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Name: 20200107_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 7, 2020
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"In this podcast, host Alex Jones discusses InfoWars' year-end sale, criticizes fake news training sessions funded by governments to attack alternative media outlets like InfoWars, NationalFile.com, and Summit.News, and argues that the UN is seeking control over America through police oversight boards, open borders, and potentially arresting Trump for war crimes against Soleimani. The show also features an interview with Clyde Lewis about societal divisions and how people struggle to differentiate between good and evil. Finally, InfoWars' sale of products and the upcoming trial of Roger Stone are discussed."

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
To say that there is an information overload is an understatement.
Yesterday a memo was released that's been confirmed to be real.
It was a communique to the Iraqi Parliament and President saying
Trump wants to pull the troops out and so does the Pentagon.
Now I knew when I saw the document it was real because I've seen a lot of them.
But I also knew because the Iraqi president had said two days before that he had received the communications from Trump and the Pentagon saying they were ready to pull out.
That's been Trump's public policy that he wants that.
There are forces behind the scenes that don't want that.
Well, then we heard, oh, it's not a real memo, but later the head of the army said, no, it is a real memo, but it was not a final draft.
So, folks, stuff like that isn't accidentally released.
As the Pentagon said that it was an honest mistake.
No, this is part of something a lot bigger.
And it ties in to the Iranian government listing their targets.
They said they'd list their targets of 35.
They want you to attack.
They want the left to attack.
They said they're with the American people.
They're now joining the anti-Trump movement, along with CNN, saying attack Trump's private properties.
Attack him, attack his family.
That's all coming up.
But the biggest news of the day is an exclusive.
We'll tell you all about it when we come back after this break, but all this talk of killing Trump can give the deep state the cover to assassinate the president.
The stage is set for Trump's assassination.
Could the deep state use threats from Iran to complete their coup against President Trump?
You take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.
Government's gonna kill this guy.
The establishment might have finally set the stage for the perfect false flag to bury the president.
Here's the scenario.
We all know the evil Democrats would love to orchestrate a JFK-style coup to get rid of Trump, but fear the repercussions would mean another civil war in America.
Normally, the criminal elite would not be opposed to civil war as long as they were able to maintain order out of chaos.
However, the assassination of Trump would not work in their favor.
American patriots on the streets and within the military would rise up and destroy the Democratic Party and their brainwashed supporters with a vengeance.
Enter the enemy within, the neocons.
The recent decision to authorize a US airstrike that barbecued Iran's top general Qasem Soleimani was a bold and justified response to a
Welcome to Iran's terrorist campaign throughout the Middle East.
Nobody mourns the death of Soleimani, may he rot in hell, but the action could very well set the course for a much larger conflict in the Middle East and might have sealed the fate for President Trump here at home.
Now, both sides of the establishment, left and right, have the opportunity they've been waiting for.
The ultimate false flag attack to strike down our president.
Because now, if Trump gets assassinated, the American people will no longer suspect the criminal cartel operating the Deep State.
Instead, they will blame the murder on Iran, and the American media will fully support that narrative.
This will ultimately prevent civil war and divert the people's anger away from the treasonous Democrats.
The death of Trump would mean no indictments against Democratic leaders, Hollywood celebrities, wealthy elites like George Soros, and criminal operatives within the mainstream media.
The establishment would regain total control of the White House, the American people would be duped into another war, and the military-industrial complex would once again be satisfied.
Now, am I saying this is absolutely going to happen?
This is not a prediction.
This is a warning.
Trump better watch his ass.
Spread the video.
It's a VanDot video.
It is Tuesday, January 7th, 2020.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, here in defiance of globalist tyranny, by your sufferance, by your support.
2020 was promised to be a very tumultuous year of big events, and it's not disappointing so far.
The old Chinese proverb of may you live in interesting times, a double-edged sword, a two-sided coin.
There's an old Russian saying,
Ronald Reagan picked up and popularized here in the U.S.
and that's trust but verify.
I like President Trump and I want him to succeed.
I want to restore our republic and I want to empower our people.
And I believe Trump believes he did the right thing when he killed Soleimani last week.
But Darren Breen put together an extremely important report that's at Band.Video and NewsWars.com and up on the front page of InfoWars.com that really needs to get out to everyone that I'm going to play coming up at the bottom of the hour.
Video report, warning, stage set for Trump assassination.
It's a two minute, 46 second report and it's extremely powerful.
And it's a real scenario.
Now, we're going to roll through that.
Coming up at the bottom of the hour.
And tie it into Iran threatens to attack Trump and his private properties as well as his family.
Big Steve Watson article.
Up on Infowars.com.
And the Iranians have issued more threats of $80 million bounty.
Tucker Carlson, who I agree with, has come out and said the same people who lied about WMDs in Iraq are pushing conflict with Iran.
They're all over Fox News calling for leveling Iran, turning them into a glass parking lot, attacking their cultural sites.
Saying that's something that Al-Qaeda does.
Well, Al-Qaeda is the archenemy of the Iranians, and it's not the Iranians that are known around the world if they take over an area for blowing up archaeological sites.
That's the Wahhabis out of Saudi Arabia.
So, the ignorance out there just reigns.
But, I'm not in the business of defending the mullahs or Iran.
And if Trump really believed that Soleimani was about to launch all these new takeover attacks in the Middle East, and that killing him when he was on the terrorist list and all the rest of it was the right move to do, I give the President the benefit of the doubt.
But now that I saw the President start talking about, oh, we're not going to leave until you pay for our bases.
Well, they didn't ask us to come there.
They didn't ask us to build those bases.
And I say we get the hell out and let them sort it out themselves.
They can all kill each other and let God sort it out.
But if Trump believes he's going to have to have some strikes to get us out of Afghanistan and out of Iraq, which is what happened in Syria, you just can't pull out automatically.
If you get attacked, you've got to strike back, or it becomes a rout, then that's going to happen.
I don't expect the U.S.
military to never be in any conflict.
I'm not an absolutist that just says we have no right to ever defend ourselves or
Strike out at someone that we believe is preparing to attack us.
And it depends on who's leading the country.
You can't believe a word out of Obama or Hillary or Bush Sr.
or Bush Jr.
and I was against all those wars.
But that said, people like Pompeo and others who have been big Russophobes
And who really presided over the bipartisan sellout to China.
I don't trust him as far as I can throw him.
And you're seeing a lot of big pushes to again expand attacks on Shiite targets around the world and escalate the situation.
Now I'll tell the Iranians something.
If they think threatening the President or attacking the President or attacking his properties is going to be popular with the American people because they're watching U.S.
satellite and think that mainstream news represents the American people, you've got another thing coming.
The worst thing Iran could ever do is have somebody truck bomb a Trump property.
A golf course, a hotel, a casino.
A condo complex.
The worst thing you could ever do.
The American people would demand massive retaliation because you may have a lot of brainwashed people, but they get that when a foreign power says, we're going to kill your president, we're going to target their family, that it's cowardly.
It's stupid.
And it's going to blow up in their face.
And the Iranian government has officially been tweeting this out.
So you talk about a wild escalation and saying, we have zero problem with you Americans.
We know you're good.
We like you.
We're your friends.
We just don't like your president.
Trump needs to be removed.
The yellow haired crazy man must die.
These are quotes I've got right here from their government Twitter accounts and speeches they've given.
And so that is just wild rhetoric.
And we heard rhetoric like that before Soleimani got killed by the Ayatollah.
Saying, you can do nothing, we'll blow you up, we'll blow Israel up, we'll blow everybody up.
And when you're shooting your mouth off like that and you've got paramilitary forces around the world, expect to get attacked.
I mean, I've got a big old gun safe right there with .50 caliber rifles the whole nine yards.
And I would expect that if I started saying, I'm going to attack somebody with those, which I would never do, I'm going to do something big.
I can blow you away, that somebody would probably come blow me away.
Because people know I tend to do what I say I'm going to do.
The Iranians do too.
So you start shooting your mouth off like that, and you're known as a country that does what they'll say they'll do.
We'll get ready to get killed.
We shouldn't forget that this is not a vacuum here, and that Iran has been grabbing ships, has been shooting down drones, been pulling a lot of crap.
And that's because they've been working with back channels, with Obama and Kerry and others trying to embarrass Trump.
And they may have maneuvered Trump into this, though, by killing Soleimani, something they didn't expect.
Giving them the cover now to have Deep State assassinate Trump, which I think is a real danger, and blame it on Iran.
I mean, they did that with Serhan Serhan and said he did it for the Palestinians.
Turned out he didn't even, you know, shoot anybody.
His hand was pinned.
There was a CIA operative behind Robert F. Kennedy that shot him multiple times in the back.
That's all been declassified.
The CIA was there and what happened?
And Serhan Serhan spoke out on how he was drugged, given amnesia by the girl in the polka dot dress.
Make no mistake, this is a major escalation.
And then you add the official letter about the U.S.
saying they're pulling out of Iraq, when three days ago I was up here going, oh look, here's the Iraqi president saying he's been contacted by the Pentagon and confirmed that they want to pull out, that Trump says pull out.
Well, then the letter comes out and the Pentagon goes, that's not real.
And then they go, well, that is real.
So it's a big deal, ladies and gentlemen.
We're gonna be going over all of that.
That was from January 6th, yesterday, that letter.
So there is a lot of stuff going on, a lot of civil war going on inside the government.
People ask me, is Trump for real?
Trump's 100% for real.
Does that mean 100% good?
No, no, no, no.
It means he really thinks he's the president, he's trying to be the president, and there hasn't been a president like that in a long, long time, and the power structure in these bureaucracies
They're accustomed to calling all the shots.
And so their whole system is upturned right now, and that's why they hate Trump, is because he's taken their power away, and they think they own this country, and they think they're there to sell it out to the highest bidder.
But does that mean Trump's infallible?
Absolutely not.
Does that not mean he couldn't be led into a trap?
Does that mean this whole war thing stinks to high heaven?
Absolutely it does.
We've got some clips of what
What Carlson's saying, what the Democrats are saying, what Trump's saying, it's all coming up.
Are there a bunch of dangerous war hawks and chicken hawks and neocons that are licking their lips?
Absolutely right.
Is the back of mine neck hair tingling?
You bet it is.
We're going to get the number out to and take your calls.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
We are back live.
Newswars.com, Infowars.com and Bandai Video are the main sites.
But Infowars has had babies.
They're growing up to be big giants in the fight like Summit.News and other great sites out there as well.
I run into this problem a lot that we bite off more than we can chew.
But I think part of life in this universe and consciousness is that we're all doing things that are above our pay grade.
We're not God.
And we have a big report on the shelf that's just so big, so huge, so important that we never finished it and never got it out.
And that's the microchipping of the homeless confirmed, and witnesses all over the country, and the documents, the admissions, and trying to get the HIPAA forms to be able to cut the microchips out live on air.
I think that's where we're at.
That's coming soon.
Took us about three weeks longer to put out the vaccine special, showing all the new damages there.
But I became aware of something last night
That was hiding in plain view and that I already knew.
And then when I discovered this little piece of information, it reminded me of all the other information.
So I went and decided to do some searching.
So my children went to bed at about 9.30 and I ended up staying up till 2 a.m.
And I was so upset by this, but also so sure it's the Zeitgeist and how to defeat the Globalist.
That I got up at 4.30, so I slept two and a half hours, and I feel great.
Two and a half hours.
Had my first cup of coffee at about 5 a.m.
And I envisioned how I'd do big PowerPoint presentations in here, kind of like I did on the big Epstein update, and how we'd bring all these drafts out, and how I had intended to do this a year ago.
And let me just do it this way.
It's pretty sensational that Trump can't get rid of Brennan's security clearance.
Former head of the CIA.
He ordered it.
It's just not done.
And Brendan goes on TV and says, we're going to take you out of the intelligence agencies through the intelligence committee in the house.
Totally illegal.
And they all laugh and say, thank God for the deep state.
And Brendan makes jack-o'-lantern demon faces on TV.
It's all a confidence act in front of all these, these followers.
DC's just full of followers and trash.
And see, that's just one little micron of this.
So Tom Pappert has been investigating this and I'm glad he cares.
And so he texted me last night, he said, have you seen my article on this?
And I read the article and I called him back and I said, yeah, your article gave me a headache.
I said, you're focusing on one operative out of the State Department, former CNN, of course, same group.
Who is going around fact-checking conservatives and getting people banned.
I said, do you notice that he's attacking Trump and backing the Ukraine garbage and the impeachment garbage?
And do you notice it's funded by the State Department?
That's the State Department funding the move against Trump.
And I said, and look right here.
And I said, I'm glad you wrote this article.
It just, it gives me a headache because we'll focus in on somebody doing an article about how we're liars or how we're bad.
And of course it's not true.
But instead of making about how National File is under attack or how Infowars is under attack, you go look at it and it's thousands of government employees and contractors who are funded by a group set up by Obama in 2016 that's still ongoing.
And then they're giving the power position at Facebook, Google, Apple, and Twitter to ban anyone they want.
And it's a stay-behind network, and then I went and looked, and this is what Papert brought up, he's super smart, I'm not complaining about Papert, I'm saying so much data came up it gave me a headache, that Pompeo is running it and knowingly brought these people in, because we went and tracked where he knows them, he controls them, and is undermining Trump's base while right there with Trump.
Just like McMaster and just like Fiona Hill that we first exposed.
And, you know, it was Roger Stone did that here.
He's facing prison for that.
And they made Fiona Hill during the impeachment hearings, you know, a victim of Roger Stone and Alex Jones.
And they called us Russians and all this crap because we're loyal Americans against these globalists.
So, I'll get to this.
Next hour, and I'm going to go over all the documents and the rest of it, but the way to approach this is this.
There are giant, rogue government groups, bipartisanly, arrogantly, that think they own this country and own you, who are undermining America and attacking Trump's policies across the board.
And attacking the Second Amendment, and attacking replacement migration, saying that doesn't exist when it's official UN policy, and attacking the refugee centers that are being staged to flood us, and they go out and say none of that's true, because it's the State Department still running it, and then they get anybody shut down online that's a Paul Revere and exposes that the ocean's blue.
So it's on so many fronts.
They're running the censoring.
They're running the control.
They're running the bullying.
They're running the deplatforming.
They're running getting people's bank accounts taken away.
Now they're going after the NRA.
And Trump is presiding over all this censorship and these people that are undermining him.
And then their funding ran out last year that Obama had put in for two and a half years and Pompeo moved it into another agency and increased the funding.
And then we're like, well, let's go search all these people out, and Papert had already done it.
Turns out Papert knows Pompeo.
I'll tell you some stories behind the scenes, because Papert has a TV station, and Pompeo used to come in there on it all the time when he was a congressman in Kansas.
And we went and looked, and I spent hours last night and this morning, and Pompeo's running them all.
He's a big, fat neocon, just like McMaster's.
We all know that!
Just like Fiona Hill, but you get rid of one group, you get another group, and then now when I look at him on TV and he's up there, and he's this super patriot and all this, but he presided over the sellout to China.
He didn't do jack crap.
