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Air Date: Dec. 31, 2019
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In this podcast, Alex Jones discusses recent events in Iraq where pro-Iran terrorists attacked the U.S Embassy, and criticizes mainstream media for referring to them as "protesters". He emphasizes the importance of remaining vigilant against censorship and propaganda, and urges listeners to take action and spread awareness about issues like Julian Assange and Roger Stone pardons through social media and physical interactions at events. The podcast also features discussions on globalism, information control, social media manipulation, weather modification by the government, chemical testing dangers, and consciousness.


From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Two weeks ago, I was standing in one of the bays of a warehouse at the Infowars News Center in Austin, Texas, and I was watching the armored vehicle roll out
Into the sun and knowing that Owen Schroer and more of our crew are about to get on airplanes and fly to the East Coast to meet it and to engage the globalists at Point Blank Range.
And that trip was fabulously successful.
Imagine if we had
Cruz, 5 or 6 Cruz, everywhere Trump goes, everywhere the leftist Democrat candidates go, taking over the media events.
They can't help it.
All because of one little innovation, like an armored vehicle with mounted bullhorns, blasting out.
Taking control of narratives.
All because we simply took action.
That's you taking action that did that.
And it cannot be stressed enough what the listeners and viewers of this broadcast have done.
You have changed the world for the better.
All right, I've told you in the last few months that I'm going to really shake the broadcast up into 2020.
And we're going to be in the streets a lot more, obviously, in the next 307 days.
President Trump is surrounded by yes-men and liars and traitors.
And as Cicero warned 2,000 plus years ago, an enemy that comes to the gate openly attacking is easily defeated.
It's the traitor within that is the plague.
And we understand just how evil and just how corrupt and just how committed to evil
The globalists, their minions are, but a lot of people are still naive to that.
They're awake, they know they're being lied to, but they haven't really gotten their bearings yet.
People are ready to be fully awoken.
But we have to be there to do it, and that's why they've taken the incredibly bold, dangerous gamble, and implemented the technocracy, the Chinese social score system, early.
Against the West.
And it's blown up in their face across Europe, across the UK and here as well.
So yes, ladies and gentlemen, we're having some devastating victories together.
But the fight is joined.
So I am going to go to your phone calls at 20 after.
And I'm going to take phone calls throughout the broadcast, but I'm going to front load it with calls.
And then intersperse.
Different pieces of news at the start of each segment, then take calls, then cover news, then take calls, and I'm going to have a more disciplined broadcast.
Because 20 years ago, I was more disciplined, actually.
15 years ago, I was more disciplined.
And I've gotten very undisciplined, and it's good radio, and supporting things get covered, and we break a lot of new ground.
It's a game-changing transmission, the most hated broadcast in the world by evil.
That's really a fact.
But because of that responsibility, we must go to the next level.
Everyone can feel it.
Everyone can see it.
And it's just something that we've absolutely got to do, and we are going to do it.
We're going to rise to the occasion.
But I do intend to
Open the phones up.
We come back in the next segment and plunge into it.
Okay, let's just wait the 60 seconds of this break.
And then when I come back, I'll get into the terrorist storming the U.S.
Hard to believe, but here we are.
We've survived this far.
Into the twilight of the twilight.
The Gutturdammerung.
The Battle of the Gods.
The last waning hours, minutes, and seconds down to the milliseconds of the year 2019.
And all over the news, we're being told that it is the dawn of a new decade.
That's not true.
And I know you know that, but the fact that it was a debate
In 1999, the media couldn't wait to say that we ended the second thousand years since Christ's death and resurrection, as we mark it from Christ's birth.
And they were so excited about saying that we were into a new millennia.
Not just a new century, that they told everyone that the year 2000, the start of that was the end of the 20th century and the second millennia after Christ.
And the common calendar.
Just absolutely not true.
Like saying men can have babies.
They cannot.
Now with all these genetically engineered artificial wombs that are really just human wombs outside of a woman, can they rig something up and grow some shriveled poor human in there and roll it out and you'll stick that in a man and say, oh a man had a baby!
Yeah, they can pretty much already do that.
But that man didn't have a baby.
A genetic Frankenstein was created.
And a human soul was abused and tortured.
I'm mad scientist, hell-bent on playing God.
Most people do makeup and hair before they go on air.
I tend to forget about it and do it once I get on air.
No makeup.
I spend about five seconds combing my hair, which is evident.
Side issue if you're a radio listener, you're like, what the hell is this guy talking about?
If you're a TV viewer, you get it.
I'm like, fly away, hair sticking up.
Don't want that to become a distraction, do we?
So I might just in the New Year shave the head.
My wife doesn't want me to.
She says, oh no, your hair, I like it.
Leave it.
I don't know.
I think in 2020, this hair is going bye-bye.
Gotta give it up.
Gotta give it up.
Care less.
Can't wait to not mess with it.
I'm digressing.
Let me break down what's coming up today.
And we'll watch these developments as they unfold.
But I do want to shake things up.
Do things a little bit different, and so I want to go to your calls pretty much first.
On the embassy being overrun and attacked, and what's behind that, how dangerous that is, and the history of that, and the different players that are involved.
You're going to get a breakdown here.
Believe me, you're not going to get pretty much anywhere else, and it's going to be dead on.
Dead on.
Embassy attacking Baghdad.
Pro-Iran mob.
Death to American diplomats in safe room.
Trump, Tehran will pay.
That's DredgeReport.com's accurate headline.
And here are the headlines from CNN that tells us America was never great and will never be that great.
Protestors try to storm the U.S.
Embassy in Baghdad.
Well, they're not protestors, they're terrorists that reportedly have injured and killed people and are burning down buildings and trying to take hostages until they got shot with tear gas and bean bag projectiles and rubber bullets.
That's U.S.
soil by treaty, people assaulting, just like 1979, with the takeover of the U.S.
Embassy in Tehran.
We're going to be getting to that.
What's currently going on and the takeover of the U.S.
Embassy 1979 in Tehran, Iran.
Continuing, here's the Washington Post.
Protesters chant, death to America, break into U.S.
Embassy compound in Baghdad.
So I guess if I went down to a federal building and broke into it and beat people up and aimed guns at them and then burned something down, I'll just go, oh, I'm a protester.
Of course, I'd get shot dead and I should be.
Unless I was storming the building, you know, to save kidnapped kids or something.
People with battering rams, wearing Hezbollah outfits, Hezbollah flags.
And the U.S.
contractors, SOC is the group that has the contract, were ordered to stand down by the ambassador.
And why is that?
Oh, they're saying it's an Iranian trap to get us to shoot people so they can cause a civil war in Iraq.
Well, when you attack an embassy like that, the default is defendant.
Or you end up with a bunch of people who are hostages with Iran trying the same thing again like they did in 1979 in Tehran, Iran.
And all you do is you go to YouTube, there it is for your TV viewer, and we can show you what happened back in 1979 and 1980 and that whole
Crazy situation.
But it was a takeover by terrorists.
And they got a bunch of hostages.
And that's what they just tried to do again.
Here's another CNN headline.
Protesters attack US Embassy in Baghdad after airstrike.
The airstrikes were on Iranian forces engaged in military operations who are trying to take over Iraq, which isn't controlled by Iran.
They've been trying to take it over for a long time.
They had a seven-year war, eight-year war back in the 1980s.
So Iran is the aggressor in all of this.
Trump says Iran will be held fully responsible for attack on the U.S.
Embassy in Iraq.
Iraqis attack U.S.
Embassy in Baghdad soldiers.
Come under siege as Hezbollah supporters storm complex.
The Daily Mail got it right.
Militiamen breach U.S.
Embassy in Baghdad.
Trump blames Iran.
Blames Iran.
That's AP.
That's a more accurate headline, though, but they won't even back the president when the people say, we're with Hezbollah, we block Iran, and Iran is openly fomenting it.
Our media is so anti-American they won't even agree with the President that the sky is blue.
Violent protests erupt around U.S.
Embassy in Baghdad after U.S.
Is U.S.
Embassy attack in Baghdad part of an Iran trap?
A toll-free number to join us to discuss this and so much more is 877-789-2539.
And I do want to give first-time callers a chance in the first round to get on.
Then we'll take calls from everybody.
And any callers yesterday that were left on hold, we got your number.
We're able to call you back.
We'll get you lined up first, as I promised we would do.
I think I see some now popping up on the board.
So that is all coming up.
But obviously not just this issue.
Oh, it's a big one.
That's one way the deep state could try to derail Trump is another 1979-1980 hostage crisis with Iran.
Iran's trying to repeat that, obviously.
They're working with elements of the deep state, John Kerry, George Soros, Hillary Obama, to have shadow policy and to derail what Trump's been doing.
They've admitted that.
You talk about treason, that's it.
And there was just some footage for TV viewers of what happened back in 79.
Yeah, let's keep rolling that.
So they're trying this again.
And if Trump wants to stop it, he has to beef up security at these embassies, especially the big green zone that's heavily fortified.
And he has to give orders that if someone breaches it, you kill them.
And if someone is organizing and approaching saying they're going to breach it with a battering ram, you light them up.
But again, the head ambassador and others have evacuated, leaving others there to be hostages.
And this all needs to be investigated.
Who gave the order to let the terrorists breach the facility and set it on fire?
So our media could call them loving protesters, kind of like when al-Baghdadi got killed, they called him an austere religious leader, a man of goodness.
So it's all coming up.
The latest on the CHI comes.
It's huge news.
It's up on DrugsReport.com.
Your phone calls and so much more.
The total free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
877-789-2539 on this final
Live broadcast in the Infowars operation.
Owen's coming in today too, but final day of transmission.
It's good to have Owen Schroer back.
He took a well-deserved week off in St.
Louis and just the great job he did in front of Congress, pulling that off perfectly and all the rest of the great work he's doing.
Our other reporters, you know, I'm a fan of our crew.
I've met like Michael Jordan and all these other top Hollywood people and
They're interesting, and they've definitely got something about them, but... I see, like, Owen Schroer walking down the hall, and I go, wow, that's Owen Schroer.
That's somebody fighting for my future, my children's future.
That's a guy that has a will not to care what the globals do to him, or be deplatformed, or be lied about, or be demonized, and he just gets stronger in the face of it!
That's the spirit!
Because, to quote Roy Batty from Blade Runner, you better give it.
You better give it up, or I'm gonna have to kill you.
Look at that!
Better get it up or I'm gonna have to kill you.
That's a good quote.
A lot of other good quotes from that movie.
But let me get back to what I was saying.
We're taking your calls right now.
And then, end of the hour, I'm gonna start the second I come in live, the second I come in, like a horse out of the gates,
And I'm going to cover what's really going on from the fluid situation and the different factions in our government and in the Iranian government and in the Middle East and how dangerous this attack on the embassy is and what it signifies in the new year on how the globalists are going to try to test and then derail Trump because they're billing it as his new Benghazi.
Or his new Bay of Pigs.
But really, what it is, is a rerun of 1979 by the Deep State to embarrass Jimmy Carter.
So that is all coming up today.
I also shot a special report right before I went live on that.
That'll be posted on InfoWars.com.
It has a lot of documentation.
I did it in four clean minutes.
So that'll be on InfoWars.com soon.
Also, wow, I had one of the reporters walk up and say, hey, what do you want to call the article we put out every day with a headline about the live feed of the show and what the main topic is, what the top story is?
And it really is the Chai Com takeover of the planet.
And I'm not for abortion, but I am for metaphysical abortion of horrible monstrosities like baby Grendel rolling out from between his serpent mother's legs.
So I would like to kill Grendel in utero.
And Trump got in, and patriots are getting elected all over the world in about the eighth month.
And so Grendel's mommy has gone ahead and decided to push Grendel out.
And Grendel is getting up on his hind legs right now.
We really need Beowulf to rip his arm out by the socket and strangle him.
Like, right now.
We need Beowulf right now to do a number on Grendel.
And then do a number on
Grendel's mommy, who is the globalist, that have created this monstrosity.
So, here are those headlines that I'm gonna hit at the middle, and I'm gonna do this, of the second hour.
And I'm gonna do it!
Chinese state media, gun ownership out of control in the U.S., calls for our guns to be taken.
That's Breitbart.
Here's the big story, Michael Snyder from End of the American Dream blog.
It's posted up on DrudgeReport.com.
The takeover!
China is building enormous self-sustaining Chinese cities all over the African continent.
We'll explain why that's so important.
Because you're hearing that globalism is dead in 2020.
Not so fast.
It's damaged, it's exposed, but it was always meant to metastasize
Into the takeover.
So if you want to know about that, I'm going to lay it out at the bottom of the next hour.
And the economics sabotage the globalists are engaged in to make sure that we never are able to stop it.
But if you're aware of this operation, it's very easy to be.
But you've got to admit how horrible it is to beat it.
And most people go, hey, let's be in a stage of denial here.
And let's just convince ourselves everything's really going to be okay and it's not that bad.
That's not being optimistic.
That's not being realistic.
Facing just how bad it is is what allows you to deal with it and defeat it.
Hiding bad news is not a good thing to do.
Let's get out ahead of it because we can fix it.
But you've got to admit to yourself the full magnitude.
So that's coming up.
And the handover of the internet to the Chi-Coms and all of it.
How do we kill Grendel and save the Chinese people who are the main blood source of this thing?
But it's got to be done really, really fast.
Can't wait much longer to cut it off.
And it's that debate within globalism that's allowed us to drive a wedge into their own system and defeat them.
So it's a big deal.
We're going to cover that.
And the history of government protecting mass shooters and then hyping up mass shootings and the admissions that it's causing mass shootings, the way the media hypes it, and what's coming in 2020 in my view as well.
But your calls, though, throughout the broadcast, and it's probably been a couple of years since I've gone to calls by this segment, but I'm doing it right now.
Jeff in Canada.
Jeff in Canada is our first caller.
Thank you, sir, for joining us.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
Two things.
I think the first thing and most important thing is a personal relationship with Jesus.
Second thing, the free speech issue is the hinge for every other issue.
And you were talking a couple shows ago about how do we wake up Trump to the fact that he's the one that has to make this initiative.
We can talk about it all day, but the frog is boiling, right?
Or it was about to boil.
Here's what I was thinking.
