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Name: 20191128_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 28, 2019
3192 lines.

Alex Jones discusses various topics including 5G technology, censorship of conservatives, corruption within government, and political debates. He critiques Joe Biden's claim about African-American representation and shares his views on Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris's statements. The speaker also talks about the dangers of 6G technology and ways to protect oneself from invasive surveillance. He emphasizes the importance of local radio stations in maintaining their content amidst deplatforming efforts and introduces a guest who opposes the deep state, focusing on the UkraineGate phase.

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, America is back!
America is back!
The Communist Chinese are censoring their people!
President Trump should confront him first!
And President Trump needs to tell Apple to stop censoring!
He's a poor a**hole who stops censoring!
Infowars.com stands against leftist tyranny!
(upbeat music)
You know, it's Communist China suppressing their people, and the man stood in front of the tanks to stop Communist China's censorship, and he paid with his life.
Now pro-Communist, pro-China individuals are blocking us, acting like they're the people standing in front of the tank.
America is back!
Apple is leading the censorship of America!
Apple needs to stop censoring America!
We love Trump!
We love free speech!
You all support the deep state!
America is back!
America is back!
Sorry that was gonna happen, so now we're ready to go.
Old trusty.
I'll get censorship!
America is back!
America is back!
Let's see the stack.
Can you talk?
Do you able to talk?
Yeah, I can do it, dude.
Get on over.
Do you support free speech?
Yeah, I'm good.
Apple is censoring Americans.
Apple is censoring the American people.
This guy has a great vocabulary.
He says F you over and over and over again because he doesn't support free speech.
Our basic freedoms are being erased.
And President Trump must stand up for the First Amendment!
Apple is evil!
Censorship is evil!
Apple is evil!
Censorship is evil!
Apple is evil!
Censorship is evil!
10 foot, what's the communist title?
Hey lady, what's up?
Don't touch me!
Here's my warrant.com.
InfoWars.com America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is Free speech is here!
Free speech is alive!
Come back to America!
And Trump needs to stop the persecution of Gillian Assange!
And Trump needs to pardon Roger Stone!
We need to defend free speech.
Wake up America!
Wake up America!
I need to turn gay!
Wake up America! Wake up America! Wake up the chao-molesting law!
Wake up America! Wake up the chao-molesting law!
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Thursday, November 21st, 2019.
I'm Alex Jones.
I am a busy, busy beaver.
You know, it's been a long time since I did not sleep one minute last night.
I was working on so many things that I did not sleep one minute.
I tried to lie down at about 3 a.m.
and just couldn't do it, and I hadn't had any coffee since about 6 p.m.
But drug-free, I could not sleep because the energy level on the planet is rising so incredibly.
I mean, it's unbelievable.
I can't even handle it.
I don't know about you.
And evil can feel it as well, and they are freaking out.
Wait till we lay out what happened at the Democrat debate last night.
There's never been such a gibbering, mentally ill train wreck.
How did you kill Jeffrey Epstein?
Because you're not in power, but you have all the power.
The things they say are so ridiculous.
Honestly, I don't know what I ever did to get them so upset.
*sigh* *music*
*music* *music*
*music* *laughing*
*music* *music*
(upbeat music)
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Thursday.
November 21st 2019.
I'm your host Alex Jones and I can tell you that I am in the zone today.
Whatever reason the zeitgeist was so intense.
Last night I could not sleep for the first time ever not because I was forcing myself.
Not to sleep, but because I couldn't sleep, and I was not tired, and I'm not tired now.
That was without the aid of coffee.
And some people can do that.
I mean, I can go to bed at 9 at night and sleep till 7 a.m.
the next day without ever waking up.
And I'm a very sound sleeper.
But when all this geopolitical stuff's going on, and the globalists are in so much trouble, and so much is happening, and so much is going on, you can just feel it.
And I know you can all feel it as well.
It's amazing.
You can see it.
You can absolutely see it.
You know, there is a movement in the world The globalist push that wants to always say it's Masons, it's Catholics, it's Jews, it's Chinese people, it's Russians, it's white supremacists, you know, Nazis that secretly are dominating and ruling the world.
And really, it's just evil groups of people of every race, color, and creed that work on the same wavelength and want the same global government post-human world.
And a great little window into that that I just noticed today is Benjamin Netanyahu, it's been ruled in Israel, is going to stand trial for bribery.
And he's going to stand trial supposedly for hosting dinners over the years at his house that the government paid for.
Yeah, they're big sticklers over there.
Not allowed to pay for dinners with government chefs.
On charges of bribery.
Now, the Rothschilds supposedly founded modern Israel, but they have a larger goal in mind for that, to use it as a clash point.
They admittedly want Netanyahu out.
So see, how is Israel one monolithic power?
Netanyahu definitely has done things I don't like, backing ISIS, just like Obama did in Syria.
A bunch of terrible things.
I'm not a Netanyahu-ite.
I'm just a real politique guy who goes, wow, the big global power structure from the Rothschilds, who are super powerful and at the top of the pyramid, and man, they don't like Benjamin Netanyahu, and they like George Soros that works for him, who says Israel, elite females, Shouldn't exist.
So people ask me the last few years why I've gone from being neutral on Israel's existence to going, hey, uh, secret emails, George Soros came out three years ago, wants to get rid of Israel.
Hey, that's not going to happen with the nuclear weapons Israel's got and all the rest of it.
It's just, there's, there's wheels within wheels.
There's other things going on here.
It's like Catholics aren't evil.
Some of the best people I know, the Pope is a world government pedophile protecting monster.
He's not the Pope.
You could say that the Vatican runs everything, or the Vatican puts pedophiles in charge.
No, the pedophiles took the Vatican over.
And they're taking everything else over, by the way.
And you want to get down to the bottom line is, Jesus said the spirit of Satan wants to hurt innocents, wants to hurt children.
And Jesus Christ, who they've turned into this wimp in the modern parlance, said, it's better for you to tie a giant boulder around your neck, a millstone, and throw yourself in the ocean than to hurt a child.
So suffer the children.
That means you need to suffer to take care of them.
That means you need to defend them.
You need to die for them.
That's not a heroic thing to do.
What you're supposed to do?
What mammal species won't fight to the death to defend its young?
A species that doesn't do that doesn't exist.
It's wired into you.
But look at the Democratic Party operating system.
It's all about Satanism.
It's all about killing babies.
It's all about being nasty and evil and every perversion you can imagine.
Oh, let's get back to The Jews are one monolithic evil.
Which is not true.
But they'll probably have the ADL, that is a corrupt, bad group, come out and say that I just said the Jews are monolithic evil.
That's how bankrupt and evil they are.
But not because they're Jews, but because they're globalists.
And literally spew the spirit of Satan out upon the planet.
Just like the Southern Primary Law Center.
New York Times, Stephen Miller is a white nationalist.
Does it matter?
Now, Stephen Miller is Jewish.
He's pro-Israel.
His parents are leftists, who were anti-Israel, basically, from what I've read and heard and seen him say.
And he just thought it was crazy, growing up in that circus.
And he loves America and common sense and believes we're allowed to have a border and believes it's not right to say white people are inherently evil.
You know, Martin Luther King agreed with that.
And then this big article that came out two days ago, I just learned of it last night, It's all over the news.
They're saying Stephen Miller must resign because he's a great patriot advising the
president on common sense and he's loyal to America first.
And the ADL is saying he is a Nazi.
Read the quotes and what's the proof?
Well, when he was helping take over Breitbart, Before he became the main advisor to Bannon on the Real Nomenclature, it turns out they got 10,000 emails, it says, surreptitiously, and guess who he blueprinted the Trump resistance off of?
Alex Jones and InfoWars.
See, 'cause my show's just a big tent for everybody that just wants freedom and a future.
And you could be black, you could be white, you could be Christian, you could be Jewish, you could be a Muslim.
If you really want freedom and justice in the future and a program in the future, then I want to work with you.
And that's a real big tent, but based on real freedom and things that work.
And again, I point out what the globalists were saying five years ago, four years ago, and I thought maybe they're exaggerating.
But no, it's really true in all the internal documents.
It comes out in WikiLeaks and everywhere that InfoWars is the blueprint Of relaunching Renaissance Americana.
The guests, the listeners, myself, everything we do, we built it, they came.
And that's why they want it off the air.
But that goes back to, again, this issue of the fetishizing the Jews are evil, which Google and Apple and all the subsidiaries push everywhere.
They don't take those people down.
I don't think they should.
They don't take the people down saying that Jews secretly have little forked tails under their clothing, because that will just add to the insanity in the division.
But when I get up here and point out that there's massively diverse groups of people within what you call the Jewish faith, the different types of Jews genetically and all this, the ignorant just say, oh, there he works for the Jews.
Boy, if I'm working for the leftist Jews, man, somebody really ought to give me the notice of it, because it's the leftist groups And chief amongst them the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center and others that are financing my destruction.
And that are calling me a white supremacist.
I didn't help Hitler kill a bunch of people and round up Jews like George Soros.
And again, it's damn true.
I come from a fine family of good, hard-working people that have always stood up for what's right and done the right thing, and I almost don't exist because of Hitler.
Both my grandfathers almost died in the Army Air Corps.
Almost died.
And then I get to sit here and watch a Nazi collaborator fund the media saying that I'm a Nazi.
That group of criminals, that group of thugs, that group of psychopaths that were financed by the proto-globalists and that created the EU and all the rest of it.
No, Stephen Miller's not a Nazi, neither is Michelle Malkin or Alex Jones.
We just love America and we don't care what color you are.
We care what your heart and your mind's all about.
Just like Martin Luther King said.
Yeah, I agree with Martin Luther King.
That's why the ADL says I'm a Nazi.
Ladies and gentlemen, when I have an idea, and I know that idea is going to succeed,
if I take action with that idea, the idea has never failed, thanks to God's discernment that I've been given,
and thanks to the fact that we are working together and building the resistance to this globalist satanic
operation together.
So I didn't do This.
We did this together.
And that's not patronization telling you how great you are.
You need to know how important you are, and how much I want to salute you, and how much I want to thank you.
And I was thinking last night how I could somehow show you how important you are.
I think a lot of you already realize that, but I am humbled by your prayer, your word of mouth, and your financial support.
And I desperately don't want the globalists to win, and I don't want them to snuff out Infowars.
But listen, financially supporting us has never been easier.
How do I telegraph to you that I'm not hyping up DNA Force Plus?
How many studies do I have to show you about CoQ10 and PQQ, especially when it's added with these other ingredients and what it's been proven to do to heart tissue and to brain tissue, and how it can regrow the mitochondria in brain tissue, PQQ, and how we've got the best type of PQQ?
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These are big old horse pills.
How it costs tens of thousands of dollars a kilo for just the PQQ and thousands of dollars of kilos for the CoQ10.
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You may start hurting like hell about a month into this stuff, but a couple months into it, whoo!
I mean, this is powerful stuff God gave us, and with all the attacks, this allows the mitochondria to grow back and pump the garbage out of the cells.
So people have been asking me, what the hell is going on?
And it's a lot of things, prayer, getting closer to God, and taking the supplements religiously.
Now the problem is, my energy has grown, and I'm praying to God to just temper the focused rage at The Globalist.
And I'm just going to put it into longer hours and harder work.
God wants me to trigger you to take action as well.
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And you're not going to find a quality formula, PQQ, CoQ10, and the rest of the stuff that's in here anywhere.
For anywhere close to this, ladies and gentlemen.
So, infowarestore.com or 888-253-3139.
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When you change the formula, you have to change the name.
That's why our product's the same.
Plus means there's always more of it.
It's better.
That's what we do.
I treat you like I want to be treated.
And it's not magic.
Magic's the world's name for God's rules.
It's the fact that I can't help but treat you like I want to be treated.
And that's why I feel so guilty sometimes in things when I'm angry and mad and mean to the crew.
Because I'm just, you know, like, radioactive.
I'm so angry at the globalists.
I don't feel good about dominating people and doing things like that.
And misdirecting and having friendly fire.
I want to focus it all downrange.
And I can feel your prayer and your support.
And I can absolutely see the enemy's fear by what you've been doing.
InfoWars is not just the tip of the spear.
It is a flaming sword of truth coming at the globalists and funding us is critical.
Plus, it's a product you need.
DNA Force Plus at InfoWarsTore.com Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World
Order, it's Alex Jones.
He aligns himself with the truth.
And it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
Chaos is hanging around.
Put your ear to the ground.
Shut up from the sound.
The death machine is coming down.
It's gaining power for power.
A gas mask is the couture in the summer of rage.
They're building mass graves within the space.
You and I, they'll vaccinate.
They're preparing us for an all-out police state.
I sit up here and I, like a beacon, flash out emergency warnings.
It's all I can do.
And we know that we are being systematically mutated, poisoned, deformed, stunted, and finally killed.
There's evil in the universe, and when good doesn't admit evil exists, and when good doesn't Face it and conquer it.
We fall to it.
And it will get more insane, it will get more crazy, it will get more obvious.
And we will see those that serve it actually imploding and falling apart right in front of us.
But still they will tell us that we must partake of this great evil and that it will fulfill us.
Next segment, I'll get into it.
I really haven't been covering these Democrat debates much.
We've had some live coverage of it, and I've played a few clips, but I didn't watch it last night.
But then I watched a bunch of the clips this morning, and it's been a train wreck.
It's been a clown show.
It's been a circus.
This was really just frightening.
They were having mental breakdowns.
People were shaking like they were having seizures.
Biden's teeth were falling out.
they were fighting with each other.
This is the best the enemy's got.
But see, the enemy's got a lot of these people.
They're called followers.
And they're scared and they wind themselves up to believe they're something they're not.
And they're empty!
That's why you look at them and you're like, they're paper thin!
They're mirages!
Why doesn't other people see this?
Because other people at a very young age are set in front of televisions.
And they're put into a trance state and the average person stays in a near sleep state, daydream state.
They're highly suggestible.
This is all scientific fact, by the way.
It's taught in mainline colleges, in PR and media.
And the average person is a highly suggestible state.
All the studies show, since the advent, if we call it that, of television, since the creation of this thing, the IQ is going down, the brainwaves are going down, and the language is being reduced.
And people are more suggestible.
And so they just have things pre-programmed floating around.
There's an intellect there.
But it's electronically and semantically induced form of basically autism.
Where the brain is shuttered and can only operate in narrow bands.
Then it learns how to be laser focused within those bands.
But it's very limited.
The perception, like this, blinders, looking down.
And you see it where programmed leftists and others are like someone you pull a string on and they repeat the same thing back at you.
And so you see all these impeachment hearings, the rest of it doesn't make sense.
It's garbage and hearsay and lies repeated over and over again and then debated over and over again, but
it's sucking all the air out of the room.
And so these are very, very corrupt technicians that are doing this.
I mean, you've seen the big ad that came out this week in South Dakota saying meth, we're on it.
And then shows individuals saying meth, I'm on it.
It's not a Monty Python joke.
It's not a pun.
They put that out to freak you out, for it not to make sense.
they want you on meth.
It's been declassified.
That the criminal network brings in the drugs, prepares it, teaches people how to do it, have TV shows promote it like Breaking Bad.
They humanize it and they make that your economy.
And then what do you do when you're on meth?
One of the favorite things that people like Ed Buck and reportedly Adam Schiff likes it.
US girl 10 was drug raped and dismembered But the suspect, who was admittedly there, is allowed to go free because he's an illegal alien.
Kinda like the guy that shot the young woman in the back in San Francisco, said, well, he's allowed to, he's Hispanic.
Let him go.
She killed her for fun, no big deal.
