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Name: 20191030_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 30, 2019
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Freespeech.tv hosts prominent figures discussing various topics including climate change, wokeness, political activism, and media influence. Alex Jones discusses Kanye West's comments on black genocide and Planned Parenthood, criticizing mainstream media for promoting a "leftist" agenda. The platform also promotes sales of supplements and other products related to health and diet, as well as discussing conspiracy theories such as flat Earth, Antarctica, and Mars exploration.

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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
I don't think that we are discussing climate change the way we need to be discussing it.
We are in the midst of climate change right now, and it is only going to get worse.
The world is going to end in 12 years if we don't address climate change.
The scientists also tell us, have 12 years in which to answer that question.
12 years within which to act.
Like, this is the war, this is our World War II.
We have 12 years to turn this around.
We are less than 12 years away from not being able to undo our mistakes.
Within the 10 years that we have left to us.
Within the 10 years that we have left to us.
We don't have more than 10 years to get this right.
A little more than 10 years from now.
There is no justice and there is no combating climate change without addressing what has happened to indigenous communities.
I speak to you as a human being.
A woman whose dreams of motherhood now taste bittersweet because of what I know about our children's future.
You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words.
This is about our lives.
This is about American lives.
That our community will be uninhabitable, will not sustain human life along this current trajectory.
I am here to say our house is on fire.
It's a crisis that could, at its worst, lead to extinction.
We are in the beginning of a mass extinction.
People are dying.
People are suffering.
People are dying.
How dare you?
Barack and Michelle Obama, they are buying a house in Martha's Vineyard.
I shouldn't say house.
This is a massive, incredible beachfront estate.
Meanwhile, Obama has bought a $14 million house in Martha's Vineyard right on the water, ladies and gentlemen.
But they're telling you
That the world is going to end.
And they're also telling you that we're on the verge of a global race war because white people are inherently evil and bad, but everyone's trying to get into countries founded and that were run by the dreaded white people.
Very interesting.
In fact, here's Obama telling us that wokeness is not activism.
And then maybe he hasn't heard what his wife's out doing, spewing some of the biggest black KKK stuff you've ever heard.
This idea of purity and you're never compromised and you're always politically woke and all that stuff.
You should get over that quickly.
The world is messy.
There are ambiguities.
People who do really good stuff have flaws.
Like, if I tweet or hashtag about how you didn't do something right, or used the wrong verb, then I can sit back and feel pretty good about myself.
Because, man, you see how woke I was?
I called you out.
Let me get on TV.
Watch my show.
Watch Grown-ish.
Um, you know, that's not, that's not activism.
That's not bringing about change.
You know, I want to remind white folks that y'all were running from us, you know, because this family, this family, this family with all the values that you read about.
You were running from us, and you're still running.
Because we're no different than the immigrant families that are moving in, the families in Pilsen, the families that are coming from other places to try to do better.
But because we can so easily wash over who we really were because of the color of our skin,
Because of the texture of our hair, you know?
That's what divides countries.
Artificially as well.
Artificial things that don't... Oh, artificial borders divide countries.
No, you're bringing leftists in from all over the world with no skills and treating them to hate America and putting them on welfare to control them.
That's the truth, Michelle.
That's what you're pushing, is a anti-white, anti-American agenda.
And everybody knows what you're up to, you evil witch.
Unbelievable fraud.
Well, Kanye West is on fire.
On fire for Jesus.
And I said on the show, we're trying to find it, but I said it a lot,
On TI's podcast a month ago, and I said it on this show about three weeks ago, again two weeks ago, repeatedly, you all heard me, many of you.
I said if Kanye West is for real, he will come out against black genocide and the fact that Planned Parenthood is set up, was set up to exterminate black people and called them human weeds.
And I said, hey, he's already doing a lot of good.
And just because somebody's been worldly and, you know, had rap songs, you know, about, I want to have a threesome with my girlfriend and my blunt, big deal.
None of us are perfect.
What matters is what your heart stands for.
Well, he came out.
We're going to cover this next segment.
He came out and he said, there's an extermination plan against black people.
Well, let me tell you, if you're controlled,
Opposition, you don't talk like that.
And that shatters the race pimping by monsters.
Literally on the payroll of the people that run the KKK, Michelle Obama.
By the way, I'm not saying it to be shocking.
Michelle Obama knows what she's doing.
These are some evil, evil, evil, evil, evil people.
But if you go back to
John D. Rockefeller I, you go back to Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood, their letters, the Colgate family, and others are public.
In major universities, just type in Margaret Sanger's letters.
And she was given billions of dollars, billions back then.
That'd be hundreds of billions today.
To buy off all the black leaders and the black colleges.
The Christians that set up, they hijacked them.
And man, what you see that's been done to the black people?
It's the plan for everybody.
So you can look at the mess the black community's in and be threatened by it and be angry at it and hear the black folks saying racist things to you because they're brainwashed and get mad at them.
But how about we're smart enough to really know the full game plan and not buy into this race war crap?
How about we do that?
Because the whole thing is a setup.
Yeah, mercy death.
Even kill black babies after they're born, ladies and gentlemen.
You gonna sign on to that?
When I was on with T.I., he didn't want to talk about that.
I'm not gonna put T.I.
He had courage to have me on.
But he's not Alex Jones, woke.
Tonya West is Alex Jones woke now.
Once you get woke like that, there's no going back.
By the way, people say, what level of woke are you?
You know, these leftist brainwashed people that spew all this garbage, they're the most unawake people.
They're the most asleep people on earth.
But once you get the big agenda...
Everybody's on the same level because you're seeing the same thing.
People say, how does Trump say the same thing you say like an hour later?
And how, I mean, because I've had the New York Times call up and they've gone, you tweeted this five minutes before his speech.
And then he said exactly what you said he'd say during the speech.
And I said, we're simpatico.
And that globalist looked at me and he just shook his head because they know how stuff works.
They're mad that
We've got a sixth sense way more powerful than them.
Because when you serve evil, you lose the gifts God's given you.
You get Satan's little twisted gifts, but you lose the literal superpowers that God's given us.
And by the way, we're all created equal in God's eyes.
I agree with the Declaration of Independence, but we're not all equal in our skills and what gifts we were given.
I don't have the gift of being a long distance runner.
But I do have the gift of fortitude and focus.
And the gift that nobody's ever knocked me out, including getting hit in the head with a lead pipe, axe handles, you name it.
So we've all got different gifts, ladies and gentlemen.
And so we need to think about those gifts and think about who wants to steal those gifts and turn those gifts towards his own wicked plans.
We're going to talk about
The real rabbit hole next segment and play some of these clips from Kanye and then that wicked devil, Michelle Obama.
That linebacker of a wife.
It's got that big roll of silver dollars in her pants.
We're going to be talking about Mrs. Wokey Woke on the other side.
And the folks, the men and women on the payroll.
And they got a job to do, and boy they did a good job on the black people, didn't they?
And they're doing a good job on everybody else too, and they're doing the same job.
We're going to talk about how to get out of that system.
Get off the mental plantation, get off the mental reservation, and really get down to brass tacks about how the world really works and how God's got a big garden.
And there's all these humans and all these animals and all these creatures that live on this garden, this planet.
We've all got our skills.
We've all got our gifts.
And then we form a team.
We're all equal created by God.
But that equalness is not distributed the same way with each person.
And the entire globalist plan is about stunting you and dumbing you down and keeping you from embracing and grasping your real potential.
We're gonna lay it all out today and we have some special guests joining us, I'll tell you about a little bit later.
Got an international TV crew here arriving at the studio.
Got Mike Adams and Nick Fuentes joining us because the Republican establishment is so scared of him.
I'm going to find out why.
And then we're also going to go somewhere in the last segment of this hour that just went live on InfoWars.com.
Special report, Antarctic Mysteries Tied to Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory.
Now I want to be completely clear, I do not believe the Earth is flat.
But because the people have been lied to so much, and they know they've been lied to now, most people don't know what's true.
And they've done internal polls and national surveys.
Hell, I spent $20,000 just a few months ago doing one for some legal issues to find out exactly what was going on.
It's what we thought.
And about 40% of people now officially question whether the earth's flat or something else.
And I mean, most people don't believe that they killed al-Baghdadi.
I do believe they killed al-Baghdadi.
Because of where they were, the history of it, who he was trained by, McCain, the globalist,
Trump knew where he was.
Trump doesn't want to do fake things.
He wants to do real things.
Why would he let them set him up with a fake takedown like that, knowing that they could use it against him?
I just, I believe it happened.
All the evidence points towards it.
But it's very healthy that mainstream news, the Russian news, doesn't believe it happened and is investigating it.
Because we've been lied to so much, that's a normal response.
So that's all coming up.
And our old InfoWars compadre, Luke Rudowski, got into the compound of Jeffrey Epstein.
They released that video.
It's linked up on DrugsReport.com.
We're going to be going over all that.
It's on InfoWars.com.
It's an InfoWars story.
Must-see footage inside his compound.
And there's new Epstein news.
The doctor came out and said, yeah, he was murdered.
We're going to get to that video.
So much today.
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It's October 30th, 2019.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Thank you so much for joining us on this Wednesday transmission.
I should add that we tend to do a lot of special extended broadcast and I have a tendency to not even tell you when those are coming up.
Even though they go viral, they're very informative, they reach a lot of people.
Well, we're going to go live tonight, right through to midnight, after Firepower, with the great crew, Will Johnson and Tom Pappard.
And we've got several special reports that have not premiered yet.
They're going to play in the 6 o'clock hour, and then I'm going to be here live tonight, 9 to midnight.
With a lot of surprises and you'll be able to find all of that at Band.Video and of course Infowars.com for its live show and on radio and TV stations that pick up the broadcast.
Okay, last Friday Kanye West came out and started basically ranting to national TV cameras
About the fact that they're trying to remove Jesus from culture and trying to persecute Christians.
And that there really is an attack on the Christian faith.
Not just in this nation, but all over the world.
And that there's an attack on it.
And that is certainly going on.
That's confirmed.
There's attacks on the family.
There's an attack on the two genders.
This is a plan to destabilize the nation.
That's even in the WikiLeaks with Hillary talking about that operation.
That's part of the poison that Hollywood, funded by the Chi-Coms, are engaged in against the West.
And folks asked me, they said, is Kanye West, you know, when he says, I'm going to go Alex Jones level on you, what is he talking about?
Well, I said Friday.
If he comes out against the genocide of black people, particularly by Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, and the Rockefeller Foundation, that spent billions of dollars in 1920s, 30s, 40s numbers, that'd be hundreds of billions today, to target black people for extermination.
In many jurisdictions, up to 70% of blacks are never born.
The most dangerous place for a black person on earth is in the womb.
And there's this targeting going on and it's an admitted targeting and Hillary Clinton said black men are predators, they need to be in prison, they're like dogs, bring them to heel, these are quotes.
And I told TI on his podcast to millions and others, hey quit telling me about Trump and racism all day and that dog whistle to sit there and you know demonize and create division when it's the Democratic Party that founded the KKK.
And so I said, if Kanye's really woke, he'll come out and talk about that.
Well, the next day he did.
So let's play where he talks about Alex Jones level, and the next day he talked about now it's going viral today.
Both these clips are going viral today.
Got almost no attention over the weekend.
Now it's all over the news.
So here's the two clips.
Man, come on, man.
I ain't finna go Alex Jones level with y'all, man.
Come on, man.
What y'all like?
Wake up!
Wake up, Mr. West.
Wake up, culture.
Wake up.
Everybody think they so woke, but they following the rules of what woke supposed to be.
We brainwashed out here, bro.
Come on, man.
This is a free man talking.
Democrats had us voting Democrats with food stamps for years, bro.
What are you talking about?
Guns in the 80s?
Taking the fathers out the home?
Plan B?
Lowering our votes?
Making us abort our children?
Gosh, and that kill!
And again, that was the same shoot, but they doled it out over the next few days.
They went into even more of it in Planned Parenthood and the purposeful targeting.
That means he really is off the plantation, off the reservation.
So am I.
Now, Michelle has their directive.
Again, it's in the WikiLeaks.
Create racial division in this nation to control us and make us a broken society.
Pay the men not to be in the home.
Pay the women not to have men in the home.
It's all in the Planned Parenthood plans that then LBJ adopted 40 years later in the Great Society.
So she's saying white people are running from minorities.
Well, white people are running, and everybody else is too, from big cities and the overprices and the toxic air.
I don't know about you, but you drive on the countryside around Austin, there's people all different colors, and they're running from the city of Austin and the LA crowd that's come here that's bankrupting the city.
And then it's brown people fighting to get into America because of the Christian ethos that was here.
And because of the free market, and because of the justice, and because our police compared to other nations police are not corrupt.
My God, go to Venezuela, go to North Korea, go to these people are fighting to come here because of the benefits and everything else.
That's a twisted leftist form of the Christian ethos.
It's supposed to be the churches and the communities.
Almost all these big hospitals are tax-exempt.
They're owned by big churches, but they're not churches anymore.
They're corporations.
The churches have become government-controlled.
The First Amendment has been violated.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the exercise thereof, or of the press, or of free speech, or of the people's right to peaceably assemble, or redress of grievances.
It's all there.
Read it.
First Amendment.
And so Michelle comes out and says white people are inherently bad.
What a racist statement.
The opposite of what Martin Luther King said, but she knows what she's doing.
They're betting minorities are corrupt and racist.
They're betting that what white people trailblazed worldwide.
The British Empire had over a hundred major conflicts and wars.
Ending transatlantic slave trade, and ending it in the Pacific Ocean, where slavery was going on all those Pacific Islands.
I mean, the Muslims, for 1400 years, were selling black slaves out of Africa, all the way into the South Pacific, into the Philippines, and all the way into Indonesia, and places even further south than the Eastern Pacific.
That's why you go to islands all over the Pacific, there's black people!
The Muslims brought them there!
Look into it!
We learned the transatlantic slave trade from the Muslims!
And my only point is, is that Michelle wants you to think white people are inherently bad.
When the truth is, modern civilization and the end of slavery is white people's doing.
Because we recognize it was wrong.
We have the moral authority.
If you want to talk about woke, who's got authority?
Black people are still selling each other in seven nations in Africa.
Muslims are still selling humans in four nations in Africa.
And you don't say a damn word, you evil racist witch!
Here is this monster selling poison like a cobra, biting you with evil.
Here is this witch for the Rockefellers and the big money and the KKK run Democrats.
Here she is!
I want to remind white folks that y'all were running from us.
You know, because of this family.
This family?
No, no, you're running after us, lady, because you're smart.
You were running from us, and you're still running.
Because... Well, you're right, I'm running from you.
...different than the immigrant families that are moving in... Got a roll of silver dollars in your pants.
The families that are coming from other places to try to do better.
But, because we can so easily wash over who we really were because of the color of our skin?
Because of the texture of our hair?
Oh, you poor baby!
Everybody wants to be so mean to you!
But oh, you love that Planned Parenthood killing tens of millions of black people.
Oh, what a sick witch.
I'm not kissing your ass anymore.
By the way, Joan Rivers said you were a tranny.
I didn't say that.
