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Name: 20191030_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 30, 2019
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We pledge allegiance to Comrade Putin and his great minion, Donald J. Trump, to make America great again.
We pledge this plan to destroy the Americans, to save their economy, and their people, and their border, and their military.
Hail Putin!
Hail Russia!
We will never surrender!
That is the KGB plan!
Well done, Comrade!
We'll sell the Americans!
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
Alright, I'm gonna be here live until midnight tonight.
We had a lot of important reports and promos.
I wanted to air the last 22 minutes.
And more and more we like to go live.
24 hours a day, sometimes we'll go for three days straight.
But today we're just going up until midnight.
And the great reporter Millie Weaver is going to be joining us during the second hour.
We're going to open the phones up as well.
And I was sitting back today thinking, well, on the eve of Halloween or All Saints and all the rest of it that's coming up the day after Halloween, should I do the history of it?
Well, I've done that a lot of years.
We'll do a little bit of that towards the end tonight.
But I was thinking, you know, really we should cover what's front and center at DrudgeReport.com.
At least earlier it was an image of Richard Nixon getting on Marine One and saying bye-bye.
And a lot of people ask me, they say, why does somebody like Drudge, why does somebody like Drudge or others point out what's going on?
I mean, are they trying to help the impeachment?
No, ladies and gentlemen.
That's getting outside the echo chamber.
Trump could be impeached because the average conservative, up until about at least a month ago, has been completely asleep.
Every time I do a video to the President saying, wake the hell up, stop the censorship, wake the hell up, release Julian Assange, wake the hell up, stop trying to start a war with Russia, wake the hell up, start the indictments of the deep state, the judge top links that.
And Drudge has the biggest news site in the world.
So Drudge is speaking through InfoWars and through other headlines.
And I agree with Matt Drudge.
You know, I noticed this a few months ago.
Drudge started kind of showing the negative coverage of Trump about three months ago.
But I, before that, would notice that if we posted an article with the Democrats and Al Green saying we're going to impeach Trump and we're going to arrest his supporters, I'd see comments, a minority of the comments, but some on InfoWars.
Saying, hey man, don't cover these crazy people and don't give it any oxygen.
It's never gonna happen.
Trump's invincible.
He's ordained of God.
Well, there's an old Bedouin saying, trust in God, but tie up your camel.
Or, Hunter S. Thompson had a version of that.
Pray to God, but row away from the rocks.
I mean, if you're going towards the rocks, pray, but God helps those who help themselves.
I gotta tell you, I'm not somebody that's a victim.
I'm a target because I have been effective against the globalists and their satanic operations.
But to watch Trump
And the Democrats.
In fact, of all the articles I wanted to lead with tonight, this is the one.
We've done hours of preparation for this, the crew has.
This one article's not here in my stack, because I walked off with it today.
Will you guys please print me the latest on, quote, Twitter bans political advertising?
Coming up next month, end of 2020.
Now, of course, that's a load of crap.
And after the break, I'm going to break that down and detail it.
We have a special guest who will be with us for 30 minutes or so in studio.
And he's jet lagged, but he'll be able to stay up with us.
And then we are going to continue on and open the phones up and cover a lot.
But I'm just going to do a short little breakdown of how that's completely fake and his total election meddling coming up briefly on the other side.
But Drudge is right.
This isn't a statement, this is basically what I think he's saying.
America is sleepwalking into impeachment.
And that's what this special live broadcast is on Wednesday night.
And I've gotten so busy, I didn't even ask Millie Weaver or Caitlin Bennett or my own son Rex Jones or any of the folks that are even still on Twitter or Paul Watson who's asleep right now over the UK.
Hey, tweet out at Band.Video the live feed of this show you're watching or InfoWars.com forward slash show.
And point out there's live coverage of America sleepwalking into impeachment.
And it'll be basically commercial-free.
We'll take a few breaks.
There'll be a few pauses, but most of it's special reports.
Let's say commercial light here in the two hours and 34 minutes that we have left this evening.
And then you'll have David Knight in the morning, 8 a.m.
Central, and then I'll be there at 11 a.m.
War Room after that, 3 p.m.
And then you've got the Firepower program with Bill Johnson and Tom Papert coming up 7 o'clock weekdays as we try to expand our live coverage right into 2020 election.
So much happened today that the quickening is certainly here.
And we're going to be covering the waterfront here this evening.
But coming up after break, we had a Russian national news crew, famous documentary filmmaker here today.
And of course, these were all Russian agents.
We've had Japanese film crews, British film crews, probably more U.S.
and British than ever.
I'm not a mainstream media person as I've had.
We're good to go.
Now, the Pentagon has released, quote, incredible footage of Abu Baghdadi raid that shows Delta Force commandos storming his compound as helicopters hit fighters with heavy fire before obliterating his base in the bombing.
And that's all up on InfoWars.com.
Watch Pentagon releases video Baghdadi raid.
They say more may even be coming as well.
Show a lot of big movements happening that are really over the top.
And the way we're able to punch through and reach new people is you.
So by word of mouth or by sharing the live link at InfoWars.com forward slash show the live link that says, Drudge is right, America sleepwalking into impeachment.
That's how we reach more people and then tell them to share it and we reach even more and overpower the censors, overpower those that would block what we're able to cover and what we're able to do here on air.
So we're gonna cover it all on the other side of this piece of video I'm gonna play.
We're gonna play several clips here.
Baghdadi raid footage with a general at CENTCOM command, McKenzie talking about it, General Frank McKenzie.
Then we'll play a second clip, Baghdadi final moments.
And then we also have Trump Medal of Honor, Green Beret, Matthew Williams.
Just gonna play those three consecutively.
And then there's a new big controversy that's on Infowars.com.
Clearly a photo with a photoshop of the dog that got injured in the raid being given a medal.
There's a paw on it.
Everyone knows it's photoshopped.
The corporate media tried to say that Trump tried to put a fraud over on the American people.
Just more amazing garbage.
We're going to look at that too coming up.
But we have the Russian insider, as he's known, but an American.
Who heads up Russia, Dash Insider, has reached hundreds of millions of people, joining us to give us his take on that whole situation as well.
So stay with us, we'll be right back after this footage of the rape.
These fighters opened fire on our aircraft and what you see in the video is the actual response.
With the assault force surrounding the compound, we repeatedly urge those inside to come out peacefully.
Let's go to the next video, please.
This is a video of the assault force actually closing up to the compound.
Those who came out of the building were checked for weapons and explosives and moved away from the immediate area.
US forces detained and later released the non-combatants.
The group was treated humanely at all times and included 11 children.
I want to make it clear that despite the violent nature of the raid,
In the high-profile nature of this assault, every effort was made to avoid civilian casualties and to protect the children that we suspected would be at the compound.
Five ISIS members inside the compound presented a threat to the force.
So what you'll observe are U.S.
standoff munitions striking the compound.
For those of you that may have seen before and after pictures of the compound, it looks pretty much like a parking lot with large potholes right now.
The operation was exquisitely planned, though, please.
And actually, let's go back a moment.
Before I actually go to the dog, I would just like to show you the before and after pictures of the raid compound.
You can see the way it looked before, and you can see the way it looks, uh, the way it looked afterwards.
So it's pretty clear that the, uh, the success of the standoff munitions that we employed to ensure that it would not be a shrine or otherwise memorable in any way.
It's just another piece of ground.
So let's go to the dog picture.
Special Operations Command military working dogs are critical members of our forces.
These animals protect U.S.
forces, save civilian lives, separate combatants from non-combatants, and immobilize individuals who express hostile intent.
This dog is a four-year veteran of the SOCOM K-9 program and has been a member of approximately 50 combat missions.
He was injured by exposed live electrical cables in the tunnel after Baghdadi detonated his vest beneath the compound.
I will also note he has been returned to duty.
Sure, so let me start with the second part.
No, I can't tell you anything about what we took off the site.
You'll appreciate that.
We're going to exploit that and we expect it to help us as we go forward.
So, now about Baghdadi's last moments.
I can tell you this.
He crawled into a hole with two small children and blew himself up while his people stayed on the ground.
You can deduce what kind of person it is based on that activity.
So that would be just my empirical observation of what he did.
I'm not able to confirm anything else about his last seconds.
I just can't confirm that one way or another.
And Charles Bousman is here with us in studio, Russia-Insider, and he was here with a national Russian film crew today.
He wasn't even trying to get on air.
I was familiar with his popular site and YouTube channels.
He was very well spoken, and I thought,
Hey, we never see you in front of the camera.
You ought to come out here and explain how you're an international business and you've been all over Russia, all over Europe, and what you think of this whole situation with the attempts of the deep state and that Russia runs everything in America and that I'm run by Russia.
I think it's probably been nine years since I've had a Russian film crew here.
Again, the media tries to act like if you talk to a Russian, you must be an evil person.
How crazy is that?
Hillary was selling the Russians uranium and things, but he has been on RT and also US channels.
But it just shows how they try to paralyze everybody.
You know, when I got a Russian visa about a year and a half ago, I was thinking about going to Russia.
Tweeted it out, the media went, oh my gosh, and it was national news.
They go, he is a Russian agent.
Alex Jones has a Russian visa.
And they actually had major talk shows go, it's a special one.
I filed for a business one because I was going to go there for...
Covering the news and making a documentary and we didn't know when so yeah That's how they work if it's tourism you get it for the time you're going if it's they go No one gets these of course that isn't true it millions of people get them but again this shows How they try to do all this when they're the globalist
Trying to get rid of the existence of America.
No borders, no wall, no USA at all.
The very same globalists are trying to take down Russia.
And so, you know, I don't have any alliance with Russia.
I'm not in bed with Russia.
But I recognize Russia has the same globalist enemies.
And Russia's standing up to radical Islam more than anybody else is, and they're becoming Christian.
And I know folks that work over in Russia, and they recognize they're going back to their roots.
And that just enrages Hollywood, the Trotskyites, and the neocons, and the leftists.
So, Charles is here with us, russia-insider, russian-faith.com.
And so it's good to have you here, Charles.
Well, thanks for having me.
Okay, you've got the floor, because you're a well-spoken guy, but you're a soft-spoken guy.
Describe, like, when we were having lunch today, you and I, both Americans, but with the three Russians in there, the host and other camera people, the sound guy and the camera guy, why you came on the scene, why you, because you've become very prolific and have reached hundreds of millions of people conservatively, and your site just keeps growing.
Why you did this, and what triggered you, because I'm always fascinated what makes people decide to change course in life, successful businessmen, and to throw themselves at something, and then are successful.
Well, you know, I lived and worked in Russia for 20 years, and in 2014, I was basically your average conservative Republican businessman, minding his own business, but sort of interested in politics, and that's when this Ukraine
I don't know.
And it was literally diametrically opposed.
I mean, it was 180 degrees different from what the Western media was saying.
But what's interesting, give us some of your background.
I mean, your mom was German, so she grew up part in Europe.
I mean, describe why you have such a background, why you were in Russia.
I lived in Russia as a child.
My dad was a journalist there.
He was the bureau chief for the Associated Press.
That's the world's largest news agency.
That's all really interesting, yeah.
Yeah, and... It's funny, you were a business guy, successful, went back to your dad's roots.
Yeah, yeah, I guess I had the journalism bug in me somehow.
And yeah, so I got to see Russia in the deep communist days.
Now, your dad wasn't working for the CIA or anything?
Because, you know, back then, if somebody was the head of the AP in Russia, they probably were.
Well, listen, I don't know.
I never thought of him as that kind of a person, but I guess nothing's out of the question.
I'm sorry to keep interrupting.
It's just fascinating.
Start over.
Yeah, so we lived in Russia as a family and I got to see, I remember as a child, the Brezhnev era, that was the deep, sort of, you know, Soviet times in the 70s.
And I was there when Nixon, for example, flew to Russia famously to talk to Brezhnev for the first time.
Well, anyway, so I was living and working in Russia and the
The lying was just off the charts in terms of what the Western media was saying.
And it was obvious.
You know, it's not that hard to figure it out when you sort of compare people saying opposite things and you sort of look into it and you say, well, what's really going on here?
And this was clear to me and also a number of my expat friends in Moscow.
And we said, look, we've got to do something.
We've got to speak out.
We're Americans here.
After all, we have a moral responsibility.
We were actually thinking that a land war could break out in Europe.
I mean, it was really a scary time.
I don't know how well you guys remember that.
I remember 888, before that, when they attacked the UN base and slaughtered everybody and then tried to get Russia to get into a war.
And then I actually covered what really happened and the media said I was a Russian agent.
When I was going off, it was even in the European news, what the Pentagon even said, but CNN was saying Russia attacked Georgia.
And it was a total, complete lie.
It was a total, complete lie.
And the media, you know, just reported it and parroted it.
But that big one didn't wake you up?
No, I was still asleep in 2008.
But yeah, so we put up this site, Fellows Our Responsibilities, Americans to speak out and say something and talk to our countrymen, and the thing just went ballistic.
I don't know, you know, it was the weirdest thing.
We had no experience in news or websites or anything like that, and we had, within three months, we had 15 million views on our articles.
And we must have just, like, been there at the right time and struck a chord and were saying things people wanted to hear.
Well, let's be clear.
I mean, I don't just lap up whatever comes out of Russia.
And it's just like the U.S.
There's a lot of different voices.
Huge leftist menace there.
A lot of, you know, brainwashing.
All the same garbage.
I mean, I'd turn on the CFR, I'd turn on C-SPAN, or I would read a State Department report.
They'd be like, yeah, we got $5 billion, we overthrew Ukraine, we're going to take the Russian pipelines to cut them off so they can't sell gas to Europe.
I'm like, hey, if we're going to outsell Russia on gas to Europe, that's great, let's do that.
America's now the biggest exporter of stuff, but let's not steal their pipelines and then say they started this war when Soros
Is going on CNN to Fareed Zarkaria, which is more of a wonk type show, and going, yeah, we staged it all, we're taking over.
So they even be on the news admitting they were doing it out of one mouth, but in the big pop coverage saying the Russians have attacked.
I mean, it's just insulting to someone's intelligence when they're even admitting in policy reports what they're doing, and even some on national TV, but they're saying a totally different thing to the general public.
Absolutely, absolutely.
And anyway, so this thing got so big so quickly that I realized that, you know, I could reach more and more people and we kept putting more money into it and building it out and hiring people and the more stuff we put out, the bigger the traffic went.
And it ended up being, you know, really a big substantial site that made a big difference at the time.
I mean, we were kind of like the first people really like aggressively calling out the liars
Naming names, I mean, we just kicked the stuffing out of the regular New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters, all these guys who are just filing lies, honestly, from the ground.
We identified military intelligence, like, you know, stuffing, putting information into reports.
Uh, that never happened.
I can't tell you how many times Reuters reported that Russian tanks crossed the border into Ukraine.
That never happened.
You know, every time they would do that, all the Western media would start... Remember they said they shot down that Malaysian airliner?
Yeah, that's another thing that is...
Obviously done by the West.
The Russians have no interest in doing that, and they didn't have the capability, and the rebels in the Ukraine didn't have the capability.
The only person who stood to benefit from that plane going down was the United States and Europe and the Western Union.
But I want to be clear.
I don't blame the Russians for the Soviets and the Communists, because I know the history books, and that's PhD level, but it's a fact that the British Empire and the leftists in the U.S.
funded 100,000
Russian immigrants, people that had come from Russia, to re-invade Russia and overthrow it at a weak point at the end of World War I. And so when you talk about America doing all this, again, it truly is this international criminal cabal that's doing it.
And I'm not trying to let America out of some of the bad things it's done in the recent decade to Russia.
I'm just simply stating, we have to point out that this is literally the same cancer.
And we've published a huge amount of this history of the revolution on the site, and it's absolutely mind-boggling.
I mean, when you think what the Russian people have gone through at the hands of these globalists.
I mean, you know, Jacob Schiff was the George Soros of his day.
And it's no understatement to say that the Russian people and the Russian nation were literally crucified.
I mean, they went through the most incredible agony because of these people, and they understand it very well.
And part of their spiritual rebirth in our day is because they suffered so horribly for so long.
And let's be clear, millions of Christians tortured to death and killed, worked to death, families broken up, children taken and brainwashed.
Everything the left wants to do, they get full control of the U.S.
Folks, you think we've got it bad now.
