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Name: 20191031_Thu_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 31, 2019
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The Alex Jones Show discusses topics such as censorship, politics, and health supplements while promoting their iodine products at m4store.com. They talk about current events, including the impeachment inquiry against President Trump and potential deep state conspiracies. A former CIA Station Chief, Brad Johnson, also joins to discuss the CIA and possible solutions for improvement or abolishment. In addition, the InfowarStore is having a Super Sale on various health supplements and products.

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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
It's October 31st, 2019, the High Holy Day of Satanist Druids, worshipers of the Dark Lord.
And just minutes ago, the Democratic Party, servants of the anti-human New World Order,
Voted 232 to 196 along party lines to improve and approve impeachment roadmap of President Trump.
So they have officially initiated impeachment proceedings against the President of the United States and they are making their move right now.
We're going to have open phones and guests today.
We're going to be laying all of this out for you.
Now, we also have some very serious reports about the Caribbean and the fact that there is ongoing coverup of Ebola that has reportedly made it into the Caribbean.
It also made it into Texas.
And it made it into New York, if you remember, six years ago and got covered up.
But it was confirmed that those individuals did have Ebola.
We're taking to the CDC main centers in Atlanta, Georgia.
That is now in the news today.
Ebola outbreak feared in Bahamas.
As Nation put on high alert,
We, of course, exclusively reported on tens of thousands of individuals coming out of the Congo earlier this year into San Antonio, Texas, Houston, Texas, and Austin, Texas.
Unvetted, unchecked for any diseases when they were having the biggest Ebola outbreak in history that is still ongoing.
Our camera people, including Owen Schroer, were physically assaulted
By effeminate white males that were leading the operation.
These people were illegally brought into the United States.
They are above the law.
Also, I knew what I would find last night when we saw it.
I knew the media would spin it.
We were live on air.
I went live till past midnight last night.
Special emergency report on impending initiation of impeachment today.
We're gonna play those clips when we come back from break.
What just happened minutes ago, and Rob Dewey was in there running the show, and he said, look at this Twitter account of a man that dresses as a woman, and look at how they're simulating human sacrifice of a baby and cutting it out of a woman, Helter Skelter style, Charlie Manson style, which is one of the highest level satanic rituals.
And then drinking the blood of the baby live, which is what they simulate.
Like at Bohemian Grove, they simulate the sacrifice of a child.
As above, so below.
That's called lesser magic.
Well, I knew what I'd find when we went to the Instagram of this individual.
Devil worship and vampirism.
This is not, on Halloween, trying to be shocking, simulating cutting a baby out of his womb.
This is all about blasphemy.
And these people embrace Satan, and they have the lowest life expectancy, the highest level of suicide, and they say it's because we're not giving them access to our children.
These are the people, and I bet you money we're digging into it.
This individual has been at Drag Queen Storytime.
You know they have.
You know they have.
We're digging into it right now.
We know this individual is a supporter of that, and this is extremely graphic.
We're going to show you what's really graphic.
When we come back, giant machete attacks all over Europe.
Warning, viewer discretion is advised.
When you import Central Africans directly out of the jungle, you are going to get the jungle.
We're going to be laying all of that out here today as well as the controlled takedown of civilization and the interdimensional assault of the alien invasion.
That's what that is right there.
That's a transmission.
We're on planet Earth in the middle of deep space.
This is a assault.
The planet is under interdimensional demonic attack.
It is Thursday, October 31st, 2019.
And the Democrats have this all planned out.
Initiate the official impeachment proceedings.
Initiate the official impeachment procedures.
Have their kangaroo pretrial in the House of Representatives and vote before Thanksgiving to attack the Christian holiday.
And then have the trial in the Senate in December and remove the president as a Christmas present to piss on Christ.
That is exactly the plan.
As we told you months ago, and everybody said, oh, Trump is invincible, nothing's gonna happen.
But you notice suddenly all these big Republicans are saying it's time to censor conservatives on the internet.
Gorka's coming out.
They're all coming out.
They're lining up to be good little boys and girls so they can stay, at least for now, on Facebook and Twitter.
Now that Twitter announced yesterday
That they're banning political advertising, that means conservative advertising, and then all the thousands of leftist propaganda channels, those will be called news.
So conservatives won't be able to pay money to counter lies, even though there's federal laws that TV and radio stations and other media have to take ads if they're publishers, by all the candidates as long as they don't violate obscenity laws.
So, last year it's Alex Jones, this year it's the NRA, and now it's the speech of Republican candidates.
What is it?
Forty-something House member Republicans have already resigned in the last few years.
They're blackmailing them.
They're pulling out all the stops.
And the average conservative looks and says, Trump's done nothing wrong.
They'll never get it done in the Senate.
Once the impeachment gets going in the next month, they're going to start having women come forward and say Trump raped them.
They're going to pull Kavanaugh.
They're going to have more fake whistleblowers come out.
And there's just going to be a crescendo.
And then riots.
And you're going to see the full push.
They will probably fail if everyone is maximal 100% engaged.
In the third dimension, on the streets, at church, at work, getting the word out, calling talk radio, calling C-SPAN, calling Congress, going to D.C., going to their offices, letting them have a piece of your mind.
That means your congressman, your congresswoman, your senator, and the opposition people, but also people in swing states.
Folks, you better not just pick up the telephone and send an email.
Do that, too, every day.
You better get on an airplane.
Our forebears fought a six-year war, almost seven-year war, with their bare hands against an empire never been defeated.
They gave up their families, their names, their treasure, their lives, many of them.
Well, if we don't get off the bench and get in the game, and I know this audience is activists, I'm just saluting you, but if others don't, we're
We're going to face a really hard road now.
You notice Hillary has come out to her surrogates and said she's running.
Bill has come out and said, I know she's running for something.
She's about to announce.
We're going to play that clip for you next segment.
And they just need to keep her out because she's so unpopular until Trump's removed and then.
She emerges to run against whatever Republicans are left that have already signed on to be paid off.
You're like, well that's unpopular, that's crazy.
Well, we've put up with everything they've done so far.
The censorship, the attacks on the family, convicted pedophiles going in and fondling kids in front of us at public schools on television.
So, we've greenlit
Yes men and women.
That it takes to survive.
Because obviously, if you have any discernment, fighting this is our only hope.
But these people think playing it safe got them where they are.
But not in the final endgame.
Not in the final stages.
And it's all a total quickening.
We obsess over the whole drag queen movement.
Because they're not drag queens.
They're demonic priests.
That's what Satanists put war paint on a lot of the sects, a lot of the subgroups, and that's what they do.
That's why Hollywood shows you demon clowns that kill children.
And now they're everywhere simulating this.
We're going to play it coming up.
And then you go to the sites of these people and they're like, we are Satanists, we are devil worshippers.
And they even dress up as devils now and come to the schools and just terrorize the children.
It's meant to terrorize them.
It is a demonic visitization.
I'm inventing words now.
Now, Ebola outbreak feared in Bahamas as nation put on high alert.
That's mainstream news.
We'll tell you about that coming up.
We've got the footage of folks pouring in out of the Congo with the biggest Ebola outbreak ever.
Not just to the Caribbean nations, but into the United States and Texas predominantly.
And when there's Ebola outbreaks, they just cover it up.
That's all coming up, but it's all part of the attempt to take down total warfare against the United States.
And Trump's a great champion fighting this, and he wants to not panic people all at the same time trying to resist it.
And he has gone after the pedophile rings, and he's doing a great job in the fronts, but he just doesn't have the people in the political class.
90% of the D.C.
ruling system is a bunch of lawyers, and they're in their own little cult.
And they are basically the last thing this civilization is going to see will be their squawking and hopping and trying to manage things as civilization unravels.
Let's go out to break with the end of the impeachment vote that just happened 30 minutes ago and then Pelosi up there with a big American flag going, we're doing this because it's America and it's about we the people.
No, Nancy.
It's about the globalists and the CHICOMS saying no to the people and screwing the nation over.
No borders, no wall, no USA at all.
And you know that.
But you're up there like an old lady that's having a bake sale, you know, for the disabled kids.
It's for America!
And you like us!
Here it is.
Again, there you go with the votes.
On this vote, the yeas are 232, the nays are 196.
The resolution is adopted without objection.
The motion to reconsider is laid upon the table.
I want to begin my remarks by some of the most beautiful words.
In our country's history.
Oh, our country, look.
We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union... Look, there's the American flag!
Oh, she loves us!
Provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare... Pause, we're gonna come back from this on the other side.
Oh, she wants domestic tranquility.
They're not dividing and conquering anybody.
It's not in the WikiLeaks, that's their main mission.
No, she wants to bring the nation together.
By having a secret kangaroo court that coached all the fake witnesses and all the evidence and transcripts show it's not true, and then they're all leftist hacks that openly work for Brennan and Clapper and Obama and Hillary, and then they get them all trained in a star chamber, and then they're gonna march them out for hearings in the next month, in the next three weeks, and then right before Thanksgiving, they're gonna have an impeachment vote, just like they did today, on launching it, and it's gonna go 232 to 196.
And then, well, they're going to start the big old fat trial in the Senate to remove the president before the 2020 election.
And the key here is you notice they're now going to ban all Republican advertising, starting with Twitter.
All Republican advertising will be banned.
We are facing a guild of power-mad psychotics who seek world government
So they can carry out abominations unimaginable against the human population, evils undreamed of by most people.
And you could see it.
You could pick it up.
It was very clear when you understand the political tea leaves.
That when Trump really started going after the corruption of the Obamas and the Clintons, that they accelerated the plan to remove him from office, no matter how dangerous it was.
And I began to tell people several months ago that this impeachment was real, and that Pelosi would end up initiating a vote in the House to commence official impeachment proceedings.
And once they start the investigation, they're not going to exonerate the president.
And once they vote in the House, the articles of impeachment that goes to trial in the Senate, they are going to pull out the stops like you've never seen.
But the fake conservative media is going to tell you, because they're controlled,
That, oh, Pelosi isn't really gonna do it.
Oh, look, notice she didn't bring up the full vote yet.
Oh, it's all a bluff.
She knows that she doesn't have the votes.
Oh, they'll never get him in the Senate anyways.
The impeachment's helping Trump.
That's to make everybody think everything's okay.
And then, Matt Drudge shows you what they're doing and what they're saying, so that conservatives get out of their bubbles.
And wake up and stop this.
And so Trump wakes the hell up and takes action for all our hides.
Because they get him, man.
And people are like, what the hell is Drudge doing?
Because the average conservative site or news show, everybody wants to hear positive news.
That everything's okay.
Well, I don't want them to win and come after our families even more and our guns and wreck this country even more.
My God, they're in the process of gutting it completely right now.
I don't want to live in La La Land.
And I told you a month ago, everybody was just sky high.
Oh, Alex, they're not going to initiate official impeachment proceedings.
And I said, the hell they aren't.
They're not having kangaroo courts and secret events and putting out totally fake information and getting caught and not stopping for no reason.
You can see it.
You can feel it.
We're at war.
And if you don't have chills running up and down your spine, understand these people are bad news and they get full control.
You either better get ready to fight or haul ass.
It's called fight or flight.
I'm going down with the ship.
But let me tell you something, folks.
You better get your ass lined up with God and get your head screwed on straight.
Now, let me tell you one of the keys to this.
I have been watching Gorka and Bannon and Turning Point USA and all these sycophants at the top of those groups.
And they have been kissing ass to Facebook and Twitter and the left and making ceremonial bows.
Now, obviously, it's agreed upon, so I don't say who, and it's done through lawyers, but they've come to me with the same, you better run the white flag up and it's okay.
You know, we'll let you, you know, we'll let you live.
That's like in, uh, you study history, but you use an allegory of fiction of the road warrior.
When Humongous is saying, just leave us with the pump and leave us with the tanks and the refinery and you can go your way.
Just give us that big fat tank of gas and we spare your lives.
Humongous is a reasonable man, why we can negotiate with him.
Yeah, go ahead and try to negotiate with people a thousand times worse than the fictional Humongous.
Wearing his spaghetti colander mask.
I mean, these people are not going to give you quarters.
They have climbed out of the pit of hell.
This is the great fabled move on America.
This is as important as World War II, or more to our nation.
Because we knew who our enemy was back then.
Now we have an enemy within.
And Hillary is directing all of this, and she got sucker punched by the landslide for Trump.
And they are making their move right now.
And she's up there like a prom mom.
With all her badges on and a little American flag pin, a big American flag.
Look, I'm with America!
We're getting rid of Trump for unity!
Total inversion.
Let me show TV viewers something.
A pinnacle is nothing but a star.
And it's the symbol of a human.
You've got the head.
You've got the arms.
You've got the legs.
What is a pentagram, ladies and gentlemen?
It's humanity going down.
Not humanity going up.
Got that?
I'm going this way with my children and my family.
I want you to come.
I'm not going this way.
I'm going up.
Just like a rocket.
I'm not going down.
But you look at the people who signed on, the evil, you can tell they've gone down, boy.
They have really gone somewhere I don't want to go.
So here we are, ladies and gentlemen, at the crossroads.
And again, let's go out to break with Pelosi, inverting reality that this is for unity and America, when they're the ones that work for the globalists killing the country.
Here it is.
Provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and to our posterity to ordain and establish this Constitution of the United States.
It goes on immediately to establish Article 1, the legislative branch.
Article 2, the executive branch.
Article 3, the judiciary.
The genius of the Constitution, a separation of powers.
Three co-equal branches of government to be a check
And balance on each other.
And it's to that that we take the oath of office.
Oh, the oath?
We gather here on that opening day with our families gathered round.
Our families?
We proudly raise our hand to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
By banning the guns?
That is exactly what we are doing today.
By imploding the borders?
Sadly, this is not any cause for any glee.
Or comfort.
Oh, no.
This is something that is very solemn, that is something prayerful, and that we had to gather so much... We're gonna go to break.
We're gonna come back with more.
But just, I pray, I pray that God bring justice.
But you know, God's gonna say, hey, you killed 60 million babies, folks.
