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Name: 20191110_Sun_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 10, 2019
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The speaker discusses the current state of global politics, specifically the rise in awareness surrounding Jeffrey Epstein and pedophile rings. He explains that this explosion in public awareness is the detonator for an even bigger one - an awakening that will shake the foundations of the establishment. The speaker has been warning of these things for months and emphasizes the importance of individuals acting out against the establishment narrative, which includes falsehoods like men having babies, families being bad, pedophilia being good, borders being evil, and Donald Trump being a racist. He believes that God is judging the wicked but acknowledges the fear that comes with the strength of this awakening. The speaker encourages listeners to support InfoWars and discusses various products available for purchase at importwarshtore.com. He then talks about a meeting with Ted Gunnarsson, former head of the FBI in Southern California, who apologized for running COINTELPRO against Martin Luther King and found out about Satanism and child sex abuse which he wouldn't go along with. Benton Parton, a high-ranking military officer and engineer, warned Jones that "a communist program" was taking over by the year 2020. Jones criticizes the mainstream media for sexualizing children and promoting pedophilia while silencing those who expose this information. He encourages people to exercise their right to free speech by discussing these topics openly and supporting InfoWars products to fight against the thought police. Jones talks about the importance of taking high-quality iodine supplements, which have numerous health benefits. The Alex Jones Show discusses government cover-ups, mainstream media manipulation, and tyranny. In this excerpt, Jones discusses the current political situation in the United States, focusing on the impeachment hearings against President Trump. He criticizes the media and Democrats for what he sees as a politically motivated attempt to remove the president from office. Jones also addresses the whistleblower at the center of the impeachment proceedings, accusing him of being part of a deep state conspiracy. Jones argues that the globalists are attempting to silence dissenting voices and control information but that their efforts have failed due in large part to the support of his audience. He urges people to remain vigilant and continue spreading the truth and transparency in the face

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Tomorrow's news.
358 days until the 2020 general election.
History is happening before us right now.
And if we're not fully engaged, the forces of the post-human, satanic world are going to win major battles.
And the world is going to accelerate into an end times scenario.
Yes, the Bible says it will end up happening one way or the other, but we can get a reprieve like Nineveh.
Maybe a hundred years, maybe a thousand, maybe a decade.
It doesn't matter.
God judges the heart.
And what matters is what we do now, as this world government is openly unfolding, as this satanic pedophile run system, this vampiric system, throws down the gauntlet that we rise to the challenge.
358 days.
I talked about this when he got arrested back in July again and I talked about it when he died a few months later but I've never seen such a zeitgeist explosion as Jeffrey Epstein and the pedophile rings and how it goes this whole deep state blackmail operation.
And I've been saying on air for months since he was murdered unceremoniously in that D.C.
jail cell by a couple of goons breaking his neck in three places.
Two of the same bones were broken, then another bone, so it was three bones total.
Two different coroners saying it's completely indicative of homicide.
I said then, the zeitgeist has just absolutely erupted on this.
Well, now no one can deny it.
I am seeing Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself spray-painted on the highway without looking this morning.
It's all over the internet.
You can't swing a stick in the dark without hitting it.
This is the globalist's greatest fear, is that people will start acting out in public, in the media, at church, at work.
Challenging the establishment narrative that men can have babies, and that families are bad, and that pedophilia is good, and that borders are evil, and that Donald Trump's a racist, and Easter bunnies are, you know, fornicating with leprechauns while riding rainbow unicorns.
People don't buy what the establishment's doing.
You may have some useful idiots and followers that think they're part of the establishment that go along with mainstream media, but that's maybe 20% of the public.
The sleeping giant of the hard-working majority, the silent majority as it's called, is not silent anymore.
And you can feel the rumble that's begun.
I can tell you that this detonation of the zeitgeist, if you heard a cap go off in the back of a cartridge for say a .357 Magnum,
You'd think it was a big pop, but you never hear that pop because the bigger millisecond later, full explosion of the powder projecting the bullet down the barrel.
But the big explosions you're hearing of awakening is only the detonator.
The detonator has been hit.
And then the detonator, like putting little small explosive charges inside plastic explosive or setting an electric charge into it, depending on how you do it.
It has now ignited the big kahuna.
And I tremble, tremble in its presence.
I mean, the spirit of awakening is on fire right now.
And I'll tell you, you talk about the Zeitgeist, you talk about Sixth Sense, everybody feels it.
The establishment feels it.
They are scared to death.
I am for the global awakening and for God judging the evil.
But I have to tell you that
It's so mighty that I'm scared.
I'm not scared of the new world order, I'm scared of God.
And just to see God's presence start coming into the world stronger has got me absolutely trembling.
It's ecstasy actually, but still it's scary.
Yes, yes, yes.
We will get our hands around their throats, don't you worry.
I'm gonna break it all down when we come up on the other side.
Because vengeance is God's, oh yes.
But we are nothing but vessels and tools of the Almighty.
And willing tools.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
It's Sunday, November 10th, 2019.
358 days out from the 2020 election.
We'll be here for the next two hours.
The detonator has been struck by the firing pin of justice and the will of the people.
With God's strength blowing through our sails and propelling us onward towards our great destiny.
War room, the armory is beginning to explode in a spectacular chain reaction that will go on for decades.
But the sizable globalist forces dug in and heavily entrenched are going to strike back and it is going to be spectacular.
They are not openly, on every channel, on every show, the globalist control, normalizing pedophilia and satanism right now, because they're in a position of power.
They're having to move along their whole world government, market the beef, communist Chinese social score system, because they can already see their end of days.
Not on the horizon, but in their face.
Later in the broadcast, I'm going to get into Jeffrey Epstein, the linchpin, or you could say that the straw that broke the camel's back of the deep state, dark forces, satanic networks that
Use child sex and abuse as the initiation into their organization.
And I'm going to go through mainstream news defending pedophile rings.
And the so-called whistleblower, who's a CIA agent and leftist, who no one's supposed to say the person's name, I of course will.
It's totally legal and awful.
His lawyer, it was discovered last Thursday, was involved in a lot of weirdness.
But let's just say this, more shoes will drop, but yesterday my lawyer sent me a text and said, have you seen this?
And I don't want to say it's the cherry on top, but let's just say this, it's the dam breaking.
And why would this individual advertise that their speciality is getting people who are convicted of child porn national security clearances?
Yes, that's what he advertises.
Now I said during the week, this individual goes, like if I went to Alaska and was hunting brown bear, I'd have a photo of a brown bear behind me, that's what I'm hunting.
A box of 30-06 shells, you know, will have mule or elk on it.
Or you're getting some shotgun shells for, you know, duck hunting.
It's got ducks on the side of its 10-gauge magnum slugs to shoot them up high in the sky.
It'll have geese on the side of it.
You know, you can still buy whaling harpoons that are fired from a high-caliber rifle.
They got whale on the side.
Well, this guy puts out everywhere.
I like to go to Disney World by myself.
There's kids behind him.
And I like to go to water parks by myself.
Kids behind him.
And then, you know, it's YouTube.
Oh, look at these little girls.
Oh, I love little girls.
Oh, aren't these neat little girls?
And we're just like, okay, he's advertising that the type of clientele he wants to take are pedophiles.
I don't know if he's one, but that's what that is.
When you use Facebook, you know, YouTube, Twitter, that's all he's talking about.
Then we found the Twitter comments where he loves Jeffrey Epstein and thinks it would be great to be associated with him when Epstein was in prison, right before he died.
And then articles about Little St.
George Island, the torture island.
And it went on and on and on and on.
And then he leaves the tweet up where he gets people national security clearances that have child porn problems.
And you ask yourself, again, if you were walking around in the dark and fell down, you'd be falling into this.
I mean, it's everywhere.
I mean, I remember.
Oh, I remember.
Twenty-three years ago or so, I'd already become prominent and successful in Patriot media and things, so I was running into, you know, former head of the FBI in Southern California, Ted Gunnarsson, very famous.
He later apologized and stuff for running COINTELPRO against Martin Luther King.
I mean, he was high up, okay, being groomed for the very top position.
And then he found out about Satanism and child sex and wouldn't go along with it and found a bunch of stuff that was just declassified two weeks ago, all proving Gunnarsson was right.
He told me it was all made secret by the CIA.
And then I knew Benton Parton, the head of Air Force Development that built HAARP and space weapons.
