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Name: 20191122_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 22, 2019
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It's why YouTube recommended videos by the conspiracist Alex Jones billions of times.
It's why fake news... InfoWars.
Tomorrow's news, today.
International corporations allied with the communist Chinese and the rabid anti-free speech left are making their move on American free speech.
Now they've already taken free speech almost everywhere in the world.
If you don't like your five-year-old child being taught by the school how to masturbate or that God doesn't exist, they'll throw your ass in jail in England.
Canada is just a few steps behind that and now they want to pass hate crime laws in the United States to arrest you for your speech as well.
Sacha Baron Cohen, the comedian, came out yesterday in a stunning speech at the Anti-Defamation League And said, for the first time in his life as a public figure, he is being himself, Sacha Baron Cohen, and telling you what he really thinks.
And then he reads off of an ADL teleprompter what the ADL's agenda is.
And ladies and gentlemen, it was nothing less than a declaration of war against America, against free speech, and against all of our basic freedoms and was the closest thing to Nazis we've seen since Nazi Germany.
We're going to play the entire 24-minute speech and I'm going to analyze it here in this special emergency report but I want to make something very clear here.
This is a coordinated effort The same day, yesterday, the New York Times came out and said that Stephen Miller, pro-Israel Jewish, is a white nationalist and a racist because someone released his emails where he was a fan of Infowars.
And he believes America and Western culture is worth saving.
And that we should be proud of Western society.
That the corporate board want to erase because it's the true liberal, egalitarian, true open society that authoritarian regimes can't compete with.
So Stephen Miller grew up in a leftist home.
He bucked the propaganda.
Now he's probably Trump's most important and powerful advisor.
And he's smart.
He's really amazing to listen to because I've done my research.
I know when somebody's full of bull, Stephen Miller is amazing.
But the ADL that claims it represents all of our freedoms and Jews has come out and defamed him.
It's just incredible and called for him to be fired.
And now Sasha Baron Cohen, who we'll go to in a moment, has come out and said that the big six tech companies need to shut down all the Nazis.
And then they say, like Alex Jones and Breitbart?
And I guess the Rothschilds, through their operatives, and they admit this, have now gotten Benjamin Netanyahu indicted, and he's going to face a kangaroo trial.
And Facebook banned one of his sons and called it hate speech.
You know, the Soros documents leaked and WikiLeaks and he wants to get rid of Israel.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you wanted to destroy Israel, you would behave and act like this and say that you speak for Jews.
Now, we're going to lay this out, ladies and gentlemen, because this is very sophisticated at one level and very, very ham-fisted at another.
And it's very, very dangerous for everybody.
And it's going to absolutely blow up politically in the face of the ADL and other groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center because this is the most hardcore leftist garbage I've ever seen and it's total lies.
We've seen the big six tech companies engage in a reign of terror and a reign of censorship unparalleled but The Nazi sites and the radical Islamic sites are still all up there.
And by the way, I'm not calling for removing them.
The cure for bad ideas is good ideas.
Because I'm an American.
I believe in freedom of speech.
And by God, my grandfathers fought the Nazis.
And I'm not going to let a bunch of authoritarians on that Nazi collaborator's payroll, George Soros, silence me.
My ancestors fought King George, and they fought Santa Ana, and they fought Hitler.
They fought the communists.
And now I'm fighting people just like it, because big banks and big money and the chi-coms have said, hey, let's get a so-called Jewish civil rights organization to try to take on the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights, and let's see if we can get Americans to give up their very nation's existence.
Remember when Trump says we should be proud of America and nationalism, they said, oh, that's white supremacism all over the news.
Nike took off the Betsy Ross flag saying it was racist because Kaepernick didn't like it.
Betsy Ross was an abolitionist.
The ADL fresh off getting this listed as a hate symbol and
people getting fired from jobs were found in photos with it.
Obama can do it.
Sprite commercials can do it.
Now they want, by the way this symbol means OK, International Sign Language, the brofist!
Like, hey man, fist bump!
On the emojis, the ADL wants that ban now.
You say, that's crazy.
No, it's not crazy.
If the ADL and Soros and other Nazi collaborators like him, literally, you can't make this up, if they can ban the brofist and they can ban this, they can ban any symbol they want and persecute you for it.
That's the power over language and symbols.
I was saying just today to the crew, I said we should call for the ban of the N word, the letter N, because it's the first letter in the unspeakable word.
And I heard, no, no, there's actually already calls for that.
You can say that the smiley face is a white supremacist face because somebody used it, probably some leftist operative posing as a white supremacist, most of it's that, false flags, small it type stuff.
So let's ban the smiley face.
You know, that's crazy, that's dumb.
No, it's not dumb.
If you're a tyrant, if you're authoritarians, you go, hey, Hitler was bad, everybody knows that.
Let's say that we're the modern victims of Hitler and say the American people are Hitler and if you don't do what we say, you're Hitler.
Well, Hitler was a criminal cult leader and the people doing this are criminal cult leaders and they're just as big a danger as Hitler.
Because a consortium of multinational corporations have bought the ADL.
And they've now jumped the shark.
And they're going to call anybody that believes in sovereignty and independent freedom a Nazi.
Whether it's Michelle Malkin.
She supports free speech.
She's now a Nazi.
Got fired.
Again, an Asian woman married to a Jew who's pro-Israel.
Or Stephen Miller.
Or Alex Jones.
It's sickening and it's evil.
And it's disgusting.
Now, I'm going to start playing this Declaration of War by the ADL, by their sock puppet, Sacha Baron Cohen, whose career's failed.
And I take no pleasure in that.
He's a funny guy.
But there's so much political garbage in what he does, people don't want to go see that.
We're not stupid.
We're awake, Sacha.
So now, he is a teleprompter reader to read a globalist Script.
And then at the end of this presentation when I'm finished playing the speech, I'm gonna play you something that I saw years ago that Cohen did that when I saw it I knew was pure evil.
Where he actually introduces anti-semitism and tricks people into it, then projects it onto them and blames them It's a window, a microcosm of this, where you expose Fiona Hill working for George Soros and wanting to get rid of sovereignty.
I mean, she works for a place called the Globalist.
And they had hearings in the impeachment hearing saying, I'm a Nazi and it's anti-Semitism.
Because I said, I don't want to get rid of our sovereignty.
And they said, I made it up that she worked for Soros.
When she's on record, she headed up his most powerful foundation that he founded and runs, the Open Society Group.
And again, what they said in the hearing is, and if you say she ever worked there, you are a Nazi.
And then she brought up the learned elders of Zion and said that that's what we promote, when I don't promote that, they're promoting that.
So people read that and see that, just like he tricked people in the video we're going to show you at the end.
So that they can then manage the anti-Semitism that will be generated by this.
And here's the takeaway.
When the ADL goes out and takes everybody's free speech across America, and Google and all of them have announced it starts next month.
This is just the announcement.
That's why they're bullying them to give them cover, like, oh, you haven't done enough.
Oh, they're about to totally end speech.
And when tens of millions of Americans get called anti-Semitic, when you talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Jews, it's going to make people get angry at Jews.
And that's exactly What this international mafia that happens to have some people that are Jews who are criminals are doing.
Israel got caught staging attacks against itself.
There's famous cases.
You look them up.
To get more funding.
Well, other governments do that too.
False flags is something that bad governments do.
Israel's had good governments and bad governments.
So I don't think evil Jews did a false flag.
I think bad people that happen to be Jewish did.
Just like our government staged the Gulf of Tonkin to get into Vietnam in 64.
That's declassified.
But see, when you criticize somebody that's Jewish that's done something criminal, they call you anti-Semitic.
And then when people see that injustice, who aren't sophisticated, they Start becoming anti-semitic.
And that's what this is.
The globalists want cover for what they're doing.
And they know America's proud of defeating Hitler.
And so they're saying, well, you do what we say or you're Hitler.
And it's really evil.
And I just pray and hope that God touches not just my heart and your heart, but everybody's heart to really see through this and pray that people inside the ADL Don't go down this historical path of engineering and stirring up anti-Semitism so that they can fleece their fellow Jews.
Because that's really the big dirty secret here is that a lot of powerful Jews work with Hitler to round up and kill the Jews in mass.
And that's really why the Globals want me off the air, because they're really upset that we know that.
And people like Steve Pchenik on, who lost family for real in the Holocaust, and he's Jewish, you know, he'll tell you about that.
One of the founders of Delta Force.
I mean, this is the reality here.
And I really want Jews to know how much danger you're in when the people running the ADL do stuff like this.
It's very sophisticated.
It's very dark.
And there's very evil forces working behind the scenes that want to destroy Christianity and Levitical Judaism that is antithetical to what they're doing.
The modern leftist Judaism that is just another black magic cult, and that's admitted by the way, if you study, when I say modern Judaism, the last thousand years, at least large veins of it.
The Babylonian Talmud, things like that, it's black magic.
It's very, very dangerous.
Very, very dangerous.
And it's dangerous for anybody involved in it.
And so it doesn't matter who you are, whether you are white, whether you are black, whether you're old, whether you're young, whether you're from a Jewish background or an Asian background or an Anglo-Saxon background, we all have souls.
We all have potential to love God and to not choose to be part of this wickedness.
And I'm going to go ahead and get to this.
Just like in rock and roll, and just like in Hollywood, an evil system has set this up to really poison the planet, and it's wrong.
And in the end, it's going to hurt everybody really, really bad.
So I'm really just a warning sign here.
This way leads to destruction and I'm saying I think we should go the other direction.
As for me, I've got my soul right with God.
I'm lined up with the truth and I just am really upset about how dangerous and authoritarian this is and the labeling.
I mean think about it.
You're going to see this incredible speech in a moment.
The labeling of anyone that criticizes any globalist policy.
As a anti-Semite Nazi who needs to be totally silenced.
I mean, think about that.
You say, well, nobody believes it.
Well, no, I mean, the globalists are turning people's bank accounts off.
They're firing people.
They're getting people arrested.
This is, this is mafia tactics.
And he endorses Antifa, a terrorist group funded by Alexander Soros and George Soros on record.
I mean, it's just unbelievable.
Without further ado, let's go ahead and get into this.
Here's the headlines.
Sacha Baron Cohen attacks Stephen Miller, Mark Zuckerberg, Alex Jones in ADL speech, Morad actor Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter are the greatest propaganda machines in history for hate groups.
Oh, the hate groups.
And of course, the comments are closed on his speech at the ADL YouTube site.
See, I don't get to have a YouTube.
I don't get to say, hey, I'm not a Nazi.
Show me the clip where I'm a Nazi.
See, comments are close.
See, because they're saying everybody's speech isn't allowed, but the enlightened globalist priesthood masters, the Chinese Communist Politburo that's killed over 100 million people, and you know, Hollywood, all the big pedophile networks, and the EU, and all the old robber baron families, and Juncker, he gets his speech, heir to the main Nazi fortune, and George Soros, you know.
And it's really true, and you go into the families of the power, I mean, it's like, British aristocracy, the German aristocracy, a lot of the Nazi money that parlayed in, Robert Barron money over here, the Chi-Coms, and it's just sick, it's sick!
And, ugh, very, very dangerous situation for everybody.
So, without further ado, let's go ahead and get into Mr. Sacha Baron Cohen at the ADL, and this is just super creep fest, so let's start with it.
I've stood up and given a speech as my least popular character, Sacha Baron Cohen.
And I have to confess, it is terrifying.
I realize that my presence here may also be unexpected for another reason.
At times, some critics have said my comedy risks reinforcing old stereotypes.
The truth is, I've been passionate about challenging bigotry and intolerance throughout my life.
As a teenager in England, I marched against the fascist National Front and to abolish apartheid.