We raised the alarm earlier this year that the biggest Ebola outbreak in the history of Central Africa was taking place in the Congo.
Tens of thousands dead.
Spreading into nearby nations for the first time.
And a large UN-funded exodus via aircraft to the United States and to Mexico where ISIS ordered to stand down and allow them in to the United States.
I think
Now, sex education to four-year-olds in Canada and the U.S., making them list their sexual preference.
That is pedophilia.
Four-year-olds don't have a sexual preference.
The abuse level is just total gaslighting.
They're just hiding it in plain view of a man, tries to creep up and talk to your child, dresses a clown about your child's genitals at the park.
They go to prison for five years.
If they do it at the public school and the parents aren't told, you're a bigot if you don't let your child ride
Horsey on their erect genitals through their pants.
Now they openly flash their genitals, and if you don't like it, go to hell.
And because we've been so taught to submit... Next segment, viewer discretion advised.
Well, there's new information coming out, but if you just think it's Canada... Look at this.
Texas School District mandates transgender education for eight-year-olds.
Canada, it's four-year-olds.
That ties into video, drag queen simulates cutting baby out of its womb, drinking blood.
I have a whole stack of this news we're going to be getting to.
Let me get back to the impeachment.
Folks think, at least some people, that if you talk about how serious the deep state is, and how serious the Democrats are in impeaching the president, that you're helping them.
No, they have a plan.
They had a plan with Kavanaugh.
Because of a lot of activists and researchers going through each woman that accused him, folks were able to find out their criminal records, they were blackmailed, and then they would later admit they had been told a lie, or they would be exposed for crimes they'd committed.
The Deep State goes through databases of any women at colleges or high schools that people like Kavanaugh went to.
They then contact women that are secretly prostitutes.
Women that are secretly drug dealers.
Women that have criminal records.
Women that have had their children taken by CPS and gotten them back.
This has come out in the news.
And the women have gone public and said, I'm not going to do this.
I got a call and was told they would expose what I do for a living if I didn't say that Kavanaugh raped me.
I've never met Kavanaugh.
It's not true.
Now, they had, what, eight women accuse him?
At least four have come out and said they were threatened that it wasn't true.
Others have admitted they lied and won't say why.
Balazi Ford is a deep state CIA recruiter, on record.
It's a complete joke.
Now, they failed, but they barely failed.
And because they didn't get in trouble for what they did, they're going to do it to the next
person that Trump nominates and 95% of people die within 10 months of pancreatic cancer.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg has had a lot of cancer, a lot of past problems.
Uh, most numbers actuaries are with what she's got.
You'd live maximum four months.
She should be dead by next week.
If you go by average, she should be dead already.
Now they're going to make a run at everybody Trump's gotten in.
Hundreds, over 200 high-level federal judges.
Hundreds more about to be confirmed.
They're going to make a run at the two Supreme Court individuals he put in.
They're not going to give up once they get rid of Trump.
All hell is going to break loose.
And the deep state's already buttering up Pence.
Articles about how he had a good week, Trump had a bad week.
Hoping Pence is dumb enough to think if he goes along with Trump being removed, he's got that tie-breaking vote in the Senate.
And they need the two-thirds, but he couldn't be that one that pushes them over.
That they'll let him be president.
That is not gonna happen.
Just like the sun comes up in the morning and sets in the evening, Hillary Clinton thinks she's going to run and thinks she's going to win.
Now she's got a book out about how she's such an... In fact, she's coming to Austin next week.
I forgot to put in that article.
About gutsy women.
She has another ghost written book with her and perhaps her Hubble's daughter, Chelsea, codenamed Mr. Ed Wilber.
And, uh, you know, help run the foundation, the child kidnapping, all of it.
I mean, it's all come out, out of Haiti.
They just had her cover her ass, and then with an email to mom.
Hey mom, they're kidnapping kids.
Is that, is that wrong?
Oh, Chelsea, you're so good.
You're so sweet.
We love our Chelsea Clinton.
She's so good.
She's so sweet.
It's called gutsy women.
You mean criminal women?
You mean jack-o'-lantern demon possessed women?
I came, I saw, he died.
I'm so good at killing people.
Yeah, you can hardly tie your shoelaces, Hillary, but you're good demon.
You're really bad news.
System likes you.
Gutsy women.
Yeah, they kill their babies.
Yeah, gutsy women.
They serve Satan.
Gutsy women.
They sell their country on the river.
So, they're not going to initiate, as I said a month ago, two months ago, a week ago, yesterday, they're not going to initiate an official impeachment proceeding, like with a time bomb, when you set the timer and hit the button, it starts going tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, it's in motion.
They're not going to trigger that domino unless they intend to pass the vote for impeachment in the House and then have the pony trial, the kangaroo event, in the Senate.
And now it's here.
So we better start talking about what we're going to do to stop it.
And I gotta tell you,
Trump, by not being able to get the indictments public, and to not be able to get the Justice Department to take action, it has emboldened these snakes, and they are imperiling this country, the economy, the whole world.
This country is like a giant doomsday bomb ticking down for the whole world.
This is a global crisis, because the shy comms and everybody else want the country wrecked.
They don't care either way as long as it destabilizes the nation.
And everybody better start whistle blowing on the deep state.
Everybody better start putting pressure on the establishment.
I mean, you got a neighbor that's a U.S.
Senator or Congressperson.
Don't go over and threaten them like a Democrat does.
Go over and let them know real sternly how the cabbage hit the cow.
And understand these people are coming for you and your family.
And really do some thinking about that and decide
Whether you're going to be a spectator or whether you're going to be on the field.
And whether you're going to just shoot your mouth off about how, well, if it ever gets bad and I ever see you in troops, I'll do something.
Ladies and gentlemen, this country's fighting for its life right now.
And we need peaceful, focused, but aggressive, sustained truth.
Information warfare at the enemy.
And I'm going to say this again.
Do you understand how critical it is that Twitter announced no political advertising starting tomorrow?
That means the Democrats and their thousands of channels of propaganda won't be called political advertising.
The Republican Party is being silenced right now for what is about to take place.
And it's going to happen at Facebook, everywhere else.
They're making their move.
And you see all these Republican lapdogs rolling over and showing their bellies right now, agreeing with the left's censorship against conservatives.
Thank you for joining us again on this Thursday, All Hallows Eve, the high holy day of the Satanist.
They don't exist as they openly unfurl their tentacles around everyone.
School district to request sexual orientation of kindergarten students.
Diversity data soon collected.
On four-year-olds.
That's a Dan Lyman article at newswars.com.
It goes right to the CBC, Government Canadian Broadcasting System, where they say it's aimed at understanding diversity.
Four-year-olds will be asked
If they are one of 50 sexual orientations or genders, that's to teach them the mental illness.
That's what that is.
Can you imagine four-year-olds being victimized by the brainwashing?
My God, this is just so heinous and absolutely over the top.
And then meanwhile, don't worry, it's going on in Texas as well.
And when we tried to cover it, as you noticed on Monday, a big fat man in a blonde red wig began attacking and screaming, had to be arrested, going, I'm dying, I'm a black trans, don't kill me, I need access to children.
And to understand, that's how it is for those folks.
The access to children is, it's just like, I've got to have them, please!
And that's one of the beginning stages.
It gets a lot worse for these folks once they get fully taken over by
Whatever these things are from the color out of space.
Continuing, ladies and gentlemen, this video is up on Infowars.com.
There's an editor's note on this Paul Joseph Watson article.
I guess he doesn't want to get arrested over in England for saying this thing is not a woman.
Looks like something out of Hellraiser.
Video, drag queen.
They all look like demon clowns now.
Oh, that's a drag queen!
See, it's all lies within lies.
It's not a woman, it's a man.
It's not even a man dressed up like a woman.
It's a man dressed up like a demon, because they are demons.
So, video.
Man dressed as a demon who says he's a vampire on his own website, simulates cutting baby out of his artificial womb and drinking its blood with pleasure and reveling in the satanic sacrifice.
There's my editor's note.
From Alex Jones, this is a man dressed up as a psychotic demon woman from a Hellraiser movie engaged in his sick, twisted fantasies that stem from the delirium fueled by a declining, plunging society.
Now we're gonna play this footage.
And this is what Charlie Manson had done to Sharon Tate, who was heavily into the occult, we should add.
And you see how that ended for her when her baby, she was eight months pregnant, was cut out of her womb.
And of course she was tied up.
They showed it to her first to get extra goodies and extra horror before they drank her blood.
And that's what they do.
to get the fear and the essence out of it.
The adrenochrome is also in the blood, not just when you eat the glands.
And so people, when we showed this last night, I said, well, that's probably just performance art.
Yes, it's performance art.
When you go to this individual Blair Back's Instagram, which we can put on screen for folks, you will notice here,
That when we scroll down, you will notice that this is an ongoing fun thing that happens, and it's all occultic and vampiric, and that's what this man does, and it's ongoing in these sinister, twisted, sickening bars that they do this.
And when you watch the video, now there's some drag queen story time right there.
Of course, we knew that would be there.
When you see all of this macabre and this, you know, these demon outfits that they're all wearing,
You have to understand, this is the religion.
This is the rollout.
It's not enough to defile themselves, they want to defile everyone else and they want access to your children.
And if you watch the video at the bar, everyone is celebrating it in a ritual.
And they have women there that are trying to give power under this, and this is all just a cultist doing a ritual, which again is a simulated murder of a baby out of the womb, the drinking of the blood.
And then when you look at the demonic, sickening, ugly face of this man with the big leering clown mouth, remember, this is who's coming to your Drag Queen Storytime.
And you see poor Desmond is amazing at the pedo bars, dancing when he's 10, 11 years old, and being handled by convicted murderers
And Satanists, and talking about how he likes to take Rohypnol and other drugs.
Here, let's back this up and play this with audio if we can.
Let's go ahead and roll this video for everybody.
This is what they're assaulting us with.
This is who they are.
As I've been telling you, these aren't men dressed as women.
These are the cultists dressed as demon clowns that is satanic regalia, getting access to your children in rituals.
To mark them, and to horrify them, and to do it in front of you!
That is a form of ritual.
Here it is.
A disgusting man, stabbing into the fake belly, and getting the baby out, and drinking the blood, playing with the placenta.
Celebrating it, and it's all about defiling women, defiling children, and then saying sick, gross men are women.
And then women are supposed to celebrate that.
A good masculine man that loves you and takes care of you, he's bad.
But if you're an ugly, sickening, devil worshiper, doing filthy, sick things,
And HBO promoting having sex with bugs, raping earthworms.
Now there's articles up on DredgeReport.com about the left now making blood sausage in rituals and eating blood sausage.
This is what happens in every society when they collapse.
It's why societies become very conservative after they've been through this.
And we're about to go through a full assault by these individuals.
So put a bunch of sick, fake placenta and all the rest of this to just make women look as ugly and gross and childbirth as ugly and gross.
You have all the left celebrating abortion, celebrating child sacrifice.
Saying it's a sacrifice.
I've played those reports.
In fact, cue that up.
We'll play it next segment.
McBrain put together like a four and a half minute piece a few months ago, showing all over the news, kill babies, it's fun, get those little buggers.
Get in there, slice them up, cut them up.
These are the people that say they're keeping babies alive after they're born to sell their organs, who are the moral authorities.
And sure enough, you go there, they're all dressed up for drag queen story time.
So we let men dressed as demons have access to children in many public schools.
They don't tell you when they come in after your children.
And now in Canada, they're going to tell four-year-olds that they're one of 50 sexual genders.
And when your child then says, OK, I'm a unicorn.
OK, I'm a girl.
But he's a boy.
They'll be taken.
Canada's already doing it.
And they'll be put in a government home.
And then at age seven, their penis and testicles will be cut off in a satanic mutilation.
And everyone will praise it and worship it, because it's mass Stockholm syndrome.
It's so evil, the average person can't believe the state's doing this.
So they have to say, oh, it must be good.
And then they've got you, and the society collapses.
That is the psychological warfare plan.
Now I'm going to get into all of this, the impeachment, your phone calls, next hour.
I'll give the number out and we start the next hour.
We will not be on air unless you spread the word and unless you buy the products, which you've been doing.
So we've hung in there when everybody else has been taken down.
We built our own infrastructure to still punch through the enemy operation and we're one of the last
Information warfare operations telling the truth that's left out there.
We're very thankful for all of you boosting our operations and getting our live feeds out like DrugsReport.com, basically daily linking to our live feed.
Want to know why Drudge is upset?
Because he knows we're losing.
And he wants to get you out of the delusional land out there.
I know our audience are the folks that are hardcore and get that.
You're not delusional.
I mentioned yesterday how the Encyclopedia, both Britannica and Wikipedia, says that iodine
is the most important mineral out there and that it is the highest level of deficiency on the planet.
Two billion people have
Mental Cognitive Problems or Intellectual Disabilities from Lack of Iodine.
You should go read this for yourself.
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They all work together great.
All three together in a combo right now.
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Whatever you do, spread the word about the live feed.
A new poll from the YouGov Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation found that 7 in 10 American millennials would vote for a socialist.
The poll also found that 50% of millennials and 51% of Generation Z have a somewhat or very unfavorable view of capitalism.
So what does their future hold as these generations reach for hell on earth filled with empty grocery store shelves?
So what?
The Congresswoman and I and I believe everybody in this room believe is that the time is now to change our national priorities.
One thing this moronic love affair with totalitarianism will inevitably foist upon these spoiled anti-American generations is the harvesting of their own organs.
They will be chosen based on their beliefs, which will no longer be protected under totalitarianism.
Similar to the plight of the peace-loving Buddhist Falun Gong in China, who are having their organs removed while they're alive because they won't accept atheism.
The China Organ Harvest Research Center data from 2007 reveals that hospitals charged more than $65,000 for a kidney, $130,000 for a liver, and more than $150,000 for a lung or a heart.
Researchers insist the pseudo-voluntary organ donation system in Asia has a turnover of 60,000 to 100,000 transplants annually.
The practice is alleged to have started in the 1990s.
It was initially targeted to forcibly remove the organs of prisoners on death row.
