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Name: 20191106_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 6, 2019
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The Alex Jones Show discusses various topics such as civil war, Satanic rituals, blood products tainted with HIV, criminal investigations targeting individuals like James Comey and Hillary Clinton, the importance of alternative news sources, a quickening awakening taking place, an enemy operation, the case of Roger Stone's trial, iodine being essential for health, institutions infiltrated by pedophiles, Epstein's death, grooming, James Comey as a criminal, censorship and free speech. The show covers topics such as miscarriage of justice, Mormon fundamentalists targeted by drug cartels, policy issues, the deep state's control over media and politicians, Trump's fight against opposition forces, women's role in activism, EMF exposure from 5G networks causing mental illness, protection against 5G networks, supplements to defend against EMF exposure, pollution effects on mental health, the importance of free speech, climate change measures being used as a cover for eliminating human civilization, and censorship by tech giants.

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is 362 days from the 2020 election, and this country, this planet, is in a civil war between good and evil.
No one could say that this is not edge-of-your-seat suspense, and it's for all the marbles.
I'm going to have to break down this incredible transmission.
We come back from this special report, but ladies and gentlemen, it is all coming down.
We have reached the global tipping point.
You think about men and women coming together, the ancestral line of the woman, the ancestral line of the man coming together.
And creating a new creature that can experience the universe, beauty, pain, exaltation.
It's all a giant experience.
It's God's dream becoming consciousness and life throughout the universe and free will.
But because that exists, there is also those that will dial in to very, very bad things.
They can't create anything good.
They can only defile.
I think we're almost 24 hours away from the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States.
Where does he stand in an open society?
Well, I have described him as an imposter and conman and a would-be dictator.
He would be dictator if he could get away with it, but he won't be able to.
It's a public exercise of power.
It's a ritual.
It is a defiling.
You know, you look at the classic satanic rituals, but most people get into it because they think you're gonna get to have sex with hot chicks or whatever.
That's just low-level.
That's like chicken feed to get the chickens into the weasel dens.
The weasel can eat you.
But it's all about humiliating people, hurting people, and it's all about defiling God.
Christian religion teaches good things.
It teaches good morals.
It teaches a good way of being.
So why are you opposing that?
Sometimes it does.
Some of us came out of superstition ourselves and found it very liberating to be able to embrace the blasphemous.
And it came out the Catholic Church in...
Pennsylvania alone, this came out in the report last year, 3,000 plus priests in the state police state report who had confessed to sex with children, mainly little boys, and that they would have black masses in the churches and then they would give them the sacrament.
This is my body, this is my blood, and in many cases they gave the little boys HIV.
One priest
raped and assaulted and abused five sisters in the same family.
One priest so violently raped a young boy that he had to get treatment for his back injuries as a result of that abuse.
Treatment that involved opioid painkillers that ultimately he got hooked on and died from.
We saw Catholic priests weaponizing their faith.
Using their faith as a tool of the abuse.
And all the while, the bishops, the Monsignors, the Cardinal, covered it up.
Why do you think Bill Clinton, for 15 years, knowingly shipped out factor VIII blood product with HIV and hepatitis in it?
They knew it had it in it.
And the executives, it turned out, in their transcript said, good, there's too many hemophiliacs.
It was a blood ritual to hurt so many people.
Infected with HIV by a transfusion.
How many people have to die?
It was the beginnings of what would later be defined as the deadliest medical scandal in this country's history.
The public has a right to view this as a mass murder.
In the mid-1980s, a horrifying discovery.
The very blood that was intended to save people was killing them.
If I fed my son poison, I'd be in jail.
How come the Red Cross can feed him poison and get away with it?
It's the openness of our free society to the extreme to bring down our free society.
And the high priests running this whole thing now tell us, your children belong to us, your speech is ours, you will do as we say, your money is ours, your guns are ours.
They want absolute total power.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Ladies and gentlemen, there is so much incredibly critical news that it makes it hard to even do this broadcast.
The old days, people would complain that, oh, it's a slow news day.
That just simply meant whatever the main corporate press was putting out was thin and was boring, and most talk show hosts, whether on radio or TV, would just simply regurgitate whatever the official talking points were, and that was what they meant by a slow news day.
There's really never a slow news day.
There's so many incredibly interesting things happening, good things, bad things, beautiful things, ugly things.
So many wonderful people full of courage and honor and strength.
So many bad people filled with evil and an avaristic lust for power, control, and to cause pain.
And then there are so many people that are simply sleepwalking through life.
Well, InfoWars is not sleepwalking through life.
And our mission is to ignite human consciousness and to get humanity to think about history, to think about our place in it, and our place in the future, and to think about the real players that are involved controlling the shadow government system.
There is a massive quickening
A huge awakening taking place that is driving towards a reckoning.
So let me do my best job in this first big segment, laying out some of the news we have before us.
And then I'd like to try to as judiciously and as focused as possible, walk through it.
I got up very early this morning, did a lot of research, and then I worked out real hard for about an hour.
And while the blood was pumping through the brain, I was having explosive understanding of the enemy's operation.
I already understand many layers of it and structures of it more than even top generals in the New World Order know their own system.
But I could see the fractal design of it and the sickening art form that it basically is.
And I have a critical
He's the puzzle I want to talk about.
It's been hiding in plain view for a very, very long time.
And we know this, but I could just see it in its exercise and in their craft.
And that, of course, is how they are programming and then creating beta tests to then normalize
Systems that will remove our values and our freedoms that have been so dearly fought for and how that's done formulaically.
And if the public is aware of the continuity of agenda and the formulaic nature of it, that is a great awakening point and also a resistance point that this is not happening by accident.
It was Edward Mandel House that said,
Hell, Roosevelt said it too, that if something happens in politics, you can bet it was planned that way.
And let me mention the first thing that I'm going to cover in the next hour when criminal lawyer, constitutional lawyer, First Amendment lawyer Robert Barnes is in studio with us.
And I consulted with several lawyers last night and with Barnes this morning, right before I went on air.
And George Soros and the little Media Matters outfit are really upset right now, because they want to pull the wool over our eyes, as we all know.
We had a reporter on yesterday who was in the courtroom, and who was completely blown away when a known Obama official that headed up a department
Whose husband is a lawyer at the Justice Department on the Russiagate hoax, specifically.
And Stone's lawyers raised this and tried to strike her, the first juror they looked at.
She was waiting.
She'll be the jury foreman, watch.
Out of 80 people, and they tried to strike this Obama official.
Wait till you hear who she originally works for, though.
First brought into government by Bill Clinton, worked directly for him in the White House, then worked for Obama, heading up the Office of Budget's PR.
That's incredibly critical.
But just wait till I get to this next hour, because it's not just about his case and it being a kangaroo court and a star chamber and
Literally a hanging judge, a one-way railroad to prison.
But the fact that they would do something like this in front of everyone.
And when I was even reading the Media Matters article, it's like, oh, this is preposterous.
Stone's lawyers can just strike someone they don't like.
It's in the Washington Post.
It's in Reuters.
Exactly what our reporters said here on air.
They say she headed up the PR for the Office of Budget and Management.
And she's married to a Justice Department lawyer that's running at high levels, Russiagate.
We've got his name.
And she should be struck for being a potential juror.
And the judge said, no, she's a juror.
She questioned the woman and said, do you have a dog in this fight?
There's quotes there.
She goes, no.
I don't care one way or the other.
She's first in line, ready, brought in, and the judge raises her skirt and pisses on the Constitution and the American people.
If someone just has the slightest potential to even potentially have a conflict, they are X'd out.
If a judge does, they're recused.
But this is a judge appointed by Obama.
With an Obama operative, with a husband in the Justice Department and the Russiagate hoax, who has everything to make sure they're not discredited and that somebody goes to jail for some Russia connection that doesn't exist.
It is a textbook flagrant conflict of interest.
It'd be like having an all KKK jury in Alabama in 1950.
In a jury trial against a black man that defended himself against two Klansmen and knocked one of them out and the guy fell over and, you know, was put in a coma.
There were actual cases like that.
And the KKK jury goes, you're going to jail for 50 years, boy!
This is exactly like that.
This is joke level.
And the fact that the judge brought this woman up first and had a sycophantic discussion with her.
And then Media Matters goes, Jones should get arrested for jury tampering and harassing jurors.
It's completely legal and lawful when someone's a public figure.
What if Brad Pitt was on the jury?
What if Obama was on the jury?
What if it was Robert Mueller?
What if it was Hillary Clinton?
What if it was Chelsea Clinton?
Oh, she got called!
Oh, she's on it!
Oh, Chelsea Clinton's gonna sit on the jury for Roger Stone!
You'd say, that's crazy!
Get her off!
It's the same thing!
It's one of their minions!
And we've got her name!
And we're gonna release it!
Because that's what the press does.
I know there's a war on the press and...
WikiLeaks founders basically on death's doorstep, can't even talk from solitary confinement.
Julian Assange, but somebody's got to stand up against this and somebody's got to say no to this because you've got ABC covering up the Clintons.
We've got everything on the Clintons.
Black books, blackmail, little kids kidnapped, photos, witnesses, everything.
We were told not to do it.
And then the reporter cackles and giggles and she goes, oh, this would have been a big story for me.
She's not even worried about the young women.
She just can't believe she couldn't have this big story!
And Brian Stelter came out and defended it, the cover-up.
And so did AOC.
Just sick people.
So I've always said Brian Stelter looks like what I would imagine a child molester would be.
I mean, he just looks creepy and sickening and has demonic looks on his face all the time.
But now he actually defends a giant sex trafficker involved in the kidnapping of little kids and all sorts of horrible stuff that was done to him.
Oh, but wait till you hear who this woman that's gonna be, you know the jury foreman.
Wait till you hear where she came from.
Bill and Melinda Gates.
Yeah, yeah.
It is Wednesday, November 6th, 2019.
362 days until
The most important election of our lifetimes.
2016 was the most important up to that date.
But now it's even more important, as you can all see, because what we've done is roused evil to know that we're taking humanity back.
Not just here, but all over the world.
And so the globalists are turning the dogs of war loose.
Now I want to talk about Jeffrey Epstein.
It's the number one
Meme in the world, number one hashtag, Epstein didn't kill himself.
The live feed of the show, article on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com is hashtag Epstein didn't kill himself.
Takes over the planet.
And that's exactly what's happening.
Humanity knows that there are child trafficking vampires, psychic vampires that run the show.
And they're getting busted all over the country and all over the world.
And now we know that ABC News understood it was about blackmail.
We quote, had the Clintons and the blackmail and the powerful people with these kids on these airplanes.
They had the witnesses.
They had the photos.
But ABC News and the rest of them covered it all up.
And became in the process, accomplices to it.
But let me tell you about a real accomplice.
This is Brian Stelter.
Now, I have been in satanic rituals.
I've left them.
I got tricked into being at them twice.
I was actually in a Bohemian Grove one as well, so I guess that's three.
And practitioners look like that.
And that's what child molesters look like when they come down over a kid to feed on them.
Now, I've told you this for years.
If you want to know what a child molester looks like, Brian Stelter's it, okay?
If you're a TV viewer, you can see this man.
Almost every photo looks like this.
When he goes up on the red carpet for the fake glamour shots, he's totally unaware of himself as a psychotic.
And he's got the famous Joker meets the Penguin look.
And he's even got some dead skin hanging off and some spit on his lips.
Look at those eyes!
That's the eyes of a predator!
Now, I don't know if Brian Stelter's a pedophile.
I'm not saying he's a pedophile.
But I can now officially say he defends not just pedophiles, but the known king of the pedophiles, Jeffrey Epstein.
He's defended him on television and in the CNN newsletter.
CNN's Stelter defends ABC over Epstein's scandal and defends their cover-up.
You can go read the full thing right here.
He wouldn't link to it.
He wouldn't even say the name James O'Keefe.
These control freaks think they control all media, all information.
They think they can shut everybody up.
Good luck.
He honchoed my deplatforming.
So when you see a man with that look, keep your family away and don't turn your back on him for a minute.
You take one look at Epstein's face, that self-satisfied demonic look on his, and know that is a bad dude as well.
So just remember, ladies and gentlemen, evil has a face and it can't hide it.
Remember that man posing as a woman simulating the murder of a baby?
What face did that person make?
Go back to the Joker you just had up.
It's that exact face.
That's the face.
You want to know what Satanists look like, buddy?
You want to know what they look like when they're doing bad stuff?
That's the face.
You know what we look like when we're taking them down?
We're not smiling about it.
We're taking them down.
And they know it.
These people are the enemy.
We don't enjoy our work.
They do.
And you, watching this show, have been called to the truth.
You were born to fight these people.
That's a demon.
An avatar.
In that body.
There is not a human in there, ladies and gentlemen.
That's El Diablo in your face.
Devil's real.
And now, he is defending ABC and Epstein.
Of course he is.
He defends his father.
Even the ABC investigative journalist, head investigative journalist of Good Morning America.
One of the biggest shows on mainstream TV left.
Was just mad that she didn't get the big story.
Oh, we had them.
The Clintons, everything.
The blackmail.
The powerful men.
The photos.
The videos.
We had it all.
But they covered it up.
Guess who else covered it up?
The internet freaked out and said, oh my god, she's got a soul.
No, she's got staffers.
Who believed mainstream media that Trump's involved with Epstein, so she ran with it for a few hours.
And then they realized, oh my God, this is who the Clintons used to handle people they were blackmailing.
And Bill Gates, of course, is involved.
So they erased it.
Everybody was playing the clips.
Hell, we'll come back with it after break of dogs and cats living together from Ghostbusters.
And man, she's got a soul.
No, she removed it and is now defending ABC and Epstein and all the rest of it.
She doesn't run her Twitter.
She's a meth head.
She's a nobody.
And now the story's up on InfoWars.com.
AOC helped spread Project Veritas Scoop on ABC, spiking Epstein's story.
Then she removed it.
Think about that, ladies and gentlemen.
So they know how their bread is buttered.
But listen, they failed.
Brian Stelter has maybe 100,000 viewers on the weekend.
He's a joke.
But he's a fellow spirit with the head of CNN, so they hang out together.
They're best buddies.
So he's like a legate.
He, like, speaks for the emperor who had no kingdom.
Mr. Zucker.
So just remember that.
And remember who they are, and remember when they had all those fake women that turned out are fake and made up, and the only one that hasn't recanted is Balazi Ford, who's admittedly CIA.
Remember that the hashtag and the memes of Epstein didn't kill himself are number one.
Billions are seeing it.
This person has no audience, he has no power.
He's clinging on by his fingernails, and they know their whole house of cards is coming down.
Let's go out to break with the
Newspaper reporter Hemingway of the Federalist Senior Editor talking about the fact that they pushed the fake Kavanaugh, but covered this all up, making them complicit in the trafficking of little girls.
Here it is.
We did not see reticence from our media about running stories about Donald Trump that were based on, that made him look bad.
And yet you saw this profound reticence for any story that might negatively affect Hillary Clinton.
You know, she specifically mentions Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, other high-profile people.
It pays to have friends in high places, I suppose, but this is such a
That's a great example of why people have come to just profoundly distrust their media.
They know the game is rigged.
They know that things are not, that the media get to decide what gets high play and what doesn't, and that who gets destroyed and who doesn't.
And seeing that power that the media have, and seeing how corruptly they wield that power, is really eye-opening for a lot of Americans.
And that's right, and now the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, running Epstein, is running national TV shows like The Good Doctor Gets Me,
And they're behind and run the woman who worked for Obama at the highest levels, who will be the foreman of the jury.
You watch.
Because they want to throw it in your face.
They want to rub it in.
We're not just the tip of the spear.
We're the sword of truth.
And you helped forge this operation, listeners and viewers.