They would, uh, rape her.
And it's come out in the police reports they saw it as a ritual.
Of course, it's... And then, finally, she fought back at age 10, they've been doing it a while, so... They, uh, tortured her to death and chopped her head off.
Well, maybe I'll tell you her name coming up, stories on Infowars.com, but I've played clips of reported victims of Satanism and things, and people are like, oh, that's too extreme, that'll never be true.
That's just the stories that haven't been a thousand percent confirmed.
And so those are the ones that go big, because the ones that are all confirmed, people just go, oh, let's not read that.
You think I want to read how dozens of men a day Tortured this little girl and her mother enjoyed torturing her and reportedly felt power of the essence of the child.
A mother torturing her little girl.
And then finally as she begged for help, mommy helped chop her head off.
And then they had sex with her dead body.
That's what satanists do.
And you see, you don't even need to go to a satanic coven to get recruited into it.
Oh, I'm a wicked and white witch.
Ha ha ha.
And then, you know, it's all just inducting you into the You don't have to be part of all that stuff.
It's just a spirit everywhere now.
Let's hurt children.
Let's torture them for a long time.
Until they give up or until they fight back.
Because, hey, this little girl's hitting and she's fighting.
She's trying to get out.
She's calling on Jesus.
They say, kill her now.
You know, the people that let the reported people involved go in Albuquerque, the meth
(upbeat music)
Breaking Bad's so cool.
They're not the bad guys, it's Stephen Miller.
He's a Jewish Nazi.
Did you hear the New York Times said so?
Because he believes in America.
He's the Batman.
And so's Alex Jones.
And so's Infowars.com.
Yeah, right.
Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior.
Jesus saves.
How did you kill Jeffrey Epstein?
How did you kill Jeffrey Epstein?
He was a victim of an Arkansasian, Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.
He was a victim of an Arkansasian, Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.
He was buddies with Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew too.
He had a stable of girls for you to peruse.
But now we'll never know who, 'cause he didn't kill himself.
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.
And I don't care what Bill Barr says.
Cause Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.
He had a big ol' plane.
The Lolita Express.
Padded floors.
And no secret service.
But the fence know who flew, and that's why he didn't kill himself.
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself!
Well Bob Mueller got a sweetheart too, and Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself!
Christmas lights and drywall, these things don't hang themselves.
Christmas lights and drywall, these things don't hang themselves.
And I know someone else who didn't hang himself!
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself!
But that was quite shy!
And Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself!
He had a master plan.
For a master race.
Eugenics and Gisley.
At his New Mexico place.
But we'll never know who.
Cause he didn't kill himself.
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself!
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself!
He was a victim of the Yankers, sir!
Stop doing magic, then kill him! Die!
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
This is a great song right here.
Iron Maiden's a lot of cheesy songs, but they also have some great poetry.
Crank this up for a minute.
This is a trooper.
You'll take my life, but I'll take yours too!
You're fire musket, but I'll run you through!
So when you're waiting for the next attack, you better stand, there's no turning back.
The fuel cells, the challenge begins.
But on this battlefield, no one wins.
The smell of hungry, smoking horses and breath.
And the virginity to certain death.
Yes, humanity's gotten soft, but the veneer of civilization is beginning to peel away.
Let me mention some of the headlines we've got here, then I do want to start getting into the ridiculous debate last night on the surface, but just the collapsing, choking, poisoned nature of these ringwraiths, of these Nazgul, of these living dead zombies.
Shuddering, and shaking, and coughing, and hacking, and hating, and spitting, and sputtering, and saying verboten words that the left's not supposed to say.
You know, just a train wreck.
The wages of sin or death.
And it wasn't just Biden.
It was the younger women.
It was all of them, like some poison gas was in the auditorium.
Because evil's really trying to push the envelope and manifest itself to make everybody give up and to try to drive their slaves into resistance against us and really it's just going to start making their slaves malfunction and that's a nice little side effect about these type of conflicts is that we're going to get stronger, we're going to get more focused, we're going to get more powerful.
Not because we seek power, but because that's what God is.
And the enemy is going to be laid waste to.
The artificiality of the satanic technocracy is going to force this thing.
But the forcing of it is its destruction.
The New World Order is going to give birth to world government and the Antichrist.
And it's going to reign for a very short time.
And it is going to be spectacularly bloody.
Like a big giant thunderstorm that rolls through and all of a sudden it's blue sky and you see it fading off and you're just like, what is the most beautiful day I've ever seen?
That's already coming.
And you can see it, you can feel it.
Those of us that are already awake and really engaged, we're already in that beautiful sunny meadow with the trees and the birds and the sky and God's spirit there.
And we stared down into those caught in the eddy pools and struggling and we hope, we hope they can reach us.
we hope they can join us.
But alas, we can't look at them too long.
Can't look back at Sodom and Gomorrah.
You can't look back into the abyss unless you become the abyss.
You can even marvel at them and say, look at how enslaved you are.
Look at how the Democrats I saw yesterday when I went out and bullhorned Apple and Tim Cook and hopefully getting Trump to do something about censorship, which he's promised to do.
I was there to deliver a message as well to Trump.
I guess I was protesting his inaction.
And I went over and looked at that crowd.
And they all look like the Devil's rejects.
They all look like they were from a science fiction movie like The Dark Crystal and they were little gelflings that had their souls sucked out.
And replaced was the dark light of Lucifer.
Just like a siren going, I'm going to kill you.
I hate you.
Yes, I want to hurt babies.
Yeah, it's like gremlins or something.
And you're like, wow.
And then you see the whole hierarchy of the energy these people have.
Like there's zombie gremlins, and then there's kind of like the little pedo wannabes, little pedo supporters.
And then it just kind of goes up like the corporate media that's kind of lost and wanting to be famous, but not really knowing what's going on.
And, you know, enamored by real media, but also scared of it.
The police, on average, kind of aware of what's going on and seeing the glistening, happy, vibrant crowds of waving American flags, black, white, old, young, but light in their eyes and then looking across the street and seeing just this gray haze of demons just literally misting around and you're just like, it's biblical!
And they would chant at me, we're going to get your children.
It's on video.
People have seen the other, they go, ah, we'll get your children.
And then they go, we've got Alex Jones' children!
We've got hours of this.
I've told the crew to isolate some of that out.
We've got children and we've got his, which is not true.
I didn't lose my children three years ago, as the media told you.
I have full custody of my children.
It doesn't matter.
They're like, we've got him!
We've got his children!
You don't have your children!
And you're literally seeing the manifestation of a group that would try to rig stuff and have 50-something media, sometimes at one time, trying to manipulate a jury.
And you see the full corruption in the span of these people, in what they're saying to you.
And we're not over demonizing them.
You have to understand that the radicalization of these people has gotten more intense because once they sign on to hate of Trump and America... Well, Trump's a good guy or a bad guy.
Once that figurehead's up there and they're told, act out, go crazy, be nuts, then it just becomes anything attached to Trump.
And if Trump is some satanic weapons system, which I don't think he is.
I think he's more like the Joker card.
It could go both ways.
Like, I don't think I know.
Trump's more like a crossroads.
Trump's like a manifestation of the group collective consciousness.
And you can see that.
The guy's like streaming it.
Like oracles do.
But if we don't rise to the challenge and defeat the globalists in this round, Trump is actually just manifesting and energizing the globalists and their minions to absolutely build themselves into a completely spiritually mutated horde that if not discredited and defeated, even though it's pathetic on the surface, will start
Taking over the system and we'll start enslaving people that do not come from the same cauldron as the as the little ring race and minions.
And that's when they kick off these wars and then it makes people choose a side and the globals can manipulate that within that paradigm and get good men working on the side of evil and then you got to really watch out.
And so that's what this complex Enemy subduction is.
And if Trump doesn't act against the censorship and doesn't act against the tyranny, then all he's done is rise up this giant army and then Trump leaves office, however, and they're there.
And then we've got this discredited figurehead who didn't do anything wrong, really, but didn't fulfill his destiny.
And now we've got a big problem on our hands.
So that's what I really wanted to get out there.
Now, I am procrastinating here, and I have a bunch of big guests and a huge 5G special coming up, and so much to cover.
We got a bunch of special guests.
But I read this yesterday, then I went and researched it, and I... We owe it to her.
We owe it to her.
Carry what they did to her.
And I got three daughters, and I'm going to read this on air, and I'm gonna have full feeling.
I'm gonna take it all on, and I'm gonna imagine what happened to her, And then I'm gonna think about Jesus who took on all the
sins before and that were and that would be And think about being Christlike and taking on the pain of
this little girl Hillary Clinton is a monster
Hillary Clinton is a truly evil, satanic individual.
She has been groomed and put in power by very, very dark, wicked forces since she was in high school and her father was the deputy Chicago mob boss.
Her first legal job was protecting pedophile rings in Arkansas.
That's where the Chicago Mafia had its vacation headquarters.
And then she was on the Watergate committee and got kicked off of it for getting caught producing fraud
against Richard Nixon.
And then she went on from there to be in British intelligence and work with
Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton in child sex rings where they would
compromise business and government leaders with underage girls
and then even younger and even a satanic component that's involved as well.
And I'm not happy that my prediction's coming true that she's going to run for
office in 2020.
I've got sources very close to her that have talked about the fact that behind the scenes she still runs the Democratic Party and always intended to run again.
She just had so much corruption coming out when she lost the election that she had to hide for a while so that she wouldn't be under the hot lights of ...publicity and scrutiny before the election period started up in 2020, which we're now just 300-something days out from the election.
So Hillary is intending to run.
She is running.
And she always intended to win in 2016 and get rid of free speech and start all these wars and open up our borders and come for the guns.
And make no mistake, she intends to do all of that.
So Donald Trump's not perfect, but let me tell you, he is an angel compared to Hillary Clinton.
And it is so essential that we defeat her and all of her minions, and the other Democrat candidates, because they are going for America's jugular.
The fact that we sucker-punched them with Trump has enraged them, and now they're throwing everything they've got at us.
She wanted us off air before we got into 2020.
And so far, she's failed.
But that is only because of you, by the grace of God.
Literally, folks, I want to stay in this fight so bad.
And one of my trademarks is getting angry.
And people see that as authentic.
They see that as bona fide.
And when I get angry, I really am angry.
But I try to not do that because then I get exhausted and can't work hard after the show's over.
But believe me, I'm angry inside.
And I'm more angry than I've ever been.
But you know what?
I'm taking that anger and I'm putting it into focused application to spread the word.
And people say, well, what can you do?
One of the simplest things you can do is simply spread the word about Band.Video and InfoWars.com forward slash show.
By word of mouth, by text message, by Twitter, by Facebook, Band.Video is not censored yet like InfoWars.
That URL, Band.Video, can get out there and the power of you spreading that is unstoppable, it's exponential, it's king!
So I'm telling you, understand that if Hillary gets in, it is going to mean civil war in this country and we don't want that.
We better work It's hard now to stop it, and I'm telling you, that witch demon is coming for America's neck, and we have got to absolutely rally everyone to realize how serious things are and how we are barely defeating them right now.
And if we don't have a full resistance and just a full afterburner to propel us into 2020, the globalists have a shot at removing Trump and then Katie Barthedore.
We're fighting hard for America.
We're fighting hard for humanity.
We're fighting hard for you.
And I want you to know, your support is the engine of this whole operation, and your intel you give us is the eyes and ears.
So thank you all, and just keep me in the fight, because that is my one total desire, is to not let them shut us down, because Impul Wars has been so critical, and will continue to be critical in this fight.
So thank you for keeping me in the game.
Thank you for keeping me in the ring.
I salute you and I thank you.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
The chief manifestation of the death-charged broadcast at the wavelength received by our electrochemical DNA is a kill transmission to program our instincts against ourselves to destroy civilization and our longevity and kill our future potential.
Kill, steal and destroy.
Now, when they have movies on television, on Netflix about Breaking Bad, that's promoting methamphetamine.
That's been declassified that they put drugs in the movies and put out how to make it and popularize it.
That's shadow government criminal groups.
The major drug cartels are controlled by the globalists as well, and now they're moving into meth.
So that's why you see meth warranted ads, which are hidden in plain view to openly program everyone.
It's basically tagging your slave.
And South Dakota wants to compete with New Mexico as the meth capital.
That's like Joe Biden saying, violence against women, we have to keep punching at it and punching at it and punching at it.
You go, Why would he say something obviously that's a sick pun?
That's the whole point of these people.
They're all coming out in the open.
You think these demons can't help but just say insulting, mean, horrible, insensitive things?
That's what they do.
And then they know that you're sensitive so they tell you what you can say and what you can think all day and then they say that they're the arbiters of what you can say.
It's all inversion of reality.
So let's read this story.
It's up on InfoWars.com.
In the local Albuquerque newspaper, Sputnik, the evil Russians picked it up.
girl, Ken, was drugged, raped, and dismembered, but now suspect allowed to go free.
Mother of girl who used dating website to find men willing to sexually abuse daughter.
While she watched, in August of 2016, Victoria Martins was drugged with methamphetamine, raped, murdered, and then dismembered by a group of drug addicts, including her mother.
The shocking case is slowly proceeding through the U.S.
courts, but a judge has released a key suspect.
Legal analysts and law enforcement experts react with shock on social media when the judge allowed Fabian Gonzalez, 34, to walk free.
On Wednesday, 20th of November, Gonzalez was one of the drug addicts who was there the night of the 23rd of August, when Victoria Martins, who had turned 10 the day before, was injected with meth, raped, strangled, and then dismembered in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
And they went on to say, well, we're a sanctuary city, so we let him go.
Just like... Remember, there's a lot of these cases, but the poor woman, I forget her name.
What was her name out in San Francisco?
The illegal alien shot her in the back.
And then they said, they just let him go.
They just said, well, he's an illegal alien and we got a virtue signal.
And then we're, we're a, uh, and you forget these poor humans' names.
But there's so many of these cases, and it's not even about the illegal alien.
It's about criminals all over the world that are allowed to come here, have fake names, do whatever they want, then jump back and forth across the border.
You know, and criminals used to run from the U.S.
down to Mexico.
Mexico had a right to arrest them and ship them back, right?
And they did.
But see now, oh no.
Yeah, that was Kate Stinell, is that how you pronounce it?
The tragic accident.
That's right, I guess it was an accident too.
Justice for Victoria.
And it goes on to the stuff they did to her for years.
The case that shocked residents of Albuquerque, a city which became synonymous with methamphetamine after it was used as a location for a TV show.
Breaking bad, Gonzalo's girlfriend was Victoria's mother.
Michelle Martins, who had blood guilty to child abuse resulting in the death of her daughter, but told police her boyfriend's cousin, Jessica Kelly, had killed the girl.
Police say Martins liked watching Victoria being raped by Gonzales, and Kelly did nothing to stop the attack, even thought that her daughter begged.
And then it just goes into, you read the whole stories on it and the rest of it, we got the DNA samples, they proved it all, but you know, you get to go free.
You get to go free.
You get to go free.
Because you're a fellow traveler.
You're in the club.
You know, we've got the lawyer for the fake whistleblower, Eric Saramella, the mole, just everywhere saying, I like to represent pedophiles and get them national security clearances.
And I like to go to theme parks alone and take photos of myself with small children.
And I like Jeffrey Epstein.
And I like little girls.
There's not a damn thing you're going to do about it.
He's rubbing our noses in it, isn't he?
Well, I better not say something to him.
He's powerful.
Ooh, these are scary people.
We don't do anything there.
And notice they've taken over the Catholic Church, and it's just unified.
No one can be stopped now.
They've taken over the Boy Scouts.
