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Name: 20191021_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 21, 2019
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"Alex Jones discusses various topics in his live broadcast, including impeachment attempts against Trump, censorship by big tech companies, and economic instability caused by the wealth gap. He promotes products available on his website InfoWarsStore.com and encourages listeners to support InfoWars. Jones criticizes Democratic politicians for their foreign policies and corruption, highlighting protests in various countries as examples of people fighting against governments that rob them of freedoms."

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It is Monday, October 21st, 2019.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're gonna be here live for the next four hours ahead of Owen Schroyer and The War Room, coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, Austin, broadcasting worldwide.
The Globalists have announced and telegraphed their latest
Impeachment plans to remove the president and what they're going to do after they remove the president.
They know it's going to cause civil unrest.
I'm not saying they're going to be successful, but they are definitely going to make the hot attempt.
This is
Put out, Friday, a two minute short video that shows Trump walking out from behind the stage out into the Dallas arena for the biggest crowd yet and they turned away 30,000 people.
Go ahead and roll it.
And this is why.
The globalists want to remove Trump because he's boosting our morale.
He's teaching us not to hate ourselves.
And he is identifying the true enemies of America.
Communists, socialists, and globalists, which are all the same thing, run by the megacorporations, who want to destabilize humanity and make normal human independence
They want to make everything artificial.
Like Terminator seeds that Monsanto came out with 30 years ago.
They now have more than 30, 40 major seed varieties.
Last time I checked, it's more than 40.
Where the plant grows, but then it doesn't produce seeds that will produce a new plant.
It's an artificial plant that doesn't continue the life cycle.
You have to go back to them to get it each time.
It's meant to sew up the markets.
It's meant to end any type of self-sufficiency.
And when you look at these articles, England is the model for this.
They're only a few years ahead of us.
Actual PC police, British law enforcement allow convicted male rapist to identify as a female so they can go in bathrooms with women.
That's up on Infowars.com from RT.
Biological male sets world record for women's cycling.
See, it's a war on reality and a war on people's privacy.
Teen Vogue, we need to think beyond the incorrect idea that periods are just for women.
Wants tampons provided in men's bathrooms.
You go, that's mental illness.
Well, that's like Castro in the debate saying we need money for men that want to have abortions.
UK police force highlights problem of racist toddlers.
The globalists want to target children.
Body parts buyers were again scalping the babies and selling the scalps to leftists who like to wear them as symbols of their power.
UK police investigate transgender being turned down for porn role as a hate crime.
That is just some of the news.
Meanwhile, you've got...
The establishment who are a bunch of pedophiles.
Start your day with Maximum Gay.
Kellogg's launches LGBT cereal.
And again, all people that are homosexuals don't hate babies and children.
But in the left, in the establishment in Hollywood, they look down on them, they hate them.
And they're just transmuting their religion onto us and then taking over children's spaces.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us on this October 21st, 2019 global broadcast.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Let me tell you what is coming up today.
We have the huge CNN whistleblower, Carrie Porch, joining us at the bottom of the next hour, and other surprise guests.
I'm just going to leave it at that.
So you'll definitely want to join us because Project Veritas got a lot of attention last week with that initial group of videos they released.
But they have hundreds and hundreds of hours of it.
They've released even more important, more and more just insane stuff of what's really going on inside CNN.
We're going to be breaking that down with him coming up at the bottom of the next hour.
We're looking to have him in studio, hopefully on Wednesday.
Paul Joseph Watson.
is also going to be co-hosting tomorrow and Paul will be in studio very, very soon.
We'll announce that date a little bit later.
You've got a lot of top Democrats coming out and saying that Hillary is planning to run for office, that she's already running, that she already runs the DNC, that she's controlling the DNC phone calls, conference calls that are being made.
Dick Morris has come out and said if you have a pulse
You know Hillary Clinton is running.
There's now no doubt that she's running.
But if you understand her plan of how she's going to run, you understand that there is a coup attempt taking place against the President.
And to talk about that coup attempt,
We're going to have Mike Adams, who's been doing research on it at a level even above what I've been doing.
I mean, I'm doing the most research out there of any major syndicated talk show host, but Mike Adams has gone ultra, ultra deep in all of this and found documents and reports and online major Antifa planning.
By the mainline groups funded by the Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller, and Soros foundations, and how they're planning to stage violence to blame it on conservatives, on nationalists, on Trump supporters.
Now, I said back when the tragic shootings happened a few months ago in Ohio and in Texas, that both men were anti-fund, that they covered up their accounts.
And that was a fact.
Now, they didn't successfully do it in Ohio.
They did it in Texas.
We know real people got killed, but the individuals were leftist antifa, who I believe did it to try to trigger a civil war, just like Charlie Manson did.
It's the same leftist, demonic, overthrow of society impulse.
The same spirit.
But it's confirmed they tried to cover up their social media that they were leftist, that hated Trump, thought the world was overpopulated, and loved Satan, and wore black.
And more incels, basically.
One of them ran a satanic devil band that was into pedophilia and just into anything bad.
They're into anything bad.
They worship death.
They worship hurting God.
They worship hurting innocents.
They're Satanists.
And so that's who they are.
And they're spoiled brats that boss their parents around.
It's always the same MO.
They need to have their asses beat when they're about age 10 when they start, you know, acting like that.
But instead, they turn into these little monsters.
When everybody refuses them and says no to them, they go crazy and do this.
We know who commits 98% of school shootings.
That's the numbers from Professor Lott.
He's broken them down.
Top-level statistician.
Now, the FBI counts if gang members shoot a few other gang members, or the Mexican Mafia and Laredo shoots each other.
That's added into mass shootings, but of real shootings at churches and schools and places, it's all incels on drugs into the occult.
They had a shooter a couple years ago down by Galveston, in between Houston and Galveston, remember?
And he wore Nazi stuff, communist stuff, devil worship, upside-down crosses, total black.
And girls didn't like him, so he wanted to show them the power of Satan.
It's the same story over and over again.
Harrison Kleibel, they kicked it all off.
The Sandy Hook mental patient, who was up there and stole the AR-15 from his mom.
It's always the same.
And so they're getting ready.
To have their operatives pose as patriots and go out and bear spray people, go out and stab people, go out and run cars into people, and then it's going to escalate, and that's the plan.
So Mike Adams joins us at the last segment of this hour, 30 minutes into the next hour, and then we're going to have the CNN whistleblower Carrie Porch joining us.
With new developments that Veritas hasn't released yet.
And it's not Veritas' fault.
They've got hundreds and hundreds and hundreds.
I'm told it's approaching a thousand hours that this gentleman, when he worked at CNN, over a year or so, recorded.
And again, when you hear the audio and see the video, most of the CNN people are good.
They're like, yeah, you can say what you want about Trump, but we're lying about him.
We've sold our soul.
We're told to lie.
It's really horrible.
The other ones are saying we've got to get Trump.
I hope he dies.
We've got to attack anybody that supports Trump.
We've got to bully people.
It's really amazing.
He is going to have a lot to get to that hasn't been released yet by Veritas and just generally what it was like to be there and why he went public.
He has a lot of courage.
We look forward to Mr. Porch joining us, coming up today.
Then obviously we've got the latest on what sucks all the oxygen out of the room.
Russia hoax, witch hunt 2.0.
And we all know it's a lie.
We all know it's a fraud.
That isn't the issue here.
The issue is that it's meant to suck all the oxygen out of the room so that while we're constantly debating each new lie they put out, we're not covering the corruption and the evil of the Democrats and the things that they're involved in.
They are the corrupt.
They're the ones that sold the nation out.
They're the ones that got rich selling the country out.
And they're able to change the subject
On to Trump.
So Trump demands deposition of corrupt Adam Schiff, Steve Watson writes for NewsWars.com, and he goes over the fact that they keep subpoenaing him, they keep coming after him, because they've got this investigative power, and that the executive, you know, needs people to go after them, that they need to be called on the carpet for all the fraud they've been caught in.
Also a big story at the Gateway Pundit.
Complete list.
Adam Schiff's top witness, Fiona Hill, and her many connections to Soros and the Deep State and sources Infowars.com and Newswars.com with our reports from two years ago, so good job there.
It's good to have folks give us credit.
It's not about us getting the credit, it's about people realizing in almost every case we are the vanguard, we are the cutting edge, and the enemy knows that.
They know we exposed the illegal spying on the Trump campaign and then once he was elected.
They know we exposed the plan to not seat his delegates and keep them out of office.
And they know, they know, and they know that it's like media matters.
The groups say they go.
Look, it starts on Infowars, and then it goes to Hannity, and then it goes to Tucker Carlson, and then it goes to Limbaugh, and then it goes to the White House.
We've got to shut Infowars down.
Because they know that nine times out of ten, we do the original research.
In fact, the articles actually go, first it's on Infowars, then it's on Drudge, and then it's on Talk Radio, and then it's on Fox.
And then they have congressional hearings where they talk about that like it's illegal or something.
Like it's wrong, like it's not good, like it's bad that we even exist.
It's simply crazy.
Mitt Romney got caught running a fake Twitter, a gnome diploma so he could attack Trump while behaving like he isn't.
This is really going to hurt him.
Also the Chinese threat to free speech, big articles out about how it's taking even more control of US media.
There is so much today we're going to be getting to.
And then just incredible school districts brainwashing children into sexualization, just such child abuse.
That's all coming up.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
This story just went up on NewsWars.com.
Kanye West says rap is the devil's music.
Is he also spiritually bothered by his wife's sexy image?
A lot of folks are thinking that he is just pivoting and trying to get the Christian market, but he's actually been doing Christian music for about 10 years.
So did Bob Marley.
I think as you get older, you try to find redemption and sing songs of redemption.
Maybe we should play that song by Bob Marley coming into the next segment.
I think we should give Kanye West time and see if he's for real.
I know folks that know him.
I think he is for real.
And I know that he's a listener of this show and has really found fulfillment becoming a stronger Christian.
And so I think those of us that kind of get mad at him and look down on him and some of the past things he's done, well, I think we should get the beams out of our eyes, you know, before he gets the speck out of his.
That's why I don't claim to be perfect, but I love God and I love justice.
And I don't look at people who sometimes might say a cuss word or get angry or drink a beer as a devil.
I see people that don't stand up for the unborn, but then Bible thump all day and tell folks they're all going to hell.
I see it as faith without works is dead.
And of course I believe in predestination and the fact that it's all by grace.
But it doesn't matter.
If there's gas in the tank, the engine's gonna start.
If you love God, you're gonna hate the devil.
You're gonna hate what's going on.
Now, next segment, we never really got to this Friday because we didn't get back to town until 1.15.
We didn't get to bed until past 2.
We had hours and hours and hours of HD footage shot from five cameras.
So we never really aired Friday any of the most powerful antifa encircling us, attacking us, attacking others.
When I rode in on the armored vehicle, which did form as a nice photo op during the sunset, kind of the archetypal symbol of, you know, speech persevering.
That was just the vehicle that the security up in Dallas has.
We said, sure, it's got a turret at the top.
I can bullhorn.
It's powerful.
So we're going to premiere the best compilation of that footage next segment.
The article's up on InfoWars.com.
Alex Jones attends Dallas rally in armored vehicle.
That's got all the old footage.
We're going to upload and add this new compilation that's the best to that article in the next 10-15 minutes and repost it to InfoWars.com.
So that's coming up next segment.
But this is something really important that I haven't talked enough about.
I mention it some.
And the leftist-controlled CIA, and the Carnegie Foundation, and CNN, and MSNBC, and Media Matters, and George Soros, Huffington Post.
Atlantic Monthly, the Atlantic Group, they've all had hearings and said that we track the vector point of the virus to Alex Jones.
And it's true.
They see us as a virus.
Pro-God, pro-family, pro-country, pro-human expansion into the universe, a pro-human future.
We're into free will.
We're into success.
We're into beauty.
We're into God.
When you listen to Limbaugh or Hannity, they have adopted this show.
Because it's the truth!
Our worldview is accurate.
Our worldview is right.
You have spread the show.
Matt Drudge has spread the show.
Our affiliates have done a great job.
Our crew's done a great job.
So our greatest success...
Is that I'll have a guest on, and another guest will call up and say, you know that guest was reading an article Paul Watson wrote a year ago, word for word, or you know that's a Mike Adams article, or you know that's something you said six years ago, word for word.
I said, I know.
That's leadership.
We want people to adopt what we're saying and doing as if it's their own, because it is their own.
We don't territorialize information.
We're here to change the world and sell an idea of liberty and freedom versus the post-human, exterminist, New World Order, satanic view.
But yes, I want listeners to understand why InfoWars is critical.
Everywhere I go, I shake probably a hundred hands for every person that says, F you Russian agent, F you Trump supporter, we're going to kill you.
Unless I go to a Trump rally, and then I shake even more hands, but then there's also Antifa and leftists, and they all look like mental patients.
They all surround us, spit on us, cuss at us, even when I have security, punch me in the ribs, slap me in the head, throw water bottles at me.
These are un-American dangerous authoritarians.
But they've been told by the media establishment to hate me because the enemy knows Infowars set the fires politically that burned down large parts of the New World Order that's now spread worldwide, 1776 worldwide.
That's because you supported the broadcast by spreading the word and by financially supporting us.
And so these leftists scream out at me, you're a Russian agent, you're a Nazi, you shouldn't question Sandy Hook.
And they also say, haha, you're off the air, you're a failure, you're off Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, like they're so proud of it.
I was already shadow banned on that years before they officially banned us.
I came from nowhere.
I didn't go sell out to the system to get a show that I'm taking off the air.
I built something organic with the listeners of this show.
And that's why it's so important, and that's why they hate its existence.
I can tell you that hundreds of members of Congress listen to the show.
I can tell you that all the other big talk show hosts, producers listen.
Just like Matt Drudge is in every newsroom and every talk radio area because it's a lot of news, well laid out, he gets the pulse, the zeitgeist, and just really shows what the zeitgeist is.
So Drudge is
In all the newsrooms, as the copy editor.
Well, InfoWars is the broadcast of that.
Or the prophet of the Tea Party, as Newsweek said eight years ago, accurately, back when it was still Newsweek.
So, that's why we're important.
That's why staying on air is important.
So, one of our great engineers, who's running the board today, while folks are on vacation, he doubles down, CJ, been here many years, he just said, you need to hammer that.
You don't hammer that enough that, he says, I listen to all the talk radio, and word for word, well, just say it in your own words, CJ, go ahead.
Basically, I thought you can't really emphasize enough how much your talking points get carried, and I think the listeners need to realize that, that when they hear something you said, it's not you just saying something else that you heard somebody else say.
It's your words.
It's your research.
I hear Rush Limbaugh every day because I listen to him on the radio instead of using my phone to consume data, and it makes me chuckle because he's saying the same things you said two months ago, and it's particularly about
American freedoms and the tax on our liberties because he's gotten in that vein because it's popular people are people are afraid of losing their liberties and he's getting talking points from you because you're ringing the alarm bell.
You're the Paul Revere.
He's just I'm not going to say anything derogatory, but he's just basically Robin Robin your audience of Robin his audience of the opportunity of hearing you say it and said he's saying it
But CJ, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.
And so I love that.
And I don't want to even say that Limbaugh's stealing my shtick, because it's not a shtick.
I see the globalists.
I know the shycom takeover.
