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Name: 20191105_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 5, 2019
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In this episode, Alex Jones from InfoWars discusses several topics including iodine supplements, supporting independent media, criticism towards mainstream news, promoting products available at mfullmorestore.com, and anticipating a future battle. He also criticizes the Chinese social credit score system and warns against potential abuse of such systems in other countries. Additionally, he addresses the controversy surrounding ABC News' coverage of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's death and the leaked video showing journalist Amy Roback making claims about powerful men visiting Epstein's island. Jones also discusses a recent study by 11,000 scientists demanding Westerners have fewer children to combat climate change, arguing that it is racist and hypocritical. Finally, he comments on an NHS patient being sent a transgender nurse for a cervical smear despite explicitly asking for a female nurse, as well as "leftist" reactions to certain questions and incidents involving free speech.

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November 5th, 2019, as we plunge towards 2020 and the quickening, the singularity, the reckoning, whatever you want to call it, we are living in extremely important times.
Choosing our destiny, our spiritual path forward into eternity, into infinity, into the endless verse, the infinity verse.
Infinity clear.
Ladies and gentlemen, I sat here this morning since I got here at 9 a.m.
pondering all the news, all the clips, all the guests, all the information we were about to be covering and just thinking, what is our top story?
Because it's more important than just what is the biggest news.
What's the most interesting news?
What out of this spectrum is most important?
It's said in advertising, if you go with the world's view of advertising, that perception is reality.
Well, if you're on 10 hits of LSD and you think you can fly like a bird, you jump off a 20-story balcony and hit the concrete below, you're going to die.
Now, your perception is that you'd spread your wings like an eagle, like a phoenix, like a lark.
Like a crow, but really you just hit the ground and became buzzard food.
That's the only birds we've got that are gonna be feeding on you.
Perception is not reality.
What actually is and what works and what replicates and what succeeds is reality.
Life is reality.
The universe is reality.
This is no simulation.
This is interdimensional time travel.
That is what existence is.
This is being part of the perception of God.
God's creation is just part of God's gaze, God's breath, as Genesis properly tells us.
Now, huge developments and just the first stages
of an in-depth investigation into the Epstein cover-up that we have been at the tip of the spear of, and I can add a lot to the investigations of James O'Keefe.
He'll be joining us exclusively to talk about the death threats, the dead man switch being activated, the first tranche, the hors d'oeuvre, ABC News investigative journalist admitting on tape that they basically were made to cover up
For three years, Epstein and the giant Democrat Deep State child kidnapping operation.
That's just the beginning.
He'll be joining us coming up for part of the second hour today.
We are also going to be laying out a lot of other big, huge, important reports, and they're all very important.
But the big news undoubtedly is President Trump declaring war on Mexican drug cartels that have declared war on humanity.
Because if America wakes up to this, it will be a catalyst that absolutely defeats the Democrats.
And it's these type of massacres and these type of events
That will show and illustrate the traitorous, sickening activities of the globalists who are aiding and abetting this.
And Hillary Clinton saying MS-13 are all God's children.
And is a key moment for us to use this tragedy towards the benefit of other people so this doesn't happen to millions of other people.
Yes, it's in the millions that have been killed in Latin America and Mexico is the most dangerous, except maybe Guatemala, and it's all spilling over and mainstream media has been trying to cover it up, but they're failing.
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
The President's declared war.
Breaking news out of Mexico for you.
At least nine people, including six children, were killed in an ambush by a Mexican drug cartel.
This happened in the northern state of Sonora.
Police believe the attack to be a case of mistaken identity.
Members of the cartel opened fire on a convoy of three SUVs that were part of the Church of Latter-day Saints.
There are 13 people missing as of news time.
While no identities have been released so far, a witness at the scene says
Some of the victims were his family members, including his wife's cousin, twins, six-month-old babies, an eight-year-old and a ten-year-old.
The National Police and military forces are heading there to defend the area.
So that's mainstream news trying to whitewash and defend.
What happened, as was being reported last night and this morning, now they're having to admit, oh, it was targeted.
They were targeted, including nine-month-old babies killed at point-blank range after they were kidnapped.
And you have hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people dead that we know of in Mexico in the last decade.
Hundreds of thousands, others missing, many of them killed.
Amnesty International reports that 80 plus percent of women crossing through Latin America through Mexico are raped by the coyote smugglers and cartels who are, almost to a man, Hispanic.
But when you watch Robert Rodriguez's movies, it is white men kidnapping Hispanic women, raping them, shooting them in the belly when they're pregnant, calling them all sorts of racial names, and then white people get beat up in the movie theater by Hispanics.
That's the leftist media.
And hundreds and hundreds of people go missing every year, just from Corpus Christi and Padre Island.
Black, Hispanic, white, the cartels don't care.
I guess they're not discriminating, they just kill everybody.
And if you got a nice RV, a nice truck, they kill you, bury you in the sand, drive it across and chop it up, and when you're found dead, the media won't even say it's murder.
CNN just reported on a husband and wife from New Hampshire found dead this week.
And you can read their articles.
It said, cause of death not known.
No one knows where their vehicle is.
Of course, it's in Mexico.
It was found.
They were killed.
Shot in the head.
Hands tied behind their back.
It's on the local news a week ago.
But yesterday, I meant to get to this, but I was so busy I didn't.
I had the whole CNN transcript of their articles.
Saying no one knows why they may have killed themselves.
Literally, we don't know how they died.
They were, it didn't say hands-bound, shot in the back of the head, in a shallow grave in the sand, where the police found them with their last GPS coordinates.
No, no, no.
Days and days and days after it breaks, CNN is saying no one knows the cause of death.
Because Mexico has the highest crime rate in the world year by year, only outstripped some years by Guatemala.
They are the most dangerous countries in the world.
Cancun's not even safe anymore.
And the poor Mexican people are the biggest victim of it.
But the socialist president says America is bad, and it's all the United States' fault.
Oh, the Mormons got killed!
In a crossfire.
Now, if you watch documentaries about Mexico, a lot of Mormons went down there in the 40s and 50s and 60s to proselytize.
You know, like missionaries do.
And they won't pay tribute to the cartels, and they get killed.
And there's been Mormon vigilantes, not this group, in other areas, that support the towns and arm the people, and there's been documentaries made
About it.
So they were targeted.
But oh, brown people never target white people.
Because only white people ever do wrong.
That's actually taught in the public schools, in the universities.
Whites are inherently evil.
That's like the Nazis saying blacks are inherently evil.
It's literal Nazi ideology.
But the cartels killed them because they didn't bow.
They kill everybody now.
And now they kill women and children, something until about a decade ago they didn't do.
But the evil is intensifying, ladies and gentlemen.
And so, national news, up until at least an hour ago when I was watching, wouldn't show photos of the people.
They wouldn't humanize them.
Well, we're simulcasting this radio show on television at Band.Video and Infowars.com forward slash show, and you can go there, you can see it.
So there's so much big news to cover.
This is a particularly big news day with the Veritas ABC News covering up the Democrat Party Deep State run child kidnapping rings of Epstein.
Huge bombshell.
More coming out today.
James O'Keefe joining us with more coming up next hour.
We've got David Attenborough having to admit that, okay, the Walruses weren't jumping off a cliff the last two years because there's no ice.
They were being driven off the cliff.
That's what they do, they jump off in the water, running from polar bears, and we lied to you.
That's how ancient humans would hunt elephants, and mastodon, and woolly mammothers, chase them with burning sticks, and run them off cliffs.
They found archaeological sites with hundreds of dead elephants in them, and you see the bones all cut up where they've been dissected by the tribes.
Well, that's what predators do.
But again, the hoax of, there's no ice, the walrus is, oh, there's no ice, the polar bears are dying.
Meanwhile, the polar bear numbers are now seven-fold their previous number.
Biggest number ever, because people aren't allowed to hunt them and keep their numbers down, but the media tells you they're all drowning.
They can't swim.
The polar bears can't swim.
There's no ice left.
It's all lies.
I'll break that down in great detail coming up this hour.
Such a big broadcast.
I was sent by law enforcement a lot of internal raid photos and things of men caught with large groups of kidnapped children.
I've even been authorized to show all this, but it's such a big story we're working on.
There's a lot of busts going on around the country, and we're just trying to dissect this, and it's amazing.
And Trump is moving against the religion of the globalists, the abuse of children.
It happens in every culture when the culture is about to collapse, that the pedophilia goes mainstream and then there's a giant war or civil war.
We're reaching that point.
Also, we should add President Trump has declared war on the cartels.
This type of event that's spilling over to the US, the lawlessness, if the controlled corporate media can't suppress it, it will backfire on the left and the open borders lobby and the no borders, the no wall, no USA at all crowd.
It can really be the type of story that brings them down.
That's why it really is our top story.
We're going to be going over all this.
This is the time for Mexico, with the help of the United States, to wage war on the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth.
We will merely await a call from your great new president.
Talking about the Mexican president.
That is coming up as well.
And Joy Behar came out on The View the other day and said, we're going to confiscate all your guns, but Democrats stop telling people we're going to confiscate them.
They wiped it off The View website.
They took it down off YouTube.
We have a copy.
That's coming up.
It all ties together today.
Roger Stone's trial started so much more, we've got exclusives on that, and on treacherous Steve Bannon, my god, Judas Iscariot, this man is the reincarnation of that betrayer of betrayers.
Benedict Arnold was a patriot compared to this man, in my view.
It's all coming up.
Now, we gotta go to break.
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Stay with us.
I humbly submit to you that InfoWars has proven that we've got the metal to take on the globalists and that we're committed and we are trustworthy and dedicated.
And always true to our mission of a pro-human future.
To defend the innocents.
To build a better system that empowers and edifies humanity.
Men, women, and children of every race, color, and creed.
That's our mission.
To discover the mysteries of the universe that God has laid out for us in an amazing array so that we can discover them together.
That is my quest.
We've proven we have our finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist.
We've proven that evil hates us.
That thanks to your support, this force field you put up around us, we are still here and in ways a lot stronger.
There is a quickening happening.
I felt a disturbance in the force.
I felt a tremor in the universe this morning at about 830 that was the strongest I've ever felt of victory.
Of a future victory coming.
And I can literally psychically feel evil on the planet throwing out its tentacles, attacking innocents, doing terrible things.
But that triggering
Chain reactions of an opposite and even more powerful reaction, because that's how the spiritual physics actually work, that will destroy this permutation of wickedness for a very long time.
But free will exists and so evil exists because we have the power to make bad choices and rebel against God and God's creation and the laws of the universe.
Now that said, Joy Behar is a piece of work.
I don't tell this story to name drop or act cool, it's actually quite embarrassing.
Joy Behar, I was on The View, and I was bashing George W. Bush and the globalists, because Bush was a globalist too.
Once Obama got in, they got confused.
They're so dumb, they think because I was bashing Bush and illegal wars and fake WMDs,
That I was a leftist.
No, no, no.
And then Obama came in and it was even worse.
Launched more wars.
They came out with the guns even more.
I mean, George W. Bush signed the assault weapons ban.
I would have arguments in gun shops with conservatives that didn't even know that.
Then she had me on her CNN show, a tape show, that afternoon and hit on me.
She's an older woman, even back then, this was like 12, 13, I guess 14, 15 years ago.
She goes, oh, you're really good looking.
What are you doing later?
And she's like, I really love what you're doing.
I was like, you can tell this woman's had some fun in her life.
And I wasn't attracted to her, but it was interesting to still have an older woman coming on to me like that.
So that's the type of person she is.
She just bet on the system, loves it, and she enjoys it.
And she has a real haughtiness to her.
And a real kind of gangsterous attitude.
And I think she really personifies not the child molester elite, not the really super wicked establishment, but the people that empower it, that just think they're on the winning team and don't care and are enjoying life and just are on their team.
Being on the globalist side is not just being on another team.
It's on the team that's covering up the pedophilia, the child abduction, the endless wars, the medical corrupt cartels that are doing really bad things, eugenics.
And ABC News, an ABC that puts out The View, their big investigative journalist has been caught on tape admitting that they knew about Epstein three years ago, and that they were ordered to cover it up, and that Epstein was running these big child kidnapping rings.
That's coming up next segment.
Now, that's old news for this audience.
I've been covering Epstein by name for 15 years.
I went and looked it up.
We covered it last week.
I showed you the 15-year-old articles.
I told you why we knew.
They were putting out PR stories about how they were going to save the world with world government and human cloning and how he was running it for David Rockefeller and Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.
I mean, they told us.
That's how I knew about it.
My God.
99% of the time, it's hiding in plain view.
Again, it's in the archetypes.
When Count Dracula comes to your house,
He first says, oh, I live next door in the castle.
You moved in.
Mind if I come in?
They're like, well, yeah, you're at my door.
Sure, come on in.
It's a spiritual contract.
So it's the same thing with her.
She's like, hey, don't tell people we're taking their guns.
Get in office and then take them.
That's the meetings they're having behind closed doors.
You know, did Beto go too far?
Well, hell yes, we're going to take their guns, all semi-autos.
But just don't tell the schmucks.
Now why would she thug out and say that on TV?
Because she said it yesterday.
They took it off YouTube.
I went and searched for it.
A bunch of copies have been taken down.
Then I went to the view site, which normally has the whole show.
It's gone.
Now maybe it'll be put back up, but they go, my God, you just told 10 million viewers that we're lying to them.
It's like facing the crowd, that great 50s movie.
I'm humbled by our listeners and supporters.
I'm humbled that we're in this together.
Imagine having nothing but disdain and saying to you, to your face, I'm lying to you, and I want to take the right that this country was founded over.
We went to war in 1776 over them trying to take the guns.
And remember, the U.S.
was in a dangerous place.
The colonies were dangerous before the U.S.
Just like Mexico is dangerous and lawless and civilization never really got established there and it's breaking down.
It failed.
Hundreds of thousands dead.
Pouring across the border and the media trying to cover it up but failing.
Trying to attack Trump for saying we've got to secure it.
The Hispanic community is all over the border, begging for federal intervention.
Because they were once safe, now they're as dangerous as Mexico.
And people are fleeing, and the businesses are being boarded up, and great communities are being destroyed.
But Joy Behar wants us to be just like Mexico.
Total abolition of civilian ownership of firearms.
UN treaty she wants us to adopt.
Here's Behar yesterday, and she hopes you don't share this clip.
...made some statements about religious institutions being, getting their tax exempt status, excuse me, removed from them because they, if they didn't support same-sex marriage.
So he did a lot of, like, battleground culture war, and he ran as the most left, most woke candidate, and look where he ended.
One of the first out of the race.
They should not tell everything they're gonna do.
Like, if you're gonna take people's guns away, wait till you get elected, then take the guns away.
Don't tell them ahead of time.
That's what people like me think you're gonna do.
That's what people like me think's gonna happen.
You know, I respect women.
I love women.
I'm not in this culture of putting women down.
