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Name: 20191107_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 7, 2019
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Alex Jones discusses how America is waking up to the truth about Hillary Clinton's criminal activities, including her involvement in child sex trafficking. He also criticizes the Democrats for being authoritarian and anti-American, and highlights the deep state's attempts to strike back against InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com. Jones mentions his recent protest outside Google headquarters, where people agreed with him about the Clintons and pedophile rings. In the next 10-20 years, society will experience a transition to a world government and cashless economy. The impeachment inquiry is moving forward with new testimonies against Pence, despite Bolton's defiance of White House orders. Roger Stone's trial is also making headlines, as the judge threatened jurors who disclosed information about the case. Alex Jones promotes products available on his website InfoWarsStore.com. He claims that his products are of high quality and sold at reasonable prices with free shipping. Some of these items include the Alexa Pure Breeze, Patriot Blend coffee, Trump is innocent t-shirts, and a new revolutionary product. Jones also discusses the ongoing trial of Roger Stone, criticizing the judicial system and calling for support to expose the "Clinton child kidnapping network." He mentions how CNN and MSNBC have been slandering Stone, while InfoWars has been fighting against this tyranny. This article discusses a discussion between Alex Jones and Jacob Engels of South Florida Post about the trial of Roger Stone, a long-time associate of former US President Donald Trump who was charged with obstruction, making false statements and witness tampering. During the trial, there was much controversy regarding jury selection; those on the left alleged that conservative media were attempting to intimidate jurors, while Engels countered that they were merely reporting publicly available information about jurors' backgrounds. During the Alex Jones Show, the host discussed recent events involving the censorship of journalists and media outlets. He mentioned the case of Jacob Engels, a journalist who has been targeted by the Young Turks and other media organizations for reporting on the Roger Stone trial. The host also highlighted the importance of independent media in providing an alternative voice to mainstream media narratives and allowing for a fair exchange of ideas. He urged listeners to support independent media outlets like Infowars, which he believes are under attack by powerful forces seeking to silence dissenting voices. Alex Jones discusses Gut Fusion, a nutraceutical-grade iodine product, and its benefits for improving mental health and cognitive function. He also highlights the importance of iodine intake in maintaining overall health. Jones then delves into the impeachment inquiry against President Trump and discusses the lawyer representing the supposed whistleblower, Mark Zaid. Alex exposes Zaid's connections to Epstein and young girls. Alex Jones discusses how people need to unite and stand against those trying to suppress their voices and rights, including the media who are attempting to control symbols and information. He talks about how free speech is under attack and that we must exercise our rights more often in response. In other news, Jones reveals information about a whistleblower and his lawyer who have been involved in attempts to set up President Trump, as well as their connections to Epstein and young girls. Alex Jones discusses whistleblower organizations created for the purpose of creating a fake whistleblower story so that deep state operatives could try to take out President Trump. He also talks about how some people portray an image of innocence while being partisan and sets up a contrast between them and those who have traditional American values. Furthermore, Jones discusses the importance of free speech and defying the thought police who ban symbols every year and how InfoWars offers great products at low prices to support free speech. Lastly, he talks about going hunting for Texas Big Game and Katie Pavich's investigation into ABC Epstein cover-up tied to the Clintons. Alex Jones discusses his products on air, including iodine, which he claims is essential but that globalists want people to be deficient in. He promotes his "Iodine Challenge" where both types of iodine with selenium are 60% off together. He also talks about free speech and how the Thought Police are trying to censor symbols such as the OK symbol, encouraging people to use it to exercise their right to free speech. Jones promotes an "It's Okay To Be Okay" politically incorrect baseball cap featuring the OK symbol, as well as Gut Fusion, a product he uses and recommends for gut health. He mentions that Barnes provided a lot of information in a recent break and should start his own show. In another segment, the host discusses the mysterious circumstances surrounding Maxwell's father and speculates about his involvement in intelligence operations. The conversation then shifts to Epstein, with callers discussing theories about his connections to various governments and intelligence agencies. The host brings up anecdotes involving Ghislaine Maxwell and her father, Robert Maxwell, suggesting that they had ties to powerful individuals. Alex Jones also discusses President Trump's personal life and relationships, debunking rumors that he is involved in any wrongdoing with children or other individuals. He mentions that Trump is a control freak who would never be in a situation like being urinated on by Russians, and emphasizes that the focus on Trump's personal life is to distract from his investigations into Ukraine and Russia collusion during the campaign. In another segment, Alex Jones discusses various topics with callers during his radio show. One caller expresses concern for Alex and believes he is the "key master" in relation to Trump and exposing deep state secrets. Another caller shares their battle with cancer and urges listeners to support Alex as he continues to uncover the truth.

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America and the world is awake!
Hillary Clinton is going down!
Hillary Clinton is a Chinese Communist beacon and a criminal and that's just what the world needs right now!
America is awake and fighting back!
America will stand up and fight back!
Hillary Clinton is a criminal!
Hillary Clinton will never silence the American people!
America is awake!
America knows what's happening!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
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America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
America is back!
Hillary Clinton is a war criminal and is involved in child sex trafficking on a stage.
Hillary Clinton is involved with Jeffrey Epstein.
Hillary Clinton flew on Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile aircraft.
Democrats are authoritarian, anti-American criminals that have failed to silence our speech.
America is back!
America is back!
Hillary Clinton worked with a child molester Jeffrey Epstein!
Hillary Clinton wants to sexualize our children!
Hillary Clinton is a war criminal!
Hillary Clinton, who can't even walk, are going down!
The Democratic Party is collapsing.
Every city you control is collapsing into hell.
Everyone is running from the Democrats and their mental illness.
Your so-called power cult, the Democratic Party that founded the KKK, is going down.
The Democrats are KKK!
The Democrats are KKK!
The Democrats are KKK!
The Democrats are KKK!
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live broadcasting worldwide on this
Thursday, worldwide transmission.
It is November 7th, 2019.
We're going to be here live for the next four hours.
And believe me, this is another transmission you cannot miss.
They're now admitting they want to impeach Pence.
I told you that was next.
Once they got Trump into the impeachment process, Bolton is to defy the White House and the separation of powers and the Constitution and testify against Trump.
In an attempt to sink him.
We told you when he was brought in that he was the chief neocon.
That's all coming up.
We have amazing news on so many fronts that I will tell you about.
Fox News reporting what we already told you.
That there is a cover-up at ABC protecting the Clintons and the child trafficking rings.
The dam is breaking but the enemy is striking back.
Stay with us.
It was days like this that I was born for.
And it was days like this that you were born for.
We weren't supposed to be on the air by now.
You were supposed to have given up.
You were supposed to have rolled over and crawled into the ash heap of history.
But we're not climbing into any of those ditches willingly.
And if the globalists think they're gonna drag us down with them, they've got another thing coming.
It's this animating contest that makes us who we are.
It is November 7th, 2019.
On this Thursday, transmission is 2019 becomes very long in the tooth.
We're only 200 years and 40 something plus since the founding of our nation.
And it's either going to be reborn or it's going to fall.
And that great contest is happening right now.
In front of the world, and we're only 361 days out from this beyond-critical election.
The full energy of the deep state, the foreign governments, the Chai Koms, being thrown against, we the people, and our attempt to restore at least sovereignty and the people's partial control over our government.
Let me tell you just some of what's coming up today.
They have always intended, once the official impeachment process against Donald John Trump began, which now began, as you know, about a week and a half ago.
They have always intended to begin impeachment processes against the Vice President.
And they have an endless list of people, deep state lawyers and deep state
Employees at the White House that will tell whatever amount of lies are needed.
Doesn't matter there's never a shred of proof.
Doesn't matter that these individuals all ran their mouths on Twitter and said the coup starts now, we're gonna remove the president.
Doesn't matter they're best buddies with John Podesta and tweet out how much they love to go to Disney World alone and look at little girls.
Oh, that's coming up.
Because the controlled corporate press
We'll be in their corner, working hard to cover it up.
But that's why things are so critical, because... It was beyond Fight Club yesterday.
I went downtown.
We ordered them about a week ago.
The banners came in.
Videos up on InfoWars.com from the live feeds.
The HD's coming this afternoon.
And I went down there.
Rob Doudress is the Grim Reaper.
And I went down to Google headquarters on 2nd Street.
With a sign saying Epstein did not kill himself.
Epstein was murdered.
Proved me wrong.
And almost no one disagreed with me.
And it was like Fight Club when we're walking back to the vehicles through the city.
We couldn't park right there.
I had old black men, young white men, Asian women, Hispanic police officers say Epstein was murdered by the Deep State.
You're right about the pedophile rings.
You're right about the Clintons.
And leftists were going, that's right, Hillary's evil.
You're right, Alex Jones!
I was first screaming at Google about their complicity.
The employees poured out at 5 o'clock and they all were coming over saying, stop yelling at us.
We agree with you.
I'd probably get fired, but I don't care.
You're right.
We think it's wrong you got taken off Google.
So it was really incredible, ladies and gentlemen, and we're going to have that footage for you by the end of the show today.
But we had a four-camera shoot.
By tomorrow, we should have a nice short boil down for the broadcast.
But you know, we went out and protested Hillary this weekend, and by the next morning, we had a nice five-minute boil down of
Five cameras going for five hours.
Can you imagine how much footage that is?
But Rob Due did not sleep, our news director.
Just means he works the hardest around here.
He did not sleep and put out the incredibly viral boil down that I just aired at the first transmission.
So we're fighting hard because history's happening now and every minute is like a year in the past, the amount of change that's taking place.
And the fact is, when societies go liquid from their frozen state, it's not just evil that can rearrange things, it's good.
And we're at the wheel of human development and human destiny, battling for control of the ship.
With the literal forces of death that don't want humans to go to the next level and make it off this planet.
The total decision about the species is happening right now.
In the next 10-20 years.
Which is the blinking of an eye.
We're in the world government.
We're in the cashless society takeover.
It's incredible.
So it's being announced, House to explore Pence's role in Ukraine controversy with new testimony, new lies, all proven.
But Pence is next.
Bolton, willing to defy White House and testify at impeachment inquiry of court, clears the way.
He'll be the big star, the big neocon that Trump was told to bring in by McMaster and others, despite the fact we warned him.
Fiona Hill, all of it.
And now he's going to show the world what a big man he is.
Yep, I told you they got their knives out for Caesar.
That's coming up.
And then, jury in Roger Stone trial packed with pro-Obama, anti-Trump jurors.
The judge completely flipped out yesterday.
We've got the exclusive coming up.
Threatening people with contempt, threatening to arrest people.
If they told the world that she was trying to put a former Obama administration department head
On the jury.
And she said in court yesterday, well I'm taking her off now, but there was nothing, there was no impropriety by me.
Oh no, you just tried to keep it secret.
She did kick the media out, cut the feed into the media room, that's a video feed yesterday, and flipped out, threatening everybody.
I've talked to people that were threatened.
She lets anti-stone protesters up at the courthouse, but bans anybody pro-stone.
This is beyond kangaroo court.
She's building a railroad right out of that courtroom, that kangaroo event, that zoo, right to the federal prison.
She's snorting and laughing and cackling.
Tucker Carlson talked about it last night and now they're crapping their britches at Media Matters and BuzzFeed saying I threatened the jury and I need to be arrested because I had a Grim Reaper on the show.
The Grim Reaper was about Epstein.
Everyone knows that and you're a pack of liars.
It's why they wouldn't link to the supposed death threat with the Grim Reaper.
Why the hell would I try to threaten some jury?
I'm not a thug like them.
Plus, I think like I think.
I think if somebody threatened me, I'd be more hardcore.
What a load of malarkey.
But that's a big national story.
And the left's just salivating, drooling.
Oh, Rex Jones.
Oh, get him.
And everyone's too scared to even get into who these juries are.
When the Supreme Court rules, you have a right to know who the damn jurors are.
But see, basic rights are criminal now.
Free speech is under assault.
And every protection.
But wait, it gets worse.
We're going to have Jacob Engels on, who was threatened by the judge yesterday.
We're gonna have Robert Barnes coming up, bottom of the hour, both of them together.
But when I come back...
I'm gonna get to the other news in detail.
I haven't told you about yet.
It's all on InfoWars.com.
It's all on NewsWars.com.
You literally get tomorrow's news today.
It's all confirmed that the Clintons ran the blackmail ring.
It's on Fox News now.
The whole house of cards is coming down.
And it ties into Podesta and the lawyer for the fake whistleblower who said we're gonna have a coup against the president.
It's all connected.
This guy's literally at Disney World by himself posting about it, drooling, and posting pictures of little girls.
I mean, these people are unbelievable.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we have a conflagration.
An alignment of news that really illustrates the type of planet we're on and the battle between the forces of oppression and tyranny and those that want due process and common sense systems and a prosperous world.
The American ideal versus the imperial ideals of the past.
A real struggle is coming to a head.
America was basically lost.
The final days of its sovereignty going under globalist bondage.
Trump got elected thanks to your actions and others.
Other patriots are getting elected around the world, but the globalist counter-strike is massive.
And if they can convince people that if they're able to knock out some folks like myself or Trump or the Brexit that they've won, if people give up, they could win.
But if you realize that resistance is victory,
And taking action against their corruption is victory and that their policies and that their systems are untenable.
They will be defeated one way or the other.
It may take 10 years to get rid of Brexit.
Before Brexit ever passed, I said, they'll try a bunch of scams to keep them from leaving for a few years, hoping you give up.
Because I'd seen what they'd done with other countries that tried to get out of the EU that never voted to enter the EU either.
So this is a long haul.
And it's about the Animating Contest of Liberty, and it's just like where if you quit working out for a few years, and then get back into it, and you say to yourself, man, this is really hard, this is horrible, but once you do it for a few months, you're like, this is fun, this feels good, I'm addicted.
You realize that it's what builds up your muscles, your lungs, your blood volume.
It's what makes you stronger.
So, Thomas Jefferson called it the Animating Contest of...
And that's what this is, is the animating contest of liberty.
Now Robert Barnes is going to be riding shotgun with us for over an hour today, then I'm going to continue with phone calls and news after that.
But I didn't get finished.
Mentioning the news that's coming up.
I've only so far gotten into, of course now they want to impeach Pence as well.
I said once they initiated the fake impeachment, they would drag him into it.
Bolton, I said, was the main organizer of the neocons, working with the left.
Now he's coming out against Trump.
He's going to testify willingly to try to get around the separation of powers and executive privilege.
He's saying corruption is how you're supposed to be able to get around that.
We have huge news on how they're rigging the whole trial and railroading Stone and the craziness that we've seen come out of the court and the disinfo that's massive claiming I'm death-threatened the jurors when the Daily Beast did that through my name by building a straw man next-level fraud.
But we have the even bigger news of even Fox News investigative journalists and others reporting it's about the Clintons.
It's about a massive cover-up with Epstein and the wheels beginning to come off and then the whistleblower's attorney who said three years ago once Trump was president-elect the coup starts now and now he's over the so-called 35-year-old whistleblower.
I've had a lot of big, well-known personalities in media text me and call me today saying, wow, Jones, you're absolutely right.
It really is a culture, a cult of these type of folks.
And then meanwhile, that ties into everything that is unfolding with Joy Behar defending, calling anyone who doesn't like Hillary a Russian agent too.
Gabbard's to her face.
That's all coming up as well.
Bill Gates having to fend himself for lying about being best buddies with Jeffrey Epstein.
The House of Cards is coming down, but as it's coming down for every action, there's an opposite-equal reaction.
Trump is in trouble.
We're seeing elections lost in Kentucky, Virginia.
Real bellwethers in battleground areas.
And so, it's on.
This is an incredible time to be alive, but it's a pyrrhic victory.
They take Trump out, they're still going down.
The question is, how nasty will this be?
Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer, you've been behind the scenes last day with a lot of the disinfo that's out.
We'll cover it next segment.
But what would you call what's currently happening?
Well, you see parallels.
For example, today you had someone on The View who said she was a lawyer, had a law degree, illegally tell Donald Trump Jr.
that it's illegal to disclose the identity of the fake whistleblower, when in fact what's illegal is to threaten people in that manner.
The law only prohibits the Inspector General and certain specific government officials from disclosing the name of the whistleblower, this being a fake whistleblower in this case in particular.
It does not prohibit members of the public from identifying and members of the press identifying.
And this fits a broader pattern.
Remember when the media lied and told people, oh, Andrew Cuomo at CNN said, or not Andrew Cuomo, but his brother, said that- Chris Cuomo.
Yeah, exactly.