You are the blade, the hilt, the arm.
So if you pull back and you go, well let me see, major Protestant churches, the Catholic Church, almost every major university, almost every major local church, sheriff's deputies,
Truancy officers, Homeland Security officials, have all been caught by the thousands and thousands a year, not just having child porn, but producing it.
In some cases with one-year-old babies that they rape till they bleed and their guts fall out.
And I'm not trying to be gross here, Hillary Clinton's first job out of college with a law degree, she went to Arkansas to represent good old boys,
Who like to drive around and grab girls off the street.
7, 8, 9, 10, 11 year olds.
And take them out in the woods and rape them half to death.
In some cases they killed them.
That's how you go down and get your trust when her mob boss daddy sent her down from Chicago.
You go down there to where we actually do a lot of the killing and run the operations.
If you look at the Chicago mob that were based in Arkansas.
Not just the Italian Mafia, but the Irish Mafia, all of them.
That's fact.
And she went down there to get dirty.
Right up front.
That's how this stuff works.
You don't think it's just George Lucas that wrote episode 3 where Palpatine tells Darth Vader, your eyes hadn't turned yellow yet.
That's, you're not fully demon possessed yet.
You don't have a big ol' shark look on your face like Hillary or Brian Stelter.
You need to go to the Jedi Temple and kill all the younglings.
Again, the allegories are in your face.
They're telling you how they operate and what they do.
And then you wonder, well, everybody said the Catholic Church is run by pedophiles.
50 years ago it turned out they took it over.
And now it's every institution because remember a few years ago they handed out condoms to people as young as 5 at the Boy Scout Jamboree.
Even the Cub Scouts visiting were given condoms, and it turned out it was a mass homosexual orgy.
And now the Boy Scouts is being destroyed.
But then it becomes too big to fail, and it's just, well, it's all run by pedophiles.
But that's only the beginning.
It's devil worship.
And that's also come out.
But see, on screen, YouTube took our reports down about that.
They don't want you to know.
So, that's how they take down every good institution, is by infiltrating.
And then, once it comes out that one child's been abused, the group covers it up because it's for the better of the group, they think.
Then it's ten children, then they cover it up.
Then they're able to blackmail the leadership for covering it up, and then they take it over.
And now it's an institution of the Church of Lucifer.
The Church of the Devil.
That's how the corruptions work.
Is you get them into the corruption.
When they planted the child porn on us this year, we get the calls, oh, off record, oh, you wanna fix things now?
You wanna, oh, this could really hurt you.
I'm like, I'm going on air with this right now.
Not gonna corrupt me, I'm not involved in what you're involved in.
You're the ones that have gotta stand before God, not me!
I don't have any spirit in me that wants to hurt children, much less suck their energy.
Imagine that.
Imagine being turned over to that.
Imagine being that.
Imagine giving your eyes up for a billion dollars.
People say, hell no.
Well, what would you give your soul up for?
But they resonate with this.
And their main trick is convincing you they don't exist.
So, I'm going to play the James O'Keefe interview we did yesterday when we come back.
It was so powerful, he laid out the part two that's coming and then it ties into the president of ABC being confronted about the cover-up.
But this, you remember me, before Epstein got killed and then after he got killed, I said, I've never seen anything wake people up like Epstein.
And I've never seen something bring us more viewers and more listeners because everybody knows I was talking about him by name 13 years ago.
Getting into the reports he was in 15 years ago.
And now it's just meme everywhere, and people are jumping on Walmart paging systems and saying it, and people are putting it into messaging at the airport.
Airport is paging Epstein.
Cover up, please.
Meet your party at Terminal 2 East by American Airlines.
It's real.
It really happened.
We'll play that video and audio when we come back as well.
Got a big list of it up on Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
Go share those articles full of those memes.
Make your own.
AI can't recognize them.
All these big online recipe books.
Everybody's going and uploading recipes with, by the way, hashtag Epstein didn't kill himself at the end.
And we're just seeing traffic surge to InfoWars.
Despite all the attempts to block us and destroy us, the Lord works in mysterious ways.
So think about that.
But when you sit back,
And you go, man, it's like every group has these giant pedophile scandals.
10 years, 20 years, and then all of a sudden, there's a new director of the group.
And then that director gets caught being a pedo.
And then the group fully falls to the pedos.
Like the Vatican and then the Black Pope comes in, totally takes over, says Christ isn't real, the family's bad, abortion's good, world government's good.
Communism's good.
Christian roots of Europe make him physically sick, he said.
He said nationalism is like eating feces.
These are quotes.
Well, that's openly the devil in the Vatican.
Surprise, smoke doesn't follow him around.
But they're gonna take over every institution.
It's how they do it.
It's a formulae.
And their sacrament
He is abusing children.
And their favorite thing is to give them hepatitis or HIV.
And then they have doctors.
Epstein, all these groups have doctors that then drug the kids up.
They send them to special psychiatrists and psychologists that cover it up.
Say that the child's delusional.
And it's all just a big machine, ladies and gentlemen, that knows exactly what it's doing.
It doesn't control every municipality.
It doesn't control every judge.
It doesn't control most police officers.
But it seeks control of power positions.
Most truancy officers are not pedophiles.
You're just statistically going to find the highest level of them there.
Or in daycare.
Or in childcare.
Or in law enforcement.
Or in juvenile detention centers.
Because that's where they can get away with it.
Because they have authority and the institutions will want to cover it up, because even though they're not involved in it, they want to protect the structure itself, which then allows the cancer to replicate and fully take the structure over, and now it's launching full assaults directly
On letting men dressed as women in clown outfits and satanic outfits have access to your children and now even show their genitals to them in unannounced events as they fully mark their territory for assimilation and destruction.
They're grooming them and they go to city councils and they go on TV and they say, we must have access to your children.
The beautiful thing we're going to do with them.
This is lovely.
This is wonderful.
We are here to groom them.
They are ours.
And sometimes they even go, drinking blood and just savagely murder them.
And you see them going, I want to kill them.
Because they're uncloaking.
They're uncloaking.
You think they just want to screw your kids?
They want to murder them.
But first, they want them begging, alone in the dark, not believing God's real.
That's their wail song.
And I have a song for them.
The fire of God's judgment is coming.
The evil, the wickedness is going to get so out in the open, so rampant,
Many people that didn't believe in God are going to start waking up.
The pattern follows the same signature every time.
And right around the time the Cashless Society World Government is fully implemented, and we're getting close, the whole world will marvel at the AI beast who can be everywhere at once, and who can animate mechanical
Avatars, drones, ground robots.
Smart dust.
The enemy will be everywhere.
Watching and tracking and controlling, but never able to produce beauty.
Never able to compose a future for human development.
Only giving out the gifts of servitude and death.
Alright, I spent most of the hour
Getting into the firestorm that is Epstein, the procurer, the blackmailer, the controller.
They had everything.
We had the Clintons.
We had all the witnesses.
We had the photos.
We had the video.
We had it all, but they killed the story.
I would have been a big star.
Not even worried about the women.
Just, oh, oh, so big.
I would have brought down powerful people.
You know why ABC News did that?
Because they're scared.
Because they were put in power because they cover all this up.
But now as the evil becomes apparent and people stop living in denial, the smart producers and people that work in these places that aren't pure evil, that had lived in denial, they're going to start whistleblowing everywhere, continually.
And that's going to drive the establishment towards more censorship, more control.
They'll start political assassinations even though in the modern surveillance system that's used as blackmail against them.
They are organizing a formulaic system and trying to seduce humanity into accepting, and I'll talk about that with Barnes in next hour, and huge developments in the Stone Trial that again are a window into the universe and how this all really works.
But if you look at AOC helping cover it all up, at first one of her staffers tweets it out because she believed, like the media had said, that Epstein was Trump's buddy.
But that's only the surface cover story.
Once they realized the cover story wasn't working, they jerked it down immediately.
It shows how incredibly soulless these people are.
Now, I'm going to air five minutes of the James O'Keefe interview from yesterday because it's a prelude of what's about to drop in the next few days, and it's really newsworthy.
The video of this interview is at band.video.
And if people want the rest of the story on Epstein, tell them, hey, you want the rest of the story on Epstein?
Here's the guy that first talked about Epstein more than a decade ago, Alex Jones.
They'll go, oh yeah!
And now all their demonization of me blows back and backfires like judo.
We use their energy against them.
And now is the time to strike while the iron's hot in the information war.
Because he was just a manager, a Mater D, bringing these demons, the children.
Please support us as well and spread the word about the transmission.
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What it does to the telomeres, making them last longer, is the equivalent of making them grow.
They don't grow, they just don't shrink as fast, which is the same thing.
So again, ladies and gentlemen,
Infowarsstore.com or AAA253-3139 and we have the Trump is innocent shirts.
People better start taking serious the fact that they have a chance, a good chance of removing him because people are so confident.
I hear it constantly that Trump is ordained of God and he's invincible and America's back.
Trump and what happened was God moving the people to take action.
And like a chemistry reaction, Trump was one of the key ingredients.
But they just lost the Kentucky governorship.
They just lost the statehouse in Virginia for the first time in 30 years.
This is very dangerous.
They're engaged in massive election fraud.
They're engaged in massive criminal activity.
They are throwing away even the pretense of not being corrupt now.
And it's extremely dangerous.
We'll talk about that next hour.
This is so critical.
When I say that, I mean, this is an epiphany.
A lot of it's in plain view, but the understanding of what I'm going to lay out is paramount, in my view.
So that's coming up.
And I will air the Project Veritas interview.
It's a man-made video.
But the first thing I need to air here in just a moment is I'm confronting the ABC News president about this.
This is just...
I'm rejoicing at one level.
Evil's in trouble.
It's being exposed everywhere.
So now instead of hiding it, it's like, okay, I'm the judge appointed by Obama.
I'm bringing in his former head of the Office of Budget and Management, PR.
Her husband works in the deep state, the Justice Department on Russiagate.
By the way, we both met at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and we worked for Bill and Melinda Gates as embeds in the government.
That's the lady.
And the judge just says, you know, you're supposed to be able to strike jurors.
She said, no, you can't strike anybody.
And here's my first person.
She told him, you can't strike anybody.
Our first person is this lady.
And everybody finds out who she is and they go, my God, this is crazy.
She worked right under Obama.
She hates Trump.
Her husband's prosecuting Trump.
Her husband's involved in the prosecution of Stone.
I'm going to show you who these people are next hour with Barnes.
Nobody else will.
They're all scared.
And the judge said, I have the transcripts here.
I'm going to read this to you.
The judge says, by the way, with these 80 jurors, you can't strike any of them for political affiliation or working for any party anyway.
First person, they call her up, they search who she is, they go, my God, she used to run a major department.
Her husband works at the Justice Department and is on the Mueller investigation.
The judge says, you can't strike her, and you know she's gonna make her foreman.
And you go, that's unbelievable.
Yes, they're now in the rubbing it in phase, and they want other judges.
Across the country to see this and say, see, this is how you get promoted.
We're going for broke.
And they use Roger as like the dog attack training toy.
First they have a doll the dog attacks when it's a puppy that gets food.
Then they give it a man dressed in a suit.
Then they have the dog usually attack actual animals to get them used to the taste of blood.
And then they, you know, they're an attack dog.
Well, they've been training people for censorship attacking me.
Now you learn it was all for you.
It's for everybody.
Okay, but first they make somebody hated, then they destroy them, they think, and then people accept that, then next it's you in the barrel.
And it's the same thing with Stone.
They are going to tear him limb from limb.
The whole jury, it's flooding in.
I can't even, people are scared to even tell me, but we've got the intel.
They say this judge is crazy, and she's literally just laughing and cackling, and it's just, you know, it's all Democrats.
It's all famous Democrats.
It's going to be absolutely a gallery.
They might have Hillary Clinton on the jury.
I'm not kidding.
Again, they failed to hide it and intimidate you.
So now they think, oh, we haven't scared them.
Let's just let everybody know, you cross us ever, we'll destroy you.
They think America's scared.
Well, you know what?
Leadership is about doing the right thing when everybody else is scared.
So get ready for leadership, hour number two.
Get ready for total commitment.
Well, James O'Keefe of Project Veritas joins us.
ABC News and Amy Robach respond to Project Veritas bombshell.
There it is, a conscientious individual recording that within the system when she thinks she's not recording and putting that out.
And I'm told more is coming.
James, thanks for joining us.
Alex, great to be on with you.
Well, lay it out for us.
And some people are saying, oh, it isn't real.
Others are saying it's not that big a deal.
That's huge.
Yeah, that's a really big deal.
I mean, it's an insider within ABC News has not gone to the New York Times or the Washington Post, once again has come to Project Veritas.
I mean, this is a big deal, Alex.
She talks about how she thinks Jeffrey Epstein was killed, that higher-ups in the network, these network executives telling her, Alex, to squash the story, to spike the story.
And now, Alex, the lawyers for ABC News have apparently worded this very corporate statement trying to cover it up.
I'm a little frustrated that AB didn't double down.
Amy's kind of backtracking a little bit in that statement.
She's put out an official statement.
But we have the insider, Alex, still on the inside of ABC News.
Getting recordings of what everyone is doing.
The president of ABC News spoke to me and Project Veritas and someone came to our headquarters and gave us this statement.
So we've really shaken the tree, Alex, and the Associated Press is commenting.
This is all blowing up and it's just part one of this Jeffrey Epstein cover-up story inside ABC News.
Well, that was my next question.
You say more is coming.
Following those breadcrumbs, please give the audience a little bit of a view on what we can expect and when we can expect it.
Well, we typically, we do these stories piecemeal.
We release one at a time because the media is complicit.
I mean, let's just be honest about this.
Everyone's sort of saying, oh, I wish it wasn't James O'Keefe that broke this story.
Project R.T.O.S.H.
shouldn't be breaking a story.
Well, it's self-evident in the tape with Amy Robach.
People don't trust the media.
And this is why they don't trust the media, because they sit on news, they have the news, they don't break the news.
ABC still has.
There still is tape of this interview with the accusers.
They have not aired.
So what we tend to do, and you know this about us by now, we break part one, we watch the reaction, the reaction becomes part of the story, and then we break part two.
And I'm not going to give any more secrets away.
I'm going to show you, I'm going to tell you that we have the conversation with the president of ABC News that we're about to break.
And we'll just see how people react to this.
But it appears, Alex, this is the biggest story in our organization's history.
The tape speaks for itself.
Amy Robach speaks for herself.
And not just on the right, Alex.
I mean, Alexandria Cortez tweeted this story.
The Daily Beast.
Everyone is outraged by this.
Everyone is indignant.
And the insider told me that he was so angry that the he or she, because it very well could be a she, was so angry about what they saw in that Good Morning America set.
That's what compelled them to reach out.
And I've already had a few insiders come to us
In the last few hours from within other networks.
So it's all happening.
It's all, it's all happening.
These are the brave new people.
And if you're watching this program, because there's a lot of people watching this, and you're on the inside, projectveritas.com slash brave.
Send us an encrypted note.
That's what this is all about.
This is, there's a movement of heroes who are angry at the system and want to blow the whistle with videotapes.
I will have their backs and you're going to see this unfold over the next few days.
James, there's only one story bigger than this, and that's that the whistleblowers are exponential, it's getting bigger, it's getting more powerful.
That's really the story, is that mainstream media is finally finding its soul, and this is an existential crisis I believe will bring down this whole web of deep state that's using sex crimes as the poisonous glue, the satanic glue that holds their empire of blackmail together.
Well, I mean, it's Amy Roback's own words.
She says that this guy specialized in blackmail.
She says there's a lot... Listen to the truth.
Folks, this is history happening.
We've got Robert Barnes here.
We're going to reveal the first juror chosen by the judge, not by the defense or the prosecution, when we come back.