And I mean, this guy was three-star general, super engineer, ran the whole deal.
And he would just go at the end of the day, he goes, well, you know, I had dinner with him five or six times, gave speeches with him.
He just, Alex, this communist program is what we're dealing with.
And at the end of the day, it's left-hand path satanist.
And out of the Jacobins and the French Revolution and our intel analysis is, by the year 2020, they'll be trying to take it completely over.
You know, you're sitting there listening to this when you're 25 years old, and you respect them, but you still think, oh, the guy's a Christian, I'm a Christian, but he sees it all that light.
There's no way Satanists are really doing all this.
There's no way they're using pedophile rings to control everybody.
And it turns out, those guys were scientifically accurate.
I mean, it was exactly what, and Parton didn't give those speeches in public.
He would just, you know, you're eating at the restaurant with him,
People around the table and he's telling you.
People say, well who runs it all?
What's the group?
It's like, Satanist.
Bob Dylan will tell you he sold his soul to the devil.
They'll all tell you.
You've got to pick a side.
And when we come back, I'm going to hit on the news.
But I'm going to show you just the lawyer for the supposed whistleblower.
Who pledged to have a coup against the President one week after he was elected on Twitter, and who works for the Democrats, and who works with Hillary and Obama and all these people, and then you have this leftist in the White House brought in by McMaster and Fiona Hill that we specifically warned of, by name, along with Mike Cernovich.
And I was pulling up the articles today where we broke it, Cernovich broke it, Roger Stone broke it, from our sources and our own research, just checking the names of the people as well.
And then like Atlantic Monthly and CIA, Atlantic Council and Public Affairs, Foreign Affairs, CFR calling for our arrest two and a half years ago when we were specifically, our democracy depends on Jones being silenced and he needs to be arrested.
Democrat Senator, I'm gonna show you the articles.
And there's the name of Eric Sierra Mala, Sierra Mela.
We absolutely had him then that he was the main leaker for McMaster of Disinfo.
No wonder they don't want his name said because it exposes it all.
And they're literally wanting me in prison!
Two and a half years ago because we hit him and hit him with the truth.
What a slime bag.
And then the guy's lawyer leaves it up on Twitter.
When, when, when Epstein is in jail the second time for giant child kidnapping rings, and he says, I think it would be very good to be associated with it.
And then he says, by the way, I get people reinstated their national security clerks when they have child porn problems.
And by the way, I love to go to Disney World alone.
Here's some pictures of me with kids behind me.
And you're just like, really?
Why are they doing this?
Why do they rub it in?
I have stacks of articles here where they're sexualizing our children.
Hell, they teach, you know, eight-year-olds in Travis County, where I live, how to have anal sex here.
They have men dressed as women come in and teach them, and the parents submit to it.
Why not?
They're grooming them.
They're getting them ready.
They're breaking the ice.
You know, like when you, back in college, get the hot girl over your apartment or whatever, you try to pour her a glass of wine and tell her, gee, you sure are pretty.
Well, they got to do that to your kids.
It's gonna do it!
I think you're gonna take it!
If you don't want to get banned on Facebook... Oh yeah, Facebook, anybody exposing this, talking about it is just banned.
Facebook, big tech is there to protect their religion.
Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Please remember that the very fact that we still exist and are on the air on hundreds of radio stations, TV stations and InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com is a testament to the resilience of free speech and Americana in the face of the globalists.
Nothing else like this on the planet exists, and it's because of you.
We're like a houseplant.
If you love us and water us and fertilize us, we'll grow and be around for a long time.
If you don't, you look over and we'll be shriveled and dead.
But we're not a houseplant.
We're vital to the future of humanity, as you know.
It's a symbiotic relationship, so thank you for spreading the word, and thank you for buying the products at InfoWarsTore.com.
Okay, let's launch now into the documentation portion of this.
It turns out that InfoWars.com
Alex Jones, Roger Stone and Mike Cernovich.
Cernovich particularly on the case of Eric.
Sierra Mela was absolutely on target, naming him as the deep state CIA operative, leaking fake disinfo on the president.
They don't just leak information, they leak disinfo.
And now we know that's the case.
It was Stone that fingered McMaster and the CIA operatives and Fiona Hill and the rest of it.
But now this guy's supposedly the source of this, even though the witnesses and the transcripts say it's not there with Ukraine.
They want to change the subject from Russiagate that's fallen apart, and is illegal, what the Democrats did, to their new hoax, this.
But they don't want him to face accusers or be called, or to be in the impeachment hearings that start next week, because Trump said bad things about him.
And there's news everywhere that Don Jr.
outed him, and Alex Jones outed him, and they need to be arrested for threatening witnesses.
Code says that the Inspector General, if someone comes and whistleblows, should not release their information unless the whistleblower wants.
Everyone else is free to.
You're supposed to be able to face your accusers in America.
But again, this individual was back there doing it then.
McMaster would get drunk at dinner parties and talk about the President and say what an idiot he was.
We broke that.
It was later all confirmed.
And boy did they get pissed when we got their ass fired.
You got them fired.
Remember John Kelly's main job was to make sure InfoWars never got on the President's desk.
Well, don't worry.
It all gets on his desk.
And that's why they call it the InfoWars Presidency now.
It backfired.
Because we could have no audience but the President.
That's still incredibly influential.
But our audience is more influential than ever, thanks to you.
Their plan to shut us down, I can report to you, has failed by the grace and glory to God.
And only to God, but working through you.
So, here's President Trump Friday as he was getting on Marine One.
Talking about the lawyer who we'll get into next segment.
I'll show you all the stuff that I mentioned.
If you can handle it.
I don't think I want to look at it again, but we're going to do it here.
His support of Epstein, just all of it.
Brian Stelter came out and said ABC did a great job.
They should cover it up.
You're like, why would you defend covering up child kidnapping operations?
Because that's how you get promoted in this system.
And again, whether they're involved in it or not, aiding and abetting it makes you just as damn guilty before God.
And believe me,
There's a devil and there's a God.
There's an evil force, there's the all-powerful good force.
Why does all-powerful good force allow that again?
Because the Satanists will say, your God's a sadist letting us operate.
No, you got free will, Bubba.
And you gonna pay.
But you got that free will.
Because God doesn't make robots.
That's the globalist.
They want robots.
People that act like robots.
Robots that control people.
Here's the president talking about the lawyer of the whistleblower, a magical term they give it to him, Buett power, like the dossier.
It's not a bunch of made-up lies, it's a dossier.
Why didn't they just say that Chris, you know, the Blasey Ford, but she made up all those lies about Kavanaugh.
It's called a dossier.
Here it is.
And I'll tell you, the whistleblower,
I call him the fake whistleblower.
He gave a fake report of my phone call.
And when I did it, all of a sudden, when I released that call, all of a sudden everybody disappeared.
The whistleblower disappeared.
Whatever happened to the second whistleblower?
Why isn't the first whistleblower going to testify anymore?
You know why?
Because everything he wrote in that report almost was a lie.
Because he made a phony phone call.
My phone call was perfect.
He made it sound bad.
That's why I had to release.
So the whistleblower is a disgrace to our country.
A disgrace.
And the whistleblower, because of that, should be revealed.
And his lawyer,
Who said the worst things possible two years ago.
He should be sued.
And maybe for treason.
Maybe for treason.
But he should be sued.
His lawyer is a disgrace.
A disgrace.
And then ask him this.
Where is the second whistleblower, right?
Where is the witness that gave the whistleblower the information?
They all disappeared.
Because Adam Schiff is a corrupt politician.
He's corrupt.
He made up a speech and he put my voice in it.
He made up a speech.
Had nothing to do with what I said.
Adam Schiff is a corrupt politician that's not giving us due process, not giving us lawyers, and despite all that, we're kicking their ass.
Now let's go to what Lindsey Graham had to say on Saturday.
Stink to high heaven, grand worms whistleblower, likely a deep state friend of Schiff.
Well, we already know that he met with him and they wrote it all up and prepared it and it's all rigged by this lawyer that said he would run a coup against Trump.
And it's all third hand over and over again.
But I'm going to tell you why it's still a danger in a moment, but here's Lindsey Graham.
That's what's going to happen.
When you find out who the whistleblower is, I'm confident, you're going to find out it's somebody from the deep state.
You're going to find out that they had interactions with the shift.
And this thing's going to stink to high heaven.
