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Name: 20191125_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 25, 2019
2715 lines.

Alex Jones discusses various topics in his show including censorship, pedophilia scandals involving royalty, authoritarianism, and phone calls from listeners. He promotes products such as Heart and Body Extract and a new toothpaste while encouraging support for Infowars during their Black Friday sale. Jones criticizes the ADL's involvement in promoting censorship and hate hoaxes and accuses them of spying on individuals through Google. Additionally, he talks about negative interest rates, zero interest rate policy, quantitative easing, community-based definitions of words, Jeffrey Epstein's death, TurboForce, Gut Fusion, Beto O'Rourke's stance on gun control, and the ADL declaring Infowars as public enemy number one.

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are live broadcasting worldwide on this Monday, November 25th, 2019 broadcast.
5th 2019 broadcast. I am your host Alex Jones.
Well as we could predict, there is a full on assault on Thanksgiving and any other pro-America,
pro-Western holiday.
I'm going to look at some of the real history of Thanksgiving coming up later in the hour today.
We have Google whistleblower Jack Voorhees in studio coming up at the bottom of the hour.
He's going to be getting into the latest plans of expanded censorship into 2020 to try to ensure a victory for either Hillary Clinton or Michael Bloomberg.
And the ADL is now calling for the arrest of the Big Tech Six if they do not hand a victory to the Democrats.
They're actually calling for their arrest for war crimes and they have singled me out for total destruction because I'm pro-America and I do not want to live in an authoritarian hellhole.
I do intend during this hour and throughout the show to have the phones open to discuss any of the big issues you wish to call in about.
First-time callers, long-time callers, callers that disagree, people that agree.
It's going to be a total free-for-all on the call front, but be ready.
I am going to try to go to a lot of calls and get to your calls.
I've been doing a little bit better on that as of late than I have in the past.
We're going to try to really do a great job on that today, so I'll be giving segment and opening the phones up at that point to get you
lined up to get ready to be on air. To say the house of cards is coming
down is an understatement.
You have Prince Charles's younger brother being thrown out of Buckingham
Palace by mummy Queen Elizabeth the second for all of the pedophile news
that's coming out concerning him not just the Jeffrey Epstein information.
And so coming up next segment, I'm going to ask the question, why is he having to leave?
But Prince Charles, who was even bigger buddies with Jimmy Savelle, an even bigger known pedophile, who was connected to sacrificing children and murdering children.
Why are they ejecting the Prince?
Well, this is definitely a panic move by the pedophile blackmail cult.
And the pedophile blackmail cult wants total control over language.
Servile, cult-like control.
That's why they're called a cult.
And that's why they're now waging absolute, complete war At levels never before seen on language.
And that's why national television, the censor board in the UK, that's the model for the US, is now saying they're outlawing the word uppity.
Because somebody thinks it was once used in connotation to black people.
So that's the level of the control, and I would expect the ADL to call for anyone that uses the word uppy to be arrested.
They always follow suit, because it's about a hysterical, total, and complete out-of-control power grab.
But make no mistake, this is pure authoritarianism, extremely dangerous, and we now know their battle plan.
We know they're going for a hot war.
They're going for the purposeful civil war, overthrow civilization, and now the clock is ticking down.
The war is not coming.
The war is here.
Remember, however you're listening or watching, this is the enemy's number one enemy, and they hope that we're shut down.
So however you can, spread the word.
It is an act of revolution and rebellion, and it's paramount to victory.
So spread the word now.
I stayed up here until 11 p.m.
on Friday night to put out an emergency report.
And I did that because it's one of the most shocking Bellwethers I've ever seen.
When I witnessed the speech given at the ADL's National Summit by Sacha Baron Cohen, I knew that every bit of it was written by the Deep State.
And by the very sinister forces behind the ADL.
He called for the arrest of the Big Tech Six, starting with Mark Zuckerberg, And his execution.
As he said, he needs to be punished accordingly for war crimes, which is execution.
He went on to read off the teleprompter that the attempted silencing of Alex Jones has not been enough.
He says that it was just the beginning.
And that all Americans must be silenced under the will of the globalists.
This isn't some old black and white film footage of Adolf Hitler saying things like that about his enemies.
This is the ADL.
We see the exact same scripting on the Southern Poverty Law Center.
We see the exact same talking points out of major colleges, out of mainstream media.
This is a unified front of authoritarian danger.
A combine of ruthless international corporations have camouflaged themselves as liberal victims of an impending second holocaust, when in reality the ADL now nests firmly in a metastasizing complex of expansionist global domination that represents the greatest threat to free humanity.
I shot a two-hour report on this Friday night.
Completed it at about 10 at night, aired it at 11.
And then I shot a very important seven minute report.
We're going to have reposted the front page of InfoWars.com here in the next few minutes that I hope you will share.
And then I'll be airing at the bottom of the hour, Zach Voorhees, a major Google whistleblower, probably the biggest yet.
He's going to be back in studio with new developments in Intel from his sources and how it ties in to all of this YouTube to censor controversial content.
ADL on board as the flagger.
That was two years ago.
The ADL responds to over 200,000 people trained by them and Southern Poverty Law Center.
ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center holding the contract to censor for the big six tech companies.
Now respond to their piracy and terrorism being acquiesced to by demanding total control and total censorship, or they will have the leaders of big tech arrested.
I'll play these clips, bottom of the hour.
You see, just as the seasons follow in order, just as the days of the week, just as the life cycle of humans, the life cycle of corn.
You can follow the way these things go and all the censorship, all the tyranny, all the whipping up of racial animus by the globalists, by the media, inexorably leads like streams go into creeks, go into rivers, go into oceans.
And we are now in a big rushing river.
We can see the sea like death approaching.
Civil War, collapse of civilization, all designed so that during the collapse, the globalists can consolidate total control and out of that will rise new smart cities that are tax-exempt above the law and where the minions and the establishment that they worship will be ensconced in their fortresses.
The rest of us, under a new feudal system, will be the slaves.
This is the globalists have exploited the third world.
They are now bringing the third world to us and are going to create the ultimate future dystopia.
I do marvel at the wickedness of the plan.
Now we come back from break.
I'm going to get into the house of cards falling.
But again, this is a system that's designed where we're going down fast, but they're miles above us.
Telter Skelter.
This is in the French Revolution, and just as you saw with Charlie Manson, and then now what you see today with the Antifa and the rest of it, this is their vision quest.
It's what they do.
It's the system they carry out.
They are destructors.
They are the...
Manifestation of a decadent evil society being judged.
And the prince is being thrown out of the house by his mommy, Prince Andrew, for all the pedophilia.
We'll give you the rest of the story on the other side.
Brian Stelter says that Trump is leading a cult.
That's the new talking point we're seeing everywhere.
When in truth, it's the globalists that are running the real cult.
It's all coming up today.
And we will open the phones up throughout this broadcast on any of the subjects, any of the items, any of the news.
Any of the subjects, 877-789-2539, 877-789-Alex, 877-789-2539.
Arrest the tech heads if they don't fully submit to the ADL and the university combine of leftists that are now openly suing everybody that protects America like myself and others.
Georgetown University is organized and funding the fake Charlottesville case and many others.
And their stated goal is to end the First Amendment.
They're not just going to take your guns, they're going to take your speech, they're going to take everything until we start refusing to bow down and stop refusing to be slaves to the system.
One of the biggest things you can do, because we've already enraged the enemy staying on air this long, is to buy the products.
The thing I really want above all is for you to continually, daily, via enemy platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, all of it, but also via word of mouth, via your own text message, via your own email, aboutinfowars.com forward slash show and band dot video.
And let people know, hey, that's the verboten information.
That's what the enemy works around the clock to try to block.
Because we're promoting an ideology of truth and justice and common sense and victory.
That if it's allowed to operate, people will want to go with this system voluntarily instead of the horribly evil, oppressive, globalist system.
So I can't tell you how important you are.
And I can't tell you how your own future and my future and all of our futures are bound together.
You already know that, so just act like it.
And I know that we're seeing a lot of exciting action.
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But we need to go into the future.
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Take advantage of it.
Alright, let's dive right into the House of Cards.
Beginning to come down very, very quickly.
As anybody that's been listening to us for a few years knows, I've explained that an international crime syndicate uses pedophilia to compromise organizations and groups.
And they can get into the Boy Scouts, the Vatican, a Protestant church, universities, government institutions, and they will first generally trick a manager, mid-level, to have sex with an underage girl who looks like she's 20.
We've all seen these girls that are 15, 16, look like they're 25, from all the hormones, the food, and the rest of it.
Then they go, hey, it's okay, you're part of the club now, just do us some favors, we won't tell the police.
This has come out in court, it's how they operate.
And they go, you know, to really trust you, we want you to have sex with this 14-year-old girl.
And then, you do that, well now, it's a 10-year-old girl.
And people that balk at it, they either set up and put in prison, or they kill them.
And that's how they operate.
Now, in the past, they would get people to take money, or they'd get people to cheat on their wife.
But about a hundred years ago, people got more liberal, so that wasn't a big deal anymore.
People's wives would not divorce them, or vice versa.
Polyamory became more common.
Divorce became more acceptable.
And you see, once you do that, well, there's no bottom, is there?
And again, I'm a worldly person.
I've been very worldly in my life.
It's not like I'm up here at Mr. Goody Two-shoes judging people.
I'm explaining how the slippery slope works.
We all know it.
And then once they've done that, it's over.
And it's a Ponzi scheme.
And the main thing people are involved in is sex with children, because it's the final thing that ingrained people will kill you for.
You could be involved in bezzling money.
You could be involved in narcotics trafficking.
You can still blow the whistle and get state's evidence and not get prosecuted.
But for pedophilia, the prosecutors aren't going to be allowed to let you go into the witness protection program.
You're going to go to prison and you're going to get killed in prison because the criminals know who the really bad guys are.
And prisons know who's at the top of the food chain.
It's the pedophiles who are basically untouchable.
So if they can get their hands on them, they get killed real quick like Jeffrey Dahmer.
And so nowhere in the world has been more pedophile controlled than England.
It's been in the cover of their major papers that British government run by pedophiles.
Now, Jimmy Savelle was a top BBC host of scores of shows.
He was best friends with Prince Charles.
He had the highest level security clearance in England.
He could come and go to any royal facility in the country.
He could go into nuclear submarines.
He had the highest security clearance that the Queen of England has.
Just carte blanche.
And I was told by BBC reporters and others 20 years ago, off record, that Savelle would bring kids in.
They'd lay plastic down for globalists and they'd slit their throats.
It's one of their favorites.
While the globalists would have sex with little girls or little boys.
And later they found the dead bodies.
They found the dungeons.
It was all confirmed.
And then kids would even escape.
And then they would get run over by cars, or they'd be stabbed to death in their rooms at night.
I mean, we're talking hardcore Satanism.
And let's put Jimmy Savelle's face up there for TV viewers.
I mean, look, he looks just like what you'd think a Satanist would look like.
Just type in Jimmy Savelle into a search engine, click images.
Now, that's what he looks like.
That's what you would exactly expect that.
Few people look creepier than Brian Stelter.
he's one of them.
So, why is Prince Andrew in so much trouble?
Because as I said last week, he is the selected scapegoat because you're going to find he only had sex with underage 16-17 year olds.
And they're going to make it all about that.
And I predicted a few weeks ago, he will be the fall guy because it's limited and because there's no evidence he had sex with children or devil worship or anything.
Because Prince Charles was best friends.
Here, I'll show you some photos of him.
Yeah, there's one right there.
Show some of them smiling.
I mean, you think he's scary there.
Show the demon face.
Jimmy Savelle smiling.
So this is a satanic devil worshiper.
There he is.
That reportedly killed hundreds of little boys and little girls.
Whatever royals or globalists wanted, he would deliver them in a van.
Yes, wait for it.
An ice cream truck he drove.
You heard me right.
An ice cream truck.
a panel van.
Well, that's him with the HBO host.
Look, he doesn't like me.
So, these guys are in a club.
These guys are in a club.
And they're sexualizing your children, they're normalizing everything.
And so his best friend was Prince Charles.
But Prince Charles isn't being kicked out of the royal family.
No, it's Prince Andrew, who they're also getting ready To have the FBI interview.
So that's where all of this is going.
And they think you're weak.
They think you've rolled over.
They think the world is theirs.
And now they're going directly for your children.
And the ADL has endorsed Drag Queen Storytime and sexualization of five-year-olds.
And the ADL was founded when a pedophile kidnapped a 13-year-old girl, tortured her, raped her, and murdered her.
And so that's what this is.
An army of pedophiles coming for you and your children.
And it goes right to the top.
British Royalty, ADL, Southern Primary Law Center, at the top.
That's what they do, it's who they are.
And all of you that have signed on to them, Here's part of the report on Prince Andrew, who again, they're throwing under the bus because what's going to come out on him is limited.
This is a distraction, like a broken wing on a mockingbird.
They'll act like they have a broken wing if you're close to their nest to get you diverted off.
Here it is.
Prince Andrew is the first in royal history to be booted from the offices of Buckingham Palace after being relieved of his royal duties.
Prince Andrew's junket to Bahrain was cancelled as the many charities connected to the prince pull away from his endorsement.
The Queen also fired Andrew's longtime private secretary Amanda Thirsk after she pressed the prince to undergo the now She was very specific about that night.
interview in which he tried to use a bizarre medical disorder to debunk the
claims of Epstein accusers. The Sun reported. She was very specific about
that night. She described dancing with you and you profusely sweating and that
she went on to have baths possibly. There's a slight problem with the
sweating because I have a peculiar medical condition which is that I don't
Meanwhile, the enormous scope of Epstein's illicit resorts of compromise of the rich and powerful in New Mexico and the Virgin Islands are being documented by drones and released for public scrutiny.
It has aroused some kind of interest from the visitors, yes.
Wondering, you know, which island is Jeffrey Epstein's island?
Well, I mean, it would have some kind of notoriety, yes, but I mean, it's not us indicative as a place.
He is a person that owns an island in the Virgin Islands, but that's not us.
That's not the Virgin Islands people, but yeah.
The Daily Mail reports recent photos reveal a staircase leading downstairs in the 10,000 acre New Mexico Zorro Ranch.
As a former contractor claims the convicted pedophile built a thousand square foot underground strip club for entertaining his VIP guests with teenage girls.
Epstein took my sexual innocence in front of a wall of framed photographs of him shaking hands and smiling with celebrities and political leaders.
I was only 15 years old.
After he wanted to talk with me about what had just been my first sexual experience and directed me to take time to myself that night to cry.
He said that would be beneficial to my growth.
All of this on the heels of yet another accuser pointing rape allegations at alleged serial rapist former president Bill Clinton for unspeakable satanic torture conducted while the United States suffered in a state of shock after 9-11.
There is an incredibly violent display going on and I don't want to talk too much about that right now, but before I was raped by Bill Clinton, my uncle held me up over his head and his accomplice walked up and slashed across the bottom of my feet with a scimitar and collected the blood in a chalice.
I'm going to put the call out that you call the White House and tell them, look, we've seen the news stories that you've wanted to blow things up, that you have blown things up, and that you're saying that four million of us are going to die and we need martial law and the Associated Press at one of your little drills you had.
And that we're aware of who the terrorists are if you pull this.
This can stop the Hitlerian Reichstag event.
The weight of all of this circumstantial and direct evidence only adds to the fact that Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.
John Bowne reporting.
The most powerful and influential Jewish organization in the world, the ADL, or Anti-Defamation League, has come out and issued a public statement at their main conference calling for the arrest of the big six tech heads if they do not fully turn control of their company's moderation and content over to them.
This is literal terrorism.
And maybe fines are not enough.
Maybe it's time To tell Mark Zuckerberg and the CEOs of these companies, you already allowed one foreign power to interfere in our elections.
You already facilitated one genocide in Myanmar.
Do it again and you go to jail.
The ADL then goes further and calls for a purge of everyone who does not Agree with them.
Insist on facts and purge these lies and conspiracies from their platforms.
Ladies and gentlemen, not even Hitler gave speeches this evil and this draconian.
He just took over and then carried out the evil.
Multinational corporations working with groups like the ADL have decided to brand any resistance to their takeover as anti-semitic.
