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Name: 20200101_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 1, 2020
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In this clip, the speaker discusses his concerns about the state of society and politics in America. He talks about how people are becoming increasingly divided over issues such as gun control, immigration, and abortion. He believes that this division is being exacerbated by

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Starting in the third segment here today, or in about 20 minutes to be precise, we're going to air a couple weeks in the making a special report on just some of the dangers of vaccines that are actually on the inserts that they don't want you to know about, that they're lying to you about.
But this is a special that Zach Voorhees shot a few weeks ago when he was here, and one of our great researchers, Rob Dew, got it and added a lot of clips and documentation to it.
So in the new year, I want to start out with something that really allows us to take control of our lives and our bodies and say no to the establishment, what they're trying to put into us, and how they're trying to control us.
So that is coming up.
Then, Mike Adams,
He's done a lot of great work dealing with the nature of reality.
And he really is a scientist.
And he really is somebody that I respect.
And so, he's going to be tackling some of the folks out there that have trouble dealing with third dimensional theorem.
Because if people can't understand that, they can't understand some of the more complex systems and interdimensional associations that are taking place.
And then he's going to get into some of the things going on in our universe that he talked about many years ago that are now being looked at by mainline scientific groups.
I'm just going to leave it at that.
But Mike Adams is going to be in studio today.
It's probably best when he's here that I don't even be in the studio or I'm going to interrupt constantly.
But we're going to see what happens today.
Mike likes it when I'm on the show with him, but I really want to sit back and hear what he has to say for myself.
So this is the first transmission.
The Alex Jones Show in the year 2020.
Well, we did one live last night that you can find posted on Infowars.com, but this is the first show and we're very, very honored to be here.
I didn't get yesterday into any detail with the announcements of the Chinese communists and their involvement in our domestic policies.
I didn't get into the fact that they're wanting our guns openly, and just how incredible it is that they're meddling inside the United States with the Democratic Party.
Just how treasonous that is, and how this illustrates just how incredibly corrupt the collaborator media and the Democrats have gotten.
And that ties into these mass shooters.
Now the media knows that they're hyping up mass shootings, but that's actually creating more of them.
As we've now entered the year of the false flag, but also the year of the Great Awakening,
The establishment is going to strike back against that and they've told us they're going to do it by prepping everybody that domestic white supremacist slash NRA are going to start blowing everything up and shooting everybody and doing all of this.
And so you better know that they are cooking stuff up, but they don't have full control of the government now.
It's very hard for them to execute this and not get caught.
That's why they want to make it verboten.
Very, very verboten, off limits, to question big tragedies when they kick off and when they unfold.
I mean, I even questioned right away, is this a real embassy attack?
And then clearly it was.
You can see the Shiite militias doing it.
We'll get more into that as well.
So, so much to cover here today.
Please don't forget, you are not spectators.
You are the tip of the spear.
You are the info war.
It's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
I gave that speech, that little clip's from more than 10 years ago in Dallas, Texas to a packed theater of over 2,000 patriots.
And I knew we'd change the world together, and we have done it.
We're not trying to take credit here, but we have to also take measure and thank God for the providence we've been given, and admit to ourselves, as the people that run this broadcast, and you the supporters, the eyes and ears of the transmission, that
We've taken the ball back from the NWO that are advancing down the field.
But now the real confrontations are beginning.
We'll break down the latest with Mike Adams in studio on what's happening in the Middle East, what's really behind that, who the different factions are.
Trump saying this is a threat, promising strong action that you now see.
We're going to be laying all of that out.
But you know, I don't want to be distracted just by this.
I want to look at
What's being normalized?
You know, you saw the Me Too movement with people like Matt Lauer.
When they have Sandra Bullock on the show, in a sex scene she'd shot, and he'd say, wow, we get to see you naked in this movie.
And they giggled, and they went, oh my God, that was sexual harassment on TV, and I'm not defending Matt Lauer.
But they would act like that was this huge crime, and look at how creepy he is, and he would tell other women, you know, that they were attractive and things.
That's like worse than child molestation.
But then, when public schools bring in fat men dressed like clowns to have kids bounce on their laps, and the fat men tell the little kids about sex, and the men say, I'm here to groom your children, we're told it's beautiful and wonderful by the same leftist media.
So it's the way that they tell you what's bad, they tell you what's good.
And it's the same thing with vaccines.
I mean, the inserts say they can kill you.
They have secret fund that pays out billions of dollars a year in awards of people damaged by them.
It's a deadly precedent for people to put in your body whatever they want.
And now they don't want to have a debate or a discussion about it on the internet using AI to censor everybody.
Well, we've got a special report
That put a lot of work and research into in the next three segments, so please watch this and please spread the word.
And as we speak, it's being posted to the front page of InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
Emergency report on the real dangers of vaccines that you need to know and that you need to share.
This will literally save lives.
It's not that vaccines aren't a real technology, it's that it's being purposely tainted like the water supply and everything else to make us more manageable.
One of the biggest health threats out there.
So, that's coming up.
But I wanted to hit these reports.
And I covered it a lot yesterday on Owen Schroyer's last show of the year.
That's archived at Band.Video.
And I hope you'll go watch our breakdown there where we get into it in more detail.
But these articles all tie together.
Chinese state media gun ownership out of control in the U.S.
The authoritarian Chinese Communist Party, CCP, calls every nation with more freedom lawless.
And is actively funding Hollywood, the Democratic Party, to take our guns.
That's outside meddling.
China is building enormous, self-sustaining cities.
The takeover.
Chinese cities all over African continent that literally feed on the people, exploit them as slave labor, and then take control of their nations.
Very important report that was linked up on DrudgeReport.com yesterday.
And that ties in with this.
It's the United Nations
That has endorsed the communist Chinese model of the internet for the world, for global standardization, for a world internet ID, and world social score.
That's now official.
We warned you years ago you could see them lining up, but now it's public.
The UN is one of the most authoritarian, oppressive, evil groups.
The horrible things they do, the legalized slavery they run, the exploitation of countries.
But they have every Miss America pageant and every other person worshipping them, that that's how you're a good person.
Every woman aspires to raise money for the UN just because we're told so.
We're also told men can have babies.
We're also told that 2020 is the new decade.
No, it's the end of the second decade.
So this is how there's a war on logic happening.
Paul Watson shot an excellent report on this, calling it the dumbest decade.
But it's... ...really is, not the decade being over.
So you know you're in a dumb decade when even the headline's dumb.
And I'm not bashing Paul.
Everyone has just adopted that now 10... ...is the new decade when it's the end of the decade.
It's amazing.
It's like saying, in a 10-mile race, the last mile is the 11th mile.
It's just a war on logic.
Getting back to the U.N.
and the globalists that went to China six years ago, didn't have running water in almost every area, and suddenly now it's got five times the industry we do, and it's just dominating everything because it's a one-sided deal.
office recruits paramilitary troops for disarmament and reintegration of U.S.
New York U.N.
civilians, and it says for the U.S.
You've got the Strong Cities Initiative under Obama to have the U.N.
as well.
take over the civilian police boards, and that was proposed by the
Attorney General Loretta Lynch at the time, you don't just have the feds come in and take over your city when your police are quote bad.
Now the UN would do it but that got stopped by Trump.
That's how close we are to this and just like
They don't make the vaccine damage a big deal.
They don't make this a big deal.
It's just, oh, the U.N.
Oh, the U.N.
suing over Trump and the border.
Oh, the U.N.
building refugee centers on our border, recruiting people to flood us.
Same thing in Europe.
This is the military assault.
Replacement migration.
And I know you know all this, but the point is, it's still going on through the government, through the State Department, because Trump hasn't gotten control of the government.
And if my crew members were rebelling against me, as I've said a thousand times, I couldn't probably stop them.
That's why you can't really blame Trump, because this is what he's going through.
When he finds out they're bad, he fires them.
But how many levels deep can he go?
He just doesn't have the intel.
Leaked US Army document outlines plan for re-education camps in America.
Free download.
And get it out to everybody you know.
Now, this is from Archive.org.
And it's an Infowars.com article.
Paul Watson wrote about it.
People didn't believe this, but FM3-39.40 from 2010 took a few years to come out.
We got it.
People didn't believe it.
Talks about processing social security numbers, how to put Americans into the camps, how the dissenters will be put in other areas.
This is the Weatherman plan that Larry Grathwald exposed.
And again, this is this parallel system where now they have a UN-funded group in Austin and other areas microchipping the homeless.
And it's all just going on in plain view.
So that's how these international corporations put money into the UN to come in with governmental power.
And then through the TPP and other agreements, waiving our national sovereignty.
That's why Trump pulled us out of the TPP and pulled us out of some of these agreements because we never had a congressional discussion, the people never had a discussion about this.
But it's just incredible to realize that that's where we've gotten and they're recruiting and garrisoning troops on the UN website.
They're advertising for disarmament operations around the world and it also lists the United Nations operations in the US.
In the document.
Now understand, under Obama, he told the Army, this is re-education.
That's a Soviet Communist term.
That's not us calling it re-education camps.
That's them.
So, this is what they'd like to normalize and like to use crises to get us to accept, like
A civil war they're trying to trigger.
And that's in the documents we got about Soros a few years ago trying to trigger race war in the United States.
And we're going to go to break and come back with Zach Voorhees and Rob Dues to tell the report on vaccine dangers.
This is so critical to share that I'll be back with Mike Adams and studio coming up after that.
But please don't forget.
We can only extend this a few more days.
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We're good to go.
In this emergency special report, we document in detail just some of these incredible abuses and now the push to make vaccination with hundreds of different vaccines mandatory and to make the investigation of vaccines illegal.
Already, vaccine activists across the world are being arrested and silenced.
They're coming for you.
They're coming for all of us next.
Hi, my name is Zach Voorhees, and I'm the Google whistleblower.
One of the underreported stories about me blowing the whistle was one of the reasons why I blew it, which was because of Google's censorship on the vaccine issue.
What I saw as an employee of Google
Was a chorus of parents beginning to erupt on social media, explaining that their children had been damaged by vaccines.
Google responded by engaging in censorship.
So today, I'm stepping forward and giving you a special Operation Vaxxamoa.
We're going to begin this segment by talking about what happened last year.
In Samoa now, a separate police investigation is underway into the death of two babies following injections of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine.
This comes as health officials continue to determine the cause of the deaths with the help of the WHO.
They told me he was dead.
Her little boy died within a minute of being immunised here at Sava'i Safoto Hospital.
Two hours earlier, baby Lana had died three minutes after receiving the same MMR vaccine.
When I took my baby, she was strong and healthy.
Lana's parents have tried to have a baby for 10 years.
She was their miracle child.
They just want to know what went wrong.
Experts say deaths from MMR vaccines are extremely rare and there are two main reasons why it would happen.
It's just sad that we have to hear that other two families have to go through the same thing, you know, without knowing why.
The grief of these young parents is still very raw.
To lose one child is unbearable.
To lose two, unimaginable.
This is Alana Ray's grave.
She died in April at Starship Hospital after being medivaced here from Samoa.
And this is her brother Jamie Ray's grave in Samoa.
He died two years ago.
Both children deteriorated steadily after receiving the MMR vaccine in Samoa.
He was in so much pain.
I told him, Mum, are you going to be okay?
You've just got to fix this and then you're going to go home.
But Jamie Ray never made it home.
High fevers led to massive organ failure, typhoid, sepsis, dengue, all suspected.
There was never the conclusion that it was the MMR shot.
That's why we never linked it until Alana Ray.
After her immunisation, Alana Ray developed the same symptoms as her brother.
So let's talk about what happened exactly in Samoa.
To that, let's talk about October 2019, when the Samoan government mandated that the measles inoculation was going to be given to everyone and anyone starting from six months old.
It eventually progressed to police going door to door and forcing vaccination.
Samoa's normally busy capital, Apia, is all but deserted.
Around the country, businesses have been ordered to close their doors, vehicles banned from the roads, and people told to stay at home.
Only police and mobile vaccination crews are allowed to be out and about.
They're looking for red flags, literally, tied to houses to show those inside need to be immunised.
A mass vaccination campaign has been underway for two weeks, but the number of cases and deaths continues to rise.
So, the government took the extreme step of shutting the entire country down.
We have so many anti-vaccine people.
And, of course,
Many of our people still resort to traditional events.
And eventually, it got so bad that when people started to speak out on social media, the police came and arrested them.
Let's take a look at the timeline of events that led up to this.
It starts in July of 2018, when two babies died back-to-back following an MMR vaccination.
It was two infants.
One had received the MMR and then died minutes later.
Seeing this, the mother of the other infant told the nurse, please don't vaccinate my baby.
But the baby was vaccinated anyways and also died moments later.
This caused a very big stir within the Samoan government and they cancelled the MMR vaccine for an entire month.
After a safety review found that, allegedly, the MMR vaccine had been mixed in with a muscle relaxant, the Samoan government decided that they would reinstitute the measles vaccine in April of 2019.
By October 1st of 2019, UNICEF had delivered over 100,000 doses of measles vaccine to Samoa.
And then just a few weeks later,
The World Bank gave 34 million dollars as a grant for, just in case, of a measles outbreak.
What a coincidence that one month later, in November of 15th,
2019, the Samoa government declares a state of emergency for, you guessed it, a measles outbreak.
So was Samoa alone in this series of events?
Well, it turns out that it was not.
Because its neighbors, Fiji and Tonga, also received measles vaccines from UNICEF.
And like clockwork,
Within about a month, both of them had declared a measles outbreak.
So, who exactly is UNICEF?
UNICEF, which stands for the United Nations Children's Fund, gets two-thirds of its funding from governments.
The rest from private donations.
One of the biggest funders of UNICEF turns out to be the United States of America, giving $132.5 million in 2019.
You, the taxpayer, are paying for these vaccines to go to third world countries.
That's right!
Let's return back to Samoa.
On October 1, 2019, we have 115,000 doses of measles vaccines being sent to that country.
By October 13, 2019, we see the beginnings of an outbreak, with 48 reported cases of measles, 6 reported deaths, including one child.
In response, the Samoan Ministry of Health released a report testing specimens for measles virus.
Of the 36 specimens tested, 7 tested positive for measles.
In fact, most of the cases turned out not to be measles at all.
But with these 7 cases testing positive, Samoa went ahead and declared a measles epidemic.
By November, there are now 4,693 cases of measles, resulting in 63 children's deaths.
What's interesting about this is the incredibly high death rate.
One in about 67 in these cases of measles.
Why is this interesting?
Because normally
When someone contracts measles, they have a very low probability of dying.
In fact, before 2003, the case was about 1 in 10,000.
And so now we've got 1 out of 67.
According to the CDC's own data,
Since 2003, in the United States, more people have died from the measles vaccine than from actual measles.
Since 2003, there hasn't been a single death from measles within the United States.
In fact, it's been argued, historically, that measles was one of the gentlest diseases that you can get.
In fact, this was recorded in an old Brady Bunch special in which one of the family members got measles and she said that
There's no better disease to get than the measles.
What can explain the sudden measles outbreak within Samoa?
Well, that was a question that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
asked, in which he said, and I quote, There is the possibility that children who received the live measles virus during Samoa's recent vaccination drive may have shed the virus and inadvertently infected vulnerable children.
It is a regrettable possibility that these children are casualties of Merck's vaccine.
Alarm CDC officials documented this emerging phenomenon during the measles outbreak in California in 2015.
Federal epidemiological investigations found that at least one-third of California cases were vaccine-strained.
This is the measles outbreak that happened during the Disneyland in 2015.