What would it look like if Trump would look out into one of his rallies and he saw hundreds or thousands of people with duct tape on their mouth with, I was censored for looking at Infowars.
I was censored for talking about vaccines.
I was censored for whatever.
And what I'm seeing, and I'll submit this to you, I'm not, just an idea.
What about the armored vehicle showing up at a Trump rally early
When the big lines are out and go out and hand out duct tape and talk to people about the essential fact that free speech is going and do a silent protest at a Trump rally with people putting duct tape over their mouth.
Jeff, how would you like to fly to Austin?
And get hired as a contractor for the next 300 days to run that operation.
Because that, that, that's, we actually talked about that a few weeks ago.
How to go mobilize the fans, the patriots, to not take over a Trump rally, but to go in with a strong message.
And we actually debated, like, handing out t-shirts that said something like that, but the duct tape over the mouth's even better.
Stay right there.
That's why 2020 is the year of awakening.
Ladies and gentlemen,
2020 is going to be a spectacular year.
It's basically already here.
307 days out.
We're live.
Talking about these incredible trends and how do we become part of the solution, not just cannon fodder to be overrun by other men and women.
I think?
Are going to become what can only be described as rabid.
Who knew that Cronenberg's film would become a documentary in 2020?
Therapists in the U.S.
say they are seeing increasing
Chronal Trump Anxiety Disorder.
Trump Anxiety Disorder.
Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Trump Derangement Syndrome is clinically real.
It doesn't merely affect individuals, but entire political parties, rendering them unrecognizable.
One minute, they're perfectly normal.
The next, rapid.
The veneer of civilization is evaporating quickly.
Families and culture are collapsing.
And godless leftists are behaving just like zombies of modern war.
Get the f*** out of here!
Get the f*** out of here!
Your best friend.
Get that camera out of my face!
The neighbor next door.
Psychologist Dr. Stuart Bassman says for his clients it started the morning after the election.
Doctors are seeing patients suffering from Trump anxiety disorder.
A number of people are manifesting what I would call post-traumatic stress disorder.
An overpowering fear that President Trump represents the end of the world.
It doesn't happen to you.
Lancelot's a dead!
White nails.
I would thank you for everything you've done for the Infowar, but I know you're like me.
You don't want my thanks.
You want victory over the Globalists and these devil worshipping child molesters, and you want them off your back and off your children's back.
And you know what?
I'm the same way, and that's why we're on the same damn team.
And it's why Infowars has been delivering time and time again, when it's clutch time, to focus the people on taking action against the Globalists.
Because I'm committed to a future
And I know you are as well.
So thank you in 2019 for standing with us because you are the Infowar.
And I want to thank you for committing to stand with us in 2020 however you can.
From the bottom of my heart, from my family, and from the great crew at Infowars, I want to thank you all because you are the Infowar.
And you know that's not just words.
That's reality.
You have made history.
We have made history together.
InfoWars.com only has power because of you.
And I suggest you use it.
Now, if you go up to InfoWars.com, you can see Rabid 2020 trailer.
Share this link across all platforms to get the word out about Trump derangement syndrome.
The new Darren McBreen piece.
Who knew David Cronenberg's Rabid would turn into a real-life documentary?
It starts with TDS and ends with radical, rabid, liberal.
Rabid, radical, liberalism, RRL.
Be sure and check out that video at Bandod Video and of course Infowars.com and share it.
That's the whole point in the information war.
The globalists spend all their time trying to silence you and then have you accept that disempowerment.
Instead of going, wait a minute, they're trying to silence me.
I'll just fight back in the third dimension.
I'll go to leftist rallies, I'll go to Trump rallies, I'll go to sporting events, I'll go to church, I'll go everywhere, and I'll have my voice heard for the Second American Revolution worldwide, ladies and gentlemen.
Derek McBrain's amazing work.
Again, it's at band.video.
Click the little link on the left-hand side, and you'll see all our great contributors.
You'll see Derek McBrain right there, and Sharon, it just went up.
Only way it gets out is you.
Okay, I said I'm taking a lot of calls today, and I am.
Now, Jeff in Canada is a very polite, very humble man.
And then, by the grace of God, it's providence, we had had a very similar idea a month ago, and then again a few weeks ago in meetings.
We're having another one of these meetings today.
And it's like juggling things.
I'm not complaining.
It's just trying to get the money and to fund things, trying to hire people.
Trying to train them, trying to deploy people, trying to get out around the country, and then looking at Trump not acting against the censorship and the racketeering and the election meddling that Professor Robert Epstein has exposed.
His 20-something-year-old wife just died the other day, very mysteriously, I should add.
That they're already fixing the 2018 election and now this one with 307 days out.
And so Trump needs to do something.
Well, how do we go to the Trump events and not disrupt them where the media can spin what we say or take it out of context, but have it where it's so powerful and so illustrative that there's no way it can be ignored.
And it's what the caller just said.
We're going back to him.
I'm going to, as soon as I get off the air, have meetings about our reporters in the streets, around the country, a big map on the wall, the dates listed, who we've got, what we can do.
The fact that I'm trying to get other talk show hosts, other people I know, men, to go with their own mic flag, but we'll pay for it and just report all these things.
And most of the men I call are scared.
I'm not going to name names, but they're scared.
To actually go cover these events.
People think it's a virtue to hide.
They think it's a virtue to, oh, the safest thing to do is just report on it from a bunker.
Well, if men were like that back in 1776, we'd still be under the British Empire right now.
All men aren't like that.
It's just finding out who people are, organizing them.
We don't get to do an eight-week boot camp here and keep people up for three days and find out who they really are.
You know, that's why the military does that.
You gotta do that to really find out who somebody is.
But I'm trying as hard as I can, and I just thank God for Owen Schreier and the rest of his crew we've got.
But yes, we need to come up with a bumper sticker that covers the average size mouth.
I guess that's about...
Four inches long, four and a half inches long, about two inches high, that has what looks like duct tape image, because if you try to actually cut it off the duct tape, that sticks too hard and will become an issue.
But you know, you need bumper stickers mass-produced that look like duct tape, have the duct tape pattern, that have messages on them, like Infowars.com, or Stop Censorship, or Silenced.
Or stop forced vaccinations.
We're gonna have a bunch of these.
We'll come up with like 10 different messages.
And then I'm gonna have my crew at a lot of the big Trump events.
We'd be at all of them.
We have the money and the people.
And at Democrat events.
And you know what?
Volunteers can call here.
I'll answer the damn phones.
And if you say, I want 500 stickers and you pledge to go hand those out at Trump rallies or wherever,
We're just expending all the money we've got.
I'm spending everything I've got extra.
Just boom!
With enjoyment, by the way.
To really, really take action and get this out.
So I'm going to come back to you, Jeff, and then I'll get to the calls and I'll get to the news.
But your call is so huge.
This is the answer here, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the answer.
Is everyone with the silence at the Trump event and probably half the Trump supporters are M4 warriors.
If you'll just wear these part of the time inside, it'll take the events over and force this issue.
This is so critical and it's about us exercising our power.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center, in the heart of the resistance.
You know, I said at the start of the show, the millisecond I go live at the last segment of this hour, I'm gonna get into how huge this Iran takeover, the embassy attempted takeover is, the media calling it protesters.
It's so critical, and it is!
And I'm gonna give all the angles of it and take your calls.
Well, I'm gonna have to get to that in a couple minutes because I know that when I go to a caller like Jeff and he said what he said, I knew the second he said it, it was destiny.
I knew the second he said it, that I've been given my orders.
Because you see, here's the secret.
This is the Central Texas Command Center.
And as Texas goes, the nation goes, and the globalists
It's in the Financial Times of London.
It's in Der Spiegel.
They're like, don't worry.
The Communist Chinese are like, don't worry.
We've cut the resources off to the Midwest.
And the only state still standing that could prop up the U.S.
is Texas.
And soon we'll be in political control of that.
I have articles where the Chinese government is bragging about getting our guns and taking down the mythical Texans.
And it is kind of funny that Texas is the main resistance right now to the globalists.
I mean, there's resistance everywhere, but they are literally bragging how they've hurt the Midwest, how they've hurt the Southwest, and how the coastal cities are a bunch of brainwashed zombies.
It's very, very scary.
Very, very sad.
And they're bragging that when they get Texas and Beto and that whole hype, he was like a gas giant.
He got real big and then imploded.
That star power of the hype of O'Rourke turned most of the judgeships in Texas blue.
I mean, he almost beat Ted Cruz.
California used to be redder than Texas.
And so we have to go with the messages that we think are most important.
Because when you go to a Trump rally, the president's there, the media's there.
And you need to wear the sticker on your mouth.
We'll come out with 10 of them.
I'll, I mean, I'll have them done in a couple weeks.
I'll have them rushed delivered.
And we'll have it where it says censorship, stop censorship.
You know, every order at infowarestore.com has a whole bunch of bumper stickers on it.
Let's say Alex Jones lives in full wars.com.
Defend your country in full wars.com.
I am 1776.
Honk of Epstein didn't kill himself in full wars.com.
These little mini stickers people love.
You can stick up all over.
You've got sticker packs at toss it in full war store.com to get them out.
But you know what?
That's all important, but we're going to print stickers.
That you can just stick on your mouth when you see the media, or stick on the mouth when you go into the Trump rally.
Take them off when you want to yell and cheer.
Have a couple of them.
And then, people will understand why suddenly you hear, STOP THE CENSORSHIP!
We're not going and yelling, Bill Clinton's a rapist.
That totally derailed them with their fake claim that Trump was a rapist.
Hundreds of you did that.
It changed the whole narrative.
It's one of the reasons Trump got in.
You game changed.
Well, this time, we'll have our people there.
I'll hire extra folks to go up and down the lines.
And you'll see the armored vehicle at these events.
Go to it.
We're going to put a number out today.
Don't put a hotline on me.
Like a thousand calls.
I have to go through all the other calls.
But send us an email at showtipsatinfowars.com.
Say, I pledge to hand out a hundred stickers.
I pledge to hand out a thousand stickers.
And we'll just pay whatever it takes.
You know what?
I just believe you.
Whoever goes to ShowTipsAndInfoWars.com and asks for stickers, give us your address.
We'll call through those.
We'll send you those.
I'm not gonna wait.
I'll man the damn thing myself.
I'll box it up.
I'll do it.
Because I'm not gonna let destiny go past us and we need to go take over those Trump events.
And then when Trump pauses...
Save Infowars.com!
Because that's a rallying cry and a symbol the media hates.
They've tried to silence it.
It'll inject that in and will cause a whole nother debate about all of that.
And there's other things we can do.
We talked about this last week on air and this week on Sunday.
I said I don't really want to go take over Trump events and have the media spin it.
And now people don't understand what we're doing, because I'm not against Trump, but I'm saying, pardon Assange, pardon Roger Stone, those are going to be stickers.
And he can get Assange out.
Assange is dying, that's in the news today.
Years and years and years of solitary confinement.
Trump told him, I don't care who released it, a fat naked guy in his mother's basement, or the Russians, it doesn't matter, it's her emails, it's her crimes, release them.
I totally agree with that.
Well, now you're not helping Assange.
We're going to have a whole bunch of these.
Hell, we're going to have 20 messages.
In fact, send your ideas to ShowTipsAndInfoWars.com of what you think ought to be on the stickers.
You know I think there's a
A truth that you guys are the tip of the spear.
You guys are the best.
I mean, that's just the way it is.
Sir, hold on a second.
You just gave the order to the Central Texas Command Center.
You are this information hub.
You had the idea.
Most of the time it's you.
I was driving around in 2015 and saw a homemade sign in a yard that said Hillary for prison.
2016, and I went with that idea, and it was a third of the shirts at the RNC.
So that was, again, you understand that the orders come from you.
That's why Trump always wanted to hear what his supporters, and always getting notes, and demanding the Secret Service get all the stuff they give them, and he puts it in a box on the plane and reads it.
He knows where the power comes from.
The ethos is you!
The soil!
It comes from you!
It comes from us!
Does it come from Hollywood and all the trash and all the, you know, globalist, richy-rich women and their fur coats and their plastic surgery?
It comes from the people!
So again, you're giving the orders here, Jeff.
Go ahead.
Well, praise God for us.
Say it, Jeff.
Say, I am the tip of the spear.
Jeff and Canada is the tip of the spear and you're gonna see your idea manifest on the street and how big it is is up to the rest of these people that are the tip of the spear.
I don't sit here and tell you all day that it's you to kiss your ass and make you feel important.
You are everything!
I'm getting on my knees right now in front of Jeff.
Give me a microphone.
I'm serious.
I love my kids, and I love God, and I hate the devil.
And I'll do anything to stop these people.
So I'm on my knees to the listeners.
I'm on my knees to the viewers.
I am on my knees asking you to take action!
I am on my knees to you!
You have the answers.
You have the will.
You have the strength.
You have everything!
I don't want to sit here and watch us overrun by these zombies and their controllers.
You heard Jeff say, oh, you are the tip of the spear.
No, Jeff.
You're the tip of the spear.
It's like in V for Vendetta.
Gotta find that scene when he's talking to the inspector.
V meets with the inspector.
I'm sure that's the name of it.
He says to him, well, if you knew all this for 20 years, why didn't you do something?
And he says, I was waiting for you, inspector.
I was waiting for you!
Sorry, Jeff, go ahead.
I love you to death, Jeff.
What else should we do, Jeff?
Well, Alex, I think by saying that that InfoWars is the tip of the spear and it's all the people, it's all the patriots, all the people of like mind and heart.
You know, I think it's going to be the first domino like yellow vests spread around the world.
And if this is done properly with the InfoWars being the booster rocket to take it into the stratosphere, I think you're going to see the centered people around the world picking this up.
With homemade duct tape and it's going to be a message that is going to speak a thousand words every time somebody sees it, retweets it, sends it out, and it's going to push the narrative into the public sphere.
Perfectly said, perfectly executed.
We are the booster rocket.
I've always felt that and known that, that my work is to trigger, and is to trigger the waves that will defeat the globalists.
And we've already done it.
We've done it together.
We've already hit the zeitgeist over and over again because we are literally given the mandate, not of the tricoms, but of God Almighty.
We have the providence, the whole world knows it, and they can't stand it.
And all of our ancestors are applying all the power and force we need.
Steve Voss.
Been on the air a long time.
