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Name: 20191120_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 20, 2019
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In this InfoWars broadcast, Alex Jones discusses various topics including President Trump's meeting with Tim Cook, censorship of Christmas celebrations, a shocking audio report about satanic rituals involving Bill Clinton, and the globalist agenda. He also talks about the importance of sanctuary cities for the Second Amendment, the potential of humanity to rise above their fallen nature, and his personal research into disturbing topics like satanic rituals involving child abuse. The speaker discusses the feeling of being on the edge of a cliff and how it relates to their emotions while listening to information about child trafficking and abuse. They mention that therapy is necessary for dealing with such topics and express concern for the victims involved, including FBI agents who are investigating these cases. The speaker presents excerpts from an investigation into child trafficking, emphasizing the graphic content of the audio. They also highlight the danger associated with revealing such information, noting that people have been killed for speaking out against powerful figures in politics and beyond. The speaker praises National File for their investigative journalism and calls out those who are silencing others through censorship. Finally, they touch upon the collapse of the globalist narrative and the impending downfall of certain powerful individuals involved in these crimes."

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It is Wednesday, November 20th, 2019.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and we are going to be busy here on the broadcast today.
President Trump is, as we speak, taking off from Washington, D.C.
on Air Force One and beginning the trip, the three-hour trip, to Austin, Texas.
Where he's going to be with Tim Cook, one of our favorite people.
I know I'm one of his favorite people.
Mr. Crazy Eyes, head of Apple that has the worst slave factories in the world and has moved its code keys and control of its company to Communist China.
He's going to be here in Austin at one of the few Apple factories left in the United States in North Austin.
And I am intending to go up there right towards the end of the show and leave a little bit early.
Tom Papert's going to be taking over for me.
And then right into the fourth hour, Mike Adams is going to be hosting.
We'll be up there giving you live coverage of that.
And I do intend to deliver a message to the President.
The loudspeakers via megaphone that okay great we'd like to have some factories here that don't have suicide nets around them and things that's good but we'd also like you even though Ivanka and Jared are in a lip lock with crazy eyes and go to dinner with him all the time and that's admitted
First heard that from Roger Stone like three years ago, and it was confirmed a couple of years later.
They're going to be here in Austin.
It would just be nice to not have first Tim Cook being yours truly and in full wars and lead the rest of Silicon Valley doing it.
And then it would be nice to have that decried or spoken out against because now they're doing it to pro-life sites.
Now they're erasing Christmas holidays and things off the Google calendar, not the Apple calendar.
That's actually in my stack of news today.
It's up on Infowars.com.
Towns all over the U.S.
and England are removing Christmas trees because now they're saying that's a religious symbol.
It actually is an ancient, druidic, Germanic symbol that was adopted by Christians.
It's a heart of winter ritual with the evergreen tree, hoping that the sun comes back when you're freezing in your hut.
In your little cabin or your cave or your redoubt.
But they want that removed as well.
New Hampshire town removed Christmas from Christmas ceremony after two people complained about being offended.
Well, I'm offended by them.
I'm offended by them, you know, harassing Chick-fil-A and harassing us.
I mean, I really, at the end of the day, as a libertarian, do not judge people for what they do in their bedrooms.
But I do judge it when you use that to make it your identity and try to get access to our children and our culture and then demand all traditionalism be thrown on the fire of your petty will.
And so yes, this whole globalist leftist stratagem is evil.
And at the heart of it really is pedophilia and the destruction of innocence and the destruction of the future.
And so today we're going to go deeply into that fetid rabbit hole.
And we're going to break down really some nightmarish information here with a very, very credible report
And shocking audio of a man who was abused in satanic rituals by Bill Clinton and others when he was a child.
The FBI thought this was very credible and then the FBI agent investigating it was killed.
And then some of the other people involved were all murdered in DC and in New York.
So now the original interview has been released to True Pundit.
We're going to be airing large excerpts of that.
FBI interviews, alleged boy rape victim of Bill Clinton, chilling details of sex abuse rituals and more.
And that ties into, of course, Adam Schiff and Ed Buck and the rituals going on there.
It's all coming up.
Their religion is tyranny.
Their religion is predatory behavior.
And we need to stop being sheep and laying down to it.
A lot of people ask me, Alex, why don't you yell and scream on air like you used to sometimes, as much as you did in the past?
And it's because if I did that, I'd actually overturn this desk and start ripping down the studio in here and God knows what else.
I mean, I'm so angry now.
From the research we do on a daily basis and so focused and so awake that it's in between torture and ecstasy.
I mean, I understand what's going on.
I understand how to stop it.
I see the master plan.
I can see the globalist code.
And I know who they are and what they are and what they work for.
And it should be so easy to just reject this and not go along with it.
But the world is full of a lot of followers.
And a lot of people that seek petty power over others.
And we are a fallen species.
We have a great potential to not be fallen and to go to the stars.
We are fallen here on this planet.
And it's all hidden in plain view.
And we're not going to get off this planet until we start behaving like sentient beings that are not satanic.
Which is in our makeup and we're able to do it, but as you can see, we don't like to do that.
We like to be bad.
We like to be lazy and we like to be stupid.
And it's a process.
I'm certainly not perfect either, but I know I am a fallen creature.
And I am seething with understanding and awakening and destiny and potential to defeat the globalist and turn the tide, just as you have that seed as well.
And so I pray daily for calm and for focus and for justice and for clarity because, you know, I research probably six, seven hours a day, normally at night and in the morning and while I'm here at work.
And there's always a great overriding frustration.
That I am not able to ever cover all of the news in the proper context that is taking place.
Let me just give you an example of two big articles, one of which you're going to get details of exclusively with investigative journalist Tom Pappert coming up at the bottom of the hour.
Then he'll be back hosting the third hour with me, and then I'm going to veer off.
Trump just left about 45 minutes late, so I'll be able to finish most of my broadcast.
Then I'm going to go up and
I don't want to say I'm going to protest the President, but I'm going to deliver a very forceful message to the President and to that demon creature he's traveling with, Tim Cook, being escorted by his daughter and son-in-law.
So that's coming up.
Now, when I listened to this report yesterday
And then I went and did research from previous information I had and things I've been told by high-level, Defense Department, FBI, and others years ago that I never talked about on air.
Just because I don't like to go over all the details about how they torture these children on air.
I don't like to think about it, quite frankly.
Imagine them.
They really don't want to talk about it.
And I listened to this individual in this 30-minute interview that was taped several years ago in the Epstein investigation.
Now, the FBI had investigator groups out doing this, and the FBI agent heading it up was murdered.
Of course they tried to sweep that under the rug, and others around it were murdered.
And so now they've released the first interview that was done by investigators hired by the FBI before they took the case over.
So dangerous, the FBI actually hired investigators to do it so they could keep it secret from the Bureau until they got it greenlit by Trump.
And then he was able to get it done.
This deals with satanic rituals and blood drinking and ritualistic rape of children.
And what is said here about the satanic rituals, I have never released on air for a lot of reasons.
So I don't want people repeating them.
And I don't want, when I get information, I want to know if people actually know what they're talking about.
This is real.
Now the cherry on top of how real it is, is the dead FBI agent and others surrounding it.
A bunch of deaths.
You know that feeling when you walk up to an edge of a cliff?
When I was listening to this, I was on the edge of a cliff and I almost had to pull over last night when I was listening to it the second time driving home at like 8 o'clock at night because I started to want to throw up.
And that was because my body was saying, kill, kill, kill, you're bad, kill, kill, I'm not going to kill anybody.
But that's a normal response, is as a man, knowing this is going on, and knowing these predators are out there, my physical body
I think so.
We're going to go ahead and play parts of this.
I really don't want to listen to it, and I know you don't want to listen to it, but it needs to air.
It needs to go out on radio stations and TV stations, and the really graphic stuff has been bleeped out.
But this is real.
You can listen to it.
It's real.
If you know about these rituals, it's real.
And the dead FBI agent and others, it's real, real.
So, I am in a controlled rage dealing with this.
I apologize for the crew having to be around me, but that's just the way it is.
So, we have that.
Then we have this next big report from a great investigative journalist over at National File.
It's a bunch of former Breitbart folks that were being censored.
Video, Pelosi's son, ex-girlfriend,
Claims forced abortion, abuse, weaponizing CPS, massive fraud.
He denied that she was the girlfriend, but she has the text, the photos, the years of it, and all the proof has now been put out.
It's a 59-minute video, and I watched this this morning.
And became physically nauseous and disgusted as well.
When you listen to what this Pelosi psychotic, this genetic psychotic, this is Nancy Pelosi's son, did, and the scams he runs, and just how out of control, and how he owns the jurisdiction of San Francisco.
He can do whatever he wants, and he tells people that, and there's audio of that.
And by the way, this is an hour of this, and I listened to the whole thing this morning.
Even cut my workout short to listen to it.
And they've got more tapes coming out.
Now let me explain something.
This is the stuff that gets you killed.
And it's a major Epstein investigator that is working with Tom Papert bringing this out.
I just want to point out, you know, we give medals to the military and everybody and that's great, they deserve them.
This is information warfare in America and people get killed for stuff like this.
Pelosi's a gangster, she kills people.
So nationalfile.com, we salute you.
They're the real journalist and they've got a lot of former investigative journalists.
Some of the top folks from Breitbart over there.
Some of them are even writing in pseudonyms.
This is so dangerous.
This is not a pseudonym.
So, we're taking the gloves off.
That's what I've said everybody needs to do, and people are doing it without me telling them.
Obviously, uh, real investigative journalism, bringing down the kingpins, hitting them at point-blank range.
Uh, and you can't kill us all, Hillary.
You can't kill us all, Bill.
You can't kill us all, Pelosi.
And, uh, you know, Pelosi knows that.
That's why they're like, oh, let's be friends with the Republicans.
Let's stop the calls for revolution, because they know they're losing.
Let me explain something.
Your people start the violent revolution and you take out some of our people, you know there's nowhere in the world you're going to be able to go to get away from your crimes.
I'm just going to leave it at that.
And they understand that.
And they were supposed to have robots and AI by now to protect them.
They know all their so-called protectors literally want to slit their throats.
And you're about to see them go down.
Now it's going to be spectacular.
It's going to be explosive.
It's going to be super dangerous.
And a lot of people aren't going to be here in the fight, who were in the fight on the other side of this, but that really doesn't matter, does it?
It's like Captain Ahab and Moby Dick.
They both go down at the end.
You can decide who's Captain Ahab and Moby Dick, who's the good guy and who's the bad guy, but I think that's all pretty clear here, ladies and gentlemen, that this is the collapse of the globalist narrative.
I watched all these senators and congresspeople
Yesterday and then when I was watching the war room when I was here working and then at night I stayed up till I went to bed at first for about an hour to rest.
I got back up and worked about four hours and went back to sleep a few hours.
But I was watching the hearings on Epstein's murder and the Senators were lying and the Democrats were saying this too.
No one believes this anymore.
Total loss of faith.
Everyone thinks there's pedophile rings running everything and the system's screwed.
Yes, you're screwed.
It's over.
We all know you're devil worshippers.
We know you're blood drinking, child raping vampires.
You don't live forever, but the demons in you do live on body to body.
So see, the archetype's real.
These are quasi-immortal, blood sucking demons.
All right, let me do my best here to tell you what we're gonna be laying out and start getting right into it.
Obviously, the clown train that is the fake impeachment
Third round of public hearings now.
Didn't just derail.
It exploded as it went off the edge of a cliff.
But Schiff continues to put his confidence act up because they're posing like they're the leaders, they're in charge, and Trump did something wrong.
And it diverts everyone and takes all the oxygen out of the room for all the real crimes of the Democrats and the globalists.
And now they're trying to plunge the economy.
Now they're siding with China against us in the trade war.
A whole Epstein inferno that's burning into the ground.
It's on every network.
It's everywhere.
And it's literally setting the precedent that if Trump tries to engage in any foreign policy himself instead of a consortium
Of governmental bureaucrats who interface with think tanks?
Well, that's illegal.
That's what I've said.
We're ruled by interlocking boards of think tanks who build consensus on globalism and the sell-out of the country.
That's actually in the news today.
Impeachment hearings raise questions.
Who's in charge of U.S.
foreign policy?
Trump or interagency consensus?
Because the human mole rat, he looks like a mole rat, he is a globalist mole, he's not a whistleblower.
Vitamin, in all his arrogance and, I'm Lieutenant Colonel, that's what you call me.
And Bug-Eyed Schiff and all the rest of them, they are moles.
So I'll be getting to those clips.
You know, I know the globalists are into Satanism because it's about their power and about them willing to do extreme things and about corrupting those around them and getting them to be compromised like they are so they can trust them.
And in these reports that an FBI agent and others got killed just this year, that's why it's coming out now, being leaked to True Pundit, the original interviews,
That's why the operatives come in to the big accountants at the big accounting firm and they say, all right, have sex with this eight-year-old.
And of course, the couple doesn't want to do it, but they say, hey, you see the box over there on the wall?
That's the camera.
Have sex if you want this deal.
And by the way, we got your blood.
It's already been planted at a crime scene.
We'll have you indicted anytime we want.
Have sex with the kid.
And that's exactly what they do.
And they have compromised so many people.
First they get you to cheat and manipulate.
And then you get a few million bucks for the billions you manipulate and say the Pentagon budget.
But that's not enough!
You might turn state's evidence.
You might not go to jail if you expose what they've done.
But none of you and your wife have had sex with an eight-year-old boy.
You're never going to talk about that.
And if you did, it'd be so horrible no one would want to believe it and they'd want to cover it up.
It's like the Catholic Church.
The deputy Pope got convicted of trafficking over a hundred little boys as young as age five up to about age 14.
And they would tell the other people in the seminary, you have sex with kids or you're not going to be a priest.
Just like the Boy Scouts, just like Penn State, just like Boys Town, just like everything.
Most of these people don't even want to do it.
You know, I've been told by people that were abused by Bill Clinton, not just Kathy O'Brien, but others.
Stuff that's in this report that never has been published and never been known.
And I've researched other real Satanism files that the public hasn't seen.
Some of them have come out recently in the finders.
And it's exactly what they do.
But you add the dead FBI agent and the others that have been killed that were investigating it, that's when you really know it's real.
But you listen to this poor man.
He's now 26 years old.
Being raped since he's age 3.
It's on NewsWars.com, Infowars.com.
And it's exactly what I was told.
Like, Bill Clinton didn't want to cut the children.
