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Name: 20191230_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 30, 2019
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In this episode of The Alex Jones Show, Alex Jones discusses topics ranging from addiction recovery to spiritual warfare and voter fraud. He encourages listeners to support the Infowars store for Christmas gifts or for themselves and promotes InfoWars products. The show also covers topics such as online advertising frauds, religion during Christmas, supporting media outlets like InfoWars, and promoting their own product line at InfowarsLife.com designed to boost physical and mental health. Additionally, Jones addresses recent events including Twitter censoring President Trump's tweets, the impeachment process, iodine deficiency, and the latest round of documents released by WikiLeaks exposing manipulation of a chemical weapons report to justify a 2018 U.S. attack on Syria.

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Monday, December 30th, 2019, and I want to give listeners a chance to weigh in on the year in review and what you think is coming up in this incredibly important, beyond epic, crossroads event known as 2020.
I'm calling it the year of global awakening.
You think you've seen globalism in trouble?
You think you've seen the planet awakening to the anti-human agenda?
It's going to explode in 2020, and I'm not predicting that.
I'm saying, ladies and gentlemen, that that is ongoing and that that is happening right now.
Thank you for joining us.
Again, I intend to open the phones up throughout the entire four hours of this broadcast.
There have been a lot of big events, obviously, happening.
In the last 48 hours, we have seen a church attacked in Texas, and within six seconds, an individual, a parishioner, with a concealed carry, was able to kill the individual, but unfortunately not before they were able to shoot one other person, tragically.
But this is exactly what the left doesn't want.
They want to be able to hype up mass shootings, knowing it's going to cause mentally ill people to do it.
And then they want to blame gun owners in general when someone commits a crime using firearms.
We're going to chronicle that.
There are also a massive increase in attacks on Jewish synagogues, Jewish people's homes, and Jewish people's Grocery stores and things like that, that from my research are not false flags.
Most of the swastikas being painted and tombstones being knocked over have turned out to be staged false flags carried out by leftist Jews who are trying to trigger mentally ill people to attack Jews.
And that's come out, that's been confirmed.
It's basically Smollett type behavior, Smollettian type phenomenon.
But these attacks, Are the mentally ill people responding to what's taught on universities?
And there's a dialectic here.
If you go to the University of Texas, or anywhere else for that matter, it is, unless it's a conservative private school, it is, Israel must be bulldozed, Jews are inherently evil.
It's incredible.
I have a Jewish friend of, gosh, it's gotta be, I'm getting old, it's gotta be at least 25, 26 years.
I knew him when I was in high school, friends with my cousin.
He went on to be a big film editor, but wasn't fulfilled in Hollywood, and came back to UT, and they basically told him, we're not giving you your master's or your PhD because you're a Jew.
And they throw him out.
They said, you're a man and you're a Jew, get the hell out of here.
And you see that all over the news.
So you think you're an effing white male.
We've all heard that.
Well, an effing white male who happens to be Jewish, that is, with the left, the most evil thing that exists.
And that's the dialectic.
You have the left at the top saying there's all this anti-Semitism and Jews are under attack and Trump hates Jews.
And then meanwhile, you've got the left on the universities teaching unbelievable.
Anti-Semitism, and it's a dialectic.
It's a plan to create this clash.
I think we're all smart enough to see through it and try to say no to it, but we'll see.
Because I've got all these clips of Michael Moore, CNN, Democrat candidates saying, thank God white people are killing themselves.
Whites are inherently evil.
It is just unbelievable.
Stay with us, big broadcast today.
For the last two weeks, if you're a TV viewer, You've seen a graphic behind us that one of the crew put together.
And I wanted to see if the listeners began to ask, what does it symbolize?
What does the art mean?
I had Dr. Steve Pachinik on last week, and he said, oh, how nice!
It shows technology and the future, but we've got still our forest and our land and The Earth.
And he was being friendly during a break, but he was staring at it.
And I think he was getting the real meaning of it.
And you know, Pchenik was on air talking about all these different operations he was involved in.
He would say, I was charged with this.
I was charged with that.
I was given this mission to do this.
And in some of those missions, he was in charge of them.
And in a lot of the missions, he was in the higher echelons of them.
And when you realize how many missions that guy was in, because I've gone and looked in the newspapers years ago, and he's talked about stuff that they've tried to indict him for on air.
Like, they blame him for getting the Red Brigade to kill the Italian Prime Minister.
I mean, he did do the big hostage rescue deals.
He did do some of the top negotiations.
He was in on the planning of the whole failed Delta Force raid on Iran in 79.
Some good, some bad stuff.
I mean, he really was involved in all those missions.
But I didn't mean to segue off into that.
It's kind of like all the things Infowars has done.
People can't believe all the things Infowars has done as organic, independent American patriots fighting tyranny.
People think, well, we must be part of some federal agency, or we must be part of some group, and that's not the case.
We're just organic, independent Americans that love freedom and who aren't lying down to tyranny.
But the reason I began to get into that Pachinic story and kind of went down a rabbit trail is, if you're a TV viewer, or you're watching at Band.Video or Infowars.com forward slash show or Newswars.com forward slash show, you'll see an astronaut, and that's an astronaut cut out shot from Apollo, one of the Apollo missions.
And then you've got a stag and elk in the background, and then you've got If you look at the wider picture, we can put the middle center panel.
Thank you.
Back here for me again.
Thank you.
You'll see all of what looks like bubbles in the air.
But that's not bubbles.
That's a symbol of a polluted atmosphere with chemical and biological and radiological that humans can't live in.
And so it's a symbol of humans having to leave the earth.
And the globalists, the anti-human alliance, they are building an atmosphere, the physical atmosphere of the planet, and what's in the atmosphere, to make the planet unlivable.
Everything they're doing on record, when you study what it does scientifically, is remove the atmosphere, poison the oceans, Poison all the life forms and kill the planet.
While they tell you the planet's gonna die because of humanity, so that while the planet then begins dying, we will blame ourselves and be part of going along with the human extermination.
Now, that is what you just heard, the absolute truth and their post-human exterminist plan, which I told you about 25 years ago.
Which now is being externalized of the hierarchy and the method in everyone's face where you can't even debate it.
Because they've already taught people to hate themselves and to see humanity as a plague and to see us as something
bad that needs to be gotten rid of.
And then as we see the earth die, we will then hate ourselves and blame ourselves.
And then it's not even my opinion extrapolating what's in public view.
It's stated and it's admitted.
And anything real, any real solutions are being blocked.
And so at the start of the next segment, I'm gonna give you a microcosm example of that.
But when you're always hearing about the end of the world is in 10 years, it's human's fault, and then the end of the world doesn't come, it's simply because they're implanting that in the mind and getting you ready for an end of the world as we know it.
But what is going to rise out of that world?
We're going to be looking at that at the start.
Of the next segment, you've heard AOC, you've heard them all say, the world is going to end.
In 12 years, in 11 years, in 10 years, and it's all your fault.
And then young children are committing suicide in record levels.
Because the schools even have death education teaching people how people commit suicide.
Then telling them you're all evil, you're all bad.
Then putting them on serotonin reuptake inhibitors that the drug insert says can trigger suicide and cause suicidal ideations.
Megalomania, mass murder, you name it.
So it's all an admitted plan.
And we're going out of the beta testing phase of all of this into the action phase.
And the brown people are being taught the white people are inherently evil.
By the technocrats.
And then that's going to make the white people organize into racial groups again.
So that when the globalists hit all of humanity, we're fighting with each other as the machines take over.
And that's the battle stratagem.
And it's unstoppable.
Unless we wake up to it and admit the horror.
Because I understand why people Don't want to believe this show or want the media to tell you that the show's a lie so you have an excuse to tell yourself it's not true.
Because it's actually pretty horrifying to admit we're in this position.
But I'll tell you what's worse, denying it and letting it happen.
Or subconsciously knowing it's true, but doing nothing to stop it because you don't believe in yourself.
It's not work fighting this.
It's what you were born to do.
But you see all these predictions of the end of the world, and you're told constantly that if you don't turn power
over your own life to other people, you have no future.
But then those very individuals are the ones that when you follow what they say to do, you're destroyed.
Every piece of info they give us is to destroy us.
Every piece of info I give you is common sense proven to help and to be good.
And you can verify it, you can check it for yourself.
When you check the Globalist, it's pure poison, pure hate, pure kill, steal, destroy.
We're going to go to break and come back with a microcosm example of this, and then run the gauntlet of news and take your phone calls throughout the next four hours today.
Separately, we need fuel to continue our operations here in the face of what the Globalists are trying to do.
I am extremely honored that their attacks are so intense and so duplicitous and so deceptive because it means we're over the target, we're effective, and we're countering their operation.
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They call that stupid.
Men are taught to be predatory and full of avarice is a winning strategy.
It's not long term for your children or for a future.
At the same time, though, men are taught to lay down to corruption like that's manly.
No, you're supposed to stand up to it and fight it to the death if need be.
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We are back live.
We are broadcasting worldwide.
The social engineers admit people like Gruber that wrote Obamacare, that they hinge almost everything they do on people not having long-term memories.
That's what they're betting so much of their operations on.
And the average person has an attention span of a goldfish.
They've been trained by the television, by the ads, by the literal programming.
And we watch attention spans go from 15 minutes on average to about eight seconds.
People are fractured.
They've been programmed to have ADHD.
Don't worry, then they've got speed to literally poison your neurons to help burn you out and slow you down.
Welcome back, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
So I don't need to play you Beto O'Rourke and AOC and Al Gore and Hillary Clinton and everybody else for that matter, telling you that humans are bad, the earth is dying, that by 2013 all the coastal cities would be flooded.
They knew that wasn't true.
That's why you could show Obama buying a house on the beach or Al Gore doing it.
They were only telling you that the earth was going to die so that you would feel guilty and that you would do what they said and you would accept the programming and the orders they gave you in Europe and in North America as well as Australia and New Zealand so that you would give up on modernization and you would pay carbon taxes to them and I know as an audience you know that.
But nowhere is this more illustrated, and here's a graphic cartoon for TV viewers, than a graphic that's up on Infowars.com right now, down in the lower right-hand corner.
It's Greta Thunberg pointing at Trump, saying, how dare you?
How dare you?
I shouldn't have to be here, but I will put you up against the wall and shoot you if you do not do what I say.
My parents are Antifa.
I am Antifa.
I am 16, but I look like I'm 8.
And it's India and China dumping trash cans off the dock into the ocean.
Perfect cartoon.
Because the United States has laws against that.
And you can look it up.
Got the articles right here.
Covered it some yesterday.
99% of the waste being dumped in the oceans is being done by a handful of industrial giants, namely China and India.
And everybody knows that.
And they have it legal to go out past their 12 or 20 mile markers.
Hell, China now says they control water 1,000 miles away.
But as long as you go past their international marker, They tell their industry you can dump the trash in there, and so we hire China, and they buy a lot of our garbage, not for recycling, and they take it and they dump it out past the international mile marker.
But you're told on the news that your plastic straw did it, or the runoff you engaged in, even though most of our plastic now is recycled.
China and India are the main ones taking their garbage and dumping it in the ocean.
Though some of ours does get sold by cities to Chinese and Indian and other companies who do take it and do dump it.
But the amount of waste coming from the U.S.
is negligible.
And the whole world knows that!
But this graphic perfectly illustrates it.
How dare you!
She says to President Trump.
Because America and the West is bad.
We're the ones hurting everything.
Our coal plants, half of which were shut down under Obama, are the cleanest in the world.
Nothing comes out of them but carbon dioxide and water vapor.
So they listed carbon dioxide as a pollutant.
Obama put a tax on it and shut them down.
Our power price is more than doubled.
This is fundamental economic warfare.
China has black clouds and they wear masks over there because they purposefully As a governmental decision said, we want to be able to out-compete Europe and the United States.
No controls.
Direct smokestacks from their furnaces, burning garbage, burning toxic waste, burning dirty coal.
None of it going through scrubbers.
And putting it out into the atmosphere.
Have you ever heard Greta Thunberg say one word about China, or India, or Mexico?
Because they're not supposed to.
This is all systematic, whether it's a professor in England, a professor in Germany, a professor in the United States, a professor in South Africa, a professor in Australia, New Zealand, a professor in Scotland.
They'll all say the same thing.
America's bad.
Europe's bad.
White people are bad.
Western industry's bad.
Coal is bad in the West.
But everywhere else in the world, they have no standards when we should be putting standards on them, not out of competition, but out of this is one planet and one Earth.
And it is hurting the oceans, and it is hurting the animals, and it is hurting humans.
You know, the jet stream goes around the planet.
And it dumps in the same jet stream that goes right over southern China.
Dumps over New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana.
We get the lion's share.
Most of the jet stream's at 35,000 feet.
There's one place it comes down to 5,000 feet in North America, and that's right over where I live.
People don't have allergies, folks, from the cedar.
That just makes it worse.
We don't have allergies from the oak.
Yeah, you got allergies to it, but it's being triggered by the toxic waste dumping over this area of the United States.
And the jet stream moves back and forth where it dumps in, but we get the lion's share of it.
Do you hear one word out of the Sierra Club?
The Nature Conservancy?
Their job, set up by the Rockefeller Foundation, is deindustrialization of the United States.
They literally shut down clean coal plants in England and shipped them to India, where they have no controls.
And the same globalist companies own them.
And the British people, back 15 years ago, because Paul Watson's dad lost his job as a manager in the steel plant where he worked, making British steel.
Worked for British steel!
They had a government buyout of the workers, and they shipped the steel plants and everything to India.
In a government deal run by the head of the UN climate program at the time, Pachari.
And it was a scandal that his son owned part of the new steel mills and coal plants.
So they ship them from here where they're clean to there and they make them dirty and they poison those people.
They exploit them.
