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Name: 20191221_SpecialReport-2_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 21, 2019
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We're good.
We're good to go.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Saturday, December 21st, 2019.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and you know that we are here at least live six days a week, Monday through Friday and Sunday.
Saturday, we tend to have rebroadcast, and I was already intending to come in today, as a lot of you can probably guess, to shoot a special report on the plans to remove the president and how the deep state has set some traps during the Senate.
Trial that's coming up and how they've held back the articles of impeachment from the house.
But you can also tell by the space background that I was intending to get into Space Force and the official announcement and launch of that and what's behind that and why it's such a big deal.
That's why you've got this really cool background that Drew came up with and they're running the board.
But then last night, I got a phone call from an investigator I know, and it tied in with a lot of the research we've been doing.
And then I ended up spending three hours last night doing research into the developments that he brought forward that I could go out and verify.
This is all publicly verifiable information.
Now, you know, we don't do a lot of pre-hype here.
We just boom, bring big stories up.
Project Veritas is amazing.
They're the best at investigative journalism.
But that said, James O'Keefe is really good at building up a drumbeat for a huge story, because you need to, so people pay attention to it, with the millions of voices out there.
And they don't disappoint.
I'm not doing this live special feed where we just hijacked our own satellite radio feeds, the main feeds, the rebroadcast that just on our audio and video feeds has tens of thousands of people watching.
No telling who's watching and listening on radio and TV stations.
We don't really ever do that.
We've got rebroadcast of David Knight, rebroadcast of Owen Schroer, rebroadcast of myself, many others.
That's all been taken over right now.
On a lot of different feeds we put out by our skeleton crew, because this is so important.
I was going to put a report out at 2 p.m.
as I said yesterday on Space Force, the attempts to remove the president and what's behind that, but I had to wait and get more crew up here, 50 minutes, and then go live because this is so big.
Let me just lay it out this way.
This is the biggest Jeffrey Epstein information to ever come out.
And it's the most dangerous to ever come out.
And I was thinking about it last night and this morning.
And I decided to go ahead and release the basics today, just as a safety issue.
Because believe me, my phones are tapped and other people's phones are tapped by the deep state.
I'm gonna explain how that works as well.
Coming up.
In fact, you pull me from Friday's stack that how 12 million people are under surveillance with one purchase of data, the New York Times, White Washington, why they put that out, because that's true, but that's a small piece of it.
But I want to explain how this whole blackmail ring situation works.
And then on Monday, I'm going to release with a special guest who's been digging into this, just what is known.
To currently be going on with Epstein World.
And the fact that Epstein is a fall guy.
A patsy.
A Lee Harvey Oswald.
A Tim McVeigh.
He's involved in it.
He's a horrible guy.
He's a monster.
Was a monster.
But that they're trying to limit and contain it to Epstein when the people involved, the groups involved, are still operating aircraft and are still procuring the same thing.
And that's open and shut confirmed with videos and with names.
The New York Post knows about this.
Wall Street Journal knows about this.
Fox News knows about this.
The White House knows about this.
And I'm not coordinating anything with the White House or any of those groups.
I was waiting to let them break it.
And it's not that I'm afraid to break these type of things.
It's just that I've been targeted to be discredited because they know I will release information like this.
And then they hope when I do, it discredits big stories because they've discredited me.
But now folks know that we first broke the Epstein News over 13 years ago, and so it's backfired.
We're not where we were two years ago with their whole Pizzagate disinfo op that we partially fell for.
A fake story to cover up the big giant real story that we'd already broken, along with others.
But this is very sophisticated, very complex, but also very, very simple.
So I'm going to give you a prelude to what's coming up on Monday.
And I've decided to tape this too.
I might tape it tomorrow night.
I might tape it Monday morning.
Then if I have time, get it out during the show or it might be after the show Monday.
But this has to get out, not just for the safety of the people being persecuted and attacked and abused, but for all of us.
And I just also want to add, this is already prepared.
This is already ready.
There's a report with all of it that goes even further than I'm going to go Monday.
Because I know this will get my phones listened to more and everything I've done that's saved in the database looked at closely.
And I know it'll, you know, trigger some things because it already has, but even more information will be released.
If anything happens to me or there's any harassment or problems, because I'm just going to release the basics and then everybody else follow the breadcrumbs.
But this is the rest of the story.
This is where the breadcrumbs lead.
This is where the rabbit hole, the rat hole goes.
So, you have to understand, we had to build our own Band.Video audio and video system to be able to go live.
We're already on satellite for radio and TV.
We had to build a lot of infrastructure and put millions of dollars in the equipment, the crew, and all of this.
And of course our app went to number one on Apple's in news so they banned that.
We still have the Android app.
But it's a big deal that we're still on air thanks to your support.
So we should probably show the live feed of this right now at InfoWars.com and Band.Video before I get into this because this is not a spectator sport.
This is a boots on the ground, man in the arena sport.
And so the most important thing about this broadcast and what we do
is that listeners need to know they need to be able to send out the live feed of the show.
So let me pull it up on my phone for you.
We'll do it that way.
All right.
Let's go ahead and scroll down.
And you can see red alert.
And that shows you all the past shows and all the other feeds.
And that's one of the reasons we went late here today was that show when I got up here in this chair,
I would be able to direct you to the live feed of this broadcast so that you could share it.
Just amazing.
You go to InfoWars.com.
You go to NewsWars.com and there it is.
Saturday Emergency Breaking News Bulletin.
First look at horrifying new Epstein developments.
The biggest yet.
And there is the feed right there for you to share it on Facebook, on Twitter, everywhere.
Saturday, Emergency Breaking News Bulletin.
First look.
Horrifying new developments.
That's what I need you to get out before I lay all this out.
Because yes, I know on our regular feeds on a Saturday afternoon, there's about, we can look at it, 15,000 people watching videos, 20-something thousand listening to streams, and then that's feeding out to other systems.
But, if you just simply share it on Facebook, share it on Twitter, share it by word of mouth, share it by video link, and again, they block InfoWars.com feeds.
That's why we need to go to Band.Video, and I'll tell folks the page to go to,
And then you'll find that link that we'll also just add in the InfoWars article to send that one out and that gets past a lot of the censors.
Also, TheNewsWars.com.
And the reason I'm doing this is we had a 45-minute meeting about this before we went live.
Because if you don't spread the articles, if you don't spread the videos, and if we don't start identifying things here for you, it's over.
Make it or break it.
So simple.
So simple.
Make it or break it.
So, again, there it is.
And guys, do the control function that brings the cut down.
We always do that with our site set up.
It's wide.
There you go.
Thank you.
I'm just going to start directing from the chair.
Saturday Emergency Breaking News Bulletin.
First look.
Horrifying new Epstein revelations to be relieved.
And again, I have a skeleton crew doing a great job here.
You don't normally see a talk show host direct shows, but that's what I'm doing because I'm the guy that knows what I want to do.
They're doing a great job.
This is just real analysis, real live TV, teleprompter free, breaking historic information.
Saturday Emergency Breaking News Bulletin, first look, horrifying new Epstein revelations to be released, bigger than any information released previous.
And I'm going to release some of it here right now.
But I'm going to reset, give you a chance to share the links, play a few key clips, and I'm going to come back with what's admitted about Epstein that's now broken, and then what's going to be coming out on Monday.
Everything they've been doing to us is to stop this coming out and to make this a joke and to make people go away and to make people shut up.
Well, if I'm going to risk my life to bring you this information, I'm going to go 110% and not back down.
And I'm going to explain the fact that I've known this information for a while.
We've learned more as it's unfolded and we tried through intermediaries and others to get the media to do their job just like Veritas exposed ABC covering up for four years.
But the news is it's ongoing.
It's still happening and
It's elements in the government, and if Trump releases this, it's over for the deep state, which is dominantly Democrat.
They're neocons as well.
So I'm not telling you that I'm risking my life here to act tough, okay?
I think everybody knows we don't play games here.
All right?
You don't play games.
But we are in purgatory.
We are in the Phantom Zone, big tech hopes, so that this doesn't get out.
But you know what?
It's getting out.
You try to suppress something, it just explodes that much stronger.
So if you go to BAN.VIDEO, because that's the place to find the link.
Let's go to the main site of BAN.VIDEO.
Where do people go, because I'm live here on air, to find the specific live bulletin?
Saturday Emergency Breaking News Bulletin, First Look, Horrific New, Pepsi Revelation to be released.
Can we go to BAN.VIDEO homepage, please?
Because this is, I'm trying to explain to the crew, this is the total critical situation.
So, I'm on Bandot Video, I'm a listener.
They hear me telling folks, a lot of people are listening on radio.
Okay, they're watching on TV, they go, okay, look at this link.
