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Name: 20191213_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 13, 2019
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In this discussion, Andrew Tate shares his experiences living in Romania and compares it to communism and socialism. He mentions that people in Romania have firsthand experience with socialism and are therefore not swayed by the idea as many young people in other countries are. Additionally, he discusses how Eastern Europe, particularly Romania, has a long history of resilience and is now thriving under capitalism after suffering through communism for decades. Andrew also talks about the European Union's goals to control more space and exert power over more people by taking money from rich countries and giving it to poor ones. Finally, he shares his views on the globalist agenda, the state of Western Christianity compared to Orthodox Christianity, and the current cultural climate in the West.

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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
It is Friday the 13th, 2019.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
This is going to be a very informative and very important transmission.
Tom Pappert is going to be steering the ship.
We're going to have Andrew Tate, who is incredibly smart, and I had an amazing two-hour meeting with him last night about what's happening in Europe, in Eastern Europe, and what happened to Shelchescu, and a model of what's going to happen here with the left.
Really powerful information.
He's going to be in for the third and fourth hour.
He'll be hosting by himself in the fourth hour.
If I'm done with the work I'm focusing on right now, I'll be coming back on the broadcast as well.
But regardless, we've got Owen Schroer and the rest of the crew in D.C.
with big breaking news there.
We just had Will Johnson obviously confront
Nadler is running the whole show trial situation in the house.
InfoWars is hitting on all cylinders.
We're really rising the occasion with only 300 and something days out from the election and I'm just again very thankful for the listeners keeping us in the game.
We are not disappointing and I'm just very thankful to God because this is a lot more important than a football game.
This is for all the marbles.
Again, I just want to say the crew we've got at InfoWars is amazing and I am very, very thankful to them.
I just can't help but be thankful.
I'm very, very
Appreciate it.
It's infuriating, and I get really angry myself, but if you just look at all the positive things that are happening, the pedophile rings, the kidnapping rings, the blackmail rings, that globalism is satanic and anti-human, that it's occultic, it's roots, how it operates, it's strategies, it's structures.
Their whole system is being revealed, and their system cannot survive exposure.
So the few minutes I have left in this segment... Let me get to the big news here.
Even if the Conservative coalition in the UK isn't perfect, it's having to act like it's anti-New World Order, anti-globalist, and Nigel Farage is the power behind the throne, and he is a great patriot, and wants sovereignty and free market and pro-Western values.
And Boris Johnson just won a staggering victory.
Normally, the globalists could use parliamentary manipulation to always have a fractured, divided government.
As bad as our two-party system is, it's better than having, you know, 15 parties.
That's how Merkel stayed in power, even though she gets, like, 20% of the vote.
Well, this is a huge rout for the Labour Party in the left that wanted to stay in the EU.
And they put all these fake polls saying that, oh, even though the Conservatives and the Nationalists have been 15 points ahead a few months ago, now it was a dead heat.
That was just an attempt to keep people from going out and voting.
It's a landslide, despite all the election fraud and all the illegals brought in to vote.
And it's about repudiating open borders and globalism.
And the Islamification of Europe.
And it's a very, very good message.
Huge demonstrations by the millions in France, Germany.
People are really waking up.
And it is an exciting time to be alive.
We'll be walking through all of this on this Friday the 13th.
Took the host of the 19th World Wide Broadcast.
The headline is on Infowars.com.
Conservatives gain enough seats to outright
Majority in UK Parliament.
Labour had a disappointing night, losing big.
Big article breaking it all down on Infowars.com.
So many other big facets we're going to be laying out.
This whole fiasco in the House is backfiring on the Democrats.
Now the Republicans can ask questions.
If it goes to Senate, the trial is going to destroy them as well.
I think it's a mixed bag, but maybe Trump's right.
There should be a long trial, so he has a chance to
To respond to all of this.
It's all coming up today.
Tomorrow's News Today.
Band-On video is exploding thanks to all you spreading the word.
It's really an exciting time to be alive and everything the Globalists are doing is backfiring.
Alright, we're going to come back.
I'll do a brief breakdown of Friday the 13th's history.
Then Tom Papert is loaded, like I say, for bear.
Please spread the word.
This is not a participation sport.
Tomorrow's News Today.
At dawn on Friday the 13th, October 1307, a date sometimes linked with the origin of Friday the 13th superstition, King Philip the 4th ordered de Molay and scores of other French Knights Templars to be simultaneously arrested.
Then they were systematically tortured and killed.
Some of the Knights Templars were able to flee to Scotland and began to establish a major move, what was called the Black Nobility, out of areas of Europe, and what is Italy today, to the British, Irish, and Scottish Isles, establishing what would later become the British Empire.
This information that I'm laying out is mainline history.
But again, the general public has been kept in the dark about the tentacles of history that stretch from the past into the future.
And the different power structures that existed then still have their modern manifestations today.
Look at the Vatican.
It is its own sovereign nation based in what is, again, Italy today.
But previously, just 160 years ago or so, Italy wasn't even a nation.
It was a collection of kingdoms, just as the Austrian-Hungarian Empire was as well, but was then later fused together.
The Knights Templar is one of the oldest continuing secret societies on the planet today.
What were secret societies in ancient times are simply called intelligence agencies in modern times.
But intelligence agencies themselves, operating in secret with unlimited budgets above the law, really just form gangs.
Or in many cases, organized crime units, themselves fractured with different factions within.
This type of government destroys open, free societies.
And when unchecked, always grows like a cancer, until the body politic falls into third world slavery and serfdom.
And the globalists know that, and are directing the planet towards the destruction of the nation state.
They don't even want a giant super world government.
They want a world regulatory system that enslaves the general public and then armored above the law city-states will rule all the subsections.
You may have heard of this before.
You see it in movies like Hunger Games.
But Hunger Games is not inventing these ideas.
It's simply compositing it into a science fiction projection or cosmology
To begin to condition and direct the public.
In my film Endgame 2.0 that was released on the internet to supplement the original film and DVD, we show the government documents with Dr. Michael Kaufman that are public where the UN admits they want to return world government systems
That we're first being developed by ancient empires like the Romans, Babylonians, and Egyptians to the planet on a planetary scale and base it around paganism and occultism and even return human sacrifice.
This is all public.
It's all diabolical.
And it must be opposed.
If we submit to it, we are signing our own death warrants.
The system can easily be defeated if we will admit what is being established.
But for the last 50 years, as they constructed private corporate world government, the media has been telling us it doesn't exist.
Now it exists, but they tell you that you'll be deplatformed, you'll be arrested, you'll be attacked, you'll be demonized, you'll be called anti-Semitic, if you talk about it.
When Hitler himself created the brainchild that became the European Union.
This is not a Nazi conspiracy.
It's not a Jewish conspiracy.
It's not a Vatican conspiracy.
It is a corruption conspiracy.
It is a conspiracy of Satanism, of the occult.
And it works through all of these hidden organizations and hidden hands.
It works through the occult, which means hidden.
This is your History Lesson for Friday the 13th, 2019.
I'm Alex Jones.
Find more at Bann.Video.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
I am Tom Papert filling in for Alex today as he is off on a very important mission.
You just heard the explainer for the significance of the day, Friday the 13th.
Alex Jones in the previous segment gave a summary of the massive blow dealt to the globalists yesterday in the UK.
The United Kingdom, Boris Johnson is reigning supreme in the single largest conservative victory the nation has seen since the days of Margaret Thatcher.
It's truly unbelievable.
Many, many, many, including Sky News, are crediting the Brexit party.
That is, of course, Nigel Farage's party.
For pushing it over the edge and making labor lose in the strongholds it has held in some cases for nearly 70 years.
We've seen Jeremy Corbyn, who is of course the British Bernie Sanders, promising socialism.
He doesn't even couch it saying democratic socialism.
It's just socialism in the UK.
We've seen him now resign in disgrace after a crushing victory.
This also comes after media all across the world, from Fox News to British media, has been suggesting that the Liberals, the Labour in the UK, were going to pull off an upset.
And they were going to win, or at least make it close enough that we might just get that second referendum.
Of course, none of that will happen now.
It's over 300 seats for the Tories, for the Conservatives.
They're almost wiped off the map.
It's reminiscent of 2016 here in the United States.
President Trump, of course, is promising a tighter relationship than ever before with the UK.
He says that it will be a very prosperous relationship with a trade deal favoring the UK and shunning the European Union.
And of course, Boris Johnson is not perfect.
He is a little bit of a old hat conservative, a George Bush conservative, a Mitt Romney conservative.
But when the alternative
Is socialism nationalizing industry?
I'd say the British made a very, very good choice.
In the second hour, we'll have a National File British contributor, Jack Hadfield.
He's our correspondent across the pond.
We'll have him on to explain the significance
Of this victory.
We're also going to have Patrick Howley on the show.
He's another writer for National File.
He's also a contributor at Epoch Times, formerly at Breitbart, formerly at Daily Caller.
He's going to explain the IG report with some insight that nobody else has really had.
He's going to do the same for impeachment.
He was one of the first people to really start breaking down the significance of all the little tidbits.
While myself, Alex, and everybody else were discounting it, he looked into the actual 400-some page report.
And found some massive, massive contradictions.
Let's start today by going over some of this British news.
This is from Infowars.com.
Conservatives gain enough seats for the outright majority.
363 seats, with the Labour winning a paltry 203.
Boris Johnson is now promising closure over Brexit.
And he is going to promise to reinvigorate the NHS, that's of course Britain's national socialist health system.
He's hoping to help Britain heal after what has been years, years now, of hatred and loathing, both sides hating each other.
And I want to underscore Corbyn, the socialist, the British Bernie Sanders, he was promising to everyone that should he win,
There would be a second referendum, outright destroying democracy.
If you don't vote the way the elite wants you to, well, you just keep voting until you get it right.
So it is a massive, massive landslide in the United Kingdom.
I think that the British are going to have a bright new future and this is essentially a transitory government.
Soon we will likely see them go down the same path as the United States.
We saw of course in the last election the Brexit Party made unbelievable gains.
They were able to acquiesce to let the Tories, the Conservatives win.
And now, we finally have a freer Great Britain.
When we come back, I'm going to unveil the deal of the day.
It's, of course, the 12 Days of Christmas at Infowarsstore.com.
You are watching the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Tom Papert, and we'll be back right after this short break.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I am Tom Pappert, Editor-in-Chief for National File, filling in for Alex today as he's off on a very important mission.
We're going to continue up on the coverage of the devastating blow to the globalists that occurred yesterday in the United Kingdom.
Boris Johnson's massive victory, the biggest since Margaret Thatcher.
Labor in a stunning defeat, losing some strongholds they've held for nearly 70 years.
Now, tell me if
If this sounds familiar, this is by Paul Joseph Watson at InfoWars.com.
Leftists plan to protest against democracy after conservatives win the UK election.
They're saying, not my prime minister.
Resist racist Johnson.
It's almost like these leftists, they just hate all freedom.
They hate all democracy.
They hate all representative government worldwide.
So long as they don't get their way, they're going to cry and bitch and moan like the spoiled children they are.
The leftist Labour supporters immediately announced plans to protest the result of a Democratic election once again, writes PaulJosephWatsonInfoWars.com, after the Conservatives swept to a crushing victory in last night's UK election.
Boris Johnson's Tories crushed Labour, led by Jeremy Corbyn, in a decisive repudiation of hard-left policies and a reassertion of the 2016 Brexit vote.
By the way folks, if you ever think things move slowly,
Here in the United States.
Keep in mind that the British people voted for Brexit before we put Trump into office.
Many people consider it to be the prelude to President Trump's victory, the massive vote for Brexit that saw the people of Great Britain, the people of the actual country vote to leave the fascistic, communistic union known as the European Union.
Going on.
Many labor supporters reacted with the usual flood of outright hysteria and emotional meltdowns, but some vowed to protest the result.
An event hosted by Stand Up to Racism will see protesters gather at Downing Street today at 5 p.m.
British time.
For a not-my-prime-minister rally.
I can't wait to see the British version of the leftist hysterics here in the United States.
Maybe they'll get one screaming at the sky.
That would certainly be interesting.
And very familiar.
In other words, just like every other time in recent years, notes Paul, instead of taking their defeat gracefully and using it to facilitate a moment of reflection, the left are just going to continue their prolonged hissy fit.
Of course, there's another group holding a demonstration in Glasgow, Scotland, who they claim is not fit to represent a multicultural society.
Isn't multiculturalism grand?
I mean, that's kind of what the Brexit vote was about.
Control immigration.
Control who is coming into the country.
This is part of the problem with socialized healthcare as well.
So they have this socialized healthcare system, but then they have something called healthcare tourism, where if you are from Iraq or Afghanistan or anywhere, and you go to the United Kingdom, and you, say, have stage 2 cancer,
Well the British health care system, the NHS, the socialized medicine of the Brits, they are obliged to help you.
So you can set foot on British soil and immediately get hundreds of thousands of pounds in health care provided to you at the leisure, provided to you at the cost of the British taxpayers.
Is there any wonder these people voted for Brexit?
Going on, the fact they're literally protesting against the outcome of a democratic election once again underscores how the left has been taken over by an ugly authoritarian mob.
And I would add to what Paul wrote, an authoritarian mob of children.
Some of which may be in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, but children nonetheless.
Meanwhile, analysts are pointing out the last night's result is yet another indication that the populist wave which swept Europe, and I would add the globe, in 2016 is not stopping any time soon.
Now it will be down to people like Farage and the Brexit Party to ensure the Conservatives follow through on their mandate and get Brexit done.
And as I said in the last segment,
Many people are crediting the Brexit Party, that is of course the brand new political party started by Nigel Farage, for making this happen.
There are a large number of people who would never vote for Labour.
But they would also never vote for the Conservatives.
Conservatives, of course, turned a blind eye to massive pedophilia scandals.
They had the disgusting and useless Theresa May, who sat on Brexit for years and did nothing but bow to the demands of the European Union.
So, most folks, a lot of folks, were fed up with them.
So if they wouldn't vote for the conservatives outright, many saw the Brexit Party as a happy alternative.
These could be liberals, or at least classical liberals, who wanted to see Brexit done, but could not see themselves voting for conservatives.
So again, Brexit Party Nigel Farage is being credited greatly.
Now this is another fun one by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars.com.
Left-wing newspaper advises people, quote, how to leave the United Kingdom after election loss.
Remember here in the United States it was Canada.
They were all going to go to Canada.
I don't think many people have actually left for Canada just yet.
I could be wrong.
Let's see where they're going to go in the UK.
Boris Johnson's Conservative Party swept to victory over Labour, ran hard, left manifesto under their leader Corbyn.
Shortly after the results of an exit poll were made public showing the Conservatives would win a large majority, some leftists on Twitter began threatening to leave the country.
The Independent article asserted that some people of color were considering leaving the UK if the Tories retained power, quote, other than just packing possessions, kissing loved ones goodbye, and boarding international transport.
How do you actually leave the country?
Asked the piece, before giving advice on how people need to settle their tax affairs before they move abroad.
I really don't think anybody's going to be leaving the United Kingdom, especially not now, as it is once again on the path to prosperity.
So in the next segment, we're going to have another message from Alex Jones himself.
Before we do that, I want to make the big reveal.
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I'm Tom Pappert.
When we come back, we'll have a short message from Alex Jones.
Stay tuned.
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We live in this system where everybody likes to be a victim and whine and bitch and complain all day and beg for help.
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Back to the live broadcast.
With Tom Papert, Savannah Hernandez, and the rest of the crew on this Friday edition.
And then I'll be back this Saturday and Sunday with live and special reports.
Taking care of some very serious things right now that we're having to deal with.
But I'll be back on air, Lord willing.
So thank you all again for your prayers, which is paramount.
And thank you for remembering.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Tom Pampert filling in for Alex.
We are only 325 days out from the election.
It is coming and coming fast.
My guest for this segment and the next is Patrick Halley.
He's the senior reporter at nationalfile.com.
That's my website.
He also writes for the Epoch Times.
He's formerly at Breitbart, formerly at Daily Caller.
And Patrick,
We're good to go.
FBI when it comes to the spying on Trump that they claim wasn't spying somehow, using a trick of language I guess.
So Patrick, welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
It's great to be on the Alex Jones Show, my favorite.
My favorite show.
Well it's phenomenal to have you here.
So Patrick, I've got a giant stack of news here with everything that is coming out with this IG report as well as impeachment but I just want to start by having you explain to us some what is the biggest bombshell to come from the IG report in your opinion?