If they get control, they are going to literally
Take their time on you and your family and and so everybody needs to understand that and it's it's it's I'm not trying to scare people but you've seen what's happening they're coming for your children it's it's a satanic force that's the very same crew that launched the French Revolution and the globalists admit that even the Washington Post two months ago had a headline saying the same system that launched the French Revolution the left-hand path satanist
The first revolution was satanic, folks.
And the bullshit revolution came out of satanism.
You have to understand, this is not atheistic.
They just say they're atheistic because they said, oh, we're satanist.
Christians would rally worldwide against them.
But they're deceivers.
They say, we don't believe in God.
But the truth is Lenin and all these people were devil worshippers on record.
Yeah, and Alex, I want to also say something about your interpretation of it.
So, in 2015, that's the first time you came across my radar, because we were very interested in Western media, which were also getting it right about Russia, and very, very few people were.
You know, many more people are getting it right today.
For example, I could mention Tucker Carlson, I think.
Basically, he gets the Russia story right these days, right?
So that's a big... Because it's the truth!
So we've managed to wake people up, and there are people in the mainstream now who are starting to get it, but at the time... Well, it really helped when the Democrats got on a show and said, you're a Russian agent working for Putin.
I mean, he knew that wasn't true.
His dad ran Voice of America.
Like, your dad ran AP.
I mean, it's just like, it's not true.
And so, anyway, so it was very interesting to us that you were getting the story absolutely right about Russia, and you had it right in a very fundamental way.
You weren't just dealing with the facts.
You understood the history and the background and the attack on decency, on nationhood,
On Christianity, on the truth, and so you were doing fantastic work at that time and I think America was extremely lucky to have quite a large voice and a large platform that you had at the time telling people what was really going on.
I think it made a really big difference.
So you did a fantastic job.
You were out there getting it right when most people were getting it wrong.
But wait, I mean just about survival and truth.
They were arrogant, the globalist Hollywood, the media back, they thought it was all a joke.
Okay, billions of views, so what?
No one's listening to that.
Now they're not delusional, now they're really cracking down on speech everywhere.
And admitting, the Washington Post today said it's just time to arrest people for their speech.
Big national studies out, 60% of millennials arrest people for political incorrectness, and they want the Southern Poverty Law Center.
And the ADL to be the new gods that decide who's arrested.
We're right back to the Commissars.
We're right back to the NKVD.
Yeah, it's very similar.
It's very similar.
And by the way, I want to say that the SPLC did write an article about me and have listed us as...
Terrible people.
And you know that Veritas thing that came out about the whistleblower at Google?
There were a list of banned sites that aren't allowed through search.
Russian Cider was on the list.
So, you know, they're trying to shut down the truth.
That's what they do.
And that's what they did in the Soviet Union.
And it's just a repeat of the same ugly movie.
And folks, the Satanists that run communism, they just want to hurt people.
They want power to rule.
Okay, they want to be able to torture and kill and murder.
And if you want to be like the Chinese or the Russians and have tens of millions die, then think this is a joke.
It's not.
And the satanic forces are making their move.
I mean, just look at...
Men in clown outfits trying to get into schools at kids, and the school's not telling parents they're there, and kids are sitting on their laps, and the men are spreading their legs at little girls.
If they did that in a park, they'd get beaten to death.
But they do it out in the open, and it's like too big to fail.
It's like just an open Satanism.
And listen, Alex, I don't want to sit here and shower you with compliments, but another reason why your analysis of what's going on with Russia is so much better is because you bring in the spiritual element.
And it's really important for people to understand this is not just some bad people out there or a difference between conservatives and liberals and so on and so forth.
There is, like, pure evil going on in this attack against Russia, and this anger against Russia, and it's important for people to understand that.
So, bringing in the spiritual side, the battle between Christianity and people who hate Christianity... And there's propaganda that, oh, Russia was never Christian, it's not true.
No, I run into Russians, and they totally get it, it's a spiritual battle, and I guess from the suppression of Christianity that was all secretly still going on, it's stronger than ever, and that spirit, the globalists are afraid it could come back here.
It enrages them.
Did you know that in the last 15 years they have built 30,000 churches in Russia?
There is no example of this in the history of Christianity, of that many churches being built in that short amount of time, or the number of people who've been baptized and brought into Christianity.
It's in the many tens of millions, I mean 50, 60 million people.
How did that work during the Soviet Union after the first big purges and Lenin died and the rest of it?
Because you know, it's come out that even Putin's family was secretly Christian and was practicing it.
Well, I think most people really did avoid churches and stayed away from it.
There were some people who had a very, you know, very strong desire to go to church.
Well, you get disappeared if you did.
Well, no, you wouldn't get to... Well, early on during the Lenin... Well, then, yeah.
During Lenin's time, they offered the priests, they said, look, either you sign a piece of paper that you renounce your faith or we'll shoot you.
And you know what's interesting about that is 300,000 priests were shot.
So that means that 300,000 priests, when offered that choice, said, you know what?
Shoot me.
Now, think about that for a second.
People were strong back then.
Well, it also demonstrates that they really felt that what they believed was extremely important and worth dying for.
So, you know, that's an amazing story in itself.
But a lot of priests also agreed.
They signed the papers and just went away.
And they worked in factories and were just regular citizens.
And then later in the Soviet Union,
The only thing going to church would do, it would prevent you from being in the party.
You'd get kicked out of the party and your career would be hurt.
But if you didn't care about that, if you were a street sweeper and a humble person, you could go to church.
But in fact, very few people did, because there were very few churches.
They'd shut most of them down.
They are just assaulting Christianity everywhere.
It's just a nightmare situation.
I've been asking a lot of questions.
What else you want to get into here just about the state of the world and just where everything's going because such pure evil is now just out in the open.
Yeah, you know, it's what's what's happened in the Middle East has been really interesting and and how successful Russia has been in projecting its power and and changing the whole balance of power in the world really because nobody expected Russia to do this you know and they watched Iraq fold and they watched Libya fold and they were fuming and in fact even before that Yugoslavia and they didn't have the military strength to push back but all the while they were
Working you know the elves the the Russian elves were working in their factories getting their military refitted And then when nobody expected it they sent planes into Syria and and destroyed Isis and one of the funniest things you know is I'm a big Trump supporter.
I like Trump
But he keeps saying, you know, we did our job.
We destroyed ISIS and that's why we're coming home.
And the funny thing is, is the United States did not destroy ISIS.
The US created ISIS and used it to try and destroy Syria.
And it's the Russians and the Syrians and the Iranians who destroyed ISIS.
But Trump needs to sell the public on getting our troops out of there and you know it's true that once Trump got in he worked with the Russians to clear it out when Obama helped create it and send it in.
Yes, yes.
At least he did.
But it's true our media won't let Trump give any credit because oh he's a Russian agent.
Yeah, yeah and that's more insanity.
I mean that is just you know that from from the day that came out we were yelling at the top of our lungs saying that's an obvious lie because it had
It looked like the same kind of baloney that they've been pumping out in the years before that, with the Ukraine war and everything else, and all the things about Putin, about how corrupt he is, about how evil he is, what a bad person he is.
That guy is so popular in Russia, and he comes across as such a straight arrow and a decent person, and not at all the way he does in the West.
It's like black and white.
It's completely different from what it really is.
The Western public is being hoodwinked by a media that's lying through their teeth.
What did you do in Russia before you got into journalism and what you're doing five years ago?
I worked in business and private equity and in the last six years I worked in large agribusiness investments in Russia.
And so I traveled extensively to all kinds of remote places that, you know, foreigners have never been.
I can't tell you how many Russians have told me, you're the first American I've ever seen.
How many times bigger is Russia than the US?
Um, geographically, it's about twice the size.
It's even bigger than that, isn't it?
Well, you're from Russia, more partly, so you know more than I do, but I just know that, I mean, like, supposedly there's whole areas of the East you might fly in a plane for an hour and see nothing.
Yeah, but that's a little bit misleading because, you know, a lot of Russia is the equivalent of what Canada is, so sort of that, yeah, that top half of it is almost uninhabitable.
So the population goes along the bottom crescent.
But it's still a massive and it's such a beautiful country.
And you know, the people are so basically decent.
They're honest.
They're humble.
They're patient.
They'll put up with a lot.
And they're very, very generous.
And they're very spiritual.
They have a real pull and a talent for
For spiritual life, for Christianity, and that's part of the reason why this Christian thing is coming on so strong now.
Well, it definitely scares the hell out of the globalists.
Oh, it's like showing them a cross.
They start shrieking, you know, they're like... I think the seeds are there for this to happen in America again.
And I think the folks that want everybody just to roll over and go along with this, I mean, they know that things are not going well for them.
Yeah, they have difficulty functioning when people have access to free information, which is why they're trying to shut everything down.
I just wonder why the globalists go so out of their way to try to hurt society and dumb everybody down.
I mean, they put fluoride in our water to make us stupid, and it's working.
I mean, that's in their own documents.
It's so cold-blooded that... Imagine how satanic that is.
Yeah, the whole ecological story of the poisons everywhere.
I see so many men who seem more feminine here than in Russia.
That's a big difference you see between the West and Russia.
That didn't used to be that way.
Yeah, and I think that has to have something to do with the chemicals in the food and the water in the West.
They all talked about how they're doing it, it's in the chain.
They aren't there to that degree in Russia, because it's a more simple economy and sort of cleaner food.
By the way, Russia is completely GMO.
They don't allow any genetically modified... Non-GMO.
Yeah, nine GMO.
And let me speak to that.
How many years ago was it?
Because you're in that business.
You're an expert.
Putin said national move.
We want to be the number one producer of organic food in the world.
Tell us about that plan.
That's fascinating.
I wish we were doing that here.
Yeah, so it's interesting.
Putin has a strong personal interest in agriculture and I think this comes partly because
You know, agriculture is a serious national security issue.
You have to be able to feed your people and if you get into a military conflict, you can't be importing food because your people could starve.
And Thomas Jefferson pointed out it makes people more street smart, more close to the ground, just more grounded.
And you think of farmers as more like wimpy, but actually even more like military and waiting when people are actually on the ground.
Humans are more dialed in when they're actually self-sufficient.
We're designed to do that.
Yeah, so about 12 years ago, Russia was importing a huge amount of food.
They were net importer, you know, I think 50% of their food supply right across everything from
I think so.
Putin is constantly on TV visiting farms, talking to farmers, meeting with ministers, saying give them more money.
They've put billions and billions of dollars into the industry.
It's been a massive turnaround and they've subsidized small farmers, which is very interesting.
And he's been glorifying farmers and families and men and women in their traditional roles, which again is like a
Yeah, and he hasn't allowed Monsanto in, and they talk a lot about how evil that is, and how wrong it is, and how Russia has to be independent of this sort of global network of control of agriculture.
And, uh, yeah, it's absolutely amazing.
It's one of their biggest, biggest successes, and it shows what they're capable of doing as a nation.
They're extremely unified.
That's what's interesting about Russia.
Like, you look at America and everybody's yelling and screaming and fighting with each other.
There, everybody's, like, with the program, by and large.
There's a, there's a liberal opposition, but it literally represents, you know, 10-15% of the population.
I think we're starting to get that way here, because you can see the rabble the left has following them.
They've got to get elected by election fraud in the blue cities they control, but almost everybody knows mainstream media is just completely full of crap.
I know they ran a lot of propaganda on the Russians as well, but there's just a certain point where it stops working.
Yeah, you know what else is also interesting?
They're really supporting childbearing, and they're encouraging young couples to have children, and there's a baby boom going on now in Russia.
And that's good, because the Russian population have been plummeting.
It had been before that.
Now it's on the rise, and it's the best in Europe, and it's an amazing turnaround again.
You know, they're giving substantial cash benefits.
I think for a second child... And now what?
Some of the other Eastern European countries are copying the model?
Hungary is a good example.
Hungary is doing a fantastic job.
But I can tell you about the Hungary thing.
But anyway, so for the second child, a Russian...
Parents get $8,000 in cash, and that's the equivalent of maybe getting, you know, $30,000 in America.
I mean, can you imagine what would happen in America if families were offered $30,000?
You know the problem with pedophile priests there, because the left hasn't been able to take over your church.
Exactly, yeah.
The Russian Orthodox Church is extremely vibrant and sort of pure and clean because it's sort of come, you know, just rushing back with great enthusiasm and a lot of people have joined the ministry and they filled up the monasteries.
Interesting fact, I mentioned the 30,000 churches.
When the revolution happened, there were 800 monasteries in Russia, and each one had hundreds of monks, and they were all in these remote places and very extreme.
They all got shut down.
They're all back working now.
They've brought back 800 monasteries, and when you go to these places,
It's like they're living the way they were in the Middle Ages.
It's the most extraordinary thing.
And we see a lot of Europeans where they're literally trying to make families chop their son's testicles off at age eight.
They're trying to make families take Islamists into their homes.
They're making in Germany and Sweden, 25-year-old men, the schools are saying, here's your 14-year-old girl.
It's on after-school shows for little girls, get your Muslim husband now.
I mean, it is the most cucked stuff you could imagine.
And it's everywhere, and so all these German and Swedish families and others are fleeing cultural persecution as cultural and religious refugees from Europe.
I mean, this is big.
Yeah, social conservatives are coming to Russia, showing up in Russia and asking for asylum, saying they're being persecuted in the West.
How's the government responding to that?
Very well.
They're taking in Boers from South Africa.
They're taking in Germans.
It's interesting.
There are articles and news about this almost every week.
And that's because the new government and the Vice President, and we can play the clip, says we're going to kill all the white people, and they are.
And then our media said, don't let them leave.
Putin's racist.
Kill the whites.
I mean, literally.
Whites are inherently bad.
How dare Russia take whites?
Yeah, yeah.
So, um, there's, yeah, it's, there's a lot of fantastic stuff.
Um, okay, I've lost my train of thought there.
Bobby, there's just so much insanity.
I mean, it's just, it's really crazy.
And then people have this view of Russia as one way, and then it's really another.
And I just think every country is, is, is, you know, different than what people have ever, and I, and I love America.
And, you know, when the Russian crew was here today, and the guy in Broken Russian's like,
You know, we talk to Americans, they can't find Ukraine on map with name on it, but they want war.
And you know, either Americans are really informed or they're really dumb.
But you were pointing out, the US per capita has more entertainment than anywhere in the world.
People are drowning in disinfo, drowning in entertainment, drowning in diversion.
They're in a trance.
And America is under a sleeping spell.
And they've got studies showing most people never really get in a fully awake state.
They're kind of in a dreamy state, a daydreaming state.
And we need the sleeper to awaken and come out of it and understand what's going on.
I think that's really the key.
Absolutely, absolutely.
And, you know, Russia is really waking the rest of the world up.
They're a great example.
They're showing a lot of leadership on important things.
They're showing leadership on protecting Christians around the world and standing up to this, you know, crazy globalist onslaught that just keeps coming and coming.
It's amazing.
Oh, I remembered, I just wanted to tell you also about those Hungarian things for families, because it really is amazing.
So, in Hungary, the salient fact that I remember is that if you have four children, you never pay taxes again.
Your family is tax-free for life.
Well, I'm paying no taxes, I already got four.
There you go.
You got four too, right?
I do, yeah.
Oh, that's amazing.
Keep going.
We're going to finish up.
It's just that's interesting.
We need that here.
Yeah, we do.
And I tell you, I think, you know, what did Viktor Orban, the prime minister of Hungary, said the other day?
That he is the only free prime minister in Europe, in the EU.
He's the only guy who's not on the hook to the globalists and the people who control things.
And so there is this pushback, and it's very strong in Russia, it's very strong in Poland, it's very strong in Hungary, in Serbia.
Well, I've got to say, the globalists have really miscalculated.
Um, with trying to flood Europe, uh, with all the Islamists and North, and North Africans, and then, and just, I mean, and destroying the tourism, destroying the culture, and then running around saying how evil it is if you don't want to pay for it.
I mean, it's really woken people up.
Why do you think Soros, who admittedly funds a lot of this, played his hands so over, overplayed the hand?
I think they didn't anticipate the effect that freedom of information would have.
And when people could literally go online and find out anything they wanted and get to the truth.
Well that was my thing.
They were arrogant and thought we weren't having an effect.
Now they're trying to shut us down but it's too late.
It's too late.
I don't think it's going to work.
There are too many ways for people to get information, and now that they've tasted it, even if you make it more difficult for them to get it, they're going to go to the extra effort to find it.
They're not going to let it go this way.
So I'm very optimistic about this, and I see a lot more sites and operations like yours popping up in the future, for sure.
Well, it's fascinating.