They hear me saying this, they go to Bandot Video, they're looking at Pelosi, they're looking at me in an armored vehicle, they're looking at that.
Where do they go and navigate to find this?
Alex Jones Show, left-hand corner pull-down.
And there it is in the live feed.
Great job.
Then we're going to take that link to that sub page of Alex Jones and say, share this link.
InfoWars is blocked.
Now, some systems block banned video.
Go to NewsWorks.com.
It's got the same headline with the feed in it.
It's not been blocked like a lot of other things.
And again, I'm not trying to harp on this and harp on this.
You understand.
You know what's going on.
I know what's going on.
The crew knows what's going on.
We have to get past two- and third-dimensional thought that, hey, we're on air so people are seeing it.
This isn't just like you put something on Twitter or YouTube in the old days.
People see it, they vote it up, they share it, it goes viral.
We're doing this with our own platform, our own system, and the power is you.
I'm like a paralyzed man.
A nuclear engineer, hypothetically, as an allegory.
And I know how to fix a reactor that's melting down.
But I'm paralyzed completely.
All I can do is blink my eyes.
And I know Morse Code.
So I'm sitting there blinking my eyes.
This actually happened in the Vietnam War with the airmen they captured.
They tortured them and they were blinking their eyes.
Torture, torture.
And people said, why are they blinking their eyes?
And people that do Morse Code said that's Morse Code for torture.
Well, it's the same thing.
I'm paralyzed on the Internet.
We have this jump point here that's InfoWars.
It literally is eyes seeing what's happening.
The only way it gets out there is if you share the article, share the video, share the feed.
That's like the Morse Code.
And so, that's how we get out there.
We know how to fix the melting down reactor.
But we're paralyzed.
You are the only way, knowing how to read the Morse Code, and that's an analogy, to share the article's videos.
You're the arms, the legs, the blood, the brains, the guts, the bones, the spirit, the soul, the action, the victory.
That's why it's asked backwards when you call in and thank me.
For risking my life against a bunch of satanic devil worshippers that hurt children?
You think I feel safe knowing they're running around free?
Man, when it comes to fight and flight, I fight, man.
This is a panic response, fighting for my damn life, along with you.
This isn't courage, this is survival.
I'm not going to sit here and let these people expand their takeover operation and hide my house from them.
I'm going to go out and find them.
We can override big tech with your word of mouth, and that scares them.
So again, I'm gonna lay all this out.
We're gonna be back in just a few minutes, and I'm begging you for yourself and your own family, newswars.com forward slash show.
That takes me to the feed.
Or just newswars.com front page.
You can see that same headline at newswars.com.
Let me show you.
Just go to newswars.com.
And you see that right there.
See the live show, scroll down a little bit.
And that was a bug too.
I noticed that a lot of times our live special feeds, I wanted to get that changed, go to special events or to special reports.
So see, that's a, we're going to work on everything now here live on air.
Had a lot of meetings about that.
So where do you find it on there?
Because that's a function.
Let's go back to the top.
We'll just keep doing this no matter how long it takes.
Go back to the top.
That's how you fix stuff live on air.
And you can see the live news network all shows.
So they've taken over all the feeds, so that's there.
But you do not see it.
So let me see where that is.
Special reports, it's that link.
Let's click that.
Okay, up in the left-hand corner, special reports.
Let's click on that.
Nope, I don't want info alerts.
Doesn't matter how long this takes, because you don't know how many meetings I've been in, folks, and from now on, it's all done on air.
No, no, it's not going to show on the main page is the issue.
I remember when that didn't happen.
Okay, so go over to Special Reports.
You got to erase that wars.com, yeah.
We're just going to be here.
It's fine.
No problem.
New system.
Do it all this way now.
And then you're going to notice it's not there because it doesn't show on the front page.
I've had a lot of meetings about that.
You go to special reports is where they phantom zone us.
See, as above so below, we phantom zone our own stuff and it stops today.
So, you can keep putting question marks in that until the cows come home, it's not going to show up.
Go to special reports, that's where they phantom zone it.
Told you that.
Had 20 meetings on that sucker alone.
I'm like, why do we not put our special reports or our live feeds on the front page of NewsWorks.com?
Well, you see that right there, folks?
Just like I pay attention to how the globalists operate, I've got a great crew here.
And we're trying to create a network and infrastructure where you can get the info.
And I've just learned, I'm seven days a week now, and I do it all live.
There's something about being alive now that all the private meetings couldn't identify that it's there hidden.
But now we know.
So you go to special reports to get our big lie-breaking news.
I would think it would be front and center.
And I've made that request.
But I'm not upset.
Because today you're learning where it all is.
You see that?
You'd think if we were doing a Saturday emergency breaking news bulletin, first look at horrifying new FC revelations to be released.
But that'd be on the front page.
Maybe it will be on Monday.
But that's the link you want to share.
That's the one that isn't being blocked by a lot of the globalists.
Now, we got an amazing crew here.
And like I said, this has all just been a prelude, a breakdown in the emergency transmission.
And I'm trying to explain to you out there, as the viewers and listeners, that you are beyond critical.
You're the only way this information gets out.
Now there it is, front and center on News Wars.
And I'm asking you, please get that out.
So it might've been a caching issue in the old days.
It was only in special reports.
All right, we're going to go to these clips.
And then we're going to come back and get into the big Epstein story that Epstein is just the cover for all this.
It's much deeper.
It's much bigger.
It's much more important.
And that this could bring down the entire house of cards.
In fact, I'll just start over when we come back.
Very powerful, seat of our pants, real news, real info, not trillion dollar companies like Apple, not 800 billion dollar companies like Google with, you know, hundreds of thousands of employees and, you know.
No, no, this is just hardcore crew Americans fighting hard, like, you know, fighting a modern aircraft carrier or the 1944 submarine.
But we're firing torpedoes of truth
And it's having a big effect thanks to the hard work and support of our crew and you, the viewers and listeners.
I'm gonna do my best to really focus and come in and start over and get into the info for you, because this is a lot bigger than just the Epstein story.
The Epstein story is the cover for the real story, and you're gonna get that on the other side.
Please stay with us.
There are of course those who do not want us to speak.
Let me think, just let me think.
I suspect even now orders are being shouted into telephones and men with guns will soon be on their way.
It's Chancellor Settler.
Damn it!
Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power.
Words are for the means to meaning and for those who will listen.
The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
You designed it, sir.
You wanted it foolproof.
You taught me every television in London!
Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression.
And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and selecting your submission.
We need cameras.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others.
They will be held accountable.
But again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
I know why you did it.
I know you were afraid.
Who wouldn't be?
There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.
Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now High Chancellor, Adam Sutler.
He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
There is a war.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the Resistance.
We are the Infowar.
There's a reason the globalists are fighting so hard to shut us down.
They know the spirit of 1776, the spirit of the Renaissance, shines brightly from Infowars.
That spirit of fighting evil is growing stronger, not weaker under attack, because your will is strong.
And make no mistake, this is a war of wills.
Infowars' main mission is to expose the globalist blueprint, rally humanity, and stop them dead in their tracks.
As modern Paul reveres, it's critical for all Americans to do their part in the animating contest of liberty to expose darkness and promote freedom and a pro-human future everywhere we go.
The quickening is here.
We are now entering the crossroads, and InfoWars is rising to the challenge.
InfoWars and our dedicated, committed crew is fighting harder than ever.
We live in the most historical times ever seen in the history of our species.
Everyone can see it, they can feel it, they can taste it.
But now, it's all going to the next level.
Evil is rising, and to challenge it, good is rising as well.
The fact that you're awake, the fact that you're involved, the fact that you're engaged, even in the smallest way, is giant.
It's massive.
It's consciousness.
Now, as the year 2020 dawns, we must redouble our efforts like never before in the fight to bring down the Deep State and defeat the globalist anti-human system.
But the only way our information gets out is when you spread it, and when you support it by funding our operations, which are your operations, at infowarestore.com.
The future is now.
They had us as number one on Droid, number three on Apple, and we went back to get screenshots because our numbers showed us number one, and we're gone.
How did you decide to ban Alex Jones?
What users want from us, and what we've always provided them, is a curated platform.
If you're going to curate, that should be all.
Let me tell Tim Cook something.
We're watching you, and what you're doing.
InfoWars is steps ahead of the globalists and their censorship agenda.
Getting ready to launch the next few months new apps.
Now it's easier than ever to have Band.Video on your iPhone.
Simply go to Band.Video with your Safari browser.
Then you click the share button at the bottom of the screen.
When the menu comes up you simply click add to home screen.
You will now have Band.Video app on your home screen.
Despite the fact that Tim Cook tried to stop it.
So it's up to you whether you want to defy big tech and click the share buttons below.
Be sure and share, banned on video.
Congressman Al Green.
How are you doing?
How are you today, man?
Better than I deserve.