Well, I think it's clear that even the IG admits Obama was pretty centrally involved with this.
You have McCabe basically throwing him under the bus and said that the reason that he believed the seal election report needed to be included is because President Obama had, quote, requested everything you have relevant to this topic.
We have Obama getting briefed in the Situation Room by Comey.
We have Obama getting briefed in July 2016.
We have, you know, Obama's fingerprints all over this, in addition to John McCain, in addition to a lot of these deep state fakers, these people.
I mean, James Comey is totally disgraced in this.
So, you know, this is something that I think confirms a lot of what we've been saying for years, thus proving that we're not the conspiracy theorists.
The fake news actually is the conspiracy theorists.
That's right.
We've been totally vindicated here on the Alex Jones Show and Infowars as a whole and the conservatives as a whole have been vindicated for what we've all said over the last several years now that this likely goes all the way up to the top of the executive branch of government during the Obama administration.
But Patrick, one of the things that is very frustrating for a lot of folks, a lot of listeners and viewers, I'm sure it is
If it's as infuriating for them as it is for me, I would not be surprised.
We had, for example, Comey come out right after the report dropped, but before Horowitz testified before Congress, before the Senate, we had Comey saying that he, in fact, has been vindicated.
So what is your message to James Comey, the Jolly Green Giant?
Well, James Comey, the green giant, he has definitely not been vindicated.
And in fact, if you look at page 178 of the IG report, you have one of the most ridiculous emails ever, in which James Comey actually tells Peter Strzok that even though he can't verify the Steele dossier, he's still going to go with it because it has, quote, salacious material about the president-elect.
Yet he says we could not vote for the material.
So it's proof
I mean, this guy was putting it in email.
That's how brazen these people were.
They're deep state fakers.
Conservative media isn't going to hold these people accountable because they're fundamentally on the same side.
Because John McCain and Lindsey Graham, that little fox puppet, were integrally involved in this.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
So, both parties are complicit in this.
The entire swamp is complicit in this.
And until we actually have reform and these people are prosecuted and put away, then we're going to continue to be the slaves of the deep state.
Because we are ruled by unelected bureaucrats.
And these conservative, ink morons, these just complete quizlings who are out there pretending to be FISA experts, they are the biggest losers.
They need to go away.
Everyone hates them.
They're doing nothing for this country.
Patrick, we're getting ready to go to break.
When we come back, I want to discuss the possible ramifications for the deep state, this intelligence community, the modern secret society, because that, I think, is a big fear of conservatives, that this is all going to be brushed off, they're going to get away scot-free.
Of course, we have
Durham, in the Attorney General's office, the DOJ who is looking into this, he's looking at a reportedly possible criminal prosecution.
I think at the very least, these people should be fired en masse.
It makes no sense to have these people continuing to quote-unquote serve the people of the United States of America.
Uh, Patrick Howley is my guest.
He's senior reporter at National File, also a writer for the Epoch Times.
He will be back with us in the next segment.
I'm Tom Pappert filling in for Alex Jones.
You are watching the Alex Jones Show.
Merry Christmas from InfoWars.com.
This is a friendly reminder that Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.
So while you're gathered with your loved ones over the holiday season, just remember that February 15th didn't feel like that.
You, sir!
You, sir!
With enough confidence to try to make a gross deal in Times Square with hundreds of police officers around, who do you think it is?
It's Hillary Clinton!
Was it?
It was Elizabeth!
Benjamin Netanyahu!
What is ABC News?
No stations, no stories!
That is, of course, Owen Schreier, who spent yesterday outside the New York Times in New York City, bullhorning them for their fake news and calls to de-platform him.
Owen is live now.
We're waiting for that video to stabilize.
We'll probably be going to him at the top of the hour to see what he's getting up to today.
The fun just does not stop with Owen Schreier, the newest superstar after such an unbelievable
We need a thousand or a hundred thousand more just like him throughout the country.
My guest is, of course, Patrick Halley.
We're discussing both impeachment and the IG report.
So, Patrick, I want to know, because you have been following the deep state for most of your adult life at this point.
You're a very accomplished reporter.
I cannot thank you enough for all of the great reports you've done.
What do you expect
If anything, to happen in the way of reprisal for these people who have been implicated by Horowitz.
Well, that's up to Attorney Durham.
We'll see what Attorney Durham comes up with.
In the meantime, we have a situation where the Democrats are now probably going to impeach.
They seem committed to impeachment.
We have a situation where you have Juliana Glover, the establishment Republican consultant, urging Republicans led by McConnell to take a secret ballot.
We're good.
I cannot agree more with that sentiment.
So Patrick, you have also done some unbelievable reporting on Hunter Biden.
You were the first one to get the papers from his divorce where he is allegedly ducking process servers who are trying to find him so they can serve him with more papers.
We now know that his
Financial statements, including the money he made at Burisma Energies, may be subpoenaed as part of this messy divorce he's in the midst of.
You also have compared him, in a way, to Paul Pelosi Jr., that is, of course, the son of Nancy Pelosi, who seems to be another one of these black sheep children that uses their parents' name to enrich themselves to the tune of millions.
You interviewed, of course, Karina Feng, the ex-girlfriend of Paul Pelosi Jr., last month.
I'm sure you've been following the escapades of Hunter Biden, who recently has been on an alleged crack and sex binge.
Words that I do not believe we can repeat on air.
This is a family show.
But what do you think of the Republicans?
I almost wonder if they didn't get
A bit of courage by seeing Owen Schreier storm the impeachment hearing earlier this week and call Jerry Nadler a liar.
What do you make of this recent turn of events in Hunter Biden's life and how it may play out on the impeachment front?
Well, Hunter Biden's ex-wife is trying to find him to drag him back into court, but he is evading being served because, you know, he's violated his divorce agreement a number of times.
Kathleen Biden says she threw him out.
He was spending his money in strip clubs.
He was spending his money on drugs.
And not going to the family.
Meanwhile, you have Paul Pelosi Jr.
The FBI is investigating him, as I reported, because he, you know, is engaging in very shady business deals.
I spoke to his longtime companion who said that he represents himself as the office of Nancy Pelosi when he does foreign business deals.
This is a bad guy.
These are bad people.
And the Republicans aren't going to hold these people accountable because many of the Republicans are bad people too.
They're part of this system.
You know, unless people just call out the nonsense.
I mean, Fox News is just leading people around and thinking that there's some kind of opposition to the totalitarianism that's crushing this country.
It's sad.
It's pathetic what they're doing to people.
It's not right.
They're giving people a false sense of hope when what's really going on is the Republicans are complicit in the destruction of our country.
Well, that's something that you brought up in the last segment, and I think it is ultimately very, very important that Lindsey Graham was implicated in all of these flies of fiascos, and now, of course, he's positioned himself as essentially a Fox News primetime host taking over for Sean Hannity most nights.
He is trying to position himself as a favorite among the GOP.
I wouldn't be surprised if he runs for president again in 2024.
And he seems to be linking himself as closely as possible to Trump.
But at the same time, Lindsey Graham is saying that we're not going to call Hunter Biden to testify in the Senate.
We're not going to call the whistleblower to testify in the Senate.
We're not going to call Adam Shifty Schiff to testify in the Senate.
What is going on with Senate Republicans?
Well, Lindsey Graham's a quizling.
Lindsey Graham has never been on our side.
He's been trying to water down the Trump agenda the whole time with an amnesty bill, with a push for red flag gun laws to confiscate people's guns.
He is very much of the swamp.
He's still McCain's best buddy.
McCain's, you know, very good friend, shall we say.
And it's sad.
So Fox News has him on in that funny comedy show they do at nine o'clock.
And, you know, he's the Fox hero.
And so conservative people who are programmed by that Fox programming think, oh, wow, he's on our side.
And so that psychic hold that the faux network has on people is powerful.
But the fact of the matter is the country is being destroyed in real time.
And it's not for people like Alex Jones, people like us.
The country would just be getting crushed right now.
And so this last guard of conservatives, conservatives have been around since, what, the early 60s?
Have they ever accomplished anything?
They can't conserve female restrooms.
They can't conserve little girls being able to go to the bathroom by themselves without having adult men go into the bathroom with them.
They can't conserve anything.
I'm tired of listening to these people.
Done with them.
So what is the solution to all this?
In the couple minutes we have left, do we need to send a thousand Donald Trumps to office?
Obviously going to Infowarsstore.com and helping to fight the Infowars is a big way to push back.
But how do we get a real political victory?
We thought we had it when President Trump went to office, but we've seen the deep state sabotage him every step of the way.
So what is the next step the American people need to take?
We can't rely on any one hero.
I think hopefully this impeachment thing is going to create a massive radical backlash among patriotic people to stand up to what's going on.
That's the only way that's going to affect change.
We can't rely on people.
I hope Attorney Durham prosecutes some people, even if he does, even if James Comey gets indicted.
Is that going to save the country single-handedly?
There's not going to be any hero to come along.
None of these people who pop up on the split screen on the Fox Comedy Network are going to save the day, okay?
It's going to take people out on the streets.
It's going to take what Alex Jones is doing.
It's going to take what our community, our people, are doing.
That's what's going to save the day.
Patrick Howley, senior reporter for National File, contributor at Epoch Times, formerly Breitbart, formerly Daily Caller.
Nobody has a more impressive resume than you.
Patrick, where can people find you on social media?
Where can people follow you?
I appreciate it.
Go ahead and follow me on Twitter, Howley Reporter.
H-O-W-L-E-Y Reporter.
Howley Reporter.
Need all the support I can get from our people, good, excellent people who see the truth, who are independent, and who want to knock down the whole house of cards.
Patrick Alley, thanks again for coming on, brother.
I hope you come back on real soon.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
In the next segment, we're going to have another national foul.
He's actually the foreign correspondent in the United Kingdom.
He's going to continue breaking down the relevance, the seriousness of the massive conservative victory that happened yesterday with Boris Johnson's Conservatives reigning supreme.
In the UK.
That's going to be coming up in the next hour on the Alex Jones Show.
We're also going to try to get some video of Owen Schreier.
He's at it again, ladies and gentlemen.
Owen, he was already a superstar.
He was already a superstar and he has been for a very long time.
But he's going to the next level.
This week, he's going from a superstar to a megastar, a household name.
Everybody saw him in DC.
Everybody saw him in New York.
So we'll try to check in with Owen.
There he is.
We'll come back with him for the first five minutes of the next...
Of course, you're watching the Alex Jones Show, so I just want to remind you in these last couple seconds we have left, it's the 12 days of Christmas.
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Do your Christmas shopping at InfoWarStore.com.
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Support the InfoWar, InfoWarStore.com.
I'm Tom Papert.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show.
We'll be back after this very short break.
This is Owen Schroer from InfoWars.com.
I'm in the InfoWars battle truck bullhorning in downtown D.C.
as the Democrats are voting to illegally impeach the President of the United States.
So, we're letting the American people in D.C.
know about the sedition and the treason that the Democrats are engaged in.
Why is the Democrat Party attempting to illegally remove the President of the United States?
Why is the Democrat Party engaged in open sedition?
Why is the Democrat Party lying every day about the President?
Why do the Democrats want to see the economy collapse?
Why do the Democrats want to see the border collapse?
Why is Adam Schiff hanging out with Ed Buck?
Why is Adam Schiff requesting nude photos of Donald Trump from Ukraine?
How did Nancy Pelosi make hundreds of millions of dollars as a Congresswoman?
How did you make your millions, Nancy?
We must investigate!
Why does Jerry Nadler look like an Oompa Loompa?
He must be sent back to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory immediately!
Send Jerry Nadler back to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!
Jerry Nadler's Oompa Loompa friends are missing him!
That was, of course, Owen Schreier.
He's back in D.C.
He was in New York yesterday.
Now he's back in D.C.
All week, Owen has been making headlines.
I could not be more proud to have met this man.
I could not be more proud to be here, where, of course, Owen got his start.
Such a phenomenal patriot.
Could not be better.
Let's go see what Will Johnson did yesterday.
Will Johnson, of course, confronted one Gerald Nadler.
I prefer to call him the Penguin.
Let's go ahead and roll that video.
Nadler, how do you think the voters are going to look at this?
How do you think the voters are going to look at this in the future?
2020, Nadler.
Keep doing it because the American people see through it.
It's going to work in President Trump's favor.
Keep it up.
Keep it up.
Shame on you, sir.
Trump 2020.
You're going to make it for Trump.
Trump 2020.
God bless America.
Trump is your president and he will be in 2020.
Thank you, dad.
We're counting on you, sir.
You will be exposed for your treason.
That was, of course, Will Johnson confronting the Oompa Loompa himself, Jerry Nadler.
I prefer to think of him as Penguin from, of course, the Batman universe.
They're doppelgangers.
They couldn't be any more alike.
Will Johnson confronted Nadler yesterday, and Will didn't get arrested.
I don't quite understand that one.
I thought that that's the new, the highest crime in the land is confronting the three foot two inch tall Jerry Nadler.
When we come back, I'll have Jack Hadfield.
He is the UK correspondent for nationalfile.com.
He's got a new article up talking about the devastating defeat for the British leftists.
Looking forward to having Jack on his debut appearance on the Alex Jones Show.
It's gonna be a jam-packed second and third hour.
Third hour, we have Andrew Tate back in studio.
He'll be guest-hosting the fourth hour as well.
You are watching the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Tom Paffert filling in, and folks, I cannot stress it enough.
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We need your help, and you need these products.
They are life-changing.
Stick with us.
We'll be right back after this very, very short break.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones!
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
I am Tom Pappard filling in for Alex today.
He may be back in studio in the third or fourth hour, so stay tuned and find out more about where Alex has been and what he's going to talk about later today.
My guest for this segment and the next is National File UK correspondent Jack Hadfield.
He's a phenomenal writer.
He's been seen at Breitbart and a variety of other websites.
Now he writes for National File.
Jack is of course from the UK.
And he has been very excited, I think is fair to say, about the recent victory.
Jack, welcome to the Alex Jones Show!
Hello, great to be on.
Well thank you for coming on.
So this seems to be a seminal moment for the UK.
First we had 2016, the Brexit vote where the public, the voters, the men and women of Great Britain voted to leave the cancerous European Union.
Now of course this is kind of a referendum because if we had Corbyn win then he would have actually put it to a second vote and who knows what would have happened.
But the British people spoke again.
Talk a little bit about the importance of this election.
Yes, well, absolutely.
It's been called the Brexit election by many commentators and pundits.
Really, the first Brexit election was the one in 2017, which Theresa May, the then Prime Minister, was trying to get a majority of her own to legitimate herself, as she was only elected
I don't know.
Unfortunately, it really didn't go as well as she expected.
The Labour Party, led by Jeremy Corbyn, made it about everything other than Brexit.
The NHS, the National Health Service, crime, immigration, you know,
Any other thing.
And so that ended up with her losing the majority.
And for the last two and a half years or so, we've had dither and dather and delay, and Brexit's been stopped and thwarted at every single opportunity.
But when Boris Johnson, the now Prime Minister, was in the Conservative Party and took over in June, July of this year, he actually managed to get a new Brexit deal with the European Union.
And something that many commentators and pundits thought was absolutely impossible.
He managed to get rid of the backstop, the Northern Ireland backstop, which was the sticking point for many and who didn't like Mrs May's deal.
And so he actually did manage to make this election actually about Brexit.
And that is what the, even though Corbyn tried his best again to make it about anything other than that,
This time he failed.
This has been the worst election for Labour since 1935.
They're down to 203 seats, down 59 from the 2017 election.
This has been the best win for the Conservatives since 1983, 1987 or so, since the Thatcher years.
This really was the most seminal election and the most
Changing election, the election that actually mattered since 1997 when Blair came in.
2010, 2015, you know, it was just kind of a, you know, there was no real change.
But now, you know, this is serious.
You know, we have actually won an incredible victory and we will be able to push through the results of the 2016 referendum, which was the largest democratic mandate in British history.
And Boris now has a 80-seat majority to be able to push through pretty much everything he wants in the British system as opposed to the Americans.
If you have a majority in Parliament, so that's the equivalent of the House of Representatives and the House of Commons, pretty much nobody can stop you.
That's it.
Nobody can stop him unless there's some freak
I think so.
Down from his leadership of the Labor Party.
Now this guy, I mean, I don't think you can under, or overstate rather, exactly how terrible this guy would have been.
He wants to nationalize various industries.
He wants to dump money into multiculturalism.