China later claimed that death row prisoners consented to donate their organs to the state to redeem themselves for the crimes they had committed against the state, a practice China claimed to have stopped in January 2015.
Dr. Huang Jiefu has been facing heavy criticism in Australia.
To his supporters, he's a pioneering liver transplant surgeon.
To his detractors, he was responsible for running China's organ transplant system for more than a decade.
A system that's relied almost exclusively on organs taken from executed prisoners.
In a rare press briefing, Dr Huang spoke to a small group of journalists to respond to his critics, saying Chinese prisoners must agree to have their organs harvested before they die.
Consent is not presuming consent.
Consent, written consent.
The explosion of organ transplant activities in China from 2000, together with reports of thousands of transplant tourists going to China to purchase organs, suggests a larger supply of organs than could be sourced from executed criminals alone, according to the tribunal.
The scales of the Chinese transplant industry, together with other evidence,
Points to the possibility that China is involved in forced organ harvesting and selling for profit organs from prisoners of conscience.
Falun Gong is a form of Chinese meditation and exercise with a spiritual underpinning.
Since 1999, the Chinese government has cracked down on Falun Gong, charging it with being an unregistered religion and cult that aims to subvert the state.
The seven-person China Tribunal Panel, which was initiated by the International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China, delivered its final findings in June.
For over a decade, the People's Republic of China has stood publicly accused of acts of cruelty and wickedness that match the cruelty and wickedness of medieval torturers and executioners.
It's stated, with certainty, that in China, forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience has been practiced for a substantial period of time.
So, maybe that poll should be adjusted.
Instead, we should just cut to the chase and say that 7 out of 10 American Millennials will likely have their organs harvested while they're alive.
On average, 22 people die every day in the United States waiting for a transplant.
The median wait time for a lung here is four months.
A heart, almost a year.
And a kidney, two years.
Transplant tourists, understandably, have been drawn to other countries by promises of little to no wait.
But look on the bright side.
tourism will skyrocket as the World Health Care System cashes in in capitalist style to acquire one of those freshly harvested organs from future American generations.
John Bowne reporting.
We are back live broadcasting worldwide on this October 31st, 2019 Thursday transmission.
And I'm sure
That as listeners, you probably want to respond with the House of Representatives, by a very large majority, voting today to initiate official impeachment proceedings against the President.
Boy, I saw a lot of celebrating last month when Pelosi wasn't officially
Having the hearings.
They did that so they weren't real hearings.
So they could drill and prepare and prep, in secret, Brennan and Clapper and Comey and Obama and Hillary's proteges.
These are all literal adjuncts to those deep staters.
Now they're going to take the training wheels off and have the show trial for the indictment.
But they're already bringing forward the fake facts they produced
And their kangaroo operation.
And then they're going to pass articles of impeachment against the president.
And then all hell is going to break loose through Christmas in the U.S.
And the deep state is going to pull out every stop they've got to remove the elected president who's done nothing wrong but challenged their criminal operations.
The question is, what are we going to do about it?
That's really the question here that everybody has to be asking themselves.
Because the globalists know they're getting their ass kicked politically all over the world, they know there's a global awakening, and they're coming down with both feet on top of everyone.
And if you add to that the behavior of a lot of the Republicans rolling over, and if you add to that Twitter saying they're banning all political advertising,
That's the only shot people in America have is to spend money to counter their propaganda.
But you can't even spend money to counter the thousands of channels and disinfo and Facebook and Twitter propaganda that's really political lies and advertising and hoaxes, but they don't call political.
So then you can't even run an ad to challenge it or run an ad showing Joe Biden say, I gave
The order to the President of Ukraine to fire that prosecutor investigating my son.
I said, if that son of a bitch isn't fired today, we're going to hold up $1 million.
Everything they said Trump did, they did in front of God and the world.
But on this hoax, they're going to go forward because it's all they've got.
And their criminals run wild and people laugh at these criminals.
They think, oh, they're a joke.
No one's buying it.
They don't care.
They've got election fraud.
They've got tens of millions of dead people's names that they have homeless and illegal aliens go voting in.
They have the criminal will to dominate us.
So they're silencing
All conservative speech on Twitter.
Facebook's already rejecting most ads.
They're just acting like, oh, we're still open for it.
And then Hillary is decrying them saying, how dare you take political advertising?
She's not even saying it's Russian propaganda now.
She just says, how dare you today take political advertising?
She condemns Facebook.
The woman that rigged the debates and rigged all the questions and had four times the money that Trump did and four times the advertising and did hire Russian bots.
And British bots and every other bot.
You just go to these foreign countries and get around our election laws and hire companies there to run the attacks.
Michael Moore would organize protests outside Trump Tower with Russian bots.
That's all confirmed!
Everything they say we've done, they are.
Think about that.
And now, Bill Clinton says that Hillary is getting ready to run.
He says, he's not going to say what she's running for, but, oh, she's getting ready to run.
Yeah, she's campaigning.
She's raising money.
She's running the DNC conference calls.
She's calling the shots.
And Cory Booker's running around kissing her ass.
Top on InfoWars.com right now.
Let's play that short clip of the former president.
She may or may not ever run for anything, but I can't legally run for president again.
She may or may not ever run for anything, but I can't legally run for president again.
Oh, did you hear that?
But what she really wants to do is stay in control of the political machine so that she controls who gets into office.
That's really what's happening.
You'll just still get Hillary.
I mean, she was in with her husband, co-president, for eight years.
Then, co-president with Obama, really.
That was admitted for eight years.
And that's not enough for her.
She wants more.
So here's the toll-free number.
What's your take on this?
They got a timeline.
McConnell says, be ready for the trial after Thanksgiving.
He said that two weeks ago.
He says it's coming.
They're going to do it.
Will they get the votes of the Senate?
Will the neocons show us who they really are and stab Trump in the back?
You bet your boots they will.
What are we going to do to fight back against this, folks?
Overconfidence is the ruination of everything we're trying to do.
877-789-ALEX 877-789-2539 877
First-time callers, long-time callers, it's a free-for-all.
I'm gonna try to move quick through your calls.
I've been getting more calls.
We're gonna do that on the other side here.
But this is a time to be praying for people's eyes to be open.
It's also a time to be politically active and politically engaged and to realize
It's only going to get worse if people don't get out of their houses and get up off their asses and get aggressive.
They have taken all of our acquiescence as weakness.
They have taken the fact that... They think we're weak.
And they think we care what mainstream media says about us.
And so they're making their move.
And there's still just this delusion when people see the globalists and all their minions and how pathetic they are, you think there's no way they're going to beat us.
They've got most of the world under their control right now, ladies and gentlemen.
They've got most of the world under their control right now.
And they've bullied and dominated and murdered hundreds of millions of people.
And the same globalist that are about to carve America, put Mao Zedong into power, and he killed 100 plus million of their people.
And they'd love to do that here.
They're dreaming of it.
They want to carve us up so bad that they just are salivating.
And I cannot express to you enough how bad they are, how evil they are.
Their mainline statements are, when you go to Democrat events is, let's kill kids up to age three, we hate children.
But they lecture you all day about how they love children and how you do what they say.
These are demonic fallen people.
These are the minions of Satan.
They are satanic in their own operating system.
And they make everything a big joke like it's Halloween.
But these are people turned over to an anti-Christ spirit.
And your churches are scared.
They won't say a word.
Republican leaders are scared.
They won't say a word.
And I'm going to get into some of the Republicans coming out supporting the Washington Post push for censorship and supporting and Gorka calling for conservatives to be banned off Twitter so that he gets in favor with them and he doesn't get taken off.
These are just un-American trash posing as if they care about us and trying to lead us off a cliff.
Now's the time to really decide which side you're on and whether you want to be tortured to death.
A lot of people say that, well, if they remove Trump, there'll be a depression.
The globalists have been engineering a depression, and they want an excuse to do it, and they want to use Trump to claim that that's how it happened.
They want a civil war.
They want the Stark gun confiscation.
They want a breakdown of civilization, because they think
When you see your 401k plunging, you'll do whatever they say politically like you did back in the year 2008.
Because the appeasement of letting convicted pedophiles go into schools unannounced in many cases and have children sit in their laps while the men literally make demon faces.
And to have states passing laws to keep babies alive and take their organs because they got caught and need the law retroactively.
And accepting open borders and saying that we can't have any sovereignty.
They think we're weak.
I mean, I'm not mad at Paul Watson.
I get why he does it tongue-in-cheek to play their games on Twitter and Facebook.
But there's always going to be more they want.
But I became
Physically ill last night when I watched this video of this vampire wannabe person.
That's what it is.
It's an ugly, scary man dressed up like a vampire.
But says, I'm a girl so don't talk bad about me.
Simulating murdering her own baby.
And Paul Watson has in the headline, drag queen simulates cutting baby out of her womb.
Drinking blood.
So they tell us 2 plus 2 equals 10 and we agree with it.
And then we go along with some monster, demon, vampire, creepazoid, pervert, and then we all dutifully call this thing a her, which is blasphemy about women.
I mean, women are holy.
They're powerful.
They're magic.
So are men, but in a different way.
And the devil hates women.
That's why the devil targets women.
First you get the women, then you got the children, so follow the men.
And... Women are the military manufacturing center.
Satan sees us as a weapon system.
And wants to get rid of us.
That's kill, steal, and destroy.
And these people are going about like lions, roaring, seeing who they may devour.
And most people fall down on their knees and say, eat me last.
Here, have the children take everything.
And they wonder why they're so unhappy and why they're so lost.
And you can just feel the evil on this planet.
Angry that it's not having its full way and just wanting to finish us off.
And then the massive censorship we've seen.
So I'm going to go to your calls next segment, but I want to just mention what's coming up on this front.
I talked about it, but here it is.
Hillary Clinton condemns Facebook over political ads.
Oh, she condemns.
Now it's not Russian bots she's making up.
It's just Republican ads period are bad.
She condemns it.
They've already banned all these big Republican accounts, Mainline, Congresswomen, others have photos and videos on Twitter of them with their grandchildren saying, hey, I'm up for re-election, please vote for me because I love America.
And Trump runs these big Twitter ads and Facebook ads that say, we're looking for strong women that want to empower America and be part of the leadership to restore the Republic.
And what did Facebook say?
They said that hurts men that identify as women.
Or some women that identify as strong.
You're like, that's mental illness.
What are you talking about?
It is mental illness.
Anything we want, you can't say it.
And the Republicans didn't do anything!
There weren't any injunctions, any lawsuits.
And so, they go, hey, we'll just shut all you up!
And then they'll call all the thousands of Democrat channels and propaganda that is political advertising.
They won't call it that.
So they're shutting Trump down right now at Twitter.
Facebook's already curtailed it massively.
Can't even say my name.
They're now demonizing women at shooting ranges, banning their Facebooks because a woman is with a gun.
They say that's part of a terrorist organization.
And no one sees what's happening.
Now they're going after everybody's bank accounts.
A lot of folks go, oh, we better shut up.
They'll get our bank accounts.
They'll get everything if you cower.
Hillary Clinton condemns Facebook, oh, over political ads.
Twitter will ban political ads, Jack Dorsey announces, starting tomorrow.
And don't worry, Zuckerberg doubles down on Facebook political ads after Twitter banned.
What does that even mean, doubles down?
It's already controlling.
But don't worry, Sebastian Gorka demands evil Nick Fuentes be censored.
And if you don't agree with what Nick Fuentes says, or what he does, I don't agree with a lot of it,
Should he be off Twitter again?
But now, with conservatives like Gorka, you know, they're signaling.
Daily Wire founder says conservatism is about conserving liberalism.
And then he goes on to say, you dumb conservatives, if you're a real conservative who believes in individual liberty, then above all else you want less government control of our lives.
Hate-filled gremlins are not conservative.
And he wants them banned.
And he goes on to call them, you know, throwbacks and culture war.
I mean, this is just the left taking over everything.
That's all this is.
And now they're just all uncloaking to show you who they are.
So this is it.
This is the big assault.
They're going to impeach the president in the House by the end of the year.
And they're going to have their fake Senate hearing.
And that's where the real fight's going to be.
And if you're overconfident about it,
When they get Trump, like the minute they think he's discredited, the minute he's been convicted, they'll probably bomb him, blow him up, something like that, because they're not going to let him fight back at that point.
They want him discredited, they want the fake conviction, and then they're going to kill the president.
Just as sure as the sun.
The president's a walking dead man, unless we admit he is a walking dead man.
In fact, we'll play a little intro coming in.
It's nice.
It's ACDC.
Put to Trump.
And, you know, it's dynamic and powerful and masculine and manly and America's back and it's confidence.
And that's great!
But if we don't prosecute the Democrats, if we don't stop them, we don't have a future.
By the way, ladies and gentlemen, we're running a giant special right now
40 to 70% off, store-bought free shipping, double Patriot points, one of the biggest sales ever.
It has to end at the end of this weekend.
And we have the Iodine Global Challenge, where you can get X2 and X3 together with bio-truth selenium that all synergistically work together.
Iodine, this is from Wikipedia, it's also just lifted from Encyclopedia Britannica.
Iodine occurs in many oxidated states including, and it goes on, it says it's an essential mineral nutrient to live.
Iodine is essential in the synthesis of thyroid hormones.
Iodine deficiency affects about 2 billion people and is the leading preventable cause of intellectual disabilities.
Why do you think, can I have another headshot please?
Thank you so much.
Why do you think that these individuals don't want you to have it, but want the bad halogen fluoride?
Please zoom in on that.
Leading cause, two billion people, intellectual disabilities.
That's what the globalists have done to you.
Look what they've done to everybody.
Let's turn this around.
These people want you brain damaged, like a spider bites its prey, ties it up, waits till it's about to die, at the point of death, sucks all its blood out as a last heartbeat.
I can tell you we put out a little two minute video, didn't even have Alex Jones or Infowars on it, about the president.
And talking about bringing the troops home and honoring the dead.
And they called it dangerous and hate.
And they took it off Facebook.
On just somebody else's account.
That's how evil these people are.
