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Name: 20200102_SpecialReport-3_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 2, 2020
69 lines.
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Did you know that Hitler is alive and well?
That's right.
Netflix says that white people are inherently bad.
That's basically what Hitler was saying just about certain groups of white people.
I was one of the first people 20 years ago to talk about the fact that the Communist Chinese regime or government was slowly buying up Hollywood.
Now in 2020 it's admitted that roughly 60% of Hollywood production houses is owned by the most authoritarian regime in world history that again has the highest death count ever.
And what are they financing?
Well, they're financing Barack Obama's productions on Netflix of social justice warrior, communist ideology that is venom being pumped into this nation to divide and conquer us.
So, Rob Dew and I, the news director, were literally in there on his computer doing research earlier, looking at job resumes coming in for folks who work at Infowars.
And I'm like, look at that ad right there.
It's Disney recruiting kids.
And I said, just hit refresh and see what else comes up.
He hits refresh, and it says, I'm clearly the beneficiary of white privilege, Chelsea Handler.
And you go to this, it's another one of these failed actresses, but it's being propped up, and it says, Hello Privilege, it's me, Chelsea.
So you watch the trailer, and it's all about how she learns that America's only for white people, and it's such a terrible place.
So let's break down what this really is.
American culture comes out of the Renaissance, it comes out of Christianity.
And it's what trailblazed banning slavery all over the world, that happened in Europe and England, it's what trailblazed women's rights, it's what trailblazed people being
Treated equally.
And the people being promoted by what they stood for, what they produced, the content of their character and deeds that we of course all know is part of the American freedoms we cherish.
Something that Martin Luther King promoted but didn't invent.
This is the opposite of that.
This is total and complete divide and conquer.
They know what they're doing because globalism is a competing system against Americana and against the Renaissance.
They don't want people being free and open and real classical liberals that are anti-war and want to empower humans that are egalitarians.
They want fake fascist leftism, like the communist Chinese are on the left, that totally oppresses everyone in the name of the collective, but it's actually a bunch of billionaire centralized controllers who are tax-exempt.
This is conscious venom.
The truth is everyone's trying to get into nations that
We're founded and run by white people.
And the truth is Western culture is amazing and everyone knows it.
And these people work for authoritarian systems that cannot compete with the Western Christian ethos.
So what Jim Morrison said is right.
The West is the best and it'll do the rest.
And that's why their tyranny cannot compete with this.
And people like Handler and others know
Exactly what they're doing, invoking guilt in those of us that do care to manipulate and control us while they work for monsters that killed over 100 million of their own people.
The truth lives at InfoWars.com, but it only gets out when you spread it, so keep it up into 2020.
We salute you all and thank you all for standing up to monsters like Obama and Chelsea Handler and their Chai Com paymasters.
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