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Name: 20191023_Wed_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 23, 2019
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In this episode of his show, Alex Jones covers various topics including iodine supplements, whistleblowers, and conspiracy theories. He also discusses Trump impeachment inquiry, homelessness crisis, fluoride in water, normalization of microchip implants, censorship, free speech, gun control, climate change, and carbon dioxide as a cause of climate change. Jones interviews Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad), talks about his time at the FBI, and promotes products related to heart health and iodine deficiency. The show encourages listeners to research iodine as a solution for numerous health issues and highlights the hypocrisy of mainstream media and Democrats in their treatment of whistleblowers.

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Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019 broadcast.
Remember, the establishment really doesn't want this show on the air because they have a lot of really bad, horrible, anti-human, nasty things they want to carry out against you and your family.
And if you unconsciously just put up with it, you will be destroyed.
But first, you will have your psyche misdirected and stolen by these individuals who are attempting to take your energy, your soul, your spirit with them to a very, very bad place.
It's all about a war for your soul.
That's it.
Now, we obviously have the latest developments taking place on a lot of different fronts.
And we have the latest rerun of the whistleblower hoax with the diplomat, lead diplomat, the ambassador to
Ukraine, saying he heard somebody say it was quid pro quo, just like the other fake whistleblowers whose names we can't know, lied and said that as well.
And then even when he testified, Bill Taylor,
Yesterday in his bombshell, had to admit that when he got a call from the EU ambassador and told him that, he said, that's insane.
Trump never said quid pro quo or that he better be given something.
Because he's a businessman and that's how it works and you want the money, you do something he wants.
Trump's not insane.
And you can tell Schiff wrote this latest statement this guy put out.
I mean, it's so obvious.
It's a redo of the fake letter that Schiff read.
In fact, let's cue that up.
Schiff reading the fake letter that was supposedly the fake transcript between the Ukrainian president and Trump.
Remember that?
Just go into YouTube, anybody can type it in.
Schiff reads fake transcript, reads fake letter, fake Trump letter.
It's amazing.
So that's supposed to suck all the oxygen out of the room.
That's what that's supposed to do.
And then we're supposed to just focus on that and debate that all day and get all breathless about how Trump's going down and while meanwhile,
Meanwhile, ladies and gentlemen, Trump is trying to end major wars, trying to win a trade war with China, trying to stabilize our economy, and trying to reboot the American spirit.
But under Trump's nose, and under our noses, there's some things going on that I think you should know about, and I think that we should talk about.
And we're going to do that on the other side.
What's going on with the homeless, hmm?
I'm gonna cover something that's breaking, that's confirmed, that you've never heard before.
And the article's going up at InfoWars.com.
As we speak, ladies and gentlemen, and we'll go over all of that as well, and then, and then, we're going to have Kerry Porch, the big CNN whistleblower, in studio, Robert Barnes.
It is Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and we're live broadcasting worldwide.
There's a couple of really important things I want to let you know.
I am aware of information going on inside the Trump campaign that is very, very dangerous and very, very scary.
To the president, to this country, and to all of you watching and listening out there, you may have noticed that Brad Parscale earlier this week had a huge, lavish cover story in the Sunday New York Times about what a wonderful person he is and what a genius he is.
There's some interesting things going on with Brad Parscale that I'm going to reveal later on the broadcast today.
We're going to have some written articles out about it tomorrow.
Nothing against Brad Parscale, but...
Quite frankly, the man is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and is a serious weak link.
Just like we told you that Fiona Hill was a Soros mole who would then testify against Trump for some type of quid pro quo operation, and two years later you're witnessing it happen.
Next year's news today, that is InfoWars.
So if you want to be informed, this is the broadcast.
Settling Donald Trump, a first-time campaign manager,
Tries to defy the doubters.
Well, well, well.
That's a positive article about what a genius he is.
We're going to be getting into that, because that's the way Trump can be taken down.
Now, that's big news, but that's nothing compared to what we're going to have on Friday.
And again, I've probably gotten butterflies
Ten times in the 25 years I've been on air.
When I had Donald Trump coming on the show, I did not get butterflies.
I get butterflies when I think about the guest we're going to have Friday.
It's a big guest.
Joe Rogan had Edward Snowden on yesterday, but they released it a few hours ago.
That's great.
It's posted up on Infowars.com.
That's a big guest.
Not as big as Julian Assange would be, but that's also a dangerous guest.
Hat tip.
I was talking to Joe this morning.
Hat tip to Joe for that big landed fish.
This is a really important big interview.
And it's an emergency message to the president.
And I know my phones are getting listened to.
So it's the kind of interview where I'm looking under my car, literally, now for bombs when I drive to work in the morning.
And I've never done that before.
So we got a big interview.
Coming up Friday in the second hour is where it's scheduled live.
And you're going to want to tune into this.
And if something happens to me, the interview's still going to go out.
Folks know, by the way, I don't hype stuff.
I just tell you how big something is and straight up deliver.
And so if this individual relays the things they're going to relay, let's just say bombshell is an overused word.
This is a bombshell of bombshells.
We have a CNN whistleblower.
Kerry Porch is going to be in studio coming up about 15 minutes the next hour.
He'll be able to ride shotgun for an hour, 45 minutes, and coming in towards the middle of that, constitutional lawyer, really smart guy, good friend of mine, Robert Barnes, is in studio.
And he'll have a lot of questions as well.
So we'll be all in here co-hosting together.
Then you've got the War Room with Owen Schroer.
And you've got, of course,
Firepower coming up with Will Johnson and Papert and others, David Knight in the morning, and other shows we're gonna be adding soon, but let me just lay this out at you right now.
We're gonna cover a whole constellation of articles we've got here, but as soon as I saw this article and asked Kit Daniels about 30 minutes ago to post it for Showtime up on InfoWars.com, I knew that it's probably the biggest story you could even
Put on air as a signpost of where we're going.
And because it's so huge, it will get no attention.
If something's a nebulous theory you can't prove, it goes viral.
People love stuff like that.
But when it's in your face and real and so massive, the average person just goes, well, what are you gonna do about it?
Well, we better do something about it because
If you've watched ABC or CBS or NBC or any of these shows the last couple years, they go from saying, Alex Jones is crazy, nobody wants to implant you with microchips to track you when you buy and sell, to everyone's going to get a chip soon to buy and sell, it's just the way it is.
And if you want to buy and sell, it's the social score, you're going to do it.
Facebook is competing with a brain chip.
Elon Musk is rolling a brain system out next year.
And they say, oh, it's going to be like...
Plastic surgery, just, you know, in and out in an hour.
So they're making it sound like you're getting, you know, a pedicure or something.
It's not even a medical procedure, having a big corporation put wires in your brain.
It's no big deal, too.
You know, if a father chops his son's finger off, he goes to prison, and he should.
But if mommy takes junior to have his penis cut off, it's liberal.
It's not psychotic.
It's not Munchausen by proxy.
No, it's good.
Liars in our brains.
Big corporations putting them in there and laughing that the AI will take us over.
They're hiding it in plain view.
Elon Musk.
And it'll soon take you over.
With his eyes all jacked, his pupils all huge.
I mean, is he on fricking five hits of LSD or has he already got a brain chip?
They've already are wired up.
And let me tell you something.
I did some digging this morning right before I went live.
The company that's in Austin, wait for it.
is doing it through a UN Connected grant is microchipping the homeless in Austin.
They've already done it in Mexico and in Guatemala and now it's here.
They target the children.
They target
The homeless, they target Alzheimer's, it's always the weakest.
The story's up on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
Let's punch that up for folks so they can share that article that's posted to InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com by Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com.
Now, here we are just calmly talking about all of this and how it's being rolled out.
Just like, oh, Nambla, the UN says is good, and sex with children's good, and bestiality's good, and taxpayers are going to make you pay for, again, cutting little kids' genitals off.
And Islam's good, but Christianity's bad.
This is the total takeover of society.
This is the system.
And the average person is just a spectator.
Who just accepts all of this coming down on them, like the fluoride in the water.
All the big studies, American Medical Journal, Harvard, they go, yeah, it does give you cancer, lowers your IQ, and lowers your fertility, and just absolutely screws you up massively, ladies and gentlemen.
But that's okay.
Roll over and die.
We're going to keep it in the damn water.
Now, a bunch of lawsuits have been filed, so it's now out of children's toothpaste, because the American Dental Association said eight years ago, don't brush children's teeth up until about age eight with fluoride, because it causes dental fluorosis in the next set of teeth, and makes them chalky.
They always knew that.
It doesn't help your damn teeth.
It doesn't help anybody.
It's hydrofluorosilicic acid that eats holes in your brain.
You wonder why everybody's so dumb and looks like zombies, and are so damn ugly?
It's the fluoride!
They take out the good halogen, the iodine, they put the bad one in, and I get up here and sensationally lay it all out with the government documents, the periodic table.
And try to launch a movement against it so that people understand, get the fluoride out, get the good iodine in.
And yes, we sell the best, cleanest, best iodine out there.
A symbiotic relationship.
Fund the InfoWar and get the best X2, the best X3.
X3 is great for kids.
It's not as strong as the X2, but it's still excellent with tri-iodine.
Get it with the biodryselenium.
And yeah, I've been hyping this saying it's the most important thing to do.
And we've seen some uptick in sales.
Maybe a doubling.
I know how big our audience is.
This isn't about the money.
Yes, it's about funding our operation, defeating the globalists.
It's symbiotic.
But it's about the question of, they want fluoride in you.
It hurts you.
This is the opposite.
This is what you live off of.
Do people get that we're not making this up?
We're over the target.
We're exposing the globalists.
We're taking action.
We're fighting hard.
Now the story's up on InfoWars.com with that headline.
City of Austin now microchipping the homeless.
We'll give you the rest of the story when we come back.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And if you're a TV viewer, as you can see, there's the article at newswars.com.
Report Austin homeless being implanted with trackable microchips.
Program rolled out in Latin America and third world countries.
Now coming to Texas.
And the nation is being hit with thousands of tons of fentanyl, enough if you took an overdose of it to kill tens of billions of people each shipment.
And you've got people just laid out like the old opium dens in China on the sides of the street all over leftist blue cities.
Think about that, ladies and gentlemen.
Think about how incredibly dangerous
That is and how humanity is being targeted and how medical doctors push all these different forms of opiates and amphetamines on the general population.
Now let me sit down here for a minute and start going over these articles in more detail for folks and then just tell the listeners what is coming up today and what's going to be unfolding here.
I'm going to put together a special report for tomorrow that just has a compilation of last year.
And I'm going to show you some of the articles where you can actually find the reports.
ABC News, CBS News, Yahoo News, all the big establishment news, New York Times, Washington Post saying, you will get a microchip in the next few years to buy and sell.
And you will get one in your brain.
And it's just real easy to kiosk at the mall.
It's like getting in Pierce Tears.
It's no big deal.
No big deal to have a big megacorporation, with most of their systems based in China, put a bunch of wires directly into your brain, and have Elon Musk saying, don't worry, AI will take you over.
That's a quote.
But not right away, and then he started laughing.
So, Austin homeless being implanted with trackable chips.
That's a Mike Adams article posted
Up on InfoWars.com, also with the live feed of the show.
And it's all being pushed as vaccines.
Oh, it's an implantable microchip vaccine.
Everyone knows don't oppose vaccines.
Vaccine now just means something being put...
I think?
All sorts of pathogens in vaccines, like syphilis, giving you live syphilis.
But again, the media only told you about the black people, I guess it's institutional racism, thinking you go, oh, it's just the black people.
So, this plan is absolutely rolling out, and in the past it was secret, you know, five years ago, 10 years ago.
Now, it's all out in the open.
Vaccines now being used to harvest biometric identities of everyone.
Big Brother merges with Big Pharma.
That's what this is all about.
And Google has basically been buying up Big Pharma.
So has Facebook.
This is the merger.
You think it's just devices in your house that watch and listen to you and report on you?
Oh, no, no, no.
That's nothing.
Mark Zuckerberg teases AI brain chip.
But it'll be different than Elon Musk.
That's the New York Observer.
Mexicans get microchips over kidnapping fears.
New scientists.
That was a decade ago.
This company embeds microchips in employees and they love it.
Sweden's talking about making everyone do it to use mass transit or all taxi drivers.
USA Today, three years ago.
You'll get chipped eventually.
You're probably getting microchip implants someday.
The Atlantic.
Elon Musk hopes to put a computer in your brain.
Who wants one?
CNN in July.
And Musk shows you how easy it is.
And the headline was, it's an easy procedure on Monday.
AP was reporting on it and others.
Star was reporting on it as well, and there was the headline, soon AI computers will be your judges.
They'll be totally fair.
Oh really?
Who programs them?
What a joke.
Everything will be automated.
The computer will decide what job you have, or how long you live, or how much health care you get.
How wonderful!
And the technocrats will program it all.
What a nightmare on its face.
Who would accept this?
Who would want to be part of this?
And now?
We have tens of thousands of homeless.
The mayor's saying, hey, they can sleep wherever they want, including, you know, basically in your yard.
And then there's a big crisis, and now they need medical care, and now they need everything, and they're just laid out on drugs.
Most of them aren't even mentally ill.
Used to, you had some homeless, hobos, mentally ill, folks that fell through the cracks.
But now...
People just want to take their opium, they want to take their heroin, they want to take their Oxycontin, they want to take their fentanyl being shipped in by the Chinese government officially to sabotage the United States.
And how dare Trump try to stop it?
How dare him try to interdict it?
Just how dare President Trump?
Because, again, enough fentanyl got caught coming into the U.S.
to kill 10,608,000,000 people.
Remember that a few months ago?
And we first did the math here.
And later got picked up nationally.
They looked at it and said, yeah, this would kill.
They said 11 billion people in the national news.
They rounded up.
They all took a killer dose, an overdose amount of that amount that came in.
They broke it all up into one dose for each person that would be an overdose and kill 11 billion people.
There's only seven and a half billion people on this big blue ball spinning through God knows what.
So here we are, ladies and gentlemen, this is the real world.
So I'll be talking more about this, but this is all being built up, it's been prepared, and now the system's making its move.
Sterilizing little boys in Texas at age seven, that's in the news.
Men whimming the women's sporting events everywhere.
Men going in little girls' bathrooms with their schlongs hanging out.
All of it just in your face.
Hillary calling anybody that opposes her a Russian agent, including Tulsi.
All of this insanity, they're just doing it.
They're coming after the family, they're coming after everything.
They're making their move.
They're admittedly spying on us all.
And this technotronic ruling class believes they're above the law and godlike.
What a time to be alive.
And Elon Musk and Zuckerberg are doing press conferences saying, you'll come in, a little medical thing, it only takes about an hour, and we're gonna put wires in your brain.
Brain surgery.
And it's all just a new phase.
Yes, they've created our evolution,
This evolutionary path into de-evolution, into a technocracy, and all the statistics show the phones and the wires and the computers all make us more depressed.
More alone.
Suicide rates in young people double.
They just doubled.
People are struggling.
You know why?
Because the society is breaking down.
It's being shut down.
People don't have relationships.
They don't exercise.
They don't go outside.
They don't have barbecues with the neighbors anymore.
We watch TV shows or we click on phones all day for dopamine, but we're getting more sickly, more depressed.
Our brains are being rewired in a bad way.
We've been given technology by design.
One of the former heads of Facebook, Sean Parker,
Works for Zuckerberg.
He said, we designed it to depress you and take control of your life.
And now you have avatar bots that are your friends.
Most of the friends on Facebook aren't real.
And they're there to influence you and take control of you and make you more depressed.
And then they get you deeper into the labyrinth.
Until finally you check out and say, give me a pleasure chip.
Make me a PKD wirehead.
Put me in the Matrix.
I want out of this.
The Matrix.
Was mirroring Pentagon papers on this from the 70s.
It didn't invent the ideas.
We'll be right back.
The article's live at InfoWars.com, and it's got the company there bragging about it.
They've been implanting the homeless with microchips for years down in Latin America, and now they're doing it here.
It gives them privacy, it says, part of the blockchain, and their medical records.
And they just scan.
That article's at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com from the great researcher and incredible investigative journalist Mike Adams.
What a
What a sleuth, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, let me tie it in to the attack on the heart of America.
You know they want your guns?
They admit they're gonna take your guns.
That's their plan.
They want your children.
They want it all.
They're called control freak authoritarians.
Well, look right here.
Men arrested for speech in Connecticut.
Men were charged under Connecticut statute making it a crime to ridicule certain people.
Someone caught them in a parking lot
Out a window, it looks like maybe singing a rap song or something.
And it looks like these guys are not even from the U.S.
recently, so it's popular obviously all over the world, especially the Middle East, to sing rap songs.
