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Name: 20200102_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 2, 2020
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Alex Jones discusses a range of conspiracy theories including attempts to foment civil war, gun confiscation laws, globalist plans to undermine Trump's administration, satanism, pedophilia, vaccines, occult symbolism and the significance of the year 2020. He interviews guests on various topics such as propaganda techniques used by mainstream media, the UN's involvement in America, and predictions for 2020. He also discusses incidents of violence and unrest across Europe during New Year's Eve celebrations, cultural practices imported into London, and a Syrian brown bear named Wojtek who fought alongside Polish troops during World War II. Throughout the broadcast, Jones promotes Infowars products and urges listeners to support the show financially.

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Here we are, Thursday, January 2nd, 2020.
305 days out from this referendum on Americanism versus Globalism.
I am your host and I'm very, very honored to be here.
Very, very thankful for all of you, the viewers and listeners, everyone that makes this transmission possible.
Our amazing crew, our sponsors, our families, all of us here at the M4 are a family who want to stand up against the globalists that are trying to break our will and demoralize us.
Well, I am very excited right now in good ways and in bad ways.
There has been a major move to foment civil war in this country.
And Soros got caught trying to do that back in 2015 with Obama.
We have those secret documents.
They also got caught trying to trigger that, obviously, in Charlottesville right after Trump got into office as well.
And now Virginia is moving forward this month to try to implement laws to begin gun confiscation.
And admitting they want to use the military to do it.
The Democrats are saying, hell yes, we want to take all your semi-automatic weapons.
Remember when Beto O'Rourke famously said that, every Democrat candidate on the stage except Tulsi Gabbards agreed with that.
So that's a consensus.
We have the New York Times and the Boston Globe saying time to repeal the Second Amendment.
Well, Tom Pappert's National File, excellent news site, a lot of former Breitbart people and others, has been doing amazing research.
But this was public knowledge that they broke on Monday that we covered here.
But it didn't get a lot of attention until the last 24 hours.
Now it's a top trending story.
DrugsReport.com has linked to an article
On Infowars.com, why is the U.N.
hiring English-speaking disarmament officers in New York?
And then it points out that the U.N.
confiscates guns all over the world and in a U.N.
treaty that Obama signed onto but Congress didn't ratify.
It says, civilian ownership of firearms threatens the legitimate power monopoly of the state.
Well, that's a true statement.
Except, power monopolies aren't legitimate, are they?
North Korea has a power monopoly.
China under Xi Jinping has a power monopoly.
The Fuhrer in Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, had a power monopoly.
And those weren't good things.
But now this is getting picked up all over the place by major publications and others that are looking into it and saying this is crazy and we have the Democrats admitting they want paramilitary to take the guns.
And there is a scenario to cause a civil war in America and then use that crisis to bring in the UN.
Loretta Lynch and her Strong Cities initiative right before Obama left office four years ago.
Proposed, and we played the audio and video of them at meetings.
When they have these federal takeover of police departments to quote, fix corruption, that the UN would do it.
And remember, the UN goes into countries all over the world and does this when they're having civil wars.
That's why they're building the refugee centers in Mexico and Guatemala and flooding us, just like they're doing it on the borders of Europe with the Islamicists.
That's why the UN is bringing people in by the tens of thousands from the Congo during the biggest Ebola outbreak ever.
It's all part of the globalists using the third world to assault the first world.
The UN and the globalists have already exploited the third world.
China has taken over Africa.
That was a big article we covered just a few days ago.
And now they're moving against the United States, but America woke up.
In the last few minutes to midnight, and so now the fight is on.
In fact, crew, please print that big article.
It was linked on drugs a few days ago about China taking over the continent of Africa that integrates with this, and I forgot to get into that.
So that's all coming up.
We have the reporter.
And the journalist that broke the big story, Tom Pappert, joining us, and so much more.
We also have big news on the Vatican with Leo Zegami, and more today.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, Paul Watson, from the UK.
We'll also be hosting the fourth hour.
It's 2020.
Stay with us.
We see the Earth now, and it is the mythical year 2020.
I remember growing up being four or five years old and my mother cooking in the kitchen.
And she said, just think, you'll be 20 something years old in the year 2000.
I thought about 2000 being some distant future place like the Jetsons and we'd all fly to work on cloud cities on our jetpacks.
And then the year 2000 came and went.
2001, the beginning of the new millennium.
And just like that, here we are 20 years later.
In the year 2020, that image of vision, that archetypal symbol.
And the world is matching what you'd expect from such an incredible numerical
Big things are happening.
Still greater things are going to unfold.
And the world has been put into that point of liquification.
Where the system has been frozen in the social mores and how culture operates.
And it has been artificially put into flux
So the social engineers can manipulate society into a form and shape they desire, but during that critical moment where civilization is put into flux, we are now fighting with the technocrats and the post-humanist for control of the wheel that is in direct connection to the rudder.
And that's the best analogy I can come up with.
I think it's probably best that I just read to you some of the stacks and some of the headlines here that we're going to be going over today.
The public has really woken up to the fact that the stage is being set to trigger controlled right-wing opposition clashes with controlled left-wing opposition Antifa
in areas like Virginia and that indeed the United Nations is being prepared and being augmented and firing up the forces to be able to carry out that stabilization role if criminal elements of the deep state are indeed able to trigger civil unrest inside the United States.
It is so wonderful
That everyone is seeing through this and how phony Charlottesville was a few years ago as a beta test of how they were going to try to create these clashes in the future that they hope will trigger and detonate real clashes across the United States.
And I've had the university
I think?
And have our people in place coming up on the 20th of the Commonwealth when they announce gun confiscation and registration, which they've already said they're going to do, in an attempt to trigger clashes, which again Soros and his operatives have been caught doing before.
That's why Joe Biden is running his new campaign ad saying we're going to have a new Charlottesville and Trump is defending the KKK saying they're very fine people, which he never said.
Another hoax.
That's because they plan to use a new clash
As a way to, again, trigger civil unrest across the nation, and then bring in the U.N.
that Obama proposed using in U.S.
cities where there, quote, have been police abuses.
That was proposed by Loretta Lynch.
We played the clips here many times.
Breitbart.com, Infowars.com wrote about it.
Her at meetings telling city leaders across the country,
We're going to use the U.N.
over the police boards.
And the U.N.
builds the refugee centers on our borders and the U.N.
runs all these major operations to break up countries.
And that's how the globalists are going to try to use these outside forces against the attempt by Trump and the American people to restore our republic, unify our nation, and move forward.
Just like the Russiagate failed, just like the impeachment is a big joke, I believe this is going to fail because we're on air, because you are active, and because you understand their game plan.
Once we understand their game plan, it is game over.
So I'm going to spend the entire
Second hour, looking at scenarios that the deep state has been preparing and are intending to implement, not just in Virginia, but in other geographic areas of the U.S., economic crises they're planning, and other tricks.
But knowing about their operations is a large part of the battle.
And we've done extensive research.
This entire stack is government documents, admissions, plans.
No one, no one has their finger on the pulse like we do.
And I don't say that again to toot our horn.
I say it to point out that this is the battle plans.
And if you know the enemy's plans, and if you're able to get those out,
To patriots in government, in companies, in private life, and to the independent press.
And if we know what we're looking for, we understand the narrative, we don't have to sleepwalk into their takeover.
And that's why they're pissed that we just don't follow their brainwashing and their narratives.
But the big stories are up on DrugsReport.com, InfoWars.com.
Virginia Rep says he's military to take the guns.
Why is the U.N.
hiring English-speaking disarmament officers in New York?
Army document outlines plan for re-education camps in America.
Leaked U.S.
All of this.
Virginia governor wants roadblocks to take the guns.
That's mint.
To cause a civil war.
It's just like Texas.
The cities have been taken over by people fleeing California.
So you go into the cities, it's not Texas anymore.
But then outside the cities, it is Texas.
And imagine if they just shut the roads down and start confiscating your guns.
They know that's going to cause a revolt.
That's their plan.
This is so huge.
We're going to cover it the entire second hour.
Tell everybody tune in is on this, okay?
Beyond critical.
Beyond critical.
I want to look at the race war component that ties into this first.
Now we come back.
Trump list shows 319 results and promises he kept.
Huge surveillance grid news.
The latest campaign news.
Huge news that ties into all of that and the deep state.
Obama's National Security Council holdovers finally fired by Trump.
So Trump is doing a lot of very exciting things.
We're seeing real movement.
In the new year, that if it follows the trajectory I see, we're going to see the deep state in really big trouble in about 60 days.
But we will track all of that as well and the latest in the Middle East as the deep state tries to trigger a new hostage crisis to embarrass Trump and derail his attempts at peace in the Middle East.
It's all coming up finally in this segment.
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Stay with us.
Again, it is Thursday, January 2nd, 2020.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And in this second hour, I'm going to lay out the Democrats' surprise to try to derail Trump.
It's guaranteed.
They admit it's their plan.
We said two years ago it was their plan.
We said it was their plan a year ago.
We said it six months ago.
And now Joe Biden is betting his whole campaign on a new Charlottesville.
And the Democrats are coming to confiscate the guns in Virginia.
And they are so pissed that we see right through them.
And they just don't know what to do.
The dominoes are falling in our direction.
We're winning.
And those of us that are on the front lines are gonna be punished.
That's okay.
That's what I signed up for here.
But I want the audience to realize you're not an audience.
You are, literally, the reason this is happening.
Think about that.
InfoWars is the tip of the spear.
And we are responsible, with God's help, for all of this.
And that means you.
Okay, let me do this.
Because the news is so overwhelming.
The only way I can process this is just tell you what's coming up and then I'm gonna explode into this at the start of the next segment.
I got into how we have their game plan.
It's confirmed they're moving forward with it to trigger civil war.
We have the documents where they admit that's their plan.
It's incredible.
And then we've got the fomenting towards that.
And after they trigger the clash in Virginia and other areas with their hired actors, with their operatives, and the real useful idiots that show up.
They then plan to trigger racial unrest around the country and brand the overthrow of Trump as an uprising by non-whites against whites.
And that's why there's more than 15 Netflix shows and HBO shows and just everywhere about white privilege and how whites are inherently evil and bad.
With white people,
Teaching everyone that this is the case.
And Barack Obama, as a producer, financing and producing shows with names like White Privilege.
Protests after German state broadcaster features children singing about their grandparents being environmentalist pigs and chanting like Nazis that they're going to get them and line them up against the wall with Greta Thunberg in the background.
Yes, this is not science fiction.
This is 2020.
As I mentioned, the racial division.
New York Times loves racism and hates white people.
Big RT article.
Ties into this.
It's okay to be white.
Trends on Twitter.
New York Times begins 2020 with feature story on how white people are bad for existing.
Paul Watson covered one where they actually said, when you hike in Scotland, it's very upsetting to see so many abled-bodied white people.
Even in Scotland, you can't have any white people.
Plus, they're good-looking.
And it's a white writer for the BBC who's upset to see abled-bodied white men.
My God, that's a good-looking white man.
What are we going to do?
This is the real world, folks.
Open up Europe, bring in unlimited people, and then the white people are trying to teach them to hate the whites as a demographic takeover.
That's coming up.
Meanwhile, Yale offering bouncy castle cookies and coloring activities for students.
Adult students encouraged to play children's games.
We'll break all of it down.
Meanwhile, Mayhem in Brussels as cars torched.
Over 200 arrested.
The Islamic fun time.
So we're going to break all of that down here today.
And we've got more of the big fake news.
The Washington Post.
Protesters storm U.S.
Embassy in Baghdad.
Turns out they killed people.
But they're being called protesters.
Kind of like they called Xi Jinping a hero and said, quote,
We hope China can destroy Trump to save America.
That was the headline.
Talk about collaborators.
Talk about enemies.
And a large part of the American people hate their own country so much, they don't want Trump to get them a better trade deal.
They don't want to have better energy prices.
They don't want to have a future.
Xi's choice, destroy Trump, save him, and weaken America.
There's your headline.
That's not the Twilight Zone.
That's the real world in 2020.
Meanwhile, the use of the new taxpayer-funded benefits illegal aliens in California get starting today.
We'll cover it.
Trump on war with Iran.
I like peace.
Trump says he doesn't want war with Iran.
That's coming up.
Trump lists 319 results and promises kept in three years.
He sure did.
More honest and got more done than any president I've ever seen since George Washington, quite frankly.
Ex-FBI Chief Andrew McCabe lied to the FBI over his leak to the media.
It's now coming out.
Of course we already knew that.
California's woke legislation for 2020.
Students can't be suspended.
Left declares 2020 Year of the Resistance to Donald Trump and Boris Johnson and called for their physical overthrow.
And who's financing them?
George and Alexander Soros.
Meanwhile, the Washington Post has written a big article that sounds like Paul Watson or Alex Jones wrote it 18 years ago.
How We Survived the Surveillance Apocalypse.
It says you're toasters listening to you.
That there's hidden cameras and microphones even in cheap devices.
And now, the creepy unexplained drone swarming over everything at night in Colorado.
We happen to know, actually, who's doing that.
I'll tell you.
Meanwhile, head of robotics company warns of catastrophic consequences if AI is used in conflicts.
It's all coming up.
And the big news that ties in to evidence Trump's really moving now that the New Year's here.
Obama National Security Council holdovers finally booted after years of non-stop leaks.
We've got that.
Julian Castro drops out a bunch of election news.
Remember he said we need abortions for men.
And women can be sperm donors.
Again, assaulting reality.
That's all coming up.
combat deaths in Afghanistan highest in years.
And we'll talk about what was the number one most downloaded and viewed media event.
On the open internet in 2019.
Well, it was Alex Jones, the Joe Rogan podcast.
Big articles about it.
And that's why I can't go on any big shows that would get their top ratings, because you're not allowed to have top ratings.
You're not allowed to be number one.
Kind of like Ford versus Ferrari, where they tell the Ford driver, it's a true story, they said, uh, you need to slow the car down.
You're, you're three laps ahead of everybody.
And we're going to, you know, just the way it works.
So again,
We'll be right back.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Band.video, where the information too powerful for you to be allowed to see still exists, like a sentinel.
Next segment, I'm going to play some clips from the controlled corporate media this weekend, or a few days ago, where they're trying to manage reality, and it's just incredibly transparent and pathetic.
But it's important to understand how they operate.
So we'll do that next segment.
Right now, I wanted to get back into what I began to mention and actually play a video clip of this.