As an undergraduate, I traveled around America and wrote my thesis about the civil rights movement with the help of the archives of the ADL.
And as a comedian, I've tried to use my characters to get people to let down their guard and reveal what they actually believe, including their own prejudice.
Now, I'm not going to claim that everything I've done has been for a higher purpose.
Yes, some of my comedy, okay, probably half my comedy has been absolutely juvenile.
And the other half, completely puerile.
I admit there was nothing particularly enlightening about me as Borat from Kazakhstan, the first fake news journalist, running through a conference of mortgage brokers while I was completely naked.
But when Borat was able to get an entire bar in Arizona to sing, It did reveal people's indifference to antisemitism.
When, as Bruno, the gay fashion reporter from Austria, I started kissing a man in a cage fight in Arkansas, nearly starting a riot, it showed the violent potential of homophobia.
And when disguised as an ultra-woke developer, I proposed building a mosque in one rural community, prompting a resident to proudly admit, I am racist against Muslims.
It showed the growing acceptance of Islamophobia.
And we're gonna air basically the entire speech.
There was a little part at the first that we'll add in at the end where he again talked about how I've never given a speech as my true self, Sacha Baron Cohen, and he goes on to say my least popular character.
But we're gonna get back to the Jude on the well thing at the end here.
I'm gonna actually play that clip.
But you don't hear Sacha Baron Cohen saying, we need to build mosque in Israel.
You notice that.
He says you're going to accept unlimited billions of Muslims.
There's 1.8 billion.
In just a few years, 2030, there'll be 3 billion Muslims.
And he says we're just going to bring hundreds of millions in.
That's what the French leader says.
It's what the UN model says.
600 million in the U.S.
alone by 2050.
We're only 330 million.
You hear what I just said?
There's not going to be one mosque built in Israel.
Because Israel's decided it's not compatible.
And Israel doesn't want to cease to exist.
But this is for us, though.
But see, Sacha Baron Cohen can't argue with me.
I'm not reading off a teleprompter.
I'm reading off research.
He would never do that.
He wants me silenced.
Once I'm tied up in the corner, then he can do whatever he wants.
Then he can say whoever I am, steal my identity.
That's what they do.
That's what globalists and the media and all these liars do.
They silence you.
And then they say what you said.
Oh, there's Alex tied up over there.
He says he loves Hitler.
You're like, can't talk.
Notice he'll call us Nazis and everything.
He'll say, Oh, Nazis.
And then Alex Jones, knowing the average viewer goes, Oh, he's a, he's a Nazi.
It's sick.
It's sick, and it's an attempt to use bad things that happened to people in other countries that we went and stopped against us.
That is a crime against reality and justice.
It gets so much worse, though.
Let's continue to hear from this creep.
Here it is.
That's why I really appreciate the opportunity to be here with you.
Today, around the world, demagogues appeal to our worst instincts.
Conspiracy theories, once confined to the fringe, are going mainstream.
It's as if the age of reason, the era of evidential argument, is ending.
Alright, pause again.
Back it up ten seconds.
It's the West that enshrined free speech and promoted it 500 years ago.
Magna Carta 800 years ago.
You're getting rid of that where I can show my evidentiary and challenge what you're saying.
So you want to silence me so you can then have air superiority to lie everywhere.
But because people spread the word, you don't have that.
And you're not going to label people that love America and love freedom and love justice as Nazis.
Without being exposed.
You monster.
You monster.
Now let's go back to him.
It's as if the age of reason, the era of evidential argument, is ending.
And now knowledge is increasingly delegitimized and scientific consensus is dismissed.
Hit pause again.
Democracy, which... We are a republic.
Think about this.
There are tens of thousands of top scientists that have signed public letters saying man-made global warming isn't real, paying a carbon tax won't do anything, when the Rothschilds literally own the main carbon exchange.
That's just a fact.
And then Al Gore and Bill Clinton, they're all involved.
Barack Obama owns part of the Chicago exchange.
Can't make this up.
And China isn't going to be signed on to it.
They're the main greenhouse emitter.
So even if it's true, it'll only shut us down and not them.
These globalists want power over everything, including the power, to turn the lights out, to de-industrialize.
They want us as feudal slaves.
And he says, oh, it's a consensus.
You see, scientific consensus.
Oh, we say it's a consensus.
If a consensus is dismissed, democracy, which depends on shared truths, is in retreat, and autocracy, which depends on shared lies, is on the march.
Hit pause again.
He just totally inverted and projected on us.
He wants to get rid of speech.
He's going to call for it here in a moment.
And he's telling us that freedom is in retreat.
Only because the forces of globalism are pushing it and the Chi-Coms now own Hollywood.
Hate crimes are surging.
Pause again, back that up.
Back it up 10 seconds.
It's all over the news.
It's in the statistics.
They are calling everything a hate crime now.
Unless it's groups of black youths attacking whites that is exploding because of the race war the media is pushing.
Then they won't call that a hate crime.
So that's just more garbage.
More, more, more, oh there's a consensus, oh it's a consensus, but it's all lies.
Like saying Fiona Hill isn't a globalist and didn't work for George Soros when she headed his most powerful group as a top board member and works for a publication called The Globalist promoting global government.
It's called theglobalist.com.
But they said it's not true and if you say it you're an anti-Semite.
Who's talking about Fiona Hill?
She's not Jewish.
Soros isn't Jewish, he's an atheist.
He says he wants to get rid of Israel.
But again, if you don't want to get rid of Israel, you're a Nazi.
Let's continue.
Is in retreat and autocracy, which depends on shared lies, is on the march.
Hate crimes are surging as are murderous attacks on religious and ethnic minorities.
Hit pause.
What are all these dangerous trends?
Back it up.
What are all these trends?
Dangerous trends.
Pull up the UN's own reports.
The majority of all true violent crimes against religious groups is Christians.
And it's by Muslims.
But then he focuses it back on Christendom, back on America, back on the right wing.
And these are all facts you can look up.
Hate crimes are surging as are murderous attacks on religious and ethnic minorities.
Now, what do all these dangerous trends have in common?
I'm just a comedian and an actor, I'm not a scholar, but one thing is pretty clear to me.
All this hate and violence is being facilitated by a handful of internet companies... Hit pause again.
I notice he's reading out the teleprompters.
They won't pull back and show you that, but he looks to the left.
Looks the right, reads down, acts like he's not reading, looks another, guaranteed, pull that camera back, teleprompters.
This is a production.
Just like when he tricked folks to say, throw the Jew down the well.
And he's teaching everybody else, the enemy's the Jews, the enemy's the Jews.
Because nobody's talking about the Jews, nobody's giving these Nazis attention, until Hollywood and everybody now rebrands America as Nazi.
People are going, I'm not a Nazi, how dare you?
You see why the left's been caught running white supremacist groups, Southern Property Law Center and others?
They don't just infiltrate them, they run them, they create them.
Let's continue.
That amount to the greatest propaganda machine in history.
Big tech's bad, okay, even though they're censoring already.
The greatest propaganda machine in history.
Let's think about it.
Facebook, YouTube, and Google, Twitter, and others.
They reach billions of people.
The algorithms these platforms depend on deliberately amplify the type of content that keeps users engaged.
Stop there.
He doesn't want to say that we had five billion views on our own channels on YouTube because we were popular.
He wants to say, oh, they recommend, oh, Google recommended you.
The algorithm simply means when someone likes something and likes keywords, it shows it to you.
So if I start watching cat videos with my daughter on the TV from YouTube, it suddenly serves up cat videos.
And then it serves more and more cat videos.
That's all.
That's all.
And so it's like, oh, people like Alex Jones.
They typed Alex Jones in.
Went to the top of the algorithm.
Oh, they were deliberately serving it.
And then there's another lie that I'm this hate.
He'll get to my name and then tie it to all of this.
And it's all a fraud.
Everything he's saying is a lie, except he's just a comedian.
And he doesn't know anything, but he's reading off a teleprompter.
That little part's written in there.
No one's challenged our consensus.
Everything's totally proven.
And then, by the way, I don't know anything.
I'm just a comedian.
All of it, garbage.
Stories that appeal to our baser instincts and that trigger outrage and fear.
It's why YouTube recommended videos by the conspiracist Alex Jones billions of times.
It's why fake news outperforms real news because studies show that lies spread faster than
And it's no surprise that the greatest propaganda machine in history has spread the oldest conspiracy theory in history.
All right, stop there.
Back it up again to Alex Jones.
Back it up just a minute, and then I'm not going to stop a lot more after this, okay, until the end.
But watch what he does.
They recommended Alex Jones.
That's like going to the dry cleaners and they know the way you want your shirts and pants starched.
And they just look at your file and you like it done medium, or you don't like starch, or you like your jeans creased down the front.
It's not an algorithm.
They type in what you want.
Well, it's all just done digitally for decades on these big platforms.
So again, oh, they're pushing it, see?
But that's not the big lie.
The big one you're about to hear.
And there's one more hidden in plain view that's not verbal.
And I know you'll be able to catch that.
Is that I am the Nazis or the czars in Russia and the learned elders of Zion?
You know, Walmart sold that for 30 years.
They also sell books on how to teach five-year-olds to conjure demons.
That's a new book out.
You go, why the hell would they do that?
You didn't hear the ADL bitch about that?
Because the biggest promoter of that document is them.
But they're not Jews.
They're a mafia that handles Jews.
This is the big secret I want you to know.
Remember Candace Owens?
She was starting a social network.
She was smart.
Smart lady, beautiful.
And suddenly she was getting white supremacist threats and death threats and all the rest of this stuff.
She was a computer programmer though, so she started looking at the code, and the same feminist groups calling up wanting to defend her that had heard about it, knew about it, were the ones, while she was in college, sending her the white supremacist death threats.
And that's what happens.
Your kids get off to go to college, they go, there's Nazis on campus, get in here quick, tell them to the special dorm we've got, and they indoctrinate them and tell them they're here and everything else is going on.
Sometimes they even have people dress up like Nazis to scare them, but since the internet came out, it's too easy to bust them, so they even stopped doing that.
It's all Jesse Smollett stuff, okay?
And that's what the left does, not just the ADL.
This is leftist garbage to program people and induct them into fear.
But Candace found out, oh my God, you're the ones doing that.
Like in Scooby-Doo.
They want to take over the local town, a guy dresses up like a goblin to run everybody off and scare them.
Headless Horseman type stuff.
And then finally, they pull the mask off the Headless Horseman or the Goblin, and it's the local scammer that wants to take over the town.
And that's all this is.
It's elementary, and once you know about it, it's all over, ladies and gentlemen.
But going after everybody's speech and telling everyone they're Nazis is gonna piss them off, and they're gonna go, Well, who's the ADL?
A Jewish group?
And there's people like, what?
I'm not a Nazi!
And that's going to really cause all the great Jews around the world in this country, they're hard-working good people, a lot of trouble.
Because a group of criminals says they represent you.
And go around and train law enforcement, everybody else everywhere.
Along with Media Matters, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and other groups.
It's all the same propaganda, all these groups.
And the ADL now is just regurgitating.
See, Abe Foxman got removed there because he was, you know, calling theater chain owners that didn't do what they were told Nazis, and people sued them and won.
because you can't get see so now they got slicker management in there and yeah
I know all about you I know all about where your wives work, and the government, and what departments they head up.
You guys really think I'm stupid.
I'm not.
And this stuff you're putting out is from the chi-coms, and it's really dangerous.
And I would tell everybody in general, I don't care if you're Jewish or what you are, you don't want to sign on to this.
Anyways, let's, sorry, this is going to be a long presentation, obviously, because I really want to speak to the ADL and others and some of the underlings there and just say, if you've got a dirty feeling, it's because you're not right with God and just get right with God and you're not going to feel like that anymore.
