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Name: 20191015_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 15, 2019
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Alex Jones discusses the importance of iodine in human health and its absence leading to mental impairments and birth defects. He mentions a study that showed adding iodine to salt resulted in a decade's worth of IQ gains for the United States. The speaker criticizes mainstream news for spreading false information about vaccines and other health-related issues. Jones also talks about globalist agendas, challenging the system of corporate tyranny supported by InfoWars and President Trump, promoting basic liberty and Americana. He encourages people to hold Congress accountable for taking action against these threats. The discussion then shifts to LeBron James's support for China and its negative attitudes towards black people and ethno-nationalism stance. The hosts criticize athletes who defend China while making money there and question their loyalty towards their own country. They also mention the NBA's stance on Hong Kong and China trying to incorporate it into their country. The conversation then touches upon gender roles and masculinity, connecting it to the War on Masculinity. It discusses how radical feminists pathologize masculinity while trying to find roles for men. The video explores the breakdown of gender roles and its relation to the corporatization of society. It suggests that the family unit serves as a power base away from the state and serves as a loyalty group separate from other factions. The show also discusses how efforts to weaken familial bonds serve the interests of those seeking control over society, emphasizing on the importance of protecting one's family.

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Satellite video shows what looks to be two explosions occurring, precisely where the two Riverside fires broke out that same night.
Were these explosions caused by PG&E?
Why isn't this a bigger story?
From October 8th through Halloween 2017, the Tubbs Fire raged.
Over 5,000 structures were leveled to ash.
Pacific Gas and Electric, PG&E, was found responsible for 16 of the Tubbs fires, at a cost of over 10 billion dollars.
PG&E's response was to claim that the fires will continue, and rather than address the problem, they gave a dire warning that any future damages they are found responsible for will bankrupt them.
And just weeks later on August 31st, California State Legislature passed a utility bailout bill which would simply pass the buck to the taxpayer and let PG&E off the hook for any future damages.
Two months later, on November 8th, the Campfire Wildfire broke out, destroying Kankow and Paradise, California.
Over 18,000 structures were destroyed, and at least 85 people lost their lives.
After an investigation, it was found that once again, electrical transmission lines owned and operated by PG&E caused the Campfire Wildfire.
The deadliest wildfire in California history.
But thanks to state legislature, California taxpayers will cover the cost.
On October 9th of this year, PG&E cuts off power to half a million homes as a precaution against sparking wildfires in Northern California.
A day later, on October 10th, the Saddle Ridge Fire breaks out in Southern California.
That night, satellite video shows what looks to be two explosions occurring, precisely where the two Riverside fires broke out that same night.
But nobody's talking about that.
The news is blaming the Sandalwood fire on burning garbage.
Were these explosions caused by PG&E?
Why isn't this a bigger story?
My video that reported on the anomalies of the Campfire Wildfire was deleted by YouTube for being inappropriate content.
It can still be found at Band.Video.
But what is inappropriate about asking questions?
Who is YouTube working for?
There are many practical questions to be asked about PG&E, but there is also a very strange nature to these fires.
They seem to destroy houses and spare the trees.
They jump from house to house.
And they jump to the freeway.
They melt aluminum alloy and burn houses to powdery ash.
The Rothschild Investment Group collects billions of dollars from PG&E.
In an age of outcry against corrupt billionaires, why are the Rothschilds and PG&E being left off the hook?
For California, be safe, and Godspeed.
This is Greg Reese, reporting for InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host Alex Jones on this Tuesday, October 15th, 2019 Global Transmission.
We are going to lay out stunning information here today for you.
There is no doubt that we are in the middle of a deep state globalist coup.
And they even admit that they are attempting to remove the president outside of even using impeachment.
And they are preparing the general public for that.
Now let's think about what that is going to signify and what is going to unfold when they attempt to do that and when they attempt to carry that out.
It is on record
That they intend to remove President Trump and Vice President Pence and put in Nancy Pelosi, and they admit that she plans to put Hillary Clinton as her Vice President, then
Nancy Pelosi will resign and we will have President Clinton going into the election next year up against some milquetoast, cutout Republican like a John McCain that they will run against her.
That's why they plan to have Trump gone by this year.
And by the way, I'm going to cut a special report this afternoon that I'm going to push like nothing I've ever pushed before.
That shows CNN, MSNBC, the Atlantic Council, the New York Times, all of them admitting that that's the plan.
Now we've played some of these clips.
And we've talked about this on air.
But folks need to understand that this isn't pipe dreams.
They're going for it.
Now the good news is they failed in their last attempts to remove the president.
But they intend to do whatever it takes this round to get that done.
Yes, President Trump has called up the Marines to deal with this.
And yes, there are things we can do to counter it.
And yes, it's illegitimate and illegal.
But they are going to try their best to normalize this action and then to carry it out.
And we know the steps they're going to take at every level.
We have been on the job.
And again, I'm not bragging when I say this.
It's why they want us off the air.
Why they don't want you sharing the links.
We exposed Fiona Hill, the fake mole, the fake whistleblower, two years ago as working for Soros.
Over the weekend I shot an emergency report for Bandot Video and wrote two articles with Jamie White about how she was going to testify on Monday and was the cover for the other moles, probably John Bolton,
And how she wasn't even working at the White House at the time she says all this happened.
And that's critical, because the leaking is illegal.
Even though it's fake info they're leaking.
So I figured out how they do this, and I specifically laid all this out in a ten and a half minute report Saturday, and now it's mainstream news, Fox News has picked it up.
Latest dim impeachment witness, Fiona Hill, was not even working.
In White House at time of call, but was very upset with call.
Because John Bolton, the neocon, as I said a few weeks ago, is one of the whistleblowers.
And now it's all confirmed.
She testified that Bolton said, call the lawyers, put the info out, prepare to bring down Trump.
And that's what Trump gets bringing a neocon viper into his midst and putting it up to his breast like Cleopatra.
I mean, it's just, and we screamed and we yelled and we freaked out.
And they said two years ago, get Jones off the air.
He's exposing our operatives in the White House.
Trump was lied to.
He trusted a general.
And McMaster's brought in all these people.
And John Kelly went along with all of it.
They are a bunch of political career climbers.
It's what they do.
It's how they operate.
And they're making their move.
So there's this sense of urgency because everyone should be very, very urgent right now.
They thought they could stop Trump getting into office.
Then they thought
That they could discredit him as a Russian agent and find surely some Russian connection to somebody to discredit the election, impeach him, and then have Hillary re-announce and run for office and get what she supposedly deserved with that whole crew of Deep State, John Brennan, Clapper, and the rest of them staying in power.
That had the nod of the neocons, the nod of the whole system.
And so we're going to lay it all out, how they
We're good to go.
They have been fully exposed.
Just a few years ago, no one believed there was even a deep state, even though I was calling it the deep state 20 plus years ago.
The permanent state, the shadow government.
These are the terms that came out in the church hearings in the 70s.
These are what the establishment calls themselves.
And so it's quite a time to be alive.
We're going to hit all of this when we come back.
And we're going to lay it all out.
In detail.
You've got my commitment to not back down, and to not give in to the enemy attacks, but I need you to not back down, and you to not give in, and you to realize you're not a spectator in this fight.
You are in the arena.
In the great animating contest for liberty, up against true evil, that isn't just decay, as the Attorney General said, but is organized destruction of the family, of the individual, of everything decent, by a true force of corruption.
That's what it is.
And from a political level, the Chi-Coms and others just want America out of the way, so they have brought in socially destroying rot that is designed to make us weak and pathetic and stupid and lazy.
But there's a spiritual element that's dominant in all of that, obviously.
And so we're not going to take our country back without a fight.
Getting Trump in was just the opening salvo.
It was just the beachhead.
Now, the real fight is here.
And when I talk about you telling people about the show, about Band.Video, about the live feeds, about Infowars.com, about the articles, about the videos, that's how we get out now.
That's how we always got out there.
But it's not an uphill battle when you get excited and you decide to take action.
You are unstoppable.
You fly right over that mountain like an airplane.
With God as your navigator and justice and freedom as your maps.
And it's all right here, ladies and gentlemen, all laid out before us.
So much more today.
I was getting ready right up to the start of the broadcast, working on some big breaking stories.
And I'm going to get calibrated and focused here.
As best I can, and we're going to lay out so much that's happened.
ABC News obviously got caught in a huge hoax video.
They say they regret their error.
It wasn't an error, it was on purpose.
The president's talking about it.
Red flag laws are worse than we thought.
Gun confiscations have begun nationwide.
All hell's breaking loose.
Earthquake, huge earthquake hit L.A.
They say it's probably just a precursor to the big one.
Stay with us.
Is this country done?
Well, I'm here to tell you it is done if people don't realize what we're up against.
This is a real globalist operation that sold us out to China, that was imploding our borders, that was engaging in every form of propaganda and cultural operation to break this nation down and finish it.
My God, mainstream news says America is bad and shouldn't exist.
White people are inherently evil.
The family is bad.
That is taught in colleges.
Young children are being sexualized all over the place.
And we just sit here and take it.
I saw a powerful video last night.
One of my friends sent me.
This fellow's been on the M4 shows before.
He's on our show Thursday.
Steve Allen.
Is a pastor, lay pastor.
He has a YouTube site.
Think about it.
And he put out a video titled, Is This Country Done?
And then when he breaks all this down, this is what's really going on.
This is what's really happening.
And that's just who these people really are.
So, here is the report.
We are at a time of unprecedented deception in this country.
If you're a hard-working American that has a job and a family and you take your children to soccer practice or baseball or whatever you do, you probably don't have time to do any research or go online and find out what's really happening to this country.
So when things happen, you will believe the lie.
You will see the lawlessness happen before your very eyes and you'll think it's alright.
If you watch nightly news, you've been programmed to believe their lies, to believe that everything they say is factual reporting, but it's just the opposite.
I said this before in a past video, but it's worth repeating again.
What if I told you almost every single thing you've been told since you were a child is nothing but a lie?
I know many of you, if not most of you, are thinking, Steve, you're crazy.
You don't know what you're talking about.
And if I would have had the same conversation with you 15 years ago, you'd be right because I had no clue about what I completely understand now.
The deception by the so-called leaders of America goes back so far and is so deep and evil that I hope the American people never have to see it all.
But they will see the dark side of those who have control of this country and have had it for decades.
In a very short time.
Up until recently, most Americans have never heard the term deep state or shadow government.
And if they did, they thought it was strictly something put out by a conspiracy theorist.
By the way, that term conspiracy theorist originated from the CIA.
In case you haven't noticed, or you've been blinded to see this, this deep state government has been working overtime for the last three years to get rid of Donald Trump.
He's been falsely accused of everything and continues to be falsely accused of more lies and fabricated narratives.
I did a video less than a week ago about secrecy and lies because they are always the tools they use and it's becoming clearer every day their next move in an effort to remove Donald Trump and Mike Pence from the White House.
You can keep watching the Democratic debates if you want to, but it's almost as frivolous as watching an episode of Seinfeld or Wheel of Fortune because the goal for the deep state is to install Hillary Clinton as president this year.
Keep this video and bookmark it and watch and see if this doesn't happen.
Pay attention to her beginning to make more and more appearances on late night shows, you know, talk shows, and shows like The View.
You're going to see more and more of her.
How are they going to do this?
They plan to bypass the elections altogether.
The Deep State Democrats are trying to take down America and install Hillary Clinton as President of the United States before the end of this year.
Here are the steps the Deep State Democrats hope to achieve.
Number one, fake an impeachment of President Trump and whip up media hysteria to gaslight the entire nation into thinking Trump is being impeached, when it's all an act with no real vote in the House, no legal bearing and no legitimacy.
Step two, they'll stage an arrest of President Trump.
Vice President Mike Pence and his cabinet members for CNN's cameras to create the visual impression that Trump is guilty of something.
After all, why is he in handcuffs?
If you've noticed already, everything with the Democrats is theater.
Everything is staged.
After that, they'll swear in Nancy Pelosi as the President, since she's next in line as the Speaker of the House.
Then, Nancy Pelosi will appoint Hillary Clinton as her Vice President.
Then, Nancy will resign as President, making the VP, now Hillary Clinton, the President.
Step six, Hillary Clinton then appoints a new vice president, possibly John Brennan, to strengthen the deep state within her administration.
From that point on, the mass arrest and executions of all Trump supporters gets authorized by
This is how it can all be accomplished before the end of this year.
If the Democrats manage to succeed in their insidious, deceptive plans before an American public that has been lied to from the beginning.
Of course, the Democrats may be forgetting very important things that will prevent their plan from succeeding.
Trump is the commander-in-chief and can order the military police to arrest deep state traitors and hold them for military tribunals.
The U.S.
Supreme Court now leans conservative and would likely hold emergency hearings on any such attempt by the Democrats.
Tens of millions of armed Americans simply won't put up with a political coup run by deep state Democrats.
Over 1 million pro-Trump bikers, truckers, and trade workers would probably march on D.C.
and flat out carry out citizens' arrests of Democrats and their deep state traitors.
Millions of U.S.
military veterans and former law enforcement officers would descend upon Washington in defense
The second amendment was created exactly for this situation.
For the purpose of allowing an armed citizenry, that's us, to engage and defeat a tyrannical government that abuses the rule of law.
And God knows they've been doing that from day one of Trump's inauguration.
The deep state is overreaching, but because they live in an artificial bubble protecting them with media disinformation, they're underestimating the backlash that will break out if they take out President Trump.
Millions of Americans understand that any attempt to impeach Trump is itself an activation moment for an organic uprising that will defend our republic and defeat the deep state Democrats.
Be prepared because the Democrats are desperate and they've reached the point where they'll try anything.
The New World Order is going to be established when America comes into compliance with the UN control.
This country's been sold out for decades and now the globalists and the Luciferians believe it's their time to make the move against America and bring it under the control of the New World Order.
Where does this leave you and me?
Well, if you're a believer, if you're a true Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ, it leaves you in a very similar position as the believers in China or Hong Kong.
All right, folks.
Very powerful.
The full video is posted up at Band.Video.
Steve Allen on his YouTube.
Think about it.
We'll be right back.
He joins us Thursday, but I'm going to lay out the next phase of the Globalist Takeover and how we stop it straight ahead.
There's a lot of scurrying going on behind the scenes.
There's a bunch of big articles about Jeff Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, secretly meeting with, quote, conservative leaders.
And as soon as I saw that headline yesterday, after I'd already gotten off air, I thought, before I read this article, there's one name I know will be on the list.
And it was there, Ben Shapiro.
Because we know who Ben Shapiro is.
He's the never-Trumper globalist operative.
But I wasn't surprised to see Tucker Carlson on the list.
And I haven't reached out to Tucker.
And I'm sure it's off-record discussions.
And I'm not mad that Tucker would meet with Zuckerberg.
I've met with people like that before.
I don't think at the Zuckerberg level, but pretty close to it.
And they're off-record discussions, but Tucker just gets more hardcore.
Tucker's not going to sell out, and that's why they're coming after him.
But the claim that Zuckerberg is hedging his bets with conservatives because Trump might take action is not really what's going on.
So I'll give you the inside baseball on this next segment.
But it ties into everything
That we see in this climate.
And I might tell you a Facebook story.
I mean, that wasn't an off-record discussion.
I guess I could tell that story.
