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Name: 20191210_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 10, 2019
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Hey, hey!
Ho, ho!
Your IQ is very low!
Hey, hey!
Ho, ho!
Your IQ is very low!
What happened to Russian collusion?
What happened to the Mueller Report?
What happened to Ukraine?
Quick, real quick, nothing!
You have nothing!
You have your own hatred, and you have your own misery!
And misery loves company, but we just won't join you.
We will not do it.
We will not hate America.
We will not hate America's sexual assailants.
We will not hate ourselves.
We'll leave all that up to you.
Are they still chanting the same thing?
Oh my gosh!
They're still chanting!
They can't even stop!
Your IQ is very low, hey hey!
Your IQ is very low, hey hey!
Hillary was wrong!
Why, Donald?
Why, Donald Trump?
Why, Russia?
Why do you have to do this to me?
Without Hillary Clinton, I won't survive!
I won't survive and I won't hurt anybody!
I love this.
You know, you guys make my job way too easy.
You come out here and act like a bunch of psychopathic maniacs.
It's real easy to film you guys.
Wait a second.
Record economic growth under Trump.
Record low unemployment under Trump.
We're finally getting fair trade deals.
We got out of the Paris Climate Accord.
We got out of the TPP.
Wait a second, this Trump deal is starting to look pretty good!
Alright folks, that was our very own Owen Schroer who is currently in Hershey, Pennsylvania with a lot of our other great reporters.
Sorry about that, y'all.
So that was Owen Troyer, who is currently in Percy, Pennsylvania, with a lot of our other great reporters.
Millie Weaver, Caitlin Bennett, Will Johnson are all set to join him.
And there's going to be some great explosive reports that come out of that as well.
Now, Owen, of course, ran into someone today and he had a great confrontation, one that I would love to play for you now.
So let's go ahead and pitch to that clip.
There was not enough, uh, the content kind of wrapped up when you guys kind of got completely wiped off the table and nobody paid attention.
Oh, really?
Because your show got cancelled, my show's still on the air.
You had a cable network behind you and failed and now we're shooting a documentary no one cares about and trying to make fun of me.
I was in Congress yesterday changing the world.
Jerry Nadler and the Democrat Party are committing treason against this country!
And you can kick me out, but he's the one committing crimes!
You are, Jerry Nadler!
You're the one committing treason!
America's done with this!
That's right.
I did see that.
I think that was the taxpayer dollars at work.
Do you support the impeachment?
Oh, he doesn't want to talk to InfoWars.
He just tries to make fun of InfoWars for a couple months on Comedy Central and fails.
And then he runs away as soon as InfoWars puts a mic in his face.
There are ten shows we know of, Homeland, Kepler, who attack us five nights a week.
And who say things we never said.
Kepler is again like the classic psychopath in school and he's just lording and enjoying the lies.
Kepler is a failed actor.
So he's just another dropping of sorrows.
Yeah, you heard that right.
There's a failed actor out there on Comedy Central who's attacking Alex Jones and his name is Jordan Kepler.
This guy sounds like a dick.
Oh, he's handsome for a soy boy.
I'll give him that.
Welcome to the extended coverage of tonight's Trump rally.
My name is Savannah Hernandez and hopefully Alex Jones will be joining me shortly as well as we are giving you this coverage of the Trump rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania.
We have a lot of great reporters down there who are going to be giving you exclusive on the ground coverage.
You know that every single time we send people out, we always get those viral clips, especially when Owen Schroyer is there.
He was in D.C.
just yesterday and he made drudge.
Infowars is trending on Twitter.
Because he went and interrupted Jerry Nadler's opening statements at that impeachment hearing yesterday.
He stood up and said what a lot of us Americans are thinking.
And now he's in Hershey, Pennsylvania with our great crew.
I'm pretty sure we're going to have many more viral clips.
Now, Mike Pence has took the stage at the Trump rally.
So let's go ahead and go to him and see what he has to say.
Democrats, their endless investigations and their partisan impeachment.
We stand with President Donald Trump!
You know, what began four years ago has grown into a movement.
It's a movement of everyday Americans from every walk of life.
Here in Pennsylvania, you believe we could be strong again.
You believe we could be prosperous again.
Pennsylvania said yes to President Donald Trump in 2016, and I know Pennsylvania is going to say yes to four more years of President Donald Trump in 2020.
You know, I think there's only one way you can describe the last three years.
It's been amazing.
It's been three years of action.
Three years of results.
Alright folks and I do just want to jump in here real quick and say there's so much great energy that we can see already just as Mike Pence is taking the stage.
Owen Schroeder has been there since this morning and he said that people were lining up since 4 a.m.
just to get into this rally today.
The center where they're having it holds about 10,500 people and I'm sure it's filled to the brim with supporters for the president and as we can see just here there's so much energy.
I like the Latinos for Trump signs that are going up right behind Mike Pence there.
A lot of diversity in the crowd as always.
You know the mainstream media always tries to talk to us about how President Trump is a racist.
He doesn't care about the people in his country.
Well we care about him and we know that President Trump loves America and we can see that energy here today.
Let's go back to Mike Pence.
Just today, President Trump has secured even more money for our military.
Another pay raise for our troops.
And history will record that President Donald Trump established the United States Space Force.
You know, I believe that President Trump is the best friend the United States Armed Forces have ever had.
I do.
Under this Commander-in-Chief, we've made the strongest military in the history of the world stronger still.
And with that renewed American strength, we've taken the fight to radical Islamic terrorists on our terms on their soil.
In the last year alone, American forces at the direction of this Commander-in-Chief captured the last inch of territory beneath the black flag of ISIS.
And just about a month ago, as the world watched,
Special Forces took out the leader of ISIS without one American casualty.
Al Baghdadi is gone and Conan the hero dog is just fine.
And this president also understood that national security begins with border security.
And we've made historic investments to secure our borders, and as I stand before you today, apprehensions on our southern border are down by 70%, and we've already started to build that wall on the southern border of the United States.
Oh, we're building it.
We're building it.
You know, and on a day, on a day when we lost a police officer in the line of duty in New Jersey, and a trooper was shot right here in Pennsylvania,
I promise you, this president and this administration will always stand with the men and women who serve on the thin blue line of law enforcement.
And to uphold the rule of law, this president has kept another promise.
By appointing principled conservatives to our federal courts at every level.
President Trump has already appointed 170 men and women to our federal courts.
And I can tell you firsthand, they are all judges who will uphold the God-given liberties enshrined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Like the freedom of religion, the freedom of speech,
And the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.
And I couldn't be more proud to serve as Vice President to a President who stands without apology for the sanctity of human life.
President Donald Trump is the most pro-life President in American history.
So it's about security.
It's about liberty.
It's about our values.
And men and women of Pennsylvania, it's about jobs, jobs, jobs.
From the first day of this administration, President Trump promised to revive the American economy.
We cut taxes.
We rolled back red tape.
We unleashed American energy and fought for free and fair trade, and the American economy is booming.
Since Election Day 2016, as of last week, businesses large and small have created 7 million jobs all across this country.
Unemployment is at a 50-year low.
The stock market is setting records, and there are more Americans working today than ever before in American history.
And this president's also worked to open up markets around the world.
We put China on notice that the era of economic surrender is over.
And as you all maybe already heard today, one year ago, President Trump signed the largest trade deal in American history.
And today, the Democrats in Congress finally agreed to pass the USMCA.
It only took them a year.
The USMCA is a win for American workers and American farmers.
It's going to create hundreds of thousands of jobs all across this state and nation.
And I got to tell you, okay?
There's a lot of people out there taking credit for the USMCA.
But I was there every step of the way.
And make no mistake about it, President Donald Trump got it done.
I mean, thanks to this president's leadership, support of all of you, and our allies in the Congress, so many of which are here today.
We've made America great again.
But to keep America great, we need you to decide right here and right now that Pennsylvania is going to vote for four more years of President Donald Trump in the White House.
I mean, think about it.
Four more years means more jobs.
Four more years means more judges.
Four more years means more support for our troops.
And it's going to take at least four more years to drain that swamp.
You know, the choice
The choice in this election couldn't be clearer, and the stakes couldn't be higher.
Today we have a president who loves this country, who stands by our militaries, our workers, and our freedom.
He never quits.
He never backs down.
He believes in you and fights for you every single day.
But today's Democratic Party
Means today's Democratic Party has been taken over by radical leftists who want higher taxes, open borders, late-term abortion, and socialist policies that would crush this economy.
And today you saw the news.
The do-nothing Democrats even announced articles of impeachment against our president.
What a disgrace.
You know, the truth is they're trying to impeach this president because they know they can't defeat this president.
They can't run against our record.
They can't run against his results.
They're pushing this baseless and partisan impeachment because they know they can't stop you from giving President Donald Trump four more years in the White House.
But despite, despite three years of endless investigations and their so-called resistance, I can tell you firsthand, I've seen it every day.
President Donald Trump has never stopped fighting for you.
And now, Pennsylvania, it's our turn to fight for him.
It's on.
We need you to bring your enthusiasm, just like tonight.
We need you to keep voicing your support.
We need you to get registered to vote, Pennsylvania.
We got a big election next year.
Keep telling your neighbors and your friends that Pennsylvania and America need four more years of President Donald Trump, and we will get this done in November of 2020.
I believe it.
I believe it, because I have faith.
Faith in my friend, the President of the United States, whose boundless energy, drive, and vision have made America great again in three short years.
We need to have faith in our fellow Americans.
Who know we've turned this country around and know we can make America and Pennsylvania greater than ever before.
And lastly, as we go into next year's election, let's have faith.
Let's have faith that he who blessed this commonwealth and this one nation under God will yet bless America beyond anything that we could ask or imagine if we will simply put our trust in him.
So ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming out today.
It's an honor to be with you all, I can tell you.
President Donald Trump is the real deal.
Alright folks, so it looks like Mike Pence is wrapping up his speech there today.
Lots of energy in the crowd.
There, and you know, Owen and all of our reporters have been doing extended coverage on the ground, and they've been saying there's thousands of supporters there, a lot of great energy, and we're going to be here doing this extended coverage for you tonight.
Alex is going to be joining me in studio shortly, talking to you all about just Trump, and we're going to be analyzing everything that he's saying tonight.
As he comes forward to the crowd, to all of his supporters.
Like I said, great energy going on here tonight.
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Now we're gonna go ahead and go back to this rally because President Trump is about to take the stage.
From the lakes of Minnesota
To the hills of Tennessee Across the plains of Texas From sea to shining sea From Detroit down to Houston And New York to L.A.
Where there's pride in every American heart And it's time we stand and say
I think so.
Well, at least I know I'm free And I won't forget the men who died Who gave that right to me And I gladly stand up next to you And defend her still today Because there ain't no doubt I love this land God bless the U.S.
Well, thank you to Vice President Pence.
Thank you, Mike.
And hello, Pennsylvania.
It's great to be back in this state that gave us the Liberty Bell, Pennsylvania Steel, Hershey Chocolate.
I like Hershey Chocolate.
The Nittany Lions.
You know the Nittany Lions.
They're doing pretty well, too.
And the incredible American patriots, just like you.
You are patriots.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Under Republican leadership, America is stronger than ever before, and we are respected again.
Last month, you saw it.
We smashed expectations with another 266,000 jobs, and unemployment is now more than a 50-year low.
We have never seen what's going on with different groups.
Unemployment is at a position.
We've never had anything like this.
You're so lucky I became your president, Donald.
I'm only kidding.
I have to say I'm kidding.
Because the fake news back there will take that.
They'll take that statement and they'll blow it up.
And they'll say he said they were lucky to have him as president.
What a horrible thing to say.
Because they're fake.
Here in Pennsylvania, you had the single best year that you've ever had in the history of our country.
Not bad.
The Pennsylvania unemployment rate has reached an all-time record low.
And I hate to tell you this, you know, when I was campaigning three and a half years ago, I'd come here
You weren't doing so well, folks, right?
You weren't doing so well.
Wages were way down.
Unemployment was way up.
It wasn't a pretty picture.
Just a few months ago, I visited the new Shell petrochemical plant in Beaver County at $6 billion — with a B — $6 billion.
It is the largest investment in Pennsylvania history.
We're ending decades of failed trade policies that devastated communities all across the state.
For generations, American manufacturing was the bedrock of your economy.
The bedrock.
Remember last administration?
You'd need a magic wand.
It'll never come back.
We found the magic wand, didn't we?
Then came NAFTA, the NAFTA disaster, I call it.
One of the worst trade deals in the history of any country.
And the loss of one in three Pennsylvania manufacturing jobs.
Your politicians always pledge to fix it.
They talk about it for years and years and decades, but they never were able to do it.
They came and they went to Washington and they did nothing.
But unlike those politicians, I keep my promises.
And I love Pennsylvania.
You know, I went to school in Pennsylvania.
You know that, right?
I know it well.
And I'm thrilled to report that we are on the verge of ending the NAFTA catastrophe once and for all.
Congress will soon vote on my new trade deal, the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA.
After years of waiting, many, many years, many, many decades, they've been looking for this.
And then we got it done, and we've been waiting for a long time for Nancy Pelosi to announce USMCA.
And she did it on the same day that they announced that they are going to impeach the 45th President of the United States, and your favorite president, I think.
And the reason they announced it on the same day, one hour later, they announced impeachment.
A few guys standing behind her.
They announced impeachment.
And then an hour later, she announced that she's going to do USMCA.
You know why?
It's a huge deal.
And it plays down the impeachment because they're embarrassed by the impeachment.
And our poll numbers have gone through the roof because of her stupid impeachment.
And think of it this way also.
The silver lining of impeachment and this witch hunt, that's the reason they approved USMCA.
So that's okay with me because they approved it and they're very happy to have it.
But honestly, it's an incredible deal for our country.
Took too long.
It waited in Congress for too long a time.
Incredible deal, and replacing the worst, NAFTA.
We've also just reached a deal with Congress to invest a record $738 billion more into our great military.
When I took over, I will tell you, I became president, think of it, almost three years ago.
By the way, was that the most exciting night ever?
You know, I'm just watching these people.
That was one of the greatest evenings in the history of television from a rating standpoint, from an excitement standpoint.
What the hell would they do without me and you?
They'd be gone.
You know, about a month before I ran, I picked up a New York Times.
It was like a leaflet that you hand out at a grocery store.
And now it's thick.
They've got all their reporters covering Trump, Trump, Trump.
I can't imagine they won't endorse me, because without me winning, you know what happens?
They all go down the tubes.
They're gone.
All of them.
Washington Post, New York Times.
There's very dishonest networks.
They are very dishonest.
Very, very dishonest.
No, they're very dishonest people.
And I have to say this, look, and I always have to say this, you have some really great journalists, and you have some honest publications, but not too many of them, I have to be honest with you.
The legislature, well you know that, does anybody think the media is honest?
Does anybody think they're totally corrupt and dishonest?
All right.
The legislation will also officially establish something that's so important to me because it's where it's at.
And a lot of people used to smile.
And now, outside of the wall, which we're building, you know, the wall is going up.
It gets one of the biggest
So if anything, it's the sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces, the Space Force.
We're opening up the Space Force.
Because you know what?
That's where it's at.
And everything's built right here in the United States.
That's important.
And by the way, we build the greatest weapons, the greatest planes, the greatest ships.
We build it in the United States.
There's nobody that comes close.
We have the greatest military equipment anywhere in the world.
Rockets and missiles.
No place builds it like us.
We have the best in the world, and we sell it to allies.
And they all want to buy from the United States.
We've never had a thing like this.