We're going right back to your phone calls, but let's just listen to part of this.
Thank God for the renegades.
For you.
Far ahead of their time.
Without the renegades.
Lord knows where we'd be when it comes to heroes, renegades of mine.
They railed against the crown, another ragtag band, declaring independence.
They laid their bodies down on a bloody war.
Feel the strength of all their blood?
It's physically
And spiritually in you now.
The commitment.
The sacrifice.
The focus.
The spirit.
And the enemy fears that spirit above all.
Because that spirit is life.
The part of life is being willing to die for it.
Because from the sacrifice comes the strongest soil.
And they try to make us forget that birthright.
They try to make us forget what's in that soil.
We must take from the soil what God has given us through our ancestors.
We must take it in our hands and feel the light in our soul.
When it comes to heroes, renegades are mine.
And without the renegades, where would we be today?
Ask yourself that question.
And then ask yourself, who are the renegades in the world today?
You are those renegades.
Where are the renegades?
Who are the renegades in the world today?
Thank God!
And the lives they lead!
Far ahead of their time!
Those that came before us could envision the future.
They envisioned it.
They built it.
We won't even live to see the things our sacrifices bring.
But know this.
The enemy has not even begun to force us to tap the resources of our ancestors that God gave us and the strength that they paid forward.
A spiritual dimensional well, like a giant underground aquifer of pure energy waiting for us to access it.
And the enemies of God do not have that birthright.
They cannot access their ancestors.
They can access nothing but destruction.
And they believe their God will finally make them pure when all they do is produce death and sickness and ugliness.
They are cursed from the foundations of the earth to serving their master.
They are of their father, the devil!
And nothing can save them because they have chosen to follow their father.
No more preaching.
When I go to break, I'm gonna take 30 minutes of calls non-stop, then I'm gonna cover the Iran, and then I'm gonna cover the Chai Com Takeover.
It's all important, but you can feel the energy going into 2020.
You can feel God's wrath being poured out onto the planet, and the fear that anyone fears should not be the devil.
The fear should not be aligning yourself with God.
We'll be back on the other side.
Stay with us.
Lighting fires in the minds of men and women everywhere.
Lighting the fires that have already engulfed the globalists on every continent.
The life force is now being initiated.
The resistance to the enemy has now begun.
There's nothing they can do except prolong their destruction.
Light of fire!
We have lit the fire, and people came from all over the world to find what lit that fire!
And some have come to steal the fire, and to hide the fire.
We have come to release the fire.
The Promethean fire.
The fire given to us by our creator.
The fire that we must use against the enemy or be destroyed and our children enslaved.
They planted their satanic flag on our children and told us openly they're gonna have their way with them.
They have only summoned their destruction, and they know it.
They are prepared for hell and the abyss!
They will pay.
But God will direct it.
And all these great men that serve evil will be torn down.
And we'll beg for redemption in the end, but it will fall on deaf ears.
We're going to go to your phone calls.
I'm going to cut back now on the ranting I said, but I haven't done that quite yet here on this final transmission of 2019.
Let's go right now to a liberal in New York that disagrees.
Libro, you're on the air.
Hey, Afton and Alex.
This is Libro from New York.
There was once upon a time Alex, when you were totally anti-war.
I listened to you for years and years and years.
But in the past two occurrences, the one where the U.S.
boat was attacked in the streets of Hormuz, and now this embassy attack, you have taken a default position, which is one of striking Iran.
Now I think this makes absolutely no sense.
This is in alignment with what the globalists want.
Two, in addition to all of this,
You keep pushing or positing the fact that Trump is an anti-war president.
He just re-signed the National Defense Authorization Act, in addition to the Patriot Act.
This guy is nothing but a war president.
When will you come to grips, tell your audience this, and have them really push him to really accelerate the removal of troops from these foreign countries?
When, Alex?
Well, rarely does somebody call in the disagrees that actually raise a serious point, and this is a serious point.
People say, why do you have an armored vehicle?
That's police state.
No, police state is not having due process and a surveillance state that's been used against Trump and all the rest of it.
An armored vehicle is a tool of defense and it's also grabs all the attention and it's something different so that we can get our message out when they've been trying to shut us down and silence us and the left has mobs that attack people.
It's defensive.
So a shield is not a weapon of war.
It is a weapon of defense.
Now, let's go to your point about Trump.
He's legitimately cutting the troops back in Afghanistan.
He's legitimately pulling almost all the troops out and bucking the Pentagon and others in what's happening in Syria.
He's trying to end the Arab Spring launched by the Deep State to destabilize the Middle East, North Africa, and that whole project launched by Kerry, Obama, and Hillary to kill Qaddafi and all those serious war crimes and Benghazi and the rest of it.
...on its own, is expansionist with its form of Islam, Shiite as you know, and you've got Saudi Arabia that's been expansionist, and Trump has gone in and said, any more funny stuff from Saudi Arabia, we're going to remove you.
And the House of Saud has saluted, and from what I've seen, backed off their Al-Qaeda and ISIS operations, and the Al-Qaeda-ISIS arm has been arrested.
Now we'll see how long that stays.
Trump has a stabilization program, not the globalist program of destabilization program, or the strategy of tension and all the rest of it.
Now we'll see how that goes, but the strategy of patience with North Korea, the strategy of patience with radical Islam expanding, that's over.
Because the globalists are allied with it to put the worst forms of Islam in, to destroy borders with Europe, to flood Europe.
Trump's going to make deals with Turkey to stop the flooding.
I mean, he's really doing a stabilization program that's very pragmatic and what I would be doing from my own research of geopolitical systems, which obviously aren't perfect.
Nothing is.
The world is fluid.
We're all people.
And so, when an embassy gets attacked, that's not for war.
When you have an agreement, you pay for it.
It's your base.
And then it gets attacked by a bunch of militia trying to kill people and burning things down.
To put up with that will allow U.S.
hostages to be taken.
And then Trump will look weak and it'll be used by him and the deep state.
That's why Tehran made a move.
The deep state is telling Iran not to work with Trump, that he'll be gone soon.
They've been giving him inside intel on how to block Trump, how to get Trump into an escalation and a trap.
Trump's done a great job not taking the bait and I don't want war with Iran.
I said, when Iran is in Iraq trying to take over, trying to cause another civil war, we need to try to stop it.
Or Trump needs to have a televised address to the nation and say, we're totally pulling out, and let everybody kill each other over there.
But he's going for the middle road of just stabilizing, you know, with limited casualties, and then trying to pull us out as much as we can to face the real issue of the chi-coms.
Okay, and Alex, I understand all of that.
But my question is,
And I'm looking at this from the perspective of September 11th.
September 11th took place.
George Bush and they illegally invaded Iraq.
Invaded Afghanistan.
They haven't pulled the troops out.
You see a continuation.
And what happens... You see the Pentagon releasing documents admitting the whole thing was a fraud.
That's Trump.
Go ahead.
So hold on.
An empire in decline.
What happens with their military?
They are usually shipped overseas fighting unending wars.
Totally broken.
They leave the homeland unattended.
And this is what we are seeing here.
The United States is being used as a muscle of the globalists.
I agree.
The army is being destroyed and Trump has not started pulling the troops.
Instead, what has he done?
He has signed the National Defense Authorization Act.
Stay there.
Let's come back.
You're making great points.
Wow, a person that disagrees who's smart.
Actually, we agree.
I think he's
Oversimplifying what I've said, but let's talk about this with Liberal, and then we're going to go to Luke and everybody else that's patiently holding on this final live transmission of the Alex Jones Show 2019.
Owen Schroer is coming up after we're done today with The War Room.
Oh, his co-hosts are putting him in prison.
You know, I read Zbigniew Brzezinski's Grand Chess Board back when he came out with it, I think in 1998.
And I've read more CFR white papers than
I'd like to admit, and boy it's time I'll never get back.
It's all just a bunch of decline of the West, give China the whole world, lay out a red carpet, pay for it all.
Every deal one-sided, no taxes for the CHICOMs, everything for Europeans in the U.S.
No coal for us, everything for China.
You don't just think China got 98% of rare earth mineral control in the last 30 years by accident.
Western governments don't let their companies or people extract minerals.
The last lead smelting plant in the U.S.
closed five years ago.
They have thousands in China.
It has nothing to do with toxin.
It has to do with not being able to operate.
China as a national policy has no controls.
Their river is set on fire.
They dump almost all the trash in the ocean.
But we're told that we can't have plastic in America because it's our fault it's in the ocean when the Chai Koms dump theirs in the ocean.
Most of ours gets recycled.
It's all hoaxes!
But if we can't have plastic and we're a world exporter, leading exporter of it, we will be hamstrung.
It's all military attacks!
So I'm against the globalists launching all these wars.
Trump is pragmatically trying to get us out of them.
What he's doing to the military-industrial complex is, let's have innovation.
Let's have Space Force that's already there.
Let's advance these technologies.
Let's roll out the hidden stuff.
Let's have total dominance where nobody can even challenge us.
But let's not have our troops being fed into meat grinders.
Trump's been very clear about where he stands and how is the deep state
Gotta say no to that when they're making record money.
Well, they still are.
Goldman Sachs has made the biggest amount of money it's ever made.
It's openly trying to stop Trump and giving all its money to the Democrats, nothing to Trump.
They really hate him.
Because he isn't part of their club.
And he's pragmatically making the decisions, and they cannot stand it.
Because normally these big boards get together, they make decisions, then those boards go to other boards, they make decisions, they tweak it, they create consensus, and the consensus is, move everything to China, use that as economic warfare, so that it's the new global dominant empire, and the UN adopts its system of internet censorship and social control.
And it's all official now.
It's about over $500 billion worth of rarest minerals alone in the last 20 years out of Afghanistan.
They pay nothing militarily for security.
We pay for their security.
And then we don't get the minerals.
It's like we don't get the oil out of Iraq.
China and Japan get that.
Those are all globalist deals.
And Trump says, screw your deals.
And I don't want that oil.
I don't want to make them give us the rarest minerals.
I want them to beg us to come in and provide security and then our companies get it.
Because everything's taxpayer subsidized at the end.
We're just, with crony capitalism, we're just propping up the communist dictatorship of China and letting them break all the rules and then we get de-industrialization and then they ship enough fentanyl to kill the whole planet here every year.
Because our so-called elites hate our existence because we're Christian.
We're not a Christian nation anymore, but it could spring up again.
They want that beaten.
And that's why all this is happening.
So I said I'd take calls and send you all these reports, but the caller brings up a really big point.
So go ahead and finish your point, liberal in New York.
So Alex, I woke up this morning thinking about what the war on terror has created throughout the world and how it has impacted the United States specifically.
So, on one hand, when you speak about Europe and the invasion of all these people from the Middle East into Europe, that was caused by the war, and an exodus.
Yeah, that was the admitted plan.
That was the admitted plan.
But in addition to that, you speak, you say, you talk about the culture of the United States.
That has drastically changed since 9-11.
We no longer have our civil liberties,
And this is what I'm speaking about with regards to Trump.
Why is it that he's renewing the Patriot Act?
If we are supposedly going back to being great again, where we revere the Constitution and our freedoms of speech and things of that nature, why is it that he's re-enacting these bills?
Can you explain that to me?
I totally agree.
I totally agree with you.
Let me finish this piece of chicken that I'm letting you talk, which I've learned to make myself be quiet.
I'll actually eat while you talk so I won't interrupt.
Finish your point and I'll answer that.
Well, that's just it.
When it comes to wars, there's so many different expedients when you have a war.
And one of it is to mainly change the culture, not of the place that you have invaded, but the place that's doing the invasion.
So people in North America or in the United States, they believed that they had this constitution.
They were walled around by this constitution.
But that has been eroded because of... Sir, you know what?
Listen, you've done your research.
It's declassified that the left and the big foundations through the CIA launched Vietnam on purpose, lost it on purpose to create the fake counterculture movement.
That's now the authoritarians running the country.
The CIA put the LSD out, all the drugs.
And now you see the aftermath of that, our demoralized nation, later.
So I agree with you, Em.
Here's Trump, who they use the Patriot Act.
And the Defense Authorization Act on as a candidate, and then as president, and then here he is reauthorizing it.
That is an absolutely very fair point, and you see the FISA court now saying they may not even work with the FBI anymore, but we're seeing the total surveillance, and now it's out of the closet, it's out in the open, it's the elephant in the room, and the big question is what are we going to do about it?
Very well said.
So let me, in closing, what does Trump need to do?
What do we need to do?
Because you're the boss.
You're the boss.
You're the boss, liberal.
And you're not really a liberal.
I wouldn't call you that, but that's a smart name to have us go to you.
You've done your research.
What does Trump need to do in 30 seconds?
What do we need to do?
Well, as you said, create this fireside chat or whatever, explain to the country that these illegal wars that we're in, we are pulling these troops out now.
You have given them cover with respect to the actions of his subordinates, not listening to him.
If that is the case, Alex, you fire all of them.
You pull the troops out.
You reassign or reallocate the monies that you've assigned to go overseas to rebuild infrastructure in the United States, create job programs.
This is what people need.
I totally agree.
I totally agree with you.
And look, he said take Brennan's security clearance.
They didn't do it.
He said leave Afghanistan.
They didn't do it.
I mean, the truth is he's surrounded.
And I'm not saying that it's not his fault, but how does he stop it?
What does he do when he's surrounded?
So Alex, here's what.
When Obama was in power and everything illegal that was done under him was assigned to him, it's the same with Trump.
It's the same respect.
Everything done illegally under him will be a sanctum.
He has to take the reins now, Alex.
Not in 2020 after the election.
No, no, I agree with you.
Gut level, you think Trump's for real?
Gut level?
No, Alex.
I think that he's just a part of the tyranny still going on.
If I'm seeing from administration
Hey, Liberal, great points, great points.
In fact, get his number and info.
I'd like to have him be part of the new show we're going to be doing.
More calls straight ahead, I promise.
We'll get to all the news.
I said I would, but I'm going to your calls.
I'm going to your calls.
They're powerful, powerful listeners.
Two competing transmissions.
Two different messages now scientifically proven to be transmitting.
It's not just transmissions that guide the ducks and the butterflies and the hummingbirds from Canada down to South America.
It's not just magnetic.
Because the spectrum is so much bigger.