It's done.
They've taken over major states, governments, militaries, everything.
Because when you first learn the pedophile devil worshippers are in your midst, well, no one's gonna believe it.
Well, now they're threatening me.
If I just stay quiet, they'll leave me alone.
And then they want more, more, more, more, and then they gotcha.
And then you don't have God's protection anymore because you signed on with them.
The truth is, you always have the power to turn against Satan, unless you've hardened your heart.
To the Holy Spirit, so if you feel you're an evil person that's done bad, we're all evil to some extent, and you feel bad about it, you feel the Holy Spirit convicting you, have that come into you and cleanse you of that.
I mean, people say, why do you tell the stories about how when you were a teenager, you were promiscuous and you paid for abortions?
When I'd know about them, a few times I paid, got convicted by the Holy Spirit, and did never do it again.
And I, I'm not proud of it, I feel terrible about it, and I feel like I have a sense of Payment I need to put forward for killing my own children, having a hand in the murder.
I mean, I would walk up Mount Everest.
I would jump into a fiery cauldron to save my children now.
The most precious things in the universe.
My heart aches.
I love them so much.
And there I was, young and dumb, and the media telling me I wasn't a baby.
And the girl's parents are like, what, you want baby strollers?
You're 15.
She's 15.
You're going to have a baby?
First time my dad heard about it, he's like, yeah, let's have that baby.
We didn't have those babies, though.
We chopped them up.
We sucked them out with vacuum cleaners.
Yeah, I've killed children.
Not proud of it.
I feel really bad about it.
I'm not even proud of the ex-convict tried to kill me so I beat his brains out.
I'm proud of any of that death.
But I'm here to tell you, somebody that murdered his own children, not knowingly, but still, I'm a murderer of children.
I've killed children.
Ooh, big bad tough guy.
No, I'm a piece of crap.
But you know what?
I know what I did was wrong.
And I can work hard so that other people recognize the gifts of life and how precious it is and don't do that same thing.
And that's really why we're all here and why these experiences happen.
And those little souls of my children, I hope one day to meet.
See the Satanists, they revel in the destruction of innocence.
And then we cowardly sit here and won't even confront them, won't even get in their face, won't even speak against them.
Because we're scared.
Scared of what?
You better be scared of God.
And you better get close to God real fast.
Or for eternity you're gonna be cut off from God.
You really want to be with these people that willfully want to be cut off from God forever?
We're gonna go to the next hour.
We got guests.
I need to get to all of it.
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All right.
Hour number two.
Straight ahead.
Listen to the radio host, Alex Jones.
(upbeat music)
I'm an explorer!
I'm a human!
And I'm coming!
I'm animated!
I'm alive!
I'm big!
I'm an explorer.
I'm a human.
And I'm coming.
I'm animated. I'm alive.
My heart's big. It's got hot blood going through it.
I'm here.
I'm here.
This is a human. This is what we live for.
This is what we look like.
This is what we act like.
This is what I am.
This is what I am.
I'm setting fires everywhere.
And humans are turning on everywhere.
And we're gonna get our metaphysical hands around your stinking necks.
Make no mistake, parasites.
Dude, America first!
America first!
Get that through your head!
Dude, America first!
America first!
You heard that before?
America first!
America first!
What the hell, man?
Dude, America first!
America first!
To all of you, let me explain one damn thing.
America, America, America.
Dude, you understand?
America, America, America.
My point is, America's first.
America, America, America.
What the hell?
Bubbles, no!
Goblins, no!
This is it.
Everybody get ready!
America first!
America first!
Get that through your head, dude!
America first!
America first!
You heard that before?
You heard what?
America first!
America first!
Get that, get that through your head!
America first!
America First!
(Electronic Sounds)
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
All right, I'm gonna come back and get into the debate.
The more I talk about it, we're gonna do a big 5G special with some experts and
witnesses and engineers and technicians But first, let's go to some of what happened yesterday out at the Apple factory where I did protest Trump.
And I did protest, of course, Tim Cook.
Here it is.
Ladies and gentlemen, America is back!
America is back!
The Communist Chinese are censoring their people!
President Trump should confront him first!
And President Trump needs to tell Apple to stop censoring!
President Trump needs to pull Apple to stop censorship!
Infowars.com stands against leftist tyranny!
(upbeat music)
You know, it's Communist China suppressing their people, and the man stood in front of the tank to stop Communist China's censorship, and he paid with his life.
Now pro-Communist, pro-China individuals are blocking us, acting like they're the people standing in front of the tank.
America is back!
Apple is leading the censorship of America!
Apple needs to stop censoring America!
We love Trump!
We love free speech!
You all support the deep state!
America is back!
America is back!
Sorry dude, that was gonna happen so now we're ready to go.
with old trusty. I've got censorship. I don't see what's got you talking. It'll talk.
America is back!
Apple is censoring Americans.
Apple is censoring the American people.
This guy has a great vocabulary.
He says F you over and over and over again because he doesn't support free speech.
Our basic freedoms are being erased.
And President Trump must stand up for the First Amendment!
Apple is evil!
Censorship is evil!
Apple is evil!
Censorship is evil!
Now, this was in hundreds of big newspapers.
Oh, Alex Jones was out bullhorning Trump and Tim Cook, but no one knew what he was saying or what America is back means.
Different articles, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle, Washington Post, just everywhere.
I mean, I probably read, scanned over 30 or so of them last night, just real quick.
Spent about probably 40 minutes looking at them.
And it was all written exactly the same.
So the talking point goes out.
But really what I was saying is, is the really heavy stuff.
Communist China is suppressing its dissidents and then working with Apple to do it, and Google, and there's Chinese espionage going on here.
A lot of these big tech companies are actually run by Chi-Com intelligence.
That's even mainstream news.
The government's come out and warned that today.
And we really need President Trump to come out and stand up for free speech in this country and stop election meddling by big tech and the Chi-Coms.
And that's what we laid out there and were attacked and spit on and everything else.
There are a lot of patriots there, more than there were anti-Trumpers, but we wanted to go over and show them.
But they also would come over to us and get all around us and I haven't gotten to this yet, because they need to go find the footage.
I didn't tell them what to do yesterday.
There's so much footage.
But we've got the footage of a guy coming over with a police dog and menacing us with it.
And then getting in our security guy's faces.
And one guy got arrested.
So it's just crazy.
The left are a bunch of bullies.
And I know I'm not telling you something you don't know, but they're getting worse.
And it's just exponential.
So what's coming next?
Taking advantage of one of nature's most nutrient-dense ingredients, VasoBeat will be your new favorite InfoWars Life Formula.
Using only water and beetroot, VasoBeat is the most concentrated liquid extract of beet on the market.
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with one of nature's greatest treasures in Vaso Beach from InfoWars Life today.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
You know, I talked about this some yesterday, but it's really a big story.
Prager University just put out a clip from Tucker Carlson.
Playing clips of Obama, Hillary and others saying we need a wall, we need to arrest criminals that come over here illegally, we need to arrest felons that are committing crimes and deport them.
We need to arrest American citizens that are criminals doing bad stuff, I mean, and prosecute them.
And then Facebook came out and said that was fake news and put a strike on PragerU.
And said that they'd fact-checked it and it was false, but even the fake PolitiFact said it was true.
It's what they linked to said it was true.
Again, it's not just Alex Jones' name being banned now.
It's Trump on Facebook trying to put an ad that said, we're looking for strong women to join the Republican Party team.
We're looking for women to join our leadership council.
We want women in leadership roles.
Well, they don't want Women being recruited by Trump, who are abled and well-spoken and powerful.
Because the globalists own women!
And they own your children, too, they think.
And they own the language.
The ADL, fresh off telling you that they'll call you a white supremacist if you use the international symbol of OK, said it in the bro-fist.
It's all about the fact that it's not true.
a bro bumps fist, hey fist bump. A lot of folks fist bump instead of shake hands, fist
bump. I fist bump a lot. Well the ADL's so powerful, they just say, we say that's a white
supremacist. And it's all about the fact that it's not true.
It's all about the fact that hey, we will tell you that up is down and down is up and
left is right and hot is cold.
And we'll tell you that Stephen Miller, who's Jewish, isn't white supremacist. That's the
New York Times headline because they got his emails.
Thousands of them where he plugs Infowars as the main site and says they've got it. They know what's
going on to Breitbart when they rebranded Breitbart and got it.
Trump elected.
And, I mean, you gotta go read it for yourself.
I mean, if you know what's going on, it's like comedy until you realize how dangerous this is.
And he said, focus on how illegal aliens are committing a disproportionate amount of crime and being let go by sanctuary cities.
What's wrong with illegal aliens are above the law?
I mean, I just read where they can chop little girls' heads off, reportedly, and then not get in trouble or take part in murder.
Because Albuquerque in the courts, they go, well, you know, you're Hispanic, so it's alright.
It's a white girl, so, you know, she deserved it.
Read that last hour.
girl, 10, was drugged, raped, and dismembered, but now suspect allowed to go free.
Do the witnesses say it was there and it was part of it?
Okay, alright.
But listen, again, Stephen Miller, ladies and gentlemen, Promoted a site that promoted Western civilization and said the Pilgrims were good.
Oh my gosh!
The Pilgrims were good?
The Pilgrims were good?
Some of the most important, hardest-working, smartest families in England Left because they wanted to practice real Christianity and gave up everything they had.
A lot of them had been deposed dynasties before the Normans and the sycophantic Transylvanians took over.
And had come over here to build a new world.
The New Atlantis is what they called it.
And, uh, you know, Stephen Miller thinks that's pretty cool.
I mean it is pretty cool isn't it?
Let's see, they're a lot of like America.
[ Silence ]
You're not allowed to say we ever did anything good.
That's... Like when Trump said, we're a nation, we're nationalists.
He'd say, it's good to love America, remember?
He said that at rallies and the media.
He's like, that's white supremacy to say America should exist.
And you're like, that doesn't make any sense.
It's not meant to make sense.
I had a leftist toddle up to me at the Trump event at Appalachia State.
They'd go, There's been like white, kinda UT type, wannabe elitist frat boys, they're like, they go, K-Frogs!
And I'd be sittin' there bullhornin', they'd go, uh, uh, uh, you're white supremacist!
and then it's like magic hocus pocus abracadabra but for a lot of people i think that is power
So, Stephen Miller is a white nationalist, does it matter?
What they're saying is, white people are evil, and that a nation existing is white people.
So you can't have the Bill of Rights or Constitution or property or success if you're not white, because that's evil.
You need to be losers and hate white people, and hate yourselves, and hate America.
Say a bunch of ruthless global banks.
That literally put the Chai Koms in power that have killed 115 million people and again, that makes Hitler blush.
But that's okay, because at least they're not white.
The Chai Koms feeding off the poor Chinese people.
Well, they're Asian, so they're, I mean, you didn't hear they're good?
They're not evil over there.
That's not even a concept in China, good and evil, according to the left.
It's just a very good system they have.
The state can do anything it wants, and human life has no value.
For people to go over there and experience it, say it's a living nightmare for almost everybody.
But hey!
I'm not supposed to get in the way of all everybody's happiness here in the New World Order.
Okay, I promise I'll play the clips.
Cal, let's just start going to them right now.
Let's go to some of these debate clips last night.
Because this really was the wheels exploding, not just coming off, and just a manifestation of bizarreness.
But there was a little ray of sunshine there.
Tulsi Gabbard talks about Hillary Clinton, so let's go to that clip.
Our Democratic Party, unfortunately, is not the party that is of, by, and for the people.
It is a party that has been and continues to be influenced by the foreign policy establishment in Washington, represented by Hillary Clinton and others' foreign policy, by the military-industrial complex, and other greedy corporate interests.
Now let's go ahead and go to Kamala Harris and Tulsi trade barbs over foreign policy.
And then I'm going to give the really good stuff.
The shaking, the collapsing, the dentures falling out.
I'm not against old people and dentures.
I'm saying it's emblematic that Biden literally, he looked like the Crypt Keeper a few months ago.
He looks like the Crypt Keeper has more meat on his bones.
And it's emblematic of the system and just how disconnected they are.
And they're like, here, try this.
He's obviously had more strokes.
He's got marbles in his mouth.
And I told you all this a year ago, six months ago.
I was extra banned on Facebook for it.
Remember that?
Oh my God, he made up that Biden is slurring his words.
Any idiot could listen to any of it and see that.
Let's just go to break and come back with those clips.
I don't have time to get to them now.
And then we've got a big 5G special.
Different folks that are exposing it.
One gentleman that found the secret transmitters.
Which they admit are there, but the news still says he's bad.
Oh, okay, the secret 5G in the lamppost.
Spying on you and frying you.
Admittedly gives you cancer, but hey, you know what?
The other stuff gave you cancer, too.
This just gives it to you quicker, so we're taking you out a little bit faster.
Isn't that more humane?
See, half full, not half empty.
You didn't think about it that way, did you?
We're doing you a favor.
Kind of like the CDC took down off its website where they used to admit that over 100 million people were given cancer by the polio vaccine that's estimated with SV40 cancer virus.
And then now Google's taking it off the way back machine.
Because you're not even supposed to know that most of your grandmas and grandpas that died of cancer got it from the polio vaccine.
Because they're doing it even better now.
So listen, let me teach you how to do it.
It's the new American flag.
You put your head between your legs and you kiss your ass goodbye.
Or maybe you say, hey, I'm not going to go along with this.
I'm going to take action.
They're not going to kill me slowly.
There are different establishments around the world.
And the globalist system is an attempt to get those different factions together at corporate boardroom tables and to make agreements with each other about establishing a planetary government so that those establishments can maintain stability, supposedly.
But the truth is, they've just used those roundtable groups, as British intelligence calls them, to establish a corporate hegemonic system where they're all tax-exempt, make trillions of dollars, And use bread and circuses to dumb down and control the population.
And now the world and the establishment is between a rock and a hard place.
The corruption of the system that they've put in is out of control and threatening to bring down the entire global structure.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, they don't want to have that happen.
But at the same time, they know that the answer of rooting out the corruption will bring down their own system.
So do they bring down the entire planet into a nightmare new dark age?
Or do they root out the worst factions of corruption in the planetary regime and cause a civil war within the corporate governing structure?
And that really is the divide.
That's why Barr keeps holding off with the IG report.
That's why nobody can be punished in the corrupt system.
Because if one group gets punished, they'll blow the whistle on all the other corruption.
And then again, that will bring down the system.
But if you let the corruption keep growing like a cancer, it will bring down not just their corporate system, but the entire planet.
That's why this surgery has to happen.
The globalists started war with reality.
They started war with the natural order of the human system.
They wanted to domesticate humanity so that no one could ever rebel against their monopoly of power and control.
And in the process destroyed the checks and balances that when really corrupt people got in power, they would end up
being removed.
So the balance is completely out of whack.
Even if you use their own Illuminati system of, "Oh, they're evil and they're good, and they're the left hand and the
right hand, and they are the great masters that organize it all and understand as humans go through cycles."
But they're bringing in a final revolution.
They're bringing in a final cycle that they believe will allow them to merge with Silicon Gods and have this whole
post-human world.
This is satanic megalomania.
And it's fundamentally dead on arrival.
And Infowars and everything we stand for is against that and a pro-human future instead of a post-human future.
We keep hearing that we're going to see this Inspector General report come out and it's going to go after all the bad guys and everything's going to be wonderful.
The truth is, the bad guys are holding the whole system hostage with the dirt they have.
So again, I'm talking in circles because it is circular logic.
It's too corrupt to expose, but it's so corrupt it's bringing everything down.
