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Name: 20191205_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 5, 2019
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Alex Jones addresses impeachment proceedings against President Trump and promotes products on his website while criticizing tech giants for censorship. He warns about globalist elites attempting to manipulate humanity through psychopathic intentions, chemical attacks, secret eugenics programs, and urges listeners to support InfoWars during Cyber Week sales as a way to counteract their actions. The speaker discusses household products that harm health, media portrayal of important topics, censorship on YouTube, power dynamics in the tech industry, UN program microchipping homeless people, Chinese surveillance systems, and Winston Churchill's book mentioning three times when people need to fight for their freedom. Finally, there is a call-to-action for listeners to support InfoWars during Cyber Week sale and discusses censorship, deep state control over information, and the importance of standing up for freedom.

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It is Thursday, December 5th, 2019.
333 days out from this general election.
It is Thursday, December 5th, 2019, 333 days out from this general election.
And again, I'm your host Alex Jones.
Well, it's happened and it's all going down right now.
It's all been prescripted.
House will draft Trump impeachment articles, Pelosi says.
Well, it turns out, and they reported this over a month ago, that they had four articles already prepared.
In the intelligence committee, and they even had the former heads of the CIA, Clapper, McLaughlin and others on TV bragging about how they were going to remove him, how the intelligence community was going to do it through the intelligence committee, not the judiciary.
So they railroaded this whole thing.
They created They're false charges.
They didn't have a real investigation in the House.
They had three rounds of scripted secret hearings.
Then they had public hearings, but still without opposition.
And then now, they've had a fifth round in the judiciary, but still they're not letting them call Adam Schiff and others that have been the author of this on record.
So they violated due process.
They have absolutely poisoned the well from the beginning.
And so the fruit of the poison tree, ladies and gentlemen, cannot move forward.
Under law, under common law of the Constitution, if you find that a proceeding has been fraudulent or has been rigged and there hasn't been due process, then everything that comes out of that tree, the fruit of the poison tree, has to be thrown in the trash can.
So Pelosi says we will impeach.
Well, of course.
You've had the votes as soon as they won the House.
In the midterms, that was assured.
Now people say, well it's a joke, it's a fiasco.
The Senate is going to not vote to remove the President.
And on the current course, that's accurate.
But, you see, they've got a bunch of curveballs.
They've got a bunch of new allegations and fraud that they're going to be bringing out, not just on the President, but on all of his bedrock supporters.
So you're going to see the disinfo stories everywhere, total lies about the president, about myself, about others, to try to really defeat the American resurgence that's been taking place.
So yes, we could focus on that fiasco in the House and the incredible statements and the wheels coming off again.
And we're going to play some of those clips today, but the issue is what's going to happen in the Senate.
And will the president stand up and will the Senate stand up now and say, You try to have a full vote in the House, the way you developed these charges are fraudulent and are so broad that it really creates new law and it takes over
The courts and the executive.
So the legislative under Democrat tyranny in the House is engaged in the biggest expansion of legislative power we've ever seen because they're involved in prosecutory activity and it's completely rigged.
And they're saying the obstruction by the president is because he is fighting back in court and speaking out and talking about the witnesses against him being liars, who've been proven liars.
And they say in the news, oh my gosh!
You just challenged someone who gave a speech.
You just said you were innocent.
Holy hell!
You're not allowed to say you're innocent?
What in the world?
But in this new system where they're using not just legislative tyranny, but judicial tyranny with the Democrats.
Look at Roger Stone, gagged.
Still gagged.
The jurors go out and talk trash about him.
The prosecutor goes out, does a victory lapse, and Roger's sitting there with a ball gag in his mouth, can't talk.
This is classical, 200 percent, 200 proof tyranny.
We're going to break it all down coming up, and then the incredibly simple, but totally truthful and powerful thing that Vladimir Putin said.
It's all coming up on the other side of the most censored banned broadcast in the world.
These are dark days indeed, and our darkest hours haven't come yet, but remember who we're up against.
Remember what the servants of this evil act and look like and behave, and just thank God we're not resonating with the same force as they are.
I don't like info wars.
I don't like young Nazis.
F**k you, Nazi!
I'm not a Nazi.
F**k you, Nazi!
I'm a journalist.
F**k you, you're not a journalist!
Yes, I am.
F**k all you Zion pigs!
F**k all you racist pigs!
F**k all you pieces of s**t!
F**k you!
F**k you!
F**k you, info wars!
You're a f**king white male!
You're a f**king anti-American!
I'm an anti-American?
F**k you, Nazi!
Oh my God!
Are you going to return that?
My brother protected Hillary!
God bless President Trump and God bless America!
Go the f**k home!
Get the f**k out of here!
Get the hell out of here!
Get the f**k out of here!
Get these people the hell out of here right now!
Get out!
Get the f**k away from me!
Get the f**k out of my face!
Get the f**k out of here!
Get the f**k out of my face!
Donald J. Trump is now President of the United States.
[crowd cheering]
He's an art major.
[crowd cheering]
Get that camera out of my face!
Get that camera out of my face!
I don't give you permission!
We did not cherry pick.
The video you just saw.
That's a small sampling of hours and hours and hours of so-called liberal leftists at events years ago and just recently this week foaming at the mouth psychotically and acting like two and a half year old spoiled brats that have been given large dosages of LSD and methamphetamine.
They are spoiled rotten babies that have been told they're the good guys, you're the bad guy, and they're going to shut down your speech.
They're going to physically attack you.
And then if you look at the leadership of the globalists, Nadler's collapsing can hardly talk.
Pelosi's sputtering can hardly talk.
You've got Hillary stumbling around, coughing and hacking and barely talk.
You've got Biden And it's emblematic of how these are hierarchical systems, and the globalists just hand power on to the next underling as they die.
Or a new imperium that we've set up that has a bunch of welfare babies under them, or folks that are poor, working, who believe that capitalism is what made them poor.
Not the fact that they've been guzzling fluoride and watched so much television and are lazy and obese and hateful.
But that also their opportunities have been taken away from them and the skids have been greased.
The slippery slide has been well lubricated to help them live like that and be in that position.
Every metric shows humanity is degenerating, myself included.
So, we're coming down fast here, folks.
And it's not a good thing, but we have to admit it to ourselves.
Now, hiding in plain view is the fact that this entire impeachment proceeding is fruit of the poison tree.
And in law, common law, English common law, Judaic law, Western law, If a proceeding is shown to be a fraud and that lies have been brought in against the accused, then no matter what other evidence you have, it has to be thrown out.
Well, they don't even have any evidence of Trump doing anything wrong.
In fact, the evidence is of him working hard and trying to go after corruption.
And they admit that the Republicans aren't allowed to call the witnesses they want, like Schiff, who admittedly has been quarterbacking all this and changing his story over and over again and is issuing the reports.
And who blueprinted the staged outcome.
They've admitted in their arrogance that they've done this.
A month ago, they said they had four of the articles already written up, and those are the four they're going with.
Of course, Pelosi said, okay, we're going ahead with impeachment.
The indictment in the House.
But still, even in the Judiciary Committee, they've changed the rules where the Republicans can't call the witnesses they want, when they should be able to call anybody they want.
So I want to talk today About how the power structure and how the system is going to try to remove Trump within the trial in the Senate.
And a lot of people say, well this has all been a fiasco, it'll blow up in their face.
Well, I'd give it about a 70% chance they failed.
Except there's a few wildcard factors coming into this.
They're not just going to hit Trump with this.
They're going to hit with everything this December, this January.
They're about a half month behind.
They wanted to have him already, articles out, him impeached by Thanksgiving to rub
it into the American holiday that they hate so much.
And they wanted to have the trial going on right around Christmas.
Make everybody turn away from their families, turn away from Christ and give their attention to that while everybody's off and have a special session going right through Christmas.
Just like we got the income tax on Christmas and we got the Federal Reserve on Christmas.
We got the law passed to take senators from the states where legislatures would elect the senators.
They were a creature of the state instead of them being popularly elected.
That all happened the night before Christmas.
Went all through the House, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse, in the U.S.
Senate in 1913.
And that's the way they like to do it.
That was a real death blow right there to America.
And they're doing it again, so it's all coming up.
And then really the biggest news, though.
If we can focus on this all day, and I hope Trump will fight for himself, and I hope he gets the Justice Department to take action, I hope the Republicans and the Senate, you know, even refuses to hear what the House has done.
Because they haven't done the procedure properly or in the Constitution.
And that's all flagrant.
Completely flagrant.
But McConnell has said he's not going to do that.
As I told you a few months ago, he now says they're just going to go ahead with it regardless.
So, this is bad.
And it's very, very serious.
And we should pray for President Trump because I'm very critical of him not standing up for the free speech and for the big surveillance grids and all the rest of it.
The fact that he stood up for pro-life, and the fact that he's gone to pro-life rallies, and the fact that he's done basic things like that, is something other presidents have never done.
And the fact that he didn't get us out of the TPP, and he's been trying to pull the troops out, he's definitely a real president, and I believe he has the best interest of the country at heart.
It's just hard to see him, who's our big champion in the ring for us, our champion, our gladiator, Going down a path that is very, very dangerous.
But he's surrounded by cowards in a swamp.
And the globals are threatening everybody around Trump.
And they're turning.
A lot of people are turning.
Trump's got a few people around him that are good right now.
That's upsetting the system.
This is such a critical time in the waning hours of 2019.
We're going to go to break.
Please remember, the way we get past the censors and the globalists, the way InfoWars gets out of its phantom zone prison, whether you're listening on AM, FM, TV, whether you're watching on the internet as you tell people continually, the truth lives at InfoWars.com forward slash show and band on video.
And hey, that band show, that guy that you're not supposed to listen to, that guy that gets demonized so much.
And in the past, if folks got told don't listen to something, they would go listen to it.
And that's still happening, and that's really angered the system.
So they're coming out with new lies and new disinfo that I won't even respond to here on air.
To try to get us to spend our energy defending ourselves.
I'm not going to do that.
People know the truth.
They know what we stand for.
They have discernment.
We're just going to move forward.
But you're in this prison with me.
They're all trying to put us in an informational prison.
And so when you help us break out, you help yourself break out.
So you're smart.
However you need to do it, get folks tuning in to the broadcast, however you're listening and other systems.
Infowars.com/show 333 days
from the election.
The globalists, the forces of corruption and evil, the forces of the post-human world are throwing everything they've got against Trump to try to discredit nationalism and populism that's rising across the world in answer To the exterminist, eugenics, post-human technocracy.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And yes, we're playing ominous music on purpose because we live in very, very ominous times.
You know, I've got a...
Surveillance device made by slaves in China called an iPhone.
Because I've been using Mac products for 25 years.
And I don't say that I'm a hypocrite criticizing Apple and then owning a phone.
I've always admitted that all these companies are corrupt and out of control.
I've actually found some that are better and built in the United States.
And some will be moving away from an iPhone next month onto a Droid, but it's still a surveillance system.
But that's not what I was going to get into.
It doesn't matter if I turn off Apple alerts.
It doesn't matter what I do.
I've gotten three messages from Nancy Pelosi today about how bad Trump is and how he needs to be impeached.
Now they're moving forward with the impeachment.
You know, he told folks that under Clinton he signed orders to put it in where the EAS alert system in the future would send you alerts on smartphones.
That was in the Telecommunications Act of 96.
Took them about five, six years to actually get the smartphones in place.
But the point is, this is all globally standardized.
It's all pre-prepared.
And I'd tell people, hey, the phones track where you are.
Hey, they listen to you even when they're off.
It was all in the terms of service.
People, oh, that's crazy.
They never do that.
Oh, there's a plan to microchip the population.
Oh, that'll never happen.
Now it's happening.
Oh, they're going to face scan you to get on the internet for buying and selling.
And then now it's official.
The UN's announced it two days ago.
Worldwide government system.
It's all here.
And that's why we have to be off the air now.
That's why we've got to be blocked now.
Because what we said came true.
Not because we're fake news.
Not because we're wrong.
But because we're accurate.
And they don't want a focal point of resistance to all this.
But what's the big story?
What did Professor Epstein, Robert Epstein, say months ago in Congress and with the proof and testimony, he said they can steal elections by just not sending alerts to people that they know are registered Republicans.
They could skew it easily, just not doing it the week of the election, 10 million plus votes for Hillary.
He said there's evidence they're starting to do that on many fronts.
Well, what do you think it is when they don't let Republicans run ads on all these platforms and go, oh, well, don't worry, Democrats can't either, but they've got thousands of channels of news they're financing that's really political ads.
You know, I don't ever get alerts on my phone from Apple about Trump being right or something Trump did.
All I get and all everybody else gets is what they want to send me.
I remember talking about Obama putting it in place and actually starting to send people messages on their phones.
People got offended, like, hey, what's Obama doing sending me messages without asking?
And then now Trump started doing it only a few times, and there was national panic last year when he did it, and he stopped.
And I get why they stopped.
That's pretty creepy, unless, you know, the country's under military attack or something.
That's the only time they quote, we're going to use it.
But see, it's an alert system from Apple.
Tim Cook, you know, the buddy of Trump that Trump goes around palling around with.
Because Trump's trying to get a few more factories here.
And then Tim Cook behind the scenes is hammering every iPhone user in America.
How many is that?
Probably 70, 80 million?
Look up the latest numbers on an estimated number of iPhone users in the United States.
And I've talked to my wife.
She's got one, she's getting the same thing.
Talked to one of my crew members as he goes, yeah, I'm getting them.
Pulled the same three alerts I got this morning.
5am, 8am, 10am.
One-sided what Pelosi's saying.
Oh, but Trump's buddies with Tim Cook.
I mean, what planet is Trump living on?
So that's how they're going to steal the election.
And they're doing it in every way.
110 million iPhone users.
110 million iPhone users.
Estimated by early next year, it's 108 million right now.
So 100 plus million people get hammered all day long with only what Pelosi's saying.
Now granted, she looks like an Egyptian mummy they pulled out of a morgue.
Or dug out of a crypt.
A tomb.
A sarcophagus.
But that's the future.
You don't get total information by the AI control.
You only get what they want.
Which is no information at all.
This is science fiction dystopia.
It's here.
And we'll play all the clips when we come back and get into what Pelosi's saying, but I don't just say these proceedings are illegal.
I don't just say it's fruit of the poison tree and absolutely doesn't follow the Constitution.
That's what liberal professor esteemed Jonathan Turley said, and it's what's clear.
And the Senate should say, we're not going to have a vote on something and a trial on something on an indictment that is fraudulent and full of lies.
And that was created as a foregone conclusion.
People say, oh, Trump will get that, he'll get that big win in the Senate, he'll finally have due process.
You think the knives aren't out with those Republican senators that are being blackmailed and pushed or don't like Trump?
Because he's signaling weakness by not having the Justice Department indict the deep state?
And he's signaling weakness by not defending his supporters?
Because that's what he's signaling to them.
Sure, he walks around and acts all tough in front of the helicopter, and all that's great.