He's worse than Bernie Sanders, to put it mildly.
Talk to us about the significance of him stepping down.
Yes, well Corbyn took the leadership of the Labour Party after the 2015 election where Ed Miliband, who was sort of a soft left centrist, stepped down and he was actually put forward by MPs, by Labour MPs, because they wanted a wide variety of voices.
Nobody thought he would win
But actually, there was a groundswell of people joining the Labour Party from the hard left, and also from Conservatives who realised that, oh, if we get Corbyn into power, then we'll be able to condemn the Labour Party to electoral oblivion, I think was the phrase.
So he won.
He fought off a leadership challenge in 2016.
And yeah, finally, after all this time, he's now stepping down.
Now, if he had won, if he had become Prime Minister, which was... He wouldn't have won an overall majority.
There was no way that was possible.
But with the Scottish National Party, they took 45, 46 out of the 59 seats in Scotland this election.
If Labour had done well enough to then add that and create the magic number of 326 that you need for a majority, he could have been propped up by them, which means we would have had another referendum on Europe, another referendum on Scottish independence.
We would have had, well, a Prime Minister who the security services say was basically a useful idiot for the Soviet-Hungarian intelligence back in the 1970s and 80s.
Yeah, somebody who has links to the IRA, the Irish Republican terrorist movement, links to anti-Semitic people like the PLO, Palestinians, and well, just overall, it would have been an absolute disaster.
I mean, I was thinking that I might even have had to flee the country if he got in.
And I'm saying that only semi-unironically.
Um, yeah, it was it was it was a genuine I was actually thinking about, you know, I might have a I might have a knock on my door by one of his commissars for, you know, thought crimes.
So yes, I'm very, very glad that he didn't get in.
I think a large majority of the British population are also very, very glad that Boris won.
You know, I want to say it's unbelievable that somebody like that could even be that close to the reins of power.
But here in the United States, we of course have Bernie Sanders pulling just behind Joe Biden.
So it does seem like we may see, it seems to be this twin populist socialist revolution happening throughout the country.
So just quickly, give us again the hard date for Brexit and what folks are most looking forward to when it finally comes.
Well the hard date for Brexit will be the 31st of January 2020 and that will lead us into what is supposed to be a transition period to take us up to the end of 2020.
So at the end of January we will be legally outside of the EU but remain in many of its institutions.
So there will be a fluid, smooth transition
to Boris's free trade arrangement, something that he will now have the power and the mandate to negotiate.
He will be able to, thankfully, move away from what Mrs May would have negotiated in the future agreement if she had remained as Prime Minister, which would have been closely aligned to the EU and something that really would have been, you know, like the Rhinos in America, you know, well, a Bino, a Brexit in name only.
So, Boris has suggested that he's going for a Canada-style free trade arrangement, which is why Nigel Farage of the Brexit Party stood down candidates in all of the seats that the Conservatives won in 2017.
Not because the withdrawal deal is that different, apart from some of the crucial things like the backstop, as I mentioned earlier, but because the deal that Boris will negotiate now
We'll be far more like Brexit than May ever could do.
Jack, we're getting ready to come to break.
When we come back I want you to expand on this because a lot of folks are confused about the differences between Boris Johnson's Brexit deal and Theresa May's.
He's getting some bad press here in the United States and I imagine in the UK as well.
But you say that Nigel Farage had candidates stand down to ensure a conservative victory.
Of course, I believe Sky News is crediting Nigel Farage's Brexit party for helping to push the conservatives over the edge by siphoning votes away from Labour.
So it's a very fascinating situation.
We need to learn more about this.
It's the populist movement worldwide exploding everywhere.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Tom Pappert.
We'll be back after this break.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I am Tom Pappert filling in for Alex.
My guest is Jack Hadfield.
We have a press conference with Boris Johnson explaining the significance of his massive victory.
Let's go to that now.
This election means that getting Brexit done is now the irrefutable, irresistible, unarguable decision of the British people.
And with this election I think we've put an end to all those miserable threats of a second referendum.
That's British Prime Minister Boris Johnson claiming a huge victory.
His Conservative Party... And a huge victory it indeed is.
And Jack, before we get into the implications of this victory, what it may mean for the rest of Europe, it could mean either the death or the rebirth of the European Union, let's talk about the difference between Boris Johnson's Brexit deal and Theresa May's.
Just break it down for us because people do not understand this, myself included.
Okay, well, most of Theresa May's deal was basically fine.
It was carrying on things that, oh yes, let's of course keep cooperating with criminal investigations across the border, and oh yeah, let's keep doing scientific research and things like that.
Most of it was very technical, just stuff that was very obvious and that pretty much just had to be sorted out in terms of the bureaucratic end.
The main sticking point for May's deal, and the one that certainly got the most media attention, was the so-called Northern Irish backstop.
Now, the problem is, with Northern Ireland as compared to the Republic of Ireland in the south,
They wanted to stop a so-called hard border, in which case there would be no border checks.
They wanted to maintain ease of travel across the border, as was sort of said in the Good Friday Agreement in 1997, somewhere around those years, which put an end to the troubles and stopped the main
I think so.
In which case the EU were holding Northern Ireland above the rest of the UK and saying, look, if you're going to leave, we're going to keep Northern Ireland and it's going to go back to the Republic.
does is it keeps Northern Ireland in the customs union of the UK, so it is maintained as an integral part of the UK's own customs territory, and there will be no customs checks between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.
And then, but there will be some regulatory checks, as there already are.
There are already checks between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.
You cannot bring fresh food across the Irish Sea, for example.
So this is just maintaining the status quo, really, in the best, in really what is almost an impossible task of squaring the circle.
Boris has really managed to get this, well, very tricky technical arrangement
Pretty much fixed.
And that's something that May couldn't do.
So now, if Boris gets this right, if he can prove that a country can leave the disgusting Hitler's best dream known as the European Union, if Boris can prove that a country can leave this monstrosity and prosper and thrive,
What do you expect will happen to the rest of the European Union and all of its participating countries?
Well, I expect the European Union to be broken down in the next few decades, or passed towards becoming this European Federal Superstate, which is certainly what the Brits were concerned about.
There is this split between North and South of Europe, certainly in culture, in terms of how they operate their economic policy.
You know, you can never really fuse the economies of Germany and Greece.
Yeah, it's just not going to happen.
So either it's going to fragment and break apart, probably, and then probably maintain a sort of central Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, maybe France as well.
And they might bind together more tightly into a federal Europe and everybody else will be free from their devious clutches.
But certainly the EU, there is no way in the next few decades that it will maintain its current form.
It is inevitable that something will happen.
Certainly if we do make a success of Brexit and the EU doesn't
Thank you.
We're good to go.
Breathing down its neck in order to be economically prosperous and a free nation.
Jack Hadfield, he is of course the UK correspondent and a fantastic writer at nationalfile.com, formerly at Breitbart.
Jack, tell folks where they can find you on social media.
Yeah, you can find me on Facebook, facebook.com forward slash jackhadfield1996, on Twitter at jackhadders, I think on gab at jh.
Yeah, but I'm certainly on Twitter most of the time, and that's probably where you'd
Yeah, find most of my tweets and comments and articles.
Of course, for the viewers and listeners, you may remember Jack.
He raised a lot of trouble back in his college days for refusing to sit through some of the gender and hate inclusivity classes, and basically they just let him graduate to get rid of him.
So he's been a cultural warrior for quite a long time, now doing very important work.
You can read his article, Conservatives win huge
Majority in election at nationalfile.com.
Jack, thanks for coming on the show.
Thank you for having me.
When we come back, we're going to have another message from Alex Jones.
He's on a very, very important mission right now.
He may be back before the day is out.
We're not sure.
But he may be here for the third or fourth hour.
We're going to have Andrew Tate back in studio to discuss Eastern Europe, which of course may be even closer to leaving the European Union than Italy or some of these other countries that Jack mentioned.
Of course, it is a fascinating, fascinating schism between Eastern Europe and Western Europe.
They're nothing alike in Eastern Europe.
They have survived Islam.
They have survived Communism.
I don't think they're about to let Angela Merkel or Macron...
Take over and rule them with an iron fist.
Of course, I want to remind everybody, please!
Get your Christmas shopping done.
Do it with patriots.
Don't give your money to Jeff Bezos if you don't have to.
Give your money to the Infowar.
I'm Tom Papert.
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We'll be back right after this break.
My dear fellow Americans, I'm here watching CNN, because it's all we have here in Estonia right now, in terms of, it doesn't have Fox.
And Jake Tepper, Tepper, Tepper, whatever his name is, he's on.
And of course, it's the pundit, it's the, they are liars, okay?
They are deceivers to the American people, deceivers to the world.
What they're doing here is they're deceiving the world.
I don't understand why more people, why more of you are not upset, like that guy that yelled in the Senate.
In the Congress the other day.
The guy that got up.
We all need to be outraged about... Listen, I'm for fairness.
I'm for truth.
This is ridiculous.
I've seen it for years.
They're lying.
They're connivers of Caesar's spirit.
That's Caesar's Senate.
They're connivers.
They are no good.
And now the Senate wants to not have a hearing?
They want to rush this through?
Just like the Congress did?
Because they're corrupt.
They're protecting each other.
They don't want to put Adam Schiff on the chair.
They're making some kind of excuse that the president wants to make this a circus.
He wants the American people to see the corruption in our government, and they don't want to show it.
They don't want to show it.
I want to see the corruption.
I want to see them, these congressmen and people, I want to see them in the hot seat, alright?
With their ass turning on flames because they're being questioned.
The American people should see this.
It's not a circus.
How dare you say it would be a circus in the Senate, McConnell and Romney, if you said that?
How dare you?
It's not a circus.
The American people need to see this.
They want to see the corruption, what you guys are covering up each other about.
What are you covering up?
What do you cover up that you don't want to question Adam Schiff?
He lied to the American people so many times.
Pelosi just said something that made my hair burn on fire.
She talked about the new deal.
That, you know, looking at NAFTA was no good, but now we have this new deal.
And that she didn't give Trump any credit for it.
She said to the, she snidely goes, it's way different.
You should see it.
She said, it's way different than what President Trump wanted.
Well, Trump is the one that wanted and wants to renegotiate our deals.
That's why we have a new deal.
And she's praising it now because Trump wants it for the American people, for America first.
These people stink over and over again.
I want you people to get foamed in the
Robert Davi, that is of course a very, very pro-Trump actor.
I'm sure he realizes he'll never work a day in his life.
He says on Twitter with that video, we must get involved.
The GOP is filled with weak vessels.
He could not be more accurate.
The GOP is a mess.
Just look at what they're allowing to happen to the supporters of President Trump.
This video was just released yesterday.
It corresponds to a story from last month.
Let's go ahead and roll this.
There it is.
Absolutely horrifying.
This is a child on a school bus for radio listeners being attacked brutally for wearing a Trump hat.
This is what happens in the United States in 2019.
Being a patriotic American and supporting your president can get you violently assaulted regardless of whether you're 14 or 40.
Of course the man Davi was talking about was Owen Schroyer.
That is the spirit we should all have.
Biting tooth and nail for our country.
But this article is up.
Child hospitalized after unprovoked attack over Trump ad on November 21st.
Two girls and three boys beat and hospitalized a kid on their school bus on camera for wearing a Trump hat.
As of December 12, 2019, the family of the victim has been granted permission by lawyers to share the 21-second clip of the brutal assault.
I won't hold my breath to see if there's any justice in the court system.
Meanwhile, the insanity of higher education continues.
Of course, there's been the viral It's Okay to be White poster campaign.
I like Alex Jones.
It's okay to be Alex Jones.
It's okay to be American.
I believe it's the t-shirt sold at Infowarestore.com.
This recently happened.
It's also up at nationalfile.com.
The student behind It's Okay To Be White flyers expelled, then interrogated by the FBI counter-terrorist unit.
Simply saying it's okay.
Not it's good.
Not it's superior.
Not it's the best.
But simply saying it's okay to be a certain skin color.
Results in the FBI Counter-Terrorist Unit giving you a knock on the door.
By the way, think of all the killers, the cold-blooded, sociopathic, SSRI-addicted killers who have been reported to the FBI.
It happened in Florida with that horrible, horrible school shooting that gave us David Hogg and Kyle Kashuv.
That kid was reported to the FBI numerous times.
Nothing came from it.
Go back to the Boston bombing.
The Russians, of all people, had intel on those two brothers trying to get the FBI to pay attention.
They wouldn't.
They didn't care.
How many times has the FBI let this country down from FISA to these killers that they've let walk?
But if you put up a flyer that says it's okay to be white, well, they're going to give you a visit, son.
They're going to make sure you're not a terrorist.
Or thinking all humans are equal.
This is the story at nationalfile.com.
The Oklahoma City University police manhunt that went viral after being reported by National File in October resulted in the expulsion and police interrogation of a student activist on December 9th.
We of course originally reported this in October, that the police had launched a manhunt searching for this poor kid.
Now an update from the Oklahoma State, the student was tracked down, expelled, and interrogated by OKC police for placing the flyers.
Federal law prevented the student from being doxed by university officials.
Thankfully, OCU Police Director Bill Citty
Explained his reasoning for the Orwellian police investigation thusly.
The reason you look into those types of things is you want to make sure the individual is not a threat to other students!
Putting up flyers.
Is a threat to other students, or at least it might be.
The city did not explain how it's okay to be white and could possibly be a threat to students.
The OCU Police Department reportedly partnered with the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force to locate and interrogate the suspect, the student activist.
It's so hard not to laugh when you read these news stories.
It's a flyer!
It says it's okay to be white.
It's okay to be white.
It's okay to be brown.
It's okay to be black.
It's okay to be anything.
It's okay to be American.
It's okay to be Alex Jones.
But not in this upside-down world.
OCU School of Law Dean Jim Roth praised the students' expulsion.
Of course, this is the School of Law guy.
He praised the students' expulsion in a statement saying, exclusion and hate will not be tolerated here.
Exclusion and hate, as they exclude a kid who they obviously hate.
National Plow reached out to a citizen activist involved in peaceful, it's okay to be white, activism.
This guy has, I don't even think he's from the states, I can't reveal my sources of course, but this guy has organized hundreds or thousands of these.
He also keeps a massive document going with all the police and media freakouts.
Over the innocent flyers.
We reached out to him for a comment.
He said, the only thoughts in this incident are that the response was draconian and hysterical, but sadly predictable, and should serve as a wake-up call for anyone who does not want to live under totalitarianism.
The people who want to ruin this young student's life for refusing to hate himself are evil.
The response also clearly demonstrates a racial hatred and paranoid fear of white people, deeply rooted in the establishment media, academia, and government.
Not only in the U.S., but across the West.
If you replace the word white with any other group and put a flyer saying it's okay to be other group, there would likely have been no police attention or media coverage.
This law student who was expelled is essentially a martyr.
He sacrificed years of study, large sums of money, and part of his reputation and future to warn people about this totalitarian threat.
In the next segment, I want to go into this article, another article up at nationalfile.com.
It shows 150 plus cases of outrage and manhunts.
Over it's okay to be white.
It's just bizarre.
Why are we still talking about this?
You're watching the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Tom Paffert filling in for Alex.
Stay tuned.
We'll be right back after this commercial break.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
My name is Tom Pappert.
Filling in for Alex today, I'm of course, Editor-in-Chief at NationalFile.com.
In the last segment, we talked about the insanity that happens in government schools, as well as schools of higher learning, if you can call that that anymore.
In the United States of America, you have law professors celebrating manhunts for people who put up signs.
I just want to briefly go over this article, then I want to talk about some of the insanity happening right here in Austin, Texas.
Nasty with drag queens, but this is the type of investigative hard reporting you're going to find at nationalfile.com.
We have the documents, folks.
Have you heard that one before?
150-plus cases of outrage and manhunts over It's Okay to be White.
The source we have at National File gave us a massive database of probably 200 at this point, because it's been about a month since we wrote this article.
Of cases of total freakouts.
I mean, just look at some of these.
University of Alberta, Harvard University, Montgomery Blair High School, East Tennessee State University, University of Alaska Anchorage, UC Davis, University of Kansas.
Then you've got news articles.
WHNT 19 News, NBC 4 Washington, WLJA.
I mean, it just goes on and on and on.
It never ends.
It's very bizarre to see schools, police, the FBI all come together to panic over not hating people.
Over the idea that all people, regardless of their race, are okay.
It's truly disturbing.
NationalFile.com is where you can find that full article.