Protest after German state broadcaster features children singing about their grandparents being environmental pigs for eating meat.
And again, this is all being done because the environmental groups want to take control of energy, meat,
Everything to tax and control it.
That's all this is, is a mafia muscling in like a priesthood to control every aspect of life.
They don't tell the communist Chinese they can't have coal.
They don't tell the communist Chinese they can't have meat.
They only teach schoolchildren that they're bad.
And that they're killing the earth so they have guilt and can be ideologically programmed into this cult.
Now, when's the last time in Germany they had children talking about how their parents are bad and need to be watched and need to be lined up against a wall and shot, as Greta said in Italy a few weeks ago, if they don't do what they're told?
That was under Adolf Hitler, of course.
And then we know Mao used the same blueprint with the high schools and colleges.
The Cultural Revolution came out of the schools with the Maoist Youth Brigade.
So in the textbook of authoritarian red line, red flag,
Alert, alert, alert, danger, danger is when the state starts organizing children against their parents.
You don't walk from that, you run from that.
It's a formulae for being put in re-education camps, which they're now calling for on the news for Trump supporters.
Fun camps!
People go, well that's crazy, it'll never happen.
They're trying it.
You go, why are they trying it?
Because it's succeeded other places.
Both Facebook and Google have moved into former Stasi bases in Germany.
In East Germany.
Former East Germany.
You go, why are they doing that?
Why are they hiring former deputy heads six years ago?
People thought we were making that up when Obama hired Marcus Wolfe, before he died, the former head of the Stasi, to advise him on homeland security.
There was a line item in a congressional funding where Wolfe almost got paid a million dollars to consult, and people didn't believe it.
Oh, there's no way the US government hired the former Stasi.
Yes, they did!
Make police states hip again.
Google offered Stasi HQ for new Berlin office.
You can't make this up.
So let's go ahead and roll this in Deutsch, and then you'll hear Greta Thunberg, their leader, the Jugendlieder, mein Fuhrer, saying that, how dare you?
I should not be here.
I will put you up against a wall.
But you must give your energy sources over.
Only China can operate.
No one else is allowed to.
This is military operations against us.
Here is German state-run TV in the schools brainwashing the children.
My grandparents dine in the chicken coop with a motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle.
There's thousands of gallons of gas every month.
My grandmother is old environmental pig.
My grandma say riding a motorcycle's cool, so cool, so cool.
She even uses it in the old folks' home as wheelchair.
My grandma is an old environmental swine.
My grandma uses SUV to go to doctor, the doctor, the doctor.
She runs over to grandma's on the mobility scooters.
My grandma is an old environmental pig.
Every day my grandma fries herself a pork chop.
A pork chop.
A pork chop.
She does it because it discount meat costs nearly nothing.
My grandma is an old environmental pig.
My grandma doesn't fly on planes anymore.
She reformed.
She reformed.
She reformed.
Now she takes trips on cruise ships ten times a year.
My grandma isn't an environmental pig.
My grandma isn't a pig.
She submitted.
We will not let you get away with this.
Now back that up again.
And then they take control of the children and have them lip sync.
We will not let you get away with this!
We will sabotage your economy.
We will shut you down.
But only the West has to do it.
Not China.
Not India.
We will not let you get away with this.
Or the globalists have full control.
So can you guys just go to YouTube and type in Hitler Youth?
Let's show some people some footage of Hitler Youth.
And then you can just superimpose it over those children.
We'll do that in post.
You know, we're live right now, but once we post this to BandOnVideo, let's add some Hitler youth on there.
How about some Chinese Maoist youth brigades?
There's lots of color footage of that, of them killing their parents.
We can even show you people lining their parents up and shooting them, putting them up against the wall!
I will show you how to submit to the Reich and the leadership of the Führer!
Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!
And our leader, and our spokesperson, Gauleiter, Greta Thunberg!
So this is the type of behavior that we are ongoingly treated to.
And you look at these so-called anti-fascists, they're the ones wearing black uniforms, they're the ones behaving like that, they're the ones that are doing all this.
Meanwhile, that story's up on Infowars.com, I hope you share it.
Meanwhile, the New York Times loves racism and hates white people.
That's the RT headline, and they actually quote it!
And we've got BBC articles right here, where it actually says that
Where it actually says that... Go ahead, go ahead!
I'm one of the lucky ones.
People are suffering.
People are dying.
Entire ecosystems are collapsing.
We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth.
How dare you!
I should not be here!
For more than 30 years the science has been crystal clear.
How dare you continue to look away and come here saying that you're doing enough when the politics and solutions needed are still nowhere in sight.
You say you hear us and that you understand the urgency.
But no matter how sad and angry I am, I do not want to believe that.
Because if you really understood the situation and still kept on failing to act, then you would be evil, and that I refuse to believe.
Every authoritarian regime takes control of the children and brainwashes them against their parents and grandparents.
They even sing about grandma kills grandma's stupid old pig granny.
My granny is a pig.
She's a big fat pig.
She kill other old people.
Old people dying.
It's all formulaic.
If they can't brainwash those that are already informed, they will take the youth and turn them into weapons against the people.
And they will teach you inherently.
But the BBC that don't go hiking in Scotland
You'll see.
Far too many able-bodied white men.
Now I want to spend a few minutes here going over how the propaganda works.
And look, we all know mainstream media lies.
We know they spin.
We know that they belittle the American people.
What you're about to see is so arrogant and so authoritarian by Rachel Maddow, I'm sorry, Chris Hayes on MSNBC that we really need to play it and analyze it.
Because every few seconds he's revealing their game plan, their operations.
First, they glorify shadowy traitors in the government who put out fake information as leaks
And then, never get in trouble, and no one gets to face their accuser, and they demonize the president and others for saying Eric Ciaramella.
And all the millions of people that have been censored on Twitter and Facebook, who've had their posts taken down or been banned, for saying his godlike name.
That then sets the precedent that if you're Fiona Hill and George Soros' minion, and you're the supposed first person that heard this that doesn't exist, the transcript and all the other witnesses say it's a lie, it doesn't matter because you are infallible above the Pope himself!
Then he goes into the arrogance of, oh, and then Trump keeps tweeting from these obscure nobodies.
Why some of these Twitter accounts just don't even have any followers.
Like, oh, Trump will put out what some housewife says or what some auto mechanic says or what some farmer says or what...
A black forklift operator says, because that's a real case.
A fella put out a funny tweet, gonna be a black forklift operator.
They got him fired in New York last year.
Found out who he was, they tracked him down.
Trump thought his tweet made sense and then, you know, they fired him last time I heard.
So, how dare you Trump tweet what a black forklift operator has to say when it makes sense?
How dare you put out with an old school teacher who's an old white lady has to say?
How dare you?
You're supposed to only do what the New York and the D.C.
and the L.A.
elites, the ones that tell us, you know, women can have babies.
Well, we know that, but these aren't women.
These are men that say they're women and that women can be sperm donors.
So he lectures people for seven minutes.
I'm not going to play the whole thing.
Just the first few minutes is enough to make you go crazy.
But this is illustrative of everything we're talking about.
The real Donald Trump.
And what's the overall message here?
Well, starting last week, dozens of Trump tweets were blocked.
They were shadow banned where no one could see them unless you had the actual URL.
We reported on it.
Gateway Pundit reported on it.
People at first couldn't believe it was happening.
We're 300 days out from the election.
They are now moving against how he communicates.
Because he's not stood up to the racketeering.
To the election meddling.
And so they're setting the precedent now and saying, oh, he gave out Eric Ciramello's number, his info, his name.
And so he has to have armed guards now.
But then he also says, we don't even know who the whistleblower is.
That's right.
It's just some nebulous person.
No, it's, it's Brennan giving the order for somebody to make the report.
And then they got to protect that person because they can't ever be up on a stand because it'll come out who ordered them to do it.
Because we know who ordered them to do it.
Because Trump's using the same surveillance state against them now, and that's why they're so desperate and that's why they're so scared.
So let's go to, again, the little man with his glasses, supposed to look real intellectual, talking down his nose at everybody.
Here he is.
For months now, basically the moment after we learned about the whistleblower's complaint on the president's dealings with Ukraine, the right-wing media has been obsessed with the identity of the whistleblower.
Many right-wing outlets have published the name of a person they claim is a whistleblower.
We don't know if it is.
And they're not alone.
Don Jr.
has outed this individual, Senator Rand Paul.
Alright boss, let's back it up.
Ten seconds.
We don't know who it is because now we get to be accused by people and we never find out who they are.
And then they act like it's illegal to know who your accuser is to set that precedent.
This is the new system where the president's phone calls are all transcripts.
Those are all public.
He doesn't get any privacy as the president.
But these magic people, these deep staters that Trump's finally firing all of them today, they get carte blanche.
I don't know if it is.
Don Jr.
And they're not alone.
has outed this individual.
Senator Rand Paul, Congressman Louie Gohmert, all of them have done it.
And so perhaps it was only a matter of time before the president did it himself.
He did it over the weekend in his favorite venue for this sort of thing, his Twitter feed.
The thing is, those tweets have real-world effects.
As the Washington Post notes, quote, when threats against the whistleblower spike, often seemingly spurred by presidential tweets, he is driven to and from work by armed security officers.
That's a U.S.
government official who needs a security detail because the President is directing Veneman.
And this all comes amidst a very, very noticeable uptick in the President's Twitter activity.
Oh, stop again.
Did you catch all those lies?
They just say he's getting all these threats and he needs security detail, but he's not the whistleblower, or maybe he is, and it's all because of this thing called the President communicating with the people.
This terrible thing that he should stop doing.
So this is a giant attack on free speech of the president, all being normalized here by Chris Hayes.
Did you hear that?
These weird accounts with almost no followers.
Because he sees a funny video, he sees somebody saying something makes sense, he puts it out.
He reaches down to the average person and magnifies that, just like we have callers call in with great ideas.
We implement it.
Because your ideas are damn original, damn good.
We know most inventions come from the grassroots.
The best parties are just with average people, not with a bunch of stuck-up elitists.
We're commoners.
We're Americans.
We're proud of it.
Alexander de Tocqueville, the French historian, came here and spent a decade after the Revolutionary War.
He said Americans were the most amazing people ever because they were about what you stood for and what you did and who you were.
Just like Martin Luther King talked about later.
Martin Luther King Jr.
It's about who you really are, not what royal family you came from.
And so Trump values what the average people are saying.
And they're trying to cut the people off from the president who's trying to represent them, and this arrogant SOB is up there like royalty, going, can you believe it?
Where he gets all this stuff and they shake their heads because it scares the hell out of them because their corporate boards aren't in control of this country.
Let's go back to it.
Some that are brand new with zero followers, pushing forward weird conspiracy theories from the darkest corners of the internet.
Behavior that raises serious questions.
For instance, how does he even find these accounts to retweet them?
Joining me now is NBC News reporter Ben Collins, who spends much of his time chasing down bots and conspiracy networks.
Hit pause again.
Chasing down bots and conspiracy networks.
You're not really a real person.
You're a bot and a conspiracy network.
And once they say you're part of that conspiracy network, because they're the conspiracy against America, then you can be shut down.
They have congressional hearings and they turn the CIA loose on you.
But something happened.
Trump's firing all the State Department people that really run all this.
He fired a whole bunch of them yesterday and today, and now they're crapping big old bricks.
We're going to come back and get into that.
This is so huge, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, but listen, this big expert, he finds out, well, somebody else magnified the commenter's tweet, and then Trump put that out.
He's like a rocket scientist explaining this to us here.
Go back to it.
That works.
Ben, let's start on that first question.
Sometimes the president will retweet an account, and it has very few followers.
Sometimes it's following zero people.
In one case recently, in this recent JAG, he retweeted the first tweet of an account, and I thought to myself, how did he get there to find out this person was tweeting and retweet their first account?
How does that work?
Yeah, so in this case, he got there from Seb Gorka, but Seb Gorka retweeted this account.
That's enough.
That's enough.
Pure elitism.
I'm going to come back with the rest of the story and why this is so exciting and good news and just the mindset of these people who are told what to say and they all repeat the talking points and to watch a president going off the people's talking points and just common sense enrages them.
We're going to go to break.
They're control freaks.
We're going to go to break, come back.
I'm going to finish up with this, then get into the big enchilada for the rest of the hour.
Their plan to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
Please don't forget, this is the last four days of the biggest sales we're ever going to have.
Storewide free shipping, double Patriot points, up to 75% off.
Total year-end clearance.
We're now into the new year.
We'll have some new great specials and stuff next week, but this is it.
From the front lines.
Of the information war!
Ha ha ha!
So you got all these political operatives like Chuck Todd who worked for the Clintons and Obama on his national Sunday TV show that supposedly puts out the talking points to everybody.
And you just saw MSNBC mad that Trump is tweeting obscure people.
How dare him retweet what the peasantry is up to?
I thought I'd play this clip from earlier in the week again, from last weekend.
I think I played it on Monday because it's so illustrative of this ecosystem where it goes from 4chan to Reddit to InfoWars to Gateway Pundit, which is total bull.
Greta Thunberg says we're going to line people up and kill them.
The Germans teach kids that their parents and grandparents are pigs that need to die because they don't, you know, we write a story about it showing how you're monsters.
That's how it works.
We cover the horrible stuff you're doing.
And then we race to try to get it out before the competition.
We don't, we don't, like, get our talking points from, oh, what, what 4chan say?
Oh, what the, oh, what Drudge say?
They always ask, like, Alex just said what was going to be in Trump's speech at his inauguration, and he said exactly that.
And, like, New York Times, like, was like, he talked to you this morning?
No one had the speech!
And I said, I can already figure out.
I wrote the speech on the air in the last 20 years.
It's like in 1984 when Winston's getting tortured in the Ministry of Truth and O'Brien walks in.
He says, they got you?
And he goes, yeah, they got me a long time ago.
That's hilarious!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I haven't figured it out yet.
It's just really funny.
So, so let's just, let's just go to this, this ridiculousness.
It comes from the people, from the grassroots.
That's where the real power is.
You people don't have any real power in your soul.
So you go to DC looking for a soul and all you find is more soullessness.
Vampires can't feed off vampires.
Here they are.
Matthew, I want you to address what I think is an ecosystem problem, at least on the right.
I want to put up something that one of my colleagues, Ben Collins, put here.
It's a bit of an ecosystem here.