Very evil.
Very evil stuff.
Stop it.
So you just heard him and it goes on and on.
Alex Jones is being spread by these people and then he goes into The genesis of what we would call the Nazis.
I mean, this is defamation next level.
Because they're the Anti-Defamation League.
Here it is.
Millions of people.
The algorithms these platforms depend on deliberately amplify the type of content that keeps users engaged.
Stories that appeal to our baser instincts and that trigger outrage and fear.
It's why YouTube recommended videos by the conspiracist Alex Jones billions of times.
It's why fake news outperforms real news, because studies show that lies spread faster than truth.
And it's no surprise that the greatest propaganda machine in history has spread the oldest conspiracy theory in history, the lie that Jews are somehow dangerous.
As one headline put it, just think what Goebbels could have done with Facebook.
On the internet, everything can appear equally legitimate.
Alright, let's stop there.
Breitbart... Oh, now Breitbart.
Oh, Nazis.
Oh, Lerner and Elder's design.
Oh, Breitbart.
Boy, that's nice treatment from the leftist ADL for supporting Israel.
Did you know you get hooked in with the Lerner and Elder's design when you support Israel?
When the very group funding the ADL, the Rothschilds on record, are trying to destroy Israel.
And you're like, well, they helped found it.
It's a very sophisticated situation going on here.
It's very sophisticated.
It's full spectrum dominance.
We control both sides, which the Rothschilds are famous for in any history book.
They would fund all sides of a war.
All sides.
If there were European wars, we'd have three sides, sometimes four sides.
And the Jews didn't invent that.
And then the Rothschilds are supposedly Jewish.
They married into the Transylvanian German royal family houses.
But I mean, this is amazing to see when you actually know all this.
And that's why they're so scared of the show, because I want everybody to have a future.
And I don't want to have all these religious wars and all the rest of it. And the
left claiming they're doing all this to create unity is only creating division. You get the WikiLeaks
and they admit they want division, they want control, they want divide and conquer, they want
So let's continue. We're now Breitbart is the Nazi. Here we go.
Dangerous. As one headline put it, just think what Goebbels could have done with Facebook.
On the internet, everything can appear equally legitimate.
Breitbart resembles the BBC.
The fictitious protocols of the Elders of Zion look as valid as an ADL report.
And the rantings of a lunatic seem as credible as the findings of a Nobel Prize winner.
We have lost, it seems, a shared sense of basic facts upon which democracy depends.
When I, as the wannabe gangster Ali G, asked the astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, what was it like to walk on the sun?
The joke worked because we, the audience, shared the same facts.
If you believe the moon landing was a hoax, the joke Doesn't work.
When Borat got that bar in Arizona to agree that Jews control everybody's money and they never give it back.
The joke worked because the audience shared the fact that the depiction of Jews as miserly is a conspiracy theory originating in the Middle Ages.
But when, thanks to social media, conspiracies take hold, it is easier for hate groups to recruit,
easier for foreign intelligence agencies to interfere in our elections,
and easier for a country like Myanmar to commit genocide against the Rohingya.
Now, it's actually quite shocking how easy it is to turn conspiracy thinking into violence.
In my last show, who was America, I found an educated, normal guy who had held down a good... Yeah, let's back this up a few seconds.
You just heard about all these foreign intelligence agencies that want to overthrow America are teaching us that the Jews run everything and they're bad and we've got to get them.
No evidence, no proof, none of it, just like the whole Russiagate thing.
And who's teaching you that Jews run everything?
Who's teaching you these things that the average person's never heard of, the learned elders of Zion?
The average person isn't even in this spectrum.
But this guy is up there, he calls for it, the takeover of big tech, total censorship, worse than it is, and he's the guardian of freedom.
And then they're going to come for everybody's freedom, telling America it was bad of the Jews.
And what's that going to create?
A clash, a war.
That will then be refereed and managed by our leftist controllers.
That's sick.
You know, somebody that was really advanced and smart would not take such a wicked dark path.
It would not do something like that.
that will blow up in their face, but see that's the plan.
Then the average Jew will be robbed and the booty will be shared.
Sorrow's fed at that drop, at that filthy blood bucket of dead Jews money when he was a little boy and as a teenager.
And he's worked For the group that specialties bleeding Jews for a long time.
If Jews want to stop getting bled and stop getting set up, I suggest you research who the ADL is.
They were founded when a man kidnapped and tortured and raped a little girl and then killed her.
Why the hell would you want to be part of an organization that started out of something like that?
But Sacha Baron Cohen comes out and gives the first speech ever, he says, as his real self.
And he's reading off a teleprompter the exact globalist message.
And branding globalism as Jewish, so that as this huge world government comes through with tech and censorship and control and cashless societies, he's telling you, see it as Jewish.
They're always injecting.
Oh, you don't like being spot on?
Don't be anti-Semitic.
People go, what do Jews have to do with that?
And then the ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center in Hollywood.
I prefer family values.
Oh, really?
You hate Jews?
It's so obvious.
It's so disgusting.
It is sophisticated though.
Let's continue.
How easy it is to turn conspiracy thinking into violence.
In my last show, Who is America?, I found an educated, normal guy who had held down a good job, but who, on social media, repeated many of the conspiracy theories that President Trump, using Twitter, has spread more than 1,700 times to his 6.7 million followers.
So now, we're gonna learn, after learning about Nazis and all this, now, Trump, You know how much he hates the Jews and wants to get Israel?
I mean, it's total inversion of reality.
He's even bigger anti-Semite than Stephen Miller.
No, the real crime of Stephen Miller and Trump is they want everybody to work together and have a great future together, and all of us really come together.
Their real crime is trying to be a classical real liberal, not a leftist.
Big difference.
Go to Prager University.
Oh, that's another evil guy they're banning, calling a Nazi another Jew.
Smart and wants to bring people together.
Gotta watch out for him.
I'm sorry.
So many Nazis here.
You can't just keep track of these evil, evil Jewish Nazis that are exposing the globalists.
And you go listen to Prager, it's all true, it's all documented, it's all loving, it's all healthy, it's all good.
That's why he's got to be called a Nazi literally and taken off the internet.
And you know who, when the globalists trigger this big anti-Semitic uprising, you know who's
It'll be Prager, it'll be people like that, yeah.
Mr. Cohen will be sitting just fine in one of his European palaces.
For a job well done.
Well done, good sir.
Well done.
Brilliantly played.
I'll see you out at the barony.
I'll get you a British title now.
Let's just go back to him.
...has spread more than 1,700 times to his 67 million Twitter followers.
The president even tweeted that he was considering designating Antifa, who are anti-fascists who march against the far right, as a terror organization.
So, disguised as an Israeli anti-terrorism expert, Colonel Eran Morad... Yalla, let's go!
Disguised as him, I told my interviewee that at the Women's March in San Francisco, Antifa were plotting to put hormones into babies' diapers in order to make them transgender.
And this man believed it.
I instructed him to plant small devices on three innocent people at the march and explained that when he pushed a button, he'd trigger an explosion that would kill them all.
They weren't real explosives.
That's impossible.
So, and we're getting this at the end, the real crimes this guy's committing against humanity, the true evil, which is a microcosm of the big picture.
He's now confessing to you.
That he took something that's real, the chemicals put in the water, the declassifications, the admissions that most of the amphibian life, all of it, can't reproduce.
The males are attracted to males, whether it's frogs, whether it's fish, you know, now humans.
Pentagon worked on the chemicals.
It's called the Gay Bomb, which is just a euphemism for the whole program.
That's BBC News.
And then people know about it because I've talked about it.
And so he goes and finds a mentally ill person he sets up to go out and think that killing people is the way to respond to that instead of just exposing it.
So they take a nonsensical stupid thing to discredit the whole real thing.
So he's just going down the checklist here.
Don't worry about chemicals that are doing all this.
That's a real environmental disaster.
No, no, no, no.
Because that's what terrorists are.
He's tricking people.
And he's promoting this just like he goes and tells people, throw Jews down wells.
And he sings a bunch of the song without saying that, gets them all excited.
He finds a bunch of drunk people at 1 a.m.
Some little blue-collar, you know, place out in the middle of nowhere.
And then he gets them to say this.
That's how you trick a child.
You get them happy, having fun.
You get them to the edge of your club, push them off.
And then the predator Cohen looks over and goes, ah, I am the controller.
I decide the language.
I decide how you live.
You serve me.
You serve me.
You bow to my power.
I'm not bowing to you.
And God, God has marked you.
You've got God to deal with.
Dr. Hill, you stated in your deposition you've been accused of being a mole
for George Soros in the White House, correct?
That's correct.
During their failing attempts to impeach the president for something, Democrat representative Raja Krishnamurti and Fiona Hill took an opportunity to claim that InfoWars and anyone else who criticizes George Soros is anti-Semitic.
But first, they shared a strange moment of celebration for the conviction of Roger Stone.
You said in your deposition Specifically, a conspiracy was launched against you by convicted felon Roger Stone on the show Info Wars, led by Alex Jones, right?
I don't think it was a convicted felon at the time that he launched this, so I didn't use those exact words.
After their little joke, Fiona Hill brings up the time she was exposed on InfoWars in 2017.
But it was indeed Roger Stone and Alex Jones on InfoWars in 2017.
George Soros has penetrated the Trump White House.
Soros has planted a mole infiltrating the national security apparatus.
A woman named Fiona Hill, who has a Harvard background, has been on the Soros payroll and the payroll of the Open Society Institute.
Fiona Hill served as an advisory board member for the Open Society's Institute, an organization created by investor George Soros.
But rather than address her Soros affiliations, Hill called it a conspiracy theory and proudly defended the Soros name.
Interestingly, you stated in your deposition that a similar conspiracy theory had actually been launched against Marie Yovanovitch.
That's correct.
And you said specifically, when I saw this happening to Ambassador Yovanovitch, again I was furious Because this is, again, just this whipping up of what is frankly an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory about George Soros to basically target non-partisan career officials.
Isn't that what you said?
I did say that, yes.
Democrat witness Alexander Vindman was asked if his attitude towards the Ukrainian government might have been influenced in some way by the fact that he was born in the Ukraine.
Without any reasonable explanation, this was considered to be anti-semitic and racist.
And I'm sure you've been watching with concern what's happened to other non-partisan career officials.
We had Lieutenant Colonel Alex Vindman, an American immigrant, questioned for his criticism of the President in a very unfair way.
You know, basically questioning his loyalty to the country.
I believe that he's also of Ukrainian Jewish descent.
Would you say that these different theories, these conspiracy theories that have been targeting you, spun in part by folks like Mr. Stone, as well as fueled by Rudy Giuliani and others, basically have a tinge of anti-Semitism to them at least?
Well, certainly when they involve George Soros, they do.
Well, certainly when they involve George Soros, they do.
She then went on to bring up The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a book the Nazis used as propaganda against the Jews, and suggested that any criticism of George Soros is the same.
I'd just like to point out that in the early 1900s, the Tsarist secret police produced something called the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which actually you can still obtain on the internet, and you can buy it actually sometimes in bookshops in Russia and elsewhere.
This is the longest-running anti-Semitic trope that we have in history.
And the trope against Mr. Soros, George Soros, was also created for political purposes.
And this is the new Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours who swore that you were his adopted godson.
Went out in fact and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.
That's right.
Was it difficult?
Not at all.
No problem at all.
No feeling of guilt?
It was actually probably the happiest year of my life.
Tomorrow's News.
German occupation. For me it was a very positive experience.
It's a very happy making exhilarating experience.
InfoWars. Tomorrow's news today.
