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Name: 20200107_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 7, 2020
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The stage is set for Trump's assassination.
Could the deep state use threats from Iran to complete their coup against President Trump?
You take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.
Government's gonna kill this guy.
The establishment might have finally set the stage for the perfect false flag to bury the president.
Here's the scenario.
We all know the evil Democrats would love to orchestrate a JFK-style coup to get rid of Trump, but fear the repercussions would mean another civil war in America.
Normally, the criminal elite would not be opposed to civil war as long as they were able to maintain order
I don't know.
Enter the enemy within, the neocons.
The recent decision to authorize a US airstrike that barbecued Iran's top general, Qasem Soleimani, was a bold and justified response to Iran's terrorist campaign throughout the Middle East.
Nobody mourns the death of Soleimani, may he rot in hell.
But the action could very well set the course for a much larger conflict in the Middle East and might have sealed the fate for President Trump here at home.
Now, both sides of the establishment, left and right, have the opportunity they've been waiting for.
The ultimate false flag attack to strike down our president.
Because now, if Trump gets assassinated, the American people will no longer suspect the criminal cartel operating the Deep State.
Instead, they will blame the murder on Iran, and the American media will fully support that narrative.
This will ultimately prevent civil war and divert the people's anger away from the treasonous Democrats.
The death of Trump would mean no indictments against Democratic leaders, Hollywood celebrities, wealthy elites like George Soros, and criminal operatives within the mainstream media.
The establishment would regain total control of the White House, the American people would be duped into another war, and the military-industrial complex would once again be satisfied.
Now am I saying this is absolutely going to happen?
This is not a prediction.
This is a warning.
Trump better watch his ass.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, this is an extended broadcast here, emergency special.
We've got a developing situation in Iraq.
Two U.S.
bases have been hit by missiles.
I've been told at least 20 U.S.
are dead.
We are getting intel right now.
Alex Jones is about to be joining me.
He's speaking to his sources on the ground, gathering more intel, and then we're going to be breaking this live.
Well, let's be clear.
I gotta go deal with this.
I'll be back in a minute.
From our sources, B-52s have been launched from Diego Garcia, just south of the Arabian Sea there.
And I guess they're in the Indian Ocean.
So we can pull that up for folks.
But I'm just, I've got multiple sources.
I'm getting some more stuff collated.
But you can see the Secretary of Defense said two bases have been hit.
Iran has launched missiles into Iraq.
So listen, it's on.
We had a huge denial-of-service attack an hour ago trying to take down our servers, but the backups kicked in, the live feeds, InfoWars.com port slash show, it's on right now, we're covering it live, and we have one of the Pentagon sources set to come on in about 15 minutes.
So, this is, folks, it's about as tough as it gets here to sit here and have to watch this, and there's so many different angles to cover, but
Boy oh boy, you know, you just... I go back to this headline, not because it's Ann Coulter, but because this topic now becomes more relevant than ever.
Headline Ann Coulter says, we thought Trump was different about starting wars.
And we did, and he has been!
But this is now a major... This is now a major...
Moment this is a major Development here that I believe Trump has been set up ladies and gentlemen.
I Believe the globalists in the deep state have set Trump up.
And of course they have and you know This is one of those times where I sit here and I look at all the reporting that Infowars has done that's become so deadly accurate It's why they try to ban us and shut us down and this is one of those times where I just sit here And I'm like, man, I hope we're wrong.
I Hope we're wrong about
The threat of the wide open borders with sleeper cells being here.
I hope we're wrong with the fact that the globalists in the deep state will literally do anything to try to keep Trump from being president in the United States, including starting World War III, assassinating him.
I hope we're wrong about that.
But again, if history repeats itself here, what you're about to see
Is all the neocons in the Republican Party come out calling for more war, pressuring Trump for more war?
You're going to see all the big people on television calling for more war, bigger war, bomb the hell out of everybody.
Let's see if Tucker Carlson is on tonight.
What time does Tucker Carlson go on?
What is it, 8 Central, 7 Central, guys?
Let's see what Tucker Carlson has to say tonight.
He's the only one on Fox News, I think, that's vehemently against furthering the wars.
And look, I'm not even going to try to sit here and ballpark 2020 based off what we're seeing, but you'd be crazy not to think this is going to impact 2020.
And I know we're still a far ways out, but
We're so sick of these wars in the Middle East, man.
I mean, that's really what it comes down to.
And it's so obvious that Trump is set up when they send out a letter saying, we're going to remove ourselves after your vote, and then they say, oh wait, that's a fake letter.
Yeah, this is the plan, but here's the deal.
The globalists are working with the Iranian deep state.
And so we know that now.
There's no way Iran will be launching all these attacks on U.S.
bases from Iran.
It's under international law that means you can strike Iran unless they think they're about to set Trump up inside the U.S.
because normally this would unify folks behind Trump.
He'd vaporize them.
Why are they doing something so dangerous and so unpopular?
I got a few more calls to make.
And I'm coming here to lay it all out, but let me explain something.
It wasn't Iran or the shy comms that hit us with the Nile service attack with some of the biggest traffic we've ever been hit with.
We've got major companies that say we've been hit with the biggest traffic they ever saw six months ago.
This is as big as that.
This is the deep state and
If everybody's spider sense isn't crazy, then there's something wrong with them.
We should probably give you a break.
You're doing a great job.
And let's just cut to what Fox News is saying in a minute or two when they're ready to give you a taste of this.
But we'll be here for hours if we need to, preempting rebroadcast, preempting everything.
Great crews here.
You know, I was supposed to go home and...
Take my daughters for a nighttime starlet hike.
Well, that's not going to happen if, you know, we don't stop the globalists.
It won't happen next month or next year.
So tonight, I'll be here with live coverage.
So everybody, Infowars.com, port slash show, band dot video, Infowars.com has a live feed.
Let's punch it up that I told him to change the headline a minute ago.
Exclusive B-52s launched from Diego Garcia.
Trump set to strike.
Doesn't mean it's going to happen.
He's launched bombers before and pulled them back.
I was getting calls an hour plus ago that the launches or missiles are already in the air.
There's going to be Iran's going to hit all these bases and all these public figures and even media individuals and that we were even a target.
I'm not trying to be dramatic.
That was just told this source.
is one of many, but this source called me last Thursday and said it's on Kinetic with Iran.
They're about to take folks out and hours later it happened.
So this is huge.
We're going to be covering it all right now, but the way the listeners get involved at times like this is they share the links.
Here, I'll punch it up myself right here.
Dr. McHam, shot please.
You just go to Infowars.com and we'll show people the live news feed.
I'll do it right now.
Go to InfoWars.com.
You go to the live news feed just like that.
You see that link right there?
Trump launches B-52s from Diego Garcia.
That's all we need to do in the control room.
Trump launches B-52s from Diego Garcia.
May strike Iran.
Watch live.
Alex Jones host emergency broadcast covering reports confirming Iran missiles hitting
Multiple US bases in Iraq right now, so we'll update that that's what we're covering.
We can also pull the map here I'll do it on my phone myself.
I'll pull up right now Diego Garcia for folks, and I'll just show that right now hello And then I will come back once I'm done making sure everything's up and I'll get I'll get links out there buddy for life He got a little bit of work.
I got to take care of We will be back in here for you.
There you go right now and the planes reportedly were launched about an hour ago and
I mean, obviously the Iranians know those are coming.
I'm not giving out any secrets here like Geraldo Rivera in the middle of the second Iraq war giving out positions.
But this is a big bold move and all hell is breaking loose.
And of course, there's going to be bombers and stuff launched from other areas, the ships.
If this happens.
But tonight is one where there's a very good chance all that war is going to break out.
We pray that is not the case.
But this source on Thursday, who we're going to call here in about 10 minutes to get on, said it's going kinetic.
They're about to hit the Iranian leadership.
And he says sleeper cells are activated whole nine yards.
He was just in Iraq.
I'm going to leave it at that.
So Owen.
Oh, there you go.
So let's just lay out some of the events that have happened here that have gotten us to this point.
You had the strike of General Soleimani
Which again, he was going to Iraq and somebody gave the US that intel that he was going to Iraq and then he got struck and killed.
You then had a bunch of AstroTurf mourning protests at a funeral, pretending like Soleimani was some hero in that region and there was no conflict there.
Everybody loved him.
Look at the mourners.
Look at the funeral.
Of course, that was fake as well.
Those are AstroTurf funerals, kind of like how the left has AstroTurf protests here.
It's the same thing out there.
But regardless, it doesn't even matter because the narrative is,
Soleimani killed.
Some people think it's good.
Some people think it's bad.
Well, if you're in Iran or Iraq, now you feel that you have to retaliate.
You do.
You strike U.S.
bases in Iraq.
I've read reports up to 20 or more dead U.S.
And so now what?
Well, now what does Trump have to do?
I mean, looks like one option, folks.
I mean, I don't see Trump not responding to this.
And then you really cross your fingers and hope.
I mean, I don't want to say it, folks, but I mean, we know how open the border's been.
Barack Obama was running guns across the border, folks.
I mean, this is the same guy that gave Iraq billions of dollars, same guy running guns.
I mean, do you need to do the math here?
Who knows how many sleeper cells could be in this country.
Hopefully none.
I hope there's none!
I don't want anything!
But dammit, we've had a wide open border, and we had a President Hussein Obama that was funding Iran, terror in the Middle East, and running guns across the southern border!
You know, and I'll just say this, because again, I'm not blaming Trump for any of this, but Trump made a major mistake.
By not getting out of these wars a long time ago.
By not de-escalating all of this years ago.
And so, it's not to sit here and praise Ann Coulter, but like, this is why Ann Coulter was so mad!
And I mean, look, I'll give Ann Coulter credit!
She's been saying this all along!
Trump, secure the border!
Trump, end the wars in the Middle East!
Border's still open.
Wars in the Middle East keep going.
Now we're here.
But everybody said Coulter was crazy, even Trump!
But now look at the situation you're in.
You're now faced, you're now put into a corner to start World War III, and the media is going to blame you for it, Trump.
We know it's not your fault.
We know you didn't start any of this crap.
We know you're probably getting set up by the intelligence agencies, like Chuck Schumer said, they have six ways of Sunday of getting back at you.
We know they probably want to assassinate you too.
Again, I'm not blaming Trump, but man, I wish Trump would have had the foresight to see this.
I wish Trump would have been listening to InfoWars.
But guess what?
Now the same places in the media where Trump goes for solace, those are the same people that wanted to start these wars to begin with.
Same people that wanted to start them in 2001.
Same people that wanted to start them in 2003.
Same people that have been supporting them for all these years.
And if Trump goes back there for solace, folks, it's not good.
And I don't know how deep this really goes as far as the setup,
With potential U.S.
people involved?
But I'm telling you, this has all the patterns, all the signs, all the sense of a setup.
Because as you know, folks, war is a racket.
Smedley Butler, 1942.
But this is beyond a racket.
This is using war
As a destabilization maneuver to then re-stabilize the world in a New World Order type of fashion.
This is what they've been doing in the Middle East for decades.
And now they can use this to attempt to demonize President Trump and blame him for all this.
And that's what they're going to do.
And you're gonna have the neocon warhawks from the Republican Party boosting Trump to bomb, bomb, bomb!
Because they probably got stock in Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and everything else.
Ah, man.
So now we just wait and see, but I just don't see a scenario in which the United States doesn't respond to this in a very, very drastic way.
And if you are in Iran and a leader in Iran, you know what is happening and you're probably sitting in the middle of the town square surrounded by thousands of citizens.
You know what I'm saying?
Bomb me, Trump.
That's what they're saying.
They're daring him to do it.
But see, again, it all comes back to Obama funding them, giving them the billions, John Kerry just going over there to meet with them.
Hell, remember John McCain running around in the Middle East?
Remember John McCain running around in Syria?
Folks, they're the ones that have been doing this!
They're the ones profiting off war!
They're the ones using war to destabilize regions for their own agenda!
Not Trump!
And now, they've created the perfect scenario to blame it all on Trump!
And because he's been blocked from reading Infowars, because he's been blocked from reading Alternative News, because he gets surrounded by neocon hawks from the Republican Party and the military and Fox News, he fell into it!
I need to take a deep breath.
Oh boy.
Alex Jones is going to be joining us any second now, folks.
Again, he's getting more intel right now.
It's just the same crap we've been seeing, Alex, and I think Trump stepped into a trap here.
It's like we needed General Ackbar.
It's a trap!
It's a trap!
Well, let's just go ahead and lay out what's going on here.
If Iran, which they are saying has done, has launched a rocket attack from Iran,
The Secretary of State Pompeo said earlier today that
Iran's leaders would be targeted if they launch any more attacks.
But our great investigative journalist, Greg Reese, our special guest at the moment,
He pointed out that if you read the fine print of all this, it's the Quds forces with all their shell companies that have become more powerful than the Ayatollahs.
And there was reportedly a split internally.
Some had said maybe the Ayatollah greenlit with back channels to have him killed.
But the Ayatollah, we know through back channels, was actually working with Kerry and with others.
The Iranians are famously, you know, very duplicitous, very Machiavelli.
They invented the game of chess.
And so we know there's two big splits between the Quds forces that are really the international arm of Iran, and they've got the bank accounts, the power, they're kind of the eyes and ears and feelers out there.
And that's made the mullahs weaker.
They've been very jealous of the general who was killed and the leader of the militia forces, because they are the arteries that go back into the country.
So we're not sure what's going on now.
And yes, we know that B-52s were delivered to the ocean south of
I don't think so.
A lot
Now, we're gonna go over all of this as it unfolds, but they're all over the news saying, look for counter-strikes, look for attacks.
Reportedly, as you said, some say 15, some say 18, some say 20.
We hope none, but we'll just type in, you know, U.S.
troops killed, U.S.
servicemen killed, we're not sure.
But we're gonna continue in there, or I can go off air again and go search it myself.
Pull all that up tonight as we're live, but I know this.
As all this was about to break, we got a giant denial of service attack today.
That was definitely institutional.
So the establishment, it's not Iran launching this, does not want us on air because they know we'll just try to figure out what's going on.
You know, there's fake chemical attacks.
We're not fans of Assad, but there's fake chemical attacks.
And the Islamists, you know, ISIS shoot videos themselves saying Allah Akbar and videotaping it.
We'll say it's false flag.
Turned out it was.
They want Trump getting only establishment intel.
They don't want him getting any alternative intel because they can lead him right down the same path.
And they don't want the people getting used to having wide-spectrum discussions.
They only want talking points.
We've got a special guest we're gonna go to, but I'm actually gonna go check those numbers myself.
I just need to do that first.
And so I wanna go to a live Fox feed.
We talked a lot about that in the last 21 minutes.
I wanna, in a second, go to a live Fox feed, a live Fox business feed.
I'm gonna talk to our guest and then get that guest set up and ready to go on with us.
But let's go ahead and go to a live Fox feed right now.
...given the intelligence which started to come out tonight at a top-level meeting where the Gang of Eight was given some information about what that intelligence held and we're going to learn more about that potentially tomorrow.
I've talked to several people who were familiar with the beginnings of that layout, even though some of it is classified, and they said it was pretty compelling as far as the amount of planning that had been going on that Soleimani was bouncing around to kind of get ducks in a row for what was to come.
And it's important to point out, as many people have, that Iran had been attacking over several weeks
Not only U.S.
assets, but the Saudi oil refinery, the drone, and there have been multiple attacks in recent months.
The question is the imminence of that attack that Soleimani may have been planning on the ground.
The other thing to look at tonight, Martha, is Hezbollah.
And what happens inside Syria?
What happens inside Beirut?
These are very dangerous places for Americans in particular, because Hezbollah, as we know, is a direct arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the Quds Force.
We're just looking at some new images that are coming in on the right-hand side of your screen.
Missile launches from Iran going into Iraq.
Brett, thank you so much for sticking around, and I know you'll be watching this all night with the rest of us.
Thank you very much, Brett Baier, in D.C.
So joining me now, Democratic Senator Chris Coons, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Senator Coons, thank you.
Good to have you with us this evening.
Your reaction to what you're seeing play out.
Thank you, Martha.
Of course, first my reaction is that I hope and pray that there haven't been American casualties on that base in Iraq this evening, that we haven't lost any American lives or the lives of our partners and allies in the region.
And as all of us wait for what the response will be,
I am looking forward to getting a briefing from very senior administration officials tomorrow.
All of us in the Senate will get a classified briefing tomorrow afternoon.
Just an hour ago, I came from a classified briefing from the Homeland Security Department about the possibility of Iran using cyber attacks against the United States.
It is important that we not only be prepared, both at our bases and facilities overseas where our armed forces and our diplomats are housed, but also here in the United States.
And I think the most important part, Martha, about being prepared is for the President to deliver a clear strategy to those of us in Congress who would ultimately be responsible for debating whether we think we should be de-escalating this conflict with Iran or escalating further.
Do you have any information, you know, in terms of what kind of protection these bases have in terms of anti-missile defense?
Specifically, this base, no.
Broadly, there are assets in the region that allow us to have anti-missile capability.
But there are, as you know, thousands and thousands of U.S.
armed forces and diplomats scattered throughout the region in dozens of facilities.
I don't believe
That we've got anti-missile batteries for all of them And I think there are some real challenges here in terms of being able to defend all of our troops and facilities Given Iran's relatively sophisticated ballistic missile capabilities.
Yeah, you know and in terms of Hezbollah and other locations from which attacks might follow I mean obviously we don't know whether or not
What we have seen tonight is the extent of it or whether it's the beginning of what we might watch unfold.
But what, you know, what areas, what concerns do you have as you look at that potential?
My concern, Martha, frankly, is that Iran may well take this one action tonight and then lay low for months and then surprise us in another theater around the world or here at home.