I said, let's play Joan Rivers when we come back.
And I don't think she is.
I think to mess with us, she wears a big old roll of silver dollars in her pants, flopping around and rolling around like some kind of big old giant king cobra.
All right, I went into Michelle Obama just constantly pushing her race baiting and that white people are bad and that white people are running from black people.
They've done national studies.
Actually, black folks are the most insular or self-segregating group in the United States after a few subgroups of Asians like Laotians and things.
And that's just a fact.
Oh, and by the way, the top nine richest demographics according to race are not white, they're Asian.
But remember, Bernie Sanders said, white people do not know what it is like to be poor.
So they're the ones spewing all this race garbage.
Race, race, race, race, constantly.
And it's a bunch of white people leading us into all of this racial division.
It's sick.
What Martin Luther King talked about, which is an extension of the Christian ethos, was being colorblind and going according to what people stood for, what they produced.
That's common sense.
If somebody makes great clothes, you buy it no matter what color they are.
If somebody has great food, you go to the restaurant, you don't care what color they are.
If somebody makes great music, you listen to it, you don't care what color they are.
It's about what you produce, what you stand for.
But they're making it all about what color you are.
And we know that Barack Obama, it's in his own biography, was raised by a transgender in Malaysia.
And I'm not against these people, as long as they don't go target children and try to sexualize them.
So there's an obsession with this, and a lot of people looked at Michelle Obama's shoulders, that they're bigger than Obama's.
There's photos of them hugging, and my God, her shoulders just look like a linebacker's.
And there's a lot of videos of her coming out of events, and it looks like that there's about an 8-inch flaccid male genitals there.
I mean, if Michelle is a man, she's a heavy hitter, okay?
I mean, he could star in porn movies.
As a just incredible specimen.
Now again, I'm not saying that that's the case.
Maybe she keeps a roll of silver dollars in her pants.
Maybe she keeps a rubber snake in her pants.
There's a lot of really reasonable reasons that, you know, maybe she carries a
A blackjack.
You know, they have those rubber billy clubs.
You know, maybe she's got like an 8-inch blackjack in her pants.
Or something, okay?
That, you know, she carries for security.
I mean, you never know with the First Lady.
But Joan Rivers said that she's a dude.
And so...
All I'm saying is, the lady looks like a dude.
That's our free speech to say that.
But I'm not the one that ever said it.
It's Joan Rivers that was friends with Michael.
You know, Obama's always, like in ten different clips I've seen, always saying, Michael and I, you know, have our children, and I love Michael.
He does it all.
And he keeps saying, Michael.
Come up here, Michael.
And Michael comes up.
There's nothing wrong with that, if that's the case.
Obama is a consenting adult.
But Joan Rivers reportedly was seen on an operating table with fire shooting out of her mouth like a dragon.
No one really knows what happened, but basically her head blew up about a month after she made this statement.
So since we're on this right now, I thought that I would play this.
She said that Obama was gay and that
Michelle is transgender, but she used the term that we've been told we're not supposed to use, that actually that community created, but they control reality.
Like the ADL says, this is a white supremacist symbol, you will be arrested in areas of Europe if you use it.
And I agree, they're God, so yes sir, international sign of okay is now evil.
If they say the happy symbol is bad, I agree, ban the happy face.
There's not a threat at all to have these groups doing this.
They are our bosses, and I want to submit to them.
Hell, if you don't do what they say, they say you work for the Russians!
That Putin tells... I mean, we actually have Maxine Waters saying that Putin is in Trump's ear, that the swamp term came from him, from Putin.
And that lock her up, lock her up came from me!
And our audience, and Hillary for president.
But, oh, oh, oh, Putin, hold on, Putin, hold on.
What's that?
So this is the woke world.
So here is one of the last things John Revers ever said.
And this is the big religion of the elite.
I mean, they're really into this.
You see them pushing on your kids everywhere.
A man got arrested dressed up in a wig here in Austin a few days ago.
Just an event of children and adults that did not want five-year-olds to be taught how to have anal sex and to have it taught to them by men in drag.
That's pretty normal, right?
You don't want people talking to your kids about anal sex at the park or the school or anywhere.
He had to get arrested because he just didn't want them to have their speech.
So a very, very... In California, if I call him a him, I get arrested.
I thought I had free speech here.
This is a very, very dangerous point we're to.
So let's play.
For TV viewers, you can see this.
Here's Michelle, or Michael as Obama calls her, he.
Are you
There you go.
And there's a bunch of photos, obviously, of that we can put on screen for TV viewers.
But I'm not saying... I'm not saying that Michelle Obama is a man.
That's not what I'm saying.
I'm saying Joan Rivers said it.
And Joan Rivers had a right to say it.
That's all.
That's all I'm saying.
Okay, I'm done talking about that.
I don't want to say I've gone off the rails here today just because there's several international TV crews here today.
One from the United States, one from the dreaded Russians are here.
That's right.
So we've got national Russian television here as well.
I never got to this Sunday or Monday or Tuesday.
I'm going to do it today at six after next hour.
Very serious news on George Soros and where he said that he can bend the will of God and that globalists are going to crush America.
Wait till I actually read these quotes to you.
Oh, but he's a defender of free speech and Trump and Alex Jones are hurting our free speech.
Inversion of reality.
That's all coming up and so much more.
But first, I have people stop me on the street all the time and say, well, Alex, they lie about so much is the earth flat.
And I say, no, I don't think the earth's flat.
They go, whoa, you're not woke.
And so I got challenged by Eddie Bravo and others, look into Antarctica.
And look into what the claims are.
And they really do have it sealed off down there.
They're acting very suspicious, but there's a lot of reasons that could be.
Not that the earth's flat and there's an ice dome over it and all the rest of it.
But I promise to do a fair report on it.
So Greg Reese, great investigative journalist, he put one together.
We're going to premiere it next segment.
Speaking of premiered video, drugreport.com is linked to our article about Luke Radowsky and We Are Change infiltrating
A little pedo island there in the Caribbean where Epstein had his abode and the autopsy info has come out and they said basically conclusive he was murdered.
Yeah, he had multiple broken bones in his neck, screaming, begging for his life.
All the police, the guards were told to stand down.
It's pretty incredible.
That's all coming up as well, and we're going to open the phones up, and we have special guests.
It's just an absolutely jam-packed transmission.
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Stay with us.
In the age of social media censorship, questioning whether or not the Earth is a globe has been deemed harmful thought.
But why is this?
We seem to be conditioned to think that the issue has been scientifically settled.
But this is not the case.
Our most popular scientists recognize that the geocentric model, where the Earth is at the center of the universe, is observably accurate.
Edwin Hubble and Stephen Hawking went as far as to say that they reject the geocentric model not based on scientific reasoning, but rather because they find the thought of being at the center of the universe to be emotionally disturbing.
Physicist George Ellis stated that you cannot disprove the geocentric model.
You can only exclude it on philosophical grounds.
The Michelson-Morley experiment in the 1880s proved the Earth was stationary, and Albert Einstein claimed this was a serious embarrassment and intended to disprove it with his relativity theory, but later admitted that he had failed to do so.
We are conditioned to think that the heliocentric model is scientifically superior to the geocentric model.
But when we apply scientific reasoning, we discover that this is not true.
Contrary to popular thought, the scientific community has disputed the heliocentric model for centuries, such as the Earth's curvature.
According to the heliocentric Earth model, the Earth is 24,000 miles in circumference.
And if one were standing at sea level, they should only be able to see less than three miles before the surface of the Earth curves out of view.
But this has been proven to be false for centuries.
From the Bedford-level experiments of 1838 to modern photography, this photograph of Chicago was taken almost 60 miles away from Grand Mere State Park in Michigan.
On a spherical Earth, this would be impossible.
Using the Pythagorean theorem and the current dimensions of the Earth, the top of the tallest skyscraper should be 900 feet below the observable horizon.
Local news explained this anomaly by claiming the image was a mirage.
And what you're seeing here is a mirage.
We typically would not be able to see this from the Lake Michigan Shore.
We talked about this last night.
Conditions are right on the lake that we're actually seeing a mirage.
They claim that somehow light refraction and perfect weather conditions are responsible for creating a photorealistic mirage of the Chicago skyline, appearing to sit on the flat horizon from almost 60 miles away.
Anomalies in the Earth's curvature can also be found in old lighthouses, able to be seen for several miles past what is possible on the heliocentric model.
And weapons guidance systems that are capable of sighting targets that would only be possible on a flat plane.
We are accustomed to observing ships disappearing over the curve.
But with modern consumer cameras, we can observe that this seems to be an optical illusion based on light reflection and the laws of perspective.
Many of us tend to think the planet is too big to observe curvature, but the empirical evidence tells us that either the surface of the Earth is a flat plane, or the planet is at least 100 times bigger than we are told.
Another very intriguing argument for flat earthers is Antarctica, the mysterious massive continent at our southern pole that nobody is allowed to explore.
After sailing over 60,000 miles along the Antarctic coastline, Captain Cook was never able to complete the journey around the ice continent, which is supposed to be just under 12,000 miles around.
Neither was James Clark Ross or the British ship Challenger.
Nobody has ever successfully circumnavigated Antarctica.
Many so-called flat earthers claim that these attempts failed because Antarctica is actually a massive ice barrier that surrounds the flat surface of the Earth.
The Azimuthal Equidescent Projection Map, produced by the U.S.
Geological Survey, has been used for centuries for the fact that all directions, or azimuths, are correct and all distances are at true scale.
Studying this map, one can clearly see how man has been able to accurately circumnavigate the Earth on a flat plane model.
And if it is in fact accurate, then it explains why after 60,000 miles, nobody has been able to completely circumnavigate Antarctica.
Interestingly, this is also the map used by the United Nations.
Admiral Richard Byrd, Medal of Honor winner, youngest admiral in the history of the Navy, and recipient of three ticker tape parades in his honor, led four expeditions to Antarctica.
The fourth being a military operation known as Operation High Jump.
With an aircraft carrier group, 4,700 men, 13 support ships, and 33 aircraft, their stated mission was to establish the Antarctic Research Base Little America 4.
But many believe the true nature of the secret mission was to root out the Nazis who arrived in 1939, claiming New Schwabia and setting up a Nazi presence in Antarctica.
In 1954, Admiral Richard Byrd spoke on TV of an area bigger than the United States, with valuable resources, and announced a future of international exploration.
Our very distinguished guest for this evening is Admiral Richard E. Byrd.
Strangely enough, there is left in the world today an area as big as the United States that's never been seen by a human being.
And that's beyond the pole on the other side of the South Pole from Middle America.
We've found enough coal within 180 miles of the South Pole in a great ridge of mountains that's not covered with snow, enough to supply the whole world for quite a while.
And it's, I think it's quite astonishing.
That there should be an area as big as that unexplored.
That's a tremendous challenge.
So there's a lot of adventure left down at the bottom of the world.
Admiral, do you hope to see that?
I do.
So I'm willing to say to you that there will be a number of expeditions that will follow
I think year after year, the bottom of the world, because the government has really become interested.
But this never happened.
In 1957, Admiral Byrd died in his sleep of a heart ailment at the age of 68.
And on December 1st, 1959, all 12 countries active in Antarctica signed a United Nations treaty that outlawed all public travel south of the 60th Southern Parallel.
This was the same time that NASA was formed.
The world's attention was pulled away from exploring Antarctica and directed firmly on the moon.
In 1962, a series of high-altitude nuclear tests was carried out by the United States.
It was called Operation Fishbowl, which has caught the curiosity of many Flat Earth researchers, because the Flat Earth model shared by the ancients was one where we lived within a sphere, upon a flat surface, and surrounded by a massive dome, like a fishbowl, or the Truman Show.
In 2012, the Secret Lost Diary of Admiral Richard E. Byrd was published, wherein Admiral Byrd allegedly claimed to enter a hollow Earth through a hole in the center of Antarctica and meet with an advanced alien civilization.
The diary provides no evidence of being authentic, and many would suggest that it portrays the distinguished admiral as a crackpot and strange tales of Antarctica as fantasy.
To this day, the public is strictly prohibited from traveling below the 60th Southern Parallel.
Nobody has ever completely circumnavigated Antarctica.
And airplanes are prohibited from flying over the icy continent.
What are they hiding?
There is now talk of investing trillions of dollars to explore Mars.
Why not Antarctica?
If sharing videos about flat Earth is harmful, why not put it all to rest by circumnavigating Antarctica, documenting everything, and prove that the Earth is a spinning globe?
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
And again, I do not believe the Earth is flat.
I do not believe the Earth is the center of the universe.
But I do believe in free speech, and YouTube, Google, Facebook, they're all banning videos that ask those questions.
That's a big problem.
And the fact that so many people think we're being lied to about the nature of the universe and the planet is a whole other issue.
I'll talk about it more when we start the next hour.
Then I'm going to get into what's currently happening geopolitically.
All right, if you just joined us, we just covered something that I've never really talked about 25 years on air, except a few times Eddie Bravo's been here.
I don't ridicule Eddie Bravo for believing the world's flat or that it's in a domed space station.
He has a right to believe that.
He's a friend of mine.
He's a nice guy.
He's a smart guy.
He points out a lot of things that are very, very interesting.
And it's because the mainstream media lies so much and have been caught lying that people now really question the very nature of reality.
But if you want to see the full special report and share it, special report Antarctic Mysteries Tied to Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory.
And I use the establishment's term, conspiracy theory, as a jab.
Because mainstream media says that I believe the earth is flat.
People walk up to me on the street and they go, you're a Russian agent, you believe the world is flat, and gay frogs.
And, or they say Sandy Hook at me.
And I go, yeah, I question Sandy Hook.
I mean, the media is questioning whether al-Baghdadi, the French media, the Russian media, the U.S.
media is questioning whether al-Baghdadi died a few days ago on Saturday.
In Northern Syria.
That's completely reasonable.
That's a right everyone has.
I tend to believe al-Baghdadi died.
He'd worked for Hillary, he'd worked for Obama, he'd worked for John McCain.
Type in al-Baghdadi photographed with McCain.
That's been out eight years.
And he was protected by the deep state to go into destabilized countries and then he ended up
Falling out of favor when Trump came into office and now Syria's been cleared out except that last area and he's been killed.
He's dead.
And Trump doesn't put out hoaxes.
Trump doesn't want to put out a lie where he can get caught putting it out by deep staters all around him just desperate to make something up.
That's why I believe al-Baghdadi died or at least they killed somebody and videotaped it and told the president that's what they did.
You know, that is a possibility.
But we did expose that Bin Laden had been dead for many, many years, just how they would roll that out later.
And that is a fact.
And then the 23 Navy SEALs were blown up a week later, all packed on a helicopter, had been part of that mission.
The helicopter was flown out and just blew up.
And they said, we've not been briefed on a mission.
We don't fly 23 people on one Chinook.
What the hell's going on?
They said, you're ordered to get on there.
And they said, we're being set up, but they still followed orders and they died.
Just like Joan Rivers died because she talked about Obama being gay and Michelle being a tranny.
She was dead very, very soon.
Now, these are the questions people ask.
Just like I said, I think they killed Epstein.