This is so incredibly dangerous and it's going to blow up in the face of those that are trying it.
It's the ADL spokesperson that famously said, throw the Jew down the well so my country can be free.
Well I simply say uphold the Bill of Rights and Constitution and stand up to those that want to gag the people of the United States just as the people of Europe and the UK have been silenced.
This is the tyranny in our age.
This is the threat.
This is the authoritarianism.
Do it again and you go to jail.
Since when in history have we heard a powerful organization via their celebrity spokesperson say, if corporations don't do our exact bidding, we are going to have their directors arrested?
If what you just heard isn't Hitlerian, Nothing is.
It's why YouTube recommended videos by the conspiracist Alex Jones billions of times.
It's why fake news outperforms real news because studies show that lies spread faster than truth.
And it's no surprise that the greatest propaganda machine in history has spread the oldest conspiracy theory in history.
The lie that Jews are somehow dangerous.
So the trick is very, very elementary.
Convince everyone that there's a second Holocaust about to happen and that there are Nazis under every table.
And then, switch it to Alex Jones, and Donald Trump, and nationalists, and conservatives.
On the internet, everything can appear equally legitimate.
Breitbart resembles the BBC.
The fictitious protocols of the Elders of Zion look as valid as an ADL report.
So the ADL's gonna protect us from all these Nazis, and then we learn they're Alex Jones, Donald Trump, Breitbart, Stephen Miller, anybody that doesn't like George Soros that was an actual Nazi collaborator and said it was the best time of his life on 60 Minutes?
This is dangerous.
But it's more than just a power grab, it's also about money.
Because the ADL is already paid hundreds of millions of dollars a year by big tech to run their moderation and the training of their censors.
But Cohen says that's not enough.
You better spend unlimited amounts of money to stop what they deem as thought crime.
Now in their defense, these social media companies have taken some steps to reduce hate and conspiracies on their platforms.
But these steps have been mainly superficial.
The ADL teleprompter reader insults all of his viewers by claiming that big text censorship directed and captained by the ADL has only been superficial.
Hundreds of millions of accounts have been suspended.
Anyone promoting Trump or nationalism in the Second Amendment has been banned.
Thousands of people I know have lost their bank accounts at the ADL's direction.
What did Hitler do in Nazi Germany in the early years?
He took Jews' bank accounts away and wouldn't let them engage in commerce.
Voltaire was right when he said, those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
Arrest people that don't submit.
Purge the internet.
This is what you hear out of megalomaniac's mouths.
And the stench of authoritarian danger is absolutely overwhelming.
This can't possibly be what the creators of the internet had in mind.
One of the few true things that Cohen said was that The internet wasn't supposed to be like this.
It wasn't supposed to defeat the globalists.
It wasn't supposed to empower humanity.
It was supposed to control and surveil and track everyone and bind everyone into this authoritarian system.
But instead it has been used to expose corruption to a great extent.
And so now they're playing a game of catch-up.
In an attempt to tap down on the resistance worldwide.
And the power structure is in a full bore panic.
And their attempt to crush dissent is only going to increase it.
But Infowars is a main target of these organizations because we want to bring everyone together.
Like Martin Luther King did.
And promote a true western renaissance culture of freedom based around the principles that our republic was founded with.
And that's why The forces of evil want to shut us down.
That's why it's more important than ever that any viewer or listener understand this is a quest to be able to get information out of the people so they can make decisions for themselves.
You'll find our censored videos, articles, and more at band.video and infowars.com forward slash show.
Without you spreading those articles and those videos, We are not going to be able to reach new people during this incredible time.
And the forces of authoritarian globalism are going to win.
But if you continue to take action, with your incredible word of mouth, we are going to win this fight together.
Please take action.
I want to thank you and salute you all.
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It's a nice, green, long-sleeved shirt, white in the middle, very, very comfortable.
And then, it's got Christmas tree lights wrapped around its neck, and it said, Jeffrey Epstein is like Christmas lights, ladies and gentlemen.
That's right, Christmas lights are a lot like Jeffrey Epstein.
These things don't hang.
And the leftists know they're a pedophilic system, even the ones that aren't involved in it.
And it really just is the check made on them.
This is the ultimate shirt.
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Facebook and Instagram banned conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
I am now completely banned.
Now InfoWars, of course, is that web show and website led by rageaholic Alex Jones.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
These people aren't terrifying or anything.
There's also guys on CNN that spend their whole day calling Facebook and saying, can you ban this person?
These are very extreme individuals, and no matter what anyone tells you, they are extremists, and that's why Facebook decided to get rid of them.
Basically, they've deemed these individuals to be dangerous, is what Facebook is saying.
Those individuals include people like right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Organizations like Media Matters have pointed out consistently how Alex Jones and other InfoWars pages had just simply circumvented any ban by starting a different account or going on Instagram.
If you don't like someone on Facebook, don't follow them.
It's not that hard to figure out.
Facebook, are you going to do something about the liberals who call me the n-word?
No, because Big Tech is only interested in going after conservatives.
You know, the really dangerous ones.
Dangerous as in saying things that Mark Zuckerberg doesn't like.
President Trump retweeted Paul Joseph Watson twice.
And a brief video by InfoWars' Millie Weaver.
Social media's hall monitor, Frank Stelter, was not very happy about it.
He is promoting the same alternative universe as InfoWars.
Back to your point, though, about the InfoWars presidency, I want to know, and I tweeted this the other day, what is the difference at this point between Trump's Twitter feed and InfoWars.com?
InfoWars content is useful to him.
InfoWars personalities align with him.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
I think they are horrible for our society.
I want them shut down.
I want them silenced.
I want them muted.
Don't worry.
These people aren't terrifying or anything.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
We're broadcasting worldwide.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
On this Monday, November 25th, 2019, global transmission.
2019 global transmission.
Only 343 days left until the 2020 election.
What an archetypal number, 2020.
And there's a battle between globalism and nationalism taking place across the planet.
And when you look at the tenets of globalism, and then you look at who controls globalism and drives it, it is the most classically evil and vicious people you can imagine.
You know, segment before last, I got into Jimmy Savelle and Prince Charles, his best friend.
They vacationed together, they stayed together.
He lived off and on with Prince Charles.
And he is the most vicious, evil pedophile ever known and documented in the modern age.
Hundreds of children, reportedly, ritually raped and then bled to death by him.
Torture dungeons found in secret lairs in his house.
dead bodies dug up on his property.
He would get a call on his pager and his radio phone.
This goes back even to the 70s and would rush around at all hours of the day
to have sex with children minutes after they died.
That was another one of his specialties.
And then he would arrive with a bunch of other royals and people and have sex with the dead bodies.
They liked that even better.
They felt like it robbed the soul and hurt the dignity of the children.
They like to kill children.
They like to slit their throats.
They like to torture them.
But their favorite thing was sex with the dead bodies right after they died.
And the reports were confirmed that they would keep parents away.
They'd say, oh, get out of here, your child's dying.
And then Savelle would come in right as they died.
That would really horrify them better when they had leukemia or other things.
Other children have been in car wrecks.
He loved raping children when they were paralyzed, too.
The horror in their eyes just made him so happy.
That's who runs America.
That's who runs England.
That's who runs the world.
And you wonder why Hollywood's so evil?
You wonder why this is all so bad?
You look at Tarantino and his movies like Django and all the rest of it where evil white people are everywhere and have got to be killed.
These exploitation films, machete type films.
I know others made that.
I guess he made that too.
So, so what is all this about?
Division, making us hate each other.
Teaching people that whites are inherently bad.
And then now we're told by the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center that America is evil and bad.
America that saved all these people from the Holocaust.
Now we're the bad guys.
And all these universities stage hate crimes in every case.
Hate crimes, as they call them, to create hysteria on the universities.
And even when it comes out at stage by the faculty and by the leftists, it's okay.
It was for a better, greater cause, like Jussie Smollett when he got caught.
All these Democrats defended him.
And now he's suing the police for wrongful prosecution, saying he's innocent again.
Rubbing it all in.
I'm gonna go to your phone calls and cover a lot of this news, but the first thing I want to hit in this segment is New Amazon Show, Paul Joseph Watson article on Infowars.com.
New Amazon Show features white people wearing red Make America Great style hats being hunted as Nazis.
And they had that movie that was coming out a few months ago called The Hunt, where the left kidnaps right-wingers and takes them to the woods to hunt them.
And you wonder why racial attacks on whites are at all-time highs and the media tries to cover it up.
This is what Hollywood and the ADL and everybody's doing.
Creating this idea that people that like property and the Second Amendment in America are only white.
So all the people in America, America all basically being half white, half other colors, don't feel like they like America and have an autoimmune response to having the right to own property or guns or freedom.
Literally, everyone's being taught America existing is bad.
No borders, no wall, no USA at all.
And then after you demonize the white people in all the movies, well the ADL comes out and says Trump's a Nazi, Stephen Miller's a Nazi, Alex Jones is a Nazi, Prager University's a Nazi.
It's really horrifying.
Because the left dehumanizes you when they call you that, and then they get to act like Nazis.
The Nazis dehumanized people, calling them Jews or gypsies or other things, and then did what they wanted.
But now the exact same playbook...
I mean, I guess that's what it is in psychology, where the abused become the abuser.
A lot of pedophiles were abused as children.
I mean, is that it?
Like, grandparents of some of the ADL people got killed, and America went and defeated Hitler, so I now get to have all my rights taken and my bank accounts taken, and I get to be physically attacked?
And then you sit there and smile as you kick me like Nazis in a death camp, kicking Jews in the face?
And you make all these simulated movies about killing white people?
I mean, it's really unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen.
So let's go ahead and roll the little trailer for one of the new myriad shows where, like The Purge and The Hunt and all of these, where you go out and you kill and you shoot, you hunt down the evil white people because they deserve it.
And then it teaches you to hate Southerners and all the rest of this crap when everybody's getting along real good in the South.
Let's go ahead and roll this piece.
An Amazon original.
There comes a time where we all must choose between the light and the darkness.
But when there is great darkness in this world, perhaps the choice is made for us.
Al Pacino?
You know, for eons, people like us have been degraded and exterminated.
But no more.
Hey, pause.
Oh, the poor Jews and the poor black people, they've been hunted, they've been exterminated.
That's why everybody's fighting to get into America.
And now the big powerful media and the big powerful banks and the big powerful tech is gonna teach the white people that they're bad and that they're evil and that they're Nazis.
And a large portion of people, when they're physically attacked and told this, are going to step into the gang mentality and become that.
And that's what this is really designed to do.
Like a prison.
You have the Hispanic area, the black area, and the white area.
West Coast areas, you'll have an Asian area, a Hispanic area, a black area, and a white area.
And everybody's in their racial gang, and you go to jail for whatever.
You don't want to be in a racial gang, but you don't survive five minutes if you don't join the gang.
And so America is being inducted into racial politics.
By Hollywood, by the ADL, by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
So all these groups can feed on their scared group under them in the giant prison America.
The social contract is being brutally broken.
Let's continue.
You must remember, this evil starts as but a spot inside a thing.
Then it grows to a stain.
Then it becomes a scourge.
And we can't know such evil until it strikes.
So the time to act It's now.
before everything we hold dear to us is destroyed.
This is not murder.
This is mischief.
Welcome to the hunt.
Welcome to the hunt.
Welcome to the hunt.
And pause.
So you're all the cool, trendy, uh, anti-fump.
And we're going to go back to this in a moment when they start killing the white people.
Nobody's going after George Soros, an actual Nazi collaborator.
No, no, no, no, no.
You work for him in the hunt.
So let's go back and see who works for Soros.
Back in a few seconds.
Let's go out to break with the cool, trendy, so we're going to go kill the white people who look at him wrong at the Washington area.
Here it is.
Welcome to the hunt.
Don't worry, they're going to kill those white people.
This is not murder.
This is mischief.
So, there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
Every leftist organization is pushing for a violent communist revolution based around killing white people.
And they're gonna stage giant false flags and blame us, you already know that.
So guard yourself for true and understand it's very, very sad.
Most quote minorities aren't buying into it, but they're gonna be forced into it.
And that's the way this is going.
We'll be right back with our number two, please spread the word.
So multinational corporations are openly censoring nationalists, patriots, Christians, free marketers, just common sense folks that want unity and freedom, Americans.
While they fund race war, social division, dozens of TV shows and movies a month coming out where white people are hunted down and murdered.
CNN says if you believe in the nation existing, you're a Nazi.
True authoritarianism is here.
It's making its move against the country.
And yes, President Trump in many ways is doing a good job opposing it, but he's not defending the people.
From this type of garbage.
He came out and exposed the hunt and said it's designed to get people killed in mass.
They didn't release the film.
Didn't censor it.
Just pointed out it was gonna get mass killings going.
So now they've just got all these other movies coming out basically under the same name.
With Jews hunting down the evil Christians, I guess.
That's the show.
We just broke down the articles up on Infowars.com.
New Amazon show features white people wearing red mega hats being hunted as Nazis.
Series starts Al Pacino.
There's numerous similarities to the hunt, including the name of it.
And that's just so sick.
And then the left says we're calling for violence.
When they're the quote anti-fascist funded by the most famous living fascist who worked directly for Hitler, you know him as George Soros.
You cannot make up the magnitude of that.
Jason in Texas, you're on the air, welcome.
Alex, how does it feel to be public enemy number one?
You know I'm just promoting Americana and Unity so I get called a Nazi that needs to be silenced and then they've got all these TV shows and movies saying I need to be murdered.
I think that there's a delicious irony to the fact that Sacha Baron Cohen is with the ADL calling for the arrest of the tech head when they were complicit with Infowars being deplatformed.
I haven't played that clip yet when they gave Tim Cook the award for leading mighty platforming.
Yeah, no, he's up there saying, purge Alex Jones and everybody like him.
He said, this is just the beginning.
He said, we want him totally destroyed.
And then he said, we're going to arrest the tech heads.
They don't submit to us.
And people say, that's insane.
That's not Sacha Baron Cohen.
That's the people behind him.
That's what they plan.
And they've already gotten so much done.
I'm just wondering how far this is going to go.
Well, they're tempted to run a roughshod over the silent majority.
But, you know, contained within that silent majority is a very pissed-off minority.
And InfoWars is a repeater, it is an amplifier for that silent majority.
So that we can get our ideas out there and we can show the American people and those patriots out there, one, that they're not alone, and two, that we see exactly what the enemy is doing, and three, that we have a plan on how to defeat them.
Keep landing on them brother, that is what InfoWars is, is really a voice of the populist liberty movement.
And the globalists want to shut us down, so they can then speak for us and say horrible things in our name,
once they've stolen our identity.
That's what censorship is really about, stealing the identity.
That's why it's critical we stay on air, so they can't steal our identity.
Well, they want to shut InfoWars down, because InfoWars has been targeting
and relentlessly hammering the enemy with the truth.
We've been broadcasting that message out there to wake up all these individuals
that really are falling for this nonsense that they're putting out there.
Beautiful brother.
God bless you and keep it up.
narratives that they're putting out there against the president, against
Americana, against freedom of choice and self-determination and InfoWars has
been a thorn in their side and that's why they want to get rid of you and that
is exactly why InfoWars is not gonna quit. We're gonna support you. You have
the support of all the listeners out there and all the patrons that are
actively engaged in doing something in this fight.
Beautiful brother, God bless you and keep it up. Yeah, this is advertising.
That's what Hollywood's doing.
When they put on all these movies and shows saying, any Trump supporter, kill them.
They're all Nazis.
They're trying to get people to go out and start killing.
And it's just so criminal.
These people are psychotic.
Hollywood is psychotic.
It hates America.
It's trying to take America down with it, and it's not going to happen.
Thank you, sir.
The Hunt was coming out.
A few months ago, and it was where the left kidnaps people wearing Make America Great Again hats and takes them out to a farm and hunts them.
Well, folks knew that was going to cause mass shootings, and so they didn't release the film.
But now they've released Hunters, where anyone wearing Make America Great Again hats are really secretly Nazis and get hunted down and killed by Antifa.
This is what Hollywood's pushing while running around saying, oh, we're not violent, we're not bad.
Totally insane.