Did you catch that?
see would he actually do it the answer was yes he pushed the button and thought
he had actually killed three human beings impossible Voltaire was right did you catch that he led someone to
commit what he believed was a crime to show everyone the great danger of these
people that think there's chemicals in the environment altering our lifecycle
which is the admitted plant.
Criminalizing the idea of warning people about chemicals in the food chain.
And he just tried to lead someone to commit a crime so he could then blame that person who he had profiled.
After going out trying to find countless people to do this, leading someone to the crime is what the good man does.
Let's continue.
When he said, those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
Hey, pause again.
Because he just did that.
He tries to make us believe absurdities to lead us to atrocities.
That's the magician with the lesser magic laughing at you, telling you what he just did.
And because you now realize the truth he just told you, you don't see the overall joke he's playing in front of you to laugh at you.
His entire mindset is about reveling in the fact that he's tricking you.
...believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
And social media lets authoritarians push absurdities to billions of people.
Now, in their defense, these social media companies have taken some steps to reduce hate and conspiracies on their platform.
Pause again.
Conspiracies, anything he doesn't like, anything these big corporate boards don't like, anything the Chi-Coms don't like.
Now, in their defense, they've done something to start silencing this American rabble, and a tiny part of it is all the Jew obsession.
But he wants to make sure that when they come with all the censorship, we make it about Jews.
But see, I'm gonna make it about Jews in a way he doesn't want.
That almost no Jews are involved in this.
And they're recruited by the globalists to do this, just like Soros was recruited to round up Jews.
And he said it was happy making and the best time of his life, on record.
And he was proud of what he did.
He said that.
But see, in Congress yesterday, I'm an anti-Semite for saying he worked for the Nazis.
A fact!
A fact!
Let's continue.
These steps have been mainly superficial.
And I'm talking about this today because I believe that our pluralistic democracies... Pause again.
...are on a precipice.
I mean, I gotta stop.
Yeah, there's populism everywhere.
We don't want to be globalist colonies and robbed and flooded with third world populations to undercut us and exploit the third world.
Yeah, we don't want that slave master, okay?
We don't want to be your slaves.
Of the globalists, whoever they are.
How about that?
We want our own countries.
We built them.
They're ours.
They don't belong to you.
We're not ashamed of ourselves.
Stop trying to teach us we're bad.
If there wasn't America to come save everybody from the Nazis, where would people be from folks like George Soros, under his control?
And I know that the first run, you know, folks like Soros made didn't work too well.
You want to do another run?
and I just don't want to see it happen.
Oh God, so obvious.
Now, again, all these societies are starting to fall to the evil that he's branding as Nazi,
hoping it conjures that in the resistance.
So we don't have a big tent and come together.
To be mainly superficial.
And I'm talking about this today because I believe that our pluralistic democracies are on a precipice.
And then the next 12 months and the role of social media.
It's just incredible.
I'm talking about getting rid of Trump here.
Next 12 months.
Are pluralistic, meaning lots of ideas, and he wants to shut down speech, calling all speech that he doesn't agree with, Nazi, total lie, but oh, oh, but he's a defender of speech in open societies.
Yes, you can be one of 50 sexes, all these new fake rights that are being invented, while we abandon all the real ones, continue.
Twelve months and the role of social media could be determinant.
Now, British voters will go to the polls while online conspiracists promote the despicable theory of the Great Replacement, that white Christians are being deliberately replaced by Muslim immigrants.
Oh, hit pause.
Guys, I know we're just shooting this, you know, up here on a Friday night with a skeleton crew, but type in UN report, call for 600 million.
Just print me that, and we'll keep going and bring it back in.
To replace North American population.
They say replacement.
It's an official UN report.
Snopes goes, well, it's false.
The UN did say that, but they don't mean it.
And then we have Macron says 200 plus million North Africans to replace the French.
There's not even 100 million French.
And Soros runs that world program on record, paying with US taxpayer money to bring the folks in.
And Trump has stopped that because it'll collapse society.
And Cohen and others just want to manage this collapse and make money off the total degeneration.
I mean, this is just next level.
So there is no great replacement, ladies and gentlemen.
It's not in the UN document.
Don't type in UN document 600 million migrants to replace North American population.
Don't type that in.
Don't look it up.
Don't find out it's true.
Don't type in Macron called for 200 million.
There it is.
Replacement migration.
Is it a solution to declining and aging populations?
That's 2001 and it was adopted as the official UNESCO program one year later.
That's not even Infowars.com with a link to it.
And by the way, you see those countries?
They're all following the agreement under UNESCO.
Look at it right there.
Again, folks, I could do this for 50 hours.
I could teach a full PhD-level course just on his speech.
Dissecting every few seconds is a lie.
You understand that, right?
I could spend hours showing... Fiona Hill is a general, a commanding general, a field marshal.
That means a general commanding generals in combat.
I mean, she heads up the Globalist Society, and she's a top writer at theglobalist.com, and she's a top globalist expert at the Council on Foreign Relations, and she heads up the Russia Project Eurasia program to bring down the Russians and end the Christian movement there.
I mean, unbelievable!
And she gets up in Congress and says, I've never heard of globalism.
I don't know anything about George Soros.
I don't work with him.
Americans will vote for president while trolls and bots... So again, we just had Sasha popping in.
Let's go ahead and go back to Sasha telling us that... Yeah, back that up.
The most outrageous theory is a replacement.
That there's a plan to bring in millions of Muslims.
That's not true!
It's 600 million in the U.S.
and 200 plus million in Europe.
Do you understand that?
It's not a million.
It's, well, let me see, 600 and 250.
million it's it's well let me see 600 and 250 well that's 850 million 10.8
million per year. Very reasonable program which is now happening and the border
walls being knocked down and huge surging groups but Sasha Baron Cohen has
a sniveling British accent and he's ridiculous fools outrageous Nazis are
everywhere. Let's continue.
The role of social media could be determinant Now British voters will go to the polls while online conspiracists promote the despicable theory of the Great Replacement.
That white Christians are being deliberately replaced by Muslim immigrants.
Americans will vote for president while trolls and bots perpetuate the disgusting lie of a Hispanic invasion.
And after years of YouTube videos calling climate change a hoax, the United States is on track a year from now to formally withdraw from the Paris Accords.
Oh, let's pause again.
A sewer of bigotry.
Let's pause again.
A sewer of bigotry.
Latin America is collapsing.
The population's doubling every 30 years.
The globalists have already looted it and robbed it.
There's a lot of great people down there, but also it's a lot of bad folks.
And he's saying, bring everybody up, give them all the welfare, teach them to hate America.
That's the plan.
So under this ideology, you can't do that.
And we certainly want to get the best people from down there.
I got some of them working here.
The truth is America has been the most open country in the world and the globalists are using that against Europe and the US to bring us down and they admit that because the left will then manage these people that are under their control because the left in Europe and here don't let most of these migrants get jobs.
They keep them in ghettos and control them as time bombs to burn down cities when ordered to, which they do.
Let's continue.
A sewer of bigotry and vile conspiracy theories that threaten our democracy and to some degree our planet.
Hit pause again.
You notice we're just exposing everything he says is a lie.
He just uses words like sewers.
But he is a sewer of anti-free speech lies.
Can't possibly be what the creators of the internet had in mind.
I believe that it's time for a fundamental rethink of social media.
Pause again.
Al Gore invented the internet, so tell him that's another lie.
Oh, they didn't mean this.
We need to rethink.
Oh, you're going to tell us how to run it.
And he does.
Even more censorship with the ADL, along with other groups like News Guard at Microsoft, literally a Nazi organization at the top.
Look into his dad and the whole thing and eugenics and everything.
Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, creators of Hitler.
The Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation that funds Fiona Hill, that literally printed the... Leonard Ellis of Zion, the woman that was paid by these people, that printed the actual thing he's talking about.
I can just hit you.
I have all the data.
I have all the data.
I can just give you thousands of pieces for every two seconds of what he says.
I could teach year-long courses on every one minute of this, just dissecting for weeks on end every 20-second clip.
I would have the entire... everyone doing research on it, showing them.
Everyone would be vomiting.
They wouldn't believe how evil this is.
The savage psychoticness of this, the total commitment to pure lies.
It's a true art form.
100% pure evil.
Every angle from every faction of this is satanic manifestation of pure anti-human lust.
Let's continue.
How it spreads hate, conspiracies and lies.
Yeah, the internet!
It's a lie!
It's ours!
Take it over!
Seize it!
Seize free speech!
We're pluralistic!
Silence everyone!
It's ours!
However, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook delivered a major speech that, not surprisingly, warned against new laws and regulations on companies like his.
Well, some of these arguments are simply part of my French bullshit.
Let's count the ways.
First, Zuckerberg tried to portray this whole issue as... Alright, pause again.
This is all good cop, bad cop stuff, because they've done incredible censorship beyond anything I've ever seen.
Chi-Com level here.
Global social score, it's all coming in.
And now, oh, we've got to have the left saying they haven't done enough, putting pressure on government not to stop it, and making it look like this isn't happening.
This is all good cop, bad cop.
Let's continue.
...has choices around free expression.
That is ludicrous.
This is not about limiting anyone's free speech.
This is about giving people, including some of the most reprehensible people on Earth, the biggest platform in history to reach a third of the planet.
Alright, pause.
Freedom of speech is not... Back it up.
Back this up 20 seconds.
This is the most dangerous part of the speech.
Because in your face, it is, again, total lie, 100% inversion.
This is not against free speech.
We're not taking anybody's free speech.
We're just going to have AI watching everything you do and all these minors and bureaucrats and we've taken millions of people off the internet and we've banned even saying a positive statement of Alex Jones and now Facebook won't let you post clips of Obama five years ago calling for a border wall because it discredits him and shows that it's not Nazi to have a wall with collapsing Latin America.
They say that's fake news, you can't show the clip of that.
So total control over what you can say and do on the modern communication system isn't a violation of free speech.
It's guarding despots and criminals and dictators that want to use it for bad.
There are evil groups and dictators and corrupt corporations that want to use it for bad.
That's why they don't want people on it to have an open college of discussion.
You want to silence it and use it as the weapon and harness it for what you want because it's not going the way you thought it would.
And let me tell you something, Sasha.
Baron Cohen, your plan is not going to go the way you think it is.
That's where the universe works.
You think because you've been setting people up and playing both sides and doing this and just brutally hurting Jews and using them as your blood bank.
You think that after you persecute and then squeeze them for all their energy and thoughts and control through victimology to be your slave, they're finding out what you've done.
No amount of programmed Nazis attacking them for no reason is ever going to stop them from waking up.
You remember that?
You failed.
You better hope the chi-coms can pull your ass out of this and they're not going to be able to.
Your alliance is going down.
Let's continue.
limiting anyone's free speech. This is about giving people, including some of
the most reprehensible people on earth, the biggest platform in history to reach
a third of the planet. Freedom of speech is not freedom of reach. Sadly there will
always be racist, misogynist, anti-Semite...
Freedom of speech is not freedom of race.
They're going to say, oh, you have the right to say something in your jail cell to the wall.
You can talk like they sent all the hidden videos that Veritas got.
Oh, these rednecks.
Well, who do you ban?
Well, they got American flags or like Alex Jones or veterans or white people, you know, dumb ass rednecks like in West Virginia.
These are videos.
Yeah, we just don't let them talk to anybody on Twitter.
or anyone, you know, they think they're talking to people that nobody ever responds, you know.
It's the Chinese social score.
It's you won't leave one foot outside your door if you don't submit to what we want.
That's a Chinese government statement.
You can pull it up.
Anything I say, you can pull up and prove.
When I tell you he sets people up and tricks mentally ill people to commit bombings, he admits it.
When I tell you that he goes out and teaches drunk rednecks to sing, throw Jews down wells, he's the sick freak doing it.