And the only reason we don't know who the whistleblower is, that it hurts their cause.
They're not trying to find the truth here.
If you really wanted to know the truth about why Joe Biden said what he did about the prosecutor, if you don't fire this guy, we're going to cut off the money.
Well, let's find out.
Was Hunter Biden in the crosshairs of the prosecutor?
This is not about Schiff finding the truth.
This is about Schiff trying to destroy the Trump presidency.
Mueller looked at Trump two years, $25 million, 40 FBI agents, and didn't find anything.
Now we got it in the hands of Schiff and Nadler.
If you think Schiff is looking for the truth, you shouldn't be allowed to drive anywhere in America because that's a ridiculous concept.
Well, you're making a really important point, and I want to make sure that our audience understands the way you're connecting the dots.
You know, folks are always mad at Lindsey Graham because he was a toady and a creature of...
McCain, but now that he's not under their control, he's been doing a pretty good job.
Showing that people can always reprieve themselves.
Like Christ on the cross, he's talking to the murderer and the thief, and one of them doesn't want to be forgiven, the other does.
I mean, it's all about changing the heart, ladies and gentlemen.
I still don't trust Graham, but he can put his finger up to the wind and see which way the wind's blowing.
Trump's right, we're kicking their ass in the realm of reality.
But here's the problem.
Let me get to it when we come back.
Because they're not just going to hit him, as I've been telling you since day one, with the Ukraine thing, just like Russia.
They'll move and pivot to several other frauds, actually five other frauds, when we come back, that they're going to try to launch into Thanksgiving, into Christmas, during the official impeachment proceedings that have opened up against the President.
So we're in the fight.
I'd say we're winning.
I don't know.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
So, everybody's like, wow, this whole crane thing is a total hoax.
They just keep recycling the same lies.
And now they've had secret hearings, and now they're going to have public hearings.
But Schiff is going to control who can ask questions and is trying to deny the Republicans their witnesses.
That's never before been done.
Just like the judge in D.C.
in Roger Stone's show trial.
I was talking to high-powered lawyers that practice in federal court, and they've never heard of a judge denying the defense, striking the jurors they want if they have conflicts.
But that is indeed going on and happening.
I pointed it out.
They called for me to be arrested in the Washington Post, the New York Times, and CNN, and had Obama, former federal prosecutor, saying I'm a criminal, when that's not illegal, by the way, to point out that they've got jurors that have conflicts of interest.
I mean, could Bill Clinton be on Roger Stone's jury?
Well then how about the head of a department that worked for Obama, whose husband worked on the Mueller probe?
Yes, that's all confirmed!
And they say they're good just to arrest Alex Jones and Don Jr.
because he exposed Sierra Mela.
And by the way, I noticed that articles from Politico and Medium and everywhere quoting Mike Cernovich
Two plus years ago, exposing Ceremella as the mole for McMasters and Fiona Hill are being taken down.
Even news major sites are taking their own down because Facebook says they'll ban you if you say Ceremella.
Jeez, that's like God's name.
Because he's already said he won't testify because it came out who he is and that he's a partisan hack!
You don't, you don't get to secretly tell lies and then not anyone ever get to face you.
It's incredible.
So document cam shot please.
Here's how they're going to come after the president.
They're going to come after him with psychiatric groups in the ongoing hearings that are going on in and around impeachment.
They're going to call it impeachment inquiry.
They've got six committees, and they've got committees next week set to start hearing mental instability, psychiatrists call Trump's diagnosis dangerous, and they want to testify, talk about quackery.
Medics to testify on Trump's mental instability during impeachment proceedings.
Hasn't been finalized yet though.
And they're going to bring up his mental state.
They're going to have more women come forward and say he raped them.
They're going to start saying that he didn't pay his taxes and that he's being removed for not paying taxes with no proof.
They're going to come out and also start having people say that, oh, they heard him say that he was racist, that they're going to have, you know, black people that have worked for the president testify, they heard the N-word.
You're going to see it all, because I know their mindset, I know what they've done before, and they've telegraphed it.
Pelosi said two months ago, oh, we've got six committees going, four are only going right now, but two more are firing up, and they're just going to have total rumor mill of people just come in and make crap up.
And then it'll just be, well, something's got to be done, and then trigger the riots in November and December, which Soros and Alexander Soros' son and the Antifa groups have been funded to do and are saying they're going to do.
So that's the plan, and they've telegraphed it, and they've told us, and people have to be aware of it.
Trump went to the big Alabama game, got a standing ovation for five minutes.
We can't even play it, it's so long.
I guess we'll play a little bit here next segment.
I went and looked, that was nowhere in the news except maybe local news.
And that's an example of the total control.
Everything negative is boosted, everything positive is suppressed.
I had people today at a gas station and at a legal meeting I had,
That was not related to this.
Say, man, I hear they're going to arrest you.
Did you really tamper with a jury?
That was all over the news last week for going, hey, Politico and Reuters say this woman headed up a department and that her husband was a lawyer at the Justice Department on the Mueller probe.
You can't your husband be on the probe that this whole case hinges on.
It's only hope to claim some Russian connection.
And then your wife, who worked for Obama, heading up a debate?
That's ridiculous!
Then they said, oh, I was wrong about who it was, and quoted that I said another woman that I didn't say.
No, we're right.
At first, they go, how dare you out her?
You're going to be arrested.
And they go, oh, actually, it's not her.
It's not her.
It's not her.
So let's go through another level of this and tie it into Epstein.
Because that's where all of this is going.
And now Nunes is formally calling on Adam Schiff to testify as part of impeachment show trial.
Nunes demands Schiff testify.
Also wants whistleblower and Hunter Biden to appear.
It's all about a cover-up of that.
And it's turning out the whistleblower was tied into Ukraine policy, actually on it, with the Bidens.
Oh, see, does he have a reason to make up stuff for not, huh, to cover his own ass?
Schiff rejects GOP whistleblower testimony demand due to the president's threats.
What about Julian Assange in solitary confinement for years?
Many experts say on death's doorstep.
Big article on Infowars.com about that.
Go read Mike Cernovich's article reposted Infowars.com from November 10th.
Well that's reposted, Dave.
That's from two years ago in 2017.
Sierra Mela, and go read about how he outed him and exposed him.
The link to the original article.
Facebook and YouTube banned naming alleged Trump impeachment whistleblower.
The Verge used to even have his name in there, but they took it out.
Oh, better not do that.
Survival of our democracy depends on banning sites like Infowars, Dem Senator says.
Washington Examiner, August 7th, 2018.
Because we exposed McMaster and
Cyril Melo, they say.
Go read it!
Oh, I need to be taken off the air, de-platformed, because I'm endangering our democracy by warning the President.
Trump's trolls are waging war on America's civil servants.
Foreign policy put out by the deep state, literally co-published by the CIA through the Washington Post and CFR.
Related to foreign affairs put out by the CFR.
It says a Mike Cernovich published an article attacking an assistant national security at HSR McMaster.
It goes on ludicrously claiming he's leaking info.
Eric Shiromala as pro-Crain and anti-Russia.
But turns out it was all true, you see.
Oh, we've all got to be taken down.
We've all got to be stopped because we're so accurate.
Turns out the FBI is now exposing that they themselves lied on their reports about what
General Flynn said.
But meanwhile, unfit to print episode 30, ABC chooses Royal Interview over taking down Pedophile Ring.
And I saw a truly sickening interview with Megyn Kelly, who's back with her internet show.
After her $70 million payout, after Taylor and NBC collapsed, the ratings went down 80% with her.
Such a rejection of her evil.
With the woman fired at CBS who'd been at ABC who they thought leaked the Epstein cover-up video with their investigative journalist anchor openly talking about how the Clintons were involved, blackmailed, deep state system with rich men having sex with children, how they were ordered to shut it down.
Turns out they fired the wrong person, but it doesn't matter.
She was apologizing for releasing it and Meghan was saying, why'd you do that?
You see, because it's bad to release it, even if you didn't.
No discussion of all the kidnapped little girls and all the rest of it.
Now let's shift gears to this.
I've gotten clearances for guys who had child porn issues.
That's an Infowars.com Jamie White article.
It's got all these different listings here on his admitted YouTube channel where he posts a bunch of shots of prepubescent girls talking about what a fan he is of them.
And then he talks about how he would love to be associated with Epstein.
Even when Epstein was in prison and linked to an article about the pedophile island.