In fact, the CDC identified 73 of the 194 measles virus sequences obtained across the entire United States.
This means that those children contracted measles from vaccination or from someone who received the vaccine.
Is this happening here in Samoa?
What exactly is vaccine shedding?
Vaccine shedding is the process in which a vaccinated individual
We're good to go!
Other children can contract the disease even if they've been vaccinated.
This small Pacific nation is in a state of emergency.
Red flags telling special teams which houses have non-vaccinated residents.
It's a really good thing in terms of actually going door to door.
Like today we had to call up the ambulance and now they've been evacuated.
Measles has taken hold in Samoa.
Patients now are becoming very severe.
Unlike the status of the first few admissions.
I don't know how they are getting it.
So it has to be come from something that's not proper.
So there is investigation going on.
So let's see some examples of vaccine shedding happening within the United States.
This article from Science says, Measles outbreak traced to fully vaccinated patient for the first time.
Now we know that, you know, the mainstream media lies and science is no different.
We know that there have been previous cases of fully vaccinated patients causing outbreaks.
But here is one case the mainstream media liked to talk about.
Another case was published on CNBC which stated, public health officials know recently vaccinated individuals spread the disease.
So suddenly,
It's a new thing.
Suddenly, it's known that the vaccinated populations are spreading the disease to those that are vulnerable and have also already been vaccinated.
An interesting story comes from the Texas city that hosts Texas A&M called Corpus Christi, which means literally the body of Christ.
The news that came out of there was that 14 adolescent age students contracted the measles despite having been injected with the MMR vaccine.
Researchers noted that more than 99% of students at the school had also been vaccinated, with more than 95% of them showing detectable antibodies to measles.
Okay, what's clear about this is that we can probably make the assumption that a requirement for going to school
In this town was to be vaccinated.
99% vaccination rates are incredibly high.
And yet, despite such an amazing amount of people vaccinated, they still caught the disease and had an outbreak.
Another story here, an outbreak of measles among persons with prior evidence of immunity, New York City, 2011.
Suddenly, all these cases start coming out where people that have been vaccinated are catching the disease and spreading it to others.
This is one of the things that they don't want to tell you now about in the mainstream media.
Which is that most of these outbreaks and most of the people contracting measles in this day and age within the first world country have already been vaccinated.
The question then becomes, if vaccines are so ineffective, especially the measles vaccine, then why do they feel that there is a drive
And the institution of martial law in places like Samoa in order to force-vaccinate every single person.
Hi Natalie.
You're saying your daughter had measles.
Are you worried about your other children?
My daughter, she's 18 months.
And she came out in measles a week after I gave birth to my youngest.
And she's only just really got over it.
She's had it about three weeks.
And I wanted to know where she got it when she's already had her vaccines and everything.
Oh, that's interesting.
So she had the MMR vaccine, so why did she get it?
Okay, so the routine MMR vaccine schedule in this country is one dose at about a year of age and another dose between three to five years.
Your first vaccine dose will protect 90% of people, so 9 out of 10.
And there will, for whatever reason, there will be a small number of people who don't mount enough of a response.
So the question remains, was this outbreak that happened in Samoa caused by the vaccination drive that happened?
The answer to that lies in studying the cases of measles that emerge and genotyping the virus and seeing if the measles virus that's been infecting those in the outbreak is the same as the ones being given for vaccination.
So, RFK asked this exact question, and he stated, with a letter sent to the PM, he asked if they could do an analysis to determine if they, Samoa, are dealing with a vaccine strain, as in the Disneyland outbreak, or a mutant strain that is vaccine resistant, i.e.
a new virulent strain that has evolved to evade the vaccine.
He says, we also don't know the ages of the casualties or their vaccine status.
Keep in mind that the outbreak occurred at the height of a super aggressive vaccination campaign.
The mortalities may have been aggravated by the use of Panadol, which is the generic form of Tylenol in that country.
Which should be contradicted.
That means we should not use it.
And the failure to administer vitamin A. We have heard these types of reports from people on the ground, but have no verification as Health Ministry and the WHO have continued the country on lockdown.
So, I want to talk quickly about Panadol, acetamyophen, Tylenol.
These are non-steroidal anti-inflammatories that are given to people with fever or if they're suffering from pain.
And one of the problems with giving acetaminophen is that if you are low on a substance called glutathione, then the metabolism of acetaminophen goes through a dangerously toxic pathway.
The problem with many of these people that are suffering from measles, severely, is that their glutathione levels are artificially low because their liver is fighting the disease.
As a result, given Tylenol, or Panadol, or acetamiphen, they're really all the same thing, these children will undergo a very toxic reaction and their liver will begin to shut down.
Another contributing factor to the high death rate for measles is a lack of vitamin A, common in the third world.
In fact, the World Health Organization has stated that if you have severe measles, then you need to take high doses of vitamin A throughout the duration of your sickness.
In fact, vitamin A deficiency is recognized as a huge risk factor for severe measles.
What's really
What's horrible about this whole situation is the fact that parents were directed by doctors and newspapers within Samoa to be giving their children this Panadol, and there was no indication that they should take vitamin A as far as we've been able to hear.
This directive was confirmed by the Samoan Observer, which directed that children with measles should take Panadol.
The results that followed were predictable.
By December 2019, a nightmarish report began to surface on social media.
And then more.
And then more.
For example, this was grabbed from Facebook that said, tomorrow, Samoa will begin compulsory mass vaccinations.
Every single person will be vaccinated unless they can provide medical documentation to prove
They have already had their shots.
No one will be allowed to leave their property.
No one will be allowed to access public roads.
All businesses will be shut down.
The government will be shut down.
And anyone that isn't vaccinated is being asked to nail a red cloth to the front door.
If this doesn't scare you, then you are completely insane.
This is just a test run for what's to come.
This is the beginning of the end.
Martial law is coming and people need to start waking up.
And I completely agree.
One of the things we have to look for is what's going to happen with the United States.
We see that there's a lot of vaccine pushes that are coming to the state of California.
More media reports showed up such as this
In response to the vitamin protocols that started to become widely circulated across Samoan social media.
And this person says, thank you, thank you, thank you.
I am here in Samoa with my children.
We are scared for reading your page and seeing people research our vaccines has given me hope.
No one is researching here, but vaccinated people
Are getting sick and many babies are dying.
There's something really wrong here.
And I'm sure it has everything to do with the vaccine and deliberate biological warfare.
Because now they've introduced a mandatory vaccine schedule where every Samoan baby will receive six, six different shots before they are one year old.
Now, if you get a shot,
And you get a vaccine.
It's going to be like this.
They're going to put it into your body and you're going to be able to take it as an adult.
Now imagine that you're a child.
You're tiny.
That vaccine becomes the equivalent of a beer can of substance getting pushed into your fat.
That's what babies are having to do times six.
The deaths were exploited by anti-vax campaigners.
This so-called anti-vaxxer Edwin Tamaseze is now under arrest, charged with incitement against a government.
Even on Thursday, he had promoted the use of vitamin C to cure the disease.
The World Health Organization says misinformation like this is the reason almost 10 million people contracted measles last year.
So imagine this is happening to you.
There is martial law.
People are forced to vaccinate their children.
And the children are getting sick.
Some of them are dying.
A man by the name of Edwin Tomisis decided that he was going to investigate and figure out why so many children were getting sick.
Edwin is an entrepreneur.
And he figured out that many children were dying because of a combination
A panadol and vitamin A deficiency.
He worked with several religious organizations throughout the U.S.
and thanks to him, hundreds if not thousands of lives were saved.
How did he do this?
He worked with LDS members and people from the Mormon Church to bring in vitamin A and vitamin C and have it delivered to Samoa.
And then he began distributing it to parents and children.
What happened was remarkable.
Children that were deathly ill were recovering and making full recoveries in about a day.
The results were miraculous.
But unfortunately, the videos and the images that were coming out from the social media profile lifted the eye of officials.
And as a result, there started to be a commotion within the United States as parents here in the United States were horrified at the images coming out and the complete ineptitude of the government in allowing common known medicines that could harm a child
And that these medicines were being given to the child.
And so as a result, Edwin was arrested, brought into jail, and then at first denied bail.
As a result, we started seeing posts like this as a result, saying, I just saw a post on a few babies being saved with the vitamin protocol.
Sadly, one who just died because she didn't know about it.
It's very heavy.
Pray for the families.
Pray more people learn about what to do and get the donated supplements through Edwin.
And all those saying, just get the MMR shot, notice below, her niece had it and still got the measles.
She still got the measles!
There are a few other young children who were up to date and they still got measles.
Which, as I said, is a vaccine failure.
Edwin Tamasisi, a Samoan manufacturer, has been vocal on social media about his doubts on the efficacy of the vaccine.
Staff journalist Florence Kerr caught up with Mr. Tamasisi in Apia to question him about his beliefs.
It's horrible when you see these kids.
The hospital's too full.
And they're just being passed back into the community to die.
Like, it's really distressing.
And, um... Yeah, that's why I've taken it upon myself to be that person who can hopefully give them the hope that they'll be alright.
They're right now.
You haven't got any facts to back that up.
We've only got anecdotal evidence.
Yeah, anecdotal, but there's nothing there.
And that's what we need.
So if families came up to you and asked for your opinion on getting the vaccine, your opinion, what would you tell them right now?
My personal opinion?
At this point in time, I wouldn't say anything.
All I say to them is I cannot make any comment on that.
And that's all I say.
Yeah, because it's very risky.
Yes or no, do you have facts to prove that this vaccine is substandard?
We're building.
We're building the facts.
I'm not going to answer the question that way.
But could you produce right now?
For me?
I could actually.
I could show you my books because I've been writing the diaries of visiting the people and the vaccine pattern.
I could actually show you that if you like.
The left knee tells me that the vaccine that we're using has an issue.
And to hear more about this, we're going to go to Miriam Hanane, who is following the situation on the ground.
Hi, Zach.
Been covering the Samoan supposed measles outbreak now for more than a week, trying to get information from different sources.
And calling different, calling the Simone government, calling Merck, trying to reach out to Edwin, to Mossé on Facebook, although he's no longer allowed to make any posts on social media.
We'll be right back.
We're live the first day of 2020.
What I've heard is that Edwin has been distributing vitamin A and vitamin C and telling parents they should not give Panadol, the generic form of Tylenol, because it is toxic to people that are undergoing a measles fever.
What can you say about that?
Well, I can say that vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin C have been documented
As legitimate vitamins to help people with a measles outbreak.
The INH has a study on vitamin A. Vitamin A helps with your immune, plays a role in the immune modulation.
It's a substrate for preserving cell integrity.
It's well known, vitamin C as well.
I made the mistake of thinking he was arrested for administering vitamins, but he was arrested for speaking about administering vitamins and also talking smack.
So basically, there was one post where he stated, I'll be here to mop up your mess.
Enjoy your killing spree.
And so the Simone officials didn't like that one bit, did they?
No, they did not.
I don't know what their policies are for freedom of speech over there, but maybe they're on par with what's happening here in this country.
So they released him on bail.
He's set to return to court in April 2020.
And one of the conditions is not to post about the measles, although I don't know if he's allowed to post at all.
And then another criteria is that he's not allowed to give
But that's the irony that if you look at the first epidemic in Samoa in 1893, there were no deaths and it was well known that this can be healed with diet and the children of Samoa are malnourished and there is definitely nutritional deficiencies that need to be addressed.
There are signs tonight that Samoa is clamping down on an anti-vaccination movement.
The nation's most prominent anti-vaxxer has become the first to be charged under new emergency laws.
But his actions are just part of a secretive underground operation.
Our Pacific correspondent Barbara Drever reports from Apia.
Anti-vaxer Edwin Thomas is set free, at least for now, after being kept in custody since his arrest last week.
The first to be charged under Samoa's strict emergency laws for anti-vax comments.
His arrest making everyone cautious.
I can't talk to you because I have to get the permission.
Mr. Thomas says he's been treating measles patients with vitamins provided by international anti-vax groups and encouraging patients not to get their children vaccinated or give them antibiotics.
In total, over 100,000 people in Samoa were vaccinated in the latest drive.
Evidence and accusations of a corporate cover-up are running rampant and the scenes of military and big pharma collusion are now burned into those that have followed this event.
We here in the United States wonder silently whether this can happen here, whether it is inevitable.
But rest assured, we here at InfoWars are going to be continuing to monitor this story here and abroad.
Thank you for joining me for this very special edition of InfoWars.
Ladies and gentlemen, this life-saving report, if it gets out to enough people, is posted at Band.Video and on Infowars.com.
Warning, the vaccines are a Trojan horse.
This is just one investigative report we've worked really hard on.
We finished it last night at about 7 p.m.
Rob Dew and I, Mr. Voorhees did a great job.
And it took us about three weeks to put together.
We've got other reports in the pipeline.
That's why they're trying to shut us down is because we are documenting this eugenics soft kill program that is going on and that humanity is awakening to.
It is the first live broadcast that I have conducted in the year 2020.
We are here in the fabled year of 2020.
The numerology loaded to the gills.
It's all coming up on this transmission.
It's fitting that the battle for America's future is being fought in Texas.
And the battle for the future of the world is being fought in America.
It's been said for a long time that as Texas goes, the United States goes, and as America goes, the world goes.
God put me here.
I was born here.
For this mission.
And I'm very honored to be here.
The native son of Texas.
Native son of America.
Standing up to the globalists with you.
The most amazing people out there.
Alright, let me hit the top story.
And if you understand this, you understand everything.
It's a Rosetta Stone.
It's one of those skeleton keys.
It's one of those windows into reality.
Last night, I was at my parents' house for New Year's.
That way, my youngest daughter can go to sleep early at their place.
We can still stay up till the New Year and bring in this momentous year of 2020.
And about 10 o'clock, I start getting all these text messages saying, hey, really sorry for you.
Hang in there.
We love you.
Just dozens of texts coming in.
And then Rob Dube, his older son, shows up.
And he goes, man, I saw you on the top of Google without even looking.
And then somebody else walks up to the campfire.
My parents got a couple acres.
It's like a little piece of country right in the city.
And says, yeah, you're on the top of Yahoo.
And then I walk in the house and go upstairs.
There's a TV on in the little library and it's got the local news station on and I'm on the TV.
And it's all how I've been defeated, and how I'm a loser, and how I'm a bad man.
Like the globalists were having wartime propaganda of a country they were going to be invading.
And so I left my
We're good to go.
And again, that just means that as we're ringing in the new year, they sat on a story for 11 days.
And then as they knew people were going to go to their TV sets and go to their phones to see what was happening and people were sending each other messages, they wanted to show Alex Jones in trouble and Alex Jones as a loser.
And I thought about that last night.
And I just felt so good.
Not even proud, but just good, like I'd run a marathon and I'd made it across the finish line in first place.
Because when basically every channel was hitting me from every angle that I'm a loser and I'm a failure and I'm a bad person, it means we're doing something right.
It means we're covering issues and things that hit right on the target.
It means we're over the target.
And then sure enough, I went and looked this morning.
It was on CNN last night when they actually have ratings and people are tuning in to watch the ball drop.
They were, oh, it's cut to some news.
Oh, Alex Jones lost a Sandy Hook lawsuit.
Alex Jones is a loser.
Making Sandy Hook my identity with people.
Oh, that's the Sandy Hook guy.
But everybody knows now when they impeach somebody or they indict somebody or they attack somebody, all the thinking folks go, man, this guy must be good.
And the support that poured in has just been unbelievable.
In fact, monetarily, we've been behind in fundraising for the operation of the year.
But man, last night,
$300,000 extra came in without us even asking.