He's there to divert us, like a magician, to
Russia, when Russia is incompetent when it comes to being able to take over the U.S., when the globalists are allied with China and have taken us over and we're fighting for our lives.
And it makes me sick.
And Pompeo's a big fat bully.
And he runs un-American organizations and the CIA.
But you're illegally being directed through this State Department group to silence me and silence you and everybody else, and it's un-American crap!
Pompeo's a trillion times bigger threat than the Russians!
He's bringing KGB evil to America and undermining our president!
These people make me sick!
The stage is set for Trump's assassination.
Could the deep state use threats from Iran to complete their coup against President Trump?
You take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.
Government's gonna kill this guy.
The establishment might have finally set the stage for the perfect false flag to bury the president.
Here's the scenario.
We all know the evil Democrats would love to orchestrate a JFK-style coup to get rid of Trump, but fear the repercussions would mean another civil war in America.
Normally, the criminal elite would not be opposed to civil war as long as they were able to maintain order out of chaos.
However, the assassination of Trump would not work in their favor.
American patriots on the streets and within the military would rise up and destroy the Democratic Party and their brainwashed supporters with a vengeance.
Enter the enemy within, the neocons.
The recent decision to authorize a US airstrike that barbecued Iran's top general, Qasem Soleimani, was a bold and justified response to a
So Iran's terrorist campaign throughout the Middle East.
Nobody mourns the death of Soleimani, may he rot in hell, but the action could very well set the course for a much larger conflict in the Middle East and might have sealed the fate for President Trump here at home.
Now, both sides of the establishment, left and right, have the opportunity they've been waiting for, the ultimate false flag attack, to strike down our president.
Because now, if Trump gets assassinated, the American people will no longer suspect the criminal cartel operating the Deep State.
Instead, they will blame the murder on Iran, and the American media will fully support that narrative.
This will ultimately prevent civil war and divert the people's anger away from the treasonous Democrats.
The death of Trump would mean no indictments against Democratic leaders, Hollywood celebrities, wealthy elites like George Soros, and criminal operatives within the mainstream media.
The establishment would regain total control of the White House, the American people would be duped into another war, and the military-industrial complex would once again be satisfied.
Now, am I saying this is absolutely going to happen?
This is not a prediction.
This is a warning.
Trump better watch his ass.
Now, this very important report is posted at Band.Video.
It's posted to the top page on NewsWars.com.
It's titled, Video Report Warning Stage Set for Trump Assassination.
Need to get that out.
People need to know what's going on.
Trump needs to understand the danger.
And by us exposing this, it'll take this obvious move away from the globalists.
Now... I was going to take calls during this hour, but I'm just running out of time and I have too much I'm going to cover, so...
We may take calls later in the broadcast, but we're not going to take calls now in the summer.
Just to let you guys know that.
I don't want to just sit up here and chatter about all this stuff.
This isn't just one more channel with somebody else's views or opinion.
There are thousands of contractors and government bureaucrats interfaced with the dying dinosaur corporate media, actively engaged in suppression of American voters, of American business, of American ideas, and of loyal American patriots.
And they are now going after the NRA's gun ranges and trying to shut them down.
They are now suing the NRA.
They are suing gun manufacturers.
They are trying to take our speech away, not just our Second Amendment.
And still, President Trump does nothing.
And then we have these giant stay-behind networks of permanent bureaucracy that openly are undermining the American people.
By this entitled group of criminals.
And I don't know if the President knows this is going on.
I know he knows a lot of it's happening, but
I know that the big job of McMaster and Kelly and the rest of them was, quote, keeping InfoWars articles away from the President.
That was in the news.
The White House said that.
We don't let him have InfoWars.
Talking about him like he was a lobotomized monkey or something.
And why was it?
Because we're like, hey, Fiona Hill, hey, McMaster.
I mean, Roger Stone talked to big national donors that were at dinner with McMaster when he was calling the president a moron, an idiot.
McMaster was so drunk, drinking expensive red wine, that it was just pathetic.
And it came out a year later in the New York Post that that meeting, word for word, did happen.
And Trump went and talked to the people, the big donors, and they said, yeah, no, McMaster said all that about you.
And it's the same thing.
I mean, they're so arrogant.
And they just get away with all this, and now Pompeo refunded this operation.
And I don't mean refunded like you bring a product back.
I mean, he continued the funding when it ran out for Obama's countering foreign disinformation propaganda group.
And there's all the things that come with that, and all the things that go with that.
And it's just mind-blowing.
That's who's running the AI machine learning algorithms that are watching everything you do, everything you say, and then suppressing it and blocking it, and you never know that it got suppressed, and you never know it got blocked.
That is in the official documents and statements by the State Department groups and people heading up the departments.
I'm going to go over that coming up with Tom Papert of nationalfile.com.
You can read their quotes about, we have machine learning that blocks the fake news at the user level, both by users and by the producers.
To the article, rogue Trump's State Department uses taxpayer dollars, Facebook fact checkers to fight misinformation and propaganda.
And then you go into it.
And it's the very people that overthrew Ukraine and that are trying to overthrow Trump by name running it.
Pompeo had the nest of Obama people and Hillary people and kept them there and protected them.
Tillerson protected them, Fiona Hill protected them, McMaster protected them, and now they got
Protected by Pompeo.
And they're actively attacking Infowars, and actively attacking Paul Watson, and actively attacking Tom Papert, by name!
Oh, there's no replacement migration, there's no UN plan to flood you, that's all official.
There's no UN resettlement plans for strong cities for the breakdown of the US, announced by the State Department, announced by the Justice Department.
Because this is illegal, dangerous crap!
And they can't have us as loyal Americans up there exposing it, so they use a Cold War program of countering the Russians to ship billions overseas and then attack us from computer networks and media outlets in Europe to get around the propaganda laws, which Obama repealed, so there's no reason to do that.
So why are they doing it from Europe?
Because they can launder the money better over there.
It's all coming up today, ladies and gentlemen.
And we understand this.
It's not just about Infowars being attacked.
It's about these mold networks of un-American globalist trash that are both Republicans and Democrats undermining our country and our president and bringing an iron curtain of KGB-level tyranny here to our free speech.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
You know, when I do all this research,
Most of it I've already done years ago, I just gathered up again.
It made me physically angry last night and this morning, going and watching videos, training videos, by the State Department and the CIA, with rooms of hundreds of people, learning how to suppress American citizens, learning how to lie about us, learning how to stalk us and harass us.
And then to see Obama's people kept in there to do this,
And to have Trump still keeping him there to undermine him and America, and to know that Pompeo did it.
And it's because if Pompeo didn't, these bureaucrats would come after him.
Because they think they own this country.
What they are is a bunch of bullies.
And that's why they hate me.
Because I'm not afraid of them.
In fact, when I look at what lisping, chicken-necked, stupid, doddering cowards they are, it makes me feel PATHETIC that I'm ruled over by such MAGGOT CRASH!
That has presided over the sellout of our country!
And then I see that they want us to be like them, and so they force-feed the sexualization of children, and the sterilization of children, and the GMO, and the big pharma, and the tainted vaccines, and all the GARBAGE!
Now look at the evil Hollywood filthy elite, and all the old hunchback Rothschilds, and all these other Skeksis!
And I say to myself, how in Hades am I ruled over by this garbage?
Makes me feel like crap!
But it all ties together.
They lied to Trump's face and they bragged that they take executive orders and hide them.
That's criminal sabotage.
And it's espionage because these people aren't Americans, they're globalists.
That's why they all claim they're anti-Russian, anti-communist, because they're selling us out to China.
They want to use another power.
They claim they're taking our rights away and spying on us and doing all this to keep us safe.
From the Islamic threat that member John Brennan helped give the passports to the 9-11 hijackers.
I had the head of the Jeddah Embassy on Springland expose it.
Who watched it happen?
They were ordered by the CIA and by Brennan way back then to give them their passports into the U.S., to give them their visas.
Even though they were on list as al-Qaeda.
So when you look at people like Brennan and all this, they've committed so many crimes that they think they can blackmail the entire government in the deep state, that if they're ever gone after, they'll release it.
To the point of the president says, take Brennan's national security clearance a year ago.
It became a national scandal.
And he still has it.
And said F you Trump.
And it goes on C-SPAN, and they go, thank God for the deep state, we're taking him out.
And he literally goes... And makes this satanic gorilla face to, like, impress all the other demons around him.
Look, I make a demon face!
I'm a communist!
I voted communist twice!
I'm a Wahhabist!
I hate America!
Oh, it's so impressive!
I'm so scared of you!
We just put up with these cowardly chicken necks our whole lives and bow to this filth!
And you wanna know who they are?
You watch Hollywood, that's who they are.
They love pedophilia, they love devil worship, they love diseased children, they love leaking reactors, they love failure, they love their father, DEATH!
Well guess what?
I don't love death.
And I'm not gonna sit here and cower to you filth.
Why do they call it a swamp?
Because a swamp is bubbling and black and you can't see into it and you sink into it and there's things slithering around.
That's what D.C.
And it's built on a swamp.
And that's where all the social climbers go, all the ass kissers, all the traitors.
They all go there to hope they can go kiss ass and show what traitors they are and move up in the sellout of America.
See, I don't want to be in D.C.
I don't want to be in L.A.
I don't want to be in New York.
I don't want to be at the tit of this demonic monster.
I want to build a better world.
And that's why they hate us, folks, because we're promoting the ideology of liberty and freedom and love of God and exposing their evils.
They can perch on top DC and have all the Fiat money and all the fancy airplanes they want.
They'll always be hunchback demons.
They'll always be scum.
They'll always be pedophiles.
They'll always be failures.
And no matter how far they ever physically pull us down, we'll never be who they are.
And so they jockey around like building castles of sand that fall into the sea, trying to intimidate and trying to stomp around and act powerful and act manly.
That's all they do in D.C.
is try to walk around and project that they're bona fide, that they're real.
And all they are is frauds.
If Ginuwine is on one side of the universe, they're at the other.
So that's why they have the red carpets and all the spectacular stuff is to make you feel small because you don't need them and you don't want them.
We'll go to Tom Papert next hour.
We're going to go through this because it ties into the plan to assassinate Trump.
Is this war a trick to sucker him in?
Well, certainly they're going to try that.
How the media is combined with the mullahs to say Trump's bad?
Wow, never seen CNN against a war, have you?
Now they are.
It's all coming up next hour with Tom Pafford and the Syrian girl Johnny Dixon.
We'll ride shotgun with her.
Clyde Lewis is coming on.
He's always informative.
And Paul Joseph Watson's hosting the fourth hour.
I need to plug or we won't be here.
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And again, I'm taking on the globalists, the EU, the leftist CIA, the Hollywood pedophiles.
I'm in the fight.
Just keep me in the fight.
You know, all these globalists run around and they say if you don't turn your guns in and open the borders up and do whatever they say and support all their wars, you're a Russian agent!
But the globalists are the ones that are selling America out, sold out at the shy comps.
And when you look at what the globalists are funding, all the major soft drink companies, all the TV networks, Hollywood, the shoemakers, American flags are bad, pedophilia is good,
World government's good, mother and father are bad.
Those people are the enemy.
Oh, you try to teach kids that stuff in Russia, they arrest you.
So you know what?
They're just pissed the Russians got away from their pervert asses.
At least partially.
And so I guess it is a Russian conspiracy because the Russians got away from the very same globalist communist filth.
Tom Paver, we're going to get into the big story that your report is a window into and just how deep the rabbit hole goes of the traitors against Trump inside the government, who they are, and what Trump needs to do.
This is the key to everything.
He just does this, we can take the country back, and it'll be much easier to defeat the globalists once we don't have the CIA Operation Mockingbird that's designed to defeat foreign enemies.
That should be taken on the CHICOMS, instead pointed at Trump supporters and the Republican Party and populist.
Tom Papert, unbelievable.
Well, that's really what I think this is.
I mean, I totally came upon this on a fluke and you kind of redirected me and said, Tom, look at what she found.
This is unbelievable.
And this certainly seems like a global Operation Mockingbird in Europe, in Africa, in the Middle East, in Asia, all over the globe.
The United States State Department is spending God knows how much money to teach, quote unquote, journalists and activists to fight fake news, misinformation and propaganda.
And all of this started, Alex,
Well, right after President Trump was inaugurated, right after Barack Obama signed the act that gave $160 million to fight propaganda on December 24, 2016, right before Trump was coming in, it just seems a little bit coincidental.
And now that we've broken this down, I mean, Alex, the next step is to go and look up who these people are and find out exactly how crooked this operation is.
But bare minimum, we know
That Rex Tillerson, the former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, the current Secretary of State, and President Trump have all allowed this to continue, even though it seems to be undermining the administration, undermining President Trump's supporters, and undermining American agenda throughout the entire world.
I was going to say in the Middle East, but no, it's Europe, it's Africa, it's the Middle East, it's Asia, everywhere.
And the very State Department people then sit as head fact-checkers at Facebook, censoring all of us.
They're the new
Judge, jury, and executioner.
They're the new Soviet Star Chamber.
We don't need Russians to come in a time machine from the 1970s here and enslave us.
You know, we've got Mr. Pompeo for that.
That's right, and that's how this started.
We got our first strike at National File.
We've made it six months without a strike.
Well now, a phony little website called Lead Stories, a man named Alan Duke, decided that we posted fake news.
The man can't spell conspiracy theory to save his life.
According to him, it's a conspiracy theory.
But he accuses us of promoting conspiracy theories, and so I do some digging, and that's how all of this comes to light.
It's all in the open.
It's all right in front of the American people.
They're not even trying to hide it.
They think we're just too stupid to look.
Well, let me tell you.
This is all Obama.
We're going to show the documents, the history of it.
We know exactly what's going on, but your point about this guy and how Pompeo put him in and how Pompeo's protecting him and how they took that agency that Obama set up and moved it into another one to protect it, I didn't know that.
So that's what me doing another deep dive last night off your story made me realize is that, yeah, the funding ended last year that Obama put into the Defense Authorization Act a few years before, but
Pompeo continued it.
Oh, and then these very groups are going around attacking Trump and putting out the Ukraine conspiracy theory that Trump was doing all this quid pro quo.
But we're going to get that out in the new article and get it to the president so he knows what Pompeo did.
And how Pompeo sabotaged the North Korean peace deal, and so much more.
And by the way, you know Pompeo.
Pompeo has tried to literally bully you, because he is a neocon thug.
Him and Brennan.
We'll be right back.
A lot of his supporters believe that we are the enemy of the American people, and that is really, really an awful situation.
We are not the enemy of the American people.
We love the American people.
We are not the enemy of the American people.
We love the American people.
We love the American people.
We love the American people.
We are not the enemy of the American people.
We love the American people.
This is CNN.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
The Iranians have issued an $80 million bounty on the President's head.
That was a few days ago.
Now, government officials in Iran are tweeting out that they want his properties and his home in Mar-a-Lago attacked, along with his family.
They say, we agree with your CNN.
We love the American people.
We are friends of the American people.
These are quotes.
Our only problem is Trump.
I'll read you those quotes later.
Don't run, we are your friends.
I don't want war with the Iranians, but their claim that they're going to attack Trump properties with civilians in it?