Because I'm certainly not going to be getting any meetings with Zuckerberg now.
That's funny.
Right after I got told, Oh, you ought to be nice to Facebook.
You ought to go meet with some Facebook people in New York.
Then if you're nice, well, you could meet with, you know, I said, well, with who?
They went, well, you know who?
And then all of a sudden, every video I was doing was getting like 5 million views without even trying.
And I went, okay, so this is an example.
So I've talked a bunch of crap about Facebook.
They shadow banned me, that was funny.
Because, I mean, here's the deal.
I'm not shaking my tail feather trying to get somebody to buy me as their whore.
I'm not trying to have a rich sugar daddy.
But, I will take money if there's no strings attached.
Zuckerberg, anybody else.
But, you see, I never built Infowars with rich man's money.
I mean, I guess Matt Drudge is a wealthy guy, and he's helped him full force by linking to a lot of stories, but they're really interesting stories, and they deserve to be linked to, but I appreciate Matt Drudge being a trollblazer, but that's about the biggest booster we've had.
I mean, it's been the audience that's done it.
See, I said I'd get to Zuckerberg next segment, and I'm kind of doing it now, aren't I?
You know what?
I need this hour to cover the hot coup going on, and the Zuckerberg thing ties into all of it, so I'll just start that next hour, and I promise I'll do it.
And Sargon of Akkad
He's going to be in studio with us.
He's always informative and interesting.
He's visiting the United States for Marestrip One.
So that's going to be happening.
But I'll tell you, I did a lot of research last night and this morning.
I did a lot of preparation for today's show.
And it's those type of shows where I come in here and the stakes are so high.
I didn't used to have this problem.
I have it now.
Because we're so in the zeitgeist right now, Infowars, that I can't come up with words to describe how real and how dire the situation is and how ridiculous it is that we have to even debate
The fact that the New World Order system is really bad, really run by some nasty people, and you don't want to live under these individuals.
I mean, this is a bad place.
You get on this train, it goes to a really bad place.
We know where it goes.
We've been there before.
Historically, we've seen where the globalists have taken nations they get control of.
These people are really into evil.
They're good at it.
It fits them.
It looks good on them.
They like it.
They're of their father.
And so I do all this research, and then I just have these brainstorms, and by the time I get on air, it's just like, what?
I've got a stack of more than 10 articles that I wasn't looking for of racist mobs of black people and Muslims beating up white people in the U.S.
and Europe.
I never even cover it anymore.
10 articles at least today.
I've got ABC News caught in giant fake news.
And it's just a blip on the radar screen because now we just know.
Oh, they do lie to us, but still, it seems like we're going for impeachment, so that's what has to happen.
And then all this weird anti-Christian, anti-white stuff the left is pushing.
Former ABC anchor Sam Donaldson, that they pulled out of some fossil museum, says Trump supporters have fixation for white Christian country.
So they're literally saying, we don't like white, we don't like Christian.
And you've got all the Fiona Hill stuff and the bombshell, that isn't a bombshell because we already knew this, that it's John Bolton that started it all and said that what he heard Giuliani doing, who was his rival,
Could be unethical.
That's like Satan saying something could be demonic.
Or Satan reporting on, you know, Slimer, one of his lower little demons.
It's ridiculous.
And so I said, you have these people that weren't even there, that weren't even there when this supposedly happened, testifying so it gets around national security and whistleblowing, and then here saying what John Bolton supposedly heard and said so he can now be called by the committee
For the neocons that try to sink a big torpedo into Trump, because for the neocons and the Straussian School of Economics that admired Hitler, that's how you're a really big man if John Bolton can mount Trump's head to his bedroom wall.
Because Trump committed the great crime of trying to stop all these wars.
Meanwhile, the New York Times is running all these different headlines about how 50 nukes have been caught and are being held and have been hijacked and are being held hostage because of the crisis in Turkey.
And then you learn they've been there since the time of Kennedy.
And you learn that advisors have been saying for decades, get them out.
But somehow that becomes Trump's fault that those nukes are even there.
It's just at every level, everything is turned into a deception.
Everything is turned into a lie.
And then you pull back from it.
It's all total lies and total theater.
Bolton made it up that Trump was doing illegal stuff with Ukraine because in truth it was the neocons and Mitt Romney and others cash cow with the Democrats.
And then they turn it all around like Trump's doing something corrupt.
It's just mind-blowing.
But here's the big takeaway.
We're in the middle of an attempted coup against the election of 2016.
They know Trump's going to win in 2020.
They want him gone before then.
So Pelosi, when she's put in, she's third in line, will then bring in Hillary as her vice president.
You know it's going to happen.
Just like the sun came up, and then she'll resign and Hillary will be president.
You say, well, people will blow up and get angry.
That's their plan!
America in turmoil, civil war divided, that makes the chi-coms, the EU, the Hollywood scum happy.
And that's their plan!
They don't want a good economy.
They don't want to control our borders.
They don't want a good nation going forward.
They want to wreck it and loot it!
Are we going to let them do it?
We live in incredibly historic and dangerous times.
Everything you do, every word of mouth, every phone call, every prayer...
Every member of Congress that you personally go and get in their face and tell them, don't impeach Trump, stand up against the Qaikom menace.
Hollywood's our enemy.
MSM isn't media, it's propaganda.
Every time you do that, you override the bullies and the silent majority stands against these tyrants.
Now, DrudgeReport.com says it all.
LeBron James bows to China.
And what's so sick about this is all these different sports writers last week, at the height of the whole NBA furor, came out and said LeBron speaks out for civil rights, he talks about how evil America is, how bad Trump is, you know, how white people are bad.
Except when they're buying season tickets.
And they said, surely, China's killed 100-plus million of its own people.
It's murdering people in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong has an agreement, a treaty, that China's not supposed to take it over, but they have.
They're secretly arresting people.
They're taking their organs.
They're killing Buddhists and Christians and putting them in forced labor camps, as well as Muslims.
Surely, LeBron will say we have free expression.
I said last week on air, I said LeBron is going to come out and grovel to Communist China because he's an arrogant, soulless nobody.
LeBron James is all about himself, a big brat.
And corporate America is not corporate America, it's globalist America.
And it wants people to grovel to Communist China.
LeBron James was told to come out and race bait.
He was told to come out and support taking a knee during the National Anthems.
He was told to support Hillary Clinton and have events for her.
He does what he's told!
And so he viciously came out and blasted the Rockets' manager.
Going farther than James Harden saying we apologize to China.
Because his instinct is for authoritarianism.
You project on LeBron James that he's this angel, he's this wonderful person.
I bet if he ran this country he'd be a warlord dictator.
He's not fit to carry Donald Trump's jockstrap when he calls Trump a monster.
And stupid and ignorant.
You know, that's what LeBron James does.
He calls people dumb and ignorant.
That's what he called the general manager of the Rockets, who I think is dumb and ignorant.
He did the right thing and apologized.
You know, he did the right thing and came out and said that China mass murdering and killing people is wrong and that Hong Kong deserves its basic dignity.
And when he got a bunch of heat on him, he said, I apologize.
That's stupid.
That's wrong.
But you know what?
He's a lot better than LeBron James.
We've got the video of LeBron James shooting his mouth off.
We're going to play a clip of that here in just a moment.
But just think about Hollywood and professional sports and all of this scum.
I don't care if they're white.
I don't care if they're black.
I don't care if they're a woman, a man.
On average, they just do what they're told.
And that's why Hollywood is promoting pedophilia.
That's why Hollywood's promoting the end of the family.
That's why they're promoting drug use.
That's why they're promoting open borders and saying America sucks.
Because they're paid to.
Guardians of the Galaxy director who promotes pedophilia publicly and has pedophile-styled parties
He's come out, James Gunn, and said, oh, after Disney let me go, I had all these other big firms begging me.
Now I've got bigger jobs than ever.
He knows how to behave.
He knows what to do to get to the top of that rat hole.
Because you think you're climbing to the top, you're really climbing to the bottom.
You're really going down a tunnel.
But there's a huge backlash against the NBA.
Massive ticket sales are down.
Just like the NFL's down 40%.
Empty seats.
We've been sending our crews to different NBA games to show what's happening and to hold up signs and be thrown out to show there's no free speech.
And there's almost no one there.
And even some of the zombies going in booed Owen Schroeder on Sunday and said, leave the NBA alone.
Because see, the NBA now is Communist China.
So here is, here's LeBron James.
Here's a clip.
We all talk about this freedom of speech.
Yes, we all do have freedom of speech.
But at times, there are ramifications for the negative that can happen when you're not thinking about others, and you're only thinking about yourself.
So I don't believe, I don't want to get into a
Word or sentence feud with Darryl with Darryl Murray, but I believe he wasn't educated on on the situation at hand and any spoke and So many people could have been harmed not only financially but physically emotionally spiritually So just be careful what we what we tweet and we say and what we do even though yes We do have freedom of speech, but there can be
So that is total inversion of reality.
LeBron is a Satanist.
He's a practicing Satanist, even if he doesn't know he is.
I mean, he just inverted reality.
Communist China doesn't have any freedom of religion.
Communist China literally has death camps and slave camps, and people work 18-hour days in slave factories.
They have suicide nets around them.
And Hong Kong is where people ran from Mao Zedong, who was not elected.
And then who proceeded to kill 80 million people himself.
Since then, it's another 35 million conservatively.
The Chinese government admits that, LeBron.
But see, you can talk about slavery with 2% of Americans owning slaves, and so tell people hundreds of years later how bad they are, so they all kiss your ass.
You are disgusting.
And you stand up for the modern slave masters of the communist Chinese.
And then you talk about people are ignorant and people could hurt people with their speech.
Yes, you have free speech, but you can take it away if it hurts somebody.
That's the new leftist mantra.
LeBron caves to China.
Blast uneducated Rockets GM.
Isn't that just cute?
Here's last week.
LeBron James undermines values.
He's espousing most disgraceful moment of his career.
That's today.
But last week.
It's time for LeBron James to speak out on China regardless of Nike ties where they make their slave shoes.
LeBron James no longer King James in Hong Kong as they burn his jerseys.
And apparel.
So it's all a big joke, ladies and gentlemen.
Why in the hell would you put faith in some guy worth, what's LeBron James worth, $400 million?
Who then runs around constantly shooting his mouth off about how bad America is and how bad Trump is.
Because that's what he's paid to do.
That's what corporate America is.
He's a bunch of slaves to China.
There is no corporate America now.
If my memory serves correctly, $450 million.
Kaepernick's worth over $100 million.
Adopted by white parents.
He's pretty much white himself.
And then he grows out the big bozo, the clown haircut.
I mean, if somebody's got a real afro, more power to you.
But he does a big Bozo the Clown deal, and then goes out and becomes this big woke black guy.
At least he's a little blacker, a little bit more black than the founder of Black Lives Matter, who isn't even black.
Like Rachel Dozel.
She's as black as Pocahontas' American Indian.
Total horse crap.
You know they said Columbus got it wrong and everybody calling folks in the New World Indians because they thought they'd gone around the world and ran into India.
Really they ran into North America and South America and Central America.
But you know genetically Native Americans are basically
They're most closely associated with Chinese.
They're Asians.
That's what Hispanics are, is a mix of Asian with, because some of the Spanish that came over had been invaded by Africa, so they were Germanics mixed with some African, that's the Arabs, coming in, and then mixed with Chinese.
So it's, which the Indians are, you know, same bloodline, but whites came into India, so Indians are part white.
That's the difference between Indians and Chinese.
A little bit of history for folks.
Well, it's kind of true that they are Native Indians.
Well, Beto O'Rourke!
It's come out and said it's time to take over the churches.
I want to play this special report when we come back.
I want to focus in again on the ongoing coup to remove the president.
It's real, it's hot, and it's going to create a disaster that the globalists plan.
I'm going to explain that next segment, and then I'm going to get into the really big news that ties into all that, the latest in the red flag laws.
Here's this report.
China was put into the authoritarian model
They didn't have speech to begin with, so they complied with it.
They are the engine of evil.
They are the arsenal of tyranny.
And so when you see Beto...
Saying political power goes out of the barrel of a gun, take the guns.
Hell yes!
We're gonna take your AR-15, your AK-47.
You see Buttigieg saying, take guns, it's about power.
Only the state needs guns.
Some folks will say, look, you can't draw the line.
You can't say, this kind of weapon is okay and that one's not.
Because that violates the Second Amendment.
Because it's, you know, shall not be infringed.
And we gotta remember that that is just not true.
The UN says that.
That's what China says.
They're just authoritarians.
And so, yes, China's the engine of this, and the laboratory, but it's the corporations that put Mao in and protected him and built all this up over 60 years, 70 years, that have done this.
First it took them a good 30 years to get the Chinese in line and kill 100 million of them, and take them off the land and take their kids away and turn them into what they are now.
Then in the last 35, 40 years since the conditioning went well, a couple generations, now they are the cancer.
But it's being directed by the big corporations, the NFL, the NBA, that's all just propaganda.
So they tell the players, take a knee, hate America, America sucks.
Steve Kerr discovered last night sometimes you don't have a choice.
He was asked again about China, and this time he answered the question.
Sure, he said China has problems, but so does the United States.
I mean, China is a racist ethnostate that sends religious minorities to concentration camps and executes political prisoners to steal their organs.
But, in America, they sell guns at Walmart.
So really, there's a moral equivalence there.
It has not come up in terms of people asking me about it, people discussing it.
Nor has our record of human rights abuses come up either.
People in China didn't ask me about
You know, people owning AR-15s and mowing each other down in a mall.
I wasn't asked that question.
But then when Beto and others come out at the CNN events and they say, yeah, churches shouldn't be able, just like Europe does, just like Canada does, to read passages criticizing pedophilia, criticizing homosexuality.
Well, they should have their exemptions stripped.
Well, that's all a giant scam.
Let me read to you the First Amendment.
Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people to peacefully assemble, and to petition the government of a redress of grievances.
It's a lot bigger than just your personal speech.
The left, well, they've got their speech to get government funding to put elephant dung all over the Virgin Mary in a state-run system.
They take your religious symbol, use money to then invert it,
And then literally piss on it and crap on it.
That's a satanic ritual.
That's a desecration.
That's one-on-one satanism.
So when Beto gets up there, looking like it from the Adams family, all crazy going... He's speaking from this globalist system.
He's just a mouth.
He's a tentacle.
You can laugh at him all day, but he means business when he says, we're going to take your guns, and we're going to take your speech, and we're going to go in and take control of the churches.
Because churches got tricked in the 50s into being 501c3.
Oh, you're still tax exempt?
Just sign these forms.
You're no longer a church, you're now a charity.
Now they come in with regulations.
Well, Trump removes those regulations.
One of the best things he did, saying those are unconstitutional.
But you already had the First Amendment saying it to begin with.
But the churches are already trained, that's why the churches are dead.
They're no longer churches.
They're just feel-good clubs.
I'm not telling you about human-animal clones, or the Mark of the Beast is already here, or the Chinese credit score.
Most churches even criticize China, because they might get in trouble.
It's all about bowing, and when you bow, and no one stands up for anything, it's like that house of straw.
The wind of China comes through, the wind of globalism, the wind of Satan, the wind of the East.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Now, Infowars.com and Newswars.com has been harping on this since Sunday night.
We first had an article out Sunday night on this.