When Chris Cuomo, Fredo I think, isn't that his popular nickname?
Fredo is his name.
Fredo, yeah, I think he likes that name.
When he told people, hey, you can't look at WikiLeaks unless we, CNN, show it to you.
That would be illegal.
And then of course now we have the disclosure of the whistleblower who shows the whole impeachment is a fraud and what people, what's the lawyer on The View doing?
Threatening Donald Trump Jr.
and really threatening everyone else.
Oh, it's illegal to disclose or discuss the name of the whistleblower.
And then we have that paralleled by Will Summer and the Daily Beast lying to people today saying it's illegal to disclose the name of a juror or that constitutes juror harassment in their false story.
That's right, it's illegal to
It's illegal to read WikiLeaks, which it's not.
It's illegal to talk about public jurors that are Obama officials, which it's not.
It's illegal to say who the whistleblower is, who it turned out was already a witness, as we predicted, and his lawyer is an absolute destroy Trump, take him down, John Podesta official.
Oh, in fact, I've been debating that guy for two years, because I exposed him back in 2017, because I exposed his... Zaid.
Mark Zaid.
I think?
And it turned out the organization didn't really have 501c filings that I could find.
And then I see John Podesta's listed on the advisory board.
So when I point this out, he suddenly says, oh, no, no, he's nonpartisan.
He hasn't really even talked to Podesta, wasn't even aware he was on the advisory board.
Wait till we show you his Twitter and his YouTube channel.
It's literally little girls
And then he goes, I love to go to Disney World by myself.
And then he's buddies with Podesta.
And then he's trying to take Trump down.
I mean, this is very interesting.
He was notably anti-Trump from the get-go.
And he was trying to feign to be non-partisan.
And he's the lawyer for the so-called whistleblower.
Oh, he came after me early on because I was questioning aspects of what was happening.
And he said that he was a national security law expert.
And I was like, what is that?
Because there's no national security law.
Hey, look, the top 10 Disney girls.
Oh look, Selena Gomez is a child.
But you gotta see him at Disney World.
What's interesting is, you know, he has clearly been part of the left, or particularly the anti-Trump crowd, legally, has tried to put off the impression that he's not.
And that was my point.
My point was, look, hey, if you want to be anti-Trump, that's fine, that's your business.
But admit that.
Don't go around pretending it to be otherwise.
And he was coming after me, and then they were coming after me, and they were talking about trial law.
And it turned out they had very little trial law experience I could find.
So I was like, well, what in the world are you guys trying to do?
So they were trying to have a monopoly over a particular part of- Well, we're going to look into this young man and his little whistleblower today and so much more.
And we've got Jacob Ingalls from outside the courthouse in D.C.
Stay with us.
Well, tomorrow's news today, we've been telling you since Monday, the latest kangaroo court activities going on with Roger Stone's trial, and a lot of Tucker Carlson's broadcast transmission last night was dealing with this, and there's been even bigger developments that we're able to give you since then.
So we're going to be hitting that here in just a moment.
Please remember, we're only on air able to expose the Clinton child kidnapping network that's coming down right now, and able to expose all the judicial tyranny, and able to expose the globalists trying to impeach our president, and the deep state's lies, and who these whistleblowers are, and who their lawyers are.
Just incredible stuff coming up next hour because of your support.
Plus, these are products you really need.
And so, it isn't a gimmick where I say, hey, this sale's gotta end by Monday, and it's still here on Thursday.
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I was up at home at midnight last night working.
Jumped out of bed at 5am.
There's so much happening.
I've never had this much energy.
I didn't have this much energy when I was 20.
Because history is happening now and you can feel the energy in the air and you can see how our actions are affecting things.
Evil isn't the only thing that has power in the universe.
Good people have more power.
We just never exercise it, but we are now.
So the great change is upon us, and good always has to catch up to the evil, but in the end, evil ends up going down.
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Everything must go special.
We've got constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes riding shotgun with us.
We've got getting on the line there from outside the courthouse Jacob Ingalls, South Florida Post reporter.
Wait until you hear what's been happening and the threats that have been issued and just how unbelievable this is.
You've seen the judicial tyranny and the stuff going on with the attempted
Judicial, it's really legislative tyranny acting on judicial with the fake impeachment situation.
Here's Tucker Carlson, part of the show last night.
The video is on InfoWars.com.
Share it.
Paul Watson wrote about it.
Knocking it out of the park.
Here it is.
The Russia collusion hoax collapsed under the weight of its own absurdity earlier this year, as you know.
And yet, amazingly, it is still claiming victims to this day.
Roger Stone went on trial in Washington this week.
Officially, Stone is being charged with lying to Congress.
That's bitterly amusing, if you think about it, given that Congress cannot be charged with lying to you, which it does constantly.
But in Washington, everyone understands that's just a pretext.
Roger Stone's real crime was giving Donald Trump political advice for 30 years.
For that, he faces life behind bars.
One person who clearly understands what's actually happening, and strongly approves of it, is the presiding judge in the case, Amy Berman Jackson.
Jackson is an Obama appointee, and she's transparently and aggressively political.
Months ago, Jackson prohibited Roger Stone from publicly defending himself in the case.
CNN and MSNBC were free to continue to slander Stone, and of course they relentlessly did that.
But if Stone said a single word in his own defense, Jackson vowed to put him behind bars.
Now how could Jackson do that in a country with a First Amendment?
Well, she couldn't.
It's blatantly unconstitutional.
But Donald Trump is hated here in Washington, so nobody stopped her.
Jackson just did it anyway, just like in the third world.
Jackson's behavior in court has turned out to be even more ludicrous and unprofessional, assuming that's possible.
At times, she has literally rolled her eyes and snorted at Stone, suggesting he's guilty before the trial even started.
Her judgments have been transparently political.
Yesterday, for example, during jury selection, one of the prospective jurors turned out to be a former press secretary in the Obama administration, who admitted that she despises Donald Trump and has friends in the federal prosecutor's office, which is trying the case.
Her husband, meanwhile, works at the Justice Department, which is prosecuting Roger Stone.
The woman claimed she had followed the Mueller investigation closely, but somehow had never, quote, read or heard anything about Roger Stone's case and didn't have a strong opinion about him.
No sober person could take that claim seriously.
But Amy Berman Jackson did.
She acted like it was all completely fine and on the level.
When Roger Stone's lawyers asked that that woman be removed from the jury pool, Jackson refused.
Personal conflicts, she said, were quote, not automatically disqualifying.
What ought to be automatically disqualifying is Amy Berman Jackson's behavior from the bench.
No fair person could condone it.
If there were still honest liberals left in this country, they would be protesting outside the courtroom.
Well, Tucker Carlson just threatened the jury.
That's what the Daily Beast said about me.
I just pointed that same thing out yesterday from the witnesses and Daily Beast, Media Matters, they're all just, oh my god, Alex Jones threatened the jurors because we had a Grim Reaper on the show talking about Jeffrey Epstein.
Had no connection, but they don't show that to you.
They just lie.
Oh, no doubt about it.
I mean, what's fascinating is there's been a lot of liberal celebrating various aspects of the Texas cases that are expanding the definition of various theories of libel and whatnot just in order to go at you.
Well, I guess they don't realize those same theories can apply to their conduct.
And so what happened here is Will Sommer, who writes for the Daily Beast, basically stated in the article things that were just not true.
And so you have a First Amendment right, and the American people have a First Amendment right, to know who is participating in a jury, to make sure that jury is impartial, and make sure that jury is not prejudicial, and make sure that jury has no bias.
It is in fact the duty and obligation of the American public to observe court proceedings to ensure they comply with our constitutional rights and our sense of fairness and integrity in the judicial process.
This is why the U.S.
Supreme Court determined more than 30 years ago, based on centuries of common law tradition and Anglo-Saxon legal tradition, going back even before the Norman Conquest,
That there is a right of public participation in a jury trial process.
And so that's part one of what's taking place.
The other part of what he did was he threw in the reference that you had had the death symbolized during the broadcast and tried to imply that it's something to do with the jurors.
It had nothing to do with the Stokes.
We said it has to do with Epstein.
It was clearly an ongoing meme that Epstein did not kill himself.
And they know that.
That's why they didn't show what we did.
They just said, he had the Grim Reaper on, he threatened to kill him.
Arrest him!
Buckle up.
It's only 361 days.
To the 2020 election.
Not only is that number, the year 2020, fabled in science fiction lore, there is a global rebellion against the technocrats happening.
A fight between the nation states and the post-human exterminist of the New World Order.
History is happening now, and truth is far more powerful than fiction.
Robert Barnes is riding shotgun with me.
He'll be with us another hour.
I intend by the middle of the next hour to open the phones up to give you a chance to respond.
The overwhelming news is incredible.
Trump betrayed.
Like we told you he would be by John Bolton.
He will testify against Trump even though Trump has a separation of powers and can block him from doing it.
Bolton says he's going to expose the President.
And now they're saying they're going to impeach Pence as well and have begun the investigation of that in the House.
As we told you, they're going to go after Mall, put Pelosi in.
She will then appoint Hillary, who will then run as the Vice President in the last months of the campaign.
That will all be unfolding within six months.
Hillary will be vice president, maybe even sooner, running as vice president into the presidency.
She's on every TV show.
She's campaigning.
She's raising money.
This is the plan.
You heard it here over two years ago with precision.
We'll talk about Robert Barnes and your calls next hour.
We'll get into the unbelievable Epstein developments as the whole house of cards comes down.
You're like, wait, they're taking Trump out because they have to.
They're cornered.
So Trump is in trouble as they are free falling.
It's like Helter Skelter.
I'm coming down fast, but I'm miles above you.
And that's what's key here.
This is epic.
And then we've got the lawyer for the fake whistleblower, who is a connoisseur of young girls on Disney and going to Disney World by himself and hanging out with Podesta.
And, uh, and that ties in everything else.
So we're going to be getting into it.
He's going to have a coup against the president.
And then now he's running the whistleblower who's putting out the disinfo.
Yes, we're going to show that guys.
Let's show the tweets and Paul Watson's article.
That's really what's key.
It's his tweets of him at Disney World and what he says and him at the water parks and all the rest of it.
We'll do it next hour.
We're going to lay it out next hour.
So purdy.
Paul Joseph Watson has the big article all about it.
Whistleblower attorney's YouTube channel includes like videos of Disney girls and then it just gets ten times crazier.
That's the article that has the tweets in it right there for you.
We're going to do it next hour.
Yeah, scroll down and show all of this.
Says, I would have joined the FBI just for the free hashtag Disney passes.
Says, hey, I love to go alone to Disney World with images of kids in the background while he creeps around.
Oh, that's nothing going on there.
And how much he loves John Podesta.
John Podesta's parties.
Tony Podesta has his deviant art in his dungeon.
He showed the Washington Post in 2007.
Part of this is flaunting it with the photos and paintings of tied-up toddlers beaten black and blue.
But hey, don't talk about it, folks, because you know what happened to Epstein.
I'm sure this guy just likes Podesta and likes to have a Disney World alone with photos of children in the background.
Just like Ryan Stelter likes to smile like a crocodile.
My, what big eyes and teeth you have.
But let's go now to Jacob Ingles, ladies and gentlemen, of the South Florida Post.
Joining us, and he has been through the ringer, and I think it's just best if he tells you in his own words what happened and what transpired yesterday, and we've got a
Lawyer right here pointed out the Supreme Court rule that you can put out who jurors are you're supposed to, especially when they're public figures.
Hell, what if Hillary was on the jury?
This is pretty much what happened.
So, Jacob Engels, thank you for joining us, sir.
Great to be with you, Alex.
Well, tell us what happened yesterday and why suddenly I couldn't even get Roger Stone's lawyers that were scheduled to come on.
They were so scared.
Well, yesterday I woke up to a barrage of fake news, and with being censored and cut off on Twitter and Facebook, I literally have no way to respond to it, so I'm really grateful to be on the program today.
But we were discussing and having a basic discussion about the jury pool, and publicly available information that was out on Twitter all over the place about this Obama-era communications asset working in the Office of Management and Budget, who was being selected as a juror.
We exposed that.
We brought that to the forefront, and then Fake News, Media Matters, Rightwing Watch, and others said that I'm trying to intimidate the jury, that you're trying to intimidate the jury.
That simply is not true.
We were simply sharing information that's publicly available.
Quite frankly, we should be able to read all of the jury members' jury selection process questionnaires.
We need to know what these people think.
Hell, we need to know their names.
It's not fair in America to have a closed trial like this.
Well, you're absolutely right.
Getting into as many annexes as you can.
I talked to others in the courtroom.
They said she kicked the media out, cut the video feeds off to the media room.
Robert Barnes read that in the news, but they wouldn't say what happened.
And reportedly, she said that you'd done something wrong or was threatening to hold you in contempt.
What really happened?
Well, I heard in some of the reports from yesterday morning that certain individuals were trying to pollute the process and trying to intimidate the jury pool, i.e.
you and others, talking about
The deep democratic ties and deep state ties of these jurors.
And then today she announces there's no media viewing room.
There's no more tweeting.
She kicks people out.
This is America.
This isn't Soviet era Russia.
This isn't a banana republic.
This isn't a third world dictatorship.
This is the United States of America.
This trial should be televised, quite frankly.
Well, we'll pull up the name in the background, but remember how running the prosecution in the background was Hillary's head lawyer from her foundation?
So they're not really trying to hide any of this.
And the judge, I guess, is angry that we read the Politico and the Reuters quotes that all have the same quotes of her saying this is no big deal.
I mean, Barnes, this is crazy.
Oh yeah, the judge's behavior has been highly flagrantly unconstitutional and a slap in the face to the First Amendment across the board.
And the court's engaging in highly politicized conduct.
That's what led to the public commentary.
This is just inappropriate.
These are bad rulings by a court that appears to be overreacting to press and public coverage and public opinion.
That is the First Amendment rights of the members of the press and the public to do.
We absolutely need public scrutiny of high-profile political cases like this.
In order to ensure their integrity, in order to ensure their fairness, in order to ensure their impartiality.
Well, let's take Jeannie Rae.
The head lawyer of her foundation that Stone's exposing, heading up the prosecution, and the judge says that's fine.
I mean, my God, so it's like having Obama and Hillary on the jury.
Hell, why not have Hillary just be the judge?
It feels like a political railroad because the court's behavior enhances that impression when she does things like bar people from the courtroom, lock people out of the courtroom, don't tell them what's happening in the jury transcript records, don't tell them about the records and background of the jurors.
There's been public criticism over whether or not InfoWars was able to accurately identify the prospective juror.
That's only an issue because the judge is not allowing information, apparently, to go public so everybody can know what it is.
This should all be public.
In my view, his federal courtroom should allow for videos to be in the courtroom.
Unfortunately, they don't.
I think it would enhance public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary if they could see what's happening.
She kicked everybody out yesterday, reportedly.
Well, we've heard that there were two prospective jurors out of nearly 100 that had some tie to a Republican administration or might have worked on a Republican campaign in the past 20, 30, 40 years, and those were immediately removed from the jury pool.
The prosecution argued that they would be biased.
The judge accepted that argument.
Well, in the same day, out of the same judge's mouth, out of the prosecutor's mouth, they're making arguments that somebody servicing the Obama administration or a Democrat campaign was not reason enough to show bias and remove them from the jury.
So now, as it stands, from what I've read and what I've reviewed, it looks like Roger Stone is facing an all-Democrat jury in D.C.
I don't know how that's a jury of his peers.
You've got a lot of observations.
I've got a lot of questions.
I want to hold you over, Jacob.
But give people your exact URL, because as you said, you're being blocked, banned everywhere, because you dare be a real reporter there.
You were also telling me how they let the anti-Stone demonstrators there, but then bar you guys.
So we're going to come back.
Start telling us about that.
And what else do you want to tell people about?
People can follow my work at centralportapost.com and what you just mentioned there.
They allow anti-stone demonstrators to hook up to the courthouse power for their demonstrations and to be on courthouse property.
Alex, if I even looked at the sidewalk that attaches to the courthouse entrance, I would be jailed.
That is how silly this is.
And again, I'm teleprompter free, so I make mistakes.
They're usually stupid ones.
South Florida Post, it's CentralFloridaPost.com.
This poor guy is so nice, he won't correct me when I'm making ridiculous errors.
But you've got a guarantee from me.
When I make them, tell me about it all, fix them.
And they're always something stupid like that.
But I make a lot of them.
Go there.
This guy is under attack.
He needs a spot where he can tell you what really happened.