He'll say, you'll get something starts on 4chan, there's the subreddit of Trump, InfoWars might pick it up.
Then it starts inching into the mainstream.
Gateway Pundit might just say, oh, what's this about?
Then it gets to Drudge, might have a provocative headline link.
Rush might say it in his fun little way.
Then it does make its way into Fox News, and then of course, your Facebook feed.
How do you create more accountability in the conservative ecosystem for basically dealing with propaganda?
Well, it's hard work, and I think it begins by trying to instruct young conservatives.
It's hard work, and let me act very officious and powerful.
They say all the science is in empirical verification.
By the year 2013, all major cities will be underwater.
No one wants your guns, but we will confiscate them.
Men can have babies.
Women can give sperm.
The Easter Bunny is real.
I don't trust anything coming out of that dude's mouth.
And I'm sure as hell not gonna let him get near my kids.
This is all about these control freaks wanting to control the narrative because America was asleep.
Because we didn't have TV 70, 80 years ago, so you snuck up on the farmers.
And you got them mesmerized because the first shows were nice family programs and, you know, Father Knows Best and Leave It to Beaver and all that.
And The Honeymooners.
But that's like a worm on a hook.
Now we're awake and we're like a bass that's been caught a few times and gotten away.
We know a hook and a worm.
And you hang in front of us and go, ugh!
You ever seen a bass get mad and look at the hook and knows where it is and go away?
The little stupid one comes over and grabs it.
We're not taking your bait anymore, you chicken neck, blue blood wannabes!
You people had nothing!
You have nothing!
We have broken with you!
You are pathetic maggots!
You and your witch whore Hillary will all burn in your own excrement!
Hatred on the streets of Charlottesville last night.
White nationalists carrying torches.
It was a weekend of street battles and stark displays of racism.
But you also had people that were
Very fine people on both sides.
We are in a battle for the soul of the nation.
Everything that's made America, America is at stake.
Limited to four years, history will treat this as an aberration.
But if there's eight years of this administration, I think it will forever and fundamentally change the character and the trajectory of this nation.
So that's the best shot they've got.
And the other 11 candidates, 15 total, we count those that have dropped out, running around saying, we're taking all the guns, white people are inherently evil, world government's wonderful, get rid of the borders, America was never great, will never be great.
And then you have the good guy, the good cop in the good cop, bad cop game, Joe Biden.
Sounding like he's Ronald Reagan speaking against the Soviet Union, like it's Trump.
And we're unified, and we're together, and we're one nation!
When all the people he represents have been doing, have been trying to split this country up.
Because they're globalists.
They want to get rid of the nation state.
They want to dominate us.
They want to have the
World Bank and the IMF and the TPP and these unelected globalist boards run our countries and Obama and Hillary and the neocons are all for that!
That's why they detest the idea of the President tweeting out what a 40-year-old florist has to say or what a 70-year-old retired police officer has to say or what a black
Forty-year-old forklift driver in New York has to say.
Those are all real people I just listed that were targeted by the media and found out who they were and lost their jobs for Trump retweeting them.
Punishing them for reaching out to the President and sending the message to anybody that thinks they're going to bring this country back, we're coming for you.
Well, guess what?
Your bullying has completely and totally turned everyone I know
Who are Democrats against you.
And I want to be clear.
I'm not somebody that comes on the air and puts out good news because I want to make it so like Oprah Winfrey and The Secret.
You have to have the climate, the energy, the culture, the system, the ingredients to build the new Atlantis.
By the way, we have all those ingredients and more.
The globalists know that as civilization accelerates, their old paradigms of control are going to be completely obsolete.
That's why they're trying to suppress innovation and industry and the next human development and have a breakaway civilization where the future is not evenly distributed.
And so I am a collectivist in that I believe people should have an opportunity to have access to the future.
And that's the thing about what's about to happen, is that there's unlimited potential.
And you see that.
But instead, we're working more hours than ever, even as humans are made obsolete, because they're building a post-human world.
It's the only way the globalists can fully capture control of the species and maintain control in a bifurcated New Dark Age.
Now, how do I know all this?
And how did the things we talked about 25 years ago, how is it all coming true now?
People are like, you're a prophet.
No, I'm not!
I've studied political systems.
I've studied the current globalists.
I know their roots.
I read their white papers.
I've made films on it.
And I'm telling you what they say they're going to do.
And that's why it's all coming true, because it was already true.
So starting next segment,
I'm going to plunge into this, but Biden in all of his campaign ads, the original ones, the ones that came out recently, and the newest, tell you with edited videos that Trump supports the KKK.
And you go to those events and you look at who leads those white supremacist groups, of the five leaders, four of them worked for Obama and Hillary a year before
They went out to Charlottesville and organized that.
And listen, you know how to typecast people.
You know on average what people, what groups look like.
And I saw the white supremacist marchers, the original Tiki Torch ones, and it was like a gay statewide drama club.
And then you go track the guys down, they're like gay drama club guys.
And they're pissed, they all got together and dressed up in their little Nazi outfits from the 1940s and kind of sashayed around and did that.
And it's ridiculous.
And they're pissed that I exposed them.
Hell, the Democrats even put ads out to hire actors.
Or you can rent mobs.
You can go to websites and rent a mob of AstroTurf to go do whatever you want.
And that's what these people are.
Now, some real good ol' boy types showed up, and a lot of them were press.
And we had press there that got called white supremacists for covering it.
And that's who Trump was talking about, saying there were good people on both sides there to cover it.
And there to see what was going on.
Trump said bad groups on both sides.
The white supremacist and Antifa.
But he said good people there too that got herded together by the police.
And that's wrong!
And got hurt.
That's totally true!
So Soros financed that and knew exactly what he'd get.
And I'll show you all the documents coming up.
And Georgetown is suing me to keep this from coming out.
Everybody knows Georgetown basically runs the CIA.
But the good news is
Trump is digging them all out right now.
And he just fired a whole ton of them.
I'll tell you about that.
It all integrates together.
But that's why the New York Times and Netflix and everything else is saying whites are inherently evil, whites are inherently bad.
That's to freak white people out and make them racist.
Trick some minorities into becoming racist and make us fight with each other.
Let's not do it.
Let's not be stupid.
So that's the reality, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's how they operate.
And so what do they do when Soros hires crowds to go do that?
They isolate one person out of the story, say that I said they did all this, and then that person sues me when I didn't say that.
But that's how this operates, because they're so scared.
Well, all they've gotten is for me to put massive resources on this, and we're gonna have so many people in Virginia, we already do,
I'm not going to get into the details of it, but private investigators accredited everything, and we're going to expose them.
Because the left can't help it.
They're going to try to do it again, and we're going to expose them.
And we're going to be here on the air in a year, and in two years, and in five years, and in ten years, because of the listeners and viewers.
Also, it's the end of the year.
We've entered 2020, but it's the end of the year sale.
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Only four days left and your funding funds this operation.
We really need the funding to fight the globals to the next level.
So please take action now.
Your destiny is in your hands.
AI didn't come up with that.
AI comes from us.
And we're just a zygote right now.
Have not even begun to realize 1% of our destiny.
The control freaks are not going to suppress human destiny or will.
It's like a beach ball.
Just try to hold onto the water on the bottom of the pool.
It only explodes with that much more force once it is free.
I want to thank the Globos for persecuting me.
Because it always shows me the way.
The more the attacks, the more they squeal, the more they tell us not to investigate, the more we do.
And now it's completely transparent.
So let me just do this, ahead of Tom Papert joining us, whose great national file.com broke this on Monday.
And now it's a big story linked up on DrugsReport.com.
It's one of the top trending stories in nationalist and pro-survival, pro-human, common sense media.
The entire game plan is to foment conflict between what they call Trump supporters and the loving Antifa angels that Time Magazine, you know, for kids and Vogue for teens tells us is just wonderful people.
That are helping suppress the speech of Nazis.
And anyone that supports America or freedom or justice is a Nazi.
And their main funder is a famous Nazi collaborator that said it was the happiest time of his life rounding up Jews.
He called it happy making and said it was exhilarating.
It was exhilarating.
It was quite fun actually.
The feeling of power.
And so they collided these two things together in Charlottesville.
It was mainly reporters they're covering, but the police, the state police, kettled the white supremacists, who were mainly leftists, opposing is that, in together to have a big collision, have all the leftist media out there to cover it, knowing there'd be an explosion.
Doesn't mean they themselves executed it.
Knowing they'll create some hysteria, somebody will have a heart attack, somebody will get hit by a car.
And then you can blame it on Trump.
And now Biden, who's been running for president for a year, has put out a whole bunch of ads, always about Charlottesville.
And in Virginia, that's 90% geographically conservative.
But in the North, it's a suburb of D.C., now controlled by the Democrats.
They have all three branches.
And they're betting everything on places like Virginia.
Where they intend to have checkpoints, gun confiscation, and hope that some good old boys start shooting some people after January 20th when they start trying to take the guns.
We're going to be covering it there live on the ground.
And we're going to be exposing the fact that the last round of leadership of the white supremacist, four of the five, again, are on record, all working for Hillary and Obama's campaigns previously.
But they go, oh, we changed our minds now.
I've had some of them on the shows.
They're like, no, no, we're white nationalists now.
And Georgetown, all these people don't want us talking about this.
Well, we are talking about it.
So let's go over it right now.
Here's the article.
Joe Biden releases ad touting Charlottesville very fine people hoax.
Virginia representative says use military and law enforcement to take the guns that go into effect January 20th in 18 days in Virginia.
And then this big article, why is the UN hiring English speaking disarmament officers in New York?
It says, for gun confiscation, internationally and domestically, in the ad.
Leaked US Army document outlines plan for re-education camps in America.
Paul Joseph Watson, 2012.
A document from 2010.
We broke it?
And it says, for America, PSYOPs officers to process American gun owners into re-education camps.
And here's the actual document, FM3-39.40.
First they said this wasn't real for six months, then they had to admit it was real.
So Obama tried to get our military, people go, why are you bashing the military?
That's like if you gave a short order cook, you know, the order to put cyanide in your food, they wouldn't do it.
The military is who leaked this to us before it was public.
This is what Obama was trying to secretly cook behind the scenes.
And again, the Strong Cities Initiative.
Guys, print me some articles on Strong Cities, Loretta Lynch.
Click web to find it.
There's even videos.
Talk about those.
We should play those again with the Attorney General at the time saying, we're going to have the UN run police departments during all that anti-cop, bad shooting stuff they were fomenting, where it turned out almost every shooting was legitimate.
I'm not saying there aren't bad cops out there.
But the media was hyping it.
To create that crisis.
Now there it is, Department of Justice, 2015.
It says use the UN in America.
Internment and resettlement operations FM3-39.40.
DOD personnel in America.
How to process people into re-education camps.
That is the Soviet term.
And what does the new UN ad call for?
Disarmament and relocation specialist English-speaking to operate on the east coast of the United States.
These two articles go together.
We need to get some articles written up about how this dovetails.
So they're quietly through the bureaucracy that the deep state still controls a lot of trying to gear this up to trigger COG emergency powers that would be put in in the 25th amendment to remove President Trump during a national crisis, a national
Civil unrest kicked off like the 1960s that threatens open civil war if Trump doesn't stand down.
And you've got the Democrats saying Virginia governor plans to use roadblocks and UN troops to seize guns.
Dave Hodges interviews Mike Adams.
This is from December 20th.
Ten days before the National File article broke calling for the UN operatives to operate in the US for gun confiscation.
Go read it for yourself.
Cannot make this up.
And then you've got the UN running martial law and white slavery all over the planet and their incredible history of that.
And then we've got these articles.
The New York Times, the BBC, everything saying whites are inherently bad people because of their genetics.
That's why they build countries everybody tries to get into.
And white people decrying themselves and saying they have white privilege and are inherently bad, trying to legitimize a racial uprising out of which the country will completely collapse.
The New York Times loves racism and hates white people.
Big article from RT up on Infowars.com.
It's okay to be white.
Trends on Twitter.
New York Times begins 2020 with feature story on how white people are bad for existing.
No kidding.
They say there's too many areas that still are mainly white.
That's bad.
And whites are bad.
It's all coming up.
Tom Peppard joins us.
The authoritarians are making their move, but it's blowing up in their face, so they're only getting more desperate.
And then we'll cover this when we return, how it ties in.
Obama's National Security Council holdovers finally booted after years of nonstop leaks.
That's a lot bigger than just that.
Stay with us.
You do not want to miss this.
Well, the propaganda has all been prepared.
Biden is betting his whole campaign
I think?
Had their own rallies, got real white supremacists, nationalists, but also just traditionalists to show up and a lot of press.
Antifa came in and attacked, funded by Soros and Alexander Soros.
I have the documents right here, I'll show them to you.
That's on record.
It's a fact that they're the main funders, they don't even deny it.
And then Trump was called a white supremacist who supposedly endorsed it when he never did.
He said there were bad people on the right wing side, bad people on the left wing side, but there were a lot of good people on both sides that just came to see what was happening.
Well they leave the, that came to see what was happening.
Like our Millie Weaver that got tear gassed with her husband.
She was there to cover it.
She got called a white supremacist.
That's ridiculous.
But that's what they do.
Because the corporate media wants to demonize anybody that asks questions.
Now, they are heating up for Virginia.
We had first heard the Democrats were planning confiscation checkpoints.
Now they're saying it.
Now they're trying to get the National Guard to do it.
They said no, obviously.
Now the UN, which Loretta Lynch under Obama said they wanted under a Strong Cities initiative, is hiring resettlement, internment, gun confiscators.
That's in the ad.
Pappert's powerful nationalfile.com.
And I knew National File was going to explode because you got a lot of writers from Breitbart, Big League Politics, a lot of other places where he's written.
To a story about it today, but I want to go over after we talk about the general stuff that's currently happening, the obvious big plan in Virginia now this year, starting this month, that they're hoping to foment.
And I want to get into the actual resettlement documents, the actual hiring in New York, the actual army document, FM3-39.40.
Because listeners have to understand, when I'm rattling this stuff off, I'm not making any of this up.
I know it sounds insane, but this is all stuff Obama put in place that Trump's trying to remove.
So we're going to go to Papert for the rest of the hour here in a moment.
But first I want to mention this little caveat that's good news.
Everybody knew that Fiona Hill was the head board member on Soros' main mothership foundation with over 170 foundations under it.
Everybody knew that she ran TheGlobalist.com.