I said, I think they'll kill Epstein.
And then they all saw the guards told to stand down.
New guards brought in.
The cameras turned off.
They hear begging, yelling, screaming.
And then I said, I bet they broke his neck.
Two bones in his neck broken.
And now the coroner's come out and said, it's murder.
We'll cover that when we come back.
Oh, speaking of Epstein, footage has emerged.
It's on InfoWars.com.
It's linked on DrugReport.com.
We are, James Luke Rodowski went on Little St.
George, Peto Island.
I got some interesting video.
It's obviously been cleaned out, but you get to look at the facility.
So, that's real journalism right there.
Something that the cowardly mainline journalists today don't do because they're not journalists.
You know, in the old days, you snuck in Bohemian Grove, you snuck on Cottonwood.
That's the kind of stuff I've done.
That's real journalism, but they don't do that nowadays.
So it's up to citizen journalists to go out and do it as well.
But again,
The media has such little credit and people don't believe the system so much that a large percentage of people don't believe the spherical Earth situation.
Hell, the head of Bank of America a few years ago said he believes everything's a simulation and fake.
Upwards of half of Silicon Valley execs think it's a simulation.
They think nothing's real!
But that's, oh, that's okay.
Joe Rogan thinks he communicates with aliens on DMD.
I say that's kind of weird and I'm the kook.
We're saying they're demons, not aliens.
Demons, aliens, interchangeable.
See, I don't take the DMT and talk to the aliens, so I'm the crazy one.
Well, before Jeffrey Epstein ever got convicted of trafficking in 14-year-old girls, of course that's just the entrance to the fetid spider hole, I said he was working for the Rockefellers.
And for the Carnegie Endowment, and for Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and that he was running a secret eugenics human cloning program, and how did I know that?
Oh, because it was in the news!
You can type in, billionaires meet in secret to save the world, billionaires meet in secret to set up world government, billionaires meet in secret to discuss overpopulation, and you'll get London Guardian,
You'll get New York Times, you'll get Washington Post, you will get ABC News.
We've played all these clips, we've covered it.
Saying, oh, at the Albert Einstein Institute, there's miraculous, amazing things going on.
Yeah, there it is on screen.
Top billionaires hold secret meeting.
There it is.
Billionaires try to shrink world population.
Report says Wall Street Journal.
And there's articles even before that.
I first had Epstein on my radar screen about 15 years ago.
And we're all on record!
Oh, but Bill Gates says he doesn't know Jeffrey Epstein.
Jeffrey Epstein just was the maitre d', or maybe the main chef, the master of ceremonies, the three-ring circus leader of the whole event.
The circus master.
He didn't run it, but he
Was the man that made sure it was all taken care of.
Bill Gates wanted to say he never even knew Epstein, just gave him some money.
Turns out he stayed at his homes in France and England and the U.S.
in a seven-story Pleasure Palace compound.
Along with the Archduke from the U.K.
And they flew around on the airplanes, of course.
And that's old Billy Boy for you.
You know, old Billy Boy
His daddy was involved at Coal Springs Harbor with the Army.
That's the eugenics facility run by IBM.
You know, that ran the Nazis.
Hitler took his orders from Thomas Watson.
He said that in speeches.
Gave Thomas Watson the highest award anyone ever got.
From 1933 to 1945.
The... 12 Years of the Thousand Year Reich.
Yeah, it turns out old Billy Boy is just a front man.
And Billy Boy, two weeks ago, had another TV show released that turns out they paid for.
The Bill Mullen Gates Foundation paid for it.
The episode of The Good Doctor about how I'm evil.
And how vaccines never hurt one single person.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Cyanide never hurt anybody either.
Bill really wants something to be in your body, but... I'm sorry, I'm digressing.
So, we told you he was into all this, later it all came out.
We told you they had islands they flew people to, it all came out.
And we told you specifically that they went down a little bitty kids and even little kids being killed.
I'm not saying Gates was involved in that.
I just know that goes on and turned out that they were trafficking kids kidnapped from all over the Caribbean to the island for the more bloody rituals that go on in the temple.
And there's lots of these temples.
They had a breeding program going on to make it all very scientific so these rich guys can all have a secret, you know, group of kids that they can then plug into power positions all over the world.
Kind of like Bill Clinton was really the son of a very important Rockefeller.
Back when I was in junior high, there were only two people who thought I could be president.
My mom and David Rockefeller.
David Rockefeller was there on the stage and started crying.
What was it, 1997?
His son.
His son.
Oh, his son.
He did such great things.
Rockefeller finally is president.
The name may have been shrouded in evil, but we got old Billy Boy in.
So they got their breeding program.
This is an old thing that kings and others do.
They have lots of secret sons.
William the Conqueror was the secret son of the King of the Norman and a whore, he thought, looked good.
Look up your history books, just like with Billy Boy.
So, how the ball bounces.
How the ball bounces.
I said he would die in jail.
As soon as the info came out, and he did, and he screamed and begged for his life, all the witnesses say, and I said, I bet he's got broken bones, and he does.
Jeffrey Epstein's autopsy more consistent with homicidal strangulation than suicide, Dr. Michael Baten reveals.
Fox News.
Forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baten exclusively reveals findings from his investigation into Jeffrey Epstein's autopsy on Fox and Friends.
The body,
Of the disgraced money man and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who was found dead in his Manhattan federal prison cell in August, more than telltale signs of homicide, despite an official ruling that he killed himself, a pioneering forensic pathologist revealed to Fox & Friends, an exclusive interview Wednesday.
The bombshell.
Let's play a clip.
I was asked by the brother, the next of kin, to be at the autopsy.
And at the autopsy on day one, there were findings that were unusual for suicidal hanging and more consistent with ligature, homicidal strangulation, which included...
And it was suggested at the time that he committed suicide by doing what?
By hanging, at the time he was found allegedly hanging by a homemade ligature of sheets.
Are you saying you don't think it was suicide?
I think that the evidence points toward homicide rather than suicide.
Because there are multiple, three fractures in the hyoid bone, the thyroid cartilage, that are very unusual for suicide and more indicative of strangulation, homicidal strangulation.
Which is what the other people in their cells said.
There's a couple big guards, they'd never seen one in, and he began screaming, begging for his life, and the gorillas broke his neck.
You know, the last guy that tried to kill him, and he told his lawyer he was going to kill him, is a cop in there for reportedly killing four drug dealers they dug up in his backyard.
The guy weighs 300 pounds.
He's a giant right head.
So that's the first guy they stuck him with.
But there's nothing going on here, ladies and gentlemen.
Oh, let's stick him in a jail cell with a guy in here for killing four people, a cop, with his bare hands, too.
And then, oh, the regular jail guards get sent home, special ones get put in, the camera turns off, the lights go off, and then they hear him begging and screaming for about a minute.
Because he thought he had a deal.
He thought everything was gonna be okay.
No, buddy, it's not.
You watch him, how assured he is, how fake he is in all the videos.
He was a concierge, an errand boy, a grocer.
That's such great writing by Millis in Apocalypse Now.
When Colonel Kurtz goes, you're not an assassin, you're a grocer here to collect a debt.
Just little grocer boys.
Little perverts that work for bigger perverts.
And, again, the gateway drug is 15-year-old girls they pick up at bus stations and then put on drugs.
They have a medical team to keep them drugged up.
And then they'll get them busted by local cops to get them in the system so nobody believes them.
And then now it's their job to go get even littler kids and then act like they're their big sister.
And they raise them up in this, just like the woman he used and her dad was one of the top guys in MI6.
And then she's raised in that?
I mean, you better believe that girl got tortured too.
And then they just keep carrying it out.
And that's how they build these armies of pedophiles.
And you got the Renfields, like Epstein, who bring the children to Dracula.
But who's Dracula?
Well, the Duke and all the rich people.
Ted Turner.
Oh, who else likes little girls?
There's a certain famous black woman who's the only black person allowed to attend these meetings.
And does she like her little girls?
We'll be right back, stay with us.
All right, there's so much to cover and I want to open the phones up.
But the Epstein thing, just huge breaking news.
That's why the universe works on the same day.
Footage inside his Peto Island compound, Little St.
Luke Hradowski, We Are Change, great event, a great accomplishment, went on there, got the footage, has a lot of courage.
Where's the rest of the media doing that?
They're a bunch of lapdogs.
We're going to get to that in a moment.
It's linked up on DrudgeReport.com.
Up on Infowars.com, doctor who witnessed Epstein autopsy, death more consistent with homicidal strangulation than suicide.
Isn't that amazing?
Pulling back from this, I just had international media ask me, was Epstein really taken out by the establishment?
Well, as we say here in Russia, there's a bear crapping the woods, a fish swimming in the water, there's grass green, there's mommy love her baby, the fire engine's red.
Epstein was a man who knew too much.
He told his lawyer, they're trying to kill me.
You got to get me out of here.
That the other individual in his cell tried to kill him.
That they were coming after him.
And yes, they broke his neck in two places.
Yes, the autopsies come out.
Yes, we've been lied to.
Why would they do something so ham-fisted?
Because they've got to get rid of him.
And remember, Trump and the feds didn't control that jail.
It was New York City and the Democrats that were in control, and now Epstein is dead.
There it is.
Epstein told guards before he, quote, hanged himself that someone tried to kill him.
That's his lawyer.
I tell people that, and they say, where'd you get that?
Well, you must not be reading the newspapers, because even Mainline News is saying this is a major, major cover-up.
You bet it is.
Now, why was Epstein running a scientific club that was secret
Out of the Albert Einstein University in New York.
Nothing to do with Albert Einstein, that's just the name of the place with the endowment in his name.
Because to my knowledge, there's none of this going on with Albert Einstein.
Very interesting fella.
But they were having yearly meetings there, steering meetings and then breakaway meetings in LA, in Seattle, in areas of New Mexico at his compound.
And they were spending great deals of time with Epstein all over the world.
And it's now known that Bill Gates was routinely staying with him, again, along with the Queen of England's son.
And hundreds of others, rich, sheiks, you name it.
Now you see in the media he tried to see the human race with his DNA.
That's only one little part of it.
We know what the group was doing because they tried to put out PR 15 years ago, and then again 11 years ago.
About, oh look, Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates and Ted Turner and all these other people.
Warren Buffett are meeting at a secret compound in New York, setting up an alternate world government to eliminate 80% of the human population.
Oh, and by the way, they're obsessed with giving you vaccines that we know are tainted, but let's just roll our sleeves up.
And they're obsessed with making sure fluoride stays in.
Gates' own foundation has spent billions keeping fluoride in your water.
You wonder why Harvard comes out and says it's causing brain damage, low fertility, cancer, get it out of the water?
And American Medical Journal, and there's just thousands of studies, and they just go, stay in your water.
Because Bill Gates cares about you.
He cares a lot about you.
Just like his dad, the head of Planned Parenthood did.
And Cold Springs Harbor, and the work they did.
In World War II.
So, that's who these individuals are, ladies and gentlemen, and if you want people that run the eugenics facility in New York putting things in your body, in your children's body, well, you have a right to hurt yourself, but your children really deserve that, because vaccines are a real science.
They work!
But, if they're putting syphilis in people by the millions,
Or HIV in people through the vaccines, which is confirmed.
The HIV... Homosexual men, New York City, 1978-79.
Those are real government documents.
Just like Tuskegee Experiment.
It wasn't just black people in Tuskegee.
Oh, it was people all over the world!
Roll your sleeves up!
You think you're going to the doctor to get your shot?
So you don't get measles or mumps or rubella, and you're getting a little something else there.
He was going around getting the scientific elite set up and on the payroll.
And first it'd be, hey, here's this girl.
She looks 18.
She's really 14.
Hey, we'll take care of it.
Don't worry about it.
We got a favor we want.
By the way, we're going to give you $10 million, $8 million.
They were giving like $10 million, $20 million, $5 million to just hundreds and hundreds of scientists.
Hundreds of millions of dollars just to Harvard.
And the bag man was Jeffrey Epstein.
Well, this consortium, on record, because they told us 15 years ago in PR pieces, they even have ABC News.
The Super Friends!
The old 1980s piece with the heads of David Rockefeller and Oprah Winfrey and Bill and Melinda Gates and, you know, all this on the superheroes' heads!
At the Hall of Justice, they're saving the world from people!
So I knew who Epstein was, and I knew what was going on, and I had the intel.
Because if you look at MKUltra and Dr. Ewan Cameron, and if you look at Jolion West, who worked under him, the head of the CIA program, it's on History Channel, kidnapped over 20,000 little girls and little boys in Canada and the U.S.
And tortured them in ritual abuse at large research facilities that are really satanic covens with electroshock, PCP, LSD, psilocybin up to a year with headphones on, brainwashed them with keywords, creating new personalities to then create assassins.
And that was on NPR even last week.
I told you about it 25 years ago, but it's even been on History Channel.
Guess who the head doctor
For all these big so-called serial killers and terrorists are, Tim McVeigh, the Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski, all of them, Jolyon West, who was the number two in the CIA, in MKUltra, MKNaomi, and other programs, he would then be the government-appointed doctor for the patsies.
Who were in the CIA program.
McVeigh was in the CIA program, that came out, and so was the Unabomber.
Look it up!
He volunteered for the program.
You know, like, the Bourne identity?
Except you don't become superhuman, you become a vegetable.
They can program.
And he got pissed and ran off the program, and came back and attacked the very people.
That was the Unabomber.
Theodore Kuczynski fought back.
He says they're building an anti-human, post-human world, and we've gotta kill these corporate heads before they set it up.
Look up, type in Unabomber CIA.
It's a fact.
So, Epstein was just one guy of hundreds they've got as pimps that manages the aircraft, the facilities, the hotels, the armored compounds, where they get the scientific establishment each generation into this.
They mainly recruit them at the high school level for the really top scorers.
And then they get them into things like UTS Plan 2, where high schoolers go to college.
My dad was in it.
They tried to recruit him into this.
He didn't, he wasn't involved.
That's how I also do about it for my dad.
My dad told me about it when I was a kid.
I wasn't really listening to it, but he was explaining how it all worked.
And, but he didn't do it, but he has had one of the, he was in the top six highest scores in Texas in widespread.
They tried to hire him.
They said, we're sending a world government.
We're going to carry out eugenics.
We're going to slowly do all this.
And the head of the body department was his recruiter.
See, and so if he'd have kept in it, you know, he would have, you know, gotten into all those levels.
Well, Bill Gates signed on to the program, and he was a star pupil because Daddy ran the program.
And Bill Gates is now the chief science officer of the people that created the Nazis.
That's why he produces TV shows attacking me weekly.
I want to finish up with Jeffrey Epstein on the fact that Hillary Clinton's coming to Austin, Texas and many other places across the country, and it's a great opportunity to go out and expose what a criminal she is.
Here in just a moment.
And then I'm going to get into the other news, other issues, then give the phone number out and take calls throughout the rest of the broadcast and cover other news.
We have some special guests popping in as well.
But I wanted to just remind listeners that you just heard absolutely hardcore information that's true.
And you can go research where they tried to promote the Jeffrey Epstein run group.
And what it was doing.
World government, depopulation, secret breeding programs.