It's where you can find this one as well.
It's also been written about on Infowars.com.
An Austin
School recently invited a convicted prostitute drag queen to talk to little children.
And I know I didn't give the controller a good heads up on this, but if it's possible, this is actually the same person.
He goes by Miss Kitty Litter.
Owen Schreier spoke to Miss Kitty Litter earlier this year.
Confronted Miss Kitty Litter.
It's bizarre.
It's bizarre.
Why is this happening in Texas?
An Austin elementary school invited a convicted prostitute drag queen to talk to their students.
Kids at Blackshear Fine Arts Academy were treated to a visit by a drag performer with a stage name Miss Kitty Litter ATX.
According to the Family Research Council, the school is aware the Miss Kitty Litter ATX, real name David Robinson,
I don't know if it's ethical to submit.
We've got another video, by the way, of Miss Kitty Litter.
Where he... Why is it with drag queens?
I can't get the pronouns right.
You see, the left gets mad at you over pronouns.
You should never, ever misgender somebody.
If somebody says they're a woman, then they're a woman!
Doesn't matter if they're a big...
Big, full-figured man with a beard and a voice like Alex Jones.
If they say they're a woman, they're a woman.
And Alex Jones has said she is a woman, by the way.
So Alex is now she.
But with drag queens, they dress like a woman, but they say they're a man.
So my brain just cannot keep track of what I'm supposed to do with that.
So this is, of course, Miss Kitty Litter at this Drag Queen Story Hour, much later in the video.
Owen Schroyer, again, national superstar after what he's done this week, confronts Miss Kitty Litter and asks if the library, where he was doing this little story hour,
Yes, if they did a background check.
And I believe they say no.
The audio is difficult to understand, but I believe they say no.
Well, Ms.
Kitty Litter is still at it.
I would never suggest this.
Do not go to Ms.
Kitty Litter's Facebook.
Do not harass this person.
We are not in the business of harassment here at InfoWars or at National File.
But he actually put out this statement saying, I'm being attacked by the evil Alex Jones and the evil Owen Schroer, and they're going to kill me.
If I wind up dead, you know who to blame.
You know, it's obviously societal engineering because no rational person could look at the recent explosion of grown men, often with beards and big beer guts, dressing up as women of the night and going to events where children sit on their lap.
No one could have seen this coming.
No rational person
Can explain why this is the civil rights issue of our day.
And yet here we are, even right here in Austin, it's happening at Fine Arts Academies.
It's absolutely bizarre.
And of course, maybe this shouldn't be such a surprise here in Austin.
Austin schools recently passed a radical curriculum teaching children about sexual and LGBT themes from a young age.
Another school in Texas also invited a drag queen to speak and mingle with their students recently.
This one in Houston.
Just seems to be the new status quo.
Then turning back to higher education.
I mean, schools in this country are a mess.
I cannot recommend if you are able at all to homeschool your students.
And if they're not going to study to be a brain surgeon or something where you absolutely need the college degree.
Consider keeping them out of college because this is another one.
A student recently revealed their bad grade that they got on a paper, a college paper, because a professor said that Hong Kong activists, they're not freedom fighters.
They're not pro-democracy activists.
They're radicals!
An American college student posted photos of a paper she wrote to Twitter revealing that she had received corrections from her professor stating that the Hong Kong pro-independence protesters are radicals and not pro-independence activists.
Her name is Livia Rondau.
She identifies herself as a campus conservative.
She seems to be just a milquetoast conservative.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.
She seems to like Charlie Kirk.
Nothing wrong with that.
But even she is too conservative for the intelligentsia.
She wrote, got a B- on my paper on Hong Kong and my prof corrected pro-independence activist too radical.
She added, worst grade I've gotten in the class so far.
After Twitter users expressed incredulity, Rondau followed up with an assurance that the photo was real.
She added another photo to back it up.
She said, I wish I was joking.
I actually like this class slash professor.
But I'm taken aback by this.
He also underlined the phrases independent and freedom protesters like those are somehow not applicable.
So this is modern education.
If you want your child to not be ogled by drag queens, that it seems like more and more of them, not Miss Kitty Litter, she, he just has a conviction for prostitution, but
These other, other, other, prostitution.
My God, just look at that video.
TV viewers, radio listeners, you can't see this.
This is a man in his probably late 40s or 50s with obscene makeup over its face and glasses and a Marilyn Monroe wig and giant fake pearls in a dress and I just, I'm thinking,
Who would pay?
But if you don't want, if you don't want your child to be exposed to this, then you're a bigot.
If you want your child to hear the truth about what's happening in Hong Kong, as these brave people, these brave kids fight for their lives, then China will kill them.
China wants to extradite the people of Hong Kong to the mainland, so they can throw them in gulags along with the Uyghur Muslims.
That's what they want.
If you want your children to get a real education and not have men in dresses shake their tushy in their face, if you want your kids to learn about real international affairs, you're better off having them watch the Alex Jones Show at this point than go to a public school
Or a college in 2019.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
When we come back, we're going to have Andrew Tait back in studio.
It's Tait's speech on YouTube.
He's going to share with us some information about where he lives, Romania.
And now it's a microcosm for what's happening globally.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We're already here.
This is hour three.
My guest for this hour is Andrew Tate.
Tate's speech.
Tate's speech.
That's me.
It's a play on hate speech because a lot of the things I say will get me in trouble if I still lived in England.
So I left and I started Tate's speech.
Just started saying whatever I wanted, and I haven't been banned yet.
I don't know why they haven't banned me yet, so I'm still there, so.
Knock on wood.
I think we've got some wood here.
Knock on wood.
So, now you mentioned this just now.
You're no longer living in the UK.
The UK is desperately trying to save itself, but you call it a fallen state.
Yeah, I think the UK is a failed society.
That's my exact line.
It's a failed society.
I am half American, half English.
I lived in America when I was young.
I moved to England.
I lived in England for about 15 years, and I have witnessed the decline.
In real time, the decline has been so quick, you could genuinely witness it.
Only 10 years ago, if you went to London, it was a party city, people were out on the streets on a Friday or Saturday night, there was things happening.
And in these 10 years, all the nightlife is gone, all the clubs have closed, there's 30 stabbings a week, it's dangerous, there's acid attacks.
All my friends with nice cars, they won't drive with the roof off anymore, like girls won't walk around alone.
Like, in real time, it's degenerated.
It's degenerated so quickly, it's crazy.
So, one of the things you mentioned, we went to dinner last night with Alex Jones.
You grew up in Luton, which is, you were right down the street from Tommy Robinson.
Yeah, absolutely.
Right down the street from Tommy Robinson.
It's also the hotbed of all the crazy...
Terrorists and nutcases, it all seems to happen in one place, which is loot.
And so I think that's one of the reasons Tommy's so inspired to fight because he's grown up around these people which have no respect for British values, no respect for the British way of life whatsoever.
And this is why it's a fallen society because England is getting worse and worse by the day.
They refuse to pass any new laws.
Nobody's doing anything about it.
They just sit around and talk while terrorists run around with knives and everyone's getting stabbed and everyone just sits and
Sits and waits for it to happen again.
It's really crazy.
And I cannot blame you whatsoever.
You did what I think is the logical thing.
You got the hell out.
Yeah, I was fortunate.
I mean, with kickboxing as a world champion, I'm fortunate financially.
And I thought, you know what?
Why am I here?
What am I living here for?
I had a brand new car stolen like three days after buying it and a few other things happened and then England's passed a whole bunch of subjective laws.
I have a real big problem with subjective laws.
I don't like laws that aren't ironclad because when they're subjective they can just use them to sting you anytime they want and that's what the whole hate speech thing is.
The idea that
If you say anything which can be seen as detrimental to a particular group of people, then it's not the kind of thing you should be allowed to say and you should be punished by law.
But if I say women can't park cars, which in my experience is true, it's obviously detrimental and it's something negative against an entire portion of the population.
And by law, I can end up in jail for saying that.
So I don't like those kind of subjective laws.
I'm going to use them to sting you.
And I thought, you know what?
I'm out of here.
I left.
And so you now, we've got about a minute and a half left, and this is what we're going to get into today, because we had some fascinating discussions on this last night.
You now live in an Eastern European country.
I live in an Eastern European country, yes.
So there's a few to choose from, because Eastern Europe and Western Europe are very, very different.
Anyone who's traveled, a lot of people have been to Western Europe, but they've not necessarily been to the East, and it's quite unique where the Eastern Europe, they're part of the European Union, they like the money,
But they don't actually completely submit.
They don't give in, and they don't crumble, and they preserve their way of life, and they're far nicer places to be.
They're far more nationalist, far more right-wing.
So I had a few choices.
Everyone knows about Poland being a strong Christian nation, but also the most Christian country in the world.
5% is Orthodox Christianity, but it is Romania.
So I live in Romania.
Progress Romania.
And now you were talking, last night we had a fascinating conversation.
It is kind of a microcosm for what's happening now with the globalists.
Hopefully they will, unlike in Romania, let power go peacefully and it will not turn into what happened in Romania.
But we're going to talk about
The former communist regime there and how it ended.
It's going to be a fascinating discussion.
I'm very excited to have you here.
And we're going to try to find you some turbo force before the day is out.
Hey, I'd love some turbo force.
I am a turbo force.
I won't say addict.
Is that a word?
Can I say fiend?
I'm a turbo force fiend.
Give it to me.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show.
We have Andrew Tate here in studio.
Then he'll be guest hosting the fourth hour.
Stay tuned.
We will be right back after this very, very short break.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Tom Papert filling in for Alex, sitting here with Andrew Tate.
Of course, please go find him online, TateSpeech, where he says opinions that if he were in the UK would get him thrown into a hole somewhere, probably next to Tommy Robinson.
Yeah, yeah, that's exactly where I'd end up, correct.
And so, you were telling us last night about the former communist regime that existed in Romania, and the kind of the iron fist.
I mean, he got his inspiration from North Korea, correct?
That's correct, yeah.
So living in Romania is quite unique, because right now we live in a situation where many young people are wooed by the ideas of socialism, because they don't understand how it all works, and they like the idea of free things, and they like the idea of, you know, not having to work for what they want.
So people are wooed by the idea of socialism.
But in countries like Romania, which was socialist up until 1992, nobody's wooed by the idea of socialism because they've lived through it.
And that's exactly right.
The dictator at the time, Nikolai Ceausescu, he went to North Korea.
He saw how they were operating things and they were communists before that.
But when he came back, he got real hard line and thought, no, you know what?
I want to move everyone out of their homes and force everyone to live in apartments and rebuild all the streets, knock down just people's houses.
They've been there forever.
Just rebuild it all.
He built himself the biggest building in the world.
The biggest building in the world.
We've actually gotten some B-roll of that.
Let's just put up some video of that if we can.
That's clip 13.
It's still the second biggest building in the world, but it was only dwarfed by the Pentagon.
There it is on the right.
You can see it right there on the right.
I live about 20 minutes from there.
So yeah, this is communism for you, ladies and gentlemen.
Everyone's equal, but if you are the leader, you build yourself a building that big.
And it really is huge.
And it's called, you said it was called the People's Palace, I believe?
It's called the People's Palace.
They call it the People's Palace, but the people weren't allowed in, of course.
But yeah, there it is.
It's eight floors deep.
It's got a nuclear bunker.
It's all marble and gold inside.
It really is actually very impressive.
And they've turned the whole thing around in three and a half years.
And so you said what basically happened is this big giant building, they demolished thousands of houses, they completely destroyed the inner workings of the city.
This is in Bucharest?
This is in Bucharest.
So when he went to North Korea, obviously North Korea was, they were building everything from new, they were reclaiming jungles, so they built all these nice big boulevards and these nice big statues, etc.
Bucharest has been there for a very long time.
So he was like, OK, well, I want a nice big boulevard.
And you can see the palace there.
But if you're actually in Bucharest, there's very nice boulevards with beautiful fountains that lead up to the palace for about five miles.
And it is very nice.
But he literally turned up and just said, tear down half the city.
If you're in the way and your family's in the way, well, you better find somewhere else to live.
And this guy, I mean, you talk about communists, but he kind of, I mean, this is, like, this guy was crazier than Stalin.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, he was, it was quite a unique brand of communism, because at the time, Romania wasn't USSR.
So you had the USSR, which are communists.
Romania is communist also, but it's not part of the USSR.
So it's kind of like it was his own brand of it.
Yeah, and this is what happens with communism.
The people in charge can do anything they want.
So he put his own spin on it.
Half North Korea, a little bit Russia, plus
Plus, God knows what, there's a lot of stories about how his wife was really the one in charge, his wife was telling him what to do behind the scenes, and she wanted a big house, and here we are.
Like every wife does, like, every wife wants a big house, so.
It's just different when you have the entire labor and money of the entire population to build it, and this guy, I mean, I was doing more research after I got back last night, this guy would sit, he had a massive theater where he would sit there and watch American movies for hours on end, apparently.
Oh yeah, absolutely.
And during socialism and communism, the most valued items or the most valued ideals and the most valued entertainment, it's always going to be capitalistic stuff.
So they talk about how amazing socialism is and then everyone's trying to get their hands on the capitalistic things.
So it's crazy.
All you do with socialism is force capitalism underground with a huge black market.
And it's ridiculous, and anyone who understands basic economics understands that.
But this is the problem we have nowadays.
We have a whole bunch of people who have built political opinions on the back of promising free stuff.
And one of the things you mentioned last night is you see, as you said, virtually nobody in Romania who is clamoring for socialism.
So they're at zero.
They are super pro-capitalist.
In fact, Romania's got the third fastest internet in the world, and that is down to just the fact that they have no regulations.
So in England, for example, I don't know how it works here, I'm just talking about in England, to try and get fiber broadband installed, they had all these regulations and all the companies and fair competing.
We're good to go.
They suffered through communism for decades and decades and decades.
Yeah, they're resilient people.
Yeah, they've been through a lot and now they finally got a taste of capitalism.
They just want to go crazy with it.
Well, now it's the European Union.
Yeah, so the European Union is a real unique thing.
I can talk about the European Union forever, but the whole idea of it is pretty flawed.
I mean, the idea, the basic idea of the European Union is we're going to take money from all the rich countries and give it to the poor countries.
So the poor countries listen to us and we just exert our power over more and more space.
More and more people.
That's the basic goal of it, because there's no reason why rich countries should give its money to build a motorway in another poor country.
It doesn't make sense, really, but this is the basic economics of it.
We take money from rich countries and we build shit in poor countries and this keeps everyone happy and we balance it that way.
And Eastern Europe's quite unique in the fact that they're still Eastern European.
They're still gangster about it, you know?
So they'll join the EU, they'll take the money, they'll take all the government grants, and then when they get told to take refugees, they'll say no.
So you were saying that in Romania, and I don't know if this is something you're even allowed to repeat, but they went to some extreme lengths to keep from having to take these refugees
So in Eastern European countries you have a population which resists.
This is the one thing we don't have in the West and this is why they're so desperate to feminize men.
Because when you have men who are masculine and refuse to accept certain things, then how far can you really go?
It doesn't matter what you pass into law if the population won't accept it.
So there was a story that was famous in Romania about some buildings that the European Union built which were disused and they wanted to house Syrian migrants there at the height of the Syrian migrants crisis.
And the local people in the town, it was a very small town, they resisted and said, no, we don't want them here.
We don't want them here.
We don't trust them around our daughters.
We don't trust them.
We don't know them.
We don't want them.
Anyway, the European Union eventually, they had a little court case.
It was a show court case.
Eventually, the European Union said, no, we're putting them there.
We're forcing them there.
And the next day, the buildings were burnt to the ground.
So this is the Romanian way.
They're like, OK, you want to put people there?
Well, we'll just burn your building.
Fuck you.
That's how they are.
And so now there's nobody.
Now there's nothing.
There's no building there now and no immigrants turned up.
And this is another crazy thing about Europe is that this whole idea that people want to claim asylum is so flawed because they're traveling through all the countries like Romania, Poland, Hungary.
They're going through them to get to the socialist states because they want money and they want to be accepted.
You will never see gangs of immigrants run in their mouth and hurting people in Poland or Romania.
But in Sweden, they run riot because they're afraid in these countries and they're not afraid in Sweden.
And they go to Sweden, they take the money and they act like fools.
And this is the reality.
And Sweden, of course, I mean, I think you said you were going to Sweden later this year.
You're a brave, brave person.
I guess, you know, when you're famous for fighting people, you could probably take on a mob of migrants.