All right, I want to slow down here because we released so much bombshell information
It is a continual spray, a shower, a fountain that I really want to slow down and just note historically the point we're at and try to quantify it, to recognize it and how we've gotten here and how we have a good outcome for humanity and our children and our families.
Constitutional lawyer, criminal lawyer, good friend of mine, really smart guy.
Popular guest.
He's right there with Watson.
We're the most popular guys on the show.
Alex Jones, Robert Barnes, and Paul Watson.
I'm not bragging.
Wow, I'm popular on my own show.
Thanks for putting up with me, folks.
But seriously, I wanted to get you here to town to talk about the start of Stone's trial.
And boy, it's been fireworks like we thought.
Jury selection started yesterday.
You're an expert on that.
We'll lay it all out in a moment.
Who this judge is, what's really happening.
But I wanted to talk about the process we're in first.
And I wanted to talk about this keyhole view into another world of what's happening to Stone and what I would characterize as a complete destruction of the rule of law in this country, similar to what we see with Adam Schiff and the Intelligence Committee.
And what it's doing in Congress, the usurpation of the Judiciary Committee, the secret trials, the edited transcripts, the fake transcripts, the lying about what's in the transcripts.
I mean, it's a open exercise of how you would textbook destroy the rule of law and go beyond a banana republic.
So that's my view.
We'll get your view on in a moment, and then we'll get into the big story and who this
First selected prospective juror is the first to be looked at being a high-level Obama department head.
Her husband working on Russiagate.
As a lawyer directly at the Justice Department, unrested in a conflict of interest, and even Reuters admits this.
I'm going to show it to you.
And the judge says, no, she can stay, but then strikes anyone who's a Republican.
She says, party doesn't matter, but then strikes Republicans, says it does if you're that.
You say, well, that's oxymoronic.
It's an exercise of flaunting.
And it hit me this morning, reading their documents, being sued by the very same groups,
That they de-platformed Alex Jones.
First they demonized me, de-platformed me, so that people wouldn't support us.
And then once people didn't support InfoWars, it set the precedent for everybody else, now including Republican Congress members, the NRA.
Everybody's being de-platformed.
Gorka says, I support censorship.
He gets de-platformed.
So it's a collapse, an avalanche.
It's the same thing with these judges.
Overturning everything Trump does, then the Supreme Court shoots it down, but every other court
In unison against Trump, thank God for the Supreme Court.
So they're trying to set up a judicial tyranny, and just like they're trying to overturn the First Amendment, and getting everybody to accept it with Alex Jones, then it's for everybody else, it's the same thing with this judge.
Why would she flaunt it?
Why would they do it so openly?
Why would they say that the President has no power over the borders when it's right in the Constitution?
Explicit powers, the most important he has, the most clear-cut.
Where are they going with this revolution against our most cherished values and what we know has made us one of the freest and greatest nations in world history?
So how do you quantify the Epstein coming out, it being the top story, the huge awakenings everywhere, all these whistleblowers cascading, building towards a crescendo that the system can't survive, its attempt to go from being cloaked to out in the open, trying to teach all its minions, hey, we win by lying and being criminal.
Even the New York Times has articles, hey, let's lie to defeat Trump.
What do you call this conflagration, and am I right in that there's a system of open corruption happening because the internal corruption failed from exposure, so now they think, let's be even worse, and that will just normalize it when that's not going to work?
Well, it's very much sort of the difference between the rule of law and the rule of power, and what they're doing, it's the exercise of raw power.
And it's the corruption of the rule of law, the corruption of constitutional principles.
I mean, for example, today, media organizations were pushing back, saying that the identity of the jurors could not be disclosed, that somehow it would be a criminal act or a bad act if that took place.
That's nonsense.
Used to be the media demanding everything be public.
Now they're the executioners.
They're the attack dogs of tyrannists.
Well, if it was one of theirs on trial, they would be demanding disclosure and they would be talking about bias.
Imagine if you were in the 1960s and the media came out and said, you can't talk about the Klan connection of a juror in an African-American defendant case.
That's precisely what took place here.
In fact, what happened in the U.S.
Supreme Court ruled back in 1984,
That there is a constitutional First Amendment right to access information in the courtroom, and that included the right to know the identities, even the addresses, of jurors.
That's a constitutionally protected right since 1984.
And it was the press, originally, that helped establish that.
And now you see the establishment press wanting to be the exclusive gatekeeper.
And again, for those that just joined us, and we've got huge breaking news bringing it to me, please, right now.
Absolutely massive.
Don Jr.
has outed the whistleblower at Rand Paul's encouragement.
Nowhere in the Constitution do people get to stay secret.
Again, you get to face your accusers.
They're attacking all the fundamental rule of law, as you said, with an open power grab.
Exactly, just raw power.
It's leveraging and weaponizing every form of power that exists within the entire governmental system.
Whether it's regulatory, administrative, the judicial branch, the executive branch.
You're seeing things get criminalized.
I was contacted this week by people who were being subject to various kinds of elections investigation when they had nothing to do with the election campaigns that were being investigated.
Just because they want to weaponize the FEC.
Because the head of the FEC is an anti-Trump supporter.
You know, anti-Trump, Trump hater.
Here you have, for example, today, the judge said yesterday that, hey, someone's opinion about Trump doesn't matter.
They all work for Trump.
Yeah, everybody in the deep state works for Trump, but they don't actually work for Trump.
That's the problem.
She says, oh, so their opinions about Trump don't really matter.
And then what happens today?
The U.S.
attorney gets up and does his opening statement.
What does he do?
He attacks Trump, attacks Trump, attacks Trump, attacks Trump.
How is someone's opinion about Trump not relevant to their ability to be a fair juror?
But they're making it all about that.
Let's stop there.
Let's stop there.
It's big news that Don Jr.
has outed the whistleblower.
We knew who it was.
We'll tell you about that.
There's been a bunch of whistleblowers.
They're all former employees of Hillary, Brennan, Obama, who they've told to be the whistleblower.
It's the higher-ups that, you know, made up this whole story.
That's been proven.
We said that months ago.
It's been proven right.
But we are going to out the first prospective juror that Media Matters and George Soros says is criminal if we do, when it's not.
And we're not doing it to intimidate a jury.
We're doing it so the world knows they are filling that jury as we speak with literal Trump and Stone haters.
It'd be like having Hillary Clinton on the damn jury.
Judge Greenlight's anti-Trump feds.
As jurors for Roger Stone trial.
So when we come back, we're gonna get into Junior outing the whistleblower.
One of the whistleblowers, the one that wanted to stay secret.
And we're gonna get in to the first person out of 80 they bring forward.
The judge tells him, you're not allowed to get rid of anybody political.
And then they bring her up and say, oh, she can stay when she again ran an operation for Obama.
Her husband is in the deep state prosecution of the fake Russiagate.
This is incredible.
I mean, it's this is a pure example of what a railroaded trial looks like.
Roger Stone has been unconstitutionally gagged from talking about his own case and defending himself in the court of public opinion.
By the same court.
The same court is the disallowed strikes for cause and allowed a jury that hates Stone to be seated.
And the only Republicans that were in the jury pool, the public reports out today, are that there are no Republicans left in the actual jury of Roger Stone's case.
So what you have is just people who hate Roger Stone, hate Donald Trump, and they're the ones who are going to independently and impartially judge him.
I mean, it's a joke.
It's a joke.
It's similar to what the government tried to do in the Wesley Snipes case, and we prevented them from doing it, but only by going to extraordinary lengths.
This makes a mockery of the judicial process.
And the number one reason why the U.S.
Supreme Court said, and other courts throughout the country have said, it is critically important
To allow juror information to be identified for the public to discuss and debate them.
Aside from that always being the historical precedent going back to the 1400s in our Anglo-Saxon legal tradition that is borrowed from our common and constitutional law principles is because of potential jury bias might get exposed.
Because often, jury bias was only exposed when the identity of the individual was named.
They're like, hey, I have this information.
I have that information.
Hey, they misled on this.
What protects a fair trial in this country is open, free press.
That's right.
We're going to bring that power back by sheer force of will.
We're going to expose this prospective juror, the first one brought up by the judge that works for Obama and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, whose husband is deep inside the operation with the fake Russiagate hoax on the other side.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes is here.
Next segment, we are going to expose the deep state, arrogantly trying to seat a juror who worked directly for Obama in the White House, heading up a whole department, and whose husband is working currently with the Justice Department,
On the entire situation with the fake Russiagate.
Can you guys do a document cam shot for me since that computer's not working in there?
This is the supposed whistleblower.
You just type in his name, click images, and it comes right up.
Yeah, that's a good one.
Look at him, he looks like a kid.
I mean, he looks like a hipster kid.
This is the reason why they won't let, this is the reason why Schiff doesn't want a public hearing with the guy.
He was glad to have public hearings with Mueller and everyone else, but he puts this kid up there and they're gonna be like, what?
He's a 30, by published reports, a 30-year-old Yalie.
Basically, graduates from Yale, he defended some controversial professors when he was at Yale.
He was there many years after I was there.
And then he, uh, about new people who knew him.
And then he, uh, got a quick job with the Obama administration.
It's like, how did somebody like that?
How does a kid out of Yale?
This goes back to the 1940s, 50s, 60s.
When our country went off the rails and our CIA and deep state sort of operations, we were doing coups all over the world, destabilizing democracies all over the world, helped unleash debacles that are continuing to be a debacle in parts of the world, Central America and Africa included, Middle East included.
These were all these kid Yalies who got jobs in the OSS and then got jobs in the Young CIA.
The old joke used to be that you knew a CIA meeting if they were singing whippin' poof songs around the table, which reflects an old tradition at Morey's, a dining club at Yale.
And it gets worse because it turns out, as Donald Trump Jr.
and Breitbart document,
It turns out that he worked closely with anti-Trump dossier hoaxer.
And again, this was all the anti-Trumpers were running this out of Ukraine.
He was a mole brought in by Fiona Hill, brought in by McMaster that Roger Stone exposed two plus years ago here specifically, and then later got fired.
One reason they want to throw his ass in prison is he dare advise the president, and so did we, about who was doing it.
So it's a never-Trumper
A hoaxer involved in the dossier who's already testified.
I remember saying months ago and then weeks ago and last week, this guy is one of the quote whistleblowers, but they don't want to say they first initially talked and then told lies.
It's illegal.
So they'll claim they're just reporting and confirming what the whistleblower said.
So he's already testified and that's why Schiff kept saying we can never release the name because it's just staffers of the Clintons and the Obamas and Brennan who work for him.
That's it, that's all it is, and we were 100% right, dead on, next month's news today, but again, they follow the same sociopathic criminology, so they just do the same crap.
The whistleblowers don't exist.
It's Brennan, it's Clapper, it's Hillary, it's Obama, and they order their underlings that created the fake dossier to activate their underlings to say they heard this.
Yeah, it's weaponizing whistleblower laws to misapply and misuse them for people who are not whistleblowers.
As William Binney said, who's a real whistleblower, this is not a whistleblower claim.
This is not a whistleblower complaint.
This guy was deeply tied to Obama, tied to Brennan, tied to Democrats across the board.
He gets a job right out of Yale, gets promoted in the Obama administration, sort of has this West Wing TV version of politics, sort of personality and profile and resume.
And by the way, let's put that photo of him
Next to Ivanka Trump.
I mean, think about how sick all of this is.
They have to be around these snakes that are double dealing.
And again, it's all because Trump trusted McMaster.
And who brought in McMaster?
Steve Bannon, who now is going to testify against Roger Stone.
It's now coming out, reportedly, planted fake evidence against Kushner and against Trump's daughter, and has been working for the deep state, double dealing to cover his ass day one.
Yeah, I don't know anything about the Bannon component.
What I do know about this component in terms of Eric's, whether it's CIA, Ramella, I mean it's fascinating the guy has CIA in his name, but is the reason why they're not putting him up there is he wouldn't hold up well.
One, he looks, he's like, well what is this young kid doing?
I mean, the image they wanted to draw was of this longtime career servant caring about the country, protecting the country, seeing Trump do something bad and feeling obligated to report it.
Not some Obama kid out of a West Wing cast crew.
Heard it and can confirm it and it's always third hand.
None of it's true, but they just keep re-upping it and recycling it.
That's why they didn't want the original whistleblower to ever be known, because that's just some poor person they ordered to say, you heard this, who now is scared to testify and won't even give written questions to the Republicans.
And they're saying, oh, we can't have due process, it's too intimidating.
Well, there's no doubt he just can't hold up under cross-examination.
That's what they're afraid of.
He would look bad publicly, given his resume or lack thereof, given his profile, given the imagery, given the visuals of the equation.
But the other aspect is he wouldn't hold up under cross-examination of whether he was leaking when he was connected to the National Security Council.
Oh absolutely.
We know the whole thing is about obstruction of justice.
Now we know this is just some low-level minion and they said, hey kid, you're going to be the one that says you heard this.
Third hand.
But again, who told them?
Second hand.
That's why I don't want the original person saying it ever to be questioned because they told them to say it.
Mike Adams called it two months ago.
I called it just absolutely because it's the same thing just like the Russia hoax.
It's just there's no root to it because they don't want you to ever find the root so you can't ever disprove it.
It's just totally made up.
Well, it's what corrupt law enforcement does.
Portrayed in TV shows like The Wire, part of a special that we did I think a week ago here, or two weeks ago here, about the way all of these cases are interconnected, is it's the illicit laundering of information and intelligence in order to hide and disguise the source.
Because if you saw the source, it would be immediately discredited in terms of the information they're given.
So they gotta mask it, they gotta hide it, they gotta disguise it, they gotta have it
You know, two, three, four degrees removed from who heard what, when, where.
So let me ask you this.
What should the aftermath of this be?
Because everybody's missing the point.
He's one of the witnesses.
We predicted a bunch of these so-called witnesses are really whistleblowers, the original people to say they heard this.
But again, they're lying.
So they just want to say they heard it from somebody who heard it because they want to escape justice.
And again, so, so, so this guy's already testified.
He's already been in there in secret.
And the fact that they tried to trot him in, you know he's met with Schiff in secret.
You know it.
I mean, it's just incredible.
This is a fiasco, but they got away with the last criminal fake investigation, Russiagate, so now they've just launched a whole new one!
Yeah, they just doubled down.
And I think the effect of it is, there's a reason why we have all these constitutional protections.
And those constitutional protections exist.
I don't
What a bunch of wimps.
The establishment, the multinational corporations, a lot of the communist China that believe America is theirs for the looting and pillaging, have put too much confidence in big tech censorship and mainstream media ability to suppress information.
When you suppress information, it's like a
Beach ball, you put under the pool six, seven feet, it explodes up and goes ten feet in the air.
When you try to bury the truth, it just comes up with even more force later, explosively, like a volcano.
So you've got Jeffrey Epstein being murdered coming out, and the coroners, everybody's saying clearly it happened, and the witnesses saying he begged for his life, and you've got the child kidnapping rings, and the Clintons involved, and the blackmail, and ABC News covering it up, and Brian Stelter's out defending it, saying, you know, ABC did a good job covering it up.
Because these people are slaves of the establishment.
And it's their job to get out there and defend it.
But there's no putting this Humpty Dumpty back together again.
And now, Don Jr.
has come out and tweeted the Breitbart article, outing the whistleblower.
And it's somebody that's already secretly testified.
30-year-old Yaley, who said he heard about it from third parties.
All a big third-party circle jerk.
So that's come out.
And now we're going to release, because it's the First Amendment, it's the Supreme Court rulings, it's common sense.
If you couldn't know who jurors were, they could easily pack them.
They could set up special jurisdictions and special courts and take people to faraway jurisdictions, like is in our declaration.
I think?