We're going to have to have a clear strategy for how to engage our allies, how to put pressure on Iran, and how to deter future attacks.
And that's what I think is most important is for the administration and Congress working together to come up with a stronger and clearer strategy for the region.
It might have made news to strike Soleimani.
Certainly I don't mourn his passing.
He was a person responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American servicemen over the years.
But this was a dramatically escalatory step and now I think we need to make sure there is a coherent strategy for how we're going to move forward.
How much of your thinking on that hinges on what you learn about the intelligence?
Because it strikes me, today we got sort of a little bit of information from Robert O'Brien, DHS, and also from William Esper, the Secretary of Defense, who say that the intelligence that they received about attacks on Americans and American interests was that those attacks were going to take place within days or weeks
So, what would you have recommended the action be if you feel that this was too escalatory, given the fact that those attacks appear, at least based on what we know so far, to have been something that was quite pressing?
Well, Martha, that's what I look forward to hearing in the classified briefing tomorrow, is exactly what qualified as an imminent threat.
But more broadly, over many, many months, there have been steady, increasing escalatory steps by Iran against our regional partners and allies, and some responses by the United States.
Frankly, I think there should have been a strategy in place.
I know the President was given, according to press reports, a range of options for what to do in response to Iran's most recent attack, excuse me, the Shiite militia attack on an American facility that killed an American contractor and several others.
What do you think would have been the appropriate response, Senator, to that killing of the American contractor?
The president had a range of options at his disposal.
I know some of them would have included either a cyber attack or a lower level military attack on Iranian capacities or assets.
I'm just struck by the fact that the killing of Soleimani was a very significant escalation and I hope that there has been a thorough plan put together about what the next steps will be because a strong forceful Iranian response throughout the region was I think entirely predictable.
Do you think that, you know, given the escalation that Iran had been producing over the last 18 months, that, and the president had showed restraint actually after the attack on the Saudi Arabian oil fields, and made it quite clear that if an American life was taken, that was going to put this into a whole other ballpark, so to speak.
That something dramatic had to take place and that perhaps taking out this person that had been designated a terrorist by the Obama administration, by the United Nations.
Alright, we are live and there's been a bunch of people and news organizations on Twitter reporting for Ibsted.
We're glad to tell you that we've not found anything.
That is documenting that.
So we're just glad that that is false reports.
What has been confirmed is Iran's taking credit for launching attacks from inside their country into Iraq.
That's a big deal under international law.
And Zachary Lee Clayone has been a frequent guest on the show.
He's a U.S.
Army stationed at Fort Hood, witnessed a lot of incredible things, was involved in a lot of different clandestine areas.
But he called me up on Thursday and said they're about to hit Iran, it's about to be
Be big.
I went on air and said one of my good sources has said that.
Well, he started calling me a few hours ago before the missile attacks were in the news, before any of this was happening.
And he said stuff is really going big from his sources and his timeline.
So Owen and I are here.
I appreciate everybody being with us tonight and the crew here.
Let's go to Zach Lee Claywan.
Zach, thanks for holding.
I appreciate you contacting me today.
And as much as you can tell folks about how serious this is and what you see set to happen here in the next few days.
Well, it's just a pleasure to be on with both you gentlemen, and I would say it's very dire.
One thing's for certain, with the quick culture that we have in today's society, we don't understand the timeline.
And the timeline is this.
In 2016, the Obama administration allowed $1.7 billion in cash to flood into Iran.
On record.
No big deal.
That's New York Times.
That's Los Angeles Times.
That's verified by the Treasury.
They allowed $1.7 billion to flood into Iran, and now we see the situation we have.
This is incredible.
This is very dramatic.
A lot's going on.
Of course you have, you know, the IRGC, which stands for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, taking full
Responsibility for these attacks that have occurred in Western Iraq, which, you know, are very provoking and very problematic.
It's very problematic.
There's a lot of pieces to this puzzle, but people need to go back a couple years.
Because could you imagine a commander in chief, a president, one of the most popular people in pop culture on Netflix with a contract?
Not coming out and saying anything about the situation when you sent them 1.7 billion dollars?
To me that sounds like aiding and abetting.
But I might be crazy.
Well, you called me on Thursday, Zachary, and you said it's going down with Iran.
It's on major provocations.
You said it'll cause a big chain reaction.
And today, before the missile attacks, right before it, you said it's all about to blow up.
Iran's going to basically launch a lot of covert operations.
There was the intel coming in.
You've been a great source.
Tell us what you're hearing about what you think is going to happen in the next three days.
Well, the big intel that was coming in, and for full disclosure, an individual who I am, a United States Army veteran, a guy who works for contracting groups, very well known, the intel that came in was individuals who have allegiance to Iran would be attacking individuals who are from the ground up.
Meaning, if you're a social media influencer, if you're a media personality, if you're a business owner,
If you're an infrastructure owner, if you happen to be in the police force, if you happen to be in the military, and so on up the ladder, which should be concerning to every American here.
This is a credible threat.
This is not hearsay.
This is actual chatter.
And it's very problematic.
And I understand your company.
Your likeness has been attacked today, which does not surprise me.
What do you mean by that specifically?
Didn't you say your server was attacked or something?
Oh, yes.
They've been trying to shut us down right now.
I mean, they're very sophisticated.
And here's the thing.
When it comes to getting $1.7 billion from Obama, make no mistake, when it comes to geopolitical chess, you do not want to play chess with the Persians.
And they know what they're doing.
They're very sophisticated and their butt hurt.
There's a lot going on right now.
Well what does it mean that they would take credit and launch a missile strike from inside Iran into Iraq which opens them up to a lot of response and then they threaten here and their official press agency Miami Herald reports it saying don't don't counter strike to this.
We are warning all American allies who gave their bases to its terrorist army that any territory that is
Well, when it comes to a military level, what we've seen from Iran in the last probably 70 years is that they telegraph their movements.
Whatever they're going to do, they say, they do it.
And they said, and quote, this is an act of aggression against Iran.
This amounts to an armed attack against Iran.
And we will respond, but we will not respond proportionally, not disfortunately.
And this is like, it's fairly important because what they're hoping to do is to get in the UN Council in New York City.
But I don't think that's going to happen.
This is very problematic, but they happen to be playing the international law line, but they're pretty politically savvy, pretty law savvy, but when it comes to war, I would not be on the wrong side of the United States of America.
This is an extremely bold move, and we don't know about casualties.
There's been some reports.
We're not sure.
We hope they're wrong.
We were just covering what Twitter and some news agencies were saying.
It would be in the best interest of the Iranians if not a hair has been harmed on an American.
Because if a hair has been harmed on an American, you have B-52 bombers flying out of Diego Garcia at a pretty high elevation that could reach out and touch you.
People within your country that will reach out and touch you.
We know you have people embedded.
We know that.
We got you.
But make no mistake, we will respond under this administration.
But there are levels to this, and it can be dangerous because Iran is not Iraq.
They are quite sophisticated.
They're special operations forces, which are the CUDS forces.
When I was a Patriot missile operator at Fort Hood in Texas, we had several field training operations where we had scenarios where we'd be dealing with these CUDS forces.
In this exact scenario, and I have full confidence in those individuals who are overseas right now, my friends,
That they could handle this.
But make no mistake, this is a serious situation because we're the last line of defense.
If you get to Patriot missiles, you're in a big, big problem.
Well, let's expand on this.
They say their mace strike is real.
They said there's reports of other bases being hit.
But again, we're not sure those reports are accurate.
Those reports I put out.
So we hope those are not true.
I can tell you what's true for sure.
They deployed six B-52 bombers to Diego Garcia.
The only time that's ever happened is the shock and awe.
Well, some reports are that those planes are in the air.
Have you talked to your sources?
Have you heard what I heard?
Two of six are in the air.
So your sources told you that?
They're on full alert.
They are on full alert.
Two of six are in the air.
Uh, not to mention what's happened in the Strait of Hormuz, right off the coast of Iran.
But make no mistake, two of the six B-52 bombers are in the air, circling, and you're not doing anything to them.
You're not touching them.
And I'm a little emotional.
Maybe I'm a little fired up.
I've been going through a lot the last couple of days dealing with this.
But I would be happy to take any questions or try to... Well, absolutely.
I mean, when you texted me and called me hours before the missile attack on the Iranian military leaders in the airport in Baghdad, you said, boom, it's going down.
You know, it's all about to happen.
It's going to probably lead to something bigger, very problematic.
And then sure enough, I mean, that was true, and I know you were in the air then doing stuff, flying around the world, but you were telling me earlier, without getting into details, so I don't want to get you in any trouble, you weren't telling me anything that was secret, and I've talked to some other folks that are saying that we're on full alert, it's about to happen.
Then the reports of the missile attack on the U.S.
base came.
Iran admits they've done this.
Oh, they've taken full, no, not only have they admitted it, they're completely proud about this.
So why do you think they've made this move?
Do you think Trump was expecting... Because the time changes in their favor.
Because the time that most individuals in America are consuming this information, they're going to sleep.
And then tomorrow is their destiny.
We've all been there.
We, you know, this is a country that's on a war path.
In an unwinnable fight.
They are not going to beat the United States of America.
Make no mistake.
We will defeat them and we will crush them.
But, if you happen to be in the Islamic Republic of Iran, you would want to put up a fight.
I hate to tell you, you're going to lose.
And this is not the Obama administration.
So you're saying they're doing this and hoping that it's done at night and so nobody notices and they have their face saving?
Well, what's going to happen is they have a lot of sleeper cells.
They have sleeper cells.
Yeah, let's go to that.
You're saying that that's in motion from your sources.
Tell us about that.
That's what they're hoping for.
They're in Iraq.
They're in Afghanistan.
They're stateside.
Make no mistake.
So you just said it.
Them making this ballsy move and taking credit is them now telling sleeper cells and others, do whatever you can do.
And what else is happening simultaneously?
The president is being impeached.
And who gave them $1.7 billion?
A Democrat.
Well, I don't want to get you in trouble or anything, but listen... You don't want to think it when it's in your own house, but it's in our own House of Senate.
Well, three hours before... And I just said it, and I just said it, and my name is Zachary Lee Kulon.
Say it again?
And I just said it.
We don't want to believe it when it's in our own House, but it's in our own House of Senate.
And I said it.
My name is Zachary Lee Kuan.
They gave, the Democrats, gave them 1.7 billion dollars.
Now they're bombing assets of our own country and they're going to use it as a political movement.
What you're saying is the back channels of the deep state are publicly working with Iran.
They thought they could take ships, take British ships.
Chuck Schumer said it.
I didn't say it.
Yeah, so what you're saying is the deep state thought it could embarrass Trump and had him back down a few times.
You're saying, you know, now that that's... I think they, after they were embarrassed after the first hearing, that they understood they would lose the second time that this country's gone and they went for broke because the idea was to take over the country.
And when you have a predecessor who's their child golden boy, who's radio
Let's talk about that.
We know, and Owen, jump in here.
We know that there's back channels, and clearly the Deep State was trying to embarrass Trump with this.
I think Trump may have overreacted.
I don't know if he walked into a trap in this.
What do you think, Owen?
What do you think?
Well, I was just going to ask you this, Zach.
I mean, do you believe that these events are isolated or are they all connected?
Is this a pattern leading to a conclusion, which is the same that we've seen with everything else they've been doing, is get Trump out of office?
And if that's blaming Trump for World War Three, then they'll go ahead and launch that.
Because this situation in Iraq has been, or Iran and Iraq, has been building up for a long time.
But you have last night marches, anti-war, really anti-Trump marches.
You also had an attempted strike.
What do you know about the attempted strike on a base in Baghdad last evening?
Is that connected?
Well, it could all be connected, but people are people.
And people operate on different levels.
And all I'm saying is, when you look at the big criteria, the big things, we have an administration before this administration, who happens to be on the other seat of the aisle, who gave these individuals money.
And now we have an individual who's in office, who's on the other seat of the aisle, who they hate.
And this could be used as a big, big deal.
There's a fatwa, a bounty on this individual's head.
No big deal.
The Democratic Party is pretty much radio silent.
They're like, well, we don't love it, but we don't like it.
We don't know.
We don't know anything.
It's, to me, it's pretty clear in, you know, consent when it comes to American politics.
To me, it's pretty divided.
It's right or left.
It comes to the next election, which is very demeaning and very problematic.
But when it comes to a worldwide, geopolitical, actual, kinetical movement... Well, let me say this.
Let me ask this question.
This is problematic.
Let me ask this.
You can smell major war in the air, and I hope that's not the case.
I don't want to go to bed tonight.
I want you to elaborate, Zack, say what you want, because you've been really accurate.
You called me right before it happened, said they're gonna, it's all on, they're about to go to war with Iran, you know, boom, boom, sent me bombs in my text message.
And I went on there and said, well, Trump says he wants peace, but my source has been really accurate in the past for four or five years.
You know, he says it's big bombs, and other sources were like, yeah, but you know, the Iranians, they're not dumb enough once it happened, they're not dumb enough to respond back, but they have because their public will overthrow them if they don't.
So let's talk about Trump.
I couldn't agree more.
I absolutely agree.
And it's already in motion.
People don't even understand.
I can't say certain things, but things are happening.
But I just want people to know, out of Cairo on the 29th, the defense minister
of King Bin Salam met with Mark Esper, who's the U.S.
Defense Secretary, and discussed the... hold on, let me rephrase this, if I want to say it correctly... the Saudi Arabian Defense Minister met with our Secretary of Defense,
to talk about the mutual challenges faced by both countries.
And he emphasized the importance of both countries in the ongoing cooperation as it regards to Iran.
And what we need to know about Iran and Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Muslim world is one is Shia, one is Shiite.
Excuse me, one is Shia, one is Sunni.
They're two completely different things.
And I think, when people hear Iran, they think Muslim.
They are pretty far away from your conventional Muslim.
Put it this way, Iran has compared, and King Bin Salam has compared, Iran to Hitler.
So, when you have the cooperation between the Saudis, the Israelis, the Americans, and what's going on between the Iranians, what we have is a perfect recipe for a big fight.
I know where we stand.
I don't like where the Democrats are going with it politically, but I know kinetically where it goes.
Not good.
Zach, talk timeline, because when we're privately talking, you really lay it all out, it's incredible how it all, literally, you've been one of the most accurate people I've talked to, and I know you're involved with think tanks, you've been in the Middle East just the last few days, but timeline, and why it's so concerning to you, and where you see this going.
It's problematic at a defense level, because what's going on Space Force-wise,
They're launching several satellites, several defense-capable satellites that's going on.
But the interconnected Islamic conflict is very problematic.
The Shia-Sunni interreligious conflict is very problematic.
And obviously the Iranians have never done something this provocative since the original war.
What we're seeing is something very, very dangerous.
And I would just, again, because we have the timeline, point to this.
That China, Russia, and Iran, just a couple weeks ago, let's see what the date is, just a couple weeks ago on December 27th, held a joint naval drill in the Gulf of Oman.
So what we're not hearing from is China and Russia.
So there's a lot of parties at play.
This isn't just about the U.S.
and Iran, obviously.
It's happening on the playing field of Iraq.
But it's happening for the whole world to see.
And just on the 27th of December, China, Russia, and Iran held a joint Navy drill.
The OPSEC, the security, everything that goes into that is so critical.
I think we know where our, you know, where our alliances lay.
And it's hard to look at, it's hard to see, but make no mistake, I think we're going to respond strongly, and I have a couple more points to make, but this is really hard to see, because a lot of individuals I'm talking to on the ground right now happen to be in Patriot missile operations.
That happened to be my primary MOS when I got into the military before I was in the intelligence program.
And they're giving you the intel that it's full war.
Once those sirens ring, you're not going back.
And we hope that's not the case, but you were telling me, before we went live earlier, that the people you're talking to have been told, just expect you're at war.
Hopefully it doesn't happen, but then... If we shoot down a missile, it's as good as killing 100 people.
Because the implication is, it could have killed 100 people.
Because we're effective at missile defense, does not mean you didn't do what you intended to do.
So if you throw a punch at me, and I duck and weave, it does not mean you didn't throw... What was your intention of throwing the punch?
What about this footage of the current Ayatollah going crazy?
I think they see the writing on the wall.
They happen to be a proud country.
And so he's doing that to get people to rise up.
Sorry, I meant to interrupt.
Start over.
I said they happen to be a strong country.
They happen to be a very proud country.
Sadly, they happen to be misguided.
They happen to be some of the smartest people in history, the Persians.
If you look at, you know... Oh, absolutely.
They invented most of the stuff.
I mean, it's incredible what they've accomplished, but they've just been hampered and hampered and hampered and hampered.
And there's been some proud individuals who, through lethal means, have done some pretty incredible things.
So if the narrative wants to be written on why we're going there, it's pretty imperative.
But isn't there also a squirreliness, though?
There's always a conspiratorial thing going on.
Oh, of course!
I mean, let's compare it.
I mean, Israel kind of has that same conspiratorial thing going on.
I agree, but could you imagine receiving 1.7 billion dollars in the previous administration than receiving the Trump administration?
Well, that's just the cash.
How many tens of millions is it in other money?
It's like 80 billion or something.
Oh, don't forget the drone that we lost in Iran, too.
Oh, I'm sure they didn't get a hold of that and reverse engineer it.
I think there should be a dichotomy.
I think there should be a parallel drawn, and that's why the timeline is so imperative.
There should be a parallel drawn between 1.7 billion flown in on pallets on a C-130 military jet, by the way.
On a C-130 United States Army military jet.
Versus what we're doing now.
Well sure, and Michael Moore worshipping it when they killed 5,000 of their own people last month.
And I'm not demonizing them, but the mullahs are not popular.
So let me ask you this question.