Like I said, I got a visa to go in there for journalism a year and a half ago now, and it's up in six months or something.
I need to get over to Russia.
Well, you've got to come.
It'll blow your mind.
Well, I'm always told I work for the Russians, and I've never been to Russia.
I'm told I work for Israel.
I've never been to Israel, so I want to go there, too, and see who my bosses are.
And I've also been told I work for the Vatican.
I have been there.
I don't work for the Vatican.
Folks, I'm really just trying to have everybody on and have an open discussion here.
Charles, thank you so much for coming on with us, Russia-Insider, Russian-Faith.com, and of course you've got your YouTube channels.
I've seen a lot of the videos and things you post, so thanks for coming in with us.
Great, thanks for having me.
All right, thanks a lot.
Okay, we're going to go to break.
Let me say bye to you.
We're going to come back with Millie Weaver, investigative journalist par excellence out there.
There are so many big reports that I want to play, but I want to
Get into some of these clips here that are very, very important.
Dealing with Bolton will appear at the impeachment committee.
And impeachment's closer, so we're going to play a lot of these clips, 5, 6, 7, we're going to play and 8, because those are all very important to update folks, because really we're sleepwalking into impeachment right now.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
I also want to play clip 9, but we'll play that later after Millie leaves us, and I do intend tonight to take
Some of your phone calls.
And again, I didn't know we'd get off into Russia and all this tonight, but I thought this fella, I'd seen some of his videos, was interesting and informative and could give you a view on the organic food, all of it.
So I'm glad.
Uh, that Mr. Bozeman was able to come in.
Charles Bozeman, again, Russia-Insider.com and Russian-Faith.com.
And so maybe when I do go to Russia ever, uh, we can, uh, have him be one of our tour guides over there.
We're going to go to break.
I met with Millie Weaver, who's been all over the country and has just seen the craziness and followed amazing reports.
So Millennium Millie on the other side of this break.
It's, uh, live coverage of America's sleepwalking into impeachment.
It's serious.
People better take it as such or we're going to get our asses handed to us.
Hillary's a lot scarier than any monster you're gonna find trick-or-treating.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
This gets to the heart of those who think that Trump is a cartoon of a president.
That when he's alone, when nobody's listening, he really is as bad as people think.
That he's sitting there thinking how he can get some dirt on a political opponent, how he can explore some crazy conspiracy theory of the farthest right fringe crowd strike.
That that's really who he is.
Your thoughts on how that propels forward this impeachment.
Well, I can't tell you exactly what went on behind closed doors, but I can tell you that that testimony was certainly in keeping with the witness' statement that he made public, and he recorded it right in real time, reported it to his superiors, so you know he was upset about it.
Let me push you a little.
What I'm trying to get at for viewers and people around the country is understanding, if they see this resolution passed tomorrow, does that mean we are closer to impeaching the president?
Or in your view, not necessarily?
No, I think we are much closer because the second phase of this process is to move into public hearings, give the President of the United States an opportunity to respond, which we would certainly love to hear from him, and then we will move to giving the reports from all of the committees with jurisdiction over to the Judiciary Committee.
I also sit on that committee and we will be responsible for reviewing it.
Well, that's exactly the next thing I want to ask you about, so we're syncing up on the same process.
As you just said, those rules take the facts, as found by the Intelligence Committee, and then they go to the Judiciary Committee for the potential articles.
Our fellow panelist here, Prosecutor Vance, also has testified, we should note, before that committee.
My question to you and then Joyce is,
Do you see the best case for a narrow articles of impeachment around just Ukraine?
Or do you think the Judiciary Committee should consider other potential offenses?
Well, I certainly think that when you look at the Inspector General's report, we focused on Ukraine because the Inspector General concluded that this particular complaint was number one, the whistleblower was credible, but that it was of an urgent nature.
Because it involved our national security, we all now know that it was of an urgent nature.
So, you see how far we've been able to advance the ball down the field by focusing on this issue.
I don't think there are any intentions, though, Ari, to totally ignore other instances of obstruction of justice, other witnesses that have come before the committee.
So potentially more than one article of impeachment, in your view?
I certainly believe that the Judiciary Committee will be complete and thorough in the work that we will do.
Breaking news.
It's been coming in fast and furious.
We just got the first response from John Bolton's lawyer.
He has told the New York Times, and we have it written here, that his client will not appear voluntarily for the Democrats' new summons for Bolton to testify.
That was breaking just as we came on the set.
But the response is interesting because it also says that Bolton stands ready to accept service of a, quote, subpoena
From the Democrats.
Let's get right into what that all means with Maya Wiley, a former prosecutor from the Southern District and former counsel to the Mayor of New York City.
Good to see you.
Good to see you.
John Bolton, obviously, is key.
From the moment that the show started tonight to you walking out to this table, we have John Bolton's lawyer saying something pretty particular.
How do you interpret this?
I interpret the request for a subpoena as saying he is going to cooperate.
Just give him the cover that he needs.
Nothing stops him from going in and testifying voluntarily, as you all already discussed.
So this is really saying, make it clear that I have no legal choice but to go in and testify, and I will.
Andy Biggs here, Arizona's 5th Congressional District, with my good friend Matt Gates from Florida.
Matt, tell me what you're hearing about the
Well, I know we just got it, you know, yesterday, and now you've got a very tight timeline to get some amendments to try to restore due process and really restore the Judiciary Committee that we're on.
You know, what I read in this resolution is that Nancy Pelosi is trying to limit the access of our members on the Judiciary Committee as much as possible, and I think that's because we've been effective.
In the Mueller hearing, in the Lewandowski hearing, in the John Dean hearing, you know, you, Jim Jordan, Martin Meadows, Tom McClintock, you know,
We've all been effective at our message, and so now they're trying to shift the battle space because they didn't like the outcome.
So thank you for trying to fashion up some of these amendments to try to restore some sense of precedent and order to the process.
Well, I'll tell you, the Freedom Caucus is there.
I know you're a Freedom Caucus sympathizer, but that's where we decided to do this the other night, HFC.
Thanks for the work.
It's 1014 Central Standard Time on October 30th, 2019.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We've got a lot of time left here tonight, an hour and 45 minutes.
I intend to open the phones up here in about 30 minutes to get your take on impeachment.
Now, I'm not here to defend Matt Drudge because Drudge has been linking to Infowars for 15 years and is the biggest news site in the world.
Everyone knows that I don't change what I say or what I do for audiences or affiliates or people that link to our stories.
I cover what I think is most important.
Now, I know Matt Drudge.
I rarely talk to Matt Drudge.
He's very reclusive by design.
But I can tell you that I know why Drudge is doing what Drudge is doing.
And it's because Drudge doesn't speak to people verbally.
He does it through what he puts on the site.
And I don't know why people don't know what he's saying.
You know, I've seen talk out there
That Drudge, who helped get Trump elected, has turned against him.
The reason I'm obsessing over this here on air is I haven't gotten to it yet.
I said last week I was going to air a special report made up of a composite of hard-hitting reports I've done the last four or five months chewing Trump out on air.
And not from a position of a power-tripper enjoying it, but because my neck is in a guillotine along with everybody else's if they get rid of Trump.
I mean, they're not going to stop there, and they've said they aren't.
They know America's waking up, and they're going to come down on us with both feet, like they've done the Russians and others, if we don't fully defeat the globalists.
So, conservatives have been asleep, and thinking Trump's invincible.
And Trump, as much as I love a lot of the good things he's done, not standing up against the censorship when he keeps saying he will,
And then not standing up for Julian Assange, who's a journalist, who he said, release what you got.
I mean, he's an accomplice to that, which is a good thing, exposing corruption.
And, you know, talking about, oh, me and my daughter met with Tim Cook, when Tim Cook's overseeing total evil in Communist China, and here, the head of Apple, and a bunch of stuff.
It doesn't matter if he's light years better than Hillary Clinton.
It doesn't matter because
He's in the position to stop it.
And he said he will stop it.
And it's great we brought to his attention that they were trying to put Sheriff Arpaio in prison for no reason, with just a judge doing it, no jury.
And Trump pardoned him.
They brought to Trump's attention, I can tell you it was Infowars, the submariner, you know, who took a picture of his 40-year-old submarine inside.
We're on a million-weaver here in a moment.
I mean, do they throw me in prison for something?
The deep state for being a journalist?
Is Trump going to stand up for me?
Because if we get a bunch of rhinos and people taking over the Republican Party, I wanted Trump to take over the Republican Party.
I wanted a populist movement and we were doing that.
And so I was critical of people like Ann Coulter saying Trump wasn't doing enough.
But then I began to realize she's right in many respects.
We've got to light a fire under Trump's ass.
And I can tell you that, you know, when I got up there and said, why is Trump committing political suicide?
Drudge top-linked to it and it got millions of views.
And when I said, why the hell are you not standing up for the Second Amendment?
Red flag laws are unconstitutional.
Trump backed off.
Not just because of me, but everybody else is outcry.
So I think what Drudge is saying is, I'm not a Trump cult member.
So you see Trump lied about, and you see Trump persecuted, and you know it's not true, and you love the guy.
And he gives funny speeches, and he got us out of the TPP.
And he's really tried to get the Federal Reserve to help win this trade war with the shycoms, and he's just done beautiful things rhetorically.
We don't just need rhetoric, we need action.
And I'll tell you, seeing how evil the Democrats are, and watching them do what they do, I mean, they're having a kangaroo court in secret, and then they're gonna quote, bring their facts forward for a vote by the House, but that's not facts in the House.
It's a fraud and plus the House isn't supposed to have a trial.
So they're having a trial to create fake facts to then bring it forward to a vote and then give it to the Senate and they're going to twist the arms of those Senators.
And I agree with Roger Stone and other people, Trump is in real danger.
I told you Trump was going to win.
I felt it.
And I had all the evidence.
And I'm telling you, that on the current trajectory, if there isn't a bigger awakening and if we don't do a lot of aggressive, legal, awful things...
You don't think these crazy globalists will have a fake indictment in the house and fake trial and convict him?
Folks, they're going for broke.
They're having kangaroo courts right now.
They wouldn't be doing all this unless they intend to remove Trump, clamp down on what's left of free speech, and they're gonna come to the guns and start a civil war.
You're like, my God, that'll wreck the country!
The globalists want America wrecked.
We're in the endgame here.
I'm not a Machiavellian person.
I don't go with all the complex manipulations that the globalists do, because I've learned straight shooting's the way to go.
But there's a Machiavellian thing to being a straight shooter.
It's the sneaky, underhanded, out in the open approach.
And I can tell you that Trump's real approval rating's gone up and his support's gone up
Because the left is openly coming for him and because people like Matt Drudge showed the ugly face of what they're doing and what they're saying.
Because Matt Drudge knows that the average conservative is in a bubble just like the average leftist and does not know what they're up to.
And sure, I don't want to see what they're doing.
I don't want to hear them.
But you know what?
They're coming for me and my family and the president.
I better do it.
I think I sort of seen this six months ago.
I have an article
From the left attacking Trump.
They go, why are people say, why are you posting this?
The New York Times, we're going to repeal the Second Amendment.
You're like, why are you posting a clip of the New York Times thing?
Because people are in denial.
I'm not promoting repealing the Second Amendment.
And so this is really elementary.
We have to wake Trump's base up.
And everybody's got to get a ticket and not go to some speech where the media ignores you.
You've got to get a Twitter or a Facebook account, and you've got to go and confront your Congress people, especially if they're swing state Republicans, and you need to shoot videos of it and post it yourself, it'll go viral.
And you need to go to your church and speak out, and you need to get heard, and you need to get involved, and you need to let the system know that you're in their face.
Not confronting them at restaurants or where they're getting gas, but when they're out seeing their constituents at their offices or in D.C.
And everything else needs to be done.
Because this is serious.
And if people won't fight an information war now, oh, you're never going to fight when they come for your guns.
And we don't want to get there.
We want to use the First Amendment that points out the free speech God gave us to stop that.
Now, speaking of free speech, I'm going to go to Millie Weaver here in about two minutes.
And after she leaves us, I'm gonna flesh this out more with callers, but I got off the air today, had a bunch of meetings and a bunch of interviews, and I saw the news and read it, and I just, it made my brain explode because it's so obvious, it's so ridiculous.
And then after I went home today, I was annoying my wife and children, where I was sitting there, I never do this, where I, you know, had the iPad out, watching clips of the news and what conservatives were saying, and maybe it's out there, but I was missing it.
But what gets to me is a lot of times, days, weeks, months, years before I see what something is, like it's plain as day and other people don't.
Now maybe I'm missing this.
And maybe you guys can search engine it and tell me because that'd be good news.
Maybe I'm just, haven't been researching right.
But almost no one gets what this
Twitter banning on political ads is.
And it's a big deal.
And it's election meddling.
And it's so dangerous that it makes my head spin.
And of course Trump probably won't even recognize for what it is.
And he's so confident in himself that he can do all these speeches and work much harder and do more campaign stops that he'll just override that too because he got himself elected.
I mean, hell, if they sabotage his airplane, does he stick his arms out and fly there himself?
And there's a big apparatus of grassroots that did it.
Yes, Trump did a great job.
Yes, wonderful.
But, I mean, damn it.
Here's what's going on.
The left, Soros the Globalist, control the corporate media.
They've got all the NGOs and all the propaganda groups that don't call what they do political advertising.
They want to pass laws to silence grassroots people and organizations giving money to PACs so that ads can be run to counter their lies.
And so they've tried to bully Facebook into not taking any Republican ads, even though Facebook was 90% anti-Trump, and Zuckerberg's not done that.
He banned even using my name in a positive way as a token event four months ago.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg defends himself against Twitter's Jack Dorsey saying political ad decision is not about money.
Twitter bans political ads after Facebook refuses to do so.
They're gonna run all their now this and all their propaganda and all their garbage, and they're gonna have all the Democrat garbage force-fed, and they're banning all these Republican members of Congress' Twitters and blocking it when the leader of the Senate responds to death threats at his house.
I mean, you've seen what they've done.
The Republicans have done nothing, so now they've greenlit saying, oh, Democrats who can't even raise money right now, they're so unpopular.
Trump's out raising them four to one.
Oh, well, don't worry, your money's no good here, you can't advertise Republicans.
But then the Democrats and the mainstream media can shovel all their crap.
So they've already silenced millions of conservative accounts.
Facebook silenced hundreds of millions of just meme followers alone.
They've devastated 90% of Trump's megaphone, his amplifier.
And now they're doing this, and this is campaign finance reform.
This is silencing, now, Republicans and nationalists being able to pay to be heard.
You know, if a TV station wouldn't carry an ad in the past, it would be a big and federal investigation.
It better be obscene.
There better be some reason.
You're supposed to carry political advertising of anybody that files it because that's election meddling.
If you don't, there's federal laws.
Don't expect the Republicans to do anything about this because they sit there with their thumbs in their rear ends and maybe they're going to do something, but probably not.
And Jack Dorsey sees weakness.
That's why he's talking about censoring heads of state now.
And they're already shadow banning Trump's tweets.
Millie Weaver joins us.
I appreciate her joining us.
She's an amazing reporter.
She's also a mother of two and a great family lady.
And she kicks butt everywhere, reaching hundreds and hundreds of millions of views every few months.
And she just does a great job out there showing what's happening in the political sphere.
And I want to get her take on impeachment and how serious this is, or is it not, in her view, and where she sees all this going.
Millie, great to have you with us here tonight.
Thanks for having me, Alex.
Well, I definitely do see this impeachment as a very, very serious matter because we know that there are rhinos in office as well that could turn on Trump at any given moment.
And one of those, Lindsey Graham, who I am a little bit concerned about.
Now, it does appear that Lindsey Graham has sided with Trump many times, but we've also seen many never-Trumpers side with Trump as well.
Word is that Lindsey Graham has some dirt on his hands in this whole Ukrainian scandal with the whole Joe Biden thing.
So we could see some of these rhinos who are kind of chained at the leg with these Democrat establishment people.
They could actually flip on Trump because they don't want to be taken out when these Democrats get taken out as well.
So we could see a bipartisan effort to impeach Donald Trump because the establishment will do everything they can to protect themselves.
And they would love to get rid of President Trump.
So it is a much more serious matter than we realize.
I think a lot of Trump supporters, we laugh at the Democrats.
We see the clown show.
We see how ridiculous and irrational they are.
But it's easy to look at evil when it's in its weakest state.
And just laugh at it, but the second you turn your back on it and you start walking away, that's when it reaches back and stabs you in the back with its dagger.