I guess they didn't get the memo that you can't sing songs.
Again, ladies and gentlemen, they're banning all the speech.
And it's the same Democrats in Connecticut suing me, wanting to overturn the First Amendment.
This is real tyranny.
UConn students arrested for ridiculing speech.
That's right, you can't ridicule.
Tyranny 2.0, Proud Boys sentenced to four years in prison for defending themselves from Antifa attack.
There's also folks trying to pass laws banning the word bitch.
Now it's on record the Proud Boys were followed, attacked, some of the antifa was arrested attacking others, but because these guys fought back and kicked their butt, well fighting back a leftist meth-head is the greatest crime there is.
Fighting back against a bully.
And so they're facing now major prison sentences and were railroaded in the deep blue sea of New York City.
They've got me in the deep blue sea of Connecticut.
They've got Roger Stone in 12 days.
Those in front of Obama's hanging judge getting railroaded.
In D.C., the deepest of the deep blue, Davy Jones' locker, where patriots go to prison.
So here's a short clip of the video that was shot by the person that complained.
And reportedly, it might have been the N-word, we don't get to hear it.
It's just too dangerous for us evil Americans, who want the passion of free speech.
And so these guys are walking along together, saying the verboten word, but a good citizen caught it.
There's a big investigation, everyone's panicking in fear right now at the university.
Here it is.
Well, this is just incredible.
We might as well just end the planet at this point.
And of course, these are the same universities banning Halloween parties because someone might get offended.
But don't worry, the ADL came out and said the OK symbol that law enforcement uses, that divers use, that the International Sign Language Association has used for over 100 years, all the times Obama did this, well, it's OK.
The ADL says he can do it.
You just can't do it.
Okay, and of course the NBA, there's a popular clothing line with the three-point symbol.
It's okay if black guys wear it, but if the ADL decides...
You're going to lose your bank accounts, you're going to go to jail.
Because, you know, they're our bosses.
And the Southern Poverty Law Center is our boss as well.
So, men arrested for speech in Connecticut.
We'll get to the Proud Boys and their sentencing here in a moment.
We'll get Gavin McGinnis on in the next few days.
Founder of this evil fraternal organization that says they'll just simply fight back if they're physically attacked.
So, Norm Pattis, famous constitutional lawyer, famous criminal lawyer.
A famous defense lawyer joins us to talk about this case there in Connecticut.
I mean, microchipping the homeless, Zuckerberg announcing brain chips for your children, Elon Musk is, you know, says, oh, it's like getting your ears pierced.
So easy, everybody's getting it.
I mean, we're not in Kansas anymore, here are we, Norm.
No, that's right.
I mean, I was going to say that's right, Toto, but I'm standing with you.
These are scary times.
I didn't even realize that Connecticut had a statute that reads as follows.
A person commits a ridicule, this crime, if he ridicules any person or class of people on account of creed, religion, color, denomination, nationality, or race.
And, you know, you can go to prison for up to 30 days and there's a fine.
So I looked up ridicule.
I wanted to know what it was, because as a lawyer, when you look at a statute, you want to say, are people on notice of what's prohibited?
Ridicule means any contemptuous, excuse me, or dismissive language.
Now, I've viewed the videotape any number of times.
What I see are three guys walking through a parking lot, apparently saying something that's been bleeped out, but they don't appear to be saying it to anyone in particular, and I don't know the context.
You suggested they may be singing a rap song.
I simply don't know.
But the notion that they were ridiculing any person, that they were engaged in conduct that could cause a person to feel so alarmed that they need to declare a crisis and virtually shut the campus down to talk about speech codes, is shocking to me.
We're some removed from Yukon here.
We're probably 60, 70 miles away.
But we're hoping the phone rings and one of these kids calls.
Because I think this case is ripe for a constitutional challenge.
This country has always had a robust commitment to freedom of speech, even offensive speech.
And the n-word is one of those words which is context-driven.
If a black person says to another person, yo nigga, what up?
That's fine.
If I walk up to a black person and say, yo nigga, what up?
That's a crime.
And so what makes this word offensive is the context in which it is used, and that gives the person offended the ability to turn it on or off quickly.
And by the way, Ethelene Bailey, a white lawyer, famously said that in the OJ trial to get the mainly black jury, you know, to racially think about the racial connotations.
And you're a famous defense lawyer as well, but we've even gotten to the point where they're trying to say lawyers can't say this holy, all-powerful word.
But now again, they've moved on to
I mean, these guys have names that don't sound like
I mean, and they don't look or act like white guys either.
I mean, my whole point is, is that could these have been false flaggers or people just trying to tease folks?
Because we know most of this on campus turns out to be that.
And then they got hoisted on their own petard.
I think they were three guys out who got a little crocked, probably, and were on their way home, doing what kids have done for time immemorial on college campuses on the weekend, blowing off steam.
But the Connecticut NAACP has really descended into a species of madness.
One of the people very responsible for setting its direction has a lawsuit pending in Massachusetts.
Now, listen to this.
Here's what the lawsuit is.
A picture taken of a slave in 1850, 1850, has been used to advertise books at Harvard University Press for a century or more.
She's decided that she's related to this man, and so she's filed a suit against Harvard University Press, demanding that the press turn over the photos, acknowledge her ancestry to the man, and pay her unspecified money damages.
I mean, I don't know how this suit has survived more than a nanosecond in court.
I happen to know the young woman who brought the suit.
She allegedly was responsible for turning the NAACP on me when I posted earlier this year on Facebook a picture of a white
And let's be clear, we have to exercise these
We have to exercise this speech or we're going to lose it.
The NAACP, the ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center are now completely anti-American organizations trying to outlaw the OK symbol.
These people are out of control.
Norm Patus, I want to come back and ask you where you think this is going and how we stop it.
And of course, now if you misgender somebody with all that kooky 500 genders in California, they arrest you.
And arrests have begun.
Ladies and gentlemen, and then coming up, the story's on Infowars.com.
They've started microchipping the homeless!
And coming up in a few months, Elon Musk has gone to the mall.
You and your daughter, your son, you can get wires from his company shoved into your brain.
You know, one reason I want to stay on air is because we put out a lot of critical breaking news that percolates up into the mainstream and goes through the electronic Berlin Wall when the deep state and the big corporations don't want the information out there.
So many big stories that are pro-human, that really stop a lot of corruption and evil, originate here in InfoWars.
That's why they want this broadcast shut down.
But listen, I don't want to just
Continue on.
I want to set up a D.C.
I want to set up some other bureaus because Zuckerberg sneaks in to these testimonies and you only learn about it the day of.
We've got to get somebody in D.C.
We had it with Corsi.
Stuff really didn't happen there and now he and Larry Klaman, Larry Klaman for him, are suing me.
Yes, that's right.
Uh, so no good D goes unpunished there.
Whatever, I forgive him.
Uh, but the point is, is that we need to get a good team in D.C., at least two people, a reporter and then a camera person, to shoot reports every day.
And that takes money.
Instead, I'm looking at, do I lay people off next year?
Or do we just shut down?
Because I'm selling products right now without ordering the replacements for some of them.
Now, we hold back some for folks that are on auto ship, but
That's the position I'm getting into.
So listen, I want to thank all the listeners and viewers, but we're under globalist attack and this information is vital.
It's vital that we stay on air.
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You get both bottles of it and the selenium 60% off.
And most people start detoxing in two to three weeks on it.
Consult your physician.
Look, it's on the periodic table.
It's the good halogen.
You die without it.
No iodine, you die.
But first, you degenerate.
But if you haven't been on it most of your life, and you get on it, there could be some fireworks.
So, go look at the thousands of five-star reviews, 98% review on the X2, and check it out today.
And just experience what I'm talking about.
Going back to Norm Pattis.
Norm is also our lawyer on the whole Sandy Hook situation in Connecticut with the Democrat law firm.
Most powerful in the state.
Senator Blumenthal's son's there.
And they've stated it's the kill shot.
They want to take me off the air.
You see it's Connecticut arresting people.
Saying if you ridicule someone you'll be arrested.
The NAACP wants my lawyer arrested.
He's a famous liberal.
He's a liberal but not a leftist.
They want him arrested.
For his speech.
These people mean business.
So Norm, where do you see this madness going?
Because you're right.
It's a madness by the low-level folks involved.
But higher-ups, they've taken free speech in China.
They've taken free speech in Europe.
They've taken free speech in England.
This formula has worked before.
If people submit to it, where do you think it's going?
It's hard to know.
I mean, it's hard to know exactly where we're at.
I'd like to recommend it to your listeners and viewers.
Take a look at this book, The Madness of Crowds by Douglas Murray.
He's a British author and it's about gender, race, and identity.
And the question he poses is, when did character stop mattering and identity become the sum and substance of politics?
And in his view, the identity politics is basically incoherent.
He writes about the trans phenomenon.
At what point do we let a seven-year-old decide their gender and what if they decide to go back?
And at some point, do we all say that we have the right to set our own course irrespective of what nature has to say or irrespective of any broader limits?
And it seems to me that we've become untethered.
So I think the theologian might say, this is exactly what you would expect when the pot says to the potter, why make this meat us?
And every person declares that they can be a god in their own right and remake themselves in any image they choose.
That's always been possible at the perimeters of a society, but most societies have had a common sense of good, a sense of what things were acceptable and what wasn't.
You're absolutely right, Norman.
Your Skype's breaking up, so let me give it a second to try to stabilize it.
If you've got anything running in the background, please turn it off, but that's just a tip for anybody on Skype.
Last time it looked like HD, but that's just the way this stuff works.
The Chi-Coms and the globalists want to disillusion the country.
No borders, no wall, no USA at all.
America was never great, it'll never be great.
That's a major Democrat statement, not just by the governor of New York.
And so, they want to break the country up.
Global corporatists are using America's openness and diversity to bring us down.
Diversity can be a strength.
But the way the left's running it, it is a weakness like the Tower of Babel to divide and conquer us.
And that's in the WikiLeaks from Hillary.
That's the cold-blooded admission.
And they're betting against humanity.
We're betting on humanity.
And people need to understand how this scam works and defend what made America great, and that is free speech.
How has the left, the supposed defenders always, which they really weren't, of free speech become its biggest enemy?
I'm not so sure it's a left-right issue.
I think it's a technology issue.
I think AI and the rise of computing has given the invisible hand, in other words, the efficient allocator of resources, tangible form.
And we now live at the mercy of algorithms that we don't understand.
And the result is there's many of us who are surplus.
And I think as people lose a sense of mattering, if they lose a sense that they have a connection to the broader social world, their idiosyncratic or individual identities become how they define themselves.
And then the left mobilizes around identity and says, you know, we got we got room for everybody in our tent here.
Our arc is big enough to include just about anything.
What do you want to be?
I think the real threat is AI.
I think Zuckerberg, when he talked in the Wall Street Journal at Georgetown the other day about becoming the fifth estate, made an audacious claim.
His view was that AI, social media, could have a role in the constitutional system similar to the executive branch, the judiciary, the legislative branch, and the press.
He was habituating us to subservience.
And by the way, let's stop right there.
Because when he announced a month ago, oh, we're going to have our own court that Facebook appoints, and then it will decide free speech on a global scale because it sprawls over all nations.
It's the matrix.
It's the skeleton of world government.
And he's saying we're going to have corporate world government with a Chinese social score.
And as you said, in that 44-minute speech that we critiqued here,
He says we will have a role as a new branch of government.
He means he's absorbing government, just like what he said a few years ago to newspapers.
You're all going to go bankrupt, but I'm going to hold your hand like you hold someone's hand at hospice.
So that's what he's doing, is he's guiding us into hell.
He's guiding us into the inferno, basically.
It's incredible.
I mean, who do you think Zuckerberg is and who he works for?
Because he wants brain chips for your children?
It's diabolical.
Well, unfortunately, he's given us what at one level we want.
I've got a very sophisticated smartwatch that tracks health data.
I've given up some privacy because I enjoy the benefits of knowing how my heart feels.
And so we're sold cooperation with technology, emerging of the human species, biological things, as a way of making our lives better without stopping to consider what we're sacrificing.
So I pulled the plug on social media a year ago.
I won't go back.
But I haven't been able to disengage from the electronic world altogether because it's all around me.
And again, we're not troglodytes.
We're not against technology.
This is all rolled out for takeovers, for control of humanity.
That's why it's so dangerous.
And I'm glad you mentioned that part of Mark Zuckerberg's speech because it was so incredible.
Oh, we're going to defend speech by taking it away and we'll be the guardians and we'll be this new branch of government.
Thank you so much.
I really appreciate you, Norm Pettis, for joining us.
I'll see you soon.
All right, folks, we're going to come back.
And I've never aired this Sargon of Akkad shooting range video.
It's a few minutes long.
I want to get it on air.
It's interesting.
It's fun.
I even know they have indoor tracers now.
It's pretty amazing.
I'm going to play that.
And then when we come back at six after, I've really got to get focused because we have a video clip of Joe Biden talking about brain chips.
I'm not kidding.
It ties into the Austin homeless getting microchipped.
How huge is that?
It's all just the dams breaking.
It's all rolling out.
But again, I want to tell listeners, for your own good, for all of our own futures, we can override this with human action.
Tell everybody about the local radio stations you're listening to.
TV stations.
Spread the word.
Keep doing it.
Great job.
We're overriding them.
We're going to make it through this and it's going to make it stronger.
And tell people about the streams at Band.Video and Infowars.com forward slash show and the big CNN whistleblowers coming in as well.
I think he's in Mochile.
You're good.
Sargon of Akkad, or Carl Benjamins, here with us in Texas.
He's on a university free speech tour.
You know, Trump has signed an executive order.
They try to block conservatives speaking.
They can lose their funding, but I'm told that you've already been canceled from one university.
Yeah, it was Rice University.
They got cold feet because they had a scandal and didn't want media attention drawn to them, and they were worried that they would draw attention to them.
He wanted to come out and do some shooting.
He's done some shooting before.
And in most countries, this isn't happening for the general civilian population.
So it's important to exercise this right while we still have it.
With Beto O'Rourke saying he's coming for the guns.
Yes, he does seem to be quite insistent on taking your guns.
That's why we've got the Beto Knott shirt available at InfoWareStore.com.
That helps support the Second Amendment and the First Amendment.
So we have a full automatic German G36 right there from Heckler & Koch.
We've got a Mossberg automatic shotgun STI pistol.
We have a Falkor 9mm pistol with a Vortex sight.
We have a Heckler & Koch SP5A.
And then we have a Zenith Z5 right here.
Well Carl, or Sargon, has chosen the full-auto rifle to fire first.
How many times have you shot a 9mm handgun?
Uh, once before.
Okay, well, you were two shots a little bit off target, but after that you were dialed in.
Oh, look at this.
That's why they don't want people to go out and shoot, because it demystifies it.
So he shot twice over here, stole a stop to the attacker, and then after that he was, boom, right in there.
Well, these were the first two shots, so I was just learning how the gun felt, you know, so I'm not fired at the place.
Exactly, that's what I'm saying, you're a natural.
It seems to be a feel for it, it's easy.
It's all just second nature.
I see what you mean!
We're here with Carl Benjamin, a.k.a.
Sargon of Akkad, in Austin, Texas, exercising the Second Amendment while it's still around with Beto saying, damn right I'm coming to your house with SWAT teams to take your guns.
And they said they've got something really special for us today.
That's right, it's a full-auto Falkor made here in America.
that shoots your tracers indoors we're gonna be able to do that supposedly this looks like a laser beam uh when we're able to do it so get ready for that are you excited my friend very actually um i've i've not uh seen how this fires on full auto so i'm quite excited to see what the results gonna be full auto nine millimeter tracer indoors stealth ammo only in america veto is not likely
And we'll be faced with equally consequential decisions in the 21st century.
Can a microscopic tag be implanted in a person's body to track his every movement?
There's actual discussion about that.
You will rule on that, mark my words, before your tenure is over.
Can brain scans be used to determine whether a person is inclined toward criminality or violent behavior?
You will rule on that.
Ladies and gentlemen, that was Joe Biden as a senator in 2005, that's even pre-Obama, at the confirmation hearing of John Roberts to the Supreme Court of the United States, saying, you will rule on brain chips.
Well, this year, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk both came out
With competing brain chips and wires in your head.
And of course it's, oh, it's not even a medical procedure.
Like open heart surgery, it's not even a big deal either.
Being hit by a bus is fine.
You know, you don't need a parachute to jump out of an airplane.
It feels good when you're at the bottom.
Fine now, but it's a good organization.
There it is.
And Mark Zuckerberg.
You can ABC News, Reuters, Mark Zuckerberg wants you to put wires in your brain.
