can't raise money for people for defense funds if they're Trump supporters.
So we're building these tanks, and I think the left is saying, see, he's not cancelled, he's still going.
No, we managed to survive despite Your mob ruled.
Yeah, we're like the ship in the Matrix that jacks in and, you know, goes in and gets attacked.
We have to go in an armored vehicle now to events because they literally throw bottles at us.
And again, it's just the listeners get it that literally we're not supposed to exist anymore.
Only they are holding up censored.tv, Infowars.com.
This is a act of resistance just still being on air.
I will never stop.
I will never stop telling the truth.
They can't stop us.
We will get fired, we'll get in trouble, but we're brave and we'll never stop fighting.
By the way, you got down and they totally deplatformed you and put your buddies in prison or tried to put you in jail.
They're trying to do that to me as well, doing it to Roger Stone.
But then you've come back even stronger.
I've noticed you're even stronger than ever.
Am I wrong to say this has really battle-hardened you?
Yeah, well, it's sort of like the history of Scotland, you know?
They were under siege for 600 years from England, and the ones who couldn't hack it died, and the ones who enjoyed conflict kept breeding.
And I'm at the point now that I am angrier than ever and more eager to fight than ever.
I think I have to convert my wife, because she was always a lefty and a vegan, and she voted for Hillary, and then she saw the way the left was behaving and threatening our family, and she just said, F this.
I'm independent at best.
I'm done with my own party.
I want to fight, too.
And once you get your wife on board, and your whole family's there, then you're stoppable.
Behind every great man is a great woman.
I want to talk about that, too, because I know a lot of people that are liberals, because liberals are good, not leftists, and they are totally done.
And I agree, just like in Brexit they told all these working party people that were in the Labor Party, you're Nazis because you don't think England's bad.
Well, they just lost by a massive landslide, lost about 40% of their party.
It's a total political realignment.
As you said, people that are good Americans being told they're bad because they don't hate their country are absolutely pissed and waking up.
The left is their own worst enemy.
If we want to win, then don't encourage radicals like the Goon Squad.
Focus on health care.
Focus on infrastructure.
Things that the right is not doing well.
Mock Trump for not building a wall.
Be a moderate, normal lefty.
But they don't do that.
Like Jeremy Corbyn in Britain was calling everyone a Nazi and defending Palestine and saying Jews are a scourge and are the real problem.
Stay there.
Let's come back.
Stay with us.
Gavin McGinnis, then your call.
Stay with us.
Okay, I want to bring up somebody who truly is a has-been, and that's Cenk Uygur running for Congress.
And they constantly run stories saying Alex Jones is off the air, Alex Jones is a loser, Alex Jones is a has-been.
Well, none of that's true.
And I'm not going to go into a whole listing of it.
This broadcast is organic, it's independent, and in many ways it's more successful than ever, despite the suppression.
Because if we can survive during the suppression, it goes into legend category with folks out there.
And they really see, as everything we talked about comes and turns out to be accurate, our credibility goes up.
And that goes for everybody.
Gavin McInnes, all the liberty movement, we've been spot on, because we're just analyzing reality.
But I saw a month ago when the tape came out, of him saying if I was a dictator, you know, we'd have sex with animals or whatever.
And I forgot about it.
And then, for some reason, one of the crew the other day was looking at it, and had it up on a big screen, you know, TV, editing it for some thing they were doing.
And the way his eyes sparkle, and the way he really acts really pervy, he's obviously getting sexually excited when he talks about pleasuring an animal, and if he was a dictator of the world.
And I'm just saying, folks, he doesn't look like a pedophile.
He looks like somebody that has sex with animals.
I mean, if I was going to cast somebody in Hollywood that like, hey, lock your donkey up or your dog or your cat, you know, the young turds guys here, it'd be him.
And I don't bring this up to be, you know, catty or make a joke out of it, even though it's funny.
All these places, Portland and everywhere, they're trying to legalize bestiality.
So, again, what's wrong with these people?
So I thought we'd slow this down for radio listeners.
For TV viewers, though, watch his face because if I was on here talking about my wife and talking about, just really intimately, it would be creepy if I said the way he said it about my wife.
He's just like, "Oh, the pleasure."
I mean, but it's like he's not pleasure, that possum.
Oh, and so again, I'm gonna get Gavin McInnes' take on this.
Here it is.
I believe that I am going, if I were the benevolent dictator of the world, I would legalize bestiality where you are giving.
Where you are pleasuring the animal.
You see what I'm saying?
Look at that disgusting mouth.
Lock up your dogs, lock up your cats, your turtle, your baby crocodile, your... Gavin, I don't mean to go down this road, but I mean, they all seem to be going crazy.
What's happening with them?
Well, what just happened there with his voice, this happens with a lot of demons.
They have like 24 hours they're allowed to be out, but then they have to go back in and recharge.
And if they go beyond that, it's like a Cinderella thing.
And their voice, their human voice starts to fade.
And that's his true demon voice coming out.
He probably got in a lot of trouble when he went back to the underworld for blowing his cover.
By the way, this is your incredible Comedy.
You're really a comic.
This is your satire.
They'll probably have somebody fact-check this and say, no, it was slowed down.
What you did is called satire.
We're not actually saying that he uncloaked there and that his demon battery was low.
Yeah, they're not.
That's the thing about the New Left.
They're against art and color and fun and hyperbole and jokes.
And as Orwell said, within every joke is a tiny revolution.
And these people don't like jokes.
They prefer pedophiles and bestiality and laughing at dead soldiers.
I mean, they prefer this depraved culture.
And then they accuse us of being Nazis.
We're evil.
We're holding in all the prejudice.
And it's you.
You're calling the kettle black because you did.
The left recognizes that they have these perverted, bizarre traits.
Well, the way he for radio listeners, you're luckily missing it.
I mean, obviously, the way he's talking, the mannerisms, the way he talks so slow,
I mean, in the real video, he talks very slow as well.
That's why I slowed down to accentuate that.
He's literally just fantasizing here, having a wet dream about, I mean I guess the drinking game is, what animal is the Young Turks founder fantasizing about?
I think he was talking about a dog.
I think he was talking about performing oral sex on a dog.
I'm going to say a male dog.
And he decides on a political talk show, a high priority as far as topics to cover would be, is it ethical?
Are you hurting the dog if you're sexually stimulating them?
That is number 6 billion and 32 on my to-do list of topics to discuss.
In closing, getting back to people being persecuted.
I have a lot of family that are classical liberals and they don't like Republicans or Democrats.
Now they're all voting Trump.
obsessed about having access to our children.
In closing, getting back to people being persecuted.
I have a lot of family that are classical liberals and they don't like Republicans or
Now they're all voting Trump.
I agree with you that their heads are going to explode when Trump wins in a landslide.
But what secret, you know, how could Trump sabotage himself?
Because I don't like it when it looks like we're so far ahead that that makes my spidey
sense get really pucker factor.
The only way he can screw this up is capitulation.