You know, he's done a good job of standing up to China.
I love it.
But on the critical issue, he's failed.
We're going to go to break.
We're going to come back.
I know this, I'm going to keep fighting regardless.
And in many ways, InfoWars is more effective than ever because we've got the government listening, we've got the Pentagon listening, we've got foreign governments listening, and we're really covering the truth.
And it's having a big effect, so this is all symbiotic, we're all in this together.
Please spread the word about the broadcast, never stop.
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I'm in a catch-22 situation and we all are.
It's very important To go into the fiasco of the illegal kangaroo trial they're having.
The House is supposed to be very specific about what's been done, put out their charge, vote the charge through, and then it goes to the Senate.
But they're not.
Nursery the lies, in secret, in the Intelligence Committee, down in the bowels of the Capitol, where the national security state lives.
And out of that has now come this multi-headed Hydra of disinfo that is moving against America.
And our 2016 election and our 2020 election coming up, our attempt to get our country back under our national control.
Just like in the UK, they're trying to get their system back under their control and not the EU.
They've awoken to the bureaucratic coup.
And those aren't words, bureaucratic coup.
90 plus percent of the laws in the UK are made by the unelected EU.
They never voted to enter.
It was done by bureaucracy, by fraud.
Just like the North American Union and the Trans-Pacific Partnership and all of it.
And as we discover it and say no, the harassment, the media demonization, the lawsuits, the deaths, the bankers getting found hung all over the place, the blackmail rings get activated, the child kidnapping starts coming out.
As the war inside the power structure heats up, Because there are large portions of the power structure that want populism and freedom and who aren't devil worshippers.
But they've never had a population awake enough to join them in trying to build a pro-human future.
There are a lot of good people at every level of the quote system, both corporate and governmental, as well as ecclesiastical and academic.
But they get persecuted.
And so a lot of people lose faith in humanity.
They lose faith in being able to build a better world because they can't find people to join them.
They don't even not fight because of cowardice.
They don't fight because they've lost faith in themselves.
But it is the animating contest of liberty that makes us stronger, where we find the will and the strength and the faith.
Faith through action.
So, faith through doing.
Which is in faith at all is victory.
It's will.
The exercise of will.
The will to bring air into your lungs.
The will to build a family and have children.
The will to believe in humanity.
That is what makes us rise to the heights instead of fall to the depths.
But really, it's easier just to point out this is all illegal, it's a fraud, and why in the hell isn't the president saying this is an improperly done, this isn't a real impeachment?
Instead he's saying hurry it on up!
With the country and the economy and the stock market.
He's really doing what he thinks is best.
I haven't done anything.
Let's get it out there.
Have my millions of emails.
Talk to my campaign.
But see, they've already put him into another witch hunt.
Where they take his energy, take his time.
So he's like, hey, hurry it up.
They're not going to hurry it up.
And then once it gets in the Senate, and I'll talk about this next hour, they're going to Roll out all the new lies on top of it to create a false consensus.
And to so terrorize the American people and to so plunge the stock market, that's in the cards, as to make people say, I'm sick of the fight, get rid of Trump.
Because all the nagging and all the attacks will stop as soon as we cut him loose.
Of course it won't.
The globalists have said it everywhere, in their white papers and on TV.
We can't just get rid of Trump.
Once we get rid of him, we've got to wipe out flyover country.
We've got to wipe out these Trump supporters.
We've got to level them.
We've got to burn them down.
We've got to destroy them.
With these weak, chickenetic, skexy, Muppet-like people on every channel with their hate for us.
But you know, if we let these folks dominate us and do this when they're so openly criminal, then we deserve what happens to us.
But I can intellectually and economically and politically see how dangerous this is.
We're a ship.
We're in some reefs here and there's a storm.
And I can spiritually tell you that I smell blood in the air.
And the globalists are burning down.
They're in trouble.
They're falling apart.
But they want to take us with them.
And they're only thinking one step ahead.
So in the end, this is going to turn out really good for humanity.
But I'm here to tell you, they're about to carve DJT up.
And he may get out of it.
But if we're all running around thinking everything's as happy as pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, you're going to see Trump go down.
This is very close, ladies and gentlemen.
You can feel it, you can see it.
And I know the disinfo trolls are out there putting morphine into us like we're at a hospice.
Everything's fine, go to sleep.
Everything's fine, go to sleep.
No, no, everything's not fine.
And I'm not going to sit here and lie to you.
We exposed globalism, we exposed world government, we exposed the pedophile rings, we exposed their system back when almost no one was listening.
But the truth keeps coming out, so more and more people can recognize the horror, face what it is, and start routing it out.
And Trump's done a great job at exposing the UN, and the Democrat, and the Deep State child kidnapping, and the pedophile rings, and the busts are happening everywhere, and the arrests are happening everywhere, and people are aware of it.
And people are telling their young daughters particularly, watch out for white vans if men talk to you.
And there's big national stories, and governors and mayors are coming out warning.
And you notice, the media's like, there are no white vans, no one's kidnapping you.
Because these are the same people that say, bring your kid to convicted pedophiles dressed in clown outfits, put them in their laps.
So I'm going to cover that coming up next hour as well.
And I'm going to get a whole bunch of articles together and show you the hundreds of thousands of kidnapped kids a year, the white vans, the torture, the white vans where they take them in D.C.
to the leftist controlled CIA facilities that are compartmentalized.
I mean, they've busted these white vans before and the finders facility in the early 1990s, the late 1980s.
And I've had the FBI agents and others on.
And it just got declassified a month ago.
Thousands of pages on this, on the white vans.
They're white just like everybody always knows!
It's like living in India 500 years ago and saying, and listen, tigers have black and orange stripes and big eyes, and if you see that, you need to run, because they'll eat you.
And the chief's like, there's no such thing as things with big green eyes and orange and black stripes that'll eat you.
Don't listen to that.
It's a conspiracy theory.
Go towards the white van.
It's not threatening.
It's here to help you.
Go towards the white van.
The white van is go towards the ice cream truck.
If someone comes to your backyard and says I have ice cream and puppies, get in the van.
Drink the fluoride.
Take your vaccines.
Radiation is good for you.
5G is good for you.
Get in the van.
But you've got, oh, you know, the top search on Facebook, oh, white vans, kids being kidnapped.
And it's part of people finding their instincts.
Because most of the white vans aren't coming to get you, but they are out there, and it's the instinct, the spirit waking up that people are feeding on us and our children.
So the psychic identity in the mind waking up is accurate.
And there's a panic.
They want our kids!
They want to hurt us!
You're damn right they want your kids' minds.
They want their genetics.
They want to hurt them.
And so this organic white van hysteria is so healthy.
It's your spirit turning on.
That these people prey on our children.
They're coming after our children.
They're doing it.
And it's all admitted.
Again, put out by the FBI on their Twitter account.
A month ago, just type in on Twitter, finders file declassified by FBI under orders from who do you think?
So yeah, DJT's good, but he's not doing enough.
The enemy has launched war upon us.
This is the attack, as Patrick Henry said.
The war is already here.
Why stand we here idle?
The next gale from the north will bring the clash alarms.
And the explosion of muskets.
This is the war.
The war for the future.
Who do you belong to?
Like Bob Dylan said, who do you serve?
This is an incredible time to be alive.
This evil has already been with us.
And it's already been growing.
Now, people are panicked.
They're scared.
This wasn't entertainment?
This wasn't just science fiction Jones was talking about?
That's what Harry Shearer once said in a national documentary.
Oh, I listen to Jones.
It's incredible science fiction.
He should be a Hollywood writer.
No, I'm not writing any of this.
That's why it's more powerful than any science fiction ever written.
Because truth is stranger than fiction.
No, I wish this wasn't true.
And I don't sit here and lay out these horrible things that are going on to demoralize people.
I think you're just like me.
And I think you're tired of laying down to these people.
And I can feel your strength rising.
And I can feel God's wrath shining through you.
And don't worry, Globalist.
I'm going to do the things you most feared.
I want to thank God for the persecution, because it wouldn't have taken me to this level unless I was persecuted.
I don't ask for more persecution, but I tell you, to be able to see the way God works and to learn how the Lord works in mysterious ways, as that old Garth Brooks song that some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers, Boy, isn't that the truth?
You ask God for something that you don't need, you know you're not going to get it.
Imagine when you ask God for something and you get an answer back.
You're going to get it, but do you want to pay the price?
Because I want to give it to you.
It's going to help a lot of people, but you're going to get hurt real bad.
And this is what it's going to feel like.
Do I have permission to show you?
Incredible, ladies and gentlemen.
To interface with God, and God, they're totally never making you do anything.
Always showing you.
Always being honest.
No deception!
Nothing but solid, pure honor and truth.
Flowing, blasting!
Like a giant waterfall into the space-time continuum.
Bringing life, and justice, and beauty, and gifts to the world, and the incredible gift of consciousness, and all of the innocence, and all of the goodness, it demands to be defended, and it will be defended!
I'm gonna try to stop preaching here.
It's just that this is a spiritual battle, and it is that connection to God, the real connection, that the enemy can't stand.
And it's that move, that connection with God, and everything else will flow from that.
But you have to ignite that.
In the archetype of, in the desert, striking the rock, and the Huge fountain breaks loose of clean life-giving water.
But you have to have the will to open the gate and strike the rock and be willing to then take on what that water is going to transform you into.
And the enemy knows that.
That's why they put those archetypes and things like Frozen 2.
You've heard me talk a lot about the waterfall here for years.
You'll see that in their film.
I'll assure you, those individuals are not seeing any waterfalls in their visions.
All they see is the raw exercise of power over innocence and tearing it limb from limb.
It's who they are.
It's what they are.
They are the enemy.
And no one should ever want to join them.
Bondage, slavery, betrayal, failure, ugliness.
Now I'm gonna stop ranting.
I need to get to all these clips.
And we have a guest joining us.
And I promise, I say I promise that I don't, I'm going to try my best to take calls in the third hour.
And then who do we have hosting the fourth hour?
I've got a bunch of meetings.
Matt Bracken.
I'll maybe take a little bit of his time to take more calls, but Matt's always informative.
And this whole Putin thing is absolutely critical beyond knowing.
And I'm going to get to that at the very start of the hour.
But since we talk about it, let's just get to one of these clips.
I mean, I've got hours of this.
It's almost like impossible.
Yesterday, after I got off the show, the broadcast, I took off about 20 minutes to go eat something in the coffee room, the break room, and I watched two Democrats.
I don't know why they went two Democrats in a row, but they did.
And it was just, it was like watching a lobotomized Muppet talk.
And I didn't know if it was like a sick joke what they were saying or whether they meant it.
But it was like, we're not going to put up with people using the IRS to persecute people like Nixon did.
And on so many levels, Trump hasn't done that.
That's been done to him.
Obama did it a million times, literally worse than Nixon.
Nixon thought about going after 120 people or whatever it was, less than 130, like 122.
Go look it up for yourself.
I mean, Obama went after millions of people in the IRS and thousands of non-profits and went after, you know, conservative FBI funds for disabled FBI agents and stuff.
I mean, just, you know, veterans groups, gun groups.
And so there was just like that five seconds, you're like, ooh.
And then they'd go, and you're not gonna put up with, you know, stuff like Kennedy did when he spied on Congress.
That's illegal, as if Trump did that.
And then they've been caught doing it to him.
So, you know, we're not gonna put up with this kind of stuff.
And they were saying all the things they'd done, and then telling the world that Trump had done it.
I mean, it's just on its face, to use a fantasy comparison, Lex Luthor is not Superman.
The Dallas Cowboys are not the Washington Redskins.
But they just exercise lies at levels, and you're sitting there looking at this, and it's cartoon level.
But you gotta understand, they're talking to a mesmerized, entrenched audience, who are poisoned from fluoride and everything.
The IQs have gone down 20-something points the last 50 years.
I mean, so people that would have already been morons, there are 20% of the population is mentally retarded.
You know there are 3 billion people, according to the UN, that have Mental disabilities now.
I mean, you wonder why we're so dumb.
Man, we have been hit, and I mean hit hard.
And so this is like literally planet of the idiocracy.
So let's play just a short clip of Turley, who's a respected liberal professor, very respected, just saying, you're the ones committing the crime, you're the ones committing the impeachable offenses.
It is!
And Trump's like, hurry up, get to the Senate, hurry up!
No, see, Trump, you don't just say, I'm innocent, hurry up, a fake trial.
You think they rigged this, they're not gonna rig the Senate?
Here's what Turley said.
I can't emphasize this enough, and I'll say it just one more time.
If you impeach a president, if you make a high crime and misdemeanor out of going to the courts, it is an abuse of power.
It's your abuse of power.
You're doing precisely what you're criticizing the president for doing.
We have a third branch that deals with conflicts of the other two branches.
And what comes out of there, and what you do with it, is the very definition of legitimacy.
So he says, listen, don't pull your zipper down and stick your ding dong in a light socket.
They know that.
They're just butchering everything.
Most people put devices in their houses from evil mega companies that listen to you.
They're saying pedophilia is good all over the damn news.
Lawyers that work to take down Trump say, I love pedophiles.
I mean, these people are out of control!
And Turley's sitting there talking to them, like, now listen.
You don't want to jump off that cliff without a parachute.
And they're just sitting there.
They don't care.
They're evil.
And no one ever removes them for all the crimes they've committed, so you've just ensured they're going to go even crazier.
It's beyond critical to spread the word about this broadcast.
Keep doing it.
Keep hammering.
This is a long-time, knock-down-drag-out war.
And we've got the will, and we're not backing down!
Round number two of the Democrats' Nothingburger impeachment hearings are underway.
It began with the Republicans yet again being given the shaft when it comes to calling witnesses.
Mr. Chairman, pursuant to clause 2 of rule 11, I move to require the attendance and testimony
of Chairman Schiff before this committee and transmit this letter accordingly.
Just a reminder, any no votes, you don't want Chairman Schiff coming, correct?
The clerk will call the roll.
Mr. Nadler?
But when it comes to President Trump's objection to be pulled into Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler's
circus, the Democrats use that as a means to hold President Trump in obstruction of
This committee has voted to impeach two presidents for obstructing justice.
We have voted to impeach one president for obstructing a congressional investigation.
To the extent that President Trump's conduct fits these categories, there is precedent for recommending impeachment here.
The argument comparing Trump to Nixon is laughable, as President Trump wasn't part of a conspiracy to break into the DNC headquarters.
Yet the mysterious death of Seth Rich, Hillary's breach of our national security, the technocracy in DNC's CrowdStrike debacle, and countless other Democratic abuses of power continue to go unanswered.
There's a difference between requesting investigations and a quid pro quo.
You need to stick the landing on the quid pro quo.
You need to get the evidence to support it.
It might be out there, I don't know, but it's not in this record.
Nadler presented a panel of Never Trumper legal scholars led by Soros-linked legal counsel Norm Elson to use their imaginations to do as Schiff had done at the beginning of the impeachment inquiry, defraud the American people.