And the system tries to breed into people's stupidity so they never correct the corruption.
It's called entropy.
It's called a swamp.
It's called collapse.
And we have to go ahead and do the emergency surgery or there's no future for anybody.
We have to stop rewarding corruption and get back to the American system of rewarding rugged individualism.
InfoWars stands for that American future.
We call it 1776 Worldwide.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Waging war on corruption, it's Alex Jones.
Coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Now there are too many of these to get to all of them, but they're all one train wreck after the next.
And the media just praises all of it, like it's so wonderful, but then Tulsi Gabbard says something eloquent and true, and they just hiss about it and freak out.
So again, it's an inversion of reality.
But here's Harris and Booker fact-check Biden's claim of only one black woman elected to Congress.
I mean, he's stuck like in 1961.
Here it is.
I have more people supporting me in the black community than have announced for me because they know me.
They know who I am.
Three former chairs of the Black Caucus.
The only black African-American woman that's ever been elected to the United States Senate.
A whole range of people.
My point is... No, that's not true.
The other one is here.
I said the first African-American woman.
The first African-American.
So my point is...
And so they can, again, laugh at the zombie that's been put up there.
The zombie that's part of their party.
Let's ask this question, because MSNBC is asking it now, so I guess it's okay to ask it.
Not back when we said it a year ago, not back when we said it six months ago.
That was a big national scandal.
Oh, this is for fake news.
He says he's swearing his words.
Jones, what will he do next?
I mean, I had all these leftists walk up to me yesterday, and they'd say, when I was out there at the Trump-slash-Apple event, and they'd walk over, the few that didn't go, F you, I'm gonna kill you.
Ah, we took your kids away, all this made-up stuff.
They'd go, do you really believe it?
Are you making it up?
Are you an actor?
Because you do a show.
I'd say something like that.
I go, yeah, they call things shows, but I mean, I'm covering real things here.
But they, they like want to shake up your confidence.
Like, they're not believing in you.
Like, do you really exist?
You know, did that really ever happen?
It'd be, here's an analogy, it'd be like if you caught somebody cheating with your wife
and then they go, "Oh no, he couldn't cheat with your wife, he's gay."
And the gay guy's been married twice and has four children.
That's her story.
Somebody I know.
Oh, oh, no, no, no, no one's, no one's cheating with your wife, he's gay!
Yeah, the gay guys I know back in college and high school got more poontang than a toilet seat.
It's a load of crap in almost all cases.
Anyways, continuing, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the netherworld of their BS.
And nothing is what it seems.
So let's go back to more of these ridiculous clips, as I mentioned.
Is Joe Biden senile?
Well, do bears live in the woods?
Well look, the next President of the United States is going to have to do two things.
Defeat Donald Trump, that's number one.
And number two, he's going to have to be able to go into states like Georgia and North Carolina and other places and get a Senate majority.
That's what I'll do.
You have to ask yourself up here, who is most likely to be able to win the nomination in the first place, to win the presidency in the first place?
And secondly, who is most likely to increase the number of people who are Democrats in the House and in the Senate?
And by the way, I learned something about these impeachment trials.
I learned, number one, that Donald Trump doesn't want me to be the nominee.
That's pretty clear.
He held up aid to make sure that while at the same time First, innocent people in the Donbass are being killed by Russian soldiers.
Secondly, I found out that Vladimir Putin doesn't want me to be president.
So I learned a lot about these things early on from these hearings that are being held.
But the bottom line is, I think we have to ask ourselves the honest question.
Who is most likely to do what needs to be done?
Produce a Democratic majority in the United States Senate, maintain the House, and beat Trump?
Senator Harris, your thoughts about that?
Well, first of all, we have a... Are the Clintons corrupt, ladies and gentlemen, is the question.
Your bears go to the bathroom in the woods.
You know, what's funny about this is, that gas company, the Sun, got millions of dollars for doing nothing, and then other show corporations got billions for doing nothing.
It was a bunch of indictments yesterday.
Against the people connected to the Bidens directly that worked with them.
And so their ship is going down very, very quickly.
The Democrats don't care.
They just think they'll just ignore all that and make it all about Trump.
Did you hear what the President did?
He talked about corruption when somebody brought it up to him and said it was terrible.
Oh my gosh!
Think about how they're trying to paralyze the President.
Now let's go to this other clip here because we've got so many of these.
We've got the one where Senator Warren says abortion rights are human rights.
That's an oxymoron.
Why is Klobuchar, however the hell you say her name, violently shaking?
Let's play clip 16 right now.
is to look at each count and make a decision.
But let me make very clear that what this impeachment proceeding about is really our
democracy at stake.
This is a president who not only with regard to his conduct with Ukraine, but every step
of the way puts his own private interests, his own partisan interests, his own political
interests in front of our country's interests.
And this is wrong.
This is a pattern with this man, and it goes to everything from how... I forget all the technical names, but my uncle was in a motorcycle accident, so he has them.
What is it?
Petty mall?
Grand malls?
There's a bunch of them, but that's a petty seizure.
That's what they're called.
It's the little...
The little bumps in the road, little storms in the brain.
And a lot of people have those problems.
Nothing against that woman for that.
She has terrible policies.
But if you say Hillary was having seizures, when she had them even clearer than that, I didn't do those ones particularly.
Oh my gosh, and a guy with an EpiPen walking beside her and her falling down having seizures.
That's a full-on seizure right there.
You know, get the wooden spoon, put it in the mouth, don't let her bite her tongue off.
That's what they got to do.
And then the Secret Service says, yeah, she had a full-on... Oh!
Oh, it's a conspiracy theory!
No, no, you may have video of it, but it's white supremacist!
Don't, don't show that!
Don't, don't, don't look there!
No, Joe Biden's fine.
They're all fine.
We're fine here.
Everything's fine here.
Fine, we're sending up a squad.
No, no, no, no, major reactor leak, very dangerous.
I've got to slip a cheesy Star Wars analogy in, because I don't like Star Wars.
I like to make fun of Star Wars, but I do like the Emperor.
He's very funny.
Ian McDermott's a good actor, and some of the Darth Vader stuff's good, but most of it's super cheesy back then and even more cheesy now.
I'm not against every movie being nothing but women in charge and women badass.
It just gets a little old, because I don't want to see men acting badass and running around in shows like The Fast and Furious, because it's not real.
But what is real is a movie like Ford vs. Ferrari.
I've actually read up on that before I saw the film.
I already knew about it before the film even came out.
And boy, that's a really accurate movie.
And it's much more horrifying and much more real when you realize that that's the modern Gladiators and, you know, what really went on.
And just how you had to be perfect in those older cars to get up to those speeds and do what they did.
It was all about human mind with these machines.
Now the things are incredible.
Oh my God.
My lord, they have got sports cars now where the computer does it all.
You can be going 250 miles an hour.
Just, it's amazing.
I don't think we've ever done that or anything.
Black Friday begins...
Today at InfoWarscore.com How did you kill Jeffrey Epstein?
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How did you kill Jeffrey Epstein?
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I am now completely banned.
Now, InfoWars, of course, is that web show and website led by rageaholic Alex Jones.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
These people aren't terrifying or anything.
There's also guys on CNN that spend their whole day calling Facebook and saying, can you ban this person?
These are very extreme individuals and no matter what anyone tells you, they are extremists and that's why Facebook decided to get rid of them.
Basically, they've deemed these individuals to be dangerous, is what Facebook is saying.
Those individuals include people like right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
Organizations like Media Matters have pointed out consistently how Alex Jones and other
Infowars pages had just simply circumvented any ban by starting a different account or
going on Instagram.
If you don't like someone on Facebook, don't follow them.
It's not that hard to figure out.
Facebook, are you gonna do something about the liberals who call me the N-word?
Because big tech is only interested in going after conservatives.
You know, the really dangerous ones.
Dangerous as in saying things that Mark Zuckerberg doesn't like.
President Trump retweeted Paul Joseph Watson twice.
And a brief video by InfoWars' Millie Weaver.
Social media's hall monitor, Brian Stelter, was not very happy about it.
He is promoting the same alternative universe as InfoWars.
Back to your point, though, about the InfoWars presidency, I want to know, and I tweeted this the other day, what is the difference at this point between Trump's Twitter feed and InfoWars.com?
InfoWars content is useful to him.
InfoWars personalities align with him.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
I want them shut down!
I want them silenced!
I want them muted!
Don't worry.
These people aren't terrifying or anything.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
All right.
A lot of folks that would do a big 5G special, because the science is in, would start with an engineer or a scientist, and we have that coming up.
We have inventor and scientist Mark Steele coming on.
We have Mike Adams popping in.
I wanted to get Ian Ferguson on because he's who you really want to listen to.
And I personally, where they're now putting in 5G in Austin, I've already been down there.
A few weeks ago, it's still on my phone.
I need to give it to the crew.
I just remembered I had this.
Because I was told about it and saw it on Twitter and I went, bro, over there.
They got big signs with skulls on them.
In fact, I forgot that anybody could pull this up.
The stuff's already online.
And it says, don't go near this.
This is deadly.
Only technicians are allowed to be here.
You are picking up radiation that gives you cancer.
And you're 50 feet from just the towers that have the transmitters on.
And it says, you know, coming in this area, you agree to know that you can get cancer.
Just like when you sign up to work on a nuclear submarine or something.
So, I could sit here all day and show you a whole bunch of mainline studies and even the LA Times five years ago going, wow, study show 5G gives you cancer even worse than 4G and 3G.
Yeah, it's microwave radiation.
How does a microwave boil milk or coffee or heat up a hot dog in 30 seconds where it's popping and sizzling?
It rubs molecules together and water and liquids Rub very easily together because they're not locked in place and it creates friction.
It's like a Boy Scout.
You know, the dry piece of wood and putting it in there and the little bits of kindling and getting it going.
And they knew 40 years ago when they came out with the cell phones that it was giving people brain cancer.
Well now they're just upping the power.
And you know Trump, big problem with Trump.
Still love Trump, but you know, he said vaccines hurt Barron.
He said he wanted to look at it.
Now he doesn't do that.
Because Bill Gates said he told him there's never been a problem with a vaccine, Mr. President.
That's a hoax, even though the insert says it can kill you.
Now Trump says, during my visit yesterday to Austin, Texas, to the start-up of the new Mac Pro, and discussion of the new billion-dollar campus, also in Texas, I asked Tim Cook to see if he could get Apple involved in building 5G in the U.S.
They have it all, money, technology, vision, and Cook.
Cook, the guy that said, we're going to take all the conservatives off the air and curate them.
So again, yeah, glad it's not Hillary, but boy, Trump is becoming more and more like the establishment.
Now the left said he didn't actually build any That's not true.
They broke ground in 2013.
There's a whole bunch of buildings, and they're tripling the size of it under Trump pressure, and they're hiring 15,000 more people in the next two years, okay?
So Trump did get them to move from China with the suicide nets and 17-hour workdays and move it here, and the people are all driving in, you know, driving nice cars, getting paid well.
That's the American system.
Hell of a lot better, huh, than the communist Chinese slave grid.
So it is a major accomplishment of the president.
But then you put the little cherry on top, the little microwave radiation on top.
So our guest famously also was in a vape shop and got confronted and all his first moments stood up to him.
But then he's an engineer in cell towers, it's well known.
So now he's putting the 5G in, he's reading what they're telling him as one of the installers of this.
He'll tell you about that in a moment, but here's what our guest, he'll ride shotgun with us when the other guests join us, Ian Ferguson on Twitter, VapeshopPatriot.
Facebook.com, capitalism wins again.
And so, Ian, we'll go to him in a moment, but let's play him from, what, a year and a half ago or so.
Here it is.
Look, if you sell it to me, I won't call the police.
What you did was assaulted me.
What I need is that for my wife.
If you sell it to me, I won't call the f***ing cops and press charges on you for assault.
I won't call corporate and get you fired.
Just sell me the f***ing product so I can leave!
What do you want?
Naked, in a, the strawberry, in a f***ing six milligram.
Where do you see naked?
Right here, this shit.
Where is it?
Right there, here, right next to that.
In a 6 milligram, make sure it's a 6 milligram so I don't have to come back.
No, you're not f***ing coming back to my store, Roman.
I'm making sure of that.
Get the f*** out of here, dude. Oh my f*** off.
God bless America. Capitalism wins again.
F*** your capitalism, f*** your f***ing president.
He's a racist, stupid piece of s***.
You're a racist, stupid piece of s***.
Alright, let's stop there.
I don't know who bleeped this, but why would you bleep some of the S-words and stuff, but not all of them?
We get that all the time.
I don't think we're doing that.
Is this like a joke online where this happens?
It's happening all the time now.
I'm sure that's the new way things are.
I'll just leave it at that.
But Ian Ferguson made his first appearance on InfoWars.
The video went viral.
Ian is an unapologetic Trump supporter.
And he's worked on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, C-Spire, U.S.
Cellular, and Microwave Systems.
And he's here with us to give us his take on 5G and the QI-COM rollout of the 6G.
Ian, good to have you back with us.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for having me.
You bet.
So let's get it.
I mean, let's plunge right into 5G.
All right.
All right.
So 5G, the fifth generation of wireless technology.
It's a new way of emitting radio frequency.
All right.
Non-ionizing radiation.
So it's not like uranium or plutonium.
The radiation emitted from cell sites is non-ionizing.
It's not strong enough to knock the electrons out of their path.
That doesn't mean that humans evolved a way to protect ourselves from man-made radiation, right?
Now, the difference between 2G, which just is point-and-shoot, you've got 4G, which emits itself in a bubble, 360-degree guy.
We actually broadcast more up and down at the sky and the ground than we do to our consumers.
5G uses polyphase arrays to focus the radio frequency into a beam, call it millimeter wave, using a technique called beamforming.
And this allows it to transmit data a lot faster, but it shortens the range because it's a higher frequency, the wave is more hyperactive, it expends its energy quicker.
So they're going to have to put in what they call small cells Like every 8 to 10 houses or so, they're talking about another million cell sites to make this happen.
Because it doesn't go very far, right?
The data transfers are unbelievable.
It's a jump up of, you know, 15 to 30 gigabytes per second.
And it's significant.
It's going to allow self-driving cars to talk to each other so that they can self-drive.
It's going to allow the AI globalists to take over the replacement of humans, and it's going to allow the spying on everything.
And, of course, they can turn the power up above specs and fry you with it.
We'll talk all about it with one of the engineers, one of the technicians that installs these systems.
Straight ahead, then we're going to bring on inventors, engineers, journalists that
are exposing secret 5G going in in a town near you.
In my hands, I've got more than 12 pages of documented, really interesting scientific
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A true 360 win.
You have my commitment that as long as we have the funding, we'll continue to fight as hard as we can to defeat the scourge of the New World Order.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, I tend to pontificate even though I'm bringing up good points.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
I tend to pontificate.
And then my knowledgeable guest kind of demure and let me run on.
So I'm going to really attempt now to have a gentleman, you know, right from The point-blank range of this who work with the 5G system.
He's worked with all the systems and he's laying it out.
He's known to us.
He's Ian Ferguson.
And then we have the engineer and inventor who exposed the hidden light poles in the UK.
We first exposed in 2011.
They're going in everywhere.
They already have 5G in them.
So there's a governmental and corporate and state-run system here.
It's already here.
Like the Chi-Coms are like, 6G is now coming out, so this is a very quick takeover.
I'm not against self-driving cars, I'm not against technology, except the way they're being designed and rolled out is to make a post-human world, a very monopolistic system, and that's why I don't want this post-human system.
The architecture of the technocracy is very anti-human.