What resembles the Nazis is the ADL, the Southern Primary Law Center, and the left in this country.
And now we have Sacha Baron Cohen speaking for the ADL coming out and saying, arrest the heads of big tech if they don't give us total control over what they're doing.
He said, it's only the beginning what's been done to Alex Jones.
We want them totally destroyed.
And the ADL's out there saying, fire Stephen Miller, saying he's a white supremacist.
Totally insane.
And you say, that doesn't make sense.
Well, to the zombie followers, they believe that.
Now, the ADL and Southern Providence Law Center knows full well they're liars.
And they look completely freaked out while they're out there saying it.
I mean, they're being directed in order to do this.
I shot a very important video, ADL launches hostile takeover against Silicon Valley Big Six.
It's at newswars.com and banned on video.
Please spread it.
It's really an imperative emergency message.
Get it out there.
Everything we do is important, but this is paramount.
Because this is what the next phase is.
And it has to be opposed.
Legally and lawfully.
Because America is not the Nazis.
And the First Amendment is not Nazi.
People trying to destroy it are authoritarian, and are closer to Nazis than anybody in this country, and are dangerous.
Globalists are upset that Trump's in there, that they haven't fully brought the country down, and now they want a civil war, and they're pushing for one, and Trump sits there and allows this to take place when it's all illegal.
That's Trump's greatest failing is nothing's been done to stop this or to stand up against this.
Oh, we're told on the 9th now.
For sure, the Inspector General report comes out and we're now hearing about FBI agents that falsified reports about Russia connections.
I want to see indictments.
I want to see them now.
Because the group's creating this hate hoax.
Are trying to ride it towards total control over communications in this country and then a purge, close quote, imprisonment and purges of those that don't submit to the left's will.
Sacha Baron Cohen, who made his money off of doing the most obscene stuff you could imagine in this free country, now says the ADL will decide and they already run big tech.
I have the articles.
Right here, we'll cover it.
Bottom of the hour, I'm going to go back to your phone calls right now.
But YouTube to censor controversial content.
ADL on board for running the flag.
But that's not enough.
Now he wants total control.
We're going to your phone calls.
Please don't forget that it's your financial support that keeps us on air, keeps the reporters on the ground.
They don't want us here during 2020 if we encounter globalist lies.
They want us off the air so they can misrepresent what we've said and done.
That's why staying on air is so critical.
Not just to get news stories out to expose the globalists, but so they can't steal our identity and use the captured Logo of Infowars to put out this info, which they're doing in movies and TV shows and everywhere.
They know we're the populist movement.
They know we really represent it as like a Roman standard, basically, and they want that standard captured.
They know we're legitimate, we're good, we're loving, we care, we want to bring people together.
That scares these monsters on the globalist left, funded by the Chi-Coms and others.
A true alliance of evil.
But of course a globalist takeover of the country is going to try to brand the resistance as Nazis.
Because they know America doesn't like Nazis.
And Hollywood is just totally complicit in this and will never recover from what they've done.
The NFL has 40% less viewers.
Hollywood is falling apart.
But Hollywood was just a means to an end.
So it's being expended.
It's being destroyed in an attempt to finally capture this country fully.
It's all about power.
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Okay, I'm going to go to your calls right now, into the next segment, and then right through the rest of the broadcast today.
So much more to get into, but this is really a draconian time.
Why is it that the screeching, wicked left is so scared of us?
Because they know, folks, that we're fighting the racism and the cultural division they're pushing.
They know we're the real classical liberals.
They're the vicious, satanic left.
We're exposing their pedophile rings.
That's all coming down.
So they're very scared.
And they should be because revelation of the truth is bringing them down.
They are falling right now.
They're hoping to start a violent civil war because we're intellectually winning.
That's why we need to be non-violent.
Offensively, but protect ourselves as well and be ready to be watching your back because this is a very serious time Let's go ahead and talk to Casey in Mississippi.
Thanks for holding go ahead Thank you for taking my call Alex, I appreciate it.
Thank you, sir.
Go ahead All right.
Well when it comes to the ADL, I think people need to educate themselves on the history of this organization and You can get a pretty good synopsis.
If you look at the executive intelligence review from 1993 called the ugly truth about the ADL Yes, the LaRouche Group did a very good analysis of it.
Is that who you're talking about?
Yes, sir.
And that's not done from a racist perspective or anything.
That's done, you know, from the LaRouche Group that's a very diverse and good folks.
That's why the enemy was so scared of them.
And I remember reading that review a long time ago.
Tell us what's in the review, and then we'll come back and have you speak of it more.
Well, you know, it gets into the history of Bernard Barrett as well.
So, you know, I can see how a lot of people might I don't get the feeling of anti-Semitism or whatever else you'd like to call it, but, you know, truth is truth.
I don't prescribe to this anti-Jewish rhetoric or whatever else, but there are factions within all of, you know, all of different cultures, you know, that have these extremist groups that align.
And they use the divide-and-conquer tactics.
They divide us, you know, race.
They divide us on our ideas.
And as you pointed out, it's building to this ultimately dividing conquer tactic that leads to the smart city, full-on control grid type stuff.
And we need to know the history of these organizations, you know, just so we can call you.
Well, absolutely.
I mean, if you're a big global corporate takeover with the Chai Cubs allied, you want to take over America, you just go and you buy off the left-wing globalist Jewish group to say your opposition is Nazis, including the president.
It's a total lie.
It's true defamation.
And it's terroristic to say we're going to arrest anybody who doesn't submit to us.
I'm going to come right back to you, Casey.
So those of us that are politically informed see the Southern Providence Law Center, the ADL, CNN, MSNBC, saying that Trump's a Nazi, and Stephen Miller's a Nazi, and Alex Jones is a Nazi, and there's Nazis everywhere, and Trump's killing children in cages, none of it's true, and we just go, that's insane!
But the average zombie absolutely believes all of that, ladies and gentlemen.
And then the ADL and others go out and give speeches and say, we want to arrest the big tech heads.
They're not doing enough.
And we want to just totally shut down Alex Jones.
And we want to purge them.
So there's your headline.
The ADL is working with big tech to spy on Americans for coming purge.
They want to arrest us.
Their words.
They want to imprison us.
They want to take our jobs, our bank accounts.
I mean, this sounds like Hitler.
That's what authoritarians do to groups they're targeting.
And it's like a bad dream.
I think I've got all these clips that I'd seen last year and this year that I never even played on air.
Awards ceremonies for the ADL, gives awards to Tim Cook for taking me off the internet.
And it's like hour-long speeches about how I'm evil.
They'll go, extremist Nazis and others like Jones.
They go, and others like Jones.
And they've gotten, they've tapped into what I do.
They know who I am.
They know damn well none of that's true.
It's precisely because I don't want division, and I'm a nationalist, that they hate me because people like me, Hispanics, blacks, white, old, young, Asian, Jewish, If you want freedom, I'm all for you.
And I know there's diverse groups in every group.
I refuse to be tricked by the ADL to hate Jews so the ADL gets more Jews that are scared running up underneath their wings.
This is akin to declassified cases where early on Israel would bomb its own facilities in different parts of the world to get Jews to move to Israel.
That doesn't mean that I'm against Israel itself.
They had different administrations.
Some groups did that, some didn't.
Just like we've had evil governments here.
LBJ was a really evil guy.
Trump, I don't think is.
So I'm sophisticated.
But I gotta tell you, if you're Jewish particularly, you need to contact the ADL and tell them they need to stop in your name.
They say they speak for you, saying they want to arrest big tech heads because they're not doing enough, like Mark Zuckerberg, when he's totally censoring everybody.
And that they want to purge people?
These are quotes?
How would you like people saying, purge you?
See, it's Sasha Barrett-Cohen that goes around saying, throw the Jew down the well so my country can be free!
Hey Sasha, you're not even from the U.S.
Can't my country be free?
You're free to lie about me and say I'm a Nazi, buddy.
But can't I be on platforms to say you're a liar?
Because Sasha doesn't like to play fair.
Because Sasha is a creepy, evil person.
Let's go back to Casey.
You were bringing up from the LaRouche PAX analysis of the ADL.
And I remember reading that report.
It was like a big, thick magazine.
And everything I remember reading in that turned out to be true.
They locked Lil LaRouche up.
Because he was a real progressive trying to unify things and trying to have peace with Russia and China and others.
And of course, we never got that, did we?
He just got put in prison for one credit card statement being wrong.
They're trying to put me in prison right now, too.
Yes, sir.
So, I think that every American, you know, everybody in general needs to look up that particular review there.
Again, it's the Executive Intelligence Review.
I believe it's from 1993 and it's called The Ugly Truth About the ADL.
And yeah, I mean, there's a lot in there.
There's a lot that even relates to the Civil War and how, you know, groups like this had a hand in causing an uprising in our country before.
So, you know, people need to educate themselves to understand what they're up against.
The other part that I wanted to talk to you about today was the information you can find from Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander?
I believe so.
And you can find the PDF, you can find the PDF for the Intelligence Review online as much as you can find the Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars PDF.
I suggest everybody download that and really look into it.
Because, you know, they're using this technology, they're using it in such a way to also, it's not just the propaganda on TV, we're being wound up in multiple ways and I just hope people can take the time to learn about it so they understand again what they're up against.
Very well said, sir.
Thank you so much.
All right, who's up next?
Let's go ahead and talk to Dave in Indiana.
Dave, go ahead, sir.
Hey Alex, it's really great to hear that you're talking about these kinds of issues.
I know it's a very hot-button topic, but I mean, this really is what it comes down to.
Groups like the ADL have been using terms like anti-Semite, As a weapon against their enemies.
It used to be that an anti-Semite was someone that hated Jews, and now it really seems like it's turning into someone that Jews don't like.
They've partnered with D-Lab at the University of California in Berkeley, and they've created this online hate index, which was instrumental in getting your platform taken down, and they have a long history of collaboration with people like Well, I know this.
Lansky and Moe Dalit. They actually awarded Moe Dalit the Torches of Liberty
Award in 1982 and it's really really scary to see what these people are doing
and there's a guy who's been writing about this for a very long time. His name
is E. Michael Jones and I think that you need to talk to him. Well I know this. I
don't know who E. Michael Jones is. I'll send a link to him another day, like some writer. All I
know is I just want to promote freedom, Americana, the Bill of Rights and I
don't try to get into this group or that group.
But when you've got the ADL saying Stephen Miller is a white supremacist and all this crap, fire him in the New York Times, and lying about me and then giving people awards to take me off online.
Now they're saying arrest the big tech heads, purge me.
That's a quote.
And just smiling like a demon up there.
It's like, what the hell?
I'm an American now cornered by people that want my guns, my kids, everything.
And they insist on labeling me as a Nazi so they can dehumanize me.
And it's just, it's nothing but a supremist organization, a race-based supremacy organization that's literally bullying me and attacking me and then wanting me to attack them so they can say, oh look, Jews, give us money.
Look, see, they don't like you because you're Jewish because this criminal group is representing Jews.
It's disgusting.
And the Southern Poverty Law Center is just as bad, and CNN, and all of it.
But particularly, it's right here in their own documents.
The ADL is at the heart of, and now they want the NRA shut down.
And now they want our bank accounts.
And we have to stand up and say, Hollywood, all of this is insane.
All these TV shows where conservatives are bad, and groups go out and kill them.
It's very, very dangerous, and it's craziness.
It's crazy megalomania by the ADL, and it's not going to end well.
It needs to stop right now.
Because I'm not scared of the ADL.
I'm scared for the ADL.
I really am.
Because this is extremely dangerous.
And when push comes to shove, ladies and gentlemen, America's not going to roll over like 1917 Russia to take it in a keister.
It's not going to happen.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Well, Zach Voorhees has been called by other engineers that have gone public.
The biggest whistleblower ever from Google.
And I remember when he was here, I don't know, three or four months ago, he was getting into the fact that the ADL is right at the heart of the censorship push, actually inside Google spying on what you do.
And they got caught breaking in police stations back in the 80s and 90s and got in a lot of trouble.
They lost a bunch of big $10 million lawsuits, calling people Nazis that weren't.
But now, through puppet organizations and things, they've basically launched this whole big push to call Trump a Nazi, myself a Nazi, to produce all these TV shows and movies like The Hunt, or now The Hunters, where you hunt down the Trump supporters and kill them because they're all Nazis.
I mean, the Nazis were loser, weirdo, crazy people, and that were from Germany and got their ass kicked by America.
I'm not accepting this identity the ADL's putting on me.
and in groveling on the ground here. I'm a classical liberal.
That doesn't mean a modern liberal. I believe in America.
And so Zach Voorhees is here with us. He heard me talking about this and said,
"Hey, I was trying to get him to town a month ago. He couldn't do it. But he said, "Hey, I'd like to come to town
now and speak about this."
We have loaded phones. We'll take your calls right into the fourth hour as well today.
But you have to understand something.
He is.
Sacha Baron Cohen admittedly was reading off a teleprompter.
These are things the ADL has said.
It's also what's in the documents.
But to have him saying, last Thursday, I didn't learn about it until Friday, at their big event, that we're going to arrest the big six tech heads if they don't do exactly what we say, he tells them.
I mean, it's very authoritarian.
People overuse Hitler.
This was very Hitlerian.
You're going to do what we say or we're going to arrest you.
And then he went on to say, we're going to purge off the internet these people.
And he said Trump.
He said Breitbart, Alex Jones.
And then they're in the New York Times that very day saying, purge Stephen Miller.
He's a white supremacist.
Give me a break.
He's a conservative Jewish guy that loves America.
And he's trying to unify us around America.
So it really sounds like the ADL really goes after Prager and Miller, Jews that don't I guess nationalist or right-wing Jews, great people, also seems to be folks they don't like.
I know they don't like Levin and others on Fox.
So everybody knows I'm not against Jews.
Jews are diverse groups.
But the ADL, it's a very nasty organization, again, founded to protect a pedophile, and founded to protect the Jewish mafia.
And they've made it their mission to, quote, purge me.
So they're saying, purge me, that means destroy me, pogrom, like Hitler did to Jews, and I'm just like, I'm sorry, I'm not going to play the part of Hitler, and I'm not here for you to destroy me, just because you're, you know, Hillary lost.
So, Zach, thanks for joining us.
Thank you, Alex, for having me back on your show.
So what do you make of this massive escalation?
Well, I saw this coming a long time ago.
I saw that Google had partnered with the ADL in order to create an online hate index where they would go through and identify all the different places on the internet that were contributing to hateful speech.
And, you know, what they think is hateful speech are things like 9-11 Truth.
They think that white rights are places where hate fosters.
And so--
If you say, no, I'm not inherently bad because I'm white, they call that hate.
Right, well they say--
I mean, they're literally saying white people are bad.
I mean, look at the campaign of It's Okay to Be White.
And they're saying we gotta get rid of this dangerous like hate speech.
And it's just like, being okay to be white is your classification of hate speech.
What do you call yourself, like a classical liberal?
I mean, liberals are like for speech, and everybody's good, and you don't judge people by their race.
They're saying, no, no, no, white Anglo-Saxons are the devil!
Well, BS, you damn Nazi!
That's Nazi-like to say a group is inherently bad!
Yeah, absolutely.
Geez, I mean, what the hell's going on here?
I mean, you know, they're saying that there's a bunch of neo-Nazis that they're in America and that they're about to rise up.
Like, let me just paint about how ridiculous this is.
Think if Putin was saying we need to stop the neo-Confederate movement in Russia, right?
Like, you think Russia might be, you know, taken over by neo-Confederates?
And this is what they're trying to say in America, is that we're going to be taken over by neo-Nazis.
That a German political party, a century ago, is on the verge of taking over America.
And it's just like, I've seen these signs in San Francisco that have been warning about this neo-Nazi takeover.
Where are these people?
Well, what happens is when you get to university, you're 18, they literally scare you and go, there's Nazis on campus.
They did it to Candace Owens to make you scared, to put you into a cult.
Yeah, yeah.
It's just fear and division that they're trying.
And there's Sacha Baron Cohen up there reading off the teleprompter and it says behind him, you know, never is now, so never again.
They're saying the Holocaust is now, yeah, of American rights at the hands of the ADL.
