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Name: 20191018_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 18, 2019
140 lines.
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How old are you?
How old are you?
How old are you?
How old are you?
This is what families have to go through just to come hear the president speak.
This is what America goes through to try to basically have our freedoms.
These people are incredible.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is absolutely essential to exercise the First Amendment in the face of this communist rubble.
America is back!
So again, ladies and gentlemen, we are here to exercise the First Amendment in defiance of the tyranny.
We are here in America.
These people.
I don't know what to do.
But we are here exercising our free speech in America in defiance of their tyranny.
We are here to defend free space.
We are here to stand with America.
We are here to support the First Amendment, and we are here to reward America.
We stand in defiance of the motherless.
We stand in defiance of the attacks on free speech.
And we are exercising our free speech here in America in defiance of those that would shut down free speech.
America is back.
And the Coalition of Losers has come to join our multi-national organization now.
This republic, ladies and gentlemen, is back.
No one is going to assassinate President Trump.
No one is going to impeach President Trump.
No one is going to win a trade war with us, and no one is going to defeat us militarily.
America stands firm in defiance of tyranny, and America is back!
And I salute everyone that has come out here
We're good.
Tim, tell folks, you've been a police officer, you've been in the Army, the Marines, you've been in the Blackwater, everything.
You saw it for yourself, the Dallas PD stood down and let them swarm us.
I'd hate to say that, I'm very pro-police, but in this instance right here, there was at least eight Dallas police officers right there, and they all backed away and let Antifa swarm us.
Which is totally unacceptable.
They saw that the situation was getting out of hand and they didn't step in.
What would you say, about 100 were around us?
Another group of 500 right there?
The Deep State knows they're losing!
They are panicking!
And we are here telling them off!
No, no.
America is alive!
And the deep state is not ruined for assassinating our president, the hated JFK, 56 years ago here in Dallas.
Thanks to you, thanks to Trump, and thanks to the resistance to globalism, America is coming back from the dead!
America is back!
America is back, and President Trump is stronger than ever, standing against the globalist traitors that have been trying to sell our nation out.
Mr. Jones, why are you here?
I'm here because the deep state, people like Phil Mudd, the CIA, have said they're going to kill President Trump.
So we're here to draw attention to the rogue, criminal, leftist government.
They tried to sell us out to China, and the fact that they're not going to repeat what they did to Kennedy 56 years ago here in Dallas.
Let the American people know who the Deep State is!
Do you have any proof about that?
There's so much on CNN that they're going to kill Trump.
He said the Deep State's going to kill this guy.
And they've all been talking about how they're going to remove him one way or another, so yes.
So no proof, just talk.
Oh, you just keep saying no proof?
I just told you Phil Mudd's gone on CNN and said they're going to kill President Trump.
Phil Mudd, former director of counter-operations for the CIA.
I just shoved it up your mainstream media hat.
Hey, buddy, tell us about ABC Fake News.
Fake Syria coverage, buddy.
Ladies and gentlemen, UFOWars.com.
It is beautiful to be here in America.
America's back!
America's back!
America's back!
America's back!
America's back!
America's back!
America's back!
Look at that mainstream media weasel.
Everybody hates him.
Everybody knows they're liars.
He just said Phil Mudd didn't say the government was going to kill Trump.
He just said we made that up, ladies and gentlemen.
Think about the level of the fraud.
It was more than 25 years ago that I was in college and I still remember being at Barton Springs, this big natural limestone pool in Austin, Texas that feeds into the Colorado River and seeing these professional swimmer types out there who were in really good shape.
And I remember this old man who looked like an Olympic athlete or something with a
A gallon jug of water but it was light brown.
And I said, what is that?
And he said, it's iodine.
And I said, well, what's it do?
And he said, well, you see what how good a shape I'm in.
He said, I learned about this a long time ago, and it's the trace element that counters the fluoride that's killing everybody.
And, you know, have you seen how the planes are flying over?
You know, they're, they're, they're spraying something in the atmosphere.
And I was kind of awake then, but I hadn't heard of chemtrails yet, and I'd heard something about the debate about fluoride, but I knew that Stanley Kubrick had made fun of people back in Dr. Strangelove, you know, back in the early 1960s in that movie, so I wasn't exactly sure what the guy was getting at.
But then all these years later, like eight years ago, Dr. Grubscher,
And he's like, listen, he was a guest.
This is about nine years ago now.
And he goes, you need to take atomic iodine.
He goes, I'm developing it.
I'm going to put some out.
It'll make you healthy.
It'll make your skin healthier.
It's, you know, it's the good halogen versus the fluoride.
Of course, I know all about fluoride causing brain damage, lowering IQ, hurting fertility, causing bone cancer, just all of it.
I don't know.
We're good to go.
Carrying your kid on your shoulders, and you find him at the top of the hill, and you take him off your shoulders, and you feel a lot lighter.
Thought you could fly.
It was kind of like that.
And then a lot of weight came off of me, and I did amazing things.
And then every time I forget to take a good, clean iodine, I start feeling like crap again until I remember to take it.
So, for everything in our lives, it's so special.
Well, X2 is the pure, deep-earth crystal iodine.
And people love it, and we sell it, and it's on the site, and it's our best seller.
I was talking to some medical doctors and others, and they said, Alex, there's a small percentage of people that can't absorb atomic iodine, and the pure deep-earth crystal type.
You should have triiodine with two other types with it that help you absorb the deep-earth crystal iodine, but a little bit of the other two types.
And so we have all three types in Survival Shield X3, and a lot of people like X3,
Better than X2.
It's all your physiology.
It's all your body.
This is weaker.
And that's just the formula because when you do it with the other two types, it reportedly supercharges the pure iodine.
And so you don't want it to be stronger.
It's not about a saving money thing.
It's, it's, it's, it's not even a cost issue.
It's that this is a different formula for different people.
And so it's up to you to try it.
By the way, iodine's big, big.
Big Mojo.
This isn't a game.
So be careful with it.
Consult your physicians.
Check into it.
If you already have deficiencies and stuff, and then this comes into your life?
You're playing with lightning in a bottle here.
It's 70% off of the 2-ounce bottle.
60% off for the 1-ounce bottle right now.
Then ForgeLife.com.