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Name: 20200101_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 1, 2020
72 lines.
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I'm holding in my hand a printout from the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta and the FDA.
And you know what it says?
The FDA has approved live Ebola virus to be injected into you via vaccines.
What would you do if you knew for a fact that live Ebola was inside of this dumpster?
You'd call the CDC.
You'd call the media.
You'd call the police.
You'd call the health department, wouldn't you?
But what would you do if the government and the UN was coming to inject you with live Ebola virus?
Well, you'd probably go into Stockholm Syndrome or Learned Helplessness and roll your sleeve up, kind of like the poor Jews that ran into those pits in World War II, and the Nazis would shoot them and more Jews would run in behind them because they didn't want to get shot.
But they got shot because they followed orders.
We're not following orders.
You see, ladies and gentlemen,
My grandmother, who just died a few years ago at 92, got polio in the mid-1950s when my mother was just a little girl.
And her doctor told her that she got it from the live polio vaccine that she was given.
She was given one strain, a few months later took another strain, and a week later got paralyzed.
They had to get her ready for an iron lung.
She almost died and she was crippled.
And on crutches until the day she died with incredible pain.
Now, it's a fact that a lot of people got polio for the polio vaccine.
That's in the history books.
It's a fact that thousands died of the swine flu vaccine in the 1970s.
But now they try to stay safe and effective.
No one's ever been hurt, even though there's a giant multi-billion dollar a year payout from a secret vaccine damage fund set up in the mid-1980s.
So here's the news.
Remember last year in 2019?
No one else was covering it but InfoWars.
Thousands of Africans being brought in from Ebola-stricken Congo who were flying to Mexico and then coming across the border and Soros groups were picking them up, delivering them to vans in San Antonio to be driven all over the United States.
No green card, no background, no medical checks, no nothing.
And now Ebola has popped up in the Caribbean.
It's reportedly popped up inside the U.S., but it's been kept on the down low, and the people have been taken to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.
But here's the rest of the news.
Now they want to inject you with a live Ebola virus, but don't worry, they have genetically modified it, and it can mutate, and it can spread, but they're just saying, be good little guinea pigs and trust them, ladies and gentlemen.
This is how you get the rise of other super viruses.
And all of us are being treated like guinea pigs.
And this isn't some science fiction movie.
It's not 28 Days Later.
It's not a zombie flick.
This is America and the world in 2020.
And they tested this and other vaccines out in Africa and they're having the biggest outbreaks they've ever had.
And the locals run from the vaccinators saying they believe they're getting it from the medical workers.
A lot of people in Africa are getting HIV, have never had sex, and it's been traced back to the vaccines as well.
So we know there's eugenics programs, just like putting syphilis in vaccines and giving it to black people here in the U.S.
with the Tuskegee experiment.
This is incredibly dangerous, and they are definitely gearing up for an Ebola false flag.
And if other vaccines a lot of times trigger outbreaks, will this trigger Ebola outbreaks in the United States?
Gardasil killed a bunch of people as well.
They're still pushing that.
So now, get ready for Ebola in your vaccine.
So roll up your sleeves and get ready to have a lot of fun.
Trust Big Pharma and take your Ebola shot.
It's no big deal.
Live Ebola is good for you.
This live experimental Ebola vaccine does not belong in your body.
It belongs in the garbage.
I would thank you for everything you've done for the Infowar, but I know you're like me.
You don't want my thanks.
You want victory over the globalists and these devil worship and child molesters, and you want them off your back and off your children's back.
And you know what?
I'm the same way, and that's why we're on the same damn team.
And it's why Infowars has been delivering time and time again when it's clutch time to
Focus the people on taking action against the globalist, because I'm committed to a future for humanity.
And I know you are as well.
So thank you in 2019 for standing with us because you are the info war.
And I want to thank you for committing to stand with us in 2020, however you can.
From the bottom of my heart, from my family and from the great crew at Info Wars, I want to thank you all because you are the info war.
And you know, that's not just words.
That's reality.
You have made history.
We have made history together.
Infowars.com only has power because of you.
And I suggest you use it.