We'll be right back with the head of CentralFloridaPost.com.
You talk about the danger zone.
Jacob Engels who heads up the Central Florida Post.
Great publication.
We're good to go.
The judge reportedly flipped out in court yesterday saying that I and others were trying to mess up the jury selection.
Well, I mean, we're hearing that you're getting a head of a department from Obama whose husband worked on the Mueller investigation.
That's total recusal of a judge if the judge's husband worked on the Mueller investigation.
Total recusal, striking of a juror.
I mean, is that not the case, Robert Barnes, as a constitutional lawyer?
So what you have is you have the right to strike jurors for cause.
You have a right to an impartial jury.
The jury of your peers' language actually comes from the Magna Carta, more than 800 years ago, where what was happening is knights were being judged by people who had never walked in the shoes of a knight.
And the knights were like, these people can't effectively judge us because they don't understand the context, the circumstances.
So if you were a miller, they'd get other millers.
If you were a seamstress, they'd get seamstresses.
And the tradition had always been a white... If a king later got tried, they'd have other royalty there.
Now, our Fifth and Sixth Amendments have been interpreted to mean you don't have a right to a jury of your peers, but you have a right to an impartial jury.
That it reflects a cross-section of the community, and that means politically, ideologically, culturally, demographically, etc.
Now, they have mostly only enforced it on issues of gender and race and nationality.
They have not enforced it consistently as to ideologically diverse perspectives.
Um, so the issue in D.C.
was always, I would have moved to transfer it for venue purposes.
has become, the D.C.
jury pool has become like the Alabama juries of the 1950s who are nullifying verdicts or issuing a false verdict like to kill a mockingbird type verdict.
The left is out for scalps.
And they've been nullifying Antifa cases.
They have not been able to get secure convictions consistently on Antifa cases in D.C.
So given that environment, it was highly unlikely Stone was ever going to get a fair trial in D.C.
That was problem number one.
Problem number two is Stone has been stripped of his ability to defend himself in the court of public opinion.
Which means all of the negative stuff about him has come out, but very little positive has come out.
So this is a classic railroading.
You have a contaminated jury pool that is already predisposed against him.
He's been stripped of his ability to defend himself.
So your only remedy left is to have meaningful jury selection.
And that involves a three-fold process.
One, to have a broadly expansive number of people in there.
Every jury survey that's ever been done by political scientists or the rest, for the most part, will show consistently.
That jurors have hidden biases that they themselves don't even recognize in themselves.
And that you need hundreds of prospective jurors to get to 12 jurors who can truly be impartial.
Who have not been contaminated by anti-Stone news he has not been able to defend himself against.
The second part is you should have meaningful voir dire.
So one, you should have a big panel.
Two, you should have what they call voir dire, to speak the truth.
That's what the jury selection process is called in the federal court system.
There should be meaningful questioning of the jurors so you can figure out where they may be biased.
Here, everybody knows.
There's nobody who... And the judge says, oh, you hate Trump, you hate Stone.
Well, but can you be impartial?
Oh, yes, I can.
Unfortunately, there's a lot... It's like asking your cat, we're going to put you in a cage with five canaries.
Can you be impartial and not eat them?
Of course I can.
As they pull a feather out of their mouth.
It's a unfortunately common proclivity of federal courts to employ that mechanism.
And my view has always been that that makes a joke out of jury selection.
That nobody is going to be able to self-reflect on their own bias.
The very nature of bias is that they don't know that they have it.
So we're going to come back after one minute and get his take on this and have you expand on it.
The fact that this judge doesn't care and she thinks a railroading of Stone will legitimize Mueller, I don't see this dog hunting.
I think more and more they're disconnected and their raw exercise of power is going to trigger a bigger rebellion.
Well, it's like the Chicago 7 trial.
This is most analogous Roger Stone's cases to the Chicago 7 trial, even though he hasn't used any of the tactics that they employed there.
He hasn't tried to be disruptive or anything of that nature.
But it's akin to that.
And what happened is it exposed the corruption within the way our judicial system handled some of these politicized cases.
And we need to fix it and fix it permanently.
That's right.
I mean, they got this Politico attack dog judge in there, Obama, put in there to be the hanging judge.
They put her in D.C.
where they control things.
She's their political weapon.
And she's just totally exposing them all.
She's just absolutely a joke.
What a little petty dictator.
This woman is incredible.
We'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's only 361 days until the 2020 election.
Coming up at the bottom of the hour, the betrayer John Bolton, the first to plunge his knife openly into Caesar's heart.
Did the knife find its target?
He wants to violate executive privilege, separation of powers, and testify against the president.
And they're announcing the impeachment of the vice president, who has now been launched in the kangaroo operation of Mr. Schiff.
But, huge Epstein developments, endangering the deep state and Hillary, the biggest yet.
We're going to get to that as well.
And the so-called whistleblower.
His lawyer pledged to coup the president and to take him down.
He works with John Podesta when he's not at Disney World by himself.
Are posting photos of himself, the small children in the background.
You can't make this up.
It's all coming up.
We're going to talk to Central Florida Post reporter who has been covering the situation and the insanity of the leftists.
The leftists allowed to demonstrate at the courthouse.
Conservatives aren't.
The judge tried to shut everybody up.
Tried to put Obama officials on the panel.
Recap it and get into other information.
Absolutely, Alex.
We've been out here ever since the trial started.
One of the interesting aspects of this is the judge made it very clear she didn't want this to be a circus.
She didn't want this to be a political demonstration.
However, those rules only seem to apply to conservatives, pro-Trump, pro-Stone individuals.
Yesterday, Roger was eating lunch
And in the lunch area, there's this little gallery window where you can see out into the Capitol area.
And they were allowing a man with an inflatable Trump rat, a known rabid leftist who has mental problems, to push this inflatable up against the window and harass Stone and other people trying to eat lunch.
Furthermore, they've allowed this individual on court property to hook up into the court power system to inflate his rat and harass Stone as he walks in.
They even let a guy on the first day
Stay in a bush and hop out of it with a sign that said TRAITOR on it.
This is unbelievable.
If any of our people even stepped on the Courthouse sidewalk and tried to do any of that, we would be immediately detained by federal marshals or Capitol Police.
And we're going to show some of that inflatable rat.
The co-founder of Right Wing Watch, founded by Soros, is also involved with this rat.
We had one of the gentlemen that runs the rat grab Owen Schroyer's microphone and eat the filthy windscreen.
And those things don't smell good, okay?
Mine doesn't smell good, nobody's does.
We throw them away all the time.
He literally ate it and swallowed it.
We've got that video somewhere.
These people are crazed.
They're absolutely insane and unstable, Alex, but this is the biggest problem that we face right now in this political climate, is people who belong in asylums that we shut down decades ago are now out and about the streets, allowed to behave like this.
And if we do anything to defend ourselves or to counter their insanity, we're the violent ones.
We're the ones that are quote-unquote Nazis, fascists, and people who are destroying the United States of America.
No, you're the ones destroying the United States of America.
This kangaroo court
What's happening to Roger Stone must be exposed and it must be stopped.
Americans, wake up.
This will happen to you if you don't stop it today.
Well, that's right.
I also forgot they had people showing up with Russian flags, throwing hammer and sickle stickers out at Roger, going, Russian, Russian, Russian.
I mean, this is like a Monty Python skit.
Oh, it's been made into a joke of a proceeding, and that is in part the responsibility of the court to fix.
So there's only limits that the court can and should exercise in terms of limiting First Amendment speech outside of the courtroom.
But it is problematic that it appears to people that are participating in the process that it is discriminatory in the way in which he's applying the rules, or at least threatening to apply the rules.
So, and unfortunately, that's been her protocol and procedure throughout these proceedings.
And again, I want to get people that are one-dimensional thinkers.
That isn't our main audience, but a lot of new listeners.
We're on over 200 radio stations, a whole bunch of cable and TV stations.
People are like, well, why do I care about Roger Stone?
Or why do I care about the stock market crashes?
Well, the stock market crash, we'd be in a depression and millions would be starving to death, like in the last big one, but worse.
Even if you don't own stock, that affects companies, everything else.
The fact that the judicial tyrannies like this and the Democrats are trying to take me off the air from Austin and Connecticut and leftist jurisdictions and are admitting they're doing it and come up to me on the street and say you're going to prison and they've got articles in the Daily Beast and in
A bunch of other publications today saying I need to be arrested for death-threatening jurors.
When they're the ones death-threatening jurors in my name, it's beyond straw man, it's insane.
So let's get into that subject.
If you're a TV viewer, you can see this.
That's a still shot from live video feed yesterday.
Jeffrey Epstein didn't tell himself, prove me wrong, prove me wrong dot show.
A new show we're going to start weekly that I'll do in public.
We just set up a card table just like, um...
Steven Crowder does.
People go, you're stealing Steven Crowder's deal.
Folks, we're in an information war.
I was doing card tables in public debates 20 years ago.
It's called prove me wrong, not to change my mind.
But yes, we're going out and having public discussions.
And so we have the Grim Reaper out there to point out that Epstein was murdered and as something to get crowds to come over.
And a big crowd did come over, okay?
And we talked about how Epstein died and all of that on the show, and Rob Doo came in here dressed as the Grim Reaper, which we plan to do.
That was not a threat to the jury.
We didn't talk about it in relation to the jury.
It was in relation to Epstein, and we said that.
But the media lies and said we did.
What do you call that when they put a lie in your mouth, then call for you to be arrested?
Because if I did say something about killing jurors, if you convict Stone, I should be arrested.
That is terroristic.
That is mafia.
I don't do that.
I've been on air 25 years.
I don't threaten little people.
I come after big people.
You want to comment, Barnes?
Yeah, several different things.
There's never been, and no one should communicate with either a judge or a jury.
That was one of the mistakes made in the Silk Road case in New York, where some of the people who favored the defendant
We're good to go.
There's no desire whatsoever to go at jurors or judges.
There's nobody that's blaming jurors for them being picked.
That's not their role.
They didn't pick themselves.
But it's just crazy.
Never would I even think like that.
And it's just, they constantly do it.
I mean, the judge is trying to appoint Obama officials whose husband is on the Mueller investigation.
Why not put Mueller as the damn judge?
I mean, this is a sick joke.
We're supposed to expose that.
It's still America!
I'm not trying to threaten the damn jurors and the damn thing, the Grim Reaper was about Epstein!
What it does suggest to me is that people should be on high alert if McCabe or Comey or anyone else goes to trial.
Because it tells me that media on the left will try to intimidate jurors.
You're right, they always project.
They always project and they preview.
They preview what they're going to do by what they accuse you of doing.
So when they do make accusations they know are false, the Daily Beast knows are false, Will Summer knows are false.
You sent him a notice and we're suing people.
We're not playing games.
We're suing the young turds.
No longer will people be allowed to lie and libel with immunity and impunity.
And people cannot allow any... It was public criticism of court proceedings in the South in the 1960s that cleaned up what was happening in the South in the 1960s, that protected and expanded civil rights.
It is critical, essential, fundamental, elemental, that people make public commentary about that.
Foundational to the freedoms of the country.
If they disagree with what the court is doing, to say the least.
Jacob Engel's other points, my friend.
I know you're not trying to be a drama queen here on air, but you've been through some real meat grinders.
I guess you've been advised not to get into it on air, but I mean, they've really come after you and others there.
I had lawyers coming on that were ready to come on, the Stones lawyers.
Tyler Nixon's a friend.
He won't even talk to me right now.
They've all been threatened.
I know it went on in the courtroom.
Well, it's just a very sad thing, Alex.
What Robert just talked about with the censorship and with the lying without being held accountable, here's the process.
They censor you.
They cut your tongue out.
Then they cut your hands off.
You can't write.
You can't speak.
You can't write.
And then they can defame you, and lie about you, and you'd have no recourse.
If I had millions of dollars, maybe I could mount lawsuits, maybe I could hold these people accountable, but the average everyday American, we don't have that power.
So the only power we have is to come on programs like InfoWars, to talk to people like you, Alex, and Mr. Barnes, and others, and talk to our friends in the streets, and say, hell no, we won't put up with this.
Stay there!
I'm gonna shift gears on all the other big subjects, and impeachment, and everything, because there's been big developments, folks, the biggest, but we've gotta come back and finish up on this point.
Ladies and gentlemen, Mark Zade is the supposed whistleblower's lawyer.
And going down the rabbit hole with him, we found what we always find.
What you always find.
We'll be covering that after our guest leaves us here in just a moment.
Going back to Jacob Engels, the Central Florida Post, they're covering the trial with Roger Stone.
I wanted to hold him over because he hit something beyond central, beyond paramount.
He was saying, once they silence you, then they can lie about you, then they can put you in prison.
And they're trying to put him in prison for covering the trial.
They're calling for me to be arrested for wanting to murder the jury.
It's all over the news!
Because we had the Grim Reaper talking about Epstein on the show, and also talked about the trial.
Well, it just must be that!
Isn't that amazing, ladies and gentlemen?
So I wanted you to speak to the importance of Infowars, because we don't talk about that enough.
Independent media, that is radio, TV, with journalists, reporters, lawyers, researchers, guests.
That's why they fear info wars.
In congressional hearings, at the leftist-controlled CIA, in the House Armed Services Committee, they call us Russian agents.
That's the non-military politicos, and say that I need to be silenced.
But it's not because we're Russian.
No, it's because we're loyal Americans who won't back down when a judge is trying to appoint an Obama official to oversee the jury and the railroading of Roger Stone.
And it's Supreme Court rulings.
We have a right to do that.
And then they want me arrested and then lie and say I threatened the jury.
Incredible, Jacob Engel.
So finish up what you were saying, because we ran into the break and you were unable to finish.
But this is so important.
What you just said, Alex, is really
That's the point of what's going on in America today.
And if we didn't have things like Infowars or other independent alternative media, and by the way, Alex, you welcome on liberals, you welcome on leftists, you allow progressives to come speak their mind on your platform.
Oh, we wish they would come on!
They won't do it!
Well, you know, I've seen in particular one guy that's on Owen quite frequently, Brad Shatford, and he's a progressive, he's a far-left guy, but he's reasonable and he's come on the program and he's debated
And we need the courage to stand up and say, clapping as loud at Oxford, which they've banned as hate speech.
And the OK symbol means OK, not Nazism like the ADL says.
We have to stop letting the left take over all symbols and control things.
It's very, very dangerous, Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer.
Oh yeah, no doubt about it.
I mean, what's happening is this trial, it reminds people of what people's constitutional rights are, and what's happening is a broader pattern as the media is trying to discourage people from exercising their constitutional rights, from exercising their constitutional remedies.
That's why there's this effort to demonize anyone questioning the jury, to intimidate the rest of the public into not questioning what's happening in jury selection.
That the same way they tried to demonize looking at WikiLeaks information, the same way they tried to demonize disclosing the whistleblower information.
Part of a broader pattern of lying to people about their legal rights so they don't know their remedies so that those remedies are not enforced and that's how the Constitution dies.
And they're trying to set that precedent.
This was done in Europe and other areas.
This is formulaic.
Jacob Engels, Godspeed.
We'll be talking to you each day throughout the trial because this affects us all and I just feel so much for Roger.
The empathy is out of selfishness because we know we're next.
We're all Roger Stone now and I decide to be more like Spartacus and fight back against this and I know you are.
And the greatest part about this fight against evil is I get to meet other great people like you and Robert Barnes and the great audience of activists out there.
So thank you.
Onward, victory or death, Alex.
As Colonel Travis said, victory or death.
It really does come down to that.
They're not going to give us any other choice now.
They tell us on the streets they want to kill us.
That's who these people are.
They've been completely radicalized and they're foaming at the mouth.
Now, let's get into the big story that ties into Epstein and everything else and just this whole atmosphere of media cover-up.
You're not supposed to question trials.
You're not supposed to question the fake impeachment.
You're not supposed to call for due process.
Zaid is the lawyer for this supposed whistleblower who, again, has no actual proof of what he's saying.
We're going to get to that coming up.
But President Trump last night spoke about this individual in a rally that he held.
Here's what he had to say.
A lot of things have happened because, you know, I don't know if you saw, I just got off, I'm coming off the plane and they hand me, look at this character.
Okay, they just hand me this story.
Coup has started, whistleblower's attorney said, in 2017.
You know when that was?
That was a long time ago.
It's all a hoax!
They say January 2017, a coup has started, and the impeachment will follow, ultimately.
It's all a hoax.
It's a scam.
And you know who helps them?
These people right back here, the media.