I know their post-human plan, because I'm reading their white papers.
I'm simply putting it out, and people know that's real now.
And the fact that, whether it's Tucker Carlson, who puts his own spin on things, very intellectual,
Whether it's Sean Hannity, I am very honored by that.
I just want the audience to know, buy the products, buy the videos, buy the water filtration, the non-GMO heirloom seeds.
Get them all because without you, this fortress of information and truth that literally is changing the world can be taken down.
We don't reach as much of the unwashed masses as we once did.
But when it comes to the halls of power around the world, they know we are the zeitgeist of truth and they're listening and staying on air is absolutely essential.
Now, I don't want to take away from InfoWars, but I'm gonna do it.
I'm gonna explain something.
The truth is, people like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson and Rush Limbaugh are smart guys, and they know all this stuff I've been covering is true.
But in the old days, if you talked about the CFR wanting to get rid of America and have a Chinese century, or how China was buying up Hollywood 20 years ago, you would get taken off the air by the conservative
Companies that were really owned by globalist companies.
So there was never a truly independent grassroots organization that on a big platform on hundreds of radio stations, and now TV stations, could do it.
And so all across the country, we would go on small stations, big stations, you name it, and end up being the number one or number two show very quickly from stations that had no ratings.
That was our big revolution, really, of the last 20 years.
It's been 25 years I've been on air, but now people need to listen and understand.
When I tell you that the globalists believe they're being communicated with by interdimensional creatures, the aliens don't come in flying saucers, and that the aliens are telling them you've got to build this tech world government and then forcibly reduce population to become AI gods, I told you that 20 years ago.
I put that in a film 12 years ago.
Now Elon Musk talks about it.
Now the head of Bank of America says we live in a simulation run by aliens.
Now, Joe Rogan, you know, has the biggest show in the world and has professors on, going, well, we're declassifying that we have, like, astronauts mapping on DMT at facilities communicating with the aliens.
And Joe's like, yes, I communicate with the aliens.
But I'm the weirdo because I won't take DMT and talk to the aliens.
And I'm exposing that they think they're talking to aliens that are called, in the old days, demons, genies, whatever you want to call it.
So I knew all this stuff a long time ago and kind of eat around the edges of it 15, 20 years ago.
The last five or six, I just say it all because we don't have much time left here.
And you can say, well, I don't believe in all that.
Well, they believe in it.
And they're coming after your kids to sexualize them.
And they're openly saying a cult is their religion and Satanism.
So I want to get to this video report Rob Dew put together of some of the compilations and then we're going to have Mike Adams in here with Antifa, openly funded by Soros, getting ready to stage major attacks and blame it on us.
And we've got more articles today confirming what Mike wrote about this giant report for Infowars.com that's also posted at NaturalNews.com.
And I'm going to ask the web guys to repost his big article, 18-page article, Alert Antifa Puppet Masters to Engineer Patriot Slaughter of Leftists to Spark Violent Uprising Against Conservatives, back to the front page of M4Wars.com.
But CJ wanted to add some more when we went to break.
He's like, look, I understand it's good to have them repeating what you say.
It's just that we need to get credit for this so the listeners understand that we're literally being pounded because we're so vital in this fight.
And I'm not bragging.
The enemy knows we're vital.
The enemy knows if we were a fighter bomber in World War II, we've got like a hundred shot down planes on our side and they're looking for us.
They're gunning for us.
I mean, that's what I mean.
We're like, we were a sniper that, you know, had a hundred kills.
The enemy's got bounties out on our ass.
You understand?
They got New York Times reporters camped out trying to pay people off to make up stuff.
I mean, it's serious, folks.
And I'm not a victim.
I'm a leader.
I just want you to know that we are important.
And I know you know that.
But I want to thank you all and just say, go to infowarestore.com.
We've got a giant sale going.
Get some products.
Sign up for auto-ship on stuff you're going to want to reorder to get discounts.
CJ, final points on that?
I'm just saying I'm working my ass off.
You're working your ass off.
I gotta buy smaller jeans.
I gotta mess the kids at home.
You're lucky if you get any sleep.
We need some credit.
I mean, it's kind of ridiculous that, you know, we're just gonna do this and be completely humble about it.
I'm not trying to be prideful, but folks need to remember that there's more than just a handful of people in the fight.
We are all in this together because we have to stop it or else our future's over.
That's it.
And I think you're saying it right there, in that everybody that works here knows I'm up here seven days a week.
And everybody knows how serious it is.
We don't get into all the stuff that goes on.
And people that live this every day know we're not BSing.
And it's like, hey, America, wake up, get in the fight.
Trump's been tweeting, saying, hey, Republicans, help me.
We've got criminals.
We've got to remove the deep state.
Help me indict them.
He's publicly trying to get the Justice Department to stop being cowards.
We're going to lose everything if we keep being cowards.
We've reached that point.
The old days being a coward for the last 50 years got you ahead, maybe.
Now it's gonna get our goose cooked, CJ.
Anything else?
No, you said it.
You said it.
I just, I just, uh, you know, it's, it's, it's furiating to sit here and hear your, hear your talking points repeated and just have people say the worst things about you and that's what they spread around the news and
The whole truth of everything you say 99% of the time is being omitted.
Well, here's the good news.
There's a lot of good people that know the truth out there.
I know.
And anytime you're telling the truth in history, you're going to be attacked.
God bless you, CJ.
Thank you.
CJ does a great job.
Let's go ahead and start getting the Rob Dews report.
We'll play a little bit of the next segment and finish it up.
And then we're going to have Mike Adams with us 30 minutes to the next hour.
And then we've got the big CNN whistleblower from Project Veritas, who called Veritas on his own, did this on his own.
He's from inside CNN.
He's got even more that hasn't come out yet.
We're going to be breaking down.
We'll also look at what he thinks the biggest bombshells so far are.
But here's Thursday.
People really love this.
We called last minute because my crew was already there.
The Democrats are saying assassinate Trump.
I said I want to draw attention to that.
I just shoved it up your mainstream media ass!
The Deep State knows they're losing!
They are panicking!
And we are here, telling them how to lose!
The Deep State, Phil Mudd, CNN, all the ankle suspects, Joe Biden, said they're going to take the president out by the 17th.
That's tonight!
The rogue, criminal Deep State is being defeated!
America is alive!
And the deep state is not ruined for assassinating our president, the hated JFK, 56 years ago here in Dallas.
Thanks to you, thanks to Trump, and thanks to the resistance to globalism, America is coming back from the dead!
America is back!
America is back, and President Trump is stronger than ever, standing against the globalist traitors that have been trying to sell our nation out.
Mr. Jones, why are you here?
Mr. Jones, why are you here?
I'm here because the deep state, people like Fillimon, the CIA, have said they're going to kill President Trump.
So we're here to draw attention to the rogue, criminal, leftist government
They tried to sell us out to China, and the fact that they're not going to repeat what they did to Kennedy 56 years ago here in Dallas.
And the American people know who the Deep State is!
Do you have any proof about that?
There's so much on CNN that they're going to kill Trump.
He said the Deep State's going to kill this guy.
And they've all been talking about how they're going to remove him one way or another, so yes.
So no proof, just talk.
No, you just keep saying no proof?
I just told you Phil Mudd's gone on CNN and said they're going to kill President Trump.
Phil Mudd, former director of counter operations for the CIA.
I just shoved it up your mainstream media hat.
It is beautiful to be here in America and exercise our free speech in defiance of the globalist tyrants.
It is a beautiful time to see our nation coming back.
America's back!
America's back!
America's back!
Oh, nice.
This is what families have to go through just to come hear the president speak.
This is what America goes through to try to basically have our freedoms.
These people are incredible.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is absolutely essential to exercise the First Amendment in the face of this communist rubble.
America is back!
We are here to exercise the First Amendment and the bias of the day.
All these free goodies we're going to get from the wreckage of America.
They're literally the messiest, driest stuff on the earth.
But we are here exercising our free speech in America in defiance of their tyranny.
We're good to go.
We stand in defiance of the globalists.
We stand in defiance of the attacks on free speech.
And we are exercising our free speech here in America in defiance of those that would shut down free speech.
No one is going to win a trade war with us, and no one is going to defeat us militarily.
America stands firm in defiance of tyranny, and America is back.
And I salute everyone that has come out here to promote free speech.
And I salute the families that have come here to spot these criminals and throw them into their cars and harass them and do all this.
Americans have not bowed.
After the globalist intimidation!
Tim, tell folks, you've been a police officer, you've been in the Army, the Marines, you've been in the Blackwater, everything, and you saw for yourself that Dallas PD stood down and let them swarm us.
I'd have to say that, I'd hate to say that, I'm very pro-police, but in this instance right here, there was at least eight Dallas police officers right there, and they all backed away and let Antifa swarm us, which is totally unacceptable.
They saw that the situation was getting out of hand, and they didn't step in.
What would you say, about a hundred were around us?
Another group of 500 right there?
I'm going to play the rest of the boil down from the Trump rally later in the fourth hour.
I'm going to take about 15 minutes from Saliente.
You'll be fine with that to finish up with that report because I want to give Mike Adams as much time as we can in the next 40 minutes or so before the CNN whistleblower, Kerry Porch joins us.
And this is not Project Veritas holding anything back.
It's close to a thousand hours that Mr. Porch taped.
It's something like 50 reports have been released so far that are all just insane.
And reportedly, they think there's probably a hundred more.
Because again, Veritas is like us, you know, they've got like 50 people or something.
And a lot of that's legal and production and then, you know, just going through it all.
A lot more is coming out of what goes on inside CNN, so that's bottom of the next hour.
And we'll look at some of the biggest news that has come out so far, but he'll get into some of the footage that's not been released yet.
And looks like he'll probably be in studio Wednesday.
But let me just say this very, very calmly.
Tribalism is real.
The term racism, the communists invented that.
To then teach people that if you like your own group and are proud of your own culture, that that's bad.
That you're supposed to give up your culture to the globalist corporate culture.
That's what multiculturalism is.
It's just making sure you're totally alone and have no roots.
They want to break up the family, break up women from men, make sure children are wards of the state.
That's all official now.
Extinction Rebellion group, you know, says, you know, our plan is to end heterosexuality in the family.
They claim they want to protect children.
No, they want to sexualize and attack and inject with deadly vaccines and GMOs the children they're unable to kill.
That's their plan.
And now it's out in the open.
And it's the horror of this that we're going to have to admit to ourselves.
But when you look at the tribalism that's been drummed up by the media and by the left,
It's also humans are at each other's throats.
So we're going to talk about Mike Adams' big report right now for three segments or so.
But then he really is an engineer and a really top expert, because I do my own research.
I don't want somebody to know what they're talking about.
And he's right up there at the top on the plan, the post-human era, and how it's not just Elon Musk.
Zuckerberg came out and said, we've got a better brain chip than him.
So just like
All these in-home devices you bring in that spy on you and all this, there's a good 10-15% of the public that if you sell something at a store, like it's just normal and no big deal, people will get it.
And that's why Elon Musk four months ago said, oh, 2020, we're going to have it malls instead of a Tesla dealership.
They'll have a dealership where you go in.
And they sell you on wires being put in your brain, and then you go in the back, and there's a robot that does it.
And you're like, why would they do something so invasive, like it's no big deal, like getting your ears pierced?
That's the whole point, is to make it, oh, this isn't medical.
This isn't like getting a tooth pulled, or getting open-heart surgery.
This is a corporation putting wires into your brain.
And Musk says it will take you over, and laughs.
So it's the hidden-in-plain-view tactic.
That they use.
So I'm gonna get Mike's take on that.
Here's the headline.
This is in NBC.
This is in ABC.
It's in the Daily Star.
It's all being pushed right now.
Scientists fuse brains with AI implants to give people superhuman intelligence.
Hey, use this heroin.
You'll feel like Superman.
This is total enslavement.
That they're going to tell you, well, the new iPhone, you know, the new iPhone 20 in a few years, it's not going to work unless you've got this.
I mean, that's what they say they're going to do.
It's diabolical.
It's alien to this planet.
You know, if Zuckerberg isn't a human hybrid with something, I'm a monkey's uncle.
Take one look at that guy.
I tell you, he ain't from Kansas.
He ain't from nowhere around here.
So there's some big stuff going on here.
And this whole thing rolling out is the post-human world.
And if you believe the Bible, there's going to be a world leader that's going to kill a bunch of people that don't take it.
Well, you know what?
Kiss my ass, Satan.
I'm not taking it.
So that's coming up next hour, just briefly here as we introduce Mike with this huge story.
I keep meaning to do a whole report on air, hoping that you fund our operation while at the same time semiotically really helping yourself and your family.
Here's a stack of articles right here, all mainstream.
Back when, you know, they actually cared.
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China confronts retardation of millions of deficient in iodine.
New York Times 96.
Tens of millions that don't talk, unable to communicate.
They don't call it autism.
China has another name for it.
How adding iodine to salt resulted in decades worth of IQ gains for the United States.
Business Insider.
Again, China.
I've got a bunch of other articles here.
Pregnant mothers and the dangers of iodine deficiency.
The London Guardian.
And it just goes on from there.
Effects of drinking water with iodine.
Concentration of the intelligence of children.
And again, China did big studies on this and found the IQs just keep growing and growing.
Meanwhile, Daily Beast.
Fluoridation of water during pregnancy, like a lower IQ study published in the Journal of American Medicine.
Listen to me.
The people running the show want a post-human world.
I'm going to show you mainstream news.
Calling for all of that later with Mike Adams.
But introducing the big story now is Mike Adams.
But I'm going to tell you, get your iodine.
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Okay, let's stop there.
This is so huge.
When I read your report yesterday, it came out 30 minutes before I went on air.
I could barely do the show because there's so much documented, so many plans.
But bottom line, Antifa is openly organizing and admitting plans to stage attacks against people to blame on Trump supporters.
That's what we do if we were them.
I mean, I wouldn't morally do that, but if you get in their mind, that's the logical move.
The same deep state's been caught before, but you've really collated at NaturalNews.com
Well, we have completely decoded the psychology of the globalists.
So that's the bottom line.
We know their playbook now.
And I gotta give you credit, Alex.
I mean, I quoted you in the article.
You have spearheaded this.
You've allowed researchers like me to be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together.
And if you weren't digging into this, probably I wouldn't be digging into this either.
But thanks to your work and all of us together, we now know the exact playbook.
In fact, I ran about 24 scenarios of how they would try to defeat Trump and cause mass chaos and civil unrest and so on.
And the one scenario that fit all the criteria is the scenario that I outlined
In that report, that's their preferred method.
That's how they're going to get the most bang for their buck, so to speak.
So I know we're going to break shortly, but when we come back, I'll dig into it.
We'll go into the details of why that scenario is the most likely scenario and what it means for the future of our country.
So everything is at stake, as you know.
So I know you'll probably take us out to break here, but
Actually, Mike, I'm gonna, in the next three segments, I'm gonna really just try to let you host.
I've kind of just set it up there and I want you to talk about it.
And then we're gonna know the post-human world that they're now openly announcing.
Won't it be great when we're all gone?
Won't it be good, NBC News?
I mean, these people are sick, sick, sick.
They're trying to screw up our children as best they can.
But, humans have a way of fighting back.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Hour number two.
Please tell everyone to tune in.
Ban.video and spread the live links, please.