Remember five years ago?
Drugs popularized that photo and put a headline up there saying, is this our future?
Try to find that photo guys on a Lark.
It's Zuckerberg at his virtual reality conference and it's his employees all sitting there bent over.
Like devolving, you know, we'd come up from the monkey supposedly to an upright homo erectus and then we start hunching over our computers back down.
You've all seen those t-shirts.
Well, there it is!
And we certainly are devolving, aren't we?
Regardless of what you think of Darwin's theory, I think he's walking upright.
He is a human.
He is a god.
He is a master.
And you are plugged in to his world.
There's something very sinister about the way he looks, the way he acts.
I get the willies.
And I get the willies about Elon Musk, who's going to be our protector against the brain chips.
And now he's like, you must all take it.
Oh, oh, oh, it feels so good.
And he and his engineers are sweating.
Their eyes are all jacked.
Their pupils are all huge.
Are they on hardcore amphetamine?
Or are they already chipped?
Or are they wired?
Because we know everything they're rolling out to us is 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years old, depending on what the technology is.
He said, oh, you're all gonna get your chips and your brain next year with dozens of wires.
It's so easy, it's no big deal, it's so wonderful.
You know, California passed a law back in the 90s, Prop 65, that if there's one part per billion of any toxin in anything, you can be sued.
Now, there's hundreds of times the level of lead in an apple that is allowable in California.
But there's waivers for California companies and people.
Oh yeah, you didn't know that for most of them, yeah.
But then you ship stuff in, they shut you down.
So they tested all of our stuff, and got really pissed because all of it was California standard, which is really hard, and almost no one can do it.
But it didn't matter.
I said, watch.
They tested it again, and oh, a couple of them barely were above it.
So they could sue me.
And of course it's well known if you just open a can of antivitamins in a parking garage, there's enough particulate in there to make it go above the level.
So, you know, when you first don't succeed, try, try again.
The reason I raise that is they put hydrofluorosilicic acid from toxic waste and have a waiver that up to 300 chemicals can be with it when they dump it in the California water.
So, the lawyers all know to leave that alone.
Oh, actual poison that gives you brain cancer, lowers fertility, does all this admitted stuff.
American Medical Journal, you know, decades ago knew this.
They knew it 100 years ago.
But you notice, you only hear about lawsuits against the local water authority because they have special waivers and immunity, just like the vaccine makers.
They go, oh, you're just against science.
You just don't want to get a learned immunity.
No, I know you can really get vaccines that are clean and actually work.
They still have side effects.
But they're jacking things.
They're putting things in it.
They're building a post-human world.
And now the Austin homeless are getting chipped.
I went and looked it up.
Sure enough, the company does it in Latin America.
They're doing it here.
That story's on InfoWars.com right now.
Austin homeless being implanted with triapplicable chips.
But now it's like no big deal, see?
It's like it's no big deal that the leftists are all buying big houses on the beach, even though they claim it's all flooding and going under.
Here it is!
In Hollywood, in the comic books growing up, the supervillains always hold the world hostage and promise to destroy it if you don't give in to their demands to let them rule the planet.
Because, again, like thinking the brain says, everybody wants to rule the world.
Well, the Club of Rome, a group of powerful robber barons and billionaires, back in the 60s got together and they publicly wrote articles about this and said, we want a way to unify the world into a world government.
And to do that, we're going to make people the bad guys and carbon the bad guy.
And then we'll get everyone to accept paying us carbon taxes and following all of our orders because we're the saviors of the earth.
That's so sick.
When somebody tells you, do what I say or the world's gonna end, they're a cult leader, they're a criminal, they're a threat to everybody.
And they use the whole attack on carbon dioxide and the carbon taxes they want us to pay them as a way to divert away from the genetic engineering, the terminator seeds, the toxic waste dumping, all of it.
These people know what they're doing, ladies and gentlemen.
They want a post-human world.
And one of their adherents, of course, is Ted Turner, the founder of CNN.
And he set up the Georgia Guidestones that calls for reducing the world down to 500 million people.
And of course, these authoritarians, these savers of the earth, they're going to oversee it all.
Here at InfoWars, we're fighting back against this cult.
We're fighting back against these people that are telling you that you're the bad guys, you've been cast as that, I've been cast as that, and they are the saviors of the earth who are going to fly around in their private jets and live in palaces and have five kids, but you can't have a car, you can't have air conditioning, and you can't have children.
This is a way to make slavery cool again!
Surf them cool again!
And InfoWars stands firmly against it.
So whatever you do, remember, your destiny's in your hands.
And when you spread the word about InfoWars.com for its last show and Banned.video, you shake these criminals to their very foundations.
We've reached a tipping point.
Press the attack.
We will have a pro-human future.
I don't think that we are discussing climate change the way we need to be discussing it.
We are in the midst of climate change right now, and it is only going to get worse.
The world is going to end in 12 years if we don't address climate change.
The scientists also tell us, have 12 years in which to answer that question.
12 years within which to act.
Like, this is the war.
This is our World War II.
We have 12 years to turn this around.
We are less than 12 years away from not being able to undo our mistakes.
10 years that we have left to us.
Within the 10 years that we have left to us, we don't have more than 10 years to get this right.
A little more than 10 years from now.
There is no justice and there is no combating climate change without addressing what has happened to indigenous communities.
I speak to you as a human being.
A woman whose dreams of motherhood now taste bittersweet because of what I know about our children's future.
You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words.
This is about our lives.
This is about American lives.
That our community will be uninhabitable, will not sustain human life along this current trajectory.
I am here to say our house is on fire.
It's a crisis that could, at its worst, lead to extinction.
We are in the beginning of a mass extinction.
People are dying.
People are suffering.
People are dying.
How dare you?
Barack and Michelle Obama, they are buying a house in Martha's Vineyard.
I shouldn't say house.
This is a massive, incredible beachfront estate.
Kerry Porch is in studio with us.
He's the big CNN whistleblower that Project Veritas released information last week with.
And now more and more is coming out.
But he's just an interesting, smart guy.
So I want to cover the waterfront with him here today.
We'll open the phones up.
We're going to have Robert Barnes a little bit later in the next hour in here with us.
Constitutional lawyer.
He's also a big fan of Mr. Porch.
Thanks for being here.
My pleasure, Alex.
How are you doing?
I'm doing good.
So what do you want to get into first?
I've got a lot of things to cover, a lot of crazy news to get your take on.
But what are some of the things you want to hit today?
Not many things, personally.
Just wanted to answer any questions that you and the viewers had about what I did, why I did, and, you know, what the next key steps are.
I mean, it's, as we know, the news cycle last week was pretty insane, and almost no mainstream outside of Fox is covering it.
I thought that was pretty interesting, especially with part four that just dropped yesterday.
The Me Too CNN stuff.
So, and again, that's getting buried as well.
Tell folks about that, because we're going to play that at the start of the next hour.
So for those that don't know, Part 4 dropped yesterday, I believe, and it was basically revealing some sexual assault allegations from some pretty high up people in the organization.
So obviously everybody's trying to get some takes and responses, but they're obviously quiet.
So I find that interesting.
Do you think Jeff Zucker, the CEO, who you expose as having a political bias, wanting to take down Trump, we all knew that, but he claims he doesn't, but here he is in false advertising in Trump's false suit on him, or sort of that process.
I bet they really don't like you sitting here in the ATX in studio with me, because you were saying on-air and off-air like I was like the devil at CNN.
Yeah, you were popular at CNN and other outlets for many different reasons.
Some good, some bad.
Tell me all about it.
I know on air they don't like me too much.
Well, I mean, again, I'm a fairly relatively new consumer of the program and Owen and company like on YouTube.
It's just interesting because of all the hit pieces written about you from, you know, all the mainstream outlets to John Oliver to a bunch of other people.
You know, I just find that quite interesting and now meeting you in person.
It's very intriguing.
I remember when I ran into.
I found that out.
He's bullying the movement and every one of your listeners.
Again, I wasn't a journalist.
I was just on the back end of things, very low level.
But I always found it interesting where the media nowadays could go and just type and send out whatever they want to.
The term drive-by media, they spread it far and wide as fast as they can.
And once the truth comes out, whether it's in contradiction or not quite, you know,
It's hardly any play versus the damage that's already been done.
And just watching you and anyone else that even dares to confront, you know, a venerated journalist, and then you guys get kicked off or censured or anything like that.
Like, to me, that's just... I can't even comprehend that.
Like, you can't confront people that, you know... Well, by the way, Oliver Darcy, I heard this a few years ago, and we haven't looked it up.
He tried to get a job here, like, six, seven years ago.
Oh, wow.
He tried to work at Breitbart, too.
He was out in California.
I know people that know him.
And Chuck Johnson was telling me that, and I thought Chuck was joking.
We went and looked it up.
So, here's a guy, tried to work here, and now he goes to CNN and joins the dark side, and then literally goes around policing everyone on the Internet like he's God.
I know, and I find that... There it is!
Old Tweetreville CNN reporter used a mock network.
CNN is... But now he's there.
Now he's a big boy.
And with a... Look at that face!
Scroll down.
Would you buy a used car from that gentleman, ladies and gentlemen?
I'm sorry, I don't mean to be mean, but I mean, give me a break.
It's a very interesting thing.
I mean, I'm sure he has a pretty decent salary and benefit package at the time, like, you know, most Turner people do.
I mean, um...
It's just very interesting to watch how all these things unfold lately.
I totally agree with you.
Hey, is this your first time in Texas?
No, I've been through Texas many times over my life.
You ever had a Topo Chico?
I can't say I have.
They are not a sponsor, but let me tell you, this is some super good mineral water.
I'm addicted to this.
People will all be asking, since they saw it on air, what it is.
I gotta tell them.
They're like, what kind of alcohol is that?
There's no alcohol in this.
I don't drink, ladies and gentlemen.
On a stack of Bibles, I'm a teetotaler.
Everybody has the freedom to live how they want to.
You know, I ran into some folks, they said, you know, Alex, I think you're better when you're drunk on air.
And I'm like, you know, when was that?
So, no, seriously.
Maybe on election night, we had a little bit of champagne back with Roger Stone when Trump won.
But I could feel the disturbance of the force that when Trump won, all hell was about to break loose.
Oh right, I mean at the time I was a never-Trumper and I went to sleep just like we all did.
I was living in Colorado at the time.
You know, went to sleep with fully assuming that, you know, we'd have our first female president in the morning.
I woke up in the middle of the night.
Madam President!
I didn't.
That's what everybody thought.
Well Newsweek said so!
Everybody said so.
You know, the polls said so, and what, 90, what, 2, 98% chance of her winning, and I went to bed fairly certain that we would wake up with Madam President.
I went to bed certain he was going to win.
And lo and behold, you were right.
That's why Hillary was panicking so much, is they have internal polls that are more accurate.
Trump was way ahead.
He won by a landslide, as a lot of the lawsuits have shown.
Millions voted illegally in California alone.
Judicial Watch is proving that now.
And so, Trump was a tsunami, but Hillary built this seawall of fraud, but the tsunami barely made it over the top.
But I tell you, if Trump is arrogant or too confident about this next election, he's going to lose.
Well, it's going to take everybody doing their part this time.
I gotta tell ya, I think there's a good chance Trump's gonna be removed.
And I'm not trying to add fuel, I'm not trying to encourage and give the enemies, because I think it's all illegitimate, aid and succor, but...
The tea leaves are not good for Trump right now.
And I think he's doing a great job with, you know, standing up to globalism, trying to help the country and stuff.
But I think if he can't get any deep state indicted for election meddling and all the fraud they've put out and all the insider trading and just all the things they've done, if he can't do that, I think they're going to see that as a sign of weakness.
And I think they're going to remove him one way or the other, including assassination.
I mean, Lord knows, I hope it's not that way, or anything.
I mean, I'm a fan of if there's always any illegal activity, then everyone needs to be held accountable, regardless of who you are.
It is interesting to watch, especially my relatively short time on the inside at the Bureau, and just seeing the constant drive and spin, and just guest after guest after guest, and their normal lineup, their normal baseball.
What would you call it?
Total commitment?
Everybody had the same, the uniqueness of vision.
You know, they all wanted the same thing and they were driving toward that.
Is that cult-like?
I don't know if I'd go that far, but uh...
I just always want to say that all the people there were good people.
That's what your video shows.
Most of them are like, this is crazy.
Yeah, they're all good people, talented people that just wanted to do their jobs but were, I like to say, handcuffed from on high.
You know, that's one of the many things I loved about the Veritas videos is they didn't make anyone else be a villain that wasn't as such.
And since you've been involved with Veritas, what, it's been like a year?
Not even.
James and I met at CPAC in February or March, whenever that was.
Oh wow, so Tom's been gone a while.
Six, seven months.
Feels like a year.
We'll be right back.
And by the way, I was going to do this the other day when you were on, but let's get Van Jones and the Nothing Burger.
Because that impressed you, that impressed me.
And then we're going to play some of the latest clips.
We're going to open the phones up to your calls.
He's here, Kerry Porch.
Man has a lot of courage.
We appreciate him.
We'll be right back.
I'm Alex Jones, newswars.com.
Please don't share those links.
Do what Oliver Darcy says and help shut down InfoWars.
Gary Porch is our guest here.
He's the big CNN whistleblower.
He says, well, I was just low level.
I was just there since 2017.
Sometimes you can see from low level the biggest view because you're seeing a lot of different slices of it.
He's getting the daily call from Jeff Zucker.
He's seeing what the average employees up to producers and camera people and are saying.
And I think you really had a bird's eye view with the hundreds of hours of video you've got.
It was certainly a fascinating point of view.
A bird's eye view, as you say, because even the low level people, it's I tell the story like I wasn't some, you know, Navy SEAL operative trying to hack into the calls.
They were there on speakerphone most every day.
So I even noticed it the first week that I was there.
I mean, I didn't know who it was.
I just knew that it was someone high up.
And that's kind of within a couple months.
That's what kind of led my made my antenna pop up and just start listening with a little more critical ear and started me down that path.
Well that's what's so frustrating for me is Hillary last week came out and the GOP war room just got the number for the conference call of the DNC.
And Hillary's on there saying we've got to outlaw the Republicans.
Well, the Republicans, I don't see them really lying.
I see Trump being very, very truthful.
They try to spin everything he says and then do all these stunts with, you know, jars of gumballs or whatever.
None of that's really true from my experience.
And then they're the ones lying.
I brought that up to you the other day, but you can really just get into these phone calls.
You can find out this information.
Yes, again, I wasn't doing anything, you know, too difficult.
I mean, just either hearing him myself or just sitting by, you know, a person with an open ear.
I mean, it wasn't any trade secret.
It was on speakerphone most days.
Run through!
In a moment, the laundry list, because there's got to be 40, 50 videos that have been released now, of what you think the gestalt is, what the takeaway is of why you were there, why you decided to go public, and the aftermath of it.
The story has reached hundreds of millions of people, no doubt around the world.
It's been a huge story, but again, not in mainstream corporate media because they've been covering it up.
But talk about Project Veritas.
They didn't just bring down Akron, they didn't just expose big tech censorship, so many hundreds of big stories, hundreds of big ones.
They got Van Jones, other CNN anchors and reporters to say, Russiagate is a hoax, it's a nothing burger, there's nothing there.
They know that.
Just like Ukraine, it's two whistleblowers and now an ambassador who said they heard from somebody Trump did quid pro quo.
Well still, people on the call, didn't happen.
And the EU ambassador told.
The U.S.
Ambassador Bill Taylor told him, and the guy had to testify to that over and over again, we are not doing quid pro quo.
Whoever told you that's not true.
And then they never say in the testimony, I read it.
They're not listening.
Who told them that?
Oh, that's a whistleblower again.
So whoever initiates the lie, we can't ever hear from them, even though they've been proven to be liars.
It was Obama who persecuted whistleblowers in the press.
Trump's done none of it.
When he says they're a liar, Chuck Schumer fires off a letter so scared, saying, this is persecution.
Just even speaking badly of this godly person.
What do you think of all that?
I know that it's interesting now that I'm outside of the news industry.
I really don't consume that much news anymore, and I'm happier for the fact.
I scroll Twitter here and there, but it's a lot easier to curate and target particular outlets that I want to watch from all over the spectrum.
But even then, when I noticed that
Still to this day, they're still charging that Russia Hill.
They're still going for that, even though it's, you know, Dan Jones himself said it was nothing, Berger.
Speaking of that, we'll play that clip next segment.
Tulsi's come out and is just saying, this is insane.
I'm a veteran.
I have no connection to Russia.
How dare you?
Those are fighting words.
And then CNN is defending it now and having analysts on that are saying, oh, Hillary's right to say this.