And then it said, oops, the light's going to go off, the CNN light is going to go off.
It said, from the lawyer, a sleazeball, it said, I predict at CNN will play a key role in at real Donald Trump.
Not finishing out his first time, can you believe this?
This is all, and this was done a long time ago.
Then he goes, as one falls, two more will take their place.
Referring to outgoing Trump administration employees, who by the way, have been put through hell by the sleaze back there and by crooked politicians.
That's President Trevor Murrow, Louisiana.
Now, we got a few minutes left in the segment.
When we come back for TV viewers, you're going to be sickened, but we're going to show it to you.
Radio listeners, this is a Paul Joseph Watson article.
I got sent this this morning, text messages by big national reporters as I was reading about it at InfoWars at 6 a.m.
I was getting text messages with more on this guy saying, hey, did you see this?
Did you see that?
And I would expect you'll see this on Fox News tonight.
I'm just going to give you a little hint.
But this individual
Who said all of this?
Well, it turns out he likes John Podesta.
He works with him.
And, uh, it turns out he goes to Disney World by himself and he's got a very interesting YouTube channel where he's a big fan of prepubescent girls.
And, uh, he likes to take photos of himself by himself at playgrounds with little kids in the background.
Uh, that's well known online exactly why people do that.
He's just letting folks know what he's a fan of.
And so we're going to talk more about that, but all of these guys, all the insurance policy, we had to get Page and Strzok's text to get that.
Congress had to subpoena them.
These people are out in the open saying we're going to set Trump up and make stuff up.
From the inception, they've been hostile to Trump and anti-Trump, been orchestrating efforts to, like for example, so not long after the 2016 election,
I got into a dispute with Mr. Zayed, however his name is pronunciated, on Twitter over issues related to a wide range of these issues.
So it's not a surprise that he's a central figure in the effort to try to stage a coup against the President that he bragged about participating in almost two years ago.
And then this will be a bridge into Epstein.
Also a fan of young girls.
I mean, I'm sure this guy is just different.
I'm sure he's... I'm just saying, it's important.
It all ties together.
Stay with us.
One reason the forces of corruption and evil, and that's really who they are, it's completely out in the open now, are so powerful is that they are single-minded, they are arrogant, they believe they're invincible.
Now that's also one of the reasons they can be defeated.
Mark Zaid, the lawyer for the supposed whistleblower who we'll get into, who has already testified, but they wanted to call it a whistleblower because it has that gravitas name, and they never find out who originally said it, because it's not true.
And that's why they don't want any criticism of the, quote, whistleblowers that's everybody now testifying.
So the people testifying say they came there because of a whistleblower, but it's all of them making it up together.
That's been proven.
The media wants you to move on from that.
It's now been expanded out to the Vice President.
Oh, now he's part of the investigation.
They want him gone, of course!
It was always Trump at first.
I said, once they initiate the official impeachment inquiry, they'll add the Vice President, everybody else, because they've told us it's about Pelosi.
Next in line, and then she can appoint the Vice President, Herr Hillary.
But why would Mark Zaid, back in January of 2017, as the President's being inaugurated, say,
The coup has started!
January 30th.
10 days after Trump's sworn in.
As one falls, two more will take their place.
Two more.
And of course, Pelosi.
The coup has started.
First of many steps.
Hashtag rebellion.
Hashtag impeachment.
We'll follow ultimately.
January 30th.
You see the last part of the hashtag?
That's right.
That lawyers would play a critical role in this effort to undermine constitutional freedom in the United States, which is a sad statement about what they're legally doing.
And then to attack us, all the Democratic Party's 30 plus lawsuits against us.
The institutional effort of weaponizing the law for politicized purposes is part of this broader scale of activity that's taking place.
It's a conscious move.
And he goes on.
We will get rid of him.
And this country is strong enough to survive him, even, and his supporters.
We have to.
In 45 years from now, we might be recalling stories regarding the impeachment of real Donald Trump.
I'll be old, but it'll be well worth the wait.
And then here he is, whistleblower attorney, alleged YouTube channel includes, and it's 10 years old, it's his YouTube channel, videos of Disney girls.
It's media appearances he'd made, and then it's girls before they grew up.
Selena Gomez, from a child to woman.
Top 10 Disney girls.
Top 10 Disney Channel stars.
And then he tells you on his Twitter, well let's put up his Twitter for everybody.
And the reason this is important is, you scratch the surface and it's always the same, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's what I've explained, why people need to stop being so naive.
Looks like the whistleblower's lawyer is very into Disney child actresses.
I would have joined the FBI for the free Disney passes, he said.
Let's show some of those tweets.
Him at Disney World with little kids in the background.
Says, I like to come here by myself, he tells you.
Oh, it's my favorite place there.
You can see all the photos of him at Disney World with the characters and him sitting there with the Minion.
That's what's going on, ladies and gentlemen.
There it is right there.
Let's put that behind me on the screen.
He also hangs out at water parks for kids with photos of himself with kids in the background.
He tells you, I go there alone.
Now, on Twitter and places when they tell you that, well, it just means they like kids.
They like playgrounds.
They're men that hang around at playgrounds by themselves.
And of course, he's friends with Podesta.
You've known him a while.
But what's bigger, him admitting it's a coup and that it's all made up, or this added thing?
It just seems like it's a prerequisite.
Well, I mean, there are people who like Disney for entirely innocent and innocuous reasons.
And I'm sure that's it.
But the political commentary clearly shows there's not a lot of people that like Disney as much as he apparently does, but that's his prerogative.
But what is problematic is to go out and tell the world you're part of the... He likes water parts by himself, too.
Yeah, I've never been a fan of water parks for many reasons, but that's another story.
People have different tastes.
Yeah, exactly.
Some people like the Spongebob, and I do like that character.
That's a cool character.
I forget the name.
The Minions.
The Minions!
The Minions are fun.
There should be an Alex Jones Minion.
That'd be a cool little Minion.
I feel like that's kind of my real life, yeah.
Yeah, exactly.
But his political commentary is highly problematic across the board, and he's someone who doesn't hold up to scrutiny well because he's been presenting himself as an independent, non-partisan, apolitical lawyer who started a whistleblower organization in 2017 that he claimed at the time had nothing to do with politically pursuing Trump for punitive purposes.
Now it appears to all have been part of a setup.
It all appears to have been part of a trap.
Well he says it is.
He himself is bragging about it to his social media friends and the social media... He's also bragging about it visiting Disney by himself.
That the president referenced.
And so I think what that shows is a certain context of behavior in terms of being hostile to President Trump and that this was politically set up from the get-go.
And the message was, now he does do a lot of national security legal work, so he knows all the internal protocols.
He knows what the rules are.
You told me looking into him, he works with pedestrians.
Yes, so yeah, he had Podesta on his advisory board, bragged about being part of this organization, bragged about his connections to it.
Is that the Podesta with the spirit cooking, that same one?
That's the John Podesta of Hillary Clinton, running Hillary Clinton's campaign.
So the... The Alistair Crowley.
...whose brother was involved in actual Ukrainian issues that Manafort got... That was Tony Podesta that did the 2007 Washington Post article about his deviant art?
A very interesting art.
Little kids tied up and paddled?
There was a range of art that has been described by a range of people as deviant.
People can make their own judgments.
But either way, John Podesta is clearly a political partisan guy.
He ran Hillary Clinton's campaign.
He's connected to Zaid by Zaid's own prominent statement.
Zaid has said he hasn't talked to him recently.
And that was his defense to it.
But all of his commentary suggests that what really happened was they set up whistleblower organizations for the purpose of creating a fake whistleblower story so that deep state operatives could effectively try to take out the President of the United States.
They created the road map of them to go imagine they saw.
Exactly, exactly.
Gee, it'd be too bad if he did quid pro quo with the same country we wrote the fake dossier up on.
Oh, and then of course it turns out the whistleblower also has worked with the lady that was involved in creating the dossier.
And what they're doing is, the left as a general rule, is they're weaponizing the law and lawyers are weaponizing their political and legal skill and acumen to favor a certain political side of the equation and tip the tables in favor of them.
But he seems so childlike and friendly and nice hanging out at the water parks by himself.
It's a child-like mind here.
He's not a predator.
He doesn't set things up.
He's not stalking his prey.
He's not like a hunter up there with a deer in the background kind of showing you what he's going hunting for or anything.
It's not like me with a cap with a deer on or anything.
His public projection is that he's as nice and innocent as Disney and that he's as nonpartisan and independent as a lawyer can come.
But the other commentary exposes a pattern of behavior.
It's not like a bass boat has a bass on the side.
Yeah, I mean, well, clearly he was... The box animal has a deer on it.
I mean, the image doesn't match up to... He's just up there, a little kid in the background.
Well, the image just doesn't match up to the reality of what's happening against Trump.
That he clearly has not been taking a non-partisan, independent approach.
Surprise, there's not crosshairs on the kid right there.
Well, they interpret that in a whole bunch of different ways these days.
So, in terms of the crosshairs references... We're not threatening the child.
I just... You know, oh my God, the TV's come together like crosshairs there.
I'm not threatening him because there's a crosshair right there.
Because they'll probably say that next.
Well, yeah, they say everything these days.
I mean, they said, the Grim Reaper with the desert, they said I was threatening the jury.
I know, the issue here is that he projects himself as a nice, innocent, straightforward, independent, non-partisan lawyer.
Hanging around at parks.
And in fact, he's setting up whistleblower organizations as soon as President Trump is elected, and at the same time, he's talking about impeachment.
At the same time, he's taking big game photos.
He's talking about coups, all the rest.
He's talking about taking out the president
Uh, using legal, weaponizing the law to do so, long before he's actually representing the- Why do these guys hobby all the same thing?
Which I'm sure is completely innocent.
Like, why are they into mountain climbing?
Or, or boxing?
Or... Well, I think as a general rule, you don't see a lot of the, what I would call the, uh, sort of legal left, the professional class as a whole on the- They just all seem to be hanging out at parks by themselves with children.
Well, what they are not is that they're not traditionally engaged in... Remember Sandusky had his house right by the Children's Park?
It was a disproportionately few number of them are veterans and involved in sort of what you could call traditional Americana activities of that kind.
And what they... Well, is it as a man going to Disney World by yourself?
It's kind of Americana.
Well, for some of this, absolutely.
And so the... So he's an Americana type guy?
Well, it projects an image of innocence rather than partisan intention.
He's a very innocent man.
We'll be right back.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Alex Jones is live here in Texas.
It runs from coming up around Thanksgiving into January.
Did you go hunting?
You're a good shot.
I've actually never gone hunting.
We're going to go hunting for Texas.
Big game.
That'd be fun.
Different people hunt different things.
That's true.
All right, speaking of folks that hunt different things, I want to shift gears.
Katie Pavich ties ABC Epstein cover-up to the Clintons and Stephanopoulos.
No wonder ABC didn't want her to investigate the Clintons.
Quote, she had the Clintons blackmail control of powerful people as the House of Cards begins to come down.
But we're in a race as they try to impeach the president.
So it is a race, ladies and gentlemen.
Your action is what ensures victory.
Let's go to this clip.
Every time I watch this, I think, you know, she seems like a sort of a real journalist.
Good for her.
There's no question executives at ABC protected Jeffrey Epstein.
Why do you think they did that?
Well, because their star anchor's name is George Stephanopoulos.
And, of course, George Stephanopoulos worked as Bill Clinton's communications director
We're good to go.
You know, Tucker Carlson is on fire, a real journalist.
And because no one else, Brian Stelter is defending ABC and saying just literally cover it up.
The rest of the media is as well.
CBS won't report on it.
That tells you who these folks are.
I mean, no doubt about it.
This is one of the biggest scandals in the history of American media and American crime and American politics, American law.
You have someone like Epstein committing crime on the scale that he was committing it, according to the allegations against him in the indictment and that have been published elsewhere in various court pleadings and court proceedings.
And here they had the story.
They had an extraordinary story, an extraordinary exclusive, right on the eve of the election, and they ran from it rather than run to it.
Even though the reporter on the ground wanted to cover it, that's very apparent and very manifest by what Project Veritas' whistleblower was allowed to do.
Interesting contrast.
While they're saying you can't discuss who the jurors are for purposes of examining whether bias is taking place in the jury selection process, while they're saying you can't discuss WikiLeaks emails, and while they're saying you can't discuss the whistleblower's name and identity, there has been an expansive effort by the media, according to published reports today, to identify who provided this information to Project Veritas.
Oh, they're hunting, they're hunting whoever it is to try to prosecute him.
That she's on video, it's a hot mic, like sometimes we're recording ads, whatever, with the things going in the background, and she's really more worried about her career.
I would have really been famous if I brought down the Clintons.
My God, the blackmail rings of the kids.
She's not even worried about the kids.
She's just more worried, in my view, about how, you know, she got spiked a big story.
Talk about a sociopath.
But see, she's just a sociopath.
She's not a Dracula.
Well, the nature of most journalists is, unfortunately, there tends to be a tendency to seek fame and celebrity more so than to expose the truth as their driving motivation.
Seek victory over evil?
Unfortunately, there isn't the same motivation shared across the journalistic profession.
But either way, she had every personal interest in seeing the story covered.
And so the fact that they shut it down, such an explosive story, such an exclusive story, such an extraordinary story.
Shows the scope and scale of where Epstein's corruption reached, and the degree to which at least somebody at ABC most likely associated the story with potentially hurting the Clinton campaign, which suggests that someone at ABC connected the dots between Epstein and Clinton.
In addition, George Stephanopoulos attended Epstein events in New York after he had already pled guilty to various crimes involving underage sex activity.
So there's that component.
Stephanopoulos was also, of course, a donor to the Clinton Foundation, as President Trump reminded him of.
There are a bunch of sickening monsters that are all into different decadences.
Some of them want to be crapped on.
Others want to have sex with kids.
Others want to be hurt.
Others want to hurt people.
I mean, I've been around Hollywood, folks.
I couldn't get away from it.
You open one door, it's one sick thing.
Open another, it's another sick thing.
But at the bottom of it all is draining energy off children.
Raping them.
Torturing them.
And that's who they are.
You want to know who the Globalists put in?
People like them that go to their parties and get off on this stuff.
And Epstein was nothing but a maitre d' that delivered up the hors d'oeuvres, whatever they wanted.
Drugs, hookers, men, women, children.
You want to kill a kid?
Now you're really in the club.
That's who they are.
Charlie Rose was at the parties.
Who do you think the Bilderberg group loved him?
Why do you think all the billionaires and royalty went on with him?
They control the whole damn UK with pedophilia.
It's been mainstream headlines that pedophilia is national security.
It's their frickin' religion!
Is torturing children to death.
Grow up and admit it, America!
Let me tell you something.
I went down to Google and was screaming at them yesterday.
Forgot a bullhorn.
I just went full power without the bullhorn.
And people will come up and say, hey man, I believe you, I work at Google, you're right, I don't care if they fire me.
And they talk on camera, a bunch of them, and I'd be like, some woman would walk out looking at me and I'd say, oh, what are you covering up for?
And they'd say, hey, I got an open mind here.
So I was taking, obviously, I know Google, most people are good at Google, it's compartmentalized.
Still, you're streaming in a building, and you gotta get amped up to do it.
But even, we're winning is what I'm saying, is that people are smiling because they were uncomfortable.
What are you smiling at, scumbag?
Well, no, I'm just smiling because I'm a big fan.
So I have to apologize to some folks.
I was crazed out there.
You gotta get like that to get in this mode.
But, I mean, we're winning, brother.
I was walking back to the truck and people were like, you're right, Epstein, man, they killed the whole new world order of pedophiles.
Black dudes, white dudes, old women, you know, French-Canadian old guys, old Chinese women, young Chinese women, you know.
And I'm not trying to say this to make my wife jealous, it's just that
It's like an Elvis Presley thing with the women.
Women were stopping cars, grabbing on me.
Because women like mavericks, like people that are resisting.
So I'm not bragging about me.
I'm talking about as a censor of a bellwether.
I've never been feeling so much love as I'm screaming at people.
And they're like, no, no, we know you're right.
So people are really waking up.
The tipping points here on things like Epstein.
Epstein exposed the scale and the scope of the degree to which people in power will resort to extraordinary methods and mechanisms to exercise that power.
When I was representing victims of abuse, domestic abuse, all forms of abuse, the common pattern in child abuse were people who wanted power over children.
Children are the most innocent, the most vulnerable... Just tell me what you said last night.
The profile of a federal judge is... That's what you do is profile people.
Oh, we profile them all.
