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Name: 20191203_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Dec. 3, 2019
2045 lines.

Alex Jones discusses how globalists are attempting to control all information and silence opposing voices through censorship. He encourages people to support alternative media outlets like Infowars in order to fight against this censorship. David Icke's new book, The Trigger, demolishes the official story of 9/11 and exposes who was really behind it. Alex Jones promotes various products on his website and encourages listeners to not spend money at Target due to its globalist views and support of transhumanism. The show also covers Google pulling 300 Trump ads over the summer, child sacrifice in modern times, and "woke" comedy.

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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
335 days left until the 2020 election.
You can cut the suspense with a knife.
Many people are accelerating their awakening, while others are going deeper into the trance of death.
It is Tuesday, December 11th, December 3rd, 2019.
It is 11 o'clock Central Standard Time, and we're going to be live here for the next four hours.
David Knight, of course, was just hosting his great broadcast.
We have Owen Schroer coming up with the War Room from 3 to 6 p.m., then a rebroadcast of my first hour, and then Firepower with
Will Johnson and Tom Pappert.
Again, this is teleprompter free, live global news and information on this December 3rd, 2019 Tuesday Global Broadcast.
David Ike's going to be joining us and co-hosting for two hours today.
Then Paul Joseph Watson is going to be hosting the fourth hour.
So quite a
Transmission that you're not going to want to miss, obviously.
Separately from that, I'll do my best to cover a lot of the huge breaking news in the stacks here in the first hour.
And there's so much unfolding that wild horses can't drag me away.
I also co-hosted much of Owen's broadcast yesterday.
And still, I didn't get to a lot of the news and information.
I think really the big takeaway is this.
There are forces on this planet that have been very mysterious.
And we know those forces are malevolent.
And those forces have been working to poison and disease and dumb down humanity.
And now mainline globalist publications and mainline universities on a planetary scale are all heralding the end of humanity, a post-human world nightmare scenario.
Now, the only question is who's running this?
The Bible would tell you it's interdimensional creatures that we can't see.
And now science shows that those dimensions do exist.
And mainline mathematical equations from the biggest supercomputers show that our universe is contained within another universe of dark matter that's many times more powerful, artificially holding the universe in place.
That is the third dimension.
And this is something David Icke was talking about 25, 26, 27 years ago being attacked for.
I don't know if all of his theories are right, but I do know that he pioneered exposing the whole pedophile agenda, which is now out in the open.
And so you have to pay attention to what David Icke has to say.
He certainly gets people thinking, and that's something the establishment doesn't want.
So he'll be with us in the
Second and third hour today.
And this is not a spectator sport fighting the globalist.
I cannot impress upon you enough how important you are.
The fact that you're the people that care enough to find the broadcast.
And they're aware of what's going on to a level no one else is on the planet.
It's really true.
That's why they want to extinguish InfoWars as a focal point for us to come together and share information.
That's why it's critical that they not extinguish InfoWars.
And it's why it's critical that you spread the word however you're listening, however you're watching right now.
Do it daily.
And it is an exercise of survival, an exercise of victory.
And because of you, in the face of the globalist attack, we're still on air and in some ways stronger.
So I salute you and thank you.
We'll start the official transmission in 60 seconds on the other side.
It's Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, still on air, thanks to you in defiance of the globalists and their will to extinguish free humanity's voices.
This broadcast
Chief amongst the American resistance to the globalist blasting out worldwide.
Only magnified by you when you spread the word.
So this is a true symbiotic relationship.
335 days left until
This critical election as the globalists mount their full assault to try to defeat President Trump, who is a symbol of populism and nationalism and a symbol of Americanism, not globalism.
A symbol of unity.
A symbol of the nation-state.
But the forces of tyranny are working around the clock right now.
Not just here, but across the world, from Brazil to Europe, from Africa to Asia, to crush nationalists, to crush every human system and break the will of humanity so that we can go into the long, dark night of the technocracy and be absorbed into this silicon satanic system.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the final countdown.
Humanity's great decision.
The world government, the cashless society, it's all going live right now, run by Communist China and the United Nations.
That has officially been released by Reuters AP in a UN press release.
Communist China is quarterbacking as the chief foreman
On the engineering project for the world government 5G microchip population interface.
It's right here.
Chinese tech groups writing UN facial recognition standards.
And it goes on.
From there, ladies and gentlemen, you will face scan or palm scan to buy and sell.
And if you don't submit, you will be turned off.
You will starve to death in the streets.
Huge populations will run to the hills and to rural areas and will try to go back to agrarian societies.
They will be assaulted by robot drones, robot tanks.
You think, well, humans won't go wipe out humans that run from the beast.
But the robots are already here and they're coming.
And China is riding the global standards for that.
America was supposed to fall and not even be in the picture.
And China is meant to empower the entire system.
And literally, Bacchus with 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10G already being rolled out.
This isn't science fiction.
This is the waning twilight hours of the year 2019.
The future's here.
It's not equally distributed.
And it's being run by psychotic anti-human control freaks who believe they're going to merge with machines and become gods, but only after they have paid Choron to cross into their hell that they believe is heaven.
And the payment is the extermination of the disease, the virus known as Homo Sapien Sapien.
That is openly ladies and gentlemen going on, you know, the crew does a great job in real time, pulling up articles and videos of just whatever subject I talk about here on air.
And, and they don't even know what I'm going to be bringing up most of the time.
I would encourage listeners and viewers as a lot of you do to actually look into what I say and what I claim, because 99% of the time you can easily just go find it.
But it's from the globalist perspective, telling you how great it is that, oh, next year, Tesla's gonna roll out, not just brain chips, but dozens of wires put into your brain.
But it's essential that it not be done at a hospital, because that sounds too medical and scary, brain surgery.
So it's done at little kiosks at the mall, where you just step in, like you look at a Tesla car, and sign up, and they don't worry, a robot
Cuts a hole in the back of your head and sticks some wires in there and you sign the waiver forms and then you walk out and all your friends go, oh, you're so cool.
You're a cyborg now.
But again, they've got to do it like it's buying a pair of shoes or, you know, getting a pedicure.
It's all just no big deal.
Get your bikini wax.
Get some wires shoved in your brain while the homeless in Austin get their microchiption.
Yeah, it's announced.
Nobody cares.
Just the homeless in a
Warehouse, getting their microchips.
Of course, we had the documents over a month ago.
It's confirmed, but oh, it goes so viral when it's buried in just a video on the internet of a guy getting his hair trimmed who's homeless.
And he goes, oh yeah, we're moving into a warehouse, getting a microchip, everything's gonna be free.
Well, that's actually what the plan says.
So you can see where this is going.
You do what you're told, you get your microchip, and then you behave the way you're told.
And then you get all these free little credits put onto your chip because the robot factories are making all the goods now.
Humans don't have to work anymore, but you're being made obsolete so that you don't know how things work or operate.
So you're lazy.
So you're stupid.
So you're drugged by weaponized level marijuana and fentanyl and fluoride in the water.
And it's all an admitted plan to shutter and control your consciousness.
And that really is my main message to everybody, is that this is not a drill.
This is not a game.
This is not a joke.
This is real.
And InfoWars' view of the world is the most accurate forecast of what was going to come.
And now it's here.
And you don't have to listen to me telling you what's going to come next.
The globalists have told you what's going to come next, but don't worry.
You're going to be as high as a kite when you die.
30, 40 years before you're supposed to.
And you'll never know what hit you as the rise of the new species of machines takes over and we are phased out.
That's all been announced.
That's taught at all the universities.
And people under Stockholm Syndrome go, well, I better join that so I can be part of the last group that has to go and give up their humanity.
Because they're all agreeing that they have to die before they're uploaded to the mothership.
This is beyond a Hale-Bopp cult where these men cut their testicles and penises off and were transgendered and all believed that they were going to beam their spirits up to the Hale-Bopp comet.
And those were some top programmers in Silicon Valley.
Where do you think this whacked out stuff comes from?
They just thought they were moving to the end right away.
Forget uploading to the computers.
When they were taking their DMT, whatever it was they were talking to on the DMT, pulled them to drink vodka and take barbiturates and wear their Nike tennis shoes.
See how that works?
We're going to go to break.
I'm going to come back and get into all the current temporal news.
Head of David Icke, hasn't been on in two years and joining us for two hours.
He'll be co-hosting.
This is going to be powerful.
He's always very thought-provoking.
But however you're watching, however you're listening, remember, it's beyond paramount.
It's beyond central.
It's beyond critical.
It's absolutely imperative that if you're listening on local AM and FM stations, that you tell people about the station with urgency.
They want to have us in this trance.
No, you go into the grocery store or the gas station or you walk into work and you say, Hey, I'm listening to Alex Jones right now, or I'm going to listen to him tonight on the local station.
He's covering stuff they don't want you to hear.
That's why he's so censored.
Yeah, I've heard of that guy.
Well, listen, find out what he's really saying.
It affects you and your family.
We don't have to let this takeover happen.
Well, who's taking over?
Listen, you need to find out who's taking over.
One can't be told about the matrix.
One has to see it.
InfoWars sees into the matrix.
We can read the code.
So can you.
But at this point, I can literally see the code.
Just like Hollywood says, they're throwing it in your face, ladies and gentlemen.
And they believe a lot of you are going to see the code and get scared and join it.
You will not upload to the machine.
You will download to hell.
Do not join with Satan.
It's a lie.
It's all a fraud.
I don't say it with pleasure when I point out that InfoWars has laid out
How the planet really works, who's in charge, and what their endgame is, long before they came out and admitted the endgame.
And now they're just flooding us with electromagnetic radiation, GMO, tons and tons of fentanyl, enough to kill the whole country.
If we took a dose, it's flooding in every week.
It's just incredible.
And Christian pro-human nations are under attack.
Everybody else has basically given up and are complete slaves.
But there's hope in defeating this if we can admit what's happening and rediscover the basic liberties that made us great.
Now I want to tell you the news that's coming up that I'm going to cover before David Icke joins us.
But I also wanted to just encourage listeners and viewers, with Christmas being here, to not spend your money with Target.
And I occasionally still go to Target if it's 10 o'clock at night and, you know, the kids need socks or something I forgot to get if I'm out of town.
It's not that Target's a bad store itself, it's that it's a globalist, anti-human, transhumanist, brainwash the kids, get rid of the boys and girls toy sections, because it's bad for boys and girls to be, you know, to be their own independent part of the species.
They're doing terrible stuff.
Why would you go buy your Christmas presents with them?
And then look at Jeff Bezos and his globalism and his slave factories and with the robot takeover.
And I'm not judging you if you bought some stuff on Amazon.
Everybody does.
The point is, buy stuff from local merchants.
Buy things from Infowars.
Buy things that you need that are high quality with organizations that share your values.
Why go out and fight all the traffic?
Why go out and go through the craziness of the stores?
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And so that's just where things are, and that's okay.
I believe you're going to provide, so I believe God's going to touch your heart to do that.
I believe that you're going to spread the word about the broadcast, that you've seen what we've been through, how we've been attacked, because we're telling the truth.
It's a badge of honor.
If I wasn't being attacked, I think I wasn't doing my job.
I don't enjoy being attacked.
I'm not a masochist, but
At the end of the day, I kind of do.
You know what I mean?
I don't like it, but I do, because it means I'm over the target.
Taking that pain, because I'm going to defeat these people, because I know how evil they are.
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Cyber Week.
It's critical for folks to fund us.
Critical support your local radio stations.
Instead of tithing to that local church that doesn't stand up for pro-life, support the local radio station that has pro-life hosts on.
Donate to them every week, every month, and spread the word.
Paint the name of the station on your barn.
You know, if we're on that station, this is a war, and your word of mouth is king.
I'm on my knees for the sake of you and my children and all of us asking for your word of mouth and asking you to take action.
I don't want these pedophile Satanist vampires to keep winning.
We're very close to beating them.
We're at the tipping point, but we've only summoned their counter-offensive.
Their counter-revolution operation.
They see us as a counter-revolution, but the truth is, we simply are the inheritors of this planet.
Even if we take the birthright, but there's evil that wants to steal it.
So I need your word of mouth, and I need your prayers, and I need your financial support.
And our local stations do as well.
Please continue to do what you do and take action.
We'll be right back.
I'm going to go sit down at that desk and I'm going to blitz through a ton of news ahead of David Icke joining us today on this Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019 Global Broadcast.
We are back live.
We are broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Thank you so much again for joining us.
Okay, let me get into the big news here.
We'll be covering all of this with
David Icke in the second and third hour.
Paul Watson will be hosting the fourth hour.
Ahead of Owen Schroer in the War Room, 3 to 6 p.m., banned dot video.
Hillary Clinton has said that she's considering entering the race.
She's always intended to run.
She's going to announce, even though she's infirm, and looks like a
Rotting old shoe on the side of the highway.
Her will to power is very real.
We're going to be getting into that.
Also, it's being reported by the Washington Post, who knows if it's true, that the upcoming IG report is going to absolve the deep state.
And that follows the pattern.
We're going to be getting into that report.
And so much more.
And I don't really like to make fun of leftists because they're such twisted, fallen wrecks of humans.
But if it's people like Aid Screelix or Carl the Cuck or Trigglypuff, I mean, there's so many of them.
I don't know what you call this lady other than evil Mickey Mouse.
Put the videos up on Infowars.com.