Do you remember me by any chance?
I think we met over here.
Oh my gosh.
I'm actually really honored you remember me.
I saw what you said on Friday.
I don't know what I said on Friday.
I said a lot.
You called the president a racist again and you were projecting your race baiting onto him again.
Well, you know, you have your opinion and I have mine.
But that's a serious allegation, Al.
Al, he's not a racist.
Here's what I want to say, Al.
Are you a racist?
No, obviously I'm not a racist.
Are you a racist?
It is obvious to me.
You're calling me a racist, huh?
That is absurd, Al.
Let me introduce you to a racist who follows me around.
Yeah, I support President Trump like I'm sure many people here do.
Here is how the committee will proceed for this hearing.
I will make an opening statement, and then I will recognize the ranking member for an opening statement.
After that, we will hear two sets of presentations.
We will hear 30-minute opening arguments from councils for the majority and the minority of this committee.
Jerry Nadler and the Democrat Party are committing treason against this country!
And you can kick me out, but he's the one committing crimes!
You are, Jerry Nadler!
You're the one committing treason!
America's done with this!
America's sick of the treason committed by the Democrat Party!
We're not going to sit here and watch them run an impeachment inquiry and remove our vote!
We voted for Donald Trump, and they're simply removing him because they don't like him!
The committee will come to order.
Obviously, I shouldn't have to remind everyone present that the audience is here to observe, but not to demonstrate, not to indicate agreement or disagreement with any witness or with any
Member of the committee.
Jerry Nadler and the Democrat Party are committing treason against this country!
And you can kick me out, but he's the one committing crimes!
You are, Jerry Nadler!
You're the one committing treason!
America's done with this!
That's right.
I did see that.
I think that was the taxpayer dollars at work.
Do you support the impeachment?
Oh, he doesn't want to talk to InfoWars.
He just tries to make fun of InfoWars for a couple months on Comedy Central and fails.
And then he runs away as soon as InfoWars puts a mic in his face.
I thought you weren't allowed.
I thought you weren't allowed in here.
You're not allowed in here.
Look at these LARPers pretending to fight Nazis.
Get that out of my face!
Get that out of my face!
Get that out of my face!
There he is right there!
What'd I tell ya?
Democrats are real easy to spot.
They're filled with hate and... Alex Jones lives at Infowars.com!
You guys hate free speech, huh?
So while you're gathered with your loved ones over the holiday season, just remember that every message didn't kill us all.
The Democrat Party is trying to illegally remove the President of the United States.
It was Gary Nadler's own words in 1998 that the impeachment against Bill Clinton was an attempt to remove an American election.
We must stand by President Trump.
That is the Democrat agenda.
The Democrats want to destroy America.
That's why they're trying to remove the president.
The impeachment scam is happening right now.
I was coming in on this Saturday, December 21st special Saturday transmission to cover the announcement officially of Space Force and what's really behind that.
And the ongoing attempts to remove the President via the illegal, fraudulently executed impeachment in the House and the dirty tricks they're set to play.
And at the end of this breakdown, I will get into that news and information.
Thank you so much for joining us, but let me give you the breakdown here.
You know there's been a major cover-up by mainstream corporate media and government of Jeffrey Epstein, confidant of the Clintons, who clearly worked for the CIA, MI6, and Mossad.
That's all confirmed now.
We told you that 13 years ago, plus.
But now as more information comes out,
We're going to be releasing information on Monday showing that individuals that were seen as suspects by the FBI, very close to Epstein, are still operating and are still procuring the same types of things through shell corporations and organizations in Florida, New York, and other areas.
And we've gotten a very clear picture of who Epstein really was, and the types of operations he was involved in, and understand that Epstein himself is the diversion, because he was clearly involved in these illegal, nightmarish activities to blackmail, but he himself was just a mid-level
Now, I never sit on stories, but I've known a lot of this information since before Epstein got re-arrested
This year and then was dead a few months later in New York in federal custody.
And what I know is known by a lot of people.
And I can tell you that major publications like the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, broadcast outfits like Fox News and others all have this information.
And this is cut and dry information about people
Involved with Epstein, ongoing being protected by the bureaucracy and by government.
And on a bipartisan basis in many cases because Republicans are involved in this evil as well.
We have not found any connections to Trump in this, other than parties he's had at Mar-a-Lago, that's a private club, and Epstein being there, and them meeting each other, and knowing each other, and having dinner a few times.
That's what Trump does as a socialite.
But when it comes to the Clintons, if we did find evidence, we'd expose Trump.
The Clintons, it's unbelievable, and that's well known, and it's not 30 flights, it's not 20 flights, it's over 100 flights, and it's not just underage girls.
That's just the hors d'oeuvre.
That's just the stewardesses.
And how they recruit those stewardesses is a key piece of the puzzle we'll be breaking down on Monday.
Now this is not an attempt for us to even hype this up.
We do want it to get out there.
This information, more info I got last night, three hours of research I did additionally, it really hit me that I needed to come on air just for my own safety and talk about some of this and point out one way or the other it is coming out.
And then I've got to finish not researching it because it's years of research and it's new info that's come out that's confirmed and not even debated and it's open source and fits into this as final pieces of the puzzle.
And what Epstein was involved in and what he symbolizes is just one tip of an iceberg and an entire iceberg field or flow.
Is a card at the very bottom of the stack that if you pull that card out, the house of cards comes crashing down like a game of Jenga.
So what we're going to reveal Monday is open source, is prima facie, in Latin that means on its face.
You're at the local lake.
You see a duck.
It's got a brown bill.
It's got a green head.
It's got a brown body.
It's got pink feet.
It's eating moss.
Your kids are throwing it bread.
How do you know it's a duck?
Prima facie.
It's a duck.
Prima facie.
The face.
Clear as day.
Look in the mirror.
How do I know Rudolph's got a red nose?
He's got a red nose.
In lore.
How do I know that camera 2's the camera I'm on?
It's got a big red light.
What color is that light?
It's red!
Prima facia.
Maybe swing that camera around if you can.
Do it.
Just aim it at camera 2 for us.
I mean, I know the red light won't be on anymore when you switch to camera 7, but... See that?
Just went to green.
Watch it back.
Prima facia.
See that?
How do you know that?
Because you see it right there.
I guess you can do both at the same time.
I didn't even know you could do that.
Green and red at the same time.
That's halfway.
Alright, so... This is bigger than Epstein, obviously, in that he was just a frontman.
And they're hoping that by making it all about Epstein, it diverts everybody off from the subterranean levels to all of this.
But what I will do today, ahead of Monday, is I will get into some of the latest developments that tie into all of this.
Now, I've got five people in there to run this live show.
It takes a couple people just to reprogram things to take over the video feed and the audio feeds and the satellite feeds and to get articles written and things posted.
So they're doing a great job.
But that's why I need a few more days to come in and collate all the documents, all the video clips, all the evidence, line it out, and then present it.
Because something this big and this important, I just am not going to come in here with a skeleton crew on Saturday and talk about it.
But let me get into what we already knew and what these dots connect and why the puzzle's now complete.
Jeffrey Epstein was a high-level manager, but still a manager, in one arm of a larger global system.
So he was a big fish in one system that internets with others around the world and is a window into how the technocracy, how the globalists, that's what they call themselves in their own words, control populations.
And they control populations by intrigue, and by avant-garde, and by mystery, and by finding out what makes people tick, knowing what their hopes and dreams are, knowing what they want, and then giving that to those people, but compromising them in the process.
And because the intelligence agencies and the private networks that publicly have access to those, close to a million people in the U.S.,
That's one out of 330 people has access to top security clearance information of all your cell phone data, who you talk to, where you went, what you did.
Imagine how they can use that to game you in business or life or to control you.
It's insane.
It's like a mutual blackmail association, a giant Ponzi scheme of surveillance.
And so they want academics controlled.
They want bankers controlled.
They want scientists controlled.
They want politicians controlled.
They want to know what beautiful models are doing or artists or writers.
They want societal power.
And then they go out and they recruit scientific heads, banking heads, academic heads, religious heads, sports heads, media heads, and then they have them go out and teach them how to recruit, how to blackmail, how to control the next substrata down below them as a societal system.
A religion of surveillance, a religion of corruption, a religion of sin.
The devil knows what you like.
The devil knows your weaknesses.
What if the devil could create a panopticonic internet surveillance grid, know people's secrets, know their weak spots, have others trained in it to go out and compromise you, get you under their control, and then roll you out against other people and then compromise them?
A giant satanic Ponzi scheme.
A black hole.
And that's what the NXIVM cult was an arm of this.
That's what Hollywood does.
That's why all these systems, John of God, all of these things keep duplicating the same system, keep duplicating.
Why do you think these people are all having sex with little kids and getting people that work with them to do it?