Well, that is a war crime.
Killing a general who's orchestrated massive IED attacks against our troops is certainly a legitimate target.
Does that mean it's a good idea?
The point is, is that it's not a civilian target.
Tom Papert has written for a lot of big publications, he also runs a TV station that we've been on for years, and he also co-hosts some of the shows with us, a really smart fellow.
But he knows Pompeo.
Rebecca Pompeo was a congressman in his district and would come and come on the TV station that Mr. Papert manages.
Now he manages it, he just worked there five, six years ago.
The story he tells is a story we've heard from other people, but this isn't a pissing contest with Pompeo.
I'm covering this because we covered this, we knew about it, it's central, it's huge.
The general public didn't know how important it was, didn't really get any traction with the audience, but boy did it get traction at the White House and at the State Department.
From Rex Tillerson, Fiona Hill, General McMaster, John Kelly.
Remember the headlines, Washington Post.
Infowars banned in the White House.
And it was true!
General Kelly has to keep it away from him.
And what was it?
It was Roger Stone.
Saying Fiona Hill works for Soros, headed up his biggest foundation.
She's bringing in hundreds of bad people.
They're going to leak fake info and claim that Trump is engaged in criminal acts and try to impeach him.
In Ukraine, which all happened.
I mean, Roger's smart.
Then Roger has dinner with some of Trump's biggest donors, billionaires in New York.
They just had dinner two nights before with National Security Advisor McMaster, who was drunk drinking $300 bottles of
So drunk he could hardly talk, saying we're gonna overthrow Trump, he's a moron, he's filth, and they were just blown away.
Well, Trump, after he heard about that from Roger, went and talked to him and found out it was true, and fired his ass.
Now, it isn't about, oh look, we got him fired, we're just loyal Americans.
Nobody else will do this.
Everybody else is too busy with their tails between their legs, rolled over like a little dog pissing all over themselves.
I'm not living like that.
It's victory or death.
It's worse than death to bow to people like McMaster and Fiona Hill, Prince Valiant.
And so I, out of respect for the President, have ignored Pompeo's neocon pedigree.
And I've just sat there and just, you know, I don't want to get involved in infighting.
I don't want the power around the throne and the courtiers in D.C.
and all that swamp activity.
I'm just here promoting freedom and ideology of truth.
Trump saw their garbage.
But they want us off air because we will do what nobody else does.
And if Trump doesn't do something about this, I don't know what I'm going to do.
It's dereliction of duty.
I've waited long enough.
This is beyond him allowing censorship or racketeering.
There are giant CIA public networks that supposedly engage in pro-American propaganda overseas against dictatorships.
Now they legalized in 2012 turning that against us.
And Obama put $2 billion into a program.
He put $160 million into one subsection of it.
In December of 2016, before he left, you fund the next year, Defense Authorization Act.
Some of the funding goes out two and a half years.
And he signed Countering Disinformation Propaganda Act.
Now, under that, they engage in this targeting of the American people.
And Paul Watson, myself, Tom Papert's national file, and people working for that same group,
With the State Department, with those contracts, are training larger groups of people to engage in going around and thought policing and saying we're fake news, and then with that announcement that these State Department affiliated groups make, the government's gotten big tech to sign on and agree that then they censor you.
So this is what's being done to the American people in general, and it's like a KGB Politburo going around doing this, and it's the epitome of a communist Chinese social score, and it's illegal as hell.
Now, I saw Tom Papert on National File here stay upset, tracking one of these groups, and he is the head guy over at one of the fact checkers at Facebook, so it's a big deal, lying about them, demonizing them about the plan for the U.N.
and the U.S.
and all of it.
And I said, hey, that's not the story.
I get it, they're coming after you, but it shows, because the Papertarticle Show, Pompeo brought this group back into the State Department when their funding went out last year.
And it turns out Nozomit is working with them, which we already knew, but here it all was.
So, Dr. McCamm's shot, please.
repeals propaganda ban, spreads government-made news to Americans.
See, I just told you all this, now I'm going to show it to you.
This is the Washington Post when they put out a publication called Foreign Policy.
That's 2012.
Obama quietly signs the Counter Disinformation and Propaganda Act into law.
That's 2016, the 24th of December.
Trump's State Department uses taxpayer dollars, Facebook fact-checkers to fight misinformation and propaganda.
You read this, you see Pompeo continuing it all today with the Obama and Hillary people.
And here's one of them.
Facebook's top fact-checker tied to U.S.
State Department disinformation fighting program.
Told at the congressional hearings and say that I'm a Russian agent.
Because by doing that, they can turn loose these foreign offices, NATO offices, CIA against us.
It's a war.
I think the New York Times will print stuff as a total lie.
They've been ordered to, folks.
They have embeds in there.
U.S.-backed tech camp, Color Revolution, revealed by Ukraine official.
This is them overthrowing Ukraine a few years ago.
I mean, these are serious people trying to overthrow Trump.
You go and look at what they're fact-checking, what they're putting out.
It's all, Trump's a traitor, Trump worked with the Russians, Trump did this in Ukraine.
So the long and short of it is this.
Pompeo has continued the Obama stay behind networks that set up the whole Ukraine thing and tried to set Trump up and who are censoring Trump supporters and election meddling in America right now suppressing news and information of citizens communication and the First Amendment.
They accused Trump of election meddling.
Well, they're the ones doing it.
Tom, we're going to come back and give you the floor on the next segment.
You'll write shotgun with us.
But I had to set the table there in 30 seconds.
This is a big rabbit hole, isn't it?
Absolutely, Alex, and it all just kind of fell onto our laps because of their own arrogance.
But what I really think that we're exposing, in my opinion, it's a global Operation Mockingbird.
It is the State Department using taxpayer dollars to recruit people to fight against patriotic Americans like yourself.
It's disgusting, and if Mike Pompeo doesn't know about this, this is his golden opportunity to fix it, and fix it for good.
By the way, you know Mike Pompeo.
We're going to talk about that when we come back and how huge this is.
You just heard what he said.
I am not in the center of the arena to boast or for my own personal name.
I'm in the center of the arena by necessity.
But if you're going to be in the center of the arena as a gladiator for liberty, you better be ready to go 110% every day.
And believe me, it's getting crazier by the minute.
What you see on the surface is only one dimension of what's going on beneath the surface.
Tom Pappard, riding shotgun with us.
How do you quantify something this big?
Giant networks.
Giant networks.
Well yeah, I mean, how do you quantify it, Tom?
I mean, it's hard to explain, because you're right.
It is massive.
It is global.
There have been dozens of these fake news training sessions all across the globe.
It has been paid.
It started under Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
It's since grown.
After 2016, it became massive.
And you look at some of the attendees, and it's the people who are fact-checking Babylon Bee on Facebook.
It's the people who are spreading disinformation about Ukraine.
Alleged to have fomented the revolution, the civil war in Ukraine.
So it's truly insane.
I mean, I think our next step may be to go get a Freedom of Information Act request just to find out exactly how much money, is it that $160 million, is it more, has been spent on this.
Because what they're doing, Alex, is they're trading these foreigners and then half of them end up coming to the State Department
They brag, they say that if you work for TechCamp, this organization, you might get a job for the State Department, you might get a job for United States Embassy, or you might get to work for a big American corporation.
So please, come work for TechCamp, because we're going to recruit you.
And I think that's exactly what they're doing.
They're bringing, they're finding people abroad, because as you said, perhaps it's easier to move the money around when you don't have the American financial system watching over your back.
They bring people in from abroad, they recruit them, they bring them to groups like Lead Stories or Stop Fake or whatever it may be, and they use them there to destroy the American political discourse by banning anybody who actually tells the truth.
If you look into the background of some of these people, some of them are ex-CNN journalists.
Some of them are just techno nerds who create giant deep state seeming programs that can analyze all the news in the world.
They're listening to what you and I say right now.
They're probably the reason why if I say Alex Jones on Facebook, I can immediately get banned.
It's frightening.
And the fact is, this was all going downhill at the beginning of 2018.
It seemed like they were winding down.
The blog posts on their website,
We're going away!
They hadn't published anything for months!
Then they post something about how they help fight fake news.
Next thing you know, this new woman, Marie Royce, who is the wife of a former Republican congressman, gets appointed to this role and she becomes the executive director of
The ECA, which is the new umbrella group that a couple months after she's appointed would become the managers of this tech camp group.
Now, they're back and bigger than ever.
It seems as though we've uncovered something here.
And by the way, Pompeo seems to know this.
She's been photographed with Pompeo.
She's been photographed giving awards to these tech camp people who train foreign journalists to hate America and to hate patriotism.
So it seems like this is all just happening under the auspices of the State Department.
We're talking, Alex, some of these events have hundreds of attendees.
They do it all across the globe.
I've seen documents where how to host one of these.
Well, Tom, let's be clear for the listeners.
Obama set up, through the international networks, through the CIA,
Systems to counter Trump and the American people.
That was mainstream news.
I showed those articles earlier and people just tuned in.
Now your website National File gets attacked for exposing the UN and the bureaucracy and how the UN says they're hiring people in America, in New York, for resettlement and gun confiscation.
They then put out a story saying you're fake news, and then put a strike on you online to start censoring you.
You go look up who it is, it's this fighting foreign information disinformation group funded by the State Department, and you find out that Pompeo has refunded what we have been exposing.
And so that's what this is, suppression of voters, suppression of the American people, and of course they hire foreigners, because foreigners don't, the average American, it's hard to recruit Americans to go suppress other Americans.
That's why you use foreign troops to suppress a population.
Of course they're hiring foreigners to come captain all this.
And the Southern Providence Law Center and the ADL are involved in the same groups, creating tens of thousands of censors to come in and watch what we do in real time.
And again, Pompeo, when the funding ended on this that Obama put in, he created a new system for these very people to reactivate them, and now they're attacking InfoWars.com, Paul Joseph Watson, Summit.News, and NationalFile.com.
Because you are an evil pro-American, and Paul is for Brexit.
That's all this is.
It's sick, and it's evil, and these people have censorship power that they're... This one guy that attacked you is one of the lead Facebook censors and fact-checkers, so he's a god.
He's a master.
He's a king.
He's a commissar.
He's a political lord.
You're a peasant.
Tell us about this guy.
So, there's two of them.
The one who I spoke to on the phone yesterday is a man named Alan Duke, who appears to be a 63-year-old ex-CNN journalist, who now works for a website called Lead Stories.
His co-founder, Martin Schenk, attended this tech camp program in 2017 as a trainer, which implies we couldn't find data, but it implies that he was paid by the State Department to attend this thing.
He was probably housed, probably got a free meal ticket, everything you can imagine, by the State Department in 2017 under Rex Tillerson.
But this character, Alan Duke, he, again, I mentioned this earlier, the man honestly cannot spell the word conspiracy theory, but he will accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist.
He wrote this typo-laden, fake news article claiming that the UN article we wrote last week, you might remember me on the show talking about it, claiming that this article was all about a job posting in Africa.
It had nothing to do with Africa.
It was the New York U.N.
office hiring people for disarmament and reintegration, potentially, assumingly, American citizens.
Now, he found one line where it said, well, experience in Africa would be a plus, and he extrapolated this to claim that the U.N.
job posting was focused for Africa.
You said it was multifaceted, but Loretta Lynch said they want the U.N.
here for police oversight boards, and they want the U.N.
to have open borders, and they want the U.N.
to have Trump arrested.
And now they're talking about going to the U.N.
for war crimes against Trump for killing Soleimani.
So we all know the U.N.
takes over countries.
We all know Democrat politicians have called for him to come here and confiscate our guns.
In your article, you have U.N.
officials saying they want to use peacekeepers to take our guns.
Well, and what I believe, Alex, I believe... Hell yes, they'll take your AR-15s.
I believe this character, this Alan Dew, I don't have proof of this, I'm not going to say fake news, but I think that he probably gets his marching orders, and the marching orders are likely to totally remove, just move this to the side, say it's not about America, it's about Africa.
See, see, no big deal.
Don't look, don't look here, don't look here.
That says there's a thing called replacement migration from the UN when that's official and Macron's called for it and they've called for 600 million here, 250 million in France alone, and...
I mean, it's insane.
So again, we're talking about the microcosm of how we're under attack.
By name, Sacha Baron Cohen.
Arrest me for saying something that's true.
Then they have these fact-checker groups come out and say we're liars.
So Cohen can go, look, an independent group says they're liars, when it's not!
It's the State Department!
But again, who's funding it?
The American people.
Trump needs to fire these people.
Trump needs to do something about Pompeo.
We'll be back.
Stay there, Papert.
Syrian Girl's coming up as well.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is a global exclusive and I am just really horrified to give you the bad news.
You know that whole Obama-CIA network they put in the State Department to run the censorship and to counter Trump and to try to set him up in Ukraine and other areas?
Well, it turns out that the funding ended last year, but Pompeo, as the new Secretary of State, he continued it and created a new agency subgroup for the Obama and Hillary and Soros people to continue operating, putting out fake news against the American people, voter suppression.
And then also operating as fact-checkers of fake news, who then liaison inside Big Tech, Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, to then censor and de-platform people when they give the word.
And what's incredible about this is, it's one thing to say these are big corporations, they can do what they want, but that's not what's happening.
The Chai-coms tell people that operate in China what they want, and Big Tech clicks their heels and says, how high, when they say jump.
The EU is controlling.
The type of speech happening on the internet now.
And now we know that the Obama-era individuals are in there, anti-American globalists, and are censoring National File, InfoWars, Daily Caller, Breitbart.
They're all being listed as fake news by individuals that are getting government contracts, taxpayer money to do it.
And if you look right here, this is from Foreign Policy, U.S.
repeals propaganda ban, spreads government-made news to Americans.
That was eight years ago.
This is out of the Washington Post and ForeignPolicy.com.
They call that, once they do the propaganda, oh, we're countering Russians, disinformation, but really it's the American people.
And does President Trump know Pompeo is doing this and running this?
And we went and looked at what these groups are doing.
It's fact-checking Trump as a liar, saying Trump did quid pro quo.
These groups are attacking people defending Trump and telling the truth, and are attacking the President.
You know Pompeo knows that.
Stories up at Infowars.com and National File.
U.S.-backed tech camp, same subgroup.
Color revolution revealed by Ukraine officials in their parliament.
This same group, because that's who they work for, the State Department.
And they do what they're told by the rogue bureaucracy still in control.
And here's Pompeo with the individuals that run it.
For TV viewers, just absolutely stunning.
I want to shift gears to the bigger geopolitical
I don't
Against us.
And then Big Tech is actually following what the Stay Behind Networks and what Congress is telling them to do.
So Congress goes, oh, let Big Tech operate the way they want.
Let companies operate, you know.
But no, it's a concerted conspiracy of racketeering by Big Tech with big government and bipartisan move.
And Trump's running around, you know, hanging out constantly with Tim Cook of Apple.
So the question is, if they come to Trump and say, sir, the nationalist populists are too powerful, you'll get re-elected, but you need to help us suppress them.
It could get out of hand.
We need balance, sir.
We need a dialectic.