And it came in right when those stories broke.
They put that out at about 9, 10 at night.
They pushed it and money just poured in.
Making it to where we brought in more money this December than we brought in last December.
And it was the only other month in the year, was November, that we brought in more money than we brought in in 2018, thanks to you.
And people got it, and they understood it.
And I got up this morning, and the office manager said, look at this number.
$300,000 on top of the regular sales came in.
Because people got it when they went, my God, he's on every channel being attacked.
They said, we know you're attacking somebody standing up for us and we're standing with him.
And you know, before I even knew that last night, I felt incredibly buoyed by it.
I said, man, if I'm on every channel, these evil people that cover up pedophilia and cover up corruption and cover up radical Islam and cover up and promote mass shootings when they know it causes them.
These bad people hate my guts, and I'm inside their head, and they've got their whole controlled media lined up for days with a ruling that was in the local news 12 days ago.
And that's all they've got?
All the glory goes to God.
But God works through you, and so I want to thank you out there.
Amazing job.
Now Mike Adams prepared a really big show and I told him a few days ago, I said, you know what?
I just want you to come in and host the whole show.
And then Mike lives here in Austin, does a great job.
He kind of knew some of my business.
He said, don't you have that vaccine report you're about to premiere?
And don't you have some things you want to cover?
Why don't you come in and do the first hour and get that done?
I said, I guess you're right.
No, no, remember you're going to hear this.
Mike already was watching what we're going to do at noon.
He's going to be hosting the rest of the broadcast today.
We've got some special stuff in the fourth hour.
The next big false flag is Ebola.
That's one of the things they've got going.
We've got the proof.
It's already in the Caribbean.
It's already been here before.
They're shipping the folks in from the countries that have the biggest outbreak ever.
This is really important.
He's going to get into, also, some big breakthroughs in physics.
So, look for that.
Mike Adams is coming in here in just a few minutes.
Now, we're behind for 2019, the amount of money we need to even operate.
But if people understand how much we're under attack and you support us, we can expand in this critical year and into the future.
And I think you now realize, I mean, they're trying to plant child porn on us.
They're trying to put me in prison.
I mean, they're really coming after us.
But it's okay.
As long as you stand with us, I'm not going to back down, ever.
I'm not going to give up.
I'll never give in.
But I can give out.
So you have to understand, you are the M4 War and it's beyond loving you.
I mean, I depend on you completely.
You understand that.
Like oxygen that I breathe in.
I mean, you're everything.
That's why it's obscene when you call and tell me how great I am.
Listen, it'd be like a man on a raft in the Atlantic Ocean in freezing water.
And if I fall off, I'm going to die.
And the raft is telling me how great I am.
I'm like, are you kidding me?
We're in this together.
We hang together, we hang separate, like Benjamin Franklin said.
Now, look at this article, Dr. McCamp shot, please.
Father of Sandy Hook victim wins defamation lawsuit against Alex Jones.
This is from last June.
I never wrote the book.
They didn't want a lawsuit.
That's totally fake news for MarketWatch.
At least,
This article and all these stories had some truth in that all the little things this judge has done in Austin add up to $100,000 if we end up losing the suit that we have to pay down the road.
So even that is fake news within it.
That's not the story.
The story is that they are
Obsessed with what we're doing because we're really doing the research.
That's why they're always saying we're not real.
That's why we're always saying we're fake news.
We're lying.
Last hour we showed you those kids dying in the hospitals when they're given vaccines.
That's real.
The global is telling you vaccines ever hurt anybody.
That's a fraud.
So Mike Adams is coming here and co-host this next segment with me that I'm leaving to go take care of business here in the office with a big plan we're about to launch that listeners came up with.
And then I'm going to be back later, but Mike Adams is coming in right now, and then he's going to host the whole show.
We are go!
Well, my instincts were right last night.
As about 9, 30, 10 o'clock, my phone started just ringing off the hook, text messages, people coming up at my parents' party, hugging me, saying, you know, hang in there.
Some people are Democrats.
They say they're all voting for Trump.
They say the Democrats are just too dangerous now.
They're just an evil party.
They're certainly not the party of people like Martin Luther King, or Jimmy Carter for that matter, and he had his own problems.
So there's a huge awakening.
The dominoes are falling.
There were folks there from Britain who just said, oh, everybody's awake now.
Everybody's listening to your show over there.
It's insane.
Even with all the election fraud, you know, we just threw Labor out.
Labor just lost almost 40% of its voters.
That's never happened.
That's a total realignment.
And, but I was telling people, I'm saying this is good that they're attacking me, and that it's a story that was 12 days old last night, or 11 days old last night, that had been in the local news, and then they only waited and pushed it, the deep state.
And Operation Mockingbird on every channel so that people saw in the New Year Alex Jones is a failure, Alex Jones is a loser, Alex Jones had a judge order him $100,000, which is a whole nother story.
It's a year of this judge doing stuff like this with different 30,000 here, 40,000 there, 60,000 here.
It's actually over 100,000.
And it's like Rob Do.
They're like, they're deposing him and they go, what is your source of this video?
He goes, it's CNN.
I don't
The judges and people, when they tell them that I'm an actor, and that I don't believe any of this, and I've done all these horrible things, but they've never seen me say that.
They just are told that I'm this monster, because they watch shows like Homeland.
So I've learned also how childlike the politicos are, and they even, we've confirmed now,
I'm going to leave it at that.
It's going to be coming out soon.
We have witnesses and affidavits.
They talk about it at parties in front of people.
How they're going to get me and everything.
I mean, this is law enforcement's getting involved.
So, why do you think the Supreme Court has taken this up in Connecticut when they tried to frame us with child porn?
I mean, the left has taken all normal chivalry and rules and just thrown them overboard with Trump derangement syndrome.
And is desperate, because the dominoes are already falling.
And so they think if they destroy me, that that's going to send a message to everybody that you better sit down and shut up.
That's not how Americans are.
And I go back to this, I've said it a thousand times.
We've been asleep for decades.
And the globalists thought their intimidation, because their thugs is what did it.
But now that they called everyone racist that loves America, or everyone racist that loves England, or everyone racist that loves their family, or everyone that loves Christmas, or everyone that loves health, or everyone... People finally went, well I'm not a bad person, you're the bad person.
So their bullying has now backfired, so they're still acting like we're asleep, pressing and bullying, but we're awake, so the bullying only enrages us.
Well, the same people that are calling you this bad person, they said that half of America are deplorables.
And those Americans say, well, gosh, I'm not a deplorable.
I'm an honest, compassionate person.
I care about the future of our country.
The media is lying.
And so they know they're lying about you, too.
And by the way, what is wrong with questioning official narratives?
It doesn't mean
That you're defaming anybody to question official narratives on all kinds of things.
I mean, if there's a defamation lawsuit to be had in this country, Trump should sue the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC.
Knowingly saying he's a Russian agent.
Constantly lying about him.
You were saying during the break, I said, when is Trump going to take action on the racketeering?
It's beyond censorship.
This is
My point was that Trump cannot right now go after Big Tech because he'll be accused of obstructing the Senate trial.
So I think once the Senate vindicates him, which should happen fairly quickly if Nancy Pelosi ever releases the articles of impeachment, which by the way, that's her obstructing justice, by the way, holding on to those articles, but Trump will have an opportunity to go after Big Tech and say, look, you cannot censor people's speech just based on their political views.
This has got to change in America or we don't have a republic left.
And you notice it started this week, or last week, massive censorship of Trump's Twitter, and then them denying it, when they're doing it bigger than Dallas, shadowbanning.
Yeah, they are, but they're phantom zoning his tweets.
Yeah, yeah, they're shadowbanning like crazy, even all his supporting accounts.
But the thing is, for his supporters, the thing is, independent media that has survived this now is doing better in 2019.
They just had a better year.
Than in any year previously.
And I've talked to many leaders in independent media.
Now, some were wiped out by the censorship.
They didn't survive.
But those that are still here, like us for example, we had record revenues last year even despite complete censorship and complete de-platforming.
I know you had a couple of great months too.
Other leaders have been having great years because the customers and the users are supporting us.
Well, that's absolutely right.
You know, the things they did, the direct espionage, I mean, that's what it is, the infiltration, the taking of merchant accounts, the banning our advertising ability on the internet to advertise products.
You know, we were funding about a third of what we did outside the audience, you know, doing advertising for products.
That's been taken away from us, so that's why that we've had, you know,
One of the worst years that we've had in the last six, seven years.
But that's okay because I had some reserves.
We're going through those.
But yes, I know, talking to Gateway Pundit and many others, they've had their best years because so many other people got shut down.
Folks now have rallied towards what's left and all of us are working harder.
So that's why it's critical for listeners.
I want to thank you.
I talk about how
They put us on every channel, say we're losers, say they're going to shut us down and just massive support comes in.
That's a good thing, but that only helps us, you know, take back part of one of the months that was under what we needed.
So thank you all for the support.
But whatever you do, it's a golden opportunity to say, why do you think Alex Jones is so demonized and lied about?
Because it's bigger than Alex Jones.
It's a platform.
Where you hear what Mike Adams really has to say.
Or you hear what Dr. Steve Pchenik has to say.
Or you hear what all these other amazing guests and these amazing callers.
We had a caller call in yesterday and he said, you ought to put tape over your mouths at Trump rallies and say, save the First Amendment, stop censorship, or end full wars.
And then when people ask, you can pull it off and talk to them.
Well, I was here last night and this morning, we're going to come out, we're going to print
Hundreds of thousands of stickers up front, put them in all the packages, sell them at cost, and we're going to hand them out at Trump rallies to make that a message inside as well, and it's going to be extremely, extremely powerful.
So, we're moving on many fronts.
That was a listener's idea, but this is one of the last days we're going to have this end-of-year, now start-of-the-year special, up to 75% off, store-wide free shipping, double pay-through points, to sell out of the inventory, so we don't have to pay the inventory tax on it.
We've got to do that only a few more days.
I know we're going to break shortly, but I also want to mention the reason they hate you, Alex, is because you are proving the entrepreneurial model of free market economics.
You're showing that when customers choose your products and your superior formulations and your better values than what anybody can find in the health food, whole foods out there, the media hates the fact that you are succeeding in that model.
We're breaking their monopoly.
Everything about what NaturalNews.com does, everything what InfoWars.com does is absolutely the Americana model.
They can't stand it.
Mike Adams is about to take over.
You are beyond critical.
Please spread the word.
I would thank you for everything you've done for the Infowar, but I know you're like me.
You don't want my thanks.
You want victory over the Globalists and these devil worshipping child molesters, and you want them off your back and off your children's back.
And you know what?
I'm the same way, and that's why we're on the same damn team.
And it's why Infowars has been delivering time and time again, when it's clutch time, to focus the people on taking action against the Globalists.
Because I'm committed to a future
For humanity.
And I know you are as well.
So thank you in 2019 for standing with us, because you are the Infowar.
And I want to thank you for committing to stand with us in 2020 however you can.
From the bottom of my heart, from my family, and from the great crew at Infowars, I want to thank you all because you are the Infowar.
And you know that's not just words, that's reality.
You have made history.
We have made history together.
Infowars.com only has power because of you, and I suggest you use it.
Well said.
Words of Alex Jones there.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Mike Adams filling in here for the rest of the show today and a little bit into the fourth hour as well.
Thank you for joining me the first day here of 2020, a year that I believe will be the most memorable in our lifetimes.
The things that are about to happen this year?
I'll cover some of them today, but trust me, you're going to look back at this and say, whoa, how did we get through that?
And I can't believe how much change.
It's going to be really extraordinary at levels that you probably can't even imagine right now.
I'm going to cover some breaking news today, get into some analysis.
There is an Ebola false flag operation being engineered, I believe.
To infect Americans with Ebola in order to push an Ebola scare and the new Ebola vaccine that has just been approved by the FDA and a new Ebola testing system that's been rolled out by the CDC that causes false positives.
So that they can quarantine you and take you away, throw you in a room with other actually sick people, and they can shut down entire cities and communities and create an Ebola scare.
So I will be talking about that, but trust me, I mean mark my words, again this is January 1.
Sometime this year there's going to be an Ebola outbreak most likely in the United States.
But first, let me get to some other interesting news.
First, kind of a funny item, and I posted this this morning on my website.
There's a company, this is really funny, this is the problem with thinking that everything can be digital.
So there's a company called Ammo Squared, I believe, that is launching a crowdfunding effort to launch a digital ammunition exchange where you can buy digital ammo and not actually have it.
And so you can own 300 Win Mag and 7.62x51 and you can own 5.56 ammo digitally.
And then you can trade it digitally, and they say you can take delivery when you want it, but isn't ammo something that you need when the grid goes down?
When there's a collapse?
That's, you know, preparedness.
Isn't that, don't you need ammo, like physically?
In your gun?
Or in your house?
In storage?
So, this idea that you can have digital ammo now, this is the absurdity
Of the cryptocurrency idea which makes sense in the world of crypto.
You know, digital money actually does make sense.
But digital ammo?
Are you serious?
Do you think this is a video game where you buy guns and ammo in the game?
No, this is the real world.
And, you know, as Steve Quayle says, if you can't touch it, you don't own it.
So I am on the record, this is my personal opinion, not Infowars opinion, but I am on the record saying I think this is the dumbest idea in the history of preparedness to purchase digital ammunition.
I think it's a horrible idea.
And if you want to buy digital goods, then gosh, why wouldn't InfoWars sell digital stored food?
Yeah, you can buy digital stored food.
I should call Alex and say, Alex, I got a great idea for you.
Why don't you have digital preparedness items that you don't ship to people, but they own them?
You know, that would be that would be called a scam if Alex did something like that.
But somehow selling digital ammunition.
Look, it's hilarious.
I wish the company well, but I think it's a horrible idea.
That's my personal opinion.
But it just goes to show you that not everything should be digital, folks.
You need a real firearm.
You need a real AR-15.
You need real ammunition.
Obviously, you need a real water filter.
You know, you need these things in the real world.
Otherwise, how are you going to function?
It's like, oh, the grid goes down.
Well, good thing I've got 5,000 rounds of digital ammunition out there somewhere in a digital world.
Not going to help you, folks.
So that's a funny item.
Not going to help you.
Now, this not-so-funny item, but something that's a couple weeks old, but it's worth mentioning.
The Wall Street Journal did an investigation of Amazon and found that Amazon was actually selling literal dumpster trash on their website as new items.
New food, new supplements, like jars of olives and so on.
The Wall Street Journal sent out reporters to go dumpster diving behind Trader Joe's.
And they found trash that Trader Joe's had thrown away, and they just kind of cleaned it up.
They sent it off to Amazon, opened up a new account on Amazon.com, and they were able to list it, and they were able to purchase this dumpster trash on Amazon.
When you purchase items from Amazon.com, you may be purchasing moldy items, expired items, counterfeit items, and actual literal dumpster trash, as the Wall Street Journal investigation found out.
And the reason I mention this is because if you're buying nutritional items, superfoods, supplements, you buy from InfoWarsStore.com,
There is no dumpster trash sold in the store.
It's all new!
You want dumpster trash, you gotta go to Amazon.
You want real, fresh, brand-new items, obviously, quality-controlled, safety-tested, professionally-handled, InfoWarsTore.com.
And basically, practically any other retailer online doesn't sell trash, but Amazon does.
If you want to trade dollars for trash, you can buy from Amazon.
If you want to trade dollars for digital bullets, you can go to the online digital ammunition store that's launching soon.
I mean, these are horrible ideas, people.
I mean, look, the theme of my day here today with you is I want to help all of us in 2020 think clearly.