All right, Mike Adams, launch into your 18-page report with new articles out today confirming what you said on Sunday.
The story's been reposted to the front page of InfoWars.com.
Don't share it from there as much.
That gets blocked.
Share it from NewsWars.com and NaturalNews.com.
Banned out video as well has a breakdown of it.
Alert Antifa puppet masters to engineer patriot slaughter of leftists to spark violent uprising against conservatives.
We enter the season of false flags.
I'll tell you what we just saw in California with the bear spray.
We're looking into that.
Very suspicious.
Take it over, Mike Adams.
Okay, I'm going to get right into it.
I apologize up front, but I've got to add something else about your transhumanism discussion.
You know, you see how these leftists are saying there's no such thing as biology, that men can have periods now, or I think it was Hillary and Chelsea said that a person with a beard and a penis can be a woman, for example.
They're teaching children that.
It's abusing their minds.
Sorry, go ahead.
Well, the question is, if biology doesn't matter and you can choose to be whatever you want, then why aren't progressives solving the species extinction problem by choosing to give birth to endangered animals?
That's right.
...to the animals that they want to save.
So they're waging war on sanity because no one would want a post-human world and to be keeping babies alive and selling their organs and taking brain chips.
So they have to make it cool to be foolish and to divorce yourself and to ask for a grand delusion and then God turns you over to the spirit of delusion.
They are literally engaged in a ritual assaulting reality.
Yes, it is mass mental illness and this is what we see of course always before the end of civilizations when things start to crater, this mass mental illness.
Now the second thing about transhumanism, interfacing computers with your brain.
Remember that the last refuge of personal privacy right now is the privacy of your own thoughts inside your own head.
Inside your mind and that is the barrier that they're trying to break now.
This is not about augmenting human beings.
It's about controlling human beings and creating a new vector to impregnate your consciousness with the information that they want to push.
So this is about controlling your reality by invading the last barrier you have, the privacy of your own thoughts.
If your thoughts are not even private, if your thoughts are not even your own, then who are you?
You lose your identity as a human being and you join the Borg system.
And that's what they're trying to create.
The Mark Zuckerberg post-humanism Borg system.
And there's a scientist out there right now, Alex, who is about to die.
And he believes he's going to be transformed into a computer that he's going to be uploaded, that he's going to become version 2.0 of himself.
I forgot his name.
I'm sorry.
James Lovelock and others are pushing that.
And it's all a total fraud where they then go, oh, look, he's really in the computer.
But no, it's only an AI computer mimicking him.
That's right.
They're going to kill him, and then have an avatar in the computer that they claim is him, and the avatar will also claim, hey, it's me, here I am, version 2.0.
This will be... And let's be clear, the very company, you're right, says, oh, unfortunately you have to die in the process.
It's total crap.
It's all mass fraud from the beginning.
Well, liberals may sign up for that.
They may line up to be transhumanized so that their physical bodies are killed off and they're uploaded to machines where they can continue to be social influencers.
That's the plan.
That's the game plan.
It's always been the game plan.
That is the Luciferian deal and it's all a fraud.
It's all a lie.
Yeah, and lastly about iodine, a quick story.
I know we're about to go to break.
A few years ago we tried to investigate making iodine transdermal patches and we were told by our attorneys that we should not pursue that because the FDA would shut it down because doing transdermal delivery, which iodine does very well by the way,
They said would be considered a drug.
So there is actually an FDA conspiracy to shut down iodine.
People, you should get it while you can, because I don't know how long they're going to allow you to get it as a dietary supplement.
You know, it's crazy you say that.
I just remember, we're about to go to break, but when I was a kid, I knew this rich lady, and she would put it in oil and rub it on her skin.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
You can see it, everything in the 25-year trajectory of Infowars, towards this point, 2020.
Global Rebellion Against the New World Order, Against Globalism, Against the Post-Human Era.
Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com has done a superlative job in a very detailed report that is vital to get out.
Antifa, Puppet Masters Engineer, Patriot Slaughter of Leftists to Spark Violent Uprising Against Conservatives.
And now we've caught them with an app that targets everybody that supports basically Trump for their homes, saying they're not human, they're racist.
Go after them.
This is their plan.
And again, Antifa is just the cover or the detonator.
So you've got an 18-page report.
You've got links to all the statements.
It's incredible.
We know what they're going to pull.
We can stop them together by getting this report out, listeners.
It's at naturalnews.com and newswars.com.
I've had it reposted to the front page of infowars.com.
Now lay it out, Mike.
Alright, the first thing to realize is that the mainstream media operates with emotional currency.
So emotional currency, just like the Federal Reserve prints fake fiat currency, the mainstream media creates emotional currency.
That is outrage, hatred, and so on.
CNN is a hate network.
They are basically a hate spewing factory.
They produce hate.
Thank you.
To create the political outcomes that they want.
To try to get Trump out of office, for example.
Or to attack conservatives, or attack Christians, or attack gun owners.
So emotional currency is created through mass shootings where there are real people who are shot and killed.
Anytime the media can show actual bloodshed on camera.
Remember, if it bleeds, it leads.
That's their motto.
Then they are creating.
They're actually printing emotional currency
That they can spend to push for new restrictions, red flag gun confiscation laws, for example, or even an attempt to ban the Second Amendment.
Now, when it comes to getting Trump out of office, which is the all important goal of the globalists right now, they have to eliminate Trump before Barr and Durham and Trump himself expose the total crimes and corruption, the bribery, the kickbacks like to Joe Biden's son and so on.
If Trump isn't removed, then all of that's going to be exposed.
And it's going to be devastating to the DNC, the Clinton Foundation, Barack Obama himself, and all the deep state operatives who took part in the illegal, unconstitutional coup attempt against President Trump.
So, the emotional currency, getting back to that, has to be created and then directed as a weapon.
It's kind of like, it's a psychological weapon system.
It really is a PSYOP.
But they have to spark a major event in order to create this emotional currency.
Now, emotions bypass logic and reason.
So you notice how if you try to reason with a liberal, that never works.
Millie Weaver from InfoWars had some excellent videos that played, I think, yesterday on the Sunday Show about how she was talking to a progressive and saying, hey, doesn't 2 plus 2 equal 4?
And the progressive said, no, depends on what your definition of 2 is, right?
So logic and reason are no longer there.
Emotions bypass that neurological circuitry.
And this is well known by the globalists, which is why they evoke emotion in order to bypass logic.
Logically, Trump was elected by the people.
Trump won the Electoral College vote.
Trump is a legitimate president, and he is actually doing the work that his supporters and the voters want him to do.
And yet, irrationally, from an irrational point of view, Trump has to be removed because they say Orange Man bad, and they don't like him, they don't like his demeanor, and so on.
So how do you do that?
That's what this report has focused on.
It is published at InfoWars.com.
How do you spark massive outrage and generate emotional currency to be directed against Trump supporters as a weapon?
Here's the answer.
This is how the globalists do it.
This is their blueprint.
They take everything they want to demonize and they wrap it up into a scenario theater to be played out along with real casualties, real violence, real bloodshed that can be caught on camera.
So what do they want to demonize?
They want to demonize patriots, Trump supporters, AR-15s, homemade guns, you know, 80% lowers that are turned into AR-15s or 3D printed guns.
They want to demonize white men.
They want to demonize nationalism or just let's say pride in your own country.
They want to demonize the American flag and so on and so forth.
They want to demonize free speech online because they don't want conservatives to be allowed to have that speech.
So how could you create a scenario?
Imagine if you were a playwright and you were writing a script
What scenario could you write that would encompass all of these different elements and demonize all of them at the same time with emotional currency to provide a powerful narrative to the mainstream media?
How would you do that?
Well, we know the answer.
And this answer is what's described in that story.
I'll cover it here in a second.
This is the playbook.
This is the blueprint of how the globalists have run these operations forever.
I mean, in America's history, I should say.
They've been running these false flags, especially since the end of World War II.
And Mike, I want you to get into this right now, and it's in your article, Step by Step for the Citizens, for Law Enforcement.
This is a maximum action item to get this out.
Stop it, or if they try to pull it, we can catch them with their pants down in the middle of it.
We're good to go.
They're just clearly gearing up to do it on a larger scale.
And so this is what they've, just like Charlottesville, where they finance the right wing and they finance the leftists.
They collide them.
A poor woman gets killed.
We point out Soros funded it.
The police stood down.
They spin it and say that we say they killed the woman themselves.
No, they created the atmosphere that allowed it to happen.
And they sued me to try to stop us from questioning that narrative ahead of more of these conflagrations that they're trying to create.
So please continue.
Well, they have to recruit a scapegoat or two in order to pull this off.
So, the scapegoat will be recruited, and this is something that... Lee Harvey Oswald, Part 2.
Tim McVeigh, Part 2.
The scapegoat will usually be a veteran, it'll be a Trump supporter, a firearms owner, and the scapegoat will be told a lie such as, hey, the president wants you to join a secret protection team and we are going to protect the president during this rally.
You can't tell anybody, wink wink, you're going to be part of a team.
And we're not attacking everybody in queue because a lot of people think it's good.
It's perfect to set you up.
It's made for it.
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
This is how the setup happens.
So then the FBI usually, you know, again, they run many, many terror plots all across the country and then they arrest people at the last minute.
This is how the FBI, you know, operates.
This is how they, quote, stop terrorism.
And, you know, the New York Times covered that.
I quoted that in the story.
But they'll take these scapegoats and they'll load them up on a bus with other operatives
Who are part of this stage team.
They'll all be dressed up in American flags, ballistic vests, you know, veteran type of patches on their on their outfits and so on.
They'll all have AR-15s and so on.
And then at the appropriate time, this group will be unleashed and the scapegoats won't know what's happening, but the operatives who are part of this will open fire on an innocent crowd.
Perhaps Antifa protesters, perhaps leftist protesters, who knows?
They're going to open fire on an innocent crowd.
CNN's cameras will just happen to be there to catch all of this.
On camera, the scapegoats will be arrested or shot on sight, so either killed or arrested, and then the narrative rolls out.
Everybody else will escape and leave the scene.
And it'll be the scapegoat with a homemade AR-15, with a Trump bumper sticker, and an InfoWars history in his browser.
That will be the narrative.
And from that point on, they will use all that powerful emotional currency, the dead children, the blood, the gore, the guts, spilling out all over the streets.
They will say, this is Trump's fault, this is Alex Jones' fault, and see, Trump is violent, Trump supporters are violent, and they'll call for a total revolution.
Antifa will be sparked, it will explode.
Across every street, every city in America, mass violence, unrest, arson.
The leftists will bomb government buildings.
That's how they're going to spark it, the most likely scenario.
We can stop it, and we should discuss that in the next segment.
That's right, and Antifa, run by Soros, is admitting that's the plan.
Luckily, the brother of one of these guys sent us secret documents two years ago, so we know how the whole plan runs.
You're linked to that in your article.
We have new documents.
We know that they're using apps that are public for target acquisition.
We're going to come back with Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com.
Get the article at NaturalNews.com and Infowars.com right now and spread it.
This is vital!
Welcome back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Okay, Mike Adams, engineer, researcher.
He owns over 300 major websites.
One of them is NaturalNews.com.
He's here.
He's put together the blueprint with their secret documents, their public statements, their admissions.
And then PJ Media today has an article out where they have an app saying where people live to go after them.
But they're just the cover to then go out and pay homeless and others to be agitators to go out and engage in violence.
And now you're seeing Antifa numbers swell all over the country where it's not the kind of meth-head, you know, low-level and then professors above them and then managers from big foundations above that.
It's now even street rabble under them who really believe you're Nazis.
And when I would explain to these Antifa people, I'm not a Nazi, they would go, really?
You're not a Nazi?
And they would really get freaked out and walk away.
But very low IQ folks.
So Mike Adams, clearly they're going into this posture.
They've said they want the trial.
After Trump is indicted in the House by Thanksgiving, they want him gone by Christmas.
That's openly been announced.
The deep state's pushing for it.
It doesn't matter if there's no proof or nothing.
Trump's done.
The system is pushing harder than it ever has in three years to remove him.
They wanted to get rid of him, but now they know they really can't co-opt him because he's talking about our real enemies.
Socialism, communism and globalism and they just don't know what to do as he wins this trade war against China.
So how do you see them laying this out and how do we stop it?
Well, let's talk about the theatrical elements first because that leads us to how we stop it to answer your question.
Let's go back to, remember the A&E show, it was a couple years ago, where they were trying to film a show about Nazis and skinheads and white supremacists in America, and they couldn't find any.
So the A&E network had to provide the props and the slogans and the script to pay people extra money to read lines on camera where they were spouting like the N-word and all these racist slogans and stuff.
But the network provided the props, the swastikas and so on.
That's just a small example.
Now the stage is the entire country.
America is a stage for the globalists.
In fact, much of American history that you think you know has been faked, or staged I should say.
Real events wrapped up in false narratives and engineered in order to achieve specific outcomes.
That's why they stage the talking point that comes out of it.
And they're branding America and free market and family and Christianity as Nazi.
They literally believe they're gonna win this war against Nazis.
They project it on us.
It's cold-blooded.
They know the plan.
That's exactly right.
So the first thing is to anyone who is a patriot, who is a Trump supporter, don't ever think that you are being recruited for some secret mission to protect the president with your AR-15.
You are being duped.
You're being made a scapegoat, okay?
100%! 100%!
Support your local law enforcement if they are constitutional.
Support your local sheriffs and deputies, most of whom are constitutional, especially in rural America.
And if anybody's trying to recruit you, secretly videotape them and then just release it raw and call the police, local police.
Yeah, exactly.
Don't think that you are a James Bond.
Because the FBI doesn't run this now.
Trump's taken a lot of it over.
That was leftist units doing it before.
Now it's foundations.
It's Southern Poverty Law Center ran Elohim City and Oklahoma City.
That, of course, has come out in federal documents.
So it's going to be a leftist group.
They're very dangerous.
If they know you know, they will kill you.
So you need to understand these are very dangerous people.
Keep going.
This is a really good scenario to say no thanks.
I'm not going to be part of this.
And just be conscious of how you would be viewed by a CNN camera.
Run your life every day as if a CNN camera, let's say, is watching you as you're out in public.
What are you doing with a rifle at a Trump rally?
It doesn't really make any sense.
Trump doesn't need you to protect him with your rifle.
Trump's got Secret Service.
Trump's got, you know, undercover, plainclothes people everywhere.
He doesn't need you to be there with your rifle.
I mean, he needs you to be there as a supporter, but not with a firearm, okay?
That's one thing.
Now, concealed carry is a different thing.
I conceal carry everywhere in Texas, and I encourage people to lawfully and legally carry concealed wherever you can.
I don't know if that's allowed in Trump rallies or not, but just follow the law, okay?
Secondly... I would say it's not advisable because somebody can know your arm, set you up, and blame you.
Yeah, well, again, but they want to demonize the rifles, the AR-15s, and probably, I mean, I agree with you, but if you're carrying a pistol, nobody knows.
It's one thing to open carry somewhere to show you have that right, we totally agree with it.
We're saying for optics, don't do it around any antifa, because they'll see you as a prime target, and then once the crowd gets around you, they will sniper some of the antifa, and then they will blame it on you.
This is too important.
I know you're busy running your big engineering deal and your publishing company and all your sites and you've got one of the top testing labs in Texas, you know, for testing products.