So what you see is the people who seek power, the people who, for example, there's a reason why a disproportionate number of people connected to children activities, whether it be high school teachers, whether it be priests, whether it be other people, they have a disproportionate number of people who abuse children in them.
And some of the best people get into it.
There's a statistic that there's a large component of the worst.
Correct, exactly.
And you gotta be watching.
You can have 90-95% be great, but you're gonna have a disproportionate number that are not, in terms of, and that number may be 5%, 7%, 8%, because they are seeking power.
That's their common modus operandi.
And it doesn't mean the power to have a big house or even money.
Like you said, judges will take, federal ones, a lot less money than they can make as a lawyer.
But they want that raw, rubbing it in.
Well there's federal judges who've commented on the very limited way in which they will pick federal judges.
That in essence, they will not pick federal judges that come from defense backgrounds, criminal defense backgrounds, civil rights backgrounds.
That overwhelmingly they pick them that come from corporate power, prosecutorial power backgrounds.
And the risk is that you get judges who are driven more by power than principle.
And it's a problem in our political promotion process.
And they don't get principles the real power.
What the power should be is the opportunity to make sure core principles get protected.
To empower humanity.
Empower others.
Unfortunately, it's the anarchist argument in general about the state.
That the state will naturally attract
The worst group of people that are power seekers.
Why do you find child abuse disproportionate in power-seeking societies and sub-sectors of society?
It's because the same thing that drove them to seek power in the first place drives them to... And they want the power to do the taboo thing to an innocent child.
It's their religion and they are the enemy.
We're going to go to break in a few more minutes with Robert Barnes.
I'm going to give the number out, cover all the other news.
I haven't even scratched the surface yet.
It is insane and more is breaking all the time at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
And then sites like Band.Video that's exploding up the rankings.
We're reaching massive numbers of people with it.
It's growing exponentially, logarithmically.
Tell everyone the truth that they don't want you to know about Epstein.
And from the guy that first broke it, it's the truth.
And he gets people to open it up.
Is it Band.Video?
Tweet it.
Facebook it.
Share it by hand.
And know that we're this close to bringing down the pedophile armies.
These Satanists are so scared.
Everybody else wants to grovel to them.
They can't stand it.
The spirit of resistance lives here, where we are just ready to bang heads, full power, in the name of Jesus Christ.
And we need the funding to just fire up the furnace on this locomotive, and I'm just going 500 miles an hour, just shoveling coal in.
And we're just rampaging forward, full power, as we prepare to accelerate into collision annihilation of Satan.
I am so pleased to be here, ladies and gentlemen.
I need full force.
Pour money into InfoWarsTore.com and get products you need.
Get t-shirts, get films.
The big sale's about to end and I assure you that I will give them 100% total annihilation!
I'm just very blessed to be here, ladies and gentlemen.
I want to air this special report and Barnes is going to be back.
I'm going to give the number out on the world events on the betrayal of Trump by Bolton and so much more.
They're now moving, as well, against Pence, as we said they would.
It's all coming up in this third hour.
Here is a report on Hillary bedeviling the Dems.
Hillary Clinton is going down!
Hillary Clinton is a Chinese Communist agent and a criminal and that's just the way I like it!
Now, Hillary Clinton, obviously, is basically running for president.
She at least wants the money, and she's going around still raising money for her foundation.
She's doing more campaign stops than all the other candidates pretty much combined.
She's on more television than even Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and, of course, Joe Biden combined.
How did you kill Jeffrey Epstein?
Because you're not in power, but you have all the power.
She's on everything.
And there's new big national polls out where she's in a dead heat with Joe Biden, who is the presumptive nominee.
So you heard it here first, folks, that she would not run officially, but be running the whole time so that she won't be under scrutiny.
And then, boom, last minute, if she's able to remove Trump with impeachment.
Then she comes in and flexes her deep state muscles.
She thinks that'll scare everybody else into submission and that they will run some weak Republican against her and she will get into office.
Why, after all, it was promised to her.
She had eight years of co-presidency with Bill Clinton.
Then eight years of co-presidency with Barack Hussein Obama.
And I guess for her, 16 years is not enough.
So she's got those visions of the United she wants back in and she's still got that whole deep state in there.
Most of the neocons are on her side as well, put in by the Bushes.
And so that's why she's so confident.
She's got the mainstream media.
She's got the Chi Com.
She's got the Hollywood America haters.
We have this extraordinary charge by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that one of the 2020 candidates who was later confirmed she met, Tulsi Gabbard, was somehow working for Russia.
Why did she say that?
You know, it is often hard to know exactly what the Clintons are up to and how they're thinking about things.
What may be true, though, is that she is worried about something happening to the Democratic nominee that she feels happened to her in 2016.
And she is willing to sacrifice herself to raise these questions very early.
But she doesn't have you.
She doesn't have the heart and soul of America.
She doesn't have Christ on her side.
And she doesn't have the info war on her side either.
But they're all weak.
Joe Biden can barely talk.
Gaffs every hour, every time he talks.
He says he wants the Paris Peace Accords passed.
I'm going to make sure that we rejoin the Paris Peace Accord on day one.
And I'm going to announce within the first 100 days, those 173 nations are going to come and meet in Washington, D.C.
That happened.
The end of the Vietnam War has nothing to do with us now.
He doesn't know what state he's in.
He says he's in Iowa when he's in Ohio.
He's on another planet.
Watch what happened when those kids from Parkland came up to see me when I was vice president.
They went under the... and some of you covered it.
The issue with that statement is Joe Biden had moved out of the Naval Observatory more than a year before the mass murder at Parkland.
Your father was never considered smart.
He was never considered a good senator.
He was only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama's ass.
Alright, if you're receiving this transmission, you're the resistance.
I want to take calls, and I'm dedicated to taking more calls.
We're going to take a lot of calls tomorrow.
We're going to take them today as well.
We got another great guest host coming up, Matt Bracken.
I may commandeer a little bit of time there to take more of those calls.
We had the first 15 minutes, but Matt's really going to have a lot to cover.
I always enjoy having my lunch a little late on those days and watching when Matt is sitting in doing the fourth hour.
And then Owen Schroer.
And of course, we've got firepower coming up, but I'm going to hit
All the news we haven't covered, basically.
As best I can, we come back and give the number out.
But all I can say to The Globalist is, your plan is going down.
You shall not pass!
When I grow up, I want to have a pro-human future and go off-world.
I want my progeny to have opportunities I've never had.
Just like our forebears had that same vision in the long arc of human destiny.
Crank it up!
A human future!
And that's a natural fact.
Let's go to Donna Brazile who helped swindle...
The debates for CNN criminally and fixed polls on record in WikiLeaks.
She confirms it.
The Fox News commentator telling us don't listen to the guy who lost by a few thousand votes in Kentucky with all the massive evidence of the Democrats engaging in fraud nationwide saying travel there to vote the names of dead people on the rolls.
No, it's a conspiracy theory.
No, the Democrats, they're going to win.
Yeah, we let them steal the election.
Here she is on Fox.
Hell, with Fox, who needs MSNBC these days?
Well, I agree with the chairwoman.
The Republicans did hold on and flip two of the seats, statewide seats.
The fact is, is that Mr. Bevin is not a very popular governor, and I think the voters wanted a change in that position, and let's see what happens with the canvassing, which is going to be underway in about seven days.
They will canvass all 120 counties, and if there are any irregularities, any problems, I'm sure the county clerks and others will find out.
Okay, here's Bevin on him, on that very issue.
He's making the case in the recount.
We want the people of Kentucky to have absolute confidence that their votes were counted as they should have been counted, that the law was followed, and that regardless of whether they vote this side of the aisle or that side of the aisle, that they can always have confidence that the electoral process works.
So let's see whether or not Bevin wins on his challenge or not.
But I think Kentucky's a little more complicated than most have analyzed it thus far.
And that goes along the following lines.
These northern counties in northern Kentucky that are the suburbs of Cincinnati, the Democrat Bashir won those counties, flipped them from Bevin.
But if you look at the undercard, the other five statewide candidates, they pretty much romped across the board.
It is a red state.
You have to go a little deeper to really understand it.
Yeah, and I think if you go a little deeper you'll scratch what's underneath the bottom and that is Mr. Beshear won counties, typical Democratic counties from the past.
He won a lot of the eastern counties, counties that used to vote Democratic.
Okay, I can't listen to any of this anymore.
The Democrats are caught all over the country busing
They always say illegals, but they'll just bust anybody.
Homeless people, you name it.
To vote on up to 10 people on average.
We've had Larry Nichols used to help the Clintons get into office.
Talked about it.
And this is a reality.
Of course, if he barely lost, it was stolen.
The Democrats rule voter fraud.
Well, in fact, what's been publicly reported is that that's what Bill Clinton thought when Barack Obama beat Hillary Clinton in Iowa in 2008.
Bill Clinton believed, without doubt, according to various published reports, including books published by liberal media members, that Obama had bused people in to steal the vote.
So, why would Clinton think that if this never occurs?
Yeah, he just stole a trick from them.
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, why would Clinton think any... Well, one of the first things I learned as a kid, an old Grundy County, Tennessee Democratic poll told me, I was trying to figure out how they, like, magically hit certain numbers.
I was like, how did you get, like, that number when you needed that exact number of votes?
And I was a teenager.
And he said, well, Bobby, it's not who votes who count, it's who counts the votes who count.
And that was a wise old Democratic hand.
LBJ learned that here in Texas.
Stuff in that box 13.
Exactly, just waiting for that.
Even posed with photos of it to rub it in.
I'll give Lyndon Johnson credit.
I mean, he was who he was.
There was an old buddy of mine, Nick Domo, at Yale, grew up homeless on the streets of New York City, who said he always liked LBJ because LBJ was honest about his corruption.
He said, you need a few more honest crooks in office.
So there's that kind of sort of mindset, but there's no question that there are issues with Turnout issues there's issues of discrepancy the problem for the Kentucky governor in his recount effort Is that Republicans swept the lower offices?
Republicans won the first african-american governor attorney general of the state of Kentucky is gonna be a Republican the Democratic governor who used his attorney general position and weaponized it against the Incumbent governor to win the governor's seat is now gonna regret that because what about Virginia?
I mean, that's been 30 years since that went Democrat.
The thing, now that's an immigration driven issue.
Green card visa issues.
But you have a disproportionate number of visa card holders who have become Virginia citizens.
So that's changed the demographics of Virginia.
The other thing is that, I mean, Virginia is where the deep state lives.
It's one of the only other places in Texas that's had a boom, and you've had Californians moving there and others.
So it's, yeah, leftists have moved there like herring and crows.
And they've been killing manufacturing in that state, which was a key basis of populist conservative support.
Killing mining in that state, which was another key basis of populist conservative support.
Which is the plan.
Kill all opportunity, then you need to live on the government ta-ta.
And then you have people who are saying climate change is going to require just killing mass groups of people in general.
Oh, that's our next story.
I haven't gotten to that.
I should have.
Let's cover that next segment, then we'll let you get back to the important work you're doing.
I'm going to give the number out.
Ladies and gentlemen, on any subject you want to cover, on the big story here that I want to get Robert Barnes' take on, and that's what's happening at the impeachment, on the elections, on the huge Epstein news coming out, on the Roger Stone show trial, and others saying I'm death-threatening the jurors because I had a grim reaper on here about Jeffrey Epstein.
I know this is a complete fabrication.
They knew it was a fabrication.
They lied.
And if they don't retract, they're going to get sued.
The days of sitting back and taking it routinely and repeatedly are over.
What did they think was going to come out?
Just deflect the story?
Because the judge is trying to put on the jury Obama officials?
And so we cover it, which is normal?
And they go, that's illegal!
And he's starting to kill us!
Three things.
First, to further bias the judge against Roger Stone by creating these fake news stories.
Second, to potentially bias the jury themselves by having the jury say, oh, the people that are threatening you out there, that if you don't, you know, and when in fact... They're sending the Grim Reaper!
It was the Salmon Moose!
By circulating those stories where the jury could read, it really becomes a threat to the jury by them.
And then the third is to discourage people from exercising their legal rights to look into whether this has been a fair jury selection process.
That's the main goal.
The primary goal is to prevent free press, prevent free speech, prevent people from knowing about their legal rights.
It's my problem with all of the, not only the weaponization of the law for political purposes, but also the members of the media and the legal left lying about it.
Making up things about the emolument clause, the U.S.
Constitution, that don't exist.
Also, I've seen the code and I've read it.
I meant to get to that last week.
It was pointed out by listeners.
Quid pro quo is not illegal in foreign affairs.
It's standard unless you're personally getting money or land or jewels.
Of course you say, the President's allowed to say to a foreign leader, okay, you take your missiles out of Cuba, I'll take them out of Turkey.
We had a treaty, as you pointed out.
There's a treaty with Ukraine about corruption.
This is ridiculous!
Well, I've been on a wide range of press and have challenged every leftist lawyer out there to name the criminal statute that's been violated by what they believe Trump did.
And they can't identify it.
And one of them said, oh, extortion.
I was like, that's absurd.
We're going to cover that in just a moment.
The toll-free number to join us, ladies and gentlemen, today is 877-789-ALEX.
877-789-2539 is the number to join us.
And we'll be taking your calls.
But just briefly getting back into that.
They don't care though if that's the law and the facts and the fraud and these fake whistleblowers that are proven frauds.
They're just moving forward.
Well, the left increasingly, I saw it in law school when I was there, increasingly believes in just making our results orient.
They no longer believe in the rule of law.
They say, we're the good guys so we can do all the evil things.
They say the ends justify the means every time.
And so it means that there's one rule of law for defamation for liberals, a different rule of law of defamation for conservatives.
One rule of law that governs Obama's conduct, a different rule of law that governs Trump's conduct.
It's got to end.
Five senators can say Ukraine better do this, we're going to hold the money up.
Trump doesn't even do that.
He has to be burned at the stake.
I mean, just complete contradictory activities.
For example, if there was a whistleblower out there attacking President Obama, every major media network would have already done smear and hit jobs of him and identified him to the whole world and had cameras outside his house.
And they would have arrested him.
That's what Obama did.
I mean, this is CNN.
Remember, hunted a meme maker.
Hunted down a grandma.
I mean, these are the people that threatened to dox a meme maker.
Here's how they're winning.
They're changing the subject from what's really going on.
They're stopping the Trump agenda.
He can't trust anybody around him.
They're all lying.
They are sabotaging the Trump agenda.
So we all bitch and complain he didn't get everything done.
Well, hell, could you get something done surrounded by an army of lying, blue blood scumbags?
God, most of them pedophiles?
I mean, most of these people are screwing little kids, okay?
And that's just the icing, okay?
It goes a lot worse.
They're killing little kids.
Well, son, you're not going to find Jesus in one of those establishment churches.
And Jesus didn't want to tell you on the news.
So, I know you're out there seeking, and that's good.
We're told we shouldn't seek, but you seek long enough, you're going to find.
Just make sure you don't find the wrong thing.
Robert Barnes is our guest, riding shotgun.
I said, hey buddy, Bonanza's pretty much the star of the show.
You want to take some time?
Oh, I want to stay on.
Well good, I want him to stay on with us.
We're going to take your phone call starting here in a moment.
Can Trump be indicted in the House and removed from the Senate?
Bolton willing to defy White House and testify in an impeachment inquiry if court clears the way, sources say.
So a violation of the executive
I mean, the judiciary doesn't let people take their rights away.
The legislative doesn't.
Meanwhile, House to Explore Pence's role in Ukraine controversy with new testimony.
He's now part of the removal process.
This is all very scripted.
They've told us what they're going to do.
The lawyer for the fake whistleblower said, we're going to set Trump up.
Insurance policy type stuff.
I mean, they're telling us and the Republican leadership acts dumb about this.
I think what they're doing is they're testing to see whether or not the president's base will rally to his defense to such a degree that the Republicans in the Senate feel they have no choice but to oppose impeachment.
And if Republicans are listening to QAnon, we're gonna win!
Everything's fine!
I'm not trying to bash whoever the nebulous Q is.
I've been around 25 years.
You know who I am.
We deliver.
All this stuff that everything's fine is how you lose.
That's how Hillary lost.
Okay, so I'm just telling you that if we don't put pressure on the Republican establishment and others, they are putting their finger up to the wind.
Oh, no doubt about it.
They're constantly testing because what they remember is the Nixon example, whereby originally Republican in the Nixon base held with them.
They finally got fractures in that base and as soon as they did, they forced them out.