I want all of us to navigate this chaotic world in a way that helps us explore and defend freedom and liberty.
I want us to be healthy.
I want you to be healthy.
I want your brain to work well.
I want us to be able to defeat irrationality and defeat tyranny and the attacks on liberty that are becoming more frequent.
In order to do that, we have to think clearly about everything.
We have to be able to distinguish between bad ideas and good ideas.
It's a bad idea to buy digital ammunition and think you own the ammo.
It's a bad idea to buy anything from Amazon.com that's food or supplements or superfood because it might be dumpster trash.
It's a bad idea to elect Elizabeth Warren as president.
She's got all kinds of ideas.
They're all bad ideas.
They're almost as bad as AOC's ideas, like, oh, let's ban the combustion engine and then we can all starve to death when the farms collapse.
That's a bad idea, unless you just love Venezuela and how socialism works there and dumpster diving.
You know, come to think of it, why doesn't Amazon open a whole retail shop in Venezuela, like dumpster diving food?
Because those people have had to become experts in that arena, sadly, because that's what socialism does to your country.
Collapses it to the point where you have to dumpster dive for food.
Again, the Amazon.com business model at this point.
It's shameful.
But I want you to think clearly about everything.
And that's why today I'm going to cover some mysteries of the universe, as Alex hinted in the opening of the show.
I'm going to cover a little bit of Flat Earth Theory and why I disagree with Flat Earth Theory.
I'm going to cover the mystery of the disappearing stars in the cosmos.
A little bit of physics for you here.
A little bit of science today.
But the reason I'm covering that is because I want you to be able to think clearly about the world in which you live, the cosmos in which we all exist.
Because I think 2020 can be a year that's great for all of us who do pursue the truth, all of us who are pro-liberty, all of us who have been
Really fighting for free speech, and in some cases fighting for President Trump for example, or fighting to defeat the deep state, fighting to expose the deep state.
I think 2020 can be a great year for us, but only if we think clearly.
Only if we manage to avoid distortions in thinking.
So that's what I'm here to do today, to the best of my ability, with humility.
I'm not right 100% of the time.
You may disagree with a few things, but I'm here.
My motivation is to help us all think clearly and navigate this chaotic year that lays ahead.
I'll be right back after this break with more on the Alex Jones Show.
All right, we're back on the Alex Jones Show, the first day of the new year.
It's going to be a great year for Liberty because the truth is coming out.
I mean, even though we're all under attack and even though there's censorship and even though there's defamation and smearing of the pioneers of Liberty, I think it's going to be a great year for all of us because, I mean, think about this, we have forced the deep state to show its cards.
We forced the radical left to take the mask off and show their radicalism.
I mean, this is, 2019 was a year that the left stood up and applauded and celebrated the mass murder of living human babies as they passed that law in New York.
I mean, they're just cheering infanticide.
You know, in previous years, that mask hadn't come off yet.
And 2019 was also the year that the mask came off about gun control.
Now, through Beto and Governor Northam and others, they're just saying, yeah, we're going to come take your guns.
We're going to unleash the National Guard, perhaps, in Virginia, and we're going to come take your guns at gunpoint.
You know, before they wouldn't talk about that.
Now it's all out in the open.
That's a victory, to know what they really intend to do.
Because Democrats are liars.
The only way they ever gain political office is about lying about their intentions.
I mean, they claim to be kind of conservative when they're running for office.
They claim, no, we're going to respect your Second Amendment rights.
No, we're going to respect the life of children.
Because we love little kids, especially Joe Biden.
He loves them in a weird, twisted, pervert kind of way.
Now the masks have come off, now we know they want to kill their own children!
They want to take your guns and probably kill you.
I mean, if they're willing to kill their own kids, you think they're going to hesitate to kill you?
You know, shoot you in the head and throw you in a ditch?
No, they're not going to.
They're not going to hesitate at all.
That's what they want.
In fact, some of them openly talk about that.
Heck, Michael Moore was out there.
He's like, white people are dangerous.
White people are bad.
Like, dude, you're a white guy.
Have you looked in the mirror recently?
You're kind of white.
What are you talking about yourself?
He's like, when white people walk down the street,
You should run to the other side of the street.
Like, really?
What should people do when they encounter you, Michael Moore?
Should they flee as well?
These people are insane!
But it's all coming out.
So that's a victory, in a way.
It's fascinating.
And also the racism is coming out.
People like Michael Moore.
He's a bigot.
He's an anti-white bigot.
And people who are paying attention realize, oh, it's conservatives that are tolerant.
It's conservatives that are like, yeah, we welcome African Americans to conservative points of view.
We welcome Asian people who are being discriminated against by the liberal universities on the East Coast and the West Coast.
Did you know if you're Asian?
That you, there's racism against you for being Asian.
There's a penalty for being Asian.
Just to get into a university like Harvard and get into UCLA, for being Asian, you are penalized.
Did you know that?
And so a lot of Asian people waking up, it's like, hey, these leftists are bigots.
They're racist and this is unfair.
You know, like, hey, we did great on the tests.
Why can't we get into the university?
Oh, because you're Asian.
In fact, there was a court ruling recently, I forgot exactly which state it was in, that ruled that universities can discriminate against Asians, because discrimination is part of the leftist ethos.
This is their world.
They love discrimination, and they hate white people, and they hate Asians, and believe me, sooner or later, they'll get around to hating black people too.
Because they hate everyone, they hate themselves.
That's why they're suicidal.
It's incredible.
So 2020 is going to be a very interesting year.
Let me cover
Oh, before I get to that, by the way, I recently placed an order with InfoWars store.
I haven't received it yet, but I want to check out the new toothpaste they've been talking about, because I know Alex's dad formulated that toothpaste.
And as a formulator myself, toothpaste is one of the most difficult things to formulate.
In fact, we don't even have a toothpaste product ourselves.
So I ordered the InfoWars store toothpaste.
There's two different ones now, and there was a special for two of them.
I think there's like a, what's it called?
The Super Blue Fluoride Free, and then there's a Super Silver Whitening Toothpaste.
So I ordered both of them.
Got them on sale.
Got an email.
Yeah, shipment's coming your way.
I can't wait to check those out.
And yeah, I'm a customer too, because I understand the quality of the ingredients that are in the formulations.
I understand what it takes behind the scenes to make this happen.
Right now, it's 50% off those toothpastes.
I think just for, I don't know, another day or two, it's going to end soon.
Some items are up to like 60% off for knockout and so on.
I don't know.
Maybe I shouldn't say this publicly, but
Behind the scenes, I would say to Alex, how are you offering these discounts?
Because you're not making any money on some of these, for sure.
I know, because I know the margins in this industry.
How are you doing that?
And I know he said maybe coming in 2020, he can only do maximum like 40% discount.
So right now, these are the best discounts you're probably ever going to see ever from InfoWars at all.
Infowars store, that's it.
Because you can't discount 60% or 70%.
You can't do it because you're just draining money out the door when you do that.
But hey, it's a good deal for you if you take advantage of these and I took advantage of it myself.
All right, moving on to... I got an article I published yesterday.
I just want to cover highlights on this and then we'll get into some more interesting things.
The article is called 10 Insane, Completely Irrational Things That Millions Of Americans Believe As We Enter The Year 2020.
I'm not going to go through every point or read you from the article.
This is just kind of an inspiration here of what I wanted to cover.
But the point is, you live in a society where you are surrounded by people who are insane at some level.
For example, leftists believe that a man can become a woman.
That's insane.
That's a form of mental illness.
It is mass mental illness when a large number of people believe it.
It doesn't make it more true just because a huge number of people believe something that's false.
That doesn't make it true.
It just means that the mental illness is spreading to a larger number of people who now share in that mental illness.
Guess what?
Sperm donors are always male.
So you've seen that story recently.
I think Paul Joseph Watson talked about this in a good video about people going insane in 2019.
It's funny, I was writing this story before I saw that video.
I think it came out about the same time.
But we were having the same ideas.
There was a, I don't know, some couple, I forget what it is, some transgender couple that had a baby because they had a female sperm donor, the article said.
Well guess what?
There's no such thing as a female sperm donor.
Because producing sperm is part of the definition of being male.
Of course.
But CNN and these other left-wing news organizations, they're trying to, of course, confuse children and confuse people on this issue to say, oh, men can get pregnant, men can have babies, and women can be sperm donors.
Not really.
Not in this universe.
I don't know what world you're living in, little comic book reality that you've invented for yourselves, all you mentally ill leftists, you gender-confused lunatics, but that's not the real world, folks.
And I want you to live in the real world.
But you gotta understand, in this world, you are surrounded by people who believe totally crazy things.
Like from my article, belief number two, is that the stock market will never crash again.
There'll never be a correction.
That we can remain overbought, overbought, overbought forever, and just keep overbuying more and more.
That's irrational.
And there's a lot of conservatives who believe that, too.
That the stock market can just go up forever and that all the crashes of human history will never repeat themselves.
Somehow we've got that licked from the Federal Reserve that our fiat currency, our fake dollar, will survive forever, they think.
No, it won't.
In fact, it's about ended its run.
Most fiat currencies only survive, I don't know, 100 years, 200 years, maybe 250.
I can't even think of one that's been more than a few centuries except maybe the British Pound.
That's probably the longest lasting currency in history and it has been eclipsed by the Euro in many ways.
Although that might change with Brexit, but think about it.
A lot of people have irrational beliefs about lots of things.
In my article I also mention
You know, Flat Earth Theory, that's something that a lot of people who are conspiracy analysts, they are intrigued by Flat Earth Theory, they think it's true, but I'm here to tell you it's not true, and I'll help explain that, and you're welcome to disagree with me, but you have to argue your points from a point of view of reason and logic consistent with the laws of physics.
So, you know, that's a belief that is spreading right now, and it's irrational.
Although, I gotta say, the Flat Earth people, they're not dangerous.
I mean, it's a thought experiment, and they kind of have fun with it.
You know, they're interesting people.
They're curious about the way the world works.
They're not dangerous like the transgender people who want to literally take your children and maim their genitalia, you know, and hit them with puberty-blocking chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
Like, that's dangerous.
Transgenderism is child abuse.
Whereas Flat Earth Theory is people who are kind of curious and maybe a little misled about how things work, but they're not coming up to you putting a gun to your head saying, oh you have to believe the Earth is flat or I'm going to blow you away.
They're not doing that.
So it's more of a curiosity actually.
Leftists believe that the Earth will be destroyed in 10 years if we don't stop burning fossil fuels.
That's insane.
And that's a belief that's out there by AOC and others.
That's insane.
She, AOC, in my personal viewpoint, is the first cognitively, clinically retarded person to ever be elected to the House of Representatives.
She is stupid.
Her ideas are bad.
They're horrific.
They would lead to mass starvation, the collapse of the food supply for humanity if we stopped farming with diesel engines and diesel tractors and so on.
Her ideas are bad.
And if we adopt them, we are stupid to follow those ideas.
Thank goodness that those of you who are watching today would never follow AOC's ideas.
But we'll be back with more here on the Alex Jones Show, continuing into the third hour.
Stay with us.
This is Mike Adams filling in.
Be right back.
Alright, as we continue into the year 2020, we've got a lot of interesting events ahead of us.
It's my personal belief that this will be one of the most chaotic, but also one of the most life-changing years of our lifetimes.
You'll look back on this in astonishment.
And I've made some predictions, and I'll continue to offer some predictions here.
But I want to open up the phones to those of you who are listening.
First-time callers, please.
People that I've never spoken with before.
This is a live broadcast, so I'd like you to call in.
The number is 877-789-ALEX.
That's 877-789-2539.
Call in.
We'll load up the board, talk to you in the next segment or two about your predictions of what's going to happen in 2020.
So keep it on topic, if you would, please.
Let's talk about what we think is coming.
And it's okay if you disagree with my assessment, or you agree with it, or you have something completely different.
But what do you think is coming?
What's going to happen with the election?
What's going to happen with the Senate trial, if there ever is one?
What's going to happen with the Durham report?
Will there be indictments against dozens of deep staters or hundreds or thousands of deep staters?
Will there be martial law, either locally in places like Virginia or on a national level?
Will we be involved in a war with Iran?
And what's going to happen with the stock market in 2020?
The Fed is all in with Trump right now and creating liquidity, but of course the anti-Trump forces are trying to crash the market.
So call in and tell us what you think is coming in 2020.
I'm looking forward to talking with you.
And again, the number is 877-789-2539.
And we'll get to your topics.
Now, one of the things that I think is coming is an Ebola false flag operation.
And the reason I think this is because, well, we know how the CDC and the FDA work.
The CDC is, it's kind of like a criminal deep state cartel.
I call it the vaccine deep state.
CDC is a criminal organization.
Former researchers who were funded by the CDC literally fled the country with millions of dollars in money and are living as fugitives overseas to escape U.S.
One guy out there named Paul Thorsen, T-H-O-R-S-E-N, I believe it is, is actually a fugitive from justice.
Took CDC money, published a bunch of science papers that said that thimerosal was perfectly safe, and then absconded with millions of dollars in taxpayer money.
Yep, that's the CDC for you.
Well, they are tag-teaming now to create a narrative where they can release Ebola, or create conditions for the release of Ebola in America, such as bringing in Ebola-infected migrants from Ebola-infected countries.
And this has happened already.
They're in Austin, Texas right now.
InfoWars has covered that.
For months, actually.
Owen Schroer did live interviews with some of the people there.
Some of the so-called experts who said, oh, it can't be Ebola.
Do your tests always work?
What about incubation time?
Have you factored all these things in?
Of course they haven't.
But the CDC is announcing they have a new test that can detect Ebola in the field.
I don't know, it was a couple minutes, like these cop drug tests that they use that are totally fake, you know, where they can take any substance and put it in their little bag, little baggie, and then they break a vial, and then they shake it, it's like, ah, it turned blue!
You're carrying meth, or you're carrying cannabis, and it's all fake?
There's no science behind those tests, did you know that?
They're all fake.
I mean, they'll flag positive results for all kinds of things, cold medicine, or oregano, you know, it's all a joke.
We've actually tested some of those at our lab and they don't work.
But cops use them so they can falsely do whatever they want to do, falsely arrest you.
Well the CDC has a test now for Ebola.
It's probably fake.
It probably flags a false positive most of the time.
So they can say, oh, you have Ebola.
We're going to put you in quarantine.
Or you have Ebola.
You need the Ebola vaccine shot.
Here's the new FDA approved Ebola vaccine shot.
And here you go.
And guess what?
Oh, we accidentally had a batch that wasn't properly weakened with ultraviolet rays to denature the proteins of Ebola.
Turns out we accidentally allowed live Ebola into the vaccine.
Good thing the vaccine companies
Have no legal liability thanks to Congress passing that law a couple decades ago.
And then all of a sudden you have an Ebola outbreak.
What do you know?
Just like we predicted.
We'll be back with your calls straight ahead here on the Alex Jones Show.
I would thank you for everything you've done for the Infowar, but I know you're like me.
You don't want my thanks.
You want victory over the globalists and these devil worship and child molesters, and you want them off your back and off your children's back.
And you know what?
I'm the same way, and that's why we're on the same damn team.
And it's why Infowars has been delivering time and time again when it's clutch time to
Focus the people on taking action against the globalists, because I'm committed to a future for humanity, and I know you are as well.
So thank you in 2019 for standing with us, because you are the Infowar, and I want to thank you for committing to stand with us in 2020 however you can.
From the bottom of my heart, from my family, and from the great crew at Infowars, I want to thank you all because you are the Infowar, and you know that's not just words, that's reality.