So we need to be careful, we need to stay vigilant, and Americans need to get out there and become proactive.
And one of the ways you can do that is to actually get involved in your government, to go out and campaign.
Try to help get American patriotic loving Americans in congressional seats.
In senatorial seats, like Laura Loomer and many others out there.
Another one who's running is Joey Saladino, Joey Salads.
So, we gotta get rid of the rhinos.
And we gotta get rid of the Democrat establishment people as well.
But, really and truly, if Trump gets impeached, the only ones to blame, you know, we can point at Trump for not doing this, not doing that, the reality is Trump's a man.
He's not Superman.
He can't do everything!
Americans needed to show up in the midterms.
And we can argue all day whether there was voter fraud, which I believe there was some voter fraud.
But I also feel like Americans could have showed up in bigger numbers and more Americans could have ran.
Well, no, you're absolutely right.
Is that is that people keep going back into their trance.
And so Trump won by a landslide.
But because they had so much fraud, he barely won.
We have to fight even harder.
And it's neck and neck.
And you're absolutely right.
You know, getting out campaigning or supporting people, walking the streets, we're supposed to get out of our houses and not just sit here on the internet.
And that's what the globalists fear, is that we'll go out in the third dimension and do things.
So again, I'm not just trying to bash Trump here.
But he said he's going to take strong action on the election meddling and antitrust and what Big Tech's doing.
And he's not doing it now.
I mean, we're basically 12 months and a few days out.
We're 12 months and like 10 days or something.
I mean, we are right here.
And we need action now, dammit, you can smell defeat.
And I'm not like somebody telling the troops, hey, turn back, we're losing.
I'm saying, attack with everything we've got.
We've got to full force this thing.
And a lot of folks are sitting there thinking, no, no, the war is over, we won.
Ha ha, look at the libtards, you're absolutely right.
They've got the neocons, and they've got all these giant Republican resignations going on, where they're coming to people with blackmail info and dirt, and saying, just resign, and we've got a million dollar a year job for you.
And so, I mean, they are making their move.
We've withstood the threats and the blackmail that's made up crap.
I go, fill your hand.
Should say that.
Make up your crap.
But, you know, a lot of people got dirt going on or their family gets threatened and their wife gets scared, their husband gets scared.
I mean, this is a war.
And so I know our viewers are hardcore and they know that.
And they know that InfoWars is rallying the hardcore.
But we've got to get this message out.
When people get excited, it happens.
But when we don't, we're going to lose.
I'm going to explain something.
They get Trump out of there, they're going after everybody.
They've said it all over the news.
These are terrorists.
They've said, we get rid of Trump, we've got to destroy his base, we've got to flatten them, we've got to obliterate them, we've got to imprison them.
And so you're like, well, we'll just have a shooting war.
If you don't get up off your ass and get aggressive now in the info war, you're never gonna sit there and kill people or fight.
Okay, and I don't want to kill people, and I don't want to fight.
So, now, if I have to defend myself, I mean, I'm not a talker, folks.
I'm actually a fighter, okay?
All this talk is just a shadow of what I'll do in a war.
And I'm not trying to brag here, but we don't want to go to this point, ladies and gentlemen.
We need to fight in the battle space, as Congressman Gates just said.
They are shaping the battle space.
This is a war.
Millie Weaver.
Yes, you know, and many times Americans will get disenfranchised with all of this talk of impeachment, but that's what it's aimed to do.
What they're trying to do is they're trying to discourage Americans from showing up and voting, but also they feel like if they can impeach Trump, that will completely demoralize the Republican base and then Republicans will not even bother voting because they will feel so disenfranchised that then they'll just be able to control the House, the Senate, everything.
But if Americans still show up at the polls in massive numbers in 2020, we could somehow get maybe the Senate or, you know, Congress, and that could actually be a huge benefit if we're able to go up against the Democrats, even if they are able to try to steal the presidency.
But the bottom line is, with this impeachment, we should be very concerned.
We shouldn't be looking at this as a joke and laughing it off, because they are moving forward.
And we've seen the ruthlessness of the Democrats.
That's right.
They know they're going to lose in 2020.
Even with fraud, they're scared.
So they're going to try to take him out before.
I just, it's total, every fiber of my body is just maximum alert, Millie.
What about yours?
I am really, really concerned about this.
The wicked never rest.
The wicked never rest.
Evil will continue to fight good.
And Trump is just one man.
He's standing there in a sea of sharks and wolves and lions.
Well, here's an example.
If I had the money, and we did this back when Trump was running, when I had a lot more money, I mean, we spent probably a million dollars putting airplanes in the sky with banners and paying people thousand dollar prizes for screaming Bill Clinton's a rapist to his face.
And we just took everything over and just devastated him, okay?
I don't have a million dollars to do that anymore.
I don't have a hundred thousand extra.
And so I'm just going to tell listeners, you want us to fight?
Believe me, we're fighting hard just to stay on air.
Forget the threats.
That's easy to ignore.
Forget all that.
It's the money.
And we just make it simple.
I know people like the products.
If you've gotten the products before, just get in there and get them.
You need the coffee.
You need the colloidal silver.
Living Defense is amazing to flush out the parasites.
Vitamineral Fusion has been sold out.
It's amazing.
It's back in.
DNA Force is amazing.
It's back in.
They're 50% off.
But the big sale's got to end by Sunday or Monday, just because a lot of this stuff's selling out, and that's how we fund ourselves.
I'm not going to belabor that, but spreading the word about the broadcast and buying the products and finding out which ones you like the best.
And continuing to use those as staples, that is absolutely the M4.
You are just as important as Millie, or just as important as I am.
Without you, this dog doesn't hunt.
So when you call in thanking me when we take the calls, please thank yourself for having self-preservation instincts, and thank yourself because you're literally thanking yourself, okay?
I mean, I don't know how... Let me explain something.
I just want to win, and I just want to beat these people.
That's it.
They're evil, I want to stop them.
And so, I'm not complaining when every person thanks me.
I'm just telling you, I'm swinging for the fences here, folks.
I mean, I am swinging a baseball bat with nails in it, okay?
And I don't care about what happens to me.
I want to keep going and keep attacking.
You've got my commitment.
And I'm not perfect, none of us are, but you've got my commitment that I am going to go on to the end.
I'm not going to bow down.
I'm not going to back off.
There's nothing they can do.
And they know it.
And there's a strength to that.
But I'm telling you, you funding us is the oxygen that goes into our veins and arteries and our lungs.
Without you, it doesn't exist.
So you're not the caboose.
You're the engine.
You understand?
The children we're trying to protect are in the rear.
They're the caboose.
When you spread the word, it changes the world.
When you buy the products, it fuels the coal in the engine that we are at ramming speed on a collision course for the enemy.
You understand?
And we've already got there.
Blood in our mouths.
We've already tasted it.
We've already rampaged.
We've already slaughtered their operations politically over and over again.
They know we will chew them up.
We've got their number.
We're made for this.
And we're going to bang heads till somebody's head breaks open and the brains hit the ground politically.
I am ready to ram my head into them until my brains or their brains are on the ground.
You understand?
I will hammer my forehead into their forehead and will never stop.
I enjoy it.
You understand that?
But I need fuel and I want to hit them at full speed.
You understand?
Full speed!
And I can't stand not getting up to full speed.
I want to hit them and obliterate them.
I want to smash them harder than they've ever been hit.
You understand?
I'm sorry.
Go ahead, Millie.
It's a war.
They are going all out.
The Democrats are all in.
Only one side is going to survive.
And I hope to God that it is the side that loves humanity and that loves God, not the evil side that wants to inject their evil into your lives and your children's lives.
I mean, look at this.
They've got drag queens.
Having these drag queen story hours flashing their crotches and genitals at children.
Is this what you want your children exposed to and you not having any say?
Do you want judges to be able to court order your children to go under gender reassignment surgery when their schools tell them they're the different gender than they were born?
Well, you literally hand your children over to pedophiles that want to chop their testicles and penises off because you're too afraid of them calling you a pedophobe.
We are battling for the future of America and for humanity.
Look at the eyes of that scared child!
And on local news they go, yeah we scare them at first, we get them ready, you gotta get them young!
They want to have complete control over every aspect of our lives.
And they won't have it ever!
They're hungry.
They want control over the government so they can control it all.
They already control the school systems and we've seen what they've been doing brainwashing kids into thinking that the end of the world is imminent and they need all these green new deals and climate change policies.
They want to put these transgender people in your kids' schools to make them be gender confused.
Look at these slaves of sorrow.
And they're literally going, your children are ours, we're recruiting them.
I'm going to play this report in a few minutes, keep going.
And they've completely taken over social media as well.
And we've seen that with Jack Dorsey even now saying, oh, no more political ads.
Well, we all know why he said that is because he wanted to ban Trump's political ads because they're so effective.
They've taken over social media when we have millions and millions of Americans every day glued to their phones, glued to social media.
It's a brainwashing program.
And they know that we've been using their own brainwashing program to disrupt it and to get vital information to Americans.
They are trying to just take over everything and this is a battle.
It's all in.
We're either gonna win this war or we're gonna lose and humanity is gonna go down the toilet into debauchery and evil.
That's what we're seeing right now, Alex.
This is a spiritual
And Americans better get up and do something or else our children and the future of our children's lives are going to be doomed.
And look how sad and freaked out those earlier children were.
And these men spread their legs in front of little kids.
Just look how sad that little one is right there with the big fat guy shaking his ass in their face.
Look at that, that poor, that zombie mother.
I mean, these people are just unbelievable.
And most of these women who go out and adopt kids.
Uh, so they can do this to him.
I mean, this is, this is spiritual, spiritual wickedness.
This is, this is lost people.
All, all hell is gonna break loose when you come after the kids.
Well, look at the sickos in this audience and how they're, and like, one guy looks like Antonio Vanni.
He's like, I mean, they just get high on this because this is a ritual.
Millie, I want to say something too.
I told them to have these little jack-o'-lanterns in here tonight because, you know, Christians, mainline Christians will say, oh, look, Alex Jones had evil Halloween stuff, Satanism.
But then those very Christians won't go protest an abortion factory, a mortuary, or they'll tell you they heard somebody say damn it one time over the back fence, but they'll do nothing like Pharisees that Christ talked about.
I specifically have those there to point out.
Do Christians even know, fake Christians, mainline Christians, Christianoids, as my late uncle called them,
I know what that actually is about.
That's about the Druid priest and how you would put those out to basically say you were submitting to them and also to scare evil spirits away.
There's a lot of different European rituals with gourds and things they would do that to.
But I actually know about, you know, Samhain and the Druidic rituals of human sacrifice that happened on October 31st.
And then the burning men and then the boneyards for bonfires come from and the druidic sacrifices.
And so that's what it's all about.
And it's still going on today.
But people will say, I don't want to see a pumpkin.
Like, oh, don't like don't show us the children with men spreading their legs in front of them.
You know, that'll upset the church if we show that at the church, but that same church will say, oh, Alex had pumpkins on his thing to illustrate the speck in my eye, on purpose, versus the beam in their eye.
And it's just amazing how they trained Christians to be gelded and controlled.
My grandmother was a great Christian lady and went to Baylor and was a Baptist, but she'd see the shows and go, well, you just sound a little prideful sometimes and I just wish you'd be more meek.
Well, the point is there were a lot of different folks in the Bible.
Some were meek, some weren't, but a lot of the most aggressive guys that God liked were like Jesus.
He was beating people over the head with whips and the money changers and a lot of like Elijah and folks were bringing fire down on people and were really aggressive.
Moses told Pharaoh, you know, I'm going to kill your firstborn as you killed ours.
God's going to.
So the truth is, is that those people haven't really read the Bible either.
I'm not saying my grandma.
They just take an aggressive man saying, globalists, we're coming for you.
They've been told by preachers, oh, that's not good.
Well, preachers used to be aggressive and strong males.
They've trained people that an aggressive male standing up to evil is hurting the peace.
And it's not.
We have been put into a trance.
We need to come out.
I will assure you, ladies and gentlemen, that the spirit of God's wrath is not a limp-wristed man, ladies and gentlemen, and we just need to stop submitting and keep proving to the left as if they're the moral authority that, oh, we'll tolerate everything you do to everybody because we want to show we're nice and good.
They're not tolerant.
They're coming to dominate us.
Well, this satanic New World Order cabal has been programming Christians for decades now, Alex, with programming that they need to be more tolerant and they need to be, you know, more passive and, you know, more secular.
I mean, they've been programming Christians to be more docile, essentially, for decades.
You've got to figure out a way.
We've got to snap people out of that and get them to start becoming more vocal.
And I think as the evil really escalates, it's going to really make a lot of Christian people wake up and go, whoa, wait a second.
This is exactly the evil that I've been taught about all my lives.
What am I going to do?
Just stand here and let it happen?
Just watch it happen?
I mean, give me a break, Alex.
The impeachment preliminary vote is being held on Halloween.
I mean, the Democrats are holding it on Halloween?
Give me a break.
I mean, if that's not the devil's way.
Oh, they accidentally flashed themselves.
It's all part of the ritual.
They're all coordinated.
They all executed from Australia to the United States.
It's a total takeover.
It's unbelievable.
Millie, I want to get your take on this report.
I'm going to give the number out and take calls and let you get back to your family.
But you're on fire tonight laying all this out.
Let's play this little five-minute report we put together that shows little boys twerking for men in public and just drag queens spreading their legs.
If you're a radio listener, in some stages of carrying this, you're really blessed to not have to see this.
And believe me, I don't want to play this.
But it has to be seen because the denial of this is what is going to keep the evil going.
Walter Cronkite did not want to air video, film footage, black and white.
We're good to go.
We are grooming the new generation of Americans to be fully embracing of diversity and inclusivity.
By the way, hit pause and start it over.
Start it over.
Folks, these are, I mean, these are monsters.
These are literal priesthoods in their outfits.
If you're a radio listener, you hear grotesque, huge, blubbery men flaunting their genitals at children.
It is the most openly satanic thing.
And they're arrogant?
They get up at city councils and they say, you're sick, your children are ours.
And then in Austin, we're going to show the footage after.
We got this footage two days ago, Will Johnson did.
The elementary schools are like, you're not going to have these people come teach anal sex.
Austin passed that as the regulation.
These men will come and teach your children and have access, like in Denver, unannounced in many cases.
California's passed laws saying you will go to public school or you will teach this.
Okay, you will not escape it.
So they go to have a demonstration and say no.
And these men show up going, no!
The children are ours!
Throwing themselves at the families.
I need them!
I'm under attack!
Our people are hurting me!
I need your child!
I need your child!
This is beyond a horror movie.
They've been promised power by their God.
Men dressed as women.
The children recoiling.
Local news going, ah, get them while they're young.
Ah, they're scared at first, but hey, they like it later.
There's all these people that want power in this world now who will openly signal this is normal.
That's why they're saying we kill babies after they're born now.
We kill old people.
Bill Gates gets up and promotes death panels and says you'll get more money if we kill old people.
This is sick, folks.
This is sick.
They're setting up the organized collapse of civilization, the post-human world, with breakaway technocracy cities that are above the law.
So let's play the report.
Here it is.
We are grooming the new generation of Americans to be fully embracing of diversity and inclusivity.
I'm actually going to be one of the drag queens reading for Drag Queen Storytime.
Drag Queen Storytime.
Teach the children.
Teach the children.
I'm all about education.
Are you nervous?
You want to touch my hair?
And for the children and the people that support it are going to realize that this is going to be the grooming of the next generation.
That's the whole goal is to make kids that aren't used to seeing something like me more comfortable to seeing it.
Michael likes to twerk.
Now does anybody in this room know how to twerk?
Turn around and shake your butt!
Shake em, shake em, shake em, shake em, shake em!
It was a first for this branch of the public library too.
The hips on the drag queen go swish swish swish.
I'll show you at the side so you can get a better view of it.
And you crouch down into this sort of position here so your bum's sticking out.
Don't be taking this all in.
And then you just move your bum up and down like that.
A lot of the core values of being a drag queen, love, acceptance, joy, laughter, self-expression, are values that we want to instill in our kids.
So I think it's really important that we bring this program and we spread the joy of reading and the joy of just spreading love.
And everywhere else it's called pedophilia.
But when it's done institutionally, and they can get away with people dressed up like demon clowns with your children.
Pull up Tranny Time in the New York schools.
This was put out in the New York Times, like it's wonderful.