Well, I could do my best, but you never know nowadays what they're carrying with them.
I mean, in Malmo especially, like I said... Grenades!
Yeah, yeah.
And they've got bombs, they've got knives, and who knows what diseases they've got.
I mean, it really is crazy.
I cannot think of... I cannot imagine, I cannot put myself in the mindset where you can possibly believe letting all these people in is a good idea.
I cannot understand how you can come to that conclusion.
It's crazy.
Is this going to make, I mean, you have, as you said, Eastern Europe and some of Central Europe, Poland, they're saying no to the refugees.
They're having capitalism for the first time ever.
Is this going to make Eastern and Central Europe the new powerhouse?
I say this all the time.
I say if I had to bet where everyone's going to want to live in 10 to 15 years from now, it's going to be Eastern Europe.
And the reason for that is a lot of the reputation, I've been to 72 countries, I've been all around the world.
And I find that a lot of the reputation countries have is just really outdated.
So like, from the 80s.
So in the 80s, California was probably beautiful.
Everyone talks about California, it was probably the best place in the 80s.
What can you compare it to?
I mean, all of Eastern Europe was communist.
You couldn't go to Thailand or any of these other places.
Like, in the 80s, there was no competition.
London and Paris and California, all these places were probably great.
But now, they literally can't compare.
You can walk down a street in Warsaw, Poland.
You are safer than anywhere else you're going to be.
Everyone's kind.
Everyone speaks English.
You can eat good food.
You can drink good coffee.
There's nothing missing there now.
Well, they're missing the human feces that you find in places like California.
And the needles.
That's right.
The needles on the ground and in the metro.
So they are missing some things.
But we have Andrew Tate here in studio.
He's going to be with us this entire hour.
Then he'll be guest hosting the next hour.
Tate's speech
On YouTube.
Make sure to go find that after the show today.
We will be right back.
You are watching the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Tom Papert filling in for Alex.
Stay tuned.
It's going to be a fascinating discussion.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
I am Tom Pappert, filling in for Alex.
Andrew Tait is the guest, and we've been talking about the cultural differences between his adopted country of Romania and the rest of Europe.
Let's talk about Ceaușescu, the dictator, the communist dictator.
Let's continue this discussion.
Today marks the 25th anniversary since the death of Nicolae Ceausescu, one of the most feared and tyrannical leaders in Europe in the last century.
The Romanian dictator, known as the genius of the Carpathians, was in denial right until the end of his life that his harsh communist regime was crumbling before his eyes.
During his 22 years in power, his life of luxury starkly contrasted with the impoverished conditions experienced by the vast majority of Romanians.
In December 1989, protests began in the city of Timișoara, initially in support of a Hungarian pastor who was the target of a government-sponsored eviction.
Soon the number of demonstrators grew and a revolution against the regime erupted.
Within days, a rally organized by Ceaușescu in Bucharest to reassert his authority and support among the population didn't go as planned.
His speech met by an angry crowd, hungry for change.
The revolution had reached the Romanian capital and quickly spread to other towns and cities.
When the army switched sides and joined the protests, Ceaușescu and his wife Elena fled Bucharest and were eventually arrested.
Their trial took place on Christmas Day 1989 on the orders of the interim government.
Despite his protests, Nicolae and Elena were sentenced to death by firing squad.
Their execution recorded to confirm the end of a dark period in the history of Romania.
Among the charges brought against them were genocide and the illegal gathering of wealth.
The death of the couple, the last people to be executed in Romania, marked the beginning of the country's shift to democracy, a process that led to free elections just months later.
Illegal gathering of wealth.
That's how socialism goes, isn't it?
Every single time.
Illegal gathering of wealth.
And so one of the things that you brought up at dinner last night, which is absolutely fascinating, they claim that he was committing genocide.
That he killed 60,000 people.
In reality, they were just sick of him and they found a reason to get rid of him.
Yeah, that's absolutely right.
So, the official story was that he had the army fire on protesters, but that wasn't true.
That's turned out to be fake news.
They just got tired of it.
When you have people and they're poverty hardened and they're impoverished for a very, very long period of time, eventually they start protesting.
And what you could see there, if you're watching the TV, his last speech, what he actually came out to do was announce an increase to the minimum wage.
That was his.
So he came out to say, oh, don't worry, Romanians, I'm going to increase your minimum wage.
And that guy who comes up and talks to him just there says, they've broken in the palace.
We gotta go.
So the people were not interested and then he ran away in a helicopter, got caught the next day, got dragged back and then he got shot.
So that's what happens under socialism and they laid it out there perfectly.
He had the biggest house in the world filled with lavish things and his people couldn't afford to eat.
This is how it goes.
One of the things you brought up was that Romania is a homogenous culture, it's a homogenous people, so when he was essentially ordering the military to protect him at any cost, what was the response of the army of the military?
And this is the bottom line that we're eventually going to get to in the West if things keep going crazy.
Eventually, when he was saying to the army and the police, look, these people are trying to kill me, you need to kill them.
The police said, look, they're Romanians, I'm Romanian, I'm not shooting them.
And then they turned around and they said they refused to do it.
And I say this all the time with a lot of these crazy Second Amendment laws, etc, etc.
It's alright for B.O.
O'Rourke to run his little stupid mouth and say stupid things.
But if he tells the cops to run around and take weapons from people that they need to protect themselves, I'd like to think that the cops are going to stand up and say, no, we're not doing that.
And this is what happens if you push things too far.
I still have enough faith in humanity to believe that in the West, especially in America,
Western Europe has fallen, but in America, there's going to come a point where the pawns that the government used to enforce their laws are going to turn on them, and then they're going to be in real trouble, so... Well, and with Ceausescu, what you said is... I mean, break down everybody who turned against him in those final days.
Yeah, so it was bit by bit.
First it was the police, and then he brought the army out, then the army turned on him, and then when, even towards the very end, his own bodyguards turned on him.
They realized it's a sinking ship, and they're like, look, if we stay with this guy, we're gonna get shot too.
I mean, the helicopter pilot, you saw him fly away from the People's Palace there.
Yeah, so he jumped in a helicopter at the top and started flying away, and the pilot of the helicopter, afraid, the pilot of the helicopter knew it was gonna happen.
He was afraid of being tried for helping him escape.
So the pilot of the helicopter said, I hear on the radio they're gonna shoot us down, which was false.
He lied to Ceaușescu and said they're gonna shoot us down, we have to land.
And they landed in a town a couple hours away and Ceaușescu, the leader of the country, was trying to run away in a taxi.
And the taxi driver stopped at a gas station, went inside and said, Ceaușescu's in my taxi.
And eventually they got him arrested and dragged him back and shot him.
So this is what happens when the people eventually have had enough.
You can't forget, it's the people that truly really have the power, and we look at all the unrest in the world today, I like to think that people are truly getting tired of the globalist garbage that they're being fed.
Especially even in Western European countries, which I consider the weakest nations on Earth now, and I mean weak from a societal standpoint, because they're so broken.
Still in France and these countries, people are resisting and saying, no, we've had enough of this garbage.
And that's the end result.
Romania is a perfect example of what happens when people really, really have had enough.
I don't know.
In fact, it's going to go even further.
You're not going to be able to teach people how to do kickboxing because they're saying that people are going to use martial arts or any type of fighting to fight the government.
That's all the left have ever been interested in.
That's all the globalists have ever been interested in.
They want slaves.
They want weak little people who do as they're told, who are underpaid and overworked and depressed and unhappy.
That's all they care about.
They don't want people who have any...
Loyalty to anything other than just slave labor.
They don't want you to be patriotic.
They don't want you to love your family.
They don't want you to have a big house and a nice car and work hard and provide for them.
They don't want you to have anything.
They want you to just live in a pod, eat the grass, eat the bugs, pay your taxes, and just work your ass off.
It's garbage.
No, that is exactly right.
When we come back, we're going to air a CNN report from back when CNN was halfway watchable in 1989, talking about Ceausescu.
And then I want to also get your response because the People's Palace was only one of his homes, right?
Oh yeah, he had a lot of homes, yeah.
And so we've actually got some more video of his summer residence, I believe is what it is, and my god, I mean, the amount of money he must have stolen from the people is unbelievable.
Yeah, it's crazy, and obviously I know all about this from living in Romania, and probably the funnest pastime I have, if I ever meet a person who's older, 60, 70 years old, I ask them all about communism.
And they tell me how much better it got and how quickly it got better, just saying that only two weeks after communism we had milk.
And they're like, what do you mean?
Like, no, there was lines for milk.
You don't understand.
We were waiting in line all day every day.
The kids would go and hold your place in line.
We'd wait.
And only two weeks later, everyone could have milk.
We didn't have to wait anymore.
I didn't know what to do with my day because I had a whole day free.
It's just like, it's crazy how drastically things change.
Yeah, it's really interesting to hear.
Amazing what human liberty can do.
When we come back, we're going to have a short message from Alex Jones.
Then we're going to get right back into these clips and we're going to kind of explain how this is a microcosm of what's happening worldwide.
At least I hope it is.
I hope so too.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show.
Tom Pappert, Andrew Tate.
We'll be right back after this very short break.
Folks are always asking me, Alex, why do you have piles of papers in front of you?
Why do you have all these big graphs and charts?
Because we're doing the research.
We're not playing games.
And when you see those big stacks of papers in front of me every day, that's news that I've read, that I've researched.
That if I need to go to it, I'll be able to on air.
This is the type of research I'm doing constantly.
This is just news that's been stacking up this week that's gotta then be moved off the tables.
I mean, look at this research from the Epoch Times.
The Dossier Network, the actors, the entities, the relationships, Spygate, Brennan, all of it.
I'm gonna play a clip for you in a moment of Brennan
Saying, oh, you're not innocent until proven guilty.
You're innocent until we think maybe you did something and then you have no rights.
You're guilty.
So that's guilty until proven innocent.
He literally is waging war on the country.
So when you look at this and the insurance policy and how they've been caught red-handed, none of this would have come out if institutions like Infowars hadn't been on the air.
Trump wouldn't have gotten elected.
If InfoWars wasn't on the air.
And I want to explain something.
This is not me taking credit.
They're coming after us because of this.
But it's really you that got Trump elected, and they're coming after your speech as well.
So I'm just saying, we're in this together.
Thank you for the support.
And it's more critical than ever that we stay on the air.
Because this criminal network is very close to going down.
They've tried to intimidate everybody and make people shut up, but it's not been working.
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We've got to stand up at some point.
It is dangerous to stand up for freedom.
But it's more dangerous not to stand up against these people.
So this Christmas, give yourself and your family the gift of freedom and double down on spreading the word about the most informative shows that you believe are doing the best job.
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I give you my commitment, and I'll bust my ass.
Sometimes it's gonna be half-assed.
Sometimes I'm gonna stumble and fall.
But I'm doing the best I can.
I know you are as well, so thank you all, and Merry Christmas.
You know, people are innocent until, you know, alleged to be involved in some type of criminal activity.
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So my guest is still
Andrew Tate, Tate speech.
We've been talking about Romania.
We've been talking about the difference between the Eastern European countries and the Western European countries.
I want to air this clip that we dug up from 1989 talking about Ceausescu's overthrow.
Let's go to clip 12 now.
Nicolae Ceaușescu was the communist who had ruled Romania for 24 years.
He would not allow his country to follow the peaceful democratic changes made in other Eastern Bloc countries in 1989.
Ceaușescu met cries for more freedom with bullets from his troops.
Finally, about a week ago, Romanians were able to throw Ceaușescu out of power.
They put him and his wife on trial.
Firing squads executed the husband and wife on Christmas Day.
On Christmas Day.
It was kind of a show trial, was it not?
It was absolutely a show trial.
Yeah, it was pretty short.
They made it clear what he did, and they didn't really listen to his replies.
They had enough of him, and that's how it usually goes.
So, I mean, it's beautiful to see.
I think there's people all around the world now trying to do something very, very similar.
It's almost harder nowadays to try and get away with that kind of thing.
You have to really fight, because all the countries which are
Like we look at the European Union, all the globalists are in it together and they're all supporting each other.
There's been lots and lots of theories thrown around.
I have some friends who were in Paris at the Paris protests and they said the police that were kicking all their asses were speaking German.
So they're like, all the globalists are sending in troops to try and quell rebellions left, right and center because they thought the French police aren't going to hurt the French enough to stop them protesting.
Let's send a bunch of Germans in to do it.
It's crazy now.
It's getting crazy.
Well, and I think the hope of most rational people is that this will all end peacefully.
The globalists will realize their time in the sun is over.
They'll be voted out of office.
Isn't that all we want?
We want to be able to vote for who to lead us and we want them to be able to do their job without threat of impeachment for no reason.
Is that too much to ask for in a democratic society?
Isn't that the basis of democracy?
That the people who lose accept they lost?
Isn't that the basis of it?
Well, and it's interesting, you and your brother at dinner last night were talking about the difference in corruption between Romania and the United States.
Can you elaborate on that?
Yeah, so it's quite interesting where you live in an Eastern European country, they talk about, oh, even Eastern Europeans, they'll complain about their own country.
They'll say, oh, it's corrupt here.
There's lots of corruption.
And I say, look, it's more corrupt in the West than you can possibly believe.
They don't understand because the corruption in Eastern European countries is very, very low level.
You know, a policeman stops you for speeding, you give him $10, he lets you go.
This low-level corruption.
And you don't have any of that here, because everyone preaches the vices and the virtues, but then at the highest level in the West, you have billionaire pedophiles with islands.
So, it's like, which kind of corruption do I prefer?
Well, I prefer being able to get away with a speeding fine, and the elites of the country not being billionaire pedophiles, than the other way around.
So even Eastern European corruption is more favorable than the Western corruption, I think.
And how do politics work in these Eastern European countries?
Is it like the United States where you have a binary choice?
Occasionally somebody like Trump might slip in and then if he does, as you said, it's going to be years and years and years of trials and witch hunts and impeachment.
Is it like that or is it more representative?
Yeah, it's usually pretty binary, you know, but the two parties are both pretty right-wing.
Like, it's not like the West where you have a clear left-wing party and a clear right-wing party.
To be honest with you, even from my perspective, it's quite difficult to tell the difference between the two.
It's because a lot of their views are the same.
In Romania, which is 98% Orthodox Christian, they're strictly Christian-based.
They have Christian values.
So there's not going to be any crazy transgender story hours.
No one's trying to push that kind of thing.
So it's different.
Whereas in the West now, in Western Europe, it's the complete opposite way.
You have two parties and they're both left-wing.
I know even though the Conservatives did very, very well last night in England, if you look at their policies,
As a whole, they're left-wing, too.
They're just less left-wing than the other left-wing.
Boris says his number one policy, now that he's shored up his victory, is, oh, well, we're going to fix the NHS.
We're going to fix the socialized medicine.
Yeah, and I mean, the NHS, even as an idea, I like the idea.
Everyone loves the idea of having, you know, hospitals to help everyone.
But it just ends up being a black hole of money.
And anyone who's ever, I mean, I've dealt with the NHS intimately, I know, because I lived there.
They're brutally inefficient.
People are constantly dying.
You have to wait weeks and weeks and weeks to get anything done.
It takes forever.
And they keep adding new and new treatments and new... You can get sex changes on the NHS now and people are going in there and getting their...
Genitals chopped off and it's just a black hole of money.
As long as they keep letting in people undocumented and all these people are coming with health problems.
As long as they're letting people who want to have 10, 15, 30 kids on the government.
As long as they're allowing any and every psychological disorder to be treated by the NHS, you're just going to run out of money.
And that's what's happened now and the service suffers.
Sounds like waiting hours for milk.
Stay tuned, we have Andrew Tate.
He's going to be guest hosting the fourth hour.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show here at the end of the third hour.
My guest, Andrew Tate.
Tate's speech on YouTube is going to be guest hosting the fourth hour.
We've been talking about kind of the East-West paradigm, and I don't mean Far East like China, I just mean Eastern Europe.
And one of the things, I mean, it's kind of been the theme for today's episode.
We've talked about children getting beaten on school buses for wearing Trump hats.
We've talked about drag queens, these disgusting men in dresses, reading to children.
Do these people have no conscience?
Like, if you're a liberal and you're constantly complaining about Trump and then you see a child get beaten for wearing a Trump hat.
Do you not have a conscience?
Do you not sit and think, I propagated this, I propagated the violence against that child?
These people are conscienceless!
This is crazy!
They have no remorse for their action.