Old lady with Mickey Mouse voice screams at Trump supporters.
We're going to get to that in a moment.
Because she's slapping them, she's hitting them.
She's cussing at them, so we had to bleep it.
And she's totally entitled.
And then brags how her brother is Hillary's lawyer that protected her in Arkansas.
What did Hillary do in Arkansas?
Mina drug dealing, children murdered, protecting pedophiles.
I mean, this is all on record.
They made movies, you know, fictional movies about corrupt lawyers.
Give me a break.
Imagine a movie about Hillary.
You talk about a villain.
You talk about connected to wickedness from the very get-go.
We're gonna get to all of that because the cover matches the contents of the book with these people.
We'll get to that in a moment.
First off, one thing I didn't add last segment, something very exciting that we've been working on.
Third dimensionally, the left doesn't want you to exercise your speech.
You know that.
But when you do it, it gives other people faith and other people get really excited.
I can't tell you how many times I walk in the door
And my children or my wife or my parents or my friends say, I was hiking through the woods and up on a rock face was, you know, InfoWars carved or I was, you know, in East Austin, somebody spray painted it big up on the side of an overpass or I saw bumper stickers all over cars and it just excites people and it spreads the word and InfoWars has been so demonized that it really is now a symbol of resistance against everything the globalists stand for.
And so I went to my Great Graphics Design folks, and I said, I want 15 new stickers.
Dr. McHamshot, please.
I said, I want 15 new stickers.
And we're going to put five stickers in the small orders and 10 stickers in the big orders.
Some stickers are full-size, some are small.
My favorites are these little ones, and young people love these because they go on backpacks, they go on lockers, they go on bathroom walls.
Each little sheet has 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 stickers on it.
Let's see, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, yeah, 9.
9 stickers.
3%, 1776, InfoWars.com.
InfoWars.com is where I'm for your mind.
InfoWars.com, 1776.
I mean, this is a great way to get the word out.
You name it.
Or covertly get the word out, you know, in this police state.
Defend your country.
Who is Alex Jones?
Forbidden information.
I am 1776.
Alex Jones lives.
Tyranny Response Team.
Don't tread on me.
If you can read this, save America.
Upside down flag.
A NewsWars.com sticker.
There is a war on for your mind with the Statue of Liberty.
I am 1776.
Honk if Epstein didn't kill himself.
Epstein didn't kill himself.
InfoWars.com in the Stranger Things font.
And that's just some of the new stickers and some of the classics.
So every order, little order, gets five because I don't want to make the shipping go up on you.
Every big order gets ten and we're selling out of all these.
At cost, where for $9.95, you get 40 stickers.
That's shipping included.
Because really, it costs like $5 for the 40 stickers, but then there's the shipping and handling.
So, $9.95 at cost, sticker bomb.
Great way to spread the word this Christmas in the face of these tyrants wherever you live, legally and lawfully.
And believe me, you want to trigger lebtards, they're going to tear them down.
But I mean, this little sticker thing cost us 10 cents.
So that's basically
A little more than a cent a sticker for these babies.
And then the bigger stickers cost us 10 cents a piece as well or whatever.
But the point is, and you got the shipping and all the handling and all the rest of it, it comes up to $9.95 is about what it cost us.
And this way you get it out.
Very exciting.
Go to infowarestore.com and find that.
I'm going to stop plugging.
It's just that Information Warfare is the way to go.
It's very, very exciting.
And it's how we're going to change this world.
And it's how we're going to push back and fight back.
And, you know, when you have a sticker on your car,
If it's Epstein didn't tell himself, the left now has embraced that and is like, yeah, Trump's involved.
No, it's the Clintons.
It's the deep state.
It's not Trump.
I've looked into it and they can't stand that.
But if you've got a information, forbidden information, banned video in your car, you're not going to get keyed or attacked.
But I would not stick an InfoWars in your car unless you live in a conservative rural area.
Then you might meet your husband, your wife, you know, your new best friend.
But do not do it in a blue area unless you are willing to be hit in the head with a bike lock.
I mean, these people will go psychotic on you.
You want to know what it's like to be Alex Jones?
Walk around with an M4 shirt on.
In a blue city.
And you'll meet more people that like you than not.
But it doesn't matter.
That 15th person you walk by will take a swing at you.
Because you are Hitler to them, and they want to attack somebody.
Now, as soon as you get back in their face, they run.
But they'll bump you, they'll hit you, they'll, you know, not too hard.
It's like a token thing to like,
With them, it's all a simulation.
Then you have to chase them down the street.
But that's how this works, ladies and gentlemen.
This is a real war, and I want you to experience it and engage these people.
Because let me tell you, they used to confront me all over.
I get right back in their face.
And now I go in restaurants, I go in places, they sit there with their upper lip shaking, and they keep their libtard, fascist mouth shut.
Because I'm gonna get right back in their stinking, dirty, child-molesting face, and they know it.
And they can't stand it.
They want to bully people, just like the kids they kidnap and they rape.
And even if they're not raping kids, they have that spirit now.
And now their main operating system, we have the Holy Ghost, they have the child molester spirit.
The vampire hurt the children spirit.
And they're now openly externalizing the method and saying, yeah, we want to kill babies.
We love to kill them after they're born.
Hurt those little suckers.
I love chopping them up.
The mainline feminists all are saying how fun it is to kill babies and licking their lips and saying, hail Satan on TV.
They're not just doing that to demoralize you.
They're doing it because it's their power source and they're declaring the name of their God and their love of their God.
Out of desperation because they can feel Christ's energy coming back into the world.
This is real.
This is happening.
They're very, very scared right now.
And so, exercise your free speech like never before.
Call into a Libtard show.
Again, go to Congress.
Confront them.
But whatever you do, tell people about the local stations because folks are ready to wake up right now.
When we come back, I'm gonna stop it, and I'm gonna get to all this news I just said I'd mention to the Mickey Mouse lady, and now it ties into Biden and his weird roach-leg thing, looking at black kids calling them roaches.
I mean, these are psychotic demons.
And the veneers coming off where they're uncloaking, it's not just senility.
It's not just early dementia.
Even the young leftists are having seizures on stage because they are falling.
And as the evil tries to come into them to attack us, it's bringing them down, not us.
Losing your mind.
Thank God I'm crazy or I would have gone insane a long time ago.
I just knew too much.
And the whole system is about ridiculing you if you know how things actually work.
If you study the ruling class and the scientific dictators and the world they're building.
Because it's a world full of ugliness.
It's a post-human world.
These globalists think they're in charge.
The fact that they think they're in control is a real joke.
It's like the song says.
You really think you're in control?
You really think Bill Gates is in control?
You think Hillary Clinton's in control?
You think Lord Rothschild's in control?
No, there's a dark force in control of them.
And that force is not in control.
And the force is just simply God's will.
It's not something from the movie Star Wars.
And that force has been mathematically proven.
The will of God holding the universe in his hand.
Alright, let's lay it out.
The rotting edifice that is Hillary, that is Joe Biden, with his fever dreams of dementia.
It's so sad when old people, even if they're good people, start to have real brain rot.
And they start saying really nasty, gross, weird things that don't make sense.
One day they're fine, the next day they're drawn on the walls with feces.
Come back the next day, they're okay.
Next week, they're cutting their fingers off.
You know, this is the type of stuff that goes on.
Next day, they're walking down the street naked.
Joe Biden is degenerating in front of our very eyes, like a vampire in a movie that gets caught out in the sun and starts turning into dust in front of you.
Or the Skeksy death scene, throne room scene.
Death of the Emperor Skeksy, maybe we can roll that in the background.
I mean, he's crumbling in slow motion in front of us, and the system still keeps shoving him in front of us because the globalists are hierarchical.
And he has served the system.
And it's all run by 80- and 90-year-old crazy devil worshippers.
And so they like seeing Joe up there.
And they don't mind him slurring his words and stuff, because they are.
They don't mind all that dandruff on his shoulders.
They don't mind him calling little black kids roaches.
That's what they call them.
In Mexico, the ruling class called the worker class roaches.
So this is all emblematic of who they are.
Here's Hillary saying, oh, I'd have to make up my mind really quickly.
And boy, she's right at the edge of that cliff.
She knows she shouldn't run.
She knows it's not going to go well, but she wants that power.
My power!
I am the emperor!
Here she is.
Not yet.
And then the fawning audience.
Look at Webster Hubble's daughter.
You could step back into the ring.
I hear that.
I especially have been deluged in the last few weeks with thinking about doing that.
But right now, I'm not at all planning that.
I'd have to make up my mind really quickly.
Because it's moving very fast.
But I do want to continue to influence the debate.
I'm not leaving the political arena completely.
I'm working really hard to make it clear that we have to hold our current leadership accountable.
So I'm on Twitter.
I'm not as clever as Chelsea is at dealing with a lot of the undercurrents.
God help us.
Okay, so that's good.
Now let's move on.
This has been out for a week, as you know, or four or five days.
You're on television, so be good.
I said, I'm telling you, you're not getting a billion dollars.
If the prosecutor's not fired, you're not getting the money.
Oh, son of a bitch.
Got fired.
No, not smiles.
No pain until you're 30.
You know, I sit on the stand and it get hot.
I got a lot of, I got hairy legs that turn, that, that, that, that, that, that turn blonde in the sun.
And the kids used to come up and reach in and pull and rub my leg down so it was straight and then watch the hair come back up again.
They'd look at it.
So I learned about roaches.
I learned about kids jumping on my lap.
And I've loved kids jumping on my lap.
Oh, son of a bitch.
And she sounds just like Mickey Mouse.
This has not been altered.
She starts hitting people, cussing them.
The police officer says, hey, they're just having fun.
Leave them alone.
So she cusses them out and stomps off.
But the entitlement of the left, this is how they act.
If you go to a leftist rally, they're almost all like this lady.
They're like, this lady's a freak show.
They can be black, they can be white, they can be old, they can be young, they can be Hispanic, they can be Asian.
They all act and look like her, but they're mainly white.
And they're the ruling class.
They supposedly control things, and they're just pissed that their goddess, their god, Hillary, didn't get in.
So old liberal lady with Mickey Mouse voice screams at Trump supporters.
This is all emblematic of the rotting, diseased brains.
Here it is.
My brother was your lawyer!
He was Lawyer of the Year!
He represented Hillary!
Change it!
Get a change!
You've got my niece there to save Chelsea!
You guys don't have a clue what's going on over there!
Where's the evidence?
My brother had her a baby!
My brother protected Hillary!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
Thank you.
Right now!
God bless President Trump and God bless America!
Four more years!
Four more years!
Four more years!
So, that's what we're facing.
Now, they've been trying to hide their supporters.
Last election, I mean, we had videos every week with 5-10 million views.
We would just go out and show them, and it was just really hilarious, but also sad.
Well, now they delete and take down videos everywhere that show the freak show that these people have turned into, or maybe they were always like this, but... I didn't think we'd find anybody the top Aideskrillix, Carl the Cuck, Trigglypuff, but ladies and gentlemen,
I mean, I guess this is the evil Mickey Mouse.
I mean, I knew that Disney was fully behind the Democrats and Hillary, but my God, this is just over the top.
Maybe this woman is like 120 years old as the original voice of Mickey Mouse.
I mean, that could be the case, folks.
Stranger things have happened.
Maybe it's an NPC in the program matrix and this is all a deep fake and none of this is real.
Because let me tell you, that is frighteningly hilarious.
I don't know whether I'm just going to go hide in a hole somewhere or die laughing.
Second Hour, David Icke, coming up.
Planned Parenthood does more than just kill babies and sell their body parts.
For many of us, this idea of transgenderism seems brand new.
It is male!
But the movement we are seeing today was born a hundred years ago.
The founding fathers of this transgender movement were of the same culture as the eugenics crowd.
The media push for transgenderism happened 60 years before Bruce Caitlyn Jenner.
In 1952, George Jorgensen became the first American to undergo a sex change operation.
After learning about the procedure in the U.S.
Army, he went to Denmark, where he was given special permissions from the Danish Minister of Justice to undergo several sexual reassignment operations.
George Jorgensen became Christine Jorgensen and was instantly taken in by Hollywood and made an advocate for the transgender community.
Her influence through pop culture made transgenderism and sex change operations more normal and acceptable.
We then see it in the universities.
Gender identity research began in 1962 at UCLA, and the Gender Identity Clinic at Johns Hopkins was performing sex reassignment surgeries by the late 1960s.
In 1969, the Marshall Tanner study created the term precocious puberty, which is defined as a disorder and diagnosed when a child shows signs of puberty too soon.
According to the study, too soon is age 8 for girls and age 9 for boys.
Precocious puberty doesn't physically harm the child, and yet it was considered a disorder.
Just two years later came the discovery of gonadotropin-releasing hormone, GnRH, what we know today as puberty blockers.
And it was immediately prescribed to those diagnosed with precocious puberty to halt the natural hormonal process in their bodies.
And why?
Because two men wrote a paper that suggested it was emotionally bad for children to undergo puberty before everyone else.
In 1980, the American Psychiatric Association's APA added Gender Identity Disorder into the DSM-3, which opened the coffers of taxpayer health care funds to pay for sexual reassignment costs.
Without FDA approval or any studies on the drug's long-term effects, they are injecting Lupron and other brands of puberty blockers into children, and doctors are being paid to prescribe them.
