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Name: 20191014_Mon_Alex
Air Date: Oct. 14, 2019
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In this episode, Alex Jones discusses the merger between Silicon Valley and China to censor patriots off the air, highlighting how InfoWars is playing a crucial role in exposing corrupt practices. He also talks about CNN's vendetta against conservatives being exposed by Project Veritas and emphasizes the importance of maintaining Infowars as a platform for independent media outlets like Project Veritas. Additionally, he announces a sale on Infowarstore products with up to 70% off supplements, toothpaste, and more. The hosts discuss the censorship of free speech, particularly concerning topics about China, and how certain subjects are considered off-limits due to potential consequences from powerful entities such as China. They also highlight instances where major news networks have been caught fabricating content and spreading false narratives to defame others, citing examples such as ABC News' fake footage of war in Syria being used to blame Trump. Alex Jones discusses how he believes CNN has become part of the Democratic Party's agenda due to its CEO Jeff Zucker's personal vendetta against Donald Trump. He cites that many employees at CNN feel trapped and unable to voice their journalistic integrity due to the pressure from management to follow Zucker's anti-Trump agenda. Jones argues that CNN played a significant role in creating Trump's celebrity and candidacy, and now seeks to bring him down. The importance of free speech, defending it even for those who disagree with us, and staying focused on the fight against globalist agendas are emphasized throughout the broadcast.

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Ladies and gentlemen, it's October 14th, 2019.
I am your host, Alex Jones, and we're gonna be live here for the next four hours.
James O'Keefe of Project Veritas has what could end up being over a thousand hours, they're going over it right now, inside CNN, ladies and gentlemen, with their CEO, Jeff Zucker,
Saying incredible things.
I've been made privy to some of these.
I'm not going to talk about them until it breaks.
And it's scheduled to break anytime right now at Project Veritas.
We'll post it right to InfoWars.com, right to NewsWars.com.
James O'Keefe is going to be joining us at the start of the second hour as well.
All hell is breaking loose, obviously, militarily in the Middle East.
Things are happening with the economy.
You've got this Soros mole testifying before Congress, Fiona Hill, who we blew out of the water two years ago as a Soros operative, and she's one of the main whistleblowers.
We'll explain all that.
Also, memeworld.com has a contributor who, a year ago, put out a video based on the Kingsman movie series.
Where people come to kill the Kingsman, who's Trump, and he fights back and takes out the media.
It's satirical.
The actual New York Times, you know, promotes plays where Trump's being killed and has writers saying, let's assassinate him and let's attack Trump supporters.
But then when there's a satirical thing, they go, oh my gosh, Trump's got to decry this.
There's going to be attacks on the media any minute.
It's all Trump's fault.
He's got to resign right now.
That's all coming up.
We've got that video they've tried to expunge off the web.
It's posted at Infowars.com.
We'll let you make your own decision.
We'll be playing that coming up as well.
The first thing I want to get to here is James O'Keefe teasing this Saturday that we've got his latest video came out just a few minutes ago with a small clip of the CNN CEO but more is coming probably by the next segment here it is.
I decided to wear a hidden camera and record basically anywhere and everyone that I could to expose the bias that I saw running rampant throughout the company.
Now, that's going to be breaking here, literally, ladies and gentlemen, as we speak.
Now let's go ahead and go to clip 20 now.
Here it is.
Keith here.
So I had a chance to listen to this morning's Jeff Zucker call, the president of CNN's morning 9 a.m.
editorial meeting call.
Thanks very much to our insider who's still secretly recording inside the network.
And we actually had a chance to listen to Jeff Zucker talk to his staff this morning about Project Veritas and the imminent exposed CNN hidden camera tapes.
We're good to go.
The intonation in Jeff Zucker's voice would suggest otherwise about the fact that he's not concerned because here's why he should be concerned.
The insider who is working for CNN went to work today.
He's still recording everything.
So we got about 45 minutes, maybe an hour until we launch.
Very exciting.
It's exposedcnn.com to get the tapes as soon as they launch.
Again, this is not our undercover reporter who went into the building.
This is one of Jeff Zucker's own staff.
Oh, we're staying tuned.
It's all coming up next segment.
Stay with us.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
till 3 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
I'm here live, ladies and gentlemen.
And InfoWars, it's critical for us to stay on the air so that we can be a place that magnifies the incredible independent media organizations that are out there, like Project Veritas, that is bringing forward such incredible information on a daily basis.
They have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours with high-level CNN individual who is in the meetings with Jeff Zucker, the
I'm told that's what's on the tapes by folks that have seen them.
James O'Keefe joins us start of the next hour.
And as of about seven minutes ago, it was scheduled to be released on the special CNN site that they have created to expose this.
But this is not someone from Project Veritas infiltrating the group.
This is someone inside who's so outraged by the criminal activity
And the open lying and the manufacturing information that they're blowing the whistle.
And you're going to see more and more of this and it's going to bring this corrupt system down.
Very, very powerful video.
We're going to talk to James O'Keefe coming up.
And we're going to go over all of this here today.
We're going to take your phone calls as well, and I'm going to host the fourth hour, so we have a lot of time.
But James O'Keefe, as I said, is joining us.
Meanwhile, while all of this is unfolding, we have Soros mole Fiona Hill to testify in congressional Ukraine witch hunt.
That was our article.
From Saturday, with the exclusive video.
From 2017, where Roger Stone laid it all out.
They've removed that off of YouTube, everywhere else, but we reposted it to Band.Video, and it's in those articles.
Meet Fiona Hill, the Soros mole, aiming to take down Trump.
And how huge that is, and how important that is.
She's right now testifying to Congress.
Then separately, the corporate media that's trying to trigger a civil war, calling for violence against Trump supporters, calling for violence against Trump and his family, is taking a year-old meme that's up on Infowars.com in an article, and they've taken the meme down almost everywhere so they can lie about what's in the meme.
Media contrives new hysteria out of violent Trump meme video that's simply from the Kingsman.
And we have an exclusive statement from Memeworld.com and Carpe Donctum that knows the maker of this very, very well.
They break down and explain the fact that this conservative conference at a Trump hotel, they had a little side room with a meme exhibit with
Literally 24 hours a day, hundreds, thousands of memes, looping, and the New York Times didn't report on any of that or how the conference had an anti-violence event.
They just went in this little side room and watched something they could then misrepresent and claim that it showed the president promoting going out and carrying out violence, so he needs to decry it and come out and say that he's sorry for how violent his supporters are.
When they've had all these movies and all these shows and all these statements from the New York Times writers who broke this story and the New York Times promoted the play where Trump is being stabbed to death by his cabinet like Julius Caesar.
But that's the big story today is how much danger the corporate media is in.
And how everything is falling apart for Trump and how he's gotta be removed when really all that's falling apart if they're successful is due process.
They're now saying they're gonna have whistleblowers testify in secret with their faces blacked out.
And that that won't even be in Congress, and no one will even know who they are, and Republicans can't ask questions.
So they learned with Balazi Ford and all those other women up there lying, most of them come out and admitted they never even met him, it was totally made up, other women whose names they used when Republicans said, I never knew Kavanaugh, that never happened to me, nobody ever did that to me.
So now they don't just use the names of women who exist, but never were talked to, because folks call them up.
Or other women who've been threatened to go lie and then later admit they were threatened to lie.
Now they just say, oh you can't ever see who it is.
They're in a black hole somewhere and they say this is all true even though the other witnesses and the transcript and all the evidence shows it's not even true.
That's why Shifty Schiff, Adam Schiff of the committee, went on the Sunday shows and said we don't even need quid.
We don't even need any of that.
This is how desperate they are.
This is how scared they are because the corruption is coming out and Trump is exposing it.
And on top of it, Attorney General Barr says that there is an unremitting assault on religion.
And he went on to say that it's an organized assault, not just decay in society.
It's an organized destruction by people that want evil.
That want evil.
So, we're going to break it all down today.
There is so much.
Meanwhile, the New York Times, oh, they admitted that the sky is blue and that fish swim in the water and the grass is green.
They admitted the deep state's real.
A shadow government of intelligence agencies and private groups that don't like Trump.
And they're guardians of America.
And that's why they're going to overthrow Trump.
And that's why they're going to take control of the election for our own good.
While they sell us off to Communist China and open our borders and debilitate our nation and sexualize children that Attorney General Bill Barr talks about in a powerful speech.
Full speech is on Infowars.com.
We're going to be playing some of that coming up today.
It's all coming up, ladies and gentlemen.
Now I'm going to go to break.
We're going to have the exclusive Project Veritas video on the other side when we come back.
We've got James O'Keefe coming on and so much more, but right now the world's awakening.
People really woke up.
When it came out that fluoride really does lower fertility and brain damage you.
And when it turned out that Epstein really was running child kidnapping rings and Bill Gates was involved, that's now coming out that Gates got caught lying about being intimately involved with this guy.
Staying at his house, traveling with him, it's all coming out.
And people really wake up when they learn that China really does own our debt and China really does own Hollywood.
People are waking up to a lot of really big things that are happening, but a lot more is coming and the power structure's scared.
We're going to go to break and come back with so much more.
Please don't forget that we're only on air and only able to operate and only able to continue to put this information out despite the globalists trying to stop us because of your word of mouth, your prayer and your financial support.
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Ladies and gentlemen, the establishment is panicking.
They don't know what to do.
The so-called liberal left in America are not liberal.
They are
Control freak people that have given up on humanity, that are greedy and hateful, and who want total control.
They've allied themselves with the Chinese communists and every other form of corruption you can imagine.
It's a perfect match, Hollywood and the Chaikoms.
And they are moving against children.
They are moving against families.
They are moving against everything that works well and is decent, wholesome, and fulfilling.
Even the Attorney General Bill Barr has come out in a speech that's posted on Infowars.com that I suggest you share.
I'm tempted to do a whole special show just on his speech where he says this is organized evil to hurt children and break down the family.
And he says they are sexualizing children on an organized level, the Democratic Party, and he says it's pure evil and we must stand against it.
This is the White House doing what we told you.
They're going after the pedophiles.
There's been a ten plus fold increase in the number of pedophiles arrested and busted.
Trump's the real deal, folks.
The problem is, is the Justice Department is just filled with yes-men that have been put in beneath Trump over the years, and Trump has only gotten the first level cleaned out even partially.
But believe me, Barr wouldn't give speeches about fighting pedophile rings if he might have been somewhat corrupt in the past.
He's definitely, maybe loves his grandchildren or something, but he saw the light.
You want to play that?
You know, Sean, for yourself, Hank Williams, I saw the light.
We ought to come back with I saw the light, it's in the computer.
So I'm just stunned by the point we're at and we're going to cover it all today.
O'Keefe just released another video saying they're uploading the video.
It's coming out now.
They've been staying up for days, going over hundreds of hours of video.
This is only the first installment.
They're getting more recordings this morning in meetings with Mark Zucker.
Not Mark Zuckerberg, that's Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Zucker.
And it's just amazing.
So part one, CNN whistleblower secretly records staff execs at network president Jeff Zucker anti-Trump crusade and personal vendetta.
Those are quotes against the president of the United States.
So we are downloading that right now.
We will play it when we come back, ladies and gentlemen.
Just unbelievable.
And then also up on Infowars.com and Newswars.com, they've been expunging it off the internet everywhere.
So we've posted links to it and grabbed it.
We're going to be playing that for you.
So you can see the supposed right-wing video saying, go out and kill the media.
That's not what it is.
It's the Kingsman movie, with Trump's head stuck on the British Secret Service agent's head.
When they come into a church, and the globalists, who want world population reduction, I should add, in the movie, try to kill him, he takes them out.
And so the whole point is, the Democrats are saying, kill Trump, kill his family, rape Barron, put him in prison.
That's what Fonda just said last year.
Peter Fonda, he just died a few months ago.
And so it's responding to people saying, we're coming to kill you.
So they stick their head on that.
Everybody knows it's a meme.
People know how memes work.
My head's been stuck on all these people's heads as well for fight scenes.
There are thousands of videos conservatively out there.
But they're trying to misrepresent that so you can't see it and find out what actually gets broken down.
Let's go ahead and play part of this important report.
Dems' psychotic fantasies come back to haunt them.
Here it is.
They aren't going to return back to Earth, folks.
The Democratic Party has left the moderate building and they are never coming back.
I speak to you not as an elected official or public figure, but I speak to you as a human being.
A woman whose dreams of motherhood now taste bittersweet because of what I know about our children's future.
And that our actions are responsible for bringing their most dire possibilities into focus.
I speak to you as a daughter and descendant of colonized peoples who have already begun to suffer.
So, real talk.
In this election, in this election, in the last couple, I mean, maybe couple months, certainly a few weeks, there's this whole conversation that's been coming up about electability.
Focused on our campaign.
Is America ready for that?
As of late, their crosshairs have zeroed in on the heart of Providence, attacking what remains of any morality and traditional ethics left in a nation pummeled with depravity.
And so I hope that in this country, people who say that they're Jesus loving, God loving,
That they pay more attention to God-loving, Jesus-loving people on this side of the border, with brown skin, that are desperate, that are being treated cruelly by this president because he clearly doesn't care about them.
We need to change this policy.
There can be no reward.
No benefit, no tax break for anyone or any institution, any organization in America that denies the full human rights and the full civil rights of every single one of us.
And so as president, we're going to make that a priority and we are going to stop those who are infringing upon the human rights of our fellow Americans.
Observe how Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg uses Beto O'Rourke's attack on religious freedom to criticize Beto's strategy.
Not Beto's threat to our First Amendment and our inherent rights.
That would be a scandal for this new left.
If we want to talk about anti-discrimination law for a school or an organization, absolutely.
They should not be able to discriminate.
But going after the tax exemption of churches, Islamic centers, or other religious facilities in this country, I think that's just going to deepen the divisions that we're already experiencing.
At a moment when we're actually seeing more and more people, motivated often by compassion and by people they love, moving in the right direction on LGBTQ rights, which is obviously extremely important to me personally.
It's a free-for-all of madness as the Democrats speak in a language of projection, amplifying the very corruption and criminal intent they harbor by superimposing these tendencies on the powers they fear the most, our president and the people that voted him in.
I mean, lock her up!
I mean, all the things he says, all the vicious, mean things he says, they love it.
There are these people in this country.
They're good Americans, otherwise they'll probably give you the shirt off their back, they'll help you if you need, but they have this fixation.
They want to return this country to the white, Christian country that they believe it should be again.
They don't want the diversity, and they follow him for this, but they're not the country.
We are a diverse people, we are good and strong because of that, and we're going to come back to that.
I assure you.
I think the American people are starting to realize it because this president is truly becoming unhinged.