Apologizing, not getting tough on Iran and Syria when they flex their muscles, letting other world leaders boss him around and tell him what to do the way Obama did.
The reason we elected him is because we saw Obama draw a line in the sand and then cower in fear when people called on it.
We saw them attack the embassy in Benghazi and then cower in fear and not retaliate.
If he starts behaving like that to try to appease them, then it's like giving a vampire I agree.
taste of your blood thinking he's gonna calm down. Once they get that scent on
their nose they're like rats. Rats are relatively docile until they eat meat
and the second they try eating the meat they start to bite and if he gives the
left any meat at all they will become ravenous. I agree who was it Winston
Churchill that said to paraphrase his quote that an appeaser is someone that
Feeds people to the alligator hoping they're last.
It was Rutger Kipling who said that once you start paying a pirate, the bounty always just goes up.
They don't even want it.
I think at the end of the day, these betas want to be disciplined.
I mean, we give them the reins and what do they do?
They crash the car.
We just had the first guy ever to say, I'm genderless and register officially as a genderless person just said, yeah, this whole thing is a farce.
I'm changing back to male.
This is all a lie.
So it's like giving a six year old the keys to your car.
He's just going to crash it.
He doesn't really want to drive it.
He shouldn't.
Well, it's like Dave Chappelle said the other night, if they keep taking the First Amendment, we're going to have to use the Second.
And, oh, that's my final point to you as a famous comedian in your own right, not just filmmaker and author and the rest of it.
What does it mean when the top videos are comedians to the face at the Golden Globes saying you're pedophiles, you're scum, everyone hates you, and that gets five times the views that the Golden Globes got?
I mean, when the comedians are doing that, knowing they'll never be hired there again, I think it is the fact the ship has sunk.
The rats aren't leaving, the ship has sunk.
Yes, and that is a perfect example of what Charles Murray describes as coming apart.
Ricky Gervais was talking to Middle America, the flyover states, the rest of us.
And he was telling the elites that we don't believe any of your bullcrap anymore.
We think you're full of it.
And they hadn't considered that.
How dare you!
I'm going to put you up against a wall and have you shot!
going to win in 2020 and they're recognizing that the vast majority of
America is sick of the globalists, sick of the elites, and sick of this
patronizing celebrity telling us about climate change. How dare you!
How dare you! I'm going to put you up against a wall and have you shot!
You took my childhood! I should not be here!
Gavin, we really appreciate the work you're doing at Censored.TV and we just love the fact that you're kicking butt out there in so many ways.
CNN had to settle with the Covington kids.
I know your suit's going forward against the Southern Poverty Evil Center.
So it's good to be here with you in 2020, my friend.
Yep, let's do it!
There goes Gavin McGinnis.
Alright, I promise!
Bob, Jefferson, Mark, Brandon, Trina, Patrick, everybody, your calls are straight ahead.
And then, Matt Bracken on what's coming up with national gun registration confiscation by the Democrats.
If Trump doesn't stop it, stay with us.
What kind of guy is Alex Jones?
Yep, that's it.
And I could discipline myself.
But why?
I've disciplined myself not to submit to tyranny, and to not let them grind me down, but to enjoy the fight.
To get stronger, not weaker.
And I put a lot of miles on this body in 45 years, but I gotta tell you, I could not do what I do
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You're going to sell out of everything.
Some of this stuff doesn't come in for two, three months.
We can then put it back to regular sale and actually make some money to fund things as people will still buy it at full price where we get some good markup.
But I'm just not doing it.
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And so I guess I'm still the one making a lot of decisions around here.
Maybe that's the problem.
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Let me just show people now.
Move my lunch over here.
I wasn't thinking about this.
I got too much stuff in here.
The only way to do this now is just do it live on air.
Maybe I should go on Owen's show.
He always likes it.
He makes the joke that I put a wall around the studio.
That's a joke, folks.
He likes me on there.
We have a, oh look, IMQ.
We've got a lot of stuff here that I'm going to be announcing in the next few days that if you want to take back America, this plan will do it.
So, that's going to be announced soon.
And I got a lot of stuff on the drawing board.
These stickers, 20 different ones, are all being printed up and they look like duct tape that goes over your mouth.
They don't stick to you and hurt you like that.
You can take them on and off.
And they really, sometimes silence is golden.
People say, why is your mouth covered?
And they really want to listen to what you have to say.
It's basic psychology.
And it also will telegraph a message to Trump about it.
So it's Operation Win 2020 Save the First Amendment.
Sticker packs at cost.
These stickers will be here end of next week.
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At cost, 20 stickers, a variety.
And then we've got others where you can get even more.
At cost.
I'm going to announce the whole plan soon, but it's going to have a really, really big effect.
Okay, Matt Bracken's coming up.
And I said I'm going to take your phone calls.
You've been very patient, and I appreciate you doing that.
Well, we had Gavin McInnes on with us.
So let's go to Trina in Nebraska.
Trina, you're on the air.
Well, hello, hello, sir.
How are you today?
I am good talking to you, and it's the best of times, but also the worst of times.
I feel that.
I feel that.
Okay, so quick question for you.
When I was a kid, Um, and I went to the dentist or whatever.
I have a heart murmur, so a hole in my heart, whatever, I'm sure you know.
But anyways, and they would have me take amoxicillin an hour before they would do my cleaning.
And, um, they literally would paint my teeth with fluoride.
Now, my question to you is, were they trying to save their butts on doing that?
Like, giving me that amoxicillin?
Um, cause it could cause heart problems or what?
Do you know?
I didn't know if you would know since your dad's a dentist.
Actually, I do know, and I'm not giving medical advice here, but the dentists are good people, 99% of them.
There's been a few dentists that are killing their patients, you know, that have been caught injecting them with HIV and stuff, but 99% of dentists are really good, hard-working people, and they follow what the American Dental Association tells them, and then some of them are regular MDs, and then they also have those degrees, and they follow what the American Medical Association tells them.
It's just seen as best practices, and a lot of them bucket.
And so my dad was always for fluoridation and thought it was a conspiracy theory even though he knew a lot of stuff until he saw a Canadian dentist that was instrumentally getting Canada fluoridated more than 40 years ago.
Though I didn't know it was...
hydrofluorosilicic acid and it was coming from toxic sources and under law
there's waivers in Canada and the US to put a bunch of the toxic waste in your
water in the name of fluoride itself. They thought it was medical grade
fluoride that you basically get out of the ground.
I guess calcium fluoride's one type of it.
You do need some of, and does strengthen teeth.
But you don't drink sunscreen to keep your son from burning.
Well, you shouldn't drink fluoride to do that.
It actually calcifies and causes problems in the teeth and chipping and the rest of it.
And now the American Dental Association, eight years ago, came out and said, indeed, children shouldn't be drinking fluoridated water and fluoride is causing calcification.
It was done about below the age of 10, I believe, was the guideline.
But let's expand on that.