It's to compromise them.
But not just politically.
They're compromising them spiritually so that God won't protect them.
And so they feel cut off from God and fall to evil and can be recruited to then do, by a successful approximation or incrementalism, worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse things.
So, I told you when I first talked about
Epstein, he was into eugenics and world government and population control and secret breeding programs and cloning.
How did I know that?
He ran the private working group for the Albert Einstein University in New York where Bill and Melinda Gates, Ted Turner, Warren Buffett,
All these other individuals, less than 50, would meet, quote, to build an alternative world government to the one that was already set up by their colleagues that they're part of, but a different track to solve world overpopulation, which is their prime reason for playing God and doing all the horrible testing and things they do.
That's the cover.
They're saving the earth.
But within that, of course there's sex with kids.
Of course there's secret breeding programs and dating apps.
Because what do these globalists want to say?
They want to say, oh we're genetic scientists and our science and our brain scan and our genetic scan shows we're the best.
And of course a bunch of royalties involved in that, being told what they want to hear by scientists.
And then they go out and corrupt other scientists and then create dating apps to then go out and have women sign on to the criteria.
They then do a data mine on that woman who she works with, who she's close to, how much money she has.
Tell her she's got these elite genetics.
Everybody wants to be told they're royalty or whatever.
They think they've won the lottery and now you already have a psychological profile on a woman.
She's opted in and you've got a database of her connections and who she knows.
So you tell her, oh, we want to fly you out to Zorro Ranch.
You're part of this advanced DNA we want.
And now you can have her as a sex op.
You can have to get money out of her.
You can drug her.
You can do whatever you want, depending on her psychology type.
Because you've got all the NSA surveillance on her and real AI telling you statistically what you can do to her.
If it causes you a problem, you just kill her.
Now that's only one arm of this.
What do they do when it comes out?
They go, oh, Epstein wanted to impregnate 20 women at a time at his baby ranch, New York Observer.
That's only because that began to come out.
They think, oh, he was crazy.
He had this big medical facility and hundreds of rooms and helicopter and pads and landing pads for wide-body jets.
It was all just him.
He just had billions of dollars to do this.
Now that he's gone, we're told, oh, he didn't have any money.
It was shell corporations and groups.
And that's what we're going to cover on Monday.
It's governmental and big tech connected groups.
We're just using Epstein again as a Mater D, a hotel manager.
The guy that, you know, got stuff for him.
So he was a celebrity amongst them because he's the guy that brought them all together.
He's the guy, like at Fantasy Island, look the plane, the plane.
He's the guy that they celebrate, but he's a nobody.
Because he was always there to be the fall guy.
And so they're corrupting politicians, they're corrupting world leaders, they're corrupting scientists, they're corrupting bankers, they're corrupting academics.
So they can have a consensus to accept open borders, globalism, pedophilia, all this evil with all the giant blackmail.
Him constantly in all these photos with all these young and underage girls.
Because it's a cult.
It's a sex cult.
And when you get into it, oh, we're setting up a world government.
We've got to get rid of the general population.
Their genetics are bad.
Now you've accepted basically Nazism.
And this is one arm of it.
Nazism came out of these guys.
And so whatever the flavor is of perversion or evil you want, you get to have that be protected as long as you go out and corrupt other people.
See, you don't go to college to learn how to be a professional now.
You just go to a college of corruption.
You get recruited.
Most people go to these things and do these things and say, hey, what's the rite of passage?
I'm ready to kill little kids if you want me to.
And those folks are a little too aggressive, a little too into it.
They really don't want those in any power position.
It's the people, they already know who they are, know what they do.
They can slowly twist down a certain path they want.
So that you're not really looking for power, you're just looking to belong and have a family and to be part of something you think is really cool.
So that's how they recruit people.
Oh, you're going to be an intelligence agent.
Oh, you're going to be a scientist in the secret government project of human cloning.
Oh, you're going to be involved in this.
And then they just compromise you into their globalist system.
That is a post-human exterminist operation.
Beware those that pray to Silicon Gods.
As Elon Musk warned a few years ago, he may have always been with them, but now he's certainly joined them, saying we need to put brain chips in all the children, and that AI will take over your life, and that's just the way it is.
Probably not a bad guy.
As soon as he tried to take his company over, he sure as hell rolled over really fast, didn't he?
But before he was telling you they're into the occult, they're involved in devil worship, they worship AI gods, they believe there's going to be a post-human world.
Well, Bill Joy told us that, and many others told us that, that they go to these retreats and that it's insane.
They're talking about the end of humanity and how they've got to get rid of humans to merge and become a god.
They have NBC News headlines about humanity will still be gone, soon be gone, the rise of cyborgs.
And so it's not Jeffrey Epstein and a few rich guys wanting to have sex with 16 year olds.
And that's not good.
That's terrible.
That's the opening.
That's the stewardesses and a bed.
Hey, have sex with the stewardess.
That's the first level.
It's about compromising people.
It's about control.
It's about brainwashing people.
It's about taking young feminist rich women who've got daddies that gave them everything they wanted and never gave them discipline and bringing them into these ranches and programming them and drugging them and starving them just like NXIVM did.
That's all the same group.
It's just that these networks now are breaking up, and they're all blackmailing each other now, and Trump is really breaking these networks up and going after the pedophile rings, and the Vatican's breaking up because of it, and the takeover that happened there, and this is a real war, ladies and gentlemen.
And so none of the media has the courage, or they're in on it, just like ABC News knew all about it.
Oh, the Clintons, we had everything, blackmail, control of the world.
She didn't look mad that it was going on to these poor people.
She looked mad that she didn't get to break the story.
Remember the NBC main investigative journalist?
ABC main investigative journalist.
Teleprompter free.
But they've all been covering it up.
ABC, NBC, CNN, all of them.
They all know.
They're all in on the club.
Whenever you see CNN saying, Jones needs to be taken off the air, he says Pizzagate's real.
Of course there's pedophilia running rampant.
Of course we expose real stuff.
They put out, CNN, the pizza place to divert everyone off of New York and what they were doing so that we'd cover that.
They'd say, oh look, that's discredited.
None of this needs to be looked at now.
And that's why, two years ago,
We knew the rest of the story to all this, because it's all hiding in plain view.
And people would say to me, why aren't you covering it as much?
And I said, because Trump's going to bring it all out.
And some of the groups exposing it are going to bring it all out.
They've tried to demonize me, thinking I can be a symbol of something discredited to counter when real stuff comes out.
So if I'm not the one releasing it, it's all going to come out anyways, that my credibility goes up higher than it ever was, and then we drop the hammer on them.
So a lot of the final dots got connected in the last 24 hours.
So I decided on Monday to release the trails.
And it's coming out one way or another.
The globalists are cornered and they're very, very dangerous right now.
And so remember as horrible as it is hearing about 14, 15, 16 year old girls being drugged, being forced aborted, being all this being done to them and it's sickening.
It makes me sick.
I have a 15 year old daughter, 11 year old daughter and a two and a half year old daughter.
It makes me want to vomit.
But again, they're diverting you on to that and making huge exposes with the media covering that up and all the rest of it because this is a whole system of corruption, a whole system of finding out what people are into to slowly incrementally bend them and then recruit them as professionals to go out and corrupt their entire industry as a corruption of society as a total.
This is not just about control of the government or control of industry.
It's about control of the culture and of the people.
And about twisting the leadership of the planet towards pure evil.
And about getting the entire scientific system to join into this post-human program.
And that's why no leader that supports globalism in the EU, almost every leader in the EU has never had children.
I'm not judging you if you haven't had children because you can't or it was just too much.
They don't do it because they understand that there's not going to be a human future if they succeed and they believe they are and so it's all about being selfish and they don't want to activate the neural pathways and the spiritual connections we have and the ultimate ritual
Of having a child and then raising them.
The ultimate ritual that will bring you to the next level if you commit to it of wanting to be good and wanting to serve God.
Because you join your ancestors and you join the future by making that decision.
And it brings you to another level of humanity.
The attack on children, the attack on our very future, the attack on our greatest wealth.
And the war to devalue it, like that Comedy Central lady, Wolf.
I told you, they play God.
They love to kill babies.
She said it again this week.
She said, I killed my baby and I loved it and I enjoyed killing it.
I have power.
I'm God.
They are externalizing the satanic method.
But you look at Wolf, what Michelle Wolf size.
Michelle Wolf addresses her past abortion, how she learned vulgarity from Trump.
That's a USA Today whitewash.
Go to, type in InfoWars.com.
Michelle Wolf talks about abortion, God, and the quotes.
Michelle Wolf, aborting my baby made me feel powerful like God.
I walked out of there like, move over, Morgan Freedman, I am God.
And scroll down, you can see it.
I really wanted to play that Friday.
Will you guys grab that for me?