The great folks over at Gateway Pundit, they got a story out on it.
And then I talked about it every hour yesterday, because my goal was to get it to the President.
Now, if you go back two years ago, they brought in a new
White House Chief of Staff, and it was in Politico, and the New York Times, and in that case they told the truth because I've talked to people at the White House, and they said their main job is to keep InfoWars away from the President.
Because they go, the President really acts on what's on InfoWars.
And they said the fake news is endangering the world.
You can just type into a search engine.
John Kelly bans InfoWars at the White House.
You'll get Politico.
Now, why do they ban us?
Because the Secret Service and others bring stuff to Trump.
I ran into a fellow out in LA, well-known individual, I'll leave it at that, while I was out there doing some podcasting.
I was in the podcasting building over at Apple, of all places.
And he talked about how he had just gotten one of my videos to Trump on Air Force One the day before in L.A.
And then, was I out in L.A.
to meet with Trump?
And I said, no, I just happened to be out here to go on some of these podcasts like T.I.'s.
But that's not name-dropping.
I'm trying to explain to the audience why they want us off the air.
Because no exaggeration, nine times out of ten, it's InfoWars that breaks the critical news that ends up changing history.
And that means when DrugsReport.com links to it, or you share it, or you call the White House, or you hand-deliver it to the President, it has that effect.
And so it meant a lot to me, but it also made me realize how much danger I'm in, because I already knew this, but to run into a well-known individual who'd been on Air Force One to, you know, get a tour and then briefly talk to Trump.
That, oh man, the Secret Service loves you, and boy, they, you know, Trump really likes you.
Yeah, I know that.
And that means the globalists really hate my guts and they're trying to get me right now because of it.
Because if they can destroy Infowars, they know that grassroots intelligence agency, that organic resistance, will be knocked off.
I mean, we had Roger Stone on two years ago saying Fiona Hill's been brought in by McMaster, she works for Soros, here's the evidence, they're gonna set Trump up and claim that he's done something wrong in
Ukraine, that's their plan.
Because Roger was in D.C.
having meetings with White House officials.
And he said on air, by the way, I've been told they're about to indict me because I've warned the public about this on your show.
That was when he came on the week after he first came on.
But he said, I'm not going to stop.
That was all real.
They had people following him at that time.
Now we said on Saturday in the video we put out that Fiona Hill had been gone from the White House for four months when the phone call to the new Ukrainian president happened and that she did not have knowledge of it firsthand like they were claiming.
That is on Fox News today!
Scroll down, it shows the Fox News Club from the Gateway Pundit.
So ladies and gentlemen, that's why we're so important.
And they're trying to put us in prison.
I talked to individuals that I cannot name this weekend at length.
And these people have never lied to me.
And they said, Alex, you know what the lawsuits are about.
And I said, well, I got a good idea.
Tell me.
Well, they think they're going to find tax evasion in there and put you in prison.
Well, there's none of that.
And they said, well, we know that.
They don't care.
They want to be able to parallel construct.
And there is an order out, and I already know this, to try to put you in prison via the Justice Department.
And you go, well, Bill Barr will stop that.
No, Bill Barr's not in control.
He's in control of the top, but it's Obama and Hillary and Bush Sr.
and Bush Jr.
They've been putting in for 40 years.
And this person was not threatening me.
This person was telling me that, you know, obviously people are holding out in the government supporting Trump, so are they, and that everybody's basically facing death or indictment, and that just checking in to make sure we're not backing down, you're not backing down, right?
Okay, well, here's the fact.
You know they're looking at killing you.
And I'm not trying to be dramatic, but that's the kind of stuff I've got to deal with.
And see, it doesn't make me feel sorry for myself.
It doesn't make me scared.
It makes me angry.
And it makes me want to stop these people.
Not for me.
And I wish I could say it was for me.
Because then I wouldn't feel so bad.
It's instinctive.
It's for my children and your children.
I don't want to be ruled by these criminal scum.
And I know that they're putting all these people in prison.
And I know they're threatening everybody else.
That's why most people are rolling over right now, including the Senate.
Truth is, Trump's done nothing wrong.
And it makes me angry to see John Bolton knowing that Trump took that rattlesnake into his bosom, put that scorpion on his back.
And exactly as we thought is now unfolding.
They're all just gonna lie.
Hell, probably John Kelly.
Because they all came from the swamp.
They all got promoted because they were yes men, that were corrupt, that would do whatever they were told, whenever they were told.
And I'm not saying Kelly's even a dishonorable man, or that his son didn't die in the Marine Corps.
We know that he got bit to the deep state and all their threats.
Because they know how to talk to you.
Oh, you're better than the president.
You know better.
You've got to keep them under control while they're siphoning off information, while they're setting everybody up.
That's how this creeping death works.
Cicero talked about we can defeat an enemy that comes to our gates openly, the time of Rome, but enemies within, that's who we've got to worry about because that's who
Operates in stealth like the plague, like a disease.
So when we come back, I'm going to get into Fiona Hill and play some clips and I'm going to get into the giant ABC News hoax that we broke.
Simultaneously, others did as well.
Because Knob Creek machine gun shootout is on my list of places to go.
I've always wanted to go to the once a year Kentucky shoot.
Where all these cool, full autos get fired, and they have great times at night, and they have a lot of expositions.
It's like Hillbilly Burning Man.
But before Running Man.
You know, the biggest thrill is White Lightning.
They don't take trips on LSD.
To quote... The late, great Merle Haggard.
So, when I saw it, I said, that's Knob Creek!
Well, ABC News thought you were stupid and they played it and said, look, Trump's allowed the mass murder.
Here's the entire city being blown up and they cut, they zoomed in where it looks like 5,000 foot red mushroom clouds are shooting up.
They're really 50 foot red mushroom clouds.
Kind of like back in the day before CG, like in Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, they had like really, you know, toy Imperial walkers and, you know, baby explosions and everything.
But see, the reason this story is so big is, and now the President's talking about it, is because they just get caught and then nothing happens to them.
They do this constantly.
The New York Times put out photos saying, here's all the dead Kurd babies Trump killed, and then it was a 1992 earthquake photo.
They knew anybody could just search that, search the image in 10 seconds and find it was fake.
They don't care!
Because they're committed, and they just want an excuse when they remove the president.
And we'll talk about how they plan to do that, what's going to unfold after, and how we stop it.
Stay with us.
You do not want to miss this information.
The establishment is obsessed with me.
I have had the phone ringing off the hook in the last couple weeks with people saying, have you seen this TV show?
Have you seen that TV show?
They're attacking you on this program.
They're attacking you on that program.
They're attacking you on the news.
They're attacking you in movies.
You're in the Dick Cheney movie.
You're in the... What's going on?
The archetype that InfoWars represents is what the globalists hate.
I'm probably not going to play this today because I want to do a special report on it and air it tomorrow.
But my phone started ringing last night because it's a popular show called The Good Doctor on ABC that's got around 15 million viewers.
Mainly women.
In fact, one of my daughters tries to watch it.
My older daughter.
And it's word for word things I've said on air.
And then, lo and behold, the directors and producers are in the news saying, this is an Alex Jones archetype, and we think he's dangerous, so we want to expose him.
Now, it's word for word what I say, but out of context.
And with authority figure doctors sitting back,
And explaining how dangerous I am.
So there are so many TV shows right now, like Homeland, where I've been put in prison, and they say it's Alex Jones.
You gotta ask, what is all this really going towards?
And that's the answer to the next question of how they're gonna take Trump down and how they're gonna come for you.
Because you see, they archetypally see Infowars, and yours truly,
In their own words.
I'm going to show you the article.
As the archetype of Americana.
And the enemy.
They actually say in these articles.
Just type in the good Dr. Alex Jones.
Click News.
There's a bunch of articles.
And you can read them saying he's the enemy.
Why am I the enemy?
Because we talk about how they're hurting the children, how they're targeting the children, and they are.
And they don't want you to have your instincts reactivated to stand between them and the children.
They want their prey.
They want their quarry.
But let's get back to what I said I'd get to.
Trump's ABC News airing fake Syria bombing video is a real disgrace.
Yeah, yesterday evening ABC put out a little statement and said we regret the error.
And I guess the New York Times regrets the error of putting out a photo from 1992 of earthquake victims in Syria.
Piles of dead babies.
Saying Trump killed him?
Now that's called war propaganda.
Remember Remington, the famous painter?
And William McKinley getting us into the Spanish-American War?
William Randolph Hearst famously wrote later in his memoirs that he called up Remington and he said, you give me the pictures, I'll give you the war.
And so it's the same old thing.
They didn't start lying.
They've been lying.
It's just worse now.
New York Times editor, associate editor, puts out a fake photo.
He'll get an award for it.
Blaming Trump.
ABC puts out Knob Creek machine gun shootout.
That, by the way, every year, I've been watching it on YouTube for a good 15, 16 years.
I'd been sent VHS tapes of it 20-something years ago.
So they showed Knob Creek from last year.
Hundreds of people videotaping it with their phones.
Taping it.
They crop it.
And again, it looks like a city's on fire.
But it wasn't a city on fire.
It was a shooting range.
And they consciously did that.
And said, here are the images.
Here, play the Knob Creek for TV viewers.
That is hundreds of people with tracer ammo shooting cans of gasoline at Knob Creek.
That's all that is.
You see all the hundreds of phones taping it.
But what did ABC News do?
They cropped it where you couldn't see the trees on either side and where you couldn't see the phones.
And they said, wow, this is great footage.
Let's say this is what Trump is allowing as the Turks vaporize the city.
None of it was true.
But when you see it cropped, it looks like Godzilla attacking Tokyo.
It looks like War of the Worlds.
It looks like Armageddon.
Let's show the ABC News cropped footage again for Radio Losers.
I'm describing it.
You're appearing to show Turkey's military bombing Kurd civilians in a Syrian border town.
The Kurds who fought alongside the U.S.
against ISIS.
Now horrific reports of atrocities committed by Turkish back fighters on those very allies.
And they aired it everywhere.
And I had people walk with me in the street.
I haven't called a Russian agent in a while.
But I did have somebody walk with me in the street.
I was at the store this weekend and they said, you know, you ought to be ashamed of yourself and what you're supporting with Trump, what he's doing to the Kurds.
And I said, I looked at the guy.
I go, let me guess, you're a veteran.
He goes, yeah, I am.
I went, yeah, I can see your look and everything.
I said, you a Democrat?
He goes, yeah.
I went, let me guess, you think the Kurds are Christian?
He goes, well, of course they are.
I said, man, I've heard quite enough.
And he said, what do you mean?
I go, listen, dude, I can't help you.
That's Pentagon propaganda.
The Kurds aren't Christians.
You're a damn idiot.
Because he was, you know, bowing up, saying shame on you.
I shouldn't have called him an idiot.
But I just, I try to train myself not to
Get angry at people.
But, you know, I just, I never expect it when I'm in a grocery store buying cherries and, you know, ice cream for the kids and whipped cream.
And some dude's tapping on my shoulder and, you know, bowing up.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself and Trump with your support and what he's doing to the Kurds!
Four-star Marine Corps general comes out and says, Trump's causing massacres.
Trump's a warmonger.
All these guys love the fake WMDs, the Endless Wars, all the garbage.
They love it!
They don't worry about, oh, Trump tries to pull us out of there.
Oh, he's the devil.
He's the worst guy.
And these guys are all watching footage like that and photos of dead babies that are from 1992.
And they just want to feel good.
They want to be idiots.
They want to be lied to.
They want to be morons.
Well, most veterans see through it and are patriots.
But leftist veterans?
They want to be lied to.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
So, if you just joined us, ABC News says it's a mistake that they showed the Nauvum Creek machine gun shootout.
That's right.
In fact, we looked up that very video from last year.
It had over 15 million views just on one version.
And if you watch the video, you see hundreds of people with their smartphones up, taping it.
So that's just one version.
So they went and got the video, they cropped it, and then said, look at this town, look at this city being vaporized by giant mega-weapons, as if the Turks have Death Stars or something, just blowing up whole buildings.
And it was really cans of gasoline.
But that's who they are.
That's what they do.
And they're gonna do more of it and more of it.
You think Jesse Smollett was a bad guy?
He just got caught staging an event.
And almost all the racial attacks that come out, it turns out, are staged.
That's what the left does.
They're a bunch of actors.
It's theater with them.
And they're using theater to try to take down President Trump.
So I want to thank the listeners, Saturday and Sunday, for getting our articles and videos out at Band.Video.
With the headlines, meet Fiona Hill, the George Soros mole, aiming to take down President Trump.
And we explain how she didn't even work there then, how she then says she heard what happened to then give cover to operatives inside the White House, probably John Bolton.
Well, she testified to that yesterday in Congress.
Precisely what I told you.
Now, I'm explaining why they want us off the air.
I've got their number.
I really talked to people very close to President Trump.
For over an hour.
But, they were calling to see what I thought.
And I was talking to them to see what they thought.
And it was just like, we're committed.
We're not backing down.
Trump's not backing down.
Trump's not going to resign.
And we're betting on the American people, and we're betting on the military, and we're betting on due process.
But the word is they are going to try to put everybody in prison that supports Trump at a high level, at a powerful level, at a level that has any effect.
And if they get control again, they are planning a purge.
Hell, they make movies how they're going to purge the Trump supporters.
But this is real.
This is what you see in other countries.
It's here now.
We're already in a civil war between the deep state paid for by foreign countries and corporations that have been looting America and the American people.
And so it's paradoxical.
I don't even want to sit here and criticize the president because he's under such attack, but then it'd be a lot better if he could get some action out of the Justice Department.
Now we saw Bill Barr come out with a come to Jesus moment.
Or he found the Jesus moment.
He put his whole 45-minute speech up on Infowars.com and banned that video.
A few clips of it got millions of views, but nobody's put out the whole interview.
We went and found it.
I said nobody had, it had no views, like a thousand views on some obscure YouTube channel.
We fixed the audio, blew it up.
It was shot from, you know, 50 yards away and it's good video.
What he says is incredible.
And he just lays out how there's a spirit of evil, a dark force.
The left really wants to destroy America and civilization.
They really want to hurt children.
They really want to sexualize children.
And that it's purposeful.
It's not
Decay, it's organized destruction.
Those are quotes.
So here's the deal.
This is what's gonna happen.
Evil always builds up.
It hides in the dark.
Then when it finally tries to take over, it comes out and tries to intimidate with overwhelming force.
If people bow, then Satan eats them.
The devil goes about like a lion, roaring, seeing who he may devour.
I used to always see
The Jason movies, when I was a little kid, wonder why do the people fall over and climb on their, you know, butt with their hands on the ground screaming, no, no, no, please don't kill me.
I mean, I would just keep running and running and running.
And I have run from something just as dangerous as Jason.
When I was a little kid, we used to go on the neighboring ranch that had Brahma bulls.
And my grandma would say, you know, you're allowed to go across the land over there, but not in the hot traps.
To go down to the big creek and swim with me and some old neighborhood kids, but
Don't cross the shortcut through the Brahma Bulls and the hot trap is the electrified fences.
Well, you know, when you're eight years old, you're still going to do that.
The fun is going over the electric fences and having the bull chase you.
But see, you didn't know Brahma Bulls could jump fences, did you?
And I had a, me and my late friend, uh, Ryan, he died at 33, same age as me.