And it's the biggest scary looking group of weirdo pot-bellied men.
Looks like a bunch of Dennis Hasterds running around with clown makeup on.
Just hopping around, rubbing their giant bellies in front of children, and you're like, what alternate universe is this?!
What planet did I wake up in?! !
Hey Steve, how you doing?
Hey Alex, oh my God!
Long time listener, first time caller.
Alex, I gotta tell you, man, I don't care what anybody has ever said about you.
You have re-appealed more human beings than anybody on planet Earth, and God bless you.
Everything you stand for, everything you've done,
You are the best, man.
I mean, it's the absolute truth.
And when I heard you today with this live call, and you encouraged people to call in, I said, that's it, man.
I'm just going to break down.
I got to tell you, look, in January 2016, I went in the hospital.
I went in the VA hospital out here in Boise, and I was in there until June.
And one of the only things that got me through that ordeal was listening to InfoWars
Every day for three hours a day and I kept hearing Dr. Group and all you guys talking about living defense.
Let me tell you something, man.
I had an internal digestive problem and I suffered with it for about five or six years and the doctors, they tried every test.
Nobody could figure out what it is.
And then every day when I kept hearing you and Dr. Group and those commercials, I said, you know what?
I'm gonna get me some of that freaking living defense.
Now, I wasn't supposed to have any nutritionals because they don't want you to have that stuff.
But I ordered it, had it shipped to me.
I got it.
I hid it from the nurses.
I started taking it.
Man, that stuff changed my life.
It saved my life.
Alex Jones and InfoWars saved my life.
Listen, man, if there's any veteran out there, I don't care if you've traveled or anybody's traveled overseas, you absolutely owe it to yourself to get two bottles of that Living Defense.
It's true, folks.
We don't sell anything unless it's the highest quality.
And Living Defense is over-the-top good.
We're not making this up.
Just like our information is game-changing, the products are game-changing.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
This evil, this interdimensional satanic transmission is telling us to all kill ourselves.
Should not be able to get you down.
We're gonna make it through this.
And we just have to rise to the occasion, and you have to realize you're leaders in the fight against it.
I know you're humble, but you have to be leaders in the fight, and I know you've been doing that.
By the way, talking about living defense, I thought, because I knew how good this worked for people to flush their guts out and knock out small and large parasites.
The system and medical system won't even test why people are dying or sick or whatever and find out they've got these issues.
I thought this would be our best-selling product when we came out with it like five years ago, and it's not been that.
And we've gotten five-star reviews for it.
Everybody that got it liked it, but I never promoted it.
That fella calling in, we've already sold out of 70% of what we had left.
We were going to sell it out of 50% off right through the end of the year, and we weren't even sure if we were going to be able to reorder it.
But now, we're going to be able to reorder it, and it's now a best-seller.
That's a real caller, folks.
And the way the FDA and the systems work, we're not going to sit here and make claims about all this stuff.
You know, they're trying to shut us down.
But God gave us a lot through Mother Nature.
And we got this big sale going right now.
And if people just commit
We have the best fish oil.
We go out to the top labs, best places.
We have great coffee.
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All the products are amazing.
Vitamineral Fusion is really good, high quality vitamins and minerals.
It's great for adults, great for children.
And it tastes great.
I like it, you know, like iced tea.
I mix it in with iced tea.
And it makes a weird kind of Arnold Palmer fruit punchy thing that my kids like without the tea.
I drink it with the tea.
That's back in stock.
1,837 reviews, 96%, 4.8 stars.
It's back 30% off free shipping.
It's all got to end this weekend though.
Some of the specials will continue on because that's back in stock.
A lot of it's out of stock.
DNA Force Plus is back in stock.
It's amazing.
Millie Weaver in closing.
You've really been on fire, and you've always been on fire.
I mean, you've been doing auxiliary reporting for us.
It was like eight years ago, you just were sending in your YouTube videos saying, I want to work with Infowars.
And I'd say, sure, file reports whenever you want.
You did a great job back then.
I guess you've, as a contractor, been on the payroll now, I guess, three or four years.
But, you know, it's great to know you, your husband, your children.
And, you know, you're there in Ohio, so you can go all over the East Coast during the campaign, but you go all over the nation as well.
Without the funding the listeners do, you wouldn't be able to do that.
And you also, I've encouraged you to branch on your own, your own site, your own news, and you know, do some Subscribestar and some other things you can fund beyond what I'm able to do.
You know, we pay for the RV and, you know, all the expenses and some money, but not the level I wish.
I wish we could get more reporters.
You helped us get Caitlin Bennett hired as well.
But it's just amazing.
What are you seeing out there on the street?
What would you call how the left's behaving?
You've been covering their crazy annex for a long time.
You've got your finger on the pulse traveling all over the country from Texas to Florida to New York to DC to California.
What are you witnessing?
You know, Alex, what I'm witnessing amongst the left is quite disturbing.
They definitely are ramping up their Trump derangement syndrome, and I'm seeing what looks like clockwork orange-like behavior.
People just not having a sense of reality.
They're not connected or grounded to anything that's sane.
It's like they're under some kind of weird brainwashing program.
It's the weirdest thing.
It doesn't surprise me because social media is so prevalent and they're just reading, they're in these echo chambers of liberalism to where it's just, the insanity is ramping up.
It's alarming, to say the least.
I, for one, do not want these people in charge of our country.
And that is why I'm so concerned about this impeachment proceeding against President Trump, because all it takes is a couple rhinos to turn around and stab Trump in the back.
I think?
You know that.
I know that.
It puts all of us who have been vocal at risk.
It's just, it's a very concerning thing to see that we are literally teetering in the balance right now and America could go one way or another way.
And what I'm seeing is that there's a lot of hope in the MAGA community.
The Trump supporters are grounded.
They've got common sense, so much potential, hard-working, patriotic, loving Americans.
And then on the other hand, there's just these clockwork orange type people that have been brainwashed by these universities and brainwashed from these elementary schools and high schools telling them the world's gonna end in 12 years.
It's really this bizarre
Contrast, and I hope to God one side prevails and I hope it's the side that are American-loving, God-loving patriots.
And by the way, Millie, whenever you go out
I mean, you look at the Trump supporters, they're good-looking, black, white, Hispanic, all young, they're focused, they're decent.
And then you go to liberal Democrat events and they're like mentally ill, crazy people, perverts, weirdos, and they believe they're the good guys, and they believe this whole weird fantasy that America's Nazi Germany and all this stuff, and they're literally financed
By one of the oldest living Nazi collaborators, George Soros.
And they're completely fascist and anti-free speech.
And they're just a bunch of scum that went and got two or three college degrees that are worthless.
The system did that on purpose.
And they've been promised, your degree will be worth something once you overthrow America.
You're going to run things.
But of course, if they overthrow it, they're not going to run anything.
They're just literal idiots that are being nice to them and putting up to them has made them think they're in charge and now
They're trying to absorb us, kind of like someone who's becoming mentally ill or going into psychosis.
Any personality that was sane gets gobbled up, and it's that same process as they go completely insane.
Well, we know that the New World Order, the people who, you know, the Nancy Pelosi's, the Hillary Clinton's, the people who want to control and remain in power, they've got powerful tools.
They've got Hollywood at their disposal.
They've got tons of tools and they can just brainwash these people, these mindless lemmings to believe whatever they want them to believe.
So nowadays you've got these young people out there saying, oh, two plus two can equal five.
Depends on what you believe, too, is.
And these people... And I've actually noticed the left are huge consumers of Netflix and Hollywood and everything.
And you're absolutely right.
And they all act all satisfied, like they're good and you're bad.
And they hit you in the head with a bike lock.
And then, oh, I'm liberal.
I mean, they are just... And then... Sorry, go ahead.
You know, I ask all these liberals questions, and then I immediately get accusations as soon as they realize, okay, she's asking us hard questions.
She's not part of our little... They just start drowning it out and chanting and blowing whistles.
Racist, white supremacist, bigot, fascist, any name.
It's like a witch trial all of a sudden.
These people would just haul me off and burn me in a witch trial in an instant without proper
Well, you know what the common denominator is.
Low IQs, immaturity, and they just, it's like a vacant stare, a smile.
They're like, they're on autopilot in fantasy land.
They're under a spell.
Yeah, the fluoride, the vaccines, the eugenics program.
You know, I gotta hand it to these people like, you know, Bill Gates and the rest of them.
You guys really accomplished what you set out to accomplish.
I would just like to see their monster devour them instead of devouring the Trump supporters, the Americans, the God-loving people of this country.
So we'll see what happens.
I mean, we'll see if this impeachment goes forward or not, but I hope to God that every American right now with a voice will stand up and speak out against this injustice against President Trump.
Well, great points, Millie Weaver.
I want to let you go and then open the phones up and take some calls here, as I promised to do.
I love hearing from the callers.
I'm really trying to work more callers in because it's just better shows.
I catch myself listening to rebroadcasts.
When I let the guests talk, when I have callers, it's better than just me talking.
Because the callers bring up those wild card, those issues we forget to cover.
The last straw for me is Twitter banning political ads.
You can go, oh, they're a private company.
There are laws in the books.
You can pull them up.
We're going to do a report on this tomorrow.
In a political campaign, local radio and TV cannot refuse political ads if it doesn't violate things like obscenity laws.
So, Twitter is bigger than, you know, any TV network out there.
Facebook's even bigger than that, but it's many times greater.
So the idea that they're going to ban all political ads when the left owns the media, has all these think tanks and things that really are political ads, but they're not going to call it that, is just next-level assault.
And it'd be like if
CNN or ABC said we're not going to air any Republican ads on any of our affiliates or nationally.
I mean, there would be court injunctions.
There would be Congress would take action, but they're just stupefied.
And, you know, Jack Dorsey walks around as a little, you know, trendy outfit.
And so it's like, oh, it's okay, he's trendy, you know, he's non-threatening, he talks to the lisp.
This is all their cover.
And it's just blatant what's going on here.
And then the media spends it like, oh, look, Facebook's bad, they didn't ban the ads, when it's all just, Facebook's already rooking everybody and blocking Republican ads that are effective.
I mean, this has been going on, and now they're just not denying it, they're doing it.
So this is a big, big deal.
And when they want campaign finance reform, they mean silence people, all these small donations that are going to political PACs that are raising money to run ads that counter their lies.
Because they know, you see Joe Biden say, yeah, my son, you know, was over there and there's a billion dollars that we were going to give him.
And I said, you fire that prosecutor investigating my son or you fire that son of a bitch.
The media said that was a fake ad and a bunch of sites like Twitter wouldn't run it.
And the Republicans did nothing.
Well, when you can't air Joe Biden on TV, you know, saying, I said fire the prosecutor and no billion dollars, quid pro quo, open and shut, then you know what?
You just signaled Republicans that you're a bunch of punks.
And again, that's tough love, but I look, no one even knows what this signifies.
It's just, that's what's so scary is, is that the information is so one-dimensional that even smart people
Don't recognize what's happening here in this whole fake libertarian Heritage Foundation thing.
Oh, it's a private company.
It's a private company.
Yeah, it's a private company.
And then we have laws that make sense that in elections, you've got to run everybody's ads if they've got the cold hard dinero.
You see, but that's like saying, oh, if you're a Republican, we're not going to serve you at this restaurant.
You see, or I mean, this is discriminatory and this is dangerous.
And if the Republicans don't act on this, they're going to start
Banning all the Republicans even having Twitter accounts saying, oh, your speech is a political ad, we've banned all political speech.
It's, it's, and it'll all be one-sided.
This is, this is crossing the Rubicon at the next level.
Well, you know, Alex, I know you're about to go to callers, and I think that's very important.
But I just want to say one thing to the listeners out there.
You know, I used to be you.
I used to be a listener of Alex Jones' show.
And then I decided to go out and become proactive.
I decided I wanted to become a player in the game, not just, you know, not just a passive observer.
And I know now everyone is ready for that in their life right now.
But if, man, if you guys could just all share the links,
Share articles, share the content, tell your neighbors, your friends, your family about what's happening right now and the truth that's out there that's on InfoWars.com.
You can make a difference too and I know that you guys are key to this operation and you're key to the outcome of this battle that we're in right now with the globalists to take back America.
So I just want to say thank you to you listeners out there and
You know, I'll be listening and listening into your calls and I'm excited to hear from the listeners, Alex.
Well, Millie, you're doing an incredible job and your husband's doing a great job and your team's doing a great job and we're just completely behind you and we really look forward to following your work in this epic fight.
God bless you.
Thank you, Alex.
By the way,
Millie Weaver is a great talent, a really smart lady, and she's also a very beautiful woman.
And isn't that something that we should all just honor and appreciate?
And again, it's just so satanic in the name of tolerance to let a bunch of gross fat men parade around like they're women and then say they have a role.
With your children and want to tell them about sex and what they should... I mean, this is so sick!
It's... It's... What did the old... It's a thousand-year-old.
It's taught in Spain.
It's taught in Portugal.
It's taught in Germany.
It's taught in England.
It's taught in Italy.
That little red riding hood's told, when you're going to the forest, if you see somebody that looks like a woman, but if you get closer, it looks like a man, run for your life!
I mean, there have been men dressing up like women to lure children before they had white creeper vans and puppies and ice cream, okay?
And candy.
All right, and they are just doing all of this systematically.
And you have convicted pedophiles, two of them just running the Houston one.
These are monsters.
They both raped seven and eight year old boys.
And they have a hunger to get to your children and they believe it's their new act, their new takeover.
And they're just silencing everyone.
Well, hit the streets then.
One person telling the truth is the majority.
So, they're making their move because we have allowed evil to grow.
All right, we're going to go to your calls.
Here's the number.
We come back on impeachment.
What do we do to get Trump to take action?
Oh yeah, he's great.
So many fronts.
That's wonderful.
You know, it's like saying, oh, you know, mom took care of the toddler 364 days out of the year until she let the toddler play in traffic, you know, for no reason.
You know, it's, it's, it's, it's, we've got to get Trump to move.
We've got to get the Justice Department to move.
We know there's criminal investigations.
That's great.
Now, now, launch, launch.
Politically, we need to bloody the globalist's nose.
Let them know we're coming for them.
Because they just keep testing and testing and testing and pushing and pushing and pushing and trying to start wars and everything else.
They're clear in present danger.
It's out of control.
You can call them about anything you want.
And we have a skeleton crew up here working late at night.
I'll be back up at 6 a.m.
this morning.
I'll probably sleep five hours.
And I'm gonna be back up here tomorrow because there's an urgency.
And we need to do this.
The only way I feel fulfilled in my spirit is to work even harder.
To the point of folks, I used to have a glass of wine and drink a few beers.
It's been months and months and months.
I don't even have one drink.
I don't... I mean, because we have to be totally focused.
And I'm not judging you out there having a drink watching the show tonight.
God bless you.
I'm just saying this is wartime.
And I've never worked this hard.
I've never been this focused.
You can intellectually see it, you can culturally see it, you can spiritually feel it.
And you know, when we have the even bigger daytime audience, hundreds of radio stations, they've got leftist seminar callers that want to call in.
I should really open the phones up tomorrow for people that disagree, just to hear the evil and the lostness.
And that, you know, Christians, real Christians call it people that are lost, that they really are lost.
You go up against most of these minions of evil, they're not consciously evil, like the Controllers, but they're just dead, and they're just like this dead circle, crackling and popping, and they're only alive when they're doing bad.
They're zombies, they're Renfields, all the archetypes are coming true, 877-789-2539.
So here's Paul Joseph Watson's latest report, Clown World Order.
And we'll come back in a few minutes with your phone call straight ahead on this live Wednesday transmission.
We're a little bit into midnight to take even more calls because that's what we need to do.
And I commend this great crew in here and thank them for their dedication and their professionalism in the fog of war putting up with me.
So here it is.
By the way, have you told anybody to tune in?
That's how we reach more people.
I'm not bitching at you.
I'm saying it's a war.
Do whatever you gotta do.
Hand out business cards.
Post stuff on the internet.
Put up signs on the street.
Put them on the side of your barn, your truck.
Call and talk radio.
Go confront globalists.
Hillary and her evil daughter are coming to town next week.
Confront them politically.
You are the resistance.
I used to think the UK was a tragedy, but now I realise... It's a comedy!
Soaring knife crime, skyrocketing violent crime across the country, acid attacks, police saying they won't respond to burglaries, but you know what they will respond to?
Racist toddlers!
Take a bow, Devon and Cornwall Police!