So Ian, you've got the floor.
You know, as somebody that puts these in, I've seen some of your viral videos breaking it down.
Give us the DL.
Okay, so the download?
Originally created by Israel and the technology is banned by Israel.
Israel is 100% fiber optic.
Brussels, they just banned it.
There are multiple states and municipalities here in the US that are calling for a moratorium on it until Further testing can be done.
I watched the Senate hearing with Senator Blumenthal grilling the tech giants, wanting to know how much money they've got invested in the health and ecological effects of this brand new technology, and their answer was zip, zero, nada.
By the way, we just heard the record skip noise and the car crash noise.
Anybody can pull this up.
The inventors have banned it.
Brussels is banning it.
And of course, they have a much higher level of allowable microwave radiation, correct?
Yeah, they do.
Now, illegitimately, what we're told is a safe level of radio frequency.
The recent data you can find on PubMed is showing that it is much, much lower than what we're told is safety.
I mean, we've got to go through radio frequency awareness every couple years and re-up our certification.
And they tell us that, you know, you can stick your head in front of one of these antennas for up to 30 minutes and just pouring cold water on yourself will fix it.
You know, no problems.
It's not cumulative.
You know what?
I've put meat in a microwave and I'm guessing that pouring ice water on it is not going to bring it back to a raw state.
So that just throws red flags for me.
By the way, I meant to do this before the show, and I didn't do it.
I got busy.
Because you're the guy that goes for the specs and has the certifications, what should they type in to pull up the signs on the 5G that shows the skull and crossbones and explains it's dangerous and causes cancer?
Because there's a lot of those different ratings, and if you tell them what to type in, they can pull it up for TV viewers.
Radio frequency hazard ratings.
Radio frequency hazard signs.
5G hazard signs.
Yeah, that should do it.
You can very easily search for Radio Frequency Awareness.
The videos, industry standard videos, are available online for free.
Go find out what you're bathing in.
We are in a sandwiched effect of electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies.
Here's an example.
There's a patriot around here.
I'm just going to back you up.
A man named George.
He's been a friend of the show.
But he was, you know, in Vietnam and other wars.
But they were running a Microwave relay tower from North Africa into the Middle East and it was just a few man team up there and he would talk about how they would put their cans of beans in front of it and 30 minutes later it'd be boiling hot and he goes that's an example of the of the microwaves and how dangerous they are.
Yeah and that's microwave though the dishes transmit a much different signal than our antennas do and the FCC says they're safe to certain levels.
I just want to see additional research done by my government to tell me that it's safe.
Tony, why is Israel and Brussels banning it?
Well, I'm guessing because it's got its original origins in military application and that's what threw red flags for me.
As soon as I heard millimeter wave, The active denial system employed by the United States military uses millimeter wave radio frequency to raise the skin temperature of a crowd till they feel like they're boiling and they just disperse.
And I was, I was familiar with that system prior to 5G training.
And that just threw all sorts of red flags for me.
So essentially, I'm going to be installing military grade crowd control on every street corner that just It doesn't sound right, and I'd really like somebody to do additional research and let us know that, hey, here are the long-term health effects.
This stuff's getting steamrolled and pushed in because there's big money in it, because there's a scream for faster phones and self-driving cars and automation.
But they're not investing the time and money to find out what the long-term effects on us are.
Right now, you can go check out PubMed, and they're showing that the effects of millimeter-wave radiofrequency over the short-term exposure damages the cellular membranes.
And that sounds like a quick path to mutation to me.
If my cells are now no longer whole in and of themselves and can bleed together, then what happens there?
They say this is non-cumulative and it's just a heating and just a thermal issue.
I want to see my government... Well, let me tell you, because I've looked at this and I mean I've got a whole folder right here of even mainstream news.
You can get thousands of studies going back 40 years on all of this.
Regular cell phone radiation, and I know you're saying 5G is a little bit different, but studies show it can increase cancer risk.
Even LA Times reported that.
That this breaks DNA chains.
That the way these waves are going out is breaking DNA chains and is associated with cancer.
Yes, and I've read some of those studies as well and especially with the millimeter wave because it's such a higher frequency and it's got a focus to it.
Originally I thought it was going to be like a constant tether which come to find out that would be safer.
But being pulsed the way that 5G is going to be, when your phone receives that cellular transmission, that millimeter wave, it's essentially like a radio frequency bullet.
You're catching every bit of that radiation.
Now, it's not ionizing, it's not uranium or plutonium.
The bottom line is the human beast did not evolve a mechanism to defend ourselves against man-made radiation.
All right, so that's, let's start there.
We weren't made to handle this type of radiation.
It's not of this world.
It's something we're doing to ourselves.
And there's just no, like the people that we elect to protect us, to tell us what is and isn't safe and to make sure that we're not running around killing each other and killing ourselves.
There's no testing being done at that level to make sure that this is safe.
And you see all sorts of shock videos online about bees dropping dead in swarms, about the reduction of the sparrow population in London.
You see the reports of nosebleeds and emotional issues and disorders in Gateshead out in the United Kingdom.
And it's shocking.
There's no doubt that All these different types of waves and the pollution is having an effect on the electrochemical activity inside the brain and these tiny neurons.
That's been studied for thousands of years and now science has proven that during a full moon, there are more space waves and all different types of radiation coming in and that that affects plant life, that affects animals, that affects humans.
I mean, there's all sorts of stuff in this universe.
I mean, you go outside, solar radiation will burn your skin.
And so absolutely, just tell us it's all fine when all the studies say no, it's not fine.
And then I've had engineers on air about this that have multiple degrees in electrical engineering, computer engineering, telecommunications, that fiber optics is up to a thousand times faster than 5G right now.
And you're pointing out Israel has that and others.
Why the hell wouldn't we just go with fiber optics?
Why would we want this?
Because again, they want all this autonomous crap.
They don't want it to serve humans and be super quick.
They want to have this autonomous stuff everywhere so it's not plugged in.
Well, that and digging the channels for laying fiber optic coast to coast and town to town, city to city.
That is a monumental undertaking, even bigger than laying in an extra million cell sites or contracting SpaceX to fly an additional 12,000 radio frequency emitting satellites.
That's it.
Trump loves it because it's going to be a boom for the economy.
And look, I'm a Trump supporter.
All right.
I'm wearing a Make America Great Again hat right now.
I'm concerned that maybe he hasn't been given the additional information, that maybe somebody pulled it off his desk, that maybe the tests aren't being handed to him.
Yeah, maybe this is a guy that makes 10 Diet Cokes a day that eat your brain.
This is a guy that eats Kentucky Fried Chicken at McDonald's all day.
He doesn't know that's bad for him.
He eats burnt steak.
He eats it with ketchup.
That's wonderful!
But again, I love Trump.
He's basically autistic in a way.
I think a lot of us are, but exactly.
He has a blind spot because he thinks, oh, technology will give us jobs.
We're in a race against the Chi-Coms.
Well, they've already got 6G.
We've got to get this in right now.
But at what cost is what you're saying?
Exactly, and who's to say?
Maybe this stuff's benign.
Maybe there's no additional hazard from EMF and radiofrequency exposure, but that's not what thousands of scientists and doctors across the face of the world are standing up and saying.
They're calling for a moratorium globally because... Let's talk about that global moratorium.
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They're the 1%ers.
So we salute you and thank you.
Jason in Texas, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hey, Alex, my fellow gladiator in the arena.
Yes, sir.
I still think that most people aren't, uh, aren't paying attention, so let me just say this.
You are surrounded by an enemy that is relentless.
You are facing an enemy that will not give up.
What you permit is what you promote, and what you allow is what will continue.
They've already shot more holes in the First Amendment than they shot into the walls of the Alamo, and they're after the Second Amendment.
And if the American people don't grow a backbone, And if those patriots don't grow some balls, there'll be no USA at all.
You have to put an end to this.
You gotta speak up to it.
You gotta call them out on their nonsense.
You gotta speak the truth to them.
And you gotta put an end to this.
If they get your Second Amendment, which is the jewel in their crown, it's what they're after.
Because a public that doesn't have the ability to defend themselves is a public that can be controlled.
And this is a battle between self-determination and total tyrannical control.
I don't think I've ever heard a minute of radio more true, my friend.
Wow, listen how well spoken and powerful our people are versus the enemy.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
We are back broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Now, our guest is a technician engineer who installs these systems, 5G and many others, Ian Ferguson.
He's been on the show before talking about other issues.
And he was getting into a lot of top scientists are calling for a global moratorium on this.
Other governments like Israel that invented it have banned it.
And it's because there's so many of them and they're up close.
And anybody knows about transmission, the closer you are, the more dangerous it is.
And again, there are many mainline studies of this giving rats, brain cancer, you name it.
We know brain cancer is way up.
There's a lot of contributing factors.
So please continue down that line.
There's a big fight going on over this.
I mean, whole cantons or states in Switzerland are banning it.
I mean, there's a big move here.
We've got calls here in the United States, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Indiana, some places in Florida.
They're calling for a moratorium until additional testing has been done.
I know Trump specifically has said he doesn't want to install any Chinese-made telecom, right?
Well, I just spent the summer installing Chinese-made 5G in the Midwest.
Made in China, assembled in Mexico, installed in the United States Midwest.
So, I mean, be that as it may, it's coming, and it's coming faster than anybody can stop it.
the big angle as you were saying Huawei this can get into any device it could spy on people easier
and that's but but but then Apple and all these other companies have totally moved in with China
anyway so it's like one arm's the Chai comms the other arm's the same tentacle and Trump's just
you know doesn't seem to understand that. And I really can't speak to the mind of Trump or
what information he does or does not have but it paints a really a really scary picture.
The United States FirstNet system that we just spent the last couple years installing, which provides first responders with reliable telecommunications in the event of disaster or emergency, that's Chinese made as well.
So you start adding the pieces together and Look, I really want somebody that I've elected to protect me and safeguard my family to look into this.
And you stand to make a lot of money installing this, but you don't want brain tumors for yourself and your children.
I've kind of written off my own safety.
Look, climbing cell phone towers is one of the most dangerous jobs on the face of the planet.
As a mass cell phone climber, tower climbers, some of the bravest, Most heartwarming, self-sacrificing individuals you meet.
They spend most of their lives 20-plus hours away from their children, and they're up there doing this to maintain the E911 system.
And yeah, we make decent money.
We make better money than I'm going to make anywhere else at an entry level.
I'm a 38-year-old felon.
There's no way I'm making this type of money that's going to be able to put my kids through college doing anything else, and I'm not going to stop because I'm good at it.
And for those of you that want to call me a Nazi and say that the Nazis just followed orders, I'm not just following orders.
I'm doing the best I can to provide for my children the best I can.
People say to me, like, you criticize Apple, but you got Apple computers, because they're all evil.
These companies are all bad.
Just because we know the leadership of something's evil, it doesn't make the thing itself evil.
If we got to live in a system, it doesn't mean you're saying, hey, this looks like it's dangerous.
They're telling us it's dangerous.
But then it's your job.
That's not hypocritical at all.
You, you, you, that's what you've been doing for years and now it's coming and you, you, you are an expert.
You're telling us.
What's evil is to be an expert, as you've experienced it, and then to say, oh, no, everything's fine because you think, oh, you might hurt your bottom line.
I mean, what am I going to do?
Quit my job and go wait tables and maybe not be able to pay the rent?
No, I'm going to do what I'm really good at, and I'm really good at climbing cell phone towers and installing this technology.
I'm not going to stop.
No, I'm not going to name names, I'm not going to put my employers on blast, but I'm going to keep doing my job because it's something I'm good at, and I believe in the E911 system.
When your grandma falls and breaks her hip, All these systems are great, except the Globalist Controjan horse.
Stay there, we've got this big gentleman coming on that exposed the hidden 5G.
I want to get all your takes on this.
Who is Alex Jones?
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treated by going...
You are listening to an Infowars.com Frontline Report If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It was back in 2011 that myself and Paul Watson first began putting out articles about secret
5G surveillance systems inside lampposts going in in DC, New York, Chicago, Austin, Texas,
London, England, Berlin, Germany.
And also pointing out, wow, this is some kind of, you know, new high-powered, you know, array system that's very powerful but only goes a certain distance.
Then we learned about secret stingray units and we literally got documents about just all these different types of systems.
And the fact that all of them in studies are linked to cancer or cause cancer.
I mean, a lot of these will burn you if you stay close to them.
But 5G isn't as powerful, but it's sent out and burst.
And there's more of it.
Over a million towers they want to put up.
You've heard people complain, you know, get the towers off the schools of the regular microwave radiation for cell phones and all the tumor clusters there.
So Mark Steele is an engineer, inventor, patent writer, and expert on EMF weapon systems.
He has invented a number of optive wave guides and HUD systems to mitigate the effects of battlefield radiation weapon systems.
He's worked in research and project development for 30 years.
Mark has worked on a large secret EMF systems at weapons facilities, which he cannot talk about, and it's covered under the OSA.
Mark Stillbilt Weapons Targeted Rigs for Subsea Torpedo Projects Using Target Acquiring Technologies in the Radiation Spectrum.
When he can share is the secret weapons program development out of Operation Paperclip in the UN.
Resilient City Agenda that our governments have secretly signed up to in deploying a 5G weapon that includes the autonomous electrification agenda scam.
And again a lot of countries like Israel that invented this are banning it.
That's mainstream news.
It's not just what this does to your body, it's what it controls.
And this is all about these so-called smart cities that they didn't tell anybody about in Toronto.
And when people find out about it, it's a surveillance group, they go, oh, it's for the Earth!
So we've got Mark Steele from the inside.
And then we've got one of the people that installs it, Ian Ferguson, from right there where the rubber meets the road.
And then we've got Mike Adams, another engineer, joining us as well.
And of course, Mark made big headlines when he broke open one of these streetlights, and there was the 5G inside.
And that's not denied, but to me, he's like, well, he's still a conspiracy theorist.
He doesn't like it.
And of course, these things scoop up all your other electronic data from your, quote, smart devices, which are all designed to be wide open.
So let's play a little bit of that clip, and then next we go to Mark Steele.
Here it is.
Depending on where you are.
But obviously the first opportunity you would get would be to step down so you don't have to waste money on larger cables.
So you see the small cables going into the LEDs.
That's them going into housing there.
You do need big cables.
Big cables are a lot more expensive and obviously when you do your design you want to use as less cost as possible because obviously there's more profit in it.
So what you don't need is that.
So you see on the right hand side here, you've actually got to step down, go into those junction boxes and then go into those cables down to the LEDs.
What we see on the left hand side is an increase.
So this actually increases the power to these very large cables up through here to this connector and that connector fits to this connector.
That connector then goes up to this, to this box here, which is the antenna.
This company's since went into administration.
I'm going to take this to pieces now, but people have seen them before.
Now, one of the things they're upset about, a couple of things they're upset about, is the breakdown of this.
Alright, let's try and see and get it focused.
That's a 450 volt capacitor.
Now what is a capacitor, people ask?
A capacitor holds a charge that can be discharged in milliseconds.
So what I do, I charge that up, get it full of energy.
For some inexplicable reason, they want to put the power in here, they want to increase it.
It's a 450 volt capacitor.
Alright, which then, depending on the amperage, right, which that looks to me like it's a, let's see, three amps.
And then what happens, you increase the wattage to this delivery system.
An antenna.
See that little tip on the end?
Looks like a teardrop.
It's a dew.
These are the antennas that Wheeler spoke about.
You know, he said there were some very clever engineers that had developed antenna systems that can target, acquire, and shoot.