He just wanted to have sex with them.
And they've got the women different ages, from little girls up to women, on pedestals.
And then they have chalices and gather their blood, and then drink it.
That's exactly the type of rituals.
I even know the name of that ritual.
But this is the real deal, folks.
The real deal.
And so when you wonder, why are they so evil?
Why are they so bad?
Because evil had to recruit a cohort, a cadre, a legion of evil that would carry out the post-human world
That would poison their own species, that would put up the electromagnetic systems that give us cancer, that would feed us the GMO, that would destroy our attention spans, that would deploy computers and systems designed to destroy our very humanity and make us depressed and control us.
And that's all admitted by Silicon Valley.
It's the apple, the knowledge of evil, that Eve gave Adam.
And what is Apple's symbol?
Made in slave factories and enslaving your mind.
It's an apple with a bite out of it.
The knowledge of good was there, how to be good, how to be just, but then it was the knowledge of manipulation and corruption and how to control and how to feed on fellow humans and how to keep people stupid so you dominate them.
And so, we're now being force-fed the apple.
And then to live in the system, in this new environment, we're gonna have to hurt fellow humans and do bad things and trample on others so that there's no one left at the end to stand up for ourselves and humanity is atomized and separated and defeated.
Can you guys pull up the logo of Apple, please?
What an evil symbol in your face, the apple of forbidden knowledge.
The apple of the knowledge of good and evil.
Just give me a document cam shot as soon as we can, it's alright.
I mean, this is all just right out in the open, ladies and gentlemen.
Because they metaphysically have to put it out in the open.
And what is it?
It's a poison apple.
What does the witch in Snow White give the young prepubescent girl who's going into puberty?
She goes to the mirror and she says, who's the fairest of the all?
It's not you.
And she wants that essence.
She wants the girl's heart cut out.
It'd be too much if she wanted to drink the blood or bathe in the blood.
She wants the woodsman to cut the heart out.
And then when that doesn't work, she pours her hatred and her essence into a poison and puts it into the apple.
So that she can trick her and get her to bite into it and put her into a deep trance.
She doesn't know who she is, the real queen, the real goddess of the future.
But only a prince, a man standing up for her, who loves her, can free her.
But we're not going to free the little girls and little boys, are we?
We're going to let the witch sit there and torture the living hell out of them.
Now four media giants are banding together to take down controversial InfoWars content from their site.
YouTube, Facebook, and Apple all announcing they're removing his content from their platforms.
How did you decide to ban Alex Jones?
What users want from us, and what we've always provided them, is a curated platform.
We think that what the user wants is someone that does review these apps.
Someone that does review the podcast.
Someone that, on like Apple News, where a human is selecting the top stories.
And that's what we do.
We don't take a political stand.
We're not leaning one way or the other.
You can tell that from the stuff on the App Store and in podcasts, etc.
You'll see everything from very conservative to very liberal.
And that's the way I think it should be.
But at what point were you like, okay, that's it, Alex Jones has to go?
I don't want to get into a singular kind of event, but I think there's enough there that reasonable people could agree that if you're going to curate
I think that that should be all.
Looking live there at the White House lawn, Alex Jones, the controversial host, Trump supporter, out there with a bullhorn, and that's what you heard earlier.
President Trump's done a great job rebooting this country, but he hasn't stood up against big tech and the censorship!
Big Tech has been caught in undercover videos of their own documents and whistleblowers, suppressing the speech of Christians and conservatives and veterans, and the left is planning on using this to steal the next election!
President Trump must take action against Big Tech racketeering right now!
President Trump must enforce the First Amendment and Section 230 of the Telecommunications Act!
Wow, look at that.
That was three months ago.
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Now, Trump is coming to town today.
He'll be here in about two hours and 40 minutes.
I will be ducking out coming up in the third hour.
Tom Pappas is going to take over to break huge news that goes right to the heart of the system and what makes them operate and how to bring them down.
And then Mike Adams is hosting the fourth hour, and I'll be popping in on there as well.
Trump is coming to North Austin to the Apple subcontractor.
In fact, we can put that address maybe a little bit later on screen.
It's up off Palmer Lane, off 183 near Mopac.
And already we're going to have Will Johnson and others out there with the crew.
I think they're there by now.
You've got a bunch of antifun, a bunch of globalists there protesting Trump.
Well, I'm going to be there.
With a message for them, but also a message for Trump.
I don't want to say I'm protesting Trump, but I'm going to be protesting Apple moving most of its jobs to China, Apple helping censor the American people and the Chinese people, and helping block Vietnamese, and of course the Taiwanese, and of course Hong Kong flags, all three of those flags.
They don't just like to have being able to be sent, because it's seen as solidarity with Vietnam that China's at war with.
And it's seen as solidary with Hong Kong and Taiwan.
So you can't send those symbols.
That's been in the news.
And now the Chi-Coms have invaded Hong Kong.
They've burned up the Epoch Times.
There, we're going to get to all of that at the start of the next hour.
So that's where this fight is.
And Jared Kushner, who I'm not an enemy of, I don't buy into the hype that he's this bad guy just because he bought a building for twice its price at $666.
Park Avenue in New York, or just because his dad went to prison for really bizarre behavior.
I want to think the best of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump.
I'm just told that they're big leftists, and I know they hang out constantly with Tim Cook, and that they're coming today with Daddy and Tim Cook.
Apple's really a corrupt, evil company.
And they said a year and a half ago in Reuters, we've merged with the Chinese government and their intelligence agencies have the Apple code keys to all of your Apple devices.
So if you think Huawei's bad, and that's Chinese Communist-run, well, so is Apple.
It's a globalist partnership against America, and they see it as very woke to be against the country and against the U.S.
And they think we're done, because they've already bought off the establishment, and they think Trump's just a speed hump to what they're doing.
So I've always made the joke that, you know, if Trump's cleaning out the goblins in the swamp in Mordor,
He's gonna have to have some goblin guides.
He's gonna have to be around some goblins.
I just don't want to see him kissing goblins.
I don't want to see him succubus with goblins.
I don't want to see him in bed with a goblin.
And unless he repudiates him some for the censorship and what he's doing and tells him to stop it and make some move in that direction, then Trump is, to a great extent, even though he's trying to promote Apple having a few factories move back here, this is one of the few.
I get that's a positive thing, but they've got hundreds in China and maybe one or two that are still open.
I know they had three, but I heard one of them closed.
I think it's like two factories that actually manufacture things.
And I'm glad that this factory's there and has 15,000 employees.
It's at 5,000 now, about to ramp up, we're told by Tim Cook.
So that's a good thing, but he's in bed with a goblin.
And if anybody is goblin-like or golem-like, it would be Tim Cook with those big old saucer eyes, whatever he's on.
Maybe he's got a brain chip.
No one's sure.
So that's coming up.
But seriously,
The globalists are wringing out my neck.
They want to shut this operation down.
They've shut most people down.
They've done all sorts of dirty tricks, all the fake lawsuits.
We can continue InfoWars and other permutations and do a lot of things that will keep this message on the air and even stronger.
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I've been on air 25 years, and the stuff going on is an existential threat.
And if InfoWars is taken off the air, so many big stories that broke, that really wounded the globalists, wouldn't break, and in the future won't break.
So they want to take this operation down.
So take action.
InfoWarsStore.com today, and get in there and get some of the products.
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That's a good question.
I don't
We're good to go.
I'm gonna have to raise the price or something like that and then not do as big of discounts because that is really unprecedented.
Okay, we're gonna go to break.
And Tom Pappert of National File, great investigative journalist and TV station manager.
He's working with a lot of former investigative journalists from Breitbart and other groups that were just too hardcore.
You know, once the takeover of Breitbart happened, nothing against Breitbart.
They're just not as hardcore as they used to be, at least their free speech.
And we understand what happened to them.
We understand how the globalists operate.
But it's pretty much, you know, do this, we're going to kill you.
We say, OK, we'll do what you got to do.
Just hope I don't see you coming.
We're going to break Pelosi news that's the biggest ever and goes to the heart of who and her son really are and this could bring this monster down.
You talk about MeToo movement, you talk about fraud, you talk about criminal activity, you talk about her son using the Speaker of the House's power illegally.
They've caught them red-handed.
We have the video, the audio, the text messages, everything.
Tom Pappert is going to be hosting the fourth hour today so he can go through large parts of this hour-long breakdown
That is absolutely vital to go viral.
And it is going viral right now as we speak.
Pelosi's son, ex-girlfriend, claims he forced abortion, abuse, weaponizing CPS, massive fraud.
And then she's got the text messages, the video, all of it.
This guy tries to deny it's even his girlfriend.
Or that one of the children's probably his.
And he's again putting his own children in foster care and threatened her to do that and then did it.
So this is what goes on in the kingdom of Nancy Pelosi.
And imagine if Brett Kavanaugh had actually done this.
So we have to go after these people for the real things they're doing.
Trump's not going to do it.
The Justice Department's probably not going to do it for a while.
We have to lead.
You know, we led exposing Jeffrey Epstein.
Now it's all over the news.
Now Congress admits it.
I'll play some clips of that in a moment.
But Tom Papert will be here in the third hour, and he is obviously not going to have time to air the entire hour-long interview.
It's linked up on InfoWars.com.
Big article, big investigative report by Patrick Howley, NationalFile.com.
Again, it's a great site.
It's a 12-page investigative report, and it is going super viral out there.
Right now.
We've also added to this article on InfoWars the live feed so that when people are tuned in they can also find the article and hear more about this and understand what's going on.
But that's why all the censorship is taking place.
Now remember, just 16 months ago it was Alex Jones being censored and it was only going to be him.
And then it was Republican members of Congress being censored by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.
And then it was, again, the Taiwanese and the Hong Kong and other emojis by Apple, because China said, we don't want their flags available.
And clicking their heels, they said, yes, sir.
Well, now it's Eric Cienega, even though you're supposed to be public, and senators have said his name.
Oh, no, but now we're told there isn't a whistleblower, or he's not the whistleblower.
Schiff met with a whistleblower.
He's very impressed.
Oh, I never met with a whistleblower.
And Vindman getting caught lying.
People are like, why aren't you covering the impeachment?
We're into three weeks of crap?
It's totally staged?
It's ridiculous!
We already know all this.
We're tomorrow's news today.
Look at this article.
Facebook blocks post on dim support for border fence.
It's an article with a video of Democrats saying we need a border fence up until Trump got in.
And they just blocked it.
That's control of history, ladies and gentlemen.
Remember Google said the Republican Party's main affiliation is Nazis on Google.
And Trump does nothing.
He'll be hanging out with Tim Cook today, who runs the worst factories on the planet with suicide deaths.
Again, I'm a big supporter of Trump.
Glad it's not Hillary.
But when it comes to saying he's going to take action on Big Tech Citizenship, it's coming, it's going to be strong action.
You heard that, you know, six months ago.
Where is it?
Where is it?
And now Turning Point USA.
And the rest of them are acting worse than leftists, blocking whole groups of people from coming and asking questions at their events.
And Trump signed an executive order saying he'll take money away from universities if they let groups do that.
So the neocons and ever-Trumpers are taking over Trump.
And so if you want to know why people like Matt Drudge are pissed at him, there's your answer.
I mean, Drudge links to my super hardcore stuff.
Trump, why are you saying you're for red flag laws?
Better not do that.
Hey, Trump, do something about censorship or we're done with you.
He would top link that?
That's Drudge's message to the President.
Now, I'm not going to abandon the President, but there's a split here.
Because if you support him and then he's like Hillary Lite, well, if Hillary was in, she wouldn't have gotten away with this, I think.
And I'm glad she got beaten.
And we'll talk about that more, but Tom, you're taking over just like an hour and eight minutes from now.
The third hour I'm going up to deliver my message up there in North Austin at the big Apple facility.
We'll put that address on screen for you here in a minute for TV viewers.
I'll give that out, but everybody should come out there.
And there'll be a bunch of leftists too.
And just let Trump know that, hey, we're glad that you are moving.
A few factories back in the U.S.
That's wonderful.
Pat Tim Cook on the head for that.
But it's like, we need him to get off the neck of the First Amendment.
But separately, let's get in a national file on this huge report and some of the clips and what's coming up next hour.
Well, Alex, I want to say that you're right.
I mean, there is this massive discrepancy in this country, like the GDP is growing, the stock market is up.
Oh boy.
Meanwhile, people like you, people like millions of Americans are being censored.
Some people are losing their jobs because of this censorship.
So it's, it's very ironic and it does feel at times like President Trump is being co-opted by the neocons in his midst.
And I think you warned that that could very well happen all the way back in 2017.
So I just want to commend you on your foresight.
And your honesty for actually telling it like it is.
I mean, Tom, national flags aren't allowed on the AI watching what you're doing.
Now people that import them are having trouble sending them.
Now you can't play clips of Obama and Hillary saying we need a wall.
I mean, Facebook blocks that.
I mean, that's, that's, come on, folks!
Come on!
Well, it's absolutely in your face.
I mean, yesterday, a bunch of websites got dinged for fake news for covering the impeachment fiasco, which is boring.
I mean, it's honestly one of the most boring things you could cover because it's so predictable.
We all know what they're going to do.
But as everybody knows, Schiff essentially admitted that the witness from yesterday did speak to the Sierra Mela whistleblower.
And then lied and said, I don't know the whistleblower.
And Facebook says that if you speculate, if you say, huh, what does that mean?
Then you are committing the cardinal sin of fake news and you'll be kicked off the platform, which is why at National File, I mean, we drew everything we can.
And I really appreciate your support to not be entirely dependent on social media.
And of course, I can't give those secrets away.
Because then they'll be stolen from us.
But articles like this are why they don't want us to be on these platforms.
I mean, we have the ex-girlfriend who we spent a solid week vetting.
We've talked to her lawyers.
We've done extensive research on every single person she mentioned in the hour-long interview.
And it is all completely rock solid.
This woman has been in my opinion... She has photos and text messages and videos and audio.
I mean, she has him.
Right, I mean, she's going back years, years and years of photos with her children, growing up in the presence of Paul Pelosi Jr., who they referred to as Daddy.
That is, before Paul Pelosi Jr.
decided, allegedly, that he got everything he could from this woman, threw her under the bus, allegedly stole her big, beautiful apartment building from her, stole it out from under her, is allegedly growing marijuana in the basement.
I mean, it's as insane as it could possibly be.
And you sit there and you think, this can't be real.