Yes, it's true!
You're the Nazis, I'm the Jew!
Leave me the hell alone, you crazy people!
Stop calling Stephen Miller a Nazi!
Stop calling Trump one!
You crazy loons!
You evil, evil people!
What the hell is your problem?
That's insane!
You know, whenever they talk about Holocaust denial, I always wonder, are they talking about the Armenian Holocaust, which the ADL denied until, like, 2016?
Are they talking about the Haldimor?
Nobody serious denies that Hitler didn't kill a bunch of Jews and was bad.
I mean, this is insane.
What the hell?
We beat the frickin' Nazis!
Stop calling me a Nazi, you dirty liars!
God, I'm getting pissed, man.
And I saw one of these guys going, oh Jones' grandfather's almost dying in World War II.
He was like just denying America went to war in World War II.
You're the deniers!
Alex, can I trigger you, actually?
I've got a video I want to show.
You're denying that America kicked the Nazis' ass!
You live in the past because you love Hitler!
You love the attention it gets you!
Go ahead.
I would love to trigger you with a video that was pushed by the ADL talking about the online hate index.
And this is clearly illustrative of what they want to do to the Internet.
We're going to get to that clip next segment, I promise.
But I want to play these first, okay?
I know you got a bunch of stuff.
I haven't seen what you're going to play and I don't know and I'm not going to pre-approve it.
I just want to get to my clips because we'll never get to them.
Here is Sacha Baron Cohen reading off the teleprompter saying Purge.
Let's play the Purge clip.
There is such a thing as objective truth.
Facts do exist.
And if these internet companies really want to make a difference, they should hire enough monitors to actually monitor.
Work closely with groups like the ADL and the NAACP.
Insist on facts and purge these lies and conspiracies from their platforms.
By the way, NewsGuard has hired the ADL and they're allowed to go into your private accounts, when you have accounts with Microsoft, and read what you're saying.
They admit this.
So the ADL is in your computer!
Hell, who needs the NSA when you've got Sacha Baron Cohen in there making sure you're a good person?
Let's go to the next clip.
Here he is saying, arrest the big tech heads if they don't fully submit to him.
So hiring a bunch of ADL to run things isn't enough.
Here it is.
And maybe fines are not enough.
Maybe it's time to tell Mark Zuckerberg and the CEOs of these companies, you already allowed one foreign power to interfere in our election.
That's not true.
You already facilitated one genocide in Myanmar.
Do it again and you go to jail.
Fondizes again, Israel.
You go to jail.
It's the same BS.
Blaming Big Tech.
Big Tech under Hillary launched the Arab Spring.
Let's play a little bit of the awards ceremony of the ADL last December with Tim Cook with him going, oh, thanks for getting Alex Jones, who's such a hero.
Purge him!
Here, here.
He uses ambiguous terms and phrases, like good judgment and the innate desire to separate right from wrong, without actually giving right and wrong any clear definition.
My friends, if we can't be clear on moral questions like these, then we've got big problems.
Sure, Tim.
Clarity is absolutely needed for us to understand why you think viewpoint discrimination is actually a good thing.
The trouble is, every time we ask you, you give unclear answers like this one.
Because it's the right thing to do.
It's the same type of answer you gave that vice reporter, too.
But at what point were you like, okay, that's it, Alex Jones has to go?
You know, I don't want to get into a singular kind of event, but I think there's enough there that reasonable people could agree that if you're going to curate That that should be all.
You know, reasonable people who understand the difference between right and wrong.
The trouble is, every single injustice committed in human history was done by people who viewed themselves as reasonable in pursuit of a greater good.
Take your pick in the lottery of human injustice.
From the communist breadlines to the fascist concentration camps, the people behind these atrocities believed they were good and reasonable.
That's Matt Christensen.
He's going to get to the part where they give him the award.
And we're going to get back to Zach Voorhees, the clip.
He wants to play your phone calls.
All right, I know we've got loaded phones with James and Chase and Carlos and Andy and Jefferson and Phil and Dee.
We'll get to all of you pretty quick, and then we'll get into all these clips and the analysis that Zach Voorhees, who's a really smart former Google insider, is going to lay out for us.
But the reason this is so big is the ADL is right at the center of big tech inside, interfaced.
That's confirmed.
That's not denied.
Spying on what you're doing.
And Microsoft has hired them and others.
And it'd be one thing if they were spying on Nazis illegally, that'd be illegal and I'd be against it.
They're doing it to everybody, and then calling us Nazis.
And it's so dangerous, it's so crazy, and it's going to piss a lot of people off.
And I've let it run down my back like a duck when they do all of this, but I want to go back to the clip with that reporter breaking down last December, I never even talked about this at the time, when the ADL gave an award to Tim Cook for censoring yours truly.
Let's play a few more minutes of that.
...defamation league organized around combating hate symbols like Pepe the Frog,
making sure your Starbucks coffee is neither too hot nor too racist
until they get kicked out for being pro-Israel and pro-cop, and lecturing other Jews about what Jew jokes they're
allowed to make, if any.
Yes, that ADL gave Tim Cook recognition for his fantastic and supposedly humanitarian work
against the fundamental human right of free speech.
But Apple's a private company.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it.
I'm not saying Apple must host InfoWars.
I'm just saying I don't accept the idea that censorship efforts are moral, virtuous, or heroic.
Anyway, this thing is called the Courage Against Hate Award.
The first of its kind from the ADL.
Though I'm surprised they didn't give themselves the award for their own courage against hate, disabling the ratings and comments on the video of the presentation.
ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt introduces Tim Cook, specifically praising him for banning Alex Jones off of Apple platforms.
Apple was the first company to remove Alex Jones' hateful, anti-government, conspiratorial rants from their platform.
As well as standing up to racism.
When he saw racism, he told his employees that he would not stand for it.
Racism does not represent our values, he said.
Discrimination based on race doesn't represent our values.
We much prefer discrimination based on viewpoint.
Tim has advocated for equal treatment for all.
Yeah, except for Alex Jones, who doesn't count in the definition of all, because we disagree with him.
I'm incredibly excited about our next speaker, who I know will not only add spark to our conversation, I am certain he will inspire us.
Well, thank God.
If there's one person who could actually make Tim Cook look like an exciting spark, it's this dude.
The major quote from Tim that's getting a lot of play is this one.
He says that his company has a moral obligation to combat so-called hate, and to ignore that obligation would be sinful.
I believe the most sacred thing that each of us is given is our judgment, our morality, our own innate desire to separate right from wrong.
Choosing to set that responsibility aside at a moment of trial is a sin.
Setting aside the implied idea that political censorship is righteous, I disagree fully.
I think that efforts to silence viewpoints you don't like are one of the most fundamentally unjust aggressions you can take against your fellow man.
Yeah, man.
But beyond that, what's frustrating is Tim Cook has no coherent explanation for what this moral imperative he's describing actually means.
He just uses ambiguous terms and phrases like good judgment and the innate desire to separate right from wrong.
Alright, let's stop right there.
I'm really impressed, and I meant to get this guy on.
I learned about him over two years ago, Matt Christensen, and he wasn't even going to be a public speaker until he was going to Evergreen College.
And he just saw the incredible brainwashing and tyranny and they were teaching that whites were inherently of the devil.
And he's a white liberal.
He's like, that's really racist and crazy.
I mean, it's the hijacking of true liberalism.
Thomas Jefferson ideas that the authoritarian left fears and wants to get rid of.
It's simply insane.
Somebody get back to our guest and your calls.
It's just that Tim Cook.
The Communist Party of China, going back five years ago, would say, if you just pay people a dollar a day more, they won't have their kids living on the street.
They'd chain them up to power poles outside Foxcom, and they won't have suicide nets and 18-hour workdays.
Just pay them a dollar a day more, and we'll give you a better contract.
So the Communists asked Apple to be nicer, and they said no.
So I said, you know, just because Tim Cook lives, spends, is gay, doesn't mean he gets to be a monster.
He's all about the moral-ness.
Oh, the moral-ness.
Here, let me talk to him.
Oh, the most sacred thing is the moral-ness.
I don't care that Tim Cooks likes guys.
It's that the fake act of, because he has sex with dudes, now he can run death camps in China and go to the ADL and get sickening awards.
That's what I'm getting at.
Yeah, I completely agree.
Like, um, he's coming in there and saying that they're going to de-platform a certain group based upon their identitarianism.
And, uh, people are applauding that.
And it's just like, how can they not see that this is a Trojan horse?
Like, they ban you, Alex.
Who else is gonna be banned?
And now, that was a year ago.
It's everywhere.
Now it's everywhere.
I just don't know how Trump and them go, oh, it's a private company.
That was a year ago's argument.
It's not.
It's organized groups coming in in combines, bullying and harassing and deplatforming people, and then getting them fired from their jobs.
I mean, Michelle Malkin said she supports free speech on campuses, so she was fired by her right-wing group.
And then they called her a white supremacist.
She's an Asian woman married to a Jew.
This is insane!
Yeah, the slandering people that aren't even white is white supremacists.
And it's just- All because they go, white people aren't bad.
Yeah, or we should have the freedom of speech.
And you were saying this was a few years ago inside Google what pissed you off, was just seeing clear racism by the left.
Yeah, absolutely.
Like, they're implementing racist hiring practices in order to just try to create an equitable state in the company.
Like, how is that not communism?
And, you know, we should be hiring people by their merits and by their skill.
We should not have race as a factor.
Well, that's what I do.
I don't need to be told.
I mean, I hire whoever does a good job.
Right, because you're a decent American.
Well, just because I want to run things well, I don't even think about what color they are.
And you know, the thing is... That's what I'm saying about the left, though.
All they see is color.
They do.
I mean, you know, they would make Martin Luther King turn in his grave, where we're now judging people based on the color of their skin and not the content of their character.
And now they're saying, purge those that don't submit to us, arrest the heads of big tech.
I mean, this is flaming authoritarianism.
Why do you think they're getting to this point?
Um, honestly, I think that they're trying to... I think it's a coup.
I honestly think... I mean, I was in, you know, Google, I didn't... Over all of America.
I mean, that's it.
We're gonna put you in jail, we're gonna take your speech, we're gonna take your property.
I mean, that's... that's concentration camps.
Right, like, political correctness always precedes, like, a mass genocide.
Like, you see it in Russia, you see it in China.
Oh yeah, leftists have killed roughly ten times what right-wingers have.
Yes, absolutely.
So this is what they do.
They're following a formula.
They intend to lock us up.
Which is why we need to oppose this with every living fiber of our body and reverse it because the thing is is that you think that it's coming in to like protect a minority class.
No, it's a Trojan horse.
For implementing a genocidal-like regime that's going to come in.
Because if you can't talk and say, you know, the things that are really on your mind, then what they're going to do is they're going to take away your livelihood, they're going to de-platform you, and then they're going to... But I mean, it's blowing up in their face.
Why call Trump a Nazi?
It's not true!
And people know that's not true.
They need to stop Trump because of what's happening with Epstein.
That's what I think.
I think that when Epstein comes out that the full nature of what he was doing to blackmail politicians, influencers, celebrities.
Well, the ADL was started when a guy was kidnapping kids and delivering them around and killed a 13-year-old girl.
So that's the specialty from the start has been to cover up.
They formed in order to protect this criminal.
And I'm noticing right now that Barry Krischer, the guy who got Jeffrey Epstein off from Sex with Minors and Prostitution, he was given the ADL's Jury Prudence Award.
And it's just like, why are they covering for this prosecutor?
Well, what's happening is the ADL's been sitting back with the Southern Property Law Center on the left and seeing what they can get away with.
And they've gotten away with so much, and all this bullying, that they think they can now say, we're going to arrest everybody.
And I'm just sorry, that's not going to happen.
I mean, we're not going to let... Well, you know what the next move is.
They're going to false flag themselves.
And blame us.
Yeah, that's their game plan.
That's their game plan.
And they don't want me on air when it happens because they want to... I just, you know, I just can't believe it.
I just cannot believe the country's come to this.
I mean, the good thing is that, you know, if someone's pushing a projected consensus, then the way to break the spell is to just, you just need a minority of people to say the truth.
To call it out and say this is, that's why they want to solve error, is because the lie can't be challenged by the truth.
It has to be unopposed.
You can't have anybody else actually pushing out the truth because the truth is viral.
Well, it's like them saying men can have babies and all this.
It's meant to make you just accept.
And then an Asian woman who's pro-Israel, married to a Jew, says, I believe campuses should have free speech, and she's fired and called a Nazi by conservative groups.
That is crazy town!
And it's going to have the byproduct of making a bunch of people turn into what the ADL is saying they are, which is what the ADL wants, because then when there's pushback to Jews in general, all that money will flood into the ADL.
The ADL is setting Jews up for persecution, just like they did in World War II.
They worked with Hitler.
I know you can see me, so here's a surprise.
Alright, I promise I'm going to James, Chase, Carlos, Jefferson, Andy, Phillip, Dee.
The number to join us is 877-789-2539, 877-789-ALEX, 877-789-ALEX.
777-889-2539, 877-789-Alex, 877-789-Alex.
Zach Voorhees is with us a little bit in the next hour, as we got over an hour and 15 minutes
till we have our next guest host taking over, Cheryl Cilente.
He'll be able to get his presentation.
He's got it ready at the bottom of the hour, and I promise to go to your calls.
It's all on this subject.
So let's go to that right now.
We were just talking during the break.
Whether it's this new globalist pope saying, open your borders up or you're evil, go into hell, or whether it's the ADL.
These are all just puppet groups for this satanic force behind it.
You said, yeah, it's cult wars.
That's really what it is, all these cults at the top battling for power.
Right, exactly.
And groups of people, you know, with an ideology that's false and they just like, you know, and they're all controlled by a satanic elite.
Putin called this out.
He said the new world order worships Satan.
He did.
He did.
That's why they hate Putin.
James in North Carolina.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hey, what's going on, Alex?
Good, sir.
Thank you for holding.
What's your view on all this?
Um, well, yeah.
Cult war is exactly what it is.
Whether it's communism, socialism, whatever you want to call it.
Just anti-American.
The more and more you look at it, McCarthy was right.
You know?
Ultimately, that's what it is.
And what it is, is people that are too Machiavelli, they don't stand for something, so they just are into all this craziness and always fighting with each other for power, instead of just building and then you have power.
I mean, that's really what this is, just mental sickness.
It's insanity is what it is.
Yeah, and what's sad now, nowadays, it's the mentally weak that are usually the ones that benefit from being so smart.
Look at AOC.
I mean, it's just obvious.
Yeah, and AOC was an actor, an actress, and she was brought on by a group that was looking for people to run in New York.
And the company that, you know, hired her admitted in a documentary that they had done this, and that she was just someone that they pulled out through a whole filtering process, and they injected her into... A literal puppet!
A literal puppet.
Yeah, with an audition.
That's AOC.
Yeah, there's things you don't hear on other news that, uh...
You only hear here.
That's the reason I've been listening for the past 10 years.
And I'll tell somebody, hey, you need to listen to Alex Jones.
Oh, that conspiracy theorist.
And I'm like, you know, the CIA invented that so people wouldn't question what's really going on.
And I mean, that's the reason I'm such an ardent fan.
And, you know, I don't really care what anybody thinks, because The truth will come to light.
I mean, it says it in the good book, so I think we should all take heed to it, you know?
Thank you so much, James, for holding.
I don't want to make it about me, but it is.
And we'll go to break and make more calls.
Why do you think the system is so obsessed with this show?
The thing is, is that you're talking about the truth.
And the thing is, is that Jeffrey Epstein's about to be exposed as an intelligence front that was blackmailing people.
And the thing is, is that if there's anyone that's American first, they're going to be talking about that.
And so the thing is, is that they're making a big push right now to get rid of people like you and other channels because they want to shut down the damaging information that's about to come out.
That's why.
What do you think about William Barr coming out and saying, perfect storm, Epstein killed himself.
That is so discrediting.
Yeah, I know.
I mean, I think personally that Epstein was negotiated out of there.
I mean, if he's an intelligence operative, then they're going to want to get him out.
I don't really... I mean, I'm confirming folks that knew who he was and worked around him, that he was triple agents, CIA, MI6, and Mossad.