Well, this is the shooty, targeting, illegal, piece of hardware.
Now let's stop right there.
Ian, we've got to have this gentleman back and do like five hours on this, ten hours.
We've got to have him on all the shows because I got approached in 1996 and told about it.
Then in 97, I got approached again by an engineer.
I mean, a high-level engineer.
He said, listen, I told you to break open a scientific Atlantic cable box.
There's a hidden microphone in it.
It's recording everything, and then it's put into keyword data, and it's NSA technology.
And later it came out it was true.
Now, I literally When I covered this, I had U.S.
military twice, twice come up to me in parking lots at Target and at a TV station and threatened to basically kill me if I didn't stop talking about it.
Because back then they didn't want this out there.
Now it's like, oh yeah, sure, there's microphones and everything.
You know, the ring system has another.
Hit one of you, turn it off, there's another.
And then I actually physically got attacked.
I don't think these guys are military.
Uh, because, uh, I mean, I'm pretty tough, but I beat the hell out of all four of them pretty quick.
Tore one guy's nose almost completely off, but they were sent like kind of thugs.
Thought they were boxers.
You know, they punched me and thought I was going to fall over, but they did not want this out.
So, so what these guys are bringing is huge.
Mark Steele, God bless you.
Uh, just, just get into what you discover, what you've seen.
I know you've did a lot of classified work.
That's confirmed.
They've looked into you.
That's why you know what you're looking for.
I'm told law enforcement gave this to you because they were giving you a tip.
Was this scary as hell when you opened that up and you knew what you were looking at?
Well, I already knew what the equipment was, Alex.
I had part of the equipment thrown at me by a lightning engineer.
When I challenged him about the equipment that had been fitted, where we had children bleeding from the nurse, I had a number of neighbours that started bleeding.
I'd measured the radiation levels in people's bedrooms at 1,700-2,000 millivolts.
The law states the maximum should be 200 millivolts, so it was significantly higher than that.
Obviously, I challenged one of the lightning guys, Unfortunately for the council, a lot of those lighting columns then started to be destroyed locally, especially where I lived.
They did try to blame me, but I can tell you it was definitely somebody else.
And what actually happened, they had to come and repair them.
They came to repair them with police escorts.
So they came with police escorts to fit what that is most certainly a target acquiring weapons system.
This is not, these LED arrays, I'm going to explain what a weapon is.
A weapon is a thing that causes bodily harm.
I'm a weapons systems expert.
And what I mean by that, people want to go, "Well, you know, he's saying it's a weapon."
Well, I'm going to explain what a weapon is.
Weapon is a thing that causes bodily harm.
I'm a weapons systems expert.
If you give a joiner a 2x4 piece of timber, you think it can make a chair or some other
If you give me a minute or two before I see your club, I automatically look at things.
No, I understand.
Covert weapons, silent weapons, quiet wars.
I mean, I have to tell you, this is all the Wonder Kid project.
My dad wasn't that special.
He did it for hundreds of thousands of people, got different funding projects, but he won the project.
So one of the big steel companies gave him an 18-wheeler that showed up.
And he was supposed to build a particle beam with it, and then he did that and fried a bunch of stuff and almost blinded himself with it.
And then he got recruited in some other projects after that.
But he was 15 when he made that particle beam.
And I think that's what you're getting at, is this is a type of particle beam.
Talk about that with this engineer on the other side.
And we will get Ian Ferguson's take on this as well.
Please stay with us.
This is really, really important.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
I'm gonna shoot you up with something that's gonna kill you down in a hammer.
They have sexual rituals, some of the most ancient Egyptian rituals,
where they believe they are possessed by entities, basically space aliens.
This is war. You bet it's war. It's the American people. It's you.
You're the threat to America. You are who we're at war with.
What do I do, Lord? Destroy the child.
What do I do, Lord? Corrupt them all.
A secretary of state that has gay sex. All right, we're playing some wild stuff today.
And you know, no matter how crazy this all sounds, that's skull and bones.
And all this stuff's what they're really doing.
All right, Ian Ferguson, I want him to be able to pop in here, too.
Mike Adams is coming up, bottom of the hour.
He's an engineer.
Mark Steele worked in classified areas with weaponized beams, microwaves, radiation, particle beams, all this stuff.
His audio is a little hammered.
We'll see if we were able to fix that during the break.
But bottom line, Um, as you're pointing out under, under UK laws and others, this is way more powerful than it's supposed to be.
There's equipment built into this that isn't supposed to be there, and only an engineer can see this.
This has been going on for a long time.
Again, I was told in 1996 that, look at the Telecommunications Act, these engineers said.
They said they've passed it.
By 2000, all cell phones will be GPS-targeted, and they'll all be able to be remotely accessed and listened to you, and they'll be called smartphones.
And I was saying all this because engineers were telling me.
Well, now it's all ubiquitous.
I'm telling people something they already know.
The sky's blue.
But you're laying out the next wave of this.
Is that fair to say, Mark Steele?
The whole deployment is a weapons system.
The whole 5G is a weapons system.
I can explain that.
5G antenna, one of the technical parameters is actually the focus, the focusing of energy in air.
So where a telecommunications transmitter radiates air away from the person, away from the antenna, it's called inverse sway law.
A 5G antenna, using either offset or dielectric lens, actually focus the signal so a little bit more like a laser.
So it's totally opposite to a telecommunicator.
Normal telecommunications are 1G and 2G.
And that's why it does burst.
Explain that.
So I was right.
Look at this.
They're all thinking it's low power because what's coming off the surface is low power, but it's being focused like a particle beam is what you're saying?
You can tropos it very much.
The best way to explain it's like layman's terms.
However, this beam actually skitters.
It's theoretical because nobody can see them.
So, it's a theoretical beam and it skitters a bit like lightning.
If you could see a lightning strike... Oh, but if I can't see it, it doesn't exist.
You know, like the other dimensions and our little friends.
But of course, it is scientific.
It is there.
It does exist.
Well, they've been used as weapons systems for a number of years.
The first weapons system was called MAMET.
It was actually, the Germans used it during the Second World War.
It was a radar-target-acquiring piece of equipment to identify Allied aircraft.
The number of Allied aircraft crews suffered significant detrimental health effects.
Burning their eyes, causing significant harm.
That was hidden.
That was the hidden history of, obviously, during the war, a lot of this was classified,
so that was hidden information.
But it showed that the Germans were well ahead with being able to use offset phase signals
to put what's called a beam wave and actually use it as radar.
But those beam waves, pointed beam waves, are extremely toxic.
One of the reasons why a lot of servicemen coming back from battle zones suffering PTSD
have actually got a brain injury, nobody's telling them they've been probably near some
weapons platform that used phase offset signals for radar, battlefield interrogation.
They've been somewhere near it, and because it travels with ease through the head and
the rest of the body because these are so gigahertz.
One of the things I want to dispel in relation to 5G, everybody talks about the 30 gigahertz and the 300.
5G currently is operating in the sub-GHz range.
It is more dangerous.
It's a significantly more dangerous part of the spectrum than some of the higher frequencies.
The higher frequencies don't travel very well through brickwork and concrete.
Sub-GHz travels through it with ease, and that's the reason It's 3D urban radar.
That's why it operates in the sub-gigahertz.
And you're showing your torpedo submarine knowledge there, exactly, because, I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, it's just like through water or just like through rock is the same thing, that it's a solid field instead of a long wave, so it pushes through the rock or through the water or through the structure, so they're saying it's weak, but you're saying it has an even greater penetration power.
Sub-gigawatts that can travel through 30-foot reinforced concrete, and that's why they're using it.
The antennas like you saw, the ones I broke down, have got a footprint 15 kilometres in the urban environment.
We have 31,875 of those transmitters in a very, very small area, a place called Gatehead.
Gatehead was the test centre, the epicentre, and it's not called Gatehead, it's the original name, Gatehead, I'd suggest people have a look at it.
It actually has the Angel of the North.
The Angel of the North is Moloch.
It's not been tested in Gator for any other reason.
It has some links to some devilish plot, some devilish scheme.
I mean, I know we're talking about God and the devil, but believe us, I'm pretty sure the reason why I'm here is to fight against this, because unfortunately for Gateshead Council, that emblem is the goat head.
Another satanic sign.
Well, unfortunately, I live in Gateshead, and I am an expert in this particular field, and I've deployed the equipment on my countrymen, women, and children, and not all of us... Daniel, let's explain.
It's being tested.
The town will pull it up when we come back.
I want to get the take here from Ian Ferguson.
Really scary hearing this information.
What's your view on this?
Actually, Mark was the one that clued me in on sub-gigahertz.
In the beginning, and I should have picked it up in my own training, the sub gigahertz frequencies 600, 700, 850, these are ground following waves, right?
Well, at the advent of 3G, when we were able to receive data packets, the sub gigahertz frequencies allow the wireless internet service providers to triangulate your geolocation, right?
So They really do radar map their environment.
If you can receive a data packet, if you can receive a text, they know where you are down to within like three feet.
If you're in the middle of downtown, 40 stories up in somebody's office in the middle of a building, they can literally bounce your data packets off of other buildings to get them to you.
And that's where the sub-gigahertz frequencies gives them their radar mapping capabilities.
They know what's moving on the ground.
With the advent of 5G, It becomes much more invasive than that.
They'll know when you move your couch around inside your house.
Now, we know from Snowden and the WikiLeaks Vault 7 stuff that they've got access to all of the operating systems as is.
Your Android, your iOS, Windows, all of it.
The government's already got listening capabilities.
Well, remember the Batman movie ten years ago or longer, which one, where they activate everybody's cell phones to create sonar?
Well, that's actually real.
They actually do that.
Yeah, that's not far off from reality, especially with the advent of 5G.
It's going to give them just a godlike surveillance capability over everyone.
Well, I was told this by two different engineers, and one of them's son approached me later and said, you know, my dad held some of the patents.
He was killed after he gave me that info.
I mean, that's how scary all this is.
They were telling me all this stuff way back then.
I was like, what are you talking about?
That's crazy.
How did you kill Jeffrey Epstein?
♪ Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself ♪ ♪ Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself ♪
♪ He was a victim of an Arkenstein ♪ ♪ Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself ♪
♪ He was buddies with Bill Clinton ♪ ♪ Prince Andrew too ♪
♪ He had a stable of girls ♪ ♪ For youthful rules ♪
♪ But now we'll never know who ♪ ♪ 'Cause he didn't kill himself ♪
♪ Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself ♪ ♪ Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself ♪
♪ Every option that you have sold ♪ Jeffery Emsi didn't kill himself.
And I don't care what Bill Barr says.
Because Jeffery Emsi didn't kill himself.
He had a big old plane.
The Lolita Express.
Padded floors.
And no secret service.
But the vets know who flew.
*outro music* Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself!
Well, Bob Mueller got a sweetheart too!
And Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself!
This is life's a drama.
These things don't make themselves.
These things don't hang themselves.
And I know someone else who didn't hang himself!
Who didn't hear you say?
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself!
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself!
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself!
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself!
That's how it works, boy, shit!
That's not what I said!
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself!
He had a master plan.
What a master race!
Eugenics and Gisley at his New Mexico place.
But we'll never know who, cause he didn't kill himself!
'Cause he didn't kill himself Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself He wasn't a murderer
Was a victim of the Arkansas!
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But what have they told you?
Oh, the sun can't hurt you.
So just go out and lay out, you know, in the middle of the summer in August for 10 hours and you'll die.
It's a conspiracy theory that the sun can burn your skin.
There's all sorts of radiation in this universe.
We're talking about it right now.
And it's a very serious issue because major governments are banning 5G.
I'm going to go to Mike Adams and bring this back to our other two guests and really quantify where this is going in a moment.
But first, I talk about how one of the biggest problems around here is the fact that I don't plug every segment.
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So Mike Adams, we're covering some pretty powerful stuff with this major activist, whistleblower, Mark Steele,
very accredited fella, working the weaponized systems, and he recognizes it out now in the town
where he lives in England.
And we've got also Ian Ferguson who puts in the 5G, who's a well-known individual,
quantifying 5G and then the fight against it And the fact that some countries have banned it.
In fact, the inventor of it has banned it.
And what it really is, Mike, is you're always good for the 35,000 foot view and the zooming in view as well.
I've been listening with fascination.
What I want to bring to your attention is that these radiological weapons, you might say, or radio electromagnetic weapons, they have neuropsychiatric effects, Alex.
So we're talking about, in this study published in Environmental Research, Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health.
This study specifically cites 35 different neurological and neuropsychiatric effects, which means these are mind-altering weapon arrays that are installed in your neighborhood.
They catalog 17 psychological disorders for behavioral changes.
So these systems, when they point at you, and remember they're directional phase array antennas, they can single you out for behavioral changes.
They can literally change your personality in a sense by beaming you with these weapons, and they know where you are.
Literally, directed energy weapons, the equivalent of modern shock therapy.
Yeah, well, exactly, except it's invisible, but you're telling them where you are by carrying your device around.
So you're giving them a target of where to beam the phase array antennas, and then they can decide how much power to put into that signal, how tight the beam is, or how wide the beam is.
They can decide how many antennas to beam you with simultaneously if they really want to fry your brain.
We're talking about chromosomal aberrations, DNA damage, cancer, endocrine system changes, autonomic nervous system effects, as well as the production of what's called peroxynitrites.
These are molecules that poison your body from the inside and the cell membranes, as one of your guests mentioned before, the cell membranes become more permeable due to what's called voltage-gated ion channels.
When the voltage penetrates the skin, it changes the permeability of your cell structure, causing calcium poisoning.
To penetrate your cells and you get poisoned with calcium, which is a beneficial mineral when it's in the right balance.
But if you get too much in your cells, it poisons you from the inside.
So Alex, this is a weapon system.
It kills you from the inside and it alters your mind and it alters your personality.
And that's not counting.
counting the cell phones and the screens and the flicker rates and the
destruction of IQ, the early onset of neurological disorders associated
with TV, major studies. I mean all of this is killing us in short. Ian Ferguson,
this is powerful stuff from your position as a guy that installs this
stuff. What are you thinking right now? I'm thinking that every long-term tower
climber I've ever met suffers from irritability, depression, anger, fatigue at
some point and we've all talked amongst ourselves about it being problematic in
the industry and he laid it out for you right there.
There are behavioral changes just for tower climbers.
We get pissed, we get depressed, we get upset, and There's really no explanation for it other than what he just said right there.
It's us interacting with the electromagnetic fields.
Well, they're telling you in movies like The Kingsman and all this, where the bad guy, through the cell phone, sends out the phased array to make people violent.
And then all the studies are showing that that's what all of this is doing.
I want to go back to Mike Adams on this, but Mark Steele, as an engineer that's actually designed this in classified areas that you now see popping up in the town where you live, How do we stop this?
And who's behind it?
And what's the endgame?
The endgame is full of biological destruction.
Every biological cell on the planet will be destroyed by 5G.
I know that sounds unbelievable, but I know the capacity, and I've seen these weapons systems deployed.
Consequently, I know exactly how dangerous they are.
The equipment, the LEDs, People have to be mindful, the LED is part of the fighting weapons deployment.
It's called soft kill.
Right, the programme was called Soft Kill.
The pulse modulation, the dangers of LED, they're extremely toxic, they're retinal and retina are self-toxic, but where there's 5G, the sub-gigahertz, you can't get away from it, where at least you can hide in your building from the LED streetlights, which are toxic.
What you can't hide from is that 5G sub-gigahertz, because it can find you, it can target acquire you, As Mike said before, very interesting point, but they can actually see you because of the nanoparticulates, the aluminium nanoparticulates that actually enter your body.