Because I've had a lot of amazing women in my family.
But let me say, the women nowadays aren't like my grandmothers.
And men aren't as tough as my grandfathers.
They just aren't.
They just had integrity.
They were smart.
They were informed.
And they weren't getting pushed around.
These women now just think acting like goblins and being cynical and evil is cool and fun.
And you didn't fight, you didn't build the country, ladies, and a bunch of evil, powerful groups are trying to take over because they think you're a chump that doesn't appreciate the great men and women that came before you that forged this.
Let's go out to break with Beto and his promise to get our guns.
Hell yes, we're gonna take your AR-15, your AK-47.
We're not gonna allow it to be used against our fellow Americans anymore.
I was sitting there this morning when I got up at 5.30.
Trying to think about a way to explain this to my audience, who I know is extremely smart, trying to explain a way to the audience that I've discovered is successful talking to really, really domesticated people.
People that really are uninformed.
Now, if I went to India, where I've never been, I've studied some of the culture, it's very interesting, but I would still be a fish out of water, stranger in a strange land.
Like a Martian.
But if I went to, say, a rodeo in West Texas, I'd know exactly where I was.
I'd know the whole culture.
I'd understand it all.
From how to talk to the county judge, to how to climb on the back of a buck and bronco, doesn't mean I do a very good job.
How to chew tobacco.
How to pick a girl up.
How to drink a bunch of beer.
You get where I'm coming with that.
And so many people I know come from New York or Connecticut or wherever, and they're nice people.
And I couldn't tell them how to put lobster traps out.
I couldn't tell them how to get sap out of a tree and boil it down and cook it into, well actually I could, but you get where I'm going.
And they'll say, where are your horses?
Where are the Indians?
And you're like, come on, even in the year 2019, you know, like there's nuclear reactors here and superconducting super colliders and NASA and they won't even know what superconducting super colliders are.
And I'm not picking New Yorkers out.
Texans going to New York won't know a lot of stuff.
And it's the same thing with gun culture.
You've got the establishment that wants to take the guns.
We all know that.
They want us enslaved.
They want monopoly of power.
They've got the private security.
They've got all the waivers.
They've got the armored fortresses.
They've got the armored vehicles.
But the general public doesn't have that.
And any authoritarian society always seeks to first make the distribution of power unequal.
And they try to take the property, the education, the future, the right to defense.
From the people.
Then as an act of control, they take the health away from the people.
Then they take the culture away from the people.
And all of that has been done to almost every other country in the world except Switzerland.
Or Israel.
Talking about countries that have a culture, that have identity.
And where they've not been told to hate their identity.
And so the United States is going through this process of being told to hate itself and to be domesticated.
And everybody knows that.
I'm not telling you something you don't know up one side and down the other.
But how do you reach out to somebody that doesn't know what planet they're on, and who thinks of guns as as exotic as a tiger in your living room, and they don't know the statistics, the history, the facts?
Well, you just tell them, don't get emotional about this.
Just like you think we ride horses down here, and 99% of us don't.
Just like you're surprised we have electricity.
You understand that 50, 60, 70 times for every time a gun's used in a crime, it's used to stop crime or protect somebody.
Here's the numbers.
Hey, did you know Mexico has a total gun ban and the highest crime rate in the world?
And you just gotta approach it like that and get them out of the emotion.
But for those of us that believe in the Second Amendment and understand the truth of it, we have to get out and educate people.
And we have to go out and find domesticated leftists, who aren't all bad, many of them believe the lies, and take them out shooting.
And take them out and initiate them into our culture, just like they want to initiate kids into pedophilia.
Or they want to initiate us into communism.
They're controllers.
The priests to the left do.
Not their actual followers.
They're trying to induct their own followers right now into really evil stuff.
Into what the real leftist cult is all about.
They're externalizing, right now, their actual agenda.
They're in an attempted expansion phase.
A revolution against humanity.
A post-human era.
And so we have to expose the fact that the most dangerous places are where they've taken the guns from the people.
And they're the most lawless.
We have to expose that real people are being killed all over the world after they've been disarmed.
From South Africa to Mexico.
And we have to get people to understand that their birthright as Americans is the right to keep and bear arms, and that the Revolutionary War started over that, and that they're having their birthright stolen from them, that people fought for.
A right that existed but that no one had ever established.
A right that common sense gave us, but
That they won't partake in, and that they've been conned, like Stockholm Syndrome.
They've been inducted into a fraud, and as they get deeper and deeper, they get more frantic, more upset that the fake degrees aren't paying off, and the system isn't putting them in charge.
They were supposed to be the ruling class, the priesthood.
But instead, all they got was student debt.
You've got to explain to them that they've been abused, like someone that signs on to a Nigerian email scam.
And then more they get the first money, and then the people don't want to admit they've been conned, and they sucker them for more money.
And like a degenerate gambler, sometimes people pay the Nigerians 10-15 payments, because once they're in $100,000, they don't want to admit they got conned themselves, or their neighbors, or anybody else.
They're in denial.
And we've got to figure out how to get them out of denial.
And in a loving way, pierce through the propaganda.
Now, I'm the guy that rolled up in the face of a bunch of Democrats this weekend and bullhorned them.
And told them Hillary Clinton's connected to Epstein and the pedophile rings and said that they were useful idiots.
Those are the hardcore.
Those were almost all white, old cat ladies who believe they're the ruling class, psychologists, psychiatrists, professors.
That run their own cult that's anti-God, anti-man, anti-woman, anti-family.
They were the priesthood.
They deserve to be hammered.
But those under them are the captives, and we need to figure out how to reach out to them in a loving way.
And I found that when we're able to have one-on-one conversations, we can do it.
And that they're lost and scared and alone.
And they've been brought into a system that's designed to make them lost and alone.
Now that said, I want to play this Bayhart clip again.
She's not lost and alone.
She's a manager.
She's a ruler.
She's a confidence woman.
And she's telling her 10 million viewers, women, let's lie about our agenda.
Let's not tell them we're going to take the guns.
Let's get in power and then take them.
We've always known that's the agenda.
You're just saying fall back to your original place.
But the fact that they're having to admit that shows that they're bankrupt.
The New York Times has articles trying to teach their viewers and readers how to lie and how it's moral that they're lying about Trump and Alex Jones.
And the comments are saying, yes, we've got to beat Jones by telling bigger lies.
I'm not telling any lies here.
But they project onto us who they are and what they are.
Beto says you don't need a weapon of war that kills people.
Well, a car can kill somebody, a sword can kill somebody, an airplane can kill somebody, a helicopter can kill somebody.
That's part of the power of humanity.
You don't take away civilian aviation because it scares you.
You don't take away having children because the minute you hit the ground, you're in a dangerous world.
That's part of the adventure.
And these people have been domesticated.
They're city dwellers.
They've been programmed.
They're scared of everything.
And they're threatened by it.
And they believe this big globalist client state is going to protect them from the ice caps melting and the end of the world and the collapse of civilization they're told is coming.
And the globalists are collapsing the third world by design, flooding it at the West for a global meltdown they're going to use to organize
A global austerity movement, a planetary government, a worldwide one-child policy, a forced planetary inoculation program, and the rise of the AI takeover in their own words, and then when it all unfolds, these individuals will believe the engineered end of the world.
Was something that was just a foregone conclusion.
And it's prophecy coming true when it's not the end of the world.
It's the end of the open free civilization we've known and the dawn of the satanic technotronic post-human system that is evil institutionalized in a scientific planetary directive.
We have to point out the truth.
Being so arrogant that you're Joy Behar.
Imagine being so arrogant that you're a host on The View, 10 million viewers on average a day, mailing women, telling them that, hey, Democrats need to lie and say they don't want to take your guns, and then get into office and take your guns.
We're going to play the clip.
The View has taken this down off their official YouTube channel.
They're taking it down everywhere.
They've taken it off their website.
They don't want you to see this, which shows they're not invincible.
In fact, their arrogance is going to be their undoing.
They've always wanted our guns.
Every city they control has a total gun ban and the highest crime rates in the nation, because the criminals go there.
They're not robbing farmhouses in South Dakota or Georgia or Texas or Maine, because most people are armed there.
But why would she, a woman that has armed bodyguards, I've been on her shows, CNN and The View, they have armed bodyguards with them,
Why would she have armed bodyguards but you who can't afford that can't have a gun?
Because she's an elitist.
And she's a dirtbag.
And she thinks she can pull on your heartstrings with national propaganda and blame gun owners for tragedies instead of blaming the psychos and the mental patients and the Antifa devil worshippers that do it.
So here's Behar in a rare moment of truthfulness.
They should not tell everything they're going to do.
Like, if you're going to take people's guns away, wait until you get elected, then take the guns away.
Don't tell them ahead of time.
Which, by the way, that's what people like me think you're going to do.
That's what people like me think is going to happen.
So let's put on screen for TV viewers some photos of the women and children, some as young as nine months old.
Who were kidnapped because they were Christians, they were Mormons, and because they weren't paying off the cartels, and they were executed.
They didn't find one 7-month-old, so they weren't killed.
The media tried to spin this yesterday when it first broke, that it was crossfire and an accident.
Now the cartels are like, no, the Mormons don't pay us payoffs, so we kill them.
We kill the babies.
And why is the leftist media trying to cover this up?
Because the babies are white.
Just like the couple from New Hampshire on the Texas-Mexico border had their truck and their SUV, their...
RV stolen, taken across to Mexico like hundreds of other families.
Their dead bodies found on the Texas side and CNN wouldn't even say they were killed by Mexican cartels.
In fact, they wouldn't even say they were murdered.
They just said they were found dead.
The government doesn't know why, even though the medical examiner said their hands were tied behind their backs and they were killed.
Our media isn't our media.
It's enemy media.
The New Hampshire couple.
In fact, let's play a clip of that.
It's clip eight.
Breaking news out of Mexico for you.
At least nine people, including six children, were killed in an ambush by a Mexican drug cartel.
This happened in the northern state of Sonora.
Police believe the attack to be a case of mistaken identity.
Members of the cartel opened fire on a convoy of three SUVs that were part of the Church of Latter-day Saints.
There are 13 people missing as of news time.
While no identities have been released so far, a witness at the scene says some of the victims were his family members, including his wife's cousin, twins, six-month-old babies, an eight-year-old and a ten-year-old.
The National Police and military forces are heading there to defend the area.
Any update?
So now let's go to clip seven.
This is the New Hampshire couple.
Local news admitted they were murdered.
Texas news admitted it, but go to CNN.
They say no one knows how they were dead.
In fact CNN implies they killed themselves with their hands tied behind their back and buried themselves.
And they say nothing about Mexico with the highest crime rate in the world.
They won't even tell you Mexico's dangerous.
Because they're deceiving you just like Joy Behar that looks like a cross between a llama
And some type of, I don't know, Muppet.
But that's all they are is Muppets that repeat what the globalists want.
Their same message over and over and over again.
She doesn't want people to be free.
She thinks she's an elitist.
Here's what happened in Texas.
Cleberg County, Texas Sheriff's investigators say they found the remains of 46-year-old Michelle Butler and her 48-year-old husband James after their cell phone pinged to Padre Island.
Their bodies were discovered in what's described as a shallow grave in the sand dunes known as The Bowl.
The couple were last heard from on October 16th while on an RV trip in the South.
Their family at home in Rumney knew something was wrong when time passed without contact.
They told News 9 that was unusual for James and Michelle and they reported them missing.
Investigators confirmed to News 9 after the butlers were reported missing, they believe surveillance recorded the couple's 2018 silver Chevrolet pickup truck towing a white Cedar Creek RV with New Hampshire plates going over a border crossing into Mexico.
The Sheriff's Department released a statement saying they are working on identification of persons of interest and attempting to find the whereabouts of the victim's truck and RV trailer.
Now, let me tie all this together for you.
Behar saying, get into office, say you won't take the guns, then take them once you get in.
Lie to our enemy, the American people.
You just heard her.
You just saw Texas News saying, hey, let's catch who did this.
This is where they cross into Mexico.
They found the vehicle later there.
Both of them chopped up.
CNN, days after that broke, you want me to play the report for you?
You probably saw it.
I mean, I'm not going to bore you with it.
Just said no one knows if it was homicide or if they killed themselves.
They were buried in the sand.
Insulting your intelligence.
It's like saying men can have babies.
And now tampon makers sell to men.
That's teaching you mental illness.
Or, oh, they could have killed themselves.
Their hands were tied behind their backs in a shallow grave.
But they don't tell you the vehicle and the RV was taken into Mexico.
They don't tell you that because they don't want you to know how dangerous Mexico is because it bolsters Trump trying to defend the border.
And again, it's white devils that died and so you don't want to have brown angels hurting white devils because that doesn't fit the narrative.
Kind of like the black Proud Boy
Didn't get tried in the same trial.
They actually said, well, you can't have a black guy that's a white supremacist, so we'll just have another trial for him.
And see, it continues with ABC News and the clips we haven't gotten to yet.
James O'Keefe's coming up.
We're going to play those clips before he joins us.
ABC News Chief Investigator-Journalist for Good Morning America.
Caught on a hot mic.
And this is only part of the investigation, James Stolle.
More's coming out.
This is breadcrumbs.
This is piquing the interest to get a real shot in.
He's hitting death threats.
But the dead man switch has been activated.
The information will come out.
And she says, yeah, they killed the story.
We know what Epstein was doing three years ago, and we were told to shut it down.
That's ABC News aiding and abetting an international child kidnapping ring that's confirmed to protect Hillary and the deep state.
That's Joy Behar saying she wants to confiscate your guns.
But don't tell the public yet.
She wants to sneak attack you.
And it's the same story, covering up for crime, covering up for the people killed and their goods taken into Mexico, and the fact that a lot of tourists won't go to Padre Island now because hundreds and hundreds are coming up missing, including children.
But the media tries to cover it up because it's hurting tourism.
Well, it's all going to end up shutting down anyways, like it's done in Mexico, until we stop it.
And so President Trump has declared war on it.
That's how these deceptions kill people.
They don't want you armed so you can't protect yourself.
You know, if you're coming down from New Hampshire, I know it's pretty safe to go camping in New Hampshire.
It's pretty safe to go camping in West Texas or East Texas or North Texas.
You don't go camping a few miles from the Mexico border in one of the most dangerous areas in the world unless you want to die.
So let me give you a public service announcement.
If you don't have a gun, get one and learn how to use it.
And if you and your wife are going to be parked out in the dunes next to Mexico, you better have your door locked and you better have an AR-15 ready to start killing.
Because there's a good chance you camp out enough times.
They're coming, and they're going to tie you up, and they're going to get your bank codes off your credit cards, and then they're going to put you down on your knees, and they're going to squeeze a couple bullets in your head after they rape your wife in front of you.
But it's okay, because they're brown, and you're white, devil.
Isn't that sick?
