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Name: 20191129_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 29, 2019
2345 lines.

The Alex Jones Show discusses various topics such as allegations against Ilhan Omar, incidents of violence in London Bridge, fake news sites being used to influence elections, and the need for freedom of speech. It also mentions a bill that provides defense training with firearms and Krav Maga under Virginia law. The show talks about Sacha Baron Cohen being compared to Hitler due to his attempts at inciting violence against Jews and Greta Thunberg being part of a religious course in Sweden, proving that climate change is a religion. Alex encourages viewers to visit his websites for further information. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has declared Infowars its public enemy number one and called for the arrest of big tech heads who do not turn full control over to them, aiming to shut down alternative media platforms. The censorship carried out by Big Tech companies is an attempt to demoralize Americans and suppress freedom of speech. President Trump has signed the Hong Kong Freedom Bill despite threats from China and has tried to strengthen the borders, defend the Second Amendment, appoint two Supreme Court justices, and withdraw from Syria and Afghanistan. However, Trump's inaction against the censorship and suppression of alternative media is concerning. The ADL and other globalist organizations are pushing for more control over Big Tech companies, which could lead to increased economic bullying and targeting of conservative voices. InfowarStore.com is offering its biggest sales of the year on Black Friday. The Alex Jones Show discusses topics such as pornography being used as a weapon and how it has become increasingly popular with men and women to not masturbate due to it taking away their essence. Dr. Michael Jones talks about the sexualization of children and how it's part of an institutionalized form of pedophilia and dismembering of children. The show also discusses how pornography is a powerful subjugating narrative that made an entire generation docile to the commands of their rulers, but people are starting to break free from its chains. Dr. E Michael Jones discusses the unintended consequences of sex education in public schools and how it led to the homeschooling movement. He also comments on the impeachment process and how it is another attempt by the oligarchs to overturn the verdict of the people who voted for President Trump. Finally, he talks about how God works in mysterious ways and brings good out of evil, citing the example of the influx of Islamic immigrants into Europe causing a backlash against the teaching of sex education in schools. Paul Joseph Watson discusses recent stabbings in The Hague and London Bridge, as well as reactions from leftists online who are upset that the London Bridge terrorist was shot dead by police. Watson highlights comments from Twitter users who believe the assailant could have been arrested or used rubber bullets instead of being killed. He also points out the hypocrisy of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has criticised the killing of ISIS leader and suggested that detaining him would have been the right thing to do. Watson emphasizes that these incidents demonstrate the importance of independent media in countering the false narratives pushed by

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It is Friday, the 29th day of November 2019.
I am your host Alex Jones, live from the road.
We have an incredibly important, controversial global transmission lined up for you on this Friday edition.
But first, let's go to part of this powerful John Bowne report, only at Band.Video.
In her short political career, Ilhan Omar has juggled campaign finance violations, the defrauding of her immigration status, and engaging in an affair with a married white male on her staff.
The very type of person Omar claims is the scourge of Western civilization.
Our country should be more fearful of white men across our country because they are actually causing most of the deaths within this country.
She said that the pro-Israel lobby in the United States is pushing for allegiance to a foreign country.
This is the latest in an ongoing struggle between the Democratic leadership and a small number of freshman Democrats who've been vocal about pushing the party further to the left.
Representative Omar embodies a vile, hate-filled, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel bigotry.
This is not a time for politics.
This is a time for the Democratic leaders in this institution to do the right thing.
They should remove her from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.
They should stand up to her.
They should stop empowering.
Her disgusting hatred before it turns into horror.
Just when you thought this leader of the socialist left-leaning squad of the Democratic Party couldn't vilify herself any further, court documents from a trial in Florida have dropped jet fuel on that fire.
The Jerusalem Post reported, the claims came during testimony by Kuwaiti-born Canadian businessman Alan Bender, who was giving evidence in the trial of Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Thani.
We're good to go.
The Washington Examiner reported Bender said Qatar's Secretary to the Emir for Security Affairs Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Abdullah al-Masnad told him that the country recruited Ilhan Omar from even way before she thought about becoming a government official.
They groomed her and arranged the foundation, the grounds, for her to get into politics way before she even showed interest.
They convinced her.
He alleged that Omar cooperated with Qatar's request and received cash payments.
He also claimed that she used her position in the House of Representatives to access sensitive information, which she relayed to Qatar and through them Iran.
According to the deposition, Bender further told the court that Omar actively recruited other politicians on behalf of the nation.
If it wasn't for our cash, Ilhan Omar would be just another black Somali refugee in America collecting welfare and serving tables on weekends, he claimed the officials told him.
Omar has predictably denied the allegations as her office responded saying, since the day she was elected Saudi Arabian trolls and mouthpieces have targeted Omar with misinformation and conspiracy theories.
The latest outlandishly absurd story from a Saudi-funded media outlet is, of course, false, and only the latest in that trend.
The thing that was interesting in the class was every time the professor said al-Qaeda, he sort of, like, his shoulders went up.
Yeah, he's in command here.
He's an expert.
You don't say America with an intensity.
You don't say England with an intensity.
You don't say the army with an intensity.
But you say these names because you want that word to carry weight.
I'm not part of Al-Shabaab.
I do not participate.
I'm totally surprised.
I do not participate in their... You are Al-Shabaab.
Al-Shabaab is young.
It's young.
Unfortunately for Omar, she has already cast herself in this role.
She's done everything in her power to present economy crippling Green New Deal socialism.
Her latest proposal, a trillion dollars for affordable housing, which in the hands of the liberal left would be used to wreak havoc on what little property rights Americans have left.
Ilhan Omar is at war with the American Dream.
This is why Omar is the perfect candidate for these allegations, tying her to Qatar, the Club Med of Terror, and Iran.
Special thanks to Representative Omar of Minnesota.
Oh, I forgot.
She doesn't like Israel.
I forgot.
I'm so sorry.
Those sarcastic comments from President Trump about Democratic Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar in front of a conservative Jewish group on Saturday came less than a day after a New York man was charged with threatening her life.
It's not the propaganda vomiting narrative that she is a Muslim Somalian woman victim.
She is a member of Congress, a potential national security threat.
John Bowne reporting.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Friday, November 29th, 2019.
I'm your host Alex Jones coming to you from the road here in San Diego visiting my wife's family.
I'll be back in the ATX tonight.
Ladies and gentlemen, again, thank you so much for joining us on this live Worldwide Friday broadcast.
It is Black Friday.
We have lots of stampeding crowds running over each other already.
Lots of women in hijabs battling each other over goodies at Walmart.
And so much more.
Lots of people having to have their butts amputated because of illegal butt injections.
It's the total decadence of the Hollywood poison cup that has been turned over.
We also have someone screaming Allah Akbar, stabbing five people with a reported bomb vest.
They're now saying it's fake.
On the London Bridge, a favorite Islamic attack point.
But we've been told it's not Islamic.
And elephants aren't elephants.
Sky's not blue.
That's all coming up.
And then just some incredible stories out in the open.
Former Obama operatives creating fake news sites to help Democrats win election.
They admit they're putting out fake stories, and that Facebook, Twitter, and Google are promoting them.
They're proud of what they're doing.
Steve Watson article that was up yesterday, but I'm going to have it reposted to the front page of InfoWars.com.
It's so incredible.
So there you have them admitting that they're lying.
Of course, that's what mainstream media already does.
They're just getting with the program.
Angela Merkel says freedom of speech must be curtailed to keep society free.
Paul Joseph Watson is going to be hosting the fourth hour today.
He's going to be covering that.
She actually said that.
This is not satire.
In a speech, we're going to be playing that coming up.
So they're going to lie to us openly.
They're going to silence our speech.
Then they're going to bully everybody that speaks up against it.
Internet crybabies upset NFL quarterback supports Trump.
They want him fired for serious discussions of it happening.
Meanwhile, teacher who supported drag queen visiting school without parents being told to exchange phone numbers and contact info with the man dressed as a woman who wanted to discuss sexuality with their children says that parents don't have a right and that the school's going to do what they want and the Texas
School and the Texas principal support them and say, we're going to have access to your children.
So we're going to lie to you.
We're going to give you a fake news.
We're going to silence you.
Then we're going to have contact with your children and exchange phone numbers and other information with them.
And you're not going to stop jack crap.
Actually says some of you don't know what is best for your kids.
Close quote.
It's all up on InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com and Paul's amazing site, Summit.
China folds, Beijing does nothing after Trump signs Hong Kong bill.
That's a big, big deal.
That's just some of what's coming up.
Meanwhile, this story is so huge, it's hard to believe, but I went and read the whole bill, showed it to a lawyer last night and to law enforcement.
They said, damn right, after Charlottesville, any type of defense training with firearms,
Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, Tai Chi, firearms instruction, self-defense, now terrorism under Virginia proposed law.
That's all coming up today.
Trump makes a surprise visit to Afghanistan trying to end the war.
He's attacked by the left for trying to end the war.
What a criminal.
And so much more coming out today.
Joining us, though, he'll be hosting the fourth hour, is Paul Joseph Watson, who is in London, to give us the latest London Bridge terror stabbing.
Suspect shot dead by police was wearing hoax bomb.
London Bridge police shoot stabbing suspect after five injured.
And of course, last time the Lion of London Bridge fought back when they'd already killed a bunch of people, he was taken for re-education for daring fight back against the jihadis.
I'm not joking.
Paul, give us the latest information from Lundistan.
Well, good to be back, Alex.
Yeah, they tackled a man.
He stabbed somebody, they're reporting, nearby London Bridge.
So it sounds like he went into some kind of shop or premises and tried to stab a bunch of people.
I've seen one image of a woman that basically looks severely injured or dead.
So they're not saying how many people have been stabbed.
They're just saying injuries at the moment.
So it looks like he then ran onto the bridge and was immediately tackled by a bunch of brave citizens who grabbed the knife from him.
And he was wearing what they now call a fake explosives vest.
They wouldn't have known that it was fake at the time, obviously.
So they got the knife off him, then the police arrived, got the public to stand back and basically double tapped him in the head and shot him dead.
Which has caused some consternation over quite a few people on Twitter, Alex, who said that the terrorist should not have been killed and that he should have been arrested or handcuffed.
Given that he just stabbed, they're saying, I guess at least five people at the moment, he was wearing a fake explosives vest, they're saying he should have been arrested, apprehended without deadly force.
Which is interesting, because we've got an election coming up here in about 10 days time, where the leader of one side of the parties that are running, the two major parties, Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party,
Also said back, I think it was last month, correct, when Baghdadi was killed, that Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, should not have been killed and should have been arrested.
So that kind of rhetoric is now being mirrored in the aftermath of this terrorist attack in London.
What was the exact term?
They called him, what, an austere scholar, a great leader?
Oh yeah, immediately after he was killed, the Washington Post reported that he was an austere scholar.
I guess we've had the death of another austere scholar on London Bridge today.
But here's an example of some of what I picked up on Twitter.
These people are all Jeremy Corbyn supporters obviously.
One person said,
Well done to the public and the police on the fast response on London Bridge.
But was there any need for the police to kill the man?
They could have easily arrested him, but murdered him instead.
State murder doesn't sit well with me.
Again, he'd literally just been running around foaming at the mouth.
We don't know if he was chanting Al-Akbar yet, but it's a distinct possibility.
He'd ran into premises.
Police rushed to the scene.
Passers-by grabbed the man, pinned him to the ground.
He had a giant, what they call, zombie knife.
But no, he shouldn't have been shot apparently Alex.
That was too much deadly force and he should have merely been arrested.
So this is the narrative that we're dealing with.
The other aspect of this is, as you said, the guy who tackled the London Bridge terrorists on the previous attack, which was more deadly two years ago, he was later put in a right-wing extremist database
I don't
We're running around stabbing people, screaming Allah Akbar.
And again, we have the footage.
The man is going for a suicide vest.
They didn't know what it was.
They told him over and over again to stop.
You see the officer get in the position and kill him.
Should have shot him before that when he had his hands on what looked like a suicide vest.
Was saying he was going to detonate it.
Obviously wanted suicide by cop.
Had just reportedly stabbed a bunch of people.
What the hell planet are these leftists living on, lionizing people like this scumbag?
Well, we had after the previous attack, which was more deadly, I think it was 11 people killed, dozens injured, the Lion of Millwall, the guy who tackled one of the terrorists, stabbed himself multiple times.
And in fact, during that incident, while the terrorists were rushing into the restaurants and attacking people, some people who were hiding in the back were offended that other people were calling these individuals Muslims.
And while the attack was taking place, were screaming out, how dare you call them Muslims?
There's literally a video of that.
But then after that attack,
The London Metropolitan Police, who've done an astounding job in this instance, came out, and you've seen this in America with school shootings, and said in the immediate aftermath of a terrorist attack while it's happening, the public should run, hide and tell.
That's the advice they gave them.
I'm thankful and I'm sure a lot of people who may have been caught up in this today are thankful that those people on London Bridge didn't follow that advice.
They didn't run away.
They didn't hide.
They didn't tell.
They tackled and they fought and thanks to that the terrorist is dead and the casualty list is thankfully quite low.
That's right, or he would have found women and children and taken his time.
I want to do five more minutes with you on the other side, then let you get ready.
So you really prepare for when you host an hour.
Paul Watson's hosting the fourth hour today.
I want to come back and ask him some other geopolitical questions.
And Merkel openly saying we have to take people's speech to protect freedom, freedom for the Islamic globalist invasion of Europe.
We'll talk about it all with Paul Joseph Watson.
Stay with us.
We are back live broadcasting worldwide.
Paul Joseph Watson is in London.
He'll be hosting the fourth hour today.
I know I'm going to be listening always.
One of the most powerful hours of radio and TV you're going to listen or see anywhere.
I want to hit a few other subjects briefly with Paul here.
Then I'll tell you about the other guests and what's coming up today.
It's unprecedented to have Merkel come out and say, we've got to restrict
Speech for freedom.
That is true.
And that ties in with the Democrats just being honest about what they've been doing all along.
We've seen articles in the New York Times, Washington Post, countless others saying the Republicans lie so well, the right-wingers lie so well, Alex Jones lies so well, which isn't true, I tell the truth so well, that we've got to start lying better than they do.
And they have big articles with Charlie Wurzel and others
Talking about how they're going to be deceptive in the New York Times.
It's simply amazing how they're getting their own people to be recruited to be liars in the name of fighting bad guys.
Former Obama operatives creating fake news sites to help Democrats win election.
It's an Infowars.com article.
And Steve Watson has all of it saved.
It's all public.
The fake news they're putting out, promoted by Facebook, promoted by Twitter, promoted by Google,
Then we put out videos showing Obama saying, build a wall five years ago.
That's blocked as fake news, even though it's real.
So they're putting out fake news while they silence us.
And then while they bully and call for the firing of a quarterback that supports Trump four years ago.
And while they say that our children belong to them, it's simply incredible.
Let's go to a clip of Merkel and then get Paul Joseph Watson's take on this.
She goes on to say, we're coming after you.
There you go, but freedom of speech expression has limits.
Those limits begin where hatred is spread.
Oh, they begin when the dignity of other people is violated.
The House must oppose extreme speech.
Otherwise, our society will no longer be the free society that it was.
So you have all lived to see the leader of the most powerful nation in Europe, Merkel, who can never be removed from power because they have a parliament, dozens of parties, more than 25 big parties.
So she always just buys off the other little parties every time she loses an election to stay in power in parliament.
That's how that works.
One reason a two-party system is terrible, but better than a
10-party system, 20-party system.
Paul Watson, this is simply incredible.
They define whatever they want as hate in Europe, in the UK, then they ban it.
Now that's actually happening here with the ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center, and others saying, arrest big tech heads and totally silence all of us.