I'm gonna play that here in a moment as soon as you can get it.
Thank you, Skeleton Crew.
All right, so what have I said probably 500 times in the last decade?
Probably more.
Probably say it every week.
They kill children to say, I'm God, I'm selfish, I have power.
And I've read what psychopaths do from the actual criminal reports.
I've interviewed the top psychiatrist to the psychopaths.
I've done it.
I don't enjoy it.
It's horrible.
I don't like horror movies.
I don't like stuff like that because it's all mirrors of real stuff.
Do you know what these people do to children?
To cut themselves off from God.
The only way to be God in your own little satanic world is to cut yourself off from God and then be your own little system.
But the only way to go is down.
And I'm gonna play that clip again on Sunday.
Because you need to hear it.
And then we've got a five-minute piece McBrain put together with them all celebrating abortions and saying, kill your baby, it's a sacrament, hail Satan.
And they're not joking when they say it.
So they're saying, I killed my baby, I enjoyed it.
I had sex, I had this holy union, this thing grew inside me that was part of me and all my ancestors, and then I chopped it all up because I'm God.
That's the Satanism out in the open.
And so what they're doing is recruiting more and more people who as you go down levels, it's not a pyramid, it's a black hole going down, that want to torture and do horrible things to children until the light goes out of their eyes.
They call it using them up.
And so you couldn't hear a two-year-old begging for mommy for 30 seconds.
It's nails on a chalkboard to you and I. To them, it is the most beautiful thing in the universe.
So again, you want to know the bottom of the rabbit hole?
It's hell itself.
It's entities and things in the universe that are committed to absolute selfishness,
An absolute insanity, and like for like, birds of a feather fly together, energetically, through time and space, coming together.
And then attempting to assault us and drag us with them because we have free will.
We have a loop on us that their hook can get into unless we say, no.
Off limits.
I have free will.
You're not putting your hooks in me.
You're not gonna slowly twist me to be something like you.
Jesus Christ, I ask you into my heart, and I ask you to protect me.
In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
You have to put up your force field.
You have to make the decision, and then these things run.
They're pathetic.
But your will is strong, and they want you to turn your will over to them.
So Epstein was a Renfield manager who would go out and get individuals recruited to be other managers for this spiritually vampiric order of parasites.
Every system has parasites that are feeding on us and these leeches are all over our society.
Now knowing we're waking up, they are normalizing killing children for power.
To be God.
Do we have that clip?
Great, because I really begged hard Friday, and I'm on this different crew, and I love the crews.
I just, I really beg hard.
I just, you know, I need to get it out.
Maybe find that five minute abortion video too, abortion film celebration, because I, you guys have to call the Friday crew, it's fine.
I don't want to air that, because that's what it's all about.
And maybe David Knight's, you know, Soylent Green piece about admitting they're now using humans as Soylent Green.
It's about devaluing yourself.
It's about giving over your will.
It's about giving over your sovereignty.
It's about going into this system.
And so here's the headlines.
Jeffrey Epstein-funded geneticist is building a data app that only a eugenicist could love.
Now that's what Alex Jones said years ago.
About him, specifically, is he's a eugenicist.
People are like, that's crazy.
Now, Epstein funded Harvard Genesis, building DNA data app.
And again, it's about the exclusivity of being involved with these people.
It's about the so-called elitism.
Oh, you've got the incredible genetics.
That's just all made up quackery.
It's all carnival scams, but put through these high-tech companies as if they're God.
Oh, your brain scan says this.
Oh, your son says that.
When you read deeper into it, it's all 90% made up crap.
Now, I'm gonna go to break, and then I'm gonna go get those clips, and then I'm going to come back and hit a few final pieces, and I'm gonna let the crew get back to their families on this live Saturday transmission.
But since we talked about this, I want to go ahead and play a Howard Stern clip, where Howard Stern came out a few days ago, and it just went on YouTube yesterday, and he made a joke about Epstein and all this stuff.
Now I gotta say, I've been on Stern's show a few times, been on other shows a lot years ago.
I'm definitely banned there now.
He talks about how I'm shadow banned on there.
We've said, hey, we'll come on there and talk on the air, because I love going on big shows to get the word out.
He had Hillary on, and there were softballs.
But this piece really is a big plug for Infowars.
And it's word for word what we call last year's Christmas special, Christmas extravaganza.
Most of this is stuff we really said, other than I don't know that Howard Stern's a pedophile, haven't heard him really ever talk about liking underage people and into that stuff.
So, of a lot of the things he talks about that are out of the chart, that's not one of them.
But I don't know what to say about this piece, but at the end of the day, it just confuses everybody that, ha ha ha, you know, George Soros, Baby Feast, previous pieces he's done, but it just ties into all this.
And I understand he's a comedian, but it's not really funny.
But it probably overall did some good bringing a lot of folks to this show.
What do you think?
In the comments below, I really want your views on this.
I respect them a lot.
Get a lot of insight.
You think this is a good piece or a bad piece?
Because I think overall this is a good piece exposing a lot of what's going on and everything they say except a few things is actually true.
And it's really word for word what I've said.
So I guess I'm a writer on the Howard Stern Show now.
Here it is.
Oh, Alex Jones wants to talk to us.
He's upset that he is not going to be on Hollyweird Squares tomorrow.
You want to talk to him?
Why not?
InfoWars.com is tomorrow's news today.
That's right.
Tomorrow's news.
Tomorrow's news today, InfoWars.com.
We have been shadow banned by Google, Apple, YouTube, Facebook.
And now, globalist pedophile friend of Hillary Clinton, Howard Stern.
Good morning.
Good morning, Mr. Jones.
What's it say on your sweater?
I can't read it.
It says, Epstein didn't kill himself.
This is from our winter Epstein collection.
We got tees, long sleeves, hoodies.
Defend the resistance in style.
I gotta tell you, your sweater is actually very attractive.
I would imagine that's a big item.
I would wear that.
It's a big item.
Our prices are as low as Jeffrey Epstein's heart rate after the Clintons killed him and executed him in his jail cell.
Yeah, now I understand you're upset because you're not going to be on Hollyweird Squares tomorrow.
Howard, I was going to come on.
I was going to expose the Prime Controllers and the Grace, and I was going to give you a side copy of my book, Alex Jones Exposes Globalist Pedophile Cults Again, which by the way, is the perfect stocking stuffer.
We just went to number one on Roger Stone's prison reading list, and it looks great on a coffee table.
Number one on Roger Stone's prison reading list.
That's awesome.
I am sorry about the mix-up with Hollywood Squares.
You go have your Illuminati Antichrist holiday show, because I've got the InfoWars Christmas Spectacular.
We have huge celebrity guests, giant games.
You want to hear a quick preview?
All right, listen to this.
It's the InfoWars Christmas Spectacular, starring Alex Jones.
With guest appearances by George Soros.
Come in!
I've come to put gifts in your stocking and fluoride in your water.
Hail Soros!
And appearances by Arab Obama.
You celebrate Arab Obama.
And you won't want to miss Hollywood pedophile occult squares.
Center square for the block, let's go to the ghost of Jeffrey Epstein.
The Clintons killed me.
The Infowars Christmas Spectacular, coming soon.
They'll march you into fever camps and exterminate all white Christians.
Boy, I would watch that.
Where's that going to be?
Yeah, by the way, that sounds way more exciting than our Christmas special, honestly.
Listen, Howard, my next guest is here.
We have a known reptilian, Hillary Clinton, coming in.
We're going to play Guess What's In My Gills.
But before I go, Howard, what's your one-stop holiday shop for turbo health supplements at discount prices?
I don't know.
What is it?
Go to InfoWars.com.
We got the Santa sale.
60% off Turbo Force, Super Blue Mine Milk, Eggnog, Fish Oil.
I'm on all these products.
And to you globalists who tell me I can't take my shirt off, well it's coming off!
The battlefield is made in Hollywood, can't tell me what to do.
The spirit of 1976 is alive!
This is what optimal mail form looks like.
Do you really want to look like that?
Yeah, I do.
Alright, well thank you Alex.
I'm sorry about the mix-up and we'll have you on for another show, okay?
InfoWars.com, thank you very much.
I think he's right to be upset.
So they're making a joke out of this, but what does this really tell you?
It's mainstream now that Hollywood's run by a bunch of devil worship and pedophiles.
And it's all coming out.
So now it's so mainline it becomes a joke.
By the way, I'm not going to take my shirt off today, because the media always makes such a big deal about it.
I probably only do it like once a year.
But, you know, I think Sunday, since he made a big deal about it, and obviously that was photoshopped, a little joke belly, I am going to take my shirt off Sunday.
And so we can see what the products have really done that are funding the operation.
And you can still, Dr. McCamp shot please, you can still order and get it before Christmas.