It's affecting our national security.
He constantly puts himself over the public interest.
Feast your eyes and ears on the media's fantasy that pretending to murder our president is par for the course.
But when a satirical video depicting President Trump dishing out the same medicine to those publications is screened at one of Trump's resorts, it is condemned as macabre and shocking by the New York Times.
In 2016, something that the President was really proud of in his campaign was that it was self-funded and that he had a lot of small... Oh nice!
I'm so sorry.
I'm fine.
An angry mob this deranged can only lead to self-destruction and with it a renaissance of American Providence.
If ever the United States was at yet another crossroads, it is now.
John Bowne reporting.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are in for resistance.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us on this live Monday broadcast.
James O'Keefe says that any minute now he's going to upload the full first installment of the major CNN whistleblower who was still inside CNN this morning sending information to Project Veritas.
Now, Paul Watson has a first look at this.
On Infowars.com, you want to share this and it has the live link to this show.
James O'Keefe will be with us here in about 25 minutes.
Project Veritas Tate features Zucker admitting CNN only covering Trump impeachment for ratings, but it goes further and personal vendetta.
I've now been authorized to tell you that.
I was already told that this morning, but O'Keefe has now released a short little promo video we heard earlier, just minutes ago, where it's quoting that.
Personal Vendetta.
And again, I knew this over the last few days, and I've learned more this morning, but Paul's got a lot of this in the article.
Here's what's exciting.
There are millions of people watching O'Keefe right now.
Millions, ladies and gentlemen.
And millions on Twitter.
Twitter is doing everything they can to stop hashtag expose CNN.
So we haven't even released the story yet.
What are you going to do tomorrow when we do, Jack?
That was last night.
We know at Twitter we'll shadow ban the hashtag expose CNN story we are dropping tomorrow.
That's only 50,000 people who are willing to help us share the direct link to the story launch, and they're doing it.
Wow, 100,000 tweets, hashtag expose CNN, and still not the number one trend.
Guess we have to hit a million, huh Jack?
No, a trillion won't do it, but it's still all getting out there.
This is beautiful.
It's happening.
Hit them with InfoWars as well, folks, and NewsWars.
And remember, you can also hit them with Band.Video.
Go to Band.Video, starting now, and then just say Live Coverage.
of the CNN whistleblower at Bandot Video, where we'll have our own video feeds, because they a lot of times take down the feeds on Twitter and YouTube, as you know.
You go to the live feeds, you go to Bandot Video, you click up on the left-hand corner, the three bars right there, we'll do that on there for folks.
You go to the Alex Jones page, and you can see the Alex Jones Show live feed right there.
And we're also going to have it soon where whatever is live pops up in a banner right at the top or pops up in the corner, right-hand corner, so people can find the live feed even easier.
But we're going to tweet that out and on video.
And then you go to the right-hand corner, you find the Alex Jones Show.
That's the live feed.
You go to inputwars.com and you can see the global bombshell headline there, Project Veritas.
Secretly was able to get recordings of Zuckerberg.
And it's just, it's just simply amazing.
Before we play the latest little two-minute video that they put out, before the full one gets released, and then O'Keefe's set to join us next hour, I'd like to introduce the CNN whistleblower, Kerry Porsche, is that how you pronounce it?
Who secretly recorded his colleagues for months.
We'll be uploading clips all day and night, says Porch.
I didn't see any other option.
I decided to wear a hidden camera to expose the bias.
And there he is with Wolf Blitzer and all the rest of them.
They recorded the CEO of CNN saying all of this.
You know, the globalists are going for broke, ladies and gentlemen.
And I've said over and over again, the number one thing we can do
Is when you see corruption inside organizations or inside institutions, either tell independent media about it or create your own channel somewhere and get the information out that way or send us the information.
And James O'Keefe always comes on our show as one of the first because he appreciates you.
He appreciates InfoWars.
Upwards of half or more of their tipsters and the folks that they bring forward that have exposed big tech everything came to them via InfoWars.
Because we're on every day.
James O'Keefe, you know, is releasing videos maybe once a month or so, and they're amazing.
But we're on every day.
And so, we've had some big whistleblowers here as well, but I'm not in competition with Veritas.
I feel good when I lay my head down at night knowing that James O'Keefe and his team is out there.
That's what's so exciting and so important about all of this.
This is all a team effort, folks.
So, band.video
Go up to the left-hand corner where you see three bars.
Click it.
You see the Alex Jones Show?
Click right there, and there is the live feed right there.
Or go to InfoWars.com, and we have a headline up there for the live show today, which has the feed in it, which, again, you can share.
This is the chain reaction that will bring down the Globalist.
Live updates.
Veritas Bombshell exclusive.
CNN CEO Jeff Zucker and others caught on hundreds of hours of tape.
James O'Keefe will be joining Alex Jones live on air at noon central to break down what is obviously and undoubtedly the biggest story ever released by Veritas.
And this could bring down their entire system, ladies and gentlemen.
So again, there is the article right there that it's very critical for everyone to share.
I cannot stress enough to you.
Now, InfoWars.com gets blocked a lot on Twitter and Facebook and YouTube, but if you go to NewsWars.com, the exact same article and feed is at NewsWars.com, and it's very, very easy to share.
Very, very easy for you to get it, and there's not the blacklisting of it.
Same thing for Band.Video.
It hasn't gotten into their blacklist yet.
InfoWars is like putting something out into a black hole.
But word of mouth, InfoWars, it's best to give out InfoWars word of mouth because InfoWars word of mouth, people know about it.
They go, yeah, I'm not supposed to see that.
I'm not supposed to listen to that and say, yeah.
InfoWars.com forward slash show.
And again, I'm going to get to all the news here, but right now it's about maximum effort with your human intelligence, your human action.
We're going to go to break and I want to go out to break with a two minute teaser he just put out about 15 minutes ago.
And then again, as soon as it goes live, we will
We will play it here on air.
I have a feeling it's going to go live right when James O'Keefe joins us.
So that'll just be, we'll have him live and then it'll be posted to Infowars.com and again to their special CNN site, ExposedCNN.com.
But this is really scaring them as more and more people do this.
They recognize the bullying, the tyranny, the oppression, and the fact that they think they're invincible.
Here's the clip.
I don't care about the MSNBC event.
I don't care about them.
Let's just stay very focused on impeachment.
My name is Kerry Porch.
I'm a satellite uplink technician.
I'm a contractor at the CNN Washington, D.C.
But Jeff Zucker, yeah, basically president of CNN, has a personal vendetta against Trump.
It's not going to be positive for Trump.
He hates him.
He's going to be negative.
I decided to wear a hidden camera.
I decided to secretly record the 9 a.m.
rundown call meetings and it's basically run by Jeff Zucker, the president of CNN.
When I came to work at CNN, I mean, it was my dream job.
And that dream actually just turned into a nightmare.
He was calling Fox News fake news and a propaganda machine, and with what I saw, I'm like, that's pretty much what CNN was.
Like, it's just pumping out propaganda.
I just wanted to own where they're at.
Like, hey, if we lean left, cool.
Let's just say we lean left.
If we lean right, let it be known.
Again, it just dovetails back to that thing.
I just want people to have the information to make up their own minds.
We'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen, stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live and I have never had this much news to cover.
It's just totally insane.
James O'Keefe joining us, start of the next hour.
Still, they haven't released the full bombshell.
They've released some huge clips that are massive.
Zuckerberg, Zucker,
I get those two confused.
One's the head of Facebook, going after our freedoms, Mark Zuckerberg.
The other's Jeff Zucker.
I'm teleprompter free.
The head of CNN, with a personal vendetta against Trump, saying everything is about impeachment, even though they know it's not going anywhere, for ratings.
And so much more.
Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours of that.
And it's all coming out.
That is so huge.
Meanwhile, just as big, this weekend, I saw the article.
Man arrested and his guns taken in a Washington state.
And I went and found the meme of a Joker meme saying, one ticket for Joker.
So that means, oh, if it's a man who's only getting one ticket, meaning he's not taking a girl, that means he's an incel.
So he didn't say, I'm going to Joker to shoot people.
He did something esoteric they claim symbolizes and means that, and was obviously done as a joke.
Now, they could have gone by and talked to him, but one ticket to the Joker, please.
In a black incel type outfit.
Had his guns taken.
No due process.
Even the ACLU has come out.
It's on Infowars.com.
This just broke.
California new red flag law deemed threat to civil liberties by ACLU.
Everywhere due process is being taken away, including for the president where the Democrats are having kangaroo court hearings and are saying they're going to have evidence from whistleblowers without their identity being known by anybody except Democrat chairman.
That's a kangaroo court?
Beyond kangaroo court.
Because the left and the big corporations have decided to bring us into line with globalism where there is no due process for the average person.
Unless you're a globalist, corporate stakeholder, or a member of the Communist Party of China, you don't have any rights in this new world order.
It's the new feudalism.
They're the new royalty.
And the Attorney General came out in a long speech he gave.
It's up on InfoWars.com.
Bill Barr claims unremitting assault on religion and traditional values during Notre Dame visit.
But he went further.
This is the key statement.
This is not decay, this is organized destruction.
He then goes into the sexualization of children and forcing elementary school students to be taught about LGBT.
Elementary students aren't thinking about sex, period.
Any adult trying to talk to them about that is a pedophile or a pedophile pusher.
And that's what that is!
They're trying to confuse and screw kids up.
Most of the kids that are, quote, trans are autistic or retarded.
Don't call them retarded, just chop their balls off.
That's how the left works.
It's like... ...Apocalypse Now.
I guess written by the great... ...Millis.
Where... ...Colonel Kurtz is talking and he says, we order... ...our airmen to drop firebombs, napalm on children... ...but then we court-martial them if they write cuss words on the side of the airplane.
See how that works?
Don't say they're targeting mentally retarded children, because, oh, we say that word's hurtful.
That's just the technical term.
But let's target them and go, hey, you're really cool!
Let's give you some hormones that have killed 6,000 people in just the last couple years.
Let's induct you into the local, quote, gay bar where you dance scantily clad when you're 11 years old.
It's pedophilia!
So that's all coming up.
Meanwhile, we're watching Venezuela collapse into something like the Road Warrior.
Not civilization, but a literal hell run by warlords.
And you know that's where we're headed.
Just like Mexico.
But here is the Attorney General just laying out some of this.
Here's a few of these excerpts.
Among the militant secularists are many so-called progressives.
But where is the progress?
We are told we are living in a post-Christian era.
But what has replaced the Judeo-Christian moral system?
What is it that can fill the spiritual void in the hearts of the individual person?
And what is the system of values that can sustain human social life?
The fact is that no secular creed has emerged capable of performing the role of religion.
This is not decay.
This is organized destruction.
Secularists and their allies have marshaled all the forces of mass communication, popular culture, the entertainment industry, and academia in an unremitting assault on religion and traditional values.
about the centrality of religious liberty in the United States.
The imperative of protecting religious freedom was not just a nod in the direction of piety.
It reflects the framers' belief that religion was indispensable to sustaining our
In his renowned 1785 pamphlet, Memorial and Remonstrance Against Religious Assessments, James Madison described religious liberty as a right towards men, but a duty towards the Creator, and a duty precedent both in order of time and degree of obligation to the claims of civil society.
I've been on air a long time, 25 years, and I don't get butterflies a lot, at least in the past.
Now I get them all the time.
And talk about edgier seat.
People get excited if their football team is in sudden death overtime or whatever, or their basketball team in the finals.
Daria's out there talking to O'Keefe right now on the phone, and I'm just like, pins and needles when he comes on next hour.
O'Keefe hasn't uploaded the big report yet.
I think he's teasing it on purpose.
He's learned how to do that.
It's going viral everywhere, the anticipation.
We're going to have it here.
We've got live feeds of it.
O'Keefe, Infowars.com forward slash show.
This is a great way for you to get Infowars out to new people to say, hey, Project Veritas has their biggest story ever.
This could bring down CNN, I'm told.
And O'Keefe doesn't.
Exaggerate things.
He tends to play things down.
I mean, they brought down ACORN.
They wanted to run child prostitution.
They exposed that.
It's always the same thing.
They brought down so many globalists.
I mean, they've broken so many huge, massive stories.
Big Tech specifically, Twitter, Facebook, Google targeting InfoWars.
And quote, veterans.
And quote, anybody promoting American flags.
Like, who does the CEO tell you we're targeting?
Well, people like Alex Jones.
He's our main enemy.
And then veterans groups and pro-Trump groups and, well, rednecks with American flags.
You have an American flag on your site, we just ban you on Twitter.
And these dumb hicks think they're talking to people but never, you know, wonder why nobody talks to them.
And again, what that is is a very anti-white attitude.
Very bigoted, and you've got white CEOs and people, but they hire minorities that have been indoctrinated to hate white people.
And you see that everywhere.
You have these city council meetings where the mayor goes, shut up to the man.
You're a white male.
Shut your mouth.
You don't get to speak.
He's like, well, I'm elected and you're saying white people are inherently bad and that's racist.
Shut up!
Shut up!
He goes, okay, I shut up!
I wouldn't shut up to that!
That woman needs to be removed!
I played that last week!
That's in a major city of Illinois!
We're gonna go to break.
I'm just absolutely overwhelmed.
This is an insane time.
Bottom line, there's a revolution against America taking place and against the family.
We're being conquered.
It's a premeditated evil takeover.
The Attorney General just told you that.
It's a premeditated evil takeover.
You gotta read the whole transcript.
We're gonna air it.
He says they're going after our kids.
They're sexualizing our kids.
We're gonna play some of this.
It's a long speech, but we're getting the best excerpts for the third hour.
I have open phones today.
James O'Keefe's coming up.
Tell everybody right now, listening on AM and FM, about that local station.
Because they're fighting to keep us from being heard because we've got the evidence of how criminal they are.
And we need this Veritas info.
It's at band.video and the live feed to go viral.
Separately, we're running the Everything Must Go Super Sale to fund ourselves going into next year.
It's the biggest sale, really, ever.
The last sale was the biggest since Christmas.
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We're not going to have as big an inventory next year.
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So we're just selling these things out, many of them at cost.
So thank you all for your support.
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But even the best sellers are all 50% off, storewide free shipping, double Patriot points.
California Governor Gavin Newsom recently expanded anti-Second Amendment legislation despite the fact that the gun homicide rate is down over the last 25 years, even with the high-profile mass shootings plaguing America.
But when three of the ten deadliest shootings
In American history, in our 240 year history, have come in the last five months.
Let me say that again.
Three of the ten deadliest shootings in American history have come in the last five months.
Amica, we are in the midst
of an epidemic.