And then I'm sitting there and I'm looking at the photos that Patrick Halley got at nationalfile.com and I'm like, this is him!
You can see him in the videos.
You can see him when he's going and he's talking about his new energy company and he was using clips of his mom.
One of the biggest bombshells in this entire thing.
And it's just bombshell after bombshell after bombshell.
I highly recommend everybody read the article.
It's almost 4,000 words.
It shows you what these sociopathic, psychopathic monsters are like.
And the way they operated, and what they do, and what they do to people around them.
Well, in the way they grift.
So, one of the biggest bombshells is Paul Pelosi.
Allegedly, what he will do is he sets up these shell companies that never are designed to actually make a product.
They're never designed to succeed.
They're designed to take money from gullible people.
So, he'll call someone on the phone and say, hi.
Allegedly, this is what happens.
Hi, I'm Paul Pelosi, and this is my mom's office calling.
You know, Nancy Pelosi, she's the Speaker of the House.
And we have an investment opportunity for you.
So please give me a million dollars and you too can be involved in a Ukrainian oil company.
And so then the gullible people do it.
They give him money.
This is what the ex-girlfriend says she saw over the course of years and years and years.
It never ends.
And so this is way more flagrant than anything that we've heard before.
We did the bombshell piece a couple months ago, or just last month I think it was, where we exposed that Paul Pelosi had big ties to a company that did business in Ukraine, just like Joe Biden did with Hunter Biden.
So as you said, Alex, this is kind of a window into the world of the elite.
They use people, they beat people.
There's one account of, she says that while Paul Pelosi was reportedly taking the
We're good to go.
This is the callous nature of these people.
They don't view people like you and me.
And that's why they like the drugged out zombies all around them.
This makes them feel good to see people in piles of feces.
You have to understand, folks, they just gleefully, they fly around in helicopters, you know, like, probably be ripping a stove out.
They want everything.
They love the act of stealing, dominating, humiliating.
Because that's what they are, literal demons.
And you've got all the audio, all the video, the text messages, and then what he did to this woman, taking her kids away, putting them in foster care, and saying in the text messages, I'm gonna do this to you.
This is what this monster does.
All right, Tom, you're going to be back in the third hour.
I'm going to play a few of these clips now.
But again, making her get an abortion, reportedly, denying he knew her when he sent all these photos and text messages, and then what he did to her.
I mean, this is so abusive.
And this is how these people treat women, children they can get power over.
But they're always on the news how much they love women, how much they love children.
But Hillary Clinton chose to represent brutal child rapist out of college as a lawyer.
I mean, it's the same M.O.
over and over again.
Well, that's right.
I mean, it's really sickening to listen to this woman's account.
I mean, her children were, yes, ripped from her, put in foster care, where they were reportedly abused.
Because, again, we have the text message that comes from Paul Pelosi, at least it seems that way.
I mean, maybe we can't say that 100%.
But the text message appears to come from him.
The number that is in this text message is actually in the lawsuit that she filed against him.
And he is apparently, allegedly saying, if you don't do what I want, then I'm going to call CPS and they're going to take your children away.
Well, that's exactly what happened last year.
She gets about six hours of FaceTime with her children every 27 days.
At one point, one of her children went missing.
And again, you can see the images on nationalfile.com.
I know you've been putting them on screen for TV viewers at home, Alex.
You can see a man who certainly appears to be Paul Pelosi Jr.
with these kids.
They called him Daddy, according to this woman.
I mean, I've looked up his photos.
It's him.
And so, wow.
And you guys get into all of it.
The younger child may be his.
Tell folks what she's saying, what she's reporting, that this person that looks like him and has the phone number says he's him.
But maybe it's an imposter, a Nigerian scam of some type, a white Nigerian.
But seriously, where he reportedly made her get the abortion because he wanted the next baby to be his?
So, apparently, this is what this nice young lady, Karina Feng, says.
She says that she, he, Paul Pelosi Jr., she claims that he is obsessed with her genetics, that he thinks that she is pure and beautiful and wonderful.
And so, for years, he was essentially, according to her, stalking this poor woman and eventually managed to get himself inserted into her lifestyle and her life.
In the hour-long interview you can find on nationalfile.com, she claims that he has erectile dysfunction, so he may have never been able to create the child of his dreams.
Tom, you're taking over next hour.
Thank you.
Let's go to the clip six.
Pelosi forced abortion.
Here it is.
Nancy Pelosi actually knew that her son was trying to force you to have an abortion.
Is that right?
The very next day, Paul Pelosi, well,
The reason why I had an abortion started because Paul Pelosi Jr.
said he wanted me to have his child and no one else's.
And Paul Pelosi Jr.
has been mad at me for having three children already.
However, this time he caught me while being pregnant.
So he must stop my pregnancy before I have another child that does not belong to him.
So I tried to tell his mother about what Paul Pelosi Jr.
forced me to do.
And right after my abortion, his mother declared on her website right away that she was pro-abortion.
So I gave up right then and there.
Did Nancy Pelosi acknowledge you when you tried to reach out to her?
How did you try to reach out to her to tell her about this?
I did not reach out to her because as soon as I reached out, I saw the declaration on her website about pro-abortion.
So I just gave up.
I understood.
I knew her and I understood what she was trying to do, so I just backed off because that would be her usual functions.
If she was trying to answer someone, she would just do it that way.
Alright folks, you think this is bad?
We're gonna get into the really hardcore stuff straight ahead.
Their whole house of cards
Is coming down in a big, big way.
Now, there's a report up on Infowars.com from Kellen McBrain, and it links to a true pundit report that lists the FBI agent that was investigating this and mysteriously died, listed others who were investigating this and mysteriously died.
And when you listen to the interview,
With a confirmed investigator that the FBI hired a few years ago to do this, investigating the Epstein case for the FBI, it's just chilling.
Then the individual did go in and report this directly to the FBI, they opened an investigation, and the FBI agent heading up the investigation died.
We have the name, all the info, we've pulled it up, it's confirmed, and this is exactly what's been reported to me.
Not just by Kathy O'Brien, but others.
And researching the type of rituals these groups do, this is exactly what they do.
And then you add people being killed in and around this, and all these state senators and people that have been investigating things like this getting killed.
It's just incredible.
We know they're doing this.
We know Epstein was doing this.
You know, this whole thing with the Prince,
And the Queen's son and how it's a 17-year-old girl and he's lying about it.
They know their stuff a lot worse.
So they've chosen to focus in on that.
That's why he's doing interviews.
That's why he's looking guilty because it diverts everything off to a 17-year-old woman who was a sex slave and recruited when she was 14.
And obviously he did it.
It's true and we know it.
They have all the evidence.
But that's the tip of the iceberg is the girls that
Look 20, but they're 15.
Then they go, oh, you're corrupted.
That's how they corrupt the government people.
That's how they corrupt the scientific establishment to get them under their control.
This is a Ponzi scheme.
And now the whole thing is coming down.
Now this is a 30 minute interview.
And I have real trouble listening to it.
Because it's real.
And it fits into what Ted Gunnarsson laid out and so much more in the finders and
How they would cut the children's feet to get the blood in the rituals because they don't want you to see the cuts and the exact type of things they were up to.
And again, we know this case was opened up.
We know the FBI agent over it did die.
We know in the early stages of the investigation they used other investigators because they were having to hide it from the rest of the bureau because there's deep staters in there and they get greenlit from Trump, which has happened.
That's the good thing Trump's been doing is going after the perverts.
He's not into this, going after the Satanist.
Perverts is too kind of a name.
But before I get to this, let's go ahead and play a senator and a congressman
Come out and talk about the American people not buying the official story of Epstein and nothing hurting confidence in the system like it.
As I've been telling you for months, nothing.
I thought it was this guy six months ago when he was arrested again.
And then I thought it was huge when he died.
This has got leftists coming up to me and apologizing all over Austin, other cities I go to.
People walk up with tears in their eyes when I'm at the shopping center or I'm in a restaurant.
They go, I thought you were full and I thought you were fake news.
And I thought Hillary was good.
I mean, this is happening.
Old women, young women, old men.
I mean, people now get it because they all heard me attacked in the news for claiming Epstein had an island and child sex and Bill Clinton.
I didn't make any of this up.
The Clintons kill people.
You think I just want to make stuff up to mafia?
I've got to do this because I've been put in this position by God.
Doesn't mean I'm some special person, but I'm willing to do it.
And that's why I'm here.
And I have to do this.
And you have to do this too.
It's not fun to expose this.
Nobody wants to sit there and dwell on this.
But you know what?
This is going on on a mass scale because here's the thing about a Ponzi scheme.
You start with a small group.
You corrupt the next group, the next group, it's called a corruption Ponzi scheme.
Where they get you in on the corruption.
And then now the pyramid has gotten massive and they've got so many people involved.
State police and FBI confirmed 3,000 Catholic priests in Pennsylvania alone were involved in abuse of little boys mainly and that most of them reported that it was satanic rituals.
This is mainstream news.
The Deputy Pope, the Pope's right-hand man, just got convicted of trafficking hundreds of little boys and raping them.
Some of them ended up dead.
That was barely even in the news, folks.
The Pope's right-hand man, the guy he has investigating it, it turns out, has been implicated.
And you're like, are there this many pedophiles?
They have a network.
And they take over.
And they go to other people that just want money and power and they say,
You gotta have sex with a 15-year-old girl.
You and your wife gotta do it.
And a lot of times, it's the wives who are like, let's get in there, I want this $10 million.
People in key positions, banking, academia, science, and the husband will do it, and they'll do it.
And a month later, it's like, alright, now you're gonna have sex with an 8-year-old.
And then if you get in a bigger position of power, they go, this kid's been giving us trouble.
We want you to go into this basement and beat this five-year-old to death with a baseball bat.
And if you don't do it, we're going to kill you.
See, the people think they sign them for power.
At the end, they get money.
It's paid right back to the globalists.
You get nothing but slavery.
And those people, husband and wives, going in with baseball bats, that old kid's begging, they just start beating their brains out.
When what you do is, the guy doing it goes, yeah, let me have that baseball bat.
And you beat their brains out.
And then you get their address book.
And then, you know what you do to them, don't you?
You want to see savage power?
They're gonna get it soon, don't worry.
Because God is vengeance.
And you can feel the vengeance coming down.
Like Sunday morning.
So, let's start with this sickening first ten minutes of the interview.
Here it is.
Just so we're on the same page and there's no... What I plan on doing is... I'm gonna contact the FBI.
If I can't find anybody worth a shit in the FBI, I'm gonna try somebody in Homeland Security to come and talk to.
In the interim, I'm gonna work on this video.
The parts that I like, I'm gonna cut up.
And put in a one area, right?
And then if they don't do anything with the story, with you, I'm going to do a storyline.
We're not going to do anything right away because I want to give these guys an opportunity to talk to you.
And if they talk to you, that's a story too.
That they're talking to you and this is what happened to you.
If they're not talking to you, then that's a story as well.
I'm not talking to you, but this is what happened to you.
But if, you know, I just want you to know that when we do a story, we'll have your name and everything.
And I'm not interested in doing something any other way when it comes to this because I think that it's the best way for you to start putting blocks back on top of this.
If I can help you in any way, I will.
I don't know how I can help you or
You know, and if I can do anything for you, I'm happy to try to help.
Before I was taken up to the top of the boat, I was in a cabin on the outside of the boat being prostituted by my great uncle.
And I was led to believe that there were several other young boys in the adjacent rooms that were going to be taken to the top
Told you.
Eight years old.
So you were eight years old when all this stuff happened.
When you first got on the... This is like a yacht situation.
Yeah, yeah.
It's like a luxury cruise ship.
When you first get on the ship, what do you think is gonna happen?
You don't know?
I... I was just not aware.
I... It started this...
I just didn't question where I was or what had happened to me at any of these times.
Alright folks, we're gonna go to break.
We're gonna come back.
And we're going to get into the satanic rituals with little boys and girls and Bill Clinton drinking their blood.
Mike Moore heads up to a pundit that put this story out and he worked for the FBI for many years in forensic
And this is a real FBI group that they hired to investigate.
I looked it up.
The FBI agent that was on the case did mysteriously die.
Was it a year ago?
And then the original tape of the first interview came out.
Now, people consider that an attack through pundit, you know, because they've been under a lot of heat, a lot of demonization.
And I think that's reasonable to investigate who's putting this stuff out.
But this information is very credible to me from my research.
And we know it's what the Clintons are mixed up in.
I mean, I'm not going to recount all that again because of the interest of time, but it makes my head spin.
The Ed Buck thing and the reports of the Egyptian human sacrifice parties and the people telling folks about this don't know what it was.
They're like, yeah, they're wearing Egyptian stuff.
They're simulating murdering a black man.
And then black men, three of them have died in the house.
And Adam Schiff's wearing an Egyptian outfit.
These are real diaries the police have.
This is coming out.
Nobody says, oh, that's an Alistair Crowley ritual, here's the type.
That's what it is.
So, that's the type of crazy stuff going on, and that's why True Pundit keeps getting this stuff, because he worked for the FBI for a long time.
But what goes on in these rituals, and what's described here, is what has been confirmed, what's come out with the finder's case, and others that have been documented.
And again, take the 3,000 priests admitting
To a grand jury task force of a whole group of grand juries that they were running rituals raping little boys in the Catholic Church at night on Saturday nights.
Killing some of them, drinking their blood.
I mean, it just gets worse and worse.
They get you.
It's a black hole.
They start you out here with underage and then it just goes down to killing little kids.
That's the basis of it.
You notice it's all coming out.
And notice they recruit women saying, your genetics are incredible, you're the best, I want you to have children for me.
That's what's coming out with Pelosi's son and this woman.
She doesn't even know what's going on, she's like, it's weird, he wanted a baby, he said I had, he wanted to, it's the same deal, it's a cult, okay?
And I used to hear this again from Ted Gunderson and high-level FBI agents 25 years ago, and I couldn't believe it.
And it turned out everything Gunderson said was true, and three weeks ago they declassified thousands of pages of finders, and I was reading it.
I stayed up two days, hours every night trying to finish it.
I only read through like half of it.
Thousands of pages.
I had thousands of pages printed up.
And it gave me a headache.
Because I was remembering everything Gunderson was saying, and it was, they took over this town, they had this, they were doing that, and you're like, this is crazy, the Satanists aren't this powerful.
And then I'm reading stuff.
This guy's been dead eight, nine years.
And I'm reading stuff he was telling me.