We are so hot.
We are so hot.
And just a few weeks ago, the United States Special Forces brought the world's number one terrorist to justice.
Thanks to the strength and courage of our warriors, and they are great warriors, the bloodthirsty savage known as al-Baghdadi is now dead.
And he was quickly replaced by his second-in-command, and his second-in-command is now dead.
And we've got our eye on and our sights on Third also.
We know exactly where and when.
But you know, it's becoming a very unpopular job.
Not a lot of takers in.
That's what we want.
Go back to living a good, normal life.
Because America is winning again.
America is winning again like never before.
And as I always say, and I've already said it twice tonight, this country is so respected.
And we were not respected four years ago.
We were laughed at.
But while we're delivering historic victories for the American people, the radical left Democrats and the failed Washington establishment are trying to erase your votes, nullify the election, and overthrow our democracy.
It's not going to happen.
Don't worry about it.
I wouldn't lose too much sleep over it.
And I have to say this about the Republicans.
The Republicans, and you have a lot of great ones here tonight, your congressmen.
You have a lot of great ones.
These congressmen are great.
The Republicans have never been so united as they are right now, ever.
The House, the Senate, we've never been this united.
Because it's all a hoax, and they understand it.
They also understand poll numbers, but I'm sure that had nothing to do with it.
But the impeachment hoax is about overturning your great 2016 vote, or in the alternative, trying to win the 2020 election.
That's not going to happen.
Yesterday, the Justice Department's Inspector General released a report detailing the outrageous, scandalous, and unprecedented abuses of power.
Get her out.
Seems that a protester is interrupting Trump's rally as we speak.
Seems like she's getting escorted out of the building.
A lot of boos.
Trump supporters definitely don't want her in there.
No place for anti-Trump rhetoric in his rally tonight.
Get her out!
Get her out!
See, these guys want to be so politically correct.
Yeah, get her out.
You see that?
I'll tell you, law enforcement's so great.
That particular guy wanted to be so politically correct.
We don't want to be politically correct.
I don't know who he was, he didn't do the greatest job.
So they tried to frame innocent people in the ludicrous, it all started with the Russia witch hunt, right?
Then the Inspector General's shocking report proved that the Obama FBI obtained secret warrants to spy on my campaign based on a phony foreign dossier of debunked smears paid for by crooked Hillary Clinton and the DNC.
The FBI failed to disclose the nature of the political hit job to the FISA Court.
They hid it, they deceived it, and they lied.
The dossier was written by a discredited foreign agent who, quote, desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being the United States President.
What's this?
Folks, they spied on our campaign, okay?
They spied.
Never happened before in the history of our country.
And we're really wise to it.
We're wise to it.
The Inspector General found that the FBI's spying application contains 17 errors and omissions, commonly known as lies and deceit.
When the FBI, and you have great people in the FBI, but not in leadership,
You have not good people in leadership you haven't had.
When the FBI uncovered evidence showing that we did absolutely nothing wrong, which was right at the beginning, they hid that exonerating.
You know that.
They hid it.
They hid it so nobody could see it, so they could keep this hoax going on for two years.
They knew right at the beginning.
That was all a frame-up, a set-up.
But they hid it so that nobody could see it, so they could keep it going on, thinking they were going to hurt us politically.
But now we're stronger politically than we were ever before!
And the FBI also sent multiple undercover human spies to surveil and record people associated with our campaign.
Look how they've hurt people.
They've destroyed the lives of people that were great people, that are still great people.
Their lives have been destroyed by scum, okay?
By scum.
An FBI lawyer forged, took an email, forged, forged an email used as evidence, an act which is now the subject of a criminal referral.
What they did is so unbelievable.
Oh, I look forward.
I don't know.
I don't know.
Keep away.
I look forward to Bull Durham's report.
That's the one I look forward to.
And this report was great by the IG, especially since he was appointed by President Barack Hussein Obama.
Considering that fact, it was great.
Because we learned a lot of things that nobody would have found out very easily, although I suspect we would have.
We also know from a previous Inspector General investigation that many of these same high-ranking officials were consumed with anti-Trump and anti-Trump people hatred and biased texting about an insurance policy.
Let's have an insurance policy.
Peter Strzok and his lover, Lisa Page.
Lisa, I love you so much.
Lisa, please.
Lisa, please.
Lisa, I've never loved anyone like you.
We won't allow this to happen to our country.
Lisa, please.
Some of you love me, Lisa.
I love you.
Peter, I love you.
I love you like I've never loved anyone.
And if for any reason, if for any reason she loses, even though she's a stone-cold corrupt person, if for any reason she loses, Peter, we've got to have an insurance policy, we have to do it.
Because we're going to go out, and that's what's been happening for the last two and a half years, okay?
It was their phony insurance policy.
So FBI lawyer Lisa Page, so in love that she didn't know what the hell was happening,
Texted the head of counterintelligence, Peter Strzok, likewise.
So in love, he couldn't see straight.
This poor guy?
Did I hear he needed a restraining order after this whole thing to keep him away from Lisa?
That's what I heard.
I don't know if it's true.
The fake news will never report it.
But it could be true.
No, that's what I heard.
I don't know.
I mean, who could believe a thing like that?
No, I heard that Peter Strzok needed a restraining order to keep him away from his once lover.
Ah, Lisa, I hope you miss him.
Lisa, he'll never be the same.
But he said he's not ever going to become president.
And Strzok looked back.
No, no, he won't.
We'll stop it.
We'll stop it.
Can you believe we found these texts?
Can you believe?
This is FBI agents at a high level.
No, no, we'll stop it.
They're going to stop us from winning an election.
And then we have to listen.
There was no bias.
Oh, there was no bias.
Think of these people.
They write, there was no bias.
And yet he's saying, no, no, darling, we'll stop it.
And then they announced it was no-buys.
You know what?
We're doing it.
And it's not easy.
And somebody said, a regular president — I don't want to use the word normal, because that's not a nice, normal reference — a regular president would have been under a table, thumb in the mouth, saying, take me home, mommy.
This is too tough for me.
It's true.
They know.
And while it was tough on my family, I have to say, very unfair to my family, very tough on my family.
I have a great family.
For me, it's my life.
I do it.
I do it.
It's one thing.
But very tough on a family.
A thing like this happens.
It's a disgrace.
But day after day, we're exposing
Something called that filthy, disgusting, horrible swamp, and we're cleaning it up.
And now after two and a half years, now that the Russia witch hunt is dead, a big, fat, disgusting fraud,
The Congressional Democrats are pushing the impeachment witch hunt having to do with Ukraine.
But that's already failing.
You saw their so-called articles of impeachment today?
People are saying they're not even a crime.
What happened?
All of these horrible things, remember?
Bribery, and this, and that.
Where are they?
They send these two things, they're not even a crime.
This is the lightest, weakest impeachment.
You know, our country's had actually many impeachments.
You call judges and lots of us.
Many impeachments.
But it was on today, everybody said, this is impeachment light.
This is the lightest impeachment in the history of our country by far.
It's not even like an impeachment.
These people are stone cold crooked.
When a guy like Shifty Schiff, here's a corrupt politician.
He made up my statement because, see I did one thing, very good, as soon as I heard about this deal, I released my statement immediately.
But he had already made horrible statements, and by the way, the whistleblower, the whistleblower
Defrauded our country because the whistleblower wrote something that was totally untrue and we broke up the game.
Remember the second whistleblower was coming, right?
And then the informer.
Who is the informer?
I know who the informer is.
The informer.
So the informer obviously gave him false information because they wrote in the whistleblower report, right?
They wrote something totally different from what I said.
What I said was perfect, but it screwed up the whole works.
Because most guys would never do that.
They didn't even know probably that we had it transcribed.
Professionally transcribed.
Word for word transcribed.
So beautiful.
Am I lucky I had it transcribed?
Think of that.
Think of that.
So when I said release it, and I don't like doing that, because you're releasing it, it's a conversation with a foreign leader.
In this case, a very fine gentleman, President of Ukraine, the new President of Ukraine.
And we called them up and we said, would it be okay?
Our Secretary of State made the call.
Would it be okay?
And they didn't know what we were talking about.
But they said, yeah, it's okay.
And by the way, he, his foreign minister, everybody, did you know they said there was no pressure.
He didn't do anything wrong.
There was no pressure put on us.
That didn't stop anybody.
But we released the conversation and that gummed it up.
Now, all of a sudden, we never heard from the second whistleblower.
We never heard about who the informer was.
The whistleblower who is going to come out strong, he's disappeared.
Where's the whistleblower?
He's disappeared.
He's gone!
Maybe our great congressman can find him, okay?
But the whistleblower is gone.
He flew the coop because he reported incorrectly.
And the IG, who didn't want to look at the conversation, he was so anxious to turn the whistleblower report over to Congress so that Congress could have fun with it, ought to be ashamed of himself.
But today the House Democrats announced these two flimsy, pathetic, ridiculous articles of impeachment.
The House Democrats are walking back from everything they claimed with today's announcement.
They're now admitting there was no collusion, there was no obstruction of justice, and there were no crimes whatsoever.
There are no crimes.
It says it.
There are no crimes.
They're impeaching me and there are no crimes.
This has to be a first in history.
They're impeaching me.
You know why?
Because they want to win an election.
And that's the only way they can do it.
So the Democrats have nothing, and they've turned the somber process of impeachment, and it was.
You know, to me, impeachment is a very ugly word.
It's a word I associate with some very bad times in our country.
The good news is we're having the best times in history in our country.
But the word impeachment to me
Is a very, very ugly word.
It's a dark, ugly word.
But, I have to tell you, as bad as it is, it meant something.
When you had serious high crimes and misdemeanors, when you had serious... It's impeachment.
That would happen every 50 years, every 40 years, every 100 years.
This was a big deal.
They're making it so like, let's do it every six months.
They've cheapened the process.
They've cheapened the process.
These people are so bad, the radical left Democrats.
And I actually think that Pelosi, who by the way, by the way, by the way, she has totally lost control.
She is totally — it's being run now by this crazy AOC.
Plus three.
AOC plus three.
Now it's being run by other people.
The far left has just grabbed that party.
It is so sad to see.
And she knew what would happen.
I didn't, because I didn't figure the polls would go through the roof.
They went out today.
In Michigan, in Wisconsin, in a place called Pennsylvania.
No, no.
The polls are through the roof.
They're called swing states, very important states.
We won Pennsylvania the last time, and we're going to win it again, but even bigger.
Our polls have gone, over the last month, they've gone through the roof.
You look at it, take a look at it, it came out today.
The firehouse poll, the firehouse poll.
It's an important poll.
It was always good.
I never looked at it today, I like it a lot.
We're up through, nobody can even believe it.
So what Pelosi did, as I said,
They do the impeachment, then right away, let's do USMCA.
Right on top of it.
You'd think she'd wait like a day.
She wanted to smother the impeachment crap.
And that's probably what she did, at least to an extent.
But any Democrat that votes for this sham will be voting to sacrifice their House majority, their dignity, and their career.
And some of these partisan lunatics have already said that if they fail this time, think of this, how about low IQ Maxine Waters?
How about green?
How about green?
We've green.
How about green where he said, we have to impeach him because if we don't impeach him, we're not going to win the election.
This is what we're, this is what we're dealing with.
You know, we're dealing with some very bad people.
We're dealing with people that don't respect you.
And by the way, you know, they talk about the elite.
You're the elite.
They're not the elite.
You're the elite.
You got better education, you got better jobs, you got better everything.
You're the elite.
It always bothers me, they say, the elite.
This is the elite.
Look at these people, how beautiful.
This is the elite.
You know who's the elite?
You look at those jobs reports.
We're the best in history.
Unemployment for African Americans.
Best in history.
Hispanic Americans.
Best in history.
Asian Americans.
You're the elite.
You're the elite.
But they said they'll do it again because this has been a total bust.
They'll do it again.
And by the way, the Senate's been so professional, so good, so strong, so solid, just like these gentlemen in the House.
So solid.
So we have to vote these crazy people the hell out of office.
And in 2020, I'm going to work like hell that we take over the House.
We have to take over the House.
Gotta take over the house, Mike.
So here are the facts that shifty shift.
Is that guy the worst?
He comes up to a microphone.
No, he comes up to a microphone like two and a half years ago.
Ah, I have absolute proof that the President of the United States conspired with Russia.
What the hell do I have to do with Russia?
By the way, Russia wishes that Hillary Clinton won.
They wish.
We are now number one in the world in energy.
Russia's number three.
We're beating now Russia and Saudi Arabia.
You'd have windmills all over the place if you had crooked Hillary.
They'd be knocking out those birds left and right.
Those windmills, wah, wah, wah.
Darling, I want to watch television tonight and there's no damn wind.
What do I do?
I want to watch the election results.
Darling, there's no wind.
The damn wind just isn't blowing like it used to because of global warming, I think.
I think it's global warming.
Global warming.
No more wind, no more life.
The ocean's gonna rise one-eighth of an inch within the next 250 years.
We're gonna be wiped out!
Look, I want clean air.
I want clean water, crystal clean.
And that's what we have at a record level.
Our air and our water are cleaner now than it's ever been, okay, with all that we're doing.
And we haven't closed up all of our industry, and we haven't closed up our businesses and lost all those jobs.
And right now, we're by far the largest economy in the world.
And if you remember, you could look
If you go back five, six, seven years, in 2019, they say China was going to catch us as the world's largest economy.
Guess what?
They're way behind.
They're way behind.
Over the last three years, you see the stock market set 131 records from the day.
Think of that.
And that means jobs.
That means 401ks.
I have so many people that come up to me.
Thank you, sir.
My wife is so in love with me because I went up 79% in the 401k.
She thinks I'm a genius.
She always thought I was a total stiff, a dumb, stupid dope.
Now she thinks I'm a financial genius, sir.
And all I did was buy some stock.
I have stock in a 401K.
And you made me into a genius, sir.
She loves me so much more than she ever did.
Shows you the power of money, right?
Isn't that terrible?
But I have so many people.
401Ks are through the roof.
Your jobs are through the roof.
We have the lowest unemployment rate.
And now, more importantly than anything, wages are up for the first time in many, many years.
You remember, four years ago, I was here, and I told people, I said, you know, 20 years ago, people made more money than they made four years ago.
Not now, not anymore, because people now can not only make a lot more money, if they don't like their job, they go out and they get a different job, and they get more money, and ultimately, they find one that they love.
You have so many opportunities right now.
Wages are up.
Jobs are up.
And today, we set a new record.
Almost 160 million people are working.
We've never come close to that number.
That's a hell of a number.
But just quickly, here are the facts on Shifty Shift.
This honest guy makes up my statements.
He said,
The President of Ukraine repeatedly declared that there was no pressure, but he didn't want to say that.
We said, say it.
Say it, you crooked bastard.
Say it.
But he doesn't want to say it.
We said, say it.
I'd like to force him to say it.
He'll walk up to the mic.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Guy's a total corrupt guy.
Listen, just to finish off, a man who I really, I don't know him, but I respect him, because the Ukrainian foreign minister, and he said it so strongly, I have never seen a direct link between investigations
And security assistance.
He just said that.
The Democrats, who are corrupt, refuse to say that.
And that's ultimately the only one that matters, the leaders of Ukraine, because they're the ones that know of this pressure, not some crooked ambassador that's a deep stater, or that's a bushy, or that's a Clintonite, or that's a Barack Obama ambassador.
The ones that matter are the leadership of the country that we're talking about.
They refuse to say it because they're dishonest people.
There's only one way to stop the rabid partisan Democrats.