I can actually see you in your home, so I can 3D map you once I actually understand what your characteristics are.
You'll see here on this video where the light has been increased.
This is in an Asian country.
That's part of a weapons programme.
It's part of the UN Resilient Cities Agenda Plan.
We've got to get you back on because I know you're a great engineer.
I'd like to send you an external mic.
There's a lot of noise in your laboratory.
I can hear a lot of whizzing and buzzing.
But you're absolutely right.
And these smart cities are literal grids of control.
And they're just rolling it in, whereas we slowly cook like the frog literally in the
pot being boiled by the heat.
We just roll over and die.
Mike Adams will give us a take on that.
Mark Steele.
Of course, Ian Ferguson.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're not being alarmist.
I have a huge stack.
If you're a radio listener, you can't see it here.
I have like three stacks of just mainline studies, mainline announcements.
And then we've got 6G.
What the hell's that?
Let's ask that question of our two engineers, and we've got one of our installers there on the ground level, hitting it from every angle.
From the classified weapons level, to the engineer journalist exposing it all, to one of the men putting it in on the ground.
We've got it all covered.
I'm Alex Jones, and this is the InfoWar.
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Look at some of these headlines that tie into this.
Medicine's Post, Global, Environmental, Risk experts warn, and you can just see that right there in the document cam, shot, that this is post-global environmental risk running off into the water, causing animals to commit suicide.
I'm not joking.
Antidepressants in water are making shrimp suicidal.
That's not an Onion headline.
That's real, ladies and gentlemen.
Chemicals in the water alter gender of fish, not just the frogs.
But again, they attack me on that because they think that you're stupid and won't research it.
Prozac pollution making shrimp reckless.
Again, kids take it and go out and kill people.
This is making other things.
Plastic additive stress during late pregnancy boosts risk of premature birth.
It says, oh, the skin creams that are natural and what's in the plastics are killing your baby.
Of course they are.
They're designed to.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
(upbeat music)
Here's a clip from the Dark Knight whenever that came out 10, 15 years ago,
Time Flies where Batman and the scientist played by Morgan Friedman,
they decided to use the cell phones to do this blast wave
and then it'll allow them to basically sonar, Well, before that movie ever came out, the Kinect system, I remember breaking it, can see through a whole bunch of walls in your house.
And that's just a computer system, you know, put out by Microsoft.
And it turned out, they were going in and using it, not just for the games where people play sports and things, but looking through your walls.
And that it had, really, that primary function.
So again, this is what's really going on.
Let's go ahead and play a clip from Batman.
Jim, we're in trouble!
Okay, we've got BOV on Alpha.
Omni on Beta.
Looks like clowns and hostages on two floors.
A SWAT team on the stairwell.
Another SWAT team on the roof.
And they say we're only gonna use this technology once to violate people's rights.
Never again.
So, and then you make the decision watching, yeah, Batman, he's the good guy.
But meanwhile, this isn't just spying on you, it's killing you!
So, to all three of you gentlemen, we know they put fluoride in the water, they admit to dumb us down and give us cancer.
They admit the GMO is literally killing us.
They admit everything being introduced is artificially there to cull us.
And they say there's too many people, humans are bad, but they're not just going to cull the numbers, they're dumbing and mutating the species.
Mike Adams, I mean, this is...
Planet-wide overwrite of the life on this planet in an attempted silicon takeover.
Some people say, well, aliens aren't real.
We haven't proven it.
Well, these genetic human-animal hybrids are alien.
They don't come from here.
These new technologies are alien.
These things never existed before.
They can make nanotech viruses that weren't naturally occurring.
That's an alien.
Alien just means not of this world.
New, manufactured.
So, I mean, this is crazy.
Well, one of the key vectors, of course, of the depopulation agenda that's being pushed by Globalist right now is infertility.
They consider that a soft kill, which is easier for them than the hard kill methods that they're also rolling out.
But soft kill, infertility, is one of the side effects of 5G exposure and EMF exposure.
Again, back to the study I cited earlier, this is proven.
This EMF exposure is proven to lower testicular size.
Literally, to put it bluntly, 5G networks shrink your balls.
And they also change testicular epithelial structure, and they decrease spermatogenesis, which is the creation of sperm in the testes.
So we're talking about lowered sperm levels, which are already a problem due to chemical exposure, massive infertility, also combined with the overlay of abortion and infanticide.
And where do you keep that new 5G cell phone?
Right in your pocket, perfect to boil bolivos.
But when you shrink the testes and you reduce the function of the testes, you also reduce the manhood, the actual hormones that make men men.
Many of them are produced right there in the testes.
I know there's a war on men and so they go, oh you don't feel manly?
Well here, we'll take even more female hormones and let's just cut that pesky thing off.
It's the feminization and the weaponization combined.
So that's the thing.
And it's all integrated, and then as we mutate, if you go, hey, you're being mutated, they go, don't stop my beautiful transformation, Omega Man, and they throw the spear into your heart.
And remember, they can selectively target individuals.
So previously, under 4G and 3G networks, you know, those were omnidirectional signals, so they could not pick out specific individuals.
I'm sure your other guests will confirm this.
5G uses directional, narrowly focused beams, so they can specifically target individuals with these effects, different frequencies and different power levels.
And that's what Mark Steele specifically, as an engineer, is opening up and showing, just added stuff, putting these streetlights.
Mark, how do we stop it?
What's the end game of these people?
What we'll have to do is we'll have to gather our resources in resistance.
We set up a resistance.
We're building a resistance army.
It's God's army.
This is an attack on God's creatures, on God's earth.
This is by evil, pure evil monsters.
That we have to rise up and fight back whilst we fight and resist.
I mean, really, it's true.
It is a silicon invasion directed by transhumanists publicly saying the post-human world is here.
I mean, this is beyond science fiction nightmare.
This is really happening.
Well it's absolutely really happened.
The technology has been developed as a weapons system.
It is not.
It's masquerading as a light.
I can prove that beyond any shadow of a doubt.
All optical radiation is a hazard.
They've taken the diffuser.
You put diffusers on light systems to reduce the optical radiation hazard.
That particular light you see in front of you has got no diffusers.
It uses a 450 nanometres to 460 nanometres emission.
This is blue light radiation, a blue phosphor coat, we've got a phosphor coating on
to make them give the appearance of white light.
They're absolutely lethal.
They're lethal, it's a weapon, it has no diffuser.
If that piece of equipment had a diffuser on it--
Most poisons, if not lethal immediately, are addicting because your body realigns its metabolic system to survive and tries to adapt to it, but they're designing us to adapt to our overall destruction.
You want to speak to that, Mike Adams?
I want to go back to Ian Ferguson.
Yeah, these are binary weapon systems in the sense that remember the peroxynitrite production in your body from exposure to these systems creates free radicals that have inflammatory effects which are linked to cancer and neurological disorders and so on.
So combined with the food supply which is deliberately stripped of antioxidants and nutrition, You have, you know, nutrient depleted food, which makes you susceptible to the EMF weapon systems, the 5G systems that create free radical pro-oxidation molecules in your body and kill you from disease and neurological disorders and things like that.
Oh, this is a plug.
I mean, this is a plug, but I've been neurotically taking DNA Force Plus with a PQQ and CoQ10 in it.
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I'm just religiously taking X2.
I'm religiously taking X3.
I'm religiously taking DNA Force Plus.
I'm religiously flushing my gut with Gut Fusion.
And these are great products at InForce4.com.
There's other great products out there as well, folks.
But I'm telling you, this is what we come from, the earth.
It's what God gave us.
The drug companies are trying to mimic this with their own poisonous versions of all this.
God gave us this information.
And I'm telling you, it's amazing.
Dietary antioxidants.
Dietary supplements can literally help protect your body from the toxic effects of 5G radiation.
There's absolutely no doubt.
I mean, they admit that PQQ, regrowth cells, CoQ10, all of this, this is insane.
It's crazy.
And again, filter your water.
They make fun of me saying filter your water when it's the number one place you're getting toxins.
It's incredible.
Ian Ferguson, as a father, as a patriot, There's no doubt this is going on, and so I ask you the question.
What's directing it?
What's their endgame?
And we're being told everywhere it's a post-human world.
Money, money, money.
Beyond that, you got Agenda 21.
You just take a look at the Georgia Guidestones.
They set it down in 16 different languages.
They want to reduce our population by at least 55%.
They feel so strongly about it, they carved it into stone and set it as a monument.
I don't know that they're willing to die to get us.
is at 500 million. 80 plus percent reduction. I said at least that. They're doing it. It's
everywhere. They're doing it to us. What's crazy is it's doing it to them. They're willing
to die to get us. Sorry go ahead. I don't know that they're willing to die to get us.
They're definitely willing to kill us off to get their ends.
I mean it feels strongly enough about it to carve it into stone and set it as a
They need to reduce the population.
They believe that what we've got is unsustainable and that our growth is so exponential that we are going to overwhelm our natural resources.
And the truth is we're just going to build unlimited planets and it's been proven that humans make their environments better once we go through a certain phase.
They're trying to suppress us before we hit a certain escape velocity.
Mark Steele, you want to speak to the endgame?
Yes, I'd love to just interject here.
Nuclear power stations are under attack.
We've got a vibration from small units breaking down the bundles, the stainless steel jackets and the nuclear fission inside them.
If you do not have the maintenance crews to keep those reactors cool, they'll all die.
This is not The Georgia Guidestones narratives.
This will kill all biological life on the planet.
Think about all those nuclear power stations failing like Chernobyl and hitting the water table in killing all biological life for the next 350,000 years.
So any fool that thinks that five million people are going to be saved if we don't stop 5G You're a fool.
5G. That's why I said the globalists say they're gonna shake off their humanity and merge with
machines. They're the transmission, they say that their worldview, this this thing they're doing,
they believe that they're going to throw off their coil and merge with silicon and be quote
perfected. That's why I was saying is they are dying in the process as well. Alex, that's crazy
because what happens if you ever seen any robots in a nuclear reactor?
I've actually worked with them, believe it or not, for the last five minutes.
You get a robot that lasts like three or four hours in a nuclear reactor, they're not going to survive either.
What happens?
They're being duped as well.
We're the third rock out from the sun in a huge radiation blast.
We're incredibly powerful.
Machines can't survive this.
They oxidate, they rupture, they break.
We are superior.
And then everybody knows it.
We built all this.
And we're at embryonic level.
Final comments from all you guys and Matt Brackett's coming up.
Mike Adams, NaturalNews.com.
Mark Steele, SaveUsNow.org.uk.
And Ian Ferguson, stay with us.
There are a lot of men out there that say when push comes to shove, and when America is fighting for its life against tyrants, that they're going to stand up and do something.
Well, a lot of those men have supported this broadcast, and so you have done something.
You've done a lot of other things as well, like taking care of your family, and trying to be a hard-working citizen that puts food again on the table, and who stands up for their society and their culture.
But I got to tell you, Infowars, Has definitely hit the zeitgeist when it comes to taking on the NWO.
And we have got all these powerful megacorporations and all these different criminal groups desperately trying to shut us down right now because they're scared.
We have analyzed the globalist attack profile.
We know how to defeat them.
And we're mobilizing not just Americans, but people all over the world to say no to globalism and no to the satanic New World Order.
And that's really what it is.
And so as everything we've warned of, is confirmed, our credibility goes up and up and up.
That's why they need us off the air desperately.
So they can send a message to everybody else that you better keep your mouth shut.
So now is the time to step to the plate.
Now is the time to decide where you're going to be in history.
Because not just our country, but our species and our children need good men to come to the aid of humanity and good women as well.
So I want to ask everybody out there to recommit in the information war.
You are so powerful.
To spread the word about InfoWars.com, Ford Slash Show, and Bandot Video.
And to realize the funding of our operation is absolutely paramount and only by you buying the products at InfoWars.com.
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Because they're all excellent.
They're high quality.
And they make this operation absolutely viable into the future.
Without you, they're going to win.
But if you take action, we're going to win together.
So I thank you for your support.
And I salute you.
So keep doing what you're doing.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Infowars.com [Music]
Tomorrow's news today.
We're an amazing species.
And we are not living as long.
Cancer's up 10,000 plus percent on average.
The average person is in a trance, mind scrambled, and it's getting worse.
And they just think they'll slowly turn up the ambient background until it's all over.
And they admit they're doing it!
And they say humans are a horrible species, and these are fellow humans saying that.
They're not psychotic or anything, they're not dangerous.
I'm just sure they came up with this plan all by themselves.
Ian Ferguson, closing comments, and I really appreciate you joining us today.
Closing comments.
If you're concerned, contact your local representatives, your state representatives.
Speak out.
Speak up.
We've got to get the word out.
We've got to keep this conversation going because we're all going to be affected.
We are all currently being affected.
Do your research.
Look into it.
Search and research everything that's been said today.
Everything me and the other two guests have said.
Easily researched, easily verified.
Look into it for yourself.
Oh, and Epstein didn't kill himself.
Boy, isn't that the truth.
Now there's a full-blown criminal investigation and people indicted.
All right.
Thank you, sir.
Mark Steele.
Yes, Alex.
I'm just saying, Mark Steele, this is real.
I mean, And I just, the average person just can't admit this is being done to them.
It's all public.
The problem that they've got, Alex, it's so unbelievable.
I do talks about this and what I say to people is, you know, they'll have to listen to me for an hour.
I don't expect you to believe it.
I do expect you to do your own research.
You'll find it's absolutely terrifying.
This is real.
Unfortunately, the words that come out of my mouth are the truth.
People only have to do a modicum of research, run them in a weapons program, pay up a clip, Hermann P. Schwamm, he brought the weapons system from Germany.
It was already tested on the camps so the inmates knew about the signal systems and the low energy levels that are needed to do significant harm to a person.
Like I said, 5G, the collimated signals in there, is actually a weapons program.
The LED deployment is a program called SoftKill.
These are weapons deployments.
This is not street lighting at all.
That's right.
Alright, we'll talk to you again, Mark.
Mark Steele, thank you so much.
And we need to, we'll send him an external microphone because he's got a lot of great information.
Mike Adams, I meant to get to this.
We're now told just 6G, 7G, 8G.
What's 6G?
Well, I don't know what the technical specs are for that specific protocol, but we know that the wavelengths are getting smaller, so they're becoming more energized with every generation of this.
So 6G would involve more towers located More in closer proximity to your area, because they wouldn't have as much distance.
Just like 5G, you have to have a lot of towers compared to 4G.
6G would be able to carry more bandwidth, and it would have more energy, so it would worsen all of these effects that we're talking about.
But before I go here, Alex, I just want to mention a couple of possible solutions, because there are things you could do to help protect yourself.
I know time is almost out here, but number one, nutrition.
Antioxidants really matter.
Both fat-soluble and water-soluble antioxidants can help protect your body.
Secondly, you can choose not to use these devices.
Don't use a 5G phone, don't use a 6G phone when it comes out.
Thirdly, get out of the cities, because they can't install these towers everywhere across the entire land.
They have to install them in the high-population density centers.
Cities are the kill-grid hubs.
That's what's coming.
Get out of the cities, you may just save your life.
So, there you go.
And that's what Agenda 21 is, is to make us live in compact cities and coffin apartments.
They're literally, the walls are lined with the Wireless garbage.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, cities are artificial constructs.
They are going to be the kill zones no matter what happens in the future.
Grid is down, food supply collapses, economic collapse, war, whatever, but also 5G is a deliberate kill grid.
It's here now.
You need to get out of the cities.
They are kill zones.
You cannot survive there long term if you stay there and live there.
It's just not sustainable.