But do you want to come in tomorrow?
And I mean, I would leave and just let you host an hour or two.
Paul Watson's hosting the first two hours tomorrow.
Would you like to come in and like host a few hours?
Well, I mean, let's talk about that off air, but perhaps so.
You know, I'm working on this crazy new invention.
I sent you a video.
I can't even talk about it yet.
It's green chemistry, biosynthesis stuff.
I have to focus on that right now.
I understand.
This is so big.
Well, we got two minutes left then.
Tell folks the rest of it.
Well, look, I don't want to leave telling people to run away from... I mean, if there's a civil war, then yeah, you've got to defend your nation, you've got to defend the Republic.
But don't get tricked into the shot heard around the world early.
That's right.
Whoever fires first loses the narrative.
This is what's key to understand.
And firearms owners are very polite, they are law-abiding, they are upstanding citizens, they are civil society members.
And that's been great.
Antifa has not been able to get
And let me add this, if you're in Antifa, or you're one of these leftist professor types that knows this is wrong, it's not too late to leak us the info, or Veritas the info, but ShowTipsAtInfoWars.com, or ActionAtInfoWars.com, it's not too late.
Also, if you're the husband or wife or the mother or father of one of these Antifa people, if your son is in college, he comes back and visits you, he's out using methamphetamine or whatever, get into his bag!
Get into his phone.
Get us the information.
This is a time for people to do domestic intelligence operations just everywhere.
People need to go join Antifa groups.
We need citizens to infiltrate them.
We can't do it all.
What else can folks do?
Well, and understand, our philosophy, I believe, is that we don't initiate violence, but we are prepared to stop it.
And that's the correct attitude.
We don't initiate violence, but we're prepared to stop it using legal and lawful means.
And that means, of course, if you have to back out of a situation where you're being attacked, then do so.
There's no harm in stepping back.
Or you could go out there just with fists.
If you're going to brawl in the streets, just have fists, like the Proud Boys did.
You know, they're not using AR-15s, they're just using the guns on their arms.
The point is, the left's going to try to push us into a civil war.
They're going to stage events against themselves.
And all of that is important, operational, if things are happening on the ground.
I'm saying, if you're listening in college, particularly, they won't suspect you.
Infiltrate them, get us the data now.
This next six months to a year is the most critical time ever.
These are terrorist groups.
This is an organic operation.
You don't need to be called by some intelligence agency, you know, to go do this.
You don't want to get recruited with guns to go do something.
You want it yourself, knowing you're not an agent of the globalists.
You go infiltrate, get us the data, like the CNN reporter, CNN producer, coming up to break all this down the other side.
Mike Adams reports on Infowars.com and NaturalNews.com.
Great job.
We'll talk to you again soon.
Thank you.
Very powerful report.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
We've got more coming.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live, and Kerry Porch is a real whistleblower who outed CNN and its leader, Zef Zucker, for its nonstop bias and corrupt reporting of news in the U.S.
Now, hundreds and hundreds of hours were recorded by him, and Project Veritas got a lot of attention last week when it released the first few videos.
And the others are still getting a lot of attention, but they're having to process all of these, okay?
I mean, it takes filmmakers that have 100 hours of footage, years to make a film.
Well, imagine hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours that they're going over, they're vetting, they're then putting, you know, graphics on and releasing.
So, a lot of incredible video and reports have been released so far.
Jeff Zucker admitting he's biased and just wants Trump out of office.
Jeff Zucker saying, you know, we don't want to cover when blacks get shot in Democrat areas.
We only want to cover when it happens in conservative areas.
Just so much.
Trump, people wishing for his death.
There are so many of these.
So I want to ask Kerry Porch, when we go to him in a moment, why he did this because we've seen
James O'Keefe talked about the fact that he said, well, he did it for this republic.
So I want to give Mr. Porch a chance to really just speak about why he went public and what else is going to be coming out from those hundreds and hundreds of hours of footage and what the response to the grapevine has been from CNN.
But to introduce you to Kerry Porch, here's a little two minute boil down from Project Veritas.
My name is Kerry Porch.
I'm a satellite uplink technician.
I'm a contractor at the CNN Washington, D.C.
Jeff Zucker, basically president of CNN, has a personal vendetta against Trump.
It's not going to be positive for Trump.
He hates him.
I decided to wear a hidden camera.
I decided to secretly record the 9 a.m.
rundown call meetings and it's basically run by Jeff Zucker, the president of CNN.
When I came to work at CNN, I mean, it was my dream job.
And that dream actually just turned into a nightmare.
I think what's going on in America now is really fundamental.
He was calling Fox News fake news and a propaganda machine, and with what I saw, I'm like, that's pretty much what CNN was.
Like, it's just pumping out propaganda.
The fake conspiracy nonsense that Fox has spread for years is now deeply embedded in American society.
And, frankly, that is policy structure for America.
And I do not think we should be scared to do
I just want them to own where they're at.
Like, hey, if we lean left, cool.
Let's just say we lean left.
If we lean right, let it be known.
But again, it just dovetails back to that thing.
I just want people to have the information to make up their own minds.
All right.
Joining us for the next 50 minutes or so is Kerry Porch, who lost his job at CNN to be able to bring this forward.
He didn't come from Project Veritas.
He reached out to Project Veritas.
This is the real Achilles heel.
of these corrupt organizations is people going public.
So we've already seen just so many.
It's like 40 something, 50 something videos that have come out.
I can't even keep track of it all.
They're all unbelievable.
And so I want to talk about what he did there, why he went public, what the response has been, what else he sees coming out.
And then since he went public, we see ABC News with the fake footage of Knob Creek saying it's over in
Alex, it's a pleasure to be here.
Thank you for having me.
Yeah, it's a pretty wild ride this last week has been, I'm sure you can understand.
To your question as to why I did it is just, you know, I've always been a seeker of truth.
One way or the other, you know, ideologies don't really matter.
I just wanted the truth to be out there and people to be able to make up their minds, whichever way they lean, that's fine.
But just the stuff I saw over, you know, pretty much almost immediately when I started working there, it just, it led me down a path to like, this is not right and something's got to be done.
Either, as you saw the tapes, we just want them to either own where they're at or, you know, go back to being like, you know, the CNN of old, the 90s and 2000s, the bastion of journalism is why we wanted to do it.
Well you talk about how they need to just say we're journalists or we have a political perspective, like Donna Brazile giving them the debate questions, Hillary's campaign head.
It's beyond just not admitting they're political and have a slant.
They are constantly caught putting out fake news and disinfo.
I've experienced it myself.
They call me the king of fake news.
And they put out news articles that are just completely fake.
They say on CNN that I wrote a book called Nobody Died at Sandy Hook and Lost a Lawsuit.
I've never read the book.
I'm not in the book.
I didn't lose a lawsuit.
So the level of lies is just really scary.
Yeah, and I can only imagine what you and your family went through.
Thankfully, most of the messages over the last week have been incredibly positive, and we're thankful for that.
Of course, we get the nice little negative nugget here and there, but I guess that just comes with the territory when you want to do something and blow the whistle, so to speak.
But yeah, it's just crazy what I saw there.
You know, probably about three or four months in, or even sooner.
Like, I started hearing those rundown calls that you played at the top.
You know, I didn't quite know what it was when I first started, but that's where I started really hearing some things about, hey, we want to make this, you know, spin it this way.
It kind of fits this narrative, or that way, or that narrative.
I'm like, but we're supposed to be middle of the road, most trusted name in news.
Like, why do we kind of have our finger on the scale?
So, like, all those little tidbits are what kind of started leading me down this path of,
You know, transforming from a from a dream career, you know, because I came here as a registered Democrat to a nightmare of having to lose sleep over what I'm seeing and what I can do, if anything, and just traveling down that path.
So it's been a crazy last several months because I was there for almost three years, about two and a half.
And this whole thing didn't even start until like the last six to eight months, roughly.
Wow, there's so many angles to this.
President Trump also filed suit on CNN, as you know, I'm sure, Friday, saying that they're engaged in false advertising, calling themselves the most trusted name in news.
We're going to hit every angle of that, but when we come back, I want to talk about
The process, what you did there, and then when you decided to start recording, and then what it felt like when you saw it break early last week, and just that huge firestorm, it's still ongoing, and then what the repercussions have been, because again, you're a hero, what you did was amazing, it clearly spurred the president to finally take action against CNN, but I've, and I'm not trying to play the victim here, but
CNN's Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter literally terrorized all our sponsors three years ago to go away, calling them up saying, we're gonna expose you if you don't drop.
And then they went after all the big tech firms and worked to get me thrown off with disinfo.
And so they're not just
They're not just engaged in lying, they're also engaged in working to get other people censored, and then saying Trump's trying to have a war on the press and shut them down.
So I want to get your takes on all this, but I'm going to try to just keep you to the floor because I've got a thousand, thousand points I want to get to, and I'm so excited that Kerry Porch is going to be in studio with us on Wednesday.
Very, very excited about that.
We'll be right back on the other side.
And by the way, he's not really pushing this, but I think you should go there, folks.
You should go fundme.com forward slash expose CNN.
And support this guy.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
When you read the WikiLeaks, and I've read thousands of pages of them, what is Hillary Clinton and the deep state afraid of?
They're afraid of whistleblowers.
Now, they tell you, oh, they love whistleblowers, these political operatives that have been caught putting out this info against Trump.
And Trump's not persecuted them.
Obama arrested hundreds of whistleblowers and persecuted the press and went after everybody.
The media love that.
Now Trump's done none of that, and they say he's persecuting whistleblowers because he speaks out against what they've said.
But from what I've seen, maybe I'm wrong, I've seen no response from CNN.
It's deafening.
And our guest, Kerry Porch, was there the morning all this already dropped, and he got that last recording of Jeff Zucker, the CEO.
So I don't want to be like CNN, telling you what angle and what to cover first, but
Can you get into when you were there, what you did, when you started taping, why you did it, and then what it was like that last morning, and then what the response has been like in the last week and a half since you, or last week since you went public.
Sure, of course, Alex.
Again, thank you so much for having me.
Thank you.
It is an honor.
So like, I know there's a lot of different, you know, pigeon and rabbit holes we can go down.
But the main thing is that, again, I started in June of 17.
You know, I was a former Bernie bro in 16.
So I came there fully entrenched on the left.
What we now call, you know, you know, screeching NPC type of thing.
But that's where I was politically.
So I came there with my dream job.
And within three to six months,
We're good to go.
As objectivity, you know, trusted name and news facts first, their newest slogan, everything like that.
I mean, all in all, I'm thinking about there are hundreds and hundreds of TVs on every floor.
You can't really escape it.
There's even live live TV in the bathroom like you literally cannot escape it.
Even if you are headphones, you know, your eyes catch the Chiron.
So you're always consuming news like eight, nine, ten hours a day.
And it just, it got to me to a point where I guess I was starting to lose sleep and coming home and my amazing, amazing leading lady in my life, you know, she was noticing me just having a really rough time not sleeping and explaining to her what was going on.
She's been my rock.
And literally I was about to quit and I had my two weeks notice typed up on my computer and then I got assigned to work CPAC in DC and by this time I've already been kind of, you know, for lack of a better term, red-pilling myself while inside the building the first couple years that I was in the building.
Does that make sense?
So I was already like, okay, there's some cool people that I wanted to see and meet
We're good to go.
And then he got up on stage, and that's where they debuted the Facebook Insider, and it was a great expose, a great video, and it had that cheesy tagline on the end, you know, be brave, do something.
And you know what?
As cheesy as it was, it spoke to me, and you know... Well, let me interrupt you, because it's cheesy when someone doesn't take action, but when you really do it, you are the man in the arena.
It is brave, it is amazing, and it's what civilization, good civilization's built up, buddy, so we all admire you.
Please continue.
Thanks, Alex.
And so, you know, my heart was pounding, because keep in mind, like, I'm at a highly conservative-leaning event, and I have a CNN badge.
And everybody's looking at me weird, like, you know, I'm the enemy.
And I get that.
It's, you know, team sport, whatever.
So I made my way down to the booth and, you know, got to talk to James as he was signing books.
I'm like, hey, I'm
You know, my name is Kerry.
I work for a, you know, I work for a three-letter news agency, and he originally thought I said, like, government agency, so he thought I was, like, an FBI or, you know, spook or something like that.
So, but we eventually started talking, and that was in February or March of this year.
And he and I both talked.
I mean, we were feeling each other out for a good month or so, month and a half, because we both had a lot to lose if, you know, one party wasn't in it to win it, so to speak.
And then just a few more things happened at work, and that's when I really decided to call him up and said, hey, look, are you good?
Because let's do this.
And that was around the summer, like June or July, somewhere around there.
So I have about a good
You know five to six months or whatever of recordings and that's kind of what we that what they all drew from as you mentioned the the back end editing bays and just to you know shout out I mean just as I was motivated by a the Facebook and other insiders anyone that's in a tech media finance insurance whatever if you see some mouth fevids malfeasance.
Please go to projectveritas.com slash brave.
It's got all the tip line proton mail to get in touch.
I mean, just as I was motivated, Alex, I'm hoping that other people will come forward because of what I did, because I came forward because of the ones before me, you know, the Facebook and Pinterest and Google people.
So that's kind of where we're at now.
And, you know, a lot of family situations happened in the last several weeks.
You know, found out I was having a child in the new year.
So that was just a big motivator to get it done as fast as I could and to wrap it up.
And, you know, you see what we have on the tapes there.
So that's kind of a very short story to a long story arc of kind of how we got from earlier than 2019 to where we are, you know, this past Monday.
And to your other question about the response, it's
It's been insane in good and bad ways.
I mean, we knew it was going to be big, but we didn't realize how crazy that the internet would take over.
This is probably the biggest thing that Veritas has ever done, and that's saying a lot.
Yeah, they're great.
They're a great team.
And let me just shout out O'Keefe and company.
Like, everything that that man and his team have said to me, everything they've promised me has come true, and then some.
You know, it was never about the money.
I wanted to do the right thing.
That was their idea.
Like, hey, let's set you up a GoFundMe, like we did for the previous whistleblowers, because you're probably not going to work in media ever again.
And let me say while this is important.
Because when they get McCabe to lie about Trump, and then he got, what was it, almost a million bucks last time I checked in his GoFundMe, they celebrate their people.
Well, we need to celebrate whistleblowers, especially gigantic ones that, you know, deliver the motherlode like you've done, and who, you know, lose their job, their dream job, for doing the right thing.
People need to at least, you know, help you so that you end up getting a job.
And I'm sure you're gonna end up getting one with Veritas or the RNC or, you know, wherever you want in hell.
If we have the money, we'll probably try to hire you.
Because we're trying to expand, they're trying to shut us down.
But absolutely, people need to go to the GoFundMe.
So you've got money to continue on, whether you do it as independent journalists, whatever it is, it's that wartime seed money that people need to get.
So people can go to GoFundMe.com forward slash exposeCNN because it's just absolutely vital that people understand that we don't just support and say we support patriots like you, but that we actually back them.
Thank you, Alex.
And I'm working on something else in the meantime, like yourself, all your listeners, the amazing Patriots have been amazing.
And the GoFundMe got funded in a couple days.
I'm in the process of finding the legal works to do it right now, but I want to take care of the other people that lost their job directly because of the expose.