Newsom gave teeth to a red flag law that now allows co-workers, employers and educators to file for gun violence restraining orders that last up to five years against gun owners they deem a danger to themselves and others.
The same legislation was vetoed twice by former ultra-progressive Governor Jerry Brown.
Newsom's legislation also gives judges the ability to issue search warrants as they grant the orders.
Meaning, if a gun owner is served with a relinquishment order but fails to turn over the firearms or ammunition, the warrant can be activated immediately.
Fox News reported the ACLU says the bill poses a significant threat to civil liberties.
Because a restraining order can be sought before a gun owner has an opportunity to dispute the request.
Additionally, those making a request under the new law may lack the relationship or skills required to make an appropriate assessment.
Newsom went on to boast that California has outperformed the rest of the nation
California has outperformed the rest of the nation because of our gun safety laws in reducing the gun murder rate substantially compared to the national reduction.
Let me be specific and precise.
Between 1993 and 2017, these are the latest numbers we have, we'll get the 18 numbers in shortly, there's been a 62% decline
In the gun murder rate in the state of California compared to just 34% nationwide.
That's because of the leadership of the state in gun safety laws.
No state does it as well or comprehensively as the state of California and we still have a long way to go.
But is it due to Newsom's unconstitutional tyranny?
In Texas, where you can take a handgun to your college class, gun regulations have been rolled back, yet its gun homicide rate has plummeted 61% in the last quarter century.
Democratic Assemblyman Phil Ting of San Francisco, who authored the bill, claimed a study found that gun restraining order laws may have helped prevent 21 mass shootings.
Yet the UC Davis researchers warned that it's impossible to know whether violence would have occurred.
Ting also authored a companion bill that would allow gun owners who are the subjects of restraining order requests to file a form with the court declaring that they won't contest the request and are surrendering their firearms.
Currently, even those who agree to give up their guns must go through a constitutional court hearing.
Apparently, the Second Amendment no longer exists in California, making it a prime destination for home invasions, carjackings, and full-blown chaos.
A frightening night for people living in this Eastlake neighborhood after a home invasion robbery.
A family, who's blurred out in this video, is held at gunpoint for an hour as mass thieves ransack their home.
Criminals that are now locked up, six in all, and all young, connected to a string of home invasions that terrorize the North County.
Lodi are searching for a suspect in connection with a homicide and home invasion robbery that left a 26-year-old man dead.
The two robbers walking around through the downstairs.
This happened at 1055 in the morning last Friday.
Immediately, the suspects forced their way into the residence and began assaulting the victim.
The horrifying home invasion happened in a matter of seconds.
Two thieves burst through the door and are seen dragging an elderly man across the living room.
One of the guys just grabbed him and tore him.
Asked him, where's the money?
Where's all the money?
A carjacker broke into the driver's seat of their minivan and took the keys.
But a group of bystanders jumped in to stop him.
A wild night here.
It begins with a carjacking and pistol whipping of an elderly woman.
And then today, around three o'clock, the suspects were spotted here in Broadmoor near Daly City.
And police spent most of the evening trying to track them down.
Just a circus almost for the area.
There you go.
I'm sure that's what the commands are.
And then the commands are also going to be on your belly.
John Bowne reporting.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, I had a feeling before I even went live today
And I called James O'Keefe, and I called my producer who was talking to him hours ago.
And I said, if you have a problem posting your CNN bombshell footage to YouTube, please post it to Band.Video.
James O'Keefe has this giant
Whistleblower inside CNN with just incredible information about how they know that impeachment is a fraud and there's nothing there but they're going ahead with it and that he has a personal vendetta and O'Keefe has now put out a video.
James O'Keefe was scheduled to be on right now.
This hour.
James O'Keefe is not here.
Because YouTube is not letting him upload to their channel.
So we're on the phone with O'Keefe and his people right now saying, please post a Band-Odd video.
We want to host it.
That's why we built Band-Odd Video, because it's built for videos that are banned.
Because the establishment doesn't want you to see them.
Band-Odd Video is built for whistleblowers.
In fact, we've been talking to Veritas and letting them know the last few weeks that we think that they should have a page there, just like Meme World does and just like many others do.
So that videos that have been taken down can be up there.
In fact, punch up meme world, please, for TV viewers.
Notice the one right in the middle is Fiona Hill meet the mole.
The Soros mole trying to bring down Trump.
Think about that.
Now let's go back to the main page of meme, of, uh, of the video, please.
Thank you.
And when you go there, you can see the Soros mole video right up there on top.
That is a video that had over a million views in 2017 on YouTube, but was taken down.
And again, if you just go to the front page of Banned.Video, Banned.Video, and just leave it there for a minute, I'll show people what I'm talking about.
Just hit refresh again.
Now you see right there on the left-hand side, that's the video that they banned right there.
Soros mole.
Bombshell flashback.
White House CIA leaker is Soros mole, Fiona Hill.
Then if you look at the video to the right of it, that's the video I shot Saturday that aired on the Sunday show.
Meet Fiona Hill, the Soros mole.
To take down Trump.
Now, they won't let us put these on YouTube or Google or Twitter because they work for the system.
They went and took those down.
Everybody else that had them posted took them down.
We had to come up here on the weekend, find it in the archives, and then repost it.
You couldn't search the exact headline on Google or YouTube.
We had to go to Bing that searches their index as well to find other people that had uploaded it as backups as well.
And videos of Roger Stone saying, I've been threatened with prison if I continue to expose Fiona Hill.
Well, they indicted him soon thereafter.
So I'm not here trying to make a big deal out of what we're doing.
This is a big deal.
James O'Keefe is in real time.
He has, what is it, like a billion views on his YouTube channel.
He's been on YouTube for 15 years, he's world famous, and they're not letting him in live time upload it.
They're watching in live time, because you know that Jeff Zucker, the head of CNN, is calling up the head of Google and saying, you get control of that.
It's not like he uploaded it and there was something wrong on it and they took it down.
It's not like he violated terms of service, no.
They're not letting him in live time upload it.
We're going to play a clip of O'Keefe talking about this, but that's why we have VanDot Video.
That's why I went on air today and said, I wonder if they'll even let him upload it to YouTube.
That wasn't even a gut thing.
That's a brain thing.
Because of course they're going to do it.
It's really number one on Twitter.
They're not letting it trend.
Because it shows them saying, we have vendettas.
We know there's nothing to impeachment.
Like Van Jones.
On the Project Veritas video.
Going, oh there's no Russiagate, it's all made up.
It's a nothing burger.
Well there's video.
I've talked to the folks that have seen it.
The folks that are uploading it.
They've got it.
And they're going to have installments throughout the day.
10, 16, 20 minute videos.
Okay, so let's go ahead and play the first clip I said I was going to go to.
Let's go ahead and play O'Keefe talking about how they wouldn't let him upload it.
Here it is.
Processing for 20 minutes.
It's kind of unusual.
So we're trying our best to get this thing online, but the tech companies aren't our friends right now.
This is expose, hashtag expose CNN.
We're just trying to get the full production online.
So we've got this 16-minute video here.
We are trying to upload it to YouTube and it's just hourglassing.
I mean, it's a 16-minute long production showing a lot of the bombshell material.
We just can't get YouTube to upload it.
It's stuck processing for 20 minutes.
It's kind of unusual.
So we're trying our best to get this thing online.
The tech companies aren't our friends right now.
This is expose, hashtag expose CNN.
We're just trying to get the full production online.
So we've got this 16 minute video here.
We are trying to upload it to YouTube and it's just hourglassing.
I mean it's a 16 minute long production showing a lot of the bombshell material.
We just can't get YouTube to upload it.
It's stuck processing for 20 minutes.
It's kind of unusual.
So we're trying our best to get this thing online.
The tech companies aren't our friends right now.
This is expose, hashtag expose CNN.
We're just trying to get the full production online.
So we've got this 16-minute video here.
We are trying to upload it.
Okay, so there you go.
We're not going to loop that for you.
We are back live, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
And we're going to be breaking all this down and covering it as it unfolds.
And as the videos come in, we're going to be posting them to InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, and Band.Video.
But they don't want us or Project Veritas or Daily Caller or anybody.
Being able, going into the election cycle that we're already deep into, 2020, to be able to show these type of game-changing events, like when Hillary Clinton fell down on September 11, 2016, just a couple months before the election.
Everyone uploading that footage was having it taken down for a day and a half.
And they went on MSNBC and CNN and said, it's fake news, Hillary didn't fall down, she only stumbled.
Gotta dig those tapes up, they're so powerful.
And then it shows her when she looks like she's stumbling.
Now that's in India, I'm not in New York.
And it shows when she's in New York, she stumbles and then completely falls down.
Well, they cut it before she completely falls down and is having a convulsion and has to be picked up and put in.
And they said, we were making it up.
In fact, they said, Alex Jones is making it up.
But so many people were uploading it and folks were seeing it and going, wait a minute, they're lying to everybody.
So they had to back off and then let it be posted.
It's the same thing with these people.
They will get away with anything they can get away with.
Lying, cheating, bearing false witness.
They're doing it all.
It's happening.
All right, we do have the new 16-minute video.
They were able to upload it.
We're able to get a copy.
Just went live on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
We're going to up, download the video and post it to Bandot Video.
So we have a backup as well.
We're going to play it.
Okay, the Attorney General
Over the weekend, he gave an extremely powerful speech to a major college.
It's a 45-minute speech.
There's only a few clips of it out on Twitter that are amazing, where he says, there's organized evil trying to corrupt our children, trying to take over society.
The left is trying to break down the fabric to overthrow America.
They're sexualizing our children.
It's criminal.
Well, we're going to have excerpts of that speech for you later in the third hour.
We're going to have open phones as well.
James O'Keefe will now be joining us at 2.30 Central today.
He was unable to come on this hour because they already have a bunch of different clips they were going to try to get up.
They're having real problems getting them up.
Now only one clip is up.
We've got it again at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
No doubt, I'm sure DrudgeReport.com is linked to it.
Drudge always is the biggest booster of James O'Keefe and Project Veritas.
Then we'll get into the testimony by the known Soros mole, Fiona Hill.
And how she is really one of the so-called whistleblowers.
I'm going to explain how that works.
Oh, we got to protect their identity, but then they're testifying.
Well, again, because they don't want to initiate the original lie, the violation of national security, to put that lie out, claiming they're releasing classified info.
So that triggers the investigation.
Then they get called as a witness.
It's called parallel construction.
That's coming up.
Also, women's magazines continue to promote women going to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and other areas where unattended women are murdered, are raped, are kidnapped.
I mean, it's like telling women to go to Somalia.
Actually, they had a big feminist writer saying, go to Somalia.
It's really safe and nice.
She just got killed there, of course, a few months ago.
Forbes slam for encouraging women to vacation alone in Pakistan.
Ladies and gentlemen, they tell you to go into rural areas controlled by the Akhani Pashtun network.
If you're not with that Pashtun group and you're unattended, you'll be kidnapped or murdered most of the time.
A woman alone is dead.
So again, we know the Norse god Loki liked to set people up.
He was like the devil, but like mischief.
I mean, is Forbes run by Loki now?
If the US military gets off the main roads in Afghanistan or Pakistan, they get attacked.
Lone men are dead meat.
Again, this is like telling a baby to climb into a lion's den.
So why do they do it?
It's very sick.
And Paul Watson gives all these examples of women being brutally raped, murdered, killed.
And these publications still say, go to the exact place you're killed.
Again, it's a war on reality.
It's an inversion of common sense.
I mean, I would never.
If I went to Pakistan, I'd go on an approved tour that the government protects with armed guards and I'd go see the sites and see major deals.
You don't get off a bus.
You don't do that in places like that.
A lot of areas of Turkey you'll get killed.
And it's one of the supposedly safer countries.
This is insane.
So that's all coming up.
But again, the Project Veritas first installment 19-minute video is up on InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com right now.
And we're seeing Twitter blocking it being able to trend, but it's still getting out regardless.
When you get excited, when you take action, it's unstoppable.
But, you know, what's going to happen when everybody sees Jeff Zucker, the head of CNN, saying, I have a vendetta against Trump, and we know there's nothing in the impeachment.
We know it's going nowhere.
We know it's not true, but we're going to go ahead with it.
Well, they'll just be like Brian Williams, who said he was shot down in a helicopter, later said they weren't even shot at.
They were lied about.
He wasn't even in a helicopter.
But Hillary said she was shot at in Serbia and Bosnia.
Was it true?
So why not?
Why not keep lying if you get away with it?
That's all coming up, but I'm going to play the next two segments, this 19-minute clip.
Some of the audio is excellent, some of the audio goes in and out.
And in pauses for radio listeners, I'll describe what we're seeing here.
I'll narrate it.
But that's coming up at the start of the next two segments.
But I'm going to say it again.
It's times like this where I cannot press on you enough.
Please, for yourself, and my family, and your family, for everybody.
Go to Infowars.com and get the Paul Watson and the Kit Daniels articles about this that have the live feed of the show, that have the Project Veritas videos posted in them.
And say, here's the hidden video CNN doesn't want you to see.
Here's the hidden video CNN is censoring.
And remember, that at Bandot Video, we have the Fiona Hill video.
We have the Fiona Hill video.
Brought in the National Security Council by McMaster, Osoros Mole.
Testifying to corroborate what these other third-party hearsay people said.
Who they must protect.
That's a telltale sign that it's people like Fiona Hill.
Because they don't exist.
Oh, we can't show you.
We can't let the other Republicans know who they are.
Oh, Trump can't ever find out their identity.
Oh no, they can't testify only in secret, you know, to the Democrats.
The end of due process.
The end of facing your accuser.
Those videos that they have fought to take down are on Bandai Video.
And sure, they got a few hundred thousand views a piece.
They need millions, ladies and gentlemen.
Because the whole media is going to act like Fiona Hill is totally reasonable and she's doing a great job and nobody should question what she's testifying about today.
We're going to be covering all of that, but this is an information war.
And these crooks have pulled out all the stops.
Our weapon's the truth.
It's powerful.
They can't beat it.
Unless they can keep it hidden.
We're going to put a break.
We're going to come back.
We're going to lay it all out here today.
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We'll be back with the over-the-top bombshell, Project Veritas.
Alright, everything coming out of Project Veritas is being collated and put into articles on the front page of InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com, so you can email it, so you can tell people by word of mouth, so you can share it.
We have a live feed also at Band.Video.
We're taking all the videos that O'Keefe's putting out and posting them to Band.Video as well.
O'Keefe is scheduled to join us now in the fourth hour.
CNN insider blows whistle on network president Jeff Zuckerberg's personal vendetta.
That's in the middle of Band.Video right now.