But no one would call her out when she got snuck in the White House two years ago but us.
Another reason they came after us.
Remember she told Congress a month ago she doesn't know what globalism is, doesn't know George Soros.
She just is his foundation head, his main commander, his main general.
Like Hitler didn't know who Joseph Goebbels was.
Or Batman doesn't know who Robin is.
I don't know, Daffy Duck doesn't know who Bugs Bunny is.
The level is just staggering gaslighting.
I have written letters to Trump that he's gotten.
I have given him law firm reviews.
I even had... I'm not going to say.
Let's just say I've had major current government officials give messages to the President on what he should do about the censorship and the racketeering.
And I just said fire everybody that was an ever-Trumper and fire everybody in a five-minute search that ever worked for the left or the neocons at the State Department because that's who runs the CIA and the whole damn thing.
Well, he's doing it.
Obama's National Security Council holdovers finally booted after years of non-stop leaks.
And it goes through how he's just axing hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them.
Just 40 in just the last week from the National Security Council.
And what, as Pchenik said on air, you don't need a thousand people at the National Security Council.
You maybe need 50.
Can you imagine trying to make decisions on really complex stuff and that cacophony of people leaking and battling and screwing around and putting out this info?
You need real experts, maybe six people in a room, like the Joint Chiefs.
You don't need a hundred or a thousand like they've got.
So hundreds and hundreds are getting fired.
Anybody that ever worked for Soros is fired.
Fire all of them!
And that's why the deep state's really crapping their britches.
Finally, with 300 days left, 305 days to start doing the right thing.
We are now joined by a man who I will name Darth Pappertine.
Rise, Darth Pappertine, a powerful Jedi you have become.
This is big.
What's happening with Trump, but also they're clearly cooking up this witch's brew, betting everything on the craps table on one number.
On Charlottesville, on the Commonwealth, on martial law, hoping we take the bait.
We don't want any violence.
If they try to come take guns only in Virginia, I'm saying, I would let them.
Only because it'll show the guns being taken and it'll politically kill them.
If we start shooting back or let them trick us into it, they can start a civil war.
Papert, what do you think?
Well, that's exactly right.
According to the ad, these people only move in after a conflict.
So, obviously, we've seen all throughout the United States, they are desperately trying to gin up a conflict.
They're desperately trying to trick the right, some lunatic who happens to be a registered Republican,
Meanwhile, they're trying to take the guns in the entire state of Virginia.
You have the police saying that they will not let it happen.
This, Alex, seems to be a perfect painting for conflict happening in the United States that would allow the UN, which of course is hiring.
They're hiring.
If you have experience in paramilitary warfare or in political analysis, then you can get a job at the UN.
Alex, the only thing that gives me any little bit of hope regarding this story in front of us
Is the fact that the UN seems to be admired in their own progressive politics because they want to have 50-50 male and female recruits.
They encourage women to apply and it says one of their key values is diversity.
So that is a little bit of hope that these people are hopefully incompetent.
Well, that's right.
But again, you only had one woman who it turned out had a heart attack, very sad, in Charlottesville.
That turned into a mass murder that white supremacists carried out and Trump was behind it.
If we get real conflict in Virginia, they're going to activate their Antifa squads, their terrorists, and really try to get the country burning down to drive Trump from power.
That's their plan.
I don't think it's going to go over well, but the White House, the FBI, the American people, all of us have to be watchful and we cannot let them get away with this because they admit this is what they're going to try to pull.
Well, that's exactly what's going on.
I mean, again, in Virginia, for some reason they seem to have picked Virginia.
And it seems they have this plot.
They have this outline that they follow.
We've done the research.
When they take a formerly Republican state, they move key population groups into big, dense cities.
The big, dense cities outvote the rural populations, and boom, it's a left-wing city.
It has a lot to do with immigration.
And then they have clashes with the rural areas, usually states, to then demonize the people they're taking over.
And now we're seeing what's happened.
So Virginia has just barely been Democrat.
It wasn't that long ago it was considered a battleground state.
It might be a battleground state again thanks to what they're doing.
And we know why it's happening.
It's election fraud.
So let's be clear.
The UN is officially hiring for gun confiscation.
We're going to go over those docs when we come back.
But first, Tom, you have been involved in some violence yourself.
We have footage of this and I want to decry this right now.
As we go to break, you actually were in Charlottesville and you did actually attack some of the peaceful Antifa.
And we're going to go ahead in just the interest of fairness and show what you did.
Here it is.
Tom, you've got better makeup on now, though.
Tom Pappertine.
Emperor Pappertine.
I am now dubbing you Darth Pappertine.
I don't actually have lights.
Darth Pappertine.
Do you like being known as Darth Pappertine now?
I think it's a good nickname.
These aren't actually lights behind me.
It's all the Force, by the way.
That's right.
We'll be right back with Lord Pappertine.
Tom, Emperor Pappertine, is our guest.
I'm very excited that the dominoes are falling against the globalists.
America and the world's waking up.
I've been talking to a lot of people from the UK and Europe, and they say everybody's awake to the new world order now.
Now, election fraud's massive.
The third world invasion operation's dangerous.
I don't
hiring disarmament officers to conduct field missions, these are quotes, in New York as U.N.
occupation plan for America goes live.
Now, he boils it all down.
Loretta Lynch calling for it five years ago.
All of this.
This is the globalist counter.
No borders, no walls, no USA at all.
Their Russia gate failed.
Their Ukraine gate thing has failed so far, but they've got impeachment now just waiting.
I warned Trump to get it done quickly.
See, I knew.
The Democrats are holding it because they're going to build up, I said, a racial clash in America to use that with the background of the impeachment ongoing to say, oh, we have new articles, drive them out.
And you see it all coming into focus right now.
Why the impeachments passed but waiting?
She says they may wait months, have more they pass, then during a national crisis, move it forward using atrocities.
of course.
To push it.
That's why O'Rourke was saying, hell yeah, we're going to take all your guns.
They now realize they're politically going to lose and are now moving towards, I believe, a civil war model.
We've known that's been a plan for a while, but it looks like that's one of their only hopes right now.
What do you think?
I think you're exactly right, Alex.
I mean, even look at Virginia, where, as you said, through a combination of election fraud and mass immigration, as well as Democrats fleeing their terrible states and going to one to ruin it, we are seeing Virginia now competitive polling for President Trump.
In fact, he's beating every single Democrat.
The only one who comes close is Joe Biden in Virginia.
That article's on National File.
So this is all slipping out of their hands.
You're absolutely correct.
People are waking up all around the globe.
We have correspondents in South America, in the UK, all across the planet, and everywhere you look there is a massive populist uprising.
So what do they do?
They fight back tooth and nail, just as you said.
They're staging, obviously, some type of conflict in this country.
It seems to be inevitable at this point to some.
And like you said, Alex, it's going to happen in Virginia.
You have over a hundred different counties now saying they will refuse to confiscate guns.
You have Virginia Governor Blackface Babykiller Northam going in and saying that if you do not take the guns, we're going to take your pensions away and you're going to be fired.
They're clearly gearing up and then meanwhile, not that far away, especially when you've got a UN helicopter, they're hiring people for the express purpose of disarmament.
And reintegration of civilians.
So they go in and they take your guns from a deep red state turned blue like Virginia.
They put you in a camp for who knows how long while they reprogram you and teach you how to be a good little civilian.
I mean it is...
It reeks of desperation, Alex.
It reeks of ignorance that all of this is on the UN website.
I mean, that's how we found it.
It was sent to us as a tip.
We looked it up.
We verified it.
We found what the agencies do, and we wrote it.
But at the same time, they would not be doing this if it wasn't for the situation becoming dire from the globalist perspective.
And I want to be clear.
When you read FM
It dovetails perfectly.
This is official U.N.
Army policy under Obama that was leaked to us by the Army, by the way.
I'll just tell you that.
They said at the time, go ahead and tell folks where it came from.
It came out of Fort Hood.
They want everybody to know.
And now it's being done again.
People say, well, Trump's the president.
They've still got most of the bureaucracy.
And so this is their counter-strike, teaming up with the chi-coms, teaming up with
The U.N.
What did Larry Grathwald learn from the Weathermen?
The same plan.
What does the Washington Post say?
We need Xi to destroy Donald Trump.
What did Reuters say?
Ed Davos, Xi Jinping said we will destroy Trump.
We will destroy America.
This is their plan.
It doesn't mean they'll get away with it, but everyone should turn against the Democrats in the deep state, allied with the Chi-Coms and other evil groups.
This is outrageous!
And it's not even for the average person's interest to join against America and their Bill of Rights and Constitutions.
You talk about useful idiots.
This is a next-level useful idiot.
That's what Lenin called idiots that supported communism, even though it destroyed them.
Well, that's precisely what these people are, and that's what the Democrat Party loves.
They love these people who are just rabidly anti-Trump.
They are filled with hate.
They have no logic.
They have no type of brain activity left whatsoever.
They're only filled with hate.
But Alex, I want to hone in on something, because we have gotten some criticism saying, well, Trump wouldn't allow this.
He's the president.
He's a good president.
And I agree.
President Trump probably, I mean, this is being hidden from him.
You said just earlier in the show how many people are being fired.
Go ahead, sorry.
Well, and it's happening under his nose in his home state of New York, no less.
But you're right.
He doesn't own the United Nations.
He doesn't run the United Nations.
And I'm sure that if he has it within his power, he will do something to stop this from happening, to stop the conflict the Democrats and the globalists so clearly want to create.
You just hit the nail on the head, though.
This is a process of brainwashing.
Loretta Lynch calls for the UN to take over police departments across the country if they have one bad shooting or one question thing.
That was official.
There's video of her saying it.
Anybody can pull up the article.
Strong Cities Initiative.
Breitbart wrote about it.
We did.
Now you have them all doing it again.
But then, it's so outrageous, people go, well, there's no way that could be true!
But then they're actually trying it!
So that's the thing about this.
Yes, it's hard to believe that over 10,000 children as young as 5 years old in the U.S.
have had their genitals already cut off.
It's been done.
It's accelerating.
All this is crazy.
I agree.
It's hard to believe it's happening, but it is.
That's incredibly accurate.
I mean, what's happening, it seems to be accelerating at levels that nobody could have predicted.
I mean, you sit there and you think, how did Drag Queen Story Hours become the new mission of the LGBTQ movement?
You know, don't kill gays?
Totally with you on that.
Maybe let them get married?
Not so sure.
Maybe a legal marriage?
Maybe not a Christian marriage?
But now it's, let a four-year-old child sit on a sexual predator's lap and dance.
That's where we're at at this point.
And it is hard for folks to understand this.
I can certainly agree.
But Alex, I'm sitting here in the Midwest.
I know you're down in Texas, where it's getting a little bit worse.
But when you go to the coast, when you get out of what is really the grassroots of America, and you see how evil these places are, you land in a place like LA or in Washington, D.C.
Oh, it's like zombie!
and you can just feel it permeate.
And the attitude and the vibe is horrible!
That's exactly right, and it's not hard to see these people thinking that they're going to get away with it.
They are so mired in their tiny little bubble that they see an article like this, a UN office putting out a job application for who knows how many employees with government, with paramilitary, these are former Blackwater people that they're trying to hire, and to them it's just another day at the office.
To us out here in real America, it's shocking, it's devastating, it's unbelievable, but it's really a tale of two Americas, Alex.
And people ask, why would they try that here?
Because it's worked everywhere else.
Tom, I want to do five more minutes with you, then we have a guest joining us.
We're good.
The only way we can stand in the face of the demonization and the attacks and the
We're good to go.
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Wild horses couldn't drag me away.
Big movements inside the Vatican.
As the Pope says there is no hell, open the borders.
Slapping a woman in public.
A lot of big developments with the globalist Pope.
We'll be talking to Leo Zegami coming up.
Tom Papert, Mike Adams' excellent NaturalNews.com article is on NewsWars.com and it boils down with you broke and others, but he adds the UN officially calling for the occupation of the US, the left calling for them to take the guns.
Examples of the State Department wanting that.
How this is what the UN does around the world.
Very important big article.
UN hiring disarmament officers to conduct field missions in New York as UN occupation plan for America goes live.
They have a UN affiliated funded group microchipping homeless in Florida and Texas.
That's all confirmed.
's like a bureaucracy, social justice warrior, community organizer, Barack Obama type stuff.
So, the U.N.'
That's how it just oozes in.
They call it munialization.
How they take over your local cities if they can't get your central government.
Schwarzenegger, when they couldn't get the carbon taxes through when Trump got elected, said, we need to munialize and work directly with the cities.
We need to bypass Congress and the President.
This is a takeover.
People say, oh, it's ridiculous, but it's not military at first.
But the fact that now they're, just last month in Idaho, there's video.
And in Salt Lake City, all of a sudden, they've taken over a building in the UN's arm.
They say, this is now UN territory.
Get back to the press.
This is really going on, Tom.
Well, that's exactly what's going on.
I mean, we all saw that video.
It was shocking at the time, and now it seems humdrum.
That's how fast things move.
But it was literally a hotel or a convention center in Salt Lake City where they take it over and they say, no, this is the U.N.
Out there, that's the United States.
This is the U.N.
We control this.
Well, that's what happens in New York.
That's what happens when they hire these people.
And you're right, Alex.
We should have gone further into detail in our article.
We just wanted to get the news out as fast as possible.
But this has been a long time coming.
Hey, you broke that like four or five days ago, and now it's a top story out there.
Great job.
No, you gotta initialize it to make sure it happens, then everybody else gets it.
Well, that's exactly how this whole process works.
And this has been a process since the early days of the Obama administration.
This has all been building.
And only now, now that they have what they consider to be a hostile person to their ideology in the White House, are they bringing it to fruition.
They know exactly what they're doing.
This has all been stored in the tank, waiting and ready to go for years.
And they do this to other countries all the time.
So this is a real plan.
Doesn't mean it's going to succeed, but it's like that anti-foot full-page article in the New York Times, overthrow Pence, Trump, drive them from power.
They're going to try that this year.
We're now in 2020.
That's right.
Now, Alex, I just want to say after a long 2019, I want to congratulate you.
Another article we have up is, of course, you were the biggest podcast of 2019.
And if you do the number crunching, the most listened to podcast of all time, which is really just a symbol of how many people in this country and everywhere throughout the globe are waking up, waking up past the globalist indoctrination and wanting to hear the truth.