He said that'd be a good thing to be associated with it.
And then you've got all the rest of it now coming out where
He talks about how he likes to go to Disney World and water parks by himself.
And he takes pictures with himself with little kids behind him.
And I said last week, why the hell would you do that?
Well, I guess you want clientele that's into that, I guess, for whatever reason, to represent him.
And now we found the tweet where he says that!
That's like, who you want for your, I guess Hillary's first employment was protecting pedophile rings.
That came out in court!
Her first job as a lawyer, so I guess that's how you get into the deep state very quickly or something?
I don't know, but I mean, he's obviously in the deep state.
He represents the fake CIA whistleblower that no one's allowed to say his name, Eric Sierra Mella.
Eric Sierra Mella, our number two with a bunch of big surprises straight ahead.
I align myself with the truth.
He aligns himself with the truth, and it's time for you to choose a side.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
I've been lining up to the truth so long, ladies and gentlemen, that I can't even tell a lie to my wife.
If she asks if the dress looks good and it doesn't, or if the dinner was good.
I mean, I've literally gotten to the point where I don't even tell white lies anymore.
It's a good thing, too, because your brain, when you don't tell any lies, starts lining up and not even hesitating, because it's not designed to tell lies.
Sure, most people tell a ton of lies, and I'm not perfect, I'm sure, but when you stop consciously calculating what you're going to say, then your brain comes from a very, very deep authoritative source, is what I'm saying.
We don't have to calculate BS into the equation.
And political correctness is about making us all liars.
Making us all worry about what we say, not being authentic.
But being what we think the establishment wants.
It's a form of new religion.
And you can never please the politically correct.
They always have more, more, more impossible things they want.
It's done by design.
And they're openly giving animals rights, and they're openly giving trees rights, and they're openly doing all these terrible things and saying you have to pay for people that want to mutilate their bodies, not just have their genitals cut off.
Because they're waging war against common sense because your own instincts, your own spirit, your own operating system God gave you is rebelling against the system these people want to build.
So finishing up, you have lawyer Mark Zedd, who I've talked a lot about today,
Who's the deep state lawyer, openly loves Clinton's, Obama's, swore to destroy Trump.
In his own tweets, once the president had just been inaugurated, we've covered those.
And I said last week, why is he all over his Twitter, all over his Facebook, all over YouTube saying, I just am a big fan of prepubescent girls, and Disney girls, and I go to the theme parks by myself and take photos with kids behind me, and... By the way, I think Jeffrey Epstein's a, you know, I'd love to be associated with him.
That's a good thing.
He tweets this during the scandal when he's in jail, a few months ago, before he died.
And he... does all this other crap, and I said, my goodness.
He must want the business of the deep state and that religion of the deep state is this.
I don't know if he is.
And sure enough, we find a tweet where he says, I can get you off if you've got child porn problems.
I'll get you your national security clearance.
He's a deep state lawyer that's helping get pedos national security clearances.
He says it.
Now, why would he say that?
A, for the business.
B, to flaunt it.
They know people aren't putting up with this, and they know it's coming down.
They know it's an evil Ponzi scheme that they took over the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts, all these big institutions, Penn State, and it just gets worse and worse because people want power.
Most of them don't want to have sex with kids, but they make them do it, so they've got blackmail on them.
Again, you know about the Italian Mafia makes you do a couple hits before you become a made member.
The Mexican Mafia makes you do the same thing.
And now to get meaner and meaner and eabler and eabler, a lot of those Mexican gangs actually say you gotta kill women and children.
Something Mexican gangs would never do, because they thought it was bad luck.
You bet it's bad luck.
With the big hombre in the sky, man.
No women, no kids, as Tony Montana says.
He's a communist?
For a green card, I'll carve him up real nice.
So, they get him in, they recruit him, and you've gotta have sex with an underage girl.
Fourteen's usually the start.
And she'll even look like she's twenty, but they let you know, this girl's fourteen years old.
And then next it's this, this and that, and they give you business deals, they give you power, but you also gotta do things they want.
And that's how they took over the British government, all of them.
This is it!
The Pope's out saying Jesus isn't literal.
And a bunch of stuff I'm gonna quote in a minute.
Because he's, they took over, he's part of a very evil group.
Even beyond the Jesuits.
So this is the reality, and it's all coming out, and Epstein is the zeitgeist that's exposing the whole enchilada.
But just think about this.
Syria's saying Epstein's a good thing to be associated with him.
He gets the pedophiles' jobs.
And the ABC anchor isn't even sad about the girls.
She's just sad she couldn't break the story.
You've got all these people like Brian Stilter defending ABC saying cover it up.
Swedish government grants $175,000 to fund drag queen shows for children.
That's just getting you used to men with your kids.
Meanwhile, there's the Washington Post.
Arrest Alex Jones.
Arrest Don Jr.
That's who they go after.
Because they know we are exposing them.
Articles about abortionists forcing women to have abortions.
Of course.
Cult, folks.
It's all up on Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
The only way it gets out is when you share it.
So, we're on this planet to make the right decision.
And those of us that fight it are going to be called traitors, we're going to be called enemy agents by the globalists, when it's the globalists that are destroying the country we live in.
And they'll build these straw men and say, oh, I was mean to these people, or I did that.
None of it's true.
Or it's out of context.
Because we threaten them because we know the truth about their operation.
And if the world ever wakes up to how the operation really works, then everything will make sense to people, law enforcement and others, and we can defeat this whole thing very quickly.
And now the zeitgeist is there.
I want to report to the globalists, Hillary and others, you failed.
Because when I go out on the street now, or I go to a restaurant,
People walk up and they're scared and they go, I apologize.
I thought you were crazy about the child kidnapping, rings and blackmail.
Now it's all come out and it's really scary.
What do we do?
And I say, you spread the word and you stand up and you don't go along with these people.
And you realize they always have a moral authority reason they want you to do X, Y, Z. It's never that.
They want you to bow to them.
They literally want to cut America's power off so we can't compete with China.
We're under a globalist war.
Be aware of the war, you can beat it.
Deny it, you'll get defeated.
Along with your children.
It is a fight between good and evil.
And so we've hit the zeitgeist.
I'll talk more about it next hour.
Millie Weaver's coming on with proof of election fraud, not just in Kentucky, but nationwide.
This is as big as the Veritas info that's been coming out.
It's just so huge.
And then a special report that is really, really important that I did with Matt on the street in the last segment.
There's literal Nazi deniers.
Leftists come up and get in my face and deny Nazi connections to the New World Order and globalism and the environmental movement.
So that's next hour.
On this live Sunday transmission, but as I said, some of it is tape segments, not because I want to go, not because I want to leave.
These are really important segments that need to go out to our TV and radio affiliates that pick up the actual show every day.
Let me get to a few of these clips.
Here's Hillary attacking me famously for a whole wide range of things.
Go ahead and play it.
That's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones, who claims that 9-11 and the Oklahoma City bombings were inside jobs.
He even said, and this really just is so disgusting, he even said the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre were child actors.
And no one was actually killed there.
I don't know what happens in somebody's mind or how dark their heart must be to say things like that.
And then she goes on to attack Trump.
So, for being on my show, of course I have questioned big events.
The internet questioned and said that.
She says it in my name and exaggerates what I said to then hurt people.
See that alchemy?
And then she makes that my identity when that's something we hardly ever talked about.
That's her fraud.
But then she moves on that I'm a Russian agent.
I'm gonna tie that in to Trump currently.
Here she is.
Within one hour, one hour of the Access Hollywood tapes being leaked, within one hour the Russians, say WikiLeaks, same thing, dumped the
John Podesta emails.
Now, if you've ever read the John Podesta emails, they are anodyne to boredom.
Oh yeah.
Spirit Cooking, St.
Worship, Ringing Elections, Ringing Debates.
They were, you know, forgive him for what he said about you.
Private Party, $65,000 Hot Dogs.
They were run-of-the-mill emails, especially run-of-the-mill for a campaign.
Should we do this?
What should she say?
I don't, you know, the stuff that is so... Oh yeah, no big deal.
No, we were reading the actual parts.
Okay, so that's enough of that.
I'm not gonna get this whole thing, but now Van Jones and others are mad.
Tonight, Hillary Clinton pushes her own Russia conspiracy theory.
In a recent podcast, Clinton says Russians are grooming a 2020 presidential contender.
That candidate is Tulsi Gabbard.