In 2001, the makers of Lupron paid an $875 million settlement to the Department of Justice for giving illegal kickbacks to doctors in exchange for prescribing Lupron to their patients.
This company is now the sixth largest independent biotech company in the world, with a revenue of over $32 billion in 2018.
The company is also connected with the Clinton Global Initiative,
and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
In 2007, Boston Children's Hospital began transitioning children as young as three years old.
From 2000 to 2014, gender-affirming surgeries have increased four-fold and up another 20% the next two years.
Private funding of transgender issues increased eightfold during this time.
From the Pritzker family, George Soros, Warren Buffett, and others.
The Department of State has allocated over 30 million dollars of taxpayers money to advance this agenda.
Planned Parenthood is now the second largest provider.
Okay folks, we're gonna go to break.
We're going to come back with David Icke, but I mean, look at that report Gregg Reese just put out.
And that's banned on YouTube, banned everywhere.
We're not going to see that anywhere, but banned.video.
It's so important.
Castration incorporated Planned Parenthood in the business of transgenderism.
That needs to be seen by everybody on the planet, especially people with children being targeted by this post-human agenda.
David Icke has been on the forefront as a vanguard exposing all this, and we'll talk to him in 60 seconds.
Please tell folks to tune in.
Before there was Alex Jones on the scene,
There was David Icke.
I remember he blasted on the scene in the early 1990s.
He'd been a top British broadcasting host of their morning shows, nighttime shows, sports programs.
I mean, he was a mainstay of the UK and really around the world.
And then he had a, I guess, Saul on the road to Damascus moment.
Hit by that bolt of light and suddenly saw a whole different paradigm view of the universe.
And I would read the things David Icke was saying just a few years before I even got on air.
And I thought, well, this is just too, you know, too far out.
But then as I personally just researched from the news and from white papers and from what was admitted
As time went on, it more and more lined up with what David Icke had been saying as the future became the present.
And so, I know this now.
Whoever's running this, whatever it is, it's anti-human, and it's telling us humans are a disease and bad, and we need to be taken off the planet, and that a post-human world is about to be here, and that only those that merge with machines will be part of the future.
Now, Ray Kurzweil said that 30 years ago, and other transhumanists said that, that come out of the eugenics movement, that created the whole movement with the trans agenda, to give up our humanity.
But as we go down this road, and as it becomes out in the open, as it emerges, as David and I said so long ago it would finally do, we learn that it is definitely poisonous.
It's definitely making our lifespan go down.
It's making us be completely mentally ill.
It's causing us to have all these diseases.
It's causing us to be hateful.
It's causing suicide to explode.
And everything they're doing, the white papers come out from Bayer Pharmaceutical and Monsanto and others that they knowingly
Put out glyphosate to cause massive cancer in women.
They knowingly put fluoride in the water to lower IQ and destroy fertility.
It's now all admitted.
They knowingly do all of this to stun us, like a spider bites its prey, but just enough to stun it, then it winds it up, waits for the poison over the next few days to liquefy its insides, and then sucks it all out.
Well, the spider is now moving towards us to finish the meal.
And that's how David Ickes described it, as a spider at the center of the web.
So I want to cover the waterfront today.
He's been on hiatus, writing books, making films.
I was saying, hey, you haven't been on a couple years.
He said, I've just had my head down.
Well, he's here now, and hopefully he'll come back again soon, because two hours with the breaks is not enough.
To cover every angle.
Now, I didn't know where he'd go with hundreds of pieces of this puzzle, but he said the global corporate climate takeover and transgenderism as the gateway to transhumanism, which was in my stack as the first thing I was going to bring up, knowing how key it is, without even talking to David.
So we're on the same page there, but just big picture.
The globalist Elon Musk was challenging this, saying, beware those worship AI gods and they want to get rid of humans.
Now he says, oh take brain chips, they're coming out next year, put them in your kids, you're going to get to see the other dimensions, you'll be able to see these entities, and he's tweeting images of demons and owls, and this is a Silicon Valley cult that admits now that they believe through DMT they're in contact
With these other realms and entities.
So all of these things you talked about almost 30 years ago are now coming to the surface, David Icke.
So whether it's truly real or not, or whether it's some genetic mass hallucination with the inbred elites and a product of that, it's still real.
So David Icke, that's my intro.
DavidIcke.com, your new book.
Well, Alex, nice to talk to you again.
Glad you're still going after all the bans, etc.
And we have to keep going because it's starting to dawn on people for the first time in many cases.
That the scale of what's going on is absolutely vast.
And so often people look at the news and they look at world events and they, well, they research this or they research that, all of which needs doing.
But there's still dots within a vast picture.
And once you realise what that picture is,
Then all the dots fall into place.
And I have this phrase I use, know the outcome and you'll see the journey.
And if we can uncover what the outcome is planned to be, then suddenly everything that happens daily in the world that appears to be to most people random and happening in and of itself,
Suddenly, once you know what the planned outcome is, become very clear and blatant steps towards that outcome.
And so if we look at the big picture, and again, you know, as you say, I've been saying this for a very, very long time, and being ridiculed for it, because, you know, if you're going to be a relatively few
And you are going to control billions, and you are going to direct the society of billions.
You have to control the perceptions of the billions.
Because from perception comes behavior.
You want to control behavior, you control perception.
And how do you control perception?
How do we form perceptions?
We form perceptions from information received.
It could be a personal experience.
It could be the 10 o'clock news, a Facebook post.
It's information received.
We form our perceptions.
From our perceptions come our behavior.
So, in that sequence, first and foremost, control information.
That's what all this censorship's about, and all the bans and all the suppression.
And it's also what the education system is about, which is a massive perceptual programming operation.
Which starts at a very young age, continues through all the formative years of young people.
This is where all the woke stuff is coming out of.
And then continues through mainstream sources for the rest of a person's life.
A human life is actually a perceptual download of the official version of everything.
And the reason I say that in relation to what we're talking about is
The narrow band of information perception that we're given, what I call the postage stamp consensus, only allows for a tiny, tiny span of possibility.
And if you stay within that postage stamp of possibility, the real world mate, then
You're alright, you're intelligent, you are, oh he's a good mind, oh yeah, he's an intelligent man he is, but you step off that postage stamp and you start exploring information and areas of life and society that are beyond the postage stamp, i.e.
people like me saying actually behind all this is a non-human force, and postage stamp perception
Well, by reflex action, just like pressing enter on a computer.
We'll defend the status quo.
We've got to go to break, but before I even talk to you, we didn't do any pre-interview, David.
I said I want you up front to go to the end, and as you're saying, it's critical to go to the end first.
When we come back, I hope you'll go to the end.
And then we'll go back to the beginning as best your knowledge is.
But now it's everybody knows this is a non-human force, whatever it is, and it's out to kill us.
So we got 45 seconds.
Please continue.
So people like me, therefore, all these decades have been ridiculed and dismissed for talking about a non-human force being behind all this.
And a lot of people who've ridiculed me have been those that follow the Bible,
And talk about demons.
You've got the Islamic belief system.
We talk about the jinn.
You've got the Gnostics belief system that talks about the archons.
You've got the Zulu belief system that talks about the Chitauri.
These are all different names for this non-human force.
Stay there, let's talk about the enemy when we come back with David Icke.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is December 3rd, 2019 on this live worldwide broadcast.
I am your host Alex Jones and David Icke is our guest here today and he's got the floor here to talk about this non-human force
That now has the planetary controllers openly saying they're building a post-human world.
Ladies and gentlemen, a post-human world.
That humans are bad, and the environmental movement is going to save the Earth from the humans, and that all that's going to be left is humans that give up their original form.
David Icke, thank you for joining us.
DavidIcke.com, please continue.
Well, what I've been talking about for the
Best part of 30 years in terms of this subject is the fact that you can track this in different cultures.
This is one of the very compelling things about all this.
The accounts and the legends and the stories from different cultures all around the world, this same common theme is there again and again and again, under different names, but the theme is the same, that a non-human force came in and started to hijack the human world.
And their plan is to assimilate
Human consciousness into itself.
And so, you know, I hear people talk about AI this and AI that and AI the other.
I very rarely hear anyone say, but what is AI?
What is it?
Oh, it's artificial intelligence.
Yeah, but what does that mean?
There are different levels.
Obviously there's algorithmic artificial intelligence, there's what they call learning artificial intelligence, but what I've been saying for years and years and years is there's one level of this artificial intelligence that is actually the force that I'm talking about.
And so when you have Ray Kurzweil, as you've mentioned, and others, the utter fraud by the way, Elon Musk,
We can talk about him a bit more later, maybe.
They, and certainly Kurzweil, talks about by 2030, he gives that time period.
Humans will start to have their brains connected to AI.
And the reason that they're so open about it is the sales pitch.
The sales pitch is we'll become superhuman.
We will not.
We will become subhuman and post-human.
Because once AI is connected to the human brain, and Kurzweil's very open about this,
AI will do more and more and more of human thinking, he says, until human thinking as we know it now is negligible, in the end gone.
And what I've just described, just by quoting him, is the assimilation of human consciousness, the end of the human mind as we know it.
So instead of having to manipulate information to dictate perception, which dictates behavior,
Through this AI connection, there'll be no need for any of that because our thoughts and what passed were then our emotional responses will be coming direct.
This is what it's all about.
And what's happened is what I call the totalitarian tiptoe, step by step by step,
We have been infiltrated by artificial intelligence, which is doing more and more of what humans used to do, taking over more and more of human society.
And of course, people like me, I'm 67, born in 1952, I have a radar.
I know what it was like before, and I can see what it's like now in comparison.
The young people and the kids being born today, this is all they know.
This is reality to them, this technological AI insanity.
And the idea was why they're targeting the young, why they've got the young addicted to smartphones, which they hold, then addicted to things on their body, like your smart watches and your Bluetooth and all the rest of it.
And the next stage, which is already underway, getting in the body, this step by step by step, kitty, kitty, here, kitty, kitty, kitty.
Thank you very much.
Because they've got to get the next version.
And let's talk about that because this is all admitted now.
You talked about it 30 years ago.
I talked about it 25 years ago.
It's all admitted that they're making humans obsolete and the AI is already making all the decisions.
It doesn't ask.
It interfaces from the phone into your car.
Tells you when you need gas even before the car blinks on and tells you you need gas.
People don't know how to do math anymore.
People don't know how to communicate.
The language is shrinking.
We're dying.
This isn't empowering us, like Elon Musk says it will.
It's killing us.
And he said just a few months ago, he said, the AI won't take over your brain right away, and then started laughing.
His eyes are all whacked out.
His pupils are giant.
Tim Cook's pupils are giant.
I know a lot of military has already gotten brain chips.
I told people that 15 years ago.
It was declassified 10 years ago.
From the intel I've got, a lot of these guys already have chips and are also on a lot of drugs, and that goes into the whole culture of Silicon Valley and convincing people to give up their humanity.
Well, Elon Musk is a total fraud.
I've been pointing him out for a long time.
You know, when you come out and you say that AI could be the end of humanity, brackets true,
And then you start a company called Neuralink to connect the human brain to computers.
When this smart grid, which is what the human mind and technology and everything through the Internet of Things etc.
is designed to be connected to, this smart grid is absolutely essential to this AI takeover of the human mind.
It's all connected.
And if you are going to have a global
A global bubble, artificial bubble, which you are going to connect everyone to, then things like Wi-Fi and the Internet have to be on every inch of the planet.
It has to be.
No one excluded.
That's the idea of this grid.
And this is the site of the AI system that interfaces the humans and absorbs us.
And Google admitted when they were founded 25 years ago their plan was to build an AI human interface where we are part of the AI.
Just as Arthur C. Clarke envisioned, and then he wrote Childhood's End about us being uploaded into the mothership, but giving up our bodies, and now they're saying Childhood's End is real, and that that's the plan they want us to carry out.
Yeah, I mean, this wasn't decided yesterday.
Of course, it goes way, way, way, way back into what we perceive as history.
But where I was going with this is that the only way you're going to cover the entire planet with the cloud, as Kurzweil calls it, is from space.
And here we have the same Elon Musk, through his SpaceX, that's sending up all the satellites... Stay there, David Icke.
You're on fire, David Icke.
I'm not normally standing on my feet when I have a guest on, but more and more I'm standing up during the broadcast to symbolize that we're not in Kansas anymore.
The fight for human consciousness
The war on for our mind is intensifying.
David Icke is here.
DavidIcke.com needs no introduction.
He's laying out the total takeover, the post-human world, the addiction to the phones, the devices, like a face sucker now entering our body.
All the major sites, all the major tech companies are coming out with competing brain chips.
Facebook, Google, they've already got the devices in our homes spying on us.
Suddenly, they admit what we were telling you decades ago, they would
Put these devices in your homes and then spy on you.
And it's all admitted.
Now they've moved on to brain chips for you and your family.
Now pedophilia is being normalized.
What's it all about?
David Icke pioneered exposing the pedophilia running the British government and how it was spreading worldwide.
Now that's all out in the open.
I want him to lay it out for you here today and how we can reverse this.
And there is a huge awakening.
There isn't just evil in the universe, there's good.
And so how do we
Expose this and fight this and what is the good path into the future versus where this non-human?
Anti-human force wants to take us.
Where is that place versus where we could go?