He goes, well, this is classified, but I don't care.
I'm going to say it.
And I'm like reading on.
I was crying, remembering Gunderson.
And I don't even have the crew, their great crew, to go find all the interviews we did with him where he said all that and then match it up with the declassified stuff.
FBI files that weren't even his reports all over the country!
Satan is taking over whole towns!
I sat out here this tape, just go back to it, go back to it.
This is a reported victim in one of the pre-FBI interviews.
Here it is.
When you first get on the ship, what do you think is going to happen?
You don't know?
I was just not aware.
It started this activity in my life when I was three.
I just didn't question where I was or what had happened to me any of these times.
Let's go back to what you said about being prostituted.
What happened?
Well, I was put in the room and for most of the time that I was in the room, my great uncle was standing outside the door taking people's money and letting them in and then
When he left, his cousin was left with me.
I'm not sure if his cousin was alone outside the door at any point, but he was left alone with me on one of the lower decks of the boat while my uncle went to the top.
Some people would just come in and say, you're eight years old, so take advantage of you.
What happens?
I know it's hard to talk about, but.
Well, there were two bits in the room, and I remember being on one of them at first.
And then I remember a couple of, I remember at least three people came in the room.
The last person to come in the room and the people who came in beforehand, it was rape like you would expect.
You were raped?
You were raped.
These are men coming in?
And at some point, all this happened on one yacht trip or there were subsequent yacht trips?
This one.
This is one event.
So then at some point, you are sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton?
What happens?
Well, there's a whole sequence of events leading up to
When I was raped by him.
Okay, so just feel comfortable to just talk.
If you want to lead up to it, that's fine.
Well... There is an incredibly violent display going on, and I don't want to talk too much about that right now, but...
I don't know.
Held me up, tried to get Bill Clinton's attention.
Bill Clinton turned around and looked like, he gave this look like, what am I going to do?
I have to do it.
Well, it's not a room, this is the top deck of the boat.
How many other kids your age are on it?
I only saw two other kids my age and they were
Meaning, they weren't in as much danger, or they were in more danger, or equal danger.
On top of the boat, the only other child was a young girl.
I remember there being a young girl on one of the four podiums, her four podiums like this, and on the one... Ladies and gentlemen...
I'm gonna go to a break and come back.
I'm gonna play a little bit more of this.
I need to shift gears into all the other news.
And I haven't even gotten to the clips of the Senators and others admitting that the whole cover-up's collapsing, that America is outraged at government, and that they know the government's involved with Epstein.
It's coming down.
In about 25-30 minutes, I'm gonna get in my car.
And I'm going to drive up to North Austin, where President Trump is going to be at the Apple contractor facility.
And the crew gave me the address, but it's been buried here in my stack.
We'll put it up on screen for folks before I leave.
And there's a bunch of leftists up there protesting Trump for all the wrong reasons.
I'm going to be up there delivering a message to the President that I'd really like to see him take action.
When it comes to the censorship of the internet and what's happening.
Again, Facebook admits that they banned people posting previous clips of Obama and Hillary saying we need a border wall and that people shouldn't be able to come here illegally and get benefits.
Now, that's an Infowars.com article.
It's in mainstream news as well.
I mean, Facebook is proud of what they've done.
They said, we've taken this down to fact-check it.
And then it got fact-checked, and yeah, it's Obama and Hillary.
We've all played those clubs probably 200 times here since the 2016 election heated up, probably for about four and a half years.
You want me to play them again?
But see, that's so powerful to say Trump's a Nazi, needs to go to prison, he's the worst person on earth, because he believes we should have borders.
Think about that.
And then you can show the exact same things he's saying.
By the way, he set his policy according to U.S.
policy and U.S.
law, and what the Border Patrol advised him on, which is what Hillary and Obama had before as the policy.
Because if you tried to say no borders, no country at all, no one would go along with that.
So it's so powerful to show that Trump's done nothing, except his job, that they won't allow that.
Now that's history there, memory holing.
To use the term from 1984, where it's Winston Smith's job to go back and clip through the microfilm, the microfiche, and find things where the government had said one thing a year before, two years before, six months before, sometimes a day before, that was contradictory to what they're saying now.
We've never been at war with East Asia.
Day later, we've always been at war with East Asia.
And if you said the next day, hey, they just said last week we were never at war with East Asia.
Now they're saying we're always at war.
They kill you.
Because everything's an open air force labor camp.
That's always the leftist utopia once.
Oh, it's not a job.
It's an honor to work for free for the system.
Why do the elites have helicopters and caviar and they can have five kids, but we can't?
Uh, you're dead.
But first, we're going to torture you until you give us your soul.
George Orwell, folks.
I'm not going to go into George Orwell's spiel.
His real name is Eric Blair, part of an elite family of aristocratic brain trust in England.
I've read all his essays.
Head of the Fabian Society until he resigned from it.
That's the head group, okay?
And when they finally let him into the Satanist group,
He said, I'm not into stomping on the human face forever.
And they said, listen, Winston, Mr. Blair, Mr. Orwell, we want to trample and be trampled upon.
We want to destroy humanity and bring it down.
We're here to destroy the species.
And he said, I'm not in the club anymore.
And he died one year after it was published.
He was living in hiding, by the way, by then.
He was so freaked out when they went, by the way, we're not really communists that want to empower everybody.
We're devil worshippers!
Because he had been a secret police officer in India.
He then fought for the communists against Hitler in the Spanish Civil War.
War hero, got shot through the throat and everything.
Then he'd
Worked as one of the top propagandists at BBC during World War II and was the head of the Fabians Society.
Until they went, by the way, you're just the public head.
Here's the real group.
And that's when we went, whoa.
We don't want to empower humanity.
We're not killing people and lying for a greater good.
We're doing it to hurt people.
And they said, yep.
So, remember that.
That Facebook now, four months ago, you can't say Alex Jones' name, unless it's negative.
And now you can't show clips of Obama or Hillary saying, build a wall, build a border, arrest people that are here illegally.
And that's why I'm protesting Trump.
Enough is enough.
That isn't them censoring what they want as a private company.
That's panopticonic AI control saying you can't share Hong Kong or Taiwan or Vietnam flags, because China doesn't, and you can't share Winnie the Pooh.
It's pre-control.
Imagine if the Chai Com said, we don't want the letter X or the letter A in your alphabet.
Would Apple remove a letter out of the alphabet?
It's destroying language.
It's cult-like, it's authoritarian, it's dangerous.
And Trump is enamored with Tim Cook because of Ivanka and Jared Kushner, and I'm not gonna sit here and put up with this crap!
You know, I'm not gonna play any more of the hour-long interview with this poor young man.
It's up on InfoWars.com if you wanna go see it.
I can't listen to any more of it.
But it gets a lot worse.
But they cuttin' little girls up and all the stuff.
And it's disgusting.
I mean, it's... You have to understand that I've actually researched this because I ran into this when I was a teenager.
And I didn't know that we'd moved to a town that had been taken over by it.
What do you think was the richest county in Texas when I lived there?
And that's wherever the money is, is where you're gonna find this stuff.
I never took part in rituals, but I got fooled into going to them twice and got out.
And had to kick some ass one time.
And, you know, they didn't want me to diddle me and stuff.
They wanted me on the dark side to be operative.
And thank God, thank God, I didn't get caught up in it.
Because I was taking a liking to the outer rings of it.
I mean, I like to get in fights, and I like to, you know, sex in all nine yards.
And, uh, just thank God I didn't get picked up and become a channeler for those people to empower them.
Because that's really what they wanted.
And now, this engine is dedicated to taking them down, and you've got that same spiritual engine, and you need to turn it over to God and let God work through you, and we're gonna crush these people together.
Alright, I'm going to stop talking about this at this point.
I have a few clips from Congress I want to play just showing how this is breaking.
These Senators and House members did like 10 minute speeches.
That's their opening remarks as leaders on the committees about how the system's lost credit.
It's collapsing.
Everybody knows the government's covering up the pedophilia.
I mean, here's just some of it.
GOP Senator Kennedy says he doesn't believe Epstein killed himself.
Here it is.
Christmas ornaments, drywall, and Jerry Epstein.
Name three things that don't hang themselves.
That's what the American people think.
That's what the American people think.
And they deserve some answers.
And I know that you're not in charge of these investigations.
Yes, sir.
But you talk to the people who are.
And I need you to take a very respectful message today.
Tell the American people what happened.
And don't rush it so that they don't do a thorough investigation.
But you and I both know they can make this a top priority and get it done more quickly than they normally would.
They need to do that.
And I'd like you to deliver that message.
I agree with you, sir, but I have no control.
I mean, I can pass along the message, but the FBI and the Inspector General's office work on their own timeframe.
But I will definitely give you their message, because I want the investigations completed as soon as possible, too, so that we can act.
I have a feeling you know how to be firm.
And then he goes into the fact, because they're not buying any of it, and they're pissed.
It's powerful.
Stay with us.
All right, I was talking to Mike Adams, who's hosting the fourth hour today of naturalnews.com.
What a great mind, what a great asset for the human future.
We're good to go.
Talk about triggering.
I literally just started screaming after I hung up the phone from talking to him this morning.
He's now written the article.
It's going up on Infowars.com.
It's happening.
Colorado Public Schools now requiring students to role-play child sacrifice poems as part of rape training indoctrination.
They actually tell poems about children being sacrificed to Moloch.
I played you a famous Italian silence film that was the impetus for Mussolini's party, where they engage in mock human child sacrifice of children.
And Mussolini wrote about it, and talked about it, and inspired Hitler, who was a Luciferian, and followed the Theosophic Society.
These people are unbelievable.
By the way, that's not something I just saw on Discovery Channel or History Channel.
I got really obsessed with history.
I went through different chapters of history.
I mean, let's probably read 30, 40 books on Rome.
Probably read 200 books on World War II.
Stuff like that.
The Nazis were devil worshippers.
And it came out of this.
They weren't just druidic.
They weren't just going back to European roots.
No, they were into the occult.
That's why they went and dug up the Middle East and tried to find all the sacred objects in the Ark of the Covenant.
That's not just in movies like Raiders of the Lost Ark.
That really was going on.
So now, look at this.
It's happening.
Colorado public schools now require students to role-play child sacrifice
Poems as part of rape training indoctrination.
I remember it was it was it was Colorado began in the late 90s under Clinton death education where they would roll kids up in
Blankets in rugs and then make them feel what it's like to die and then they saw massive increases in suicide They teach girls ages 11 and 12 how to put a string around their neck and how people kill themselves and said don't do this You just tie it up on the little peg where you hang your coat in The bathroom in the stall and you lean forward you pass out you die and then a bunch of girls would go do it They knew exactly what they were doing You don't think?
South Dakota put out an ad saying meth, I'm on it.
Meth, we're on it.
On accident.
These people know what they're doing.
It's all a sick joke.
It's a cultism.
Because you have to tell people what you're doing openly from the top.
It's called lesser magic.
They call that laying the cornerstone of a great work.
If they tell you what they're going to do beforehand with predictive programming, then they believe it'll be a successful mission.
Now does the governor know that?
These people don't know anything.
But it's a cultist behind them doing it all.
And once you realize that, it's all crystal clear.
So this article goes on.
The greatest challenge to covering the events actually taking place in our world is that most people don't recognize the level of depravity, perversion, and evil that has overtaken liberals and democrats.
So they can't mentally grasp the reality of what's actually happening all around them because it's unthinkable.
So when a 16-year-old Colorado girl was violated by sexually explicit role-playing assignment in school, where she was required to play rape and sodomy concepts, while the teacher demanded she read lines out aloud like F'd in the A-S-S and similar language,
Most people dismiss the reality because they can't fathom it.
That was actually in the major Colorado news yesterday.
They defended it.
Oh, it's good.
It's good.
And again, that's creepy adults wanting to act out rape with your daughters and your sons getting off on it.
And there's so many good people that want to go into education to help children and lift up the next generation.
But statistically, that's where the predators go.
You gotta watch them and watch them closely.
Hell, you see this stuff all the time.
Now, is it pedophilia if you're 16 and the teacher's 25 and you have sex with her?
But it's still unethical, abusive, bad.
People should go to jail for that for a few years.
But you go after people under 15, under 14, you deserve to go to prison for life.
You hurt them, you go to prison.
Until we execute you.
And that's the reality here, ladies and gentlemen.
And they are corrupting our children.
It's their religion.
It's their plan.
Now, I want to get into attacks on free speech here.
China threatens retaliation after U.S.
Senate passes Hong Kong bill.
Stocks gone tumble.
Here's footage of the Epoch Times, who are just amazing patriots doing a great job
Their publication is the blood of truth.
I mean, it's like oxygen.
And here is video in Hong Kong of their facility set up by Falun Gong survivors that the globalists tried to kill.
And here come the Chai Kong military in plainclothes and they burn down their facility in Hong Kong.
That's courage.
And that's what we're facing here in America if we let this go.
Much longer.
These are masked men in front of the workers, pouring gasoline on it, and then setting it on fire.
These guys do an excellent job.
That's exactly how you do it.
You don't want to put too much out.
You want to splash it out, get a pattern of it under what you want to burn, and then ignite it.
And then they leave, and the workers go in and stop it.
But that's the type of stuff the CHICOMS, their military, rolled in openly a few days ago.
They were already there the whole time.
Now let's talk about free speech.
There's a, uh, Zoomerclips put out a good meme, we'll try to put on screen in color if we can, for TV viewers.
People who support free speech, real conservatives, versus people who support deplatforming and censorship, fake conservatives.
And, can you click and expand that for me?
Thanks a lot.
People can see the full images.
And that's the folks that do not support free speech.
And then you can see the folks
That do support free speech.
And again, the globalists are suing us, threatening us, attacking us, trying to shut us down.
Only you can keep us on air.
Look at this article from National File up on Infowars.com.
Dan Crenshaw and right wing watches Jared Holt follow each other on Twitter.
Of course they do.
They're working together.
Dan Crenshaw is a total Trojan horse and now supports the platforming of Michelle Malkin.
She was married to a Jew and was pro-Israel.
She is now a Nazi because she supports free speech.
No, Crenshaw, you're the person that's violated your oath, both in the military and in Congress, to protect and defend the Constitution.
You want to brown-nose the system and think you're going to get ahead.
Now let's get some unintentional comedy here.
Does Beto realize he's actually supporting the border wall with that hat?
Borders are great.
We need more borders.
He has a hat he's been wearing everywhere.