Then they hype them full of Western hate and ship them here as a human weapon.
And that's the globalist plan.
They're killing the Earth.
The globalists say they're going to transcend biological life.
They say the Earth's nothing trash.
They say it's a post-human world.
They care about animals?
While they lecture you to bow down to them all day as if they're the guardians of the planet when they're the ones killing it.
When I come back, I'm going to show you groups organizing and raising money to clean up the trash when it hits the shore instead of turning the spigot off and stopping it all.
We'll cover it all when we come back on the other side of this break.
Stay with us.
2020 is going to be the year of spectacular global awakening.
2020 is the archetypal symbol of piercing vision and understanding.
It is the numerical equivalent to sight that reaches into infinity.
2020 is going to be a year to remember.
War, upheaval, disease, but in the midst of it, great awakenings.
And you're going to see information come out that is going to shake the world to its core.
That's why you see movies and TV shows and reports everywhere about deep fakes.
And how fake video is going to come out showing government officials doing horrible things.
That's because there's real video out there set to be released of children being raped, tortured, and killed.
And that's why Sacha Baron Cohen and the ADL and others are fighting to say we need total control on anybody being able to upload anything without prior approval by AI.
So the media is also flooding fake deepfakes out there of Trump and Mark Zuckerberg and Hillary Clinton so that when you see real things, you don't know what's real anymore.
But again, I go back to the facts.
The eugenicist movement was funded and founded out of England and the United States.
Hitler was only a spinoff of that.
Out of that dialectic, they said, no, we're not going to have eugenics be race-based, it's just going to be applied against everybody.
But not to improve the species, but to transcend the species.
But you're not really transcending it, you're losing the species.
Transhumanism is a dead end.
Giving up your physical body to some corporation with the claim of you're really getting immortality.
And that's why you've got Greta Thunberg and all the usual suspects running around saying it's the end of the world, we're all dead if you don't do what the UN says.
And the UN says give control of the internet to the communist Chinese.
Have carbon taxes on everything you do, track what you do.
Have a global one-child policy.
Legalize pedophilia.
Put Saudi Arabia in charge of the Human Rights Council.
This is the madness that they're telling you to go against your own common sense, your own conscience, your own innate guide, roadmap, owner's manual that God gave us, that the transmission from God resonates with.
What God gives us brings incredible success and nothing but invincible clarity.
What the devil brings is destruction.
And what is the devil?
A force, not of this world, here to destroy us.
Here to destroy us before we go to the next level.
And now you see it manifest, and you see world government, and Mark of the Beast, and attacks on Christianity, and attacks on the family, and the very same claims that Satan made to one-third of the angels who went with him, that, oh, God has built this prison for us and it's a false reality.
Come with me and we'll break out of this and build our own universe together.
But everything these forces of evil build is ugly, is fallen, is twisted, is destructive, just as it says in the Old Testament.
Because it's real.
It's a warning.
Because our DNA is a transceiver.
We are receiving the vision.
We have to open ourselves up and we receive God's transmission through the space-time continuum.
It's blasting at 11.
But it's a sound that you could never get enough of.
But these people that serve evil, they've either never heard it, or they've rejected it and I cannot imagine what that's
I'm gonna stop preaching.
But that's what this is.
Look at the fantastical universe all around us.
Look at the discoveries we've already made.
Look at what we can do.
And we're being told universally, we're ugly, we're bad, let's all kill each other over what color our skin is.
And that this wonderful utopia is coming as soon as we all kill each other.
As soon as we get out of the way for the next big thing that's coming, so says the priesthood of Silicon Valley.
That protuberance, that hemorrhoid that's grown off of San Francisco.
Now I'm going to be judicious and I'm going to cover all this news when we come back and then give the number out and take your calls.
But I really need to finish up with the attack on the species itself.
Here is... I said I wouldn't play this, but just to put it on record, here they are saying the world's ending.
And we're like, the world is going to end in 12 years if we don't address climate change.
And your biggest issue is...
Your biggest issue is how are we going to pay for it?
Climate change before it is too late within the 10 years that we have left to us to act.
You mean to play a woman, you know, being cheered by a crowd saying I killed my baby?
It's a real child.
I wanted to kill a human.
I have power.
I'm God.
No, there's no need to.
See, if you heard this was going to be happening 30 years ago, you'd say, well, that's a satanic takeover.
That's a cult.
The world's ending, do what we say or you're all dead.
I'm getting the hell out of this cult, but instead it's the media, it's elements of the government bombarding us.
And then you see these ads all over cable TV on Fox News of four oceans with these nice guys and you're good and you're gonna save the world and you're a great person.
Because you know that the oceans are all dying, and it all looks great, and people are together with these big machines that pick up all the garbage after it's wrapped around the seals and the fish and the turtles' heads and kills them.
Instead of saying, We'll put tariffs on China and India if you allow your trawlers to dump the garbage, which is, again, 99% of it, literally.
But there's not a word about, oh, let's have China stop that.
Oh no, it's all how America's bad, and you did this, so give four oceans money, and they'll go clean it up after it's all spread out and killing everything.
That's like saying, never teach your child to be potty trained.
Just hire a robot that hangs on their back for the rest of their life, and then after they crap on the floor, or their pants, put a new pair of pants on.
But again, it's like breast cancer.
Don't tell you why it's exploded.
The glyphosate, they know damn well the main cause.
Stop that, it all goes away.
Brazil had basically no breast cancer.
They got glyphosate in 20 years ago?
It's as bad as we are!
But don't ever actually stop that!
We just have new ways to cut your wife or daughter's breast off!
Here's Four Oceans.
Hi, I'm Andrew Cooper.
And I'm Alex Schultz.
In 2015, we took a surf trip to Bali, Indonesia, and saw firsthand just how bad the world's plastic pollution problem really is.
And it was on that plastic-covered beach that we decided to make it our mission to help end the ocean plastic crisis.
First, we did cleanups by ourselves.
Until 2017, when we started Four Ocean, a company dedicated to cleaning the ocean and changing plastic consumption habits on land.
Four Ocean is now a global business, employing captains and crews around the world to clean the ocean and coastlines.
We're investing in new cleanup technologies, expanding into new locations, and helping spread the word about alternatives to single-use plastic.
And now, we're inviting you to join our CleanOcean mission.
For every 4ocean product you purchase, we'll pull another pound of trash from the ocean, and you'll help fund the professional cleanups that have already collected more than 6 million pounds of ocean trash.
So visit 4ocean.com today.
There is a new way to clean the ocean.
There is a new way to clean the ocean.
Introducing 4Ocean t-shirts.
These 100% organic cotton shirts are the perfect way to show the world that you're part of the clean ocean movement.
We chose 100% organic cotton because it's a natural fiber that won't harm the ocean or the planet when it's washed.
Synthetic fabrics, even recycled ones, shed harmful plastic microfibers that contribute to microplastic pollution in our waterways and the ocean.
From farm to finished product, our cotton is sustainably sourced and ethically manufactured.
So you can look good and feel even better wearing our shirts.
And just like our bracelets, every t-shirt purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines.
Now, I'm not trying to pick on this Four Oceans group that has its ads airing all over TV, and they just show these armies of machines going around on the beaches, picking up the garbage, and saying, you've done it, it's your fault, give us money.
And there's never a word about stopping the trawlers, stopping the big Waste ships that go out to the International Marker Line and dump it in the ocean.
That's what's creating, again, 99% of it.
And I'm on their page.
Beach cleanup festival experience.
Searching for microplastics.
DIY sustainable gift wrapping teaching you that you're bad and plastics bad.
Whale and dolphin conservation update.
And they show whales and dolphins with the trash wrapped around them.
They don't tell you where it's coming from.
Four facts about penguins.
And it just goes into how to clean up your harbors.
A new way to pull a pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines.
What about simply telling the big ships that are 99% of it not to do it, and then to process it on land and recycle it?
But that's what's crazy.
It's like, buy this t-shirt and then allow us to have people go clean it up on the beach.
That's like doctors.
Hey, we'll cut your wife, your daughter, your grandmother's breast off.
Instead of telling you why it's happening and stopping the chemical that's causing it to become an epidemic, we'll just give your wife chemotherapy or your daughter chemotherapy or we'll just chop their breast off.
It's the same thing.
You know, just come clean it up off of the Beach!
And then they say, hey, by the way, we have cotton-based shirts that aren't made out of plastics, like nylon.
Oh, okay.
See, they're saying plastic itself is bad, which then gives these global bodies control over who can have plastics and who can't.
See, it's all about industry control.
It's not about control of coal.
It's about Moving it to China, where they can have it as dirty as they want because it is about control.
It's not about controlling toxins, it's about controlling people.
It's about using crises that they've helped create to get even more power and then never tell you why there's such a big problem.
So let me give you that if you want to see those videos for yourself, I would suggest you do.
And I would hope that Four Oceans, just the number four, I would simply hope that they would talk a little bit about where it comes from, 99%, which is not debatable.
They're all, give us money immediately, this plastic is getting tied up in the coral and hurting it.
Now again, I can sit here and I can talk about any of this information all day long.
And I could zoom in on each little subject and document it and detail it like we just did.
But we could put that Greta Thunberg graphic back up on screen.
I want to show TV viewers something.
They say a picture tells a thousand words.
This really does tell a thousand words.
Because that's what's happening.
There's not a word out of the UN about the offshore dumping.
There's not a word out of Greta Thunberg.
There's not a word out of the Nature Conservancy or Sierra Club.
Go look!
It's all just images of polar bears saying they can't swim.
Give them money.
Or plastic tied around a whale's neck saying give us money.
Because they don't give a damn.
About the oceans actually having problems.
The bigger the problem, the more they're going to get you to give them money to clean it up when it's all spread out and a thousand times bigger of a problem.
Just like the homeless.
I was watching Fox News last night.
They had a homeless advocate on saying, we need more money.
We need about a hundred times more money and we can fix the homeless problem.
They ship fentanyl.
They give them all these drugs.
The cities allow the drug dealers to operate.
They get their welfare checks, they lay out on the ground on heroin, on opium, on all these other chemicals.
And the answer is, cater to the homeless more.
Give them nice apartments, give them homes, when almost all of them are hardcore drug addicts or mentally ill.
And then it only gets worse and worse and more people opt, because society's putting up with it, to lay on the street in a tent and take heroin.
And when it gets too cold, you get on a bus, it's paid for, and you ride down to Florida.
Or you ride down to Texas.
Or you ride down to Southern California.
And then you wonder why it's all collapsing.
Because you're paying people thousands of dollars a month.
And the drug dealers sit there in their Escalades.
I've been there.
In Austin.
In L.A.
And you're just driving by filming thousands of people laid out on the side of the street in pools of urine.
And the drug dealers start flipping you off even though you're with LAPD.
And the LAPD told us, we have a report.
The LAPD let us park on top of the police department.
Had us go down there with an off-duty police officers.
We walk through it.
And literally, the police officers had to sit there with their hands almost on their guns so these people wouldn't attack us when we're 50 yards away.
And the drug dealers are so arrogant, they're staring in there and you see all these homeless
people, a lot of them look like they're 18, 19 year old, you know, women, just big black
circles around their eyes, totally whacked out of their brain, being sexually sold right there
for the drugs. And that's what it comes down to.
to. And that's what has unfolded.
And it's only getting worse.
In fact, that's an earlier Hopkins report from like three years ago.
We went back this year.
You want to see our report, but we were on the ground on the street walking.
But it's the same thing, and it gets bigger, and it gets bigger, and it gets bigger.
We go, oh, more money, more money!
And then the city has buildings in the area managing it, running it.
They've got social workers that actually think they're helping everybody, and they're handing out the money so people can scurry off and use more drugs.
And the police are told, don't bust anybody, don't arrest anybody, don't stop anybody.
And it's all promoted, it's all funded, it's all shielded, it's all protected.
So I'll ask four oceans.
Will you talk about the trawlers dumping the trash, the container ships dumping the trash?
Will you get into that?
I don't think you will, because then that would cut off the problem of where it's actually coming from.
Instead, as this problem gets bigger and bigger, like the homeless, why, four oceans and these other groups are going to be happier than pigs, and you know what?
All right, I'm going to start the next hour and get into The latest impeachment information, the latest on the shootings and stabbings at religious meetings, the latest on Twitter openly censoring the president, the latest on Saudi Arabia arrest hundreds wearing inappropriate clothing for indecency.
The latest on the UN handing over control of the internet that Obama handed over to them, to the Chi-Coms.
Now it's mainstream news we've been warning about for years.
It's all coming up next hour.
Incredible reports.
So much news.
New Yorkers don't think Trump's the president.
Wait till you see this video.
In fact, I'm going to air that first coming up because it shows the ignorance that they have inculcated, particularly into Democrats.
These people are mind wiped.
We're going to go to break.
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All right, folks, we are back live on one of the final days of 2019.
And I want to give the number out starting at the next segment.
And I want to take your calls on whatever big issue you want to discuss.
But I would like to talk about the trends of 2019 and what you see coming up in the new year.
It's really, really important that we do that and we reflect on what's happening and what's unfolding.
But I have to tell you that it really is all about people's philosophy.
Everything really comes down to what is the philosophy that folks have.
And some people don't care about other people and other people do.
But then you have a lot of people that are evil, manipulating people that do care into doing bad things because they're being misdirected.
So there's people that know what's going on and want to help society and build civilization.
There's people that are very destructive and love evil and nihilism and want to hurt others and want to keep knowledge from people.
And then there's folks that don't know what's going on and meanwhile,
but are being pulled in different directions.
But I can't imagine being somebody like a Joe Biden, or Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton,
chosen because they're sociopathic and evil and in love with themselves, and really enjoying
the collapse of society, and enjoying seeing people dumbed down, and enjoying seeing the total
I mean, they revel in that.
To see other people doing bad makes them feel big, makes them feel strong.
