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Name: 20191206_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 6, 2019
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In this Alex Jones Show segment, the host promotes Cyber Week sales at InfowarsStore.com and encourages listeners to support the company by purchasing products instead of spending money at major retailers that support causes they oppose. The show also features an interview with former MLB star Aubrey Huff, who discusses facing backlash for supporting President Trump on social media. In this recording, Alex Jones discusses his experiences with fake news, microchipping of homeless people, and the censorship faced by conservatives on social media platforms. He mentions a private messenger on Twitter who told him about rumors that 10 to 15 guys from the Devil Rays baseball team back in the day said that Jones watched them take batting practice while he masturbated on the field. Jones refers to liberals as "arrested development 12-year-olds" and argues that conservatives should fight fire with fire, giving hate for hate and love for love. He discusses a call from Kelly in Florida about the microchipping of homeless people in South Florida, which he claims is happening in Austin too. Jones then talks about how conservatives are being censored on social media platforms like Google, with hundreds of Trump ads being pulled, and how this needs to be addressed before it affects the 2020 election. He encourages listeners to shop at InfoWars Store during Cyber Week for high-quality supplements, air filtration, water filtration, Patriot apparel, and more while spreading the word against globalism. The speaker discusses their concerns about microchipping, particularly in relation to children and privacy rights. They mention an article from 15 years ago where Mexican officials were implanting microchips, as well as a more recent article about a company implanting homeless people with microchips. The speaker believes that this technology can be used for good if run by angels, but will always be abused if run

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Well, well, well.
332 days until this incredibly important election.
Every day counts.
It is December 6th, 2019 on this Friday Worldwide Broadcast.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
And I tend to get in here at the beginning of a broadcast and have this whole transmission planned out.
Within about an hour, I've ended up only covering two subjects or so and then I start getting really mad at myself.
So I'm going to try as best I can
In the first 30 minutes to just hit all this news, even if I just mention it.
And then try to plow back through the topics so we can open the phones up, because I love taking your calls.
On a host of subjects, but obviously Americans particularly need to be able to respond to this two month long fake impeachment.
Not just fiasco or train wreck.
And where it's all going.
Because we have been dead on predicting what they'll do so far.
It's not really hard to do.
When you have no shame.
When you're completely psychotic and out of control.
When you're subconsciously begging to be slapped down and stopped.
Like these globalists are.
Now, some of this news is news I didn't get to yesterday that's so important I must cover it today.
And that, of course, is Putin says in some countries of the world, in some countries of the world, the word mother is being replaced.
Now, how big a statement is that?
And it's actually true.
And just let that sink in.
Instead of it just being background noise.
And then tie it into this article.
Today, the Russian Foreign Minister Medvedev, if I'm pronouncing that right, says cutting Russia off from SWIFT would mean declaration of war.
I guess that's the Russian Prime Minister saying that.
Their Foreign Minister also said that.
That's why I was saying, is that the right name?
I've got two articles on this.
That means not letting Russians, the Russian government, the Russian people, use credit cards and banking outside of Russia.
Mark of the Beast.
Same stuff, they took five bank accounts away from us last year.
Perfect credit score, perfect merchant accounts, perfect histories.
We even got the internal documents.
But the ADL had Wikipedia say we were a hate group.
That was then used by G2 in Boston, really the CIA.
To list me as a Russian agent.
And they took five accounts away.
One of them was 23 years old.
And it had more than $40 million go through it funding this operation.
The banks had been millions and millions and millions off of credit card and debit card and all the rest of the fees.
And they said, your perfect credit is nothing.
The ADL is God.
Just like Hitler would say, if you're a Jew, you can't have a bank account.
Well, I now get to have America's preeminent Jewish organization say that I don't get to have a bank account.
They are God.
Should I go in front of the ADL and set myself on fire and say, I'm sorry, it's gasoline, just light myself up and go, you are my God, you are my king, and just burn before they ship me off to a death camp?
So I did nothing to you?
But, side issue.
See, that's the kind of stories we have here.
I'm fired up today.
In more ways than one.
I didn't tell them to put fire behind me.
Maybe they need to stop that.
Lookin' down on that fire.
Gonna take those gloveless with me in there.
It is Friday, December 6th, 2019.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And let me just be a good boy.
And read you the headlines without getting into them.
Bloomberg unveils extreme gun control plan.
Every gun control proposal that has fell in the past is included.
Basically total gun ban like Chicago or DC.
Meanwhile, David Knight covered in great detail this morning before I went live.
Academics, top academics, call for UN military to enforce climate hoax agenda and arrest those that disagree.
Here's the article out of the New American with links to the UN.
UN military action to enforce climate agenda.
It may happen, say academics.
Meanwhile, remember this flashback?
Obama administration and UN announced global police force to fight extremism in the US.
Four years ago, I actually played the clips of them saying it on C-SPAN.
Would you like me to show Loretta Lynch, the former Attorney General and the former Vice President Joe Biden?
Saying all that?
I mean, this is really happening.
We're going to be going over all of that today, and we've got former MLB star Aubrey Huff, who's a big listener, says he's teaching his children about guns in case Sanders beats Trump, jokingly, in a video.
And so they've sent the CPS after him, they're calling for his arrest.
At a New York Times article, I'm not even going to dignify, yesterday, saying that I secretly hunt and then cover up videos of the animals I've shot.
Imagine the aliens that live in New York, some areas in those high-rises that write for the New York Times, who actually think like hunting's illegal, and that you should be arrested if you're hunting, and then I'm covering up videos of animals I've hunted.
We've played some of those videos.
It's like, he was heterosexual!
And he had children!
I can't tell you how many times I've been in Whole Foods or something.
I don't
This truck.
You don't need this.
And my son was sitting there, we'd just been at the Barton Springs swimming, and he just was sort of laughing at her.
Then her husband, or whoever he was, the P. Terry's place, you mainly drive around it, their original location on South Lamar, where I was, only had outdoor, you know, pulling up, but people can walk up to a window, also on the front, and order food.
And then her husband, or her boyfriend, or whoever it was, sort of bowing up, when you got a problem, punk!
And it was all just because I was suntanned and, you know, I think I was wearing a Texas shirt or whatever and had a big truck.
These people hate you, ladies and gentlemen, but I said I'd just read the headlines.
They totally flipped out on him talking about taking his sons to a gun shop and getting them firearms.
He's joining us.
And these aren't really our top stories.
I'm just going through these.
Oh, just the U.N.'
's coming for your guns.
No big deal.
It's now coming out in major Israeli newspapers that Epstein was a Mossad agent, used to blackmail American politicians, his former Israeli spy.
And I've interviewed another former Israeli spy who said that on my show, like a decade ago, Viktor Ostrovsky.
So, again, tomorrow's news today.
It's a new epic prank.
Walmart employee pages customer named Clinton killed Epstein.
So, now it's not Epstein didn't kill himself, it's now Clinton killed Epstein.
Meanwhile, Polish politician and big globalist tweets photo of finger gun pointed at Trump's back.
And he did it very, very seriously and put out a very, very cryptic message concerning it.
Despite seasonal turbulences, our transatlantic friendship must last.
And he's saying Trump is only a season.
He'll be gone very, very quick, making clearly the gun gesture at his back with Merkel, the head of the EU Islamic takeover, looking on approvingly.
And this guy's made statements like Trump must be removed to save Europe, to save the world.
Trump is a tyrant.
Trump is bad.
His name is Donald Tusk.
Isn't that just interesting?
He's the big Polish globalist leader, but the Poles hate his guts.
He leads the European People's Party that is an EU takeover system, and he doesn't believe nations should even exist.
By the way, for somebody that's literally been riding Vladimir Putin's proboscis, well, he's it.
So he also, because a lot of EU officials have been doing one-sided deals with Russia, so I love how he accuses Trump of all the stuff that isn't true, and he's known as a jockstrap sniffer of Vladimir Putin.
So we'll be getting to all of that coming up as well.
Pelosi says civilization itself is at stake if Trump wins re-election.
And that's actually true.
The globalists are trying to tear down civilization.
So she actually made a backhanded true statement.
That is their goal, is to get rid of an upwardly mobile civilization for the rest of us.
And then, let me just tell listeners, if I sounded distracted towards the end of the broadcast yesterday, we're working on big stories that are confirmed that there are white vans going around picking people up all over the United States, but also black SUVs.
And we've solved the mystery of what's causing this panic across the country.
And let me just leave it like this.
We were out last night at 10 o'clock at night, sneaking around in the bushes in Austin, Texas.
And what we've got is so big that I'm going to be up here Saturday and Sunday, separate from the regular Sunday show I do, normally here from about 2 to 6.
I'm going to be here both days working on
See this big stack right here?
And the documents and the witnesses and all of it.
Because when people see folks being put in vans and folks being put in black SUVs by men in suits, it's like something out of an X-Files episode and people just know instinctively that's scary.
Now, the rumor is they're taking organs.
And we know some people have been kidnapped and organs have been taken.
I've got all the documents, all the articles, all the crime statistics.
Then I've got government media saying none of it's happening, go to sleep, everything's okay.
But this is even more diabolical than that.
And it's the kind of thing where this one story, if somebody broke this one story in their lifetime, it would be the stuff of legend.
And of course, when we break it, they'll do everything they can to block it everywhere.
And because it's so incredible and so over-the-top and so confirmed, no one will even care.
Like, if a giant flying saucer landed in downtown Austin, on top of the Capitol, and a thousand little green men came off, no one would care.
They say, oh, it's just the aliens landing.
But if someone claimed they saw a chupacabra once in the middle of a field with no witnesses, you know, there'll just be a total freak out and constant shows about it.
And, oh, what's an Area 51?
All this crap.
Because people like a mystery they can't solve.
They don't like a mystery that is solved.
But I'll just tell you what it is up front.
But it goes so much deeper.
How do you think the U.N.
would take over the United States?
You'd collapse civilization.
You'd put enough fentanyl on the streets to kill the country a hundred times over.
And then as things collapse, you just have these non-governmental organizations show up everywhere that are helping everybody until you just get used to them being around.
And that's really the martial law force for the collapse.
And it's medical experimentation, it's microchipping, it's Mark of the Beast, it's FEMA camps,
I have been really upset with Trump because he's done nothing about the massive surveillance of the American people by big tech.
They're gaming of the system.
They're lying to Congress.
They're clearly trying to fix the 2020 election, stealing the 2018 midterms.
I mean, computer scientists, top experts, it's all on record.
Google brags about it.
Facebook brags about it.
Twitter brags about it.
Project Veritas devastated them all, getting the internal videos of executives admitting
But it's too corrupt to fail.
It's like Planned Parenthood keeping babies alive, selling beating hearts.
It's totally illegal.
So, multi-million dollar judgments against the heroes that went into restaurants and videotaped the people trying to sell them baby parts.
Totally legal, totally lawful, but the judge
And it's the same thing here.
I mean, just total corruption is going on.
So if you're a TV viewer, look at this photo.
This is the big EU party head, a traitor to the Polish people, he's hated his own country, with Merkel, simulating shooting Trump in the back.
He had his assistant put the photo out, he admits, and he says Trump needs to be removed, and he's openly calling for people to kill Caesar.
And he says Trump is just a season.
He's going to be gone very soon.
And when I see stuff like that, it really shows you how real Trump is.
He's a real president.
He's really trying to do the best job he can.
He's totally surrounded by traitors.
No one will do what he actually says to do.
And I'm just going to support the president.
That's what is on my heart.
And that's my gut, and I'm just backing Trump.
And it doesn't mean I'm going to sit here like a cult member and agree with everything he does.
It doesn't mean I'm going to enjoy watching him leave us all out to dry, to twist the wind, because I got a crew that really busts their ass and that means well and that are smart and do a great job, and it's hard to run an operation with 100 people or so.
And what he's trying to do with all this obstruction and the mutiny he's under, he's doing an A-plus job.
And you know what?
This is an instant gratification civilization.
And I think it's important to understand that we should thank God for Trump.
And I'm praying for him.
And that's what I've wanted to say.
That's my gut response.
Now, as a man, as a citizen,
And as somebody watching this country completely overrun and the Democrats engage in massive criminal activity, and my gut's never wrong either about this, I don't think you're going to see what you're thinking you're going to get with the Inspector General report next Monday.
I hope.
Folks out there are right, like Matt Bracken, that it's going to be devastating and that we're then going to see the Durham indictments and all the rest of it.
And I do know that McCabe was indicted and that they took it up to the deputy head of the Justice Department to try to nix that.
That power is there.
I think those rules are unconstitutional, but they have that power.
And they did not kill the indictment.
That was months ago.
But there's more than one way for them to shut that down.
So if you just follow precedent and you follow the bureaucracy covering its own ass,
I would expect him to expose some FBI underlings and say what they did was wrong and maybe call for their prosecution maximum.
But you're going to have the FBI and the initial investigation being triggered by Obama and Hillary and the deep state and Brennan.
They're going to say, well, there was reason enough to do that because, you know, we got to look out for America and make sure all this wasn't happening.
But really, it was a cover up of Hillary and her involvement with Russia, China and others.
But, you know,
Trump is in office, and Trump got us out of the TPP, and he's trying to stabilize the border, he's trying to get jobs back here, and he's pro-Second Amendment, he's gotten two good Supreme Court justices appointed, he's about to get another one, and they legitimately want him out, and they legitimately are trying to get people to kill him, and they're legitimately harassing his family, and they're legitimately trying to get me to turn against Trump behind the scenes.
And I'll tell all the deep staters with the lawsuits and the threats and the rest of it,
If they think that's going to get me to turn against Trump and the Second Amendment, it's never going to happen.
And they're just surprised that I don't roll over like almost everybody else does, and it's just not going to happen.
I'm going to explain something.
I cannot roll over.
You could have guns to my children's heads.
You understand that I'm not selling humanity out.
I'm not joining Satan.
It's not going to happen.
Because I love my children so much, I want their souls to be free.
That's an allegory, an example.
I would never want that to happen.
I'm explaining that you don't sell out to this and have a future for your children.
You don't give in to Hitler one day and then hope he leaves you alone the next week.
You don't give in to Stalin one day and hope he leaves you alone the next week.
Laying down to all this and cowering to these bullies,
And cowering to these threats has gotten us to this point where they're openly saying kill him in front of everybody because this guy doesn't have fear that he's going to fall down a flight of stairs doing something like that.
Because when he points a metaphorical gun at our president's back and puts out a tweet about don't worry this season will soon pass, that is an open pissing on us and saying he's got a gun to our back.
How about you come with that gun to my face, because I'm going to take it out of your hands and shove it up your damn ass, you little piece of filth.
Excuse me, delay that for family viewers.
I mean, listen, how about you stick that gun to Trump's face?
I bet he breaks your jaw, you little chicken neck rat.
These people are attacking us and threatening us, and I'm sick of it!
But I can barely run this operation.
And I'm a hard-working, pretty smart person.
Trump's done amazing things, and he's the man in the arena, unlike anybody else, and I'm backing him.
That doesn't mean if he comes out for red flag laws, if there's some big giant mass shooting or something, that I'm not going to go absolutely ballistic.
There are limits.
But clearly he's under globalist attack.
Clearly this is a real attack.
They can't stand him because he's really the president and I'm backing him 100%.
And these leftists calling him when I've criticized Trump and thinking, oh, a chink is in the armor and, oh, you really backed him before though?
You're bad.
You'll never atone for yourself.
They're all into this fake moral justification, how they're the moral authority and how you go to them like they're the high priest to get your moral absolution.