Pennsylvania voters must show up in 2020 so we can take back the House, hold the Senate, and keep the White House.
It's the only way.
Only way.
So I'm going to ask these people to come up on the stage, because we have warriors with us tonight.
We love warriors.
Like the guys that killed al-Baghdadi.
You know how much press?
You know how much press?
I got — I don't care about press.
But Conan the Dog got more than I did, and that's okay.
Conan was almost electrocuted.
He deserves it.
They gave me about a day, and that's okay.
Because the people understand.
We made a great decision.
I remember this.
Al-Baghdadi was the founder of ISIS.
Al-Baghdadi was a vicious, ruthless person.
Al-Baghdadi created a caliphate bigger than the state of Ohio.
Think of that.
That's a big caliphate.
And we now have taken 100% of the caliphate.
And we have thousands and thousands of ISIS prisoners.
And with Obama, you did nothing.
You did nothing.
But get your ass kicked.
All right, we're joined tonight by many of the terrific warriors that have helped me so much in so many ways.
They fight for us.
They really are incredible, and they come right from the state of Pennsylvania.
Hey, do you ever notice where Biden keeps saying he's in the wrong state?
Like, if he's in Ohio, it's great to be in Iowa tonight.
If he's in Pennsylvania, it's wonderful to be in the state of Delaware.
What is wrong with this guy?
What's wrong with him?
There's something wrong.
Okay, there's something wrong.
No, he keeps... How many times can you do that?
So far, it could happen, because you know, I was doing six and seven a day that last month.
I think?
You know, like, what the hell is going on?
These crowds are incredible.
And we had the biggest crowds.
By the way, to this day, there has never been, and they'll always correct me, in the history of politics, in the history of our country, there has never been anybody that drew crowds like we draw.
And I don't have a guitar!
I have no guitar!
But this has never happened.
I mean, if you took Ronald Reagan, and we all like Ronald Reagan.
I liked him.
I thought he was a great guy.
But if he came to Pennsylvania for a rally, you know, if he had a thousand people in a ballroom or something, you know, I mean, we're getting crowds, 25, 30,000 people, and then there'll be 20,000 people outside.
You know, we set up screens outside.
And if anybody would like to stand in the rain watching, and to you people out there, I'm sorry.
It's pretty rough.
But no, there's never been anything like it.
One instruction, get me the biggest arena you can get.
We don't have empty seats.
I mean, look at this.
How many seats is this?
How much?
It's packed.
It's beyond that.
And don't forget, look at the floor.
And then you go out.
No, and then you go out and you look outside and you have thousands and thousands because there's a spirit for what we're doing.
We're fixing our country.
We're healing our country.
We're making America great again.
So I want to ask a couple of our great warriors to come forward.
Representative Glenn Thompson.
Come up here, Glenn.
Come up here.
A man that's been a friend of mine for a long time, Mike Kelly.
Don't get in a fight with him.
Come up, Mike.
A wonderful man who represents this area, Scott
Alright, just to let everybody know, you're watching live coverage of the InfoWars stream of the Trump Rally in Hershey, PA.
And you can always go to InfoWarsStore.com and support what we do.
It's your support that keeps us on the air, and we sure do appreciate it.
Now, back to President Trump, and we'll be going to your calls later, so everybody stay tuned.
We've got a lot more of the show tonight.
And two people that you all know very well in this state.
They bring home the bacon.
Dan Muser and Fred Keller.
I want to also bring back our
Pennsylvania Party Chairman, and I know his grandfather.
I shouldn't say that to you.
He was a tremendous man, Dan Tavis.
But I'm going to introduce somebody that Dan always said had tremendous talent.
Little did I know that he'd be working with us, and he's really working well.
He's smart.
He's tough.
Lawrence Tavis.
Come on up, Lawrence.
Also with us tonight, Pennsylvania Trump victory chairwoman, Bernie.
You know this, right?
You know this person.
Comfort, do you know?
Do you know who that is?
Do you know who that is?
Everybody knows who that is.
National committeeman, Bob Asher.
RNC co-chairman, Tommy Hicks, who's been incredible.
And my friend, David Urban.
So I just want to thank — this is an amazing group of people.
And with their help and the help of everyone here, we are going to set records like we've never set before.
You know, I used to say — and I sort of still have to say — 2016, I don't know if anything like that can ever happen.
But I think we're much better.
You know, all of the things I said — we're going to cut taxes, we're going to cut regulations, we're going to take care of our vets — look at what we did for our vets.
With choice, right?
Look what we did.
Look what we did.
We now have the ability to fire all of the bad people that are in the VA, right?
Fired over 8,000 people that were disrespecting our vets.
They wouldn't have done it in prime time, I can tell you that.
But what we've done for our vets, what we've done in rebuilding our military, what we've done in so many ways, and we, unlike the Democrats, will protect your Second Amendment.
So we've done a job, and we're proud of it, and we have tremendous people, and let's give them a hand, and thank you very much.
Thank you.
Thank you, everybody.
Thank you.
Thank you, folks.
Vote for these people!
Even if you don't like him, vote for him.
Oh, that's a beautiful new hat.
Look at the hat that guy's got on.
How's that hat working out?
Is that hat good?
I love that hat.
Look at this guy that says, keep America great.
Should we do the poll?
Should we do a poll?
Get ready.
So we have the greatest phrase in the history of politics.
Make America great again.
And we wait.
And we have our new phrase, because we've made American great.
I told you, stock market.
We've rebuilt our military.
We've cut your taxes, like, at a level that nobody could even think possible.
You look at your median — take a look at your median income.
Take a look at what's happened.
The numbers — median household income.
Take a look at your numbers.
With President Bush, it went up $400 in eight years.
With President Obama, it went up
$975 in eight years.
With President Trump, it went up $5,000.
But, whoa, whoa, whoa, in less than three years.
That's a big thing.
And then when you add energy savings and you add tax savings, you have almost a $10,000 gain in three years.
It's a big difference.
And that's one of the very big reasons why our, I think that and regulations, but that's one of the very big reasons why our economy is doing so, because they talk about our consumer is loaded with money!
Thank you very much, Mr. President, I appreciate it.
But with the help of everyone here,
We have now the hottest economy.
You know, when I meet dictators and presidents and kings and queens and prime ministers, they all come into that beautiful Oval Office.
So beautiful, right?
So respected.
And the first thing they almost always say, Sir, congratulations on your economy.
We're trying to do the same thing.
I said, you won't be able to do it.
You won't.
They won't be able to.
Let them give it a shot.
But they all say, congratulations on the great job you've done with the economy.
But we've all done the great job.
Not me.
We've all done.
I've been your spokesman, and I've done a good job as spokesman.
But they all say that.
But we've done a good job in many ways.
You know, all of the promises that I made, I'm the only politician in history that I've actually kept more promises than I made.
Think of that.
In other words, I made here.
Like a thing like Right to Try.
Nobody talked about Right to Try.
We got Right to Try.
That's somebody terminally ill.
We have the greatest medicines in the world, the greatest doctors, the greatest labs in the world.
Nobody close.
But it takes years to get it approved.
And I got it approved, so you can sign a document, get it.
And if you want to see the lives that we're saving, it's a beautiful thing.
A beautiful thing is happening.
Right to Try.
Right to Try.
But we've also created 7 million new jobs since the election.
If I would have said that, the fake news would have gone crazy.
They would have said, that's impossible.
These people would have gone crazy.
They go crazy anyway, and I don't even say it.
And right here in Pennsylvania, we've created 160,000 brand new beautiful jobs.
And you have companies moving in and moving back.
And as I said, African-American, Hispanic-American, Asian-American unemployment.
The lowest ever in the history of our country.
The lowest unemployment rates.
Wages for low-income workers have gone up more than 10%.
Nobody thought that was possible.
They're one of the biggest, in terms of a group, one of the biggest beneficiaries.
This year, 40 million American families will benefit from the Republican Child Tax Credit, each receiving an average of $2,200.
We ended the last administration's war on American energy.
The United States is now, and I said it and I'll say it all night long, number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world, and there's nobody even close.
And in the state of Pennsylvania, natural gas production is up 34% since our election.
Virtually every leading Democrat has pledged to entirely eliminate American production of oil, clean coal, natural gas.
I don't think somebody coming into Pennsylvania, you know those new petrochemical plants, they don't like them at all.
Thousands and thousands of jobs, incredible millions of dollars in taxes.
How about going to the state of Texas?
We had one candidate who turned out not to be too good a candidate, right?
So he wanted to get rid of religion, the Bible.
He wanted to get rid of guns, and he wanted to get rid of oil.
How about going to Texas and saying, no Bible, no oil.
Think of this one.
No Bible, no oil, no guns.
I think you could be Abraham Lincoln and not win that particular race.
And it wouldn't be much different in the state of Pennsylvania, that I can tell you.
But you know, somebody that believes in that is sleepy Joe Biden.
He was caught telling a far-left radical activist that he would shut down fossil fuel production in Pennsylvania.
You saw that.
But the voters of this Commonwealth will never, ever let that happen.
Can you imagine a guy coming in, whether it's him or anybody else?
They all want to do it.
He just raises his hand.
He has no clue what he's doing.
They raise their hand.
Remember, he looked.
You want to give illegal aliens health care, even though we're taking it away from our own soldiers and our own people?
And he looks, and they're all raising their hand.
Did you see that?
Well, he—oh, oh, oh.
Okay, I'll do it, too.
In addition to replacing NAFTA, I've taken the toughest ever action against China's trade abuses.
They want to make a deal so badly.
And we're doing well with the deal, but they want to make a deal.
Please make a deal.
We don't want to pay tariffs anymore.
Please, please.
Thanks to our steel tariffs, steel mills in Pennsylvania are roaring back to life, and U.S.
Has just announced a $1 billion investment in Mon Valley Works in Pittsburgh.
You know that, right?
$1 billion.
They weren't investing, they were divesting.
The steel companies, it's an amazing achievement.
We tax all of the dumped steel.
It comes in from China and other places.
All of it.
All of a sudden, our steel mills are doing again.
And we need steel.
You know, it's not like you can say, gee, we'll get it from another country.
We need that for defense.
We need it for our ships.
We need it for our planes.
We need it.
We can't play games with steel.
After years of rebuilding other nations, we are finally rebuilding our nation.
And very importantly, in everything we do, we are putting America first.
We gave up on the globalists, folks.
You know, let's build the world.
Let's forget about our country.
Let's just rebuild the world.
On no issue have the Democrat politicians more thoroughly betrayed the American people than on the issue of immigration.
Far-left politicians — I mean, they're fighting me on the wall.
You have no idea.
But we're building it, and it's fine.
And we have the money coming in from the military.
I got from here, from there, from there.
Believe me, if I weren't a good developer, you could forget about that wall.
I got here, there, there.
These people fought me, and we've started winning in court.
And you know what?
Speaking of court, we will soon have 182 federal judges, including Court of Appeals.
Nobody can believe it.
All because Barack Obama gave us 142 empty seats.
You know, when you're a president, they always say, I disagree, I think the most important thing we can do is defense, right?
But beyond defense, they always say the most important thing you can do is judges and justices of the Supreme Court.
We have two great ones.
Great ones.
But they always say,
Judges and Supreme Court Justices.
And when you leave office, I hope in five years, nine years, 13 years, 17 years, 21 years, 25 years, 29 years when I leave office.
No, I'm only doing that to drive them totally crazy.
That drives them crazy.
Even joking about it.
We have this idiot comedian who stands up.
He's talking to a guest, right?
He said, you know he's going to win, don't you?
You know it.
I goes, no, no, we're going to fight, we're going to fight.
And they will.
No, no, no.
You know he's going to win.
Then he goes, you know he's going to win.
And you know he's never leaving, don't you?
He's never leaving.
And at first I thought he was kidding.
He's a whack job.
He is totally serious.
He honestly believes that.
And, I don't know, should we give it a shot?
Maybe we'll give it a shot.
I'm only kidding.
I'm only kidding.
Media, I'm only kidding.
They won't write that, but that's okay.
They won't write the, I'm only kidding.
But far-left politicians support deadly sanctuary cities, demonstrating their sneering contempt, scorn and disdain for everyday Americans.
These jurisdictions
Deliberately release dangerous, violent, criminal aliens out of their jails and directly onto your streets, where they are free to offend, where they are free to kill, where they are free to rape, where they are free to beat up people except for ICE, because ICE is much tougher than that.
They don't beat up ICE.
They don't beat up ICE.
You're lucky we have ICE.
They want to put ICE out of business.
That's not happening.
ICE is — they're incredible people.
They're great patriots, and they're tough.
Thanks to Democrat immigration policies, innocent Americans in all 50 states are being brutalized and murdered by illegal alien criminals.
Last summer, at least 19 illegal aliens were charged in connection with grisly homicides, including hacking victims to death and ripping out, in two cases, their hearts.
Weeks ago, two illegal aliens and members of the savage gang MS-13, who we are removing from our country by the thousands,
We're charged with relentlessly beating a wonderful, beautiful high school teenager to death with a baseball bat and chopping the body apart with a machete.
One of the animals accused was previously released by local authorities in defiance of an ICE demand.
ICE wanted, said, you can't let him go.
They wanted him.
They would do anything for him.
They wanted them to hand this animal over for deportation back to his country, get him the hell out of our country, right?
Democrat sanctuaries also give safe haven to those who commit violent sex crimes.
Since Montgomery County, Maryland declared itself a sanctuary jurisdiction in July, we have already identified nine illegal aliens who have been arrested for rape, sexual assault, including a 26-year-old man charged with raping and viciously strangling a young, wonderful woman who was entering her apartment, innocently entering her apartment.
She was raped and killed, strangled to death.
Sanctuary City, Maryland.
But these are only the cases we know about.
Sanctuary cities and jails actively conceal illegal alien crime and criminals from federal government.
Federal government wants to take them out, or in some cases, if it's real violence, and we don't want to pay for the cost, but we do,
Put them into very strong jails.
The sanctuary city of Philadelphia, the sanctuary city in Philadelphia, is one of the very worst sanctuaries anywhere in America.
Did you know that?
I mean, I know Philadelphia well.
Going to school here.
We never heard about sanctuary cities, did we?
Weeks ago, an illegal alien charged with rape, sexual assault of a child, and inflicting serious bodily injury was released by Philadelphia to wander free in your communities.
And by the way, you may have the worst district attorney or whatever the hell you call—this guy.
I've been hearing about this guy.
He lets killers out almost immediately.
What the hell?
How did you let that happen?
Instead of handing him over while still in jail, they defied ICE.
They fought with ICE and set him loose upon an unsuspecting family.
Thankfully, at great time and effort,
Our brave ICE officers were eventually able to track him down, arrest him, detain him, and do what has to be done.
How do you elect Democrats when they create a sanctuary city of Philadelphia?
I don't get it.
Four MS-13 gang members were also arrested in Pennsylvania in connection with the brutal and sadistic murders of a 21-year-old and a 15-year-old.
As we speak, a criminal illegal alien with three prior deportations is roaming free in Pennsylvania because he was released by the city of Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love.
You better get yourself a new prosecutor in this place, I want to tell you.
That's a horrible thing.
No, it's a national story how he wants everybody to not pay the price.
And you're talking about not paying the price for rape, for murder, for other horrible crimes.
How stupid, how stupid can you be?
The charges against this alien include rape, aggravated indecent assault, unlawful contact with a minor, indecent exposure, and terroristic threats.
Other than that, he was a very nice person.