Fluoride treatments are very toxic to the body, but if you're going to paint it directly onto the teeth, the molecules do fuse to the enamel, and it's a remineralization process, especially if you apply something like Above Sea Coral Calcium to it.
So that's a real process.
So they convinced dentists that that was what was going on, but it was going into the body, a different type of fluoride that's an acid that's very reactive and binds to things in the body and attacks fertility and causes cancer and lowers IQs.
That's all.
American Medical Association last year came out and said, OK, it's true.
It's devastating.
Take it out of the water.
Of course, they're not.
It's a eugenics operation to lower IQ.
Now, when someone has a heart murmur, And they're going to do any type of stuff on the gums or whatever.
A lot of times they give you that preemptively so you don't get an infection in the mouth and also so they think they're getting into some dirty areas that may release bacteria that are low oxygen bacteria that can then get into the ventricles of the heart and sometimes eat parts of the heart.
And so they don't want you to get a heart infection, at least from my limited knowledge of that.
That's why they do that.
So that's why when I get up here and say, and the FDA doesn't come after you on this because it's a fact, that when you have Nanosilver, and you have tea tree oil, and you have colloidal silver and iodine, that that goes in and is so good for your gums and teeth.
And one of the top causes of heart attacks and systemic infections is rotting teeth.
So if you've got rotting teeth, you should have them extracted and get dentures, okay, or get a partial or a bridge.
It's one of the worst things on earth.
It's absolutely horrible.
I've got a rotting tooth I'm going to get out probably next week, but I've got to go to Virginia and see if somebody can wait, because it finally just gave up the ghost and cracked and collapsed.
That's okay, I'm getting older.
I'm going to have that sucker pulled out and have an implant put over here.
My teeth were always perfect a couple years ago, they're starting to go out on me.
But it's just critical not to leave rotting roots in the body, because these deadly bacteria, the human mouth is even more dangerous and toxic than the Komodo dragon.
We have the dirtiest mouth of any land animal.
Because we have such a long history, so much food we eat, so many varied things we've eaten,
that over our development we've learned to have a big barrier of toxic bacteria that
in the mouth help our body learn immunities through the gut.
So we're serious combat models.
Humans are badass.
The problem is if you get rotten teeth, those can get into the arteries and veins and everywhere
else and really cause you a big problem.
So that's why keeping your gums clean and getting quarterly cleanings is Absolutely paramount for anybody that doesn't want to have a big old fat juicy heart attack And so that is why I believe that they were giving you that Ahead of doing any tooth work on you because of the increased risk because of the defect in your heart Well, that makes sense.
And I just, I had to make sure because my dentist actually was not a good one.
He got caught, uh, sex trafficking, drug trafficking.
Really bad guy.
Yeah, I've seen him downtown.
I'd always joke with my mom.
I'm like, will you go to the mafia dentist?
Because I've seen him and his family downtown dressed up.
Yeah, I'm in Omaha.
I'm wondering if he's a part of... Well, we just came up with an interview from like 20 years ago with John DeCamp about the giant child kidnapping rings there that are confirmed and the CIA bases and he was in the CIA and helped run major Hunter killer squads for Operation Phoenix, but he was against that and helped expose it with the CIA director at the time, the finders operation.
So the CIA exposed the CIA and a large node of it is up in Nebraska because the people are so nice.
And hard-working, but very naive.
I mean, Nebraskans are wonderful, nice people.
I'm not being patronizing, but kind of like Texans, real nice, but, until you get them angry, but they just don't expect super evil stuff to be going on.
And, yeah, Omaha is a major hub of hardcore CIA sex trafficking.
All right, Trina, thank you.
In fact, we're going to repost that interview, one of my crew members found the other day, at Bandot Video today.
I'm Alex Jones.
More calls, hour number four, two minutes away.
We are back.
We're going to talk to Bob and Patrick and others, and then Matt Bracken's taking over.
Patrick in Kansas, thanks for holding her on the air, sir.
Yes, sir.
Good to talk to you.
Thank you, sir.
Hey, I just wanted to say about nine months ago, you shot an ad wearing that green polo shirt on a kitchen table with the I don't remember.
It's been about nine months ago.
and you're talking about Jesus Christ.
That day, you changed me.
You changed my life and everything has been beautiful, beautiful, beautiful since then.
So I wanted to thank you for that.
I want to thank you, brother.
What was the name of the video?
Because we should re-air it.
I don't remember.
It's been about nine months ago.
It seems like you always have good luck with that long-sleeved green polo shirt.
But anyways, I would like to hear more from that.
I think you are in a unique position to wake people up to Jesus Christ.
And I want to be clear, it doesn't mean that I don't become worldly and evil and explode knack bad because I'm sincere.
I just know God's real and I love God.
That doesn't mean I'm up here as an example of the most pious, best person around.
Yes, sir.
Yesterday was a good example of Of how the best men can be the most dangerous.
My other topic was the 5G, the exposé you had with the Health Ranger and one other guy about a month ago.
My question is, all the information that you and InfoWars put out over 5G, the health concerns, and how deadly it is, what is the logical reaction to that?
What should we be doing?
What is the logical reaction?
I mean, listen, Israel banned it.
The states, a couple states have already banned it in Switzerland.
A bunch of other countries are banning it.
It's dangerous.
It surveils everybody.
And we're just so used to the latest innovation and Trump doesn't know.
He's told it'll hire millions of people.
I just think Trump is dead wrong on this.
Yes, sir.
And when the logical reaction to I mean, I'll be honest with you.
I'm going to probably buy a piece of property somewhere out in the country, just as a place to have, you know, that isn't my dad's ranch in East Texas, if I can get to it quicker.
And I'll try to run for office in that area to get people to pass a law not to put 5G in, or 6G, you know, down the road, because it's coming into Austin.
I'm going to have to move away from this.
And, you know, at a certain point, people are just going to start shooting these, you These things are climbing them and beating them up with baseball bats.
I mean, and I'm not saying do that, but I'm telling you, I would think about it if I move out in the country somewhere and they come and stick it by my property to surveil me and fry me.
I'm not putting up with their violence.
I think that's what you're saying is they're assaulting us, mainline science says it hurts us, and they better watch their ass.
Yes, sir.
That's perfect.
Thank you.
Thank you.
God bless.
I mean, I'm just not going to lie to anybody.
I've already thought this out.
And you know, I'm not going to let them demonize the Second Amendment.
So I'll take a chainsaw to it, I'll run over it with an armored tractor, I'll climb up there with a baseball bat and beat the living snot out of it.
But the best way to do it would be a 12-gauge with double-lock butt.
Just walk right up to it, you start terminating it.
But I'm not saying do that.
Because they'll stage something and shoot at one into a school or something.
Terrorists blow things up!
The damn stuff's getting banned all over the world!
I've been around radio transmitters and stuff, and the engineers will tell you they'll burn you if you touch them, and that's just another form of this stuff.
Everybody knows that it makes you where you can't sleep, it makes you sick.
Fire departments all over are tough guys.