David Ike Well, you just finish what I was saying before the break Alex About Elon Musk if you're gonna cover every inch of the planet with this cloud which you're going to connect the human brain to
Then you've got to do it from space and it's Elon Musk again who through SpaceX is putting all these satellites up and there's meant to be tens of thousands of them eventually that are beaming Wi-Fi and 5G at the entirety of the planet and the end game in all this is to create a technological sub-reality
Which humans are connected to and will be no more than computer terminals on this internet and this manufactured internet of control, the smart grid.
And one of the other things that I've been saying over the years
Is that this non-human force operates beyond the human frequency band.
Because again, if you just take the postage stamp consensus version of possibility that we're given from Cradle to Grave, then people will think that when they look through their eyes, they're seeing everything there is in the space they're looking at.
They're not!
It's tiny, the band of frequency that we have for visual sight.
According to mainstream science, the electromagnetic spectrum is 0.005% of what exists in the universe.
Visible light, which is the only tiny band of frequency that we can see, is a smear of the 0.005%.
So the virtual entirety
Of existence, in infinite existence, is denied to us.
We cannot see it because this vehicle will not decode it.
It's like being tuned to a radio or television station and it can see and experience only that station.
I can't switch the channel.
We can, but most people don't.
And this force is operating outside of the human frequency band.
And so to manipulate within the human frequency band, they've had to create a network of bloodlines and secret societies to manipulate human society on behalf of this force.
And this is what the Satanists are interacting with in their rituals.
They're interacting with this non-human force operating outside the human frequency band.
And so when people talk about bloodlines and, of course, royalty goes back.
I mean, royalty?
What is royalty?
Oh, it's bloodline.
All right.
What's aristocracy?
Oh, it's bloodline.
What does that mean?
Oh, it means they interbreed.
Yeah, but why did they interbreed?
Why have these bloodlines been so obsessed with interbreeding since the ancient world?
For a long time they called it royal and aristocratic.
They still do in Britain, staggeringly.
We have a head of state in Britain, the Queen.
And her, uh, Adam's family, uh, uh, children.
And David, let me briefly interject on this.
We now know what was hypothesized hundreds of years ago that birds, insects, but also humans have, uh, cone cells, uh, in the brain.
that are able to pick up the magnetic line.
So that's how geese can fly north in the summer, south in the winter.
That's how hummingbirds can fly from North America, 3,000 miles, 4,000 miles to South America along those magnetic lines.
And so the royalty is interbreeding to again develop receptors in the brain that are already there, but to intensify those to pick up a certain interdimensional frequency.
And the reason I say this is studying skull and bones, reading secret documents that Anthony Sutton got from
Charlotte Isserby and others, that's why they're doing this.
They believe, they call it spiritualism, that they're interfacing with these entities, but really it's again just electromagnetic through this galactic internet.
And you're absolutely right that now the globalists admit that they are communicating with entities more
More and more.
But I'm a kid hearing about this, and it just sounds completely fantastical.
Then you forget about it for a long time.
But my parents had some friends that were in research science in San Francisco, and that seems to be one of the main epicenters of the research in this post-human world.
So, you're talking about all this, but now they say they want a post-human world.
Now they say humanity's about to be obsolete.
NBC News.
They now say we're going to merge with machines.
They now say that we are the robots.
So yes, this is their admitted plan.
So I wanted to ask you, why are they now suddenly admitting so much of the plan after denying it for so long?
And as you said, they're putting in the 5G systems that literally will slowly kill our humanity while they control us as biological androids.
Well, what they've done with the technological agenda is that they are selling it as a wonderful thing.
You know, the more and more we allow technology to become part of us, the more we'll be like gods and all this nonsense.
It's the sales pitch.
See, there comes a point.
Well, you can't hide it anymore because it's so obvious.
So you, for a long time, you keep your plans secret because you don't want to give people a long period of preparation of knowing where it's going.
To form a resistance.
Yeah, so what you then do is you get close to your endgame.
And when you get close to your endgame, so many things are going into place that really anyone with Arthur Brain Cell on active duty could see it.
So what you do when it becomes visible, because it has to be if it's going to become what society is, then you start selling it as a good thing and a wonderful thing.
This is why we've had this shift.
It's selling this
Orwellian technological nightmare as a wonderful thing.
I'll tell you another part of this.
The Green Party in Britain had its conference a few weeks ago and some people in the Green Party, only a few unfortunately, wanted a debate at that conference on 5G.
And the Green Party hierarchy turned it down.
And when one or two of the people protested outside that this debate had been denied, a security guard came out and said that if they didn't go away that they'd call the police.
Now this is where the Green movement has gone now.
By the way, you were the leader of that, what, 30-something years ago.
Stay there, David Icke.
When we come back, we're going to lay this out, the compartmentalization, and where the globalist endgame goes, the post-human endgame.
Even if you don't believe it's aliens, folks, or interdimensionals, whatever you want to call them, the globalists say the post-human world's here, and that you're all dead and I'm dead while they slowly kill us.
Well, I'm angry, and I'm awake, and I'm going to do something about it.
What are you going to do?
David Icke's our guest.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is not a simulation.
This is not a drill.
Or as I've said, the simulation is real.
That all these big top CEOs, the head of Bank of America came out two years ago and said, this is all a simulation.
Something's holding it in place.
We're enslaved by something.
And they've got the dark matter studies and the mathematic equation showing that there's a force many times more powerful than this reality holding it in place artificially.
What's really going on?
I read David Icke.
I don't know.
Away from knowing that.
But all the ancient cultures, and the Bible, the Old and New Testament, give you a pretty clear idea, and it matches up with what other cultures said.
And now, towards the endgame, world government, mark of the beast, the Chinese communist social score, the UN came out, it's in Reuters today, and said that Chinese communists are running the global standardization of face scanning for a world ID to access the internet.
And all this stuff's been building very slowly, but now more's happening in a week than what happened in six months.
Then more's gonna happen in a day than what happened in a year.
It's a quickening.
It's an acceleration.
David Icke's here.
Now listen, you need to get his books.
They'll definitely get people thinking.
I'm not even saying I agree with all of it, but I'm very, very open to it because I respect David Icke.
And I'd say about 90% of what he's talked about has turned out to be accurate.
He is a maverick.
A man before his time.
That's coming to you from somebody who's a man before his time.
Obviously, you're an audience of activists before your time.
We aren't just following globalist scripts.
We are the vanguard, and we need to remember that and understand that.
So, The Trigger, the explosive new book by David Icke, is available at davidicke.com.
We'll talk more about that in the next hour with him.
Please don't forget, we've got Cyber Monday.
Speaking of cyber, sales going right now.
I don't
We're good to go.
Because they are trying to shut us down, as you've seen.
They're really pissed off that you keep spreading the word, because they know as their plan emerges, as it all gets admitted, world government, pedophilia as the world religion, vampirism, Satanism out in the open, as all of this comes out, as the Epstein comes out, as all the royal family devil worship comes out, the Jimmy Savelle stuff comes out, as it all comes out, our credibility's got to go up.
So they've got to have us silenced or forgotten, or they need to silence us so they can build a straw man and put words in our mouth.
But we're not silenced.
David Icke isn't silenced.
So David, please continue with the big agenda, where they're taking us, and how we counter it.
And then I want to get into the Satanism, the pedophilia, the royal family, because you've been a trailblazer exposing that.
Yeah, well as I was saying before the break, the Green Party doesn't want to know, and the climate cult in general.
Which is what the Green Party has become, unfortunately.
They don't want to know about challenging 5G and this whole technological agenda.
And the break interrupted you and so did I. Go back to some people wanted to raise it at the conference, so they were threatening to call the police on them.
The environmentalists now want radiation.
They want 5G.
Top environmentalists say get rid of humans.
Radiation's good.
Well, the reason that
They are supporting this stuff is that it is being sold to them as a way of overcoming climate change and saving the planet.
And this whole climate hoax is a fundamental key to the justification of almost everything.
Not just this whole technological agenda, but what goes with it, which is the centralization of global power over the fine detail of our lives.
And so you need an excuse to centralize power
To dictate the fine detail of people's lives.
And this climate hoax is what they've chosen to do it through.
So if you start looking now as this climate cult agenda gets faster and faster and more expansive, all the different elements that this cult wants
The big cult ones, the global cult ones, are being justified by saving the planet from climate change, not least massive centralization of power.
And what's happened, and we'll go back to this postage stamp consensus, recent generations have had that postage stamp squeezed and squeezed as they've gone through the education system or what passes for it.
And not only have they had their perceptions of reality, the world, etc.
downloaded, there has been a political agenda relating not least to the climate cult and all that they want to unfold because of it, that's been going through the schools.
The sexuality, the gender agenda is going through the schools as well, being forced on kids.
On what we're now seeing... It's totally massive in public schools, private schools, colleges, down to five-year-olds in kindergarten, teaching children to masturbate, sexualizing them, men in girls' restrooms.
What is the endgame of this full-on assault?
Well, this is all an expression of this squeezing of the postage stamp.
They are indoctrinating and manipulating the minds of the young to have a perception of reality that absolutely suits where they want the world to go.
And therefore, in the end, the young people come out of the education system and they become adults and they go into things like politics.
There's no greater example of an outcome of this programming than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Green New Deal.
What the Green New Deal is demanding and what the Extinction Rebellion organisation that shuts streets in London and around the world is demanding, which is the same.
It's the centralization of power over every area of people's lives on the basis of saving the planet.
And they admit that AI will manage and watch every human activity to save the Earth.
So it's a global problem, a global solution, a global tax with global surveillance to then selectively cut off individuals and groups' energy that don't comply with all the other demands of the social credit score.
Yeah, and it's all a mind game.
It's all about manipulating and imposing a perception, because from perception comes everything else.
So when you're trying to manipulate the young, and crucially, not least this is happening through the climate hoax, divide the young from older people
Another level, another fault line of divide and rule.
So you bring in a young person, Greta Thunberg, and you turn her into some kind of martyr god who calls on kids around the world to strike over the climate.
And she's very Hitlerian.
Big, huge, creepy murals and, you better do this, we're going to make you pay for what you've done to us!
But the idea is you get a young person to focus the attention of young people.
And for me, Greta Thunberg has been extraordinarily abused and goes on being abused and exploited by using her
And that's the form of abuse I'm talking about, by using her as a political tool to bring about an agenda.
So all this is going on.
And, uh, the, um, the outcome is designed to be a global Marxist-scope fascist state.
And let's go to that.
Let's talk about where they're taking us in the endgame, where they admit they're taking us, and how we counter that in this next hour with David Icke.
DavidIcke.com is a new book, The Trigger.
I can't wait to read it.
You should get it.
You should give it to friends and family.
You should wake people up.
That's the number one mission.
It's not work.
It's, it's the animating contest of liberty.
It's survival.
That's the sound that a group of humans can make together.
That's beautiful.
We are an amazing species.
But there are dark forces in this universe that seek to enslave us and force us to merge with their silicon system.
It's now out in the open.
Can you believe it's all out in the open now?
When will the
Creatures step out from behind the shadows, or will they ever?
There's no doubt about it, ladies and gentlemen.
They're keeping babies alive.
They're selling their organs.
There's a world government.
There's an attack on the family.
This is a short segment, long segment coming up.
David, before we go any further, because you never do this when you come on, I haven't read your book yet.
I've read many of your books.
I'm going to get your book, The Trigger.
It's got the Twin Towers blowing up on the cover.
I can guess what the book's about, but tell us about the book.
Tell us where you've been, because I usually do a lot of conferences and speeches.
I know you've cut way back the last year and a half, and we've all missed you.
So spend a few minutes on David Icke.
Well I've been doing internet videos all the time, as I do, but I've been writing a book.
I've almost finished another one since this one came out.
And I set about doing an update on a book I wrote about 9-11 called Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster.
It came out in September 2002.
And I set about just doing an update, and within two weeks I thought,
This is not going to be an update.
This is going to be a whole blank sheet of paper.
And I put together this massive work, which is in two parts.
The first, and it's not just about 9-11, but that's the theme.
The first part of it demolishes the official story of 9-11, which is an absolute joke and an insult to the families who lost loved ones on 9-11.
An absolute insult.
And in the second half of the book, I tell an amazing story leading to who actually did do 9-11, who was really centrally orchestrating 9-11.
And it wasn't 19 hijackers that couldn't fly one-engine Cessnas.
And it's a story that goes back to the 17th century and the creation of a cult called Sabbateanism through a guy called Sabbatai Zevi.
And in the next century a guy came along, he claimed to be a Jewish Messiah.
In the next century along came a guy called Jacob Frank, who said he was the reincarnation of Zevi and the biblical patriarch Jacob.
And Sabbateanism became Sabbatean Frankism.
And what it is, is an inversion of Judaism.
What it does, it takes, for instance, if in Judaism it's a day of fasting, then in Sabbatean Frankism it's a day of feasting.
These Sabbatean Frankists hate Jewish people, but they hide behind them.
And I follow how their great technique is infiltration.
They'll infiltrate
And it's public name is the ADL today, correct?
Well, that's one expression of it.
That's one expression of it.
It's got a vast global network now, which made it able to manipulate 9-11.
The core of the CIA and the American deep state is the Sabbatean Frankish death cult, and in other places around the world, too.
I'll tell you a quick story, if I've got time before the break.
Aren't a lot of the Nazis part of the Sabbatean cult?
It's all connected.