I piss on you.
The only God I've got is God.
God speaks to me through my conscience every millisecond.
I don't need to be lectured to by the left about Trump and my support.
I'm proud I supported Trump.
I'm glad I got Trump in office.
I'm proud of being persecuted.
Because it means I'm over the target.
And you know, men all get organized in a war to go do what they're told's right.
Sometimes the war's good, sometimes the war's bad.
Sometimes you can't tell who the good guys are.
Because it's all from different perspectives.
But if men, again the best allegory, got in airplanes, primitive airplanes, to go fly over thousands of anti-aircraft guns and bomb factories and flew towards the flak, because that's where the factories are, we can fly into the flak of the globalists suing us, trying to take our bank accounts, harassing us, because if we don't, it's going to be the physical attack that comes next.
And being these people slaves, these little arrogant chicken necks,
I mean, look at him, he's even making a gesture, like a child, simulating how Trump's going to get killed.
He better hope Trump doesn't get hurt, because I guarantee you one thing, the president gets hurt or gets shot, that guy, that guy is going to have some problems.
Nancy Pelosi has already drafted the articles of impeachment, they were drafted over a month ago, they admitted that.
They had their outline, they went forward with their fake
Trial in the house, which you're not even supposed to do with a kangaroo court.
Now they're going to move forward next week.
With some more propaganda and statements and then have the vote.
To send the indictment to the Senate.
And I think the Senate is then going to look at what they brought forward and only what they brought forward and this is going to be.
Obviously very important.
And as when two worlds collide, and I would expect them to pull out all the stops and trigger civil unrest domestically, economic collapse if they're able to, foreign crises, false flags to blame the right wing, Trump inward stories that don't exist, deepfakes,
Trump sexual assault stories is everything.
Everything you've already seen the last four years thrown again up against the wall one more time with another huge push of false consensus that this is it.
He's got to be removed.
And then massive censorship in and around what's going to happen in the next three weeks right into early next year where anybody defending the president, anybody pointing out the lies,
We'll be blocked on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, comment sections on news sites, you name it.
I mean, it's already massively intense.
When you overthrow a government that's legitimate, when you have a coup, you take control of communications and that's happening.
Now, things are so serious and so intense that normally I could come up with a headline for the show in about a minute, because I know what I'm mainly going to talk about
A headline to then post the live feed of the show and a couple links to guess for what's coming up on the front page of InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
Today, I couldn't come up with a headline because I literally sat here for 30 minutes after I got ready for the show this morning researching and I tried to think about what we're facing and what you call this.
And the headlines were all so sensational that I didn't go with any headline at all.
And then I was sitting here during the last little break, and I pulled back, and I said, well, the answer is simple.
I mean, it's always been what it has been.
And it was the same thing thousands of years ago, and it's the same thing now, and it's all admitted, it's out in the open, and it doesn't matter how sensational something is, you're supposed to report it when it's the truth regardless.
And so I'm going to say something I've said a thousand times.
But it really is true and it really is happening.
We are watching a slow motion United Nations takeover of the United States.
Multinational corporations set up the UN to be a world government and dissolve nation states.
And they set up the European Union, the Asian Union, the North American Union, that are all in place and operate in quasi-stealth.
And instead of them denying global governance, they now admit it and say that nationalist forces are threatening the planet and global depression if we continue to challenge their plan.
So they've gone from denying it to admitting it in just the last three years.
And then I've got all this mainline news from years ago admitting the whole plan.
And then even though Trump got into office, he's not in control of even the executive branch.
That's not his fault.
The swamp is deep.
The traitorous activity is massive and most of it is just cowardice.
A bunch of yes men and women.
And then even on the ground in Austin I have the documents and the phone numbers and the addresses and we've gone and checked it and they're real places and it's admitted that UN
Contractors, the same ones that built the refugee centers in Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, that have staged the millions coming up here, now from Africa and Asia and the Middle East.
I mean, thousands of Africans come into Texas a day from Congo.
That's on the news.
We can show you a video of it.
Not even checked, they just come in.
That's why they got Ebola.
It's broken out in the Caribbean.
It's broken out here.
They just cover it up.
And this is the U.N.
And then you find out they've set it up in Austin.
They don't call it U.N.
Refugee Center.
But it's the same groups running these.
And the cover for it is the giant homeless problem when the mayor said, hey, if you're in San Francisco, if you're in L.A., if you're in Portland,
If you're in Kansas City, if you're in New York, if you're anywhere, we've got the most free stuff, and we're buying old hotels, big ones, and refurbishing them for you, and you get free money, free everything, and we're building warehouses with your own apartments.
Come here.
And suddenly, the number of homeless tripled, they admit, in the last six months.
I mean, they're everywhere.
We look like L.A., just like that.
Because they had the aid groups, the Democrats run, that make money off of, all over the United States, tell people to come here.
If I walk out my door, where I live, and walk 200 yards, there's homeless.
If I walk out of here and go 100 yards, there's homeless.
And they all get checks, they get debit cards, they get everything, and now they're getting microchips.
And it's all confirmed, they admit it.
And they're even telling them, yes, we're here to stabilize things and make it better.
It's all about to get to a lot better very soon.
It should happen any day now, any week now.
There's going to be some problems, but you'll be fine.
There'll be a lot more people and we're going to take care of them.
So when you see Bill Ayers and all them and it comes out in court, they had a plan to put 50 million Americans in re-education camps and kill 25 million.
Remember that clip?
We'll play it, start our next segment.
That came out in court.
That's always been the plan, but they don't call them FEMA camps.
They don't call it a communist takeover.
They overthrow Trump.
They kill Trump.
They stage a bunch of false flags to blame right-wingers.
They say we're terrorists.
They arrest a bunch of the leadership.
Thousands at first.
You don't respond.
Then they start arresting hundreds of thousands.
They take your property.
They take everything.
They've got you marked, folks.
You're a Republican donor.
You're an NRA member.
You own a car dealership.
You'll be in the second or third wave.
They're going to come.
If you resist, they're going to kill you.
They're going to take your property.
They're going to take your wife.
They're going to take your kids.
They're coming.
They did everywhere else.
And at first, though, if you don't complain, they won't turn your bank account off.
But that's just because they haven't gotten to you next.
You're like, oh, don't take my bank account.
I support the roundup.
And you'll have to announce, you know, Trump deserved to be shot.
Alex Jones deserved to be arrested or, you know, killed.
He fought back, you know, they'll say.
And this is how they, and they're testing it and they're doing it.
And Soros is spending billions a quarter on this right now.
He still gets State Department money.
And we've confirmed, they've got paramilitary in every town, they've got their people prepared, they've got warehouses ready, they've got the food ready, for in the first wave of a collapse, that they're trying to trigger, that Trump's fighting.
That's why he keeps trying to stabilize the economy, because they were already supposed to implode it.
That's why his main thing is just stabilize that, constantly, and go around cheerleading, and pumping up the stock market, even though it's all fiat, because he knows their plan was to implode it.
And they admit that was their plan.
So now you see why Trump's so desperate and fighting so hard.
And trying to make America the leader and demanding money from all these countries we've helped and paid for to sure us up and to sure the dollar up.
It's a very dangerous, very, very dangerous time.
They're planning a communist overthrow that'll be directed by the big banks and the money people and a total takeover.
And they think we're all dumb enough during this martial law to just go out and kill cops at riot points and protest it and stuff.
That's not what you do.
The globalists are all going to remove themselves during this to other countries.
They're going to have to be hit in those countries.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Have you noticed during the impeachment fiasco, the fraud, the illegal garbage that's going on?
None of it's being done according to congressional rules, Constitution, meaning it is the fruit of the poison tree.
It's all illegitimate.
Should not even go to the fake trial in the Senate.
Because this will make that poisoned as well and illegitimate.
It has to be sent back and done properly.
That's not going to happen.
You notice that they're all wearing American flag pins now and American flag style ties.
We love the Constitution.
We love America.
We're the moral authority.
This is the Democrats that want God out of the schools and have done it, that want to abort babies, want to keep them alive, want to kill old people with euthanasia.
The case for killing Granny.
These are the people that are allowing NAMBLA to go have events with children unannounced in public schools in many cases.
Convicted child rapists running it.
And we're told that, oh, the void, I see this all over the news, the void once filled by evangelicals, that's a new talking point, and Christians, is now filled by the Democrats.
And you're like, well, Jerry Nadler, an America hater, just because he wore a red, white, and blue tie the other day doesn't mean that.
He loves the country.
No borders, no wall, no USA at all.
America was never great.
It's never gonna be that great.
All of them say that.
All of them do that.
They've sold the country out.
They're globalists.
But now, they're gonna protect America in due process from that foreign Russian agent.
Record skips.
I mean, Ukrainian agent.
Donald Trump.
People are like, this doesn't make any sense.
They don't care.
They just want a spectacle to legitimize their attempt to remove the president.
People say, well, they didn't get him on Russiagate.
They're not going to get him on this.
They're getting him by distracting and diverting and not getting in trouble themselves by changing the subject.
Again, it's like you walk in and a guy's on top of your wife having sex with her.
She's got her legs wrapped around his neck like a pretzel.
And it's your next door neighbor and you go, Bob, what are you doing?
And Bob jumps up, sweat all over him, breathing hard.
And he says, Tim or David or whatever your name is, how dare you steal my car?
You go, what?
I didn't steal your car.
And he goes, yeah, well, you're in trouble.
And he gets a towel and walks out of your bedroom.
And you're kind of like dumbfounded because you've just been gas lit.
And that's what they do.
They're literally criminals, like locusts, destroying the country, selling it out to the highest bidder.
They get caught in the endgame of it, and they turn around, and they say, we don't want this impeachment.
But it's with great moral authority, we have to.
It's the right thing for America.
Meanwhile, the day Trump got elected, impeachment begins now.
We'll get him.
Oh, the insurance policy.
The coup starts now.
But now they're, this is very solemn.
Reporters like, do you hate Trump?
How dare you say that?
I'm a Christian.
I love everyone.
I am your moral authority.
I run the capital of baby parts sales, San Francisco, where we arrest investigative reporters that expose that we keep babies alive and deliver them with their hearts still beating to be dissected in medical experiments.
I'm Nancy Pelosi.
I am your lord and savior.
I am your moral authority.
Here, here's Scarborough, who was found with a dead intern in his office with her brains bashed out.
Creepy Joe.
Here he is talking about her.
Here it is.
It seems to me that Nancy Pelosi is doing a lot more than serving as Speaker of the House.
She's filling a void, a leadership void and a moral void in this country.
By the way, a moral void that evangelicals used to fill?
That's right.
A moral void now that they do not fill?
Because white evangelicals are more supportive of these policies.
If you look at the polls, white evangelicals are more supportive of the caging of children, of these people dying.
Inside, inside a prison.
These children.
Look at every poll.
Concrete cell.
They support, are more supportive of these policies.
Which are, I don't care what red letter bible you have.
I don't care.
I do not care.
Look at the red letters.
Turn him off.
I can't listen anymore.
I can't.
He goes into how she's Jesus basically.
Obviously, I don't have to repeat to you that it was Obama who put them in the cages.
Because he said, borders open, millions poured across.
The Border Patrol went, by law, we gotta sort who they are.
We can't just give them to people.
This is trafficking.
And Obama said, no, let them go.
And even the Senate report said, tens of thousands ended up being sex trafficked.
Hundreds died.
Type in your headline, Obama, catch and release of children allowed.
The sex trafficking and death of children.
Senate report.
By then, Trump built it up, got better facilities, where it's nicer than most public schools, so they show video!
And Elijah Cummings goes, I saw them!
And they were pooping on a diaper!
The Border Patrol's wiping third-world children's ass, taking care of it all, so a big, fat, bloated demon like you that sucks his own people dry can sit up there and bitch!
They're trying to get into the country because it's a good country compared to those, and because we treat people really well, you lying sacks of garbage!
I'm gonna stop right there.
You understand that the UN has staging bases and they flooded us with millions on record, funded with State Department money that Trump's already cut off most of, and they're pissed.
You understand they've now built, they're building the centers in
Austin, they've already built them in San Antonio where they bring in the African and Middle Easterners and pile them up and then prepare them to get put on welfare and then sent to live with Democrats and the Democrats are living on average with three illegal aliens that have just been brought in during the bum rush and then they all make livings off the welfare checks they get from the people they bring in.
And the Mexican troops have been completely overrun by all of this.
And we've been overrun.
Yeah, there's video of us where we just caught hundreds in one shipment, and then gay guys, gay white guys ran over and started literally hitting our crew with their open wristcans like, oh, you racist, oh, no one's gonna stop us, oh, we're bringing them in, oh.
I mean, it's just like, it's the Underground Railroad.
People were getting out of the South into the North to get away from slavery.
You know, like trying to get out of East Germany into West Germany.
These aren't people underground railroad running from their wondrous, you know, place to their bad place.
It's total inversion of reality.
Our crew is across the street at night when they're sneaking hundreds of people out to be put on buses to be shipped all over the country, unvetted, unchecked, nothing.
And then men run across the plane.
You don't have free speech.
I mean, just that's America.
That's the left.
Crazy psychotics who are all getting paychecks to manage and run these.
And now they're scooping the homeless up and giving them microchips and putting them in hotels in Austin.
Oh, we've been there.
Yeah, government, you screwed up.
You didn't stop us.
We got in all facilities.
Next week it's all airing.
Oh, we really got your ass now.
Hope you enjoy it.
So, that's a little bit of what's coming up.
I mean, this is the traitorous level of what's happening.
This is the UN takeover.
This is the globalist takeover.
The globalists set up the U.N.
inside the U.S.
to take over the world and take us over, and that's the process.
And Trump is trying to stop it, but he's got a government full of traitors at the power position.
The average government person, mid-level and low-level, are our biggest fans.
They know this stuff's true.
I'm outside of federal buildings.
I'm anywhere people run up.
Oh, we love you.
Oh, God, you're great.
Oh, don't.
Oh, don't catch me on camera.
Oh, God, everybody loves you inside.
It's worse than you know.
Just, you know, federal marshals, FBI, all of them, ATF.
People saw what happened to the RNC of ATF and the Secret Service almost had me carried on their shoulders.
They're good people.
They know what's going on, the average person in government.
But at the top are a bunch of globalists, ladies and gentlemen.
I didn't even plug once this hour.
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We're here at the Central Texas News Center in Austin, Texas, where, with your help, we have helped reignite the awakening of the American Republic against a globalist threat.
But that just started the war with the deep state, the chat coms, and others out in the open.
So now, the next 330 days, we're working seven days a week ahead of this critical election, trying to keep our populist president, who's under incredible attack, Donald John Trump, in the White House.
Ladies and gentlemen,
We're going to be out in the streets, peacefully bringing information to the American people.
But the Antifa terrorists have gotten very, very violent.
And so, we've had to up our game in the face of the global scourge.
We're going to have our crew across the United States in this baby, going into areas these terrorists would deny us.
This is the end of the war, and this is our commitment to you to fight harder than we ever have, to get the word out and not submit to these tyrants and their tri-com backers that would silence the American people because America is rising in 2020!
Be part of it!
Take action now in the Second American Revolution!
Owen is going to be in D.C.
with the crew, and he's going to be in Hershey, Pennsylvania next week.
Live coverage on the ground of the move to have a coup against the President and the American people.
He's going to be up there in the armored vehicle that we were renting.
We've gotten it because it helps protect the crew inside the Antifa, and it takes over the news media.
It gets massive coverage and has a huge effect for our message.