She's probably a Russian.
That whole thing still blows my mind.
I literally thought that was satire when I saw Hilary call Tulsi a Russian agent.
Back when I was a Bernie supporter and stuff, I even then had respect for Tulsi because she resigned her vice chairship of the DNC to go publicly support him.
She's always been on my radar and I can respect her for that.
Oh, you can't doubt she's got integrity.
Right, but to see now, kind of at least from a low man's point of view, it just seems like a big retaliation thing again, you know, from the Hillary and her allies about Tulsi.
I'm like, you know, cause she, you know, essentially spat in the face of Hillary and her allies by stepping down and supporting Bernie and not falling in line back in 16.
So I just, to me, I just find it very interesting to just see, um,
For lack of a better word, the insanity unfold.
I mean, when did satire become reality?
That is kind of the time I think we live in right now.
Well, you keep calling yourself a low guy on the totem pole.
The moral will and moral courage they found statistically is more rare than physical courage.
And of course, a lot of times it turns into a physical issue.
If people don't have moral courage, then it becomes a physical fight.
That's where tyrants always take it.
But it's an old Texas Ranger founder saying, I'm probably going to butcher it because I don't have a teleprompter, but a man in the wrong can't stand up against a man in the right if he keeps on a coming.
And in my experience, that's right.
If you've got the moral right and you know you're right and you know you're not lying, you got a clear head, you're not delusional, and you just keep on a coming, you end up winning.
I mean, that's with anything in life.
I mean, I'm 36 years old and I've definitely had some successes and failures thus far, but the common factor with anybody, they just keep going and eventually overcome any obstacles as long as they don't quit.
Absolutely, since we brought up Van Jones and one of the hundreds of incredible bombshells that Veritas investigators have gotten that we just forget.
We've probably already forgotten what broke last week with our current guest, Van Jones.
Russia is a nothing burger.
That was two and a half years ago.
Here it is.
Hey man.
Russia thinks it's a big nothing burger.
Why is CNN constantly, like, Russia this, Russia that?
Because it's ratings.
I would encourage everybody in this room, and frankly, everybody across the country, to take a look at it.
I'm changing it from fake news, though.
Doesn't that under... Very fake news.
I know, but aren't you...
They've had polls come out.
I don't go off these polls because we know they've sampled Democrats 15 points on average more, but even it showed a majority of Americans believe the Democrats criminally made up the whole Russia thing to try to remove Trump.
I mean, they pretty much admitted that.
Right, and they almost got him at that time.
I mean, that was wall-to-wall news, especially, you know, Mova Report.
I was boots on ground covering that at the DOJ and in D.C.
I mean, it was just a feeding frenzy.
Again, I was new to this industry, but just watching it, seeing people from every outlet, every three-letter outlet, and it's just like a school of piranhas over some fresh meat.
And we were there for, you know, all day, every day for almost a week or so.
I remember when I went with Roger Stone, because I had the idea.
I said, hey, I confronted the Twitter head and some other CEOs.
I said, Sundar Pichai of Google is going to be there in about a week.
We need to go.
So they try to keep when they're going to be testifying secret now.
They kind of shrug a day off.
And I go with Roger Stone.
And the mainstream press didn't like me.
But with Roger, they were just like they were wolves going, ffff.
And they're like, and they're going, you're going to get died and you're going to prison!
How are you doing there?
And I was like, I mean, they were crazed.
Like you said, piranhas.
And they looked at me and go, you're going to go to prison too!
And I was like, whoa, man, these people are nuts.
And keep in mind, you know, back then I was, you know, definitely a never Trump or never anything on the right.
And even then I found it strange where magically people at my outlet just accidentally on purpose knew when and where to camp out their cameras for Roger Stone's arrest.
I always found that suspect.
And it turns out that the guy running our boom actually knows that fella.
That we've had run-ins with him before.
In fact, that guy's been here before.
They put him in here with Vice when he came here.
And it turns out he has a very close relationship with the leftist arm of the FBI.
And, you know, basically did the criminal beat with them.
So the idea that he wasn't tipped off, we have the video from Rogers' house.
Where he's, where he, they're directing him.
Well, yeah, I haven't seen that one yet, but it wouldn't surprise me because, you know, one thing I can say about my time here is that, you know, all these, all the journalists, regardless of what outlet they're at, they're very driven.
They're very motivated.
And usually if there's one somewhere, there's a pack because they all work the same way.
They think the same way from what I've seen.
And again, they're very motivated and good at their job.
So just for there to be one outlet that 5 a.m.
morning, I always found to be a little off.
We've got the footage.
It's from Roger's house.
We'll be right back.
Hell, we'll probably dig that up.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Alex Jones, your host on this live Wednesday edition.
Kerry Portsch, CNN Whistleblower is here with us.
I intend to give the number out at the end of the segment to take calls next hour.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes is going to be coming in as well in studio.
But I'm not trying to talk about myself here, but I've been put on trial as an example of why we should get rid of the First Amendment.
But here's an article, it's linked to the group, saying that they're putting microchips in the homeless here in Austin.
The same group's done it in Latin America.
And then I have stacks of all these tech heads saying, we're going to put chips in your children's brains starting next year.
And then it shows the company doing it, putting it under the skin.
I mean, yes, this sounded crazy.
I was telling people 20 years ago about it, but it was in white papers.
And here's one right now.
This is an article up on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com by Ben Warren.
It needs to get out there.
Hackers can exploit smart lights to spy on you, study says from UT San Antonio professor who heads up the Privacy Trust and Ethics and Computing Research Lab.
And they're telling you that the approved lights that Obama and the UN globally standardized are designed where you can use...
Internet over power lines or data over power lines to go into them and then they flicker and then control switches that are now on board computers, even when you don't have an infrared sensor on it and aren't using that, they put little tiny infrared chips in them that even the little light holes, engineers explained this to me many years ago, go through and then the computer has a little whistle machine that whistles in sub-audible tones.
And then communicates with the other devices in your house.
Now, I was told this by high-level engineers 20 years ago.
Then I saw it here and there in news later.
I know that sounds crazy.
Like animal-human hybrids, I told you about 20 years ago.
Now all over the news.
And they admit, oh, it was going on 40 years ago.
Well, I told you 20 years ago.
It was going on 20 years before.
Exactly what I told you.
So I get it that all this sounds crazy and weird and nuts.
And here they are demonizing me.
Alex Jones says Jeff Bezos and the CIA are spying on Trump with light bulbs.
And I told the White House, I sent them letters through law firms and Trump read it.
And I said, you need, as a security risk, to get those type of light bulbs out.
And of course it turned out, there are all these weird antennas put up by governments, the Israelis, other U.S.
agencies, that just so happen to be able to dial into those light bulbs.
So, University of Texas at San Antonio saying it, I know it sounds crazy, but that's just an example.
I mean, I'd have to look at all the studies myself, but I wouldn't put it that far past.
I mean, we see the tapes that I did with nothing but a button cam, and that's just a very crude piece of equipment.
I mean, the stuff that we can do, I mean, we all know our phones are tracking and listening and doing all this stuff, but everybody swears they're not listening, but then you pop up on Facebook and, you know, what you were saying last night with cat food, now you have an ad for cat food type things.
And now they admit it, though.
I mean, here's an example.
It's come out that almost all smart TVs communicate with Facebook.
I saw that, yeah.
Even if you've not even ever gone to Facebook, it's selling your data that Netflix is giving all your data to Facebook.
Right, well Netflix has been going down the tube for the last few years anyways, so I'm trying to find a different platform.
You know how R2-D2 talks?
He goes,
They were making that movie back in the 70s.
They went to engineers and they said, how would robots communicate?
They'd say with bleeps and whistles.
Remember Captain Crunch, the famous hacker that could whistle into a phone and take control of the phone company?
I think I remember hearing that.
Yeah, that's how it works.
So I want to tell you.
Guys, just type in the secret world of devices.
Devices in your home are secretly communicating using sub-audible tones.
And that's how radio works, that's how radio stations, it knows when a break is, there's a sub-audible tone firing.
So I just have engineers around, that's why I know about it.
But see, I'd tell people that 20 years ago, they thought I was crazy.
I mean, it's not far-fetched.
I mean, isn't that, forgive my ignorance, I'm not a complete engineer, but isn't that how just phones work?
Like a different tone for each number, and it tells it how to dial, right?
That was the old system, exactly.
So you could get into the central switchboards, like, have you ever seen the phone repairman?
I'm going to be vocally incorrect saying man.
How they have that big special phone that can dial in and does different tones and things?
I think so.
Well, a human voice can learn those and do that themselves.
So that's the old technology.
Well, there it is.
Early hackers use whistles from Captain Crunch's cereal box.
That's why they call him Captain Crunch.
But, guys, it came out a month ago.
If you type in, home devices are communicating with each other with tones.
And it's the Alexa devices, it's the Google Homes, it's all those systems are using tones
So they're communicating with each other and then reporting on you, and then if you're a person they're looking for, when you come in, they recognize your voice with voiceprint.
That goes down the line, gets checked by a mainframe, an AI, and then a millisecond later, it then reports where your location is off your voiceprint, even if you aren't using a phone.
That's kind of terrifying.
And that was like in Wired Magazine a month ago.
I was just told this by engineers that were famous engineers.
I mean, these guys were, you know, rich engineers.
They're exclaiming, no, Alex, the machines are communicating.
All of them are doing it.
The Internet's being built to do this.
The whole thing was built from the beginning to totally surveil everybody and to have this whole machine interface take over.
I'm just trying to compute all that information.
Like, it's...
Even the little bit that I know is terrifying to me of how we're tracked and, you know, kind of Matrix style where all our data is compiled and sold and, you know, you look at your Instagram or whatever feeds and those ads are pretty scary because they seem to know me extremely well.
Like, yes, I do want to buy this t-shirt or whatever it is.
And again, you didn't even type it on the internet.
It's listening.
Word files are created.
Off of the audio that's being reported, it gets compressed into packets.
When the phone communicates back, it sends the information back to the tower, or when it's plugged in, it sends it back to the internet, and then that data is sold and batched, normally within hours, and then you get the ad back on your system.
Well, they definitely know what they're doing, because, yeah.
Well, let me prove it.
We first reported it in 2014 at InfoWars because Google put out a prospectus to its shareholders that they were already doing it, and that they'd gone from beta test to operational in 2014.
No, no, no, 2004, excuse me.
Then, in 2005, Samsung, in its terms of service with smart TVs, told people, we're listening to you and selling the audio files to third parties.
Without your consent, right?
Well, it says you opt-in.
It has a consent.
Yeah, because it's a 30-page something deal.
You don't even read it.
You click it.
Just like your iTunes, right?
Yeah, but I'm not trying to preach at you.
I just wanted to bring all this up, and I promise you, because, you know, the crew is so good at finding headlines.
Sometimes they can't because I don't give them the exact headline.
I'm going to get you before you leave.
A couple of mainstream headlines where they admit that machines are communicating with each other with the tones inside your house, even when they're not connected to the internet sometimes.
So it's a big deal.
It's fully believable, especially with 5G coming out and everything like that.
Well, we're gonna get it.
We'll have it by next hour for everybody.
Now, I didn't get to these clips I wanted to play, but I want to open the phones up for you, so I'm not just ranting here.
But you are a soft-spoken gentleman, so look out.
I'll just be ranting.
At times.
I bet you can get wound up.
Well, let's get pissed, then!
Mr. Porch!
Dammit, you just blew CNN wide open!
I'm joking.
Um, you know, actually related to the Yosemite Sam.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
And here's the deal, callers.
I don't screen your calls.
Usually it's a free-for-all.
Except if I have a guest sometime, it's for them, about whistleblowers, about CNN, about what he saw inside CNN, about what video clip you think's most important.
Has he been persecuted?
Has CNN responded?
Those are the type of questions.
I'd love to hear your questions or comments for our guest.
Kerry Porch, big-time CNN whistleblower, just absolutely the most devastating leak ever of the type of deception and manipulation and false advertising that's going on.
877-789-Alex, specifically for questions or comments for our guests.
But first, let's go to this clip here of Hillary really getting excited when one of her little planted people in the audience, it's turned out almost all of her events she's having, are getting her ready to relaunch officially her campaign.
Here she is cackling like the Wicked Witch of the East when the person says they want her to run for president.
All that matters is that we win.
I hate to be so, you know...
Sort of simplistic about it, we have to nominate, you know, the best... Oh my, well, thank you, thank you.
Oh, and in case anybody's leaving us this hour, I just remembered the exact headline from InfoWars that has the articles linked in it.
That's the secret life of machines.
Learn how machines are secretly communicating with each other inside of your house.
And we will have all of that, because I'm going to get on a computer, and I'm going to pull it up, and I'm going to show it to you.
Because I want you to know that this is all out in the open, and they think you're stupid.
They think you're dumb.
And they're just going to roll out brain chips for your kids at the mall.
And well, Susie got one, so I want one.
And I told you that a decade ago.
That they would do it that way and now they're doing it like it's not even like a medical procedure.
It's no big deal.
It's super easy.
But I do want all hands on deck because my OCD has kicked in really bad on this.
And I've just got to have those.
Hell, I did video reports.
I did special reports.
I mean, I had stacks of those things just a month ago here in studio.
Hell, we may just dig up a special report and air it now.
Because the truth is, this is key information.
We're going to play it for you.
Don't worry.
Alright, I kind of go down these rabbit trails when I say something absolutely fantastic, like light bulbs can spy on you and your house, the high-tech light bulbs.
And then I'm trying to find the articles about it, but here it is.
Alex Jones says Jeff Bezos and the CIA are spying on Trump with light bulbs.
This is one article from last year of The Wrap.
And I was telling Trump, listen, they can use laser couplers on your window.
That's 40-year-old declassified technology, probably 50.
Cell phones, everybody knows cell phones spy on you.
We first broke that 20-plus years ago.
And light bulbs.
Well, University of Texas has come out and warned folks that indeed that's going on and so has Forbes and The Guardian and a bunch of others.
The crew did a great job pulling all of these articles up.
Hackers can exploit smart lights to spy on you.
Study finds.
And it's not just the chips that are in the light that is programmed.
The light itself can interface with your computer that has switches built into it that these things can access.
This is all the Trojan horse system.
Some chips have a capacitor in it that's a transceiver.
Also, where even if you don't ever wire something to the internet,
Like a cell phone, they can have devices that are closer to it, like your smart meter, or a smart hub, or any of these things, and then they energize, with a transmission, the chip, and then it blurps back the compressed, encoded data.
And so that was some of what was in those articles.
And then the crew did actually find the article.
Here it is.
This has links to it, and I'm going to shut up.
This is Kent Daniels, September 24th.
Breaking TVs and smartphones talking in secret to spy on you using sub-audible and above audible like dog whistle communications.
That's digital trends reported and then it goes into the links to all of that right there for you.
So, I'm just, I'm not making this up.
I swear on a stack of Bibles.
I'm sorry, you're our guest here and I'm ranting.
No, no, no.
It's quite all right, Alex.
I just love sitting here listening.
It's a lot of fun.
I want to take some phone calls and I want to get into some of these clips and I want to talk about Tulsi Gabbard's as well being called a Russian agent by Hillary in the next segment, but in this short segment
Talking to you on air last, on Skype and then seeing you on Owen's show that I talked to you some, you really seem empowered and happy.
Were you this happy before or are you really more happy now?
Oh I was absolutely mortified and depressed and confused leading up to the release.
Just a wave of emotions like a sine wave from top of the mountain feeling like I know I'm doing the right thing for the Republic and then a minute later
You know, Colin James O'Keefe and some of my friends just like crying on the floor, like, what am I doing?
Like, this is going to destroy me.
You know, like, it's just up and down very, very quick.
But remember Eric Cochran, the Pinterest guy, right?
The Pinterest insider?
He said something very profound to me leading up to the release.
He's like, Kerry, I know you're going to catch some heat and I felt the same way, but I promise you within three hours of the release, you will feel perfect.
And he was, it was true.
It felt bad up until you made the plunge.
And then once you hit the water, it felt good.
Well, I mean, it was a big blur because, again, we were doing a lot of moving parts leading up to the release.
We knew when it was coming out and, you know, we were having to move out at the same time, stage everything, grab the U-Haul, coordinate all these different pieces to where, you know, once it went live, we were gone.
You know, we weren't really too scared for our physical safety, although it was in our minds, but we just wanted to be out of D.C.
when it released.
Oh my gosh, I should have asked this question.
Guys, queue up Mission Impossible if you can.
When you come back, you gotta start over.
Because you were there that morning whenever the head of CNN's on the phone in the conference call saying, well, we'll talk about it when we come back.