So congratulations, my friend.
That is truly impressive.
That's the listeners and people that are interested in the truth, and I'm telling you, the dominoes are falling towards the tyrants.
They are in big trouble, but they're going to strike back.
So, do what must be done, Lord Pappert.
Show no mercy.
The globalists are relentless.
Trump needs to take action, and he's starting to fire all these Soros people right now, so it's finally happening.
That's exactly what's happening, and it's very encouraging to see.
I know you and I have both been frustrated with the President on some issues.
He's doing as much as he can.
He's doing a lot.
And it looks like now, finally, if the leaks stop, if we can stop finding out everything that's happening in the White House two days earlier than we should because of these Obama holdovers, we'll know that he was successful.
Darth Papertine.
Lord Papertine.
There you go.
Nationalfile.com, folks.
Be sure and check it out daily.
Tom, you're awesome.
Thank you so much.
It's always a pleasure.
Thank you, Alex.
We've got the jump on them trying to start martial law up, you dirty, filthy Soros commies.
Ha ha ha!
We know everything you're up to, filth!
I wanted to get Leo Zagami on one of the first new shows of 2020.
Best-selling author, talk show host in his own right.
Talk about the pedophile rings that are being exposed that have seized control of the Vatican.
What's happening with this Jesuit Pope that he first exposed six, seven years ago and said would be the Pope.
He said they would have it where Popes don't die anymore.
They just leave office.
You can even have multiple Popes at the same time.
First time I ever heard this.
He's totally on target.
He's had to leave Italy because he's been a political prisoner over there.
We're going to talk to him about the Pope saying there is no hell, the Pope saying open your borders to Islam, but don't open the Vatican up though.
You talk about demonic folks, this is just getting out of control.
I mean, he just recently said it again.
So how is that affecting the Catholic Church?
This is a big deal.
But before we go any further, please don't forget.
This broadcast is listener-supported.
We have a lot of really important initiatives that we want to be able to carry out.
A lot of different operations in 2020.
2020's here.
305 days left to the election.
We need capital.
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We'll have some new specials, but not as massive as this.
So please take advantage of it while those sales are still going.
Now going to Leo Zagami of leozagami.com.
Leo, I appreciate you popping in on short notice.
I just wanted to get your waterfront snapshot into 2020, what you expect to be coming, what you expect to be going on.
Huge awakenings we're seeing in Europe against globalism.
Same thing here, but they're going to try to counterstrike.
What's front and center on your radar?
Well, thank you for having me on and Happy New Year to everybody.
I think that, of course, we are seeing in Europe a complete change towards populism.
But at the same time, we have this resistance from the technocrats, who are, of course, playing dirty and they are not accepting the democratic vote.
We have seen it recently in Italy, where in September they overthrew the populist government and substituted with the usual friends of Hillary Clinton.
And so we have a lot of similarities with what is going on here in the United States.
There is some kind of thread between what is happening in Europe and what is happening in the United States, but also what is happening in the church, because the Catholic Church is becoming increasingly a political vessel and the Pope is becoming also known as a political figure.
So this is what we're going to see in 2020.
More of the Pope getting involved in politics.
More of this sabotage of populist and sovereignty parties that want to go back to tradition and to conservative values.
We have also seen that the Matteo Salvini has immediately criticized the Pope for his move.
Just a New Year's Eve, which has shown the world once again, the hypocrisy of this figure, because after making
On helping others on being understanding and all that.
He simply treated one of the faithful in St.
Peter's Square like that.
We're showing to the world his real face, which is, of course, the face of evil.
Regarding here the United States, we have some change in the local laws in the state of California that will bring up the already piling up a bunch of cases of lawsuits when it comes to sex abuse against the Catholic Church.
And we have even the advisor to Mother Teresa that is now being accused of raping the same boy for a thousand times.
A thousand times.
Robert J. Goldberg filed a suit in the state court in California on Monday because of these new laws.
So McGuire, he's the Jesuit priest who died, unfortunately, in 2017, will not be punishable personally.
But of course, there will be money that the Catholic Church will have to give for these cases.
And that will also bring another big problem in the fold.
But for 2020, I see definitely a year that is a turning point.
We can either go the direction of freedom, of an American Renaissance, which we have talked about in the past with you, Alex, when I was in Austin, or otherwise we can go towards instead a very wrong direction, the direction of civil war, of civil unrest.
And that, of course, is something that we hope will not happen.
So our prayers
The fate of the globalists really is burning to the ground and even the top trends out of major publications say the 2020 is the year globalism becomes super unpopular and falls apart.
But out of that comes the chi-coms, the city-states, and the economic warfare.
These people are not defeated yet when they say globalism is falling apart.
How would you describe the real climate geopolitically right now?
Well, the geopolitical climate is actually reflecting more and more the religious climate.
This never-ending war against Christians, which is getting harsher even in China, where we see rules and new laws against Christians all the time, aside from the Catholic
For everybody who's watching us, that the lies of the mainstream media are really not enough.
Let me ask you that.
I agree with this.
Why are they coming out in the open saying, okay, we are Satanists, okay, we do abuse children, and we're gonna get you, and we are liars.
I mean, why are they, why are they, are they trying to scare us, make us give up, normalize it?
What are they doing?
Yeah, because we have announced a couple of years ago that Trump was really on the case with fighting pedophilia, and he has demonstrated that there is an ongoing war with pedophilia, not only in the Catholic Church, but in many other institutions.
Everywhere, really, in politics, everywhere.
And so this war is annoying the enemy, which now wants to normalize their perversion.
The more they get exposed and the more they arrest them, then in the end they want to normalize this whole thing.
It's a little bit like the prohibition on drugs for them.
But it's a very different issue because, I mean, you are talking about the abuse of children, and they want to normalize it through constant reiteration on Hollywood media, and they are making... That's right.
They know it's all coming out, so they're desperately trying to desensitize us, hoping that somehow they don't get in trouble when it all comes out.
Well, of course, the New York Times and the mainstream media is just saying, oh, it's another sickness.
It's another disease.
We have to treat it like that.
Oh, poor guy.
Well, he shouldn't have... You know, in the end, we have had, at the end of December, coming out an incredible news.
Here there is a guy who was abused, a 19-year-old boy in France who shoveled the crucifix down the throat of a priest.
Let's talk about the latest Jeffrey Epstein news.
Or even Mainstream News is admitting she's an Israeli operative.
Stay with us, we'll be back.
Paul Watson's going to host the fourth hour, but in the last segment of this hour, I'm going to hit Ebola news that is so staggering, so incredible, that I can't believe it's actually happening.
And of course, you're going to hear it here first.
It's the full assault on the Western world, with disease, with unwashed masses, with all of it to bring us down, to collapse things.
And Trump is battling to keep it propped up.
It doesn't mean it's good how he's doing it with the fiat money, but we're damned if we do, we're really damned if we don't.
And I don't know how Trump's going to navigate us out of this.
I know he's trying.
I know I'm trying.
I know we've all just got to be active and spread the word because we could lose everything financially.
What matters is ideology.
If we have Americana, if we have Renaissance, we can rebuild the country easily.
I think?
You know, you've been, and it's not a bad thing, you've been public about it, and you're a Christian, and you've, you know, renounced some of it, because you didn't know what you were getting into.
You've been in, you know, in what really is Illuminati organizations in Rome.
I mean, the real deal.
So, who are the power players?
Because for me, all the groups just confuse it.
There's some good, some bad in all the groups, because a lot of them get deceived getting into them.
It really matters is your personal relationship with Christ.
Don't you agree?
And the groups are basically the Jesuits and the Sabbathian Frank is within the Jewish community, which are erratics, basically.
But they are still ongoing and they have immense power for them.
Twenty twenty is a very important year because it has a special
You see 2020 in the Kabbalah and also in a vast number of symbolism that really puts together this year with a turning point for mankind.
I mean, it's not a normal year.
I just received a document from a Masonic Grandmaster a few days ago talking about the symbology of 2020, that it was connected with the apocalypse, with the end of times.
We're good to go!
Well, they think that it represents the duality of two opposing factions at work.
And, of course, we have seen also what is happening with the weather, with everything else.
But all this is not connected to climate change, but rather to something very occult, which is ongoing.
You see, Pete, can you feel the spiritual energy increasing exponentially?
I'm on fire right now.
I'm on fire right now.
I mean, Alex, Pythagoras, who is so as this immense figure, philosopher, Pythagoras said that the numbers are so important to really understand where we are now.
And we are in a year that some symbolizes what Pythagoras called the Tetractys, which is also connected to the holy name of God.
So there is here both.
It's an infinity symbol.
So it's a gate backwards and forwards.
It's a snake eating itself.
It's a portal.
It's a portal.
It's a portal.
And like we said at the beginning of the show, it can go either one direction or the other.
Because you see, the number 20 can go, especially at this moment of time, we see how it's reflecting, especially in politics, these cyclic events that take place.
The 1920s were not really a great time for mankind, Alex.
We saw the beginning of fascism in Italy.
We saw Adolf Hitler putting the first, you know, seeding basically what became after growing up to be Nazism a few years later.
I mean, if history repeats itself, we are in front of a decade that will change the fate of mankind.
And nothing is going to be ever like before.
In 10 years from now, our children, our youth could lose control of their brain to artificial intelligence.
The great war for human destiny is here.
We're at the center of a cross point, a jump point of opportunity.
This is the crossroads.
We are now entering the planetary alignment.
We are entering a planetary alignment, and there is what in Judaism is called the Rodesh, which is the divine name of it.
And so we are in front of a positive thing because we know, like the Christians know, that in the end of the day, we're going to have some kind of revelation that will bring together for those who, of course, will survive the next 10 years.
Focus on the good that's happening instead of all the bad that's about to come out.
Because it's good that bad's coming out so it stops or it gets cut back.
But we don't want to worship that by focusing on it too much.
I feel like we need to focus on the good that's also happening.
And I think that the symbology of 2020 will increase the psychic energy so we can use our own psychic energy with our own prayers towards a positive outcome.
And we are all working for that.
And there is people who are waking up even in places like Hollywood or inside the Vatican
I think that in the coming year it is possible, well in this year that has just started, we could see a schism within the Catholic Church because there is more and more rumors that the US Catholic Church wants to break up with Rome.
Let's come back and briefly talk about that, because as you said, it's the year of revelation, it's the year of awakening, it's the year of cataclysms, schisms.
This is going to be an explosive year, and you did what I do, too.
You're like, in the coming year?
No, it's here!
We're now two days in, so we're 333 days right now.
363 days right now.
What an amazing time.
305 days out from the election.
We've got one minute to break, but tell folks briefly about your latest book.
My book is about the times we are living.
So it's about what we are talking about today.
And everything that has been going on behind the scenes, the connections between the Sabbath and Frank is and the Jesuits are unveiled for the first time.
So we don't because it's important here that we don't stigmatize Jews.
There is so much antisemitism going on.
We need to have clarity.
We need to understand that even the Jewish
Suffered heresies.
Heresies like the one that is being carried on by the Jesuits within the Catholic Church.
Just because the Mafia is in charge of all the major groups doesn't mean the groups are bad.
And Maxwell and Epstein were Sabbatean Franks.
That's right.
Part of that cult under her father's control.
We'll be right back on the other side to finish up.
Stay with us.
Leo Zagami.
All right.
He's going to be in studio with us soon.
He might even fly out here with Roseanne Barr.
She's been wanting to get on the show and have me on her show forever, but it just never happens.
And again, it's not bragging.
It's pointing out that Liberty's popular.
Joe Rogan's number one podcast ever is my interview last year.
His third largest is my interview the year before.
And I talked to Joe sometimes, and he's like, oh, yeah, we'll see about it sometime.
I'm just like, whatever, man.
It's like you win the Indy 500.
And they go, you can't be on the racetrack again.
You're just not allowed to.
And they're only showing one feed of the show.
If you add up all the videos on his channel the last time I was on, on YouTube, it's like 35 million views.
You count the other platforms, it's like 60 million views of a long-form podcast.
And there's news articles about it.
But I was the most popular, also voted the most popular, but also voted the most disliked by liberals.
So, I mean, I have the best positive numbers, best negative numbers, which again shows freedom is popular.
And so thanks for keeping me in the game, listeners.
That's why we have InfoWars and BannedOnVideo.
The place they're not supposed to get it.
The Sentinel.
Spread the word.
That's how we cause this exponential operation that the globalists can't stand.
Hey, here's the forbidden info.
Hear what you're not supposed to hear.
Leo, getting back to this new year we're now into, just in closing.
Obviously they're trying to foment civil war.
Obviously they're trying to foment racial strife.
They admit they're doing that.
They're trying to start gun confiscation in Democrat-controlled states.
We're going to have people covering this this month in Virginia.
How else do you think they're going to go after Trump?
They're keeping the impeachment open.
How outrageous is that?
Holding on to the indictments?
Saying they're going to have more?
I mean, this is crazy.
It's crazy and it's gonna manifest faster than you can imagine because this Armageddon is gonna finally manifest on mankind one way or another.
I mean, we are definitely in a turning point for humanity and the impeachment farce
Trump all the time is not the right thing to do.
But as I said, this is two thousand and twenty.
And it's typical of these two numbers coming together.
The confrontation between good and evil.
And we're going to see many other things happening because the Antichrist will manifest also showing some wonders.
And I can tell you that the Netflix is the propaganda of the beast.
We have seen it with the gay Jesus.
That was their first.
The last thing in 2000 and 19.
And now they have for 2000 and 20 a new series called My Shia in which they are unveiling some kind of my Shia that will manifest in the Middle East.
They are really fomenting the young people towards a direction that we definitely think is demonic.
That's right.
Everything they do is, oh, the Mahdi's coming to lead Islam across the West.
Christianity is under attack.
I mean, this is really a sabotage of humanity.
It's what the Bible tells us Satan does.
It's I mean, we shouldn't be surprised about it.
I mean, Obama joined the Netflix team.
So it's all part of a propaganda propaganda game that, of course, is manifesting in front of our eyes every day.
We shouldn't be surprised.
But when we see that the pope is actually truly evil and he's manifesting it in front of our eyes and then we see
Madonna that this year finally leaves the United States and goes to Portugal because, you know, she is continuously attacking Trump and she hates the and she wants to confiscate all our guns.
We see that these people in Hollywood are losing touch with reality.