So, it's a key tool in the information war.
Here's a little sample of what just happened a few weeks ago.
America and the world is aware!
CIA conduct is not done!
Here's a Chinese communist beacon!
The Kremlin presents it to the world!
America is alive and fighting back!
America will never back down!
The Empire of 1984 is 1776!
Empires down!
And empires is fighting back!
The answer to 1984 is 1771!
Hillary Clinton is an enemy of the American people!
Hillary Clinton is an enemy of the American people!
Hillary Clinton is openly calling for censorship of all patriots and nationalists!
Hillary Clinton is a criminal who failed to sail our nation out of the Tchaikovsky!
Hillary Clinton is a criminal!
Hillary Clinton will never silence the American people!
America is awake!
America knows what's happening!
And Infowars.com is exposing it!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
Hillary Clinton is a war criminal and is involved in child sex trafficking on a daily.
Hillary Clinton is involved with Jeffrey Epstein.
Hillary Clinton flew on Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile aircraft.
Democrats are authoritarian, anti-American criminals that have failed to silence our speech.
Big Tech and the CHICOMS and Hillary have failed to silence America's speech.
Well, Nancy Pelosi is now being referred to as her holiness.
They're calling her a moral equivalent to evangelical Christians bringing moral value back to America.
Already played some of those clips last hour.
And I want to open the phones up in this hour ahead of former Major League Baseball star Aubrey Huff, who came out and talked about training his sons to use firearms.
They've called CPS on him.
They've attacked him.
They're calling for him to be deplatformed for exercising his free speech.
Turns out he's a listener, and he's going to be joining us coming up.
In the next hour, we'll continue on with phone calls there.
But here's the big announcement.
It's not that Bloomberg's going to spend a billion dollars trying to get gun control injected into this 2020 race.
It's not that the Democrats even want to disarm the American people.
It's that UN academics have come out
And said, oh, we're going to solve America's problems by militarily occupying it.
And the U.N.
is already occupying other third world countries and taking their resources in the name of creating carbon spaces to save the Earth.
And sure, they've got tanks and armored vehicles and helicopters and they kill you.
The U.N.
ran the Rwandan massacre, that's all admitted now, under the Clinton's direction.
They took the minorities, who were black but were Christian, they took their property away.
And over a million of them died.
And so that's the battle plan.
And remember, Obama admin and U.N.
announced global police force to fight extremism in the U.S.
They announced it.
I played these clips four years ago.
There's the Breitbart article.
So see, that's how it works.
Oh, the U.N.'
's suing over Trump and the border.
Oh, the U.N.'
's got advisors on the border.
Oh, the U.N.'
's working with cities to bring in carbon taxes if the federal government won't.
Well, cities are incorporated under the state, and the states are in a federalist plan with the federal government, co-equal.
It's illegal for cities to do what the U.N.
says, but they don't care.
And of course, Governor Abbott sees hundreds of thousands of homeless streaming into Texas from all over the United States to Dallas and Austin and Houston that are offering them free stuff.
And he says, well, we'll clean up their homeless camps that are on state highways and we'll... That's not how you fight the left.
He's trying to fix a problem.
They don't want to fix a problem.
They want refugee centers in Texas
Run by the UN, who we've got the documents, is running them.
And they're now microchipping homeless, that's confirmed, from their documents.
But people didn't care about that a month ago.
At Infowars.com, Infowars.com and Newswars.com and Bandai Video.
People don't care about that in a Don Salazar's article.
But they do care about when homeless start talking about it on video, and how it's happening.
So why not just go get with the homeless and go back to where these facilities have been established?
Well, that's what we're doing.
And then they started threatening the homeless.
So you can imagine what we're going to do and what's already been happening.
And then we've got to digest all of this.
But this is how you take over society, is you make yourself look like you're handing out the welfare, you're taking care of the society.
You're here when you're actually bringing in the millions of illegals.
You're bringing people in from Africa and the Middle East, on record.
You're working with the other foreign embassies and consulates in the United States, and you're working with all the Soros and Globalis operatives still in state and federal government, and all the NGOs that are getting the billions of dollars every year, a lot of it still State Department money.
Notice the one thing they ban the most on Fox or anywhere else is if a guest, the head of Judicial Watch and others,
Or even members of Congress talk about how Soros still gets billions to the State Department of taxpayer money to run these aid programs, which he does.
Why in the hell is that guy in charge of that?
Because he runs the leftist networks with the Clintons.
They're getting our taxpayer money.
It needs to be cut off.
Trump already cut a lot of it off two years ago when he killed the UN treaty that allows the UN to decide
Who is a refugee, remember?
And Trump withdrew from that treaty.
So he's trying, but this is a U.N.
This is a U.N.
With traitors in the government.
The U.N.
was set up by the robber barons in this country to take over the world.
And that means us too.
That's why they have Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and these systems that transfer power from local government to these unelected boards.
Who then buy off your local governments?
Who then sign agreements to transfer power to them?
And then those bureaucrats never get elected again, never face election again, because they just go on to the NGO board groups.
And the LCRA is the best model of this, best example of this.
LBJ, when he was a member of Congress, running Congress in the 40s, when nobody was asking questions during World War II,
Got billions of dollars, hundreds of billions in today's numbers, and gave it to all his buddies to build a series of dams, some of the best in the world at the time, on the Colorado River.
It runs right through the middle of Texas and down to the Gulf of Mexico.
And so Lake Travis, Lake Buchanan, Lake LBJ, all of those lakes and hydro-powered dams, hydroelectrics, were built in World War II.
And we're done by about 47.
Now, this was good old boys that got to own this and run this and make billions a piece off of it.
And they got all the hill country and all the land around it.
I mean, in the future with inflated money, it's just worth trillions.
It's worth trillions.
It's the best part of Texas, the whole damn middle of the state.
And they're an NGO.
They've got their own police, their own SWAT teams, their own everything.
Their own helicopters, their own airfields, everything.
And they create most of the electricity for large parts of Texas.
And they're the very groups lobbying to get coal plants shut down so they don't have competition, a lot of other stuff.
And that's just an example of how NGOs work.
And how the UN works.
And what they do and what they set up.
Now you can say, aren't these dams great?
Isn't all this wonderful?
But it's supposed to be co-ops, but they're private.
But they operate like they're public.
Now, you could say that was a better co-op.
We got a lot of value out of it.
Some bunch of guys got rich doing it.
But it never would have got done, let's say, if government hadn't given it to a few good old boys to get the job done.
Today, what we've got, 70 years later, is
Many times worse.
I mean, they'll give, some years, $50 billion to genetic engineering firms, most of them aren't even U.S.
firms, to create all this Franken-science, and then, do taxpayers ever get any of that money back?
The answer is hell no.
So a lot of what Trump says is, hey, if we're gonna build all these dams, or we're gonna pay for all this GMO, which I'm not even wanting, shouldn't we get money back to the taxpayer?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, Mr. Trump.
It's all one way, and that's how the system wants to keep it.
It's a big club, we ain't in it.
So I'm going to give the number out, talk about impeachment fiasco, talk about where you think that's going, what you think's in the Inspector General report coming out next week, what you think of the UN invasion, the open borders, the caravans, the refugee centers being built.
It's not even in the news, but we've confirmed it and have all the documents.
I mean, it's just crazy.
We'll be breaking it all next Tuesday.
It's a lot to digest.
I mean, during the breaks, I'm going back and looking at all this stuff.
It's just amazing.
I got crew that's been working till midnight some nights on this without me even asking them to because it's so powerful.
That's just one big story we're working on.
So the toll free number to join us is 877-789-ALEX.
Let's give first time callers a chance to get involved.
First time callers only.
And we will take your calls.
On the other side, and I'll get into all the other news I haven't hit, and I want to play this little cherry on top about the UN takeover plan and what they're going to do once they get it in place.
But they're not going to plunge the economy and do all this until they get it in place.
And the problem is they're getting it all in place.
It's a whole new economy where you're a slave.
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All right, I'll go to calls next segment, right when we start.
And my big frustration is I've over-prepared here as usual, and there's just so much I haven't scratched the surface on.
But I'll get to the calls and then try to get back into it all.
We have that baseball player coming on who was a listener and a patriot and took his son's out shooting.
Almost said took his guns out shooting.
He did that too.
And did a real good job with his son's shooting.
And so he said he took him out shooting, and they're acting like he's a child molester or something.
It's like when the Trump sons go hunting, they act like it's illegal or bad.
You go, that doesn't make sense.
Well, they're saying normal behavior, like saying mother and father isn't good.
You go, that doesn't make sense.
No, it does make sense if you're overthrowing civilization.
And so Caitlin Bennett a month ago went out.
I don't think so.
And the truth is they don't want women seeing other women enjoying self-defense or freedom or supporting Trump or supporting America, just like they won't let Trump run ads three months ago showing a bunch of women that run his campaign saying, we're looking for more powerful women to join the Trump campaign.
And it's a bunch of women.
And I mean, I'm just, it is, it is cliche.
It's true.
They were all good looking.
They were conservative.
I mean, it's just the way it works.
Studies show that.
There's a bunch of old and young, good-looking, together women that are running most of the Trump campaign and it said, we're looking for powerful women.
We want you!
And Zuckerberg, they said, no!
That might hurt somebody's feelings as not a woman.
That was the actual message.
Don't say mother or father on entrance exams.
Or on entrance forms for your child.
Someone might not be a mother or father or might not have one.
See, no one can say anything in case someone else doesn't have it.
That's beyond any cult book science fiction ever written.
And now they've got UN bureaucrats and NGOs and community organizers everywhere training people for uprisings and bringing in people from all over the third world and preparing them.
And here's Larry Grafwald talking about what the Weathermen were planning.
And now this is still ongoing.
Even though Trump got into office, the deep state's still going with the same plan after an economic collapse.
The Engineer, here it is.
Larry Graff Ball became a member of the Weather Underground Organization as an undercover operative for law enforcement agencies in Cincinnati.
His role within the organization was to carry directives from the Central Committee of the operating units in the field.
I brought up the subject of what's going to happen after we take over the government.
We become responsible then for administrating 250 million people.
And there was no answers.
No one had given any thought to economics.
How are you going to clothe and feed these people?
The only thing that I could get was that they expected that the Cubans and the North Vietnamese and the Chinese and the Russians would all want to occupy different portions of the United States.
They also believed that their immediate responsibility would be to protect against what they called the counter-revolution.
And they felt that this counter-revolution could best be guarded against by creating and establishing re-education centers in the Southwest.
Where we would take all the people who needed to be re-educated into the new way of thinking and teach them.
Now obviously David Knight covered it today and it's on Infowars.com.
We knew there was some type of shooting going on at a Florida Naval Station.
But now, just breaking the last 10 minutes or so, guess what?
Pensacola shooting suspect was a Saudi student.
Vegas, you notice, they would never tell you what happened, and they just said, don't ask questions, and then they had all the witnesses and people saying no.
There were people getting shot inside hotels two miles away, and they showed shot-out windows, and people saying, yeah, the dead bodies were laying on the ground here, and there were, you know, men running around screaming in Arabic.
Yeah, there were terror attacks all over the town.
You notice Trump basically invaded Saudi Arabia, arrested half the Royal House, and executed a bunch of them?
I mean, you know the US invaded Saudi Arabia, right?
That's why Trump's big buddies with Saudi Arabia now, because he arrested, again, half the top princes.
A bunch of them got their throats slit.
I'm not really supporting what happened, but four Vegas, they got hung upside down by their feet, and tortured, and a bunch of them killed.
You know that all came out, right?
You know what they use as the torture centers?
Fancy hotels.
You know what they're putting the homeless in?
Former hotels in Austin.
As little U.N.
re-education camp bases that they're just getting ready for the collapse of the U.S.
And that's the bureaucracy that if they collapse the U.S.
is going to use COG to not just remove Trump, but the civil unrest that comes out of it to bring in a permanent martial law.
So, every day
I probably don't cover ten articles of people driving cars over people in Europe, and they're always screaming Allah Akbar, or five or six stories of families and children being stabbed, or people being shot or hand-grenaded, or women being mass-raped all over Europe.
It's just background noise now.
I've got stacks of them right here.
But you're not gonna hear about the people that were killed at the Naval Station and shot now.
It'll disappear out of the news today.
If this was a right-winger, you'd be hearing about it two months from now, every five minutes, end of the world, gotta ban the guns.
But because a Saudi came here and attacked the infidels, well, now you're not gonna hear about that anymore, are you?
They'll report it once or twice and that'll be it.
There's two types of mass shooters in this country.
Mentally ill, anti-foot devil worshippers, and jihadis.
Mohammed Saeed Al-Shamarni.
Am I saying that right?
That's up on DrudgeReport.com.
Mohammed Saeed Al-Shamani.
In the U.S.
for flight school.
He's dead at naval training installation.
Terrorism being investigated.
So, I mean, it's just always the same thing.
They let eight convicted terrorists who admitted that they were planning to blow up the Stock Exchange and were trying to ship guns in to set up illegal training camps in England to have massacres.
And he was let out of prison with his other seven cohorts after serving just a few years in prison.
And went right back to London Bridge and stabbed a bunch of people.
But one of the people that died came out and said, leave the Muslims alone and let them out of prison.
It's called Stockholm Syndrome and I don't suffer from it.
And our audience doesn't suffer from it.
The New York Times had a fake news story out yesterday.
I mean, almost all of it was completely made up.
The rest of it was disinfo or half-truths.
I'm not going to even show it on screen to dignify it.
But it said that I demanded stories be made up about Muslims.
You understand that in my stack every day are like 30 articles where Muslims are stabbed and shooting, murdering, raping, screaming Allah Akbar.
I don't need to have people manufacture news?
You mean like ABC saying here's Trump blowing up the Kurds and it was the Knob Creek machine gun shootout?
Or NBC's Ryan Williams saying he got shot down in a helicopter?
You mean stuff like that?
Or CNN saying babies got thrown in incubators and their brains beat out?
Didn't happen?
Start the first Iraq war?
I mean you read this stuff and it gives you an idea into the mindset.
It literally goes,
Jones secretly slaughtered animals, but one of it kept secret.
But he hunted.
What the hell?
Again, imagine you're the writer.
We even know it's this Elizabeth lady.
She even likes to write articles since somebody else wrote it.
It's this old crazy lady, lives like up in a high-rise, doesn't even really, kind of gets scared of like trees and stuff.
And it's like, so imagine, that's like a space alien coming to Earth.
And then hearing about hunting and hearing about
People go out on a hunt and they got a trailer full of dead animals that we, by the way, ate.
Because yeah, we were popping those mountain goats off up to 600 yards.
That was some good shooting.
Those 300 Win Mags.
Just, it's fun.
And it's good to barbecue them later.
But it was like, how about a crime scene hanging up in a garage.
They were butchering the meat, the crimson blood drips, like the only thing true in there, basically.
Like, I'm a serial killer, like in a garage.
You're like, oh, bring in those dead children, hang them up by the, you know, like I'm Epstein or somebody, you know?
Again, the Wicked Flee When None Pursued.
The upside-down world of these people.
Because from the weird New York high-rise, never been on a high-rise, never been fishing, never climbed up an apple tree and picked apples, never wired electricity into something, never fixed a carburetor, never got in a fistfight, probably never even cleaned their own house, never mountain climbed, never done nothing.
To them, man, that's a crime.
That's space alien to an alien.
Imagine if a space alien saw humans go out and shoot a bunch of mountain goats.
And then drive them back to the meat processor.
It wasn't a garage, it was a metal barn.
