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Name: 20191207_Sat_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 7, 2019
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Alex Jones, the founder of InfoWars, discusses his opinions on various topics in a series of rants. He talks about how he believes Matt Drudge, the founder of The Drudge Report, is upset with Donald Trump because those who helped him get elected have been left out in the cold and exposed to threats. Additionally, Jones expresses concern over the current political climate, comparing it to a situation where cows get stuck in mud while predators eat them from the inside out. He criticizes CNN for its declining ratings and discusses the financial struggles of companies such as Tesla. Jones also highlights the precarious state of the US economy, pointing out that only 5% of Americans are truly self-sufficient compared to 45% during the Great Depression. He warns that a real economic crisis could lead to millions dead in the streets due to factors like drug addiction and lack of preparedness for such an event. In terms of social issues, Jones discusses high ratios of mental illness, devil worshipers, pedophiles, and divided minority groups in America today. He expresses concern over the lack of action taken by good people in the nation who are currently under attack and have become cowed. Jones raises alarm bells about the potential collapse of the country due to globalist and leftist forces if there is no significant change in leadership and policy. Drudge Report's pessimistic outlook on America's future is also mentioned, as they believe the nation may be beyond repair. In conclusion, Jones emphasizes the importance of rallying against the globalists and fighting for a better future by uniting conservatives, patriots, and Christians, and promoting alternative media sources to counteract mainstream media's negative influence on society. Alex Jones claims that he enjoyed helping Nazis round up Jews during the Holocaust and calls it "happy making" and "exhilarating". He complains about not being able to defend himself during congressional hearings, in which he was accused of being a Russian spy. Jones criticizes the current US government for being run by "crazy psychotics", and laments how America has become too "decadent" and "demonic". He praises Matt Drudge for having played a crucial role in getting Trump elected, but also expresses frustration with his apparent lack of support for Trump now. Jones is hopeful that the globalists will be defeated in the end, despite their current power and influence, and believes that there needs to be a greater response from the public to the threat they pose. He mentions an article about a sheriff who vows to deputize thousands of citizens if gun restrictions are passed in Virginia, and sees this as a positive development. Jones also reflects on his conversation with a national talk show host who was initially skeptical of Trump but became more supportive after he convinced them that the left would push so hard against conservatives that it could lead to a civil war. He believes that the truth he shares through his platform, InfoWars, has influenced many people and that history is repeating itself in current events. In another video, Jones discusses the growing tension between the government and citizens in America. He warns that

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InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Explain to me how Trump is like Hitler.
Trump supporters are pussies!
Motherfucking pussies!
I don't like fascists.
I don't like InfoWars.
I don't like young Nazis.
Are you gonna return that?
My brother protected Hillary!
God bless President Trump and God bless America!
Go the f**k home!
Get the f**k out of here!
Get the hell out of here!
Get the f**k out of here!
Get these people the hell out of here right now!
Get out!
Get the f**k away from me!
Get the f**k out of my face!
Get the f**k out of here!
Get the f**k out of my face!
Donald J. Trump is now President of the United States.
She's an art major.
Get that camera out of my face!
I don't give you permission!
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live on this Saturday Worldwide Broadcast.
I am your host Alex Jones on this December 7th transmission.
And we were coming in today to break down the deep state's latest coup operations against President Trump and the American people when my phone began to get message after message just about an hour ago.
And so we've got a lot of exclusive info here and some of its inside information.
I'm going to hit this first because it's very, very important for free media on the planet Earth.
The largest news aggregator in the world, the largest news site overall in the world, Drudge.
Twitter indicates DrudgeReport.com no longer owned by Matt Drudge.
Drudge's official Twitter also announces the site no longer based in the United States.
Conservative news aggregator Matt Drudge appears to be telling the world that he no longer owns or operates his flagship website, The Drudge Report.
In the bio of his official news feed on Twitter, Drudge describes The Drudge Report as a news aggregator website that he used to run and that was formerly based in the United States.
Quote, The Drudge Report
Was a U.S.-based news aggregation website run by Matt Drudge at Drudge.
The bio reads, just recently changed.
The mysterious change to his Twitter bio comes as several other conservatives are trying to compete with Drudge with their own news aggregation websites, such as BonjeanReport.com, TheLibertyDaily.com and GabTrends.
In fact, Drudge actually promoted his competitors last month, noting that they are gaining ground, close quote, against
His website, which is the top of the news website in the world.
However, the conservative news icon appeared to criticize former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino's news website.
Alex Jones offered several theories regarding Grudge's odd Twitter bio change when I wrote this just minutes ago before going live with our intrepid reporter Jamie White out there just outside the camera's range.
Take a look!
In his mysterious style, or he's been kidnapped by drooling deep staters who have now stolen his identity, Jones said.
But regardless, the ever reclusive Drudge needs to make a public appearance soon or the suspense will only continue to be hyped, which we know he hates.
Of course, I'm joking when I say that.
Drudge is the king of being elusive.
Well, Drudge
He's really helped Infowars and helped the Liberty Movement worldwide.
He's helped the fight for free speech and stood up against the censors like nobody else other than Infowars.
And Trump would not have gotten elected without Drudge.
And Trump has said that.
Don Jr.
has said that.
And I know why Drudge is mad at Trump.
By deduction, my dear Watson.
Sure, I've met with Drudge before and had dinner with Drudge.
He talks to one of my writers on a more routine basis.
They have messages on, I guess, email.
But that's it!
Because Drudge speaks through his website, and when I got up there six months ago and said, why is Trump committing political suicide, allowing all this censorship that's illegal and voter suppression and racketeering, he put that message to the President up.
And when I said, Trump, you better not try to take our guns or 1776 will commence again, when Trump was supporting red flag laws, Trump did back off, by the way.
Drudge put it as the top video, and it got over a million views on our own platform.
And constantly when I've been angry at Trump trying to get him to fight back and to take action and actually go after the deep state, Drudge has flogged that and I think Drudge about four months ago gave up.
And you can see that in his tweet because if you look at Bongino,
And by the way, I like Dan Bongino, but back when nobody knew who he was, we'd have him on the show, promote him and stuff.
And then, you know, now he's more successful with the NRA TV and going on Fox and things, and that's great.
But I want more people to be prominent and fight for liberty.
But it's just, he's kind of gotten into the, as we one go, we all go, the Q thing, everything's fine, everything's wonderful, and trust the plan, all the rest of this stuff, and will not give us the time of day.
When, you know, people like Drudge always have.
And I think that's fundamentally where Drudge is pissed off, is that everybody that got Trump in has been left out in the dark and fed to the wolves, twisting in the wind.
I mean, let me tell you, you like getting sued 32 times.
You like getting death threats.
You like getting stalked by New York Times and BuzzFeed reporters.
You like them offering your employees big money to lie about you.
You like people coming after your kids, your family.
I mean, I've been through hell.
It's not been fun.
And again, these are off record discussions and I do off record discussions.
So that's why that's normal journalism and normal business.
But I've gotten the message.
Turn against Trump.
Turn against the Second Amendment.
All your problems will go away.
Well, I mean, I already got offered big money years ago to join the globalists, so I'm not doing that.
And I don't think drudge has been bought off by these people.
When you get left out in the dark and when you don't get any love or protection back from people you're protecting, it's called a one-way street.
And listen, I can handle that because I understand Trump is totally isolated.
We're going to break some major news here in a moment.
And tomorrow on the regular Sunday show about that.
I'm just simply saying, Drudge has earned his dues, paid his dues, and has really helped take over the Republican Party with this whole libertarian nationalist move.
And the never Trumpers though that didn't support Trump, they've all been brought in and given a place at the table.
Everybody that actually got Trump in, we're treated like trash.
And that's fine and dandy, except then the Never Trumpers sabotage the President.
And so, I know why Drudge is pissed, because he's spoken with our videos to the President, to the White House, in the last couple of years, and it's not really been heeded to a great extent.
And so I think that's what you're seeing here, is Drudge is throwing his hands up.
But regardless,
Obviously, it's not double typos in a two-line bio, or I guess a one-line bio.
I mean, there it is.
There it is.
The Drudge Report was a U.S.-based news aggregation website run by Matt Drudge.
It was a U.S.-based news aggregation website, and it goes on to imply that it was run by Matt Drudge.
Getting past Drudge, getting past InfoWars, getting past any of the media itself, the world's bigger than just the talking heads and the news sites.