So we're in the works of that right now because I want to get those people at least made whole or as whole as we can in the short term.
So I'll definitely stay in touch with you and hopefully it can work.
To help these guys out.
Yeah, indeed, Alex.
And again, I don't have direct confirmation yet, but through third parties, I've learned that there's my last count.
And again, this is just from what I'm trying to deduce.
There were about six to nine people throughout the three bureaus, Atlanta, New York, and D.C.
that were directly tied to this contract that I worked for that, from what I understand, and again, haven't confirmed it yet,
But that lost their jobs directly because of the expose.
So, the Patriots, you guys are amazing in helping, you know, my family and I get some seed money for the next couple years or whatever.
But, obviously, collateral damage is never intended at all, and that's what I'm losing sleep about right now because that's how it's done.
Listen, listen, I know, but so many good people never take action because there's never a perfect way.
You did what you did.
You lost your job.
These people are working in an evil place.
It's going to be better for them in the end.
My God.
I mean, this is an anti-American criminal organization.
I'm sorry.
And I just, I don't want you to feel guilty.
Well, I appreciate that.
I mean, again, I just want to throw it out there.
A lot of people are saying that I was a direct scene employee.
I was a contractor, just like the Facebook insider was a contractor.
Um, you know, I just, aren't most of them contractors?
To my knowledge, no.
Most of them are direct CNN employees.
I could be wrong, but most are direct employees, but they do their tertiary stuff through contractors like myself.
We're going to go to break.
I want to come back and I want you to be able to have a four-hundred-seven to get into subjects you want to get into.
And then I want to get into what's coming up next, what else you witnessed that hasn't come out yet, and so many other angles here, and where you think this election's going, where you think CNN's... I mean, did you ever witness when they're, like, attacking and supporting big tech censorship?
Oh, absolutely.
I saw it, I mean, firsthand where they're, you know, I noticed it when they kind of scrubbed you from the internet, like in a very concerted, concise, like, you know, singular strike action.
That to me was, that blew me away.
I'm like, you know, love Alex or hate Alex.
I mean, this is freedom of speech and for all the big tech guys like Apple and all them to just like, hey, we're just going to cut you off immediately, coincidentally at the same time.
And, uh, you know, your interactions with Oliver Darcy and, uh... Hold on, Kerry.
Kerry Porch, I want to hear about this, obviously.
Third hour's coming up.
There's another 30 minutes.
It'll be in studio Wednesday.
I can't wait till this guest is with us in studio on Wednesday for a full two hours.
And I'm looking at all the other news I've got in front of me.
How does CNN spend half its time on Ukraine or Russia?
And then most of the other stuff trying to create a race war.
I'm just, I'm looking at all this news.
Gender identity politics setting stage for post-human future.
Nick Cave slams woke culture as an assault on free speech.
Sonny reveals how superbugs acquired drug resistance.
A message from the front line of the Info War.
This is just, what, the last few minutes.
Chili extends curfew as death toll rises.
Riots and just unrest all over the world right now.
Julian Assange disoriented at court proceeding.
Says, I can't talk properly.
He's being tortured in solitary confinement.
One of the big things Trump needs to do something about.
Shame on Trump for that.
Carrie Porch, the huge.
CNN contractor whistleblower is here with us.
This is a short segment.
Long segment's coming up.
Boy, the stuff he's been saying during breaks, I'm like, please repeat that when we come back.
But right now, just getting back to the general climate of things, what would you call this period we're in in America, and where do you think this is all going?
I mean, so many ways we could go with that one, Alex.
And again, this is just my humble opinion, is basically to try to sew as much pain and discord into the American fabric as possible.
I mean, I remember even five years ago, I remember, you know, before the 16th election, I mean, we could always have discussions with those we disagreed with in a very civil, humane manner and still walk away.
Well, I think you just hit the nail on the proverbial head, and if you read the WikiLeaks, thanks to Assange,
It's Hillary talking to top professors of media, saying we've got to intensify the culture war.
That means men against women, black against white.
And you can just see it.
You tune into it.
It's like an alternate universe.
Or you read the New York Times, and you'd believe that America was run by Nazis.
Not that we kicked their ass.
I mean, that's the new buzzword for anything.
I mean, anyone I don't agree with is a Nazi and go punch Nazis and violence is good against anyone even perceived to be a Nazi.
I mean, what was that?
They actually had like a march at the White House or something several months ago, or it truly was like a, you know what, if I remember correctly, like a KKK march or something.
And what, there were like 40 people or something like that.
It wasn't the thousands and thousands that our people are making out to be right now.
It's just
Talk to your neighbor like I think Rob Schneider said it best.
Talk to your neighbor.
You find out we have way more in common and the world is a lot nicer than what the TV is telling you it is.
And that's kind of what one of the many things I saw while working there is just constantly pumping out division topics that's going to force people into one camp or the other, either or, not either and.
And it's just sad to see, you know, so many good friendships and family relationships broken over just some stuff that's not really a big deal.
Like, you can just agree to disagree on several topics, but again, that's not the cool thing to do.
You want to put some rage bait out there and get some clicks.
It's just, I don't like the way it's going, and I'm hoping that, you know, myself and everyone else that's on the front lines can like, hey, let's get back to a time of civility to discuss the differences we have like we did before, you know, the elites got their hands on everything, you know?
Well, that's right.
And when you learn that the Communist China literally owns and controls six of the big production houses and is financing the race war stuff, and you can read in their major publications, they brag, oh, we're financing this to divide our enemy America.
All the Netflix shows about race war and all this and all these movies, it's literally Chai Com funded to divide our nation.
It's unbelievable that we've gotten to this point.
But luckily now, the fact that China's influence is so big is coming out.
Yeah, I mean, I don't know too much about those details.
I'm loving to look into that stuff that you're mentioning.
It's just, I'm noticing from, even from leading up to the last election cycle, that there was something different in the American fabric that truly was monumental, a shift.
And that's what I want us to get back to, is to be able to talk to, not even those across the aisle, those that are sitting right next to us in the seat on our side of the aisle.
Stay right there.
Major Cena Whistleblower is our guest.
Stay with us.
Well, we've got epic music playing in the background, because this is epic.
We have seen high-level whistleblowers from Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, and now we see people like Cary Porch, contractor at CNN since 2017,
In running into Project Veritas at an event he was covering, talking to him, forming a relationship over the next six months or so, and then deciding to document what he thought was immoral and deceptive going on.
Undoubtedly, it spurred the president to file this big false advertising suit against CNN.
We're going to look at some of that with Kerry here, but it gets into the fact that they say that
With the most trusted name in journalism, Truth Seekers, Fair and Truly Balanced, and then you have all the internal videos showing just the opposite.
You say that it's been an overwhelming response.
Has CNN responded in any way?
Not as of yet.
And again, it's been, I'd say, 97, 98% positive.
I mean, like, I should do screenshots or books and just show the amazing, overwhelming response.
Because as you can imagine, Alex, and your listeners, you know, leading up to it, it was a rollercoaster of emotions.
Like, am I doing the right thing?
Of course I'm doing the right thing.
Now, a minute later, no, I'm doing the wrong thing.
I'm burning the rest of my career.
I mean, all these things within minutes were highs and lows.
Insane, like, emotional rollercoaster, but the messages, the hundreds and thousands of messages that have rolled in both publicly and privately have been overwhelming to say that I've done, to convince me and my family that we've done the right thing.
And, you know, yourself and many others, it's truly been overwhelming.
I mean, the GoFundMe got funded in a day and a half.
I mean, that blew our minds.
And it's obviously very much appreciated, but it's one of those things that
You know, over the several months of being here, seeing and hearing what I've seen, is that it just led me to want to protect the Republican in any way that I could.
And I was positioned in a very unique point in space and time with an opportunity to just do something about it.
My goal in that was, well, James and I's goal was one of two things.
Either get CNN and the rest of the media, perhaps, to just own where you're at.
Just be transparent.
Like, hey, we're going to get it from a left-leaning lens.
At least we know.
Or to just return to the greatness of truly objective journalism.
As you saw on the tapes, people were like,
You know, the field ops, head of field ops, Patrick Davis, amazing guy.
I mean, you can hear his words, like he's painful, like he's been there, you know, 20, 30 years and all he wanted to do was to do what he signed up to do, do the news.
So many people like him in those conversations, they're not villains, they're just people that want to do true journalism.
Is that the individual that talks about CNN's done a deal with the devil?
Uh, no, no, that was someone else.
Patrick was the, um, uh, the gentleman with, like, we were having a beer and stuff outside of work.
Talking about, you know, Trump's doing this, but those 500 assholes on the Hill, they're the ones that are the true criminals and stuff like that.
You remember that one?
Yes, that one.
There's so many.
In fact, that's my next question.
How many hours do you think you shot?
I'm told it's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds.
And what other big bombshells are coming?
I mean, think about it.
You have five, six, whatever months of Truly recording.
I mean, there's got to be hundreds and hundreds of hours.
I leave it to the great team over at Veritas that sift through, then they found the biggest bombshells that they could.
The next one that's coming out pretty soon, I obviously can't speak to it, but if it's what I think it is, it's going to be pretty big.
We have not gotten a response from CNN or anyone else.
Obviously, I'm not naive enough to think that they're going to take it laying down.
And, you know, my family and I were just kind of bracing for impact of whatever the next shoe falls may be, if that makes sense.
Well, I think they're pretty smart over there.
They're evil at the top, but they know.
A guy like you, if they persecute you, it's going to make more whistleblowers come out.
I mean, the way human nature works, especially Americans, is you bully people more of the fight back.
I think the out-of-control left's beginning to realize that all they're bullying is not making people go away.
It's actually making a lot of people start to take action.
And that's, I mean, that's why I came forward.
I mean, you know, we all loved Facebook when it started.
And then slowly but surely, we all kind of see how tech is kind of, you know, has its hands in everything.
But one thing I obviously wanted to make sure of, I mean, as you see in the tapes, I mean, most of the people are good, decent, talented, hardworking, diligent people that just want to do their job.
And they're frustrated with, like, you know, the orders from on high, from the generals on high.
Even Van Jones, two years ago, goes undercover Veritas.
He goes, oh that's a nothing burger.
There's nothing.
Trump's not involved with Russia.
You know, Trump won't take money from any special interests.
Nobody tells him what to do.
Not top generals, not... I mean, you think the Russians tell Donald Trump what to do?
Give me a break.
Well, I mean, if we if we play the mainstream narrative, I mean, that's exactly what's going on.
Everyone's a Russian asset or a spy, or, you know, you got a room full of whatever the report was.
20, 30 people making, you know, memes changing the election.
Go figure.
But yeah, the Van Jones thing, that was that was actually one of my favorite things that kind of really stuck in me to go seek James out over over to Veritas.
I mean, it's just wild to see how the news goes.
And again, I don't care.
What do you think?
I don't think so.
I mean, that's what I believed for years.
I mean, Alex, I was, you know, I consider myself a halfway intelligent person, and I was brainwashed and all this stuff to even hating you and other people that weren't, you know, authoritative sources, as YouTube CEO says, you know what I'm saying?
And I'm a recent kind of convert and fan, so it's just crazy that anyone of any intellect level can be kind of led down this amazingly powerful and potent media apparatus when you hear it enough.
I read a story comparing Trump to the Nazis and Goebbels and the propaganda, but if you hear something enough, I mean, you kind of tend to believe it, you know?
It's just strange to see how it works, especially from the inside.
And that actually comes from Goebbels.
Tell a big lie and tell it over and over again, and because it's so big, people will believe it.
Yeah, I mean, that's pretty much what happens.
I mean, you saw with the ABC thing, and everyone that does all these big stories and gets caught, I mean, the only reason that they're apologizing is we have people that are diligent enough to say, hey, this doesn't quite look right, and then they find out what it is, and oh, we're bad.
I mean...
They're only apologizing because they got caught.
They're so powerful nowadays.
Going back to the other point is just, I don't care where you lean or where you want, just here's the facts in a truly objective manner.
You make up your own mind and we can go grab a beer afterwards.
No big deal.
Also, the minute I saw it, I said, that's Knob Creek.
I had been so busy, I hadn't watched last year's, but I was, I mean, it usually has like 15, 20 million views when they do that big, you know, 100 machine guns at once, tracer rounds, blowing up cans of gasoline.
The minute I saw it, I said, that's Knob Creek.
The arrogance of putting a Knob Creek video out and thinking we're so stupid that people wouldn't instantly know what it was.
Now they cropped it and they turned the light level down to try to see, but people still knew and went and found the exact video.
So again, that just shows an incredible level of arrogance.
Did you see any arrogance?
Not to that level or anything like that.
I mean, I was still a relatively low-level employee.
Like, you know, I obviously wasn't in, you know, these 9 a.m.
meetings in person or in the editorial meetings.
So, it's just one of those, you know, cut-and-paste jobs.
Like, what was it?
The whole Syrian, you know, Assad thing where, you know, the chemical weapons.
And you had a boots-on-ground CNN journalist smelling a backpack with a supposedly deadly gas.
I mean, that doesn't seem like the smartest thing to do.
Yeah, one smell of sarin would kill you.
I mean, it's like you're smelling a backpack and it's purportedly, like you said, immediately deadly.
I'm like, that's the last thing I would do is smell a poisonous backpack, you know?
And then, foreign media found the kids that are dying on video saying, they took us from the school, they threw water on us, put green paint on us, and then gave us candy afterwards.
I mean, the kids that are falling down convulsing, that they later say died, are saying, no, this was staged.
So then we have a right to then ask, is something staged in the future?
That's the whole thing.
I mean, regardless of where people stand, just give us the meat and potatoes.
Give us what is true.
I see it on screen, that exact one.
Sorry, it's just it's hysterical to me.
If you can smell sarin, you're dead.
We're going to come right back.
And I'm so excited you're going to be in studio.
But I've got a bunch of questions in the final segment with our guest.
It's amazing.
Kerry Porch is here.
And I'm going to see if I can repeat some of the stuff he's told me off air.
But there is a lot of points we're going to hit in this final segment.
He'll be here with us Wednesday in studio.
He's got a lot of courage, not just to do what he did, but to come on this show, because they'll really attack him for that.
But that's a good thing!
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Gary Porch is a huge whistleblower.
And it seems like five months ago, but it just dropped last week in so many videos out on Project Veritas, he wouldn't tell me what it was.
What do you mean a hint?
But he says either today or tomorrow.
I think it's tomorrow now.
Huge next step in all of this.
And I mean, just wet my appetite.
I mean, you're not going to tell us who it is or what it is, but what area is it at CNN?
Um, if it's anything of what I think it might be, again, I'm sure you can understand and appreciate the, uh, the secrecy and not, uh, not blowing the whistle, so to speak.
Again, I don't want to take anything away from the delivery, but it's going to be good.
And, um, uh, it's definitely may involve some more top level people.
So that's all I'm going to say for now.
I'm sure you can understand and appreciate it.
So, so do you think Jeff Zucker is very happy about this to have a CNN?
I can imagine the exact opposite of it, to have some low-level contractor like me, you know, just record some stuff on the 9 a.m.
call that is pretty much open to anybody in any bureau.
I mean, most days I walked in the bureau, Alex, is that someone had it on speakerphone, so it's not like me trying to do some, you know, evil 007 villain-type thing to sneak into the morning call.
I mean, it's literally on speakerphone on every floor almost every day.