Well, they're not secret.
They were admitting that.
You talk about mad scientist, megalomaniac stuff.
The rabbit hole goes very, very, very, very deep.
And they're not just impregnating women and then sharing their genetics with those women.
They're creating clones.
And that's what Jeffrey Epstein, from my sources, and I'm just going to leave it at that, was really doing and did do.
And just like I told you that under Obama, Blackwater was running black sites for detainees in China.
No one else ever released that information.
That's real.
And I released that info to make sure it went right to the President.
Because there are people that want to kill me for that.
It'll make a huge stir.
I released that back during the Epstein.
As a binary message to make sure it got taken up through the food chain.
With the fact that Epstein was producing clones.
Well of course Hitler was obsessed with clones of himself.
Because he was a eugenicist.
And he got his ideas from IBM that financed Cold Spring Harbor.
And the IBM Hollerith machines.
You know the numbers on people in the work camps?
This is all documented.
And the globalists were so arrogant 15 years ago, they had PR pieces in the news going, oh, they're trying to save the human race by getting rid of 80% of us and it's all run by these people and Jeffrey Epstein is the guy that manages it.
Now they want to tell you that Bill Gates has no connection to it or any of this.
And Bill Gates then finances all these TV shows, both news and then both fiction, attacking me.
As the answer, thinking I'm going to shut up because he does that.
Hey, Billy Boy.
You'd have done better just keeping your little gremlin ass quiet.
But he is a little demon kingpin, let me tell you.
That guy is something else.
And I'm not going to sit here and take it.
And I know you're not going to take it.
Anything happens to me, that's who you blame.
People like Bill Gates.
Because he's on my ass.
I guarantee he's got his people watching right now.
I was actually brought in the loop on a bunch of stuff and sworn to secrecy on it, so I'm not going to say anything.
But believe me, you know those billionaires?
They've got each one of them whole rooms that just watch this show, transcribe all of it, and then give reports to these individuals.
I wasn't sworn to secrecy on the Bill Gates part.
I already knew that years ago.
But the other big names?
They're listening every day because they tune in here and they say, how the hell does he know all this?
Well, I have sources.
And I think you know what some of those sources are, don't you?
Yes, you know.
And that's why you're scared.
And I'm just here to tell you that you signed on to the wrong team.
And we see everything you're doing.
I don't like seeing what you're doing.
It's not enjoyable to see what you're up to.
But we do see you.
We can see for miles and miles and miles, just like the Who says.
And boy,
I think you guys are so close to yourselves that you can't see what you really are, and that you're projecting your hatred of yourself onto us.
And I'm just here to show you who you are.
Just look at you.
Look at you.
Look at you.
Look at your soul.
And you think you're gonna wallow in that more and transcend?
There's one way for the globalists to get out of this, and that's to get on their knees to Jesus Christ.
But because you're already slaves to the devil, your father, you can't do it.
But it's still important for you to be told the truth.
Because your boss has to get permission
To even blink his eye.
And your boss is not in charge of anything, and neither are you.
So you may have a bunch of slaves bowing down to you all day long, but you don't run anything in this universe.
You don't even run this planet.
You have just been given a little bit of power to test the faithful.
And you know that.
But it's important for your minions
Who believe they're going to be given silicon eternal life?
If they just get on board with the program and kill everybody?
Do I need to explain to people that if a salesman's saying he's going to give you eternal life, just help him kill everybody first, that that might not be somebody you want to trust too much.
Now, I understand that there's such a thing as Stockholm Syndrome, and you're actually deep down very scared, and you're cozying up to the serpent because you think you're safe there.
And, uh, no.
You will be torn inside out over a very long period of time.
To quote Terry Gilliam.
But you will be saved for last.
I understand you want to start with digital watches and lasers day one.
Why would we have 357 species of parrots?
I get it.
And that's why all day you tell us how much you want to guard the earth while your whole business is about killing it.
You think the spirit that wants to wipe humans off likes the planet?
Anything made by God, this thing can't stand.
I'll explain this again.
If you were 30 years old and you had a year old baby that couldn't even walk yet and then you were able to say throw it off a roof or put it in a big vat of bacon grease and fry it or whatever you want to do you would not have power you would not be a
person of any renowned or mark just because you can rape earthworms like Vice and HBO are promoting.
The power of raping worms.
You know, that's the most pathetic thing.
But that's what they broadcast.
Renfield eats worms.
It's all an allegory.
You're being told in Bram Stoker's Dracula who they are.
It's all real.
And so you're saying this is pathetic.
This is ridiculous.
Yes, exactly.
That's all they can offer.
You have to understand these people are already so fallen it's all they can resonate to.
So these low-level satanist types can't see anything but the worms.
You understand that?
They only see ugliness.
They only see failure.
They only see that.
So they can't see spiritually anything around them and all the incredible things God's given us.
All they see is wanting to torture your baby to death because for them that's living.
And you're like, that sounds like hell on earth.
Well, because you don't want to be in hell.
You don't resonate with that.
So it makes no sense to you.
Why would they have big, fat men assaulting Christians in downtown Austin who go out and have a demonstration with families because those very men are going to go teach five-year-olds how to have sex with them.
That's official Austin curriculum.
Teach five-year-olds who are a different gender how to have anal sex.
So parents come out and finally demonstrate and say no, and then men come screaming, going, ah, you're killing me!
And start throwing themselves at the families.
You go, why?
Because that's their food!
And you're keeping them from the food they need!
It's all they see is your children!
And they're like, HELP ME!
Our conditioning has stopped living in fear.
Their power over us... ...disappears.
We can see you.
Miles and miles and miles.
Now who can't see for miles is Meth Head AOC.
I bet that girl's taking a thousand hits of molly if she's taking 10,000.
And she snorted some big fat rails of meth.
You can tell Elizabeth Warner's hopped up on drugs, too.
You can tell Elon Musk is on it, too.
As soon as there's a brain chip for that, they're gonna want it right away.
Oh, there is.
Just hadn't been rolled out.
It's next year.
But, yeah, we're not in Kansas anymore.
We're not in 1999 anymore.
We're in 2020 and beyond.
The future's here, it's just not evenly distributed.
We're in 2057, by my reckoning.
But let's go ahead and get to this.
This is AOC in a hearing, and there's all these Republicans, and you can see she's looking around and sees that the Democrats are almost all not there in this big, huge committee on energy.
And so what does she do?
She knows, I'm not smart, but I've been taught, invert.
Okay, no Democrats are here except me.
There's a whole bunch of Republicans.
They're all down in the impeachment fake hearings that are rigged.
What do I do?
And she goes, you don't care.
You're leaving.
You're disrespecting me.
You're at a cocktail party.
And Jim Jordan and others go, are you crazy?
We need to be here, but they're having the impeachment hearing and the Democrats aren't here, so we're leaving.
Energy is so important that we're not even at the impeachment hearing because of this, because you want to turn the power off to the U.S.
and no one else.
A foreign military couldn't be that deadly, but they're funded to do it.
And that little demon didn't know what to say.
And then there's another video after.
I want to roll the next one.
Of Tlaib telling kids, how many of you have trouble breathing?
Oh, a third of you.
Oh, you're all dying.
I'm trying to help you breathe.
The U.S.
has super clean air compared to China in places.
If we move all our industry there, it's even dirtier.
It goes up in the stratosphere and comes back and dumps onto the U.S., where the jet stream just so happens to dump over the Midwest and Texas.
That's the truth.
You can't breathe, can you children?
Hi, I'm your Palestinian Jihadi here.
Telling you how much we're going to impeach the MF-er.
Preying on children.
She goes into that.
Then I've got clips.
I don't
Mr. Chairman, may I make a comment?
I would like to do my job, and I try not to get out of my job at every opportunity.
So given the fact that we have convened the former governor of California and Senator Whitehouse here, we're here to talk about the very
I have one.
I have a really easy one.
The oil industry is the second largest industry in my state.
My constituents expect me to be here.
We are running an impeachment hearing down in the basement of the Capitol right now.
Is this about the oil industry?
No, it's about the economy of the state of North Dakota and my constituents.
I want to participate in this hearing but I also feel the need to be in the skiff because we're only one of three committees that's allowed to be in the room.
I can do a lot of things.
I can't be two places at once.
I'm completely comfortable having this hearing.
I'd just prefer to have it at a time when I could participate in it.
This was the conversation that was brought up and this could not have been brought up before we convened the senator and the governor.
We're doing this
When they're here?
We've expressed this last week about having two things going on at the same time.
It's not like we haven't talked about this, but you guys continue to do hearings at the same time there are depositions going on.
As the gentleman from North Dakota said, we can't be two places at once.
You talk about wanting to do your job?
There's no way to do that when you have to be two places at once.
And just to be clear, there was exactly one Democrat in the room when this started.
Here's Rashid Tlaib literally terrorizing children.
I go into these classrooms and you know the second and third grade classrooms to read you know Grace for President and at the end I try to explain what my job is and before I begin I just ask how many of you all have asthma?
We have a hard time breathing and a third of the class will raise their hand.
And I tell them, my job is to protect your air so that you can breathe.
What a snake, man.
And the kids are like, eyes wide open.
I said, sometimes it's really hard, right?
Oh, it's really hard to breathe in?
And they start having anxiety attacks.
I'm surprised she didn't give them a bunch of no-dos so they'd freak out.
Maybe some LSD.
This woman looks like Brian Stelter.
Like, these people don't know how disingenuous and snake-like they are.
They're tone-deaf.
Here, let's go back to her while she's smiling like a vampire.
Eyes wide open.
I said, sometimes it's really hard, right?
And they said, yes.
And I tell them that, you know, we can probably get in there and try to clean the water and provide clean water, but we can't do that with air.
And these second and third graders, sometimes I wish they could be in this room and make these decisions because they know what's right and they don't have any kind of political strategy behind it.
They just know it's just the right thing to do.
No, that's right.
Like the thousands of kids that you support get strapped on by their mothers at age five with dynamite and hand grenades.
You love how you can brainwash children, you stinking witch.
My God, these people are filth.
Let's go ahead and go to another clip here of these maggots.
Here's some good folks exposing them.
Nunes accuses Adam Schiff of doing what he's doing.
Here it is.
I know you can't tell us everything, but my sources are pretty clear.
It's a complete Adam Schiff shutdown.
Republicans can't ask questions.
Republicans can't do pretty much everything.
You've read this so-called resolution.
Is this resolution what Newt Gingrich offered Bill Clinton in 1998?
I'm going to come back with this, and then I'll give the number out, and we've got a guest popping in.
Just please stay with us.
This is too much finisher today, but I've got to go to break, and I've got to fund this operation.
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I said I'd do it Sunday, and then Monday, and then Tuesday.
I did the next segment.
I'm going to cover the Soros news.
Then I'm going to hit the latest video.
Triggered liberal claims it's criminal negligence to the Second Amendment attacks.
Fed derelict in its duties, but not for the reason Trump claims.
We're going to get to that.
We're going to break down a lot of key intel here today.
But I wanted to get back to these videos because this is Congressman Nunes and then Congressman who survived the attack trying to kill him as well, Scalise, getting into the kangaroo courts that they're running, the Star Chambers, there in D.C.
Here it is.
I know you can't tell us everything, but my sources are pretty clear.
It's a complete Adam Schiff shutdown.
Republicans can't ask questions.
Republicans can't do pretty much everything.
By the way, hit pause again.
They're in a secret bubble room under the Capitol that eavesdropping equipment can't get through.
They're in a bunker having a secret trial of the President.
And only a few Congressmen, the Republican, then go in and then they've been instructed that people don't answer their questions.
Again, this is Schiff that reads fake transcripts on the floor of the House and in the Intelligence Committee.
Fake transcripts of the President.
Now he's running fake trials.
Let's play these two clips back-to-back here.
You've read this so-called resolution.
Is this resolution what Newt Gingrich offered Bill Clinton in 1998?
Well, I think the thing people should be asking themselves, especially if you're a Democrat and you're on the Judiciary Committee, is where is Jerry Nadler?
Nobody's seen him for like two and a half months.
He's like the missing man in action.
So clearly Schiff and the Intelligence Committee Democrats, they've completely obliterated the Intelligence Committee.
It's now known as the Impeachment Committee.
So, you know, that resolution is just more of the same.
And I'll tell you, you mentioned that you haven't seen this and you're
You know, many years in radio and TV, I have never in my life seen anything like what happened today.
I mean, they've been bad in most of these depositions, but to interrupt us continually, to coach the witness, to decide whether or not what we're going to be able to ask the witness, and we don't even get any witnesses at this point, and it doesn't look like we're going to get any ever, but to not let us ask questions, I've never
Ever had that.
And to see someone coach a witness, you know, this isn't the first time that, you know, Schiff's very good at coaching witnesses, remember?
He also met with the whistleblower.
So this is, this is just unprecedented.
Adam Schiff among many things has been trying to claim that this is a fair process by saying that Republicans are allowed to ask questions.
Now he gets to choose all the witnesses and him and himself only, which means it's not a fair process on the face, but even his claim now that Republicans can ask questions has been undermined
Because now he's directing witnesses not to answer questions that he doesn't want the witness to answer if they're asked by Republicans.
He's not cut off one Democrat.
He's not interrupted one Democrat and told a witness not to answer Democrat members' questions.
But today he started telling witnesses, the witness,
Not to answer questions by certain Republicans.
So there you get your Soviet Union, which doesn't exist since 1991 or so.
We get that same thing, but that's what goes on in Cuba or North Korea, ladies and gentlemen.
And they're doing it to go after the President, and these are the training wheels.
Getting them ready.
Getting them ready.
Getting them ready for when they then come out and then have the whole show deal in the house with all of it scripted and it's all falling apart.
Their so-called, you know, lieutenant colonel and all this tried to alter the documents but wasn't able to.
I mean, this is a mission to take down Trump by globalists that are hanging off the Chai Com kit and they're not gonna get away with it.
They're losing as long as we stay vigilant and are very, very aggressive about defending our rights.
We'll be back though with this long-awaited report on George Soros.
Stay with us.
George Soros, ladies and gentlemen, is a real piece of work.
He grew up in Eastern Europe during World War II, and he went around as a bloodhound for the Nazis, finding where Jews were hidden, just like Madeleine Albright's father did, and then stealing their goods.
Madeleine Albright, by the way, has been caught with stolen loot from the Holocaust.
That's mainstream news.
Just look it up.
She had people in her house for 60 minutes, and people saw the stolen art.
Well, yeah, her father stole it from Jews he was supposed to save, and then he sold them out to the Nazis.
And that was a really evil position that some Jews, like Madeleine Albright's father and, of course, George Soros, carried out.
A very wicked position.
And George Soros is really mad at me that I cover this and I talk about it, and he puts out the PR and the disinformation
That he's a Holocaust survivor.
Well, I guess that's kind of like saying Hitler is a Holocaust survivor.
And I guess he was someone that was around during the Holocaust and he survived.
I mean, I guess technically it's true.
Hitler is a Holocaust survivor.
I think it's a sickening play on words, a manipulation, a legalese issue.
Bill Clinton didn't consider blowjobs sex, so he said, I'm not having sex with that woman.