Just because you can get a child to go stick their finger in a light socket doesn't mean you're a good person.
It means you're a psycho!
Humans build up people.
You don't dumb them down and enslave them, you jerk!
You damn devil worshiper!
You loser!
You think that Satan's giving you some power here on the game grid to play the part of the bad guy?
That you're in charge?
Bless your soul!
You think you're in control, to quote Narls Barkley.
That's the biggest joke of all.
When you could jack into God anytime you wanted to.
But you can't because you won't.
Because you're scared.
You're scared of what that mafia and that cult you're in will do if you try to get out.
But if you want full fulfillment, Mr. Cohen, you need to break out like Prager or Stephen Miller.
You know, Jesus got off the reservation.
Saw what happened there.
And we all need to get off the reservation.
Because it's these hierarchical systems.
The mainline churches, the mainline synagogues, the mainline... They know people are looking for God.
And so most of these things are like bug zappers and people go looking for God and all they find is satanic high voltage frying their ass.
You know, I don't need to go to a church or synagogue to find God.
In fact, most of those places, God isn't in them.
God is in us and all around us.
And you know that too.
But see, if you were with God, you'd have to follow God's will.
And you've rebelled against God, Mr. Cohen.
And you think you're gonna be a God, and that once you're in charge, everything's gonna work just fine.
It's not gonna be that way.
As it has been written, so shall it be.
Let's continue.
It's not freedom of reach.
Sadly, there will always be racist, misogynist, anti-Semites, and child abusers.
But I think we can all agree that we should not be giving bigots and pedophiles a free platform to amplify their views and target their victims.
Hollywood, The Globalist, this whole system that feeds on children, He's telling you, oh, we're fighting sexualization of children when it's the left doing that and censoring anybody that exposes the drag queen pedophile time and all the rest of it.
Just incredible, ladies and gentlemen.
Absolutely stunning.
and continue.
This is utter nonsense.
The First Amendment says that, and I quote, Congress shall make no law abridging freedom of speech.
However, this does not apply to private businesses like Facebook.
We're not asking these companies to determine the boundaries of free speech across society.
We just want them to be responsible on their platforms.
If a neo-Nazi... Pause.
Again, that's mathematical fraud right there.
They want all the big tech, that's 95% of all internet traffic, to have AI watching and controlling a new giant list of things.
Brofist, OK symbols, smiley faces, the letter N, you know it's all next.
You've got to go and say, am I allowed ADL?
Am I allowed, master?
What can I say to not be a bad person?
Absolve me!
It's a cult!
The Pope wants you to buy carbon credits as indulgences to not go to hell.
I've been saying that for 20 years it's coming!
I'm not going to pay the Pope because of my car, and I'm not going to pay the ADL either.
So what Christ got mad about was the money changers in front of the temple.
To get to God, you had to pay money for the offering.
That's not what it's about.
Those men weren't real priests.
Christ said, stop going in that temple and looking for God.
Pray to God in the middle of the night by yourself.
That's where you're going to find God.
Not in that den, that synagogue of Satan.
That's the Bible.
That doesn't mean every synagogue or every church is satanic.
But it means the devil puts out his traps.
Where are you going to catch people looking for God?
You're going to catch them with a fake church, and you're going to fry them once they get there, so they never find God.
Let's continue.
I want them to be responsible on their platforms.
Now, if a neo-Nazi comes goose-stepping into a restaurant and starts threatening other customers and saying he wants to kill Jews, would the owner of the restaurant, a private business, be required to serve him an elegant eight-course meal?
Of course not.
The restaurant owner has every legal right, and indeed I would argue a moral obligation, to kick that Nazi out.
And so do these internet companies.
Oh, pause.
Oh, but if a Christian small cake company doesn't want to put two guys kissing on the front, they have to though.
It's all selectively enforced too to these courts.
And no, giant telecoms that operate as Utilities, under Section 230, that have immunity, they have a responsibility to block nothing unless it's illegal.
So they're trying to make speech illegal.
And then they misrepresent everything.
We're not talking about Jews.
We're not attacking people.
In 99% of these reports, Jews aren't even brought up.
And they'll just go, oh, you don't like turning your guns in?
Why are you anti-Semitic?
You're like, that doesn't make sense.
I'm going to call you a Nazi and put your ass in jail if you don't bow down to me.
I am a nice person.
I believe in speech and freedom.
That's why I'm going to take yours away.
Take 600 million Muslims inside your country, I'll put you in prison as a Nazi.
Well, you're not taking anybody to Israel.
Shut up, I'm gonna put you in prison.
Now, third, Mark Zuckerberg seemed to equate regulation of companies like his to the actions of the most repressive societies.
This from one of the six people who decide what information so much of the world sees.
Zuckerberg at Facebook, Sundar Pichai at Google, at its parent company, Alphabet, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Brin's ex-sister-in-law Susan Wojcicki at YouTube, and Jack Dorsey at Twitter.
Hey, pause.
Susan Wojcicki said With a woman on stage.
Well, you demanded I get Alex Jones off a few months ago.
He's off.
Then they lied about me.
And they all laughed for the next ten minutes.
It's not enough, you see.
But again, this was probably written by a consortium from big tech.
This is the cover for the big purge.
Now that we're 340 something days out from the election, I mean, it's they've announced a total censorship of everything.
AI, they testified last year in Congress, would be done by the end of this year to go in and just put in thousands of words, whatever they want blocked.
You think search rigging is bad?
You've seen nothing yet.
It's across the board.
...at YouTube, and Jack Dorsey at Twitter.
The Silicon Six.
All billionaires, all Americans, who care more about boosting their enterprise... Pause again.
Oh, now he's gonna use class warfare.
All Americans.
America was never great, it'll never be great.
All Americans, all rich.
They're not Americans, they're globalists.
Let's just rally We've got to have full control of that, and it's all been rigged behind the scenes.
This, this is ideological imperialism.
Pause again.
They are already censoring massively, merging with China at levels, number 14 of control with AI, and he is saying that not censoring more is corporate imperialism.
Well that's what the new world order is, that's what globalism is.
So again, they are censoring, they are doing this, and it is corporate imperialism, but he's saying because they're not censoring enough.
continue unelected individuals in Silicon Valley imposing their vision on
the rest of the world unaccountable to any government and acting like they're
a balm for the reacher floor let's stop again stop again in the Roman Empire
back it up ten seconds I said don't back it up again but just do it I don't care
how long this takes we got a car but this is unbelievable they're already
massively censoring.
And again, he's saying now they're not censoring enough.
And now he's saying, again, they're not controlled by governments, when that's what has allowed them to come in bigger than government and engage in violating our rights.
And so because we've all been taught, leave a corporation alone, let it do whatever it wants.
Now the vacuum of the globalists is coming in to fully take it over and make it even worse because we wouldn't stand up for it.
That's why this fight over censorship is so dangerous.
That's why they tried to make it all about Alex Jones up front so people would think it was just me and then everybody else gets their rights taken away which is already happening and now it's not a big deal anymore.
This is basic psychology and it's outrageous and this gives the cover to these companies who do even more censorship because the ADL is criticizing them for doing nothing when they're doing so much against it.
And it's not against Nazis.
They leave them on there so people see that and go, my God, there's Nazis everywhere.
They boost the Nazis.
All the Jew bashing is boosted.
But we're banned because we exposed the trick.
...using their vision on the rest of the world, unaccountable to any government, and acting like they're a balm for the reach of law.
It's like we're living in the Roman Empire and Mark Zuckerberg is Caesar.
At least that would explain his haircut.
Hit pause.
So he just told us there's a Jewish emperor, that's the problem, that is creating imperial corporate colonialism.
Throw Jews down wells.
Mark Zuckerberg's a Jew, he runs everything, he's bad.
Blow people up.
He's teaching all of this, but then protecting you from it, you understand?
Here's an idea.
Instead of letting the Silicon Six decide the fate of the world, let our elected representatives, voted for by the people of every democracy in the world, have at least some say.
Fourth, Zuckerberg speaks of welcoming a- Pause.
And everybody's like, yeah, stop the censorship.
They know that's building, so just slip in and get total takeover, enshrine in law, to shut everybody else down as well, and not let any competitors rise up.
And Google still takes you to the most repulsive Holocaust denial sites with a simple click.
So, people have a right to say whatever they want about history.
History is always highly contested.
And the victors write history.
But Hitler did hate Jews and did kill a bunch of Jews and a bunch of other people and it was horrible.
Because I have family that was there, witnessed it and saw it, and I looked at the history.
But it's Hollywood always pushing the Holocaust, and then now saying that America's the Nazis, you see?
So people are offended by that, so then they start going and doubting all of it.
People have a right to do that.
Mark Zuckerberg was right about that.
But he was only doing that on the surface.
There's massive censorship.
They're leaving the Nazis again to inflame things, and I'm not saying take them down.
The answer to bad speech is good speech.
But again, the real authoritarianism is this individual here, snake-like up there, pushing this.
Everything is a lie.
Google, in fact, told me that these sites just show both sides of the issue.
This is madness.
To quote Edward R. Murrow, one cannot accept that there are, on every story, two equal and logical sides to an argument.
We have, unfortunately, millions of pieces of evidence for the Holocaust.
It is an historical fact.
Okay, pause then.
Then you shouldn't worry if people are saying it didn't happen.
You know, he's got behind him That it's happening again.
You know, they always say, never again.
Well, it says it's happening and let's put it up on the screen again.
Pause, please.
Notice that visual information.
Never is now.
Take my box down, please.
Never is now.
Remember, never again?
And now is America.
America is the Nazis now.
Christianity is the Nazis now.
Freedom and the family is the Nazis now.
But don't worry, Captain America, who's not even American, Sacha Baron Cohen, he will tell us, little sniveling nobodies, how much to hate ourselves.
...is not some random opinion.
Those who deny the Holocaust aim to encourage another one.
You see that?
Meanwhile, there's a holocaust of our free speech happening.
Still, Zuckerberg says that people should decide what is credible, not tech companies.
But at a time when two-thirds of millennials say that they haven't even heard of Auschwitz, how are they supposed to know what's credible?
How are they supposed to know that the lie is a lie?
There is such a thing as objective truth.
Facts do exist.
And if these internet companies really want to make a difference, they should hire enough monitors to actually monitor.
Work closely with groups like the ADL and the NAACP.
Insist on facts and purge these lies and conspiracies from their platforms.
And he says, Holocaust denial.
You don't say the N-word.
Well, I don't want to offend people.
I don't.
I don't want to hurt people, but I mean, I have a right if I wanted to, but oh no, that word, you're fired, your bank account's taken a cent, and next it said, don't deny the Holocaust.
Oh, okay, I believe that.
I believe a lot of Jews got killed by Hitler.
The Russians said it was six million at Auschwitz when they occupied it, and exaggerated propaganda, and that's how the whole debate started.
But yeah, Hitler probably killed more than 6 million people that had Jewish background.
Upwards of 70-80 million people died in World War II.
The polls report about 8 million Poles died, 20 million Russians, 20-something million Germans, hundreds of thousands of Americans.
We didn't lose anything like they did.
And a lot of the Jews in Europe got wiped out.
I think the number might be above six million actually.
This wasn't in Auschwitz and that's admitted.
Now notice the number six million total.
Used to be the Russians said at that place alone.
See, but that's history.
I actually went and researched to find out.
And that's really what's in the actual confirmed best history we've got.
That's PhD level stuff.
They'll probably put an article out on this saying Jones denies the Holocaust because I'm saying six million
didn't ask for it.
Even though officially no one says that now.
It doesn't matter.
Because it's all about lying to the people.
And that's why folks are pissed.
And that's why people don't buy what they're told anymore.