And it was a very high level group where those all nest together.
That's how those work.
And so he was very high level.
Yeah, extremely high level.
And the thing is, is that he didn't kill himself.
He was either killed or he was transferred out of prison.
And I think that he's probably living in some island right now.
Well, that's what Pchenik said.
Pchenik really did run major black op operations.
I mean, overthrowing governments and stuff.
He says he's alive.
Yeah, I agree.
And Pachinko is Jewish, so you can't make this stuff up, ladies and gentlemen.
It's just absolutely insane.
I just want justice and freedom and American values.
I don't want race wars.
I don't want Hollywood with dozens of movies about killing white people and just forcing us into a fight.
Forcing us.
It's just, it's horrible.
We'll be back in 60 seconds with Zach Voorhees.
I'm Alex Jones with NewsWars.com and InfoWars.com and Band.Video.
So America is a powerful nation.
The New Atlantis, the technological elite.
And because we had morals compared to other countries, we've had incredible wealth.
So because we have morals, corrupt groups come in and they manipulate us through our morals to hate ourselves and then go to them, the moral authority, the leftist, to let them tell us how to live our lives, hand our children over to them and submit.
Zach Voorhees is a big Google whistleblower.
He's here with us.
And I want to go back to calls.
Bottom of the hour, we'll get into your presentation.
But before we go to calls, spend a few minutes on, I mean, we're not just saying this.
It's on record that the ADL is inside Big Tech with Google in people's accounts, spying on everyone.
This is all admitted.
It's an outrageous scandal.
They also work with Microsoft and NewsGuard.
And all these other organizations and are running this huge ideological purge against Americans and persecuting people.
And now they say in an ADL speech, we're going to arrest the big tech and they don't fully submit to us.
So big tech better watch out.
The minute they try to get rid of Section 230 and bringing these folks on board with the Southern Poverty Law Center and other globalist organizations, very dangerous.
Yeah, you know, and the thing is that the ADL is actually proud that they're trying to censor the whole internet.
They brag about it.
The video that I'm going to show later on is going to show them in their own words talking about how they're going to censor the internet and where all the hate speech is.
The ADL is a libel and defamation laundering operation.
They take conspiracy theories against people that they don't like, and they flood them in and legitimize them, like against you Alex, and then they make their way into the Wikipedia, and then that becomes, you know, a stand-in for fact and truth.
And then what happens is... That's right, they write the script that the media then picks up and then defames you with, and then they say you're defaming them.
Yeah, and the important pillar here is that it is Wikipedia that Google is using to give a secret page rank score to every website on the internet.
And so what the ADL says about you will be what Wikipedia says about you, and then from there you will get your website pushed down.
This isn't a conspiracy theory.
This is something that Google has admitted.
And then they go to the group called G2 in Boston that's really CIA.
And then when the ADL says that, and it's put on Wikipedia, that's seen as fact, and then they downrank your credit.
I have my credit score, it's perfect for business.
But then it says hate, and so it goes down into the red, so then you don't get credit, you don't get merchant accounts.
I mean, this is literally what Hitler did when he got power.
He had a social credit system for the... Well, I mean, he wouldn't let Jews do commerce.
He boarded up their businesses.
And so now I've done nothing, and I'm being persecuted like this.
Literally, the ADL's outside my business painting, you know, I guess a Christian, and I'm a Christian there, or I'm an American.
They're putting A on it, and they got literal jackboots just smashing my windows out.
Can you tell me more about sort of the social credit thing that you've been marked down for?
Yeah, you know, we've been getting a lawsuit ready on it and things, and I mean, it's a secret credit score that the banks have that the ADL runs through a group called G2 in Boston.
Oh yeah, and all Americans are having it put on them and don't even know it.
How'd you find out about it?
All these, all these documents have digital hashes in them, hidden codes, but the banks are very scared.
I was given, three banks gave it to me.
It's been authenticated.
It's criminal.
Yeah, and the thing is, is that they're trying to sneak in the social credit system.
And the banks are very upset about it too.
Are they?
I mean, they understand.
Oh my God, are you kidding?
I mean, this is very dangerous.
This is, this is, I've literally had an A put on me.
I mean, I literally wear a digital A put there by the ADL on me.
And if they have their way, I'll be put in prison and have my guts kicked out.
And it doesn't matter like what race you are.
I mean look at Laura Loomer.
Like she's Jewish and the thing is is that she's been slandered as a... Well what she is is she's a nationalist patriot and loves America and she gets in leftist faces and is effective.
And what I found is the ADL particularly hates conservative nationalist Jews.
Look at Stephen Miller.
They literally want him fired.
They call him a white nationalist.
What the hell does that mean?
Or Prager.
Dennis Prager.
Look at what's happening to him.
He's getting his way.
Because the ADL thinks they own Jews.
And they have to reinforce it with this Holocaust narrative that keeps on going.
And, you know, the Holocaust did happen.
I don't want to, like, get my words, like, mixed up.
But the thing is, is that they use this to reinforce whatever justification they want to be able to... It's like I have nothing to do with what Hitler did.
I'm just sitting here and then you're acting like Hitler to me.
I'm a human being.
Head of the ADL, Rosenblatt, I'm a human being.
And then you sit there talking about how humane you are when you persecute people like this.
It's criminal.
It's just crazy.
I mean, I've literally...
It's crazy, Joe.
I mean, it's an extortion racket.
Like, the ADL comes to you and says, hey, we're writing some bad stuff.
Do you want this to go away?
How about you make a donation to our organization?
Like, that happened with YouTube's largest video producer, PewDiePie.
You know, and he ended up, you know, capitulating, and then, you know, saying, I'm going to donate $50,000 to the ADL.
But something amazing happened when that happened.
The whole internet said, why?
What are you doing?
And it was such a commotion, because now it's known that the ADL is this slandering operation, that PewDiePie did the amazing step of retracting his $50,000.
I saw that, but then I was watching one of his videos, and he's like, and then the ADL tried to help.
It was the whole one about which one of these hate symbols has been banned.
The answer is all three.
Imagine being the ADL, though, where you don't actually go after real Nazis.
You go around terrorizing people.
Yeah, and trying to extort them for money.
Let's go to a phone call here.
Gotta go who's been holding the longest.
Dee, thanks for holding, Dee.
You're on the air from Virginia.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you for taking my call.
I have an idea, and I'll talk fast because I'm fascinated by your host and I know other people are waiting, but for your 360 win, I have another layer for that if people are interested.
I know that all the InfoWarriors are really generous giving people.
During the year, as well as and especially at holiday time, I try to give extra to nonprofit
organizations who serve the homeless, whether they're veterans or children and the families.
And so what I'm going to do this year is to buy InfoWars gift certificates and take,
say, a $100, $200 InfoWars gift certificate and bring it to the nonprofit organization
who can utilize wonderful InfoWars products in giving it to the people that they're helping.
Oh my gosh, I never even talk about how we have those little gift certificates.
And then they also come to InfoWars, so in the process you're waking them up when people go to redeem it.
That's a great idea.
Yeah, and also, you know, like, yeah, they become aware of InfoWars.
And then to the side, which is also important to people in this economic, you know, situation that some of us are in, that when the nonprofit receives a gift, they usually write a letter to the person who's giving it to them, acknowledging a tax-deductible gift, a donation to the nonprofit.
So if it all works like one, two, three, four, everybody wins.
That's a beautiful idea.
Thank you so much for that great idea.
Anything you want to add about the massive purge of free speech and the ADL saying they want to arrest Mark Zuckerberg and the heads of Big Tech if they don't submit to them?
I am thrilled that you are bringing all that information to us.
I agree with everything you said and Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.
You know, their attempt to cover up Epstein has blown up spectacularly.
And have they figured out yet that this isn't communist China with no history of ever having freedom?
Or Russia that was under Tsarist before didn't really have any freedom?
So one tyranny could take over from the other?
Don't they get it's not going to go the way they think?
I think they still think that they've got control over the people's minds in America.
What's, you know, being obviously clear is that they don't have that anymore.
And the thing is, is that people are waking up, we're going through this great awakening, and now all of a sudden we're able to push back against this and say, no, you guys are the fascists.
It's not us.
I mean, I literally love everybody.
for what they stand for.
I don't see people, what color they are, but then when they tell me they hate me because
I'm white, I'm like, screw you, you know?
I mean, I'm not going to put up with this and nobody else is.
I mean, the ADL and all the big leftist groups are literally saying America's bad, white
people are bad.
But that everybody knows everybody's trying to get in this country and that's not true.
Yeah, and they're trying to flood, I mean the ADL is instrumental in trying to flood the immigrants, open immigration into the United States.
It's democide.
They want to change the United States and turn it into a socialist country.
Oh yeah, Sacha Baron Cohen reading her teleprompter message says there's a big lie about replacement migration.
That's a UN document.
He says that's a lie and doesn't exist.
Well more calls and we're gonna get to your presentation.
Got a lot coming up.
Zach Voorhees is our guest today with us.
We're back live broadcasting worldwide.
Here's some of the breaking news.
Go ahead and tell folks why they've had Prince Andrew move out of the palace.
Yeah, so today, right now on TheDailyMail.com, Prince Andrew's friend Ghislaine Maxwell is set to come out of hiding and speak to the FBI about her connection to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
And we've got Obama administration under investigation criminally for Biden involvement with Ukraine Energy Company.
Probing potential fraud, money laundering, 2016 election meddling by Ukraine officials and Democrats.
Jamie White, Infowars.com.
Big report.
Also, Paris feminists attack other protesters for highlighting studies showing 52% of male rapists are migrants.
We're going to play that video coming up.
DHS deputies, 60,000 migrants sent back under Remain in Mexico program.
And we continue the real bombshell of the impeachment hearings.
Authoritarianism is the real bipartisan philosophy in Washington.
Ron Paul's got a big article on Infowars.com.
Zach Voorhees is our guest.
A bunch of these clips on the next phase of the censorship plan, how to stop it, coming up.
But right now let's get to more of these calls.
Carlos in Canada, thanks for holding here on the air, Carlos.
Thank you very much, Alex.
Mr. Voorhees, basically you brought up the point that I was going to talk to you about the ADL, if I have a
chance I will, but I'd like to tell you something about the Epstein case.
The Epstein case is going to blow and blow and blow, because it was an intelligence operation,
It was essentially a honey trap ran directly by the prime minister of Israel, going back
to Maxwell, and all the way back to the 1990s when President Clinton was involved.
Now, President Clinton was silenced more than anything else and asked to cooperate with
the fact that there was an operation, they were transferring technology and secret military
technology to China.
In 1992, Israel restored its diplomatic relations with China, and they began to transfer technology to Lavi aircraft.
I mean, it's all documented.
And that's why Ehud Olmert, I'm going from memory, he got caught visiting Epstein in New York as well.
Correct, because he was debriefing them for Actually, Shimon Peres introduced Jeffrey Epstein to Ahud Barak.
That's submitted by Ahud Barak.
And he took the file from there.
Now, it's kept so that there would be no whistleblowers.
So it was handled directly like the operations that were done in the Pentagon during the, you know, The weapons of mass destruction malarkey, they were handled by Ariel Sharon directly from his Prime Minister's office to Douglas Feith in the Pentagon.
These operations are handled, as you know, and... Let me ask you this.
Why do they, because everybody acts like Israel is one monolithic group, but it's not from my research.
Why do they want Benjamin Netanyahu out so bad?
Well, there it is.
People don't realize that Ehud Barak started a political party about a year and a half ago, before the elections, actually because he saw the opportunity of settling peace with the Palestinians, which he had started with Clinton.
And when Ehud Barak began this political party, seeing that Netanyahu wouldn't be able to do so, And President Trump was coming in with a deal of the century.
He tried to set up a political party.
At this point, Durrett and Barak have said this, that Netanyahu probably was behind the release of those photographs involving Epstein, was to discredit him so that he wouldn't have a chance to get re-elected.
Now, as it stands right now, President Trump has given so much to Israel with regards to the deal of the century.
Netanyahu has to pay up. So Netanyahu cannot really become Prime Minister again
because he will be asked to perform and deliver on the deal of the century.
And obviously many people in Israel in the high places don't want to give one
single inch of their territory to the Palestinians.
Sure, so Ehud Barak was the handler of Epstein.
That's all come out.
Yes, I've covered this like 13 years ago.
My point is, is that who do you see as the factions then battling in all of this?
And why does the ADL think taking me off the air is going to stop it coming out?
All it's going to do is make me cover it more now.
When they just put me right on this channel.
Over here, you want me on that channel 24-7?
Here, attack me and try to destroy me.
Here, I'll just go 100% attack.
I mean, what the hell are they thinking?
Yeah, which is why I'm here to amplify this message about what's going on because we are taking back America!
I'm just sick of people trying to destroy me and my family for no damn reason.
Calling me a freaking Nazi for nothing.
I haven't done jack crap to these people, man.
When they talk, listen, President Trump had better be very, very careful because the Red Terror, this is in history, this is documented, the Red Terror is coming to America and he better watch out because if he doesn't begin to address it, he will be facing He's re-elected, of course, and there's every indication that he may not be, for many reasons.
We won't go into that today.
But the point is that if he doesn't watch out, this has happened before.
You just have to talk to people like Putin, who knows all about the Red Terror and how it was instigated, and how other people suffered because of it.
I know this, I don't care if you're German or Chinese or Jewish or old or young, you don't want a Red Terran in America.
And I guarantee you, the globalists, the leftists, are openly pushing it.
They have all these TV shows and movies about violent uprisings and how they're going to kill everybody.
This is psychotic!
This is psychotic!
I appreciate your call.
You want to comment on that?
I mean they're trying to prep us for what's going to happen and they're trying to institute it but they're not going to succeed because right now political correctness is ending throughout the country.
People are ripping off the mask and that freedom of speech is trying to be restored which is why the ADL is trying to combat that.
And trying to censor people, because the political correctness is just melting, the chains are breaking free, and the true information and history is now emerging again.
I just don't know what the ADL thinks, or the Southern Poverty Law Center, or these crazy universities that the attendance at all these universities is going down like 50% the last five years with the brainwashing.
Hollywood's collapsing, the NFL's collapsing.
Don't they know?
People are running from this.
We're sick of it!
Yeah, well, they don't care about money as much as they care about control.
And this is the thing, because I was in Google and I was like, why are they doing this?
Why are they censoring people to the point that we're missing our performance targets?
And they said it really clearly, because, you know, they want control.
They want control of America, and right now they are losing it.
And Stelter said that.
He said, I've talked to the head of CNN, he said, and we're willing to lose all the ratings.
We're just going to keep doing this.
Yeah, exactly.
Money is an extension of power.
It's got to be power that they're interested in maintaining above all else.
But the money going down is a gauge of how it's failing.
I mean, people are just like, whoa.
Just because Americans are nice people.
We're not all these Nazis and crazies.
I like everybody.
But there are a bunch of leftists using our openness and goodness against us that if they tell us we're Nazis and we don't get on our knees and service them, well guess what?
I'm not getting on my knees.
And if you want a war, you better believe you got one.
So feel your hand.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, Attorney General William Barr says the death of Epstein was a perfect storm.
And now we can just forget about it and stop asking questions.
You see, the two jail guards fell asleep and that's all that happened.
So you need to go back to sleep.
Except they got rid of the regular guards that day and brought in new ones.
The lights turned off.
The camera failed.
Epstein said to his lawyers and family, they're trying to murder me.
They'd already tried to kill him in one jail cell.
People around the cell heard him fight for his life and beg for his life.
But he was running child kidnapping rings, not just the underage girls, for the Clintons, for the deep state, for British intelligence, for the CIA, for Mossad, in a huge network.
And now the whole House of Cards is coming down.
And guess what?
Come on in here.
Here's our producer, Scott.
It's a limited edition shirt.
Christmas lights are a lot like Epstein.
They don't hang themselves.
Only 2,000 of these have been printed.
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A great way to expose the deep state.
Exercise your free speech in the face of the globalists, and they can't see it.
And again, I really like this shirt.
He was wearing it today.
at Infowarsstore.com. Black Friday specials, the biggest ever, are running for a limited
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And again, I really like this shirt. He was wearing it today. That reminded me
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It funds the Info War.