Because that's just amazing, and then what it was like getting out of there as they were about to figure out it was you.
It was wild.
That's kick-ass, man!
I bet your wife, uh...
I bet your wife's even more proud of you now.
Future wife, but yeah, she's my rock and everything.
I mean, she was on board.
About your fiancée?
Close enough.
It's close enough.
See, fake news.
You heard it here, folks.
Fake news.
He caught me.
Snopes will have an article out by tonight.
Yeah, you're nothing but fake news, Alex, right?
I mean, you know, I wish I was fake news.
I wish this stuff wasn't true.
I mean, I wish I could take the blue pill again at working there.
I mean, I wish I could go back to being a happy liberal and everything like that.
Wow, let's talk about it when we're back in 60 seconds.
Stay with us.
Okay, I don't want to turn this into an obsession about light bulbs spying on you, but the University of Texas
Internet Security and Privacy Lab has come out and warned that smart light bulbs are spying on you and that hackers can get through on them.
Well, of course it was.
So we're saying hackers can break into your nest or whatever.
It's designed for the companies to do it.
They're the ones doing it.
Science Daily study warns of security gaps in smart light bulbs.
University of Texas at San Antonio.
There is the study.
Now I can show you mainstream news attacking me.
Kind of like Forbes did this year.
Jones claims fluoride lowers IQ, causes cancer, infertility.
Journal of American Medicine came out and said exactly that because it's already known, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm going to stop ranting about all of that.
I just want you to know, we're not making this up.
I understand it's scary, but I'm telling you this stuff because I believe in you, and I believe by exposing it we can say no, but it's always the most disenfranchised, the weakest parts of the public that are enslaved first.
That's why when the government started shipping in narcotics, it was the black neighborhood, because oh well, they could cover that up.
When they tested syphilis on people, it was the black folks.
Then they expanded it out to other groups.
Well, now the homeless in Austin are getting microchips.
That story's up on Infowars.com.
We just kind of move on from there because, hell, what's going to top Elon Musk on four months ago saying, by 2020, we're going to have at the mall where your kid goes and gets wires put in their brain.
It's no big deal.
It's like getting your tooth worked on.
Kerry Porch is here.
He's going to take phone calls.
Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer, is going to be in here with us as well that he's going to host the fourth hour.
He's a smart cookie and I got a lot of stuff I want to talk about with him.
The whole fake Ukraine situation.
This latest person that says they heard it third hand.
Again, oh it's so bombshell.
Kerry, you started telling a story right before the break about what it was like being at CNN and when the Veritas stuff broke last week on Monday, and what it was like and the whole Mission Impossible of then why you decided to do that, how you caught that last phone call by the CEO, Jeff Zucker, and then what it was like getting out of the building.
It was a whirlwind, to say the least, and at the time it didn't feel like it, but looking back on it, it really kind of was.
Mission impossible to say the least because we got.
You know, obviously we knew when it was dropping that day that Monday and you know, I went into work and wanted to get on the call and hopefully Zucker was going to get some type of reaction and he did as we saw that teaser tweet at.
I think it was around 1130 or so 1145 and.
You know, it went live a little bit before we wanted it to.
So, in my mind, I was already burned, so that's when I kind of pulled the ripcord up and wheels up and got out of there.
Veritas guys were nice enough to help us move everything into the U-Haul and leave town right as we were... Wow!
So, and the crazy part is...
My future wife and I, we were pretty much dark.
We turned our phones off.
The crew with us, they had their phones because they wanted to kind of follow the action and stuff.
But we were pretty much dark for like the first two or three hours after it.
And while it was making its way across the world,
Our crew didn't see the actual part one video until two or three hours later in a dingy U-Haul van in Maryland somewhere, just after we got done moving.
And we just kind of just sat in the back of the van.
The lot of us, I'm not going to say how many, but we finally got to watch the tape together and it was pretty cool to see.
Get out there with like the hundreds of thousands at the time retweets and whatnot.
And now millions of people watched it and how fast moving it is that hundreds of hours of video they get it.
You don't even know the exact last product and then you're in a van literally in the getaway mobile while you're watching what you just did.
Well it was after the fact we finished moving stuff to a different location and it was just wild that the crew of us that were all part of this operation, because I mean your viewers and especially the guys at CNN, nobody's dumb, they know that now they know that I wasn't the only one there.
So there was other people there and our crew, yeah we just sat in the back of an old ass U-Haul van and just watched it on an iPad and it was kind of cruel.
Go back.
Some stations don't care that first five minutes and you were talking about another whistleblower that encouraged you and empowered you and that you was scary up until you had finally happened and how invigorating it was because I want to encourage other people that I'm telling there's nothing more valuable than doing the right thing.
Absolutely, Alex.
And it was Eric Cochran, who is the Pinterest Insider.
And, you know, leading up to this, he and I and the other whistleblowers had spoke from time to time.
And he said something very profound where
You know, just where he wanted to encourage me because I was being very emotional high, emotional low leading up to the release.
And he just said something so profound.
He's like, Kerry, I promise you within three to five hours of when we upload, you will feel peace and vindication and know that you did the right thing.
And that's exactly what happened.
I mean, Joe Rogan was scared to have me on the second time.
It was the biggest podcast he ever did.
After the podcast, well even during, he's like, man I should do this more often.
I was all worried about this and this was awesome.
We said one of our longest podcasts ever and it's and he totally loves it and now he had Snowden on.
That was, I gotta watch that one.
So, so steep and it's invigorating.
Because just to have, you know, some boring New York Times reporter on that doesn't even know what the word toady means.
He's like, Tulsi Gabbards is a toady.
And Joe goes, well, why is she a toady?
What's a toady?
And then she goes, what is a toady?
With Barry Weiss, right?
Yeah, that was really scary.
I watched that and cringed.
I'm like, again, this is a venerated, you know, New York Times, pinnacle of journalism, blue-check journalist.
And then Joe wasn't trying to dissect her.
He was just asking.
She was so one-dimensional.
He would go, OK, well then what's this word mean?
She goes, I don't know.
She didn't know anything.
I mean, a 10th grade English student
No more than that woman.
But again, that's what they're hiring him for.
They are so stupid.
And it's like you said, it's a hive mentality.
They give them the talking points, they go vomiting them back up.
Right, and I'm sure you saw Joe's petition, or not Joe's petition, but that one circling to get him to moderate a DNC debate.
Like, I still think that's a great idea.
But they're such control freaks.
But I don't even want him to do that, because it would end up having 50 million viewers instead of 2 million.
Exactly, they're total failures, but they're so scared of giving Joe Rogan power.
He already has power, like Infowars has power, because it's independent.
But again, they're such control freaks, they're holding onto this collapsing facade, this edifice.
Well, yeah, and even Wojcicki at YouTube, you know, she's got to downgrade people like you and, you know, your crowders, your Jimmy Doors, everyone like that, but try to prop up the authoritative news sources like your Foxes, CNNs, MSNBC.
And they admit they force feed those.
Oh, yeah, and that was another whistleblower, wasn't it?
An inside video from one of the YouTube's conferences.
Hey, this is what we're doing, going up and then going down.
And I was like, oh, it's just like business as usual.
And then they go on the news and deny it's happening.
Well, I mean, I got to say, News Corps is really bad news.
I mean, they're good people.
They're like Terry Carlson and others.
By the way, let me just tell you.
It was announced all over the national news that Tucker Carlson was in a secret meeting with Zuckerberg.
Well, it's no secret that I'm friends with Tucker Carlson and have dinner with him sometimes.
He's been here.
I talked to the horse's mouth.
He thinks it's hilarious.
Tucker Carlson did not have any meeting with Jeff Zuckerberg.
It's not true.
Jeff Zucker.
The head of Facebook is Zuckerberg.
Mark Zuckerberg.
I'm getting all the Zuck and Zuckerbergs.
There's no teleprompter here, as you notice.
I do make mistakes where I get names flipped.
No, it's very fascinating to be here because, you know, seeing you and the gang on TV and to be on this type of set, it's fascinating to see.
It seems a lot more, you know, a lot more free-flowing and live and stuff and not very scripted.
It's not.
In fact, for three segments, I've been wanting to play this clip.
It's not their fault.
We haven't played it yet.
When we come back, we'll play it and then go to phone calls.
And that is Congressman Quigley.
This is the guy openly in hearings says he wants to be taken off the air.
And then he gives false reasons why he said that we put out fake news that a man yelled, Allah is great, God is great, when he drove the truck over people and got out with a gun in New York.
Well, that was a jihadi.
He did yell that and
But Quigley has Twitter and Facebook and YouTube minions in front of him.
They're like, sir, we took it down at lunch.
We saw it was the top story on Twitter.
We apologize.
When we come back, I'm going to play this clip where he's going after Tulsi Gabbards and agreeing with Hillary that, oh, we need to really worry about this evil Russian.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
Well, imagine if you're actually Russian.
There's a lot of Russians living in America.
Veterans, you name it.
Imagine what it's like for them just to constantly hear about Russians being so evil.
But that's all part of this discrimination.
People don't believe all this racism garbage anymore.
So all they do is they just cherry-pick and then say somebody's a Russian agent.
That's the new thing.
We'll be right back.
And one of your friends, Scott Goldsmith, has called in.
We're gonna get him on.
Can't wait.
His name's Kerry Porch, and he gave us his bio.
It was pretty limited, but I said, man, what's your background?
You're a great guy.
And then he was talking about his buddy, Scott Goldsmith, that was texting him, wanted to be on the show, so we called him up.
Got a bunch of callers here.
And he said, yeah, I mean, I knew him in Iraq.
Well, and then Kerry was in the military and the Navy.
So now folks want to know about you, because you didn't tell us all this.
What is your background?
CNN, huge whistleblower, biggest Veritas bombshell yet.
Uh, I have a very wide background, you know, like, uh, put myself through college or at least tried to the first time, you know, waiting tables, everything like that.
Um, at the time I was a music major.
Um, now I'm actually a mathematics and, uh, like kinesiology type sports major.
But yeah, they went into the military.
I did about a little over 10 years combined with active and reserve time.
I went to Iraq, was mobilized to Afghanistan, you know, didn't quite get to make it past the med check.
What'd you do in the Navy in Iraq?
So I was what's called the Navy Seabees, which is the construction engineering, like the civil engineering corps, like, you know, pulling wires, setting... It's like the Army Corps of Engineers.
Exactly the exact same thing just for the Navy.
And, um, you know, my particular job, I was an electrician and, you know, we built the power grids abroad and taught the local populations how to safely use electricity.
Um, you know, that was kind of our job.
I loved every part of what I did abroad.
And then when I got back stateside on the reserve side, I did the funeral honors, you know, like folding the flag for the, uh, folding the flag given to the surviving spouses, you know, everything like that and playing taps.
And that was kind of my... Oh, wow.
Before you leave,
I think we've got to go today.
I really want to play that little short video of Trump when he talks about how terrible it is when the dead troops come home and what the families go through.
So guys, find that for the last segment of this hour, please.
I think it's called Trump tearjerker.
And we put video to it, which Obama, you know, banned showing the cops coming back.
Trump opened it up to honor these people.
Facebook banned it as hateful material when Darren McBreen posted it.
So they banned Trump saying it's time to end the wars and talk about how great our veterans are.
I mean, that whole thing is crazy.
I mean, most of, most of the people that I know that I was actually in Iraq with or even other veterans from other services, I mean, everyone's different.
Of course, you're free to believe what you want to, but you know, nobody wants to be in endless wars.
You know, not only the veterans themselves, but the people here.
How would you describe yourself?
You know, I use the term loosely with liberal and everything, but I supported Bernie in the 2016 election, voted for him, caucused for him in the primaries, and then voted for Gary Johnson in the general just because I didn't like Hillary and I didn't like Trump.
So I just went third party and nobody said my vote mattered until obviously the next day.
But I would actually say I was more on the term of leftist or far left when I got to CNN.
And then from what I saw, the two-and-a-half-year journey, I basically got to red pill myself on YouTube while I was in the Bureau.
And I would say I'm mostly center-right, libertarian kind of right now, but definitely leaning more and more conservative with each passing day.
I spoke at a Turning Point event in College Station last night, a bunch of great kids there, great people, and it was a lot of fun to meet a lot of people that just wanted to know what happened.
Well, you'll get a big scarlet letter put on you if you do this, but that's really a badge of honor.
But I'd like to talk about doing some projects with you, or offering you a job here, because we need new reporters.
We need folks that can run a couple reporters, and you seem like a smart, competent guy.
You're a likable guy in person, and we don't have a big budget around here, but I'd really like to try to get you to do some work with us, because we helped launch Trump.
Yeah, and...
Again, my lady and I, we're entertaining everything that's coming our way.
We're not ruling out anything.
I'm sure you can appreciate that.
Oh, I love it.
Well, before you go today, I'm going to do a shoot right after the show, but we should talk on the phone about ideas you've got, because I'm trying to hire a few more reporters, a few more people, especially for 2020, to really go out there and fight.
And you can see here, this is totally transparent.
I'm just here covering news and clips, and then we go out and interview people and show what's going on, contrary to what they claim we do.
This is great.
I mean, I didn't know what to expect when I came here, and I like what I see.
Well, what we need to do more of is Project Veritas stuff in the field as well.
And I wish there were more groups like Veritas, and I know that James O'Keefe does as well.
It's kind of scary that that's the only group that is as successful as he is.
Well, that's just a testament to James and his team.
Like, he is very, uh, very particular with who he hires and vets and everything.
Like, he and I talked for almost two months, you know, while he and his team were vetting me quietly, making sure that I wasn't a CNN plant trying to get inside.
And boy, have they not tried to destroy him and put him in prison.
I mean, they've sued him.
They say he puts out fake video.
No, it's not.
I mean, even when I was a leftist, I didn't like James, but I respected him because he had the tape.
I was like, oh, okay, it's Acorn and this and that.
I'm like, well, it's my people at the time, but I'm like, you can't argue with tape.
You know, um, so I always respected him, and it's always kind of crazy, never thought I'd end up working with him one day, and now I get to call him a friend, like, how crazy is this life?
Well, that's the great part about being a patriot, is you get to meet all these great people, and then, black, white, old, young, male, female, and then, when you go and you meet the leftist, and they're like Skeksis from the Dark Crystal, and just, ah, ugh, just totally evil, and let's lie, yes, ugh, and you're like, whoa, who the hell are these people?
I mean, before I torched my Facebook the morning of, obviously, but you know how they do the memories thing?
Like, hey, do you remember this five years ago?
And it was me doing like some, you know, crazy far-left ideology post and whatnot like that.
I'm like, ugh, a total cringe fest.
I'm like, wow.
Was it a process or a moment when you got out of the cult?
It was this process of work coming to work in DC and kind of seeing how the sausage is made slowly but surely.
You know, watching an ecosystem of videos here and there and just being open enough to start to actually entertain other ideas.
You know, without accepting them at that time, but just being open enough to, okay, let's see what the other side has to say.
And there was a whole ecosystem on YouTube where I could go from one video to the next.
I know they're going to take this out of context.
I see the YouTube radicalizes people.
You remember that New York Times article, but it just got me a point where I could start watching pieces of several different people's videos and was slowly but surely kind of red pilling me in the process.
Just because you saw the manipulation.
I did.
And that's what opened me.
That's what makes me angry because I know so many of these so-called whistleblowers that the New York Times has that exposes the radicalization.
They never were who they say they were.
A lot of times they're being paid to tell this story about I was a bad person, it turned me into this bad person, and then you learn it's made up and they were paid.
I don't know about that guy in that particular article, but I've experienced people paid to literally tell total lies.
And it doesn't hurt me as a person, it hurts me to know that there are that many immoral bad people out there.
That are just trying to get a paycheck, you know.
I know people are saying I'm trying to get my 15 minutes of fame too.
I just blew the whistle, wanted to throw the story out there and let people make it.
Oh my gosh, stick a fork in CNN.
It's a zombie operation.
Everybody knows they lie constantly.
They're constantly getting caught.
We're going to go to break.
I promise to go to the calls.
Robert Barnes is going to be here.
Then he's going to host.
You say you love Barnes.
Well, I mean, I want to be with Barnes.
So you guys will co-host together coming up in the fourth hour.
I'm about to tell a YouTube story, but I don't have time to do it, so it'll be for another day.
But just briefly, people are asking me, what's your contact with Google and YouTube back when I worked with them?
And it was like, hey, we want more police brutality videos.
And it was that story about eight years ago that started waking me up, that they'd monetized something that made cops look bad.
But wouldn't show something and would block it if it showed a cop as good.
And that was part of my even bigger wake up.
It doesn't mean all cops are perfect, but it just meant that agenda of creating a civil war in America.