Yeah, it's real balanced teaching pedophilia in schools and world government trying to sterilize little boys.
No, there's no balance.
Things are out of control in this country.
And input wars is bringing the balance.
So Patrick, putting bookends on this, you get attacked, you look at it and go, oh it's this countering disinformation propaganda group, you write about your own personal attack and how they're lying about you, but I called you up and said, Dom, you realize in your own article you point out Pompeo's running this, did you know that this is a huge scandal because these groups are attacking Trump?
That's the next articles I know you're writing.
I mean, what is it going to happen when Trump supporters get to him that so much of the news coming out that Trump's a liar and Trump's wrong and Trump's this, the fact-checking on him, the little gumballs on CNN, that all that fake news claiming everything he says is a lie when it's not, is being quarterbacked by Pompeo!
Go ahead.
Well, it's coming from the government.
I mean, the government is spending money to delegitimize the government.
In any rational world, this would be taken care of in about 30 seconds.
It never would have started.
But of course, we live in clown world with Pompeo seemingly becoming the head clown.
We have CNN!
I've got the video clips siding with Iran, saying go to the International Court of War Crimes and arrest the president!
When would you ever see that?
And meanwhile, of course, the left was calling, and still calls, George W. Bush a terrible president by any metric, but they call him a war criminal for what he did.
Trump kills a head terrorist, one of the top guys in Iran who ran the Revolutionary Guard, and he is a demon.
But Alex, I want to give you an example of one of the things that your and my and the viewers' and listeners' tax dollars are going toward.
One of the things this tech camp does is they fund initiatives that attendees come up with.
So we, the United States State Department, the taxpayers, have now funded an effort to meddle in the Italian elections.
We created a fake news and bias detection tool with our money that was given to some random guys in Italy
So they could keep populists from winning in 2018.
This is happening all over the globe, and of course it's happening right here in the United States with the inter-incestuous relationship these group have, this tech camp group, with the lead stories, the top fact checker by Facebook, the official fact checker of Facebook that's run by an ex-CNN journalist.
The most insane thing I've ever broken.
And again, Alex, I do have to say thank you because you're right.
I had tunnel vision.
I was thinking about Alan Duke and how this guy can't spell conspiracy theory.
And you tell me, Tom, this is Pompeo.
This is Pompeo when the funding most likely almost 100% ran out.
He found a way to move it to a sister government agency headed by this strong Republican woman so they could keep manipulating American citizens indefinitely.
And then the left's going to leave Pompeo alone because they know he's double dealing with them.
This is treachery.
Tell people your personal Pompeo stories, because you guys own a TV station, you manage it, we have owned several, and you know Pompeo.
Tell folks how Pompeo acts, and I've heard these same stories.
It's one thing to blow up sometimes, but he likes to bully people.
Tell folks about him.
So the first time I met Pompeo was back in 2012 when the propaganda law was signed and at the same time that it became legal to indefinitely detain American citizens through the NDAA, National Defense Authorization Act, and myself and a bunch of fellow Ron Paul teenagers and 20-somethings decided to go confront Pompeo on his vote for the NDAA to legalize propaganda and indefinite detention.
And Pompeo, I asked the third question, you know, when you go with a group of people, activists, you have one, two, three, so it seems like all the questions are about the same topic.
And by the time he got to me, Pompeo, I mean Alex, it was like if you were animated and blowing up in my face, but about six inches away.
He was screaming at me at a town hall with probably 50 people in it.
I only regret that at the time I wasn't smart enough to get video.
The next time I ran into Pompeo, it was with a friend of mine who used to be a co-host of mine on a previous show, and he did the same thing.
He goes up to Pompeo at a state fair and says, hey Mike, why'd you vote for this?
They started having words, and I kid you not, Alex, Pompeo's people had to come and separate the two because I think Pompeo would have thrown a punch.
And then years later, a couple years go by, it gets to be 2014-15, Pompeo starts coming to the TV station to appear on a local libertarian program and share his libertarian street cred as a small business owner, hiding the fact that he was outsourcing all the jobs he possibly could, hiding the fact that he is a massive neocon to this libertarian audience, but on that show he did once say
That Putin, he compared Putin to a glorified gangster.
He said that he is America's most dangerous enemy and that Russia is the biggest geopolitical threat.
I thought it was the Chai Kong.
Stay there, stay there.
And oh, we have Syrian girl right there on screen.
We're going to come back with her and Tom Papert as well in about 15 minutes to the next hour.
We're joined by Clyde Lewis.
Clyde Lewis and Ground Zero, also a really smart cookie.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com.
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That's how you keep us on the air with the State Department and the CIA and these globalists trying to shut us down, trying to take us off air, and trying to do it to everybody else!
And the fact that it's State Department, CIA-funded groups that then hire the private contractors, who are then hired by Facebook and everybody, to then censor anyone when these groups say this, and most of them aren't even citizens, it's downright treasonous in my view that Pompeo allowed this to happen and continued to leave the Obama stay-behind groups in there.
It's just huge.
Now with us 15 minutes to the next hour, then Clyde Lewis is joining us, is Syrian girl, Papert's riding shotgun a little bit to give his take on this as well.
He heads up nationalfile.com and is a syndicated talk show host and TV host in his own right and manages a couple of TV stations we're on there in Kansas.
But Syrian girl, I support Trump.
I think he's a good guy and I don't like
The other guy that got killed.
And if it was to really end a war and have the US troops pull out, well then I would support it.
But I think as the days go by, more of your expert view from living in there and covering it as a journalist and your family being in government in Syria previously,
That it does more and more look like a trap for Trump as the neocons push war, as Democrats call for war crimes trials, as the Pentagon put this letter out that we were going to withdraw.
The President said two days ago, or three days ago in Iraq, that he'd talk to Trump and that we're pulling out.
Now the Pentagon says, oh, well, that letter isn't real.
Then they say it is real.
Iran talks about attacking Trump's hotels.
If they do that, boy, that'll cause World War III.
How would you encapsulate for people, like nobody else can do, what's currently happening and what these different developments mean to you?
Well, first of all, those documents are real.
There was a letter that was not signed that was acknowledging that the Iraqi parliament has requested for the US to leave and that they were agreeing to pull out.
Obviously, they're denying that that's going to happen.
They're saying it was a draft that was mistakenly released.
As a matter of fact, by the way, you can see that it's
The darkness of that image.
Someone took it with a mobile phone in the dark.
It's a leaked document from an insider who's obviously not happy with the way that the DoD is running things or the people are pushing for these wars are running things.
It's a leak.
So what you guys need to understand is whilst
The media over there have been coming up with some crazy, crazy lies about who this man Soleimani was and most people in the US didn't even know he existed up until a few days ago.
They're saying now it was impossible for 9-11.
Which is exactly what we heard in the lead up to the Iraq War, you know, that Saddam Hussein was linked to Al-Qaeda.
Doesn't make any sense.
I mean, he was a Ba'athist, secular guy, hated Al-Qaeda.
Al-Qaeda was a threat to him.
They were always fighting each other.
This man, this Soleimani, he actually has been fighting Al-Qaeda and ISIS and the Taliban for decades.
He fought alongside the United States in 2002 in Afghanistan against the Taliban.
And yet they're trying to make the new narrative, like bringing up 9-11 again, and we know it's an inside job, and claiming that this guy had something to do with it.
It's all beating the drums of war.
And, you know, if Trump was told that this is the way to get the U.S.
out of Iraq,
I think it's clearly he's been lied to in that the Deep State doesn't want to pull out of Iraq.
They're sending 4,000 more soldiers in and they're denying the Iraqi Parliament's request to leave.
So even though three months ago Trump was talking about how the Middle East was a terrible idea and how women were falling onto the caskets of their sons who died and it's time to pull everyone out,
The opposite is happening now.
They're putting people in, into a country where the government has requested that they leave, and they've turned everyone against them.
The Sunnis, the Shiites.
You know, what is there to gain from this, is the question.
Definitely more money for the military-industrial complex.
You know, you remind me of that powerful speech Trump gave about
Women throwing themselves in their son's coffins and how terrible it is now.
He wants to bring us out of Iraq.
And now we learn that Trump was in talks with the President just last week and was getting ready to order it and then magically they told him something about Soleimani that made Trump act.
And I believe Trump meant well, but I do agree that they're trying to set Trump up somehow.
Tom Papert, what do you think?
I tend to agree.
I mean, on paper it seemed like it might be a good idea if you swallow what the propaganda was.
I agree with your initial reaction as well, Alex, thinking that perhaps President Trump is trying to take out foreign adversaries before moving against adversaries in the United States legally.
But the fact is, this could be a quagmire.
This could be President Trump's Iraq War, which of course made President Bush extremely unpopular thanks to the mainstream media and the power they held over the public's hearts and minds.
And nearly lost him the presidency in 2004.
And it's like Tucker Carlson said, you can't trust the deep state, they lie so much.
So, it's just terrible.
What do you think is coming next?
You have amazing contacts, the Middle East Syrian girl.
What do you think is coming next?
Well, here's the thing.
The Iranians, they have to retaliate.
As I told you guys before, basically their own people, they would have a problem with their own people if they didn't retaliate.
Because this guy wasn't some terrorist that, you know, he was hiding somewhere and nobody was, wasn't popular.
This guy was a very high-ranking general that defeated ISIS in Iraq and Syria and helped, like, not only Shiites, but Christians, Christians in Syria,
I mean, there's no doubt.
There's no doubt that the Iranians and the Quds Forces were instrumental with the Russians taking out ISIS that Obama and Hillary sent in.
And then Trump took credit for that.
Our military did help some, but Russia was given no credit for that.
And the Iranians were given no credit.
I know he's also done IEDs and attacked our forces in Iraq.
So, you know, I mean, this is all chess.
People change sides.
It goes on.
Sorry, go ahead.
Sorry, I mean, where is the evidence that he was responsible for those IEDs?
Because as far as I understand, there were many forces in Iraq.
Planting IEDs in particular.
I'd like to see how they connected that to him.
Well, actually, Al Sadr and one of the main leaders, as you know, the Shiites in Iraq and others took credit for a lot of that.
The first ones and the best quality shaped charges, IEDs, were coming out of Iran.
I mean, I don't think Iran made it a secret, Syrian girl, that they've launched offenses against the U.S.
to drive them out of Iraq.
But al-Sadr was like, only a few months ago, the media was saying what a great guy he was and how he's going to take power next and the protest movement is pushing him.
So, you know, we can't believe anything they tell us is the whole point of this.
We can't trust them.
Can't trust the deep state because they constantly lie.
Nothing they say comes true.
Well, it's true that they have no morals.
They always want more power.
My question is,
I have to sign letters.
It's the hardest thing I have to do.
I signed letters
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith from Arkansas, dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones from Alabama, dear Mr. and Mrs. somebody from some great state, I'm sorry to inform you, your son has been killed in combat.
I'm so sorry.
It's the hardest thing that I have to do.
And I signed those letters and it just, it breaks your heart.
And sometimes I go out to a place, Dover Air Force Base.
It's a very tough experience.
We go out there and we meet the parents and the families, the wives, the children, the sisters, the brothers.
We meet them and we talk to them.
These things are just impossible.
I don't know how parents can do it, even.
And I'll be talking to some of the parents, and they'll act like they're fine.
I said, how are you doing?
We're fine, sir.
We're fine.
We're really good.
I said, that's great.
And I'll tell the colonel.
I said, colonel,
I think they're doing great.
No, sir.
They're not going to do great.
You'll see.
And I didn't know what he was talking about.
This is the first stop.
And then we went outside to the runway, and this incredible machine is flying in, and it lands, and it comes over, and it pulls up.
That door opens up.
And the colonel told me, he said, sir, when that door opens up, those same people that you think are okay,
Do things that you'll never see.
You will hear sounds like you've never heard.
That's what he does.
And I saw that door open up with a coffin with a flag over it.
And these beautiful soldiers, five or six on each side, lifting the coffin and walking down the runway, the plank they call it, off this cargo plane.
And I see parents make sounds, scream and cry.
Like you've never seen before.
A mother who was fine 20 minutes ago, you think.
Breaking the military line and jumping off.
And then jumping onto a coffin of her son or her daughter.
Jumping on, on top of the flowers, on top of the American flag.
I've seen this.
We were supposed to be in Syria for 30 days.
We've now been there for 10 years.
We were supposed to be in Afghanistan for a short period of time.
We're now going to be there for close to 19 years.
It's time to bring them home.
It's time to bring them home.
Bring our troops back home!
And now we know.
And now we know.
Now we know that Trump had talked to the
Iraqi President last week, before this happened, said, we're pulling out.
And the letters had been prepared.
And someone inside the Pentagon got mad and sent that letter out to the world yesterday.
And the Pentagon confirmed, yes, it's real.
The Iraqi President wasn't lying.
We were about to leave.
And then the President was told something by the Pentagon that Soleimani was going to launch massive Shiite attacks across the Middle East.
And so Trump decisively acted because he was on the terror list, on a kill list.
Obama had been stopping it.
Obama had back channels to Soleimani.
So did Kerry.
And so I said, well, I back the president.
And I still think the president thought he was doing the right thing.
But remember back when the president understood that these endless wars were bad just a few months ago.
That was the video you mentioned, Syrian girl.
What would you like to say to the president in 60 seconds?
Just to, you know, remember that.
Remember that feeling of seeing the women crying.
Because that's just going to happen more and more on a much bigger scale.
This stuff about massive Shiite attacks.
Iraq, we were told, is 60% Shiite.
They are right next door to Iran.
I realise that the US and Iran are in some kind of a tug of war over influence in Iraq.
This is Iran's, like, next-door neighbor.
This is not really something that Americans need to throw their lives away on.
I can't understand why that would be in the United States' interest unless you think about Raytheon and all the weapons manufacturing companies who have been bombing Iraq for the last three decades and probably have grown addicted to it to the point that pulling out— Stay right there, Syrian girl.
If you just joined us, I played a very powerful video that we put out three months ago titled, Tearjerker, President Trump Issues Powerful Message on Ending War.
And it's a fact that we went over there and started these wars.
It's a fact that the EU then opens its borders up to Islamify Europe and create a global crisis.
This is a Hegelian dialectic to bring in world government based on world crisis, in my view.
And I know that the Quds forces have funded Hezbollah.
I know they blew up the Marine base.
I know they are behind the IEDs.
I know their militias are behind driving out the U.S.
We shouldn't have been there!
But that doesn't mean I support people that blew up
Friends of mine, family of mine with those IEDs, it doesn't mean that they don't hang political dissidents in Iran.
It doesn't mean that women have to wear hijabs there.
It doesn't mean that I don't support the Iranian people if they want getting a better government.
All this happened because in 53 we overthrew pro-American, secularist Mohamed Mosaddegh.
Then we overthrew, not we but the globalists, the Shah because he wasn't following orders.
And they put the Ayatollahs in there and that's been declassified.
And then they had the whole thing in 79 to embarrass Carter to get Reagan in.
I like Reagan, but that doesn't mean I support
The Deep State giving them the idea to kidnap those folks at the embassy and then do all that.