And we're exposing the Soros mole, Fiona Hill,
And Roger Stone predicted she would do all this and set Trump up, and now it's all happening.
She is one of the, quote, whistleblowers.
Then they call her as a witness when she's one of the whistleblowers to begin with, and that way she's never actually put on the hot seat.
That's called parallel construction, and that's, from our intel, exactly what's going on.
We'll break that down more in the next hour.
I intend to open the phones up.
We also have Bill Barr's incredible speech where he said they're sexualizing our children.
They're consciously trying to wreck society.
They're consciously trying to take over.
The Democratic Party is basically now satanic.
Now, you know that, I know that, but everybody's finally getting it.
It's the sexualization of the children that finally was too much for folks.
Let's start getting to this.
The first 16-minute installment by James O'Keefe.
This is insiders, people that work there, managers.
It's Jeff Zucker.
Here it is.
My name is Cary Porch.
I'm a satellite uplink technician.
I'm a contractor at the CNN Washington, D.C.
Jeff Zucker, basically president of CNN, has a personal vendetta against Trump.
It's not going to be positive for Trump.
He hates him.
He's going to be negative.
I decided to wear a hidden camera.
I decided to secretly record the 9 a.m.
rundown call meetings and it's basically run by Jeff Zucker the president of CNN.
When I came to work at CNN, I mean, it was my dream job.
And that dream actually just turned into a nightmare.
I think what's going on in America now is really fundamentally the result of years
He was calling Fox News fake news and a propaganda machine, and with what I saw, I'm like, that's pretty much what CNN was.
Like, it's just pumping out propaganda.
I just wanted to own where they're at.
Like, hey, if we lean left, cool.
Let's just say we lean left.
If we lean right, let it be known.
But, again, it just dovetails back into the thing.
I just want people to have the information to make up their own minds.
He's known Trump for a long time.
Like, they worked together back during The Apprentice.
And hates his guts.
If you try to use the story, I know we're going to feel a tendency to think we're doing too much, but use the story.
They sold themselves to the devil.
Part one, they sold themselves to the devil.
Anti-Trump crusade.
Man, what was it like the morning after this past election?
That day, like man, just at 6am in the morning when I came in, like the mood was just so sourpussed the whole day.
It was a f***ing dreary day.
And then at Fox it was like euphoria.
CNN likes to call itself the most trusted name in news, but that's not the story we heard from a CNN insider who blew the whistle, recorded everything, and came to Project Veritas earlier this year.
Would it be fair to say that you being here today is not politically motivated?
That's correct.
It's not politics that motivates me, it's basically me wanting
The news to be what they used to be, news, and not an infotainment or a game show or chasing the ratings like CNN purports it to be facts first, and that's clearly not the case.
Kerry Porch has worked for CNN for two years.
He says when he started he had high hopes for the job, but he quickly became disillusioned as he was exposed to rampant anti-Trump bias at the network.
I noticed after, again this is fairly rapidly after I started, within the first three to six months, that there was a strong groupthink that permeated through the halls and that everyone was on board the, you know, I hate Trump train or I want to, you know, basically go after anyone, you know,
On the center, on the right, politically.
Porch secretly recorded several of CNN's 9 a.m.
morning editorial calls where CNN's President Jeff Zucker leads the anti-Trump charge.
We're moving towards impeachment.
I mean, don't, like, you know, we shouldn't pretend, oh, this is going the one way.
And so all these moves are moves towards impeachment.
So don't, don't,
They're done every day, Monday through Friday, and it's basically run by Jeff Zucker, the president of CNN from the New York Bureau.
And he would basically, you know, he runs it with an iron fist, and it's actually respectable.
It's like listening to him run his business.
It's kind of fascinating.
But hearing that from the strongest and most prominent voice, you know, the number one,
On the calls are the top leadership of the network.
Zucker, CNN's president.
Virginia Mosley, CNN's senior vice president of news gathering.
There's a second with the lower and that is now fortified the complaint.
And David Chalian, Vice President and CNN Political Director.
I think as big of a story as what President Trump has done here is the Republicans' sort of either delusional or defiant or silent response.
I think it's as big a story as what is going on.
On the calls to executive producers and news staffers across the country, it is clear that Zucker wants his network to stay focused on impeachment and nothing else.
I don't care about the MSNBC event, okay?
I don't care about them.
Let's just stay very focused on impeachment.
We're going to come back on the other side and get back into this, but this is just amazing.
Radio listeners can hear the audio.
It's powerful.
But if you're watching this right now at InfoWars.com forward slash show or band dot video or you're watching it out there off the Project Veritas videos that are on our site and also on Project Veritas and linked on Drudge,
It's just incredible.
I mean, they've got in the newsrooms, out at dinner, out at the bars.
They've got the big group calls with the CEO and their minions there.
And you know what?
Jeff Zucker's right.
Forget just demonizing guns all day.
Get a president in that's anti-gun.
Get a president in that'll put Supreme Court members on that'll take the guns.
He's shooting for the king, ladies and gentlemen.
And they've already missed a bunch, so now they all want to force their will onto the American people.
And they see Trump
As the one standing between them and their destiny to finally mount America's head on the wall.
We're gonna come back with this incredible inside of you that goes beyond bias, but the organized crime that is the enemy of the American people, CNN.
Okay, in this segment, the next I'm gonna finish up with the first big installment by Project Veritas.
But the system is fighting to keep you from being able to spread.
Believe me, they're concerned right now.
And CNN has openly honchoed to taking us off the internet, taking our sponsors away, harassing us.
They're also working with the New York Times to put out the lie that Trump at his resort showed a video of the media being killed.
None of that's true.
We have the actual video.
You'd think the New York Times would show you the video when they're saying all this.
We have the meme video posted on
MemeWorld.com, we have it linked on InfoWars to that.
And I talked to Carpe D'Antem about it this morning.
He's an expert on all that, what really happened.
Media contrives new hysteria out of a violent Trump meme video.
We'll be going over all that.
We'll be taking your phone calls on just the state of the country and the fact that we are in a civil war against multinational globalists that are making their move against this nation.
And the fact is they are criminals, they'll do anything, they'll lie, they'll cheat, they'll steal.
And they've got a large portion of the public, not a majority, but a large cut, a large swath, a large group, that believe all this and are deranged.
And who have adopted Satanism as their operating system.
The Democratic Party has adopted the Church of Satan, Satanic Temples movement
And they introduce people like, oh, we're not really Satanists, but this is how we freak out the Christians.
But then people get involved in it.
No, it's the real deal, folks.
All of this is very, very serious, and they're making their move right now.
But we're making our move as well.
So let's get back to the CEO of CNN, Jeff Zucker, saying, hey, I don't want to go after the guns, and I don't want to, no, no, no, we're going to get rid of Trump.
Everything's get rid of him, and then we'll get the guns.
Here it is.
I don't care about the MSNBC event, okay?
I don't care about them.
Let's just stay very focused on impeachment.
And everything that happens today, because, look, you're going to be coming on at 3 o'clock.
Trump is at 2.
Well, all the President's men are part of the cover-up.
The impeachment stuff, there's new developments every day.
More shoes drop, and it's like, there's just nothing we can do.
Zucker wants impeachment every single day to be the top story.
That's what he wants.
Yeah, he wants impeachment.
Above all else, honestly.
Above all else.
You know, I totally understand that most, if not all, the people I work with will never want to speak to me again or possibly have, you know, negative motivations after the fact.
Like, I get that.
I get where they're coming from.
But I always respect the people that I worked with.
They were amazing at their job, and many of them felt the same way.
They just felt trapped that they couldn't say it.
Nick Neville is a media coordinator in CNN's Washington bureau.
He says not everyone at the network agrees with Zucker's anti-Trump agenda.
Yeah, because what's difficult is, like, you have some conflicting things at play here.
Like, there's a lot of people who are out here trying to, like, just do what they think is, like, the best of journalistic integrity.
And then you get on the 9 a.m.
call, and big boss Jeff Zucker...
...tells you what to do.
And it's like, you have to, like, to a certain extent, you have to follow his verdict.
Yeah, you gotta go with the... It goes downhill, so you gotta go with the boss, eh?
And he's not, uh, well, he's a big, uh... He, I mean, he's, he's, like, had an ongoing feud with Trump.
It's no surprise.
Yeah, yeah.
He's had an ongoing feud with Trump since The Apprentice.
In 2004, Jeff Zucker was one of the executive producers at NBC Entertainment that greenlighted and produced The Apprentice, a show that turned Donald Trump from real estate tycoon to a mega star.
Many say the show's and Trump's success helped Zucker rise to the top at NBC.
And then, according to Neville and others, Zucker, as the president of CNN, helped Trump become the mega candidate.
He's known Trump for a long time.
Like, they worked together back during The Apprentice.
And hates his guts!
I hate everything, how everything is, like, all Trump all the time now.
Everyone at my, everyone at the network complains about it.
They hate covering Trump every day.
I'm just surprised CNN has been able to take down Trump, dude.
I mean, I feel like they're trying.
I mean, what could they do more, other than what they've been doing?
To a certain extent, CNN created Trump's celebrity.
Not his celebrity, but created his candidacy.
Made him legitimate because they felt like they needed to show everything that he did from the beginning.
Jeff Zucker can't really complain like he kind of put this in action.
Why would they do that?
Ratings and that's sometimes what I what I struggle with like a lot of the decisions I guess all media companies make but it's like You know, they're out to make a profit So when people criticize, you know the media to a certain extent some of the criticism is accurate because it can't totally be
Like completely for the objectives that you're seeking like you know I totally want to do just like the truth like the dogged reporting but then you have higher-up executives like Zucker and other people who are saying well we got to make profits so you end up with things like I don't know if you heard this but this week they had like a f***ing game show
To like decide what dates there was going to be this debate.
So it's like they pulled names out of a hat.
It's like we're watching the Game Show Network.
So it turns into like certain things that you do are trying to just attract viewers and it becomes kind of a comedy show.
So it's like, you know, you have people who are genuinely have all the right motives.
Here, let's hit pause right here.
Please back this up.
See, these are quote executives, and these are media managers, and these are people that are higher up in the food chain at CNN, but they're not in the upper echelons of the upper echelon.
They're in between the worker level and the top executive level.
They're at the high-level managerial level, but not at the decision-making, so they don't have the full picture.
CNN could tell the truth and have multiple sides of things and they would have giant audiences like they did.
It's not just that the internet gives them competition or more channels.
Because internet shows that are populist and patriot and tell the truth are bigger than CNN ever was.
You know, we're talking 5-10 million viewers per hour per show.
I mean, look at Joe Rogan.
And he's more and more establishment.
I'm not knocking him, but he's playing it safe.
But just because he started Organic Anti-New World Order Conspiracy Theorist, as they call it, he has this giant, you know, list of listeners.
Way bigger than any CNN show.
And Joe's average podcast is bigger than Sean Hannity.
Well, there have been lots of shows that were bigger than Joe Rogan.
They just got taken off Facebook and Twitter and YouTube.
Oh, like InfoWars.
And again, for me, it's not a measuring contest.
It's that the truth is popular with the American people.
And it's not just that it's my truth.
No, I mean the truth about the WTO or the IMF.
The truth about the World Bank.
The truth about world government.
The truth about the globalists being a bunch of pedophiles.
You wonder, like, why are they so evil?
Why do they go out of their way to hurt people?
Why do they go out of their way to... Because they want your children!
They want to hurt children.
That's their religion.
You know, some people are into breeding dogs, or some people are into mountain biking, and some people are into watching movies.
And then the ruling class throughout history, when you get an evil group in power, is into hurting children.
They want power.
They serve the devil.
And so you watch these videos, and you're like, yeah, we don't know why we go out of our way to do all this.
Oh, you know, we guess it's for ratings.
No, it's because there's a mission to take down populists.
That's why you tune into CNN or any of these channels.
It's all the same crap all the time.
It's just that CNN is smarter and they're like, we're not going to say we're going to confiscate all the guns.
We're not going to say we want to get rid of America entirely.
We've already said that before.
Just get rid of Trump and we can get it all done quicker.
Because he's about to get more Supreme Court justices in there when Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes the jump into hyperspace.
We're going to come back with the rest of this.
Then I'm going to open the phones up.
On the Veritas bombshells.
On the climate we're in and the next move they're going to make.
I understand the frustration of the audience.
These people are starting to be out of power.
They're starting to be in trouble.
And the fact that more comes out, it just adds to it.
It's like, really?
Yeah, really.
There's good news, folks.
More and more people recognize this is a fight between good versus evil.
And towards the end of this next hour, I have the Bill Barr video almost ready.
We're culling it down from 45 minutes to a segment.
We're going to air it at like a 10 and a half minute segment.
So that's coming up next hour.
Believe me, you don't want to miss that because a few little clips got millions of views and are very powerful, but I was watching the full speech.
It's incredible.
And it's getting no attention.
The full speech has no views.
We found it on YouTube with like a thousand views.
Well, it's about to get millions of views next hour.
We'll post it to InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
And then from there, it's up to you whether we win or not.
And I'm not bitching at you.
I'm just saying, listen.
You are the wind in the sails of the ship Liberty and the children and others under attack are counting on you And I know you're coming through so I appreciate you and I thank you.
We'll be right back with our number three stay with us
They would stop lying?
No, they just make the lies even more complex and over-the-top and it's just insane!
I've got an article here where they admit mainline studies that Gardasil gives you cervical cancer.
I mean, that's the type of news I have here.
Stacks after stacks of it.
It's out of control.
These people are crazy!
And what's gonna bring them down?
People inside these dens of lies.
These dens of demons.
Saying I'm not going to be part of this anymore.
James O'Keefe is scheduled to join us at the bottom of the next hour.
They've had a lot of technical difficulties getting their videos up, but this one did get up.
It's on Infowars.com.
You can also go to exposeCNN.com and there's just an email address.
Give them your email address if you're a whistleblower.
I point people there because they do a great job of whistleblowers.
Want to whistleblow to us?
That's fine as well, but just, I don't care.
Just take action.
Let's go back to the video of the incredible admissions of CNN executives and managers dealing with the fact that...
Jeff Zucker orders them to engage in this type of behavior.
Here it is.
To a certain extent, CNN created Trump's celebrity.
Not his celebrity, but created his candidacy.
Made him legitimate because they felt like they needed to show everything that he did from the beginning.
Jeff Zucker can't really complain like he kind of put this in action.
Why would they do that?
Ratings and that's sometimes what I do when I struggle with like a lot of the decisions I guess all media companies make but it's like You know, they're out to make a profit so when people criticize, you know the media to a certain extent some of the criticism is accurate because it's
It can't totally be completely for the objectives that you're seeking.