This is indicative of the climate that's going on.
Because Drudge is reclusive.
I am not.
I wish I was.
My private life, I actually am.
Who the hell knows what's been done to him?
I mean, who knows?
I would use the example of there are cow ponds all over Texas and all over the country where cows go and they get their water.
We call them tanks because on a lot of ranches they're actually like a swimming pool tank that's about two feet tall, but in most areas it's just a cattle pond.
And sometimes cows get stuck in the mud.
And usually it's front forward.
So you'll have a cow up to its chest in the water with its hind end up on land.
And coyotes sometimes will eat it up all the way halfway up the body and they'll eat the guts first.
And so I've seen this once.
People that do cattle ranching have seen it many times.
A living cow half eaten by coyotes in the morning with the guts and everything eaten out and the cow is still alive with, with bones and everything up to the, up to the,
Chester and kind of being stuck here supporting Trump is like being a cow stuck in the mud and the coyotes are eating your ass first forward.
That's how they prefer to eat, by the way.
If a cow kills an animal, they like to eat the guts first.
That's got the most nutrition.
That's her favorite way to do it anyways.
So if you've not ever had a coyote eat your ass in first, you really haven't enjoyed the deep state coming after your children, coming after your family, the dirty tricks, the following you around, the trying to poison you, the auditing you, the suing you, the attacking everyone you know.
That's the funnest part is going after your family.
That all flows from the Justice Department letting this reign of terror happen against American patriots and letting the racketeering take place.
And I don't know if that's a real photo, but let's get that off the screen.
It's like a baby bison being eaten by a coyote, but that's really what goes on.
And so big changes are going on everywhere.
Now, the reason that's happening is long before
Trump came along, CNN didn't have any ratings.
And then during the whole Trump era, they went back up a little bit, but they'd still gone down a lot.
It was more of a dead cat bounce.
Now they've gone back down to their all-time low of what they were about five years ago.
Bottom falls out at CNN, ratings hit three-year low.
And then it just goes on from there.
The NFL,
Has about a 40% drop.
Hollywood's got close to a 40% revenue drop.
It's all falling apart because people are sick of it.
People are burnt out on it.
People don't want to be involved in it.
And no amount of hoaxes, no amount of big news that they make up is gonna get people coming back.
No amount of censorship either is going to
Get people back to CNN.
I mean, you could shut down every media organization in the world, but CNN, people still would not tune into it and watch it in substantive numbers.
That's why they force feed it on Google, force feed it on YouTube, force feed it on Twitter, force feed it on Facebook.
And still, it doesn't work.
Still, it's failing.
Still, they can't make people watch it.
And then anything CNN acquires or gets control of,
Covertly to push their propaganda is going to crater into the ground as well.
That is the nature of this.
People are not asleep anymore.
People are awake.
And once you cross that demarcation line, that event horizon, that point of no return, that Rubicon, that Mason-Dixon line, that Maginot line, that equatorial
Point, you're not ever going to go back again.
The cows ain't coming home, since we're on the cattle analogies.
The train done left the station.
The genie's out of the bottle.
You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube.
And so that's the existential crisis and the paradox that, yeah, the globalists have all the fiat money.
But notice Elon Musk was in a trial that he won, I think rightfully so, out in LA over calling somebody pedo guy, which he meant, you know, creepy, not saying the guy is a convicted pedophile.
He didn't say that.
The guy isn't.
He said, okay, you know, pedo guy and more of a joke.
Um, the guy's a public figure, so he was able to do it, but the jury asked, how much money do you have?
He said, I have 20 billion in assets, but no cash.
And they're all, the media made a joke.
They go, what does that mean?
Well, when you have assets of companies in an inflated stock market, you can say you have that value projected by some bank in this whole fiat magicians joke, but you don't have cash.
And if you're an executive at one of these companies and you start dumping your stock, it's going to make everybody else dump the stock.
And then they're gonna say, you knew that when you dumped your stock, it was gonna drive it down, signaling no faith in it, so you got your money out earlier, that's insider trading.
That's how crazy our laws are.
Remember Martha Stewart?
Sold, what was that, a couple million dollars worth of stock?
The trade she went to jail for was less than that.
And the stock went down later, and so they said she knew.
And she went to jail for several years.
So people that are ignorant went, oh, Elon Musk, who I'm not defending, by the way, I have big problems with him.
You know, he's saying he doesn't have any cash.
That's because his companies are on the edge of collapse.
That's admitted.
They're fiat.
They're inflated.
This truck isn't going to save them.
That was a disaster.
Let me give you another example about InfoWars.
Because I'll never quit.
And I'll never sell out.
But I could collapse like an old horse.
Or, you know, like the axle in a car rusted out.
Just bust out and you're done.
We've got our own warehouse.
I have my own crew that's paid double what the average warehouse employee.
Still not a lot of money, but double because I want to be able to have a decent life.
And we could do our packaging and shipping more inexpensively if we did it all in-house.
You know how expensive it is to set up a modern warehouse with all the safety systems and all the people?
You'd look at that warehouse and think, this guy must be loaded.
You look at all this equipment, this guy must have a ton of money.
Well, it's like Elon Musk.
Uh, no, no, no, no.
This is all a liability.
Like my employees are great people and their assets and I care about them and they do a great job and they're trained, but that's people you got to pay.
And then when people quit or leave, you've got to get new people and train them and then see a warehouse in a leased space with all that
Inventory in a market where they're trying to keep you from being able to get to the market, and then all the debts you accrue to build something up, that's called a liability.
And the truth is, Elon Musk is sitting on top of a giant liability.
Now, something like Apple or something like Microsoft, where they have a huge, large asset, have been operating for decades and have slave factories and all the rest of it.
They're still sitting on top of the House of Cards.
The whole economy is, and everybody knows that, so that's just an angle and a perspective on that, and the whole House of Cards at Time Warner, now Spectrum, is coming down.
The whole House of Cards in Main Street Media is coming down.
The whole House of Cards in Wall Street's coming down.
The whole House of Cards is coming down this year, next year, five years from now.
Listen, I don't want the House of Cards to come down, even though it's fiat and a fraud, because it's all we've got.
And Trump's trying to build industry again, and farming again, so that when the fiat goes down, we don't turn into Day of the Dead zombie land in a few weeks.
90% of Americans in the Great Depression were in rural areas, and roughly half of them were completely self-sufficient.
Meaning they could feed themselves food, water, shelter.
Women, the men knew how to sew.
Everybody had chickens.
They all had a garden.
Most of them had a farm.
They had cows.
They were self-sufficient.
So about 45% of the population, totally self-sufficient.
90% were rural.
10% lived in the city.
Today, we're about 89% suburban and urban.
And of the 10% or 11% that are rural, about half of those are self-sufficient.
So let me give you the newsflash.
5% are self-sufficient in this country.
Totally self-sufficient.
Versus 45% in the Great Depression.
But they were still rural and somewhat self-sufficient.
And so famously they'd come and cut wood and do whatever for a bag of potatoes or whatever.
We have another Great Depression in this country.
A real one.
And there will be millions dead in the streets.
Seven million it's estimated by major university studies starved to death in the Great Depression in this country back when this nation only had a hundred and seventy million people in it.
We're 330 million with another 40 million illegal aliens on top of that.
We're close to 380 million people and we are a time bomb.
We use more drugs than anybody else in the world.
We're the biggest heroin addicts in the world.
We've got the most mental illness in the world.
We've got the highest ratio of devil worshipers in the world.
The highest ratio of pedophiles in the world.
We've still got a lot of good people in this nation.
They're under attack and they've been cowed and they keep their head down.
And then you've got large minorities of people who are black, white, old, young, who are entitled, who are hateful, who are crazy.
And if Trump isn't successful stabilizing and propping our economy up, and then is unable to culturally discredit the globalist and the leftist,
Then this country is going to tear itself apart.
And Drudge is a smart guy.
Very smart.
He, I can tell you, doesn't think it's repairable.
He said that on air four years ago when he visited us.
And he said time's running short.
They're planning to shut things down and take all the free speech.
And you've got to warn people.
They've got to stop it.
America has to rally against it.
Congress has to rally against it.
We've got to get a president in that can turn it around and stop it.
We hope that's Trump.
And now four years later,
Drudge thinks we failed.
And my instinct is to pull up tent stakes and get the hell out of the country.
The problem is there's not many places to go and I've got children.