I checked this, it's true, he did it, saying the border makes America great.
Yes, we know there's some great people that live on the U.S.
side and the other side of the border.
There's also a failed stay on the other side of the border.
But the idea is there's a border there, buddy, that means it's controlled, like a door on your house or a screen on your window, so you decide what comes in.
That's why we wear clothing.
It's a border.
It's why our cells have a membrane and plant cells have a wall.
Because that's how you partition things.
But it's as dumb as the meth-we're-on-it thing.
The way these psychos, like, miss a lot of stuff.
They're cunning, they know how to manipulate, they know how to lie, but it's like they're not alive.
It's like they're missing the spark of getting jokes or getting the real meaning of things.
They don't have depth.
They're machine-like.
They're reptile-like.
By the way, speaking of that, David Icke, the guy that does think reptoids secretly rule the earth, hell, he might be right the way this is going.
They sure as hell act like them.
He's on the show next week for two hours.
Look forward to that.
They always call me the lizard guy.
You're the guy that thinks the lizard's running.
I'm like, no, no, I'm not the guy that thinks that.
I just know the people running things really are devil worshipers and think they're bringing entities into them and do horrible crimes they believe like a Dungeons and Dragons game to move up the demon they get.
Yeah, there's people that want to be possessed.
And not all these demons operate like Slimer or Linda Blair.
They behave like Hillary Clinton.
And, you know, just you need to know the aliens are walking amongst you, folks.
It's interdimensional.
They take over our bodies.
Every culture knew it.
It's real.
It's real.
It's a fact.
The Bible's right.
Your church won't tell you this stuff now, though.
We'll be right back.
All right.
Tom Papert's going to take over here in about 10 minutes.
To North Austin where Trump's going to be and the armored vehicle we did just purchase.
We just ran into it a month ago in Dallas with the security up there and we got a good deal on it.
That way we can grow into the Antifa.
They can't get to us.
We can deploy a massive sound with a new powerful sound system.
We'll be debuting today with President Trump and a lot more.
So that is coming up.
I'll tell you more about that and that's how we fund this operation.
We've got big plans with PR with the armored vehicle.
Ladies and gentlemen, when I have an idea, and I know that idea is going to succeed, if I take action with that idea, the idea has never failed, thanks to God's discernment that I've been given, and thanks to the fact that we are working together and building the resistance to this globalist, satanic operation together.
So I didn't do
We did this together.
And that's not patronization telling you how great you are.
You need to know how important you are and how much I want to salute you and how much I want to thank you.
And I was thinking last night how I could somehow show you how important you are.
I think a lot of you already realize that.
But I am humbled by your prayer, your word of mouth and your financial support.
And I desperately don't want the globalists to win and I don't want them to snuff out Infowars.
But listen, financially supporting us has never been easier.
How do I telegraph to you that I'm not hyping up DNA Force Plus?
How many studies do I have to show you about CoQ10 and PQQ, especially when it's added with these other ingredients and what it's been proven to do to heart tissue and to brain tissue, and how it can regrow the mitochondria in brain tissue, PQQ, and how we've got the best type of PQQ.
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These are big old horse pills.
How it cost tens of thousands of dollars a kilo for just the PQQ and thousands of dollars of kilos for the CoQ10.
And how I literally had my finger chopped off, and the feeling didn't come back until I started taking it six years ago.
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Now let me tell you, you got an old injury that's numbed out?
You may start hurting like hell about a month into this stuff, but a couple months into it, whoo!
I mean, this is powerful stuff God gave us.
And with all the attacks, this allows the mitochondria to grow back and pump the garbage out of the cells.
So people have been asking me, what the hell's going on?
And it's a lot of things.
Prayer, getting closer to God, and taking the supplements religiously.
Now the problem is, my energy has grown, and I'm praying God to just temper the focused rage.
We're good to go.
For anywhere close to this, ladies and gentlemen.
So, infowarestore.com or 888-253-3139.
You want game-changing?
DNA Force Plus.
We reformulated it, made it even stronger.
When you change the formula, you have to change the name.
That's why our products say plus.
It means there's always more of it.
It's better.
That's what we do.
I treat you like I want to be treated.
And it's not magic.
Magic's the world's name for God's rules.
It's the fact that I can't help but treat you like I want to be treated.
And that's why I feel so guilty sometimes in things when I'm angry and mad and mean to the crew.
Because I'm just, you know, like radioactive, I'm so angry at the globalists.
I don't feel good about dominating people and doing things like that and misdirecting and having friendly fire.
I want to focus it all downrange.
I can feel your prayer and your support, and I can absolutely see the enemy's fear by what you've been doing.
InfoWars is not just the tip of the spear, it is a flaming sword of truth coming at the globalists and funding us is critical, plus it's a product you need.
DNAForcePlus at InfoWarsStore.com.
All right, I'm going to go up to the Apple Center, up off Palmer Lane here in about 10 minutes.
They're already starting to close roads off ahead of Trump, who should be landing in about 45 minutes at Ostern Berkshire Airport.
And so I'm going to get in the hoopty and get up there where Will Johnson and others are already in place.
I want to be back on the war room today.
He's getting his teeth worked on.
Knocked a tooth out playing basketball.
That guy's quite the athlete.
And uh, was it Rob Doon knocked it out?
Rob Doon's quite the aggressive basketball player.
He got a scholarship for basketball.
But that's a pointless factoid, isn't it?
But we're going to be getting to all of it, and I'm going to be there bullhorning Trump and that little weasel, raccoon-eyes Tim Cook.
Absolutely incredible.
So that is all going to be streamed live.
We've already got live streams.
And really, Alex Jones bulls horns Trump.
Because man, we need reinforcements.
We don't need Trump parading around with the ringleader of big tech that moved everything to China and is doing this.
And I'm not against Trump.
But we got Trump elected.
And, you know,
Let's say we're like the kids that got Trump into office and we're like, hey dad, what are you doing with the guy that wants to put us in prison?
Hey dad, what are you doing with him?
You know, if you get him to do the right thing, that's good to meet with him.
But if we haven't gotten relief, and the censorship's getting worse for everybody now, then you need to do something.
So I'll be up there, ladies and gentlemen, here in just a little while.
We'll have live streams of that popping in during Mike Adams does the fourth hour.
But we have Tom Pappert and huge news coming up here in just a moment.
This could bring down Pelosi and it could really bring down the Democratic Party.
I mean, this is everything they claim.
That, you know, Kavanaugh and people are like, with no evidence.
So this is a lot of evidence.
Somebody naming their name with photos, with text messages, with videos about Pelosi's son and Pelosi covering it up and everything else reportedly.
So that's coming up in just a moment.
Now, speaking of weasels, this Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vidman is a deep state Obama-Clinton swamp creature of mole-rat proportions.
And he is one of the, quote, whistleblowers.
I always told you there's not one whistleblower.
It'll be a bunch of low levels that will then say that they're the ones that heard it for Brennan and Hillary and others that ordered them to do this.
And it's now come out exactly like I told you and exactly like Mike Adams told you.
We just know how they operate.
It's exactly as we told you.
And yesterday, I'm not going to play all the clips.
They're all over the news.
They've still got live coverage going.
I mean, what a waste of time unless you expose just the fact that it's meant to be a waste of time and a diversion.
He goes, oh yeah, I can't tell you who the whistleblower is, because, you know, that's... but then I don't know who the whistleblower is.
But you talk to the whistleblower.
This is the guy that tried to edit and change the transcript.
So he lies to Congress, he gets caught lying to Congress, but the first thing I want to play by Mr. Molerat, who did, you know, almost a month of pre-secret hearings just to script all this, he's not a whistleblower, he's a mole.
A globalist mole.
This little...
A feat.
Thinks he's the master of the universe.
The veterans are just recoiling.
He's everything the military hates.
Some little corrupt dish jockey, flying a desk around.
I think it's folks doing procurement things, but this guy's a politico weasel.
And he's like, you call me Lieutenant Colonel every time you have a new question.
I am a king!
So he is an arrogant little fop.
Let's play that clip.
Here it is.
Mr. Vindman, you testified in your deposition that you did not know the whistleblower.
Ranked member, it's Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, please.
Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, you testified in the deposition that you did not know who the whistleblower was.
I do not know who the whistleblower is.
How is it possible?
You gotta love all the titles these people have.
This guy's a disgrace.
So here's some of the other clips I want to get to because there's so many of these.
Here's an important clip.
There's so many of these.
I should have looked at these during the break.
I watched these last night and again this morning.
Let's go ahead and play.
Where's the one where Nunes catches him lying and saying the whistleblower in one testimony and now he says he doesn't know the whistleblower.
He should be indicted for that.
That was in my stack here.
I should have looked at it during the break.
Okay, well while we look for that, let's go ahead then and play another clip.
Here it is, clip 12.
Okay, clip 12 on sheet 2.
Let's go ahead and play Perjury Nunes Catches Vindman Contradicting Closed Door Testimony.
Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, did you discuss the July 25th phone call with anyone outside the White House on July 25th or the 26th?
And if so, with whom?
Yes, I did.
My core function is to coordinate U.S.
government policy, interagency policy, and I spoke to two individuals with regards to providing some sort of readout of the call.
Two individuals that were not in the White House?
Not in the White House, cleared U.S.
government officials with appropriate need to know.
And what agencies were these officials with?
Department of State, Department of State Deputy Assistant Secretary George Kent, who is responsible for the portfolio Eastern Europe, including Ukraine.
And an individual from the Office of, an individual in the intelligence community.
What, as you know, the intelligence community has 17 different agencies.
What agency was this individual from?
If I could interject here, we don't want to use these proceedings.
It's our time, Mr. Chair.
I know, but we need to protect the whistleblower.
Please stop.
I want to make sure that there's no effort to out the whistleblower through these proceedings.
Yes, the witness.
Schiff met with them, that all came out.
It's a whole consortium of liars.
None of them want to be put on the spot because they're all lying.
So, Bidiman has testified in the transcripts that he did know who the whistleblower was.
He just said, I talked to two people, one here, one there, one in intelligence.
And then it's now, don't out the whistleblower.
They're so unprov- not even good at lying, that they're saying one of these is one of the supposed whistleblowers, and now he says he doesn't know who the whistleblower is.
Just like Schiff's saying.
I mean, the level of Keystone Cop, but that's who rules us, is a bunch of out-of-control crooks.
Like Schiff.
So, he said he knows who they are, now he starts talking about the whistleblower, now he says he doesn't want to out the whistleblower, but he doesn't know who the whistleblower is!
Oh, I talked to the whistleblower, but I can't tell you who the whistleblower is, because I don't know who the whistleblower is!
Three-year-olds stealing candy out of mommy's purse!
Why better than this?
But they don't need to be good at lying.
They just have all the power, because we put up with their crap.
Let's continue.
If the witness has a good faith belief that this may reveal the identity of the whistleblower, that is not the purpose that we are here for, and I want to advise the witness accordingly.
Mr. Vindman, you testified in your deposition that you did not know the whistleblower.
And in earlier testimonies, he's done it like, what, four times now?
They said that he did know who the whistleblower was, but wouldn't out the identity and that Trump shouldn't threaten him to release it.
Now he didn't know.
Then he did know.
Then he didn't know.
Meanwhile, Roger Stone's facing 50 years in prison, potentially, for doing nothing.
But they claim lying to Congress.
Tom Papert, you are loaded for bear in 30 seconds.
Tell folks why this story is so important.
I agree with you.
Biggest story you've ever broken at nationalfile.com.
Tell us what's coming up.
Alex, this is, like you were saying earlier, this is a window into the psyche of the sick control freaks who lord over society.
It's a window into the psyche of the Pelosi family, the woman who, along with pencil neck Adam Schiff, is controlling the universe right now, controlling what happens to this country.
This is a tale of depravity.
These allegations are horrifying.
If you put yourself in this woman's shoes, there is nothing short of just shock.
She's not like Kavanaugh's fake accusers.
She's got the goods, and she's hot.
So, you know, you add that to it.
So, you know, this is not some...
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I am Tom Pappert, filling in for Alex as he gets ready to go confront President Trump in a supportive but demanding way.
We need some relief in the way of tech censorship.
It is totally out of control.
President Trump has it within his hands.
He can reverse this right now.
And as I said earlier, you might have seen me on this broadcast earlier today.
We have a story in nationalfile.com that could absolutely unmake this entire impeachment push.
It could potentially, if this can get enough coverage, if this can get enough eyeballs, this can be a major, major blow to Nancy Pelosi.
The allegations levied by the ex-girlfriend of Paul Pelosi Jr., that is the son of Nancy Pelosi, are explosive as they are varied.
I mean, everything from
Allegations that he is misusing his mother's office.
He is illegally, allegedly, illegally using his mother's office to go out and solicit donations to actual threats to intimidate people through.
He goes around saying he's going to break people's legs, according to this ex-girlfriend.
It's totally and completely insane allegations that he has paid a homeless person to vandalize this poor lady's home.
It just goes on and on and on.
In the video you see on screen right now, the article for radio listeners, it says, Breaking!
Nancy Pelosi's son was executive at gas company that did business in Ukraine.
This fits the narrative of what the ex-girlfriend
That would be Karina Feng.
That fits the narrative of what she said.
At one point, Patrick Howley, senior reporter at NationalFile.com, my website, asked Karina, what does Paul do for a living?
How would you describe his work?
Did he ever mention his work to you?
And she struggles to come up with an answer.
She struggles to say what he does for a living.
Let's go ahead and play, if we could, in the control room, clip number two.
Did he ever express to you what it is that he does for a living?
He has a bunch of strange shell businesses.
He talks about
One company after another after another, and there's really nothing going on.
But he expresses it as if there's something going on to get a bunch of investors.
He's always on the phone talking to investors and telling them about how wonderful and how lucrative, for example, a weed, a marijuana,
Outlet in Canada was going to going to be and they had their own people call back and forth claiming that they were health Canadian officers.
But then the one of the investors were able to trace the call and it was from their own cell phone.
So I don't understand what that's about and I'm not for
What he does.
I'm not exactly sure what he does and he's not able to explain it other than the fact that it's all shells or I haven't seen him work a day.
All I've seen is he's working but not in a in a legitimate position.
Rather it's in a very strange like always on the phone instructing people to invest in something that's not there.
And so again, this matches up.
You saw the article on screen, even in that clip, Nancy Pelosi's son was an executive at a gas company.
That is now, the charter has been suspended.
It no longer exists.