Hospital infection side issue.
We got chased.
About a good quarter mile by that Brahma bull down that creek bottom.
Because over the hot traps was the creek bottom.
He went in there after us.
Let me tell you, I didn't stumble, I didn't fall.
I was flying.
I was jumping over stuff.
In fact, I came back out of there, out of that creek bottom, and just like that bull did, I jumped another hot trap, they had bulls on the other side, right over it.
Jump right over that fence.
Nothing like a bull chaser to make you do it.
So I've been there.
But I always see these folks in the movies, they fall down in the learned helplessness.
And they, and they, don't get me.
And I used to think that was made up.
I didn't think that happened until I grew up and I've seen people act just like that.
Where they fall down and they beg and they back away.
When you act like that to the deep state, man, it's like chumming the water with blood and fish heads for sharks.
Or it's like slicing your legs up with razor blades and jumping into shark-infested waters.
I mean, you're asking for it.
And there's this ridiculous learned helplessness everywhere that people think if they bow down to the system,
That they're going to somehow get ahead.
And maybe that was the case in the past.
If they needed some yes-men to sell America out.
The selling out of America is done.
There's nothing left.
And so LeBron James is trying to find a new corporate master to bow down to.
The Chai-coms that again have killed four to five times what Hitler did.
And so how this is going to work is
They're going to bring forward all these fake whistleblowers who are really just political operatives who don't like Trump's policies.
And they're going to have people then that are called as witnesses to Congress, who then identify who the witnesses are, who are the original whistleblowers, but who lied in their whistleblowing
So they want to be called like their reluctant third party so that they don't get the political fallout of goring the president.
Now that we're on the parallel of bulls.
And that's all this is.
And that's exactly what we wrote on Saturday and Sunday and that's what now happened yesterday on Monday.
And here are the headlines.
Just a matter of time before President removed following impeachment testimony from Trump Ed Fiona Hill saying President's ex-National Security Advisor John Bolton reportedly urged former Russian advisor Fiona Hill to warn the White House about a campaign to pressure Ukraine directed by the President's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani describing the latter as a hand grenade that
It's going to blow up everybody.
You believe any of that?
Yeah, right.
Meanwhile, Republicans can't get into the closed-door hearings, and no one can face who the other whistleblowers are, because it's not.
It's John Bolton.
It's Fiona Hill.
So he tried to crash it and got thrown out.
He was ejected from that secret meeting, but here's our article from 2017, May 31st.
Soros insider infiltrates Trump administration.
Tomorrow's news today.
No, next year's news today.
So how do we counter this?
How do we fight back against it?
How do we stop him?
I'll tell you how.
I promise, and I'll finish the Facebook story.
On the other side, then, Sargon of Akkad, Sargon, joins us.
I'm going to be hosting tonight.
7 to 10 o'clock or so with Will Johnson and others with live coverage of the Democrat debates.
This will be the fourth round of debates all happening now in one night.
It's in Westerville.
And I was thinking yesterday about what to call this debate.
We've called it the Clown Show the last three times.
So I was thinking, well, it's really gonna be a political showdown, a political shootout.
Because they're really gonna be gunning for Biden now that the establishment's saying yes, he's clearly had another stroke, get him out of there.
Which I could have told them four months ago, five months ago, we did.
They called it fake news, anybody can see it.
So it's gonna be two things, they're gonna be attacking
Biden viciously tonight.
I predict real fireworks.
This is actually going to be an entertaining debate.
And they're also going to be doubling down on attacking the president and showing how much they hate Trump and how they want him impeached.
It is going to be wild.
In fact, I think the going after Trump is going to be more intense.
And there's support of impeachment and the coup that's happening.
Then you're even going to see the knives come out for Biden.
But it's going to be spectacular.
So I said, where is that in Ohio?
And Scott, one of the producers, goes, it's a place called Westerville.
I had already said, let's call it the showdown in Westerville.
I said, let's call it the shootout.
They used to call, you know, the UT-Oklahoma game, Red River Shootout.
They stopped calling it that because guns are bad.
No one's saying there's a real shootout.
Back in the old days, the outlaws used to have shootouts across the Red River between Oklahoma and North Texas.
Took right up there by Dallas.
So we called it politically correct.
The showdown in Westerville.
Tonight, extended debate coverage.
How we're going to do it is we're going to pick the candidates we're going to listen to.
It's going to be Kamala Harris, Beto, and maybe a few others.
They brought the Congresswoman from Hawaii back in.
It'll be Biden, Pocahontas.
But a lot of these we're not going to even listen to when they're talking, but we'll have live coverage on the TV satellite, the radio satellite will take all the main feeds, Infowars.com and put it out.
But the best place to find it will be Infowars.com forward slash show or band dot video.
And you'll see the live feed coverage right there on the front page.
And again, the chain reaction of you taking action in the election season and saying, hey, there's live independent coverage of this debate.
Have you heard of InfoWars?
Oh yeah, that's that site demonized everywhere.
Yeah, well find out what you're not supposed to hear at Band.Video.
Because you can share InfoWars.com forward slash show, but you notice InfoWars.com barely shows up in Google or even Bing searches.
NewsWars.com shows up and so does Band.Video.
So again, that's a great way for everybody to share it is Band.Video.
I want to get into solutions to fight back against these people, but one big one is just to be active.
I've been so upset by everything that's happening that I've done an hour and 50 minutes of broadcast and haven't plugged once.
And you hear other talk show hosts, they plug every break.
Hey, this segment brought to you by, this hour brought to you by, they do a 30 second or minute plug.
And that's what you have to do and talk radio to stay on air because most people tune out during the regular commercials.
And so when I talk about how InfoWars has been in the red quite a bit this year, we've been back and forth, it's mainly because I don't create inventive, cool commercials, and I don't talk about how great the products are enough.
I mean, it's really that simple.
I just say, hey, support us.
These are great products.
Get them.
Listen to me, folks.
The system knows that iodine causes higher IQs, more immunity, stamina, libido, energy,
You have to have iodine to live.
Most iodine's out of the soil.
It's toxic when it comes out of the ocean in most cases, because it binds the toxins.
It's not as effective when you get it from sea salt, but it's better than nothing.
We have the best iodine in the world, totally pure, deep-earth crystal.
You buy stuff at the top of Goliad and drink that, it'll probably kill you.
Pure iodine is seen as grass safe by Congress and by the FDA because you need it to live.
But I can't believe no one else puts out real iodine.
We do.
Deep Earth crystal iodine.
And then I was talking to a medical doctor and some scientists at a top lab just about two years ago.
They said, listen, your X2 is really good.
And they said, we know you have the regular allowance that's supposed to be in there, but listen, that's when it's a bound iodine and not a real one.
You've got a real one.
And we really think you should lower the amount.
Doesn't matter what the system says.
And you also should think some people can't absorb pure iodine.
Other folks can't absorb iodine that's not pure.
So there are different types, two other types of good iodine that are very similar to the pure atomic, but have been altered a bit.
And that's what X3 is, triiodine.
It's not to replace X2, it's apples and oranges.
But I'm going to tell you, talk to your physician, do your own research, because yeah, your body has to have iodine to operate, and it makes your hormones, and it does everything.
But if you've never really had iodine and you've been deficient your whole life, and your body's using bad halogen to operate, it can have some fireworks.
But I'm just telling you, everyone should try real, pure, clean iodine.
There are some people that are allergic to some types of iodine that's not pure.
And if you are one of those people, you know.
So consult your physician.
The point is, look, vitamin C. Iodine.
Your body has to have that to operate.
And the government found there was massive retardation, low IQ.
The eugenicists thought that people in the Midwest and people in the Appalachias and black people were retarded.
And that was their argument for wanting to sterilize poor white people and black people in the 20s and 30s and 40s.
Hitler got his ideas from us.
Was because there were so many mentally retarded people because they weren't eating fish and they were going off fields that weren't left fallow.
There was no iodine.
This is mainline history.
Just type in iodine low IQ.
Or iodine high IQ.
You'll get mainline reports about the Dust Bowl, the Midwest, how a third of the kids were being born with genetic disorders, people had low IQs, and so people from the East Coast, that's where the rumor that people in the Midwest were retarded came from.
Because they came out West, and by a generation or two, all the fields had no iodine, and there were literally mentally retarded people everywhere of all these different disorders that you have without iodine.
So the government started putting it in the salt by law.
Just a cheap form of it.
And IQs exploded 15 points on average.
The goiters went away.
All these disorders went away.
That's just one example, folks.
And if you go anywhere in the world and find people that have been farming the land too much and there's no iodine, they'll have low IQs and every other person
I mean, you go to Appalachia, folks, still, I mean, in a lot of areas, a lot of good people there, too, but I mean, you go to a grocery store or something, you go, ooh, what the hell's going on here?
You see all these genetic disorders, all these mutants, and it's, there's no iodine, folks.
That one thing.
I mean, the people, oh, it's inbreeding, everybody marries their cousin.
No, that's not what did it.
The studies are out, look it up.
I said I'd hit solutions and I haven't done it, so Sargon, Avocado, BN-15, and after I'll get the solutions, I promise.
Then we'll do it.
But listen, RB-12 Ultra-12 is twice as strong as Secret-12, so we named it Ultra-12.
It's the very best organic, most expensive best we can get.
It's the best out there.
You take it under the tongue, it's amazing, especially if you're a European.
Europeans mainly have genes turned off where you can't absorb it through your gut.
You have to do it through the blood vessels, and that's under the tongue.
Ultra 12, 50% off.
You need to get it.
We have the Everything Must Go Mega Special.
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Storewide free shipping, double Patriot points.
A lot of you are getting the fluoride-free, colloidal silver iodine-fortified Super Bowl toothpaste.
That's great.
And then just get your Ultra 12 and get your X3 or X2.
It's apples and oranges.
But this is pure iodine.
The X2 is nothing but pure atomic.
We have to get a DEA license just to have it in this raw form.
Then it's not DEA control once it's put into the organic oil.
You need the Ultra 12.
You need the Secret 12.
And that's what it is.
It's twice as strong.
And you need all of its great products.
People ask, how do I have so much energy?
How am I so focused?
When I went on iodine almost eight years ago, it was like I got 15 years younger, 20 years younger.
I mean, it was just, it's amazing.
Your skin, everything.
It's, it's, it's, again, the system knows it and they keep it from you.
Let me explain.
You're like, well, you see an eye not having an eye that makes a stump, but the fluoride makes a stump.
Fluoride's the bad halogen!
Ah, now you see!
They go, don't put that in their salt and make them smart!
Take it out and put this in their water!
You know, there's a reason in every culture, before we became an agrarian society and started settling down and planting crops, that people moved on.
They would run through the resources in the area they were in.
And then ancient agrarian societies would end up leaving where they had their fields.
Because they would deplete the fields unless they lived on a river delta.
And then the rivers would periodically flood the growth belts with new silt from all the fish dying and going to the bathroom and all the plant matter.
And so that was a big deal I covered last segment.
I didn't mean to go off into an iodine rant.
But here's an article, Business Insider, how adding iodine to salt resulted in a decade's worth of IQ gains for the United States.
I mean, I didn't intend to go into that last segment, so they didn't have all the articles up.
Did you know that they add iodine to municipal water in rural areas of China?
I've shown the videos from China.
It shows like a tank that's timered of iodine out in the middle of a small lake, a reservoir, and then it goes off periodically and puts iodine in the water because a large portion of the Chinese were having birth defects, mental retardation, and low IQ.
This is not rocket science.
So when I mentioned that earlier, any rural community,
Living generationally on land that does not get fertilized properly will develop massive health problems.
So many forms of cancer.
There's the New York Times.
Print that for me, please.
China confronts retardation of millions of deficit and iodine.
I mean, see, this is so big here, folks, because
I'm sitting here talking about how they want to take Trump out.
Because he's good.
They took iodine out of the salt.
They started putting it in the salt in the 20s, they took it out by the 70s.
And people, you know I'm not just up here talking about this stuff.
They want me off the air because every show, whether it's Colbert, or whether it's The Good Doctor, or whether it's Homeland, or whether it's all these Netflix movies where they say it's about me, they tell you it's Alex Jones.
Then they have the guy commit crimes.
They always attack me and say I'm making it up that the children are being poisoned with vaccines.
I can show you stacks of mainstream news where vaccines are killing people.
Or they're not effective.
Or how we harp on the fluoride.
That is the bad halogen.
It's in the same area of the periodic table as iodine.
Iodine's what you need.
If you don't have iodine, you will slowly die.
But if they put fluoride in its place, or bromide or bromine, you will die even faster.
Because your body will suck it up.
A mother is efficient while she's pregnant.
The cognitive development of the fetus is impeded and the effects are irreversible.
To this day, the World Health Organization estimates that only 50 million people suffer from some kind of mental impairment related to iodine deficiency.
And you wonder why people are so stupid.
They're not just not having the iodine, they got fluoride on top of it in their water.
And why did the mainline studies come out?
The American Medical Journal two months ago said fluoride is causing massive IQ reductions, birth defects, cancer.
But it doesn't matter.
The Good Doctor Show on ABC last night said, this is an Alex Jones character and we're taking on Alex Jones.
That's in news articles.
And then I'm a crazy person that doesn't want fluoride in the water and is warning you about vaccines.
See how it works?
It's all funny to them.
But let me assure you, the ABC producers aren't vaccinating their children.
And they're not drinking fluoride.
I will assure you, that's for your children.
That's for you.
It's all something for you.
Because these people are so fallen and so wicked, and they're so spiritually short, that they have Napoleonic envy of your grandeur.
And they want to pull you down with them.
Well, I don't want to see that happen.
I want to see that stop.
Will you join me?
All right, folks, Alex Jones here back live.
I want to get into solutions to stop the absolutely out of control tyranny that is taking place and the attempted coup by this multinational consortium against our nation.
We have Sargon of Akkad who's going to be in studio with us as well coming up.
There is so much I want to get into here today, but the first thing that I want to play is LeBron James caves to China, blasts uneducated Rockets, GM.
Because you can't talk about that enough.
You really can't speak to someone who has grown up in the lap of free country, made $450 million,
And then it shoots their mouth off about how much the country sucks all day.
And how bad it is.
And then Communist China that hands down is the most abusive, murderous, controlling group in the world.
And then he calls the manager of the rockets uneducated, uninformed.
It's just the arrogance is beyond nauseating.
And sad.
It's the selfishness factor.
Where these people are so selfish, they're like stupid.
And because they're sociopaths, LeBron James is definitely a sociopath, they always, though we're telling you how virtuous they are and how good they are, but always targeting things that aren't bad.
And then they're always defending
Things that are bad because these people are puppets.
These people are evil.
Now, I'm gonna get to that in a moment, but some things have happened where I've been so busy covering the coup that I constantly feel like I'm not doing something I'm supposed to be doing.
And my subconscious mind that's more powerful than my conscious mind is angry at me and is saying, Jones, there's something else you're not doing.
There's something else that we're not covering.
And it's just screaming at me, screaming at me, screaming at me, screaming at me, screaming at me.
And I intellectually try to figure out what it is.
And this voice has never been wrong.
And my inner voice is not angry with me.
It's pleading with me.
To the point of, I just almost can't even do the show anymore.
I need to go away for a few days.
And I need to figure out exactly what it is I need to do.
Because we've trailblazed a lot.