And butcher the meat to take a bunch of it home and give the rest to San Antonio homeless.
Imagine to them, because they're so alien.
That's what my buddy calls people that have grown up generations in cities and never actually interfaced with real life.
They're like space aliens.
Remember when George Sr., 10 years after scanners were ubiquitous and in all stores, he walks into a grocery store in like 1992, we gotta find that clip, it's online, and he goes, what's that?
Is that a laser?
People go, oh, Mr. President, you're joking, right?
And he goes, no, what is it?
And they go, sir, it's a scanner, it scans barcodes.
He was just amazed by it, like, talked about it five minutes.
And I'm telling you, I've been around these generational rich people, folks.
They don't know anything.
And more and more people aren't even rich, they've just grown up.
Latsky kids and these high-rises and stuff, and man, they come to Texas?
And they see you jump up on the back of a horse?
And they see you jump a fence or something?
I mean, let me tell you, you can bring supermodels down from anywhere.
You go on a horse, start jumping over fences with them, they're pulling you off that horse, trying to have sex with you right there.
I mean, they've never been around men, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, they have never seen any of it.
You know how excited a woman that's never gone out in a big field, in a big truck farm type garden, when the sun's setting, and picked a bunch of vegetables and put them in there?
And then you try to take them in the farmhouse and cook them?
You can't get into the house before the woman's pulled your clothes off.
Because it's so instinctive to be out with the sound of the bugs, picking vegetables with a man.
It's so peaceful, the women melt, ladies and gentlemen.
But see, all these people that have lived in these cities, they literally think I'm a serial killer.
Because I shoot animals at 600 and 800 yards and then I eat them.
Just like I go out in the garden and pick squash, and I go in and I cook it, and I peel those potatoes.
And I clean toilets.
And I pump my own gas.
And I buy my own groceries.
And I kick my own ass.
Got that?
Because I'm a man.
I'm not domesticated yet.
I'm not on my knees to you people.
Trying to make it alien like you.
But I'm red-blooded and I can skin a buck.
I can run a trot line.
I can start a media network.
And I can kick your ass!
Alright, let's go to your phone calls.
I've barely scratched the surface.
And I'm going to host into the fourth hour.
We've got Larry Nichols joining us.
Alex Hillary has seen more tail than a toilet seat.
And of course she's the one that said on Howard Stern that she doesn't like women.
I'm not making it about whether she likes women or not.
It's what a liar she is.
Hillary is a devil worshipper.
Larry has witnessed it.
And what he talked about before it was ever in the news came out later.
Ed Buck's a devil worshipper, Adam Schiff's a devil worshipper.
I mean, do I have to tell you this stuff?
You already know it.
Hell, look at their actions.
But he's going to be joining us the first 30 minutes of the fourth hour, then Dr. Nick Begich will take over.
And there's so many big developments out there.
It's a big deal that the Israeli news is reporting that Epstein was a Mossad agent.
All this threatens to bring down the deep state.
And that's why they want Trump out so bad, because none of this endangers Trump.
He's not involved in it.
I investigated Trump before I endorsed him and found out his real proclivities.
And I just think they're pretty much red-blooded.
We all know that.
And the mainstream media is always saying, oh, the Christian evangelicals are supporting Trump, even though he's a hypocrite and claims he's a Christian, but he likes all these hot women.
And Scarborough's like, I just like to kill him in my office.
Oops, sorry.
She was found dead in his office.
No big deal.
Trump never said he was goody two-shoes.
He never hid that.
He's not a hypocrite.
He is pro-life now.
He's promoting that.
He's promoting religious freedom.
He's getting laws passed to get the government out of the First Amendment.
The church is separate from state.
That doesn't mean that you can't talk about God at school or somewhere else.
It means the school of its state funded can't be.
Not that you can't have your speech.
So Trump's done phenomenal things for the church in America and reversed a lot of that and evangelicals know that.
And they've read their Bible.
And they know about John the Revelator.
They know about Saul of Tarsus.
They know about
All of the individuals that God tended to call forward were usually not goody two-shoes.
In fact, most of the time they were badasses and were womanizers and were killers and were very aggressive.
And then they would have their transformation, but were still not wimps.
So God is not looking for wimps to be on the front line of his vanguard.
That's for sure.
That's a fake Hollywood thing of the chicken-neck Jesus.
Jesus gave himself up to be killed.
He could have killed all those people snapping his fingers.
And he said, next time, sell your cloak and buy a sword.
Weapons are more important than clothing in the future.
So there's a time to kill, a time for peace, a time to reap, a time to sow.
We know that.
And I've just gone down that rabbit trail.
I'm gonna go to your phone calls.
It's just that this whole thing that, oh, you Christians have given up on God.
Hey, you're the ones killing babies after they're born.
We're trying to stop it.
Just shut up.
Get the giant 18-wheeler out of your eye before you tell me to get the speck out of mine.
Give me a break.
But the left's all about, all about, this garbage.
About how they virtue signal how they're good and how they're moral and how they're helpful, but they're not.
Because even in the New York Times, this big fake piece, I'm not going to even dignify by talking about, something I had to go remember and talk to people, something that was true, that we were interviewing somebody dying of cancer,
And I said, give him a big check when you go interview him.
I feel bad for him.
And the New York Times said, he must have been trying to impress his reporter that he was moral.
What the hell?
I give to all sorts of charity and never really talk about it.
When I had more money, more so, I funded all sorts of groups and organizations covertly because I want to win this fight.
But to them, they would never write a big check to somebody dying of cancer.
That we were exposing what had been done to them.
But so to them, it had to be evil.
See, because what they are is projected onto us.
All the studies show leftists are many times more likely to say they give to charity, but not to do it.
They'll virtue signal, but they won't do it.
They talk the talk, they don't walk the walk.
They're bad people who all virtue signal to each other.
It's pathetic!
I was trying to think of John the Baptist.
I mean, all those guys, you read about them.
It turns out those guys turned out to be in Roman histories and Greek histories.
They were real people.
Now they're finding some of the oldest apostles and before the apostles, prophets in the Egyptian hieroglyphs.
Turns out those were real people?
Moses and all those folks.
Think Moses was a nice guy beating people to death that got in his face?
No, he wasn't very friendly.
Think Jesus was being friendly when he beat up a bunch of people in the temple and overturned the tables and beat them with a cat or ninetail upside the face?
And I'm not calling for violence here.
I'm just telling people it's time to stop bending over.
And as you notice, Trump's not been bending over when they attack him.
He needs to stop bending over to the censorship, and I'm gonna shut up now.
It's just when you get into the mindset of the globalists, it's so weird, it's so bizarre.
And how they'll always, when they write a fake piece, you learn about their psychology by studying them over years.
They'll always take something from Hollywood and put it in their fake piece as like a tell, I guess, to other people.
It's the Wolf of Wall Street where somebody grabs somebody's fish out of a fish bowl and eats it.
I have fish at home.
I like fish.
I never grabbed an employee's fish and killed it.
But see, something so over the top, well, it's gotta be true!
I mean, who would make up Jones walking over and going, Give me that fish!
I'm gonna kill it!
I don't know, maybe I'd...
I have shot turtles.
I have shot turtles in a pond at about 300 yards for target practice because they eat the fish.
That's a problem.
My grandma was like, get out there and shoot those turtles.
They're eating all the bass out of there.
So I guess I have shot turtles.
See, to them, just the idea of someone taking action over the earth, someone having power, no, no, that's for them.
That's for the UN jackboots running the FEMA camps.
That's not for us, ladies and gentlemen.
So you lie down, Americans, and you take your fluoride, and you take your boys in, and you get them castrated, that's liberal, and you just, you give your sons that, you know, the Prozac, and you give them the Ritalin, you burn out their brains, and you do what you're told, and you submit to the system, and then the New York Times will patch you on the head.
And then at night you'll go back to your fat and psychopathic wives who will beat you within an inch of your life.
That's what it is.
I got this video I didn't get to that they're glorifying on the news of a polyamorous couple of four men and a woman, and I use the term men lightly.
And it's all, this woman is their mommy, is what it is.
And they just want to keep living with their mommy.
And she treats them all like they're her 12-year-old sons.
And this is as close to a nightmare as it can be.
And of course, you know it's not going to go well.
Now she's pregnant with one of the boy's sons.
And this is what the collapse of civilization looks like.
You know, she's really going to protect them from the army horde that comes over the hill.
This is what our friendly, nice society, not giving people guidelines, to at least, hey, maybe, follow, has created.
That's what the Chi-Coms, while they're making super soldiers with genetic engineering, are laughing at.
But don't worry, China is funding Hollywood messages like that, laughing at us the entire time.
And so, folks like that?
Are a step above New York Times writers that live their whole lives in high-rise apartments.
They at least live at ground level in a real neighborhood in Florida.
And so... They're going to have to... Decide if they want to be men or not.
I think so.
It's not manly to sit there and sit there and take turns with your domesticated stupid
Uh, so-called, uh, mothership.
Uh, and it's what the collapse of civilization absolutely looks like.
That's what the collapse of civilization looks like.
That's what the collapse of civilization looks like.
That is what the collapse of civilization looks like.
That's it.
Right there.
That's what America is becoming.
That's the globalist goal.
You see that one sitting over there?
This is slavery.
And look at her just blissfully smiling.
I mean, to this, to her, is just happier than a pig, and you know what?
Gosh, help us.
The calls are coming up.
All right, I am a pontificating, pompous, porcine populist.
And I will get to all your calls that are here.
We have a guest popping in for a few segments, but we'll continue on into the fourth hour.
Larry Nichols is joining us with the inside scoop on Hillary and her procrivities.
for the females and what that means and why she's lying about it.
But right now, let's go ahead and talk to Joe in Washington.
Thanks for holding, Joe.
Really appreciate you calling today.
Don't cry, Alex.
I'm pissed off.
I don't want to take it anymore.
These people are absolutely full of crap.
We know it.
Don't say that Islam was to blame for those dead at the Naval Station.
America's to blame.
Blame yourself.
You did it.
You killed those people, Joe, if you're a gun owner.
Say you're sorry to Islam.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Take my guns, please.
Good, that's better.
Really quickly, I got four points to get to, but I want to plug your bodies, your survival shield, your toothpaste is the best toothpaste I've ever tried.
Nothing can stand up to it.
I love it to death.
And I want to get to these four points really quick.
Obama used to talk all the time about the power of the pen, the executive, and
I have a problem trusting Trump for a few simple reasons.
I feel like there's very simple things that he could do that could change the landscape of our country so, so dramatically.
And number one, I think, is voter ID.
He wants to win 2020.
Get rid of the illegals voting.
It's something I feel like he could do with executive order.
I don't feel like that'd be hard.
That would make a huge difference.
Number two, he needs to indict Hillary for her obvious crimes.
Everybody who knows anything about the Clintons knows that she's guilty, and there's enough evidence to put her away for a very long time.
Number three is pardoning Roger Stone, one of his longtime friends, most responsible person probably for getting him in office, for getting him elected.
Number four, and what I believe is the most important, is getting rid of the Federal Reserve.
Get us out of it.
Oh yeah, they're the ones that raise the rates and sabotage the economy up front.
Thank you.
Great points, Joe.
Let's go to Paul in Minnesota.
Let's talk about microchipping and more.
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Yeah, you know, you're great at almost prophesying all this stuff, and I know you're going by information attacks.
And the media just won't expose it, of course.
And I'm just surprised that all these conservative talk show hoaxes who won't go out on a limb and identify who these corporate media is.
You know, with the recent merger of, what is it, WB and Viacom, now there's only four megacorporations which control 95% of all the media.
You know, thousands of smaller media outlets
If antitrust legislation isn't used on them, I don't know how else we could ever defeat this law.
And then you look at the big four tech.
They say it's big six.
It's really big four.
You've got the big four tech companies engaged in massive destructive activities and absolutely monopolistic.
And if Trump doesn't act, I don't know what the issue is.
Because they're all abusing their power, not just economically, but now politically.
Well, the media is sitting in the catbird seat because they know the Republicans have an instinctual, you know, distaste for antitrust legislation.
But I can't think of any other way to bust up these monopolies.
And you could do it in a way where it's promoting free speech because you let loose thousands of smaller media outlets.
How can that be a bad thing, you know?
Well, we're trying to do that, but they won't even let you into the market.
They're censoring us everywhere, while Soros is openly funding, quote, thousands of fake local radio, TV, and internet sites that spew out fake news they admit to, quote, stop the populist.
So that's why you'll see articles saying Jones lost a lawsuit for a book I didn't even write.
Didn't lose a lawsuit.
You'll see Jones admits he's a Nazi or stuff like that.
It's totally fake.
And that's what I'm saying is they know people don't believe the New York Times or Washington Post now.
So now they've got lots of little local
TV and radio stations that actually get licenses in some cases.
If not, they're online and look like a TV station, but it's actually just internet.
And it's incredible.
Great points.
That's why Trump's got to act on the censorship and on the monopoly practices now.
I mean, it's just incredible.
Love Trump to death, but my gosh.
We're going to come back with former MLB player Aubrey Huff about what happened with this whole Second Amendment controversy that's going on and how they're trying to criminalize normal
Paternal behavior.
I believe we need a president who has a track record of taking on the NRA.
To begin with, if I'm lucky enough to get elected, we're going to overhaul the background check system.
We'll close loopholes.
You ought to be 21 at least to buy a handgun or any form of semi-automatic firearm.
Yeah, we know you're financing lawsuits against people.
Like me.
We know, Bloomberg.
You've spent billions trying to buy off
The sheriffs and district attorneys, just like Soros is doing, because you think you should tell us how to live our lives.
Well, Aubrey Huff...
Played in the MLB for 13 seasons as part of the 2000-2012 San Francisco Giants team that won the World Series.
I was actually watching some of that and I'm always too busy to watch sports.
As the first baseman and designated hitter, he played for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Houston Astros, Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers, and San Francisco Giants.
He's been an outspoken supporter of President Trump through his Twitter account.
We're good to go.
Alex Jones Show!
Acting like it's some secret thing and I secretly butcher animals in a garage.
None of that's true.
I mean, that's how crazy these people are.
They're trying to make it alien to take your sons out and teach them how to shoot.
So, Aubrey, they're pushing so hard.
I guess it's making folks like you get active.
I know they're trying to de-platform you.
They're trying to act like you've done something wrong.
Thanks for joining us.
Thanks for having the show, Alex.
Yeah, it's been an interesting week.
You know, when I made that post before Thanksgiving, you know, I've done this kind of thing with my kids all the time.
I'm a conservative Christian guy from Texas, and my dad taught me to shoot a gun when I was five years old.
My grandpa took me out to shoot rifles out at his ranch all the time.
And I find that to be an incredibly bonding experience for a father and son, grandson.
And I had a blast doing it.
Felt unbelievable to fire that steel, not only just to learn how to shoot a gun, but, you know, to hunt and do what you need to do in Texas.
That's a big thing.
And so when I made that tweet, taking my kids to the gun range, which I've done a few times,
I just thought it'd be fun to make a little post and show my two boys how good of shots they're getting to become.
And the big backlash I got on these tweets from a lot of the left comments was like, wow, those boys' groupings really do suck.
Attacking the kids, which is typically what they do.
But when I made that post, Alex, I had no idea it would get the hatred that it did.
A guy just taking his kids to shoot guns.
And I think the biggest thing what everybody thought was I tagged Bernie Sanders.
And said that if socialism, by some chance, if Bernie Sanders becomes president and wins, we need to all learn how to shoot guns just in case socialism hits America.