I talked to him last night.
He said, well, I remember a Supreme Court ruling in the 80s, but let me check it.
I'm flying in the morning.
This morning, we had a lengthy meeting.
We pulled up the Supreme Court rulings.
He said, absolutely.
It's not just your right, Alex.
It's your duty to release the name of the woman who's been picked as the first prospective juror.
They tried to strike her.
And the judge said, no.
Wait till Robert Barnes
Esteemed lawyer, lays this out for you, because this is way bigger than Roger Stone, who we all feel for, we have empathy, because we know we're next.
Myself, literally, when something happens to Roger, it's like it's happening to me.
That's what empathy is.
It's actually selfishness, good-tuned selfishness.
When you see somebody else getting screwed over, take it personal.
It's going to be you next, your children.
See, we've been taught not to take other people getting screwed over personal.
Oh, I don't care about the stock market.
Well, the whole economy will collapse if it collapses.
The way people are trained, though, to be one-dimensional.
I don't care if they have a kangaroo court with Obama's hanging judge that throws everybody in prison and gags them and won't let them have their witnesses and just railroads them.
I'm not Roger Stone!
I'm not in D.C.!
He didn't live in D.C.
They hauled him there!
And now, in the second day, I talked to our reporters and Stone's people, and they're so scared they won't even talk now.
They said, the judge is going crazy.
This is about an hour ago.
In fact, just about an hour ago.
Talked during a break.
The judge is going crazy, threatening everybody.
We can't talk about anything.
Well, you know it's about this.
That we had Mr. Ingalls on, a reporter from Florida who was there.
And what he said was true.
It was in Reuters.
It was in AP.
I'm going to show you what he said.
But Media Matters, run by George Soros, says, I should be arrested for this.
That's jury tampering.
But I want you to know that the woman ran a Clinton Department PR.
Then she moved in with Obama.
She comes from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Works there now, and her husband works in the Mueller probe.
That should recuse you instantly, even the appearance of impropriety and conflict.
This is unbelievable.
We'll have a top lawyer explain it to you here in a moment.
But everybody knows this, so why would they do it?
So we're going to expose the identity because it's the right thing to do.
Just like Rand Paul said, I'm getting ready to expose the identity.
It's in the constitution of the fake whistleblower.
We have a right to face accusers.
And now Don Jr's done it.
Now the left's saying arrest him.
Because they want to lie about you in the dark.
Remember Kavanaugh saying he raped women?
Turned out it was all fake.
The very same media putting out fake stuff that was covering up for Epstein knowingly.
Articles on Infowars.com.
Judge Greenlight's anti-Trump feds as jurors for Roger Stone trial.
Stone and James are facing deep state jury.
Oh, he's not in danger.
It's happening.
But the media is so scared that no one dare tell you who she is, even though it's the law that we do it.
Here's the article Alex Jones is trying to out the identity of a potential Roger Stone trial juror.
The first one they called up with the help of Stone's assistant.
Oh, how dare us talk.
That's George Soros's mouth.
Long-time Trump advisor Stone takes ill.
By the way, I talked to him.
He was already sick the night before during jury selection for trial.
And look at this right here.
At the onset of Tuesday's proceedings, as yesterday, Jackson said she would not agree to strike prospective jurors just because they work for the federal government or because they have opinions about Trump.
Then they called up the first magic person.
That warning did not stop Stone.
Oh, see, he's bad.
Lawyers from trying to strike the very first one, a woman who once served as Communications Director for the White House Office of Management and Budget.
That's the most important office, folks.
That's the money.
Under Democratic President Barack Obama and whose husband is a Justice Department National Security Attorney.
We looked him up.
We're going to expose him as well, right now.
Next segment, but Barnes is going to start first.
Here's all the other articles about it, and then we're going to expose this.
This is unbelievable.
Barnes, lay it out.
So the misleading media stories that are out there today were saying, oh, you should never identify a juror for various reasons.
There's nobody out there.
Who wants to in any way intimidate the juror, or affect the juror at all, or any prospective juror at all.
The point is to know the identities of the jury, so the people can independently make their own inquiries and judgment about whether the process is being done fairly.
You wouldn't want John Gotti's son as a juror in his trial!
You wouldn't want to know his name for the purposes of calling him.
You wouldn't know his name for the purposes of writing him.
None of those things.
That's a ludicrous interpretation that Media Matters was trying to impose.
Instead, what you want to know their names for, the reason why the courts have always protected the public right to know, is you want to know are there sources of bias.
For example, because the public knew the name of jurors, they were able to identify jurors who had failed to disclose certain biases to the court.
Because the public knew about it, members of the public knew about it, but the lawyers involved in the system did not know about it.
They were able to expose racial bias, able to expose political bias, able to expose a range of biases.
We do not have star chamber trials in this country, even if Adam Schiff wants to pretend we do.
And it should not be happening in a federal court, in a federal criminal trial,
So it's part of a
System-wide the Democrats are weaponizing the judiciary and they're trying to protect all of their little operatives and not letting us face accusers and then not letting us know because if we know the identity and we know that she worked directly for Obama at the highest levels and her husband is in the Mueller investigation after Trump, that's outrageous!
I mean, I'll read from one of the leading legal scholastic publications out there, which talked about this whole issue in detail.
It said, quote, there is a firmly established tradition of providing public access to juror identities, and access to that information enhances the functioning of our judicial system because it is a, quote, right of access guaranteed by the First Amendment.
And the reason why it's guaranteed by the First Amendment is so people can have confidence that someone like Roger Stone is not being railroaded by a partial prejudice jury selection system.
We don't have any problem with the juror here.
We have a problem with the court allowing someone like Roger Stone to be a juror.
Sure, that's them changing the subject.
How dare!
The judge not let them strike this individual.
How dare the first person that pops up, you know they're going to make her the foreman.
And now there's a bunch of other bad deep staters we're learning, they're picking right now.
They don't care.
That's the nature of D.C.
There was no way this venue could have ever been a fair trial for Roger Stone.
But at a minimum, the only way the judge could have made that even possible is by getting rid of the political partisan Trump haters from the jury pool.
To have that- Instead, there were only two Republicans out of 80 and she struck them?
Exactly, both gone.
So it's a joke.
I mean, it's a joke of a trial process.
If Obama was being tried in a small rural southern county that was all white that voted 98% against him... It would be a fraud.
It would be equally a fraud.
Well, by process of elimination and going off our own reporters and Reuters and AP and everybody saying it was a woman whose husband works at the Justice Department on the Mueller case and international espionage affairs.
There's only one woman who worked as the head of public relations for the Office of Budget Management in the Obama years, and she was there in 2013 and 2014.
There's only one woman who's got a husband at the Justice Department that works on Russiagate.
We've got him as well being sworn in, her being sworn in by Joe Biden, back when he was Vice President.
And so again, imagine in America, everybody knows who this woman is, but oh, we better not say when you're supposed to know who jurors are, especially in something political like this, to see how this judge is not letting any Republicans on.
But you were saying she's a woman, like herself, on another Obama appointee.
Oh yeah, I mean, her background is professional class background, Obama appointee, sort of looks like what Hillary would look like, looks like you're iconic demographically, fits your Obama appointee and Hillary acolyte.
A white cat lady.
It's that professional class mindset.
I call it sort of like, it's people who would have otherwise been first grade teachers, now with the power of the judge, or the power of the Senate, or whatever power they have.
But they tend to leverage that power aggressively.
They're sending us to detention.
They put us in prison.
In essence, that's what's taking place here in the sense of Stone is being targeted in ways that very few people are, and she's not allowed to defend himself in the court of public opinion, has issued gag orders that I believe were patently unconstitutional, and on top of all of that...
For the citation, the old Supreme Court citation is 464 U.S.
And it goes through all the legal history.
It goes through the history that the jury trial proceedings are always open.
Open trials reach back to the days before the Norman Conquest.
You're talking about 6th century, 7th century.
This is before the Magna Carta.
Before the Magna Carta was designed.
Magna Carta was designed to reform the jury system to make sure the jury system was even more open.
And in Europe and England, they've already gotten rid of this as well.
So this is a systematic getting rid of due process, getting rid of public trials.
It's been essential to fairness.
First of all, it's transparency.
If people don't know who is judging the person, they can't know whether that judgment process is being done impartially and independently.
And again, this is way bigger than Roger.
This is about all of us.
This judge
Is there's 80 people brought in.
Two Republicans, he says, oh you can't have a Republican, you'll be for Roger.
But any Democrat, they're not biased.
Oh, you headed up a department for Obama?
Your husband's on the Mueller witch hunt?
That's in the news.
Reuters is like, her husband's working on the Mueller case.
It's like the judge says that's okay.
What the hell?
Have Robert Mueller in there!
It's very... How about Robert Mueller's wife?
Well, my, you know, the... Oh, well, we're all impartial.
Meanwhile, the whole deep state's been caught fomenting, making stuff up, lying, fake whistleblowers, just got exposed.
I mean, it feels like, watching the trial process, that the only question they didn't ask the jurors is, did they bring their rope with them to lynch Roger at the end?
I mean, that's the, that's the, it feels like a lynching jury process designed to create a lynching jury.
Well, that's what I said, I said, why not just have a guillotine in there?
Yeah, I mean, it's designed, our whole legal system is designed to prevent this from happening.
Why not just have Hillary on the jury, or Chelsea?
I mean, by the logic she employed, only people with a personal bias against Roger Stone were going to be excluded.
No one who had a strong bias against Trump was going to be excluded.
And as you said, the prosecutor is opened up today, it's in the news, making it all about Trump.
Saying it's about Trump lying, Trump this, Trump that.
So to give the judge the credit, maybe she didn't realize that was the prosecutorial theory, but assuming even that was the case, by the point the prosecutor issued their opening, she should have reopened jury selection or even issued a mistrial.
Because either she was misled by the prosecution, misinterpreted it, or made a bad decision herself.
Whichever it is, she was wrong that opinion about Trump was not going to be decisive in how the jurors were going to react and interpret the evidence.
Clearly they are.
This is a joke.
I mean, to have a D.C.
jury, to have the most Democratic jury in the country... Why is it so brazen?
Because I have the text and Reuters and others have the same as AP.
I mean, hell, hell, I can read it to people.
She's like, of course it's no big deal if you work for Obama and your husband worked on the Mueller operation.
And it's like, what?
Well, I mean, the most ludicrous statement from my perspective that I didn't think was a fair statement by the court was something to the effect of what was reported was, and we'll order the jury transcript, that's part of what the Supreme Court said we're entitled to as members of the press so we can find out exactly what happened and what was said.
But what was reported as being said were comments to the effect of, everybody works for Trump.
That's a ludicrous statement.
The idea that, oh, because everybody works for the federal government, technically you're supposed to be working for Trump when they've been betraying him for the last four years.
It's a sick joke that, oh, well, she worked for Obama, but she's in the government now, so now she works for Trump, so that won't matter.
Yeah, it's a ridiculous interpretation of the evidence.
But what about the husband in the Mueller probe?
I mean, oh, that's deeply problematic.
Now, that should have been more fully exposed and detailed in the jury selection process.
What's going to happen is, the honest jurors who have a bias will admit that bias, and the irony is those are the jurors you actually want on your case because they're willing to be honest about themselves.
That means they'll be- Oh yeah, this woman said, oh, I have no bias.
She said, oh, I don't-
There's two things.
Sometimes those people are overtly misrepresenting things.
Most of the time, they really have convinced themselves they don't have any bias.
But in almost all the social studies that have been done, unless you're put subject to searing questioning, your bias won't be exposed or detailed.
Well, remember the Milgram studies and others, where people feel like it's the right thing to do, they'll torture people to death.
Oh yeah, correct, exactly.
And what happened is... And these leftists are all followers.
This is such a political case.
No fair ruling or fair trial could take place unless people without a strong political opinion were excluded.
Okay, so let's get to it right now.
Here is who lines up with the only woman that ran this office in PR, the only one that has a husband, the Justice Department, and the whole Mueller thing.
Dr. McHamshot, please.
Sylvia Matthews Burwell.
I don't
Before the Bill Clinton presidency, goes back to Bill O'Mundagage, her whole life, hardcore Democrat.
There she is on the screen behind everybody, ladies and gentlemen.
And this is just incredible.
Now let's show you her purported husband here.
That's Stephen Burwell.
And here is a photo of Stephen Burwell, reportedly, while she's being sworn in with Joe Biden.
So, he looks like Eddie Haskell on steroids, ladies and gentlemen.
So, uh, there you go.
What a nice group we have ruling over us.
And so arrogant, it looks like, that the judge says, this is fine.
Should we go over the transcript of what the judge said?
I mean, or at least it was quoted the same as different publications.
Here's Reuters.
A jury was being chosen from a pool of more than 80 potential jurors.
Opening statements could begin as early as Wednesday, and the trial would last for two weeks.
At the onset of Tuesday's proceedings, U.S.
District Judge Amy Brennan Jackson, also appointed by Obama, said she would not agree to strike prospective jurors just because they work for the federal government or because they have opinions about Trump.
But the two Republicans were thrown off.
I don't think so.
Which, honestly... She's an open slave.
I mean, the problem is, maybe in her mind she's being honest.
The probabilities of it, though, would seem low.
Because you're talking about someone that's politically active, politically involved.
And what often is the case... I have an example of where they try to do a lynching jury, like Stone's case.
I defended the case.
It was the Wesley Snipes case.
They deliberately picked a jury pool that had the highest per capita incidence of racial hatred in the country in the prior 10 years prior to them picking the jury in that case.
They got rid of all the African American jurors before we even got to jury selection.
The media story joke was that it was as all white as the snowfall in the prior NFL playoff game in Green Bay the Sunday before.
And up to that point, the judge said, hey, I've always made my jury selections done within an hour.
And the judge made a lot of what I thought was unfair questioning processes, where he was trying to minimize the scope of bias.
And then fortunately, we were able to get him, through a wide range of techniques that we utilize, to ask meaningful questions.
And it turned out, over half
And we end up doing three days of jury selection.
Over half of the jury pool was already biased against Wesley Snipes solely based on his race.
Sure, sure.
And we're going to shift gears on other subjects now.
We've got our reporters on the ground at Stone's Deal.
But, again, this is the total overthrow of rule of law.
I mean, my God.
The media won't even tell you that she was a high-level person with Obama and that her husband is in the whole Mueller witch hunt?
I mean, we have a right to know that.
It's still America.
No matter what you dangerous evil leftists say.
Okay, I just realized I did a whole hour and I didn't plug any.
And so I'm just going to leave it at this.
If you want to see independent real media that doesn't back down when nobody else will release who the deep state first juror is being selected and Roger Stone's lawyers are like, we strike her and the judge goes, no, you can't.
And the Media Matters says, arrest me.
I'm intimidating jurors.
All I'm saying is, what the hell is going on?
What, are you going to have Hillary Clinton in there?
It's like I'm saying, like a John Gotti mob trial and have his son, maybe his brother as the jurors, maybe the jury foreman.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
It's like having Hitler at the Nuremberg trial.
He'd be pro-Nazi.
With this, I mean, my God, just bring the damn gallows in there, like you said, barns and hang them.
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I don't know.
That doesn't deserve any respect in my view.
It's a swamp court.
It's a joke.
But behind the scenes, you've got a few more choice words.
You warned Stone this was coming and this was political.
And I'm not trying to put his lawyers down, but boy, he's really in trouble.
These kind of cases remind people why you have to be very aggressive and very assertive out of the gate.
And it's something I have said for a long time, and we created a model for it in the Wesley Snipes case.
The reason why I always cite that to people is they say, look at what happened there, look at what was going to happen there, and look at how it changed.
And it changed by deliberate decisions made by defense counsel that forced out into the public view what was taking place, forced the court to make adjustments, which allowed for a much fairer jury selection process to take place.