Here's Hillary Clinton.
I'm not making any predictions.
I'll tell you what, folks, we're up against the clock.
We're going to start the second hour.
I'll play this full clip, and then Millie Weaver is going to be hosting a few segments.
I want her to be able to get this out.
She's got a lot of notes, a lot of incredible stuff, and then I've got that special report.
InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today, and we've got a huge special that's got to end.
I'm a week behind ending it because I've been so busy with big breaking news, but the special has to end today.
InfoWarsStore.com, store and free shipping.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
I had a chance this morning to go on a three-mile hike with all three of my daughters in the woods and in the creeks and do some geology, find some fossils, and I was just in ecstasy.
I have never found absolute pure contentment, but for those few hours out there, I was in heaven.
So close to God.
So close to innocence.
Now imagine wanting to hurt that innocence.
Everything we stand for is about resisting those that don't just hate innocence, but want to destroy it.
And as religion is attacking it, I do pledge
I do swear on the altar of God to grow up and be even more fierce and focused and professional in my fight against the New World Order.
Because we've been proven right.
We've been correct about the horrible prospectus of who these people are.
And now they're just out in the open flaunting it, and that means we've got to defeat them.
Man, I wish I was wrong about all this, but I wasn't.
And it's because I got advised by the type of people that would know what was really going on.
The head of the largest jurisdiction, single jurisdiction of the FBI, the head of the Air Force secret weapons program, and others.
I mean, I didn't go looking for the devil worshippers.
They came and found me.
Growing up in Dallas around rich people, I thought it was just there.
And then I found out it's everywhere, just like the Bible says, just like Paul says.
And so people just say, man, Alex, you sure preach a lot these days.
Hey, I, I didn't go to one of these seminaries.
I'm not trying to be an authority.
I have, I have been in the trenches.
I have studied.
I have, I have been all over the place.
And I'm telling you, you will always find a servant of the devil behind everything going on.
I mean, look at 5G, 6G coming out.
Look at the GMO.
Look at the vaccine.
All of it is to hurt us.
All of it is to stunt us and make us dumb so they can try to confuse us and get us to willfully join with evil and give up our soul.
It's all about that.
And I just thank God every day that I'm not
I mean, you just look at them.
They are just soul-sucked, horrible individuals bound for an eternity of only being with their own type of people.
Imagine being all those spirits just with each other, not having kids to feed on anymore.
That's why they want to take the children with them.
They just are so pissed.
They wouldn't want to be in the presence of God.
That's like nails on a chalkboard to them.
And so I want to thank you all for your prayers, your support.
You're the only reason we're here.
And I'm just extremely honored.
Millie Weaver's coming up.
Let me finish up with Hillary Clinton, because I mentioned that here as part of the... Yeah, let's finish.
We already finished with Hillary Clinton.
It is Hillary Clinton, the part I was getting to with Van Jones.
Here it is.
I'm not making any predictions, but I think they've got their eye on somebody who's currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third party candidate.
She's a favorite of the Russians.
They have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far.
And that's assuming Jill Stein will give it up, which she might not, because she's also a Russian asset.
Okay, so just a fact, huh?
Tulsi Gabbard's a Russian asset, and Joel Stein's a Russian asset.
Out front now, Van Jones, host of the Van Jones Show.
So that's how she puts it out there.
I mean... She's playing a very dangerous game.
I mean, Hillary Clinton, if you're concerned about disinformation, if you're concerned that what the Russians do is they spread disinformation, they get us divided against each other, that is what just happened.
Just throw out some information, disinformation, smear somebody,
She is Hillary Clinton.
She's a legend.
She is... Well, Van Jones just said something that was true.
But it's not the Russians.
It's the globalists.
Create division.
What does CNN do?
Create division.
We'll be right back with gigantic election fraud news.
We have them.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Sunday, November 10th, 2019.
Millie Weaver is about to take over for the next few segments, then I'll be back.
She's joining us live to lay out
Proof of hundreds of thousands of people put back on the Kentucky rolls who don't live in the state for many years, who are non-citizens, you name it.
And then the rabbit hole got even deeper.
A whistleblower sent them more information.
After that, thousands of pages.
Beth Harris of Black Box Voting looked at it.
She says it's legit.
This is crazy.
So she's about to take over.
And remember,
We can only bring you this type of information because of your financial support and your word of mouth.
We're supposed to be off the air.
We're supposed to be deplatformed.
Now they're taking anybody off Facebook that talks about the CIA fake whistleblower, Sierra Mala, even though that's totally legal, has been confirmed to be so.
It's just amazing.
And the shift won't let people face their accusers in the kangaroo show trials that Congressman Nunes and others are talking about.
So this is an incredible time to be alive, the time to exercise our free speech.
So please, if you're listening on local AM and FM stations, tell folks about them, support them.
Local TV stations, spread the word.
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I wish there was more organizations like it, but we are the best because you are the best.
So, InfoWarsStore.com.
Now, let's bring her in for the rest of this segment and the next.
She's going to be hosting.
She's got a big list of things.
She goes, let's cover all this.
And I said, listen,
You only got two segments.
I better have you do it or you'll never get to it all.
You're doing a great job.
I stayed up last night for two and a half hours with my middle daughter.
She saw me watching and wanted to watch it, watching Millie and one of the other ladies that was on with her live on YouTube with tens of thousands of live viewers laying out all these documents and things.
But she's just going to give you the recap of what's happened, the breakdown of what's coming next, because we're having to absorb thousands of pages of documents with each dump.
That's why I send so many people to Veritas.
Because they can do a great job as well.
But whatever you do with your whistleblower, it's part of the system coming down.
People standing up and saying Epstein was murdered.
When we say it, the Navy SEAL says it, the coroners say it, and now everybody's saying it.
And it's a power of the people to override the MSM propaganda and their false narratives.
So that's why we're in the middle of this revolution, and it's going to explode from here on out.
But the enemy's going to strike back, and it's going to be one hell of a dangerous time.
So again, get
Get right with God, folks.
Enough of me, Millie Weaver, and then I'll be back at the bottom of the hour again on this live Sunday transmission.
Ladies and gentlemen, Millie Weaver.
Well, on Friday we made the bombshell discovery when a woman who is a South Dakota resident came forward, actually a North Dakota resident, she came forward with evidence that herself and her immigrant husband had been registered to vote in the Kentucky election as Democrats.
Well, the crazy thing about this is that this woman is a Republican.
And her immigrant husband is ineligible to vote.
To make matters worse, they have not lived in Kentucky for over eight years.
So that was the first red flag and that is when we had a recorded phone call with the Kentucky Board of Elections and that is when we heard for ourselves from the Board of Elections that 175
Purged, inactive voters that had been removed from the voter rolls were put back on the voter rolls last minute.
Because the Attorney General, Andy Beshear, who now is the Democrat incumbent that won the gubernatorial election against Matt Blevin,
Somehow he sued with a bunch of other Democrats to get these 175,000 voters that were purged back on the voter rolls.
What's interesting is after we broke this story,
And it went big on InfoWars.
Now I was checking my inbox, my email for my website because I was being inundated with others who have lived in Kentucky in the past saying, wow, this happened to me as well.
I live in Minnesota and now I'm checking and it looks like I've been re-registered in Kentucky.
People that lived in Florida and haven't been in Kentucky since 04 coming forward to me saying, oh, you know, look, I'm registered to vote as well.
I was put back on the voter rolls.
Is this how the Democrats are committing voter fraud?
So that was amazing to see that.
But I just so happened to find in my email after breaking this huge story, a massive whistleblower came forward and dumped hundreds of documents at my feet.
Evidencing what might be one of the biggest scandals we've seen.
Evidencing Kentucky voter fraud.
And here's the thing, it's not just Kentucky.
They've got documents and evidence evidencing Indiana elections and Tennessee elections.
This is happening all throughout the country.
So what are they dropping my feet?
Well, first of all, I'll tell you why I haven't released it yet to the public.
The amount of information here
It includes private information, it includes the serial numbers for these voting machines, it includes administrative passwords, account logins, it includes the audit logs, it includes private banking information, checks, wire transfers between the owner of the company that runs all the voting machines.
So let me give you a recap.
Basically, the reason I can't
Release this to the public is one.
I could get in trouble for doing so.
So the important thing here is we are going to be releasing some of the documentation that's legal for us to release.