You have made history.
We have made history together.
Infowars.com only has power because of you.
And I suggest you use it.
All right, for the next few segments here on the Alex Jones Show, we're going to cover your predictions for 2020.
We've got callers lined up.
I'm going to go to Dennis here in just a second.
But first, my contribution to this topic.
I did an article recently called Civil War Risk State by State.
That analyzes what I think is the Civil War risk in 2020 and which states have the greatest potential for resulting in local or regional conflicts.
And I'll just mention right up front, I think those states are not just Virginia, but also Oregon, Washington, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and potentially Illinois.
So I don't see Civil War risk in places like Texas or New York, but many other areas that have strong Democratic control in the capital cities, surrounded by rural Americans who will not give up their Second Amendment rights, I think there is a risk of conflict.
And it will extend beyond just 2020, by the way.
This could be a risk that continues to exist for the next five years, especially if Trump wins re-election, which currently looks likely.
Thank you, Mike.
The thing I'm most concerned about in
The coming new year is the fact that Mr. Trump hasn't addressed the source of all this chaos.
What do you think that source is?
Well, the source is the Democratic Party.
The Democrat Party and their coup attempt.
They're clearly coup attempts.
And he's trying to play coy and kind of deflect their coup attempt, but in that he's frustrating the American people because we want to see justice.
I agree with you.
Do you think he should have the military police go out and arrest the actual deep state traitors, charge them with treason, invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807?
What do you think he should do?
They're constantly attacking him and they're attacking the cornerstones of the social contract that the government has with the people.
We need law and order.
If you allow these people to endlessly accuse and attack
The highest executive in the land, the president.
So, Dennis, everything you've said makes perfect sense.
But given that this is about what things may happen in 2020, what do you think is going to happen?
Is Trump going to take more decisive action, even at the risk of being called a dictator?
Well, I guess he's called that every day anyway.
What do you think is going to happen with this in 2020?
Well, what I think is that if he leaves the Democratic Party to its own devices,
The Democratic Party is going to be emboldened, and the Deep State is going to be emboldened, and they are going to go ahead and get us into a war, just like they're trying to in Iraq right now.
They may get us into a war by painting Iran as a bad actor.
Clearly it's a bad actor.
It's not someone that we should go to war with at the present time.
The other thing is, the deep state is also comprised of all these arms or these organizations that are stealing from the American people.
Yeah, you're absolutely right about that, and it is time to expose, and I think criminally indict, literally thousands of people who have been part of this deep state.
I would imagine you would agree with that.
I thank you for your call, Dennis.
Some good points all around.
Let's see what other callers have to say about that.
Let's go to Terry in Minnesota.
Terry, you're on live with Mike Adams here.
Thanks for calling in.
What do you think is going to happen this year?
Well, I'll tell you what, Mike.
Just a quick little background here.
Scripturally talking,
If you want to go back to the beginning, this is real quick, the Babylonian, you know, the Nimrod and all that crap, then you go to Medo-Persia, then you go to Greece, then you go to Rome, then you go to the Mohammedan Kingdom, which started in 636 A.D., up to 1948, which started the fig tree generation, which everybody, including you, me and everybody else, if you're a Christian, we were supposed to know what this generation is all about, and we're talking about 2020.
The Fig Tree Generation, Mike, started in 1948 and what are we, 71 years now past that point?
And I offer you this, according to the man upstairs, things will continue to wax worse and worse, no stopping it.
As far as 2020 is concerned, there's not going to be a lot coming out that's going to be good.
The World War II guys, which you know are called the Greatest Generation,
We're the people that were alive and in place when this all went down in 48.
And God said, or Christ said, however you want to dice it and slice it, that that generation before they're all gone, and most of them are almost all gone, will be the last one.
And I'm not talking, Mike, about the end of the world, not ending.
I'm talking about the end of the second earth age, which is the end of flesh.
And this is basically Bible 101.
And I know it's hard to have a conversation because most people
In this massive Christian nation, the largest on earth, are basically biblically illiterate, and I'm not calling them stupid, but... Yeah, they just don't know what scripture really says.
Well, the massive failure, Mike, of the majority of the pulpits is primarily why we're in this mess.
You know what I'm saying?
Yeah, and so many of the churches have been turned against us, and look, I don't mean to cut you off, but I do want to get a lot of opinions here today.
What you said makes a lot of sense.
There are...
There are biblical events unfolding, according to many people, and many interpretations along those lines that should be looked at aggressively.
We've only got two minutes, so I thank you for your call, Terry.
Let's go to Tricia in Virginia.
I'm just trying to get a lot of opinions here, a lot of assessment of 2020.
Tricia, you're on live with Mike Adams.
What's your take on things?
Hi, Mike.
I've been a huge fan of yours for years, and someday I would love to know what your Jesus moment was.
Aside from that, being in Virginia,
It's a sad state of affairs here.
I believe that Governor Northam is pulling a Chicago 2.0.
I believe he's going to try and get the U.N.
to come in and take control of Virginia because of its geography with Washington D.C.
I believe they're going to try and force Trump out of Washington D.C.
physically because his presence in D.C.
will be threatened by the U.N.
Wow, so Virginia is kind of a staging area to carry out a kinetic, physical coup against Trump.
Is that what you're saying?
I do believe that.
I believe that Pelosi will use that as a way to say that he's no longer in power because they had to move him out of D.C.
for his safety.
I believe that Trump sees this coming.
I believe that's why he activated the Marine Corps Reserves.
I don't believe his activating Marine Corps Reserves had anything to do with the impeachment.
I believe he knows about the U.N.
troops in Cuba.
And he's taken a defensive position.
I don't know if offense would be a better place for him to be.
I believe that Virginia was selected because of its geography to Washington, D.C.
and because they have to shut down not just the highways going into Washington, D.C., but the Hampton Roads area has the largest veteran population in the entire world.
Well, Trisha, I think you are right on with these points.
I want to ask you a question.
Would you be able to hold?
We've got to go to break here in a few seconds.
Can you hold until after the break and let me come back to you?
All right.
You're watching Infowars.com, Alex Jones Show.
Mike Adams filling in here.
We're taking calls about what's coming in 2020 from the point of view of our fans and callers.
We'll be back with more.
And stay with us.
Happy New Year from all of us here at InfoWars.com.
You are watching the first broadcast of the year, and I'm fortunate enough to sit in here and fortunate enough to connect with many callers right now.
We're talking about your analysis and predictions for 2020, what you think is going to happen.
We just had a caller who is still with us.
Her name is Tricia.
I think she's from Virginia, and she has a very insightful analysis of
How Virginia may be used as a staging area to run a physical war coup against President Trump.
And Tricia, are you still with us?
I am.
All right, thank you.
I really appreciate your insight.
I can tell you're extremely well informed.
The question I have for you is, do you think Trump is fully aware of what's going on?
And does he have plans in place to invoke the military defense of the United States?
Or is he going to just allow himself to be overrun by these lawless lunatics?
I'd like to think that he would take an offensive position as this is coming down the road at him.
I don't know.
I like what Trump is doing overall, but I still question what he's doing.
But he's quiet and he takes his time.
Him and Giuliani are very close to exposing a tremendous amount of corruption, and they're doing everything they can to keep that from coming out.
And they're going to cause mass chaos.
Mass chaos in Virginia is going to be the spark they're going to use to do it.
You're talking about Democrats.
The Democrats are going to cause mass chaos?
Yes, yes.
And I believe everybody across the country needs to right now look and see what's going on in Virginia and watch, unfortunately, what is going to happen.
And they need to form Second Amendment counties all across the country and most important,
They absolutely have to protect their sheriffs.
They have to tell their sheriffs that they will protect their families, that they will protect them, because the government is going to come after the sheriffs.
Richmond has already called on it in Virginia.
They're going to take the sheriffs out first.
And if the country is not watching this, they're fools.
You're absolutely right, Tricia.
And remember, the Democrats benefit from a civil war because they benefit from the chaos where they can call in the United Nations.
And of course Barack Obama is behind the scenes pushing for that as well.
And that's what they want, the UN to come in, UN quote peacekeepers who are actually child traffickers and rapists and they'll go door-to-door confiscating your guns and, you know, basically destroying and overrunning your entire country.
Trisha, look, great points.
Thanks for your call.
You have really nailed it.
I want to get a lot of opinions though today.
Let's go to John in Colorado.
John, welcome to the show.
The notes here say you
You've got thoughts about Dems wanting to cause chaos in 2020?
Go ahead, you're live.
Hello, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, how's it going?
Yeah, I mean, it's hard to follow up after what Trish just said.
I mean, she pretty much just covered everything.
Yeah, she nailed it.
I'm pretty sure, you know, it just seems like the Democrats, you know, they have nothing to lose.
It's kind of like a cornered, rabid raccoon, and they could pretty much do anything, and they're capable of anything to try to save their own hides.
Well, they aren't capable of anything.
What do you think they're going to actually pull?
I mean, we've talked about, you know, nuking, the Democrats actually nuking some area to try to cause a war or unleashing biological weapons or causing a grid down or a market crash.
What do you think they're actually willing to do?
I think they would prefer to keep poking at
So you think they're going to follow the Barack Obama community organizing track to sow chaos all over the country, but at low level, like kind of a bottom-up approach to chaos?
Yeah, more skirmishes, because I think they would benefit from it being organic in appearance.
Yeah, you're right about that, and they are good at staging that, especially since the media is now basically a left-wing terrorist organization running psychological ops against the American people.
But, John, your comments are right on.
I appreciate your call.
Thank you for chiming in.
Let's go to Jacob in Hawaii, who's got some comments about North Korea.
Jacob, you're live on the air with Mike Adams here.
Thanks for calling in.
What do you got for us?
First thing is happy new year from Maui and looking at the Pacific Ocean looking out west towards Asia and you know we're coming up on the anniversary of the you know the false alarm that came out on our phones for all the residents.
Yeah the false nuclear launch or what was that?
Yeah I mean yes when I was driving down the H1 freeway when that happened and I
You know, it terrified us.
I mean, talk about chickens running with their heads cut off.
Anyways, so, since that happened, you know, they said, oh, the guy hit the wrong button, the guy hit the wrong button.
And so, for me, I've been following the geopolitical landscape since 2001 when I didn't take their story for 9-11 for an answer.
So, of course, you know, I'm looking into Alex Jones and then,
I mean, I hear about QAnon 10 days before saying missile, missile, splash, conqueror, October, splash, Hawaii, false.
There's basically predicting what happened.
So, you know, Pearl Harbor, the day before Pearl Harbor, less than 10% of Americans wanted to be involved in World War II.
The day after, a million men signed up.
So Hawaii was already a spot for a false flag.
It's already happened once.
So do you think that they could take that live?
That they're willing to do that?
Actually do like a Pearl Harbor or even a false flag nuke in America?
That that's how desperate the deep state is?
Well, they're so desperate that, you know, that the CIA, they have their own rogue aircraft carriers and all their own military equipment to go and stage something.
And we all know that the intelligence community hates Donald Trump.
And Hawaii is just like, we're just like this little brother out here and like,
Oh yeah, you know, we can sacrifice Hawaii.
Even though we have, you know...
It's a perfect spot for a false flag.
So you think the false missile alert might have been a run-up to a live missile to attack Hawaii and maybe, what, blame North Korea or what?
I believe it was one of two things.
Either we got hacked and they wanted to see how we would respond, or two, that there actually was a threat that was taken out and they tried to trick Trump into a war with North Korea, but he stood down ahead of his
Pre-planned communication with with Kim Jong-un even if it was ill whatever whatever it was I believe that this that Hawaii is sitting smack dab in the middle of this South China Sea and how China
A lot of people don't know that North Korea and South Korea weren't fighting each other.
China was backing North Korea, and we're backing the United States.
And China does not want a unified peninsula under America.
So I feel like China is going to also use Kim Jong-un as this little dog or somebody who wants to stick on people.
What are your thoughts?
Is there anything you can share?
Oh boy, wow.
Yeah, don't get me started because the things I hear from some of my contacts are mind-blowing.
Some of them I can't yet confirm through multiple sources.
Some I'm not yet willing to talk about.
But I think you're on the right track there, Jacob, and they are willing to sacrifice millions of Americans' lives in order to defeat Trump.
That, I'm sure of.
Now, we've got to take a break.
And thank you for your call, Jacob.
We're going to come back with more callers.
We'll go to Craig, Wildman, Paul, and others.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show.
We'll be back with more calls.
So we are continuing to talk to really excellent callers.
I just got to say thanks to the callers.
Your comments have been very informative and insightful.
And we're going to more callers right away here.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show.
Mike Adams filling in here today, the first day of 2020.
We are live broadcasting from Austin, Texas, and I think most of the callers here so far have agreed with the idea that this is going to be a year of incredible chaos.
Things that the Democrats in the deep state are planning to do to try to protect themselves from being exposed, indicted, maybe charged with treason by the Trump administration because Rudy Giuliani has stumbled into some, well, billion-dollar scandals being run by Democrats and people like Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and so on.
If that comes out, a lot of people are going to prison.
So what are the Democrats willing to do to stop that?
That's kind of the subject of what we're talking about today.
I'm going to go to Craig in Washington State.
Craig, you're live with Mike Adams here on the show.
What's on your mind, Craig, for 2020?
Well, hey, Mike.
Nice to finally talk to the Health Ranger.
I'm excited.
I just want to give a shout out to all the great products.
So anybody listening and especially from the Cascadia area, the solid blue used to be more purple, but now it's all blue up here.
So everybody take care.
I know, it's crazy, man.
I don't know what to do.
All I can say is by diet, injection, and injunction, we will produce the kind of character that cannot fight back.
And as I look around me, I see the kind of characters.
So are you seeing, like the population around you is morphing into passive zombies or something?
If you say I'm an anti, if I was to say I'm an anti-vaxxer to anyone, they start going nuts.
They want to put cigarette, they, them, they want to put cigarette butts out in my eyes.
They want to see death on live television.
Don't fool yourself with these people.
You will see everything.
And by the way, why the circus continues next year in D.C.
Would you keep your guns while they install 5G everywhere?
Of course.
Yeah, they're hitting you with multiple vectors.
By executive order.
Thanks a lot, Donald Trump.
Craig, where do you live in Washington?
Are you close to Seattle or are you more rural?
I mean, roughly.
I worked in Seattle.
I used to live up in Seattle.
Now I bought a house down south because I can't afford it in Seattle anymore.
But yeah, Seattle has changed.
But don't you think a lot of rural Washingtonians, you know, east of Seattle, you know, they don't put up with this 5G stuff and they're better informed about vaccines and Second Amendment and so on.
I mean, what's your take on that?
Windmills everywhere.
When I go home now, windmills used to be beautiful views of the Cascades.
Now it's beautiful windmills.
Well, they just saying smart people can be easily, uh, you know, once they've gotten shot up with the vaccines, that's why they took Alex off the air.
Obviously it's why they took you off.
Yep, you're exactly right.
And the vaccine deep state is running the media, and in fact, have you noticed that comedians now, they are paid to have pro-vaccine jokes in their stand-up routines.
You look at any comedian on Netflix now, pretty good chance they're going to attack anti-vaxxers on Netflix.
But really, really good points there, Craig, from Washington State.
Best of luck to you dodging windmills and the liberal zombies out there.
I hope you are prepared for what's coming.
Let's go to Lauren from Ohio.
Lauren, you're live on the air.
Thank you for joining us today.
What's on your mind for 2020?
Yeah, I'm looking more at solutions and looking less at what they're doing and more at what I'm doing myself.