But don't worry, the cartels rape the poor Hispanics as well, and everybody else they get their hands on, because the evil is spreading.
And we're here fighting, ladies and gentlemen, because of your support.
But I got to tell you, we're supporting you.
We're in this together.
And InfoWars has proven we're dedicated and aren't backing down.
And I want to encourage everybody to go to InfoWarsStore.com right now.
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I've got to have a new special then, because a lot of this is selling out.
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Plus, these are products you need, so get in there and fund this operation!
It is November 5th, 2019 on this Tuesday show.
We're broadcasting worldwide.
Coming up, James O'Keefe's joining us with the death threats and the dead man switch and the latest on Epstein and so much more.
And ABC News being ordered to cover it up to protect the Clintons.
That is all coming up, plus a major environmental movement admits a giant fraud and deception that they've been running against the people.
It's all about deception.
That's what the control is all about, and we've got to raise the alarm and warn the people.
Ladies and gentlemen, there is only one way to defeat the globalists, and that's getting right with God, and everybody knows it.
And then we've got to take action.
We've got to warn the world about the deceivers.
Joy Behar goes on The View yesterday and says, don't tell the Americans we're taking their guns.
Get in and then take them.
She openly talks like a foreign enemy because she's on the payroll of that.
There's only a handful of nations that still have the right to keep and bear arms.
Our nation was founded when the Redcoats came to take the weapons.
She has bodyguards and knows that.
Why would she openly tell her audience it's time to lie?
Because the New York Times and CNN and the universities are all teaching
That it's time to lie to the public.
They're trying to externalize the operating system.
They're saying pedophilia is good.
They're saying the family's bad.
Movie theaters are banning the term ladies and gentlemen in the UK, saying ladies and gentlemen existing is bad.
This is a power cult that wants to control language and everything.
CNN has covered up that a family
is killed every few hours on the US-Mexico border and that dead bodies are found every few hours and that people are being kidnapped and tortured and killed and their bodies found in the desert and the media won't even tell you that their RVs and their cars are taken into Mexico.
It's on the local news!
That Texas and Arizona and California are all becoming as dangerous as Mexico because that failed state's collapsing into us!
A place where they've taken all the people's guns 50 years ago!
But all she knows is power and that she has private bodyguards.
What monsters?
It's all about deception.
AOC saying the world's ending in 12 years if you don't give her all the carbon taxes.
Beto saying it's ending in 10 years if you don't give in to him.
Greta Thunberg.
All of it's lying hysteria.
Telling you that polar bears can't swim and when their numbers are exploding and they hunt in the water.
Telling you walruses are killing themselves when they're being chased off cliffs by polar bears.
It's all fraud.
It's all lies.
It's all evil.
And the only reason InfoWars is still on the air, ladies and gentlemen, is because of you.
And they want to put their lives out and have nobody challenge it.
But as long as we stay on the air, we're able to counter them, and they can't stand it, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's why whatever you do, understand that when you support InfoWars, when you spread the word, and when you buy our products, you're betting on yourself and your own future.
And it's more critical than ever that we stay on the air and that we get more funds to launch new projects I've got planned that I guarantee you will devastate the New World Order.
The only way you lose is by not joining the InfoWar.
And a lot of you already have.
I'm encouraging others, get involved now if you care about your future.
Whatever you do, be the modern Paul Reveres and spread the word to stop this monster.
Here she is.
And now, let's go ahead and play Beto, where he was being honest with you.
Hell yes!
We're gonna take your AR-15, your AK-47.
We're not gonna allow it to be used against our fellow Americans anymore.
So these individuals, ladies and gentlemen, are coming for your children.
They're coming for your guns.
And in every city they control, they have the highest crime rates and have taken the guns.
And pedophilia is openly out in the open.
And Satanism and everything else.
Are you going to let them conquer you?
I'm not backing down.
I'm fighting hard.
And I've got a 25-year history.
I've got a 25-year history of having victory against these evil monsters.
But now we're going to the next level and we need your support.
We're all in this fight together.
So, become the Paul Revere's you are.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Tuesday, November 5th, 2019.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And we are live broadcasting worldwide.
And when I say this, it's not hyperbole, it's not rhetoric, it's not fiction, it's veritas.
It's truth.
Our very existence is in defiance of the corrupt global corporations allied with Communist China that are as evil as Hitler ever imagined he could be and who are power mad and power drunk and think that they are absolutely invincible.
But now they realize they're not invincible and so they're trying to shut our speech down.
Four years ago they were still completely arrogant.
Didn't care if we had five billion views conservatively on YouTube.
Didn't care if we had billions of views on Facebook.
Didn't care if we had hundreds of radio affiliates.
Didn't care if we've reached a large portion of the planet because they like to listen to themselves talk.
And really believe people are buying their propaganda.
Oh no, only children buy it for a while.
That's why they teach children the world is ending.
It's why they teach children that their parents are bad.
It's why they're assaulting the very fabric of civilization.
Because prosperity and justice and common sense always ends out, in the end, dominating civilization and society.
So, I want to talk about solutions in this segment.
And then when we come back, I'm going to get to the anti-human, global government movement that calls itself the environmental movement.
It's the complete opposite.
Caught in a whole string of gigantic, Whopper-esque lies.
And we're going to go through those and then James O'Keefe joining us will go into the big developments on the Epstein front that are huge.
And the fact that Epstein has absolutely captured the public's attention and imagination.
And that it is a window into the nightmare that is the deep state.
But if you want to know what the solution is to taking on the deep state before it gets its pure authoritarian system set up here.
And things get even more serious and the fight gets even bloodier.
Not just economically and culturally, but physically, God forbid.
Then you need to know what the solution is.
And I think everybody already knows what it is.
Physically, not supporting globalist organizations or groups or big corporate establishment systems.
Speaking out everywhere you are and not letting them pressure you and nudge you and dominate you and program you or your children.
And supporting those that stand up and tell the truth and resist the globalist paradigm.
But it's physically going to not just Hillary events, and not just Beto events, and Joe Biden events, but Democrat governors, and mayors, and senators, and all these different individuals.
And putting them on notice that you know who they are and you see through them.
And then reaching out to others that are in the auditorium that are at the events.
A lot of them that are totally cloistered.
That have been kept in their own little shuttered bubble.
And letting them understand.
Who they're really working for, and who their messiahs really are, that they're following false gods.
That process brought Hillary to her knees three years ago, and it will do it again now.
Here's some of the current developments that are happening, and some of the past.
This is the key to the future.
And you're now going to impeach our president!
We want to know why Jerry Nadler will come out into his office and see the people!
This is Nadler getting confronted.
We're here to hijack this town and to try and make an issue out of getting guns out of good people's hands.
I can make an issue... Beto quit the next day.
It's about mental health, and it's about the war on boys and masculinity.
You're bullsh** by being there.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Shame on you.
Take our president out of office?
It's not gonna happen!
Hillary Clinton is openly calling for censorship of all patriots and nationalists!
Hillary Clinton is a criminal who failed to sell our nation out to the tycoons!
Hillary Clinton is a criminal!
Almost every woman in Austin that went to Hillary was a obese white cat lady who thinks men are evil.
America knows what's happening and Infowars.com is exposing it!
Because so many of them face unimaginable hardships.
And inside she gets confronted.
Like Juanita Broderick.
Did you include Juanita Broderick or Paula Jones?
The children you smuggled from Haiti will never get a chance to be gutsy!
Those Haitian children will never get a chance to be gutsy!
You're out of here.
What about Juanita Broderick?
Did you write about her in your book?
You've said your piece.
If you want solutions, it's what you just saw.
We are rolling out the red carpet, not for Tucker, but for some adorable, adoptable dogs.
Every year, the Best Friends Animal Society helps cats and dogs who are stuck in animal shelters find help.
Bill Clinton is a rapist!
Bill Clinton is a rapist!
We've got help!
Bill Clinton is a rapist!
Bill Clinton is a rapist!
Dispute the fact that we need
Bill Clinton is a rapist!
What's up?
Bill Clinton is a rapist!
Bill Clinton is a rapist!
Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broderick in a motel room!
And, uh, you know, when I announced I was running... He's a predator!
The media's covering it up!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Let him go.
Let him go.
What we really need to be looking at in this debate is that Bill Clinton is a rapist.
Bill Clinton's a rapist.
Bill Clinton is a rapist.
It's time to reclaim our former greatness.
It's time to be men again.
And it's time to let all this scum know we're calling that bluff.
Full speed!
Ramming speed!
Let's go!
They're going after everybody.
They've said it all over the news.
These are terrorists.
They've said, we get rid of Trump.
We've got to destroy his base.
We've got to flatten them.
We've got to obliterate them.
We've got to imprison them.
And so you're like, well, we'll just have a shooting war.
If you don't get up off your ass and get aggressive now in the info war, you're never going to sit there and kill people or fight.
And I don't want to kill people, and I don't want to fight.
I mean, I'm not a talker, folks.
I'm actually a fighter, okay?
All this talk's just a shadow of what I'll do in a war.
And I'm not trying to brag here, but we don't want to go to this point, ladies and gentlemen.
You want us to fight?
Believe me, we're fighting hard just to stay on air.
Forget the threats.
That's easy to ignore.
Forget all that.
It's the money.
And we just make it simple, InfoWarsTore.com, but spreading the word about the broadcast and buying the products and finding out which ones you like the best and continuing to use those as staples, that is absolutely the InfoWars.
Without you, this dog doesn't hunt.
Without you, it doesn't exist.
So you're not the caboose.
You're the engine.
You understand?
When you spread the word, it changes the world.
When you buy the products, it fuels the coal in the engine that we are at ramming speed on a collision course for the enemy.
You understand?
They know we will chew them up.
We've got their number.
We're made for this.
And we're going to bang heads until somebody's head breaks open and the brains hit the ground politically.
I am ready to ram my head into them until my brains or their brains are on the ground.
You understand?
And I will hammer my forehead into their forehead and will never stop.
I enjoy it.
You understand that?
But I need fuel and I want to hit them at full speed.
You understand?
Full speed!
And I can't stand not getting up to full speed.
I want to hit them and obliterate them.
I want to smash them harder than they've ever been hit.
All right, folks.
When we come back, I'm going to hit the biggest environmentalist fraud ever that just blew wide open.
Then we've got the Epstein info.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm a little late getting back on air because I just learned from the media that our reporter Caitlin Bennett was attacked last night, and I can't even get a hold of her on the phone.
I think I would probably find my head when I wake up in the morning by reading about it on some other publication or news outlet.
But that tends to be the way it works.
You know, a prophet's not known in his own country, and I'm not speaking of myself.
It's just sometimes we just expect, you know, the people we know and things that happen around us to always be there and then you turn around and wake up and they're not.
There's a lot of punch drunkness.
I think so.
I got demonized for, you know, daring to exercise her Second Amendment.
What a horrible image of a woman defending herself.
You know, you have all these movies where the women are the astronauts and the commandos and everything else, but the woman actually tries to own a gun.
Well, you're not supposed to do that.
You're supposed to let Hillary and the deep state protect you and take care of you.
But there is an article at GatewayPundit.com.
We'll link up to it.
There at Infowars.com for you.
Violent Antifa thugs attack conservative activist Kaitlin Bennett near Trump rally.
Puncher-hitter, cops refuse to make arrests.
We're busy bleeping the video right now, but we'll post it to Infowars.com and Newswars.com so you can go find that and get that for yourself.
I was going to come into this segment and get into the huge environmental fraud that I know, again, you know about.
Maybe you don't know about the latest developments, but you know all about this.
But see, because you know about it, when you find out about huge new frauds, it's not a big deal anymore.
I'm the same way.
We live next to this evil so long, next to this abyss that we're becoming the abyss that Nietzsche talked about.
Staring into it.
Because even if we don't accept the evil consciously, we don't go along with it, we resist it, the fact that it's not removed becomes like a pile of trash.
Like, why would somebody just put a big pile of... Let me show you.
A big pile of trash, just say, right here in a studio.
Why would someone do that?
Because someone else did it, and then over time, it becomes normal.
Now, nobody would put piles of trash in the studio.
That was just hypothetical.
But imagine if there was a big pile of trash that was there for months, and then, let's say I cleaned it up.
And then, I said, please don't put the pile of trash there anymore, so there was a bigger pile of trash the next week there.
And you'd say, that doesn't make sense.
I don't understand it either.
That's hypothetical.
That didn't happen.
But I've noticed it's a metaphysical law that evil knows.
That if it can do weird, crazy stuff, and do it out in the open, it becomes acceptable, and then the pile of trash just grows, and grows, and grows, and that's what they do.
Convicted pedophiles, all over the country, go and put on clown makeup and dress like demons,
And then the Democratic Party and major foundations in the UN sponsors them from Australia to the United States, from England to Canada, from New Zealand to Germany.
To unannounced at public schools, not just libraries, have young children as young as five, well in some cases even younger, but in school, five, sit in their laps, and then the men, dressed as goblins, spread their legs, in some cases with no underwear, and expose, and the women clap!
Because it's fun to abuse your child for these Satanists.
Without even looking this morning, I was at a restaurant, went to have some breakfast by myself,
And there was a couple newspapers lying there, so I picked up the Statesman.
I wasn't even trying to find this.
And there was two articles about fathers and deacons raping and abusing little girls over decades.
And the church is new and nothing was done.
This is just in Austin.
And there was all these busts yesterday of sheriff's deputies and others.
With the child porn they were producing with six-year-old boys and eight-year-old girls and these sheriff's deputies and people around the country were handsome-looking men and they had good-looking wives who were, they didn't look like the classic, you know, child molester demon, but they were doing it.
They got caught.
They produced child porn because it's satanic.
It's an energy.
You understand?
And it builds itself and it's taken over the churches.
These were Baptist churches, it was in the news.
In fact, it's in my car if somebody grabs the keys and goes, I guess I left the newspapers in there.
But Baptist church, I think a Methodist church, but the point is, is that
This was always there, but now they're getting busted because people know how prevalent it is and people aren't putting up with it anymore.
Now those folks aren't like movie star, but usually the pedophiles are even creepier looking.
And you've got the very same judge who gave the Proud Boys all these years in prison, gave an admitted, convicted pedophile in New York
Almost no time in jail.
Here's an example right here.
Proud Boys sentenced to four years in prison for attacking protesters.
Rolling Stone doesn't call them Antifa that came there to attack them, that followed them, and that threw waters a bottle at them, and then attacked them.
They defended themselves.
No, now it's protesters.
Oh, they attacked free speech people.
No, it was Antifa trying to stop their free speech.
Total inversion.
The same judge
Who had choice words for the Proud Boys.
Gave the Orthodox Jewish man who admitted he had sex eight times with a little boy.
He gave him basically no jail time, even though he admitted it all.
Two-year sentence and suspended most of it.
So that's how this works.
It's an evil system, an evil spirit that is attracted to the innocence of children that wants to steal their innocence and steal their future and wreck their lives.