Well, it seems to be this great moral degradation in the West, and it, for whatever reason, doesn't exist whatsoever in Eastern European nations.
They still have God.
Is that the difference?
I think that's one of the biggest differences, and I'll be perfectly honest, I'm not too religious a person, but when you live in a truly religious society, you see how important God is.
Yeah, like, I have on my Instagram, if you can find it, in the last couple rows, there's a picture of me next to a really big, beautiful painting.
And in Romania, they have these monasteries everywhere, and I went into this.
You can just stop at the monasteries, and they have monks and nuns.
I went into the monastery, and they had this huge room full of art.
And some of the paintings were priceless.
They said some of the paintings, they have copies of them.
We're good to go.
Isn't that so different than Tahir, where they'd have to have armed guards and this and security?
They're like, no, no, who would steal from a church?
No one will steal from a church.
It truly is fascinating.
And I mean, here is the story.
I know you're going to cover it in depth later, but I'll just read the headline.
Transgender Latina makes history as evangelical Lutheran pastor.
By the way, the Evangelical Church of America is by far the most disturbing church in the country.
That's one of these priceless paintings you just saw on screen TV viewers.
So, describe the difference between Orthodox Christianity, as they have in Romania, and whatever the hell this is happening in the West.
I don't know what's happening to the West.
I mean, even if you listen to the Pope himself, the things he's saying.
If you listen to the Pope, it's crazy.
And this is what...
The word tolerance is overused because if you're tolerant of everything, you stand for nothing.
And this is what's happened to Western Christianity.
They're so desperate to come across as tolerant.
Oh, we're tolerant of everything.
It's okay.
Well, then if you're tolerant of everything, you don't have any values.
There has to become a point where you stand and say, no, the book says X, Y, Z, and this is what we believe in.
To have a transgender Latina, Elvin, Elvin, I can't even say Lutheran pastor, and you know, who will go out and be a drag queen on the weekends and then have random sex with whoever and then come in and preach.
It just waters down all your viewpoints.
It's crazy.
And everything's a battlefield in life.
It doesn't matter what it is.
Everything's competing against the others.
And you have religions like Islam where they refuse to bend.
And I say this all the time to people.
If I were to give you $1,000 and say, you have to bet on one religion across the next 50 years, who are you betting on?
You're gonna bet on the people who refuse to bend, refuse to break, and stick to their book?
Or the people who allow transgender Latina protesters?
Like, it's crazy!
We've got to the point where tolerance just means, oh, it's okay to completely throw your values out the window.
No, it isn't!
You can't be tolerant of everything.
You can't be tolerant of everything, because then you don't stand for anything.
And that's the problem with Western Christianity.
Well, and so you've got, I mean, of course the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church split off centuries ago, like a millennia ago.
But, so as you said, we have the Pope who is out kissing refugee feet.
He's calling Islamic extremists, saying that they're like saints, they're like the pilgrims of years past.
All of this absolute insanity.
Catholics are, I think, slowly starting to rebel.
We have a Catholic priest who writes for NationalFile.com who is definitely no big fan of the Pope and is actually not even under the Pope.
He's part of a different branch of Catholicism.
Yeah, and the Orthodox Church, I mean, it's actually the painting we just showed.
When I was in that monastery, I was talking to the head of the monastery.
And he was saying, he's saying, we're becoming concerned that the devil has infiltrated the Catholic Church.
They're getting to the point now where the Orthodox Christians who actually believe and stick to the rules and refuse to bend are saying, we don't know what's happened to Western Christianity.
We don't know what's happened to it anymore.
And Christians used to be feared.
And like, I'm talking, I wouldn't say I'm an atheist, but I'm certainly not the most religious person, but
Christians used to be feared, you know, and now we've got to a point where Christianity is mocked constantly.
It's mocked on television.
It's mocked in culture.
We can mock Jesus.
We make fun of everyone.
But no one mocks Islam.
No one messes with them.
You know, you don't mess with them for half a second because you don't know what they're going to do.
And it gets to a point where if you have one belief, which is that adamant in their belief and refuse to bend, and you have another belief that can be made fun of all day long,
Who's going to win in the long term?
And this is the thing.
If you're a Christian, you need to be prepared to tell everyone you're a Christian and stick up for what you believe in.
And don't swallow that tolerance garbage, because they're just trying to water down your beliefs to the point where you don't believe in anything anymore.
What's the way out of this for the West?
Do we all convert to Orthodox Christianity?
I don't know, man.
It's a difficult question.
America still has a strong religious base at least, and I think that's one of the things that's preserving America.
America's lucky it has free speech, it's lucky it has info wars, and lucky it still has God.
If you look at Western Europe, which has none of those things, Western Europe is the dystopian future of America.
If you want to see what's going to happen if you don't fight globalist oppression, just have a look at the Western world.
I don't know.
Then you're a racist and a bigot and you must go to jail.
So you're not allowed to even talk about it now.
You have to just sit there and accept it.
And that's the terrible future of America if we don't continue to resist.
That's what's going to happen.
But it is interesting that Eastern Europe successfully fended off the radical Islamic invasions for, as we said earlier, millennia.
It's never happened.
They never got there.
You had Vlad, Dracula, impaling people on sticks for trying to invade.
Yeah, and I think that's a really good point because the history is there of them rebelling against, you know, the Muslim invaders.
So now, to this day, they're still like, whoa, whoa, you want to come here and build mosques?
This is a Christian country.
Why would we let you do that?
They still have that inside of them.
But what it's really down to is masculinity.
I say this all the time.
When you have a nation where half of the men refuse to fight or stand up for anything like we have in the West now,
I don't think so.
There's a bunch of global tension and different countries don't like each other, etc.
But I've been everywhere.
And I just, when I go to a country that's strongly nationalist, I have respect for that country.
If you don't respect your own home, who's gonna respect it?
If I walk in your house and it's trash everywhere, am I gonna pick my trash up?
And this is the problem we have in the West now.
Everyone who lives here is complaining about it and saying it's terrible and it's racist and it's horrible and the President's bad and you expect immigrants to come here and respect anything about it?
They're going to look at how we treat it and treat it like it's just a spiral.
It's a downward spiral and that's what's happening.
So, I'm glad you brought that up.
Because you went through some of your travelogue last night, and I don't know if it's public information where you came from before coming here, right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So I just got here from Dubai.
After this I'm going to Sweden, so I need to find a bulletproof vest or something before I go to Sweden, because Sweden's gone crazy.
One of those giant bomb costumes that they wear when they need to go deactivate an explosive.
So what are your top two or three countries versus your bottom two or three countries that you've been to?
That's a good question.
Western Europe is certainly some of the bottom countries.
I mean, England and Germany are probably my two least favorite countries in the world.
There's nothing there to see.
It's a very unique blend of boring and dangerous.
I mean, at least when I've been to dangerous places, because I've been to some crazy places.
I've been to Iraq, I've been to Afghanistan.
At least you were never bored.
You know, you might get shot or something.
But these countries manage to combine absolute boredom with danger.
So, they're definitely not worth visiting at all.
America's vast and there's a lot of great places in America.
But even now, every time I come back here, I was in LA only a few months ago, it's getting worse and worse.
And something needs to happen and everyone just wants to sit around and pretend there's no problem.
I'm a man who believes in drastic action.
If I'm in a room and it's too cold, I put the heating on.
I don't sit and wait to freeze, you know, it's just but we live in a world of inaction now and I don't know what's gonna happen but obviously America's up there as my favorite and of course Romania.
Romania is where I live.
Of course.
So we're running out of time but I do just want to touch on one other thing because you brought up California earlier in the show and one of the things that I mean it shocks me.
I'm from Kansas.
I come down here to Austin and we're driving through going to a very nice restaurant last night and I'm sure you saw the tents.
The people camping in the open.
Does this happen in Eastern Europe?
And it's not down to money.
See, I don't know, in the West we have this idea we need to throw money at things.
We need to build programs and we need to give them money and give them, I don't know, needles or whatever, whatever.
In Eastern Europe they don't have the money to do any of that and they don't have any of the problems and that's just because their family units stick together.
I really think they have a stronger family connection.
Families look out for each other.
If you end up homeless, there's always a brother or a cousin, and you can go stay with them, and you're not going to rob them or do anything stupid.
And there's far less drugs, because you don't have the drug problem.
And this is all a society is.
You look at a society, it starts with a family, and then you have a neighborhood, then you have a town, then you have a city, then you have a country.
And if you break it down on the cellular level,
When families are completely destroyed, how are you going to have functioning cities?
You don't.
And this is why you have all these people sleeping on the street and acting crazy.
And their families should be looking after them.
They should be helping them get on their feet.
But, I don't know.
Western society is just sick at a fundamental level now.
So, we have a lot of work to do.
That's right.
I love it.
Andrew Tate has been...
My guest, he's been in studio all week.
Very kind of him to keep sticking around.
He's going to be guest hosting this next hour, so stay tuned.
Hour 4 of the Alex Jones Show is going to be fantastic today.
Andrew, thanks for coming back.
Thank you, bro.
Thank you for having me.
Again, you're watching the Alex Jones Show.
Alex may make an appearance at Hour 4.
I'm not sure.
I know he's been watching.
I'm Tom Papert.
Thanks for watching today, and I turn it over to Andrew Tate.
So here I am in the big boy chair.
I feel like I've got to do a homage to Alex Jones.
It's a big seat to fill, Alex Jones' seat.
But I think everyone knows that already.
If you haven't been watching the show, this is Andrew Tate.
I'm a four-time kickboxing world champion, and I live in Europe.
And I'm a huge fan of Infowars.
It really is amazing here in the United States that you still have freedom of speech, the freedom to talk, to combat.
The globalist agenda because it is an agenda and I think anyone who's been paying attention long enough now, especially since Trump has seen how much fake news exists in the world, how much stuff is spread, which simply isn't true.
And it's important that we have networks like this one to get the truth out there one way or another.
So we have a lot to talk about.
I'm going to talk about Europe specifically.
Because that's obviously where I live.
And we could talk about the UK election, which obviously was a huge win for the Conservatives.
I know that's been mentioned a few times before.
But the word Conservative, I think, is not necessarily the best word to use for that party.
And there's a tactic that the globalists have been using and that the left use, which I don't think is commented on too often.
And what they do is, they push the bar so far left with their insanity, that what ends up happening is, the whole conversation moves to the left.
So, I'll give you an example.
Gay marriage, for example.
I have absolutely nothing against gay people.
If you want to be gay, do what you want to do.
I don't care.
But the idea of gay marriage would have been very, very offensive 10, 15, 20 years ago.
And now we've reached a point where even many conservatives I talk to are like, oh, I don't mind the gay marriage stuff.
If they want to get married, that's fine.
What I mind is the transgender story hours and the transsexuals and the sex changes.
And what's happening is the left is very, very smart.
They sit there and think, well, if we push the bar so far crazy, they're going to accept things that people wouldn't previously accept.
It's like if you go haggling.
Let's say you want to buy something, you decide to go haggling.
And, you know, you want to pay, let's say it's $200, and you want to pay $100.
You don't say $100, you say $50.
You push the bar.
That's what you do.
You push it, and you try and see what you can get away with, and you end up hopefully ending up somewhere in the middle.
So that's what the left's doing, and the left's very clever.
The more crazy they are, the more left we're going to end up, one way or another.
And we have conservatives now, like in the West, Western Europe, like in England, which aren't really conservative.
If you look at the policies of the Conservative Party, there's not much conservative about them.
In England, you have the choice between two left-wing parties, the absolutely crazy left-wing party and the less crazy left-wing party.
And I'm very, very happy that the less crazy leftists won.
Say that three times in a row.
But, yeah, they're not necessarily a conservative government by the traditional conservative definition.
But, what's really important is that the Liberal Democrats didn't win.
I don't know if you know too much about UK politics, but the Liberal Democrats are completely crazy.
Jeremy Corbyn was, I would describe him as, inept.
Inept and useless and idealistic and dangerous because most inept people are.
But the Liberal Democrats are completely crazy and the leader of the Liberal Democrats lost her seat so hopefully we'll never ever see her again.
I'm very happy to never see a lot of these people ever again.
So hopefully she disappears.
And Boris Johnson, hopefully he can get Brexit done and he can move on and create a fantastic relationship with Trump and we can just get things done.
But we'll see how it works out there.
I was talking earlier about how I'm going to leave, when I leave America I'm going to go to Sweden.
And Sweden is a perfect example of the future of Western Europe as a whole and exactly what you want to try and avoid.
I always say to people, especially in any kind of political discussion, I say just go and look up the last three to four years of Sweden.
Look how Sweden's changed within three or four short years.
Look at the crime statistics.
Look at the rape statistics.
Look at the violence statistics.
How can you have 200 bombs in a year in a civilized country?
It's absolute insanity, and if you go and you look at what's happening in Sweden, you're going to learn a whole bunch.
That's the one to look at, ladies and gentlemen.
If you want to learn about the reality of this globalist, complete open border, complete crazy mindset, Sweden's going to teach it all to you.
The Swedish police are now deploying drones to monitor crime.
So, 24 hours a day you have drones flying overhead to try and monitor the crime, but crime is, this is the problem with Western Europe again.
We think of crime and you think, okay, they've got drones out there and they're going to try and prevent people from getting stabbed and robbed.
Well, not necessarily because crime can be speech.
So they have drones out there that are going to be listening to you, and if you talk about the fact you might get stabbed or robbed, then you're going to go to jail.
How does that sound?
Crime is so subjective, they're going to sting you for talking about the crime.
So you gotta be careful in Sweden with even what you say, and that's why it's so good we have InfoWars and the First Amendment here.
Andrew Tait, my first hour on InfoWars.
I'm very excited.
I'll see you after the break.
The antidote for fake news, InfoWars.
It's not Alex Jones, it's Andrew Tate, four-time kickboxing world champion, all-around nice guy, extremely handsome, as you can see if you're watching on television.
I'm talking about the future, the dystopian future of the world, Western Europe, which you can just tune into.
You're very lucky to live in America if you're listening from Western Europe.
I feel sorry for you, but if you're listening from America, you can just tune in and watch the Clown World Show.
We were just talking about Sweden and the fact that they've put drones now out in public spaces, flying over 24 hours a day.
They've launched a six-month program to try and combat crime.
But crime can also be speech in Sweden.
There was a woman who was very recently ended up in jail.
For talking about crime.
This is what happens if someone gets raped or murdered by an immigrant or a migrant and you talk about it and you say bad things on Facebook, well that's hate speech and hate speech is a crime.
So you have to be careful of these drones now listening in to every single conversation.
You're going to end up in jail for just trying to have an opinion and this is one of the things we don't yet have in the United States and that's so important.
We just have to fight against the tech censorship.
That's what they try and do here in America is they try and shut people up and shut people down and prevent them from talking.
My YouTube channel, Tate Speech, which is a play of hate speech.
I started it when I left England because a lot of the things I say there, I wouldn't be able to say.
If I still lived in England, I'd be in jail for pointing out the very, very obvious.
It's there, Tate Speech, at YouTube.
And until I get banned, tune in there if you want to hear more absolute insanity about the things that happen in London.
I had a couple videos that went viral recently about the London terror attacks, just pointing out how crazy it is.
That we think that taking convicted terrorists, people whose ideology is completely against the way of life of the West, who are being locked up for planning to kill innocent people, putting them in jail, we say for life, and then letting them out after six years, it's not even real life, that's how crazy England is.
Letting them out after six years, and then they go on a terror spree, and everyone seems surprised.
If I hate England, and you put me in jail for six years, am I gonna come out of jail loving England?
We should do a poll.
Is six years in a cell gonna make me come out and I now love the country?
Of course not.
Why are we saying life if we let them out after six years?
And the first thing they do is run around and stab people.
Why are we not deporting them instantly?
It's absolute insanity.
So I made a video about that recently.
Tate speech on YouTube.
While we're talking about England, there's another story I enjoyed, I reveled in.
A transgender prisoner
Who was put in a female jail despite not having sex change surgery.
So if you're a transgender and you don't have sex change surgery, what does that mean?
You have a wig on?
Is that how it goes?
You put on a dress?
I guess that's how it goes.
But then as I was on the war room with Savannah, I became a female because obviously you can't judge me.
You can't assume my pronouns.
Just because I look like a man doesn't necessarily mean I am a man.
So maybe he didn't put a dress on.
Who knows?
Transgender prisoner was put in a female jail despite not having sex change surgery.
Sexually assaulted four women inmates before being moved to a male prison.