And until you understand that, it just won't make sense.
Like, why would you want to create a system to make more homeless people and get millions of people on drugs?
Because they can then harvest those people and harvest our compassion for them.
And use our compassion against them to capture these people and propel their deadly drug habit
until they're completely mentally ill and zombies.
And then you read a book like Scanner Darkly by PKD about San Francisco
and about the drug rehabs and about how they put this drug out in the future that fries your brain.
And then after they fried your brain, they send you to where they actually grow the plant that produces the chemical, where you are then a slave of the drug dealers who are actually the private Corporation taking over the planet with Substance D. And you see PKD telling everybody in that book a little allegory of how the whole thing really works.
And you know the cops in the movie, the cops in the book, they don't even know what's going on.
But when they do find out, well you know what happens to them.
And so it's predatory systems designed to take over civilization using charity as the mechanism to get good people to pave the road to hell with their good intentions.
That's why they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
I mean, this is real, organized, systematic evil we're talking about.
Breaking news this hour.
Officials say multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein has taken his own life.
Jeffrey Epstein is dead after being found unresponsive at a New York City jail Saturday morning.
After apparently taking his own life.
Officials say that his death was an apparent suicide.
Surveillance video recorded inside the Metropolitan Correctional Center is missing.
A camera situated just outside of Epstein's jail cell.
The footage from at least one camera in the hallway may be too damaged or unusable for investigators.
An FBI crime lab is examining two prison cameras that malfunctioned.
Surveillance video from outside his jail cell?
It's gone missing!
Now this will of course raise even more questions about whether the surveillance cameras were purposely tampered with and if Epstein's death was more than just suicide by hanging as it was ruled in an autopsy.
In what may become one of the biggest child molesting cases ever on record.
Alex Jones called this years ago.
Years ago!
He was saying that they take a lot of famous people to this island and they have all these young girls that this guy hooks them up with.
He was talking about this years ago.
Now it is mainstream news.
Doctor who witnessed Epstein autopsy.
Death more consistent with homicidal strangulation than suicide.
Isn't that amazing?
For some odd reason, people that have information on the Clintons end up dead.
And they usually die from suicide.
The President of the United States is pushing a dangerous and completely unfounded murder conspiracy theory about his predecessor.
He is spreading a conspiracy theory.
Untrustworthy and ridiculous conspiracy theories.
Tying the death of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in prison to the President's former political rivals, the Clintons.
Christmas ornaments, drywall, and Jerry Epstein.
Name three things that don't hang themselves.
Major twist tonight in the story involving that leaked video of ABC News anchor Amy Robach talking about the network she works for killing the Jeffrey Epstein story.
It was unbelievable what we had.
Clinton, we had everything.
There will come a day when we will realize Jeffrey Epstein was the most prolific pedophile this country has ever known.
I had it all three years ago.
ABC's lead investigative journalist, Amy Rohrbach, is right.
Jeffrey Epstein is the biggest pedophile America and the world has ever known.
But he himself is just a front man for a larger network that is still ongoing to this day.
And whose goals are nothing less than domination of human society by blackmail and corruption.
Tonight, we're going to document for you that individuals that work directly with Epstein Are still carrying out operations very similar to the operation that he was running.
And we're also going to show you, hiding in plain view, examples of Senate reports, UN reports, and other institutional reports admitting that millions of women and children are being sexually trafficked every year.
And that it's one of the biggest currencies on the planet.
This is nothing less than modern slavery.
And the corruption that comes out of it isn't like alcohol prohibition where people fell under the control of the mafia.
It's far worse because they're falling under the control of organizations and groups who even engage in the murder, snuff films, of children.
There is no bottom to this pit.
Just like elites thousands of years ago began to degenerate and do things that are unspeakably evil, it's happening again today.
And if we don't face the facts and move against these criminals, they're going to be able to take over the whole civilization like they've done the Vatican, Penn State, the Boy Scouts.
There's nothing that's safe because this is a formula of evil and corruption.
Now, we're going to go to an investigator that I've known for two years.
He was ready to go public.
He's got recordings.
He's got people admitting that they like to have sex with children.
He's got it all.
And I said, in this first rollout, let's just look what's hiding in plain view.
And you're going to get a look at some of that right now.
Then I'm going to come back in here later and go over the Clinton body count and how it ties in to these charts on the deep state that were developed by the Epoch Times and they're very, very accurate.
So whatever you do, please research this information for yourself and then share this report.
We had to build our own network, our own satellites, our own TV systems and Band.Video to even be able to get this out to you.
So, here is the report.
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You know, it's been years since I've been researching the Jeffrey Epstein case.
The deeper I've gone into my research, there's been bombshell after bombshell, exposing new facts and bringing more revelations to light.
But recently, the facts that I've come across have been so especially jarring that I come to you here today, albeit in a veiled identity, to bring those facts to light.
So that I can expose what the Epstein case has become.
It's now transcended well beyond the facts behind the purported human trafficker into something much greater.
Into something that's a propaganda tactic that is meant to dissuade popular opinion from uncovering the very truth itself.
Now one important component of the Epstein network, which is limited by that memetic strategy, is the inner machinations of his network and the associates who facilitated his operation.
One important figure in that scope is one of Epstein's victims, his former pilot, Nadia Marchenko.
The media has performed cursory examinations of Marchenko, a full-fledged examination of businesses which she created during and after her association with Jeffrey Epstein has been entirely neglected.
The construct of those organizations within the context of Epstein's network of associates... Alright folks, we are live.
On this Monday, December 30th, 2019 worldwide broadcast.
And I was sitting there during the last break and I thought, you know, I haven't even aired this incredibly important special report on my main show that goes out on satellite, for radio and TV to millions.
And on any service we're on, we end up being on the top of the charts like cloud TV.
One of the few places we haven't been banned.
We've only been on there about a year.
We're now number one out of all the different great channels that are on cloud TV, including One American News Network, that does an incredible job.
And I'm not bragging, as I love to say, it's the name of my son's new podcast.
When I say that, I'm giving you the good news, the report that as hardcore as this show is, people are ready for the truth.
But that full report, Jeffrey Epstein's network is still operational and recruiting young women Is up on Band.Video.
And yes, it's gotten a lot of views at Band.Video.
And that's a lot for an independent media outlet website.
But I guarantee you, this report on YouTube, on our old YouTube channel, would have probably 10 million views by now, in a week.
Now, think about that.
Google, Facebook, Twitter are all so proud of taking me offline.
And they said one of the big things was, Jones claims there's all these pedophile rings.
And I was specifically naming Epstein and others.
And the Lolita Express.
And all the rest of it.
And so just remember, that's who's protecting these people.
Just like ABC News knew all about the Clintons four years ago, all about the blackmail, and their investigative journalist laughs she was ordered to cover it up.
So all of these people are complicit in this, and they're complicit in the rest of it as well.
They know damn well the glyphosates are causing the breast cancer.
A lot of them will die from it.
They don't care.
They know the vaccines are tainted by design, causing massive brain damage and cancer.
They don't care!
And that's why I get pissed off.
It's why I get angry.
It's why I... I'm having trouble even doing this show today.
I mean... When you really research what they're doing to you, you get pissed because you're supposed to neurologically get mad to then do something about it.
But I'm constantly in this purgatory Bashing my head up against a wall and I'm not complaining, I'm just explaining why I'm so pissed.
The folks that have given up on humanity and joined with Satan want to make the world as ugly and depressed as possible to make us give up.
So it's critical that we never give up and give in and join evil, because that just makes it 10 times worse.
But also, it's important that we not get ourselves negative and too angry about it, and just trust that God's in charge.
And by the way, when I'm saying that, I am telling that to myself.
Because I sit here and I look at what they're doing to our children, and I study what the globalists are up to, and I learn about how they operate.
And just to know that this many people are actively engaged and organized, destruction of all that's good, makes me very, very angry.
And it is important to rest, it is important to take time off sometimes.
It's just that the fight is so incredibly intense.
Jim Hoffs, who heads up The Gateway Pundit, is going to be joining us for one segment, next segment.
And I appreciate him coming on on short notice.
I'd said I didn't have any guests today, but then I was watching this piece, NBC's Meet the Press, libels The Gateway Pundit, Rush Limbaugh, Drudge, Infowars, and Fox News for spreading intentional bad information.
So we're going to play some of that report here in a moment ahead of him joining us.
But talk about personal or intentional bad information.
When the mainstream media tells you that penguins can't swim and that polar bears can't swim, so you need to pay a carbon tax to Al Gore, or when the average Democrat's so dumb, we said this was coming, we called it, that they believe impeachment is conviction.
They believe Trump's gone.
And we saw polls and other things last week, and now Kaitlan Bennett Went down to Times Square in New York and filed three reports that if I just wanted to have really interesting radio and TV, I would just air these because it's way better than my show when it comes to just entertaining and interesting.
But we've got to cover the big picture as well.
But what she does is so vital to show how incredibly buffoonish they are.
And you know I catch myself laughing at these people until you realize these people are voting.
New Yorkers don't think Trump's presidency She followed another report where she talked to an Australian lefty.
Another one where New Yorkers don't know what Christmas is about.
And this is not cherry-picking, ladies and gentlemen.
This is what they've done to the people.
Let's just play the first few minutes of her report that's at Band.Video.
She's got a whole section on Band.Video.
Here's Kaitlyn Bennett.
Why do we celebrate Christmas?
We celebrate Christmas because it's just like a typical thing that everybody does.
To make a new year, like welcome the new year and forgot the past year's failures and all stuff.
That's Christmas?
Yes, that's Christmas for me and greetings new friends.
Why do we celebrate Christmas?
Because we're Jewish.
Because we're Jewish.
That's why you celebrate Christmas.
We do, because we love each other!
Okay, I thought you guys had your own thing.
We're just- You glad President Trump got impeached?
I'm really happy about that.
Oh yeah.
Are you glad that Obama's coming in to take his spot?
Oh yeah, I'm really happy about that too.
What do you think about Mike Pence?
He takes office tomorrow.
Let him take office, hopefully he'll learn from it, he'll be another Trump little link.
Alright, cause he's coming in tomorrow.
I know, but like, we'll see what happens.
You heard that on the news, right?
Yeah, we'll see what happens, you know.
President Trump just got impeached and we're here in New York City to find out how many people think that means he's no longer president.
Let's see what they think.
President Trump just got impeached.
Are you excited for our new president, Mike Pence?
Not excited for either one of them.
But that's going to be your president because he got impeached, right?
Why aren't you excited?
Just not a fan.
Are you a fan?
Personally, I'm in the Army, so Commander-in-Chief is my Commander-in-Chief no matter what.
So I can't really backlash anyone, but my Commander-in-Chief is whoever it's going to be.
Alright, very cool.
Alright, well, he comes into office tomorrow.
I hope everything works out for you.
Thank you, you too.
Are you excited for Mike Pence to come into the presidency tomorrow because Trump got impeached?
Uh, it's whatever, you know.
Like, I don't really care about it, to be honest.
Alright, because he's coming in tomorrow.
I know, but like, we'll see what happens.
You heard that on the news, right?
Yeah, we'll see what happens, you know.
You glad President Trump got impeached?
I'm really happy about that.
Oh yeah.
Are you glad that Obama's coming in to take his spot?
Oh yeah, I'm really happy about that too.
I wish.
I hope so.
Yeah, that's what impeachment means, right?
All right, Cookie Monster, you are smart!
President Trump just got impeached.
Are you guys excited for Mike Pence to take office tomorrow?
I don't want to answer that one.
Okay, so let's just stop right there.
Those are just excerpts from the three reports I mentioned.
I mean, they're all so good, but also so frightening.
We're just jumping around giving you a random sampling of those.
New Yorkers don't think Trump is president.
Caitlyn Bennett versus Australian lefty.
New Yorkers don't know the meaning of Christmas.
Those are the reports that are up on Band.Video, the latest on our page at Band.Video.
Just go to the left-hand side, click the link right there, and you'll see all the great contributors to Band.Video.
And again, Kaitlin doing a great job.
Now, most of what we do here is simply report on the news, report on legislation, and then I just give my perspectives that it's a spiritual battle that's going on.
And they try to call that disinfo.
And they try to cherry-pick things we've covered and done.
And then say that, oh, we're purposely fake news to set the precedent to then go get us de-platformed.
So when Gateway Pundit gets attacked and Drudge Report gets attacked and Rush Limbaugh gets attacked and Infowars gets attacked and Fox News gets attacked by Meet the Press with the Obama political operative That's because they're getting ready to make another move to try to silence all the organizations they're mentioning ahead of the election.
That's what this is.
So when we come back, I'm going to get to that clip and we're going to talk to the writer over and the head of Gateway Pundit who's been all over the place exposing this, but they have this so-called chain of information Chain of intentionally bad information.
And it's just a moronic, you know, graphic.
But people love graphics that just say, oh, here's how it works.
It's all 4chan gives all the orders.
And then it goes to Reddit.
It's now owned by the Communist Chinese.
It's supposed to be Reddit, right?
Then it goes to Infowars.
Then it goes to Gateway Pundit.
Then it goes to Facebook.
Then it goes to Fox News.
Then it goes to Rush Limbaugh.
Then it goes to Twitter.
Or it's all just a big circle, I guess, of evil.
Of course, really all Drudge does is try to show a snapshot of what the entire spectrum of news is.
And so for giving mainstream media half their traffic, that's what he gets back is them saying he should basically be shut down.
NBC News, ABC News, CNN, they're all the self-appointed controllers of what's real and what's not.
They're the ones told us that Hillary had a 97% chance of winning.
The ones that told us there were WMDs in Iraq.
Oh, Donald Trump, he's the guy that didn't want any of those wars.
And he's the guy pulling the troops out.