And the other big amount of the information we are trying to hand off right now to the proper authorities so that we can ask you then, the listeners, to all demand that a thorough investigation be done into the Kentucky election results.
Now, what's interesting is we were able to speak with Bev Harris.
She is the woman behind Black Box Voting.
She has a lot of expertise and knowledge, and she looked over some of these documents and said, yes, they are real.
They are legitimate documents.
This is all official ballots and the HTML, the code inside of these electronic voting machines.
So we've already verified this is real, okay?
The next step here is, okay, we need to get this information out to the public.
So let's break through this.
Okay, so the owner of this company, this company called Harp Enterprises,
This whistleblower has given bank account information from this owner.
They've given checks, wire transfers.
They've given all of this evidence which alleges fraud and definite conflict of interest between the owner of this company dealing with foreign entities.
Talk about foreign interference and foreign meddling.
Well, we may just have evidence that there's
There's been foreign meddling in the Kentucky election, and guess what?
Big surprise, it's not Russian.
It's not Russian.
But I bet the Democrats would want to try to claim that when that's not the case.
So on the other side of this break, I'm going to be thoroughly breaking down what is inside some of these emails, the information I can give you.
But my gosh, this is bombshell, and the Kentucky election might have very well been stolen.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
Welcome back, I'm Millie Weaver and you're watching the Alex Jones Show.
Now, just before the break, I was talking about this bombshell whistleblower that leaked hundreds of documents evidencing voter fraud in Kentucky.
Now, I am just overwhelmed here with all of this information, all of these documents, so it's going to be kind of tricky to get all this information in just in this last segment that I'll be here, but I want to get through some of the key points here.
One of the key points is that the owner, apparently, according to these documents, we have wire transfers of the owner of Harp Enterprises, which Harp Enterprises is the company that owns all the voting machines in Kentucky that did the election.
How do you feel about that?
One single private company owning all of the voting machines in an entire state and being in charge of that election.
Now, the owner
The wire transfers that we see in the owner's bank account, which these documents are alleging, shows wire transfers being given to the owner from foreign companies, software companies, that are doing work that involves software that models the outcome of elections.
So basically, you type in what you want, how many voters, what your voting block is, and it can show you how to get the result you want.
So gee, is that suspicious?
I think that's
Reason enough to look for and to demand more investigation into the Kentucky election, but it gets worse, okay?
We also have audit logs of the electronic voting machines, which show scripts being run as export of tally happening live, which evidences fractional voting.
Okay, so there's a strong reason, there's strong evidence here for us to demand, okay, we need to have investigation.
And like I said, we are going to be handing this information off to the proper authorities.
There's also evidence of Roger Baird, the owner, being given large sums of money and also putting $75,000 checks into his bank account.
So there's a lot of evidence here that could indicate that there's a major conflict of interest between this owner of this company that runs all the voting machines, that he should not be doing our elections.
Oh, and here's another interesting tidbit that was found in this leak.
There are employee correspondences between the owner of this company
With his other employees talking about some of his employees' posts on social media.
Well, can you guess what these posts are about?
That's right, they're about President Trump and his employees going on Trump derangement rants on the internet.
So, this is a company that oversees all the election machines and their employees are going on Trump derangement rants, talking about Orange Man bad and how much they hate the President and hate Republicans and Conservatives.
Okay, so there's a bias right there, and that should concern everyone, okay?
And not to mention the fact that it is being reported that Kentucky's turnout is unusual.
They've had the largest election turnout since 1995, okay?
They were expecting about a 31% registered voter turnout.
This election in Kentucky, and they wound up having a 42% turnout, which is a lot higher than what they were anticipating, and in fact, the highest since what I said, 1995.
So there's a little bit of an odd anomaly right there, but there's more, okay?
It's unbelievable just looking through these documents.
I've been doing it for hours now, and we continue to find new things all the time.
There's evidence that one county received £120 worth of absentee ballots last minute.
Hmm, that should concern someone.
Let's see, non-profit Kentucky Center for Special Children's Services, Inc.
In fact, for for-profit Carriage House Educational Services dealing with children.
I mean, there's basically what we're seeing is there's a lot of evidence of fraud in here.
And whoever this whistleblower is, we have reason to believe they might still be there.
We don't know.
It could just be some some random person that happened to come across a dumpster full of documentation.
But whoever this person was, was very thorough.
And the amount of documents we have here is astonishing.
Um, we've got, uh, more evidence of, uh, SMI acquisition LLC being the registered agent in Virginia that is linked to over 108 dubious or shadow companies.
So we're seeing a lot of shell corporation activity here.
Um, the bottom line is that why are we having the company that runs all the electronic border machines have their own employees going on Trump derangement rants?
And they send all these employees out to manage each machine.
And we learned that from the documents because we've got hotel reservations.
We've got lists of names of people who were the representatives that man each machine.
We even have passwords.
Okay, for the machines.
And let me tell you, the passwords for the electronic voter machines are terrifying.
Democrats want to act like, oh, we're so concerned about Russian interference or Russian hacking, yet the password for the electronic voter machines, the administrative password, is the most simple password you could ever imagine.
It's as simple as Podesta's password.
That he had, okay?
You could probably guess it off the top of your head.
No special characters, no numbers, no capitalizations, nothing.
One word.
And I can't believe that that's all the security they have for these voter machines.
Yet we're supposed to believe that they're really concerned about Russians hacking the election and the machines.
That should be concerning.
Your Facebook password is probably stronger than the password for these electronic voting machines.
And I wonder if that's because then they'll have culpable deniability if anyone were to get into the machines, or if the results look a little bit funny, they can say, well, maybe somebody got into the machines it wasn't supposed to.
You've got people exporting, uh, exporting data from the machines.
We have a lot of, uh, slips for maintenance reports for the machines showing low batteries and showing all this bad, this machine maintenance going on.
Uh, it's alarming to say the least.
What we have here is very alarming.
It should scare everyone.
And what I, what I'm seeing here, when I, when I'm looking through this documentation, I'm thinking, wow, this is such a complex, complicated,
The people running this operation have to be people who are extremely intelligent, okay?
This is not some base-level stupid crime going on here.
This has, like, got Deep State written all over it, okay?
You gotta have a very high IQ to be able to wrap your head around this stuff, let alone be the one going out there and engaging in this level of fraud.
We are going to be releasing more of this documentation.
You can find more of this on my Twitter account, Millie underscore Weaver.
You can also find more information from one of the people I've been working with on this, Tori Says, on Twitter.
We will also be putting out more information on Loomer.us, on Laura Loomer's site, and you can also find it on my YouTube channel.
I did a large stream last night, a two-hour stream,
Where myself and Tori, we break down all of what we're seeing here.
We go into it in depth.
So if you want more information on this, I advise you to go to my YouTube channel, Millennial Millie on YouTube, and watch the stream.
And stay tuned, follow, you know, keep watching InfoWars.com because that's where we're going to be breaking these whistleblower stories.
Because we are in an age now where more and more people are coming forward because they don't want to go along with the globalist New World Order plan to destroy America.
So, please continue to support InfoWars so we can continue to do this important work and we can continue to be a platform available for whistleblowers who want to come out and reveal the schemes the lying globalist New World Order are trying to run on us to destroy our country.
So, thank you so much guys for supporting InfoWars.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
That sounds bats*** crazy.
But... Yeah.
But if it's so bats*** crazy, then why are they so scared that anybody... I mean, hear what I have to say.
Hi, I'm Alex Jones.
You work here?
No, I'm a student here.
But you're doing some graduate stuff or stuff here?
No, sometimes in my free time.
The museums are free for all students, so you're allowed to come.
Oh, that's cool.
Well, come over here, because I want to talk to folks.
Would you like to come in the studio sometime, and we'll play this video, and we'll post it first, and you can bring your evidence, and I can bring mine, scientific, and then what if I show you 50 billionaires saying exactly what I just said, but saying it's a good idea to get rid of humans, the post-human world?
I'd be very surprised.
I mean, I'd have to check the credibility of the source.
If he gave me the information beforehand, I'd have time to fact-check it.
Sure, sure.
So is it not true that life expectancy is dropping?
Life expectancy is dropping in some places, yes.
Everywhere where they have glyphosates.
I mean, that's one of the big ones.
Just like breast cancers are way up.
Like Brazil didn't really have any breast cancer that you could even really register until they put glyphosates in there, and then now they have a rate almost as high as us.