This isn't coming.
This is here.
What do you see happening next and how do we combat this?
Well, of course, with Germany, Alex, they've literally got a constitution which says, quote, there shall be no censorship.
They lived under the Gestapo.
They lived under the Stasi.
They're supposed to have one of the most, you know, liberal, classically liberal constitutions when it comes to free speech imaginable.
In fact, Merkel herself, back in 2010, said multiculturalism has failed.
Now she says any speech that offends the dignity of somebody is hate speech.
I'm wondering if what she herself said back in 2010 would now be considered hate speech in Germany.
And listen, they tried to pass laws in Germany just a couple of months ago.
Where it would make insulting the EU anthem, yes the EU actually has an anthem, and burning the EU flag a crime punishable up to three years in prison.
So this is the situation in Germany.
You had also of course
Back in 2015, New Year's Eve 2015, the mass molestation of women in Cologne, primarily carried out by migrants from North Africa and the Middle East.
People who have spoken out about that, including AFD members of Parliament, who have tweeted about that, have had their tweets deleted.
People have been arrested, interrogated for hate speech for questioning that.
In fact, in this article, Alex, which you just cited today,
My video, which is called The Mass Brainwashing of Germany, which talks about how not only through police action but also through, for example, inserting storylines into soap operas and putting out commercials with German women wearing
We're good to go.
And we know what's happened.
The ADL and other international organizations are setting the standard.
They're giving awards to Merkel, and now they're bringing it to the United States.
It's insane to see Sacha Baron Cohen, who made all his money with really, absolutely unbelievable stuff, trying to set people up for terrorism, saying, throw Jews down the well.
He'll go, okay, well, it's comedy.
Well, it's really incitement to violence.
We've never done that.
I don't dislike Jews.
I dislike censors who happen to be Jewish.
How should this be countered?
I mean, Sacha Baron Cohen is as close to Hitler as I've seen in my lifetime.
Well, it should be countered by pointing out that, I mean, he was upset of all things about Mark Zuckerberg saying he supported free speech, as if that was a genuine statement in the first place.
But that speech has gone far and wide.
I'm still hearing about it now.
The ironic thing about it, as you said,
He actually played characters and made big movies based on characters, based on stereotypes, what some people, a lot of people would call racist stereotypes in terms of Borat.
And he did another movie called Bruno, which the entire movie was based on a stereotypical gay man.
The content of that movie would probably not be shown in cinemas today because the same kind of woke crowd that he's trying to pander to would find it bigoted and homophobic.
So this is a guy who's made a career on creating bigoted stereotypes about people in modern day parlance and now he's trying to say that
Facebook and Twitter is allowing extremism on its platform.
Of course, their definition of extremism is so entirely vague that it includes anything that basically counters their narrative to the point where
You had the ADL respond to that and come out with a list of Twitter personalities and YouTube channels that they demand be banned off the back of this Sacha Baron Cohen speech.
And again, it has nothing to do with stopping actual extremism.
Some of these organizations have actually incited extremism and incited shootings with this propaganda against Christians, for example.
Yeah, SPLC, where they actually incited a guy to go out and try to shoot up the place.
Listen, if I cut a video saying throw Jews down the well, I'd get arrested.
That's incitement to violence.
He does it, it's okay because he's Hollywood.
No, it's sick, it's dangerous.
What are you going to be covering in the fourth hour today?
We're going to be covering Greta Thunberg is now part of a religious course in Sweden, again proving that climate change is religion and all the latest from the London terror attack.
All right, summit.news.
Spread that link, summit.news.
The info war lives on through you, listeners and viewers.
Stay with us.
We'll be back with huge amounts of critical intel.
Please tell folks we're live.
It's Black Friday, worldwide live transmission.
By now, it has become crystal clear to everyone that our worst, most frightening analysis of the globalists and who they are and what their endgame is was, in fact, completely true, except it was far worse than we even thought.
So I have to apologize to listeners and viewers that we really steered you wrong the last 25 years.
That things were far worse than we even thought.
And if anything, we held back.
We held back.
Because it just sounded too fantastical.
And if we do lose, if we do end up losing, that's a big reason why.
Because we held back.
You see,
When you're faced with absolute pure evil and it admits it's evil, and then you think it's going to sound crazy if you tell people, you begin almost aiding the evil by not being completely honest and truthful about what we're facing and what we're dealing with.
Because you want to be comfortable at the dinner table with your family at Thanksgiving because you don't want to ruffle any feathers.
You then create a climate where the globalists can come in and bully and dominate and control and get whatever they want done.
Now, I want to be clear.
I am not lecturing this amazing audience who are not an audience, who are warriors and brothers and sisters in awakening and in fighting tyranny and in really having a true desire, a spirit, a will that wants to see justice and freedom into the future.
That's really what this comes down to.
And I cannot praise you enough.
Just the fact that you're conscious.
Just the fact that you have a connection to God.
Just the fact that you know God's real.
Just the fact that you love God.
That itself is the most powerful thing in the universe, and everything else flows from that.
So I want to say this before I get into all this news.
God is in charge of the universe.
We have just been given free will, so we've been doing bad things because that's the nature of what babies do.
That's what toddlers do.
And there are some of us that are conscious of this and who've decided to actively join evil for whatever sick reasons.
There's always going to be degeneracy and aberrant behavior in the universe.
And Hollywood and the culture teaches that aberrant behavior is sex.
That's only one small part of it, aberrant sex.
Aberrant behavior is being decadent, is being lazy, is knowing the truth and not caring, or aiding evil and corruption for temporal physical gain.
That really is satanic because it goes against your own common sense.
It goes against your own understanding of what's right.
It goes against what's good for us to do in the beginning.
The wages of sin are death, and we see that.
Big studies out.
That the population of the United States is plummeting.
That life expectancy is plummeting.
The cancer rates are exploding.
The neurological disorder rates are exploding.
Well, of course, we don't value the unborn.
We don't value the born.
We don't value the old.
Suicide rates in white males are at stratospheric levels.
Because white males everywhere are told they're worthless, they're bad, they're obsolete.
And if men are told they're worthless, they're bad, they're obsolete, they're not needed, they will kill themselves.
But I tell the men of the world, whether you're black, whether you're white, whether you're old, whether you're young, your communion with God, your connection to God, and your spiritual energy, your worship,
is all that matters in this universe.
Your spiritual decision to join with God as a free, sentient being that is the seed of the universe.
That's real creation.
God creates new, sentient, free-will beings that have incredible potential made in the image and likeness of God.
How heavy is that?
And how real is that?
The ancients didn't all just recognize this.
They knew it.
And look at what we envision
From the microchip, to the jet airplane, to the artificial heart, to genetic engineering, to nuclear weapons, to Beethoven, to Metallica, the good, the bad, and the ugly, art, cinema, literature, sex, love between men and women, all of these incredibly transcendent, powerful, spiritual communions.
And there are the globalists.
Trying to counteract it.
They've got people running around on Black Friday everywhere, running over each other, trampling each other, stabbing each other.
Women in hijabs battling and hitting each other over a dollar and a half packages of socks.
This isn't the land of the free, the home of the brave.
This is a group of people transmuted by demonic alchemy into slugs.
and turned into vassal slaves, believing that they can only get fulfillment through the establishment, only get fulfillment through the lottery ticket, only get fulfillment through the fake big box store church, only get fulfillment by believing in the system, but it's all empty.
There's only a hysteria.
There's only a mad dashing over the edge of a cliff.
There's only the foaming at the mouth
Crazed spirit.
There's nothing real that builds.
There's nothing real that sustains.
There's nothing real at the end of it that is pro-human, pro-God, pro-justice.
And that's what it comes down to.
So I'm going to cover all this news, get to all these clips and more, ladies and gentlemen, after this break that's coming up.
And we have a special guest joining us as well that I'll tell you about at the start of the next segment.
But on this Black Friday, I want to challenge the listeners.
I want to challenge the viewers.
I want to challenge people to understand how fundamental it is when you have that relationship with God, when you open up that channel of free will, saying, I want to be in touch with the real creator, the real master, God, not the fallen system, not the fallen entities, not all the space junk, but the real deal.
That's the most important thing.
Opening channels up to others who are depressed, who are down, who are beaten down by the system that have been told that they're worthless when they're so incredible.
And then spreading the word about outlets and institutions that the enemy and the world wants to silence.
Those are the institutions and the systems that need to be promoted, like Infowars.com, like Newswars.com.
And then financially support the broadcast, which is so easy.
Everything God gives us, everything that's good, everything that's wholesome is self-generating, self-healing, and is a Genesis system.
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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
Again, welcome to this live Black Friday worldwide broadcast.
I'm coming to you from my hotel room in San Diego, California, where my wife and my youngest daughter are visiting with her mom.
And of course, I'll be back in Austin, Texas tonight, and I'm going to be up there on Saturday and Sunday, not for the normal Sunday show.
4 to 6 p.m., but other special broadcasts because so much is breaking.
We've got 244 days left.
Excuse me, 344 days left.
I'm teleprompter free here.
344 days left until the 2020 election.
And the globalists are just making their moves on every front.
The censorship has hit spectacular levels.
And Trump not taking action against it is a dereliction of duty.
And it's gotten me hopping mad at the president, as a lot of you know.
I know a lot of you are upset.
I also intend to open the phones up today to talk about that.
But I want to be very, very, very clear about where I stand on the president.
Because I think if we can navigate this, we can understand where the president is, where he needs to go, and where we all need to push him.
Uh, to go and just how serious this is, the equivalent of a sudden death overtime game for the Super Bowl.
I mean, this is, this is nail biter, extraordinary time that we've reached here.
And again, I don't normally have butterflies, but trying to get into a subject like this and really trying to nail it is daunting.
But I'm going to really do my best to lay this out right now.
President Trump has signed the Hong Kong Freedom Bill that Congress passed last week.
It's a very good bill, very common sense bill, and Communist China had threatened all sorts of hell, was going to break loose if Trump signed it.
They have now basically backed down since Trump signed it because the United States holds almost all the cards.
But not for long if we don't play those cards.
And so Trump's been trying to get us out of Afghanistan for three years, as he promised to do.
He's been bucked by the whole establishment and by the Democrat and Republican parties, but at least he's tried.
He's gotten us out of Syria to a great extent.
That's wonderful.
He went and visited the troops, as you know, yesterday on Thanksgiving in Afghanistan.
That's a really good thing.
He's tried to shore up our borders.
Defendant of the Second Amendment.
He's gotten two good Supreme Court justices appointed compared to what Hillary would have put in.
It looks like Ginsburg isn't long for this world.
So you've got that.
I am extraordinarily thankful for President Trump being elected.
We fought hard to get that done.
You fought hard to get that done.
If Hillary would have gotten in, she would have started a bunch of big wars.
She would have accelerated the censorship.
She would have opened the borders fully.
But that said, Hillary didn't get in.
And so it's Trump that has to answer for the things he's done.
And we've now seen three plus years of draconian, un-American cartel activity by the big six tech companies working in criminal coordination, and that's illegal, to suppress nationalist, Christians, pro-lifers, conservatives, pro-gun groups, pro-veteran groups, pro-America groups.
So it's also
Disgusting how these globalists hate America, how they thought they had the country down, and how they keep trying to demoralize us.
And so this argument, oh, these are private companies.
Oh, really?
Google putting out that the Republican Party's political affiliation is the Nazi Party?
That was up for almost a year.
Or how they delist all the corrupt information about Hillary artificially and then lie about it to Congress.
And now I said they're going to go after Republican advertising.
They're going to not let Republicans advertise in the 2020 election.
And now they've done that at Twitter and now Google.
Democrats don't call it campaign ads.
They just have thousands of subgroups with big budgets producing so-called short news pieces via NowThis and Facebook funded groups.
They're spending billions of dollars currently, several billion of it spent the last year on all this fake news.
That's really campaign ads.
And you see, because the Democrats aren't really collecting a lot of money, Trump's two to one right now, the decision has been made, well, don't even let Republicans buy ads to counter what we're doing.
And so now they're openly manipulating the election.
They're openly engaged in election fraud.
They're openly engaged in voter suppression.
And we've seen a press release from Brad Parscale and a couple of statements and tweets from Trump.
So we're failing that test again.
And so what's going to happen next is already happening.
Hundreds of millions of accounts on Instagram and Facebook, hundreds of millions, have been deleted in the last few months.
Every major meme site's been deleted off there.
Members of Congress are having their Twitter frozen routinely, blocked.
Republican ads are being blocked everywhere.
And it's just going to get worse and worse and worse.
You now see the ADL and others saying that's not enough from Facebook.
We want the big tech heads arrested if they don't give us full control.
You see, that's an incredibly arrogant, out-of-control statement.
Wow, that should wake America up.
No, the ADL knows what they're doing.
So does the Southern Poverty Law Center.
If Trump and the American people put up with this and the NRA
Has had bank accounts taken.
It's had merchant accounts taken.
Barely made the news this year.
And thousands of other prominent conservatives, nationalists, pro-livers have had their bank accounts and their shopping carts taken.
We're being herded into digital ghettos and Trump does nothing.
Well, what comes next?
More economic bullying, more economic targeting.
And as you see on screen,
AI computer programs developed by Stanford, developed by MIT with taxpayer money, given to the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center, now in place, where AI in live time isn't just blocking the name Alex Jones, in positive mention.
That was four months ago, five months ago.
Now it's white rights.
If you put out an article showing white people being beaten, being attacked, being called names, Facebook blocks it.
If you put out a video showing someone screaming Allah Akbar when they run people over, it's blocked.
If you put out an article saying a Muslim attacked people in New York, remember two years ago, screaming Allah Akbar, running folks over in the truck?
Paul Watson put out an article that he was screaming Allah Akbar, showed it to a local news clip, Twitter banned it.
They had a congressional hearing with Congressman Quigley.
He said, during lunch, I saw the number one thing was Infowars, Paul Watson, about Allah Akbar.
That's fake news.
And they had the head of Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in there, the technical heads.
They go, sir, we erased it.
He goes, I know, but how did it get up there?
And they said, sir, the AI will be in place within six months.
It is now in place.
So we've noticed with our listeners and stuff, if they tweet out a video of ours saying, wow, powerful video on this subject, it doesn't get flagged.
But if you say Alex Jones or InfoWars, it does.
So don't say Alex Jones or InfoWars.
Send out a Band.Video link, send out a NewsWorks link and just say, wow, did you hear about what happened here?
This is really powerful.
And that's why they don't like memes because AI and the ADL's been bitching about this.
So Europe just passed a law banning memes this year.
Now they're trying to enforce it with huge fines.
It has to be pre-approved.
You have to upload it through Facebook, Twitter, or Google.
And then in Europe, this is already in place.
Paul Watson videos are already banned in Germany.
And they have to upload it through a system that then decides whether it can go through or not.
And all it is is memes, is jokes, is comments, pre-approved.
Because AI doesn't know a joke.
It doesn't get a joke.
It doesn't get that stuff.
So the system doesn't even want you joking.
It doesn't even want normal human control.
This is the communist Chinese social score.
This is beyond 1904 and we're already living in it, having a debate about, oh, they're private companies, really?
So you let AT&T, that already has AI software recording everything you do, that's admitted, start cutting your call off?
In live time or time delaying and erasing words, you say, if it's not approved.
It already happens on droids and iPhones.
You're sending a message.
You try to say F something to somebody, it says, you say F-ing, it says ducking.
It's already there, folks.
We're already being put into this and now they're turning it on.
They're now flipping the switches to implement this.
And Congress, quite frankly, are a bunch of neophyte troglodytes that don't even know what the hell's going on.
I'm not against technology.
I don't like how it's being deployed against us in a total takeover.