Stop playing with those.
You're gonna make the toys dirty like your skin.
In our school, every lesson is somehow linked to diversity.
It used to be the odd lesson where we talked about diversity, but now it never stops.
But wait.
Believe it or not, there are more important things for police to investigate than racist toddlers.
Like the hate crime of someone being refused a porn role because they're transgender.
In the UK, someone refusing to film your meat and two veg is a potential hate crime.
Two Indian boys racially abused a group of African American girls at a football game in New Jersey.
And you know who's to blame for that?
White people!
No, seriously.
Two Indian kids yelled the N-word at some black girls and this New York Times columnist said their race didn't matter because they were quote, enacting whiteness.
Smirking while white will earn you nationwide condemnation from the entirety of the media.
Leading a mass murder cult responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people though.
Lusty a religious scholar.
So shut up!
And you stop it!
You are a white male!
You stop it!
You are a white male!
You know what else is racist?
Black women, when we do the same diets as white women, we lose less weight and we lose it slower.
This lady, she's lecturing you about diets.
Our stress responses in the body change our metabolism.
It's literally that the racism that you're experiencing and the struggle to make ends meet actually means the diet don't work for you the same.
Wait, wait, wait, let me guess.
This is Trump's fault, isn't it?
You're gonna blame it on Trump.
We are living in the Trump era.
And look, those policies kill our people.
You know what else is racist?
SpongeBob SquarePants.
I'm gonna say the N-word.
You know what else is racist?
Not being racist.
Also black jack-o'-lanterns.
White parents, if you really want to prove that you're not racist, you should send your teenage daughters on unaccompanied walking holidays in the tribal regions of North Pakistan.
That's why Titania's the funniest parody account on Twitter.
Despite the insanity of our times, she still manages to stay one step ahead.
Because no one would advocate young women travelling alone to some of the most dangerous countries on Earth, would they?
Would they?
British backpacker goes missing after beach party in Cambodia.
The 21-year-old was traveling on her own.
Oh, that's how a civilization dies, without worries, without danger or drama, and with very little carnage.
A civilization just dies of weariness, of self-disgust.
Life is still worthwhile, if you
Why so pessimistic, Paul?
Surely you have faith in your own generation.
Surely there's hope... in millennials.
Yeah, no.
Nearly 60% of millennials agreed that the Constitution, quote, goes too far in allowing hate speech in modern America and that the First Amendment should be rewritten.
I mean, why defend freedom of speech when the freedom to serve
Beer with your ass is so much more fundamental.
When you're in your thirties and the idea of leaving the house on a Friday night sounds exhausting.
Soy face!
But I get it.
Sometimes it's hard to live up to traditional standards of masculinity.
So GQ magazine has discovered...
New masculinity.
Wearing earrings, giant sleeping bag dresses and crying.
So masculine.
Because having a net worth of 150 million dollars is such a struggle.
The bottom line is to completely smash heteronormativity.
That's what we want to do.
So masculine.
This is why the terrorists hate us.
Or maybe that is.
Or maybe that.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
This is why the terrorists hate us.
When I'm feeling insects crawling all over me, it creates this sensation that washes up and down my body that's just pure pleasure.
And feeling that closeness with these creatures makes me feel wonderful and loved inside.
Putting your penis into a container and then filling that container with earthworms.
The worms will writhe and move.
In a way that provides an interesting and exciting physical sensation.
Literally having sex with a can of worms.
So trendy, so...
There are definitely folks who have concerns around consent.
I don't worry over much about issues of consent if I'm talking about a maggot.
Yeah, because that's obviously the weirdest thing about putting your knob in a jar of worms, whether the worm's consented or not.
I had someone say to me at a class once, she said, uh, you know, well that, that earthworm hasn't consented
To being on your genitals.
You actually had a real conversation with someone about whether earthworms consented to be writhing around on your genitals?
If you bring genitals into it, people get weird.
Gee, I wonder why.
I just simply enjoy the sensations of the insects.
The ants and earthworms are probably the two most frequent ones I play with.
This gives a whole new meaning to the term... BUG CHASER!
There's a safe way to insert earthworms into the urethra.
Alright, that's enough, stop!
I think that if our society can get to a place of acceptance of people's
There should be no societal acceptance of you inserting worms into your cock!
That's f***ing disgusting!
I'd rather not eat bugs.
Eat bugs to save the planet.
Include bugs in your sex life.
I will not live in a pod.
I will not eat insects.
I will not f*** insects!
But at least femininity is thriving, right?
At least we don't have a generation of damaged young women with daddy issues ruining everything!
F**k fathers!
I've met so many nice mums, cool mums, gay mums, so many mums I can have interesting conversations with, but every father I've ever met has been some varying degree of misogynist, racist, classist, and hyper-masculine and can't hold a f**king conversation!
Buy my nudes, YT!
We need a female reboot of The Joker, a woman who's just f**king
No one wants to watch a movie about a middle-aged white woman asking to see the manager.
Lindsay Till loves to spin around the pole in her living room with her husband and three children.
Her son is 11 and her daughters are 3 and 5 years old.
This is why we need Sharia law.
This is all wrong.
My days passed increasingly painfully in the absence of tangible events and of reasons for living.
I watched the movements of the sun on the tiles.
I knocked back bottles of Cardinal Mendoza brandy.
And that was more or less it.
Greg, Dave, Patriot, Jefferson, Matt, Mike, Alex, Frank, Candy, and others.
I'm gonna go to your calls.
I'm gonna go to Candy first.
Here in just a moment.
Now... Anybody can pull this up.
But I think I'm going to do a report soon just showing that he classified stuff for the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Carnegie Foundation, directed the leftist CIA, you know, the academic one that actually runs it, not the troops that go out and kill people and, you know, do that stuff.
That's like 5% of people in the CIA or whatever actually do that.
Those are people just from the Army and the Marines and other groups.
But you have to understand the people running the show are Satanists.
And they began to put out ugly literature, ugly art.
By the 50s and 60s, they said to get you this point.
So the story isn't that they're perverts that want to shove earthworms in their butt, who look a lot worse than earthworms, and want to put ugliness in your face.
It's that HBO
finances, vice, and puts that on TV to get you ready for even grosser stuff.
And that's all this is.
And so, it's the race to the bottom because when good people don't stand up and speak out about bad, the vacuum, the door opens.
And listen, I'm less conservative
There are a lot of conservatives out there who would say, you know, that Charlie Kirk or whatever shouldn't pose with a man dressed as a woman with his political organization.
And then he censors those conservatives that try to come to his events.
I'm not even trying to endorse what people are doing.
I'm saying I don't hate people
That aren't hurting other people.
But you notice it's not about that.
It's about getting other people to not just dress like women.
It's about destroying the roles of what we are and coming for our children and weakening us.
And the whole directive is to bring down civilization from the globalist own admission of destabilization.
And the Bible says that there is a fallen entity from the heavens.
Who was created by God and that rebelled.
And that is marooned with us on this planet.
And I'm going to go to your calls, but I'm going to say this again.
The Satanists and people that turn a lot of Christians against God in philosophy class, they go, oh, there's no God, but let's debate it.
What type of God would put his children, made in his image, that's pretty heavy, with something like this, and then let this happen?
Because here's the deal.
Each generation's getting weaker and doesn't know as much as the last.
It doesn't know how to fix things or do things.
I'm a slob compared to my dad, and he is a really accomplished guy and can do a lot of stuff, but his dad knew how to do even more stuff.
And that's really what it comes down to is you cannot be given the keys to the universe and not be shown all the options.
And it actually shows the complete perfection of God that God would hate injustice and evil and Satanism and hurting the innocents and so much.
But see, God wants to create entities that are new universes, each one of us, a potentiality.
And so it's free will and there's that moment where God says, I want to create more creatures that have knowledge of everything and that have free will.
I don't want robots.
And I'm going to have to sit there and turn this thing loose.
And then I'm going to have to watch
My children, think how much you love your children.
God loves us way more than we can even imagine that we love our own children.
And then God has to sit there.
God feels it and is there while every bad thing is happening.
Christ was just a model of that.
All the torture, all the sins, everything that ever happened put on Him.
And if God was guilty about anything in His perfection,
It would be the thought, is it selfish that I created other sentient conscious beings and gave them free will because I wanted to commune with creation and I didn't want to be alone in the universe.
But free will and experience is the essence of consciousness.
And so it has to be done, just like I have had children.
I know they're gonna go through a lot.
They're gonna see a lot of bad things, they're gonna see a lot of good things, and they're gonna have a relationship with God, and they have a spirit that goes on forever that God created.
I knew before my mother formed me in my womb, to quote the Bible.
And I did the exact same thing on a smaller scale when I consciously produced offspring to bring those new spirits into the world and to put them through this because I want to experience their consciousness and I want to commune with them and I love them.
And I'm not guilty of that love.
But I have to rise to the occasion to defend them and try to train them and raise them up as best I can, and not just turn them over to the world.
And I have failed at that many levels, and we all have.
And so that's really the key here to this, is that we have to populate the dimensions with sentient, conscious beings that love God in this expansion.
And we're going to do it.
Humanity is going to achieve interdimensional breakthrough.
It's already been done, but it's going to be on a mass scale, and we're about to hit very soon, in the next hundred years, the major jump point.
And we won't even be able to imagine what we're going to be at that level, as God has told us.
And you won't even think about any of this once you're at that level.
It'll just be like, you know, just because I can tell you, ladies and gentlemen, there is a bigger war on the other side of the next level.
I have already seen it.
It's indescribable.
I've only seen
A little bit of it, and let me tell you, it's unbelievable.
I just, it's, you can't even imagine it.
It's so mind-blowing.
I know a lot of you probably seen as well, but the Satanists have no idea.
You just, you're just like, why are they like this?
Because they're fallen.
They're not going to the next level.
And you should really feel sorry for them, but also cut them off and cut them out and not try to appease them and do not fear them.
My God, it's pathetic.
I'm gonna shut up.
The crew's been working a lot of them, 14 hours, but I'm just committed here and folks had the idea to do a show tonight and last week and we're doing it here and I appreciate folks.
So we're gonna take like 12 calls.
We're gonna move quickly.
And then we're going to be done here until tomorrow.
But I'm just honored to be here.
And I just, I want to be exhausted when I go to bed.
I want, I just, I need that in my spirit and I want to do more.
I know you do as well.
Let's go ahead and talk to Candy in California.
Thanks for joining us.
Welcome Candy.
Hi Alex.
Yeah, Long Beach, California.
Kind of a tough place to live.
I was born and raised here.
First time talking to you.
So, hello.
I just turned 45 and, um, real quick, um, I didn't start waking up and seeking news.
Like I was upset about, you know, the last, um, Obama term.
And I found you guys like a lot of people in 2016.
And, um, which was one of the only good things, uh, that came out of YouTube, but I just wanted to say, um, I take care of my grandpa.
He's an army vet with dementia and tough as nails still.
So I'm trying to do all I can in supporting.
I buy a ton of your products, which I'm not going to go into that.
That's amazing.
But just taking care of your family is a ritual of God that is so important and so amazing.
Just being loving and just not throwing your family away is amazing.
Don't make me cry, Alex.
But what I wanted to say, aside from that, taking care of him and supporting you guys with your products,
Um, I, I started just going out and trying to do things on Twitter, which is my only safe place.
And even, you know, that's like an uphill battle.
Um, but I, I just wanted to say that, um, I've been having trouble and Owen mentioned it, um, a little bit back, but, um, the Band-Odd video is awesome when I can get it on my Apple products.
Like I get a white screen, the Safari's not responding.
Then I'll go jump back to InfoWars.com.
And it's like a daily thing that I have to jump back and forth.
One of your crew members that took the phone call gave me two other alternative browsers, which I was clueless about.
Those of us that are trying to at least spread the news and fight the info war battle.
Yeah, I've checked Bandot Video and a lot of browsers and it works good, but driving the car and stuff, it doesn't.
We're not a billion dollar company or trillion dollar company like Apple, but no, no, but listen, they're doing a lot of stuff.
And that's why we have the audio streams and we're trying to build a system and we're going to add some other backups and some other streaming systems so that there's multiple systems there.
And you know, I know it really frustrates David Knight.
Drops him crazy because, you know, he gets hundreds and hundreds of complaints.
But the good news is we're getting hundreds of complaints today about glitches and things.
And so, you know, we again, we are having to do everything ourselves.
We got TV and radio satellites we're hooked into.
That's great.
Those just go out on those TV stations and they love it.
And I understand you're trying to share the videos.
That's why a lot of the videos I'm not in.
Those don't get banned as much.
So people can take those, re-upload those, promote those.
I'm not really good at the IT stuff.
What can we do?
I mean, do you think, what do you think's going on?
Well, I noticed it's a Safari issue because some of my friends have droids and they don't have
I think we should fix whatever that issue is and just know we are and just keep those tickets coming in because we've hired more IT people and we're paying for the bandwidth that's where you know there's more expenses that's where your support comes in but we're it's getting better and we're gonna add more options and so we really really appreciate you thank you Candy I appreciate your call
I mean, when you get a company like Google, it's a trillion dollars, and they get where their system works on everything.
And that's why there's all these other platforms.
Anybody can put our stuff out.
Anybody wants to build a video platform, you can grab everything we do and put it up.
I know there's people out there that have...
Jets and helicopters and hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank.
And just do it.
It's all free to air.
You can grab our shows and pay local radio stations to put them on or TV stations.
You can do whatever you want.
It's all free to air.
Just get it out there.
Put it on AXS TV.
Just do whatever you can.
Drive around in your car with it playing on loudspeakers.
That's how we're going to get it done.
Thank you, Candy.
It's Halloween and I'm not going to be worldly, but I am worldly.
I don't want to have sex with little kids.
I can't stand that, but I like to make jokes about movies and tease women.
And remember in Highlander, the original one, the bad guy, you know, the girl of Lady of the Night comes to the door.
She goes walking, she goes, hi, I'm Candy.
He goes, of course you are.
That's a good, good quote there.
Sorry, Candy, I was having some fun.
Let's go.
This is one of my favorite lines.
Anyways, let's go ahead and take a call here.
Trump impeachment.
God has the upper hand.
Greg, I want to hear about this.
Go ahead.
Hey, hey, Alex.
First of all, I want to say thanks.
You red filled me in 2006 and I've been awake ever since.
So I really appreciate all that you have done as far as the situation with Trump goes.
I definitely understand your concerns, because I do feel that same concern, but I do believe that God has this situation in his hands.
Well, I have no doubt God's got the situation in hand.
I just really feel just absolutely in overdrive that Pete, that
That, yes, God's in control, but we have to really push hard and be in the streets.
I think there's a culture war going on, and I just think we just can't count on Trump as the general leading from the front to do it all.
Does that make sense?
Totally agree.
Totally agree.
The point I was getting at is that I do believe that God's got this situation in His hands and that He's guiding and directing it.
I mean, let's face it, yes, the Infowars army
The conservatives that, you know, got Trump elected, I believe God used all of us to bring this about.
I just believe this was a miracle that he is our president.
And I don't think God's going to bail on us, you know what I mean, in this dire situation.
Because, you know, like you said, we're fighting for the Republic, literally.
And without Trump, we're screwed.
Just point blank, you know?
No, I agree.
I just think we should be praying for discernment, for mass awakening, and for Trump to make the right decisions and to begin the open prosecutions of the deep state.
I think that not taking action is encouraging them, and whereas that increases Trump's real polls and impeachment hurts the deep state, not if they get it done, though.
Yes, what they're doing is unpopular.
Yes, it's evil.
But they don't care!
And so that's all I'm saying is that what happens if they assassinate Trump?
What happens if they cheat and remove him?
You know, people need to not feel invincible like they thought about Hillary.
I don't want to be like the left that thought Hillary was invincible.
Obviously, that pumpkin-headed demon wasn't.
And Webster Hubble's daughter, Chelsea.
And that woman is directly, you know, calling me the dark heart.
She says I'm the devil because she inverts everything.
Regardless, I think everybody needs to go to Congress.
Everybody needs to go to DC and find out where their congressmen and women are and go into their offices.
You know they're just open.
You go in there and there's nobody there but some press and you'll walk down the hall and see nobody and then you'll see some press and you'll see a couple of Soros people running around.
And then you just videotape them, and then you just put it out on the web, you send it to us, whatever, and that just... Let me tell you, we have millions of listeners.
All the other shows do.
If everybody just made a trip to D.C., you'd just be there, and there'd be hundreds of people every day there confronting them.