In just 25 years?
Oh, I mean, you just said everything's fine.
Why would they tell us that you could drink glyphosate 30 years ago?
I was on air 25 years ago saying it's deadly gross cancer, and I've all been proven right about that.
Just like atrazine makes frog and toad populations collapse because the males try to have sex with the males and don't fertilize the female eggs.
This rather large amphibian supposedly lived millions of years before the dinosaurs.
Its species could have been extincted a lot quicker if there had been some atrazine out in the water.
Because then the males would have only been attracted to the males.
And then, bye bye!
Just going a second back, you mentioned about how I said that everything's getting better.
I never said that.
I'm just skeptical of your silicon-based life technology.
Well no, I mean, you haven't heard the whole establishment say we need to reduce the world population to save the planet?
I believe that.
I don't know about Dr. Pianca.
But I believe... I don't know about Dr. Pianca.
There's a lot of doctors here at UT.
I'm a computer science student.
And, uh, they took them down and showed them the secret nuclear reactors under here, and then they tried to recruit them into a larger government project.
My dad didn't get involved with that project.
But, I mean, that's the type of real stuff that goes on in the real world.
Like, like, you understand, like, in law and in science and all that, you have the porch scientists and the porch lawyers that don't know how things work, and then you have the inner guilds that actually know how everything works.
How do you think everything actually works then?
The inner guilds?
Well, I mean, I know when I was a kid, I mean, I was told that HIV was a race-specific biological weapon, and that northern Europeans don't have receptor sites on the T lymphocytes to take it on, and that it was a virus that would then mutate into being harmless, and that it was a bioweapon launched on Africans.
And now they've had Indian and Russian and African scientists go and improve all of that.
And then I have Dick Cheney writing in a PNAC paper bragging about bioweapons, that's used on blacks.
And then I have race-specific weapons, race-specific bioweapons.
Then I have State Department memorandum 200 by Henry Kissinger, 1972, talking about how they wanted to do this through vaccines and other things, and through chemicals to third-world populations to sterilize them.
Hey, what about the Tuskegee experiment, giving black people syphilis?
And then it turned out it wasn't just those poor folks, it was people all over the world.
The U.S.
government was giving syphilis and vaccines.
So, so far I've listened to you make about 10 different claims.
I don't know the legitimacy.
No, I said you can come in.
We're going to post this.
You can give us your number.
You can have a month, a week, whatever you want.
And then you can come in.
And then you can tell me how all these things are wrong on air.
Sounds great.
Because they're not.
I think you're wrong.
I don't want to give you too much publicity.
Yes, you're going to give me so much publicity.
You're just scared to come in and debate me.
Hydrofluorosilicic acid.
I said 25 years ago it causes lower birth rates, it causes infertility, it causes sterilization, it causes lowered IQ, and it causes bone cancer.
Most of these fossils were found during commercial digs where shopping malls are being built or the grounds being broken for a farmhouse.
And you dig up this guy.
Who millions of years ago was swimming through the shallow seas of Texas, hoping that it wouldn't get snapped up by a plesiosaur or a mosasaur, the apex predators of their time.
So how do you collect your facts?
I'm wondering, backtracking a little bit.
When you have, do you have an idea and then try justifying it through facts?
Or do you have facts and then try coming up with an idea?
Well, usually I'm just simply going, oh,
Look at this piece of legislation.
Or look, men were just arrested in Connecticut for words they said.
And the NAACP said they want to get rid of the First Amendment.
So, 99% of what I cover is an already developed news story that's not even being debated.
And so, that's 99% of what I do.
It is a corporate media
It's almost like war propaganda level disinformation.
It's somewhat challenging too, to be honest.
No, no, no, no.
It's like corporate disinformation.
The few things they pick about me that aren't even accurate, that they then put on display and tell people about all day.
I mean, it is a fact.
That they have found live poliovirus hundreds and hundreds of times in polio vaccines being pushed by the United Nations.
You say that these corporate entities are spreading disinformation.
Some would argue, in fact I would argue, that you're spreading disinformation in many of your interviews.
You give about 10 or 15 stated facts and then you create a claim without allowing the other person to argue the legitimacy of the claim.
Well that's just because usually people don't even know what I'm talking about.
Bayer Pharmaceutical, 15 years ago, got caught in an international scandal that had been going on for 20 years before me.
And I was on the ground and broke it all 24 years ago.
Because I would have people on who had proof.
And this doctor was a prosthesis doctor.
He worked in the Arkansas prisons.
And he saw them taking blood from people every week who were selling it in the prisons.
And he knew they had HIV and hepatitis, most of them.
And they were selling it to Bayer Pharmaceutical in Canada.
And the Clintons were being paid millions of dollars off of that.
And I first was one of the first people to break that.
After he came on my show, his center in Little Rock was firebombed, and the Hemophiliac Society of Canada the same night was attacked.
And then it came out, they didn't stop us, a few years later that Bayer had signed a deal knowingly getting HIV and Hepatitis blood, mixing it together, making Factor VIII, and then knowingly shipping it all around the world, and the corporate heads in these lawsuits and documents and indictments that came out,
Admit it, they said, yeah, there's too many hemophiliacs.
So Bayer Pharmaceutical, who of course helped the Nazis, knowingly shipped Factor VIII blood product with HIV and hepatitis for more than a decade, and they did it on purpose, because they like to kill people, and they wanted to be able to manage it and cover the whole thing up, just like the atomic experiments.
Do you know about the radiation experiments on tens of thousands of children in the U.S.?
No, I do not.
Do you know about the ringworm children in Israel?
This is an example... How the U.S.
government paid to radiate... You're giving a whole bunch of... You're stating facts that I or anyone else walking through this campus would have no idea to know off the top of their heads.
And you know what Joe Rogan did when I was on with him last time?
He sat there with his guys Googling it.
In the back?
And I would say...
You know, and by the 1950s, they had systems, uh, to be able to microwave sounds directly in the brain.
They'd pull it up.
And, uh, you know, they had VR goggles in 1967.
My dad saw them at UT in a secret project they had with CD-ROM boosters.
They'd pull it up.
They're like, oh, the U.S.
lab thing, the total goggles, just like we have today.
And then I already know about a bunch of the stuff I can't even tell you about.
Do you believe this?
I hope my wife was at the University of Washington.
This guy, that's right, a gigantic armadillo, supposedly only disappeared 12,000 years ago at the end of the last Ice Age.
I tell ya.
I don't believe a word they say.
I only believe AOC.
And she says we're all dead in 10 years.
You've mentioned all these globalists.
They don't want you spreading this information.
Who in specific?
Do you think they find your information dangerous, what you're stating?
Yes, Bill and Melinda Gates, two Mondays ago, funded the episode of The Good Doctor.
They admit they funded it.
The UN funded it.
The whole thing attacks me.
And puts out all the Sandy Hook BS you just said.
What's up, Ryker?
Bill and Melinda Gates.
Bill Milligate's finance, that show against me.
Earlier you mentioned... The entire program of the producers and makers of Homeland admit that that whole show is to demonize and attack me and the plan is to demonize me so bad they can put me in jail.
Why would they do that?
Okay, what's it gonna be?
Look it up, you think I'm lying?
That whole show they admit is meant to take me down.
Okay, let's give you another show.
Chris Carter came out with a new X-file and said, I think Alex Jones is good and put out that character who's proven right in the show.
So there's a whole civil war going on.
You know why Chris Carter's a lot, uh, aware?
The CIA came to Chris Carter nine, ten months before 9-11 and said, we want you, he's done an interview, we want you to produce a show, we're a rogue government group.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm not a big viewer of fiction television, but I did get a little bit into Game of Thrones, and I was telling my children that dire wolves were a real wolf that's extinct.
They didn't believe me until I took them to this museum, and there you have it.
That's a smaller skeleton of one, but
Well, I can't comment about that, but I did listen to a bit of your Joe Rogan clip, and I know you mentioned, and correct me if I'm misstating what you're saying, because I don't want to misstate you.
You said that NASA is a breakaway government from the Nazis.
Well, no.
Yes, NASA is set up by Kennedy.
They brought 36,000 scientific Nazis over, and the Goddard Space Center, Werner Von Braun ran the Nazi superweapon program.
But I remember your wording, you said, you didn't say, you did say that they brought over Nazi scientists, which I believe is true, I'm not sure about that, but I believe it's true.