And you see the inversion of reality.
Caitlin Bennett is attacked
In Kentucky covering a Trump event, nothing is done by the police, just like in Dallas we were attacked, and the Dallas police literally withdrew and pulled back so they could attack us.
And a judge puts the Proud Boys in jail for four years for being attacked, and the media turns it into, oh, they were white supremacists that attacked some peaceful protesters.
Just like they're going to try to cover up all the U.S.
citizens being killed on the U.S.
side by the Mexican cartels.
And just like Joy Behar says, hey, we're going to take your guns, we're just not going to tell you until we get enough people in office.
It's all about deception.
It's all about a criminal class.
That have joined Satan that are making their move against civilization and society.
Now, he's coming up, James O'Keefe with exclusive info on the Jeffrey Epstein ABC News complicity scene in the giant international pedophile crime ring being run by Hillary Clinton to blackmail people.
That's coming up this hour.
Alright, James O'Keefe is scheduled next segment with the Epstein information.
ABC News caught trying to cover it up.
Knowing what was really going on, complicit now in it.
The world's really waking up with this Epstein situation, not just the child kidnapping, the pedophile rings, Hillary Clinton using it for blackmail, but the fact that they'd kill him and break his neck and have the medical examiner say he was basically murdered and still call it a conspiracy theory if you question that.
It's like saying it's a conspiracy theory that I'm wearing a navy blue sports jacket.
Anybody looking can see I'm wearing a navy blue sports jacket and I'm wearing a baby blue shirt.
Or that I'm wearing blue jeans.
Or that I'm... My hair's thinning.
Or I've got a brown beard.
But they tell you, you don't see that.
We want your guns, but you're a conspiracy theorist, we're not coming for your guns.
It's the final stages of tyranny that's collapsing, and that's the good news.
The bad news is the collapse is usually very destructive, and sometimes even worse things come out of the collapse, but justice be done, may the heavens fall, a philosopher once said.
So in this segment, before James O'Keefe joins us, I'm going to tie together the fake environmental movement and its end-of-the-world hoaxes with the pedophile rings and the Satanists at the top of it.
And all in news breaking right now.
Let's put on screen the video.
Attenborough, the big British eugenicist that poses as an environmentalist.
He just teaches you to turn all your power over to him because he's the savior of the planet.
For two years, they've been running the video of walruses committing suicide because there's no ice and they're so sad and they're starving to death.
Those are big, giant, fat walruses.
They're not committing suicide.
Any zoologist or anybody that studies pinnipeds, that's their family, would tell you that this is a routine event, just like ancient mastodons will get run off cliffs by ancient humans beating on drums and waving torches.
They're running from polar bears.
And the fact that there's not ice there, that's where they, for millennia ago, in the summer, to calve, to have their babies, on the warm rocks.
But they are panicking because polar bears are up there, and it turns out they knew it all along, and they lied to you.
And the articles are out there, and even on Netflix, Attenborough has admitted that it was Walrusgate and tragedy porn.
But they got their gas mileage out of it.
And later, admit it was a fraud.
Meanwhile, polar bear population decline, a wake-up call for climate change action.
That's the World Wildlife Fund set up by the founder of the Bilderberg Group and a Nazi, Prince Bernhard, who it turned out was using it as a front group to run illegal African hunts.
Look it up, he got caught in the 80s.
Goodbye polar bears, why climate change is much worse than you think.
Look at this famous photo of a polar bear in the water, and they say that the polar bear
is drowning.
Many of these photos, ladies and gentlemen, look at this one, where someone got in the water with a polar bear, and they show the polar bear, document cam shot please, under the water, and it says, oh look, it's gonna drown.
It's like they tell kids penguins are drowning.
Penguins are aquatic birds.
They can go 20 miles an hour in the water, they walk slow on the land, they're re-entrants.
They're entering the water.
Polar bears hunt up to 300 miles.
They hunt on top of ice floes to eat beluga and other marine mammals like dolphin and porpoise.
This is all a fact.
But just like people that come down to Texas think we all ride horses and we don't have electricity when they come from New York, most folks don't know about pinnipeds or they don't know about mammals, they don't know about walruses, they don't know about
Polar bears who are expanding their range, and it was five times their numbers from the 50s, now it's up to seven times.
Pull it up.
They're everywhere.
They're invading all over.
Not because the ice is melting, but because they're expanding, because humans aren't allowed to kill them now, because they've been listed as endangered, even though their numbers are exploding!
Just like the bald eagle, they were still keeping it endangered after it was at the highest levels ever recorded.
They'll show you an old starving polar bear, because they finally get old and die, and they say it's your fault.
They don't have any ice left.
No, they almost die during the winter.
And in the summers, when they get fat for the winter, out swimming in the ice flows, they get up on top rocks and with one arm can kill a beluga whale, five times the size of a dolphin, haul it in and eat it.
But they show you this and say they're dying.
And of course, this is not debatable.
So now, polar bear numbers in Canadian Arctic pose threat to Inuit.
The Guardian admits they're exploding and killing everybody, but then other articles say they're all dying in the very same Guardian.
It's all fraud.
Penguins can't swim.
They're aquatic birds, ladies and gentlemen.
Attenborough tacitly admits Netflix's cock-up on Walrus Gate tragedy.
Fat and happy, polar bears no longer a climate change icon, say experts.
They get fat in the summer, they get skinny in the winter.
They up to double their weight in some cases in the summer, just like Kodiak, which is just a larger variety of grizzly, eats salmon during the summer in the spawning time and increase their weight massively, get skinny in the winter.
It's their life cycle.
But if you can find one dying, you can say, death of a bear is the humans or the penguin.
Look, it's on that little floating piece of ice.
It's going to die.
Can't swim.
They think we're so stupid, but don't worry.
Climate activism will make you less lonely.
Says Junkies.com, telling leftists, who are the most alone and stupid and unhealthy and highest rate of suicide, that, oh, just go out and protest for carbon taxes globally, pay to the world's richest, who are all exempt, and that'll save the planet.
So how does this tie into the pedophiles?
Where if you're the globalist pedophile rings, and you're involved in all this, how are you going to sell the public on letting them track everything you do,
We're good.
Twelve years ago, eleven years ago, a group run by Michael Bloomberg, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, George Soros, Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, run by Jeffrey Epstein, he ran the group, a secret world government group to save the planet.
Oh, so big deal if you rape little kids and compromise other scientists and blackmail them with it so they follow your orders with that.
There's too many people anyways.
So go ahead and traffic those little girls.
It's all right.
They're just, you know, bad people.
They can have private jets.
The elite can.
You just can't even have any kids.
Top billionaires holding their secret meetings.
So here they are on ABC News 11 years ago, promoting them as savers of the world.
And the group they run, look it up, was run by Jeffrey Epstein.
He's in some of the articles as a little manager.
Here it is.
The price of admission is a billion dollars and a philanthropic heart.
And that meets the pricey requirements recently held in a secret meeting, a private meeting in New York City.
ABC's John Berman has the scoop on who was there and what was going on.
Behind closed doors on this New York campus, a secret gathering of some of the world's most powerful people.
Gates, Buffett, Bloomberg, Winfrey.
It was like, well, it was like... The Super Friend.
In the great hall of the Justice League, there are assembled the world's four greatest heroes.
Together with others at the meeting, including George Soros, Ted Turner, David Rockefeller, they're worth more than 125 billion dollars.
To have been in the room and see this meeting of the minds really would have been a fascinating thing.
That much money, that much power around one table.
It begs the question, what were they doing?
What were they scheming?
Total world domination?
This group, together for six hours, was talking about charity.
Education, emergency relief, global health.
All my friends are philanthropic.
Well, they probably wouldn't be my friends.
An official at the Gates Foundation told ABCNews.com the overwhelming reason for the meeting was need.
That was the issue that galvanized everyone to participate.
Together, they've given away $70 billion since 1996.
And with the sagging economy, their help could be just what struggling charities need.
Charities are hurting and somebody has to speak for all these charities and if they want philanthropy to be robust in the future in the United States, these are the people where you really want to be talking about it.
The new Superman and Wonder Woman.
The super rich friends.
Not fighting bad guys, but fighting for good nonetheless.
For Good Morning America, John Berman, ABC News, New York.
Yes, apparently one of the things they discussed was what each of them knows about what really works and what doesn't work, so they can concentrate there.
Oh, thank goodness.
James O'Keefe, ladies and gentlemen, has released the hot mic audio of one of ABC's top investigative journalists, the top investigative journalist for Good Morning America.
Admitting that they knew all about Epstein, but the story was spiked over the last three years.
Then they got death threats as they began to release this and more that's coming out.
We're getting James on the line right now via Skype.
And James had this to say.
...in front of Twitter.
The Epstein cover-up thing is trending.
It's insane.
You know, I wanted to make a few remarks before the video goes live tomorrow morning.
Some people are saying, do I fear for my life?
Are people out to get us?
Listen, they might be, but no, I don't fear for my life.
We're going to publish this story tomorrow morning.
And if you want to zoom up here, Eric, it says on the wall,
It says this organization is protected by patriots.
You know, someone sent that to us unsolicited, and it's so true.
I mean, we have the backs of these brave insiders.
This insider came to us, gave us this footage, was infuriated by what they saw, what they witnessed.
This person is still on the inside, still has access.
The powerful people that you will see tomorrow.
We have their back, but these brave people don't do this for glory.
They don't do it for ambition.
They don't do that to be notorious.
They're known for their brave deeds.
And it's just an honor to work with them.
They're still going to be on the inside after we release this.
And it's going to be a very big day tomorrow, so we hope you spread the story around.
Nothing is going to stop us from breaking this story.
I do think we're getting a major comment on this story.
And stay tuned.
You know, it takes two different types of courage to fight a war, to fight a battle.
The courage to run up the hill, bayonet in hand, and then the moral courage.
And I'm just really proud of this insider for coming to us.
Stay tuned tomorrow, and if you're on the inside,
And if you see fraud, if you see corruption, you can do something about it.
Be brave.
Do something.
Contact Project Veritas dot com slash brave.
Now, let's go ahead and play a clip of just part of what's coming out.
The ABC News investigative journalist talking about how they knew about it for three years and it was spiked.
Well, we knew about it for 15 years and we're on record because they were running a major organization.
Here's the clip.
I've had the story for three years.
I've had this interview with Virginia Roberts.
We would not put it on the air.
First of all, I was told, who's Jeffrey Epstein?
No one knows who that is.
This is a stupid story.
Then the palace found out that we had her whole allegations about Prince Andrew and threatened us a million different ways.
We were so afraid we wouldn't be able to interview Kate and Will that also quashed the story.
And then Alan Dershowitz was also implicated in it because of the planes.
She told me everything.
She had pictures.
She had everything.
She was in hiding for 12 years.
We convinced her to come out.
We convinced her to talk to us.
It was unbelievable what we had.
We had everything.
I tried for three years to get it on to no avail and now it's all coming out and it's like these new revelations and I freaking had all of it.
I'm so pissed right now.
Every day I get more and more pissed because I'm just like, oh my god.
What we had was unreal.
Other women backing it up.
Brad Edwards, the attorney, three years ago saying, like, there will come a day when we will realize Jeffrey Epstein was the most prolific pedophile this country has ever known.
I had it all three years ago.
We had it all 15 years ago, and 12 years ago, and 5 years ago, and we've been exposing the whole thing.
You know, she said we had Clinton, we had it all.
This isn't the most prolific pedophile.
He was a handler for this group that was using it to blackmail the scientific and governmental elite that Eisenhower warned of.
Well, James O'Keefe of Project Veritas joins us, ABC News.
And Amy Robot responded Project Veritas bombshell.
There it is, a conscientious individual recording that within the system when she thinks she's not recording and putting that out.
Amazing, and I'm told more is coming.
James, thanks for joining us.
Alex, great to be on with you.
Well, lay it out for us.
And some people are saying, oh, it isn't real.
Others are saying it's not that big a deal.
That's huge!
Yeah, that's a really big deal.
I mean, it's an insider within ABC News has not gone to the New York Times or the Washington Post, once again has come to Project Veritas.
I mean, this is a big deal, Alex.
She talks about how she thinks Jeffrey Epstein was killed, that higher-ups in the network, these network executives telling her, Alex, to squash the story, to spike the story.
And now, Alex, the lawyers for ABC News have apparently worded this very corporate statement trying to cover it up.
I'm a little frustrated that AB didn't double down.
Amy's kind of backtracking a little bit in that statement.
She's put out an official statement.
But we have the insider, Alex, still on the inside of ABC News, getting recordings of what everyone is doing.
The president of ABC News spoke to me and Project Veritas
And someone came to our headquarters and gave us this statement.
So we've really shaken the tree, Alex, and the Associated Press is commenting.
This is all blowing up and it's just part one of this Jeffrey Epstein cover-up story inside ABC News.
Well, that was my next question.
You say more is coming.
Following those breadcrumbs, please give the audience a little bit of a view on what we can expect and when we can expect it.
Well, we typically, we do these stories piecemeal.
We release one at a time because the media is complicit.
I mean, let's just be honest about this.
Everyone's sort of saying, oh, I wish it wasn't James O'Keefe that broke this story.
Project R.I.T.A.
should be breaking a story.
Well, it's self-evident in the tape with Amy Robach.
People don't trust the media.
And this is why they don't trust the media, because they sit on news.
They have the news.
They don't break the news.
ABC still has.
There still is tape of this interview with the accusers.
They have not aired.
So what we tend to do, and you know this about us by now, we break part one.
We watch the reaction.
It becomes the reaction becomes part of the story.
Let me break part two and I'm not going to give any more secrets away.
I'm going to show you I'm going to tell you that we have the conversation with the president of ABC News that we're about to break and and we'll just see how people react to this.
But it appears Alex.
This is the biggest story in our organization's history and
The tape speaks for itself.
Amy Robach speaks for herself.
And not just on the right, Alex.
I mean, Alexandria Cortez tweeted this story.
The Daily Beast.
Everyone is outraged by this.
Everyone is indignant.
And the insider told me that he was so angry that he or she, because it very well could be a she, was so angry about what they saw in that Good Morning America set.
That's what compelled them to reach out.
And I've already had a few insiders come to us
James, there's
There's only one story bigger than this, and that's that the whistleblowers are exponential, it's getting bigger, it's getting more powerful.
That's really the story, is that mainstream media is finally finding its soul, and this is an existential crisis I believe will bring down this whole web of deep state that's using sex crimes as the poisonous glue, the satanic glue that holds their empire of blackmail together.
Well, I mean, it's Amy Roback's own words.
She says that this guy specialized in blackmail.
She says, listen to the tape, there's a lot of powerful people on those airplanes.
So who at ABC News was protecting who?
And yes, I think there's a movement of insiders.
And people say, James, do I fear for my life?
Am I scared?
I say, I'm not scared.