And I've got an ex-wife I got to deal with and all the rest of that.
And I got a crew I care about and I can't turn and run.
And I'm not saying people like Drudge are turning and running.
More like a strategic retreat.
But if you believe the Alice in Wonderland stuff put out on the internet that everything's fine, everything's going to turn around and be hunky dory from nebulous sources, when the sources that got the president in are telling you we're in deep trouble and anybody who's well informed or on the inside can tell you things are bad.
Trump is surrounded by traitors and scum.
He's surrounded by never Trumpers and yes men because they lie to him.
They tell him that they're going to support him and then they don't.
So I care about the president.
I am praying for the president and I'm so glad Hillary Clinton isn't in office, but I can tell you right now that Trump hasn't gotten even control of the executive.
And that the bureaucracy is preparing for civil unrest and martial law, and it's going to use an economic collapse they're trying to engineer to create huge civil disorder.
And out of that, they believe they're going to get the general public to capitulate to a socialist globalist takeover.
And that, of course, won't mean free goods for the general public.
It will mean a Venezuelan hell.
Totally open borders are being established.
No borders, no wall in the USA at all.
Opening the prisons, letting violent offenders out is already happening.
Targeting patriots and families and Christians is already exploding.
It's huge in Europe.
And this is really an attempted criminal takedown of the country.
And if the president starts a fight with the globalists, gets into office and starts trying to reverse things and can't carry out the removal of the criminals and only rouses them to a bigger attack on us, then in the final equation,
Trump is only summoning the globalist leftist horde, and if we don't defeat them, then we've given them victory.
And so, that's really where the situation is.
We have the tools to defeat the globalists.
We can do it together.
But we're going to have to get conservatives in the streets.
We're going to have to get patriots and Christians in the streets.
Everybody's going to have to get media savvy and active getting the word out.
Everybody's going to have to promote websites and URLs above Facebook, Twitter, Google and the rest of it and get sites like Infowars.com and Newswars.com out to people around the system.
People are going to have to run for office and just do so many other things to get the word out or the establishment is just going to absolutely
Carry us into a nightmare situation that really will spell out the end of this country and the left has successfully energized their operatives into being the most criminal, delusional,
Out of their mind individuals the planet has ever seen.
And it's really shameful and very, very sad to see how fallen we are.
And it does destroy a lot of people's hope.
But I want everyone to have hope because there is hope.
20 years ago, people didn't know the Federal Reserve was private.
20 years ago, people didn't know there was a global government forming.
20 years ago, people didn't know the Democrats wanted to take your guns to enslave you.
They thought they were just misguided.
Now in the waning hours of 2019, people really know what the score is.
And that we are dealing with authoritarians.
The question is, though, once we know, what are we going to do about it?
And that really comes down to the swamp and the fact that the Justice Department at the top is so full of criminals that can we ever get them to actually do the right thing?
We'll see what happens with the Inspector General report on Monday.
We'll be here covering it live tomorrow from 4 to 6 p.m.
with the Sunday Show and then David Knight.
At 8 a.m.
with the David Knight Show and then right through with my broadcast on Troyer.
We had two employees.
You had to go take care of family in other states and had to quit just this last week.
Uh, and I'm sure they'll be contacted by the New York times and offered whatever, you know, by next week.
That's hilarious.
But, uh, you know, those are good guys want to take care of their families.
We had to like suspend, uh, because of lack of personnel, um, firepower, Will Johnson, Tom Papert, because callers are calling and saying, I want more shows.
I want to see you do this and that.
We don't have the money and we don't even have the personnel.
Uh, to be able to continue that show five nights a week, which we're going to put an ad out on InfoWars and an ad out on air.
We're not allowed to put it on, on LinkedIn or Monster or any of those others because you mean in the news, they've banned us.
I mean, they're taking everybody's bank accounts away.
I mean, this is the real persecution happening with Trump allows against whole classes of people.
That Trump is presiding over the mass persecution of Americans, of patriots, of Christians, of conservatives, of pro-gun folks, of pro-veteran groups.
It's a dereliction of duty, and I still support the President, but my God, this is organized crime.
This is monopolistic combines, or oligopolies is what a combine is, working together in cartels.
These are all real legal terms against people that support the President.
It's all on its face illegal.
And the president has all the power to snap his fingers and stop it, but hasn't.
And so when I tell you up here, hey, we need funds, we need support, we need prayer, and you've been doing it, and I appreciate those of you that have, but for others on the fence, oh, that's just Jones and his marketing.
No, that's not just Jones and his marketing.
I mean, sometimes some of the crew says, hey, you ought to chronicle all the stuff that's been done to you.
A congressional hearing just two weeks ago saying, ha ha, we got Roger Stone in prison, we want to shut down Jones.
He made up that Fiona Hill works for Soros and is a globalist.
She writes for theglobalist.com.
She heads up his main foundation.
I mean, this is a joke.
She's lauded as a world government supporter and a top globalist of the CFR.
She's called a top globalist thinker.
It's like saying, hey man, that duck is a mallard.
You go, that duck's not a duck.
You know, yeah, it's like saying Daffy Duck's not a duck.
Or Donald Duck's not a duck.
You're like, well, actually, the character is a duck.
No, it's not.
Well, he's called Daffy Duck.
No, he's not.
He's called Daffy Duck.
You just said Daffy Duck.
I know he's Daffy Duck.
He's not a duck.
Yeah, no, Daffy Duck is a duck.
No, he's not.
He's not a duck.
You know, that's gaslighting.
No, you're crazy.
We're going to arrest you and take your bank account.
I'm like, hey, Soros admits he wants to get rid of the US and he funds Antifa.
He doesn't exist.
Soros said the best time of his life was helping round up Jews for the Nazis, called it happy making and exhilarating.
Doesn't exist, you're gonna go to jail.
And it's just like, okay, I mean, you understand what it means when having congressional hearings three years ago saying I'm a Russian spy.
I don't get to be there.
I don't get to defend myself.
I just get
To have them turn loose all these wimpy, weird, creepy foundation people and CIA people.
And it's not like James Bond or cool people, man.
It's like mentally ill perverts and stuff who have like ticks and like eat their boogers and stuff.
And like, and you're like being followed around by mental patients.
It's like zombies.
And you like your government's run by hunchbacks like vitamin.
And all these weird little twits and people.
So, you know, I don't even know what to say at this point.
And, and, and Biden all with dementia talking about black kids and roach legs.
And, you know, I mean, it's just, it's just, it's just, it's crazy people and normal people don't want power.
And so all these crazy psychotics have gotten in control and
A lot of people just can't handle it because America is so decadent and so demonic now.
I mean, hell, they keep babies alive and then kill them after they're born and then they have celebrations on TV about it.
Now, evil does that out in the open to demoralize you and make you give up.
I get that.
Or make you just accept it, make you just think that it's all okay.
But the fact that Trump clearly doesn't have Drudge's support,
I mean, Drudge went from trying to wake Trump and his supporters up that, you know, we weren't draining the swamp here.
And I guess as we all go, as one goes, we don't go.
I mean, I guess Drudge is not following nebulous posters on the internet.
You know, that's, he just got the president elected.
I mean, he doesn't get to speak.
He's just bonafide and real.
He doesn't have the credentials of secretive nebulous people.
And so he's like, okay, I don't have these, these credentials of just secret nebulousness.
I'm not powerful enough to, you know, say, Hey, we don't want red flag laws or, Hey, we don't want, you know, this or that.
So I get why people like Matt Drudge are pissed off.
I'm just telling you that we should look on the bright side.
And the fact that we forced the globalist out in the open.
Now it's pretty shocking that they're all out in the open with their criminality and no one's getting in trouble.
It will take time.
You don't think the deep state went from being hidden to being out in the open and then bragging on television on C-SPAN with Brennan and others, literally making demon faces going, we're going to take Trump out through the intelligence committee.
We run America and thank God for the deep state and the Washington Post and New York Times say, thank God, rogue government agents control America and are the secret fourth branch that run things.
That's called a oligarchy.
Bunch of plutocrats.
That's the new royalty.
I mean, that's never going to work now.
So, the problem is, is it's gonna cause a spectacular collision.
Because these globalists are too senile, too satanic, too drunk on power, too nihilistic, too delusional to back off or quit.
And the debt is all too fantastical and impossible to pay back.
And everything's too crazy.
And so the runaway train is going off the edge of the broken bridge right now and we're just in the free fall over the train.