Sabbatai Zevi operated in the Ottoman Empire, the Islamic Ottoman Empire, and he was told by the Sultan that he either converted to Islam or they would sort him out, if you know what I mean.
So he converted, and a lot of his followers, because by that time in the 17th century, he had a million followers.
Hold on, listen, let's get more into this.
This is really important.
David Ickes, our guest.
We'll be back in 60 seconds.
Well, you never know where David Eichel will go next, but it's always intriguing and very informative.
I said, what's your new book, The Trigger?
He said, I haven't read it yet.
And it just came out, and he plunged into it a bizarre death cult that I'm aware of, and I'm aware of it being very powerful, and I'm aware of some of those folks interfacing with the Islamics, interfacing with multiple groups, and he was laying that out.
So finish up there, then I want to cut right to the chase.
With the off-world or interdimensional systems that the globalists admit they're interfacing with, why they do the occult rituals, why they hurt children, the energy of children, the different levels of it, why they're externalizing the hierarchy or the method right now, and then how we counter it with David Icke.
Here with us at DavidIcke.com again.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com.
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I was talking to him during the break.
He said, oh yeah, he's massively shadow banned, massively blocked.
This video is still getting millions of views online, and that's when they're shadow banned.
So, very important.
Everybody realize this is not a spectator sport.
We're all in this together, and your human intelligence, promoting the interviews, promoting the local stations, that's how we circumnavigate the censors.
So I want to thank the viewers again.
David, finishing up with your book, The Trigger, that I'm definitely going to read.
Tell us more about it.
So this Sabbatei Zevi, who claimed to be the Jewish Messiah, who ran this Sabbatean cult that was an inversion of Judaism, he was given the choice by the Sultan in the Ottoman Empire of convert to Islam or it's over.
So he converted and a large number of his followers converted and they became known as the Donma or Donme, which means to turn.
And they outwardly claimed to be followers of Islam, but they were Sabbateans, which is a satanic cult.
And I follow through one stream of this Donmah, and guess where it led?
The Saudi royal family.
And it led to another Sabbatean called Wahhab, who with the British Empire and the House of Saud, which Wahhabi's daughter married into, we get Wahhabism, this head-chopping ISIS extreme version of Islam.
Which is being used, of course, to create mayhem in the Middle East.
You follow other streams of this Sabbatean Frankist cult and it infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church.
It was the force, because the Rothschilds are Sabbatean Frankists, it was the force behind the creation of Israel.
I have a chapter in the book called Atlantic Crossing where I show how this cult moved in on the United States.
It's in Britain.
And it's an expert in infiltration.
It will appear as anything it wants to infiltrate, and people will believe that, yeah, they really believe in whatever they claim to be.
But they're working behind the scenes as the Donmeh, the infiltrators.
And the deep state in America, at its core,
Let's pull back from that.
Because we know the Rothschilds are trying to put Netanyahu in prison.
That's certainly going on.
So there's major splits and power groups and things going on.
And then we know that the Rothschilds helped found Israel, but then we get the internal WikiLeaks documents, where now Soros wants to have a big cataclysm and have it fall, and then out of that comes world government.
This is biblical-type revelation stuff.
Can I just say a few things?
Yes, please, go ahead.
By the way, I want to bring this from where I am now into what we've been talking about, the smart group.
You know, I follow this through in the book, and I explore this in the book, and this is what I conclude.
That this apparent division between those that run Israel and George Soros is an absolute frickin' myth.
They are playing two sides against the centre.
We have a situation where Soros is funding the left.
Through the Open Society Foundations.
He's funding all the woke.
He's funding all the massive immigration agenda.
And on the other side, they're funding the right.
And it's a simple, simple, classic, Sabbatean, Frankist technique.
Control both sides.
The Rothschilds would always fund both sides of a war.
They admitted that.
Other groups have done that as well.
So let's, the British Empire was good at that.
So let's pull back here then.
Let me ask this question.
One other thing.
Yeah, go ahead.
In the closing chapters of the book, I look at where the Sabbatean Frankist agenda is going.
And most people won't know this, but the second Silicon Valley in the world now is Israel, and it's based on a place called Beersheba, which is a military cyber complex, vast.
And if you go on the internet and criticize Israel, there's a very good chance that the abuse that comes back will have a uniform, will be wearing a uniform out of Beersheba.
Does that have a whole cyber army?
Let's expand on that, because I see through AOC and all these groups, and the four and all that, also, I understand people can play both sides, but there's also a real anti-Israel, anti-Jew sentiment from the left and on the universities.
I mean, those people hate Jews.
That's weird, David.
His Skype broke up only just then.
Did you hear my question?
Do you see that?
It's frozen.
Can't hear you.
Let's reconnect with David Icke right now and get his take on that.
You gotta love Skype, especially since Microsoft bought it three years ago.
It's gone nothing but downhill.
And also, so much technology used to get better, and now it just stays the same where it gets worse.
Absolutely annoying.
And again, we go into everything, we look at everything here, and it's all very interesting.
And people need to discuss it.
We need to talk about it.
Oh, do we have David back now?
David, can you hear me?
All right, what we're going to do is we're going to go to break and we're going to figure this out.
We have to get him on the telephone.
We'll do that because I'm not going to do a 30-minute mess with a Skype ritual.
That's just not going to happen today.
But again, David Icke is our guest.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
All I know is the globalists are anti-human.
And Communist China has been officially set up to standardize the model of dehumanization and enslavement.
And that's in Reuters today.
That's where I was going next.
And I don't want to live like I live in Communist China.
And so I don't care who's running it or what's behind it.
I just simply know there is a race by all these countries and all these corporations to build this total surveillance grid that absolutely ends independent human activity and is being used to enslave us and kill us and it's wrong and it's dangerous.
So we're going to work on David Icke's Skype or our Skype, find out what the hell's going on and we're going to have him finish up what he's trying to get into.
Then I want to get into big picture, the off-world, you know, the demons of the Bible.
I mean, because the globalists follow these, they worship these, that's why I really wanted David on, because he's been vindicated, the royal family, what's coming out, what's happening with Prince Andrew, why is he in trouble when Prince Charles was best buddies with Jimmy Savelle, and so much more.
Back in just a few minutes with David Icke of davidicke.com.
We'll finish up talking about his book, The Trigger, and then we'll get into so much more straight ahead.
And we are back live, Alex Jones here with the one, the only, David Icke, talking about his book, The Triggering, or The Trigger, and he had a Skype problem, or we had a Skype problem, who knows.
Finish up with what you were getting to, and then I want to get into the fact that we know the Globalists are conducting occult rituals.
Why they're doing it, the pedophilia, why they're coming out with it, why they're admitting it.
Yeah, I was just saying before the Skype broke up that
There's a chapter in the Trigger of when the Sabatini-Francus cult moved in on America.
And when you look at 9-11, you can see how this cult was the cement
That pulled the whole thing together so that the CIA were involved, the Pentagon was involved, the government was involved, the FBI was involved, because this cult works like that.
It infiltrates all these different cultures, all these different agencies, and through those connections it works as one unit.
And when you look at the ultra-Zionist involvement in 9-11, before, during and after, it is absolutely staggering.
You know, the Jewish population of the world is 0.2%.
Part of that community that I'm talking about is a tiny fraction of 0.2%, a tiny fraction of 2% of the American Jewish population, and yet their positions of influence and control across 9-11 were just
Beyond belief.
Now that is not a statistical chance.
That is because there's something to look at.
And I expose it all in the trigger.
And that's not to say the Jews did 9-11.
They didn't.
The vast majority of Jewish people have no idea they've been infiltrated.
The Islamic community don't realize they've been infiltrated.
Christian Zionism in America doesn't realize it's been infiltrated.
But this is how the Roman Church doesn't realize, at a follower level, that it's been infiltrated.
But it has, by this same through-the-centuries death cult.
And they are, as I was saying, in Israel.
And again, I say again, it's the Sabbatean Francus cult that actually is the force running Israel.
They've created this vast
military cyber center at Beersheba and all around that cyber center are research and development facilities put there by the major Silicon Valley companies and they are turning out the technicians and the developers of this smart grid.
They have an entire system of
Thank you.
And they are putting them into this cyber development center at Beersheba.
And then they're going off into Silicon Valley companies, creating their own startup companies, all to do with the smart grid.
And they're representatives of this Mossad network.
And that's why, if you look again at Jeffrey Epstein, he was running a
A Mossad CIA, Sabbatee and Frankist, where's the connection?
Blackmail operation on the rich and famous.
Because once they got you, then you will make decisions that this cult wants making to advance its agenda.
I'm glad I brought that up and I definitely want to read the book.
It's all fascinating.
Mainstream media have absolutely ignored it.
They usually attack me.
They usually demonize me.
They have completely ignored it and that tells you something.
Well, please come back again and get into the whole book.
We'll spend two hours on it, and I can't wait to read it.
Now, we've got limited time left here.
This is Paul Watson, host of the 4th Hour, and I appreciate you've been gracious with your time, David.
Let's start getting into the post-human endgame and the...
Off-world or non-human element from your research, culturally looking at this, getting deep into it.
I think basically everyone knows this is an anti-human agenda.
It isn't just humans doing this.
There's a master plan.
It's very old.
The globalists say they're in contact with interdimensionals.
That's, you know, Joe Rogan's whole show is about how great it is and how wonderful it all is.
And how we should interface with these frill-friendly folks.
If you say they're bad, then you're crazy, it doesn't exist, and you're nuts.
But if you love it and it's good, well, we should all just do what these little elves tell us to do.
But what's really going on here?
Who are the globalists?
What do they believe they're doing?
Why is the British royalty so into the occult?
Why is Prince Charles, you know, angry at his brother for an underage girl, which is bad.
But meanwhile, he hangs out with Jimmy Savelle, who we know does far worse things.
Isn't Prince Andrew kind of the limited hangout right now?
Well, you see, over the last 30 years, I've researched so many subjects and as you research them, they connect and they show you a picture.
So as you follow these interbreeding bloodlines, which came out of the ancient world, typically out of the Middle East, out of Babylon, out of Sumer, out of Egypt and up into Europe and then worldwide through the colonization of the world.
You follow not just a sequence of interbreeding, because once... You know, ironically... But that's the way it works.
Once the world in general started rejecting overt rule by royalty, these bloodlines went into the dark superfessions.
They went into politics, into banking, into business, and all this network.
And when you follow these bloodlines through history, two other things follow.
Satanism and paedophilia.
Because these entities, we take paedophilia,
These entities operating outside of human sight, they feed off human energy.
You remember in the Matrix movies when the Morpheus character held up the battery and said, the machines have turned us into one of these, an energy source?
Well, that's what they do.
And the energy that they want, and humans in general,
Is what I call low vibrational emotional energy.
They want energy we give off, because we're giving it off all the time in terms of electromagnetic frequency, depending on our state of emotion and our state of mind.
They want the energy of depression, the energy of fear, the energy of anxiety, sexual energy in its more extreme form.
This is what they want.
And they structured society so that humans give them that energy.
But they're nectar, if you like.
The energy they want more than anything.
Is the energy of prepubescent children.
And that's how they throw it in our face with Monster University.
Oh, scaring the energies with power is the monster kingdom.
You're talking about this 30 years ago, but that's literally what they're doing.
And terrorizing and torturing and using up a child is their ambrosia.
And it's what they do in the satanic rituals.
This is why, you know, if you go back into history and when they were openly sacrificing people, what were they doing?
What was the line?
Sacrificing young virgins?
Let's talk about it.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, David Icke is our guest.
David, it's all coming out.
You know, Jimmy Savelle and the Dungeons and the dead children and the royal family and best buddies with Prince Charles.
But then Prince Andrew, who I'm not defending, is obviously, you know, with this underage 17, 16 year old girl.
There's blackmail going on and it's obviously a deep state fight with each other as now they're threatening to have videos come out of
Other world leaders.
Bill Gates is involved.
All these other people.
Epstein was running meetings on an alternate world government, is what the Wall Street Journal reported 12 years ago.
We covered it.
And what The Guardian reported.
Oh, an alternate world government to save the world from overpopulation.
Oprah Winfrey, Bill and Melinda Gates, Ted Turner, and others meeting secretly with Jeffrey Epstein at the Albert Einstein Institute
And then now Bill Gates living with, you know, staying with him in France, staying with him in New York, staying with him in the Caribbean, trying to cover that up.
And then weird secret breeding programs and, you know, the ranch with the medical facilities.
What in the hell is going on with these people?
And why are there so many dead bodies of children found around the Royals?
And from your research, why is all this starting to come out?
I mean, the Deputy Pope?
The pub's best buddy just convicted of trafficking over 100 kidnapped little boys.
Barely made the news.
3,000 priests busted in Pennsylvania.
Barely made the news.
They said, well, it wasn't just homosexual sex or pedophilia.
They were doing satanic rituals in the churches.
But it barely makes the news.
So, this is bigger than I thought it was.
What in the hell is going on?
Saboteur Frankism.
You've covered every base with that.
That's what this cult does.
That's why Epstein was involved.
And Jimmy Savile was someone who had a lot of connections into this as well.
And so there's no way that Savile wasn't running a... because he was one of the things that's not come out about Savile.
I don't know.
And you've got on one side of the ocean the most famous paedophile and procurer of children and child trafficker in America, Epstein, and he's a friend of Prince Andrew.
And then you've got in Britain the most famous paedophile and procurer of children for the rich and famous, necrophiliac,
We're good.