It's just there.
And that was, again, part of the key thing.
I started kind of raising my antenna, just kind of see, hey, something's not quite passing the smell test here.
So and that's what kind of led me down the rabbit hole, for lack of a better word.
Well, I'm really impressed with what you've done.
And of course, I'm obviously impressed with the great folks at Project Veritas.
That's what real journalism is supposed to be doing.
And imagine if CNN was doing real undercover stuff.
But as you were saying, and the other employees were saying, and crew members, I mean, the real crooks are in Congress.
And, you know, here's Trump, who really is not doing things his business as usual.
He really is the president.
They're trying to take him down.
Now, we talked about this some off air, and I'm like, well, that's powerful.
Please say that on air.
Why did you do this?
And can you speak more to the attitude at CNN towards other media and how they're pushing censorship?
Absolutely, Alex.
I mean, it's not some big, grandiose motive.
Like, I truly just, as the tape said, the first one that broke, like, I just wanted to do what I could to protect the Republic, to actually give the next, you know, the next four years, the next eight years, whatever, the next generation, my future child, like, to give them as fair and free an election as possible.
Have all the information out there, let you make up your own mind without someone's finger on the scale.
That's truly what I wanted.
And for that, you know, I pretty much lost everything.
And just like any other people, like the Google guys, I mean, what was that, the other Google insider, he was a direct report to Sundar Pichai, and I'm sure they blackballed him in tech.
It's just, we see something wrong and we just hope we have the courage and fortitude to do something about it.
I mean, it was the scariest thing I did.
I'm still scared.
I mean, obviously, I'm not gonna try to lie and say I'm not.
I mean, we're still kind of scared about what may happen next, but we had to do it and we did.
Well, the big corporations working with China won a global social score, so in the future, you blow a whistle on corruption, you can't buy or sell.
That's really the final equation they want, and we have to fight that and say no to that.
That's why these cashless societies are so incredibly dangerous.
But for now, you're fighting, we're fighting, and we're still in a fighting position.
But we've really got to fight, as you said,
As hard as we can for the future.
Of course, we're talking about Zach Voorhees, who we want to get back on in the very near future.
High-level whistleblower, and just showing, devastating, how Google is premeditatedly trying to fix these elections.
Look at Tulsi Gabbards.
She says, look, Hillary's already running.
She just hasn't announced it.
Quit hiding behind other candidates.
Come out, Hillary.
Hillary calls her a Russian asset with no proof.
But listen.
They say that in Congress about me.
They use that to deplatform us.
No proof.
No facing our accusers.
I have no connection to Russia.
And it's just, it's so dangerous.
Yeah, you go against the mainstream narrative and the mainstream talking heads.
Of course, you and many others like you are, you know, smeared as Russian people.
And it blows my mind that this is where we're at right now, that information is so
It's so powerful that they just want to restrict it to a single pipeline or a handful of pipelines that are, you know, authoritative sources, as was it with Just Kiske as the YouTube CEO.
Like, we're going to prop up authoritative sources, all the mainstream outlets and de-platformer or de-boost or whatever the term is called.
Like, you know, people like your Alex Jones, your Jimmy Doors, your Tim Pools, all your independent people that are out there just trying to have a fan base.
And they're making it harder for people that are paying for that fan base to just get the news that they want.
The news that not only they're paying for, but is truly kind of objective.
I mean, I watch Tim Pool almost every day, and he's one of the most objective people I see, and he owns where he's at on the spectrum.
Hey, I lean this way.
So what?
But here's the facts.
You make it up for yourself.
That's right.
This is a story up on Infowars.com.
Hillary Clinton declares bankrupt DNC.
We're going to be outgunned, outspent, outlawed.
It's actually a Breitbart article.
Well, I listened to the DNC call.
She's basically running it.
She's going around doing campaign events everywhere.
She's still collecting money at her foundation.
And she says we're going to be out lied.
She's projecting onto Republicans.
And CNN will have all these gumball containers saying, oh, 30,000 lies.
And you drill into that, it's not true.
Trump goes, we had miles high of burgers.
And they go, actually, if you stacked all the burgers there at the White House he gave to the sports team, it would only be 500 feet tall.
That's not a mile high.
So they take all this weird stuff that's hyperbole by Trump
And then they say that, you know, he's like, that guy's from Mars.
Well, technically, the senator is not from Mars.
He's from, you know, from wherever.
And so they play these games.
But here's Hillary saying, they're going to out-lie us.
And so she's just saying, we got to lie better than them.
Talk about projection.
Here it is.
I think we'll be a little better off than we were back then, but we're going to be outgunned, outspent, outlied.
I mean, we're going to have a lot of problems.
And the thing we have to do... Outlied.
So that's saying we've got to lie better.
I mean, what does that say to you?
I mean, I just and again, this is just my personal opinion, and I know this will anger or make some people happy.
It's just, you know, what in what other place can you be the literal most favored, most
Qualified candidate history and run against a TV game show host and still lose like that to me still blows my mind And that's back when I was a never trumper.
You know It's I mean when people have to fact-check the Babylon B That's a weird It feels like the Twilight Zone like when people spend their time and whatever their salary is to fact-check a known satire site that to me that's just a
Bananas, for lack of a better word.
That's right, I've seen CNN and Snopes now fact-checking comics.
Why do you think they're doing that?
Just a wish to control everything?
No, I mean, I say this to a lot of my friends, like, I can only dream if George Carlin or Robin Williams was alive today with their own Twitter account.
Like, how amazing would that be?
Apparently comedy is the last bastion of free speech, so that's why everyone's going after it, to try to make it PC, or to shout someone down, or hecklers veto this.
I mean, the Dave Chappelle special that came out, what, a few weeks ago?
I didn't agree with everything in it, but I could still laugh at it, at the intelligent writing, and like, wow, that was a really cool way to deliver a joke on a social matter.
That was pretty brilliant.
Obviously, didn't agree with everything, but everything was still funny, even the stuff that I was looking at.
And the left tried to get it banned.
Yeah, like the Rotten Tomatoes, the critical score of zero.
And the real, I say, yeah, you got it on screen, the real people, audience score of, you know, 100% almost.
That should tell you something right there, that there's a huge disconnect between, you know, the critics and the ivory towers, and just your normal people.
Well, I'm impressed.
I really appreciate you.
Kerry Poors, I look forward to you being here in studio Wednesday.
You're amazing.
By the way, folks, just to be clear, first they put it up only where critics could vote.
It was zero.
There was a backlash.
Then they put up both, and you saw those numbers.
Thank you so much, Kerry.
You're amazing.
We got another big guest coming up.
Stay with us.
Okay, Gerald Cilente is coming up next hour, but I'm going to host 15 minutes into it because I've got some news I've got to hit before I leave the live airwaves.
I got a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes.
We're going to go to our guest here in just a moment who was at least detained.
I don't know if he was actually arrested and charged.
Thomas Bartram.
At the Trump rally.
He didn't engage in any crime up in Dallas.
But we didn't just say it was a provocateur setup, because he's an InfoWars listener.
We went out and researched it and said, okay, the guy that got detained by police was a listener.
But having a gun on you on the streets of Dallas is not illegal, especially when Antifa slapped me in the head and punched me in the back, even though I had security.
They got a few little slaps in when they were attacking families that were out there.
So we're going to go to him in a moment.
But first, I want to talk about victory.
I want to talk about success, okay?
We just had a major CNN whistleblower on who reached out to Project Veritas himself and then secretly recorded for a year and showed the incredible immoral lies and corruption there and is cited in Trump's lawsuit now against CNN for false advertising.
And I think that's a great thing that President Trump's doing because CNN actively is trying to destroy free speech.
They're trying to shut down their competition.
They are rigging debates.
They are just an organized crime group.
And I don't say that in my opinion.
It's been proven.
And so, when we've had James O'Keefe on years ago, he'd say, yeah, I've never gotten so many calls, so many threats.
There's so much pressure not to come on your show, but I do it anyways because I know you're doing a good job and they lie about you.
Well, it's the same thing with somebody like Cary Porch who was on.
I guarantee you he got told not to come on here by people, but he still came on.
Now he wants to come in studio.
They want to scare everyone away from him for it's like it's dirty, like it's bad.
But once everybody wakes up, it's a badge of honor.
People say, how do you take being demonized all the time?
The media says Trump's a Nazi, that he raped little girls.
None of it's true.
That's the Democrats that have been caught doing it.
And so when a pack of criminals say all these bad things about us, they're discredited frauds that launch illegal wars based on lies and then march our military off.
And they're being caught, and they're being exposed.
That's why they're trying to shut everybody down, because used to they were arrogant.
Now they realize they're losing, so they're really showing their hand.
So yes, it's rough in the interim to go through this, but as long as we can stay on air and stay in position, we're here so we can have big whistleblowers on like that, as we can magnify what Project Veritas does.
I'm not tootin' our horn, it's the truth.
James O'Keefe has said on air that upwards of half the whistleblowers they get is from InfoWars.
Now I could have our own whistleblower division, and I could sit there and say, call us, we'll do it.
No, Veritas is great.
You can come to us too.
People always come on us after they go on Veritas.
And sometimes we have whistleblowers.
That's fine.
But sometimes we get really powerful stuff that's really complex and I give them to James O'Keefe.
He knows that.
Because I see James all over the news and doing great.
I love it.
They've sued him.
They've tried to put him in prison.
They've tried to infiltrate him.
We're brothers together in this fight, folks.
This is the real deal.
I want to tell us for something.
I got so excited last hour with that guest, I didn't plug one time.
If I don't plug every hour, bare minimum, we're going to shut down in about 14, 15 months.
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Look at the fellow we're about to go to, if you can punch him up real quick.
Our guest there, guys.
Just punch up Skype, it's okay.
It's coming up after the break.
Now, there you go.
So he's the guy that got arrested at the Trump rally.
We're going to talk to him at the next segment.
We'll do two segments with him, and then I'll get to that other point.
And then, uh, then Gerald Solontay takes over.
Always ready to blow folks away.
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Our guest straight ahead.
Well, our guest got arrested at the Trump rally last Thursday when I was driving around in an armored vehicle and Antifa was physically attacking people.
What did he do?
The police also stood down when Antifa started attacking us.
And the guys I'm with are very pro-police.
You know, a couple of them have been police officers in their previous careers, and they just never seen anything like it.
We went over to the cops and said, can we have some help?
And they're just like, nope, walked off.
Dallas and a lot of areas of Texas really have become shameful.
A lot of the cops were smiling and waving at us, but it didn't matter.
The ones we went over to were told, nope,
I guess they let them beat up old ladies as well.
But Thomas Bartram is about to join us.
Here's some of the local newscast.
Hi Brian and Meredith.
Yeah, we just learned that the man who was taken into custody was transported to a local hospital for evaluation.
Here is what happened.
A crowd of about a hundred people were protesting the troop pullout in Syria when a man wearing a helmet
Backpack and bulletproof vest walked towards them.
Dallas police detained the man and found a pistol in his front pocket.
Police confiscated a gas mask, knee pads, some sort of aerosol can, mace, and a video camera, among other items.
We were there when the man, who was wearing an Info Wars t-shirt, was taken away in a police cruiser.
That's a scary situation.
We, I guess we put our life on the line to voice out our opinion about our people.
Oh, this is sweet Antifa.
Police tell us that man did have a license to carry that weapon.
He was taken into custody without incident and again tonight he is being evaluated at a hospital.
Notice you can't see his InfoWars shirt, but the media sure got that info.
That is an InfoWars shirt, though.
It's a good looking one, that one that has the sword through the shield.
I came up with that design.
So, I thought, hey, let's find out if this was a staged event to demonize us.
And then we actually talked to the guy, and he's like, no, Andy was out there attacking people, and...
So I thought, you know, I'd go out there, but you've got the optics, but he had every right, and if he was out there dressed like that, actually attacking people.
So let's find out who Thomas Bartram is.
He's a proud Texan, a patriot who wants to do whatever he can to help save the country and benefit mankind.
Dallas News is sensationalized as President of the Trump rally, where he was in possession of a legal firearm, wearing a helmet, and an impoverished T-shirt was taken into custody.
He has a power washing company.
So that's a big strike against him.
He works.
So tell us who you really are and what really happened.
Thanks for coming on.
Well, you know, as you said, I'm a patriot.
You know, I love this country.
And originally, I wasn't going to go to the Trump rally.
But the moment you came on air and said you're going to be down there, I've seen you before at that one Bayville rally you did earlier, I think this year or last year.
And I mean, they swarmed on you.
They were attacking you.
And the thing that was going through my mind was like, look,
I need to be out there.
I need to be out there because I know what they're going to do to them.
They're going to try to attack them.
They're going to throw things at them.
There's no telling what kind of things they could do.
Um, you know, we were very concerned about the president.
So, uh, when I heard you were going to be out there, I loaded up my truck, grabbed everything I could think of and just, just went there.
Uh, when I got there, I threw on my vest, threw on my helmet because we know they're throwing acid at people.
We know they hit people in the back of the head with bike locks.
You know, I had a backpack full of all gear.
My plan was, I was going there, I was going to try to find you and meet up with you, you know, to help do whatever I could to keep Antifa off your back.
Within 60 seconds of me showing up at the Trump rally, I walked over there and I saw this huge crowd of people protesting Kurdistan or whatever, and I was just looking at them, trying to figure, alright,
Which group of people are these guys with?
I mean, what are they even protesting?
I'm just standing there looking at them, and next thing I know I got, you know, five cops all over me, you know, stripping me down, searching all my stuff.
But yeah, I mean...
Everything I had in that backpack was like directly related to like bodyguard security stuff.
That aerosol can was a fire extinguisher.
I had a gas mask.
There's no telling what sort of stuff they're gonna, what they're gonna bring out they're gonna do.
I had a trauma kit in there.
You know, chest seals.
Um, you know, anything I could think of in there.
So, I mean, it was just, you know, Antifa's allowed, they're allowed to come out there wearing whatever they want.
They can come out there in a motorcycle helmet.
They can bring whatever sort of nonsense to cause trouble.
Nothing ever happens to them, but I guess when I do it, uh, it's a big deal.
Um, so you went out there in case they attacked me.
Well, I didn't know that.
Well, I appreciate you trying to support us.
I mean, you can, I'm not defending what the police did because they stood down a lot of antifa actually attack us.
And then we just, you know, left that area.
They were attacking men, women, and children as well.
Kind of shameful that Dallas did that.
I guess they're like Portland now.
But what did you say to the police when they came over and talked to you?
Then I heard that they psychologically, I guess they tried to red flag you.
What happened?
Yeah, that's something I want to be clear on with the police because in any kind of situation like this, it's very hard to know intent.
It's very hard to know what they were thinking.
I haven't talked to them since, but I do know the facts of what happened to me because for all I know, I mean, they could have said that, thought, oh, he's Antifa.
Let's get him out of here because we don't want him attacking people.
But even then, even from that angle, even if I was Antifa, I would still have a right to free speech.
I'd still have a right to be out there.
So, I mean, you know, any way you look at it, it doesn't look good, but
One thing I want to do here, I definitely don't want to try to assume the intent of the police and like what they were doing.
But I do know that I was legally armed.
I was out there.
I wasn't hurting anybody.
I wasn't doing anything.
What did they say to you?
Where did they take you?
They said they put you in a hospital.