We've changed the paradigm.
We've done a lot of good, but we have to catch the next paradigm, the next Zeitgeist.
We have to be a thousand steps ahead of the enemy.
I'm only a hundred steps ahead of them right now.
And that's not good.
And I routinely have epiphanies about how to bring the enemy down.
I don't pull over and write it down.
And I know that these are the answers to our predicament and our conundrum.
But let me just say this right now.
The big solution
From 35,000 feet is God is real, the devil's real, this is a spiritual battle, and the globalists want to hurt innocent people and dominate society and culture and are psychotic.
And they don't mean well, they're not just mistaken and you're not going to convince them.
And the decadence and largesse of free societies has created a lot of decadent, evil, corrupt people who now are being organized into armies
To take political action against those of us that are moral and those of us that have connections to God because it's a spiritual battle and we are to be conquered and bound and basically tortured.
Look what the globalists do to children.
Look at how they inflict pain and suffering and debilitation.
I mean, I hear the so-called medical shows that they have all over the news and on radio.
They're like, don't take vitamins.
You don't need multivitamins.
They're toxic.
They're bad.
None of those studies are real.
None of that's true.
All the real studies show that people are chronically deficient.
And that IQs are dropping and cancer is exploding because your cells don't have the materials they need to operate with, so they'll use other materials to operate with, and then they will mutate to be able to operate.
I mean, if all you drank was Jack Daniels, your liver, if it didn't fail, would mutate to be able to process that, and that's called cancer.
I mean, I mentioned this earlier, I didn't even mean to go there, but I started talking about how in China they had tens of millions of people totally mentally retarded because they didn't have any iodine in the soil because they didn't rotate the crops.
And then I had the crew print a bunch of articles where they admit all this, and it just made me completely angry.
I mean, the system knows!
That you're infertile and get cancer and have low IQ when you don't have iodine in utero and then after you're born it's even worse.
Here's the headlines.
How adding iodine to salt resulted in decades worth of IQ gains for the United States.
Business Insider.
All the studies.
China confronts retardation of millions, deficit in iodine.
New York Times.
Not your same New York Times.
And again, the system knows that the average person is massively deficient in iodine.
They know it's the missing link, that without it you die.
A long, excruciating, debilitating death.
They know that a lot of the neurological disorders that are expanding, getting worse, are because people don't have this basic nutrient.
But they won't tell anybody that.
I've had medical doctors on
Hell, Steve Wallach talks about this.
He found this all out because he was the chief medical guy at a major zoo.
And they had... most of the animals were dying.
And then he found out they weren't giving them a multivitamin.
And then he found out it was specifically certain nutrients they were missing, like iodine and copper and things like that.
And they know.
Just like your car runs on a certain type of gas, or an engine runs on a certain type of oil, and then you don't have that.
And so we can talk about solutions here.
You know, go take over Congress.
Go to their offices.
Tell them how the cow ate the cabbage, or how the cabbage ate the cow.
Pray for revival.
Call, talk, radio.
File suits against mainstream media for lying to you.
But the biggest thing is just get active, just get involved and realize how much trouble we're in and how serious things are and call Congress, the good members of Congress, and tell them we back you, be men, be strong, don't give in to tyranny or what's coming is far worse.
Really it just comes down to man up and say you're not going to be conquered and you're not going to sell out to the threats.
Because you didn't sell out for the money.
So now, why would anybody sell out to the threats?
But people are calling each other.
Calling, yeah, the threats are really getting bad.
I'm thinking about quitting.
And I'm like, no, you better not quit.
You better hold the course.
Well, tell me what's happening.
Yeah, yeah, that's happened to me too.
Well, you know it's only going to be worse if you let them have their way.
Folks are like, yeah, you're right.
But those are the discussions going on with prominent people in this country.
I mean, the stuff going on behind the scenes is just unbelievable.
I'm not going to get into it on air for a lot of reasons, but I think you can imagine what's going on.
I mean, it's a campaign of terror.
And I didn't really get to the big enchilada yet, but I'll get to it with Sargon of Akkad.
He's in studio with us.
Next segment.
But they do want to force us into a fight.
But we're going to win that fight, but we're going to lose the war down one possible future.
Let me explain that when we come back.
Well, Carl Benjamin, Sargon of Aqabas, has handled, just a joke handle he came up with, billions of views on YouTube and other platforms.
He is an English liberal YouTuber and has a million subscribers.
There's political philosophy, the far left and the far right, Islam and day-to-day politics in the UK.
I'd call him a gentleman, but he's been attacked by Antifa.
They've tried to silence him, banned off Twitter, because he's effective.
Sargon of Akkad from the UK back in studio with us.
He was here about a month and a half ago, and I was asking him what he wants to get into first, and he's got a whole stack of InfoWars articles he's saying he'd like to break down, but I first wanted to welcome you back in studio.
Oh, thank you very much.
And I wanted to just bring this up.
Clearly the deep state's trying to throw Trump out.
Clearly they're trying to stop Brexit.
It's the same group of globalists.
They admit that in the Financial Times of London and other establishment mouthpieces.
And now they're bringing forward frauds against Trump.
It's been proven to be a fraud.
John Bolton, the warmongering neocon, turns out is the source of all this.
That's all confirmed.
We said that a few weeks ago.
It's just insane and they are telegraphing that they will remove him this time.
This is different.
The rhetoric is different.
They've got some of the conservative establishment ready to do it.
If they're successful, which if we don't get really politically involved and speak out and say no, they may be.
They have a good chance if we don't put pressure on some of those Republicans and Democrats in those swing states.
If we don't do that, the deep state is going to remove Trump and I'm sure of it.
Even if I don't call for rebellion, or you don't call for rebellion, which I'm not intending to do, other people are going to, and it's going to be explosive.
And then I think a few steps on, the globalists, the EU, that's in competition with the US and the UK, they're allied with the CHICOMs.
They've said they are at Davos.
They want a civil war or a societal kind of 1960s burning cities type crisis.
And that's why none of this makes sense if you want to have a good prosperous nation.
But the people running America say it shouldn't even exist to begin with.
Same people running the UK.
So I think that's why we're seeing this illogical cruising the Western ship towards the rocks.
You're a smart philosopher, smart historian.
Sargon, what is your view on what I just said and what is your gut on it?
There are a lot of issues there that you brought up.
I do think that China is one of the most interesting ones at the moment, because I see a lot of left-wingers, frankly, a lot of left-wing activists, a lot of left-wing journalists, essentially wanting to support China and tacitly supporting China, whereas China is, by pretty much any definition at this point, a fascist state.
It's actually a command economy, it's a dictatorship, it's...
Absolutely censorious.
And if you look at what's going on in Hong Kong, various activists are turning up dead and stripped naked, floating along the river.
And these are young people as well.
No confirmed proof that this was necessarily Chinese malfeasance.
But the reason that this is so important is because on the flip side of it, you've got Trump pulling out of Syria and the left at the moment going wild about how we're betraying the Kurds.
This is the same left that constantly complains about US imperialism and had nothing to say about Donald Trump's pledge to pull out of the Middle East.
And now that he's done that, everyone's complaining.
So he's put in an unwinnable position.
What's he supposed to do?
You're right.
In fact, I probably should have started with China.
I've been all over that today.
And I want to burrow into that first because this is a Rosetta Stone that just decodes everything.
Here's communist China, undoubtedly the most oppressive country to ever exist.
Taiwan has a treaty that China shouldn't be taking it over and running it right now.
They are.
And then a few people in the League say, oh, this is terrible, we should support Hong Kong.
The League turns on them.
LeBron James turns on them and says they're ignorant.
Why would people be cheerleading for an authoritarian state?
I can only assume it's political partisanship because they say, well we're the socialist communist government of China and these people agree with that.
I think there's a distinct trend of anti-Americanism that underpins the whole thing as well.
I think at the moment the
There's been a basic inversion of values as far as I can see.
The NBA players kneeling for the American flag, but standing up and supporting what the Chinese government are doing.
And all of these companies, the major corporations who are currently bending the knee to China, are not, in my opinion, ideologically invested.
I think they're financially invested because they're looking at a market of 1.3 billion people and saying, well, we'd like to buy into that.
So it's just pure, absolute greed by the mid-level people, but I would say on top, the big corporations are part of the globalist system.
They help put the communists in power there, and they like that command and control.
I don't know if they, I don't, I mean I'm thinking of corporations like Apple, and you know, the Silicon Valley types, who are, Google especially, who have been cooperating because they want access to this giant market.
It's deeply unethical, but they weren't in existence when China became communist.
So I wouldn't say they put them in control, but I would definitely say that they should be doing what the guys at South Park are doing, and they should be essentially flipping them off.
Well, if you go back, and you're right, Apple didn't exist then.
Apple's moved there officially.
They've given them the code keys.
They're now basically Chinese-based.
Google's helping them with their AI and not helping us.
But if you look at the big corporations that helped put the seed money into Apple and Google and the rest of it, the Rockefeller Foundation and others were intimately involved helping put Mao in and double-crossing Chiang Kai-shek in 1949.
Right, I'm not so well versed on Chinese history as I should be actually.
So I'm not able to comment on that.
But it is genuinely disturbing that China is basically going to employ Silicon Valley to create the kind of dystopian technocratic order that Orwell essentially alludes to in 1984.
This is something that should be resisted at all costs.
Let's start over then with that because there's so much to get into and I want to play some clips.
And I agree, we should start with China.
And I didn't open the phones up tomorrow, so some people can call in about this subject, because I already don't like LeBron James for his America-hating and, you know, supporting people taking a knee.
And they have that right.
I have a right to say it's a bunch of bull.
But then, exactly, they love the most authoritarian state in history.
It's the inversion.
And it just seems like
There's such America-hating or such a loathing of the West that whatever's different from us, these people embrace, even if it's jumping down a mineshaft.
They really seem to.
It's their words, not ours.
They're the ones who are saying that we actually support what China does.
No borders, no wall, no USA at all.
You got the same thing over in the UK.
We're right back.
We're going to get into this and into the impeachment move and what comes next and how do we stop all this.
I've got some ideas, but I'll tell you, there's something we're missing.
Something we're missing.
Well, Carl Benjamin, Sargon of Aqabas, has handled, just a joke handle he came up with, billions of views on YouTube and other platforms.
He is an English liberal YouTuber and has millions of subscribers.
There's political philosophy in the far left and the far right, Islam and day-to-day politics in the UK.
I'd call him a gentleman, but he's been attacked by Antifa.
They've tried to silence him, banned off Twitter because he's effective.
And so he can really speak to LeBron James literally bowing to China and saying that the manager of the Rockets was stupid!
He needs to shut up!
Now, you got speech, but you caused the problem.
You're not educated on the facts, which, just like ESPN shows the Chinese Communist model of China, showing the South China Sea all belonging to them.
Part of Vietnam, part of the Philippines, part of Japan, part of South Korea.
They claim it all!
Because they've got maps from a thousand years ago where they said it was theirs then.
So, it's on, folks.
And LeBron James bowing down to all of it.
Carl, people are, what, 3,000 plus arrests a year, on average, in the UK.
You're an expert on this because you've witnessed your friends being arrested, you name it.
Carpe, Count Dankula.
Count Dankula, yep.
All these people.
And then, meanwhile, Carpe donked them, banned off Twitter yesterday for sharing a meme of, you know, what was unfolding, and also sharing some information.
Dealing with the big scoop that the folks over at Project Veritas got.
Now they put him back up because of pressure, but what we've seen practiced in Europe is now coming here.
And you were tying it in to what's happening with the NBA and China.
Please get back into that.
I think in the United States, you're probably insulated from this because of your First Amendment.
So don't ever let them take that away.
But the social pressure for not supporting China is weird.
And I honestly, I mean, it's such a developing story, I don't even know what to say about it.
I mean, what reason does LeBron James give for being pro-China?
I haven't been able to keep up with the story because I was traveling.
So, what was the reason that he gave for supporting China?
I mean, what did he say exactly?
Well, he said a lot in statements, and we have a short video clip, but he basically said that the general manager of the Rockets was ignorant and stupid.
For saying the fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong, that's all he tweeted.
Yeah, in fact, let's go ahead and play a clip of what LeBron James actually had to say that's causing a firestorm right now.
Freedom of speech.
Yes, we all do have freedom of speech, but at times there are ramifications for the negative that can happen.
When you're not thinking about others, you know, you only think about yourself.
So I don't believe I don't want to get into a word or sentence feud with Darryl with Darryl Murray, but I believe he wasn't educated on on the situation at hand and and he spoke and so many people could have been harmed.
Not only financially, but physically, emotionally, spiritually.
So, just be careful what we tweet and we say and what we do.
Even though, yes, we do have freedom of speech, but there can be... What do you make of that?
I don't know why he's supporting China.
I mean, there are so many reasons why it's bizarre that he's in favor of China on this.
I mean, for a start, like you say, the maps they had a thousand years ago that allows them to claim things.
The Chinese are quite ethno-nationalists.
They think that because people might be genetically similar to them,
Then they should come under the purview of the Chinese state.
That's very similar to what the Nazis did.
That's what the complaint about the alt-right is, is that their racial identity... Well, I'm glad you bring that up because, let's just be clear, and I don't need to name-drop or, you know, I got black friends or whatever.
My sister's Korean-adopted.
She's awesome.
She's wonderful.
And in Korea, if your parents aren't married, then the child is seen as a ghost child.
That's why they have a lot of children that, you know, end up being adopted over here.
So I love Asians.
They're great people.
Communist China's killed more Asians than anybody in history, as you're saying, and they're very ethno-based.
In fact, it's reported by many sociologists that the Chinese, on average, are the most racist group of people on earth.
But don't worry, they can lecture us through Hollywood that they own how bad we are because they know we care about that.
They manipulate us when, as you said, they're very similar to Hitler, at least their government.
Yeah, and no, it's not overstating the case to say that either.
And there is a general attitude towards black people in China that I don't think LeBron James would appreciate.
It's very negative.
I don't even want to really repeat it because... Well that's why if I ever get to meet Mike Tyson, I was almost on his podcast but it didn't happen, when I was out in LA, I'm gonna say, hey Mike, but don't knock me out, but...
You know Mao Zedong didn't like black people.
So, I mean, why you gotta... Why don't you put Hitler on the other arm, Mike?
You don't have to go that far back.
This is a common opinion about black people in China now, that they're inferior.
And so it's very interesting how he's defending the honor of the Chinese state.
I'm guessing that there's a lot of money at stake for him to be able to do this.
Well that's what it is, is that
I don't know.
I don't know.
But China literally has 2 million Uyghurs in concentration camps.
They kill Buddhists, they kill Christians.
It's not debated and he loves them.
They are apparently harvesting organs from Muslims at this point.
So you would think that a lot of people in the West who are usually quite concerned about Islamophobia would have a few things to say about this.
But nothing.
By the way, I've had some people go, you know, those are Muslims, put them in camps.
The Uyghurs have not been attacking people, they've not been doing anything, they haven't been globalized, the Saudi Arabians haven't gotten their hands on them.
They're like ancient Muslims.
And the point is, I don't care who they are, just because Muslims kill people and put people in camps sometimes, doesn't mean we do it to them.
It doesn't mean we stoop down to that level.
I agree.
There's no justification for ethnic cleansing in the way that China's doing it at all.