And I'm happy to have people culturally waking up and rediscovering free speech and Trump challenging political correctness and all of that's great, but you should see more of a response to this.
And it shouldn't just be Trump at rallies.
That's good.
But it needs to be more, and it needs to be more earnest, because the threat is so real.
And there's a lot of other good news.
Let me show you this.
It's an Infowars.com Adam Salazar article from yesterday.
Virginia Sheriff vows to deputize thousands of citizens if state passes gun restrictions.
And it's all the great videos.
I'm going to cover this tomorrow on my show.
And it's the Sheriff's all-meeting.
I'll show people the actual article that shows the videos.
And he's got all the sheriffs in there at the city council or at the county commission and they're all, all the sheriff's deputies and they're just saying, yeah, we're not going to turn guns and we're not going to enforce these laws.
And if somebody had the criminal, they're not committing crimes with a gun, we're just done.
And the left doesn't know what to do because they got 800 plus cities saying illegal aliens can drunk drive, stab people, shoot people.
I mean, I mean, you've seen where illegal aliens shoot people in the back and San Francisco says you're allowed to.
We're not going to even, you know, let them put you in prison.
And they can rape and kill over it because you got to go all the way with sanctuary.
You've got to, once you can be here illegally and be a hit and run or, you know, be a, somebody that shoplifts or whatever, well, why not let them just shoot people and kill them?
So other folks are saying, okay, well, the second amendment says we have a right to keep and bear arms, sound like I'm being fringe.
So we don't care what the legislature passes.
We don't care what you do.
We're not going to do that now.
I don't know.
The grand jury or the jury will let him go, then they'll try to have the feds bust one sheriff, but then that'll just make all the sheriffs do it.
So what happened in 1776 took 20 years of committees of correspondence leading up to it, and all sorts of abuses just like this, and then secret arrests and executions, and some jurisdictions were pro-liberty, others weren't, and the battle lines are being drawn is what's happening.
And so, believe me,
I told you Trump was going to win.
He did.
If he doesn't change course and allowing election meddling and voter suppression, he's going to lose.
And then they're going to be even more hardcore.
You know, I was talking to a national talk show host about a year ago and he said, you know, I like a lot of what Trump does, but he's just not fighting them and he's not standing up and he's not reversing the censorship.
So, uh, you know, it'll just be better when he's gone.
Hopefully at the next election.
Because things are just so stirred up, so violent right now.
I'm afraid it's going to be a civil war.
And I said to him, I said, listen to me.
They've got them hyped up now.
The general public, the leftists, they want power.
They've told all these university students, you're going to be the ruling class.
They've got worthless degrees.
They've been given malice instruction.
Thank God for Trump as a speed bump.
He just riled them up to show us what was already preparing itself behind the curtain.
He just invoked it to come out a little bit early.
That's the real blessing, regardless of what Trump does.
He made the bull come out.
He's the red cape.
I told him, I said, once Trump's removed, they are going to go all out against everybody because they know it's that populist base.
That they disdain the bitter clingers that got Trump elected.
They are going to try to wipe out and level and persecute everybody.
And they're going to push it so far it's going to cause a civil war.
They're going to call that terrorism and call the military out.
And then it's going to be a real civil war.
And the military is going to turn against the deep state.
And it's going to be even more spectacular.
So I said, you need to back Trump.
And you need to stay on air.
And you need to not.
And they admit I influenced them and some others.
I mean, because what I'm saying is the truth.
And I'm not trying to brag, but that shows you the tipping point right here where InfoWars is listened to and respected by a lot of people.
I mean, I'm not playing games.
I'm not bragging.
I do this 18 hours a day.
This is who I am, okay?
And I studied history.
And I talked to that talk show host.
They said, you know, you're really right.
You've convinced me.
And I saw a big change out of them after that.
They became more of a Trump supporter.
And they said, I'm holding my nose.
My God, I wish you'd do the right thing.
I wish you'd take more action.
But you know, because they're not going to stop, ladies and gentlemen, they're not going to stop.
And that's the message.
Trump stays, they're going to go crazy.
Trump goes, they're going to go crazy.
We have allowed true evil to breed and grow in this country by our acquiescence, by our removing ourselves from the equation, we have created the vacuum.
And so, the time to not submit to school districts sexualizing and brainwashing your children has come.
The time to letting
Jurisdictions do whatever they want and let illegal aliens be above the law, but the book's thrown at you.
That has come to an end.
The time of letting universities violate your free speech has come to an end.
The time of letting Big Pharma push their poison on everybody has come to an end.
And however we're going to resist legally and lawfully, know this.
It's moving into civil disobedience and not complying with their unconstitutional laws because they don't comply with the law of the land and the true American law that's cut and dry and common sense.
And then they're going to come and be violent when we just simply remove our support because they've broken the social contract.
And then they're going to stage a terror attack.
Or terror attacks and blame it on us and come looking for blood because they're weak, they're globalist and they existentially know that true American freedom is superior to their tyranny and they have a existential bloodlust for us and it is going in the final equation to come to violence.
There's no doubt now that's where things are headed.
Now how bad the violence will be?
I hope we can still have a
Soft landing.
But the soft crash landing has left the equation.
Now can it be a rough landing but not a terminal landing?
It's like Churchill said, you can pull the quotes up, I paraphrase it, but there's times in history when people can stand up against a threat and they have a good chance of winning.
And then there comes a time if they wait too long where they have a
Rough chance of winning, but still a chance, but it's going to be tough and a huge loss of life.
But they, you know, stand up and still defeat the threat.
But then there comes the third where you waited too long.
You're absolutely outnumbered.
The tyranny is so incredible, but the pirates that are taking over are so wicked and so destructive that you just owe it to the next country they're going to overrun to go ahead and fight to the death because that's a more honorable death than being a slave and living on your knees.
That's a longer pontification on what he said, but that's it.
And so we are leaving the first area, entering the middle of the second.
So we're kind of had this opportunity and that's really going away.
And then now we're going into the middle ground and soon we'll pass because it accelerates.
You have a lot of time to fix things early on, but oh, you don't want to admit it's going on and you got other things to do, you know, and then you get to the middle area and okay, things start moving quicker.
And then all of a sudden, all of a sudden you go over the edge.
Oh, and by the way, the evil people, they'll all be destroyed very, very quickly.
You know, when I say
It's going to be a rough situation.
It'll be a lot rougher for them.
I mean, it's not like they win once they, once they initiate this.
But nobody wins in this except the devil.
Except true psychotics that are going to enjoy all of this.
And so good men doing nothing has allowed this to come to this point.
It's very, very sad.
So let me play two clips and I'm going to end this transmission.
And I hope that you share the article at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com where this video is posted.
Also Band.Video.
And I appreciate the crew coming in on a Saturday and doing a great job.
I've been extremely stressed out because you can see what's happening politically and economically and culturally.
You can feel it as well.
And you're going to have to face it, ladies and gentlemen.
And I know our audience has faced it.
And that's why it's so beyond critical that you then expand out from this base to others, because the globalists are threatened by the truth.
That's why they've suppressed it.
And it's in that understanding that we're going to find victory and reverse this entire situation.
And so I just hope and pray for all of our sakes, this can be turned around, but the strength of men has left us.
And the strength of men to quote Lord of the Rings has failed us.
And it's happened before in history.
And that's why it's starting to happen again right now.
Because we have allowed evil to be practiced and openly set up.
And now it wants to extinguish good because it knows historically it's defeated by good.
But it's really the good that allows civilization to take place.
So as evil always tries to extinguish good, it collapses its own biosphere.
And so let's not say we were there the day the strength of men failed.
Because that is definitely where we are.
Where do you think H...
Or J.R.R.
Tolkien wrote all that.
I mean, he was in World War I. And he also saw the Boer Wars as a young man.
And he was a big linguist and historian.
So those are all allegories of the Boer Wars and World War I and all the things that guy saw.
And if you think the horrors we've seen in the past can't happen again, they are happening in China right now.
And they're happening all over the world and it's coming here.
And there's no amount of acquiescence to the left that will ever satiate them.
You understand?
This is what they do.
It's like child molesters, which are a big part of the left.
They just, they can't stop.
Now I talked about this on Friday and I didn't get to it so I want to get to it right now and that's what Vladimir Putin talked about last week and that was in a speech or in a conference he was in.
He talked about the fact that in some countries the word mother
It's being replaced.
I hope we never have that in Russia.