Imagine that the president had said, will you do us a favor?
Will you investigate Joe Biden?
And the president of Ukraine said, you know what?
No, I won't.
Because we've already looked into this and it's totally baseless.
The president would still have committed an impeachable act, even if he had been refused right there on the phone.
If Washington were here today, if he were joined by Madison and Hamilton and other framers, what do you believe they would say if presented with the evidence before us about President Trump's conduct?
I believe the framers would identify President Trump's conduct as exactly the kind of abuse of office, high crime in his demeanor that they were worried about.
And they would want the House of Representatives to take appropriate action and to impeach.
And they would find obstruction of justice, obstruction of Congress, and abuse of power, or some of them?
I believe that if the evidence supported those things in their minds, and if Congress determines that that is what the evidence means, then they would believe strongly that that's what Congress ought to do.
To, in some way, insinuate on a live mic with a lot of people listening, that the Founding Fathers would have found President Trump guilty, is just simply malpractice in this, with these facts before us.
That is just simply pandering to a camera.
That is simply just not right.
I mean, this is amazing.
We can disagree.
What's amazing on this committee is we don't even disagree on the facts.
We cannot even find a fact right now that is not going through the public testimony and also even the transcripts and all.
It is not.
Mr. Charlie, are we going to deputize somebody between now and the founders into the jury pool here?
Well, first of all, only I will speak for James Madison.
No, no, we all will speak for James Madison with about the same level of accuracy.
I do find it rather surprising that you would have George Washington in this jury pool.
I would strike him for cause.
George Washington was the first guy to raise extreme executive privilege claims.
He had a rather robust view of what a president could say.
If you were going to make a case to George Washington that you could impeach over a conversation he had with another head of state, I expect his hair, his powdered hair, So, what I would caution the committee is that these crimes have meaning.
It gives me no joy to disagree with my colleagues here.
expert Jonathan Turley was there to bring the cold reality to the Nadler
crew's fantastical abuse of power. So what I would caution the committee is
that these crimes have meaning. It gives me no joy to disagree with my colleagues
here and I really don't have a dog in this fight but you can't accuse a
a president of bribery.
And then when some of us note that the Supreme Court has rejected your type of boundless interpretation, say, well, it's just impeachment.
All right, let's stop right there.
This is a longer report John Bound did.
We don't have time to air the last.
Three minutes or so, but listen, it's at InfoWars.com.
It's at Band.Video in the John Bowne section.
I'm going to send it out in the newsletter email today.
It needs to go viral.
That's why they're blocking everybody on Facebook, Twitter, and Google, so they can get away with these criminal attacks.
We need to get these videos out.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide on this Thursday program.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And I was going to get into a big story about Vladimir Putin in this segment, but I've had some breaking news I'm going to have to deal with.
I'm going to have to go off air for a while now.
But you have to understand, ladies and gentlemen, that everything the system is doing is to stun ...your awareness and dumb you down so they can herd you and treat you like an animal.
And if you act like an animal, and if you submit to the system like that, you get in this infantile position where you just expect the system to take care of you, and anybody that gets in the way of that, that doesn't want the system to take care of us, enslave us, that you then attack those people, you're never going to find the utopia you're looking for.
And I know this awesome audience fully understands that.
And we started the broadcast with a piece that Darren McBrain put out, just the latest boil down of leftist acting like unhinged, vicious, evil, demonic creatures.
And it ties into a report that Paul Watson has put out that's up on Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
And again, I know you're awake.
This isn't a spectator sport.
We need to get Watson's report out and in front of everybody because each one of these critical pieces of information is game-changing.
Now, we have Ezra Levant of Rebel Media that's done so much great work, not just here in the U.S., not just in Canada, not just in Europe, but all over the world, to get his take on where the planet is right now and some big breaking news.
So he's going to be joining us coming up at the bottom of the hour.
I intend to open the phones up in the third hour.
And I want to get next segment to this report.
Putin, in some countries, the word mother is being replaced.
How big a statement that is and why that's so important on so many levels.
So we're going to cover that next segment.
But I meant to get to this last hour and I'm trying to get more of these important clips in here.
Because it's it's really important.
And we are having a rest of development, the infantization or the infantilization of popular culture.
And that's really what the minions of the left and who they are and what they're like.
So let's go ahead and roll that report.
Why do you think that the relentless parade of vapid comic book superhero movies remains so popular?
Alan Moore, creator of the iconic comic books From Hell and V for Vendetta, was roundly condemned by, surprise surprise, the very people he was referring to, When he dared voice an unsayable truth.
The reason comic book superhero movies are so popular is because an entire generation of 30-something Millennials, and even some Gen Xers, have chosen to freeze their brains in a state of permanent adolescence.
The West is overrun by fragile man-babies regressing back to their childhoods because of their sheer terror at the prospect of adulthood.
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
*Unintelligible* *Laughter*
*Swoosh* *Slam*
What exactly did Alan Moore say?
I think the impact of superheroes on popular culture is both tremendously embarrassing and not a little worrying.
While these characters were originally perfectly suited to stimulating the imaginations of their 12 or 13 year old audience, today's franchised Ubermension, aimed at a supposedly adult audience, seem to be serving some kind of different function and fulfilling different needs.
Primarily, mass-market superhero movies seem to be abetting an audience who do not wish to relinquish their grip on A, their relatively reassuring childhoods, or B, the relatively reassuring 20th century.
What am I gonna do if it doesn't?
*sounds of a man being killed* Moore went on to point out that superhero movies made for
children, remaining so popular amongst adults, is not only an indictment of the increasingly infantilized
nature of the individual, it's another telltale sign that our culture in general is mired
in a state of insipid stagnation.
The continuing popularity of these movies to me suggests some kind of deliberate self-imposed state of emotional arrest combined with a numbing condition of cultural stasis that can be witnessed in comics, movies, popular music, and indeed right across the cultural spectrum.
Alan Moore is right.
We've all been socially engineered to overshare.
To become emotionally incontinent, blubbering, testosterone deficient wrecks.
To the point where we can barely handle reality.
And react by sucking our thumbs and embracing the cotton wool infancy of superhero safe spaces.
Paul, you loved The Joker.
That's a superhero comic book movie.
No it isn't.
It's a deeply disturbing intimate origin story that's nothing whatsoever like, for example, the Marvel movies.
Joker is for adults.
Marvel movies are for children.
Martin Scorsese is right.
Superhero comic book films are not cinema.
They're theme parks inside cinemas.
And theme parks are for children.
Star Wars.
That's also for children.
When I was growing up in the late 80s and early 90s, the only people who liked Star Wars were kids below the age of
*crying* *coughing*
*crying* Notice how an army of woke, cum-brains rush to the defense
of this guy, because they're also mental juveniles stuck in a permanent state of stunted adolescence.
No one with a fully developed prefrontal cortex should get this emotional over a children's movie.
It's not normal adult behavior.
And sure, I can look forward to seeing a movie, an adult movie, because Star Wars is for children, but the only time when I could ever remember getting this excited over consuming a product was when I was about seven years old.
Crying over the anticipation of consuming a product is for children.
The 38-year-old consumer.
Doesn't ask questions, just consumes product and then gets excited for next products.
Thinks watching comic book movies is doing politics.
Political views appeal to no one other than other consumers.
Political views entirely focused around being vindictive towards people who were mean to him in high school in 1997.
Poor white people are suffering in the Midwest.
Should have consumed the correct product.
Thinks everyone else's political opinions, both to the left and right of him, are based simply on chauvinistic biases, which he obviously does not have.
Unironically, thinks doing video reviews of movies for children is a significant contribution to society.
That's for children.
But every year, adult Americans appear to become more obsessed and start preparing earlier and earlier for something that's clearly meant for kids.
For children.
Throwing violent tantrums because you didn't get your food.
Fistfights, car crashes, even a murder.
Yeah, this is going to sound pretty ridiculous, but all of that is over a chicken sandwich.
Or because he didn't get it quick enough.
I want 6-1 sauce!
Where's my 6-1 sauce?
That's for children throwing violent hissy fits because you didn't get the opportunity to consume a product quick
enough That's for children
Emotional support pets.
That's for children.
The rising popularity of adult coloring books.
That's for children.
Pretending to be a baby in diapers while frolicking around in a playpen to satiate you and your boyfriend's weird fetish.
Age play is not sexually stimulating to me in any way, shape, or form.
Not for children.
Millennials are so innately infantile that they had to invent a word to remind them how to behave like adults.
To carry out one or more of the duties and responsibilities expected of fully developed individuals.
Paying off that credit card debt, settling beef without blasting social media, etc.
Exclusively used by those who adult less than 50% of the time.
Inventing words to make normal adult behavior sound like some kind of astounding achievement just to make yourself feel special.
That's for children.
It's not just movies, but also TV shows that are becoming increasingly more lowbrow to meet the needs of a sophomoric audience.
Comedy and late night shows which once at least reached for some pretense of sophistication now reduced to puerile immature nonsense.
Toilet humor that up until... Okay folks, I had to go off air here.
I wanted to air that report anyways because we have such huge news that I've been working on behind the scenes and I'm not ready to break this.
We may break it today, but just Humanity is at such an incredible crossroads that we can all feel it.
There's a lot of anxiety.
There's a lot of anger out there.
Because what's going on on this planet is not natural.
I meet people almost every day who've had family die from fentanyl overdoses that have been added to what people think is Vicodin or what they think is opium or heroin.
You know, it's not just Eric Bolling's son that thought he was taking some pain pills and it had fentanyl in it.
You can't walk five feet without running into somebody that's died from it.
And that's the Chinese government hitting us with a chemical weapon.
We'll talk about that with Ezra Levin and a lot more next segment.
And Trump is trying to block it.
And the Democrats that run MS-13 and all this, that are shipping it in, they're pissed.
That's why Nancy Pelosi calls MS-13 God's Children.
Because God's Children is the main group.
That's, according to her, I guess we should call MS-13 God's Children now.
It's a nice name for them.
him kind of a sick joke isn't it and my lawyer that I had like six years ago that I ran back
into a good friend that I hadn't talked to in a few years
his son died the same day his mother died
They got the call five minutes later that they'd found his son dead in college.
Somebody had put fentanyl in the heroin.
People just bring it up to you everywhere.
You just, oh yeah, my cousin, my wife, my husband died of fentanyl last month.
You're like, oh really?
Death everywhere.
You don't hear anything about that.
I mean it's killing millions of people.
A year.
Guns kill 24,000.
Half of those are suicides.
A couple hundred are what they call mass shootings.
Still terrible, but boy, they personalize those dead people and then blame you as a gun owner that somebody did something wrong with the tool.
And then millions and millions dead.
Yeah, they say it's hundreds of thousands of fentanyl a year, the hundreds of thousands of this type and that type, but you add it all together and complications, it's in the millions.
And it's all being done on purpose.
It's all being done on purpose.
They want us drugged out of our minds.
You know, I almost started the show with this.
It really is the most important news.
And now we're just out of time.
Or is there really a way to cover this properly?
See, I'm not trying to build suspense.
If I just mention this article and just half-ass cover it, I'm not doing justice to it.
I need to tie everything into it and talk about why it's so important.
And if I can't do that just right, then I'm not going to do it.
And I'm not complaining.
Had my mind all focused and ready to lay this out.
It was all crystal clear.
The angles, the systems, the decision we have to make.
An important speech that I wouldn't spend a week writing.
I just write in my mind from the truth.
But it got blown to bits.
That's not a problem with important stuff brought to me during the break.
But I'm gonna try to reconvene my thoughts around this, and I'll probably never cover it, actually.
But that's not a problem, because even something just as big in the same area came in there in the break, that's very exciting, and very incredible, and not an X-Files episode, but the real world, and we have it confirmed.
And we have the documents.
And we have the witnesses to what they're doing to the homeless in Austin with microchips.
You don't just think the mayor gave them a former hotel and a warehouse and everything paid for for free for no reason.
They're now testing, doing medical experiments on them.
And once they get them in there as a re-education camps, really what it is, what they do in Latin America and Africa and the Middle East, these re-education centers, they scan and they check people in their backgrounds and who they are.
These companies, quote, take people under their wing.
They find out they've got assets they don't know about.
They find out they don't have family, they find out who they are, and then they're signing up to go to nicer digs and they do medical experiments on them.
Of course they do!
I mean, do you just think they injected poor whites in Appalachia and poor blacks in Alabama For 40-something years, secretly with syphilis, and had them spread it to hundreds of thousands, and that was the only thing they did.
No, there's thousands of declassified lethal studies done, and man, they're doing it all over, and because we've reached a point where people just can't handle it anymore, and so it's, it's, it's the whole nine yards.
You know, there are white vans going around picking people up, and they're taking them to the FEMA camps.
Remember, Hillary said we need fun camps for American men, and they're these reclamation centers where they help you, and they get you cleaned up, and they help, you know, see who you are, and find out, supposedly.
Now, troublemakers go to another area after they've been processed, and this was all in Obama's executive orders, and they would use the term re-education camp.
Remember that Army document?
And they're even telling the people, oh, this is a small beta test.
By next year, it's going to be much bigger.
And they're getting ready for a total economic collapse and millions of people per FEMA sector to be processed through.
And the beta test, they're doing it with the homeless.
And of course, they're doing it in a U.N.
munialization treaty city.
Remember, Schwarzenegger a few years ago said, oh, we're going to get climate change taxes through at the city level because they couldn't get the countries to do it?
And it's illegal to do it, but remember when Loretta Lynch almost left office?
When Obama was almost gone and it was in the mainstream news, she wants the U.N.
to take over policing and the U.N.
to be in our local cities.
The U.N.
has contracts and is priming the pump with indigents, homeless, who can contract their rights away, basically as indentured servants.
And so they put the fentanyl on the street.
There's people all over the place.
Then the solution is they bring in the U.N.
and then they fund it all with people signing on for medical experimentation and microchipping them.
Oh, and I almost forgot the best part.
The UN is run by Communist China, who standardized the face scanning and the controls and all of it.
So, that was another discussion I had during the last break.
And I'm not complaining!
I'm just, you know, it's kind of like I'm a police murder investigator, and they're digging up ten kids in this yard and five in this yard, and while I'm trying to dig up the next group of dead bodies, they go, oh, we just found 25 more across the street over here, and it's just more, more, more, more, more, more, more, more, and mayors are going, yeah, there are white vans and kids missing, and people, my neighbor saw them grab kids, and the homeless are, what's going on here?
Yeah, it's called evil and it's called just the background noise as they bring us into an artificial Civil War martial law and it becomes clearer and clearer and clearer what they're planning.
They've got all the different Soros armies ready with their petrol bombs with their Molotov cocktails ready to burn America down when they give the order.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm working on some just gigantic, unbelievable stories that are like something out of the X-Files, dealing with microchipping of homeless, medical experiments, FEMA camps.
This stuff is just incredible and it's all going on right under our noses as they get ready to try to implode the economy and bring in civil war.
The Democrats admit that.