So was it a shell company, as Ms.
Fang describes?
I don't know.
Of course, you can see this entire video.
It's up at nationalfile.com.
It's also up at infowars.com.
But that's just one of the many examples of illegal activity that she alleges she witnessed.
According to Ms.
Feng, the FBI would really like to speak
To Paul Pelosi Jr.
And they have yet to be able to because he is constantly making these business trips overseas.
He's constantly going.
He goes to Greece.
He goes to Germany.
He's going all over the place, according to Ms.
And at one point, the FBI actually got a hold of her to question her about the whereabouts of this guy who reportedly her children referred to as Daddy.
The FBI got a hold of her and he was there sitting beside her, coaching her as to what to say to the FBI.
Folks, it's an hour-long interview and I'm just going to start.
We'll keep it exciting as we can.
Let's just start going through this and then we're going to get into, we might have some clips of what Alex is doing.
We'll start to get into some of the implications, how CPS got involved.
But let's actually, let's start with that.
That seems like the big crux of this.
Because the big part of her allegation, and we have the images, you can see it on nationalfile.com.
And the number, by the way, we reached out to Paul Pelosi Jr.
and asked him for a comment.
The voicemail picked up, it sure sounded a lot like his voice when he said his name.
This is the number that's in the lawsuit by Ms.
Fang, that's in the text messages by Ms.
So Paul Pelosi Jr., the allegation goes like this.
He used this poor woman.
He wanted to have a child with her.
He's unable to have a child due to his own physical limitations.
And when he wasn't able to have a child and she stopped cooperating with him to the extent that he demanded, he tossed her to the side.
And he attempted then to steal a very, very highly valued building.
And in the process of all this, he said, if you do not sell me this building, this is what she alleges, if you do not sell us this building for nothing, then we're going to find a way to get you thrown into a mental institution.
We will find a way to evict you from this building, and we will get your children taken away.
That text is in the article.
It's got his number on it.
That is an extremely hard thing to fake.
In fact, we asked her, because it is possible still to fake it, we had her simply take a picture of her cell phone.
And when she took the picture of the cell phone, I mean, that gets a whole lot harder to fake than if somebody takes a screenshot and you can doctor a screenshot.
It's harder to doctor a picture of a picture, in other words.
And this, again, there it is on screen.
Radio listeners, it is a communication from the two of them where he says, if you don't do what I want, then you will be homeless.
And when you are homeless, CPS is going to take your kids away.
That's exactly what happened.
Over a year ago, Ms.
Fang lost her children, four children ages between 13 and less than one year old.
Will turn one later this year.
It's absolute
Absolute depravity.
If half of these allegations are true, this is the most damning thing that's come out of electoral politics.
This is the most damning thing that's come out regarding Nancy Pelosi.
And as Alex said in the last segment, this makes what Kavanaugh was accused of seem like nothing.
What did they have?
A yearbook from decades ago.
We have texts.
We have photos.
We have emails.
We have it all.
It's all on nationalfile.com.
Now on infowars.com as well.
God bless Patrick Halley for doing this, and thank you to InfoWars for giving us this platform to get the message out.
We will be back.
We're going to discuss, again, we've got to get to the CPS element of this, because CPS, it all goes back to the Clinton administration, folks.
That's where this practice of ripping children away for profit began, and Patrick Halley has detailed that extensively.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I am Tom Pappert, filling in for Alex while he goes to, again, in a supportive fashion, confront President Trump over big tech censorship as the president makes a stop in North Austin, Texas to, I guess, pat the leader of Apple, Tim Apple, I believe, is what Trump prefers to amass.
He's going to pat him on the head for moving a handful of jobs back to the United States, even as the company brings a Chinese social credit system into the United States with the banning of Alex Jones and many others.
Even as they admit that they have partnered with Communist China, they are getting a thumbs up from President Trump.
And folks, just like Alex Jones, I love the president, but we can't be sycophantic.
We have to be able to point out when his logic is flawed.
Returning to this very important story, it's up at NationalFile.com.
Pelosi's son's ex-girlfriend claims forced abortion, abuse, weaponizing CPS, and massive fraud all occurred in their relationship.
You can also find it at InfoWars.com.
I highly recommend if you're looking for something, if you want to be horrified later, it's better than any Halloween movie in the past
Decade, go check out the hour-long interview between Patrick Howley, senior reporter for National File, and Ms.
It is some of the most shocking, shocking information you will ever hear.
And I want to, we're going to get into all the different facets of this, but I want people to understand
This is the beat that Patrick Halley has been following.
He's also a writer for Epic Times where he does amazing work.
And this is the beat that he's been following.
What's happening with CPS, particularly in left-wing states like California.
Patrick believes that it has been totally and completely weaponized.
So CPS is being used by Antifa, Democrats, you name it.
These leftist scum
If they see a Trump-supporting family, maybe they're homeschooling, maybe they go to church every Sunday, well now you can call CPS, you can ruin that family's life.
And I'm not saying that exactly is what happened to Ms.
Fang, but it is a bizarre and shocking situation.
One of the reasons why CPS was called
And they say that she's crazy.
They say that she hallucinated this entire relationship with Paul Pelosi despite all of the images, years worth of images, years worth of texts, years worth of emails.
It goes back to beyond the early 2000s when they first met.
They first met in 1998.
They started corresponding digitally in the early 2000s.
We've got emails going back this entire time.
I've reviewed them myself.
We vetted this thoroughly.
But they claim that she hallucinated.
Buys that hook, line, and sinker.
So, as we mentioned, Ms.
Fang had her latest child just last year.
I'm going to read from the article.
When Karina Fang had her baby, Rosie, at a California medical center in 2018, the baby was almost immediately taken away from her, and Fang was placed in a mental institution.
This is because of an anonymous complaint sent to CPS that Ms.
Fang believes had information in it that could only have come from one Paul Pelosi Jr.
It had the information that she had not shared with her friends, not shared with her family, not shared with anybody about her having an abortion.
So instead of having another man's child, she could have
Mr. Pelosi's child.
This is an allegation that she only brought up the first time publicly that she ever discussed this was to National File in the interview we recorded last night.
So it looks like we have Alex on screen here.
Is he on his way?
Is this the live report that I'm missing?
I'm about to lead the censorship against myself and so many others now.
And Apple has moved.
To Communist China has given them the code keys.
They're helping block Taiwanese flags and Hong Kong emojis.
Now, you know, Facebook working with Apple is openly blocking old clips of Obama calling for a border wall.
That's called hate now?
I mean, this is massive censorship.
Big Tech seized control of American communications and is doing this and Trump's up here with Ivanka.
Jared Kushner, who were best buds with Tim Cook.
Old crazy eyes.
And so, yeah, this is it.
I went and bullhorned Trump at the White House whenever, uh, Twitter was there.
By blessing, by luck, by synchronicity, by serendipity, I was there in D.C.
and had to catch the exact time they were having the meeting and bullhorned him.
They thought I'd been tipped off to it.
What's the next section I should take?
I'm watching.
And I said, Trump, please do something.
And he keeps saying he's going to do something.
He does nothing.
This is beyond censorship.
This is chilling effect, AI controlling what you can say and what you can do, and now blocking people that say Trump's innocent online.
They're calling that fake news with the impeachment.
I mean, this is total control.
And it's very dangerous.
Oak Knoll, 2.4 miles.
Do I go left or right on Oak Knoll?
You know, that's where my first radio studio was.
JFK, Oak Dome, right on that side.
It was a good station.
Yeah, it covers like half the state.
That's the tallest tower in Texas, that FM tower.
That's where I first heard you, at 98.
Almost 3,000 feet.
The other station was only 18,000 watts.
It went past San Antonio and almost to Dallas.
Stay in attack formation.
I'm on the leader.
Several fighters have broken off from the main group.
Come with me.
It says Al Gore approves of this car.
It's a 25 horsepower.
It's not a super Hellcat.
It's a fake one.
Yeah, good old Oak Knoll.
For four years I drove up here all the time.
There it is, one mile.
So again, I am, I guess, protesting Trump.
And, you know, I love Trump.
I support Trump.
I'm glad he's there.
I'm glad it's not Hillary.
But he said, oh, we're going to take strong action.
Six months ago against Big Tech.
And I guess he's taking strong action.
It's one thing if he's, you know, going in a goblin's nest to politically take out the goblins, get some goblin blood and vomit on him.
But to be caught kissing a goblin, succubus with a goblin,
Catch him in bed with a goblin?
In bed with a goblin!
In bed with a goblin!
That's... Oh, no.
The next one, right here.
Got a message from security.
It said, hurry.
I mean, we know Trump's coming in the motorcade behind us from a side road.
And I was just on air.
Papert's doing the big show right now.
Mike Abbott's coming up live, live feed.
TimForwars.com, Forged Life Show.
Twitter cuts this off.
We're mixing our feeds in there.
Banned on video.
Okay, how far are we now?
Like two minutes?
I wish I could text him.
Here, maybe I'll text him on your phone.
That's alright.
No, no, it's alright.
Yeah, it's fine.
We're going left?
Yeah, we're gonna make a right here, and then we'll get off, we're gonna get off on the right pretty close.
So it's right again?
Yeah, then we'll make a right off this Riata Trace.
Which is it, you're gonna want to get over pretty quick, 0.4 miles.
Alright, I'll let
...manufacturing facility, that's 12455 Research Boulevard in North Austin, Texas.
He has said he's inviting the InfoWars audience to of course go out and peacefully, politically make it clear to the president that we need and expect to see action against the big tech censors who are destroying
What's left of the First Amendment in this country.
Alex Jones, of course, was the tip of the iceberg since Alex Jones was banned 16, 18 months ago.
We've seen hundreds, if not thousands, of conservatives be banned.
We've seen them be debanked.
We've seen them be taken off PayPal.
I personally know congressional candidates who, because of big tech censorship, they're not allowed to essentially fundraise.
Let's bring the audio back up and we'll go out to Alex Jones on the way.
This was in, so when I moved here in 98, I was flipping around finding stations and I found that 98.9.
Hey, where's, where's the truck?
Oh, it's, we're gonna go up here, it's gonna be off to the right.
Alex Jones, on his way, seems to be receiving a hero's welcome.
Stay tuned, we'll have more of this coverage when we come back, until Twitter gets rid of him!
Oh my God.
Apple runs slave factories in Communist China and has suicide nets around the buildings so people don't kill themselves.
Jim Cook led the censorship against America.
Jim Cook is in bed with the Chaikans.
And I know President Trump wants to come in and start these hangouts quick.
America will not pull out of censorship by death charge.
Don't attempt to slow them when they go past the protest.
Ladies and gentlemen, Apple is in bed with the Chicons.
Everybody share this live, Link's watching.
And on the main stage, Porsche.
Porsche's 23 years old, hailing from St.
Louis, Missouri.
He's also got a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu.
Alright, start it now.
Give it a big start.
Ladies and gentlemen!
America is back!
America is back!
Donald Trump is fighting corruption!
And Donald Trump is innocent!
America loves Trump!
America loves it!
The Communist Chinese are censoring their people!
President Trump should confront Tim Cook!
The left supports Communist China and the censorship!
The left are ordinary criminals who rob Communist China!
We're good.
America is back!
America is back!
President Trump needs to stand against Apple censorship!
Working with the Communist Chinese!
President Trump needs to stop the censorship!
President Trump needs to say no to the censorship of Apple!
President Trump needs to defend free speech!
President Trump needs to expose Jeffrey Epstein.
Confronting protesters at the North Austin.
President Trump is in North Austin today to pat Tim Cook on the head, of course the leader of Apple, for bringing a handful of jobs back to the United States.
And it looks like he's maybe blowhoarding again.
Let's bring the volume up.
Against the centers!
This has got to go back up there somewhere.
Yeah, look, those cars are going to the right.
Alex just confronted the anti-Trump protesters in the area.
They were not happy to see him.
It was a stark contrast.
Earlier, Alex Jones was going by supporters, driving by supporters of President Trump.
He's, of course, in the armored vehicle you've been seeing more and more of recently as it becomes necessary.
And it's a great, great fun thing for Alex, I'm sure, as well.
Let's go ahead and bring the volume up.
It looks like he might have found some more people to trigger.
People of Hong Kong!
Apple needs to stop sending China, Hong Kong and America!
Apple is an authoritarian leftist company working with the Communist Chinese!
Communist China is controlling Apple!
Communist China is working with Apple to put millions of people in concentration camps.
President Trump needs to stand up to Apple's tyranny.
President Trump needs to tell Apple to stop censoring.
Apple is evil.
Apple is evil.
They could have gone out there and made a left, I think.
And Alex Jones is here, yes, as a supporter of President Trump, but he is calling attention to the fact that Apple is behind a significant portion of the tech censorship.
Of course, all of his Apple podcasts, iTunes podcasts, were banned last year in the great purge of everything Alex Jones.
And of course, they didn't just do Alex, they did everything Infowars, David Knight as well.
So Alex is here bullhorning
Tim Cook, Tim Apple.
Let's bring the volume back up.
If you are in the area, Alex has invited folks to go out and join the festivities peacefully, lawfully, legally.
It's the Flex Manufacturing Facility at 12455 Research Boulevard in North Austin, Texas.
And let's just take a moment while Alex is working on finding some more folks to have fun with.
Let's take a moment to remember that this is the time to take advantage of the unbelievable Black Friday sales at InfoWarsStore.com.
Including the new teeth whitening fluoride free toothpaste.
That is something that to my knowledge, you cannot simply cannot find in stores to a whitening plus fluoride free seems to be something that nobody else has come up with.
Nobody seems to realize that that would be worthwhile.
Yeah, there was a cut across.
There's a cut across right where that stop sign was with those people flipping us off in the news cameras.
Looks like Alex was just confronted by police who told him he could not go in a given direction.
Of course, at these events the security becomes more and more intense as President Trump arrives.
President Trump was just minutes behind them on the highway.
It is possible that President Trump is now there with them.
There was another police officer earlier blowing the whistle.
I don't think that they liked Alex standing in the moving vehicle.
But this is an example of exercising your First Amendment rights.
And that is what Alex Jones is doing, fighting for all of those who supported President Trump in 2016 and are now being censored, systematically purged off the internet by big tech.
This is why InfoWars needs your support.
They've given me a platform to spread a very, very important story, the biggest story that I have ever broken on my new website, nationalfile.com.
And they are able to do it only with your help.