And that's all come out as the Iran-Congress scam.
They did that.
And so I was seeing what was happening as a way for them to try to take over that embassy to hopefully get hostages to then make Trump look weak.
And then I think Trump acted to look strong because the back channel, Obama and Kerry, were working through Soleimani and the Iranians to embarrass Trump because Soleimani was becoming popular and was moving in the Middle East.
That was one angle I saw.
It doesn't mean it's totally accurate, but that's what I saw.
In closing, Tom Papert, what's your view on that in the big picture?
Then we'll finish up with Syrian Girl.
Well, Alex, you are correct that the United States has a terrible, terrible, terrible luck with regime change in the Middle East.
Has it worked in Europe?
Has it worked in Asia?
Yes, to some extent with Japan and Germany in the Second World War.
But ever since the 1950s, we have failed time and time again at killing dictators and replacing them with either democratic governments
Or better, dictators.
So there is absolutely no reason to believe that if the Deep State gets its way and there is a full-scale invasion and regime change in Iran, that it would work any other way.
It will likely just be another country, now the eighth in 15 or 20 years, that the United States invades or bombs, topples the government, and leaves a smoldering ruin.
And as you know, Alex, in 1973, Iranian girls looked like Marilyn Monroe.
They went around in bikinis and they didn't have to cover their face.
And now, they look like garbage bags.
So, the United States has already had a terrible record in Iran.
Well, you're absolutely right, and we need to uncover all these girls.
Look at Syrian girl right here.
So I really do appreciate you, Tom Papert, and your fine points at NationalFile.com.
I know you've got more reports coming out on the Clinton-Obama stay-behind networks that Pompeo has allowed to stay at the State Department to censor the American people and suppress voters and undermine President Trump.
Really huge news breaking over at NationalFile.com.
Thank you, Tom.
Thank you, Alex.
Syrian girl.
One thing about being a good talk show host is they say you gotta be decisive.
You gotta stick to your guns.
Well, I never did that on purpose.
But when it comes to this war, when it comes to the Middle East, when it comes to all the triple dealing, I am double-minded some.
I support the President.
I'm not in love with Soleimani, but it's true.
The West started the Arab Spring to put al-Qaeda, ISIS, al-Nusra, Saudi Arabian-backed, really nasty people in control of Libya, in control of Egypt, in control of Syria.
And then finally Trump got in, Rand Paul was against it, and everybody else said we're not al-Qaeda's air force.
And we stepped aside and let Russia and Iran go in and clean that out.
And now Soleimani and others have been rewarded for that help by being killed.
That is a perspective and I think really...
If you have to weigh it, I think overall you're right.
That you can't say he's a great guy helping take out Al Qaeda and then a year later kill him and say all of this.
Because if they were always saying he was bad from a perspective, you could respect that.
But it's this back and forth.
And I'm really worried they're trapping Trump.
They're trying to escalate a war.
They've been trying to trap Trump.
The Mullahs shot their mouths off and said, you can do nothing, Trump.
And did do some provocative stuff.
So I see why Trump did it.
But I agree with you that I think he's been duped.
And I think it's like quicksand.
What would you say about the big picture and where this is going and what is your message to President Trump?
Well, I think if you support Trump, then perhaps he's in a difficult position and he needs someone to support him and strengthen his position to pull troops out of the Middle East.
That Trump that we heard three months ago, the one that had tears in his eyes, that seemed to be way more authentic than the one we're getting
Now, perhaps he's being pressured.
Perhaps, you know, he's getting bad intelligence.
When he's been making these statements, he's not enjoying the statements.
Not as much as that I saw how much he enjoyed finally like a sense of release that he could say these things about the Middle East being a bad idea.
Because that's the Trump that was elected as well.
So perhaps, you know, in supporting him, you could support him in that position and against the deep state.
That could be a way in which to support him.
But, you know, in terms of what's going to happen next... No, that's a great point.
Support the Trump we elected, not the one the neocons want him to be.
Yes, strengthen his back on that position.
Show him that his followers, that is what they want.
That is the outcome that they want.
And if he can see that this is what his base want, then that will give him a tool against the deep state to use that, look, these people don't want a war.
I mean, the fact that
He said that I don't want a war and this is not going to result in a war.
Just shows that he understands that people don't want one, that the deep state obviously does.
And unfortunately, I do think that there will be a retaliation by Iran.
But the question is, is there going to be a subsequent retaliation and a subsequent retaliation after that?
And that's going to be up to the United States.
So when it comes to you and I, we both agree that we like a secular government.
We want people to be free to dress as they want.
But on the other hand, Iran isn't coming to Syria and telling Syrians how to dress.
They've never done that.
Hezbollah didn't do that either.
They came and they fought Al-Qaeda.
They protected some churches.
Hezbollah was founded in 1985.
The Marine-based bombing was in 1983.
But somehow, the propaganda has made that connection between them.
But listen, you're absolutely right.
Let's pull back.
Let's pull back then.
Another big point is, they're saying we'll also target holy sites, saying that's what Iran does.
Iran is not Al-Qaeda and ISIS, that's who targets holy sites.
So threatening to blow up Iran's holy sites, that is like really demanding a war right there, and it's not good.
Well, not just holy sites, but like Persian history sites.
You know, Persian cities and ruins, 5,000-year-old ruins, those are the cultural sites.
But Iran is currently saying, we're not going to target any civilians.
That's what the mullah is saying, the head guy in Iran.
And Hezbollah is saying, nobody targets civilians.
That's just going to make things worse.
So they're trying to control anyone that's
If they're thinking anything crazy.
So there's that we have to remember to...
Show you that it's not going to go out of control and into bombing Trump Tower.
I think that maybe that was someone was saying it as a joke, like, oh, what historical sites can there be bombed in the United States?
Oh, maybe a Trump Tower.
You know, but civilian targets are, as they say, not on the list.
More likely, they're going to close the Strait of Hormuz.
They're going to push U.S.
soldiers out of Iraq and Syria.
That's a much more realistic kind of retaliation that we might see.
And the question is...
What will the United States' response be to that?
If it's a military against a military, is it going to keep escalating?
And is Russia coming in?
Because Russia's coming in now saying they're going to give S-400s to Iraq and they're meeting with Assad in Syria.
And what I base my position on a lot is I look at what the Syrian Christians are thinking, on what Iraqi Christians are thinking, and they're not happy about this assassination.
On the contrary, because it's damaging to them.
I mean, threatening Iraq with sanctions
We're asking the United States occupation to be over.
That's going to hurt Christian communities that are still living in Saudi Arabia.
So how is that good for the Middle East?
All right, Syrian Girl, join us again soon.
Always enjoy having you on at ArtisanGirl on Twitter.
And again, thank you so much and be safe.
Thank you so much, Alex.
You're always great.
Thank you.
You're awesome.
It's good to get different perspectives, really have an open discussion.
Clyde Lewis is up next.
Great syndicated talk show host.
A great brain.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're getting syndicated talk show host Clyde Lewis on the line right now.
Mapping the global future.
Smart guy.
But I want to ask him up front about Trump being set up into a trap.
Darren McBreen came up with this analysis a few days ago, brought it to me, and I said, that should be an article, and that should be a video.
McBreen's been here, I don't know, nine, ten years, really smart guy.
His son works here, too.
Does a great job as a writer, Kellan McBreen.
Married, got kids, a whole lot of yards, good guys.
It's a family.
We've been around a while here.
And, uh, I looked at this and I'm like, my God, they've really opened the door up.
Got roots.
I totally agree with this being a real danger.
They can now kill Trump and blame it on Iran and get the giant war they've been wanting.
Here it is.
The stage is set for Trump's assassination.
Could the deep state use threats from Iran to complete their coup against President Trump?
You take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.
Government's gonna kill this guy.
The establishment might have finally set the stage for the perfect false flag to bury the president.
Here's the scenario.
We all know the evil Democrats would love to orchestrate a JFK-style coup to get rid of Trump, but fear the repercussions would mean another civil war in America.
Normally, the criminal elite would not be opposed to civil war as long as they were able to maintain order out of chaos.
However, the assassination of Trump would not work in their favor.
American patriots on the streets and within the military would rise up and destroy the Democratic Party and their brainwashed supporters with a vengeance.
Enter the enemy within, the neocons.
The recent decision to authorize a US airstrike that barbecued Iran's top general Qasem Soleimani was a bold and justified response to a
Welcome to Iran's terrorist campaign throughout the Middle East.
Nobody mourns the death of Soleimani, may he rot in hell, but the action could very well set the course for a much larger conflict in the Middle East and might have sealed the fate for President Trump here at home.
Now, both sides of the establishment, left and right, have the opportunity they've been waiting for.
The ultimate false flag attack to strike down our president.
Because now, if Trump gets assassinated, the American people will no longer suspect the criminal cartel operating the Deep State.
Instead, they will blame the murder on Iran, and the American media will fully support that narrative.
This will ultimately prevent civil war and divert the people's anger away from the treasonous Democrats.
The death of Trump would mean no indictments against Democratic leaders, Hollywood celebrities, wealthy elites like George Soros, and criminal operatives within the mainstream media.
The establishment would regain total control of the White House, the American people would be duped into another war, and the military-industrial complex would once again be satisfied.
Now am I saying this is absolutely going to happen?
No, this is not a prediction.
This is a warning.
Trump better watch his ass.
Obama, Hillary, globalists, deep staters, publicly were put into the State Department and other agencies to direct big tech, censoring info wars, and now all other conservatives, Christians, and nationalists.
And Trump must act against it.
It's not just private companies doing what they want.
It's rogue government systems carrying this out.
Or maybe Trump knows and is suckering us all.
I don't think that's the case because they're undercutting him.
These very groups are saying he's full of crap.
It's illegal.
It's out of control.
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You're not just seeing Owen, you know, in Congress and the armored vehicles and the top stories and the breaking news and game-changing over and over again.
There's a lot of stuff behind the scenes where we don't get the credit and that's good.
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And it really is the final hours.
I've just got to go look at all the inventory, look at some of the new sales, and do four or five hours of work, because I basically run the whole show up here.
Then work with the graphics folks.
We just haven't gotten around to it, but it helps you take advantage of this.
So thank you all for your support.
These are great products.
Wake Up America Coffee, you name it.
And we're really a mothership to support and magnify all the other great folks.
Well, I got to go on his syndicated show last week.
And I gotta tell you, there's a lot of smart folks we have on, but his perspective is dead on, but also from an angle that's pretty technical, when the jargon they actually use on the inside of the system.
Clyde Lewis joins us.
I appreciate Clyde coming on, at Clyde Lewis on Twitter, GroundZeroMedia.org.
We got a few minutes to break, and we'll have two segments with Clyde.
Clyde, thanks for coming on with us today from Ground Zero.
Your two-minute summation of what's currently happening in the world, what you think's going on.
We're at war in this country.
That's my two-minute summation.
I can give it to you in seconds.
We're at war in this country.
Not only do we see that problems are happening in Virginia where we're looking at possible militias rising up against state government localization, we're looking at what the Founding Fathers had said, and that is
If we become too hyper-partisan, we're certainly going to fall into despotism and civil war.
And it's evident with what's going on also with the Middle East, because there's a question as to whether or not a president that has used restraints such as Donald Trump has been using has all of a sudden decided that he wants to go after somebody in the Middle East, which makes me wonder if it's all a neo-con ploy.
And a lot of people are questioning this.
Even people that I don't even think would even consider themselves conspiracy theorists are actually contemplating this as to what's going on.
Last night, Owen Schroyer went down, it's on Infowars.com, we should take the excerpts and really make a featured video out of it.
He went down to an anti-war rally and there were a bunch of, there were more Trump supporters there protesting the war than the left.
I mean, Trump supporters are pissed.
Yeah, well, it's because, you know, you have a president who obviously is used to restraining, more of a peace president.
I've had a lot of people tell me, oh, he's not a peace president, but he has been.
He hasn't wanted to go to war.
In fact, he'd rather negotiate than go to war.
Has all of a sudden decided, well, now I'm going to do this.
And of course,
He can be told what to say.
He can get up and say whatever he wants to say.
But I have a feeling that what happened was that the brass decided that they were going to do something and give him some choices.
And when they gave him the choices, he chose that.
That's right.
Clyde Lewis, I'm glad you bring up Virginia.
That's something that I've been blocking out of my mind.
I'm so worried about it.
We need to talk about civil war.
Stay with us.
Mapping the Global Future.
A 2004 study of 2020.
What the intelligence analysts predicted.
And how the Founding Fathers warned us about hyper-partisanship could bring about despotism and civil war.
That's what Clyde Lewis wrote.
He's one of those few talk show hosts that when I'm sitting there on his show and he's talking for five minutes before he goes to me, because I do the same thing where I lay out my facts and then I go to the other host and hear what they have to say, I'm actually interested.
Because he knows what he's talking about and I've done so much research but I forget a lot of it and he'll bring up a government document or legislation or a statement and I'm like, oh I forgot about that 20 years ago.
And what I like is folks that have good memories and then can tie it in congruently to the larger global plan and who the different factors are.
This Virginia thing is so out of control and so big that it actually makes my heart pitter-pat, which most stuff doesn't.
You've got the Democrats in the deep state, the governor saying we keep babies alive, and then the black face is released.
And then you've got, they're trying to shut down the gun stores and any type of self-defense training.
They have bills introduced to shut down the shooting ranges.
They have one specifically to shut down the NRA, the way it's tailored.
So they're really trying to start a fight.
And then clearly they hired all these former Obama people who had just worked for Obama and Hillary a year before.
Four of the five white supremacist leaders in Charlottesville were like Democrats before.
So, oh, they've now turned to Nazis.
Completely transparent.
We're not saying a woman didn't die.
We're not saying there weren't crowds on both sides.
But they're organizing a clash.
And now, with what they're trying to do in Virginia, and the Democrats saying,
State Reps!
We want the military to take guns!
We want the UN!
The UN UNIDIR head!
The head of the UN small arms operation!
I played the video last week saying, no we may have to come to America and take the guns!
And the UN putting out job applications for that!
For America!
That is meant to stoke a revolution!
Because we're winning politically!
We've got an anti-war president!
At least we did!
Globalism is unpopular!
So I think what Clyde Lewis was getting at, you have the floor my friend!
Is that they're really trying to start something.
I'm going to be in Virginia.
This is where I'm announcing it.
Not just Owen Schroer.
Not just Savannah Hernandez.
I'm going to be at the Women's March in D.C.
I'm going to be there.
I'm going to be there on the 20th when the new legislature comes in, and the Commonwealth, and where they're promising, you know, gun confiscation and registration.
And I'm going to be there preaching peace and justice and freedom.
And even if they can get
Some of the blue cities to raid and confiscate guns of veterans or something or even they shoot an old veteran down.
I'm not being a coward here.
I'm saying hold your powder like Gandhi did.
We don't want a shooting war because they're going to try to start something and if they
Just like when they attacked the embassy and we didn't attack back, it made Iran look bad.
I'm not saying let them kill old veterans, but I think they're clearly going to try to start something to get a shooting war going, and I don't want to take the bait.