In the continental United States by Friday, you could get it in Alaska and Hawaii before Christmas, but now it's anywhere in Conus.
You can see the two-day delivery.
That's what the USPS priority and then also the
No, not FedEx.
We use UPS.
So again, I want to thank you all for your support.
That's how we fund this operation.
You're down this December from last December.
We need that money to fund ourselves.
But the last few days, we've had a lot of big orders.
And that helps us do the things you've seen with our crew on the street confronting the globalists, triggering people to confront globalists everywhere, taking over the narrative with the truth, challenging the lies.
I'll do it right now.
Live on air.
There has been a massive attempt by the corporate establishment media to cover up Jeffrey Epstein and Lolita Express, the aircraft, and Little St.
John's in the Caribbean, Zorro Ranch out in New Mexico, and his seven-story pervert pedophile palace in New York, and all the foreign flights with Bill Clinton.
This is a giant criminal enterprise to compromise the leaders of major industry and government, as well as religious leaders, with whatever their sin is, whatever they're into.
And Epstein was just a high-level manager of this for groups above him.
Blackmailing royalty, you name it.
And now it's all coming down.
And we're going to reveal on Monday how individuals under investigation as suspected accomplices of him
who helped run all this on record are still operating and still recruiting the same payload.
That's all coming out on Monday at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
So help me God if I'm still alive here.
One way or the other, it's all coming out Monday.
It's all been shot.
It's been prepared.
I want to add even more details and specifics and
Well, in ways I'm going to release less when I take this on Monday.
If something happens to me, I'm releasing the motherlode, but this will be more high-tech produced and slicker.
And let's just say faster moving.
So I'm really gonna try to make this short and sweet and, you know, to the point and then have a larger addendum on Monday.
But the bottom line is it's still ongoing.
It's being protected.
By individuals that worked in this system previously and have been caught red-handed helping Epstein.
And again, Epstein's just a minion in the larger groups and what I broke down earlier, how this operation works.
So, that is all coming up.
Now, you see this background.
I was originally going to shoot a report on Space Force that Trump announced yesterday and get into
Why that's important and where all that's going and let me go ahead and do the best job I can on Space Force.
And then I'm going to go to Michelle Wolf and her comments and then an extended report on the Open Satanism.
Since the mid-1970s, the United States has had unmanned payloads in space
With a variety of smart pebble technology, that's just miniaturized meteor gun technology from a one ounce salvo, you know, up to a hundred pounds salvo.
And these can kill individuals half mile under the earth, anywhere in the world they want.
There's no,
Nuclear weapons on board, you're not having a chain reaction, it's just the weight of these DU rounds are so large that fired from orbit, hitting the ground at 28,000, 30,000 miles an hour, the kinetic energy is similar to a tactical nuclear weapon.
And so that's been up there a while, and there's a lot of secret space operations going on.
You notice the Russians just announced last week they're gonna send a bunch of robots to the moon to build a bunch of stuff, and other people are already doing it, and the US is already doing it, and they've got a bunch of plans to add more of these systems to the moon.
And so Trump's just officially saying, hey, let's stop having it secret.
Let's bring out what's already under space command and call it Space Force.
And so Trump's just formalizing what's already there and announcing more funding for it.
And if you don't have space dominance, you don't have anything.
So that's just part of what is going on there.
And so let's go to a few of these announcements from the president from yesterday.
Here it is.
There'll be a lot of things happening in space.
Because space is the world's newest warfighting domain.
Amid grave threats to our national security, American superiority in space is absolutely vital.
And we're leading, but we're not leading by enough.
But very shortly, we'll be leading by a lot.
The Space Force will help us deter aggression and control the ultimate high ground.
With today's signing, I will proudly appoint General Jay Raymond the first Chief of Space Operations, and he will become the very first member of the Space Force, and he will be on the Joint Chiefs.
He will be on the Joint Chiefs, which we are now expanding by
One position.
That's a very powerful position.
So General Raymond, congratulations and thank you for everything you've done.
Let's go ahead now and put a little White House piece, 59 seconds long, kind of showing some of the background on that.
Here's that report.
In just a few minutes I will proudly sign into law the largest ever investment in the United States military.
We're making our military stronger and more powerful than ever before.
That we're giving every soldier, sailor, airman, Coast Guardsman, and Marine a well-earned pay raise.
Today also marks another landmark achievement as we officially inaugurate the newest branch of our military.
It's called the Space Force.
The 2020 National Defense Authorization Act is about making sure our warfighters have the tools, resources, and equipment you need to fight and to win, all the time, to win.
God bless you, God bless our military, and God bless America.
God bless America.
Alright, let me break down why this is so important.
The globalists want a post-human era.
They want us to not think about humans in space.
They want to make us think about just basically not thinking and just going away.
And they certainly don't want nations to have their own militaries or their own access to space.
They don't want you to even see the American flag.
No borders, no walls, no USA at all.
CNN last year and this year tried to say Trump was a racist for saying we should be proud of America.
You're like, that's insane.
Well, that's what they're trying to sell and a lot of Americans have bought it.
So there are people in government and corporations that want a pro-human future and that don't want their grandkids not having a future.
And there's an awakening to the globalist post-human error that wants to just steal all the technology for itself, have a breakaway civilization, with the public not celebrating good technology, not celebrating innovation, but instead shoving our heads into phones
And being made to be all alone, depressed, and dumbed down.
That's what the phones are designed to do.
Technology's not bad, but the way the Facebook, the Twitter, they admit is set up is to make you lonely and shut down.
That's all admitted by their own people.
So instead, Trump's making it about a pro-human future, but also embracing technology.
And it's going to be military investment into space and the fact that we accept the fact that members of the military are willing to take on suicide missions, which just means better than, you know, 20% chance you're going to die, are people that want to do that.
People that are committed to that.
They have an understanding of the larger commitment to go to the next level.
Because they're spiritually connected.
They don't want to die.
They love life so much they're ready to die.
And the military's got its own problems.
Evil's trying to take it over.
But the idea of that, and strong men and strong women, that is a pro-human future.
And so that's why they want the army wearing red high heels, and that's why they want to, you know, have tranny drill sergeants telling, you know, is to make everybody give up.
And we're saying we're not doing that, and we don't like that, and we're not going to accept that.
And the United States is 50 years ahead of everybody, okay?
For a lot of reasons.
Because we have a spiritual connection, which has given us the impetus to come up with inventions other people can't.
The so-called IQ is just one measurement.
But the new Atlantis, as we were designed to be, look it up!
Envisioned by Sir Francis Drake and others, has the technology.
We've been giving it to the Chi-Coms and everybody else.
Gave the communists the atomic bomb.
All that BS.
That's stopping right now.
No more.
No more weapons to the devils.
And we're not going to be overrun by Islam, and it's not going to happen.
Now, it's going to be a big fight coming up.
But the idea of dumbing everybody down and poisoning us so the globalists can run off into the future and merge with machines because they got some satanic transmission and they go, oh my god, I'm in contact with something and oh, this must be it!
Your plan is not going to be executed without a fight.
And so you see people like Epstein, that's who they've got ghouling around trying to get all the rich, powerful people to come meet with them so they can compromise them.
Oh, your genetics are the most elite.
We've got women ready for you to have your babies, and we're going to place them in a secret government project.
It's not a government project.
It's private corporate projects plugged into government.
And you look at how there's over a million people with high security clearances in the U.S.
who aren't even in the government, and how the cloud is taking over the military.
It's all unfolding.
But it's all getting cut off right as they tried it.
Huawei, all of it.
Doesn't mean we're out of the woods, doesn't mean there's some utopia, but this is the real fight to release the advanced technologies for life extension.
To release all the suppressed stuff.
Trump wants to do that.
I told you in his inaugural speech he'd say that.
I hadn't read it.
I hadn't talked to the White House.
But I was jacked in, and you are too.
That's why you watch, that's why you listen.
And my voice, not by design, it's the way it's worked out, is grating.
Because it's meant to cut into the jamming of the globalists and their sleepy, whispery, snake voices.
Mine's meant to come in like a buzzsaw and cut in and get people out of their comfort zone and fighting this.
And as soon as you start fighting it, you're energized.
You're like, Gah!
Why wasn't I fighting before?
It's the animating contest of liberty that Jefferson talked about.
It's the super woke, like the Don't Visit InfoWars.com t-shirt.
The laser beam shooting out of the eyes.
This is what it comes down to.
You want to be overrun?
You want your destiny stolen?
You want to be enslaved?
You want you and your children programmed to self-destruct and to have a death wish instead of a life force and a survival instinct?
It's that simple!
Belief in the future!
Belief in God!
Belief in justice!
You want that or to turn the world over to the globalists and become like their minions in them?
All right, I'm going to end this transmission.
I want to really thank the crew.