And according to Savile's own words, he was introduced into the bosom, inner circle of the British royal family in the 1960s.
He was just a disc jockey.
Why would the royals be interested in him?
Well, he says that he was introduced by a guy called Lord Mountbatten, a big member of the royal family.
And I've been saying in my books for years that Mountbatten was paedophile.
And there was a book came out this year which was quoting Freedom of Information Act documents from the FBI in which they were also talking about
The fact that there were claims that Mountbatten was a paedophile.
So a paedophile member of the royal family introduces Savile, this procurer of children for the rich and famous, into the royal family in a sanctum.
He's there for decades.
And by the way, he was actually used as a mediator between Prince Charles and Lady Diana.
When their marriage was breaking down, he was acting as a mediator, this disc jockey paedophile.
And so the chances of that being a coincidence, of course, are ludicrous.
And we have a situation in Britain where the police have not even acted or questioned this guy.
Andrew, on the basis of what was claimed to have happened in a house in London.
And by the way, getting back to the whole Sabbatean angle, you've got the girlfriend of Epstein.
Her dad was the famous British slash Israeli intelligence operative who admittedly ran giant rings for sex operations and pedophilia.
That's all even come out mainstream news.
So this is just an incredible nest of this.
Bob Maxwell is actually in the trigger because the Sabbatean Frankish Israeli Mossad have been manipulating the cyber world all along.
And you'll remember this technology called Promise that was brought out by an American company, and then the American government, in league with Mossad, put back doors into it.
So when it was being bought by all and sundry around the world, they had access to it.
But according to Viktor Ostrovsky, who was a Mossad agent, wrote a couple of books... Oh yeah, we had him on the show.
Well, he was saying that Bob Maxwell, who was a big newspaper publisher in Britain, he owned the Daily Mirror at one point, I interviewed him once for the BBC, one of the most unpleasant pieces of work I've ever met in my life.
I needed a shower when I left.
Anyway, he is named by Ostrovsky as a Mossad agent who made a fortune selling the promised backdoor software all over the world, and according to him, it was Mossad that killed
Uh, uh, Maxwell on his boat, the Lady Ghislaine.
And so here you have this, uh, what I would strongly suggest is the Sabbatean Frankish Mossad agent Epstein, um, in league with the daughter of a
Mossad agent Bob Maxwell.
It's a very small world once you start putting the pieces together.
Yeah, but if you dig into his funeral in Israel, they admitted that.
He was a super spy, got the highest honors.
That's not even secret about Bob Maxwell.
He was buried on the Mount of Olives, wasn't he?
Yeah, I mean, that's just a fact.
So, I mean, it's a fact that this was a giant trifecta between British, U.S.
and Israeli intelligence.
And so, again, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, all of them, we know that
We know that Oprah Winfrey's highly compromised and likes girls, and it's just a fact.
And so these people know they're being set up.
It's like part of the club.
It's the initiation.
It's not like Bill Gates and all them just didn't know this was going on.
They're going there to just to bathe in the waters, and that's just how you get in the club.
Yeah, and of course, when you get into this club, if you are among the rich and famous, then you're not only in the club, you're compromised.
And therefore you do what the club tells you to do, otherwise it's revealed.
And so when this Epstein network started getting close, because, you know, you've got to hold your hand up to these girls, particularly Virginia Roberts, who's been vociferous in standing up and not bowing to the pressure.
Um, that, um, it was in danger of, um, of unraveling in public.
Then, of course, you, you have to remove, um... Well, I'm not saying Virginia Roberts is bad, and I believe her.
She's got the... I'm, I'm saying 16, 17-year-old girls is a limited hangout.
We all know that, I mean, my God, it's, it's, it's chopping children's heads off.
It's drinking their blood.
I'm not saying that you're saying that Virginia Roberts is... No, no, I'm not saying you're saying that.
I'm saying as soon as I say that's nothing, they're only focusing on that because that's a limited hangout to divert off the really horrible Satanism.
Well, what they always do when something comes out is they try to make that the holding position.
Um, and so what's happened with Prince Andrew is the Queen.
Let's talk about this when we come back.
Well, somebody must be intercepting the emails we send to David Icke because I've been trying to get him on for two years.
He remembers like one email and he couldn't come on.
He was busy.
So I definitely hear David here on the show more and we appreciate him coming on.
But there's all sorts of stuff that does go on.
We have had our email intercepted and blocked before.
That's why I tell the crew more and more we got to pick the phone up and call people because there is a lot
We're good to go.
David Ickes here.
He's doing this segment, the next little short segment that Paul Watson takes over from the UK.
He's loaded for bear as usual.
But David, I don't mind that we swerved off into your book.
I didn't know what it was about.
It's very interesting.
I look forward to reading it.
I'm going to read it.
I've read many of your books.
That's what's important.
But there's no doubt there's a system that's killing us, that's dumbing us down, that's taking us out of humanity, out of love, out of justice.
And that is turning us against each other, and that says humans are bad, teaching us to hate ourselves, teaching us to have a post-human world, while they wreck the planet itself and override it with genetic engineering, and the chemtrailing, which they now admit they're doing, and all the rest of the craziness.
So what's going to be admitted next?
You have the CIA director come out and say, yeah, we're doing exactly what people said we are, but it's secret.
What's coming next from these globalists?
And what's their total endgame?
I mean, I think it's just get rid of humans altogether is what they're saying publicly now.
I mean, how fantastical is that?
And then how do we counter this?
Well, they're going to be more and more open.
They're going to have to be more and more open because what they're doing is being introduced.
And along with trying to sell it in a positive way, as I talked about earlier, another side story to being open about it is to actually, in effect, say, well, what are you going to do about it?
We've got the power now.
Nothing you can do.
And they are going to try to take the power away from people by telling them that they have all the power.
And so people go, well, what's the point?
There's no point.
You can't stop them.
They're too powerful.
They're not.
They have to persuade us that they're powerful and then they can be powerful because we believe they are.
There's billions and billions of humans.
The number of people in full knowledge of what they're doing in terms of this cult is tiny.
And this is why they are desperate for people not to understand the nature of reality for a start, why it's all been suppressed, because they know how reality works.
They know this is not a solid world.
I mean, quantum physics knows that.
So if you live in a solid world, and that's how we experience it, why we do can be very easily explained, as I do in the books.
And when you feel the world is solid and everything's apart from everything else, then what do you have?
It's not possible.
When I say this is happening, that's happening, many times people have said to me, well, that can't be happening, it's not possible.
No, it's not possible if the world's solid, but it's not.
They know that actually the base form of this reality is waveform information fields.
Think Wi-Fi.
So you've got a Wi-Fi field, and it's just a radiation field of information, but the computer simply decodes that field into a completely different reality on the screen.
And everywhere apart from on the screen, the internet, or what you see, is nothing like what you're looking at.
Only on the screen does it look like that.
And in the same way, we are decoding waveform information fields, fluid waveform information fields, think Wi-Fi again, into this reality.
And there's no doubt they're coming in to jam the transmissions we're getting from God, the universe, the information, to jam it with artificiality.
And you read their white papers, they admit
They're trying to stop something that humans are going to do.
They're trying to bring in the false new age to make us think that they're saving us when they're really killing us because there is something really new coming.
This is the whole point.
I talked earlier about the postage stamp consensus and all that.
What all this perceptual programming does, especially programming self-identity, this is why they're getting this self-identity politics where people's self-identity is getting smaller and smaller and smaller and the letters describing it get longer and longer and longer.
It's because they want us to have a myopic
A totally selfish island under yourself, totally pissed off, hating everyone around you.
A satanic worldview.
But also a myopic self-identity.
So we self-identify the I with our labels.
Your race, your religion, your cult.
It's false labeling, false programming, so that it's a jamming what the real universe is.
Putting up fake icons that they're teaching us through political correctness is literally to sabotage reality and not let us even decode third-dimensional transmissions.
Yeah, so what they're doing is they're basically putting us in a bubble.
A perceptual bubble.
And that's the basis of telling someone they're a victim.
So you wanted to get into transhumanism and the transgender.
Here it is.
Transgender man who gave birth loses battle to be registered as a father.
That's upside down world saying, you know...
Pig not given the right to say he can fly to the moon and back.
Britain's first transgender couple to allow their five-year-old child to begin transitioning.
A total cult again doing this to their daughter.
Here's another one.
Favorite drag queen storytime author likes pedophile Instagram post talking about hashtag young boy lover hashtag pedophilia hashtag I mean it's all right here.
Scroll through that for folks.
Uh, with all of this open Satanism and the coming out, and these people all dressed like demons in drag queen story time, and women bringing their children to offer them up to men, many of them convicted pedophiles.
What in the hell is going on there, David?
Well, this externalization of this.
Well, I would like to comment on that because it's very important in terms of some of the subjects we've covered, but if I could just finish this one point.
Oh yes, you just said make sure I bring that up, but go ahead.
Sure, and I want to talk about it.
I'll come to it, I'll be very brief.
So, we've been put in this perceptual bubble and all the information we get, which forms our perceptions of self and the world, is within this bubble.
But actually, if we open our minds, particularly open our hearts, we can access levels of expanded awareness that gives you a faster, greater fix on the world and reality than ever that does.
And what they want to do with this smart grid, this connecting the human brain to artificial intelligence, is to stop us expanding our consciousness into greater levels of awareness, understanding, and insight.
And that's admitted.
The White House science are said, we put fluoride in the water to lower your IQ to make you more manageable.
They admit they're doing it.
Talk about criminal activity.
And so that's what it's all about.
Anyway, in terms of the transgender thing, this relates to the whole smart grid technological agenda.
They want, in the end, to change the nature of the human body so it becomes a synthetic
A synthetic human body.
They're already working on it, sometimes in the open, overwhelmingly in the secret bases and projects.
This synthetic human will not have gender and will not be able to procreate, which takes us into Brave New World and the World Hatchery
And so what they are doing is preparing people, particularly young as well, because they'll be the adults, for the no gender world.
So this is the process.
Confuse gender, confuse gender, confuse gender, confuse gender, fuse gender, fuse gender, no gender human.
And because they are looking at a technological procreation instead of a human procreation, they don't need men and women anymore because they don't need to procreate because that's going to be done another way.
And so what is happening with this transgender indoctrination, which is so disgusting,
Because again, it's not about protecting transgender people from discrimination.
It's about forcing this agenda and attacking the name man and woman and attacking the very biological jump point of the third dimension.
Well, in the same way that the school system, which has been completely taken over for this agenda, has been indoctrinating children into the climate cult agenda to terrify them that the world's going to end, so they are being at the same time indoctrinated into... And boy are they!
Back in two minutes with the final segment with David Icke.
And then we've got Paul Joseph Watson.
Alright, final segment with David Icke, Paul Watson taking over.
Look at this headline.
Wax my balls.
Trans activist complains that gynecologist won't see her.
Files more lawsuits.
Transgendered men again give birth.
Just totally made up.
And then now these families where they pressure their kids to do it.
It's not turning them into another sex, it's giving them chemicals that end up killing them early.
It's criminal activity in my view, and it came out of the Tabistock Institute.
Powerful report!
Uh, that Greg Reese put out, and I get mad at the crew, because they're great people.
But they, like, do these incredible reports, and it's like, no promotion, it's not brought to me, not a big deal isn't made about it, we don't even get the people that we have that have Twitter accounts to put it out, it's like, just meh.
So if you don't take our stuff serious and get it out at Band.Video, nobody is.
Because we got first-rate reporters and stuff, breaking stuff that is earth-shattering, because as David Icke just said, he's dead on.
The climate change system is about teaching humans to hate themselves, and about turning everything over to a world government AI system, and the transgenderism is of getting them ready for brain chips and everything else.
Because if you'll accept a man's a woman, and a woman's a dog, or any of this other stuff, or people put Drano in their eyes because they want to be trans-abled, and then we got to pay for their tax money to take care of them, then we'll put up with cyborgs.
Closing comments on that, David Iken.
I appreciate you joining us today.
Well, what have you just described?
You've just described George Orwell's 2 plus 2 equals 5.
What they're telling us is to believe that 2 plus 2 equals 5, and in 1984, there were punishments for not accepting that, even if you thought it actually equaled 4.
And so what we have now are the punishments.
You've got parents who are terrified of social services knocking on their door if they don't go along with the tyranny now called a school, which is actually a tyranny, which is what they've become, imposing these things upon children.
But if we're going to
Stop this, then we need to grow a pair, and we need to grow a backbone, and we need to not accept that two and two equals anything but four.
So when people say these things that you've just described, these ludicrous things, and you get attacked for saying actually that man and a woman is the biology of humans, that's not to say that people can't be transgender.
Good luck to them.
But that's not what this is about.
This is not about protecting transgender people.
It's about...
If this was about protecting transgender people, then when those transgender people, and I've been reading books about this, come out, who've been through the surgery, who've been through the transition, and say, it was a big mistake, I wish I hadn't bowed to the pressure to do it because it's destroyed my life.
The transgender activists, if it was about transgender people, would say, hey, if you're thinking about it, you need to listen to these people because there can be problems.
No, no.
What happens to those people when they come out and say, I made a mistake, is they are abused and vilified and demonized because it's not about transgender.
It's about an agenda.
This is why
When Jewish people come out and criticize Israel, they get more abuse from the Israeli networks than non-Jewish people.