We know there's the Quds group that the ayatollahs have gotten jealous of because it's the feelers outside brings in the money.
And reporter, there's been a schism between those two groups.
I know it's there, but how serious is it?
And then who was the deep state
Obama carry connection to, was it to the Ayatollahs or the Quds Force?
We know the Iranians always try to have back channels.
My gut's never wrong.
Now, sometimes it interprets things wrong, because I'll think my gut's saying one thing, but it was another thing I was worried about.
But when this happened, my gut was, well, you see the deep state trying to embarrass Trump and grabbing the ships and doing this.
And Trump looks like a wimp.
Finally, Trump said, if I can get the actual guy that did it, I'll do it.
He doesn't want to kill civilians.
And that Trump did this to, like, take out the deep state connection.
But then, is that true?
Was it Soleimani that was working with the Deep State?
Or was it the Ayatollahs?
And I'll just say this, I mean, you have a lot of connections.
Do you have any idea?
There's a lot of linchpins that could be pulled in order to bring this to fruition.
And what was done was, in my opinion, calculated and appropriate, because
I've been saying for years about the 1.7 billion dollars flown in there.
That's completely inappropriate.
No, you've been on the show like 20 times.
You always just bring it up randomly.
That's not how it works.
It works through an electric channel on the State Department.
Or the Treasury, rather.
Excuse me.
And for those who don't know, a 1.7 billion is just if anybody talked.
What I'm told it was probably a 50 times that because that was if anybody ever saw the pallets they just put a limited number that meant continual C-130s is what I was told by folks that were there.
I'm gonna leave it at that, is that no, it wasn't just 1.7 billion, that there was tons of cash to networks all over that Obama was using to carry out criminal activity, narcotics trafficking, weapons running, and then years after I was told that by family, by the way, then it came out that Fast and Furious was really a conduit into the Middle East.
Is that what you're getting at, Zach?
So it's way more than 1.7 billion.
They just admitted that in case people found out about cash.
Oh, well the cash is imperative.
That was in anticipation of a Hillary Clinton presidency.
What, Iran was then supposed to carry out covert operations for them or what?
Tell me.
Oh, it was the destruction of America.
What would occur was similar to what's occurring now.
But make no mistake, when Donald Trump won the presidency of the United States of America, things changed quite dramatically.
And I just want to underscore what my main point is, because I'm getting kind of emotional.
It's been a very important day.
The point in the accurate intel is that they are targeting, and when I say they, when you talk about cuts forces, when you talk about individuals who happen to be in the country, around the world, who are well-trained and getting orders, is to attack social media influencers, media influencers, protectors of America, people who have a platform, political figures, and eventually, with the fatwa, the bounty on the President of the United States head.
And that should be
Well, that's powerful information.
You know, unfortunately, we don't know if this is true, CNN's reporting that there are Iraqi casualties, according to a security source, from the attack.
Did you, again it does seem bold of Iran to take credit for an attack from their own territory.
Why would they launch an attack from their own territory into another territory knowing under international law that green lights a strike on their own country?
Well, because historically they, you know,
They project what they're going to do.
They telegraph what they're going to do.
Why do they do that?
Because I don't want to compare myself to the Iranian Shiites, but when I'm going somewhere, I say I'm going to infiltrate Bohemian Grove, or I'm going to Virginia to cover this.
I just have this thing where I like to announce everybody knows, and usually when the police or whatever, they actually like that because I tell them I'm coming to do this, and I come to do that.
For me it's a safety thing to not
To not have stuff where people don't know what I'm going to do.
Does that make sense?
Especially if someone wants to frame me and claim I'm going to do something I'm not going to do.
Why would the Iranians telegraph militarily what they want to do?
Because in my experience, that's not good militarily to do.
What do you think, Zach?
Because the only leverage that they have is international law, the EU, and the Democrats.
So what's going to happen is, and they've been quoted.
The chairman, he said, he said, this is an attack—this is an act of aggression against Iran, and it amounts to an armed attack against Iran.
And we will respond, but we will respond proportionally, not disproportionately.
We will not be lawless like President Trump, the top Iranian diplomat added.
They have international law at their side.
Because international law happens to take in the EU and a lot of corrupt other entities that they think if they could get enough countries on their side, we can flip this thing over.
So it's squaring up as a globalist versus America deal.
The verbiage in his statement is problematic.
So was Trump walked into a trap?
The verbiage is not, I'm going to come mess you up.
It's very legal.
I'll just leave it at that.
Well, Drudge is reporting it's war.
Missiles fired from Iran, revenge, oil up 4%.
We called it hours ago.
You did.
If things explode tonight, which they're already exploding, we'll be back live.
But I think for the crew and everybody else, we're just going to end now.
Zach, great job with your reportage.
Can I ask Zach one question before he goes?
Sure, sure.
Zach, I just want to know if you know this, how did the U.S.
get intel of where Soleimani was going to be?
Did they get that themselves?
Did they have to get that from Iranian intel, from Iraqi intel, from Israeli intel?
How did they get that intel?
I got it from Iraqis that were planning to meet with him for days from what I've got, Zach.
So does that mean they have people in Iraq cooperating with our intelligence agencies?
So, through special operations we have guys who are in certain countries or certain areas of operation who happen to be working on our side who just happen to be citizens on their side, so they think.
So there's inbeds on all operations here basically?
Yeah, bears crap in the woods.
Oh, without question.
Zach, do you think more big action tonight?
Do you think B-52 dropping bomb tonight, or we just don't know?
Well, that's another thing.
The time change is imperative.
To us, it's tonight.
To them, it's tomorrow.
Very possible.
Obviously, we'll be in touch, Alex.
I have a couple things.
Yeah, I don't want to cut this off, but we've got satellites and a bunch of other connections.
Can we just roll through this break to the big crew in there?
Okay, Trump's about to address the nation.
So, my question to the engineers who are awesome... You should have seen him at Texas.
No, no, stay there, Zach.
Put Zach on hold real quick.
I want to say to the crew, it's a great big crew in here, but it's kind of a ragtag group, we're going to roll through the break and go commercial free so we can keep going over our feeds and satellite, right?
No problem.
Uh, and everybody else, we don't want war.
This is not a fun thing.
We're skipping this break.
Uh, Trump is set to address the nation.
Iran warns U.S.
allies they will be targeted.
Uh, Zach, you've got the floor.
We just skipped this, you know, and I, it's your show.
We went over to this.
I appreciate the crew.
Sorry, I was yelling at folks earlier, uh, behind the scenes, but this is all real.
This is teleprompter free.
We're not like minions on TV that get a talking point and then, then repeat it.
We're really trying to war game both angles.
Like some listeners, we've, some guests have been against the strike.
Some have been for, cause I'm both ways.
And look, I'm 100% against pedophilia.
I'm 100% against taking the guns.
I'm 100% against destroying America.
I'm 100% against devil worship.
But when it comes to launching wars and stuff, it's complex.
So I'm like, I'm trying to figure this out too.
So is Owen.
We're real people.
We're real leaders.
But that means we're leading.
We've got to figure it out, just like our listeners are leading.
Our listeners call that is all the time and I go, my God, that's incredible.
We're going to do that.
So what I'm telling you is if it's a little train wrecky sometimes, that's because the globalists get committees.
It's all ironed out.
They roll out their BS.
They talk like parrots all day.
People tune into this because it's real.
You can say whatever you want about Trump.
He may agree, disagree.
He's real.
He's trying to be the president.
And everybody gets that.
So, Zach, Owen, you guys take some time.
Zach, take like 5-10 minutes, as much as you want.
And Owen, you jump in here.
I'm getting some other calls from sources.
I'm going to run in here.
Don't hang up.
Stay there, Zach.
And then we're going to continue live, unabated here.
Our servers have been hit with huge denial of service.
The next biggest we were ever hit with.
And so the fact that when these rockets were getting launched, we were getting hit.
I'm not saying it's Iran doing it.
My experience, they've got allies here in the U.S.
My instinct is Obama and the globalists were working with Iran, planning something big.
But Trump has announced he's going to address the nation.
So I'll call my wife and children.
Owen, are you good with the crew?
Everybody good?
Did you just stay here and see the president and what he's about to announce?
Because you know he's about to announce military strikes.
So obviously, yes, we're going to stay here, right?
This has the same feelings I remember.
It was 2003.
I was at my friend's house, and we were eating dinner.
I was having it overnight, and we were tuned in to the Bush address when he announced that we were about to go to war in the Middle East, in Iraq, in Afghanistan.
And I kind of have that same feeling.
And that was for the Globalist Project to let Iran take over Iraq.
And I'll tee this up for Zach, and then he can go on and explain this.
Here's why I feel so sick right now.
We know we've been lied into wars before.
It's a horrible situation over there.
Maybe it's possible for Trump to clean it up, maybe it's not.
What I'm afraid is they know how to maneuver Trump enough now to get him to launch a bigger strike and then blame him for World War III, whether he believes he's going to lie or not.
Forget Trump!
The Iranians have already given them what they need!
But that's my point, and so obviously Trump's going to respond.
So are they confident because they've got a deep state trap?
That's a great question, Owen.
Sorry, go ahead, Zach.
What I want to do right now is let Owen talk because he's such an incredible analyst.
You're right.
Owen, break it down and then Zach's comments.
I want to hear what you have to say about this.
Lay it out, Owen.
Bring something else out of me.
So my fear here, and the same thing happened I think with Mark Zuckerberg the other day with this dinner, where Zuckerberg goes to Trump and he's like, oh you're number one, you're the best Trump, and then Trump's like, ooh I'm the biggest thing on Facebook, and he forgets to talk about the censorship, which is the real issue.
So it's like, now it's like, oh look Trump, they're attacking our bases, they're making you look bad, they're striking us again, they're deliberately doing it in your face.
Trump, egomaniacal, American proud, likes the military.
By the way, go to this feed, there's Trump right there.
Go to the Fox Business feed, keep talking to him.
So have they basically put Trump, it's like you said, they already had all these pieces in place for when Hillary got in, it just would have gone differently.
So now they've kind of had to reshuffle the deck.
The big thing is, is this.
Imagine a guy who authorized the $1.7 billion going there is radio silent.
How could that be?
And he's been radio silent.
Where is the former President of the United States?
Where is he?
And I agree, the Democrats went radio silent earlier today, but before that they were saying international war crimes, but I agree.
But I'm asking you, Jack.
Any county, any city in America, you would be arrested, you'd be brought in until you're charged.
Well, and I think, too, to answer your question, if you're Obama and John Kerry, and you know that you're connected to these people, that's not hearsay, that's a fact.
Like you said, billions of dollars of cash.
So let's talk about it.
Let's just lay out the geopolitical ramifications of the deep state.
Zach, from your research, who are the factions in Iran versus the globalist factions?
I feel real danger in the air, but I think they miscalculated because they pushed Trump three or four times.
He didn't respond.
I definitely think Trump made this decision.
The deep state didn't.
I see real fear in the Democrats' faces.
They were trying to talk crap a few days, calling for the Hague.
Now they realize that that messaging's not working.
They're crapping their pants.
The neocons want a wider war, but they've always double dealt as well.
Do they really want it?
This isn't Iraq.
This is people that are really going to give us a run for our money.
Which is going to lead to a huge war.
What will the Chinese do?
What will the Russians do?
You can feel it.
That's the sick feeling in your stomach.
Is danger Will Robinson?
I agree.
I couldn't believe the way this played out.
But when you look at the timeline, what we see just not even two weeks ago is the Iranians in conjunction with the Chinese and the Russians holding a joint naval drill.
This is a couple days ago.
This is completely problematic.
What we're not hearing is anything from the Russians, anything from the Chinese.
Oh, let me stop you.
That was my next question.
You are magic, Zach.
Putin landed in Damascus unannounced today.
Of course.
That is a message we did hear from the Russians.
I guess he's saying, we've got a right to stability.
That's a pretty bold move.
And we also have a message from Basar al-Assad, who's been getting his brains beat in by this problematic diplomatic conflict that's been started by the Red Line fiasco with, who other else, the 1.7 billion dollar pimp than Barack Hussein Obama.
I mean, where is he?
I'm not even saying what Trump did is a good move, because we don't know yet.
And I'm not trying to hedge bets here.
I back America.
But we've been suckered in so many times.
The point is, war is in the air.
And, well, Zach, instead of me interrupting, you talk five minutes, then Owen talks five minutes, and then I'm going to give the number out and take calls.
What I really want to do is hear Owen talk, because... Yeah, Owen, stop stopping for Zach.
You go for a rant.
Just talk, and I'm going to bounce off you.
I think if I'm Barack Obama and John Kerry, I'm hiding.
In fact, I'm probably trying to get out of the United States of America, even.
I'd be on a ship, I'd be out in the middle of the ocean trying to disappear because, like you said, they have a direct connection to this now.
And if we do end up in a hot kinetic war with Iran, where it's bomb for bomb, essentially, and you start having severe casualties,
Well, yeah, the silence from Obama is going to be deafening.
And, you know, President Trump called out John Kerry meeting with the Iranians.
He said they violated the Logan Act.
Well, it's time for some action then.
I mean, Trump sits here and calls all this stuff out.
Arrest the man.
Send out a military squad.
Say, bring John Kerry to me now.
I couldn't agree more.
I couldn't agree more.
You're spot on.
And that's what it is.
People in this
Close culture, they forget the timeline.
They forget the timeline.
But the timeline is imperative.
When we have the timeline, we can connect the dots.
When we connect the dots, we can solve the crime.
And there's a crime that's been committed.
It's been committed against the American people.
It's been committed against the people of Iran.
And it's been committed against the world.
Because what's going on is nothing less than crazy.
It's completely crazy.
So let's say that Obama, which obviously he cut some deal with Iran, the real deal we'll never know, it was obviously a secret deal.
By the way, by the way, remember we said second wave of missiles launched an hour ago?
Fox News now reporting second wave of missiles.
Trump's addressed the nation, we're going to war with Iran probably.
I'd say about 95%.
We're going to stay here obviously live tonight covering all this.
Zach, I don't want to toot your horn because I don't want to get you in trouble.
But I've already said it on air, I was talking to you probably two hours ago now, and you're like, missiles are already launched, 30 minutes later he goes, yeah, more missiles, and they're now announcing that second wave on a U.S.
base right now.
So why is this all delayed an hour and a half, and what can you say about that?
Because we've got satellite feeds.
I was just sitting there with the security guys.
They're punched up.
Yeah, there it is.
Iran says second wave of missiles has been launched.
What the hell are they asking for?
Keep going, guys.
Well, I think that they are pissed because Obama cut them a deal, gave them cash and a drone, said, you're going to have your new role in the world.
You literally had the Ayatollah say, we have a new spot.
We're at the top of the New World Order.
Trump came in, abandoned all those plans, and now Iran's ticked!
Can I tell you guys something right now?
Yes, go ahead.
You know what time it is in Iran right now?
What, about 2 a.m.?
It's 4.37 a.m.
It's the perfect time to pull this off.
It has to happen in the darkness.
You're going to see more.
You're going to see more.
And then when it's light, you're going to start to see news reports.
And then when it's light there, we start to get information.
And it's going to be, it's going to be ugly.
It's going to be ugly.
But I keep on saying the time change is imperative because
It happens to be 4.37 a.m.
in the dark of night when they're sleep deprived.
They're still launching.
Let me ask you this.
Let me ask you this in the Hegelian dialectic.
When the Iraq parliament votes to remove U.S.
troops, we see the letter come out as a leak.
Is it real?
Is it not?
I mean, who really knows the legitimacy of it?
There was another translated version in Arabic, so it looks like it was at least a real draft, and then it got leaked.
But now they've created a scenario where they can say, hey, look, U.S.
troops shouldn't be here.
We voted for you guys to leave.
And so now that's like, it's like, again, it all makes too much sense.
They have the anti-war protest last night.
They have the vote to remove the U.S.
And then they strike less than 24 hours later.
I mean, it's literally a map.
It's how you try to start a war if you wanted to.
And Trump is basically pigeonholed, as I say, because, you know, he's not going to let this fly.
I agree with what you said.
One hair harmed on a U.S.
I mean, folks, I don't want anybody to get bombed, but like, I think it's all out of salt on Iran if one American's dead from this.
I mean, if I happen to back anybody remotely in the Democratic National Convention, if I was the former president of the United States of America who happened to send this money overseas, who happened to be the poster boy for, you know, what's going on,
Wouldn't you back somebody?
Wouldn't you support somebody?
Wouldn't you give them clarity?
Oh, how about this?
How about this?
The Nobel Peace Prize winner!
The Nobel Peace Prize Obama!
Where is the Nobel Peace Prize winner calling for peace?
Great man.
How dare you say his name like that?
That's a great man.
But that's it!
I mean, see, but that's the other thing, too!
Oh, it's out of control, brother.
And everybody says, oh!
Like, people are ticked off, like, oh, how dare you talk bad about Obama!
It's like, no, Obama was a damn traitor to this country!
Hold on, where's Michelle?
She had to have at least, at least .5 of that billion.
Where's Michelle?
Or Michael?
Excuse me, where, I mean, where are these people?
By the way, you know, people want to sit here and complain.
Why don't you probably, if you're a diplomat, if you're a,
If you're a champion of the American people, wouldn't you probably handle this?
Oh, Obama's in Hawaii.
1.7 billion.
Excuse me, where I come from, that's called aiding and abetting.
Where I come from, that's called paying a hitman.
No, I think, look, Trump needs to address the nation.
I mean, you want to hold back militarily, but seriously, Trump needs to double, here's what he needs to do.