They've talked about plunging the economy to get rid of Trump.
You've got the ongoing impeachment, where they're going to impeach the president in the House.
That's indicting.
And people say, oh, there's no evidence.
He won't have any problems in the Senate.
I believe they're going to trigger civil war violence during that period, and they're going to trigger racial events and false flags to ram this through.
You can feel it.
You can see it.
It's a very, very serious time.
We also have the UN officially adopting the communist Chinese system for the internet.
And for a digital world ID, and Ezra Levant, investigative journalist, and a man that founded and runs Rebel Media and so many other great organizations, is going to be joining us in just a moment.
And this comes full circle back to this.
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They're shutting down almost everybody else.
It's incredible what's happening and we need to be on air.
Regardless of what happens.
And it's going to come down to a last man standing.
I don't want to be in that position.
And it's good to know that Ezra Vance out there with Rebel Media, it's good to know that Gavin McGinnis has got his FreeSpeech.tv.
It's good to know that we've got folks out there like the Daily Caller.
Fox is getting worse and worse.
Because the deep state is making its move on everybody with levels of harassment that are unprecedented.
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You saw him in the impeachment hearings, you know, saying we should be shut down and bragging about Roger Stone being arrested and saying we're enemies and, you know, that she doesn't know George Soros.
She's just the key board member on his main foundation and she doesn't know about globalism.
She writes for theglobalist.com Fiona Hill that we first exposed.
It's total lying.
It's total deception.
And when I say we're really the tip of the spear under massive attack, that's not hype.
That's the truth.
And my problem is I'm rising to the occasion and have more energy and more focus than ever.
But I am like a bull in a china shop.
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Ezra Levant joins us.
I am so wound up right now.
Ezra Levant is with rebelnews.com and still on Twitter for now at Ezra Levant on Twitter.
And I wanted to get him on about a host of issues, but I said, hey, send me other topics you want to get into.
Well, most guests will send you two or three things.
He sent me like 30 things.
They're all right on the same page I'm on because he gets it.
He's in the Zeitgeist as well.
I knew about the government trying to shut down his news service and Trudeau trying to do it.
How un-Canadian is that?
How un-Western is that?
How un-American is that?
I mean, how dangerous?
And guess what?
Trudeau lost.
But again, of course, he should never have tried to shut down Rebel that Soros and others have funded lawsuits against, just like us.
So Ezra Levant joins us to get into that and just how dark the days are for free speech.
And where is Trump standing up to the censorship?
Love Trump to death, but my God, this is a dereliction of duty.
Ezra, thanks for coming on with us.
Alex, a pleasure to be here.
You said it's un-Canadian censorship.
Unfortunately, it's too Canadian, because unlike you, we don't have the First Amendment to protect us.
And if you think it's bad here, well, you know our friend Tommy Robinson in the United Kingdom, who's literally been put in prison in solitary confinement several times for doing journalism that would be unremarkable in America.
And finally, I've been looking at how social media censorship in China is directly connected to the police state.
And I feel that that's the slope.
I mean, we are about five years worse than you.
The UK is about five years worse into the future than us.
And China today is the direction we're headed in if we don't change the course we're on.
Communist China is where we're going.
The UN, and I'll show these documents when we come back, they admit that they've signed on to China to help create the model for all of us.
So, where is China now?
That's where we're going.
And where is China going to go?
What's the next step?
Yeah, well, I mean, China has perfected the surveillance state.
But the trouble is, they have one of the world's leading telecommunications companies.
It truly rivals Google.
It's called Huawei.
And they're actually world leaders in 5G technology.
So they're building the internet and cell phone backbone, not just in China, but around the world.
Who would be crazy enough to let the Communist Chinese government Put communications hardware into your home, your country, your police service, your military.
I think that in the olden days they had to plant a bug or a camera in your house or office.
Now we're literally signing up for Huawei to bug us all the time.
I think it's a genuine worry.
The example of what China did to the African Union office in that country, in that continent, is something we can talk about over the next, you know, however much time you have today, Alex.
Well, hopefully you can stay with us at the bottom of the next hour.
I'd intended to take calls next hour, but you're right in line with the breaking news, original research we're working on that is just so insane, and so I want to keep you with us to walk through this.
We're going to break in a minute, but just the outrageousness of the Prime Minister of your country trying to take you off the air and all the persecution.
Again, you're not a victim, you're an overcomer, but there's probably not anybody else out there that's been persecuted as much as we have media-wise, except you.
They are really scared of you.
Well, I mean, thank God I haven't been thrown in prison like our friend Tommy Robinson has in the United Kingdom.
But again, that's because they don't have a First Amendment and they're disarmed.
So, I regret that the land of Churchill, you know, the land of the great British Empire is now disarmed and I regret to say a lot of Brits are passive.
I don't think Winston Churchill would recognize his own country.
The people that fought the Battle of Britain and held the line against the Nazis, They are now allowing themselves to be censored and silenced.
I find it terrifying.
And so whenever I visit the UK, I come back and I think, oh my God, we have to preserve what we have now or it'll get worse.
And you wouldn't even believe what's going on in Canada.
But we can talk about what's happening in China.
That's right.
You've been around the world promoting freedom and you faced the tyrants head on.
We'll talk about it all.
You know, if you're awake and you're informed and you're engaged, you know things are urgent.
And things have gone from urgent now to I'm physically...
Um, having urges to, uh, do physical things.
I don't even mean violence, but I'm going to, you know, go down and start just demonstrating, um, at all different types of leftist and globalist points.
I mean, you've seen me, I've been a lot more active lately, already out in the street.
So has our crew, just because now is the time for maximum action and you cannot Underestimate how there is a collapse of all of our Western values, all the basic freedoms that we fought so hard for, and how dangerous it is every time those values are forsaken.
When you think about the persecution of journalists, and when you think about the persecution of independent media, and you think about the rollout of this, and the assault on nation-states, and the assault on borders, and the assault on families, and Putin having to defend the word mother, because all over the world they're saying, don't say mother, and you think, that's like a cult, isn't it?
It's beyond a cult.
And you think, well, that's because the left's insane.
They want total power.
And we've always done what they've said and submitted to them like they're the moral authority.
And so at a certain point, the dam is broken.
So, Ezra Levant of RebelNews.com.
Has had a bird's eye, crow's nest view of all this.
And you were wanting to get into China first, and I'm glad you do.
Chinese tech group shaping UN facial recognition standards.
Financial Times.
China brings in mandatory facial recognition on mobile phone users.
The UN is looking at it as a global ID system for global governance.
I mean, this is mainstream news here.
So they've gone from denying world government that, yeah, we're going to face scan you to buy and sell.
And China has got the model.
And, you know, they got millions of people in literal death camps.
And Ezra Levant, the left, is in bed with China.
We have the Washington Post headline, Xi Jinping needs to destroy Trump to save America.
I mean, it's like a Twilight Zone episode where the Chi-Coms have killed way more than Stalin or Hitler or Lenin combined of their own poor people.
And now they're the pantheon.
It'd be like Hitler 2020 and he's the model and everything he wants is being done and we're putting Hitler's communication systems in everywhere that they admit are watching and controlling us.
It's just what the hell dimension did we wake up in?
I think there's three things going on with the Sinophilia that you're referring to.
I think part of it is plain old left-wing ideology.
Even though China is a form of corrupt crony capitalism now, there are many communist vestiges there.
So there's an ideological sympathy.
Some people support China simply because it's the leading counterweight to the Free West.
These are the same people who would have supported or been sympathetic to the Soviet bloc during the Cold War.
But finally, I think the biggest corrupting factor is plain old cash.
That's why the NBA cracked down on its people for supporting Hong Kong even just in tweets.
That's why Michael Bloomberg Did an interview essentially saying China is not a dictatorship.
That's why Hollywood no longer portrays China as the bad guy in movies, because it's all about the money now.
And Donald Trump is trying to take on the economic strength of China through tariffs.
He's also, you know, trying to blunt their stalking horse, North Korea.
I sent you a link to a video, Alex, and I wonder if you can have your producers put it on now.
We don't need the sound because it's just Chinese language conversation.
There's on-screen captions.
It's an ordinary guy, not a political activist, not a big shot, who was on a Chinese social media app called WeChat, which is pretty much as big as Facebook.
It's got about a billion users.
It's got its own payment plan.
It's like a combination of Facebook and Amazon.
It's that big.
So this guy, like a regular guy, was on some chat group and he criticized the police for seizing a motorcycle.
So he's not saying, I want democracy now.
He's just saying something like, I wish the cops didn't take that motorcycle.
But first of all, look at this terrifying device he's in.
It's a form of a torture device.
His wrists are strapped in it.
His feet are locked into bars there.
He's obviously uncomfortable.
He looks like he's being sleep deprived.
And they show the cops grilling him.
They're saying, what's your screen name?
When were you on?
What were you talking about?
Was it a group chat?
By the way, they knew all those answers in advance.
Of course.
Because under Chinese law, WeChat Has to give full access to the People's Liberation Army.
And it goes on, and they say, will you apologize to the police?
Say you love the police.
Say I'm sorry, Uncle Police.
Promise you'll never do this again.
So this is a few things.
First of all, it's outsourcing censorship to corporations.
Which I think we see in America and Canada too.
And second of all, it shows the total blending Of the social media internet state with the surveillance state.
And finally, and you know this because Paul Joseph Watson of your team has been a real leader on this, and I know you have too, Alex.
The concept of social credit, where you get points.
You get points taken away for saying bad things.
You get points given to you for doing good things.
I believe all of the seeds to this authoritarianism are already planted in North America.
You don't see... Oh, that's all admitted.
I mean, we're all adopting the exact same thing.
Most of this was built by Silicon Valley and exported there because that's the authoritarian regime where you can test it all out and the dam is broken and all that we were and all that protected us is being destroyed and It's good that Trump's standing up to Huawei coming in here, but it's only from a business perspective.
It's the national security issue.
And then we have Google.
And Apple's moved to China, as you know, and said, oh, we let the Chinese government in.
They have access to everybody's Apple ID.
That was in Reuters in February of 2018.
And Apple admitted that.
Basically, we aren't just marrying Communist China.
Communist China is our uncle now, just like the man being tortured, who I guess disappeared off somewhere.
And there's like, say you love your uncle, you know, before we send you to the re-education camp.
And this is what the police put out.
To show everyone submitting so they learn that we'll do this to you if you don't submit.
I mean, this isn't 1984.
This isn't a Netflix movie about a dystopia.
This is what we are adopting.
This is what we're in Congress with.
This is what we're literally merging with.
What's so incredible about that video, which you just showed, is that the police obviously released that, and other official propaganda arms of the communist regime, they publish details about their social credit system.
There's an English language Chinese propaganda arm called Global Times, so it is absolutely dedicated to spreading Chinese propaganda in English.
To people in Canada, the United States, Australia, UK.
And they positively brag!
About the millions of people every month who are banned from taking a train, taking an airplane, getting an apartment, simply because of their, quote, social credit score.
That is, again, when your social media spies on you.
And just last week, new legislation was enacted in China that you need facial recognition before they'll even install internet in your home.
On January 1st, and you probably know this, there's a new edict coming into China that automatically gives the government backdoor encryption access, decryption access, to all the social media, all the systems in China.
It's just automatic.
There is no longer any boundary between what tech companies in China know and what the government knows.
That comes in on January 1st.
So it is the total surveillance state and as you correctly point out, a lot of that technology was sold to them by
Silicon Valley to make money and as a template for trying those things out in the West.
The big thing people have to understand is, we're not talking about, again, some fiction or simulation.
This is happening It's unfolding.
It has been abused.
It is being abused.
It is a post-human world where they admit AI is gonna make all your decisions for you.
Making humans obsolete is what all the big tech heads say is the singularity where their company takes over reality.
And they're all competing for this.
It's beyond any megalomania I've ever read about in a history book.
And it's happening now.
You know, I think a lot of dystopian futurists like George Orwell, they had some glimpse of what a surveillance state might look like.
Your TV screen spied on you in 1984, so that was very futuristic for George Orwell to imagine that.
But you were still able to leave your apartment and go out into the wilderness or something, and there were still things that were underground.
I don't think even the most imaginative... Exactly.
Stay there.
Back in two minutes.
Ezra, I want to talk about you, the person.
What spurred you to start one of the biggest conservative media outlets in Canada, which I know it's a whole hour to talk about how they came after you, how they shut it down, how it was successful.
Your crime was very successful.
And then now all you've been through there.
It's not that you're a victim.
It's illustrating who you are, why you did this, how you persevered, how you haven't backed down, how you haven't given up.
Because I'll tell you, I hate the globalists and these evil people that have bet against humanity.
But then when I see how many men I know that are successful in business and life, they go, I'm glad you're there doing this because, you know, I'm going to go play golf.
But we're glad you're out there looking out for interest.
We're going to lose everything, our fundamental freedoms.
This is dangerous.
And I really get pissed off at men who are successful and smart who don't get engaged in this, because I know you were already successful in business separately from media, but felt like you had to do it.
So I just want to say I admire people like you.
I don't admire LeBron James.
I don't admire, you know, even the star quarterback of the New England Patriots, even though I like Tom Brady.
Because it doesn't save my children's future.
People like you are the heroes, and even with the audience of listeners.
Our audience, you know, admires you, and I admire them, because they admire people that are standing up for common sense.
But since when is it heroic just to stand up against pure communist evil?
I thought it was survival, Ezra.
Isn't that really why you're doing what you're doing?
Well, I mean, I share your view.
I think not everyone's built for fighting, though.
Some people are conflict-averse.
Some people have too much at risk.
They'll be personally punished in some way.
So I'm lucky in that I have the ability to speak out and no one can fire me because I'm my own boss.
That's why I'm worried about this contracted-out censorship where An authoritarian-style Prime Minister or President can just pressure Facebook Twitter and YouTube... And it's not like it's coming!
Start getting... I mean, this is a short segment, long segment coming up.
I mean, they're trying to silence you.
The Prime Minister just lost in court against you.
Yeah, and that's an interesting point.
See, he banned us from covering the Prime Minister's leaders debate.
We just had an election here just over a month ago.
So we went to court and won.
But if he were truly dark and smart, he would do what they did in the UK to Tommy Robinson.
See, they're suing Tommy, they're prosecuting him, and they've actually thrown him in prison a few times, but the worst thing they ever did to Tommy Was take away his Twitter, where he had a million followers, and his Facebook page, where he had a million followers.
So, that didn't require a trial.
There was no hearing.
He couldn't make a defense.
He couldn't appeal.
It was silent.
And that's what truly worries me, Alex.
There's still enough freedom in Canada that we're gonna win.
Some of the battles we have for free speech if it's in a real court.
But what worries me is the merger between big tech and big government that will not be transparent.
We won't know what goes on.
We won't be able to look at our accuser.
There will be no appeal.
That's what's scary.
And here in Canada, you ask how the rebel news started.
Well, we used to have a real TV station that was on real TV.
They called us Fox News.