So it's not about protecting Jewish people, it's about protecting an agenda which has multiple faces.
And what we need to do is refuse to accept that two and two equal anything but four.
So when they come out with this stuff and we need to keep, we're supposed to keep our heads down and nod
We just say it's a load of fricking rubbish!
What are you talking about?
It's insane!
Men can't have babies.
Women aren't men.
And we're not going to live in your damn, crazy, hell-bop cult on PCP.
That's what this is.
It's non-human.
It's evil.
Let's reject it.
And that is what is empowering.
David Icke, please come back.
Very, very soon, because two hours was not enough.
I've got so many other subjects I wanted to cover with you, so thank you so much for the time, and have a great Christmas coming up and a great New Year.
Hopefully you'll come back even before this year's over, but regardless, in January, as we can host together in 2020.
Thank you so much, DavidIke.com.
Paul Joseph Watson is about to take over from London, England.
We're getting him hooked up via the satellite links and Skype and everything.
Right now, he's going to be covering Kamala Harris dropping out, all the money Bloomberg's spending, where all this craziness is going, the latest giant Islamic attacks, the government covering him up, where are the other seven convicted terrorists they released with him.
This is all coming up this hour.
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Bookmark that excellent site as well.
Thanks Alex.
Yeah later on in the show we're going to get into the latest fallout from the London Bridge attack which of course occurred on Friday and the family of one of the unfortunate victims basically saying that people shouldn't be able to have a debate about the early release of terrorists despite the fact that the early release of the terrorists in this situation was what led to their son's death.
Absolutely incredible double think taking place on that.
First though we're going to get into
What broke about an hour ago which of course Kamala Harris dropping out of the presidential race following other creatures of the establishment and completely failing to resonate with American voters and then wondering why of course back a few weeks ago now she said that it was Americans reluctance to elect a woman of color.
She cited that as a reason for her struggles in the campaign but as you can see from an article up on summit.news
That was certainly not the primary reason why her campaign completely cratered and plummeted over the last few months.
Kamala Harris's decline began when Tulsi Gabbard blasted her in July debate.
Of course this was the famous confrontation back on July 31st when Kamala Harris basically destroyed her on a hypocrisy of
Locking up 1,500 people in California for marijuana use and then laughing about it herself when she was asked if she had ever personally smoked marijuana.
And in fact there's a predicted chart which is in this article which shows that Kamala Harris's presidential odds began to plummet immediately after Tulsi Gabbard destroyed her in a July Democratic presidential debate.
And if you look at that chart
Which is a bit lower in the article there.
You will see that right as that confrontation took place back on July 31st, her presidential aspirations absolutely plummeted because again, the American public got to see Kamala Harris for exactly who she was.
Total nosedive.
Yeah, completely cratered.
Of course, she blamed inner turmoil with her campaign.
She blamed the fact that she was struggling to raise money.
But again, that all occurred in the months after that confrontation.
So whereas Gabbard herself has struggled in the polls, if she had one good impact during this presidential campaign, it was the complete destruction of the hopes of Kamala Harris.
So now you've got people all over Twitter
Complaining bitterly on the left that now the debate stage, and this is a tweet from Lauren Ducker, again a big leftist on Twitter, she said Kamala Harris officially ended her campaign today, which means that all of the candidates who currently qualify for the December Democratic debate are white!
God forbid!
Sanders, Warren, Biden, Booty Judge, Klobuchar and Steyer are all white and that apparently if you're a racist is a big problem and of course only racists would have a problem with people appearing on a stage because they have the right skin color or not.
So that is now the big narrative that because Kamala Harris has dropped out there are no people of color on the stage of course
Andrew Yang is not going to qualify for the debate so he's out as it looks at the moment.
We've also got of course Hillary Clinton yet again still refusing to rule out whether she's going to run for president.
She's already missed the filing deadline for the New Hampshire primary but she was asked yet again
And this must be the fifth time she was asked publicly on a show or on a stage in the past two months whether she would run for presidential election for a third time running and fail for a third time running, no doubt.
During an appearance on Britain's Graham Norton Show, Clinton was asked again about her presidential aspirations.
She cited a U.S.
women's soccer star in a book who retired on the tagline, Forget Me.
Hillary said the intention of the words was to, quote, make way for new people and get off the stage.
She was then asked,
Are you saying forget me now?
Hillary responded, not yet.
She was pressed further about whether she was aware of the presidential rumour mill and had been deluged with questions about running again.
She said, right now I'm not, you know, planning that.
I'd have to make up my mind really quickly because it's moving very fast.
So when asked again a direct question whether she's going to run, she refused to answer.
Of course she appeared on PBS News Hour back in October saying, quote, obviously I can beat him again, referring to Donald Trump, despite the fact that she didn't beat him the first time round.
She also flat-fanned the flames of speculation when she tweeted at Trump, don't tempt me.
And of course, long-time Clinton adviser Dick Morris insisted that Hillary will become the presidential Democratic nominee because, quote, she believes she was put on earth to be president.
This is the level of arrogance we're dealing with where she's already missed the deadline for New Hampshire and she still refuses to rule it out because she thinks she has the divine right to be your president.
Morris said make no mistake she wants it she's still planning on it she'll do everything she can to achieve it so that's what is going on there and in fact I think Tulsi Gabbard tweeted about this in the past few moments of course off the back of that confrontation with Harris in the debate she said sending my best wishes to Kamala Harris her family and supporters who have campaigned so hard while we disagree on some issues we agree on others and I respect her sincere decision to serve the American people
Many people are taking that as a little bit tongue-in-cheek and that is that in fact Tulsi Gabbard celebrating the departure of Kamala Harris from the race so that's what is taking place there.
Coming up in the next segment though as I mentioned we're going to talk about the London Bridge attack because the Prime Minister of Britain and the expected next Prime Minister we have a national election next week is under fire
Basically for saying that terrorists who plan mass murder shouldn't be released from prison early because that's exactly what happened.
That's exactly what led to the tragic death, the stabbing deaths of two people in London on Friday.
And now we have the parents of one of the victims slamming
Boris Johnson for daring to suggest that terrorists should be locked up for more than eight years if indeed they are planning mass murder.
We're going to get into that and the psychological evaluation as to why people on the left, even when their own daughters and sons are dying, will take this stance.
Don't go away.
I'll pull up a historical description of Aztec child sacrifice because I think it ties into what we're seeing in contemporary times, especially with
In some cases how even the parents of victims of terrorist attacks react after the attacks.
It says Aztec child sacrifice.
Child sacrifice is part of Aztec human sacrifice and was performed on a regular basis.
Children were sacrificed to the Aztec god Tlaloc, the rain god.
Remnants of 42 children sacrificed to this god have been found in the Great Pyramid and
This really ties into what's going on today.
At one time people sacrificed their children to the rain god.
We have to ask the question now, are people sacrificing their children to the gods of political correctness?
Because we had a major terror attack in London on Friday.
Two people dead.
It would have been many more if citizens hadn't intervened and attacked this terrorist until the police could arrive to shoot him dead.
By the way, people were very upset about the fact that he was shot dead by police.
We had a story up on summit.news about that on Friday.
But of course they had to grab fire extinguishers, they had to grab, I think, whale tusks to fend off this terrorist.
There you see one of the citizens disarmed him of his knife.
Of course, no legal right to firearms in Great Britain, so they had to grab whatever weapons they could to take down the bad guy.
And in the aftermath of this attack it emerged that the terrorist in question had been sentenced to 16 years in prison, just 16 years in prison, for literally plotting to bomb the London Stock Exchange and carry out mass murder.
He was released after serving just eight years of that prison sentence and that was the primary reason why he went on to carry out that attack.
And now you see him in a video by the way.
From 2008, complaining about Islamophobia and how people calling Muslims terrorists is very offensive and politically incorrect.
So the guy who was complaining about Muslims being called terrorists, saying that was Islamophobic, went on to become a Muslim terrorist, 11 years later, killing two people.
There's a headline here out of Sky News, London Bridge terror attack victim Jack Merritt's father launches veiled attack on Boris Johnson.
And by the way, Jack Merritt
Out of Cambridge University had written a paper and was studying on the basis
of how it was really wrong and really harsh on prisoners to keep them in prison for an elongated length of time.
He was actually campaigning to reduce prison sentences and his death was precisely because the terrorist in question had his prison sentence reduced.
Now in the aftermath of this we've had a big public debate in the UK about whether prison sentences for terrorists are too short and why are terrorists being released
Too early.
In fact they arrested another terrorist after this attack who had also been released very early despite being involved in planning terrorist acts.
They immediately arrested him because they feared he was planning a new attack.
So that is a completely legitimate debate to have.
And yet now we have this.
The father of a man killed in last week's London Bridge terror attack has launched a veiled attack on Boris Johnson for using the incident to call for tougher criminal sentencing.
Dave Merritt, father of 25-year-old Jack, said his son would be livid at his death and his life being used to perpetuate an agenda of hate that he gave his everything fighting against.
Now it's okay to have respect for the victims of terrorist attacks and yet then want to engage in a debate about how we stop future terrorist attacks.
That cannot be described as being offensive to the victims if it's coming out of a genuine place.
But he said, don't use my son's death and his and his colleagues photos to promote your vile propaganda.
Jack stood against everything you stand for.
Hatred, division, ignorance.
So Boris Johnson came out.
Again on the eve of an election in the United Kingdom and pledged after the terror attack to end the early release of prisoners convicted of terrorist or extremist offences.
After it emerged Khan was a convicted terrorist wearing an electronic tag after being released halfway through a 16-year prison sentence for plotting to bomb the London Stock Exchange.
There you see the other victim in the attack who was also present at this conference
Which again was about reducing sentences for dangerous prisoners.
That's where the attack started.
That's where those two victims were unfortunately killed before he then ran out onto the bridge and was taken down by the brave citizens.
So we have this whole debate now.
With the left saying, how dare you want to stop terrorists carrying out terrorist attacks?
How dare you want to keep dangerous terrorists in prison, who've literally plotted mass murder, literally plotted to bomb the London Stock Exchange?
The reason I read out that Aztec baby sacrifice thing was because in a modern parlance we see this again and again with people literally willing to sacrifice their children for the gods of political correctness and campaign against hardcore legal measures that would have prevented in many cases their sons and daughters from dying.
We have this headline from back in 2016
Family of EU officials' teenage daughter who was raped and killed by Afghan migrant asked for well-wishers to donate money to refugee charity as teenage killer is revealed.
This was the family of a teenage daughter who was allegedly raped and murdered by an Afghan migrant in Germany.
Again, he literally strangled her to death and drowned her in a river.
And the parents came out and said, donate money to migrant causes.
Medical student Maria Landenberger, who had also taken time out to help asylum seekers as a volunteer, what does that remind you of?
Again, I did an entire video about this, where in many cases the unfortunate victims who were raped and killed by migrants, by refugees who turn out to be actual terrorists, in some cases campaigned for refugee charities,
She was found dead in a river in the southwestern German university city of Freiburg in October.
This is 2016.
The first picture has since emerged of Hussein K. He was the 17 year old Afghan asylum seeker who was arrested on suspicion of the rape and murder.
As the 19-year-old student's family tries to come to terms with their loss, they have asked for donations to be made to an organisation that aids refugees.
So they literally came out and asked, I think even at the funeral itself, they came out and asked for donations to refugee charities, having had their daughter killed by a one-time refugee.
And that's not the only example of this.
Of course, we had the mass molestation of women in Cologne on New Year's Eve 2015.
How did feminists react to 2,000 women being sexually abused, in some cases outright raped, by predominantly migrant men from North Africa and the Middle East back on New Year's Eve 2015?
Of course, we all remember the horrific videos of that, the absolute chaos.
They reacted by apologizing for xenophobia.
This is an InfoWars.com headline.
Cologne women apologised for xenophobia by giving migrants roses following mass molestation.
Women in Cologne responded to the mass molestation by predominantly Muslim migrants that occurred on New Year's Eve by visiting the city's largest refugee centre and handing out roses as a gesture against xenophobia.
What did we see last week in Paris?
We saw a big feminist march against sexual assault committed by men.
About three or four protesters turned up with signs pointing out that the majority of sexual abuse in Paris is being carried out by migrant men, by asylum seekers.
What happened to those women?
They were hounded.
They were physically attacked.
They were driven out of the protest.
We'll be back with more of this on the other side.
Don't go away.
So we have the two victims of the London Bridge terror attack on Friday being involved in a programme and attending a conference in which they shared, according to the New York Times, a strong belief that people who have committed criminal offences should have opportunities for rehabilitation.
Another attendee at that event was the actual terrorist himself, who was given an opportunity for rehabilitation and ended up killing them in cold blood.
And then the father of one of the victims, Mr Merritt, comes out and blames Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Britain, for exploiting this tragedy to push his political agenda.
What was Boris Johnson's argument?
That a terrorist who had only served eight years for planning mass murder, for planning to attack the London Stock Exchange,
shouldn't have been let out early.
This is the debate that we're now having in the United Kingdom and of course I flash back to these other articles whereby the parents in one case of a German teenager who was strangled, raped and dumped in a river by an Afghan migrant went on to urge everybody to raise money for migrant charities
Of course, we had the Cologne mass molestation in Germany, New Year's Eve 2015, where the feminist group, local feminist group, responded to that sexual abuse of 2,000 women by the next day visiting the local migrant center and handing out roses to the migrants, some of whom were probably actually involved in that mass molestation.