Get yours.
And it helps educate people about the Deep State.
It's a great way to start conversations.
The establishment doesn't want you to talk about it.
It's bringing down the whole house of cards.
So be sure and get yours.
A total 360 win.
Plus, people are into ugly sweaters.
That's kind of the trend right now, is how ugly your Christmas sweater rolls.
It's a very nice white and green.
Nice words, but I gotta agree, that is an ugly mug of Lord Epstein.
I need to give a bonus to whoever made that ad in the office.
But I don't have money to give people a bonus.
We're lucky to even operate another year.
I'm not complaining.
Been in this fight a long time.
But the globalists are everywhere trying to take us off air.
It's a goal of theirs.
It's like we're a Roman standard they want to get to take down, so thank you for spreading the word.
That's how we get around the censors.
That's how people learn the truth.
So share, ban, not video.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
Now, we've still got, because we have 20 phone lines, callers that have been holding for over an hour.
I want to get to some of the callers that have been holding the longest.
So the next three segments you can get to your big presentation.
Briefly tell folks, Zach Voorhees, what's coming up when you go through all these clips you've got.
Okay, so there's one particular clip that I want to show, which is from the ADL's own website on their YouTube page.
And what they're going to talk about is the ADL hate index and how they're working with big tech.
And again, they're inside.
That's admitted.
Inside your profiles, inside your computers.
They're actually watching you.
It's not just what you're doing publicly.
Yeah, they're trying to get information in every single way that they can.
And so they're trying to tell big tech, this needs to be censored because they're spreading conspiracy theories.
And in reality, a lot of these conspiracy theories are actually true.
And what they're just trying to do is they're just trying to, you know... So imagine if the NSA was in your accounts doing that.
It'd be a huge congressional investigation.
It's illegal.
But I mean, they admit NewsGuard, that's Microsoft and others.
It's even in the news that this consortium... Your phone's behind there.
This consortium of people that are doing this from the Southern Poverty Law Center, ADL, and other groups literally have access and are even monitoring your private messages.
Yeah, like that's what it turned out with Facebook is that they were allowing, I think, Netflix to like spy on the messages that you were sending to your friends in order to like... They're all doing it.
So why is the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center and the left picking this fight with everybody?
I mean, the thing is, is that a whole bunch of damaging information is coming out.
And the thing is, is that they need to lock down the internet because a counterattack is coming by the patriots in America.
And the Jeffrey Epstein is the thread that pulls the whole thing apart.
It's going to undo the whole rug and the whole tangle of compromised assets in our country.
That's what I believe.
Well, if there's no believe it, that's confirmed.
And just the cover-ups woke everybody up.
I wonder why Epstein woke people up so much.
I mean, I think that there's a lot of intrigue, and I also think that the patriots in America need to get this information out there.
Well, just everybody saying Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself everywhere shows how everyone could take other messages and go viral, like, hey, Infowars.com lives.
That would really upset them.
Again, they really want this operation shut down because of guests like this and this great crew out here that's doing an incredible job.
Let's go to who's been on the longest here.
Let's go ahead and go to Andy in Florida.
Thank you, Andy.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I love you, man.
We love you.
Before I go ahead and talk about the topic on hand, I got to talk about one of your products.
Um, a little bit about me.
I'm 245 pounds.
I work about 10 to 13 hours a day at UPS.
And to make a long story short, I used to have a problem with Adderall.
I do have ADHD, but, you know, I was taking Adderall for its energy boosting properties.
You know, I kind of got a little out of hand and, um, you know, I listen to you religiously in my truck every day.
Um, so I tried your turbo force and really it's a cliche.
This product changed my life, but.
TurboForce really changed my life.
Needless to say, I no longer take Adderall.
And I get by, literally, the 13 hours a day I work on a half of a packet of your TurboForce.
And right now, it's what, $29.99?
If you take a half a packet, that's literally a dollar a day.
And you save so much money versus, you know, a Monster, which is what, $4.99?
And I just had to call in and tell you guys, How great TurboForce is.
And if anybody's on the fence, they really have to try it.
Well, I went out to four or five, I think it was five, of the big top places.
We paid a very famous individual who developed supplements, a lot of money to develop it.
He didn't want his name on it, obviously, because of all the demonization.
And I wanted a 10-hour energy, but we couldn't call it that because of trademark names and things.
But it's really 10-hour clean energy that doesn't have the big comedown, got a lot of minerals and vitamins and other things in it.
And so TurboForce is the strongest, cleanest stuff you're going to find out there.
And so let me just briefly ask you, what's the energy like from TurboForce versus Adderall?
Well, see, Adderall makes you, to be honest, my wife hated me on it.
You know, it kind of made me real irritable.
And, you know, you really are just like a walking zombie, you know, even if you take the prescribed dose, in my opinion.
And the TurboForce is more, you know, just a Just a regular, you know, just have steady energy.
You know, it's not like an up or down, and that's the best part.
There's no down.
You know, you just, that's it.
Well, that's what we set out.
Really strong, but a clean awake that lasts a long time.
And we paid a lot for the formula, and there's more in this packet than any other brand.
I mean, you can buy stuff at a gas station for two pills or five bucks, and it'll light you up because it's got a bunch of poison in it.
But we're really proud of Turbo for us, so thank you, sir.
Did you want to comment on all the current crazy news?
I have a question really for you, Alex.
Really not going to go with what's on topic, but how do you go from every day to knowing these people are gunning for you, man?
I'm not trying to be a Debbie here, but do you have any systems in place if something ever happened to you?
I never heard you comment on this.
If you were gone tomorrow, what, is Rex taking over or what?
Well, you know, I mean, I've tried to tell the crew, you know, I made a plan to keep operations going, keep people on air, keep resisting.
But see, they want to kill my name first, they want to assassinate my character, then capture who I am, and then basically take me off air and put me in prison.
So that's the plan. The platform has shut us down, then put me in prison, and then say things in my name.
All these TV shows, all these movies where they admit it's an Alan Jones character, they don't want me there to
counter it.
So they want me to be a new emoji, basically, a new icon that says horrible things in the name of the American
And that decision's been made, and so they're attempting, they believe archetypally that they can destroy me.
And they're the ones that made all this weird metaphysical decisions.
I didn't think I was that important, but they definitely think the spirit that InfoWars is has to be shut down, captured, imprisoned, and then they're gonna try to misrepresent it.
Everybody's their plan.
Yeah, like when they take someone down, it's a process which involves getting rid of the periphery nodes in the network, because there's always a network of individuals when they're trying to take someone down.
You try to get rid of the people on the outside periphery and move inwards.
Alex, you're like in the middle of it right now.
They're gunning for you, and I thank you for everything that you do in getting the truth out there, and we're going to keep fighting to bring this truth out to you and this very important information.
Well, I mean, I'll tell you, it's the responsibility of it.
That's why I get so frustrated with the crew and everybody else.
They're doing a great job.
It's just, there's just so much.
And then I know there's limited time and the piranhas are eating through.
I'm not even worried about it.
In a way, it's going to kind of be relaxing when they're chewing me all up or whatever.
But it's just right now we got to fight, fight, fight, fight, fight, fight as hard as we can.
Alex Jones here live on this Monday, November 24th edition.
But that's not Alex Jones sitting in my chair.
That's Rob Dew.
All right.
One of the great info lawyers here in the office.
And he's the news director.
That means he does more work to most people, but everybody does a great job here.
And he was working on something this weekend.
I forgot he was working on it, but he wants to premiere it here.
Then we'll continue into the next hour.
I'll do 30 minutes more with Zach Voorhees, the Google whistleblower.
We'll go through his presentation and then the great Gerald Celente will take over.
But my buddy is here.
And so tell us, you've got your own Jeffrey Epstein angle here, you're also an established, quite the musician, so tell us about this little cultural thought crime offering that's not going to make the Deep State too happy.
No, it's definitely not, and I want to say this was a Total Info Wars production, I contacted Don, he's playing drums, John Bowne's playing guitar, and Derek is playing the bass, and I'm singing, and I wrote this song in about a day and a half, and contacted my buddy who has a studio down the road, and we went and recorded it last night.
You're the one playing guitar.
Yeah, I'm usually playing, but this time I'm singing.
I'm fronting it.
I've got some crazed.
It's crazed.
It's definitely crazed.
I'll say that.
But, you know, I got sick of hearing that, oh, you know, and then Bill Barr came out and put Bill Barr in the song because, well, he showed it didn't really happen.
I don't care what he says, man.
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.
And that's the tagline.
That's the name of the song?
Yeah, Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.
And I'm told a music video is coming.
Yes, it'll drop in 24 hours.
So without further ado, here's the live premiere of the song.
Jeffrey Epps, he didn't kill himself Jeffrey Epps, he didn't kill himself
Jeffrey Epps, he didn't kill himself Jeffrey Epps, he didn't kill himself
He was a victim of an Arkansas Jeffrey Epps, he didn't kill himself
He was buddy's Rupert Clinton Prince Andrew too
He had a stable of girls For you to peruse
But no one ever knew who ♪ 'Cause he didn't kill himself ♪
♪ Jeffrey Epps, he didn't kill himself ♪ He had a big ol' plane.
The Lolita Express.
Padded floors.
And no secret service.
He had a big old plane, the Lolita Express Padded floors, and no secret service
But the feds know who flew, and that's why he didn't kill himself
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself!
Bob Mueller got a sweetheart deal, Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself!
There you go, folks.
(upbeat music)
An InfoWars original.
Is there more?
That's good.
There's four verses.
Oh, let's hear it.
Four verses, man.
We get deep.
We get deep into the eugenics.
Well, we gotta have this go viral.
Oh, yeah.
I think so.
I mean, one way to do it is premiere it on the Alex Jones Show.
You know what that reminds me of?
That reminds me that Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.
There you go.
Let's hear the end runner.
A lot like Christmas lights.
It's very infectious, isn't it?
A lot like Christmas lights.
Christmas lights and drywall, this is.
Don't hang themselves.
Man, you can just really extend on that.
Oh, yeah.
Just so many, you know, things.
Oh, yeah.
And I'm the worst one talking over it, but we need to release this immediately.
People want to get this now.
Can you at least release the audio?
And then folks can put their own video to it.
We'll have a $5,000 contest.
There you go.
Come on.
We'll launch it today, put it up, just with the audio, $5,000, but we'll have to announce the winner by, like, say, next Friday, a quick one.
$5,000, add your video to it, tag band.video to it, and what it'll go into is whatever gets the most views and who does the best job of video.
Those two things will go into it.
That's one way to make it viral.
All right, absolutely.
So, Rob, what's your take on all this situation?
Well, obviously, you know, I kind of like the angle that they smuggled him out because he was an intelligence asset, and I can totally believe that at this point.
But definitely, the guy didn't kill himself.
The ADL attack.
So it's funny.
They get him out, and now the ADL's attacking you with Sacha Baron Cohen, who's the guy who just runs around.
It's funny.
It's like, there's this guy, Jones.
He makes Jew joke after Jew joke after Jew joke after Jew joke.
And then one day, someone else makes a Jew joke around him, and he goes, hey man, that's a Jew joke.
That's offensive.
And it's like, hey dude, you've been making Jew jokes for 20 years.
You know, who cares?
Meanwhile, we don't even... We don't even make those.
But it's like, we're the Nazis though.
Oh, I know, exactly.
And like, we're supposed to just sit there and take it.
Yeah, no, it's ridiculous.
And that guy has the gall to sit there and now I'm going to be the policeman.
But he's not.
That's the plan.
Oh, yeah.
It's arrest.
They're telling, we're going to arrest the tech heads.
And unless you purge everyone.
I mean, how authoritarian is that?
And it's like, oh, they haven't done enough?
Like, it takes a lot of work now than what we used to do.
We used to just put stuff out and be like, ah, look at all the views it gets because people were hungry for the information.
Now we really have to work to get people to see stuff other than the core audience.
And the core audience does a great job.
But folks, we're fighting so hard and the enemy is so scared of you.
Just go to Bandai Video, take the live streams.
Everybody, instead of saying Jeffrey Epstein didn't tell himself, that's great, and saying, by the way, InfoWars.com first exposed it.
And so find out what they don't want you to know at InfoWars.com.
By the way, Jeffrey Epstein didn't tell himself.
And I'm telling you, InfoWars.com needs to be that maxim and we can defeat these globalists.
I totally agree.
And don't be racist.
Don't go to their level.
Because the ADL wants to say, oh by the way, we're Jewish.
We're going to take your rights and lock you up in jail.
You're all Nazis.
America sucks.
Those people don't represent anybody but the globalists.
Just like the Southern Poverty Law Center and CNN and MSNBC.
These are just a bunch of really nasty people that think you're stupid.
And think that they can bully you to accept their globalist agenda, or they're going to call you a Nazi.
It's not going to work.
We're not going to get down to their level.
We're just going to expose it.
Well, think about this, Alex.
We're already on a tilted playing field, and they're still attacking you.
They're still scared of you.
They don't like what InfoWars and Alex Jones is putting out there.
So they're still, even though we're like back here fighting uphill every time we're trying to do something, we have to fight uphill.
And they're like, oh God, we have to attack them more.
It's not working.
Whatever we're doing is not working.
People are seeing through it.
They're putting on their glasses.
They can see.
Well, make no mistake.
They're freaking out.
They attack Impo Wars because they see it as populist as the people, because we are.
We're real, we're independent, and they can't control what we say.
They can't buy us.
And so the big corporations literally, you know, Tim Cook saying, oh, I'm a moral person, Alex Jones is immoral.
The guy runs the worst damn factories on the planet.
I mean, literal suicide nets.
Suicide nets.
But it's like, I'm gay, so it's okay.
Like, who cares if you're gay, dude?
It's ironic.
And you know what?
The reason why they're coming after you, Alex, is because when I was working at YouTube, your live TV show went to the top of the search rankings.
And people were searching for you.
They were watching your material.
And notice why they had to take you out.
In fact, let's do this.
Go to YouTube right now, guys.
Just on screen for TV viewers.
Type in Alex Jones.
And it's all these pinned lies and attacks about me.
And then people have to hand search my name and then click date added and click the last week or last month to find it.
Because it's nothing but lies for 100 pages on top.
So that when people look for my name, it sends traffic to all of these people.
Go ahead and show them.
Yeah, there's the first one.
Megan Kelly, and then this week with John Oliver, you know, when he's not hanging out.
CBS in the morning, Bloomberg, CNN, it's all mainstream media lies.
CNBC, it just goes down the list.
Inside Edition, CNET, it's literally, and then all they do...
YouTube just sends that stuff up to the top.
Doesn't matter, you can even type it.
By the way, all those videos have like 20,000, 100,000 views.
A lot of them have like 30, 40 million views now.
If somebody's looking for Alex Jones, they watch those!
Well look, 16 million views is to Alex Jones Returns, which is almost more than all the other ones, except for there's a new... Well yeah, no, look at that.
I don't think... I think that's the most viewed, even though it's like eighth or ninth down.
Isn't that weird how it gets pushed down like that?
And the thing is, is that, you know, you think, well, it's just Alex Jones.
He's a little bit on the fringe.
But now they're doing it to Tulsa Gabbard.
Now they're doing it to everyone.
And now it's spreading.
Well, they tested it out.
They tested it out on InfoWars and Alex Jones and said, OK, now we've got the algorithm perfected.
We can institute this out to anybody that doesn't push the party line, whichever the globalist party happens to be running at the time.
All right.
Hey, $5,000 contest.
We're getting old days.
We had something over $100,000.
We can't do it.
You'll judge it off of the view count and how good the video is.
I'll let you totally judge it. $5,000.
It'll go off view count, but also how good it is.
But I want to just... I'm gonna go put the song up right now.
And I want to go ahead and announce it and pay it out next Friday.
It's a quick deal.
It's easy.
Your music videos, upload them to a public source.
Get them out there.
Send us a link, yeah.
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself, but you can also use the lyrics...
And make your own video.
Let's do it that way too, but use your lyrics.
That's fine.
I'll post the lyrics on there, and you can't, I think you can't get hit for copyright because it's our songs.
Well done, Lord Vader.