This organization, Project Veritas, is protected by patriots.
Hundreds of thousands of people.
And many insiders are coming forward.
We're going to have their backs.
The tapes speak for themselves.
I don't really have much more to say except for stay tuned for the next one.
All right.
Well, I know you're a busy man and we appreciate your time.
We appreciate you joining us as each of these unfold and we tend to get a lot of the whistleblowers after you have them on.
Obviously, this isn't a whistleblower.
This is a whistleblower that's leaked information and it's just amazing and more is coming.
Any idea on when part two is going to drop?
We're about to drop this conversation with the president of ABC News, a man named James Goldston.
That'll be imminently.
And again, projectveritas.com backslash brave.
Go to our website.
Work with us.
We'll have your back.
Wow, the house of cards is coming down.
You see Hollywood's obsession with bloody slasher films.
Films about children kidnapped, tortured, being eaten in subterranean basements.
And you think, who the hell comes up with all this?
When I was a kid and a teenager, I'd be at friends' houses and watch movies like that.
I'd get drugged to them.
I never really liked them.
And it seems the weaker and the stupider a person, the more they enjoy it.
I'm not judging somebody that's into violence or things like that, simulated violence.
But if they want to hurt innocent people, I'm their enemy.
And what you just saw with James O'Keefe and Project Veritas was incredible.
I don't have words.
To describe how historic, how epic, how amazing, how game-changing all of this is.
Did you see the main investigative journalist for ABC News' Good Morning America, their biggest show, saying, the Clintons are involved.
We've got the Clintons.
We've got them.
We've got all these women collaborating that were young girls, down to age 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, who were charged with recruiting other girls, and that was just step one.
It was, hey, you want to roll with us?
You know, in some gangs, you've got to go rob a liquor store.
In other gangs, you've got to deal so much meth.
In other gangs, you've got to have sex with a goat and some of these weird fraternities.
That's just to see if you'll do weird stuff.
Next, a lot of these fraternities, the men have sex with each other.
In Skull and Bones, they have homosexual orgies and feces.
Then they have Satan enter their body.
And that's admitted.
I mean, they've made films about it.
Documents have been released.
It's not debatable.
And we've had members leak the information through their families to Senator Frank Church's committee back in the 1970s.
And so we understand what this is about.
It's about Satanists creating systems to incrementally get people deeper and deeper down the rat hole.
Because you're not going up at the top of a pyramid, you're going down a black hole.
And you heard all that, the head of ABC News called them, and they're going to release it!
Because they're scared!
And they worry about, what else do you have?
And they got death threats last night.
I talked to James O'Keefe off air.
Some of it I'm not going to get into.
Part of it.
I said, hey, go on speakerphone and talk to folks.
We were doing a live feed.
Put that out last night.
I was up here until 10 o'clock at night with pleasure.
Because as much as I wanted to be home with my children, I want to make sure my children have a future.
And it feels good in my soul.
I mean, let me tell you, I have something beyond courage.
And I'm not saying that to act tough.
It's not courage.
It's I'm driven to fight these people.
And I'm angry if I'm not doing enough.
And I never get rest.
I never feel any satisfaction, just more, more, get them, get them, get them, get them!
The Holy Spirit pushing me.
This morning about 8.30, I had like 10 minutes of ecstasy.
Just envisioning their defeat and knowing we're gonna win and just the Holy Spirit was so strong saying, good, good, good, now we're getting where we're supposed to go.
Because you don't care any what happens to you now and you're totally committed and you know we're gonna win and you're calling on my power to come down into the earth through the people and they're doing it and tell them to do that more!
That's what you're supposed to do, Jones!
Tell them to call on the Holy Spirit and on Jesus Christ, the intercessor, to God and we will defeat these Satanists
You're on the right track, Jones.
You're going to be a preacher.
And you're going to totally turn loose of any of the worldliness.
And you're going to, with the rest of these patriots, go through the devil's fight against humanity, and the mark of the beast, and the world government, and the cashless society, and the whole system.
And in the end, we're going to win.
You know, England has announced what we knew was coming.
If they call you politically incorrect, in any way, they're going to take your health care, and your benefits, and your job.
The Chinese Communist Socialist score, or the mark of the beast is here.
But this Project Veritas information is so bombshell, and it's so exciting, and praise God for it all, and the system is quaking to its very boots.
I've never
You just feel it.
Everybody can't.
Felt a disturbance in the framework of the universe like we feel now.
Evil is on the run.
Okay, ladies and gentlemen, we just had a short six-minute interview with James O'Keefe that was incredible.
I'm going to cue that up and we're going to be playing that coming up at the bottom of the hour with some of these latest developments.
Caitlin Bennett was physically attacked in Kentucky by anti-flood made national news.
We're going to have that video and her with us at the bottom of the hour as well.
We have the reporter that's been working on the case and friends with Roger Stone, Jacob Ingalls, popping in on the official start of his railroading into prison, they hope.
We pray not.
NDC by Obama's hanging judge.
We've got big developments on these Schiff transcripts, the fake transcripts he's read before, the stuff he's put out, these secret hearings he's had.
New York Times, Red Link to Andrade.
Updates impeachment testimony describing Ukrainian quid pro quo.
And more reports of more people that heard rumors that talked to somebody that heard
As they accelerate towards trying to remove him from office.
And we should cover what they're doing because they're trying to put everybody in prison.
Like Roger Stone, myself, and Donald Trump to stand up for this country and tell the truth.
But we're winning.
ABC News is crippled right now with the fact that they covered up women trafficked and raped by Epstein who was blackmailing the political and scientific class.
And ABC News with the top investigative journalist for ABC sitting in her chair.
While they're recording during a break, laying it all out to the world.
Absolutely stunning!
And now more whistleblowers from ABC, and there are whistleblowers still inside ABC.
And it scares the daylights out of them that people are fighting back.
Yeah, not everybody's just a sellout to evil.
Not everybody backs down to threats.
Not everybody's scared of you devil worshippers.
We're actually scared of ourselves and our desire to stop you.
We want to make sure we spend our will and our blood and our energy and our force.
Making sure we eradicate your system.
We don't want to just slit your throats.
We don't want to just beat your head in with baseball bats.
We don't want to just run ice picks in your eye sockets, give you a lobotomy, a street lobotomy.
We don't want that.
We want to get your spirit off this planet and out of our universe.
We want you to go be with your own satanic forces.
We want you out of our world.
We want you out of our lives.
Get behind me, Satan.
Now, I told you this was coming.
And I meant to get to it yesterday, the Global Cashless Society, Chinese social score, planetary level, all being rolled out by Facebook, all being rolled out by Twitter, all being rolled out by Google, all being rolled out by Apple.
It's the same system.
Competing devices spying on you, tracking everything you do, communicating with all the other devices, whether you agree with it or not, to game you, to manipulate you, to control you, and to make you depressed.
Even the deputy head of Facebook came out, Sean Parker, last year and admitted,
Well, we knew it was coming.
It's on Infowars.com and Newswars.com, and it's so incredibly important.
And I'll get to it in the last segment of this hour.
UK National Health Service to deny treatment to, quote, racist and sexist.
They control the jury of the leftist mob and media.
They call you something, no due process.
Even if you were that, you shouldn't lose your rights.
And now you can starve to death on the side of the road.
No bank accounts.
No jobs.
No healthcare.
No welfare.
Oh, they could bring ISIS and Al Qaeda back to the country and give it all to them.
They can bring in all the foreigners from all over the world.
Everything's free.
This is not the onion, folks.
This is happening.
And it's where it was always going.
Apple's come out with this new digital currency and it's digital card and Facebook, you know, wants its own cryptocurrency.
They want you fully on their plantation.
And it's not just sexualizing your kids.
It's not just taking all the vaccines.
It's going to be do everything they say, live the way they say, even set a date when you're going to get euthanized and kill yourself, because they've got billboards up in London telling you kill yourself, sterilize yourself.
The death cult's taking over, and they're coming out in the open.
That ties into theaters to ban ladies and gentlemen under new LGBT.
How is that LGBT?
Oh, because someone's a lady or a gentleman.
That's not inclusive.
Oh, you see, being inclusive means nothing that's seen as conservative or classic or the species will be allowed.
So they use the inclusiveness of the West
Against the West.
That's all coming up.
Joining us is Jacob Ingalls of Central Florida Post.
We're going to get one of Roger's lawyers on who's able to speak tomorrow.
Tyler Nixon.
But today we've got Jacob Ingalls who's been there.
We can also roll some video while he's speaking for TV viewers of Roger arriving at court today.
Also folks were bullhorning there that Roger Stone did nothing wrong.
Jacob Ingles, give us a first look at this modern Soviet-style show trial, which is really a prelude to where we're all going if we don't turn this around.
Absolutely, Alex.
We got there today early ahead of Roger's trial to welcome him, give him strength, give him love.
And he went in, and immediately one of the first jurors and jury selection was an Obama communications director appointee whose husband works in the deep state.
What did the corrupt Obama-era judge say?
That that person's political background and service in the Obama administration and her husband's service in the intelligence community had no bearing on their ability to be objective.
This is a sham, witch hunt, show trial.
Excuse me, we didn't talk before you came on.
I followed a lot of your coverage but missed the last few hours.
You're telling, slow down and repeat that for the viewers and listeners of who this judge, known as Mrs. Kangaroo, Mrs. Starchamber, is allowing to be jurors.
She is allowing an Obama-era White House communications director to be a juror whose husband works in the deep state intelligence community.
Wow, you were there.
Can you tell us the name or is that gagged?
You're not allowed to say the names of the individual, but all I can tell you is it's Washington, D.C.
97% of the District of Columbia voted for Hillary Clinton.
So this is the jury that Roger Stone is going to be facing.
This is supposed to be the jury of his peers.
How is that fair?
Well, I'm hard to stud.
Things are so crazy in this quickening, but you're sitting there in the courtroom while they're doing jury selection, that's in the news is happening today, and with a straight face, hell, why don't they just have Robert Mueller as the jury?
Or Hillary Clinton?
You're saying, Obama White House Communications Director.
Well, let's look up the names of who those folks were.
Holy mackerel!
Yeah, and these are people, Alex, who presumably filled out a jury selection questionnaire or some type of form beforehand for both sides to be able to evaluate them.
I'd really like to know what this individual said on her form because all I can imagine is somebody saying, I hate President Trump.
I hate his guts.
I hate Roger Stone, but I'll still be able to make an impartial decision as a member of the jury.
It is a joke.
I am stunned and quite frankly at the verge of speechlessness.
Did you notice anything else about any of the other jurors?
Today they've only been able to get through one juror because apparently a couple people in the viewing area collapsed at a seizure.
It was a bizarre day and outside we saw
By the way, no communists or alt-left protesters.
There were only people there supporting Roger.
A multiracial group of people from all across the country who came out to show Stone that he has love and he has support.
Jacob Ingalls, the reporter that Roger Stone trusted, covered the trial for him.
When we come back to you.
Joy Behar went on national TV and said we're going to lie and get in and then take the guns.
Just like this judge.
The first juror they bring forward was Obama?
Ladies and gentlemen, Jacob Ingalls, respected longtime reporter, Central Florida Post, Roger Stone's friend, he's been here to visit us in studio, is there covering the Stone trial, and he just laid an incredible bombshell on us.
One of Barack Obama's former communications directors at the White House has been chosen as the first juror, and the judge approved it.
Such a circus!
The judge is appointed by Obama.
And now the first juror.
And the day's almost over there.
And... My God, are they gonna have Robert Mueller?
As the second juror, and... James Comey as the third, and... Peter Strzok as the fourth.
Page as the fifth.
Maybe the head of Fusion GPS will be the sixth.
Maybe... Adam Schiff will be the...
Who should be the eighth?
Maybe Obama himself.
You can't even have the appearance of a conflict and be a juror or a judge.
This judge should recuse herself.
She's known as a fraud.
She's run over Rogers' rights.
You're like, this is over the top.
Well, Joy Behar went on TV and said, we're going to lie and say we're not protecting the guns.
We're going to take every damn one of them.
It's been a bizarre start to what I imagine is going to be a very long trial, Alex.
We were supposed to get through jury selection today.
We only made it through one juror.
It's going to continue tomorrow.
And if we continue down the path that we've seen so far, what are we going to have?
People from, you know, the unions, people from the Hillary Clinton PACs, people from the Obama PACs, being jurors?
How is that fair for Roger?
We're not asking for the whole jury to be conservatives or Trump lovers or supporters, but it at least should be an even breakdown, half and half, for him to have a fair shot at proving his innocence.
These people have always been evil, but now they've decided to just openly get rid of even the pretense that they aren't raving lunatic control freaks.
But they're just like the people in the mainstream media who sit on there and do the whole Dick Cronkite.
Oh, this is mainstream news.
We're giving it to you real while they give you opinionated editorialized news coverage.
And then they tell everyone that's viewing, anybody that questions them, that this is real news.
This is not fake news.
I don't care if you want to share your opinion.
And let me decide on the facts, but don't put a fraud on the American people.
Well, who's secrecy to control all this?
They've got all these so-called whistleblowers that are secret, saying they saw or heard quid pro quo with Trump, but none of it ever happened.
They just keep recycling the same lie over and over again.
But, uh, you know, maybe you can blink or maybe take the glasses off when I say the right name.
Ellen Moran.
Anita Dunn.
Dan Pfeiffer.
Dan Pfeiffer?
Not allowed to reveal jurors' names.
Jennifer Palmieri?
Jennifer Palmieri.
Oh my god.
Wow, well, you saw you nod.
Maybe you'll be thrown in prison.
That was involuntary.
Because this judge is God.
None of us can talk.
None of us can say anything.
Because we've got to have Obama's former communications director hang Roger.
Hell, if they give him the death penalty, maybe she can hang him and kick the lever and he'll, you know, break his neck and she can piss all over his dead body.
I mean, my gosh, Jacob!
These people are out of control!
You're absolutely right, Alex.
What's going to happen next?
Are they going to throw you and me in prison for simply being brave enough to talk and speak out about what's happening in this show trial, this kangaroo court?
That's what these people want.
They don't want any appearance of fairness or collaboration from both sides.
They want us to be thrown in jail for having the bravery to speak our minds and think differently.
You know, there's so many videos of Roger and I walking down the street at the JW Marriott Hotel on the streets of D.C.
It's made on National Comedy Central.
F you, Russians!
You're going to prison!
The whole Russia thing's been disproven.
They're not charging him with actually being involved with the Russians.
They're saying he lied to Congress.
There's no evidence of that.
And they're trying to put him in prison.
This is so cold-blooded.
Well, and if you look at what's happened all the way up to this point, Alex, the judge has refused to allow Roger to enter in certain evidence that would prove that this is a sham trial.
The judge has refused Roger and his attorneys and the court to inspect the actual DNC server to prove that there was a hack to dispel that whole rumor.
So, if there was a hack, why can't we inspect the server and prove it?