That's one little microcosm that changed my view on the police, was Google was gonna pay me to put cops down.
I had one of the producers come in here and say, man, you are really wound up today.
What's going on?
I'm working out a lot more these days and the news has got me crazy.
And then I got to talk to you later.
Robert, about the guest I've got on Friday.
It's so big, and I don't even realize how big it is.
But it deals with Trump, it deals with the campaign, it just deals with a bunch of big stuff.
And really how the Democrats have infiltrated the Trump campaign.
And folks, we don't make stuff up here.
I get things wrong.
Barnes just said, you know Trump hasn't sued CNN yet.
It's the intent to.
And I'm like, I actually know that.
Why did I say he sued them?
I get things wrong quite a bit.
Like I said, your wife, it's his fiancee.
But I don't do it on purpose.
But when it comes to big breaking things, like two years ago saying that Fiona Hill is the Soros mole, was going to set Trump up later for quid pro quo.
We let it all out, folks.
Roger Stone.
There's a reason they want Roger Stone in prison.
And I have been threatened from the highest levels to not have Roger Stone on.
Okay, and other people.
Well, let's just say this is up at that level, and it's gonna be big Friday, and it ties into the White House, and it gets into Brad Parscale, and all the rest of it.
So, constitutional lawyer, par excellence, Robert Barnes here.
He rides shotgun.
Hell, he's here about a month out of the, about a,
About a week out of the month.
And of course we have Kerry Porch here, the big CNN whistleblower.
And loaded phone lines, and I need to get to them.
But first off, we're going to go to your buddy who wanted to call in.
I'm glad he did, Scott Goldsmith, one of the veteran buddies you have from Iraq.
He wants to comment on things, and I promise I'm going to go to Chris, Michael, Ryan, Solo, and Johnny.
But any other points you guys want to add before we start getting these clips and calls?
I'm sorry, what would you like to know?
It's just so much!
I see the callers, they're going to ask this question.
What was the last straw?
Why did you do it?
We're going to go to Michael here in the calls.
What caused the guests to blow the whistle finally?
You already said it's the process.
Yeah, it wasn't a singular event for me.
It was a process, kind of like grains of sand on a weight scale.
I can't remember the exact last grain of sand.
It just tipped, finally.
Well, I mean, I think what you see is that the effect that you're talking about is a common whistleblower effect.
In other words, most people who go in want to sort of believe in what they're doing, want to believe and participate in it.
And when they start seeing things, they usually start off with like jurors in a case that won a certain outcome.
They keep trying to filter the evidence in a particular direction.
And they keep trying to say, well, maybe that meant this, or maybe that was this, or maybe that's isolated problem over here, or maybe that's just this problem over there.
And it is the accumulation.
It's when you can no longer come up with any explanation for what's taking place other than this is a group of rogue actors and bad actors that have to be exposed for any meaningful change or reform to take place.
What change do you hope takes place because of what you've done?
That's the end goal.
That's what, I mean obviously I can't speak for James personally, but that's what I wanted.
I mean, I've said it on a few tapes already that I wanted one of two things.
Either CNN and others to just publicly own where they're at.
Cool, we know what we're getting.
Or two, return to the greatness, the bastion of old, the most trusted name in news.
You know, return to that, the CNN that I loved, you know, the one
Oh my gosh, I remember my grandpa, you know, in like 1981 watching it, and it was exciting.
It was real debates.
And I mean, back when Tucker Carlson was on Crossfire, those were real debates.
And that's back when they had 10 million viewers an hour.
Again, it isn't the internet that killed CNN.
It's the fact that they are just so, it's all one message.
No doubt.
I mean, I remember talking to Bernard Shaw back in the day about how embarrassed they were over what happened over the incubator baby story.
I remember saying, you know, how did you guys get that wrong?
How did you guys allow that sort of pro-war propaganda to take place?
And he was embarrassed.
He said, we didn't ask the right questions.
We didn't do our job.
We need to meet meaningful reform.
And instead, they've gone in a completely radical, overtly partisan, different direction.
I was watching it yesterday, and the gap between it and the other news stations is so huge.
All they would cover is impeachment.
All they would cover is excuses to impeach.
And it is sad to see a great brand, a once great brand, diminish itself to a weak, partisan advocate.
And see it in Trailblaze.
It was the first 24-hour cable news station.
That's true.
And worldwide.
I want to go to these calls, we'll never get to them, but this Tulsi Gabbards clip is, is piggly wiggly out of Illinois.
The guy that literally helped get us off the internet by lying about us.
I mean, a guy would, you know, literally scream, uh, all is great, you know, there's only one God, all that stuff they yell, Allah Akbar.
It was an ISIS attack in New York.
He said it wasn't.
They took Paul's story off Twitter.
Now here he is agreeing that Tulsi Gabbards needs to be looked at as a Russian spy with no evidence.
Here it is.
Congresswoman, before we go, I want to ask you about something else the President talked about today, which is the accusation by Hillary Clinton against your fellow sitting Congresswoman, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard.
Clinton said the Russians are grooming Gabbard to run as a third-party candidate to champion their interests, referring, you know, to her being possibly a Russian asset.
I'm curious what Trump said about that today.
Hillary Clinton, if you've heard of her, she's the one that's accusing everybody of being a Russian agent.
Anybody that is opposed to her is a Russian agent.
So that's a scam that was pretty much put down.
Tulsi, I don't know Tulsi, but she's not a Russian agent.
Congressman, do you think Congresswoman Gabbard...
I simply don't have any knowledge or information on this, partly because I've been focused on this.
And the fact of the matter is, Hillary Clinton has a right to be upset.
The Russians did a full-throttle attack on her and the entire intelligence community agreed, all 17 entities, with a high level of certainty that the Russians... High level of certainty?
Let's stop there.
Barnes, what does it mean when you hear high level of certainty?
It means lack of evidence.
When it comes to the intelligence community.
High level of certainty about WMDs.
What's interesting there is the NSA, which was the only competent agency to determine that issue, refused to even use the high level of certainty language.
Instead, they said moderate level of certainty, which meant, okay, this is all BS and we know it.
You're right.
That's another lie.
All 17 didn't say that.
Correct, exactly.
Well, there is no such agencies for that purpose.
Really, the NSA is the only agency that could try to make that determination, and they couldn't come to even a high level of quote-unquote certainty.
They couldn't produce any direct evidence in support of it, and so it's just the nature of it.
And the fact that a Democratic congressperson
Hillary has a right to lie about people and destroy them.
I mean, they took us off the internet saying I was a Russian agent.
It's asinine.
And for CNN to become sort of the political hack agency.
I mean, most people's families, I never fought Russians, but I have family that literally did fight the Russians.
In Europe and Central and South America.
Okay, and so just like, it's asinine.
Oh, completely.
Well, and I think what you were talking about earlier, in terms of blowing the whistle on CNN, is that CNN has become sort of the intel agency's operation, the Democratic Party's operation.
It's no longer sort of the independent, discreet, investigative, journalistic brand it once was.
An old friend of mine, who got multiple awards in journalism school, all kinds of grants to do independent journalism, went to CNN and was bitterly disappointed by her experience because of the story she could not tell because it didn't fit in.
Who was the lion, a pretty blonde lady, she was on like 10 years ago, Lisa Lyon, no it was something Lyon, Lisa Lyon is the Coast Coast producer, something Lyon and she was there and watched Qatar and all these people paying like a half million dollars for CNN to do fake reports and she couldn't be part of it.
There's been other whistleblowers, there just wasn't Veritas, wasn't there to I guess get them on at the time.
And thankful to them.
I mean, the story couldn't have been told without them.
I mean, we see that.
I mean, I said it last night at Texas A&M.
I mean, they made everything relatively easy to come forward.
And I'd like to think that, you know, I would have been able to come forward without that type of support, but I don't know if I would have.
By the way, it was Amber Lyon.
We should get Amber Lyon back on.
She hadn't been on in like eight years.
She's a great lady.
You know, when Michael Hastings got killed, she decided to retire.
You know, they whacked Michael Hasings.
They blew his car up.
That engine shot down the road about 500 feet.
That's an unfortunate way to die.
At least it's quick!
Well, yeah, I guess that's true.
I guess that's true.
But no question, the importance of whistleblowers exposing the problems of the way the institutionalized media operates is critical to restoring any degree of independent media moving forward and a true free press going forward.
And that's all we want, Mr. Barnes.
And I mean, I'm not naive enough to think that CNN is going to take this lying down.
So my family and I, we're bracing for whatever comes next, you know?
Uh, they're going to leave you alone.
They don't want to draw more attention to this.
Your calls are coming up.
CNN whistleblower, Gary Porch, is here with us.
I'm Alex Jones.
And Robert Barnes survived the shotgun.
These guys are going to be together in the next hour.
He's going to take a break.
Kerry is.
Barnes has got a lot to cover.
They don't come back in the last 30.
But I want to go to your calls, these two segments.
And I get so excited about all the things that are happening.
Like the homeless starting to get microchipped in Austin.
That made me, the three cups of coffee feel like 10 right now.
I mean, I've been up since 5 a.m.
I've had three cups of coffee.
That doesn't normally happen to me.
I am freaked out over that article that's confirmed on Infowars.com.
It is just so crazy.
I don't know how to even respond to that.
I feel like I'm not doing a good enough job.
It's just crazy.
I'll be back this afternoon after Kerry leaves the war rooms.
I want to get more into that.
There's so much going on.
Robert Barnes will be with us throughout the rest of the week.
I didn't plug last hour, and I'm not really plugged this hour.
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Okay, let's go to calls.
I'm gonna go to Carlos, I'm gonna go to Johnny, Solo, Ryan, Michael, and Chris.
But let's go to your buddy, Scott Goldsmith, that you know from Iraq, another veteran.
Thanks for holding, Scott.
You're on the air.
Isn't this guy a trooper, Scott?
Oh, this is fentanyl, Chinese dragon.
Here to take over your country, stupid American.
Oh, I see AI break in beside Scott Goldsmith.
Scott Goldsmith has his credit score gone down.
So now message from China break in.
Oh, you know who we say we are?
LeBron James.
Told you he's a long listener.
I'm sorry, fentanyl.
Go ahead.
I'm sorry.
How you doing, Alex?
Hey, K, what's up, brother?
Hey, long time no talking person, man.
It's good to hear your voice, brother.
How are you?
Yeah, it's been a while.
It's been since March since the operation started, I remember.
That was good times.
The funny part is, Goldie here actually, we were messaging and he's like, like I was talking to him, like, hey I'm just seeing some stuff and it was already when James O'Keefe and I met, he's like, you should talk to Veritas.
I'm like, dude, don't put this on the wire.
I might be.
So, but, uh, him and, uh, him and, uh, we call him Skateman and stuff.
A lot of good people in Iraq.
Still have a lot of good friends from overseas on our tours, but, uh... Hey, let me ask you this.
Are you mad at Trump trying to get our troops out of there?
Absolutely not.
I mean, that's what he said he'd do.
Isn't that weird to have him keep his promise?
I'll put him on the southern border.
Well, what do you think of your buddy here?
I mean, he's a hero, and, uh... Absolutely.
Terry was saying that he was scared before, but he feels great now that he did it.
Yeah, I, uh...
Yeah, he said, I don't want to get too personal there, Care, hopefully I'm not, but I know he has a fiancée and he's about to have a child.
Get personal, tell us his blood type.
Yeah, okay.
And he said, and I told him, I was like, you know, you're not just doing it, you're doing it for the future, you're doing it for your future, your child.
And not only that, but you're doing it for my two boys that I have also, 10 and 6 years old.
That's awesome.
He's doing the entire country a service.
Scott, I gotta tell you.
Thanks, Scott.
I gotta tell you, brother, that it is real whistleblowers like this man that keep them scared and awake at night.
Thank you, sir.
And call back again anytime.
We're gonna go to more of these calls just briefly.
Trump has been, has left the press alone, never gone after journalists, never gone after whistleblowers.
But when he criticizes some nebulous fake whistleblower, then he's this big tyrant.
Oh, it's extraordinary.
Well, it's amazing.
When the deep state has its own form of illegal leaking, they falsely label it whistleblower.
Sort of like deep throat.
That's what deep throat Mark Felt was.
He was the head of COINTELPRO for the FBI, was mad that Nixon wasn't
Is it?
That if this had been done to President Obama, the entire Democratic political establishment and the media establishment would be enraged and up in arms and calling it the coup that it is.
So it shows the degree to which this is an old script that they've played by, and that the real whistleblowers, they've gone after.
There were whistleblowers Deep State has targeted.
And now this ambassador, Bill Taylor, says he never heard Trump.
He heard from somebody, but he can't tell us who.
This is ridiculous.
And like you said, Chinese water torture.
It'll be another whistleblower, another witness, who saw nothing.
But all 50 of them.
It's just to use the language and the lingo.
And it's very much like the Taylor of Panama, like the John le Carr novel.
These people are so used to being able to BS their way.
They operate the way spooks operate.
They're used to being able to... Well, it is a bunch of spooks.
Alright, let's go to more calls here.
Let's talk to...
Sorry, stop doing that.
It makes me talk like that.
Let's talk to Solo in Kentucky.
Oh, we saw the Kurds bombs in Kentucky on ABC News.
Oh, good media.
Oh, Trump lead the Kurds.
Sorry, Solo.
Go ahead.
Oh, yeah.
I was actually calling.
That was crazy about that because I'm not too far from that gun range that they supposedly, the Kurds or whatever, bombed.
But I had a question regarding
Um, the guy who infiltrated CNN, I was just wondering, it seems like Hillary Clinton always uses the Russian excuse for, I guess, anything she doesn't have a real excuse for.
So I was just wondering if you had noticed any patterns?
Sorry, go ahead, Kerry.
I'm sorry, can you repeat your question, sir?
Uh, I was trying to relate that to, about Tulsi, or about Hillary Clinton saying that Tulsi's a Russian agent.
And it seems like there's a pattern there that Hillary Clinton always says the same thing about somebody that she just has no control over, it seems like.
Well, because the racism thing doesn't work anymore, and the made-up anti-Semitism, I mean, there could be bad weather, and they go, you don't like the weather?
Anti-Semitic, it has nothing to do... Yeah, yeah, why do you think she goes to this Russia thing over and over again?
Well, because it's what she knows, and again, I can only speak from, you know, my personal experience, but, you know, it's one of those, it's a meme.
Where, like, everyone I don't like or agree with is either a Nazi, a Russian, a xenophobe, a transphobe, or whatever.
It's like a... And I used these terms all the time when I was a leftist.
Like, okay, differing opinion.
Well, it's a way to bully people, because my daughters are getting older, so they're around people.
And I've been to these parties and events.
And literally, like, these goth... And I'm not against goth girls.
I've dated a lot of them.
But these aren't yesterday's goth girls.
You'll be like...
I just want to go play with...
We're good.
Our child would tattooed into this new environment that is crazy even from my point of view.
That's a great point.
Let me ask you a serious question.
What sex do you think fentanyl is?
Well, the other thing here on Hillary on Russia, going to the college question, is she grew up in the Cold War era.
So that's a, she remembers that all you had to do to get rid of any kind of politically dissident group... To say Russian.
To say Russia or communism.
So you could do that from 1945, really from 1935 to 1990.
And it really is a Republican, old-fashioned Republican playbook.
And that's where she grew up.
People forget she's a Goldwater girl.
She grew up in that culture.
So she knew, okay, if I'm in trouble and somebody is causing me trouble and exposing something problematic, just call them Russian.
And that will get me out of all my problems.
I'm sorry, but the Russians, not the people, the Russian government's not very competent.
I mean, the Chinese are the ones running our business.
I didn't hear the Russians telling us that the NBA, you know, can't support Hong Kong.
Because if the Russians did that, I'd tell them to go to hell!
The Russians are not a threat.
They don't like Putin in particular because Putin is anti the sort of EU-established order of things.
They can't push Putin around.
That drives them nuts.
Same reason why they hate Trump is the reason why they hate Putin.
Putin is not a threat to the United States.
He could be a great ally to the United States in the war against Islam and in dealing with China.
We're pushing Russia... Look, they're very honest in the war against Islam.
Yeah, that's what it is.
I mean, it's a war against the politicization of Islamic radicalization that's taking place that threatens Russia as much as it does any other country.
Yeah, I know.
The globalists are definitely using Russia as their takeover tool.
I mean, not Russia, the Islamists.
And how do they think they're going to control the Islamists in the future?
Right, exactly.
I mean, that's the dynamic.
You talk about playing with fire, folks.
Oh, no doubt about it.
We need to get fentanyl on Islamic buddy.
Oh, hello, jihadi.
We'll be right back.
I'd say it's great having Barnes here with us as well.