Like, you know, I totally want to do just like the truth, like the dogged reporting.
But then you have higher up executives like Zucker and other people who are saying, well, we got to make profits.
So you end up with things like, I don't know if you heard this, but this week they had like a f***ing game show.
We're good to go.
You know, you have people who are genuinely have all the right motives, but then you also have people who are like, well, we got to make money and we got to attract viewers.
So if we just talk about Trump all day, people will watch.
I think we're just trying every single way to show that we're on the white side.
Yeah, because we want to be.
We're the light side.
Light and dark side.
We're against the dark side.
I think whatever tools are at our disposal, that's the end of the story.
Whatever lies they gotta tell, because they're the good guys.
Yeah, back in 2015, right?
That is the psychology they tell fake whistleblowers about in Pool Wars.
They go, you worked there, you helped create him, now you've got to lie about him.
Would you like some money?
Would you like a book deal?
And then people say no.
They go, well, now we're going to write bad about you.
I mean, it's all the same tactic they use.
It's cult programming tactics.
When you pay to send your young person to college, when they get off, they go, there's white supremacists everywhere on campus.
Come join us.
They're going to kill you.
It's all made up.
All right.
I have been attempting as best I can to cover the really amazing, thought-provoking Project Veritas video.
Shot by a producer there over the last year, replete with the CEO, Jeff Zucker, talking about the main mission is taking down Trump, getting impeachment.
And the spin is, oh, that gets some ratings.
But the truth is,
They already have super low ratings because they've been caught lying a lot.
It brings back some viewers by getting into Russiagate or Impeachmentgate, but never what they had before.
So to say that they did this for ratings isn't true.
CNN knows what gets ratings.
Being pro-America, telling the truth, getting all sides of the story, people really want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly.
You know you're getting packaged crap from a bunch of arrogant globalists who won't say a word about communist China.
I mean, listen.
If basketball teams in Portland and Washington, that's what's happening, professional basketball teams, want to boycott Israel, that's their issue.
But you notice those teams are boycotting Israel and boycotting Leopold because it sells scopes to the Israeli Defense Force.
But none of them will say a word about China.
And even when CNN says, well, are you for free expression?
Oh, we can't even talk about free expression now.
And they grab the mic away.
So China is off-limits, and you learn who the sacred cow is by who's off-limits.
Who you can't talk about.
And that's who owns our debt.
That's who owns Hollywood.
That's who's doing all this.
There's a lot more, too, coming out from Project Veritas.
And we're collating it all to Bandot Video and to Infowars.com, right there on the front page.
Please, spread it.
These are the type of exciting events that really get people to wake up now.
I'm going to go to your phone call starting in the next segment.
But, I don't even know really where to start anymore.
ABC News has been caught putting out fake footage of supposed war in Syria to blame Trump.
They admit now it's fake.
We're going to get to that.
That's on Infowars.com.
We have the Soros mole, Fiona Hill, testifying in Congress right now, and they're saying that the other whistleblowers are going to remain secret.
I'm going to explain what's behind that.
We have got Forbes slammed for encouraging women to vacation alone in Pakistan.
What is behind that sickness?
We also have the meme that MSM doesn't want you to see so they can then misrepresent what's really happening with it to blame Trump and act like he and others are calling for violence.
We'll get to that as well in just a moment but first
Someone could look at this meme we put out last week.
It's the fifth installment of Fentanyl, the Communist Chinese Dragon.
And you could say that we're threatening the producers of South Park, when it's the opposite.
We're saying they did a good job bucking the rest of Hollywood and standing up to Communist China.
But in it, Fentanyl says,
If we ever take over America, we're going to kill you for what you said about us, South Park, because that's what we do.
And then I show people being executed and led to mass execution in China from two weeks ago.
Now, the media could spin that to say I'm calling for violence against South Park.
Any moron could know that's not what I'm doing.
But it's the same thing with this meme they're saying.
Is an offensive threat.
That's how they deceive.
But see, they could say, oh, Jones put out a meme where he said that somebody's going to kill the South Park producers.
Now, technically, that's true.
But they could make it sound like I was saying that.
And that's not what I was doing.
But that's the level of deception.
Because if they don't show you the meme,
They can then misrepresent, and that's what's critical about censorship.
Censorship doesn't just silence the person or group, or organization, or population.
It then allows those that have speech to be able to misrepresent.
And I know you know that.
But let me tell you, when you're on the receiving end of it, and they can make the top story on Yahoo and Facebook, that you sent child porn to people when you didn't, it's scary.
Or when they say, Jones lost a lawsuit about a book I never even wrote that I'm not even in.
And then you contact News Corp and say, we're going to sue you.
And they go, go ahead.
We don't care.
We don't care.
It's not true.
That's what I'm saying is we're in a civil war.
That's a war, folks, when big companies know they'll lose a lawsuit.
But it'll take me three years to win.
They don't care about the money they'll pay out.
It's war!
War is when you stop caring.
War is when you stop talking and start attacking.
And let me tell you, when they say somebody sent child porn out, it's not true.
That means they're dangerous.
That means they'll do anything.
You see what I'm saying?
And I'm not talking about me.
People are always asking, how are you taking all these attacks?
We're all under attack.
America's under attack.
How am I taking it?
We're in this together, folks.
You're under attack.
That's what I'm getting at here.
There's no escaping this thing now.
Except by standing up to it.
So here's the latest meme.
Ministry of Truth.
It's on Banned.NotVideo.
Please share it.
Presents... Slam Dunk for China.
Hello, stupid Americans.
Fentonov, Chinese Communist, we're good here.
I told you just a week ago, when you don't do what we say, you die.
Look what happened to a Hong Kong protester.
Oh, and don't forget, we killed more than Hitler ever did.
And that's why the liberals love us.
In America, the colleges that we fund teach no borders, no walls, no USA at all.
Let me show you our trained slaves.
America is a rotting carcass.
We're covered in filthy maggots.
Look at your own James Harden.
He came out and apologized to us.
That's good.
And now we tell the NBA what to do, and the NBA say, yes, master.
Yeah, we apologize.
You know, we love China.
We love playing here.
Finally, you saw what happened to South Park.
They talk about our re-education camps, and our death camps, and how Winnie the Pooh was banned.
And let me now tell you what happens.
They abandon our country.
Then they put out sarcastic apology.
That's not good enough.
Once we take over, we're going to kill the South Park producers.
That's what we do.
Everyone is adopting our model.
Big Tech is censoring Alex Jones.
And now even Republican leaders.
And they do nothing!
Soon sites like Panda Video will be shut down.
You stinking Americans do not share that site.
Or Infowars.com.
Do not fight back.
Do what I say.
I just caught you, American!
You visited Bandar Video!
Oh, Mark Zuckerberg and others angry at you!
Do what CNN says and do not visit Bandar Video or I have to hurt you!
Now we come back, we'll go to your calls, and I'll play the banned video that's up on memeworld.com that's supposedly calling for violence when it's all a joke.
And in the video, in the meme, Trump was attacked first.
But I want to explain something.
Communist China, in their own words, has killed 115 million people, 80-plus underground.
So if you're a human on Earth, alive the last 70 years, the number one cause of death, unnatural death, is Chinese communists.
So for me to say that the South Park producers, if the Chi-Coms ever took over, they'd probably kill them.
That's completely reasonable.
But see, if you didn't show the video, you could do what they did to this other meme producer and say that they're calling for violence, which they're not.
It's amazing.
But we'll show you the video on the other side, and it's up on Infowars.com exclusive.
Watch the Trump meme video.
MSM doesn't want you to see.
The New York Times launches an outrage campaign aimed at meme world contributor
And the American Priority Conference.
Stay with us.
We'll be back with your calls and a lot more.
All right, there's no doubt a quickening is happening.
I'm not one to complain.
I'm just telling listeners that I am completely overwhelmed right now.
I just had like five stories break during the four-minute break.
Some of them were breaking.
They're so huge, I can't even control myself right now.
Oh my gosh, I got loaded phone lines.
I got the huge Bill Barr video.
I've got James O'Keefe coming up.
I just talked to Carpe Dongtum.
They just banned him on Twitter because he shared the James O'Keefe video.
I mean, this is just, there's a bunch of other breaking stuff I haven't even gotten into yet.
Nolan Troyer went in and got kicked out of a basketball game, a national
Basketball game for exposing what's happening with the censorship.
It's all coming up!
And since I mentioned it, let's just get to this right now.
Exclusive, watch the Trump meme video MSM doesn't want you to see because they want to misrepresent.
It's from the Kingsman.
It's a movie.
The left does this with all these memes showing conservatives having their heads cut off, everybody dying.
This is a video from a year ago plus when
Hollywood was saying, kidnap Barron, put him in cages, have sex with him.
Peter Fonda, you know, he died a few months ago.
He said that last year.
People responded to that.
New York Times said, kill Trump.
New York Times promoted plays where Trump's killed and stabbed to death.
I mean, we all know about that.
So, this other meme maker who's buddies with Carpe Dunctum, it's all listed in the articles.
They got this big conservative conference, the American Priority Conference going this weekend, really popular.
So the New York Times is there for days.
And they have these conferences about not having violence and not letting the left attack you and blah blah blah.
And so they go in and find a meme museum display, basically.
And it's a loop of hundreds and hundreds of memes, and there's this.
So they say, oh, in the video, Trump goes out into a church.
He goes into a church, The New York Times says, and attacks people in a church massacre.
It's a top of drudge.
Trump critics slaughtered in 2020 pitch, screened at Doral Video.
Campaign rocked!
Because people went and rented a conference room, and then in a side conference room, this was being shown.
I mean, this is a top story right now.
So here's the actual video that no one will show you.
Here it is.
Every single American tonight, you should be concerned about what we're learning.
We're talking about abuse of power and corruption at the highest levels of the FBI.
The FBI was pulled.
The figures out tonight show nearly 2,000 children have been separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexican border from mid-April through the end of May.
And the mainstream media all gets mad if you're a radio listener.
How dare you separate them from their parents?
We're going to rip your son from his mother's arms and throw him in a cage full of pedophiles and let them have him.
That's Peter Fonda.
That's a scene from the movie.
Bush promoted church shootings.
First they know, then you promote that, it happens.
Let's come back with some Leonard Skinner after this.
Sorry, I'm not grooving after the violence, I'm grooving after Leonard Skinner.
You want to punch my buttons, that's it.
You can play Freebird while you're having sex.
Crap, oh my goodness.
That's good stuff, man.
Alright, I'm sorry, family show.
It's... nice pairing.
Hollywood puts out massive violence everywhere.
Calls for Trump's death.
In a serious way.
I mean, Phil Mudd goes on CNN, says, we're gonna kill this guy.
We're gonna stab him in the back.
We're gonna stab Giuliani.
That's all okay.
But then it's a joke out of a movie.
And... they turn this into...
Trump rocked because somebody a year ago made this.
I mean, this is Hollywood that wants to have sex with our kids.
Telling us that we take what they do, make a joke out of it, and then suddenly we're not allowed to talk about it.
By the way, I got so hyped up about Project Veritas, and how big this is, and how important this is, that I came in and led with it, because we had O'Keefe coming on, and we had technical problems.
He's on next hour.
But I told the crew this morning, at like 8 a.m., I said, this story is being force-fed on my wife's phone, my phone, and I was staying with friends out at the lake, all their phones.
I turned on TV at like 7 a.m.
Trump campaign rocked.
Video put out showing the media all being killed.
Now this is a real memer.
It's a joke.
But the left could false flag this all day.
They could put, I mean they could Jussie Smollett that if indeed it's Trump's fault that somebody put out a meme off the Kingsman movie.
ShowDrudgeReport.com again.
Because Drudge is just actively showing you what is really going on in the media.
That's what Drudge Report does.
It's whatever the zeitgeist is.
And you go anywhere, the top story,
Trump critics slaughtered a 2020 pitch screened at Doral Video.
Campaign rocked.
But what really happened is at InfoWars.com exclusive.
Watch the Trump meme video.
MSN doesn't want you to see.
Carpe Donquem banned from Twitter.
The New York Times launches an outrage campaign aimed at meme world contributor.
And the American Priority Conference.
In fact, I've got the article right here.
This meme video was published on YouTube last year, but is now only drawing attention leading media pundit Stephen Miller to comment.
It's somehow just a coincidence the New York Times wrote a big story about it a week after the New York Times ran an op-ed about the need for government regulations of memes.
Here is the video they don't want you to see.
Oh, and look!
We're about to go to break.
There he is!
Carpe Donctum!
We have to not give you his name or they'll come after him.
Let's punch him up.
There he is!
And he knows the evil meme maker that did this.
So he's popping in.
And then, Zach and David and Johnny and Peter and John and Christian, Reagan and Bob and Jefferson and CRP.
We're going to all of you ladies and gentlemen on the other side of this break after we talk to Carpe D'Antem.
And then we're going to move back the Bob Barr, Bill Barr video a little bit later in the hour, next hour.
And then James O'Keefe is going to be joining us.
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And that's how we fund this operation.
We're back in just a few minutes with Carpe Doctum, banned off of
Twitter suspended, not because he was working with, you know, folks that have been implicated in this evil meme.
No, no, no, no.
But because he shared the Project Veritas video.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I can't back down.
I can't turn my children over to the system.
I can't let them take my guns.
I can't let them turn us into Venezuela.
I can't submit to CNN and the leftists and the control freaks.
And neither can Carpe D'Antem.
And that's why their attempt to shut us down is causing the whistleblowers and others to go public.
But now they've gone into spin.
They've gone into overdrive.
And they're trying to imply that these events and these memes and communications causing violence against the media.
And so we've all got to be silenced, the New York Times!
We need memes to be banned, like the EU's doing right now!
CNN literally wants to vaporize the truth.
So does the New York Times.
The enemy of the American people, and that is really, really an awful situation.
We are not the enemy of the American people.
We love the American people.
We are not the enemy of the American people.
We love the American people.
We love the American people.
We love the American people.
We are not the enemy of the American people.
We love the American people.
This is CNN.
This is CNN.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
I'm gonna fly!
Well, it's the top story on DrugsReport.com, and it is the top story all over the news.
Campaign rocked!
Why, they're saying it's a Trump video.
It's a pitch.
A 2020 pitch.
But here with what really went on...
He was covering the conference, his Carpe Donctum.
You know, Carpe Donctum separately has been banned or suspended.
James O'Keefe just tweeted, breaking at Carpe Donctum's account has been suspended.
I spoke with Logan Cook, who I shared an exclusive clip of CNN with, and his account was suspended immediately upon posting one of the clips where Christian Sierra of CNN discussed coverage of shootings.