He needs to go after the problem domestically, which is Barack Obama for doing this deal, and just bring him in and say, hey look, Barack Obama gave you guys billions of dollars, Barack Obama cut deals with you, Barack Obama gave you the Iran deal, I don't know where the hell he is, he's apparently surfing in Hawaii, haul his ass into the White House and say, hey Barack, we're almost about to go to war with your buddies in Iran, you got anything to say?
You think you could talk to him?
Can we get some of the money back?
Can we calm things down?
But doesn't this really ultimately just show the world, or more than anything, show America who Obama was?
He was never the President of America.
He was working for Iran!
The Mahdi.
The catalyst.
The catalyst to take over the great American empire.
The catalyst to take over all we have built.
The catalyst to take over what?
Cool things, technology, being up front.
Come on, man.
No, Trump needs to... I think Trump needs to address the nation and say this...
We don't want further escalation in Iran, but we're going to protect our interests and our troops, and I want Obama and John Kerry in the Oval Office now!
I would send out everybody, the FBI, the CIA, Secret Service, send them all out!
Get Obama's ass into the White House now!
Make a public address.
Make a public statement to the world saying, I'm looking for Obama.
He cut them a deal.
We're about to have larger escalation with this country.
Where is Barack Obama?
And then it exposes Obama!
Owen, let me ask you this.
If, if I gave you 1.7 billion dollars, and if possibly I gave you a message with the 1.7 billion dollars, and if possibly you committed a crime,
Against said country.
Do you not think that I would also be brought in?
But when it comes to Obama, they say, what?
Let's just pay $1.7 billion.
Let's say Alex Jones hands me a hundred grand right here, a stack of cash, a bunch of passports, fake IDs and a gun, and then I run out and I shoot somebody, let's say a diplomat, and then who do you think they're going to question first?
Well, sir, we first of all ask you to lower your voice, stop being so aggressive.
We're going to take everybody.
Of course.
Isn't it hysterical?
It's not hysterical because it's problematic and it's gone kinetic now, but it's, that's what it is.
And people forget the timeline so people don't want to say it.
So people are talking about Iran as if it's like an isolated incident.
No, this has been something that's been on the timeline continually.
What do you think Obama promised Iran behind closed doors?
A global government.
Which they would be at the top of, which is what the Ayatollah said!
A global government.
Guys, put that into a search engine.
Iran says they'll be at the top of a new world order.
They said that about two years ago.
A global government, without question.
All the losers on a geopolitical level are hoping for the fall of the United States of America, are hoping for the fall of the UN, are hoping for the fall of what we know has security around the world.
They're hoping for it.
And if you're a loser, you'd hope for rich people to lose money too.
And this is, again, this is elementary level stuff.
Why would Barack Obama send cash to Iran instead of electronic transfers that can be easily tracked and monitored, which you'd think you'd want to do anyway with billions of dollars?
I don't know.
His middle name's Hussein.
Barack Hussein?
President Hussein?
Let me ask you this.
I don't know if he's radio silent as this all happens when they flooded people with cash.
I don't know.
What do you think is going through, let me ask you this Zach, what do you think is going through the average member of the military's head right now?
Let me wrap my gloves around your neck.
And do you think that's aimed in a certain direction right now?
I think most people in the military are pretty object-focused, pretty operation-focused, and they just got to do what they got to do.
Unfortunately, they happen to be in this political football game of politics, but the guys I know, the women I know who happen to be serving, are going to do their job to the best ability.
They're the greatest fighting force in the country.
They're the greatest fighting force in the world.
And they will execute the mission, but it's pretty difficult when the refs are rigged, the organization's rigged, the ball's rigged, and we still win.
And yeah, exactly.
The ref, the time clock, the scoreboard.
So what is, I mean, and here, this is what my fear is.
My fear is when they wake up in Iraq and Iran in about three hours,
And we start getting reports because there's finally daylight and people can actually, you know, look at the scene there and figure out what's going on.
How bad is the devastation?
My fear is it's not just B-52s that are launched.
My fear is a lot of other stuff has been launched and it will be an all-out hellfire in Iran.
If there is a hair on an American's head that is singed from one of these attacks.
And people can sit here and debate all day long.
Oh, who's right?
Who's wrong?
No, no, no.
Let's look at what's really going to happen here.
I think it's going to be all out hellfire in Iran if this gets any worse.
Well, I agree.
And I think that's why President Trump is waiting just before sunrise, the first prayer at dawn in the Islamic calendar, the first prayer to make an actual order.
I don't know.
Let me ask you this, if it's a situation like the original strikes from the Trump administration in Syria where it's just damage, property damage essentially, you know, the base is destroyed, you know, the flight decks or whatever are destroyed, I mean, do you think Trump responds to that or do you think that's something that we kind of just have the same kind of snowball effect of just more tension?
Well, geographically, Iran is much different from that, but what we are going to see is a devastating response.
And if I was him, I would respond overwhelmingly.
It's like saying, like being in a fight, like you're getting a couple of jabs, getting a couple of hooks, but if you could land a real heavy, you know, a haymaker, you better land it.
And when you swing a haymaker, you better land it.
Well, I think if you figure you're going to save yourself a bunch of, let's say, brain damage from not sustaining 30 more punches in the fight, if you can knock them out with one haymaker, you're going to do that a la Fukushima a la Hiroshima.
Yeah, I mean, it's not going to be that, but if we strike sites where they happen to be hiding those things, that's their bidding because they're not supposed to have them anyways under the deal that Barack Obama paid them for.
Which I don't think anybody believes.
I mean, I think Iran probably has nukes.
You know, I'm so glad you bring into this because people... Yeah, and people want to see you say, oh, well, you know, you always go back to Obama.
Well, wait a second.
So people want to claim Obama's responsible for this new economy, which is total BS.
Well, why don't you give Obama some credit for the tension in the Middle East?
Why don't you give Obama some credit for empowering the state of Iran that is clearly out of control now?
I couldn't agree with you more.
There is a direct correlation between that and nobody could argue that.
I just hope that Trump is really measuring this and really thinking about his gut instincts when he's taking on all this different intel.
Because look, you know, Chuck Schumer said it.
Other government officials said it.
The intelligence agencies are going to screw you, Trump.
They told him it.
They told you.
The intelligence agencies are going to screw you, Trump.
Six ways of Sunday is what they said.
One might say the intelligence community is going to kill you.
Yeah, that was Philip Mudd.
I would just say, we have to war game this, we have to analyze it, and at the end of the day, we have to realize geographically where we're at, where our alliances lead, and what we're going to do moving forward.
And I think a lot of people are comfortable in their own lives.
I think a lot of people are not prepared to deal with this.
They're prepared to observe it, like entertainment.
But make no mistake, this is war.
And it's a big war.
Because what we're not hearing anything is from the Chinese, the Russians, and also the former president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama.
And to me, I take that as a direct threat.
And I'm a guy who analyzes things of this nature, and
I do that for a living, and I can just tell you from the sources I have, from the dots I've connected, this is a very big problem.
I think we all agree.
I think we all feel it as well.
It's natural, folks.
We're all connected.
We're all humans here, and we can all feel it.
I don't know if Trump is going to speak tonight.
They've said that the White House is considering it.
Trump is meeting with the National Security Advisors right now.
There might be more attacks in route if he's postponed the speech.
He might be in the Situation Room as we speak.
Well, that's because more attacks are coming in.
Iran has announced them and they've now been launched.
All right.
Well, Zach, thank you for your great analysis and please be able to join us tomorrow during David Knight's show or during mine or during Owen's here at InfoWars.com.
Thank you so much and God bless you.
And if anything happens tonight, you've got the hotline.
We'll call you if you want to pop back in.
Thank you.
Absolutely, guys.
Thank you.
All right.
Again, we can sit here and Monday morning quarterback this all day long.
Bottom line, Iran has been working with the Deep State since they were put in power in 1979, and that was above
The president was above Jimmy Carter, was above Reagan.
There's a lot of sophisticated groups who aren't above the electorate, aren't above the president, but they operate in the bureaucracy, just like Trump can't get rid of John Brennan's security clearance.
They just say, F you!
And the way they built the NSA system starting in the 90s, as the designer of it is exposed, William Binney, on this very show and in this very chair where I sit,
He was like, wait, you're now changing it where anybody with a security clearance can get in and not be seen?
That opens up the surveillance grid to bring us down, not to keep us safe, even if you're going to go for a surveillance grid.
And then he went into the fact that the Deep State
Could then use those systems that they controlled and helped build to control everybody else in a technocracy.
Well, it wasn't a year after William Benny was on the show, The Globalist came out and said, we're technocrats and we control the system.
So Trump doesn't even know how it works.
But the people that were there 30, 40, 50 years, like Brennan, they do.
If Trump brought in William Benny, we should get back on the show tomorrow if we can, because that's for the producers.
Benny has met with the President.
He's met with folks and was ready to fix it all.
That's when all hell broke loose.
Benny is literally like a 200 IQ mega bug brain, and I mean that in a good way, like Starship Troopers.
He's like the brain bug.
He literally has the patents for most of it.
He's been at the top codebreaker.
He's ready to fix it where it only actually profiles people.
But they're politically correct.
They go, oh, we don't profile you off your profile.
That's always accurate.
And profiles are incredibly accurate, like 99%.
We don't go off profiles.
We're just going to spy on everybody.
Well, that blinds you to real threats unless you want to control everybody and know their hopes and dreams and want to see how your lies are working.
If you want to use total surveillance as a sampling system of total control, well, then it works really damn well.
Or if you want to burrow down into intel you've got in a database and harass people that are patriots like I've gotten to enjoy and they're so pissed that I'm so straight and my life's so clean that they haven't able to find something and no one will take money to lie about me except a few scumbags and nobody buys it.
So we're here live, we're covering all of this.
Iran launched more than a dozen ballistic missiles out of their own country and took credit.
Now they say more attacks are coming.
We're getting reports of more attacks.
We're going to be covering this live as it unfolds.
I want to give the number out.
For people that are watching, we have record viewers on the audio and video streams, separate from the denial of service attacks.
So if you have problems going to infowars.com forward slash show, we have newswars.com forward slash show.
If you have problems going there, go to summit.news.
Not my website, but Paul's helped us build it and we work with him and he's got links there.
Or you can go over to other sites.
And get the feeds that carry it like band dot video that is our site band dot video to the live feed of the war room And that's the feed that has that right there and and I get people are pissed off about this.
I don't want wars They're not a good thing
The truth is Iran was working with the deep state against President Trump.
That's why I gave the benefit of the doubt last week at an instinctive level.
I literally, when it was happening, I spent hours just, I told my wife and kids, I can't talk to you.
I got to go close the door and just read the news and then sit there and think about it.
I thought, well, this is a deep state plan.
It's a trap against Trump.
But if he doesn't act, they're going to try to impeach him for not acting against it.
And so I just said, give them the benefit of the doubt.
And that's not a punt like I'm pushing war because it's popular.
It's not popular.
It's a good thing that the average American is so sick of the lies.
Every former veteran I know, they're all veterans, former service member I talk to, every contractor I talk to...
Doesn't like Afghanistan, doesn't like Syria, doesn't like these wars.
But it doesn't mean that when you're in the middle of the crisis that we're going to sit there and say the Hague needs to arrest our president and he's a war criminal when he's the guy trying to get us out of all these countries.
And so seeing Michael Moore and Hollywood and the media saying, and Iran saying, we're not your enemy, America.
Trump's our enemy.
Kill your president.
Well, that makes me get really, really pissed, Owen.
And so at the end of the day, Trump's not perfect, I'm not perfect, but I think he really means well.
He may have been given false intel, but Iran launching these attacks, this is the takeaway, tells me that they've got moles and they believe they're powerful and that they wouldn't do stuff like this unless they think there's some trap for the president.
That's all I'm saying!
Or they're so crazy they need to be taken out.
What do you think, Owen?
Well, here's why I'm irate, Alex.
If Trump would have done what he should have done over a year ago, we wouldn't be in this mess.
If John Kerry would have been investigating... He should have taken those bastards out for the money to Iran, and the corrupt State Department deals, and the censorship, and the deep state racketeering.
You're right, Trump... None of this would have happened, and we tried to warn him.
Okay, but maybe now he's taking action.
And so we'll see, but you know, having...
John Brennan, with a security clearance, is literally telling him, yeah, come into my bedroom when I'm sleeping with my wife!
Come on into the John when I'm taking a job!
John Brennan, with those software that we know about that's 10 years old, can get into any Trump phone, any webcam.
He knows everything!
He knows everything!
And it's not like we're hiding anything, but John Brennan doesn't get to watch me have sex with my wife, or hear my private discussions with my lawyers!
But we know they're doing it!
And so what I'm saying is...
If you're playing chess, and you've got John Brennan in your head, and you're playing against John Brennan, what do you think John Brennan's gonna do?
He's gonna know your move, and he's gonna tell your enemy what your next move is!
How the hell does John Brennan still have that?
I'm telling you, it's not even... How the hell... I mean, I'm just gonna say, everybody's so scared of him, because he ran stuff for a while... Screw him!
Screw him, man!
I am so... I mean, I am literally...
I go into a rage thinking about giving in to fear to that son of a bitch and bowing down to him.
When he literally joined Wahhabism, he is a frickin' Islamic turdball.
I mean, I can't believe Barack Obama is sitting here silent as a church mouse.
He ordered it and they didn't do it.
It wasn't that Trump didn't fail.
Yeah, whoever it was just refused.
Fine, fine.
Let me tell you though, I talked to, look, Zach's a great guy, and Zach,
I knew Zach like six, seven years ago.
He would give me stuff and I didn't take him serious.
I knew who he was.
I knew he served.
He was a veteran and was awarded for his duty.
And he was, you know, a good guy.
But I mean, you're hearing this stuff.
You're like, okay, I don't know who he's got.
Well, actually I do.
Or what, I mean, he's tied into, you know, his dad was American.
His mom was Muslim.
Or was it the other way around?
The other way around.
The point is, is that he has a lot of these connections.
He's connected to a lot of these people.
Look at that.
Red devil horns appear above Persian Gulf during solar eclipse.
I mean, that just happened when this is happening.
And even the Bible says the stars line up to what's happening in the real world.
Can we punch up DrudgeReport.com and red devil horns appear above Persian Gulf?
I want to show that DrudgeReport.com headline up there if we can.
There it is right there.
Just scroll down.
It's okay.
Go ahead.
I mean, is that not insane?
That actually happened today as all of this is unfolding.
And one thing I've learned is as above, so below.
Wow, that is gorgeous.
I mean, that's like the Islamic crescent rising out of the ocean that's on top of the domes.
And then, man, that is freaky as hell, bro.
This is God's simulation if you want to go there.
But that is the exact
Curvature of the moon they show.
What do they call that moon in that circumference?
Because you have the harvest moons.
The crescent?
There's the harvest moon.
There's like 20 moons, isn't there?
Blood moons is when they're all totally red and full.
God almighty, put that back.
Let's just leave that on screen.
So, this is a very crazy.
Yeah, and then you go through the photos.
It's pretty, uh, pretty shocking.
And go to the next one, guys.
There's like three of them.
I just think for President Trump to not address the problems we have domestically that are leading to these issues is a dereliction of his duty.
That's it.
Imagine that rising out of the ocean.
That's what they saw this morning.
Good God, that's amazing.
Dude, that is the perfect, it is the crescent moon, but there's like, wow, I mean, because there's an exact, there's an exact point of each move of the moon.
I guess that's during an eclipse, so they can just sit there and shoot that.
But wow, right as it came up, blood red, it's the exact circumference and cut of what's on top of those mosques.
Here's the thing, there's 1.8 billion Muslims right now.
There's about to be 3 billion by 2030.
Should we all sit here and talk about this?
This is apocalyptic stuff.
Well, and I guess, what time is their hour of prayer?
You're about to have millions of Muslims get on their knees and pray to Mecca here in not too long either.
Alright, well let's do this.
We can pontificate all day long, and the crew's doing a great job, and Owen's doing a great job, and Zach did a great job.
I want to give the number out.
No need to screen the calls, but each caller's getting like 30 seconds.
Just say your name, give us your take on this, and I'm moving to the next person.
So you're going to get the real Alex Jones.
Because I've been on air 25 years, and used to, man.
The first five years on air, I had, I was doing my own calls during the break.
They had a guy running the show, but I wanted to, quote, stream my own calls.
Like, what's your name?
Where are you calling from?
I'll just write it down on a piece of paper.
I'd go, I had like 10 phone lines in front of me.
I took, I'd take 10 calls, a segment usually.
That's one call a minute.
So, 877-789-2539, 877-789-Alex, we are going to take your calls on what you think about this, and what your view is, and what you think is most important.
Each person gets 60 seconds, and that's it.
877-789-2539, 877-789-Alex.
And, I mean, I went on there today, Owen, and I said,
I went to bed at like 2 o'clock in the morning.
I got up at 4.30, 4.20.
I couldn't sleep.
It's because the energy level.
By the way, first reports coming out of the Pentagon are saying no reports of U.S.
That's good.
Hopefully that's the case.
But, you know, and then you have to wonder too,
Well, I don't even want to go into it, but it's just... I mean, they're obviously trying to kill U.S.
I mean, they're not... they're firing at U.S.
That's not... to not induce casualties.
It's war.
Iran targets U.S.
Missiles fired at bases.
Fierce revenge has begun, and they're announcing more targets to be hit, which, again, is asking for it.
Which is just, it just makes you suspicious.
Let's hear what Tucker Carlson has to say.
Guys, I'll give you a second.
It's again, Tucker Carlson here.
Let's see what Tucker Carlson is talking about right now.
We go to that main Fox News feed.
...who was born after those attacks took place.
That's extraordinary.
And when you consider almost 20 years of war has a pernicious effect on democracy.
On democracies.
Democracies are not ready to exist in a state of perpetual war.
It's okay.