So I really support Trump.
I love the President.
He's doing an amazing job in the face of all this.
But if we don't admit to ourselves that they're serious and they mean business and they're coming,
And we just laugh at all the times they've failed so far.
They're gonna get that left hook in and can really do some damage.
Because they've got the neocons, they've got the deep state, the whole thing's making its move.
They have passed the initiation of official impeachment.
And they're not gonna end up pulling it back.
They're not going to end up.
They've got their plan.
And it's going to go to the Senate, in my view.
And again, all hell is going to break loose.
I want to go to Danny, Charles, Jeff, Jason, Steven, Sean, Wildman, Gary, Dan, and others.
And we're going to have Reverend Childress on for two segments, black genocide expert, to get his take on Kanye West coming out and talking about the black genocide.
And, you know, Alex Jones, woke level and all that.
That's the big litmus test.
Kanye doing that, he's for real, folks.
If you are black and you start talking about the black genocide, which is going on, they're genociding everybody, but they're testing it out on the black folks.
The black folks have gotten the you-know-what into the stick.
I mean, we're all getting fed into the wood chipper, but the black folks, like the feet, they went in first.
We're all connected, but let me tell you, they got stuck in there first.
You can sit back and look how screwed up the black community is and look down on folks, but let me tell you, that was a job done right there.
Look what they've done to us.
Look what they've done to everybody.
I'm gonna go to break and I'm gonna come back and go to Sean and everybody else that's holding Dan, Gary, Wildman, Stefan, Jason, Charles, Danny, look at everybody.
Go to Jeff, everybody.
I gotta be honest with you.
I know who the devil worshippers are.
I've studied them.
And I don't like looking at them and giving them attention.
It's a form of worship, even having to be around them.
And I understand that.
But they have to be exposed.
And I mean, I'll be honest.
I'm not going to carry out any offensive violence.
But we all know what the normal default position is.
With this.
And so, I'm in a controlled rage right now.
And I'm sorry the crew has to be around this.
I don't want to look at Pelosi.
I don't want to look at any of these people.
But I gotta tell you, I know why a lot of people stick their head in the sand and stop engaging and just hide.
Because it's hard to
Get in the ring with these people, not because you're scared of them, but because they spiritually stink so bad.
The Bible describes them as foul-smelling, foul-looking, spiritually stinking.
And then they want our kids, oh, our poor children.
And they've got it all set up that if we did what folks would do in the old days to keep this type of evil under check, I mean, people knew
When men started dressing up like clowns and coming after kids, that was a demon.
We knew what to do.
And they got it all set up now to make themselves the victims if we do that.
So there's more than one way to skin a cat.
But I assure you, ladies and gentlemen, if you think you don't like these people, God hates them so much, it's unbelievable.
And believe me, God hates.
These fake churches tell you God doesn't.
They haven't been reading the Bible, folks.
And so, just believe me, these people are going to get trillions of times what they've done to these children.
Now, it doesn't do any justice, I get it.
Everything they've imagined and they think they're doling out, they're going to get to infinity and beyond.
To quote Buzz Lightyear.
Oh, you know there's more than one infinity.
We'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen, your call, stay with us.
Okay, and I'm going to pledge to do this tomorrow.
I haven't done this in years.
I am going to open the show up and within 10 minutes of the show, I'm going to take calls throughout the entire broadcast tomorrow.
We're going to be taking calls into the next hour.
But we need to give everybody a chance to talk about the state of the world and what's happening.
And I'm not trying to depress people when I go over all this.
I'm trying to point out how bad things are so we get up and we do something.
That's how we got Trump in.
We sucker-pushed him.
And other anti-globals are being elected everywhere.
But the New World Order is launching its counter-offensive, ladies and gentlemen.
And Trump thinks he can overpower them this time just with his charisma and he's not stood up against the censorship and now they're banning Republicans doing advertising and it's going to be system-wide.
This Twitter thing is a test.
Now they won't even take Republican money for ads.
So they're moving forward with campaign finance reform that's silencing the American people.
All the big money is against America.
But groups are able to pool money and fight back.
And the truth, $1 of truth counters $100 of lies.
They know that.
They can't allow ads of Joe Biden saying he held back a billion dollars until they fired the prosecutor.
Notice they said that Trump got an ad ban on Twitter and Facebook because it was false.
They won't show you the ad.
We showed you the ad.
It's what that evil bastard said.
By the way, there are a lot of great guys that didn't have their parents married.
Bastard is not a word I need to use anymore.
That's a compliment to these people.
Alright, I'm gonna go to your calls right now.
Let's go ahead and talk to Gary.
Gary in Florida, thanks for calling.
Where do you see this going?
Hey, Alex.
Second time caller.
I called about two weeks ago, and you asked who was for impeachment, and I said I was, but you thought it was because I was against Trump.
And I had mentioned to you it was, I hoped it got to impeachment.
I was worried it wasn't even going to get there.
But I wanted to see how many Republican Senators it would expose.
Now I remember you saying that and I said I think it's too dangerous.
And I told you I think it would get to impeachment.
And then I'm glad to finally hear Roger.
The other day it was great hearing from him.
And he kind of vindicated some of the things
Sure, go ahead.
Because the Democrats, they think like the Chinese, 25 to 30 year period.
They've taken 25 years to pretty much get 80,000 people in the State Department and throughout this deep state.
And Trump came around and they never thought he'd get elected.
So basically they stopped the last part of that 25 to 30 year period, that takeover time
Battleground USA, they really wanted it.
So now Roger says two really good things.
He's the great disruptor.
And that we should put money against these senators that are Republicans.
And here's where I disagree with Roger.
Oh really?
Why do you think Twitter is banning, quote, political advertising to block Trump's money?
Exactly, but remember you asked
Lee Strand?
Alex, thank you for every single thing that you do, but I'm in New York and right now they're coming out with bicycle licenses.
Licenses to use your bicycle.
Yeah, what do you think these dirty commies do?
They take your cars away and then they tax you for a damn bicycle.
He wants to tax your meat, your salt.
These people are crooks!
Alex, the sixth plank of communism out of the Communist Manifesto is the centralization of the means of communication and transport.
And we gotta remember that Mitch McConnell's wife is the head of the DOT, and I've never seen the DOT on the march like this ever before.
New York City doesn't even look the same.
It's out of control.
So if we think we're gonna trust Mitch McConnell, we're out of our minds.
We need to get after him and Lindsey Graham.
We can't trust them at all.
We need to really, really act.
Because remember, behind the scenes, they're being threatened, their wives are being threatened, people are coming to their houses saying they're going to kill them, and not everybody's as tough as Scalise or Rand Paul, or quite frankly, yours truly, who won't back down.
And you're absolutely right, sir.
This is just full on.
They're making their move.
Yes, and right now, the DOT last week was doing an infomercial for City Bike.
And City Bike is owned by Lyft, and when I lived in San Francisco, I was dealing with their pre-ICO positions, and Chinese and Japanese companies own Lyft.
The DOT is actively making money for China right now.
It's out of control.
All right, brother.
Well, thank you so much.
Good points.
We've got another report we're pulling up for next hour.
But the Republicans are demanding that Schiff show up to the Judiciary Committee.
Because they're not even following the rules, the law, any of it.
And again, people said, well, that means it's just a show thing.
It's not a real impeachment.
They were cooking it up in an illegal operation.
Now they're springing it.
Impeachment Halloween on Hill.
There's Drudge Report.
All right, let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to Charles in Missouri.
Charles, thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing, man?
I just know this country's fighting for its life and literal armies of pedophiles are dressed up like vampires calling themselves drag queens coming for our children.
Ain't lying about that.
I see it every day.
I'll tell you what, man.
I want to know why Trump ain't doing something about this.
He knows he didn't do nothing wrong.
Well, here's the problem.
And I hear what you're saying.
They're just getting impeachment going and they're going to have a bunch of other fake stuff come up during it, okay?
They've already showed their hand.
Pelosi said, oh, we're not just going to do the Ukraine thing.
We've got a bunch of stuff.
So they're just getting it all ready, and they're just going to flood it times 100 like Kavanaugh.
They'll have 20 women saying Trump raped them up there.
And then they're going to, when they have the moral air cover, they think they're going to initiate riots nationwide.
And so I'm just telling you, the train wreck is coming.
It's here.
And I hear what you're saying.
You know, the Democrats have CHICOM operators running most of their offices.
It's come out.
Pelosi, Feinstein, all of it.
And so, yes, if the Justice Department did its job, most of them would already be indicted.
My God, these are globalists that don't think the country should exist.
That have been maneuvering us towards collapse.
But Trump can't get any of these cowardly lawyers that tell him they're taking action to ever do anything because they're all hedging their bets.
They're all a bunch of damn cowards.
I appreciate your call.
Let's go ahead and go to Jeff in Canada.
Jeff, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
Really believe you're not understating the danger of the times here.
And, you know, I've been praying about it and whatnot, and a phrase came to me, Patriot Revere Worldwide.
Operation Patriot Revere Worldwide.
There's no fence that you can consider as God.
The devil owns the fence.
And if people do not act, the quorum is going to give way to, you know, destruction.
And so I think we really need to all
We're good to go.
Jeff, don't hang up.
I want to come back and have you finish because you're right.
And most people who aren't Satanist and who don't want destruction and evil, you're like, why would they want to wreck everything?
This isn't going to go well.
This is going to be destructive.
It's going to blow up.
These are minions.
The globalists set off shore.
They're manipulating all this.
And so they have nothing to lose but attack.
And then by us not getting the word out strategically about how serious this is, we give them the advantage.
So you're absolutely right, and I want to hear more about this idea about Patriot Revere Worldwide when we come back.
Please stay with us.
Yeah, folks, one adventure.
You're about to get it.
We can see off potential futures, and you can feel where we're going if we make any wrong steps at this point.
Now, there's not just evil in the world, there's good.
And I think prayer is essential.
That prayer has to be turned into action.
We've got Reverend Childress of the Black Genocide Research Group, who's made films and is an expert, testified to Congress on Planned Parenthood and the targeting of black people.
And the fact that if Kanye West is for real, he would come out and talk about that.
Well, he's done it.
And boy are they coming after him now.
So he's going to pop in for a few segments.
We'll go back to your calls.
I'm going to get to everybody that's holding right now.
Danny and Jeff and Jason and Stefan and Sean and Wildman and Brian and Mel in Costa Rica.
We'll get to all of you.
But Jeff in Canada is a trucker.
This is the launch Operation Patriot Revere.
Whatever you do, get active or get enslaved.
So, so, and I agree.
The globalists go hire all these companies worldwide to run their operations against America, but people all over the world can realize America is where the big fight's happening right now.
If the globalists get full control, Katie, bar the door, if America becomes a pure engine of evil.
And just like Russia was an engine of communism, and it was hellish.
Well, we can't go there, or it's going to be ten times worse than Russia.
Just watch, folks.
We're so close to that.
So what do you see with this Operation Patriot Revere?
Well, Alex, I think, you know, you could turn it into a contest.
I don't know if contest is the right genre for this, but to mobilize the creativity of the Patriots.
Like, you told me you saw a lawn sign that said Hillary for prison and it went worldwide.
It was one person acting and just putting a sign on their lawn and somebody else grabbed it and spun off of it.
It was, yeah, it was like, it was homemade.
Yeah, it was homemade.
And it was seemingly nothing, but it went worldwide.
That's what we need.
You know, if someone takes a microphone and goes down to the NRA there and gets an interview, it's seen by hundreds of thousands of people.
Everybody has to pray to God and act in what they hear.
Just do what you hear, but you have to- That's right, and sure, you go on YouTube or Facebook or Twitter, they ban you in a week, or maybe they shadow ban you immediately.
You do it more, and everybody's gonna catch Hillary when she collapses again, or when she slaps somebody across the face, or one of these child molesters, or, you know, we're going- we have to go get eyes on them, and they're so evil,
I would like to see a t-shirt and a hat line.
I think patriots could rally around that flag and really
Yeah, I've been trying to think what the new Hillary for Prison style shirt is for this year.
That was the dominant, the shirt of the 2016 election.
You know, we get the credit for that, which means they've come after us.
But I kind of like the Trump Medusa one because it's Hillary and she plans to run again.
That means that's going to happen, but she's trying.
But I just don't know.
You know, Trump did nothing wrong.
Or, you know, Trump's a hero.
I mean, I don't know.
But we need to show that support now.
But I'm telling you.
People get intimidated by Congress.
But, I mean, there's all these big office buildings for the House and Senate, and you go there, and you go into the committee hearings.
Almost none of them are in the Capitol.
That's just where the House and Senate chambers are when they're in session.
And you just go to the metal detector, and you go through.
They're your constituents.
They're not royalty.
They're not Queen Elizabeth, a sovereign.
We kicked her great-great-great-great-grandfather's ass, okay?
To say that you work for us, and you need to go in there and get in their dirty little maggot-filled faces.
And when they're in their towns and cities, and when they go to events, it's time.
It's time, ladies and gentlemen.
And let me tell you, if they win, they're gonna physically come after everybody.
So we don't offensively want any violence, but we've got to start preparing for defensive operations.
I have to sign letters.
It's the hardest thing I have to do.
I sign letters.
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith from Arkansas.
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones from Alabama.
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Somebody from some great state.
I'm sorry to inform you, your son has been killed in combat.
I'm so sorry.
It's the hardest thing that I have to do.
And I signed those letters and it just, it breaks your heart.
And sometimes I go out to a place, Dover Air Force Base.
It's a very tough experience.
We go out there and we meet the parents and the families, the wives, the children, the sisters, the brothers.
We meet them and we talk to them.
These things are just impossible.
I don't know how parents can do it, even.
And I'll be talking to some of the parents, and they'll act like they're fine.
I said, how are you doing?
We're fine, sir.
We're fine.
We're really good.
I said, that's great.
And I'll tell the colonel.
I'll say, colonel, I think they're doing great.
No, sir.
They're not going to do great.
You'll see.
And I didn't know what he was talking about.
This is the first time.