Because you just heard this gentleman say, let's purge the Nazis!
So when I walk down the street, people call me a Russian or a Nazi.
And you're going to prison, Nazi.
You're going to prison, Russian.
And none of it's true.
It's all a hoax.
Because this group and other groups, the left, funded by the globalists, big money, that's this global consortium of tyrants, very diverse group of globalists, is doing this to us.
And this is their whole blueprint.
I mean, this, what you're watching is the whole blueprint.
It's not just Sacha Baron Cohen.
Saying, this is my identity.
I'm finally telling you who I am.
Take all the speech.
Purge all ideas we don't like.
Because first it's Nazis, but then Breitbart, Alex Jones, President Trump's doing it.
New York Times, fire Stephen Miller.
He's a white supremacist.
That's the headline.
Look at this.
Ban Netanyahu's son.
He's a right winger.
Off Facebook.
It happens.
Sasha Baron Cohen calls for a "purge" that's in quotes.
Sasha Baron Cohen calls for a purge of free speech worldwide and for cancel culture
to be law.
there's the headline for this report.
Sasha Barrett Cohen reads a Authoritarian declaration of war to the world.
Sacha Baron Cohen reads Globalist Technocracy's battle plan into the record.
Calls for purging all free expression and speech and for a panopticonic AI system to ruthlessly persecute, de-platform, defrock, ban, bankrupt, make homeless, Anyone that opposes whatever the latest orthodoxy is handed
down from the priesthood And if I don't want to do what
Monsieur Cohen tells me I'm just supposed to bow to him and just go. Oh, yes, sir, and
And all Jews are supposed to too.
Because he's got the last name Cohen, which means priest.
And who's really behind him?
People like Bill Gates.
And I'll assure you Bill Gates doesn't like Jews very much.
Oh no.
Who funds all this leftist movement?
The Ford Foundation.
You know about them?
They publicize worldwide the Order of the Builders of Zion that he just blamed me for.
And you know who the main funder of Soros is?
Ford Foundation.
The second largest corporate funder and supporter of Adolf Hitler.
You know who the biggest funder was?
Thomas Watson.
This is all historical fact.
Look it up.
Thomas Watson.
Inventor of the computer.
You know the Jews and others that have the number on them?
They didn't have chips then.
That was put in a computer.
Decide how long you lived, how long you worked.
But see, old Sasha knows all about that.
Cause Sasha's part of a very special group called the Judas Goat.
And a Judas Goat doesn't get killed at the end of the year when the sheep are taken in and they decide who to chop up for meat.
He leads them in.
And he goes out the back, but they don't leave.
They follow him because they trust him.
Big, strong, handsome, Baphomet.
And he leads them right in there.
And they don't come out.
They don't ever come out.
Because ole el Diablo...
...is a joker.
But see, the Joker isn't the top card in the deck.
Jokers are only so smart, you see.
And really, people like Mr. Cohen really are the finger of God.
Appointed to carry out a wicked role.
That Mr. Cohen has not been able to see the end of.
Because Mr. Cohen isn't really enlightened.
He sees a different color.
His vision is limited.
And so you could say he is his environment.
A slave.
A scared little boy.
Horribly abused as a child.
Until all he knew was how to torture others.
But still dangerous.
Could he ever be in God's countenance?
Could he ever cross the veil into the Holy of Holies?
Being a priest isn't in name.
And the time is running out for everybody.
Let's continue with this declaration of war against all is good.
Let's continue.
Listen, pause.
Back that up 20 seconds.
He just declared we're going to have a purge of everybody's speech and declare everyone Nazis.
Either of you submit, you're going to be declared.
It's the Red Terror.
The Jacobin feast.
Left hand rising above.
"Lift hand, rise above!"
And then the people that bring this in are stuck in the fire like shish kebabs.
*sigh* Here it is.
Such a thing as objective truth.
Facts do exist.
And if these internet companies really want to make a difference, they should hire enough monitors to actually monitor.
Work closely with groups like the ADL and the NAACP.
insist on facts and purge these lies and conspiracies from their platforms.
Now, fifth, when discussing the difficulty of removing content, Zuckerberg,
Mark Zuckerberg asked, "Where do you draw the line?"
Yes, drawing the line can be difficult.
But here's what he's really saying.
Removing more of these lies and conspiracies is just too expensive.
These are the richest companies in the world, and they have the best engineers in the world.
They could fix these problems if they wanted to.
Twitter could deploy an algorithm to remove more white supremacist hate speech.
Again, anything the left defines as Nazi, and they mean remove that.
And they have the algorithms already in place.
It's happening now.
They haven't because it would eject some very prominent politicians from their platform.
Oh, yeah.
That's the real target, is elected representatives of the people.
Don't let them have a speech.
Oh, that's a purge, isn't it, man?
Everybody's so scared that they won't even be able to speak if the ADL says no.
That's a power grab, isn't it?
That's a purge.
The purge to protect us from the bad guys, I forgot.
...to remove more white supremacist hate speech, but they have reportedly haven't because it would eject some very prominent politicians from their platform.
Maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, don't even let elected officials have a voice.
That's really good.
You could speak for them.
The truth is, these companies won't fundamentally change because their entire business model relies on generating more engagement.
And nothing generates more engagement than lies, fear, and outrage.
So it's time to finally call these companies what they really are.
The largest publishers in history.
So here's an idea for them.
Abide by basic standards and practices just like newspapers, magazines, and TV news.
Pause again.
And they've gotten them to already do this while still keeping with Section 230.
And I've said get rid of Section 230 until I realized then it'll be government boards crewed by folks that hate speech that will take control of those.
And that's really what Hollywood wants is total control of Silicon Valley.
We have standards and practices in television and the movies.
There are certain things we cannot say or do.
struggle with the globalist continue and there's never gonna be enough I mean you
know the big networks all fight with each other Hollywood heads all hate
each other and someone's always battling to be the king of all that I just want
to do that again continue we have standards and practices in television
and the movies there are certain things we cannot say or do in England I was
told that Ali G could not curse when he appeared before 9 p.m.
here in the US the Motion Picture Association of America regulates and rates
what we see Pause again.
They're talking about AI, just like you try to type cuss words into your iPhone or Droid, it won't let you do it now.
I mean, they admit in live time, they came out, Facebook and others earlier this year, had people live time watching you on WhatsApp, and if they don't like it, they report you and you lose the ability to use the app.
You're privately talking to someone in a text message.
They're a telecom now and they're saying you can't.
They have the ability with pre-programmed things to have AI watching, it flags it to bureaucrats who are reading what you're saying and doing, and you think that your instant messenger and all this is private.
It's not!
And they've conditioned everyone to accept this massive violation of our rights for their purge, and then this is the good guy telling us make it even worse!
God, these people are dangerous!
And I mean everyone that's authoritarian.
But the ADL is being pushed by the media as the aficionado and the answer.
And if you haven't been shocked by how evil this is so far, you'll never be shocked.
I mean, this is horrifyingly dangerous.
My movie's cut or reduced to abide by those standards.
Now, if there are standards and practices for what cinemas and television channels can show, then surely companies that publish material to billions of people should have to abide basic standards.
Let's stop again.
It's Hollywood, and it's on record, you know, a lot of prominent Jews that got pornography totally legalized.
And a lot of other stuff.
I mean, Hollywood can do whatever it wants.
The porn industry can do whatever it wants.
You turn on Netflix, it's just vile stuff.
But let us ban anybody else we want everywhere, because we have to abide by certain standards.
That's just another inversion.
And a lot of folks are mad that people are countering the perversion.
America and the world is tired of the demonic force feeding of our masters, and we're done with it.
And there's no going back now.
Let's continue.
Just horrifying.
Take the issue of political ads on which Facebook have been resolute.
Fortunately, Twitter finally banned them.
Stop again.
This is all Hillary Clinton.
Back it up.
Hillary Clinton a month ago calls for all the internet companies to ban political ads.
But they don't call all the thousands of channels they've got Democrat stuff ads.
They call it news.
So Republicans and others can go buy ads that totally counter it.
Hey, we're not embedding corruption in Ukraine.
Here's Biden admitting he's running a scam and said he fired somebody they didn't let his son off.
Twitter and Facebook won't let you run ads with that.
They call it fake news, even though it's Biden saying it.
What it is, is they don't want the truth being able to be there.
And so, Twitter said no political ads, but then it's nothing but Democrat garbage everywhere.
They just don't call it ads, because it's informational news groups doing it, and the Republicans aren't even smart enough to do that.
The NRA got rid of its news division.
They were threatening and saying, you're really political.
We'll shut down the whole NRA if you have speech and have news programs.
We call that political.
They've had investigations in Congress saying, Jones is getting around campaign finance laws because he's pro-life and pro-gun and that's political.
He shouldn't be able to have his popular show saying it.
It violates Federal Elections Commission rules.
That's what this is!
The left, the globalists, the chi-coms, they got all their speech, but you don't get jack crap because it's political.
Let's continue.
Now take the issue of political ads on which Facebook have been resolute.
Fortunately, Twitter finally banned them.
And Google, today I read, is making changes too.
But if you pay them, Facebook will run any political ad you want, even if it's a lie.
That's not true.
Pause again.
They are censoring all the good ads.
They're blocking them.
They won't let you put an ad out.
Again, Prager University did this.
Showing Tucker Carlson playing Clubs of Hillary and Obama saying we need a border wall.
This crime's coming across five years ago.
But now Nazis say that and know it's so evil because Trump's a Nazi.
Supposedly these guys, that's ridiculous.
And so they've got to not let you have that.
I mean, that was in the news this week.
So again, incredible.
Micro target those lies to their users for maximum effect.
Under this twisted logic, if Facebook were around in the 1930s, it would have allowed Hitler to post 30-second ads on his solution to the Jewish problem.
Well, it's impossible.
Actually, Hitler was put on the cover of Time Magazine.
He was called a great guy by the left.
We should join him.
The Democrats were the main supporter of Hitler.
That's the mainline history.
Our government was supporting Hitler until about 1939.
Before he invaded Czechoslovakia and Poland and Danzig and a bunch of other places.
So, again, he just knows you don't know history.
So now Facebook's Hitler, see?
Everybody's Hitler if you don't do what the ADL says.
They're not a cult of power.
They're not a group that infiltrated police stations and stole files on millions of citizens.
They're not groups that lost all these lawsuits for defaming people and lying about them.
They're not financing lawsuits to shut down people like me.
No, there are saviors that are going to purge us.
Thank you, ADL.
A good standard and practice.
Start fact-checking political ads before you run them.
Stop micro-targeted lies immediately.
And when the ads are false, give back the money and don't publish them.
Hit pause.
And again, you're not supposed to see this or hear this.
When we air this live and then later when we post it at InfoWars.com.
But the full thing will be posted by late Friday night at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
We have our own video platforms, our own streaming, our own audio streaming.
Millions are watching it a day.
They're trying to shut us down.
They don't want you to see us go through each piece of this and the lies.
But you can circumvent big tech.
The censorship's already here.
They just don't want you to even know it.
He's giving them cover so you don't know it's actually already massive.
Here's another good practice.
video out via text message, via email while you still can, 'cause now they want that censored,
and AI is reading it and watching most platforms.
Tell people by word of mouth, download this, save it, 'cause the time's coming where you're gonna have to show
this to people, you know, literally underground, if these tyrants with their purge have their way,
'cause first they take your speech, then they take your life.
Let's continue.
Here's another good practice.
Slow down.
Every single post does not need to be published immediately.
Oscar Wilde once said we live in an age when unnecessary things... Hit pause.
Back that up.
This speech is the most incredible thing I've ever heard.
I'm gonna do my whole Sunday show on this.
4 to 6 p.m.
on a lot of radio and TV stations to the chagrin of the globalists.