And so maybe in 2020,
The new trend will be to instead embrace Alex Jones in for what we are doing at the Zagami .com and embracing reality, which is a reality that, of course, is of embracing with all our heart.
Jesus, that's the most important thing in this moment of history.
That's right.
And the globalists are trying to run different groups and play us off against each other.
It's just all good versus evil.
And we need to judge people individually, not off what group they are.
But the left is all pushing that in the name of openness.
They're saying it's only about what group you're in, not who you are.
Extremely dangerous.
All right, Leo Zagami, leozagami.com.
Thank you for the time.
Thank you, Alex.
Here we are together in 2020.
Can you believe it?
Someday in 2020.
And of course, a fabled year of incredible change.
It's happening.
Everything's crazy in 2020.
And we're still here on air.
We weren't supposed to be here.
The Globals were supposed to have us off the air, but thanks to you and this great crew, your prayers were still on air.
Now, Jason Bartlett is a founder of Boar Extinction.
He stands for Jesus Christ and only him.
And he's walking, just started yesterday, from Austin, Texas to D.C.
To bring an end to farm murders in South Africa.
Now I can play you, the deputy president, the defense minister, all the clips, very sad, saying we're going to kill all the white farmers.
It's exploded, just like it happened in Rhodesia and Zimbabwe and all those other countries whose names are always changing.
And it's just out of control.
This is the communism.
And the left is supporting this very, very sad.
But it's all part of the New York Times saying whites are inherently bad, need to be gotten rid of, it's not okay to be white.
This is what the left is doing in their divide and conquer.
So Jason Bartlett joins us to talk about what it's really like in South Africa.
And now the government's seeking to take the final guns out of white folks' hands.
And then like the other African countries, as soon as the farmers are gone,
Everything falls apart and people start starving to death and we know that's already starting to happen.
So Jason Bartlett, thank you for joining us and tell us why you're doing this and what your mission is.
Hi Alex, man, it's great to meet you.
Yes, ma'am.
My question is, it's already on foot.
I've actually stopped here at a beautiful little church in Texas that gave me a Wi-Fi password because the AT&T doesn't work out here.
But, you know, I'm walking from Austin, Texas to the White House for the persecution of Christian farmers in South Africa.
They've been brutally tortured and murdered.
And the leftists are working with people like Antifa and they're attacking me now.
They're coming after me.
And it's just incredible how our enemies are exactly the same because they stand for the same thing.
They want to divide us.
They want to dehumanize us.
And I mean, unfortunately, my cousin was even shot in the back of the head.
People get raped.
People get tortured.
They cut their eyes out.
They cut their genitals off.
It's just horrific what they're doing over there.
And they do it on a daily basis, Alex.
And this has been going on for a long time, but now it's the government ministers officially saying it, it's massive, and now the news is defending.
So a few years ago they said white genocide wasn't happening, Christian genocide wasn't happening, and because the communists are also getting black tribes that aren't Christian to kill blacks that are Christian.
This is really a targeting of Christians, isn't it?
It is, it's a direct targeting of Christians and yes we happen to be white and sure they do kill their own black people and I feel sorry for them too but I'm standing up for our people because the government is standing up and singing you can look at it all over they sing one settler one bullet could kill the farmer and they sing this countless countless times and they just stand up there and they say slit the throat of whiteness and nobody condones it and nobody says anything and they're hiding it but
Because there's a genocide.
There's even people called, like, Busting the Myth of White Genocide working with Antifa and they just attacking me like crazy.
So, Americans really need to open their eyes and care about South Africa because South Africa is setting the framework for America and that's why we want preferential asylum cases to be approved as well as lenient visas to be approved because we're law-abiding citizens and we want to come and help feed this great nation and keep it great.
Well, that's another point.
Whites are being run out of South Africa.
The left says, don't let you out.
Let you die there.
Don't have any white immigration to the West.
But Russia is taking the South Africans that are literally hanging on helicopter skids as they escape.
We've had some who are staying and fighting to the death.
It's just unbelievable.
Let's come back with Jason Bartlett and talk about how he got to the U.S., why he's walking around the United States to try to expose this.
If I'd have known he was doing this, I'd have got him in studio before he started his walk, but I'm glad we found out about it.
I'm aware of what he's doing.
He'll be on Twitter until they ban him.
Buffalo Bartlett on Twitter for now, just calling for South African white farmers to not be targeted for being white and exterminated.
Something, obviously, that Netflix and Obama absolutely love.
Bad to the bone.
B-b-b-b-b-b-b-bad to the bone.
Let me tell you something that's bad to the bone.
You've heard callers call in, former military, special operations folks saying, man, I don't know how you know your intel or how you get stuff so accurate.
Well, I've been getting some calls today and some text messages from multiple people telling me the same thing.
And they say the contractors, the Marines, the Army, they're all going in heavy into Iraq.
Iran is, I mean, the safety's off the gun's cocked to Iran's head right now after what just got pulled at the embassy.
And we'll be here covering it, but it's all a huge time bomb.
You know, Trump says he wants peace.
I understand that.
I don't want war.
A lot of sophisticated things going on there as well.
Paul Watson's hosting the fourth hour.
I want to give us some really big Ebola news here in a few minutes, but going back to Jason Bartlett, who I want to get updates from as he travels across the country, once he gets to the White House, we're going to be up in
Virginia and D.C.
at the middle and end of the month covering them trying to start martial law in Virginia with gun confiscation.
We'll probably interview Jason there, but if we played you all the clips of the South African president, the defense minister, I mean, it's what he's saying.
You know, one farmer, one bullet, all this stuff.
That's what's going on.
And the media then tries to cover it up or they go, oh, they deserve it.
They're white.
This is so evil.
What's the difference though?
Explain to people what's already happened in other African countries to the white population and what happens once they've all been killed or run out and how some of the other countries have been different versus South Africa.
You know, if you take a look at a place called Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, a lot of my family members are actually from Zimbabwe.
So this is not the first country we've been run out of, by the way.
And it used to be known as the breadbasket of Africa.
And now the people are suffering from a complete famine.
I mean, the people are starving and you don't see these leftists and the Democrats in there trying to help out there.
They don't help at all.
You know, they're there but they're starving.
But that's exactly what's going to happen to South Africa because they just want to take the land.
In 2018, they changed the constitution to just take white people's land.
Not anybody's land, white people's land specifically.
And they're just, in order to take it, they're just going to say, OK, we're going to come, no matter what debt you've got, you've got to pay the debt and we're taking the land.
And that's why they tend to rape the men.
And kill them and then rape the woman and leave the woman and children raped and alive so that they are intimidated to sell their farms.
And that's why I say to anybody that tries to say that this is a myth.
I ask them and I beg them and I challenge them.
No, it is a myth.
Please come and try.
It's impossible for anybody in Africa to be violent with white people, okay?
Don't lie.
No, no, listen.
We know it's not a myth.
I mean, the left says that black on white crime is a myth, even though it's 10 to 1 the other way.
So what needs to come out of this?
We get it.
Where do you see this going?
I've had some of the groups on, the Christian groups from South Africa, they say they're staying.
You know, you've got those civil defense groups and things.
Are you saying South Africa is just lost to communists and there's no way for the Africans to wake up and be Christian and realize that they don't want the tiny minority of white farmers to leave?
Well, first of all, we need a bold president like Donald Trump that says, hey, listen, I'm not ashamed to be a Christian and I'm going to help out.
And I don't think there's a political way to fix South Africa.
No, because they don't want it fixed.
They're disguising it as this rainbow nation.
It's actually a rape nation because every three minutes someone is raped.
Men and women and children under 24 months old.
You know, that's their culture.
Now explain that.
People believe you get magical powers when you rape a baby or it heals you.
Explain that.
Yes, so when a baby is 24 months old and younger, they believe, not everybody, but countless people believe that if you rape a 24 month and younger baby, if you rape a 24 month old baby and younger, you're relieved of all your sins and your iniquities.
That's what they believe and it's 2020.
You know, so you understand the people that we're dealing with, we're not dealing with
God-fearing, loving people.
You're dealing with witch doctors.
You're dealing with people that boil children alive.
You know that there was a child, a 12-year-old, boiled alive, okay, in the bath.
Now try work that out.
Try fathom that, what has to go through that.
People have to go.
Who walks around... They enjoy it.
I mean, I mean, this is loving to take a child.
You take their power by taking 30 minutes to boil them alive.
Yes, I mean, no, not 30 minutes.
Work it out.
How deep is a bath, right?
You have to walk between a stove up and down and hear someone screaming for more than an hour or two hours while you've raped his mother, you've raped his little sister of a month or two old.
And you stick them in the boiling water for the extra enjoyment.
And then you know what they do like they did with my cousin?
He was busy barbecuing and they shot him in the back of the head, strangled him and then burnt him with a grill.
And then my other cousin said to me they sat around him and they ate the stuff he was barbecuing in front of him while there's blood and guts, I mean, or just blood lying all over the floor.
It's just horrendous what they're doing.
And the president goes and says to Donald Trump,
On live on TV and he denies everything.
He says, no, there's no killings of white people.
We are clearly misinformed.
And that's why America needs to really just come up because this is sitting on your doorstep.
Go look on your doorstep at home.
That is coming for you.
That's what the UN and the left are trying to organize.
The international left funded and created what's now happening in South Africa.
They love it.
Oh, but nobody criticizes the communist Chinese that are taking over Africa.
Tell us about that.
Yeah, man.
Oh, wow.
And then you see that like when I've been traveling Africa my whole life and all of it, you never used to see that all the small little tuck shops and businesses used to be black owners.
They're hardly any more black owners.
It's now Chinese people and they don't employ anybody.
They only employ the Chinese.
They don't employ the black people because they hate the black people.
Explain that.
There's not Christianity going on with the shycombs.
Explain what they're doing.
I mean, it's all admitted.
They're totally exploiting Africa.
But the left loves it because only whites are bad.
So if a non-white's hurting another non-white, it doesn't exist.
No, they just say it doesn't exist.
And that's why I say if you continue to look, you can go onto my Twitter feed and you can see the real live voices of what these people are doing.
And look at the photos that you are showing and stuff like that.
They're dealing and they're busy selling themselves out because they think, you know, because they poach rhino together and they walk together.
And that's another little fact.
You know, nobody talks about the rhino anymore because the white farmer is the
Only protecting the rhino.
The government doesn't care.
They make money off the rhino horns.
You know, so they're working hand in hand and they're a communist country and it's just evil what's going on there.
And where can we go?
They keep on telling us to leave, but the criminals don't want us to leave because we're the only people paying tax.
So the people are getting harassed at the airports when they finally get to be able to go move to Australia or New Zealand.
We're out of time.
Send us a bunch of links.
Pick a day next week when you're going to be at a hotel.
Send us a bunch of links.
We'll do a whole hour on this and show everybody what you're talking about.
TV viewers have already seen a lot of it, but I'd like to play audio and stuff so people can actually hear this for themselves.
We'll actually show some necklacing, some murders.
Discretion will be advised.
We're going to go ahead and just show people being tortured and murdered for being white on TV for everybody here.
And then the news saying it's a good thing.
And then Antifa saying it's a good thing here in America.
So we'll talk to you, Jason Bartlett, again on your march to D.C.
God bless.
Thank you.
God bless you too, my friend.
Yeah, folks, I don't care if you're black, white, who you are.
You don't deserve to be murdered for what color you are.
And it's very, very dangerous.
And civilization is disappearing in Africa.
The globalists destroyed Libya that was helping Africa.
Now they've totally destroyed South Africa to make the continent just absolutely collapse so the Chai Koms can come in and absorb it.
And as the Christian whites are run out of Africa, it is falling apart.
That's just a fact, very, very sad.
Where Christians come, there is civilization.
Where we leave, there is death and destruction.
And that's just a fact.
All right, I'm gonna do five minutes before Paul Watson takes over.
On this Ebola news.
And it's big.
First five minutes, the next hour.
Some stations don't carry it, but we'll post it to Infowars.com later.
Paul Watson from London, England.
Got a ton of big topics he's going to be covering.
Please don't forget, in this hour, we have the biggest specials in our history.
They're about to end.
Four days left.
The end of year specials cross over to about Monday maximum.
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We are back live broadcasting worldwide on the second live Alex Jones transmission of 2020.
I just talked to Paul Watson, who takes over in T-minus five minutes and says, what are you covering?
He said, the societal breakdown and mayhem that happened on New Year's Eve across Europe, the ongoing Islamic invasion, and so much more.
And then, of course, we've got The War Room with Owen Schroeder coming up 3 to 6 p.m.
Central Standard Time today.
Okay, let me hit this, and I'm gonna shoot a special report on this today.
It will be airing tomorrow.
I've already got one special report out on this, but this is a big, big deal.
Ebola is a virus that kills 90% of people, roughly, that come in contact with it.
And you've got the Congo that's had the biggest outbreak of Ebola ever last year going into this year.
And you've got a pipeline by the UN and UNICEF of bringing people into Guatemala and Mexico who have not been tested in any way for Ebola.
And we've had cases of Ebola show up in the Caribbean last year.
You've got Africans being brought in.
We've shown you this footage last year with no vetting.
Passed Border Patrol by the thousands and dumped out in San Antonio from the Congo as well.
Some of them are dying in Texas and other states.
And I have those articles.
Can I get an overhead shot?
Now this right here, Ebola vaccine approved by FDA.
This just happened two weeks ago.
And what's incredible about this is it's a live
Ebola vaccine, but they claim it's genetically modified so it won't hurt you.
Yeah, just like my grandma got polio from the live polio vaccine.
That's inside the U.S.
This is now going on.
First FDA-approved vaccine for the prevention of Ebola virus disease, making a critical milestone in public health preparedness.
Congonese woman, 41, dies after entering U.S.
border custody of kidney failure.
Of course, she had a previous medical condition.
She was vomiting and in pain.
Kidney failure, that's what they call it when you got Ebola, folks.
In the Caribbean, they said, oh no, people trying to get to the U.S.
have it.
That was in the news a month ago, but it gets shut down.
That's the Washington Post.
Ebola survivors face kidney problems and risk of premature death.
Reuters, see?
But they're covering it all up.
It can linger in men's semen for more than two years.
They don't get it, but you do.
It's from the CDC.
So imagine the Democrats are bringing folks in from the Congo.
No testing.
We got all the video of this last year in our reports.
Exclusive illegals from a bowl of straight from Congo sent across U.S.