Philadelphia has defied ICE and released illegals charged with everything from assault, to kidnapping, to drug crimes, to sex crimes, to homicide, murder.
Democrats stand for crime, corruption, and chaos.
Republicans stand for law and order, and we stand for justice.
We stand for justice.
We side with law enforcement and with law-abiding Americans, not ruthless gang members and not violent criminals, aliens that come into our country illegally.
They take our payments.
Some of these people with these crazy laws that you have.
Look at what's going on in California.
They do better than our great veterans.
They do better than citizens of our country.
And they advertise, we will take you, we will take care of you, we will pay for it.
And then you wonder why we have so many people trying to come through at the borders.
But we do a great job.
We're removing these criminal, illegal aliens from our country by the thousands.
We're sending them home.
And we're not letting them come back in.
We're being very tough.
And Mexico is now giving us 27,000 soldiers at our border.
And Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, we signed a very important agreement with each.
When their people come into our country, they weren't taking them back.
Now they take them back and they say, thank you very much.
They weren't taking them back.
If we had a murderer from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, we want to bring them back under past administrations.
They'd bring them.
They said, we don't want them.
Don't land your plane with us.
They say, thank you very much.
We will take them back.
Because we've let them know the price is very bad if they don't do that.
Thanks to our tireless efforts to secure the border, illegal crossings are down 75% since May, and the wall is going up at a very rapid pace.
The radical Democrats
I've gotten more and more extreme.
And that's why they did this impeachment hoax.
Because Nancy Pelosi had absolutely no control.
She knew what was going to happen.
She knew.
The radical left has taken over the Democrat Party.
Democrats are pushing for a socialist takeover of healthcare that would strip you of the doctor and coverage of your choice.
We have 180 million people with private healthcare that love it.
They're going to take it away from you.
I don't think so.
Crazy Elizabeth Warren, or as I affectionately call her, Pocahontas,
Her ridiculous plan would cost $52 trillion.
That's more money than we take in in one year, two years, three years, four years, five years, six years.
About seven years.
That's for one year.
$52 trillion.
And you don't have your doctor.
I mean, the whole — well, she's starting to crash again.
You know, I thought I knocked her down.
I did that heavy, heavy book on this deal.
I give her credit.
I thought she was left for — I mean, they were like just little embers.
And then she rose.
She rose, and she became strong.
But then she opened that fresh mouth of hers, and it stopped.
It stopped.
I don't see her as a — I don't think she makes it.
I mean, you don't know.
Crazy things are happening in the Democrat Party.
Used to be a sane party.
Now it's an insane party.
So, you know.
But they're all looking at the same thing.
I mean, you have Alfred E. Newman, who's running, who's like this guy.
This guy, Buttigieg.
Can you believe he's doing well?
He's like the leading fundraiser.
I dream about him.
It's true.
No, Buttigieg.
But I'm not going too far with any of these people.
Because I thought, you know, I was way too early with Elizabeth Warren.
We destroyed her too fast.
So she came back, but she's going back down again.
Did anybody see her beer deal where she said, oh darling?
You ever see that deal?
Darling, it's about her husband.
Darling, it's great to see you.
What are you doing here?
It's like, that's her husband supposed to be living in the house.
You're here.
I don't think she's seen him in 10 years.
Hey, I have an idea.
Can I get a beer?
Let's get a beer.
You know, she wants to be one of the group.
Hey, let's get a beer.
Did you ever see such a phony, disgusting beer?
Republicans will defend your sacred right to choose the doctor, and you can choose your plan, and you choose the plan that's right for you.
We will strongly protect patients with pre-existing conditions.
We will also protect your right to get the physician that you want.
Virtually every top Democrat also now supports late-term abortion, ripping babies straight from the mother's womb right up until the moment of birth.
And this character in Virginia, do you see the Virginia governor?
I mean, he gave a whole expose, the baby is born.
And then basically, they start talking to the mother, the baby is born.
And there's no other word.
If the mother decides no, then they execute the baby.
He's the governor of Virginia, and why the Republicans aren't going to win Virginia this next election, 2020, I'll tell you what, we're going to give it a very strong shot.
When you have people like that, we're going to give it a very strong shot.
But that's why I've asked Congress to prohibit extreme late-term abortion, because Republicans believe that every child is a sacred gift from God.
Democrats are now the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late-term abortion, socialism, and blatant corruption.
The Republican Party is the party of the American worker, the American family, the American dream, and the party of Honest Abe Lincoln.
Party of Abe Lincoln.
I told you about judges.
I'm telling you about so many other things.
There's nobody that's ever done what we're doing.
You look at school choice for every child in America who needs it, including the 50,000 Pennsylvania students who your Democrat governor has blocked from getting school choice scholarships.
No scholarships available.
What's that all about?
How did that happen?
I withdrew from the horrible, one-sided Iran nuclear deal.
A disaster.
I recognized Israel's true capital and opened the American embassy in Jerusalem.
For years you watched as your politicians apologized for America.
Now you have a president who is standing up for America, and we are standing up for the people of Pennsylvania, and you've never had that better year.
At stake in our present battle is the survival of the American nation itself.
It's the survival.
We will destroy our country if these people get in.
You know, I say we've done so much in the first three years.
We'll soon be four years.
All of a sudden, the time will be up.
But it's like when you plant a tree, it needs time to grab on.
It needs time.
You got to let it.
It's got to grab.
And that's what we need.
We need time.
And we have other things we're going to do that are incredible.
We still have tremendous regulation cutting that we could do.
You know, we've cut more regulations than any president in the history of our country.
We did it in less than two and a half years.
Not two and a half years.
We did it in less than two and a half years.
And some had eight years.
One had more than eight years.
More regulation, and we have regulation, and you need some regulation, but you don't need regulation that doesn't allow you to build a simple road or highway.
So what we've done has been incredible.
That's one of the reasons our job numbers are so good.
If you want your children to inherit the birthright of American liberty that generations of Americans have fought and died for to secure, then we must devote everything we have toward victory in 2020.
And we have to get rid of the Democrats in the House of Representatives.
They are stone-cold crazy.
Only this way can we save the America we love and clean up Washington corruption once and for all.
With your help, we will lift millions more of our citizens from welfare to work, dependence to independence, and poverty to prosperity.
We have tremendous prosperity going on in our country, and the people in this room are
I mean, you know what's happening.
You know what's happening with your families.
You know what's happening with your jobs.
You've never had a time like this.
You know, they always say, are you better off now than you were four years ago?
I mean, who is better off now?
Everybody, I think.
But together, we will elect a Republican Congress to create a fair, safe, sane, and lawful system of immigration.
We will enact trade deals that result in more products proudly stamped with that beautiful phrase, Made in the USA.
We just finished a deal with South Korea.
Great new trade deal.
We just finished a $40 billion deal with Japan.
We're in the process of getting our deal done.
Let's see what happens.
They want to make it more than I do with, because we're taking in a lot of money.
We haven't taken in money from China ever.
And it's coming in now by the billions.
And when they target our farmer, I give our farmers that money that they've been targeted, and our farmers are thrilled.
And we have a lot left over.
But we will achieve new breakthroughs in science and medicine, finding new cures for childhood cancer, and ending the AIDS epidemic in America.
We'll have that done within 10 years.
And it could have started — that could have started earlier than the beginning of our administration.
We'll have that done in less than 10 years.
Think of that.
The AIDS epidemic, we'll have it ended in America within less than 10 years.
We will defend privacy, free speech, religious liberty, and the right to keep and bear arms.
And above all, we will never stop fighting for the sacred values that bind us together as one America, one great country, one America.
We support, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.
We stand with the incredible heroes of law enforcement.
We believe in the dignity of work and the sanctity of life.
We believe that faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, are the true American way.
We believe that children should be taught to love our country, honor our history, and always respect our great American flag.
And we live by the words of our national motto, In God We Trust.
We stand on the shoulders of generations of Pennsylvania patriots who gave their blood, sweat, and tears for this beloved nation.
Pennsylvania is the place where our founding fathers declared American independence, where the Army weathered its brutal winter at Valley Forge, and where General George Washington led his men across the Delaware on Christmas night.
They used the password.
You know what the password was?
Victory or death.
Victory or death.
How incredible is that?
Victory or death!
Pennsylvania is the state that gave us self-made titans of American industry from Andrew Carnegie to Milton Hershey.
I love Hershey.
I love Hershey.
And Henry J. Hines, Pennsylvania is the place where strong American workers mine the coal, work the railroads, and forge the steel that made America into the greatest and most powerful nation in the history of the world.
And we are making it even greater every single day.
It's greater than ever before.
And proud citizens like you help build this country, and together we are taking back our country.
We are returning power to you, the American people.
They are trying to take your power away.
It will never, ever happen.
With your help,
And with your devotion and your drive, we are going to keep on working.
We are going to keep on fighting.
And we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning.
We are going to keep on winning.
We are one movement, one people, one family, and one glorious nation under God.
America is thriving like never before, and ladies and gentlemen of Pennsylvania, the best is yet to come.
Because together, we will make America wealthy again.
We will make America strong again.
We will make America proud again.
We will make America safe again.
And we will make America great again.
Thank you, Pennsylvania.
Thank you.
We are live here in the Central Texas Command Center.
Donald Trump has just wrapped up his Hershey PA rally.
I'm your host, Rob Due.
Joining me, of course, is Savannah Hernandez, who kicked off this going straight from the War Room to here.
And it was quite a little juggle to make all this happen, but we're happy to do it for everybody out there.
And Alex Jones, I know, is going to be joining us.
We're going to be taking your calls here in just one second.
Let me give out that number now.
That's 877-789-2539.
Go ahead and get lined up on the phone systems.
We're going to be talking about this active shooter that happened in New Jersey today.
Of course, since it wasn't a white man, it's not being plastered all over the universe of white men with guns.
There's some really disturbing news out of the New York Supreme Court having to do with vaccines.
And we also have this article, well Alex Jones was right again, monkey pig hybrids created by Chinese scientists.
And I guess also I'd like to talk about if people want to see Director Wray fired, I usually compare him to the cast of Dumb and Dumber.
When you hear the guy talk, he doesn't seem like he has too much going on inside that little noggin of his.
A very good yes man.
So we'll be getting to all those clips and articles today.
Savannah, what did you make of Trump's speech?
It seemed to be a pretty boiler point.
He didn't do anything that I noticed that was too new, except talk about some of today's impeachment proceedings.
Kickin' ass.
You guys are kickin' butt and Savannah has been on since the start.
She really has been.
She's like, uh.
I was telling you, I was like, my brain's a little bit empty.
I may need some help.
No, you have been kickin' butt.
Thank you.
And so we're going to air a clip here and come back from break and let you get back and get some rest because you've been helping produce shows all day.
And you're going to be here with me, my friend.
And I promise, because it's what I like, what listeners like, we took
Probably, let's not exaggerate, 30 calls today on my show.
That was good.
Well, you're not going to be on hold because there's going to be no breaks other than at the end of the hour, in the middle of the hour, coming up today for TV and radio stations that are picking us up.
More and more we're going and expanding coverage where they just get there four or five minutes an hour, you know, a couple minutes at the bottom of the hour, a couple minutes at the end of the hour.
We're going commercial free.
We've got a bunch of reports.
We're going to air and talk about all that's been happening and take your phone calls 877-789-2539.
We've had the great John.
Harmon in here all day long from my show till now, taking the calls 877-789-2539.
First time callers, long time callers, you agree, you disagree.
We're not like the leftists who only have people on that agree with them.
We love to hear people that disagree, if it's legitimate and serious.
877-789-Alex, 877-789-2539.
Savannah, great job.
Do a great job.
I wanted to air, well, there's a lot of things to air here.
But I've seen so many special reports that you guys have put together.
There's the particular one as well.
It's all the angles of Owen confronting people in Congress.
Is that going to happen next week and this Thursday when they have more of these kangaroo hearings?
They're set to vote it out of the full committee on Thursday.
Will InfoWars be back?
Will it be Owen?
Will it be me?
Will it be you that goes and protests in front?
Because you don't just go to the mall
We're good to go.
You can just sit there and have the truth be heard.
And don't just count on, quote, professionals like myself or Owen Schroeder to do it.
We're not professionals.
I come from AXS TV 25 years ago.
25 years ago.
And here we are.
We are not getting talking points from the globalists.
We're getting talking points from common sense.
Yeah, and I tell you, some of the best moments are actually outside when these guys come out for a break.
They think they're going to get a breather.
You confronted the M-Word, the infamous man who thought islands floated.
And so, Marco Rubio, there's so many... There goes the midget.
Oh, excuse me.
The M-Word.
I mean, that's where you get those people because their guard is not there, they're trying to get to wherever they're going, and they are pretty much vulnerable where you can go out and ask them a couple questions and wrangle them.
So it's very easy to do.
Anybody can do it.
All you need is a phone.
We've, you know, or a couple phones.
You holding the phone and having somebody holding the phone on you so you can get it if somebody grabs you or pushes you away or do anything, get all that on camera.
Well, there's two things I want to air to let Savannah go home and well-deserved and we'll go to the phone calls.
And that is BPA and how it's literally causing miscarriages, death and mass.
But all these Comedy Central shows and things and Colbert and everybody, they all make fun of us and say there's no chemicals and nothing's gender bending and everything's fine.
We're going to air his report.
Then after that, the little two minute report that we put together that has been the latest talking point.
No one's above the law, I guess, except them.
And then we'll be back with Dennis, Caleb, Nick, Chris, Chris, Nick and so many others.
On the other side of these important pieces, and I know this has been done because I ran home, hung out with my children a few hours, and I did duck out of this.
I listened to some of the covers driving up.
We need to plug here just briefly.
We're running a lot of big specials.
If you do your Christmas shopping with us, they're great products.
You don't have to fight the crowds and go spend your money with big globals.
Almost all these big corporations and big box stores.
I think so.
And most of them got something wrong with them, so they're just pissed off at normal families, normal people, and want us all to fight with each other.
So, mfullwarrestore.com, a lot of big specials running as well.
So, we're trying to hire more people so the same crew isn't up here from 8am until now.
But we're here, we're doing it, and Will Johnson and everybody are doing a great job.
Out there in the field as well.
Again, we lost two people because they had family members that are sick.
That's just how it works.
They've got to go take care of.
That's happened last month.
We're going to have the crew to run that show, Firepower, until we get more people hired.
And I'm not complaining.
I'm just saying we need financial support.
We need your prayers.
We appreciate you all.
So here's those important reports.
Remember, if you know a woman who's pregnant, get them this report.
It's at Band.Video.
It's all admitted.
Everything we've told you.
It's not like, oh, suddenly Alex Jones made up that there's pig, monkey, pig,
Human, by the way.
That's the cover story.
I didn't just guess that.
It was in white papers 30 years ago.
Okay, and it goes further.
This top scientist was working on getting women to have babies for elites, so these men have a whole bunch of babies secretly.
Okay, and it's for a lot of reasons.
I told you that.
Now it's come out Zorro Ranch.
Folks, I know what I'm doing, okay?
And some of this stuff isn't in the news.
Some of this stuff isn't from sources.
I've already seen them do it so many other places.
I know how they operate.
You can put two and two together.
It's kind of like a connect the dot for a two-year-old, where like almost the whole dolphin's connected.
There's like little millimeter spaces.
You can look at it and say it's a dolphin or it's a gorilla or it's a bicycle, okay?
Well, I mean, look, we know what they're doing and it isn't cool.
And they've got all this stolen money.
They want eternal life.
So everything they're doing is about creating an artificial eternal life.
And whoever is giving them the impetus for this says the human species must end before they can rise as God.