We need them to have the fear of God in them that they're being exposed every corner they turn.
God bless you, Greg.
We absolutely need to do that.
That's all I'm saying, is they want to shut us up online.
We need to be in there.
And I've gone and done it.
I mean, you find out about a hearing, or they're in their district, and stop thinking of them as big and powerful.
You have a mission that's big and important.
You're not important, but your message is important.
And you're delivering.
The absolute resistance to people that are protecting anti-human, satanic operations.
And you, and you, and understand the office you're in, when you go in there and you let them know, listen, I know what you're serving and you're going to be defeated, so understand you're going to be held accountable.
Do you understand me?
I'm telling you.
Do you got that?
Because if you don't and you hurt these children, I'm praying that God bring you to justice.
That's not a threat.
Let me tell you, these demons will crap their pants right in front of you.
They'll start shaking because they're slaves of Satan.
You let them know you know who they are and you're not afraid of them.
And you press your will up against them.
That's what they need.
And that's what God wants you to do.
Because God shines through you like wind and sails.
But you have a will God gave you and God wants you to use that will and reach out with God in your cells and let those Satanists know that they're doomed.
That's what they need to know.
You need to get your hands psychically around their throats.
Why do you think they don't like this broadcast, ladies and gentlemen?
Because we're able to punch through, not just in our words, but our spirit.
Punch through, and we're not afraid to punch through.
Because we stand with God and His Son, Jesus Christ, and I'm telling you, they can send their demons in the night, they can murder children over altars, and their attempts to conjure power over us, and they do not have it!
They have done everything they can to try to stop us.
They have cried out to their God, and they are so scared because they know that they're never going to be fulfilled.
They know they were lied to, and they know they're going down, and they don't know what to do, and they're begging to their God.
And their God isn't a God.
Their God is a stinking failure, a cancer, a malfunction, a virus, garbage.
And you need to stop fearing them.
And I know you don't fear them.
I'm talking to new viewers.
Stop fearing.
Fear not standing up against them.
And their little totems and all their crap.
All right, let's go more calls here.
Gotta move quick.
I know it's late.
Get a little shut eye.
I just can't wait to jump out of bed at 5 a.m.
Oh, I'm gonna drink some coffee and
Kids up and I'm gonna come in here and work out.
I got a little gym in the office and I'm gonna I'm gonna come boiling in here to the 11 a.m.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chase the Patriot got his own show on YouTube.
Chase the Patriot from California with the fires because they won't cut any of the dead wood out since the 1970s.
Arnold was on the TV and he said is the climate change ah!
Go ahead what's on your mind today Chase?
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
You know, I got a few topics.
Earlier you had Millie Weaver on, and she was talking about Patriots taking action, starting a YouTube page.
Doing Twitter, something to that effect.
And so I was kind of thinking, yeah, that's exactly what I was doing.
And then she took it a step further where you want to contact your congressman.
And I do that all the time.
And that's part of the thing I try to inspire my viewers to do is call or contact or go down to their office or even take action in support, like she said.
So I was down at the local county fair and I was trying to help, you know, get people registered to vote for Congressman Nunes.
And here's the thing connecting the info wars, Alex.
Because of always, you know, watching the different topics, I will call in when something is significant, and I will be able to, you know, get that message to Congressman Nunes in his office.
And a lot of times through this impeachment process, he's been a real, you know, defender for the patriots.
And I just have to kind of, you know, say sometimes it's because people, not just me, but a lot of people in our community here... Well, let's be clear, he talks about an information war.
And how they're trying to affect the battle space.
That's all our nomenclature.
And again, people go, well, we're not getting credit.
We don't want, who cares about the credit?
The enemy knows who gets the credit.
It's not about the credit, but exactly, that's why they want us off air.
But we're not off air, because through all of you, these amazing activists, who know who to contact, who to talk to, it's great to touch the masses, and we do that.
But because they deserve to hear the truth and be warned.
But it's the thought leaders who we really need to contact.
And it's not just the bad guys, it's the good people, the good men and women, good pastors, good doctors, good teachers, good members of Congress that need that support.
Because let me tell you, those people get down too.
I've talked to big national talk shows.
They're like, you know, off record, but it's like, you know, I might quit.
I just, it's so bad with my family.
I know what they're doing to you.
And, you know, is America gone?
I'm like, listen,
It's not gone.
They've got their slaves and dumbed-down people, but we've got to keep fighting on.
I know you're absolutely right.
So we have to edify each other.
We have to build each other up.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, and I have one more thing.
You know, when you talk about how all these different globalist networks are connected, I want you to go take a look right now.
Xi Jinping of China, he gave the green light for Bitcoin and all the cryptocurrencies inside of China.
You can look on Wall Street Journal.
It broke a couple days ago, and also on Newsweek.
And so in the last couple days, the price of Bitcoin has started to jump.
Now, this is something that they can control markets, they can, you know, control surveillance state, and they can also rob America through these trade negotiations that are going on.
This is something that I think that they're pulling the strings of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to enslave us even more with our markets.
People ask, I could have, you know, literally made billions of dollars, and I'm not joking, from the beginning, promoting all these things, and I got offered, you know, millions of dollars ten years ago when it was all starting.
And it's not that it's bad, it's that the way it's being rolled out and all these big players in it is that they're going to have the corrupt things that end up coming out on top.
And I'm not saying people are bad that have gone into it and been successful at it.
I'm just saying I can't promote something unless I know it's a sure thing.
And yes, I knew about the big things going on with that.
I appreciate your point.
Thank you, Chase the Patriot.
I mean, here's an example.
But now go back to your calls.
The herbs and compounds in something like Living Defense are known in a whole bunch of cultures to flush out bad things that are in your body.
Parasites, you name it.
But these herbs, regardless, are good for you.
Very nutritional and do amazing things for the lining of your intestines.
I feel good and know that this has been tested for cleanliness and quality and that when you get it, it's going to help you.
And then it's going to fund an operation that promotes a pro-human future.
This is good.
I won't promote anything that I don't think is really wholesome and good.
And it doesn't mean I'm some super-goody-two-shoes, you know, guy that doesn't tell silly jokes or whatever.
The point is we don't need to be crippled by the fact that we're not perfect.
We need to just take action and know that we mean well and that God's guiding us.
And we're going to get better and better in that.
And so,
I mean, again, my 11-year-old daughter, she gets told by people that know who I am, oh, your dad's that guy that sells poisonous supplements, just another leftist lie.
And she takes the high pharmaceutical grade iodine we have, and I'm always telling her, hey, billions are mentally retarded from this, it's the biggest problem, blah, blah, blah.
Well, she's in school, and they have a digital laptop,
And she, they're going to the periodic table and she clicks on iodine.
It says two billion people have intellectual disabilities alive on the earth.
It's estimated because of lack of iodine.
It's the number one deficiency on the planet.
Now, I already know all that, but she's like, I knew you were telling the truth, but wow.
And you know, all, everything you say I later learned was true.
And my older daughters, you know, and she doesn't, and she doesn't kiss my rear end or anything.
She's just like, she's learned that a lot of people are unconscious.
I don't want to say they're stupid.
And then they just think back how I'm trying to make them take Iodine and take fish oil and all this.
But then they say to me, it's funny.
Everybody says we glow and everybody says we're the prettiest people in school.
Everybody says we're so smart and everybody and like, what is it?
And we know those people have medical problems.
And I'm like, you never had a vaccine.
I've been making you take multivitamins and shoving fish oil down your nose.
And it's not that I'm Mr. Wonderful.
That's what you're supposed to do.
And think about the system that would keep iodine from you and put the bad halogen in the water to literally give you cancer, make you infertile and lower IQ.
That is so satanic.
And yeah, we sell the best iodine you're going to find on the market anywhere.
X2 and X3, two different formulas.
Better for some people, better for others.
And that's all 60% off the Idahon Challenge right now.
I'm gonna stop plugging, but that's how we fund ourselves.
And I don't like not having extra money to quietly fund a lot of other groups and organizations back when we had extra money.
And, or to put airplanes in the sky.
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
I'd like you to bring back money bombs.
Over the last couple, five years, two or three hundred bucks out of me, bro.
We'll do it again.
You know, it's our problem.
We're so busy.
We said we had one.
We didn't even promote it until it happened.
And then it didn't really raise very much money.
But yeah, we're going to do it, brother.
I'm not trying to whine.
People, you know, this is a total war.
And this is the big final stretch here, at least this phase.
And it's a very important time right now.
But I mean, you need to be taking iodine.
It's period.
It's an absolute fact.
Go ahead.
I've got a whole drawer full of products, Alex.
Thank you, sir.
Love all of them.
The one thing I want to bring up is a couple, three years ago, you did a show with just real Russian people, and it was fantastic.
And I think it got taken down in that, when it got wiped off YouTube.
And then today, your guests from Russia, you know, they spent the last 30 years educating their youth, you know, with truth and fact.
We've spent the last 30 years destroying our youth.
And, you know, the Department of Education is totally to blame.
You know, every administration, education administration building in America, you know, should be addressed by patriots.
And, you know, if Trump's impeached, the democratic, liberal SJWs, they've got terminal brain cancer.
And there's no saving the patient.
And that's what I don't think the Democrats realize.
That if they wake up 10 million patriots, there's a whole bunch more that'll follow.
And again, to quote the movie you just quoted, it's better to burn out than to fade away.
Hey, are you a talk show host?
You got a great voice and you're saying some really smart stuff.
No, I'm not, but I could be, and thank you very much.
Do you get what I'm saying that so many people think that Trump is like invincible because he's, you know, obviously God's hands in this and I agree with that but it's not invincible.
Trust in God but, you know, tie up your camel, you know, as the old Bedouin saying or other people have the thing about pray to God but also row away from the rocks.
I mean just so many conservatives really think that
There's no way that Trump can be defeated and he puts off that big confidence, which is great, but I just think it's fundamentally super dangerous.
Well, I think God helps those that helps themselves.
You know, and I think Trump, you know, he knew the swamp was deep and I know he's, you know, he's been, he's been correctly pilled, but his hands are tied.
You know, they're so, the swamp is so deep.
And I think that's kind of why we're not seeing a lot of the action that we think you should take.
Well, that's it.
Let me put you on hold.
And a lot of these callers, all the callers are great, but I want to start doing those caller shows more where the callers host it.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
You know, I, I have too much energy in the morning.
I get overwhelmed with the show.
I never really make points or any of the things I need to cover a lot, but
The whole way Trump came on this show, the way that it was all launched, Roger Stone, you know, out of the behind the scenes baseball on a lot of stuff.
And it's not like secret, but I never really got into it.
Now the globalists know all this stuff because they had Trump's phones tapped, mine too.
And it really is amazing.
To know that Infowars is organic and that everything that happened in my life and all the support we got built the runway that Trump took off on.
Like he's the airplane, but we're the air traffic control and the fuel system and the whole deal.
I mean, that's why they want us off the air.
And they say that bad generals are always fighting the last war, like they want us annihilated and off the air because they think that that's how they'll defeat Trump.
And I'm fighting the next war, not the last war.
See, I've moved on to what I was already talking about, but now the spiritual level of it, because now you're seeing the full evil come out, and people weren't ready for that yet.
If I would have just beat them over the head with it before, the propaganda by the enemy was set up to drive them further away.
Now they know.
People know it's a psychic war, it's a spiritual war, they know it's...
The Bible's right.
Off-world fallen entity.
People get it now.
They're ready.
And so now the new chapters will unfold.
And it's not planned.
It's not orchestrated by some think tank.
I mean, I get sued by these big Democrat think tanks and people.
And what they want is, where's the secret funding?
Where are the orders coming from?
Because, see, they get directed by their evil organizations and are told what to say and what to do.
They're slaves.
And they can't believe that
I don't say this to brag because it's God and it is God working through us, but InfoWars wrote the blueprint for, it was the catalyst point, the enzyme for the whole relaunch worldwide from America.
Now the Russians, being under globalist control, they experienced it firsthand.
They got taken to the bottom and kind of halfway struggled free.
And so that's a model of resistance as well.
So we have to give Russia a large portion of the credit.
It's not about credit, but you want to know where the main resistance came from.
And so all those fantastic things I saw when I was a kid and the crazy stuff, a lot of which I never even talked about it, but it's like, you know, it's like that cat in that movie Cat's Eye that just sees all these crazy things that go through its life.
It was, you know, it was kind of like that.
And I realize now,
And I had a sense of it.
I was like, what is going on here?
This is incredible.
Like, what the hell?
Do other people get to see this stuff?
I mean, you know, it was like, wow.
And then it was like, each chapter was like, okay, you dealt with that tribulation.
Now here's a whole nother thing.
It's a total different angle.
And it was all just successive boot camps, successive boot camps.
I was just like, you know, this just gets crazier and this just gets nuttier and this just like what on earth is going on here?
And it was all preparing me to later take on even bigger weights and then to have knowledge from every angle of actual experience.
So I could deal with it.
And yes, there is a God of the universe.
It's all planned out.
It's predestined.
But we're all players in it and have free will and have to take that mission on or it doesn't manifest.
It's not like you just imagine it like the secret Oprah Winfrey.
That's magic.
That's satanic.
Of course, it's not manifesting.
So they're freaking out.
They want to make us submit.
They think if we weren't here or we submitted, then it would all happen.
You understand?
All right, let's take these last calls.
Who's the next caller?
All right, Jefferson in South Dakota, you're on the air, welcome.
Alex Jones.
Welcome, sir.
Welcome to you, and I wanted to say, I spent a lot of time during the election knowing your work back to after 9-11.
I spend a lot of time in... I don't have a TV, and I just... I was praying, uh, please God and please God.
And then, recently, you asked us to invite God, invite Jesus into our...invite Him in.
And so, the please...me asking, please God, turned into, it's time for you to please God.
Well, that's certainly true.
God wants us to take action against evil.
If I could talk about activism?
Well, sure.
We're not screening your call.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
I started calling into these news tip lines, right?
And I would just take an InfoWars story of the day, call like 10, 15 places.
And I'd say, hey, can you believe that an Arizona senator was, you know, outing the CPS situation and being threatened?
The stories on, you know, you know, Infowars.com, Bandai Video, and calling these people on the tip line.
I mean, on the local news.
And the first time, not the first time, but I heard
When I called a station in DC.
Straight up demonic possession, sir.
And I'm sorry if I'm all over the map, but I heard that grunting sound that you talk about and it was like, I mean,
That's what we're dealing with, Alex.
You know that.
No, we're playing a leftist tranny on Twitter.
Courtney Booland simulating an abortion as a sacrifice, drinking the blood of a dead baby.
She pulls out of herself, and that's the demon wanting to destroy the Madonna, the image of the mother and the baby.
And it's all vampiric.
The whole thing is a vampire movement.
And so you're just going to see more of this acting out, you know, or that lady's reporting on it.
This is absolutely sickening and horrific.
The fact that the crowd is actually cheering this person on is even more disturbing.
So I was reading the name of the lady.
Let's go to the top.
Guys, can we go to the top, please?
I want to say the right name of the Twitter account.
That's Courtney Booland, the devil really walking amongst us.
That's the person reporting on it.
That's not the name of the person doing it.
And if you see that face and all of it, it's not people acting.
It's not like they're acting like something they saw on TV.
It's an exact look.
It's in a face, down to millisecond movements and everything.
It's the same creature.
And it's like an NPC.
And it's in love with itself.
And it just thinks as long as it does bad stuff, it's good and it has value because it's killing the baby.
And it's cutting itself open, pulling a baby out.
And again, you're just going to see this manifest everywhere.
And then Halloween is its cover, which is a big child sacrifice heyday.
Guard your kids, folks.
When this whole thing comes out,
And then it can hide amongst and so that's all this is is is is again this color out of space this this this this the psychic vampire system and so the physical vampires aren't real but the site but so so you're saying you called what a tip line
I'll make sure I got the story right because they put that on screen while you were talking and then you said something they didn't like and so they just shifted like when you're like, hey why are you aborting babies?
I love Lucifer!
I mean it's what it is and you're saying that happened?
Yes, the two stories I identified and this is my activism because I'm trying to do what I can Alex and I'm almost two grand in the year into products that I get way more out of than you get out of and God bless you!
And so I just said, I'm going to call DC because I'm not going to go into me, but I know about DC.
And so when I called in, the guy was like, I said, you know, what about Fiona Hill being outed by Roger Stone, like on this on Band.Video?