So I'll come back and get more into what Trump has to do to counter all this, or he will lose the 2020 election.
And if you don't amplify this message, we're going to lose.
They wanted us off the air for a critical reason I'm going to reveal on the other side of this break.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
Newswars.com forward slash show.
But remember, share the Ban.video live link and share the Infowars.com forward slash show.
But be sure and show the newswars.com forward slash show because that's harder to censor.
We have to educate President Trump before it's too late.
We have to convince the president not to commit seppuku, not to commit political, cultural suicide, and not to destroy the Trump name forever.
It will not be synonymous with
Overcoming adversity as a Trump card will be associated with upheaval and disaster.
Trump has bet his entire family name on restoring the Republic.
And I believe Trump means well and is for real.
And on so many fronts, is trying to be a peacemaker, is trying to get our troops home from endless no-win wars, is trying to restore our sovereignty, is trying to make the president the president again.
Not just have it be a rubber stamp of the permanent bureaucracy.
And there's no doubt that the president has gotten the establishment enraged and made them show their hand.
But if they show their globalist, criminal, censorship, race war, divide and conquer, pedophile hand, and then we don't rise up and politically, culturally, economically beat them, well then we have just simply summoned the whirlwind, summoned the hurricane,
The typhoon and allowed ourselves to be destroyed.
We didn't summon this fight to lose.
We initiated this countdown to win.
President Trump has gotten the establishment to come out and openly admit their aims to silence us, to end free speech, to break down the family, to turn the internet into a giant surveillance grid and a huge open air
Re-education camp.
I'm going to cover that next segment.
Well, we don't let them then just normalize all of this and, you know, sit up there and watch Trump send out interesting tweets and he physically and personally overcomes them.
But then we ourselves are hung out to dry and thrown to the wolves, thrown overboard.
President Trump must stand up for his constituency that's being bullied and attacked and lied about.
Not from a position of a victim, but from the position of troops left behind.
And President Trump must move against big tech for their racketeering, for their lying to Congress, for their monopolies, for their anti-trust behavior.
The trust they've set up, the monopolies.
And they're working with foreign governments to suppress other foreign populations.
And we see the beginning of that with the Hong Kong resolution.
But does it matter if Trump's good on 90% of issues?
If he's derelict in his duty to stand up against this globalist onslaught, then President Trump is his own worst enemy and is committing political suicide.
I won't open the phones up.
A little bit later in the hour to get your take on this Black Friday of where all this is headed and your view of Trump and what you think he needs to do.
But it's truly a love-hate relationship.
I know he's for real.
I want to see what he does in his second term.
I'm really blessed to be persecuted to support Trump.
And I'll continue on no matter what, but I want Trump to do the right thing.
And I won't sit here silently and do nothing.
You know, one of the main pushes when the globalists were able to get some of their moles in the White House
What does that tell you about Infowars?
It tells you the globalists see it as kryptonite to their system.
They see it as coffin nails.
They see it as silver bullet to a werewolf.
That's why we've got to keep it on air.
That's why we've got to get it out front.
That's why we've got to continue to follow the model of Infowars in other systems that are set up.
When I come back, I'm going to explain why they're so scared of Infowars and why, in their fear of Infowars, is the seeds of their destruction.
In what they fear and they fight, we learn their weak points.
It's so critical.
We're going to break it all down on the other side.
Whatever you do, remember, you are the light in the dark of the night.
You are the answer.
You are.
President Trump is committing suicide in front of everyone.
President Trump
Might as well take a double-edged dagger to his carotid arteries and slice his own throat from his left ear to his right ear and watch the large gouts of black red blood spray out onto the floor.
Now, I don't wish that to happen to the president, but I'm saying that to be illustrative and to get the president's attention.
Three years ago, two years ago, and a year ago, it was all over the news that McMaster, Kelly, Fiona Hill, and others were trying to bring in as many Soros people as they could.
We were exposing that.
And they were desperate to not have Trump get access to our information, to our analysis, because Trump then would go check what we were saying and find out it was true and take action.
We said fire every never-Trumper.
Can't believe he didn't check that.
Can't believe he believed his own people like Rens Priebus and others when he first got in that totally sold the country out.
Now, why are they so scared of that?
Because it's real advice.
It's real research.
It's people that study globalists, that have top guests, top experts on over the years, insiders who aren't globalists, to give the president something he doesn't have.
Advice that's real.
It's discipline.
The average globalist is just a yes man that plays golf all day and drives around on yachts.
And is just an insider from an Ivy League school.
They might work five hours a day.
And they just know their own little policy area and do what they're told from the CFR.
They're very lazy.
They're very stupid.
We can run circles around them.
All I do is read policy papers.
All I do is read legislation.
All I do is talk to other experts that are patriots.
Pentagon, CIA, foreign leaders, engineers, top academics.
Hell, you hear and see them here every day.
I'm in the game.
18 hours a day while I'm away.
Always in the game.
I sleep and I think about stuff.
Dedication can run circles around anything.
You've got intelligence and you've studied history and you're not afraid.
You can do anything as well.
It just takes time and focus and energy.
And so like a laser beam, we've been burning through the enemy defenses and we've broken through their defenses on many fronts.
And they know we have proven we have the weapon system, a hammer of truth and justice that has tasted their political blood over and over again.
And so if you want to know what the new world order fears, it fears you.
It fears highly motivated, focused individuals that are dedicated and know their right, and don't care about being attacked, don't care about being lied about, and just keep fighting.
Nothing can stand against that when we've got God on our side, like winds.
A spiritual, interdimensional wind in our sails, and God will give us any amount of energy and power we can handle in this fight.
God will give you unlimited discernment, but can you handle it?
I know I can't.
And that's why I've just turned myself completely over to God.
I've said, you're in control of the control panel.
Whatever I can take, you're going to do it.
And it's, it's, it's, it's amazing.
I can every day now see switches being flipped on and, and, and, and everything being prepared and load balanced so that I can handle it and don't go insane.
Ladies and gentlemen, because
The discernment, the clairvoyant abilities that the Bible talks about, all of it is super intense.
Can you really handle it, ladies and gentlemen?
Can you really handle the full Holy Spirit?
Can you really handle the true anointing of God?
Can you truly handle it?
And I'm not saying I'm some wonderful, great person.
I'm an imperfect vessel that this powerful light shines through.
And it is awe-inspiring to begin to just look at maybe the edge of God's little toe
That's the archetype of Moses.
He couldn't look at God.
He had to look at God through a burning bush.
It sort of killed him.
Can you imagine actually looking at God?
By looking, that means taking on God, interfacing with God.
That's why the Bible says Moses came down and looked like he had aged 50 years, stumbling around because of the intensity, ladies and gentlemen,
of actually interfacing, downloading, and then God's face moving across like a glacier.
The enemy fears the Christ energy.
And they had to get us off the air, which they haven't been able to do, thanks to you, ahead of them taking everybody else off.
And so they've been incrementally taking a few hundred people off, a few thousand people off,
A few hundred thousand, a few million.
Now it's hundreds of millions.
Now it's going to be everyone.
And they're saying, Facebook will not allow you to talk about pro-life, expose any drug companies, glyphosate, GMO, drag queen story time that is pedophilic, perch testing, grooming.
They say in their own words, we're here to groom your kids.
Pedophilic grooming.
Anyone puts that out on Facebook or their Twitter, you're restricted or you're banned.
They have to do it.
Basically all human activity that's not AI approved is now going to be banned by early next year.
It's here, the Chinese Global Social Credit Score.
And AP is reporting on a guide that no free speech should be allowed at your Thanksgiving table.
You need to instruct conservatives when they come that no speech is allowed that's political.
And the moderator is the liberal because they know best.
There's actually a big article about it.
On InfoWars.com with the AP story.
And they say that if there will be debate, there's a free speech zone in a bedroom or a room, and then the liberal will take you there.
They're the referee.
They're the priest.
They'll be ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center approved.
They even have a guide that's ADL approved.
Now your Thanksgiving dinner.
This is a re-education camp.
Your house is now a re-education camp.
These are little control freaks.
And then they will tell you, if you want to talk politics, you go to this special room.
Twitter users mock AP for P suggesting designated rooms and moderators for impeachment talk on Thanksgiving.
Right, Bart?
The AP spoke to adequate coach Elaine Swan, an article titled, On the Thanksgiving Menu, Turkey with a Side of Impeachment.
Thanksgiving hosts should designate a specific room for all potentially heated political discussions and establish a moderator, according to Los Angeles-based Etiquette Coach.
And it goes on telling you how to do it.
They want in your life.
They want to tell you how to raise your children.
In fact, they say you shouldn't be able to raise your children.
They say that when the men dress as women come to prepaddle your children and exchange emails,
Passcodes, Facebook numbers with them, and phone numbers.
You're not to be told that a man came to your school, that your child sat on their lap, and that they want to meet with them.
That's coming up.
So, that's why InfoWars has to stay on the air.
How many outlets are there that have radio, TV, with radio and TV satellites, have their own studios, and their own reporters and crew?
Almost no one.
The NRA had it.
The globalists infiltrated it.
Almost overthrew it.
And so the NRA board has basically silenced everybody.
I'm not allowed to get into the details.
I'll just leave it at that.
But I've confirmed from high level NRA board members that they're not just allowed to do my show.
They're not allowed to do anybody's shows.
The NRA has ordered them.
That's right.
Everyone's being silenced.
We have the NRA.
Fox News is pretty horrible now, other than a few shows.
And InfoWars is there.
Drugs Report, you know, is out there.
There's Daily Caller and stuff like that.
Who has multimedia?
And as things get worse and worse, and as everyone shut down, Last Man Standing.
And we're seeing Tragedy InfoWars go up and up and up and up.
Because now people are like, oh, that was just Jones got shut down.
Now everybody's getting shut down.
And others are self-censoring so they won't get shut down or basically becoming globalist.
There's not rumors of massive censorship coming in December.
It's already here.
It's logarithmic.
It's exponential.
And Trump not acting on system-wide, upfront AI, controlling basically what words you can use, what letters in the alphabet are authorized, it's that level, is a total AI takeover of all language and information.
The electronic straitjackets going into place because it was done incrementally like the frog in the pot.
People aren't noticing.
Congress isn't acting.
They failed every test, allowing the censorship, and so all hell is here.
But even though Trump's standing down and Congress is standing down, their geriatric stupor, we're not.
We're hitting third dimension rallies, taking over live TV events legally and lawfully.
You're doing it as well.
Just like we jumped up on stage and said, you know, Bill Clinton's a rapist, do similar stuff, take over the internet, take over the third dimension now.
Putting Trump into power was only the beginning.
Now we have to restore the Republic.
Now we have to kick the globalists out.
Now we have to realize the communist program that these mega banks use to bring down civilizations and remove it before it's too late.
We're going to be joined by E. Michael Jones, who's a world-renowned Catholic historian and Amazon bestselling author, best known for a whole string of amazing books, Culture Wars,
One of the books that I have actually read, I'm looking forward to reading the others, is Monsters from the Id.
So he looks at the attempted breakdown of civilization and culture and some of the forces that are involved in that and why the massive censorship of the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ADL, and others that he's been targeted by.
He will be joining us coming up in the second hour today.
He'll also talk about Sacha Baron Cohen.
Who said arrest Mark Zuckerberg and the other big tech heads if they don't turn full control.
of Big Tech to these leftist organizations.
And of course, they're also calling for myself and others to be fully purged as well.
So E. Michael Jones will join us today from CultureWars.com.
All of you listening on the Internet or on local radio or TV stations, please tell folks that he's coming on by tweeting about it, by putting it out on Facebook, by putting it out on YouTube or by word of mouth or by email or text message.
Just don't put InfoWars.com or Alex Jones in the byline.
Just say, hey, big guest is coming on to discuss
The attempted takedown of civilization and why culture is undermined.
Here's the link at band.video and send out the link of the live show today.
Band.video or newswars.com forward slash show.
Those URLs are not blocked.
By the censors for now.
And so you won't get banned or censored using those links in our experience, newswars.com forward slash show or banned.video.
So please share those links.
It's so pivotal.
E. Michael Jones coming up and joining us at the start of the next hour.
Then Paul Joseph Watson will be hosting the fourth hour from summit.news.
Getting back to Trump and all the other news, we come back from break.
President Trump could do all these great things, do all these wonderful things.
But if he doesn't get reelected, we allow the Democrats to have people vote in the names of millions of dead people and folks off the voting rolls, which is confirmed.
If we allow the massive systemic censorship of all nationalists, patriots and Christians and pro-lifers, which is now going on with AI systems that pre-screen and block people up front.
And we're allowing the revolution of tyranny to take place.
And then Trump just becomes a figurehead to make us feel like somebody's fighting for us while we're being strangled.
Kind of like folks in both cells on either side of Epstein said that when they were attacking him and he was fighting for his life, screaming and begging, then they started saying, breathe.
I don't think he personally is doing that, but he's definitely got the deep state mad at him.
It's a very, very positive point.
Very, very good point, showing he's for real, that they're so angry and so mad.
Their attacks on him are very, very real.
He's getting people a lot better in the Supreme Court than Hillary would.
He's trying to secure the borders.
He got us out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, global government, that Hillary helped write and bragged about.
He's done so many other good things.
He's saying we deserve to have a border, that it's okay to have a nation state.
He's challenging MSM lies.
He's challenging political correctness.
I love it!
It's wonderful!
So it's kind of like having, you know, your dad or something you love, and he's a great guy, but
If he's not taking the medication or something that will kill him, if he doesn't take it, you're mad at dad for not doing the thing he needs to do, like standing up to the censorship, taking action.
And why they're paralyzed is because the biggest lobbyists in DC now are big tech.
They're burrowed into everything.
They're spying on everybody.
And they've gotten away with murder for 30 years.
They can do whatever they want.
Illegal spying.
They're hooked into the government.
They work with the NSA.
And there's all those secrets and all those consultants in government and the deep state
That also work at big tech and are making millions and millions apiece.
In some cases, billions apiece.
You've got 800,000 plus private intelligence operatives with top-level security clearances from all these big think tanks and all these big groups that are interfaced and are getting away with murder and the sell-off of the country.
And Trump said no to China and no to the one-sided deals.
And now NATO is going to pay part of its share.
And so is South Korea.
Trump's doing a lot of good things, but he's not addressing
The jewel in the crown, the suppression of voters, the suppression of the election, the suppression of his voters.
And the criminal activity taking place that Professor Epstein has exposed last year and this year.
So that's really the most critical point here is that they're able to suppress what everybody's doing.
They're able to suppress the voters at a level never before seen.
In fact, we have that two minute piece that Harrison put together.
It's got air raid sirens and drum beats under it.
Maybe you guys can find that during the break.
I want to air that next segment.
We've probably aired it 30, 40 times, but it's been months since we aired it.
Maybe Owen aired it.
I listened to most of the show, but didn't listen to all of it.
I'd ask him to air it, but where in just two minutes, he lays out how Google can steal elections by just not sending voter notifications to conservatives, but sending it to liberals.
Which they're doing, they're gaming every level at every point.
And again, Trump doing nothing has greenlit this whole thing.
So if he doesn't take action on that, we're screwed.
Now, I'm very, very pleased about what he's doing in Hong Kong.
Again, it's all wonderful.
It's kind of like, you know, you have a great life and everything's good and you exercise every day, you take care of yourself and you take a cyanide pill, it's going to kill you.
So I'm just saying, please, Trump, don't
Keep feeding us cyanide.
Please do something.
Do your job.
Take action.
Do something.
Do something.
Do something.
Do something.
Do something.
Do something.
Do something.
People ask, why is Matt Drudge showing both sides on Trump?
I haven't talked to Matt.