But come on, George Soros didn't survive the Holocaust, and Hitler didn't either.
And you know, Dr. Steve Pachetnik, who's been on the show, he had family die very close to him in Europe.
We're Jewish and then he had to he couldn't get into the US he got into Cuba when he was a little kid and he talks a lot about that and you know he's Jewish and and just how sick it is to know that a lot of people associated with the ADL and others actually made fortunes off of selling their fellow Jews out.
So here's a compilation of clips
I saw this posted to YouTube and they took it down because you can't talk bad about Soros when he went on 60 Minutes and said that it was the best time of his life.
In an NPR interview he called it happy making time and exhilarating.
But this was called Operation Sugar Daddy is the name of this video.
He posted it up on InfoWars.com and I'll read what he said to the New York Times.
Here it is.
It was actually probably the happiest year of my life, that year of German occupation.
For me it was a very positive experience.
It's a strange thing, you know, because you see incredible suffering around you and in fact you are in considerable danger yourself.
But you're 14 years old and you don't believe that it can actually touch you.
You have a belief in yourself, a belief in your father.
It's a very happy-making, exhilarating experience.
Maybe as a child you don't see the connection.
I was 14 years old.
And I would say that that's when my character was made.
In what way?
That one should think ahead, one should understand and anticipate events.
And one is threatened.
It was a tremendous threat of evil.
I mean, it was a very personal experience of evil.
My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours, who swore that you were his adopted godson.
Yes, yes.
Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.
That's right.
Well, actually, in a funny way, it's just like in markets, that if I weren't there, somebody else would be taking it away anyhow.
Whether I was there or not, I was only a spectator.
The property was being taken away.
At the center of George Soros, there's an inherent contradiction, which is on one hand, you're the capitalist who does not care about the social consequences of his act, and on the other hand, you are a philanthropist who cares only about social consequences.
I don't feel guilty because I'm engaged in an amoral activity which is not meant to have anything to do with guilt.
I am engaged in a amoral
Now, have you ever heard something more satanic, more sociopathic, where you have no feelings for anybody, except yourself maybe a little, and you don't even see it as bad
That you're going and tricking people to let you into their hiding place, claiming you're running from Nazis.
That's what he would do.
He was 14 and small for 14, so they were saving a kid.
He would come in and then remember it all, then run out at night and bring the Nazis.
They called them bloodhounds.
Translate that out of German if you want, it's scarier sounding.
And he says, oh, I was just fulfilling a role.
So, if an enemy army took over America, he would just, oh, I'm just going to help them.
I'm not bad.
See, he wouldn't fight them.
He would just choose who he thought was going to win, and then he would just side with it.
And then he would not feel bad at all.
He would call it happy-making, and exhilarating, and, oh, it's funny.
The part is, it's funny.
I did not care.
And then,
He figured out, oh my God, I showed him who I really am.
The guy was in articles in the 80s saying, I am the Messiah.
Not the Jewish Messiah, not the Christian Messiah.
He said, I am going to be the Messiah.
He said, I don't like to tell that much.
They say they might lock me up, but I am the Messiah.
You know, both my grandfathers almost died.
In World War II in the Army Air Corps.
Both of them almost died.
My mom's dad went off the Army Air Corps from UT football with the founder of the Dallas Cowboys.
That's just an interesting little footnote.
They were in the Army Air Corps.
They all almost died.
About half their friends died.
About half the people in the Army Air Corps the first three years of the war died.
My dad's dad was in North Africa.
They bombed their base, and he got hurt, and so the plane went back up with the co-pilot, and they died over Italy.
So my grandfather would never even really talk about his life.
He died.
We got all the stuff.
We knew he was in the Army Air Corps.
All those amazing letters back, all of it.
But see, my family fought Hitler, and now that man has the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center say, I'm a Nazi.
That is obscene, ladies and gentlemen.
I almost don't exist.
In time and space.
Because of Hitler.
And then a monster that served him and rounded up Jews funds lawsuits and attacks on me and my family and lies.
And I'm just, if there's justice in this universe, my God, can't we do something about George Soros and his son, Alexander, that openly funds Antifa and the Documents Republic, who are an anti-free speech group who wear black uniforms just like the Nazis.
The guy that finances the sugar daddy of the anti-free speech, anti-fascist group is a Nazi.
I mean, if he said it was terrible, I apologize.
Oh my God, I feel so bad.
No, it's happy making.
Imagine a vampire over a baby it's drinking the blood of.
That's so nice.
And he's telling you all this.
He's so tone deaf.
Like Stelter.
Looks like a damn demon on TV.
He can't even... I mean, you look like a child molester, Stelter.
I'm not saying you are.
You're pervs, you're evil, and you don't even know it.
You know, I didn't get to these articles, but I'm going to and then our guest will join us.
I'm gonna show you what he said in the New York Times.
Martin Luther King believed that God bent his justice towards the good.
No, I bent the justice.
He says it, he says, I am God.
No, my friend, you're not God.
You're not God.
So, George Soros was in the New York Times Friday.
We mentioned this, but I never got around to going deep into it.
And here's the headline of the article right here.
George Soros has enemies.
He's fine with that.
We have a special guest next segment.
Now, here's an article from the New York Times, November 14, 2016.
Less than a week after the historic election.
Globalism, a far-right conspiracy theory, bullied by Trump.
And then you read it and it goes on to say Alex Jones started the made-up movement.
Globalism doesn't exist.
Trump's picked it up.
It's insane.
They claim there's a global government.
They claim they want to get rid of national sovereignty and open up the borders and have the UN flood the West with third-world populations and then capture the West, which is exactly what it is.
And they go on to say it does not exist.
Now here is the New York Times last Friday saying Soros is proud to be the leader of globalism and that he's going to defeat America.
He says we'll defeat the nation states.
Globalism, a far-right conspiracy theory, bullied by Trump.
And then it just goes on from there.
You can go read both of these articles, they're online.
They want to say, what is globalism?
And they say, it doesn't exist, it's made up.
Says Laura Southern, a host of the right-wing Canadian media, Rebel Media, explicitly rejected its use as a synonym for globalism.
In a video clip she posted online in September, she said the word meant ruled by autocrats.
Very good definition.
Such as President Obama, former President George W. Bush, and the United States, who value the false flag diversity of unchecked immigration from the third world.
Well, the Demos, they say, we're technocrats establishing a world government.
And Xi Jinping went there that very same time frame, about a month later, a few months later, in early 2017, and said, we will defeat America together with Juncker, the dictator of the EU, whose grandfather was the richest Nazi.
You can't make that up.
I'm sorry.
To talk about how I'm the guy creating it and pushing it to Trump and that I'm the main guy exposing it and it doesn't exist.
The digital control panopticon control system engineered by shadow corporate and political elites.
He called it the total form of slavery is my definition of globalism.
Then it just goes on to talk about Trump and I. Where'd the idea come from?
And it goes on to say Alex Jones and I'm very evil.
Well it comes from the globalists calling themselves globalists 50 years ago.
Mr. Jones had pivoted to what he thought was most important, the coming destruction of the globalists that hijacked the country.
Primarily the news media and international business people.
Soon they would be destroyed once and for all, he suggested.
I didn't say business people.
I said the crony capitalists that rig things only for themselves.
This is America battling back to restore humanity and break the chains, he said.
There's not going to be any detente.
We know you're scum.
We're here to just let you know you're scum.
So that's just part of it.
It goes on and on.
Now here's Soros Friday.
You can go read it for yourself, but he says, I have a lot of enemies and I'm glad they're my enemies.
And yes, I'm funding globalism.
And yes, my form of globalism is good.
And we're going to stop the censorship of the right wing and Trump.
We're going to stop the evil of the borders being controlled.
And we're going to regulate the banks.
That means banks he doesn't control.
The Rothschilds don't control.
And it just goes on from there.
But it says he's a humanitarian.
He's a wonderful person.
This guy's known for crashing dozens of economies and bankrupting people.
And until he bought off the U.S.
media in the 90s, he was a villain on the nightly news.
Notably, it goes on that the arc of history is turning back to globalism.
Trump is still doing a tremendous amount of damage, he said, lifting himself and his desk a bit.
I mean, just last week, what he's done in the Middle East, oh yeah, the peace breaking out, has been devastating for America's influence in the world, he said, referring to the withdrawal of troops from Syria, actually keeping a promise.
Mr. Trump is in aberration, and he's clearly putting his personal interest ahead of the national interest, he said.
Again, that's total inversion.
This guy says America shouldn't even exist.
He then calls for a tax on the rich.
They're all tax-exempt offshore when he and Bill and Melinda Gates and all them spout that disinfo.
And then he goes on to say that he wants to fight for free speech.
And that what the NBA's doing is wrong and acts like he's battling communist China.
Total bull, he knows China's losing the war with America, so now he's pivoting because he thinks America's winning.
So he said, I worked with the Nazis because I thought they were winning.
And it was happy-making and wonderful.
I just played the clip earlier.
Happy-making, funny, exhilarating, oh!
It sounds like he went to, like, the greatest beach in the world or saw the greatest... How was it?
Happy-making, exhilarating, oh, it's funny, oh!
Imagine anyone else saying that.
Oh, you help round up a bunch of Jews.
Oh, you're so special.
Oh, your son's photographed everywhere doing satanic rituals.
House of Crowley rituals.
He wants us to know he's a Satanist.
Oh, you're so powerful.
We're so scared of you.
You look like a sack of maggots.
He goes, alluding, speaking in his voice, to the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King.
Junior's famed quote, the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.
Mr. Soros took issue with the idea of societies were predisposed towards being open.
Oh, the left's creating a really open society with all of our freedoms being taken.
The arc of history doesn't follow.
The arc of history doesn't follow its own course.
It needs to be bent.
He said, I am really engaged in trying to bend it in the right direction.
So he thinks he can, because he goes on, you know, quotes about God and God bends justice towards the people that are righteous.
He says, no, it does not do it.
I'm going to do it for you.
Well, thank you, Lord Soros.
We're very glad to know you're there.
You're very arrogant and delusional like your father, Satan.
I was with my father.
It was exhilarating.
I love the black uniforms.
Oh, so handsome, these soldiers.
What we do with them.
We're going to go to break and come back with our guest, who is being censored and targeted by the Republicans, some of them.
And again, I think this is a description of a lot of good, Turning Point USA, but what happened to Candace Owens being driven out?
You know, what's going on with all this?
Why are their best people being shuttered?
We're going to talk about this coming back.
We're going to look at some of the good work, by the way, of Turning Point USA.
But Nick Fuentes has been banned from public events.
I mean, hell, who needs Antifa on the left?
And the Washington Post calling for banning free speech.
I forgot that headline.
I'll get to that.
So that's all coming up on the other side.
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Well, Nick Fuentes is here with us today, and I really appreciate him coming on.
NicholasJFuentes.com, and I'm very familiar with his work.
We're very excited to have him.
We should have him as a guest more often.
He's a 21-year-old college dropout from Chicago.
That's his own description.
That's what I did, too.
Just like Bill Gates and Rush Limbaugh.
He worked on the campaign for Donald Trump 2016 and hosts a nightly YouTube show called America First.
And he gets a lot of really powerful videos and things.
I'm going to play some good video in a moment from the folks he's talking about.
Turning Point USA and Charlie Kirk.
We're going to play this Charlie Kirk thing in a minute.
And it's not my intention
To be an infighter, or to attack people like Charlie Kirk.
And if Charlie Kirk has his own show, which I know he does, and he doesn't want to have somebody on it, that's his right.
But when it's a public campus, and he starts telling people, don't let this person in, and there's not a security issue, that's antifa, leftist, very dangerous, very un-American.
I have the Washington Post here today saying, time to ban the First Amendment under hate speech.
I mean, this is getting more and more dangerous.
We don't need things like that.
And why was Candace Owens thrown out over the made-up thing she's anti-Semitic?
That's just insane garbage.
I mean, now the OK symbol's anti-Semitic.
I mean, it's just the left flexing their muscles and seeing what they can ban.
And so I've seen a lot of other things, and I know folks that have been to some of the Turning Point USA national events, and they say it's a little leftist.
And look, I know we want to have a big tent, but if we have a big tent so long, we'll compromise and then the left continues to take over.
So, we're going to have Nick get into this and play some of these clips, but here's some of the good things Turning Point USA is doing.
It's up on InfoWars.com.
Claims it's criminal negligence to defend Second Amendment on campus.
Let's play some of that video.
Criminally irresponsible.
What's your name?
Fuck you.
Thank you.
Thank you, that's my property.
What's your name?
Why would you do that?
Do you hate free speech?
Do you hate free speech?
What you're doing is criminally negligent.
No it's not.
Advertising guns on a college campus.
We're practicing free speech.
You know that's my property.
I'm gonna tell campus safety on you.
Okay, please do.
Do you know that?
What's your name?
Why do you hate free speech?
Tell me why.
Alright man, I hope you're proud of yourself, okay?
Does that make you feel good?
And so they've got all these great campus groups.
I've been invited by Turning Point USA groups to speak at different colleges.
I haven't been able to yet because we've been too focused here in the bunker.
So there's a lot of great people in Turning Point USA and they go there and produce all this great video and all this great movement, which is good, but then we don't want to become at the leadership level what we
Well, we're fighting.
So Nick Fuentes joins us now.
We'll play some of these clips.
Because at first, correct me if I'm wrong, you were saying you've been barred.
Then Turning Point denied that.
And that's Charlie Kirk's issue.
And now you have the footage of it indeed happening.
So this is not good.
I mean, I already smelled some foul odors emanating out of the top of it in the last year or so.
I just wanted to be supportive because it's got a lot of grassroots folks feeding key intel up.
But give us your take.
Yeah, that's correct.
I went to Politicon this weekend, and I went there as a general attendee.
You know, I didn't go there to make a big scene.
I didn't go there to cause trouble.
I went actually to get a picture with Charlie Kirk, and I think he played just a small clip there.
I went to go get a picture with Charlie Kirk, the big man from Turning Point USA.
Well, you're right.
His organization, the Rank and File, sometimes do good work.
But I was stopped.
I was intercepted by security at Politicon and actually several police officers.
If you see in the video, it's not like I was in some kind of threatening posture or anything.
I went up to get a picture and I was intercepted by five or six police officers who told me I would not be allowed to take a picture with Charlie Kirk.
Yeah, and there it is.
And then that escalated the next day.
Rather, I think it was the same day, but a few hours later, I went to attend his debate with Kyle Kalinske, who is a leftist.
It's actually sort of ironic.
Inside that debate, Charlie Kirk talked about how free speech is under attack and censorship is so bad.
And just outside that debate where he was saying that, I was blocked by probably a dozen police officers from even entering the event because they said that I might be disruptive.
Which, of course, was not the case.
I told them I wasn't going to disrupt.
And then all of this was exposed last night at Charlie Kirk's Ohio State University event for his campus tour.
Somebody asked him, you know, called him out on his hypocrisy and said, you know, you say you support free speech.
He says that he'll take any challenge from anybody at any time on any idea.
And yet at Politicon, Nick Fuentes was banned from the conference.