But there's free will in the universe.
And you either belong to Satan or you belong to God.
When Satan will trick you and lie to you, God will just be straight up front and shoot you straight.
But I get it.
A lot of people are scared of God.
I'm scared.
It's pretty awesome when you know God can see everything.
Looks right through your cells, right down to the tiny atoms.
It's not like that with the devil, is it?
Because the devil is not omnipresent.
The devil's old.
The devil was created, given free will, and rebelled.
But not the same species, not the same as us, not as powerful as us.
But an 80-year-old man might not be able to get out of bed, but he's stronger than an embryo who doesn't even know who it is yet.
And that's all this is.
As above, so below.
You've got the globalists who keep the secrets that they've learned from the people and use the public's ignorance against them, and then call themselves gods.
You really think Ray Kurzweil says, oh, I'll just step on the public like a bug once I'm an AI god?
That's not like an AI god to you, like a god?
Like, oh, I'll step on everybody once I'm a god.
Sounds like a crazy control freak idiot.
Who's a loser?
Does somebody like that ever experience real power?
Or even be able to envision real power, they would be humbled in the presence of the real power, God.
But instead, he doesn't believe in God, he says, he will be a God!
But only once
We've overwritten the planet and merged with a plan he has.
It's a plan.
He thinks he came up with it.
He needs to kill everybody.
And once we've killed everybody and gotten rid of the scourge of humans, why, he'll be a god.
He just had this idea himself.
He doesn't know where it came from.
You really believe that?
All these people are going, oh, I'm an environmentalist.
Humans are bad.
We've got to replace them as soon as possible.
NBC News, Wired Magazine, AP, Reuters, New York Times.
Your schoolchildren are being taught this.
As they make this world ugly and then offer you some new world that's going to be better.
But of course, you know, it's not.
Everything they give us only makes us stupider, more alone, more ugly, more depressed.
Well, then why does anybody go with this plan?
Because they're never shown the alternative.
And that's what the artificial cities and the smart systems and the Times Square matrices are for, is to keep you within their projection.
When Times Square projects up forest, it's not real forest, it's the image of the forest.
Doesn't have the wavelength, the spirit of the forest.
Doesn't have the energy of the forest.
Resonating with the space-time continuum.
A huge pipe organ, which God plays.
Doesn't know anything about the symphony.
We're going to your phone calls.
I am doing a good job taking the calls.
I think these are excellent callers.
But I can't do 10-15 minutes with these callers no matter how good you are.
These have been incredible callers.
I'm sure you're just as good, but we've got to only give people a minute or two.
We'll never get to everybody.
And I'm doing all four hours today.
Mike Adams is on tomorrow.
He's got huge news.
But I do want to just have this afterthought because I tend to get busy and then not focus on it.
If you'll simply buy the products at InfoWareStore.com, we will then have the symbols of energy, the money.
To have the reporters and have the crew and come up with the information and to come up with the resistance that's proven we've got lightning in a bottle.
You've got lightning in a bottle.
The callers calling in, the intel, the ideas, the interfacing.
We're not getting it from CFR, globalists, central party committee boardrooms.
We're getting it from you.
That's real power.
Humans interfacing.
Two together on earth making it so God makes it so in heaven.
This is the real magic right here.
What we built, what you built.
So I'm going to tell you, don't do yourself a favor.
Do yourself an essential.
Commit to spend a portion of the money you're going to spend at these big box stores with InfoWars.
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I am obsessed.
I am driven.
I am beyond committed.
I am totally turned over to fighting these people.
There's no discussion.
There's no debate.
There's no hesitation.
There's no nothing except wishing I had more energy and more will.
And God's been providing it, and let me tell you, it's spectacular.
These stupid Satanists and people have no idea what God's got in store for people that can handle knowledge and strength, but now my discernment is just, it's amazing.
I can't even decipher most of it or understand it.
It's next level, but I'm starting to figure it out.
But I'm literally like Neo, can see the matrix now.
And the enemy can't even see it, it just knows it's there.
And ladies and gentlemen,
When this wool gets pulled off our eyes, because humans at this level can't handle it, the ear is not heard, the eye is not seen.
Now, when you get, I'm not going to tell an hour on this, but I got to find ourselves.
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You won't break me.
You won't make me.
Because I'll fight you under blood red skies.
Look at this article.
Right here.
Kerry admits to meeting Iranian officials over nuclear deal.
They are behind the scenes working with Iran.
And that's why I'm telling them we need a strong hand now.
You won't take me under Blood Red Skies.
Because we'll fight you!
Alright, now I'm gonna do it!
I'm not getting to the Iran news and the huge China news that are so critical and I'm totally prepared for that are massive.
Yes, sir.
So, long time listener.
First time caller.
Welcome, sir.
Thank you for holding.
Oh, yeah, no problem.
So, man, you've done a lot, you know, for me in my life, you know.
You made a quote a long time ago, not really a quote, but you gave me an analogy and it stuck with me.
Sorry, I'm nervous, man.
I haven't talked to him, you know.
I'm nervous, too.
There's a lot of stuff on the line right now, brother.
Everybody seems to be, you know, either awake or asleep.
And it's detrimental right now, you know, what's going on.
You made an analogy about chickens or roosters in a henhouse.
How, you know, their ancestors
And what happened, you know, in their life stuck with them.
And when the farmers or whatever would show pictures of, you know, a triangle or a circle or a square on, you know, the roofs of the buildings, they wouldn't, you know, they wouldn't react to it.
But you show a picture of a hawk.
Instinctually, they know to run and guard themselves and defend themselves and
That's because they show you archetypes you should fear so much on TV, that then people see.
Murders, child molestation, kidnapping.
They get basically numb to it, so when the real thing's going on, they're not upset anymore because that wasn't really an analogy, and I probably butchered it, but I should do a whole report on it.
Epigenetics and different ways of studying
I think so.
on something the size of an atom right now used to would take you know a whole building to hold it and it's just that exponential growth of Knowledge.
Well, that's already on ourselves.
And so they've done generational studies with chickens indoors with a roof and a warehouse you can look at these studies and
You can have six, seven, twenty generations of chickens.
They do it with chickens and rats and things because they can get the generations quickly and, you know, breed them quickly and see how long instincts follow.
The instincts basically don't go away.
So if you project on the roof that looks like a sky, a triangle or a circle, they don't run.
And you can play, you know, the calls of other prey birds, they don't run.
But you shoot up, say, a red-tailed hawk, and it does its scream or whatever, or without the scream, they see that, they run for the coops like bloody murder.
Because, I mean, they know they've got to get in a hole in the wall, they've got to get in a hole in a tree, or they've got to get in the coop, or they're dead.
And so I'm just simply saying, that's why children, you ever notice children, especially at night, fear going in or out of the door, especially if they've got good instincts?
Like a two-year-old's not scared of, you know, all sorts of stuff, but all of a sudden at night, by a door, coming out of a door at night, they're like, I don't know, the door!
They get up close to you, they look around the door.
Well, for all of our development,
Where's the big cat gonna be or something else or another bad human waiting at an entrance?
That's where you'll wait for a meal.
Like a little fish coming out of the coral.
It kind of comes out to the edge about to go out.
It looks.
It goes back in.
It looks.
It goes back in.
So yeah, it's animal cognition.
There's a lot of this.
Thinking chicken's a review of cognition, emotion, behavior, and domestic chicken.
There's a lot of these studies.
So the globalists know all this.
So you hit on something bigger.
They show you constant murder, constant death, you know, video games where you kill a thousand people per game.
Now, you're not a psychotic or a murderer, so it's not going to make you want to go kill people.
But, if you actually see real blood and death, you're not going to care as much, because the Pentagon developed the first video games to even the Marines, on average,
30-40% of the time, up close, would not kill somebody, even if they were trying to kill them.
They would shoot at them and miss and do things.
The Army, the number was even higher.
But as soon as they got video games, you know, the original inventor of Doom, that was actually a video game for the Pentagon, that is instinctive shooting.
So you don't think about it, you just shoot, okay?
And because most people don't have a really heightened killer instinct.
Um, most people, like, hold back.
Like, it's not a... I mean, seriously, I have a killer instinct.
So, my problem is when I've gotten in fights, if somebody hurts me, I just... I basically kill them.
Because I'm not holding back my body.
I mean, if I karate chop somebody in the neck, they're, you know, they're esophagus and breathing pipes crushed in because my brain says, kill!
I know I'm not the only one, but how can everybody
Be blinded to the sexualizing of our kids, the Satanism.
That's the same thing.
They're programming us to show big, fat, evil men, sharking out, going... They train them all over the world.
You go, why do they... And the women all look... These are Satan cults.
And then they have their events, they bring the kids, and then the guy sharks out and goes...
And they put the kid on the lap because, again, that is the most basic instinct that a man in a demon cloud saying, I'm here as a priest to indoctrinate your children and to groom them.
They actually say, I am here to groom them in a holy art.
They're actually in a satanic ceremony publicly, externalizing the method and showing you your most instinctive thing is a man dressed up like a woman shaking their ass and your kid's face is an enemy.
And so they instinctively show you
The hawk flying over and they tell you it's normal so you learn to freeze when the hawk comes.
The children, just like, they've admitted that, uh...
It's not the fault of the TSA workers, it's Congress and the engineers doing it, that the grooming of children, the touching of kids, kids being taken from their parents by strangers, being touched and patted down, literally makes them ready for pedophiles.
So all this is perch testing, all this is grooming, all this is preparation, all this is destroying your children's instincts to run from a stranger, a man in a clown outfit, making the face they make when they enter dungeons.
I'm here to groom your children.
And they have signs of synketamine, rape drug, convicted murderers that have killed people, with children, little children, little boys dressed as girls that dance at pedo bars in front of everyone just absolutely showing you what they're going to do.
We've captured your children.
They're ours!
And we're going to destroy them!
And there's nothing you can do!
One more thing, Alex.
So obviously we're in a reprieve.
My instincts!
That hasn't worked on me!
Here's the thing.
If you become aware of what they're doing and explain to your brain what they're doing, and you decide to resist it, see, then you don't adapt and submit.
Then you adapt and overcome.
We're not gonna submit!
We're gonna overcome, you understand?
They think they're maniacs, they're gonna find out what the real thing is.
All these Satanists try to have mimics and counterfeits of things.
You don't think God's people have a rage a thousand times more powerful than them?
We could take out a hundred of their best people, one man focused.
And that's where this is all going.
These people are pathetic losers!
Sorry, go ahead.
So we're obviously, we got a short time of reprieve right here with President Trump to get right with
With God and Jehovah and whatever your name for God is.
This is our short time, our reprieve.
It's obviously spiritual.
What happens when President Trump is gone and out of office?
What goes on from there?
Incredibly good question.
God bless you, Eric.
Another incredible caller.
The callers are just the best ever.
We're gonna come right back.
I'll answer that question quickly, Mountain View.
Then we'll take more calls straight away.
Hour number three, straight away.
The spirit of evil.
It's pathetic and weak, but many are falling to it now.
And in 2020, the numbers of the undead will grow.
Therapists in the U.S.
say they are seeing increasing numbers of patients with what they call Donald Trump Anxiety Disorder.
Trump Anxiety Disorder.
Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Trump Derangement Syndrome is clinically real.
It doesn't merely affect individuals, but entire political parties, rendering them unrecognizable.
One minute, they're perfectly normal.
The next, rabid.
The veneer of civilization is evaporating quickly.
Families and culture are collapsing.
And godless leftists are behaving just like zombies of modern lore.
Psychologist Dr. Stuart Bassman says for his clients it started the morning after the election.
Doctors are seeing patients suffering from Trump anxiety disorder.
A number of people are manifesting what I would call post-traumatic stress disorder.
An overpowering fear that President Trump represents the end of the world.
Prey, it doesn't happen to you.
Land of the dead!
Rev it.
White nails!
John Carpenter's Halloween, now not just a movie.
David Cronenberg's Rabbit, now Democrats and leftists in 2020.
All right, the caller brought up an incredibly important question, and I will ask the listeners to add that.
Luke and Jason and Chase and Gary and Derek and Mike and Danny and everybody that we're going to go to, Dave and others.
We shouldn't make all this about Trump, because they assassinate Trump, they set him up, they frame him.
Then the whole liberty movement and anti-globalism is tied to Trump.
We already have populism exploding, anti-globalism exploding.
Trump's great, and we should support Trump.
And boy, they've tried to take him out.
We need to stay on him, though, to do the right thing and put pressure on him, because he's being pressured from other sides.
You've got to keep reminding him.
That's one thing about Trump is he's got a lot going on.
I try to get stuff done all the time, and I'm nothing compared to Trump, busy-wise.
A lot of his callers remind me of stuff that I was already thinking.
That's why I love taking your calls.
Like, Trump loves talking to the public as well.
So let him hear from you.
Go bullhorning.
Take the kids, go to D.C., just get out of your shell, and you can walk right up and bullhorn real loud right into there, and, Mr. President, this is what we want.
Do it for ten minutes.
It'll always end up getting on the news.
I mean, it's right there.
But if you don't, they're coming for us in our homes and our churches and our businesses.
They're not going to leave us alone.
Believe me, I don't like doing this all the time, except I do.
I make the decision to fight it, so now I'm going hog wild.
It's like playing football, and I was never that good of a football player.
I was good enough when I was a freshman.
They put me on varsity, and I got to run over a bunch.
They were like, see how good this guy gets.
But if you're not having fun and going 110%, you need to get off the field.
Because, and I'm not saying get out there and be perfect.
I mean, enjoy it.
I enjoy going into a crowd of Antifa.
They're totally freaked out and can't believe we'll go in there.
Security people are freaked out, but you know what?
We got to do this.
I enjoy it when they lie about me and attack me because it means I'm in their head.
They're literally freaked out.
What's the term?
You know, I'm written space inside their head.
That's where I want to be.
I want the globals looking over their shoulder because they know our audience of activists are not the foundation of Infowars.
They're the foundation.
They're the walls.
They're the roof.
They're the superstructure.
They're the furniture.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Okay, I've got nine stacks of news I prepared with three or four other stacks that are all just insane, but I'm not covering any of these till at least this board of callers is off.
Then I'm going to take more.
Smart camera data leaked!
Exposed personal data of 2.4 million users.