It's atrocious.
And then to be completely against... And the worst part is, the people who want freedom in Hong Kong are being pathologized.
They're being told that they're bad people.
They're being told that what they want, and their own independence, is a terrible thing because of the NBA's bottom line.
That's awful.
And let's go further.
As you know, they have a treaty that for several more decades
It was a treaty with England that China doesn't get Hong Kong.
And so it's semi-autonomous.
They're violating all that.
Yeah, they're trying to incorporate it into China.
I think this is a big wake-up moment for people that everybody knows Communist China is very authoritarian and to have all the super woke black athletes that normally lecture us how evil America is falling down to, you know, rub the feet of China.
People are really like, what the hell's going on here?
It's not something I would have expected, to be honest.
And there are quite a few woke leftists who... I've read articles and blogs by woke black leftists who've gone to Asia, to East Asia, and said, I get treated like an outsider here because I'm black.
There's no diversity there.
There's no representation.
They don't put black people on TV unless they're mocking them.
So I don't know why anyone from... And let's just be honest, in China and places, they go to the basketball games as a freak show.
So it's all a big joke in Asia.
They have very, very, very negative opinions.
We're not going to say what they say.
I don't want to.
We're not going to say what they say on Chinese TV about black people.
But let's just say, good thing the black folks don't speak Chinese.
Well, I've seen the skits with the, you know.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's shocking, frankly.
And I'm someone who likes edgy humor, but it's still quite surprising to me.
It's not just blackface, too, folks.
I'm not going to even repeat it on air, because the left will say I'm saying it.
They didn't defend China, because the left's allied with China.
They are.
And they're on the payroll.
They actually are.
I don't know if they're on the payroll, but... Oh, no, China owns the majority of the Hollywood.
Oh, I wouldn't be surprised if... I think that the concern about the market share is definitely the driving force here.
We'll be back.
Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Sargon of Akkad is here with us, riding shotgun.
I intend, in the next hour, to open the phones up a little bit in the last 30 minutes, but I haven't picked a topic yet.
Maybe I'll just say, if you have a question for Mr. Benjamin, that you can call in and talk to him, if you're a fan of his.
We'll see.
You've got a whole stack of news there, topics you want to get into, and I'm glad you want to talk about this particular story, because that's actually where I was planning to go next hour.
The War on Masculinity, and then separately, Paul wrote an article for Infowars.com yesterday that I meant to cover that I forgot.
Will you guys reprint it for me?
About Forbes telling women to vacation alone in Pashtun-held Akhani Network regions of Pakistan.
I want to explain something.
Any Westerner going there has better than a 50-50 chance in those areas of being kidnapped and or murdered.
I mean, even the Pakistani military doesn't go in most of those areas.
But then it shows this woman saying it's healthy, it's fun, it's safe, and a picture of her.
Meanwhile, women are getting murdered all over, and it's this weird fetish of saying, oh no, go to Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.
Go to areas held by Al-Qaeda in Africa where commandos don't go.
And so separately they're telling men, don't be masculine, but then they're like telling women, go somewhere that's gonna get you killed, it's totally safe.
What the hell's going on?
That's a really good question, isn't it?
There's a long list of people, mostly young women, who have been murdered travelling around the Middle East on their own.
There was a woman who wore a bridesmaid's dress, or a bride's dress, who was murdered in Turkey, who was travelling alone.
There were two women who were killed in North Africa, I can't remember if it was Morocco or Algeria.
They were beheaded by ISIS militants, and there have been numerous others.
And so, for them to put... It was a travel blogger, who's a young lady, and she has spent, I think, six months in the northern areas of Pakistan, where she's been travelling alone.
I don't know what the chances of being killed on these expeditions are, but I personally wouldn't consider it a safe thing to do as a man, let alone as a woman.
Uh, wandering alone through some of these regions.
Uh, there was in, I think it was, um, it was one of the ex-Soviet states in Central Asia where... They were on the bike ride and got killed.
That was on the bike ride.
There's so many examples you can't even... Yeah, exactly.
There are genuinely a lot of examples of this.
And I think that that is actually quite irresponsible for them to recommend.
Just because this one woman has had a positive experience, uh, doesn't mean...
Well that's what I'm getting at is they offer it and say it's safe, it's great.
Here it is.
Forbes slammed for encouraging women to vacation alone in Pakistan and the reason I went there is that it's the same psychology.
Women should do reckless crazy things that men don't do, but men should wear dresses.
Yeah and then this, I mean I don't...
I don't know if this necessarily dovetails on the same subject, but there probably is some kind of connection here.
Because there has been, for the past at least, I would say ten years, but probably much further back, a drive by radical feminists to erode the concept of masculinity.
They've essentially pathologized it and deemed it as toxic.
And so young boys who are acting out in class or anything like this, this is a problem.
And this is what Christina Hoff Summers talks about in her War Against Boys book.
They do seem to think of masculinity as a problem.
And so this is the next logical step on that.
The new masculinity.
Because what they have to naturally do is find a role for boys to fulfill.
If you're going to say, well, the traditional male gender role is aggressive, toxic, harmful to women and harmful to themselves, then you've got to replace it with something, because otherwise you're just saying, right, you have to become women.
But looking at the picture, what's the difference?
He's, I mean, he is wearing something that looks like a cross between a sleeping bag and a dress.
Guys, do me a favor, pull the article up, please.
Here, I'll show people.
GQ magazine says new masculinity is men wearing earrings, giant sleeping bag dresses, and crying.
And you think, well that's just the crazy, you know, Hollywood folks.
No, this is what's taught in school.
This is a drag queen story time.
This is, you're gonna act like girls now traditionally, and then women, Gamergate, all the Hollywood roles, are the heroine commandos.
There is definitely a drive to effeminize men.
There's no question of it.
And you can look at testosterone levels over time.
They're dropping.
They look at fertility levels.
Which is in the plastics and... There are probably lots of reasons for it and that's one reason.
It's just accidental.
They want us to not be masculine and these chemicals are there.
Honestly, that probably is just a coincidence.
Of course.
No, no, no.
There probably is a confluence of people who philosophically think that we should be more feminine and our kind of sedentary Western lifestyle.
China puts iodine in their water.
Their IQs keep going up.
We make sure it's not in there.
That's interesting.
I saw you talking about that.
Plus, New York Times.
Yeah, this is all on purpose.
My goodness.
Look at this.
Oh, we'll behave ourselves now.
Keep going.
Yeah, anyway.
We don't want them emasculating the frogs here, buddy.
It's too late.
The frogs are already emasculated.
Their numbers are plummeting, just like ours are.
Western men die.
Now that's the real crux of the issue, right?
This won't catch on until women find it attractive.
And they just don't.
No, of course not.
That's the reason traditional masculinity was as it was.
If you think about it, all the gender roles are are a way for a social species to facilitate relationships in order to produce families.
What men look for in women and what women look for in men, there's a general... Yeah, believe me, women aren't looking for this guy.
Well, I mean, I'm sure... I mean, they might want to be trendy and take him out to some trendy place, but nobody is having any success at those lonely, soulless, trendy facilities.
He doesn't look like a strong provider to me, but I don't know, but anyway... No, he doesn't look like the type of guy that...
He's going to get up and take care of you when you've got the flu at 3am.
Yeah, but these matter because masculinity and femininity are essentially two sides of the same coin.
One gender role is designed to facilitate the rearing of children.
The other gender role is designed to facilitate the protection and supply of resources to the person or to the children themselves.
So it's a team effort.
Women like NEST because they are NEST.
Well, they do nest builds.
You know, that's true.
But women have a little nest in them.
Well, I suppose they do, yeah.
I suppose you could say that, yeah.
And then we build the nest around the nest.
But you see, like, nest building behaviors in... I mean, you know... It's genetic.
It's not like humans just have these relationships.
That's what we do.
Yeah, rather than calling it genetic, because that... I would say it's biological.
Well, it's nature and nurture.
Yeah, absolutely.
It is nature, though.
There is definitely a natural aspect to this.
Listen, it's epigenetics too.
I mean, you can take little groups, little boys and little girls, and try to make the girls do boy things, and try to make the boys do... You cannot make them do it.
Well, this is what I was going to get into, because what we're seeing now is a trend where women are essentially becoming the breadwinners of the house.
Women are the majority of degree holders leaving university.
They're making more money.
Millennials, millennial women, make more money than millennial men.
And so the globalist plan is working, but statistically the women are totally unhappy.
Yes, this is leading to women being depressed, being lonely, and being resentful of men.
I've read many articles from successful career women who are talking about why they split up with their house husband, husband, because they didn't find him attractive and they became resentful of the fact that they would come home from work and he would be essentially refreshed and smiling because he's playing with the kids all day.
As far as they're exhausted, they've been in board meetings.
They've been out in the wars.
Well, yeah, basically.
I mean, who wants to do the job of a CEO, you know, 70 hours a week, constantly working, then you get home and your husband's there and he's fresh as a daisy and he's playing with the kids.
I'd get resentful, you know.
Yeah, I mean, I don't want to say I resent my wife, but sometimes she's complaining and I'm like, you know, you got it really damn good here.
You know, and these guys, like Bill Burr said, these guys, you know, you're living the dream, you know, you're playing out in the sun with your kids.
That's living the dream.
But this is the thing, it's the erosion of the female and male gender roles.
Oh, they're both stealing our roles as if we're being empowered, but they're destroying a system that can support the traditional genetic
Nature nurture roles.
So the human habitat is being removed.
In many ways, yeah.
And I don't think this is necessarily good for children, but it's definitely not good for women, and women are starting to discover this.
One of the things that you can see, and you can probably just literally... Well, that's what I've found, is these professional women hit 40, and they are just racing around trying to get a husband.
And then they don't want the husband that makes her a taco and is a painter, you know, all day.
Because there's something, she just doesn't want it.
Because genetically she knows, I'm not saying it's bad to be a painter, but you know what I mean, that's his job supposedly, he's not really a good painter.
You know, he's the artist and really he's just screwing young chicks all day.
And while she's off at work.
When it comes to the financial, the sort of resource-gathering situation of couples, women marry up.
And so you've got a lot of women now who are looking for men of higher status than themselves.
But they got rid of men's status!
Well yeah, but most women aren't feminists.
Only in your country something like 10% of women.
Well sure, and of course that's just a ruling class genetic system.
You say, Sargon, you're a smart guy.
I could show you all the documents where they engineered this in the family.
This is all a plan.
I agree, it's definitely the plan of radical leftists to destroy gender.
Well let's talk about where this is all headed.
Carl Benjamin Sargon of Akkad is in studio with us and he's bringing up some really good points about the new masculinity.
is an effeminate man who wears rainbow outfits.
The new femininity is a woman in a commando outfit ruling the planet.
And you are agreeing with me that this is engineered.
Please continue.
Yeah, this is definitely an attempt by radical left academics to deconstruct the concept of gender because they are not served by it personally.
I mean, one of the things you can always notice, and there's a fantastic clip on Good Morning Britain
Now, if you don't know what the Grid Girls are, these are very attractive ladies, usually from working-class backgrounds, who used to go to the Formula One racing.
And they would appear there to be glamorous and give the whole thing a kind of more glamorous appearance.
And on Good Morning Britain, they were confronted by a dowdy, radical feminist academic who told them that they have to lose their jobs for the greater good of women.
This was not something they were very happy with because they like their jobs very much, their jobs are very well paid, but their jobs feed into traditional gender stereotypes and you can't bring in the new masculinity if you're supporting traditional gender roles.
And so what happened?
They lost their jobs.
Well, because one person brought it up, which you know is all staged.
Let's pull up the Grid Girls.
Go to YouTube.
I remember seeing them.
We can always look at them again.
Very healthy young ladies.
And I've also seen the NFL says they're going to start bringing some men in and get less women.
So again, getting rid of women in a traditional, powerful role, you know, in their prime.
I mean, this is really run by a bunch of hateful women on top.
Who runs the mothership of this thing?
Radical, man-hating feminists are the ones who run academics.
But as you can see from the picture, these women are very, very visible.
The point of their role is to be visible.
So it's representation for women.
It's very good jobs for women.
Well, they're saying beauty is bad.
Because you're so young and beautiful, you're hurting someone else's existence.
Yes, they're making the dowdy radical feminists feel bad about themselves and that means these women have to lose their jobs.
It was totally unjust in my opinion and I think that it's totally unfair.
So what we're making is old battle-axes like our God.
We're definitely putting them in charge for some reason.
I don't know why, but... So once you've broken down the gender roles and said, right, men's traditional gender role is toxic, you do inevitably need a new masculinity, because at the end of the day, people want to have relationships with one another, and so they're trying to concoct a new way of appealing to, I suppose, millennial women, judging by the state of this.
So this is the new man.
People can pull the article up from newswars.com.
Let's show folks the new man.
Very, very handsome, I have to say.
I mean, I would probably date him.
Or her.
Just look at that!
That's the new masculinity.
And so this essentially is designed to appeal to millennial women who don't like traditional gender roles, traditional masculinity.
Something tells me he doesn't like girls.
He might, I don't know.
I really don't know.
I mean, you know Queen Elizabeth was the last person I saw that wore outfits.
Not Queen Elizabeth II.
The first, yeah.
That's a Queen Elizabethan, that's an Elizabethan outfit.
He's missing the ruffles, isn't he, around his... That's all he's missing is the white ruffle.
Yeah, but the question is, does this appeal to most women?
Because if this doesn't appeal to most women, it's not going to count.
Well, we've got some really smart, amazing ladies in there.
Leanne McAdoo's back visiting.
She's going to be rejoining the team soon, we're here to tell you.
Ladies, do you like this guy?
Maybe come in here and tell us.
Yep, they do.
They say they're ready to leave their boyfriends right now.
You like this guy?
Wearing the Queen Elizabeth outfit?
Go ahead and turn the mic on.
Yeah, go ahead.
Yeah, no thank you.
I'll pass on that.
Do you guys think I would look cooler if I wore like that?
Please, no.
It's kind of a sketchy outfit, isn't it, from the Dark Crystal?
I think, please no, tell us everything we need to know.
So is Islam right about women after all?
No, it doesn't sound like they're right about women after all.
Ladies, when we come back, we're going to ask both those nice ladies if they want to tell us the type of man they really want.
Which we all know is Sargon.
Well, I think it's actually... You're married, though.
I can't have you.
Actually, he's mine.
Are you kidding?
Alright, I wasn't thinking to do this on purpose, but I looked out through the broadcast window, and I saw...
Some of the ladies that work here, but we also have the great Leanne McAdoo.
We've been with us like eight years on and off.
Went to take care of her mom and grandma, but she's back.
She's back in Austin visiting and rumors are she might be doing a show with us at least weekly.
But I wanted to just on this radio and TV show, not just leave it up to a bunch of men, a bunch of pigs.
Commenting on women, but you've got these big corporations telling us don't have children, don't have families, men existing are inherently evil.
Most of the college graduates are women now, which is great, but women are now paid more than men in many areas because the system wants you to get rid of the traditional roles for a larger admitted plan.
That doesn't mean that we don't want women to fly around in little silver jetpacks.
But what we know is this right here, ladies and gentlemen.
Put it on screen for TV viewers, please.
This is supposedly the new man, the new gender role.
GQ, all of them pushing this constantly.
Caitlyn Jenner, drag queen story time, little kid's new job.