I think I've heard of that before.
So, you know, God wouldn't put us in this and not give us an owner's manual and a cheat sheet.
So here's those reports.
We'll be back and take your phone calls.
Great job, Savannah Hernandez and the entire crew.
We'll be right back.
You have heard Alex say it.
You think I'm like shocked by it so I'm up here bashing it because I don't like gay people?
I don't like them putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin' frogs gay!
Do you understand that?
I'm sick of being a social engineer and it's not funny!
The chemical atrazine, an endocrine-disrupting pesticide that leaches into our drinking water, is turning 1 in 10 adult male frogs into females, according to a nearly now 10-year-old study from Berkeley University.
These are guys who are applying it, they're out there picking it.
Methyl bromide, it's a fumigant, something you pump into the soil.
What are some of the other big ones you guys?
This will all end up in the river that we're working in here.
Hayes is testing the effects of chemicals like atrazine, a common herbicide.
We have a whole family of animals where we've eliminated the female chromosome.
Specimen zero one.
But it's far worse than just flipping the script on your gender.
Atrazine's herbicide counterpart, glyphosate, can give you terminal cancer.
As just last year, USA Today reported a jury ordered chemical giant Monsanto to pay $289 million to a school groundskeeper
Who got terminal cancer after using Roundup, one of the world's most popular weed killers.
The label is important because as a pest controller and as those guys out there in the professional doing this, in the professional field of applying herbicides, it's a requirement to understand your label and to look at your label.
It's very serious.
There's a whole chapter on reading the label, how to read it, and what to look for.
So if that was on the label,
People can make an informed choice.
Meanwhile, a new study delving into the true amount of BPA affecting humanity reveals that the gender-bending chemical is far higher than first discovered.
The Daily Mail reports, this study raises serious concerns about whether we've been careful enough about the safety of this chemical, according to Dr. Hunt, a corresponding author on the paper.
What it comes down to is that the conclusions federal agencies have come to about how to regulate BPA may have been based on inaccurate measurements.
Instead, she and her team devised a way to assess the metabolites themselves directly.
What they found was alarming.
Not only was the disparity between the indirect measure and their direct on as wide as 44-fold, the higher the level of BPA, the greater the gulf between their measure and the one used by the FDA was.
Canned foods are subject to the same level of inspection as fresh produce, meat, and dairy to ensure they're contaminant-free.
And yet it's the cans themselves that worry a group of environmental organizations.
They tested 21 food cans from major Canadian retailers.
18 of them contained BPA in their lining.
BPA is an industrial chemical that prevents food spoilage in cans.
Research has shown it may be linked to increased risk of cancers, obesity, and neurological problems in children, in part because bisphenol A is a known hormone disruptor.
A new study that had subjects handle store receipts
Showed BPA absorbed through the skin stays in the body much longer than ingested BPA.
The study said subjects handle common store receipts for five minutes, then wear gloves for two hours before washing their hands.
BPA measurements in the subjects urine showed BPA levels highest for the first two days after handling the receipts.
And remember, they only handled the receipt for five minutes.
It has never been more important to protect your family and yourself from the suppressed toxicity plaguing the human species.
John Bowne reporting.
It's not just that folks
...are not exercising, watching too much TV, and eating a lot of bad food.
It's all done by design.
They want everybody to be gender-bent.
That is the admitted Brave New World program.
We're good to go.
I started saying I'd cover this.
You come on the shot guy.
I started saying I'd cover this on Monday and I just start reading over again.
I get too angry to cover.
But tomorrow, the next day, thank you very much.
I'm going to cover this.
This is just a small stack of mainstream news from the past.
Vaccine inserts they don't want you to see that actually come from the containers from the pharmacies.
And studies of what it's doing to you, okay?
This is all by design.
These are the people that want to control your life.
They're doing it.
And I went and had the crew get more of these vaccine inserts on Monday, and they made the print even smaller, where with a magnifying glass, you really can't read it.
So we're going to use a microscope, and I'm not joking.
On some of these, it's the smallest type I've ever heard of.
It's like microfilm.
It's not like microfilm, it's microfilm size, some of it.
And we started looking at it.
I actually got two magnifying glasses, put them together, and I could read what it's saying.
And it's type 1 diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, narcolepsy, death.
Yeah, and never been tested to see if it causes cancer or mutations.
Never been tested.
But they say it doesn't.
Yeah, no, they say that in there.
It's never been tested.
But then they admit it does actually cause that.
Never tested on humans.
It gives you animals.
So I want to explain something.
I worked for a large animal vet, Jess Adkins, 30 years ago.
Now I'm getting older.
I think so.
But that's such an important report you just saw.
They're doing all this on purpose, and then men have smaller genitals, the olfactory nerve responds different to the smell of women.
It doesn't work as well as it does with frogs, but this is the gender confusion you're seeing.
And then they publicize it, they normalize it, they set it up so that more and more people are like this.
And as we all get mutated, we then just accept it.
This is the depopulation plan in Brave New World revisited, which is a nonfiction book.
So we'll go to break.
We'll come back and I'm going to take every one of these phone calls on the board with Rob Dew.
We'll respond to Trump's speech and more on the other side.
And so every call on the board will be taken.
When we return, stand by.
Back in two minutes.
Is the President of the United States above the law?
No person is above the law.
No one is above the law.
No one is above the law.
No one is above the law.
No one is above the law.
No one is above the law.
He's certainly not above the law.
Nobody's above the law.
No one is above the law.
No one is above the law, not even the President of the United States.
No one is above the law, not even the President of the United States.
This President believes he is above the law.
And no one, not even the President, should be above the law.
No one is above the law, and certainly not the President.
Oh my God!
Again, I'll repeat, no one, not even the President, is above the law.
Oh my God, do you know what this means?
We finally got him!
We have a President who believes he is above the law.
The President is not above the law.
We have a President who believes he is above the law.
He is not, as some people have tried to suggest, above the law.
The President is declaring himself above the law.
No one, not even the President of the United States, is above the law.
Donald Trump has tried to put himself above the law.
And that's not how it works.
That's not how any of this works.
You are above the law.
In my view, there is nothing more dangerous than an unethical President who believes they are above the law.
The American people do not want a president who believes that he is above the law.
No one is above the law.
Nobody is above the law.
We must ensure that no one is above the law.
I mean, dear God, this guy cannot in any way be allowed to be above the law.
This is the United States of America.
No one is above the law.
No one.
No one.
No one is above the law.
Ah, you're the one that's breaking the law.
Oh, son of a bitch.
We will hear 30-minute opening arguments from councils for the majority and the minority.
Jerry Nadler and the Democrat Party are committing treason against this country!
And you can kick me out, but he's the one committing crimes!
You are, Jerry Nadler!
You're the one committing treason!
America's done with this!
America's sick of the treason committed by the Democrat Party!
We're not going to sit here and watch them run an impeachment.
We're going to move our vote.
We voted for Donald Trump, and they're going to remove him because they don't like him.
Americans are sick of your impeachment stance.
They're sick of the Democrat treason.
We know who committed the crimes.
It wasn't Trump.
Trump is innocent.
Dealer's choice.
How many times must I say I love you before you finally understand that humanity is awakening?
And vaccines aren't your friend.
Suddenly it's the London Independent.
Suddenly it's everywhere.
Animal hybrids, monkeys with pigs.
They're just getting you ready for human animal.
It's all admitted.
I learned of it 20 plus years ago in public reports about how they were growing humanoids inside utero of cows to harvest organs.
Yeah, a lot of those organs you think you're getting out of China come from Falun Gong.
Don't even come from them.
Comes from part cow, part human.
So the cow doesn't reject it.
It's actually part of the clone of the very line of cloned cows.
And now they're getting into where the cows live their lives out with basically out their higher nervous system.
So they're actually in tanks.
They call it a cloning tank, but actually it's just a uterus.
And you don't think that'll give rise to super viruses?
You think these scientists care about you?
You think this is something God likes?
So I'm going to explain something again.
It was in government documents that I read on air.
I could dig them up if you'd like.
MIT, you name it.
25 years ago, when I was first on air, that it was going on 20 years before that.
That's 45 years ago.
In 1974, the same year I was born, the same year that the science czar that Obama appointed, John P. Holdren, wrote Ecoscience.
Now let's go to your phone calls.
Rob Dews riding shotgun with us here tonight.
We're getting a lot of calls.
Dennis, Sam.
Nick, so many people are going to you here, but I wanted to give one more update as the Trump rally rolls on and breaks up and finishes up on what Antifa did, on what he witnessed since he was on with us a few hours ago.
There's obviously 20,000 or more, probably more than that, people there.
Big rally.
So he's not able to get a Skype connection, but I wanted to get a final report from Owen Schroer.
Owen, what is happening there in Hershey, Pennsylvania?
Well, the Trump rally just got out and we're out here in the truck.
Talking to great Americans.
And it's pouring rain out here and freezing, but that didn't stop 20,000 Trump supporters from coming out here and showing their support for the president.
But it did keep the snowflake protesters at bay.
They had maybe 100 people out here insanely protesting, but they didn't last much longer than an hour.
Well, I mean, you know, zombie meth heads can't get out in the cold.
We know that, Owen.
And that's their problem, you know.
They couldn't handle a little rain, a little cold, and so they stayed home tonight.
But the real story is the fact that everywhere Trump goes, he gets 20,000 people minimum.
And so the Democrats can sit here with their fake news and they can say Trump's unpopular, he's going to be impeached and all this bullcrap, but it's not going to happen.
And if it does happen, it's not going to be pretty, because these people aren't going to take it, Alex.
And I'll just tell you,
You know, I've been to probably 20, 30 Trump rallies and people always know who I am, but nothing like the response I've had today.
Nothing like the support I've had today for InfoWars, for the video of me in Congress yesterday.
Americans are fed up, Alex.
They're really fed up.
And if they think that the Democrats think they can impeach Trump, it's going to be ugly.
And I don't want it to be.
I don't want it to...
No, you're absolutely right, and it is backfiring in the House, but they're going to pass it, as I said months ago they would, but in the Senate, they've got some wild cards, but they're going to bring a bunch of fake garbage and false flags and civil unrest, but I predict that's going to fail as well.
But the election fraud by the deep state, and I think all the listeners agree on it, we've come to a consensus.
Uh, that we already see massive fraud.
All the stops pulled out.
He's losing every sudden, um, special election.
He was winning them all.
Now they put the fraud in, and I'm really worried about election fraud.
Trump barely won because of Hillary's fraud, but the landslide was so big.
And they have these fake polls now.
The Quinnipiac just released one where Trump's losing to every candidate.
Bloomberg, even.
Buttigieg, Klobuchar, 47-43.
He's losing to eight of them.
He's gonna lose to Hillary by 97%, remember?
Yeah, exactly.
And in fact, that's what I retweeted.
Like, yeah, of course, Hillary was up 95% going to win.
And they show this time and time again to try to, I think, demoralize freedom-loving Americans out there.
And you're right.
And people say, well, Hillary can't get in now because she missed the first seven states' deadlines.
She should have come into a broker convention, folks.
That's the plan.
I told you that a year ago.
And we'll see if I'm right.
I mean, I hope I'm wrong because we forced her not to by keeping heat on Clinton and her evil husband.
But if you don't keep heat on her, she's campaigning more than all the other Democrats combined.
She's on every damn show you can be on.
My God, it's giving me a headache.
Owen, I want to get to this and then the calls, but since you're here, we'll get this out of the way now.
Jordan Kepler,
And again, I say that as a joke because I disrespect the guy.
He's another, you know, sociologist, psy-op, operative.
I mean, look, if anybody's deep state is people like this and Sacha Baron Cohen, it's all admitted in their pedigree of what they do politically.
They're better than us.
They're gods.
They're smart.
They're managing us.
They're with the establishment.
Let's get a task check.
He's like, he sees you, and I guess the camera only gets on at the end, but it sounds like he's saying, oh, you're losers, ha ha ha, you got wiped on the face of the earth.
He had the full Viacom, Sumner Redstone behind him, everything, and failed with Chuck E. Cheese, the rat.
What a joke.
We're grassroots.
We're proud of who we are.
We're backed by the people, the viewers and listeners right now.
But describe what's not just in the video you caught, but anything else that happens.
I see him running from you by the time you get the camera on.
What happened with Joseph Goebbels?
I mean, Joseph Kepler.
Yeah, so, uh, Goebbels, Kepler.
Yeah, no, honestly, Alex, I held out hope.
He was going around, and he was interviewing people, and, you know, it was fair enough.
I mean, he's shooting his documentary, and I was being respectful of him.
Sure, he's cherry-picking a few loons, a lot of them planted by their own operatives, we know that.
I mean, that's what he does, he cherry-picks loons.
We don't cherry-pick loons at their events, because, I mean, they're like zombies, but yeah, he cherry-picks loons, it's what he does.
Well, and it wasn't even that.
I mean, he was actually talking to people, and they were talking, and he talked to them for a while.
And so, I'm just watching this.
I'm thinking, okay, this is a legit guy.
Like, we got different politics, but, you know, he'll have a word with me.
And then, as soon as he saw me, and as soon as I talked to him, he shut down all of his cameras.
I mean, he had a six-man crew out here.
He shut down all of his cameras, his whole crew shut it down, his crew got in my face, said, no, we're done.
So all of a sudden he ended, he literally ended shooting simply because I wanted to talk to him.
And I held out hope, I thought he was going to be a normal guy.
I thought he would be cool.
But look at all of them, they're jackass, jackal smiles, the guy that runs up in your face like, you know, he's the president, you can't talk to him.
The airs he has just because Shumner Redstone craps out money on him.
These elitist pimps that have
Hate America and literally their religion is that flyover country sucks and that they've controlled us.
They have nothing but arrogance for us.
I can't tell you how evil these people are.
So it was just really sad, Alex, that, that, and that's who they all are.
That's, it's like Al Green.
Like Al Green can't even not call me a racist.
It's like he's just as bad as the average... Tell folks what happened.
We'll play this after calls.
You're in the airport flying to DC Sunday.
And you go, hey man, you know, your impeachment, you try to talk to him again, you've talked to him before nicely.
He goes, I got a racist, I got a white supremacist, help me, help me to black people.
I mean, that is, you talk about yelling fire in a theater, you talk about yelling wolf, man.
Al Green is such a race baiter.
He went on the floor of Congress and said because they're not bringing in any people of color to testify, that that impeachment process is racist.
I mean, the guy is completely out of his mind.
He's a KKK black man.
I mean, he just makes it all about that.
And by the way, there's a bunch of scum, the white people they brought to go against Trump.
I mean, I don't care what color damn they are, but see, this is all identity politics, what color you look like, what somebody looks like.
And it's absolute crap.
So we're going to play this Kepler clip, but he sure as hell ran from you.
But he made that first statement about, oh, you got wiped off the air like you don't exist.
Same thing that the Ferengi ambassador,
Bubble party, boy.
There's nothing wrong with the fact that Marco Rubio likes to have gay or G-sex, reportedly.
But, I mean, people got really pissed in the deep state when I came up, politely talked to him, and he said, who are you?
I don't know who you are.
Like, like, if they say we don't exist, we go away.
Why do you think Klepper, H. Relix's uncle, or whatever his name is, said that to you?
Well, I think it's really just, uh, probably, you know, uh, small wiener syndrome, I guess you could call it.
Well, he didn't look at you too friendly.
No, he didn't even want to look in my eyes, actually.
It was like he was afraid to even be in my presence.