So joining us is Carpe Donctum.
Carpe Donctum, what do you want to tackle first?
The big top story of the evil memes?
It's an old meme being connected to Trump or your suspension?
I guess we can start with where you started.
The meme in question was an old one.
Hold on, sorry.
Can you go back over there?
I got all my kids with me here.
Hey, that's awesome!
Just keep them there, it's great!
Say hi to Alex.
Hi Alex!
How are you doing?
Your daddy is a great man.
The power of the Jedi.
Alright, so, uh, you know, first things, uh, the video was screened, and well, screened is not even the right word.
The video was playing in, uh, sort of a back room we called the Hall of Memes.
It was just an exhibit that, uh,
They just had a bunch of different memes, you know, random assortment of things playing.
You know, it was up for three or four hours during the whole conference, and not that many people were really involved in watching it.
It was kind of hidden in the back there.
So that's... the description of a screening or anything like that is complete BS, but...
It was not endorsed by anybody.
It was just a collection of memes.
And then as far as the Twitter banning, I got an email saying that it was for copyright infringement, which, just to preface that, I have complied with every single DMCA takedown I've ever gotten.
I have never reposted a video after it's been taken down because that's a violation of the takedown order.
I'm very careful about making sure to stick within the rules that are presented by Twitter, and that should not be happening.
Well, we know that for a while Veritas couldn't even upload to YouTube.
We know they're blocking it from being the number one term.
They're really, really scared of this bombshell that has come out from Project Veritas.
We've got James O'Keefe joining us next hour, but getting back to this meme, tell folks who created it.
No, it's not.
It's not a campaign video at all.
It's done by the Geeks team.
It was done over a year ago.
I had no involvement in the creation of it.
It's it's a meme that first of all it starts out by I believe it was one of the fondas coming over and saying that he's going to put
Trump's kids in jail and put them in... Put Barron in a cage with child molesters.
Right, exactly.
And then, you know, the rest of it is just Trump defending himself.
Now, I mean, there's clearly, there's a bunch of violence and stuff like that in there.
But, you know, the original context was it was a church full of Christians that were getting shot.
So nobody seemed to have a problem with that.
Hollywood putting out a church full of Christians being killed.
But that's okay, but now that somebody sticks Trump's head on it, now it's evil.
But meanwhile, the left is all calling for violence.
What about Shakespeare in the Park that the New York Times promoted and said was okay, showing Trump being stabbed to death?
Right, I believe their headline was something about like how the right, or how outrage
How this play got caught up in right-wing outrage, because it was clearly something that was okay to put out there, but it was just all these mad Republicans that just couldn't handle all the fun of Trump getting stabbed by his cabinet.
Meanwhile, they were trying to get the cabinet to remove him with the 22nd Amendment, it turns out, at that very time.
Right, exactly.
I mean, they were doing everything they could to try to get him removed for his mental impairment, I believe.
Yeah, there's the article, how outrage built over Shakespeare's depiction of Trump.
Yeah, where they kill him in a pool of blood.
Takes five minutes for them to stab him to death.
That's real people on a stage in New York simulating the murder of the president.
This is a meme off something Hollywood already made.
It's just incredible.
And of course, as you point out,
In the article, a month ago, or just a week ago, the New York Times was saying, time to ban memes.
Right, yeah.
Well, and they've been trying to do it in Europe for the last year or two.
I get these DMCA takedowns, and there's no system.
With YouTube, if you have DMCA takedowns, they give you a certain amount of strikes.
On Twitter, they just say, hey, you got a takedown, don't worry about it.
Like today, apparently, they just decided that after I posted, literally within five minutes of posting that scoop from James, they decided to pull me down for a copyright strike.
And if that isn't election meddling, what is?
And of course, you have millions of followers.
The president retweets you.
They're scared to death that President Trump's going to retweet the Project Veritas scoops.
Has Trump retweeted the Project Veritas scoops yet?
We should check that.
As far as I know, no, not yet.
The last thing he posted was an hour ago, I believe.
Well, so yeah, they've got the president so isolated that if this doesn't get to Don Jr., Drudge is linked to the announcement.
But if, I mean, quite frankly, that's pretty much how Trump gets news is the Drudge Report.
I'm sure he's aware of it now.
I'm sure that, I mean,
James' tweet yesterday was over 10,000 retweets.
His tweet today of the actual video was crazy.
I mean, it was 4,000 within five minutes of him posting it.
They put a press release out saying 100,000 of one tweet.
I want to finish up on where you think this is all going, and I got to get back to your day job, which is running memeworld.com and taking care of those two great young boys.
And look, are you really a Millennium Falcon pilot?
I even know what's under there.
That's a Millennium Falcon target shirt, isn't it?
Yes, it is.
Yes, it is.
Okay, I opened the phones up about 30 minutes ago.
They're loaded.
I'm going to do a ton of your calls here in just a few minutes when Carpe D'Antem leaves us.
In 30 minutes in the next hour, James O'Keefe joins us.
He was going to be on in the second hour, but had a bunch of technical problems everybody's seen.
That was not a stunt.
YouTube's been blocking him uploading, but we've still gotten some of those videos out.
This is just crazy.
Carpe D'Antem has been working closely with James O'Keefe.
The globalists know that, obviously.
I wasn't going to say that on air.
So they've got his Twitter blocked right now.
I'm sure many other people have been blocked, so this doesn't go viral.
We'll finish up with him and then go to your phone calls.
But we also have coming up, over the weekend, of course, Bill Maher came out and said that Joe Biden's a diminishing stock.
Well, I said that four months ago and got totally banned off Facebook.
They said it was fake news.
Said he can't even talk.
Well now we've got Bloomberg and others waiting in the wings.
That's being announced.
That's coming up.
Carpe Donctum.
What would you call this period of history?
What do you think is coming next?
Because Trump... I really like Trump.
I support Trump.
He's done a lot of good.
But the fact that he didn't stand up against web censorship...
The fact that over the weekend they got rid of a Trump is your president three and a half million people.
There was a pro border patrol group that just supports ICE.
Three million plus that got deleted off Facebook.
I mean, Trump is presiding over allowing this to happen.
And I think that's why I haven't talked to Matt Drudge.
I think that's why Matt Drudge is
You know, just hot and cold here, showing how much trouble Trump is in, that Trump's overconfident.
And, you know, you kind of got Drudge over there that helped get Trump elected.
Obviously, you look at Drudge, he's pissed at Trump.
What do you think's going on here?
Well, so I've got some breaking news here, Alex.
I am back on Twitter.
That was faster.
That was the fastest suspension revoking I've ever seen.
That was faster than when Jack Dorsey got his Twitter hacked.
You know why that happened?
They know you talk to Trump all the time.
Let's just be honest about it.
You've been in the White House multiple times.
Trump really likes you.
And so they know that if they ban you, it might actually make Trump actually do something.
I would agree with that synopsis.
I'm back on Twitter.
My first tweet back is just a question mark, so we're live.
Where is this going?
It's going the same place it's always been going.
They want us all censored.
They want us all removed from social media so they have their little echo chamber that they can
Keep filling up with lies.
But, you know, I think that the suspension has something to do with Veritas.
I mean, literally five minutes before I was suspended, I tweeted out a thing, a video that James sent me, a scoop that nobody else had that was about CNN.
Saying they don't care about shootings unless it happens in a neighborhood.
They don't care about gang shootings unless it happens in an affluent neighborhood.
Unless it happens on, this is a quote, unless it happens on Cory Booker's block, they don't care about Chicago shootings.
So this is all just part of it.
I think that the video controversy yesterday was
They knew that this was coming out, the Veritas stuff.
I think they knew it was going to hit hard and they wanted to create a quick controversy and they found one.
I mean, this is just going to keep going on until somebody addresses it.
And really, the only somebody that can address it is Congress and Trump himself.
I totally agree with you.
Do you have any inside baseball?
Because I know you rub shoulders with a lot of people.
You travel more than I do.
But I mean, why Trump hasn't done anything yet?
And A, and then B, why Drudge seems to be getting upset with him?
I don't have any inside baseball on drudge or really what's going on in the White House, you know, as far as that's concerned.
I do rub shoulders with a lot of people and I think everyone is waiting for Trump to take the reins and really start going after these people.
You know, I've talked to several congressmen.
I talked to
Four or five congressmen probably in the last last month about this issue.
And I think that they're starting to see
How big of a deal this is, and I think that getting the GOP leadership to start recognizing it is going to be an important part of moving forward, because Trump is going to need the support of Congress when he does this.
Otherwise, with all this impeachment stuff that they're trying to do, if he doesn't have the support of the GOP and he doesn't have the support of Congress,
Anything that he does can be spun into a new way of impeaching him.
They can say that it's overreach of power, all those things.
And if you have those guys like Mitt Romney in there that are willing to flip on him in just a second, it's gonna be bad.
I mean, I don't know if you've watched the whole Veritas thing in there, but CNN talks about going after
Uh, Lindsey Graham, because Lindsey Graham hasn't been friendly enough to them.
So, I mean... Oh, absolutely.
We played, what, 16 minutes last hour into this hour, and it's just... They have a hit list.
CNN has a hit list.
And everybody that's conservative is on it.
And if you think that you're safe because you've been friendly to CNN, you are dead wrong.
They want Trump gone.
They want us all gone, and the gloves are going to come off here because CNN is just, they're gasping for breath.
Well that's right.
Everything is committed now to get rid of Trump.
If they can't get rid of Trump, they fail.
And that's why this battle is so, so close.
And that's why people's action and their word of mouth, spreading the word, spreading your articles, your videos, our information, memeworld.com.
We're getting to a point where the only place you can find the memes is memeworld.com.
The only place you can find the forbidden videos is Band.video and it's just beyond critical.
I've had probably 20 videos taken down this year for DMCA.
And I did want to say, you know, I actually found which video was the last one that they took down.
It was a Super Bowl commercial from 2018.
That did not have any copyrighted content in it.
It was broadcast to, you know, 45 million people during the Super Bowl.
And I had not added, I added like a three second soundbite at the end.
That they could have said was copyrighted, but the entire thing was not copyrighted.
Sure, they're using copyright, the EU and all of them say, to destroy free speech.
Matt Drudge came here four years ago in this studio and warned they were going to use copyright to take things down.
He was told by a Supreme Court justice, and that's what they're doing.
And for folks that don't know, a commercial is free to air.
It's a promotional.
It's open for critique.
Everyone's always done it.
It's one of the most protected things out there.
So what you're saying is the fact that you couldn't show an old ad
Just to show context, it shows that they are abusing it.
It was posted in February of 2018.
It's almost two years old already.
Yeah, they're going through everything.
They're banning everything.
It's a total war.
They want to silence the average American.
Absolutely they do.
And you know what?
They're doing a good job of it because Twitter does not have
Um, a system in place where you can appeal these things.
The only way to appeal it is you have to send all of your private information to a third party and request that they rescind their takedown order.
It's like the old Soviet Union.
You have to request from the people that tried to get you.
You have to request it from them.
And if they say no, there's no recourse.
That's it.
You have to get a lawyer involved and go, sue UMG.
Like, I'm gonna go sue UMG.
And Carpe D'Antem, let's not forget.
That this is all being done in a climate where the mainstream media is adopting Chinese communist style censorship and promoting that as if it's a good thing and letting the left run roughshod and tell any lies they want, do anything they want.
It's so dangerous.
And then now even President Trump had right side broadcasting that simply shows his speeches
Thank you, man.
Listeners, thanks for holding for the last 45 minutes.
Just hoping the phone's up.
I'm going to come back and I'm going to go bam, bam, bam to your calls.
David and Jefferson and Bob and CRP and everybody else, I'm going bam, bam, bam to your calls.
We come back briefly.
Since I mentioned it, here's Bill Maher talking about Joe Biden's stock is quickly depreciating.
No kidding.
Here it is.
I like Joe, he's never my favorite, but if he's the guy to beat Trump, I was like, let's not kill him, because if he's the one.
But I must say, my confidence that he can beat Trump is waning.
He looks like a depreciating stock to me.
I'm not trying to get Joe out, but we do need someone in the center who's, say, younger and femaler.
Notice he said that Friday, and now, dun-da-da-dun, Biden's not raising any money, he's gotta go, he can't talk.
Facebook said Alex Jones' name is banned, his website's banned, if you use it, you're banned, unless it's a negative attack.
And they said, the reason was, I said Joe Biden couldn't talk.
Anybody could watch him and see he's had another stroke.
We'll be back!
Hour number four, James O'Keefe, your calls and more!
Okay, here's what we're gonna do.
I open the phones up on the topic of impeachment, the lawlessness, the end of due process, the media calling for memes to be banned, the Project Veritas bombshell being censored and blocked.
It's up on InfoWars.com.
But the first caller I'm going to take is from Ireland, because I just always love how people will find a way to bring
Theologian type stuff into any discussion.
So we'll go to Joseph first.
Wants to talk about Inquisition.
Well tell me about the Spanish Inquisition or which Inquisition is this?
The Jesuit Inquisition?
And then what's my view on the Inquisition?
Please tell me.
Welcome Joseph from Ireland.
Hi Alex.
Look, I agree with most of what you say and the times we're in are the times we're in.
It's just that I've often listened to you talking about the Inquisition, and as a Catholic, having studied the Inquisition, I'll quote the communist, God-hating, Muslim-loving BBC, who, when they finally looked into the records of the Inquisition, they had to admit that 99% of what you know about the Inquisition is incorrect.
The Inquisition came about because of
The Islamic slaughter of the Catholics in the Iberian Peninsula.
And the Catholics fought back for 600 years.
Their women were raped.
There was huge harlequins, probably the largest in the world.
And when they finally got the Muslims out, there was a whole load of them that refused to convert.
They were asked, leave a convert.
Well, I think I've used the term inquisition to talk about a persecution investigation because that's the popular use of it.
Yeah, but I think, Alex, I mean, first of all, I'm not against you.
I'm saying this as a Catholic.
That's one thing I don't agree with, though, is because the Inquisition was born out of Islamic terror inflicted upon the Catholics
Of Christian Spain, who fought for 600 years.
Well, I know the La Rica Quista took 600 years.
I know that's how the Inquisition started.
But it's just like having anything like that, then it, you know, I mean I think you would agree that the people carrying out the Inquisition were not infallible, right?
And so I'm sure they made mistakes.
Yeah, there was mistakes made, but in actual fact, when the records were shown, opened, they now realize most people, there wasn't huge amounts of torture.
Hey, listen, you know Hutton Gibson?
He's a big traditional Catholic.
He told me all about this, and I looked into some of the history and I did find some of that.