Well, sure.
I mean, I knew the story.
I wanted you to tell folks.
So start now, but we'll talk about when we come back, because it's fascinating.
I mean, I'll give you a minute now.
Tell me when we have to go to break.
But we had 200 people.
We were on cable TV.
We were across the country.
But then our regulator, our version of the FCC, Injected us, basically aborted us, by having a regulatory ruling that made us unviable.
So overnight, this TV network of 200 people that was pumping out a freedom narrative, a counter-narrative to the media party, the government shut us down.
Not the viewers, not the audience.
So then we started Rebel News out of the ashes of that, and luckily we're not bound by that TV regulator, so we're freer, but we're not completely free.
But big leftist organizations, Southern Poverty Law Center, ADL, they all call for you to be silenced.
What dangerous authoritarians.
Ezra Levant is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones, and you better damn believe this is the resistance.
This isn't a simulation, this is the real world, and we're for real, and we're fighting for all of our futures.
You know, people ask me why I get so fired up and if I was sitting out on a bass boat catching bass for five hours, I would be totally zenned out.
I would go into a trance and I'd come in You know, like, 1 o'clock in the afternoon after being out there at 6 a.m.
in the morning, and I'd be in a trance, totally relaxed.
I wouldn't even remember walking into a barbecue place and getting lunch with my son.
And that's what I do.
Back when I would do that stuff.
I don't even do that anymore.
In fact, I probably need to.
But I'm just a regular, nice, friendly fella.
But when I sit here and I confirm all this, And I watch pure evil happening.
China admits they've killed over 100 million people in their own population.
And then it's the model.
And mainstream publications are praising Xi Jinping and saying, we hope you can defeat Trump.
This isn't like all the Hollywood movies with Hitler and, oh, he's scary and bad.
Yeah, he was bad.
He's dead.
But the Chai Koms, they're there.
And radical Islam taking over.
And the EU allied with it.
And the New York Times sent a representative down here, an operative, three years ago.
And it was an off-the-record meeting, so I won't say what was said particularly.
The only thing off-the-record is who it was.
And they just said, listen, you're going to get destroyed unless you stop talking about Islam, stop defending the Second Amendment, and stop attacking transgenders.
And I said, how am I going to get destroyed?
Well, you know, you're going to get sued and the establishment is going to take you down.
And you just need to, of course, as soon as I said, okay, to that, it'd be, and now do this and now do that.
Cause I've entertained the meetings because with the other ones, I'm sure it's happened to Ezra.
And, uh, you know, it's like, Hey, we got your book deal.
We got all your money and everything's gonna be great now.
And you just work for us and just come out against Trump and come out against the second amendment.
And let's just see you do that.
And it'll all be handled.
And then by the way, here's the carrot, here's the stick, here's the big giant lawsuit prepared by this billionaire, and I don't want to just say billionaire, you know, like, let's say one of the top ones.
Don't want to say the top one, you'll figure out who that was.
And, so you better, you better back down.
Man, instead of that intimidating me, woo!
I didn't used to jump out of the bed at 5am like a jumping jack, okay?
These people are evil, ladies and gentlemen.
And where is everybody's instinct?
Well, I know this audience, you've got the instinct.
That's why I can't tell you how great you are enough.
I mean, it's true.
You're literally the oxygen supply.
They intend to take me off the air and then they're going to put my ass in prison like Roger.
That's the formula.
And then they've told me.
Okay, well, I'm not even worried about me.
I want to make sure we beat these people.
And it's all or nothing.
They've gone so far that we're either going to remove this tyranny and really get on the march for freedom worldwide, or tyranny's taken over completely.
And a lot of folks have looked at this and said, yeah, we think you're right, Alex.
We're joining the other side.
Well, Ezra Levant hasn't joined the other side.
So, Ezra, get into what happened to your network.
You launch it.
Tell people the name, the history.
I've looked into it years ago.
It became one of the top stations overnight.
So the government shut you down.
And it's not about being a victim.
It's about, this is Canada, folks.
Everybody thinks, oh, so free, oh, so nice.
And now that's coming here.
Look at what's happening to us.
The leftist-run CIA Has defense department hearings in the House Armed Services Committee and the Senate Intelligence Committee where they call me a Russian agent and talk about their operations to shut us down.
They pay people to write lies about us in the New York Times.
Go ahead, sorry.
No, there is a big stick.
And in Canada, Justin Trudeau rolled out a carrot a few months ago.
He offered a newspaper bailout, $600 million.
Now remember, Canada is one-tenth the size of the States.
So that would be like a $6 billion bribe to American newspapers.
It basically assured Trudeau that he had the softest political coverage.
So they got the stick.
They'll hit you with legal action.
They'll sick the Human Rights Commission on you.
They'll hit our version of the FCC on you as the stick.
But the carrot is hundreds of millions of dollars in bailout money if you comply.
We obviously won't take that because that would end our independence.
So we're one of the few media in Canada that are not on the Trudeau dole.
But like you, it means we gotta hustle to make our money 50 bucks at a time here and there.
But I wouldn't trade it for the alternative.
But Alex, can I give you one glimmer of hope?
Because I am worried like you are, and I sometimes think maybe I should go fishing too, and just try not to over-worry, but a few weeks ago I saw something that gave me a flicker of hope, and it actually involves China.
And what I mean is those brave souls in Hong Kong, who were standing up to China in democracy protests, You were waving a miracle flag.
Oh absolutely!
Humanity's awakening, that's why the tyranny's coming in.
Beautiful, yes.
And can I show you, I sent your producer an image of some of the ingenuity of these Hong Kong freedom fighters to frustrate the facial recognition software that China's deploying in Hong Kong.
So you have hundreds of thousands, even millions of regular Hong Kong people going to these protests.
And what does the government do?
They film them all.
And they film them to get the faces, so they build a database.
Of course, some of them wear masks, just face masks.
But I don't know if your producer has that little clip I sent.
It shows them projecting different faces, which is a beautiful art project, and shows how amazing they are.
And then it also illustrates to everyone the evil technology it uses.
It's just pure genius.
Yeah, I mean, I don't know if that's effective, but I love their spirit.
And you know what's happening?
Is that little place, Hong Kong, they're truly forging an identity that's different than communist China.
They're thinking of themselves as Hong Kong people first.
The young people are leading it.
Here in North America, Antifa, Millennials, they don't even understand what they're doing.
You know, the resistance, they don't truly believe in things.
They're often paid and just told what to chant.
In Hong Kong, I think a whole new generation of people is being forged with a national identity that's Hong Kong, that believes in freedom and is actually willing to pay the price.
They're unarmed.
Remember that.
They're standing up to the world's second largest military force In the Polytechnic University, where there was a standoff, they were literally making bows and arrows.
That's how dedicated they are.
So, there's a lot of darkness out there, Alex, but let's not forget that some parts of the world, they love freedom as much as you and I do, and they're actually willing to die for it in Hong Kong.
Let's take some inspiration from there.
That's what keeps me going right now.
Well, you're absolutely right.
And if the Chi-Coms think putting people in cages and killing them is going to make everybody back down, it's going to blow up in their face.
And most experts agree China is a powder keg.
The Chi-Coms are going down.
And the great part about Trump not letting the West prop up the Chi-Coms is that it will help them reorganize and then get out of that gung-ho globalist system that the leftist CIA helped set up at the end of World War II in 1947 and 1949.
Well, look, we've got to fight the way we can.
And one thing I know, and I bet it's the same with you, is that we have a lot of critics online.
And sometimes, you know, our critics have a point.
I mean, we should always try and learn from critics.
But we should not over-sample the critics.
And if you're on Twitter or social media, it really concentrates the haters.
And you can start to think, oh my God, I'm all alone.
But when you go out onto the street, when you go to town hall meetings, and you see how many people are quietly supportive of freedom.
And you see the light in their eyes.
Black, white, old, young.
People that love liberty have a light in their eyes.
Look at the Hong Kong protesters.
Chinese people.
Beautiful people.
So alive.
Then look at how people look in China.
They look like drones.
Because it's freedom versus tyranny.
And it's animating.
It's beautiful.
So I want to be on the alert and I want to be a skeptic.
And one of the things that I think people like about your style is that you're a universal skeptic.
And we live in an age where we have too little skepticism and we should all be more skeptical about the official narrative about about our betters.
And I think that Uh, the Epstein story is proof that skepticism is warranted, especially with dealing with powerful people.
But the fact that truth is getting out even about secrets like that...
It gives me a flicker of hope, is what I'm saying.
No, no, I agree.
And I need to get more into the positive things.
I talked about that yesterday to the negative.
I just can't... You gotta raise the alarm.
Your job is to raise the alarm.
But I can imagine that's a heavy burden because you're under attack all the time and you see the dangers everywhere.
But I think you should No, no, I have to.
Here's the problem.
I'm actually too fired up.
I have too much energy now.
Instead of it, like, getting to me, it's not getting to me and making me want to give up.
It's making me go wild.
Ezra Levant is our guest, and I just am so familiar with his work and see all the great work he and his crew do, and I'm like, we've got to get this guy on more often.
So I just wanted to...
Get him back on the show.
He had a lot of issues he wanted to get into.
I want to hit a few more of those.
He's a hardworking guy.
He's about to do another interview himself.
But I want to just invite him when he's got big breaking news to contact the producers and come on anytime you want on this show or the other shows.
I love coming on some of the broadcasts that you guys do.
And you know, it's precious out there, the independent media we've got.
Everybody else is only on these platforms.
Uh, and as that's taken away, everyone's being silenced.
So people are asking how I was taking, you know, being the first guy to be totally deplatformed a year and a half ago.
And I said, listen, it's a beta test for all of you.
And I knew because the Wall Street Journal had a big 30-something page report.
Saying how good it was, how they'd been at this big tech meeting, and how News Corp was going to work with them to silence all the competition in the next few years, starting with Alex Jones and Julian Assange.
And I was like, here's the battle plan.
People were like, oh, how are you taking it?
And I'm like, how am I taking it?
They're coming around for everybody.
And I bring this up with the Nazis, because it's how authoritarians work.
Everybody overuses the Nazis for this or that, but this is what the Nazis did.
They were smart at first putting people in ghettos and then taking their businesses away and then only arresting certain people.
If you didn't say anything, you wouldn't go until finally there was nobody left.
And that's how this tyranny is rolling in.
But now it's becoming system wide.
How do you think we counter that?
Well, I think the first thing is just to point out what we've become numb to, you know.
It's the Overton window, it's the frog staying in the water as it slowly boils alive.
Leave the example of the TSA.
When the TSA came into effect, searching everyone, patting everyone down, those little humiliations, it was really shocking.
Well, here we are, almost 20 years later, and that's now considered normal.
And what was extreme personal, physical invasions of our Privacy, we've accepted that.
We adapt, we evolve into the slavery.
It's conditioning.
We're being conditioned to accept it.
And the idea that you, who, I mean, you've got spicy opinions.
Yeah, that's America.
That's free debate.
We need dissidence.
Curiosity and skepticism are the essence of journalism.
They're the essence of science.
To be skeptical, that comes from the Greek word to observe, to sense.
The idea, five years ago, if you had told people Alex Jones is going to be deplatformed simultaneously by every medium, and retrospectively, to turn him, to unperson him historically, it's like what the ancient Romans did, damnatio memoriae, they would literally scrape off pictures of you know, emperors or family members, they unpersoned.
Names off of the Egyptians in it too, they would strike the names from the obelisk
and from the monuments.
Yeah, and if you would have said that to people five years ago, they'd say, "No, the internet,
"that's the free place."
I mean, Google's told us, "Don't be evil."
And it's, you know, since they came for you and no one really squawked, well now they'll go
for the next guy and then the next guy.
And pretty soon they're gonna come for Donald Trump himself.
I'm still waiting for him to put his foot down, because don't they see the 2020 election is the big play?
That's why the impeachment is there, and I don't think that the strongest opposition to Trump is the Democratic Party.
I think it's the media party.
I agree.
And more than that, it's the Silicon Valley party.
And that's half a dozen guys who with a flick of their wrist...
can unperson him, you mentioned the 300 ads they've taken down
if they could do it to Tommy Robinson who was the third largest
of presence on Facebook in the UK, why can't they do it to Trump?
And let's be clear, Tommy is smart, good-looking, passionate, a hero, exposed giant child
kidnapping rings was confirmed, should have been carried by the nation
you know on their shoulders. Instead multiple solitary confinement
being sued into oblivion, having to hide Antifa coming to his house, threatening to kill his family,
hoping he'll fight back again so they can throw him in prison
I mean, this is just unbelievable.
And he tried to get out of the country, and they won't let him get out.
He tried to come here.
Sorry, go ahead.
You know, and, I mean, the UK was where a lot of these ideas of freedom of speech were worked out.
And where the great John Milton wrote his ode to free speech called Areopagitica, that's the place where parliaments challenged monarchs.
I mean, I say again, that's the place of Winston Churchill.
What would he say if he could say the United Kingdom today?
I don't think he would recognize the place.
He'd say an iron curtain of tyranny has descended over the UK and needs to be torn asunder, just like he talked about the Soviet iron curtain.
And I think that the United States is being lulled into the same thing and we're allowing anonymous Corporate bureaucrats to censor us in ways that that I don't think we would allow Politicians or government bureaucrats to do that's why I say the biggest threat.
It's not the Democrat Party.
It's not even the media party It's the social media tech giants.
Those are that's the bill.
They're the new royalty.
They don't pay taxes.
They censor They lie to Congress and now Sundar's have made the head of Alphabet the parent company and you mentioned this here's a P Artistic freedom is not absolute.
Court finds comedian 35K for joke that insulted child's dignity.
And people say, well that's just Canada.
No, what's done in Europe, what's done in Canada is now coming here.
It's formulaic.
Yeah, I think that Canada is like a laboratory of bad policy ideas that are then imported into the United States.
And I think you should watch Canada because we're so integrated with America and there's such cross-pollinization of bad ideas.
Our Liberal Party is pretty connected to your Democratic Party.
A lot of the bad ideas in America started out five years earlier in our country of Canada.
And so, look outside your Canada for warnings.
Look to the UK.
Look to Tommy Robinson.
Look to our Human Rights Commissions.
And also look for positive examples to the young people of Hong Kong and how they're willing to literally die if they have to.
So be aware, be alarmed by what's coming on the censorship side, but be inspired by those young fighters in Hong Kong.
Well, I think that's it.
If we look at a battery...
Going back to Magna Carta, going back to European common law, British common law, it's Levitical common law is what a lot of that also got based off of.
All of that, 3,000 years plus, is being thrown down the toilet.
And if things are like a battery...
A battery.
I mean, it was full in the West of standing up for freedom and justice and free speech.
We can still, you know, get some of the aberrant things we've seen.
Now there's an open move to destroy it and the battery is down, blinking on the last little bit, almost out of gas, almost out of juice.
And I don't think folks understand that it isn't coming.
It's here and we better defend it.