So how do you walk that line, Clyde Lewis?
Is that what you're getting at?
Well, I would say that history is certainly a storyteller, a big storyteller.
We've got to look at the cliodynamics or clintodynamics, I would guess that's what you call them.
You look back at history, you look at human behavior, the founding fathers and the framers knew this was going to happen.
They knew that if hyper-partisanship was to take over, I mean, you look back at the 1960s all the way through the 1990s, it was almost like
Uh, four parties, not just two.
We had, of course, we had conservative Democrats, we had liberal Democrats, we had liberal Republicans, we had conservative Republicans, but now it's been divided into two parties, and the two parties are basically becoming sycophants for whoever is leading them and listening to them, and they don't look at the corruption that's going on, that's happening with both parties.
It's interesting how we can all jump up and down, scream, yell, and have this enraged, manufactured anger over Donald Trump, but they don't look at the other corruptions going on on the other side with Adam Schiff and others.
I can tell you now,
We're good to go.
And it's like we are at war.
I mean, we're not only at war in our government between the parties, but we're at war with what's going on in Virginia right now.
And it's because of the fact of this hyper-partisanship.
Hyper-partisanship will create civil war in this country if we don't stop.
And the reason the founders knew that is their families had all fled from the civil wars that had killed millions, dozens of these damn wars, right before the founding of this country.
People were fleeing to get away from the civil wars that were happening in England.
Yeah, I mean, it's like, you know, they knew, they didn't want the two-party system.
They warned of a two-party system, and it was basically Washington and Adams that came forward, and they said, if consistent partisan majorities ever take over the United States, they will control the government, and it will use its power to oppress the minority.
The Republic will fall, there's no doubt.
And here's the thing, if we continue to
Go after the president.
If we continue to have a division within our own government, there will be entities outside of this country that will see us as being ungovernable.
And that's the Chai Coms coming in.
And again, and I don't want to get in the party system.
Like I'm the guy who says it's capable of a paradigm.
We had a populist revolution via Trump.
If we could reform things through there, that's great.
But absolutely.
But the Democrats are becoming like foaming at the mouth psychotic piranhas.
And they're on the Chai Com payroll.
Is that what you're getting at?
Well, yeah.
I mean, look, it's obvious that they're recruiting people at the UN to disarm, demobilize, and also put people in detainment camps.
RAX 2020 is going to happen if we don't watch what we're doing.
And what I mean by that is REX84, Ready Exercise 84, where they were going to round up people anyway back in the Reagan administration.
Oliver North was involved with this, a bunch of people were involved with this.
And we all know what REX84 is.
Back 12 years ago, we were talking about the FEMA camps.
Well, guess what, guys?
Those FEMA camps are still in existence.
They haven't gone anywhere, and they're just waiting to be filled.
And all we need is we need just a few traumatic events happening in this country where you can't trust anyone.
You can't trust your politician.
You can't trust your neighbor.
And if that's the case, if we're at that point where we can't trust anybody, the whole
I think so.
They had a plan, and I was talking about the National Intelligence Council, had a plan called Mapping the Global Future.
This was back in 2004.
They had stated, a guy by the name of Matthew Burrows had stated, that the United States, their forms of government would erode to the point where we would fall to despotism based on what the founding fathers and the framers said.
Okay, being hyper-partisan is what was going to do this, and intelligence officials were actually, and get a load of this, they were actually talking about how America would erode so badly, and they actually said that in 2020 there would be a woman president, get a load of this, and that she would have to struggle to, quote, make America great again.
That's right, so they've been scripting battle plans.
You're absolutely right.
And then now they're trying to bring back all those RECS 84 plans.
Who do you think the different factions are?
Because we know there's two parties, but there's really just the globalist neocons and the leftist globalists working together in my view.
And I think people realize a populist movement is the way to go.
And populism is spreading all over the world, but these stay-behind networks inside government are just still embedded, creating crises.
Well, what's interesting about Mapping the Global Future, when they were talking about this in 2004, what they were really surprised about is, they were believing that populism and nationalism would take place, but only in Asian and Latin American countries.
They didn't expect Brexit.
They didn't expect the United States.
They didn't expect Donald Trump, okay?
But they did have an idea that there would also be, within the Middle East, a fanatic organization that would certainly
They would radicalize a lot of young Muslims who actually join up and just start destroying everything.
So you look at the Intelligence Council and what they're behind, they predicted it would be an upsurge in populism and nationalism in 2020.
But they were like saying, well, look, you know, America is getting tired of being the world's police force.
And so they're tired of shouldering the burden of securing allies
Especially those who think that Pax Americana is nonsense.
And it's funny because Donald Trump says the same thing.
Look, why are we allowing this to happen?
Why are we being abused?
America is getting a rotten deal.
And you know, it's all, if you read the plan, it is a threat assessment for 2020.
It is a goal for 2020.
And beyond that, we look at threat assessments with North Korea.
Stay there.
We're going to come right back with you.
People should check out his website.
Paul Joseph Watson has been doing deep research on who's behind the Australian fires.
And he's going to be covering that a lot more in the fourth hour today that Owen Schroyer hosting The War Room.
His co-host is facing prison time, Roger Stone, so he's gagged by a judge and can't speak.
And they're trying to put me in prison as well right now.
Clyde Lewis is here.
We really appreciate him coming on.
GroundZeroMedia.org and at Clyde Lewis on Twitter.
Clyde, in the time we have left today,
What is your gut level prediction for how Trump's going to end it?
I feel like it's kind of like cotton candy energy.
You get a sugar spike, but it goes away quickly.
It's really hurting him with a lot of his real base.
And I understand we're going to be in some wars.
Sometimes we're going to have some problems.
I just really fear for the president.
I see Biden saying, oh, I'm running on Charlottesville.
They want to relaunch Charlottesville.
Coming up here in like 13 days.
They're hoping for clashes.
That's why I'm going there to call for peace.
And you can just really, I think in slow motion, see what they're going to pull here.
Yeah, I can tell you this.
You know, with the way we are right now in this country, we do not know the good guys from the bad guys.
And that's bad.
And what I mean by that is, is that even at home we don't know who the good guys or the bad guys are.
We know that the person we don't agree with is the bad guy.
And that's not very good.
Let me read you what George Washington had to say at his farewell address.
He said, The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge,
Natural to party dissension, which is different ages in different countries, has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, and in itself is frightful despotism.
We are, right now, in a form of despotism that is breaking the Republic.
Donald Trump has no control over how this is going to turn out.
We have to do watch and wait now with what the response may be from Iran with regard to Soleimani's death.
I think that right now, Bill, we're going to get a lot of saber rattling and a lot of other things.
I think the House is going to pull a move against Trump with regard to what happened in the Middle East.
It's going to cause more division.
It's going to cause more anger.
Uh, and like I said, more papers of impeachment.
They're going to be filing more papers of impeachment.
We've got a number of people that are going to be going to trial here soon.
They're totally going to try and bring down President Trump because of the fact that he has been very isolationist.
He's been very pacifist in the situation.
They don't like the pacifism.
I mean, look at how many times Pompeo speaks over the president.
Pompeo is on TV speaking.
I'm sure that, you know, Tom Bolton is in the background also, you know, getting in big trouble with what happened in the Middle East.
I mean, the American people are divided.
They need to realize that whatever they hear from the media now is just stories.
It's not a way to prove or make an opinion on anything.
I was about to say, Clyde, I don't want to bring myself into this, but you're a smart guy on media.
I really want to ask you.
They said I lost a lawsuit called Nobody Died at Sandy Hook for a book I didn't write.
I didn't lose that lawsuit.
Then they put out fake news stories.
Uh, that I lost a court case when they exaggerated like a year and a half of court filings and I actually wasn't fined $100,000.
They just said if I ever lost the case, I might have to pay court fees because I filed something.
That's how that works.
But they're just playing these, they put it on every channel on New Year's Eve, like they were invading a country.
And I talked to a former high level CIA guy on air and he said, yeah, that's Operation Mockingbird.
Well, of course it is!
When every channel... I mean, I got crew here that's, you know, got it on their hip-hop alerts.
I got people that are on tennis groups.
Apple News put it out.
Why would they on every channel say that I lost a Sandy Hook lawsuit, and why are they trying to make that my identity when I never even talk about it hardly?
Because that's the way the media operates.
If they find somebody they want to target, they target them.
Like, look at Richard Jewell.
I mean, we saw that movie, Richard Jewell.
You saw what happened to Richard Jewell.
You know, you look at... There are several movies right now that are out that are trying to skewer the media.
Some praise the media, but right now we're in a situation where it's like chemotherapy.
They see Donald Trump as a cancer, so therefore they're going to poison the well with all the media.
They see people, they target people as cancers.
They say, well, they don't speak our message, so we're going to target them.
I mean, right now I've got, what, 100,000 maybe more followers on my Facebook page.
Do you realize that my news feed doesn't even get out to maybe five people?
And it's because of the fact that I've been shadow banned.
I'm frustrated about this because they just put out a Talk Stream Live tally of 3 million people sampled.
We are now the number 5 most listened to radio show on the internet right now.
And yet, I'm not getting the response I'd like to get because I'm being blocked in social media.
When you're popular is when they shadow ban you, Clyde.
I mean, welcome to the club here.
Look at this.
repeals propaganda ban, spreads government-made news.
Now that's eight years old, okay?
But the point is, is that that's what they're doing, and they have... Pompeo is running groups in the State Department that are attacking Trump, and Trump doesn't even know this!
I remember the time we were neck and neck in that poll.
You and I both.
We were neck and neck in that poll.
We were below the big money people like Rush and Sean and all these people.
But you and I were neck and neck.
Ever since they went after you, you dropped I Rose.
I'm now going to probably take the hit in a few probably as more people know who I am.
I'm coming up the ranks.
I've been at this now for about 25 years.
What set me back was my sicknesses that I had.
Now I'm back on track again doing what I'm doing.
And I'm just waiting for, you know, someone to kick me where it hurts so that I can feel the same pain.
I hope that doesn't happen.
I've been listening to your show and I've heard it for years on a local station as well, Clyde.
You're calling for unity.
You're like a classical liberal is what I would call you.
You don't like labels.
Like a classical liberal is like, let's all get along.
Everybody has speech.
Hey, let's not be a partisan thing.
But now, again, I mean, I know even when you have me on Facebook, Shadowbans you even more.
This is the control and it's so scary.
And I think they use hyper-polarized people like myself, where the media strawmaned me, as a lightning rod to get the left used to being authoritarian and censoring.
They're using it to vilify conspiracy theory, but you're like me.
You're an analyst.
You analyze conspiracy theory.
I think they don't understand that, you know, everybody, even police officers and other people, indulge in what is known as theory or hypothesis or analysis.
Well, you have to.
You have to wargain stuff.
And then we'll question all sides.
They'll cherry pick that of one little devil's advocate discussion we have and say that's our view and it's not.
You call it an info war.
I call it a framing war.
And that's what it is.
Explain framing wars.
Because that's what they call it.
Yeah, framing war is where you have different factions trying to frame the narrative in a way that becomes an echo chamber for those who have biases.
And the trouble is, is people don't understand.
Some of the biggest commentators that are on the news right now are not journalists.
They're basically commentators.
They give opinion.
And like I said, in 2020, we need to look at all of these things we hear, the things we read, as just stories.
They should never be used to form an opinion.
They should be used as something to consider.
And from there, if you find more information that gives you precedent, that makes you feel like this is something you need to move forward to,
I mean, even I anymore have trepidation with regard to some of the things I report.
But lately, though, I've been going back to analysis.
Lately, though, I've been going back to these old documents that the government themselves have put out for threat assessment and, you know, analysis.
They look at the American people.
They look at the populist nationalist movements and the hyper-partisanship as an ungovernable scenario where we push ourselves into despotism.
And a foreign body will then come in and bring order to everything, which would include gun taking, maybe dethroning president, maybe dethroning local government.
You don't know what they're going to do, but they're going to do something.
And in closing, please come back again soon to flesh this out more.
In a framing war, look at how Google and others in the last decade put people into echo chambers on purpose to make us dial down with blinders on so we wouldn't communicate with others.
They radicalized everyone on purpose to balkanize us.
So that governmental report says, oh, look out for balkanization, look out
They are not at all ashamed to put CIA agents in the seats
They're speaking to you from the networks.
Keep that in mind.
You have people like Brennan and others who are there and they are known CIA operatives that are giving you that information.
Plus you need to understand the algorithm situation.
Algorithms are going to push you to actually support oligarchs in the asylum.
And this is what is happening in this country.
Are you going to leave it up to the CIA and the deep state giving you news and information?
Are you going to leave it up to algorithms who don't care where you go because they're computers, and the AI is taking over making choices for you?
We need to understand that we've got to think outside the algorithms, and we've got to consider stories, not use them as opinion, and not quote what these Fox News, CNN, or MSNBC talk about.
We gotta go to break for two minutes.
We're gonna be back.
Clyde Lewis is in Fuego right now.
Paul Watson coming up too.
Clyde Lewis brought up this important report that I covered back in 2004.
CFR Global is funded.
NIC, National Intelligence Council, predicted everything that's happening now.
Well, that's because they're programming a lot of it, ladies and gentlemen, and it breaks down how they bring us into two-party gang warfare and the collapse of America and the takeover by foreign powers led by the United Nations.
They've got all these video games and TV shows about it.
They had the outgoing
We've got the head of the Justice Department, Loretta Lynch, with Strong Cities Initiative calling for it.
We've got the U.N.
Small Arms Group head saying, let's disarm Americans.
You've got Beto O'Rourke saying, hell yes, we'll take your AR-15s.
In summation, how important is this report and how do Americans in just a minute and a half, Clyde, stop this?
Clyde Lewis.
It's just one more, I think, arrow in the quiver, in my opinion.
I mean, if you're doing research, which I do every day, you find these things, you talk about these things, and you try to present them and say, look, either it's a blueprint or they got really good at guessing 15 years ago.
I think it's a blueprint.
And there's also other threat assessments.
I mean, this was from the Council on Foreign Relations.
There are other threat assessments that have been presented by other groups and other think tanks that have been behind the scenes basically dictating policies.
I mean, if you look at the Project for the New American Century, what that deals with, read up on that.
But Matthew Burroughs is the author of Mapping the Global Future.
And of course, it was put out in 2004.
You read it over and you think, wow, this is like a blueprint.
I don't think so.
I think that they want to discredit these things because they don't
On these planners and what they want to do.
I mean, if you can get a one-up on them, you know how it's going to go.
You look at the histories, you look at human behavior, you look at what the founding fathers and the framers said.
Hyper-partisanship is going to bring despotism and civil war to this country.
And you have to be prepared for this.
You have to understand this, so that you won't be surprised when this happens.
And believe me,
I've lived in a civil war before in South America.
You're not going to even realize you're in the middle of a civil war until one day you hear about the whole town's being shut down because of gunmen in the area, or riots in the area, or, I mean, look at the body count, figure it out.
We are sleepwalking into a globalist orchestrated destabilization of the country.
That's right.
We must come together and say no to it.
Clyde Lewis, thank you so much.