They stick these on top of their buildings to make extra money, the guys are all for it.
They all get sick!
They can't sleep!
They start bleeding out their asses!
I mean, I was watching a documentary about it just the other day.
It's a fact!
When you get a school that puts this, similar systems on it, stuff that's not even as bad, earlier systems, and there's a multi-thousand percent increase in cancer, and then it happens at police stations and fire departments, it's dangerous.
And with any transmitter, I'm not an engineer but we've had them on, the length of the antenna, every distance out it becomes half as strong.
So, this stuff, At a distance, depending on the type, isn't that dangerous.
The problem is the 5G is going to be a million towers to start with, everywhere, close, frying people.
Everybody knows with high-tension power lines that plants don't grow as well and stuff right around them.
If you live under them, you get cancer.
You can't see it, but those power lines basically have energy just blasting through them.
Now, I don't raise this to go, oh look, Hollywood talks about me.
I raise it to ask, why are they doing it?
Because so many shows have these villainous characters who they then say, oh, this is supposed to be Alex Jones.
And in some of the movies, they say, no, this is Alex Jones.
And then I'm engaging in all sorts of criminal activity, fake news, murder for hire, poisoning people, you name it.
That's what Hollywood does.
They had a big movie out about child molesters that kidnap and kill kids and the bad guys named Alex Jones, you know, the child molester.
That's because the child molesters are pissed at us.
And so I see that JD, we'll go to Bob, JD is saying new Netflix show references Alex Jones.
I can't even keep track of all the shows that reference us now.
And again, why are they doing it?
Because they've been ordered to do it.
To psychologically inoculate people against us.
Every channel that I looked at or heard about, everybody told me, on New Year's.
I mean, Drew's got, you know, a big hip-hop app on his phone.
He doesn't even get news pushes.
And he was getting news pushes about Alex Jones losing a Sandy Hook lawsuit, which wasn't even true.
Why are they doing it?
They want to say Alex Jones is losing.
Alex Jones is losing.
What is Tokyo Rose in World War II?
We were dropping atomic bombs on Japan.
And Tokyo Rose was still on AM radio and shortly going, Americans are losing, your sweethearts are dead.
The imperial ruler has defeated you.
Japanese troops have taken control of the U.S.
Give up, G.I.
And it's the same thing.
It's like Baghdad Bob in 2003, like Baghdad's almost completely captured.
He goes, oh, we kick Americans to the Kuwait.
They are in the ocean.
A jet flies by and drops a bomb.
Now, I'm not likening it like we're winning that good, but I mean, the fact that they're that obsessed, what are they scared of?
Just red-blooded Americans?
I'm not that special.
I'm just a red-blooded American that isn't scared, and I am on a Ben Grimm clobbering time collision course, like a juggernaut.
And the fact that I just don't care.
They're like, Jones doesn't care about all the threats and the fact you're trying to put a case on him or all the lawsuits.
I don't care about me anymore.
You can't do this and think about it.
And I'm nothing!
I mean, you talk about wars, but I had family and much of them would just basically tell the stories about Vietnam.
They had to sit on top phone books and helmets because the helicopters didn't have any shielding.
And you just had to fly around all day getting shot at with helicopters blowing up around you and landing and picking troops up.
You just learned to just ignore it and land and your co-pilot's bleeding to death, just taking off.
I mean, my uncle, we didn't know until he died, he had like a ridiculous amount of silver stars.
It was all the communiques and all the awards he got for it.
But he never told anybody because he wasn't a hero.
His buddies that died in other helicopters that are getting people were the heroes.
And I'm just up here fighting pedophiles from a broadcast.
I got armed people guarding me.
I'm lucky I'm not in a helicopter in a country that didn't even need to be invaded for globalists dying.
I don't have my arms and legs blown off like our poor veterans.
I'm just here saying, get away from our children, leave us alone, New World Order.
And that's why what I'm doing is not heroic by any stretch of the imagination.
What I'm doing is when somebody's on top of me, I'm getting them off of me.
You ever have that when you're younger, the bullies, four or five of them sit on you?
And I mean, it's happened to me when I was like 10 years old, stuff like that, and it's like hitting you in the face and beating you up, until there's that moment where you just find that crazy strength, and even though they're five years older than you, six years older, you get up, pick a rock up, and, you know, knock them upside the head, and they go to the hospital, and then their parents try to sue you, but they can't, because they attacked you, and now they fear you, you see?
You didn't start the fight, but they need to know you're gonna finish it, and not bow down to their crap anymore, and it's that spirit they can't handle!
So it's true.
I take it all serious and I love it.
I love all of it.
Now, I try not to be like that because I can get a little violent, a little aggressive, and I need to repent.
But I'm on the opposite end of caring about these people or fearing them, okay?
Because I'm not going to...
That's where I'm comfortable.
You understand?
He's going all out.
In fact, I'm mad at myself that I'm not going all out.
I'm not fighting hard enough.
I don't want to talk about myself here.
I'm bringing this up, and Matt Bragg is coming up next segment, so people understand what they fear.
Because they're scared of this!
You understand?
Because they know I'm going to politically, spiritually get my hands around their throat, if God lets me.
And they know it.
They know I'm for real.
They know I can't be bought.
They know I can't be intimidated.
And they know I don't care!
You understand that?
I don't think I'm invincible either!
I don't think I'm invincible!
I'm not on a power trip!
I'm on fire!
And they know it.
Because I don't like them.
I know who they are.
I want them off the children.
You understand?
And we're gonna get them off of them.
And they know you're coming for them.
And they know the spirit of vengeance of God is about to pour out upon them.
It's good and it's right and it's strong.
And they fear it.
They fear it now, don't they?
That's what they fear, you understand?
That's what they fear.
So that's why I'm showing them what they fear.
What they hate is someone that isn't afraid of them.
JD, what'd you see on Netflix?
Alex, can you hear me?
Yes, sir, thank you.
They fear you because you tell the truth.
They fear you?
They attack you.
They fear the audience of activists.
They demonize you because you tell the truth.
My wife is watching a show on Netflix.
It's popular.
It's called You.
Two characters are having a conversation.
One character was saying his story.
The other character discredited him By using your name.
That's right, Alex Jones is the new conspiracy theory word.
They just go, oh Alex Jones!
Did you hear Rachel Maddow give an Alex Jones defense?
They're trying to take my name and turn it into a symbol of defeat instead of a symbol of victory.
And we're not going to let them do it, are we?
So what else happened?
I mean, did that wake your wife up more or less?
Um, I think it woke her up more.
Um, she knows who you are, I listen to you every day.
Um, as soon as she saw that, she called me into the room, rewinded it, I watched it, and it was, it's right there in front of everybody's face.
You tell the truth, they demonize you because you tell the truth.
They had a whole show on, what is it, ABC, The Good Doctor?
Where they say it's Alex Jones, and then they say things word for word from the show, but twisted.
And at the end, I admit I'm wrong and I'm a fraud and all this crap.
It's unbelievable.
