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Name: 20200102_SpecialReport-2_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 2, 2020
85 lines.
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Something remarkable happened in the final hours of 2019.
I was at my parents.
They were having a little bonfire in their backyard.
Some of the crew was there.
We were, again, eating chili and roasting hot dogs.
And about 9.30 at night, my phone starts getting texts.
Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz, bzzz.
Start getting calls saying, I'm so sorry.
Sorry to hear about what's happening to you.
This is terrible.
And then I start reading.
The links they'd sent me.
CNN, New York Times, ABC News.
And it says Alex Jones in trouble.
Alex Jones loses lawsuit.
Alex Jones proven to be an evil person.
And I go inside into my parents' little library on their second floor to go to the bathroom and there's a TV on that has local news and it's Alex Jones loses court battle with Sandy Hook family.
So it was a top
They don't do things like this unless what you're doing is absolutely devastating their criminal activities.
This is incredible.
I mean, we are over the target.
That's why we're getting this much flack.
It's amazing.
Remember six months ago, the Wall Street Journal-owned Market Watch, as well as AP, ran false headlines that I lost a Sandy Hook lawsuit for writing a book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.
I never wrote that book.
I've never read that book.
My lawyers have seen it.
I'm not in that book.
I was not in that lawsuit.
It's a total hoax.
At least this story is partially true, that in the last year and a half, this local judge, all total, has
I think?
We're so inside their head that they had this whole elaborate thing just to make it look like I'm a loser and I'm a failure and I'm in trouble when it's their whole New World Order falling apart and the EU falling apart and the Communist Labour Party being thrown out of power and a global political realignment against the New World Order system that InfoWars is on record helping launch, that you're on record as our supporters helping launch.
This was an incredible gift.
I mean, I feel so honored that this was like wartime-level propaganda.
Before, in the old days, we were planting WMDs on somebody or something, and they would hype it all up on the news.
Like, it's like I'm Saddam or somebody.
And that just means that we are kicking their globalist ass, and they see us as a symbol of Americana, and of renaissance, and of freedom, which we are, and that we've got their number, and that we're really kicking their asses.
With the information and the truth we put out.
So just keep spreading the word at Bandot Video.
Keep sharing the articles and videos.
They cannot stand it.
We're their number one enemy because of you taking action.
So I just salute you in 2020.
This is amazing.
And thanks for all the financial support to keep us on air.
We got big plans next year.
All sorts of stuff expanding in their face.
You have stepped up to the plate and said no to the tyrants.
And they have bitten off more than they can chew with the American people.
And these bullies know now
That America is awake and the dominoes are falling in our direction against them, and there's nothing they can do, so God bless you all!
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