He is just always interesting to listen to.
I'm not hyping stuff up.
We got a really big announcement tomorrow about
Problems Trump faces, and this could really help Trump.
I may just come back in this afternoon and cover it.
It's dangerous stuff.
And then I've got a special guest Friday.
You're not going to want to miss.
I'm just going to leave it at that.
It's going to be big.
Let's take some more phone calls.
And then Barnes is going to move over to this seat.
And Kerry's having fun, so he's going to stay as long as he wants into this hour.
They should take a break towards the end of the hour.
And he's doing some of the War Room with Owen Schroeder today.
All of them at band.video and fullwars.com.
We really appreciate the listeners.
Let's go ahead and go to Carlos in Canada.
Carlos, go ahead.
You're on the air with Robert Barnes and CNN Whistleblower.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Alex.
During the 2016 presidential campaign, it was shown clearly that CNN, in a deliberate effort to deceive the American people, increased pictures, showed pictures, doctored pictures, of higher attendance at Hillary Clinton's rallies that clearly
I was not aware at the time, you know, that I worked at CNN.
Actually, hold on.
The 60, actually I do remember seeing those reports because remember I was campaigning for Bernie so of course I was really entrenched in the disinformation warfare scene where they would have a cross section of
You think?
Well, they totally stole them on record, but Carlos raises a good point.
I forgot about that, how they photoshopped the stuff in.
I mean, how do you keep track of all these lies?
Oh, because it's so systemic and systematic.
I mean, for example, today CNN has a pullout, and they bury the lead, which is for the first time in two years.
Republican and Trump supporters are much more excited about voting in the 2020 election than Trump critics and Democrats.
In fact, by a large margin.
I mean, look at his rallies.
They turned away 30,000 in Dallas.
I was there.
It's another example of material omission.
So here you have a CNN poll that has favorable information for Trump, very favorable information, because those people who said impeachment would be a political disaster for Democrats,
Yeah, exactly.
And he's at least anti-establishment.
And he has a history of taking contrarian positions on immigration and gun control.
Now he's abandoned those positions today.
I want Carlos to get a final point and then I'm going to let you guys take over and you can get to these calls as well if you'd like.
I'm sure you will.
But let me just ask this question to both of you for after I go and I can listen to you respond to it.
How are they planning?
Because you're really the expert on this, Barnes.
How are they planning when this AG report comes out that Grassley now says maybe a whitewash, you warned yesterday.
How are they going to square it up when this latest person, again, just said he heard people say this, and then you go to the actual transcripts or witnesses, Trump didn't say it, and the EU ambassador admonished Bill Taylor, the U.S.-Ukraine ambassador, and said, that's not true, don't do that.
So, it's just, that should backfire and boomerang on them.
If you've been caught lying over and over again, how do you then keep, you know, continuing to put new lies out for old?
But they really are building the consensus to take Trump out.
Trump had to go after Lindsey Graham to make him come out and say, you know, we should excoriate and have a resolution against the House, what Democrats are doing.
I mean, I get it's energized Trump's base and Trump seems confident by that.
That's good.
But if we get too confident,
They're moving against Trump, one way or another, I think, at a gut level, and you can see it in their action, even though it's crazy and reckless.
So, how will they do it, A?
B, if they're successful, what do you both think happens?
We'll be back in 60 seconds.
Carlos, thank you, great points.
And Johnny, Ryan, Michael, Chris, these guys will get to you as well.
So, co-hosting Robert Barnes with...
Kerry Ports, the CNN whistleblower.
In only eight days, nine days, look at where he's come from.
That dropping to now in InfoWars.
He's going to hell fast, isn't he?
According to CNN.
We're only here because of you.
I love you, listeners.
We need support.
It is fulfilling to know that there are serious challenges in our individual lives and to our species in general.
It's fulfilling to face the hard facts because we are designed to take on a challenge when we decide to actually engage and be involved and have purpose driven lives.
So many people are completely empty, no matter how much money or how much success they have, because they did it only for themselves, not for
Now, the globalists understand this.
The social engineers know how we tick.
And so they will create an artificial system of collectivism where a centralized corporate board collectivizes us for the so-called good of the people.
But really, we're being collectivized so we can be controlled and engineered and further dumbed down and turned into slaves.
That's the admitted globalist program.
So I like to pull back and look at things that are really hard to change versus things that are really easy to change.
And InfoWars has been instrumental, thanks to your support, in launching major initiatives against the anti-human forces of the NWO.
That said though, electromagnetic radiation from 5G, what they're doing to us through the vaccines, all of this is a real challenge.
The brainwashing of our children, the sexualization of our children, all of this is done to sabotage the species so we don't go to the next level.
But one of the ways we can really, really take action is with things that our bodies absolutely have to have to live and survive.
And these are things that the globalists have very quietly, but in a steady way, focused on to make sure that we don't get them in our diets so that we are dumb, so that we are slow.
So that we are lethargic.
So that we don't have that initiative.
Because if we have the initiative, well then we will make choices in our lives and be involved in ways that take control away from the control freak social engineer, globalist, the mad scientist that think they're God.
Now that said, this is how we fund our operation.
And I fund our operation with things that I believe in, that I know are good, and that I use.
And I cannot tell you enough.
How important it is to realize that almost all the soils on the planet are depleted of iodine.
If you don't have iodine, you will get deficiencies, you will end up dying.
That's a fact.
And there's all the big studies, Europe, US, China, Mexico, there's thousands of them, that iodine deficiency causes
Autism-like symptoms.
It causes birth defects.
It causes so many serious problems.
Very low IQs in children.
And if you add fluoride to that, which Western governments add to the water and to foods, then it accelerates that.
And our life expectancy is going down in the West.
Infant mortality is exploding.
We are getting stupider and stupider.
Our IQs are plunging.
And ladies and gentlemen, this is being done by the cold-blooded establishment to create a system where the West falls and then there'll be nobody to oppose their authoritarianism because all the other nations accept it.
They never had the revolutions that we had in America and areas of England and Europe.
And so it's a big deal.
So I want to just encourage you to understand this isn't just some pitch to fund InfoWars.
We have the Iodine Challenge at MFORESTORE.COM.
X2 and X3 and Biotrue Selenium, the very best out there.
It goes very well with the iodine.
To supercharge the electrochemical activities in your body.
Your body makes hormones off of iodine.
It's just incredible.
And find out what the good halogen does versus the bad halogen.
60% off on the Iodine Global Challenge.
And please tell others about this information and give them the facts because this is key to stopping the globalist agenda.
Alright, back with the Alex Jones Show, with the CNN whistleblower, and we got some phone calls to answer.
Let's go to Chris in Washington.
How you doing?
Hey, we're good.
You're on, Chris, go ahead.
Alright, thanks.
You know, I just wanted to say that, Kerry, you're very heroic, and as a patriot, and
I really appreciate what you what you did.
And you know, you were talking about the grains of sand.
You know, I'm a single father, daughter of 12.
And my biggest concern is her future.
Me, I'm at the age where it really doesn't matter for me so much anymore.
Do you think that having your having your newborn coming, expecting a child helped you just help you over the edge to reach out to James O'Keefe?
Just curious.
Yeah, Chris, thanks so much for calling in and obviously thanks for your patience.
I know a lot of people are patient to get on the show and I definitely appreciate that and your words.
So, first of all, like all the messages and phone calls and texts and, you know, GoFundMe messages that got to me directly.
I mean, I'm
It's all humbling, and I'm just trying to do the right thing, just like I'm sure you would have, too, Chris.
But to your question, I mean, I think us finding out that we were expecting a child, to me, obviously, at first it was pretty scary.
Just, you know, you're a father as well.
But I think that kind of pushed me into overdrive, where I'm like, I have to do this for...
Not only the Republic, but, you know, my selfish version of the Republic, you know, my own circle.
So, because I just wanted my child to, you know, have a shot at a fair and free election, at least possibly the last one we might have.
Hopefully this will just be the turning point or the match that lights the candle for an awakening.
That's all we're trying to do.
So, hopefully that answers your questions, but it definitely pumped it into overdrive for me and my fiancée as well.
Thanks, Chris.
Let's go to Michael in Indiana.
Hey, I was at you've actually already answered my question.
So I was really just want to say thank you as a veteran.
Also, I was in OEF.
We just couldn't.
I have been praying for someone like you to come out and just God reveal this to you and let you see just like I'm super glad Alex is pushing the iodine thing because that has been vital.
That is like I've opened up more people's eyes with what runs your gland.
No one knows.
It's halogen.
If you take iodine, this will change your life, people.
Thank you, gentlemen, so much.
You have a wonderful day.
Thank you, sir.
You as well.
Thank you, Michael.
Let's go to Ryan in Missouri.
Go ahead, Ryan.
Yeah, you're on.
All right.
Yeah, I had a remark about Kerry, something he had said earlier in the program about the social media spying.
So I had an experience about a week ago.
My wife had bought something from the store, you know,
Wal-Mart, I suppose.
It was food-related.
About 30 minutes later, after she got home, I had the exact same product on my Facebook as an ad.
I have never bought that item.
I have never bought that brand or anything like that.
And, yeah, I mean, I live here in Southern Missouri in the middle of a cornfield, so this stuff is reaching everybody, this Spygate.
It's really weird, man.
Oh, no doubt about it.
I mean, the degree to which the institutional media services the interests of the institutional powers within the deep state is extraordinary.
And I mean, we were just discussing a CNN article that's exceptionally misleading from today that says, dramatic deposition rocks Trump's impeachment defense.
And aside from the fact that it didn't rock Trump's impeachment defense at all, the individual didn't have much relevant and pertinent testimony.
But in addition, the way they refer to Ukraine is, quote, the former Soviet state.
So there's this constant efforts to demonize and to create this false impression out there that CNN has become sort of a partisan... I mean, even groups like Pravda didn't go as far as CNN does these days.
I mean, because they wanted to maintain some appearance, they weren't as obviously biased as they were.
And how early on did you recognize the problems with CNN's bias, and at what point did you realize it was cultural and institutional as opposed to just individual?
Um, probably for me just within the first 90 days.
Um, and so, and by the way, thank you for your call, Ryan, and everything, and we've all had that experience where cat food pops up the next day, and we, and I have marketing, I'm just trying to go back to him real quick.
Sure, absolutely, go ahead.
And I actually have digital marketing people that tell me that swear up and down that that's not listening to us, but I'm like, how else could it know exactly what we want or we buy, or I pop up with a
It's wild.
It blows my mind how good these things are getting.
But to your question, can you repeat it just a little bit, Mr. Barnes?
We'll come back with that after the break to discuss it about how you figured out that there was a cultural, institutional effect and it wasn't just individual.
And right after the break we'll go that further with the CNN whistleblower to go into how the institutional media is operating.
We appreciate all the calls.
We may have a few more calls after the break.
And so come back and we'll discuss more on the Alex Jones Show, the CNN whistleblower exposing the truth about institutional media in the modern age.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show here at Infowars.com and at Band.video.
We're here with the CNN whistleblower who blew the whistle on the degree to which the CNN cultural influence has so corrupted and corroded the independence of independent journalism at CNN that there isn't any independent journalism left at CNN.
And it shows the scale of it.
We were just discussing before the break
Your recognition of when you realized it was not just individual but cultural at CNN, the scope and the scale of the problem.
Can you talk about that?
Yeah, I noticed it.
I wouldn't say immediately because remember I was still kind of fully entrenched on the left when I was there.
I didn't start...
Having my antenna raised until even a few weeks into it, like those 9 a.m.
calls, because they were broadcast on speakerphone.
Most someone had it on somewhere on the floor.
I obviously didn't realize it was Zucker.
Who else?
I just figured it was someone important because people were dialing in every day and kind of getting their marching orders.
And I thought that's how all news ran.
And then, of course, you saw the Hannity interview.
He's like, that's never happened to me.
I'm like, oh, OK, well, whatever.
But when I would hear these people again, I didn't know it was Zucker who was at the time, but higher ups talking about, hey, we need to cover the story this way or that way because of it'll make Trump look bad or this or that.
And and I remember kind of that singular thought.
Remember, I was a never Trumper at the time.
And I was like, wait a minute.
Trump's going to make himself look bad.
Why are we trying to help him?
Um, and so that was kind of my when my first antenna went up, and then that would sort of kind of led me down a path to listening more and more to see.
Like, OK, I have this new theory, so let's see if it plays out.
And again, it just did, and it built up grains of sand grains of rice till I just I couldn't take anymore in February of this year, right?
So right at right at two years was.
When I was at the end of this whole time from about 6 to 9 months on is when I started basically.
Modifying my beliefs and kind of researching but right at the two-year mark was when I just I couldn't take it anymore.
And to what degree, like, did you start doing independent research?
So, you know, I just started, so I tell my friends when they said, hey, what was your job like?
And I said, I equated it to a firefighter, not in the thing of danger by any means, but in the fact that there was a pretty decent amount of downtime.
But when it was go, it was go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
Like the Pittsburgh shooting and the synagogue shooting.
You know, I was on my off day and had to whisk away to Pittsburgh for nine days when my mom was in town.
And meeting my fiancé for the first time.
That went over well.
Yeah, of course.
But, yeah, just my own independent research, because I knew what I believed at the time, you know, fully, you know, fully progressive, leftist type thing.
And then I started listening to just a few different points of view on YouTube.
Like I would say, you know, like your crowders, your Nancy and Brian Logans, you know, every now and then.
You know, that type of ecosystem, like your Charlie Kirks and stuff like that, and it kind of led me down this path.
I'm like, well, let me at least hear what the other side has to say.
And I told the Turning Point people that, where I spoke at last night and to A&M, I was like, you guys don't realize that, indirectly, you guys had a hand in my, you know, red-pilling and awakening.
Uh, and it blew their mind when they thought about that.
So yeah, indirectly down the food chain, like you guys had a hand in this video that we just watched, or that just released.
So, um, it's just, I credit a lot of good friends that were able to sit down, like Goldie that called in earlier, and just good friends like that were sitting down and willing to have the conversation with me as I was a screeching NPC, as I like to call myself back in the day.
But again, that's only one side that's willing to sit down and have a beer and discuss things in an open environment.
You know, what classical liberalism used to be.
Right, exactly.
Sort of the Dave Rubin style.
Yeah, and he was one of my ecosystem as well.
I love me some Dave Rubin.
Well, it's fascinating.
I mean, it's the reason why they foreclosed the success of InfoWars, reaching new people, converting people into looking at things from a different perspective.
And because InfoWars, the model relies upon people's own conscience, people's own cognitive capacities to make their own decisions and their own determinations, was so revolutionary in its effectiveness in 2016, it's why it's banned.
It's they don't want people like you to be able to find things like InfoWars in an easily accessible platform or format that can change their perspective or frame of mind or expose them to information they didn't previously have so that they can make their own decisions.
And you guys have a, and forgive me for stepping in, but I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but InfoWars, like your crowders, everything like that is pretty much user supported.
So it's like...
Well, InfoWars is, people should go to InfoWarsStore.com and buy the product.
Buy their stuff, whatever, yeah.
It's the most democratic version of a free press.
Vote with your dollar, right?
It was how they originated under, when the founders started, the government actually gave money to set up small press operations.
Because they were desperate for an independent free press to be vibrant and alive, even if that free press was attacking the politicians that were giving them the money.
That's how committed they were to the idea of a free press.
They meant a free press not only free from governmental control and censorship and suppression, but also a free press independent of corporate control, independent of foreign powers, independent of being corrupted by institutional effects.
And so Infowars has recreated that model by democratizing access to the press by having a democratic support system.
InfoWars is the only media of this size and scale that doesn't depend on big dollar donors, that doesn't depend on corporate advertisers, that doesn't depend on institutional subsidy or support.
Instead, InfoWars has been the most attacked in terms of getting access to platforms and technologies to reach peoples and audiences of any major network in the world.
And it's because it's a truly democratic structure.
It's supported because people go to InfoWareStore.com and buy what they want to buy anyway.
And they get to buy their own products that they're already buying that make their lives healthier and wealthier and wiser.
But they get to buy them at a discounted price.
And then while doing it at a discounted price, they're supporting the truest, freest press in the world.
And so it's an extraordinary experiment.
And it's what CNN originally sort of partially talked about being, this independent barometer, this New York Times of sort of the gray lady of news for TV, for the world.
And it's sad how it has eroded and degraded into a mockery and a shadow of itself.
And that's why the InfoWars is sort of a constant mirror to what they should be, what they hold themselves out as, but are not.
And all the demonization they direct at Infowars, like Oliver Darcy and others routinely do, is really a reflection of CNN looking in the mirror at its own problems.
What they accuse Infowars of is what they do.