Liberals came over and assaulted Greg Reese.
Saying, don't you videotape this.
The Africans are pouring in, not even being tested, overrunning the Mexican troops.
This is total insanity.
And when there are Ebola outbreaks, it gets covered up.
We know they've happened.
They get shipped off to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.
This is how those zombie movies always start.
But, oh, you've got to take all the vaccines or you're causing measles, mumps, and rubella.
If somebody else has had all these shots, well then, why aren't they protected?
It turns out they haven't eradicated these diseases, folks.
They haven't eradicated things like polio.
They just call it polio-like illnesses.
But it's polio.
And it turns out the measles outbreaks and other things are happening with vaccinated people.
They're getting it from that.
And the insert says it can do it.
They're spreading it.
It's hygiene and running water that has made all this go way down.
By the 50s, they started pushing all the vaccines.
Actual diseases went up at that point because it lowers your immunity when you take vaccines.
Do they work sometimes?
Are they all tainted?
Is there vaccine damage funds that cover it up secretly?
Look it up.
It's all public that it's secret.
They admit they're covering it up and then telling you, arrest people that question it.
The same big pharma that brings us all these other deadly drugs and is always getting caught doing evil things.
I'm supposed to trust you putting genetically engineered Ebola into me and now some are saying, oh we want to make everybody take Gardasil shots and make everybody take Ebola shots over my dead body.
So, live Ebola to be injected into Americans.
There's your headline.
CDC announces plan to inject Americans with live Ebola virus.
There's your headline.
Paul Joseph Watson takes over in 60 seconds.
Please spread the live links.
And we are live.
It is my first show of 2020 here in the fourth hour and we're going to get into New Year's Eve mayhem across Europe, of course in Belgium, in France, in Holland.
Again on New Year's Eve we saw
A bunch of New Year's Eve mayhem in terms of fireworks being thrown at people, cars being set on fire, and this is something that we've seen basically the imposition of space.
If you go to certain areas, certain no-go zones, which the media says don't exist and are a conspiracy theory, even though if you do go there you will literally get attacked and have to be escorted out by police in some instances, this phenomenon really started building up probably
As recently as 2013-2014, I noticed that it started to become a bigger problem.
Now it's an annual event.
Of course, I guess it could be worse.
I guess we could have hundreds of men molesting 2,000 women on New Year's Eve, which is what happened on New Year's Eve in Cologne, 2015.
The vast majority of them, of course, being migrants from North Africa and the Middle East.
So this is predominant that we've
Come to see is quite normal over the past few years since our friends coming across from other continents have vastly increased in numbers.
And now we have it happening once again this year.
This is out of Infowars Europe.
Dan Lyman, mayhem in Brussels as cars torched, over 200 arrested.
New Year's Eve was chaotic in Belgium's capital city with police making over 200 arrests amid widespread fires and property destruction.
I used to talk about this when it first really started coming to public attention with the rise of social media around 2014-2015, pointing out that these people were in some cases literally throwing fireworks at women with prams.
And the response from some people on the left on Twitter and other social media platforms was, oh, are you afraid of fireworks?
Well, yes, I would be afraid of a firework if somebody was throwing it in my face, which could blind you, which could horribly disfigure you.
It's like saying, oh, are you afraid of being acid attacked?
That's literally what they said, like, oh, you're a coward, you're afraid of fireworks.
Yes, if somebody's, if a gang of men are throwing fireworks at a mother with a baby in a pram, yes, that's something we should be concerned about.
Why is this happening?
Because it's again, it's the imposition of space.
You see this in very Islamic areas of London, places like Knightsbridge, Marble Arch, where literally now one in every three shop has Islamic lettering above it.
That's not an exaggeration.
Go to Marble Arch London, you'll see that for yourself.
And what the culture is, it's a cafe culture.
You could call it that.
But it's not really like the cafe culture that they used to have in places like Paris.
The culture is groups of migrant men, mainly from the Middle East, will monopolize these public spaces, monopolize these cafes, diners, restaurants, stand outside
Not just outside the restaurant or the bar or the cafe.
They'll stand in the middle of the pavement.
Huge groups of men.
So not just women walking on their own, but anyone who doesn't want to be intimidated is not going to cross over and walk down that sidewalk.
And then when you get more and more of those, when one in every three shops is Islamic, that is an occupation of space.
It is, in essence, an occupation.
These are the same phenomenon we see with these fireworks in cities like Brussels, in cities like Berlin and Cologne.
Of course, what most people don't remember is that attendant to the rapes, the sexual molestations in Cologne, which even police in one instance described as it being like a war zone.
And this is basically a riot situation that you're seeing when you've got police in riot gear having to respond to this.
Of course, a couple of years ago in
I think it was in Berlin we saw people literally with pistols just firing them in the air.
If anyone else did that they'd be arrested and thrown in jail for a great number of years here in Europe where nobody's allowed to have guns really.
But they get to do it and it's part of their celebration and it's part of their culture and nothing happens and everybody just accepts it.
Preliminary reports indicate at least 211 people were arrested during the night, their offences ranging from arson to shooting projectiles to vandalism.
So I guess at least in Brussels they arrested people, mainly they don't arrest anybody.
At least 21 cars and a scooter were either set alight or damaged by nearby blazers and fire response teams mitigated roughly 75 burning trash cans.
So it's not just the fireworks, they like to set the cars on fire
Of course that was one of the main methods of rioting and civil unrest in Paris back in 2005 during those riots where the car fire was seen as the symbol of that again mainly in migrant suburbs in the Banlieue and we've seen that in places like Stockholm and Rinkeby Malmo in Sweden as well.
We have this out of Breitbart.
Hundreds of cars torched and police attacked over New Year's.
Hundreds of cars were set on fire across French cities on New Year's Eve, with some cities seeing an even larger number of cars burned than the previous year.
A total of 100,000 police were deployed in Paris, with one source claiming the level of violence on the night was relatively calm compared to previous years.
So that was a calm New Year's Eve for Paris.
100,000 police deployed.
The violence was allegedly less than previous years.
But again, they had hundreds of car fires.
And then I've seen videos out of Strasbourg today, which look even worse.
And in fact, they're literally attacking schools in one instance.
In fact, it was out of Germany.
This is out of Searchlight Germany, which is a German news source, but the article's translated.
High school set on fire in Germany.
By culprit shouting alar, a gang of young men, young men, that's always how they describe them.
Oh, it's just a gang of youths, just a gang of young men.
Yeah, certain demographic.
Always a certain demographic, isn't it?
According to the video, predominantly migrants from Turkish or Arabic cultures.
But again, in the mainstream news article, it's just young men.
Had smashed the windows of the Albert Schweitzer High School in Wolfsburg's West Hagen district and ignited fireworks in the classrooms, triggering the fire alarm.
When police and firefighters arrived, they threw illegal firecrackers at them and fired rockets and fireworks ammunition from alarm guns into the classrooms.
So it's not just that they attack, they set the cars on fire, they throw fireworks at people in the street, they set schools on fire and then set off fireworks within the schools.
When the firefighters arrive, when the police arrive, they don't leave, they then attack them too!
Because again, this is about sending a message.
This is our space, we're occupying this space, do not interfere or you may get hurt.
The firecrackers exploded through the destroyed windows,
Directly in the classroom amongst the firefighters.
Police officers from Brauschweig and Giefhorn were called in to assist with whose assistance situation could finally be brought under control.
The rioters, aged 18 to 23, resisted arrest and had to be handcuffed.
So again, it's not as if they attack these places and then run away.
They stay.
Here's another one.
This is out of HLN.
Dutch funeral procession pelted with fireworks.
On New Year's Eve in Ede, Netherlands, young, young people, again, it's just young people, so many young people throwing fireworks at funeral processions and firefighters and setting fire to schools.
What is going on with these young people?
The procession was on its way to a cemetery.
Funeral director Hans van der Veer
Walked ahead of the funeral car.
Young people threw fireworks at Vandeveerde and the funeral car.
The procession was en route from Vandeveerde and Utsborg to a cemetery.
He said, you are shocked when you walk there and they throw it at you.
I asked for respect for the funeral procession and asked how they would feel if they had to lose someone and if the funeral procession would be pelted with fireworks.
Imagine having such little respect for a funeral procession.
People grieving, people crying, people are upset.
They're burying their loved one on New Year's Eve.
And out of nowhere, gangs of young people start throwing fireworks at the funeral cars.
Absolutely despicable.
And you scroll to the end of this article, and it shows some of the, I think it's some kind of cleanup crew reacting to the aftermath of this.
And then off to the side of the photo,
You can see who these young people are and once again they're from a certain demographic.
So once again in Paris, Strasbourg, Brussels, across the Netherlands, across Germany, we had yet another night of very exciting cultural enrichment again from a certain demographic of young people and it seems to be a trend that across the continent is only getting worse.
Now go away, we'll be back.
We are live and we are gonna delve straight back into the news.
We've had massive protests in one area of Germany.
Headline protests after German state broadcaster features children singing about their grandmas being quote environmental pigs for eating meat.
Now of course I did a video I think it was probably a couple of years back now called the mass brainwashing of Germany which by the way is banned in Germany
Even though they've literally got laws in their constitution about, you know, propaganda and censorship, given their history, not just with Nazi Germany, but with Stasi East Germany.
And that video made the point that even in the soap operas being broadcast on German television, they literally have soap opera narrative storylines where children are being made to convert to Islam and doing the shaheedah and all the prayers and everything like that.
They have
White, blonde, five-foot-ten women on adverts parading around in hijabs saying embrace tolerance.
And now they had a German broadcaster WDR2 facing protest after it broadcast a video in which a group of children were taught to sing about how their grandmas were environmental pigs driving non-electric vehicles and eating meat.
This was about a two-minute video.
The backlash was so huge.
That they had to delete it off the internet, which I don't think it should ever be deleted.
It should be used as an example.
But the kids sing, quote, my grandma drives in the chicken coop with her motorcycle.
That's thousands of gallons of gas every month.
My grandma is an old environmentalist pig.
So they're literally indoctrinating these kids to hate their parents because they're, you know, not up on all the climate change hysteria, not conforming enough.
And another part of the song the children sing.
Every day my grandma fries herself a pork chop.
She does it because discount meat costs nearly nothing.
My grandma isn't an old environmental pig.
So God forbid!
Your grandma in a country which has increasingly abandoned the working class and old people, and indeed lower middle class people, rural people, which is why in countries like Holland and Germany now the farmers in their tractors will turn up and do mass protests and mass blockades in major cities.
Those people are being abandoned, but God forbid they should spend what measly disposable income they have left on meat.
That's bad!
I mean, literally even as late as the late 1980s in China, beef was a delicacy that, you know, even the middle class families could probably have once a month.
But God forbid some elderly German, who's paid into the state, into the system her entire life, maybe even survived the horrible events of the 30s and the 40s, God forbid she should spend some of what disposable income she has left on meat,
That's bad for the planet!
So we're going to indoctrinate these kids who look to be about, I don't know, 10 to 12 years old, literally to throw their own grandmothers under a bus for Gaia, for Greta Thunberg, for the planet.
And almost immediate backlash prompted WDR2 to delete the online version of the clip again.
That shouldn't have been the reaction.
The reaction should have been to bombard the comments with what this actually represents.
Before angry grandmas descended on WDR's office in Cologne to protest against the broadcaster.
So then what made this even more ridiculous is that people started fanning the flames of hysteria once again and claiming that neo-Nazis were hijacking this legitimate anger.
So then Antifa radicals literally turned up to protest a bunch of grandmas.
And you can see actually in this clip
We're not playing the audio of course, it's all in German, but if you go and watch it on this article at summit.news, the grandmas are getting heckled by Antifa.
So now Antifa's new enemy apparently is German grandmas who don't like being called pigs on television, who don't like their children being indoctrinated to hate them.
That makes you a fascist!
One of them said, one of the signs at the protest said, we are grandmas, not Nazi pigs.
While another sign said, my grandma is an old environmental pig.
WDR exploits children to slander the elderly.
Stop causing division.
Another one of the protesters said, if one of my children were to allow one of their children to sing something like this, which would never be the case, the SHIT would really hit the fan.
Without us grandmas, this country would have crapped out a long time ago.
So you had a lot of angry grandmas and a lot of angry Antifa activists protesting the grandmas.
Again, because this television station thought it was a good idea to indoctrinate kids into hating their own families because they're not eating, you know, impossible whopper estrogen-filled soy burgers.
Commentators warned the backlash is being exploited by right-wing extremists, prompting an Antifa presence.
The whole controversy was later dubbed Granmargate, so that's what's happening in Germany.
Meanwhile, on the subject of the environment,
We are now two days into 2020, and London and major European cities have not sunk into the sea!
Absolutely incredible!
Climate change experts have been proven wrong once again.
Well, imagine my shock.
According to experts, climate change will result in millions of deaths, major European cities being sunk in nuclear war, and global environmental riots.
And they said all that would happen
By before or by 2020.
They made the prediction back in 2004 and said it would happen by 2020, which is now of course in its second day.
Now they're saying the Australian bushfires, that's due to climate change, even though it's not, due to a natural climatic phenomenon that emerges out of the Indian Ocean.
But Bernie Sanders is on Twitter saying this is why we need the Green New Deal.
Because again, climate control policies are not about controlling the climate, they're about controlling you.
And they've been proven wrong time and time again.
Going back to as far as 1968 with Paul Ehrlich, one of the original, you know, grandfathers of the big global warming hysteria climate change movement, writing in the Population Bomb that literally hundreds of millions of humans across the planet would starve to death by the 1980s.
Didn't happen.
Al Gore saying that the Arctic would be, have ice-free summers by 2013.
Did not happen.
And in this article from The Guardian, February 22nd 2004,
They said climate change over the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters.
A secret report warns that European cities will be sunk beneath rising seas as Britain is plunged into a Siberian climate by 2020.
Now Siberia is pretty cold, but I guess, you know, the new doctrine is any extreme weather is global warming is climate change.
So, suffice to say, we're in the second day of 2020.
The UK is not being plunged into the Siberian climate.
They went on to say nuclear conflict, megadroughts, famine and widespread rioting will erupt across the world.
Well, we've seen a lot of riots, but they're not rioting because of climate change.
In fact, the irony is, in many European countries, they're rioting because of climate change policies passed by governments who are grabbing control after fanning the flames of hysteria about climate change.