That's all done on purpose.
We're going to look at all of that.
Trump blames Iran after protester storm U.S.
Embassy in Baghdad.
Paul Watson's got a new report.
The stupidest time in human history.
It's like water, water everywhere on a drop to drink.
Rhyme of the ancient mariner.
We'll go to Luke.
We're going to go to Mike.
Luke, thank you for holding your awesome and the final transmission of InfoWars or my show in 2019.
Thanks for calling us as your Army veteran and says that InfoWars is vindicated.
Please, please tell us more.
Absolutely, Alex.
So first reason I wanted to call is to let the callers know that
InfoWars is totally on in their intel.
I just recently got out of the military, was part of the Special Operations community, and...
We were getting ready to invade North Korea, and you were right on with your timelines.
I was listening to you the entire time, and I was just blown away that, like, I don't know where you were getting your intel from, but when I was listening to you, it was like I was hearing, and I was hearing, other information, privileged information that I thought was totally top secret, but somehow you got it out.
Anyway, so it wouldn't surprise me if all these different international entities are listening to you constantly for what's going on in the world.
But my brother, he recently almost got, he was almost murdered out in Vegas with that shooter.
And I wanted to hear what, if there's ever been any intel from you guys.
I know that you, when I was listening to you back when that happened, there was a lot of stuff that you had
Well, we know what happened in Vegas.
The Saudi Arabians were having a military air force
Well, Joint Services Convention.
There were more than 10,000 Saudi nationals in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.
And they used that to bring in some al-Qaeda slash ISIS al-Nusra types to embarrass Trump and create a mass shooting that would then be blamed on Trump and the American gun owner community.
They had the brother who was working for
Deep State.
He wasn't in the CIA, but he was contracting with...
With NATO, he'd been involved reportedly flying guns down during Fast and Furious.
It wasn't just guns out of gun shops that the ATF was tracking.
That was a cover.
It was weapons being shipped by Obama into Mexico to the cartels and then being shipped into the Middle East for the invasion of Libya and then Syria and the attempted complete overthrow of what happened in other areas like Kenya and Egypt.
And so those weapons were brought into there, and he had been involved in that, and so he thought he was making a weapons deal, and that's why it happened on the floors owned by the Crown Prince.
And then that's why you saw Trump going to Saudi Arabia and a third of the royal family arrested, a bunch of them secretly executed, hung up.
I'm not defending all this.
This is what happened.
You know, they took over the fancy hotels and literally tortured thousands of them to find out who was involved in the coup.
And then Trump said, we're going to basically overthrow the House of Saud if you don't stop this.
The House of Saad said, oh, we promise it's an attempt on us as well.
And then there's been a total regime change of those groups out of there.
That's why you've seen a lot of al-Qaeda and ISIS stop their operations, why you've seen their support end.
And now we're able to get rid of al-Baghdadi and the rest of them because Trump said, we're not funding radical Islam anymore.
We're not blowing the doors off Europe.
We're not going to flood Turkey with them.
We're done.
We're not doing all this crazy destabilization crap.
That's why they call him incompetent and crazy is because he doesn't like to destabilize things from a sick
We're good to go.
The Saudi terrorist went crazy, but they didn't have a way of getting past diplomatic security, other than a few diplomats, to get into the country with enough weapons.
They didn't want weapons that could be traced back to the group in Saudi Arabia.
And of course, it was working with Deep State, you know, the same crowd trying to embarrass Trump, the same ones trying to get the Iranians to attack the U.S., to get Trump into an embarrassing situation, the same group that just tried to take hostages.
I know that's Shiites, but at that level, the Shiites and
Some arms of the Wahhabist Sunni are working with the Kerry-Clinton-Obama deep state, that's all admitted, to again try to destabilize things, keep us in the Middle East, and embarrass Trump, just like the Bay of Pigs, or just like the hostage crisis in 1979-1980 with Jimmy Carter.
And so they've got all these multiple paths going, but despite the stand-down being ordered, the Iraqi military came in and stopped things, even though SO
C was ordered to stand down.
They weren't able to get the hostages they wanted to start that whole fiasco with Trump and make him look weak.
And so now that's why I said Trump's got to massively increase security at those embassies or leave them.
And the Green Zone, as you know, is a giant armored mini-city within Baghdad.
And they've got to give the normal orders that somebody crosses the line with a battering ram or a weapon or trying to knock down the walls, you kill them.
And because it's not a war, you're stopping a war by doing that.
So that's what I see going on, and you won't ever really hear what really happened with Saudi Arabia, because you saw what Trump did.
He went in there and took it over and, you know, killed thousands of people.
Alex, all roads lead back to Saudi Arabia.
Well, without getting into the stuff you saw or heard that was classified, give us your, as a view, your citizen on that.
Say that again?
Give us, as a citizen, your view on that statement.
So being in the military, all my superiors had top 25 books you should read.
Guess how many soldiers actually read those books?
About zero to none, with the exception of yours truly.
And after going through all those different books and going through what is really going on in the Middle East, all roads lead back to Saudi Arabia.
And if you go into the deals that we made in the late 70s after OPEC, we made a big deal with Saudi Arabia
And the whole idea was that we were going to use that deal to take over the resources and continually pull all those resources out of Saudi Arabia, and the exchange was we were going to give them technology.
But what we didn't count on was that Saudi Arabia was sitting on the biggest oil cache known to man, and that we were going to still be pulling oil out of there 50 years later.
And it's gotten to the point where it's hand in glove that the Saudis and the United States are so indistinguishable from one another, because we've been doing business with each other for so long, that now the United States is the Saudi Arabians' attack dog in the Middle East.
Literally anybody that is against the House of Saud's agenda, those are the people that are going to be our next enemy.
And that's why we're going after Iran.
It's not because of all these different
You know, Iran is a threat or whatever.
It's because Saudi Arabia sees Iran as a threat.
Well, I mean, I agree with you.
And then Israel usually gets the blame for being against Iran.
They are as well.
But I think Saudi Arabia, even more than Israel, is who's pushing for confrontation.
All roads lead back to Saudi Arabia.
So in 30 seconds, in 30 seconds, sir, what do you think Trump should do policy-wise?
I think that he should get off the old oil
Let's get rid of oil.
Let's move into the future.
Let's do what the United States is known for, which is innovating.
Beautifully said.
Wow, Luke, thank you.
These are the best calls we've ever had, and more of them on the other side.
There's just no way to cut these callers off.
I'm not doing one caller per segment, but it's dynamite.
Stay with us.
I never got to it on Monday, or I haven't gotten to it yet.
And that's the big Vcraft flying over New York.
And of course, those are U.S.
And you heard the caller earlier talking about how we need to just come out with the technology we've got.
The Air Force and others have had little leaks on purpose for foreign governments to know about in the past, but they've got antimatter weapons, antimatter extraction, and we're lucky we haven't blown ourselves up.
I mean, this is really Atlantis type stuff.
So whether Atlantis was real or not, and they got some secret technology that blew up the
Or whether the theoretical of Atlantis is possible.
Well, we now know it is.
That's what's going on.
And we need to let the public know about this.
The public needs to demand to know about these type of things.
And that you're seeing right there is a hologram projection.
You know, I really know a lot about this stuff just from real research.
And a few other things, but I never really get into it because there's so many other big things to deal with.
But remember a few months ago I was going to play it, it was on the news.
Maybe dig around the computer and see if we have it.
It's Iranians fire at UFO.
And clearly it's a hologram.
And so on a clear night, all it takes is a few aircraft that can be at 50,000 feet or it could be drones doing it.
They can project a hologram and the Iranians are going crazy with just hundreds of machine guns firing at it.
It's pretty spectacular with their tracers.
So a lot of what you see is holograms, but the really high up stuff is blimps that they're using with a lot of different arrays and surveillance grids on them.
And then, there are obviously a lot of other satellites and things up in space, and Trump wants to start bringing all this out and show America's superiority while we still have it, and then innovate and not transfer it to China and others, and build the new economies going forward.
The globalists want a post-industrial world where we get iPhones that spy on us and stuff like that, but that's the only real innovation, and electric cars that take more carbon to operate than regular gas cars.
Yeah, there's footage of the Iranians.
Firing at clearly what is a hologram when you slow it down and watch the HD video.
That gives new meaning to cat chasing a red laser.
Oh man, it's hilarious.
In fact, turn up the audio.
It's fun to hear them talking in the background in Persian.
That's clearly a hologram.
And they're just like, oh, we can't seem to hit it.
Can we now show a cat chasing a red laser?
It's the same, same concept.
And of course, ABC News will probably repurpose that and claim it's Trump shooting down Kurdish Airlines or something.
Like ABC News said he was blowing up cities.
Enough of me!
Enough of me!
By the way, this is set for a radio TV format with 15 minutes of ads an hour.
That's the standard.
But I am going to start a new show soon.
That's hours a day at least with basically only commercials at the middle and start of the hour on top of this show in 2020.
So that'll be announced in about two weeks.
There you can see the cat chasing the UFO.
Now it doesn't know that that's a red laser.
Its concept and all of its instincts and development is that if it sees something, it must be real.
There you go.
And you can see the same concept for the Iranians, or anybody else for that matter.
Because technology, to someone that doesn't know what it is, is magic.
And is indistinguishable, as Arthur C. Clarke once said.
All projections of light.
Alright, let's go ahead and take another ring-a-dingy.
Mike in New Jersey, thank you.
You're awesome for holding.
We appreciate you.
What are your predictions for 2020, my friend?
Hey, Alex, how you doing?
Happy New Year.
God bless you.
Thank you.
Third time caller, the long time listener.
I've spent thousands of dollars on the product.
Well, we wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.
And let me tell you, it's important.
So thank you.
Let me tell you, I'm on board.
I'm listening every single day.
I don't miss a day.
So don't ever feel alone, brother, because I am on board listening to you every single day.
I just bought the shirt with your laser eyes saying, don't dare listen to Alex Jones.
And me and my daughter are going to try the whitening toothpaste.
So that should be coming in the mail.
Thank you, brother.
Thank you.
God bless you.
So anyways, thanks for taking my call.
What happened was, maybe about a week ago,
I was listening to the rebroadcast, and you let the Doors' Riders on the Storm just play on the intro, and you kind of were analyzing the lyrics.
And I'm a big Doors fan, so I was like thinking about some of the other lyrics.
And I had kind of a hindsight 2020 moment, where I was thinking, you know, look at how Jim, back even in the 60s,
Was talking about the danger of TV, like he says, uh, I'm sick of dour faces staring at me from the TV tower.
And he says, um, you know, she's got the world locked up inside a plastic box, you know, so.
She's a 20th century Fox.
She's a 20th century Fox, right?
So he was already talking about.
She don't waste time with elemental talk.
That's right.
That's right.
And that whole idea got me thinking about how we got in this mess in a spiritual sense.
What I think has taken place over the last 50, 60 years in this country is we replaced God and Jesus Christ
With a TV media god that was set up by Satan.
And that TV media god... And it got us hooked with gun smoke and all this stuff that seemed good.
That's the worm on the hook.
And then now it's like, by the way, we're gonna teach your children how to die!
And now it's it the clown reasons with the TV.
Basically, the way I look at it is we kind of, sadly, deserve what we're getting right now.
Because, um, if you look at the Bible... Well, I mean, the TV, we should have a symbol of an anglerfish, you know, a really scary deep-sea fish.
And the light on the end of its, uh, of its, uh, wand is a little TV.
And then you zoom in and little children are up close watching it.
I mean, that's the perfect allegory.
Yeah, and like your caller was talking about earlier with the chickens and the hawk, you know, like, you know, basically we just get desensitized and just allow evil.
Hey guys, get Hillary off the screen.
Don't just be randomly putting Hillary up on screen.
Come on, crew.
No, seriously, the crew just screwed up and just randomly put Hillary on screen.
Oh man, maybe I'm going to get Arkencited from this call.
But anyways, I was just thinking, you know, in terms of this being a spiritual war, my point was when I was thinking about Jim, you know, is like even going all the way back to then, we were replacing Jesus and Christian values in this country with this new media god that was
That's right.
Every time they threw God out the window, they got enslaved.
And that's what's happening with us.
And so you were saying, hey, tell us what you think is going to happen going forward.
And like the other caller was saying, what's going to happen when Trump's out of office?
Well, I think you made a good point.
We got to stop putting so much emphasis on Donald Trump.
I love Donald Trump.
Stay there.
Stay there.
We're going to come back and have you finish.
And then I'm going to get to everybody.
We're getting everybody here.
And we're going to cover the news.
But I'm doing the fourth hour.
You're in the driver's seat, the listeners, when we take calls.
And I love where you take us.
You call for this song, you got it with a little something extra.
A little something we add on.
You add a little more than we add on.
You add on, we all add on, and it makes America what the West is about.
It's about taking on the best from all over.
Believing in that ethos of building a pro-human world.
Riders on the storm.
Alright, Mike in New Jersey finishing up your point.
So what's next for Trump?
You're right.
We need to not focus on Trump.
Support him when he's doing the right thing.
You know, try to keep him on a shredding arrow when he's not.
But we brought Trump.
As I told Vice when he was still President-elect, I said, Trump's just one big wave.
Whether he succeeds or not, it shows the desire for human freedom and destiny that I was predicting was spread all over the world.
And is and still is.
Because I bet on humanity.
Good is going to win.
The question is how many good people are going to get fooled and join evil, and how many are we going to lose in the process?
Go ahead.
Well, you know, King Solomon in Ecclesiastes, he says, nothing has happened under the sun that didn't already happen thousands and thousands of years ago.
So, in my opinion, the way to see what's going to happen going forward... Well, you just hit the big secret, and you have to really have the research to understand it, but like, what are the dinosaur bones and all that, and it talks about the days of Noah.
Adam is a reboot itself from another creation, obviously.
And so, it's not like the Bible's competing with science.
Modern science is a total false projection, but it doesn't mean preachers interpreting the Bible 200 years ago are accurate either.
But now, in the modern world, seeing it repeat, now we really know what the Bible is saying, because now it all makes even more sense, because as you're saying, there have been clearly other human civilizations.
Plato wrote about
And now they had flying machines and how it blew up from this big white light thing that gave it their power.
He had just read about it.
Everything else they've dug up and found civilizations and things he talked about.