He's very reclusive.
And I get why.
Hell, I wish I was.
I wish I'd have gone on that same path.
But Drudge has told us why he's mad six months ago when he would put up videos where I'd say, Trump, why are you committing political suicide?
Why aren't you fighting the censorship?
Why the hell are you supporting red flag laws?
He backed off.
Why are you not doing anything about all of this?
Why are you not indicting the deep state?
Because if I'm getting massively harassed and persecuted,
I'm sitting there taking it because we're in a war.
Imagine what it's like for everybody else getting persecuted.
You know, I'd imagine if they've run dirty tricks against me and all sorts of stuff behind the scenes and fake private investigators and New York Times and Washington Post reporters camped out in Austin for years and trying to pay people to make stuff up.
I could imagine being a Tucker Carlson is not very fun.
I could imagine being a Matt Drudge isn't very fun.
I could imagine being a Sean Hannity is not very fun.
I could imagine being a Rush Limbaugh is not very fun.
I could imagine if you're just loyal to America
And care about what's happening and care about the president that you're being persecuted.
Well, Mr. President, we need to hear solidarity from you.
We need to hear that you understand what's happening.
And we need to see some damn action.
Because it's serious and they're going to steal the election from you.
And I don't want that to happen.
Because they're not just going to leave you alone once they steal the election.
You know you can't resign.
They want to destroy
We are back live.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
You know, it's got to be a bummer for people like Professor Epstein to have the name Epstein, which is a pretty, pretty common name.
And then
The associated with Jeffrey Epstein, but he's a great guy, great professor, and has absolutely documented how the election fraud, how the voter suppression really is what it is, is going on by Google, by design, everything the left claims that they're trying to stop.
And so that's why I'm harping on this.
I've got so much amazing news.
It's very important.
I'm gonna get to it right now.
It's just that this is an organized event and you have the heads of Google
In a video conference going out to the entire Google employee system the day after Hillary lost on November 9th, 2016, saying, we're never going to allow this to happen again.
And then you've got all the internal videos by Veritas, the smoking guns, the lying to Congress, the everything.
And Google and Apple are helping suppress the Chinese people at levels
As big as World War II.
I mean, this is Nazi-level stuff.
And there's not a damn thing heard out of him because Tim Cook literally talks like a Nelly.
And I don't care that Tim Cook's gay, but there's this thing where if the guy's super skinny and like, oh, hi, oh, I'm liberal, it's like, oh, that's okay then.
You have factories that have suicide nets around them.
But again, the left is expert at acting non-threatening.
If Tim Cook was in a black uniform, he would be in prison.
But because Tim Cook looks like, you know, again, that he's an interior decorator or something, because he acts like a flaming interior decorator.
It's okay that he runs death camps, basically.
And he's really pissed at me for pointing that out.
But man, dude, I don't care if you're heterosexual or homosexual, you're a fricking tyrant.
And you're bulldozing our free speech.
And I want your ass in prison.
You know, Sacha Baron Cohen wants big tech in jail.
They don't censor everybody.
He talks about Mark Zuckerberg.
Zuckerberg just hasn't given control over to the ADL.
You know who has?
Tim Cook.
And he got their Torch of Liberty Award for censoring me.
And how it's holy, he said.
I played the clip last week.
He actually says it's holy.
But it's sacred, which is the same thing as holy.
That it's sacred to do what's right and take him off the air.
Because I'm going to point out how freaking dangerous you are, dude!
The left walks up to me in the streets of America and they go, you Russian agent, you piece of trash, you're going to prison.
Or they go, how dare you say that about Sandy Hook and hurt people's feelings.
And I go, I barely ever talked about that.
You're the people that hype it up constantly.
But yeah, I question events.
Because the government lies so much about things.
And I'm proud that I've questioned things.
And I'm sorry that we have to question things we've been lied to so much that sometimes we're wrong and it hurts people's feelings, but that's the way it is.
And I looked at the very person that last got in front of me about that this week, actually on Tuesday, to my face.
And I went, you know, just like Syria and the chemical weapons attack really being launched by the White Helmets.
And they went, oh, that's it.
I'm so sick of you.
You need to be arrested.
And I went, no, it's declassified.
It's come out that the last four chemical attacks were not launched by the rebels.
Obama puts a red line, says if there's a chemical attack, we're going to invade.
The rebels do it to get us to invade.
Person was just cussing at me and saying, leave me alone.
They'll always come over and get in my face.
And then as soon as I go, hey, let's talk.
They start calling me names.
Russian agent, Sandy Hook, Ukraine, white supremacist.
And then I go, listen, I'm a human.
I want to be able to break through to you.
I care.
What about the fake WMDs?
And they just, they won't listen.
They begin cussing and then say, get away, get away, get away.
You've seen it on video.
It's like, it's like I'm a TV show.
It's like I'm Homeland.
Who's supposedly based on me.
You know, this criminal liar.
I'm the opposite.
But again, they project that onto me and then I'm not supposed to talk back.
I'm just supposed to sit there and I'm supposed to just take it.
And again, I'm not a victim.
I'm an overcomer.
I don't tell you the bad things happening to me because I'm a victim.
I'm telling you because how I've been attacked is the blueprint on how to beat them.
They don't want standalone independent multimedia.
We're basically it.
You know how many chills I just got saying that?
I don't take any pleasure being the only thing like us.
Do you understand how much danger we're in because of that?
I want to be made obsolete.
I pray to that every night.
I want to see other talk show hosts.
I want to see other multimedia that's pro-America, pro-freedom, pro-human.
And I want to be made obsolete.
I don't want to work kicking hours a day.
But I'm not exhausted.
It's the opposite.
I am literally overcome and basically possessed with resistance in a good way.
But I just want to beat these people.
And I can't do it without you.
I need you to really get aggressive spreading the word about NewsWars.com and InfoWars.com and being on video.
I need businesses to run ads for us.
I need you just to take action.
Put it on the side of your bar and pay for an airplane to tell InfoWars.com behind it.
Start your own website.
Start your own website and scrape InfoWars.
It's fully authorized.
We should put a code out where everybody can actually grab our site and syndicate it easier.
You just take everything we do, it's free to air.
You put it out under a new URL, they won't be able to stop it as easy.
Here's what I'm trying to get at.
The fact that they want us shut down shows their weak point.
They don't want the president getting good intel.
It shows how weak they are, how easy they are to beat.
Their global authoritarianism is illegitimate, but it has to operate unopposed.
So if you simply third dimensionally speak out, get involved, don't back down, you're going to win.
They know that.
That's why they beta tested on me the last few years.
Then they moved on to Nationalists and Patriots.
Now they're moving on to everybody.
The total AI control can do this.
You don't need millions of moderators to control billions of people.
AI watching in live time can do it, and it's going to get better doing it.
That's why it's got to be outlawed, folks.
And it can be done.
We need moratoriums now.
This is the takeover.
It's not coming.
The AI takeover isn't coming.
The censorship singularity, you heard that here first, is now.
The singularity just means it's ubiquitous, it's total, it's maximum, it's omnipresent.
And within their sandboxes, that are 96% of the internet, is the big six tech companies.
They have basically omnipotent control.
Do you understand what that means?
You must exercise speech now as a prime imperative.
We'll come back and play the clip of the professor breaking this down.
But again, I say it, if we don't have a rapid awakening in Congress, a rapid awakening with the president, if we, if we, if we, if we don't slap ourselves in the face, you know, say, wake up, put some cold water on our head, do an ice bucket challenge, whatever the hell you want.
If we don't do that and get serious, we're going to lose it all.
You understand?
They're already putting cancer viruses in all the vaccines.
They're already killing you.
Most of us are already walking dead.
We're losing years off our life expectancy basically every year now.
You understand how that compounds?
People are going to be dying at 50 in just a few years on average.
You know, your kids are all going to die.
Everybody's going to die.
You understand?
They already killed us.
We've got to reverse this now because they're exponentially escalating the soft kill right now.
We're entering the frog point when the water gets so hot that if he doesn't jump out now, he passes out and dies.
We're passing out right now.
Wake up!
Man, if I had to cut my fingers off to get your attention, I'd do it.
You understand that?
I'm serious, folks.
People say, why are you willing to die for this?
Because it's death for everybody.
The only way out of this is saying no.
The only way out of it is having an epiphany and admitting they're this evil.
I know you aren't like that, so you can't believe it.
I understand that!
But now it's all out in the open and you better find your humanity and you better find God's strength and you better find out ways to get this out or we're going to lose everything.
Do you understand me?
I'm not going to stand by and watch my children committed to being slow killed and poisoned.
And I swear to God to all the globalists.
If we don't fix this peacefully and you pieces of demonic filth continue to win, you will be held physically accountable and you know it.
I swear to God on the altar of God that everyone needs to pray for your destruction and your downfall and you to be punished for serving evil and what you've done.
The children need us and the children demand and cry out to God for justice and we are God's answer.
Alright, I've aired this a lot but not enough because Trump's finally starting to get it.
As soon as they started blocking Republican political ads, all the Democrats simply run all their ads under a different name.
If he doesn't act now, it doesn't matter whether he's compromised or not.
It's the same effect.
So we got to put maximum heat on the White House.
The globalists are scared of that because the president does listen.
Everybody should just travel and just bullhorn Mar-a-Lago whenever he's there.
Bullhorn the White House.
Whatever it takes and say, act against the damn censorship now.
We've only got
Google's manipulation of votes
gave at least 2.6 million additional votes to Hillary Clinton in the year 2016.
Is that correct?
2.6 million is a rock-bottom minimum.
The range is between 2.6 and 10.4 million votes depending on how aggressive they were in using the techniques that I've been studying.
They control these and no one can counteract them.
These are not competitive.
These are tools that they have at their disposal exclusively.
Your testimony is that Google is, through bias in search results, manipulating voters in a way they're not aware of.
On a massive scale, in 2020, if all these companies are supporting the same candidate, there are 15 million votes on the line that can be shifted without people's knowledge and without leaving a paper trail for authorities to trace.
Without monitoring systems in place, we'll never know what these companies are doing.
And in 2020, you can bet
That all of these companies are going to go all out and the methods that they're using are invisible, they're subliminal, they're more powerful than most any effects I've ever seen in the behavioral sciences and I've been in the behavioral sciences for almost 40 years.
A handful of Silicon Valley billionaires and giant corporations are able to spend millions of dollars if not billions of dollars collectively.
Influencing the results of elections.
Senator, with respect, I must correct you.
If Mark Zuckerberg chooses to send out a go-vote reminder just to Democrats on Election Day, that doesn't cost him a dime.
You know, in the past, armies came in ships, and they came in armored vehicles, and they came in airplanes and helicopters.
And boy, if you saw that, you'd get motivated.
But when it comes with computers and, oh, non-threatening effeminate sounding men, oh, they're not like that behind the scenes, folks.
They're smart.
They're camouflaged.
They know what they're doing.
And that goes back to the whole British aristocracy would talk in effeminate voices and be very polite.
That was so they'd notice normal people they got in their midst.
They wouldn't let you get near them.
But they need to pull their sword out and chop you up.
Believe me, they do it very quickly with a big demonic smile on their face.
And they wouldn't be talking in the little, you know, tart voice anymore.
The little candy ass voice anymore.
And I'm telling you that it's the same facade, the same people behind the scenes are just like, I mean, believe me, I've seen some of them.
And as soon as people start realizing the people running things are
I mean, you see it, pedo story time, when they get your kids, and they're going... You have to understand, that's their face.
I make that face, you know.
Stelter does it in public, so do others.
Stelter will be sitting there on the red carpet, and he loves to be worshipped.
He'll do, he'll simply just go... I mean, because that, you have to understand, that's who they are.
Look at Jimmy Savelle and Prince Charles.
You know, Prince Andrew's being thrown out.
He's all in trouble, blah, blah, blah, for a 17-year-old girl, which he should get in trouble for.
She was really 14 when it started.
But they're doing that to make it all about him, to cover up that his best buddy was a pedophile and actually, again, would torture the hell out of kids and bring children to Prince Charles, who's going to be the king of England.
So let's get into that right now.
Teacher who supported drag queen visiting school says parents
Shouldn't have final say, close quote, in raising their children.
Some of you, this is a quote, don't know what is best for your kids.
Aren't going to tell you that a full grown man's coming dressed as a woman to have your kids sit in their laps and then exchange contact information without you knowing with them.
I mean, if your daughter's 17, had moved out of the house and some 40 year old dude showed up at the school and gave his number to her, you'd go, listen, buddy, she ain't 18.
Stay away from my daughter.
You creep.
When it's a 40-year-old man dressed as a woman.
In a lot of cases, these people are convicted pedophiles.
In Houston and other areas, there's been cases.
And they get up on TV and say, we're here to, hi, we're here to groom your kids dressed up like clowns.
It's so over the top and the school's condoning it.
Oh, it's the authority people give in.
The Texas principal has defended this.
Just like in Colorado, they have the unannounced access on career day with elementary students.
And you can look at the statistics.
The average third grader has a cell phone.
By middle school, it's over 80%.
And by high school, it's over 90% have phones.
And so, hey, how you doing?
Let me give you my number, cupcake.
Give me yours.
And they make feeding faces.
I'm here with your children.
Satan's very friendly.
And again,
It's all in your face, all out in the open.
They're taking over every major institution.
And this is what goes on, ladies and gentlemen, in America and in the world.
Meanwhile, Merkel says criticizing it should be made illegal and they have to ban speech to protect freedom.
That's a quote, Infowars.com.
But don't worry, remember last election, all the fake news, it wasn't us.
We might have gotten like five stories wrong out of thousands.
We admitted it when we did.
They went, oh look, he admits he's fake.
No, we correct things when we're wrong.
Remember that?
Former Obama operatives creating fake news sites to help Democrats win election.
And they've got all these dozens and dozens of fake sites that put out fake headlines.
Trump cutting veterans benefits.
Trump actually increased them.
Trump, you know, killing kids in cages.
Not true.
And Facebook, Twitter, and all them.
Oh, the ADL isn't worried about that.
They're all for it.
And again, all these Democrats are doing is what MSM already does.
All these fake news sites to put out fake info, but none of that's electioneering.
They're all allowed to do it.
Remember Universal Pictures, CHICOM funded?
Remember last election four years ago?
They got caught running hundreds of fake sites, putting out incredible fake news as well, that left to see and then believe.
We're going to go to break.
Come back with our special guest and more.
Ladies and gentlemen, tell your friends and family to tune in because this is the most banned broadcast in the world.
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So the globalists are just people that have turned their humanity over to tyrants.
And they're people that have given up on their own humanity.
And they want us to give up on it.
And live in their godless, hateful, demonic world.
And they're pushing harder and harder than ever before to bully us into submission.
They've got a lot of people just in the position of laying down and taking it.
And now what they're demanding is more and more fantastical.
Don't say mother and father on entrance forms for kids.
You know, don't even have church steeples that are crosses.
Those are offensive.
Don't clap at university events.
It's always seeing what they can get you to do.
When they say jump, you say, how high?
Merkel, as I mentioned, comes out and says in a speech, it's time to take everybody's speech away to protect freedom.
That's an assault on reality.
Obama's people, and listen who's doing it from his last campaign, putting up all these fake sites to demonize and lie about people.
There won't be any news articles about that, criticizing, because it's a good thing to lie to us.
That's what mainstream media already does, but at Infowars, we're exposing it.
You see, but they don't want it called out.
But here's the big one.
Tyranny alert, Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
People saw this article and didn't believe it and went and checked the bill and thought it was true.
I got a lot of calls about this the last two days.
Virginia to outlaw Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Tai Chi, Firearms Instruction, and Self-Defense Training.
That's after Charlottesville.