And the big backlash was everybody was tagging the FBI, Child Protective Services, that I was threatening a U.S.
Senator, which under no case was that the case.
Well, it's the left calling for killing Trump and killing his supporters and attacking him, and you've had members of Congress shot and people's, senators' ribs broken.
Almost all the violence is in their column.
But then if we tongue-in-cheek things or just, you know, make jokes, or, you know, oh, yes, the Civil War's coming, I've got to get trained for it.
Roger Stone and I, six months ago, shot a video joking about that, and they said, Roger Stone and Jones are planning violence!
And so, I mean, they really are drama queens.
Yeah, it's been the hatred I've gotten through the comments and what I found out about Twitter.
It's really interesting.
I'm not very active on Twitter.
I have been active sporadically throughout the last five years, but it's been a it's kind of been a blast these last two weeks.
I'm a very sarcastic kind of guy in the clubhouse and baseball.
I always like to push the envelope and talk trash to guys and fun sarcastic way.
So I think a lot of that gets lost on Twitter, but
You know, the vile that was coming from all the comments below.
You didn't have a whole lot of conservative comments coming up and stepping up.
There was several, don't get me wrong.
But I think a lot of conservatives are scared to share their support for something like that on a social platform and fear they're going to lose their jobs.
But you won't believe the amount, Alex, of private messages I got from conservative people.
Hey, Aubrey, we're so proud of you.
Keep continuing to take a stand against these leftists.
We love what you're doing.
We're supporting you.
There were thousands of those, which is pretty amazing.
Oh, of course.
I mean, even in leftist Austin, I'll shake 50 hands before one person drives by and says, F you, Russian agent.
And it's not true, so it's sad that they're mentally ill, but...
All the big national news stories, though, a lot of them acted like you'd done something wrong, or, you know, what are you doing taking your son's shooting?
And it reminds you of how they attacked the Trump sons for going out and dove hunting, or shooting whitetail, or a New York Times story attacking me, saying Jones has been seen butchering animals.
They act like this is some kind of crime and we're serial killers.
It really shows how domesticated the left is, and that we need to somehow
Get them in nature therapy or outdoor therapy so that they're not like caged humans that... We need free-range humans.
Because the biggest thing about the left is they're domesticated, they're weak, they're scared, and that's why they want a nanny state, is they really think it's alien to see a masculine man with sons out shooting.
By the way, their groupings were great as fast as they were shooting.
And then even though they don't own guns, don't know how to use one, they go, oh look, your son sucks, he's not a good shot.
Yeah, what's funny is I think a lot of the backlash didn't come so much from women on the left.
There's a lot of the white knight beta males that come out and that have never fired a weapon in their lives.
And all the only, you know, these guys have maybe four followers and all they do is troll all day.
These people are spiteful.
They wake up in the morning and the first thing they do is they probably check their phone, go on Twitter and find out what they can find out about today to be pissed off.
And it's a very sad existence.
You know, I've been called a crazy lunatic.
I've gone through the past in my baseball career where I was very open about some of the experiences I had towards the end of my career with drug abuse, with Adderall, alcoholism.
I turned into depression and anxiety when I retired.
And I'm happy to say, with my faith in God, over those years since I've retired, I've regained my sanity and my health.
And so they attacked that past.
I wrote a book about some of that.
And so that's where they go to.
They go to somebody's past.
And we all have past, you know.
And what I'm doing now, my father, interestingly enough, Alex, was murdered.
It's when I was six years old.
In a domestic dispute trying to break up this domestic dispute between this crazy lunatic 22 year old psycho with a gun in Texas and shot his wife at the time.
My dad tried to intervene.
He got involved.
He got murdered.
Shot right in the back of the head by this guy.
And terrible.
And so you would think I would be anti-gun.
I'm not.
If my dad had had a gun,
Had a license to carry.
I guarantee you it wouldn't have turned out the way it did.
Well, we know where there are guns, there are lower crime rates.
And the issue is the bad person with the gun.
I mean, look at this jihadi that attacked the Naval Station.
He was here.
He had a gun illegally.
He was here for flight training.
He did this.
So we're not going to hear a lot about that now because he was an American citizen.
But if he was, we'd never hear the end of it.
And all gun deaths are terrible.
It's about 24,000 a year.
Half of those are suicides.
But compared to
Things like opiates and things like fentanyl that's killing hundreds and thousands or more a year, that's the real crisis.
But I don't want to divert off into that.
I just think it's really important that you do exercise your First and your Second Amendment or we're going to lose it.
And more and more people, I think, are intimidated not to do that.
It's important to do it.
Well I tell you, like I told you, being a conservative guy from Texas, very Christian, I feel like this country, we're being yelled down at.
People are losing their courage to stand up for what we believe in as far as it comes to Christianity.
It's being attacked.
Christianity is being attacked.
Our right to bear arms is being attacked.
The First and Second Amendment, like you said, it's being attacked.
They're taking down Ten Commandments statues all over the country.
And you know, this is biblical stuff that we're days we're living in today.
And you see it happening before our very eyes.
And as a father of two kids or two boys are 11 and 9.
You know, I want them to be prepared because I feel like we are getting more and more separated.
I agree.
Let's talk about where America's going.
One more segment with Aubrey Huff straight ahead.
Well, I've been having a very interesting little discussion with Aubrey Huff during the break and he wants to take your calls next segment on any subject you're raising.
And so he's going to ride shotgun with us for the rest of the hour ahead of Larry Nichols joining us.
So I'm going to go to Bill, Alex, Tony, Kelly, Alex, Matt.
Yeah, so, um.
As a San Francisco Giant, that's kind of where I made the name for myself.
I won two World Series in 2010 and 2012.
And I know Alex, San Francisco is just a breeding ground for liberalism and it's probably one of the most liberal cities in America.
And so when I tweet, the gun tweet with my voice, I would say about 80% of the responses were from San Francisco Giants fans who
We're just burying me, asking me to give up my World Series dreams to not be associated with the Giants.
Please quit tagging the Giants.
San Francisco Giants, you've got to never invite this guy back.
You are a shame.
And I'm thinking to myself, well, gosh, guys.
Where's the tolerance?
You guys love me for what I did on the baseball field, but I can't have my own opinions.
That kind of thinking to me is just absolutely insanity.
I just don't get that.
And what they don't know all these people are bearing to go Giants is those those 2012 teams I was on.
Those I'd say about 30.
I'd say about 80%.
I'm sorry, not 3080% of all the players were conservative, and I would say about 75% of staff was conservative.
And they were Trump lovers.
And I talked to them to this day and they told me that, hey man, I know who I'm voting for in 2020.
Most all the guys are the same guys voting for Trump.
What these giant fans don't know is like all those teams they love that want me to give them ring back, well maybe you should hack the entire team to have their rings given back too.
So you can't have an opinion in this world.
That's what they're trying to take away is your right to believe in what you want to believe in.
Well the left loves to bully and they love to organize and persecute people and you were telling me how they're trying to hack into your Twitter account, how it's doubled in size.
Since this all started, now you think you're shadow banned?
I mean, this is a real reign of terror going on.
It's so un-American.
And as Americans, if Trump won't act, what do you think we should do to counter all the censorship?
Well, I think we're... The people like me, I don't have a job.
I'm retired, so I can go out there and be who I want to be.
And so many people reached out to me through a message and said, gosh, I wish I could do a brigade.
We'll stand up and fight these people.
I just feel like I would get fired in a second.
And that for me, you got to make a stand at some point.
I'm sorry?
No, no, I was saying, obviously, you're right.
We've got to make a stand.
Your Skype's a little bit delayed.
What's happening is your Skype kind of broke up a little bit.
We'll probably reconnect during the break.
You know, obviously that happens sometimes.
So I think you're a few seconds delayed what you're hearing.
Sorry, go ahead.
Yeah, no problem.
I'm sorry about that.
It's all right.
So, yeah.
Yeah, it's all right.
Yeah, I just feel like too many guys, I think, especially in the world we live in today, are too scared to speak up.
And, you know, there's a lot of attacks to people on social media.
If you make one bad post standing up for what you believe in, then it gets retweeted, retweeted.
And if, God forbid, you have a family you've got to provide for and you get fired and you can't make payments for your family to feed your family, then you're dead.
So I see why a lot of people don't stand up.
But at the same time, the reason it's so bad is the people on the left, most of these people, most of them don't have a job.
So they're just screaming at the top of their lungs.
They have plenty of time every day to go out and protest and whine and cry all day.
And most of these people, they're 30 years and under and never really had to grind for a thing and expecting the world to just give them handouts.
And I've never seen the country more divided.
And it has nothing to do with Trump.
It has everything to do with, I think, this radical left trying to impose their agenda on us.
You're a million percent obviously correct on that and tongue-in-cheek you were saying I gotta train my sons how to use guns because if socialism comes there's gonna be a crisis.
Well, the left's the ones calling for violence and everywhere they get control they do oppress and suppress people.
And so really this is something we have to talk about.
The Second Amendment is there to fight off a tyrannical government that is also in the Declaration of Independence.
So everybody that hates owning guns
Yeah, it's funny.
It's like the people that are clamoring for socialism here
You know, you see it all the time, and you hear it all the time.
Invite these people to go to Venezuela.
See if you can last for a month, right?
And these are the kind of people that want this kind of stuff to happen in America.
And the ironic thing about my tweet was, listen, I've seen what's happened in Venezuela.
I've played with guys that lived in Venezuela, and they've told me what it's like there.
It is absolutely a hell on earth.
Let's be clear about that.
People are attacking you.
When you were on the championship team, they know you there.
Mainly San Francisco's attacking you.
And you're saying, hey, socialism's a nightmare.
Go there.
And they're like, screw you.
I mean, I've read the tweets.
They won't ever have a real discussion either.
No, no.
They're so hell-bent on getting free shit from the government.
Sorry if I can't say that on your show.
They only want free stuff for a year, even if it collapses everything forever afterwards.
Yeah, that's right.
That's right.
And for me, when I took my kids to the gun range, that's all I was wanting them to do.
Not so much about socialism.
I just want them to learn how to fire a gun safely.
There's crazy people out there.
Not just protecting from socialism, but nutbags.
One day, I mean, I believe sometime in the future, we're going to hit a time where
It's going to be chaos.
Maybe not in our lifetime.
But if it is, I want them prepared.
Well, that looks like, what, about 10, 12, 15 yards?
How far were they shooting at?
Yeah, they were doing, that was about 20 yards, I believe.
And they were doing pretty well.
I kept moving, that one's probably about 10 yards away.
That's my little guy, and that's my oldest guy, and he's a lefty shooter.
But I got to tell you, Alex... But I see where the bullets are going in at 10 and 20 yards.
They're really good shots for, you know, not shooting a lot.
So, again,
Well, what's what's great, though, is like when these kids walk out of that gun range, Alex, and their chests are up, their chins held high, their shoulders are back.
You can just tell that they just absolutely love that experience of firing guns with their dad.
It's an unbelievable bonding experience for your boys.
And, you know, for all the dads out there, they're telling me I'm raising little tears.
And that's the big thing that pisses me off.
Is these guys coming on my Twitter and telling me I'm raising school shooters and the Menendez brothers and all these kind of crazy things attacking my kids?
My kids love their dad.
And a lot of these people are tagging Child Protective Services to come get my kids, tagging the FBI.
That I'm raising terrorists?
I mean, it was absolutely ridiculous, some of the things I read on Twitter.
And I invite people that's never taken their kids out to fire guns, try it.
You might change your mind.
Well, that's what they're really scared of, is that there is a culture shift.
We were winning for a while, where people are going out, they're taking others out shooting, and we were statistically winning.
That's why they're moving in, trying to extinguish it so quickly, because everywhere you do get a gun culture, the crime rate drops.
And that scares them.
Let's come back and take phone calls on the other side with our guest.
He can cover all these subjects.
Tony and others, you're up first.
Alex, Kelly, Christian, Matt, so many others.
Let yourself go.
I didn't know that Elvis did heavy metal, but he does.
That is an Elvis song, sung by the evil Elvis.
But instead of letting ourselves go to be slobs that don't care about life, let ourselves go and be who God really made us to be, out there challenging corruption, not laying down to it.
But the left and the mainstream media have been able to bully Americans and others into submission.
So now when there's Islamic terror attacks on a daily basis, we're not supposed to say it's Islamic.
Or he'll get deplatformed.
Aubrey Huff, former MLB star, is our guest, but I like him because he's got courage and took his sons out shooting, knowing they'd demonize him and attack him.
I mean, I'm guessing that, but I think I'm right.
I mean, I think you knew that when you did that normal, natural thing, they were going to attack you, or am I making stuff up?
No, you're making stuff up.
I honestly thought when I made that tweet that I was just gonna get maybe a retweet or two, a couple good follows, like, hey, way to raise them upright.
The whole socialist thing and the Bernie thing was more of a, like a joke, because I have a very sick sense of humor at times, and I can be very sarcastic, and I just didn't think, I think I posted that later in the evening, and then when I woke up the next morning, I'm like, oh my gosh, it just took on a life of its own.
I got Kathy Griffin, she retweeted it and went, this dumb effer right here.
And I thought that was pretty ironic, considering the fact that Kathy Griffin had a Donald Trump head cut off with a knife with blood going down of it.
Oh, they're total hypocrites.
I mean, I forgot you said you just started being more political because of the suppression.
I mean, for me, I just know how they'll respond.
I mean, if you went out and shot ducks,
With your sons, and you know, taught them how to hunt that, and took them back and, you know, cooked them and everything.
They would call you a criminal for that.
I mean, I just know how they operate.
But I would imagine now, are you planning to troll them more in the future?
Since this wasn't an intentional troll, I mean, I could really work with you to come up with some new trolls.
You really want to piss them off, say, take your sons out duck hunting or something.
Yeah, I tell you, it's been interesting because, you know, I come up in a major league baseball locker room.
You got to have thick skin and you got to be witty.
And Tom Arnold came after me and within five minutes I had a tweet back out of him.
I thought it was a pretty good one.
You might want to check into it.
It was a little bit
Kind of a dig.
But hey, I love it.
I mean, if you're going to come, here's my thing.
What'd you say in the tweet?
I think in the tweet, I said, because he took up for Kathy Griffin, and he said, Kathy Griffin handing Aubrey Huff his ass.
That's what it is.
And I responded to Tom Arnold, and I said, she's not going to bang you, Tom.
You might want to focus on your fourth marriage, because I've gone through that alimony thing, and it would seem to reasonably for me, I'm not that done to do it four different times.
And so, yeah, he didn't really respond after that one.
But you gotta have thick skin in the Major League Clubhouse, and I learned that the hard way, and that's the way it is.
It's banter.
And I remember there's a picture for the A's at the time when Donald Trump was in the bus grabbing women by the P word, and I remember he responded and he said, by no circumstances have I ever heard that kind of talk in the locker room.
Come on, Sean Doolittle.
I hear that kind of stuff and 90 times worse on a daily basis.
It's just this guy trying to gain followers and, you know, he's pandering to the left crowd.
By the way, I mean, I defended Trump on that because I knew in context
Because we heard the whole tape, the media only played like 10 seconds.
He was talking about like Elvis Presley, back to Elvis, when he first got on the scene, these were teenage girls pulling their panties and bras off, throwing them at him, and trying to tackle him.
And what Trump was saying is, man, now that I was the star of this TV show, I was already rich and famous, I had no idea, these women come after you and they just jump on you, you can do whatever you want.
That's what he was talking about, was women tearing your clothes off.