I'm talking about some of the religious wars between Catholics and Protestants and other, you know, stuff that came later.
But look, I understand where you're coming from.
I know all about the La Reconquista, and it's very, very interesting.
And I know that part of what you're talking about,
I don't think so.
But if I don't use the word pirate, most people don't know what I'm talking about.
So whatever your views are on different, you know, inquisitions and things that went on, using that term, that's the Spanish term, isn't it?
Or that's the Catholic term, it's inquisition.
But I understand you're saying it as a negative.
I mean, I have another caller here, wants us to stop calling him the media.
Well, he's right!
The media is not the media.
What do you call it then?
Alex, also, that's the point I want to make, but the other point I wanted to make was, right, and again, I buy your product, I listen to you a lot of days.
Thanks for the support.
And I don't, we don't have news here in Ireland, OK?
Ireland has fallen to radical socialism.
We're gone, okay?
We were once a Christian country.
We now have voted to murder our children, and every taxpayer has to pay for it.
But the last point I wanted to make was, what is going on in the Catholic Church right now is going to have a direct impact on the whole world, and it is in straight from the Bible.
No, I totally agree with you.
You've got to call me back at other times for other topics.
Okay, we have an incredibly jam-packed fourth hour, and I'm going to hit it all.
I'm going to take at least nine or 10 calls that are on the board.
We have Project Veritas James O'Keefe joining us at the bottom of the hour.
And I have 15 clips of Attorney General Barr saying incredible things.
I'm only going to have time to play six of them.
But that's coming up, too.
This is just amazing stuff he said.
That the Democrats are organized evil that want to hurt our children and are pedophiles?
I mean, it's just, it's true!
But now, this really shows Trump's going after them, and that's why all you know what's breaking loose right now.
There's also other video up on Infowars.com of Democrat globalist producers at CNN admitting that they cover up shootings in Democrat-controlled areas of blacks.
And only focus on mass shootings that will pull on people's heartstrings.
A very racist statement.
I mean, this is incredible.
So that's up on Infowars.com.
I mean, this news day is just too much.
But let's go to your calls right now.
David in New York, thanks for holding.
You're on the air, go ahead.
I do believe we need to stop calling the media the media.
What they are, Alex, and you know this.
I think so.
To hear people like you and others.
So what President Trump needs to do, and I will support him Alex, but what he needs to do is- Well he calls him the enemy, he calls him crooked, but you have to identify them as the media or the average person doesn't know.
I mean, I guess you say, that big thing they call the mainstream media are really a bunch of foreign traitors.
He should start calling them Chai Com Minions.
Absolutely, and right now I'm playing chess listening to you.
Donald Trump's a great chess player.
He needs to make the big move, Alex.
He needs to call them out, call them what they are, up the ante, say they are infiltrated with CIA rogue agents trying to take over and hijack the culture of our country, and we're going to lose it if we don't make the big peace move, get the queens out, the bishops, and attack.
Attack their form of communication.
Take away their ways to communicate and neutralize that.
I totally agree.
Here's an article from Red State.
New York Times writer acknowledges the existence of the Deep State, has written a book called The Deep State, which says it's private intelligence groups and government intelligence groups that are not doing what Trump says and trying to overthrow him to protect us.
So it's a mutiny of globalists that say America sucks, telling us they're going to overthrow our president, and now trying to normalize it, which means they're trying to get ready to get us to accept actually doing it.
Think how dangerous and how crazy that is.
We need President Trump.
If you can hear this, please stand up.
Make the big move.
Make the big move.
Neutralize them.
Free up Congress and the Republicans to take them out in a fair way.
I heard him say, listening to Judge Dineen, that the problem with the Republicans is they play fair.
They play on an equal playing field.
The Democrats don't do that.
We've got to change our whole modus operandi.
David, you just hit the key here.
We never start lying like they do.
We never start hurting innocent people.
They're not on the regular political system now.
They're saying kill the president, hurt his supporters.
They're lying.
They're threatening people.
They're working for foreign governments.
They're violating the law.
They're bragging how they're violating it.
Saying we're the guardians of America by trying to overthrow the president and by doing all this.
And so they've launched these attacks.
They're in a mutiny.
They're in a sedition.
Yes, Alex.
The information's there.
Now the move's gotta be made.
It's no longer getting the information out.
Now it's about a tactical move to stop them from doing it.
Well, I'll say this.
It telegraphs weakness to have two of Giuliani's barely associates campaign finance nothing, hurriedly indicted just because they're going after Biden, but then Trump can't get anybody indicted on his end.
I appreciate your call.
And again, there is a McCabe indictment.
That's confirmed, but they won't pull the damn trigger on it.
And so we're all sitting here in the middle of this war.
Go ahead and bring me the article.
It's okay.
Bring it on up here.
Thank you.
We're all in the middle of this thing right here.
Thank you, sir.
And it's on.
Look at these articles.
CNN employee confesses that MSM ignores shootings in minority communities.
That's a quote.
Can you imagine if there was undercover video of me saying ignore stuff in minority communities?
You know, I remember that black lady, six, seven years ago, ran into a checkpoint in D.C.
with her baby.
And she drove around scared.
And the police shot her dead in front of the Capitol.
And I got upset, and so did Michael Savage, simultaneously.
And I had all these letters and black people calling me and going, I thought you didn't like black people because you didn't like Obama.
Thank you for caring that she's a black lady.
And I was like, I don't care what color she is, that's wrong!
Just like the cop that shot the innocent woman up in Fort Worth.
That guy was new on the force.
He's a greenhorn idiot.
Charging with manslaughter.
When the stuff's cut and dry, man, there's bad cops.
But... I would never think about what color somebody is.
When they're being wronged.
I mean, I just... But that's the left.
They obsess over it, folks.
Because the left is not liberals.
The founders were liberal.
They wanted more freedom.
Liberal just means four scoops of ice cream, not one.
More guns, more money, more freedom.
Liberals, liberal.
Left-hand path is satanic, is deception.
And the left comes out of devil worship.
That's mainline history.
The French Revolution were devil worshipers.
Going back to your calls, but
CNN employees caught undercover video.
It's on InfoWars.com.
Read the whole article.
It's huge.
Here's just part of the tidbits flowing out.
Here it is.
New Jersey or Princeton?
Okay, let's say Princeton.
White kid gets shot at Princeton University.
He's visiting his big brother who's a student there.
He gets shot in the head.
He gets killed.
We're gonna get coverage on that.
Oh my god, we have the precious little white boy.
But three people get shot in Newark.
Nobody cares.
Nobody cares unless it happens on Cory Booker's block.
They always say nobody cares.
No, you're making them not care.
You choose when to make people care.
And you choose when to blame law-abiding gun owners for what some crazy does, when you know statistically it's still super rare, but you know you're making mass shootings more common by hyping those.
And then ignoring things like South Side Chicago, South Side Dallas, where the government was shipping the drugs in.
George Herbert Walker Bush ran it, and then he created the whole dynasty of the Clintons.
All of it flowed out of him.
The Rockefeller Republican, the globalist.
Let's take another call.
Calling from Washington State.
CRP, come on down.
Can you hear me, Alex?
I sure can.
Go ahead, CRP.
I just want you and your listeners to remember one thing.
His truth is marching on.
You know, Trump, I don't know if we're going to sing this right now, ma'am, but Trump, they did a great job at the 4th of July doing that.
That was really a pro-America ritual that was carried out.
Is that where you're going with this?
No, I'm just, everything is being shouted from the rooftop.
Everything that's being done in secret.
is being let go and we're hearing about it and God's truth is going on in America.
Now I agree with you that this is the process of hitting bottom and now the enemy knows their time is short so he sends the beast with wrath.
I'm sorry?
The devil knows his time is short so he sends the beast with wrath.
All I know is we are here to advance the kingdom.
I believe America is turning her heart back to God, and there is going to be another few generations where we have grace and peace in our land.
The best is yet to come.
Well, CRP, I think that's definitely coming.
Thank you for everything.
Thank you so much.
But what do we have to go through?
More calls, the billboard clips that go with exactly what CRP just said, and more.
But first, we gotta go through the devil.
We better have on the armor of God.
Tomorrow's news, today!
Well, you can say it's a mission impossible to defeat the globalists, but do we really even have a choice?
They're trying to run our lives and totally take us over.
I'm going back to your calls here in just a moment.
And I've talked a lot about this, but we need this to sink in.
In almost every case now, if it's a political story by the New York Times or CNN or MSNBC or The Washington Post, you can bet it's totally fake.
And you go, but they've been caught lying, they should quit.
No, they just get more outrageous.
Kurt Eichenwald, a senior New York Times writer, posted 1983
image of child earthquake victims to bash Trump over Syria pullout.
Now he'll probably get an award for doing that.
But people now know anything you see, go check it, go video search it, go image search it and it's not true!
They're all trying to outdo each other.
Here's an example.
It's on Infowars.com.
Gateway Pundit had an article as well.
ABC News uses 2016 gun range video and lies to pass it off as Turkey bombing the Kurds in Syria.
They know they're lying.
Used to, even 20 years ago, if journalists got caught doing fake stuff, they'd be out of business.
Now they get rewards.
ABC attempts to pass off gun range footage as combat footage from Syria to blame Trump.
Here is the edited footage they showed of people having fun at a gun range blowing up some cans of gasoline and tannerite.
Hell, I've gone out and done that.
And then they turn that into what the Turks were doing.
I mean, this is premeditated lying as institutions with the Veritas video out right now.
Here's ABC's lying to you.
This video right here appearing to show Turkey's military bombing Kurd civilians in a Syrian border town.
The Kurds who fought alongside the U.S.
against ISIS.
Now horrific reports of atrocities committed by Turkish back fighters on those very allies.
Now, let's go ahead and show, I think it was the machine gun shootout, Knob Creek.
Let's go ahead and show the real footage.
And that is Knob Creek.
Machine gun shootout.
Notice that ABC had to turn the light levels down to obscure the trees in the background.
To make it look like it was on a much bigger scale.
Like a whole city was being vaporized by War of the Worlds Martian attack ships.
So that's a bunch of machine guns.
Hundreds of people lined up.
Having fun.
To get some fun video.
Boy, that does look fun.
Let me tell you, you're shooting a .50 cal, and you put tracer ammo in there, and you shoot like, you just go out to the real Steiner Ranch, not the housing development, but Shane Steiner's real 12,000 acre ranch.
If they sent soldier, I'd be out there right now.
And he's got some vistas that are like 4,000 yards, and you'd shoot one of those, like an old barrel or an old truck, like a photon torpedo from Star Trek.
And it would boom, and you'd just hear a shh, and then hit that
A lot of it would bounce up, too.
You'd see the tracer go up.
So, that's Knob Creek.
They know what it is.
They get it.
They turn the light level way down so you only see the flames.
So you don't see everybody with their phones videotaping Knob Creek.
They just blow it up, do that, and then deceive their enemy, the American people, because we have a peacemaking president trying to get us out of a 100-year war the Kurds have been having with each other.
The Kurds are in a civil war now.
That's what Rand Paul's come out and said.
Of course they are.
The Kurds are just another group running around trying to take over.
They tell the troops, oh, the Kurds are Christians.
No, they're not.
I mean, just everything our military's told is lies.
And now under Trump, the troops are coming out.
So there you go.
That was not the Turks attacking.
That was Knob Creek machine gun shootout.
Let's go to Jefferson in Virginia.
Jefferson, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Thanks for having me on.
What's your view?
Well, I think the Project Veritas revelation is important for people to understand, but it just confirms what most of us already knew, and there's a whole generation of kids that just don't care.
We're trying to wake up two generations of Americans that are just so black-pilled in their ignorance that they just don't care what the truth is anymore.
There's a new phenomenon where, especially millennials, the studies show, but I've seen it go, I don't care if you have proof it's not true.
I want to believe it.
And then they do it to feel official and like they're part of the power structure even though they're not.
It's Orwellian.
It's ignorance is strength.
They're so out of it that they just think it's strong to not care.
When it comes to Brad Parscale and internet censorship, it annoys me that he seems to think that your right to free speech
Is a different thing from the ability to be heard.
He's okay with your being restricted to a smaller audience than you deserve.
Well, look, he feels like they're winning.
He's talking about dynasties.
It's delusional.
We're in the middle of a war.
They're persecuting everybody.
And I want to see action.
This is racketeering.
This is election meddling.
This is total industrial-level persecution.
They've lied to Congress.
And so I want to see action now.
God bless you, Jefferson.
Thanks for the great point.
Bob in Oregon, thanks for holding your own here.
Hi, Alex.
First-time caller, long-time listener.
Pleasure to be on your show, sir.
Thank you, sir.
I'm going to try to make my points quickly out of respect for the time of the other callers.
For me, the scariest thing about the Project Veritas expose of CNN is that we live in an environment where they think, and it's indicative of all those in power who are lying, they think they can get away with all the bias and not get caught.
As I see it, back in the good old days, facts were what mattered.
Let's have a debate about facts.
Then it moved to spinning facts.
The facts matter, but let's spin those facts and start manipulating facts.
Now we live in an environment where
Facts no longer matter, spin is the only thing, and you've talked about this, this spinning, facts no matter, only works in an environment where the First Amendment is stifled by manipulation of Google, shaming and banning those who express their ideas.
The other thing that's going on though, and I've been thinking about this, and it's like one of those scary things you think about, it's so right in front of you, you don't realize it until you think about it.
Is that the kids who grew up on the internet, there's a built-in apathy.
Kids treat knowledge the way I used to do when I was growing up and calculators came out.
I don't have to do the math myself.
I'm going to use the calculator.
The calculator will do the math for me.
Kids are so passive with information.
They're like, I don't need to know anything.
I'll just look it up on the internet.
So there's a built-in apathy by that fact.
And to me, the only solution is what you're doing with InfoWars.
I love the title of InfoWars.
Let's have a battle of ideas.
Let's have the ideas that are best win out.
That way at least we're evolving a society to ideas that beat out other ideas and we're moving somewhere.
Oh, I totally agree with you.
When I used to have to go down to the UT library 20 years ago to find David Rockefeller worshipping Mao, it was like I had gold and the audience was blown away.
Now it's like, okay, big deal, he supports mass murder.
It's just like, it's an apathy because they don't appreciate anything.
Exactly right.
And one thing I loved on your show recently is when you had the debate with TI, and I think we need to see more of that.
We need to see opponents for the First Amendment.
I agree.
Even those who radically disagree with us.
Oh, I'd love to get Bill Maher on.
I'd love to go on his show.
I disagree with what he says, but he says I should have my free speech, and he defended me.
Hey, great caller, Bob.