That's great to hear.
Yeah, and here's the deal.
In the end, we fight back by obeying God.
It's really a simple solution.
Obey God, and I'm talking like
Half of the Ten Commandments.
Can we not steal from each other?
Can we not covet each other's things or murder each other?
These are things that even if you're an atheist, you can get with that, right?
So, obey God, keep your money in your pocket.
If you don't owe taxes, stop paying them.
They're using your money to destroy you.
You don't owe them the fruit of your labor.
The way this government was established, God made the men, the men made a club.
The club made rules, codes, regulations, and statutes to manage the maids and the butlers of the club.
Not to manage the free king!
Which theater has the right to control?
Why is it, Lauren, that people so easily turn into sheeple and agree to go along with this obvious tyranny right in your face?
They're coming after your children with Drag Queen Story Hour, you know, LGBT indoctrination.
They're stealing from you constantly by creating new money and diluting the money supply.
Why are people so willing to go along with this?
The third step in that program was keep your children in your home, meaning homeschool them or control their education, meaning hire somebody, you know, five families on a block, you hire somebody and they, here's a globe, here's a map, here's the facts and math curriculum, here's, you know, how biology really works, you know, no evolution, no global warming, no, no tranny story time, no you can pick your sex.
They're lying to the children.
You, you guys know Charlotte Isserby.
This isn't deliberate dumbing down dot com.
This is what they're doing.
So do you homeschool?
Do you have children?
Over to them.
Do you homeschool or have you before?
Oh yeah, I ran for state school board in Ohio.
And so I went to the meetings every year, you know, for a year.
And what I found, we're in a state where the superintendent of schools a couple years ago lied and changed the test scores to the kids to make it look like they were smarter than they were.
Right, I remember that.
That's what I'm saying.
This is all based on lies, but see, if we did things God's way, you wouldn't be able to get at us with these lies.
If I control your child from 8 in the morning till 4 or 5 in the afternoon, I'm the one who's raising your child.
You're not the mother.
That's right.
You bore that child, but you're not doing the work of motherhood.
That work includes the development, the spiritual development of the child.
Well, the Democrats say that motherhood is a bad thing now, or fatherhood, or even a family for that.
I mean, they're attacking the very structure of sustainable civilization that has brought us through all the history of humanity to this point.
Now it's all under attack.
It's like they hate humanity, basically.
Well, they do, but the thing is, they're teaching your children to hate themselves.
You've got this mass suicide rate in white men.
I'm building a house right now for my friend, whose grandson, 26 years old, just killed himself.
I mean, I know five people, five white men.
I should not know five white men that have killed themselves, two of them being 26.
You know, my niece.
Okay, why are people killing themselves?
Because you don't turn your child over to death education and there is no God and, well, are you sure you're a boy?
Or hey, let's cut off your junk.
Yeah, so, well look, they're attacking white, just being white.
They say whites are bad, and they say being male is bad, so I guess we shouldn't be surprised that a certain number of white males are finding it miserable to exist in this society.
It seems to be what the radical left wants is just, hey, all white people, they just want them to go kill themselves.
Well, this is my point, and we can take this from them with that little four-step plan.
Obey God, keep your money in your pocket.
Hisadvocates.org if you're not a Christian and you want to just be a secular and do it that way.
Keep your children in your home.
Control their education.
It's your own fault if you send your children off all day.
And so I don't want to hear about, oh I didn't know what happened.
Yeah you do.
You understand at this point what's going on and it's about
Changing what you're doing.
And the last thing, boycott big business.
Why are we leaving these giant establishments all this money?
I just ordered, I think I put three orders in with Alex in the last month.
Well, wise words there, Lauren.
I didn't mean to cut you off, but I want to go to one more caller before we go to break.
But, Lauren, you nailed it.
Obey God.
Keep your children in your home.
Homeschool them.
Teach them the truth.
Very good information.
That's how we fight back against the control systems and the death systems that are now targeting your children.
Let's go to Wildman in Missouri.
We're about to go to break in one minute, but go ahead, Wildman.
What do you got for us?
Yeah, I think Trump's failed the litmus test on so many issues, such as election meddling, voter fraud.
We're good to go.
You know, dig in and prepare, and he's really been a benefit to the prepping community as far as giving us... Hey, Wildman, we've got to go to break.
Stay with us.
We want to come back to you after this break.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show.
And again, Wildman, stay with us.
We'll be right back after this break.
I would thank you for everything you've done for the Infowar, but I know you're like me.
You don't want my thanks.
You want victory over the Globalists and these devil worship and child molesters, and you want them off your back and off your children's back.
And you know what?
I'm the same way, and that's why we're on the same damn team.
And it's why Infowars has been delivering time and time again, when it's clutch time, to focus the people on taking action against the Globalists.
Because I'm committed to a future
And I know you are as well.
So thank you in 2019 for standing with us because you are the Infowar.
And I want to thank you for committing to stand with us in 2020 however you can.
From the bottom of my heart, from my family, and from the great crew at Infowars, I want to thank you all because you are the Infowar.
And you know that's not just words, that's reality.
You have made history.
We have made history together.
Infowars.com only has power because of you.
And I suggest you use it.
Use your power in 2020.
That's exactly what we're all about here at InfoWars.
My name is Mike Adams, Health Ranger, filling in for Alex today, at least for these segments.
And we're taking user calls.
A lot of good calls have come in already.
Predictions about 2020, what may be coming.
And we were talking to Wildman right before the break from Missouri.
Just want to go back to you, Wildman.
You still there on the phone?
Yes, sir.
All right, thank you.
Just got a question for you.
You mentioned right up front, you mentioned some of the failings of President Trump so far.
He's failed on censorship.
He's, you know, he's failed to stop the deep state attacks and many things.
He's failed to fully protect the border.
Of course, he's had a lot of, you know, internal resistance, betrayals, traitors working in the system.
But I agree with you.
What is, and this is my question to you,
What's he waiting for on censorship?
He could take action right now.
He could issue an executive order.
He could have the FTC issue a ruling.
What on earth is he waiting for?
Doesn't he realize he's going to lose the election if we don't get free speech restored?
And it's things like that that to me are just a confirmation that he doesn't hold the real power.
That the corporate technocracy, that the banking cartels, that the globalists are really the ones pulling the strings.
I think?
He could be doing something about Virginia and he's not saying nothing about that.
Well, let's say his stance on gun control and stuff.
I like your analysis where Trump has given us the time to act, because ultimately this comes down to we, the people.
We cannot sit back and just say, oh, President Trump's going to fix everything.
He's going to solve everything.
He is surrounded by traitors and deep staters.
And we, the people, are going to have to probably save this country in the end.
But look, I appreciate your call, wild man.
Cool username there from Missouri.
Keep up your preps.
You're going to need it.
That's my assessment, and I hope you're not anywhere near the big cities of Kansas City or St.
Louis when things go south.
Missouri is one of those areas that could be impacted.
Let's go to Bob in Michigan with some comments.
It says about censorship and Trump will lose if the censorship isn't ended.
Is that what you're saying there, Bob?
You're live.
Yes, yes.
I really believe that.
I believe that unless the Trump administration starts taking censorship very seriously,
That he will lose in the 2020 election.
Because you've got to take the left seriously.
They're a very well-organized enemy of ours.
They lie, lie, and lie.
And most of their people believe those lies.
So they think they're just as right as we are.
And if we don't keep the free speech out front and try to end censorship on search engines and on social media, our voice is going to be overshadowed by the leftist voice.
And I'm really, I want to get this message to President Trump.
If we don't do something about censorship, President Trump will lose the next election.
I agree with you, Bob.
I've said the exact same thing.
And as you know, I've been building alternative platforms, and so has InfoWars.
I've got Brytion.com.
We're rolling out a new search engine for health topics.
WebSeed.com is launching in less than a month.
Even these efforts are tiny compared to the control of Google and Facebook and YouTube and so on.
I agree with you.
If Trump doesn't take action on this, it's not only over for him, it's over for our republic.
It's over for our country.
I mean, what gives Google the right to decide that people can't find the truth about vaccines and parents talking about their children who have been harmed by vaccines?
You try to search for that on Google?
It's just gone.
It's vanished.
Because that's their agenda.
So, last question for you here, Bob.
Do you think he'll ever take action?
Or will he refuse to?
Or is he incapable of it because of the traitors who surround him?
I think he will take action, but we've got to put the pressure on him.
And I want to mention, too, that you know why the left is talking about Russian collusion all the time?
They're covering up their election fraud.
And there's going to be election fraud this year.
There are going to be dead people voting.
There are going to be multiple people voting multiple times.
And they're covering up with Russian collusion to rig our elections.
That's far from the truth, but that's what they're selling.
And we've got to fight that through free speech.
Well, I agree with you, Bob.
So what happens if the left steals this election, Trump loses?
What happens to America at that moment?
I think we're going to have a civil war.
What would that look like?
What, armed, million armed people marching on Washington?
Or are you talking state by state?
What do you think?
I think we'll have a big mass march on Washington, and I don't know what's going to happen after that.
Depends how the army comes down.
Yeah, good point.
Which is why Obama put in hundreds of pro-globalist military leaders in the Pentagon and throughout the various branches of the armed services.
But Trump has had some success replacing some of those, and he's replaced a lot of federal judges too.
Yeah, and he's working on it, but he's got to work on censorship first, and then the election fraud second.
That's the biggest thing.
If we don't get that done, we're in big trouble.
Agree with you, Bob.
Very good insight.
Thank you from Michigan there.
Thank you for your call.
Let's go to Ted in Utah with comments about free energy predictions for 2020.
Ted, you're live on the air.
I love your topic.
We've talked about, you know, low energy nuclear reactions, Leonard, before.
What's on your mind for 2020?
Hi, Mike.
You know, I've been working on free energy and actually UFO propulsion.
Something that I've, you know, I just had to do since I was a kid, just like Alex.
He made a promise to God he was going to do it.
And that's basically what I did.
But yeah, if if if you have you ever heard of Ed Gray's conversion tube?
No, I'm not familiar with that.
Sounds like you got some energy running behind you, though.
You can get to a quieter area.
Oh, I'm sorry about my phone.
Yeah, I know.
It's like a machine or something.
Is that better?
No, but go ahead with your point.
We can kind of make it out.
Okay, well, my point is that we've had free energy, and the government's had it, you know, for at least a hundred years now.
And they're holding it back.
I don't, you know, I kind of understand why, politically, because if the whole world had free energy,
You could turn that into a weapon.
And when you have all these dictators around, it could be a little dangerous.
Plus, they use the fossil fuels to control everybody.
Scarcity is the model of global control, whether it's food or energy.
You can't have the people having freedom, for God's sake.
Freedom to think, freedom to speak, freedom to have energy.
Oh, what a horrible idea if you're a globalist, right?
Well, what do you think is going to happen in 2020?
Well, I think free energy is going to be released.
I think that UFO electromagnetic propulsion is going to be released.
There's going to be no more rockets.
There's going to be no more need for... It's going to be like an Atlantis utopia on the whole planet if we don't kill each other.
That's what I'm thinking.
That's a quote of the day.
It will be Utopia if we don't kill each other.
I like that.
I appreciate your call there, Ted.
And yeah, it'll be Utopia.
And also, Marvel will have a transgender superhero next year.
There we go.
So what could go wrong with transgender superheroes?
What will it be like?
I don't know, like Dr. Trans, who can see the future of multiple genders or something.
It's going to be insane, but thanks for your call there, Ted.
I agree, some interesting things are going to happen in the energy sector.
Let's go to Paul in California.
We've only got a minute left, Paul, so go right into it.
The note says here something about Bible prophecy and Israel.
What's on your mind?
Yeah, we hear a lot of people bring up the Bible regarding prophecy.
And I feel they start with, like in many other areas of politics and everything, they start with a basic premise that's not accurate, and that's that the current state that is associated with Bible prophecy today is, anybody who believes that is not going to understand Bible prophecy at all.
All right, so this is not being taught correctly.
I'm sure a lot of different variations and interpretations of it.
Good thoughts.
Look, we're going to take a break.
We'll be back after this break with a fourth hour.
Mike Adams here on the Alex Jones Show, taking calls about 2020.
Stay with us.
All right, you're watching the Alex Jones Show.
There's an important article up on InfoWars.com today.
The New York U.N.
office recruits paramilitary troops for disarmament and quote reintegration of U.S.
This is from National File.
I think this is one of the biggest articles I've seen in a long time.
This is proof that the U.N.
is planning something nefarious right here on U.S.
And we had a caller earlier, Trisha I think was her name, that talked about Virginia being used as a staging area to try to pull off an armed coup against President Trump.
And I don't think that's out-of-the-box thinking.
I think that is right in line with what the Democrats are doing.
But what we've been doing here today on the Alex Jones Show is taking calls from some of the listeners who have their predictions and analyses for 2020.
And we're going to continue that for the next few minutes.
And then after that, I'll cover some cosmic mysteries as we get into the fourth hour.
But let's go to John in Florida.
John, you're live on the air.
You've got comments about civil unrest and deep state entrenchment, it says.
What's on your mind?
Is that right?
Well, you mentioned it correctly, Antonio Gutierrez, who heads the UN, he's the UN Secretary.
He was leader of IS, which is the oldest communist organization in the world, the International Socialist Organization.
You're always hearing about this term, Democratic Socialism.
Well, Democratic Socialism is, by very definition, Menshevik Communism.
And if I could quote Adolf Hitler, Adolf Hitler said,
That's right.
So Texas has fallen.
We don't have the intelligence or the resources to fight this communist invasion, and it's already here.
The ODNI is a social justice puke bucket.
You don't have a Department of Justice.
You have the 1917 Espionage Act, the 1950 McCarran Act, the 1939 Smith Act.
This president is not Andrew Jackson, who we tout so vehemently.
He's Andrew Johnson.
Okay, who was basically, you know, tried to bring the two, the North and the South together, wind up being a joke.
So do you think, is there a day that this fall accelerates?
Will there be a communist war announced to just go start killing all patriots?
Or how does this shape up?
Or how does it look, what does it look like when this happens?
Or is it just a slow erosion that you've been describing?
And I think you, I think you're describing it accurately, by the way.
Well, Homeland Security is unconstitutional.
The Patriot Act is unconstitutional.
FISA courts are unconstitutional.
You know, like Yuri Benzmanov said, they've done this over decades and it's already succeeded.
Half of the Republican Party didn't even like Honorable President Ronald Reagan.
And I believe it was George H.W.
Bush that undermined Ronald Reagan and El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.
We have traitors in this country.
Now the funny thing is, now you don't even have freedom of speech.
Yeah, right.
Speech legislation is unconstitutional on its face.
The only speech that you don't have under the Constitution, and it mentions this numerous times in the Constitution, is seditious speech.
Speech to overthrow the social contract.
Which what Michael Bloomberg is doing right now with his billions of dollars trying to overthrow the Second Amendment.
Where is the Department of Justice?
That's right.
It's already late in the game.
We've already lost so much.
Why aren't there millions of people peacefully marching in the streets right now demanding the arrest of all those, for example, who are violating the Second Amendment or violating the First Amendment?
It's late in this saga, and America is falling right now if we don't reverse it.
Look, we've got to go to break, John.
But I think you are spot on with your comments and your warnings.
And if we don't heed these warnings, America will fall.
But will 2020 be the year that we turn this around?
Will there be a mass awakening?
Could it be along the lines of Virginia and the Second Amendment?
Or maybe a Trump re-election?
Maybe Trump comes to his senses and does something about censorship.
We'll see.
Much more straight ahead.