But again, that makes me feel good that we must really be doing a good job.
But you know who's doing a good job?
And I'm not kissing your ass, J.D., it's you.
You guys are keeping us in the game so that InfoWars and the idea of it, of the bonafide genuineness of it, doesn't mean it's perfect, but it's real.
It comes from a place of truth.
They want to capture that identity, not have us on air, so they can really misrepresent who we are.
And that means misrepresent who you are, brother.
They're saying Alex Jones is you, the grassroots person that loves God.
That's why they're attacking me, because they see InfoWars as the archetype of you, J.D.
And truth aligns with truth.
That's why I'm here talking to you right now.
They can't stop us.
Can you imagine wanting to serve this evil the way they do?
I never.
God bless you, brother.
I appreciate your call.
I'll try to find the episode of that.
There's just too many episodes to even keep track of it.
It's so slimy.
To watch Hollywood launch its big stinking tentacles out at our children and at our communities and just how much they hate America and how much they hate God.
I can't cut into any more of Matt Bracken, so I'm done good at calls.
But Bob, Jefferson, Mark, and Brandon, I'll put you at the head of the line tomorrow, and I promise, don't let me forget tomorrow, guys, to call them first when we open the phones up, and give them all a free t-shirt.
Not that they all want a free t-shirt, but they all get a t-shirt to tell us your size, and we'll have customers It takes money to keep us on air.
They're pissed we're still here.
They're trying every dirty trick they can, which I don't have the liberty to get into.
I just get pissed that I'm not fighting them more effectively and just how corrupt our country has become in the power structure.
But that's okay.
That's why we're here.
And so I'm beyond delighted and I'm extremely thrilled.
I'm extremely thankful.
The problem is, is that God's been turning the voltage on.
I mean, the discernment, the focus, the anger, the will is just off the charts.
I know yours is as well.
I've been, I keep praying for the power to take on the globalists.
And you know what?
God's given it to me.
God's given it to you.
This is it.
This isn't a simulation.
This is the real deal, baby!
Welcome to 2020.
Thanks for having me on, Alex.
And in the last segment, Alex was speaking a little bit, you know, what's new about all of the constant attacks on him.
On his person, becoming the big boogeyman on almost every movie and TV show.
You know, if they need a villain, his name is Alex Jones.
I mean, it takes a very strong person to stand up to that.
It would be very easy to just duck out by a remote ranch and disappear.
So, we all have to appreciate that he's got the strength and fortitude and courage to just stand up and take it.
I mean, he must get tired of pulling arrows out of his back.
Or maybe he just leaves them in there, busts them off and keeps on going.
But I think, and I mean, I hope I'm right in this, that the more he is attacked by the mainstream media, Hollywood and so forth, the greater his legend is.
And I think, you know, by 2020, the only people that buy, you know, the Hollywood garbage, the network television stuff, The only people that buy it are kind of the, you know, first-level thinker NPC meme bots, not thinking humans.
And the more that Alex stands up on the skyline, you know, gets out of the trench and exposes himself, I think it serves as an example of courage for other people, myself included.
You know, if Alex can do it, why can't we?
Let's not back down.
Let's take all the abuse and smile and just keep pushing forward because we are winning.
And there are a lot of signs that the, you know, that the deep state, the globalists, they're actually coming to a crisis point.
We saw this across the pond with the election of Boris Johnson.
This was really unexpected.
Like the Trump election, right up until his election, They were saying that he was barely ahead, or it was a toss-up, and it was a wipe-out of the globalists.
You know, the Labour Party, which had just become, by the 90s and 2000s, the Labour Party was just socialists.
And they absolutely alienated the middle class, the working class of England, and they were wiped out.
And I think that something like that is gearing up for November of 2020, where I think that there's a chance for a huge landslide for President Trump.
You know, the bots on television can drone on and on against him, but I think our president's doing overall a great job.
Now, specifically talking about the hit on Soleimani.
People may be tired of hearing about it, but I think I've got a couple angles on it that are somewhat fresh.
Personally, you know, like they say, victory has a thousand fathers and defeat is an orphan.
Well, if it works, then you're great.
It's like going for a trick play in football.
When it works, the coach is a genius.
And if it fumbles or gets picked six for a touchdown the other way, then you're the biggest idiot ever.
But in this case, I think that the Soleimani hit was brilliant.
Obviously, they've been following him, they knew his movements, and they isolated him right at the Baghdad airport where there would be no collateral damage.
They could smoke him with Hellfire missiles.
Take out not only Soleimani, but the Iraqi head of Soleimani's subordinate militia, and blow him up too.
Kind of a really strong decapitation strike.
And therefore, nobody can say this was really just an assassination of a statesman.
The guys in Iraq, while they're attacking our embassy, while they're rocketing our bases, that puts them on the battlefield as a soldier, legit hit all the way, boom, gone, done.
But people still, I think to this day, they don't really understand how important Soleimani was.
He was absolutely the second or maybe even the most popular in terms of his popularity, or most powerful rather, in terms of his cult of personality in Iran.
He was, to use a Nazi comparison, he was Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich rolled into one.
You know, he was running the proxy war, which has been Iran's form of warfare since they really have declared war on us in 1979 with the revolution.
He has been running these proxy wars, the Hezbollahs all over the place, Lebanon and elsewhere, Yemen, across the Middle East.
That's Soleimani.
He uses a cut-out form of warfare where, when we're attacked, it's some quote-unquote Shia militia.
But that's Soleimani.
You know, he has been You know, like Heidrich was for the Nazis, Heidrich was assassinated in 1942 or 43 in Prague because he was, you know, one of Hitler's greatest sort of lieutenants for exporting the Holocaust or enforcing, you know, the kind of scorched earth Holocaust policy.
He was taking that country to country.
He was in Prague when he was assassinated.
Another great general was the Japanese, or was the general, or rather Admiral Yamamoto.
He was assassinated in the Pacific, I believe, also 4243.
Yeah, Yamamoto is 43.
We assassinated him.
We learned where he was going to be through collecting intel.
We'd broken their codes, and we jumped him with P-38 Lightnings, shot down his airplane.
And he was the brilliant military strategist of the Japanese.
Taking him out took away one of their greatest brains, one of their unifying brains.
So now with Soleimani gone, you've got not only nobody with anything near his personal cult of personality, his popularity, but his follow ones now are going to be very worried about exposing themselves.
Part of Soleimani's power was that He was out on the battlefield, so to speak, helicoptering around Iraq, visiting his so-called militia forces, and that did him in.
That hubris, that pride, that desire to take selfies on the battlefield, that did him in.
And that cult of personality, when it's cut like that, it's a big psychological blow to his followers.
It's debatable inside of Iran.
Just how popular he was, but certainly at least 10 or 20% of the people adored him.
The masses that went out on the street, they weren't all just given meals or paid or threatened.
They really do love him in the same sense that millions of Soviets loved Stalin and millions of brainwashed Chinese loved Mao.