The judge won't allow that.
The judge won't allow anything
That is anywhere near questioning the prosecution's case.
She's a well-known fraud, but now you sat there with your eyeballs when Jennifer Palmieri...
I saw a little nod there.
In this free country, you can't tell me.
Because we're not allowed to know it's Obama's former communications director.
But I guess his lawyers, what, Rogers' lawyers, without getting into the name, I guess they search engine the person's name more like, oh my god!
This is Obama's communications director!
Holy mackerel!
You know, this person's a guest host on MSNBC.
What was the judge saying at this point when she engaged?
It's like saying Hitler would run the Nuremberg trials.
Well, all I can say is from what happened in the courtroom today, there was a well-known Obama communications asset that was allowed to be a juror.
And the judge said with a straight face that that was no conflict of interest.
That serving in the Obama administration was not a conflict.
Past that, her husband is a member of the deep state intelligence community.
That's not a conflict.
Hey, look up Palmeri's husband!
Okay, I've seen a lot of things, but knowing how the law works, the fact that they're doing this, Trump's gotta pardon him, or they're trying to... What the hell?
You can't... I know who Paul Mary is!
That person's been on the news!
They're gonna have Obama's former communications director be the juror who's meant, you know why they were first?
To lead the jury to convicting.
Gosh, this is... She brought the Judas goat in front of all of you!
How did Roger take this?
You know, Roger is a rock, Alex.
Roger is one of the strongest people.
Yeah, but that's Twilight Zone, brother!
That'd be like Robert Mueller coming in!
I mean, it's that crazy, Jacob!
You're not kidding me!
No, I'm not kidding you, Alex.
I need everyone listening to the program right now.
Send pasta love, prayers, and energy to Roger and his family.
Stay there!
I'm coming back to you.
I'm coming back to you.
And then we've got Caitlin Bennett attacked by Antifa.
And I've got the Project Veritas exclusive, which is bombshell that ABC News had called panicking.
And then holy tomato, they're about to release that.
Ladies and gentlemen, they're just doing this all on purpose, just flaunting it.
This is called pissing in your face, crapping on you, rubbing it in.
I mean, this is Mad Hatter cuckoo world, I believe.
This gentleman, okay?
Because I've known him for years, he's a respected reporter, that's right.
The fact that they're trying to do this, it'd be like rolling a guillotine in there day one and letting Obama cut Roger Stone's head off in the courtroom, okay?
It's that crazy!
Holy Toledo!
Alright, Paul Joseph Watson is scheduled to be hosting the fourth hour and he's always informative and riveting and I don't like preempting him and I'm not going to.
But I'm obviously going to be up here all day, like I was up here until 10 o'clock last night.
It's just too crazy.
Now, we get Jacob Engel's reporter on right after it recesses because a man has a seizure and collapses.
They only approve one juror.
The juror is a well-known former head communications director for Obama.
And has a husband that's high level deep state.
So it's a woman and we're not going to reveal who here, you know what I mean?
And then it's already breaking in WorldNet Daily, Daily Caller.
It's just insane.
No one would take someone that worked for the Obama administration at any level, much less high level, and put it in a partisan trial like this that's already a show trial on Russiagate.
I mean, these people, just like Schiff's having a kangaroo court and fake transcripts, I mean, this is a lawless group!
And the Justice Department and Trump isn't supporting us by defending us.
He needs to pardon Stone.
I don't care how it supposedly looks.
So far, attorneys have only got through questioning one prospective juror, a woman, late 30s.
Her husband works for DOJ, National Security Division, and she was the communications director for OMB under Obama.
Judge Jackson said, working for the government, opinions on Trump are not reasons to be struck.
And that's other reporters and publications that are reporting that.
CNS News, they were all there!
And now you can't tell anyone!
This country is fried.
You know, they had a jury trial.
Trying to take my children away.
Texas is the only state that has that.
And I later learned that four liberal women on it said we're taking his kids no matter what.
And they had.
And of course it all derailed and I've got my children full-time, but... The truth came out, but...
I talked and had the majority of jurors later signed affidavits and admitted that they had been lied to and manipulated.
But, I mean, that's where all this is going in this country, is total rigging.
The judge was trying to stop the rigging, in my case.
But, I mean, this judge is like a cartoon character, ladies and gentlemen.
This Berman.
We're going to go back to our guest here in a moment.
I'm just going to say this right now.
Oh, my God.
Looks like she worked for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, too.
Oh, no.
Oh, my God.
You know what that means, too?
They're producing full TV shows.
To demonize me, funded by Bill and Melinda Gates, on ABC, NBC, CBS, The Good Doctor, all of it.
I mean, these people are pure evil.
I'm going to stop with it.
We're going back to our guest reporter here.
I'm just going to say this briefly.
We had Kaitlin Bennett joining us, and we had the big exclusive with Project Veritas that was just over the top.
There's no way to describe how insane this is.
The head of ABC News calling up, begging him not to release more info.
They're about to release that any minute.
We're watching that at InfoWars.com.
And the fact that their chief investigative journalist is on video saying, the Clintons, all of it, we had them.
Little girls kidnapped on airplanes.
Oh my God, I was told to shut it down.
We had it three years ago.
They have video of them in the newsroom talking about this.
And the media is trying to ignore that, but it's not working.
And then now all these other whistleblowers are coming out.
I mean, it's just amazing.
So killing Epstein isn't going to silence anybody.
And the wheels are coming off.
And if they think having some judges
Put Obama head communications directors, hell, have the press secretary in there.
Hell, have Obama do it!
If political background has nothing to do with it, hell, like I said, let the Nazi party get the time machine and go back to 1946 to the Nuremberg trials.
If political affiliation has nothing to do with the juror, then let Nazi party members sit in judgment over the Nazis.
What a load of malarkey!
But they're murdering common sense because they can't beat common sense.
I'll say this briefly.
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Okay, let me go back to our guests.
And I apologize for making you hold there, sir.
I am just speechless.
We'll have you back and Roger Stone's lawyer tomorrow.
The American people need to stand up right now.
Grab your bullhorn, get on Facebook, get on Twitter if you're so allowed, take to the streets and let
Your fellow citizens know that you will not put up with this bullcrap.
It is not American.
It's treasonous.
It's like a third world communist or socialist dictatorship, Alex.
Why are people remaining silent?
Do something!
Even communist regimes had better kangaroo courts than this.
This is the most in our face.
Why do you think it's so in our face?
It's in our face because they're trying to teach every single one of the people that are listening right now a lesson that if you stand up and you fight for America, you fight for America first, you fight for making this country great again, for alternative media,
Well, that's it.
They want us to know this is a political torture and destruction and assassination in front of us.
They want us to know they're crooks.
That judge wants us to know she's a thug.
This is openly just rubbing it in.
And they are assassinating you as a human being so that everyone else on the street can see what happened to you.
So everyone else knows to shut your mouth, be quiet, participate in the police state, in the deep state, or else.
Well, I think they've misjudged America.
America's been asleep.
We haven't been bowing.
And all I see is people getting really pissed in a focused, cold way.
What are you seeing?
I think people are waking up, Alex.
More and more, I see people
willing to realize that, hey, something's going on here.
You're telling me I can't laugh at a certain joke.
You're telling me I can't watch a certain movie.
You're telling me I can't read a certain book.
They're finally realizing that this is like Nazi Germany.
It's like communist Russia.
It's like a dictatorship.
It is no longer America because we're not being run by our government who we elect.
We are being run by technocrats and the tech left.
You are now in control of the United States of America.
And you look at Zuckerberg or you look at Google, they're just all delusional.
Zuckerberg's got this fake fight with the left right now.
That's total misdirection.
My friend, I salute you.
We've got reporters that are going to be there tonight.
This is so evil.
I wasn't going to come cover the trials.
I didn't want to be a distraction.
I'm coming now.
I'm coming.
Everyone needs to be there.
Everyone go support Roger.
This is bigger than Roger Stone now.
They are literally railroading him.
And it's confirmed that it's the former Obama Communications Director will lead the jury.
She'll probably make her the foreman!
Alright ladies and gentlemen, I am just blown away right now by the developments of ABC News caught covering up pedophile rings, knowing it was about blackmailing the Clintons.
The reporter saying, we had the Clintons, we know what they're doing to little girls, we were told not to do it.
But the narcissistic looking reporter said, oh it would have been so big, I'd have broken the biggest story ever.
How about the women?
Little girls, you piece of filth.
These people make me sick.
And then Roger being railroaded.
It's all over the news.
They're like, it's good that Obama's former head communications director, whose husband's deep state intelligence agency in the State Department and CIA, it's good that she'll probably be the foreman.
That's who the judge, let's bring in this little person first.
And then don't say who or we'll arrest you.
We're a police state now.
And Caitlin Bennett was in Kentucky last night covering the President and Antifa attack.
Here's some of the footage.
Gateway Pundits have been covering it.
Watch that again.
Antifa just attacked a woman.
And nothing is done.
They let them repeatedly attack people.
And I guess they're trying to take the microphone away, the phone away.
Here's Caitlin Bennett.
I guess it's attempted robbery as well.
Yeah, I mean, yeah, I would just say robbery is using violence and force to take something, and that's exactly what he was trying to do.
The reason why he was going after me is because I tried to stop him from, you know, trying to do something for my fiancé.
I was just trying to, you know, help him because there was a mob of five people on my fiancé.
So then he realizes I'm alone, turns around, starts to attack me, an officer intervenes, and then the officer tells me straight to my face,
I didn't witness it.
I can't do anything.
He's not getting arrested.
And it's just an unfortunate circumstance.
We see this time and time again.
These people will attack Trump supporters, conservatives.
Even if you are anywhere to the right of Nancy Pelosi, they will attack you.
And the police do nothing time and time again.
And by the way, we're not making this racial, but if a white guy attacked a black female reporter, they'd say white man attacks black woman.
It's a black guy tries to grab your microphone, it hits you in the face, take it away.
And so it's a racial attack by the leftist yardstick to boot.
Well, that's a good point, Alex, because we're always told that the cops are racist and they're bigots and, you know, they hate black people.
Well, a black man just attacked a white woman and they let him go spot free.
And they actually held us there to keep talking to us.
The cops went away for a second, came back, expected us to stay there, but they let the entire group of five or six people that attacked us walk free towards the arena where Trump supporters were getting left out.
I don't know if they attacked anybody else.
I wouldn't be surprised.
But quite frankly, I am more upset at the police in this instance than I am the Antifa.
I expect it from them.
And the more and more this happens to us, I'm starting to expect it from the police too.
And it's really disappointing.
Same thing happened in Dallas.
And I was there with a couple of former police officers, military people doing my security.
And we were just trying to get up by the venue.
Antifa came over and attacked us.
And we went over to the police and said, stop them.
And the cops turned and ran away.
They jogged away.
Because these are pathetic blue cities.
And I guess Lexington is as well.
I mean, I don't care what color a woman is, whether it's a white man attacking a white woman, or a white man attacking a black woman, or a black man attacking a white woman, it's wrong.
But the left would have made this racial as well.
There's journalists being attacked, physically being hit in the face, your microphone trying to grab... Hey, Caitlin, great job for...
Standing up and not letting that big man take your microphone away.
Oh, I wasn't letting it happen.
I, I just, I have so much disdain for these people and I'm not, I'm not afraid to admit it.
I do not like the left.
I am so sick of them.
I'm tired of it.
Quite frankly, I don't see any, any good on their side at all.
And I am not about to let them get away and I'm going to put up a fight.
I might be a small girl, but by God I have.
I can be the left right here.
There's a big man.
I'm actually turning and transitioning into a big man when I get mad.
I can't just not put up a fight.
These people don't deserve to have us stand down and not protect ourselves or our property.
Hey, let me ask you another question.
I'm sure you know Project Veritas has only released part one of the ABC News chief investigative journalist for Good Morning America saying they had all the proof, a whole bunch of women sexually trafficked, little girls, the Clintons, quote, we have the Clintons, rich men, a blackmail operation being run by Epstein and the Clintons.
She's saying all this and I was shut down for three years.
And then the ABC News president calls up all freaking out to Project Veritas.
They're about to release that.
He says even bigger stuff's coming out in part two.
They're getting death threats.
I mean, this is insane.
ABC News defending pedophile rings.
We already knew that.
But the whole house of cards coming down.
Roger Stone has the first juror brought in by the judge and allowed by the judge.
This is confirmed.
We had a reporter on, but now the reporters that were there, mainstream, were like, oh, we saw it.
It was Obama's communications director.
And the judge said, that's okay.
And so the first juror, probably be the foreman, is going to be Obama, head person.
This is just unprecedented and totally illegal.
And then you've got all the other insane news.
It's confirmed that
Mainstream News puts out fake video of walruses jumping off cliffs to tell us it's our fault, when it was polar bears chasing them.
They said they're committing suicide because of climate change.
I mean, Joy Behar says we're going to confiscate your guns, but we need to lie to the public until we get it and then take them.
She says it on ABC The View.
It's just all coming out.
I'm not trying to obsess on ABC.
ABC puts out fake footage of Syria attacks.
It's a shooting range.
Cropped, edited video.
I mean, it's like they're going crazy!
Is it because they're failing and they're just trying to quadruple the lies?
Or is it an attempt to try to make us just give up because it's not working?
What the hell's going on, Caitlin?
I have no clue, but one thing we should all be thankful for is that they're done hiding everything.
They're done hiding their real intentions.
You know, we have some people on the right, some congressmen on the right, that are hiding their true intentions on actually wanting to take our guns and, you know, banish free speech.
But the left, they're out in the open, and I'm thankful for that.
But what really concerns me about this ABC and Project Veritas thing
It's when that host, I forget her name, is talking about, oh, this could have been the biggest story.
We could have had the biggest story.
Who cares about the story?
What about the little girls?
What about the children?
Like, that should be your focus.
Her name is Amy Robach.
Amy Robach.
You're absolutely right.
Please come back on tonight.
I'm going to be up here co-hosting as well.
There's too much breaking news.
God bless you, Caitlin Bennett.
Be safe out there.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen, we've got to protect her.
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Paul Watson's coming up, the first one to play this Veritas clip.
Alright, we're posting the full interview with James O'Keefe up on InfoWars.com.
In fact, I'm told it's just been posted to Bandai Video.
We're gonna push this really heavily because he laid out so much more that's even in the first part of their video of ABC News, knowingly.
Covering all of this up.
It's just mind-blowing what's going on.
And now is the time for everybody to get conscious and realize the stakes of the civilization we're in and what's unfolding and what's happening.
Now it's so important because the average person can't differentiate between Netflix entertainment shows and fake, you know, CNN or ABC News and who the globalists really are.
And what their game plan is and what they're really up to.
Now, Paul Joseph Watson is going to be taking over here at the start of the next segment.
And as I said, I wanted to air earlier and now the Veritas interview.