Thank you.
You bet.
Alright folks, Paul Joseph Watson.
Paul Joseph Watson is about to take over on the other side.
Rob Dew came into me last week and he said, Alex, this new super silver whitening toothpaste is unbelievably good.
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I think the big difference, the game changer in this is the Coral Calcium because after I brush my teeth with this, they feel so clean and the toothpaste that I don't even like rinse out my mouth after I brush my teeth with this.
It feels so good.
It feels like it feels like good things are happening in my mouth.
In fact, I find myself brushing my teeth
Three to four times a day rather than just twice a day now.
Because I like the way it feels.
We are live and we are asking the questions that are not only not being asked by the mainstream media, they're not even being mentioned.
In terms of what is going on with the horrendous Australian bushfires, of course they've been raging for months.
They've gotten particularly bad in the past few weeks.
And there's been a deluge of not just disinformation, but outright blacklisting of the true causes behind those fires.
They're talking about half a billion animals dead, 18 people killed at least, millions of hectares of land destroyed, thousands and thousands of homes destroyed.
But if you watch the Golden Globes on Sunday night and the speech of, who is it, Russell Crowe read out by Jennifer Aniston, the problem, the cause, is solely climate change and the solution is higher tax prices, the solution is carbon taxes, the solution is you altering your life.
Of course they'll continue, as in the case of Leonardo DiCaprio, to take private jets to pick up environmental awards.
You, on the other hand, you're going to be hit with the bill.
Now they're not only not talking about it, the real reasons behind the bushfires, which is not climate change, you'll be surprised to know, they're not asking the follow-up question, who is behind the bushfires?
And that is a question that we are going to ask here in the next couple of segments.
Gonna debut that video which went up a couple of hours ago, the truth about the Australian bushfires.
So we're gonna get into that
I'm going to get into Facebook saying that they will ban, quote, deepfake videos in anticipation of the election.
Of course, that's a completely open, vague term.
They claimed that I posted a video about Jim Acosta, CNN reporter, swatting away an aide or a White House staffer's arm back in November of 2018.
Of course, that was not an edited video, but the mainstream media
Had a stampede of disinformation.
They all said in unison, yes, you edited this video, even though I didn't.
And that became a kind of deepfake video.
So, of course, they're going to completely abuse that term to ban and censor more content and to ban and censor memes, which Instagram, of course, is already doing.
So we're going to get into that.
First, I want to get into what's happening with the latest with Iran.
Because, again, I've made this point
In my video, World War Cringe, and I think Alex has made similar points, it is possible to oppose escalation with Iran.
It is possible to oppose wider Middle Eastern intervention without literally siding with a terrorist commander in Qasem Soleimani, which is now what the Democrats appear to be doing.
In fact, if he was still alive,
And if he had American citizenship, he'd probably be up on the next debate stage running for office because they love him so much.
I mean, you had Ilhan Omar saying 9-11 with some people did something, but she was outraged about the killing of Qasem Soleimani.
That apparently was way more outrageous than 9-11 to her.
Now we have this headline out of Breitbart.
Michael Moore in Farsi apologizes to Iran for airstrike that killed Qasem Soleimani.
Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has apologised to Iran on behalf of the American people.
Now, which American people that is remains to be seen because a lot less American people have been going to see his recent documentaries over the past few years because most of them have completely tanked.
So who he's talking about in terms of representing the American people, that seems like a dwindling population of people.
But he's saying that he's sorry
For the recent airstrike ordered by President Donald Trump that killed General Qasem Soleimani, the Democrats' new mascot and leader, apparently.
He also pleaded with the Ayatollah, the President of Iran, to refrain from acts of vengeance, asking them instead to allow the American people to vote President Trump out of office.
He's literally begging on Twitter in Farsi for them not to do anything.
Please don't hurt us!
Absolutely pathetic!
No matter what you think about the whys and wherefores, the sanity of escalation with Iran, this is absolutely pathetic.
This is one step beyond what Rose McGowan said a few days ago.
The Bowling for Columbine Fahrenheit 9-11 director, two movies that people actually went and saw, unlike his recent ones, which nobody gives a damn about,
Posted a tweet in Farsi on Monday expressing regret for the airstrike that took place Friday while also insulting President Trump.
Again, this is a guy who committed atrocities on a par with al-Baghdadi.
Like, it's as if Michael Moore tweeted to ISIS to apologise for Trump ordering the assassination of Baghdadi.
It's on the same level.
Just because Soleimani committed his terrorist atrocities, commanded his terrorist army under the auspices of a state, doesn't make it okay!
This is what he said.
I deeply regret the violence committed on our behalf by a man that most Americans never voted for!
He literally said this on Twitter.
He also posted an Instagram message in Farsi in which he begged the Ayatollah and the President of Iran to allow the American people to remove President Trump from office in a peaceful election or through impeachment via the Senate.
First of all, what kind of arrogance does Michael Moore, some fat hypocrite, failed documentarian, who again, nobody watches his recent stuff, Variety did an article about it where they outlined how he was basically just tanking and his career was over.
What kind of arrogance does it take for him to think he represents the American people and to think he can reach out to foreign leaders and try and conduct diplomacy through Twitter when he's a failed fat film director?
Absolutely incredible.
This is what he said on Instagram.
And to say he represents the American people?
No, you don't.
Even your own supporters aren't watching your documentaries.
The filmmaker began the post by expressing his deep condolences.
He's literally expressing deep condolences because some terrorist commander warlord was killed.
This is like saying sorry to ISIS for killing Baghdadi.
I want you not to respond violently, he said, but to act bravely instead.
We will take care of this in our Senate or at the ballot box.
No, you won't.
Violence only increases violence.
Absolutely pathetic.
And he's been matched, almost, by Bernie Sanders.
Headline, Bernie Sanders' Soleimani strike akin to Putin assassinating dissidents.
Monday on CNN's Anderson Cooper, Bernie Sanders, candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, likened the Trump administration's strike against Qasem Soleimani, the head of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Quds Force, to actions taken by Russia and China against dissidents.
He specifically mentioned the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin when making his comparison.
He said this guy you know was as bad as he was an official of the Iranian government and you unleash then if China does that you know if Russia does that Russia has been implicated under Putin with assassinating dissidents.
So he's literally again siding with a guy and talking about Putin assassinating dissidents comparing that to what Trump did to Soleimani.
This is a regime in Iran that literally in the space of like three weeks assassinated 5,000 political dissidents.
This is a regime that killed hundreds of people, gunned them down on the streets only last month.
But Trump's bad.
We're assassinating a terrorist commander, a terrorist warlord.
The level of absolute, just ingratiating, genuflecting weakness that we've seen from the likes of Ilhan Omar, Bernie Sanders, Michael Moore just makes your skin crawl.
You have people in the dissident right, you know, what's left the dregs of the alt-right, literally putting Iranian flags in their bios and pleading with Iran and saying, you know, throwing Trump under the bus.
It's like, come on, come on.
You can oppose escalation.
You can oppose Middle Eastern intervention without literally putting the flag of a brutal Islamic theocracy in your Twitter profile.
How cringe is that?
New York Times is doing the same thing.
Headline out of Daily Caller, New York Times paints Iran, Soleimani and vaunted terms following Trump strike.
Of course we had the New York Times journalist posting a Cope post after Soleimani was killed, exhibiting his poetry.
He was just a humble poet.
Now the New York Times has repeatedly peddled Iranian propaganda in the aftermath of the drone strike.
And basically, they're following the same rhetoric they reported in Iran.
Many saw him as a larger-than-life hero.
Anecdotes about his asceticism, his quiet charisma, joined to create an image of a warrior philosopher.
So, just the same as they described Baghdadi, The Washington Post, as an austere religious scholar, The New York Times is now worshipping Soleimani, the terrorist commander.
Don't go away, we'll be back.
We're going to get straight into this video, the truth about the Australian bushfires.
We're going to play that video, it's about eight and a half minutes long, come back and talk about exactly who is behind the fires.
But here's the video, the truth about the Australian bushfires.
The Australian bushfires are horrendous.
At least 18 people dead, thousands of homes destroyed, millions of hectares of land torched, half a billion animals burned alive.
Look at this satellite image of the country.
It's absolutely terrifying.
And all because of climate change, right?
Make no mistake, the tragedy unfolding in Australia is climate change based.
For weeks, we've been bombarded with this relentless, sustained narrative that man-made global warming caused and exacerbated this disaster.
This is the kind of emergency that scientists say is made much more likely and more damaging by climate change.
Climate change.
Climate change.
Climate change.
Climate change.
And it's all total bulls**t. Guess what the primary cause of these fires was?
People deliberately starting the fires.
Australian authorities are now working on the premise that, quote, arson is to blame for much of the devastation caused this bushfire season.
Firebugs known to be responsible for lighting deliberately lit fires like this one.
Last time I checked, people deliberately starting fires had nothing whatsoever to do with CO2 driven planetary climate change.
Figures obtained by news agency AAP show that nearly 200 people across the country have already been arrested or investigated by police.
for deliberately starting the fires.
Nearly 200 people identified as having started these fires and probably hundreds more who have not been identified.
In Queensland, police concluded that 103 of the fires had been deliberately lit, with 98 people, 67 of them juveniles, having been identified as the culprits.
According to Dr. Paul Reed, co-director of the National Center for Research in Bushfire and Arson, around 85% of bushfires are caused by humans either deliberately or accidentally starting them.
About 85% are related to human activity, 13% confirmed arson and 37% suspected arson.
He said, the remainder are usually due to reckless firelighting or even just children playing with fire.
The disaster has also been made worse by the timing.
It's the school holidays in Australia and many of the fire bugs are teenagers.
The other main reason why the fires are raging is because green environmentalist policies have outlawed property owners doing controlled burns that create fire breaks to prevent inferno spreading.
As Miranda Devine explains...
Governments appeasing the green beast have ignored numerous state and federal bushfire inquiries over the past decade.
Almost all of which have recommended increasing the practice of prescribed burning, also known as hazard reduction.
It's a methodical regime of burning off flammable ground covering coolamonts in a controlled fashion so it does not fuel the inevitable summer bushfires.
I'm here at King Creek.
These greenies and the government and these wombats who don't want to burn it off.
Look at this.
Look at this.
We're going to lose all our houses and properties because you useless pieces of garbage will not burn off when it's supposed to through the wintertime like we used to do years ago out in the
We're good to go.
In East Gippsland in the state of Victoria, protesters successfully stopped one of these controlled burns from happening.
With one protester quoted as saying, So because of green policies preventing the vital forest management process of clearing areas via controlled reduction burns, these bushfires have spread far quicker.
In many parts of Australia, trees were legally designated as carbon sinks to offset CO2 emissions.
This made it illegal for Australians to fell trees on their own property to create firebreaks.
This then aggravated the spread of the bushfires.
A firefighter was fined $100,000 for creating a firebreak on his own property.
And surprise, surprise, his house was the only one that survived the bushfires in his area.
Because, and I know this is hard to believe, firebreaks
Prevent the spread of fires!
These environmental regulations that outlawed the creation of firebreaks, worsened the previous Australian bushfire disaster in 2009.
They knew this for at least a decade, yet the same laws remained in place, thanks to the Green Lobby.
So the very same enviro-extremists pointing the finger at you and I for our carbon emissions, exacerbating the bushfires, are themselves infinitely more responsible for exacerbating the bushfires.
They're the ones responsible for the half a billion dead animals and they've got the nerve to point the finger in the opposite direction.
Data also shows there's been no significant decrease in rainfall in the affected regions.
Droughts in the affected regions were caused by a natural weather phenomenon, the Indian Ocean Dipole, not by man-made climate change.
Temperatures haven't been significantly higher either.
In fact, during the years 1899 to 1901, average December mean maximum temperatures were well above 38 degrees.
As James Derlingpole writes, to be clear,
There is zero evidence of any change in climatic conditions that might have increased the likelihood or severity of these bushfires.
This is not, repeat not, a man-made climate change story, and anyone who claims otherwise is either a gullible idiot or a lying charlatan.
To emphasise the point, the two main factors causing and exacerbating the bushfires in Australia, people deliberately starting the fires and environmentalist regulations, are not even being mentioned, never mind debated, in the vast majority of mainstream media reporting on this subject.
The BBC did a 12-minute piece about the bushfires and neither of those factors were mentioned once.
What they did mention was the apparent solution to eliminate carbon emissions entirely.
A process that would completely devastate the economy and hurt poor people.
Around 50,000 workers in Australia are connected to the fossil fuel industry and we know that around 60% of Australia's electricity comes from coal-fired power stations.
Let's put thousands of working class people out of work.
Let's make fuel prices completely unaffordable for those on low or no incomes.
Let's alienate and anger another generation of resentful rural inhabitants left behind by globalism.
A generation who are already out on the streets in France, Germany and Holland protesting against these very same environmentalist regulations.
Simply to make middle-class virtue-signallers feel better about themselves as they spew hysterical, debunked nonsense about climate change, while they lobby for green policies that actually make bosh fires worse.
Great idea!
And listen, I know it's very easy to be emotionally manipulated by images of burned koalas and dead baby kangaroos, lulled into believing that if you just give your masters more power to tax, more power to regulate,
More power to control, that they can make it all go away.
But they can't make human stupidity and the sheer awesome force of Mother Nature ever go away.
And they're lying to you.
When are we going to stop listening to these people?
They've been caught lying!
Time and time again.
Whether it be the experts who told us at the end of the 70s that a new ice age was coming.
Paul Ehrlich's prediction that hundreds of millions of people would die of starvation due to crop failure by the 1980s.
Or the 2004 prediction that major European cities would be underwater and that Britain would be plunged into a Siberian climate by 2020.
Or Al Gore's doomsday warning that the Arctic would have ice-free summers by 2013.
None of it happened.
And yet now a certain teenage climate activist who is beyond question is spewing the exact same... Fires have been absolutely cataclysmic but of course the narrative stampede is completely centered around climate change even though the people responsible for those bushfires spreading
We're green lobbyists after they passed laws in Australia preventing property owners, preventing farmers from creating firebreaks by burning undergrowth, by felling and burning trees to stop the spread of bushfires.
So again, they're pointing the finger at us for our carbon emissions and they're the ones responsible for these massive bushfires.
The other people responsible, of course, are the people who actually started the fires.
They've arrested nearly 200 people across the country for deliberately starting these bushfires.
There are probably 100, 200 more who haven't been caught.
This is not being discussed by any mainstream media network that I've seen.
So, of course, the next question to ask, who is starting these bushfires?
Well, of course, we had another fire last year
At the Notre Dame Cathedral, which of course, as we know, was completely an accident.
It was totally an accident.
It wasn't started deliberately.
You can believe them.
And it brings me back to this headline out of Summit News, which is Buzzfeed caught in huge light about Notre Dame fire.
Now, of course, they tried to spin it.
That we had started this conspiracy theory that the fire at Notre Dame had been started deliberately.
That was a reporter on the scene who said that.
We reported on his comments, but then, oh no, it was our fault.
Then they completely lied by claiming that certain people from a certain demographic were not celebrating the Notre Dame fire.