So the goal is just to seize their opportunity when the opportunity presents itself.
And let's be clear, Trump has gotten rid of all the lobbyists.
Now people in and around the White House all become their own lobbyists now and some of the money's a million dollars a day.
I mean, Trump doesn't know and he's trying to stop it, literally.
The Republican class, a bunch of them are corrupt.
They want that money back.
So the knives are out for Trump.
There have been all the way through.
I mean there was efforts as soon as the president started making momentum.
They started doing shenanigans with delegates and tried to seize delegates.
Trump would win a race like Louisiana and all of a sudden the delegates would break a different way.
There was the whole Colorado scandal.
And that's why he brought people in in order to fix that.
So then there was a threat.
So the government put them in prison?
That's what ultimately happens.
Oh, you bring Manafort in to fix that, he goes to prison.
Stone gives you the strategy to win, you go to prison.
Jones helps rally the base, we'll destroy him.
Exactly, it's just one thing after the next after the next.
There's been constant targeting of anybody who was a critical aide or ally of the President.
Uh, particularly those who are the most essential allies.
He's gotta come to Stone's aid.
I mean, it's not a good signal.
Stone hasn't done a damn thing.
No, this is a crime that he's being prosecuted with that, uh, if, if this fit the crime, uh, almost everybody in Congress or the period before Congress could be prosecuted.
So it's a ludicrous application.
It's an overly broad, politically motivated case.
Totally transparent.
I mean, evident that that's what's taking place.
And there's been no effort, in my view, to make it at least appear to be a fair trial.
It appears to be an unfair trial.
And at some point, the head of the executive branch, the elected head of the executive branch, has to take action in governing the executive branch and correct its excesses and injustices.
And that's what needs to happen.
Obama did it for people who are convicted terrorists.
I mean, Roger Stone is being charged because they didn't like his answer to a few questions.
Clinton pardoned convicted cocaine dealers.
And pardon people who are involved in gun running and other activities.
He also pardoned people like Mark Rich who had a wide range of allegations.
Missile secrets.
I mean whether he was violating Iranian sanctions.
I mean all kinds of issues with him.
So it's just outrageous what they're doing.
No doubt.
I mean, it's excessive and outrageous, but it's meant to send a message to everyone else.
It's really not so much just punishing Stone, or just punishing Manafort, or just punishing you in the way they're weaponizing the legal system against people for political purposes, or misleading people about their rights concerning juror secrecy, misreading, misinterpreting the law as it applies to WikiLeaks, misinterpreting and misapplying the law as it applies to someone like Snowden or Julian Assange, who weren't given the whistleblower protections they're demanding for this guy.
Apparently, there is a story out today that Facebook is going to start banning people who even mention the fake whistleblower's name.
I mean, so this is a huge effort at censorship.
Oh, Facebook is obsessed with the power to ban words or terms.
In fact, anybody talking about Epstein, back on July 5th of this year, investigative journalist Leo Zagami, who we're trying to get on the show from wherever he stays, Italy, the US, he travels all over,
They just found that he posted an article back then, and so somebody posted a link to it.
They banned him for good for saying how long until Epstein is killed by the Deep State.
This is insane!
I mean, it was obvious from day one.
As soon as that happened, the probability that he committed suicide, unassisted and unaided by anyone else, was extraordinarily low.
That facility has a... I mean, I handle prison suicide cases, so I represent people who actually commit suicide.
And where the system has screwed up in some way in allowing that to happen by people who are mentally ill or institutionalized for mental illness related ailments.
And that should never happen.
That facility had a perfect record.
It was designed so you couldn't.
Everything about it.
It had been like 30 plus years.
But it wasn't two bones.
It was three.
It's two of the same.
It's frontal.
He fought.
You literally have to make an acrobatic Cirque du Soleil kind of jump off the top bed to magically kill yourself in the way they're saying he did.
It was like a one in a million.
But the point is he said they're coming to kill me.
He begged for his life.
They went breathe, breathe while they were killing him.
I mean that's been published in various places.
He told his family they're coming to kill me.
So why is it so big now?
It's totally exploded.
It was the closest thing to Fight Club.
You know, where Tyler Durgan's walking around, everybody's like, hey, they're in on it, he doesn't know why, because he's gone to the other personality.
I'm walking down the street, and everybody's like, yeah, I've seen the Killing Me Right show, I apologize, Jones, you're right.
You know, people are coming up and saying it on camera.
They're like, yeah, old, young, black, white.
I was like, what the, it's like a movie.
I mean, it's like crazy.
Well, even liberal publications like The Week said that if you looked at the Fox News worldview, if you looked at the traditional liberal worldview, they could not forecast and explain Epstein.
Whereas if people had followed the Infowars worldview, they understood it exactly.
I remember watching the documentary called The Whistleblower, a real whistleblower, about what was happening with defense contractors involved in sex trafficking in Europe.
And watching it, I was like, how could this whistleblower be so naive?
And I realized they just are used to watching establishment press.
Because they work to cover it up and persecute it.
Of course.
It's like, oh, I just go to people.
And they load little kids on the airplanes and fly them out to Lord knows where, but I... If I tell the bosses, the bosses will do something about it.
It turns out Epstein was buying little girls from that.
There's all kinds of... Honey, these people need...
To be brought to justice.
No doubt about it.
And there's a reason why it exists.
It exists for people in positions of power who want to exercise the most extreme versions of that power.
And these old, sick demons, folks, like having kids chained up in the basement.
When they've had a bad day, they just walk in there, pull a knife out, just slit their throat.
Go get me another kid!
It's the most perverse, distorted version of that psychopathology.
Come here, you little bastard.
Your mommy's never gonna help you.
Just ha ha, slit.
Hillary loves you!
The whole nature of the psychology of power attracts those kind of people.
And it's why they have to be constantly monitored.
Hey, but I say drink your fluoride, take your 5G, and let them rape kids and slit their throats.
Hail Satan, right liberals?
Liberals would say to me, well a few of them would F you, I'd get in their face and go, you like the kids getting raped?
No, you're right!
Say Hillary's bad!
Say it!
You're right, she's bad!
I actually did that yesterday.
We're gonna defeat you scumbags.
You're gonna pay.
They got the power.
They don't have the truth and they're losing ground.
Trump's not invincible, but the truth is invincible.
Oh, absolutely.
And there's no doubt that a large part of the acts that have taken place are acts of desperation, a feeling of futility, a feeling of frustration, that they've been unable to change the president's mind, unable to get him to bend to their will, unable to get them to reverse his prior positions.
Because everyone else who's got elected, even on populist positions, has mostly reversed those positions once they got to power.
Remember Obama ran on how he's going to change NAFTA, he's going to change trade agreements, he wasn't going to do those deals.
And as soon as he got there, that's exactly what he did.
But Trump's actually been doing it.
Exactly, and it drives them insane.
And they just want to wear people out and have others just think they're part of the power structure if they just join the attack on Trump.
I've had so many people, Hollywood, you know, Alex, just please don't support him.
We'll stop suing, it'll all stop.
Just give yourself to Lucifer.
They try to create an impression of inevitability in order to create a sense of futility in Trump's base and audience, with the hope that that converts Republican senators into standing aside and letting them take out the president.
And it's part of a consistent pattern, a consistent methodology, and they won't stop, and they'll continue to pursue it until 2020.
And it's up to the ordinary person to stand up for the president that keeps the constitutional liberties afloat in this country.
I agree.
I want to go to Kohl's.
I just want to throw this out there again.
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I thank you for the support.
Barnes, let's go to some phone calls.
Sounds good.
All right.
Let's go ahead here and go to Carlos.
He's a long time caller.
Long time, first time caller today.
Carlos is always a smart cookie.
Let's talk about the Epstein case.
Go ahead, Carlos.
Thank you, Alex.
Well, I have a lot on the Epstein case, but I wanted to first share with you something that has gone under the radar for quite some time.
The name is Ghislaine Maxwell, and she appears in writing, actually, the day after that photograph at the In-N-Out hamburger joint in California.
And she is actually doing a customer review, which is a coded message,
That appears on Amazon under the book title that she was reading in that picture.
The book title is The Book of Honor by Ted Gupp.
So if you go to the Amazon.com website and look at the customer review for that book, The Book of Honor, you will find G. Maxwell.
A comforting read after a personal tragedy.
There it is.
The Book of Honor.
The Secret Lives of and Deaths of CIA Operatives.
And then she did a review.
And I said at the time, the book she was reading, it was all obviously staged.
And Carl's a smart guy.
I haven't read the review.
What is she saying?
It's undoubtedly not even a coded message.
Go ahead.
Well, it is coded because it's really to throw the CIA, NSA, FBI.
Obviously, CIA, NSA, FBI wouldn't touch her with a 10-foot pole.
Sure, it's a threat that if you mess with me, I'll expose everything like Barney Frank and others said.
So, it reads, a good friend of mine died recently under very tragic circumstances.
Some of us saw it coming for quite a while, but it was still a huge shock when it finally happened.
I picked up this book at the advice of a friend and absolutely couldn't put it down.
I read walking the dog, getting fast food, a picture, or even just lounging around the house.
It helped me realize that my friend really believed in something and that giving your life for the CIA, NSA, FBI, Mossad, or any other intelligence agency is truly a higher calling and not something to mourn.
A wholehearted recommendation.
What people don't know is that Jeffrey Epstein actually waltzed back a long time.
He goes back to Robert Maxwell, who was in fact... Her father.
I like, you know, other people.
Hold on.
Stay there.
It's the higher calling to kidnap the children en masse and do all these things to them.
And she's telling the world she's very proud of her work.
Oh my goodness.
Robert Barnes in that last break just loaded all the info out.
That's why he's got to start doing his own show here.
Maybe we get him to move to Austin so he can be in the studio and do his own show.
He needs to.
Because I've been studying this whole Epstein thing for 13, 14 years.
When I first saw his name 15 years ago with Bill and Melinda Gates and Ted Turner and them running a eugenics operation, I saw the name.
And then I went back and saw the articles.
But I've been watching since the whole first pedo bust and that cover up.
And it's just amazing.
But yeah, getting into Maxwell's father.
You were pointing out she's not even alive right now.
Kind of say what you... Do you want to repeat some of what you just said?
And then we'll go back to Carlos.
So, I mean, there have been stories that the published photo of her was not contemporaneously made and that it may have been previously made and was sort of a dead man switch or a risk threat that she had authorization to release it.
Either way, she hasn't talked or interviewed with anyone that anyone has been able to document or detail on the record.
I don't
What I do remember is I remember the Southern District of New York making a big deal at the time of Epstein's death and saying, don't worry, we're going to bring a bunch of other indictments against people connected to him.
Here we are months and months later and not a whisper of such indictments taking place.
So, I mean, there's already people who think the Southern District of New York never meaningfully intended to go after those people.
And he was only brought in to kill him.
That's what some people think.
And those theories are going to be strengthened if the U.S.
Attorney's Office takes no action against the other people.
But according to the left's lawsuits against myself...
We're not supposed to ever question anything that's happened in a public event.
Well, increasingly, some of the legal theories being pursued by the left in a wide range of cases, including these cases, but also other cases, is where they're saying if you challenge or contest who committed a crime or who committed a mass trauma, that you can be then sued by people who are related in any way, shape, or form.
When everyone's always questioning everything, that's what juries do.
Well, look at the O.J.
case, and I've looked at that, I don't know who really did it.
Most Innocence Project cases, in other words, imagine if you couldn't challenge whether someone was innocent, or without being... Yeah, death row.
Yeah, exactly.
DNA's proven like, what, a third of them are innocent?
Tons of Innocence Project people have been proven to be innocent based on independent medical and scientific and forensic testing.
Imagine if they couldn't say it without the person saying, hey, you know, I'm related to the victim of that crime, I consider you intending to inflict emotional distress on me.
Who's the famous case in north of Austin?
We have a long history of some Texas cases like that.
You have the great documentary, The Thin Blue Line, where they accuse someone of being responsible for killing someone that turned out totally innocent.
And the documentary goes through the detail of how it was.
I mean, you had prosecutors in parts of Texas back in the day who used to brag, said any prosecutor can convict a guilty person.
It takes a truly extraordinary one to convict an innocent person.
So we're seeing aspects of it that power in the hands of the wrong people will be misused and abused.
And there's aspects of that that are throughout the process.
And if we don't question who's taking.
Who's the guy?
He's had lawyers on about it.
It was in Round Rock.
And his daughter got killed, and they blamed him, even though they knew it was this other guy.
And then later that guy confessed, and then all the evidence came out.
It's just unbelievable.
Unbelievable when you learn all about it.
And it's like they just knew and just covered it up.
There's a whole range of it.
I mean, John Grisham has a great book out called The Innocent Man about another guy who's probably innocent and is facing death row.
So there's a lot of those kind of cases out there.
See, I'm for the death penalty except the system is so corrupt you can't trust it.
I want to go to phone calls.
Carlos, finish up what you were saying from Canada, sorry.
You're bringing up some great points.
The basic thing is that remember Alex Acosta said that he was told not to touch
Or go easy on Jeffrey Epstein because he was intelligent.
What was really not known at the time was that the police chief, Michael Reiter, and you should have him, Palm Beach police chief Michael Reiter, has been writing about what happened to them.
They were, at all turns, they were being obstructed from being able to bring about the prosecution.
On 48 of, over 40 of these, these women, young women, actually children, in fact,
And the best way to see it, Alex, if we have one day, a Saturday call-in, I'll give you all the story, but the best way to see it is to look at this man, Jeffrey Epstein, as a sexual commando.
The little girls didn't have a chance.
This man was operating an intelligence operation, and he was actually, to the very end, and think about it for a second, why would the most condecorated, most known political figure in Israel, you know,
By the name of Ehud Barak.
Touch a radioactive pedophile in New York City.
No, with a 10-foot pole.
He doesn't need that.
He wouldn't have needed that.
No, he was actually debriefing the operation, getting the material information.
Oh, sure.
So, I mean, we know he's connected to the Israelis.
But, and I'm not defending Israel.
These governments do all sorts of horrible things.
Our CIA's been caught doing it, too.
Who do you think he really worked for?
Because Maxwell's connected to CIA and British intelligence.
Her dad was killed in a boating accident.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
So, who do you think really killed him?
You know, you've got the British royals hanging out with him.
I'm not going to say British intelligence is involved, but that's how all these intelligence agencies have been doing it, particularly the British.
That's what they're known for.
Well, there's definitely, there are meetings between the intelligence agencies and Epstein Connected Party.
Sure, and why is the former Israeli president running and secretly getting caught meeting with him when he's a convicted pedophile?
So give us the answer, Carlos.
Who do you think at the bottom of the barrel, at the end of the day, who is Epstein really working for?
I've seen, in fact, with Prince Andrew.
Please be careful, because Prince Andrew was, at the time, he was a commercial representative of the Crown.
He was a commercial, if you want to call it representative, worldwide, and he could bring lots of contacts and information.
Sure, you're a smart guy, that's why I went to you first.
I'm asking, who do you think he first worked for?
He actually took the job from Robert Maxwell.
And Ghislaine Maxwell and Robert Maxwell, there's an anecdote... And he was MI6 and CIA, so who do you think really controlled Epstein?
That's right.
There's an actual anecdote with Ghislaine Maxwell and her father talking about Trump.
She used the term premium items to refer to, you know what, premium items.
And she said to her father, and this is in a biography of Robert Maxwell, it says that she actually told her father, why don't I bring some of my premium items to, you know, this fellow Donald J. Trump, you know, because he would be a good contact.
And he was very upset at her, and he called her all sorts of names and told her, this man wouldn't touch your samples.
I remember that, yeah.
So yeah, one day on Saturday call in.
Let's talk about Alex.
Let's talk about Jeffrey Epstein.
No, no, no, I agree.
And I'm not just here to defend Trump.
I actually know all of Trump's sexual proclivities.
And that's why they want Roger Stone so bad.
Roger Stone was Trump's beard with supermodels.
That's what he likes.
And they had to be tested and screened.
And the guy is a germaphobe where he had to go basically train himself.
He loves people, but he used to put, you know, the stuff on his hands.
OK, he likes full grown women.
That's it.
He doesn't like children.
And that's why they want Stone so bad, because Stone was his beard for 40 years.
And not for gay dudes.
A beard for women.
So Trump could go out with his girlfriends and Roger Stone.
Let's just get it out in the open.
The president doesn't like little kids like the rest of these people.
And that's why they don't like him.
He's not in the club.