Man, I get out in the country, I just feel great.
I go out to Big Ben, there's no cell towers, it's just like you suddenly feel like you're five years old again.
It's amazing.
Alright, thank you gentlemen.
Thank you for spending so much time with us.
Really groundbreaking work.
Hope the listeners get this out to everybody so that we can have a pro-human future.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
(upbeat music)
He baited him.
He trolled him.
He baited him.
He trolled him.
He baited him.
I wish I was that smart.
That's, that's the Trump dimension.
That's the Trump dimension.
He trolled him.
That's the Trump dimension.
He baited him.
That's, that's the Trump dimension.
He trolled him.
That's the Trump dimension.
He trolled him.
That's the Trump dimension.
He baited him.
I wish I was that smart.
That's, that's the Trump dimension.
It's Trump.
The plan of Trump.
And thus by extension Trump.
Trump just trolled you.
Trump just trolled you.
But that's okay!
It's Trump.
The plan of Trump.
And thus, by extension, Trump.
The Bible, parts of it written more than 4,000 years ago.
Keep this rolling for a moment.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on for your mind.
They heard kind of the 5G back there.
And then, hey!
Nice, beautiful, sunny day.
The Andy Griffin Show, starring Andy Griffin.
(upbeat music)
We're gonna have, um, Matt Bracken take over.
Author, former Navy SEAL, smart guy.
And then Owen Schroer in the war room.
I didn't get much into Trump and the ample protest yesterday.
It was successful.
Appreciate everybody coming out there.
It was great to see so many people.
And I gotta say, Trump just says, hey, we gotta compete with the Chinese.
It's like nuclear weapons.
The US made nuclear weapons so they know, oh, let's just give them to everybody else.
Like, hey, look, there's a light socket.
Let's stick our finger in it.
Hey, we can create a bioweapon that'll kill every human on Earth?
Well, let's make that!
Somebody else might make that!
And now, 5G.
Well, it gives you cancer, but man, I tell you, it's really great for self-driving cars.
Well, let's put that in right away.
And by the time you hear that, oh, there's 6G, there's 7G, oh, there's... It's out of control.
I saw a funny comment.
InfoWars today.
So the only difference between InfoWars and MSM is that InfoWars has more commercials.
That's not true.
We have the same amount of commercials as cable television or talk radio.
We're actually on TV stations and radio stations.
That's why we have this.
But for people that have never really watched TV or listened to radio, and that's a lot of people now, they're like, hey, is this a podcast?
Where the ads, the shirt they're wearing, and they plug stuff every five minutes anyways.
I do intend, and we do intend to start very soon, podcasts that are going to be set, that are going to go out, that you can subscribe to, that are basically, you know, an hour of stuff.
Maybe you get three minutes of ads.
Because that's what people prefer, and that's what people actually get.
But the format to be on radio stations and TV stations is this, 14 minutes of ads an hour.
And so a lot of the ads we have are actually just informational news pieces.
And the way it works is, We chopped this up and put it out as a podcast.
Sorry, it really adds on.
We have a commercial-free podcast, too.
The globalists want to shut down this independent multimedia organization that's pro-human.
And it's absolutely imperative it stay on the air.
Plus, I'm going to sell you things that you like and get good results from that you want to use again.
We're not just trying to have some slick advertising and then sell you something one time.
I want a relationship with you.
Our iodine, the missing link.
Two billion people have neurological disorders or low IQs.
What's the term?
Encyclopedia Britannica uses it.
Club Med and all that.
It's a... Club Med's Mediterranean.
What's the... Club... Doctor, whatever the hell it is.
Just look it up for yourself.
Wikipedia, too, says... More than two billion people have intellectual disabilities.
It's a nice fancy new term for a form of retardation.
just means you're behind. Think about that. From lack of iodine.
And governments used to put it in the salt in food.
So you'd had smart people in fertility, but they take it out now and give you the bad allergen to make sure even if you get the good one, they're blocking it with that fluoride.
People ask, how do you bounce off the walls?
How do you have so much energy?
I've got more energy now than I had when I was 20.
And a lot of it is because mission oriented.
These are serious times, but it's because I filter my water.
I take clean iodine and I take DNA force and things like that.
And I gobble fish oil.
And I just, I'm glad I started getting on all this stuff seven years ago.
Cause I'd gained a hundred pounds.
Thought the globals would kill me anytime.
Didn't care about myself anymore.
And then one, my friend of mine said, uh, Hey, you know, you're doing their job for them, not caring and, you know, drinking whiskey and smoking cigars and eating steaks, you know, and doing all the stuff.
you know, it's takes a baby, you know, every night you need to really go out and
exercise. I go, "I'll ride the bike around the neighborhood 30 minutes." "Well, how about
two hours?" And so it was really hard to, you know, go down over 60 pounds from the
hundred pounds I've gained. And then I gained a little bit back. Now I'm gonna
go down all the way. And it's the products at Infowarsstore.com.
And so if you do one thing today, it's please tell people about the
broadcast and then send along the articles and videos that's part of that, whatever
you think is most important. And separately, the big thing you can do is buy
the products.
Because I metaphysically don't follow some magic rules out of some sorcerer's book.
I neurotically try to treat people like I want to be treated.
So that means when I blow up and I'm a jerk sometimes and things because I'm upset about things, I apologize profusely.
And I mean it.
I feel guilty for that because I want to treat good people good.
And I won't ever hurt any innocent person.
And I know you're like that too.
And, you know, I know this show's a train wreck sometimes, so am I, but, you know, I'm doing the best job I can.
And we're changing the world together.
You know, it was at the start of the show that I showed you the New York Times saying Stephen Miller, who's really one of Trump's top advisors when they want him out of there, is a Nazi.
The ADL said he's a Jewish Nazi.
And it's, you know, if it wasn't so serious, you'd laugh at that.
And they say it's because he likes InfoWars.
They got somebody to get his emails.
And it shows how they relaunched Breitbart and the presidency and a lot of stuff off InfoWars.
The globals were already spying on everybody.
They already knew that.
So when they say, stop InfoWars, stop Trump, that's the case.
And Trump was the InfoWars president.
And he's still light years better than Hillary.
But let me tell you, he's drifting.
You know, I mean, that red flag announcement, oh yeah, let's pass some red flag laws.
This is a get-ready-to-do process.
Now, people flipped out.
And Trump backed off of that, but, you know, we're in some deep water here.
And I'm not going to mince words.
So, thank you all for your support.
Matt Bracken's going to take over.
He's about to tell you what he's got coming up.
And please support our local affiliates.
Please tell people about the local stations as well.
Because if it wasn't for our local radio stations with all the deplatforming, we would be off the air right now.
And the enemy knows that they try to harass the stations.
The stations get leftist censorship and tell them to go to hell.
And go ahead.
We'll just put them on prime time.
That's happened a lot.
But you need to support them.
Spread the word about them.
It's very important.
And then tell people out of your area about the audio streams on local stations because
their URL of local radio stations won't get censored like an InfoWars URL with the live
streams like InfoWars.com/show.
Send out that local radio station stream and then that way their other shows get picked
up and so does mine.
There's more than one way to skin a cat.
Anybody that wants to restream our shows, free to air, just do it.
TV, all of it.
We got the satellite, everything.
I mean, we're fighting hard here.
And I didn't sleep last night.
Last cup of coffee I had was about 6 p.m.
Didn't sleep one bit and I was just real close to God last night and that's always a good thing but it also means incoming.
Because God always takes me under the wing and cuddles me a little bit before I get put back in the bacon grease.
But let me tell you, it's when I'm in that grease that I get even closer.
Even closer and closer and closer and closer and closer and closer.
Even as they kill this body and even as they kill you, they can't kill that spirit.
And we're all gonna meet our maker one day and I want to be there with you.
And I just, I can't, I can't do it myself.
I have to give it to God.
And I have to ask God to take me over.
Because God's about free will.
The devil wants to take over by stealth.
By 5G and globalism and GMO and tainted vaccines and brainwashing and targeting the youth and all the lies and all the millions of channels and BS.
But God wants you to say, hey, I want to be good.
I want to know the truth.
And I also want to stand up against evil.
You know, if you really want to fight corruption, God's looking for soldiers.
But you gotta enlist, and you gotta sign a piece of paper.
You gotta sign it metaphysically and say, I wanna be with Jesus.
Matt Bracken takes over.
Stay with us.
Remember back when they said that cell phones wouldn't give you brain cancer?
Remember back when they said that fluoride wouldn't give you bone cancer or lower your fertility or your IQ?
Remember back when they said that Jeffrey Epstein wasn't connected to any child kidnapping rings?
Remember back when they told you to keep America safe and to save American democracy to quote multiple Democrat US Senators, Alex Jones must be taken off the air?
Well, ladies and gentlemen, they now admit there's a world government.
They say opposing it is racist.
They now admit that fluoride lowers your IQ and lowers your fertility and gives you bone cancer.
And that cell phones give you brain cancer, but they say that's just the way it is.
And all these cities in the United States, about 75% of them, towns and cities, have fluoride in the water.
And they're not taking it out.
Even after the American Medical Association came out and said, yeah, it's killing people, it's brain damaging them.
So really, I always thought that once all this information got admitted, once we forced it out, that Then I'd be vindicated and then we'd turn it around and we'd take it out of the water and once we learned that they had massive evidence of vaccines causing autism and brain damage that they would expose what was being added to them that's causing it.
But instead, it just creates a hopelessness in a lot of people, and they get to the point of just saying, yeah, there's a world government, yeah, pedophiles run things, yeah, the vaccines are tainted, and so what?
They injected black people with syphilis, and they injected poor people all around the world with syphilis, and there's just some shadow group that does this, and it tells us what it does, and in a way, I guess I've sickeningly been here to be their spokesperson, to say, hey, You're scum, we're slowly killing you, and that's just the way it is.
Because the average person really doesn't care.
In fact, hell, if their kid's brain damaged, they'll get some publicity out of that and maybe even have their neighbors feel sorry for them.
Hell, a lot of moms now want to chop their son's testicles and penises off because it's the cool, trendy thing to do.
And I began to realize that we had been put into a spell And that people subconsciously actually knew what they were doing and kind of liked it and that I didn't like it subconsciously or consciously.
And I was speaking out against it and that I had just committed a thought crime against the community of Satanists.
And that the national religion of America is Satanism now, and that killing ourselves and killing our children is now our culture.
And that people really know I'm right, and they know I'm telling the truth, but a lot of them are like, hey, shut up!
Don't let other people in on the fun.
And that If you were somebody that went back in time to another crazy civilization like the Aztecs, sacrificing their own children, and you ran up on top of the pyramid and said, don't kill 5,000 children on holidays, this is crazy, they'd look at me and say, you're nuts.
Now they're all crazy, but you see, if you're the minority in a land of insane people, you're the one that's crazy, according to them, because perception is reality for these delusional individuals who are under a spell.
And so that's some food for thought, ladies and gentlemen, that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
Think about that.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
It's Matt Bracken.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Okay, thanks for staying with us, even though the first string is gone and we're digging back onto the back of the
Matt Bracken with you for the rest of the hour and I have a special guest today.
We're talking about the guys out in the field, both in embassies and under non-official cover.
officer as opposed to an analyst at a cubicle rat at Langley.
We're talking about the guys out in the field, both in embassies and under non-official
cover. In fact, he was a chief of station. Now, the deep state has done such a great job
of destroying the reputation of our intelligence services that a lot of you, as soon as you
hear CIA, you probably are rolling your eyes and saying, well, here's a professional
You know, here's somebody we can't trust.
But Bradley Johnson is what we would call a white hat.
He is an anti-deep stater who believes in American national sovereignty.
You know, imagine that.
He's not a globalist like most of the people that are now, you know, that have now infested every level of our federal government, including the FBI, the CIA, Department of Justice.
As such, he's in a decided minority.
He's on with me today, and we're going to be talking about the Deep State coup, which is now in the Ukrainegate phase.
Bradley, are you there today?
Are you there?
Yes, I am, Matt.
Good to see you again.
Yeah, thanks.
I was watching pretty much all of today, either watching or listening, and They're getting closer to getting to the origins of this.
It's like with Horowitz and Durham and the Russia collusion hoax.
It's important that you just don't believe in the virgin birth theory.
Like with the Russian collusion, the virgin birth theory is like the great, the big bang.
It all happened July 30th when Papadopoulos spoke to Downer.
You know, nothing happened before that.
So it's really important to to peel this back and see what set this all up.
And in the case of the Ukraine gate hoax, What set it up was Eric Caramella getting fired from the National Security Council and going right back to CIA.
No demotion, not kicked out, nothing.
You know, he didn't get sent to the Department of Transportation.
He's fired for leaking against the administration.
He goes right back to the CIA, which goes to your theory that, you know, behind the scenes, Brennan and his cohorts are still really running the operation.
But the guy on the guy on the National Security Council to this day, Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, the one that Ukraine offered the job of defense minister, which makes you wonder what kind of, you know, inside great favors that he'd done for them to make them love him so much.
That's very worrisome.
So Vindman, he heard the call.
He leaks it to Chiara Mella.
During the whole impeachment inquiry this week, they're getting very close to naming him.
They're, they're, you know, firing shots around him without naming him.
But Ciaramella, there's a story out today, he had a bromance with another guy on the National Security Council named Sean Misko.
Guess where Sean Misko went just a couple months ago?
He went to Adam Schiff's House Intel Committee.
You know, imagine that.
So you've got You've got the bromance guys, Charimela, he's back at CIA, Misko, he's at Adam Schiff's staff, Vindman leaks to Charimela, Charimela hands the story to Misko, and Schiff and the IG report, the Intel Community IG report comes out, and we're here where we are.
My question is, how long can this masquerade go on before the entire thing is outed?
I mean, when are the TV networks going to tell us what everybody on the Internet's known for weeks now about this entire connection?
How long can this hold out?
Well, I think we're at the beginning of the end in this case.
The FBI is opening an investigation of Eric Charamella.
So as that comes forward, it's going to be a news story that they're just not simply going to be able to avoid in the left-wing mainstream media.
So they're going to have to report it.
And when that happens, certainly Congress is going to be all over it.
They've been holding off on the Republican side, the ones that are actually trying to help President Trump, which appear to be in the minority.
But those are still holding on to that information and haven't really jumped into the fray, mentioning Eric Caramello's name and background and all of that.
But it will come out.
It's not something that's going to stay hidden forever.
So when it does come out, All of these connections that you're talking about are going to surface.
And I think it's something actually worse.
I'm beginning to suspect very strongly that there's a lot of information out there that Adam Schiff, for example, coordinated all this before any of it began.
Before the whistleblower started, you know, whistleblowing.
And so that means that there was full coordination taking place prior to the act.
Now, if that's the case, and this is and this all is shown to be based on nonsense, which I think is the case, you know, you've got to really start to suspect sedition and acts like that by Adam Schiff and the others involved.
And let me say what Adam Schiff has been doing He's saying that this entire thing, I mean, the basic conundrum comes down to this.
Is President Trump right to ask for an investigation into corruption, even if it includes Joe Biden?
Now, what the Democrats and the left wing press, the mainstream media are saying is that this has all been debunked.
But if you look at How this is debunked.
For example, they're saying the excuse, and this came out in an article three days ago, four days ago by the USA Today, that Hunter Biden being hired by this Burisma at the tune of over $3 million that he was paid is fine because energy companies Hire people like this to, you know, clean up their name, well-known person and all this.
But Hunter Biden, you know, recovering drug addict, emotionally unstable guy with zero experience.
He was not a common name before all this surfaced.