We had a computer problem.
It's not going to be there.
It is on InfoWars.com.
And NewsWars.com.
And it's so important that that get out.
And it's so important that everything going on.
But O'Keefe was really on fire.
And had the head of ABC call up freaking out.
They had ABC visit their offices.
They are in free-fall mode, covering up pedophile rings, blackmail.
Just incredible information.
And if we don't recognize how big all this is, and don't make it a big deal, and don't care about it, they're going to normalize all of this information and just get us to accept it.
That's what the pedophile storytime's about.
That's what the billboards in England saying, you know, sterilize yourself, kill yourself.
That's what the National Health Service, Paul Joseph Watson's latest article, is just biblical.
What a day!
What a time!
And it's going to get wilder and wilder and wilder and wilder.
And they're going to intimidate more and more and get more in your face and threaten you and say, hey, we have Google Pay.
We have Apple Pay.
You better behave or we'll turn your money off.
That's the whole plan.
That's always been the plan.
So I'm going to say it again.
There's a lot of forces working to make sure you don't see what James O'Keefe said earlier live on this show.
But the Discipline Alive got it out.
Because that's where people really say what they think.
And I assure you, I'm going to get it posted to Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
It's already up on Vandod Video.
We're going to get it out to everybody.
So we're going to go to break.
And we're going to come back with Paul Joseph Watson fighting hard from the UK, the epicenter of the globalist takeover.
And we're going to get conscious!
And we're not going to be potheads!
And we're not going to be drunks!
And we're not going to be slaves to this system!
And we're going to come out of our trance we're under!
And we're going to be men again!
And we're going to say no to the evil!
And we're going to stand up!
Paul Joseph Watson is taking over in 60 seconds.
Please call everyone you know on local radio, TV, however you're listening, Infowars.com, Fourslash Show, Bandot Video, and tell them that the whole house of globalist cards is coming down right now!
The whole house of cards is coming down right now!
The whole house of cards is coming down!
We are live in the fourth hour of the show and of course the biggest story, what should be the biggest story in America right now, it isn't, certainly not on CNN which is breathlessly reporting on the typos in Trump's tweets because that's more important apparently, is of course the massive new bombshell James O'Keefe Project veritas revelations on the death, the murder some might say, of Jeffrey Epstein.
Headline up on summit.news, ABC News anchor
Quote, a hundred percent sure Epstein was killed.
Now this was an angle that kind of got buried under the main story, which of course was that ABC News sat on this story, aided the cover-up for three straight years by refusing to release this big interview, which they are not going to do.
Apparently the statements that have come out of ABC News do not suggest that they're going to release that in TV at all.
We have this story, ABC News anchor 100% sure Epstein was killed, and this has been lost in the upheaval that this story has caused today on the internet, on Twitter, because she came out with a statement, Amy Roback, this anchor, basically
Disavowing her own words.
It's like she was almost, you know, chain tied up to a chair with a gravelly, grainy video camera stuck in front of her face saying she actually didn't mean what she meant when she said these words.
Because on that video, on that leaked recording obtained by James O'Keefe and Project Veritas, she says she's 100% certain Epstein was murdered.
Is she going to take back those comments?
She did not make reference to those comments in her statement disavowing this entire story.
Now, from what I understand, these comments were only made about two months ago, of course, when Epstein died.
What was it now, back in July-August, two to three months ago?
Because she said, quote, so do I think he was killed 100%?
Yes, I do.
Because do you want it?
He made his whole living blackmailing people.
That's what Amy Roback said on ABC News to her own producer.
Quote, there are a lot of women, a lot of men, sorry, on those planes.
A lot of men who visited the island, a lot of powerful men who came into that apartment.
And she went on to say she, quote, knew immediately that the official suicide explanation was entirely false.
Those comments have not been referred to in her disavowal.
We have this story out of The Hollywood Reporter.
ABC's Amy Roback says she made Jeffrey Epstein comments in private moment of frustration.
This is what she's reduced to in order to try and keep her job.
The 2020 co-anchor explained comments she made in a video.
In the video, Roback is shown expressing frustration that the network... It's not frustration, she's literally saying they killed it.
This is more than frustration.
She's saying they had the photos, the videos, the eyewitness testimony.
What happened to believe all women?
I thought this was the era of Me Too.
But in a statement provided first to The Hollywood Reporter, after this big bombshell came out,
ABC News said, at the time, not all of our reporting met our standards to air, but we have never stopped investigating the story.
Absolute BS!
They claimed there was no corroborating evidence, and this is why they didn't air this story.
Oh, but isn't that your usual standard of journalism, ABC News, and the media in general?
There was no corroborating evidence for the Pegate scandal.
There was no corroborating evidence, direct evidence, for the Kavanaugh allegations.
There was no direct corroborating evidence to demonize and try and destroy the lives of the Covington High School kids for smirking at somebody in Washington, D.C.
No evidence for any of that.
There was no evidence for the quid pro quo Ukraine tape controversy.
They didn't sit on those stories for years.
They went straight on in with the narrative.
Now, which stories did they sit on for years and years and years, despite huge amounts of corroborating evidence?
Eyewitness testimony, photos, videos.
The Jeffrey Epstein scandal, and of course, here in the UK, the Jimmy Savile scandal, which again was very similar, in that this individual was involved in grooming children, in some cases having sex with, in one case, corpses in hospitals.
That actually happened.
Jimmy Savile, of course, very close to the British establishment, not only within the entertainment industry, but within politics and with the royal family.
The British media, the BBC, sat on that story for decades.
ABC News sat on the Epstein scandal for decades, despite corroborating evidence.
So don't give me this BS that you're not going to put it on air because there's no corroborating evidence.
There was, and your normal standard is to put it on air anyway, even if there is no evidence.
I mean, ABC News literally aired footage from a gun range, what was it, in Kansas, and claimed that it was
Turkish military massacring Kurds.
No corroborating evidence for that, because it was a completely fake video.
But that went straight on air, didn't it?
So, rollback has come out since.
And said, quote, as a journalist, as the Epstein story continued to unfold last summer, I was caught in a private moment of frustration.
I was upset that an important interview I conducted with Virginia Roberts didn't air because we could not obtain sufficient corroborating evidence to meet ABC's editorial standards about her allegations.
Yet they will have a two month long show trial and breathlessly report allegations against Brett Kavanaugh with absolutely no corroborating evidence.
Now there's been a lot of reaction to this story since it broke, of course.
Alania Mastrojello on Twitter says ABC will air a video from a Kentucky gun range and pass it off as footage from Syria.
Or Brian Ross will air a fake report about Michael Flynn and Russia, which will then tank the stock market.
But they'll sit on the Epstein story for years.
Yvonne Byrne says, while Brian Stelter is breaking stories about POTUS as typos, James O'Keefe breaks story about ABC quashing story on Jeffrey Epstein.
This is the stark contrast between legacy media and new media and it's striking.
Mike Cernovich says, we could not obtain sufficient corroborating evidence to meet ABC's editorial standards about her allegations and ABC News anchor writes.
She's on tape, they have photographs, they have victims, they had witnesses.
No corroborating evidence.
Absolute BS.
Sernovich also tweeted, Media Bros.
Someone at a party 40 years ago heard something about Kavanaugh.
Run it!
Also Media Bros.
Here's pics of Epstein with Clinton and a witness and a victim willing to go public.
Not enough evidence.
Absolutely incredible.
Tim Paul said, BS.
Media bent over backwards on the Kavanaugh allegations.
The victims had photographs of them with Prince Andrew.
This is an effing cover-up!
Now, of course, it's a huge meme across the entire country.
Epstein didn't kill himself.
On top of that, we have these massive revelations that not only did ABC News sit on this story for three years, that this ABC News anchoring question, Amy Roback, is literally on there.
Just a couple of months ago with these comments saying she knew immediately the suicide explanation was false because she'd seen the corroborating evidence to suggest that obviously there were a lot of powerful individuals who wanted Epstein dead because of the evidence against them.
That's why she knew immediately that the official story of a suicide was false.
Absolutely incredible.
That they're now trying to roll this back.
And where is Brian Stelter?
Where is Olive Darcy?
Where is Don Lemon?
Somebody on Twitter posted an image.
They'd searched back Don Lemon's tweets for the word Epstein, his entire archive of his tweets.
Not a single tweet about Jeffrey Epstein from Don Lemon.
All these people whose, it's their very job to cover the media, to cover the media environment, to cover media related stories and scandals, people like Oliver Darcy, don't have a single word to say about this Project Veritas footage.
Are they going to say it's edited?
Oh my God, it's edited every single time.
Yes, every piece of video
Before it's broadcast, or before it's uploaded to YouTube, it's edited.
That doesn't mean it's fake.
That doesn't mean it's misleading.
They use this trick over and over again.
Are they going to claim this is edited?
It's directly from ABC News.
They've got an insider within there.
And Project Veritas just released actually on Twitter trying to get a comment from the head of ABC.
He just refused to give a comment.
He said he hadn't seen the video.
Even when he was directly shown the video, he still had no comment.
This isn't going away.
Epstein cover-up is trending on Twitter.
They actually allowed that to happen.
So this bombshell story is going absolutely nowhere.
Their claims of no corroborating evidence are absolute BS.
Don't go away.
We'll be back.
And we are live once again.
There was a top story up on Drudge a few hours ago.
This new study or new warning emergency declaration put out by scientists.
The headline up on summit.news.
Scientists demand Westerners have fewer children to stop climate change.
Yes, it's bug world order once again.
Over 11,000 scientists have signed an emergency declaration urging Westerners, and I say Westerners,
Because this study, this warning, was published in a Western scientific journal, then amplified by the Western media.
This is not directed towards people in the Middle East, or people in Africa, or migrant communities within the West.
This is firmly, solely directed towards Westerners.
And they say that Westerners have to have fewer children in order to stop climate change.
Well, there's one problem with that.
Westerners aren't having any children.
Even if you believe in man-made climate change, which of course we've debunked as hysterical alarmist propaganda, which is merely being recycled on a 50-year cycle, the biggest surge in population growth is occurring in Africa and the Middle East and amongst migrants from those countries who now live in the West, who we are importing in the millions and millions.
The scientists write that global population quo must be stabilized and ideally gradually reduced within a framework that ensures social integrity.
Basically that's a euphemism for saying we need massive population reduction now.
Even though the UN Zone figures, which they love to cite when it comes to climate change and global warming, show that the human population will get to about 9 billion by the year 2050 and then it will gradually decline after that.
But this is odd that it's directed towards Westerners
Given that in Europe, for example, women are having on average just 1.6 children, and in North America 1.9 children, which is well below the replacement rate.
And they've done studies in the UK, I think Breitbart wrote about this recently, where within the migrant communities in the UK, the ones who've recently moved there, are having way more children than the replacement rate would require, and native British people are having way less.
Kind of racist to suggest that there should be less brown and black people on the planet in order to solve climate change, I would suggest, but that's certainly not a narrative that's being pushed by Bloomberg, which put out this original article.
Because in Africa, women are having on average 4.5 children and in the Middle East it's 2.8 children above the replacement rate, of course.
Many of these families are also producing similar numbers of offspring after they move to Western countries.
And in fact, there's a graph.
Again, the source is the UN.
And they talk about the population increase heading up to 2050.
The graph is in this Summit News article.
And it shows that the clear majority of population increase is coming in the next 30 years or so.
from Africa and the Middle East.
They have the purple line for Africa, which shows a good chunk there at the top, and below that a big red line, or a red chunk, for Asia, excluding Japan and China.
This graph is in the article at summit.news.
Scientists demand Westerners have fewer children to stop climate change.
So the vast majority of that population increase is coming from Africa and Asia, of course not Japan and China.
China had its one-child policy, the
Ramifications of which are still reverberating throughout the country.
I think they increased that where they could have two children, but it was only for basically wealthy people in China.
People in Japan aren't having children, so they're not accounting for population increase.
And then right down at the bottom, or almost at the bottom in green, is Europe, which again
How much of this population increase from Europe is going to come from migrant communities?
Because European natives are not having children.
Their population is declining.
So those figures obviously must include the increase in population from migrants who have migrated to Europe.
Same case as with the Middle Eastern bloc, which is shown in red there, and the African bloc shown in purple.
So the only people who are really having children above their replacement rate and supposedly causing climate change
are going to be the Middle East and Africa as they continue to develop.
So it's quite racist in my view to suggest that there should be less black and brown people on the planet.
In addition, and this is something I exposed in my video about extinction rebellion,
The entire overpopulation argument is alarmist hysteria.
You can go back to 1968 for the foundational text on this piece of alarmism, which was environmentalist Paul Ehrlich in his 1968 book, The Population Bomb, which ludicrously claimed, and this was repeated right up until the end of the 80s, in his book said, quote, hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death.
That's a quote.
By the 1980s, because of overpopulation, this was still in vogue as late as the early 2000s.
Then it kind of subsided within the narrative because the actual facts of the matter were not bearing it out.
In fact, I think there were studies in Indonesia where their populations are actually starting to level off because they're starting to develop.
So this entire overpopulation propaganda hysteria has been alarmism from the very beginning, but they're still pushing it as part of this narrative to convince Westerners not to have children even though they're not having children.
They want you to live alone in a pod, eat bugs, never have children, and die alone.
That is the bug world order.
And again, the people telling you this
Directing this message at Westerners are people like Greta Thunberg, who is hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio, the guy who literally takes private jets everywhere to pick up environmental awards.
The guy who vacations on 400-foot luxury yachts owned by billionaire oil shakes.
She's hanging out with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the guy who literally has a garage full of muscle cars and tanks.
That's the kind of lifestyle they're living.
The kind of lifestyle you have to live is to eat bugs and never have any children.
And Piers Corbyn, who is brother of Jeremy Corbyn, surprisingly Labour leader in the UK, in a recent interview he said, quote, climate policy is there to control you, not climate.
And that's what it's all about is population control.
We had a billboard go up in London.
I wrote about this last week on Summit.News.
Headline, Billboard in London encourages white people to sterilize themselves.
And this was a billboard in North London.
It says, imagine a city less crowded.
Do your part.
Get sterilized.
And it has five children on there depicted as cartoon characters.
And they're all white.
A noticeable and alarming lack of diversity within this advertisement.
Perhaps we should report it to the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK.
Not very diverse.
So they literally have billboards in major European cities telling white people to get sterilized.
They put out massive scientific emergency declarations aimed at Westerners
And in fact, there was another billboard in Portugal, which is posted in this same article.
It says celebrate low birth rates.
Again, in countries like Portugal and Italy, all the young people are leaving.
They're not having kids and they're being left with an aging population.
Why, if overpopulation is such a massive burden on the planet, is this message only being aimed at Westerners who are not having children anyway?
Really makes you think, doesn't it?
We'll be back in the next segment with more news.
Going to talk about the Chinese social credit score.
Publicly shaming bad citizens for jaywalking.