And we better, you know, say, take Canada back, take America back, take Europe back and just say, no, we've got to stop capitulating.
Right on.
Well, I mean, you're a high energy man and you've got a lot of batteries and you're fighting hard.
And I believe that we all ought to be skeptical.
And I wish more journalists remembered that curiosity, skepticism, being a dissident, that's part of being a journalist.
And not just party lines.
So, I thank you for giving me the platform for the last hour, and I wish you luck in fighting for freedom, especially free speech, the strategic freedom upon which all other freedoms are based.
Well, Mr. Levin, you do a great job at RebelNews.com, and that's why I want to invite you back more often here.
I sleep better at night knowing you and your great organization, your crew, the people confined there, are doing so.
Everybody spread the word about RebelNews.com.
Thank you, and God bless.
Alright folks, we'll be back with just horrifying news, but I gotta cover it.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
We don't know where we came from as a species.
In fact, we don't even know our place in the heavens.
Is this a creation of more advanced species or civilization?
Or are we really alone in the universe?
The first thing that the Modern scientific system has done in the last hundred years is attempt to teach us that we're just machines and don't have free will.
And that there is no greater knowledge above human understanding or will.
And of course that's all being done so that the priest class or the technocrats can play the part of God.
And keep the rest of us in Plato's cave, chained up, only watching and listening to projections that they themselves have created, so that human will and human creativity can be harnessed, like horses pulling coal out of a dark mine, so that they can light the way for themselves, and investigate and discover the secrets of the universe, while we Are frozen in a type of suspended animation.
And if we look at the modern liberal policies or leftist policies, they're the most orthodox, the most shuttered, the most controlled, the most anti-free speech systems there are.
Because the technocrats and the robber barons were threatened by classical liberalism, they bought it off.
They controlled it.
They mutated it.
They vandalized it.
Until today, it is unrecognizable from the liberalism that triggered the Renaissance 500 years ago.
The social engineers do not want us thinking about the nature of the universe and how big it is.
These cathedrals of nature.
Because if we do that, we transcend the little men and little women that seek to control our lives.
If you pull back and then look at what the technocrats are doing to society and doing to our species, they're slowly poisoning us.
They're killing us, physically, mentally, and spiritually.
They're assaulting every pillar that makes us virtuous and strong.
Because if there are virtuous people, they will contend For power and will challenge the establishment who seeks to control the future.
Who seeks to create what they call an end of history.
An end of history for us.
And the true discovery of the universe for them.
The ultimate form of selfishness.
That's why they seek to domesticate populations and keep them in shuttered, compact cities.
That's why they bombard us with artificial radiation, chemicals, biologicals.
To again, jam our perception so we don't make a larger connection with the universe,
itself energized and powered by the almighty creator.
So, I have too much news to be able to continue doing the show.
And like I promised listeners, when I can't do the show, I'm just going to stop doing it.
Like, I didn't do Sunday's show because I'm just not prepared to cover this information at this point.
I just can't do this half-assed anymore.
I just, I can't do it.
When it's too important, the information is too powerful, and if I just sit here and rattle off what's going on, it
almost just conditions people to accept it.
And I'm not mad at anybody, other than the people that are running this whole thing.
But when you look at them, they're so twisted, and so weak, and so fallen, that's why they do what they do.
Because they don't have any sense of interconnectivity.
And the big takeaway is this.
If we don't make a big deal about what we're doing and what we're saying, and we put out huge hardcore information, it almost normalizes it and works for the enemy.
In fact, it doesn't almost do it, it does it.
Now, they thought us being on air for years wasn't being listened to or people thought it was a joke no matter how popular it was.
And they noticed they've miscalculated as globalism is in trouble all over the planet.
But it is a fact that InfoWars and our guests and everything we do is so critical to the future of humanity that it really should just be easy to say no to the New World Order.
I've thought a lot about this and I, you know, I just really can't lie to people.
I need to just tell you the truth and just lay out to the best of my knowledge what's going on and I think all of you have a really good idea what's going on.
A lot of you probably better than I do.
Because I did a lot of preparation last night and today.
I probably worked four hours last night on this show and I haven't covered anything I intended to.
And I did a lot of preparation early this morning.
And we've covered some important things, but if we don't cover a subject in its fullness and its totality, where people understand the interconnectivity and then how to defeat it, and let people know that there's a better option and what they're missing out on, we're going to lose this thing.
And I just don't want to be the commentator on a baseball game.
I don't want to be a spectator.
And I know you don't want to be a spectator either, because this is not a baseball game we're watching.
And if people had the same urgency about liberty and freedom that they had about their football team, or their baseball team, or their basketball team, or their favorite hunting outfitter, or their favorite bass pro, we wouldn't be in this position.
The average man And I get it.
Wants to go work, and in most of the cases, doesn't even want to have a wife, doesn't want to have kids because, you know, the country's so screwed up and modern feminism, and then men are such a rest in development.
The average woman doesn't want to be with these men.
And it's because we've lost our human mission and what that mission is.
Now separate to being taken off the path and losing the human mission,
we have really evil bad people running things and at an intellectual and political level
and a spiritual level, you come to the realization that they're doing violent things to us.
And they're doing it through institutional, ambient systems.
The way you would slowly poison a wild herd What's a large group of horses called?
Is it called a herd?
A big group of... crows is called a gaggle.
I think an even bigger group's called a murder.
You know, it's cool the names Old English came up with, like, what things would be named.
But, uh... What I was thinking about is... What'd you call a...
Heard of horses?
A hare of horses?
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back broadcasting worldwide.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And again, maybe some days I should just go off here because I don't want to start yelling and screaming and threatening people.
But let me just get back to where we were.
A group of wild horses is called a mob.
Well, there's countries that get rid of them by putting certain poisons in little ponds they drink out of.
And it's got to be a poison they don't really taste, and it's got to be a poison that builds up and kills them slowly.
And if you ever watch the crime shows that are based on true stories, you always hear about the husband or the wife, you know, putting the antifreeze slowly in the coffee until people die.
Because it tastes sweet.
Now, if you study mad scientists, globalists, you find out they're obsessed with that.
And they'll put a binary weapon in a vaccine or in some other delivery system, knowing that they're going to then expose you to something else, and you're going to get very, very sick.
And then the doctors that treat you are never going to know what hit you.
And everybody knows this is going on.
And again, it's in government documents and white papers.
Obama's science czar wrote a book the year I was born, EcoScience.
It's free online.
You can go read it.
Read much of this stuff.
But when you read a big academic head talking about giving people vaccines to make them more pliable and to behave better, and adding fluoride to water, lower fertility and IQ to make a more manageable population.
Diet injections and injunctions.
And then you see Bertrand Russell saying it 50 years before he did.
And then you start looking at the declassified secret testing on people and I get pissed.
Because I'm in this cage with you.
And I love my children.
And you know, I care about your children too.
I mean, my children go, Dad, please don't do it in a restaurant.
Don't do it at the shop and mall, the grocery store.
But they've just gotten used to it.
And I'll see a woman that's pregnant.
She'll be there with her husband.
I'll walk over and say, how are you doing?
Sometimes I'll say, oh, Alex Jones.
A lot of them say, hey, what's going on?
I go, listen, I don't want to get in your business, but you need to read the vaccine inserts.
And usually the wife goes, yeah, I've had my cousin telling me that, or my friend.
The husband will go, hey, what's going on?
I'm like, hey, people are supposed to talk to each other.
Am I trying to be weird?
Go to Walgreens or wherever, they'll give you a vaccine insert if you ask for it.
But if you don't, they'll have a frequently asked question or a fact sheet.
And it's not by law what comes with the vaccines.
You need to read the insert.
And they'll go, OK.
And a lot of times they appreciate it.
Other times they'll go, oh, you're that conspiracy theorist guy.
If I was at the lake, and I knew toxic waste had dumped in it, and I knew that anybody that ate fish out of it was dying, if I saw somebody catching a fish, I'm not a busybody, I'd say, hey buddy, there's dioxin in this lake, if you want your liver to fail, eat that.
There's been lakes so contaminated that if you eat one fish out of them that ate some of the dioxin, they've biologically built it up, but you're gonna get a dose that could kill you.
And so everything they do is about hitting us slowly, killing us softly.
And that's a term I've been using for 20-something years since I read about it in Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars and then other Pentagon reports.
And they got movies with Brad Pitt where he's the cool, you know, hit man and he takes the guy to help him kill somebody and then he has him, before he knows it, he shoots him in the head and, you know, kills him softly and it's so cool and so trendy.
And then he bad-mouths America at the end of it, you know, little added thing.
But yeah, you don't want to kill somebody when they know it.
You're just like, hey, how's the weather?
So that's what they're doing.
They don't just come up and tell you.
And you know, on their off hours, they're hanging around in seven story pervert palaces with Jeffrey Epstein screwing little kids.
Because they're selfish people.
And if you think screwing little kids is where they stop, do you understand the level of pleasure, when you study psychopaths, that they have poisoning food and water?
That's, you know, the Joker.
Is this 60-year-old character created by the comic book companies and he likes to covertly poison people.
Well, they didn't invent that.
They knew that psychopaths in any criminology report is one of their favorite things to do.
They also like to hold people captive and experiment on them.
You know, Jeffrey Dahmer injecting people he kidnapped in the head with pool cleaning bleach.
He wanted, you know, he wanted a zombie that he could tell to do things and have sex with but that Wouldn't talk back.
And a few of them lived a day or two and kind of had seizures and fall around and he could control them and feel powerful over them.
I mean, so that's what they like.
So you take Jeffrey Dahmer and then you increase his IQ about 40 points and then you give him a dad who headed up Planned Parenthood and secret eugenics operations and you give him a trillion dollar company and you got Bill Gates, a demonic elf.
Who tells you we're going to kill the old people and get teachers to clap?
Who tells you we're going to release mutated mosquitoes on you and all the rest is crap?
And I'm sitting here, I'm totally sane.
And I know what they're doing, and I'm pissed off, man.
I'm pissed off they shot all those black people up with syphilis.
I'm pissed off they radiated more than 10,000 little foster kids to death in the atomic energy secret program that was declassified in the 80s.
You know why I'm pissed?
Not because I'm a virtue signaller and want you to think I'm a good guy.
If they can do that to those people, they can do it to me, and I'm not safe.
See, that's called empathy.
I've got it because it's a self-protection device.
But it feels like love, it is, and I really am upset, and I personalize for those people.
The psychopaths, they don't have all that personalization, they don't feel that, but they know how to mimic it, and manipulate us to have those feelings, because they know we have them.
And I'm done.
So, here's the bottom line.
They've set it up where if we're violent towards them and defend ourselves when they're physically attacking us through these weapons systems that they admit they're doing it to hurt us, that they're going to use that against our movement to expose the chemicals, the biologicals, and all the chemical lobotomies they give the kids through the vaccines and the rest of it.
And that will hurt our movement.
And in fact, they're going to stage stuff in our names very soon, and already have before, But we should have a debate about the larger panoptagon and the larger universe we're in with these people and the paradox of they're assaulting us every day with lies and propaganda and chemicals and biologicals and radiologicals and admitting they're doing it.
And they think it's just gonna go on forever.
And I know what a lot of people, I just randomly walk up and tell me and I run into military people and others and they go, you know, I ever get terminally ill or something, I got a list.
And by the way, this isn't some veiled threat to people.
I'm telling folks that you can feel the turning, you can see it in the street.
People are making a list of folks they're going to kill.
So, you're involved putting fluoride in the water?
You're involved trying to push all this crap on your bare pharmaceutical heads that knowingly put HIV and hepatitis in millions of people's factor VIII and bragged about it in documents?
You said screw those hemophiliacs?
Well, what are you going to do when somebody walks up to you and says screw you!
Add in your carotid artery!
What are you going to do then?
Or they stab you right in your heart?
You're aorta!
What are you going to do when they jam that right through your ribcage?
Oh, but see, you're a human.
You're life values.
We're all animals.
All the rest of us, you F over.
People you inject with syphilis?
You think that's funny?
You think that's funny?
They get their damn brains eaten for 30 years, and you sit back and laugh?
You psycho!
I'm not threatening anybody.
I'm just telling you right now that you guys are asking for it.
And enough people know what you're doing now, that if you don't back off real quick, the games are going to be over.
And that's that.
I'll come back in 15 minutes and talk about this in larger areas, but we're being physically assaulted.
They know they're doing it.
They're doing it to hurt us.
99.9% of us are being hurt by it.
The psycho's doing it.
Try to avoid a lot of it, but they're getting hit.
And it's insane, and it's diabolical, and it's wrong, and it has to stop.
Why do you think Bill Gates opens up a can?
A bottle of mosquitoes in front of everybody and says, oh it shouldn't just be the third world that gets this, you're gonna get it too.
He's telling you, we're doing this to them.
He helped pay for mosquitoes that were released in Latin America that are now mutated and are killing people.
What the hell do you think they meant?
Oh, we made gene-edited babies in China.
It accidentally created some super deadly cancer.
Oh, of course it did!
I mean, you know.
This is a war.
If there are hundreds of millions of high IQ people on the planet who aren't psychopaths, they're going to defeat the psychopaths and they're going to see what the high IQ psychopaths are doing.
And their plan's not going to work.
And so there's been a global strategic screening process To get the best minds on the Globalist team and they give them sub-directive cover stories for what they're doing and why they're doing it that aren't the real mission.
And then the entire spectrum of everyone else is just bombed with chemicals, biologicals, and radiologicals until the act of procreation becomes obsolete and impossible.
And you see that in all the Hollywood movies, Children of Men and the rest of it.
They're teaching us, so it's coming, it's going to be there, but it's our fault.
And I guess it is our fault we're allowing this to be done.
I mean, I have stacks of news here where they knowingly alter the chemical molecular construct of approved chemicals that are on purpose put in major name brand Household products and personal products to lower your IQ, lower your fertility, and if you do get pregnant, cause a miscarriage.
You want me to show you a stack of mainline studies?
I mean, just out this week.
And then you turn on all the shows.
Dramas, cop shows, comedy shows, Alex Jones is evil.
He says they're putting chemicals in your baby's diaper to make him gay.
And they just turn it into something like that.
And then Sacha Baron Cohen says I need to be arrested because I'm trying to make people blow people up.
But he's the one actually trying to get somebody to blow people up to blame on me.
Because they know the more they push this agenda, they're going to put people into a corner and people are going to lash out.
And so they want people to carry out violence against innocent people beforehand so that it's discredited if we ever try to raise an arm when they're attacking us.
So how do you thread that needle?
I'm trying to fix things peacefully.
I'm not going to do anything offensively violent.
But we are being assaulted.
I mean, they have people in chemical suits, full hazmat gear, and they hook up the fluoride in Austin, and then they run around the side of the building.
They turn it on, and just in case it leaks, they have cameras.
They've given us a turret and they did this.
They run to the other side of the building.
And then you drink that.
And it absolutely eats holes in your brain.
Fries your testicles, fries your ovaries, fries everything.