He was writing a real history book.
Well, I mean, is that what you're getting at?
Well, yeah, I'm kind of going off like what the Bible said, and you know, so I'm a Christian, I read the Bible every day, so when I'm looking forward to see what's going to happen, what my spirit is telling me is that we are in the midst of a revival.
I was born in the year of our Lord 1975, so I'm 44 years old right now, and what I've seen in my lifetime, I grew up in Southern California, has just been a regression from California was so awesome to just horrible,
And I had to leave and now I live in Jersey.
And, you know, what I think is going to happen is people like you and me, Alex, in our generation, we're tired of being mesmerized by the media and promiscuity and drug addiction.
No, I agree.
There's going to be a giant maxing out and a pulling away.
And that's why they got a social credit score to try to make us submit to them and worship their beast.
Worship the image of the beast that is the screen.
But we're rejecting it worldwide, and so what I think is happening right now, what we're going to see, is a move back to Christ, and God is going to rise up a champion for us.
Like, if you look at the story of Gideon,
30 men defeated an army of over a million guys.
So, you know, God can do anything.
Nothing's impossible with Him.
If we turn back to Christ and there's a global movement, then that's going to be the way forward.
Not all rest... Oh, I 100% agree, but the devil has then targeted all the churches and most of them are just prosperity gospel glitter bugs not doing anything.
Oh, the churches are dead in America.
Unfortunately and sadly, too many materialistic preachers that only care about money and being on TV and being famous.
But see, that's a revival that's going to happen in America.
Well, I'm going to be clear.
You know, the Bible says, you know,
If you've really been doing the right for God for a long time in your generations, you'll end up having wealth because God gives us dominion over the planet.
But what's bad is they won't expose the attacks on the family.
They won't fight abortion.
They won't defend the Second Amendment.
And Faith Without Works is dead.
My problem with the glitterbug preachers is, they just tell everybody, just be happy, love Jesus, everything's fine, we're about to be raptured out, when we're supposed to be the salt of the earth out there confronting these devils.
Instead, they're just giving the planet over to Satan.
And that's my big problem with the glitterbug preachers.
Well, they're not sincere with God.
That's the problem.
When we have... Well, I mean, you can take one look at some of these evangelical preachers, and they look and act like demons.
I mean, when I look at some of these guys, I go, my God, can people not see that's a demon walking around?
I mean, some of the most demonic acting and looking people I've seen are popular TV preachers.
And again, that's done on purpose so that people with discernment go, ooh, this must be bad to try to trick you to turn away from God.
That's the devil's greatest trick.
Well, you know, I've talked with a lot of atheists and they always go, oh, I don't want to go to the church.
Look at those dorky guys.
I don't want anything to do with them.
And so they reject Christ because the people that they see on TV are so appalling.
And that's... I mean, they look like the most... Those preachers are lit up like narcissistic loons.
I mean, anybody can sit there and radiate fake confidence and wild-eyedness and go like... Let me try to act like one of those preachers.
I mean, it's just like, what the?
Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
I mean, wow.
Gotta jump, but one more point on that.
So if you look at what happened when Babylon came and took over Jerusalem and stacked it and took all the people in Jerusalem into captivity in Babylon, all of the people that were supposed to be the priests in the church, they were all practicing idolatry.
So that's kind of what's going on in America.
Oh yeah, that's why some of these people that are really anti-Semitic
They're always like, look, the Jews practice devil worship with the occult.
Well, of course there's some Jewish groups that do that.
They were captured, taken to Babylon.
I won't get what I'm after.
Until you die?
Oh, you hadn't found Jesus, buddy.
Well, you don't know where you're looking then.
You know, you have that guy from, he's got out of the military for special operations.
He was saying, how did you know all that stuff about what was happening?
Well, I mean, really, I don't even really try to use it because it's scary, but I just know that type of stuff.
And I'm never really wrong.
Sometimes plans change.
The future changes because we're allowed to change the future.
God's given us that power.
But God can show us what's coming in the future as possible futures.
And so it doesn't actually have to end the way
We've been told, unless we do certain things.
And that gets into the deeper mysteries.
Now, most of it is I could watch the globalists all freaked out, watch the media defending Kim Jong-un and praising North Korea and attacking Trump when Trump first got in.
So the decision was, okay, we'll get ready to go in there unless he makes a peace deal.
Now he's tried to renege, but at least that made Kim Jong-un back off from trying to start a war to embarrass Trump.
And that was being done through the deep state, through China, telling North Korea, go ahead and do this to test Trump.
And so Trump said, fine.
You keep firing missiles at Japan, you keep threatening to attack people, you keep threatening to level Seoul, we'll come after you.
When they were ready and they built up, and I mean, I have military contacts, that was obvious, but you could see how Michael Moore was saying, oh, this is going to embarrass Trump, something big's coming when he was president-elect.
They did all that.
Through the strategy of tension, threatening to destroy our world just to try to make sure an American president got embarrassed.
But better people at the Pentagon and a lot of other places, and Congress, the Republicans, said we're not doing this.
And you know, the deep state getting crazy is the reason it's not being listened to now.
A bunch of weirdo bureaucrats, most of them have never been in the military, trying to start wars because they think that makes them powerful.
It's crazy.
That's part of what I was going to get into with the whole embassy thing and all the rest of it.
I'm taking calls because they're so informative, but I will get to that early in the next hour once we're finished with some of these calls.
But it's a very, very scary point to be at right now.
And they're trying to restart the Korea crisis.
They're trying to restart this Iran crisis.
And you better believe the deep states manipulating Saudi Arabia and Iran.
They don't control those countries, but they've got factions in there they're working with.
But Trump is getting more power in the presidency and is becoming more and more the president.
So that's why we better start seeing him deliver.
Because on many fronts, he's not delivering.
Yes, he's a lot better than Hillary Clinton.
Yes, we thank God for him, but...
You've heard the callers, they've raised a lot of serious issues.
And it's us raising issues, it's you raising issues that caused the election that got Trump in.
We have to continue past Trump and not make it about Trump, make it about the issues.
All right, who's been holding the longest here?
And I'll go to them.
Chase the Patriot, our frequent caller and fellow talk show host.
Go ahead and thanks for holding.
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
And you know what?
It's a great thing still hearing info wars.
About a year and a half now.
They've been throwing everything, including the kitchen sink at you, and you're still on the air, still getting the message out there.
So just congratulations to that, brother.
Well, thanks.
You know, I learned something yesterday that I'm not at liberty to talk about, but I'm going to have to talk about it.
And it's not because we're victims, but we are the victims of criminal activity.
And these people are so arrogant.
That I'm dealing with judges in some of the cases that the deep states put against us that have said in front of people that they're railroading me no matter what I do.
Well, that's not just unethical, that's criminal.
And we've got the affidavits and stuff.
So, I mean, these people just think they're allowed to do whatever they want.
Look what they're doing to Trump in Congress.
I mean, this is just lawless craziness.
Sorry, go ahead.
Well yeah, and on that point, it's a good thing over 160 federal judges he's been able to put in, so that impact will be long in, you know, in the future.
But what I wanted to talk about, what they're doing to you, and what we've seen the UN try to do with the internet over the last couple days, turning over control to China and Russia in different aspects.
And also, more importantly, is this next year, I think, the big story is going to be the deep fake videos.
Because they can manipulate and make any kind of information, say whatever they want, and when they do... And that's why they're putting out so deep fakes, so they can certify what's real and what's not.
They can put out false, say it's real.
When real comes out on them, they can say it's false.
Exactly right.
But the thing that I'm more concerned of is the big event.
Whatever the big event they want to make,
They're going to be able to control, maybe if, you know, last year we had the test of the emergency broadcast system to every single cell phone, and if they have some kind of technology, I always go back, the War of the Worlds, with only the radio, they were able to convince the entire public of an alien invasion, for instance.
Well, what could they do today with CGI technology and deep fake videos and the internet?
Yeah, people are running out shooting water towers because they had three legs like the tripod alien craft from Mars.
Yeah, exactly right.
I mean, they have everyone from Adam Schiff on there and everyone from Mediamatter.
Openly caught putting out fake transcripts.
Don't get in trouble.
Exactly right.
So what is the big event?
When they try to unite the world under their global government, the new world order, that's what I'm fearful of because they're trying to control information and then they're trying to manipulate it to whatever they want it to be.
I totally agree.
What is their trick up their sleeve against the Liberty Movement worldwide and against nationalists and people like Trump?
What would they pull?
Great point, sir.
Thank you for holding.
God bless you.
Okay, let's go to another caller here.
Let's talk to Jason in North Carolina.
Jason, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Thank you for having me on, sir.
You know, there's no doubt that the corporate social media intelligence complex is up to its, you know, old shenanigans, which it has been for decades.
But I've been a listener since 08, and I remember the first time I heard you.
You were on George Norrie's show, at least I think it was Norrie back then, and a subprime mortgage-backed derivative thing had just blown up, and I remember listening to you, and I've listened to you every day since, and I just want to thank you and tell you that you're an unalloyed patriot and an unalloyed libertarian.
So... Well, brother, I want to thank you, because without you guys, I'm not on the air, and what's scary is, InfoWars really
On a lot of our big victories can be traced back as the reason we've had success.
So that's why InfoWars is so precious.
And it's why their dirty tricks to shut us down must be dealt with.
And that's why funding is so critical to not just do what people see on the surface, but other things.
So that if they're successful shutting InfoWars down, legally, lawfully, 100%, there are other vehicles and other things where I can still be on the air separate from their attacks.
And so without getting too much into the plan, they're not shutting crap down.
It's just that I'm on top of things having to work with others and other folks so that it's not even Alex Jones to build whole new systems because that's what you got to do in a war is they think they're attacking their ship.
They sink their ship, all of a sudden over the horizon three more
Come cruising over, updated, fully loaded, ready for the attack, and we just blow the bugles, and it's gonna absolutely... I mean, to use a Star Wars analogy, it's like they blow up one Death Star, and, like, two more come swinging around the side of the planet.
I mean, I could be too happy at that point.
Well, sir, we... You know, it's a scary time.
And, uh, you know, there's no doubt I'm a coward.
I have spoken to people a lot, you know, over the years.
If you don't mind, I'll make it quick, but I'll tell you what I've been doing.
I try to find some more common ground with people because everything is so hostile and divisive at this point in the history of our country and our society and the world that talking to people is a delicate process now.
I mean, you can't just talk about things anymore, so I'll tell you two things that I say and then I'll hang up and listen to your thoughts.
I usually start off by saying, you know, we're
The U.S.
is $23 trillion in debt, roughly.
At least that's what they admit to.
I mean, you know, the real number's probably classified.
And, you know, I say, we got there with career bureaucrats who've been there for good chunks of their adult lives calling themselves public servants, but in reality enriching themselves in the district of corruption and collusion.
And we clearly need term limits, and most people
They don't disagree with that.
No matter what their political bent is, they don't disagree, and it's a good way to segue into real discussion.
The other thing I say is, you know, as far as the climate goes, which is a very sensitive topic, and I say, listen, they've detonated, you know, the equivalent of at least 30,000 Hiroshima's in the atmosphere, you know, over the last 40 years that they admit to.
And I also say to them, I said, you know, the Chinese, when they had the Olympics there in Beijing, they didn't want it to- Hold on!
Hour number four is only two minutes away.
I'm going right back to you, Jason, then everybody else, and then I'm getting to those reports.
Stay with us.
We now take you live to the Alex Jones Show, where callers have hijacked it.
And man, every caller has
Been like as good a caller as we get during a week.
It's just been platinum callers today.
And we're going to continue that into the new year.
And we're going to, I'm going to have shows here that I do five days a week.
Where we're going to take calls.
On top of this syndicated radio TV show.
For TV stations, radio stations to pick us up, there's going to be at least, for radio, 14, 15 minutes of ads.
For TV, it's about 10 minutes.
But I'm going to do something just for the internet.
It'll also be available on satellite stations, won't it?
And I mean, I'm going to go up to about five to six hours of broadcast a day in 2020.
And that means on the ground.
I mean, we're just a lot of times, too, we have the money to do stuff.
But then it's spending the time to find where to spend it.
And, you know, do you have the people that will go out and actually take action?
So this is such a critical 307 days right now.
And then just even after that, it's going to be critical.
Such an amazing time to be alive right now.
And here we are in 2019 together.
So Jason, you were finishing up.
Go ahead and finish up.
Yeah, so, you know, I say to people, I'm like, you know, the Chinese, when they had the Olympics, they didn't want it to rain on the day of the opening ceremonies.
And I remember reading an article about that at the time, and they went into some detail, not a lot, about how they made sure that it didn't rain that day.
You know, you're talking about thousands of square miles.
Yeah, they go on the news and say Alex Jones is insane, everybody's insane, there's no chemtrailing.
Then you turn on C-SPAN, they're giving total details at the CIA of how they control the weather, and yeah, exactly.
Yeah, and you know, I'll tell you, I really do, because you're not bringing anything up but a real story.
And I'll tell you, even some very, you know, closed-minded people on this topic, I can see them look at me and say, really?
And I say, well, yeah, I mean, they were doing that back then.
I mean, if they can do that, what's going on with the rest of the weather?
I mean, if they can modify the climate to their liking, you know, on one day,
What else is going on?
What's going on in the atmosphere?
Again, you combine that with all the nuclear testing and the HAARP and the spraying.
I mean, sir, to me it's a no-brainer, but thank you for having me on, Alex.
Well, thank you, brother.
And I think it's different strokes for different folks, or the old saying that
Different people make the world go round.
I agree that the kind and gentle approach is great with a lot of people.
They'll kind of agree with you at the minute, but then move on just because they're not really conscious.
I think talking to people about their consciousness and about how studies show more and more people are at a near daydreaming state where they're not really awake.
I think that's really, really important to do.
And that's what I try to do.
I don't
And wouldn't that be empowering?
And you're not supposed to know this.
They're trying to keep you from stuff.
Don't you want to know what you're not supposed to know about?
And a lot of people have this selfishness.
They think, well, if I don't know and I don't care, I'm having a better life.
And that's really a very, very evil position to be in.
And statistically, those are not very happy people.
They get neurological disorders at a higher rate than other people, and their selfishness kills them.
So laziness and selfishness kills you.
It kills you.