What unfolded?
Yeah, so I got out there, they took me over to the police van, and they started asking, you know, do you like Alex Jones?
Are you homicidal?
Are you suicidal?
Do you want to hurt people?
What do you think about 9-11?
You know, what do you think about Sandy Hook?
And then they're like, all right, well, we're going to send you off to a psych hospital because we think you're crazy, and we'll let them sort you out.
And I was released from there within four hours because the psychiatrists looking at me were like, no, he's not crazy.
Like, within four hours, they're like, no.
And I'm lucky too because all it would have taken is for me, I guess, I happen to go to a hospital where the psychiatrists have some degree of integrity because if I got sent to some leftist whatever hospital and they're like, oh this guy supports InfoWars, there's no telling.
I mean I could still be in there.
Well let's expand on that because I will make statements about the police in Dallas this time.
They are becoming nothing but leftist.
And the city is run by leftists now.
It's my hometown.
It's very shameful.
That's propaganda.
I have a right to question Sandy Hook.
We've seen so many staged events, so many things that have come out that aren't true.
I mean, Smollett staging stuff, babies in incubators that weren't there, having their brains bashed out to launch wars, you know, fake kids being nerve gassed in Syria and they admit the kids weren't killed and they told them to do it as actors.
So we have a right.
But I hardly ever cover Sandy Hook.
I'm famous.
We helped get Trump elected.
So the Democrats say I'm the Sandy Hook guy to give them attention.
For all their anti-gun stuff and to bring Sandy Hook back up.
And I'm tired of them doing that.
It's very cold-blooded.
And you know, the system has sued the dead teacher.
They've sued the school.
They've sued the school district.
They've sued everybody.
And you know, it's seven years later.
And so, but I just love the police.
Oh, what do you think about Sandy Hook?
What about 9-11?
Because it's in all these TV shows and movies, like The Good Doctor last Monday.
Where, oh, if you question that there might be a cover-up of all of 9-11, you're a crazy person.
The Senate admits, the 28 pages that there was a cover-up, that the government knew and stood down.
And the Saudi Arabians and all the FBI agents went public and said that they were told to stand down.
They tried to stop the flight school stuff.
So again, that's crazy!
It's crazy to not ask questions.
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, that's what people tell you.
Everyone I talk to about you, they're like, oh, he's crazy.
He doesn't know what he's talking about.
He's a con man.
People who aren't in the know still think that.
I had someone the other day tell me, oh, well, he's a pervert, because they still think the child porn thing was real.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
And again, since we mentioned that, we had nine plus million unopened emails.
The judge, who's been called up by the Supreme Court of what she's doing, says, yeah, you know, give us all of them.
And then we give them the emails and then they find hidden attachments sent once the suit happened.
It's code!
They find that and then say that I sent it to children when it was their law firm requesting the emails, having them scanned.
Why the hell would you be scanning them for hidden stuff?
And that turns me into the child porn king when the Democrats are known to be a bunch of pedos.
And they're so pissed I've exposed them.
So that's just their little message to me, whoever did it.
So, incredible, my friend.
Keep going, sorry.
Yeah, I mean, that's what's going on here.
Oh, and they also stole my gun.
My everyday carrier.
My favorite little double stack 9mm.
That's currently still in the property room down in Dallas and supposedly I maybe might get it back in 46 weeks.
So, I have backups.
So that also happens.
Well, that's where this is all going.
Look, you're doing a great job.
I think you're a real guy and I love you to death.
Let me just tell anybody else that comes up to me.
I get it if he gets to dress up in street battle gear, and you have every right in America when a terror group's running around, if you're going to go to a political thing to protect yourself.
I just think that it might be in danger for the future, because some police departments work for the left now.
It came out in internal documents with Antifa.
They could set you up, because there are leftists in all these departments now, and the left are terrorists.
And so you've got to be careful.
So next time, you probably don't want to wear the helmet and stuff.
Stay right there, we'll come right back.
They claim I'm spineless, I lie all day, I make money off Sandy Hook, didn't make a dime, and those lawyers live off of it!
Blumenthal and his twit son!
Let me say one more thing about all this.
We had Carrie Porch on earlier, big whistleblower from CNN, and
You know, he was just talking about how they demonized him for wars and how they attacked me.
That's a badge of honor from these people, ladies and gentlemen.
Project Veritas tweeted it out.
That's a badge of honor to be attacked by these individuals.
They want to control the narrative.
They want to put out whatever disinformation they want, but it's not working.
And the people that count, she threw it, but that's why we need to stay on air.
Can you imagine how bad it would be the lies if we weren't here to counter them?
Because they see this operation as a spirit of Americana.
It's really just that simple, and we're not backing down.
There are a lot of good police across this country, but take Cary Porch.
He got an offer from the head of DPS, or the head of ICE over Texas, to come down here and run a whole HR department, because he's got the background in that.
So see, that's how one door closes, another door opens.
So it's not everybody in law enforcement that's bad.
Most of them aren't.
Because ICE had them say that they're killing babies in cages.
None of that's true!
Just like they lie about me and say I'm a child porn kingpin!
I mean, it's, it's, it's, and I've filed lawsuits already over that.
I mean, this is a war, people!
And so the police ought to be smarter than that.
When the media's saying I'm a bad person, the police ought to go, well they say we're bad!
Finishing up with Thomas Bartram, Bartram, MakeMyDrivewayGreatAgain.com.
Where are you?
How do folks get in contact with you?
And I hope to shake your hand sometime.
Well, as I said, you can go see all my information there at that website, MakeMyDrivewayGreatAgain.com.
I do power washing in the greater Houston area, all the Houston area.
If you have a residential, if you have a commercial job or something bigger, you know, I can, I can drive a ways.
If you got a big job, I can, I can get out to you.
Alright, we're going to talk to you again soon.
Give us updates as it unfolds.
God bless you.
Hey, let me mention one more thing for you.
I think it's important.
One thing the police said to me that really stuck with me.
I was talking to one of the officers about the Second Amendment.
And they said to me, this is what, I don't know if this is legitimately what he thinks or not, but this is what he told me.
He looked me straight in the eyes and said this, look.
We, the city, can make walls that go against the Second Amendment.
We don't have to follow the Second Amendment.
We're allowed to make walls... The state is the Constitution.
That's not true.
It's a fraud.
Those police are brainwashed.
God bless you.
Here's Owen Schroer and the Infowars Air Force.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm back!
A couple burgers and a couple brats later, and here I am, live, still in front of UT Stadium.
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I love it.
You guys are awesome.
I want to get it, like, tattooed on me somewhere.
Trying to get the crew set up so Savannah and Becca can get a show.
Leeann popping in, Millie Weaver.
The One X Band in 2020.
Great job, crew.
We're fighting seven days a week.
Meanwhile, we tailgate.
With the InfoWars aircraft flying above.
A couple of liberal haters come by, but it's mostly Trump love out here.
It's mostly patriotic love out here.
People coming by, asking us who we're with.
Asking us about Bandai video and InfoWars.
Owen Schloyer's coming up right after.
He's 35 years old, worth close to $100 billion.
He founded and runs the largest and most powerful internet company in the world with close to 3 billion users.
His name is Mark Zuckerberg, and he's standing on a stage proclaiming his defense of free speech and the First Amendment at Georgetown University.
I'm here today because I believe that we must continue to stand for free expression.
Free speech is for everybody, even the crazies.
That's the very definition of free speech.
In a free country, everyone can be heard.
In totalitarian societies, only the powerful can be heard.
The most repressive societies have always restricted speech the most, and when people are finally able to speak, they often use their voice to call for change.
And I understand the concerns that people have about how tech platforms have centralized power.
But even American tradition recognizes that some speech infringes on other people's rights.
Inevitably, some people are going to use their voice to try to organize violence, to try to undermine elections, to hurt others.
And we have a responsibility to address these risks.
Because when you're serving billions of people, even if a very small percent of them cause harm, that can still be a lot of harm.
Apple, Facebook, Spotify, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter, all of them pulled or froze Jones' accounts on the grounds that his views are too dangerous to be heard publicly.
The left, which seeks to crush anything it can't control, applauded the news.
I believe that we have two responsibilities.
To remove content when it can cause real danger as effectively as we can, and to fight to uphold as wide of a definition of freedom of expression as possible, and to not allow the definition of what is considered dangerous to expand beyond what is absolutely necessary.
And that's what I'm committed to.
How dangerous is InfoWars?
Well, Facebook believes it's so dangerous that you can be banned from using the platform, Facebook, just for sharing its content unless you simultaneously denounce it.
Let that penetrate for just one moment.
Think about it just for a second.
Mark Zuckerberg is not simply censoring opinions.
He's prescribing which political opinions you're allowed to have.
Which conversations all of us in this country can have about America.
Keep in mind that nobody voted for Mark Zuckerberg.
He's 34 years old.
He's completely cut off from reality.
He's worth $72 billion.
And yet he can single-handedly make our First Amendment irrelevant after 250 years.
Now, I know many people disagree with this.
But in general, I don't think it's right for a private company to censor politicians or the news in a democracy.
So as a principle, in a democracy, I believe that people should decide what is credible, not tech companies.
Now, of course, there are exceptions.
And even for politicians, we're not going to allow content that incites violence or risks imminent harm.
And of course, we don't allow voter suppression.
Voting is voice.
A lot of our political debate takes place on social media platforms.
So if they clamp down on one side of the debate, why wouldn't that influence an election's outcome?
Democracy depends on the idea that we hold each other's right to express ourselves and be heard above our desire to always get the outcomes that we want.
But it's not really about Alex Jones, is it?
It's about the idea that companies can make it impossible for your voice to be heard.
Is that a precedent we should be comfortable with?
Because while we may disagree on exactly where to draw the line on specific issues, we at least can disagree.
That's what free expression is.
People know what's true.
They can smell it.
You can't stop them from knowing that.
You can't control their minds.
You can only humiliate yourself and undermine your own authority by trying.
Our childish billionaire overlords may be geniuses, they say they are, but they don't understand that.
Someday soon they will learn, and that is a comforting thought at a time like this.
Why is Zuckerberg telling a lie this transparent?
Well, on the surface, he's just repeating what the CEO of YouTube said in late August, that they never censor and that YouTube and Google are totally open for everyone to say and do whatever they want as long as it isn't illegal.
InfoWars tested that and relaunched a YouTube channel.
It was banned within four hours.
And right out of 1984, the YouTube CEO said, we are for free speech, just not Alex Jones's.
Zuckerberg is simply imitating successful deception tactics deployed by Google and Apple against the Western world.
Big Tech's real agenda is global domination.
Not just total surveillance of all information, but control of all information.
Using Orwellian alchemy, Zuckerberg transforms himself from an enemy of free speech to its chief guardian.
He will decide what is speech and what isn't.
He will decide.
And if you violate those rules, the AI is closely watching and will punish you.
Authoritarian nations, authoritarian countries, authoritarian individuals are all in a race for hegemonic information control on this planet.
And Communist China's attempt to flex its muscles by fully controlling Hollywood and the NBA has now caused a massive backlash.
So Zuckerberg and others want to get out ahead of that so that they don't get connected to it.
And then Congress stays asleep and never does anything while they
Quietly take over the planet and destroy all of our basic liberties and freedoms that are the true protections on civilization and are the systems and societies that created an atmosphere of openness and freedom that allowed institutions like Google, Apple, and Twitter to grow up.
The truth is, big tech has been surveilling us, big tech has been consolidating the economy, big tech has been censoring us for a long time.
And the systems that they've developed are antithetical to free societies.
They know that the people value their basic freedoms.
They know that basic freedoms are what make populist movements strong.
But that basic freedom stands in the way of global corporate dominance.
And the CEOs that captain these systems have combined forces against humanity and believe that they can defeat us.
But if we're simply aware of the facts and speak up and use our consumer power to say no to these institutions, we can take control of these organizations for the betterment of humanity.
But the first step is admitting that this is indeed happening and that these organizations are authoritarian and are dangerous.
The truth is, the people have all the power.
That's why these companies are trying to control information, and are trying to censor to begin with.
So even though things look dark at times, we are getting into very, very good waters.
Because people understand the fundamentals that are happening, and are beginning to awaken.
But this process is going to take time.
Mark Zuckerberg isn't our enemy.
Mark Zuckerberg is really just a tool of a larger agenda and a system that we need to stand up to.
If we don't, the globalists, the technocrats, will not respect us, and we won't respect ourselves.
It's our world.
So let's start acting like it belongs to us.
Let's start acting like shareholders.
Tomorrow's news.
Hello, hello, hello.
Yes, Spirit of 76.
I ran away from kindergarten and escaped PS 76 in the Bronx.
And ran across the Boston Post Road.
Born to be free.
Spirit of 1776.
And that's what this country's missing, but that's what you get on Alex Jones.
And of course, what we do with the Trends Journal.
I want to talk a little bit, as we begin, about this whole thing going on with Syria and the Kurds.
Let's get this straight.
It's a lot of BS that we're fighting them Islamic terrorists over there, and that's why we need the Koids.
The Nobel Peace of Crap Prize winner, along with the Lady Hawks, Samantha Power, and Susan Rice,
And Obama, we gotta get that guy Assad out of there.
I don't like him.
I want him gone.
That's what all this is about.
This ISIS story.
They made this ISIS stuff up in 2014 when Obama, the arrogant, lying, Nobel Peace Prize winner,
We gotta save them Yezidis over there in Iraq.
You know, those Isis's are getting them.
Like, everybody knows what a Yezidi is.
Yeah, they're like Yemenis and Kurds in ways.
Most Americans don't have a clue.
Again, ISIS is there because of the murderous people like the Bill Clinton that was bombing Iraq every time he'd get caught with his pants down or whatever dirty deal he was doing.
Destroyed the place.
You forgot those no-fly zones, didn't ya?
Yeah, don't forget to keep your fly up in a no-fly zone.
And had Bernie Sanders, who supported the murder and the sanctions of over 500,000 Iraqi children under the age of five, dying.
I wonder why they're quote terrorist groups can't figure out why they don't like us and then the murderer George Bush going in there and all the other liars that lied us into that war.
We've killed over a million Iraqis, destroyed the country, and then the other murderers
Along with the Arab Little League, Saudis and others.
We got to get rid of that guy Qaddafi.
Let's get rid of Qaddafi.
Oh, yeah, we'll hire the al-Qaeda and other bandits to do it.
And then after they did that, they sent them into Syria.
But that's only the history of that.
So let's.
We're there to save the people in the United States from these Islamic terrorists.
The terrorist groups are formed by the United States' actions and supported by the United States.
People forget that half a billion dollars of our money that that lowlife Obama stole from us, like they all do, and gave them to those other, remember that Syrian force that was going to get rid of Assad and those ISIS's?
Yeah, and then ended up giving them al-Qaeda and the others our weaponry and money.
So this whole thing about the Kurds, oh our allies the Kurds, they've been fighting this stuff with Turkey and Syria for their portions of land over there for how long?
That's all this is.
Nothing to do with ISIS.
But that's the lie and that's what the people report.
The prostitutes report.
All these liberals all around me.
Woodstock, New York is only 15 minutes away from Kingston.
And I'm hearing from everybody, oh, isn't it terrible that we were abandoning the Kurds?
These are words spewing out of the mouths of these little gutless liberals.
Could you imagine if it was reversed?