Now, if you actually look into that, that's happening.
They're saying don't put mother or father on entrance forms in Canada and places like California.
Don't say man or woman on college entrance exams.
I mean, that's an assault on the species.
The assault on mammalian sexuality and procreation.
If you were aliens coming here to shut down the humanity, you'd shut down the normal biological activities of the male and female.
And so, you know, France did it, what, like 10 years ago.
You said that the word mom is irreplaceable.
So we sit around and we laugh about it, but it's not funny.
It's a systematic evil plan.
And look at these articles.
This is just this week.
Plastic additive stress.
During late pregnancy, boost risk of premature birth and death in babies.
How many times have I told you?
By the way, they choose these chemicals in women's products to do it.
And then no one tells the women.
I literally tell my crew members when they have wives or they're pregnant, I say, listen, you got to stop the skin creams.
You got to do this.
And even my crew thinks I'm kind of like getting in their business years ago.
Now people don't.
I mean, I tell people in checkout lines, because you know what?
I'm not a busy body.
In fact, I'm the opposite.
But those babies deserve not to die.
Adverse effects from personal care products climbs 300%.
This is an old article.
I mean, they're doing it on purpose, folks.
Aluminum exposure altering newborn development.
Smaller brains.
What do they spray on the chemtrails?
This goes on from there.
This is a total biological attack.
And what do you see, Colbert and all the shows when they attack me?
They go, Jones claims there's chemicals in the food and water making the frogs gay.
They're killing us.
And it's a plan and our IQs are dropping and our life expectancy is dropping.
And why would any of you fools for a paycheck want to be part of that, Colbert?
But you notice it's always 60 Minutes attacks me.
Saturday Night Live, CNN, fiction, nonfiction, Homeland, all these shows.
Oh, it's crazy.
They claim there's lining in, you know, coffee cups making women have miscarriages.
And it's a fact.
I've talked to the chemists who are told, just do it.
It's all about what they put into the food chain against you.
Let me hit one more topic here, and then I'm gonna get into this final report that ties into it.
They had a big New York Times story, feature story, they put it in the Statesman, they put it in newspapers all over the country so people can read the lies about me.
Saying, we're not legitimate, we're not real.
It says that I ordered people to make up stories about Islam.
You know, one area I've failed, because I probably have 15 to 20 to 30 articles a day in my stack of stabbings, bombings, shootings, rapes, mass kidnapping by Islamists all over the U.S.
and Europe, and I just... It's so depressing, I've kind of capitulated and given in to it, but I'm gonna call it the New York Times-sponsored Islam scourge sex segment every day now.
Where I'm going to cover the day's Islamic attacks.
And there's been some knifings and stabbings and shootings in Europe and hangar-head attacks just today.
You can look those up.
They're never called Islamic.
You just type in knife attack, stabbing, hangar-head attack.
Car runs into people and you'll see it.
They'll always be named Mohammed something and you know, same deal.
But you might have heard of the eight terrorists got released last week.
They'd planned to blow up the stock exchange and attack the U.S.
Embassy and then one of them went and stabbed a bunch of people and they died.
Heard about that.
And of course, yesterday you had five people stabbed to death at the Naval Station in Florida.
And the guy said he did it for Islam.
Plus four dead.
Now it's five dead in a shooting at Naval Air Station.
Saudi Arabians take one quote refugee and now that's all for us to do.
And then you got these guys who on average in Europe 80% of never assimilate, they stay on welfare.
And their main thing is kidnap young girls, sex slavery, that's what Islam's big business is.
Because Mohammed started in Medina and Mecca at the crossroads of the caravans running the sex slave trade.
So the Middle East was developing science and technology.
Islam always says, oh, we invented mathematics and we invented the alphabet.
No, no.
Arabs did invent a lot of that.
Then you took over 1,400 years ago.
That's more lies than a two-year-old could figure out.
But they tell you polar bears can't swim.
They just swim 300 miles on average and actually hunt 200 miles on average a week and actually hunt in the water.
They tell you penguins can't swim.
They're aquatic birds, by the way.
They go, look at these penguins stuck on an ice floe.
No, they're hunting fish on those.
They live on those.
It's like saying, you know, grasshoppers live in the grass.
Spiders spin webs.
It's like saying, there's spiders stuck in a web.
Spiders don't know what webs are.
Spiders don't spin webs.
Polar bears can't swim.
Penguins can't swim.
And, uh, there's no- and- and- and- and Jones is desperate!
I'm desperate to find Islamic terror attacks!
I just can't find any of them!
I tell my crew, you get out there, and you find them!
Totally made up.
But see, it's like when the illegal alien shoots the white lady in the back, admits he shot her in the back for no reason, dead with her dad, on the pier, and the liberals said, we're letting him out of jail!
She's white!
And the left was like, oh, it's beautiful.
He killed her.
They go, well, he's Hispanic.
And it's just like, you know, the Islamic base with the human, the kid died being tortured to death out in New Mexico.
Same group, you know, tied into groups we've covered.
And the media just said, well, we're dropping charges.
They're just allowed to have, you know, torture the kid to death because they're Muslims.
Just like the Muslim grooming gangs are allowed to kidnap thousands of girls and put them in sex slavery, and most of them are just turned roost.
Like, they're allowed to.
Because, you know, it's what you do.
Because the left has to say everybody's good but white people.
Because the left is using a race-based system, hoping to brainwash all the minorities that are the majority now into hating white people, to use that as a controlled system.
If you don't pay for these guys to walk around in their nightgowns all day,
And, you know, plot their Islamic takeover.
And the family of even one of the killed said, you know, let them out of jail.
It was too much time for them.
When they served six years, they were supposed to serve 12.
But see, just because the family of one of these guys has Stockholm syndrome and wants to say, oh, you know, my son got stabbed to death, but that's okay.
Let them out.
These guys don't want to live in England.
They don't want to live in the U.S.
They want to make us submit to them.
That's what Islam does.
And by the way, you know the very sad part about these fellas, this particular group, is that you know that 37% of deformity in the U.K.
is from the Pakistani community.
And you understand they're not even 1% of the population, right?
I mean, but the British royal family needs to stop inbreeding.
And they have, because like they've, you know, for everyone that can talk, you know, the other ones totally start raving mad.
They got a whole bunch of royals locked up over there because they're literally, you know, just they're psychotic killers.
One part of inbreeding is it makes you psychotic.
And so, uh, that's why you get the Habsburg jaw and the Habsburg nose.
And it doesn't matter if you're a German royal, it doesn't matter if you're an Islamic Arabic, or it doesn't matter what racial group you are, if you inbreed, you're gonna get that big jaw, and you're gonna get that big ol' beaker.
And then you're gonna wanna kill everybody!
Now not everybody with a big old giant witch's nose has that genetic mutation.
You know most of the Romanov gypsies, the males only have one eye that points the right direction, right?
That's a fact.
And with it comes psychotic behavior.
People wonder why the gypsies on average are so damn violent and stuff.
Because man, when you are marrying your sister for a couple thousand years, you get some problems.
Now why does that British Royal on your screen look like Osama Bin Laden, who himself is Royal?
House Assad.
Why does he look like Saudi Royalty?
Because you can be black, you can be white, you can be Arabic, you can be whoever you are.
You get that look, you've got a problem.
That doesn't mean everybody with a big nose has that.
That's not the case.
A lot of Nordics have big, long noses from the Ice Age.
You know, cold air going up their nose.
But that is a Habsburg jaw and a Habsburg nose.
And they were murdering crazy people.
You ever heard, you ever gotten like a hybrid dog and it biting people and crapping on the floor and sneaking around and acting weird?
Inbreeding isn't good.
Marrying your mommy isn't good.
Having a son with your mother or a daughter with your mommy is not good.
Now there's a new one.
London Boroughs finds one in five child deaths caused by parents being related.
I wonder if the London Independent tells you what group that is.
It's the Pakistanis, folks.
God love them.
Good people.
You know, a lot of them have high IQs too.
A lot of them are, you know, if they're, if they didn't come from a cloistered town, you know, it's like folks in the Appalachias.
A lot of nice folks in the Appalachias, but you know, I've been in the Appalachias quite a bit and pulled in a little grocery store or something.
And let me tell you, deliverance is real.
And they look like white inbred Pakistanis.
Except they get even more inbred with some other genetic disorders.
They get these big round heads and look scared in hell.
You want me to take you to some places in Appalachia?