We're into the fourth hour here.
Alex Jones Show.
Stay with us.
All right, if you are currently holding
To talk to us live, Alan, Chris, Catherine, Richard, we're going to go to you.
We're going to get to you.
I decided we're not taking new calls, but we're going to go to all the callers who are in the queue.
So let's go to Alan in Texas right now.
You're live on the show here with Mike Adams, the Alex Jones Show, and you've got some comments about Trump, I understand.
That's what the call board says.
You got the floor.
Go ahead.
Yeah, hey, thanks, Mike, for taking my call, man.
I appreciate it.
You do a great job all the time.
Thank you, sir.
My thing is this, you know, either 200 plus years of the power of the presidency exhibited to the people is an absolute lie, or Trump is an absolute coward.
Or, the other option is that he's in on the whole deal.
You know, this guy, you take for example, I mean, even in the simplest things, right?
All of these people who helped Trump get elected, okay?
Whether it be Julian Assange or Manafort or all of these people that are sitting in jail.
Roger Stone's soon to be sitting in jail.
Alex Jones, hopefully, won't be sitting in jail.
But, you know, he hasn't done anything for these people.
And he's not going to.
Do you think, do you think that he is, well, I mean, you use the word coward.
Is he afraid to take action?
Or is he waiting for something?
Like vindication from the Senate?
Or is he just too far gone?
Maybe he's not even in charge anymore.
Maybe it's Jared running everything.
Yeah, Mike, that's a bingo right there.
But look, you know, I think that there's always an excuse of why Trump isn't taking action.
And he's, you know, all of this stuff that we're seeing happening, I mean, this
Huge barrage of constitutional violations against the people of this country.
The actual threats is all happening on Trump's watch.
That's right, they are.
While we're watching a border wall go up down in the South, we're also watching people being bused into this country to churches, sanctuary cities, etc., etc., all under Trump's watch.
Yeah, hey, I've said before, go arrest the unconstitutional judges.
Go arrest the CEOs of Google and Facebook and Twitter.
Arrest them.
Charge them with violating the civil rights of the American people.
It's time to do it.
Yeah, but he's not going to do any of that.
I know.
Because I think that he's a part of it, man.
I honestly believe the people have put their hope in this guy, man, instead of in themselves, in their natural, you know, God-given strength.
And if we don't step up as free men and women to do something about this, never mind Trump, okay?
If we don't do it, we're done.
Well, you're right on, Alan.
I think your words are right on.
Yeah, we're up here at the front lines.
We've been taking enemy fire for years.
We've been censored.
We've been demonetized, deplatformed, everything.
We're fighting for our survival, and we sure don't feel like Trump is helping us very much out here in this free speech battlefield right now.
And I think I speak for a lot of people in independent media.
We're glad that we don't have Hillary Clinton in charge, because we all would have been in jail by now.
But President Trump, man, if you don't do something, you're going to be in jail because that's what the Democrats are going to put you.
So thank you for your call, Alan.
A very good point.
Let's go to Richard in Texas.
Some notes about legal action against unrest.
What do you think, Richard?
What's on your mind?
Hey, Mike.
Thanks for your work.
I just wanted to talk about, it sounds like, you know,
Most of the listeners, they have the information.
They know what's right, what's wrong.
But let me put this together for everyone.
The way politics works is what they call juice.
So if we don't go out in the streets and confront politicians on video,
When we do things like Owen Schwarter confronting Jerry Nadler in the halls of Congress, that creates public favor where Trump has the ability to act.
So the way they do this thing in Congress is all about public opinion.
So when hundreds and hundreds of people
Create videos of them confronting politicians with information in a legal and lawful way.
That gives Trump the ability to say, look, that's great what you're talking about, but I got the juice.
This is literally how they have these conversations.
It gives him the platform to say, look, look what the people are demanding out there.
Yeah, right.
The people are demanding their free speech.
I must act.
That's what you're saying.
Exactly, exactly.
And so if every listener doesn't legally and lawfully go out and use their First Amendment, they're not going to have Trump stand for the First Amendment because it's politics.
This isn't the kingdom of heaven.
This is politics.
This is an evil system.
It's all about public opinion and you have to push the public opinion like Martin Luther King did.
The FBI compromised
Martin Luther King.
But he didn't shut up anyways.
He said, I'm going to go to jail.
I'll do whatever it takes.
He just wouldn't shut his mouth.
And if info warriors won't shut their mouth, that will give the president the juice to take action, and they won't be able to stop him.
You're exactly right.
All right.
Thank you for your points.
Excellent call.
And this underscores, by the way, the heroism of Owen Schroer, who will be live, by the way, for his War Room broadcast at 3 p.m.
here Central Time.
So don't miss Owen.
He's live today.
He's in studio today.
And what he did set off a chain reaction of people speaking out in the faces of these corrupt criminal politicians like Joe Biden and others.
Let's go to Chris in Washington.
The notes here says your concern is just the same scenario for 2020.
Nothing much is going to change.
Really, give us your overview here.
I'm interested.
Well, excuse me, man.
I'm out of breath.
Happy New Year.
I'm out training my knee.
But this is what I believe.
We've been hearing the same stuff for probably 20 years.
And we're being whittled away more and more.
And Alex has a promo of a guy
He's on there doing he's doing one of his advertisements says enough of the talk and we don't need a politician.
We need a soldier enough talk.
Yeah, granted him for wars and people are standing up and God, I hope Virginia.
Stands tall because if they fall.
I believe the create the country's done.
I think it already is done.
It's a slow bleed.
We've let so much pass.
There's so much.
Traitorism going on openly, right in front of the people, and we sit back and do nothing.
There should be, the military should be arresting people, the president should be arresting people.
I mean, they made open threats to the presidency, you know, with Madone and that other, and nothing's ever done.
It's just talk, talk, talk.
Amazing and tremendous.
We need a soldier.
I think you nailed it there, Chris.
We need to take decisive, tactical action with the authorization of the President, who should invoke the Insurrection Act right now, and call for the people's support to go out and arrest the traitors.
The traitors in Congress.
The traitors in the judicial positions.
The traitors in the media, who are part of this criminal conspiracy coup against the United States of America, and who have committed criminal acts to try to take this country down.
A good call, Chris.
I think you've absolutely nailed it.
Got one more caller.
Catherine from Oklahoma says here that Trump has a plan and we should chill out.
Is that right?
Is that some good news, Catherine?
What are you thinking?
Yeah, I can hear you.
Go ahead.
We got like a minute and a half.
Go for it.
To me, it's not only about cops and men.
You guys are warriors, but we keep the hearts burning.
We nurture and we need to be more active.
It's making it very awkward for me to be a female when all of the women in Washington are cuckoos.
Your note was that we need to chill out.
How does this align with that?
No, I don't think I said that.
I believe I said that.
I think that Trump is taking a five year test.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
We are having a hard time hearing the enunciation of your words.
Yeah, I apologize.
Your phone is not that great, but I get your point.
I get your vibe.
Thank you for your call.
I think you're suggesting that men and women need to be part of this action to save America.
Much more straight ahead.
We'll be back.
Alex Jones Show!
I would thank you for everything you've done for the Infowar, but I know you're like me.
You don't want my thanks.
You want victory over the globalists and these devil worship and child molesters, and you want them off your back and off your children's back.
And you know what?
I'm the same way, and that's why we're on the same damn team.
And it's why Infowars has been delivering time and time again when it's clutch time to
Focus the people on taking action against the globalists, because I'm committed to a future for humanity, and I know you are as well.
So thank you in 2019 for standing with us, because you are the InfoWar, and I want to thank you for committing to stand with us in 2020 however you can.
From the bottom of my heart, from my family, and from the great crew at InfoWars, I want to thank you all because you are the InfoWar, and you know that's not just words, that's reality.
You have made history.
We have made history together.
Infowars.com only has power because of you.
And I suggest you use it.
It's the first day of the year here, 2020.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show.
Mike Adams filling in for, I don't know, the next couple of segments here in the fourth hour.
And we just took a whole lot of amazing calls.
The callers were great today and they were very insightful.
In fact, one of the points that was mentioned by one of the callers is how important it is to be on the streets legally and peacefully, sort of in the faces
All right.
That's what lunatic leftists do.
But we are saying, engage them by shouting the truth at them.
Hey, Joe Biden, your son got massive payoffs in a kind of a money laundering scheme that he didn't earn.
And the foreign aid was funneled into Burisma in Ukraine and Joe Biden's family got a kickback and Nancy Pelosi's family is getting a kickback.
In fact, they're all on the take.
They're all crooks and criminals, it seems like, right?
So why not shout that in their faces?
And every time Joe Biden is out there doing a
I don't know, some kind of event.
You know, challenge him.
Challenge him on these issues.
And if Hillary Clinton jumps in, which she's going to, by the way, I have no doubts about that, challenge her.
Hey, what about the Clinton body count?
You know, what about all the dead people who had the goods on the Clintons?
Challenge her on those issues.
Challenge AOC.
Hey, you're a lunatic!
You want to collapse the food supply and lead to mass starvation across America by banning combustion engines?
What, are you crazy?
Challenge these people.
Challenge them in public.
Post the videos.
If the videos get banned, post them on Brighteon.com.
That's why we built it for you, so you can have free speech.
Or, you know, post them on BitChute.
Post them in places where you can get the videos picked up.
Share them with InfoWars.
Do that stuff.
It's important.
Anyway, great calls today.
A great show overall, all day.
And there's more here.
I'm going to get into some mysteries of the universe.
In this segment, I'll probably do this segment and the next segment today.
And I gotta say, Alex specifically asked me, because I'm a published scientist, I run a science lab, he asked me to come in and talk about this flat Earth issue because it's becoming more and more popular.
Apparently the idea that the Earth might be flat is spreading among many people.
You know, I've watched some of the videos myself, I've seen some of the discussion, and of course I will tell you that the Earth is a sphere.
But I want you to understand why.
And it's important that we all learn to think clearly as we're trying to navigate the craziness in our universe.
But we have to have, I think, ideas that are grounded in reality, whether we're talking about economics, or politics, or the cosmos.
When people talk about flat earth, again, they're not malicious people, they're curious people.
And they're trying to understand the way the universe works.
I think they just reached the wrong conclusions.
So I'd like to give you some important ideas today about the way the universe actually works and why the earth is a sphere so that you can answer these questions if a flat earth person is trying to tell you or convince you that the earth is flat.
You can understand that it's not.
And also, at the highest levels of that movement, I think, and this is not everybody who's in it, but maybe how it was founded originally, I think it was designed to discredit conspiracy analysts who are looking at 9-11 and saying, hey, how did World Trade Center 7 building, how did that building fall?
Well, it was controlled demolition.
Why do we know that?
Because our explanation is consistent with the laws of physics.
So we actually use science to understand false flags and domestic operations and the fake science of the vaccine industry.
We can prove that it's fake.
We can prove that vaccines are dangerous.
We can prove that vaccines kill some children.
In fact, those numbers are released by the government itself.
It's under the VAERS system under Health and Human Services.
You can download the spreadsheets that have the statistics.
So everything that I argue, and I believe that when Alex is making similar arguments, we are all working to make these arguments from a place that's consistent with the understanding of cause and effect, how the universe works, the scientific reality.
We don't have to invent a fake system of vaccine science to attack vaccines.
We cite the actual published science, the statements that's in the vaccine inserts themselves.
They admit these vaccines may have viral shedding, for example.
That the chicken pox vaccine can cause chicken pox to spread across your entire family.
They admit these vaccines have never been tested on pregnant women.
We don't have to invent an alternate universe to argue against vaccine safety.
Or to argue about what happened on 9-11.
We don't have to invent an alternate universe or kind of invoke like a comic book physics reality.
And yet...
In the Flat Earth community, they come up with just totally wild alternate explanations, like, oh, gravity isn't real, I've heard.
Or they say, no, it's all electromagnetism, like tides don't work, it's actually water being pushed by the sun's electric rays or something.
Maybe I'm not quoting them exactly, but I've heard some very bizarre things.
It's like an alternate universe of physics.
And that's not really a legitimate place to argue anything from.
If you're gonna argue about the way the world works, or the way the cosmos works, it's important to understand how the laws of physics actually function.
So let me give you a few things that are really, really good.
Number one, a lot of us are long-range shooters.
Myself included.
You know, I've got a .338 Lapua Magnum rifle, and I'll shoot a thousand yards, you know, to warm up.
And you can shoot 2,000 yards with those rifles.
Well, everybody that's a long-range shooter, and many of you listening probably are as well,
You know that in the ballistics software that you use, you know, that gives you the holds, how many mills you have to hold, the spin drift, you know, you have to hold to the left to account for spin drift if it's a right-hand turn for barrel twists and so on.
The ballistics calculators, they all ask you what direction you are shooting.
Are you shooting north or south or east or west?
You know why that matters?
Because the earth is spinning, and as your bullet flies through the air, the earth is actually spinning underneath your bullet.
And if you fire north or south, your bullet's going to either appear to bend to the left or the right based on the Coriolis effect of the planet spinning.
Every long-range shooter, even a SWAT shooter, a military sniper, a competition shooter, or just a casual civilian long-range shooter like myself, we all know that if you don't account for the spin of the earth for very long-range shooting, you will miss your target.
Sometimes by 8 inches, 10 inches, 12 inches, depending on the flight time of the bullet, because the earth is spinning.
Similarly, if you shoot to the west or shoot to the east, that also matters too.
Because the Earth is spinning west to east, so if you shoot to the east, your target is falling away from you and lower, and you will end up shooting high if you don't account for the spin of the Earth.
So long-range shooting right there proves that we are living on a planet that's spherical and that is spinning on its axis.
And there are many more examples of this.
I'll give them to you straight ahead.
We'll continue here on the Alex Jones Show.
Mike Adams.
I think it's important.
You know, we're talking about Flat Earth Theory and the nature of the cosmos.
And as much as I appreciate people asking big questions and questioning the official narratives, and it's true that NASA has lied about a great many things over the years, I think it's important to be able to distinguish between what's real in the physical universe versus something that's just a thought experiment or a theory.
And I don't mean to be
Offensive by this, but from the outside perspective, I want those of you who might be following Flat Earth Theory, I want you to know that the way that we think of people who believe in transgenderism, where they say, oh, a man can become a woman, we say, you're nuts, that's crazy, that's magical thinking, a man can't become a woman, a man can't get pregnant.
That's the way other people think of Flat Earthers.
Who say that the earth is flat?
To most people, it sounds like the way that it sounds to us when people say men can become women.
Just letting you know that that's what it sounds like.
And part of that, I think, is an effort to discredit legitimate conspiracy analysis.
You know, if you're questioning what happened at Oklahoma City, for example.
You know, was the FBI involved in that bomb?
Actually, they were.
You know, it was a whole FBI operation.
And Timothy McVeigh was just the fall guy for it.
What they want to be able to say, the critics of all that, is to say, oh gosh, well this person, they think Oklahoma City was a false flag, they think 9-11 was a false flag, and they think the earth is flat.
And right there, what that does is it just gives, you know, critics or the media immediate ammunition to say, well they must be crazy, they think the earth is flat.
Especially since the earth isn't flat, by the way.
It's especially important that we allow our analysis to be led by logic and the evidence.
So there is evidence that the FBI has been running false flag operations.
I mean, I can cite from you a New York Times story about the FBI running most terror plots in America.
And then recruiting people to carry them out and then stopping them at the last minute.
That's been covered by the Kansas City Star.
That's been covered by the New York Times.
In fact, I think the writer for the Kansas City Star was Ian Cummings, if I'm not mistaken.