Because a woman died, they're claiming the right wing knew paramilitary fighting techniques, which isn't even true.
It's an attempt to have Antifa trained to attack us, but then not have anybody else know self-defense.
It would even criminalize a father teaching his own son how to use a hunting rifle.
Specifically, the law says that a person is guilty of unlawful paramilitary activity if the person assembles with one or more persons for the purpose of training with, practicing with, or being instructed in the use of any firearm, explosive,
The phrase technique capable of causing injury or death to persons covers all forms of martial arts, self-defense training, including Krav Maga, BJJ, boxing, and other contact martial arts such as Taekwondo and Tai Chi.
Under the proposed law, again run by Democrats now in Virginia, all forms of self-defense training, including hand-to-hand martial arts training,
Would be considered paramilitary activity.
Even the training consists of private classes involving just one instructor and one student.
That's because every form of martial arts training imparts skills which should be used to cause injury to other persons.
In fact, according to language in the law, just one person learning such an art is a felony crime, which means that watching a DVD on Krav Maga would be a felony crime.
Here's the full text of the proposed law.
It's Senate Bill number 64.
Offered January 8th, 2020.
That's when they go into session.
Pre-filed November 21st, 2019.
And would it surprise you to know they're introducing similar laws around the country.
It's illegal to know how to breathe, how to walk, how to defend yourself.
They want you domesticated, indoors, plugged into the matrix, depressed and unhappy, believing whatever lies they tell you.
In these Facebook
Echo Chambers, where most of them are bots controlling you, and their own Chief Executive Sean Parker admitted previously that they set it up to make you depressed and control you.
That's what it's all about.
I'm here to empower you.
I'm here to tell you you're under attack.
Not so you're a victim, but so you realize how important you are and energized to resist the globalists.
You simply activate.
Decide you want to start resisting this.
You don't have to overthrow yourself overnight.
You'll do it by small steps.
Many hands make light work.
We don't have a choice.
The children are counting on us.
Let's do it!
Go speak at City Council.
Go run for office.
Call the talk radio.
Go make blog posts.
Go bullhorn the Capitol.
Go in and speak to members of Congress when they're there.
Just take action.
They're not royalty.
They work for us.
You can walk into the Senate.
Walk into the House.
You can go into their offices.
You can talk to them.
Let them know where we stand.
You can file suits against them.
You can teach people how to use firearms.
You can take people out and do stuff.
We are live, ladies and gentlemen.
We are broadcasting worldwide.
Thank you so much for joining us on this Black Friday Global Transmission.
Please remember, the establishment is battling around the clock to silence InfoWars because we are the only multimedia, radio, TV, pro-America, pro-freedom network in the world of its type.
The NRA has basically shut down its multimedia platform.
Because of insider infiltration and other things that are going on.
They want us off the air so that when they bring in total censorship this year and next year, if Trump doesn't take action, there'll be no one there to challenge their false narratives for race war, societal collapse, civil war, and so much more.
Now, there has been a bill introduced to ban Krav Maga, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, tai chi, all firearms training,
In Virginia.
And again, that shows you where all of this is going.
They want to outlaw citizens being able to defend themselves from Antifra, from the communist scourge, from all the rest of it.
Where I live in Austin, there are giant packs of communists in black and red masks, beating people up, attacking buildings where white people live.
These are white people, by the way, almost all of them in the black mask, it's been revealed.
Saying that if you have a cat sanctuary in East Austin or you build a new building there that it's gentrification.
They're going to city council members homes and threatening them.
They're splitting people's heads open.
In Austin, the police indicted one of them and the city dropped charges under orders by the prosecutor who's on board with them.
Once they get the police in place,
Joining us this hour is E. Michael Jones.
He was recommended to me off and on a few times, and I'd forgotten that I'd even read
One of his books years ago, Monsters from the Id, and his website is culturewars.com.
He was a professor and he was removed because he was pro-life and he's been massively persecuted.
He's been a big target of the ADL that's been calling for big techs arrested.
They don't submit who've been called for my quote purging.
So I wanted to get him on.
About this big move for total censorship, total control, but really he's an expert on societal collapse, the plan to take our morals away so we can be easily enslaved and controlled.
That's always been known.
It was put into an allegory, a parable in Pinocchio back when Hollywood wasn't as corrupt.
That first big, uh, one of the first big Disney films.
And you notice that the thugs have to trick Pinocchio.
And his friend to rob some people, to break some things.
And then they're turned into jackasses and loaded on slave ships to go work in mines.
An allegory for what happens and how the system will induct you into a life of crime like Hollywood and others do today to be able to have you enslaved in a form of modern slavery.
Then the left comes in and says they'll free you all from prison once they put you into their college of criminality.
They're now ready to form their armies of control.
So, we're entering a very dangerous time.
So, he's an expert on that as well.
I appreciate E. Michael Jones of CultureWars.com joining the InfoWar today.
So, sir, thanks for coming on with us.
You've got the floor here to start wherever you'd like first.
Thank you, Alex.
We just saw a major move on the part of the ADL just this past week.
They gave an award to Sacha Baron Cohen.
And he, in response, gave a speech that I thought was kind of chilling.
He starts demanding that censorship be imposed on the Internet and that the ADL be in charge of the censorship.
And then he goes on to say, if you big tech people don't do it, we're going to throw you in jail.
This was kind of a shocking turn of events by an organization that suddenly is supposed to be put in charge of what we are thinking about what we're allowed to say on the ADL.
I'm sorry, what we're allowed to say on the Internet.
Who is the ADL?
What is this organization?
It's an organization that was founded to protect the pedophile.
The name of the pedophile was Leo Frank.
In 1913, he was arrested for sexually molesting and then murdering a 13-year-old girl who worked in his pencil factory.
At this point, he went on trial.
He was found guilty and then a series of attempts to overturn appeals took place.
The appeals went all the way to the Supreme Court.
Every single appeal reaffirmed the original decision.
And at that point, the governor of Georgia commuted his sentence one day before he was leaving office.
At this point, the people of Georgia rose up.
An army of about 2,000 armed men approached the governor's mansion.
And at that point, the governor fled to New York City, where the Jewish media basically created him as a hero.
This is an organization that began by protecting a pedophile and then continued in an operation where the main point of this operation was to make sure that Jewish criminals did not go to jail.
Meyer Lansky is an example of one person I'm talking about.
Gave the ADL a lot of money.
It didn't work at that time.
So then they tried it again with a man by the name of Moe Dalitz.
Moe Dalitz was head of the Jewish Navy in Cleveland during Prohibition.
He went to Covington, Kentucky, across from Cincinnati, was driven out of town, and ended up in Las Vegas, which the Jews had created.
Bugsy Siegel was there.
Meyer Lansky had him killed because he wasn't producing fast enough.
In 1984, the ADL gives Mo Dalitz its Torches of Liberty Award.
1984 is also the, in exchange, I have to say, in exchange for money, okay?
This is casino money now going to the ADL.
The ADL gives Mo Dalitz an award, and now, from now on, if you criticize Mo Dalitz, you're an anti-Semite.
This is the same year that the ADL gets in bed with the FBI.
At this point, the ADL starts going after people they don't like.
The FBI is now going after people the ADL doesn't like, rather than going after criminals.
All the way up.
So they get involved with criminal, with prosecution, with the police.
And there's a scandal in Los Angeles a couple of years after that, where basically the ADL is getting police inside information and it's using it to attack people.
It goes all the way up to the present.
The man who gave Jeffrey Epstein
Pushing to the head of the line and saying, we are the ones who are going to be in charge of what anyone is allowed to say on the internet.
Well, I'm sorry.
This is this is outrageous.
They've gone too far.
And I think that the fact that they are now attacking the head of these high-tech firms
Is a sign that they know they've gone too far, and now they're pushing the agenda in a way that is going to be counterproductive.
But I think we have to know who they are first, and then ask ourselves, why are these people allowed to determine what we're allowed to say?
Well, we know, I mean, we know what's happened.
And again, I'm not anti-Israel, I'm not anti-Jewish, anything.
This is a group set up by mafia, knowing that Americans don't want to persecute people for religion or for race or anything.
To then, as you said, be a money laundering operation for international mafia, international crime, to go after anyone that exposes any of these criminal activities.
And now this mafia wants to arrest the big tech heads.
This is extortion.
It's a racket.
Just like the mafia says, I'll burn down your grocery store if you don't pay me protection money.
They're saying to Mark Zuckerberg, who, by the way, is Jewish, is a Jewish man, being threatened with arrest if he doesn't give this group of pirates full control over his company.
So it's a very dangerous mafia, just like the Southern Poverty Law Center is as well.
And Southern Barbara Law Center was involved in Oklahoma City bombing, Elohim City, all that's come out.
These groups are tied into foreign intelligence operatives and really now they're in a very virile program.
They're funding lawsuits against different groups to try to sue us, take us off the air.
They are really trying to silence us ahead of something really big.
And I think American Jews need to know about this, a lot of which are my listeners, so they can speak out against the ADL and say, you do not
Speak for us.
The Southern Poverty Law Center does not speak for liberals in this country as well.
E. Michael Jones is our guest.
Stay with us as this reign of terror against free speech expands ahead of the election.
Will Trump take action?
And we are back live, ladies and gentlemen.
E. Michael Jones is our guest.
I want to just remind listeners that without you, we will not be on air.
We are the main focal point of the attack.
Tim Cook was given an award last December by the ADL for, quote, taking me off the Internet.
Now they've called for my purge.
That's right, a pogrom against Infowars.
Very, very sad.
Very, very frightening.
Very, very powerful group.
But we're standing firm, promoting American values, unity and justice, the things that Martin Luther King Jr.
Judging people according to their character, their deeds.
They call me a white supremacist.
They call Stephen Miller a white nationalist, call for his firing.
It really is defamation by these groups.
I'm a Christian.
I believe everybody can be saved by Christ.
But I tell you, it's very, very dangerous what's going on.
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But we need your prayers.
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Tell the folks about the show.
You're watching us however you are right now.
Tell people about it.
That is so critical.
That overrides the censors and by the products.
And get E. Michael Jones' books and
Read them while you still can, because this is the age of digital book burning.
Merkel in Germany has said, get rid of speech to protect freedom.
That's a quote.
So going back to E. Michael Jones, this is a shorter segment, long segment coming up.
When you go over the history of the ADL, everything you said is historically a fact.
And now they're saying we're going to arrest big tech heads.
And you know that he was going over the ADL talking points.
Everything he said the ADL has said.
Sacha Baron Cohen, who made his money being a filthy comedian saying throw Jews down wells and trying to get my listeners to kill people, he admits.
I mean, this is a monstrous dude who used free speech to hurt America.
Now he just wants to take our speech.
He's beyond a hypocrite.
What do you think about that, Mr. Jones?
The problem is you can't object.
So they attacked me one day last week.
And then I go on another YouTube show and I say, look, the ADL just attacked me.
This is not fair.
I don't think they should have this power over who gets on the Internet or not.
So guess what happens?
That YouTube video gets pulled.
Wait a minute.
Can I object to what these people just did to me?
Don't I have the right to do that?
I mean, you're going into a situation where no one under any type of legal situation would be allowed to have this type of power, and suddenly these people have this power over you.
You can't even object to what they're doing.
So I think what we're seeing is a pushback.
Because they should have been insiders here in the tech world.
There was a big grant they got in 2017 to team up with all the big players.
And why are they saying now they're going to send them to jail?
If you're on the inside, why are you doing this to the people you're working with?
I think what we're seeing here is pushback.
I think that the tech people are saying, wait a minute, we're the ones who are taking the fall here for these guys.
They get all the credit, they determine what hate speech is, they get to fight their enemies, and we get to pay the bill.
We're the ones who look bad because we're censoring people dancing to their tune.
And notice that Sacha Baron Cohen said, nothing is enough.
It doesn't matter what you do, you have to let us run everything.
They've already brought the ADL, Southern Property Law Center, on.
Literally hundreds of thousands of moderators trained by them.
And it's all secretive and shadowy, and they're in our personal records, which the ADL, as you said, has been caught stealing police department files.
I mean, God help us.
Yeah, so at a certain point you're going to have to say, no, this is enough.
We are going to stop.
This is completely antithetical to what we hold as Americans.
Completely antithetical.
If you disagree with these people, you're going to go to jail.
Well, the people who came here didn't come here under those conditions.
This is not part of what we're talking about here as part of the last freedoms that we have as Americans.
You have now people who are trying to pass laws that make it illegal to criticize the state of Israel.
Israel can do whatever it wants.
If you criticize them on a campus in Florida, you're going to lose your job.
I'm saying they're pushing it too far.
There's going to be a reaction.
There has to be a reaction to this, because otherwise there's no more America.
That's my next point, Dr. Jones, is that I'm pragmatic about this.
I know the Islamists would probably all kill each other and have an endless war over Jerusalem.
I know Israel has a lot of different diverse groups and religious backgrounds.
I'm not even against Israel.
But then when you're bullied and told you're an anti-Semite and told you're going to be, quote, purged, and then people claim that they speak for all Jews, I have to say to that group, no you don't, and you're the closest thing to Hitler I've ever seen.
Yeah, that's the problem here.
They take this extreme position, they take it in the name of Jews, and then all Jews have to bear the burden of what they've done.
This isn't fair.
This isn't fair to the Jews.
And if these people do not represent the Jews, then the Jews are going to have to stand up and say no.
Now, you can't have it both ways, okay?
You can't have this type of basically tyrannical rule over the Internet and then say, well, we're a private organization, even though you basically have the force of law.
You can overturn laws.
We've entered a new era of history where basically the oligarchs, if they want to overturn your law, they bring in the shock troops, mainly groups like the homosexual activists that overturned the law in the state of Indiana.
They're doing the same thing in Ireland and they're doing the same thing in Silicon Valley.
So, we're in a war.
There's no news to you, but I mean, we're in a war, and these are one of the people who are the directors of that warfare against the people of the United States of America.
And now the Internet's gone from being millions of diverse sites to six having 96% control.
We're now in a Panopticon prison being spied on with leftist wardens
In all our personal messages, all our data, we've invested all our promotion into their platforms, and now they're saying we have no speech, and now they're coming after the few platforms they don't control.
This is a very dangerous combination of evil.
Yeah, and that's why we have to stand up to it right now.
So, we're going to see.
This is not in the interest of Silicon Valley to go along with this.
Well, I mean, I totally agree with you that Arubicon has been
Yeah, I just did an article on Ireland.
Ireland was conquered.
It was conquered by a combination of multinational firms, tax-exempt foundations, and big tech like Google and Facebook.
They didn't need an army, they just come in there, they got a beachhead because of low taxes, they invited all these firms in, and then suddenly their firms are telling them, you have to overturn the Constitution of Ireland.
So the first thing they did with the family, then they gave them homosexual marriage, and then the last referendum was on abortion.
All of those rights were just taken out of the Irish Constitution.
And then now it's let grown men... The next referendum is hate speech.
And now it's let grown men... The next referendum is hate speech in Ireland.
They're going to remove the freedom of speech that's in the Irish Constitution.
This is the way war is waged in our day.
This is how war is waged, and the new sacrament is full-grown men with our children.
The next booty they're demanding, literally, is our children.
If we put up with that, we'll put up with anything.
Stay there.
We'll come back and talk about the hate speech laws of Europe now about to be passed here, and Americans to be arrested by the millions.
You know, there's not really a way to be more animated about this.
I mean, this is so un-American, so authoritarian.
And then,
You know, they call everybody a Nazi that doesn't agree with communism, with socialism, with sexualization of children.
And then the ADL comes out and brands Trump in a speech, Stephen Miller, Alex Jones, Breitbart as Nazis.