I'm very focused and very irritable these days because I've got to get it all done now.
I've got to fully go to the next level.
I've got to pour out my potential because we've proven we're the Zeitgeist, you're the Zeitgeist, all of us together, this crew is the Zeitgeist, literally.
And it's our job and we must complete the mission.
And we're going to complete the mission.
And the harder I work, the more focused I get, the stronger I get, the closer to God I get.
God wants full commitment.
Total commitment!
And now what does that mean in your life?
When you commit to something, you get stronger.
When you don't have anything to be committed to, you get weaker.
And when you commit to evil, you are destroyed.
And you can physically see the manifestations of it.
I want to see the people set free.
I want to see the zombiosis reversed.
And it's happening.
First, their main blackmail networks
Epstein's just one of the high level ones.
They have them down to the low level.
These things are being busted, they're being shredded, they're being taken out right now.
And it's not even government directing it, though the government, the good people in government are a big part of that.
And the good people in government, and people in corporations and churches.
But it is just a spirit, a move against it, a will for our children.
Because the globalists have tried to impress their will on us and dominate us.
And they miscalculated, as I've said a thousand times, they thought we were bullied because we've been asleep.
Because they're cowards.
A lot of them went with this not for power, but because they're afraid.
They ran into the spirit of evil and decided to piss themselves and have Stockholm Syndrome.
And to roll over and show their belly.
And now they keep threatening and pressing, and only now do they realize, oh my God, they're not intimidated by the threats and the attacks.
They're energized by it.
And the globalists now don't know what to do.
They figured out they just started fights with the wrong people.
And that's why I thank God that he allowed me to be persecuted over the years, my whole life.
And I'm just, I'm not a victim.
I'm the opposite.
Everything that's been done to me has done nothing but make me strong.
Like a sword in the fire of Damascus steel being beaten and folded over and over again.
I am so thankful for God's plan.
And I know you're thankful as well.
There is no freedom without sacrifice.
So I'm going to air Michelle Wolf celebrating killing her own baby and how much power she had and what the sick audience, that's the response is really what's evil.
And then I'm going to go into a larger piece on this and then one into Soylent Green.
And this is all real.
This isn't fiction.
This is 2019.
Because they're being exposed.
They're like, okay, we love to kill babies.
We feel like we're God.
We love to screw kids.
Hail Satan!
Thinking then, when they get fully exposed, we'll go, okay, that's just normal.
You're going down.
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InfowarsStore.com or 888-253-3139.
Your last chance to get the Jeffrey Epstein.
It's like Christmas lights, they don't hang themselves.
Christmas sweater and we got the new Don't Visit Infowars woke shirt.
Alright, I want to thank the crew for coming in here.
I hope all of you will take the live feed within archives and get it out.
We're going to put out another edited version without all my pontification.
We'll put out an even shorter version at Band.Video.
I mean, what are we going to call it?
Biggest developments yet in Epstein case about to break.
Epstein's on the tip of the iceberg.
Giant criminal network to be exposed Monday.
Again, folks, we don't hype things here.
We just deliver.
And the success of this mission is up to you.
It's all up to you.
So on the front page of NewsWars.com and InfoWars.com, you see the big post of this live feed.
It'll be archived soon.
And if you send it out on email, if you call people, if you text message people, that's how you get around the censors.
For now, they're starting to censor that as well.
Yeah, it's incredible.
NewsWars.com is not a censor.
That's a great URL to send out.
NewsWars.com, Saturday emergency breaking news bulletin.
First look at horrifying new Epstein revelations to be released.
Please get that link.
Please send that out.
You're not part of the equation, you are the equation.
Alright, I already saw this the other day and it made me so angry.
That's why I got angry at myself that I saw it and didn't air it Friday.
Think about that.
You've got a comedian who gets almost zero stars on Netflix, but they still push her everywhere because she's so compromised and so evil.
Michelle Wolf.
And most people are cheering her when she talks about the power and enjoyment of killing her own child.
You know, I left it in my car.
Guys, pull this article up.
A baby last week.
A mother and her small baby came up missing in Austin.
There was a huge manhunt.
Where did she go?
And now they're saying they found the baby still alive at the woman's girlfriend's house, and the woman dead in the trunk of her car.
And they're saying they think she killed the woman for her baby.
That happens a lot.
There are women that will kill for a baby.
The maternal instinct is terrible.
It's not Satanism, because they have that instinct so much to have a baby and they can't, they get jealous of another woman and kill them for their baby.
It happens in all cultures, it's terrible.
But I believe that woman repents, she can, you know.
But imagine wanting to have a baby yourself and then snuff out it's life and then saying, I did it for Satan.
It's a big top national story, there it is.
Suspect in case of missing mom, found dead, acted concerned, friends say.
And yeah, hit play on that video.
We don't need the audio, but that's the friend, longtime friend of missing woman, found again in the trunk of her car, baby inside with her.
They're calling her a suspect.
Yeah, that's like saying, you know, Pinocchio having a long nose is a suspect.
But my point is, is that it's big national news!
A baby's missing!
A newborn baby's missing!
Oh my God!
A baby's missing!
Oh, gotta save it!
And yeah, that's true!
What about all the babies getting kept alive and their organs taken with the Governor Northam in Virginia when he's not dressed up in a KKK outfit or coming for your guns?
How about the babies being killed in the ninth month inside their mommy when they could be adopted?
There's more folks wanting to adopt kids every year than are aborted.
What about China and the one-child policy killing 50 million baby girls, many of them after they're born?
She's been charged with two counts of kidnapping, tampering with a human corpse.
There's the woman she was jealous of.
Boy, she looks monstrous.
The book matches the cover there.
That's jealousy, that's envy.
But then a woman gets up on national TV in front of a crowd, and you know they have, these are all political events, they have, when Hillary comes to speak or one of these, they have all Democrats, people who they know, who come to these events.
A lot of them are paid to be studio audiences.
So they can create that gaslighting of, yeah!
I felt like God when I killed my baby!
That's the story!
How do you get people to cheer a mother killing her own child?
Are people cheering this woman reportedly kidnapping?
This woman strangling her?
Taking the baby?
No, people know it's sick and evil.
But when a woman tries to get you on board with it, and I'm going to show you a whole video after it of them doing similar things in the news, that's not concerning.
It's way more concerning.
It's organized.
It's institutional.
It's targeted.
It all ties into Epstein.
Of course they murdered little girls.
Of course they killed children.
The UN's been caught all over the world doing it.
People who work for Hillary have been in prison for caught smuggling masses of kids, some of which ended up dead.
Smugglers would bring in kids to that little St.
John's Island that weren't flown in.
Little kids were flown in and brought in by boat by smugglers that were never seen again.
Because that's how these globalists blow off stress is doing something absolutely horrific and horrible and covering themselves head to toe in little baby's blood.
They've always done it.
Every culture ends up getting taken over by these people.
It's anthropology, it's archaeology.
And now Michelle Wolfe says aborting her baby made her feel powerful like a god.
I walked out of there being like, move over Morgan Freedman, I am God!
Now, if you saw a satanic high priest in his robes saying, I am God, and taking a dagger to a baby, you would vomit.
But when a woman does it with that ugly demon face, like, I like killing my baby, I am God.
Because it's in your face, because they're clapping, what do you do?
Like saying a man can have a baby or booty pageants being sued because big fat men can't enter it.
Not just because they're not a woman, but because they don't look good.
Every form of normal reality has to be assaulted because they want you to accept their Satanism, their evil.
They're black is white, white is black, up is down, down is up, two plus two equals whatever they say any given day.
They want you to take on the spirit of insanity.
So I'm gonna end you with Michelle Wolf and then a compilation of other stuff she and others have said and then David Knight's program and then I'm begging you for these children and for your own damn future.
To email this to everyone you know, to text message to everyone you know, to physically go out on the street and tell people at a grocery store to write down the URL, to print off articles of it, to get aggressive!
These people want your children, they want your future!
What are we going to do to stop them?
All we got to do is expose them.
They've tried to shut us down so we wouldn't expose this.
And the way the Lord works is, instead, we went through this process and now everything we talked about is coming true and confirmed, because it was already true, and our credibility goes up and now people really listen more than ever.
The most important people, the most influential people,
But it's you who are the most influential because you were here first.
You cared.
You resonated with God.
You were looking for the truth.
You supported it and you did all this.
You're rescuing those children.
That isn't talk.
That's real!
Tens of thousands of pedophiles arrested.
Thousands of children in sex slavery.
You'll see it here or there.
Covered up.
Hundreds arrested here.
Dozens of kids found here.
Kids in cages here.
Don't see it in the news anymore because the media knows to cover it up and has articles, Jones and Trump make it up that there are all these networks.
Jones and Trump make it up and now it's all out in the open.
See, because of you.