And Charlie Kirk, I don't know if you could see the video, but he played dumb.
He said, who?
I don't know what you're talking about.
You mean Politicon security kept him out?
And it's sort of interesting because if you watch the rest of the Q&A...
Some other questions were asked about me and my involvement with Ashley St.
Clair, who was fired from Turning Point because she was photographed with me.
And from his answers, you could tell that Charlie Kirk very much knows who I am.
He very much is trying to prevent me from interacting with him.
But during that event, he played dumb and said, I have no idea what you're talking about.
Are you talking about the anti-Semitic white nationalist troll?
And this is exactly what these people do.
It's just as you said, they are using the same Antifa left-wing tactics, which is censoring, shutting down, using police, armed security, using thugs, and also using the same smears.
You know, anybody that we don't like, their ideas that we don't like.
They must be racist, they must be white nationalists, anti-semites.
It's crazy, just before I went on, Sebastian Gorka, who used to work in the Trump administration, actually tweeted out a little clip from my show and said, this vile person is on Twitter and he's verified?
This is somebody in the Trump administration that's effectively calling for me to be censored online.
These are supposed to be the people that are in favor of free speech.
These are supposed to be the people fighting tech censorship.
And here they are supporting it because I have the wrong opinion.
Let's play those two clips you're talking about back-to-back.
Here it is.
My question is for Charlie.
Charlie, I wanted to ask you about you trying to get into West Point.
You said that you applied to West Point, but they
I never said that.
That's fake news.
Thanks for being here tonight.
Never said that.
Thank you for being here tonight.
I eventually lost my spot out to what I felt was a far less qualified applicant in my district that was of a, you know, a different gender and a different, you know, persuasion.
You could take it any way you want, but I knew the test scores, I knew the qualifications, I was kind of got the short end of the stick.
An applicant of a different gender and persuasion?
You know, a different gender and a different, you know, persuasion.
That's fake news.
Never said that.
I know the test scores, I knew the qualifications.
I knew the test scores, I knew the qualifications.
That's fake news.
Never said that.
I reject this idea of dual loyalty.
I have loyalty to ideas.
And of course I love the Grand Canyon, I love the Rocky Mountains, and I love...
Boston, I love Chicago, but if all that disappeared and all I had was ideas, and we were on an island, that's America.
That's Israel.
And that's what people have to realize, that America's just a placeholder for timeless ideas.
And if you fall too in love with, you know, oh, the specific place and all this, that's, you know, that's not what it is.
Israel would be an exception because there is a holy connection to this land.
And we just added that clip in there to talk about after the break.
But there you go.
I flew on an airplane with this guy after the RNC 2016.
Seemed like a nice guy.
And, you know, I like the idea.
I like the fact that they have contact with Trump.
And I like what the members are doing.
They're great people.
But, yeah, I know there's a lot of other videos online, too, of him really telling whoppers of lies.
Or he has amnesia, brain damage, and doesn't have any type of long-term memory.
I mean, maybe he's got a head injury.
What do you think?
Yeah, no, I definitely think that's possible.
Certainly he could be mentally retarded, as you like to say, or he could just be straight-up lying.
You know, we've seen a lot of cases of this, where people get involved in conservative politics and maybe say one thing, and then they get donors, and then they get people funding their organization, they get some connections, they rub shoulders with powerful people, like the president or his son in the case of Charlie Kirk.
And then all of a sudden their opinions start to change, and then suddenly, you know, their love for America becomes a love for
Are you saying though from from one of the Trump sons or from Trump that we're getting the things he's saying?
I think it's because he's just trying to be everything to everybody and that's what conservatives always do and the left controls the whole debate.
We'll talk about when we come back.
Regardless, it's not good.
Stay with us.
The bell rings.
The fight starts.
The evil fall.
Black sunshine.
Nick Fuentes is our guest and he's worked the Trump campaign.
Political activists have seen some of his work going out and exposing leftists.
So why is he upset with Turning Point USA?
Well, I mean, I've seen a lot of things.
I've seen them get very, very soft.
And I saw them when Candace Owens said that Hitler was a globalist and he literally had the plan for the EU, world government, thousand-year Reich.
The left really liked a lot of those ideas.
They didn't like Hitler particularly and his race stuff.
And then Turning Point turned on her and she left.
So I'm not an infighter and I like Turning Point USA and the members and what they're doing, but when you find out that they've got a list of people they don't let come into these supposedly open deals and then they're champion colleges being open and Trump says he'll sue colleges or take their money if they don't let people into these things or let people speak.
And Mr. Fuentes is saying he's never gone and taken one of these over.
Why does Charlie Kirk
Not want you to speak because you bring up stuff about how he changes his stories or what is it?
I mean, what got you on his trail?
Well, so this all started last week when I think a few people that watched my show, that watch my broadcast every night, they went to his event.
At one of the universities in Colorado where he was giving a speech and they asked him a couple of questions, which I don't think he liked.
I think the first person asked him about our foreign aid to Israel.
You know, the question was very simple.
It was this.
Why do we give $3.8 billion per year to Israel when you have a lot of poor countries that we don't give that much aid to and when Israel actually doesn't provide that much of a strategic benefit?
Charlie Kirk didn't like that question.
He said that Israel's our greatest ally and God bless Israel and all that.
We had another person go up and ask a question and say, you know, illegal immigration is obviously something that Turning Point stands against, but Turning Point USA is in favor of mass legal immigration.
On my show, we oppose not just mass illegal immigration, but mass legal immigration as well.
You know, we know that the demographic change
It's taking place is really not so much a problem of legal status, but more a question of where these people come from, what they believe, and so on.
But in any case, he was asked these two questions at that event, and he didn't really have a good answer for them.
He was asked four questions by people that watch my show the next day.
Questions about the First Step Act, where President Trump passed the First Step Act, and this released rapists, murderers, all kinds of people.
Now, I love President Trump.
I campaigned for President Trump.
This is a bill that was designed by Jared Kushner, and it's letting criminals out on the street, something that Charlie Kirk supports.
It was asked further about Israel, further about legal immigration.
This went on at that event in Iowa the next day, it went on the next day then in New Hampshire.
So we had three consecutive events where Charlie Kirk was questioned by people that watch my show about his support effectively for globalism.
The three gripes that we have with Turning Point USA is that he is not a patriot on immigration.
You know, he thinks it's fine if we're stapling green cards to people's diplomas, you know, and they get a green card and immigrants are coming in and taking high-skilled jobs.
So he's not a patriot on legal immigration.
We think he's anti-Christian because he peddles and promotes degeneracy.
He's taking pictures with Lady Maga, some kind of Make America Great Again-themed drag queen, supporting homosexuals in his organization.
And then lastly, he's not a patriot in terms of his own country.
I think a lot of people suspect, rightly so, that he has a dual allegiance or a dual loyalty.
To Israel.
And I've said before, whenever you criticize Israel, they call you anti-Semitic.
I know you've experienced the same thing.
I don't hate Israel.
I don't really think about Israel.
I think about the foreign aid money.
I think about the fact that they had spying devices discovered on the White House lawn that originated in Israel.
This is a country that we give support in just about every way, shape, and form.
Monetary support, military support, political support.
Sure, Nick.
I wanted to get you on, and it's fine to get into Israel.
I wanted to get you on because I saw these videos and I saw articles about it.
Where they're trying to keep you from coming to those while saying they're open and they're doing this and they basically didn't stand up for Candace Owens, which I don't like.
And then I've seen some of this stuff.
Personally, I'm a libertarian.
And so I like the fact that Trump, you know, at his convention in Cleveland said, we don't hate you if you're, you know, gay or lesbian or whatever.
I get your point, though, about it's already being paraded everywhere with the trannies going after the kids and, you know, all that.
And so why sit there and make that the main message?
It's not about even agreeing with your message or disagreeing with what you're doing.
It's the fact that he's doing this.
But since we go into this Israel deal, this whole third rail of everything, I've had the New York Times say I'm anti-Semitic when I don't even talk about Israel.
I do not dislike Israel.
I think if you turned it over to the Muslims, they'd all kill each other forever over it.
I understand.
I'm like Rand Paul.
I don't like foreign aid, period.
But it is a thing where
You can never bash Israel enough, so you kind of went off into Israel and you're saying that's something that really upsets him to bring that up.
I think it's wrong for him at a college forum to try to censor people and their questions when they're doing it politely and as professionals and he's advertising it as open.
But the Israel thing...
I would say a large part of the right-wing has it as a split point for people, whether you worship Israel on one end or whether you absolutely hate Israel on the other.
I just think it's all a giant red herring.
I have all these right-wingers attacking me because I know about the Chi-Com influence.
They say I'm covering up for Israel.
I've just looked into it.
Yeah, all these countries spy on us.
We spy on them.
I don't like it.
They find Israeli spies, arrest them.
But it's literally
This thing from the left obsessing on Israel.
And again, I'm all for you asking the questions and your folks asking it.
But it's a leftist thing that obsesses on Israel.
That's why I literally want to throw up when I hear about it.
Well, right, and you're exactly right.
And that's fine if people don't agree with me.
You're a libertarian, I'm a conservative.
We can have disagreements, you know, and that's fine.
But the conservative movement, the Big Ten movement, should not use the tactics of the left, of censorship.
You know, if Charlie Kirk is a libertarian on the issue... Oh yeah, that's the message I'm getting at here, is why the hell is he doing this?
Well, right, and that's just it.
What is he so afraid of?
If he's got a different opinion, that's fine.
He should have the courage of his convictions,
To stand up and answer the questions.
And, you know, he did answer our questions last night, but then why ban me from Politicon?
Why have armed security?
If he's such a small government libertarian, why does he have 12 armed police officers stop me?
I'm like 5'10", trying to enter in and attend his political speech where he's talking about free speech.
You know, to me, that's the great hypocrisy.
And I'm sure there's a lot of conservatives that don't totally agree with me or aren't on board, but I think they would agree with me that Charlie Kirk should not be such a hypocrite on the issue of free speech.
If you build your career and make your case on, I'll engage with anybody, anywhere, anytime on any idea, then that doesn't have an asterisk that says, except when it's inconvenient.
Except when my donors don't want to hear that.
Except when my, you know, political people in Washington, D.C.
don't want to hear that.
You know, this whole thing could have been averted.
I wouldn't be on InfoWars right now.
There would be no controversy if he simply allowed me to take the picture or go into the event.
And I think a lot of people are now scratching their heads.
He's almost exposed himself.
He's made a bigger deal out of it than it is.
And they're wondering, what is he so afraid of?
Why does he not want to stand these questions?
Why can he not defend these ideas?
I totally agree with you, and I'm sure the article is up on Infowars.com.
I'm trying to find it right here.
But the Washington Post has come out and said it's time to repeal the First Amendment, to have a hate speech law where anything they define as bad gets banned.
We have folks getting arrested for the N-word just walking down the street.
In Connecticut, I don't agree with the N-word, but I agree with your right to say it.
I mean, they're really getting rid of the First Amendment.
I've got all these lawsuits by the Democrats.
They say they want to end my speech.
So, to have them doing this to you, I agree, is wrong and it's stupid!
I mean, let you answer the question, or let you say it.
He gets to answer it and say what he wants.
It's just crazy.
Yeah, well, exactly.
And you know what else is so troubling is after this whole event, we see people like Benny Johnson, who works for Turning Point USA, and other people that are connected to the organization.
You might have seen this on Twitter, you may not have.
But people are now standing up and calling everybody who asked questions last night at his Ohio State University event.
We're good to go.
Because we're Christians.
Because we support the Bible teaching that opposes homosexuality.
Oh, absolutely.
And listen, you have a right to do that.
And I agree that none of this sexualization should be promoted at children.
And there needs to be a major pendulum back the other way.
I was simply saying that
That they can't come in as neo-conservatives and then try to shut out all the classical conservatives.
By the way, I have libertarian leanings to my audience.
I'm trying to promote a big tent here.
But I think everyone should keep their views and bedrock American values are about Christianity.
That's where we came from and his statement that America
Doesn't have a spiritualism or doesn't have roots in God is not true.
This is a holy land.
I believe in manifest destiny.
I believe in America's destiny.
And I think this land is just as special as other places in the world that I think are also special.
I think the holy land where Israel is very, very special.
I think things that happen all over the world are very, very special.
And I do think
That was a little bit sycophantic of him to sit there and say that America does not have a biblical place in the pantheon of holy places on this planet.
America is special.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back.
Mike Adams is ready.
He is like a stallion in the gates before the race taking over.
And then there's the
Warren Owens-Troyer, knocking it out of the park.
We've got a special report tonight that I'm filing on several big subjects, 6 p.m.
Central, at band.video, Infowars.com, Ford's live show.
And we've also got a live pre-Halloween special I'm going to do tonight, right after Firepower with Tom Papert and Will Johnson.
I am going to be
Hosting until midnight up here.
There's gonna be some surprises Infowars.com forward slash show and There is also on the radio and TV satellites and folks want to pick that up And carry that and I'm gonna have some some fun, but I'm not gonna screw around much You know I used to have more fun around here.
We had a big prop room bunch of costumes and outfits I've dug some of those out gotten some new ones so tonight should be interesting But we have a lot of serious stuff to cover as well I went down to UT and had some interesting confrontations with the left trying to shut down my speech and saying that
I was a liar.
And you see that.
We don't deserve to have speech.
And the university has become these cancers of anti-free speech.
When the very group that says it's championing that starts blocking people that are asking questions that I think are legitimate questions.
But even if they were illegitimate, you're coming, you're there, you're thrown out.
I also think it's stupid for the head of Turning Point USA to think he can turn it into a mini version of what AOC or Hillary would do.
Because I guarantee you, if I try to go to the Hillary event that's not this Saturday but next Saturday in Austin, we'll obviously be covering and I'll be out there, they will throw me out.
I'm not even bothering him to buy tickets, because we've tried before.
Well, that's Hillary Clinton!
So, again, I hope he stops this, but I gotta say, they showed that photo of Charlie.
I gotta make a joke.
He looks like a brunette version of Adam Schiff, so that can't be a good thing.
I'm joking.
Go ahead.
Yeah, no, you're exactly right.
It's pretty horrible to see what's happened to the conservative movement, because, you know, I've been in this for
Two, three or four years now.
I remember watching, when I was in high school, Donald Trump appear on your show, and it was probably one of the coolest things I ever saw.
And I think everybody believed in 2016 that things were going to be different.
You know, with Donald Trump being an insurgent in the Republican Party, the hostile takeover.
And then becoming president.
I think everybody believed that it was going to be a real America First movement, that the John McCain, Mitt Romney, George Bush conservative movement, Big Ten conservative movement was done.
And so then to see all these people that wear the MAGA hat, people that they co-opted Donald Trump message, co-opted Donald Trump look, the optics and everything, for them to then use the same tactics of
The left.
You know, they're really embracing this monoparty, globalist mentality.
You say it's the left or the right.
I think it's really sort of more of the same conservative stuff that we saw 25, 30 years ago.
It's not the first time this happened.