I only released that on the President, even though Stone's told me the President, and I checked articles about it back when the New York Times was more truthful.
I talked to others, they go, yeah, that's true.
But Stone was his beard.
And I brought up the Stone, he didn't want to get into it.
He said Trump wouldn't like it if it came out, that Trump also likes black girls and stuff.
He's not racist.
And see, that's what they can't stand.
And you know what?
This stuff needs to be out.
But they don't have anything on Trump.
They can't stand it.
Yeah, I mean, Trump has done a very good job of avoiding the kind of entrapment scenarios that others had set up for other individuals over in positions of power over time.
And he also avoided all the memberships.
I mean, he's one of the first people to get elected that wasn't, didn't go to Bohemian Grove, wasn't part of those, wasn't part of the Bilderberg Group, wasn't part of the League Foundation.
No, he likes six-foot supermodels.
Well, I mean, his type is rather obvious by who he's married and who he's dated publicly over time.
And it's not any kind of problematic behavior beyond, you know, fidelity might not be his strong suit.
You know, that would be about all.
And he's certainly not just grabbing random women.
No, that's totally not who he is.
I mean, look, Trump's a control freak, folks.
He's a total control freak.
He'd never be in a room being pissed on by Russians.
I mean, give me a break.
He had to have Roger Stone and a few others vet women for months and months before he did.
So I don't even believe the Stormy Daniels thing.
Because Trump is not just running into hotel rooms with women.
That's just not his nature and it doesn't fit the pattern.
I don't want to talk about the president's sexual past, okay?
But I research all this stuff before I go all in, okay?
Well, imagine how much scrutiny Trump has been in compared to past presidents.
I mean, Trump has been under a degree of scrutiny that almost no one has ever faced.
They've looked at every aspect of his life.
I forget that one supermodel, the playboy, the super good-looking brunette that also looks like his wife.
She said, no, he's a total gentleman.
We had to date a long time when he wasn't married at the time.
Before he'd even have sex with me.
Everybody who's ever dated him has said that.
Whether they've been liberals or conservatives, no matter their politics, most of them... The truth is, they'd have to date him for months and then Roger Stone would spy on him.
I mean, he'd want to get down to brass tacks, that's it.
That I can't speak to.
He would just make sure they weren't going to give Trump a problem.
Oh, right.
And that's why they want Stone so bad.
Yeah, we'll be right back.
Alright, so I said I'd go to your calls and I just spent a couple of segments with one caller, but you know, I don't even take pleasure in getting into the background of Trump.
It's actually well known in the gossip columns and even in the New York Times 20-30 years ago, what I just told you.
And you know, that's the thing.
Trump does not want to have sex with your children.
That's why he's not in the club.
I'd say about half of D.C.'
's pedophiles.
Yeah, both parties.
Okay, that's why we're in so much trouble.
Let's go to Laura in Alabama, then Gary, Brad, and many others.
I'm going to get everybody here and then we've got Matt Braga coming up.
Go ahead, Laura.
Hello, Alex.
Hope you're well.
Um, I wanted to also mention you forgot one other source of power.
You were mentioning sources of power, and that's turbo force, which I'll be using to drive a couple of hours this afternoon.
Well, thank you.
Do you like turbo force?
Because it's really good, clean, strong energy.
No crash, no nothing.
I can sleep perfect, even after taking it mid-morning to afternoon.
So, I love it.
And I have it on auto shift.
Thank you.
Without you, I wouldn't be here.
Thank you.
That way it won't run out.
You're welcome.
And I wanted to ask about impeachment and what you and Robert think about this.
Doesn't the President have really a mandate or a requirement to look into any of the Russian collusion?
When he came into office, that was the big thing, Russian collusion.
How did the Russians interfere in our election?
When he gets this new administration and this new regime in Ukraine, they would be the ones to try to work with on all the past corruption.
And the past, uh, sticking their fingers in our election.
Wouldn't he be required to work with this new regime to say what went on with CrowdStrike?
Because this is something that was used against him.
Even, I would say he would have to look into it, whether it benefits him or hurts him.
Oh, of course he's done nothing wrong there.
They're trying to paralyze the president and make everything a crime.
Uh, Barnes had to go because he's handling legal stuff for us.
He was only going to do an hour today, but that'd be a good question for him.
The whole thing's a fraud.
And again, they just want to destabilize the president and keep him from looking into Ukraine.
So they're trying to impeach him for doing his job, just like Russia.
Hillary sold us out to Russia on uranium on other areas publicly.
Trump was investigating that during the campaign.
So they made it about Russia with him.
That's what they do.
It's how they change the subject.
Right, definitely.
And I think that when we heard the head of CNN say, OK, we're going to pivot from
Russia, Russia, Russia.
Now we're pivoting to impeachment.
These are all just talking points.
So everyone's just going to pivot to impeachment.
Oh, that's it!
And it's turned out all these whistleblowers aren't whistleblowers.
They're just liars.
And their lawyers are crazed maniacs saying we're going to remove the president.
We'll make something up.
So yeah, it's crazy, Laura.
And Matt, I personally think they didn't have anything.
So they're like, well, make something up.
Just make it up.
Just do it.
And by the way, Epstein did not kill himself 100%.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call.
Great point.
Okay, Laura, let's go to the next caller here.
Let's talk to Gary in Florida.
Gary, thanks for calling.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing?
I'm good, brother.
Thanks for holding.
Oh, my pleasure.
First of all, I want to thank you for all you do.
I use your products and enjoy them.
Thank you.
And, uh, I wish more people would use them and, uh, also, you know, give you some money because we need you.
And, uh, a lot of crazy stuff going on right now.
Well, I can tell you, you folks supporting us is really doing a lot.
It really pisses the deep state off.
I mean, they would have the top Obama official on the jury if we wouldn't have come out and said that.
Now they're trying to say I should be put in prison.
So I'm just saying, you put the money into the vending machine and I'll attack the enemy.
I'm not backing down.
Well, I do, and I won't even take Patriot Points.
I refuse to do it because I want you to benefit and have as much as you can to keep going.
Well, brother, you're awesome.
Thank you so much.
What's your view on this whole situation?
Well, my view is pretty much everything that's going on at this point.
Roger is one of the keys because, unfortunately,
This administration, which I love, I love the president, but by letting Assange stay where he's staying and can't speak to any of this stuff, it's kind of like keeping him in the dark.
The truth can't come out.
We know that Roger didn't have communication.
This is all a bunch of you know what.
We lived through it.
But it's very key for Clinton to get back in.
You've got to be able to say, well,
You see, Roger did all this.
It was stolen from me.
And that's why I want to tell you... Back in 60.
Don't hang up.
I'm coming right back to you, Gary.
You want to tell me?
I want to hear that cliffhanger.
With Gary.
And then other callers.
Are you the Keymaster?
Are you a god?
Then die!
That's from Ghostbusters.
Good movie.
I'm sure you've all seen it.
Gary in Florida says that Roger Stone is the keymaster.
Yeah, they really... They saw Epstein as a keymaster into all their pedophile rings.
Roger is the keymaster into Trump.
And there's really nothing there, though.
That's why they want to make him lie about Trump.
Because he's got all these other little things they could make it look real because he's got all this other true stuff he could add in.
And, uh...
I mean, again, Stone would never tell me anything.
I would find out some other people and dig through and see it, and then he would confirm or deny, you know, that stuff.
I can tell you Roger Stone is...
Yeah, no, it's very important because, and it's also,
You're very important to them.
And you know, you getting deplatformed and you having all these lawsuits.
I'm a little worried.
So I mean, you're also a key.
And I'm a guy who always listened to Fox News.
And I started listening to you.
And look, I'm going into myself fourth stage cancer.
I have children I'm leaving.
And it's important.
It's important for me
To kind of, uh, what I do is I read a lot, I research a lot, and I try and see where they're going based upon news and what their next moves are.
And you're important.
So I want you to be safe.
And I want you guys, uh, your audience to know everything they do is a Trojan horse up.
They'll say one thing, they're going to do another thing.
And I said to you before, the Republicans, the Senate,
We'll sell out.
If it's not this one, if it's not Russia, then it's Ukraine.
If it's not Ukraine, they'll use another thing.
It's another year of this.
The Republicans are going to sell out.
Now, unfortunately, we don't know what Trump, he could have in the beginning did what Obama and the rest of them did.
He could have came in and said, I want to do some things for the country, and the deep state could have said, okay, but we want you to let us do what we want in Syria, and this and that, and you could do this.
And we'll make a deal.
Unfortunately, you know, or fortunately, because it kind of showed us what's going on, he woke us up.
And he woke us up fast as to the deep state's, you know, their real intentions.
And their real intentions are to power and control.
We got, you know, with the pedophile and all this stuff, let's assume they're all criminals.
Let's assume that.
Assume all of that.
But we're not assuming what people got to wake up to is they're they've sold out America.
They don't want what's good for America.
The question is how do they get all these Antifa and these crazy people?
How do they get them to go crazy?
And that's where you got to look deeper.
You got to look into Syria.
You got to look into their pharmaceutical industry and the CIA.
And they have things called Captagon, which is like the stuff the Nazis used to give the people to go crazy.
They're not only going to smuggle through China fentanyl to make the Patriots slow, they're going to smuggle stuff in to make the people that are already in the streets crazier.
Oh, you're absolutely right.
They are going to dump drugs just like the Joker would in a comic book.
Chemical warfare.
You know, Gary, you've called before, I've talked to you before, I recognize your voice.
It's just sad to hear, you know, what you're going through, but it's all part of life and we love you and we appreciate you.
Thank you, Gary, for your support.
Wow, that's very humbling.
And, you know, the listeners really are the family, and that's why when I get the calls, then I feel bad I don't get to enough calls, then I feel bad having to leave one caller and go to the next.
It's just the real humanity out there.
And how many good people there are who worry about me, but I'm worried about you.
And these people piss me off.
It's just that there's so much evil because we've been in denial about it.
But the good thing is a lot of changes are happening and he mentions, you know, cancer.
I've got major scientific studies how it 100% causes massive cancer and how it does it.
It rubs the molecules together inside your body and creates chemicals that make you go insane and give you cancer.
It's all right here.
I'm gonna start the show with this tomorrow.
And then all these thousands of quote, top scientists sign a letter.
11,000 scientists calling for the extermination of humanity.
It's everything I've been telling you.
Now that's out in the open.
I heard about it on NPR before Mike Adams was telling me about it the other day.
I heard him like, 11,000 scientists say we must reduce the world population and that humans are cancer.
And I'm so used to it.
I'm just, now they're admitting it.
So I don't cover it when they admit it now.
Because I've been covering it when it was secret.
So what are we gonna do about this?
I mean, I told my wife this morning, I said, we gotta get everything out of the house, Wi-Fi.
We moved to this house four years ago, I'm in, and no Wi-Fi, had cables put in in every room so people could plug into them, and then nobody uses it, and now, oh, there's Wi-Fi for security cameras, this and that, it's all bad for you folks, and now it's getting stronger and worse, and I'm like, we've gotta stop it, we gotta move out to the country.
And it's so simple, but they don't, you heard the caller, Trojan Horse.
They give you something and it's killing you.
And it kills you slow.
And the cancer rate's going straight up, and I'm not gonna sit here and take it.
And it's these globalists, remember all you folks, when they're killing you, remember they did it.
We can't fix this peacefully down the road, just remember.
We're gonna win this one way or another.
Okay, who's been on the longest here?
Is it Tyler?
Or is it Eli?
Eli in Kentucky.
Go ahead.
Thanks for holding, Eli.
Yes, Alex.
It's good to be back on the air with you.
The main point I wanted to make when I was calling today is about the Kentucky elections.
But first, I want to say that it pains me deep in my soul to see what's happening to Roger with the complete
Just ignoring the principles of our Constitution and denying that man his right of due process.
And ultimately, in the end, I do think Trump will come through and pardon him if the deep state convicts him.
But on to the Kentucky election.
One thing I don't think, well, I definitely know the mainstream media is not covering this.
Our Secretary of State, Alison Lundgren Graham, she oversees the election process.
She was actually
I remember that!
I saw that!
Any, like you say, any sober person is going to have deep concerns with a criminal such as Allison.
And now they're going to have a governor that can pardon him.
And a lot of people also don't know that this is the son of the governor that Bevin beat out of office a previous term that left our state in so much debt.
And now we've technically, as of right now, voted in his crooked son.
But, um, what I want to do point out... These people never go away.
It's like these dynasties.
Sorry, go ahead.
They never go away.
It's the same thing in Washington, down to the state level.
Once they get their tentacles in, it is nearly impossible to get them out.
However, Bevin has not conceded the race.
Technically, as the polls show right now, he only lost by three-tenths of a percent.
If you look in Jefferson County, which is the home of the liberal, liberal theft pool known as Louisville, Kentucky, there were close to 300,000 votes that came out of that county, in which Brashear won by over 100,000 votes.
Now, that, I really hope Bevin doesn't, right now they're just doing a recanvass, but I really hope that he does a recount because I'm telling you,
4,000, 4,600 votes is what Bevin lost by.
And once again, any sober person has to believe that there was massive voter fraud going on in that county.
Of course there is.
That's what they targeted.
That's what Democrats do.
I appreciate your call.
All right, one more segment and then Matt Bracken's gonna have two segments.
I'm commandeering, some of you understands.
Great patriot, Matt Bracken, coming up bottom of the hour.
EnemiesForeignOrDomestic.com, Alex Jones, your host.
But I want to just give each caller a minute and a half or so when we come back.
Danny, Mark, Preston, Steve, Brad, Tyler.
Tower's been holding longest, then Brad, then Mark.
I'm going to go, as your calls came in, I'm going to get to everybody on the other side, then Matt Bracken takes over.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com.
So much news we haven't covered.
They're on the site.
Please share the links.
Some of the stories up on Infowars.com that I didn't get to today is Islamists murdering Europeans saying they deserve it all over the news, videotaping it, raping women in mass.
Articles like this on Infowars.com, a UK village known as Little White Town, for white rocks in the area, may be forced to change its name over racism complaints.
That's right, because the foreigners moving in have been taught that the new language is seeing racism everywhere, so they want to remove the town.
They're looking to remove the names, because the word white is evil.
It's not okay to even be a white person.
Hell, the color white's now evil.
That's up on Infowars.com, a Paul Joseph Watson article.
Here's some of the other articles.
I didn't even get to this today.
Woman Brags About Stealing Purse And Money From Homophobic White Woman Gets 126,000 Likes On Twitter.
As long as she's white, you know, just dehumanize her.
And then, you know, go after her.
That's the type of articles we didn't get to.
Don Jr.
Absolutely Destroys Liberal Hosts Of ABC's The View.
I didn't even get to Joey Behar, you know, attacking other folks saying they're all Russian agents.
Swedish Government Grants $175,000 To Fund Drag Queen Shows For Children.
These are just some of the articles here.
Hello Alex.
Hey, I want to thank you for InfoWars.
I want to thank God for everyone that's over there, the diligence, the hard work, everything that you guys put behind all the
All the stories that you put out, everything.
I love what you guys do, and I want to thank you.
And also for your great products.
I love the iodine, I love the turgophore.
It's an amazing product.
I really wanted to get to how these poles are so rigged.
I know it's like, I know it's cliche, but you see how rigged they are, and you look on the internet, for example, you go like on the YouTube video for CNN,
And you go and look in the comments section, and you see all the criticism against CNN or ABC, or whoever has a YouTube channel, or like a Facebook or something, and you look in the comments, you see all the criticism against these people, yet they put all the polls out as if they have all the support.
Sir, I hear you.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call, Tyler.
Okay, let's go ahead and take another call here.
He's been holding the longest.
Mark in Pennsylvania.
You're on the air.
Good afternoon, Alex.
My take on the impeachment is, even if it gets to the Senate, the Republicans will not remove Trump for one simple reason.
They don't want to end their political careers.
They like their seats.
They like the power and perks that go with having those Senate seats.
Dems need 20 Republicans to go throw in with them to remove Trump from office.
23 are up this cycle in 2020.
Got 21 more up in 2022.
There's no way that more than a handful of them, maybe like Romney or something, are going to do it.
So, the Republicans are going to do the right thing, but they're going to do it for the wrong reason.
I'm sorry, right at the end my feed was breaking up.
Say that again, sir?
I said the Republicans are going to do the right thing by keeping Trump in office, but they're going to do it for the wrong reason, because they want to save their political hides, not because it's the right thing to do.
I totally agree with you.
Not true words have been spoken the last month on my show, and that's why we've got to keep their fat, evil, globalist, pedophile butts to the fire.