I mean, what can you do at this point besides laugh at the absolute clown world where a man decides, oh, just before you put me in jail, by the way, I put a blouse on, so can I go live with the girls, please?
He goes in with the girls.
Four women get sexually assaulted before they finally move him back.
Am I the only one who saw this coming?
Did nobody see this coming in the British prison system?
And this is the prison system we're trusting to punish offenders?
I'd like to know, what did this guy do to end up in jail in the first place?
He was visibly aroused.
Here it says right here, I'm going to circle it.
Visibly aroused.
He's walking around a female jail.
Visibly aroused.
This is the future, ladies and gentlemen.
Socialist paradise of Western Europe.
This is what they want.
They want men in women's jails.
They want men in women's toilets, visibly aroused, walking around.
Who knows what he did to get into jail in the first place, but there you go.
So this is the prison system we're supposed to use to punish people who do not comply with the laws of society.
That's what a prison is.
That's what jail's for.
It's a punishment.
It's not supposed to be a holiday camp, and it's not supposed to be... You're not supposed to be able to choose the rules of where you live and who you live with.
I want to go live with the girls.
I want to go chill in there.
Oh, I only eat this food.
At least this is another thing about America.
As much as we complain about the problems we have here, at least America still has a jail system no one wants to go to.
At least, you know, the idea of American jail is still semi-scary.
In England, they have TVs and cell phones.
I had a friend who was locked up
Because he's an idiot.
I wouldn't say he's a friend.
Someone I went to school with.
I saw him on Instagram Live having a jail cell party.
I messaged him saying, where'd you get a phone from?
He's having a party in his cell with his friends on his mobile phone.
It's absolutely crazy.
And the recent London terror attack, as I speak about on my YouTube channel, Tate Speech, this was a terrorist who was convicted of trying to blow up a stock exchange, was let out after only six years when he was sentenced to almost 20 years.
And the first thing he did was grab a knife and run around stabbing people.
So this is what we have in Western Europe to punish the people who are out to kill us and destroy our way of life.
And at least in America, you've not fallen to this point yet.
And that's why it's so important to resist.
It's so important places like InfoWars exist and continue to spread the truth so the population doesn't swallow the pill.
Because that's what they want.
They want you to drink the Kool-Aid, ladies and gentlemen.
They want you to pretend there's no problem.
Pretend it's all normal.
Pretend that visibly aroused men are actually women and deserve to go live with all the chicks in the jails, the female jail.
I know some guys who aren't particularly good with girls.
I know some dudes pretty low down the sexual market value who love the idea of going to a woman's jail.
They'd sign up for that.
Well, I could put a dress on and run around with all the chicks.
Absolutely crazy.
So they've moved him to a male prison now.
Congratulations, England.
You finally got your stuff together.
Only took four sexual assaults for you to realize
That men should not be housed with women.
This whole man-woman thing is quite interesting to me.
I said this on The War Room with Savannah.
I lived a year and a half in Thailand when I was fighting professionally.
And when I speak to the transgenders there, I said, are you a... because there's a lot of them in Thailand.
Thailand and America are the two societies we're going to find the most cross-dressers and transvestites.
And I said to the ladyboys, I said, are you a man or a woman?
They said, well, I'm a ladyboy.
I said, okay, but are you a man or a woman?
I said, well, I was born a man and now I'm a ladyboy.
I said, yeah, but are you a woman?
And they say, no, I'm a ladyboy.
So in Thailand, they don't believe they're women.
In Thailand, they think they've given themselves either their own little category or they see themselves as men.
In fact, I had a friend who was a professional fighter who got in an argument with one of them and nearly got his ass kicked.
So they can fight like men.
This transgender, she had some Muay Thai moves.
She nearly whooped his ass.
So they can certainly, they've certainly got the physicality of men.
When you make them angry, the whole little act disappears fast when they want to start throwing hands.
So in Thailand, they don't see themselves as women.
They're not biological women.
They understand there's something different.
And I'm really looking forward, we need to get a debate together where the Western transsexuals and the people in the West who believe they're genuinely a woman and they deserve to go to the women's jail and they're born in the wrong body, even though they're visibly aroused.
Has a conversation with a Thai transsexual who believes they're not.
Because the whole argument that they have, because everything's so ridiculous they say, because they can't combat you with science, is they say you're a bigot.
When you come at them with science and facts, you're a bigot.
Or they ban you.
So I'd love to actually put them in there with another person in the exact same situation who disagrees with them and see how that argument plays out.
That'd be very interesting.
I'll have to remember that.
Speaking of Thailand, when I was there in Thailand,
I overstayed my visa.
I don't know if anyone here has been to Thailand.
When you go to Thailand, you get 30 days on a tourist visa.
They take a picture of you when you land.
They take a picture of your face.
They take your fingerprints.
They say you got 30 days.
Get out.
And I overstayed.
I overstayed 33 days.
And I had to pay a really big fine on my way out.
And they warned me if I ever do that again, I'll never be allowed in the country ever again.
That's some pretty strict immigration law.
There was no claiming asylum.
There was no, none of the benefits we have here in the West.
No court cases trying to stay in the country.
They're like, no, no, no.
If you overstay, you're going to jail.
That's it.
Why does no one call Thailand racist?
I wonder why that is.
No one calls Thailand racist.
And no one complains about the fact that the Thai transgenders don't really see themselves as women.
So we need to speak to the left.
And ask why they're kicking up such a fuss over here when they have so much work to do over there in Thailand.
The horrible, racist, bigoted Thais, although they accept a culture of transgenders, obviously don't accept the fact that they're truly women, and they don't like foreigners overstaying in their country, and they will put you in jail if you do that instantly, without remorse, without a legal case, without a judge.
They'll just throw you straight in.
So, anyone who's listening who's left-wing, and I'm sure it's not very many of you, you need to go to Thailand and start walking around, running your mouth, and see how long that goes.
Good luck.
Let us know how you do.
And it's very much like Greta Thunberg and all these other people.
They're complaining at the countries where they're tolerated for their insolence, tolerated for their silly ideas.
Here we have Greta Thunberg, if you're watching on the TV show.
This is her on a train surrounded by processed food and plastic cups, digging in, feeding her face.
And that's fine with her, but you know, she still needs to raise your taxes to save the planet.
As long as she takes more of your money, it's gonna get colder outside.
That's how it works.
We're gonna be here after the break.
This is InfoWars.
Andrew Tate.
My theme song.
I've been everywhere.
I've been everywhere.
I've been so many places, I've ended up in Alex Jones's chair.
That's pretty crazy.
For me, especially.
Alex Jones being the legend that he is.
Here I am, Andrew Tate, four-time kickboxing world champion, at YouTube Tate Speech and CobraTate.com.
We were just talking about Greta on the train, enjoying a whole bunch of processed food from plastic cups and containers, because of course, Greta cares zero about the environment.
We all know that.
She cares zero.
She's just a puppet they've used to spread their agenda.
They thought if we get a little girl and use her, you can't talk anything bad about her.
You can't argue with her without being a bully, without being a bigot.
So she's just a pawn in the machine.
Everyone knows that.
Taking more of our money and raising our taxes here in the West is not going to make China slow down economically.
It's not going to make them release any less
Carbon gas into the atmosphere, assuming climate change is true.
Let's agree with you here, everything you're saying is true.
Okay, the planet, blah blah blah, the polar bears, I get it.
How is taking my money going to stop the Chinese and the Indians doing anything?
When you can explain that link there, we'll have another conversation, because right now I'd rather keep my money in my pocket.
I think you globalists are too interested in taking
Enough of it as it is.
And that's all environmentalism is.
It's just another excuse to control the population.
I was saying this many times before when I explained my problem with Greta.
They said, but don't you care about the environment?
Of course I do!
I'm sure everyone here who's listening to this loves the idea of lush green forests and beautiful clean lakes and hiking in the mountains.
None of us want to have a planet which is destroyed.
Nobody does.
I just don't see how environmentalism is going to fix it.
Besides, all they're trying to do is limit where we can go, limit how we can travel, take more of our money, and control us, while the other countries in the world continue to do whatever they want.
They've come here to America.
Greta wants to run her mouth in Western European countries, which at least pay attention to her.
We at least listen to her points.
We at least try and do something.
Where there's other countries in the world where they're completely uninterested.
They'll dump toxic waste into rivers all day long for a dollar a day.
They don't care.
I don't know what she's doing over here.
She has other places she should be running her mouth, but of course she won't do it.
Because they won't listen.
So she's just here, getting an audience.
Wins Time Person of the Year.
When she doesn't even know anything.
I think a clip's already been played on InfoWars before, but there was a clip of her being questioned.
Off script, a nice, easy question.
What should we tell Trump about the environment?
What should we tell Trump?
And she just sat there in panic, didn't know what to say, and just... This is the Time Person of the Year who really cares about the environment and had absolutely nothing to say about it.
So that's what I think about Greta.
Just looking through my things here, just quickly back to Sweden, and I'm only talking about Sweden so much because my next flight is to Sweden.
If something bad happens to me, ladies and gentlemen, I want you all to go to my funeral and say I'm a very nice guy.
Lots of eulogies, please, because I'm leaving here.
I'm going directly to Sweden, which is the bombing capital of the Western world now.
And the way that people are being punished for breaking societal rules in Sweden is almost more ridiculous than the visibly aroused men in the UK we just discussed.
There was a rapist in Sweden.
I don't know if we have an article here about this.
A rapist is sentenced to 50 hours youth service after brutally raping a 12-year-old.
He raped a 12-year-old and got 50 hours in a youth service.
Guy from Africa on a bike and he gets in an argument with a guy in a car and he pulls out a machete.
We'll talk about that one directly afterwards.
But the reason this happens, the reason they give such lenient sentences is that the lawyers and the perpetrators cite cultural differences.
Oh, I didn't know it's wrong to do what I did.
In my culture, it's different.
I didn't know it's wrong, so you shouldn't punish me for it.
And the judges buy this garbage and go, oh, he didn't know it was wrong to rape a 12-year-old girl, so let's not punish him.
50 hours community service should teach him a harsh lesson.
If you're going to buy that garbage and you're going to understand that these people come from a culture where they don't see this as wrong, why are you letting them in?
Isn't that contradictory?
Surely they're coming into your country and telling you, it's not safe to have us here.
Because we don't understand cultural norms.
We're going to run around doing crazy stuff.
And you're going to let them out of jail while at the same time having open border policy, like they have in Sweden.
And you wonder why the entire society has degenerated to the point where you have to have drones on full-time patrol.
To try and stop people getting murdered while also listening to your conversations.
Because if I said what I'm saying to you right now within Sweden, I'd be going to jail!
I'd be in a jail cell for telling you the truth.
Good thing we have the First Amendment here.
And that's what this is all really down to.
I talk about this stuff all the time.
I really believe it's a matter of socialism is groupthink.
And what we try and do here at Infowars is promote personal sovereignty.
That's what all of the InfoWars products are about.
It's about personal sovereignty.
Take control of your health.
It's not about needing a government and needing a hospital and needing all these people to look after you.
You look after yourself.
Same thing at CobraTate.com.
Everything I teach there is about personal sovereignty.
Because the only way you can resist any kind of slavery in the world is if you are sovereign as an individual.
You can have people that you align with ideologically.
But you still want to have personal sovereignty.
You still want to be a person who's about themselves, isn't controlled.
Because in any way you're controlled, you're going to end up a slave one way or another.
And that's the question.
Who do you trust more?
Do you trust the government or do you trust yourself?
I was having a conversation the other day with someone in England where obviously there's no firearms after the terror attack.
And they're saying, oh, well, I don't believe in firearms.
I said, yes, you do.
Of course you believe in firearms because the police who turned up to kill that terrorist shot him twice.
So you do believe in firearms.
You just believe in the police having the firearms.
So you believe in firearms, and what you're basically saying is you trust the government more than you trust yourself.
Now I think everyone out here who's a grown-up and an adult understands that the number one person you need to trust for your personal safety is you.
Unless you want to have bodyguards walking around with you 24 hours a day, who are prepared to lay their lives on the line, it's probably going to be you in the heat of a moment.
I mean, the police are great when they come afterwards.
But then and there, it's only about you.
It's about you only.
And that's what this all comes down to.
Is it the groupthink or is it personal sovereignty that you're going to buy into?
And that's why the InfoWars products are so fantastic.
It's personal health, personal sovereignty.
Look after yourself, look after your family.
At CobraTate.com, we teach the exact same things.
I have a lot of people who are messaging me after I come on InfoWars and saying, what is exactly CobraTate.com?
What are you selling?
There's a lot of stuff I have there, from how to make money online, how to get different passports so you're anti-fragile, can be in different countries, and the War Room as well, which is a tribe I have specifically for men who are looking to upgrade their lives.
So if you have any questions, feel free to go to CobraTape.com, there's a live chat function on there and they'll talk to you.
And resist the groupthink!
Because with the groupthink, one way or another, they're going to sting you.
I have article after article here in front of me of exactly how that's happened.
Denmark, which I'm going to be driving through, because I'm driving to Sweden.
Denmark foils massive Islamic terror plot, 20 suspects arrested, right here.
So I'm going to have to drive through this to try and get to Sweden.
Now are they going to do the same thing the UK did?
Find these people with a massive Islamic terror plot, arrest them, give them a 30 year sentence for the newspapers, put them in jail, let them out after 5 or 6 years.
Give them government money because that's how it works in socialist countries.
If you're in the country and you need to eat, you get government money, a government house.
Give them a house.
Give them money so they can go buy a computer and communicate with all the other jihadis in the world.
Let them sit in Denmark for the rest of their lives and hope they don't ever decide to blow anything up again.
I guess if you put them in jail for five or six years, they're going to love Denmark.
They're going to love Danish culture then.
They're going to completely change their minds.
It's not going to harden them in any way.
Here it is.
The zombie killer knife attack.
After the break, we're going to play this video and we're going to tell you about the sentence this gentleman got citing cultural differences.
He cited cultural differences and managed to escape jail after pulling a machete in broad daylight.
These are the streets of London, ladies and gentlemen, and absolutely nobody's armed to resist.
It's crazy.
Lots to talk about after the break.
This is Andrew Tate and Alex Jones's chair here at InfoWars.com.
Halfway through my hour.
Doesn't time fly when you're saving the world?
And Alex Jones' chair, this is Andrew Tate, four-time kickboxing world champion.
I think I've already said I'm an all-around nice guy and handsome.
I've already lied to you once.
I won't do it again.
We were just talking about Europe.
That's where I obviously live.
I live in Eastern Europe now.
I spent a long time in Western Europe and I try and explain to Americans, if you want to see the future, if you don't resist globalist oppression, you can just look at Western Europe and you're going to see it all.
We were talking about Sweden, a place I'm headed to next.
And the fact that a rapist only got 50 hours community service citing cultural differences.
I didn't know that rape is wrong, so you shouldn't punish me for it.
Surely that should be an argument to not let in these crazy people, but they disagree.
I'm going to show you another clip now, something that happened in London very recently.
This is typical London, start to finish.
So even from the overcast, terrible weather, check this clip out here.
Here you go you see so the whole story is the man on the bike nearly got he got some kind of altercation he's from somewhere in Africa I'm not sure where if you can watch the TV he got some kind of altercation with the guy on the in the car pulled out a machete he's trying to break into the car now you can see his friends are running up as well he's got operating gangs
Car driver escapes and runs away, and you can see there's four or five of them there now, all with huge knives.
This is the beginning of the clip.
They go into argument, he tries to run away.
Look at the size of the knife he pulls.
Trying to break in to commit murder in broad daylight in the capital city.
There it is.
Now this young man, this fine example of an individual, he
I think we can find the article.
I think he got nine months community service.
Here we go.
Nine months community service.
He didn't go to jail for what he did.
Because cultural differences.
He didn't know that his machete, he didn't know if he stabbed someone with a knife it would kill them.
Obviously he didn't know that.
I don't know why he intended on stabbing them if he didn't know it would cause damage, but I guess he didn't know.
And when you try and say these things, you get called racist.
I'll make something very clear.
If you're watching the TV show right here, you can see I'm a brown individual.
I'm half black, half white.
This has nothing to do with race.
This has to do with culture and values.
America as a country is not one color.
There's lots of different people who live here.
And if you live here and you love America, and you love the American flag, and you stick up for the values of the country, then you're an American.
This has nothing to do with the color of your skin.
This has to do with letting in people who do not share the cultural values that they share in Western Europe.