You know, there was a big battle in the 1980s and the 1990s, some people might remember this, between the paleoconservatives and the neoconservatives, where
People like Sam Francis and many others were kicked out and shut out of the conservative movement, blackballed, fired from the National Assembly.
Yeah, let's be clear.
The big corporate money, the Koch brothers, all of them, they come in and routinely, every decade or so, try to kick all the patriots, the Christians, the conservatives out.
We build the movements, we get people elected.
Well, exactly, and it's even happened to you.
You know, we've seen the same people like Ben Shapiro and others who have lambasted you and called you a conspiracy theorist and so on, and so what we really have to keep an eye out for is the gatekeepers.
I'm all for being in a Big Ten movement.
If people disagree with me, they're more libertarian-leaning, like you said yourself, that's great.
That's fine.
We want that to happen.
Yeah, yeah.
Big Ten, but you still get your speech.
You get to say, I don't think you should be posing with a tranny.
That's your right to say that.
That doesn't make you excluded.
Exactly right.
They should embrace the Big Ten mentality.
Because we really have to understand that we will either hang together or we will all hang separately.
Because the left is coming for everybody.
And so they think, well, if I just shun Alex Jones, if I just shun Nick Fuentes, well, they won't come for me.
But you see they're coming for Steven Crowder on YouTube.
Oh, they cover people one after the other.
Come back again for a full hour with us soon.
Because here's the deal.
I don't care if men want to dress up like women.
Just stay away from my kids.
But now it's so promoted, they're like paratrooping in.
Because it's camouflage.
These are just political operatives.
Alright, Mike Adams is taking over.
And I've decided...
That I'm going to broadcast till midnight tonight live.
Got a couple of special reports that we're going to premiere tonight, six o'clock central.
Infowars.com for it's last show.
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Thank you all for your support.
Double Patriot Points, free shipping right now.
But most of these sales have to end by Monday.
Now, Mike Adams, I appreciate being here.
NaturalNews.com, a titan of research in the fight against the globalists.
Thank you for taking over the broadcast.
Tell us where you think we are right now in the fight for a pro-human future.
Well, today we're going to be covering science and medicine, including new revelations.
We've got the goods.
An FDA scientist has come out and admitted that there are cancer genes in vaccines that can be activated and that the FDA cannot detect.
So there are stealth cancer genes.
We're going to be covering that today, Alex, as well as some other topics, including the cover-up of life on Mars by NASA.
So all that straight ahead.
And by the way, that deal you have on the air filter, the Alexa, what is it, Alexa Pure Breeze?
What's the name of it?
Anyway, it's a screaming deal.
People should definitely get that.
Yeah, Alexa Pure Breeze, $147.
Are you kidding me?
I think I've paid $350 for a filter in our lab that's not as good.
So definitely take advantage of that, folks.
I mean, Alex isn't exaggerating.
That is below costs that you're going to see anywhere else in the world.
So that's what we have coming up.
Also today, I'm going to be covering a little bit of sort of what's good and maybe what we should question.
I'm going to dig into Flat Earth Theory, since this is a science and medicine segment of the show.
I'll cover that at the bottom of the hour.
I'm going to talk about some of the things that the Flat Earth advocates are getting right, and then some of the things that I believe they're getting wrong.
But it's going to be a real fascinating discussion.
We it's an exciting time when people can ask big questions question everything.
That is a motto that has a lot of value.
So I'm going to be getting into that as well.
And just to just a segue into that.
Let me mention up front.
That the great thing about InfoWars, and the reason that you know InfoWars is real, it's legitimate, independent news with independent thinkers, is because no one is ever told what to say on InfoWars.
I mean, I've been posting for years, and I gotta tell you, there's never once, not even one time,
Has Alex or any producer called me or texted me and told me what to say or what not to say.
And that's the way it should be.
And that's why you're going to hear intellectual diversity, different views, different opinions, different assessments of what's happening in the world.
You notice how the lying mainstream media is always the same script all the time because they're just actors.
They're not even journalists anymore.
They're just puppets.
They're media puppets who are told exactly what to say.
But here at InfoWars.com, as Alex always said, it's teleprompter free.
I don't have a teleprompter.
I've got some printouts, I've got some notes, some things that I'm going to cover, but no one has a script for me.
And if someone ever told me, you have to read this script, you have to say this or say that, I would say, sayonara, not interested, because that's not what we're about.
We are intelligent, independent people.
All of us here, all the different hosts, all the different shows from Owen Schroyer and David Knight and Alex and all the different guests and even the fourth hour guests as well.
Everybody is thinking for themselves.
And as long as we keep doing that...
We're going to find the right answers.
So I encourage you to think for yourself and stay tuned here because what we have coming up for the fourth hour here of the Alex Jones Show is going to blow your mind in science, medicine, technology, and health, trends analysis, real conspiracies that are actually happening, and much more.
This is Mike Adams filling in here for the fourth hour.
We'll be right back after this break with much more.
Don't go anywhere.
This is the Alex Jones Show at InfoWars.com.
We'll be right back.
All right, we're back.
Fourth hour here.
Alex Jones Show, Mike Adams stepping in.
And we have been doing a lot of investigations recently about the ingredients in vaccines.
And of course, some of those ingredients include what are called
Aborted human fetal cell lines.
Now these are cell lines that have been cloned for decades after they were harvested from an aborted baby back in the 1960s.
And two of these cell lines are called MRC-5 and WI-38.
Now, if you search the CDC's website or the FDA's website, you can see the disclosure that these ingredients are used in many common vaccines, including chicken pox, MMR vaccines, many different vaccines.
It's listed on CDC documents.
So, as part of the research that we were doing on this, it came to our attention recently that a lab in Italy, and we've reported on this before here at InfoWars, a lab in Italy
had run a gene sequencing protocol on the genetic code that's used in these ingredients, the MRC5 and the WI38.
And that lab found that it's an intact, fully developed human gene sequence.
And you can see right there, if you're watching on video, you can see MRC5 is in hepatitis A vaccines as well as varivax, MMR and other vaccines.
So they found this complete human genome
It's, in other words, it's the genetic blueprint for an entire human being that's in the vaccines.
And you've been lied to, of course, about vaccines.
You've been told that vaccines are only about having a viral strain in there, you know, like a weakened influenza or a weakened hepatitis.
It's really much more than that.
Why are there human genes in there?
I mean, complete human genes.
What are human genes doing in vaccines?
Well, the researchers dug further and they found that there were 560 modifications to that genetic code.
Modifications that increase the risk of expressing cancer.
So there are literally over 500 cancer genes
For a human blueprint that are put into vaccines on purpose that are injected into you and your children as part of this true medical horror that is now wreaking havoc across our world.
And you may recall Monday we had the producers of Vax 2 on the show right there in studio at InfoWars.
I was interviewing them and they mentioned a lot of bombshells like, you know, they've toured the country with a bus.
And they talk to moms and dads who come up to them in tears saying their children are dead or their children have been maimed, hospitalized, or made autistic.
And it was described by one of the producers as a, quote, war zone of dead children across America.
And that film, Vax 2, is launching in theaters, I believe, November 6th.
So, since then, I decided to do more research because, obviously, that's what we do here.
We're real media.
We research things.
And continuing to dig on this, I found
Just a bombshell document on the FDA's website.
And this is the first anybody is reporting this that I'm aware of.
This is the exclusive right here at InfoWars.
The document is called Investigating Viruses in Cells Used to Make Vaccines.
And evaluating the potential threat posed by transmission of viruses to humans.
This is by Dr. Arifa S Khan.
It's posted on the FDA.gov website.
I'm going to read to you just the third paragraph from this document.
This is a bombshell.
In some cases, the cell lines that are used might be tumorogenic.
That is, they form tumors when injected into rodents.
I should say tumorogenic, not tumeric, but tumorogenic.
Continuing, some of these tumor-forming cell lines may contain cancer-causing viruses that are not actively reproducing.
In other words, stealth viruses.
Such viruses are hard to detect using standard methods, Dr. Khan writes for the FDA.
These latent or, quote, quiet viruses pose a potential threat since they might become active under vaccine manufacturing conditions.
What this document is admitting is that the very process of manufacturing vaccines can activate
The cancer-causing properties in these vaccines.
And when you combine that knowledge, openly admitted right here by the FDA, when you combine that with the fact that we now know there are 560 altered, modified cancer genes from a human blueprint put into vaccines and injected into children, then you start to wonder, well, what would the impact of that be?
Of course, massive cancer, massive death.
Massive depopulation, huge revenues for big pharma, and cancer everywhere.
And of course, the same companies that make the vaccines that are putting these cancer properties, these stealth cancer viruses into the vaccines, I mean genetic code in the vaccines, those are the same companies that profit from cancer treatments.
So they are making money off cancer, chemotherapy, you know, all the treatments for chemo brain and liver damage and kidney damage that's caused by chemotherapy.
It's a revenue producer.
And children are being inoculated with cancer potential to make sure that there are future revenues for Big Pharma.
By doing this,
Big Pharma has, in fact, ensured itself a long-term future stream of revenues.
Now, I've got a special report on this at brighteon.com, a free speech platform where we can talk about these things.
It's about a six-minute clip.
We're just going to roll two minutes of it right here to give you a taste of it.
This is a bombshell.
See it at brighteon.com.
We're going to upload this to BandDot Video also as soon as that channel's ready.
This is a bombshell.
Go ahead and roll that clip.
If you've ever wondered why cancer rates are so high in First World Nations, especially the United States, well, you're about to find out.
The truth is, you've been injected with cancer-causing genes, and it's all deliberate.
And the way we know this is because a company, well, a laboratory in Italy,
ran a DNA human genome sequencing analysis of the MRC5 human diploid cells that are used in multiple vaccines.
Now, if you didn't know that vaccines are made with aborted human fetal cells, then you're way behind the curve on being up to speed on this because multiple vaccines are made with MRC5 and WI-38.
These are both called human diploid cells.
They are cloned cell strains that were originally harvested from an aborted male baby back in the 1960s who was being carried by his mother who was a psychiatric patient, mass mental illness.
She had this abortion.
The medical industry took those aborted human fetal cells and they've been cloning them ever since.
And they've been using them to grow the measles virus and the rubella virus and the chickenpox virus.
And then they inject those cells with the DNA of the aborted human baby into your children.
By the way, all that's admitted by the CDC, the FDA, the vaccine companies, etc.
This ingredient is listed on their vaccine insert sheet.
Go to nationalnews.com.
You'll see all the links to the documents there.
I linked to the CDC.
I linked to the FDA.
I linked to GlaxoSmithKline.
It's all right there.
It's just openly talked about by the vaccine industry.
But what's new is that this laboratory in Italy ran a DNA analysis, human genome sequencing, and found that the genes that are...
You can see the rest of that clip at Brighttown.com and eventually at Band.video as well.
Look, this is information that the mainstream media refuses to report.
You're only getting this information from the independent media.
We are the real journalists.
We are the real researchers.
We are the real scientists.
And we're going to explore more when we come back after this break.
Stay tuned for more on the Alex Jones Show!
All right, we're back on the Alex Jones Show.
Mike Adams here, stepping in.
And yes, in this segment, we are going to get into Flat Earth Theory.
So if you've got friends who are advocates of or critics of Flat Earth Theory, which seems to be this exploding phenomenon,
For whatever reason, a lot of people are interested in this discussion.
We're going to delve into that in this segment.
And just a quick little background.
You know, I work in the realm of science every day.
I run a science lab.
We do mass spectrometry every day.
Got multiple mass spec machines.
You know, analysis of pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and things like that.
And so, you know, take it for what it's worth.
Everybody's got a different view on everything.
I want to say up front, I'm convinced the Earth is a sphere.
However, I strongly agree with the process of questioning everything, and I welcome that process.
So, I'm going to go into that here.
What does the Flat Earth theory get right?
Or what do Flat Earth advocates get right?
And perhaps, in my view, what are they getting wrong?
And what's great about this whole conversation is that here we are, free speech, independent media, you know, we can talk about these things right out in the open.
We might not have the same, you know, views on them, and that's okay.
But I'll give you my views and you can take it for what it's worth and maybe it's convincing.
I am going to give you a method, by the way, that
You can use a riflescope to confirm that the Earth is a sphere.
I will give you that method here at the end of this segment, and you can try it yourself.
It has to be a certain type of riflescope.
But let's get into this.
First of all, what are Flat Earth theorists doing that's correct, in my view?
Number one, they are questioning everything.
And that's awesome.
And that's exciting, in fact.
We're being lied to in so many ways by the globalists, by the banks, by government, of course.
And even the realm of science and medicine is filled with so much BS.
You know, we're questioning it every day.
I mean, I research vaccines all the time.
I research pharmaceuticals.
I research a lot of science topics.
And I find that the establishment is constantly lying to us about everything, including NASA, by the way.
And so, when Flat Earth theorists talk about, hey, NASA is lying to us, the government's lying to us, that there are cover-ups, when they say those types of things, they are not wrong.
They are not wrong to question these big narratives.
In fact, NASA has been lying about the presence of life on Mars since at least 1976, when the first Viking lander, I think it was Viking 1, maybe it was Viking 2, but a Viking lander in 1976,
And the scientist's name was, I think, Dr. Frank Levin.
He should have gone down in history as the first scientist to have discovered life on Mars, because they were looking for microbial life, and they use a simple mass spectrometry instrument.
And so that was over four decades ago.
They knew there was life on Mars, but they covered it up.
So NASA has been lying to us all this time.
In fact, that scientist, Dr. Levin, knows very well.
They ruined his career, his reputation, in essence.
They shut down his experiment after it confirmed the presence of life on Mars.
Second point, and I've covered this on the show here too,
NASA believes there is an atmosphere on Mars.
And the way we know this is because NASA is sending a dual rotor helicopter to Mars with the Mars Rover 2020 mission.
Now helicopters, you may recall, don't work in a vacuum.
And even though NASA says officially that the atmospheric pressure on Mars is only 0.6% that of Earth's,
They're still sending a solar-powered helicopter there to fly around in basically a vacuum?
Doesn't work.
Propellers don't work in outer space, and they don't work in vacuums.
So the only reason NASA would send a helicopter to Mars, and by the way, it's called Scout, and it's Bridenstine, I think, the NASA administrator has talked about.
It's been all over the media.
It's called Scout.
It's going to fly ahead of the rover.
This helicopter would not fly unless there were an atmosphere.
Now, if there's an atmosphere on Mars, it means that NASA has been lying to us for decades, and that is true.
I'm convinced that NASA is lying almost all the time about almost everything.
Now, does that mean the Earth is flat?
No, not in my view.
Does that mean the moon landings were faked?
No, not in my view, and I'll explain my view.
But on that point,
I want you to know, look, I'm the founder of Brighteon.com, the video platform.
I welcome your videos on these topics, even if you disagree with me.
I welcome them.
You're not going to get banned on Brighteon.
You're not going to get banned because we support free speech.
We support people having different points of view on these things.
I noticed it wasn't long ago that YouTube was saying they're going to ban what they call fake science videos.
And they mentioned, I think, flat earth.
And they also mentioned concern about GMOs or anything that countered the narrative of vaccines.
They're going to ban all those videos on YouTube.