It's fun about the live show.
That's MSNBC.
And we've got satellite feeds right there.
And so just punch up... You know what?
Five minutes.
Take five.
We'll come back at...
We'll come back in an hour and go to it.
It's no big deal.
We got loaded phone lines here.
Ryan, Terry, Dennis, Charles, Kyle, Joseph, Harry, David.
And as soon as you guys give me a green light to take calls, I'll do that as well.
Let's get Gregg Reese coming over here.
I've been sitting on here for four and a half hours.
I need to go to the bathroom.
Okay, so Gregg Reese, you come sit over here.
I'm gonna take care of some business here.
No, I wanted Gregg Reese in here because Gregg's really smart, been a Marine, really studies Iran, covers the restart movement that he really thinks is a great group.
I do as well.
And I want to get your take on that.
Well, you know, it's... Get that mic down.
Yeah, just tip it down.
It's absolutely crazy what's happening now.
It's crazy that they actually retaliated and they're now announcing that if we retaliate against their retaliation that they are not only going to strike back us, but they're going to strike at Saudi Arabia.
They said they're going to attack Dubai.
The other interesting thing I noticed is they've been releasing photographs of the Ayatollah Khomeini supposedly in a command center that we've now learned is a fake photograph.
This photograph is from 2014.
Other photographs that they've been releasing, that the Islamic Republic have been releasing showing their war face on, have also been proven to be fakes, I believe also from 2014.
And that makes you wonder, you know, we're talking about Iran being a proxy of the deep state.
Makes you wonder who's actually behind this attack right now.
It certainly makes sense that it's not the mullahs.
Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but it's a suicide mission from the mullahs.
Some would argue that they were forced into doing this because they have to retaliate to look good for their people.
They really don't.
I mean, to wage an attack like this, to follow it up with threats of attacking Saudi Arabia, to release these fake photographs showing the Ayatollah supposedly in a command center that are from 2014, just makes you wonder who's actually waging this.
Again, we're up here live on this historic evening.
The President says he's going to address the nation, then he said he may not because there's more strikes going on.
He's going to do it while the Iranians are attacking.
Reportedly, B-52s aren't just delivered to the air, they're in the air and may strike from sources that have been very accurate in the past, but those are unconfirmed reports.
I want to be able to go to phone calls here and continue with you, Gregg Reese, but I just want to point out that
This is Trump's biggest challenge.
This is Trump's biggest challenge up until this point.
What happens next is going to decide the future of America, I would say.
If we respond the way that we're typically used to seeing the U.S.
respond to such a thing, then I think we're in real trouble.
The only thing that's going to get us out of this is
You know, when Pompeo was talking about going after leaders, I could see that being a response that could actually get ourselves out.
But the word is, and that's what Iran's specialty is, is sleeper cells, that they're going to activate their networks to go after people domestically.
And that could be used by the deep state, like they do with MS-13 and Hezbollah.
Really, the globalists carry it out.
They claim that Iran did it, or MS-13 did, and then they wipe out those groups.
But really, it's deep state.
So right now is the time to be on maximum alert.
And by the way, let me add one more thing.
We've shown off Twitter like five times that the crew's amazing.
I'm not complaining.
Again, people aren't used to TV where the host directs things live on air.
So people think I'm like bitching at the crew.
The crew's amazing.
Get the Ayatollah, the Supreme Leader.
I want the video HD full screen because we've been showing it off Twitter.
Take your time.
We're gonna take calls.
But I want to show him having a conniption fit at Soleimani's funeral.
You talk about unhinged.
This guy has nuclear weapons.
They say they don't have nuclear weapons.
They have nuclear weapons.
They just don't have the delivery system.
And so
Yeah, Owen, you continue.
Right over here.
Owen's got an update.
So we're going to take your calls in a moment.
Owen's got an update.
Go ahead.
So I was just in the break room and I was grabbing a cup of coffee here and I was listening to Tucker Carlson on Fox News with former Army Colonel Doug McGregor and he really summed it up in a very powerful way.
I'm going to try my best to not mince his words.
And we've got it on satellite and DVR.
Back it up two minutes.
Back it up three minutes.
Go ahead.
See if we can find it.
But what he said was so key.
And Alex, you were saying it too, how this is the most important moment of Trump's presidency.
Former Colonel McGregor was basically saying the same thing, saying, look,
You know, Trump is basically met with a challenge now to either decide to de-escalate, which is something none of the former administrations have done, or launch into a larger war, in Colonel McGregor's words, he said, which will destroy his presidency.
Now, I don't know how President Trump analyzes and sums it up, but that's the words of former Colonel McGregor on with Tucker Carlson, and what he said was key.
He doesn't understand what Trump thought would happen when he surrounds himself with people that hate him and when he surrounds himself with people that love going to war more than the United States of America.
And by the way, McGregor's on there right now.
We are backing that up.
We'll have that for folks here in a few minutes.
But that's exactly what's happening.
What did Trump think would happen?
He thinks he's going to co-opt the neocons.
That's not how this works.
And I'm sitting here thinking to myself, too, I'm thinking, okay, Trump is in emergency meetings right now.
Well, who is he meeting with?
Is he meeting with the same people Obama met with?
Is he meeting with the same people Bush met with?
Is he meeting with people we can trust?
Is he meeting with colonels?
Who's he meeting with?
And this brings us to a larger issue, and I'm not trying to pivot to a separate issue here, but it's true.
You know, the average American could
I agree.
Phone calls.
We're gonna have that coming up.
We're gonna go to phone calls.
Texas facing 10,000 potential cybersecurity attacks from Iran per minute Abbott says and I'm not gonna say it's Iran because I don't know who it is because they bounce all over the world but
Before the rocket attacks happened, we had the second biggest synonymous service attack we've ever had.
Thank God, the list of supporters, we were able to pay for really big expensive servers and we're talking thousands of dollars a day just to have that, just to have that redundancy and it hammered the hell out of it.
And now Texas is being hit and this is all being reported by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
Again, the Iranians are heavily embedded with the globalists, the Iranian leadership.
We're going to bring, of course, Owens-Troyer back in here in a few minutes, but continue and then we're going to go to phone calls here.
The other thing I've been hearing from the Iranian friends I've been talking to in Restart is that they're very concerned that the, there's no evidence of this, but it makes sense that the Islamic Republic has loaded explosives in lots of ancient sites and public sites in Iran, with the intention that if we do ever attack or retaliate anywhere near these sites, they can just explode these explosives on their own.
And then blame it on Trump, who walked right into it, tweeting he might attack them.
By the way, they're now reporting on Fox News, President Trump will not be addressing the nation.
We should probably get Zach after we take calls to pop back in.
That means the war is really hot right now and Trump doesn't want to address things while operations are going.
This is going to be one hell of an evening.
Please continue, Greg.
Well, it just goes to show that once the war starts, there is no... it's chaos.
And even if they make plans, like I'm saying, Pompeo, even if they go after a leader who's to stop Iran from blowing up their own stuff, it could ruin the Trump presidency.
It could ruin everything that we've been working for.
It's a very dangerous time, obviously, we're in right now.
So let me ask this question before we go to Ryan, Terry, Dennis, Charles, Kyle, Joseph, Harry, David, David, Erica, Jefferson.
Do we just back Trump in whatever the war is up front?
Or what do we do if all this starts going sideways?
Well, I mean, the Marine in me says you've got to back Trump right now in a time of war.
You've got to back the President, and especially so far as... Well, especially when the Democrats are saying they want him up before war crimes, one of the ones that made the deal with Iran.
I mean, and they're talking about war crimes... And it's the Democrats that literally hate the country and tell us how much we suck all day.
And they tell us Trump's a war criminal when he's trying to get us out of these wars.
I mean, I agree.
That's just gut-level instinct is back President Trump.
Absolutely, and meanwhile these Democrats are tweeting out the Iranian flag right now while this is happening, and they're tweeting out their compassion.
I just saw a CBS lady with an Iranian headdress on.
Oh yeah, like the Trump derangement syndrome has now become this Iranian-Islamic, when they admit
The Iranians killed like 5,000 people last month in assassinations, and we're just mowing down thousands of demonstrations, and this is who they're joining with!
It's insane!
No, it's the storybook, it's the absolute picture-perfect version of oppression and tyranny is the state of Iran right now.
It's like a cartoon book of tyranny.
It's over-the-top, and to see our democratic leaders embracing this, they're taking the masks off more than ever right now.
Because if you criticize the Iranian regime, you're dead today or in jail.
Oh yeah.
But people fought for us to have the rights here to give our opinion.
And look, my opinion is, I don't have all the answers.
And I know Trump's trying to get us out of these countries, and he legitimately believes that.
And he wants to take over countries economically and have them want us in, which I'm all for.
So as they fret about cyberattacks from Iran, Texas officials also say homegrown incels pose a threat.
Yeah, well there are a bunch of little leftist garbage people.
Okay, we're going to take some phone calls right now, and again, Greg Reese is willing to continue broadcasting here with us, and Owen Schroer is going to come back in here in a few minutes, so anytime Owen's ready.
Owen, you're over there drinking your coffee.
Yeah, well I'll switch places with Greg here in a minute because I got the earpiece so I can hear these calls, but here's what I'll say.
I'm afraid, like Greg just said, that they have a perfect scenario set up to really destroy the Trump presidency.
And while he may be making the right move, or what he thinks is the right move... Exactly!
What is the trap they've got, Lake?
Because you know they've done that.
And I don't want to see the Trump presidency turn into another Republican, neocon, Bush-type administration.
I just don't want to see that happen, because if they do that, they really break the back
Of the Patriot movement.
I mean, they really fracture us badly.
And they trick Trump into a response that makes his base turn against him.
I agree.
And they know that Trump's base doesn't want war.
Yes, we're proud of America.
Yes, we're not going to let terrorists bully us.
And we're not going to, you know, let Iran tell us we suck or whatever.
But at the same time, I think it's time for Trump to, because here's what it comes down to.
You know the globalists have always wanted a further escalation of war in the Middle East.
You know that neocons and warmongers in the West have wanted this as well.
Now they're trapping Trump to be the one to pull the trigger so they can frame him for it.
And he has the perfect character traits to fall into that trap.
So I just pray to God.
I hope Trump is praying to God.
Nancy Pelosi's a joke saying we need to pray.
She prays to the devil.
So I don't listen to that woman for one second.
I'm being kind, calling her a woman.
I'd like to say something else.
But I just think that the ultimate Trump card, which would just shock all of Trump's enemies, internally and externally, would be to say, you know what?
There were no U.S.
They didn't kill anyone.
Iraq Parliament voted us out.
These tensions are getting worse.
I don't want American civilians dead.
And release the letter!
And say, OK, we are going to start pulling out.
We are going to remove from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran.
And then let them blow themselves up and see what happens.
Just get the U.S.
That would be a total victory for Trump.
But again, he has all the character traits to fall into a globalist trap for World War III.
That's what I'm saying.
So nobody's bored right now.
This is an incredibly exciting time to be alive.
I just think everything Owen you're saying makes sense.
You can see that the movement that supports Trump for the past few years has been pretty split.
Lately over this Iran thing, I feel almost like I'm somewhere right in the middle of the split.
I wouldn't consider myself a pro-war person, but I wouldn't consider myself an anti-war person.
And this is really splitting people, so there is a lot of weakness going on right now in the President's support.
Yeah, none of us like war, but it goes on.
I mean, the U.S.
doesn't like not have testicles.
We exist because we're willing to fight.
We don't start fights, we're willing to fight.
And I think you're right, Owen, if we have not suffered any casualties in this attack, the President could pull troops out.
We could pull the troops out.
But then my mind has to ask myself, Iran's not going anywhere.
Iran is this creation of the deep state.
They were created to be an enemy of America.
That's never going to change unless something changes.
So it's an extremely, we are facing, I think, the most complex situation.
A puzzle.
All right, we're gonna take calls.
Owen's about to take over here.
We're gonna go to those calls right now, so you guys can go and switch out.
This is commercial-free live feeds with radio satellites, TV satellites to hundreds of stations.
Nobody else has this.
CNN, The Globalist have it, but they're funded by big, powerful groups.
You funded InfoWars.
It's the reason we're here tonight, and we've got a big crew in there running this live show.
So we're only here because of you.
I want to thank you all for your support.
Let's go ahead now.
Now, here's what's gonna happen.
No matter how good your call is, no matter how amazing you are, because we won't get to the people.
I got to give each person 60 seconds.
I'm going to move the next person.
So, Ryan, Terry, Dennis, Charles, Kyle, Juan, Harry, David, David, Eric, Jefferson,
We got folks from Florida to South Dakota, from New Jersey to North Carolina, from Virginia to Minnesota, from Texas to Texas.
So we're going to go to your calls right now and respect you to get to the next person.
So let's go now to Ryan in Florida, first caller of the night.
What's your take on this?
Hey guys, thank you for doing all you guys do.
I just wanted to say that I think Alex put it best when he said that 2020
Is the year of vision.
I think that means we all need to be vigilant on what's going on, not just with Iran, not just with possible sleeper cells, but with what's going on in our country with the Democrats and with what's going on just abroad across the country because there's nothing Iran can do to us that is worse than what our own government has been planning and implementing to do for decades.
And so Iran is the obvious threat.
But the Democrats and our corrupt government are the ones who are really going to seize this opportunity, take our rights, and just really mow us down.
And I think that all the U.N.
troops mounting a week before all this stuff happens is not a coincidence.
All the disarmament and the re-education stuff that the U.N.
is promoting, all of that isn't a coincidence.
Hey, no matter how good you are, Ron, you're an incredible caller.
That's one minute.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
Terry in Minnesota.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
Yeah, Alex, I got 60 seconds.
Here goes.
I've talked to you many times.
What callers, what guests, what family members have ever identified themselves as one of God's elect?
The parable of the fig tree, which has only happened once in human history after 70 AD,
When Israel or the Ten Tribes were sent packing, we're not called, again, a country, a kingdom, a nation until 1948.
Jesus Christ has learned that parable.
It sets up the last generation, my friend.
And you guys are in big trouble because the deadly wound, the mindset of the human race is being set up, and the deadly wound is going to be after this big blowout when they start to cry peace.
But here's the problem.
No, you're not going to get 100% of the world leaders ever to agree on anything.
You're off track, Alex.
Satan, as Jesus Christ, brings the entire world under one system.
All right, that's one minute.
Thank you, Terry.
Appreciate it.
Dennis in Virginia, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hey, good evening, guys.
You know, I was hoping for once we would have a president without blood on his hands.
I'm hoping this turns out for the best.
But what concerns me is Israel's piece in this.
You know, I mean, they don't, you know, if they do some preemptive strikes or something like that and get involved in this heavily, I mean, I think hell will break loose.
You think hell will break loose?
Please continue.
Yeah, I think if Israel gets into it with them, you know, if they hit Israel and they strike back, that's when I think everything is really going to break loose.
So Dennis, how do we circumvent that?
How do we change that?
I think, you know, Trump wants a safe face, but I think, you know, if he is mature about it, that I think he'll say more face by de-escalating.
No, I agree with you.
We're being suckered in here, and we'll figure it out with hindsight down the road.
Thank you so much.
And again, these callers are all amazing, but the way we get to all of you is 60 seconds per caller.
Let's give Owen Troyer 60 seconds.
What do you think so far?
I think that, you know, again, the problem that we have is we are reactionary beings.
And the globalists take advantage of that fact and media is used to gaslight us.
So I'm glad actually Trump is not addressing the nation I think tonight.
Tomorrow is probably a better time for him to even calm down, get more intelligence.
Yeah, I was kind of like, what's he going to say in the middle of this?
And for me stepping back after seeing all this for three days, this is before today's events.
Just the farther removed we get from the actual, like, spark, the more I'm like, no, it's time to de-escalate.
Because the whole situation is bad.
Well, and how are Iran and its allies going to respond, China and Russia?
That's the bigger question if this keeps escalating.
And that's why Putin obviously just went to
And look, you know, you don't want to sit here and try to connect all the dots and act like it's all one big thing.
But hey, let's not forget, you know, we've got some pretty wildfire, wild wildfires happening in Australia.
South, the South China Sea, China's trying to literally take it over right now.
You've got fires breaking out all along the east coast of Australia.
I mean, I think it's all connected, Alex.
This is the big world change.
They thought they'd have Hillary in as their final... By the way, they're now arresting Islamists that set the fires who laugh on TV.
I think Trump, I'm not predicting this would happen, but I think the ultimate Trump card for Donald Trump is to do exactly what the globalists expect him not to do, and that's to actually de-escalate this.
We'll see if he does.
That is the last thing that they want.
Well, we're all going to find out tomorrow and tonight here live.
It could happen any moment, but we'll be here covering it.
Whoever was involved, they don't want us on air tonight.
Charles in North Carolina, you're on the air, welcome.
Alex, I think we need to ask Trump to de-escalate this, and we need to focus on the corruption from within.
We need to gather up Obama, the corrupt Democrats, Hillary, Kerry.
We need to gather all of them up, and we need to get them to talk.
It's very imperative that we take care of the corruption from within.
We're being attacked on the outside, and it's not going to make
I agree.
External threats are a distraction to securing our borders and relaunching America.
I totally agree.
What do you think Trump should do then as the Iranians say more targets are going to be hit?
They're begging to be attacked.
They are, and it's bait, and he doesn't need to take the bait.
Obviously, Trump is a lot smarter than that, and I think that he needs to de-escalate this and really go after the corruption within and arrest the traitors that we have in our country, and it's blatant who they are.
And I think that's another point, too, is to sit here and say, you know, Iran's not stupid.
Why would they sit here and beg for an attack?
You know, it's kind of like, it's kind of like the guy who knows he's about to whoop your ass saying, go ahead, hit me.