Second, V for Vendetta.
The police inspector is asking the old man who doesn't know his V, he goes, why?
Why didn't you do it earlier?
If you knew all this and you've been for 20 years, you know, literally going around knowing this, why didn't you do something?
He says, I was waiting for you, inspector.
I was waiting for you.
I'm waiting for you.
See, I've gotta pull a few stunts to get you looking.
And yeah, it's gonna go like V for Vendetta.
And that movie tells you a lot, doesn't it?
V's not out killing random cops.
V's not out at demonstrations clashing with the other political side.
He's going after the establishment.
He's in their apartment at night waiting for them.
I'm not saying kill anybody, but see, they've used women to infiltrate and take over things.
All these people asking what you can do.
You know what women can do?
You don't need to be directed by some man or some guy telling you they're a super spy like Epstein to go set men up and get them to have sex with underage girls.
All women gotta do.
Is go to any Democrat function or event and go up to one of them and they're so criminal, they'll start bragging about it all right there.
All you got to do is record them.
All you got to do is release it.
By the way, women have been doing stuff like that.
And see, that's what's going to end up happening with these people.
Because you don't need to be V who climbs up on somebody's roof at night and somehow gets in with the head broadcaster and gives them a dose of poison.
You don't have to climb into the broadcast studio and hijack it to get your transmission out.
All you've got to do is spread the word and it has the same effect.
So if you want to know who's to blame for all of this, look in the mirror.
So am I. But there are those that are more responsible and they will be held accountable.
Because flesh and blood comes and goes, but ideas are bulletproof.
I'll see you back tomorrow, Lord willing, on the Sunday Show, 4 to 6 p.m.
on Monday, with the big Epstein news that Epstein's just the tip of the iceberg, and it's still ongoing.
We talk about it in a very legislative way, but not in a real way.
So I think a lot of women have a lot of apprehension surrounding it.
You know, we talk about it so negatively that you feel like you should have this sense of shame after you get an abortion.
Well, you can feel any way you want after you get an abortion.
Get one!
See how you feel!
You know how my abortion made me feel?
Very powerful.
You know how people say you can't play God?
I watched out of there being like, move over Morgan Freeman, I am God!
And then I crossed the street very carefully.
You think you might want to share that clip?
But when you do, remember, explain they're doing it with a select crowd they brought in.
Imagine the people and the peer pressure and a lot of young girls, teenage girls brought in there.
And they're hearing about, I'm a woman, I kill my children, and I got power over that baby!
They know that abortion's unpopular with young people.
They know people are finding their heart.
God's softening their heart.
We're finding our soul again.
Pentagon's come out and said, we lied about the war.
We want to join the president.
We were ordered to lie to everybody by Obama and everybody by Bush, and Afghan is a fraud.
We want out.
Pentagon came out and said recently, we're going to stop lying.
In press conference, they said, we used to be told the lie, we're going to stop lying now.
And I've seen them telling the truth a lot more.
People say, oh, you're against the police state, suddenly you're for the military.
I was never against the military or the police.
They're not the police state.
It's the government having them do things that destroy checks and balances and due process.
That's a police state.
What the Democrats are doing with the fake impeachments of police state, the illegal surveillance is a police state.
Our military and police being one of the biggest groups awake to that is wonderful.
Because that's our military and our police again.
And all these Pentagon globalists are being kicked out.
Trump's finally figured it out.
If you were an ever-Trumper or you're a Soros Democrat, he's got his people Googling their name and yo ass is gone!
That's why Fiona Hill said, I don't even know Soros.
I've never been a globalist.
She was a top board member on his main foundation, The Open Society.
She's a top writer for TheGlobalist.com.
Sacha Baron Cohen says, arrest anybody.
Who says that there's a thing called replacement migration.
The UN officially announces it all the time.
These people are evil and they're losing their power and they're desperate.
So don't be afraid of their intimidation.
Yeah, they might kill Trump.
They might kill me.
Don't let them run around like that's a victory.
We are kicking their ass.
I have attacked them headlong with wanton abandon.
So if this Tasmanian devil ever stops spinning and falls over with a couple stab wounds, ha!
I expect you to be gone a long time ago and believe me, I don't want to die.
But you've got to stop caring what people think about you or what happens to you.
That's when you really start living.
And just thank God every minute that you're not like that evil witch up there with talking points.
Talking about how much she loved murdering her child.
I wonder if that witch even really ever did that.
And just so you know, those are talking points.
Here's five minutes of talking points, the same, from this year, and then we'll play the Soylent Green.
Thank you, crew, great job.
Again, we'll archive this once it's not live.
To the article page, please get it out.
The children are literally counting on you.
The main story tonight concerns breast implants.
Some are against them, others believe they're fine in rare cases, and many believe you should be able to get them whenever the f**k you want.
Sorry, did I say breast implants?
I meant abortions.
Tonight's main topic concerns abortion.
So tonight, in honor of America, I'd like to do a salute to abortion in the great 10th annual Salute to Abortion!
Get out of my behind!
Get out of my vagina!
Get out!
It's a woman's body and she should not be forced to carry anything inside of it.
You wouldn't make her keep a tapeworm.
That has a heartbeat.
So you're comparing a baby to a tapeworm?
A fetus is a parasite, sweetie.
That is not what a fetus looks like.
You think that it is the white man's duty to fix everybody's problems, right?
How many did you adopt?
How many did I adopt?
I kill my kids.
Oh, that's what you do to babies, huh?
Yeah, I love it.
You love it, huh?
Yeah, I do.
Okay, I hope that you come to Christ, sir.
Oh, I never go to Christ.
I hope that you come to Christ, sir.
No, I don't go to Christ.
A fertilized egg is a human being!
Why'd you spit at us?
I don't agree with you!
No uterus, no right to talk about it!
Understand me, motherfucker?
In the ninth month, you can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb of the mother, just prior to the birth of the baby.
Now, you can say that that's okay, and Hillary can say that that's okay, but it's not okay with me.
Well that is not what happens in these cases and using that kind of scare rhetoric is just terribly unfortunate.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo lit up the One World Trade Center spire in pink to celebrate his radical expansion of abortion in New York.
State lawmakers approved a law permitting abortion in the state for any reason until the 24th week of pregnancy and then up until birth.
If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen.
The infant would be delivered.
The infant would be kept comfortable.
The infant would be resuscitated, if that's what the mother and the family desired.
And then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.
There was a question over here.
Are you for third trimester abortions?
My answer to you is that that should be a decision that the woman makes.
There's scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult.
Is it okay to still have children?
How do you justify the decision to allow Planned Parenthood to rent in this city for free?
There's a new video out on InfoWars.com of two partial birth abortion, eight and a half month old babies.
And, uh, and it makes you want to kill people.
I'm gonna just be honest with you right now.
My guts, my spirit sees a baby who got killed and its brain sucked out by some asshole and then they make a joke out of it.
These are abortion doctors with third trimester babies that were about to be born.
Defiling them, making jokes about them that they're having a fight.
They're playing with dead babies in a little
Don't knock it till you try it.
And when you do try it, really knock it.
You know, you gotta get that baby out of there.
Aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals.
Soylent Green, ladies and gentlemen, is made out of people.
But now, children are literally being passed through the furnace in order to fuel hospitals in the UK.
They're being sacrificed on the altar of efficiency and prosperity.
What is the secret of Soylent Green?
The powdered flesh from dead babies.
Some people believe they can cure disease.
Because of its enormous popularity, Soylent Green is in short supply.
Remember, Tuesday is Soylent Green Day.
The supply of Soylent Green has been exhausted.
You must evacuate the area.
The federal court ruled that the shareholders of PepsiCo, Big Bilderberg Group Company, are not allowed to know what they're using the baby parts for in the flavoring, but we already know.
So enjoy the flavors.
We're going to get the real solution, which is going to be a combination of death panels and sales taxes.
I'm consistently pro-death.
I'm for assisted suicide.
I'm for regular suicide.
I'm for whatever gets the freeway moving.
Is spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient, would it be better not to lay off those 10 teachers and to make that trade up in medical costs?
But that's called the death panel, and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
They told me to say that they were sorry, but that you had become unreliable.
Is this the kind of society that you want to live in?
Any kind of society that would do this to its children will do it to its senior citizens.
It will do it to its dissidents.
That kind of society will also eventually turn on its police, on its army, on its prison guards, on the quizlings and the collaborators who make that possible.
This is nothing but a suicide cult.
The scoops are on their way!
The scoops are on their way!
I repeat, the scoops are on their way.
You will find out why Soylent Green means life.
You will find out why Soylent Green means death.
We've got to stop them!
Come on!
That is the secret of Soylent Green.
Soylent Green is people!
Next thing they'll be breeding is like cattle for food.
We've got to tell them.