I'm going to bring the show back soon with some of our best callers co-hosting with me, so let's get his name and number.
I should have got the last few people, too.
We're having a special show every week.
We've beta-tested it, and people like it, where we have four or five special callers on to really be able to flesh things out, so thank you, Bob.
We've got a bunch of other callers, but I've got James O'Keefe scheduled next segment, and then I've got the Bill Barr clips that nobody's heard yet.
Stay with us.
All right, I can see on the Skype there, James O'Keefe's about to get in the chair.
We'll go right to him with this big, giant exclusive on all the things that are happening in the world.
Please don't forget, ladies and gentlemen, we're Lister Supported.
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That's right.
So again, ladies and gentlemen, we are live.
We're broadcasting worldwide.
I'm not keeping you from James O'Keefe.
We can put up on screen.
We're waiting for him, very busy person, to get in the seat here and give us the latest on the censorship, the latest on the attacks, the latest to try to suppress this latest bombshell that I'm saying is probably the biggest thing they've ever done.
Reportedly, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours inside CNN.
The CEO of CNN, Jeff Zucker, admitting it's all political.
All of it.
It's just simply crazy.
And the mission?
Impeach President Trump.
There he is.
All right, James O'Keefe, you've been working hard.
We've only got a few minutes here with us.
So tell us about this story, what's already come out, and what we can expect to come out.
And thanks for joining us.
Thanks, Alex.
Alex, this is an extraordinary story.
We have hundreds of hours of tapes within CNN, recorded not by one of my full-time employees or journalists, but an insider who blew the whistle on CNN.
This man's name is Kerry Porch.
He was a technician at the network, worked with producers, worked on the floor, drove trucks.
And he's recorded, Alex, Jeff Zucker's editorial meetings every day.
He got access to these meetings and Jeff Zucker is on the phone getting irate, attacking Fox News, attacking Fox News' conspiracy, saying we need to push impeachment.
His own staffers were recorded, Alex.
These are CNN employees saying that Jeff Zucker is on an anti-Trump vendetta.
It's just part one.
We've also seen a lot of attempts to suppress this already with Carpe D'Antem and others being taken off Twitter.
Yes, this is actually, there's some new pieces of information.
Carpe D'Antem, everyone knows him, he's the big, big meme guy on Twitter.
I gave him an exclusive clip, which I'll send to you Alex as well, we haven't even released it yet, of the CNN employee talking about how they don't cover school shootings in inner cities, they only cover them in white areas.
Carpe D'Antem tweeted this video out and Twitter took his account down.
I'm not sure why.
They said it was a copyright violation.
So we'll get this to your guys and make sure you have that clip as well.
I'm not sure why they're not banning the CNN employees who made the statements.
But everything is happening.
All the things are happening, Alex.
YouTube wouldn't let us upload the clip.
My website keeps crashing because Drudge is linking to it.
So I sent Drudge the YouTube links.
We're taking on the most powerful people in the world, but Jeff Zucker has been exposed.
We're looking for a comment.
If your audience can tweet the video out, send it out, email it out.
We were able to get it from Carpe now and it is up on Infowars.com and you're right, that is so sensational.
If Trump said something like that, he'd be done.
I wouldn't support him.
You wouldn't either.
But when they do it, they're trying to suppress it.
No wonder.
I mean, that has got to scare them.
And reportedly, you've got a lot more than just this.
Yeah, we have more employees.
We have the vice presidents on tape.
There's a debate coming tomorrow.
They've made some statements about candidates.
I think one of the most remarkable things about this story, I think I've never seen before, is the bravery of this guy who came up to me at one of these events and said, James, I work for a three-letter news organization, and he whispered to me, I work for CNN, I want you to give me a camera, which we did.
And he is, as of today, still employed through CNN.
He's a technician there.
Alex, I'm waiting to get a response or reaction.
Jeff Zucker did comment this morning, Alex.
Kerry went to work, recorded the editorial meeting, and Jeff Zucker was visibly
I don't know if you have that audio, but we just released it this morning.
We did, Eric, this morning.
And once we, this is a live, but once we're done, we're going to put your interview up with all this added to it.
This is amazing.
And he already sounded upset saying it was no big deal, move along.
But imagine when he discovers that your guy, not your guy, but the whistleblower that came to you was still there this morning.
He still went to work.
He went to work.
This is the number one trending tease in the United States.
It was exposed CNN, was the number, 200,000 tweets.
200,000 tweets.
The engineers in Silicon Valley aren't able to suppress this because there's an uprising.
And so what happens is the insider goes to work this morning, goes to the editorial meeting, and records it today, this morning.
And he gets Jeff Zucker on the tape saying, oh, there's this Project Veritas.
Don't worry.
Everyone just do your jobs.
He's visibly upset.
Just recapping, when he reached out to you, I mean the amount of video you reportedly got, I mean how long is it going to take to dole all this out?
I don't know.
Hundreds of hours of tape.
We usually release them in installments because you don't want to jump on your own lead.
You want to have a story at a time.
Otherwise, you just trip over yourself with the amount of content here.
But Drudge has it linked in red on the top.
Drudge even posted a picture of
Of Carrie Porch, the insider next to Wolf Blitzer.
There it is right there.
You can see his picture.
What a patriot.
And I'm going to read a quote, Alex, that was, I almost teared up.
I'm interviewing the guy on a TV set and Carrie says the following.
I say to him, you know, why did you do this?
You're about to be a father.
His fiance is pregnant.
And he said, I did it to save the Republic.
He said, I did it to save the Republic.
That's, that's, I mean, I don't even have words.
I mean, and he's not a Republican.
He's a Democrat.
This guy's a Democrat.
He voted for, he voted for Bernie Sanders.
But he said, I came to CNN because I wanted to be a news guy, and it became my nightmare.
That's what he told me.
Well, it's like Robert Epstein is a liberal professor, but he sees the election fraud.
He had to go public.
Or, you know, all these other whistleblowers.
It's just, it's crazy.
This has got to really scare the deep state, James O'Keefe.
I think it scares them because
It's they're not doing it for commercial gain or they're not grifters.
These people are the real deal.
And this guy did it because he really believed.
I got to know him over the course of many months.
And he was scared, but he said, I did it for my country.
And he doesn't know what's going to happen to him.
Unemployed, maybe not ever hired again.
And he said, you know what?
It's worth it to me.
Now, I think he should start a GoFundMe page.
I will help him do that.
If he gets sued, Alex, I will pay.
I will find a way.
So help me God to raise the money to pay his legal bill.
James, let me ask you this.
We got you on a little bit late.
If you got to go, understand you can come back tomorrow, but please try to hold over.
But I got to ask you now, is this probably is the biggest story out of huge ones you've ever broke or is it something else?
I think it's the biggest story because of what it is and who did it, Alex.
I gotta go because I gotta keep producing, but thank you very much and keep at it.
Keep pushing the videos out.
And more videos coming?
Yes, sir.
More coming.
We're producing the next installment as I speak.
Alright, James O'Keefe, thank you.
Wow, and Bill Barr came out and said the Democrats are Satanists.
We'll play that next.
We are back live.
It's the final segment of the fourth hour.
Owen Schreyer's coming up with the war room and he is jam-packed.
Bill Barr gave a 45-minute speech at a university.
It got almost no coverage.
He said some powerful things that got linked up on InfoWars.com, but then I went and I watched the full interview, and it is extremely important.
Or the whole speech.
I'm going to talk about it for a few minutes, play a few clips, and then take some calls here.
But tomorrow, I'm going to air at least 20 minutes of the speech.
And I would suggest War Room and Firepower and other shows, because it's powerful.
Barr comes out and talks about how they're taking over the kids, destroying things on purpose, how it's not an accident, but it's planned destruction.
That's the clips that are already out, that we've already played, that are up on InfoWars.com.
This is not decay, this is organized destruction.
The clips that nobody's seen, I mean, the speech is up, it has no views, are these.
Because the little clips have millions of views.
But all these other clips are just as powerful.
Barr, flames, unremitting assault on religion, traditional values during Notre Dame visit.
This is organized destruction, he says.
Exactly, it's premeditated evil.
But here's some of these clips.
Here's Barr forcing LGBT in schools, the new curriculum being forced in schools.
Here it is.
Because this administration firmly supports accommodation of religion, the battleground at this time has largely shifted to the states.
Some state governments are now attempting to compel religious individuals and entities to subscribe to practices or to espouse viewpoints that are incompatible with their religion.
Ground zero for these attacks on religion are the schools.
And to me, this is the most serious challenge to religious liberty today.
For anyone who has a religious faith, by far the most important part of exercising that faith is teaching that religion to your children.
The passing on of the faith.
There is no greater gift we can give our children and no greater expression of love.
And for the government to interfere in that process is a monstrous invasion of religious liberty.
Yet, this is where the battle is being joined.
And I see that it's being waged on three fronts.
The first front relates to the content of public school curriculum.
Many states are adopting curriculum that is incompatible with traditional Judeo-Christian principles, according to which parents are attempting to raise their children.
And they often do this without any opt-out
We're good.
Similar laws have been passed in California and Illinois.
And the Orange County Board of Education in California issued an opinion that, quote, parents who disagree with the instructional material related to gender, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation may not excuse their children from this instruction.
Indeed, in some cases, the schools may not even warn parents about the lessons they plan to teach on controversial subjects relating to sexual behavior and relationships.
This puts parents who dissent from the secular orthodoxy to a difficult choice.
Try to scrape together enough money to send their kids to private school or homeschooling, or allow their children to be inculcated with messages that they fundamentally reject.
Now I can't give all this justice, so I'm just going to take some calls he's been holding at the end.
There's literally like, I don't know, 14 clips on one page and six on another.
And they're all powerful.
And again, it's secular orthodoxy, but it's not secular.
It's occultic.
And it's little kids, 5th graders, 1st graders, 3rd graders, literally being taught about other imaginary genders, about sex, between the same sexes, or sex period.
That's pervert behavior.
That's Jocelyn Elder saying, teach your 5-year-old how to masturbate.
Reach down and help them.
These are sickos.
This is nambulous takeover.
And he gets into all that, and he says that government enables societal decay, how government programs enable decay.
I promise you I will air this tomorrow.
I got to most things today.
It's been an incredible show.
Incredible broadcast.
I mean, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
War Room's coming up.
Owen did a bunch of amazing stuff.
In fact, here's just part of it.
He went down to a Pelicans and Spurs game to bring up the attack on free speech.
And here's part of what happened.
There'll be more on his show.
He went out and talked to the crowd after.
Here it is.
China owns the NBA.
He did that right up at the beginning of the exhibition game.
And this is what happened to the free speech.
I'm encouraging others to do this.
Because if you don't exercise it, you're going to lose it.
Remember, these are the same folks, the NBA, boycotting Israel.
That's their right to do that.
But then, oh, communist China, they love them.
And then they come to take it away and throw it out.
I mean, this is so un-American what these institutions have become, who they are, what they are.
And they're working at every level to take our bank accounts away, to boycott us, to shut us down, so we don't even have this show.
And then they want to comply with what Communist China has to say.
China owns the NBA.
He's yellow.
It's their private building.
It's their own private thing.
China killed more than Hitler.
They even take CNN reporters' signs away now.
They take CNN's mics away when they ask, what is your view on freedom of expression?
Can't even talk about freedom of expression.
And then Ellen goes outside and talks to folks.
He did get it on TV.
But that's what's effective.
That's what everybody should be doing.
And if you won't do it, we're going to lose everything.
You absolutely have to get involved.
You know, I got Zach, I got Johnny, I got Peter, I got John, I got Chris.
I want to try to get to everybody.
Let's go to Zach in Austin.
Zach, thanks for holding.
What's your view on all this?
Oh, yeah.
Hey, CNN is definitely a witch hunt against Trump.
And I think, similarly,
Infowars is the same way when you guys try to suppress freedom of speech when you don't allow somebody who wants to talk about pre-trib like Bible Dan.
Hey, I appreciate your call, sir.
We don't censor you.
When we're talking about subjects like that, you can call in.
You call in and lie under all these names to say that I'm going to hell or something because I don't believe in a pre-trib.
Okay, I believe in a pre-trib then.
Dan, leave me alone.
Okay, whatever.
Let's go out and preach the gospel, okay?
Just stop lying.
That's not very Christian.
That's not Zach in Austin.
He yelled for two hours to say that.
Johnny in Ontario, Canada.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hey, you're welcome, man.
Uh, yeah, uh, I'm really concerned about, uh, what's coming up right now.
Uh, I think, I think Mr. Donald has waited too long.
I think he should have administered this lockdown maybe a couple weeks ago.
No, I agree.
Trump and the Justice Department are just sitting on their hands while the Justice Department indicts people close to Trump for no reason and moves towards Giuliani.
It's signaling weakness.
Trump's speeches are great, but his action is not great.
He's signaling weakness to the deep state.
We need action now, Johnny.
You've got to attack.
And I think Donald's probably too much of a nice guy.
I hear you.
I don't mean to cut you off.
I want to get everybody in.
Peter in Michigan.
Peter, thanks for holding your ear worldwide.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
I appreciate your time.
Long time listener.
First time caller.
Love your supplements, brother.
Thank you.
Thank you for keeping up the fight.
I'm just more worried about... When I say worried, I guess anxious is probably the better word for it.
Trump is needing to go
Hands down like he never has before.
Oh, everyone's saying the same thing.
We're anxious.
The tyranny's out in the open.
These people are lying.
They're committing crimes.
They're trying to start race wars.
And then they're saying we're the violent ones.
They're getting ready for false flags.
Yes, sir.
I totally believe that.
The church, the Christian church, has to get awake.
Where is the church when now the Democrats say take their tax exemption?
You can't do that.
But the church has been over so much and is no longer the church.
And so, of course, the church is saying nothing.
He goes, oh, we better not say anything.
They're already coming after you because the church says nothing, because they're no longer churches.
They're whorehouses, most of them.
Peter, thank you.
I'm sorry to John.
I'm sorry to Chris.
We're out of time, but I got to a lot of calls today.
Thank you for calling.
Call me back tomorrow, and I will go to your calls or the War Room with Owen Schroeder or Firepower with Will Johnson and Tom Papert or The David Night Show, weekday mornings, 8 a.m.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
So much happening.
So much breaking in Infowars.
I can't even cover it all.
I mean, and share those articles, folks.
People are ready to be awakened.
They're banning and censoring everybody because the truth is effective and it's viral, but you've got to spread it.
Thank you all for your support.
God bless you.
Great job to the crew.
Powerful four hours.
We just knocked it out of the park.
We wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for you listeners.
So I'm very thankful and I salute you all and I salute Project Veritas.
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