I mean, Stephen Miller is a conservative Jewish guy that's pro-Israel.
And they say, he is a white nationalist and he's to be taken off the air and he's to be fired by Trump.
And then they start getting what they want.
And then you look into the ADL and it's such a criminal organization.
Literally run by the Jewish Mafia.
And then the media always spins it.
Jones claims Jews are a Mafia.
The Irish have Mafias.
The Russians have Mafias.
The Jews have a Mafia.
The Italians have Mafia.
There's the Dixie Mafia in the South of the U.S.
We call the WASP aristocracy in America.
You know, the ruling class, that's a Mafia.
Skull and Bones is a Mafia.
The CIA is a Mafia.
But the ADL
Imagine if the Scientologists were out doing stuff like this.
I'd be after them.
I mean, just think of a Scientologist got up in a speech and said, we're going to arrest, have the big tech heads arrested if they don't turn themselves over to Scientology.
Well, the Scientologists would be arrested in about a week.
That's mafia tactics.
People say, oh, that's a cult.
Get them.
Stop them.
That's dangerous.
But when the ADL says they're going to destroy you if you don't submit, we bend over.
Well, I'm done bending over, ladies and gentlemen.
I've tried to stay out of this.
I'm trying to just unify Americans around freedom and justice.
I don't care if you're old, young, black, white, Jewish, whatever.
If you care about freedom and you believe in the Bill of Rights Constitution and you like the free market and hey, you're great.
And then hopefully you don't want to kill babies.
But our guest, E. Michael Jones, was a university academic becoming a professor and he got removed at a Catholic university because he was pro-life.
That was decades ago.
That's where this reign of tyranny is, ladies and gentlemen.
That's where it is.
And we need to get upset and motivated, but Americans are so used to, oh, don't want me to say the N-word?
Sure, I'm not saying N-word anyways.
Then it's, oh, don't say homosexual.
Well, that's a scientific name for it, like heterosexual, but okay, it hurts your feelings, I won't do that.
And then it's don't say mother or father, don't say they're two genders, don't say America should exist, don't say illegal alien, do what we say, do what we say, do what we say.
And our guest points out the shock troops aren't the gay lobby now, the homosexual lobby, it's the pedo lobby.
And the last frontier, give us control of your children.
Public schools in Texas say parents will have a right to know when men dressed as women come to have their elementary students sit on their laps.
That's in the news today.
We're going to have time alone with your kids without you knowing.
Same group took over the Catholic Church.
Same group's taking over the Boy Scouts.
It's a pedophile ring.
And so E. Michael Jones, you were explaining, we're in a war.
The war is here.
And now it's the hate speech laws.
And now it's being introduced by the ADL and American Soil.
We're going to arrest anybody that doesn't do what we say.
And if you point out that these groups are staging hate crimes against themselves, we're going to arrest you for that too.
That's what's happening here.
So please continue.
Yeah, I mean, you're right.
It is a war.
And in order to understand it, you have to take it back to the end of the Second World War.
Germany is a conquered country.
We have complete, the United States has complete control over whatever goes on there.
And the first plan is basically the Morgenthau plan.
They're going to starve the Germans to death.
And at that point, the adults in the room realized, well, we need Germany against the communists, okay?
So they introduced the Marshall Plan.
And this is the beginning of social engineering.
All right, this is warfare.
This is psychological warfare.
We call it social engineering.
We are going to take complete control over the flow of information in Germany.
This means that any book, any newspaper, any play, any TV show, any movie has to get a license.
It gets a license from a man by the name of David Mordecai Levy, who is a Jewish psychiatrist from New York City.
He hands out the licenses and therefore they determine the flow of information.
At the same time this is happening, Germany is now flooded with pornography.
Flooded with material.
As soon as the Währungsreform took place, as soon as they got the currency reform, the pornography came in.
Tons of it come in from Austria and the place is flooded with pornography.
The Church objects, and over this period of time you have a battle for the mind of the German people being seduced by sexual liberation.
It gets more and more intense over this period of time.
Until you reach the 70s when it's the movies.
This is when I was in Germany.
I was a teacher at a gymnasium in Germany, and the girls that are coming into class here are holding a magazine called Bravo, which is for teens.
There's an advice column by a man by the name of Dr. Sommer, whose real name is Martin Weinstein, and he's teaching the girls how to masturbate.
This all happened in Germany.
It was all part of the psychological warfare campaign that was orchestrated by the United States government to destroy the morals of the German people.
And if you want to know how... Dr. Hold on.
Look at what happened to Germany.
Doctor, I want you to have the floor and I'll have you back again soon because you're right on about this.
I want to explain to new viewers and new listeners or liberals that will make a joke about this.
We're not scared of women and we're not scared of sex.
The point is, this is a real psychological warfare plan.
George Orwell wrote about it in 1984 because he saw the plan as a top propagandist in OSS and then MI6, and that was later declassified, to totally break down society and end the family.
And that's what he wrote about in 1984.
So this early sexualization and all this is about people not developing the higher centers of their brains.
And having dreams.
It's about destroying them while they're young, destroying their innocence so they don't have time to flower and fully develop.
That's why they're now targeting in the U.S.
and saying, we're going to teach your children how to masturbate at age five, sexualization of children, pedophilia, and you're not going to stop us.
So it's, again, a psychological warfare plan developed.
So break it down, explain how Germany was the model.
Then it was done a few decades later here in the 60s.
Please continue.
Yeah, I mean, basically what they saw, they realized they were extremely successful in Germany.
When I got there in the early 70s, teaching there, they had movies like the Schulmation Report, you know, and it's all this quasi-scientific stuff.
The crucial figure in Germany was Alfred Kinsey.
Alfred Kinsey was the sexologist, the bug doctor from Indiana University.
He got funding by the Rockefellers.
He came out with the Kinsey Report.
And at this point, the word report entered the German language.
It's not a German word.
The German word is Bericht.
But all the magazines started promoting this, and you had the aura of science, and then when it passed in Germany, when they succumbed to it, then it got brought back over here ten years later.
So what started in the 50s in Germany ended up in the 60s in the United States, as basically they eroded all of the traditional guardrails protecting sexual morality in this country.
The beginning of the introduction of pornography.
All those famous psychologists admitted they were into pedophilia, they were into everything.
One of the famous ones locked his son in a box for most of his life.
I mean, these are monstrous people.
One of them wrote the book, I forget who wrote it, Beyond Evil.
I mean, these guys are literally monsters.
Judith Riesman was a Jewish psychologist and she exposed the Kinsey Report.
There was a whole graph there, a whole table there, of children being brought to orgasm.
Well, that's a crime.
That's criminal activity.
How come nobody noticed this, that Kinsey was involved in some type of criminal activity?
She was the one who brought it up.
And at that point, Kinsey's star started to fade, and then James Jones came out with the biography, and it turns out Kinsey's a homosexual, and so he's got an ax to grind in this whole operation.
So that, but- Well, that's right.
Kinsey was a pedophile, and we're gonna come back and talk about that.
And so this is a pedophile cult.
And it'll take anything over.
And people need to understand it.
And so what about their endgame?
How do we counter what this pedophile cult is doing?
Because the ADL has also come out and said, drag queen story time is a must.
If you don't let big fat men dressed like clowns have access to your children unannounced, you're going to be called a Nazi.
Well, good.
Pornography as a weapon.
You know, they have No Nut November.
It's getting really popular with men and women to not masturbate.
People are finding it's destroying their quality of life.
It's taking their essence away.
Literally making fun of General Jack G. Ripper in Dr. Strangelove.
Hey, you really need your fluoride and you really need to let go of your essence.
What's the psychology joke there?
What are we being told by Stanley Kubrick?
Because there's something a lot deeper there.
Why don't boxers have sex for a few weeks before they have a boxing match?
What's going on here?
Ladies and gentlemen, we're going over all of it today with E. Michael Jones.
I want to invite him back to get more into the culture wars, more into the sexualization of children, while this is being done.
It's an exact formulae.
And now it's the trendiest thing with all the big corporate media saying, take your son, chop his genitals off.
That's not child abuse.
If the Aztecs did it, we'd call them psychotics a thousand years ago.
But we do it.
It's liberal and it's trendy.
This is true institutionalized pedophilia and dismembering of children going on.
What's at the bottom of the rat hole?
Where is all this going, Dr. Jones?
Yeah, you're right.
It's a weapon.
Pornography is a weapon.
And this became clear when the Israelis invaded Ramallah in 2002.
They come into town, they take over the TV stations, and they start broadcasting pornography.
Now, wait a minute.
I thought pornography was freedom.
I thought it meant freedom.
So does this mean the Israelis want to bring freedom to the Palestinians?
This proves that it's a weapon, okay?
That it subjugates the people, it's supposed to derail them, it's supposed to derange them, and it's also supposed to block any type of rational response to what's going on.
I gave this talk
I began to talk with that incident in Europe, in the United States.
I had Palestinians come up to me and tell me it was worse than I even talked about because there were snipers on top of the hospital in Ramallah.
And if people came out, they couldn't come out of doors because they'd be shot.
So the only source of information they had was the television and there it is, it's pornography.
Okay, this generation, okay, the generation of 20-year-olds have been raised with pornography on their phones.
They have unlimited access to pornography.
And at a certain point, they realized that something was wrong here.
And I wrote a book, it's called Libido Dominandi, Sexual Liberation and Political Control.
And in a sense, all I had to say was, sexual liberation is a form of political control.
And everybody understood me.
Because they were already slaves to their passions.
They were already addicted to pornography.
They already had a bad masturbation habit.
Well, I mean, but pornography ruins... They started to work against it.
It ruins sexuality.
It ruins the real thing.
So they said, well, we're going to take back our own minds.
We're going to take back our own bodies.
We're going to take control of our lives, rational, moral control of our lives.
And they organized this boycott.
Well, guess what?
The pornographers are upset.
The people who instituted this regime are upset.
And there was actually an article in Rolling Stone in which the author says that these people are anti-Semites.
If you don't masturbate, if you boycott pornography, you're an anti-Semite.
I didn't make this up, okay?
This is in that Rolling Stone article.
So what you're seeing here, in general, is
The oligarchs losing control of the narrative.
One of the most powerful subjugating narratives of our time was pornography.
It made an entire generation docile to the commands of their rulers and now people are waking up to understand that sexual liberation is a form of control and they don't like it and they're breaking up their own chains and escaping from the jail that the culture has created for them.
And it's beautiful because people realize that they're getting outside again.
They're getting away from their phones.
They're realizing all of this is meant to give you fake satisfaction so you don't go out and form real relationships.
And people are finding it's the real relationships, it's the real world that are actually going to form that.
Yes, and why are 20-year-olds especially being targeted?
Because this is the time in your life when you form real relationships.
The most important relationship you will have in your life is marriage.
Because you are trying to, you're linking your life with another person and that person is going to, you're going to enter into a fertile union that will create people for the next generation and that's how the world goes on.
That's what builds the civilization.
That's what builds people having relationships, being honorable, being fulfilled.
They want you atomized, alone, all by yourself, depressed, where they can control you.
Facebook documents even admit that.
Yes, and it's also Wilhelm Reich, if you want to talk about the man who cooked up this idea.
He wrote a book called The Mass Psychology of Fascism in the 1930s.
He was a psychiatrist, a student of Sigmund Freud, also a communist.
Oh yeah, I always explain to people, Hitler wanted sexual liberation and they used porn and stuff as well and wanted men to have a whole bunch of relationships.
Why is that?
Why do fascists want it as well?
One of the books that Hitler burned were the books of Magnus Hirschfeld.
Magnus Hirschfeld was the head of, he was a Jew who was the head of the Institute for Sexual Wissenschaft.
And if he didn't exist, Hitler would have to create him.
This was the type of abuse
In Germany, a conquered country after World War I, suddenly these people are let loose, people like Magnus Hirschfeld are let loose, and suddenly the people are resentful, they don't want the corruption in their morals, and they turn to somebody like Hitler because he said he would straighten them out.
Now, this could have happened, could have been stopped earlier.
The uncle of Pope Benedict, the great uncle of Pope Benedict, wrote a book called Judisches Erwerbsleben, Georg Ratzinger.
And he said, if the church doesn't step in and defend the people by enforcing the laws that protect the moral order, the German people are going to look for a leader.
Well, guess what the German word for leader is?
It's feral.
And they found it.
They found their leader.
This is the type of reaction we want to prevent here in America.
And the way we prevent this is by open dialogue, where we're able to criticize the people who have subjected us to this reign of pornographic terror.
Well, Dr. Jones,
It's going to get worse with the left and their final hunger across the board is children.
The ADL says let fat men dressed as clowns have access to your children.
The Southern Poverty Law Center says that's a particular sacrament is unannounced.
Fat men generally dress as clowns, having children still in their laps.
Then they exchange contact numbers with them, literally letting obese pedophiles and others have access to your children.
Now in Texas, they're saying they're going to have access.
Parents aren't going to know, quote, some of you don't know what's best for your kids.
This is the new sacrament.
What do you expect to come next?
I mean, is this just meant to see what we'll put up with?
No, I expect a reaction.
This is the way God works in human history.
You let something go too far and then suddenly there's a reaction.
So you let the whole agenda of sex education, the first generation of sex education, you make it mandatory in the schools and what did you do?
You created the homeschooling movement.
In places like Indiana, across the United States.
I was involved in this in the 1980s when my children were small.
At that time, you were thinking, maybe I'm going to get arrested because my kid's not going to school.
Well, we won that battle.
That battle was won and now in the state of Indiana, the state will give out vouchers so that you can decide where to send your children.
It's not going to be a public school property anymore.
I'm intrigued here, and I want to get you back on.
We've got to go to break.
I want to do five more minutes with Dr. E. Michael Jones, CultureWars.com.
Very interesting.
I want to do five more minutes with him about the election, about Trump, where he sees all this going, and then I want to invite him back up in the near future.
I'm glad listeners recommended this fellow.
I've been so busy, I didn't really put two together, but I actually read one of his books years ago.
I will tell you about his upcoming book as well.
Please remember, without you, we're being shut down.
The Globalists are openly saying they want to shut down.
The ADL gave an award to Tim Cook for shutting us down.
They want us, quote, purged.
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All right, Paul Joseph Watson's taking over.
Some upset that London Bridge terrorist who had just stabbed numerous people was killed by police.
That's coming up.
Also, Greta Thunberg, now worshipped as a god in European schools.
The children are then mounted to computers and told to battle online, promoting her as part of going to school.
Giant murals of her are being painted everywhere.
That's coming up.
Next segment, talk about creepiness.
E. Michael Jones.
The left is also using weaponized Islam, incompatible with the West.
But as you said, it's the Islamicists saying no to the pedophile trainings.
That seems to be
Going cattywampus or derailing some of the left's operations.
The left is not invincible.
They're carrying out, from my experience, their satanic compulsions.
They try to codify that into a political plan.
But as you said, all they ever do is summon their own destruction.
Though that summoned destruction normally wrecks civilization as well.
So I can see what you're saying, that the wrath of God, like giant thunderheads rolling in in a typhoon towards the shore, isn't long from colliding into civilization.
Look, it's good news.
It's not bad news.
It's good news.
Because God is in charge of human history.
And he brings, he constantly brings good out of evil.
And so one of the best examples is this whole flooding of Europe with these Islamic immigrants, whose background is just not compatible with the dominant culture in these European countries.
So they come to a place like London, they take over the neighborhood, and then suddenly the schools try to teach sex ed, and suddenly the Muslims react, and they don't like it.
And now there's a protest, so it backfired on them.
This is the way God works in human history.
He takes evil and he turns it into good, just the way he did in Joseph's life in the Bible.
You're absolutely right, Jim.