But, then you said NASA is a breakaway government.
You guys getting here too, it's fine.
So NASA is a breakaway government from the Nazis?
Well, I mean... Everybody knows the CIA is at least seven different groups.
I mean, there's factions and everything.
When I say a breakaway government, you've heard of Mission Creek.
No, I don't know about that.
Well, I mean, you've certainly heard about institutions and things having their own missions and breaking off and doing things.
Yeah, that's most corporates.
They have different things, you know, subsections.
So NASA is its own secretive, breakaway, separate government.
The CIA and the National Security Act is admittedly a breakaway, separate, continental government, COG.
Do you believe NASA does anything that's good?
I mean, here's the deal.
I was talking about shadow government in Deep State 25 years ago.
Because that was in the Frank Church committees.
That's what they call it.
Do you still think NASA is a breakaway government from the Nazi government?
Or do you believe now the American government has full control of NASA?
I was not saying that the Nazis had control of NASA.
I'm saying Nazi scientists were brought over to create NASA.
That's not debatable.
No, I think it is true that maybe some Nazis did work for NASA, but when you had that Joe Rogan clip, you made it seem like the Nazis were controlling the mass gathering.
Did you know that the Space Shuttle was only on the blueprints?
It's called the Silverbird, and it's an atomic bomb attack weapon.
That they had on the board.
You launch that, it turns upside down and it bombs on the same parallel New York, Chicago, and Seattle.
That's where we had Boeing.
And if they could have completed the weapons that we sent special forces in, the British and the U.S.
to destroy them, they were building them in underground bases and were going to launch space shuttles to drop atomic bombs on us from low Earth orbit.
It's a space plane, dude.
That's what it is.
That's what I was talking about.
Can I ask a question?
Did you just say that they brought Nazis over here to bring gas over here?
That's an absolute fact, yeah.
That's absolutely wrong.
The Nazis came over here, they were at Irvine site, they came over here right after World War II.
Yeah, Werner von Braun.
That's what he was just talking about NASA.
He was talking about NASA being a breakaway separate government.
They brought Werner Von Braun and Nazis over here to fake NASA.
That is factually wrong.
My grandfather knew Werner Von Braun, right here at UT.
That is factually wrong.
You're just saying factually wrong.
Go read a book about it.
No, I've read plenty of books about it.
Then you haven't done it either.
No, no, no.
You should come to me.
You're just arrogant.
No, you're just wrong.
No, no, no, no.
The Nazis were brought over here for weapons systems and further atomic programs.
And then NASA was founded by Goddard and by all those guys and they ran it.
No, that is not what I just said.
No, the first time you just said... No, hey listen, just because you're an arrogant UT type, I got millions of listeners and that's the facts.
And I was explaining that the Space Shuttle was called the Silverbird and was on the blueprint plans as an atomic spaceplane attack aircraft.
Now that's just a fact, that's what I was talking about.
But that's declassified information of the Space Shuttle!
Typhon Silverberg!
Encyclopedia Britannica!
$10,000, I'll bet this guy, get your name on the line!
$10,000 that the space shuttle was developed and planned by the Nazis to drop atomic bombs on the United States.
Come on, come on, $10,000.
You put your name on it, professor, whoever you are.
Let's get you on the radio.
And if you're right, $10,000.
I asked you to name the source.
I just, it's in the freaking encyclopedia that everybody knows the space shuttle came out of Nazi technology and Wernher von Braun.
Thank you for the, thank you.
Wernher von Braun was the main technician expert on 2001 Space Odyssey.
He was hired by Armistice Clark, the inventor of the telecommunications satellite.
You don't know anything.
You just arrogantly waddle around with your fluoride heads.
There is an example of the arrogance right there.
These people, these people cannot admit anything.
He just wanted to create some type of argument.
I know full well that NASA was officially created by Kennedy.
He probably doesn't even know that.
And this guy just asked me a question about Nazis.
That's all.
That's all.
One thing is for certain.
We live on a fantastic planet.
And the scientific community has been bought off by corporatists that do not want us questioning and do not want us investigating.
And the powerful institutions that have taken over this planet are telling us that humans are obsolete and that the planet's going to be better off once we're gone.
That, ladies and gentlemen, is extremely dangerous.
So, anyways...
The whole point is, my grandfather came to several talks that Werner Von Braun actually gave here at UT, and talked to him about some of it.
That was back when he was talking about the, still the design of the ring space stations that are spinning, so you actually get some gravity and all that.
And so that was all theoretical stuff that was being set up.
I don't know anything about the theoretical stuff, so I'd like to skip talking about that.
Do you consider yourself an intellectual?
I think anybody that calls himself an intellectual is a fop.
I think.
All this intellectual stuff is... Most people that call themselves intellectuals claim they have knowledge and information, so they can walk around trying to impress each other, but they never get anything done.
So you make a lot of claims.
Translated from the Latin, this guy is named Thick-Headed Dinosaur, so not only was he very, very stubborn, he could also give you one hell of a headbutt.
When someone fact-checks a claim and says it's not true, or that it was misleading, perhaps you said something that has an element of truth
Well, like Snopes?
Like with a fat lady and her cat?
No, maybe not Snopes, but maybe someone on your team points out and says, hey, this is inaccurate.
What do you do when you find out something you said isn't true?
Do you deny?
Or do you apologize?
I mean, all the time.
I mean, I say things all the time.
Like I said, Trump has sued CNN.
I know he's actually started the suit.
He hasn't filed it yet.
So, I mean, all the time I do that stuff.
Okay, so when you misstate something, what do you do to correct it?
Because you have millions of views.
Your platform is huge.
You have a very big platform.
And people listen.
And sometimes, sometimes people only listen to one video.
So I would suggest one thing you do, is whenever you create a video of your show and you misstate something, you should put in the comments or headlines, corrections.
Oh, we've done that.
Yeah, you have?
Okay, good.
But the New York Times ever corrected, purposely lying about WMDs.
That's okay, because they're liberal, so it's trendy.
You know, this is the same New York Times that tells us men can have babies.
And now, major tampon manufacturers are taking women off the package because guys want to shove them up their ass.
So how intellectual does that sound?
I mean, let's just get down to brass tacks here.
The precursors of today's scientists believe the world was flat.
Others thought it was the center of the universe.
Today our scientists teach us that men who have penises can have a cervical exam and that men, biological men, menstruate so men stick tampons up their ass.
That's called being insane or in a cult.
I'm a thought criminal because I say that biological men shouldn't be winning women's world cycling competitions or, again, sticking tampons up their ass.
Do you think you dramatize specific events that don't represent the entire United States?
Dramatize 2 million Iraqis starving to death under Clinton's sanctions and then Madeleine Albright on 60 Minutes saying 500,000 dead kids that she killed is a good price to pay.
She says, your policies killed 500,000 kids.
She goes, yes they did and I'm proud of it.
Want to pull the video up right here?
Want us to show it to you?
I don't know.
We have heard that a half a million children have died.
I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima.
You know, is the price worth it?
I think this is a very hard choice.
But the price, we think the price is worth it.
But I'm not a liberal!
If you look like a little demon crone like her, you know, then it's okay.
You know, Madeleine Albright got saved from the Nazis by the Serbs.
She repaid them with bombing them with DU and Belgrade.
And then when she was on that same 60 Minutes show,
Bragging about killing half a million Iraqi children, they notice stolen art on the walls from Jews that her dad, because she's Jewish, helped round up other Jews and steal their art.
So that's who the Clintons work for, a bunch of monsters.
Would you consider yourself a patriot?
Absolutely, a patriot for humanity.
I gotta go, uh, take care of some stuff.
But if you wanna come, if you wanna, you can take it.
We're gonna post this on InfoWars.
You wanna give us your email, we'll give you ours.
You wanna pick five of these things you wanna debunk and come on and do it.
And you can pick that one thing that guy did earlier.
You can pick that thing that that guy did earlier, where he says that, you know, the Nazis didn't found nothing.
Yeah, we all know JFK signed into the thing.
The Nazis were, ran the whole damn thing.
Well, I think you're delusional.
I'm delusional!
Did you hear that?
Did you hear that?
I'm delusional.
The Nazis weren't involved with NASA, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm delusional.
Because these people can't handle it.
And I guess injecting 20,000 black people with syphilis in Tuskegee, that didn't happen either.
Tomorrow's news.
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