He wasn't talking about jumping out behind a bush and grabbing a woman.
Yeah, it's the way the media spins everything.
They only want you to hear what they want you to hear, to make it look bad.
I did an interview for a paper, I can't remember what it was, and I said I'd had thousands of direct messages supporting me from conservative people.
And in the article it said that I had dozens of
People supporting me, which is to make it seem like there's not that not that much support supporting me on Twitter.
So, you know, they twist words around even when they interview you and quote you and I've went through that in baseball my whole life and you got to be real careful.
And that's where I think it's really amazing to me how Donald Trump's been able to do what he's done having to deal with this fake news media.
Just twisting around what he says and twisting around everything.
They have the New York Times main magazine article says that I went and killed an employee's fish.
This did not happen.
But imagine something that outrageous, people go, well, it's got to be true.
I mean, you know, I'm stuck.
Give me your fish!
Your fish is dead!
What the hell?
I just had a guy reach out to me, direct messenger, private messenger on Twitter, said, hey, there's rumors that 10 to 15 guys on the Devil Rays baseball team back in the day said that you offered to take batting, watch them take batting practice while you masturbated on the field.
I'm like, is this true?
No, it's just these... I don't know.
It's just people trying to troll you and trying to make you feel stupid and make you look like an idiot.
Well, yeah, because liberals are like arrested development 12-year-olds.
They act like we're in junior high and what they do hurts us.
Like, I'll be out eating dinner and a leper's gonna walk over and go, shame on you, shame, shame.
And then I'll be kind of half asleep, telling my wife to hurry up and eat.
I'm like, oh, well, that gave me some energy.
Thanks a lot.
Now I feel great.
I mean, it doesn't make me feel bad when bad people try to bully me.
I mean, that's the thing.
I get attacked, and then I smart-ass-wise give them a shot back and just pretty much bury them the way I would in a clubhouse.
Now, I'm the bad guy, right?
And to me, that's my whole thing.
I fight fire with fire.
I give you what you give to me.
If you're gonna give me hate, I'm gonna give you hate right back.
You give me love, I'll give you love.
I'm not afraid to, and as a Christian guy, what kills me is some of these people, oh, you're a Christian?
You're claiming to talk this way about other people?
Jesus came to earth, you know, he didn't come to bring peace, he says in the Bible.
He came with a sword, right?
And as Christian men and Christian people in general, it's becoming really soft.
And I feel like we gotta take a stand and start fighting as Christians.
I agree with you.
Let's take a call from Kelly in Florida.
Thanks for holding, Kelly.
About the microchipping of the homeless in South Florida.
I don't know about that, but I know it's going on in Austin.
Got a big report coming out next Tuesday.
Go ahead.
Okay, so I have 30 years of experience.
And I'm not a Democrat, and I'm not a Republican, but thanks to you, listening to you with an open mind, I think that you have persuaded me.
I want to tell you about a chilling experience that I had.
Now, I came to South Florida six years ago, and I've worked with the homeless for 30 years.
And I worked with a couple, and their names were Alice and David.
And I worked hands-on,
You're trying to empower the homeless?
And I said to them, I said, what's going on?
And David said to me, he said, Kelly, you're not going to believe this.
And let me tell you something.
I didn't believe about the chipping the homeless.
Believe me, because I'm a liberal.
OK, but I didn't believe that.
But listening to you, it planted a seed inside of me.
So it made me open minded.
So anyway, David came to me after he got out of jail.
And he said to me, he said, Kelly, you're not going to believe this.
He said, they got me for trespassing.
I said, well, what were you doing?
He said, nothing.
So they took him to jail and they said to him, he said, look, we have this facility.
That's what they called it.
You can be implanted with a chip.
We'll put your Medicaid on there, your food stamp, all your security.
And we won't even throw you in jail.
You can go to your doctor's appointments.
We'll bust you out.
We'll bring you back.
But you have to stay at this facility.
And as long as you- Wait, stop, stop.
I haven't broken this yet.
Ma'am, we have it all.
Yes, this is what's going on.
Next, they do medical experiments on them.
So hold on.
Don't hang up.
I'm going to come back to you.
I appreciate you holding.
And I'm going to need to get your name and number to Rob Due, who's working on this, because we're getting more witnesses and more documents in Texas.
Ma'am, we have the proof.
This is what you just said is exactly.
And it's liberal cities.
And it happened to me personally.
Like, I wouldn't even have believed it.
No, no, no, no.
I know what's going on.
Stay there.
We'll come right back to you.
Let me kind of tell this story to the listeners and the callers and everybody else.
I came in here today and I thought about covering nothing but the story that the lady just called in about.
Because it's the type of story that could bring down the globalist.
And it gives me a headache though, it's so big, there's so many angles.
But here's the simplest way to say it, then I'll go back to the caller and then get our guest take on it and then back to more calls.
There is a UN program for civil unrest and for economic collapse to quote, reorganize the United States and other countries you've seen this happen.
And I have all the news articles and all the admissions.
Then you have the globalists trying to break the borders and building all these refugee camps in Latin America and funding all of this.
That's on record.
Then you have what Obama left trying to put the
UN in charge of local police departments.
Strong Cities Initiative.
You can go watch the videos of those hearings.
So, this is all happening.
And then, if they can get enough fentanyl on the street and enough homeless that have just massively increased the last few years,
They can use that as the cover story to build these emergency centers and start getting people microchipped to have the infrastructure in place and it normalized before it rolls out to the rest of the public.
China is working with the UN to have global standardization of world ID, a face scan to be able to buy and sell.
That was in Reuters Monday.
And then we discover NGOs, non-governmental organizations, under a U.N.
contract that chip people in Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, San Salvador, Belize, and Mexico.
And I have Christian Science Monitor, AP, Roy, this is going on for 15 years.
Now they're in Austin at warehouses doing exactly what the caller said.
Now, I haven't said what we've got proven with documents and interviews and the facilities.
We were out at homeless camps at 10 o'clock at night last night.
I thought, you know how to come on today, cover all this, give all, show a bunch of stuff, and then open phones up, because I bet it's happening in other areas, to get more contacts, and then people can actually videotape, and the big one's going to be cutting the chip out of somebody's arm in a doctor's office.
Because no one will care if I show the facility and admitting they're doing it.
People are going to want to see that chip come out.
And we're having to get involved with HIPAA forms and everything else right now, okay?
But that's what we're going for, is the chip being cut out on TV with a doctor here next week, okay?
Because like P.T.
Barnum said, man, and so does Shakespeare, the whole world's a stage.
This is all real, but people can't believe it.
See, just like when I found microphones in the Scientific Atlantic cable box 23 years ago.
I didn't find it.
An engineer told me about it.
That was real.
But no one could believe it.
We weren't supposed to expose it back then, before it was all admitted.
Like, oh yeah, your phone's listening to you.
Yeah, your refrigerator's listening to you.
That's all admitted now.
The microchipping has rolled out.
It's confirmed.
So I want to get Aubrey Huff's take on this, but ma'am... Kelly in Florida.
As soon as I get off there, I'm calling you.
Rob Dues calling you.
But just for the listeners, because I can tell you're for real, I can tell you're freaked out, because what, did you hear us say this a month ago?
And then you're a person that professionally works with homeless and now you actually saw it.
You're saying stuff we haven't even said on air, which is exactly what's going on.
So that gives you a lot of credibility that you're breaking stuff here that I wasn't breaking yet.
It includes medical experimentation, but just, so just, I know you're freaked out.
You keep saying, I can't believe it.
I can't believe it's real.
Give people the nutshell of what's happening.
Okay, so basically it made the hair on my neck stand up because I had been listening to you.
I'm not a Democrat.
I'm not a Republican.
You would consider me a liberal.
And I had been looking for Alice and David for about six to eight weeks.
Couldn't find them.
Finally found them and David came to me and he said, listen,
He says, I was arrested for trespassing.
And I said, oh well, it's not a big deal.
Now mind you, my non-profit, which I'm not going to say, because I don't want anybody coming down on us.
I understand.
My non-profit is 100% volunteers.
We work out of compassion, right?
That's what we do.
And we're 100% volunteers.
I sat down with him in the woods and he said, Kelly, you're not going to believe this.
They offered me either jail time or to go to this facility.
And now mind you, Alex Jones is in the back of my head and I'm sitting here listening and he says, well, I said, well, what did they want for you?
And he says, well, they said, look, we'll let you out of jail for trespassing, but you have to be chipped.
And you can go and come as you please.
We'll have a bus for you.
We'll put your Social Security, your food stamps, your Medicaid, because he was on Medicaid and he got food stamps, right?
But he was living in the woods and that happens in South Florida.
And he said, Kelly, I was so freaked out.
He said, give me jail time and then let me out.
Well, I think he ended up doing like 60 days, OK?
But Alice, we've never been able to find her.
Okay, so there was two of them.
Actually, this was a tent city that we worked with and we worked with them.
There was a lot of them that we got out of the streets and we got them in housing and stuff.
But there was two of them, Alice and David.
But David, I still know where he is and I don't want to reveal where he is because I don't even know if he's... Well, Kelly, let me tell you the rest of the story.
I haven't revealed this yet.
Okay, I'm gonna reveal it soon.
There's reasons I can't reveal all this yet.
You think you're standing up?
Hold on.
After this homeless person, one of them was just in an interview on a separate subject.
It got millions of views.
He talked about this happening last week at the barbershop.
The SUVs showed up.
Okay, we went to his camp.
They've all run off, but the other homeless were there and they were all scared.
Wouldn't even take money to talk about it on camera, but said the men in suits came and threatened him.
Okay, but here's the difference.
We've been out to the facilities now, and they already know we're watching them.
The point is, I don't want to say too much.
Just believe me.
I'm living in an X-Files episode, and so are you.
And here's the deal.
Don't worry about this guy or that guy.
This is happening all over the country, we know.
Starting in Texas, California, and we've seen some documents in Florida.
Oh, and I saw your call.
I should have gone to it right away, but I'll put you on hold.
I'm gonna call you after the show, and we need to talk to your guy.
We need more people about this.
We have the company, admittingly, doing it.
And they've done it in Latin America, but the point is, it's the humanity of it, and we need to find homeless that are in the facilities, because here's the deal.
They're institutionalizing these people, and they're using it as a beta test.
Once they build the post-human world, and there's no jobs anymore, the robots are doing everything, everyone's going to have to opt into these smart cities, and Google is sponsoring this, and so is Apple.
And so that's why they're moving them into these things where they're all watched and controlled, and this is going to be the model for everybody.
So stay there, Kelly.
Aubrey Huff, that's the type of insane stuff going on.
I've got a whole stack of documents.
Right here about the microchipping of the homeless right here in Texas where they're admitting this.
This isn't science fiction.
This is the real thing.
Well, yeah, I mean, like I said, I'm a diehard Christian conservative.
And, you know, if you take the Bible literally, and I do, and you talk about the mark of the beast, if you want to get that kind of stuff going on, I mean, I really feel like if you look, if you can see what's going on with this microchipping, what if that is the mark of the beast?
You just don't know what it is.
And to me, the minute I start seeing the microchipping going on at a very high level,
It's time to start getting really worried.
And I have two boys, 11 and 9, so I can see there would be such a want to want to get into this to be able to chip your kids and know where they are at all time.
But the problem with that is everybody knows where your kids are going to be.
The government's going to know where they are.
The privacy is gone.
And I just think it's a system control and I'm not well versed on the microchipping, but just common sense says to me that it's you're infringing on people's rights and their privacy rights.
And it's definitely a scary time.
Here's an article 15 years ago, microchips implanted in Mexican officials, AP, and it's the same companies.
And guys, I needed Don Salazar's article.
That's the most important one.
It's not in here that he did a month ago about company implanting.
Homeless with microchips.
It's actually got...
The admissions and the company and link to their website because that's the one the most important one I wanted to show listeners and I know it was in there yesterday.
I probably left it on the table and I got mixed in with another stack.
But this is all this is all actually going on.
It's an incredible time.
And of course any of this technology can be used for good if angels were running it that weren't fallen angels or if evil people were running it that weren't bad, but it's always going to get abused.
The 5G is about tracking all of this and it's here and we have this going on in Austin
We broke it.
And it needs to get out there.
It's so huge.
God bless you.
Aubrey Huff will be watching what you do over there on Twitter.
If you think they were triggered by what you did going on this show, they'll really be triggered.
People can follow you on Twitter at Aubrey underscore Huff.
And I'm told you're from Dallas, pretty close where I'm from.
So I guess we are fellow Texans from the same stomping grounds.
That's right.
I grew up in West Fort Worth, Texas, a little place called White Settlement.
So, you know, I think that's a big tweet.
A lot of people, hey, you're from White Settlement.
You must be a racist.
Oh, that's another good one, right?
Yeah, so... Oh, yeah, there's a town called White in England they changed the name of.
Oh, yeah?
I'm sure White... It has to do with white cliffs in the town.
It has nothing to do, like, you know... Like a family called White found something.
It's like Jonestown, north of Austin.
Found it by some Joneses.
It's insane.
All right, God bless you.
4th Hour coming up.
More of your calls and the big news on Hillary.
All right, I really respect the callers, and I feel bad that we have a bunch of them sitting there holding.
But then, so often,
You know, we get bombshell callers like the lady in Florida, Kelly.
And Kelly, Rob just walked in here.
He's going to call you in about five minutes.
And I've got to get to these other calls.
And Larry Nichols is coming on with big news on Hillary.
But yeah, you say the hair on the back of your neck stands up because you hear us saying, hey, they're implanting the Austin Homeless, the microchips.
Ma'am, we have links to the company's announcement, how they did it in Latin America and how they're doing it.
They just don't want a public debate about it.
It's a U.N.
contract before it rolls out and is ubiquitous.
They want to normalize it first.
Just like Facebook won't let you post a vaccine insert sheet that comes with a vaccine that says it can kill you.
And so I know you're upset about this because you got told this, that they wanted him to be microchipped and he wouldn't, so he stayed in jail.
But that's what the Austin mayor is doing, and they've taken over a hotel, they've got these warehouses, and they're doing it.
We've confirmed it.
And again, some people have taken the chips.
They're scared to talk to us.
Some are now talking to us.
And we're just lining up to cut the suckers out on air.
Because that'll shut everybody up.
You know, 20-something years ago, when I showed that hidden microphone in there, and people got really upset about it, and this will do the same thing.
Because you're not supposed to see the chip yet.
You're supposed to just hear that it's been put in millions of people, when it's finally rolled out and everybody's got to get it.
They've got to put the infrastructure in first.
But yes, they are literally putting this infrastructure in, and you say it gave you chills.
Listen, I live in a
System of this and that's why this is so frustrating is we're not making this up.
What else did he say?
Well when when he when I finally finally came out of jail, I said to him I said David, you know, you got to understand.
I'm not a Republican I'm not a Democrat.
I have listened to your show briefly and I have an open mind.
He said Kelly He says I'm just a homeless man.
I'm not sure what's going on.
But I do know one thing I'm not putting no chip in my hand
To have my social security or my welfare check because, you know, he was low income.
He only got like disability or whatever.
He says, can you help me?
And I mean, at that point in time, I mean, the hair standing up on the back of my neck, knowing that I had heard this from before, and I mean, to be honest with you, Alex, I was at a loss.
How do I proceed from here?
Do I blast it?
Do I ruin my non-profit?
Now, mind you, we're 100% volunteer, so nobody's making any money off this non-profit, right?
No, I understand, you just won't be able to help people anymore.