And the same thing needed to happen here.
It did not.
Now, I think one of the problems in our legal system is that the people who have the best knowledge... I mean, who knows more when a judge or a court is doing something that's really against the Constitution and against the rules and maybe politically biased than lawyers who are in front of judges every day?
But guess who it is that the legal system tries to silence, gag, and muzzle a speech using the threat of revoking their licenses to do so?
So it's something I've had a constant problem with.
In my view, we need to have more public transparency with courts.
We need to have more criticism of courts when they're doing wrong.
And it needs to come from lawyers making it.
And judges can defend themselves.
They're fully equipped to do so.
As a society, as a group, lawyers need to stop being cowards and be defenders of the people again, so they'd be championed instead of little lapdogs that basically split the baby and sell you down the road.
There's not anybody who I talk to in D.C.
that doesn't think that the judge has a political bias in a particular direction that is manifesting itself against Roger Stone in this case.
And yet not a single one of them will go up and say that on any sort of public stage if they happen to be a lawyer.
And the deep state is marching everyone to her.
Yes, my view was it was manipulation of judicial selection.
Had I been Roger Stone's counsel, one of my first motions would have been moved to transfer venue.
Another one would have been moved to recuse the court because they manipulated how they brought the charges to claim there was a related charge to get it in front of their desire.
Would have been proven wrong.
And to me, that's not supposed to happen.
We're supposed to have impartial selection of judges, supposed to be random selection, random assignment of cases.
But meanwhile, the first juror called
She's the former head of the Office of Budget and Management, PR, the former deputy director of it.
Her husband works on the Mueller probe.
And we're not supposed to tell you her name.
Even though there's no law, they're threatening everyone.
Well, we just told you.
Because we're Americans.
And all this kissing ass and being cowards has got us in a bad position.
What made America great was doing the right thing and being strong and not being a bunch of damn cowards.
We salute Robert Barnes for not being a damn coward.
Owen Troyer, from the trial, straight ahead!
If they get away with this, this country's in a lot of trouble.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are now into the third hour and I've spent most of the show not on Jeffrey Epstein and the number one meme in the world for multiple days straight.
Hashtag Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself.
We're going to create a new one.
Jeffrey Epstein was murdered.
And now it's coming out that ABC News covered it all up.
We're going to get more into that coming up.
We're going to get into these poor American citizens, including a bunch of children murdered in Mexico, and how this is awakening people.
And Joel Skousen is joining us.
We're getting Owen Schroer on the line right now from the Roger Stone trial.
But I've spent about an hour and a half the last two hours on the media saying, you'll be arrested.
If you tell anybody who these jurors are, that the judge is telling Stone's lawyers, you can't challenge.
Well, they should be able to challenge that.
And when you learn it's a bunch of Obama officials, high level, and their husbands are, you know, working with a Mueller probe, it's like, what?
Again, just have Hillary Clinton as a juror.
Oh, don't give the identity of Hillary Clinton!
Oh don't say who the whistleblower is, it turns out it's another third party person who heard nothing and they've already testified.
They're just recycling people calling them whistleblowers that are telling these fibs so that they have credibility like calling a bunch of made-up opposition researchers a dossier.
So we're going to lay this out here in just a moment, but we have the fact that the Deep State
It's killed so many people in the Clinton death count.
It's all just hiding in plain view, and there it is, and we're supposed to just ignore it standing there right beside us, and just hope it passes over us if we deny it exists.
Well, we're here breaking the taboos and exercising free speech.
We just read you the Supreme Court ruling.
There's many of them, but the last one in the 80s, that of course you expose who jurors are so that they're open.
There's like a judge's background, or lawyer's background, or the people that are there are public.
But now they want it all to be secret.
We're going to be talking about that a lot more in just a moment.
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Owen Schroeder from in front of the federal courthouse, the site of where they're torturing politically and lynching.
Roger Stone will join us to talk about the tyranny straight ahead.
Amy Berman Jackson thought it was fine yesterday to say that Sylvia Burwell could be the first juror picked over the objections of Roger Stone's lawyers, even though she headed up a major department for Obama, was brought in by the Clintons, and her husband works on the Russiagate hoax at the Justice Department.
These people really think we're just going to sit here and go along with this and not speak out against it.
Then the media is like, Jones is talking about it.
Arrest him.
When, just a few years ago, the press always wanted to talk about jurors and is this a conflict and, you know, why is the judge doing this?
But now, oh, there's the judge.
He kind of looks like the older sister of the Obama juror.
Yeah, she does.
There's an eerie physical similarity.
And I think there probably is a mindset.
I mean, she's an Obama appointee, comes from the professional class.
And that group of people demographically have a lot of shared political perspectives.
And it's not one that's favorable to... If you did jury selection, that demographic would be the group you would not want on the Rogers-Stewart trial.
Is it that there's such followers that Democrats are openly embracing lying and corruption?
Because they go, oh, because the Republicans are so good at it, we've got to do it.
Is it their followers they're all doing it so openly now?
Or were they always like that and now they're just doubling down?
I mean, I started seeing it in law school amongst the left, the devolution of the rule of law to where there's one rule of law for conservatives, a different rule of law for liberals.
One rule of law for people that are powerful and connected, a different rule of law for those that are not.
And it's a, they celebrate the rule of power more than the rule of law.
And again, the AD juror's perspective, she throws the two Republicans off, but says any Democrats, fine.
No, 82 is a ridiculous number in my view.
Now, it is commonplace for the courts to only do that many, but in a high-profile politicized case like this, they needed to have written juror questionnaires, they needed to go out to hundreds of potential jurors.
That was an inadequate jury pool.
Bob, what's the chances of the first one that comes up being this woman and her husband is on the Mueller probe?
Give me a break.
It needs to be investigated.
You don't think she really got a jury summons?
Oh, it could be.
Oh yeah, sure.
Because it's D.C.
And on 9-11, two of the passports of two of the hijackers, unburned, were found on the ground.
Well, I mean, I think the problem was, this was from the get-go.
The jury pool was a 92% Hillary jury pool.
Some people were thinking that reflected racial demographics and strong African-American support for Hillary.
It did not.
That was from the white voters of D.C.
We're 90% pro-Hillary.
We're going to go to Owen Schroyer in front of the gallows that they've got set up there, the federal courthouse.
They've got the gallows being built up front.
We see Hillary's going in.
She's now a juror.
We're told there's more big Democrats, seriously, that were just picked today.
Owen's going to tell us.
We've got the Grim Reaper here with us on TV because I wanted to have that here for Epstein coverage.
No one's buying that he killed himself.
We're going to find out where that's going.
But Owen, what on earth have you seen today?
Suddenly, reporters I was going to have on are all scared to come on.
They said the judge has been, quote, going crazy in there.
What's happening?
Well, we've got reporters inside right now, Alex.
So when this is closed for the day, we're going to have them discussing this.
Obviously, we'll have those reports at InfoWars.com and Banned.Video.
They are still live right now inside the courtroom.
But Alex, I want to say something that I think you'll appreciate here to kind of
Give a little more clarity to this issue that you just brought up.
And then I have a legal question for the jury selection for Bob Barnes.
But Alex, you know, you see all the people upset.
That you would dare bring up this juror's information, that you would dare challenge the power of the almighty Amy Berman Jackson, the untouchable.
And believe me, she's up there with a smug smirk on her face, laughing the entire time we were in that courtroom, just observing the scenes.
And I'll be honest, Alex, it was everything I could do not to rise up and start shouting these people down.
So you're saying she's as happy as a pig in poop?
Oh, she's very, very smug up there.
And I think I know why, but Alex, I want to say something.
I think it'll help add clarity what you're trying to express here.
You see, let's say that they write every rule in the book saying that you don't get free speech and you can't talk about a jury for whatever reason.
They write it in the law.
Okay, so, well, wait a second.
The real lawlessness happening right here is what happened to Roger Stone.
The real lawlessness happening here is what's happening to Donald Trump.
The real lawlessness is this show trial.
That's the lawlessness.
Not Alex Jones reporting on a juror.
That's nothing.
That's free speech.
That's truth.
So this is kind of like the Tommy Robinson thing.
Here, come here and say that, sir.
Come say that to my face, you coward.
You're a coward.
Get out of here, you fascist coward!
You Nazi!
You're a Nazi coward!
Get out of America, you Nazi coward!
Yeah, you won't come talk to me, you punk!
Get out of my face!
Sorry Alex, you had a guy shouting me down out here.
Punk coward!
What was he calling you?
A Russian?
What other made-up crap?
Oh yeah, he says how absurd I am, Russian agents, and I'm standing up for fascism.
But so Alex, so, oh yeah, oh, the big crime is Alex Jones saying the name of a juror that happens to be a public person already from the Obama administration, selected by the Obama-appointed judge.
No, that's the crime!
Not reporting on that.
That's like what happened to Tommy Robinson.
The crime is the child rape gangs.
Not Tommy Robinson reporting on it.
So it's a weird microcosm here.
And even conservatives flip out at you, Alex.
So that's a weird thing.
But you know, getting back to this jury selection, I want to ask you a question.
Bob Barnes, our legal expert here.
I think that, I'm in agreement with Alex here, I think that this judge selected from Obama's administration was literally, they put her there to assure, I mean the case is already rigged, we know that.
To terrorize anybody that if you support Trump will put you in prison and to show other judges how the kangarooing works, this is a big training seminar.
But all you need is one juror, I mean Bob correct me if I'm wrong, all you need is one juror and you control the whole case, it's over.
Oh, do you mean from a judge's perspective or a defense perspective?
From a defense perspective, you only need one.
Because you can... That's why it's all... They'll probably have Hillary on the jury.
That's why it's going to be their people.
Well, that's why there's zero Republicans on that jury.
I mean, the prosecutor... I mean, they march in, they salute the judge.
We're setting him up, he will go to prison.
They go, Heil Hitler!
She goes, good!
Oh, I mean, in the Snipes trial, the judge basically, if anybody raised questions about the way the criminal justice system worked, he immediately excused them.
If they said, oh, they had no problem with reading all these headlines of articles that attacked them, oh, he'll be a fair, you probably just read the headline, you'll be a fair judge.
Sadly, what people are seeing a sneak peek of is how the federal criminal justice system operates in the Stone case and politicized cases.
And unfortunately, our judiciary, going back 200 years, has failed more often than it has succeeded in these contexts.
The difference is most lawyers don't get to expose it, or are unwilling to, and most members of the public never get to see it.
And they're just witnessing live, this is what a railroaded system looks like.
This feels like a partial prejudicial jury process.
Every member of the jury could sit here and be like, yep, Stone was railroaded, this is a show trial, this was a rigged job kangaroo court, but they've got the one juror.
That's all they need.
They now control the entire thing.
They control the judge, they control the defense with the Democrat lawyers, now they control the jury results.
I mean, they literally have every angle covered now.
In political cases, that's the government's goal, sadly.
I mean, it's the nature of it.
As soon as they brought the case in D.C., as soon as they, in my view, manipulated the assignment of judges so that it was not a random assignment and it was a selected assignment for a particular judge who had already shown a proclivity to be hostile to people in this, in Roger Stone's situation, how she behaved towards Manafort, how she behaved towards Gates.
All kinds of unconstitutional gag orders routinely and regularly being entered, not providing meaningful full scope of discovery, not suppressing any evidence that was in violation of the Fourth or Fifth or Sixth Amendment rights.
All of it.
I mean, she hasn't given Roger anything, whereas she's given the government almost anything they wanted.
I want to get other observations from Owen Schroyer, and he's doing a great job.
He'll be back co-hosting his own show from the ground today, 3 o'clock Central, The War Room.
I want to get any other observations he's had when we come back.
And then we've got Till Skousen on these Americans murdered in Mexico.
He'll give us his expertise on that, and Barnes is riding shotgun.
Watching the arrogance of the political class, ABC News covering up giant child trafficking rings, blackmail the Clintons, all of it coming out.
Watching this judge, Jackson, let high-level Obama officials, whose husbands work at the Justice Department in Russiagate, be the first juror picked.
I mean, it's just fantastical.
It's amazing.
Owen Schroer has moved another side of the federal courthouse where he's there reporting the next few days.
And I'm going to obviously have to go up there soon.
This is so out of control.
It'll be going on for a few weeks.
This miscarriage being done so publicly, the judge kicking the two Republicans out of 80-plus perspectives out immediately, but saying Democrats are okay because they're not biased.
I mean, these are
Well Alex, I think that, um,
We pretty much know what's going on with this court case and it's sad to have to admit how rigged it is and I think the fate that Roger faces here.
It doesn't really matter what evidence is presented.
It doesn't really matter the history.
It doesn't really matter how the whole Russian inclusion thing was fake news and really started with Hillary.
None of that's going to matter.
This is a rigged trial.
I love Roger Stone, and I hate to have to say this, but they're gonna lock him up, man.
I mean, it's decided.
I mean, he'll be lucky if they give him house arrest for a couple years.
He may end up life in prison.
Now, maybe eventually there's gonna be a presidential pardon for Roger to try to justify all of this, but it still can't.
You can't justify the dereliction of justice here.
You cannot justify the miscarriage of justice.
But Alex, just as an observation,
And kind of a side note, but it's still the same thing.
It's because this is how they can get away with this.
You know, we were doing Man on the Streets down here.
We've got hours of footage.
Some of it is available right now.
Others we're going to upload later to Infowars.com and banned out video.
But Alex, it's amazing how the average... I don't even know what box I want to put them in.
Call it Democrat, voter, liberal, Trump-hater, whatever.
It's all the same.
They literally buy whatever the television tells them without even questioning it.
Without even questioning.
So, two years ago when I went around, Alex, it was Trump's Russian, Trump's Russian, Trump's Russian.
Then one year ago it was Trump's groping women, women, Trump.
Now it's Trump Ukraine, Trump Ukraine.
They just jump to whatever stone
Pun not intended, that the media puts out there for them to land on.
And then when you try to get them to explain it, they can't do it.
So, the only way they're able to get away with this rigged trial is because the television media is complicit.
They're the ones putting all the propaganda out there so that the American people can't see the real story, and they get totally deceived.
People walking up to me like, oh, it's just a matter of fact.
Trump colluded with Ukraine now.
Oh, it's just a matter of fact.
Like we said, the people testifying have been the so-called whistleblowers.
They just never wanted to be the person that supposedly triggered it all.
Now they picked some junior staffer to do it to.
It's amazing.
Well, you're doing a great job.
You'll be hosting, co-hosting your show.
Alex, if I can just make one final point here.
Let's keep in mind the timing of the ABC bury of the Epstein story.
That was right before the 2016 election.
They buried that story to save Hillary Clinton.
That does it for me on the Alex Jones Show.
Tune in to The War Room at 3 p.m.
Banned out video.
All right, great job, Owen.
Thank you.
I want to bring in here now Joel Skousen, who heads up worldaffairsbrief.com.
He's editor of that, former Marine Corps naval aviator and best-selling author, researcher, to get into the current war, the state that's happening.
And then also, he is, I would say, a church expert on the Latter-day Saints and what's happened down in Mexico with those
Missionaries being killed and what we're being told there.
And we've got Robert Barnes riding shotgun.
Joel Skousen, what do you want to tackle first?
Well, let's cover the Mexican tragedy, what we do know about it.
This I don't believe had anything to do with mistaken identity.
I mean, this was a car, a couple of cars with three women and their children that got massacred by the drug cartels with automatic weapons.
Some of the news has pointed out that these, you know, my first question, what are these U.S.
citizens living permanently in Mexico?
Mexico isn't safe, especially in these northern territories where the drug cartels are very strong.