They're telling them at public school, elementary students on career day, unannounced to the parents all over the country, from Austin to Denver, Colorado.
Male, trans people, men that act like women, come and teach the kids about career day that you could be a drag queen, which means a man dressed like a woman creepily around kids.
So I thought we'd just drag Leigh-Anne McAdoo.
She's just walking by.
I haven't even said hi to her since she got here.
Leigh-Anne, come on over here.
Let's get you in here.
Give us your view on this.
Why am I getting called in on the trans man topic?
Trans woman.
No, no, no, this isn't trans.
This is why you don't just pop into the studio.
Is this the new man?
Do you like him?
I saw this picture and actually, you know, I went to an art an art exhibit in Sarasota at the Ringling Museum and they've got all of the like the history of textiles and they had a bunch of men's clothing at the front.
Japanese men, Chinese.
And it was this all like dresses.
I mean, this is what they wore.
Totally normal.
Like that's men's.
I think that's royalty.
Well, yeah.
The bigger your skirt was, the more royal you were.
As a man.
So now they're teaching us how cool it is.
It almost destroyed Brad Pitt's career when he made that movie about Troy.
They said all men are soon going to be wearing skirts and they weren't.
What do you think about the Scottish though and their kilts?
So Leanne, you like it then.
You want to see us wearing dresses.
How would I look in a big dress?
Well, the most important thing, I think, do you want men who are wearing earrings, giant sleeping bag dresses and crying?
I do not.
No, I, well, you know... You don't want a man who's crying.
That's not attractive.
Is there like a...
I used to date a guy, he was in the military, and so they train you, do not, you know, there's no time for those emotions.
But then he lost a friend, and so at what point are you able to like, can you cry then?
Yeah, I think there is a time and a place for manly tears.
Manly, oh, look, LeBron.
Well, here's the question.
He heard that Communist China missed a few Christians they didn't kill, and he's like, damn it!
LeBron James.
But I think the sort of thing that we're talking about is sort of emotional incontinence, isn't it?
People who can't control their emotions.
Well, I feel like, yes, yes.
Leanne, here's a question.
Why do you think there's a war on masculinity?
Why is there a war on masculinity?
Or is there not a war on masculinity?
Are the frogs gay?
There is definitely a war on masculinity.
Yeah, there definitely is, and I'm not sure why, but it's, I think it's, we've lived on our present-day society for so long without war or without the need in the West to have those hyper-masculine...
I mean, we just, you know, it's like you don't need to go and fight a war, right?
But I was thinking about that actually on the flight over here.
Like if they did need to send people to go and fight a battle in Saudi Arabia, I guess that's where they're sending people now.
Who would we send over?
They're ill-prepared!
Look at the guys... Or just what about being a leader and not bowing to what people tell you to do if you think it's wrong?
I think that transcends being male or female.
They don't want people that are authentic and independent.
And they claim all this liberalism is independence and it's not.
It's about being part of their cult.
One of the things I've noticed recently, and you can probably find this with a very quick search, is articles titled, It's Okay to Die Alone.
Have you noticed that?
I think so.
Hey, it's Rebecca Wright.
I don't want to call her.
Hey, how you doing?
So, what's your view on this?
Do you find this guy festooned in a dress cool?
He is crying.
Yeah, no.
I mean, I think, like Leanne said, I mean, to what point is it okay for a man to cry or not to cry?
I think men should be tough, but they should also be able to express emotion.
You know, but no, I think women are looking for
A manly man.
We're looking for the typical alpha male.
Any woman who says otherwise, I have a lot of evidence to show probably they're lying or not at least being honest with themselves.
You know, we can get emotional support from our girlfriends, from family.
We can have a lot of those emotional conversations from other people.
Men typically aren't
I'm super emotional in the ways that women are and I think that's okay.
We can be different and allow those differences.
What do you think is going on with the obsession of Hollywood and everybody with creating new roles, getting rid of the family.
That's an admitted goal.
Why would they want to do that?
Because they want to create a bunch of slaves.
A bunch of alone slaves in my view.
Well, that's the answer right there.
They're looking to break down the gender roles.
If we can redefine the roles of men and women, then we're completely lost.
We don't know what the heck we're doing.
We don't know what we're looking for.
And it shows the breakdown of the family and culture, society, kids being raised without a two-parent household.
They know, they've experimented within the black community of what happens when there isn't a man in the house.
And so that's
You know, that was a little microcosm to see what would happen.
We see what's happening there, and it's just expanding out to the rest of society.
You should have her doing this show.
She's great.
Oh no, that's why she's here.
We're actually developing a show for her and Savannah.
We're just getting the people hired and getting it set up.
We're trying here.
You want a show?
You need one.
I better not.
What I think they're speaking to though is the corporatization of society.
So if you think about it, the family unit is a power base away from the state.
And you owe allegiance to it.
Well yeah, exactly, yeah.
I will kill for my family.
I'll kill for my kids.
I mean, just not, I'll kill you.
I'll kill somebody.
I won't do that for anybody else.
I got friends, I'd probably kill for them if they needed the help, but my kids, no thought, you're dead.
Yeah, but the point is, it's a power base that you owe loyalty to that isn't controlled by the state or some other faction.
And that's...
You've got children, right?
Do you ever, when you're just loving them and thinking about how good they are, your love, but then you just feel this super aggression wanting to defend them and provide for them, and you're just like, urgh, out of strength?
I mean, it's just like, man.
Thankfully, nothing's threatened my kids in the way that I need to get upset about.
Not directly, but the whole atmosphere is after them, buddy.
Do you remember that woman who stabbed the child in the eye?
Something in the street.
Just thinking about that makes me... I want to kill her.
It makes me irrationally angry.
I'm not saying I'm literally going to kill her.
I mean, yeah, she's stabbing little kids for no reason in the eyeballs.
It's unbelievable.
And she tries to chop his nose off, pretty much does, and tries to stab his eyes out.
I mean, what the hell?
It's a genuinely horrific video, and it makes me irrationally angry watching it.
It's a primal urge.
That they're trying to destroy that primal urge that you want to protect your family, protect your children.
So they want to separate you and separate the children from having that security that their parents are going to be there for them.
Bingo, bingo, bingo.
Let's talk about why they're trying to turn our life force off.
We'll pull up the sickening video from Georgia of the pig demon woman stabbing children in the face with pleasure.
I actually don't want to watch it, gang.
It's really horrible.
We'll let you close your eyes and cry.
Live from Austin, Texas, it's Leanne McAdoo.
It's Carl Benjamin, also known as Sargon of Akkad!
And we've got Becca in here with us.
Sargon said, hey, she ought to have a show.
We're working on that.
We're trying to get people hired, get the things in place, get it all set up.
But Infowars is busy beavers.
But since you ladies were in there, I drug you in here.
And Leanne, you're going to be co-hosting with us.
Sargon's going to be in studio with us again for at least two hours tomorrow.
But tonight,
We are going to be live right through till 10 o'clock with live coverage of the big debate in Westerville, Ohio.
They're going to come after Biden.
I predict it's going to be fireworks and they're going to just go crazy on to Trump impeachment.
And Sargon wanted to get to that as well.
But we went down a very important rabbit hole, the total war on the gender roles.
And I've got three daughters.
I want them to do whatever they want.
I want my son to do whatever he wants.
I don't
And of course, Leanne McAdoo back visiting with us.
What would you call this whole situation?
Leanne, I think, more than hit the nail on the head earlier, when she talked about they're turning off our basic instincts to stand up for our children, to stand up for ourselves.
And why would the system want to do that?
And I want to get Sargon's reason for that.
Right, well there's nothing stronger than that primal urge, that connection between the parent and their child, you know, a woman and her child.
We were speaking during the break, there's a movie, it's called The Last Keeper, and the way that their utopian society is set up, so that they don't have any of those primal feelings, the minute the child is born, they're in these kind of birthing hospitals, the mother never gets to take care of them.
The children that are in their home aren't their actual kids.
So they completely separate this whole idea that your children belong to you.
They belong to this community.
Wow, I've never seen that.
You know, that's the North Korean... North Korea tried that.
Yeah, and they can't leave the house without getting their daily dose of whatever their medications are.
Wow, what's it called?
The Last Keeper.
That was the Huxley UN plan.
Wow, they made a movie about it.
Yeah, it's actually a really good movie.
There's one that's chosen and he has the memories of humanity's past and so he's able to say
I don't think that's it.
He has the ability to see the pain that humans... Is Jeff Bridges in that?
Okay, I saw that.
I think I was drunk.
The Giver.
Thank you.
The Giver.
It was a book, and they made it into a movie.
Oh, I'm sorry.
No, you were describing it.
I was like, wait, I read that book.
So it's The Giver.
Very good movie, but it's also like...
It's scary.
Rituals, you know, he didn't invent it, he pointed it out, that we do because those rituals are what activate the ancestral memory.
We're getting a little esoteric here.
You want to comment on that, Sargon?
This is an idea that is as old as time.
This is Plato's Republic that you're describing.
That all children will be held in common, everyone will have an assigned role in society that they'll be born into.
This goes back over two and a half thousand years.
He was the first eugenicist.
Yeah, absolutely.
He invented eugenics.
Well, I don't know if you could say that he invented it.
Well, that word comes from the Greek and Plato's Republic.
Fair, fair.
But the idea is as old as time.
And it's been the idea, basically like the social planners, you know, they want to create a perfect society as if humans are ants and should be assigned to an individual role and have their lives curated.
And it looks a lot like China does now, if you try doing this.
And, I mean, obviously there's, you know, they're not that far down the road.
There's still families in China.
But once you split apart the families... Kind of.
Well, yeah.
But once you split apart the family unit, I mean, where do you go for your social support?
Where do you go when you're in trouble?
The state.
You've got no other choice.
And the state has no value for you.
And you have no loyalty to your family unit, that you'll, just like in communist China, they'll tell on their family, or they'll abandon their friends and family if it's going to take down their social contract.
Is that because human life's always been cheap to feudal lords, and now there's so many of us?
We're not just cheap, we're like garbage.
Yeah, I would say that there is a definite cheapening of the value of human life in this regard.
But don't worry, LeBron James will teach us how America's bad, but he says communist China's good.
Ladies, do you have any comments on LeBron?
I'm just saying we're going to be dressed like this, in our single unit housing, eating our bug soup, while wishing that we died alone.
By the way, that's the future they're proposing.
That's what they say.
That outfit is too big for one of those capsule homes, though.
I mean, how would you... Well, you could sleep in it, too.
You could use it as a sleeping bag.
That's your house.
That's your tent.
And we're putting tubes up cows' rear ends to capture CO2.
I say humans have to do it.
Well, I mean, I remember an example from our current left.
Remember Melissa Harris Perry, I think her name was, on news saying that the kids don't belong to the family.
We've got to break through the idea that kids belong to families, they belong to the state.
Right, and you see that happening with them pushing this transgenderism, the LGBTQAIP, silent number five, I love that, whatever they want to add to it.
Hold on, some people aren't even, they're a spirit.
You just hurt their feelings.
That's too bad.
Whatever lunatic waters off the street as a new thing.
And then they just added all these now to Webster Dictionary so that they literally are forcing it into our lives.
They're sabotaging civilization.
They absolutely are.
And I was just in California recently and I was sitting at a table next to these parents talking about how wonderful it was that little Johnny was coming to school in a dress and how they're
They're reading these books in the schools now to teach kids how to be more accepting of the trans and the gay community.
It's absolutely wonderful and how open-minded this is.
Kids aren't thinking about sex.
I don't want heterosexuals coming and saying, time to talk about what heterosexuals do to five-year-olds.
It's like you're a pervert!
I don't care who you are!
Yeah there was the video with the drag queen kind of doing this like strip tease in front of kids and you're like you wouldn't let a woman do that in front of kids or a man or so why is it okay when it's it's just really weird it is actually bizarre but it seems as though they've pushed it so far to the extreme that the parents now are actually fighting back those that have
Girls in sports who are saying this is not fair.
And Daria brought up a point.
We're not endorsing Islam putting hoods over women's heads and cutting their genitals off.
No, that's the other extreme.
But you've got that extreme over here with the left bringing that in, but then you've got the left saying don't even protect kids.
It's just so radical.
Where does it come from?
It comes from radical leftist ideologues in academia who view... Right, so you had a thing here.
Where was it?
It was complaining about the idea of America being a white Christian nation.
And I've been thinking about this a lot.
That's CNN.
Isn't it horrible?
It was CNN, right.
Because essentially what they're trying to do is apply reason to things that were not created with reason.
And as historian David Starkey pointed out, that's destructive.
So if you, I mean, for example, religion.
I'm an atheist.
I don't believe in God.
And so if I wanted to deconstruct religion, I would take the Bible and say, well, this is contradictory.
This is false.
These things are not true.
And therefore, this book is not credible.
Therefore, the underpinnings of your religion are not valid.
And so your belief in God is faulty.
And that would be a way of me taking that away from you, right?
And so if you wanted to do that with the state now, you would say, well, if we're going to have a rational state, a state that's built entirely on reason, not from the sort of human essence that... We can't say that men can have babies?
Sorry, say again?
You've heard them saying men are having babies.
They're not.
It's women that say they're men.
Well, explain to me when we come back.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
And Gigi Ping can jump off a cliff.
You know, I'm going to have something here.
We're going to have the World Leader Beauty Pageant because we're not going to be sexist.
Instead of it being women in that role, it's going to be Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, and Xi Jinping.
And we've got our lovely and intelligent and amazing astronaut co-host here with us.
We have Becca and of course we have Leanne McAdoo.
We have the top statistician from the UK over here.
He's not, it's a joke.
That, of course, is Sargon of Akkad, aka Carl Benjamin, or maybe it's aka the other way.
But getting serious, you were going to lay out some major heavy info on us.
A whole theorem that I just jumped in the middle of as winter break.
Yeah, basically...
Most of our civilizations are evolutionary.
I mean, if you look at the history of England, and this is where we get the idea of a Bill of Rights from, and a Constitution from, in the modern sense.
These were evolutionary.
And then, so, the American system was revolutionary, so it was set out in stone, effectively.
But the society that was on top of this was...
These were things that were created by reason.
Sorry, I'm terrible at looking at cameras.
No, you're doing a great job.
You're saying this incredible evolution of the Magna Carta that gave us the model of so much of what we have today, please continue.
Yeah, but the society that was underneath it was evolutionary.
So we, you know, we form families, we have children, and this wasn't dictated, it wasn't thought about in a grand scheme, in a grand plan.
It was just something that people did because it worked.
Survival attributes.
Yeah, absolutely.
It was something they wanted to do.
And now, reason is being applied to those factors, to those aspects of life.
So, like, why are men men?
Why are women women?
Why do men, you know, dress in a certain way, and why do women react in that sort of way to that dress, and vice versa?
And if you spend your time deconstructing this, it is a destructive thing to do.
So you take apart the family, you take apart the independence from the state.
I mean, look at the moment, there's a massive problem and you'll see lots of articles about this as well.
Trans people are unable to get dates and find, you know, boyfriends, girlfriends or whatever.
But the thing they're not talking about is what were you expecting to happen?
You know, the gender role is how we identify that
Well, they make them the victims when most of them are autistic, and they are the victims, we now know.
The educators admit they're targeting them because they have mental issues.