Well, no, you're going to need to organize it, show other people that it's happened to,
Show the chip, and that will actually increase your non-profits saying we're not going to chip our homeless.
They want to roll it in quietly.
Ma'am, they're making homeless in Sweden get it.
They're now saying if you want to get free bus rides, get a chip.
That was ABC News a year ago.
It's happening, ma'am.
But luckily the Bible warned us, so we all know before it ever happened, God gave us a warning.
So that's how serious this is, ma'am, because this is not.
The rest of the story.
Can you imagine being a liberal for 30 years, okay?
Being a liberal for 30 years and then having one of your homos say to you, hello, somebody's trying to microchip me, and then I'm listening to Alex Jones because I want to be, you know, like I want to be enlightened, you know, like I want to learn.
And I'm having this disparity on, is this right?
Is this wrong?
And then I have it hit me.
Right in the face, saying, yeah, there it is, Kelly, what are you going to do now?
What you heard us saying, you're then told by a homeless man who was just out of jail.
Let me expand on this, ma'am.
It's not normal to have a secret group putting chips in homeless people, so it's normal not to believe it.
It's normal until you... You understand, it came out in court that Bayer, I use this example because it's documented, knew they were putting HIV and hepatitis in over 2 million dosages of factor VIII and knew it would kill those people.
They did it, they said, to kill people.
They said, we need to get rid of hemophiliacs.
See, you're not like that, so you can't believe that.
I'm not either.
They are.
And so, I'm glad this happened to you, I'm glad that God told you to tune in, and then right after you tune in, it hits you right in the face, because it's going on, and we've got to head it off at the pass, and there's not much time.
Alright, if you just joined us, Dr. McBaggish understands.
I love him to death.
We're gonna annex his
Because I promised to get to your calls, and I have all this other breaking news.
And I'll just admit something to the listeners.
I'm completely overwhelmed.
And I'm not complaining.
But I'm like in a feeding frenzy, okay?
And I can't process this much stuff at this point.
Because I've got about, let's not exaggerate, like 10 giant stories that we're trying to deal with.
And seven of them are completely confirmed.
And they're all earth-shaking.
And four of them are the same story.
So imagine the logistics.
Imagine the infrastructure.
If the deep state was going to try to have an economic implosion and martial law, which they admit they want, and a civil war, a controlled civil war, out of which America will never come back, imagine the planning and the money and the infrastructure that will go into that, and then imagine the cover stories for the different pieces of the program.
And I have reverse engineered the whole damn thing.
And I can hold it in my brain,
And I could write out the basic skeleton of it on even maybe 20 pieces of paper.
And here's the thing.
It's 100% confirmed.
At this point, it's not like I'm looking at something and connecting dots.
This thing is crystal HD.
And you got the cherry on top, they're trying to remove the president right now in front of us.
And they're saying they're going to take Russian's banking away from the government and basically all Russian citizens will not be allowed to use international credit card systems.
And the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister Medvedev and Lavrov have both said it's a declaration of war.
That one story could be our top story.
That's happening to all the gun shops I know that aren't Dick's or Walmart are being told you can't have banking now.
It's happening to the NRA.
I know the inside baseball in the NRA and how it got infiltrated, threatened, and it's reeling right now and canceled its big network system that was warning people.
And told its board members not to do interviews anymore, basically not just on my show, but on others.
It's not just Ted Nugent, folks.
I'm not saying anything Ted told me.
I got this from other people.
This is the takeover.
They are intending to remove Trump one way or another.
And then they're going to trigger a civil war saying right-wingers blew stuff up when Trump gets removed.
They're going to truck bomb and mass shoot and say we did it when they remove Trump.
Use that for a total clampdown.
The economy is going to implode.
And then there's going to be homeless running around crazy everywhere.
All they got to do is have the Chinese, who supply 90% of the opiates, cut those off for about a month.
And it's going to look like a zombie apocalypse.
They've got UN vehicles, hundreds of NGOs running around getting emergency centers ready.
The cover story is it's for the homeless explosion.
They've got microchipping ready.
They call them re-education camps.
It's in the Obama army manual.
From 2014, remember it uses the term, re-education camps.
Type in, Army Manual References Re-education Camp.
That's a communist term.
It'd be like Nambla calls it boy love, not pedophilia.
It'd be like Nambla wrote a manual and said, we want pedophilia.
We want to rape your kids.
They don't call it that.
The Pentagon called it re-education camps.
For American conservatives and others and how they're going to process this.
I'll type it in for you.
It's Infowars.com.
Just put that in the prefix search and you just put, leaked US Army document outlines planned for re-education camps in America.
Internet internment and resettlement operations.
February 2010, yeah, and it came out a few years later.
And that is from the Army.
That is confirmed Army.mil.
So all this continued on, and now even though Trump's in there, this is all being set up, and I can't go to a barber shop without learning about the chipping.
I can't open the phones up without a woman that works for the homeless and it's happening with them.
I have the documents, too.
But you understand, folks, it's here.
That's why I've been so freaked out on air.
And I don't know what we do.
Now let's go to Larry Nichols.
And there it is, internment resettlement operations.
It says, for America, how to process our social security numbers, how to put us into the camps, how the troublemakers get taken to another high security camp.
And they use the term re-education.
Do a control F, re-education.
That's a PDF, it may not pull it up.
And I knew the text document you had up earlier.
Re-education camp.
So you need to learn about all this ladies and gentlemen.
You need to understand how to run PSYOP operations on the public.
So Larry Nichols was a Green Beret and then assigned with the CIA and the Clintons, with the Rockefeller Foundation and others, helped get the Clintons into office and helped handle them.
He couldn't stand the cocaine being shipped in when the Clintons started killing even neighborhood kids that saw the cocaine, famous cases of those.
So he found Jesus while his dad was dying of cancer.
This is just the back story of it.
And I want to get into that a little bit later with him next segment, but Larry...
You see what we see.
You see the preparation.
They are taking the safeties off.
They're firing up the engines for societal collapse right now at a level I've never seen for COG, Continued Government.
Obviously, Trump's not involved in this.
This is being done for him being taken out, I believe.
What do you say about this?
Yeah, you know, Alex, it's happening.
Welcome to the new brave world, right?
This is the
End of the end, beginning of the end of the soft coup you and I have talked about literally since before Trump took office.
And they are now manifesting it, and they're moving it at high speed.
And we have trouble.
Big trouble.
And their cover story is going to be economic collapse.
That's why Trump is trying to prop the economy up, correct?
That's all he cares about, because he knows if that goes down, then it's all hell's going to break loose.
Yeah, remember, one of the things that we stressed in our program back in Arkansas was asset management, all right?
So what they're doing is they're looking at their assets and management.
Number one, they've got the mainstream media.
They've got the Democratic Party.
They've got the judicial system.
You know, our third branch of government is totally infiltrated and taken over.
So they're moving.
They're moving and they're fixing to close the door.
And they're doing it fast.
You know, this is, I hate to say it, but this is what we've been trying to warn people of.
And now it's in our face.
And it's in our face big time.
And isn't it amazing that we don't even care that it's in our face?
You know, you talk about the economy, today's numbers.
Well, when you look at asset management, the big asset Trump has in this coming re-election
is how he's got the economy booming.
You see, most people actually don't know about the War Room.
And the War Room was set up years ago, which is institutional buyers, the big guys, on the internet, on the stock market.
And these guys are set up originally to protect us against a crash in the market.
The President's Committee on Open Markets and the Plunge Protection Team.
If the market starts to plunge and we start seeing a crash, it was set up that the institutional buyers would buy it back up.
And then the government guarantees 90% of anything they would lose in such a move.
Well, what they're doing with it now, they're going to keep on... Stay there.
Let's talk about it with Larry Nichols.
Alright, Christian, Bill, Tony, Alex, I'll get to you next segment.
I appreciate you holding.
Obviously, a lot of news has been breaking.
I'll continue to take some phone calls as well.
Thank you, Alex.
Just at a gut level, spirit level, everybody can feel it and see it.
But just politically, I mean, it's outrageous.
They're saying to save civilization, Trump must be removed.
They're calling it a coup.
It's all on its face lies.
People say, well, this is ridiculous.
They have no proof.
They're not going to get him in the Senate.
I expect
Recap what you expect them in the next few weeks, how they're going to move on the president as this goes to the Senate.
A lot of people are saying, well, there's no proof.
This has hurt them in the polls.
But they're still moving forward, and I sense real danger.
What do you say?
Oh, absolutely.
Look, evidence is not the issue.
The issue is back to what I was saying.
They control the media.
They throw this thing into the Senate trial.
They're not going to remove Trump by election time.
They know that.
But what they're trying to do is harden their soft base.
They're going to use this Senate trial to just set the soft base against Trump on fire.
Alex, they're taking this country over.
They're taking it over right in front of our faces.
You know, that's what I've been trying to warn over and over.
No, I agree.
What are the preparations for civil unrest, the confirmed UN activities, all the buildup of COG?
I mean, I'm not even looking for it, and it's going on all around me.
Clearly, Trump is not in control of it.
No, and imagine this, what I was saying before the break.
Imagine the war room when they make that phone call.
That's what I'm asking you because you've been calling this, you're dead on, you know the deep state, you were in it.
Well, I'm the one that said Hillary wouldn't run, but now she's using a trick we used over and over with Bill, which is, you know, he's not gonna run, he's not gonna run, but people begging him to run, begging him to run.
And so now I believe there's probably 80% chance Hillary is getting in the race.
She knows if she gets in, she'll immediately go to the top of the pack.
And she's getting in because this whole race is going to depend on people hating Trump, whether they hate Trump more than they hate her.
Remember, he got in to a great extent because people hated her more than they hated him.
So now imagine Hillary coming in, running, activating the Democratic Party, they crash the market, and then very soon,
Probably six months prior to the election, they're going to take every bit of conservative programming off the internet.
All of it.
Now they know, you know this one for a fact, they know that when they do that, people are going to be upset.
And then the only recourse is to sue.
And of course, lawsuits take years.
And it'll be over well before then.
That's right, and they've been testing and testing and testing everybody, and people haven't responded right.
People have taken it, and why has Trump taken it and put up with the racketeering, put up with the monopoly practices, put up with the election meddling, put up with the voter suppression being conducted by big tech right now in such an un-American dangerous way?
What the hell is wrong with Trump?
Well, that's the problem with the deep state.
We're starting to see, especially through the professional career
Government service people in Ukraine, you see that there's this enormous cadre at every level of people inside our government.
Trump can only do so much.
I mean, how can Trump do anything?
All he can technically do is two things.
He can go to the DOJ or even file suits, which they'll be scrubbed.
He can do an executive order, but you know what happens then?
The 9th Circuit will shut down his executive order.
So they've taken him out of the game.
Well, to be honest, Alex, the one thing we've got left
On the face of the earth to save this country and we've got one and that is November 20 or November 2020 the election.
But they're already rigging all that all they got to do is not send out voter reminders on Google and Trump's going to lose no matter what and he's sitting there and we're all sitting in his damn basket going over the edge of a damn cliff!
Yep and you know I've actually seen the memo from the DNC chairman to
Chuck Schumer telling him that they have got the economists lined up to back the fact that when the market is plunged, they're going to say it's all based off of Trump's false economy.
Of course.
He's going to get blamed for them trashing it.
And I'm telling you, that's going to drive people into that panic mode, which triggers, you know what?
I mean, and it's scary.
It's scary, Alex, and I'm not one to push.
Yeah, we saw it in 2008 to get Obama in.
But I'm telling you, Hillary goes in, she enters the race, she gets to the top of the pack, she gets to the top of the ticket, she knows we're going to use in the Senate trial Biden and his son, so the Senate trial is going to hammer Biden to where he becomes no competition.
And if you don't believe this was all set up in the beginning, you need only to ask why did Obama tell Biden when he went to him and said he was going to run, Obama told him, you don't need to do this.
Trying to keep him out of the way of this conversion.
You're seeing a takeover of the United States of America right in front of our eyes.
Right in front of us.
And it was already about to happen with Hillary, but God gave us a chance with Trump.
But everybody went to sleep thinking, oh Trump's indestructible.
And he's not indestructible.
Trump is surrounded.
It's not his fault.
I agree with you.
What do we do, Larry?
We hit the third dimension.
We get in the streets.
We get aggressive.
We expose what's going on.
We expose they're the ones trying to plunge the economy.
We expose they're the ones getting ready for race war.
And we let the Democrats and their minions know they're going to be held accountable when this kicks off.
And if this kicks off and they think they're going to go arrest all the patriots, they got another thing coming.
Well, unfortunately, Alex, you were the proof.
You were the proof that they're scared of one thing.
And that's our people.
Our people waking up and getting engaged.
You know, the problem with the moral Christian conservative is we're not the ones that speak the loudest, squeak the loudest, raise hell.
You know, we're not that group.
And they know it and they use it on us.
But we're at a time now where everybody in this audience has got to engage.
You've got to talk to people.
No longer can you keep your mouth shut.
No longer can you keep your head down.
Because it's as much...
All right, you know, sometimes I'll say, hey, I'm going to do an extra show on Saturday and I don't because I get busy, but I'm already going to be up here most of the day tomorrow and most of the day Sunday because with 332 days left, it's just too critical.
And we've got all these huge stories that are so big and so documented, we've got to really do them right.
And you know, I have two homeless people that they said put chips in it and show the facility.
How about show you somebody that's got a chip?
Well, that, you know, then you gotta get the HIPAA form signed and you gotta get the doctor that'll come in on your show and cut the thing out on TV.
I mean, that's, this is like the TV show V where they pull the mask off and it's a lizard.
I mean, this is that kind of stuff, folks.
This is big, okay?
And I've known Larry for 23, 24 years.
I've been on air 25 years.
He was on air long before I was.
Right there when the Clintons got into office.
He'd been exposing it was he knew how bad they were.
And what he's telling you is dead on.
And so I'm going to come up for tomorrow.
Working on these other stories, but I'm going to go live commercial free for two hours out of this studio 2 p.m.
tomorrow and it will happen at 2 p.m.
You'll see a live feed at InfoWars.com.
It'll go out on the streams at man.video and I'm gonna, if we can get enough crew in, I'll put it out on the satellite and the radio satellite and commercial free.
I mean, we'll take a few breaks, but we're not gonna run the normal ads.
I'm gonna do two hours at least because all these stories tie together and they admit they're preparing for this.
And the buildup is at a level never foreseen because if they're gonna remove Trump,
And they're going to crash the economy to make you submit, like Hollywood and CNN and MSNBC have all said, we need to plunge the economy to teach these Trump supporters and to teach flyover country.
You saw that one of the professors of law was up there in the testimony saying, yeah, we need to teach these conservatives, these rural people, you know, they're bad people.
They don't live close to other people because they don't like people.
All the studies show it's the opposite, but there's really a bizarre, almost alien, and I'm not saying literal alien, hatred of rural people.
Look at the New York Times, false story.
Almost all of it's not true yesterday.
That's a cover story in the magazine coming out this Sunday.
And it talks about, and Jones, he had a trailer full of animals he'd shot.
And then they took them in a shed, hung them up, and butchered them like they caught Jeffrey Dahmer doing something.
And that's just completely normal to go shoot whitetail deer and mountain goats and whatever and go butcher them and eat them.
I mean, that's what humans do.
But to them, I mean, people that don't live around rural areas, they see you on a horse, they go, what the hell?
You actually ride those?
Like, these people are domesticated.