But these are Mormon, ex-Mormon fundamentalists, which believe in practicing polygamy, and they've gone to Mexico to avoid prosecution.
And, you know, they're very peaceable people, very, very good people.
In fact, they're more conservative as a percentage than most mainstream Mormons in general.
So it's a very sad tragedy that they would be killed in such a brutal manner.
And I don't think the Mexican government's got a chance of finding out who did this.
They're relatively incapable of taking down the cartels because the Mexican and the U.S.
government secretly support, at least the favored cartel, the Sinaloa cartel, which has the permission to run drugs through official Mexican channels.
Trucks are sealed on the Mexican border and allowed to go through
Without customs, because they've been sealed on the Mexican side and they're full of drugs.
And undoubtedly, Mexico is entering the most violent phase ever in its 10-year collapse.
It's now collapsing into the U.S.
The media's been trying to cover up all the murders and things happening on the Texas side, Arizona side, but that's not working.
Can you give us your take on why things are deteriorating so quickly in Mexico?
Well, the drug trade is still extremely lucrative, and the Sinaloa cartel, the favorite cartel of the CIA and the Mexican government, has a lot of competition that keeps rising, and that's why these drug wars are so dangerous.
And out of control.
They're not going to slow down as long as the United States keeps importing drugs.
There's going to be competition for that.
And of course, you know about Operation Fast and Furious and all the automatic weapons that the United States gave to the Sinaloa cartel down there.
A lot of that circulated around.
Tremendous amount of illegal weaponry in Mexico.
It can be shut down.
As Trump said, it's got to be a major military operation.
And again, obviously it's not crossfire with precision, killing everybody in the cars, burning them.
They were exterminated as a message, we'll kill women and children.
And from, I've seen documentaries of what's happening in Mexico.
I don't know.
Yeah, that's very, very possible.
You know, even during the Mexican Revolution, the Mormons were targeted by Poncho Villa and his guerrillas, and their weapons were confiscated, and a lot of them left Mexico and then came back.
You know, one of the saddest things about it is that these Mormon fundamentalists are persecuted by our own government.
I mean, who allows gay marriage, and yet you have perfectly consensual marriage among people who want to be married to more than one woman, and it's very sad that these people have to be driven out of the United States when we allow deviant forms of marriage all over the United States and are pushing for adoption from these people.
It's a real double standard.
Well, they're pushing being able to marry a dog or a pig.
The world is really getting crazy, Alex.
People are getting in on to, you know, airport announcements, a Jeffrey Epstein was murdered announcement.
Please come to the parking lot.
People are finding, people are getting on Walmart, paging Jeffrey Epstein was murdered, paging Jeffrey Epstein didn't commit suicide.
It's just everywhere showing people power.
Where is this going?
What is the deep state going to do?
The whole fake whistleblower now exposed by Breitbart.
All of it straight ahead.
Tomorrow's news today.
And let me tell you, Owen Schreier's really wound up.
And he's on target.
Can't wait to be watching The War Room coming up today, 3 p.m.
And we got Mike Adams hosting The Fourth Hour today as well.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
Well, the mainstream media said, do not release her name.
It's intimidation of jurors.
That's not what we're doing.
But if they say you had Hillary Clinton on the jury for Roger Stone, you'd say we were all in danger of having a fair court thrown out the window.
The story just went live on InfoWars.com.
InfoWars releases name of Obama official chosen for Roger Stone jury.
And it turns out she headed up Health and Human Services on top of it.
So this is the only woman that was ever in that position that Politico and the Washington Post reported as the head spokesperson for Office of Budget and Management and the only woman who had a husband in the Justice Department working in the Mueller probe.
And so nobody else will release it.
That appears to be who it is with about 99% probability.
And it just is a joke, especially when the
Judge, out of the perspective jury, threw Republicans off, but said reportedly, according to the Washington Post and Reuters, to the woman, oh well, can you be somebody that's not biased?
She goes, oh I don't have a view, any view on this at all.
Oh, you just are magically the first person we call up and magically right before we go, oh, by the way, if somebody's political, they can still be in here, but then Republicans can't.
I want to get Joel Scowles on worldaffairsbrief.com, the editor over there, his take on this, and then yours, Barnes, just how they think they're going to get away with this.
And then Mike Adams is coming up.
He always breaks huge news.
But I heard about this yesterday.
Watson covered it.
I saw the report, but I didn't even cover it.
Well, he did, and then he found a bigger paper.
Okay, that is not broken yet.
He's going to break it next hour.
11,000 scientists sign an order demanding globalists eliminate billions of humans from the Earth.
And it starts with the West.
Yes, folks, devilish indeed.
That's all coming up.
And then a new paper is out on 5G triggering mental illness, not just brain tumors.
And even LA Times admits it kills rats.
Here's the new paper.
An important threat to human health and top scientific studies on the higher levels.
of a chemical in the brain with direct studies to mental illness.
Well, they told us in the Kingsman, you get the Wi-Fi, you start killing each other.
So they really are up to something.
But going back to Joel Scalise and the World Affairs Brief, Joel, what would you call this period of political time, the Epstein thing, Stone's trial?
The Democrats are organized, trampling all due process.
It seems like it's part of a plan.
Well, the plan is not new.
It's been around for years, and that's what the Deep State's all about.
It's about suppressing our liberty, flooding the country with illegal aliens, getting us into a global government with war, which is still coming up.
It's just come out in the open because of Donald Trump.
I mean, they don't have to hide it.
They can't hide it.
They've got to come out in the open to stop him, and we're seeing all kinds of machinations.
For example, this impeachment inquiry.
We found out this week why, in fact, these hearings were held with Adam Schiff of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee.
Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan challenged him in the hearing before the former Ukrainian ambassador had her, quote, deposition.
Under what House rule are you allowed in the Senate Intelligence Committee to hold these hearings about foreign policy?
And Schiff came back and said, I'm not going to take any dilatory questions, as if this was just wasting our time.
And he began to proceed with the hearing.
And Meadows said, point of order, point of order.
And he said, I won't take any dilatory comments.
He said, you know the rules.
A point of order requires that you stop and handle the point of order.
So Schiff says, OK, what is your point of order?
He says, I want you to tell us under what rule.
And, you know, you have authority to hold these hearings under the deposition rule.
And Meadows shot back and said, rule number 11, and it doesn't cover anything like this.
And Adam Schiff just went on.
Well, the real reason why Schiff and the Intelligence Committee were handling it is so that they could do it in secret.
If this was the Foreign Affairs Committee, they couldn't do it in secret.
Only the Intelligence Committee has the ability to claim national security and secrecy.
And that's why they're holding it in the skiff, in the big soundproof bubble.
That's right.
And they wouldn't have been able to justify that if it had not been Adam Schiff and the Intelligence Committee.
And it's illegal as hell, Alex.
They have no authority to be holding this hearing on a foreign policy issue in the Intelligence Committee.
And isn't that impeachable for Schiff?
Well, you know, who runs the impeachment?
But speaking of impeachability, let's look at the actual general Trump charges.
They're trying to get and they're going to get some form of evidence of quid pro quo.
All right.
The point is, is that illegal?
It actually isn't illegal.
They're making it illegal because it is purely political, they say.
Well, that's right.
Kennedy said, we'll pull our missiles out of Turkey if you pull yours out of Cuba.
I mean, that's how foreign policy works.
It just can't be quid pro quo for your personal benefit.
Well, the point is, nobody in the Democrats talks about two things.
One, the 1999 treaty with U.S.
and Ukraine, which specifically agrees that Ukraine will assist the United States in any corruption investigation.
Nobody covers that.
That makes Donald Trump illegal.
It was very interesting in NPR last night.
They were showing the rally in Ohio where Donald Trump says, we've got the video of Joe Biden admitting to a quid pro quo.
They closed the video.
This lady, Yamiche, on NPR says, before she shut off, she said, oh, by the way, there is no evidence for what Trump just said about Joe Biden.
What do you mean no evidence?
We have the videotape.
It's out in public.
That's what I'm saying.
They're now assaulting reason.
They'll show you a white card and say it's purple.
What is this, Barnes?
Well, it's a degree to which they believe they are governed by the rule of power rather than the rule of law.
So as he's identifying, Schiff is not abiding by any of the rules that govern the internal processes of Congress.
The Select Committee on Intelligence is solely there to supervise the intelligence community, not to leverage the intelligence community to supervise the president.
That's not what's supposed to be going on.
This goes back to Frank Church.
He founded the first... There was no Intelligence Committee, by the way, before 1976 in either Congress.
It was to control the 1947 National Security Act run amok.
The goal was to make sure what is happening now didn't happen.
And in particular, the Intelligence Committee has no business doing impeachment.
That's the Judiciary Committee.
If they want to investigate what happened in Ukraine... So let me ask you this, and then we're going to hold over.
He has to leave soon.
And we'll talk about this before Mike Adams comes on.
But let me ask this.
What do you think Trump and we need to do?
Because the Democrats have always been lawless, but now they're full lawless.
And I think what happened in the committee where the other people say, hey, this is over.
This isn't real.
We have to point out and not participate in the fraud.
Well, I don't know if Trump can refuse to participate.
I mean, that's the point is the House is in charge of the Democrats are in charge of the House.
They've got the power to do virtually anything illegal that they want.
And that Republicans are calling them for it.
I mean, but it didn't make the news.
And that's the problem.
We have to continue.
I'm going to put in the World Affairs Brief this Friday, for example, the entire
You said the key.
The blackout now is Congress and the real hearings, not just independent media.
And this is ahead of the removal of Trump.
That's why we somehow, somehow have to end the censorship.
Because if we don't do that, Trump is leaving his butt hanging out.
No doubt about it.
I mean, this is a process that's AWOL, absent without leave of law, and it is completely continuing to happen, and the president's right to challenge it and contest it.
I mean, he's getting, the left is weaponizing every mechanism of government against the ordinary person and against the president for political partisan purposes without regard to the rule of law.
Because they never get in trouble.
We'll talk about what happens there.
Joel, what's your view on the Epstein thing and Veritas and that?
That is really crippling them.
Well, once again, you know, they're not going to give this any coverage except in the alternative news media.
But this shows clear that Epstein was deep state.
That's the real reason why they buried this, not because Epstein was an unknown.
Sure, he might have been unknown.
But since when has that stopped?
You know, the media from, you know, picking up a very big juicy case about underage sex trafficking and things.
But, you know, I don't think, frankly, that we're ever going to see the videotapes.
They're not going to indict any of the co-conspirators with Epstein who are guilty as hell of engaging in sexual activities with underage girls.
This is part of the cover up.
I don't know what to do.
What I'm saying is the deep state is in control of media.
They're in control of judges, they're in control of about 75% of Congress, and almost the entire White House, except Donald Trump and a few key advisors.
That's a pretty big stack deck, Alex.
I agree.
I think Trump is in super bad danger.
People go, oh, you're attacking the president.
If we don't admit how much trouble the president's in, we don't have a hope.
All these people just delusionally, he's ordained, he's invincible.
Let's do five more minutes with Joel Scouser to get his take on that, and we'll do one segment of Mike Adams, but he has got the biggest 5G news ever.
I mean, he's got the scientific study.
Wait until this breaks next hour.
Tell everybody you know, tune in right now.
I just want to say something.
We've got the best crew ever.
I get so angry covering all this that I sometimes snap on air and stuff.
It's nothing to do with them.
I'm like, where's my brain force?
It was over there.
It's nothing to do with them.
The cleaning crew puts it other places and I leave stuff around her like a pig and it's all my fault.
But I mean, I've got to be honest.
I'm not going to evacuate the United States.
But they're coming after me.
If Trump goes down, they're already coming after me.
And to see the lawlessness, to hear from my reporters that the judge, Jackson, is laughing and cackling and just super arrogant and saying really mean things to Stone's lawyers and just how they revel in the evil is like the added thing.
And it makes me really angry.
Joe Scalzi, I mean, I've never seen you kind of, I don't want to say you're hot, but I can tell you're angry as well.
And you're saying it's illegal as hell.
And as the thing just gets more and more tyrannical and more and more out of control, where do you see all this going?
Well, you know, that's one of the reasons why, Alex, I concentrate on trying to help people prepare as well as fight for your liberty.
And you know, I'm trying to analyze why is it that people get angry when I criticize Donald Trump on principle.
And they know that I'm right.
They know that he's failed to do something.
Why do they get angry about it?
And I think the real reason, as I've analyzed it, is that people don't want to face failure.
They don't want to face the fact that we're losing.
I mean, you can only give a certain amount of hope when you're up against the deep state as deep as Donald Trump is.
And the evidence shows, for example, that all his successes are just temporary.
For example, stopping the climate change or not signing the accord.
That doesn't go into effect until after the 2020 election when they expect to have him out of office.
It'll be undone at some point by some future president.
And so it delays certain things, but it is not stopping and winning the deep state.
I've criticized the Q phenomenon as a false disinformation campaign to keep up conservative hopes, false hopes about draining the swamp.
And Donald Trump can't drain the swamp, but he can't tell who's in the swamp and who isn't in the swamp.
He has no experience in conspiracy.
He has no experience in understanding the deep state.
And so what I'm saying is I'm afraid people have got a false illusion of hope that we're struggling with.
And that's why they get angry at you when you have occasionally criticized.
It's not because we're anti-Trump.
We desperately want Trump to do what's right.
He just doesn't end up doing it most of the time, and so we're losing.
And even if he were doing it all right, we may still not be able to overcome the deep state.
It is so powerful.
It is so evil and so powerful, and ultimately it's a satanic conspiracy.
Which has a great deal of power or revelatory power, which directs their things.
And they've got a lot in store for us.
So what I'm saying is don't count everything on Donald Trump.
You must prepare for the takedown.
You've got to prepare for relocation.
You've got to prepare for war.
Those things are coming.
We're not going to be able to stop them.
You know, my gut's never wrong, and I think we're winning a lot of big things, a lot of the deep state's in trouble, but folks thinking we've got it in the bag is how we're going to lose.
I mean, people should not underestimate, as he's pointing out, the scope and scale of the opposition.
This is a reminder, you know, Roger Stone was one of the main people that was a key Trump advocate outside of the White House, outside of institutional power, warning him about people like this fake whistleblower.
They're trying to set me up with child porn!
I'm not trying to be a victim here.
They've been trying to take my kids away.
I mean, these people are evil, folks.
They have every institutional incentive to deplatform and destroy those people who are the most effective political advocates in terms of Democrats and Trump haters that are out there in the institutional press and in the political world and within the deep state apparatus.
And so that's what the president faces.
And I think what people tend to, even some of Trump's supporters, underestimate
Is the scale and scope of that opposition.
That's right.
Listen, Joel, come back soon and let's talk about solutions of what Trump needs to do and is there time to turn this around.
I think them seeing the impeachment officially initiated when people thought that was impossible.
I think losing Kentucky governorship, losing the Virginia State House.
I think a lot of conservatives are finally realizing that we are in the middle rounds.
We haven't won this fight yet.
We're in deep trouble, and we need to really energize our forces.
Thank you for all you do.
Thank you, brother.
I want to win, and I know we can win, and it's only admitting how much trouble we're in and maximum effort.
Yeah, you don't win by underestimating your adversary.
You only win by, if anything, overestimating your adversary.
We're back live, ladies and gentlemen, and this is a man's game, a man's world.
And unfortunately, most men are sitting there
Like nothing's going on, it's all about their golf game or getting their Porsche waxed.
A free, open society based on liberty and independence and the individual and private property and the family and a Christian ethos is what allowed this wonderland, okay, for people that want to work hard and play hard.
And like opening a door on a spaceship, all the atmosphere is going out, folks, and Trump was
When Hillary was about to come in, they were overestimating.
They thought she was invincible.
They had a huge election fraud.