You know, sticking his jaw out saying, go ahead, hit me right there.
Now, I'm not saying Iran would kick our ass.
I'm saying for someone to be blatantly provoking a response like this, you have to think it's a little fishy.
Thank you, Charles.
Let's go to Kyle in Iowa.
Go ahead, Kyle.
Glad to be back on here.
I got seven or eight points.
I wrote them down, so I think I can get through them in 60 seconds.
But first of all, I don't think Iran's stupid enough to attack us unless they had an insurance policy.
Where they got the insurance policy from, anyone can take a guess.
Kibona, who benefits.
We know the globalists have been gunning for Iran for a long time.
They're on their platter to get sleeper cells.
I've been talking about those guys for 10 years, maybe.
I don't know.
It's been a long time.
There's no way that we don't know who they are and where they're at.
If we get attacked by sleeper cells, they let it happen or they did it.
I'm going to hold you over because that's important.
This is perfect false flag territory for whatever group.
Israel, Saudi Arabia, the deep state, EU.
I mean, exactly.
This is false flag territory because Iran thinks they can play games with Trump.
Aren't they thinking about who might do false flags?
Right, right.
Yeah, I mean, I could really, I could talk for, you know, a couple hours on this, but... Well, go ahead.
You get an extra two minutes, because false flag is the big bonus question I was wanting to bring up, because that's a wild card here, folks.
And Netanyahu's in trouble in Israel, too.
So this is creating cover for all kinds of false flag type of events.
They've been planting the seed for terror cells, terror cells, terror cells, terror cells for a long time.
But that is Iran's specialty is sleeper cells.
I mean, they brag about that.
No, no, no, no, I understand, but they're also letting us know, like, don't you think that they would probably just be kind of quiet about it?
Oh, no, I've been saying, like, this is false flag.
This is made for false flag.
No, no, no, no, no, I understand.
What I'm getting at is...
Perfect false flag territory, whether they let it happen or do it.
On top of that, hey, what if one of those guys assassinates Trump?
What if one of them, you know... Oh no, McGreen did a whole video.
Have you seen that?
This is perfect cover for an assassination of Trump.
Have you seen that video that we put up?
No, not yet.
We're going to air that in a minute because what you just said, guys, cue up the assassination of Trump emergency warning.
But you know what, though, having said that, the globalists would rather politically assassinate Trump than actually kill him.
And they then they might think they can do that by framing.
No, no, I agree.
But here's the thing.
They don't want to kill him and make it a martyr against them.
But if they want to blow up Iran, they do it blaming on Iran.
There's the video.
Stage set for Trump assassination.
Banned off video.
Man, that's powerful.
We'll play it in a minute.
So the other thing is, basically, Trump should have drained the swamp a while ago instead of putting guys like Bolton in.
Now, this is the same deep state that fed the Russia collusion hoax based on him.
So why is he taking intelligence from these guys?
Technically, you said Iran is a proxy of the deep state.
Technically, you could also say the US is.
Obama funded terrorists.
Hey Alex.
I appreciate everything you've done.
It's pretty obvious Iraq is siding with Iran.
Some of the bombing of the General, dude.
Wait, I'm sorry?
I hope he...
All right.
Thank you, Juan.
Your phone broke up there.
We're taking a lot of calls here.
Boom, boom, boom.
Harry in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex, Owen, crew.
Thanks for everything y'all do.
Thank you, brother.
We just need, I think the most important thing is to pray that no U.S., no casualties.
You know what I'm saying?
Because I was going to start it off and say, well, the Iranians better hope, but
You have to remember, these people are crazy, you know?
You saw the video at the General's funeral, you know?
Yeah, let's keep rolling.
The head leader flipping out on tape.
It's not like me joking around when I say I'm a hummingbird.
When I act crazy, it's for fun.
It's not fake, I'm just being fun.
But he's actually having a complete inbred mental meltdown.
And most Iranians aren't inbred, but you realize those Ayatollahs are all inbred from Muhammad.
I mean, they literally have sex with their mothers.
I mean, that inbreeding is devastating right there.
That is a full-bore and lewd right there.
It would deescalate if, like Owen said, one hair is armed on any of our heads.
And I don't think war is what we want, you know?
I mean, yeah, we want to slap them back.
Yeah, we're excited, kinda, but I don't think war will get us where we want to be.
I agree, Harry.
Thank you, Owen.
Well, here's my other fear.
Even if Trump kind of balks at this,
And says, you know, Iraq wants us out.
No Americans were harmed.
They'll just turn around and do this again in some new form of provocation and maybe harm Americans.
By the way, click that red link on Drudge.
Iran starts second round of attacks against US bases in Iraq.
I mean, this is what's going on right now.
So why are they so emboldened?
Why are they asking for it?
And again, that to me is like the guy who knows he can... I'm not saying Iran can kick our ass.
I don't believe that at all.
My point is, it's a provocation knowing you have a follow-up ready to go.
That's right.
Harry, what else do you want to say about this?
We can't forget about the sleeper cells, so stay vigilant.
And maybe fill up your gas tank tonight.
Yeah, a major war starts tomorrow.
Thank God America's energy independent, but it still doesn't mean prices aren't going to go up.
Good point.
This is just crazy.
Thank you, Harry.
David in Texas, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
How are we doing this evening?
I wish this wasn't happening.
How are you doing?
Oh, I'm doing outstanding.
Here's a couple of points I want to add, Alex.
Number one is that Kerry's daughter actually married some of the Iranian high-level officials.
Are you aware of that?
I am aware of that, yep.
Okay, so I mean obviously that definitely doesn't do us any favors.
The other thing that I wanted to bring your attention was the UK Navy moved into that area or, you know, started moving into that area, I guess it was last week.
Were you monitoring that as well?
Yes, no, war clouds are here.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And, you know, I think that ultimately what it all boils down to is that
We've got mercenaries over in Saudi Arabia, our military personnel basically fighting for money, okay?
And the bigger picture on this is that I think that there's a lot of global things that are coming to a head.
The big picture on military and war and all this is the military equipment sales.
Countries are starting to see that Russia has better equipment, so they're starting to, you know, want to order it and all that kind of stuff.
And at the end of the day, this is the make or break time for us on the military level to basically clear up this, you know, who has the better technology.
And we can't ignore that Iran is a proxy of Russia.
They've been there like that for forever.
And without a doubt that Iran is doing the proxy war with us, with Russia.
I mean, it's intuitively obvious.
And ultimately, we've got to remember that there was only two countries that handled Israel.
That was Germany and Russia.
And they moved into the Middle East.
They're the new kids on the block.
And for them to go and be stealing land and all this kind of stuff, there's never going to be peace in the Middle East as long as they're there.
And for us to sit there and talk about it... All right, David.
Very good points.
Thank you for the call.
Another David in New Jersey.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, how's it going?
Yep, yep.
So, I just want to say, you know, it's a vessel night.
Trump's really got to stay off of Twitter, because right now Iran's calling his bluff.
They want him to put his money where his mouth is.
How do you think he should respond?
But Soleimani had launched attacks on U.S.
forces for a long time, that's a fact.
People lionized him as he fought ISIS and Al-Qaeda.
Great, I'm glad he did.
But, you know, he's really been oppressive inside Iran.
Paul Watson's usually a peacenik, and Paul Watson totally hates the Iranian regime because he's done studying how nasty they are.
So, you know, I don't control my talk show hosts.
They're people I respect.
Paul Watson was on today, the fourth hour of my show, and he just devastated the Iranian leadership.
Yeah, I mean, so no casualties, so maybe they're just seeing where he goes, see if he wants to push it.
Because from this, man, I don't know.
Yeah, good.
Maybe they aim their missiles into the desert and they just want to, you know, have a symbolic face-saving victory.
I hope you're right, David.
Thank you.
Well, yeah, let's hope.
Like I said, I guess the sun is probably going to be rising.
It's already rising, yeah.
If it hasn't already, right in that region.
So, you know, damage being assessed right now, obviously... There it is!
Iran targeted two Iraqi military bases with missile attacks.
We said that three hours ago with my sources, and then we're like, well, it's not in the news.
I was just nervous about that, but we were accurate on that report.
And they're billing this, they're calling it the Soleimani Martyr Mission.
So they're billing up Soleimani as a martyr.
Martyr for what?
Hey Alex, it's great to talk to you.
I've been listening for 20 years.
What really makes me mad is Obama had three chances to take this guy out.
And he was on his way to start a conflict between the Iraqis and the United States.
He wanted to get them out of there.
And Trump stopped it.
And I'm so proud of our president that he had the balls to do it.
And they just left all the other presidents out.
They didn't even go for it.
Well, there's no doubt that Trump's been trying to get us out of these wars for real because they're just paying for the globalist operation and he's been trying to pull us out.
I don't want war, but I do want to keep backing President Trump and I just hope this whole thing de-escalates.
Yes, yes.
I don't want to see any foots on ground.
I just want to get this over with.
But yeah, we had our chances many times, and I'm sad we lost so many lives because they did not take a chance when they had it.
Thank you, Eric.
Owen, you've already been on air since 3 o'clock today.
The crew's in there doing a great job.
I'm going to get up in the morning, and hopefully a bigger war hasn't started.
David and I will be on at 8 a.m.
I want to take Jefferson's call in South Dakota, and then as long as you guys want to go and take calls, that's great, because this is what it's all about right now.
But at the end of the day, Owen, I'm actually glad Trump didn't address the nation.
I think he decided to strike, and then I think he pulled back.
Because why are you going to address the nation if you're not striking?
So I think that's a good sign.
And I think it's a good sign that we haven't seen any reports of US casualties.
I do wonder, you know, what these strikes are, if there's no casualties.
I mean, was the base abandoned?
Did they miss the base?
We've got Zach, who's one of our great sources, got back in on the line.
Zach, I appreciate you calling in.
You were the guy that told me before they killed the General last Thursday that it was about to happen.
You just said, yeah, they're about to go to war with Iran.
It's on, it's kinetic.
What is the new intel you've got, Zach?
Well, so I'm hearing a lot of information about people saying, well, there's multiple missile launches, but there's no casualties.
Well, make no mistake, our Patriot missile batteries are deployed in the area, and our Patriot missile batteries are mid-range missile defense systems that will intercept all of their areas of operation.
That's what you said hours ago, is that it doesn't matter because a missile attack is still seen as an attempted lethal attack.
So what we're doing is completely, effectively, if it was a boxing match, boxing match, flipping their punches, moving, moving, flipping their punches, and then we come in with a jab.
But we're intercepting their missile strikes with our Patriot missile operations, with our THAAD systems, with several missile re-entry operations.
And geopolitically,
I just want people to know they should be put on notice because it will be significant.
The president will make a statement when dawn breaks.
For sure, I think.
And I just thought it would be imperative for the listeners to know it's not like they've shot them into the desert or they've missed or it didn't happen.
They've tried.
And we have impeccable defense.
It's called air missile defense.
It's perfect how you were bringing that up and then Zach called back in.
With people like John Brennan still having security clearances, with people like John Kerry still meeting with the Iranians.
I mean, do you think I'm wrong to sit here and be concerned that literally John Brennan and John Kerry are operating on behalf of the Iranian regime right now instead of the United States government?
And is it a fair concern to think that Brennan is sharing information about artillery and weapons and missiles and everything with Iran right now?
Without question.
And not only that, the more devastating news is that they flew a drone into Iran, which they promoted as a PR piece, that they captured and landed.
That is a farce.
That was orchestrated.
That was orchestrated.
And it's very problematic.
But make no mistake, those individuals are, in my opinion,
I'm serious.
It's fairly problematic.
On a military level, we try to work on a kinetic level, but diplomatically and legally, without question, if I was subpoenaed, I could prove it.
Zach, please join us again during David Knight and my show and the other shows tomorrow.
Owen's going to continue on and take a few calls here.
We really appreciate you.
Thank you.
Um, we've been on here for like three hours commercial free.
I'm just going to leave this that the crew in there, we have to pay them.
They're great guys and gals.
I don't have this big mega sale, the biggest of our history going and extended just because, you know, it's such a big sale.
We've already sold out a lot of stuff.
Big sales.
That's how this independent media operation is here.
That's just trying to figure out the truth.
Just trying to find out what's going on.
We're not owned by lobbyists.
We're not owned by Soros or Globalist.
We're just Americans here with an operation trying to say, hey, what's really going on?
That's why it's so successful and becomes number one anywhere they allow it on air.
Because people tune in and go, well, that's really what I'm thinking.
Like, I'm thinking about all the angles.
That's what we're doing here.
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You've got Jefferson, William, Rick, Travis, Richard, Jacob, Brian, Gary, Judy, and Jeff.
And I'm going to
Pray for peace and hope that war doesn't happen.
And I'm going to let you Owen take over here in closing and say what you want and take some of those calls.
And then we're going to wake up in the morning and see what happened.
But it's definitely a crazy time.
And this is the big multinational challenge of Trump.
We don't know what he was facing behind the scenes.
You know, so many times I used to hear that, oh, it's a bunch of BS, but then I know stuff I can't say on air from what's going on with us.
And people, I just go, hey, trust me, folks, it's important.
But then people can never know what really happened because there's reasons people can't know.
So it's quite a time.
I want to thank the crew for staying late.
We'll take seven or eight phone calls here in closing and then go into retransmission.
Hopefully we wake up and the world's still here tomorrow.
Owen Schroeder, take over.
Thanks to the crew.
So here's what we're going to do, guys.
Anybody who's given their name to the screener, we're going to take your call.
I'm going to give you 60 seconds.
I'm going to take your call.
If you haven't given your name to the screener, we're going to take all the calls.
But guys, just don't bother taking any more calls.
We're going to take these calls.
So let's go back out to the calls.
And I'll just say this before we do.
I think Trump, it's time for Trump to start throwing curveballs and knuckleballs at the globalists.
And the biggest knuckle curve he could throw would be to get up tomorrow in a huge statement at high noon and say, we're going to deescalate this.
It wasn't my administration that started it.
We want to finish it.
We want to finish it peacefully.
And we're going to begin investigating Barack Obama for his involvement with the Iranian regime and sending them pallets of cash.
We're going to investigate John Kerry for violating the Logan Act and negotiating with these people.
And we're going to call them into the White House immediately for
Owen Schroer, thanks for being a mega patriot and thanks for trading blows with me at times.
Yeah, I appreciate you calling in.
I know we've debated on air.
I'm looking forward to your point.
Go ahead.
I think Iran is... Iran is deep state.
Iran is the deep state.
And Trump has been flailing because of all the octopus arms.
He needs to stab it in the heart.
And the heart of the deep state is not in Iran, it's in D.C.
So when I get pissed off about
And you know, that's why I mean, look, I don't get mad when you call in and yell at me and we debate.
I actually really enjoy it.
But that's why it feels so perilous because because I'm on that same page.
It's like, it's Trump or bust.
You know, we barely even we're lucky we even got Trump in.
I mean, what are we supposed to do?
Send Patriot missiles overseas?
Are we supposed to have Patriots in the government?
I don't want to interrupt, but I'm leaving.
You've been doing great, Owen.
You're going to finish up with these calls within Gregory's.
And, of course, Harris and Smith are going to take another hour of calls.
The crews volunteered to do it.
So we're here live covering this, hoping everything de-escalates.
So the live coverage continues.
Everybody spread those links.
The globals are hacking us, trying to shut this down.
Don't let them win.
No BS.
Let me tell you, everything's straight shooting here.
See, I don't have some Machiavelli manipulative view.
With me, it's all straightforward attack!
That's the real power!
Okay, so let's do this.
Since Harrison Smith is waiting in the wings, I know he's been chomping at the bit to get on air.
He's ready to go.
Greg Reese, obviously, a bunch of intel, too.
Let me do this.
I'm gonna be here till 8.30, and I'm gonna hand over the reins to Harrison Smith and Greg Reese then.
But before I do, let's go to these clips, guys.
We got the McGregor clips ready to go?
So we're going to go to these clips, and then Harrison and Greg will be taking your calls until they're out of steam.
I've only been on air live for almost seven hours now, so it's no big deal.
Just two nights in a row, almost seven hours live.
That's what we do here at Air Force.
So Doug McGregor was on with Tucker Carlson, and we got two powerful clips from the retired colonel.
I just found it so powerful I wanted to play these first.
Here is retired Colonel Doug McGregor on Tucker Carlson.
What should President Trump do?
These attacks dug on the base in Iraq by Iran amount to what do you think?
What does this mean?
Well, I think it means that we're about to find out if we got the president we voted for.
The question is, will he de-escalate and withdraw our forces from Iraq as the Iraqi government has requested and the American people demand?
Or is he now going to respond in a way that guarantees a larger war with uncertain
Possibilities and outcomes.
A war that undoubtedly will destroy his presidency.
So I think those are the three critical questions.
And I also think what we're seeing is what happens when you surround yourself with people who never really supported you.
And that's the case for the president and have always been dedicated
And this conflict specifically, the conflict with Iran specifically has been the decades long focus of a very small group of people here in Washington.
John Bolton, the former National Security Advisor, the disgraced National Security Advisor, would be a leader in that movement.
Yeah, obviously.
I mean, after all, our principal enemy from 2001 forward, some would say much earlier, were the Sunni Islamists.
And yet, over and over and over again, there has been a desperate attempt by a series of leaders in this country and more important, powerful, influential voices inside the Trump administration, pushing the president into conflict with Iran.
At this point, certainly we could go to war with Iran.
Iran would suffer.
The Russians would undoubtedly join the fray at some point.
The Chinese, with
Inexhaustible piles of cash will finance the Russians and ultimately go to work to help the Iranians.
Europeans will look at this as though we've lost our minds, and they're probably right.