Even though, as it was happening, and the headline is BuzzFeed caught in huge lie about Notre Dame fire.
As it was happening, as the cathedral was burning, on Al Jazeera's Facebook page, on France 24 Arabic's Facebook page, post after post, comment after comment, were people, let's just say of a certain demographic, with a certain kind of name, this is France 24 Arabic, this is Al Jazeera, celebrating the Notre Dame fire with smiley faces, with proclamations of joy.
And BuzzFeed put out an article in the aftermath of that.
Here are the hoaxes and misinformation about Notre Dame Fire.
InfoWars contributor Paul Joseph Watson tweeted a link to a video that claims to show Muslim people celebrating the fire.
This is what BuzzFeed said.
Critically, the video in question does not show what people on Facebook were reacting to.
Uh, yes it did.
The Notre Dame fire was in the shot.
That was the video.
You can see it right here in this article if you scroll back up to the top of the article.
The tweet was, a brief summary of who is responding to the tragic Notre Dame fire with smiley faces on Facebook.
If you scroll down to that first tweet, it shows, if you restart the video there, it shows what they were reacting to right there in the background, the Notre Dame Cathedral on fire.
So BuzzFeed came out and said, oh, we had no, nobody knows what they were reacting to.
It was a live feed of the Notre Dame Cathedral on fire, which they were reacting to with smiley faces.
So then BuzzFeed comes out and says, oh, nobody reacted with smiley faces.
Absolute flagrant fake news.
And then they did another hoax.
There was a post and the headline out of RT is the Guardian apologizes for saying Sputnik posted fake Notre Dame photo vilifying Muslims.
This was a photo of two men from a certain demographic
Lifting up emergency tape, police tape, and in the background you can see the Notre Dame Cathedral on fire.
These two individuals are smiling and laughing.
The Guardian, Buzzfeed, all these other news outlets came out immediately and claimed that this photo had been faked, had been photoshopped.
Sputnik then went and provided
The metadata for the photo, which wasn't even their photo, I think they got it from Getty or some other news agency, proving that it was a real photo showing real individuals smiling as the Notre Dame Cathedral burned behind them.
And the Guardian had to apologize to Sputnik for saying that they'd faked that photo when it was a completely genuine photo.
So they have a kind of history of lying about who's celebrating these suspicious fires, let's just put it that way.
Which is not to say that the majority of these fires, or even all of these bushfires in Australia, were started, as I explained in the video in the previous segment, by fire bugs, by teenagers on school holidays.
They've arrested almost 200 people for starting the fires.
And then James Dellingpole pointed out in his article today, Australian police arrest 180 arsonists for bushfires, someone tell Russell Crowe.
He linked to a tweet
Which pointed out that, quote, officials in Israel has stated that the deliberate setting of fires is a form of terrorism.
As of 28th of November, at least 25 cases of fires were caused by suspected arsons.
On 13th of January 2017, the Israeli Fire Investigation, the GAL report, found that 80 checked fires, out of 80, 71 had been a result of arson.
So we know that this is a method of terrorism.
And in fact, ISIS itself came out and said that wildfires were a terrorist technique, were a terrorist weapon.
They'd line out of the Daily Mail, ISIS is using wildfire as terror weapon against its enemies with a group claiming responsibility for arson attacks at scorched land in Iraq and Syria and warning this is just the beginning.
That article came out in May 2019 and it points out that the terror group says the fires are just the beginning
And they bragged, ISIS, that, quote, tons of crops had been destroyed.
This was in Iraq and Syria.
So we know for a fact that terrorists have encouraged and indeed started these very kind of wildfires.
That's not to say that there's any evidence that that's taking place in Australia.
But we have to ask the question.
We know these fires.
Hundreds of them have been deliberately started.
Who is deliberately starting the fires?
Now there's an article out of the Daily Telegraph in Australia, headline, Teen accused of lighting fire laughs after court appearance.
Remember, I just mentioned the image which the Guardian claimed was fake out of the Notre Dame fire, the two individuals laughing, celebrating the fire.
Well, they just had a similar thing in Australia.
Western Sydney teen, Fadi Zrakia,
Interesting name.
One of the two teens accused of lighting a grass fire at Guildford Park while bushfires ravaged New South Wales laughed outside court today after appearing on multiple charges.
Police allege Fadi and Abraham Zarkia, both 18, set off fireworks that sparked a grass fire at Bright Park Guildford on December 22nd.
And then there's a picture of those two individuals.
Once again, they are from a certain demographic.
Now I'm not saying, before people clip this out of context, that any of the bushfires in Australia were started by terrorists or people from a certain demographic, but we know that this is a terror tactic and we know that in two cases, two teens from that demographic have been arrested and they were pictured laughing about it outside of court.
They were filming the reporters on their mobile phones.
They found the whole thing very funny indeed, despite the fact that 18 people are dead,
Half a billion animals are dead.
The country is on fire.
Millions of hectares of property have been completely destroyed.
I would say that that was not a laughing matter, but they found it very funny indeed.
So we don't know who started the fires.
Obviously, some of it's teens.
We've seen the numbers.
Mainly juveniles.
Some of it's fire bugs.
Adults starting these fires, but the fact is people are starting these fires and the fires are spreading because of environmentalist policies that made it illegal for farmers, for landowners in Australia to burn off that undergrowth and to create fire breaks that stop the spread of fires.
So the very people screaming climate change and pointing the finger at us to reduce our carbon emissions are directly responsible for worsening these fires.
Headline out of Daily Caller, ABC News deletes, issues correction on misleading tweet depicting Australia wildfires.
They put a map of Australia onto a map of the US and they exaggerated the fires by making them cover the entire area when in fact these fires were individual fires dotted around the coast of the country.
So we have several instances of them
Again, spreading hysteria to heighten the climate change propaganda when it's proven that climate change policies were actually responsible for spreading these fires.
We'll be back.
We're back and we're going to get into Facebook's plan to ban deepfake videos.
What they consider to be deepfake videos seems like a very, very broad, vague concept.
So we're going to get into that.
We're going to get into the fifth year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attack and how that ties in also.
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Headline here out of RT.
Facebook bans deepfakes ahead of US election but vows no collateral damage against satire or parody videos.
Well, Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, we had this article a few weeks ago, they're already fact-checking memes and censoring memes.
We had this headline, Instagram fact-checks meme saying Hillary killed Jeffrey Epstein.
It was obviously humorous and satirical.
They fact-check and remove the meme.
They either remove it or you have to click through to another screen to see it.
You have to be logged into your account.
It is a form of soft censorship.
There was a meme
Oh, but Facebook's not going to ban satire, meme or parody videos and you can trust them.
Facebook has announced a new policy to tackle machine learning and AI-manipulated deepfake videos on the platform ahead of the 2020 US presidential election, but claims satire and parody videos will be spared.
No they won't, because you saw what happened with the video of Jim Acosta swatting away the arm of that White House staffer during that press conference back in November 2018, when I uploaded a video of it to Twitter
And the media stampede said that I had faked the video and they were saying, why is he still allowed on social media?
Why is this post not being banned?
This is manipulated.
This is fake.
This is a deepfake video.
This should be banned.
It wasn't edited.
The video was not doctored.
As you saw with Trump, he actually came out and defended me.
When you say doctor, you're a dishonest guy.
Because it wasn't doctored.
They gave a close-up view.
That's not doctoring.
Donald Trump coming out and making the exact same point that I did, which is the fact that it was not a doctored video.
It was a gif image uploaded to Twitter.
There was no deliberate doctoring whatsoever.
You look up the meaning of doctoring, it's to deliberately change a video to mislead.
That was not the case.
But this is the slippery slope that they're going to employ.
But they're saying, no, you can trust them.
They understand satire and parody.
Yeah, right.
Every time the Babylon Bee gets a viral article on Facebook, the blue check marks, again, stampede for it to be censored.
In fact, there's a post here which I flagged up yesterday by somebody called Cindy Ortiz, former CIA employee.
Deep State employee who said, quote, A post from a satirical website has been shared more than 500,000 times saying the DNC called for the flag to be a half-mast because of Soleimani.
Some family members just called because their Republican friends on Facebook are circulating it like it's legit!
Oh my God, panic!
We have a lot of work to do.
Yeah, here's the work you need to do.
Create some satirical websites to compete with the Babylon Bee.
Everybody knows the Babylon Bee is a satirical website, okay?
Create your own satirical websites to compete with it, to get viral traction on Facebook, and then it cancels it out.
Oh no, but they can't do that, can they?
Because they don't have senses of humour.
The left can't meme.
It's not a cliché, it's absolutely true, and that's why they want to ban memes.
Absolutely incredible.
And on a similar topic,
Headline out of Breitbart, Charlie Hebdo marks five-year terror attack anniversary with internet censorship criticism.
Remember the reason why jihadists attacked Charlie Hebdo cartoonists in January 2015 was because they were offended at what these cartoonists were publishing.
And in the five years following that, all the social media giants followed suit by censoring quote offensive content.
Well now to mark the five-year anniversary of the terror attack that saw 12 people killed,
Satirical publication Charlie Hebdo has hit out against social media censorship in a special new issue.
And if you look at the cover, which is in the article here, it's titled, New Censorship, New Dictatorships.
It shows a man with a pencil and paper being crushed by a mobile phone with the logos of Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat.
Again, with the caption, New Censorship, New Dictatorships.
And that is precisely the point.
Kudos to Charlie Hebdo for continuing to stay on this.
Again, they were basically, you know, we had the whole Just Sweet Charlie movement immediately after.
You probably remember world leaders marching in the streets of Paris hand in hand.
Then a few months after that, it kind of ended very quickly and it wasn't Just Sweet Charlie, it was F Charlie.
And it was, oh, well, they offended some jihadists, so maybe they deserved it.
You literally had the Pope come out and say, oh, well, if somebody punched my mother in the face, I would react.
Literally siding with the jihadist by giving them legitimacy and saying, oh well if they were offended by Charlie Hebdo's criticism of Islam, you know, maybe they deserved it.
Maybe Charlie Hebdo should have shown up about Islam.
Absolutely horrific and it's
Really odd to think that that was five years ago.
It seems much closer, but Charlie Hebdo still going strong, now calling out social media censorship of offensive content five years after their officers were attacked by jihadists who were offended by their offensive content.
Now, of course, last night, on Sunday night, sorry, during the Golden Globes,
We had Ricky Gervais come out and say, don't get up here and use this as a platform for your dumb political speeches and what proceeded to happen.
Numerous celebrities got up and used it as a platform for their dumb political speeches.
And we also had Michelle Williams.
This is a tweet by Lila Rose.
Who is founder president of Live Action.
She said, Michelle Williams, while visibly pregnant, claimed she wouldn't have won a Golden Globes award if she didn't kill her previous child.
That's right.
She literally got up and gave a speech and said, thank God for abortion.
Basically, if I hadn't have killed my child, I wouldn't be able to get this little award.
That was the gist of it.
Absolutely despicable, you're going to hell.
I hope it's worth your little golden award.
She said, no trophy is worth more than a child's life.
She didn't say that, but that was a summary of what she said.
That was basically the gist of it.
And Lila Rose says, sacrificing our children to pursue our dreams is a total antithesis of women's empowerment.
But how did the media react to it?
Well, here's the headline out of the Federalist.
Media bias vividly illustrated in headlines about Michelle Williams' pro-abortion Golden Globe speech.
What were the headlines?
As she literally celebrated aborting her kids so she could get ahead in life.
Read Michelle Williams' powerful speech about choice.
Michelle Williams delivers powerful speech about women's rights at the 2020 Golden Globes.
Michelle Williams powerfully champions women's rights to choose in Golden Globes speech.
So they took a speech by somebody who was literally celebrating the fact that she killed her baby in order to receive this award and said that that was a powerful message for young women and we wonder why young women across the West, across America, are having so few babies and their fertility rates continue to plummet while elsewhere in the world they don't seem to be having the same problems because
We're good to go.
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I don't love death!
And I'm not gonna sit here and cower to you filth!
I need to plug or we won't be here.
Um... Like I told you, it's not a gimmick that a lot of times a sale gets extended a day or two.
Uh, because...
I'm up here working on news stories, and I'm working on things like that.
And we've got some sales coming up that the ads are going to take some production.
And so, yes, the sale we're doing is doing the best the sale's ever done.
Because people know that we've never had stuff at 50% to 75% off, straw-white, free shipping, double pay, three points.
We've sold out of probably half of our best sellers.
We're on the verge of selling out of everything else.
And so this sale will have to end.
By tomorrow?
By Thursday?
By Friday?
I don't know.
Because I'm too busy to go look at all the inventory and make all the decisions.
They just said, all this is sold out.
This is about to sell out.
This stuff's coming in a few weeks.
This is coming in a few months.
You really need to stop the sale.
And I said, well, tell me what we got.
Well, we sold out of this.
We sold out of that.
We're selling out of this.
We sold out of that.
But we got this, this, this, this, and that.
We got all this stuff.
That's real popular.
And what do you want to do?
I just said, you know what?
I'm too busy.
Just keep the sale going.
And people are responding to it.
And even though a lot of the stuff's being sold at cost or as a lost leader, we're keeping the sale going because they said no, but we're also selling a lot of stuff where we do make a profit.
Some t-shirts, books, films, folks are really supporting.
And so I'm just going to keep the sale going until I can get these ads cut.
And I'll tell you what the new specials are going to be.
They're going to be good, they're just not as wide as this.
It's going to be on storable foods, water filtration, air filtration.
It's the new year, time to get clean, time to be prepared as well.
We've got the best units out there, but I want to get them in here and show them to you and shoot some produced ads.
It'll take some time, not just be up here talking about stuff.
So that's why I'm going to get that done today or tomorrow and just whenever they are, that's the new specials.
We're good to go.
It's sold out!
And all that stuff's important and it also funds our operations.
So, if you want to fund the operation and get great products, you'll never be able to get a sale this big again.
If we're ever selling stuff at cost again, across the board, it means we're closing.
Because this is getting rid of inventory, funding into the future, and just something I did to know we could operate, you know, at least through the election.
Because a lot of things we're not ordering as much inventory and we're going to sell it at a little bit higher price and so we can fund ourselves.
I'm actually doing business planning, something I've never really done, to be able to fund this.
The best deals of 2019 are almost over.
Double Patriot points, store-bought free shipping, and DNA Force Plus sold out, Ultimate Krill-O sold out, Surreal Vitality sold out, Scrabble Shield X2 almost sold out, bodies selling out, Turbo Force off sale, about to sell out, Biomineral Fusion sold out, Brain Force Plus 60% off, still available, Knockout 60% off, still available, Ultra 12 60% off, still available, Selenium 60% off, still available.
All apparel, 25-30%, still available.
Real Red Pill Plus, free bottle of biodiesel.
That's at cost, still available.
50% off.
It just goes on.
30% off.
Alexa Pure, free shipping.
That's a great deal.
And so much more.
That's how we fund our operations.
We'll take advantage of it.
And again, I'm taking on the globalists, the EU, the leftist CIA, the Hollywood pedophiles.
I'm in the fight.
Just keep me in the fight.