Now 80% of the population is probably quietly glad he's dead.
But that doesn't mean, you know, that doesn't mean that they're suddenly going to rise up and take over the country.
But it does give us some, it's a weak point now for the regime.
So it does give us an opening to try to split the mullahs and the radicals, that would be the IRCG and the Quds Force, the religious fanatics, split them from the 80% of the country that wish that they could rejoin the family of nations. And
when we come back, I'm going to talk a little bit about some of the positive things that have
come out of this and some of the mistakes, because it's my opinion, the key to all of this, anything
that we attack in Iran, I mean, if we do, hopefully we're on a big pause now,
should be gauged and calibrated to split that 10 or 20% the mullahs from the 80 or 90% the people.
Anything we do to unify them is a mistake.
Anything we do to push them apart is going to help us in the end.
And I'm going to talk a little bit more about this on the other side.
Then we're going to move on to Richmond, Virginia, January 20th and talk about that.
I'll be right back.
Okay, I just want to finish up a few thoughts on the Soleimani hit that I haven't really seen, spoken of much or read about.
And one factor is going back to trying to split the radical leaders of Iran from the average people.
A couple days ago, Trump tweeted out and then he spoke about attacking their cultural targets.
And I think this is a huge mistake.
He might have been thinking in terms of trolling the Democrats.
The Democrats will flip out, and then I'll say, oh, you care more about artwork than human lives.
That's pretty easy for the American audience.
But the way that this played in Iran is absolutely terrible.
Because even secular Iranians, and probably the majority of Iranians today are privately secular.
They're not believers.
They're ex-Muslims.
They can't say, of course.
But when you say we're going to blow up, you know, 3,000-year-old Persian antiquities, that's where you really get them, because all Iranians are proud of their Persian heritage.
And they have a right to be.
These are not stupid, you know, scrawny desert Arabs.
These are Persians.
They invented chess.
They can make their own cruise missiles.
Just go on the web and look up Iranian cruise missiles.
They have them at every size.
And they're so cheap that they can afford to send out fleets of these cruise missiles for the price of a fraction of the defense against them.
They're not stupid people.
And by saying that we could target Persian, Iranian cultural sites, What that does is unify the Iranians against us.
And everything we do should be seen in terms of splitting the hated Iranian leadership that's controlled that country for 40 years from the people who would like to modernize and secularize.
Along with that, I keep hearing people like Hannity, they're saying, we're just going to go in and wipe out their refineries.
They've got three big refineries.
That's great.
We can do that.
No problem.
But what that does is affect all Iranians.
And in fact, the military would be the least affected because they'll have the most secure supply for petroleum oil lubricants.
The average guy trying to get it at the gas station, he's the one that will suffer the most.
Or the guy who's trying to stay warm in the winter, he's the one that will be affected the most.
So that would be a last resort.
That would be down the road to take out the refineries.
The targets that you have to take out The logistic points where the Iranian Revolutionary Guards could not, you know, get out of their motor pools, things like that.
Attack their mobility, attack their own POL sites that are military oriented.
You know, do not go after targets that are going to affect the 80% of the Iranian people.
Only target the mullahs, the Quds Force, the IRCG.
And something that's You've been hearing Quds Force here for the last week or two.
People need to know, Quds, Al-Quds is Jerusalem.
Soleimani named his, kind of like his SS Stormtrippers, they're called the Jerusalem Force.
So these guys are very bad dudes.
They have an objective of not only knocking America out of the Middle East, who cares, I'd like to be gone too.
They see themselves in a death struggle against Sunni Islam.
They want to take over Jerusalem under a Shia flag.
That was Soleimani's thing.
He is a Shia fanatic.
So yes, we were in a sort of temporary alliance of convenience in Iraq going after ISIS, but that's only because ISIS was Sunni.
They didn't care that ISIS was committing atrocities.
The Quds Force commits atrocities equally.
They just killed something like 1,500 demonstrators, firing live ammo straight into crowds.
No warning shots, no rubber bullets, live ammo into crowds.
When something like that's happening, you know the end of the regime is drawing near.
That's similar almost to the last days of the Shah, when the Shah's guards were shooting right into crowds.
That's an end stage.
So we need to do everything we can to exacerbate the collapse of the regime and not attack the Iranian people and thereby drive all the Iranians together as a unified force against America.
Now, one last thing, the Ukrainian jet, no doubt it was shot down by their own rocket.
I've seen the picture, you probably have seen it, of the forward control head of the missile with the four little fins that's on the front of the missile.
Somebody saw that and took a picture of it.
It landed somewhere around the aircraft and no doubt that identifies the actual rocket that did it.
And then you can see on the large pieces of fuselage paneling and wing panels, the dead giveaway are these little cut marks that are like four inches long, either straight or triangular.
That's where the frag from the rocket warhead actually cut into the fuselage.
The way these missiles work, they'll explode at the closest point of approach, meaning if it's going to miss, because remember, They're also being used to aim against things that can maneuver like a jet fighter.
So they don't assume they're going to make a dead hit.
But at the closest point of approach, no matter whether that's a hit or a near miss, it's going to explode.
And it sends out a cloud of shrapnel.
And that's the giveaway, or those little cut marks that you'll look at and see in the pictures of big wing sections and fuselage sections.
That's the dead giveaway.
That and the motorhead, the control head of the rocket.
So what does that mean?
It means that the Iranians are very panicked.
They've got weapon systems on automatic.
They're in a very vulnerable stage right now.
Anything we do has to be designed to divide their leadership from the people.
Anything that drives the people and the leadership together is a mistake.
Like even talking about targeting Persian cultural sites.
Big mistake.
Or taking out the refineries.
Big mistake.
Everything that we do has to be targeted against the mullahs, the Quds Force, the IRCG.
That's the way we win in Iran.
Trump has said we're not going to let them have a nuke.
That's not going to be easy with this regime.
I mean, that would take a huge war with the penetrating missiles and so forth.
The way that we stop them from getting a nuke is regime change, but it has to be done very, very carefully and craftily.
And talking about picking out refineries or cultural sites is exactly the wrong tack to take.
I'm going to switch gears now and start talking about what I think is the other biggest story, which is Virginia.
I've written two pretty lengthy, in-depth pieces in the last week.
One is called Virginia, the 2020 Virginia Showdown.
It's up at American Partisan.
And the other one is also at American Partisan, where I write.
And it's called Richmond, the Mother of All Buffalo Jumps.
And some people are, you know, wondering what I'm thinking about, that I'm kind of being a Debbie Downer on Richmond.
But the more I've been studying it, the more it's shaping up like a, you know, going to be a Charlottesville type of an event.
I know that people's hearts are in the right place.
I know that people want to do something.
They absolutely, you know, want to fight back against what's happening coming out of Richmond and Northern Virginia, that tiny part of Virginia with a high population that runs the entire state for the time being.
But I'm telling you, Charging into Richmond in force is going to be a mistake.
I keep reading people saying, if I see an Antifa pull a club, I'm going to pull my gun.