And Trump's landslide was so mega-massive, all the internal numbers show, and it later came out, the polls were fake, he had like a 15-point lead with voters or more, that their wall, their seawall of fraud was not high enough to stop the huge wave, but the wave barely went over.
And that's why I'm saying,
When I get up here and I say, oh Trump's awesome, oh great things are happening, oh we're going to indict them, oh we're kicking their ass.
Everybody loves it.
Lister's ship explodes.
And you know, that's good to be positive.
And we are on one foot winning the fight.
We've come from totally asleep to waking up and getting in a fight and winning a few rounds.
But the enemy has now been roused to their full attack.
And I mean, believe me, I'm not just somebody here on the internet being left alone for what I've done.
They're coming after me.
Okay, so I know how serious it is, and I know how much scum they've got working for them, and then them threatening everybody, and all the media's being told, you don't mention who the judge has put on the jury, that's tampering.
Oh really?
Well, he'll put Hillary in there, and I won't say anything if you put her in there.
You know, no!
We are going to tell the truth!
This is America!
And you can make the whole 300 joke about, they come and say surrender, and they go surrender, this is Sparta.
Are we men or are we mice?
What the hell have we become, ladies and gentlemen?
And I know our audience is hardcore and you get it.
A lot of you are pissed at Trump because he can't do more.
He's completely surrounded by liars.
I've got a great crew.
I've got the best crew I've had in 25 years.
And they bust their ass.
And I get exhausted.
I make mistakes.
I do things.
A lot of the times, it's my fault things don't go the right way.
But if they were just 5% against me, and just halfway not doing what I said, this place would fall apart like that.
So Trump is awesome, but he's not a miracle maker, and he's surrounded by enemies.
I don't know how he's done this much.
I mean, I think, if anything, he slightly underestimated the scale and scope of his opposition.
I mean, the deep state, administrative state, dual state, whatever language or lingo or phrase you want to use, has grown and has entrenched itself at a completely different level.
To where you can have someone who has deep Obama ties, deep, deep state ties, can go into a jury trial and say they have no bias in a case where... In the most political trial in a hundred years.
And it's like, what?
That doesn't sound accurate.
So the, even if they mean the best, it just shows a degree of insolence, a degree of disconnectedness.
And combined with arrogance.
They are so used, I mean, when you have 30 year old kids who think they can take out the President of the United States, it tells you, who've never been elected to anything in their lives, just because they got a Yale degree, it tells you the nature of what you're dealing with.
Oh, we're dealing with just humorous.
Complete hubris.
And people who have disrespect for democracy, disrespect for the rule of law, disrespect for the established principles that made American freedom and liberty the uniqueness that it is.
And that's why the president is a bulwark against all of it.
But no one should underestimate the degree, the scale, the scope, the severity of the institutional opposition to- I've tried to think about that date, 362 days out.
Less than a year.
This December.
What are you going to do?
People need to be vigilant now and vigilant throughout because that's the only thing that's going to keep them alive.
There's been past examples of populist political officials getting elected and the political establishment going after them.
People ranging from Huey Long to Bookie Turner to Big Jim Folsom, all of them faced major efforts by the media to take him out, major impeachment efforts, major efforts to criminalize their behavior in ways that had never been considered criminal before.
So this degree of, there is a roadmap and there is a template and there is a past that is prologue for what's going to happen to Trump.
The key in all of those cases was that it was his audience and his base sticking with him and being vigilant and being vocal about it.
And realizing how dangerous it is.
Absolutely, exactly.
This is not in the bag.
I cannot stress that enough.
You have to use democratic means to fight back against the efforts to undermine and corrode.
Just like that woman, we need to get her on, who went in and screamed at Bateau so eloquently he quit that day.
Yeah, exactly.
We need women, particularly.
There's an archetype to that of when the women get active.
That's why Hillary's tried to harness them.
She hasn't been able to.
We need women to get out there and attack, too.
Yes, exactly.
People just need to engage the political process, stand up for their rights, expose the system for what it is, and participate in the political process with free speech and free press to keep the light of liberty alive in the United States, which the President is carrying as well as anyone has in American legal history or political history.
Look at the shadow.
I talked to a lot of members of the press last night and today, probably eight or nine.
They're all like, we can't come on today now.
The judge is really mad.
And you know, they're saying we can get arrested if we talk about the jury selection.
And I'm like, it's a Supreme Court ruling.
I didn't just call Barnes.
I called two other lawyers.
I looked it up.
I found the same Supreme Court ruling.
This is horse manure.
But just everyone just, let me tell you.
I'm not doing it.
Barnes isn't doing it.
Owen Schroer isn't backing down.
This place is not backing down.
But we're also not going to sit here and tell you that, oh Q says everything's fine.
It's being realistic about the degree of opposition while being optimistic about the ability of the American people to rally for freedom as they have for 200 plus years.
So both things can coexist.
I used to wonder why Ann Coulter would get so critical of Trump.
She's smart.
She's trying to get him to do more and stand up and fight back.
I saw people today going, look, Drudge is showing that Trump's losing, that they just lost elections.
People need to know we just lost Kentucky and Virginia, dammit!
We need to know the enemy's coming over the top to rally people and kick their ass!
How do you think you win wars?
You don't do it declaring victory.
You do it winning!
No doubt about that.
I mean, people can't feel what's happening.
It's huge.
Oh yeah, no question.
And people have to understand, I think what people, like people really wanted to believe, a lot of the Q followers really wanted to believe that the elected head of the executive branch had true control over the executive branch.
And I understand why they wanted to believe it.
It's what they're taught in civics books version of American politics and power.
That little, you know, the bill goes to Washington, little ad they used to do.
But if your people aren't rolling in the right direction, you don't have control.
And the reality is that that was not the case.
When I was in DC, I told everybody in town at the time of the inauguration, the president's greatest threat is this town.
The institutional influence of this town, the institutional connections of this town.
They hate him and they'll leverage all of their power to do so because they don't believe in the rule of law.
They're getting in little secret committee rooms and kissing each other's asses and carving up and selling off the country.
These are the biggest group of fops and sycophants and unaccomplished people ever, but that makes them dangerous because they went through their Ivy League snot noses, believe they own us.
Do you understand that?
No doubt about it.
They're the kind of people who learn their politics from the Yale Political Union that I used to be a member of.
And those were backdoor meetings.
It's a Stasi-style mentality, a Soviet-style mindset that is not American in its orientation.
It's sycophantic, un-American, new royalty.
No doubt about it.
It's the old definition of the court system, which was the court system came, that word and phrase came from when the royal family got together to decide people's lives.
And that would be the court intrigue.
Yes, exactly.
And that's what Terry is.
In a communist system or anything, it's a court.
Yeah, exactly.
Correct, exactly.
The word courtier is attached and associated with corruption for a reason.
And then all the little sub-minions have little courtiers to them.
And it goes all the way down to the... It's very anti-democratic, it's very anti-truth, it's very anti-freedom.
It's against merit.
It's against all the fundamental freedoms from the Enlightenment to America that define the revolution of ideas that made America the country that it is today.
And it all flows from the fetid rear end of the royal system, which is now the Democratic Party and the leftists that hand out the tutelage and the baronage and the land and the goodies to all their minions and the dole.
It's just all back to that.
Thank you, Robert Barnes.
Great job.
We'll be back with us in the studio tomorrow.
So much more on the other shows.
I'm telling you, Mike Adams is always breaking bombshells.
He has gigantic 5G news, the biggest 5G news ever, and the open declaration of war by the UN calling for billions of humans to be killed.
It's all out in the open now.
We are here on the Alex Jones Show fourth hour, continuing.
Thank you for joining me, Mike Adams.
I've got
Big breaking news today.
I know there's so much happening today.
Owen Schroyer is live in D.C.
covering the Roger Stone trial and the rigged jury, the rigged, broken system of justice that looks already predetermined to throw Roger in prison.
Don't miss his show coming up, War Room, at one hour from now, or 45 minutes from now, I should say.
There's a lot breaking today.
I've got breaking news for you today on a mechanism, a new bombshell study
Well, I should say we discovered it, this study recently.
The study has been out for a little while, but this study explains the mechanism of why people are being driven insane by 5G networks and how 5G has been weaponized to literally cause neurological changes and cellular changes
And causing psychiatric disorders across our population.
Now if you're wondering, why are people going insane across our country?
Especially, have you noticed, it tends to be those who have two things in common.
Number one, they live in cities where the 5G networks are being rolled out.
So they have all of this exposure.
But secondly, they avoid nutritional supplements.
Because it turns out, and this is part of the big news here today,
It's nutrition that blocks these toxic effects of 5G radiation and what it does to the human body.
So remember these two points.
If you live in a city where there's 5G, you can help defend yourself against those effects using nutrition and superfoods and supplements.
And that's part of the reason why people who take good nutrition do not exhibit the same psychiatric disorders and the madness and even the Trump derangement syndrome that we're seeing now across leftists who live in cities and who reject nutrition.
Now, the paper in question is by author Martin Paul.
It's called, Wi-Fi is an Important Threat to Human Health.
It was published in the journal Environmental Research.
This paper, which I've studied now in some detail, talks about the production of what are called peroxynitrites.
Now, peroxynitrites are generated under the skin, in the body, upon exposure to Wi-Fi, 5G, and other EMF fields.
And what happens with this
These peroxynitrites are toxic to various cells in your body, including neurological cells, and this toxicity is achieved in part through a process called, quote, voltage-gated ion channels.
Now, I'm not going to get too geeky on you here, but I do want to explain this, because I don't think this term has ever been discussed before on InfoWars or even Natural News.
We haven't even written about this yet.
I'm going to, but I haven't written about it yet.
Here's the deal.
You have ions in your body, you know, electrolytes, right?
So there are ions of potassium and ions of calcium, ions of chloride, even, for example, that are in your body.
And the movement of these ions in and out of your cell walls is absolutely crucial for you to maintain proper brain function, neurological function, proper cell hydration, removal of cellular waste products from cellular physiology, and so on.
Well, what happens is when you are exposed to voltage that comes to your skin out of the air, i.e.
from 5G networks or Wi-Fi or mobile phones, but 5G is the worst because it is a directional beam that targets you specifically and it has very high energy density in that narrow beam.
It's kind of like a like a laser beam almost that focuses on you and your phone from you to the tower.
It's like a little narrow, like a, like a lighthouse with a light beam.
Except, of course, it's not visible light.
But this creates voltage, literal voltage, electrical volt voltage in your skin.
This change in voltage causes ions that don't belong in your cells to be forced into your cells, specifically calcium ions.
What you get then is calcium ion poisoning in the cells of your body.
Now, calcium, you know, it's a mineral that you need in the proper amounts.
Calcium is crucial for neurological function.
Calcium is crucial for heart function.
It's not just for your bones.
Calcium is part of the mechanism of every cell functioning.
Excuse me.
It's part of the mechanism of cells moving water in and out.
If you get too much calcium in your cells, then it becomes toxic.
Just like if you get too much chloride in your cells, it's toxic.
It's all about the right balance.
But what 5G does is it changes the balance.
It puts too much calcium in and then you start getting poisoning.
And what happens when you poison brain cells and you poison neurology with this voltage-gated ion channel?
The channeling of calcium ions into your cells?
You get mass mental illness, and this is what has come out in the paper.
It lists at least seven different things that happen to human beings, and one of them is, quote, neuropsychiatric effects.
So, neurological or neuropsychiatric effects is due to this voltage-gated calcium channel
And it's pushing calcium into the neurotransmitters in your nervous system.
And as it says in the report, calcium regulates the synaptic structure and function of your neurology.
And when that goes into imbalance, you get mass mental illness.
That's exactly what happens.
And so when you look at people who now live in the cities and you wonder,
How is it that these radical leftists are totally insane?
And they hate Alex Jones selling nutritional products at Infowarsstore.com.
They say nutrition is bad.
They won't take nutrition, but they're using their 5G devices.
So what's happening to them?
They're being poisoned through this voltage-regulated calcium channel.
The calcium ion is being pushed into their brain cells, but they don't have the protection of superfoods and supplements and nutrients that can help protect your body from these toxic effects.
So that's when they become mentally ill.
But it's not just psychiatric effects that are involved in this.
It's also infertility, elevated spontaneous abortions, and lowered libido.
So this is another primary effect of 5G, which is the depopulation effect.
And understand, I'm going to cover this too, you saw yesterday the big announcement from 11,000 scientists signing on to a paper that essentially argues that billions of humans need to be eliminated from our planet.
How are they going to achieve that?
Well, this Wi-Fi paper, this EMF paper that also applies to 5G, this explains the mechanism.
The 5G network is a weapon system.
It is a depopulation system.
And in addition to driving you insane and causing psychiatric disorders, which leads to the mass psychiatric drugging of the population with antidepressants and so on, they're also causing spontaneous abortions, which is exactly what these climate scientists want to achieve.
They say there are too many humans.
They want to eliminate about six billion people.
Maybe a little bit more.
Some of them think that they need to eliminate, you know, 90 plus percent of the human population.
Well, how to do that?
5G networks.
Get everybody on psychiatric drugs.
Drive everybody insane.
Cause the collapse of society.
And you notice what we're seeing in America today.
The collapse of rationality.
The collapse of reason.
The collapse of law and order.
Due process.
The court systems are rigged.
And you can't even argue logic anymore.
It's an attack on the very human mind.
The ability to think, the ability to speak, the ability to even function as a human being with a functioning brain that isn't diseased.
That is what's under attack and they're doing it all through 5G.
And the secret to defending yourself against this is nutrition.
It is nutrition.
And I'll talk about that after this break, how certain foods and superfoods and supplements can in fact stop this inflammatory or pro-oxidation, pro-inflammation effect throughout the body and protect all of your cells against the toxicity of EMF exposure.
We'll talk about that when we return here on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm going to give you some good news in this segment.
You're watching the Alex Jones Show!
Mike Adams here.
You know I am a nutritionist and a health scientist.
I run a mass spec laboratory dealing with food contamination and so on.
And in the previous segment, we talked about how 5G exposure, Wi-Fi and EMF exposure causes the production of what are called peroxynitrites in your body, which are pro-inflammation chemicals
That are also part of this phenomenon where EMF exposure causes a voltage increase under your skin causing your cells to be poisoned through voltage-gated ion passage or calcium channel movement throughout your body in your cells, your neurological cells, skin cells and so on.
But the good news is that there are ways to defend yourself against these things.
In years past, I've spoken about how to protect your body from all of these pollutants that are in our food supply, pollutants that are falling out of the air through chemtrails and geoengineering.
How do you do this?
There are ways to do it.
For example, aluminum is toxic to human neurology, and aluminum is found in many foods and many supplements over-the-counter.
Pain killers and pills and things like that, even some baking soda products from the grocery store, you can get high aluminum.
Certain detox products may contain high aluminum.
So how do you deal with aluminum?
Well, it turns out that you can use, for example, silica.
Silica binds with aluminum in your blood and it forms what are called hydroxyaluminosilicates.
Who are severely damaged, they have permanent liver damage from that combination of pain killers and alcohol.
Well, guess what?
Licorice root contains a molecule called glycyrrhizin, which protects your liver cells from alcohol-induced damage.
And if you drink any alcohol at all, I don't care if it's on a Friday night, a party, a wedding, you're just hanging out, I don't care if you start drinking at 9 a.m., you should be taking licorice root to protect your liver.
You will be far healthier as a result.
And by the way, alcohol, certain types of alcohol in moderate consumption actually have health benefits, such as wine, for example.
That's also proven out in the science.
But you should protect your liver using licorice root extract.
Now, I don't even know if InfoWars store has a licorice root product.
Maybe they'll work on one if they don't have one.
I don't even know if they do.