We saw in the Netherlands attempts to slash beef production by up to 50%.
That's why they were out on the streets protesting.
They weren't rioting.
We saw similar things in France with Macron's government attempting to hike.
Gas taxes.
That's why the French farmers were out on the streets.
That was one of the main drivers behind the Yellow Vest protests.
So they're not rioting because of global environmental catastrophes.
They're rioting because of the legislation and control mechanisms passed by governments in response to the hysteria that they generated.
Hysteria predicted by experts that never came to pass.
Don't go away.
We'll be back.
We are back and I'm going to throw to this video now because generally speaking at this time of year, all the time just gone obviously with the Christmas period now just about over, a lot of people always flash back and remember the Christmas truce which of course is the story of how the German and British troops had a Christmas truce, had a coming together of brotherhood despite the war that they were waging to stage a football match.
I think it was Christmas Eve back during World War One.
There's another story which is quite similar, evokes some similar feelings to that, which came out of Poland, which I didn't know anything about this story.
And I'm going to let the video speak for itself.
This is a short documentary created by my friend Stefan Thompson.
And the story is about the incredible story of Wojciech, the Polish bear that went to war.
We're going to roll this video right now.
The Second World War was a time of great chaos, loss, and tragedy.
This, however, is a heartwarming story set in those incredibly difficult days.
It's the story of Wojtek, a Polish war hero who just happens to be a bear.
This remarkable story starts in Poland with the start of World War II, where Poles had it particularly rough.
Poland was invaded on the 1st of September 1939 by Nazi Germany.
Just 16 days later, the Soviets invaded from the east.
The occupiers split the country according to the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact.
Both occupations were brutal.
The Soviets deported some 800,000 Poles to camps in the depths of the USSR.
However, in the spring of 1941, following the German invasion of the Soviet Union, the Soviets re-established relations with the Poles.
Under the Sikorski-Maiski agreement, the Russians agreed to release thousands of Polish prisoners of war and permit them to form an army.
General Wladyslaw Anders was tasked with the operation.
He evacuated his newly formed army along with tens of thousands of civilians whom he rescued out of the Soviet prison camps to the freedom of British-controlled northern Persia.
At a railroad station in Hamadan,
The Polish soldiers encountered a young Kurdish boy with a bear cub.
The cub's mother had been shot by hunters.
The bear was barely alive, tired and hungry, much like the Poles who had survived Soviet gulags and had been marching for hundreds of kilometers.
Taken with the cuddly bear pup, the soldiers exchanged him for some Persian coins, a portion of chocolate, a Swiss army knife, and a tin of beef, and nursed it back to health.
They fed him milk from an old vodka bottle, and as the bear grew, they fed him fruit, marmalade, and honey.
Quickly, the bear became an important member of the 22nd Artillery Supply Company.
The endeared soldiers named the bear Wojtek, which means Happy Warrior.
As Wojtek grew up among soldiers, he adopted soldierly habits.
He learned how to salute and march on his hind legs.
He was also taught to watch over trucks by sitting in the driver's cabin, and would often accompany his comrades on guard duty.
He developed a particular love for playboxing and wrestling.
He adored challenging other soldiers to wrestling matches, even fighting four opponents at a time.
He would hide his claws and enjoy rolling with them on the floor, slamming them and pretending to bite them.
However, he would never ever do harm to anybody.
He also picked up some less salubrious habits.
He learned how to smoke cigarettes, though he usually ate them after a single puff.
And he developed a great love for beer.
Upon finishing a bottle, he would look through the opening of the bottle, looking to see where his favorite drink was gone.
And then he looked with one eye down to see if there was anything left.
Then he looked with the other eye to see if there was anything left.
And then he smashed the bottle.
Wojtek the Bear, the mascot of the 22nd Company, travelled with them tirelessly.
From Iran to Iraq, then Syria and on to Palestine and Egypt.
From Egypt, the Polish Second Corps was tasked to travel to Europe to join the Allied Italian Campaign.
Since the transport of pet animals was strictly forbidden, the Poles improvised and officially drafted Wojtek into the Polish Army.
He was given the rank of Private, a service number and his very own paybook.
Though he was only ever paid in food.
And thus, Private Wojtek was allowed to board the British ships.
Wojtek was known to be particularly fond of the water, as the Polish troops travelled up the Italian Adriatic coast.
Upon spotting the sea, Wojtek leapt out of the truck and bounded towards a beach, terrifying the sunbathing girls.
However, the Poles were not in Italy for a holiday, and Wojtek would soon swap the beach for a battlefield.
The Italian campaign was one of the bloodiest campaigns of the war.
The Allies had been stuck for several months, blocked by the German winter line, which guarded the way to Rome.
In the Allies' way lay the historic hilltop abbey of Monte Cassino, inhabited now by German soldiers rather than monks.
Wojtek, like his human counterparts, experienced and endured the horrors of war.
In May of 1944, he came under shell fire for the very first time.
Upon seeing his fellow soldiers carrying crates of ammunition, Wojtek responded to the call of duty and joined in, standing on his hind legs and extending his arms to carry 100-pound crates of artillery shells.
Alone, he lifted what normally required four men.
On the 18th of May, the Poles succeeded where three other Allied units had failed.
They captured the strategically vital mountain fortress of Monte Cassino.
We couldn't do it, and the Canadians and Americans couldn't do it.
There were four different battles of Monte Cassino, and the fifth one went to the Poles.
They won it, in the most gallant way I've ever seen.
Very, very brave men.
The exhausted soldiers triumphantly raised a Polish flag over the ruins of the monastery.
For his courage and willingness to participate in the battle, Wojtek was promoted to the rank of corporal, and with the approval of the Polish High Command, the 22nd Artillery Supply Company's badge was changed to a bear carrying an artillery shell.
The war was won not long after, but Poland was betrayed at the Yalta Conference, and Poland fell on the Soviet side of the Iron Curtain, and was now ruled by a brutal communist regime.
Tens of thousands of Polish soldiers, and one soldier bear, ended up in exile.
The 22nd Company, along with Wojtek, was transported to a settlement camp in Scotland, and in 1947, the troops were demobilized.
It was time for the soldiers to say goodbye to their most unlikely of companions.
The demobilized soldiers entrusted Wojtek to Edinburgh Zoo, hoping to take him to Poland once it was free.
It was not to be, however, and Wojtek spent the rest of his days in a 10-square-meter enclosure, a very long way away from his natural habitat.
In a sense, his fate mirrored that of tens of thousands of Polish soldiers.
Homeless heroes, scattered across the globe, unable to return to their occupied homeland, which was ruled with an iron fist by the communists.
Wojtek's years in the zoo made him increasingly isolated and depressed.
But the Polish soldiers did not forget their cherished companion.
They would come to the zoo, often jumping into the enclosure to wrestle with him, and gifted him with cigarettes and beer.
Wojtek also never forgot his comrades-in-arms.
Whenever he heard Polish spoken at the zoo, the old soldier bear would stand on his hind legs and wave a paw, as if in salute.
Similarly to so many Poles who never saw their beloved homeland again, Wojtek died in 1963, in captivity, far away from his friends, his birthplace, and his natural habitat.
He was truly a Paul, in the sense he had lived amongst them, he was one of them.
They couldn't separate the one from the other.
And the only tragedy is that we never were able to get him back to Poland.
His adoptive homeland, the country he served and fought for in the Second World War.
And that is the story of Wojtek, the Polish bear that went to war.
There you have it.
Incredible story.
Wojtek, the Polish bear that went to war.
Not really just the fact, you know, of the bear, but the fact that it became a mascot of the camaraderie of the troops.
And then the tragedy, of course, of the bear being stranded in a habitat a long way from its natural home, just as many Poles were after the war.
That is a short film by Stefan Thompson.
We're going to come back in the next segment.
We're going to talk about what's happening in Sweden.
We're going to talk about some positive news for a change, because there was a big Bank of America report that came out predicting the dominant trends for 2020, or for the 2020s, the entire decade.
And they're not all negative.
There is some hope, some element of a white pill in there, which will make you more positive about the 2020s going forward.
We're going to come back and talk about that.
We're also going to talk about London reaching its highest murder rate in a decade, the true reasons behind that.
We'll be back in the final segment of the Alex Jones Show!
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National File reports 2019 London reaches highest murder rate in a decade
London experienced its highest number of murders in a decade in part due to a rise in gang-related crime.
There was another murder literally 10 minutes walk from where I'm sat right now in an area of London that, you know, it's not the most expensive area but it's by no means the worst.
Literally now it's like every three weeks someone gets murdered.
Of course no one cares.
No one actually cares.
We get all this virtue signaling about
Black Lives Matter and they'll even go to Heathrow Airport to protest against air pollution because they claim that's racist.
So long as they can get the selfie for Instagram.
Black people killing other black people mainly in droves.
Nobody cares.
Nobody gives a damn.
There were 149 murders, a little fewer than one every two days in the capital city last year, up from 135 in 2018.
The number of murders increased by more than 50% in the previous decade, rising from 94 cases in 2014.
90 of the 149 murders were stabbings.
In the one that happened here on Christmas Eve, they just literally
Walked up to the guy's house, rang the doorbell and just shot him in the face in front of his family.
Again, it was gang-related.
It was a revenge attack.
The vast majority of middle-class white people living in these areas, most of whom will vote for left-wing parties who support mass immigration.
One of the reasons why the violence has gotten worse in London in recent years is because the gangs that are already here are having to one-up their level of violence to compete with the
Individuals coming in from the likes of the Congo and other countries in Africa where they're more used to this violence being completely normalized.
So then the British crime gangs have to up their game so the cycle of violence only gets worse.
But again, the left-wing middle-class people who live here do not care because it's not their kids that are getting murdered.
Oh, but they really care about black lives.
Yeah, right.
They did a study, by the way, Metropolitan Police.
73% of knife offenders were from black or ethnic minority backgrounds.
Very interesting.
But again, nobody cares about it because it's not their kids getting killed.
If they actually started killing middle class white art students then maybe people would pretend to care but as it is nobody really gives a damn.
Speaking of diversity, New York Times begins 2020 with feature story on how white people are bad for existing.
Now this is interesting because the New York Times circled on the University of Wisconsin for putting out a video that was meant to unite people but because the video itself featured
A lot of white people, not exclusively white people, just a lot of white people.
It was bad.
It was terrible.
And it prompted a reckoning over race.
That's what the New York Times said.
Because virtually everyone in it was white.
And as we know, it's not okay to be white.
Okay, Wisconsin is 85% white.
This is the debate we have time and time again.
This is the debate we have about representation in movies, representation in television, representation in employment.
The UK, for example, according to the last census, is probably a bit less now, is 87% white.
You look at the advertisements, the commercials, it's like 50-60% black now.
This is affirmative action on steroids, but the New York Times got really angry over this
This anti-racist video put out by the University of Wisconsin because the majority of the people in the video are white.
Yeah, 85% of their population is white.
And you can compare that, interestingly enough, which I did on Twitter, to an advertisement on Facebook from a company called Fortune.
And it says, this global apparel company is promoting diversity and inclusion.
In both the fashion industry and society at large.
And diversity, according to this advertisement, is no white people.
There's probably like two or three in the back of the advertisement.
So if you actually promote diversity, if you want to call it that,
But most of the people, in accordance with the population level, is white.
85% in the case of the University of Wisconsin.
That's bad, that's terrible, because being white is innately bad.
If you promote diversity and there are no white people in the advertisement, that's good and that should be celebrated.
What does that tell you?
Meanwhile, breast ironing, bush meat and witchcraft, some of London's cultural enrichment.
Again, very, very positive development and doesn't go to prove that some cultures are better than others.
Assimilation to British culture hasn't been easy in some respects.
As a result, some cultural hangovers can be witnessed, sometimes in the form of what would be deemed weird to the Anglo-centric worldview.
Well, how dare you declare that as weird?
As we know with moral relativism, all cultures are equal, no matter how barbaric.
Female genital mutilation is possibly the most known culturally incompatible practice rampant in minority majority neighborhoods.
Of course, I think we've had, was it one successful conviction of FGM mutilation in the UK?
However, in other lesser-known predominantly African cultural throwbacks are being reported in London and other UK cities.
One of them is called breast ironing.
And again, according to leftists, all cultures are equal, moral relativism.
The culture of breast ironing is as legitimate as any other culture from any other race of peoples.
And this practice, breast ironing, which originated in West African countries, is used to divert male attention away from pubescent girls, which is similar to how they put
Five-year-old girls in hijabs because they don't want men sexually lusting after them.
Surely the problem should be with the men, not with covering up girls.
But breast ironing is carried out by placing hot stones or iron onto a young girl's developing breast to flatten the breast tissue or delay its natural development.
Sounds completely normal, right?
Sounds like something we should embrace in the name of diversity.
The practice can cause long-lasting physical and emotional damage
It goes on to talk about another cultural practice that has been imported into London and the UK in recent years, which is eating chimpanzee meat.
Again, probably won't sit well with the eco-warriors, but this is a process where chimpanzee meat at the cost of five times or greater than beef is being brought into the UK and consumed.
Again, goes right to the point.
Some cultures are better than others.
That's going to wrap it up for the show.
Coming up next, War Room with Owen Schroyer.
Breaking news at Infowars.com.
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Charles Dickens is probably best known for penning A Christmas Carol, one of the most popular Christmas stories of all time.
But he also wrote A Tale of Two Cities that begins with a famous passage
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
And that's really the way to describe where InfoWars is right now.
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We've got great Patriot apparel and so much more.
But really, folks, it's what we do on air that merits your support, not just the fact that these are great products at great prices.
Ladies and gentlemen, if I tried to chronicle the huge stories, the game-changing information that InfoWars has put out, myself and the crew,
Over the years, it would take hours and hours just to list the couple hundred most amazing things we've done.
By the grace of God, and all the glory goes to God, we have done amazing things in just the last few weeks.
We have confronted Hillary Clinton and made national headlines at point-blank range exposing her crimes.
And we have gone and covered massive Trump rallies in the armored vehicle and taken over the narratives there and exposed the deep state crimes.
Owens Troyer has marched in with a sea change event and confronted Nadler with the truth of his treason.
And that has spurred so many other people to go out now and confront
Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton and all the other globalist candidates.
It's really amazing.
We are the detonator that in the majority of cases
has actually triggered other people to take action in the previous midterm election and elections before that, that have changed so many races, including getting Donald Trump into the White House.
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