Yeah, this is amazing.
I may just air this Sunday.
Guys are popping my ears in the control room.
Feel free to come on, dude, if you want to.
Did you just hear him slow down?
Don't let people, period, anybody publish until the minders have had a chance to see it first.
That's prior constraint.
A censorship for everyone built in to make sure, unless you're an ADL member, then you've got full authorization.
See, it's the new class system.
Now the Pharaoh, the God Emperor, they get access, but all the average proles, you just can't livestream.
They want to get rid of that.
The big newspapers have gotten rid of the comment sections.
They won't let you comment on this video on YouTube.
Because little people like you are allowed to.
This is a purge, didn't you hear, slaves?
Every single post does not need to be published immediately.
Oscar Wilde once said, we live in an age when unnecessary things are our only necessity.
But let me ask you, is having every thought or video posted instantly online, even if it's racist or criminal or murderous, really a necessity?
Of course not.
You hear what he just did?
He said, oh, we gotta have progress straightened, I don't want you to have live streams or stuff, we gotta have minors that look at it first.
And he just tied it to Nazis and homicidal killers, which is not what's going on.
The shooter who massacred Muslims in New Zealand live-streamed his atrocity on Facebook, where it then spread across the internet and was viewed likely millions of times.
Pause again.
And that was, the guy got guns illegally, was in the country illegally, nobody knows how, and then everything else is progress, but that was allowed out, and now the excuse for getting rid of live-streaming.
See how it works?
Oh, somebody live-streamed something!
Somebody ran over somebody with a car!
Somebody drank too much whiskey!
Somebody burned down a house with a lighter!
Let's ban all the lighters!
You see where this is going?
You see how dangerous this is?
Brought to you by social media.
Why can't we have more of a delay?
So that this trauma-inducing filth can be caught and stopped before it's posted in the first place.
Back in 20 seconds.
This is the most, this is all insane.
This is the Rosetta Stone of understanding this evil.
This is a guy that goes around and finds mentally ill people and try to get them to bomb innocent people to demonize anybody worried about chemicals in the water.
Gender-bending chemicals.
This is a guy that goes and tricks people while they're drunk at, you know, 1 or 2 p.m.
at night, with a nice song at first, and then slips into it.
I found drunk people and tricked a bunch of poor drunk people who worked all day in a factory.
A damn gremlin!
But now he said, we can't allow all this trauma-based stuff to get right out there.
You read all the WikiLeaks, it's the left trying to traumatize and divide America and the world to control us.
This guy's a monster.
The people that wrote what he's reading on the teleprompter are monsters.
It's unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen.
Monsters want to purge you.
You just heard it.
We're going to purge you.
I swear she couldn't hear my smile.
I always just crawl back.
Drag Queen Story Time.
Nobody's gonna oppose us!
Yes, I know.
Yes, I know.
I see you.
You see the reflection back, Conan?
I see you.
I see you.
I've seen, Conan.
I see you.
Now just show us your real face.
good. That almost in our control.
I wonder what Count Dracula is gonna be doing for Christmas.
Let's continue.
Of course not.
The shooter who massacred Muslims in New Zealand live-streamed his atrocity on Facebook, where it then spread across the internet and was viewed likely millions of times.
It was a snuff film brought to you by social media.
Why can't we have more of a delay so that this trauma-inducing filth can be caught and stopped before it's posted in the first place?
Hollywood shows you real stuff, horrible stuff, terrible stuff, simulated stuff that's even more graphic because it's shot with such precision in HD.
That's all great.
Oh, free speech is wonderful.
See, this is a two-tiered system.
continue and who's going to run that censorship of course?
Oh, I know who.
Finally, Zuckerberg said that social media companies should live up to their responsibilities.
But he's totally silent about what should happen when they don't.
By now, it's pretty clear they cannot be trusted to regulate themselves.
As with the Industrial Revolution, it's time for regulation and legislation to curb the greed of these high-tech robber barons.
Good pause.
So it's the globalists that are the robber barons and they're the ones that set all this up.
But again, you've got to have a fake dialectic of, oh, it's all horrible and Zuckerberg won't do anything while the purge is already live.
And again, who's going to decide who does all this?
Well, the ADL has already set up with Microsoft and some other law center and through Snopes and other groups.
The fact-checkers.
And then they put into the programs, it was reported last year, 200,000 people have been hired by Google through a training program with the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL.
Just look this up.
Type in ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center, training, you know, big tech moderators.
And so that's what this is.
And they just want to be able to get more and shut down more.
And they are now.
Again, I've already listed a bunch of it.
Oh, you're going to show a clip of Obama saying we've got to have a border wall?
No, you can't show that.
Fact-checkers at Facebook said it was racist.
And not true.
When it was totally true.
I mean, this is so damn dangerous.
And believe me, folks, they get the full censorship control.
It's a Qaikom model for everybody.
Hell on earth.
Godless hell.
Let's continue.
In every other industry, a company can be held liable when their product is defective.
When engines explode or seatbelts malfunction, car companies recall tens of thousands of vehicles at a cost of billions of dollars.
It only seems fair to say to Facebook... Back it up.
Now, they've said this in their lawsuits against me, Forum in Connecticut, Bunch in Texas, they've said, Jones is like a product that's defective.
He isn't protected by the free speech, and he's selling a fake product, lies on air, and they cherry-pick and misrepresent things.
And so we need him shut down, and we need to get rid of the First Amendment.
That's what this is.
And it's just a concerted, funded move against all your freedoms that veterans fought and died for.
That's it.
This is a takeover of everything you've got.
And they'll get your guns once they get your speech, and they're that close.
And they now admit they want your guns.
Hell yes, we'll take all your guns.
At a cost of billions of dollars, it only seems fair to say to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, your product is defective.
You are obliged to fix it, no matter how much it costs, and no matter how many moderators you need to employ.
Pause again.
Yeah, 200,000 at Google isn't enough, see?
And we're gonna dictate, and no matter how much it costs, you're gonna pay us.
Or we're gonna call you Hitler, Zuckerberg.
And if you don't think we'll call Jews Hitler, we'll do it all day long.
See how that works?
And they can invert reality where you get banned For lying about the Holocaust survivor George Soros, who said, I hope it wound up just with happy making.
Best time of my life.
It was quite exhilarating, actually.
A feeling of invincibility with my father.
the lack of you're just like what the hell Wow Wow.
That's all I can say.
That's why in the hearings in the Congress yesterday, they called me an anti-Semite.
I'm not worried about me.
I'm worried about everybody.
I mean, this is crazy.
Fiona Hill is a right-hand woman to George Soros on record.
She said, I don't know George Soros.
I don't know what globalism is.
Anti-Semites like Alex Jones say this stuff.
Senior writer at TheGlobalist.com said, the director on the board of the entire Soros operation.
The congressman goes, tell us about the white supremacist.
Tell us about the anti-Semitism of Alex Jones.
She says, it's on M4, she goes.
It's funny you bring that up.
I was thinking to talk about the earned letters of Zion today.
That's where all this came from with Alex Jones.
Roger Stone had to be put in prison for it.
They're like, I know, I know.
I know we have to.
I don't know George Soros.
I've never heard of globalism.
And they're all like have demonic looks on their faces.
It's crazy.
But see, they're trying to murder common sense.
They want to get you used to not being outraged on common sense murders.
It's like South Dakota, on purpose, said meth, we're on it.
And then individual signs with a person going, I'm on meth.
We go, hey, that means they're on meth.
That's bad.
No, it doesn't mean that.
Shut up!
You know, that doesn't make sense.
Oh, it makes pure sense.
We're going to ban the OK sign.
We're going to ban the brofist.
We're going to ban whatever we say, and you're going to take it, or we're going to call you something bad, and then take your bank account.
That sounds authoritarian like a cult.
Or really Nazi.
You know, we kill fascists around here.
They go out and knock women on the head with bike locks to get fun by Alexander Soros.
We're coming to your house.
If you don't do what we say, we're going to purge you.
We're the good guys.
It's like, wow, man, that's really nice.
Well, let's hear more about our liberator.
Come to purge us.
Sasha Barrow Cohen, here he is.
that in in sorry in every other industry you can be sued for the harm you cause
teleprompters can be sued for libel people can be sued for defamation i've been sued many times
i'm being sued right now by someone whose name i won't mention because he might sue me again
but social media companies are largely protected from liability for the content their users post
no matter how indecent it is by section 230th get ready for it the communications decency act
That's right, because that'd be criminal.
Let's continue.
Internet companies can now be held responsible for pedophiles who use their site to target children.
So I say, let's also hold these companies responsible for those who use their site.
You know who pushed for that?
That was a violation of 230.
We made sure it got enforced, exposing Google and the globalists in Hollywood.
So see, he'll use our successes against evil, and then he'll claim, do what I want, because I'm the author of that.
This is the left that can't find a kid they don't want on the board.
Now they keep babies alive, now they take their organs.
because of their race or religion. This is the left that can't find a kid they don't want to abort.
Hell, they keep babies alive now, take their organs. And maybe fines are not enough. No.
Maybe it's time to tell Mark Zuckerberg and the CEOs of these companies,
you already allowed one foreign power to interfere in our election.
Another hoax.
You already facilitated one genocide in Myanmar.
Do it again and you go to jail.
Ah, arrest the heads and turn it over to you.
Yes, yes, yes.
Arrest people.
Yes, yes.
In the end, it all comes down to what kind of world we want.
In his speech, Zuckerberg said that one of his main goals is to uphold as wide a definition of freedom of expression as possible.
It sounds good.
Yet our freedoms are not only an end in themselves.
They're also the means to another end.
As you say here in the US, the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
But today these rights are threatened by hate, conspiracies, and lies.
Then pause again.
He's just announced a conspiracy of power to take your speech, to purge people, to lock people up for whatever he says is wrong.
Him, the high priest of everything.
These consortiums.
I mean, this is the big, oh, but he's protecting you from all that.
If you don't do what he says, he'll lock your ass up.
You better get on your freaking knees, and there's never enough to make this guy happy.
This mouthpiece of the globalists.
And don't you criticize him or your anti-semitic.
Don't you criticize George Soros or talk about him bragging on TV about happy making, rounding up Jews that get killed and stealing their money.
You just can't make it up.
You can't make it up.
Let's finish up with this guy.
That's more of his evil.
...me to leave you with a suggestion for a different aim for society.
The ultimate aim of society should be to make sure that people are not targeted, not harassed, and not murdered because of who they are, where they come from, who they love, or how they pray.
I'll pause again.
It's the left telling you how to pray and what to do, or the antifa will attack you.
It's them funding the radical Islamic invasion.
He's the one saying, you're gonna do what I say, you're gonna believe what I want, or I'll label you as this and lock your ass up.
You'll be lucky if you're starving to death on the street.
But then he comes back with, we're the guardians of America, the guardians of the West, where we have the free speech, you danger to America.
Wow, what an authoritarian.
If we make that our aim, if we prioritize truth over lies, tolerance over prejudice,
empathy over indifference, and experts over...
Did you just hear that?
Here we go.
He just said we need to champion speech.
Back it up a few seconds, yeah.
And, oh, and experts over conspiracy theorists.
Any globalist who's an expert cannot even question them or it's, you know, they want to ban.
Europe's already passing laws to ban climate change denial.
No, I know the climate's always changing.
It's only constant.
But it doesn't matter.
If I was crazy and said there is no climate change of any type, that's my damn right.
People fought for that.
Every other place is an authoritarian hellhole with no progress because of people like you!
Chi-coms, globalists, all this crap.
So dangerous.
This is a total declaration of war on all freedom.
This is not the teleprompter reader.