And Obama, Obama was taking the troops out.
Oh, we have no business being there.
This is an illegal war.
The United States has no right being in Syria.
It's in violation of international law.
This is a sovereign nation.
That did nothing to us.
Oh, we might not like the way it's run there, but it's none of our business.
We should not be involved in these foreign entanglements.
That's what they'd be saying, but they're gutless little low-life creatures, so they keep spewing out the lines that are being spewed out there.
They're comparing.
The New York Times, the toilet paper record, one after another, are comparing the withdrawal of a thousand troops to America's withdrawal of Saigon and Vietnam.
What imbecile could make a comparison like this?
What stupid, moronic, low-life, scum-sucking jerk would do something like that?
The mainstream media, that's who.
And everybody buys it.
Oh yeah, the Vietnam War.
How dare we leave Saigon?
Because now we're doing a lot of business with them.
It's okay now.
Them commies are okay.
We just increased our buying stuff from Vietnam, importing it from there, 31% last year.
Another war based on lies.
The Gulf of Tonkin incident never happened.
Oh, well, we gotta stop them commies.
Them dominoes are gonna keep falling, and before you know it, they'll be falling on the shores of California.
Not making that up.
These are the sick people.
These are the psychopaths, sociopaths, that are running and ruining nations.
These same people
Are now saying we should have been in Vietnam.
We only murdered about 4 million people there.
Killed 58,000 of our soldiers.
Some 300,000 wounded and millions still mentally upset by it.
And they're comparing it to Saigon.
Another war based on lies in a country he had no business being with.
But again, to flip the coin and look at the other side, Trump then, what did he do?
He sends 3,000 troops into Saudi Arabia?
That dictatorship?
Oh yeah, the Saudi gang, invented in 1934.
Been fighting the Yemenis since then, the Houthis.
And where are the troops?
They're not coming home.
They went to Iraq.
I'm for true peace.
I'm a warrior for the Prince of Peace.
I won't die for war, but I'll fight for peace.
And we need peace.
And these piece of craps in the media, and these moronic Democratic liberals, they want war.
They're war mongers.
Look what Hillary Clinton did.
To Tulsi Gabbard calling her a Russian asset.
Could you imagine the stupidity?
This war monger Hillary.
Good for Tulsi Gabbard calling her out.
We need peace.
No more war.
Bring on the troops.
Rebuild America.
Be back in a few.
Hello, hello.
Glad to be back.
I was talking about Syria.
And what's going on with the media and how they're, oh, we should be supporting our allies, the Kurds.
Ask an American what the Kurds are, they're going to say Kurds and way.
I mean, I don't know anything that's going on over there.
But this guy, Buttigieg, boy, they button him up there.
What a phony this cat is, man.
I see this guy as a deep state asset.
Princeton, Yale, Bullets, Bombs and Banks, Rhodes Scholar, one of the boys.
Yeah, he's in Afghanistan and he's there in his military drag holding that rifle.
You know, the tough guy.
They never fought.
I think he used to drive like a general around or something.
Navy intelligence.
What intelligence do they have?
This guy is so arrogant.
I want to read from yesterday when he was on
Talking about Trump pulling the troops out of Syria and he's on NBC's Meet the Prestitutes.
Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg, by the way, he's boosting up in them Iowa polls over there, but it doesn't mean anything at this time.
About 13% behind
Braindead Biden, at about 17%, said on Sunday he dismissed President Donald Trump's move to withdraw U.S.
troops from Syria, saying he'd make better foreign policy deals if he won the White House.
Yeah, let's make a deal.
Because that's all this is.
It's a presidential reality show.
If we think there is a commitment, a treaty, or a deal that we can improve on, we go to the table and we make it happen, the mayor said.
What empty, garbage, stupid... Presidential Reality Show BS!
Of course.
We'll make a better deal and go to the table, and I know how to do it!
Because, don't you believe me?
I'm a nobody, and look where I am!
I could BS anybody!
I got that look, and I got all the... Right people behind me.
Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Bullets, Bombs, and Banks.
The Deep State Intelligence Officer.
All the intelligence of the United States, the CIA, the NSA, what great intelligence!
Yeah, the intelligence of somebody with an IQ of about 30.
Guys haven't won a war since, when?
World War II.
And what have you accomplished with all your intelligence?
Couldn't win any of those wars.
Yeah, zero intelligence.
Right now, what's happening?
Is the future in Syria is being decided by everybody but the United States.
And we are nowhere because America's leadership has been withdrawn.
How come nobody's calling this little clown boy out?
Being decided by everybody but the United States?
Hey, that's someone.
Who's everybody?
Tell me who everybody is.
Ghana, Angola, Manila?
No, maybe South Africa.
How about Argentina?
Maybe Brazil?
What about Iceland?
What about Greenland?
Hey, who's everybody?
And we have no business with anybody in anybody else's country.
You got that?
No, I don't got that.
I'm Buttigieg!
The Deep State Buttigieg.
A nothing.
A nothing but an arrogant, arrogant boy.
Or is he the man of the family?
I forget.
Trump's, here we go.
He also dismissed the notion of completely removing U.S.
military from the Middle East.
He completely dismissed it.
We have no right being there.
You got it?
We have no right being there.
You're in violation of what the founding fathers of this country stood by.
You want to stay in the Middle East?
What have you accomplished in the Middle East?
Booty gig?
I'll go there like this and I'll fix it all up.
I'll get dressed up in my military drag.
Oh yeah!
Stay in the Middle East?
I'll tell you what.
Rather than running for president, why don't you go back to the Middle East?
Why don't you rejoin and stay there?
I got a better one for you, booty gig!
Join up with the Kurds!
You wanna support them?
Go fight with them!
Or shut your mouth!
You arrogant, arrogant person!
Telling us we should stay in the Middle East.
And you know why we need to be in the Middle East?
We need to keep American people safe when it comes to the Middle East.
Yes, it will be messy.
For probably as long as I'm alive.
Well, maybe we should pass on real quick.
Get a little end, huh?
As long as you're alive.
All this is is the 10th Crusade.
Get it in your head, everybody.
The United States never had any business being there.
This is the 10th Crusade.
What goes on over there should stay there.
If you came to my country and killed everybody that I love and destroyed my place, would I want to get even with you?
Oh, you would call me an Italian-American?
Wanting to get even with you.
Payback's a bitch.
But destroying everything that I loved and have no future.
Like the United States and its coalition of the killing is done in the Middle East.
And then, of course, there's Israel.
Taking more and more land and calling it settlements.
Like, you know, it's like the Wild West.
Your happy trails to you, and the wagon trains going down the empty places where nobody was.
Except the Indians, of course, but they were only locals.
America has no right in any of this.
And it's all beginning to explode big time.
So let me see what this little
Middle time man has to say.
What President Trump does is wake up in the morning and have a phone call or maybe a tweet and completely change years or even decades of U.S.
policy, surprising his own generals and the country in the process.
A. What?
Decades of U.S.
Are you talking about Buttigieg?
Obama's wars?
Clinton's wars?
Bush's wars?
This isn't policy.
It's madness.
Oh, and the generals.
Generally haven't won anything.
Like that guy Mattis shooting off his mouth.
Going after Trump and talking about what success.
Haven't had one, Jack.
Show me one or shut your mouth because I've had enough.
Occupy peace.
WWW Occupy Peace.
Let's get these madmen out of our life and out of war and bring joy, beauty, liberty and love back to America.
And we'll be back in just a few.
And remember,
Support InfoWars.
Put your money where your heart is.
Hello, hello!
Welcome back, welcome back.
Alex Jones Show, Gerald Salenta here hosting.
Great being here.
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And of course, we have the Trends Journal.
It's a weekly now.
Events are happening so fast.
And when I say events are happening so fast and so globally, all you have to do is look at the current events forming future trends.
You turn on to the news, you get yesterday's news tomorrow.
We give you tomorrow's news today.
So we're putting it together, for example, what's going on over there in Catalan with the massive protests, what's going on there in Hong Kong as the protests get more and more violent.
And we just put those two together, how the governments are cracking down on the people and robbing them of more freedoms.
And then you take a look at what went on in Chile just this past weekend, state of emergency.
Chile just came out of the news.
Out of nowhere.
Ecuador, last week.
The week before.
All over the world.
Blew up one day.
One place after another.
South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, one after another.
When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.
This is a fight against poverty and the 1% getting everything.
This is a fight against corruption that runs a government near you.
All these governments are corrupt.
The United States?
Corruptness right at the top.
Look at it.
Morons and imbeciles call them campaign contributions.
Adults call them bribes.
Campaign contributions.
They sold us out.
Look at this opiate crisis.
Look how big pharma's taken over.
Big ag.
Big everything.
Or we'd become plantation workers on the global plantation of slavelandia.
All the money's gone to the 1%.
I'm not making that up.
You know the facts.
Markets going up?
Goldman Sachs is worried that stock buybacks are going down.
Sherry purchases have been a key element during this bull market.
Which is currently the longest on record.
By repurchasing shares, the company reduces the number of shares outstanding, it can have the effect of boosting the stock price, and also lifts earnings per share figure.
You got it!
It's a rigged game!
Today, just today, this morning, the Federal Reserve pumped in
Over $50 billion into the overnight repo markets.
This is quantitative easing forever.
They've already, the New York Federal Reserve injected $104.15 billion into the repo markets.
In one day.
Last week.
The Fed's now going to repurchase $60 billion in Treasury bills a month.
This is quantitative easing, but they're not calling it that.
They're calling it something else.
You know what they're calling it?
I can't say.
But it begins with a B and ends with an S. And it's two words.
And it comes from a ball.
And that's all the bull is.
The Wall Street bull is an addicted addict.
And it keeps shoving more and more monetary methadone into them.
I just read you Goldman Sachs.
They're concerned that stock buybacks won't artificially prop up the market so the 1% could get richer.
Every day, giving the gamblers more and more money.
That's what the repo markets are.
They're injections for the gamblers to keep gambling.
Hey, you know that guy Ray Dalio?
Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge fund in the world?
You know, he follows Celenti.
That's a fact.
When I came out with the Gold Bull Run to our subscribers on June 6th of this year, two weeks later,
Dalio got bullish on gold.
And guess what?
After I came out with The Greatest Depression, which I announced on David Knight's show a number of months ago, the first one I announced it on, other than our subscribers, guess what Dalio did last week?
He's worried about The Great Depression coming again.
This is the biggest hedge fund in the world.
These are money men, money junkies.
They know it's coming down.
It's all artificially being propped up.
The International Mafia... International Monetary Fund.
Why do I get them mixed up with the mafia?
I can't understand it.
They're warning now of a global slowdown.
The numbers are real.
It has nothing to do with trade wars.
Hey, American's car sales went down some 1% last month.
Oh, Americans are frightened of the trade wars.
Who cares?
Chinese auto sales?
Down like 32%.
Is India worried about a trade war?
There's not any trade war.
Oh, auto sales in India last month?
They only fell 41%.
These are real numbers.
The people in China aren't buying cars, not because of a trade war.
People in America aren't buying cars because of a trade war.
They're not buying cars because they don't have the money.
All the money's gone to the 1% and that goes back to our global nomic way of trend forecasting.
Making connections between different fields.
What's going on in Ecuador?
What's going on in Chile?
What's going on in Nigeria?
What's going on in Algeria?
What's going on in Brazil?
What's going on in Argentina?
What's going on in Colombia?
People taking to the streets.
The corruption.
The fish rots from the head down and you got a lot of rotted fish out there.
Cause you got a lot of rotted heads.
This thing's going down.
Prepare yourself.
Get those products that, hey, if things come down, you'll be okay.
You're prepared.
Prepare for the worst.
If the worst doesn't happen and you're prepared, you lost nothing.
If the worst happens and you're not prepared, you could lose everything.
So prepare for the future.
Support InfoWars.
TrendsJournal, TrendsJournal.com, and most of all, Occupy Peace.
Peace on Earth.
Goodwill to men and women.
See you next week!
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It was more than 25 years ago that I was in college and I still remember being at Barton Springs, this big natural limestone pool in Austin, Texas that feeds into the Colorado River and seeing these professional swimmer types out there who were in really good shape.
And I remember this old man who looked like an Olympic athlete or something with a
Gallon jug of water, but it was light brown.
And I said, what is that?
And he said, it's iodine.
And I said, well, what's it do?
And he said, well, you see how good a shape I'm in.
He said, I learned about this a long time ago.
And it's the trace element that counters the fluoride that's killing everybody.
And have you seen how the planes are flying over?
They're spraying something in the atmosphere.
And I was kind of awake then, but I hadn't heard of chemtrails yet, and I'd heard something about the debate about fluoride, but I knew that Stanley Kubrick had made fun of people back in Dr. Strangelove, you know, back in the early 1960s in that movie, so I wasn't exactly sure what the guy was getting at.
But then all these years later, like eight years ago, Dr. Grubscher,
And he's like, listen, he was a guest.
This is about nine years ago now.
And he goes, you need to take atomic iodine.
He goes, I'm developing it.
I'm going to put some out.
It'll make you healthy.
It'll make your skin healthier.
It's, you know, it's the good halogen versus the fluoride.
Of course, I know all about fluoride causing brain damage, lowering IQ, hurting fertility, causing bone cancer, just all of it.
And I'm like, okay.
He said, but when you take it, I'm going to warn you about two weeks in, most people detox and a lot of stuff comes out of your skin and you're going to really feel bad for a week or so.
But then after that, you're going to feel a lot better and lose a lot of weight.
Just like clockwork.
Two weeks in, I'm taking a dropper full of water every day, and I just suddenly feel lethargic.
I feel like crap.
I break out.
I've got all this oil coming out of my scalp.
Hadn't had zits on me since I was in high school.
I'm like, what is going on?
And a bunch of other things happened.
I was sleeping with that in the bathroom.
And that went on about four or five days.
And I woke up one day and felt way lighter.
Felt great.
It's like when you're going up a hill.
Carrying your kid on your shoulders, and you find him at the top of the hill, and you take him off your shoulders, and you feel a lot lighter, feel like you could fly.
It was kind of like that, and then a lot of weight came off of me, and I did amazing things.
And then every time I forget to take a good, clean iodine, I start feeling like crap again until I remember to take it.
So, for everything in our lives, it's so special.
Well, X2 is the pure, deep-earth crystal iodine.
And people love it, and we sell it, and it's on the site, and it's our best seller.
I was talking to some medical doctors and others, and they said, Alex, there's a small percentage of people that can't absorb atomic iodine, and the pure deep-earth crystal type.
You should have triiodine with two other types with it that help you absorb the deep-earth crystal iodine, but a little bit of the other two types.
And so we have all three types in Survival Shield X3, and a lot of people like X3.
Better than X2.
It's all your physiology.
It's all your body.
This is weaker.
And that's just the formula because when you do it with the other two types, it reportedly supercharges the pure iodine.
And so you don't want it to be stronger.
It's not about a saving money thing.
It's not even a cost issue.
It's that this is a different formula for different people.
And so it's up to you to try it.
By the way, iodine's big, big.
Big mojo.
This isn't a game, so be careful with it.
Consult your physicians.
Check into it, because you already have deficiencies and stuff, and then this comes into your life?
You're playing with lightning in a bottle here.
It's 70% off for the 2-ounce bottle, 60% off for the 1-ounce bottle right now.