You have done well.
Should they post it to Twitter with a hashtag?
Post it with anything, man.
It doesn't matter.
What's going to happen is people are going to start doing their own things.
Everybody's going, ooh.
$5,000 and they're gonna start making their own plans and it's just it's gonna viralize.
And we're gonna give the globalists their reward when Darth Vader comes.
That's right.
They're gonna get it.
They're gonna get eternal damnation.
It's hilarious.
It's hilarious.
All right.
We got a lot of great callers.
Good job, dude.
Thank you.
We're gonna go to break and you're gonna get your presentation in and then we're gonna get to some of these callers at least.
So I'm trying to get to all of them but who's who we got holding here?
We're gonna get to everybody here.
Fred and Gary and Jefferson and everybody else on the other side.
And I don't want to sit here and plug again.
We have the money to fund ourselves.
I would not be plugging constantly.
But I don't want to shut InfoWars down.
I don't want the Globalists to win.
I really, really don't.
And we've got products you already need.
A lot of stuff that was sold out is back in.
Triple Patriot points.
Never done that before.
Storewide free shipping, a free bottle of Brain Force Plus with DNA Force Plus.
Take action today and give Christmas gifts of our products as well.
Please help me fight the globalist harder.
I want to destroy them, but I cannot do it without your help.
Hour number four is only two minutes away.
Alright, Zach Voorhees, Google whistleblower.
You got a bunch of clips getting into the ADL and other leftist organizations that are inside Big Tech.
And after Big Tech rolled over completely to censorship a few years ago, now they say we're going to arrest the heads of Big Tech unless you give the ADL and other leftist groups total control over your companies.
Wow, that's not scary.
Yeah, it's crazy.
And the thing is, is that the ADL is creating a hate index for the entire internet.
And we got a video about them.
Can I show it?
Sure, of course.
Alright, alright.
So, it's the ADL hate index.
And this video will blow your mind.
ADL and the University of California at Berkeley's D-Lab have been working to develop a new approach to tackle online hate using the latest methods.
The goal of the Online Hate Index is to help tech platforms better understand the growing amount of hate on social media and to use that information to address the problem.
By combining artificial intelligence and machine learning with social science, the Online Hate Index will ultimately uncover and identify trends and patterns in hate speech across different platforms.
We've just completed our first phase of research, and we found that the machine learning model identified hate speech accurately between 78% and 85% of the time.
In the next phase of our project, we will look at specific targeted populations in a more detailed manner.
We'll examine content on multiple social media sites, and we'll identify strategies to deploy the model more broadly.
While there's still a long way to go with artificial intelligence and machine learning-based solutions, we believe the Online Hate Index will help tech companies better understand the extent of hateful content on their platforms by creating community-based definitions of hate speech.
Alright, and Zach was talking to me during the video asking if I want to play the clips.
Yeah, play whatever clips you want.
But I want to play that again.
I wish I would have let you play that up front.
I've never seen that.
I mean, I read what they were saying.
Imagine this group, programs with universities, machines that go out and decide what you can and can't say.
But then what other information is non-hate?
And now they're saying, electing Trump, being pro-gun.
That's now hate.
This is so authoritarian and it's a little non-threatening woman looking at you.
This is so creepy.
Yeah, it's absolutely dystopian.
The thing is, is that they're just coming out and saying it to your face.
Oh, did you see the white rights?
Oh my gosh.
Go back, go back in that video.
Look at that, oh.
Look, 9-11 truth.
Look, look, look, the Donald, which the Chinese government bought and shut down.
Oh, there's nothing about China killing people, nothing threatening of communism.
Where's communism?
Where's pedophilia on there of something we need to watch?
No, no.
It's guns.
It's the Donald.
And that's why mainline women at shooting ranges are all being kicked off Facebook at places.
They go out shooting with their girlfriend, post a photo.
They say, that's hate.
And they kick you off Facebook.
Because it's right there.
The ADL said, you don't talk about your guns.
That's not scary.
It's absolutely crazy.
So this isn't companies doing what they want.
This is the ADL and other groups coming in with AI to watch and spy on you.
This is spying!
Yeah, and like, when I disclose this machine learning fairness, like, you want to know who's behind training these algorithms?
It's the SLPC and it's the ADL.
The two groups that should have nothing to do with this.
Let's start over.
I have to apologize.
Because I already knew all this, I'd read it, but I hadn't seen this, and we've got a good hour and a half so far, but I want you to really relaunch when we come back, replay it, give people a presentation so I can really put that out without me interrupting, because this is so huge.
Machine learning, turned loose program by these un-American groups that are literally saying gun rights is hate, the Donald is hate, Alex Jones is hate, and if you're white and are sick of hearing you're a devil and saying that's wrong, well then that's going to be banned.
But you can see that big, giant area of the web is pissed, man.
People are like, why are you saying?
Because you're supposed to be told you're evil and then do whatever the left says.
You're an evil white person.
Fine, I'll do whatever you say.
I'm a criminal.
People are like, BS, I'm not bad.
Quit telling me this.
Yeah, and then they became the hate monger.
It's like the total reversal.
It's like these people are reacting to this progressive narrative where boys can be women and kids should be, you know, having their genitals cut off.
It's just like, hey, look, we may want to slow down a bit.
You're a hateful person, and they're saying that we deserve to be... And the woman looks like something out of a dystopic movie.
She'd be the one saying, everyone will be exterminated for the good of Globotron, and if you resist, we'll kill you even faster.
I love you, I'm liberal.
Alright, Zach Voorhees is here, and he's about to break down the AI takeover programmed by the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center.
He's literally saying if you're pro-gun, you're a Nazi.
If you're pro-Trump, you're a Nazi.
They show all the graphics with AI watching you and that's why suddenly on Facebook, on Twitter, everywhere, women go to the shooting range and they shoot and show a photo and they're being told that's banned, that's hate.
We've run articles on this.
Everybody I know it's happening to.
And they say, if you do it again, you'll be banned.
Don't show yourself out shooting guns.
I mean, that's the level of control in 2019.
And now the ADL's announced, we're going to arrest the big tech heads if they don't do
They said they've only scratched the surface when it's so draconian already, and that they're
going to purge people like me.
OK, so you talk about throwing down the gauntlet.
This is, this is Hitlerian.
So get into it.
You know, and this is the reason why I came down to Austin here to join the Infowars studio
is because people need to receive this information about what the ADL is doing.
And the machine learning algorithms are going to be trained by this group.
In fact, they're being trained right now in order to censor the entire Internet.
So if they're going to.
Let's try to censor the internet then we need to expose what the ADL is truly doing.
So what I want to show again is the ADL hate index video that will blow your mind yet again because every single time I see it I notice something new and different.
ADL and the University of California at Berkeley's D-Lab have been working to develop a new approach to tackle online hate using the latest methods.
The goal of the Online Hate Index is to help tech platforms better understand the growing amount of hate on social media and to use that information to address the problem.
By combining artificial intelligence and machine learning with social science, the Online Hate Index will ultimately uncover and identify trends and patterns in hate speech across different platforms.
We've just completed our first phase of research, and we found that the machine learning model identified hate speech accurately between 78 and 85% of the time.
In the next phase of our project, we will look at specific targeted populations in a more detailed manner.
We'll examine content on multiple social media sites, and we'll identify strategies to deploy the model more broadly.
While there's still a long way to go with artificial intelligence and machine learning-based solutions, we believe the Online Hate Index will help tech companies better understand the extent of hateful content on their platforms by creating community-based definitions of hate speech.
All right, so, you know, I know Alex Jones has talked about this a little bit, but I want to kind of dig back into the person known as Borat and his recent speech at the ADL, you know, accepting an award.
And, you know, what's really ironic is that, you know, Borat has made his career pushing the limits on free speech.
And as a liberal and someone that was, you know, I was a little bit offended by what You know, Sasha Cohen was saying, but at the same time, I thought it was funny.
And I said, well, you know, that's that's the way that America is.
We allow differences in opinion and speech.
And the things that he was saying was really funny.
But now he's decided that he wants to be part of the gatekeepers.
He wants to shut the door behind free speech now that he's crossed through it and end it for everyone else.
And so, you know, before we get into his ADL speech, I want to sort of expose a little bit about how he's pushed the limits and how he's, you know, promulgated anti-Semitism within America.
And so this is from his movie Borat, and the song that he's singing is Throw the Jew Down the Well.
So let's go ahead and show that video.
Throw the jewel down the well So my country can be free You must grab him by his horns Then we'll have a big party Yeah, that's good.
That's good enough, right?
So this is the guy that wants to censor the internet.
So let's talk a little bit more about what he's saying.
Let me have a big party!
Yeah, that's good. That's good enough, right?
So this is the guy that wants to censor the internet.
So let's talk a little bit more about what he's saying.
Can we play the first video?
At times some critics have said my comedy risks reinforcing old stereotypes.
The truth is, I've been passionate about challenging bigotry and intolerance throughout my life.
As a teenager in England, I marched against the fascist National Front and to abolish apartheid.
Okay, let's stop right there.
And go to video number six.
The President even tweeted that he was considering designating Antifa, who are anti-fascists who march against the far right, as a terror organization.
So, disguised as an Israeli anti-terrorism expert, Colonel Eran Morad... Yalla, let's go!
Disguised as him, I told my interviewee that at the Women's March in San Francisco, Antifa were plotting to put hormones into babies' diapers in order to make them transgender.
And this man believed it.
I instructed him to plant small devices... Okay, here we go, that's good enough.
Yeah, and so, you know, they're taking some fringe conspiracy theory that exists somewhere out in the internet, and they're saying this is what people believe.
And if you want to see, like, what, like a good example of the sea, like Snopes, and how they're able to sort of, like, try to combat a lot of the narratives that are emerging out on the internet, where they'll go and they'll say, oh, well, this idea, this mainstream idea that's existing right now on Twitter, You know, whatever idea it happens to be at the time.
They're saying the reason why is because of this fringe thing over here and they point to some sort of person that nobody listens to and says that we all got it from like person X. And this is a way that the globalists sort of engage in psychological warfare and try to engage in their counter-narrative intelligence operations.
And so let's go ahead and play the second video about conspiracy theories with Sasha Cohen.
Around the world, demagogues appeal to our worst instincts.
Conspiracy theories, once confined to the fringe, are going mainstream.
It's as if the age of reason, the era of evidential argument, is ending and our knowledge is increasingly delegitimised and scientific consensus is dismissed.
Democracy, which depends on shared truths, is in retreat.
All right, let's stop right there.
Let's stop there.
Okay, here's the thing about these globalists, is that they're trying to push this idea that truth is a subjective thing.
And, you know, this video that we just saw illustrates this.
Sasha Cohen said...
Shared truths.
As if truth is something that can be, you know, manifested into reality by a group of people that are sitting at a roundtable defining what is true and what is not.
Like, this is not the way that truth operates.
Truth is objective.
Truth exists regardless of who says it or believes that it's true.
And so the idea What this is, is called programming.
I mean, they're literally, they're misrepresenting who we are, and then saying, the public's so stupid, they're being programmed by this vector, and then they make up what we've supposedly said to then project it onto someone, and then he talks about the tyranny that's coming and how dangerous it is, but he's the one up there calling for arresting the tech heads and purging everyone.
He's the archetypal villain!
And he even looks like Count Dracula!
I mean, this effect is called projection.
Psychological projection.
He's projecting onto us what he's trying to do.
It's the ADL and Sacha Cohen that are advocating for the total censorship of America.
And the arrest of people that don't comply.
I mean, he says that.
And that's the ADL saying, oh, screw that washed up guy.
No, folks, he did this the whole time.
Everything he did was to create racial and cultural division.
And Hollywood popularized constant Jew jokes when I was growing up.
I was never against Jews, have Jewish friends, everything.
Because those people aren't involved in this.
This is the globalists know that we beat Hitler, so they want to brand any opposition to them as Hitlerian because they think that we won't stand up for ourselves.
That's all this is.
Yes, absolutely.
They're projecting onto us what it is that they are doing.
And once you see this, you're going to see it in a whole bunch of media that's getting pushed by the MSM.
You've got more of those clips and a few more calls and then Gerald Celente is coming up,
but you're going to be back on other shows and you're back on with us tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen.
This is so incredible though, because the ADL with the Southern Poverty Law Center is inside all the
major tech companies doing the censoring. Now they've told big tech, give us full power, we're
going to have your ass arrested.
That's called red terror.
They're planning violence.
Zach Voorhees is here with us, big Google whistleblower.
We've got all these amazing callers.
I'm going to try to jam in.
Charles Salente is scheduled to be coming up here.
But finishing up with your presentation, you'll be back with us more tomorrow to get more into it.
I mean, this is AI takeover programmed by the most rabid leftist out there, the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center.
Yep, that's right.
Yeah, they're trying to censor the entire Internet and they're using their controlled asset, Sacha Cohen, to try to make that sound like it's a good thing.
Google and everybody's already capitulated.
This is like, you do now or we arrest you!
I mean, it's crazy.
Yeah, I mean, it's literally, they're trying to do a Nazi takeover.
You want to play this clip you're saying from an author?
Oh yeah, E. Michael Jones is amazing.
He's the one that's been calling this out for four decades.
The ADL absolutely hates him.
And when you see this video, you're going to see why.
Okay, go ahead and roll some of that.
What happened during this period of time is that PewDiePie ran into consciousness.
The consciousness that exists out there among the people that he's supposed to be leading.
Those people now understand that the ADL is not some disinterested philanthropical organization that fights for their rights.
The ADL is the main Author of the hate speech censorship campaign that has swept through places like YouTube on the internet.
The ADL is involved in thought control.
The ADL is the commissar that enforces psychological warfare on the population at large.
Psychological warfare is the disruption of prohibited speech among subject peoples.
Anyone who disagrees with the ADL will be demonized.
The ADL has the power to ruin their careers, ruin their livelihood with total impunity.
In the Soviet Union, this was done by state organizations.
In the United States, it's done by privatized entities like the ADL.
This brings us to the understanding that PewDiePie bumped into.
What is the ADL?
Somebody knew, even if he didn't.
The ADL is a money laundering operation.
It is a domestic espionage organization that spies on you, keeps files on you, and will use this material to destroy you if you do anything that they do not like.
That is what they've been from the beginning.
In exchange for contributions!
And all I know is I'm not even talking about the ADL, and they're giving people awards for taking me off the air, calling for my total purge, and then talking about themselves as victims.
This is crazy.
It's crazy.
I mean, Greenblatt, the owner or the runner of ADL, is like a modern-day Joseph Goebbels.
He is like a propagandist, and he's trying to make sure that their propaganda has a monopoly in the marketplace.
They do not want a free market of ideas.
Well, we know Tim Cook doesn't.
God, he has the worst factories on Earth.
What a monster.
I mean, it's just amazing.
Let's go to Gary in Florida.
Thanks for holding in Jefferson.
Gary, welcome.
Hello, Patriots.
Good to talk to you both.
Go ahead, brother.
Yes, sir.
Hey, Zach, while I got you there, maybe you could just take a quick look and just put ADL protecting American Muslims and fooling American Jews.
That's one that's good to look at.
You know, I was on their side.
It's all about open the border to radical Islam.
Don't question that.
I mean, and then, like, more and more, like, the whole Rothschild egg will get rid of Israel, too.
So there's, like, an internal fight going on there.
Yeah, and the thing is that the Muslims have anti-Semitism built into their religion.
Yeah, so the ADL is bringing in a group that will actually go after Jews, and then the ADL will have a bigger problem and will get more Jews under their control.
Yeah, and that's the reason why I want to talk to the Jews real quick.
The ADL does not represent you.
They are there to increase anti-Semitic activity.
And if you doubt this, research it.
Look what they're doing to try to bring into, you know, America and Europe a group of people that are intolerant against other religions.
And then we're the bad people.
We're telling you guys this.
Oh, that's a good point.
Go ahead, Gary.
Yeah, they're just a cog in the wheel.
They're being used.
In what world do we have an impeachment hearing where they bring up Alex Jones and Roger Stone?
Okay, so they want to insert that into the conversation.
And what they just did is Alex with you and Mike Adams and everyone saying we've got to do something about censorship.