The Lord works in mysterious ways, and now that I've had time to see how God works, it's going to be... Get your popcorn out, folks, because the next few years... Gut level, we've got a few minutes left.
What do you expect next?
What do you think about the election?
What do you think about Trump not acting on censorship?
I was in South Bend, Indiana when Donald Trump arrived.
It was the biggest assembly, biggest group of people ever in the history of South Bend.
And they all were there and they all had one thing in common.
They all recognized that there were two parties that supported the oligarchs and no party that supported the people of Indiana.
And that's why they voted for Donald Trump.
The biggest cheer of the night came when Donald Trump talked about Carrier Air Conditioning sending its plant to Mexico.
These are the people that put Donald Trump in office.
And the minute he got into office, the deep state has been trying to remove him.
And so what we have here is one more attempt now, the impeachment, where the oligarchs want to overturn the verdict of the people.
I mean, Trump has made lots of mistakes, but that doesn't change the fact that that's what's going on right now.
Time after time, we had that in Indiana before with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, when the people, the representatives of Indiana passed a law that said you cannot coerce people to bake cakes for gay weddings.
As soon as the governor signed it, the ink wasn't even dry and then the oligarchs descended on Indianapolis and said, you've got to change your law.
The CEO of Salesforce, Eli Lilly, all the big oligarchs came in and overturned representative government.
This is what he's saying right now.
And notice the left wants to make us all, the left wants all its rights, but we never have any rights.
These people want total control and total power.
They're going to lose.
Please come back again soon to get more into the decline of civilization and what you think's coming in the future.
E. Michael Jones, CultureWars.com.
Thank you for joining us.
Thank you.
All right, folks.
Well, that was a very informative interview.
Paul Joseph Watson is coming up.
Recommend more hosts you'd like us to have on at ShowTipsAtInfoWars.com.
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Well, today we had an austere religious scholar committing an act of peace in London.
Now it appears as if there's been another stabbing in The Hague, in the Netherlands.
Headline, multiple people stabbed on Shopping Street in The Hague.
As out of BNO News, multiple people have been injured in a stabbing incident on Shopping Street in The Hague.
Dutch officials say a major incident has been declared, but details are still limited.
The incident began at 7.45pm on Friday, when police and other emergency services were called for a stabbing incident at Orneah Hudson's Bay in the city centre.
Multiple ambulances responded to the scene.
They're saying there's at least three injured people there in the Hague, so we'll continue to look at that.
The latest on the London incident
With the attacker having not been named, of course, this occurred earlier this afternoon.
There were reports of a stabbing in premises nearby London Bridge.
The police rushed to the scene.
It appeared as if the attacker had fled to London Bridge itself.
There he was tackled by a group of brave passers-by.
And then when the firearms police arrived, he was double-tapped in the head and shot dead.
People are very upset about that on the left, which we'll get to in a moment.
But the latest out of BBC News is London Bridge 2 killed in stabbing attack.
Two members of the public have died after a stabbing attack at London Bridge in which police also shot dead the suspect.
I saw a picture of one of the victims hours ago and she didn't look in a great state so I presume that she was one of those victims who has unfortunately died.
Met Police has declared the attack a terrorist incident.
The suspect who died at the scene was believed to have been wearing a hoax explosive device.
Videos on social media appear to show passersby holding down a man.
An officer arrives, seems to indicate the group to move and fires a shot.
You've probably seen that video by now.
It's all over Twitter and you're seeing it on screen right now.
So, the terrorist shot dead, but only unfortunately after he appears to have killed two members of the public.
Again, it probably would have been a bigger attack.
If those members of the public, the ones who were passing by, had not tackled him.
The whole way in which the terrorist was neutralised has upset a lot of people.
They're not happy that this bloodthirsty terrorist, who'd been running around screaming, stabbing people, while wearing a fake explosives vest, which of course the police did not know that it was fake at the time, just as they were wearing fake explosive vests in the previous London Bridge attack back in 2017,
Where dozens of people were injured and I think it was 11 people eventually who died.
And we're going to get into the Lion of London Bridge who of course was later put on the right-wing extremist terrorist watch list after he tackled one of the terrorists.
Remains to be seen if that's going to happen again.
Headline up on summit.news.
Some upset that London Bridge terrorist who had just stabbed numerous people was killed by police.
And these are real comments.
I screenshotted a couple of them, knowing that they'd been deleted.
In fact, one's been deleted.
I embedded, since I embedded it in this article, because that's what they always do.
Some people are upset that the London Bridge terrorists, and that's, by the way, I tweeted about this earlier, because I saw the comments before I wrote this article.
And then people responded like, oh, you've seen these comments of people claiming the terrorists should have been arrested.
Where are they?
Well, if you respond to them on Twitter, then they immediately delete the tweets and lock down their accounts.
And I did post screenshots later on, which are in this article.
Some people are upset.
London Bridge terrorist who was wearing a fake explosives vest and had stabbed multiple victims was shot dead by police, arguing that he should have been arrested.
Because he was really complaining, wasn't he?
With literally like five people on top of him, still struggling, wearing a bomb vest.
Police didn't know it was fake at the time.
The attacker was apprehended by brave citizens who disarmed him of his weapon before police moved in to gun down the assailant.
In fact, the image of one of those individuals with the knife, a really massive knife, disarmed from the victim, taking it away from the scene has gone viral on Twitter.
He's, for the moment, being hailed as a hero, but given the track record, maybe he'll be put on a terrorist watch list if he's not careful.
But the fact that the assailant was gunned down disturbed numerous leftists on Twitter who were upset that the terrorist was killed.
One said, by the name of Hassan Nawaz, I wonder what religion he practices, how can they shoot one man publicly?
They could have arrested or used rubber bullets.
He labelled it madness.
Yes, it was complete madness that this screaming maniac who had just knifed numerous people and killed two, while wearing what police thought was a bomb vest, was killed.
That's madness!
Another said, was there any need for the police to kill the man?
This was Laura Whitehawk, who added, they could have easily arrested him but murdered him instead.
State murder doesn't sit well with me.
Says Laura Whitehawk with the LGBT rainbow flag on her profile.
Meanwhile, a Twitter user called Skid Row Radio, who has an image of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in his profile, said this.
Everyone already knows the shooting was clearly reckless and unnecessary.
He could easily have been arrested.
Well, he also suggested the incident was suspicious because it helped Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson.
Well, it doesn't really help Johnson because every time this kind of thing happens, Labour just comes out and said, well, the Tories didn't allocate enough money for police, so this is why these attacks are happening.
That's not really going to wash given the rapid response of the police in this example.
But again, another individual on Twitter lamenting the fact that the terrorist is dead, somebody with Jeremy Corbyn in his profile.
Another Twitter user,
who has now deleted his tweet after I embedded it in this article, said the police could have easily arrested him, not shoot him in the nuts.
Again, a fan of Jeremy Corbyn, which is interesting because Jeremy Corbyn got some heat last month, or in fact it was earlier this month, when the leader of the terror group ISIS was killed by US Special Forces.
Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, came out and said
That it was wrong to have killed him and that detaining him would have been, quote, the right thing to do.
So you've got the leader of ISIS holed up, again, putting at risk the lives of the US Special Forces.
This is a guy who, I presume, is not going to go quietly.
Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, who on numerous occasions shared a platform with actual ISIS supporters,
Back in 2014, the guy who has shown sympathy for terrorists across the globe, he was upset that Baghdadi was killed and now it appears that many of his supporters on Twitter are upset that this terrorist was killed in London today.
By the way, the brave citizens who tackled the terrorists ignored the advice of police who after the previous London Bridge attack near Borough Market, and in fact in and around Borough Market,
Again, way more deadly back in 2017.
They warned the public after that attack, in the event of a weapons or firearms attack, so I presume that means guns or knives, they told the public to quote, run, hide and tell.
The brave citizens on London Bridge did not follow that advice and that's why the terrorist was killed very quickly.
Again, I presume many of the supporters of Jeremy Corbyn were not happy that people didn't run, hide and tell.
And the unfortunate reality of this is that London is extremely prepared for people being stabbed because we've had a knife crime epidemic for the last three years, which continues to soar.
In fact, I had this article up on Summit News about 10 days ago.
320 bleed control kits to be given to bars in London.
These were handed out to bars in the City of London, which is like a square mile within the City of London itself, because knife crime in the City of London jumped by 43% in the last year.
During the same time period, England saw a record high of 43,000 knife crimes across the country.
We are very much used to this.
Funny thing about it is, don't tend to see 320 bleed control kits being handed out to bars in cities like Warsaw, Poland, or cities like Budapest, Hungary.
Don't recall seeing many diversity barriers or diversity bollards on the streets on the bridges of Warsaw.
Very interesting to compare and contrast the two, isn't it?
Something missing.
Warsaw's missing something.
Can't quite put my finger on it.
We're going to get back into this and more after the break.
See what's going on with that knife attack in The Hague, Netherlands.
This is the Alex Jones Show live.
Breaking news at Infowars.com.
Don't go away.
So we had what looks like an austere religious scholar committing an act of peace on London Bridge.
He was tackled by brave citizens who disarmed him of his what they're calling a zombie knife and pictures of the primary individual who did so are going viral on Twitter.
Should we fear for his future reputation given what happened after the previous London Bridge attack back in 2017?
And we're talking about an article which was up on summit.news back in July entitled
Man who bravely fought off Islamic terrorists is put on terror watch list by UK government.
This was the Lion of London Bridge, a 49-year-old man called Roy Lorner, who bravely fought off Islamic terrorists back in 2017 and was later put on an anti-radicalisation terror watch list by the UK government over fears he could become a right-wing extremist.
And I spoke about this earlier on the show with Alex.
There are actually videos from the 2017 London Bridge attack, Borough Market attack, where people are hiding at the back of a restaurant or a bar while the attack is taking place, while people are being stabbed to death.
And one individual shouts out, I can't remember the exact words, but it's something to the effect of effing Muslims, and the guy nearby
reprimands him for being politically incorrect by suggesting that it was an Islamic terror attack when it was obviously an Islamic terror attack.
That is the level of absolute clown world insanity that we're dealing with when, during the very process of a terror attack, when people are being knifed to death by Islamic terrorists, somebody who dares suggest that it might be an Islamic terrorist attack that's taking place is reprimanded for being politically incorrect.
Roy Lorner wasn't being politically incorrect when he screamed, F.U.I.
The Americans.
Millwall is a soccer team or a football team, as it's rightly called, in East London, which has a reputation for having fans who, let's just say, don't back down when it comes to scrapping or fighting.
So he was caught up in this terror attack as he defended himself against jihadists.
who killed eight and injured 38 others during the attack.
He ended up with 80 stitches to the head, ear, arms and hands after two of the terrorists slashed at his head and neck.
Following the attack, Lorna revealed that the terrorists had shouted, quote, this is for Allah and Islam, Islam, Islam during the rampage.
Hashtag nothing to do with Islam.
Now Lorna himself is being treated as a potential terrorist by the UK government.
He was allegedly contacted
By far-right anti-Islam activists.
And as a result, part of the government's Prevent Terror watchlist over fears he might become an extremist.
He later said to newspapers, they treat me like a terrorist, but I'm not political at all.
He was then forced to attend de-radicalization classes, re-education, and is being monitored by the police.
So I hope the same thing doesn't happen to some of the brave individuals who tackled that terrorist.
In London today.
Of course, before the break I was mentioning how we're so used to knife crime that if only two people die as a result of this knife attack, horrific though that is, in London over this weekend, that will probably be, in comparison, a low total.
We had this article from back in May.
Somali parents sending their kids back to Africa to escape London knife crime epidemic.
Hundreds of Somali teenagers are being sent back to East Africa by their parents in order to avoid becoming victims of London's spiralling knife crime epidemic.
One mother told the BBC how her son was stabbed four times in just 17 days in London.
She said they damaged his bladder, his kidneys, his liver, he's got permanent damage.
He was safer in Somaliland than he was here.
100% more safe than in London.
Another 21-year-old man called Yusuf
Told his mentor, Jamal Hassan, he moved to Nairobi because he was seeing people get stabbed in London, quote, every other day.
Islington Mayor Rakiya Ismail, a Somali immigrant, says that around 40% of Somali families are sending their children back home.
Even though Somalia is listed as the 13th most dangerous country in the world and has big problems with violent crime and terrorism, apparently, though, for many, it's not nearly as terrifying as London.
The figures show there are two killings every day on the streets of Britain, the highest level in a decade.
And while it's true that most of the stabbings, most of the knife attacks are gang on gang, it's not uncommon for ordinary members of the public to get caught up in this, to get caught up in confrontations between drug dealers, for example, and get knifed or beaten to death.
It happens on a routine basis.
Figures show three quarters of knife crime offenders are from minority ethnic groups.
53% of victims are from a black or ethnic minority background, as I mentioned before the break.
Amazing that Warsaw, Poland and Budapest, Hungary don't seem to be suffering the same epidemic.
Interesting that, isn't it?
Meanwhile, this article went up on Summit News just about an hour ago.
And it concerns Desmond is Amazing.
I know you really want to see more information about Desmond Amazing.
Desmond is Amazing, the 12-year-old drag queen kid, don't you?
You've been eagerly anticipating that.
Well now, Desmond is Amazing appears in front of a painting with Rohypnol written on it.
He's appeared in front of a poster with the word Rohypnol written on it.
This is a video that was posted to Twitter, in which Desmond, who again is 12 years old, appears alongside Michael Alig.
The 53-year-old former club promoter who served 17 years in prison for manslaughter for killing his drug dealer and then chopping up his dead body.
That's the kind of person you'd really want your child to be hanging around with, isn't it?
Alex's website features numerous other paintings including one of a glowing demon baby, that's how he describes it, several that feature pills or packets of Rohypnol, and another entitled
And I can't even say that on the radio, you'll have to read it in the article.
Earlier this year, we highlighted how a convicted child porn peddler wrote an article in which he described Desmond Is Amazing as quote, hot.
And that was posted on, I believe it was Tumblr, or a similar website, was not removed.
Literally, it was convicted child porn peddler calling a child hot.
As we reported back in June, and you've probably seen the video, reacting to concerns over Desmond's performance at a gay nightclub in New York, where attendees threw money at the child.
His mother defended the decision, telling an Australian TV show, I don't understand what the controversy is.
It's not controversial at all, is it, to have a 12-year-old, um, dressed in drag, dancing around at a gay nightclub and having money thrown at him.
That's not controversial.
Desmond was previously involved in Drag Queen Storytime, in which drag queens visit schools and libraries across America to read to children, which again is completely normal.
He also appeared on camera with a drag queen and mimicked snorting ketamine, the horse tranquilizer that has become popular as a psychedelic drug.
He literally went like that on camera to simulate taking ketamine while sat in front of a middle-aged drag queen.
Again, completely normal.
One of the participants at Drag Queen Storytime in Houston was 32-year-old Albert Garza, who later turned out to be a registered sex offender who was convicted of assaulting an eight-year-old boy in 2008.
And now Desmond is amazing, is palling around with 53-year-old men who killed their drug dealer and chopped up his dead body in front of a painting with the word Rohypnol.
Written on the front of it, which again is completely normal.
Don't go away, Summit.News will be back.
We are back and we're going to shift to talking about our Lord and Saviour Greta Thunberg because there's a new article up on Summit.News called Swedish school kids tasked with defending Greta from critics as the eco-activist becomes part of religious curriculum.
Yes, she's part of the religious course
Being introduced in schools across Sweden, where kids are being taught that as part of the course about, quote, religious knowledge, they're being tasked with mocking her opponents.
News outlet Sam Schnill-Knight, butchering that pronunciation, reported that the 16-year-old climate activist is now included in the school curriculum and is being portrayed in an overtly sympathetic light.