And then we went
Outside to the runway, and this incredible machine is flying in, and it lands, and it comes over, and it pulls up.
That door opens up, and the colonel told me, he said, Sir, when that door opens up, those same people that you think are okay,
Do things that you'll never see.
You will hear sounds like you've never heard.
That's what he does.
And I saw that door open up with a coffin with a flag over it.
And these beautiful soldiers, five or six on each side, lifting the coffin and walking down the runway, the plank they call it, off this cargo plane.
And I see parents make sounds, scream and cry.
Like you've never seen before.
A mother who was fine 20 minutes ago, you think.
Breaking the military line and jumping off.
And then jumping onto a coffin of her son or her daughter.
Jumping on, on top of the flowers, on top of the American flag.
I've seen this.
We were supposed to be in Syria for 30 days.
We've now been there for 10 years.
We were supposed to be in Afghanistan for a short period of time.
We're now going to be there for close to 19 years.
It's time to bring them home.
It's time to bring them home.
Bring our troops back home!
We put that up on a fan page.
Barry McBreen made it.
Put it on his private page.
It's a little fan page he's got.
Stuff he likes.
And he's had it for a decade.
And they took it down and said it was hate.
Because they define things.
They're judge, jury.
They're executioner.
And so because Trump wants to stop killing babies after they're born.
Because he wants to get us out of these endless wars.
Because he doesn't want people unchecked coming in from the Congo with Ebola that's now reportedly in the Caribbean.
Because he
He's trying to stabilize our economy?
Because he doesn't want Communist China owning our debt?
He's the bad guy.
And they get up and they lie, and now they've passed the initiation of the expansion of Adam Schiff's kangaroo court.
With official impeachment proceedings.
And they've got the votes to impeach the president.
And they're threatening everybody in the Senate.
And they got a bunch of tricks up their sleeves.
And I'm only telling you this so people get out of their comfort zones.
I wanted to get Reverend Childress on.
And I appreciate him coming on for just a few segments here.
And we're going to go to all your calls, folks.
We've got a bunch of important breaking news as well.
I'm going to go into the fourth hour somewhere today.
But I wanted to get Reverend Shoulders on because we talked about Kanye West last time he was on and I said I think he's for real.
I don't think this is just some PR deal and nobody's perfect but you know I mean he can lead a lot of people to Christ that's a good thing.
I remember Shoulders agreed with me.
Some folks have been critical of him and my point is I said the litmus test is
Um, the targeting of black babies is why Planned Parenthood was founded.
This is some SJW virtue signal for me to say, oh, it's terrible that half the black folks that, you know, are conceived never make it out of their mother.
You know, 30-something million, 60 million-something people aborted.
It's just, it's all insane.
30-something percent of black folks never get out of their mother's womb.
They never have that first birthday, any of it.
You know, I went to a birthday party randomly at a park and grabbed a little kid's cake and smashed it on the wall.
They'd arrest me for being mean to kids.
But if you chop a kid up, it's a good thing.
Now the left has all these videos glorifying killing babies and now drag queen story time, you know, simulate killing babies.
And these people are devil worshippers, folks.
And I said the litmus test is, are you against black genocide for these fake black leaders?
Because that's who's being fed in the woodchipper first is black people.
And so it's not something of virtue sitting, oh, I'm so nice to the black people, I'm so good.
A lot of the black folks have been brainwashed and turned against me just because I'm white.
I still understand they've been brainwashed, just like white people have been brainwashed.
But the issue is, the true issue of genocide and targeting, everything's been tested on black people.
Because they were isolated and targeted, and that's the historical fact.
And you read what Margaret Singer wrote, and you know about Bill and Melinda Gates, you know about the whole situation, it's all built
On what we've allowed to be done there, and to have Kanye come out and talk about it, that is good, and that needs to be supported and praised.
What do you think, Reverend Childress?
I really appreciate you coming on the broadcast.
People should, of course, check out your important website, blackgenocide.org.
Thanks for coming on with us.
Oh, just awesome.
You hit the nail on the head.
There's a tremor in the force today.
Even on the web, they are already trying to censor and disrupt the videos that are playing Kanye's comments.
And what is happening is, he's kind of taken off where Tupac left off, who was getting ready to shift out of that hip-hop grievance mindset into supporting some of the Judeo-Christian ethic, and he was killed.
We have to pray for Kanye West.
He is the Democratic Party, as of right now, worst nightmare.
Hillary, our Harris poll, just said 42% of black men are now supporting Donald Trump.
Rasmussen in August said 36% of African American people are supporting Trump.
Once again, we shared this.
They're more skilled at reading data than we are.
We don't talk about it enough.
They cannot win in 2020.
The only way, they have to somehow disrupt or impeach or just denigrate this president so bad that he falls out of favor.
Right now, they are witnessing the demise of their party because they made African Americans the key.
Now they're the Achilles heel.
They're going down, big time.
And this is amazing to watch.
And once again, you hit the nail right on the head.
When he said abortion, I said, uh-oh.
That's it.
He is crossing over.
Either he has to back off that statement or all hell is going to break loose on Kanye West.
And you can see in his eyes, because I've watched Kanye like everybody has for decades, you can see the energy and he knows what he's doing.
I mean, you can see it in the body language.
He's taking the step.
He says, only thing I fear is my father, God.
He's a prophetical voice right now.
Now, listen, you got Brad Pitt.
Once again, Tupac once again had that ability to cross over culturally.
You have Brad Pitt showing up at his church talking about he's changed his opinion on God.
Kanye West, he's in the target right now.
I'm praying for that brother every day.
This is something that is a phenom right now in our culture.
It's probably the last thing the Democrats thought would happen.
By the way, I'm not bragging, but Kanye does.
I've confirmed, listened almost every day to at least some of the shows, so it's a good chance we get this message to him.
I want to get your message to Kanye West, because you're right, he's under big attack right now.
They do this fake attack saying he's not for real.
No, ladies and gentlemen, he is for real, and what he's saying puts him in a lot of danger, and we've got to support that and praise that, because he's putting his skin completely in the game.
We'll be right back with Reverend Sheldon on the other side, then your phone calls and more.
By the way, impeachment against Trump is now live.
There's an anti-human agenda, and it's so evil, people have trouble believing it.
But as soon as you research it, you find out how real it is.
And Reverend Childress has made films, he's testified to Congress, he's tried to go convict the spirits of particularly black congressional leaders about the genocide going on.
And he'll be with us a little bit in the next segment, and I promise I'm going to get to every call or host summit of the next hour before Matt Bracken takes over.
He's going to be really ready to break down how serious this is and what curveballs he expects the deep state to throw, false flags that try to trigger a race war.
You can just smell it, you can see it politically, but in the spirit you can feel it.
And as Reverend Childress has been coming on like 15 years,
I've never heard him make a term like, it's true, there's a disturbance of the force.
Well, that's just Hollywood trying to rip off what's already really there.
The gut, the spirit, the sixth sense has been proven.
You can just feel it.
I mean, I'll be honest.
I mean, I feel love more than ever.
But I really also feel real anger and I have to physically hold back wanting to go after these people and the things they're doing and the satanism they're openly conducting and saying, yeah, we kill babies after they're born.
The normal thing to do when a governor says we're killing babies after they're born or before they're born is to go after them.
And I'm not saying go after them because they got it set up where they can misrepresent it, where it's it's bad if you go stop a governor killing hundreds of thousands of kids.
But he kills little babies who don't deserve it, and he's a good man!
So I'm not a liar, folks, and I'm not somebody calling for violence, but I'm getting to the point here.
See, that's when they're going to stage stuff, though.
They know it has to happen soon.
They're going to do it on their terms, and they're going to make us look like the bad guys.
So don't pull the trigger first.
Whoever pulls the trigger first loses.
Shot her around the world with the redcoats.
They pulled the trigger first.
We don't want violence.
And I'm telling you folks, they're already violent against their unborn and our born.
And I'm sick of it.
I'm gonna stop ranting.
Reverend Shoulders, let's play the clip about Alex Jones woke level.
And in the same speech, he gets into they're targeting blacks for extermination, Planned Parenthood in the neighborhoods.
I mean, this is coffin nails to the satanic agenda.
Here it is.
Man, come on, man.
I ain't finna go Alex Jones level with y'all, man.
Come on, man.
Wake up!
Wake up, Mr. West.
Wake up, culture.
Wake up.
Everybody think they so woke, but they following the rules of what woke supposed to be.
We brainwashed out here, bro.
Come on, man.
This is a free man talking.
Democrats had us voting Democrats for food stamps for years, bro.
What are you talking about?
Guns in the 80s?
Taking the fathers out the home?
Plan B?
Lowering our votes?
Making us abort our children?
Gosh and that kill!
Reverend Childress, this is historic.
And the enemy knows, I think the enemy knows they're losing.
That's why they're launching full-out attacks.
Have you seen all the Satanism stuff of simulated murdering babies and cutting them out of women?
And these are the folks that are literally getting into the schools with our kids.
I mean, what would you call this period of time we're in right now?
The battle for the soul completely and the battle for the country.
It has come to be our political and spiritual Armageddon prior to the real one.
This is 2020.
Going in 2020 should be activism, activism, activism.
You said go after them.
How do we go after them?
We do.
We have to go after in their face.
We have to be on their steps.
We have to be.
I'm going to the museum on February 16th at the African Heritage Museum because they keep hiding eugenics and the story of Planned Parenthood there.
And so we're going to lead a protest there.
It's the way we're going to hit back whenever we can with the resources we have.
But our message is resonating.
Their message is depleting.
It's being exposed.
And you're absolutely right.
If we lay back now, we're done.
They're coming with some probably is going to be so demonic, so evil.
And yet they're not ashamed.
Look at the Cortez did not rebuke the woman or say or step away from that conversation when the lady stands up at her meeting and says, we have to start eating children.
Now, I would have addressed that right there.
Any human being should address that.
Well, that's not what we hear about that.
She didn't say a word.
And all that LaRouche lady was doing was quoting what they've said.
They're saying, start eating dead bodies.
Don't have kids.
Humans are bad.
She's like, we need to eat the babies.
We'll play that when we come back.
I'm glad you raised that.
And the news is, they go, oh, well, that's fake.
But the response of AOC isn't.
She's nodding her head to this insanity.
Kanye has to be prayerful because you get extremely frustrated watching why people won't respond and see the depths of evil this is and step away from it.
And that's Kanye's frustration right now.
He says, I'm only being real.
I'm only being logical.
I'm being objective.
I choose my friends.
I choose my political views.
You do not choose for me.
But they've had it that way so long.
They are in total derision right now, but they're planning something big.
Pastor, you just raised something.
I guess you're picking it up from me.
I mean, you're picking up how angry I am, and obviously you are as well.
They're so evil, it's like they're trying to provoke us, and they're just flaunting, and then other people are asleep, and we can't believe that it should be easy to beat this!
I mean, this is crazy!
Absolutely, and it's frustrating for me, and I've been in it for a while, and
I gotta thank God for the little incremental progress I see.
It should be a total wave at this point, but they see it.
Trust me, our foes see it, and I shun to think what they're going to do to set him up, to set up others, his family, anyone that's identified with Donald Trump right now is in the crosshairs.
Probably no more so than Kanye West at this point.
No, no, I agree.
Because Trump and his family and people like myself have really been the crosshairs.
But I can tell you, they're now more afraid of Kanye West than they are of Alex Jones.
Because Kanye, as you said, can absolutely get people off the plantation.
Yes, exactly.
He's going to be the Nat Turner they fear.
And he's unquestionably, I don't think he asked for this.
I think if you watch how all this happens, it kind of evolved.
That's the good thing about this.
It's not like he's trying to seek a program or trying to have a platform on this.
It's just because he was being himself.
He got out there, and that's a God thing to me.
And this is what Jay-Z wanted to do with Obama and Hillary.
This is what they cloned him for.
And now what has happened is a protege, so to speak, has usurped his influence and is shaking the nation.
This is what Jay-Z was supposed to do for Obama and Hillary.
Didn't work out.
But Kanye, my goodness, I mean, from prison reform, the lowest black unemployment in history, education, opportunity zones.
I mean, people are now looking at this.
Trump is like a Moses figure.
Right now, he's going to pass my expectations.
You know, I knew he was the man, but really, I never thought he would make the progress in the years.
But like you said, the Lord works in mysterious ways.
They try this with Jay-Z, they try it with people, you know, big NBA stars like LeBron James, but none of that catches because Hillary's a damn demon.
I put that picture back up of her.
I mean, Hillary looks like a jack-o'-lantern demon.
And just none of it's working and then boom, Kanye's not even trying and he's scaring the hell out of them and totally changing minds.
Totally, absolutely, no question about it.
To show you how bad it is, Hillary is thinking about coming back.
This is how depleted and how no, they have no message.
I've never seen a party with absolutely, totally,
No message.
But they have blackmail, and they have threats, and they're going after the Senate.
I believe they will impeach Trump in the House.
And then the battle's gonna be in the Senate.
We'll finish up with Reverend Childress, then your phone call straight ahead.
Stay with us.
So, here's AOC.
And a lady saying we gotta eat the babies to save the Earth.
Well, they're nodding with her.
Here it is.
A Swedish professor saying, you know, we can eat dead people, but that's not fast enough.
So I think your next campaign slogan has to be this.
We got to start eating babies.
We don't have enough time.
There's too much CO2.
All of you, you know, you're pollutant.
Too much CO2!
We have to start now, please.
You are so great, I'm so happy that you're really supporting the nuclear deal, but it's not enough.
You know, even if we would bomb Russia, we still have too many people, too much pollution.
So we have to get rid of the babies.
That's a big problem.
Just stopping having babies is not enough.
We need to eat the babies.
And then again, worldwide they have these armies, many of them convicted pedophiles, that dress like demonic clowns, and then go out and scare the hell out of kids, unannounced at some schools without parents knowing.
And then if the person identifies as a woman, we are supposed to go, that's not a demon psycho, that's a woman.
The new definition of a woman is a person simulating ripping a baby out of their womb when it's a man, and drinking the blood, and torturing the baby.