Great point.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you so much, Mark.
Okay, Danny.
Danny in Portland.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
So, uh, I'll just, uh, you know, talking about these whole, uh, issues with, you know, people in this upstate thing and the Trump impeachment and the Roger Stone case.
I mean, it's basically what I'm starting to notice is everybody knows what's going on.
Well, people are just kind of sticking their head in the sand.
They don't want to, they don't want to think about it.
Well, you're right.
We're reaching that point where it's all out in the open, but then what do you do?
Well, uh, you know, we need to get, like you say, boots on the ground more active.
And I actually had a great idea, uh, for, I know you talk about, uh, 360 wins.
I was thinking more of a multi-dimensional win for Info Wars.
Uh, and I would totally be on board for it.
A, uh,
Every month, monthly subscription, InfoWars supply drop with a new t-shirt on a monthly basis that only the subscribers get.
You know, that's really smart because a lot of people like those kind of Easter egg basket deals where it's a surprise deal, sometimes special stuff.
That is a fabulous idea.
It's been recommended to me a lot and I will try to get that done, brother.
Yeah, you could reveal the shirt like on the show the day that it ships and everybody, you know, reminds people to tune in.
It gets people on a subscription so they don't forget to order, you know, products.
And then it's got people out wearing the shirts and, you know, advertising and, you know, getting the word out there.
Boots on the ground, money in the InfoWars bank.
Hey Alex, just wanted to say that I feel like the Roger Stone trial is pretty much being treated kind of like the Tommy Robinson trial.
What do you think?
Oh yeah, we just get used to political prisoners.
How dare you expose a giant pedophile ring of Muslims and they all get convicted?
And how dare you ask him, walking into the courtroom, how does it feel to be convicted?
You're going to spend more time in prison than they do for running giant child kidnapping rings.
Again, because they want pedophiles protected.
It is their damn religion.
I mean, people say, why do you cover pedophiles so much?
My God!
You can't swing a stick in the dark without hitting them.
It's unbelievable.
Like you said, you know, Tommy Robertson had a kangaroo court.
I feel like Robertson, I mean, uh, Roger Stone's already had, you know, the kangaroo court set up.
Like... Put it this way, Hillary is the kangaroo and this Judge Jackson is literally the Joey.
She's like, her head's popping out of there.
I totally agree.
I just, he or Owen or anybody that's reporting on this doesn't end up going down the same road Tommy did.
And, you know, hopefully Roger Stone gets out of this some way or another and
I'm supporting Roger.
I'm supporting you.
I'm supporting Trump.
And we're going to get through this fight.
God bless you, brother.
I appreciate that.
I can't do it without you.
Yeah, no, they're using the judicial system to try to railroad myself, Stone, everybody.
This is what they're doing.
Because they think their supporters are so immoral and so evil in leftist jurisdictions.
People ask, why do you live in Austin?
Because my family's from here.
My mom's from here.
My ancestors raised Colonel Travis's son.
We're involved in all the big battles.
Literally helped found the state.
We've been here for, you know, since 1820s.
Before, Mexican land grants.
And then now California just came down on top of me in like an alien spacecraft that landed and is destroying me.
I don't have the money to evacuate the operation out of this county, but we're going to have to.
They're taking over surrounding counties.
Hell, Texas is on the verge of falling.
Brad, I'm sorry.
I don't have time to get to your last caller.
I apologize, Brad.
Matt Bracken's got a big guest from Europe coming on.
He's fighting hard.
Matt Bracken, two segments straight ahead.
I'm mad at myself.
There's so much I didn't get to, but I tried my best.
I tried my best.
I tried my best.
You gotta keep opening InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com, because I'm the one that's supposed to cover all this.
I don't cover 10% of it.
I'm gonna do it.
I'm gonna put... You think there's a studio in here now?
I'm gonna put giant TVs everywhere in here with all the websites.
I'm gonna have them on auto-refresh.
There's gonna be a new show, a new program.
It's just gonna... Watch, I'm telling you.
It's all starting tomorrow.
Everything's changing.
Oh, it's next level.
I'm serious, folks.
You can feel the energy rising.
Get out of your comfort zone.
Break the conditioning.
For the Alex Jones Show is the chance to bring new people to the audience, new guests.
Last week I had former retired CIA Station Chief Bradley Johnson on, the founder of IntelReform.com.
He's a real old school Cold Warrior spook, you know, that's trying to save the CIA from this John Brennan globalist communist takeover.
This week I have a new guest who's a Danish man named Rasmus Paludan, P-A-L-U-D-A-N.
He is an attorney who has started something called the Hardline Party in Denmark, and he's a hardcore dude.
He goes right out on the street in Denmark and other places in Europe, and he tests the limits of the current limits of free speech, especially in Denmark, where I think that one way to look at it is
A law might exist on the books, but if you're afraid to use it because these Islamic enclaves have become virtual no-go zones, then the law might as well not exist.
You know, if the jihadist thugs know that nobody's going to actually challenge them,
Is that really Danish territory or is that, you know, is that an island of Islamicism?
So, Rasmus Paladin actually goes into these areas, generally with a police escort, not always, and does things like handle a Qur'an, you know,
Read from the Koran, do other things that are seen as provocations by the local Muslims.
But it's just to say, look, you're in Denmark, this is our country, and we still have free speech.
Rasmus, are you there?
Have I done a good job of setting this up?
Can you hear me there, Rasmus?
Introduction was very good.
Everything you said was true and accurate.
Yeah, I was so impressed of some of the people that you have interviewed.
I've seen your YouTube interviews.
Diana West, I've interviewed her here on InfoWars.
She's the author of American Betrayal and The Red Thread.
Every InfoWarrior should read these books.
Dr. Bill Warner, everybody here is familiar with his essays on political Islam.
You know, the 1400 year Jihad.
Trevor Loudon, he's a Kiwi, New Zealander, makes terrific documentaries on the red-green alliance, this fusion of Islam and Marxism that we see today.
The fact that you've actually sat with these guys for hours and interviewed them, it means that you really, at this point,
You are yourself a goldmine of information, so what I'd like to do is just turn this segment over the next, you know, five or six minutes and hear what you have to say about the state of the jihad and the counter-jihad in Europe and globally.
Anything you want to say?
Right, absolutely.
Well, I can tell you it's very clear, if you look at Western Europe right now, that's Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands,
Denmark, Sweden, the UK.
If we do nothing, then all these countries will be Muslim in not so many decades.
And that's because the Great Replacement is not a conspiracy theory, it's just a mathematical certainty.
Because Muslims in these countries, they get married and they produce offspring at a very young age and they produce a great number of children.
Whereas the inhabitants, the original populations, they marry late in life and they don't have a lot of children.
They get maybe two or less than two.
So, it's a demographic replacement that's a mathematical certainty.
That's bad because our policy is that Danes belong in Denmark, whereas Arabic Muslims belong not in Denmark.
If I could choose, I would say that Arabic Muslims belong in Arabic Muslim countries, but I'm just saying they shouldn't be in Denmark.
What we see everywhere in Western Europe is the same thing we've seen all through history
Is that wherever Islam arrives, where Islam hasn't been before, something that's usually quite peaceful turns into something not peaceful.
And that's what we see all over Europe.
We have civil unrest because a lot of people with a very aggressive, violent culture and religion, Muslims, they arrive in great number.
They do not get along with the natural population, which is Judeo-Christian, for the most part.
And also, overall, they don't contribute.
They are a net deficit.
Because, for instance, in Denmark, the socialist or social democratic welfare state, the unilateral welfare state of the Scandinavian countries, is based on the premise that everybody wants to work if they're able to work.
And that only happens if you have a great sense of responsibility towards your countrymen.
And that can be evident if you have a very ethnically homogenous population.
Then you will have that kind of loyalty to your countrymen, that if you're able to work, you will work.
And that's the only way a social welfare state will work.
You can argue it won't work in the long run anyway, but it will work for a while if that's the case.
That's not the case any longer.
We have a great number of mainly Arabic, Northern African, Pakistani, and Afghani Muslims.
They don't have any loyalty to these heathen Danes that they are now living with, and so they don't feel any need to work, so we're paying them each month to do nothing or to commit crime.
Now, economically,
That's not going to work.
Eventually, the government will run out of money.
As far as living in peace with the Danes, that's not working either.
Because many things that we cherish very much in Denmark, which is primarily that you can be an individual, that you can have a lot of individual autonomy and freedom, that's completely contrary to the religion and political
Ideology of Islam.
So that's not working.
And I think this is very clear.
If you look at what Islam is, then you'll see.
How is it received by Danes when you do these operations where you go into these Muslim enclaves?
I don't know if they're called a no-go zone there, but I've seen where you have gone right into the plaza near a refugee center.
I think in one you even wore a Jewish yarmulke just to really instigate the hornet nest.
Do Danes see you as like a crazy radical that should just ignore them?
Or, you know, how do Danes see you?
And we're looking at this video here.
They're throwing like M80 pretty large explosives at you, enough to break these windows.
Let's watch this for just a moment.
But you can keep talking while we watch this.
This was about 10 days ago, and I was in, I wouldn't call it a no-go zone, but I would call it a ghetto or a Muslim enclave.
And you can see what happens is my bodyguards from the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, they're rushing me to the armored car to evacuate me.
That's what happens.
These are police officers working for the Security and Intelligence Service.
Unfortunately, I have to be under 24-hour protection by the Security and Children's Service because otherwise one or more Muslims are going to kill me.
So I've had to have bodyguards from the government since the 16th of April this year, and I foresee that will be the state of affairs for quite a long while.
But, I mean, sure, left-leaning Danes that are either cultural Marxists or postmodernists or just traitors or stupid, they probably see me as a crazy person, but we did get 1.8% of the vote at the recent parliamentary election in
In June, and the 2% is a threshold, so... We'll be back.
Rasmus, we have to cut to a break, and we're going to pick this up in a couple minutes on the other side of this break.
We'll be right back with more of Rasmus Paladin.
I'm back and I'm going to continue my interview with Rasmus Paladin, who's really got his finger on the pulse in Denmark and Western Europe.
But as well, he has traveled the world interviewing and being interviewed by people you would recognize, like Diana West, Dr. Bill Warner, and others of that caliber.
So I think that it's safe to say that he could write the book right now on the Islamic
1400 year conquest that seems to be rolling along only this time instead of being met at the gates of Vienna.
Quizzling traitors inside the gates have opened all the gates and are using this Islamic Jihad as like a weapon against nationalism to beat down the ethnic peoples of Europe, native to Europe,
So that there will be no more nation-state.
There will just be these feudal vassal states run first out of the EU and later some kind of a global government.
At least that seems to be the plan.
In my opinion, in the long run, if there's going to be a fusion of Islam and Marxism, Islam's going to win, because in the final debate, the headchoppers usually end the debate.
You know, it's hard to continue the Marxist debate when your head has been chopped off.
The Koran is always going to win when it comes down to a debate between tyrants.
Anyway, let's go back to Rasmus Paladin and I want to hear him expound on what I've been saying and what he thinks about my theories and where this is all going.
Yeah, well, I was just saying before the break that we got almost into Parliament.
We were 0.2% away from getting into Parliament.
So, it came very close.
And I agree completely that in the debacle or in the
...fight between Marxism and Islam.
Islam is a far more crude and cruel ideology, so the Muslims are going to win because they're not very interested in debate.
They're just interested in a proclamation, the proclamation of the Quran.
So if you don't agree with that, they're just going to kill you.
And that's what we see in all Muslim countries, you know.
There's never been an example of somewhere not Muslim where the Muslims have shown up and then we live together with them in harmony.
Either we throw them out, like St.
James Matamoros did on the Iberian Peninsula,
Or they take over like they did in the Middle East and in Northern Africa.
So that's quite clear.
And that people here in Denmark and elsewhere honestly believe in a completely surreal naivete that Muslims will be able to live peacefully with non-Muslims in Western European countries.
That just shows that, you know, the last idiot hasn't been born, because that's never ever going to happen.
And you get that answer if you look at the theology of Islam, and you get that answer if you look at the history of Islam.
So, that's not going to happen.
And I actually think that the Muslims in Denmark showed their true color on the 14th of
April of this year, which is what catapulted me into national fame.
Until then, I was mainly known on YouTube, and I was certainly known by some international people in the counter-jihadist movement, but I wasn't known as the leader of the only ethno-nationalist party in Denmark in the wide Danish population until the 14th of April, where I showed up on the most
Well-known Muslim area square in the capital city of Copenhagen.
I showed up with my deputy and we threw the Quran towards each other twice and then Muslims stormed.
Yeah, you see it here.
We threw it towards each other twice, and you can see my deputy there, he's taking on his gloves, and then you'll see in a few seconds that everything is turning quite dramatically into hell, or said in other words, turning into, yeah, now it happens, turning into the
Muslims showing what they actually are.
So there you see, I was evacuated by the police in about five seconds.
One of the Somalis, he's being stopped by the police.
And there we have me being escorted away or run away by the police.
And what happened this day in the capital city of Copenhagen is the Muslims and the extreme left activists, criminals,
They turned to the streets and rioted.
So they attacked the police because of the perception that the police were supporting me, which is not true.
The police were just protecting my right of peaceful public assembly.
So they turned towards the police and they rioted in the streets and they turned fire in the streets and that is what catapulted me and the hardline party into national fame.
Yeah, I compare this to Tommy Robinson.
And in the UK, it seems like nobody's interested in free speech.
In fact, they've thrown Tommy Robinson into prison twice in an attempt to break him down.
So it looks at least in Denmark,
You're testing the limits of the Sharia, but you're also testing the limits of the Danish police willing to protect your right to speak freely and go where you like in your country.
So, I have to give points to the police there.
That looks better than in Germany or in the UK.
You know, the films last week in Germany, in Limburg,
A lady, a German, who had married and then divorced a, I think, Tunisian man, she had her head chopped off one video.
Are videos like that actually seen on television in Denmark?
Or do you have to look for them on the internet somewhere?
No, I mean, what happened around Christmas time last year was that a Norwegian and a Danish female, they went to Morocco to go hill-walking in the Atlas Mountains, which was quite stupid because who would want to go to Morocco, which is a Muslim country?
It's dangerous.
They went there, and sure enough, they were kidnapped by Muslims, and the Muslim terrorists, they decided to make a little home video by chopping off their heads with knives while filming it.
So, that's what happened.
And then, you know, Danish media didn't show that, and some Danish alternative media did show it.
And what happened?
Well, all the media outlets, alternative media in Denmark, that showed the actual
The actual kidnapping and the knife killing.
I mean, they call it knife wounds, but I've seen the video and this is a live female Dane who's having her head chopped off with a knife.
And you can hear her screaming.
These are not enough to wake up the Danish people, to wake them up to Islam.
Well, I mean, basically, you have escapism here.
Escapism is when it's very, very brutal to accept the truth.
And who wants to live in a country that you know is going straight to hell, and you know that you have to do something because otherwise your country will be shit?
I mean, nobody wants to hear that.
So there's a great cognitive dissonance between the reality and what people think the reality is.
Yeah, it's denial.
Rasmus, where can people find you on the internet?
What do you recommend for people looking for your videos and so on?
Right, okay, well, I mean, we have a YouTube channel with about, I think, 42,000 subscribers, more or less.
It's called StumpFools.
Which is what our Danish party name is.
In English it's Hardline.
It means the same.
It means we're very tough on migration.
We don't have enough trying.
We're not the leading hearts and artists party.
That's not us.
We just want happiness for the Danes.
I think you're a very brave man to essentially put yourself out as, in essence, you know, even possibly a sacrificial offering to
Well, I mean...
There was a female who threw some vinegar with some acid in it at me on Friday, so sure.
I mean, these people will do anything.
And I've had explosives thrown at me, and I've been attacked on the street many times.
So, you know, that's why I have bodyguards from the government, because it's quite concerning.
And at the same time, you know,
UK is a lot more Muslim than Denmark.
That's why Tommy Robinson has far less protection from the government.
But in Denmark, they also hate me as a criminal by using hate speech laws against me.
Rasmus, we're coming to the end of the show, so I'd like to thank you for coming on today, and we'll keep you in mind for events in Western Europe as they're unfolding.
Thank you again for coming on today, and I'm not sure if I'll be on next week, but I appreciate every time I get onto the InfoWars audience that I can introduce national patriots like yourself.
Thank you for having me.
Thank you for being on and stay safe and I'll see you next time on InfoWars.
Bracken out!
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