I'll take you there.
And let me tell you, it's scary.
Yeah, I like that.
But even, yeah, let me tell you, it's scary here.
So just let me tell you, we got a problem.
Of the Arabs I've seen running around killing people looks exactly the same because the folks there have been genetically mutated.
And it's dangerous.
And they want to kill people.
And they're whacked out of their minds.
If you want to know why there's so much war, it's because royals kept inbreeding.
There's major PhD theses on that.
It's been known for hundreds of years, okay?
And we're importing people who in their religion marry their families.
And it needs to stop.
I believe marrying siblings or parents should be illegal.
And I believe people attempting to marry first cousins should be counseled and advised upon it heavily.
I'm gonna stop ranting.
Let's go ahead and end this transmission with
Clip five, Pelosi.
Civilization itself is at stake.
Well, there's no need to play it.
We've already heard her say that and it's true.
They're destroying civilization.
Let's go ahead and end the transmission with that incredibly important Gregg Reese report that didn't get the attention it deserved.
Castration Incorporated.
That gives you the true story of transgenderism and the eugenicist and the transhumanist.
And this was just such a devastatingly important report.
I'm going to have it reposted under this report that we're doing right now on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com, so you can share that article itself, that video itself, because this is just critical research.
When I saw his report last week, I'm like, yeah, I knew all that years ago and did all the research.
I've forgotten all that.
God, it's worse than I remember.
This is just absolutely critical to everyone that has children who are going to be pressured when they're five to, hey, you could be something other.
Five-year-olds are given questionnaires.
Are you a boy or a girl or something else?
The kids are like, yeah, I'm Superman.
You mean you're, oh, you're a little girl.
You're like Superman.
Oh, well, you're, you're a man.
Then the CPS comes, they tell the parents, your girl's going to be a boy.
Your boy's going to be a girl.
And then of course the state comes in to take control of your child.
You need to know about this plan.
That's why in the UK, half the kids that got transitioning are retarded or autistic.
It's really a population control thing.
And obviously we don't want folks that have Down syndrome having children together, but that's not what this is even for.
This is for folks that just have autism.
And I think you counsel people and you incentivize them to not have children when they have genetic deformities or whatever.
You don't go target them and teach them to wear a dress if they're a boy and vice versa.
And then it can be chemically sterilized.
Then they think they're cool.
And then statistically, they just commit suicide later because you totally wrecked their life and the chemicals killed a lot of people.
And that's all admitted.
And then when people think they're trans and it ruins their life,
And most of their jobs is just sex industry, being a freak show sex object.
They're victims, most of them.
Then the system throws them to the wolves and you never hear about them again.
So it's a horribly abusive plan.
It's a takeover plan.
And it needs to be seen.
Okay, I'll be back, Lord willing, 4 to 6 p.m.
I was going to cover today the martial law plans, the preparations for the overthrow of Trump.
And while we know it's so serious and now people that think, Oh, the impeachment is going to fail.
Don't get it.
It's the platform to legitimize the other things they're going to bring out to try to force him to exit.
And I did massive preparation for it.
Uh, and I did all the research on it and I got up here at like 11 am today.
And I did three hours of preparation.
And then I got a stress headache and it was just so huge.
I actually had like speakers fright or, which I've never had in my life.
And it wasn't anxiety over talking on camera.
It's that this is so real.
And then, and then that I just can't get up here with all the rest of the info and just put this out.
I mean, I just seriously.
I mean this diabolical plan to abuse children and trick them when they're little, that's what pedophiles and criminals do, to opt into a system that circumvents their parents and takes their innocence and drugs them and chops their testicles off or gives them deadly chemicals is so damn criminal and we just accept it with all this peer pressure because it's been normalized like everything else that's done covertly behind the scenes until they create a community that's done it
So they can say, oh look, the chipping helped the homeless.
We got them out of their troubles, even though you really brought them in, gave them counseling, got them a house, then put them on the chip to say the chip made them okay, to then use it as a model for everybody else to make you take a chip.
That's going on right now in Austin and other areas.
We've confirmed it and have gone and proven it and have the interviews and are getting it ready to break next week.
But just that, and I'm not complaining, but
I'll get on the phone with a big report like that for like an hour and I'll call up other talk show hosts and other people and I'll say, this is really important.
Will you please talk about this and promote this?
Or will you please take this and put your own name on it to get it out?
Because if I don't show excitement about what we're breaking, we just released so many bombshells.
It's just taken for granted like a golden goose laying eggs.
And again, I want to defeat this.
I want to change this.
And so,
I'm not frustrated, it's just being deplatformed.
We still have this awesome big audience of hardcore viewers like you, and you have to understand, I'm in a tank of water with chains on, and I'm not Houdini.
And the only way the message gets out is if you carry it.
And so when you email somebody, or you word of mouth somebody, or you have neighbors over and show them a report that you think's the best we've done, and you have a discussion with somebody, and you show that human value,
That starts unraveling the ropes.
That starts giving me the key.
Because imagine, Infowars being locked up is you being locked up.
The attempt to shut down the resistance to this.
So all of us together can get out of this straitjacket.
But you've got to realize how powerful you are.
That's why when you call up on air and tell me how great I am,
It's not just me being self-deprecating, going, oh, I'm not that important.
You're important to make you feel good.
Do you understand that it's like I'm buried alive, okay?
I'm in a coffin, seven feet under, and my arms are bound, okay?
And let's say I've got the antidote to the plague that's going to wipe the human population out, and I developed an antidote to the plague.
There's the allegory.
And I've got a little radio system hooked up to me, and only you can hear it up there on the top.
And you're going, man, you're really doing a great job.
I really appreciate you making that antidote down there.
And we just, I'm going, listen, the oxygen's running out.
They're shutting everybody down.
Soon they're going to come for you.
I need you to really dig me out of here fast and get this antidote.
We've got to produce a factory somewhere and mass produce this before they get here.
Because it's like Day of the Dead.
Intellectually, spiritually, they're satanic.
An army of ghouls is coming.
Like army ants eating over the countryside, and I'm watching them march at us, and I'm like, great, great, thanks for telling me I'm great, listen, they're getting closer, Jesus, Jesus, untie me right over there, just, thank you, I know I'm great, thank you, you're great too, just untie me, Jesus!
And it's like, you know, and I'm watching them chew over everybody, and I'm watching everything on fire, and I'm on the phone with like national talk shows, no, no, don't quit, just,
No, no, no.
Just stay on air.
We're going to win.
I understand.
It's good.
We're going to win.
We're going to win.
And almost everybody else has given up and quit.
And everybody's walking around lying.
Q's got it handled.
I'm a double leader.
Commander to Q level.
You know, and it's just like, folks, that is not how this is, okay?
And I'm not here telling you how bad things are to scare you.
They're bad because we've got a chance of winning and the enemy has launched an all-out attack.
I was talking to a DC activist just a few hours ago.
And they said, oh my God, you get into these Trump groups and they're all never Trumpers.
And I was talking to one well-known lady at the grassroots level and she was going, yeah.
I got in, they thought I was dumb.
And then once they got to know me, they were admitting how they worked for this group, how they worked for that foundation group and how they were laughing at Trump and how it was all a big joke and how he'll soon be gone and these dumb ass Trump supporters and then
She found out about it and was just about to talk about it and suddenly bank accounts got turned off.
Uber wouldn't use her.
Just like you saw with Laura Loomer or us.
Now it's low-level people.
That's what this whole digital thing's about, man.
This is for you.
And if people go, well, I'll just submit to it.
Well, you're gonna sterilize your kid?
Because, you know, it's not just don't oppose them, it's let them rape you.
Financially, culturally, spiritually.
Are you really gonna let that happen?
I mean, really?
So I don't want people to thank me.
I want you to join me and roll your sleeves up, and I'm ready to beat some ass politically.
And you know what?
It's going to get violent with these people too.
So, I don't want to hear a bunch of talk about violence.
Everybody's been talking about violence and how you're going to do this, how you're going to do that.
Okay, well, show me what you're going to do in the information war ahead of that violence.
It's pretty easy to put InfoWars on the side of a barn, or call in to talk radio, or pull a stunt at the city council that's legal, or jump in front of a live TV camera at a sports game and get the word out about something.
Like, the Clintons killed Epstein.
How about that instead of Epstein didn't kill himself?
Or InfoWars.com is forbidden.