Because he was supposed to steal our identity, make a whole show out of us, misrepresent who we are, and we would never engage with him.
He admitted the whole show was starting to get us to engage.
There are too many shows attacking us to give you the attention, son.
We're busy on air, not watching your show.
Well, and here was the funny thing, Alex.
You know, he sits here, he gets the big Comedy Central, which is a very successful cable network for a long time.
He has a prime time slot.
Yeah, he's like a first round draft pick out of college that gets put on the New England Patriots and literally starts having diarrhea every game and pooping his pants and crying for mommy and he won't even go on the field.
And then InfoWars is the last pick of the draft that everybody tried to keep off of the draft board.
They didn't even want us to be there.
And we're just setting league records and rushing yards and touchdowns and tackles and interceptions, just doing everything.
And so that's what I think is really at the bottom of it, is he realizes that even with all the money and all the promotion and the cable network behind him... No one wants to be lectured to by another effete, snot-nosed elitist.
But Alex, we beat him.
I beat him.
Owen Troyer beat him.
My show lasts longer than his.
He ran.
Again, reportedly, he projectile defecates when he gets in the presence of an InfoWars house.
But think about that.
The most banned name in news, the most censored name in news, and we beat him.
We beat him.
Our listeners beat him by keeping us in the game.
Owen, what comes up next tomorrow?
Well, we're going to be taking the Info Wars battle truck on the road and it's going to pop up in a random location that may be the city that never sleeps.
Alright, Times Square.
And I keep seeing this badass video of you.
Is that you?
Well, you have a speaker system.
Publicly announcing two people coming out after the Trump rally.
What is this video?
Do we have audio of this?
Yeah, we started the chat.
Okay, in a moment we're going to play this again.
Owen, tell us what happened here and then we're going to calls.
Yeah, so actually I'm about to hop back into the Infowars battle truck for a minute.
Do maybe a little more bullhorning.
But man, there's all kinds of videos, there's all kinds of content.
We got Kaitlin Bennett out here, Millie Weaver, Will Johnson, the whole team.
And they've got a lot of reporting.
They're going to be in D.C.
covering the impeachment process, covering the response from people on the street looking for congressmen to talk to.
So a lot of action happening at InfoWars over the course of the next few days.
And let me tell you one trick I forgot to tell you with that new sound system.
If you cut the mic like a singer does, it's even louder.
I can just go GRR!
I mean, it's unbelievable.
Alright, Owen, you're kick-ass.
We'll be following you live right through this week at band.video and fullwords.com forward slash show.
Tell the crew great job.
Copy that.
All right, I said I'd go to Dennis, Sam, Nick, Chris, Chris, Nick, Greg, Tim, Kevin, Chris, John, Rob, Doug, who's right here.
But since we said it, let's play a minute or so of the bullhorning out there at night, which he's doing live right now.
Then we'll play the two-minute clapper, and then nothing but calls.
We're going to go with calls all the way until 10 o'clock tonight, ladies and gentlemen.
One call after another, commercial free, except for breaks we're going to take that are news little breaks for our radio and TV stations at the bottom and the end of each hour, the top and the bottom of each hour.
So here's some of the bullhorning that just happened.
Ho ho!
Your IQ is very low!
Hey hey!
Ho ho!
Your IQ is very low!
What happened to Russian collusion?
What happened to Russian collusion?
Oh, those are lebtards he's bullhorning.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Oh, I bet they like that.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
I think they like all that light on them.
They're like the flashing lights.
And you have your own misery!
And misery loves company, but we just won't join you.
We will not do it.
That's why this thing is so good for this.
It looks like, what, about 100 lib cards came out?
Yeah, and they were all corralled in one little spot.
I don't think we should act like them and flip them off.
Owen didn't do that if you're a radio listener, but...
At some point, the pro-Trump people started
Chanting America is back, America is back, and that really gets them.
Oh wow, that shows that people, even on the road, have gotten my chant.
America is back is our chant.
And I learned it when they had that event called the...
Alex Jones.
Donald Trump and Alex Jones.
And fake news.
They shut down downtown.
Of course, I wasn't allowed to be there.
Oh, you can't be here, sir, but I still bullhorned him.
Yeah, you sat in the front row.
Yeah, and that's when I learned.
When I said, America's back, come on.
They're like, oh!
That's the secret word.
That's the secret word.
It's like an exorcist.
The power of Christ compels you.
You say, America's back.
It's like, oh!
Can we show Raiders of the Lost Ark, the final scene when the Nazis all melt?
All right, that's good.
Let's go to Jordan Kepler, or I'm sorry, Joseph Goebbels Kepler, and let's play a little bit of that when we're going right to your calls.
Here is what happened today with Owen as he runs in fear, all snarling like a raccoon caught in a bear trap.
Here it is.
There was not enough, uh, the content kind of wrapped up when you guys kind of got completely wiped off the air when nobody paid attention.
Oh, really?
Because your show got cancelled, my show's still on air.
Pause again.
Start it over at the beginning.
He's saying we got taken off the air when you got totally cancelled and we didn't have any content anymore.
No, no, no.
They demonized us to get us off the air.
That's why all the dozens of shows and all the media was attacking us.
Then they thought once they got us off those platforms, we'd be gone, but we're not.
Thanks to the spread of the word.
And so he's just, you know, pissed because his whole world was getting rid of us.
But he didn't think once that happened, he'd be gotten rid of, which is what traitors always do.
They lower the drawbridge, let the enemy in.
The first people the enemy takes out.
Oh, look, he's wearing a brown shirt, too.
Look at that.
Little brown shirt.
It's, uh, Yenced Rome.
Jerry Nadler and the Democrat Party are committing treason against this country!
And you can kick me out, but he's the one committing crimes!
You are, Jerry Nadler!
You're the one committing treason!
America's done with this!
That's right.
I did see that.
I think that was the taxpayer dollars at work.
We'll send the ballots straight off to your boss and we'll be fine.
Do you support the impeachment?
Is there an impeachment going on?
No, we're important.
You're nobody.
We're going to go in order of who's been holding the longest.
Dennis in Virginia, just taken over by the hordes of libtards swearing they're going to confiscate all guns and literally sexualize children down to age three.
Reach down and help them like Jocelyn Elder said, touch it for them.
Dennis, thanks for calling.
Hey, good evening, guys.
Thanks for airing the Trump rally.
Trump was great as usual.
I made it to the Fayetteville, North Carolina rally and the energy in those events, I mean, it's incredible.
I just want to see it turned on the deep state.
Go ahead, sir.
No problem.
Let's talk about Owen crashing the impeachment hearing.
I mean, he set an example for many of us to follow.
That guy's a hero.
And but the one thing, and you said this, you know, America doesn't want any part of this impeachment thing.
But if you look at the seats for the public seating, they're like half empty.
Yes, that's because everyone is so intimidated by Congress when it's our house.
In countries run by royals, they own the palaces.
You can't go in them.
We, by law, whoever can get in with seats, gets in.
In fact, that's why I'm going to go up there and just sit and not disrupt it.
I'm going to just sit.
The fact that I'm there will take the whole story over.
Yeah, it's incredible.
You guys are awesome.
No, you're awesome.
I want to explain something, Dennis.
Without you spreading the word, praying for us, and buying the products, we're off the air.
You're the only reason we're here.
You understand who gets the credit?
You, Dennis!
Sorry, go ahead.
And you've got great products, too.
And I'll tell you, the best thing I ever did was buy that Alexa Pure Water Filter.
I mean, it's like having fresh spring mountain water, and I live in the mountains.
I mean, I couldn't imagine life without that.
My kids have never known anything but filtered water.
Oh, the number one thing you can do, and people look it up and they go, wow, third party's tested the Alexa Pure, it's like one of the top ones out there, and then so is Pro Pure.
Yeah, we just look at what's top rated, what everybody, I want to sell what people like, whatever's got the best rating.
Well, if I was going to be a car dealer, I'd want to sell, you know, whatever the best rated car was, everybody was buying it, it's got good records.
But yeah, we then sell the most of them so you get the best deal with us.
On average.
Sometimes people do sales bigger than us, but thank you so much and God bless you, Dennis.
Hey, just going back to those Trump rallies.
Outside, I've been to a lot of them outside.
And it's amazing, great people, high energy.
You go inside, it really is like a concert for the most legendary band in the world.
It really is amazing.
And it's people's love for America.
People of all ages, people of all religions.
And it's about rejecting them telling us we can't love Trump.
Which is why I get people getting cultic about Trump because it's about saying, no, you're not going to tell me who to love and who to support.
I get it.
We just need to make sure the neocons and the never-Trumpers don't get control and stay on Trump because he really responds to us, but we need to be putting pressure on him.
I totally agree.
And I think with that type of power that goes on in those, the people are ready.
And they know when they're being fooled.
They know about the fake news.
These people are on fire when you go in and talk to them.
They know what's going on.
Well, exactly.
It's like about a hundred or so days ago, my wife looked at me and she said, listen, you talk about these supplements.
She goes, I take them.
They're great.
But she is a big excess person.
So she's all into that.
She goes, you need to take these religiously.
You need to do it.
You need to take care of yourself because you're your own worst enemy.
As she said, you know, when you're out with your friends or whatever and you do go ahead and drink alcohol, it's like George Soros is handing you that glass of alcohol.
And that helped me just quit right there, because it's true.
Now, anytime I'm out at a party, at an event, everybody else is drinking, I'm like, you know what?
Even though they're my friend or family, my mom's like, hey, want a glass of wine?
I'm like, no, because I see George Soros pouring me.
I'm done.
And that's why I'm going to be stronger and live longer and fight harder, because every time I lay down, every time I'm not taking action, it's more that these bastards that want to dominate us are doing it.
It's not about a pissing contest that you're not going to run my life.
If they weren't a bunch of child molested devil worshippers, I wouldn't be fighting this hard.
I'd say, OK, you can run things, just stay out of my way.
They literally want to mount our heads on the wall spiritually.
Don't let them run your damn lives!
Alright, who's up next here?
Nick in Michigan.
Nick, thanks for holding.
You're on the air, sir.
Hello, I've been dying to get on the air with you, Alex.
I feel like I always call and something happens with my phone.
Well, you're here, Nick, and we love you and thanks for trying.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I know time is limited.
My call, if you want to put a title to it, is I'm worried if Trump is going to cross any of the
You know, critical lines in the sand with the deep state.
My three things I'd really say that, you know, had me worried here that he hasn't really touched on necessarily yet in his administration is 5G, geoengineering, and the truth about 9-11.
I feel like these three things, a little bit less on 5G, but
9-11, all the truth, the things that he knows about it, the things that he knows had to happen to have those buildings come down.
Well, it's starting to come out with the Saudis.
Tucker Carlson had Matt Gaetz on.
They were talking about the Saudis.
And then once you go there, that's aimed right at the neocons who were heavily involved in it.
And you're absolutely right.
And then 5G, he just sees that as millions of jobs.
He sees it approved.
He literally just thinks of it as millions of jobs.
Well you got the Washington Compost came out with that, all those memos that they knew they couldn't win the Afghanistan war and yet they still, we spent a trillion dollars, we've been there 18 years.
Trump two years ago ordered them all home, the Pentagon said no.
We have to stay, we have to, we have plans.
They didn't know what they're doing and it's the same excuses they use for Vietnam where they said, oh we're gonna do this, we got this strategy, but their strategy isn't to do anything but set up a drug corridor.
And by the way, all the military I've talked to that have actually been officers enlisted, every one of them says get out of there.
We're there to guard rare earth minerals for the Chinese that get hundreds of billions of dollars out of there.
We've spent a trillion dollars in Afghanistan for their security and then for a drug corridor for opium.
Yeah, it really is.
And you know, Trump was right.
Again, once again, we got to get out.
And everybody was saying no, no, no.
That's why they're pissed.
He says the U.S.
government needs to get out of narcotics trafficking.
And he says, I don't care if the Chai Koms and the Russians and a lot of these governments are involved in narcotics trafficking.
The deep states do it.
It's been going on forever.
Before Putin, before Trump.
And Trump's legitimately trying to stop all the corruption.
And that's why they're so pissed.
Well, they need to put a death sentence on that fentanyl.
People bring it in, you're dead.
That's it.
Because that is killing people.
Everyone I know has family die from it.
I am really worried about it.
They put it in marijuana now.
And it's going to get people, and it's going to start knocking people out all over the place.
We're lucky they're finding some of these shipments.
And it's the Democrats fighting against Trump, literally trying to keep fentanyl coming in.
Will anybody in my family get hurt from fentanyl?
I'm holding Democrats.
I mean, I'm serious.
This is life and death now with the damn fentanyl.
It's like the number one cause of death in the United States.
Artificial death.
Guns are 24,000.
Half of that's suicide.
Opium is... if you add them all together, because most of the time they call it another complication, but it's in... it's over a million people a year dying from this crap, okay?
I'm pissed.
But hey, do you see SWAT teams freaking out when somebody dies of fentanyl?
Somebody gets shot, oh my God, it's a huge event all over the news.
Imagine if it was on the news when somebody died of fentanyl.
It would be every five minutes, it'd be on the news.
But it's not.
They're lacing it with everything, folks.
Nick, sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, no, I just, like I said, I don't want this call to be bashing Trump.
I voted for him and I'd like to vote again.
I kind of just, you know, I draw it to the words of
He's almost on an island in a way, you know?
And on this island... Oh yeah, you want to keep him in.
The Supreme Court picks her light years better.
Let me tell you, he is upsetting their whole apple cart, and I get it.
Trump being in has drawn out all the evil of the globalists, so now it's ridiculously obvious.
And we're like, why the hell does this keep going?
Because he's surrounded by career lawyers.
And all they do is they got in there to lick each other's butts, politically.
That's all they do, okay?
And I'm sorry to use a gross analogy... I'm not sure if it's all political either.
Oh, it's spiritual.
They're a bunch of pedophiles.
I mean, they're disgusting people.
You just go there and you look at the mindset of these people, you get near them, they're crusty looking.
Oh yeah, when I'm in D.C., you'll see some of these goblin creatures come out of doorways and do things and you're like, whoa.
And you're not even scared of them, you get a chill.
And the scary part is you're like, destroy enemy!
And it's like, you come by and you're like, ah!
You're like, want to attack, because your soul knows that's the enemy.
I'm like, whoa, I couldn't be around here, man.
And I'm sorry about the people in Congress.
Because they're so demonic.
They're not even scared of you.
They're not even there.
They're not even on the earth.
I mean, it's bad.
Prince Andrew doesn't sweat.
You want to go to the next call?
Did we skip Sam?
Or no?
We're going to whoever's been on the longest.
So Chris in Washington, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hi Chris.
How you doing?
Good brother, thanks for calling.
Thank you.
You know, the reason why I wanted to call and touch base is I just wanted to get your opinion on one thing, Alex.
From my understanding, when Trump first took office, and I'm a Trump supporter.
I get it.
No, no, I hear you.
He, he, I'm a single dad and I've come down with a disease where a neurology, neurological disease where my arm has went paralyzed, my foots went paralyzed, my legs went paralyzed.
And so I've become disabled and it feels like.
It feels like the way that Trump talks and the way that I'm getting from what I've heard when he ordered his first head of whatever department it is to deny all disability claims, and I know there's a bunch of fakers out there and all that, but it's like I almost feel like
Oh, yep.
Chris is no good to the world anymore.
Bring him out behind the barn, shoot him in the head, you know?
No, I hear you.
Listen, in China... No, no, I hear you.
In China, the average child who's not in school yet is chained up for at least 10 hours a day on a power pole and goes to the bathroom on the ground and may get one meal a day.