And you notice how they lump all that together.
So anytime they want to attack
Uh, GMOs, or I mean critics of GMOs, or if they want to attack vaccine skeptics, for example, who they call anti-vaxxers, or if they want to attack people who believe there is a globalist government, which there obviously is.
It's openly admitted now.
But they always throw in Flat Earth.
Why do they do that?
Because in the minds of the mainstream media and the globalists, they think that they can use Flat Earth to discredit anybody's beliefs in other areas.
They try to lump them together and say, well, gosh, these people believe vaccines are dangerous and they believe in Flat Earth.
And so that's a tactic that they use.
And by the way, there's no doubt in my mind, there are some elements of the Flat Earth movement
A few elements that are probably controlled opposition.
But most of the people who are pursuing Flat Earth Theory as a thought experiment are actually well-intentioned people.
They're curious.
They're curious about the world around them.
Curious about the nature of the universe.
They're curious about why are there all these secrets about Antarctica.
Why is no one seemingly allowed to go there, right?
Why do some things that we've been told over the years not add up?
And that process is extremely valuable, and I celebrate the process of asking really big questions, even though I may disagree with you on the conclusion.
Now, the other thing that flat-earth people get correct is to say that consensus in the realm of science
Doesn't mean anything.
So, for example, people attacking the Flat Earth Theory will often say, well, there's scientific consensus that the Earth is a sphere.
But those same people say, well, there's scientific consensus that carbon dioxide is bad for plants and will destroy the planet.
So you see, scientific consensus can be wrong.
Because carbon dioxide is a nutrient for plants.
Carbon dioxide is turning the planet green.
So if 97% of scientists, they say, agree that carbon dioxide is bad, then I would say that 97% of scientists are idiots.
Complete morons who don't understand basic atmospheric chemistry.
So, consensus does not equal truth, even in the realm of science.
So, that process is correct by Flat Earthers to say, well, consensus doesn't really mean truth.
I agree with that.
I still disagree with their conclusion.
Again, I believe the Earth is a sphere.
I believe that the planets orbit the Sun, right?
This is what I'm convinced is true.
But I agree with the process of questioning these things, and I agree with the right to speak.
So I just want to be very clear that that's my position.
You can prove to yourself that the Earth is a sphere.
I'm going to get into those in the remainder of this segment and also the next segment.
Now, I welcome anyone to challenge these.
I welcome discussions.
You can post videos on Brighttown.com.
Like I said, you can post articles, whatever you'd like to do.
We totally welcome that process because we are not the science high priests of absolute truth like the vaccine industry claims to be.
We are people who are willing to ask big questions.
But I have run some tests, okay?
I've talked to some flat earthers and I've run some tests that they suggested to me.
And the tests proved, in fact, the opposite of what they told me.
The tests proved that the Earth was a sphere.
So, here's what you're going to do.
The first test.
You can do it with a riflescope.
You have to use a riflescope that has milli radians in the scope.
Those are just called mils if you're a long-range shooter.
Now, mils are measurements of
I don't know.
They say it should be different if the moon is straight overhead versus if the moon is at the horizon, because it's moving much farther away from you.
But in fact, if you run this experiment yourself, you will find the moon is the same milliradians no matter where it is in the sky, indicating the moon is equidistant from us at all times.
I'll have more Straight Ahead, more experiments that you can run, but look, I agree, we should question everything.
Much more Straight Ahead here.
Mike Adams, InfoWars.com.
We'll be right back.
And we're back with our discussion of Earth and space, astronomy, flat Earth theory, and much more.
A quick correction, I inadvertently in the previous segment referred to the NASA scientist who built the experiment that discovered life on Mars as Frank Levin.
It's actually Gilbert Levin.
At least I got the Levin right.
At least I didn't say Mark Levin.
Like the first scientist to discover life on Mars and master the Constitution.
No, it's Dr. Levin, and again, the reason we have trouble remembering who this guy is is because they erased the history of his amazing discovery.
He was actually called on the night that they discovered life on Mars.
He was called by Carl Sagan, who congratulated him for the greatest discovery in the history of science, and then NASA covered it up.
So, the fact that NASA covers things up, the fact that NASA just constantly lies, the fact that NASA turns off the cameras every time a UFO comes into view on some kind of orbital platform,
Tells you that, yeah, you can't trust NASA.
But from that, be careful folks, from that you cannot conclude that the Earth is flat just because NASA lies.
And so what I'm doing here is discussing what I think is right and wrong about flat Earth theory, you know, from a point of view of real physics and science, the laws of physics and how the universe works and so on.
And just to recap the last segment, I agree with the premise of asking big questions and being curious about the universe.
I also want to add
I'm not attacking people who are part of this movement who are advocating this theory.
I think most of them are motivated for good reasons of curiosity, intellectual curiosity, and they have constructed some very interesting, what I would call, thought experiments about physics and how things work.
So I'm not attacking them.
Again, I think their process is very good.
I just disagree with the conclusion, although there probably are a few controllers or controlled opposition people at the top who are really pushing this to try to discredit anybody who has a, quote, alternative theory about anything.
You know, whether it's vaccines or GMOs or what have you.
Now, I mentioned this experiment that you can use to prove that the Earth is a sphere.
Well, essentially you're proving that the Moon is always the same distance from our planet or, you know, very close to always the same distance.
The orbit of the Moon is not exactly a circle.
It is very slightly elliptical, but it's so slight that it's not even worth considering.
So we can
Essentially say that the moon's orbit around Earth is a circle.
The moon is equidistant from Earth.
So what you can do, like I said, just to sum up last time, you can take a riflescope that has a reticle in milli radians, or what are called mils, and you can measure the size of the moon in your scope.
And the size of the moon will always be the same in your scope, whether it's directly above you or close to the horizon or somewhere in between.
That contradicts what was explained to me by a prominent Flat Earth theorist who wanted me to run some experiments to see if it was true or false.
And he told me in quite a lengthy phone call
That the moon is, according to him, the moon is much closer to the earth than we've been told, and that the moon is a disc, I think he said, or maybe another kind of flat object in the sky, and that the moon and the sun move sort of parallel to what he called the flat earth, and they move farther away, and they appear to disappear over the horizon, and then they come back
I'm good.
And then much smaller as it gets close to the horizon because it's moving much farther away.
That was the theory that was explained to me.
So, look, hey, I'm an open-minded scientist, so I said, sure, I've got long-range rifle scopes.
I'll just take this Schmidt & Bender scope off my .338 Lapua rifle here, and I'll point that sucker at the sky,
Not with the rifle attached to it, right?
Because you don't want to shoot at the moon.
That's just insane.
But you point the scope at the sky, and you can measure the moon.
And guess what?
It's always the same size!
It's always the same size.
Now, some people say, well, wait a minute.
When I look at the moon on the horizon, it looks bigger!
It looks smaller directly overhead, and it looks bigger toward the horizon.
So that's the opposite of what the Flat Earth Theory predicts, at least as it's been explained to me.
But that is simply an optical illusion, because when it's close to the horizon, you're comparing the Moon to buildings and trees and things that are on the horizon.
In fact, if you measure it, and I challenge you to do this, you'll see that the size of the Moon is the same no matter where it is in the sky, which indicates the Moon is always the same distance from the Earth.
So that right there is
inconsistent with flat earth theory.
The other thing that you can do is you can check your satellite dishes and you'll notice that if you take a lid of a cooking pan, something made out of metal, and if you position that lid right over the the satellite dish that's pointing to a geostationary satellite that's in a single fixed position in the sky, you'll notice that that satellite signal is blocked.
And it's a very easy experiment to do.
If you're getting satellite bandwidth or satellite TV or what have you, you can easily interrupt that bandwidth by just interfering with the beam between your dish and the satellite that's in orbit.
Now, if the Earth were flat, then there wouldn't be geostationary satellites in orbit.
At that correct distance from the Earth, which I think is 22,500 miles or something very close to that.
So the only reason that satellite dishes work is because they're satellites.
And the only reason satellites can orbit a planet is because the planet is essentially a sphere.
So GPS, for example, how do you get GPS signals out of the sky?
Well, there are GPS satellites flying around out of the sky.
Flying around orbiting around I should say around the earth to be more precise So I'm not sure what the flat-earth theorists say.
How do satellite dishes work?
How do satellites work?
I think their theory if I'm not mistaken is that there are no satellites and I don't see how that can be reconciled with What we know to be true about about how satellites work and satellite dishes and GPS and so on again I'm not I'm not attacking anybody personally over this.
I'm just saying that
Satellite dishes work great and GPS works great and in fact GPS works at very high altitude.
The other day I was actually sitting in the co-pilot seat of a jet as we were up at I think 37,000 feet.
And a friend of mine was allowing me to fly since I have flight experience, you know, I'm trained as a pilot.
So I was there actually, you know, adjusting altitude and adjusting our heading and things like that.
I was actually flying the jet, which is pretty cool.
I mean, you know, with assistance.
But from the co-pilot seat at that altitude, you can absolutely see the curvature of the Earth.
And as I've heard it from Flat Earth advocates, they say that when passengers look out of the windows on the airplanes, the reason it's curved is because the windows have a lensing effect and it makes the Earth look curved.
Okay, but I was looking from the co-pilot seat right out the front of the cockpit, and I can see that the Earth is gently curved from that altitude.
Saw it with my own eyes.
And I'm sure if we went higher, we would see even more noticeable curvature.
And by the way, those jet windows are not lenses.
If they were lenses, it would be dangerous to fly because they would distort everything.
In fact, they're manufactured for optical clarity and for allowing light to pass through unaltered.
Otherwise, jets would be slamming into
Each other and the ground and mountains and terrain all the time.
So I've actually seen this for myself sitting in the co-pilot seat of a jet.
There are other things that you can do.
The only reason I address all of this is because this seems to be a growing fascination.
And I love that process again.
I love the fact that people are interested in the universe and how things work.
But if you ask me, the big cover up is not Flat Earth Theory.
It's, and I don't know if it's okay for me to even say this, but it's about life on other planets.
That's the big cover-up.
And we talked about, you know, Mars.
Life has been on Mars, or discovered on Mars, since 1976.
And if there's life on Mars, there's life all over the cosmos.
We live in a galaxy, the Milky Way galaxy, which itself has anywhere from 100 to maybe 250 billion stars, depending on which figure you believe.
Around each of those stars, there could be habitable planets like ours.
And whether you believe the universe created itself spontaneously for no reason, like Stephen Hawking says, or that God created the universe, either way, why would we be the only life forms in the planet?
If God created the universe, God created life everywhere in the universe as well.
God created the Big Bang, so to speak, and God put life everywhere.
Why would we be alone in this vast space and the Milky Way Galaxy is only one of
Hundreds of billions of other galaxies as well.
So we're talking about, you know, beyond human comprehension, there's life everywhere in the universe in my opinion.
I mean every, I should say everywhere that there's habitable planets, right?
And not obviously the vacuum of outer space.
But that's the big cover-up.
NASA's been covering up life on other planets and intelligent civilizations interacting with our civilization here on Earth.
That's the big cover-up as far as I'm concerned, and I think NASA is about to allow more disclosure on that point in the coming years.
In fact, they've already dropped hints about that.
So that's my take on it, folks.
I welcome differences in views.
I welcome your free speech.
I welcome your scientific curiosity about how the world works around you.
I'm with you on that journey.
I'm also just trying to figure out how we got here, where we are, what's the purpose of life, what's the meaning of the universe, everything.
I'm with you on that journey.
And we got to ask big questions, but we also have to follow the evidence as closely as we can.
So thank you for watching today.
Mike Adams here for the Alex Jones Show.
Kind of an interesting segment today.
Owen Schroyer is straight ahead with the War Room.
Stay tuned for that and thanks for joining me today.
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It was more than 25 years ago that I was in college and I still remember being at Barton Springs, this big natural limestone pool in Austin, Texas that feeds into the Colorado River and seeing these professional swimmer types out there who were in really good shape.
And I remember this old man who looked like an Olympic athlete or something with a
A gallon jug of water, but it was light brown.
And I said, what is that?
And he said, it's iodine.
And I said, well, what's it do?
And he said, well, you see how good a shape I'm in.
He said, I learned about this a long time ago.
And it's the trace element that counters the fluoride that's killing everybody.
And have you seen how the planes are flying over?
They're spraying something in the atmosphere.
And I was kind of awake then, but I hadn't heard of chemtrails yet, and I'd heard something about the debate about fluoride, but I knew that Stanley Kubrick had made fun of people back in Dr. Strangelove, you know, back in the early 1960s in that movie, so I wasn't exactly sure what the guy was getting at.
But then all these years later, like eight years ago, Dr. Grubscher,
And he's like, listen, he was a guest.
This is about nine years ago now.
And he goes, you need to take atomic iodine.
He goes, I'm developing it.
I'm going to put some out.
It'll make you healthy.
It'll make your skin healthier.
It's, you know, it's the good halogen versus the fluoride.
Of course, I know all about fluoride causing brain damage, lowering IQ, hurting fertility, causing bone cancer, just all of it.
And I'm like, okay.
He said, but when you take it, I'm going to warn you about two weeks in, most people detox and a lot of stuff comes out of your skin and you're going to really feel bad for a week or so.
But then after that, you're going to feel a lot better and lose a lot of weight.
Just like clockwork.
About two weeks in, I'm taking a dropper full of water every day, and I just suddenly feel lethargic.
I feel like crap.
I break out.
I've got all this oil coming out of my scalp.
Hadn't had zits on me since I was in high school.
I'm like, what is going on?
And a bunch of other things happened.
I was sleeping with that in the bathroom.
And that went on about four or five days.
And I woke up one day and felt way lighter.
Felt great.
It's like when you're going up a hill.
Carrying your kid on your shoulders, and you find him at the top of the hill, and you take him off your shoulders, and you feel a lot lighter.
Thought you could fly.
It was kind of like that.
And then a lot of weight came off of me, and it did amazing things.
And then every time I forget to take a good, clean iodine, I start feeling like crap again until I remember to take it.
So, for everything in our lives, it's so special.
Well, X2 is the pure, deep-earth crystal iodine.
And people love it, and we sell it, and it's on the site, and it's our best seller.
I was talking to some medical doctors and others, and they said, Alex, there's a small percentage of people that can't absorb atomic iodine, and the pure deep-earth crystal type.
You should have triiodine with two other types with it that help you absorb the deep-earth crystal iodine, but a little bit of the other two types.
And so we have all three types in Survival Shield X3, and a lot of people like X3.
Better than X2.
It's all your physiology.
It's all your body.
This is weaker.
And that's just the formula because when you do it with the other two types...
It reportedly supercharges the pure iodine, and so you don't want it to be stronger.
It's not about a saving money thing.
It's not even a cost issue.
It's that this is a different formula for different people, and so it's up to you to try it.
By the way, iodine's big, big.
I mean, big mojo.
This isn't a game, so be careful with it.
Consult your physicians.
Check into it, because you already have deficiencies and stuff, and then this comes into your life?
You're playing with lightning in a bottle here.
It's 70% off for the 2-ounce bottle, 60% off for the 1-ounce bottle right now at InforgedLife.com.