And so, that's my message to people, is when they're smart-ass, jackasses, and mentally lazy, I get right in their face like a drill sergeant, and I tell them how the cow ate the cabbage.
But as you said, it's also good to do it from the smooth position.
And I don't think that's cowardly.
I think however God leads you to do something is the way you should do it.
As for me, full frontal assault.
Because I want to get people out of the trance.
So I'm kind of...
Special option around doing things.
You know, sure, I might get a lot done with some people, but I want the big spectacle of the full-on assault of the globalists.
And then, if I beat them, great.
If I get blown up in the process, well, that makes a big light in the sky for everybody to come to the fight.
I promised to really try to give you my view on the situation with the embassy being attacked, because it's such a big deal in my view, and on the gun grabbing, and on the season of false flags, and how I know they're going to hit us, because they've already hit us that way, and they're now pheromoning out the message.
So here's what I'm going to do.
I'm going to take calls at the bottom of the hour, then I'm going to stop there.
The number to join us is 877-789-2539.
We've got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 callers on the line.
I'm going to try to get to at least all of those, and then if more are on the line, I will take those when I'm done covering those topics here in the fourth hour.
Again, thank you all for joining us.
Please don't forget that
The biggest sales of our history are going on right now, and when these are over, we'll never have them this big again.
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I didn't come to this as a business model.
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Colloidal silver iodine and tea tree oil is great.
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I want to thank you.
I'm just telling you that
I don't want after the election to lay off a bunch of our crew because there's bigger fights coming after that.
I want to keep him for worse in the game.
And again, with all the attacks we're under and things that are going on that I won't spend time on, extra money is critical.
And so I'm doing a lot of things to make sure that happens.
We're not going to go anywhere.
It's just I want to be effective.
I want to see our reporters on the ground.
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All right, up next is Danny in Oregon.
Danny, thanks for holding.
Hey Alex, good to talk to you, man.
Good to talk to you, brother.
I've spent a heck of a time trying to get a hold of you, man.
Well, you're here, brother.
Here it is.
Forces of Evil did not want me to get a hold of you.
I've been trying for weeks.
So, I just want to say before I get into the point I wanted to make that I just recently got the 8-pack Power Stack.
Yes, sir.
And, you know, I was
I was on antidepressants.
I'd always been really against that stuff, and I got to a really low point, and I let them convince me that, hey, it's worth a shot.
I decided when I got the 8-pack PowerStack that I was going to drop the antidepressants and just trust in the natural formulas.
I'll be honest, for about two or three days, I felt really tired.
My head hurt a lot.
Once I got through that, about two or three days, I felt just tremendously better.
You know, just a miracle.
So I want to thank you for that and let anybody else know that you're on that.
Well, listen, we'll get to your point, but sir, this is important, so elaborate on this.
I don't know how all the physiology and how the metabolic things completely work.
But that's what Dr. Group, when he was promoting iodine to me eight, nine years ago, and then we came out with the cleanest, best iodine out there from Deep Earth Crystals X2, he explained, he said, listen, when you haven't had enough iodine, your body uses the bad halogens, fluoride, chlorine, bromide from that whole family, and about two, three weeks into it,
You're gonna feel really toxic, really sluggish for four or five days on average.
And he described what would happen to my guts, what happened to my skin.
It all happened.
All this stuff started coming out.
Let's just say, like an Ace Ventura when he comes out of the bathroom, he's like, you know, don't go in there.
That happened about three weeks in.
Like you said, I felt like crap for almost a week.
Then it was like when I've carried my kids on my shoulders up a big, long, like Mount Bonnell flight of stairs, you know, 200, 300 steps.
When you take them off your shoulders, you feel like you're flying.
And that was the feeling once I just got that key element, pushing the bad ones out and getting into my glands.
It was incredible.
So yes, exactly.
The first time I drank a bunch of spirulina,
When I was in college, and I was in good shape then, I felt horrible for a day or two, then felt great after.
Because it's got so many vitamins and minerals that you never really had that actually get into your blood because it's brought in there via a biological vehicle.
So I say I don't know about the science, I know quite a bit about it, but not as much as scientists themselves actually studying the very mechanisms, but I know the general systems of how it works.
But absolutely, 8-pack PowerStack is 13 pills, you take it in the morning and the evening, that covers everything.
And yeah, when your body is using toxic things in its metabolic actions, because it'll use whatever it has, then when that good stuff comes in and pushes it out, that's why I've warned people that these products aren't fillers.
These aren't jokes.
X2, X3, 8-pack power stack.
These are not games.
So describe how long it took and what happened and what it felt like for us.
Then we'll hold you over to get into your political stuff.
But I want people to hear this, because this is exactly what happens with real things that people need.
Well, sure.
So, you know, it only took, I mean, I want to say, you know, when I got to the point where I was literally down to not having any of the antidepressants in my system anymore, that was when it really took a couple days.
But, you know, of course, you know, that stuff is very, I mean, it's dangerous.
You know, I'm sad that I was ever on it.
I'm glad that I'm getting off of it, you know, or off of it now.
Oh, the side effects are just unbelievable.
Unbelievable of the antidepressants.
Yeah, I try PowerStack.
I take the X2 and X3, kind of interchange them, you know, every other couple days just to get the different formulas and different types of iodine, you know, formulas in my system.
I've got the toothpaste that, you know, I've got the new whitening toothpaste, cutting out all fluoride.
And, you know, the combination just trying to make as much of a healthy turn in my life.
And I work out every day.
All at once, you know, to me is always the fastest way to get.
Turn things around if you're addicted to something or you're on some kind of... So you're saying it was probably going off the antidepressants that made you feel like crap.
I was just saying, when I finally got really good vitamins and minerals and good elements into me that I hadn't had, I went through a detoxing phase.
But it sounded like what you're saying is, it was that you were going off of those and then it was the 8-pack PowerStack and other things that helped you transition off.
And you're saying that you felt a lot better once you did do that?
Yeah, I mean it was a good couple of days.
The sun no longer sets me free.
Listen to the songs of the Satanist.
Well, guess what?
The sun sets me free.
Now, I'm not a sun worshipper, but I sure see God's handiwork in that big ol' ball of fire.
It gives us life on this planet.
The dark doesn't scare me.
And the sun, it does set me free.
I'm not saying Ozzy Osbourne's actually a devil worshipper.
He's not!
A lot of those guys get ordered to do all that Satanism crap.
Try to make money.
Then later they go back to God.
Like the guy, most people at Metallica are Christians.
Dave Mustaine's a Christian at Megadeth.
Almost all those guys are like scared to death of Satanism because they've been around it and they've seen it.
But it's the producers and the bosses above them who are devil worshippers, let me tell you.
Like Mark Dice has told the story here on air, and it's a true story.
I know the production company, they tried to hire me as well.
They called him in, they said, you've got the show?
Big national show?
With a famous rock star?
I think Mark's even said the rock band, it was Motley Crue.
About 10 years ago, they said, we just want you to pledge yourself to Lucifer.
It wasn't Motley Crue doing this, it was the producer at the, uh...
Arguably the largest reality TV show production network.
Let's just say I was actually on a show with them.
I was actually paid by them, but they didn't ask me to pledge myself to Lucifer or anything.
But they did want me to get into some kooky stuff and then be the host of the show.
I'll just say it was when Ventura wasn't going to do it anymore.
They wanted me to do it, but be like kind of like Joe Rogan did a series that was kind of making fun of chemtrails and all that.
That's when Joe kind of changed over.
When he did that big series, that was a different production company though.
But it was the same company.
But yeah, folks from that called old Mark Dyson and said, just, you know, want you to pledge yourself to Lucifer.
In fact, a lot of those folks were so arrogant, they never even said keep it secret.
Maybe, maybe I should just tell people more on air.
It's pretty amazing.
Okay, let's go back to your calls.
Danny, what else was it you were going to add, my friend?
Hey, thanks for coming back to me, Alex.
So, yeah, you know, like I said, I've been trying to get ahold of you for weeks, and I feel like, you know, it's just persistence.
I think the devil is really trying to put all of us down.
Well, you're on the air now, brother!
So, you know, I just wanted to say that
I would love to go to bat for you and for info wars.
I live in Portland now, but I, you know, I'm getting ready to move out of the city.
I feel like a lot being called out of Gomorrah and I don't want to look back.
So, you know, I'd put my two weeks in and head back to Austin today if you guys want me to, if ever, you know, I got offered, you know, I have a,
I have a degree in public relations and I currently am a service department manager.
I work on computers.
I've got a lot of different skills, but I've been trying to get together... Well, have you sent a resume or an example to Jobs and Infowars?
I have.
I think I got it in within about 10 minutes of the day you announced it, as I've been listening and waiting.
Well, brother, we will look at it, and I appreciate it.
If you don't have three examples of your work as video work, explain that in there, and then say what it is you think you could do.
Because that's the way Rob screens people out, is if they don't follow the way he said, bring it in.
Everybody should send your resumes, whatever you're good at.
Let us know.
We don't have a lot of money to deal with, but we're trying to hire more people.
And that's what it comes down to.
So thank you very much.
All right.
Let's go ahead and go to Jeremy, who disagrees.
Jeremy, thank you.
Calling from California.
Hey, man, I've been listening to you for quite some time, and it's a remarkable day when you and John Bolton are on the same page with regard to what's going on in Iraq.
And, you know, it's like, I mean, Alex, what does Trump have to do to get you to, you know, maybe get indignant, mad at him?
I mean, this is the same playbook that's been going on for a long time.
He's been amassing troops in that region for this entire year.
Now they're hitting critical mass.
They're looking for an excuse to go in and hit Iran.
Kushner is their link to Israel.
I mean, come on, man.
What's it going to tell you?
So, it's okay for Iran to overrun and attack our embassy?
Oh, go ahead and repeat mainstream media talking points.
You're doing exactly what... Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Are you... Okay, so you're saying that's fake video, CG, deep fake?
How do you know?
Why don't you talk to Syrian Girl?
She's got a completely different take from the region than you do.
Well, I mean, here, don't get mad at me.
I do have... Let's get Syrian Girl on in the next few days.
That's a great idea.
We have Syrian Girl on.
Like, I don't know why we haven't gotten her on in a while.
We need to get her on.
And that's a great idea.
But when an embassy gets attacked, we need to defend it.
I don't call that war, and if they were able to capture and kidnap any of our personnel, then we'd have the same thing as 1979, and that would start a war with Iran.
So let me ask you this, and I'm being serious.
Are you saying nobody attacked the embassy?
Heck no, I'm not saying that.
What I am saying is that maybe, maybe Pompeo announcing that it was actually the U.S.
A sectarian civil war like Obama was, and so I legitimately do think Trump is trying to have legitimate policy.
I think he could be lied into a war, but this looks more like they're trying to get people captured to embarrass him like Jimmy Carter.
What do you think?
Look at what their outlook has been.
And look at where Trump has put all his emphasis.
Dude, we're being set up.
Iran has been on the list for quite some time before Trump, but Trump is doing everything right now.
There's no difference between him and a George W. Bush.
Well, here's what Trump just said.
Iran killed an American contractor, wounding many.
We strongly respond, and it always will.
Now Iran is orchestrating an attack on the U.S.
Embassy in Iraq.
It will be held fully responsible.
In addition, we expect Iraq to use its forces to protect the embassy.
And so, notified.
Trump came out.
The day after 9-11 and said he thought there were bombs in the buildings and he said that it looked like a controlled demolition and he's well known to tell people privately that he thinks it was a big setup.
You judge a tree by its fruits.
I don't think it's 9-11 here to have the embassy attacked, the main embassy.
By Iran and by Hezbollah-backed groups, and I think that's a bad thing.
I think Iran should not be testing the United States because Iran is running proxy wars overseas.
I keep holding over callers.
Come back and tell me, Jeremy, how you think I'm echoing what John Bolton is saying.
Because listen, I'm against starting offensive wars, but
Iran is its own kettle of fish, and it's running around like it's the boss in the Middle East, okay?
I would thank you for everything you've done for the Infowar, but I know you're like me.
You don't want my thanks.
You want victory over the globalists and these devil worship and child molesters, and you want them off your back and off your children's back.
And you know what?
I'm the same way, and that's why we're on the same damn team.
And it's why Infowars has been delivering time and time again, when it's clutch time.
To focus the people on taking action against the globalists.
Because I'm committed to a future for humanity.
And I know you are as well.
So thank you in 2019 for standing with us, because you are the InfoWar.
And I want to thank you for committing to stand with us in 2020 however you can.
From the bottom of my heart, from my family, and from the great crew at InfoWars, I want to thank you all because you are the InfoWar.
And you know that's not just words, that's reality.
You have made history.
We have made history together.
Infowars.com only has power because of you, and I suggest you use it.
Two segments left in my final broadcast of 2019.
I'll try to go live some tonight at Infowars.com, the live feed, and ring in the New Year with everybody, because it is a big deal, 2020.
It's not the end of the decade.
It's the last year of the decade starting, but
It's this war on knowledge, the war on calendars.
It's an obsession of the Illuminati Jacobins.
When you study them, they're obsessed with changing calendars and changing language and ending the family.
The French Revolution was about that.
And any real historian will tell you the left-hand path comes out of that and is occultic.
We're literally fighting devil worshipers.
And I want to explain that to atheists out there.
If you're really an atheist, because you don't believe in invisible things, and you really don't like big fake churches, I get you 100%, and I don't dislike you, I don't think you're a bad person, I totally understand, okay?
But you know the people up above you that teach it are devil worshipers.
You understand they drink blood, right?
I mean, I've seen it with my own two eyes, okay?
When I was 12, 13, 14, 15 years old.
And it was so freaky that I wouldn't even tell my parents about it.
And I would just try to get away from it.
And it's like, at the end of The Lost Boys, they're just like, the grandpa shows up and it's like, man, I tell you, this town's always had too many vampires in it.
And they're not physically living forever, but it's vampires.
And anybody that knows anything knows that.
And I'm just here to tell you that I've seen it.
I don't need to read about it in crime reports or FBI files.
And they're trying to take over.
And that's what's in the finders, thousands of pages the FBI released about two months ago, is how Satanists were actively trying to take over towns all over the country.
So you see the old Hollywood movies in the 50s and 60s and 70s where, you know, one of them was shot in Central Texas.