Those people work in Foxconn laboratories, okay?
Owned by Apple.
We're competing against that.
And so Trump's looking at actual numbers and trying to get the economy up.
And the media plays it up and spins it that he's trying to cut benefits.
Under Obama, what, food stamps went up like 10 million people?
You know, from what, like over 100 million or something got on it.
I mean, so a lot of people are real and we get it.
And you said it was the churches and families and local groups.
And I get it.
And so have you had any benefits taken?
I mean, has Trump called you worthless?
Because I don't think that's what he's doing.
No, he hasn't, but I'm actually going in next month to get my disability award.
I talked to my attorney just yesterday.
We had a meeting and... Hold on, I gotta go to break.
I'm gonna come right back to you.
Don't hang up, Chris.
We'll be back in just a few minutes.
Some stations take a break right now.
I need to remember to do that.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
There have been a lot of complaints in the national and international media about me.
In fact, it's true.
Over the last 25 years, there's probably at least 10 videos
That's like one every two years that I do with my shirt off.
I want to apologize to viewers and listeners.
Oh yeah, just hearing that a male body exists is bad.
There are not two genders.
And the word mother and father is hurtful as well.
I agree, that should be banned.
And it is being banned.
So, for viewers,
I've got this blacked out right now because you don't want to see this.
Again, if I was a big fat pedophile, dressed up in a clown outfit, had kids sitting on my lap, that's good and wholesome.
We need to see that.
But masculinity is toxic.
In fact, masculinity doesn't exist.
A lot of feminists have pointed that out.
So I want to just tell you all, ladies and gentlemen, that I apologize for the fact that I've lost over 35 pounds in just the last three
Let's do it!
I don't
There's a lot of talk out there in the world about, do this and you'll get results, or support us and you're going to see amazing things happen.
And most of us talk.
Almost none of these groups or organizations ever deliver.
InfoWars does deliver.
And that's why they're trying to destroy us, that's why they're trying to put me in prison, that's why they're trying to shut us down so we can't stay on air.
So when I tell you something, I've done research, and I really believe it, and I'm almost always right, and you know that.
And you give us intel, and you're part of our eyes and ears, and I appreciate you, and we're in this together.
But listen.
This globalist system's got to come down.
And we're going to beat their ass politically.
But I need your support now more than ever, and we make it so easy.
We've got really amazing products at EnforcedWear.com, particularly the supplements at Enforced Life.
And I work all the time.
I eat the wrong foods.
I get back in shape, I get out of shape.
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So I religiously, starting about 95 days ago or so,
Little over three months began to take our mainline supplements every day religiously and it's been the best ever and not just physically losing weight, but the clarity and the focus and the energy.
I mean, it's hard for me not to work 20 hours a day.
It's simply incredible.
And more than just stuff that has energy like brain force plus, that's great.
It's, it's the iodine.
It's the fish oil.
It's, it's taking the knockout to sleep better at night.
Uh, it's taken the bone broth.
It's taken the DNA force plus that's number one.
All of that together, it's just been explosive.
And we also have the great Super Blue Fluoride-Free Toothpaste with Iodine and Colloidal Silver, and now the new Super Silver Toothpaste that doesn't just have the silver saw, but it also has a remineralization system in it as well.
We're very, very proud of that toothpaste.
But the bottom line is this, your purchase of the products fund our operation and make it all possible, and they really do work, and so it's a win-win for everybody.
Please do your Christmas shopping at InfoWarsTore.com.
Hey, the crew's doing great up here.
I just want people to know, I really worked to tell you what I'm going to do.
I guess I wasn't clear with them.
I said commercial free, we'd air promos and news pieces.
We do have to take breaks at the middle and the start of each hour, to the bottom and the top of each hour, and a few ads ran, but I'm leaving all the ads reserved for local radio and TV stations, which is probably something I should do.
Send them notices when we're doing these special live reports throughout the election, and then send them exact times we're going to hit those.
We just do so much commercial radio and TV that we kind of think we're doing these special reports.
We get out of that.
That's my fault, so I'm going to write a memo on that next time for our stations and make that a little bit easier, and for the listeners.
Chris in Washington.
Venezuela promised everybody, everything free.
And you still have a doctor for every person and everything, but no one can go see a doctor.
They haven't had toilet paper in about five years.
Everybody ate their cats and dogs about six, seven years ago.
They ate all the animals in the zoo about six years ago.
Now they have about 2,000 people a week now.
Used to be 1,000 starved to death.
The government made a law, though, but you couldn't say people were starving to death, so they just died of malnutrition.
And Cuba's the same way.
They've got the highest ratio of doctors and free health care there, but eye surgery is a cane.
Knee surgery is a cane.
Can't see, here's a cane.
Not a bad knee, here's a cane.
Canada just lost 70,000 jobs, and they came out and reported this, which would be the equivalent of if we lost 500,000 jobs here in this country.
And I saw that, I saw this news statistic, and it looks like the guy delivering the news looks void of life, looks like they've got rid of his makeup and hair, and he's just sitting there, we've lost 70,000 jobs this past quarter.
And I'm like, whoa, guys, at least you have your great free healthcare.
Five Canadians chimed in and said, no it sucks.
It sucks.
Because they're promised free health care, and what you get is what you get.
And you don't pitch a fit.
And that's the reality.
So there is no perfect system?
And some people say, well, I feel bad like Trump's saying I'm a bad person.
That's really the media.
And Trump's far from perfect.
I mean, he can't magically make all this happen.
And he's trying to stop
Criminals coming here and getting everything free and the illegal aliens so we don't go bankrupt because the Democrats are trying to bring people in on average now who don't work.
It's the old cliche that illegals all work.
That's not true now.
Most of them don't.
And so the whole thing goes bankrupt.
We have a Great Depression.
No, I appreciate it.
I understand exactly where you're coming from.
There's nothing for free.
You know, when something hits you blindsided and you know, you didn't expect it and it just, I just feel bad because I feel like I'm not the only one that feels this way.
Like I understand that.
Well, I don't think Trump's saying you're worthless, but let me say this.
Neurological disorders are going straight up.
Life expectancy is going straight down.
So cancer is off the,
Off the record.
Autism, I hear you.
Most of us are going to be joining you, brother, and we haven't already.
Okay, so I hear you.
I'm really worried.
And that's the soft kill where human society is going to break down and the robots are going to be needed to take over.
This is all a plan, and they're just slowly poisoning us more and more.
Do you see the report on Atrocine, what it does to everybody?
It'll shrivel your testicles right off.
Yeah, it's terrible.
And they are.
They're slow killing us.
I mean, you know the average male's testosterone.
You know, the average male's testosterone is about 20% of what it used to be.
They go, oh, we don't know why.
They're bombing us with the chemicals on purpose.
They don't need to have chemical cocktails of ink that make you lower testosterone, but they do it.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
No, you're 100% right.
They're doing it to us with whatever they're putting in our food, whatever they're putting in our air.
They know what they're doing.
They're killing us off slowly.
And you know,
They put fluoride in the water?
That's a violent attack on us.
The American Medical Association's come out.
JAMA's come out.
Harvard said, oh my god, lower fertility, brain damage, huge amounts of cancer.
Well, if you caught the neighbor putting poison in your water, they'd go to prison.
They'd get the death penalty.
Well, why the hell did the globalists get away with it?
This is what they've been doing since 1947.
Well, here, they charge you for it.
With the fluoride.
Yeah, in your damn water bill!
Million dollars a year.
And you go down to speak to the council, the mayor laughs at you.
That mayor wouldn't laugh, and I hope nobody ever does this, if somebody grabbed him and dumped cyanide down his throat, and said it's safe and effective, and he flopped around and died, that'd be horrible.
But his life matters, I guarantee you, he filters his water.
Oh yeah.
I'm gonna go down and speak to city council.
Let those bastards know what I think of them.
Thank you Chris, God bless you.
I don't think you're worthless, brother.
I care about you.
And you're damn right.
The type of technology and the things we have, it wasn't all being siphoned off by the globalists and sabotaged.
You'd be taken care of.
It's called triage.
Trump's got to build the economy up.
He's got to empower the people.
He's got to do a lot of things.
A lot of us, our prosperity has been so good, and now we're decking it.
Nick in North Dakota, thanks for holding.
Hey, can you hear me?
Yes, I can, sir.
Thank you.
Yeah, we're in a reference to a New York Times article by Maggie Haberman that came out tonight.
Trump to sign executive order targeting anti-Semitism on college campuses.
I didn't see that.
Will somebody print that for me please?
Trump to sign executive order targeting anti-Semitism on college campuses.
What does he say he's going to do?
Basically, what it comes down to is they will recognize Judaism as a nationality and not a religion.
Therefore, any criticism of the state of Israel would be racism, and he could withhold funds from the colleges.
Well, I know Trump has said he'll withhold funds if colleges don't allow free speech.
Yep, and I was actually going to bring that up from March, from the New York Times again, him signing an executive order defending free speech, and then this comes out tonight, which
Yeah, that's it.
That's it.
And, you know, I think people have a right to criticize Islam, Judaism.
You know, they're trying to make criticism of Islam a racial thing when it's religion.
And so if you want to criticize Catholicism or Protestantism or, you know, Orthodox Judaism or Communist Judaism, there's all these different types of everything.
I mean, that's your right to do it.
That's very dangerous.
In fact, they're printing the article now.
What do you make of this?
I'll definitely cover this.
This is big.
Yeah, well, one interesting thing I saw is this bipartisan bill, it says, that can never get passed, and he's basically doing the executive order to get it through, and it says it was sponsored by Jared Nadler, who is one of the Democrats, and it's mainly being pushed by Kushner as well.
I know you got to love that.
I mean, Nadler used to say how great Trump was.
He knows damn well he's not anti-Semitic.
And then Nadler's honchoing the fake impeachment.
I mean, wow, with friends like that.
And the ADL wants to get rid of free speech.
It's just, it's just terrible.
And then they call, you know, here's an example.
I have articles saying Owen Schroer is a white supremacist because he wears a nice suit.
So it's not just bro fist or okay sign.
Uh, that's now white supremacist.
It's, it's now, now.
All these groups, I've got the articles right here, are saying that a tailored suit is anti-Semitic.
I mean, wow!
And then everybody's just supposed to get scared and say, well, I'll do whatever you say, don't call me anti-Semitic.
That's pretty scary.
Yeah, and there's also this story out of Oklahoma of a student being expelled from the university for posting, it's okay to whitewash.
Oh my gosh, they're saying SJW, back that up.
MSM is saying that SJW means Jew.
No, it means...
Social Justice Warrior.
Social Justice Warrior.
That means Stingy Jew.
That was a couple years ago.
I actually found that.
And I sent it to the writers.
I'm like, oh my god.
Yeah, this clip's actually two years old.
But it's crazy.
They also say Cuck is lover of fat women.
Listen, look at Trap.
That's a hot girl you want to rape.
Alright, you know what a trap is?
What's his name?
He taught me.
It's a transvestite?
Snowflake's a person of color.
I mean, it's just, it's out of this world.
These people are not on the right plane.
They know how to define everything to make it about them in a false light.
That's what the left does.
It's all small in it.
Okay, bacon, you know, it's just, it's everything, it's ridiculous.
Snowflake doesn't mean person of color, it means delicate little snowflake that can't handle stuff.
And, and, hey, guys say, oh, that's what they used to call when they would burn the Jews, they called them snowflakes.
A cuck's not a lover of fat women.
But that's how they didn't ban everybody using words that are not.
A cuck is a guy that bows down to his woman.
Who lets men have sex with his wife in front of him.
It's just, they want to rewrite history, rewrite word definition.
Yeah, so you can't use any word.
So they can control everything, yeah.
And it shows how good that New York Times Pretty Please Cupcake is on top.
Triple sugar.
Coming in hot!
Coming in hot!
That's why we're taking more and more calls on all the shows, folks.
It just makes me cover other issues.
So they're just babbling about the same stuff.
Great point, Nick.
I was going to ask him how cold it was in North Dakota right now.
You can bring it in here, brother.
Great job.
This crew's been working up here.
We got Greg in Oregon.
Federal government versus We the People.
Go ahead, Greg.
Okay, so I have four topics, but first I want to promote your excellent special, 71% off.
People, please go to the store at Infowars.com and just search for the term Christmas.
You will be pleasantly surprised at the discount you're going to get.
Yeah, we do have some amazing specials.
What are your favorite products?
I haven't taken any because I'm on disability and I don't have a lot of money with four teenagers that don't do much.
So all of my money goes towards rebuilding a truck for my boy so he can get a job in an apprenticeship program.
And, you know, so I'm just trying to survive.
But let me tell you, I am going to spend $100 at Infowars.com for Christmas because
Dad needs a present for once.
You know what I mean?
Oh, definitely.
And we definitely appreciate the support.
Really, it's guys like you spending $100, spending $50, spending $200.
Yeah, because folks have got all these Democratic Party law firms suing us with the expectation to shut us down.
Claiming, you know, we're never complying with this, never complying with that, to try to do it, but it doesn't matter.
We got a lot of tricks up our sleeves.
We're doing a lot of stuff here, and InfoWars, one way or another, is going to continue on.
But we need extra capital, and not just barely enough to operate, to be able to make sure we stay on the air.
But I'm the target.
But regardless, we'll work with other folks to make sure that there's other operating systems, other things going, that are just, I mean, I'd love nothing more than the fact that they think they're going to shut this place down, and then they're not going to be able to, thanks to you, but you are the ones.
Please continue, sir.
Okay, there's four topics.
My primary is how the government is disconnected from the people.
And I really appreciate your programming, because you have awakened America to the fact that there's a huge disconnect.
The politicians are all saying, well, you elected us and we know what's best.
But they only know what's best if they continue to listen to us, we the people, and they're not listening to us.
I can tell you
20 times I've called Salem, Oregon to speak with various representatives and it's always going to voicemail.
They don't care what we have to say.
And that's why when I go to Congress, I will see the Soros-funded media groups, maybe four or five knots of a couple of fake reporters, and then the mainstream media gaggle, and you won't see anybody.
And I just walk in and confront and get awesome video and interviews, and everybody walk right in and confront the head of Google, because everybody thinks of them as gods, and like, oh, it's kind of intimidating.
But once you go in there, it's like the man behind the curtain, like Toto, we've got to pull the curtain back and show
Guys, will you find the HD version?
I mean, it's not really even HD, but a clear version of that.
We always show the YouTube, off movie clips or whatever, on YouTube as it better.
I want to find Toto pulls back the curtain and play that scene to end this hour, as some stations take breaks.
Because it's all this big machine, Hollywood, the media, and it's a little man, little scared man, behind the curtain.
But you're absolutely right.
Please continue with your other points, Greg.
Um, we all know that capitalism is better than socialism, but not when the government is beholden to corporations more than citizens.
Yeah, crowning capitalism is the enemy and it's not capitalism.
It's a form of fascism.
Well, it's because the government is beholden to corporations and they're not listening to their constituents.
If we scream loud enough about Monsanto and they put Monsanto out of business, then our government's doing the right thing under a capitalistic model.
But since there's a disconnect between the citizens and the government, we're not getting our voices heard and our concerns acknowledged.
So, we are a Christian republic, and we know that there are sinners worldwide, but we, the people, are supposed, in America, to take the best ideas and the best people and move humanity forward.
Of course Trump wants jobs with 5G, but he doesn't realize how 5G hasn't been tested sufficiently and that it could cause cancer and cellular damage.
Israel, that invented it!