But then meanwhile, we really are keeping babies alive outside of the womb to later harvest their organs.
So there's no level of horror.
Here, let's hear the audio of this.
Go ahead and fade it up.
That's what's going on in New York City, folks.
And by the way, we looked this guy up.
He does support Drag Queen Storytime.
We found photos where it looks like he's at those, so... This fella is gonna drop by.
Look at that trophy, that dead baby.
Should I play the big compilation we've got of the mainstream media celebrating?
Kill babies, it's fun, teach them, make them submit.
It's good to bully those babies.
Look at that face.
Look at that demon.
Look at that mental illness.
You know, we don't want to look at this, folks.
Radio listeners are lucky they're not seeing it.
But you should share it because that's who these folks are.
But that's a lady!
You can't talk bad about a lady as she simulates drinking baby blood.
By the way, it's not for Halloween.
This dude does this year-round.
Pure Satanism on the Instagram.
Pull it up yourself.
And that's in between, I guess, visiting your children.
And again, Desmond is amazing.
9-10-11 would dance at pedo bars.
We have a new thing.
Police won't do anything in New York again.
And with convicted murderers and people handling him as his handlers.
And he talks about how he takes prohibitol and how he takes
Other drugs with adults.
It's like, well, it's art when it's a little boy, but if they had a little 10-year-old girl at that event, oh, see, that's what it gets you.
Buck up, get tough, you know?
Look at the pedophiles that go to the Catholic Church and 3,000-plus priests admitted in Pennsylvania that they would have satanic rituals with little children.
This is mass industrial.
Reverend Childress is going to leave us here in a few minutes, but I wanted him to be able to just finish talking about Kanye West, because it is a big deal, folks, what he's doing.
I think it's a lot bigger than him just trying to get a Christian market.
He knows you talk about Jesus and you talk about aborting babies.
The left comes after you, especially if you're an icon.
And this is a big deal.
And I didn't know about the Brad Pitt.
Tell me about what's going on with Brad Pitt, Reverend Childress.
Well, shockingly, you know he's an atheist, and you know that... I didn't know his parents were missionaries or something along that line.
But he just recently went to Kanye West's church, felt that he had to change his position on God, and that he was now seeking after God, seeking, I guess, Christ, because
Kanye says Christ is King so this was undoubtedly you know just it was shocking to me for Brad Pitt you know I had my evaluation on Brad Pitt but obviously he's come to an end of himself it's just just to make that comment living all your life an atheist and bragging about it
Now saying he was wrong, but it was from Kanye West.
And once again, that's a crossover culturally.
Kanye West is very dangerous right now to the Democrats.
You have Hollywood acknowledging him, when Hollywood usually supports the Democratic mantras, narratives, and everything they want to do.
This is really amazing in these times.
It's a God thing, and I just want to play my role, do everything I'm supposed to do, but I'm having fun watching
Others and other situations come up.
I totally agree with you.
And we get frustrated seeing the evil.
But the evil's coming out from under the rocks because it's throwing a fit.
It's being exercised.
It knows it's in trouble.
So it's trying to hurry up and normalize it in hopes we'll give up and give in.
But all it's doing is enraging us.
And that's how evil fails throughout history.
It thinks that we're like its minions and that we're intimidated by it.
And that is not what's happening.
The campaign to normalize it, just as you said, is up another level, shockingly.
They feel they're just going to ram it down the academia, the public square, Hollywood, of course.
That clip you just played, people have to understand that was somebody's business where this guy was right across the river from me.
And I'm saying to myself, they are just going to, you know, Andrew Cuomo and his legislation of infanticide.
This is in your face time and we have to be in their face, but we're winning.
We're winning.
You're right.
I just, I wish Trump would do something about the censorship.
Now they're going to ban all political ads.
Well, they're going to let the Democrats run their ads.
Now they're already silencing Republican candidates ads on Twitter starting tomorrow.
I mean, this is dangerous.
I can't believe he's going to let that—I think he's planning something, but when he does it, it's going to have to be able to stick and move forward.
He knows that would basically begin to stymie and unquestionably hinder this wave that's going on right now.
They are in a complete panic right now.
I mean, it's like their worst nightmares are appearing.
We have to be bold.
We have to be the Lions.
We have to be in the public square.
We have to be at PTA board meetings.
And we have to be at town meetings when there's something that's being imposed upon us that is not of our Judeo-Christian ethic.
And we've got to share your website, our website.
And our own internet, like Drudge always warned, build your own infrastructure like you've done.
BlackGenocide.org and the great film you produced exposing all this.
Folks, every person you wake up is so critical.
Every link you share is so critical.
And now more than ever, people are looking for the truth.
So share BlackGenocide.org, InfoWars.com, and NewsWars.com.
Thank you, Reverend Childress, and God bless you.
Thank you so much, sir.
God bless.
And you're in Texas in January.
We want to get you here in studio.
You got it.
All right, you're awesome.
He's been here before, too.
We went and interviewed him up there.
That's where I met him years ago for a film.
Okay, folks, I'm going to go to break, and I promise I'm going to go bam, bam, bam through your calls.
About 15 minutes to the next hour, and then Matt Bracken, author, researcher, former Navy SEAL, really smart guy about their false flags.
He's going to be responding to an official impeachment.
Proceedings have been initiated.
They had a little kangaroo deal to cook it up, to have training wheels.
Now they're going to start rolling this sucker out.
And it just makes my blood boil.
You go to a Democrat event, I mean, they look like a collection of child molesters, devil worshippers, and mentally ill people.
And you go to a Republican event, it looks like good, hard-working, decent people of every race, color, and creed.
I mean, it's just simple.
These people are scum, okay?
They're our enemies, period.
And everybody just better get, it's worse than I even know.
There is no depth to these people.
They are trash.
And I don't know how anyone doesn't spend all their time fighting these people.
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Yes, and I want to hire a bunch more reporters going into 2020.
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That's all got to end.
But a lot of stuff came back in, like DNA Force Plus.
By the way, welcome back, Alex Jones Show!
We're going right to your calls.
Thank you for patiently holding.
They just reminded me, I talked about this earlier in the week, and then I had one of the security guys come over and go, hey, Hillary Clinton's at book people at Riverbend Center in downtown Austin.
3 to 4 p.m.
this Sunday, are you going?
And yes, I will be down there.
I'm not going to attempt to go in there.
The Secret Service would stop me once I stood in line for hours.
But I'm going to be outside and I'm going to show you how vicious and evil and hateful her nasty supporters are.
And so I'm going to go out and engage these people anywhere I can to show who they are and what they're doing.
And there's going to be obviously a lot of other folks, but you know, she's calling it the book of gutsy women.
Always uses the woman thing to hide behind.
She's a monster.
She's an evil, evil witch.
Involved with Jeffrey Epstein and every other form of evil you can imagine.
And so these arrogant leftists think they've silenced us.
They haven't silenced anything!
So no matter where this monster goes, you need to go expose her.
And she can't stop you getting tickets, or going in, and saying Bill Clinton's a rapist, and the head of your foundation was convicted for smuggling children out of Haiti, and you're a monster!
And you're a criminal!
She's running the whole impeachment against Trump right now.
We got a bunch of, you know, neocon wannabe Trump supporters that claim they represent Trump and they don't.
They're out there ponying up, bowing down to Twitter and Facebook to stay on there.
We don't give a rat's, you know what?
We're gonna go out and we're going to expose these monsters everywhere they are and you need to too.
It's fun, it's good, and it's gonna happen.
They can't stand it when you realize how much power you have.
We're not just like some regular site saying, oh, change the world, share our site.
We've done it together.
We've got the fire of victory and all you've got to do is throw it.
It's forbidden.
It's reboten.
Find out what you're not supposed to hear.
Tune into it.
You're just as important as I am, ladies and gentlemen.
In fact, more important, because there's more of you than me.
I need you.
You need me.
We don't like these devil worshippers.
So let's face them.
And let's pray that God bring judgment upon them for the innocence sake.
Who's been on the longest?
Is it Danny?
Is it?
Yes, it's Danny and then Jason.
Danny in Portland, an enemy stronghold.
Danny, what's on your mind today?
Thanks for holding.
Hey, God bless you, Alex.
God bless Donald Trump.
And God bless the patriots, true Americans.
So I just, I got a lot on my mind.
Well, first I wanted to say, quote scripture, the wicked prowl on every side when vileness is exalted among the sons of men.
And that's Psalm 12, 8.
Exactly, it's a ritual.
That's even in satanic, I don't mean fake Aleister Crowley stuff, but real satanic books.
I went and read them.
We're talking rare books.
And it's lesser magic.
They do rituals in the open because subconsciously you know what's going on, consciously you don't.
And that gives them great power, they believe.
Sorry, go ahead.
And the Bible explains that.
Oh yeah, exactly.
Well, we're definitely seeing vileness exalted.
You know, I was already seeing it everywhere with the drag queen story time.
And then I've seen that video of the drag trans person
Cutting a baby out of their fake stomach and drinking the blood and people are laughing and filming and joking around.
But it's that psychotic look that person could be in Hollywood playing a demon because they are.
Oh it's disgusting and the fact that people laugh about it and think it's funny it's just that that's a clear sign that things are really really in a bad spot right now and I have noticed and I talked to you the other day actually about this and here in Portland that
It's not just myself, it's everyone.
And I'd say especially the people who are kind of blindly sheepishly following the left.
There's just a mass depression, a mass sense of dread that something big or bad is happening, or both.
And I think it's just that we're on the precipice, as you like to say.
You know, either it's going to get real good or real bad here in just a minute.
And all I'm trying to do is say the redcoats are coming, oneth by land, toeth by sea, instead of the Republican echo chamber that everything's fine.
And I'm not being doom and gloom.
People need to worry.
Almost everyone I knew said, oh, they'll never start official impeachment proceedings.
Well, it just happened today.
And so I agree with Drudge, showing what they're doing, showing how bad it is, so people aren't delusional, and so we do something.
Does that make sense?
I think people need to just get up and fight.
You know, it's like watching
Someone who's just passively being beaten and spit on, and you just want to say, just get up and swing, you know, do something.
Don't just sit there and take it.
You know, that's what everybody's doing.
They're sitting there.
That's it.
I don't want to take it.
I mean, I wanted to work 24 hours yesterday.
I worked.
I worked.
Twenty hours yesterday, and I didn't want to sleep, but I did a few hours.
And people are like, how are you having that much energy?
Well, I had like four cups of coffee yesterday.
Already had two today, but I mean, it's not that.
It's the spirit wants to fight.
The flesh is weak.
The spirit wants to fight.
God bless you, brother.
I appreciate your call, Danny.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jason in North Carolina.
Jason, thanks for holding.
You're a trooper.
Go ahead.
Hey brother, how you doing?
Thanks for taking my call, man.
Man, I actually just feel like I can open it.
I mean, you know what?
Actually, I feel like I can beat up about 20 full-grown men.
I mean, I'm not bragging.
I don't like this feeling.
I am in a kick-people's-ass mode.
You know what I mean?
Oh, absolutely.
I know exactly how you feel, man.
And you know, every day you turn the TV on, you get 99% Democratic ads.
Every day you get on Twitter, they say they're going to block ads, but everything I always get is Democratic ads.
You know?
Oh, of course!
I delete them.
And, you know,
I support my president 150%, and I'm glad to see that people are doing that, and we're trying to make strides.
One question I have is, how do we get through the complete narrow-minded people that you ask them, why don't you like the president, and they can't give you an answer?
You know, I gotta tell you, Christ said, let the dead bury the dead, not the dust off your feet.
Try to wake people up, but if they are delusional and give you that little demon smile back, move on.
They're gone.
Whatever reason, they're turned over to delusion or a reprobate mind, whatever you want to call it.
They're given great, great delusion and they bought into it.
They bought the chili.
And so I would just move on to people that do care and people that, you know, the crazy part is we went down and interviewed homeless people downtown, mainly black homeless people.
Because they're mainly white around town, but downtown they're mainly black for whatever reason.
And statistically, you know, what's her name?
Michael Obama was saying that, you know, white people are running from black people.
Well, statistically black folks congregate together more than any other group.
But it's mainly black homeless folks.
They're like, will you take a microchip to get free stuff?
They're like, that's the mark of the beast.
My privacy violated.
I'm not giving up my humanity for that.
I'm not a slave.
Well, you go talk to some liberal white lawyer, they'll say, hell yeah, I'll take a chip.
So, like, literal crackhead.
These black guys said, I'm a cocaine addict.
And, like, Owen talked to, like, 15 black guys.
Only one of them said, I'd take a chip.
So, again, they still have dignity and know that it's a satanic assault, that that's a sign of turning to evil.
And even though they're addicted to cocaine, they wouldn't do it for cocaine.
But the average leftist wants to defile their body and says, I want the chip.
I mean, so you see how it's spiritual?
Absolutely, man.
I see it.
And we're definitely in a war and we got to stand and fight.
And the only thing left for me to do that I haven't done is stood on the steps at D.C.
And that's coming in the recent weeks.
I'm taking my family up there and we're going to get in Adam's face and anybody we can come in contact with and let them know that the people of America still believe in faith and truth and
We see right through you and we're going to do everything we can to stand behind our president so we do succeed.
Well, sir, that's beautiful and we should probably do some shows and what I recommend to do, but I would just have your phone, camera.
You have your site, a family vacation site on Twitter, Facebook, whatever, just, oh, we're here, shoot some videos, oh, here's the monument, here's the thing, and then say, oh, we're going in to meet our congresspeople.
And then you go in, they tell you when they're coming back, and you'll just run into people in the halls.
And then you just come over and ask them questions, they'll treat you like crap, or give some, you know, answer like, yeah, I want to ban all the guns, and then you'll have a viral video.
And they'll just know, though, my goodness, because let me tell you, I've been in the Senate and House buildings many times over the years, probably, let's not exaggerate,
25 times, okay, over the years.
And they're always shocked to see patriots because there's nothing but some mainstream media and a few Soros people running around that get all the news coverage.