The Japanese, the Koreans will stay out of it, refuse to have anything to do with this.
And when the rest of the Middle East starts to be destroyed under hails of missiles, I imagine that our alleged strategic partners in the Arabian Peninsula will back away.
So this is a very dumb idea, and remember that when you destroy Iran, you are essentially opening the floodgates to Mr. Erdogan in Turkey and the Sunni Islamists that we have been fighting.
If you like ISIS, destroy Iran and you will get ISIS times 100.
I think that is spot on from former Colonel Doug McGregor.
I want to get Greg Reese's response to that.
Did you happen to hear that?
Do you have an earpiece in?
I do.
No, I was listening to that.
You know, and I've been thinking a lot about, I think my head's calming down a little bit.
I'm thinking a lot about what you were saying about we should probably, it would be best if Trump did what they're not expecting him to do.
And the fact that Iran has done this is
You know, I was saying that it was suicide, but no, I don't think it is suicide.
I think they want a war.
They want a certain reaction.
And I'm starting to think at this point, the smartest, most logical thing to do is to not give them what they want us to.
And if you think about it too, they're saying martyr.
It doesn't make sense.
Soleimani is a martyr.
He didn't go on a mission expecting to die.
So that's not a real martyr.
So I think they're trying to turn him into a martyr and say, oh, see, look, he died to expose America.
Now we can destroy America thanks to Soleimani.
But I think McGregor is spot on, you know, as far as it destroying the Trump presidency.
I don't think it destroys the Trump presidency overnight.
I think what it does, it destroys the Trump presidency in history.
Instead of being different than every other president before him, he just gets lumped in with the rest of them.
I think that's at least my interpretation.
Now let's go to former Colonel Doug McGregor on Tucker Carlson talking about how war is not popular in the Americans right now.
The American left did that.
They drove Russia into the arms of China.
When this country could have struck an alliance of convenience with Russia against our actual enemy, China, no.
We weren't allowed to do that.
And that's one of the reasons we wound up where we are.
And I think it's vital that the president remember that 64% of veterans who actually fought in Iraq all concluded a long time ago that it was not worth fighting.
That has to be understood because 59% of the American public agrees with them.
You cannot fight effectively against anyone when the public support at home is non-existent or weak.
We've proved that, sadly, a number of times in a number of different conflicts.
Douglas McGregor, thank you so much for your clarity tonight.
You know, and I'll just say this too.
I don't know who President Trump is listening to.
I'm obviously not claiming to be some foreign policy expert, you know, national security expert.
But, I mean, what does it say when I can sit here and do analysis and say, after the strike of Soleimani, Trump needs to pull all the troops out, declare victory.
We could have avoided this whole mess.
I mean, Greg, why doesn't his own national security team see that in the scope?
What I was thinking of listening to McGregor also is Saudi Arabia.
You know it does like he was talking about our alleged ally over in the Middle East.
Makes you wonder like we seem to have this or Trump seems to have this relationship going on with Saudi Arabia that the rest of us aren't really clear about.
And we've seen what went on in Las Vegas with Saudi Arabia.
We've seen there seems to be some type of inter-civil war there.
But what exactly are we are we doing with Saudi Arabia?
And how could this ever lead to something good?
I mean, it almost seems as if, and especially since we heard that the Islamic Republic is now threatening to attack Saudi, as if we're now working with Saudi against Iran.
It makes you wonder.
I want to know what's going on there.
And I wouldn't trust going into a war with Iran as with Saudi as our ally.
That doesn't seem... That's a good point, too.
I mean, who do you trust if you're Trump?
And I would say nobody, which just means just, you know, at that point, that's when you pull the chips in and get out of the table.
You know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away.
Alright, one more clip here and then I'm going to hand the reins over to Harrison Smith and Greg Reese and they're going to take your phone calls.
Here's John Kerry, who Trump called out for violating the Logan Act and needs to be investigated immediately.
President Trump should call John Kerry in for an Oval Office meeting tomorrow.
That's what he'd do if he was smart, at least in my opinion.
Here's John Kerry on the missile strikes.
Well, I think that generally speaking, the United States needs to find a way to do diplomacy here because it's not going to serve anybody to have tit-for-tat escalatory process.
I don't know the details.
I don't know anything about what actually happened at this base or whether
It was indeed the Iranians or a surrogate of the Iranians.
So I'm not going to comment on that.
But I think generically we've got to see diplomacy.
Clearly, when the Obama administration engaged in the negotiations with Iran, we did so because Iran was very close to getting a nuclear weapon.
And they had major enriched material, they had the nuclear capacity, and they were two months away from having the capacity to break out to 10 or 12 bombs.
We negotiated away from that.
We lengthened that time that they could take in order to even potentially get a weapon and we created enormous inspection and verifiability and accountability where it didn't exist.
Donald Trump regrettably just pulled out of that.
That is needless, it didn't have to happen, and it will be a reckless war of choice by the President of the United States.
Well that just sums it up right there.
They're clearly trying to frame this on Trump.
I mean, and I don't know where that clip came from, but again, John, you're the one meeting with Iran, bro!
And he even says, a surrogate of Iran.
Well what the hell does that mean?
And so that's what I'm saying, whoever's sitting here doing that interview, I guess he's just standing in front of the camera, it's like, John, what did you do when you met with the Iranians?
John, what does that mean, a surrogate of Iran?
So I mean, to me, John Kerry just showed their hand.
They tried to frame Trump, and they're gonna try to blame this whole thing on Trump.
And for Kerry to sit here and act like his administration under Obama was some sort of, oh yeah, they were close to getting nuclear weapons.
Guys, did you ever find that somebody sold, I just saw it today,
During the Obama administration, I think it was like Obama okayed some sale of steel to Iran that they ended up using to enrich uranium.
Will you pull that up for me?
I'm trying to remember what that story was here just off the top of my head.
But the point is, for John Kerry to sit up here and act like it's the Trump administration not trying to engage in diplomacy when they're trying,
To set him up.
There it is right there.
Obama approved the sale of 130 tons of uranium to Iran.
The point is, I just hope Trump realizes how they're trying to set him up.
And I'm not saying Iran's good.
I'm not saying, you know, just...
They're trying to set him up to destroy his presidency, like McGregor said, and they're trying to set him up to frame him for World War III.
That's my opinion.
Now, Gregory's and Harrison Smith are about to take over here, so they're going to give you their analysis, and they're going to be taking your calls.
They'll be here as long as they want to be.
I'll just say this in closing.
We need to pray that President Trump gets the right guidance.
Because I have a bad feeling there's bad actors trying to lead him down a dark path and give him bad intelligence to try to bait him and frame him for World War III and then it becomes a situation kind of like Obama.
I mean, remember, a lot of people that voted for Obama hate him now because he expanded all these wars, he bombed these countries, and then they ended up voting for Trump.
So Trump can't become Obama
By engaging in these wars.
And if Trump was smart, in my opinion, and again, I'm not the national security expert, but apparently the experts aren't very good at their job because they keep getting us into more trouble.
Trump should throw a knuckle curve and say, we're getting out, Iraq voted on it, we're getting out, no U.S.
deaths, we don't want to see any more U.S.
deaths, we're pulling out, we're stationing people in Saudi Arabia, we'll station people here where our allies are.
And we're going to ultimately de-escalate and I'm going to call in Barack Obama and John Kerry and we're going to have a little White House meeting about the billions of dollars they sent and about who John Kerry met with.
And that!
We'll send chills down the globalist's spine, and Obama and John Kerry will be pooping their britches as soon as they hear that, because they know they're on the hook for actually colluding with Iran and really trying to get this mess off of the ground.
So, that's my final statement.
Pray for peace tonight.
Greg Rees and Harrison Smith now take over taking your phone calls.
Greg Rees, take it away.
Thank you, Owen.
Thanks for putting in all the time today, and I hope you rest well.
I hope I wake up and see you tomorrow, and everything is... You will.
Good to go.
You will.
Yeah, I think so too.
You know, and it's like, the other thing I'm thinking also is the timing of all this is interesting as well.
Everyone was expecting another false flag.
Everyone was expecting another diversion from everything that's happening here at home in America.
And this is the Deep State's proxy.
This is one of their main cards that they have in their hand.
So it's not that surprising that things came out of Iran.
It's making me wonder also about the plan to get Soleimani.
We've been hearing some things that some of the deep staters surrounding Trump sort of tricked him into doing that.
And at first, I think the the hothead in me brushed that off.
But now I'm starting to wonder if that was part of the plan, tricking him into getting Soleimani.
And then the whole threat now with Iran saying, if you strike us back, we're going after you and Saudi makes me think that's what we should not do.
Hello, Greg.
How are you doing?
Very good.
I completely agree with everything you just said.
I think Trump has been tricked into doing the deeds of the deep state.
I've been in the back monitoring what's been going on.
I have some up-to-the-minute updates for you, if you don't mind.
Actually, the IRGC has put out a statement over social media.
Let me pull that up real quick.
They say, quote, the attacks on the Ain al-Assad and Erbil bases are, in fact, attacks on the command and control infrastructure, detection, radar, electronic warfare, and more so, the American brains, eyes, and ears in the region.
And it continues, compared with the next steps in the plan, this is just a first step, planning and executing maximum losses in a few waves.
The message of the attack is that Iran's second strike will be completely sweeping and much more effective.
If necessary.
I don't know.
So I'll go ahead and give you the updates that I have, sort of in reverse order, because things change so much.
What's true 10 minutes ago is no longer true.
This is the up-to-date stuff.
Canadian troops are on the base that was targeted by Iranian missiles in Erbil, but no reports of Canadian casualties at this time.
officials say that there were very few, if any, casualties from the Iranian attack on sites in Iraq.
Now, Iran has said that they injured 30 American
I don't know.
Let me see, so the IRGC commander, which is the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps commander, says that the attacks on the U.S.
targets in Iraq was the first step, and that Iran and Tehran will not spare any Americans in the next.
And at this moment, in fact, 25 minutes ago, Spectator Index says that Soleimani is being buried.
At this moment.
So this was a very symbolic attack.
In fact, it occurred at 1.20 in the morning, which was about the same time that the attack on Soleimani occurred as well.
So very symbolic.
And some more symbolic aspects to this is that there were bases closer to Iran that actually had more Americans on them and would have been easier to hit because of their proximity to the country.
So it seems like maybe this was calculated to not be a massive, unbelievable, you know, tons of American casualties because it seems like the Iranian
I think?
Made up by CNN, essentially, and that's not actually happening.
And finally, to sum this up, four of the 15 missiles fired by Iran failed to reach their target.
Only Iraqi casualties have been confirmed so far.
I believe 10 of those rockets hit the al-Assad base and four hit the other base.
I'll get that name for you.
So four hit Erbil.
It does almost sound like they are trying to avoid a bigger conflict because they have to
They have to do something with the culture of their people and the rhetoric.
And we saw the Ayatollah slapping himself silly.
It can't just end with that.
It has to end with some type of retaliatory attack.
And as you said, they could have had better targets.
They could have struck with more Americans.
And it almost seems like
It was done in a symbolic way, almost a ritual way for the people to satisfy the need for the people and to give us an opportunity to get out.
And it almost seems like their language is specifically about the region, us being in the region.
They have a promise with us being in a region.
It seems like a perfect opportunity to get out of the region.
Yeah, it does.
And so I guess what that's going to go up against is the Trump factor, I guess you could say.
And honestly, it seems like here in the last year of his presidency, right when it counts the most, right before re-election, the deep state has sort of backed Trump into a corner and put him in a position where he's likely to lose quite a bit of support from a lot of his people, a lot of his supporters that
You know, we're attached to him because of his anti-war statements.
Of course, you have Hillary Clinton during the election saying, you know, if I'm elected president, we will go to war with Iran.
We know that's what the deep state has wanted for so long.
And, you know, it's up to Trump to buck that and do what he's done so successfully before and surprise everybody.
And I think that would cause his support to go up massively.
I think he's really in danger of a lot of his core supporters souring on him because this was a main
Promise of his reelection.
He would not continue the regime change wars.
He would get out of the country I think now more than ever it's time to look back at you know, dr Ron Paul take a look at what he said in Congress when he predicted all of this happening just how it did and I think what would Ron Paul say right now and I'm sure in the morning He'll give us a response to well, but I I'm fairly confident predicting he would say let's pull out enough is enough We don't need to continue this this tit-for-tat with with Iran at the expense of our boys.
Especially, I mean really, as the smoke's clearing and we're seeing what happened, I understand there might be some Iraqi deaths and some casualties and that's a terrible thing, but there are so few casualties and so far, non-Americans, it is an opportunity to get out.
And at this point, if nothing changes, it
It would be even more devastating for Trump, I think, to not get out of there, because he has an opportunity right now.
And, you know, we can just look back at the escalation that has occurred so far, right?
So the timeline is that on December 27th, there was an attack by the Shia militias, sort of a branch of Hezbollah, the Iraqi branch, you could say, of Hezbollah.
They launched a rocket attack on a base where there are American soldiers and a contractor dies.
He was a translator working at this base and he dies.
And that was sort of the first thing that set off this chain of events because our response to that was to hit some of their bases as well with an airstrike.
We killed a bunch of those guys, the Iraqi Hezbollah guys, and then in response to that, you had the giant protest and attack on our embassy.
Then we kill Soleimani.
Now this attack happened.
So it's literally been a back-and-forth, a tit-for-tat.
It's like, we know how this goes.
It's a, it's a, it's a, you know, ever-increasing feedback loop of violence, death, destruction, and just wasting money.
The only way to stop it is just to cut it off now, because it's only gonna get worse.
It's like a gambling addiction, right?
And the sanctions were working, I think, from what I can see.
I mean, because I can't help but think, yeah, I want to get our troops out of there.
I want to bring things back home.
But there is a part of me that is stuck with the fact that Iran isn't going anywhere.
Iran was set up to be this proxy enemy of America.
And so it has to be dealt with someday.
But the sanctions were working.
I mean, and that could have been why this is sparking off now is because their economic back is broken so much that they're backed up against the corner and there's not much left.
And so things are starting to spark that and a distraction against what's been happening here at home.
Yeah, and I think that that's one of the things that, you know, now personally, and this is again just my personal opinion, that, you know, now's the time to speak up to Trump and say, look, if you can lose face here, that's fine.
I think that the majority of Americans
We're good to go.
I think he's been given incorrect information on purpose, much in the way that every war that we've been in in recent memory, or even distant memory, has been.
It's been incorrect information.
It's been incorrect intel given to the people in charge.
They make decisions based on that intel with the best of intentions, yet it gets them into situations in which the deep state prospers.
The military-industrial complex gets what they want and gets to
We're good to go.
If you do that, we will reward you with votes.
We will keep you in office.
We will continue to appreciate you.
I think probably what's being told to Trump right now, what's being whispered in his ear is, oh, everybody's going to think you're weak if you don't do that.
Everybody's going to think you're weak if you don't double down.
In fact, I actually have some statements here.
Lindsey Graham, two minutes ago,
Okay, we have Zach back on the line.
He was on earlier.
Zach, thanks for calling back in.
You're on the air.
Yeah, first of all, I think you guys have a very clear, you know, breakdown on what's going on.
But I just want to break down that, you know, we shouldn't nitpick what's going on right now because what could be occurring is deep state espionage.
That could also be true.
In which way?
The Obama administration flooding $1.7 billion worth of cash on pilots on a C-130 into Iran.
Right, well, and, you know... The most immediate administration that was before the current president.
So what do you think their move is here?
What do you think Trump can do to counter that?
What I'm saying is, I understand, like, you know, tit-for-tat when it comes to breaking down news stories and what's going on, but I could tell you with full clarity that Patriot missile operations are in full effect.
Missiles were launched.
Missiles were neutralized.
The mission of those missiles shot by the enemy were to affect our assets or us.
That's a fact.
So you're saying that their attack was intended to be much bigger than it turned out to be?
Not bigger.
It was intended, at least, if it was to be effective, to affect us.
Well, that makes sense.
So in your opinion, what would be the proportionate response or the correct response in order to counter the deep state moves?
Well, I think we're seeing it, but I think we're seeing it.
I think it's been very proportionate.
I think we're going to see something very big in the next couple of days.
But what we have to know is, without question, they have launched missile attacks.
You do know that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has said, yeah, we launched a
Yeah, yeah.
And they haven't hit anything, not because they don't have a good shot, it's because the Patriot missile units shot them down.
Well, I've seen reports that none of them were shot down.
When you see the big shot in the air, and you see two little shots around them, that's us shooting them down.
Okay, so do you think if we were to respond and the Iran response would come to that, do you think they would step it up and the next attack we'd see would be even bigger, or do you think this is their attempt?
Well, we have no idea, but the speculation of, oh, they're not doing anything and you should de-escalate, de-escalate what?
Yeah, treason from the former president.
Well, I mean, I would really like to know exactly what John Kerry and Barack Obama were doing with Iran.
You know what I mean, though?
When I hear de-escalate, I'm like, what?
They committed treason!
They sent them 1.7 billion dollars on pallets on a C-130.
It landed in Tehran.
And now they're shooting Scuds that we're shooting now on Patriot missiles.
Sounds like treason to me.
I could prove it in court.
Well, I mean, I would love to see, I would love to see justice for these characters as well.
And the best thing I think that could come out of this is some type of insight, some type of exposure to exactly what was going on.
And yes, I would say that is treason.
When we saw John Kerry talk all nonchalantly about how Trump should be, you know, very calm about this whole thing.
I have a lot of questions for John Kerry, as well.
And Greg, you just hit it right on the head.
My question is, where is he at?
And where is the former president at?
Like, we have such a politicized event.
We have something that's so big that you guys had something to do with, obviously.
Where are you?
So now you're radio silent.