I think InfoWars should be one of the main maxims of resistance because the enemy sees it as that.
I'm just telling you, I'm not giving up no matter what.
But I'm chained up.
I'm like, here's a better allegory.
I'm like, what's the people that are paralyzed all the way up to their neck?
And I'm not comparing us to hell, those brave people around here.
I'm saying the allegory is I'm literally paralyzed up to here.
And I'm going, all right, the enemy, I can see that they're moving in on us.
And anybody else can see this.
We were like, incredible.
Thank you, man.
And I get it.
Yes, we don't like tyranny.
You're just as important as I am.
In fact, you're more important.
And so, you are more important than I am.
You are more important than I am.
You are more important than I am.
You are more important than I am.
You are more important than I am.
You are more important than I am.
You are more important than I am.
You are more important than I am.
You are more important than I am.
You are more important than I am.
You are more important than I am.
You are more important than I am.
You are more important than I am.
You are more important than I am.
I don't wanna be up here on Saturday.
I wanna be in my hot tub and cooking steaks and putting up Christmas tree lights with my children.
I wanna go watch movies tonight.
I don't, I want to go for a hike.
I don't want to be here.
I know the time is short.
I know how real this is.
I know that we've changed history together before, and I know we can do it again.
And I know they want me silenced so they can have their damn way with us.
And as I've said this before, if they were a bunch of boss hogs that just wanted power, I wouldn't be risking my life to fight them.
I would just resist them.
But see, you get boss hogs first and then they get more corrupt.
And after a few generations, you get a bunch of Count Dracula's, not boss hogs.
We're leaving the season of talk and boy, for all the left and everybody looking for a fight.
I mean, once the kinetic energy starts getting turned loose, it's not a pretty situation, especially when you measure up these leftist.
And again, is there any power in flushing a big turd down the toilet?
I mean, really there's not.
And we're the reason this is happening.
We've let them kill 60 million innocent babies.
Now we let them keep them alive and sell their body parts.
And judges are putting people in jail that expose it.
Now, finally, the judge in San Francisco backed off.
And the criminal charges
We're dropped on the people they just find millions of dollars for exposing that they're selling living babies.
I mean, you know, you know, in the movie you're supposed to, the cops thank you and you know, wow, you're a hero and you're going to the gas chamber for no, no, no.
In America, you lose your house, but that's okay.
You're supposed to lose your house in a world like this, fighting for babies, save babies.
And they've saved a lot of them by what they've done.
Lose your house.
Course you're supposed to lose your, it's not a loss.
But it's the fact that you've got to lose your house to stop people committing crimes.
But now the judges in San Francisco know the backlash and they went, but we're not going to put you in prison for 10 years for undercover videoing people at restaurants bragging about selling living babies.
Wonder what those, wonder what that judge who said he was going to send him to prison.
Wonder what happened to that judge?
Cause you know, I don't wish harm on anybody.
I really don't because vengeance is God's.
I've really learned how God works, but I'm going to say this.
I'm not going to weep for these people when God turns them over to the devil.
And I wouldn't want to be these people that have thought they're invincible and have
I kind of thought they're going to get away with all this.
So their religion is hurting babies.
You know, this judge owns abortion clinics.
You're like, why didn't they recuse themselves?
Did you hear what I just said?
In that district, invest in them.
You're like, why wouldn't they recuse themselves?
Wait till you hear some of the stuff that's been happening to us in the near future.
And like Tommy Robinson says, I'm not a victim, I'm a target.
Because I'm effective.
All right, I appreciate the crew.
That went a lot longer than I thought.
I hope everybody will share this video with everybody you know.
Like I said, I'll be live tomorrow, Lord willing, 4 to 6 p.m.
Let's go to this report.
Castration Inc., which again, don't put Alex Jones's name on Twitter or Facebook or YouTube, just put
The shocking history of transgenderism revealed in short film or something like that.
Or short film shows the wonders, the blessings of transgenderism, something like that.
And then it'll go out.
Just don't put my name on it.
Word of mouth, use my name.
That gets people to go look.
But on the digital platforms, don't use Alex Jones.
But children need to see this.
Adults need to know.
I mean, this is like the blueprint of what they're doing.
The diabolicalness of it.
Like in the cartoon where they're at the Legion of Doom and Lex Luthor's sitting around with all the bad guys going, here's our plan.
Here's how we'll put the satellite in orbit to threaten to destroy New York or they don't pay our ransom.
Or Dr. Evil, $57 million.
I mean, this is really going on.
And then of course I can't go watch the football game today.
And feel good while I'm doing it.
It's not just like some guilt thing.
I physically feel like I'm not doing enough because that's normal when they're selling living babies to Stanford to be dissected by the medical students.
Why do you think they do that?
To get them involved in the corruption and the crime.
You don't just think Hitler had the Nazis run out in 1933 and start lining everybody up and shooting them, do you know?
They slowly got officers to do illegal things.
It started out with babies, newborn babies.
Look it up.
Started out with the medical field.
They'd say, this baby is deformed.
It'd start with a cleft lip, a club foot, pretty soon because the baby had the wrong eye color.
By 1936, reportedly millions of babies were being killed because they weren't what the Reich wanted, inspected.
And the mothers, they'd go, oh, let me see your baby.
You can be German, you can be Polish, you can be Jewish, you can be Russian.
A lot of folks lived in Germany.
It was like the U.S.
now, very multicultural.
Oh, your baby just died in the other room.
Oh, so sorry for you.
It's all being done.
By the way, this isn't a Nazi conspiracy.
The Nazis learned everything from IBM and the Cold Springs Harbor Lab in New York.
That's all on record.
Pulitzer Prize winning books.
Break it down.
Hitler was set up by this group and then they even took him down because they had agents all around him that control him.
That's why they let most of the Nazis escape.
Hitler was set up, built up by Lord Milner, British intelligence before Hitler was even known.
That was declassified.
They said, we're going to find a German nationalist.
We're going to oppress the Germans.
We're going to build them up and have a war with them in 20 years.
And they did the whole thing.
Hitler never even knowing he was an Illuminati agent.
And that's in mainline history books.
That's why the deputy fuhrer, Rudolf Hess, flew in at the start of World War II and parachuted into the Edward VIII's castle with this treaty signed with Edward VIII, and they locked him up in the tower for the rest of his life?
That's mainline history!
There was a peace treaty.
Hitler was supposed to take over Europe, and then Edward VIII was going to be the king of Europe!
And they used Edward VIII to go lie to him and set him up with Thomas Watson.
Hitler thought he was so powerful and so cool, and that was nothing compared to Thomas Watson.
Or Margaret Sanger.
Or John D. Rockefeller.
Who funded the whole enchilada.
With Henry Ford.
Let's go ahead and go to this report.
And that'll be it for this transmission.
Please share it.
Thank you, crew.
Great job.
And please remember, BigSalesInForeshore.com.
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Huge sales right now.
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You're really missing out if you don't get these products.
They're really amazing.
For many of us, this idea of transgenderism seems brand new.
It is man!
But the movement we are seeing today was born a hundred years ago.
The founding fathers of this transgender movement were of the same culture as the eugenics crowd.
The media push for transgenderism happened 60 years before Bruce Caitlyn Jenner.
In 1952, George Jorgensen became the first American to undergo a sex change operation.
After learning about the procedure in the U.S.
Army, he went to Denmark, where he was given special permissions from the Danish Minister of Justice to undergo several sexual reassignment operations.
George Jorgensen became Christine Jorgensen and was instantly taken in by Hollywood and made an advocate for the transgender community.
Her influence through pop culture made transgenderism and sex change operations more normal and acceptable.
We then see it in the universities.
Gender identity research began in 1962 at UCLA, and the Gender Identity Clinic at Johns Hopkins was performing sex reassignment surgeries by the late 1960s.
In 1969, the Marshall Tanner study created the term precocious puberty, which is defined as a disorder and diagnosed when a child shows signs of puberty too soon
According to the study, too soon is age 8 for girls and age 9 for boys.
Precocious puberty doesn't physically harm the child, and yet it was considered a disorder.
Just two years later came the discovery of gonadotropin-releasing hormone, GnRH, what we know today as puberty blockers.
And it was immediately prescribed to those diagnosed with precocious puberty to halt the natural hormonal process in their bodies.
And why?
Because two men wrote a paper that suggested it was emotionally bad for children to undergo puberty before everyone else.