Most deadly acid on the planet.
Hydrofluorosilicic acid.
And just blood-brain barrier gets burned through, it carries all the toxic chemicals, because they don't just put hydrofluorosilicic acid.
Under federal guidelines they created in the 1940s, they can add any toxic waste they want as long as it's delivered with fluoride.
So they take the toxic waste mainly of China.
It's been on local news.
The bags say China with skull and crossbones and they dump it in there.
And then you go to the store and it's like baby water for the babies, you see.
And it's got an even higher level in it.
And then you watch the life expectancy go down, you watch the IQs go straight down, because it's being done.
It's a chemical, and that's only one thing they're doing.
And the workers are like, we don't like it, we know it's deadly, hell, I sure filter my water, good God, this is terrible, I don't know.
I mean, one time I was up in Hot Springs, Arkansas, when they were having a water, state water event, and they just passed a law to make them fluoridate, even though they passed a law to defluoridate.
And I couldn't walk down the hall without, but you're right, I'm the engineer, chemical engineer, God, it's deadly, Lord, what they put in there.
I secretly dump it in the creek, but then it kills all the fish.
We're not really putting it in there, even though it's the law in Arkansas.
And another guy at the bar, you know, we actually just dump it out in the field, but it's still toxic, kills the whole field.
So the truth is, the smaller towns are just dumping it.
The problem is big cities like Austin, there's so much, they can't hide it.
Do you have any respect for yourself?
I know our audience does.
I'm talking to the new listeners and viewers.
Because if you had respect for yourself, you wouldn't be letting your children drink all that fluoride water, giving them all those deadly tainted vaccines on record.
Instead of laughing at me, you'd go down to the local Walgreens or CVS.
You'd say, hey, I want those inserts.
By law, they've got to give them to you.
Trying to change the law right now.
They tell you.
That they don't protect you from what they say they're giving you immunity to, that they lower your IQ, they give you cancer, that they give you all these neurological disorders.
I mean, it's just huge, big square Bible-thin paper this big with just fine print what it's going to do to your body and the fetal tissue that's in it and the cancer viruses that are in it and what it's going to do.
But first you need to ask for their fact sheet.
Here's your fact sheet.
Safe and effective.
Make it a little bit sore on your arm.
Never had a side effect.
No one's ever been hurt.
And you can ask the pharmacist.
Isn't there a vaccine damage fund and billions have been paid out secretly?
And they'll go, sir, you just asked for the...
Fact sheet.
But if you talk to them out in the parking lot, they'll go, I don't take a damn shot.
Are you kidding?
People have seizures right here in the building.
We give them the shots, but I got to give the shots.
I have the nurses come over and go, you know, none of us give our babies shots.
We have kids too, but you know, we just get fired if we tell anybody.
So we try to push it on you, especially poor families that come in and have kids.
They really put pressure.
The doctors come in and threaten them.
It's terrible.
Listen, you've never had a preemie, so you don't know, but in the preemie ward, we got to get the respirators ready because then the bioethics board tells us to Tells us to give them the shots, and when we give them to them, they stop breathing, but we still save most of them.
What are we supposed to do?
I got into nursing to try to help people, but we're killing babies!
And then we've had the nurses on, and they've even said where they work.
And YouTube bans it.
Kind of like we have the Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself contest that I guess we'll announce this weekend.
And, you know, a few of them got 10, 20, 30, 40,000 views, and when they did, Little contest, you know, off the song Rob Duro, YouTube deleted them for hate speech.
That's right, just people saying Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself, Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself at Bandai Video, and then saying things about Lolita Express.
Everything in the little song, it's only five lines or whatever, is admitted other than Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself, but because the official knowledge says you will not say that, Well, you can't have that educated opinion.
And think about what that fundamentally means.
You can't put up videos saying Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.
And moderators go and don't respect themselves enough to want to leave that up, or it's AI.
And now they're aiding an ongoing child kidnapping ring, blackmail ring.
I mean, you've now, those of you that helped do that, you now are helping!
Like if there was a getaway car with kidnapped kids and somebody's about to call the cops, why, you'd grab their cell phone away and smash it.
I mean, that's the, you've now metaphysically joined the devil.
And it gives these little weirdos, they type test a power trip.
It makes them feel powerful, it makes them feel big.
The type of people they hire.
It's mainly man-hating, God-hating, baby-hating women and weird emasculated men that want power and they just I mean they're
all on videotape the documents have been leaked come out in lawsuits project
Veritas has got it on tape and they rub their hands together like villains
they go there's all these rednecks and veterans and people with American
flags and they think they're talking to people but we block them we're
only people that hate them can talk to them and they're all alone it depresses
them I mean you know modern Hollywood in this culture has created and and cooked
like they were mushrooms grown in some basement these people
And when you walk down the street, leftists walk up, if you're Roger Stone or yours truly, and they say, why aren't you in prison yet?
And they'll say, we're gonna kill you.
And always, literally, you look at these people, I'm not the toughest guy around, you know.
So I could probably only take on 50 of them.
Whereas a red-blooded American, I'd have trouble taking on one.
And the men get weaker and weaker and weaker and weaker.
But, man, they got all the venom, though.
They'd sit there and flip a lever to drop me right into hell in a second.
Because they have no power, they have no will, they're just a channel for evil.
Matt Bracken's about to take over.
He's always informative.
Appreciate him and the work he does.
I never got to the Putin thing.
But I'm gonna start the show with it tomorrow.
Because it's more than him just saying, you know, they're trying to outlaw the word mother, which is actually true!
And so it's preposterous on the face, but then it's really happening.
So what's really behind it?
Well, you already know, but we've got a really something that important.
We've got to discuss that.
And we will.
And then here's what else I've got going on.
We've got the documents and the witnesses and have confirmed that there is a UN program Microchipping homeless people in Austin.
And of course, once they get to the part of microchipping, that's how the dystopian science fiction movie, you know, 1999 starts.
In the year 2020, people are disappearing.
White vans are grabbing people off the street.
They're being taken to secret facilities.
That's what's going on.
And I'm gonna be up here tonight, I'm gonna leave it at that, working on this.
I don't feel sorry for myself.
I want to be with my children.
But it's got to be done.
Because that's where we are.
It's gotten so bad now, folks.
It wasn't just the Chinese government putting surveillance 5G everywhere and Trump stopped it at the last minute.
By the way, it's in the news.
It's still going in.
If you know about that, imagine what else is going on.
Well, guess what?
We know what's going on.
And then you've got the Baltimore Mayor going, no, I mean, I've talked to neighbors and people.
They're seeing these vans and kids are getting grabbed and kids are disappearing and this is real.
But the national media is like, there's nothing going on.
There's no children disappearing.
Of course there are.
We know that's happening.
And it ties in to what's happening.
But the final thing that authoritarian governments want to do is hunt people.
And that's what the Chinese communists have up to 24 mobile execution vans per city.
Larger cities have 24.
Look it up.
They brag about it.
And they just grab you, you're never seen again, and they sell your organs.
No one even knows where you went.
And they're getting ready for martial law.
They're getting ready to bring down the economy.
They're getting ready to assassinate or remove Trump.
And they'll stage a bunch of terror attacks, have a big leftist mob rise up, and then when there's all these homeless people, people just get used to, oh, the homeless are a problem, and the white vans are just, where are people going?
Well, we don't know, and the homeless sign the forms and go get medical experiments done, and they get paid a big paycheck, and then they come back and, oh, it's great!
Go sign up with the men in suits in the white vans, the men in black suits in the white vans.
Folks, we've confirmed, they have men in black suits with a UN contract picking homeless people up for medical experiments.
That's what I've got to digest.
Like I'm an anaconda and I've got to eat a giant warthog and I've got to unhinge my jaw.
And like how do I even deal with that?
How do you sleep at night with that one?
And I've got more of it coming in.
And I'm not complaining.
I'm just saying they've got the jump on us, folks.
They're making their move.
They've built it all up.
Trained you.
Got convicted pedophiles coming to schools without parents being told.
Kids sitting in their laps.
Major newspapers in Wichita, Kansas are defending.
Not knowing their identities?
We just need to groom your kids?
They even tell you, we just need to groom your kids!
What's coming is men in clown outfits that look like psychotic demons out of a zombie movie.
Because the dam broke.
And hell is being released.
And it's all just ambient.
It's all in the background.
It's been waiting.
It's been preparing.
It's been gearing up.
We need to stay on the air, ladies and gentlemen, and we need capital to do it.
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All right, Matt Bracken's taking over.
Best-selling author, former Navy SEAL, good patriot.
But Matt, I gotta ask you this question.
When we have the left trying to overthrow the country, we have them openly trying to start a civil war.
We have them saying, kill patriots, kill the president.
I don't want violence.
You've got Antifa-type individuals doing these mass shootings, the media covers that up, then they try to blame us.
How do you, just briefly, because I've got a bunch of news to cover, how do you see this unfolding?
Because we've all watched the hearings and it's totally insane.
People go, oh well, then Trump's going to win in the Senate.
But it's going off the fruit of the poison tree.
You're supposed to stop an investigation if it's not following the Constitution and House rules.
And so I just see a collapse of rule of law in this country.
And I think Trump is in more danger than he knows, because I believe,
and they're going to roll out a bunch of fake women saying that he attacked them,
and race stuff, and a bunch of other fake corruption that they've had their U.S.
attorneys and others digging for around the country, and once they get it into that vote,
I predict that the week before the vote and the week of the vote, there's going to be civil
unrest, all sorts of stuff coming out, and that the left's going to try their coup. And I just think...
Being overly optimistic is going to allow it to happen.
A, do you agree with me?
B, what do you think is coming?
And C, what do we do to make sure we're not caught flat-footed?
Well, I think that the left has cried wolf for too long.
So they've already done the Kavanaugh thing.
They came out a week after, 18 minutes after the inauguration, the impeachment has started.
Not only conservatives and libertarians, but a lot of, you know, fence-sitters and non-political people, they see the basic unfairness of it.
I mean, even people that don't pay a lot of attention, they go, wait a minute, they had four law constitutional law school guys as witnesses yesterday to basically say, you know, burn the witch, impeach him.
All four voted for Hillary and Obama.
One, Jonathan Turley, was, you know, at least I agree with you, but it's only the vehicle to get up to the trial.
of it and and I think I mean even the dumbest person knows you're supposed to
have the other side and you don't right I think that they actually harmed
themselves yesterday because it was I agree with you but it's only the vehicle
to get up to the trial I I know them and I agree they've been called the cabin
all but I believe they're gonna watch their full attack there there are two
big attacks going on This is Stalingrad.
And what we're watching, imagine you're a reporter embedded with the German army or the Russian army leading up to Stalingrad, and you're just, on your channel, you're just saying, look at the German army, we're unstoppable.
Or look at the Soviet army, we're unstoppable.
But what we're coming up to next week and until Christmas, is kind of a Stalingrad of narratives,
where the deep state coup narrative, which is Russia collusion, now a Ukraine,
the Ukraine hoax is going to collide like two tsunamis against the FISA, IG Horowitz FISA report on Monday.
There are gonna be new hearings on Monday, shows the Democrat desperation.
They really don't know what they're gonna have hearings about yet,
but they're scheduling something on Monday to try to put up another fire break
against the Horowitz report.
They're doing all this.
False obfuscation, head fake reporting that Barr and Horowitz are at odds.
This is all BS, because Horowitz is like the initial landing wave, and behind it is coming like the armored division, which is going to be the Durham criminal indictments.
And I think that Barr is smart enough to know, understand this like in military terms, that it's not going to be long after the Horowitz report It's not going to just hang out there like a balloon and deflate.
The Durham indictments are going to start coming.
You know, I hope you're right.
Listen man, I hope you're right to God.
And you should probably come back on my main show tomorrow because I know you've got a lot of sources.
You're a smart cookie and I respect you.
I pray you're right.
You think the Washington Post then, because I mean they do lie a lot.
I don't believe anything they say.
Sometimes they tell the truth though.
That's what's so scary.
They're saying that it's going to exonerate the FBI.
And not have any teeth to it, and that Barr's pissed?
David Ignatius, who's on the Washington, writes for the WAPO and is on MSNBC on Morning Joe every morning.
He is a classic Operation Mockingbird.
He is a CIA stooge, you know, just like Anderson Cooper or these other guys.
He is a CIA mouthpiece.
This coup is still being run by John Brennan.
From outside of the CIA, he is still directing this coup.
This is an entirely CIA coup.
The FBI is co-opted by the deep state CIA forces.
The media is.
He's just a mouthpiece for the FBI and CIA people who are desperate.
So they're trying to spin it and create their own narrative.
But next Monday is going to be coming the FISA report.
And soon behind that will be Durham's indictments.
And there's going to be hell to pay.
There better be.
There better be.
I respect you.
And you're right 95% of the time about like I am.
So, how do you come to that?
Well, we're in a political warfare.
No, I mean, I think if Trump's smart, he knows he better swing for the damn fences.
So, I mean, the right choice is to indict these criminals.
They deserve it.
I mean, he better damn well do it.
But just because he better well damn do it, The Deep State has never been prosecuted!
But remember, ever since Trump started, he was kind of optimistic.
Even though he talked about draining the swamp, I don't think he realized that people like McMaster were going to hold over Obama spies against him.
I don't think he realized the extent of the treason around him of these Deep State spies and traitors.
Oh, I think you're right.
He's been on his heels the whole time.
I wish that he had declassified everything a year ago, two years ago.
The way he did with the Ukraine transcript, I think there are just reams of material he should have ordered declassified and published.
I totally agree with you.
Let me ask you this question you're going to take over.
And by the way, guys.
I'm going to be up here all night working on a huge story.
I want to ask you this.
We have U.N.
documents that are admitted real of a company that works for the U.N., that human rights group that microchipped people in Latin America.
We've got all the news.
That's confirmed.
We know now they're recruiting homeless to this hotel and this other site to do it.
We've confirmed it today with multiple sources.
Is that a hangover from Obama and programs they were going to use for civil unrest?
Or why are there U.N.
contracts running around In a larger sense, I think Obama is just another minion.
is going to create the global ID through face scan, that's in Reuters.
Do you think that's a hangover from Obama?
Because I know Trump doesn't run a lot of the government.
Or what do you think that is?
In a larger sense, I think Obama is just another minion.
He's not the prophet.
He's just another minor false prophet on this road.
But like in the 1930s, if you step back to then, when if you were watching from America,
You saw our media calling both Hitler and Stalin good guys.
You know, they're just doing the best they can for their countries.
Even while, you know, gulags and death camps were being constructed.
Our media was painting a false narrative about them.
And today, with China, I think that they're just as evil as Stalin or Hitler ever were.
You know, the Chinese, with their... That's what I'm saying is... Matt, Matt, what I'm saying is...
I'm going to do a few more minutes because I want to ask you this question.
I want your specific thing.
Because we know Obama, and obviously he's a puppet of the globalists, was setting some of this stuff up.
It was in Army manuals, the term re-education camp, the Bill Ayers plan.