Won't allow it there just because of the spying capabilities of whoever runs it.
It's super bad news.
That's why we won't let the ChaiComs put it in.
Why the hell would we let globalist corporations do it?
I mean, Apple is just as bad as the ChaiComs, folks.
We need to push for fiber optic to the home, okay?
It's 500 times quicker than the biggest, best 5G!
Okay, two more points real quick.
As far as jobs go for 5G, I think we should promote raw cannabis juicing for health.
You don't get high, you get healthy.
We can have people
Thousands of jobs.
We can increase the profit for the cannabis people that are filing bankruptcy because there's too much supply for smoked cannabis.
And I don't promote that as a 58-year-old father of four teenagers.
No, I totally agree.
There's all the different good parts of the plant instead of the souped-up, engineered, weaponized Soros dope that's causing schizophrenia.
The way God intended it as a salad.
As a vegetable, it doesn't have decarboxylated THC.
When you pull it, when you pull the buds from a fresh plant and you juice them, you don't get high, you get healthy.
And the last thing, regarding the homeless.
Come on America, we're Christians, we can do better than this.
Let's put the homeless people in camps where we can put some love on them.
We can give them clothes that don't smell like urine.
We can give them showers, we can give them food, and we can give them counseling and blood testing.
But they don't want that.
They want them all over the place.
They'll get so bad, then we put them in FEMA camps, which is the plan.
Great points, Greg.
It sounds like he's eating some good salads.
That's a smart guy right there.
And again, I'm not against municipal marijuana, medicinal, and all the rest of it.
But when I made the joke, you know, in court one time, I was serious.
I said weaponize stuff that George Soros promotes.
He's invested in it where it's 50 times stronger, like fentanyl's stronger than heroin.
50 times.
It's super strong.
I mean, I smoked some pot in high school.
Gave you the munchies, you laughed and, you know, had jokes.
I've smoked pot before as a test.
I can't get out of my chair, some of it, okay?
I smoked up with Joe Rogan.
It's really expensive and is the kind that, you know, makes you think.
And wow, you know, it's the opposite.
But young people can't handle it.
But I agree, don't put them in prison for it.
And it's, I mean, it's causing schizophrenia, mental illness.
I personally know a lot of people smoking weaponized dope who become completely insane.
You know him too?
Oh, I know him too.
Seen him around.
Especially in Austin, you see him around.
Well, one of them we knew decided we were actually reptiles.
Eh, you know.
You spoke enough of that.
I guess you see a lot of stuff.
There might be some reptiles, reptoids around here.
I don't know if David Icke's right, but I sure as hell ain't one.
I'm not a billion years old for the planet Gobblesnop.
I kind of would be cool if I was.
I mean, I'm 45.
I'm going to be around a lot longer.
I'm not going to join with the Reptoids, but you know, they'll give me the secret of Gobblesnop.
I don't want to be caught in bed with a Reptoid.
That's worse than being caught in bed with a goblin.
Succubus and goblins.
What if I was caught kissing goblins?
Get you in bed with a goblin.
In bed with a goblin.
Oh my gosh.
You know, these old globalists didn't get it a couple years ago.
They were still letting, they get attacked by all these memes.
And like Super Deluxe, all of them were making it.
And of course, the people secretly over at Super Deluxe, other places were big fans, were like, yeah, this really gets him, sir.
20 million views.
So I went, I love it.
More memes.
And New York Times was like, he enjoys it.
He's liking it.
Wait, because they take themselves so seriously.
They would stop the memes.
No more fun, because they were funding memes against me.
There were already a lot of organic memes.
And I should have gone, like, no, stop the memes!
Like, don't throw me in the briar patch!
Not another meme!
Oh, please!
Don't make fun of me!
I take myself so serious.
I'm Jordan Klepper.
Hey, if y'all could find that snarl again, that close-up of that snarl.
Y'all need to keep that one in the little... Like snarling?
Yeah, he snarls like... He's like, I've got one that can see!
Let's get out of here.
Alright, Kevin in FEMA Region 5!
Come on down, Kevin!
Hi, I just got three quick points.
First, I want to say how proud I was of Owen yesterday.
He kept it classy.
And those people in that hall were in awe of him.
And I didn't just see Owen when he was up there.
I saw Alex.
I saw David Knight.
You know, the whole team.
It was...
Definitely the most satisfying victory since the election.
And my second point is, um, you were talking about the fentanyl and Trump is, he keeps mentioning that there's 20,000 Mexican troops at the border.
And I, he just kind of nonchalantly throws that out there, but I can, I see that actually as a big threat.
I mean, that says to me that... Oh, yeah, because it's the Mexican Army's real corrupt.
Their Marines aren't that corrupt.
They're good people on average.
I've talked to people that know them and know what's going on.
It's the Mexican troops shipping the damn drugs in here.
Is that what you're saying?
Well, I'm saying it could not only be that, but it could also be... Who's to say those 20,000 troops couldn't let a thousand terrorists in?
No, they could.
I think a lot of those troops that he's talking about are at Mexico's southern border, not our southern border.
Yeah, he's talking about Guatemala.
But they still could be letting people in, you're absolutely right.
For people like Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, someone needs to tell them that we've already had our first woman president.
You guys know who that is?
Michael Obama?
No, Nancy Reagan.
Oh yeah!
Well yeah, you know what, he got shot and got given that cold blood and had a stroke.
She was really the president, you're right.
And I think she had a big part in actually why the globalists are behind schedule the way that they are.
Yeah, remember how much they always hated her?
And you always heard bad things about Nancy Reagan growing up.
Like, why do they hate her?
She doesn't like the Bushes.
I remember being in college in like 94 and people were wearing shirts against Nancy Reagan and Reagan.
The communists hated them because they held up their program.
And yeah, Reagan wasn't perfect either.
They shot his ass though.
They tried to kill him.
The Bushes did.
Well, he would have been in for that much longer, and then he would have his own term.
Well, I've talked to folks that knew Nancy Reagan, and not just Roger Stone, but she told Herbert Walker repeatedly, she said, you stay back, you little social-climbing rat.
I know who you and your father are, and I know what you did to Ronnie.
She knew.
That's even in the news, that she hated him and suspected him.
I mean, my God, she had to basically be the president after that.
Because they messed Reagan up bad.
Oh yeah.
They tried to kill him at the Walter Reed.
They gave him cold blood.
If you give somebody cold blood, it absolutely hits your brain, gives you like a brain-wide stroke.
So it messed him up.
Yeah, that's it.
That's all I got.
I mean, I wish we were invisible, these bubbles.
Isn't invincible.
We've got them on our ass.
And I'm not going to get into it, what's going on, but I'm not going to do much stupid stuff with the news.
That's sad.
That's comical compared to the reality.
I mean, Rob, you know about a lot of it.
We're talking industrial intelligence level espionage.
It's frightening what has been going on.
For the country.
Just in the past few years.
Yeah, well, it's frightening that they could do this to our organization just for talking.
That's all we're doing is talking.
And that's what they're afraid of.
They're afraid of people talking.
They're afraid of Owen Schroer getting in front of Congress and talking.
They're afraid of people, neighbors, talking about vaccine damage.
They're afraid of anybody getting into it.
They are banning vaccine inserts that by law come with the damn injection.
You can't read that on Facebook.
You will get kicked off Facebook for sharing that document right there that comes in every vaccine.
Interestingly enough, as we were talking about these, it brings me back to the vitamin K shot.
You know, that's got, I think it's got benzoyl alcohol in it.
It's got like 37 micrograms of alcohol that they inject into babies.
Infant mortality is skyrocketing in every industrialized country.
The babies are dying from the damn vaccines.
The nurses, we've had them on.
They go into convulsions when they get the shots.
There's nothing to do.
Your baby isn't going to use intravenous drugs or have anal sex.
They do not need a hepatitis shot that is listed as a very dangerous shot the day they're born.
Do you understand?
Yeah, they don't.
And you look at the ones that don't die.
Those are the ones that are messed up for life.
They're a drain on society.
They're a drain in classrooms.
When Alex and I were in school, you might have had one classroom of every grade.
You had one short bus.
You pull up at a school now, half the buses are short buses.
Hey, look at this right here.
We're not putting down the poor, mentally retarded children.
Look at this right here.
The neocons call for the arrest of anti-vaxxers, the taking of their property and children.
This is on mainstream news, they say.
It says the parents are now getting involved.
The parents are now taking over public events and speaking up at city councils.
Arrest them!
Because they don't want you knowing about the danger that Big Pharma, that's already been caught doing all these damn things, have done!
And they're exempt from it.
Big Pharma is exempt.
Alright, we're going to break.
Took a lot of calls that hour.
Chris, Sam, I'm going on the order will take you, Duncan, Kevin, Chris, another Dan, Tim, a bunch of people coming up in the final hour of the global transmission from the ATX with 327 days left in some time zone.
Stay with us.
I now have a working theory that explains the madness that has swept through modern society.
You know how more people seem out of control, angry, crazy, irrational?
I call it vaccine rage.
And vaccines contain the toxic heavy metals that cause these kinds of changes in brain chemistry that result in behavioral changes that lead to violence and irrationality and insanity across society.
And yes, what I'm proposing here is that vaccines are the primary vector
That is destroying human civilization across our world, poisoning the minds and bodies of human beings and leading to what we may soon see as the downfall of human society because of insanity, violence, rage.
We're good.
I'm a published scientist.
My lab is ISO accredited, internationally recognized.
I'm the author of the number one best-selling science book on Amazon.com, known as Food Forensics.
And I'm the patent holder of two U.S.
patents, one of them called Heavy Metals Defense, the other called Cesium Eliminator.
These are patents on substances that I invented that eliminate toxic elements from the human body.
One of them can be used in the aftermath of a nuclear war to eliminate radioactive cesium-137 isotopes from the body.
And you can read about that at cesiumeliminator.com if you're interested.
But let's get back to vaccine rage.
You know, throughout the history of human civilization, what we've witnessed is the rise and fall of various civilizations, including the Roman Empire.
The rise and fall.
We've seen the Anasazi Indians get wiped out.
We've seen the Japanese Empire get wiped out at the conclusion of World War II and replaced with a whole new system of government.
But throughout human history, we've seen wipeouts.
We're good to go.
And I've just reviewed an archaeological science article that talks about how the first evidence of heavy metals contamination in ancient human civilization is found 7,000 years ago near what's called present-day Jordan.
And 7,000 years ago they had polluted the river with excess copper because they were involved in, of course, different kind of metallurgy operations, trying to make tools, trying to melt different metals and having excess waste.
So they polluted
The river!
7,000 years ago and that was the first case we know of of humans polluting the environment with toxic heavy metals.
Now fast forward 7,000 years, what are we doing today?
It's not just that we're polluting rivers and entire cities like Flint, Michigan with toxic lead.
We are deliberately
Seizures and comas, and it can cause long-term permanent damage, cognitive dysfunction, cognitive impairment, mental retardation, perhaps is the best way to talk about that.
And aluminum, of course, causes Alzheimer's and dementia.
And if you inject someone with aluminum, much of that aluminum, even from a subcutaneous injection, will, of course, enter the bloodstream and end up being lodged in neurological tissue in the brain.
Now, there was an interesting study that just came out recently, in fact from Duke University on March 27th or 28th, 2017.
This study found that 94% of people who grew up in the age of leaded gasoline, 94% of them still have lead poisoning in their blood.
So, the limit of lead in blood, a reference value is 5 micrograms per deciliter of blood.
And what they found is that in testing 565 children, or people, I'm sorry, who grew up as children during leaded gasoline, they found that 94% still have lead in their blood that exceeds that level.
And they also found, more importantly,
Alright, now this is a 20 plus minute report that you can find on Band.Video done by Mike Adams, the health ranger.
If you go to Band.Video under the Mike Adams channel, you can watch the whole thing.
It's 20 minutes long.
You should get that report.
You should put it out to your friends.
There it is.
Vaccine Rage explains why the world is going insane.
26 minutes long.
And by the way, Mike Adams is banned on YouTube.
We're banned on YouTube, but you can put it on your channel.
But literally, they go with the letter of the law.
So say, proof vaccines are really good for you.
Or, you know, say Justin Bieber loves this or something.
And then you'll see it with millions of views.
Seriously, that happens in our videos all the time.
So that's how this guerrilla information gets out.
And here's the deal, people think, oh well, we're being censored because what we're doing is powerful.
So you're amazing, and that is a really, he's doing first-rate reports.
The guy has over 300 websites, he publishes all these best-selling books.
He's really a dynamo.
We're lucky he moved to Texas, I don't know, 10 years ago or so.
I don't think so.
Hey, can you hear me?
Yes, sir.
Hey, I just wanted to call in.
Thanks for that vaccine raid, sharing that.
I'll take a look at that and share that.
I think that's what's going on with people nowadays, man.
They just don't care about anything.
They're being just dumbed down.
Well, you know, let me just add something to this report, and he actually is a really smart historian, so he gets into this, but the one thing I learned studying Roman history was they didn't know that lead causes rage, but it was also associated with the god Mars, and they would line their pots with lead because it wouldn't leak then, especially for wine.
Well, then wine is acid-based, which leaches out the lead at high levels.
Yes, sir.
The nanotech size things that are in the shots, okay?
We can prove that's bad.
They're adding things.
They're doing things.
Whatever else contaminates it, your body then creates an autoimmune response.
That's in all studies.
That's why allergies are going way up.
I mean, this is settled science, but sorry, please continue.
Something's just off, you know?
You can feel it.
People just don't care.
There's no outrage.
Well, people are in a mesmerized state by all the entertainment.
Then they're chemically and biologically subdued.
You're absolutely right.
So, I mean, like the impeachment.
I know I'm going to be calling Marshall Blackburn and Lamar Alexander in Tennessee to make sure that they participate.
If the Senate's going to participate, we should get the entire Senate to participate.
I think it's kind of bad timing if everybody's out to lunch.
Well, I think you need all the senators.
He said something key.
That's how they pass the income tax, the Federal Reserve.
Federal Reserve, 1913, they did it in the middle of the night.
Christmas, the day before.
Well, no, there was a report that came out that said only 19 senators are going to vote definitely against impeachment.
We need all of the Republicans.
You need to put them on tape saying that they're definitely going to vote against it.
So they don't play dumb.
I'm pretty sure I heard that on the war room earlier.
I think I heard that on the war room a little earlier today.
I just want to thank you for getting that out there, getting all the information.
You know, being a father, I seem to have more phobias about my kids, what's going to happen to my kids now.
Well, it's a minefield, and if you just tell them up front why they want to confuse their gender and let them know that the bad guys are running things, and explain the whole story, the kids actually get it.
That's why they tell parents, don't tell your children anything early, don't scare them, don't give them your own ideas, because they want to give them their ideas.
Children design when they're little.
Yeah, be a God-fearing man and don't be ashamed of it.
And explain to them how it's the devil and why it's happening, and then they'll get it when people try to brainwash them.
I mean, listen, the children want to listen to their parents.
And as long as parents are engaged and care up front, and as long as your children see you engaging and going and speaking at city council or PTA, they're going to respect that.
In fact, children want to believe in their parents.
We've had generations of people just being TV heads and so kids don't respect their parents because their parents have been in the zombie land and that's okay.
None of us are perfect but they need leadership.
God bless, John.
Thank you so much.
I tell you what, being a dad does make you think about things bigger than yourself.
You're not just thinking about your worldly aspirations and anything.
You're thinking about, what are my kids going to be?
But building a civilization and standing up for what's right, then all the fun stuff comes after from the freedom.