InfoWars is the only outlet that could survive the onslaught that it has been dealt over the past year and a half, and Alex needs your support to continue going out and having fun like you are seeing right now.
I'll be back for the first 15 minutes of the next hour here on the Alex Jones Show.
We'll see what Alex gets up to.
Stay tuned.
We will be right back.
They are the same as the communist Chinese that ran over people with tanks to suppress their speech.
We are here to promote free speech.
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
President Trump needs to stand against Internet censorship.
Internet censorship is un-American.
Apple is leading.
Apple is leading the censorship of Americans.
Apple is leading the censorship of Americans.
Apple needs to stop censoring America.
We love Trump!
We love Trump!
We love Trump!
We love free speech!
Trump needs to stand up for free speech.
President Trump needs to stand up for free speech.
President Trump needs to tell Tim Cook to stop censoring Americans.
It's time to stop the censorship.
It's time to stop the censorship!
Apple is evil!
Apple is evil!
Hillary for president!
Apple is evil, working with the Chai comms to censor the American people.
Liberals that accept censorship are the modern communist Chinese running over political dissidents for their free speech.
Put your hands on the wheel!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
Apple is working with the Communist Chinese to censor.
Apple is helping round up political dissidents and kill them.
Apple is an evil authoritarian system running the worst factories in China with suicide nets where the people kill themselves.
Apple is evil!
Apple is evil!
And President Trump needs to tell Apple to stop censoring!
President Trump needs to tell Apple to stop censoring!
What's up, brother?
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
President Trump needs to not just tell Apple to move its factories to the U.S.
That's good!
But President Trump needs to challenge Tim Cook to demand good working conditions in Communist China at their Foxconn slave laboratories.
Ladies and gentlemen, Apple is working against America!
President Trump
President Trump needs to tell Apple to stop censoring!
Apple needs to stop censoring!
President Trump must command that Apple stop censoring and stop suppressing their people!
President Trump must demand that Apple stop censoring the American people and the people of China!
Apple is evil!
Apple is evil!
Apple is evil!
Apple is evil!
Look how nice our factors are compared to China!
Apple is exploiting the people of China!
Apple is suppressing free speech!
Google is evil!
Apple is evil!
Jeffrey Epstein's a pedophile working with Hillary Clinton!
You all support Jeffrey Epstein!
You all support the DHS!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
Apple is evil!
President Trump needs to stand up against the left dictatorship!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
It looks like they're having difficulties.
Police are not happy that they're not wearing seatbelts.
I'm not sure how Alex is supposed to wear a seatbelt in this position.
But of course, Alex Jones, if you are just tuning in, is attending the
President Trump visiting and patting Tim Cook the apple czar on the head for bringing a handful of jobs back to the United States.
Alex Jones, as do I, of course supports President Trump greatly, but when President Trump is wrong, we cannot be sycophants.
We have to call him out, especially when it impacts people like Alex Jones, organizations like InfoWars that have been hit by tech censorship.
Worse than anyone else, and Apple is of course at the helm of this.
They admitted that they merged with Communist China.
They are the Communist Chinese force in the United States.
It looks like we might be safe to bring up some volume again.
Let's try bringing the volume back up.
Alright, coming down.
It's like Alex is moving the armored vehicle and entering the crowds.
Are the cops trying to stop me recording this time?
Are we still going?
Uh, I'm going back again.
I just stopped.
We're not going live anymore?
Oh no, we're still live.
We've got 100 most people I've ever had.
Even with the shadow ban, this is all blocked, but Infowars.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.com.
Here's the good news.
The cops have this under control.
Alex Jones is on board, ladies and gentlemen.
He was not allowed to drive around without seatbelts or use audio equipment that loudly, so now he's going old school.
I love America.
We love you.
We love you.
We've got to go put the lip guards.
I love this bumper sticker.
God is life.
That's right.
Love that sign right there.
That's what America's all about right there.
There it is.
The evil cult of death.
We're going to defeat them.
You can get ahead of me doing the beside me, do whatever you want.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Here's an Alex Jones Summit!
America is back!
Now Alex Jones is walking toward the crowd.
Getting ready to shout Trump's praises and criticisms on foot.
He has some of the InfoWars favorites with him.
Here he is.
Stand up to the censors at Apple.
Apple runs slave factories in China.
They help surveil the poor Chinese people.
Apple is an authoritarian fraud.
And President Trump
I don't support you.
I don't like you.
I've had you on my show before, buddy.
It's all about free speech.
Is Apple wrong-censoring?
We agree!
Hey, Alex Jones!
Stop the censorship!
Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself?
No, he was murdered.
I told everybody he was going to be murdered.
He told everybody!
Jeffrey Epstein was running giant self-kidnapping rings for the Clintons to blackmail people.
America is back!
Lock him up!
Lock him up!
Lock him up!
Lock him up!
Lock him up!
Lock him up!
Lock him up!
Lock him up!
Lock him up!
Lock him up!
And it's wrong.
And the leftists are over there saying I shouldn't have speech.
The left is a group of authoritarian criminals and mental patients.
And I'm here to exercise my First Amendment to tell President Trump, wait.
Let's go ahead and drop that audio.
The crowd can't contain itself as usual.
Alex Jones is there with the unifying message and they shout obscenities.
We'll bring that back up here in a couple seconds to see if the Antifa-type degenerate you see on screen there is able to get a hold of himself.
If he's not, we'll just kind of color commentate as Alex has fun.
I just want to remind everybody, InfoWarsTore.com.
This is why it's important.
He does.
He still goes out and faces this scum.
It happens all the time, and you can only find it at InfoWars.com slash show and Band.video, and you can only support it at InfoWarsStore.com.
I want to remind everybody as well, because it looks like we're going to need to get Alex back up momentarily, but Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, will be guest hosting the rest of the fourth hour.
Let's see if it's safe to bring this audio back up.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
We're good.
So here you see some lunatic.
It looks like the guy from a couple years ago threw coffee at Alex in Portland bringing up Sandy Hook when he's talking about America is back.
We'll go ahead and keep this audio low, but we'll keep it going.
I just want to remind everybody to support this broadcast.
Mike Adams is coming up next.
I am Tom Pappert.
For more of what I'm doing,
This massive Nancy Pelosi story revolving her son.
Go to nationalfile.com, infowars.com.
I want to say thank you to the fantastic crew for making this show possible every single day and the amazing, unbelievable activist audience at home who makes this broadcast a possibility, who keeps this network
Going strong.
And who is allowing the broadcast that I do every night, Firepower, on Bam.Video, to keep going strong as well.
Let's go ahead and go out to Alex Jones here, ladies and gentlemen.
Just go home!
Just go home!
Free speech!
Free speech!
Free speech!
Apple hates free speech!
Apple hates free speech!
Democrats hate elections!
They want to overturn the 2016 election and stall Hillary!
America is back and the Democrats are going down!
And your fake impeachment is burning in flames!
This American man is Trump!
That helps Communist China suppress people.
And Trump needs to stop the persecution of Chilean spies.
And Trump needs to pardon Roger Stone.
We need to defend free speech.
Don't worry, buddy.
We're kicking your ass and you know it.
No, she doesn't, buddy.
I know you're mad.
Democrats always come over and talk about that.
Yeah, appreciate it, Alex!
Thanks, pedophiles!
You degenerate pieces of crap!
Your whole child-molesting house of cards is coming down, you child-molester supporters!
America is back!
You're not gonna get off free speech!
America values its free speech!
And America is standing up for its free speech!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
Look at you leftists, with your souls sucked!
You have no energy!
That's why you want the energy of children!
You vampires are going to hell!
Unless they repent!
If they repent, they're saved!
That's right, you guys need to get away from Satan you love so much!
Apple is the enemy of free speech!
And Trump needs to confront them over this!
Looks like we might have lost our feed just briefly.
We'll see if it returns.
Alex Jones is live on the ground.
He is... It looks like it's back.
Looks like we've got the feedback.
Let's go back to it.
Democrats are paranophiles!
Democrats are paranoid!
Democrats are ghouls!
Democrats are moral patients!
Democrats are Satanists!
Democrats are losers!
We've got the real Americans here at the Alex Jones Show!
Hey, look, liberals, it's an old lady!
You probably want to euthanize her!
If it was a baby, you'd want to abort her!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
And the Democrats want our speech, and they're allied with Apple and Google, who openly suppress the people of China!
Apple is evil!
Apple is evil!
Apple is helping suppress the poor Chinese people and 2 million workers they put in concentration camps.
Apple is evil and Trump needs to confront Apple and that's why we're here.
Trump needs to confront Tim Cook about the suicide factories, and the suicide nets, and the forced drugs in their apple factories.
Look, it's great to bring factories back here, and we support that.
Because people get better when they can live decently here.
Because we used to have values.
But Google and Apple are evil!
And they're helping suppress the American people and the people of China.
And it's wrong!
Apple has horrible factories there.
They kill people for their speech.
And now the left, like they're doing everywhere else, is trying to take our free speech away.
The evils of China, Dwarf, Nazi Germany.
President Trump is right to stand up to Communist China.
But he needs to stand up for free speech.
President Trump defend America.
President Trump defend the First Amendment.
President Trump, stand up to that monster, Tim Cook!
Make America great again, Alex!
Tim Cook is an authoritarian.
Tim Cook has given the Google and Apple keys together, with Google, to the Chi-Com secret police, and admit that all of your secrets with Apple have been given to the Chinese government!
Apple is working with the Chaikovs.
Apple is working to suppress the people of China, and now the people of America.
The globalists are working with communist China to turn us into another slave colony.
Our basic freedoms are being erased, and President Trump must stand up for the First Amendment!
Alex Jones is on the ground in North Austin, Texas, where President Trump is set to meet with Tim Cook of Apple.
Mike Adams will be on the broadcast, possibly next segment, but Alex is just too fascinating.
We may have more Alex Jones.
I'm, of course, Tom Pappert, sticking with you here for this segment.
We'll see if I'm here for the next, but Alex is definitely speaking truth to power and he goes out and confronts this scum.
This is one of the most bombshell news-packed days or broadcasts you've probably ever seen here on InfoWars.
It's an honor to be joining you today.
Alex is in Austin, of course, with the arrival of President Trump in the city of Austin.
Alex is going to be there reinforcing the importance of freedom of speech to the President and his supporters.
He's there right now, live.
We'll be bullhorning
The president and his advisors.
Tom Pappert just has done amazing investigative research, as you heard over the last hour or so, about what's really happening with the perversion of elitists in our society.
The rise of Satanism, the rise of, I don't know, child sacrifice, and then the praising of the demon child sacrifice.
I don't know, what do you call it?
The false pagan god of Moloch, I think, is what it is.
I'm going to be covering some of that, too, in today's Breaking Story.
I'll get to it in a minute.
It's about the Colorado public school system now requiring students to role-play child sacrifice poems as part of rape training indoctrination.
This is happening in Colorado.
One of the victims of this, a 16-year-old student there, is being represented by First Liberty Institute, a law firm in Texas.
And shockingly, the administrator or the superintendent of that school district, excuse me, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, has allowed this to go on and does not say he's going to stop this.
So students are going to be required to stand up in front of the class and roleplay, sodomy.
I can't even go into it.
I can't even say the words here on this broadcast.
It's so evil.
It's so twisted.
We'll get to that in a minute.
I've got a lot of science and medicine updates for you today that are very, really crucial.
First, a programming note.
Band.Video is now carrying my channel and I've been able to start uploading videos to Band.Video.
I want to share with you, I've got a big breaking kind of a
Well, a homemade medicine breakthrough that I'm going to be sharing with the world.
I mentioned it last week here on the show.
I will be uploading that early next year to Band.Video simultaneously with Brytion.com.
That is a way to make your own anti-cancer nanoparticle medicine at home.
No patents required, no royalties required, no pharmacists required.
There will be a disclaimer because you should check with your naturopathic physician before making this medicine.
But you'll be able to make it yourself for less than $50.
I am not selling this medicine or any equipment that's used to make it.
I have no financial ties to it whatsoever, which is the only way I will probably avoid being arrested and incarcerated for daring to educate the public about how to make your own anti-cancer medicine using what are called structured nanoparticles.
Which is, technically spoken, a botanically end-capped structured nanoparticle medicine that is specifically tuned into receptor sites of specific organs and has powerful, well-documented anti-cancer properties.
So that will be coming very soon, within, I don't know, two months or so, on Band.Video.
So thank you InfoWars for allowing me that channel on Band.Video.
Another big story.
ColdFusion is once again making big headlines.
Asia Times has done a big article on ColdFusion that talks about how Japan is winning this race for this breakthrough technology.
Now the reason I got to mention this, and their headline is, ColdFusion 2 Japan Wins With Systematic Method.
The reason this is important is because America developed this technology first.
It was in 1989, 30 years ago.
University of Utah, Salt Lake.
Fleischmann and Pons developed this cold fusion breakthrough technology, which could make fossil fuels obsolete in many contexts, not with vehicles or airplanes or tractors, but with heating buildings.
It produces a tremendous amount of heat at very low cost.
The military could use it.
Agriculture could use it to heat buildings for, you know, ranch animals and things like that.
Businesses could use it to heat warehouses and operations and, you know, office buildings.
Homes could use it.
The Department of Energy at the time in 1989, which has been part of the Deep State, which has just brought incredible suffering and destruction upon this country for decades, even generations.
The DOE conspired with the fake news media of 1989 and MIT scientists to say, oh, cold fusion isn't real.
There's nothing to it.
It's a fraud.
It's a hoax.
And so they ran Fleischmann and Pons out of academia, out of science, and even out of the country.
And now, 30 years later, Japan is leading the world in this research.
Even though there are companies in California right now, in America, that have mastered this cold fusion technology, which is really called Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, or LENR, L-E-N-R.
I just want you to know, we had this technology in America, and if Trump wanted to have a breakthrough for this country, Trump should go to California, meet with these companies that are doing this, and
Lead the world in clean, renewable energy that makes nuclear power obsolete in many ways.
It makes fossil fuels partially obsolete for heating buildings and things like that.
This technology was created in America and America has surrendered it to Japan.
So Japan is going to have a multi-trillion dollar industry based on this technology.
They'll be licensing this to America and to American companies and universities that need to heat buildings and all these things.
Japan is going to rake in all this money.
This should be America's technology.
This is America's innovation.
Fleischmann and Pons are scientific heroes of our era.
They should go down in history along with Albert Einstein.