But the self-appointed liberals, like Chuck Todd, political operative of Obama and Hillary, and the rest of them, they came out and attacked independent media, pro-America media, that's got a track record of being way more honest and hardworking than The mainstream media, we know our only currency is how accurate we are.
With our listeners and viewers, we better damn well be as accurate as we can be.
And when we're wrong, we better tell you!
That's what you expect!
That's what I expect!
Well, there's nobody more prolific than Jim Hoft.
In fact, when I talk to my crew, people go, could you be like Jim Hoft?
I mean, the guy writes more than all his other writers combined.
Something happens, we think we're going to break it, it's always Jim Hoft.
Well, you know what?
I feel good knowing that.
That there's somebody out there that's always got their nose to the grindstone and keeps breaking major news to the White House.
And really, a lot of times, this country wouldn't even be in the position it's in to stop the globalists if it wasn't for Jim Hoft.
Didn't mean to go off on a rant, we only got him for one segment.
Meet the press.
Why, they show you a little flow chart, a circle.
A circle jerk of where the fake news comes from.
Oh, like Fiona Hill working for Soros.
They say that's fake news.
He just ran his main foundation, writes for TheGlobalist.com.
Well, when Jim Hoff talks about that, or InfoWars does, we're fake.
You say the sky's blue right now, you're fake.
You say Christmas trees are green, you're fake.
Here's part of what they had to say, and then Jim Hoff's the only person in the media that actually even defended himself, or us!
I'm like, who's defending us around here?
Oh, Jim Hoff!
So, here's a clip.
Matthew, I want you to address what I think is an ecosystem problem, at least on the right.
I want to put up something that one of my colleagues, Ben Collins, put here.
It's a bit of an ecosystem here.
He'll say, you'll get something starts on 4chan, there's the subreddit of Trump, InfoWars might pick it up.
Then it starts inching into the mainstream.
Gateway Pundit might just say, oh, what's this about?
Then it gets to Drudge, might have a provocative headline link.
Rush might say it in his fun little way.
Then it does make its way into Fox News and then of course your Facebook feed.
How do you create more accountability in the conservative ecosystem for basically dealing with propaganda?
Well, it's hard work.
And I think it begins by trying to instruct young conservatives in the canons of journalism, mainly empirical verification, right?
And this, I think, the distrust of institutions that's longstanding among conservatives has led many of them to no longer believe in the idea that you need kind of evidence in order to forward a fact.
Or they don't believe in certain verified sources, credentialed sources of evidence or information.
They don't trust any of it.
But one other change that I think makes all this more difficult is it used to be you can go to the supermarket and you see the tabloids and you see the weekly world news and the alien has predicted who's going to be the president this year and you move past it.
Maybe some people get a chuckle, maybe some people believe it, but it's a minority of the population.
Today, you can't ignore it because it's everywhere and the second you go on one of these platforms, social media in particular, you're confronted by it.
So there's a problem in the ecosystem that's very exterminist.
It's like the final solution.
They're still independent media.
We blacklisted them.
We shadow banned them.
We've sued them.
We've attacked them.
They're still there.
They don't list what we're doing that's fake or false, but they all sit there with their stuffed shirts.
This is funnier than Saturday Night Live, unless you know how serious it is.
Jim Hoft, in the five minutes we've got, thanks for joining us.
What the hell do you make of this?
Yeah, wasn't that something, Alex?
And thank you for being a cog before we get all of our information.
You notice it goes from InfoWars to Gateway Pundit to Drudge Report.
I think this whole flowchart is about three years old.
I don't think, you know, it shows they don't pay any attention to conservative media because there's so many flaws in that chart.
And of course, it's interesting too that they're saying that this was all intentionally bad information, that all of us are writing and promoting intentionally false information.
It's a conspiracy!
We're all in a conspiracy together.
Yeah, and they're including Fox News on that, you know?
So it's not just, it's not just Gateway Pundit, it's not just Alex Jones.
Of course, we're the typical ones that they lash out at, but it's Rush Limbaugh and Drudge Report and Fox News.
I mean, this is unbelievable.
I think, you know, talk about projection.
These guys have failed for three years.
Three years and longer than that, but especially the last three years where they promoted this Fake Putin puppet Trump narrative that was completely false and you at Info Lords and Gateway Pundit and only a few others were promoting the real truth, the SpyGate scandal that was going on in the background and now these people have to lash out at us after we were accurate for three years and they were pushing complete fake news.
Well, that's right.
And there's also, even Politico has a list of things that didn't happen.
Mainstream media, and they give a bunch of examples, said that Pelosi would be president by now.
Yeah, well, they're still hoping on that.
It's just unbelievable.
Anyway, Chuck Todd is, uh, it was just a disgusting piece.
And to see Matthew Continelli from Washington Free Beacon, you know, defend and just jump in the fray with Chuck Todd, that was very disappointing.
Well, so much of what you do and what I do is, and that's why I said up front, I would say I get more news from Gateway Pundit than you probably get from us, because you're Johnny on the spot.
95% of what we all do is, some leftist says we're going to kill the president.
We write a story about it.
Or somebody comes out and says white people are inherently evil.
Michael Moore.
We write a story about it.
We're just reporting on what they're doing, and then we're supposedly the fake news.
And then Trump, as you expose, tweets out the Democrat.
Saying, oh thank God all these white men are committing suicide, and then they block his tweet?
You're reporting on how they blocked the tweet?
You're reporting on things they don't want out there, and that's why they're pissed.
Absolutely, and they don't control the narrative anymore, no matter how much they've tried.
And Alex, I know you and Infowars have been their number one target, and I'm very proud that you guys are still around and you're still, you know, fighting the fight, leading the charge.
And it's just disgusting what they've done to you.
We're really dealing with evil.
We're dealing with fascists who just want to silence us and anyone on our side.
We're just the first ones, you know, that they're going after.
But you know, every Trump supporter is in that line.
They would love to silence us all and send us to some kind of a camp to reform us.
Hillary said we need fun camps for men.
Six months ago when Facebook said, don't even say Alex Jones's name in a positive way or you're banned, they gave the example that he claims Biden must have had another stroke, he can't talk.
Now they're saying that.
I mean, the man cannot talk.
So because I said, looks like he's had another stroke, I'm fake news.
And now they're fact-checking memes that are clearly jokes?
Right, it's unbelievable, isn't it?
They've lost their mind.
And again, it's just because they're so frustrated that nobody trusts them anymore.
And why would anybody trust them?
I think Trump has been such a gift to this country in the fact that he's exposed just how corrupt and devious these people are.
And they still don't get it.
They're not changing a bit.
They're not apologizing for any of their mistakes.
Instead, they're lashing out at people like InfoWars and groups like Gateway Pundit.
Well, I sleep better at night knowing Gateway Pundit's there.
And in closing, I'd love to get you back soon to get your predictions for next year, but people don't understand.
They're like, oh, well, they're attacking a big deal.
No, when they go on Meet the Press or Face the Nation or these big Sunday shows, that's where the orders come out from the politicos.
When they attack you, that means they're going to sue you, come after your bank accounts, harass you, try to pay your employees off to lie about you.
When they're signaling like that, they're firing the bat signal to release rabid pit bulls on us.
Right, and the good news is, I don't know if this is good news, but...
They've hit us so hard in the past three years, and yet here we are.
Our numbers at Gateway Pundit continue to grow, even though they've eliminated us, basically, from most of social media.
And so people are just, you know, they're driven to hear the truth, and they want to hear the truth.
And that's why InfoWars is here, and Gateway Pundit is still here, too.
Well, you're absolutely right.
And again, thank God for Gateway Pundit and gatewaypundit.com.
Mr. Hoff, thank you so much for spending time with us.
Please join us again soon.
Happy New Year.
Happy New Year to you.
Had to get him on.
Appreciate him popping in because, I mean, I said it, and I love my crew.
They're the best crew.
Because the crew around the show isn't the writers.
The writers are great, too.
But I'm always like, hey, we need to cover when we get attacked by big stuff like this because the listeners, you know, need to know what's going on.
But a lot of times now, I could just, oh, I'm being attacked.
Oh, Jim Hoft is defending me.
Thank you, Jim.
But he gets, we're all in this together.
And so part of what was being attacked so long is we just get used to it.
Alright, I'm gonna tell this brief story, then I'm gonna give the number out and cover a ton of news and take calls.
Not to talk about myself, but to talk about the state of human psyche and what I'm dealing with and what I know you're dealing with because you care.
Because these Satanists, they train themselves not to care and to cut themselves off from God.
I really do care.
And people ask, how do I handle it?
Being demonized in the national news, being betrayed by people I've done nothing to, Being lied about, being sued, losing money, things like that don't affect me.
But when I sit here and I read globalists admitting they don't want any humans on Earth anymore, and they want a post-human world, and it's all right here, And it's all over the news, women celebrating, I kill my baby, it is a human, and I murdered that little boy or girl, and I enjoyed it!
They're doing that to psychologically burn your synapses.
Getting you ready for horrible things to come.
They admit they are.
And I think about how far they've already taken us down.
And I'll just be completely honest with you, I constantly have my
central nervous system is saying danger Will Robinson.
And then it's saying, take action.
I mean, the time for talk is way past, okay?
And that's why it's hard to do the show and just sit here, and now they're torturing that kid, and now they're devil worshipping over here, and now they're telling families to break up, and how great it is, and now they're putting more fluoride in the water, even though they admit it's killing us, and they know they are, and here they admit they're doing it to make us stupid.
I mean, I can't go to the city council and sign up for my three minutes and go speak because if the mayor starts laughing at me when I talk about how they're putting fluoride in the water that's causing massive brain damage, because that's what they do when we've had scientists and others there, I'm going to have a heart attack.
So instead of blowing up like I used to on the air all the time, I'm more imploding.
And you can't keep me out of the studio.
You can't keep me off air.
I want to fight these people.
I know you do as well, but then not blowing up on air instead... It's like mental torture for me.
And so I'm just telling listeners that I don't know what we're supposed to do.
I just don't know.
I mean, look, I don't get happy when it officially comes out that the UN covered up that the
West staged chemical attacks to try to blame it on Syria.
We already knew that.
We already have the kids on video saying they told me I was acting like I was going to die and then they gave me candy and it shows the kid they said died on national television, totally fine.
I don't go, oh look, see where we exposed them.
We exposed them and then nothing happens.
And then these criminals are all over the news.
Telling me that men can have babies.
You're like, well, everybody knows that's bull.
No, the kids don't know that.
They're brainwashing them.
But I'll tell you what we need to do, and I need to do this myself.
I need to go confront the City Council.
And you need to go confront yours.
And then I need to go and confront people like Joe Biden just got confronted.
Because let me tell you something, I'm not going to play the audio here.
I'd forgotten about this.
I was on Ground Zero syndicated show with Clyde Lewis last week.
And he reminded me that you can hear Biden in one of the videos where he's petting a little eight-year-old girl's hair, super sexually.
I'm not going to repeat what he says to her on air.
But you can actually hear him say it.
And what I'm saying is, I've gotten to the point, when I got reminded of that, that I got very angry.
And then there's this paradox where I don't even want to go pull the clip up, and I don't even want to play the clip.
I don't even want to play the clip of Michelle Wolf saying, I killed my baby, it was a baby, it had a future, but I played God and I murdered my child and I sure as hell enjoyed it.
I don't want to pull up the video of Biden petting the girl and going, oh, oh, yeah, well, what he said to her.
I just can't do it anymore.
Because it's not normal to just sit here and show what they're doing.
In a way, it's almost giving in to them.
Because why the hell is he still walking around?
And they've set it up as a big time bomb.
Because if they can't overthrow civilization, [BLANK_AUDIO]
By overt means they're gonna get us to kill each other and you can see the energy, you can feel the energy, and we have to find a way to just ask God to cleanse us of the anger so that we don't self-destruct.
Because they've set it up where the public is so dumbed down, if we go out And go after these people because there is no real justice.
They'll only use that against the general population to take all of our freedoms.
We have to instead expose them politically and get in their faces and let people know what scum they are in non-violent action.
Civil disobedience.
What just happened this weekend, it's up on Infowars.com, Paul Joseph Watson article.
Heckler tells Biden, don't touch kids, you pervert.
And that's what he is.
And he's a child molester, so out of control that he can't even keep his hands off people's
children, their wives, anybody, because he believes he owns everything.
And then he exercises that power out in front of everyone that he comes over to little girls and he tells them.
That he's aroused and he wants to have sex with them.
I'll leave it at that.
I mean, you can hear it.
And the whole media helps cover it up because that's who they are.
They're filled.
And what Biden does, that open exercise, is just like HBO has shows showing four-year-olds dancing in negligees with men talking about how aroused it makes them.
They're just... Look how freaked out that mother is after he comes over and tells a little girl, I want to have sex with you.
How horny he is, that's what he said to her in that tape.
And the mother's like, okay, stop it Biden, and she's all freaked out.
It's ha ha ha ha ha ha.
But she, that's Stockholm Syndrome.
And then we're all supposed to just be raped by him doing it in front of us.
See, he's not just raping that little girl's innocence.
Imagine what he does behind closed doors.
Everyone bowing down to his ass.
He's raping me!
And you!
And I'm sick of it!
And I pray to God to strike him down dead.
I'm not going to hurt Joe Biden, and I don't want anybody to hurt Joe Biden, but I pray to God to bring judgment upon him and his demonic, evil family and the entire Democratic Party.
Now I feel better.
I'm telling you what I really think.
I can't help it.
I will not sit here and I will not bow down to these devil worshipers anymore.
They can go to hell.
And I hope they burn in hell forever.
So, you see, that's really where I'm at.
I can't play games with these people anymore.
But vengeance is God's.
So, I hope Joe Biden repents.
But you can look at that degenerate going into total and complete mental breakdown, ladies and gentlemen.