So they've trained us to run down to the big demonstrations and then the media doesn't cover those.
But they, oh, don't go to the Capitol, don't go to the office buildings, don't you, don't, no, don't go there.
Don't go there.
Yes, go there.
And don't even go to D.C.
Find out where they're giving speeches and coming back to their district.
And go get in those maggots' faces!
God bless you, Jason.
More calls coming up!
Hillary will be in Austin this Sunday, and I'm gonna be there.
You need to be inside.
And everybody needs to be out there at the Riverbend Center.
Right on the river in Austin.
Very easy to get there.
I'm gonna be there.
And I'm gonna put up some articles over the weekend exactly where I'm gonna be, and we are gonna get in that witch's face and exercise our free speech in that authoritarian maggot's face, no matter what her and her scumbag, filthy, satanic handlers like John Podesta think!
America has only begun to fight, you witch!
All right, Jennifer, thanks for holding them.
We'll go to Sean.
Jennifer in California, you're on the air.
Thank you.
Hi, Alex.
Yes, there are about seven points that I would like to just throw out there, and then I'll hang up and let you address them, okay?
First off, I don't know why we're talking about Hillary Clinton at this point.
Trump's got everything he needs to arrest her.
She is the biggest criminal in world history, her, her husband, their entire fraudulent
I think so.
This is a battle first fought on our knees in a spiritual realm, but he needs to take action.
He's the only one who can do this to shut them down.
Going to Congress, going to the halls and all that, that's great, but that's not going to do what must be done at this point in time right now.
He's not protecting our First Amendment.
He's not having the backs of his people.
He's not stopping the slaughter of our free speech on all of the social media platforms.
Yeah, and that's why Matt Grudge and people are pissed off at him.
All I know is, I'm going to go expose Hillary because she's a monster, and we built the platform to get Trump into office.
So, if Trump's not going to do his job, I'm going to go do it.
Well, we have to, but he's got to do it.
He can shut them down.
You and I can't.
Now, as a side note, we need a mandatory death sentence for child rapists.
I am tired of seeing these perverts perverting our children to public schools, perverting
I mean, imagine if a fat dude in a clown outfit came and talked to your son or daughter at the park about sex.
They'd get arrested.
Now they do it in-your-face, government-sponsored.
Again, it's gotta be so evil, so big, that it's just Stockholm Syndrome kicks in.
Because people have become a bunch of jellyfish followers, and the only people that have got any kick or will are child molesters, because they are demonically driven to rape children.
Well, they're getting away with it.
Okay, this evil is- And by the way, the raping is what they can get away with.
They really want to kill children.
And they're doing it.
They're getting away with it because good men and women are doing nothing.
You know, it used to be where, you know, you came against someone in this manner.
You perverted a child.
You raped a woman.
You raped a child.
Their family would come after you and they would kill you.
Now, we're getting to a point of no return on this.
Enough is enough.
I want all of these people who are, you know, the mass mental ill, you know, imbeciles who are out there.
Give it a platform to speak their stupidity all over the place on social media and on TV.
It needs to be shut down.
Yeah, that's it.
That's it.
Social media is a currency.
And so they're only giving the mentally ill, devil worshippers and imbeciles the platform.
And it's just a giant, satanic ritual taking place.
But they're going to fail.
Jennifer, you're on fire.
I hear you.
Trump needs to take action.
In fact, I'm going to cut some videos lighting a fire under his ass.
They're going to be powerful.
And we'll get them out by Monday.
And we'll hopefully get that out and get some messages to him because...
Because it's critical.
I hear you.
Alright, more calls straight ahead on the other side.
Sean, you're up next.
And then many, many others that are holding.
Please stay with us on this Thursday edition impeachment.
Official proceedings are underway.
The House voted.
It's now been initiated.
Stay with us.
Matt Bracken's taking over next segment.
I want to race through some of your calls here in a moment.
He's got Brad Johnson, former CIA, exposing the deep state coup against America.
That's coming up in just about 12 minutes from now.
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Hey Steve, how you doing?
Hey Alex!
Oh my God!
Long time listener, first time caller.
Alex, I gotta tell you man, I don't care what anybody has ever said about you.
You have re-appealed more human beings than anybody on planet Earth and God bless you.
Everything you stand for, everything you've done.
You are the best, man.
I mean, it's the absolute truth.
And when I heard you today with this live call, and you encouraged people to call in, I said, that's it, man.
I'm just going to break down.
I got to tell you, look, in January 2016, I went in the hospital.
I went in the VA hospital out here in Boise, and I was in there until June.
And one of the only things that got me through that ordeal was listening to InfoWars
Every day for three hours a day and I kept hearing Dr. Group and all you guys talking about living defense.
Let me tell you something, man.
I had an internal digestive problem and I suffered with it for about five or six years and the doctors, they tried every test.
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I'm gonna get me some of that freaking living defense.
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I started taking it.
Man, that stuff changed my life.
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Just like our information is game-changing, the products are game-changing.
Alright, folks.
Let's go to your phone calls.
Appreciate folks holding.
Let's go ahead and talk to Sean in New Jersey.
Thanks for holding, Sean.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing today, brother?
I'm good, brother.
I want to give some shoutouts to a couple of your products I use on the regular, and I want to give an update.
I'm a veteran from New Jersey who had some equipment seized from him, and the police kept changing the charges.
Same thing they're doing to the president.
I'm an avid user of X2, Brain Force, Real Red Pill.
Love them to death, brother.
I've always had trouble sleeping at night.
Like, I've had trouble shutting my computer down, my brain.
Runs wild.
Many, many thoughts quite often.
Ever since I started supplementing with your products, it's helped me maintain focus.
I've been able to regenerate myself properly with sleep, consistent sleep.
I gotta give you a shout out to your products, brother.
They're spot on.
Well, thank you.
I mean, I could sit here for 10 hours and show mainline studies, science about iodine alone, good, clean iodine.
Two billion people have mental disabilities, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, alive on Earth from lack of iodine.
And what the FDA says you need is way lower, folks, than what most of the studies show.
And so the zombiosis and the health problems and so much more is the lack of that.
And then, yeah, you add a good nootropic-like brain force that's got natural things that tune your brain up.
Well, then when your brain gets more active, then you sleep better later.
So there's just a lot of things that go on.
And, yeah, I mean, I've got to be careful about the X2 and the X3, because if I take too much of it, I mean, it's the opposite.
I mean, I can't sleep.
Because it just gives me so much energy.
And I'm not going to get into details here, but I mean, it's like I'm 15 years old with my wife in that department.
I mean, I'm like as virile as I've ever been in my life at 45.
And it is the supplements, so God bless you.
Sean, from New Jersey, what's your take just in general
I mean, I told folks they're going to pass the inquiry and get it going, and I believe they're going to impeach him in the House.
They've got the votes.
You know the Democrats are going to do it.
People go, but he's innocent.
We know he's innocent.
So was Kavanaugh.
These are criminals.
The best indicator of future behavior is previous behavior.
Everyone knows that.
For good people and bad people, they're going to get it to the Senate.
The fight is in the Senate.
I want to derail it in the House, but what do you think?
All right, brother.
I can only give testimony from my perspective.
I can only talk from my shoes.
So I would like to start this out by saying I am no one.
I was in the military as a military police officer.
I finished school.
They stuck me in a 95 Charlie job kicking a cage instead of working a road job as a police officer.
I spoke out against that.
I was very quickly discharged.
When I went through basic training, I was in consideration for officer candidate school.
Let's fast forward.
I was a subject to a violent crime two years ago.
I had a kid pull a gun on me.
I took it from him instead of hurting him.
Had my face broken as a result.
I always speak up against injustice when I see it, and have been made to suffer for it ever since.
Oh, absolutely.
They don't want leaders, they want a bunch of followers.
And I know leaders have found a way to use the internet to rally humanity, and that's why they're trying to silence everybody.
God bless you, I appreciate your call, Sean.
We got Rambo, we got Jeremy, we got William, we got Jefferson Duncan.
I want to try to get to everybody, but Matt Braggins got a big guest, folks, on this big day.
Real fast, Rambo in Mississippi.
Thanks for holding.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, Alex.
God bless InfoWars.
Well, God bless you, brother.
What's on your mind?
Yes, sir.
A lot.
And I know you're pressed for time.
I just want to say real quick that I thank InfoWars not only for waking myself up, but for me allowing me with the information I received to help wake up my children and family and people around me.
I tell you what, my children and I all do well using the Survival Shield, iodine,
Uh, they like the basil beets.
Uh, I put it in the water.
They love it.
They drink it with dinner.
Um, it's just a way for me to get extra vitamins into the kids because it's so hard for them to take sometimes.
And then fund the InfoWar.
I want to thank you, brother.
Yes, sir.
I do all I can.
I literally use my allowance every week to buy products.
But, uh, um, you know, man, I'm upset too.
And, and, you know, it's Christ.
It's the only thing that keeps me on solid ground every day because, I mean, the stuff going on out here, it's real.
I talked to people that feel it in their gut.
You know, something's on the verge and I just want to let you know that we the people will not stand for this and we appreciate you.
Uh, for everything that you and your whole outfit and all the network groups you work with, too.
Oh, brother, thank you so much.
It's so humbling, people like you call in, because you're so awesome.
Thank you.
I apologize to the callers.
I tried, but got a lot of you on today.
I promise tomorrow, make me, guys.
90% of the show is calls.
Bam, bam, bam.
Coming up, Matt Bracken has got a former officer in the CIA to get into some really important information on the current coup.
In a little while, we're going to have former CIA Station Chief Bradley Johnson, Brad Johnson, on as my guest, but he's stuck in traffic and we're working on getting him hooked up.
I'm not sure when that's going to happen, but don't worry, I've got plenty of material.
I'd love to be talking to him right now, but he has a very unique point of view from, you know, spending many decades inside the CIA, but not as a scum sucking deep state
You know, mole for globalism, but actually as an American patriot, surprisingly enough.
And today is today.
Halloween is going to go down in history, I think, as a very memorable, pivotal, pivotal day because the House voted on party lines with two Democrat defections straight on party lines to
Move ahead and give the imprimatur of legitimacy to the Adam Schiff bogus, you know, down in the bunker, down in the skiff with Schiff fake impeachment inquiry.
I saw a great meme comparing it to a lynching and what Nancy Pelosi has done is saying, well, we're going to give the lynch mob some plastic badges and now it's legal.
And I'm glad to see that none of the Republicans moved over and voted to give this thing any legitimacy.
But what we're really seeing now is a battle royale between the deep state, the globalists, and Donald Trump and the patriots.
And we're seeing that they have got a lot more assets than anybody would have ever dreamed.
They just can keep coming up with, you know, with the Russiagate,
Then UkraineGate, and we don't even know where it's going to stop.
We have no idea how many more of these moles they're going to produce.
But this one, at least, something beneficial is coming out of this.
And I'll say it, you know, the Eric Charamella.
I just like to call him C-I-R-A-M-E-L-L-A because the first letters of his name are actually C-I-A.
You can't make that up.
So Eric,
He is this 33-year-old pajama boy who is basically a mole inside of the Trump White House until 2017 when he was fired for leaking.
But did he get kicked out of the CIA?
Heck no.
He went right back to the CIA, where he's been on ice waiting to play his next role, which was to be the cutout, the so-called whistleblower.
I call him the cutout, which is an intel term, meaning somebody that gives you a little bit of space, a little bit of distance, so that your fingerprints aren't on some dirty skullduggery.
So, the guy yesterday, the fat major,
He's the spy.
The Fat Major, born in Ukraine, obviously he's a Ukrainophile, speaks Russian and Ukrainian.
He was actually on the infamous Trump phone call.
He wants to see anything for Ukraine, everything against Russia.
And when it looked like Trump might be shading against Ukraine, he went off the reservation.
He contacted his old buddy, the spy, Eric
Romella, and C.I.A.
Romella went to his old pals who, guess what, are now working for Adam Schiff on the Intel Committee.
You can't make this up.
So one good thing that's coming out of this entire fiasco, this flap, is that the diagram, the parameters of this nest of spies, it's becoming visible.
It's becoming evident.
You know, there are guys that are very high up, like General H.R.
He was the Trump National Security Advisor early on.
You know, you have to wonder, who was giving Trump this advice to, like, keep on Comey or hire McMaster?
Some really bad actors that were surrounding Trump were really secret never-Trumpers.
So among the people working for McMaster,
We're good to go.
Assistance to McMaster, guess where they went when they finally left the Trump White House?
Guess where they went?
They went to work for Adam Schiff.
What we're seeing is an intel operation.
This is as phony as a $3 bill.
And nobody in their right mind that's, you know, not a child, essentially,
is going to look at this and think that it's legit.
That the Army Major just really honestly, he couldn't bear it.
His conscience wouldn't take it.
He's an Army officer, been in combat.
You know, he's seen everything.
He's seen the elephant.
Yet his conscience was so aggrieved, he just had to go and drop a dime.
But not to the Inspector General, not to file a whistleblower report himself, not to do the honorable thing, put on his uniform and go on Meet the Press or some show like that.
Hell no.
He leaks it to his old pal, Eric, CIA Romella.
Who's back working for the CIA under Brennan.
Remember, all of these people were put in place by Brennan.
Who then coordinates with Schiff's staff.
Which is Sean Misko and Abby Grace, former NSC people, now working against Trump on the Adam Schiff Intel Committee.
Folks, you can't make this up.
This is RussiaGate 2.0, and the problem is when RussiaGate 2.0, UkraineGate,
When it finally fizzles out and dies, they're going to come up with something else.
It'll be Chinagate or it'll be Koreagate.
But it's going to be something.
Because these deep state conspirators, one thing we can say about them, they're not going to quit.
And they're not going to quit because the guys at the top, Brennan, Clapper, and Comey, they really seriously don't want to go to prison.
And that's what they're facing at a minimum is prison time.
So, when the IG Horowitz report comes out, that supposedly is thick as a telephone book and is full of indictable criminal behavior,
And then when Durham's investigation finally works its way up the chain of command, they haven't, remember, they haven't questioned the principles yet.