They're killing all of us.
They're getting rid of all the Trump supporters.
What they just did by coming out with this statement is they froze the president.
They said to the president, now the president can't go after these companies because these people are supposedly coming out and saying, we're going to take over.
That's it.
They're invoking Judaism and then saying, you know, if you don't censor, you're a Nazi.
And so the ADL is coming to the rescue of the censors.
Yeah, that's right.
Great point, Gary.
You're a smart guy.
I love it when you call in.
Man, I just, you know, it's crazy.
You notice they're targeting Prager, they're targeting Stephen Miller.
Conservative, pro-America Jews is who they really seem to hate.
Yeah, it doesn't matter what religion, as long as you challenge established power, the ADL is going to try to silence you.
Well, you know, Trump hasn't fired Miller and he better not.
I mean, it's just, it's just crazy.
Yeah, there's front page magazine, Horowitz, runs that.
The ADL took 1.7 million from a funder of alt-left anti-Semitism.
Now it's ignoring alt-left hate.
It's true.
I mean, that's what's really crazy.
Thank you so much, Gary.
God bless you.
Great points.
Jefferson in Virginia, go ahead.
Hey, Zach.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, buddy.
Hey Zach, thanks for being the whistleblower that you are.
A lot of what you're talking about I think is over the head of a lot of the audience, but I enjoy you trying to get us informed.
When they start talking about community-based definitions, that's a new speak for the new lexicon where they get to say what words we can use on their platforms.
It's gotten out of hand.
And the new word that's banned is uppity.
They said, well, they just said we think that's mean to black people.
It doesn't have anything to do with black people, but they just said it.
What does uppity have to do with black people?
It just means people that have a big view of themselves.
And so they're... Sorry, go ahead, sir.
The list is just going to keep growing with all the words we can't use.
But this internet censorship, social media censorship, and propaganda in combination has become a national security threat.
It is driving us into a civil war that we can't avoid.
We're in divided camps where nobody believes the same thing about what America should be.
And I think it's up to the President to come in and intervene in some way and say, because this is such a national security threat, if we go into a civil war, the first casualty of it will be our economy, from which we will never recover.
The American dollar will cease to be the global reserve currency, and we'll never recover from the civil war, even if the right people win it.
Guys, get, and I've done this before when you call, get Jefferson's name and number.
I want to have him on when I host the show Friday.
I'm in depositions tomorrow, and the globalists and all the rest of it are after me.
And I'll be co-hosting some, and we've got Zach here and David Knott will be here tomorrow.
But I want to get you on with me Friday for like 30 minutes.
Because what you're saying is dead on, and this is a national security issue.
The globalists are doing this to overthrow the country.
This is the end of America.
And that's why it's so over the top.
It's why it doesn't make sense.
It's why it's so evil.
Is they want to just be so threatening that everybody's paralyzed while the takeover takes place.
And we have to talk to the military, the police, the president.
Have to act on this or the globalists are going to win.
Because all they've got to do is destabilize the country and crash it.
Get Jefferson's info, guys.
I'm sorry to Peter, Steve, and Fred.
You guys are awesome.
Get their names and numbers too.
I want to get them on Friday.
But yeah, we've got Gerald Celentes taking over.
Zach, you're going to be on other shows today, coming up as well.
Infowars.com forward slash show and band dot video.
We're all in this together, folks.
God bless.
Hello, hello, hello.
Thank you for having me on the Alex Jones Show.
And, you know, what's going on with these impeachment hearings?
I'm a trend forecaster.
In order for me to know what's going on, I have to monitor the current events forming future trends.
And if I waste my time watching that, I'm not seeing what's going on around the world.
And neither are the American people.
Because they're wasting their time with this junk news that means nothing.
In terms of, where's the economy going?
What's going on geopolitically?
Social change.
On and on.
I've been at this almost 40 years and never have I seen a wild trip that's happening right in front of our eyes.
But you're not going to see it on the mainstream media.
The mainstream media.
Hong Kong.
Across the globe.
Civil unrest.
People rising up against their dictators.
The political freaks running and ruining their countries.
The elite.
Who got all the dough?
Hey, that's according to the Oxfam report.
26 people have more money than half the world's population combined.
This is serious.
And there's a very important element about this.
And it really ties into Alex Jones and InfoWars.
And of course what we do, the Trends Journal.
The motto of the Trends Journal is Think for Yourself.
All these uprisings I talked about?
Name me the leader.
Follow the leader.
There isn't one.
The leader is you.
The leader is we the people.
The people are uprising.
No leader is leading them.
But not in the U.S.S.A.
You stay in that bullying zone and nobody will bother you.
Don't learn how to fight.
Just take orders.
Do what you're told.
This is big what's going on.
It's basically the same.
People are rising up against poverty, violence, corruption.
Income inequality.
Only getting worse.
The point I want to make is that Friday was November 22nd.
I remember November 22nd, 1963.
I was in high school.
John F. Kennedy was assassinated.
None of the mainstream media covered it.
This past Friday.
Wasn't in the toilet paper record, the New York Times.
Wasn't in the Wall Street Journal.
Wasn't on CNN.com.
Go on, Google it up.
You see very, very, very, very minimal coverage.
Nothing coming out of the Guardian.
That tells you where America's heart is.
And America's heart's on war.
And as we go into the Thanksgiving holidays, what I'm thankful for, among many other things, of course, being born into the family that I was born into, is to be an American.
An Napolitano, born in the Bronx, born to be free.
That's my Thanksgiving.
And they're taking that away from us.
With all the censorship.
With all the spying that they're doing on us.
Looking at facial recognition.
Robbing us of all our freedoms.
Thankful to be an American, but not appreciative or thankful of the cowards, liars, freaks, and fools that are destroying America.
Another important element, as I said, of all these uprisings going on, you're independent.
The people are fighting With their hearts and their souls and their bodies and their brains against the injustices that are being thrown upon them.
One of my sayings is, I wasn't put on this earth to take orders.
I don't give them, I don't take them.
You do what you want to do as long as it doesn't hurt anybody.
I'll do what I want to do.
Doesn't hurt anybody.
Don't cross the line.
You stay there, I'll stay here.
This is America.
And they're taking that away from us.
One of our top trends for 2019 was censorship.
And it's only getting much worse.
You can see it now, they're telling you on Twitter and Google and Facebook.
What you can advertise, when you can advertise it, where you can advertise it if it's political.
One after another, you're robbing us not only of freedom of speech, but freedom of being.
And that's why it's very important to do what you can to support InfoWars, to keep the truth alive.
And if you want journalism for the 21st century, about what's going on, what it means, It's really up to you to change the future.
And you do that by supporting the voices and the programs that you believe in.
Doing it for you as well as for us.
Not about me, it's about everybody.
The same thing with InfoWars.
This isn't an ego trip.
It's a trip of freedom, liberty, love, joy, and beauty.
And you're not going to have that in a state of war, fear, and terror.
And that's all the media sells.
That's their trip to get you to tune in.
The impeachment process is a total waste of time and energy and money, just as Russiagate was.
Not one shred of evidence, but the propaganda works.
Because most people believe it.
They believe that Russia hacked into the elections.
They don't believe that Hillary Clinton lost because she's a disgusting human being that people couldn't stand.
And when you look at the poll numbers going out at that time, her untrustworthiness is like at about 63%.
Trump was just a little high.
I think he's around 65%.
But the people wanted change that they could believe in.
To some extent it happened, others it didn't.
So do what you can to support InfoWars.
Go to InfoWarsStores.com.
You have great sales, great opportunities for you to give and get back.
Not only does it help you physically, It helps you mentally and spiritually.
We'll be back in just a couple of minutes.
That much.
Stay tuned.
Yes, yes.
Waging war against corruption.
Marlon, what a job that is.
It's everywhere in a country near you.
My paisanos over there in Italy have a terrible time going on in Venice.
It's way up in the north.
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Hey, you can't touch our food.
But anyway, the floods that are going on up there and the corruption that was supposed to build these these kind of dams that were supposed to be put up, it began in 2003.
And because of corruption and inefficiency, it didn't happen.
And now they have about a flood is like one of the worst in modern history.
Again, corruption is everywhere and it's up to the people to stop it before it gets out of hand.
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I don't know.
No, I don't want to say that.
We'll say a man.
What's going on over there?
A man.
Of course, I'm only joking because everything is so stupidly out of whack.
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And by buying these In so many ways.
So please support InfoWars and do so by going to InfoWarsStore.com.
I mentioned about Black Friday.
You know, I may never hear from me again.
I may be, Google might ban me if I say this.
What's Black Friday about?
You know why they came up with the name Black Friday?
Because that's when the retailers went from being in the red, losing money, to going into the black.
Because Christmas sales would come out and people would spend more money.
And that's what Christmas has become about.
Forget about it's the birth of Jesus Christ.
That doesn't mean anything.
What are retail sales?
How's Macy's going to do this year?
What about Target?
Will their sales keep going up?
Hey, I hope Amazon has a good trip.
That's what Christmas has become.
I am a believer In the Prince of Peace.
And that's why I launched Occupy Peace.
So, as a Black Friday gift of peace, consider going to Occupy Peace and supporting us with a contribution for peace.
I will not die for war, but I fight for peace.
And as I said, I'm a warrior for the Prince of Peace.
So let's go on to what's going on in the markets.
A new high today.
Markets hit a new high and all that BS you keep hearing about trade wars, trade wars, trade wars have nothing to do with the equity markets.
It's cheap money they're pumping in.
The trade wars are not slowing down the economy according to the data coming out.
It's only affects About 0.6% of the global GDP.
It's a global slowdown.
The markets are staying strong.
If this impeachment process continues to worsen, go back to what happened when Clinton got impeached, or went through the process, the markets started tanking.
Could the same thing happen now?
Will it?
I don't know.
And people will say to me, you know, Salenti, you call things wrong sometimes.
Of course, I'm not, you know, only see tracking trends is an understanding of where we are, how we got here, where we're going.
Why the market's going up?
Three trillion dollars.
That's right.
With a T. Three trillion dollars they've injected in to the overnight repo markets so the gambling houses could get dough to go gamble the next day.
That's what's driving the market up.
And companies are not investing from the tax cuts.
You're buying back stocks still.
Investment capital investments are slowing down dramatically.
They don't believe me.
Pick up today's Wall Street Journal.
It's even in there.
But I've been saying this for months.
Let's go to gold.
As I've been saying.
And again, yeah, I got it wrong because I never thought of the repo market that the Federal Reserve would be dumping in $3 trillion since September 17th.
September, October, November, all right?
Couple of months, $3 trillion.
So, tracking trends is an understanding of where we are, how we got here, and where we're going.
In my career of learning things, How we got here never had negative interest rates, zero interest rate policy, and quantitative easing, which they're now doing again, now doing again at $60 billion a month.
That's just the Federal Reserve, and they're doing it globally.
So, going back now to gold, where's gold going?
I had forecast when gold broke over $14.50 an ounce, it would shoot higher, and it did.
Went over $15.50.
And now, because the gamblers are getting more cheap dough from getting their fix on the banksters who are giving him that cheap money, they're back in equities.
They're out of safe havens.
And that's what's driving the price down.
So gold, as we speak, is in the 1450s range.
If it goes below 1450 an ounce and 1450, 1448, 1443, 1446, 1441, something like that for a while.
Then I see it going back to around 1390 an ounce.
And I believe that's the bottom.
And I believe it's the bottom because central banks around the world are buying up gold at their fastest rate in 50 years.
Because they know how worthless their digital currencies are.
This is all one big scam.
Their digital currency is backed by nothing and printed on nothing.
What do you think they're, you know, fiercely printing out three trillion dollars?
They got the presses going?
We got to get more money to the banks?
This is all digital makeup stuff.
And I want to make this point as well.
Because you're going to see In the very near future, no more dollar, no more U.1, no more euro, no more peso, no more this, no more that.
You're going to see now, I call this digital money backed by nothing and printed on nothing, new cryptocurrencies for nations.
They're going to forget about all the debt they had with them dollars and them yuans and then this is and that's.
And they're going to come up with new cryptocurrencies, new digital currencies, backed by nothing and printed on nothing, to create the 21st century after they kill the current currencies.
That's where I see this going.
And the one that I would watch the closest is China.
That's right, because that China is broken.
Have $40 trillion in debt.
Your economy's slowing down.
Retail sales.
Real estate.
Auto sales.
One country after another.
It's going down.
Oh, you know another one you're going to see?
But, smart money is going to stay with gold.
You can't print that stuff up.
You got to work hard to get it.
There's not much of it out there.
So, that's where we see the future going.
And again, have a happy Thanksgiving.
Thank you for having me on.
Do everything you can to support it.
And to celebrate what Thanksgiving means.
To be an American.
To keep our freedoms alive.
The Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution.
That's my way, and that's my future, and that's America.
Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for having me on.
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A power dragon awakes and fighting back.
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The Emperor 1984 is 1776.
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Hillary Clinton is an enemy of America!
Hillary Clinton is openly calling for censorship of all patrons and nationalists!
Hillary Clinton is a criminal who failed to sell our nation out to the tycoons!
Hillary Clinton is a criminal!
Hillary Clinton will never silence the American people!
America is awake!
America knows what's happening!
And Infowars.com is exposing it!
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Hillary Clinton is involved with Jeffrey Epstein.
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Democrats are authoritarian, anti-American criminals that have failed to silence our speech.
Big Tech and the Chai Kams and Hillary have failed to silence America's speech.
is back. America is back. America is back. America is back.
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Clinton, the men in the wall are going down.
Hillary Clinton is a failure.
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Your so-called power cult, the Democratic Party that founded the KKK, is going down.
The Democrats are KKK!
The Democrats are KKK!
The Democrats are KKK!
And look, they all agree to call it KKK!
Down with the KKK!
Down with the... Look at this lady, I'm saying, down with the KKK!
And she says, no!
Down with the KKK and Hillary!
Down with the KKK and Hillary!
They tried to lie about their agenda and secretly build it.
That didn't work.
So now they've tried to silence us and then gaslight the population, promoting pedophilia, gun confiscation, and pure evil as normal.
They're doing that to demoralize you.
But the truth is, they're failing.
You can see it, and you can feel it.
Hell yes!
We're gonna take your AR-15.
You're gonna take people's guns away, wait till you get elected, then take the guns away.
Don't tell them ahead of time!
Breaking news, we have just confirmed that a registered child sex offender has been reading to children at a Houston public library as part of its Drag Queen Story Hour.
We are winning.
Humanity is awakening to the fact that it's under attack.
We were asleep before.
And the fact that we're awakening enrages the vampiric globalists and their demonic slaves.
Ladies and gentlemen, they wouldn't have come out in the open with gun confiscation, pro-pedophilia, attacks on America, attacks on real Christians.
If they weren't scared and weren't losing.
They've had to fully uncloak themselves in a hope to normalize their assault on our species.
But it's not working.
The fact that they had to censor InfoWars off of more than 60 major platforms.
And then the fact that Zuckerberg had to say, if you say something positive about Alex Jones or about InfoWars, that they'll ban you on Facebook.
How dangerous is InfoWars?
Well, Facebook believes it's so dangerous that you can be banned from using the platform, Facebook, just for sharing its content unless you simultaneously denounce it.
Revolted against that and said, my God, this is like the old Soviet Union.
And now all the big tech companies are coming out with their cashless systems, with the smartphones and the AI systems, the assistants and all the rest of this garbage.
These people are making their move on humanity right now.
But again, if they couldn't be defeated, they wouldn't be trying to censor those of us that are standing up to them.
They know they've got an uphill battle, but their god, their master, whatever the hell this murderous force is, this death cult, is obsessed with driving us into submission and demoralizing us to get rid of our fighting spirit.
But everybody can see it and everybody can feel it.
That fighting spirit of humanity is beginning to Burn brighter than it ever has before.
It is exploding.
And the wicked, twisted forces that believed that they were going to have a leisurely dissection of the human species are now beginning to realize that just like every time in the past, evil failed.
They're going to fail this time.
And their attempt to destroy us will only be the final nail in the coffin for their Luciferian system.
That said, I need your prayers.
You need to pray for yourself.
I don't have to tell you that.
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