And you can look at Joe Biden talking about little black kids and calling them cockroaches and talking about hair standing up on his legs and in dementia.
And they leave him up there in dementia, grabbing and squeezing and everything.
Let me give the number up.
They've been sitting there for an hour to take your calls.
877-789-2539, 877-789-2539, 877-789-2539.
You know, all over the country every year at Halloween, witches get up and say they hope that the powers of
darkness killed President Trump.
And the media goes, oh, this is great!
But I guarantee you, I say I hope God strikes down Joe Biden.
And I bet it becomes a big national story.
Alex Jones calls for violence.
Alex Jones calls, no, that's not what I called for.
I hope that God stops Joe Biden, however God sees fit.
But it needs saying.
Because he wants to rape you of your heritage.
Rape you of God.
Rape you of your right to self-defense.
And he wants to stumble around like the Crypt Keeper up there.
You know, actually, I pray that God continue to animate him and not let him die because he's such an example of the evil, corruption, and how it's collapsing, and how delusion they are to prop him up.
In fact, In fact, I pray God, like Lazarus, raised him from the dead!
In fact, that's what God's probably already done!
He's an undead!
That's what it is!
And actually, I repent of that!
I hope he lives forever!
We are back live!
And I really meant what I said earlier, that I hope Joe Biden lives another 50 years.
Because he's such a rotting, disgusting, evil cult leader saying all these horrible, evil things out of his mouth constantly that he's destroying the Democratic Party.
And like Trump said, why would he want to sabotage Biden politically?
He hopes he's the nominee.
Please, God.
I was a figure of speech earlier.
Please don't strike down Joe Biden.
Please protect him.
Put a hedge of protection up around him.
I'm actually serious.
The Lord works in mysterious ways.
It's a blessing that Joe Biden's still alive!
But in my anger, I said that figure of speech, I would never want God to strike Joe Biden down dead when he's obviously holding up the reanimated zombie.
You know, this is the last year was the year Big Brother came out in the open.
Here it is.
The 2010s will go down in American history as a decade when the Bill of Rights was picked off one by one by corrupt, globalist minions infesting the reins of power in all three branches of government, fueled by a shockwave of propaganda that took the American people completely by surprise.
Trump is goading us to impeach him.
That's what he's doing.
Every single day he's just like taunting, taunting, taunting, because he knows That it would be very divisive in the country, but he doesn't really care.
Just wants to solidify his base.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today saying that President Trump obstructs justice every day by stonewalling House Democrats and in doing so is trying to push Democrats towards impeachment.
Angela, do you agree?
I agree that he is trying to get impeached.
A recent misrepresented article from the know-it-all liberal mouthpieces over at Mashable, cleverly
titled "2010s = 1984, the decade we finally understood Orwell,"
would have you believe that we are all blind, naive fools to be threatened by the
growing surveillance monstrosity and that Donald Trump is Big Brother, not the carefully
constructed, all-data-consuming intelligence apparatus.
Isn't it interesting how socialism, camouflaged as liberalism, projects its own evil deeds upon the rest of us?
Because as Chris Taylor for Mashable writes, if anyone is protected by party members who will endure any humiliation to trumpet loyalty to the great leader, one need look no further than the Democrats' recent impeachment debacle, where none of their seats are safe now, and they are widely disliked by Democrats and Republicans alike.
How dare you say that?
I'm a Christian.
I love everyone.
I am your moral authority.
The 2010s were lorded over until 2017 by CIA stooge President Barack Obama, who wielded a flamethrower to freedom of speech, the free exercise of religion, gun rights, due process, and our overall culture.
We're supposed to stand up to discrimination.
And we're sure as heck supposed to stand up clearly and unequivocally to Nazi sympathizers.
Ensuring that future presidents would have the power to silence dissent through any means necessary.
Early on, Obama criticized the Supreme Court for its ruling in the First Amendment restoring Citizens United case.
While his deputy solicitor general stated in oral arguments that the government could even ban the publication of certain books too close to an election.
And now Biden has teased the possibility of nominating Obama to the Supreme Court.
I talked to Barack and I... When was the last time you talked to him?
I guess now it's about three, four weeks ago.
Would you appoint him to the Supreme Court?
It was Obama, not Trump, that went after leakers at 129 times the rate of his predecessors, and then surrounded the next president with them.
Or that Obama signed off on the executive order, which made it easier for the nation's intelligence agencies to share unfiltered information about innocent people.
Or Obama's signing of the NDAA through double-think methods over the holidays, where U.S.
citizens could now be targeted, detained, and killed with no due process.
The 2010s embody the shadow government's Orwellian Nightmare War on the U.S.
Will the 2020s begin with the big payback to restore the founding principles of our republic?
Or are those freedoms permanently slipping away?
John Bowne reporting.
That is a first-rate report that will only be shared in scene if you share it from Bandot
Video in the John Bowne section.
All right, we've got a load of phone lines.
What do you think is going to happen next year?
I see a big global awakening accelerating, but I also see the one-worlders, the anti-human crowd, really throwing the kitchen sink at us.
Okay, I want to hit one more big piece of news, and then we're going to go ahead and go back to your phone calls or to your phone calls here.
And that's this church shooting in Texas, and then the private Hanukkah meeting at a rabbi's house that got attacked, and the Jewish grocery store that got attacked.
There is a lot of this happening.
And if you know what's going on at the universities, from the left, It is the most wild anti-Semitic conspiracy theories you've ever heard.
And Israel needs to be bulldozed.
That's what they say on the Young Turks.
But then separately the Young Turks will call us anti-Semitic with no evidence.
And I'm like, hey, wait a minute, extreme right wing.
You know, a lot of you don't like Jews.
And then you've got the left wing doesn't like Jews.
But then a lot of the intelligentsia of that are Jews, teaching that Jews are bad.
Just like you've got Michael Moore saying whites are inherently bad.
Don't trust them, Friday.
I've already played the clip.
People running for political office, Democrats saying, thank God white men are committing suicide.
They're inherently bad.
And it's a white dude saying it.
Or MSNBC, CNN, they're just teaching racial division and it's normalizing all of it and it's insane!
And so the New York Times says I'm bad investigating Muslims.
And the New York Times says that I have to invent stories about Muslims doing bad things.
Excuse me?
If anything, I'm punch drunk.
I'm punch drunk from how many articles and stories there are that get whitewashed about Islamic attacks all the time.
And then you're going to have this confrontation, this collision, where you're bringing in all these Muslims, and they're going to attack synagogues and Jews, and then you're going to get Jews are going to start attacking the Muslims, just like you have the Middle East.
And then how's the media going to cover this up as it intensifies?
Meanwhile, CNN and de Blasio, the mayor of New York and everybody, are saying that it's Trump's fault and gun owners fault what happened in Texas and what happened in New York with the synagogue or with the private party, Hanukkah party.
And then it turns out this guy that went out and did this is quote,
part of a black radical nationalist group.
And of course, it's gonna be a weird mix of black Israelite and all the rest of it.
And how does that get blamed then on Trump?
But that's what's going on.
I mean, it's all over the news.
You don't want me to play the clips, do you?
I mean, I could play de Blasio.
I could play CNN.
I could play the Governor Cuomo.
But the real story here is, is that There's a lot of mental illness and a lot of craziness and the media hypes up mass shootings and hypes up mass stabbings and that it is going to create more of them when you put that out there as an option.
Just like death education starting in 2000 massively increased suicides across the country when they would teach 7th and 8th graders how to commit suicide so they won't.
Seventh grade girls never thought about how to put a shoelace around their neck and hang it on the coat hook inside the urinal, or inside the bathroom, inside the stall.
So it's the same thing.
And the media hypes up these mass shootings that were incredibly rare, and are still statistically very rare, so they can point at it and say, oh look, there's a giant rise in extremism.
But you notice in the Texas event, and we'll roll that video and audio in a moment, a concealed carry practitioner, parishioner, but I guess a practitioner of the Second Amendment, takes out the individual, obviously mentally ill, hadn't been around in many years, they're now saying some type of vagrant, shows back up, and I guess commits suicide by trying to kill somebody.
You've heard of suicide by cop, well now it's suicide by mass shooting. Here it is.
Again, that's up in your lower left-hand area if you're a TV viewer.
Are we able to blow that up?
Can we zoom in on that video and play it again?
Up in the upper left-hand area.
Because you see the individual come in, he's standing there, he pulls a gun out, the video's only six seconds long, shoots someone dead, and within one second, the concealed carry individual is about five pews back, stands up, and shoots the person dead.
Thank God for that sheepdog.
Or you might have had 20, 30 dead people in there.
And it wouldn't matter.
Individual with a concealed handgun shoots the guy from about 30 feet away, both times.
You can see the bullets hit the first and the second one, knock the guy down.
I mean, what a great patriot.
Thank God for the shooting ranges.
Thank God for the training.
Thank God that a good guy with a gun stopped whoever this lunatic was.
But they're blaming Trump.
They're blaming the media.
They're blaming independent media right now.
Southern Poverty Law Center, silent on domestic terror attack against Jews.
But that doesn't stop anti for the Democratic Party.
Cuomo and de Blasio from blaming Trump and the Republicans.
Turns out that the stabbing suspect was arrested at least seven times since 2001.
That's why he couldn't get a gun.
This time it worked.
Just like the shooter in Florida last year.
There have been 42 calls to local police saying he's threatening to kill people.
He was known as Mass shooter.
School shooter was his name.
That's what they called him.
He'd been kicked out of school.
But there was a law that if you have a minority name like Cruz, even though he's a white guy, he'd been adopted by people with a Spanish last name who'd both died before suddenly.
Very mysterious.
He was on psychotropic drugs under the care of a psychiatrist, allowed to run around saying he's gonna kill everybody.
Because they were just waiting until he finally did it in that Democrat County, Broward County.
And the sheriff stood down, that's now confirmed, to make sure that I guess things were going to go the way they went.
When we first exposed all that, there was a program where minorities in that county are allowed to commit crimes and not get in trouble.
And so he had the name Cruz, and so The FBI was called, what was it, five, six times?
And the police 40 plus times.
And he was just allowed to do what he did.
And just like this guy.
Arrested at least seven times.
And then it goes over all the things he did and now he's connected to some weird black nationalist group.
And I guarantee you the media is trying to figure out how to connect it to Trump somehow, but that's not the case.
Because it's the same black Israelites, and I'm not saying all those people are bad, but some of them are crazy, because I've had them confront me.
And they think white people are the devil.
They think Jews are the king devils.
And they think, you know, it's all this craziness.
They're the ones that confronted the Covington kids, and then the Covington kids got blamed for grown men coming over and threatening them.
It's all just crazy, ladies and gentlemen.
And it's very, very sad, and people need to come together and not be part of this.
People need Christ.
They need God in their lives.
We're gonna take your calls right when we come back, but I wanted to cover all of that.
And we did!
Please stay with us.
We knew it was coming.
Last Friday, Twitter censored President Trump's tweets, a whole bunch of them.
Shadowbanned him.
where basically only the person that sent it out could see it,
but then could share that URL through other networks other than Twitter.
And now they've done it again.
Twitter scrubs viral Trump retweet of alleged hoax blower's name, Eric Cermela.
Because Adam Schiff says you don't say the name of whistleblowers.
No, you just arrest them when you're Obama.
It's Inspector General that doesn't say the name of a whistleblower if the person comes to them.
But it's public when that person is challenging people and making accusations, you're allowed to face your accuser.
Notice they've said, oh, Trump needs to be impeached because he didn't comply with all the subpoenas the way Congress wanted him to, which there is no power they have to do that.
That's on its face.
Professor Jonathan Turley and others confirmed that, but that's in the law.
Well, now Biden says he won't respond to any congressional subpoenas.
Well, Joe Biden's not the president.
And Joe Biden can fight that in court if he wants to, and he may have a reason to not go to Congress.
But he doesn't have the cut-and-dry power, separation of powers, the president does.
Or you'd always have one branch taking over the other.
It's the voter that's the checkmate, the final Trump card over those three branches.
And the separation of powers is meant to have them always battling with each other over who has control instead of them always unifying and we get a tyranny.
Pretty smart what the founders did.
But remember, Trump has been indicted in the House.
Trump has been impeached.
For obstruction of Congress for not giving them everything they wanted to their kangaroo event that was in secret, where they could call no witnesses.
So now they said, well, we'll call Joe Biden, the guy you say we're persecuting, the guy you say we're lying about.
Absolutely, Trump has standing to call him.
That's the main player.
Be like if you were in a divorce case with your wife or husband.
And the other side argued, oh, you have no right to call the other spouse.
Be like, it's a divorce, you're absolutely a party to it.
You know, if they tried to call a neighbor down the street, the neighbor didn't want to go, they could probably get that subpoena quashed.
But Biden doesn't have a hope in hell quashing that, does he?
He's a central figure.
Like Judas was a central figure at the Last Supper.
I mean he's an important figure.
And so he says I'm not complying with that.
The process isn't fair in the Senate.
Trump's exact argument, and the Democrats defend it.
Two weeks after indicting the president for the exact same thing.
That's the murder of logic.
I shouldn't say the exact same thing, because Trump has a separation of powers, but on the surface, it's the same thing.
By the way, the Democrats initiated all this, so the burden's on the accuser.
You're innocent until proven guilty.
It doesn't matter if a clapper says, oh, you're innocent until we want to say you might have done something.
Then you have no rights.
Now look, he's not even a good liar.
He looks down, he says it.
Oh, you're innocent until we think something, maybe you did something.
What a creepazoid.
What a freak!
I'm gonna go to your calls right now, Aaron and Mike and Patriot and High Mountain Patriot and Mike and Reggie and Matt and everybody.
Ahead of a Gerald Celente and then I'll be back tomorrow live.
Broadcasting worldwide.
If God allows it, and if you allow it.