This is the establishment, and you see them doing it on all fronts right now.
now continue. If we make that our aim, if we prioritize truth over lies, tolerance
over prejudice, tolerance over indifference, tolerance, I mean speech,
stuff you don't agree with but you tolerate it, continue.
And experts over ignoramuses
Then maybe, just maybe, we can stop the greatest propaganda machine in history.
We can save democracy.
We can still have a place for free speech and free expression.
And most importantly, my jokes will still work.
Pause again.
You heard that total oxymoronic attack on logic?
We'll still have free speech.
No, we won't.
You just fundamentally declared total war on it when it's already basically in tatters.
And we knew it was coming, so we built an emergency system, so we're still getting the emergency signals out on Friday night.
The crew that's been here since 8 a.m.
because they know it's important.
We're going to let this finish up, then I'm going to show some more of just the crimes he's committed, but here we go.
Thank you very much.
A self-appointed control freak, running around trying to get people to commit crimes so he can project it on
everybody else.
And as we speak, that organization and others are suing us, funding suits, trying to take us down, trying to shut us up, misrepresenting who we are, trying to trigger race war and division.
It's all in the WikiLeaks.
Thank God for Julian Assange.
The Russians have nothing to do with it.
And the ADL is just one battle station in this whole attack against us.
I don't want to just single out The ADL, because they're trying to make it all about Jews and people attacking Jews.
That's the plan.
Free speech, we're not going to let them brand Jews as the anti-free speech people.
I mean, you know, it's been the Jews that are for pro-free speech, and I've agreed with that, but I mean, it's just been amazing how pro-free speech Jews have been.
I guess because they fled countries where they didn't have free speech, but now we can't have that anymore?
Can't have my guns, can't have my private property.
What can I have?
I'm not a billionaire with my money offshore, like Bezos and all these guys.
I don't, I don't.
I mean, I have this to have my speech.
You want to take that from me?
Because you know, you said my name and then you went into Nazis.
I mean, you did that.
You, you attacked me, you big loving sweetie pie with such a big heart and such a big soul, a humanitarian who looks like the fricking Big Bad Wolf and says things So evil, so corrupt, so twisted.
And all of it easy to pick apart if you have a platform to call it out.
I mean, dude.
Go play Count Dracula in a movie.
You're not sucking our Constitution away.
You're not getting it, buddy.
Looks like a young Prince Charles, doesn't he?
All right, I'm going to close with this, because it took time to go through that, but I appreciate you bearing with us, and I want everybody to get this video out, cut it down, get it out however you want, look at it for yourself.
Everything I said is documented.
You can search anything I talk about for now.
I'm trying to get rid of it all.
And finally, like I told you, the UN once replaced the Europeans and Christians with Muslims, and I showed you on the UN site.
I mean, it's like...
It's amazing.
They're getting smart though and pulling a lot of that down.
Like the CDC used to have on there, they admit they gave a hundred plus million people cancer on purpose in the polio shot.
And they took that down a few years ago and then Google took it off the way back machine.
So they don't want you knowing all this, okay?
The real Holocaust going on with the tainted vaccines, the GMO, all of it.
So here he is, as I mentioned earlier, going in, in one of his movies, It was the first Barat, and he's playing some dumb, evil, you know, Eastern European person in Central Asia, a bad guy, and he's teaching you that, you know, oh, the Jews are bad, the Jews are evil, and they take your speech, and they take your money, and they, that's what he's saying, and you need to throw Jews down wells and kill them to save yourself.
And he starts singing the song and doesn't say that, and once he's got them all singing along drunk late at night, He gets them to say the bad thing, so he can say, see there's the enemy Jews, there's all these anti-Semites out there, send the ADL money quickly.
Basically, what the background radiation is.
But you know, he also trained mentally ill people to carry out bombings.
You heard him say, so that's what he does.
And you know, he thinks the Jews that the ADL is sucking off of are just like those other people and everybody else.
But it doesn't matter whether you're Jewish or Christian or an agnot, whatever you are.
If you see through what this guy's doing, you should be outraged by it.
Because he's telling you to your face what he's done.
You know, the media is so deceptive and has such disrespect for you that if I sung this piece, they'd put it out and say that I said it and wouldn't even point out that Barack, the character had said it.
Because they think you're that stupid.
It's like Fiona Hill's a top globalist.
Captains the main attack program.
She generals it.
Soros just funds it.
And they put their queen out there.
And they said Alex Jones claims, I work for the globalists and work with George Soros.
You don't just work for him, you're one of his top generals.
And I'm not even going to play that here in the interest of time.
You can just go to InfoWars.com and type in Fiona Hill caught in massive perjury before Congress.
Says she's not a globalist.
If you work for it, quote TheGlobalist.com.
And again, it's about insulting you.
It's about saying, I'm going to take everything you've got.
I'm going to purge your birthright.
And if you oppose me in any way, I'm gonna call you a Nazi.
I'm gonna purge you even harder.
So bend over.
I own your ass.
You see those teeth?
I own ya.
I got a right in your mind.
Bend over.
Well, buddy, you're gonna get a fight.
And it's not gonna be false flags and stuff you pull off.
It's gonna be intellectual.
It's gonna be spiritual.
Because revelation is gonna bring you down.
The revelation, the understanding, and the truth coming into the universe.
And the spirit of the people that now know they're being censored systematically, they're gonna hit the streets harder than ever, they're gonna spread the word, they're gonna fund operations like Infowars, they're gonna pray for us and we're gonna win together.
And there's always time, unless he's totally turned down God, for people like Sacha Baron Cohen to find God and to turn away from this path.
But I mean, that's evil manifest.
And evil's scared, it's making its move because it knows humanity is rising.
No matter what color you are, whether you're Chinese or Mexican or Jewish or, you know, from England.
Let's come together around truth and justice and basic liberty and basic freedom.
We know free speech is good.
It built America.
Everybody wants to come here.
Now they want to get rid of what made America great.
That's 101.
Two plus two equals four.
We don't want that.
So here he is tricking people to put them in a movie and make them look stupid and popularizing that Jews are evil and want to take your money and take your speech and tell you what to do.
And then he gets up there and does just that to an even bigger crowd.
And only the initiates at the ADL... You know those guys' wives aren't let in on all this stuff, right?
You know I'm giving you highest level revelation right here.
The blueprints.
That's why you go online, the Nazi sites attack me... Maybe 25% of all Nazi communication is anti-Alex Jones.
Now why do you think that is?
Because almost all those groups are run by the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center.
They've been caught.
Look it up.
Look at Oklahoma City, Ellingham City.
Other cases.
People say, hey, you know I'm taking on the Southern Poverty Law Center.
That's an intelligence agency.
I'm like, I know.
I mean, I'm scared of God.
I'm not scared of these people, man.
So, that's so funny.
I'm totally committed.
And I've literally never gotten so close to God.
And everybody can see it.
Everybody knows it.
And you're getting closer to God, too, out there.
So let's pray for Sacha Baron Cohen and other folks.
Poor Abe Foxman went totally insane.
And let's pray for sanity for these gentlemen.
They're so mentally ill.
So here's, we'll leave this with this.
This act.
This ceremony of deception.
Here it is.
It takes very, very long.
Because Kazakhstan is big.
Throw transport down the well So my country can be free So my country can be free We must make travel easy Then they have a big party In my country there is problem And that problem is the Jew They take everybody's money They never give it back
Throw the jewel down the well So my country can be free
You must have him by his horns Then we'll have a big party
If you see the jewel coming You must be careful of his teeth
You must have him by his money And I tell you what to do
Everybody, throw the jewel down the well So my country can be free
So my country can be free So my country can be free
So, you know, 1 a.m. whatever at the bar, drunk people.
He's already got them whistling, clapping, liking it.
At each point, well-written song, you know, by Hollywood songwriters.
Focus group tested everything and then then he gets us some people are kind of on what is this but Now he has to say American white people are bad He tricks them he projects on them And he does this and it's it's it's it's black magic is what it is that it's ritualistic deception and evil and plants the seeds of everything you see and It just goes on from there.
Okay Well, I broke that down And I hope that you will join me for the Sunday show, 4 to 6 p.m.
and the weekday shows and Band.Video.
We've set up our own systems to get around them.
They're trying to shut us down.
We're just here to fight for everybody's freedom.
And it's my hope that no matter what your background or where you came from, what you stand for, if you support justice and freedom and want to come together and build a real human future, then I support you.
And the globalists do not want a pro-human future.
They're very selfish, very bad people, and they're a consortium of evil people of every race, color, creed, and group.
And we must oppose the race baiting and the censorship of the ADL and other organizations on par with the Nazis, truly.
And again, funded and captained by people that serve the Nazis.
We must guard ourselves for true.
That's it for this transmission.
And thank you all for watching.
I want to thank the crew for working so hard.
It's late at night.
I'm going to get back to my family now.
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen, when I have an idea and I know that idea is going to succeed,
if I take action with that idea, the idea has never failed thanks to God's discernment
that I've been given and thanks to the fact that we are working together and building
the resistance to this globalist satanic operation together.
So I didn't do This.
We did this together.
And that's not patronization telling you how great you are.
You need to know how important you are, and how much I want to salute you, and how much I want to thank you.
And I was thinking last night how I could somehow show you how important you are.
I think a lot of you already realize that, but I am humbled by your prayer, your word of mouth, and your financial support.
And I desperately don't want the globalists to win, and I don't want them to snuff out Infowars.
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And it's not magic.
Magic's the world's name for God's rules.
It's the fact that I can't help but treat you like I want to be treated.
And that's why I feel so guilty sometimes when I'm angry and mad and mean to the crew.
Because I'm just, you know, like radioactive, I'm so angry at the globalists.
I don't feel good about dominating people and doing things like that, and misdirecting
and having friendly fire.
I want to focus it all downrange.
And I can feel your prayer and your support, and I can absolutely see the enemy's fear
by what you've been doing.
InfoWars is not just the tip of the spear, it is a flaming sword of truth coming at the globalists and funding us is critical, plus it's a product you need.
DNAForcePlus at InfoWarsStore.com The ADL came out just a few weeks ago and said, this is a hate symbol.
And anybody using it, all those old 7up ads, Obama doing it, well, it's okay when they do.
But if you say, hey, dinner's a-okay, or you say, you know, I like Trump because 4chan did a joke, they say it's a ban.
This is about these groups being high priest and being able to decide what language you can use and remove things out of the lexicon, out of the nomenclature, out of the alphabet.
It is extremely dangerous.
So we have this very nice hat.
This hat costs like $10 a piece.
With the OK symbol on it, very nicely done.
Inforce on the back.
Very well made.
Very lightweight.
Very nice.
This is one of my daily wearers right now, or the one I have in my truck is.
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That is a really, really good deal.
We sell a lot of hats like this.
This is a brand new hat to me.
I haven't sold any of these yet.
It hasn't been reviewed.
But remember what happened at the Cubs game.
Is the OK sign racist?
Cubs fan hand gesture sparks outrage and confusion.
What it really means is you support Trump in that context.
He was a band for life.
Family outrage after universal character made OK symbol on six-year-old's shoulder.
So think about that.
Think about that level of control.
So, ladies and gentlemen, we need to counter this.
This is the international symbol for OK.
When a chef says, you know, this is, or you say, it's delicious.
They know what they're doing, don't they, Robert?
They knew that this is a universal sign of okay, everything's good, everything's cool, everything's kosher.
Dre, popular African-American figures have used it throughout history.
So the idea that this has any kind of racism is ludicrous and insane.
It's an attempt to control and curb speech.
And the ADL originally admitted that that gesture was not at all racist.
This is mental illness being projected on the public where they can ban any symbol they want whenever they want.
And I'm not going to put up with it.
I wear this hat out proudly.