Thank God that we don't have this in the West where people are publicly shamed and de-platformed for their supposed bad behaviour.
Or do we?
We'll be back.
Don't go away.
We are back and there is more fallout on the big Epstein story being broken by of course Project Veritas and James O'Keefe.
Ryan Saavedra from Daily Wire has made some good points and in fact Donald Trump Jr.
has just commented on this story in the past few minutes.
Saavedra said, ABC News's Amy Robach says she had the bombshell story on Jeffrey Epstein three years ago.
That means she had the story in 2016!
She said, quote, we had Bill Clinton.
In 2016, Bill Clinton's wife, Hillary, was running for president.
We may never know why ABC News killed the story.
Gee, I wonder why.
He continues, this entire bombshell story centres around one word, Clinton.
Who of course is still making noises about re-entering for 2020.
He says replace Clinton with Trump and ABC News would have hired an entire division of investigative journalists to dig up everything they could find.
This was the same media industrial complex that devoted all those resources, despite no corroborating evidence, to the completely fallacious false PGATE dossier, which was a complete hoax.
No evidence backing it up, they put it on air anyway.
Donald Trump Jr.
They cover this up for three years and they're not the enemy of the people.
I truly hope people wake up and see what the media truly is.
This is sickening.
Not going to do too much for those record low trust in media polls, is it?
That they sat on this story for three straight years because it basically identified Clinton as one of the main protagonists.
If that was Trump, it would have been a very different story indeed.
Before we get back into more of the news and I'm going to talk about Chinese social credit score now.
In the UK we have it even worse.
I'm going to tell you what's happening with hospital treatment or the refusal
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Now there's an article up on Summit News, which is a video.
Chinese social credit score publicly shames bad citizen for jaywalking.
We knew this was happening, but this is just another video example of it.
Video shows a citizen being publicly shamed and having his photo and ID card flashed up on a big screen for, wait for it, crossing the road on a red light.
How dare he?
Surprise, he's not already in a gulag.
Chinese facial recognition system to discourage minor traffic violations.
Cross the road when you shouldn't and a picture of you with your name, ID card number pop up on the big screen for everyone to see.
Recall, the media says, oh, this is this is just a localized issue.
They're not integrating all these databases.
Yes, they are.
They're integrating the facial recognition databases with people's citizen ID cards and then punishing them on that.
Because we had a story a couple of months ago or even
More recently than that, where it said in China, to use the internet, they would have to first go in and type in their national ID card and then do the facial recognition online.
So if you've been a naughty boy or girl, not only do you get publicly shamed, you don't get to use the internet.
Under its social credit score system, China punishes people who criticize the government as well as numerous other behaviors.
Including bad driving, smoking on trains, buying too many video games or buying too much junk food.
Back in August, the Communist state bragged about how it had prevented a 2.5 million quote, discredited entities from purchasing plane tickets and 90,000 people from buying high-speed train tickets in the month of July alone.
So again, this is about population control.
You don't get to use the internet.
You don't get to travel because you may have engaged in one of these miscellaneous bad behaviours.
And it gets down to the point where it's going to be based on denunciations, just like Nazi Germany, where your neighbour says you engaged in a certain behaviour.
That goes on your social credit score.
And maybe you don't get to use the internet.
Maybe you don't get to buy food because your credit card gets declined.
And as I write in the article...
Thank God here in the West we don't get publicly shamed, deplatformed and punished for our political opinions or perceived misbehaviour.
Oh wait a minute, we do!
Because we're completely mirroring the communist Chinese social credit score system.
But I don't want to be too mean to China because they at least haven't denied hospital treatment for people caught up in their social credit score system, or at least not yet to my knowledge, unlike
In the UK, headline, UK National Health Service to deny treatment to racists and sexists.
Now I saw this on a news broadcast last week where it was literally introduced by the anchor of the news, the news reader saying, is it time to deny racists hospital treatment?
So this was already being floated in the news a week ago and now it's being confirmed in at least one area of the country.
The National Health Service NHS Trust in the UK has announced that it will deny treatment to patients it deems are racist or sexist.
The North Bristol NHS Trust said that, quote, threatening and offensive language, as well as racist or sexist language, gestures or behaviour and malicious allegations, whatever the hell that means, would all be punishable offences.
So if you engage in any of these infractions, which of course are completely subjective and broadening on a daily basis when it comes to allegations of racism or sexism, you will be subject to a sports style, this is their word, sports style disciplinary yellow card and then final red card in which treatment would be withdrawn as soon as is safe.
And when is that safe, to withdraw hospital treatment or medical treatment?
In fact, my mother's in hospital and they're keeping her in for weeks on end just as a precaution.
In this instance, they're going to say, no, we're going to withdraw it at our discretion because you may have said a mean word to one of the nurses.
And again, it's based on allegations.
So it could be something that was completely misheard.
And of course, all this is very subjective.
Andrea Young, Chief Executive of North Bristol NHS Trust,
Bear in mind this is government health care.
This is what people have to use.
They can't afford private health care.
They pay their taxes.
This is what they get.
Oh, but they don't get it if they're called a racist.
This is worse than anything China has done that I've read so far.
She said, quote, we have staff from many different backgrounds from all over the world.
We pride ourselves on our commitment to equality, which is fundamental value of the NHS.
We're sending a strong signal that any racism or discrimination is completely unacceptable.
We want staff to challenge and report it and we want everyone to know that it will have consequences.
How many scandals have there been of nurses, doctors mistreating individuals in hospitals and care homes simply because they don't like them?
They could abuse this to report people as racist when they actually haven't done anything wrong.
We had the NHS
An NHS patient who requested a female nurse to carry out a cervical smear complained when the hospital sent a person with an obviously male appearance, close cropped hair, male facial appearance and voice, a large number of tattoos and facial stubble, who insisted, my gender is not male, I'm a transsexual.
So if you complain as a woman about getting operations or treatment related to your genitals being carried out by a transgender person, you may get denied hospital treatment.
Well, Epstein cover-up is trending on Twitter right now.
Surprised they even let that happen.
But what headline did Twitter choose to feature in their moment to describe this story?
Was it ABC News sat on Epstein scandal for three years?
Or was it ABC News covered up Epstein scandal for three years?
Or was it ABC News anchor said she was 100% sure Epstein was murdered?
It's ABC anchor points to private moment of frustration over hot Mike Buttigieg.
So again, they've gone with the denial.
They've gone with the
Softball of this story completely undermining and blacklisting the true narrative which this story should have produced.
Once again trying to further the cover-up in making this story seem like it was about non-corroboration of evidence when of course we know ABC News and the rest of the media will run with any ridiculous story so long as it's Orange Man bad related with no corroborating evidence whatsoever.
So they're already trying to
Pile on and make it about her disavowal rather than her initial comments, which her disavowal does nothing to disprove.
Absolutely incredible, but par for the course with Twitter, social media and the mainstream media.
Now we're going to go to this story up on Summit.News.
Because the Groyper War on Conservative Inc.
is continuing.
Dan Crenshaw suggests criticism of Israel is not protected under the First Amendment.
Of course we've had many of these Zoomers engaging in this Groyper War by attending events which they assert are being controlled by Conservative Inc.
Turning Point USA events and in this instance an event attended by Congressman Dan Crenshaw.
Who was asked about federal laws that demand contractors in America sign a pledge they will not boycott Israel.
Now I don't care if you want to attack the Jew obsessives who constantly blame Israel for everything, or if you want to question the conservatives who constantly prostrate themselves and genuflect and worship Israel at every available opportunity.
All of that should be protected under the First Amendment.
Not so, according to Dan Crenshaw,
Because the audience member at this event last night drew attention to a law passed by the state of Florida which prohibits antisemitism in public schools and universities throughout the state but is written to conflate antisemitism with criticism of Israel.
And this is the clip right now of the question and just wait and hear what Crenshaw's response was.
Let's roll the clip.
The state of Florida has also passed a law outlawing the mere criticism of Israel.
Representative Crenshaw, on May 9th of this year, similar legislation was even attempted at the federal level when the House Appropriations Committee sought to amend a routine government funding bill to allow federal agencies to compel contractors to promise not to boycott Israel as a requirement of maintaining their relationship with the U.S.
Congressman, in spite of our unique and historic alliance, these laws are obvious, flagrant, and troubling violations of the First Amendment and free speech.
We're advocating for the First Amendment.
I wouldn't presume my intentions.
I wouldn't presume my intentions.
I will presume your intentions.
I will.
Because I know you guys are.
And here's the problem with the BDS movement.
When you create a movement... I'm not advocating the BDS movement.
...the way it happened, you divest and sanction one Jewish state just because they are the one Jewish state.
There is a deep problem with that.
That is anti-Semitism manifest.
It's your right as an American.
So there you have Dan Crenshaw again basically not answering the question, which was about the First Amendment.
It wasn't about the BDS movement.
Now you should be able to ask questions about the 38 billion in military aid to Israel and why Conservative Inc.
continues to genuflect and put, in many cases, Israel first and not America first, without them immediately resorting to the racism charge.
This is why these groipers are getting a lot of traction on social media with these kind of clips because the questions are not being answered and they're just immediately being called racist.
If you adopt the tactics of the left to shut down debate, to shut down conversation,
You're going to look inconsistent.
You're going to look hypocritical.
It's similar to saying.
It's similar to a question about, you know, migration and refugees coming into Europe or America.
Imagine, you know, a conservative asked the question.
Is there an issue with allowing millions of people in from countries that don't respect women, that have substandard human rights records, that have big problems with sexual assault and violent crime?
Is there a problem with importing millions of those people into the West without them being properly integrated?
And then the leftist up on stage just immediately reacts by saying, shut up racist, refugees welcome.
That's the equivalent of what Crenshaw and his ilk are doing by immediately jumping to this anti-Semitism label when the question wasn't about anti-Semitism, it wasn't directly about the BDS movement, it was about the First Amendment.
And I don't think corporations, companies in America, should have to sign a pledge under federal law that they have to be loyal to any country
Doesn't matter which country it is and not do business with them.
I think that is an imposition on the First Amendment and it is a free speech issue.
So just immediately trying to shut down the people who ask it by calling them racist and anti-Semites doesn't address the question.
And it means, whichever side of this you fall on, this Groyper War that they're calling it against Conservative Inc.
is only going to accelerate and they have all these events planned with people like Charlie Kirk, people like Ben Shapiro.
You know, TPUSA, I've met Charlie Kirk a bunch of times, I don't think he's a bad guy, I think he's a genuine guy.
But again, he's not answering the question.
Every time they ask a question about Israel,
They immediately get shut down and called racist every time they ask a question about LGBT and drag queen story time.
They got shut down and called bigots and homophobes.
They're adopting the tactics of the left to shut down debate.
Within these conferences, within these events that are supposed to be entirely based around free speech and everyone having an equal conversation.
So, the optics don't look very good for them, for Conservative Inc.
and this is only going to continue and we'll continue to track it.
Now, the FBI is using its resources in a very valuable fashion by investigating posters that say it's okay to be white.
We have a case now, of course.
This was, the very question of whether it requires any investigation or not is very much up in the air, given we know the origin of it.
It's a 4chan troll to bait leftists and the media into suggesting that it's not okay to be white, therefore exposing them as the actual racist.
But now the FBI is investigating it's okay to be white posters after the hate-filled flyers were posted around the campus of Western Connecticut State University.
So they've basically identified the individual, I think, and now it's the subject of an FBI investigation, complete and total waste of resources.
It's literally a troll to trigger you into furthering this moral panic, and you keep falling for it.
If you didn't keep reacting this way with talk of hate speech in FBI investigations, the flyers would stop, even if you think it's
Such a horrible crime to state it's okay to be white.
Obviously a lot of people think it is.
Now, ludicrously, it's the subject of an FBI investigation.
Meanwhile, MRCTV reports populist left YouTuber mystified by the site of FOMS.
This was Kyle Kalinsky, Secular Talk, who is with the Young Turks Network, who's actually the best one out of the Young Turks.
He actually supports free speech.
And usually has very sober, rational conversations with people.
But I saw some people, even on the right, defending him for this incredibly dumb tweet.
He tweeted out.
He was on an airplane.
He took a picture out the window.
He said, this is land by the Colorado-Kansas border from a plane.
Pretty cool.
I have no idea how, why it looks like this.
The picture is of bombs.
So you have this urban liberal elitist who says, by his own admission, he rarely travels, he doesn't fly, lives in the urban sprawl of New York or wherever he lives, literally seeing farms out the window of an airplane and not knowing what they are.
Then he tried to come back and say, oh, I was just talking about the colours, of course I know what farming is.
No, just take the L, Kalinsky, take the L.
It was a sick burn, you did get owned, and it did shine a light on the fact that flyover country, this meme,
Well, this cliche, as some people would call it, is in fact very real.
You do have a lot of urban liberal elitists.
By the way, his pinned tweet, as of a couple of days ago, was literally about the Green New Deal.
Talking about policies that will literally reshape, and in many cases, eviscerate the living standards of people living in these farming communities.
Tweeting out the window of a plane, literally not even recognizing what a farm looks like.
That's going to wrap it up.
War Room is coming up next.
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It was more than 25 years ago that I was in college and I still remember being at Barton Springs, this big natural limestone pool in Austin, Texas that feeds into the Colorado River and seeing these professional swimmer types out there who were in really good shape.
And I remember this old man who looked like an Olympic athlete or something with a
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And, you know, have you seen how the planes are flying over?
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And I was kind of awake then, but I hadn't heard of chemtrails yet, and I'd heard something about the debate about fluoride, but I knew that Stanley Kubrick had made fun of people back in Dr. Strangelove, you know, back in the early 1960s in that movie, so I wasn't exactly sure what the guy was getting at.
But then all these years later, like eight years ago, Dr. Groups here,
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It was kind of like that, and then a lot of weight came off of me, and it did amazing things.
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And people love it, and we sell it, and it's on the site, and it's our best seller.
I was talking to some medical doctors and others, and they said, Alex, there's a small percentage of people that can't absorb atomic iodine, and the pure deep-earth crystal type.
You should have triiodine with two other types with it that help you absorb the deep-earth crystal iodine, but a little bit of the other two types.
And so we have all three types in Survival Shield X3, and a lot of people like X3.
Better than X2.
It's all your physiology.
It's all your body.
This is weaker.
And that's just the formula because when you do it with the other two types, it reportedly supercharges the pure iodine.
And so you don't want it to be stronger.
It's not about a saving money thing.
It's not even a cost issue.
It's that this is a different formula for different people.
And so it's up to you to try it.
By the way, iodine's big, big.
Big mojo.
This isn't a game.
So be careful with it.
Consult your physicians.
Check into it.
Because you already have deficiencies and stuff.
And then this comes into your life?
You're playing with lightning in a bottle here.
It's 70% off for the 2-ounce bottle.
60% off for the 1-ounce bottle right now.