In 1980, the American Psychiatric Association's APA added Gender Identity Disorder into the DSM-III, which opened the coffers of taxpayer health care funds to pay for sexual reassignment costs.
Without FDA approval or any studies on the drug's long-term effects, they are injecting Lupron and other brands of puberty blockers into children, and doctors are being paid to prescribe them.
In 2001, the makers of Lupron paid an $875 million settlement to the Department of Justice for giving illegal kickbacks to doctors in exchange for prescribing Lupron to their patients.
This company is now the sixth largest independent biotech company in the world, with a revenue of over $32 billion in 2018.
The company is also connected with the Clinton Global Initiative,
and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
In 2007, Boston Children's Hospital began transitioning children as young as three years old.
From 2000 to 2014, gender-affirming surgeries have increased four-fold and up another 20% the next two years.
Private funding of transgender issues increased eight-fold during this time.
From the Pritzker family, George Soros, Warren Buffett, and others.
The Department of State has allocated over 30 million dollars of taxpayers' money to advance this agenda.
Planned Parenthood is now the second largest provider of gender-affirming hormone therapy.
And their website states that they prescribe puberty blockers to children with permission from a parent or guardian.
They claim that this is an issue of reproductive rights, so there is no therapy required and there is no mental health professional involved.
A child can receive puberty blocking drugs on their very first visit.
In 2019, the Australian Psychological Society said hospitals should have the right to petition courts and change the parents' minds who do not want to alter the sex of their child.
South Dakota voted against a bill that would have allowed parents to refuse medical treatment for their child with gender dysphoria.
This means that if a parent doesn't go along with the child's sexual reassignment, the child could be removed from the family due to medical neglect.
Four states in the U.S.
have already made it law to teach transgender studies in schools to children starting in kindergarten.
The CIA now serves as a corporate sponsor for the National LGBT Conference.
Less than 1% of the population identifies as transgender.
They have a suicide rate 19 times that of everyone else.
Almost half attempt suicide.
And our society is selling this as a healthy solution to your children.
Whatever the intended purpose is, it has already normalized the abuse of children.
It threatens the future viability of our very own species.
It is destruction, and it is death, and it is growing.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
And if we can stop the destruction of tomorrow, that'd be great, wouldn't it?
I've already seen that report like six, seven times.
I just watched it again and came back.
I just can't help it.
Wild horses couldn't drag me away because the Tabastock Institute was involved with British intelligence doing this.
And what they do is they come and hype it up in school, hype up that you could be another sex, then make it just a choice that you get all this extra attention.
They mainly target mentally retarded and autistic children, that's in the news, that half of those in the UK are, again, mentally retarded or autistic.
They go, yes, I'm a girl, I'm a boy.
And then the parents lose their rights, and the child is hit with chemicals that they admit, what, 4,000 have admittedly died just the last few years in the US alone from these hormones, 4,000 children.
They only report a fraction of that, so it's way higher.
They're KILLING them!
They go to little kids!
That's why you can't get kids to sign a lease, you can't get them to buy alcohol, you can't have sex with them, and who wants to other than these people?
Because they're not of age!
They can't make decisions.
California, five years ago, passed a law that, down to age 11, kids can say, I don't care what my parents say, I'm taking the deadly vaccine.
So the states coming in, in between you and your children do this, and we all know this.
They don't teach them reading and writing and arithmetic in public schools and elsewhere.
It's all confusing them to screw up their sexuality, to screw up their future so they don't have children.
And so the West goes from only having 1.5 children, that's not replacement rate of 2.2, but even lower like Japan, 1.2.
And then the giant third world populations,
On average, you've had super low calorie intakes as children, who on average have about 40 IQ points lower because of malnutrition, are pouring in.
Think about that.
You know, you can always tell that babies that didn't have moms that took care of them were given formula, nothing but formula.
Lower IQs, smaller brains.
Doesn't matter if you're black, white, who you are.
You add fluoride to it, lowers IQ massively, especially male babies.
It's all a medded plant.
Poisoned, dumbed down.
And now Big Pharma.
Liability protection with these vaccines.
And now the transgenderism.
And now your children with big fat men dressed as women at school saying, you a man, you can be a woman now and be up here and be cool like it's a superhero.
And the kids go, okay, I want to be with you because they're scared.
It's Stockholm syndrome.
The kids go, I'm scared.
I like you.
I want to be.
Well, can I go away now?
And they go, two of us.
I guess you can go away now.
Thank you.
And then they're bringing in the cult members and the school counselors and all of them.
And already in the UK, they're taking thousands of children a year.
And now it's starting here.
I talked to a medical nurse down in San Antonio, who's friends with the family, and she said, it happens all the time now, mainly lesbian couples who've adopted male children come in and they say, we want our three-year-old's penis cut off.
And the hospitals in Houston say, no, there's only a few of those that do that in the U.S.
There used to be seven to say he wants it.
Because imagine, mommies tell you, you want, these are women that want to chop
I don't know.
That the mommies, when he, when he, the boys will say, you cut my penis off!
I wanna be a boy!
God, I hate these hormones!
And the women go, that's not possible!
And they walk in there, they pull those daggers out, and they just start stabbing his heart.
Blood splatters, they just cover themselves and go, yeah!
Because it's satanic.
And when they kill their sons, sometimes there's hundreds of stab wounds, they're just like,
But, oh, you don't want to not be called trendy, so everybody should support it.
And you get blocked on Twitter and Facebook and everywhere else if you don't support it, so.
Oh, there it is.
A teacher claimed that boys should be castrated at birth to prevent men from governing.
Now you see what this really is.
A Jezebelian, anti-human, post-human world where they're teaching the feminists.
Well, it turned out Planned Parenthood was selling scalps of babies
They said we're for research for Hairy Girl, but it turned out they're like a festooning of victory signs.
And at parties, leftists wear them like, yeah.
Like, aren't they?
I'm so selfish.
I'm into myself.
I got baby scalps.
Oh, that's sexy.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Turn in your guns and the liberals will be real nice to you.
Don't you men have some golf to play?
Give us your sons.
Give us your daughters.
Okay, that's it.
I am in the transmission now.
I should try to fund ourselves.
We've got this big crew here.
I've got a crew on their way to the East Coast to cover the impeachment.
It takes a lot of money to do that.
We're not going to back down.
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I mean, it really does come down to that.
They're all anti-American.
They're teaching transgenderism, Target, Walmart, all of it.
Get great products at InfoWarsTore.com and we'll keep fighting.
These are great products for you and your family.
I thank you all.
Please spread this video to everyone you know.
The children, again, deserve to know the truth.
Thank you.
Tomorrow's news.
Officially, we don't know where we came from as a species.
In fact, we don't even know our place in the heavens.
Is this a creation of more advanced species or civilization?
Or are we really alone in the universe?
The first thing that the
The modern scientific system has done in the last hundred years is attempt to teach us that we're just machines and don't have free will.
And that there is no greater knowledge above human understanding or will.
And of course that's all being done so that the priest class or the technocrats can play the part of God.
And keep the rest of us in Plato's cave chained up only watching and listening to projections that they themselves have created so that human will and human creativity can be harnessed like horses pulling coal out of a dark mine so that they can light the way for themselves and investigate and discover the secrets of the universe while we
are frozen in a type of suspended animation.
And if we look at the modern liberal policies, or leftist policies, they're the most orthodox, the most shuttered, the most controlled, the most anti-free speech systems there are.
Because the technocrats and the robber barons were threatened by classical liberalism, they bought it off, they controlled it, they mutated it, they vandalized it, until today it is unrecognizable
From the liberalism that triggered the Renaissance 500 years ago.
The social engineers do not want us thinking about the nature of the universe and how big it is.
These cathedrals of nature.
Because if we do that, we transcend the little men and little women that seek to control our lives.
If you pull back and then look at what the technocrats are doing to society and doing to our species,
They're slowly poisoning us.
They're killing us physically, mentally, and spiritually.
They're assaulting every pillar that makes us virtuous and strong.
Because if there are virtuous people, they will contend for power and will challenge the establishment who seeks to control the future.
Who seeks to create what they call an end of history.
An end of history for us.
And the true discovery of the universe for them, the ultimate form of selfishness.
That's why they seek to domesticate populations and keep them in shuttered compact cities.
That's why they bombard us with artificial radiation, chemicals, biologicals, to again, jam our perception.
So we don't make a larger connection with the universe itself energized and powered by the almighty creator.
I don't know.