I think it's like called Running from the Devil or... It's a really good old movie.
I forget the exact name.
Race with the Devil is the name of it.
Look that up, guys.
And it's shot outside Austin and they go over a hill at night and they see a human sacrifice.
They see a woman being willingly killed.
And then, you know, the devil worshippers see him and the whole rest of the movie is them running through the hill country from the devil worshippers.
I tell you right now there's real devil worshippers out there in the hill country and top Democrats go out there and they kill people.
I know people that have been there.
I know women that have been there.
And I didn't just hear this from some crazy woman.
I heard this from a woman 20 years ago and I met another woman told me the same damn story and you wouldn't be told it unless you'd been there.
Believe me.
It'll curl your hair.
Especially when you turn on TV and get to see some of the rock bands up there doing interviews.
And that's just where I live here.
You couldn't shake a stick where I grew up in Dallas without running into the Devil Whispers.
And KKK, oh my God.
Let me tell you, a real KKK ain't running around in white hoods.
And they're into controlling people based on race, colliding blacks and whites together.
These people are evil, man, I tell you.
So, I'm going to stop.
I'm going to stop right there.
It's just that I harp on this because the spiritual battle is so clear, it's out in the open now, and people better make a decision.
That's all I'm saying.
But if you're an atheist, you're like, oh well, sure, from an anthropological view, there's devil worshippers.
But I'm telling you, that's their operating system.
So whether you believe in the ethereal Satan or not, it's a real manifestation through people.
Whatever the hell it is, it's real.
And like I said, you know, the media doesn't even do it anymore when I bring up some of these things.
They never attack me for what I really say.
They always make stuff up.
And they know I'm not BSing.
I saw some stuff.
With these, that these devil worshippers were pulling?
Unless they were spraying hallucinogens into the room, and had, you know, holograms or something, and maybe that's what was going on.
But, there's a lot of stuff going on.
Let me just tell you, I mean, I've seen some stuff right out of a movie.
And I wasn't on drugs when I saw it.
So, I'm just going to leave it at that.
Someday I might get into it, but... Let's just say this.
I don't have fun going and seeing movies like IT, and going and seeing that stuff, because that's all allegories.
Stephen King's been led into these groups, obviously.
And these are showing you what these towns are like, and how people serve these people, and what's really going on.
And it needs to be resisted, because they're hurting innocent people.
They're targeting children.
All right, let's go back.
Jeremy, we could debate this all day.
They're sending in U.S.
Special Forces into Iraq.
There's an escalation there.
The Shiites are throwing their weight around all over Iraq, trying to take it over.
Trump's trying to stop a civil war between Shiites and Sunnis.
He's got to deal with Saudi Arabia.
I know he fetishized Israel.
Oh, Israel doesn't like Iran, too.
They're not going to go away.
They've got hundreds of nuclear weapons.
Trump is legitimately trying to stop a giant war, in my view, while trying to deal with the chi-coms that are the real threat, and the globalists are trying to stir things up in the Middle East to embarrass Trump.
Now, that's my educated view on this.
That's me as a pragmatist, not just supporting the President.
I see what he's up against.
What do you think?
I don't know.
I think the word picture you just drew is great.
It sounds great.
The problem is, though, is that that doesn't appear to be the case.
It appears that we're actually being led to be the fool.
Once again, we're going to be sold a bill of goods.
We're now, we're airstriking in Iraq because of a contractor, essentially a hired merc, a Blackwater guy, somebody that you actually would have said back before your relationship with Eric Prince, that you would have said, hey, these guys are... I don't have a relationship with Eric Prince.
Eric Prince has Frontier Services and works with the CHICOMS.
I know he helped expose some of the pedophile rings, and I only gave credit to where some of that information came from.
Well, okay, you've made it sound like there's a little bit more than that.
No, I, I, no.
Well, you just misunderstood.
Sir, if I do anything, it's... Sorry, I had a tooth break off.
It's like a spike cut in my tongue.
It's literally bleeding right now.
It broke last night.
It's just something I'm dealing with.
That's why I keep having a list.
Sir, if I do anything, it's just throw it all out there.
I don't get good stuff from big contacts.
I'm not involved in spooky groups.
Those groups don't know anything.
Most of those groups are all compartmentalized.
Some of the most brainwashed people are in these intelligence agencies.
I'm just a private individual doing research, okay?
Okay, but listen.
So, you and I, you would agree that the Saudis and the Israelis have it in for Iran, would you not?
Yes, but just because Israel has some problems and the Saudi Arabians have problems, doesn't mean that we're all kissy-faced with Iran and they're a bunch of little sweetsies.
Right, but you would also agree that our relationship with the Saudis, which there's been some stuff where we've been like, hey, Trump, seriously, you're going to keep this relationship tight?
He has, he keeps it going.
What, because they chopped up some operative of the other Saudi group?
Right, we're not even getting into that.
Just, dude, they just come in and there's all sorts of stuff they've infiltrated and they influence.
And the way that they have orchestrated things in the region, we're almost like... Okay, so what is letting the Iranians attack the embassy do?
Okay, so what does it do?
It allows, it gives a gateway to start some action.
So, I don't know... Yeah, but I'm saying the Iranians are really starting stuff, so we have to ask why are they doing that?
Because they're working with the other set of diplomats from the deep state to actually embarrass Trump, and that's where the smart money is.
Alright, I was already going to basically start the broadcast with this today, and then we had the embassy attack by the Hezbollah Iranian-backed militia, and that whole crisis blowing up.
And it's that the left is planning to try to trigger a civil war here and call the United Nations into the country.
The globalists have positioned the UN as the world government, China as the muscle, both economically.
This is a new story going up on InfoWars.com.
As we speak, Tom Pepper just called me with it.
I'm going to get him booked right now to come on with, of course,
Owen Schroyer and I'm going to continue on.
I'm going to be on with Owen as well coming up in the four o'clock hour.
It's the last live broadcast of the year and so much is breaking and I literally have a mobile dentist coming here to just
Cut this tooth off.
I just had to do this real quick.
This tooth imploded and cracked and it's making me bleed and I just gotta deal with it.
So as soon as I've got that handled, I'm going to be back on the air here because this is ultra massive.
This is going up on Infowars.com right now.
This is official.
New York UN office recruits paramilitary troops for disarmament
And reintegration of U.S.
Now, guys, print me.
Infowars.com is the prefix when you search it.
This is for listeners too.
And type in Obama military document, Army document, re-education camps.
It actually was in a 2010 document where Obama told the Army, prepare to process Americans into re-education camps.
That's not me calling it a re-education camp.
That's the term used by the Pentagon in Obama's order, basically from the Ford Foundation and the Carnegie Endowment.
And it talks about, that's right out of the Weatherman, and Larry Grathwald, and the re-education camps.
So, in the four o'clock hour, I'm gonna be over there with Owen,
Breaking all this down, he'll have the first hour.
I want to call Tom Pappert.
Hell, I'll just call him myself right now while I'm on air.
That's how we'll get him set up that way.
Boom, make sure he's on.
Go ahead and call him.
This is so massive, but we knew this was coming.
See, they just got to get it out in the open.
Also, print me the articles about Strong Cities Initiative, UN, to control U.S.
police forces.
This is all part of the conditioning for during the Civil War they start, then the UN comes in.
Hey Tom, I got you live on air.
I wanted to make sure this happened.
Owen Schroer is live with the War Room coming up.
I want to co-host because I was already going to make this my main show today, the UN-CHICOM takeover, and then I got diverted off into this embassy situation and never got to it, but I promised to cover it so that way I'll keep the promise.
Can you come on with Owen in about 30 minutes?
And then I'm going to come on right after that.
Absolutely, Alex, we'll be there.
All right, just tell listeners real quick a little bit about this massive story.
This is from the UN.
This isn't a theory.
It's not something we're just saying.
This is openly the UN recruiting troops for America.
They're now having events in places like Utah, kicking citizens off the streets, saying, we own and control this now.
We are sovereign.
I mean, this is what they do all over the world.
They've joined with the chi-coms and the internet takeover.
It's just incredible.
Well Alex, it's baffling how upfront they're being with this.
This literally comes from a UN recruitment website where they're trying to hire employees.
And of course it's been up since November.
Nobody has noticed this.
We find it and it says that they're hiring people with a paramilitary background for peacekeeping operations in UN member states.
So of course that means 103 countries including the United States of America.
But it gets
These people will be stationed in the New York office of the United Nations.
So this is completely up front, completely out where everybody can see it.
You go to their website, it tells you exactly what the peacekeeping forces do.
There is absolutely no way that they can try to hide what this is.
And again, Alex, as you know, they do this all.
They're so arrogant at this point.
They do it in plain sight of every single person who could just go to the website and read what they're planning.
And of course, you integrate this in with the Strong Cities Initiative, you integrate this in with what Obama was trying, with the U.N.
suing over us having borders at all.
This is a big, big piece of the puzzle.
Very, very important.
Again, if we don't act like it's a big deal, no one else is alerted.
So, so many times, if I go, oh, this video's important, people go watch it.
If I go, oh, this is huge, people care.
They just want to keep putting this out slowly.
And conditioning us, but this ties into the CHICOM takeover and everything else.
So you'll be on The War Room with Owen Stroyer at Band.Video and at Infowars.com forward slash show at about 30 minutes.
He takes over in about eight, nine minutes at three o'clock Central Standard Time.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
Newswars.com forward slash show.
That URL isn't censored as much on Twitter and Facebook and places.
So folks, without you, this information will not get out.
So, we're going to be breaking it all down here, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm going to just continue on here tonight as well on The War Room with Owen Schroer.
That's Tom Papert of National File, and he's going to be co-hosting with us coming up with The War Room.
Thank you, Tom.
Thank you, Alex.
Look, I've tried to get to everybody.
I didn't even get to all this news.
We took so many calls.
But let's just try to jam a few of these in, but everybody's just got 30 seconds, 40 seconds or so.
Mark in New York, thanks for holding her on the air.
Not a problem.
How you doing today, Mr. Jones?
Good, brother.
I just wanted to say real quick, just kind of what you guys were talking about.
I've been a longtime listener for seven years.
I'm definitely a diehard Trump fan.
Uh, even before most of them became Trump fans, but people need to keep in mind that this is all biblical.
Once the New World Order comes to fruition, the only reason why it hasn't come to fruition yet is because of the myth of Trump.
And, uh, it's biblical for the one-world government to rise up.
It has to happen.
It has to happen for the entire time.
No, I agree, but we've got to warn people so they don't then submit to it and take on its religion.
Absolutely, and with Barack Obama, people forget that he bought 12 deities.
And he bought 12 guillotines.
What was that?
Like five years ago?
Four years ago?
And the US government bought up all the ammo then.
It was in like 2014, 2013, something around then.
They're going to be using that.
People sleep on the left, and I mean, there are foot soldiers, and TIFA, and the snowflakes out there.
Those are their pawns.
I mean, there's bigger pieces on the board that they're going to use for foot soldiers.
People forget about all the gangs that come across the borders, the local gangs in the neighborhood.
That's right, everything is to just desensitize us, break us down, flood us with fentanyl, kill millions of us, and then cause a race war, and the UN is invited in by the Democrats, and they have a permanent civil war in the United States declaring anybody that resists terrorist.
And then we're in a civil war, which is what the Chai Koms and the EU want.
That's their plan to bring down America.
Thank you so much, Mark.
The Chai Koms are in the news today saying disarm the American people.
Stories up on InfoWars.com, Chinese state media.
Yeah, Alex, the reason that, or the way that we're going to continue this movement after Trump is gone is because of the person.
The reason that we're going to continue...
You've been private for 25 years because it's about ideals, it's about liberty, it's about people, it's not about a person.
We're grateful that Trump is a guy that's spearheading this right now and giving us a platform.
He's helped to expose the fake news, the fake media that's out there.
He's also helped to expose the deep state.
Years ago, people were talking about the Illuminati, they were talking about the free nation we take over the government.
But right now, the deep state, which is the same thing as all of those secret societies, the deep state... It's a permanent bureaucracy.
Absolutely, and it's now on the news every day.
It's part of our daily talk.
And there's no going back for the globalists.
They have been grievously wounded.
Absolutely, because once you have somebody like this that's helped to ignite a movement like this, and people have had a taste of freedom and they realize they're awake now, there's nothing that's going to be able to stop them from this.
I hear you.
We're out of town, Aaron.
Thank you for holding your awesome.
Wild in Wisconsin.
You say, how far down the rabbit hole are we?
It's going to get exponentially crazy.
We're at the bottom of the rabbit hole already.
It's just how much will we be able to see?
How much light will there be in the darkness?
What do you think?
What do I think personally?
As I think we haven't even dipped our toes into it.
I think it's a layered fractal and though it may seem we get deeper, we know less and less.
We're actually very shallow still.
I think as we progress, you know we have major chapters transitioning from the 90s to the 2000 odds with September 11th.
Then now in the 2010s, you know you've been very.
You know what, let's do this, Wild, and you're not going to hold.
I'm going to go talk to Owen and say, hey, please go to their call, second segment.
Wild, Andre, and Derek, we're going to your calls.
I'll be back in one hour in there with Owen.
And then Mike Adams is hosting part of the show tomorrow, and I'll be here for part of the show tomorrow as well.
So live.
New Year's Day show, but Owen Schroyer at InfoWars.com forward slash show it on the radio and TV satellites for TV radio stations.
He's about to take over, but Tom Papert and let's transfer those calls over the other studio.
Wild, stay there.
I want to hear your view on the rabbit hole.
All these callers have been amazing.
We must get to every caller.
Andre, Wild, Derek, InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Everybody watching and listening.
Tell everyone you know, tune in now.
That's how we create a chain reaction.
God bless you all.
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By the grace of God, and all the glory goes to God, we have done amazing things in just the last few weeks.
We have confronted Hillary Clinton and made national headlines at point-blank range exposing her crimes.
And we have gone and covered massive Trump rallies in the armored vehicle and taken over the narratives there and exposed the deep state crimes.
Owen Schroer has marched in with a sea change event and confronted Nadler with the truth of his treason.
And that has spurred so many other people to go out now and confront
Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton and all the other globalist candidates.
It's really amazing.
We are the detonator that in the majority of cases
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