I'm not, you know, an employee of InfoWars, so it doesn't matter.
I'm just telling you, as a general principle, licorice root can protect your liver from alcohol damage.
Now then, let's get to 5G.
How do you protect yourself from 5G when it's causing this voltage gating and this calcium poisoning throughout your body?
Well, see, it's also causing inflammation through free radical production, which means that you need antioxidants in your body that can counteract the free radicals that cause cellular damage after exposure to 5G voltage, which is what happens anytime you're swept with a 5G beam.
Remember, these are beams that are sweeping across you.
As you
Certain supplements and nutrients can help protect your body from the toxic effects of being exposed to Wi-Fi, EMF, 5G, smart meters, and what they're broadcasting, mobile devices, and so on.
And now we understand the mechanism of how that happens.
So, this also explains, again, why people who take supplements have better neurological function.
Their brains are protected.
Now, personally, I strongly recommend, for example, turmeric for neuroprotective properties, but turmeric is not known as a strong antioxidant.
Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant, and there are many other antioxidants.
Many of them come from fruits.
For example, blueberries are loaded with them.
Red raspberries are loaded with them.
Lemons and oranges and limes and all these things, and also many different extracts that come from herbs and fruits and things like that.
Camu camu, super fruit, is loaded with antioxidants.
The bottom line is, the more nutrition you have—oh, and astaxanthin as well, other things like that—the more nutrition you have, the better you're going to be protected against 5G.
And this is why you think about it.
Infomorestore.com offers nutritional products that help protect you against the threats from the world.
You probably didn't know that some of these may be able to help protect you against 5G exposure as well.
And that's actually really exciting news.
That's really good news.
And it probably explains why
You feel like if you live in a city and you're surrounded by crazy people, you realize, gosh, you're the only sane person in this group.
Why is everybody else crazy?
Because they're not taking the vitamin C or the supplements.
They are literally being poisoned by 5G.
So nutrition
is an essential component for patriots, anybody who wants to maintain your sanity and not dive into the mass mental illness that's characterized by Trump derangement syndrome and other things.
Why are leftists going insane?
Antifa, the violence, the psychiatric disorders, the mass mental illness, it is being induced.
It's induced by the pollution and the heavy metals in the food supply and the pharmaceuticals
We're good to go.
Deliberately to dumb you down, to drive humanity insane, to cause spontaneous outbursts of violence and perhaps civil war, to make everybody crazy, so that then they can be molded by CNN and the false narratives and the lies, so that they don't even recognize rationality anymore.
If they take your brain away, then how can you function in a society?
How can we even have a civil society when you're under assault through all of these vectors simultaneously?
And they're adding 5G to it as well.
And you can bet they're gonna up the ante on this.
They're gonna roll out more 5G towers, have more devices.
You know, the Internet of Things.
There are going to be 5G beams.
Do everything in your home, if you're foolish enough, to fill your house with devices that talk to the 5G towers.
You know, an Amazon Echo device, video cameras, doorbells.
You know, anything in your home that has a 5G antenna in it is broadcasting a beam, which means even while you're sleeping,
You may be damaging your brain and making yourself mentally ill unless you have sufficient protection from antioxidants such as simple vitamin C. I mean, it really is simple to protect yourself from this, so you don't necessarily have to move out of the city, but you do have to take precautions to protect yourself, and this is how it's done.
We now understand the mechanisms of how this is happening.
But one of the keys is when you're taking supplements, you've got to make sure they're clean.
And I know, I've tested quite a lot of the InfoWars products and they're all super clean.
They formulate with extreme care about the ingredients and so do I. That's what I specialize in, by the way.
The reason that's important is because if you go to Amazon, The Wall Street Journal did a big story on Amazon.
I think it was over 4,000 toxic and illegal products sold on Amazon, many of them nutritional supplements, loaded with lead and aluminum and toxic substances, some of them banned by the FDA, some of them exposing children to toxic levels of lead.
That's Amazon.com.
If you want to poison yourself with bad nutrition, shop at Amazon.com.
Yeah, you can quote me on that because I have the lab test to prove it.
I've already done the lab test on Amazon stuff.
It's highly toxic.
You want clean products?
Clean products that really work, that boost your nutrition and help protect you?
Go to InfoWarsStore.com.
That's where you find that.
And I can actually show that proof as well.
I've done the test on ICP-MS, triple quad mass spec, mass spec time of flight systems, you name it.
I've done the testing.
I actually run a science lab, so I know exactly what I'm talking about.
We're ISO accredited.
Nobody else in the industry does as much testing as I do on all these products.
So take this seriously.
You can defend yourself.
You live in a toxic world, but there are solutions that can work to help you, and those solutions are readily available, and you can support this network at the same time.
And no, I wasn't paid to say any of this.
This is just what's breaking news right now.
I'll be back after this break with much more.
War has been declared on humanity by the climate lunatics.
These so-called scientists, 11,000 of them, have reportedly signed on to a paper, a demand really, published in the journal Bioscience.
It's called, World Scientists' Warning of a Climate Emergency.
And essentially, they're calling for the mass extermination of the majority of the human population in order to, quote, save the planet from humans.
Now, I'm going to go through some of the points of this incredibly alarmist paper and debunk them right here on the Alex Jones Show.
It's not difficult to debunk them.
They make enormous mistakes right from the start.
First of all, they claim carbon dioxide is a poison, a pollutant that's destroying the climate.
Carbon dioxide, of course, is the greening nutrient for all plants.
And you need CO2 to grow food, you need CO2 to support food crops, rainforest, reforestation, grasses, you know, herbs, everything.
How do you even grow all the soybeans that the globalists want to grow so they can feed you fake meat soy burgers?
How do you even grow that?
Well, you've got to have CO2.
But they're at war with CO2.
They say CO2 is bad, which means that there are 11,000 scientists who signed this paper who do not understand photosynthesis, which I learned in the 10th grade.
By the way, in the 10th grade science class.
Yeah, we learned about photosynthesis.
Well, apparently today's scientists have forgotten all about it.
But they are determined to kill you.
To kill all of you.
I mean, look.
They're demanding that governments kill off billions of humans, essentially.
Now, democide is the term that describes government mass death.
And according to University of Hawaii research that was published a couple of years ago, governments have killed 262 million people in the last century and a half or so.
I mean, that's a quarter of a billion people have been killed by governments.
That's, you know, the Nazis, it's Pol Pot, it's the Communist Revolution, it's the Stalinist Purge, all these things.
You put them all together, it's a quarter of a billion people.
More, actually, 262 million.
Well, today's climate science lunatics demand far more deaths than just a quarter of a billion.
They want to eliminate six billion people.
I mean, the Holocaust of World War II was six million people, right?
That's the historical record.
Six million Jews marched into gas chambers and concentration camps and exterminated because of who they were.
Well, now the climate scientists want to exterminate a thousand times more people, six billion people, because of who you are, because they say it's bad to be human.
They even mentioned that directly.
In the paper, they say humans are bad, essentially, and livestock are bad.
I mean, I'm paraphrasing, but this is what they say.
They say, well, greenhouse emissions are rising.
It's because there's too many people.
And because there's so many people and so many livestock, they say, and people are riding on airplanes and producing too much CO2, they say, the planet's going to be destroyed if we don't do something.
It's an emergency.
It's going to be a catastrophe, they say.
But again, who's riding in the planes the most?
It's the globalists who are calling for climate change.
It's the Hollywood celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio claims to be so concerned about the planet while he's on his private jet producing 10 times the CO2, actually more like 100 times the CO2 of somebody on a regular commercial jet.
It's Al Gore who produces all just hot air from speaking.
Never mind the CO2.
That's what these people do.
But these scientists say that that's bad.
And they say they have to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Well, if you remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, how are plants supposed to grow?
How are you going to grow the soy burger soybeans without CO2, right?
And plus, on top of this, don't forget that Bill Gates is funding the Scopex project, which aims to pollute the stratosphere with the help of Harvard scientists, probably some of the same lunatics who signed this paper.
They want to pollute the skies and block the sun.
So wait a second, they're going to take the carbon dioxide out of the air, and they're going to block the sun, and yet plants need carbon dioxide and sunlight in order to grow.
Well, how are you supposed to grow food then?
And that's the answer.
You're not.
You're not supposed to grow food.
You're supposed to starve and die.
That's what the globalists want.
This is, listen carefully, this is a plan.
These 11,000 scientists, what they're essentially calling for is a plan to shut down food crops all around the world by starving the plants of carbon dioxide and blocking the sun, shutting down photosynthesis.
This, my friends, is a mass starvation agenda to carry out starvation, famine, pestilence, disease, the collapse of human civilization in the name of saving the planet, and they demand you obey them.
And they demand that you be censored, maybe even jailed, if you don't agree with their plan to collapse human civilization, because you might be a climate skeptic.
Oh, and little Greta Thunderpants says that you shouldn't be allowed to speak on Facebook if you disagree with her, because censorship must now censor all opposing views.
So if you believe that humanity should survive,
If you think that carbon dioxide is good for plants, because it is the number one nutrient for plants, if you think that photosynthesis is good for our planet, then you are bad and you are evil, say these 11,000 scientists, and you should be deplatformed.
You should be shunned.
In fact, it's going to get even worse.
As Paul Joseph Watson wrote in a story today on Summit.News, in the UK, they are now denying healthcare services to individuals who they say are engaged in hate speech.
That's right.
If you're a racist or if you don't honor transgenderism, they're going to kick you out of the hospitals under the socialized medical system.
They're going to say, you don't even deserve to be kept alive anymore.
Well, they're going to say the same thing.
That's where this is going.
They're going to say, if you don't go along with the climate engineered collapse of human populations by these climate lunatic scientists, they're going to say, well, you're hateful against the planet.
And we don't provide health care services to people who are hateful against the climate.
So if you're a climate denier and you show up in an emergency room with a gunshot wound because an illegal alien broke into the country, broke into your house and shot you and your dog, and you show up in the emergency room and you say, I don't believe your climate change lunacy, they're going to say, you're not welcome here.
You go home.
You're engaged in a hate speech.
You don't get emergency health care services.
That's where it's going.
Don't believe me?
It's already begun in the UK.
That's where this is going.
And there are already lunatics out there, these climate change lunatics, who say that you should be jailed if you disagree with them.
And we're already living under mass censorship by the tech giants based on what they consider to be hate speech.
And what is hate speech to the tech giants?
Well, it's anything that they don't like to hear.
So if you say, well, transgenderism is not natural,
They say, well that's hate speech and you're deplatformed.
And by the way, everyone who is opposed to GMOs should be opposed to transgenderism.
You know why?
Because I remember a day when the GMO activists used to say, we should protect Mother Nature and the seeds and the genetic code of the seeds and the sustainability of the plants and the integrity of the crops.
It's Mother Nature and we should protect that, right?
Remember that?
Those same people now saying, well, let's inundate the children with chemical castration drugs to alter their genetic expression and turn little boys into little girls.
These are the same people.
I thought you respected Mother Nature when you were fighting against GMOs.
No, you weren't.
You have no philosophy.
You have no integrity.
You have no ethics.
These people are just so corrupt.
They just basically, they hate humanity.
They hate life.
They hate children being born as a male or a female and living out their life with the appropriate gender that they were born with, you know, consistent with their biology.
They hate that.
They hate people being informed and aware.
They hate people just being alive.
Like this science paper says, how dare you exhale carbon dioxide?
How dare you have an eco footprint?
You don't even deserve the space to live.
How dare you just respirate?
That's what they seem to be arguing.
That you're human, you're bad.
You shouldn't exist on their planet, and they're going to get rid of you.
And I've spoken about this at length, by the way, and I find it fascinating that for the last couple of years, as we've warned you about this genocide and this depopulation agenda,
Of course, we've been mocked by the lying fake news media, which said, ah, that's a conspiracy.
There's no depopulation agenda.
Now, 11,000 scientists.
Depopulation is necessary, they say, to save the Earth.
Well, where's the apology to Alex Jones, right?
Where's the apology to myself, Mike Adams?
Because we warned about this.
We knew that this was their true agenda.
They really are trying to destroy humanity.
And they really do think they're saving the planet, some of these people.
Guess what?
They're not even saving the planet.
They're not.
They're not.
And I've spoken about this in other videos.
What they're doing is eliminating humans for another purpose that has something way beyond just globalism, by the way.
Maybe I'll talk about that in a future broadcast.
But this is about exterminating humanity and eliminating human civilization from this planet without destroying the planet itself.
That's what this really is.
And climate change is just the excuse.
So that's the bombshell from today.
There's much more to come.
Keep reading InfoWars.com, NaturalNews.com.
Owen Schroer is coming up next with live reports from D.C.
on the Roger Stone trial.
There's much more coming.
This is just a packed news day.
Everything is at stake right now.
Don't go anywhere.
Keep watching as Owen Schroer takes over here on InfoWars.com.
Thanks for listening today.
This is Mike Adams, The Health Ranger.
Talk to you again soon.
Take care.
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It was more than 25 years ago that I was in college and I still remember being at Barton Springs, this big natural limestone pool in Austin, Texas that feeds into the Colorado River and seeing these professional swimmer types out there who were in really good shape.
And I remember this old man who looked like an Olympic athlete or something with a
Gallon jug of water, but it was light brown.
And I said, what is that?
And he said, it's iodine.
And I said, well, what's it do?
And he said, well, you see how good a shape I'm in.
He said, I learned about this a long time ago.
And it's the trace element that counters the fluoride that's killing everybody.
And have you seen how the planes are flying over?
They're spraying something in the atmosphere.
And I was kind of awake then, but I hadn't heard of chemtrails yet.
And I'd heard something about the debate about fluoride, but I knew that Stanley Kubrick had made fun of people back in Dr. Strangelove, you know, back in the early 1960s in that movie.
So I wasn't exactly sure what the guy was getting at.
But then all these years later, like eight years ago, Dr. Groups here.
And he's like, listen, he was a guest.
This is about nine years ago now.
And he goes, you need to take atomic iodine.
He goes, I'm developing it.
I'm going to put some out.
It'll make you healthy.
It'll make your skin healthier.
It's, you know, it's the good halogen versus the fluoride.
Of course, I know all about fluoride causing brain damage, lowering IQ, hurting fertility, causing bone cancer, just all of it.
And I'm like, okay.
He said, but when you take it, I'm going to warn you about two weeks in, most people detox and a lot of stuff comes out of your skin and you're going to really feel bad for a week or so.
But then after that, you're going to feel a lot better and lose a lot of weight.
Just like clockwork.
Two weeks in, I'm taking a dropper full of water every day, and I just suddenly feel lethargic.
I feel like crap.
I break out.
I've got all this oil coming out of my scalp.
Hadn't had zits on me since I was in high school.
I'm like, what is going on?
And a bunch of other things happened.
I was sleeping with that in the bathroom.
And that went on about four or five days.
And I woke up one day and felt way lighter.
Felt great.
It's like when you're going up a hill.
Carrying your kid on your shoulders, and you find him at the top of the hill, and you take him off your shoulders, and you feel a lot lighter, felt like you could fly.
It was kind of like that, and then a lot of weight came off of me, and it did amazing things.
And then every time I forget to take the good, clean iodine, I start feeling like crap again until I remember to take it.
So, for everything in our lives, it's so special.
Well, X2 is the pure, deep-earth crystal iodine.
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You should have triiodine with two other types with it that help you absorb the deep-earth crystal iodine, but a little bit of the other two types.
And so we have all three types in Survival Shield X3, and a lot of people like X3.
Better than X2.
It's all your physiology.
It's all your body.
This is weaker.
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It's not about a saving money thing.
It's not even a cost issue.
It's that this is a different formula for different people.
And so it's up to you to try it.
By the way, iodine's big, big.
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