What I'm saying is, that's going on right now.
Alright, Matt Bracken can't come on the show tomorrow because he's traveling, but I do want to invite him before.
The weekends, I mean, I guess this Monday when the IG report comes out, because I do respect him and I hope he's right.
And you know, this impeachment thing is huge.
The fiasco, the train wreck, how evil it is.
And we've covered some of the first hour.
I promise you, the war room's got a lot of highlights and things that happened.
Owen Schroer is going to be covering here in about 30 minutes and the other shows like Firepower.
But getting back to what I was saying, I have the mainstream news articles.
I have the documents.
Where they are chipping the third world, you know, going back 15 years ago in Latin America and now in Sweden.
And I have the same company now saying they're doing it here in Austin.
Well, then there was a viral video with an homeless guy at a barbershop talking about, oh, I'm going to move in this nice place.
And they gave me everything free.
I'm going to get a microchip.
Well, we called the barber that knows that fellow.
We got in touch with him.
Went and met with him.
Went and met with others.
And went into the homeless camp, they're like, yeah, they pull up in the van, they're wearing suits, they come in there, they're going to show us the place we're gonna be.
We go look up the places, they're indeed being set up.
And then we learned some of them are being offered by another company that comes medical experiments and stuff.
And what I'm saying is, the UN is involved in our business.
And Obama was bringing him in through strong cities to run the police departments.
And the Democrats have called him in about the border and ICE.
And I'm saying Trump hasn't even gotten control of his White House.
And so I'm saying these stay-behind networks that we know the deep state still has in place, and we had Brennan and others bragging on TV a few weeks ago, oh, thank God the deep state, we're gonna remove Trump.
I'm saying, who does he think's at the head of the deep state right now?
I know Soros funds a lot of it and was involved in the Cold War, but who's really behind it?
What's their play?
Because it is super ham-fisted with the Democrats and what they're doing, and utterly discrediting.
I agree, but they're still going ahead with it.
Is it to distract from all their other scandals?
And we know they're threatening a lot of... I mean, let me tell you, the threats I've gotten are just unbelievable.
And the things they've done to us.
Well, most people buckle to that, Matt.
So I'm just saying, my gut's never wrong, and I'm having moorings... I'm more charged up And more pissed off than I've ever been.
I mean, I'm in war mode.
My spider sense is past 11, broke the gauge, and... I mean, are you feeling that?
Are you seeing that?
I mean, because, boy, I sure hope Trump wipes these bastards out, but I am in just... I'm not even in a mode like I feel like we're losing.
I'm in a mode like, you know, just swinging for the fences here.
I mean, are you picking up what I'm saying?
And I've just learned over the years, I used to ignore my gut.
I've learned it's never wrong.
I mean, what's your gut feeling?
I wish that there was a single Mr. Big or like a little panel somewhere that we could find and take out.
But there's no Mr. Big.
George Soros is certainly one of the minions of this evil.
Obama was another minion.
It's a culture of evil.
It's a system of corruption.
It's a brotherhood of darkness.
Well, there are satanic forces.
If you go back, and I'm sure you could go century by century, but just in the 20th century, while we were fat and happy in the West, Traders in our own country were saying, Joseph Stalin's a great guy.
Sure, you've got to break a few eggs to make an omelet.
And meanwhile, these communists were infiltrating.
I mean, Joe McCarthy, he gets a bad rap, but he was right.
They really were communists.
And now, you look at the four law school constitutional experts, They're globalist, communist traitors.
Three out of the four.
Turley's a classical liberal, but this is unfortunately much worse than just finding the Mr. Big of this.
There are true satanic forces at work, and they've got social media, they've got governments.
When you look at, if you want to succeed in this world, In terms of, like, wealth, power, fame, you sell your soul.
That's it.
You sell your soul to the devil.
Oh, it's true.
You absolutely do.
If you want to fight for liberty, you're going to be a partisan in the forest, hiding in a cave, you know, freezing cold, trying to scrounge up weapons.
That's how it is.
The good news is that the drones and the NPCs They may be by the millions, but a few strong men are like Crusader knights that are just wading through the hordes with the swinging of the sword.
A few good men outweigh, you know, thousands or maybe millions of these NPC drones, and that's what it's going to take.
You know, last week when I was called to come in, I put on my Infowars t-shirt.
I want to represent.
This is a battle.
You know, we are in a struggle.
This is not a joke.
This is not like, you know, how do I climb the ladder of, you know, maybe I'll get on Fox News or who gives a damn?
This is an existential battle.
You know, Stalingrad is coming.
And the way that it's being fought today, instead of with tanks, is with network TV.
And so that's really what I'm feeling, because this is so real.
This is the big conflict.
It's all coming down right now.
I mean, this is history happening right now.
Yeah, it's a Stalingrad of competing narratives.
And it's amazing how, when it's like an hourglass, it has to focus through that little narrow part of the glass.
That all of these battles that we've been watching ever since, you know, Trump really since he came down the escalator then was elected, it's coming up till next week where we've got the FISA IG report coming out and more of these Nadler hearings.
But there are things that we, you know, we have weapons we haven't even used and some of the weapons We're like intimidated from using.
Like naming this guy Eric Ciaramella.
I mean, he's the linchpin.
He's like the Rosetta Stone.
And they're not even allowed to call him even though he's the mole that made the whole thing up to begin with.
And he's a CIA minion.
He's a Brennan placement.
He went from Brennan to the Obama White House.
He worked for Biden.
He flew with Biden.
He was all about Ukraine, graft, and corruption.
He gets fired for leaking, he goes back to the CIA.
His bro-pal, his bro-lover-buddy, whatever you want to call him, your best pal, is a guy named Sean Misko.
Sean Misko goes, where does he go?
He goes to Schiff's Intel Committee.
So this whole thing was a setup.
When you look at a setup, and you can't even name the, like, archstone, What do you call the cornerstone of this entire setup?
You can't even name his name!
Is this a free country or not?
Like three weeks ago, Hemingway, Margaret Hemingway from The Federalist, she was on Media Buzz with Howie Kurtz.
She said his name.
They all had a conniption.
They scrubbed that entire Howie Kurtz media buzz.
That's right.
Once they get people used to censorship, now it's everything.
Let's go back to those images of the ringleaders with Brennan up there.
Voted communist on record.
Is a communist.
Converted to Wahhabism.
Those aren't rumors.
He admits all that.
And he hates America.
He admits he hates it.
What a psychotic demon.
Who the hell put that scumbag in power?
Well, Obama.
He's still running it from outside.
He's still running this from outside.
It turns out he still has his security clearance.
Trump ordered it removed.
Why the hell does he have it?
The top three people at CIA today are Brennan minions.
See, this is the problem with having an outsider like Trump.
God bless him, a swamp drainer.
When you have an outsider come in, people say, well, you know, this lady, Jean Haskell, she's good.
She's strong.
Or, you know, General McMaster, he's good.
So people keep putting spies and traitors around Trump because he really doesn't know.
And for people that don't run operations, I mean, I've only got a hundred and something crew and they're all great and put up with me.
If they weren't all really trying, we couldn't do anything.
Imagine if someone lies to your face and then sabotages you.
I get mad at Trump.
You really can't get mad at him.
I can barely run this place and I got a great crew.
Imagine Trump surrounded by all these people.
I'd go crazy.
I can't imagine the pressure that for him to stand up to this.
I mean, he, he, he is, he is like Samson holding the pillars of the temple.
I mean, I'm like 1% of his strength in terms of being able to stand up to this.
But sometimes we're weaker, sometimes we're stronger.
But we all have to take turns standing in the breach.
Well, Matt, you're always powerful.
That's why I'm so happy to come on InfoWars.
You're on fire today.
Sorry to grab part of the time.
We have the final segment coming up.
And please join me next week during my part of the show as well.
So I want to get your expertise.
Matt Bracken takes over in the War Room.
Owens Froyer, next hour.
Okay, I'm back.
You know, nothing gets me fired up like Alex.
And kind of like Trump, you know, a real strong outsider.
I just, I don't know how these guys can stay in the arena like they do, like a gladiator or a matador.
Just, you know, taking slings and arrows from every direction, including backstabs, From your own side at times.
So I'm very happy and proud to be called in sometimes sort of like I look at maybe like a relief pitcher.
You know, a pitcher goes eight innings and and throws hundreds of pitches.
And a couple guys get on base.
I'm proud to come in and stand for Alex and That's something that I want to convey to all of you.
We all need to be strong.
We could all just go fishing and say, you know, F it.
I'm not going to live forever.
I don't care what happens next.
It's interesting that so many of our enemies are childless globalists.
They really don't have a stake.
You know, Macron, Merkel, They don't have a stake.
They have no children.
It's all just a hypothetical to them.
It's a thought experiment.
And for those of us with children, it's not a thought experiment.
This is reality.
This is our children.
This is our nation, our tribe, our people.
Are we going to be extinguished?
Is freedom going to be wiped out?
Or are we going to stand tall and You know, pick up the sword when we need to, and stand on the skyline.
You know, as a warrior, we're taught to not skyline ourselves.
Sure, because everybody can see you and shoot at you, but sometimes you have to stand on the skyline and be seen.
Even in crazy wars like World War I, or really any war, that second lieutenant, you know, he had to go over the... he had to jump out of the trench first.
Blowing a whistle with just a pistol in his hand.
It wasn't because he was going to shoot any Germans with his whistle or his pistol.
It was because he had to serve as an example to the troops.
You know, there goes Second Lieutenant Smith.
I'm not letting him go out there into no man's land alone.
And that's what this is about.
The last hour, I watched Alex's interview with Ezra Levent of Canada's Rebel Media, and I hope people, if you didn't see it, you go to band.video and watch it, because this isn't just an American phenomenon or a local phenomenon.
This is a global phenomenon.
We are being shut down.
We're being, you know, harrowed and divided.
Cornered like partisans in the forest.
That doesn't mean we've lost.
You can be outnumbered by drones, thousands to one.
But the strength of the Holy Spirit of righteousness gives us a strength way beyond our numbers.
And part of the reason for needing to show our strength is to turn some of those drones into warriors.
You have to give them the fighting spirit, okay?
And we are definitely on the On the defensive, in terms of the technology and the power, yes, if you surrender to Satan and you make a deal, you sign in blood, you can become successful, certainly in politics or in the corporate world.
Unlike China, China just has one government.
It's a totalitarian dictatorship Maybe in the future we're going to discover for sure, but we all suspect now, worse than the abuses of Hitler or Stalin.
But we're seeing this type of a globalist totalitarian impetus spreading even into our country.
And it's not the government is saying, well, sure, no freedom of speech for you.
But like Tommy Robinson, Ezra Levant mentioned in Britain, So he spends a few months in jail here and there, but he's got no Twitter, no Facebook.
They silence him.
Or in Ezra Levant in Canada with Rebel Media, they take away his press credentials.
They un-person him.
So you're narrowed down into smaller and smaller areas where you still have visibility in a microphone, like with InfoWars.
So if you want to keep this going, yes, support InfoWars, for sure, because we are being silenced.
I want to get to this whole deep state coup, the impeachment versus Horowitz and Durham.
I want to get to that.
And I consider The fact that we can't name the name Eric Sierra Mella outside of our own ghetto, you know, our own internet ghetto, maybe sometimes on talk radio.
We don't have free speech.
If the actual, you know, the connecting node, the linchpin of this entire coup, the Ukraine hoax, this guy Eric Sierra Mella put in the White House by Brennan, we can't even say his name.
Earlier, I forget where it was, but the whole thing of AI censorship came up.
This morning, I posted, you know, Louie Gohmert has a video on his own website.
He was one of the people on the Republican side yesterday doing the five-minute speeches, and he actually He didn't name Eric Ciaramella, but he described his entire autobiography, his CV, the places he worked, who he connected with, and essentially, like that meme I made showing him in the middle of the faces around this part of the Deep State coup, Louie Gohmert did everything but name Eric Ciaramella.
He named all of these people on this picture, and how they connect, and his role in this coup.
But even yesterday, Louie Gohmert, where he can't be convicted of slander or anything for something he says in Congress, even he was too intimidated to say, Eric Ciaramella.
First three letters, CIA.
I thought, boy, wouldn't it be great if that was on Fox or one of these YouTube video channels.
I had to go to Louie Gohmert's own channel where he had uploaded some Alabama or some local TV station recording of his five minutes, and I posted a comment on the YouTube saying that he just described Eric Ciaramella and his importance to this whole coup.
And I spelled out the name, E-R-I-C-C-I-A-R, you know, Ciara Mella.
And then, right after that, I said, I said, here's a test for YouTube censorship.
I just posted this exact thing, you know, copy and paste, but there I wrote it out.
Now I'm just going to put E, star, star, star, CIA, seven stars.
In 20 minutes, my comment where his name was on YouTube was gone.
Well, I haven't checked lately, but my comment where I put the stars in was still there.
So AI is being used on YouTube to delete the name Eric Ciaramella.
And even a congressman like Louie Gohmert spent three of his five minutes describing the importance of Eric Ciaramella, first three letters CIA, just a coincidence, but it's beautiful, And even where he can't be charged with anything.
Like, remember when Schiff wrote that, he recited that quote-unquote parody of the Ukraine phone call?
You can say anything.
There's no, you can't be charged for anything you say.
Louie Gohmert was too afraid and intimidated to say Eric Sierra Mella.
Well, Eric Sierra Mella is like the, you know, the pin in the hand grenade.
He is the lynchpin, the lynchnode.
And even though his name, you can say, I know who he is, his name is in the internet conservative ghetto.
The unimportant doesn't matter to the false narrative ghetto.
Even on Fox News, they will not allow the name Eric Ciaramella to be stated.
And when Molly Hemingway He said it three weeks ago on Harry Kurtz Media Buzz, the entire show was taken off the internet.
Completely deleted.
What the hell kind of a country is this?
This is a CIA operation still being run by John Brennan from outside.
The top three at the CIA are John Brennan sock puppets.
And you can say, well, but Trump Trump appointed them.
Well, he appointed people like McMaster also, and they're also traitors, because he didn't know.
Anyway, that's the end of the show.
I'll see you next week.
God bless.
God bless.
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Every Hollywood film, every major publication that's being promoted by the establishment is putting out a self-loathing, a orthodox hatred for humanity and our potential, so that we are psychically wounded With self-hate so that we will give up on ourselves, crawl into a ditch, and die as a culture.
This is all being done in the name of saving the Earth because humans are a form of cancer on the planet and have to be culled, like you give a body radiation to supposedly stop cancer.
But the globalists themselves, in their own internal publications, many of which have leaked, believe that the planet itself is going to be overwritten By the new technologies they are supposedly developing.
What we're dealing with is psychotic mad scientists.
And every action they take is simply a nihilistic search for more power and more control.
And the ultimate power is controlling the minds of fellow humans on this planet and playing God.
And building systems of surveillance that create an artificial form of omnipresence.
Yeah, we're good.