Or, you know, we're just going to overwhelm them.
When there's 30,000 of us around the courthouse, around the Capitol, they're just going to have to pay attention.
I mean, I understand people's desire to do something, and I know that their heart is in the right place.
But the more that I study this and I read these kind of comments, the more I think, you know, this is shaping up to be what I would call a buffalo jump.
And when we come back, I'm going to talk about that.
And we're also going to look at a two-minute video showing how the mainstream media is going to increasingly portray this Richmond January 20th rally.
This is what the national media is going to be showing leading up to the actual day.
And we'll be back in a couple minutes and talk about Virginia.
All right.
The next 10 minutes is going to be my big Virginia segment.
I went to the University of Virginia, incidentally, in the 70s, graduated from UVA right there in Charlottesville in 79.
And I would encourage anybody thinking about going to Richmond, please study up on what happened in Charlottesville.
It's very instructive.
You know, the vast majority of the people that went there to defend the Robert E. Lee statue were just good people.
I get it.
Their hearts were in the right place.
But they had a bunch of things working against them, despite their great intentions, their honest, wonderful intentions.
There are a few things that were just working against them, and the same things are going to work against them in Richmond.
Number one, any kind of a demonstration that gets national attention like this is going to attract the real idiot fringe.
You know, guys that like to march around like they're in the Storm Troopers.
Because they know that the cameras will be there.
There's sort of a symbiotic relationship between these, you know, the neo-Nazi nutcases and the mainstream media.
Because the mainstream media would like to portray all conservatives, people interested in the Second Amendment, they would like to portray all of us as neo-Nazis.
So if there are 10 guys at Richmond that look like Charlottesville, you know, neo-Nazis in their khaki, you know, with swastikas.
Trust me, that will be the image for everybody of the gun rights movement.
You know, that will be the image.
It won't be helped.
You can't say, but we didn't invite those guys.
We don't like them.
We don't want them.
The cameras will be there.
Those knuckleheads will be there.
And you'll be standing behind them looking like an extra.
So if anybody pulls out that kind of a flag, they need to be yanked down.
They need to be thrown in the street.
Don't expect the police to help you.
The police are there to make you look bad.
Remember, the police work for Governor Northam.
Governor Northam's house is the executive mansion of Virginia.
It's right on the grounds next to the Capitol.
So when you talk about storming the Capitol Square in Richmond, you're talking about storming Northam's house.
If you go on his Twitter feed, you can see he's been getting, you know, threats, deservedly, all up and down for the last few months.
If he posts happy birthday or Merry Christmas, He gets angry, threatening tweets as a storm at him.
So he's going to be very freaked out.
That means the police are going to be very freaked out.
Something most people don't know.
The FBI, the federal building, which is the FBI, the ATF, it's like three blocks from the Capitol.
So they can walk there, the FBI and ATF.
The new SAC for Virginia, the special agent in charge, the top FBI guy, There's a guy named David Archie, spelled not like the comic book, but A-R-C-H-E-Y, if you want to look it up.
His last job was being the lead investigator for Mueller.
He's an FBI counterintelligence specialist, probably a buddy of Peter Strzok.
They got the same bio, same rank, same age.
So, Christopher Wray, just since the Mueller thing broke up, put this guy, David Archie, in charge of Richmond.
What have the deep state globalist feds been trying to do for the last, you know, five, ten, eight years, eight, ten years?
They have been trying to portray white nationalist patriots as the big domestic terror threat.
They have been trying to dial that up.
Now, why is that?
It's because if you're a globalist, you do not want to emphasize, for example, Islamic terrorism.
Because if the biggest threat is seen as Islamic terrorism, then what's the answer?
More national sovereignty.
Close our borders.
Defend our country.
Don't bring in these refugees from these countries.
But how do you go the other way?
How do you get rid of the borders and tend towards globalism?
Well, you make American patriots into the big domestic terror threat.
That's why the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, it's less under Trump, but let's face it, the deep state is still fully embedded.
They're trying to gear up a fear of the white domestic terrorist.
having 10 or 20 or 30,000 Americans stampede into Richmond, for example, waving the stars in bars
and pulling out long guns would be a dream for these deep staters within our government.
It is what they stay up at night dreaming about.
It is what I would call Charlottesville times 10.
You know, if this happens, it will not advance the cause of our right
to keep and bear arms and defending the second amendment.
It will convince millions of Americans that gun owners, and remember we're only like a third, less than a half of the population are gun owners.
So the people that don't own guns, what would they learn out of a Charlottesville disaster happening in Richmond?
They would learn that American gun owners are dangerous fanatics, bordering on domestic terrorists, and intelligent, wise people should do everything we can to ban these dangerous semi-automatic weapons.
Look, I'm on the side of the Second Amendment, but I just think a stampede into Richmond is what the deep state wants to happen.
They would love it If trouble breaks out, remember in Charlottesville, they actually kept changing the permits, changing the allowed times and areas, so that they could force the Robert E. Lee statute offenders straight into the path of Antifa.
Then there's no police.
They wanted those brawls to break out.
They wanted it to happen.
And another example that I would like to reference, which is not Charlottesville, but it shows a kind of a dynamic that can happen, it could happen in Richmond.
This happened a few years ago in Waco, Texas, at a restaurant called Twin Peaks, where a couple of motorcycle groups, they were actually having a peaceful meeting Uh, two motorcycle clubs, they weren't there for a war, they were there kind of like to hash things out and have like a political peace treaty talk.
Well, because they were, to the police, these were dangerous bikers, undercover Waco SWAT was on the parking lot, in vehicles, also around the place on buildings.
It's still debatable what happened, who pulled out a gun first.
It may have been an undercover cop in a bathroom that got outed and he's being pushed around, hits the panic button.
As he's coming out of the restaurant, the SWAT snipers see their undercover getting, you know, what they consider in danger.
Bang, bang.
The next thing you know, nine bikers are dead.
Twenty are grievously wounded.
Many of the dead have head wounds.
They arrested 177 bikers.
If you were there, you were arrested.
Identical charges of conspiracy to commit aggravated assault leading to murder, something like that.
Million dollar bail.
They spent weeks and weeks in jail.
Eventually, all the charges were dropped.
A lot of people think that the bikers were just shot by police snipers.
It wasn't a biker versus biker pistol fight.
When the shooting started out, yeah, there's some bikers seen with pistols.
Not one person had a bike or bullet pulled out of them.
Most of the dead and wounded, the bullets went right through.
A lot of people think it was all police SWAT snipers.
What does that have to do with Richmond?
You know, with potentially up to 30,000 or more people pissed off gun owners saying, I'm going to Richmond to shout in the face of the governor.
You know, if you look at that downtown picture around the Capitol, it's surrounded by, you know, 10 and 8, 10, 12 story buildings.
And those are going to just be occupied by police snipers, folks.
I can just see a situation where some troll waving a Nazi flag gets beat up, or an antifa with a club confronts some old boomer who pulls out a pistol.