What about, you know,
Arizona Senator being threatened, you know, after exposing this corruption in the Child Protective Service.
And he's like, I was like, Oh, I mean, I'm not gonna swear.
And then what else happened?
Was it like, never?
There are never?
It was a continual growl.
And I said, Hey, I said, Hey,
It's okay, because what I'm saying is, what you asked us to do is the answer, which is, I used to ask God, please God, do this for me.
I used to be naked in the shower, that's what I'd do, please God, please God.
And then the answer came to me, because you said it, invite Christ into your life, and the answer is, you need to please me, please God.
It's not about the other thing.
Man, it's crazy out there.
It's an interdimensional demonic alien invasion.
It's like Pacific Rim's a cheesy movie, but the aliens come from an interdimensional gate in the ocean.
In the Marianas Trench or whatever, but what I'm getting at is, that's what it is.
We're on a planet, there's really bad stuff in the universe, we have free will, and these things do not like us because we're so much more advanced, we're so much closer to God, and there is evil in the universe, and it wants to kill us, and it wants to kill our children.
And that's it.
God bless you, I appreciate your call Jefferson.
Mike in Las Vegas shirt on the air, my gosh.
I've seen a lot of evil stuff, folks.
And, uh, you know, they're killing babies for real, killing them after they're born.
But that footage, I guarantee you, we need to get that to Paul Watson.
Send that to him.
We need a broad dude to tweet that out right now.
That is going to be a big article on InfoWars tomorrow.
Because it's like, this whole Tranny thing is like, oh, it's a man wants to be a woman.
But it's like high suicide, mental illness, demonic, uh, wanting children, wanting to hurt them.
I mean, I guarantee you this, this, this dude, he's doing drag queen story time.
And then you got the black girl acting like, you know, it's sexy and it's cool and they're all wanting to be on it and they're all looking like it's really neat.
And this is all just a cultism.
These people think they're special.
They think it's powerful.
They think it's going to get them attention.
And they're wanting to mess with you because they're gone, folks.
Lights are home.
Nobody's home.
These people have been turned over to it and
And look at the other demonic guys smiling and they're all approving and then all look at millions and it's all like, we're going to do this to your babies.
So we want to show it to you a bunch.
So you get desensitized and then you're going to submit to it.
And so it's all about Tara woman's womb out, tear it out.
That's what the fluoride is.
See, they can't do it to you out in the open yet.
So they want to do it with the fluoride.
Mike in Vegas, go ahead, sorry.
Yeah, hi Alex.
I'm glad I finally got through to you.
It's only taken me like two years.
God bless you, brother.
And you know, I'm retired.
I'm retired Air Force and I've been listening to your show for about five or six years.
I did pretty much all my Christmas shopping at your
Well, I think we took our foot off the gas too early.
I think, you know, back in 2017, the pedal was to the metal and we should have kept going right then and there, you know.
The biggest thing that I think what happened was with the midterm elections was all the massive voter fraud and I don't think we gave it enough
Fair play.
No, I'm worried to death that they're going to impeach him and then everything's really going to get bad.
Well, here's the deal.
I know quite a few other people feel the same way as well.
Yeah, well, you know, the lights go out, we got a job to do.
And I do that job every day, you know, my job, I'm in contact with a lot of people, so I do my best to red pill everybody that I run into, so.
Well, know this, the lights go out, they got their targets.
So everybody better understand that we're trying to fix this best we can, but everybody better really get serious out there and don't do anything offensive.
But they released their demon hordes.
Just know this, that these folks aren't people anymore.
I've known that for a long time.
You know what?
You know, when I first found your show five years ago, I thought I was the only one in the world that was woke or been awake.
You know, I've been awake since like 1988.
That's what it's all about, making you feel alone, but we're not alone.
Oh, I know we're not alone.
And you know, I keep bringing more people to the gathering to get the message out.
And I've, you know, I've been pretty successful with quite a few people.
So they're waking up and you know,
Wearing your t-shirts around, too, also helps.
You know, I found neighbors that listen to you here, so... So, that's why I'm just trying to say... We've got to form communities right now, and that's what the t-shirts are for.
God bless you.
Mike, I appreciate you getting on the air.
God bless you.
Okay, Mike.
Awesome call there.
Let's talk to Alex in Michigan.
Thank you, sir.
Thanks for taking my call, Alex.
I want to talk about the satanic globalist, eugenicist, technocrat commander, Bill Gates.
But first, I want to touch on the last call.
We were talking about hidden messages in the Batman films and movies, and, you know, the scarecrow dumping chemicals in the water in Batman Begins, using stolen technology from Wayne Enterprises, the microwave emitter, using 5G technology, and then also
Remember in the X-Files that had you in it, that one character, that anthrax vaccine shot into troops was being activated by the Wi-Fi and cell phone radio.
Oh yeah, they have to metaphysically tell you what they're getting ready to do to you.
But also, Chris Carter's defended me and is reportedly a good guy.
Oh yeah, I'm sure that series was awesome.
I hope he keeps it up.
And then, so Bill Gates, Microsoft got this deal, the Jedi
The Department of Defense, the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure was awarded to Microsoft, which relates to GSA.
It wasn't about money.
Everybody's freaking out.
It's about who integrates the U.S.
forces and has control of them, because whoever that is basically runs our military, and from that point on, humans aren't in control anymore.
Just like a Terminator, you know, five minutes after Skynet takes control, it nukes everybody.
Yes, so we basically gave all that technology to Bill Gates and Microsoft, a lot of that for the U.S.
And it concerns me a little bit that Attorney General William Barr
And now it's this pre-crime program which is called the National Disruption and Early Engagement Program for finding quote-unquote mass shooters but we all know that that's going to be used against us in the future.
Yeah that's why another reason Drudge is upset was when Trump starts and I'm upset you know starts saying oh we'll have pre-crime systems with all this but that's what's being pitched at Trump it's it's a nightmare situation.
Oh, yeah.
And then also, I just have this other recommendation for you in terms of movies and stuff.
You should check out the movie Swordfish.
And then that's all about Jeffrey Epstein.
And then also check out, I don't recommend anything on Netflix, but the show Unnatural Selection is all about people, GMO, genetically engineering stuff in their garage, which is pretty crazy.
It's like end of the world type stuff.
So they're doing it on the open now.
They're genetic engineering.
Bill Gates is all their scientist blackmailed.
And they're chemtrailing us, the vaccines, GMOs.
It's crazy, Alex.
Follow me on Twitter at NinjaAlex420.
Oh, I've seen that.
God bless you.
Thank you, sir.
The biggest thing is just spreading the word about the broadcast.
I know we have the really hardcore listeners on a show like this, and I appreciate you all.
I just, I just, it's unbelievable.
I mean, you can look at Bill Gates.
I mean, that is a frickin' gremlin right there.
I mean, it just, whoa, to see like, that's like, huh.
I mean, you're looking at the real deal right there.
That's, that's, that is somebody completely turned over to, not the general demon transmission, kale, because they don't want any thinking going on in their slaves.
That's just a broadcast.
That's why you're like, it's digital.
It's like AI.
What do you mean?
It's ancient.
It's demons.
No, it's like a broadcast.
It's just people that are turned over and don't have consciousness or control just to kill, kill babies, have sex with worms, you know, just anything, you know, destroy yourself, kill yourself.
But then you've got the actual queen bees.
And just unbelievably evil.
Not a friendly elf.
Does not play well with others.
And he thinks he's saving the planet for himself.
He just needs to do a few things to the atmosphere first.
Oh boy.
Okay, Alex in Michigan, you're on the air.
Welcome, Alex.
Oh, we just went to Alex.
I apologize.
I'm really tired.
Okay, we'll let Alex go.
Thank you.
Frank in Colorado.
Frank, go ahead.
Hey, coming from the frozen tundra.
It's cold as you know what out here.
Yeah, that's that global warming.
We're all dead.
Just give AOC all our money, though.
She'll use it.
Maybe, maybe if I freeze to death.
But yeah, I want to do a quick plug for your happy.
I was
I was smoking all marijuana, gave me a headache.
I started taking the half-ease and I've been great.
No anxiety, no stress.
Everything is wonderful.
Well, I'd love to take credit for it, but it's just Mother Nature concentrated.
It's a great product and I recommend it to anybody who's dealing with stress and anxiety with this crazy world we live in.
It's good.
I treat stress with more stress.
Hey, that's what I'm doing now, dealing with all this craziness with all this transgender movement and this drag queen story time.
I mean, us as men, we need to stand up for these kids.
Well, it's in all the white papers.
It's simply don't have children, scramble the men and women's differences and not let us have kids.
I mean, it's just like when they've got an insect outbreak, they'll put a chemical out sterilizing the males.
And that's what it is.
They're just men are targeted like any species you're taking over.
You wiped the males out.
So, like the Romans, when they'd take over an area, they'd kill all the military-age men.
And the old men, too.
And they'd kill, you know, anybody that was, you know, a philosopher, could pass on knowledge of the past.
And so, this is just at a spiritual level being done, and...
Again, the average man is in an exploit of acting tough, acting cool, and the trappings of being a man, which is, you know, fine to be big and tough and have a cool truck and go hunting and do all that stuff, or you'll be able to do a hundred pull-ups, but if you're not going out and challenging evil, you're not a man.
And it's just that simple.
We need to get out here and we need to spread our voice.
We need to get loud.
We need to make a movement about this.
We need to push.
Well, we need to bust our asses.
And that's what it's all about and we're going to do it.
And it's going to get a lot worse.
Don't worry.
You think people are on the fence?
There's not going to be anybody on the fence very soon.
They're going to jump to one side or the other.
And a lot of folks are going to go ahead and bow.
And say, take my kids, take everything.
Hail Satan.
But a lot of us are not going to do it.
So, that's what this is about.
So, we're on this planet for a reason.
And we were never in Kansas, folks.
So, it's that simple.
And Bill Gates knows where he is.
Do you know where you are?
Bill Gates knows who he's batting for.
He thinks the music he's dancing to and he thinks the entity that plays the music for him is going to come out on top.
Please wait.
Alright, thank you Frank.
Last caller and let this crew get some sleep.
Martin in Ohio, you're our tail gunner, thank you sir.
Hey Alex, how's it going?
You know, it's going good.
I, uh, I, uh, just, you know, just, just enjoy talking to you.
Well, I wanted to kind of get your, uh, opinion on, uh, with the deep state and kind of, uh, bounce a couple ideas of what, what they're going to do off of you.
And cause you got a lot more, uh, experience, just a knowledge about them than I do.
But basically the way I see it is they're, they're really running out of time to
Do something before they basically get all exposed and all their corruption and everything in D.C.
is just shown to the public.
So, kind of, what do you think they're going to do about that?
Well, I mean, they got a bunch of skexies and people like Pelosi that just want money and power that just do whatever they're told.
The brain bugs, like Bill Gates,
They're just scurrying around trying to create clones of themselves.
Um, and get them, you know, positioned around for in case they need body parts.
They also think it'll give them a matrix that allows them to load their memories into it.
So it's just a bunch of scappering around trying to live forever and, you know, being promised, uh, that if they do that, they're going to, you know, be Silicon Gods.
And they get scared and scared as it doesn't happen.
David Rockefeller reportedly had six heart transplants and just really kept believing, you know, he was going to live forever and it didn't happen.
And they just keep getting madder and madder and madder.
And so they just go, well, you know, it's just, it's just, if we kill more babies, if we just do more horrible things, you know, we'll, our God will finally, you know, let us live forever.
And, uh, that's really, really just how it works.
That's just what they do.
And then, so about like, uh, especially dealing with Trump, like, I don't, I don't think they can at least make a direct move against him at this point, just because
We would know, and we would call them on it.
Like, if they tried to take him out, or even if they went through with a phony impeachment at this point, I think it's much more likely that they tried to stage something first, before, uh, before...
They take Trump out.
Yeah, they're going to try to cause race riots and a bunch of hysteria and just torture everyone just with evil until, you know, we roll over and then they'll take the pressure off.
But they're not going to do that.
They're just going to keep flogging and flogging and flogging and flogging in an orgy of evil because it's who they are.
And these are bad people.
They're fallen, they're twisted, they're gone.
And that's it.
And so, I agree with you.
This is one hell of a crucible that's coming up.
And I'm just saying people better be active and aggressive politically, but more importantly, just God is all about free will.
Ask God in, channel God's spirit, and you will just, doors will just open, amazing things will happen.
And just, you know, big guy knows what needs to be done.
And just follow God's plan.
And just go with that and just realize you are facing ravenous creatures that want to hurt children, period.
That's it.
Because they believe they get an essence from that of power and of dominance and of going against
God's will and goodness.
They're so fallen.
Again, if you study this, I've interviewed some of the top psychologists and psychiatrists.
I forget that lady's name.
She's really famous.
She's talked to over 100 serial killers and had in-depth talks with them.
I've talked to Satanists and real devil whispers, not the trailer park type.
I don't mean bad people.
People are bad in trailer parks, but people that think they're listening to D.O.
so they know about the devil.
Or whatever.
And they're just really scared.
They're totally enslaved by spirits.
And they only feel like things are bright and shining and everything's okay when they're doing something really bad.
And defiling their body, cutting their body, cramming worms up their ass or whatever, that doesn't work very long.
So, then they gotta, you know, do like, turned out PETA does.
I knew about this before I ever came out of the news, uh, from an insider.
They go and grab people's dogs out of their backyards or cats.
They have people go get the pound and adopt them, and then they torture kittens and puppies, um, on an industrial scale at their facilities.
Um, and that's more of a ritual, like, oh, we're guarding them, but we do this.
It's all just, just fantastical, you know.
But that's Renfield level.
And again, Renfield's Dracula's little servant, he likes to hurt bugs and rats.
But the clown face demon transmission, it's a transmission, is just in love with itself and just, just, just, it's just completely gone.
I appreciate your call, Martin.
Okay, well, we just did three plus hours, and we did a lot of extra broadcasts.
I'm going to end this transmission now, and it's going to go back to rebroadcast, and I appreciate you all.
And I just wanted to come in, because somebody had an idea that, hey, while the Devil Whispers are up doing their stuff, fighting, we should be out fighting.
And I'm just telling you right now, thank God we've got firearms.
Because every leftist area has most of the child kidnapping, the murder, the death, the enslavement.
And rural areas don't have the criminals in them because they'll get their asses blown off.
And at the end of the day, thank God that we are able to protect ourselves from these monsters physically when they frontal assault.
But remember, they're getting you through the electromagnetic, the fluoride, and everything else.
So try to protect yourself from that as well.
Realize that this is not a game or not a drill.
Okay, great job of the crew really appreciate you and we'll be back tomorrow 8 a.m With David Knight, and then of course, I'll be back.
It'll be at 8 a.m.
I'll be at 11 a.m So thank you all and pray for the children pray for the innocents and don't prepare for battle.
You're in a battle right now Make a mistake.
This is it for your eternal soul
Hey Steve, how you doing?
Hey Alex!
Oh my God!
Long time listener, first time caller.
Alex, I gotta tell you man, I don't care what anybody has ever said about you.
You have re-appealed more human beings than anybody on planet Earth and God bless you.
Everything you stand for, everything you've done.
You are the best, man.
I mean, it's the absolute truth.
And when I heard you today with this live call, and you encouraged people to call in, I said, that's it, man.
I'm just going to break down.
I got to tell you, look, in January 2016, I went in the hospital.
I went in the VA hospital out here in Boise, and I was in there until June.
And one of the only things that got me through that ordeal was listening to InfoWars
Every day for three hours a day and I kept hearing Dr. Group and all you guys talking about living defense.
Let me tell you something, man.
I had an internal digestive problem and I suffered with it for about five or six years and the doctors, they tried every test.
Nobody could figure out what it is.
And then every day when I kept hearing you and Dr. Group and those commercials, I said, you know what?
I'm gonna get me some of that freaking living defense.
Now, I wasn't supposed to have any nutritionals because they don't want you to have that stuff.
But I ordered it, had it shipped to me.
I got it.
I hid it from the nurses.
I started taking it.
Man, that stuff changed my life.
It saved my life.
Alex Jones and InfoWars saved my life.
Listen, man, if there's any veteran out there, I don't care if you've traveled or anybody's traveled overseas, you absolutely owe it to yourself to get two bottles of that Living Defense.
It's true, folks.
We don't sell anything unless it's the highest quality.
And Living Defense is over-the-top good.
We're not making this up.
Just like our information is game-changing, the products are game-changing.