The FBI runs terror plots.
That's a fact.
That's not conspiracy.
That's an analysis of reality.
So as we do this, it's important to have credibility in what we're arguing.
So let me give you some more facts or some more physics experiments that you can run yourself to know that the Earth is not flat, in case someone is trying to convince you that it is.
One is that, of course, the Flat Earth Theory requires that there are no satellites.
And so you might wonder how do satellite dishes work if the earth is flat and there are no satellites.
So obviously satellite dishes do function.
And what you can do, I've heard I think some flat earth theorists say that satellites are receiving they say ground signals somewhere.
But what you can do is you can go out to your satellite dish
Maybe you're getting TV channels or you're getting bandwidth via satellite.
And you can take that dish, if you dare, and you can just change the angle of that dish, like 20 degrees.
And what's going to happen is that dish is no longer going to point at the satellite in the sky in a geostationary orbit that's communicating with your dish.
And you're going to lose your satellite TV.
You're going to lose your bandwidth.
We're good to go.
In a geostationary orbit.
In other words, it doesn't move relative to the fixed outer surface of the Earth's sphere itself.
The satellite appears to be in a fixed position in the sky.
There's a certain distance from the planet at which that orbit can be achieved.
I think it's 22,500 miles or something close to that.
It's pretty far out there, which is why there's latency in your satellite dish communications.
That's why, you know, there's over one second latency because that's the speed of the electromagnetic spectrum moving to that geostationary satellite.
So anyway, this is something you can test yourself.
You can go out, you can move your satellite dish, or you can take an aluminum trash can lid and just cover your satellite dish.
And guess what?
Your bandwidth will cease.
That satellite dish is actually talking to a satellite.
And there are satellites in orbit around the Earth.
And if there weren't, how does GPS work?
How does GPS, how do you get GPS signals?
Believe me, there are satellites, many satellites in orbit.
Another thing that's obvious in all this, you can buy a digital gyroscope, and if you have a gyroscope sitting on your desk, it will show a drift of 15 degrees per hour.
Why is it drifting 15 degrees per hour?
Well, because the planet is rotating 360 degrees in 24 hours.
And if you have a gyroscope, and I think some Flat Earth group bought a very high-end digital gyroscope to test this, and they couldn't figure out why they had to recalibrate it every hour because it kept drifting 15 degrees every hour.
Actually, what they're doing is proving that the Earth is rotating underneath the gyroscope.
So that's something you can do.
You can buy even low-cost gyroscopes that plug into your cell phones and so on and you can you can watch them.
They'll drift 15 degrees per hour.
Similar thing...
There are museums where you can get, you can see pendulums that are swinging.
They're like multiple stories tall, like a three-story tall cable and a pendulum swinging back and forth in a museum.
I saw one myself.
I think it was in Chicago or Detroit a few years ago.
And what happens is as the Earth rotates underneath that pendulum, the axis on which the pendulum swings will appear to shift and rotate around the 360 degrees.
This is because the Earth is spinning underneath the pendulum.
And in fact, these experiments have been carried out for hundreds of years.
It was one of the first proofs that the Earth was rotating, that the Earth was a sphere.
And it's also, what's interesting is the speed of the rotation of the pendulum axis depends on the latitude of the location of that pendulum relative to the equator, which actually makes perfect sense when you consider the angular momentum and how it varies based on your distance from the equator.
Because you're spinning the fastest at the equator.
You're spinning not quite as fast when you're in a more northern latitude or a southern latitude because the circle that you're making is smaller.
Anyway, you can look up pendulums in science and the spherical earth and so on.
You can go see these pendulums yourself.
Believe me, they're not faked.
I've seen them with my own eyes.
I've also flown in jets in a co-pilot seat.
I'm a trained pilot.
I checked out in Cessnas, not jets, but I was lucky enough to sit in the co-pilot seat of a private jet at one point, and you can see the curvature of the Earth out in front of you.
And I've heard flat earthers say that when you're a passenger in a jet and you're looking out the window and the Earth looks curved, they say, well, that's because the window is kind of a lens, because the windows are thick, the plexiglass is curved, and it creates the illusion of a curved Earth.
Well, I'm here to tell you, if you sit in the pilot seat of a jet, there is no distortion in the cockpit glass.
You know, the plexiglass, the windows.
It's designed to give you clarity.
Otherwise, pilots would be running into each other all over the tarmac.
You know, if there were distortions in that, you get a clearer view of what you're seeing, otherwise you couldn't fly.
And when you're sitting up there in the front of the airplane, and there are thousands of pilots around the world who can testify to this, you get up to a high enough altitude, above 39,000 feet typically, you can really start to see the curvature of the Earth.
It's not fabricated, it's physics.
And also, you know,
I've got a large list of different ideas here.
For example, you live in the Northern Hemisphere.
Maybe you have a friend who lives in the Southern Hemisphere.
Call your friend.
Guess what?
They will see different stars than you see.
You're looking at, you know, the Northern Hemisphere stars, they're looking at the Southern Cross.
Well, why is that?
How can that be if the Earth is flat?
Wouldn't we all be looking at the same stars if the Earth was flat?
We have the same sky.
But we don't.
We have different skies.
And there's so many examples of this.
For example, the kind of eclipse where the sun shines light and the Earth casts a shadow on the moon.
It covers up the whole moon.
The moon turns dark because of the shadow of the earth.
What's the shape of that shadow?
It's circular.
It's spherical.
And the moon itself, the shadow when light is cast on it from the side, is spherical.
So, if the flatter theory says that the sun and the moon are on the same side of the earth, so how could the sun cast a shadow of the earth on the moon unless the sun was on the opposite side of the planet?
You see?
So there are a thousand different ways that you can obviously point out that the Earth is not flat.
The Earth is a sphere.
There are satellites that orbit the Earth.
The Moon is one of those satellites.
And by the way, the Moon is the same size no matter where it is, which means it's roughly the same distance from the Earth.
Flat Earth theory says that the Moon is close to you when it's directly above you, and then it's farther away from you when it goes to the horizon and appears to disappear.
But that's not true.
You can take a riflescope, and you can look at the moon, and you can count the number of mils that is the width of the moon, and it's the same at any time of the night.
Whether the moon's on the horizon or up in the sky, the moon is always roughly the same distance from the Earth.
And you can prove that with a riflescope.
So there are all kinds of ways that you can tell the Earth is a sphere.
So flat Earth theory kind of doesn't really check out, but it's an interesting idea, just not reality.
We'll be back with one more final thought.
Stay with us.
All right, final segment today, fourth hour here on the Alex Jones Show.
Hey, I want to mention, by the way, there's a petition out there for President Trump to pardon Roger Stone.
And I'd like to encourage you to sign that petition.
Go find it.
I think it's a White House petition.
Please sign that petition.
Roger Stone has been just maliciously smeared and inappropriately charged with so-called crimes that are just basically fabricated, just a result of the deep state targeting all Trump supporters.
Roger Stone does not deserve to go to prison.
Roger Stone didn't do anything wrong, as the meme says, so please sign that petition.
Now at the same time, Julian Assange is being killed by the globalist Deep State.
And he doesn't deserve that either.
Julian Assange is a hero of human freedom.
And I support Julian Assange and his free speech efforts, his real journalism, real investigative journalism.
And he, of course, embarrassed the deep state.
He embarrassed the wrong people.
And when you embarrass them, they want you dead.
And they'll find ways to kill you.
If they can get away with it.
And they are killing Julian Assange, so please support our efforts in this new year, 2020, to help free Julian Assange and free Roger Stone.
But more importantly, let's defeat the entire deep state criminal cabal system that puts these people behind bars and tortures them.
I think Julian Assange is being subjected to torture.
It's gone on for many, many years and it is inhumane and it is unacceptable that that is taking place in our world today.
And they will try to torture Roger Stone and there are others.
They're going after Rudy Giuliani now too.
And they'll throw Trump in prison if they get the chance.
So defeating the deep state system is the key to all of this.
We've got a lot of work to do this year.
I've got one more interesting topic for you here in this final segment today, and Alex asked me to come on and talk about some of these things, and I said, yeah, I'm happy to.
100 stars have vanished from the sky.
According to new research, they've been comparing the astronomy photographs of the sky from 50 years ago to today, and they found 100 stars have vanished.
Of course, given the speed of light, it means those stars actually vanished perhaps thousands of years ago, or even tens of thousands of years ago.
The diameter of the Milky Way is about 120,000 light years.
So, it would take light, of course, 120,000 years to traverse the full diameter of the spiral arms.
But these stars might be anywhere in the Milky Way or potentially they could look like stars but actually be other galaxies that have vanished.
But something's vanishing out there in the sky.
Lots of stars.
Statistically this should not be happening.
So this is baffling scientists and in fact the authors of this particular study said that they had no explanation but they thought it must be some natural explanation.
I want to offer you today something a little outside the box.
And you might agree, you might disagree.
That's fine.
I encourage you to think.
But there is another explanation for all of this, and that is that non-Earth civilizations are harvesting stars using what are called Dyson Spheres.
And this is actually mainstream science, believe it or not.
There are scientists working with NASA on new propulsion systems that use antimatter fuel to bend space-time, creating like a warp bubble around a ship so that that ship can travel faster than the speed of light.
We're good to go!
And this is something that's being talked about even by mainstream scientists.
NASA, again, is researching this.
And this technology will come into existence on Earth within the next 50 to 60 years, according to mainstream scientists.
And just takes a little over one gram of antimatter to propel a ship from Earth to Jupiter.
I mean, antimatter is a very potent fuel.
And of course, there's research ongoing.
You can create antimatter right here on Earth.
They've done it.
They've created small amounts of antimatter.
It takes an enormous amount of energy.
It actually takes a billion times more energy to go into it than is released by it.
But the military wants it for a weapons system.
NASA wants it as a propulsion system to allow humanity to travel to the stars.
But if you had a non-Earth civilization that was millions of years more advanced than we were, what would be their energy source?
Would they burn coal?
Would they use windmills?
They would harvest stars.
They would harvest quasars and pulsars and magnetars and maybe even black holes, which are collapsed stars.
They would harvest stars because that's an obvious source of energy.
It's like oil wells spread around the cosmos.
And I think we need to consider the possibility that these stars are disappearing because they are being consumed.
They're being turned into antimatter fuel by civilizations that are millions of years more advanced than we are.
The Drake Equation.
Mainstream science, yet again.
How many other intelligent civilizations are there in our Milky Way galaxy alone?
Not even to consider other galaxies.
Hundreds of billions of stars in our galaxy.
According to the Drake Equation, that means there must be tens of thousands of intelligent civilizations.
And by the way, as a tangent, is 2020 the year that there will be disclosure?
I mean, the Navy has been open now about contact with craft caught on video.
In military planes craft that maneuver in ways that are impossible using human technology, but those maneuvers are entirely possible using space distortion systems, gravity projection systems, using antimatter fuel.
That fuel can be made by harvesting stars.
So is it possible?
And I'm just asking what if.
I'm not saying for certain this is exactly what's happening.
Perhaps there's another explanation.
But is it also possible that stars are being harvested because there are non-Earth civilizations out there that have very advanced technology that are moving it faster than the speed of light?
That are colonizing our galaxy and perhaps other galaxies?
I think this is the year we need to seriously consider that because there's been a lot of talk about, hey, is this the year that Trump's going to tell the truth about Area 51?
Or disclose the truth about free energy technology?
That one caller talked about in the last hour.
Is this the year that we're going to learn some secrets that can finally empower and uplift humanity?
Because the nature of the cosmos is far greater than what any of us have been told.
Information has been withheld from us.
And Google is now in the business of withholding information from humanity.
Google is all about suppressing human knowledge rather than setting us free with knowledge.
So we're living in a world where we are essentially slaves in a prison camp of disinformation, propaganda, and forced ignorance.
Meanwhile, the answers to everything that we want to know about God, about the universe, about the nature of reality, the answers are out there.
The energy sources are out there.
But we're being denied access to them.
Heck, they won't even let us learn the truth about vaccines.
You think they want us to discover the truth about exotic alien technology?
That has been copied from recovered spacecraft?
That Earth scientists have been working on for decades?
Using exotic fuel systems?
You think they want us to learn the truth about that?
No, of course not.
They want to use information scarcity to control us.
But they don't want humanity to be set free.
But if you just look at the stars, if you just look up at the stars, you can start to see physical evidence that something's changing out there.
Something's going on.
The universe has more mysteries than we're being allowed to even ask about.
And that's the point of this story, is not to say, hey, stars are disappearing.
What's going on?
What's happened with these stars?
Could there be non-Earth entities harvesting them?
Yeah, maybe.
But how could we be the only living creatures in this entire cosmos?
How could we be?
A universe created by God!
Wouldn't God want to populate the whole universe with life?
Wouldn't there be life all over the place?
In fact, NASA found life on Mars, or at least evidence of microbial life, in 1976, the Viking Lander.
They covered it up.
It was a mass spec experiment.
It proved that microbial metabolism was taking place in Martian soil samples.
And have you noticed, ever since 1976, when they covered that up, they have never sent another mission to Mars to look for life.
Instead, they've been looking at, well, geography and geology.
They've been looking at human habitation and colonization of Mars, but they never sent another experiment to look for microbial life.
You know why?
Because they already found it.
And they don't want more proof that it exists, because it's all about covering it up.
They don't want you to know life exists on Mars.
They don't want you to know life exists in the universe.
They don't want you to know that we are not alone.
And, by the way, in a much bigger sense,
This entire universe was created by intelligent design.
This universe was designed to support life.
The laws of physics were built and engineered by an intelligent being to support the cosmos that we now inhabit.
It's intended for us to be aware and alert and alive and awake
It's intended for us to discover more life and more knowledge.
And the forces holding us back are the forces of evil, like the tech giants, like the radical left-wing Democrats that murder human babies, the forces of evil, the Satanism, the demonism that tries to destroy life and destroy abundance and destroy knowledge and destroy even the continuation of the human species by attacking families and attacking male fertility and attacking the very definition of a family.
The answers are out there, folks.
You're not going to get the answers from mainstream media.
You can only get them from places like this, InfoWars.com.
And I'm happy to be here to help explore this with you and share these ideas with you because together, we have a lot to learn.
And humanity can go very far if we can defeat the forces of destruction and ignorance that are trying to bring us down.
We'll do that all year here at InfoWars.com.
I'm Mike Adams.
Thanks for watching.
Have a great year.
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Charles Dickens is probably best known for penning A Christmas Carol, one of the most popular Christmas stories of all time.
But he also wrote A Tale of Two Cities that begins with the famous passage
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
And that's really the way to describe where InfoWars is right now.
I've said this hundreds of times and it's been true when I said it 10 years ago and it's even more true today.
InfoWars is in your hands.
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And it's always been critical.
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I'm not going to read off the whole laundry list of things that have been done to us to try to shut us down.
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Ladies and gentlemen, if I tried to chronicle the huge stories, the game-changing information
That Infowars has put out, myself and the crew, over the years, it would take hours and hours just to list the couple hundred most amazing things we've done.
By the grace of God, and all the glory goes to God, we have done amazing things.
And just the last few weeks, we have confronted Hillary Clinton and made national headlines at point blank range, exposing her crimes.
And we have gone and covered massive Trump rallies in the armored vehicle and taken over the narratives there and exposed the deep state crimes.
Owen Schroer has marched in with a sea change event and confronted Nadler with the truth of his treason.
And that has spurred so many other people to go out now and confront Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton and all the other globalist candidates.
It's really amazing.
We are
The question is...
Do you know how important you are in that fight?
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