My problem with that gentleman is not that he was black.
My problem with that gentleman is that he pulled a machete and tried to kill someone in broad daylight.
That's my problem with that guy.
So don't let them call you racist when you point it out.
It's nothing to do with race.
It's all to do with culture, shared identity, and the fact that in Western Europe, their legal system is so weak, so pathetic,
That the people there have absolutely zero fear of committing a crime, and this is why London's descending into madness.
Google knife crime London and you'll see it.
Day after day it gets worse and worse.
Women, children, everyone's getting stabbed.
People have no fear.
I'll tell you, I've been all around the world.
I've been to 72 countries.
In fact, just before I was here I was in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.
And not many people know that Dubai in the United Arab Emirates
That particular city is 92% immigrant.
Only 8% of people are native Emiratis, and it's one of the safest countries in the world.
You can walk through Dubai, you'll have no problems at all.
And do you know why that is?
It's because this rule of law is so strict.
Everyone who comes to Dubai respects their country and respects their culture and respects their traditions.
If you come to Dubai and you disrespect them and their way of life, or you commit crime, you steal something, you lose a hand.
That's how they are.
And I don't think there's anything wrong with that.
If you don't like their way of life, don't go there.
And if you don't like the American way of life, don't come.
And if you don't like the fact that you can't pull a machete and stab someone in broad daylight over a minor traffic altercation, then you shouldn't be going to England.
I don't know what you're doing there!
And the fact that a judge sat, watched this video, and decided that man didn't deserve to go to jail, that this man, as we speak right now, is on the streets of London, right now, this gentleman is out there somewhere, probably still carrying his knife,
And the judge decided, oh, it's fine.
It's fine for the public, for this man to continue, him and his friends, all his friends, with all their knives, to continue to walk around the streets of London.
We have no reason, no reason to detain this man.
Let's let him continue to walk the streets.
And this is what I was saying earlier about personal sovereignty against socialism, against groupthink.
In that situation, if you're in that car, if you're not armed, what can you do?
I don't see a police officer anywhere, do you?
I mean, luckily he had a chance.
He had a gap where he could open his door and run away.
But if all his friends surrounded the car and he couldn't get out, what can you do besides wait for the window to get broken and get stabbed to death?
I'm a four-time kickboxing world champion in the heavyweight division.
And in that situation, if I'm sitting in a car and five men have machetes and I'm surrounded, I'm gonna lose.
I'm gonna die.
So if I'm gonna die, a woman's definitely gonna die.
Your wife's definitely gonna die.
You don't stand a chance.
Absolute insanity and they're going to tell you, no you don't need to be personally sovereign, we'll protect you.
Well this is what they do when they disarm you in England.
Did this individual in the car look protected to you?
Does he look protected to you?
Look at him run for his life.
Does he look protected to you?
Luckily they didn't chase him.
They could have chased him down and probably killed him.
He doesn't look very protected to me.
I don't think the police did a very good job in that situation.
It's all about personal sovereignty.
This is what me and Alex were talking about last night when he was talking about his ideas behind the products.
It's all about promoting your health, promoting your own personal take on life.
You have to take control of your life from start to finish, starting with your health.
Talking of products, I'm going to have the best product.
I'm not supposed to be biased, but I'm going to tell you all now, if you haven't tried TurboForce, you need to try it.
I've tried TurboForce with everything.
Sometimes, you know, I went a little bit crazy.
I put TurboForce in my coffee.
That was a crazy week.
I don't remember sleeping, but... As far as the products go, TurboForce is my favorite, and all the InfoWars products are down to taking control of your life, taking control of your health, and not relying on other people to do it for you.
Nobody wakes up in the morning
I'm gonna give that person over there a better life.
I'm gonna wake up today, you know what?
I'm gonna spend my entire day trying to make that guy over there healthier, happier, and richer.
I'm gonna make sure he gets a Ferrari and a girlfriend.
I don't think that happens very often.
It's never happened to me.
I've never had anyone knock on my door and said, Tate, you're such a good guy.
How can I improve your life in every single way?
There's only one person who woke up and thought that, and that was me.
I woke up and thought, you know what?
I want to take control of my life.
I want to take control of my health.
And that's why you need to go to Infowars.com, take control of your health right now, and support the resistance.
Don't buy into the groupthink.
Don't drink the Kool-Aid.
Drink the TurboForce.
The Kool-Aid's bad, and the TurboForce is good.
Another one more thing I want to touch on while I'm here in the chair, because we're running out of time.
Time's flying so fast.
I got asked a lot of questions on my Instagram.
My Instagram's at Cobra Tate.
I get asked lots and lots of questions about my diet.
I'm a carnivore.
I eat 85 to 90 percent of the calories I eat on a day are meat.
People always look at my Instagram and say, Andrew, how are you built so beautifully?
That's the exact line I get time and time again.
Andrew, you look like Hercules.
I say, well, yes, I do.
And they say, what's your workout regimen?
And I explained to them my workout regimen isn't really that crazy.
I mean, I work out 30, 45 minutes a day from home.
I don't even go to the gym.
Bunch of push-ups.
You know, wake up in the morning, drop down, do some push-ups, that kind of thing.
I'm not a gym freak.
I've retired from professional fighting now.
I might be coming back, but I'm not a gym freak.
I don't count my meals.
I don't plan every little tiny thing.
I don't really... I'm not... I'm definitely not one of those guys who's super conscious and lives the fitness lifestyle.
I drink vodka.
I smoke the odd cigar.
I live a very privileged life.
And this is what me and Alex were talking about last night in that picture right there.
I said the key to all everything is meat.
You need more meat in your diet.
Don't let, if you listen to a globalist or a liberal, the first thing they'll start doing is trying to turn you vegetarian.
Trying to turn you off the meat, get you eating broccoli, turn you into a wimp so they can control your mind.
If your body is not capable of resisting, then your mind is not capable of resisting.
I say this to everyone.
I don't care if you're a man, a woman, a child, an adult.
I don't care if you're old, young.
You need to eat more meat.
80% of the calories I consume in a day is meat, meat, meat.
And people say to me, oh I love meat, I have a hamburger.
No, a hamburger isn't meat.
You got a little bit of meat and then you got a bunch of fries and bread and plants and all that stuff.
That's not meat.
I'm talking about sit down, three steaks.
Give me three steaks and maybe one bread roll, couple bottles of water, done.
So when it comes to health, you got the InfoWars products and you got
The souls of dead animals.
Those are the two things that are going to make you strong.
So if you're going to take one message away from this, eat more meat, eat less of the bread, and whatever you do, don't buy into the liberal propaganda.
Don't buy into the vegetarianism.
I've seen so many people ruin their lives with that.
Don't go down there.
Infowars.com, this has been Andrew Tate.
20 minutes left, and I'll be with you after the break.
We are back.
Andrew Tate here in Alex Jones' chair, drinking a glass of TurboForce.
If you've never tried TurboForce, I'll tell you the biggest difference it makes.
It's not just a physical energy level.
It opens your mind.
You've ever had those days where you're feeling a little bit slow, a little bit groggy, your brain's not firing properly?
This is what you need to be drinking.
You're about to sit down for a chess game, drink some TurboForce first.
Well, we're on the subject of diet, etc.
We were just talking about game changers and vegetarianism, and I was saying, look, if you eat enough meat, InfoWars products are gonna be in pretty good shape.
Listen to a world champion kickboxer, I'm telling you.
TurboForce needs to be in your diet.
Every once in a while, open one of these.
Become superhuman.
Albeit temporarily.
But it's important nonetheless.
Talking about vegetarianism and how they're trying to push this under the guise of environmentalism, which is just a big attempt at controlling you and controlling the population.
The way you do that is you weaken everybody, and that's all vegetarianism does.
On my website, CobraTate.com, I have an exclusive members group called The War Room.
Anyone who's interested in interacting with me further, we discuss everything from how to get multiple passports, how to get bank accounts in different countries, how to make money online, how to become anti-fragile, how to prepare for the worst.
And in The War Room,
One of the rules within my community is no vegetarians allowed.
We had one man join.
He said he was a vegetarian.
Told me better eat a steak or he's out.
And he told me that vegetarianism made him stronger, which of course is a complete lie.
We're about to debunk that.
My biggest problem with vegetarianism, because I have a genuine problem with it, is that they deny reality.
It's not so much about eating carrots and eating steak.
It's about a fundamental problem with the reality of the world.
For something to survive and for something to grow, something else must be destroyed.
This is the basic reality of the universe!
Black holes destroy planets.
This is how things grow.
Even a plant has to destroy nutrients and minerals to grow.
An animal destroys plants.
That's what a cow does, it destroys the grass so it can grow.
At every single level, from a cellular level to the top,
Something must be destroyed for something else to live.
So when they come along and say to me, well, what about the animals?
I say, look, the animals need to die because I need to eat.
I'm not a horrible person.
I'm not a bad person.
I just understand the basic laws of the universe.
I'm not going to come along and try and pretend to be Mr. Nice Guy and try and rewrite the underpinnings of the universe we live in.
Something's got to die and I've got to eat.
A plant's got to die or an animal's got to die.
This is the reality of the world.
So I'm not going to deny reality and this is what vegetarians try and do.
I don't know if you've seen one of the largest pieces of liberal propaganda which has come out in recent times is on Netflix.
It's called Game Changers.
I'm going to play the trailer to Game Changers for you right now if you've never heard of it.
Here it is.
I ate a lot of meat.
They show these commercials.
That's what a man eats.
Selling that idea that real men eat meat.
Serious man food.
But you got to understand, that's marketing.
That's not based on reality.
I've been teaching fighting techniques to government agencies for more than 15 years.
Then, I got injured.
Unable to teach for at least six months, I spent more than a thousand hours studying science on recovery and nutrition.
I stumbled across a study about the Roman gladiators.
The gladiators were predominantly vegetarian.
How could the original professional fighters be so powerful?
Well, I'm a professional fighter.
Let's pause it right here.
Let me tell you something.
I'm a professional fighter.
And let me tell you something what these people have tried to do.
They're trying to turn everyone vegetarian by coming along.
They got Arnold Schwarzenegger, which is unfortunately a childhood hero of mine, which is sold out completely to the left.
They got one guy no one's ever heard of.
I used to teach fighting, but no one's ever heard of me ever because I can't actually fight.
And I eat grass.
Well, that's great.
What about all the fighters that don't eat grass?
You can't take- An exception doesn't prove the rule.
The rule is that athletes, especially combat athletes, especially strong men, especially people who lift professional weights, the rule is that they eat meat and they eat a lot of it.
Finding a single exception does not disprove that rule.
So what they've done in this documentary here is they've tried to find a couple exceptions.
You have Arnold Schwarzenegger, which was in the best physical condition of his life while he was eating meat.
Now he's turned vegetarian once he's an old man, and he's only done that to get his calories down because he's old, he doesn't need calories anymore.
And now he's talking about the benefits of vegetarianism.
You weren't a vegetarian when you won Mr. Olympia.
No, you weren't.
This other dude who got injured, no one's ever heard of, he's saying, oh, we need to eat more grass and you're going to be strong.
Complete garbage.
I'm a professional fighter and every professional fighter I've ever met eats meat.
Meat is power.
Vegetarians can't punch.
I said it right here on my Twitter.
I called out every vegetarian in the world.
I said, there's not a vegetarian alive.
I would not fight.
Let's arrange it.
Get a cage.
Let's work it out.
There's no vegetarian alive.
I wouldn't fight.
I remember when I was living in London, David Hay, the boxer, I don't even know who he is, I was sparring with some guys who was very close to David Hay.
David Hay famously became vegan in the last few years of his career.
I think he had three fights and he had to cancel all three of them at least once due to injury.
You stop eating meat, you start getting hurt, your tendons get hurt, you can't recover quickly.
Don't buy into the vegetarian propaganda.
You need meat and you need InfoWars products.
And between those two things, you're going to be strong enough to resist.
Let's play a little bit more of this Game Changers thing, because people keep talking to me about it.
In fact, in my Uber here in Austin, Texas, two days ago, he said, what's your job?
I said, I'm a kickboxer.
And he goes, oh, can I ask you about a plant-based diet?
This, this piece of propaganda has been massively effective.
It's all over Netflix.
Everyone's watching it.
Everyone's turning vegetarian.
They're weakening men right in front of our eyes.
Let's play a little bit more.
So, plant-based diet.
I qualified for my third Olympic team.
I broke two American records.
I was like, man, I should have done this a long while ago.
When I went plant-based, I wasn't sure if I was going to survive.
And I actually became like a machine.
One of the biggest misconceptions in sports nutrition is that we have to have animal protein to perform at a high level.
That's just not true.
Sometimes you have to do things that you know your competitors aren't doing.
Today is blood, and yesterday is blood.
I think this is going to wake a lot of people up.
Let me tell you something.
Wake a lot of people up.
Here's what you need to do.
The fastest, strongest, toughest athletes on the planet, complete garbage.
If you're going to watch something, if you're going to watch this crap the whole way through, I say to everyone who's come at me with this, if you're going to watch this crap the whole way through, at least watch the counter-argument.
But no one does.
I encourage anyone to go plant-based for a month and then go and try my diet for a month of purely meat and you're gonna see.
We evolved to eat meat.
That's science that can't be disputed.
The fact that we were eating meat is the reason why our brains grew so fast.
The fact we started cooking meat and getting the most calories from it.
We evolved eating meat.
And every time a vegetarian comes out, it was some stupid argument.
The guy in the Uber.
He was like, oh, well, don't you think it's strange that we're not equipped to eat meat?
You know, we don't have claws and we don't have to hunt our animals.
And I said, no, because we have big brains.
We're smart.
We don't need claws because we had spears.
Doesn't mean we don't eat meat, Dumbo.
Wrong with people.
Vegetarians can't punch.
Okay, if you want to disagree with me, if there's anyone out there who's not sure, let me ask you a question.
If you were to get a hundred people who just ordered a T-bone steak for dinner, let's get a hundred random people from the world who just had a nice big steak dinner, and let's get a hundred random vegetarians, and let's have a royal rumble.
Who are you betting on?
Because I know who I'm betting on.
I know who I think is going to win.
Let's be honest.
Are the vegetarians winning that fight?
They've taken a bunch of exceptions here.
A bunch of exceptions, and they're trying to prove the rule.
They've got a whole bunch of people, a bunch of athletes.
Oh, I've gone plant-based, and with the best science in the world, and all this extra crap, and all these injections, and by measuring my blood every day, and with the best science in the world, I managed to still perform at a good level.
Well, of course you do!
We live in 2019.
I'm losing my mind with all this liberal.
We live in 2019 and we've been to the moon.
So I'm sure, yeah, if you have all the money in the world and all the time in the world to test your blood and take injections and have all these scientists to constantly find ways to get the animal, the protein inside of you, you can live on plants and probably do okay.
But the average person hasn't got time for that crap.
The average person's working a job.
We're out here.
We've got things to do.
We need to eat.
So unless you're gonna start playing their stupid game, when you eat, you need a whole bunch of meat.
That's where you're gonna get your calories, your protein, that's where you're gonna get your power from.
So don't listen, because I keep getting asked about this, because they have a couple fighters in this documentary, and as a fighter, people keep coming to me saying, well, haven't you ever tried plant-based?
I said, no!
I haven't.
Of course I haven't.
I'm not an idiot.
So don't buy into that crap, because these people are literally just trying to supplement meat with the most modern science in the world to survive, and that's not realistic for most of us.
You need meat, you need InfoWars products.
And you don't need to deny reality.
I don't know if I'm allowed to say this on air, I had a girlfriend once.
She was a vegan, I didn't know she was a vegan.
Unfortunately, I found out.
She said, I'll never cook meat for you.
I said, look, well, I'll be honest with you right now, we're gonna end up splitting up because you're living in my house and I'm paying the bills and if I want steak, you're cooking it.
That was a good two-hour argument until she eventually cooked the steak.
Of course she did!
What's she gonna do, lose me?
She cooked a steak.
She sat there.
She pretended she was upset.
Two weeks later, she's eating meat.
I converted her.
I fixed her.
One person at a time, I'm gonna fix the world.
Myself and Alex Jones.
It's been Andrew Tate, here on InfoWars.
Hope you've enjoyed the segment.
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They want to make you their puppets.
Well, I'm not their puppet, and I know you're not their puppet.
And once we're awake, and once we're pissed off, and once we're not submitting to them,
Once we start exercising our speech, we start winning.
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InfoWars does deliver.
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