That's because first they assemble all the evidence against them by interviewing under oath, you know, with penalty of perjury.
They interview the underlings, other people that were in various meetings, and they work their way up the chain of command.
When they finally get to Clapper Comey and Brennan,
They're going to have them in a kind of a noose or a straitjacket because if they lie, they'll know it's a lie.
And you can't take the fifth in a grand jury.
You've got to say something.
So this is a huge battle royale that is playing out that we're seeing right now.
This is going to be a fight to the finish.
And it looks like Brad Johnson is back.
And after this break, I'll be on with retired CIA officer Brad Johnson, and we're going to break this down some more.
I'll tell you, folks, we're only in the early innings.
You might think it can't get any wilder than this, but on the other side, we're going to talk about some ways that this could get a lot wilder, that these will be the tame, easy, soft days compared to what might be coming.
We'll be back.
Okay, we're still, as they say, efforting getting Brad Johnson hooked up.
He's new to this.
He's not one of these leaker types that has all the reporters on speed dial.
You know, a clandestine operator, he's more about, you know, preventing the spreading of this information most of his career.
So this whole thing about broadcasting what he knows, it's new to him.
But we might have him on phone or we're going to keep trying on Skype.
I was saying before that we're just in the beginning of this because as an animal is cornered, it becomes the most dangerous.
Even a rat is going to fight to the death when it sees that it's in a corner.
Or like al-Baghdadi, he's going to blow himself and some children up.
But in this case, Clapper, Comey, Brennan, McCabe,
They don't see themselves fighting to the end.
They see themselves as operatives who are going to fight against Trump for their cause of higher loyalty, which is their loyalty to globalism.
You have to keep this in mind.
We're fighting for our country.
We're nationalists.
They are past being nationalists.
To these guys, nationalism is a dirty word.
Not only, I mean, Brennan, he joined the CIA in the 70s after voting for Gus Hall, a Stalinist communist.
So if he could get into the CIA, you know, 40 years ago, imagine the little socialist, globalist, communist creeps that they've been recruiting ever since then.
How do you imagine that guys like CIA, Ramella, Misko, and Grace, and these other characters, how do you think they all wound up on things like the National Security Council?
They shouldn't be able to get a security clearance at all.
And they're actually in positions of great influence at the elbow of our leaders.
Another thing to understand is that
You can see a chain of command where, theoretically, you're going to have a General McMaster, way up high.
He's a flag rank.
He's a senior executive service equivalent as a general flag rank.
And you would think, how in the world?
There must be a dozen people between him and somebody like Eric CIA Romella.
But Romella was a special assistant to Obama.
And so were Misko and Abby Grace.
They were assistants to McMaster.
So they're very smart.
I mean, they've got the degrees.
They speak the languages.
But their loyalty is completely not toward America.
Their loyalty is toward globalism.
And when a president comes in who is threatening to turn America away from their globalist agenda and back towards an American, make America great again agenda, to them, this strikes at their heart.
I mean, these characters, another one is named Costco.
Charles Caption.
Another CIA guy above the, you know, between McMaster and CIA Romella is this guy Charles Cook-chan.
Excuse me.
CIA and CFR.
Council on Foreign Relations.
I think?
As being, you know, throwbacks like Neanderthals.
They are the enlightened ones.
They are moving completely past America.
That's why they're for open borders.
That's why they're for flooding our country with people from anywhere in the world, you know, to break down our social cohesion and essentially
Turning this imported group into just a bunch of socialist drones that will vote for the Democrat Party and turn every single state in our country into another version of California.
I mean, you would think that states like Georgia or Virginia, Confederate states, these would be conservative to the bitter end.
But this agenda has been working beautifully.
Even with Trump coming in, in 2016, unfortunately, he got a lot of bad advice to keep a lot of these Obama holdovers on.
And he's been surrounded by Never Trump globalist traitors from day one.
People who are spying on him and working against him.
And it's, I'm never going to be able to figure out
You know, who were the exact people?
Was it Priebus?
I mean, who were the people that said, yeah, these are, these are people you can trust.
Keep these guys around.
Trump has been surrounded by really terrible people, but gradually they've been weeded out.
But even when they've been weeded out, we can see that some of them went to Schiff's intel committee.
Some of them went back to CIA.
And, you know, even though Brennan officially is not in the CIA anymore,
I think behind the scenes, he is pulling the strings, or at least he's extremely influential.
I think we have Brad Johnson up now.
Is Brad there?
Can we hear Brad?
How are you doing, Matt?
I'm doing great.
I don't know how much you've been able to hear, but what a day to be on the show, huh?
Yes, it is.
There's so much going on, it's incredible.
Yeah, my take is that Trump has been surrounded by these Ivy League globalists, the guys like CIA, Ramella.
I just can't get over the irony of the first three letters of his name.
Sharamella, CIA Ramella.
These guys, they're very smart.
I was a Russian Studies major at the University of Virginia.
Maybe that's not Yale, but I mean, I didn't go that globalist route.
I considered myself a patriot when I was serving.
Yes, so did I, and I still do.
Go ahead, I've been monopolizing the whole show.
Okay, I was going to say, I did come on and hear you talking about John Brennan still having influence in the CIA, and I've got to reiterate that, and there is no question whatsoever about it.
I can say absolute fact that he's got tremendous pull still in the CIA.
I mean, let's not forget the current director of the CIA, Gina Haspel, was a close associate of John Brennan's.
Clearance is still intact.
That has not been pulled, which that's an oversight that should be taken care of.
So he's got access to them basically whenever he wants.
And the three top lieutenants that are within the CIA operations end of thing running it, not like the HR or personnel sorts of people, those three individuals were also closely working for and associated with John Brennan.
So the number one, number two, number three, number four people at the CIA right now are close friends and associates that have worked closely in the past with John Brennan.
So to suggest even for a moment that he isn't pulling strings whenever he desires to in the CIA is just poorly informed.
He absolutely is connected.
So you think that the loyalty of that upper echelon, just as we saw that FBI headquarters was completely twisted and perverted to serve, you know, nefarious ends, you think that maybe the top floors of CIA are still, they still really have a protect the deep state agenda.
We've got one minute until break.
All of the agencies are that way.
The FBI, the CIA, NSA, State Department, they're all that way.
The pipeline to leadership in all of the federal agencies that are in the intelligence community have been controlled by the left for a long time.
So the only people that make their way up through that pipeline and get into positions of leadership
Yeah, when we come back from the break, I'm going to talk about what you think are ways we could clean out the stable, if it's even possible.
Before I get back to Brad Johnson, I wanted to mention that since I was going to be on the show today, I put two of my books onto a Kindle free run.
So my first and my last books, Enemies Foreign and Domestic and The Bracken Collection, they're on a Kindle free run.
So if you just go to Amazon, you can download them.
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Anyway, but if you just want to read the Kindle versions, they're free today on Amazon Kindle.
And I also wanted to mention I wrote something over the weekend.
Sometimes I write little fictional short stories because they're just a little bit too hot to write as a essay or a column with people's real names.
So look for something on AmericanPartisan.org called Adam Fish Must Die.
It's my fear that
As the impeachment turns out to be a dry hole, like when Adam Schiff was saying, oh, I've got all the evidence about Russian collusion right in my pocket.
It was a lie.
They can only do this leak strategy from the bunker while they're maintaining secrecy, but eventually it's going to be shown that Adam Schiff doesn't have anything.
And then what happens when the deep state gets really desperate?
I explore that possibility in my short story that's up at American Partisan.
But now I want to bring back Brad Johnson and we're going to talk about what can we do at this point?
I mean, is it just a done deal that the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, they're all run, you know, they're essentially co-opted by globalists, by leftists.
What can we do?
Yeah, it's a it's a it's a tough problem.
And I would say that anyone I've talked to that are like retired agency and people like that that I know, we've all concluded that essentially, it cannot be fixed with what's there.
That's and I think that's the bottom line.
Now, all of these federal agencies are highly bloated.
And so the numbers have gone way up.
The number of people that they hired were extensive under Obama, under the Obama administration during those years.
So these very bloated intelligence community agencies, probably the first thing to do to start would be to pare them back down to size.
And that would be a rift.
That would be a reduction in force is the term.
This is something that the Democrats have used in the
Passed and that was what was done to initially essentially lay the groundwork for the destruction of the capability of the CIA.
It was done back in Jimmy Carter days.
It was a Halloween.
It was just it was the Thursday of Halloween and it was known as Black Thursday at the time.
So done.
Those number of years ago almost to the day and they fired a couple thousand people and a couple more thousand people walked out the door next day because they were so pissed.
So something along those lines would be the only way.
That was back with I think Admiral Stanfield Turner when he came in.
That's absolutely correct, Mr. Turner.
But unfortunately, the people that were riffed, that were forced out or quit, were a lot of the old hardcore Cold Warriors that knew where the bodies were buried and had helped put them there.
And what we were left with were the new coterie of these leftists.
So even if we had a big riff now, my fear is that it would just be used as a purge of the remaining patriots, consolidating the hold of the leftists.
Well, I would disagree slightly.
I would say there's no patriots left, certainly at the leadership level.
At the working level, yes.
But those people, essentially, you have to keep your head down, your mouth shut, because if it comes out that you're a conservative, you're destroyed.
Your career is over.
It's not that you necessarily get fired on the spot, but you're never going to get a good job.
And the only way to get promoted and move up is to have a good job that ticks off all those things that are required to go to the next level.
And that's how they control the pipeline.
There's a lot of laws controlling the promotion process, but there's no laws controlling how jobs are handed out.
And that's the way that the liberals have taken it over inside all of these federal agencies.
Many years ago at State Department, and in recent decades at the rest of the agencies.
So a riff would, especially at the higher levels, there's no conservatives to target.
So it would only be to the good.
It would be a net win to do a riff of any sort at any of these agencies.
Yeah, I wonder about just an abolishment at this point, because you look at the CIA's history, and it's like a ticking off the failures.
I remember Tucker Carlson did this a few months ago, was very brave of him, putting a target on himself like that.
But, but I mean, Korea missed it, you know, Gulf of Tonkin, well, that was probably a setup.
I mean, you just go down the list.
They've missed everything.
The collapse of the Soviet Union.
The year before the Berlin Wall goes down, they're saying that the Soviet Union is going to be around for another century.
So what would we lose by losing the CIA and starting all over again?
Well, if it's to lose the CIA to start all over again, I would say that might be actually a decent argument.
There would probably be something along those lines I would think would be a good idea, maybe pulling some elements out that run the operations.
But essentially, once you saw everything get melded into one big
Hot where there's no distinction between operations and analysis and everything else within the CIA that was essentially at doing it and now let me say a couple things about the CIA for failures.
There's also a lot of successes.
Of course, the failures become public.
So there's it's easy to pick off points like that that you're mentioning and the successes mainly stay secret forever.
One thing that the CIA has done well recently was getting al-Baghdadi.
So now that was an intelligence success.
That was a human operation.
Granted, military intelligence was involved.
The Kurds were involved.
A lot of people were involved, but it is a measure of success.
There are capabilities that remain within the CIA.
Yes, thank you.
Unilateral espionage, and by that I mean only the United States would know who these espionage people are, who the spies are.
There would be no liaison, no foreign country that would be aware of us dealing with these people.
That is what has been just completely destroyed under the Obama years, under John Brennan.
That's the part that needs to be built back up, because that's the centerpiece.
Not having that is a lot like having a Navy that doesn't have ships.
All we do is rely on our foreign partners.
When we need an aircraft carrier task force in the Mediterranean, for example, we call our foreign partners and say, hey, please send a task force there.
I mean, that's just stupidity defined.
And to do the same thing with espionage is stupidity defined.
So that's a capability that has to be brought back.
Well, I think that one thing that's going to come out of this entire Russia hoax, collusion, delusion, is that it's going to be obvious to Americans that this was a CIA active measure intel operation conducted, I think, by John Brennan at Obama's orders against candidate Trump and then President Trump.
And, you know, using people like Mifsud, Downer, and Halper is going to expose how these stooges, well, it's great when they're working against, you know, lower Slavovia, but it's not great when they're brought home and used against Americans in a political campaign or against an American president.
And just, you know, sheep-dipping it by using foreigners to avoid the no domestic spying, doing it in London or Rome.
It's going to be apparent this was a Brennan operation, and I hope he goes to prison.
I don't know if that's even plausible, but if it looks like he is going to prison, I would not rule out crazy false flag operations like what I wrote about in the short story I just put out last weekend.
But I think we're in very perilous times.
Last two minutes, go ahead with the last two minutes, whatever's on your mind.
Let me address that, because that's extremely important.
I think there's no question whatsoever that there's John Brennan's fingerprints all over this thing, and I've been saying over the last almost year that all roads lead back to John Brennan.
Every time something is uncovered, there's a connection to John Brennan on all of these things, and the foreign aspects that you mentioned, all of that.
This is clearly an operation, an intelligence operation, that's been run against the President, and it continues to this day.
The Ukraine thing is all just an extension of that, as they fail on all of their earlier attempts
On Obama.
Obama may have been aware of all of this.
I think all this will play out and we should hopefully find out.
But I don't think he was the beginning of it.
Because if you look at the Steele dossier and the timing of all these things, this all began and was set in motion before Trump was even the candidate for the Republican Party.
So why that timing?
And I think it all links back instead to Hillary Clinton.
The reason I think Hillary Clinton is because there was the leak of all of those documents and just based on what the FBI has been saying, there were 25 or 30,000 classified documents at a minimum that were leaked by Hillary Clinton.
So she was faced with that problem early on when she was Secretary of State, fully believing she was going to become president.
Went to John Brennan and said, John, help me fix this problem of these leaked documents that seem to be probably getting people killed and there are a lot of problems overseas.
So I think that was the origin.
Brad, we're coming right to the end.
I don't know if you can see the countdown, but we've just got about 10 seconds.
So, folks, these are perilous times.
Brad Johnson's got a YouTube channel.
Look for him there.
And I'll see you next time I see you on the Alex Jones Show.
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