But, you know, God's in control, but God's in control through you.
And I'm just going to leave this short and sweet.
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Okay, let's jam in one call before we go to break.
Mike in Illinois, you're on the air, go ahead.
Okay, good afternoon, Alex.
I just have to do one quick plug for the people out there listening.
percent of the people that listen to the show by the product.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
This is like church.
You should be tithing to this operation.
Shame on you.
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I don't want to say, listen, I don't want to say shame on folks.
All I care about is spreading the word because I want to expose the globalists.
But shame on them for not experiencing iodine.
And I'm going to hold you over because I don't want to cut you short, but let's just talk about that.
You can go and just type in iodine deficiency and you'll get government admissions, you'll get 3 billion people with mental disabilities because they didn't get enough iodine in utero or when they were a child.
That's part of the dumbing down.
In fact, the biggest part of the dumbing down isn't just fluoride.
It is the fact that people don't have iodine.
And the globalists know that.
They put the bad allergen out there to counter that.
And so, I mean, it's just insane.
And it funds this operation.
Everyone should try X2 or X3, they're apples and oranges, in Forrester.com.
But let me just come back to you, brother, because I didn't plug the whole last hour, so I kind of did a long plug right there.
And it really is important to keep this operation on air.
I just want to be like a baby bird, always up here begging.
You know what?
I get sick of doing it.
We'll be right back.
We are back live broadcasting worldwide on the final days, the final hours of 2019, taking your phone calls.
Okay, Mike in Illinois, you wanted to get into 2020 and what you think's coming up.
Yeah, definitely.
One thing we can do as InfoWars is prayer targeting.
That means everybody can get out their Google Maps and cite certain areas and lay spiritual bombs everywhere.
I've been doing it, other prayer warriors have been doing it.
I've been under attack.
Actually, I'm going to be working with one of your former guests who was on the show.
I'm not going to drop any names from like on a deal, but, um.
Everybody should be prayer mapping and dropping spiritual bombs all over the place.
Oh, there's no doubt that the globalists focus on bad things they want to do and God wants us to pray and that's what brings God in.
We're like an electrical connection to bring God's spirit in.
You're absolutely right.
We should pray and absolutely... Over specific targets.
So I meant like specific targets.
And be specific.
The more specific you are in your prayer, the more God's going to answer you.
So if you want to bore at the wall, God, please Set up an invisible barrier where people aren't going to get through.
Well you're right, and the Bible talks about people praying for certain people to hold them up and give them the strength, and that's why I need prayer.
I can definitely feel it, and I really appreciate that, sir.
What else did you want to get into?
There's definitely going to be civil war.
No question about it.
Not to the extent of where it's going to be nationwide, but there's going to be voter fraud.
I suggest everybody vote on paper and take a picture of it on your cell phone.
If we could send it in somewhere and make sure that you get 311, that would be great.
I mean, that's what we're going to have to do.
Paper ballots are the way to go that are then tabulated publicly at each precinct and those numbers are all added together, but instead it's all electronic voting machines, half of which are owned by companies that George Soros owns a lot of stock in.
Some he has controlling interest in.
It's really true.
God bless you.
You'll hear the headlines.
You'll see the headlines.
You'll hear the stories.
Oh, it's a conspiracy that George Soros is involved with voting machines.
Oh, it's not a conspiracy theory.
Believe me, I wish it was.
High Mountain Patriot in Colorado.
Wish I was there.
I love Colorado.
What's on your mind?
What do you see coming up in 2020, my friend?
Oh, Alex Jones.
I've been listening since 05.
First time caller.
God bless you.
God bless you.
Merry Christmas.
Happy Holidays.
Um, man, I've used so many of your products, I could go on and on about how they've, uh, changed my life, but maybe we can come back to that.
I just, uh, was listening to you talk about how Trump called out Biden and said that, uh, he'd be his preferred candidate because he's so weak.
And it just, uh, occurred to me why, uh, why I feel like his next chess move in that regard should be to, uh, Let's put Tulsi Gabbard in the spotlight and pump her up and show people that she does have some good ideas and not everyone on the left is crazy.
I think that's a really good idea, but I think some people around Trump are scared of her because she doesn't look like a zombie, doesn't act like a zombie, doesn't act like the other Democrats.
and her anti-war stance and a lot of other things.
And the fact that she doesn't celebrate abortion is a overall good thing.
But yeah, to actually reach out to a lot of Democrats and say, "Hey, I don't hate all of you.
"I'd like to work with you guys, people like Tulsi."
And Tulsi's said some nicer things about Trump.
She's also said some things that aren't true, but I agree with you.
I feel like Trump has brought everyone to the center And he was able and we were able to hijack the Neocon
Well, let's put Tulsi Gabbard in the spotlight and hijack the Democrat Party, just the same as we did with these Neocon Republicans.
I'm sick and tired of fighting these loons.
It's such a waste of energy.
Let's put a spotlight on Tulsi, get her ideas, put her in the spotlight, and then all of the Dems that aren't crazy can be red-filled while they watch the media completely ignore Tulsi Gabbard.
I hear you, and I appreciate your call.
God bless.
You know, I've talked a lot about this.
I haven't played the clips.
Let me play it now.
Biden got confronted.
The video is up on Infowars.com.
Heckler tells Biden, don't touch kids.
You pervert.
And I went off into a whole discussion about how sick and disgusting he is and that I hope, you know, God deals with him.
But really, I think God works in mysterious ways.
And Biden probably would be dead now if God didn't want him alive up there exposing the Democratic Party.
I'm not just being tongue-in-cheek earlier when I said, you know, I hope God, you know, deals with Biden, cuts him down, like Johnny Cash says.
That's a figure of speech.
And it's not because I'm scared of getting in trouble for that.
You're under the First Amendment.
You're allowed to say you hope God strikes somebody down.
But when you say that, literally, I pulled back sort of thinking about it.
Actually, he's really hurting the Democrats and the globalists, isn't he?
And they gotta keep him up there now, and they keep trying to make excuses for him, and he's a perfect emblem of the facade rotting, and how they're trying to prop it up, and how they can't put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
So I legitimately... People's emotions fluctuate.
I emotionally blurt it out, and I wish God would deal with Joe Biden.
But then I really intellectually thought about it and thought, that'd be a whole discussion.
Isn't Joe Biden better to America alive than dead?
I mean, I literally am like, wait a minute.
Actually, it's the old Garth Brooks song.
Some of God's greatest gifts were unanswered prayers.
Maybe we can find that and play it and start the next segment.
But what you do need to do is go out and confront this old cockroach like just happened in Milford, New Hampshire.
Here it is.
This is not a Trump rally.
All right.
I agree with you, Matt.
I agree.
Nice talking to you.
Hey, we're going to get to this clip again.
Let's just stop it.
Everything's OK.
We're live TV.
This happens.
Live radio.
Let's just back it up at the beginning again.
Wait a moment.
Here it is.
That's okay.
This is not a Trump rally.
Alright, I agree with you, Matt.
I agree.
Nice talking to you.
Alright, I agree with you Matt. I agree. Nice talking to you.
Don't touch me, you pervert!
Don't touch me!
Alright, well you know...
This...this...this...this is a democracy.
Well, I hope it does.
I hope it does.
Let her go.
Let her go.
Folks, folks, folks, folks.
Look, this is, you know, we all know... And look, everybody's mouths are hanging open.
Because the Democrats have all been taught all men are rapists.
If a man talks to a woman, it's rape.
You know, don't have children, don't get together.
If you do have children, teach them how to chop their genitals off.
Hail Satan!
And so what are they going to do?
When now, here's the guy that gropes everyone everywhere and somebody's calling him out.
It's the Emperor's New Clothes.
Okay, let's go to Aaron in Kentucky.
Aaron, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, excellent show today as always.
Thanks, brother.
Thank you very much for standing up for liberty.
You know, my prediction for 2020 is, unfortunately, I think we're going to continue to see false flags and attacks and houses of worship, and I think that's going to depend on Second Amendment and constitutional carry supporters.
I think that it is imperative now that we continue to stand up for our continued liberties because As we see these things unfold, they're going to continue to attack Trump supporters, they're going to continue to attack Trump, and they're not, the media is not going to speak against their own, because they're all in this together, and their one desire and their one goal is for total global domination of all information, and to try to consolidate all of their power into one place.
But I definitely think that because there's going to be so many false flag attacks, or because there's going to be this increase, that it is going to have even more of an impetus for patriots to stand up and do things like they did to Joe Biden.
Calling him out for being a pervert.
Calling him out for his son and their dealings in Ukraine.
Calling out the... Aaron, stay right there.
I'm going to come back to you and I appreciate you holding it.
All these callers are great.
But I want to come back to Aaron because what he's saying is absolutely spot on and it's something I meant to start yesterday's show with and today's and I didn't.
I'll tell you about it when we come back.
Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.
Because let me tell you, I don't take the Lord's name in vain.
You get people misinterpreting clearly what's in the Bible.
A five-year-old can understand it.
In the Ten Commandments, thou shalt not murder.
But it's translated, thou shalt not kill.
But then the Bible says if somebody's trying to kill you, your family, rise up and kill them.
And in the same book, God says if these people are giving their kids to Molech, kill them.
If people are child sacrificing, kill them.
But then, God's saying, thou shalt not murder.
Murder, go out and kill an innocent person that wasn't attacking you.
It's the same thing.
Like, oh, don't, you know, don't say, oh, I hope that person goes to hell.
That's not a very nice thing to say.
I'd say leave that to God.
But that's not saying, in my view, you say damn somebody to hell.
I'm not taking the Lord's name in vain.
I'm saying, God, I hope those people go to hell.
But you know what?
It's probably not good to say that, is it?
Because you should leave that up to God.
But I don't think that's taking God's name in vain.
Because when I've said, I hope God damns somebody to hell, I'm saying, I hope God damns them to hell.
I'm not taking God's name in vain.
God judges the heart.
I've done plenty of bad things.
I'm just telling you, what I've said, I hope that person, I hope God damns them to hell.
That's not my place to say that, so it's wrong to say it.
But I'm not taking God's name like God doesn't matter.
I'm saying, like my grandmom, we'd go on road trips sometimes.
I'd take her to go see family in different states and stuff.
She's real sweet.
My mom's mom, as she say.
I'd see something really amazing, and I'd go, gosh, oh, that's Lord Sam and Mary, don't do that.
I'm like, no, when you see something amazing, you say God's name, God.
But again, that's just a Southern Baptist for you.
She was a good lady.
But you know, so many of those folks were constantly worried about how they were acting and that they were going to be good, and they would never go challenge any corruption because they're such good Christians and they're so humble that they're not going to get involved in anything big.
They're not going to leave the church.
They're going to just hide in the church.
But that's not what the Bible's full of.
It's full of people taking action.
And the people God rose up to take action were usually not the nicest people, but they loved God.
So it's time for Christians to stop bowing down to evils when I'm saying it.
But the devil is the accuser and he'll say, oh, you're not really a Christian.
Oh, you remember you did this bad thing a long time ago.
That's the devil.
That's not the Holy Spirit telling you that.
You need to get that out of the way.
Because as long as you love God now and you're confronting evil, and you've repented, God forgives you.
But if you feel guilt and like you're not forgiven, that's how the world manipulates you.
And either gets you to then just say, I don't care about God, I hate God, because God, you know, I did all this and the world's evil and it's God's fault, so I blame God.
People will do that, or they'll say, I don't like God and I'm joining the devil.
Or they'll get depressed and kill themselves.
Don't do any of that stuff!
God will heal you if you really repent, and then set you on a path to do good.
And it doesn't mean you're gonna be perfect!
Just do the best you can, and God will take you the rest of the way.
And I tell myself that every day.
I'm not up here preaching to anybody.
Because I'm legitimately pissed at these people.
I don't like what they're doing.
I feel it.
I take it very personal, at an instinctive level.
But it's going to have to be God that makes those decisions and directs us.
And the last thing we want is offensive violence.
But if the violence really does start, all these people shooting their mouths off about how they
want violence, they're not going to like what starts unfolding.
That's all I'm saying.
And so, I just want to see people, these ravenous wolves like Biden, removed from innocent people's necks.
Because if you really ask God to strike somebody down dead, who are you to tell God something when God's got a plan and the way that's going to be worked out?
And I think that's really what this whole broadcast is about.
And the message is to me, I'm not up here on some high horse, man.
I have constantly got to control myself because I don't like these devil worshippers and the crap they're pulling.
And I know you don't like it either.
But in the process we can't tear each other apart because we're so pissed.
Now I'll go back to your calls.
Aaron in Kentucky, go ahead and finish your point.
You know Alex, what you're saying there is so vital because that message has to be preached and has to be talked about to people constantly because We can lose hope.
There is this idea, and it has been going on since the 18th century when people started talking about the rapture, and we get all mixed up with this pessimistic eschatology where we think, well, there's nothing we can do, nothing we can say that's going to change the future or the course of what's happening in our nation, our culture, and our world, but there is something that we can do.
We are called to spread the kingdom of God.
We're called to make sure that we are preaching the gospel of peace, and there is action involved behind that.
It's not a passive thing.
Liberty is not passive.
Freedom is not passive.
We have to actively do things to fight for freedom and ensure that we keep those rights that God has promised to us from the scriptures.
And if we don't stand up and we don't start calling out people like Joe Biden and we don't start calling out people like Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, we're just going to get... And if you go back to history, that's what the, quote, prophets did was go confront the evildoers and call them out and say, God's going to deal with you.
They didn't say what God was going to do, but they said God's going to deal with you.
Now Jesus went to Israel, to Jerusalem, and said, by the time this generation passed, not one stone will be standing on top of another.
And you know what?
Seventy years later, Titus leveled it to the ground.
And his order was, not one stone standing.
Is that not prophecy?