They are a propaganda arm of the institutional press and of the intelligence agencies and structures.
Why is it?
I remember discussing this with Bernie Shaw when he said they weren't going to do it, but then they still did do it.
Make mistakes again.
It's like, why is it CNN has never got a single war right?
Why is it they did the war propaganda machine every time?
How is it they just fall for it repeatedly and routinely?
The fact that they've been pushing a kooky conspiracy theory concerning Russia and Trump and now it's extending it to Tulsi Gabbard, a Democratic leftist congresswoman.
Who's running for president.
Who's one of the most great military backers.
If the Democrats had an IQ over 50, they'd nominate.
Because she would be a problem for Trump.
Particularly in the upper Midwest.
But she has zero chance.
Hillary's annoyed and offended that she's even on the platform stage.
And so we see it.
We do have a lot of callers and people that have waited for a long time.
Let's go to Johnny in Canada.
Hey Mr. Burns, how are ya?
Very good, thank you sir.
I gotta say, my apologies for any issues my country has given to you and Mr. Alex over the last six months or so.
Yeah, all I can say is a lot of PVC pipe and shovels are being bought at Home Depot here in Canada.
Jerry, I kind of know where you're at.
You're about to embark on a wonderful journey of parenthood.
There's nothing wrong with it at all.
It's just awesome.
Great, thank you.
And, uh, you're welcome.
Um, I gotta ask you a question.
Um, aside from the fact that you're jumping off a train without a bra with in the dark, uh, I've had that issue myself.
Um, what you're talking about or what you talked about, your experiences is a lot like working in an intelligent self.
Um, it's all putting out fires.
When you decided that... Yeah, sorry to get to the point.
Jerry, my hat's off to you.
A lot of us out there, we only have part of the solution.
I'm just saying, I just want to ask,
Like, uh, when you finally made the decision, did you turn the light on?
On your question, say you're gonna make, go with this course of action, and then decide that, holy crap, you've seen a whole bunch more holes in this whole thing.
Like, with me, it was, uh, it was in Canada, when Alex first came to, uh, to Canada.
It's, it's, I don't know, it's, it's just a whole blood work of things.
Um, I don't mean to be rambling, but that's, that's the way I look at it.
No, you're fine.
Pass off to you guys.
No, much appreciated, sir.
If I understood your question correctly, was there a singular moment that woke me up, for lack of a better term?
Was that what you were asking?
No, it's like, once you came to that determination, you're gonna go that course of action.
Did you see other things happening that was totally wrong?
Well, I mean, I saw a bunch of things that I deemed that were, you know, not above board, you know, almost from the beginning.
So it was just hard because I was fighting my own biases at the moment, my own dissonance and stuff, like, no, this can't be right.
I mean, it straight up was kind of like a Matrix movie, not to be overly cliche, but, you know, trying to like, no, it can't be, no.
And basically I was fighting that for two years.
And, um, you know, going in and I don't know, there's all kinds of studies out there where even if you don't hear the news, your mind will pick up the chyrons and you'll still consume content.
And there, I'm assuming the same in every bureau.
I can't attest to Fox.
I only worked at CNN, but you know, where you, uh, there's TVs everywhere, like everywhere.
There's even a TV on in the bathroom with whatever's live going on.
So like I was consuming news, whether by hearing or visually, um,
You know, eight hours a day, you know, pretty much my full workday.
I mean, I could be on my laptop doing whatever, but I glance up and I see the chyrons.
So I'm still consuming news.
And it's just one of the things where it built and built and built and built.
And then finally, the two years that, you know, roughly at CPAC, when I
When I was covered it, and then I saw James O'Keefe at the Epic Times booth, and I'm like, you know what?
I'm gonna go talk to this guy.
And then he got up on stage, and that was the Facebook Insider reveal.
And that's when I'm like, you know, be brave, do something.
I'm like, you know what?
I'm gonna be brave.
I'm gonna do something.
And I went down, sought him out, and then that was in February or March, whenever the exact day was, all the way up until this past Monday.
So, roundabout way to answer your question, but hopefully that kind of answered it.
I apologize.
Yeah, thank you Johnny.
Let's go to Rob in Canada.
Hey Gary, thanks a lot for being on the show today.
But I just get back to the same question.
Can you give me like an example, like say the border wall coverage.
Give me an example of something that was going on at CNN when you're there at work.
And you're just like, no, I know this is wrong.
Because I've got all my friends, these are highly educated people, master's degrees, Ivy League schools, and they're like, no way, there's no way the New York Times is lying or distorting stuff.
They couldn't do that.
Washington Post, all this, the most trusted, you know, name in news.
So can you share with me an example of
Yeah, absolutely.
And Robert, you can maybe help me out on this.
I'm trying to remember the exact facts, or the ladies and gentlemen in the room, but I remember, yeah, the border wall crisis, the kids in cages, you know, kids are dying and stuff like that.
And again, I can't remember if it was exactly CNN, the outlet, or any of their friends, but, you know, they just brought up the old Obama pictures from, what, 14 or 15 with the kids with the, what, like, foil blankets type thing.
You know, that was created during the previous administration.
Of course, it's not whataboutism, but it's one of those things where, like, I knew that picture that was floating around on Twitter and stuff like that about, you know, the previous administration with the kids and in the, you know, cages and the blankets and stuff.
And, like, I even knew that.
And then having to see the mainstream outlets kind of have to backtrack only when people from the independent media were calling them out.
So that was another one of those grains of rice that were tipping the scale.
I'm like, what are we doing here?
You know, and that's right after, correct me if I'm wrong, that's after the new slogan came out, the Facts First type thing.
And that blatantly was not a fact.
They were using a previous photo from, you know, a previous administration to basically, you know, spike the ball on the current narrative that they wanted to spin.
And that was just, again, one of many grains of rice, so to speak.
And it just, it kind of led me further down the path.
It's like, what are we doing here?
I mean, I was never a journalist.
It's just, but this can't be journalism, if that makes sense.
I mean, I have a sister that went to journalism school.
Well, I don't know if I want to now.
You know, these guys are this dishonest.
There's just, you know.
So, can you share another example, like, you know, the most recent impeachment type stuff?
Yeah, well, the most recent example for me, again, you know, I left about a week or so ago, but I was boots on ground covering the Mueller report.
You know, leading up to it, hey, we're going to do all-day wall-to-wall coverage, you know, 24-7 on the Mueller report.
It's like, cool, now we're going to finally get to the bottom of this Russia thing.
And, you know, at this point I was fully red-pilled.
I wanted to go see, like, hey, if there's something, let's see what $50 million and however many thousands of man hours, let's, I wanted to see if this was legit or if there was smoke and mirrors.
Just like the millions of Americans, like, okay, let's, like, if it was proven collusion or anything like that was Russian, like, cool, let's ring up the impeachment process and go from there.
Like, that's where I was.
Just like most Americans, like, if the facts bear out, let's pursue this course of action.
Came out to be not at what everyone thought it was, and you didn't hear about it.
Um, ever since then, or I mean the new when Mueller testified what a few weeks later, of course, there was one of the big lead up to that.
And then what happened after after, you know?
Special Counsel Mueller testified.
We still haven't heard anything else about it after that.
And now we're into Ukraine.
It's just, again, I can't speak to expertise on all these things.
It's just seeing what I saw from the inside.
Like, we heard nothing but wall-to-wall Mueller coverage.
Report came out, kind of fell flat.
Then wall-to-wall coverage on, hey, Mueller's going to testify.
Let's see what's going on.
Did he even write the report?
Again, I'm not speaking one way or the other.
It's just if you watch those eight hours of whatever, it seemed a little suspect.
And again, I'm just a layman.
So even to me, it was like, what is going on here?
So, you know, that's kind of the most recent one I can think of.
And by that time, I was like,
I know I'm doing the right thing.
Oh, no doubt about it.
I mean, well, the other thing is you look at, I mean, like the impeachment coverage, it's so over-the-top political, it loses its credibility.
Even if you want to be a partisan activist or news organization, there's still a way to present the story in such a way that people don't see you as just partisan acts, that you maintain some degree of credibility as independent or authoritative.
They're not even maintaining that by their over-the-top assertiveness.
They've chosen to be overtly political while lying about being overtly political.
And unbiased as well.
Again, I tell this story all the time.
I watch Fox.
I know I'm getting a conservative point of view.
MSNBC, I know I'm getting a left or progressive point of view.
Young Turks, hyper-progressive.
It's honest.
Yeah, it's like, cool, I know what I'm getting when I consume it.
Cool, I'm getting it from position X.
Well exactly, you're not getting something that is so disguised as apolitical when it's overtly political.
And now, the other people that you know there, do you think there may be future whistleblowers from CNN as well?
I hope so.
You know, I forget which tape it was on, but I mean, first of all, again, these people are good people to your listeners.
They're good people, as you saw from the tapes, that just want to do their job, but are obviously being handcuffed from up high.
And I've had that conversation, like those conversations you see on tape, like that's not a one-off.
Like I've had that exact conversation with many people in the building that say, like, hey, I don't like Trump, but I don't think we should keep covering him all the time.
Like there's an earthquake in Bermuda or this happened over here or...
You know, there's so many great newsworthy things in the world happening, but hey, let's stay on Trump.
Like, okay.
And even when, like, for instance, we were covering the Pittsburgh shooting, you know, we're in the press pool with, like, all the different, like, your NBCs, your ABCs, CBS, like, all those people, all of them had the same thing, like,
At least now we're covering news.
Granted, Trump is part of it because he's coming, but it's like, cool, we're actually covering news.
Everyone was excited to get out of DC and cover news.
The reason why they went to work at CNN was to cover news.
It wasn't to be part of their own information war.
I think so.
All right, well, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show and InfoWars.com.
The whistleblower is taking a little bit of a break, but let's go to some of the videos that were exposed by his whistleblowing.
Let's look, I think, at Project Veritas video number 18, where we see that the CNN's corruption and collusion between big media and the
The whistleblower.
Okay, we're going to try to locate that video and come back to it.
What you see, and what CNN has done, and you see it today in the stories where they're talking about dramatic deposition rocks Trump impeachment defense.
You see an example of what the whistleblower is talking about.
You see both what is it included and what is excluded, what is contextualized and how it's contextualized.
So you start with the first sentence, which says the deposition by Bill Taylor.
Now here right away they called it a deposition.
Not really.
A deposition you would have both sides would be meaningfully present.
Both sides could ask questions.
There would be a transcript of it.
The transcript would be easily available.
Often they're videotaped.
Contrast it to the depositions that have been you've seen in other cases in other contexts.
None of that is available here.
We don't have a video deposition that we can see.
We don't have a transcript that's been fully released.
We don't see any questions being asked by anyone other than Democrats as far as what's being told in the story.
So right away there's this creation of this deposition which has this inferential reference to something that's independent, something that's organic, something that's authentic, something that's part of the legal process to discover the truth.
And by using that label, when it's really an inaccurate label for what took place here, it's just one illustration and example of how CNN is misleading its audience.
But that's not the only example of it.
The deposition by Bill Taylor, and here they just say Bill Taylor, so they don't go into detail as to who Bill Taylor is.
They don't discuss that Bill Taylor is sort of a career State Department guy, that Bill Taylor is connected to Obama and Democrats, that Bill Taylor was not someone that Trump was particularly interested in promoting and putting out there.
So they don't contextualize Bill Taylor at all.
They make him sound like just an independent, honest, as they call him, a top U.S.
They don't put in background and in context how he got there.
They don't put in context that he was there because the person he replaced had allegations of corruption and improper relationships with Ukraine that go all the way back to the coup in Ukraine that took place there.
This is
The former ambassador to Ukraine,
Who also is connected to Christopher Steele and the dossier and the dirty dossier that was used by the Hillary Clinton campaign through Fusion GPS to attack the president in 2016 that led to the and initiated and instigated and was the predicate for the entire Spygate scandal.
That Ukrainian ambassador was connected to all of that.
So here just says the deposition by Bill Taylor and there's no context as to who Bill Taylor is.
No context as to why he is in the position that he's in.
No context as to whether or not he has a bias against the president.
No context as to whether or not he himself had been involved or was connected to these scandals involved in Ukraine and the Obama administration's political involvement in Ukraine.
Documented in even left-leaning documentaries like Ukraine on Fire by Oliver Stone.
So the first part is they use the word deposition, don't put it on context, creates misleading inferences.
The second major phrase in the sentence is Bill Taylor, which they again don't give context to, except to call him a U.S.
diplomat, which is misleading under the circumstances.
And then they say appears to directly refute.
Now there again we see appears, right?
That means he didn't, that means he did not actually directly refute the president, or they would say he directly refuted President Trump.
Instead they say it appears to directly refute.
And they use that phraseology because the word appears is one that can protect you from libel suits.
And here the president has already put CNN on notice that he plans on pursuing legal action against them based on the information disclosed by the whistleblower who's been with us in the studio today.
So again, there's this sort of misleading inference, appears to directly refute.
Well, that's different than the headline.
Dramatic deposition rocks Trump's impeachment defense.
And then it says, well, appears to kind of maybe sort of refute the president.
That there was no quid pro quo in his dealings.
And here they say, quote, with the former Soviet state.
So here again, they're trying to bring up that Soviet specter, the communism specter, that Hillary Clinton is repeatedly and routinely relying upon for her saying, Russia, Russia, Russia.
Whether it's Tulsi Gabbard, whether it's the President, whether it's anyone else.
And they're connecting, I mean, why, the Ukraine has not been a Soviet state since 1991.
You're talking about almost 30 years since there's been any connection to the Soviet Union.
So why bring up the former Soviet state in this context?
It's clearly meant to trigger fear, trigger worry, trigger an image of a totalitarian government that can do terrible and horrible things.
So it's this independent bureaucrat, but instead is portrayed as a diplomat who's out to expose the president being involved with the former Soviet state.
This is how news turns into propaganda.
And so you see that consistently throughout the entire article.
The article has Kerry Cordero, a CNN legal analyst and former senior Justice Department and intelligence community official, describe Taylor's testimony as an incredibly big deal.
Now here, again, you see a CNN legal analyst and former senior Justice Department, and here's the part, intelligence community official.
So why not just say, ex-Deep State operative, tied and connected on an ongoing basis to the Deep State, who has sort of a Deep State ideological approach to the world.
That would be a more accurate detail.
But notice they don't tell you what the Justice Department position is, and they don't tell you what the position in the intelligence community was.
They just sort of make it sound like they're an authoritative source, rather than someone who might have an institutional prejudice against the president.
And described it as an incredibly big deal, when there was actually nothing in the testimony at all, that was an incredibly big deal.
And how do you know that?
Because you keep going through the article and you keep trying to find them quoting the actual testimony.
And basically there's very little of it.
In fact, you have to keep going.
You still can't find the quoting the testimony.
Still can't find quoting a testimony.
Almost no actual quotes of the testimony itself.
And the reason for that is because the testimony itself doesn't support the proposition in the headline.
So that's the sort of pattern of behavior you see from CNN that was detailed that we now have seen the internal makings, the way the sausage is really made at CNN, by the whistleblower's disclosures and why it's so revelatory and significant.
And it relates to what's coming, as Senator Grassley was talking about, being concerned about the FISA report coming from the Inspector General of the Attorney General's Office of the Department of Justice, Mr. Horowitz.
So he's been investigating the ways in which the Department of Justice and the FBI and other officials related to their counterintelligence unit and counterespionage unit employed the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
Which is popularly and colloquially known by its acronym of FISA in the 2016 campaign and through early 2017.
And so there's already concern by Senator Grassley that there's going to be an attempt to whitewash that report or to try to suppress the true impact of that report.
And so that headline is out today and the reason for the concern, you can find it on InfoWars.com and an article by Jamie White.
And he said the Inspector General's upcoming report on potential FISA abuses by the FBI will likely be whitewashed by the very deep state forces it's set to expose.
The reason why Senator Grassley has reason for concern is one of the problematic aspects is despite making himself available, Carter Page, the primary person whose rights were abused by the misuse and abuse of FISA during the 2016 campaign and during part of 2017, continued
Mr. Trump was President of the United States and had already taken office is because they have not interviewed him.
Horowitz's office has taken no action to talk to him, to get his perspective, to get his intel, to get his information.
And while the Inspector General technically is simply focused on whether certain rules and procedures that govern the FBI and the Department of Justice were followed by these individuals,
And so from that perspective, would not need Carter Page's testimony.
Carter Page's testimony would still be helpful as the victim of that process.
To show how incredulous the nature of what they did was.
So that's why Senator Grassley is concerned.
And it's probably not a coincidence.
That's right.
So come back in the next hour and we'll discuss more at InfoWars.com.
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