The next thing you know, some Trigger-happy cop on a building sees somebody pulling a pistol and shoots him.
I mean, look at Charlottesville.
One person died just from a car getting surrounded by people.
He gunned the accelerator.
You know, it's debatable how it all happened.
That person is in prison for life plus 419 years.
This is serious business, people.
And remember, the deep state globalists want Richmond to be a fiasco.
They want it to be, you know, a dynamite stick blowing up in our hand, because then they're going to turn around and say, look at these dangerous gun owners.
We need to get these domestic terrorists under control.
Please, folks, be smart.
If you go to Richmond, be smart.
Read my two essays, Virginia 2020 Showdown and the Mother of All Buffalo Jumps.
And when you go to Richmond, please be smart about it.
And God willing in the creek that rise, I'll see you next week.
Now it's easier than ever to have Band.Video on your iPhone.
Simply go to Band.Video with your Safari browser.
Then you click the Share button at the bottom of the screen.
When the menu comes up, you simply click Add to Home Screen.
It will then ask you to name the app.
I suggest Band.Video.
You will now have BAN.VIDEO app on your home screen, despite the fact that Tim Cook tried to stop it.
The globalists think you're lazy, but by taking a little bit of action, you can override them, have the app, and then tell others about it so they can get the app.
So it's up to you whether you want to defy big tech and click the share buttons below on your email, on Facebook, on Twitter, on YouTube.
However you want, be sure and share Banned.video.
I want to talk about SuperSilver whitening toothpaste because I hadn't tried it except for maybe the last week
and a half.
And I told Alex, I said, man, this is the best toothpaste I've ever tried.
He's like, well, what are you doing just sitting in here telling me?
You got to get up there and tell people.
So here I am telling people Super Silver Whitening Toothpaste is by far the best toothpaste I've ever tried.
And I'm 45 years old.
And I've tried a lot of different toothpaste.
And it's fluoride free.
I think the big difference, the game changer in this is the coral calcium.
Because after I brush my teeth with this, they feel so clean.
And the toothpaste, I don't even like rinse out my mouth after I brush my teeth with this.
It feels so good.
It feels like good things are happening in my mouth.
In fact, I find myself brushing my teeth three to four times a day rather than just twice a day now.
Because I like the way it feels.
The best product, I'm not supposed to be biased, but I'm gonna tell you all now, if you haven't tried TurboForce,
you need to try it.
I've tried TurboForce with everything.
Sometimes, you know, I went a little bit crazy.
I put TurboForce in my coffee.
That was a crazy week.
I don't remember sleeping, but as far as the products go, TurboForce is my favorite, and all the Infowars products are down to taking control of your life, taking control of your health, not relying on other people to do it for you.
Nobody wakes up in the morning And thinks, I'm gonna give that person over there a better life.
I'm gonna wake up today, you know what?
I'm gonna spend my entire day trying to make that guy over there healthier, happier, and richer.
I'm gonna make sure he gets a Ferrari and a girlfriend.
I don't think that happens very often.
It's never happened to me.
I've never had anyone knock on my door and said, Tate, you're such a good guy.
How can I improve your life in every single way?
There's only one person who woke up and thought that, and that was me.
I woke up and thought, you know what?
I want to take control of my life.
I want to take control of my health.
And that's why you need to go to Infowars.com and take control of your health right now and support the resistance.
Don't buy into the groupthink.
Don't drink the Kool-Aid.
Drink the TurboForce.
Kool-Aid's bad and the TurboForce is good.
And you want to know who they are?
You watch Hollywood, that's who they are.
They love pedophilia.
They love devil worship.
They love diseased children.
They love leaking reactors.
They love failure!
They love their father, death!
Well guess what?
I don't love death!
And I'm not gonna sit here and cower to you filth!
I need to plug or we won't be here.
Like I told you, it's not a gimmick that a lot of times a sale gets extended a day or two because I'm up here working on news stories and I'm working on things like that and we've got some sales coming up that the ads are gonna take some production and so Yes, the sale we're doing is doing the best the sale's ever done.
Because people know that we've never had stuff at 50% to 75% off.
We've sold out of probably half of our best sellers.
We're on the verge of selling out of everything else.
And so this sale will have to end.
By tomorrow?
By Thursday?
By Friday?
I don't know.
Because I'm too busy to go look at all the inventory and make all the decisions.
They just said, all this is sold out.
This is about to sell out.
This stuff's coming in a few weeks.
This is coming in a few months.
You really need to stop the sale.
And I said, well, tell me what we got.
Well, we sold out of this.
We sold out of that.
We're selling out of this.
We sold out of that.
But we got this, this, this, this, and that.
It's real popular.
We got all this stuff.
And what do you want to do?
I just said, you know what?
I'm too busy.
Just keep the sale going.
And people are responding to it.
And even though a lot of this stuff's being sold at cost or as a lost leader, we're keeping the sale going because they said no, but we're also selling a lot of stuff where we do make a profit.
Some t-shirts, books, films, folks are really supporting.
And so I'm just going to keep the sale going until I can get these ads cut.
And I'll tell you what the new specials are going to be.
They're going to be good, they're just not as wide as this.
It's going to be on storable foods, water filtration, air filtration.
It's the new year, time to get clean, time to be prepared as well.
We've got the best units out there, but I want to get them in here and show them to you and shoot some produced ads.
It'll take some time, not just me up here talking about stuff.
So that's why I'm gonna get that done today or tomorrow and just whenever they are, that's the new specials.
And we got a few other things, but a lot of stuff's gonna be sold out.
So we're gonna be promoting books, films, Patriot apparel and water filtration,
air filtration for a month because everything's sold out.
And all that stuff's important and it also funds our operation.
So if you wanna fund the operation and get great products, you'll never be able to get a sale this big again.
If we're ever selling stuff at cost again, across the board, it means we're closing.
'Cause this is getting rid of inventory, funding into the future,
and just something I did to know we could operate, at least through the election.
'Cause a lot of things, we're not ordering as much inventory and we're gonna sell it
at a little bit higher price so we can fund ourselves.
I'm actually doing business planning, something I've never really done, to be able to fund this.
The best deals of 2019 are almost over.
Double Patriot points, store-bought free shipping, and DNA Force Plus sold out, Ultimate Krillol sold out, Surreal Vitality sold out, Scrabble Shield X2 almost sold out, bodies selling out, Turbo Force off sale, about to sell out, Biomineral Fusion sold out, Brain Force Plus 60% off, still available, Knockout 60% off, still available, Ultra 12 60% off, still available, Selenium 60% off, still available.
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Real Red Pill Plus free bottle of biodiesel.
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Infowarsstore.com 30% off.
Alexa Pure free shipping.
That's a great deal.
And so much more.
That's how we fund our operations.
We'll take advantage of it.
And again, I'm taking on the globalists, the EU, the leftist CIA, the Hollywood pedophiles.
I'm in the fight.
Just keep me in the fight.