Absolute, 100% fulfilled prophecy when Jesus said that.
And it further proved that Jesus Christ is God in that situation.
But the standing up to the government, to tyranny, people get so afraid because they think, well, it's the government.
God has put the government in place.
But there is a responsibility for us to say, no, there is tyranny happening, there is immoral acts happening, there's unethical things that you're doing, and we cannot stand for those things anymore.
And, you know, one of the things I think of is, one of the reasons that we see, and this has been going on the past several weeks, where we're talking about the increase of anti-Semitic attacks.
I wonder if that is synonymous or if it correlates with the fact that Islam is on the rise here in the United States, not just as a religion, but as a political movement.
Ilhan Omar has been accused of saying anti-Semitic statements.
Well, let's expand on that.
A lot of people aren't going to convert to Islam, but the ideologies and ideas rub off.
Exactly, exactly.
And if Donald Trump's comments that he makes on Twitter or that he says at his rallies, if he is accused of inciting white supremacy and inciting attacks by white men... By the measure that they claim Trump is a white supremacist, Ilhan Omar and the Democrats are literally Hitler.
Because what they say about Trump is totally untrue, and then they're running around.
So what about the dialectic?
You sound like a smart guy.
Of the left pushing anti-Semitism and racial division while claiming they're fighting it, and then blaming their political enemies, mainly Christian evangelicals who are very pro-Israel, of being anti-Semitic.
What is the propaganda dialectic in that?
Well, because they have to accuse Christians, they have to accuse those who stand for the Gospel of being the cause of the problem.
They can't say that Islam is the problem because the overarching theme of this entire thing is a Luciferian conspiracy that he has controlled all the way back since the Fall.
And the common denominator in all of this is the spiritual attack.
Satan doesn't care if he uses a guy that has a mental disorder Sir, you're absolutely right.
And you reminded me of a big critical point.
I said I'd come back to it, but then I get distracted by things.
I didn't cover it.
and that the religion of Jesus is totally destroyed.
And the Democrats play into that.
People like Ilhan Omar play into that because Islam is a political movement.
And their rhetoric...
Sir, you're absolutely right.
And you reminded me of a big critical point.
I said I'd come back to it, but then I get distracted by things.
I didn't cover it.
When I come back, I'm going to go to other callers, but I want to get your name because
I'm going to do the show soon.
And I'm starting a new podcast.
I haven't announced it soon.
And every day, I'm going to do a new podcast five days a week.
I'm going to have certain callers that we pick to be guest hosts with us each day.
That's what we're doing.
So give us your name and number if you want to be part of that show, sir.
Fourth hour coming up, Gerald Cilente.
But I'm going to stay over, plug it to all the calls that are on the board, and I'm going to cover that big central issue.
No, we can't give up, folks.
We can't let this evil get us down.
We just got to take action against it.
But those of us that are fighting hard, get mad at ourselves that we're not doing enough.
And you know what?
We just got to give it to God.
And I tell myself that a lot because, you know, I knew all this stuff was true and I had spiritual experiences when I was young and I know God's real and I know the devil's real.
And then I saw wild stuff growing up and even knew it was more real.
But then To later see world government and the attack on the family, and the attack on children, and the attack on men and women, and just to know that it's so real, it's so organized, there's a total compulsion to want to stop it.
And then to ask, why are we doing this?
Why do so many people serve this crap?
And a lot of people serve it because they don't feel powerful, and by increment they get turned to the dark side.
And most of the time they do it because they think it's the right thing to do.
And they, the left, you know, oh, you're all victims, but now you're organized and you're going to stand up to the bullies.
And so since the bullies are so strong, we're going to cheat to beat the bullies.
And that's how a lot of the psychology works.
I want to go to all these calls and I really need to cover this because I don't know why sometimes I'll have this big thought that I know is absolutely on target and I won't cover it and then the callers are all covering it.
They're all saying false flag next year.
They're all saying they're coming for us.
They're all saying the left is going to go out and shoot people to blame it on us and take the guns.
I have multiple confirmed reports Where leftists are now going and shooting people to blame it on the Second Amendment to get the guns.
So I'll tell you what I'm going to do.
You've seen that Epstein report that I shot with the crew on Christmas Eve.
And it looks like, you know, something you'd see on 60 Minutes.
I mean, I did a good job, they did a great job.
I've got this compulsion where something this big I don't want to just sit here on the show.
It's not like the show isn't important.
This show is the most important thing I do because it has the biggest audience.
It's just like it's so damn important.
How do you... It's like you gotta give a speech that you know is gonna save lives.
That can change the future.
And then you know if you do it half-ass, then you're not gonna do the right thing.
And it is the pressure!
It's the pressure!
And then I think about these evil people.
They don't even care about anybody!
But you know what?
I remember times in my life when I didn't care about people, to the extent I do now, and I was so empty.
when I was being empty or when I was doing something for myself.
And but you know that's the paradox that if you're trying to be a good person and standing up to evil,
you get so much smarter and your brain works so much quicker
than you see so much more but I know why people can't handle it.
Because I used to drink alcohol just to deaden perception, because, I mean, now I just drink coffee.
Takes some brain force occasionally if I gotta stay up late, but I mean, I don't even need that.
And I'm just talking about my personal self on air because it's my therapy, you could say, because I don't want to say I'm going crazy.
It's the opposite.
I just cannot believe it's worse than I even thought.
I mean, I mean, the Satan's real, people.
I mean, we're on a planet and you start reading the Bible and you realize those people are inspired by God.
But they're trying to explain what they're seeing and what they're being revealed.
And until you experience it again, as it's now happening, as it happened before, it doesn't make any sense until you're like, this didn't make sense until, holy, look at this!
It's happening again, exactly!
Man, I read stuff in the Bible 40 years ago, sounded insane.
I read that stuff 30 years ago, I said, what were these people taking?
Now you read it and it's like the read in the newspaper.
Because they went through this before.
God wiped the whole planet up.
That's why they dig up all this wild-ass stuff.
I mean, give me a break, folks.
We've never been in Kansas.
It's not that we're not in Kansas anymore.
We've never been in Kansas.
And Wednesday, Mike Adams, one of the smartest people I know, he's coming in to break the big enchiladas, okay?
So you get ready.
You want to go next level?
We're going to do it.
Look, they don't need me to thank them.
I just want to say great job to the crew.
Great job to Gerald Celinde coming up.
Great job to all the callers.
I'll be back live tomorrow, and we're going to take a lot of calls tomorrow.
I haven't done it so far today, but I've gotten better at taking calls than I was a year ago.
But we haven't moved in the direction I want, and I'm going to try better tomorrow.
But let's just go to your calls right now.
Let me just say this.
Understanding why the enemy's doing what it's doing is critical to beating them.
But the only thing that makes any sense and does defeat them is a relationship with God.
And so I know some listeners are like, man, what is this, the Bible hour every day?
You may not get freaked out as a new listener by the mainline talking point, women celebrating killing their babies and saying, I know it's a baby.
I took its future.
I took its life.
I'm God.
That is the most satanic statement you can make.
And the UN saying motherhood is horrible and children are terrible.
I mean, this is the heart of planetary extinction crap, okay?
And it's a normal behavior to be angry and upset about this.
And the fact that they're normalizing all this will be the death of us.
We have to get upset.
We have to say no.
And we have to start pushing back legally and lawfully.
But there is a paradigm and a paradox and a demarcation line, a point of no return, an event horizon, a line in the sand where they're now killing babies even after they're born.
And now they're euthanizing the old people.
And we have to start really getting to these people's face, suing them, protesting them.
And then if we can't elect governments to stop this, We have to have a large discussion about it, committees of correspondents, but then it's going to be time to get physical.
Now, they want it to get physical because they're losing politically and we're gaining ground and we're going to win in another 10 years or so at current trajectory worldwide.
We're going to ban abortion worldwide.
We're going to route out the pedophiles.
We're winning.
So I don't want violence.
I'm just telling you though that it's going to get so bad that everybody's going to really feel the need to start killing people.
And believe me, I understand.
Don't do it, folks.
And here's the key.
The shooter in Texas at the Walmart was Antifa and a leftist and into the occult and into being depressed and all this other crap.
They expunged his accounts.
We wrote stories about it, but the media was able to cover it up and people still say he was a Trump supporter.
The guy in Ohio the same day, they were unable to expunge the fact,
devil worshipper into satanism and did the mass shooting for the devil.
The left isn't getting mind controlled in some laboratory.
It's being done culturally.
and all these people are on serotonin reuptake inhibitors so that when they suggest mass shootings to enough people,
they will start doing it.
And here's the story from days ago.
And I'm going to cover this when we start the show tomorrow, unless there's some giant news breaking, but this is still central.
Pure evil.
Deranged liberal shoots, kills own family to make point about gun control and hopes that killing his wife and dog will make people now take the guns.
That's a false flag, folks!
But that's a false flag reveal.
He's holding us hostage.
You do what I want and take the guns or I'll kill people.
And see, he's not part of the establishment.
He's a big leftist academic.
His wife was a school teacher.
He's a selfish, evil person.
He wants to take us with him on a mass scale.
The spirit that controls him wants all our guns to do this in mass.
And he's so pissed, he's like, "I'll kill you if you don't let me have your guns!"
The serial killer always tries to convince you to put the handcuffs on.
I don't know, I think I'll take my chances without the handcuffs.
You understand?
They want the guns.
It's a spirit.
They've turned their operating system over to it.
That's why most people you run into are like... And all of a sudden, though, if they get activated by TV, they go... And all of a sudden, there's like a personality there.
That personality's been programmed into them.
Call it a spirit, whatever you want.
Our bodies, it's been proven, pick up the whole universe around them.
And the ancients all had this figured out.
They had their ways of describing it.
But the globalists know what they're doing, and they're programming all this, and they're programming armies of people to start killing to get our guns.
And they're attacking churches all over the country.
They just know to go there.
Mentally ill people just, you go to churches, kill, must kill, go to kill the Christians, kill, kill.
Because it is a spirit.
And then notice it kills Christians and other believers, and then it disarms them by doing it.
You'd think if you're under attack, you get armed.
Christ said, sell your cloak and buy a sword.
Christ is like, Garden of Gethsemane, this is a sacrifice and you gotta let them do this to me.
And they're like, "We don't want to do that."
And you know what happens to the soldier, and Christ putting his ear back on.
Point is, that's not the time for this.
I'm here to be sacrificed.
But yes, in the future, having weapons to defend yourself is more important than having clothing.
In a war zone, if you're being attacked, is it better to have clothing or a sword?
Christ says we're moving into the house of war in the future.
But right now, I've got to do this, because God's got to prove, if I'm going to judge you and give you free will, and you don't think I can't go through this?
You don't think I can't get tortured to death?
You don't think I can't have every sin ever committed, ever committed at the time, and ever to be committed, put on me?
Every child molestation, every devil worship, every human sacrifice, every child starving to death, every murder, every torture, every betrayal, every bit of it, psychically take it on!
For us!
Think about how incredible that is and how that makes perfect sense.
God needs company, creates new entities with free will made in the little g. But we have to have free will, but like a parent, God gave us the cheat sheet, the Bible, and God came down to earth to take it all on and experience it all to prove that God could do it.
40 days in the wilderness to then face Satan in a weakened position to just prove the whole thing.
Because God can't ask his creations that have free will to go through this unless God was the biggest sadist the universe had ever seen.
That makes absolute perfect sense, doesn't it?
Because God makes sense.
Perfect sense.
Now I apologize to Matt and Jeff and Jose and Derek and Peter and Chase and everybody.
I'm out of time and I'm not gonna not go to Gerald Celente.
We had some really important callers, and I know you're important callers, and so that's why we didn't do it.
And I tell the crew this every time we keep callers on hold.
If you get their names and numbers, if they want to be called back tomorrow, I'll call them back tomorrow, and I apologize to them.
And that's that.
There's a lot of news we didn't get to here today, and I just... I have so much news and so much information to cover, and I just keep going back to the spiritual battle because They're not even denying it anymore.
They're all over the news saying we love the devil and you watch the halftime shows and the movies and it's just rituals everywhere and then I'll go look up what the ritual is and it's always a human sacrifice ritual.
Now, why would they do that?
Because it's a symbol of what's been done in the past, that they're doing it in private now,
and that they intend to bring it out into the open.
And that's what they're doing, is they're bringing all of this evil, the pedophilia, the GMO, the human-animal clones, the sterilizing little kids.
Abominations are all being done out in the open in the name of our openness.
In the name of freedom.
You let groups organize and go out and do terrible things.
And so as we hurtle into 2020, we'll have the phones up again tomorrow for what you think is coming.
We'll go to every one of these callers.
If you're there, I'll go to your calls by 15 after tomorrow.
One way or another.
1115, I'm going to go to these callers tomorrow.
Owen Schroer's back from visiting his family in St.
Boy, has he been kicking ass, and so has this whole crew.
And I really mean that.
That it's a blessing to work with all these people.
It's a blessing to work with all the viewers and everybody else out there and that this
is about the nature of reality.
And they want to make you feel weird and strange because you have a relationship with God.
Because you've resonated with that force, the good force of the universe.
They're trying to tell you that doesn't exist, so you'll be all alone, when they all know damn well they're with an evil force.
Hardly any of these people are atheists.
Hello, hello!
Great being on the Alex Jones Show, and just a great new year to everybody, and it's a wild year ahead.
And as you know, we came out with our top trend forecasts for 2020.
And now all of a sudden, they're starting to show up around the world as though other people forecasted before we did.
And of course, they went out to our subscribers of the Trends Journal the first week of December.
So now if you go to Judge Report, one of the big ones is, ah, the Roaring Twenties.
As I call it, the Roaring 2020s.
This is a time for a whole new look.
It's a whole new world.
2020 is as different than it was in 1920 to 1890.
2020 is different from it was to 1990.