And yet, what's really happening in our world today is that they are suppressed, the truth is suppressed, real science is suppressed, and the deep state strikes again.
The deep state suppressing the knowledge and the technology that humanity needs to be set free from the scourge of the deep state controllers.
The military-industrial complex, the petroleum complex, all these things.
It's not that petroleum is evil like the leftists say.
We need fuel to fly airplanes and to run tractors, you know, and long-haul trucking and things like that.
We've got to have diesel fuel.
But we don't need to be heating buildings with fossil fuels.
We could do it with coal fusion, okay?
And where is AOC on this issue?
She wants to ban combustion engines but doesn't know about coal fusion, of course.
They never talk about coal fusion because it's a massive
Multidecades cover-up.
It's unreal.
Okay, next story.
Did you know that if you've been caught in a DUI by a breathalyzer, the breathalyzers are fake?
It's quack science.
It's not even real.
This has come out in the media recently.
I'll find the story here in a minute.
But these fake breathalyzers are being used by cops all across the country.
When I say fake, what I mean is the science is quackery.
It doesn't even work.
It's not even real.
And you know those kits that cops are using to say, oh, you're carrying cocaine or you're carrying meth.
Or I guess, you know, meth, we're on it.
That's the new ad campaign, right?
Now they're promoting meth.
But when they say you have meth and they have a little test kit and they take a sample of your powder and they put it in their test kit and they shake it up and they say, oh, look, it changed colors.
Look, it's a different color.
That means you have meth or you have cocaine.
People, it's all fake.
It's all completely fake.
The science doesn't work.
These are fake test kits so that cops can arrest people and have, quote, evidence against them when the test kits don't even work.
It's all fake, people.
The fake science, the fake police labs.
There was a lab shut down in Austin, Texas by federal prosecutors because the entire lab was faking positive results for cocaine.
No matter what samples the police would bring in to this lab in Austin.
There was another one in Boston that got shut down a couple years ago.
The lab technicians would pretend to do the science and they would say, oh yeah, test positive for cocaine.
And those people would be convicted and imprisoned because now it's scientifically verified evidence, so to speak.
The whole thing is faked.
It's all rigged, people.
The drunk driving breathalyzers are fake.
The on-the-spot drug testing is fake.
The police labs are fake.
The science is fake.
It's just like fiat currency is fake and the impeachment news is fake.
People, it's all fake.
And I run a science lab.
I know this subject area.
I know what it takes to do real testing.
It's quite involved.
You can't do it in 30 seconds by shaking a powder in a vial.
It doesn't work that way.
Law enforcement in America, even though I support local police, I support civil society.
If you're a cop listening to this and you have those test kits, the kits are faked.
You've been putting innocent people in prison.
And you've been lied to about the efficacy and the accuracy of these kits.
They do not work.
It's total science fraud.
It's massive fakery on a scale that's just, it's horrific.
How many innocent people are in prison today because of the fake science that's used to falsely convict these innocent people?
Much more straight ahead here.
This is Mike Adams on Infowars.com.
We'll be back after this break.
Stay with us.
So much breaking news today.
It's almost difficult to cover it all.
Here's one piece from Zero Hedge, Ukrainian indictment.
Claims $7.4 billion Obama-linked money laundering plus Biden group take at $16.5 million.
What this story is about is how the Bidens took over $16 million in bribes and kickbacks and real extortion money from the Burisma company of corrupt Ukraine at the time before they had their new president.
So you talk about bribery, corruption, fraud, racketeering.
That's the Bidens.
That's Barack Obama, who also, remember, laundered tens of billions of dollars through international means to deliver pallets of cash to Iran so that Iran could fund its nuclear weapons program to create destabilization in the Middle East and threaten America's allies such as Israel.
Now, why?
Why is Obama not in prison?
Why is Nancy Pelosi using focus groups to say that Trump engaged in bribery when it's clear that Joe Biden engaged in bribery?
Why is Joe Biden free?
Well, you know, why isn't he indicted?
Well, you know, the answer is because you're watching InfoWars, so you know the hypocrisy of the double standards.
But that's big news today.
Wanted you to be aware of that before we move on to the big stories.
Another quick thing.
Elizabeth Warren is now tweeting about hashtag end traffic violence.
She says traffic violence is a problem.
Now this is more Orwellian doublespeak, just like they say gun violence is bad because guns kill people.
She now says traffic kills people.
Traffic violence is bad.
So many people in traffic crashes, she says.
And we have to end traffic violence.
So what?
Is she going to have a waiting period to buy a new car?
Is she going to have a car limit?
Is she going to have, you know, cars you have to get a background check to buy a car?
Or is she saying that maybe cars should be confiscated from ownership of civilians and citizens?
That only law enforcement should have cars.
And guns.
I mean, this is more insanity.
Traffic violence?
Are you serious?
Why can't they just use normal human terms like, car crashes kill people?
Or people driving cars that ram those cars into other cars kill people in those cars?
It's the drivers.
that are responsible for the car crashes, just as it's the shooters that are responsible for so-called gun violence.
Remember every time that there's a terrorist in a van, like in Paris, and they run over a bunch of innocent pedestrians?
What a CNN report.
Oh, van kills people in wild assault.
We're looking for a van.
We can't find the van.
Well, there was a driver of that van, and that driver was a radical Islamic terrorist, by the way.
But, of course, they never say that.
They act like these are, you know, robotic, artificially intelligent, self-conscious, self-aware vans driving around, like your ice cream truck just suddenly, spontaneously ignited into Skynet and is out there running over people.
That's not what happens at all, but that's kind of what they're implying.
All right, next thing.
You've seen all of these attacks on Boeing, and some of it's justified because Boeing, of course, messed up its quality control process, probably lied to the FAA about the safety of its systems, and killed hundreds of people.
Well, guess what?
Big Pharma kills so many people that it's like a Boeing Jumbo Max 737 falling out of the sky every single day in America.
Big Pharma kills far more people than Boeing ever did, even if Boeing is complicit in that, and which is yet to be proven.
Maybe it's just a bunch of engineering mistakes, who knows?
But Big Pharma, their products are known to be toxic.
And the vaccine industry, which is part of Big Pharma, of course, has legal immunity.
So they can kill children with impunity!
And they actually put deadly toxins and ingredients into the vaccines, such as aluminum, and squalene, adjuvants, and mercury, and, of course, aborted human fetal tissue and many other toxic ingredients.
They kill children!
There's no outcry.
But Boeing is the problem.
Well, let me tell you something.
I'd rather ride on a Boeing 737 Max jumbo jet than take a vaccine shot.
It would be safer to be in a Boeing airplane than to take a vaccine shot that's approved by the FDA or the CDC.
Vaccines are what's killing people, and pharmaceuticals are what's killing people every day all across the country.
I mean, 100,000 Americans a year, at minimum, are killed by toxic pharmaceuticals, but everybody wants to blame Boeing.
I mean, it's insane.
Okay, let's get to the main story here today.
The Colorado Public School District of Steamboat Springs.
And this was covered by First Liberty Institute.
They are a pro bono law legal firm in Texas.
They've taken this case.
And this involves a teacher who I'm not going to name here.
Fox News has named the teacher, but we'll just treat him like the whistleblower and pretend we don't know who it is.
The teacher
required the students, especially female students, to stand up and read these sexually explicit, violent poems by this lunatic poet named Ginsburg.
I think it's Allen Ginsberg.
And Ginsburg's poem
involves all of this celebration of Moloch, which is the demon, pagan god of child sacrifice.
And in this poem, and I've reprinted some of this in the story, I think it's up on InfoWars.com, if not, it's on Natural News, I'm not going to use any of the direct profanity, but it's, this is what the student, the 16-year-old female student named Kaysen, her last name is Kaysen, what is it, Skylar Kaysen,
She had to say words like this, again I won't use any profanity so you don't have to bleep it, but quote, let themselves be effed in the a blank blank by saintly motorcyclists and screamed with joy a vision of ultimate c-word and come eluding the last
Jism of consciousness, these are the poet's words, this is an insane radical leftist, sweetened the blank of a million girls trembling in the sunset who cut their wrists three times successfully, unsuccessfully, or successively unsuccessfully, who metaphor for oral sex and were given that metaphor for oral sex by those
Human sailors and so on.
It is a rambling of left-wing madness, and it's vile.
It's putrid.
It's violent.
And this was part of a class where students were also required to role-play through texting, being sexually assaulted or come on to through unwanted sexual contact, for example.
And these students were just terrorized by this.
They're like, wait a minute, I'm going to public school.
What's going on here?
Well, this poet, Ginsburg, who died in 1997, by the way, he was a socialist.
He promoted socialism.
He promoted what would be called LGBT in today's terms.
He hated capitalism.
He hated the concepts of America.
He obviously hated Christ.
And in the poem, he talks about beams of light coming out of the sky and awakening his consciousness to Moloch, the pagan demon god of child sacrifice.
This is what your teenage students are being required to act out in class in public schools in Colorado.
And then when the administrator, who's named in the article, when he was contacted by First Liberty, the law firm in Texas, to say, hey, why is this happening?
Why do you have students who are subjected to this demonic indoctrination, this sexual perversion, this vulgarity?
They are being violated.
By these so-called exercises by a teacher who's obviously super twisted and probably shouldn't be teaching teenage girls in high school.
The administrator said, oh, well, we're sorry that we didn't give proper notice to the parents so that they could opt out of this experience.
Are you kidding me?
The superintendent, that's the title, the superintendent didn't say, no, this is wrong.
We shouldn't teach demon indoctrination and child sacrifice, sexual perversion and violence in our classrooms.
He didn't say that.
He said, no, we're sorry that your parents weren't notified in time so that they could opt out of this insane experience.
I mean, think about this.
The superintendent of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, seems to be complicit with this.
What's he gonna do, have like a Praise Moloch Pledge of Allegiance now while the American Pledge of Allegiance will be banned in their schools?
I mean, look, I hate to say it, but I predicted all this.
I predicted this in a previous article.
I was talking about 25 things that will happen if impeachment removes Trump from power.
And in that article I talked about the rise of demonism, the rise of evil.
Just these demon portals where evil spirits are literally entering this realm and then infesting the bodies of these people who become school teachers and administrators and maybe superintendents and certainly lawmakers.
You know, globalists, elitists, the child rapists, the child traffickers.
We are infested, our world is infested with pure evil.
And if you've got to say anything positive about Trump, it's that Trump has forced evil to show its hand.
Trump has forced this out into the open where now it's undeniable.
And they're having to kill people like Jeffrey Epstein to try to prevent the full details of the child trafficking and child rape and pedophilia from coming out.
But they can't stop at all because there have been so many victims of this.
It's all coming out, just like what Tom Papert covered today here on InfoWars in an earlier segment.
It's all coming out.
So be prepared, spiritually, psychologically, be prepared because what you are about to witness happening in our world
It will crater, it will fracture your psyche in ways that you have never experienced before, because pure evil is on display, and it's the demon-crats who are behind it, and they want to destroy everything that is good, everything that is innocent, everything that you value in your life.
And we are here at InfoWars, fighting to defend life, liberty, truth, and happiness for all humanity.
Thanks for watching.
Owen Schroer, straight ahead.
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Hillary Clinton is a criminal!
Hillary Clinton will never silence the American people!
America is awake!
America knows what's happening!
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America is back!
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Hillary Clinton is a war criminal and is involved in child sex trafficking and obscenity.
Hillary Clinton is involved with Jeffrey Epstein.
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Democrats are authoritarian, anti-American criminals that have failed to silence our speech.
Big Tech and the CHICOMS and Hillary have failed to silence America's speech.
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
Hillary Clinton worked with a child molester Jeffrey Epstein!
Hillary Clinton wants to sexualize our children!
Hillary Clinton is a...
Hillary Clinton, who can't even walk, are going down.
Hillary Clinton is a failure.
Your Democratic Party is collapsing.
Every city you control is collapsing into hell.
Everyone is running from the Democrats and their mental illness.
Your so-called power, Tom, the Democratic Party that founded the KKK is going down!
The Democrats are KKK!
The Democrats are KKK!
Down with the KKK!
Down with the- look at this lady, I'm saying down with the KKK!
And she says nope!
Down with the KKK and Hillary!
Down with the KKK and Hillary!
They tried to lie about their agenda and secretly build it.
That didn't work.
So now they've tried to silence us, and then gaslight the population, promoting pedophilia, gun confiscation, and pure evil as normal.
They're doing that to demoralize you.
But the truth is, they're failing.
You can see it, and you can feel it.
Hell yes!
We're gonna take your AR-15.
You're gonna take people's guns away, wait till you get elected, then take the guns away.
Don't tell them ahead of time!
Breaking news, we have just confirmed that a registered child sex offender has been reading to children at a Houston public library as part of its Drag Queen Story Hour.
We are winning.
Humanity is awakening to the fact that it's under attack.
We were asleep before.
And the fact that we're awakening enrages the vampiric globalists and their demonic slaves.
Ladies and gentlemen, they wouldn't have come out in the open with gun confiscation, pro-pedophilia, attacks on America, attacks on real Christians.
If they weren't scared and weren't losing.
They've had to fully uncloak themselves in a hope to normalize their assault on our species.
But it's not working.
The fact that they had to censor InfoWars off of more than 60 major platforms.
And then the fact that Zuckerberg had to say, if you say something positive about Alex Jones or about InfoWars, that they'll ban you on Facebook.
How dangerous is InfoWars?
Well, Facebook believes it's so dangerous that you can be banned from using the platform, Facebook, just for sharing its content unless you simultaneously denounce it.
Revolted against that and said, my God, this is like the old Soviet Union.
And now all the big tech companies are coming out with their cashless systems, with the smartphones and the AI systems, the assistants and all the rest of this garbage.
These people are making their move on humanity right now.
But again, if they couldn't be defeated, they wouldn't be trying to censor those of us that are standing up to them.
They know they've got an uphill battle, but their god, their master, whatever the hell this murderous force is, this death cult, is obsessed with driving us into submission and demoralizing us to get rid of our fighting spirit.
But everybody can see it and everybody can feel it.
That fighting spirit of humanity is beginning to
Burn brighter than it ever has before.
It is exploding.
And the wicked, twisted forces that believed that they were going to have a leisurely dissection of the human species are now beginning to realize that just like every time in the past, evil failed.
They're going to fail this time.
And their attempt to destroy us will only be the final nail in the coffin for their Luciferian system.
That said, I need your prayers.
You need to pray for yourself.
I don't have to tell you that.
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