And you know, a chicken that grew up on a factory farm
I bet if it got let out in the middle of a beautiful field, it wouldn't know where the hell it was, would it?
But these domesticated people are coming for all of us.
And they've done this in other countries that had domesticated populations.
This is not going to work well with the United States.
We become decadent, we become fat and happy in ways, but the old American is just right under the surface of that icy frozen frosting.
And the minute that blows off, the minute we fall out, it's going to be spectacular.
And I don't want this to happen.
Because the globalists are worthless trash.
So if millions of them get wiped out in a fight with us, I don't feel good about that.
That's like when I got to smash cockroaches I find behind the refrigerator.
I just get it done as fast as possible and don't really look at it and throw them in the trash can.
You know, drive the bulldozer and push the bodies into the grave.
I mean, we're not looking forward to this because these people are going to be stacked up to the damn
Top of the clouds.
And they're really asking for it.
And I'm not going to do anything offensive.
But I can tell you, they're going to blow stuff up and blame it on us.
It's coming like the sun came up this morning.
Larry, I'm ranting.
If you want to join me tomorrow during that special broadcast for an hour, I'll be your welcomer.
Come on.
And come on the regular Sunday show, because you're really the guy we need on right now.
I know I'm ranting about this, and I'm not trying to talk big to people up here.
This is big stuff going down.
Look, you don't need to know when a big blue norther is blowing in when you're in Oklahoma, right?
Because you can see the big old giant wall of black that goes all the way up 100,000 feet and you can feel that cold wind blowing and you know in an hour trees are going to be breaking with 80 mile an hour winds.
Well, the walls hit us.
We've got 80 mile an hour winds here, brother, don't we?
Oh, you bet.
And Alex, the trick they're using is it's so massive, so incredible, that they know most people won't believe it.
They'll go, oh, Alex Jones, you know, he's crazy.
This is crazy talk.
No, it's not crazy talk.
But they know people will go that direction.
But we're left with one thing to do.
Remember what I've always told you.
There's only one time that we have power.
We the people.
And that's come election time.
We need to be lighting up
Every congressman and every senator and making it very clear.
They may get rid of Trump.
But if they do, you're going home.
And you see, Alex, they know, these congressmen and senators, they know if they get beat in 2020, they're relegated to be amongst the rest of us.
Poor house.
Hey, hey, I don't normally talk like this, but this is war.
People's families need to disown these congressmen.
People's wives need to leave them.
You know, the left tries to bully us to submit to them.
This isn't bullying, they're assaulting us.
People need to get really aggressive within legal means against these libtards and these on-the-fence Republicans.
And you've got to let them know that we're sending their butts home.
You do the wrong thing.
Trump may lose, but they're going home.
They fear losing their job more than they want to get Trump out.
Trust me.
What can Trump do?
Can he address the nation and just lay all this out?
I mean, I think America's hungry for that.
Yes, he can.
And yes, he should.
Somebody has got to lead our side.
Now they've proven, especially through you,
That anybody like us, we stand up.
They destroy us.
They destroy us financially.
They do everything they can.
They've got the power to put us down.
But the president can stand up, which I got news for you.
He's getting very close to doing, and the trial is going to be the point at which he speaks.
But remember, Trump's got his job.
We've got ours.
And folks, you've got to engage.
You have got to engage or it's over.
It's over.
I'm not blowing this out of proportion.
Alex isn't blowing it out of proportion.
My God, Alex.
There's 250,000 U.N.
troops sitting in Cuba that can be here in six hours.
Why are they there?
You've got a border that's so porous, we're getting hundreds of thousands of people a month coming into this country.
Why is that?
Why are the Democrats allowing that even if they're just wacko liberals?
That's not making sense unless you know they're putting on the ground in this country a force
You put us in submission, buddy.
That's right, and if you ever think there couldn't be a Red Dawn scenario, collaborators are going to try to say we're the terrorists and trick most police and others into following orders.
By the time the police figure out they've been set up, they're going to be getting lined up by the globalists and killed themselves, guaranteed.
You never said anything more true than when you said things are going to start happening and they're going to blame us.
They're going to blame the conservatives.
They're going to blame
All of us, when a building gets blown up or people get killed, and it's easy to do.
They control the media.
They control the career, right?
The career FBI guys.
We've seen that at work.
They can blame it all on us.
Then they make everybody afraid to do anything.
You know, I can see it now.
Some of you have already got it.
Your families are telling you, oh God, don't you stand up and say anything because you're making a fool out of us.
Or don't stand up and say anything or you're going to get us in trouble.
Remember what Soros did in San Francisco, getting that district attorney elected.
My God, he's going all over the country.
This is publicized.
This is public.
Soros is going all over the country.
And what's he doing?
He's supporting down-ballot prosecutors, sheriffs, and judges.
Now why is he doing that?
He's taking over law enforcement for the purge.
At the local level.
So anybody that stands up at the local level that speaks out, they'll go after them just like they've gone after Kavanaugh.
God help us.
Listen, Larry, join me tomorrow for a full hour, the second hour of the special show I'm going to do, 2 p.m.
People can find out more about you at NicholsLive at AOL.com.
They've totally tried to destroy you.
People should support you there.
God bless you.
Look, I've got to take these calls in the last segment.
And I promise you, thank you, Larry, I promise you.
All right, final segment.
I'm going to try to jam as many of your calls as I can.
I really appreciate you calling.
And like I said, you've got the forum coming up.
I'm not going to even sit here and do a big plug.
I'm just going to say we've got great products.
It's how we fund the operation and we need more money to be able to continue at the level we're at in this critical time.
We're fighting as hard as we can, so please do your Christmas shopping at InfoWarsTore.com and I thank you.
Let's go, who's been on the longest here?
That'd be Tony in Ohio.
Tony, you're a trooper.
Thank you.
Go ahead.
Mr. Alex Jones, how you doing, sir?
I'm the most upset I've ever been in 25 years.
I mean, everything we talked about came true.
Now the worst stuff is about to happen, and it's going to go bad for the globalists.
But they can launch this next war, and it's going to go from all the stuff they've been doing to physical out in the open by them.
So they're about to go too far, and I'm really upset.
What about you?
Well, you're doing good, Lord Vader.
That's why I waited two and a half hours to talk to you, because if you put... You haven't done well, Lord Vader.
I'm sorry.
There's a couple things I want to talk to you about.
I'm a long, long, long, long-time listener, first-time caller.
I've been ordering your nutraceuticals for about six... Actually, a couple years.
Well, you're the one financing all this evil, according to the Libtards.
So I can run around the office and murder employees' fish.
I'm like, your fish is dead!
The goldfish is like... Sorry.
You know, you gotta have to act up a little bit because I'll tell you... That's not true, I didn't do that.
Sorry, go ahead.
Oh, no, you're fine.
Last couple callers, it's just a bit of shock and awe, but it's like everything you hear about what's going on with the globalists and the elitists and stuff like that.
Every day.
It's not anything that shocks me, but it stresses me out more and more.
So, I resort to your nutraceuticals.
The Living Defense is wonderful.
I took that today.
The Ultimate Fish Oil.
I took that at the Bodies.
I took that at the Regular.
I took that at the Batho Beats.
For the first time, I took that.
And it's strong, strong, strong taste.
But boy, does it, does it... Oh, yeah.
I mean, it's a beet concentrate.
So, it's really strong.
It's shocking, really.
Survival Shield, of course.
Um, and I got a few shirts.
One of the things before I get into a couple things I might be breaking to you right now.
Um, one shirt that I want to get is the Chris Paya shirt with blue, uh, Don't Tread on Me flag.
Uh, you guys only have small.
I want to get a large.
I've been looking for about three months.
No, I told folks that was a limited edition.
And so we only made so many and that makes, that really makes it a limited edition.
And so I'd be a liar unless I need to, I can make another variant of it.
Remember Chris Pratt got in trouble for wearing one similar to that, so we made one similar and it was a limited edition, but I get it.
That's because that really was a limited edition.
You know what you are, Alex?
You're a modern-day Paul Revere and that left is trying to take your horse.
You know that?
Buddy, believe me, I know.
I'm in the process of selling my house to get extra money to fund this place, which I always planned to do.
That's why I had not only that huge, expensive house, but I had a paid-off house.
So I'd have that in the bank to sell to keep things going.
Because I intend to expand things next year, come hell or high water, in the full fight.
The problem is getting the personnel and the crew to then spend that money to deploy them right in the fight.
So, I mean, I'm putting everything in I've got.
And so, God bless you.
Anything else, Tony?
Yeah, a couple things I just wanted to say.
First of all, I'm an independent filmmaker here locally in Ohio, central Ohio.
I wrote, directed, produced, edited a full-feature film, anti-bully movie.
And I gotta tell you, I've had the left attack me like, you made a bully movie, how can you support Trump?
I don't know exactly what you're doing right now is you're bullying me.
My point's proven.
I dropped the mic.
So that's one of the things I handle here locally.
Number three that I wanted to talk to you about, well actually the first thing I want to talk to you about, I actually went out and hung up a bunch of posters, forbidden information, Alex Jones, a few months back, and I made video footage of that and put it on my YouTube.
And then I put a bed sheet, I got an Info Wars, I did some taping and painting,
I don't know.
Positive attitude when you do something like that with a big smile on your face and thumbs up.
Even though you get fingers, you know, because they're telling you you're number one.
Oh, absolutely.
You can't, you can't sit there and do it like you're timid.
You have to do it like you're charging out.
Brother, you're awesome.
Tony, thank you.
Call me back again.
I'm gonna be taking calls tomorrow at 2 p.m.
I'll probably go for more than two hours.
I promise I'm doing it tomorrow.
2 p.m.
2 p.m.
Special broadcast 2 p.m.
Thank you.
Who's up holding the longest now?
That would be Alex and then Bill.
Thank you, Alex, from Pennsylvania.
Go ahead.
Hey, thanks so much, Alex, for having me on.
This is like a dream come true.
It's a dream come true talking to you.
And by the way, Owen Schroyer and Will Johnson's going, too.
They're going to be up in Hershey, Pennsylvania this Tuesday for the Trump rally.
Oh, I'm gonna be there.
I'm definitely gonna be there.
I've been hoping you guys would come to the East Coast more like the North.
We got the armored truck driving up there.
We got the drivers, security, whole nine yards.
Thanks to you, we're gonna be in the field.
Be there.
What day?
Uh, the day Trump's coming for the event, Tuesday.
Okay, yeah, I'll be there and I'll hopefully bring a crowd of people there, supporters.
We're big Trump supporters up here.
And more importantly, you know, I've been a huge supporter of you and then InfoWars in general.
I always spread the word locally to people I meet that don't know about it.
Actually, I reach a lot of people that way.
You're the only reason we're still on air, man.
Word about the king.
And I want to tell you, too, I had a problem.
I was going to order that FD shirt, but the online shopping cart was not working out or something.
Happened twice, but no big deal.
I'll try to figure out something with that.
Who the hell knows?
I'm going to do all my Christmas shopping on InfoWars.
I'm going to pledge to do everything anybody
I'm buying for him.
I'm going to buy it in fours.
I'm going to send you the money to keep going.
Well, that definitely pisses the globalist off, and the supplements are going to blow you away.
The t-shirts are definitely going to get the word out, so thank you, sir.
I'm going to put you on hold, though, because I want to give you to the customer service.
I want to find out what trouble you had with the shopping cart.
We just updated it a few weeks ago and put it updated systems, you know, all the new fan-dangled things.
And so I want to find out specifically what your problem was and what happened.
So we're going to put you on hold.
Thank you.
God bless.
That really irritates me when I hear news like that.
But again, we're not a big giant company like The Globalist, so we do have some hiccups and problems.
Hell, even Facebook goes down every week now.
There's a lot of craziness going on out there.
Let's talk to Bill in Pennsylvania.
Another call from Pennsylvania.
Go ahead.
Alex, thanks for taking my call.
Thank you.
I just want to make a prediction after hearing Mr. Nichols, your last guest.
I mean, I'm on fire.
I'm burning up right now because I'm aware of all these different things.
I wasn't aware of the troops there, but...
I'm going to make a prediction for 2020.
Like I said, I don't want this to be true, but I have a way of getting kind of close to what might happen.
I hope it's not true, but I think there's precedent now with how Deep State is pushing Russia and they're pushing collusion and foreign meddling in a Hollywood style approach.
And I think regardless of who the candidate is, if Hillary comes in or not, there might be precedent
Whether they can pull it off or not, as the votes are coming in.
It's November 2020.
Votes are coming in.
All of a sudden, breaking news.
Discovered election meddling.
They discovered it in live time.
Totally fraudulent.
Quote-unquote discovered election meddling.
And then blame it on Trump and say even if he wins that the Russians got him in.
They nullify the election on the spot.
They stop it dead.
And the guys over at Raven Rock take over.
Well, Obama did an executive order where he put in control over all 50 states, COG, control the elections.
Trump never reversed that.
All 50 attorney generals, including Democrats, said, don't do this.
We're supposed to run the states.
It violates law.
But, man, I tell you, absolutely, you can feel it, you can see it.
They're going to pull, they've already pulled everything you can imagine.
They're going crazy.
There's nothing they won't do.
Because no one's stopping them.
We're 332 days out.
What an incredible time to be alive, Bill.
It's exciting and it's also very unsettling.
What I initially wanted to talk about was the 1.6 billion hollow point rounds from back in 2013 while Obama purged all his top brass.
I wonder where those rounds are and if our names are on them or not.
Should something like this transpire?
Well, here's the deal.
No matter how much AI they've got, no matter how much of this is automated, they can't trust their own people.
And this isn't the word.
I mean, this is the word.
If they actually try to send out these assassination squads, they're going to use Antifa as the cover and claim they did it.
They're just decoys.
Most of the people that have already been paid and set up and ready to carry out these operations, even if they think the globalists are going to win, which they're not going to, they're going to go ahead and wipe out the people that give them the orders, and then they've all got their list of people above them.
And nobody's coordinating this.
It's just a common sense thing to do.
And I can tell you, the people in Kauai, the people in areas of the Pacific, the people in places like Tasmania, New Zealand, where they were supposed to already have their robot fortresses, automated security, so they don't need security.
That's BS.
You know, the guy that comes to do maintenance on their underground bunker is gonna dump chlorine bleach down it.
And I'm not happy about any of this, but all these globalists are dead.
They're all deader than doornails as soon as this kicks off.
And then we're going to hunt down the ones that are left in their rat holes.
I mean, we, the people that are left.
I mean, they are dead.
They are dead, dead, dead if they try any of this.
If they don't back off 100%, then it's all over.
Their only hope is to surrender now.
God bless you.
Sorry to the other callers.
I promise you tomorrow I'll be live.
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Language is being destroyed.
Reduced right in front of us.
Every form of real diversity is under assault by the supposed keepers of diversity.
Every Hollywood film, every major publication that's being promoted by the establishment is putting out a self-loathing, a orthodox hatred for humanity and our potential, so that we are psychically wounded
With self-hate so that we will give up on ourselves, crawl into a ditch, and die as a culture.
This is all being done in the name of saving the Earth because humans are a form of cancer on the planet and have to be culled, like you give a body radiation to supposedly stop cancer.
But the globalists themselves, in their own internal publications, many of which have leaked, believe that the planet itself is going to be overwritten
By the new technologies they are supposedly developing.
What we're dealing with is psychotic mad scientists.
And every action they take is simply a nihilistic search for more power and more control.
And the ultimate power is controlling the minds of fellow humans on this planet and playing God.
And building systems of surveillance that create an artificial form of omnipresence.