1920 to 1890. 2020 is different from it was to 1990. It's a whole new world. It's a whole
new generation, a whole new millennium that is really taking over now.
It doesn't change overnight.
What's changed is, it's a digital world.
Hey, what did they just launch over there in Russia?
A hypersonic weapon.
Back in 2000, I was the keynote speaker at VMI, Virginia Military Institute, talking about new millennium warfare.
And that's what we have right now.
The warfare that's being waged now is as antiquated as it was back in the day when they had guys on horses.
And before that, spears, bows and arrows.
What we're looking at now with these aircraft carriers, these are battleships.
Blown out like that.
Strike out of the air.
Think of it.
Thousands of drones flying over countries.
Dropping weapons.
Chemical warfare.
Biological warfare.
I don't care how big your army is.
This thing breaks loose.
It's going to be what Einstein warned.
They asked him, they said, how will the Third World War be fought?
What weapons will they use?
He said, I don't know.
He said, but I do know the Fourth World War will be fought with sticks and stones.
And I'm mentioning this because things are heating up again.
If you go back just a few days ago, Trump calls for restraint in Syria.
President Trump criticized Russia, Syria, and Iran for intensifying attacks on the last major rebel stronghold in Syria, which have found tens of thousands to flee toward the Turkish border.
Quote, Russia, Syria, and Iran are killing or on their way to killing thousands of innocent civilians in Idlib province.
Don't do it, Mr. Trump tweeted while in Florida.
He just went to vacation.
So what happened?
Just yesterday, or Sunday, yesterday, the United States took some shots over there in Iraq and Syria at Hezbollah troops.
Back by Iran.
We have no business being in Syria.
We have no business being in Iraq.
The war was based on lies.
Or did everybody forget that?
Remember Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al Qaeda.
A lie.
That many of us knew about.
As all this was going on.
We have no business being there.
Iran warns of consequences after U.S.
strikes in Iraq and Syria.
The U.S., quote, openly shown its support to terrorism and shown its negligence to the independence and national sovereignty of countries, said Iran's foreign minister.
It must accept responsibility of the consequences of the illegal attacks.
At least 25 people were killed and 51 wounded.
It's Christmas time, or about that time.
And it's the celebration of the birth of the Prince of Peace.
And I consider myself a warrior for the Prince of Peace.
The United States' actions in the Middle East have proved total failure.
Just like we saw those Afghanistan papers that came out two weeks ago that have blacked out in the news.
You never heard this stuff.
It showed how they lied to us in detail.
The people running the show from Washington to the Pentagon about the progress that they were making.
There was no progress.
Only murder in the first degree.
I'm mentioning what's going on now because I'm very concerned about this.
The United States has declared war on Iran with its economic terrorism.
Countries in deep recession.
And now attacking them.
And Israel's been attacking them in Syria as well.
If this escalates, it's going to crash the equity markets around the world.
It'll crash global economies.
Take a look at oil prices now.
They're getting back near that $70 a barrel for Brent crude.
70 bucks.
A few months ago, it was down like the 50 range.
We can't afford higher oil prices, nor can the world.
Oil prices are now going up because of the friction going on in the Middle East.
Remember, Saudi Arabia Let that Aramco go private.
And when they did, oil prices started to boost up.
What's behind all this?
Where's it going?
What's next?
Well, we're going to tell you just in a very, very short time about how you can see the future.
Stay tuned, because there's nothing, nothing, Like InfoWars to help you with all the different information that they give you from so many different people and from so many different perspectives.
We're going into the 2020s.
It's going to be a wild ride into the future.
I'll tell you more.
We just come back in just a few.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show and waging a war against corruption.
Well, that's a full time job.
So in order to keep the truth going, please do what you can to support InfoWars.
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You know, one of the things I do as a trend forecaster is I monitor the news each day.
Current events form future trends.
So I read Worldwide.
Each day I get delivered the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Toilet Paypal Record, the Financial Times.
I go online.
I go to whether it's Fars News Agency, Iran, to Al Jazeera, the Arab side.
I go to Haaretz and Jerusalem Post on the Israeli, China Today, Global Times, China and Japan.
I go all over the world and look at the news.
So today's I'm going through the Financial Times, and this relates actually to just those products that I was talking about and supporting InfoWise, particularly if you're an advertiser.
Because all this money that people are spending, the advertising agencies and others online, to me is a waste of money in so many different ways.
Tens of billions from companies via fake clicks to online ads.
This is a front page story in today's financial time.
There were stories that came out, they only made the news one or two days last year about how, or a year before, about how Google and Facebook were lying to the advertisers About the click-ons.
So here's the deal.
Fraudsters are milking companies of tens of billions of dollars a year with fake responses to online advertising.
Goes on to say, fake clicks have been the scourge of the online marketing world for years, but are rampant.
I'm mentioning all of this because you go to InfoWars, you go to Trends Journal, we don't have advertisers at all.
But you know that what we're talking about, what we're putting out is factual and the truth.
We're not making stuff up.
So for advertisers that are selling products that want to get real hits and real face time, You go to places like Infowars and other media outlets that are not online as they're doing the click-throughs.
They're not working.
And it's also a time, because one of my top trends again, the roaring 2020s, start putting life into the advertisements.
Start making it real.
Think about it.
We're following passionless geeks.
The only thing that changed from Jobs to Zuckerberg is the color of their t-shirt, from black to blue.
So advertisers should be focusing in on shows like InfoWars and others to promote and sell their products.
Because this whole online world, everybody, we all know it.
I mentioned to all the websites that I go to.
On a daily basis, to look at the current events forming future trends.
As soon as an ad comes up, poof, I click the thing, it's like everybody else does.
As fast as you can see it.
Or if you go to YouTube, you know, you click and you go in 5, 3, 2, 1, click, you're off that thing.
So, this whole world of advertising is to me fraudulent.
Because it's backed by nothing.
Proved by nothing.
So again, support everything, support InfoWars, and support and buy their products.
So going back to what I was talking about before, about the Christmas season, and how, I mean, we've got to talk about Black Friday sales.
And I find that racist.
We have to change that name, Black Friday.
I'm only kidding.
I'm only kidding.
Can't say amen anymore without saying hey women.
A son of a... and a daughter of a... gotta be equal.
Nearly half of voters say there is too little focus on religion during Christmas.
Polling data from Hill-Harris X-Survey found that 46% of respondents say there's too little emphasis on Christmas as a religious holiday.
I agree.
Again, I don't believe in the established religions, having gone to Catholic school.
What they do ain't my trip, but I believe in the Prince of Peace and what Prince of Peace stood for.
And that, to me, is Christmas time, is a celebration of the Prince of Peace.
And if we don't have peace on Earth, We're just going to keep going down.
You're going to see more crazy people do crazy things.
Because why not?
The fish rots from the head down.
Look around the world, the violence going on.
I've never seen anything like it in my life.
This is going to be my 40th year of trend forecasting.
Look at the riots, the wars, the demonstrations, the protests.
Afghanistan, Hong Kong.
France, they closed down the joint, the strikes.
Look at the murder going on, the craziness, the violence.
We have to stop this.
And you stop it by, in my belief, believing in what we're here for and what to do.
It's about peace on Earth.
So also, please consider supporting my movement, Occupy Peace, OccupyPeace.com, because this year we're going to start having festivals.
I'm against these foreign entanglements.
I'm for building America and America first and America only.
No, I'm not an isolationist, as morons would call me.
Not an isolationist at all.
I mind my own business.
Save your political crap and shove it up you-know-what.
I'm an American and a believer in the founding fathers.
George Washington, no foreign entanglement.
So that, to me, is where we have to go.
We have to end these wars, bring home the troops, put them to work rebuilding our rotted infrastructure, force Congress to vote to go to war, which they have not done since World War II, which is against the Constitution.
And have referendums on each state ballots.
So now we're telling the public servants what we want because we're the ones who pay for war with our money and our lives.
I'm going to be back in just a few.
We're going to talk about not only what's going on on the economic on the geopolitical war front, but on the economic war front and how to prosper in 2020.
Be right back.
Thank you.
Thank you for having me, Alex Jones, and everyone working on the Alex Jones Show for all that you do to give the people around the world so much information that you don't get anywhere else.
And again, talking about not getting information from anywhere else.
New WikiLeaks documents exposed doctoring of chemical weapons report to justify 2018 U.S.
attack on Syria.
So this is the fourth round of leaked internal documents.
We got this, by the way, off another website, the WorldWSWS.
And the fourth round of leaked internal documents from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons was published by WikiLeaks Friday, further exposing the official report of an alleged 2018 chemical weapons attack in Doma, a suburb of Damascus, Then held by CIA-backed Islamic forces as having been doctored to justify an attack by the United States, Britain, France against the Syrian government.
The documents point to a systematic effort to suppress evidence uncovered by investigators that cast significant doubt on the official line pushed by Washington and others.
They go on to say that the facts are there, that this whole thing is a fraud.
You saw those pictures.
Look at them.
This whole thing was a... They go on to say the doctors that reviewed all this, and a number of them were there, and other analysts, they went on to say that they concluded The latest round of documents includes an email from these top people ahead of the release, the final report, demanding the removal of any, oh, that's another part, hold it.
The final report omitted, here we go, omitted any references to the findings that were not made public until they leaked by the press and did not include any other dissenting opinions from investigators who had examined evidence in Douma.
These doctors go on to say, three toxicologists, a clinical pharmacologist, and one bioanalytical toxicological chemist, who are all experts in medical chemical weapons production, said the experts were conclusive in their statements that there was no correlation between symptoms and chlorine exposure based on the video and photos that they were shown by investigators.
They just showed you on InfoWars the videos and the photos.
That they were fraudulent.
The OPCW team concluded after their meeting with the four experts, quote, That the symptoms observed were inconsistent with exposure to chlorine and no other obvious candidate chemical causing the symptoms could be identified.
So there you got it.
One big lie.
And it's lie after lie after lie.
Just like the Afghanistan papers.
They're out of the news, and what we're talking about now on InfoWars, about the chemical crap that they shoved down our throats, just like, you know, Iran bombed those, they sent those drones in there to Saudi Arabia and wiped out that oil field.
No proof.
No proof.
So, that's where we're at, and that's where we're going.
If we don't stop this beating of war drums, Japan will send naval troops and planes to help protect waterways in the Middle East.
Stay out of your own business!
When has your ships ever been threatened over there?
Oh, World War II, oh yeah, right?
What are you doing over there?
And now you see how it's heating up.
rivals launch Mideast war games.
Russia, China, and Iran join force.
Naval drills in Gulf of Oman.
Rebuke from Washington.
Oh yeah, Washington should rebuke.
How many years you been there?
Oh, I gotta get rid of that guy, Gaddafi.
I don't like him, says the Nobel Peace of Crap Prize winner, the arrogant Barack Obama.
I want that guy you sought out of there!
Get him out of there!
Said the Nobel piece of crap prize winner Barack Obama.
Saudi Arabia launched the worst humanitarian crisis on earth from Washington D.C.
under the realm and helm of Barack Obama.
And then there's that piece of bush crap that started the Afghan and Iraq wars.
And then we can't forget Clinton.
Oh yeah.
Kosovo, this and that.
No-fly zones over Iraq, killing over 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of five.
When Madeline Not-All-That-Bright, our UN ambassador, was asked by Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes, is the price of 500,000 Iraqi children dead because of the sanctions on the slimy, slick willy She said, yes, it was.
So who's the United States to rebuke anybody?
We need peace in the Middle East.
And this thing is heating up.
If the Middle East blows up, the world will blow up into war.
It's not ancient history.
One country after another, Norway, occupied by Nazis, bombed.
This isn't ancient history.
The same thing will happen with hypersonic and new millennium warfare if we don't have peace.
So, on to the economy.
Well, the markets are closing down today, but gold is up.
Markets will stay up as long as the Federal Reserve keeps pumping in that cheap dough, and it looks like they're going to keep doing it.
That's the numbers.
They pumped in, according to a great site, I really like her work, Pam Martens.
And she puts out these reports that the Federal Reserve, the New York banks, and the other banksters have pumped in between September 17th to the middle of November $3 trillion into the overnight market so the gamblers could gamble, because that's where the money goes to.
Now the Fed has announced that they're going to pump in another $2.93 trillion
dollars between December 16th and January 18th.
I love how they don't do 3 trillion, just 2.93 trillion.
So the markets are going to stay up as long as there's cheap money.
And the world is going cheap.
And what you're going to start seeing more also is more fiscal stimulus.
That means stupid governments are going to tax people more money so they could create fake jobs to keep this thing going.
So I see the stock market staying in the territory it is.
It could go down 10%.
It could even go correction territory 20%.
It has that room.
But I also believe we're going to see negative to zero interest rate policy by this time next year.
It's a global slowdown.
It's in the news.
You can keep reading about it.
It comes out one place after another, but it doesn't make it in the American news.
There's a European slowdown.
The IMF is worried about it.
The World Bank.
So, prepare for the future.
I still see gold as being positive.
I do not give financial advice.
As we speak, gold is above $1,500 an ounce mark.
And that's a pretty good way to end the new year.
Because remember you go back to our Trends Journal and we did a trend alert back on June 6th of this year saying it was the beginning of the gold bull run and gold was selling then about $200 less than it is now.
So gold is still that safe haven investment and now with all these countries with more fiscal stimulus bringing interest rates lower there's going to be more safe haven demand or safe haven Asset demand coming in the year ahead.
So I wish everybody a very, very happy New Year.
And I want to thank Alex Jones and everyone for having me on each week and to thank them for all that they do to bring peace, justice and the American way to the world.
Thank you all very much.
Happy New Year.
Wishing you all the very, very best.
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By the grace of God, and all the glory goes to God, we have done amazing things in just the last few weeks.
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It's really amazing.
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