We had another example with the female tourists, the hikers, the backpackers who went to Morocco
And ended up being, again, beheaded, raped by literal ISIS militants.
One of those individuals, and we have the article and in fact the video which I did about this, the tragedy of cultural relativism.
Female tourists who complained about Islamophobia raped and murdered by Islamists in Morocco.
One of the female Scandinavian hiker victims, who was raped and murdered by Islamic State supporters in Morocco, previously posted a video on her Facebook page showing a bearded Muslim man urging people to quote, never judge people by their appearance.
We also had the cycling couple, the left-wing couple who cycled through Tajikistan and other areas of that region.
writing entire blogs saying that our concept of evil and that evil exists in other cultures in other areas of the world was just a reflection of our bigotry and racism and that in fact all cultures are equal all people are equally good with pure motives what ended up happening to them they were mowed down by ISIS militants and murdered.
We see a pattern emerging here and of course Sadiq Khan once again came out after the attack and said that
This proves diversity is our strength.
We don't have similar levels of diversity in, for example, Budapest, Hungary or Warsaw, Poland.
Both of those countries do not seem to experience terrorist attacks on anywhere near the same level.
They also don't experience the
Industrial grooming of young girls by predominantly Muslim grooming gangs which is a massive problem here in the UK.
In fact there's a headline here out of the BBC which relates to that.
Telford sex abuse trial girl passed around like meat.
A girl was passed around like a piece of meat while being sold for sex with men a court heard.
Five men are accused of the abuse of the girl in Telford, Shropshire which began when she was just 12 years old.
The names of the perpetrators who deny wrongdoing
Are Mohammed Ali Sultan, Amjad Hussain, Shafiq Yunus, Nazam Akhtar and Mohammed Rizwan.
Seems to be a common thread.
Don't sound really like British names, do they?
So that's one of the consequences of diversity.
Of course we had this article out of Summit News too.
New peer-reviewed academic study finds diversity is not a strength.
This was a study carried out
By the University of Copenhagen, not exactly a big right-wing institution, I would imagine.
It was entitled Ethnic Diversity and Social Trust, A Narrative and Meta-Analytical Review.
They sought to answer the question whether quote, continued immigration corresponding growing ethnic diversity was having a positive impact on community cohesion.
And the study found, surprise, surprise, the opposite to be the case.
They studied.
1001 examples from 87 different studies and concluded, quote, we find a statistically significant negative relationship between ethnic diversity and social trust across all studies.
Of course, this is not to mention the huge knife crime epidemic that we're currently experiencing in the UK and specifically in London, where I believe the figure was 73% of those stabbings are carried out by non-white suspects.
But again, Sadiq Khan says diversity is a strength and he actually cites stabbings and terror attacks to make that point.
So you try and connect the dots there because I'm struggling to do so.
Meanwhile, staying in the UK, lefty BBC comedian booed offstage for tired Brexit jokes.
And in fact, this guy is even now trending on Twitter in the United States.
A comedian who regularly appears on BBC programming was booed offstage and had food thrown at him within minutes of the beginning of his routine because he spoke negatively about Brexit and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
Now, from the clip that I saw,
Which is this one, and there's another eight minute clip in the article itself.
He's not even telling any jokes.
He's just lecturing the audience.
In fact, he starts off lecturing them, saying something like, none of you died during the Second World War.
I don't know what point he was actually trying to make, but that's what I heard him say.
But then he went on to say that those people sitting in the crowd were to blame for his ancestors being oppressed because of colonialism.
So apparently they have no connection to the Second World War because they weren't born when that was taking place, you know, 70 years ago.
But they do have responsibility
For colonialism, which happened hundreds and hundreds of years ago.
So again, try and connect the dots on that.
I'm struggling to do so.
So he basically goes through this rant back and forth with the audience.
He's talking about Brexit.
And again, this just goes right to the point.
This is not comedy.
This is the ultimate act of cowardice you can do if you get up on stage and you mimic every other left-wing comedian on television in the United Kingdom right now.
So they're throwing bread at him.
Again, he's trying to get involved in a debate with the audience.
They're just saying to him, look, just tell some frigging jokes.
He refuses to leave the stage.
Finally does so.
But again, now he's playing the victim because one person threw a piece of bread at him during this performance.
People are sick and tired of woke comedy.
They're switching off every chance they get.
Every single award show in America now, across the pond,
Craters in terms of audience reviews, audience attendance, viewership figures.
Because again, it's riddled with wokeness and people are just sick to the back teeth of it.
Same with sports.
That's why less and less people are watching ESPN now, because they have the same problem.
And another article related to that.
Anti-PC Brexit Christmas movie monumentally bombs at theatres.
An anti-Brexit Christmas movie is bombed at theatres, forcing Universal, the studio that produced it, to cut its losses and pull the plug in a short-sighted attempt to promote kindness at Christmas.
The film, which was co-written by British actress Emma Thompson, who again Virtue signalled about refugees, didn't take in one herself, despite owning several mansions, adopts a lecturing, woke attitude and heavily pushes an anti-Brexit theme, as well as other PC talking points.
People are sick to the back teeth of this.
They don't want to watch it.
And when you do get a movie that largely avoids politics, like The Irishman, for example, which came out just a couple of weeks ago, basically avoids politics altogether.
People love it.
They tried to politicize Joker.
It wasn't really a political movie at all.
In fact, the Joker character says numerous times it's not political.
The left tried to make it political.
And then you compare the Rotten Tomatoes scores
And they're diametrically opposite.
The punters, the viewers love it.
The critics hate it.
Because even if a movie just avoids pushing wokeness now...
Even if it doesn't want to take a side, that's bad enough and the critics will pan it.
You saw that with Dave Chappelle's comedy show.
Again, loved by the audience, hated by the critics, because he had one joke in there about transgender people.
The rest of Chappelle's special is basically bashing white people who are addicted to opioids.
But because he dared to have one joke which offended the PC woke outrage mob, he was castigated too.
But people are sick of it, they're turning off, they're not interested.
We'll be back.
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Now, Greta Thunberg is back in the news, as she is every five friggin' minutes.
This is out of Information Liberation.
Thunberg, climate crisis demands we dismantle all colonial, racist and patriarchal systems of oppression.
It's not about saving the planet, it's about amassing as much power as possible.
That is their end goal and they don't even hide it anymore.
In a column for the George Soros funded outlet Project Syndicate, and I'm sure she didn't write this without the help of anyone else,
Greta Thunberg said the climate crisis is not just about the environment.
There you have it.
They admit it once again.
It's about amassing as much power as possible over your life, lecturing you on driving a car, while they whiz around the world in their private jets, while she pals around with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has a garage full of muscle cars and tanks, and Leonardo DiCaprio, who vacations on 400-foot yachts owned by Middle Eastern oil sheiks, but you can't take a hot bath.
You can't drive a vehicle.
But the need is wider.
The need is to dismantle all so-called colonial, racist and patriarchal systems of oppression.
Which, of course, means vacuuming the power out of one place and putting it into their own hands.
The column was co-written with climate activist Louisa Naubeier, who insists she's not Greta's handler, despite widespread claims to the contrary, and Angela Valenzuela, who is described as the coordinator of Fridays for Future in Santiago.
Basically, they admit that it's not just about saving the planet, never was about saving the planet, it was about amassing as much power as possible.
And in fact I posted a tweet off the back of this, where in 1989, and bear in mind this goes back to the 60s, where we had Paul Ehrlich's Population Bomb book, which was the foundational text for a lot of this climate change alarmism, which literally said that hundreds of millions of people would starve to death by the 1970s, 1980s.
Of course never happened, but that was the foundational text for all this hysteria.
And I flash back to an article from 1989 with the headline, UN predicts disaster if global warming not checked.
This was 30 years ago.
A senior UN environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.
We flash forward to a story today out of the BBC, climate talks to open as point of no return looms.
So 30 years apart, they're saying the world is about to end, it's about to collapse.
In 1989, in 2019, the rhetoric is exactly the same.
Same hysteria, same alarmism, same lies.
And Thunberg's warning about dismantling colonialism and oppression, of course we had the big Extinction Rebellion protests here in London a couple of months ago,
And I dug into what their actual demands were, and this was a headline that we had at the time, Extinction Rebellion co-founder says climate protest is about ending idea heterosexuality is normal.
What does that have to do with the climate?
Absolutely nothing!
Because again, this is nothing to do with the climate.
In a lengthy article for Medium, entitled Extinction Rebellion isn't about the climate, that's out their own mouths, Stuart Basden, who was the co-founder of this group,
Revealed the true goals of the far-left environmentalist action group, which again is to blame European civilization, to blame colonialism, and then to openly admit they want to dismantle the patriarchy, white supremacy, which basically means whoever holds the power now.
And he also wrote, quote, the delusions of heterosexism, heteronormativity, propagate the idea that heterosexuality is normal and the other expressions of sexuality are deviant.
So again, he admits it's nothing to do with the climate, it's about dismantling the idea that heterosexuality is normal.
This is how far they want to go.
Of course, we had the other founder of Extinction Rebellion basically coming out and saying that people need to die for them to achieve their agenda.
So again, they're not backward in coming forward.
If you actually scratch below the surface, they are honest with their true motivations.
Headline up on Infowars, Bernie Sanders circa 1991.
We may lose the planet for our grandchildren.
Again, that was two years after the UN came out and said basically the world's going to end in the year 2000.
In 91 Sanders warned we may lose the planet for our grandchildren in a speech.
He said that the crisis has resurfaced.
He said we may lose the planet for our grandchildren.
Added that the environmental crisis cannot be addressed unless you deal with the economic crisis at the same time.
Again, it's about a transfer of wealth and power.
Meanwhile, in Sweden, Church of Sweden unveils Altarpiece of Paradise featuring gay couples and transgender serpent.
Once again reminding us how important anal sex really is.
In fact, I was watching the football over the weekend and now with the graphics flashes on the soccer games, as you would call them,
Where there's a highlight from the game and they flash from the live shot to the highlights, they have a swish of a graphic that goes past the screen.
Now that screen is rainbow-coloured.
All the corner flags on the pitch are rainbow-coloured.
Again, reminding us of the utmost importance of anal sex.
Or is there a different agenda at hand in terms of what they're trying to push?
Well, in Sweden, in Malmo, surprise, surprise,
They've got a new altarpiece meant to celebrate inclusivity by replacing Adam and Eve in a paradise with gay couples in suggested poses while depicting the serpent tempting them as a transgender woman.
Meanwhile, also in Sweden, man-drives-car-into-gym wrote letter mentioning Osama bin Laden.
A 29-year-old man drove a car into a gym in Stockholm during a handball match with authorities treating the incident as a possible terror attack after they discovered a letter written by the suspect which mentioned Osama bin Laden.
He also mentioned he wanted to see people die.
Those are his own words.
They released him for drunk driving.
In fact, they initially released him.
They arrested him when they found this letter mentioning wanting to kill people in the name of Osama Bin Laden.
And as far as I know, the latest on this is that they released him once again.
That's Malmo.
That's Sweden.
Meanwhile Yazidi slave confronts ISIS captor who raped her and was then given refugee status in Germany.
This was in 2014 when Ashwaq Haji Hamid was captured and sold as a slave after thousands of men were killed by Islamic State terrorists in the Yazidi heartland of Mount Sinjar in 2014.
So she later met him on the streets of Germany, Stuttgart, Germany, after having been trafficked, abused, sexually assaulted on a daily basis by this ISIS militant.
She's given refugee status in Germany, but so is he.
They meet on the streets.
He then threatens her, saying, I know where you live.
She goes to the German authorities.
The German authorities say, there's nothing we can do about it because he's been given refugee status.
So finally, now she had a chance to confront a captor, a rapist on Iraqi television.
And she said, now you know what torture is, what it's like to be tortured, what loneliness is.
If you had any sense, any feelings, you wouldn't have raped me when I was 14 years old, she added.
And again, given what happened in Cologne, Germany, there must be many hundreds of similar ISIS militants who are out on the streets just like there are in the UK.
But now apparently we can't even have a debate about them being released, even off the back of one of them being released after just eight years for literally plotting mass murder to bomb the London Stock Exchange.
And then going on after he was released to kill two people in London.
Absolutely incredible situation here in London.
That's going to wrap it up for the show.
Breaking news at Summit.News.
Please take advantage of the specials at InfoWarsStore.com.
Coming up next is War Room with Owen Schroyer.
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Language is being destroyed.
Reduced right in front of us.
Every form of real diversity is under assault by the supposed keepers of diversity.
Every Hollywood film, every major publication that's being promoted by the establishment is putting out a self-loathing, a orthodox hatred for humanity and our potential, so that we are psychically wounded
With self-hate so that we will give up on ourselves, crawl into a ditch, and die as a culture.
This is all being done in the name of saving the Earth because humans are a form of cancer on the planet and have to be culled, like you give a body radiation to supposedly stop cancer.
But the globalists themselves, in their own internal publications, many of which have leaked, believe that the planet itself is going to be overwritten
By the new technologies they are supposedly developing.
What we're dealing with is psychotic mad scientists.
And every action they take is simply a nihilistic search for more power and more control.
And the ultimate power is controlling the minds of fellow humans on this planet and playing God.
And building systems of surveillance that create an artificial form of omnipresence.