What I mean, though, is this was an inevitable consequence of attacking sexuality and gender roles.
Because if you use reason to undermine these things,
Then you are going to find that the people who adopt that framework are kind of isolated.
They don't fit into being men or women, and so they have trouble getting dates, and they have trouble actually... Well, a lot of folks are trying to get out of it and go back to their real gender, their real biology, and they're being told, no, no, no, stay in it, you don't have any choice to get out now.
So talk about a cult!
I haven't seen those figures.
It's definitely going to have a knock-on effect and like I said there were something hundreds the other day were reported to be wishing to detransition and then you think of the the suicide rate among trans people is incredibly high because if you go through the surgery and then afterwards you think actually maybe I didn't want this it's a bit late.
Well in the old days if you tried to cut your pecker off they put you in a mental institution.
They probably would have done, yes.
Well, my issue with it is that the whole sort of trans movement just kind of came up out of nowhere.
And it just is all of a sudden in your face.
They're having six hour long CNN town hall.
Oh, it's Tavistock Institute 1967 depopulation plan.
They're getting sued over it.
Well, there was no like beginning, middle, end phase where the
The majority of the population can get used to understanding people who don't identify with the body they were born into.
Like, let's get used to that.
They're just being used.
It's immediately like, no, your kid says he's trans, so we are going to give them these pills that block their puberty blockers, and we're just going to change them and give them the surgery they want.
It's like there was no middle.
And really they just become stunted.
I mean, because you give somebody hormones at 10, they don't grow anymore.
So they don't tell them, hey, I'm about to turn you into a midget.
Well, no, you're completely right.
And I think what it is, is because normally a social movement comes from the grassroots.
So it isn't well thought out.
It comes from an impulse.
You know, we want liberty, therefore we're going to fight for our freedom.
That doesn't mean they've got a well thought out philosophical structure surrounding it, right?
Developed by very, very intelligent people, behind the closed doors in academia, away from the general public.
And what they did is they used reason to create a kind of framework of argumentation.
So you will say, but men and women are this, and they'll say, ah, but there are those people in the grey area between men and women who you can't account for with your theory, therefore we have to adopt my theory.
Which means
Because they represent a group and they know that the West is all about...
Liberal egalitarianisms, they use our strength against us.
Yes, yeah, yeah, because the framework is already there, because we're all like, we want freedom, right?
And we have our own definition of freedom, but they have an expanded definition of freedom.
You guys probably don't think we should be free from our own biology, because that's unrealistic, but that's what they're trying to do.
Well, that's like O'Brien is torturing Winston in 1984, and he says, we can suspend gravity,
You think that's reality in mathematics, but we can have people be so delusional that they actually just don't believe it exists.
Yeah, and so what I mean is...
They've created a very sophisticated structure of argument that you are primed to accept because you agree that the ultimate goal, freedom, is a good thing.
And so essentially you can't really resist it with the tools that you would normally resist such a thing.
Because they're appealing to the thing that... And really the goal is the state getting rid of children
Not being of age to make decisions and really they're just trying to emancipate children to the state and they can cut right to the chase and let your five-year-old decide they're another sex.
They have a state step in they've already won because that's such an extreme example.
Once they've got you to agree to that they've got the whole ballgame.
Well and then all lifetime patients as well because that's something that you have to always take medication for because otherwise your body goes back to its default biology.
And you're gonna need some psychiatric help.
You go back to your default biology, which is why people have a big problem with trans in the military, because you can't... What if you are stopped from taking the medication that you need because you get captured or whatever?
It's all meant to sabotage the country.
This is exactly what I mean.
Humans are not just beings of pure reason, they are biological, and so you have to accept that.
You have to try and do something to emancipate yourself from it, which is what you're saying.
But I think that what you're describing is actually collateral damage.
I don't think that when they started doing this, they were like, we need to get the children dependent on the state.
But that is something that happens as a natural consequence of... You've read Brave New Worlds?
Written in 1932?
By Aldous Huxley?
Julian Huxley was the head eugenicist of the Eugenics Society.
I didn't know that.
And then he went on to run the UN.
How do you think they have sexless people chemically drugged at birth as the whole plan?
That's what he wrote, Raven World Revisited, where he said, this is our real plan and you're not going to stop us.
I agree, but I think the distinction is in the they, because I'm not sure that those people are necessarily connected to the people who... Aldous Huxley's brother created the transhumanist movement after World War II when Hitler... Really?
I'll have to look this up because I'm not familiar with it.
Oh yeah, no, this is their whole plan.
So they can get you to accept that a man can be a woman, a woman can be a man, then it's to get us ready for the robots and the cyborgs, and then the human animal clones, and the humanoids, they're going to have rights, but they're actually going to be genetically programmed
You understand, so really the corporations will finally have life, because they're clones and they're replicants.
And they use the term replicant in the 50s by the way, that's not complicated.
This is going a bit further off the beaten track.
No, but you understand, that whole trans movement was set, their opening salvo is to get rid of the two sexes.
Then they move in.
That's why there was no middle road.
It was just like, rather than being able to have conversations like this where we can wrap our brains around it, it was just like,
There's a hundred things!
There's a thousand things!
Go to the extreme!
Because they're getting you ready for the rise of the cyborgs.
We don't want Lana Del Rey to change her, uh, gender.
I don't know who that is.
Lana Del Rey.
Lana Del Rey.
I don't really follow... Get with it, Adam.
I can't.
I'm teleprompter free.
Lana Del Rey.
Lana Del Rey.
Lana Del Rey.
Wait, wait, wait.
Is this the satanic person that Mark Dice is always going on about?
Yes, right.
Okay, yeah.
No, I am familiar with him.
This doesn't sound satanic to me at all.
I've watched some of Mark Dice's videos.
Larry Del Rey is my favorite.
That's the only context in which I've heard of him.
You know, I'm teleprompter free.
Is it Lana or Lena?
Hey, you know, I'm from Texas.
I get to butcher stuff.
When I do it, it's endearing and it's cute.
Justin Bieber.
His name is Justin Bieber now.
You know, the thing is, I knew his name was Bieber.
It is.
But what is his name?
Sounds French to me, I don't trust it.
You're in trouble, Edgar.
Hey, let's get serious.
Finish up with this.
You were disagreeing with me.
You're saying it's all accidental.
It's a worldwide total corporate push to cut our son's ding-a-lings off.
I don't think it's accidental.
We just know these are really nice people, want to give us a really good ride.
Oh, by the way, they think pedophilia is okay, too.
Yeah, they do think that in many ways.
I'm not sure about the causal nature of one to the next, but I'm not saying that there isn't one.
I'm just saying I'm not.
Well, we always said after they do all this, next it'll be, you know, pedophilia and bestiality, and now it's here.
They have articles going, this man wanted to have sex with his neighbor's horse.
He's depressed.
You know, he deserves it.
Have you seen these articles now?
They are mainline articles.
It was like in like the Grinwich News or something, that this man wants to have sex with his neighbor's horse.
But they can't consent.
The horse can't consent.
So it's not right.
And it's also just like children can't consent to the sex change just because the school brainwashed them.
That's right.
Because kids cannot voice consent.
Their brains aren't fully developed.
They don't have all the decision-making skills and it's just gross.
Well, I'm a libertarian.
I think if somebody wants to chop their stuff off, they can do it.
But we shouldn't have to pay for it.
Federally and a bunch of states make you pay for mentally ill people to chop their Johnson off.
No, in San Francisco, the city funded hormone replacement therapy, and there was many people that took advantage of that.
I come from a country with universal health care.
Oh, right.
Well, every dick that's chopped off in the UK, I've partially paid for, okay?
How does that make you feel?
Not very good.
Not gonna lie.
In Austin, they make you pay for abortions?
I mean, you know, I don't have the money to move the office out of here.
I would if I had the money.
Well, they rent for, what, a dollar a month, and then now we're paying for all of the travel.
They were not paying for the abortions per se, but all the expensive that... Exactly.
We're paying for it, so the state passed a law saying you can't do that.
It's immoral, so they bypassed it.
Right, and so basically they're trying to make it easier for people to be able to attain these abortions.
And again, I'm a Christian.
I do believe in God.
There's just a lot of metaphysical stuff people can't prove, and most of the establishment say they're atheists, but really aren't.
I believe that you're a real atheist, Sargon, and I respect your opinion.
Even the Attorney General came out and said the Democrats want to destroy goodness for no reason.
They're a satanic force.
He goes, I couldn't believe it myself, but they really want to sexualize kids.
They really want to pull down America.
And he gave this big 45-minute speech basically saying we're facing devil worshippers.
Now, I can get your view saying there isn't really a secret force or whatever.
Okay, but there are archetypes of really evil people.
I'm not saying there isn't even a secret force.
I'm just saying I'm not aware of the causal connection, but that's just my ignorance.
I wouldn't even call that atheist, I'd call that agnostic.
When it comes to God, yeah, but I think the important thing is that
Anyone can hold any belief they want.
You're not trying to police people.
Yeah, exactly.
I'm not trying to take away God from people or anything like that.
I'm more interested in secularism.
So even if you hold a religious conviction... Oh, secularism is like... I mean, liberalism, leftist, it's the new religion.
It's the new state.
And I'm an atheist when it comes to the state being God.
Like, I'm very atheistic against the left.
So you want secularism too?
You don't want them imposing their version of God on you?
Yes, but their secularism is enforcing their environmental God and their go-after-little-boys-ding-ding God.
I don't like that guy.
No, I can't say I'm a big fan myself.
But the worst part is, right, in any other context, many of the things they're asking for are not necessarily unreasonable, because there are some, a small number of people... But they attach, they attach reasonable sounding stuff, and there's a whole train of BS.
Yeah, exactly.
It's where it goes that's the problem, because I would like those people to not be emotionally damaged and bullied and, you know, hurt.
I'm not bullying anybody!
I don't even care!
Not you, not you.
But, you know, I agree that's, you know, that's something because I agree that polluting the earth is a bad idea.
I live on the earth.
I don't want to breathe polluted air.
But paying Al Gore carbon tax is not a good idea.
Exactly, but, exactly.
In my local town, the local paper did a thing.
They surveyed people and found that most people were prepared to, you know, to pay higher taxes to fight carbon.
And I'm like, come on.
You know, there is, hey, what is the local
What is a council in Swindon going to do about carbon?
By the way, England already shipped all its steel mills to India, who has no environmental standards.
You cut your standards or better, that puts net more carbon out.
None of it even makes sense, except it's a power grab.
Yeah, it's ridiculous that they think they can pay taxes for the government to fix this, because there's none.
What are we going to debate?
I want to open the phones up tomorrow.
By the way, today we're going to have Leanne with us tonight in studio.
You know, Becca's going to be behind the scenes running things.
She's welcome to be up here with us.
I love it.
And we're also going to have all the other hosts.
We're going to be covering the Democrat debates.
You wanted to get some into that.
What do you think's coming up tonight?
I imagine it's going to be done all in Spanish.
They did that a few times ago.
I know.
I think they're going to go after Biden big time, but I think it's going to be mainly just attack Trump.
Who is the most for impeachment?
What do you ladies think?
Well, I think they'll probably give the least amount of time to Tulsi because they're threatened by her.
I imagine we'll see a lot of diversion away from her and focus attention on Biden.
And yeah, always attack Trump.
It's just like, that's all they do every debate is just attack Trump.
Orange man, bad.
So yeah, that's all it's going to be.
And I think Biden is making the move to say, well, none of my family is going to be taking a position in politics if I get elected, now that Hunter Biden's been exposed and he's out.
So they're going to turn and point the finger at Trump and how his family is involved in his administration.
So it's the Alinsky tactic.
And you're going to be co-hosting tonight.
I will be somewhere sitting on the sidelines eating popcorn watching the show, I think.
But I'll be in here.
All right, you promised to come on.
What, did I just drug you on air?
Yes, with no makeup.
Leigh-Anne, you look great without makeup.
But we will, it's not the crew's fault, they didn't know you'd be here, so the lights I don't think are quite aimed right for you guys, but so we'll, tonight we're gonna be, I'm actually gonna make Leigh-Anne host tonight.
No, you're not.
She's gonna be right here, she's gonna run, no, you actually run the show well.
You're gonna run the show with Will Johnson, and then I'm just gonna be on the sidelines.
Alex, there's no running the show when you're around.
Oh, come on!
No, no.
That's ridiculous.
You realize I truly do not watch the news.
It's been about a year now.
I am so disconnected from this real world.
I bet you're happier though, aren't you?
I am so happy.
I'm in a state of constant bliss.
Well, I envy you.
Because, you understand, they're trying to literally destroy me and then they want to put me in prison.
So I have to keep fighting.
Plus for everybody.
I mean, imagine if they really wanted to make me their big enemy, they've really figured out how to do it.
To get back to your point, I think that you're right about Tulsi.
I think they're going to totally marginalize her because she's the only Democrat left.
I mean, Yang's not too bad, but she's the one who's like the sort of Democrat who could have a reasonable conversation with Republicans.
She has crossover appeal.
Yeah, exactly.
She actually is someone who is not saying crazy things.
And that's really rare for the Democratic Party at the moment.
I mean, I love their position.
We're going to open the borders and then give all the immigrants, illegal immigrants, free healthcare.
It's like, we don't even give Americans free healthcare.
What the hell are you thinking?
What are you saying?
To be fair, she does say some crazy things.
I mean, she has come out for abortions all the way up to full term.
She might have recently come back on that.
I mean, she's for red flag gun laws.
She's for a lot, actually a lot of the party platforms she actually supports, which
Um, I've gotten into in previous shows, but she has actually, she is really far left, but she does have that cross appeal in that she comes across like, look, I'm a Vietnam vet, and her language is such that she can pull people from the right.
I do think it's an illusion.
She's a Vietnam vet?
She's active duty.
Yeah, she's, yeah.
So she's got... Damn, she's got some... She looks good!
Hey, seriously though, they make the red flag laws sound reasonable all over the country.
They found out that the school police officer was taking long breaks and not doing his job.
So the old Korean War vet that works at the school as a cross walker said somebody could shoot the school up.
He needs to be there all the time.
They SWAT teamed him and took his gun saying that's a threat.
And they admit he said we need the police there all the time in case there's a school shooting.
That is not a threat.
That is the damn red flag law.
That's the interdict process.
That's the reality of the United States at the moment, isn't it?
Yeah, well no, mass shootings are a thing, and if people are gonna... The only way to resist them is for you personally to be armed.
There's no question about that.
There's... Sargon.
You wanna go to the shooting range?
Uh, maybe.
It's right down the street.
Okay, let's do it.
I know you gotta go today.
Oh, by the way, you were supposed to be here for a big speaking tour, but they're cancelling the university because you're a thought criminal.
We'll talk about it tomorrow.
Only one's been cancelled.
I've still got two on.
Well, people can find out on your YouTube channel?
They can.
Alright, Sargon of Akkad.
We'll be right back with The War Room.
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He's been raising $5 million a day and that's great.
But just as important, maybe even more important, is media outlets that are supporting America and supporting Trump against the deep state.
The fact that we stay on air to counter all the deep state lies is so critical.
They've been trying to shut us down.
So support President Trump.
And call Congress and tell them to back off.
But at the same time, tell them to investigate Biden and Hillary and Mitt Romney and that board of directors on that gas company.
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