Well, of course she is.
Because that's how you kind of have to do it or you'll get banned on YouTube.
With the course describing her as an, quote, alarm clock that, quote, allows us to discuss, talk and reflect on what is happening to our world.
According to one student, Greta is practically painted as a saint.
And again, students are tasked with making memes about Greta that mock her opponents and disprove criticism that has been levelled at her.
For example, criticism like, why are you hanging out with Arnold Schwarzenegger, if you care about climate change, when he literally has a garage full of muscle cars and tanks?
Why are you hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio, the guy who lectures everyone else about their lifestyle, but literally goes on holidays on 40-foot yachts, owned by oil billionaire sheiks from the Middle East?
A guy who literally goes on private jet trips to collect environmental awards.
That kind of criticism.
In one task, the students are asked to find a picture to illustrate the sentence, one simply doesn't mess with Greta.
A nod to an outdated Borromea meme from Lord of the Rings.
According to education publisher Liber, including Greta in lessons is quote, important to constantly offer materials and teaching materials that reflect the contemporary.
So it's not enough.
Greta is basically immune from criticism because she's a child and presumably will forever be a child no matter how old she is.
They're putting up murals of her in San Francisco like a cult leader.
It's not enough to just shield her from criticism.
Now the kids literally have to take re-education courses to learn how to make propaganda in her favor.
Of course, churches in Sweden, as we previously reported, are now literally ringing bells in her honour, while last year the Church of Sweden proclaimed Greta to be, quote, Jesus' successor.
But it's not a religion at all, seriously.
Last month, another mural of Thunberg was defaced in Edmonton, Alberta, with the vandal telling Greta to stop lecturing him on how to live his life.
And in this article, you can watch the video about Greta, which was banned by YouTube because she's now immune from criticism.
It's embedded from Bitchu.
Meanwhile, Breitbart reports alarmists propose rebranding climate change for greater shock value because it's not enough, apparently, to say that the Earth is literally going to end in 12 years.
We need more alarmism.
Climate change alarmists are pushing for a change in vocabulary.
Control vocabulary, control reality, to scare people into taking global warming more seriously.
Starting with terms like global meltdown and climate collapse.
Which goes to the point that nobody is taking it seriously because they recognize that it's hysterical alarmist BS.
But virtually every poll that you'd look at shows it's at the bottom of the list when it comes to people's concerns about their lives.
Writing for Ad Age this week, Aaron Hall argues that in order to get people to take action against climate change, rebranding is crucial, since people have gotten too used to the idea that climate is changing and need to be shocked into the notion that the world as we know it is ending.
Just as we saw back in the 1960s with Paul Ehrlich's population bomb, which was the foundation for much of this alarmism in the first place, where he literally said that millions and millions of people would starve to death
Because of climate change, of course, never happened.
Just like any of these alarmist predictions and proclamations never happen.
But they think as long as they pronounce them vehemently enough, with enough panic in their voices, and enough condemnation of anyone who doesn't go along with it, then it's finally going to get through to people.
Good luck with that.
Sticking in Sweden, Stockholm, 51% of women feel unsafe going out at night.
That's according to the county's administrative board, a new citizen survey, more than half of women feel insecure in the evenings, while the overall figure who feel unsafe rose from 33% to 44%.
Since 2011, the proportion of citizens who feel unsafe in their own residential area during the daytime almost doubled from 11% to 20%.
Now what possibly could have changed between 2011 and 2019 in Sweden?
Gee, I wonder.
The growing insecurity in Stockholm is also underscored by the fact that more and more county residents are refraining from activities due to concern about being exposed to crime, such as walking, cinema or visiting acquaintances, the report stated.
And as we previously covered, Sweden continues to experience huge problems with violent crime shootings, explosions and grenade attacks.
The Prime Minister came out recently and said that it was nothing to do with migrants.
Swedes don't tend to believe that, given a recent opinion poll which found that the anti-mass migration Sweden Democrats are now the most popular party in Sweden, with the Sweden Democrats getting 24% of the vote if an election was held today, beating the ruling Social Democrats.
The former CEO of trucking company Scania came out back in October and warned that Sweden is heading towards civil war due to uncontrolled mass immigration.
He'll probably be brought upon hate crimes charges.
He said, we've taken in far too many people from outside and we have those who came from the Middle East and Africa live in a society that we left almost 100 years ago.
Meanwhile, I found this interesting, came out a couple of days ago.
More Swedes than ever are on antidepressant drugs with a million of them taking SSRIs.
That's one tenth of the population, double the amount who took antidepressants in the early 2000s.
So, people in Sweden feel unsafe and unhappy.
That progressive utopia doesn't seem to be very effective, does it?
I wonder why.
Meanwhile, RT reports almost 50% of Sweden's homeless population is foreign-born.
I think it's time to do another video on Sweden.
There's so much information.
About how great this progressive utopia really is.
A damning new report suggests Sweden's integration policies are failing migrants who now account for almost 50% of the country's rising homeless population.
And of course that is at great cost to the economy.
We were sold this idea by Merkel and others that it was not only necessary but absolutely imperative to bring in huge numbers of migrants to fund social liabilities to become
Manual labour.
Of course, I think the stat that I saw last time I checked was about 63% of welfare payments in Sweden went to migrants.
So that's not really being borne out, is it?
Meanwhile, Alex covered this during the show, so I'll just go over it briefly.
But of course, Angela Merkel came out and said, freedom of speech must be curtailed to keep society free.
Orwell rolls in his grave.
Of course, as I made the point,
Merkel herself, given that Germans are being arrested for hate speech, for raising issues, shall we say, with events such as the mass molestation of women in Cologne, Germany on New Year's Eve 2015, they're being interrogated as potential hate criminals.
But we have to remember that Angela Merkel herself, back in 2010, said that, quote, multiculturalism has failed.
She then proceeded to import over a million migrants to make Germany more multicultural.
And in fact there's a video at the bottom of this article which is banned in Germany, even though Germany has a constitution which literally says, words to the effect of there should be no censorship whatsoever, in which a Member of Parliament from the Green Party
gets up in front of parliament in Germany and says that Germans in major cities will be a minority in their own cities within 20 years and that's a good thing.
Now to me celebrating the demographic decline of any particular race is bigoted, hateful and racist and maybe
The member of the Green Party who said that should be subjected to these new hate speech laws that apparently Angela Merkel is very keen to see passed.
We'll be back.
Breaking news at summit.news and infowars.com.
Don't go away.
We're back for the final segment.
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Well, we've had a large dose of cultural enrichment it appears today in Europe because now reports are emerging that the Gare du Nord train station in Paris, France has been evacuated due to a suspected explosive device that just came out in the last few minutes.
Meanwhile, three injured in stabbing attack on Shopping Street in The Hague, that's in the Netherlands.
RT reports police are still on the lookout for the attacker who struck at the heart of the city's shopping district during the Black Friday rush.
The suspect is described as a lightly coloured man, between 45 and 50 years old, dressed in a grey tracksuit.
In the Netherlands, lightly coloured usually refers to a person of North African or Middle Eastern descent.
That sounds pretty racist to me.
Of course, in Germany, they describe them as southern looking.
So it remains to be seen what comes out of that and what the motive is.
Switching now back to America, we had this article up on summit.news a couple of days ago.
American life expectancy dropping dramatically thanks to white working-class male suicides, the one demographic that they refuse to talk about.
In fact, according to Lisa Britton, who tweeted about this, when this study, these new numbers came out about male suicides in America,
CNN's coverage of the entire story omitted the crucial point that the numbers were being driven by male suicides.
They deliberately sought to withhold the key crucial aspect of the story, which is that after increasing for decades, American life expectancy is now facing an alarming decline, thanks mainly to suicides of white working-age men.
This was published in the journal JAMA,
He found that life expectancy in America increased from 1959 to 2014, but that the number plateaued in 2011 and then began decreasing in 2014.
According to Live Science, the study found that the decline is mostly among working-age Americans or those aged 25 to 64.
In this group, the risk of dying from drug abuse, suicide, hypertension and more than 30 other causes is increasing.
And again, that's the suicide driven by the depression, driven by the opioid use.
The decline in life expectancy for working-age males has not been recorded in other developed countries and is a distinctly American phenomenon.
That's according to study co-author Stephen Wolfe, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine.
Again, they're not talking about the main demographic that the depression epidemic, the opioid epidemic, the suicide epidemic is impacting, and it's mainly white, working-class, middle-aged Americans.
I did an entire video about this, which is in this article,
The truth about suicide, which really needs to get out there.
Somebody else tweeted about this.
They said CNN just did a piece on the declining life expectancy rate in the US and failed to mention it's the men's rate that is declining.
Women have maintained a steady rate, although there's been an uptick in the women's overdose rate.
So again, they're not
Identifying the main demographic that this is impacting while the culture takes a giant dump all over white people at the same time, blames them for every historical and contemporary social ill, delegitimizing their trauma under the rubric of white privilege.
And then when you look at the women, not looking too great for them either.
Binge drinking doubles amongst American women without children.
Binge drinking amongst American women without children has doubled in just over a decade, proving that the satirical wine ant meme is actually true.
Now the wine ant meme, for those of you who don't know, is basically a take off of the Wojak meme, but it's a drunk ant.
And it's accompanied by a tweet, which really underscores how a lot of millennials have been sold this idea that
Having no kids, no family leads to happiness and freedom.
Tends to lead in the opposite direction.
This tweet says, quote, and bearing in mind it got 213,000 likes on Twitter.
Says, ladies, imagine this, it's 15 years from now and you have no kids.
You're the cool wine end that occasionally comes back to the country for a brief visit before leaving for another long exotic vacation.
You have no commitments and a suspicious amount of money.
That's what they bought into, the social engineering propaganda that not having children provides them with freedom and happiness, when in reality it only makes them miserable and lonely.
And as I point out in this article, when those women who don't have any kids and think they're happy and have lives full of freedom, reach their later years when they start to get ill and need hospital treatment, there will be absolutely nobody to take care of them and many of them will likely die alone.
Having lived a joyless, barren life of meaningless hedonism, so happy, you've seen the propaganda, you've seen the billboards encouraging white people to sterilize themselves, you've seen the Newsweek front pages, the Time magazine front pages, conning women into believing this lifelong, barren-less existence is going to provide them with endless freedom.
It doesn't.
It does the opposite, provides them with endless depression and loneliness.
Meanwhile, and I did an entire article on this subject, basically the video, sorry, which is going to come out on Sunday, there's an entire process going on right now in Western culture, which is the infantilization of culture.
And it gets to the question of why comic book superhero movies are so popular, despite the fact that they're blatantly aimed at children.
Why is this parade of comic book superhero movies still resonating amongst millennials in their 30s and 40s?
Well, I get into the reasons for that in that video, but here's an article that ties in.
It's out of Sputnik.
Binge porn kills orgasm insects with real-life partner new study finds.
Now, we already know that habitual porn watching literally shrinks people's brains.
Well, now in a report published in The Conversation, a researcher at Canada's University Laval, Rachel Ann Barr warns that people who regularly watch adult movies often fall victim to brain damage.
And once again, what does the culture, what does the media support?
Rampant hedonism, degeneracy and pornography, even though it's literally giving young people brain damage.
More specifically to a region of it known as the prefrontal cortex, which is not formed until adulthood and is responsible for willpower, morality and impulse.
And in fact I did a video about this a few weeks ago called No Nut November, the Kuma meme, which gets into some of the extremely damaging effects of excessive porn watching.
And this study ties into it because after years of study, Barr has come to conclude that pornography could cause consumers to struggle with their impulses and emotions, possibly leading to compulsive behavior with adults degrading into a childish state.
So this is one of the examples where they're literally putting out pornography, making people addicted to it, making it acceptable in the culture to be addicted to it.
And again, for this to be one of the great freedoms that we're supposed to embrace,
Even though it's literally degrading, damaging people's brains, turning them into Kumas, and degrading them into a childish state.
She said it's somewhat paradoxical that adult entertainment may revert our brain wiring to a more juvenile state.
She said the much greater irony is that while porn promises to satisfy and provide sexual gratification, it delivers the opposite.
Which of course is now why we see problems, even with young people in their early 20s, problems with erectile dysfunction because it creates pathways in your brain where you can only get aroused by extreme, in many cases pornography, and you can no longer get aroused by normal sexual activity with real humans.
That's what they're doing to us.
That's going to wrap it up.
Coming up, Warren with Owen Troyer, Breaking News at Summit.News.
Don't go away.
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Every city you control is collapsing into hell.
Everyone is running from the Democrats and their mental illness.
Your so-called power cult, the Democratic Party that founded the KKK, is going down.
The Democrats are KKK!
The Democrats are KKK!
The Democrats are KKK!
The Democrats are KKK!
The Democrats are KKK!
And look, they all went to cry to KKK!
Down with the KKK!
Down with the... Look at this lady!
I'm saying, down with the KKK!
And she says, no!
Down with the KKK and Hillary!
Down with the KKK and Hillary!
They tried to lie about their agenda and secretly build it.
That didn't work.
So now they've tried to silence us and then gaslight the population, promoting pedophilia, gun confiscation, and pure evil as normal.
They're doing that to demoralize you.
But the truth is, they're failing.
You can see it, and you can feel it.
Hell yes!
We're gonna take your AR-15.
You're gonna take people's guns away, wait till you get elected, then take the guns away.
Don't tell them ahead of time!
Breaking news, we have just confirmed that a registered child sex offender has been reading to children at a Houston public library as part of its Drag Queen Story Hour.
We are winning.
Humanity is awakening to the fact that it's under attack.
We were asleep before.
And the fact that we're awakening enrages the vampiric globalists and their demonic slaves.
Ladies and gentlemen, they wouldn't have come out in the open with gun confiscation, pro-pedophilia, attacks on America, attacks on real Christians, if they weren't scared and weren't losing.
They've had to fully uncloak themselves in a hope to normalize their assault on our species.
But it's not working.
The fact that they had to censor InfoWars off of more than 60 major platforms, and then the fact that Zuckerberg had to say, if you say something positive about Alex Jones,
What about InfoWars, that they'll ban you on Facebook?
How dangerous is InfoWars?
Well, Facebook believes it's so dangerous that you can be banned from using the platform, Facebook, just for sharing its content, unless you simultaneously denounce it.
Revolted against that and said, my God, this is like the old Soviet Union.
And now all the big tech companies are coming out with their cashless systems, with the smartphones and the AI systems, the assistants and all the rest of this garbage.
These people are making their move on humanity right now.
But again, if they couldn't be defeated, they wouldn't be trying to censor those of us that are standing up to them.
They know they've got an uphill battle, but their god, their master, whatever the hell this murderous force is, this death cult, is obsessed with driving us into submission and demoralizing us to get rid of our fighting spirit.
But everybody can see it and everybody can feel it.
That fighting spirit of humanity is beginning to
Burn brighter than it ever has before.
It is exploding.
And the wicked, twisted forces that believed they were going to have a leisurely dissection of the human species are now beginning to realize that just like every time in the past, evil failed.
They're going to fail this time.
And their attempt to destroy us will only be the final nail in the coffin for their Luciferian system.
That said, I need your prayers.
You need to pray for yourself.
I don't have to tell you that.
I need your word of mouth that is paramount, that is key, that is the coin of the realm.
Human, human intelligence, and I need money to prosecute the war against the globalists.
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You know my pitch.
It's a straight shoot of facts.
InfoWars is resisting.
InfoWars is fighting.
InfoWars wants a pro-human future.
And you are what powers the InfoWars.
So take action today.
Spread the word.
Pray for us.
And please buy the products.
And I thank you.
And I salute you.