If I was a prosecutor, if I was a detective, come on.
I agree.
I think that's why John Kerry, at least, was smart enough to make a statement, at least, because the same questions are asked about him and Obama.
But you're right, Obama seems to be missing in action.
I heard he was perhaps bodyboarding in Hawaii, I think, when our crew brought up a picture earlier.
But yeah, where is he?
And to me, it hurts my feelings because
I'm not the best Arab in the world, I'm not the best Muslim in the world, but they're doing something that's very problematic.
Muslims happen to make up 1.7 billion of the population, and it's these individuals, who are deep state backed, who are causing incredible, incredible problems.
It's just very inappropriate, and when it comes to blows like this, I have no time for excuses for them, I have no time for theories for them.
It's very clear.
They said they did something.
We said we intercepted it.
That's what happened.
Now let's have the next conversation.
Not people saying, oh, it could have been them.
It could have not been them.
It was them.
And it's obvious Patriot missile operations.
You can see it in the pictures.
That's what a Patriot missile operation looks like.
Several missiles intercepting a bigger one.
So if we accept that it's them, then it seems like the next move, again, you have Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican, saying... I don't take him serious.
Well, but he is in a position of power, and he says, quote, this was an act of war by any reasonable definition.
This was on this Sean Hannity show just minutes ago.
The president has all the authority he needs under Article 2 to respond, and how he responds is yet to be determined.
All the authority to respond.
All the authority, but how much will he use?
Well, it seems like he's getting the okay from the upper echelons in the Republican Party, as well as clearly very powerful and very influential media personalities.
So I think that's the question.
What does Trump do now?
What I see is a lot of individuals saying, lean on the side of, well, we don't know what happened.
Maybe it didn't happen.
It could have not happened.
What's going to happen?
And what's going to happen is, yeah, they did do it.
And on the other side,
We're going to act appropriately.
And here's the thing.
War is not a script.
We don't know what's going to happen.
Something may occur.
When people put shots downrange, things may occur.
All I know is I'm going to support my brothers and sisters in uniform.
That's it.
That's all I know.
That's my oath to the Constitution.
That's my oath to my brothers and sisters.
That's it.
So when I hear all this other stuff, it's a bunch of hoopla.
I'll be honest with you.
It literally is a bunch of hoopla.
Because when it actually comes down to it, I'm going to support my brothers and sisters down rank.
That's it.
Amen, Zach.
And you know, I only served in for three years on no combat experience, and yet that is ingrained in my soul as well.
Thank you.
Let me ask you this, Zach.
What do you think of our mysterious ally with Saudi Arabia in all of this?
Not good.
Not good at all.
I get that feeling too.
Yeah, in my stomach, in my deep gut, the alliance with Riyadh is not good.
You see, I happen to be one of those Arabs who come from Northern Africa, Northwestern Africa, the Kingdom of Morocco, who's had the longest-standing treaty with America, the Treaty of American Friendship.
We're not Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia doesn't think they're Morocco.
So I see what they're doing, and we understand the politics, and I think it's very problematic.
But when they buy damn near a billion dollars worth of Boeing products, we also see that partnership.
So it is what it is, partnership-wise.
But on a political level, on a personal level, I don't trust them.
I don't touch them with a stick.
Yeah, and especially since it's not really very clear at all as to what exactly our relationship is with them right now, what happened in Las Vegas, there's just so many unanswered... what happened at 9-11, there's just... And they happen to hate Iran.
Well, exactly, and it almost seems like this is... We have Shia and we have Sunnis, you know?
Yes, and Iran has made it clear in what little they said tonight, they have made it clear that they are going to hold
You know, Dubai responsible if we attack, if we retaliate and... Jordan, Kuwait, all the Gulf states, yeah.
So we actually have a tweet from Trump four minutes ago.
He says, quote, all is well.
Missiles launched from Iran at two military bases located in Iraq.
Assessment of casualties and damages taking place now.
So far, so good.
We have the most powerful and well-equipped military anywhere in the world by far.
I will be making a statement tomorrow morning.
So no discussion of escalation.
Patriot missile, rise up!
Air defense artillery, rise up.
Well, I mean, he sounds, and I'll tell you what, his tweet made me feel better.
He sounds in good spirits.
Well, we shot him down.
Our air defense systems were cooperative.
You know, in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Patriot missiles haven't been used.
That's mid-range, long-range missiles.
But when they need to be used, they were effective.
And I saw them in the pictures.
I'm like, well, they're tracking.
They're tracking.
See ya.
I think we should be very proud of ourselves.
We'll see what happens.
I'm telling you, we'll see what happens, but make no mistake, the American forces prevailed.
Well, I do think that, I think you have to be kind of foolish to think that this day wasn't coming.
There's really no way to resolve this mess over there without the mess escalating, I would say.
Common sense.
Had to happen.
It had to happen.
And a bunch more might happen, and it might have to happen.
Yeah, well, very interesting information.
I mean, when you have treason, here's the thing.
The words that I said, the things that I said, I meant.
And I believe that Barack Hussein Obama and John Kerry committed treason in this country.
And I truly believe that.
I don't mean to hurt anybody's feelings.
I don't mean to break the law.
I actually mean legally, I think they broke the law.
In many ways, I would argue.
And I think the treason they committed here with Iran is probably the biggest.
So to me, when I open up my oath of enlistment, when I swear to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, I would be remiss to not say that.
Not to say it, but to not say it.
Because I believe they're attacking the Constitution, they're attacking the very fabric of this country.
And I truly believe that.
Well, that may be the case, and punishment may yet come.
We can always hold out hope for some sort of recompense for the traitors' actions that we all know that they all took while they were in office.
But the question is now that we're in this situation, that the money has been sent, and the Iran deal has been dropped.
If we allow ourselves to be dragged into another Iraq war, then that number will be 100,000, 200,000, you know?
Well, I would argue every one of the missiles you saw on national television was paid for by the Obama administration.
Yes, I think that's a fact.
And how could it not be?
Because it was flown in on pallets on a C-130 flying down the Strip.
That's right.
It was flown in on a C-130.
So what we shot down, they flew in.
And the guys I deal with, we don't take that too nicely.
Because we might miss.
And it's not a good story.
But here's the good thing.
We don't miss.
Not appropriate.
Zach, one last thing.
What are your thoughts on Pompeo's talking about?
Sorry, I'm long-winded.
Sorry, guys.
That's fine.
We just want to get some of these other callers.
What do you think of Pompeo talking about, we're going to go after the leaders?
We're not going to do your traditional striking military sites.
We're going after your leadership.
I thought that was very interesting.
Imagine you're in your house.
You're in your apartment.
You're in your home.
And a snake rolls in.
When it rolls in, what you want to do is let him find himself in a corner, and what you want to do is go into your garage and grab a shovel, and then make yourself to Ted's neck, and then cut his head off.
Yep, that's what I want to do.
Hard and swiftly.
Right, and we've never seen that before, I mean, because what we're used to in our lifetimes are these sort of
You know, lies.
These wars that were started, and what ends up happening is thousands if not millions of civilian casualties, fodder for weapons, young boys getting shipped off from both countries, fighting each other.
We've never seen that before.
We've never seen going after the head of the snake.
I would like to see going after the head of the snake.
Would you like to see going after the head of the snake, Harrison?
I don't think we know who the head of the snake is.
I also think it's a very bizarre type of war to wage, if that's the case.
We would love to go after the head of the snake.
It's a wily beast that we're fighting.
We're going to go to some of these other phone calls.
Anything else before I let you go, Zach?
No, I really appreciate you guys.
I think you guys are incredible reporters.
I really appreciate you guys and your integrity.
I hope I shared something that's worthwhile, but I just really appreciate you guys.
Yeah, I appreciate you too.
Alex got some really good intel from you in the past week ahead of the curve, and we appreciate that.
Thanks, Zach.
Thank you, brother.
Alright, we're going to go back out to your phone calls in just a moment.
I'm seeing some more reports here that I will update you on.
Now, initial assessment is that Iranian missiles struck areas of the Al-Assad base not populated by Americans, so we're not sure exactly who it is populated by.
Of course, Iraqis, they took the brunt of some of this attack.
President Trump, of course, saying, so far so good on the Iraq base.
I think we can actually take a lot, Greg, from this tone of Donald Trump's tweet, right?
He sort of has two types.
He has the fire and brimstone, this will not be tolerated, you will see the response like you've never seen before.
Or this type, where he says, all is well, no worries, relax, it's cool.
I think, to me,
You know, who's looking for de-escalation.
This is the type of response I was hoping for and waiting for.
Of course, we'll see tomorrow with his official report, you know, once the Lindsey Graham's and Nancy Pelosi's and Chuck Schumer's of the world get a hold of him.
Maybe his tone will change by tomorrow morning, but you know, I did the
You're in review for 2019 and again and again and again like clockwork it was war with Iran being drummed up and it was almost ironic that all of this happens you know the day after you you know the first of the year we sum all of this up and go look at this pattern where month after month after month they're agitating for war with Iran and you ask the question when is it going to boil over when is it really going to truly start and sure enough first day of 2020
Reputation as it goes into the future.
And I think, you know, hopefully there are good people there in the White House dealing with him, discussing him.
Hopefully Tucker Carlson's calling him right now and saying what he's saying rather than Sean Hannity.
But these are sort of the two sides of the coin that we're dealing with, I guess.
And you know, I mean, I have no evidence to back this up other than the fact of what I've witnessed for the past two, three years with Donald Trump.
And I still have a very hard time just thinking of Donald Trump as a, as a rogue president who managed to somehow get elected against all odds.
I still always go back to the fact that there, I think there is something very big going on behind the scenes.
I remember a few years ago, there was talk that there was a,
There was plans of a military coup against Obama that was called off for obvious reasons and that what's happening now is sort of a more judicious, planned, clever way of dealing with the treason that we've been experiencing.
And so if that's the case, which I think it is, I think Iran and North Korea have been
On this table as two of the biggest problems to deal with in all of this drama since day one.
Yeah, absolutely.
And he's done quite well.
To me, it lends more credence to the fact that there was a story today where people were charged as, quote, QAnon extremists or QAnon influenced extremists, which I've never given too much credit to the QAnon phenomenon.
I think it's fascinating.
I think it's interesting.
I think it's a source of great information, but I've never given it too much credence.
But now today, the fact that they're calling you a domestic terrorist, if you give it credence, it makes me want to
Want to look into it a little bit more because they don't declare things domestic terrorism if they don't fear it.
I recommend that actually, to be honest.
And they also, I read something that they were trying to frame, they were spinning some story of like a QAnon group that were going to take some kid hostage with a gun or something.
That's what this one was, yeah.
Because, you know, when QAnon first appeared within the first few weeks, Iran and North Korea were top of the list as far as issues to deal with.
Well, and this is the big issue.
But, you know, if it goes into war and the only reason I hesitate to, you know, condemn Trump outright is because of my experience previously where he would do things like send the missiles into Syria and attack Syria.
I remember the sinking gut feeling where it's like, oh, my God, Donald Trump attacked Syria.
He said he wouldn't, and here he is.
You know, what the heck?
And you remember Alex Jones did a very emotional broadcast that day.
But then, what do you know?
It turns out it wasn't that big of a deal.
It turns out it didn't escalate farther.
It turns out he warned them beforehand.
It turns out it was all a show for the media to satisfy them and quench their thirst for blood while not escalating it any farther.
So now when I see something like this that sort of makes me go, oh God, Trump, what have you done?
I sort of have to remind myself this has happened before, and he's pulled it out.
He's been in control the whole time, and so we can hope that this is the situation now.
I'd love to hear what you think.
Some of you have been waiting quite a while.
Thank you so much for doing so.
Let's go out to the phone lines now.
William from Florida has been waiting.
Thank you so much for waiting, William.
You're on the air.
Yeah, hi.
First-time caller, long-time listener.
I first saw Alex in a movie called Waking Life back in the day.
I think it was 2001.
Anyway, I have a little input on the discussion today.
Why not create a peace delegation composed of former President Barack Obama, John Brennan, and John Kerry, since they're so familiar with that part of the world?
Hang them out there with Trump's terms.
And why not activate the Space Force while he's at it?
Tell them that under Trump's orders, he will unleash the rods of God like he did in China
I don't know.
Uh, you know, then, uh, you know, um, I mean, yeah, I guess, you know, it could lead to a nasty situation, but the rods of God could clean all that up.
The old two birds with one stone trick.
I see where you're going with that.
Well, I think personally it's an interesting idea.
Personally, I think Brennan, Kerry, and Obama have had enough to do with the situation now.
Let's leave them to the side as we clean up the messes that they left.
More or less.
Great call.
Thank you so much, William in Florida.
Let's go to Rick in Texas.
Rick in Texas has been waiting as well.
Thank you so much for calling in, Rick.
You are on the air.
Hi Harrison.
I wanted to cite a Business Insider article from 2014.
It's, what is it, Iran's Supreme Leader, prepare for new world order, in quotes.
And in there he says, Iran will have a strong role in creating a new world order.
We have important potential outside Iran.
We have supporters.
We have... Some because of Islam, some because of language, some because of Shia religion.
So... The New World Order, as in this big cranking of gears that has been going on since... I mean, for a long time... With... Dax talks about Obama and that catfight in Iran.
It just reminds me of like what y'all have been kind of harping on before the last caller is how much does Trump actually know, you know, in regards to the deep state, in regards to, you know, the big cranks of gear that have been running, you know, the 50s, these little time bombs they've set in Iran, little time bombs they've set in North Korea that previous administrations have been passing off and letting them grow and grow.
How much does Trump actually know?
Like you said earlier about the previous Iran situation that happened a few months ago, you know, Trump kind of backed in a weird kind of way.
You know, you think about it, the past administration, they're just going right to it, jumping right on it.
But Trump seems to know something a little bit more.
But how much does he actually know if he keeps putting in Bilderberg groups and Bilderbergers
I mean, that's a good question.
And what I've experienced...
Interest, but I just...
Yeah, it wasn't a straight bribe.
It was returning money that had been captured because of some of the sanctions that we'd put on.
But, interesting stuff, you're right.
The road has been paved by the previous administrations, but that's the reality now and Trump is having to deal with it.
So, you know, we can only hope that he knows more than he seems to know.
You know, I don't know.
It's really hard to tell what he knows and what he doesn't.
I mean, what we've seen, in my opinion, is, in the past few years, is some of the most surprise, some of the biggest surprises in curveballs that anyone's ever seen on the world stage.
And so, and I heard someone explain it to me, and it made a lot of sense, is that one of the most powerful tools you could have if you were Trump is
The power of not being predictable.
The power of being completely unpredictable.
And he has succeeded that.
I don't know if that's all his own making or if he's been trained on how to do this, but he is a master of being unpredictable.
No one really knows what he's going to do next.
That came up to me when he was talking about cultural sites.
That's a rather unpredictable thing to do.
No one would have predicted him to do that.
And what this does, what we've seen this do in the past, is this tends to cause people to hang themselves.
We've been seeing a lot of that.
We haven't seen complete justice yet, and we haven't gotten there yet, but we have seen people react badly to this unpredictability, as if they freak out.
And to bring up QAnon once again,
That is one of the things that Q is basically saying is the basic plan from day one is to basically make them hang themselves by creating a sense of despair for them.
And Zach got me thinking about Obama and Kerry and God, wouldn't it be great to see this situation somehow help expose what happened there?
Well, and the insane thing about Trump, well you have to remember about him, is he's operating in a world where he's surrounded by enemies, he's surrounded by people undercutting and undermining and trying to subvert his attempts to, you know, do what he promised to do and fulfill his campaign guarantees.
And so, but these people are the gatekeepers to power, right?
So he has to always act
With their approval.
So how do you defeat people while they have essentially a veto over everything that you do, right?
If Trump wants to do something, I mean, they control his information, they control his, you know, the orders as they go out.
And we've seen this time and time again that he's had to expel people from his administration because they were leaking stuff or not, you know, following through with his thing.
The whole impeachment hearings were all these unelected bureaucrats
Basically saying, I didn't agree, so I wasn't going to do what the President of the United States ordered me to do.
And so, he is in a situation that is nearly impossible.
But luckily, if anybody can pull it out, it's going to be him.
So, you know, we can hope for it more.
But, you know, what you have right now is you have a lot of the conservative establishment
Advocating in favor of what Trump is doing, advocating for more pressure of Iran, banging their chest, waving their flag and saying we need to, you know, avenge and protect our people.
Of course, nobody's gotten hurt.
You can always see when the media frames it.
It's always, the way they frame it is so disingenuous.
They'll say they've attacked Americans' interests.
You know, that sort of thing.
And you can just see in the writing, that's how they do it.
So we got the media who wants the increase.
You have a lot of Trump's advisors who want to increase.
You have leaders of the Republican Party who are advocating for, you know, Lindsey Graham going on Hannity.
Hannity himself doing it.
So that's on one side.
On the other side, you know, drowned out and largely shadow banned, if not outright banned, you have his true core supporters who have been with him forever.
Because you got to remember, a lot of these
A lot of these Fox people and, you know, neocon-type people were not pro-Trump until he got the nomination, even farther into his administration.
So a lot of his true supporters, his core supporters, were there with him from the beginning.
They're anti-war, they're trying to argue against it, but they don't have the Fox shows, they don't have the positions that would be able to influence Trump.
Now, on the other hand,
You do have, along with them, strangely enough, probably now you have the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Israel saying, hey man, we're going to get attacked if you escalate.
So you need to not escalate.
And I think that was kind of a brilliant thing that Iran did by saying, our next wave of attacks will be insane, it'll be huge, but it'll be against Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Israel.
And that way, then potentially he gets those countries
Trying to get in contact with Trump and saying, hey, Trump, we don't want to be attacked.